Mike Best

Personal Info

  • Height 6'1"
  • Weight 235 lbs.
  • Hometown Chicago, IL
  • Birthday February 7th, 1986
  • Theme Music “Hellalujah” - Hanzel Und Gretyl
  • HOW Debut January 7th, 2010
  • HOW Hall of Fame Class 2015


The son of famed Chicago wrestling promoter and HOW creator Lee Best, Michael Lee Best is a seasoned professional wrestling veteran who has been polarizing the opinions of the general public for over ten years. From a controversial reign as DREAM Wrestling Women’s Champion to the High Octane Hall of Fame, Michael has made both a life and a career out of turning heads and shocking wrestling fans.

A veteran of the independent circuit, Michael truly began to gain traction as a member of James Wingate’s DREAM Wrestling in 2008. The aforementioned reign as DWF Women’s Championship made him a household name (albeit a despised one) to the casual wrestling fan, and his multiple reigns as DREAM World Champion cemented him as both a talented competitor and cunning strategist before he was legally old enough to rent a car. It was in 2010 that Michael made the jump to the big leagues– High Octane Wrestling. It was at the Best Arena in Chicago that Michael Best discovered the identity of his biological father, and subsequently adopted the middle and surname by which he uses today both legally and professionally. Over the course of the next five years, he would rack up an impressive twenty championship reigns, win the Triple Crown of War Games, Solitary Confinement, and the LBI Final at March To Glory, and truly become a household name in professional wrestling. Love him or hate him, Michael Lee Best’s name is one that you’ve heard before, and one that will rouse an opinion out of you one way or another.

In December 2014, Michael Best achieved a lifelong dream when he was inducted into the High Octane Hall of Fame by a panel of his peers. With nothing left to accomplish, he hung up his boots in April of 2015 to focus on the students at his wrestling school, FiveTime Academy.

The Jesus Complex (Crucifix Driver w/ pin)
eMpire of the Son/Trigger Warning (Cross Rhodes)
The Hall of Fameasser (Fameasser)
Five-Timeout (Triangle Choke)
I Kneed A Hero/The eMpire Strikes Back (Running Shining Wizard)
Besterectomy (Running Kick to The Teeth)
Besticular Cancer (Running Kick to The Groin)
Hashtag Machine (Shining/Triangle Choke)
The Maul of Fame (Repeated mounted punches with his Hall of Fame ring on)
Hashtag Muted (Superkick)
The Cast’astrophe (Pepsi Twist)
Best In Show (Springboard Moonsault)
The Mike Effect/The Rape-Ture (Styles Clash)
The Knee Of Erebus (Running Knee Trembler)
G.O.A.T Slapped (A haymaker or clothesline with the G.O.A.T Gauntlet)
Hartisuke Armbar (Crucifix Driver Into Armbar)
Hashtag Best Problems (Short Arm Lariat)
The ELL OH ELBOW (Mounted position 12-6 elbows until his opponent stops breathing, or at least moving)
Sasori-Gatame (Sharpshooter)

9x World Champion
6x ICON Champion
3x LSD Champion
4x HOFC Champion
4x Tag Team Champion

Most World Title Reigns at 9
Most ICON Title Reigns at 6
Most days as World Champion at 546+ days
Most days as ICON Champion at 459 days
Most reigns as HOFC Champion at 4

HOW Owner
2020 War Games Winner (Sole Survivor)
2012 RATR Solitary Confinement Winner
2010 Wrestler Of The Year
2012 Wrestler Of The Year
2014 War Games Winner (Sole Survivor)
2013 2nd Place War Games Finalist, 2013
2012 3rd Place War Games Finalist, 2012
2011 2nd Place War Games Finalist, 2011
Took an HOFC Title Match to the Main Event of MTG 2013

-Max Kael
-Chris Kostoff
-John Sektor
-Rhys Townsend
-Christopher America


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