War Games: June 8th, 2009 (2009)

Pay Per View | 180 Min

Show Transcript

War Games 2009
June 8th, 2009 – #HOW55
Normandy, France

Official War Games Theme

The HOTv logo gives way to the banner for War Games as “The Bleeding” by Five Finger Death Punch, the official song of War Games, begins to play as a video package begins airing.

An image of the LSD Championship is shown and then highlights of the last two months are shown as Static is featured early and then it is Kostoff and Black shown wrecking havoc. Bob Jared is then shown and the Tennessee Tumbleweed is shown doing his finisher…the Tumbleweed Twist over and over again to various HOW superstars.

The video then cuts to Scottywood taking out Shocker and winning the LSD Championship and taking off as his long time associate Frankie the Cameraman gets his eye taken out courtesy of a Lee Best Bottomline..

The LSD Title belt is then shown again as the Eiffel Tower provides the backdrop as cars zip to and fro on the streets of Paris and the Street Fight graphic is shown for the LSD Championship Match.

The video then cuts to an image of the SSE Championship belt and we see the belt blast a wall with 4th spray painted on it.

We then see various highlight packages of Rob Michaels turning into the MMA like fighter Michael DeNucci and the reigning SSE World Champion Trent, finally getting some form of revenge on the final Mayhem.

The video then goes to a replay of the Lee Best coming onto the beach at Normandy vignette and then cuts to the Maximillian Kael vignette the following week.

The images of both Lee and Best are then merged into one and the image continues to flicker…slowly at first and then faster and faster until Lee Best and Maximillian Kael literally explode and the screen then goes black…….

When the picture comes back we are now live and the screen is split up to show the three venues for the Pay Per View. On the right hand side there are two windows with the streets of Paris at the top right and the stadium in Caen is in the window on the bottom right while one half of the screen is dedicated to the huge two ring structure that has been assembled on the beaches of Normandy.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to WAR GAMES!!!

The Bleeding” fades out as Joe continues his introductions..

Joe Hoffman: I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by my broadcast partner for several years now…Big Buff Benny Newell…and Benny what a show we have tonight.  HOW has literally taken over France!

Benny Newell: Too bad no one is up to see the fucking take over…

Joe Hoffman: Although his language is coarse Benny makes a good point as right now it is 2am here and on your screen folks you are seeing the three venues for tonight’s matches as the SSE Championship Match and the end of the Crow and Triple M feud will take place inside the Stade Michael d’Ornano stadium in the city of Caen while the LSD Championship will be contested on the streets of Paris and that should be an event onto itself.

Benny Newell: Blah blah fucking Blah. This whole PPV is about that huge cell that has two rings inside of it….WAR FUCKING GAMES!

The graphics on the screen give way to a live shot of Benny and Joe who are literally right outside of the War Games cell on the beach. They are sitting behind the customary announcers table and the camera pans around to show the cell being lit up by several, and very large, spotlights.

Joe Hoffman:  That is why people back home will be buying this PPV tonight; there is just no doubt about that. Tonight the fate of our great company will be decided within that demonic structure and either Lee Best or Maximillian Kael will come out of the match as 100% owner of the company. But let’s not forget that both the World and ICON Championships are on the line as the new champions, Shane Reynolds and Aceldama, can lose their titles if either man is eliminated tonight and the person that does so will become either the new ICON or World Champion.

Benny Newell: Titles do not mean a fucking thing tonight. Tonight is all about getting Lee back control of the company and getting HOW back on track. Ever since Max gained control HOW has been splitting at the seams and people are losing their love for the business. Tonight every wrong will be righted and tonight blood will be spilt in the name of one God…the God of HOW…LEE MOTHFUCKING BEST!!!

Joe Hoffman: We shall see. Alright folks let me just get a few logistical things out of the way for you tonight. We will be announcing all of the matches either here live obviously for War Games or by monitor. Also Joel Hortega is in Caen and will referee all the matches there while retired former LSD Champion Ryan Faze will have the unforgivable task of reffing the LSD Championship match while here in Normandy senior HOW referee Matt Boettcher will be inside the cell calling the action and we have been told a second ref slash enforcer will be in the match but at this time we have no idea who it is.

Benny Newell: Good. That just means Lee has something up his sleeve and you just knew he would considering that Max is in the match and has some control over how the outcome unfolds.

Joe Hoffman: Valid point Benny and I have heard rumors from Darkwing to Jatt Starr as the enforcer and we will just have to wait and see. Right now though the time for talking is over as we are going to cut live to Paris as it is time for the Street Fight where Scottywood will try to defend his LSD Championship on the streets of Paris!!

The feed cuts away from Joe and Benny as it cuts to Paris…

LSD Title Match
Chris Kostoff vs. David Black vs. Bob Jared vs. Shocker vs. Scottywood©
Paris Street Fight

The HOTv cameras cut away from Joe and Benny to a beautiful backdrop of Paris, France.  The city is illuminated with lights as the slow flowing River Seine glistens along the banks of the city.  Several excursion boats can be seen floating their way up the river and are most likely offering sightseeing tours and cruises.

Joe Hoffman:  There you see it Benny, the “City of Lights and Love”… Paris, France.  This can only mean one thing…

Benny Newell:  That it’s time to ditch this announcer’s booth to catch one of their world-famous cabarets?

Joe Hoffman:  No, as much as I’d love to catch the Moulin Rouge we have a job to do tonight.  I mean it is our biggest event of the year, Buff.

Benny Newell:  Yeah… and our biggest event of the year should include some titties, don’t ya think?  Oh, I’m sorry… only a idiot like you would fail to see the cause for such celebration.  Bring on the French maids!

Joe Hoffman:  You’d be surprised, Benny.  Parisian women are a lot ruder in person than you might think, especially to Americans such as us.

Benny Newell:  I bet you a grand I can get laid by the end of this trip.

Joe Hoffman:  You?  Get laid without having to pay for it?  Please…

The cameras have zoomed in on a particular excursion boat where “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze is seen sitting on the top deck, his right leg outstretched on the seat beside him.  Faint cheers can be heard from the viewers of the program, wherever they may be, for the man who hasn’t appeared on HOW programming since Michael DeNucci “took out the trash”, so to speak, a little over a month ago.  His familiar “Faze of HOW” t-shirt has been replaced by a sleeveless striped referee shirt and his right knee is heavily secured by an over-sized knee brace.

He appears to be enjoying the sights on his first trip to Paris with the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum both based along the banks of the Seine.  Suddenly, a shadow approaches him from behind.  Somewhat bothered by the interruption, Faze turns around and looks up to find Bob Jared standing there, unwrapping a straw to put into his can of Coca-Cola.

Faze:  Bob… how ironic it is to find you on the same boat that is taking me to the location of the LSD title match.  Listen, we’re about to dock in a few minutes, so from a former LSD champion to a potential LSD champion, why don’t you save your bribes and take this time to focu…

Taking a sip from his can of Coke, Bob looks rather disappointed.

Bob Jared:  I paid SIX U.S. dollars for this?!?  This tastes just like it does back in the States!

Faze:  Erm- what were you expecting, Bob?  It’s a can of Coke.

Bob Jared:  COKE FROM FRANCE!  When I pay six dollars for a can of Coke, I expect it to be unique to the country.  It’s like eating Chinese food from home and actual Chinese food from China… it’s SUPPOSED to be a different product.

Faze:  Uhhhh… sorry to disappoint you?

Bob Jared:  That’s ok Mr. Faze.  I just figured I’d sit down and enjoy a thirst-quenching beverage before my big match.  Which reminds me…

Bob hands Faze his can of Coke and immediately starts doing his pre-match routine of jumping jacks and squat thrusts.  Embarrassed, Faze looks the other way pretending not to know Bob while the tour guide announces the impending arrival of their destination on the 8th arrondissement.

Joe Hoffman:  Ladies and gentlemen, the 8th arrondissement of Paris houses such tourist attr…

Benny Newell:  Wait… hold on.  Arron-WHAT?!?

Joe Hoffman:  Arrondissement… why doesn’t it surprise me, Benny, that I have to bring you up to speed on our cultural travels?  The city of Paris is divided into twenty different arrondissements; or administrative districts that each have their own character and meaning for Parisians.  Every arrondissement is defined by its own mini-city government and… as I was saying, houses different attractions for tourists such as me and you.  For example, you’ll find the Eiffel Tower in the 7th arrondissement and the Louvre Museum in the 1st.

Benny Newell:  Slow down, Joe.  I’m not even 5 drinks into the show and you’re already babbling about shit that requires at least 10, 15 drinks to tolerate.  ::in one gulp, downs another shot of Jack::  In fact, I may need to bust out my backup bottle if you’re going to continue boring us all with your history lesson.  But while you’re at it… why don’t you tell me which arrondi-whatever I can find those French maids at?

Joe Hoffman:  I never accepted that bet, Newell… now shut up for a minute!

Joe and Benny continue their argument all the while the excursion boat that is transporting Ryan Faze and Bob Jared has finished docking along the bank of the Champs-Elysees, a seventeenth century garden promenade-turned-avenue connecting the Place de la Concorde and Arc de Triomphe.  Many have deemed the Champ-Elysees the most beautiful avenue in the world as it hosts a surge of tourists all day long and thrives on the rhythm of businessmen and luxury shops such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

At the foot of the Champs-Elysees is the Place de la Concorde; the largest public square in Paris and coincidentally, the site of the LSD title match for War Games.  The Place de la Concorde is famous for its guillotine that executed more than 1,300 people in a single month in 1794.  Sizable crowds, much like the one that has gathered here today, routinely cheered on the aforementioned executions, even the more notable ones of Queen Marie Antoinette and Madame Elisabeth.  Other features of the Place include Hittorf’s fountain, the Hotel de Crillon, and the US Embassy.

Faze and Bob Jared stand in awe of their surroundings, unbeknownst to them that people are waiting impatiently behind them to exit the excursion boat.  Finally, a group of tourists push their way past the two, even knocking Faze down to the ground.  As the remaining passengers scurry off, Bob Jared reaches down to help up Ryan Faze.  Faze looks up at the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” and can only gasp at the mammoth sight behind him.

Joe Hoffman:  It’s Kostoff!

Benny Newell:  Kostoff was on the boat too?!?

Joe Hoffman:  Wow, you’re a quick one there, Benny.

Before Jared can bring Faze to his feet, Kostoff locks in the Full Nelson and slams Bob Jared with resounding impact, right through top deck of the boat!!  Splinters of wood shatter everywhere as a smiling Kostoff looks down at Jared who is twitching from the on the level below.

Joe Hoffman:  By God!!  Chris Kostoff just Full-Nelson Slammed Bob Jared through the top deck of that excursion boat!

Benny Newell:  Wow, even I can appreciate a move such as that one.  I guess the Hall of Famer is out to prove that he’s the TRUE 3-time LSD champion after Scottywood basically stole the title right out from under Shocker on the last Mayhem.

Kostoff glances at Faze, who is still down and in awe, and helps him up before stepping off the boat.

Kostoff (to Faze):  Sometimes you just gotta’ get your dirty work done early.  You coming?

Faze shrugs at Kostoff and looks down at a barely stirring Bob Jared one last time before stepping off the boat himself.  As he does so, the excursion boat blares a deep sounding horn that startles some of the people nearby as an indication of its departure. 

Joe Hoffman:  Wait a second!  Bob Jared is on that boat!  They’re just going to leave him behind?!?

Benny Newell:  Haha!  This is classic!

Joe Hoffman:  Someone tell the captain to stop… we’ve got a man down in there!

The excursion boat slowly pulls away from the dock and as it gains momentum on the River Seine, we see Bob Jared lean over the side of the boat in disbelief.  He looks up at Kostoff, who is laughing hysterically at least 75 feet above him on shore, and shouts something at him that’s inaudible by the cameras.  Finally, we see Bob Jared jump off the side of the excursion boat and into the river with a splash.

