Ken Davison

Personal Info

  • Hometown Boston, Massachusetts
  • Birthdate December¬†19th,¬†1977
  • Height 5'10"
  • Weight 219 lbs.


Kenneth Carlton Davison Jr. (born December 19th, 1977), better known by his ring name, “Godly” Ken Davison and formerly known by the ring names Kenn Oddity, N.V. Laroux & Tunzafun. He is formerly a wrestler for Steelside Wrestling where he was a Triple Crown champion. Davison formerly worked for Hybrid Championship Wrestling. After training wrestlers for a few years, he returned to the ring for Ultimate Championship Wrestling Alliance, as well as High Octane Wrestling. He is a member of the Steelside Wrestling, Dublin Pub Wrestling and Ultimate Championship Wrestling Alliance Halls of Fame.

Davison would go on to High Octane Wrestling, where he would work for six months, mostly under the guise of Kenn Oddity. He would work as a paranoid convinced that the world was being taken over by evil outer space penguins and Republicans. He would soon befriend Livie Carey, the younger and emotionally stunted sister of HOW superstar Bobbinette Carey. Acting basically like an overgrown child when with Livie, in the ring he was the sworn protector of Bobbinette Carey and her stable, Team Epic.

Oddity would be joined once again by old friend L.A. Riotz, who would pull Davison out from the Oddity and return to his Godly state. Riotz would then leave HOW when his contract expired, leaving Godly to fend for himself. Shortly thereafter, Livie Carey would be kidnapped, and Bobbinette turned to the bottle instead of her friends. During this time, Davison also challenged Scottywood to a crucifix match, which Davison would lose. He would leave HOW about a month later.