War Games: June 7th, 2010 (2010)

Pay Per View | 180 Min

Show Transcript

War Games 2010
June 7th, 2010 – #HOW120
Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii


The HOTv logo fades out as a helicopter shot of the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier at Pearl Harbor is shown.  We can see the two HOW rings surrounded by the intimidating and demonic War Games cage.  Seating has been set up all around the cage as we can see it filled with HOW fans and US Military personnel.  At one end of the ship is a giant HOV screen which will display the non in ring segments of the show.  Suddenly though the lights on the ship go out, leaving only the HOV screen lit up as some grainy black and white footage starts to play.

I am a real American

fight for the rights of every man

I am a real American

fight for what’s right

fight for your life

Voice: December 7th, 1941.  Empire of Japan forces attacked the United States naval base Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack that killed 2,402 personnel and wounded 1,282.  It was a day that thrust the United States into World War 2 and led to the eventual atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The archive footage of Pearl Harbor and the atomic bombings end with the sight of a mushroom cloud as the HOV screen goes to black for a moment as we start to hear air raid sirens go off which could only make some on the ship nervous for a moment before the heavy guitar cords and drums of “Indestructible” by Disturbed starts to play over the ship’s P.A. system.

Another mission, the powers have called me away

Another time to carry the colors again

My motivation, an oath I’ve sworn to defend,

To win the honor of coming back home again!

No explanation will matter after we begin

Unlock the dark destroyer that’s buried within

My true vocation! And now my unfortunate friend

You will discover a war you’re unable to win

I’ll have you know, that I’ve become


Determination that is incorruptible!

From the other side a terror to behold

Annihilation will be unavoidable

Every broken enemy will know,

That their opponent had to be invincible!

Take a last look around, while you’re alive,

I’m an indestructible master of war!

Voice: June 7th, 2010.  Nearly 70 years later HOW comes to this island to not start, but to finish a war of their own.  A war between Lee Best and Aceldama, where one man’s team will come out on top.  Will America once again defeat Germany, or will America once again suffer a bitter defeat at Pearl Harbor?

We see Lee Best and Aceldama going face to face as the lights on the USS Abraham Lincoln come back off and a huge pyro technic displays goes off as the crowd in attendance goes wild and the helicopter shot zooms into Benny and Joe who are high above the ring in a radio tower ready to call the action for tonight’s event.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to War Games!!!  If you don’t know who we are then you are in for a culture shock tonight.  But I am Joe Hoffman and to my right as always is the well stocked Benny Newell.

Benny Newell: Damn right I’m well stocked.  We are probably a hundred feet in the air right now and I am not climbing that many stairs to get more alcohol.  I got two handles of Jack and a bottle of this Hawaian liquor Kahlua, and a bottle of Sake.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think that Kahlua is…. Nevermind, the important thing is that we have an amazing card for you all tonight with 3 huge… and I mean huge matches.  That isn’t even counting the two matches we witnessed before the PPV went live to all you folks.

Benny Newell: We saw Static destroy Kelly Flawless, who obviously was quite flawed tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Think up of that all by yourself?

Benny Newell: Took 20 minutes, but I did.

Joe Hoffman: Well we also saw John Eric Pete Watson defeat Lazarus in what was another short dark match.  Watson has been proving to be a rising star here in HOW and has a bright future post War Games here in HOW.  But you have all tuned in for three very important matches tonight….

Benny Newell: Yes!  They all tuned in to see the God of HOW Lee Best destroy Black Mamba live on the USS Abraham Lincoln.  I hope Mamba enjoyed having eye sight, because I feel like after tonight and a couple bottom lines, he’ll be without it.

Joe Hoffman: Well Lee Best and Black Mamba will face off, but also we will see live via satellite from Maurako Island, Bobbinette Carey take on Mario Maurako in a ladder match, which inside the briefcase that hangs above the ring will be the couple’s divorce papers.

Benny Newell: Mario will tack on another digit to the Whack-o-Meter and then make Bobbinette make him a sandwich.

Joe Hoffman: Then we come to the big boy match, the 12 man War Games match which features Team Acledama, captained by Aceldama himself and includes Shane Reynolds, Crow, Graystone, Marcus Reinhardt and David Black.

Benny Newell: Then we have the winning team, Team Best which includes Captain Jatt Starr, Max Kael, Christopher America, Ryan Faze, Mark O’Neal and Michael Plow-Best.

Joe Hoffman: Five HOW Hall of Famers will be in this match along with seven former World champions, so that leaves five men who could possibly win their first HOW World title tonight, in a way that no person could say in undeserving.  Tonight folks we are actually going to be witness to a wrestling war like none other.

Benny Newell: Well let me crack the seal on this bottle of Jack and get this shit going!

Joe Hoffman: You put things so eloquently Benny, but yes, let’s get War Games 2010 underway!

Special Opening Match

Suddenly more air sirens go off on the USS Abraham Lincoln, but all aboard just assume that once it is the intro to the 201 War Games theme “Indestructible” by Disturbed.  But this time it really Is an air siren as we cut back to the helicopter shot of the USS Abraham Lincoln where we see a submarine emerging from the water and what looks like Japanese soldiers exiting out of it and who start to scale the side of the aircraft carrier.

Joe Hoffman: What the?….  Are those Japanese solider invading Pearl Harbor?

Benny Newell: Again?  You’d think they’d learn their lesson.  Someone call Obama and tell him to get the atomic bombs ready!

At least twenty Japanese soldiers board the aircraft carrier as the unarmed U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force members who were watching the show are caught off guard by the invading Japanese.

Joe Hoffman: Now I am glad to be way up here in this tower, but this may have brought an abrupt end to War Games folks….

We again cut to the helicopter shot and we see another helicopter fly into the shot and seems to be one of the U.S. Air Force’s as we see someone jump out of it and immediately pull their shoot which is an American Flag as they float down to the aircraft carrier.  The camera zooms in on the person until it is close enough to make out their face.

Joe Hoffman: Christopher America?!?!

Benny Newell: Now that is an entrance!  Drink!

America lands on the ship and detaches his parachute as he rips off his t-shirt to reveal a superman like outfit, but instead of an S there is an A in the middle of it.

Christopher America: For America!!!

America charges at the Japanese soldiers and dodges bayonets and clotheslines one right down to the deck of the carrier.  He quickly takes out a few more as chaos has broken out with the U.S. military personnel getting involved in the fight.

Joe Hoffman: Baynets?  Is this the civil war?

Benny Newell: Oh stop thinking so much Joe, your ruining the fun.  Plus we crippled the Japanese in World War 2, they are probably a century behind us.

America lays out a couple more with dual For Americas as we suddenly see Ben Aflack running across the boat in slow motion dodging bullet fire.

Ben Aflack: The… Japanese… are attacking…. Noooooo!

America sees Aflack running at him to inform him that the Japanese are attack, but America clocks him with a hard right as he then back body drops a Japanese soldier right onto Aflack.  The camera pans quickly as we can see the body of Bishop Steele strangly just lying on the deck of the carrier and being picked at by Crows as a Japanese soldier runs up and stabs Steele with the bayonet and celebrates quickly before running away.  Then another Jap runs up and stabs Steele himself and starts to celebrate as the other Jap soldier walks back over.

Jap #1: Hey!  You just copied me man.  Can’t you be original?

Jap #2: Who cares?  Not like you’re gonna stab me in the eye or something over it.

Christopher America: No, I won’t stab you in the eye, but….

America suddenly walks into the scene and spins Jap #2 around and stuffs a grenade in his mouth which sends the Jap into panic and quickly spits the grenade out as it rolls over to the body of Bishop Steele and blows the carcass up, sending pieces off the edge of the carrier.

Joe Hoffman: That was a real live grenade Benny!

Benny Newell: No shit Sherlock!  America doesn’t play around with no Fisher Price grenades, only the real deal.

Joe Hoffman: Fisher Price makes pretend grenades?

Benny Newell: Drink!