Benny Newell:  Looks like Bob Jared’s first trip to France got a little wet…

Joe Hoffman:  But there’s an LSD title match he’s supposed to partake in… and it appears that Kostoff just cost him his shot at the title!!!  Hold on a second…

Benny Newell:  LOOKOUT!

The cameras catch one last glimpse of Bob Jared struggling to swim to shore before it turns to find Kostoff in a Fireman’s Carry hold by the current LSD champion, Scottywood.  Moments later, Scottywood spins Kostoff’s body in front of him and falls backward with possibly the biggest DDT of his life.


The crowd of spectators “ooh” and “ahh” as Scottywood pins his rival and shouts at his former Ascension teammate Faze to make the count.  Surprised by the madness that’s ensued in the early going, it takes Faze a second to realize what he’s supposed to be doing.  He drops…



Joe Hoffman:  It’s broken up!!

Shocker’s boot to the face of the champion sends Scottywood flying and off of Chris Kostoff, who is down and bleeding profusely from his forehead.

Benny Newell:  YES!  Shocker’s save just prevented a sure-fire pinfall from Scottywood and saved Lee some further anguish and turmoil before the big War Games match tonight.

Joe Hoffman:  No question there is a lot riding on that match for Lee as he looks to regain full control of his company.

Benny Newell:  I even hear Lee arranged for the War Games structure to be even more dangerous this year.

Joe Hoffman:  No big surprise there as he’ll likely use every advantage possible to defeat Team Kael.

Shocker wails away on Lee’s former lackey with boots and stomps to the chest and face as Scottywood grimaces in pain.  He lifts the LSD champion to his feet, surveys his surroundings, and sends him flying with a whip into a corner lamp post.  Scottywood nurses his shoulder, but sees Shocker darting at him from behind and sends him crashing into the same pole.  He pounds away on Shocker’s head but his size and strength are too much for Scotty, as Shocker whips the champion square into the middle of an outdoor bistro!!  Angry Parisians scamper away, which causes an uproar amongst those whose meals have been disrupted.  Shocker “shoos” the bystanders out of the way as Scottywood struggles to his feet having destroyed several tables and chairs.  Plates of food and silverware are scattered about and Shocker soon finds that the bistro manager has stabbed him in the shoulder with a fork. 

Benny Newell:  Uh oh, Joe… this doesn’t look good for that bistro manager!

Shocker immediately removes the fork from his shoulder and turns around with a menacing expression.  It doesn’t take long for the bistro manager to realize what a mistake he’s made and Shocker delivers his SHOCKWAVE Chokeslam finisher on him for good measure!  But out of nowhere…

Joe Hoffman:  Is that… is that DAVID BLACK?

Benny Newell:  Who?  Where?  Huh?  I forgot he was even in this match!

Dressed up as a waiter in the bistro, David Black is able to capitalize thanks to his disguise and nail his BLACKOUT Codebreaker finisher on Shocker from behind.  The fans around him, most likely the ones he was pretending to serve, cheer Black on as he drops an elbow on Scottywood and uses the momentum to keep him grounded with a side-headlock.  Scotty pushes off though, sending Black right through…

Joe Hoffman:  THE BISTRO WINDOW!!!  OH MY GOD!!!  There’s glass everywhere!  David Black is…

Benny Newell:  …GETTING UP?!?!?

Scottywood can’t believe it.  With glass shards scattered everywhere around him, David Black staggers to his feet with a sinister grin and engages in a stare down for the ages with Scottywood.  Blood streams from David’s cuts and he even has to remove a glass shard from his arm. 

Joe Hoffman:  David Black is showing tremendous courage here.  Clearly he’s got one thing on his mind and that’s Scottywood’s LSD title.  Like David said himself, he’s got nothing to lose except for his shot at the title.

Benny Newell:  Good!  So what is he waiting for?!?  Get him David!

David Black charges at Scottywood, who ducks.  As Black goes to turn around, he’s stopped by Kostoff, whose face is painted with dried blood.  With a Gorilla Press, Kostoff heaves David Black into the air and tosses him with ease onto Scottywood.  The Cross Body has Black in a pinning situation on Scottywood and Faze drops for the count…



Joe Hoffman:  Broken up by Kostoff!

Angered by being caught off-guard, Kostoff shouts at Faze for making the count and Faze backs off, telling Kostoff he’s just doing his job.  What Kostoff doesn’t see is Shocker waiting behind him, and as he turns around, Kostoff is met with a big boot to the face that re-opens Kostoff’s wound.  The two start brawling back and forth, trading blows and exhausting each other much to the delight of the spectators in attendance.

Meanwhile, Scottywood has turned the tables on David Black, softening him up by using many of the bistro utensils: plates, tables, chairs, and his ever-favorite cheese grater on Black’s forehead.   That is until Shocker is “lucky” enough to bump into the “Hardcore Artist” while brawling with Kostoff and receives a custom portrait of his own, courtesy of the cheese grater.

Joe Hoffman:  Scottywood sending a little message to Lee right there at the expense of Shocker’s face!

Benny Newell:  His flesh… ::gulp:: … I think I’m going to be sick.  Quick, pour me another shot.

Joe Hoffman:  But won’t that…

Benny Newell:  JUST DO IT, JOE!

Joe quickly lines up several shot glasses and Benny’s bottle of Jack, realizing that he just might be serious after all.  Shocker shrieks in pain with his torn flesh in his hands, but a commotion near the entrance of the Place de la Condcorde has everyone’s attention.

Joe Hoffman:  It’s…


Looking as wet as a ragged dog, Bob Jared emerges from the group of fans that surround him with a look of intent.  He points at Chris Kostoff and starts racing towards him full speed ahead.  Kostoff is ready for him though and lifts him for a Spinebuster on the pavement, which Bob Jared reverses into Tornado DDT!  Jared grabs Faze’s attention and covers…




Joe Hoffman:  Near fall by Bob Jared there but you have to admire Kostoff’s never quit attitude.  He really wants that LSD title back in his grasp after several long months of embarrassing defeats and just proved that point with his resiliency right there.

Benny Newell:  I can’t believe he kicked out of that!  Bob Jared is an animal!

Bob Jared proceeds to lay out every other wrestler in the match with thunderous right hands and has the spectators in attendance buzzing.  David Black is the first to his feet but Bob follows up with a Belly-to-Back suplex.  Scottywood lunges but Bob ducks and drops him with a Side Russian Leg Sweep.  Shocker can’t even retaliate due to the loss of blood from his face and its almost unrecognizable from the effects of the cheese grater.  With his chest hair glistening with sweat from the street lights above, Bob Jared belts out a roar indicating that the momentum is undoubtedly on his side.

Joe Hoffman:  Bob Jared is a man possessed, Benny.  I’ll be honest… it’s kind of frightening.

Benny Newell:  Well you don’t send the Tennessee Tumbleweed crashing through the top story of an excursion boat, leave him for dead, and get away with it, do you? 

Joe Hoffman:  Good point, but… oh, what is this?

Joe and Benny sour at the sight of Bob Jared baring his chest by taking off his trademark black blazer jacket and you can even hear sounds of Benny throwing up. 

Joe Hoffman:  Ugh!  Sorry folks, you’ll have to forgive my broadcast partner.  It seems that the sight of Bob Jared with his shirt off has induced some internal discomfort…

Benny Newell:  You brought mouthwash, right Joe?  Hey, I don’t remember eating pasta for dinner.

Joe Hoffman:  Perhaps you pre-gamed too hard with Rufus and those French hookers?

With all of his competitors stirring on their hands and knees, Bob chooses to continue his attacks on the current LSD champion, kicking him square in the midsection.  Scottywood cannot react to the impending drop kick to the face that he receives from Jared.  Unfortunately, Bob’s momentum is stolen by David Black who reappears and levels Jared with a clothesline.

Black shifts his attention to Shocker for a brief moment and ensures he stays down with a Standing Moonsault, planting Shocker face-first into the street pavement.  Reeling coincidentally outside of the Louis Vuitton store, Shocker struggles to make it back to his feet.  When he does, it’s Kostoff that puts him away for good by brawling with him, entering the store, whipping him into a shelf of hand bags, and hitting the NO REMORSE sitdown powerbomb through the cashier’s table! 

Benny Newell:  Ha ha!  So much for luxury shopping in Paris…

Joe Hoffman:  Like a bull in a China shop, Kostoff just destroyed Shocker… AND the Louis Vuitton store. 

Benny Newell:  Lee’s not going to be happy when he gets that bill.

Satisfied with the carnage, Kostoff leaves all of the store employees horrified and exits by stepping over a motionless, almost unrecognizable Shocker and knocks over a manikin or two in the process.  However, as he leaves the store, Kostoff is blindsided by Scottywood, who had previously regained the advantage on David Black with an Ice Kick and an SDT on the hood of a parked car. 

With Bob Jared picking up with David Black where Scottywood left off, Scottywood tosses the barbed wire wrapped hockey stick he used to take out Kostoff aside and directs him to an open area of the Place de la Concorde.  Faze follows suit, keeping a close eye on both pairs of brawling superstars even though he’s about 40 yards away from Bob Jared and David Black.  With Scotty having the upper hand on Kostoff, Faze notices that Bob Jared has his Spinning Toe Hold finisher, the TUMBLEWEED TWIST, locked in on David Black.  Faze limps over as quickly as possible, but as he’s doing so, Scotty smashes a brick across the forehead of Kostoff and sets him up…


Joe Hoffman:  But Bob Jared’s got the Twist locked in!

Faze stops dead in his tracks, mid-way between Bob Jared with his submission finisher locked in and Scotty covering Kostoff.  Hundreds of spectators scream at Faze, urging him to attend to both sides.

Benny Newell:  This is chaos, Joe!

David Black is screaming in pain and struggling to escape as Bob Jared fights to maintain leverage in his submission.  Faze glances at them then turns back to Scottywood, who is extremely pissed off and yelling at Faze since he’s had Kostoff covered now for at least a 3 count.  Faze rushes over to them and checks to ensure Kostoff’s shoulder is down.





Benny Newell:  Whew!  I thought Scottywood was going to steal another one!

Joe Hoffman:  I don’t know, Buff… technically Scotty should have retained there had it not been for Bob Jared and his submission hold on David Black.

Benny Newell:  All I know is that Faze needs to get some damn control of this match or he’s going to be joining Shocker here in a minute.

Faze turns back to attend to Bob Jared and David Black only to be interrupted by Scottywood, who spins him around to meet him face to face.  Clearly, Scotty is upset and shouts at Faze who is merely trying to state his case and get back to Bob Jared.  Scottywood doesn’t let him though and lifts his former Ascension teammate into a Fireman’s Carry.

Benny Newell:  He’s going for the GAME MISCONDUCT on Faze!

Joe Hoffman:  He can’t do that!  Faze is the ref!

Luckily for Faze, Scottywood loses his balance and Faze slips behind him.  As the LSD champion turns back around, Faze kicks him in the gut, doubling him over.

Joe Hoffman:  Faze has him set for the FAZEPLANT!!!

But as Faze turns to drop him, he notices that Bob Jared is still barely holding onto the TUMBLEWEED TWIST.  He releases Scottywood, forcing him to drop to one knee and rushes over, only to find David Black escape at the last minute with a punch to Bob Jared’s privates.

Benny Newell:  If Bob could’ve just hung on for that much longer…

Joe Hoffman:  …we would’ve had a new LSD champion!  Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing a match for the ages. 

Benny Newell:  If this is just the beginning of the Pay Per View… I might not make it out without suffering at least one heart attack.  ::swigs another shot from the line he has set up in front of him::

Joe Hoffman:  Keep drinking at the pace you are and you’ll have kidney failure and alcohol poisoning as well.  All 4 remaining men are down, folks… it’s obvious that exhaustion has more than set in.

Benny Newell:  And from the looks of it, Shocker and Kostoff are going to need blood transfusions.

