Nijs Landzaat

Personal Info

  • Hometown Eindhoven, Holland
  • Birthdate
  • Height 6'1"
  • Weight 310 lbs.


Daniel Singh secured the services of Nijs Lanzaat on one faithful day when the circus came to town (America, Georgia). A successful businessman by trade, Mr. Singh is always on the lookout for potential moneymaking investments and when he observed the ability of Nijs Landzaat, he moved heaven and earth to haggle a deal with the Carney people.

Nijs was far from a circus clown or a tightrope trapeze artist however. Oh no, Landzaat was nicknamed “ Hercules ”and we all know who Hercules was and what his craft consisted of. That’s right; Landzaat was the sideshow to Jugglez The Clown where he would showcase a freakish amount of strength in weightlifting. Remarkably, on one occasion he lifted a concrete slab with his pee-pee. Nevertheless, at a total cost of $2,000 and a bag of Jojo beans Daniel Singh became the “ legal ”guardian to Nijs Landzaat.

Being merely a businessman and not a wrestling agent, it was natural that Landzaat was going to practice in a whole new field of career opportunities. The first opportunity was an audition in the low budget movie “ Voodoo Moon ”. However, this did not materialize as it became apparent that Nijs couldn’t read. His opportunities didn’t impede there though. Oh no, that was merely the beginning. Singh dipped The Dutchman’s toes in football, golf, baseball, sumo wrestling and outrageously…. singing. Yes, you heard me correctly, with the flop single “ Mijn Ballen Zijn Okay ” (“ My Balls Are Ok ”) Nijs Landzaat became a failed Eurovision hopeful. Oh the shame! Merely having the brain capacity of a retarded ape, Daniel Singh envisioned a career for Landzaat in the shape of professional wrestling. Although, I must admit, he did not fail to generate laughter from the Japanese when he removed his sumo belt during a bout.

With little next to no wrestling experience Landzaat signed a rolling contract with the epic Wrestling organization (eWo). And like Singh, chairman Cody Clark was in awe of both Landzaat’s stature and appearance. This opted Clark to open up his cheque book and sign him to a contract where Landzaat (or should I say Singh) would be paid per appearance.

In the beginning life in eWo proved difficult for Singh as it seemingly felt like it was the reign of Kamala mark two. Regardless, Singh was determined to make a success of his investment and achieved this by aligning Landzaat amongst formidable stable name: EgoMania. In the long haul that proved a shrewd move for Singh as Landzaat went from strength to strength. Crowning wins over the likes of the Melissa Charvez’s of the eWo world and ending Erin Jacobs’ mammoth winning streak to match. The communicational barrier between manager and wrestler was suddenly lifted; paying dividends to in-ring performances and results. This sharp brutal form was perfectly capped off with a Television Championship victory over Melissa Charvez. And in addition, Landzaat also held the Freedom title in his reign of terror in the eWo.

But to quote a certain Tobey Maguire: “ with great power comes great responsibility ” Daniel Singh was heavily criticized to have none of the latter. Meanwhile pushing for a lucrative contract that would see them fanatically secure, Cody Clark was not prepared to commit leaving both Daniel Singh and Nijs Landzaat unemployed.