Jap #2 is relived for a second until America grabs him and throws him off the side of the carrier and he falls probably a good hundred feet to the water below.  Another soldier charges America and tries to attack but America just side steps him and he plummets right down to the waters below too.

Joe Hoffman: Hope they can swim.

Benny Newell: I doubt that is an issue after a hundred foot fall….

A few more Japs are tossed overboard by the U.S. military as other who America knocked out are detained as the invasion seems to have been thwarted and America is handed a microphone by one of the HOW crewmembers.

Christopher: Nearly one year ago, HOW attempted to combine the world of wrestling with the world of MMA. It was innovative and imaginative. It had never been before and….

Christopher looked thoughtfully at the HOFC Championship he held in his hand.

Christopher: ….and won’t be done again. I begged Lee Best for an HOFC Championship match before War Games. I wanted to prove my worth at holding this championship. After today, I realized that I’ve proven that worth to all the wrestlers and all the fans.

I have either beaten or chased out every single person in this division. This belt went from barely being defended to being defended nearly every single week. I am the first, last, and only person to take the HOFC Championship, what many consider to be a tertiary championship, and have it thrust into the main event of two consecutive wrestling Pay-Per-Views. 

“What does it take to keep me down?” A lot of people have asked themselves that question and yet no one has been able to come up with the answer.

Some people thought it would take an innovator, a man who built this division with his bare hands. A man who’s sole purpose was to show that fighting was just as brutal as wrestling, if not more so. 

Perhaps a savior? Perhaps the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ himself? A man who was thrust into this division and was expected to flourish. He was the attempted usurper. 

The unworthy. The few thrown into a match because Lee Best felt like it. But…their grouping says it all. They were unworthy of my title. 

Finally, the master. The man who has been my owner for almost a third of the year. Some said that I had met my match. That I was officially done for. I let that swish around in my mouth. I finally spit out those words and realized what a crock of shit they were. 

Christopher held the championship up and looked around.

Christopher: This……. THIS…….. is the HOFC Championship. I wore it with pride while others looked at it with disdain. I busted my ass to make this championship the title it was always meant to be. But with no competition left, I must do the only logical thing left.

Effective immediately, as the only two-time HOFC Champion and the longest reigning current champion in HOW….. I am retiring the HOFC Championship becoming it’s last champion and it’s only undefeated champion.

There is some shock amongst the fans in attendance as America makes his way to the makeshift backstage area on the USS Abraham Lincoln and we cut away from the shot.


Special post War Games HOR this Thursday


Lee Best vs. Black Mamba
No Disqualification Match

Joe Hoffman:  The HOFC Championship is no more and Benny, it appears we’re about ready for our first official match of the night; a match that you’ll no doubt enjoy as our “esteemed” owner, Lee Best, answers the challenge put down by James “Black Mamba” Ranger.

Benny Newell:  I’ll be honest, Joe I could give two shits about that HOFC title anymore and lets just say it had its purpose and ran its course…but now…… I have no fucking clue what Black Mamba was thinking challenging the “God of HOW” himself.  Not only is Lee the most powerful man in this company, he’s the most powerful man in the entire world!  Ranger must’ve had a death wish or something; because he’s about to be known as White Mamba for the rest of his pathetic career!

Joe Hoffman:  I’m glad you brought that up, Benny, because as negotiated on an episode of the HOR a few weeks back, there are several stipulations at stake here in this No Disqualification match.  If Black Mamba wins, he earns himself a title shot every week for six months… an unfathomable stipulation considering what title shots mean here in HOW and how often they are awarded.

Benny Newell:  Yes, but if Lee wins…  no, fuck that… when Lee wins… then James Ranger will not only be known as White Mamba, but he won’t even get anywhere near HOW championship gold for six months.  Not like he’d ever win a title here anyways, but just sayin’…

Joe Hoffman:  Well whatever the case, this can easily be described as one of the biggest matches of James Ranger’s career.

Suddenly, everyone’s attention turns to Bryan McVay, who is dressed in a black and white tuxedo as he stands next to referee Matt Boettcher atop the main board of the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Bryan McVay:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and is a No Disqualification match!  Introducing first, from London, England, weighing in at 200 pounds… JAMES “BLACK MAMBA” RANGER!!!

Upon hearing his name, Ranger emerges from behind a large stack of crates to a favorable reaction from naval men and women lucky enough to score entry into the pay-per-view extravaganza.  Carrying a large 2×4 ala “Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Ranger makes a point to slap some hands as he walks his way towards Matt Boettcher.

Joe Hoffman:  Seeing as how this is anything goes, let me remind you all that- HEY!  What the hell is going on here?!?

Before Joe can remind us that there’s no ring for this match, one of the Marines from the crowd high-fives Black Mamba, only to hoist him onto his shoulders and drop him onto the cement surface of the ship with a modified F-5 maneuver that busts James Ranger wide-open before this match has even begun.

Benny Newell:  James Ranger just got his ass whipped, that’s what!  DRINK!

As the cameras move to get a better look at the individual that did this, James Ranger groans in pain as he lays face-first on the cement, bleeding profusely from the wound on his forehead thanks to none other than SHOCKER, who is revealed to be the assailant.

Joe Hoffman:  SHOCKER?!?  We haven’t seen him since last year’s War Games, where he nearly got his leg amputated from the LSD title match!  Wait a minute!  He must be the former HOW superstar that Lee contacted and teased in the news a few days back.  So much for “fair” play, huh Benny?

Benny Newell:  Shutup, Joe… it makes perfect sense!  Shocker is a former Black-Op Marine that can be trusted upon to make sure both sides play fair.  Just think of him as the Special Enforcer of this match…

Joe Hoffman:  Well, he’s enforcing his will onto Black Mamba right now, undoubtedly carrying out Lee Best’s orders to soften up his opponent here at War Games.

Just as Joe describes, Shocker is quick to continue his assault on James Ranger; taking his aforementioned 2×4 and slamming it over his back with repeated shots, breaking it in the process.  Repeated boots to Mamba’s ribs and mid-section are soon to follow as the blood continues to pour from Ranger’s forehead; enough to require medical attention, though it looks as if that’s going to have to wait as his “punishment” from Shocker seems far from over.

Joe Hoffman:  Shocker stalking his prey with a steel chair taken from the crowd…




Joe Hoffman:  …OHHH!  Things are not looking good here for James Ranger…

Benny Newell:  Ha-ha!  This is great, Joe!  By the time Lee gets here, all he’ll need to do is pin the niglet and he can sit back and enjoy the rest of the pay-per-view! 

Joe Hoffman:  Which reminds me, Benny… where in the heck is Lee?

No sooner than does Joe finish his sentence than does a signal turn up in their radio tower, indicating that an aircraft is approaching for landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Benny Newell:  Holy fuck, Joe!  Look….

Sure enough, Benny points out a custom-made Japanese Mitsubishi A6M2 fighter airplane descending from the sky; one that is branded with the Best Alliance logo as it nears the landing strip.

Joe Hoffman:  Those Marines better watch out… because that aircraft is heading straight for them!!!

T-minus 60 seconds until landing…

Hearing this over the PA system, the horde of Marine men and women scurry away from the landing strip, where Ranger receives a Double-handed Chokeslam from Shocker onto the pavement.

30 seconds…

Joe Hoffman:  By God, Benny!  Someone needs to get Ranger out of there!

Having successfully softened up Lee’s opponent, Shocker himself now moves out of the way as Ranger literally lies motionless in line with where Lee’s plane is set to land.

10 seconds…

Benny Newell:  Per usual, Lee is arriving here in style.  Goodbye, Mamba!  It’s been nice knowing ya’, kid!

5 seconds…


Joe Hoffman:  Lord, please be with James Ranger and have mercy on his soul!




The sudden screech of tires on the pavement of the USS Abraham Lincoln leaves treadmarks as the fighting plane lands, braking full-force but quickly approaching the body of James Ranger; the Marines – save for Shocker – aghast as they watch this live, literally yards away from where it’s happening. 