No sooner does Benny say that then is a large object in the middle of the avenue unveiled that was previously covered in a black sheet.  Fans in attendance gasp as do the announcers while the wrestlers themselves are still unaware to what’s been revealed in the Place de la Concorde.  Scottywood is the first to his feet and wonders what all the commotion is about.  Then a look of shock comes across his face as he sees it…

Joe Hoffman:  A GUILLOTINE!!!  What the HELL is a guillotine doing here?

Benny Newell:  Maybe Lee pulled a few strings and arranged for it to be here during the match. 

Joe Hoffman:  I dunno… the use of a guillotine may have been standard practice hundreds of years ago, but with all the current laws, one has to wonder how much Lee shelled out for the French government to allow this.  I mean… this is dangerous!  Someone could get killed!

Benny Newell:  I think that’s the point, Joe… who’s it gonna be?  Bob Jared?!?

Scottywood’s look of shock turns into a sinister expression as the ideas run through his mind as to what kind of destruction he can cause with the guillotine.  He grabs Kostoff by the back of his head and drags him over to the guillotine by his hair.

Joe Hoffman:  Gee Benny… you think Kostoff’s got a good insurance policy with MetLife? 

Benny Newell:  Shut your man pleaser Joe and say your goodbyes to Chris Kostoff.  The HOW Hall of Fame is literally going to be one member short after tonight!

Kostoff uses whatever he has left in the tank to fight back as Scottywood drags him, but his blows are barely registering an impact.  Scottywood laughs as he smears Kostoff’s blood across his chest but from behind, David Black stops them both short with a Running Bulldog!  Black pops to his feet and uses his newfound momentum to suplex Bob Jared backwards onto the pavement.  Bob writhes in pain and David Black uses the opportunity with his opponents down to carefully examine the guillotine.  He even tugs on the rope that triggers the blade, causing it to snap down with startling force into the wooden block below.

Joe Hoffman:  Is there an instruction manual or something?  David Black nearly chopped off his own arm!

Taken aback from setting off the guillotine, David Black also doesn’t realize that Shocker is back, limping and approaching him slowly from behind.  Shocker gets closer and closer until David Black turns, Shocker swings… Black ducks… and Shocker gets caught into Bob Jared’s grasp.


Joe Hoffman:  By Bob Jared no less!   

Unfortunately for Jared, Black is right there to follow up with a Release German Suplex in which Bob lands awkwardly on his neck.

Benny Newell:  His neck may be broken Joe!  Can you imagine Bob Jared running around HOW wearing his blazer AND a neckbrace?  There’d be a freak show amongst the fans much like the Al Snow/Head craze.

Faze kneels down to check on Bob who is screaming in pain and favoring his neck and shoulder but Black pushes Faze out of the way.  David Black covers!



Joe Hoffman:  Scottywood with an Ice Kick to break up the pin!

Benny Newell:  He nearly took off David’s head there!

Joe Hoffman:  Thanks Benny… we appreciate the irony.

Benny Newell:  What?

It takes Benny a minute to realize what Joe meant as he looks at the guillotine and realizes what he was talking about.  With Bob Jared incapacitated, Kostoff barely able to stand, and David Black knocked out from the Ice Kick, Scottywood sees this as an opportunity to capitalize and possibly retain his LSD title.

He contemplates covering David Black but instead sees Shocker stumbling around on his feet.  Trying to keep his balance from Bob Jared’s devastating Rock Bottom, Shocker flails and greets the “Hardcore Artist” with a missed punch.  Scottywood responds with a European Uppercut, then another, and one final Uppercut that floors Shocker.  Scottywood brings Shocker to his feet and assists him over to the guillotine platform.  A scoop slam and an elbow drop to the sternum keep Shocker down while Scottywood sets up the guillotine much to the horror of everyone in attendance.

Joe Hoffman:  He can’t… really? 

Benny Newell:  We’ve seen some pretty gruesome things from Scottywood before, but nothing quite as horrifying as…

Joe Hoffman:  Scottywood just placed Shocker’s head in… oh my…

Scottywood stands there unsure of himself as the crowd stirs, urging him and shouting at him to follow through with the decapitation of Shocker.  Scotty smirks as he looks up at the blade that is in place above him and then at the rope before turning his attention to Shocker.  Shocker is loosely secured in the guillotine although completely unaware of his surroundings and lifeless after being brutalized throughout the match.  Scottywood taunts him as he lies there.

Scottywood:  Shocker, you aren’t Lee’s bitch… from this point forward… you are MY BITCH!

All that Faze, Kostoff and David Black can do is stand there simply in awe of the situation.  Still, grimacing and favoring his neck, Bob Jared does his best to gather the sheet together that covered the guillotine in the first place and holds it up, trying to hide Shocker behind it.  Bob pleads with Scotty not to pull the rope and gets told to back off as Scottywood signals the end for Shocker… literally.

Bob drapes the black sheet over Shocker’s body and is careful not to nudge Scottywood in the process to avoid being harmed by the guillotine himself.  Kostoff even decides to climb onto the platform himself to plead with Scottywood to give him the rope.

Benny Newell:  Scottywood has lost it!!!  I can’t believe he’s…

Joe Hoffman:  LOOKOUT!!!!!!

Bob Jared accidentally backs into Kostoff, not knowing he was there, which causes a commotion on the guillotine platform.  Scottywood shouts at them both to be careful but Jared and Kostoff lose their balance, which forces Kostoff to brace himself in the line of the guillotine blade.  Kostoff immediately scrambles to move out of the way and knocks Shocker out of position in the process.  Bob Jared stumbles into Scottywood who tries his best to hold onto the rope trigger.  Unfortunately…

Benny Newell:  SCOTTY LET GO!!!

Joe Hoffman:  OH MY GOD!!!  OH MY GOD!!!  OH MY GOD!!!

Screams are heard from under the black sheet as the guillotine blade sticks firmly into the wooden platform. 


Benny points out that Shocker is obviously still alive and his head is obviously still attached if he’s able to scream.  Still, the black sheet mirrors the tiny pool of blood that is soaking the wooden plank but not for long.  Blood begins oozing out from underneath and the crowd realizes that the guillotine did its work on SOMETHING.  French EMTs rush the scene but Scottywood fights them off, flooring them with left and right hands. 

Joe Hoffman:  What the hell is he doing?!? 

Scotty then drop kicks Kostoff off the platform and plants Bob Jared with a Stunner before draping his arm over the sheet that’s concealing Shocker’s body.  Faze argues that he cannot see Shocker’s shoulders and refuses to make the count until he can do so, which irritates the LSD champion even further.  But instead of removing the sheet, Scottywood stands up and grabs Faze by the throat.  That is until he’s spun around from behind and DROPPED by David Black with the BLACKOUT Codebreaker finisher to his chest.  All the wind escapes Scottywood’s lungs as he falls backwards and off the platform and Black exposes Shocker’s upper body to cover him!!




Bryan McVay:  Here is your winner… and NEEEEEWWWW LSD champion… DAVID BLACK!!!


Benny Newell:  Wow… I’m speechless.  As much as I hate to say it, David Black EARNED it tonight. 

Joe Hoffman:  He sure did!  The man hasn’t had any luck in his personal life as of late but his career just got a whole lot BRIGHTER with the LSD title now around his waist.

Benny Newell:  But what about Shocker?!?  You see any missing limbs, Joe?

Joe says no and banters back and forth with Benny while David Black raises his arms into the air to the applause from the crowd who appreciate his efforts.  31 minutes and 52 seconds after Kostoff left Bob Jared at sea, David Black stands on the streets of Paris victorious in his first title reign in HOW.  Joe comments on all the injuries of the match, especially David’s after overcoming the guillotine and being thrown through a bistro window by Scottywood.  Scotty wallows in frustration as he sees Ryan Faze reluctantly hand David Black the title while Kostoff attends to his torn flesh and Bob Jared favors his neck.  New crews of medics rush in to help all the competitors, especially Shocker who appears to have a serious unknown injury below his torso. 

Joe Hoffman:  What an intro to War Games!  I can’t believe we still have the War Games match itself later on in the show!

Benny Newell:  Don’t go away folks… we’ll be right back after chug the rest of this bottle to calm down.

Joe Hoffman:  Aw, hell… pour me a shot while you’re at it…wait better not…but any rate that was exhilarating!


Dark Match Results..

A video package showcasing the matches that happened earlier in the day inside the Stade Michael d’Ornano stadium is shown…

HOW newcomer Spook getting his first HOW win after a very quick dismantling of the forgotten man Silver Cyanide is shown.

Also there was a very mixed reaction as Triple M ended his HOW career with a quick victory over former World Champion Crow. Rumors are flying at the future of both these men.

The action then cuts back to Joe and Benny as the SSE World Title match is up next!!!


SSE World Title Match
Michael DeNucci vs. King Trip Eisen vs. Trent
Triple Threat Match

The scene cuts to outside the War Games Cell, and we see Big Buff Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome HOW fans to our first live match inside the stadium in Caen and we got together a decent sized crowd there considering the late…..or should I say early start.

Benny Newell: Yeah its 4 fuckin AM.  Good thing Lee promised me a bonus.

Joe Hoffman: You are getting a bonus!!!?

Benny Newell:  Ah yes…a bonus….a case of Jager……right.

Joe Hoffman: Oh. Okay then. That’s alright.

Benny Newell: Gotta give it to the die-hard French fans here getting up at this fucking Ungodly hour to watch two matches over there. If Lee best wasn’t a fucking Genius and a GOD…..I’d say he was crazy for booking this.

Joe Hoffman: Well say what you want about Lee Best….he’s a brilliant business man, and he knows HOW pay per views have some of the highest buyrates of any Pay per view for any sport or event all year.

Benny Newell: But it’s brilliant. HOV screen showed the LSD title match….which David Black won….and will be showing the War Games match. All the French fans that couldn’t or didn’t want to make it, will be buying the shows encore. Fucking brilliant job by Lee Best. Guaranteeing that our buyrates are high for both Europe and the US!

Newell has a glass of Hypnotic which he now lifts and apparently is toasting Lee Best as Hoffman shakes his head.

Joe Hoffman: Must you always drink while doing announcing duties?

Benny Newell: What else am I gonna do? It’s after 4 fuckin AM.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know….do your JOB maybe?

Benny Newell:……job?

Joe Hoffman:  My God…..well everybody, it’s time for the SSE World Title match…..God I can’t believe I’m saying that.  Don’t adjust your TV sets, this IS an HOW Pay Per View….but tonight we are featuring three SSE alumni vying for the apparently still coveted SSE World Title.

Benny Newell: Can we really call it a WORLD title?

Joe Hoffman: Valid question, Benny. It’s good to see a few of the brain cells have yet to be destroyed by all the alcohol. Anyway, the cage will now be lowered as this is a steel cage match.

The camera then cuts to the Caen stadium and zooms in on the cage being lowered as the fans quiet down as they watch realizing the severity of this stipulation. As the cage slowly lowers, Michael DeNucci’s music hits and he walks out to a mostly indifferent reaction from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Well here comes Michael DeNucci, and you have to wonder what his mindset is as he is a former CEO of SSE. In a sense that title has always been his, but does he have the mettle to become champion?

DeNucci slides into the ring and looks up at the half lowered cage, then begins stretching his legs as Trip Eisen’s music takes over and the King walks out.

The fans boo the King as he ignores them and royally walks down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: And here is the second competitor King Trip Eisen who would like to be able to claim he was the last King of SSE.

Benny Newell: I rather be the last King of Scotland.

Joe Hoffman: I rather you be anyone other than yourself….

Benny Newell: What?

King Trip Eisen is now in the ring, and he stares down DeNucci and then the two slowly turn to the entrance ramp as out walks Trent to his music, holding the SSE title. A few people actually cheer the SSE Champion as he makes his way to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: And last but not least, the SSE World Champion himself, Trent. I’m sure he is as shocked as we are still that he is defending the SSE World title on an HOW Pay per view.

Benny Newell: I’m shocked people still give a damn about SSE.

Trent slides into the ring and hands the belt to Joel Hortega who old school style holds the belt up and turns to each side of the ring holding the belt high up for all to see that the next match is for the title.

Joe Hoffman:  Referee Joel Hortega will do the officiating inside the ring for this match.

Hortega hands the belt off to a ring attendant, and motions to each man that the match is about to begin. The cage begins to lower again, until is secured around the ring, and an attendant secures the cage door, locking it with a padlock as Hortega calls for the bell.


The three men stare at each other for a moment, then starts talking trash to the other two men. DeNucci and Eisen glance at each other and charge forward, and try a double clothesline, but Trent ducks it and runs to the ropes, comes back and Eisen and DeNucci nail a double elbow which knocks Trent flat.

Joe Hoffman:  Well Trent said something to annoy his two challengers, and now we see the triple threat odds being utilized to their fullest against the champion.

Eisen and DeNucci stomp away for a bit, and then DeNucci pulls up Trent and nails a drop kick to the knee that drops the champion. Eisen copies the move, adding extra emphasis on his drop kick to the kneecap.

DeNucci pulls Trent up and sets up for a suplex…he signals to Eisen, and the two work together and nail a double suplex!

Now Eisen pulls Trent to his knees, and nails a few hard elbows to the head before nailing a Roaring Elbow which catches Trent in the forehead and sends him to the mat!

Joe Hoffman: Looks like DeNucci and Eisen are trying to one up each other at Trent’s expense, which brings me to the rules of the match for our viewers….this is a Triple Threat Cage Match, where anything goes, and the only way to win is by Pinfall, Submission….this is not like a modern cage match where you can escape and win….this is the old school cage match where the wrestlers were locked in and allowed to duke it out till someone lost. But in normal Triple threat matches, the Champion is at the disadvantage because he does not have to be involved in the decision to lose his title. But also, being locked in a cage with two other men who both want something you have is also…WHOA!!!

Hoffman Exclaims as Trent nails DeNucci with hard lariat out of nowhere. Eisen looks shocked and he charges at Trent, and Trent grabs him around the throat and starts talking trash. Eisen pokes Trent in the eyes, breaks free, and nails yet another hard drop kick to the knee.

Joe Hoffman: Those drop kicks to the patella of Trent will eventually pay dividends later, as if the big man can’t stand up he cannot move around to utilize offense easily or hit you with power moves.

Trent is on one knee, as Eisen runs the ropes. He shoots back and nails a knee lift to the kneeling Trent.

This enough to floor the big man and Eisen covers…



DeNucci breaks it up!!!

Eisen gets up and starts saying something to DeNucci, who returns the shit talking, and then suddenly, Eisen slaps DeNucci in the face. DeNucci checks his cheek, then retaliates with a huge right hand, then another, then another, then a kick to the thigh then a straight kick to the abdomen which sends Eisen straight back into the ropes. Eisen bounces off and wanders right into a calf kick!!

Eisen goes down. DeNucci covers….

UNO !!!



Eisen kicks out as Trent walks over and grabs DeNucci by the head and powers him to his feet. DeNucci wriggles, but Trent tosses DeNucci across the ring like a rag doll!!

Joe Hoffman: what power by Trent! He just threw DeNucci halfway across the ring!

Trent turns to Eisen who is getting to his feet.  Trent grabs him by the throat with his right hand and hits him in the face a couple of times with his left. Then Trent whips Eisen into a corner, and then DeNucci is next as Trent nails him with a knee lift to the gut then whips him into Eisen in the corner. Trent then measures both men and chargers forward for a huge corner splash to crush both men, but DeNucci gets out of the way and Eisen is smashed with the huge Avalanche Splash!!!!!


Fans buzz as Eisen crumples to the mat, but Trent turns and walks right into a few right hands by DeNucci!

Trent shoves DeNucci away, but DeNucci charges back and keeps nailing right hands. Trent again shoves him down, DeNucci gets up but Trent tries a clothesline, DeNucci ducks it, and runs the ropes,  comes back, but Trent with a shoulder block that knocks DeNucci on his back hard!

Joe Hoffman: Trent just a wall there, DeNucci’s not going to win like that.

DeNucci gets to his feet slowly as Trent waits for him, kicks him in the gut, and sets up for suplex…..the big man lifts DeNucci up and holds him in the air….

Joe Hoffman:  Stalling suplex here…..adding to the effectiveness of the suplex by forcing the blood to rush to the head…

Trent  nails the vertical suplex!!!!!!

Trent covers….




Trip Eisen breaks up the pinfall and starts pummeling on Trent as Trent slowly gets to his feet despite the pummeling. Eisen starts clubbing Trent over and over and suddenly Trent stands up fully, towering over Eisen, who looks shocked, then its Trent’s turn to nail a huge right hand that drops Eisen.

Joe Hoffman:  Trent is just too big and too powerful there for Eisen to try and keep down with strikes of that nature.

Benny Newell:  This Vodka is just too good to not fucking sell some of it. Damn, if only I was at ringside.

Joe Hoffman:  Please do not start selling shots……or drinking them.

Benny Newell:  You know what, I have a lot of debts. I gamble a lot. Although I make more money than you, I

still need to line my pockets with extra green whenever possible.

Joe Hoffman:  Well, after that tear-inducing story, I’m sure all of our fans sympathize.

Benny Newell:  Exactly. Wait….was that sarcasm?

Joe Hoffman:  Um….Back to the action!!!! Trent with a huge scoop slam!!!!

Trent nails the scoop slam on Eisen, then runs the ropes and looks for the big elbow drop, but Eisen rolls out of the way. Trent favors the arm for a bit as Eisen rolls toward the cage door and motions for it to be opened. Hortega walks over and waves it off, apparently trying to use broken English to explain that this is not an escape rules match. Eisen apparently is ignoring him as he gets up and starts trying to shake the cage door open.

Trent comes from behind and grabs Eisen and rams his head into the corner buckle. Then again, as DeNucci comes from behind, only to get a reverse elbow. DeNucci staggers back as Trent continues to work on Eisen, nailing him with knee lifts and right hands in the corner. DeNucci walks back over and Trent turns and nails him with a big right hand!

Joe Hoffman:  Neither of these men having much success individually keeping Trent down, he’s too big at well over 300 pounds and somewhere around the 7 foot mark.

DeNucci staggers away as Trent grabs him by the back of the neck and throws him face first into the steel cage!!! The crowd pops as DeNucci goes down, holding his face.

Joe Hoffman: And you knew it was only a MATTER OF TIME before someone used the steel cage as a weapon and the SSE Champion using it here.

Benny Newell: As if that big numnut needs an equalizer.

Joe Hoffman: My thoughts exactly Benny. Except for…the numnut part.

Trent pulls up DeNucci and lifts him up into a Military Press.  He then walks toward the cage, but suddenly Eisen comes and lunges forward and catches Trent with a chop block and the big man falls back and DeNucci falls across his chest!!!

Hortega counts the pin!!!




Trent tosses DeNucci off of him, as DeNucci struggles to his feet. Eisen is up and he starts kicking Trent in the head, stomping away. Amidst this, Trent is still slowly getting up and Eisen stamps on his hands causing Trent to hold them in pain and stay on the mat. Eisen then rushes over toward a turnbuckle and leaps off and connects with a Bret Hart-like forearm to the back of the head of Trent, who again had started rising to his feet. Trent rolls over and Eisen covers….




Joe Hoffman: WHAT STRENGTH!!!

Eisen stays on the attack and nails a swinging neckbreaker as Trent is on his knees, then runs the ropes comes back and nails an elbow drop!!! Eisen follows that up with a series of 4 elbow drops before covering…




Joe Hoffman: Trent again kicking out with authority, barely two counts here. Eisen is going to have to nail a big move here.

As if on cue, Eisen nails a kick to the gut, then runs the ropes again, looking for some type of big move, but Trent charges as well, and as Eisen hits the ropes and turns, Trent nails a running knee!

Eisen doubles over, and Trent then grabs a Gutwrench and nails a Gutwrench suplex!!!!! Eisen bounces off the mat and is on the other side of the ring now as Trent gets up and smiles. He walks toward Eisen, and pulls him up……Trent then sees DeNucci coming from behind winding up for a punch of some kind and he pulls Eisen as DeNucci tries a stiff forearm and nails Eisen in the face!!!!!

DeNucci tries another wild forearm, but Trent actually takes the blow, and quickly grabs DeNucci with both hands around the throat….DeNucci  kicks at the knee, and Trent breaks his grip and DeNucci runs the ropes and comes back with cross body but Trent counters by clobbering DeNucci out of midair with a forearm!!!


Trent turns and Eisen tries a weak looking right, but Trent catches it, and he then nails a right hand and picks up Eisen over his right shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and walks into a corner and props Eisen sitting on the top rope…

Joe Hoffman: uh-oh…..Trent may be looking to end the match with the ENTRENCHER top rope Brainbuster.

Trent climbs to the second rope, pulling Eisen up to the top. Trent nails another right hand, and sets up for a superplex…..

Joe Hoffman: here it comes……!!!!

DeNucci comes back and stands below Trent and grabs him for a powerbomb!!!

Joe Hoffman: A smart move!! DeNucci does have the strength to lift Trent, but can use leverage to powerbomb him from there!!

Trent lets go of Eisen and holds onto the ropes, but suddenly Eisen thumbs him in the eye, and Trent instinctively goes to hold his face and that gives DeNucci his opening and he falls forward and nails Trent with a huge powerbomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: DENUCCI JUST GAVE TRENT A POWERBOMB OFF THE SECOND ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fans buzz as DeNucci can’t believe he had the leverage to pull that off.

Joe Hoffman: Great job by the former SSE CEO…..OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP BY KING TRIP EISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eisen nails it and hooks the leg!!!!!!




Eisen and DeNucci have a stare down, but then they see Trent trying to get up. They then pull up Trent, kick him in the gut at the same time, and lift him for a double suplex and nail a HUGE double

BRAINBUSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Neither man is looking for the pinfall as DeNucci mounts a corner as Trent is in the middle of the ring now….Eisen mounts the top rope of the opposite corner…..Eisen flies off and nails a huge top rope headbutt to the sternum!!!!

DeNucci follows that up with a Guillotine Leg Drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeNucci and Eisen are standing over the laid out Trent. They then pull him up and nail punches then run the ropes and come back and nail a double drop kick than sends Trent careening backwards into the ropes!!!

Trent gets his arms tangled in the ropes!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: This is NOT good for the SSE World Champion!!! If he can’t escape he can’t win, and he will be doomed to lose his title to one of these two men without being involved!!!!

Trent tries to free himself, but to no avail, and DeNucci and Eisen smile, and then turn to each other as Trent is trapped.

DeNucci strikes first with a right hand, then double and triples up on the right hands, but suddenly, Eisen hits a double cross chop to the throat, then follows up with some right hands of his own. Eisen then nails a snap suplex on DeNucci, then measures him as DeNucci gets up, hurting, Eisen lifts him up in a fireman’s carry!!!

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Eisen is looking for the Royal Decree!!!

DeNucci slides off and lands behind Eisen, Eisen turns, and DeNucci goes for a thunderous roundhouse kick to the head, but Eisen ducks!!!

Eisen kicks DeNucci in the gut and lifts DeNucci up for a powerbomb, but DeNucci starts nailing punches, and DeNucci then counters into a Hurricanrana into a pin!!!




Both men get up and DeNucci hits a leg kick and tries to combo into a punch combination, but Eisen hits a drop toe hold and then tries an STF, but DeNucci scrambles out of his grasp and both men stand again, and Eisen hits a knee to the gut, then goes for a double underhook, but DeNucci spins away and nails a spinning back fist to the jaw that knocks Eisen down!!!