Even Lee can be seen smiling and looking out through the windshield of the plane as it slows until finally, the front wheel of the plan stops just short of where James Ranger is laid out, trying desperately to scramble out of the way.

Joe Hoffman:  Thank heavens!  Thank God!  Benny, we nearly had a death here at War Games in the first official match of the night… which by my count, hasn’t even officially begun yet!

Benny Newell:  Quiet, numnuts.  Don’t you see?  Lee obviously planned this to fuck with his opponent.  Just another genius move by our “God of HOW”, if you ask me.

With the plane now landed, Lee Best steps out onto the aircraft carrier with a smirk as wide as Darkwing’s forehead, watching as his opponent tries to crawl away from him.  Wearing a black High Octane jogging suit, Lee nods to Shocker that he’s done his job well and then motions to Bryan McVay, who quickly jumps to his formal introduction of Lee, as specifically instructed upon.

Bryan McVay:  And introducing Black Mamba’s opponent, hailing from Chicago, Illinois… the be all, end all of everything HOW… the “God of HOW”… LEE…

With a stern glare, Lee gestures to McVay to continue the intro.

Bryan McVay:  …ahem… ’MOTHERFUCKING’… BEST!!!

Once again, Lee nods – this time to McVay – as referee Matt Boettcher is quick to signal for the official start of this match.  Upon seeing this, Shocker moves to detain Black Mamba but Lee calls him off, motioning that ‘he’s got this now’ as he stands over the body of a crawling James Ranger, toying with him by slapping the back of his bloodied head.

Joe Hoffman:  Sadly, everything you’ve seen thus far has been one-hundred percent legal under these No Disqualification rules.  Lee and Shocker have made a mockery of James Ranger and his challenge here tonight!

Benny Newell:  Lesson learned, Joe.  People should understand by now that you simply don’t fuck with the boss… at least not the boss of High Octane Wrestling.  DRINK!

Taking a swig of his beloved Jack Daniels, Benny nearly spit it right back out as he watches Black Mamba secure a Small Package onto Lee into a surprising pinning combination.

Joe Hoffman:  ONE!  TWO!!

Benny Newell:  NOOOOOOOOOO!

Joe Hoffman:  Kick out by Lee Best!  Black Mamba nearly shocked the world right there with what has to be considered an upset victory, given the circumstances of this match.

As both men rise to their feet, Lee swings wildly at Ranger, who ducks the attack and shoves his opponent in line with Shocker, who charges and nearly decapitates his boss with a Clothesline!

Joe Hoffman:  Lee Best is down!  Taken out by his own henchman, no less!

With the momentum on his side – not to mention the crowd rallying behind him – Mamba wipes the blood from his eyes before grabbing a dumbfounded Shocker from behind, driving him head-first into the metal door of the plane Lee flew in on.

Smacking the pavement as he falls, Shocker favors his head in pain as Mamba turns back to Lee – albeit briefly – keeping him down with a Roundhouse kick to the temple.  As he turns back to Shocker, Black Mamba – perhaps sensing the odds are too difficult to overcome in the long run – spots a rusted, metal shard out of the corner of his eye.  Within reach, he walks over to the scrap metal and grabs it out of desperation, eyeing it with intent he’s never shown before in HOW, much less ever in his career or lifetime.

Benny Newell:  Aww, fuck!  Is he doing what I think he’s doing, Joe?

Joe Hoffman:  I think he may just be!

As Shocker struggles to his feet, Black Mamba walks back over to him and raises the sharp piece of metal high above his head, holding it there momentarily before bringing it down with force, right into Shocker’s “bad” leg, incapacitating him in the process.

Joe Hoffman:  Oh my!  Mamba just leveled the sides!

Benny Newell:  I swear to fucking God, I’ll kill him if I have to go down there!

Having watched this go down from nearby, Lee recovers to his feet and angrily charges his opponent; blind-siding Black Mamba who nearly falls onto the long, metal shard sticking out from Shocker’s leg.  For good measure, Lee kicks the gut of Black Mamba before he turns to Shocker – but instead of tending to man who gave him a considerable advantage to start this match, he pulls the metal shard from Shocker’s leg, eliciting the big man to shriek loud enough to be heard all the way over in Japan.

Joe Hoffman:  Ugh… I think I’m going to be sick.

With blood oozing off from the end of the scrap metal, Lee decides to discard the weapon in favor of something more effective… something personal as he pulls the infamous Bottom Line pen from his sweats pocket, displaying it proudly for the Marines to see.

Benny Newell:  Do it, Lee!  Blind the fucking niglet for having the audacity to call you out!

Joe Hoffman:  Folks, if you haven’t already… put the children to bed as this is not something I recommend exposing them to.

Benny Newell:  That’s because you’re a fucking pussy, Joe!  I can’t wait until the day Lee decides to Bottom Line you for being a douchebag.

As the Marines boo Lee, the “God of HOW” takes pleasure in telling Black Mamba his fate as he raises the Bottom Line Pen over his head before striking it down upon Ranger with force!

Joe Hoffman:  He moved!  He moved! 

Benny Newell:  DAMMIT!  NO!

As Black Mamba evades the Bottom Line, Lee’s hand – and pen – strike the concrete hard, forcing him to cry out in pain from the impact as Ranger rolls away out from under him.  With his hand potentially broken, Lee hobbles about the aircraft carrier favoring his injury, opening up the opportunity for Black Mamba to capitalize.

Benny Newell:  I think that’s the hand Lee uses to jack off!

Joe Hoffman:  Ugh!  Will you keep that to yourself, Benny?  It looks like we’re about to see some ‘Rolling Thunder’!

Benny Newell:  Get up, Shocker… you stupid son of a bitch!  Help him!  Quick!  LEE!  NOOOO!

Measuring the distance between himself and his opponent, Black Mamba gives puts everything he has left into his Axe Kick finisher, but much to his – and everyone else’s – surprise…. 

Joe Hoffman:  Nobody home for Mamba!

With a look of confusion and disappointment written across the crimson mask on his face, Ranger spins around and walks right into a Low Blow/Stunner combination; one that has Lee following up with a pin faster than Sektor’s last stint in HOW.

Joe Hoffman:  Lee with the cover!




Bryan McVay:  Here is your winner by way of pin fall in 9:44… LEE ‘MOTHERFUCKING’ BEST!!!

Benny Newell:  He did it, Joe!  Lee beat Mamba fair and square and now that piece of shit can’t wrestle for a title for six months!

Joe Hoffman:  And perhaps even worse… he’ll now be known as “White Mamba” for as long as he stays in HOW… which is disappointing, really, considering the dedication of that man to this company!

Benny Newell:  Ha-ha!  Bust out the fucking shots!  It’s time to celebrate!

As you’d expect, Lee can barely contain his excitement as Matt Boettcher raises his good arm into the air, holding the pose for several moments to allow the Marines in attendance to express their displeasure towards him. 

Finally, Lee snatches his arm away from Boettcher and motions to an unidentified crew member for what appears to be a bucket of paint. 

Joe Hoffman:  Is that? 

Benny Newell:  It IS, Joe!  Lee’s gonna paint that fucker white, like he should be!

Sure enough, the paint can and brush are confirmed as the crew member holds them for Lee, still favoring his hand in pain, but gleeful enough in his victory to-


Disguised as a Marine himself, HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff emerges from the crowd of shipmen, standing behind Lee as he steps on the leg wound of Shocker, keeping him grounded in the process.

Hearing this, Lee spins around with haste before he can paint the skin of Black Mamba and turns to his long-time nemesis; his jaw nearly dropping to the floor as he sees him live in the flesh.

Benny Newell:  WHAT THE FUCK?!?  Can’t Kostoff and Barbi just stay home already?!?  Kick his ass, Lee!

He would if he could… but with Kostoff, it’s obviously a lost cause, as proven by the big man who strangles Lee by his neck and drags him over to the edge of the aircraft carrier.