DeNucci then follows up, hits a leg drop, then tries for a Peruvian NeckTie, locking in a modified front face lock, then stepping over with his left foot and leaning back at an angle and grapevines  the body, but Eisen manages to get his right arm free of the left leg giving him a small amount of breathing room and ability to maneuver so that DeNucci doesn’t have the hold applied fully.

Joe Hoffman: A heavy Mixed Martial Arts style from DeNucci, I can’t help but think of maybe Andersen Silva when I see DeNucci.

Benny Newell: who?

Joe Hoffman: Forget it. Great partial block of the hold by Eisen, but you have to wonder where fatigue comes into the play. The early morning start, the brutal cage……Eisen may be more worn down than he looks.

Trent meanwhile is begging Hortega to free him, but Hortega is busy checking for the submission.

The small crowd starts stomping a bit as a few painful moments pass and then Eisen uses the free arm to relieve a little pressure, then he manages to force himself forward and reach up and rake the eyes of DeNucci!!!!!

DeNucci breaks the hold, and Eisen rolls away, and slowly gets to his feet. DeNucci walks over and tries for a rear naked, but Eisen breaks free and nails a reverse elbow, then turns and kicks DeNucci in the gut and nails the ROYAL DDT OF KINGLYNESS!!!!!!!!!


Eisen is still feeling the effects of the hold and is unable to capitalize!

Joe Hoffman: Both men are down, and…….Benny.

You can hear……snoring?

Joe Hoffman: BENNY!!!

Benny Newell: ….Huh! What!

Joe Hoffman: You fell asleep!?

Benny Newell: Of course not!!! I was thinking of something witty to say!

Joe Hoffman: Suuuuure…..

Both men roll away from each other and are on opposite sides of the ring. Slowly but surely, both men get up and then charge each other. They then knock each other down with double clotheslines!

Trent then starts cussing up a storm at Hortega to free him, Hortega walks over to try and free Trent finally, but then Eisen drapes an arm across DeNucci, forcing Hortega to run over and count!!!




Joe Hoffman: A near fall only says Joel Hortega!

Trent is pissed now as Eisen slowly gets up, pulling DeNucci with him. Suddenly DeNucci breaks free and nails a straight kick to the chest of Eisen, sending him careening into Trent!!! The momentum is enough combined with Trent’s strength to break free of the ropes!!! Eisen goes down as DeNucci has an ‘Oh shit’ look on his face, Trent charges and drops DeNucci with a Lariat!!!

Joe Hoffman: The SSE champion is free!!! And all hell will break loose!!!

DeNucci gets up and Trent whips him hard into a corner, then follows up with an Avalanche Splash!!

Trent then nails DeNucci with Press Slam over the top turnbuckle!!!

DeNucci is lying on his stomach over the buckles and grabs onto the cage. Trent runs to the opposite corner and then charges, but suddenly DeNucci starts climbing the cage!!!! Trent runs right into the buckle chest first!!!

He turns around as Eisen is there……

ROLL UP OF DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Joe Hoffman:  POWER AND POWER ALONE ENABLED TRENT TO KICKOUT OF THAT ROLL UP OF DOOM!!!!! That was the tightest inside Cradle I have seen in all my years of the business!!!!

Eisen can’t believe it as he measures Trent, who looks pissed. Eisen then goes for the ROYAL DDT OF KINGLYNESS, but Trent powers out, shoving Eisen away. Eisen charges back and nails a Roaring Elbow to the face!!!


Eisen has Trent in a firemans Carry, but his legs are wobbling, and then Trent slides off, Eisen, turns, and

Trent grabs him by the throat!!!!







HE KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: I think any other man would’ve been pinned there, that Inside Cradle is the best I’ve ever seen!

Eisen then somehow musters the strength to nail the DAS SUPLEXEN high angle German Suplex!!!! He bridges into a pin!!!




Trent gets to his feet, angry now, as Eisen goes for another Roaring Elbow, Trent CATCHES THE ARM OF EISEN and then grabs him by the throat……..



Joe Hoffman: WAS THAT THREE!!!!!?

Benny Newell: Huh? What!? Oh…never mind….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ




Joe Hoffman: HOW!!!!? HOW!!!? HOW DID HE KICK OUT!!!?…….BENNY!!!!!

Benny Newell: ZZZZZZZZZ…..

Suddenly a steel chair lands in the ring from above and you can see DeNucci scaling the cage to get back in as apparently while Trent and Eisen have been battling, DeNucci has gotten to the outside and gotten a steel chair and is now on his way back in!

Trent pulls Eisen up and lifts him on his shoulders in a Torture Rack!!! Suddenly DeNucci is on top of the cage and then Trent looks up and sees him!! DeNucci dives off the cage, Trent tosses Eisen aside, as

DeNucci looks for a cross body….

TRENT CATCHES MICHEAL DENUCCI OUT OF MID AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suddenly, Trent powers DeNucci straight up into the air and onto his shoulders for a Torture Rack!!! 

Then Trent walks over….

TOKE DRIVER ON THE STEEL CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Benny Newell: Wha?….What the…the fuck? What are they saying?

Joe Hoffman: Um….my French isn’t that great…but they are saying……Holy…..you know….

Benny Newell: What?

Joe Hoffman: Holy…..you know….s……h……

Benny Newell: Holy Shoes?

Joe Hoffman: NO!!!!

Benny Newell: Holy Shank?

Joe Hoffman: NO!!! You idiot!!!

Benny Newell:  Can I buy a vowel?


Benny Newell: No need for all that…..but seriously….That’s Holy Shit in French? Wow……and I got you to cuss. Oh I’m staying awake for the rest of morning now….


Trent sees Eisen on one knee, and Trent picks up the chair, and then points at Eisen, and then runs at

him, and lifts the chair against his own knee, nailing a running knee strike into the side of the head of Eisen with the steel chair!!!!!!!!!


Benny Newell: Oh shit…….That was a ROYAL knee. Ahah!!

Eisen crashes into the steel cage and goes limp as Trent goes over and picks up the dead weight of DeNucci and lifts him into the TOKE HOLD Torture Rack, and then starts wrenching, and Hortega notes that DeNucci is unconscious and he calls for the bell!!!!



Trent nails another TOKE DRIVER on DeNucci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hortega starts admonishing Trent and Trent signals for Hortega to lift his arm and Hortega does as there is a cheer as the cage is raised and then Trent is handed the SSE World title.

Joe Hoffman: Well, Trent was able to overcome two of the best SSE has produced, and he successfully retains the SSE World Championship. Thoughts Benny? And are you ready for the Main Event? It’s only a short time away….

Benny Newell:  Of course I’m ready to see Lee Best regain complete control of HIS fed, HOW and destroy that loony hack Max Kael. As for this Cage match?……Well all three of them suck and frankly they need to up their games cause this little SSE match wasn’t shit really.

Joe Hoffman: How would you know? You slept through most of it.

Benny Newell: But Mister Straight-and-narrow cussed…..

Joe Hoffman: Arrgh……anyway, let’s go to the truck where the announcement for the next big PPV is up next!!! 


Next PPV…

The next HOW Pay Per View will be coming to you live from the capitol of the United States, Washington D.C, as superstars from the High Octane Roster will invade the Verizon Center only a little over a month after War Games will define the ownership and future of the company.

On August 3rd High Octane Wrestling will present its next PPV and the name and details are subject to the outcome of tonight’s Main Event……WHICH IS NEXT!!!


HOW World Title Match
Team Kael (Max Kael, Bobbinette Carey, Paul Paras and Graystone) vs. Team Best (Aceldama, Shane Reynolds, Christopher America and Mark O’Neal)
War Games Match

Part 1…

We cut from the advert for the August HOW PPV to the announcers…

Joe Hoffman: Well folks before we get to August 3rd we gotta find out who will be leading us to that next PPV…..Lee Best or Maximillian Kael?


With that the cameras pan out and we cut to a live shot from high above the huge War Games cell that has two rings inside of it. We are obviously getting this footage from a helicopter as the sound of it can be heard as it circles the huge structure as we hear Hoffman continue to talk..

Joe Hoffman: Right now folks you are seeing a live shot from high above courtesy of what I am being told is High Octane Chopper 1…..is that…oh never mind….but folks trust me as impressive as that view is there is nothing that can give you the proper perspective like sitting right here can. I seriously have chills right now Benny…

Benny Newell: That is because you are a…….here we go!!!

The huge spotlights that surround the perimeter  split their focus as half of them turn to the left and the other half turn towards the right and as they steady their focus we see two huge bunkers on either side of the War Games Cell.

Joe Hoffman: Folks as you can see there are two huge bunkers that have been built into the beach here and frankly I am not sure how tasteful this match is going to be in regards to the horrific history that this place has but..

Benny Newell: Oh stop right there you pussy. Everyone is too damn PC around here. No one bitched when we went to Alcatraz. You know how many horrific stories I heard about that place? No one bitched when we were at the Alamo? This is a piece of land that has some history..so fucking be it. Right now is all that matters and right now it is time for Lee to win HIS company back..

Before Joe can retort thick iron doors can be heard opening as HOW crewmen are opening up the doors to each of the bunkers.

Cameras pan out to show the huge structure in the middle of the beach with the bunkers on each side of the cell, literally built into the very hill that so many men lost their lives trying to climb.

The spotlights are still trained on the doors of the bunkers as the sound of the ocean crashing up to the shore can be heard and with the clear sky above even the moonlight is casting an eerie light onto the shore.

There are no lights other than the huge spotlights and a few backlights for the announcers. Suddenly there is a sound of an horn honking and all of a sudden a black hummer comes flying into the picture.

Joe Hoffman: What the heck??

The hummer pulls up next to the cell and stops dead center of the steel structure and none other than Lee Best exits the driver side.

Lee Best: You think I would miss this fucking match??

Lee is smiling as he walks over to the passenger side and opens the door. A person steps out but we are unable to see who it is because of the Hummer between them and the camera.

Suddenly one spotlight turns towards the Hummer and Lee can be seen smiling from ear to ear…

Lee Best: Ladies and gentlemen your special enforcer…….KIRSTA LEWIS!!!!

Part 2..

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta Lewis???

Benny Newell: The KUNT IS BACK!!!!

Lee walks Kirsta over to the door of the cell and a HOW crewman opens the door for her as she starts to enter the cell but she is stopped as Lee grabs a hold of her hand and pulls her back towards him and the two exchange a passionate kiss before Lee smacks her in the face and she smiles as she rubs her face as Lee turns and heads towards the announce table where a third chair has been set up for him.

As a shocked Benny and Joe look on, Kirsta, still smiling at Lee, enters the cell and quickly turns towards Matt Boettcher and the two begin talking with Kirsta obviously in the lead as the cameras turn back towards the announce table where Lee has taken a spot next to Benny.

Lee Best: How you like dem apples Benny…huh…huh…

Benny Newell: Kirsta? I mean Lee I respect you and you know I would…

Joe Hoffman: Did you just kiss Kirsta Lewis..the same woman that made you piss your pants on national…

Lee Best: Shut the fuck up Joe. You just do your job and call the play by play action and you let me do my job and that is to tell you to shut the fuck up….how’s that?

Joe can only nod as Lee smiles and elbows Benny again and motions his head towards Kirsta…

Lee Best: What you think Buff?

Benny Newell:  Drink?

Lee Best: Don’t mind if I do…..um…Joe….don’t you have a job to be doing??

Joe Hoffman: Um…sorry Mr. Best. Um….folks…as you have just seen Kirsta Lewis is the special enforcer for tonight’s War Games match and what that means is that she will be handling any of the action that spills out of the rings and it will be up to her to..

Lee Best: See you are already fucking up Joe. She is not the special enforcer…she is the second referee..see….

The camera turn back to the cell and we see Kirsta taking off her official High Octane Jacket, and shows off her black and white striped referee shirt.

Joe Hoffman: I stand corrected. Matt Boettcher and Kirsta Lewis are the ref’s for tonight’s big match and you have to admit that the odds just got stacked a little higher against Team Kael. They might have been the favorites befor…

Lee Best: AGAIN….YOU ARE FUCKING UP JOE…..ahem……..Team Best were the favorites to win….and my team WILL WIN….so help me god I will give you a Bottom Line tonight Joe…

With that Benny raises his shot glass and takes down another shot as he pours himself and Lee another one as Joe tries to compose himself.

Joe Hoffman: Ok again my mistake. Well folks as you can see the bunkers have been opened and we know the first two men, Perfect Paul Paras and World Champion Aceldama will start the match but what we don’t know is the order after that. What we do know is that every ten minutes…ten? Really?

Lee Best: Keep reading the card Joe….

Lee sounds annoyed as Joe refocuses on the index card he is holding..

Joe Hoffman: …Every ten minutes another superstar will make their way out and we will go until all the men and women have made their way out and the team with the last man standing will win either Maximillian Kael or Lee Best complete ownership of the company.  The only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission…..whew……is it time?

Joe looks at Lee who is smiling…..and then Lee nods…and then turns towards the ring and motions towards Kirsta that he wants her but she just laughs and mouths the word Later..

Joe Hoffman: Folks the time is FINALLY here….War Games….starts now!!!

With that all the spotlights, save one on each of the bunkers, go back to their normal positions and the War Games cell is fully illuminated and we get another look from high above from the HOC 1  as it points its own spotlight inside the cell and on the two rings.

The feed then cuts to the hard camera that is directly in front of the cell and we see Kirsta standing in the ring on the left, Ring 1, and Matt Boettcher standing in the ring on the right, Ring 2. From this vantage point we can also see the two bunkers built into the hill and suddenly Perfect Paul Paras emerges from the bunker on the left hand side which is sitting above Ring 1 visually.

Joe Hoffman: Alright folks here comes the former ICON Champion and AoA member Perfect Paul Paras. Triple P lost the ICON title on the last show before we headed here to France as had a hellacious battle with Best Alliance member Shane Reynolds. Mark O’Neal named Triple P to one of the first two entrants after defeating Triple M and Silver Cyanide in what appears to be the last ever Stable Title Championship match.

Lee Best: You are correctomundo Joe. The stable titles aren’t worth a shit anymore and when my team wins this match and we go to a draft…how in the hell you expect a full stable to jump from show to show? Its only common sense that I let ol Mark throw the belts in the trash.

Benny Newell: What he said…

Joe, knowing he is outnumbered just remains quiet, as we watch Triple P climb down the hill and as the spotlight follows him we see just how rough the terrain is as he makes his way to the cell door, gives a smirk towards Lee Best, and enters his first ever War Games match.

Benny Newell: I think he was looking at Joe…I am sure of it Lee…

Lee Best: Fuck him. He stands no chance in hell of making it to the end…trust me…on the other hand…

With that Aceldama emerges from the bunker that can be seen on the right hand side, above ring 2 visually.

Joe Hoffman: Well here comes the man that has so much riding on this match. Not only does he have a 500k bonus he could win if Team Best is victorious, but he has put his career on the line and Lee you gotta feel good having the new World Champion on your side..even if he is a little unstable?

Lee Best: Look Ace is fine and trust me there is no one else I would want coming out here right now….NO ONE..

Benny Newell: Ya what he said…

Benny just drinks as the spotlight that was on the Best Bunker follows Aceldama as he makes his way down the hill and runs his hand across the steel mesh of the cell as he stares a hole thru Triple P who is standing inside of Ring 1 hitting on Kirsta Lewis who is having none of it.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama won the title in a match that could have been a main event on any PPV in any other company. It just shows how big HOW is and although the road to War Games was a very very long one..the time has come for the most important match in HOW’s history to take place….damn I am nervous as all hell!!

Both Lee and Benny give Joe a quick look at the sound of the straight and pure Hoffman uttering the word H E double hockey sticks.

Lee Best: Lets get this show on the road…

Joe Hoffman: In all fairness to the greatest LSD Championship match ever that aired earlier and the great SSE Title match we just saw…this show is all about one thing….this match…and it starts right now!!


No. 3 entrant..

Aceldama hands his World Championship to a HOW crewmen who quickly hustles over and hands it to Lee who puts it on the table in front of him almost spilling Benny’s drink.

Lee Best: Sorry about that Benny….been awhile since you seen one of these bad boys up close huh?

Benny Newell: Drink?

Benny takes another shot as Joe shakes his head as Aceldama climbs into the cell and he turns quickly as the clanging of the door being shut echoes into the night sky.

Joe Hoffman: Well its official now folks…the door has been shut ….and….yep it’s been locked….here we go!!!

The camera turns towards Ring 1 where Triple P has just gotten kicked in the balls by Kirsta Lewis and her voice can be heard loud in the clear on the beach.


But Kirsta is interrupted as Aceldama quickly rolls into the ring and covers Paras who is rocking back and forth on the mat holding onto his Awesome Sack.

As the World Champion covers Kirsta quickly drops down and makes a count…



Kickout and barely by Paras.

Joe Hoffman: Clearly a quick count there by the Hellcat Kirsta…

Lee Best: Watch it Joe….that was clearly a good fair count….waaaaatch it…..

Joe struggles but regains focus on the match as Aceldama now has the former ICON Champion to his feet and whips him hard into the ropes and follows him and nails him with a powerful clothesline that sends both men over the top rope and they spill into Ring 2 where it is now Matt Boettcher who is in control of the action.

Aceldama quickly pounces back onto Paras and begins unloading with right hands as the Perfect One tries to block each and every shot by the World Champion but a few make it thru his guard and Paul is stunned but luckily for him Aceldama is a little gassed and stands up looks down at Paul and smiles..

Joe Hoffman: Did Aceldama just smile???

Lee Best: I told you already….NO ONE ……This man right here is not going to lose…..not here..and not in this moment…this is HIS MATCH!!

The big German picks up Paras and pushes him into the far turnbuckle and nails Paras with a wicked headbutt that knocks Paul down to a knee. Aceldama picks him back up, sizes him up, and delivers another headbutt that once again rocks the Minnesotan to his knees once again.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama is just showing his power here. It didn’t help that this match started with a punt by Mrs. Lewis but…

Lee Best: Call her the Hell Cat…ah never mind….Ill save that for the bedroom..

Benny Newell: Drink…

Back inside the ring Aceldama has picked Paras back to his feet yet again and a small trickle of blood can be seen on the forehead of the former ICON Champion and the sight of the blood brings yet another smile to the face of Aceldama and as he brings his head down for another brutal headbutt, Paras ducks out of the way, under Aceldama’s arm and turns the big man around and begins unloading on the World Champion.

The sounds of his first connecting with the skull of Aceldama echo thru the night as with no crowd here to watch each and every sound that you take for granted while in The Best Arena can be fully heard.

As Paul backs up and charges and connects with a powerful clothesline a loud air horn goes off and the Best Bunker opens up and the next participant makes their way out…


No. 4 entrant…

America emerges from the bunker and from the hard camera we see him emerge as the action is going on literally below him.

Joe Hoffman: This has to be a blow to Team Best as you have two of your men coming out in the first three…

Lee Best: HOW in the royal fuck is that a disadvantage? This means that Pee Pee is in big ass trouble as America and the Big German will unite and take out the Perfect one and then rest…..its …PERFECT!!

Benny Newell: Am I even needed here? Drink!

Lee Best: Benny you just do your job and provide that one good line a match that everyone knows your good for….Joe call the fucking action will ya??

Back to the action and we see America hustling his way down the hill and quickly into the cell where a HOW crewman relocks the cell behind him.

America dives into Ring 1 and runs towards Ring 2 and dives over the top ropes of both rings and nails Paul with an American Brass Knuckle punch that sends Paul sprawling backwards and thru the ropes on the far side of the ring and down to the sand that is literally the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Brass Knuckles???

Lee Best:  Is this not a fucking War Games match?? Waaaaaaatttchhhhh it Joe….

Back inside Ring 2 America puts the knuckles back securely on and helps Aceldama to his feet who is a little dazed but upon seeing America he smiles and America and the big German exit Ring two and step onto the sand together as Paul can be seen using the cell to prop himself up.

Just as America and Aceldama get near him Paras whips sand right into the faces of the Team Best members and both stumble backwards looking for something to steady their balance as they have been blinded by the sand.

Joe Hoffman: Only a few minutes in and the sand has already played a role…imagine that.

Benny Newell: Drink for quoting Max Kael.

Lee Best: What the fuck???

Lee gives Joe a look so evil that Joe asks for and receives a shot from Benny and the two announcers take down the shots as back outside of ring two Paras is sizing up Aceldama and then charges and grabs the World Champion’s head from behind and brings it down perfectly onto the steel ring steps.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God….Paras just nailed Aceldama with a perfect running bulldog onto the steel steps!!!!!

The sound of skull hitting steel is sickening as is the sound of pain coming from the World Champion.

Paras then turns towards America who has steadied himself against the ring, and walks right up to America, smiles, and then kneels down and reaches under the ring and pulls out his signature Singapore cane.

Lee Best: What the fuck…

Paras raises the cane and just as America has cleared the sand from his eyes he sees the cane coming down on him and he ducks underneath it and floats over and executes a perfect American Leg Sweep using Paras’ own weapon against him!!

Just then the bunker for Team Kael opens up and the next entrant appears…

Lee Best: ……fucking Graystone…..

Entrant No. 5…

Graystone emerges from the Kael Bunker and makes his way down the hill very slowly as he seems to remember the last time he was in a match he was handcuffed to the steel and set on fire.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes the true wild card of this match as Graystone is making his return to HOW PPV action and this HOW Hall of Famer is sure to be a force to be reckoned with.

Lee Best: Nigga please. The only thing that this idiot is good for is trying to stick his dick in anything under 5 feet tall. There is a reason he’s not allowed in amusement parks.

Joe Hoffman: I really have no reply to that…..I mean none..

The cameras follow Graystone as the Hall of Famer walks slowly to the door and looks in and smiles at Kirsta Lewis who is busy watching the action still going on over on the outside of Ring 2.

Graystone enters the cell and as the door locks behind him he smiles and immediately rolls into ring number one and grabs Kirsta by the throat and turns her towards Lee.

Lee quickly jumps to his feet and points at Graystone…

Lee Best: You fucking do anything Gray and your ass will be kicked out of here so fucking fast…

Graystone just smiles at Lee and then slowly licks the side of Kirsta’s face and then pushes her down to the mat hard as he turns and runs towards the action as Lee can only watch in horror.

Lee Best: That motherfucker…….see Joe…this is what happens when you swallow for your fucking uncle…shit like that…..that motherfucker….give me a fucking shot Benny…NOW!!!

Benny, shaking, hands Lee a shot and he quickly takes it down and slams down the shot glass as the action follows Graystone who is now on the outside of Ring two and is unloading with right hands on America, who he has pinned up against the cell.

Graystone is relentless as he bombards America with right hands but suddenly he is knocked to his knees as Aceldama nails him with a wicked big boot to the temple.

Joe Hoffman: The World Champion is back to his feet…..and he is bloody!!

The camera zooms in on the bloody face of Aceldama has he stands over the demented Graystone.

Lee Best: NOW THIS is a meeting only a mother would love…

Benny Newell: Or Uncle?

Lee turns towards Benny and smiles…..

Lee Best: Drink?

Now it is Benny who smiles as the two men take down another shot…

Aceldama picks Graystone up and throws him hard into the steel mesh of the cell and begins rubbing the mans head against the steel and the cage acts like a cheese grater as Graystone can be seen smiling….smiling!!

As Aceldama continues to work on Graystone, Paras has made his way back into Ring 2 and has propped himself up on the far ropes and is watching the action unfold as unknown to him, America is literally army crawling in the sand on the outside.