Dusting off his hands, Kostoff smiles as he watches Lee splash into the ocean below him; the crowd erupting in cheers as the “God of HOW” – injured hand, and all – struggles to stay afloat.  With his mission complete, Kostoff moves to help James Ranger, who is as bloody as we’ve ever seen him in HOW thanks to the likes of Shocker and Lee Best.

Joe Hoffman:  Well the match may not have gone as Black Mamba would have liked, but– what the-?  Benny?!?  What the hell do you think you’re doing?

As the footage wraps up on Lee, we hear Benny remove his headset and look down at the ocean below him, all the way up from the radio tower he is stationed in.

Benny Newell (sans headset):  Saving the man that signs my paychecks!

Joe Hoffman:  Hold on!  You’re really going to jump several hundred feet into the ocean below to save Lee?!? 

Benny Newell (sans headset):  You know what… on second thought, that is a pretty far way down….

Joe Hoffman:  Then get your butt back here!  We’ve got more High Octane action to call as we head out to Maurako Island for the Ladder Match between Bobbinette Carey-Maurako and her husband, Mario!  Don’t go away!  We’re just getting started here on War Games!    

A final image of Lee trying to tread water in the Pacific Ocean is shown as War Games heads to commercial.


The next HOW Pay Per View comes to you live from the White House Lawn on August 9th


Casualty Of War?

Back from the vignette for Capitol Punishment we see hundreds of people lined up alongside the edge of “Abe”, looking down as rescuers are pulling Lee Best out of the Pacific Ocean.

Several military police personnel motion for people to make room as the stretcher, which is holding the owner of HOW, makes it way to the top of the aircraft carrier and the medics unhook it from the ropes that brought it topside and they quickly being working on Lee Best.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and I am being told we have some replays of just went down…..lets take a look..

Disguised as a Marine himself, HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff emerges from the crowd of shipmen, standing behind Lee as he steps on the leg wound of Shocker, keeping him grounded in the process.

Hearing this, Lee spins around with haste before he can paint the skin of Black Mamba and turns to his long-time nemesis; his jaw nearly dropping to the floor as he sees him live in the flesh.

Benny Newell:  WHAT THE FUCK?!?  Can’t Kostoff and Barbi just stay home already?!?  Kick his ass, Lee!

He would if he could… but with Kostoff, it’s obviously a lost cause, as proven by the big man who strangles Lee by his neck and drags him over to the edge of the aircraft carrier.



As the replay ends and we are back live we see that the medics are rushing Lee towards an awaiting helicopter and there are some seriously concerned faces on their faces as they race Lee to the helicopter.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I am being told that Lee Best will be taken to Hospital Point which is literally minutes away across the Harbor and Benny…this doesn’t look good.

Benny Newell: You fucking think? Kostoff just dropped Lee off the side of a damn aircraft carrier…he could have a broke freakin neck!

Joe Hoffman: As much as I hate to say it Kurt…..I hope he does.

Benny looks at him in shock and awe …

Benny Newell: Don’t you ever call me Kurt again…asshole…and you should be ashamed of yourself for wishing harm on others…

Joe holds his hands up as the cameras follow the helicopter as he heads towards Hospital Point as hundreds watch it fly away as War Games as literally come to a screeching halt.

Joe Hoffman: Folks as soon as we have an update we will give it to you.  Right now I am being told that the show must go on and this is actually perfect timing as we will now cut live via satellite to Maurako Island where it will be Husband Mario Maurako taking on Wife Bobbinette Carey in a ladder match……for their divorce papers.

Benny Newell: Ya I need a few minutes to compose myself anyway..let me know when Darkwing with a Vag is done with Mid Card Maurako.

Joe doesn’t even reply as we cut to the live feed via HOTv to the Maurako Island.


Bobbinette Carey vs. Mario Maurako
Ladder Match

Joe Hoffman: Well this next match has been over six months in the making.  Bobbinette Carey lost her memory in a car accident and Mario Maurako took advantage of her and got her to marry her on Maurako Island.

Benny Newell: No one forced Bobbinette to marry Mario, no one held a gun to her head, or a knife to her throat.  Bobbinette should just accept her situation and get her pretty little ass into the kitchen before Mario lays the back of his hand to her face.

Joe Hoffman: Well obviously we don’t see eye to eye on the treatment of woman, however much I’d enjoy to see Carey get smacked.  But the facts are that the divorce papers hang above the ring and the winner of this match can do whatever they wish with them.  So let’s go to our live feed from Maurako Island where I hear Carey and Mario are both already in the ring and waiting.

We can hear Mario’s theme still playing as it fades out and we see Mario and Bobbinette face to face with each other with King Matteo sitting in a throne overlooking the ring which is set up in the backyard of the Maurako mansion.  We can see the briefcase hang above the ring as Matteo rings the bell and Carey charges right at Mario with a barrage of rights at Mario, stunning her husband as she throws him out of the ring and to the grass as there are no mats on the outside of the Maurako Island ring.

Joe Hoffman: Mario seems to be taken a bit off guard by Carey who is full of energy at the start here.

Benny Newell: Well if she wants this divorce then she needs to win.  Which really should be adopted by the U.S.  I mean that would seriously cut down on the climbing divorce rate in America.

Mario climbs to his feet and grabs one of the ladders from ringside as Carey slides of the ring and Mario takes a swing but Carey ducks but Mario swings the ladder around 360 degrees and decks Carey as she turns back around, opening a large gash in the Queen Ghetto B.  Two members of Carey’s gang go to attack Mario but he helicopters the ladder and neutralizes two of them as they get knocked almost clean out.

Joe Hoffman: That ladder quickly coming into play as Mario cleaning house with it.

Benny Newell: Every time Carey gets whacked were taking a drink!

Joe Hoffman: Replace we’re with you, and ok.

Mario drives the ladder into the gut of Bobbinette as he then slides it into the ring and follows it as he starts to set it up in the middle of the ring, right under the briefcase as he starts to climb up towards it.  But we see that Bobbinette is determined as she is back up to her feet, face becoming covered in blood as she slides back into the ring and drives a fist into the back of Mario and stops his ascent.  She then grabs him by the neck and hits a neckbreaker off the ladder to the disapproval of those in attendance on the USS Lincoln. 

Benny Newell: Well usually blood stops a woman, but Carey is persistent here.

Joe Hoffman: And she is now looking to grab that briefcase.

Carey starts her climb up the ladder, but she is starting to show signs of wear from her cut, as blood has now covered her face.  She makes her way up as the briefcase is almost in reach, her fingers just barely able to touch it as Mario is back on his feet and drop kicks the ladder out from underneath her and Carey slams face first into the mat.

Benny Newell: Fail!  Epic fail by Bobbinette!

Joe Hoffman: Carey was so close, but so close doesn’t get the gangsta Queen B her papers.

Mario rolls out of the ring and grabs himself a steel chair and slides back into the ring as there is a smile on his face as Carey starts to stir.  Mario goes to drill Carey in the head with the chair but Carey quickly reacts and drop toe holds Mario into the steel ladder which cuts Mario open this time.  Mario stumbles back up to his feet as he manages to still hold onto the chair and as Carey charges at him Mario swings and decks Carey with the chair stopping her cold.

Benny Newell: That’s one way to shut a woman up.

Joe Hoffman: Also one way to win a match.

Mario wants to drop the chair, but something tells him not to as he takes a step towards Carey who lays on the mat and cracks her again with the chair, and then again, and for a third and final time before he drops the chair to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: He may have just re-scrambled Carey’s brains and brought that amnesia right back.

Benny Newell: Well she may want to really forget this match the way it’s going.

Picking the ladder up, Mario sets it back up in the center of the ring as he starts his slow climb towards the top.  He is able to place one hand on the briefcase as Carey somehow is able to pull herself up to her knees and look up at Mario as he takes another step up and places a hand on the carabineer which his hold the briefcase and with Carey looking on Mario unhooks the briefcase as Matteo smiles and rings the bell.

Joe Hoffman: And it is over!  Mario wins the ladder match and control of the divorce papers.

Benny Newell: So Mario can keep Bobbinette his wife?

Joe Hoffman: Yes, and he can keep her slaving away doing whatever he wants for the rest of her life.