Lee Best: DO NOT say a fucking word Joe….NOT ONE fucking word……sssssshhhh

Cameras follow America as he crawls thru the sand as if it was it….well you know..

America makes it all the way to the outside of Ring 1 and he slowly pulls himself up and climbs into the ring and Kirsta helps him to his feet just as the bunker for Team Best opens up…

Joe Hoffman: SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

Entrant No. 6th..

Lee Best: NOW you can talk….

As the ICON Champion emerges from the bunker, Paras glares up at the man that took the ICON Championship away from him. The two men exchange a look and then Reynolds starts on a mad dash towards the door.

Paras follows him and as he turns he is met with an American punch that sends him reeling. America looks down at his hand in pain and just now notices that the brass knuckles are no longer on his hand. He looks around frantically for them but cannot find them and he looks up just in time to see Paras’ right hand coming at his head.

But it never connects.

Paras is knocked to the ground by a leaping Reynolds and yet again all the action is in Ring 2 while Kirsta looks on from Ring 1.

Reynolds, with fists of fury, pummels Paras into the ground as America slowly crawls back out of ring 2 and back into ring one where he props himself up against the far turnbuckle and watches the action unfold.

As Reynolds continues to dominate the man he won the ICON Title from, the cameras turn their focus back to Aceldama and Graystone.

Both men are bleeding as Graystone’s forehead literally has skin hanging from it as Aceldama has rubbed the skin raw on the steel mesh of the cage.

Aceldama is in full control however as he walks the HOW Hall of Famer down the length of the rings and when they hit the halfway mark Aceldama starts running with Graystone in toe and with a quick turn, the current World Champion flings Graystone hard into the steel ring steps for Ring 1 and Graystone hits them knees first and goes flying over them head first and hits the sand hard.

Joe Hoffman: You can tell the men are struggling running in the sand and that is only going to get worse the more tired they get. I hate to say it but America has the right idea right now as he is literally resting in ring 1 watching his teammates in complete control.

Back in Ring 2 the ICON Champion nails Paras with a standing dropkick that sends him into the far turnbuckle. Reynolds charges but Paras somehow manages to duck out of the way and Shane bounces off the turnbuckles chest first and Paras grabs the head of Shane and brings it down hard to the canvas with an implant DDT.

Paras covers and Boettcher makes his first pinfall count of the match….






Joe Hoffman: Reynolds seemed to wait on the two count there I think..he was dazed for sure but he waited for the last possible second before kicking out.

Lee is not even making comments anymore as he is standing up on his feet and is totally focused on the match at hand.

Back outside of Ring 1 and Aceldama has called America to help him set up some tables and begrudgingly Christopher is helping him.

They have set one table up on another table and Aceldama motions for America to grab Graystone.

Benny Newell: I am liking the looks of this….

Aceldama climbs up on the ring apron and with the help of America, Aceldama grabs a hold of the former World Champion and now has him set up for a powerbomb. Unable to see Aceldama takes a couple of blind steps and then jumps down to the sand below sending Graystone crashing thru both tables at the same time.

The sound of the wood splintering stops everyone in their tracks as Paras and even Boettcher turn to see Aceldama and America moving the broke wood out of the way as they prepare to cover Graystone.


America looks at Aceldama who then motions for him to make the cover…..and with a smile America drops down and covers Graystone as Lewis slides out of the ring and starts the count just as the bunker for Team Kael opens up…




Joe Hoffman: Who is it????




Benny Newell: BOBBINETTE…..THE HOR!!!!



Lee Best: YES!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Team Kael loses the first member of the match but here comes Bobbinette Carey, Last Years Winner!!!!

Next to last Entrant..

Joe Hoffman: OK with Carey coming out that means there is only two men left. The first ever War Games winner Mark O’Neal and…ahem….Max Kael.

Lee gives Joe another look of death.

Lee Best: I swear to god if Max drew the last number I am going to stab Silver Cyanide in the fucking eye.

Benny Newell: Just stab him anyway. I mean …nevermind…DRINK!

The camera focuses in on Carey who emerges from the bunker and she immediately turns her focus to one Kirsta Lewis.

Kirsta, who just counted the elimination of Graystone, grabs a hold of the cage and is smiling at Carey as the 2008 War Games winner makes her way down to the cell.

Joe Hoffman: A lot of history between those two women. Lee I have to ask you…is Kirsta here full time or…

Lee Best: Call the fucking match Joe…you don’t need to be worrying about big boy stuff…just call the fucking match.

As the HOW crewmen carry Graystone out of the cell and Carey waits to enter it we see the fate of those that are eliminated.

Cameras and one spotlight follow the crewmen as they carry Graystone to a waiting boat. The throw him into the boat and the bloodied and battered HOW Hall of Famer is whisked away into the darkness as the spotlight turns back to its normal position and as the feed turns back to the action we see that Carey has met Lewis in the middle of the ring and Carey is unloading on Lewis with right hands as Aceldama holds America back as the two watch as Carey continues her onslaught of Lewis.

Joe Hoffman: This is obviously payback for the kick Carey took to the jaw a month or so ago at the hands of Kirsta Lewis.

Benny Newell: Right before HOW went and kicked the royal shit outta the fisher price Taints Haven company…

Lee Best: Drink…OK ACE…NOW DAMMIT!!

With that command both Aceldama and America charge into Ring one and they both kick Carey off of Kirsta, who quickly rolls out of the way as America and Aceldama begin kicking Carey repeatedly in the gut as the former World Champion is losing the numbers game and losing it fast. 

Aceldama picks Carey up by the hair with both hands and proceeds to toss her halfway across the ring causing her to land face first and to literally skip several feet to the far turnbuckle. The cameras zoom in as Aceldama pulls strands of Carey’s hair from his hands. As he does this he motions for America to go after Carey and America can be seen stalking Carey as the action returns to Ring 2 where Paras has turned the tide on Reynolds and has Shane upside down in the turnbuckles in a Tree of Woe.

Joe Hoffman: Many people have Shane on the shortlist of people that could go all the way but right now my pick to win, Paul Paras, is on the offensive.

With Shane tied up and nowhere to go, Paul quickly exits the ring and grabs his Singapore cane, rolls back in, turns towards Lee and points the cane at him and then with awesome quickness he turns and brings the Cane down on the genitals of Reynolds.

Reynolds screams out in pain as his legs go limp and he collapses to the canvas as Paras stalks him and proceeds to slam the cane down on the back of Reynolds…





The sound of the cane hitting the back of Reynolds causes Aceldama to turn towards Ring 2 and he sees that Shane is in trouble.

He looks back at America who has just nailed Carey with an American Suplex, and the World Champion decides to go help his Blood Brother.

The cameras follow the World Champion as he exits Ring 1 and climbs into Ring 2 and just as Paras is about to bring the cane down on Reynolds, Aceldama grabs Paras’s arm from behind, turns the man and headbutts him causing him to drop the cane.

Aceldama looks down at the cane and smiles and picks it up and he smokes Paul right across the forehead, opening the former ICON’s head back up.

Aceldama then helps Reynolds to his feet and hands Shane the cane and it’s the Blood Brothers standing tall as the air horn goes off again and the door to the Best Bunker opens .


Final Entrant…

O’Neal makes his way out from the bunker and we get an aerial shot from High Octane Chopper 1 as it shines its spotlight on the first ever War Games winner as he makes his way down the hill and towards the cell.

From the air we can see Shane and Aceldama destroying Paul with the cane as in Ring 1 Carey has just sent America flying over the top rope and to the outside via a beautiful hurricanrana.

The feed cuts away from the HOC 1 and back to the hard camera as we see America using the cell to help himself up. As he turns back towards the ring he is met by Carey who just dove over the top rope!!

Joe Hoffman: Suicide Dive by The Epic One!!!!!

Lee Best: Get the fuck in there Mark…hey where the fuck is the ICON belt????

Lee turns to see Benny pulling his shirt down over the title belt. Lee only shakes his head as he turns his focus back into the ring where Carey is bouncing America’s head off the steel mesh outside of Ring 1 while in Ring 2 Aceldama and Shane are working literally like brothers.

The action cuts to the camera inside the cell as the cameraman is in perfect position to catch Carey busting open America with another shot to the cage.

Finally, O’Neal enters the cell and immediately knocks Carey off of America and it is now 4 on 2 in the favor of Team Best as the full team assembled by Lee is in the ring and have paired off and are literally taking it to the two members of Team Kael.

O’Neal pulls out a pair of handcuffs and quickly handcuffs Carey to the cell and helps America up to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: This is just like last year. Carey got handcuffed and then ended up winning…


Back inside the cell and outside of Ring 1 America and Mark are searching under the ring for something and we hear America yell out to mark as he finds what they were looking for.

Joe Hoffman: You have to be kidding me….

Lee Best: Old Glory at her finest!!!

America pulls a red white and blue colored box out and he pops it open. Mark reaches in and pulls out a red florescent light bulb while America pulls out a blue one.

They look at each other smile as they charge the prone Carey….

Lee Best: WHAT THE FUCK??????????????

The air horn goes off right in Lee’s ear and Joe and Benny leap out of their chairs to see the air horn man is none other than Maximillian Kael.

Kael laughs as he smacks Lee in the back of the head with the air horn and Kael charges towards the War Games cell just as America and Mark bring the bulbs down on the head of Carey!!!

Elimination 2…

Max enters the fray just in time to cover his face as particles from the glass go everywhere as Carey is gushing blood everywhere.  America and O’Neal have no chance as Kael comes in as a house on fire and nails both men with wicked right hands that send both down the sand.

Kirsta, seeing this, reaches thru the ropes and grabs Kael from behind and tries to gouge at his eyes with her nails but Kael is able to grab her by the back of the head and he tosses her over his shoulder causing her to fly out of the ring and hit the side of the cell back first.

Lewis crumples to the sand as Max looks around as America is trying to crawl away in one direction and Mark is crawling towards the box of bulbs in the other.

But his attention is turned towards Ring 2 as he hears Aceldama driving Paul into the mat with a powerbomb.  Max jumps into Ring 1 just as Shane Reynolds jumps off the top turnbuckle and nails his Diablo’s Inferno on Paras.  Reynolds covers as Boettcher counts…



Max dove over the ropes and crashed and burned on Shane causing the count to be broken up. But Aceldama is right there as he nails Max with a big boot sending the HOW Hall of Famer off of Shane and to the outside.

Aceldama follows Max to the outside and goes to throw Max into the cage but Kael blocks the move and proceeds to bounce Aceldama’s head off the cage…and then again….and then again….he then turns him and whips him hard into the ring apron and Aceldama cries out in pain as his back hits the apron dead on.

Joe Hoffman: Folks…..Lee is out cold..and Kael is on fire….

Benny Newell: and I am ICON Champion!!…wooohooooo driiinkkkk!!!!!

Kael looks up just in time to see Shane rushing at him and Kael moves out of the way of a suicide dive that causes Shane to crash head first into the steel.

Joe Hoffman: Shane’s eagerness to get to Max cost him there folks…

Max whips the World Champion hard into the steel steps putting him outta commission temporarily. Kael then turns towards Reynolds who is struggling to his feet.


Suddenly Kael falls to the sand and he is literally dragged under the ring!!!

A replay is shown to the folks at home as we go split screen and we see Christopher America literally crawling under Ring 2 and then pulling the legs out from Max Kael on the other side!!!

Back live and we see Kael clawing his way out from under the ring and just as he does Shane drops down and nails Kael right in between the eyes with his fist which is now covered with Brass Knuckles that America lost track of earlier.

Reynolds continues to bring down his fists as Kael tries to defend himself and roll out of the way but Shane is relentless as he continues to bring down all his frustrations with Max down on the owners head.

Shane is suddenly distracted however as he sees Matt Boettcher running towards Ring 1 where Carey somehow has Mark O’Neal’s head wrapped up between her legs!!