Benny Newell: That deserves a drink!

Mario rolls out of the ring and throws his arms out in celebration, which accidently smacks one of Carey’s female gangsters and drops her to the ground, which brings a small smile to Mario’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Well we are going to cut away from our Maurako island live feed and head back to the USS Abraham Lincoln here where he are finally ready for the match we all tuned in for…. WAR GAMES!  Are you ready Benny?

Benny Newell: I still have a handle of Jack and I am going to play the War Games drinking game.  Which is pretty much drink whenever someone enters, is eliminated, gets an elimination, hits a finisher, throws someone into the cage or gets busted open.

Joe Hoffman: Well I hope you and your liver have fun with that.

Benny Newell: Oh we will…. Now let’s start WAR GAMES!!!!


World, ICON & LSD Title Match
Team Best (Captain Jatt Starr, Max Kael, Christopher America, Ryan Faze, Mark O’Neal and Michael Plow-Best) vs. Team Aceldama (Captain Aceldama, Shane Reynolds, Crow, Graystone, Marcus Reinhardt and David Black)
War Games Match

Back live to the USS Abraham Lincoln and every camera is focused on the huge cell that has two rings enclosed inside of it.

Joe Hoffman: Folks it is time….the moment we have all been waiting for….it is time for WAR GAMES!!!

Suddenly there is gunfire heard….

Benny Newell: Hit the fucking deck!!!

Benny dives behind Joe as he cowers in fear as Joe can only roll his eyes at his Hall of Fame broadcast partner.

Joe Hoffman: The brave men and women aboard this prestigious ship have just fired off a three shot salute in preparation of the match….we are not under attack Benny.

Benny looks at Joe in shock….and then smirks and tries to play it off.

Benny Newell: I knew that dick…just wanted to test you…..I mean we did get attacked earlier you know..

The cameras pan back to the soldiers who are standing in a straight line on both sides of the War Games cell and their commanding officer shouts out another order and they raise their rifles and fire another shot…..and then one final one before coming to parade rest as now all the focus is on the elevators that have been assigned to each team.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks this is how it is going to work. On each side of this beautiful ship are elevators that lead to the quarters below and each side will house a team….Team Best on the North Side and Team Aceldama on the South Side. The wrestlers will enter from these elevators when it is time for them to make their entry and Benny we only know for sure of the timing of one person for this match….Christopher America.

Benny Newell: Ya well that guy bought his way to the final spot of War Games and quite frankly it is going to be awesome to see Team Best win this damn thing..especially since they are emotionally geared up to go win one for the skipper.

Joe Hoffman: Benny you make a good point there as Team Best has to be ready to just come out and destroy people after seeing what Chris Kostoff did earlier to Lee Best and once again at War Games a HOW Hall of Famer has returned and literally tried to kill Lee.

Benny Newell: You think the bastards would be grateful for being put into the Hall of Fame by Lee….Kostoff is still bitter that Barbi went ass to mouth with Lee…

Joe begins gagging as the cameras slowly pan down the line of soldiers as each one is given a little face time around the world as we are moments away from the start of the match.


Joe Hoffman: What the….

There is scrambling all around the deck of “Abe” as everyone goes from a parade rest position to battle stations as no one knows where the single shot came from.


A soldier motions for backup as everyone converges over to where he is at. Cameras race into position as we are taken past the fans who are buzzing about just what happened.

Finally the cameras catch up to the soldiers and like everyone else, they are shocked at what they see.

Joe Hoffman: Oh…..my….god.

The cameraman zooms in and we see the body of Marcus Reinhardt. Half of his face is missing and in his hand is a smoking gun.


Joe turns and smacks the Hall of Fame out of Benny as the feed to War Games goes black as the military quickly scramble to get things under control.


If you have gotten powerbombed off an Aircraft Carrier or shot yourself in the face recently…make sure you get Metlife…or you just might regret it!!



The feed returns live and the cameras are literally forced to remain focused on the War Games cell as the military is on high alert.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I am sorry for what you just witnessed but that is the nature of live television and I am sorry to report that Marcus Reinhardt has died by a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Benny Newell: Nature of live TV?? You are a fucking douchebag and if you ever slap me again on live television you will be the second death of the night.

Joe Hoffman: Could be the third technically as I have received word that Lee Best is in an induced coma as medics are frantically working to save his life.

Benny Newell: Huh…what? I gotta go be with him…I gotta…

Joe Hoffman: You will sit down Benny….you honestly think the damn military is going to let anyone off this damn aircraft after what just happened. We have been told to finish the damn show and we are going to probably be here all night trying to explain our wrasslin show.

Benny Newell: It’s all fake…they know that..

Joe Hoffman: Tell that to the family of Marcus Reinhardt and to Mike Plow when he comes out for the match….I am sure he will be glad to tell everyone that Lee practiced falling to the water like that and him and Kostoff are going for beers afterwards.

Benny can only raise his official HOW flask as he takes a drink and allows Joe to continue on being the professional that he is.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks the show must go on and right now it is time for the biggest match in the history of HOW…War Games. The rules are simple…every 5 minutes another person will make their way into the match and you are only eliminated from the match via pinfall or submission. Inside the cell there are no rules and there is no escape. If you pin a current HOW Champion you win that belt and IF you are pinned after you win a belt you do NOT lose the title as the belts can only change hands once……whew..

Joe pauses as Benny once again raises the flask towards Joe before taking another swig.

Joe Hoffman: This is a team match and if more than one member of a team survives then it will be the captain’s call to determine who should be named the High Octane Wrestling World Champion. The last two years we have seen Bobbinette Carey and Aceldama win the title this way after Shane Reynolds survived with both men…that could happen tonight as well considering the amount of talent in this ring.

Benny Newell: There is only one team that will win Joe and we both know it….Aceldama just lost a guy to suicide and the Best guys are going to be trying to win for Lee….this is going to be a fucking cake walk.

Joe Hoffman:All facts and add on the fact that America is the final man to enter the match and Team Best has a huge advantage but you just never know in these matches….and I am getting the signal that it is time for the match to start as both Matt Boettcher and Joel Hortega have entered the cell and each ref will be in charge of a ring for tonight’s action…….tonight has been crazy folks and I can only imagine what is about to go down in this match.

Benny Newell: Aceldama’s career..that is what the fuck is going down…God I hope he is first out..

Joe Hoffman:Well we are about to find out folks….and just to follow up really quickly…the military has taken all the fans off the deck and have taken them downstairs as the last thing anyone wants is an innocent bystander to be hurt….to the wrestlers will be alone in those rings tonight…..with nothing but armed soldiers surrounding them.

Benny Newell: Anyone check to make sure none of those assholes is Kostoff…or his cumguzzling wife?

Joe Hoffman:I am sure he is long gone Benny…looong gone.

Benny shrugs as we go to a split screen showing both elevators for the two teams as we await the first two entrants.

Joe Hoffman:The order is totally random folks and we could very well see two Team Aceldama members come out or two team Best Members…

Suddenly there is a churning noise and both elevators are coming to life and they arrive at the deck at the same time and we see the first two combatants…

Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK???



Upon reaching the deck the son of Lee Best, looking like a man that just saw his dad possibly die, races over towards David Black and tackles the man down to the pavement as War Games officially has begun.

Mike brings powerful right hands down on the head of Black who is covering his face after being literally jumped before even entering the actual War Games cell. Mike continues to punch..

Again…and again…and again…and again….until he slowly rolls off of the former LSD Champion and sits on the ground panting as he tries to regain his breath after literally blowing himself up with the fury of punches he just unleashed on Black.

Joe Hoffman: Just as expected Plow is on a freakin mission and Black is already feeling the effects of what could be a short night for him and these two haven’t even gotten into the cell yet!

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck….Mike is fighting for more than just defending his ICON Championship..he is fighting for his father…a man who has given him everything that whore of a mother never did…or could have. FUCKING KILL HIM MICHAEL!!

Back on the deck the ICON Champion picks up an already battered Black and is walking him towards the cell door and before entering the huge structure he promptly blasts Blacks head against the steel mesh of the cell and begins rubbing the man’s face back and forth until he begins to bleed.

The sight of blood just incites Mike however and he pulls Blacks head back and goes to drive it back into the steel mesh but Black puts both hands out and blocks the attempt and quickly drives his right elbow into the nose of the ICON Champion and now it is Black who is on the offensive.

Black wipes the blood off his forehead and smiles as he looks at Mike whose eyes are watering from the shot to his nose and he nails Mike with a wicked right hand that sends the man stumbling.

Black quickly catches up to Mike and walks him towards the cell door and whips him hard into the cell and Mike goes sprawling on the pavement and rolls to a stop up against the ring.

As Black enters the cell behind Mike, an MP quickly closes the cell door, locking the two men in there.

Joe Hoffman: And finally we are inside the War Games cell and it looks like Mike Plow’s early aggression has backfired as he is now on the defensive and folks as you can see this is a HUGE cell and there is literally 12 feet on each side of the rings..allowing for god knows what to happen outside of the rings as well as inside the rings.

Back in the cell, Black rolls Mike into Ring number one…the ring closest to the cell door…..and follows him quickly and drops an elbow across the throat of Mike as the ICON Champion rolls around on the canvas gasping for air as the countdown for the next entrant is nearing.

Black kicks the ICON Champion in the back of the head and then quickly gets on top of him and now it is Black who is in the mount position going nailing vicious right hands to the head of the son of Lee Best…but where Mike allowed his emotions to get the better of him….Black is calculating and is taking his time with each punch as he makes sure each one connects.

Joe Hoffman: Ok here we go Benny…there is no crowd to help countdown so everyone watching at home look at the bottom right corner of your screen and note the timer…

The timer begins to count down from ten..



Boettcher, in charge of ring one, yells at the men that the next man is coming out…


Black gets up and picks Mike up to his feet…



.and runs him over to the far ropes and throws him over the top rope and Mike lands hard on his side.



Black stares at the elevators and waits as he catches his breath…




The HOTv feed goes to split screen again and this time only one elevator can be heard making its way to the deck…and as it reaches the deck we see the next man…


Kael hustles towards the cell door and the MP opens it up and Max quickly enters as Black begs him to enter the ring.

Kael stops and looks at Mike struggling to his feet on the far side of Ring 1 and then back to Black and then smiles.

Benny Newell: Nice..I will drink for this one….Two Best Members vs. Black….easy elimination here..

Joe Hoffman: Max Kael smiling is never a good thing…trust me..

And Joe is right as Kael walks past ring one, staring at Black the whole time, and stops at the side of Ring Two and reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a steel chair.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go….god this is going to get ugly.

But instead of climbing into the rings with the chair….Max promptly sets it up and takes a seat and crosses his legs as he leans back and motions for Black to look behind him.

Confused Black stares at Max but then realizes what Max is doing and as he turns he covers his face, expecting a shot from Mike…..and he gets one….but not the punch he was expecting….but a kick to the balls.

Benny Newell: M-PLOW…..still a kick to the vag right? AWESOME!!

Black falls down to his knees in pain as he holds his groin as his face goes blue.

Joe Hoffman: The great equalizer….tell the military to check and see if Blacks balls are swollen or not….fake…pfft.

Back inside ring one, Mike has climbed out of the ring and has reached under the ring and has pulled out his own steel chair and climbs into the ring where Black is using the ropes to pull himself up as we see Max has now set  up his chair in ring two to watch the action in ring one.

Joe Hoffman: I have a feeling that Mike has no intentions of sitting in that chair.

Benny Newell: No shit Sherlock…

Mike waits for Black to get to his feet and as he turns Mike swings….


.and connects.

The force of the blow to the side of his head sends Black over the top rope and to the outside as back in ring two Max is giving Mike a sincere golf clap.

Benny Newell: Drink for that one buddy ol pal!!

The ICON Champion doesn’t wait for Black to shake off the cobwebs this time as he quickly climbs the turnbuckles nearest to Black and wastes no time as he jumps off the top rope and lands on top of Black, driving the steel chair into the face of the man, who has no time to react.

Mike makes the cover as the countdown begins for the next entrant.

Boettcher quickly rolls out of Ring 1 and gets into position to count..



Joe Hoffman: Precious seconds were wasted there as Boettcher literally had to get out of the ring to make the count.

The cameras zoom in on the bloodied face of Black as the countdown reaches 10 once again.




The ICON Champion picks up Black and begins talking trash to him as we see an image of Max Kael pushing his cuticles back on his fingernails as he looks bored with the action.



Mike smacks Black across the face and whips him hard into the side of the ring and Black goes down holding the middle of his back as Mike turns towards the entrance and awaits the next person to enter the match.





In ring two Kael stands as he took is now focused towards the entrances…




Benny Newell: SHIT..SHIT…SHIT…

Graystone, the last man named to this match, slowly makes his way towards the entrance as in Ring Two Max Kael is no longer sitting in the chair or has any plans to sit in the chair as he is now holding the chair as a weapon.

As Graystone reaches the door of the cell, Mike takes a look at Black who is still on the ground in pain, and quickly turns and starts walking back towards ring two where Max is and he slides into the ring and stands next to Max as Graystone can be seen smiling from ear to ear as the MP closes the door behind him and he is officially in the match.

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s even now and just a reminder to folks watching….if Graystone or Black pin Mike then they are the new ICON Champion and quite frankly the odds of Mike walking out of this match as ICON Champion are not good at all considering he was the first match in.

Benny Newell: I am going to drink again because you are a fucking douchebag who states the fucking obvious…..but you are wrong..this isn’t fair…because Kael and Mike are fucking on Team Best and Black is already fucked up.

Joe Hoffman: We shall see…

The cameras remain focused on Graystone as he literally walks right by David Black who is sitting on the ground catching his breath, and he climbs into Ring 1 and stares at the two men waiting for him in ring two.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone is smiling and like Max…it is never good when he is smiling.

Inside of Ring 2 both Max and Mike are wielding steel chairs, begging Graystone to enter, and with a wink at both men….he does.

Joe Hoffman: HERE WE GO!!!

Graystone goes thru the ropes combining the two rings and charges the two men who swing their chairs at his head but he ducks under both and bounces off the far ropes and as he does he nails both men with a double clothesline, knocking both men to the ground and making them lose their grips on their chairs.

Graystone stops in the middle of the ring and looks down at both men and smiles and then quickly runs towards the ropes and bounces off just as both men get back to their feet and he nails both men with another double clothesline.

This time both men stay down for a little longer as Graystone motions for them to get the hell up and as they start to stir, Graystone rushes towards the ropes again and as he bounces off this time he is met with a chair shot to his right knee and a chair shot to his left shoulder as both Max and Mike got up with the chairs in their hands and went Hi-Lo on the HOW Hall of Famer.

Benny Newell: NOW THAT is fucking teamwork….just like in baseball..you never throw the same pitch three times in a row and Graystone went to the well too many times right there and he is….

Benny stops his sentence as we see David Black jumping off the ropes in the center of the two rings and he lands grabbing both Max and Mike from the back of the heads and he drives both their faces into the chairs they are holding with a perfect double bulldog.

Joe Hoffman: NOW THAT is a beautiful double move!!

Black quickly covers Mike as Hortega is quick to get into position in the center of ring two.




Mike barely gets his shoulder up as Black quickly makes the cover again and Hortega begins counting again..



Black, doesn’t want any motion this time however, and quickly picks up a steel chair and brings it down hard across the face of Max Kael who just got up to one knee. The sound of skull meeting steel resonates all over the aircraft carrier and some soldiers can be seen wincing as Black raises the chair once again but this time his momentum is stopped as Graystone grabs the chair and motions to Black that he wants to finish Max off just as the countdown for the next man begins..

Joe Hoffman: Man what a shot from Black there…and if the next person is a Team Ace member…well it’s not looking good for Team Best at all..