Carey is screaming as she squeezes harder and harder and slowly Mark O’Neal goes limp just as Boettcher gets in position.

As Boettcher raises the arm of O’Neal for the first time we once again go to a split screen and we see just how this occurred…


Mark, still a little woozy from the attack from Kael, dropped the florescent tube and when he turned around to pick it up Carey reached her legs up and literally sucked O’Neal into a submission hold…


Mark’s hand drops for the second time just as Lee begins to come to at the announce table.

Lee Best: What the hell….


Lee looks up just in time to see Mark O’Neal being eliminated with his head between Carey’s legs!!


Beginning of the end..

Lee Best: What the fuck just happened….JOE??? BENNY????

Lee turns to see Benny lying in the sand rubbing the ICON Championship and he no longer has his pants on…

Lee Best: JOE!!????

Joe Hoffman: Ok Benny is drunk…and well….Max hit you with the air horn and Carey just submitted Mark with her…..legs?

Lee pounds on the announce table in anger as he watches the action on his monitor as back in Ring 2 both Triple P and Aceldama are struggling to their feet as they see Shane Reynolds holding the face of Max Kael down into the sand, literally suffocating him.

Seeing this, Paras looks around and sees what is left of the broken tables that Graystone went thru earlier but he knows they are too far away. Instead he slowly gets to his feet, grabs a hold of the top rope and propels himself over the top rope to land a cross body onto Shane Reynolds….

Joe Hoffman:  BERLIN EXPRESS IN MID AIR!!!!!!!

Aceldama literally gores Paras out of mid air and drives him hard into the sand taking the wind outta of both men. Shane looks up from his manic state and gets up to check on his Brother and as he does Max comes up gasping for air from the sand.

Aceldama motions that he is alright and he covers Paras but Boettcher is too busy taking the handcuffs off of Carey.


Boettcher looks up at the screaming God of HOW, and is able to get the last handcuff unlocked before sliding into Ring 1 and then into Ring 2 and then to the outside to make the count for Aceldama who is still laying on top of Paras..






Joe Hoffman: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!

And neither does Aceldama as he covers Paul again…






Aceldama pounds the sand in frustration  as he stands up and pulls Paras up to his feet and then proceeds to pick him up and powerbombs him back first into the side of the Cell causing Paras to bounce off it awkwardly and to the sand.

Now it is Shane who is going to pick up Paras but he is sent down to a knee as Max nails him from behind with a chop block.

But the World Champion quickly nails Max with another big boot and Max rolls towards the cell as Aceldama gives him presses on Max’s head with his boot causing Kael’s head to press up against the cell. The pressure slowly turns Max’s face purple and then a shade of blue as Ace holds onto the cell for leverage.

Joe Hoffman: This isn’t looking good…..wait…..what’s Carey got in her hand??

Carey, covered in her own blood, is stalking Aceldama with the final bulb that was in the box…the white one.

She raises it up and brings it down hard just as Shane Reynolds whips Paras hard towards Carey in hopes of taking her out…..but he’s too late….instead of hitting Carey…..Paul is hit BY CAREY as the bulb comes crashing down on top of the head of the Perfect One and his head breaks wide open as Carey’s legs are taken out from under her by the almost forgotten Christopher America??

Aceldama releases the pressure on Kael’s head and he follows Shane over to Paul and Carey who are kicking the hands off of her that were reaching from under the ring. She looks up just in time to see Shane with his brass knuckles…


Shane hands the knuckles to Aceldama who proceeds to pull Paras up ….


Carey and Paras are out cold and bleeding as we see both Ace and Shane bend down and reach their hands under the ring and they help pull America out from under the ring.


It is now Lee who is speechless as Hoffman has finally lost it…

As Hoffman continues to curse, back outside of ring 2 the three remaining Team Best members are quickly debating on what to do.

They look at Kael who is still trying to catch is breath and appears to be struggling mightily with that.

Aceldama then motions for Shane and America to do something and its just not sure what they are doing until they both reach under the ring and both pull out different items.

Shane pulls out a ladder….

America pulls out a board covered in razor wire…

Joe Hoffman: Oh dear god…

Eliminations….two times.

Lee Best: Now this is what I am talking about…

America puts the board full or razor wire to the side and then proceeds to pull out another table as Shane sets the ladder up in the sand with the help of Aceldama. America finishes setting the table up and then slides the razor wire board onto the table and then motions for Reynolds to wait for one second….

America ducks under the ring one more time as Aceldama picks up Paras and holds him up on his shoulders as America returns and begins to pour gasoline on the table!!!

Joe Hoffman: That coward..that fucking coward!!

Lee is smiling as Joe continues to curse as back inside the structure America lights the table up and the glow of the fire is immediately bright as Aceldama nods and America quickly grabs Carey and the two men immediately fall back towards the burning table covered in razor wire….

Aceldama nailing Paras with a powerbomb and America bringing Carey down with a perfect American snap suplex.

Paras and Carey are falling towards the table at the same time as Shane Reynolds jumps off the top of the ladder and he lands on Paras and Carey and all three of them go thru the flames and barbed wire and wood….


HOW crewmen rush inside the cell and quickly put the flames out as America covers Carey as Aceldama covers Paras and Boettcher starts to make the count but he is shoved to the side as Kirsta jumps back into the action..



Kirsta slams both hands down into the sand…


And again..this time with smile…….




Lee Best: YES!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Unbelievable folks. It is now three team Best members against Max…..

Lee ignores Joe as he claps his hands as the crewmembers hustle Carey and Paras out of the cell and lock the door behind them…

Joe Hoffman: Wait….Is that…..Thats Kael!!! He is outside of the cell and racing up the hill towards the bunker!!!!!

Elimination..Acme Style

Lee Best: Count his ass out!! COUNT HIM OUT BOETTCHER!!! LEWIS!!!

Joe Hoffman: Um Lee….there are no count outs remember…your rules…pinfall or submission only…this match is going to the beach of Normandy!!

Lee Best: You gotta be fucking kidding me…

Reynolds, Aceldama and surprisingly Christopher America start to make their way out of the cell, each of them grabbing a weapon.

Reynolds has Paras’ Singapore cane.

Aceldama has grabbed a broken piece of wood from a table.

America has his Brass Knuckles back and is smiling from ear to ear as he follows the Blood Brothers out of the cell and towards the hill that leads to the Kael bunker.

Lee Best: I swear to …….WHAT THE FUCK…

Just as the three Best members start up the hill America is knocked on his back as a gunshot rings out.

Lee Best pushes Joe out of the way and turns the announce table on its side and he takes cover behind it as Aceldama and Shane scramble back towards Lee and take cover behind the table as a few more shots ring out.

Lee Best: You telling me this motherfucker is shooting at us….really???

Lee pops his head up and he feels something whizz by his head and he quickly ducks..

Lee Best: Yep…he is. What the fuck.

Cameras zoom into America who isn’t moving and is lying on his back in the sand.

Joe Hoffman: Lee you gotta call this off….I mean he has a freaking gun!!!

Lee Best: Shut the fuck….what the hell is Benny doing??

All of them look behind them to see Benny making sand angels…except now he is completely naked minus the ICON Championship…

Shane looks at Lee and Lee just raises his hand…

Lee Best: I know I know….new belt….hey I think he stopped…

Lee pops his head up and sure enough there are no shots fired. Wasting no time Aceldama starts up the hill and he is quickly followed by Shane. They enter the bunker slowly as Lee watches on.


Paint Ball?”….America sits up and looks at his chest and sees the red paint.

America: You gotta be shitting me…..SHIT!!!!!

Just then Max Kael pops up from a hole in the ground right in front of America and smokes him in the nose with the butt of his paint ball gun.

Lee Best: Ace….Shane…Get your asses out here now!!!

Aceldama and Shane emerge from the bunker just in time to see Kael covering America as Boettcher makes the call in the sand…


The Blood Brothers race down the hill….


They reach the bottom the hill….Shane dives….



Shane hits Max just as Matt’s  hand makes the three count. Kael rolls away and takes off like a Wildman back towards the cell and immediately begins climbing it as Shane and Ace look at each other…

Lee Best: Go get the fucking crazy bastard!!!

The Fallen…

We cut to the High Octane Chopper 1 as we get an aerial view of Maximillian Kael climbing to the top of the War Games cell with both Shane Reynolds and Aceldama on his heels. We can also see Benny Newell apparently still making sand angels with the ICON Championship.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I am not even sure if you can hear me still but Maximillian Kael has officially gone off his rocker and is doing anything and everything to try and outlast Team Best here…..and now it has gone from the Cell…to the Kael Bunker…to the top of the cell and we all know nothing is going to end good here.

We stay with the aerial view as the we see Kael in the center of the huge structure with Reynolds and Aceldama now at the top of the cell and are now standing and walking towards the half owner of the company.

Joe Hoffman: It has all come down to this folks…

We remain with the aerial view as we see Max fire off the rest of his paint balls at Aceldama but the big man just shakes them off and continues towards Max.

Joe Hoffman: Lee…where you going????

Lee Best: I cant see…the monitors are broke…

Lee pulls out his cell phone and suddenly we lose the live aerial feed and we cut back to the cameras on the ground and we see why we cut away….the HOC 1 is landing…….it quickly hovers over the sand and the force of its rotors force the three men on top of the War Games cell to their stomachs as they hold on not wanting to fall down.

The HOC1 lowers a little more until  Lee is able to reach up and grab a man’s hand in the back and the man lifts him up and Lee motions for them to take it back up and seconds later the chopper is once again high above the cell and the live aerial feed comes back on and all the spotlights are now trained at the action at the top of the cell as Aceldama and Shane have both reached Max and it appears that Shane asks Aceldama to back off as he wants Max for himself.

As the chopper continues to circle we see that Ace does in fact back off and Shane and max begin circling each other as the final battle is set to begin…

Lee Best: Get closer….I want to see the look on Max’s face when he loses the company….CLOSER!!!

Lee motions for the pilot to take the chopper closer and as it does the men on the cell lose their bearings for a second but then they recoup.

That close enough Lee??”


The handheld camera that HOW crewmember was using on the HOC zooms in on the face of Lee who looks shocked…

What the fuck are you doing here??”

Smile bitch”

We then see a hand reach out and grab Lee and in an instant Lee is thrown from the chopper which is at least 40 feet above the top of the cell…..

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!!

The handheld camera zooms in as we see Lee falling towards the top of the cell….both Max and Shane run in opposite directions as Lee hits the top of the cell and goes thru it and falls hard to the ring canvas below…his body causing a dent in the ring.

Kirsta Lewis runs over to Lee as Medics and crewmen are going apeshit as several lights turn on from boats that were docked at the beach…all medical personal.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god….oh my god….oh my god….

The live feed then cuts back to the handheld camera as the operator turns the camera around and we see who was just responsible for the sickening incident…


Final Chapter….

The feed from the chopper is then cut as the chopper turns and heads out to open sea.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t even know what to say…do we continue??

Back at the top of the cell Aceldama, Shane and Max are all looking down at the lifeless body of Lee Best as he is surrounded by medical personal. Kirsta Lewis is crying uncontrollably as everyone is literally in shock….



The HOTv feed cuts to a replay where we see Shane Reynolds grab Max by the head and literally pull him down into the hole created by Lee Best’s body and Max Kael just fell from the top of the cell to the canvas below and landed right next to Lee Best. Luckily no one else was hurt.


Cameras capture Shane Reynolds dropping down from the cell into the ring….Aceldama is close behind him. Shane then shoves all the medical people out of the way as he covers Max and screams at Boettcher to make the count….

Slowly Boettcher does…




Kirsta begins slapping Shane but he doesn’t move…




The feed ends as a camera angle from the top of the cell looks down thru the hole at the two lifeless bodies of Lee Best and Maximillian Kael as Shane Reynolds and Aceldama stand tall over them as chaos ensues around them.


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