Graystone places Max’s head in between the chair as Black has the ICON Champion in a headlock in the middle of the ring, attempting to wear him down.




Graystone climbs to the top turnbuckle as Max lies prone with his head in the chair…




Graystone stays perched on the top rope as he looks to see who the next person is…




And Graystone leaps…..

Benny Newell: HE MISSED….HE MISSED!!!!

Kael was able to sit up just in time as Graystone tried to drive an elbow into the head of Max as he was in the steel chair.

Graystone rolls out of the ring holding his elbow as Max slowly pulls his head out of the chair as we see that Black and Mike are now once again on the outside as Black has just whipped the ICON Champion hard against the steel mesh as inside the Ring 2 Max slowly turns to see Shane Reynolds entering the cell and Max just falls to his back and throws his hands up as now both Shane and Graystone are already apart of the match.

Joe Hoffman: This has to be Max’s worst nightmare as both Graystone and Shane are both going to be working TOGETHER to eliminate Max..you just know it…

But as the cameras follow Shane as he enters the cell he doesn’t even look at Max in Ring 2 and instead hustles over to where Black has just slingshotted the ICON Champion face first into the side of the cell.

Shane yells out at Black, who turns and smiles at seeing another team member, and the two quickly begin working over the ICON Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s clear that Shane is focused ….on gold…and since Max doesn’t have any….

Benny Newell: Drink dick….fuck I gotta piss….

The feed cuts live inside the radio tower as we see Benny literally pissing out the window and into the Pacific Ocean several hundred feet down…

Benny Newell: Look I just spelled my name on that fucking dolphin….sweeeet.

Joe Hoffman: I’m sure that dolphin would rather be covered in oil…..get back here and call the action you idiot…

The action cuts back to the War Games cell where we see Shane Reynolds setting up a table as David Black keeps Mike Best grounded.

Inside the ring Max has slowly gotten to his feet and sneaks over into ring one and another camera catches Graystone, sitting up against ring 2 still holding his elbow in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Well Graystone literally could of broke his arm there and Max has snuck off into the other ring and it’s obvious that outside of maybe a few instances like we have now with Shane and Black….that there just wont be any teamwork tonight.

Benny Newell: Three belts on the line and they are all with Team Best…trust me…they are all about saving their asses and can you blame Max for taking a breather..he just had his head in a damn steel chair!!

Joe Hoffman: touché…..

Back outside of ring two, Shane has not stopped with just a table…he has covered the table with thumbtacks and just now is motioning for Black to bring the ICON Champion over.

With a couple of right hands for good measure, Black walks Mike over towards the table and with a nod towards Shane, he picks  up Mike in a powerbomb position just as Reynolds races onto the apron and to the nearest corner and quickly jumps off just as Black drives the ICON Champion down towards the table.


Shane executes a perfect somersault leg drop across the throat of the ICON Champion just as Black drives him thru the table via powerbomb.

Mike begins screaming in pain as thumbtacks can be seen covering most of his body.

Black and Shane stand up and pull the broken table out from under Mike and Shane quickly covers…

Hortega, already out of the ring, begins the count..


Black pulls Shane off of Mike….and he makes the cover now…



Shane pulls Black off of the ICON Champion and now Black and Reynolds get into each other’s faces.

Joe Hoffman: You knew this might happen…both men could be ICON Champion right now if the other man didn’t want to be.

Suddenly we see Black shove Reynolds and as Reynolds goes to shove him back, Black kicks him in the gut and drives Reynolds head down to the pavement with a perfect DDT.


Black looks at the carnage just as the countdown starts for the next entrant and he quickly makes the cover..















The countdown reaches ten as Black pounds sits on his knees with dried blood on his face looking very frustrated…



Black picks up Mike slowly and rolls him into the ring…





Graystone enters the other side of ring two as we see over in ring one that Max Kael has his back against the far turnbuckle watching the action.





Joe Hoffman: CROW!!!! CROW!!!!

Crow runs towards the cell and the MP barely has time to open the door before Crow runs into the match and heads immediately for ring two and the ICON Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Well this is not good for Team Best…but definitely not good for the ICON Champion….

Crow slides into ring two and immediately nails his teammate Graystone with a right hand and tosses him out of ring two and then follows suit by tossing Black out of the ring on the other side….leaving just him and Mike in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well it is officially folks…there is no teamwork here tonight…none at all.

Crow is still standing over Mike as on the outside of ring two, Black, Graystone..and a staggering Shane Reynolds have surround the three exposed sides of the ring as they wait to see what Crow will do to Mike.

Joe Hoffman: This is a moment that I think a lot of people are looking forward to.

Inside the ring the ICON Champion finally starts to stir and as he does his eyes widen as he sees Crow standing above him.

Mike instantly goes to stand but waits for a blow from Crow, but the former World Champion motions for the son of Lee Best to stand up and slowly Mike obliges.

Crow then takes a step towards Mike and begins talking shit to the man and Mike takes a step towards him as well and fires right back at Crow.

A few moments later both men are nose to nose talking shit to each other.

Joe Hoffman: What do you think they are saying Benny?

Benny Newell: Who knows..I don’t speak Crogan and I sure as hell don’t speak Abortinist.

Joe Hoffman:….ummmm…..ooook?

Back in the center of ring two the two men are still talking shit until Crow ends it with a hard smack across the face of the bloodied ICON Champion.

Mike just smiles and returns the favor with an even harder smack.

Crow grabs his face and nods his head at the smack and quickly nails Mike with a closed right hand to his temple that temporarily staggers the champ but he quickly fires back with his own right hand that rocks Crow.

That is all that is needed as the two men instantly begin firing right hands at each other, both refusing to budge as the hammer each other with hate filled fists.

Finally Mike gets the upper hand with a quick kick to the balls of Crow and it sends the man down to his knees and he immediately flips Mike off as Mike just smiles and dropkicks Crow in the face.

Benny Newell: Drink for another kick to the vag!!

With Mike on the upper hand, Shane, Black and Graystone slide into the ring and they surround the ICON Champion and for the moment they are once again on the same page and they quickly rush the man.

Mike swings wildly and misses as he is nailed from all directions from the three men and he staggers towards the ropes in the middle of the two rings and he literally falls thru them and into ring one where Max Kael quickly slides out of the ring and walks briskly towards ring two as the men follow the ICON Champion into ring 1.

Joe Hoffman: Max is doing everything in his power to not get involved with Shane and Graystone and so far its working…but at the cost of his teammates health.

As the men jump the ropes and enter the ring, Mike rolls out of the ring on the far side and falls down as he looks up at the men who are now exiting the ring as well and literally have him surrounded.

Reynolds yells something towards Graystone who at first ignores Shane as if he doesn’t want to take any orders but then slowly reaches under the ring and after a few moments of searching he finds what he is looking for and pulls out a barbed wire baseball bat.

Benny Newell: Shit…that sure as fuck isn’t good.

As the ICON Champion looks at the bat in Graystone’s hands he is blindsided by Black with a right hand to the temple and he falls right towards Graystone who swings the bat……..and MISSES as Mike ducks/falls to the ground and the bat nails Shane directly in the face, cutting him deep on his face and literally ripping some skin off of his face.

Shane falls to the pavement and holds his face in pain as a puddle of blood forms below him as Black looks up at Graystone who can only shrug and then he brings the bat over his head as the countdown for the next entrant starts…



Graystone brings the bat down and nails Mike across his back, and the bat sticks to his flesh and the HOW Hall of Famer literally has to rip it away from his back.



Black covers Mike as Boettcher quickly gets in position to count..


Boettcher: ONE!!!


Graystone swings at Black, but Black was ready and he sits up and the bat goes into the chest of Mike.




Black stands up and begins yelling at Graystone as back in Ring 2 we see Max Kael has snuck up behind Crow who is watching the action while leaning on the ropes holding his balls.



Benny Newell: YESSS!!!!!!

Graystone and Black quit arguing as they watch Jatt Starr slowly walking towards the cell door and Reynolds has made it back to his feet, blood dripping from his face……but all the men turn towards ring two as they hear Spanish…




Max just rolled up Crow and just missed eliminating the man.

Back outside of ring one the three Team Aceldama members leave the bleeding ICON Champion laying on the ground as they charge the World Champion who has just entered the fray.

As the men charge, the World Champion can be seen smiling as he raises his hand and stops Graystone dead in his tracks as he nails him with a taser.

Graystone’s body begins to shake violently as Reynolds and Black quickly stop in their tracks as Graystone falls to the pavement and is unable to move.

The World Champion then tosses the taser to the side and rushes Shane and Black and nails both with a double clothesline and then grabs Shane by the back of the head and rushes towards the side of the cell and slams his head face first into the cell and Shane falls to the pavement as more of his face falls off.

Benny Newell: NOW ITS ON!!!

Jatt then turns and ducks under a wild right hand by Black and spins the man and then nails him with a perfect DDT onto the pavement and then makes the cover.

Boettcher counts…










With the end of the taser still sticking out of his chest, Graystone looks down at Jatt and smiles as he rips the prongs from his chest.

Graystone then picks up the World Champion and rolls him into Ring 1 as he doesn’t want his own teammates to interfere.

Back in ring two Crow and Max are both lying in the middle of the ring after nailing each other at the same time in the head with the steel chairs.

Joe Hoffman: Complete and utter carnage and we have YET to see an elimination and we have both the World and ICON Champions in the ring but right now it’s still Team Aceldama with the lead.

Benny Newell: Blah blah fucking blah.

Back in ring one, Graystone picks the World Champion and fellow Hall of Famer up and drives him down to the mat with a picture perfect stalling suplex which quickly turns into a cover.


Kickout by the champ.

With Jatt down, Graystone locks in a Texas cloverleaf and is now focused in on getting a submission elimination on the captain of Team Best.

Jatt is pounding the mat in pain and frustration and seems ready to tap but refuses to and luckily Graystone releases the hold when he sees the ICON Champion climbing up on the apron.

Mike gets up on the apron and just as Graystone is about rush him, Black rips Mike off the apron by his legs and as Mike falls off the apron his face smacks the apron and his nose begins bleeding again as Black begins to pummel him with right hands as Reynolds joins in as Mike staggers and tries to get away as he heads towards ring two on the outside.

Graystone watches his teammates chase the ICON champion and turns back towards Jatt and reaches down to pick him up but he is nailed with a wicked right hand and he staggers backwards as the countdown for the next entrant begins as back in ring two we see both Crow and Max finally getting to their feet.

Joe Hoffman: Crow and Max in ring two…Graystone and Jatt in ring 1 and Shane Reynolds and David Black taking it to Mike Best on the outside….who is next???



Reynolds and Black toss Mike into the cell and this time they pin him up against the cell as Reynolds reaches into his tights and pulls out a pair of handcuffs.




Reynolds handcuffs both of Mike’s hands to the side of the cell…



Reynolds and Black step back and admire their handiwork on the bleeding ICON Champion.





Team Best Member and HOW Hall of Famer, Mark O’Neal, rushes into the cell and immediately hustles on the outside and goes after Reynolds and Black who are waiting for him with steel chairs they grabbed from underneath the ring.

Seeing the men with chairs, Mark pauses and slowly backtracks and picks up the now bloodied barbed wire baseball bat.

Smiling he starts back towards the two men as inside ring one we see Max picking up and driving Crow down onto an already mangled chair, headfirst via a wicked and sickening piledriver…..

and in ring one we see Jatt sending Graystone to the outside via a back body drop after Graystone charged after the World Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Max with control in ring two and Jatt with control in ring one and god knows what’s bout to happen on the outside.

As Mark gets closer to Reynolds and Black he begins running and Reynolds and Black seem unsure of themselves and Reynolds takes a few steps back only to push Black in the way of Mark who swings like he is Mark Reynolds of the Arizona Diamondbacks and nails Black across the face with the barbed wire baseball bat and as Black falls over, Reynolds swings his chair and connects violently to the side of the head of O’Neal.

Inside ring two Max has Crow in a Texas cloverleaf and is sneering in Graystone’s direction in ring one where Jatt is working him over as Crow is fading fast.

Hortega lifts the arm of Crow…..and it falls.

He lifts it for a second time….and it falls.

Joe Hoffman: One more time and we could have our first elimination…

He lifts it for a third time …..and Crow stops it from falling!!

He begins to struggle as we see Reynolds screaming at Hortega to come count as he has O’Neal covered..

Hortega slides out of the ring and he begins the count as a dazed David Black jumps on the back of Reynolds as they make a double cover on O’Neal.






Black falls off the back of Reynolds as we turn back to ring two where we see that Max now is sitting on the back of Crow and pulling back with all his might and suddenly we see Crow’s face fall flat to the canvas and Hortega rushes back into the ring and again begins the process of seeing if the man can continue.

Hortega lifts the man’s arm…..and it falls.

Again he raises it….and again it falls.

Max sits back as far as he can and you can tell Max is tiring as Hortega lifts Crow’s arm again……..and it falls!!


Max rolls off of Crow, dead tired from the whole ordeal and as he continues to roll towards the ropes his momentum is stopped as he rolls right into the legs of the man he has been avoiding the whole time…..Shane Reynolds.

Smiling, Reynolds kicks Max hard right in the face and quickly picks the man up and nails him with a sit down powerbomb and goes for the cover as the countdown for the next entrant begins as we see Mark O’Neal and Crow literally being carried out of the cell.








Back in ring one we see Jatt throw Graystone thru the middle turnbuckle and shoulder first into the turnbuckle post and leaves him there hanging as he turns and heads towards ring two.



Reynolds sees Jatt coming and tosses Max out of the ring and to the pavement below as he motions for the World Champion to bring it.




Shane and Jatt being exchanging blows as on the outside Black has Max covered and Hortega rolls out to count.




The former world champion and team captain Aceldama slowly makes his way towards the cell as we see Graystone holding his arm in ring one…the ICON Champion handcuffed to the cell outside of ring two……Shane Reynolds and Jatt going at it in ring two….and David Black covering Max Kael….
















The ICON Champion is seen laughing as dried blood cracks all over his face as Black stands up and begins talking trash back to the man as he drags Kael farther away from the range of Mike.

Black starts to make a cover on Kael but the ICON Champions mouth is too much as he stands back up and starts screaming at the man as we see above them in ring two we see Shane and Jatt in opposite turnbuckles watching Aceldama as he enters the cell…literally stopping a foot inside the cell as he surveys the damage.

GIVE ME THE KEY….I AM ENDING THIS”  Black screams at Shane and after a few more moments Shane tosses the key to Black who catches it and then walks over and picks up the barbed wire baseball bat Mark had and he rips the Team Best shirt off of Mike’s body and wraps it around the barrel of the bat and with a smile and pulls out a lighter from his trunks and sets the shirt and bat on fire.


Black walks up to the ICON Champion and unlocks his left hand and immediately drives the bat into the gut of the Champion who falls to his knees with his right hand still hanging.

Black then unlocks his right hand and then proceeds to drive the burning bat across the back of the man and the smell of burnt flesh fills the sky as Mike screams out in pain.

Black goes to drive the bat down on him again but as he does he sees that Aceldama is standing in front of him and is signaling that he wants the bat.

Black looks at Ace…then at Mike….and hands the bat to Aceldama who lifts it up and brings it hard across the open back of the ICON Champion and then again…..and again…

Black steps back as he watches the ICON Champion being destroyed…


Inside ring two Jatt has cause Shane Reynolds watching the action and just sent him flying into ring one with a clothesline and we see Jatt slide out of the ring and head towards the cell door where he stops and picks up something and runs around the corner and sees Max being picked up by Graystone as Aceldama is in the background ripping the new extinguished shirt off the bat.

Graystone raises Max all the way to his feet and sizes him up and goes for a Superkick but Jatt pulls Graystone’s hair from behind and yanks him to the ground and tosses what he picked up to Max who weakly catches it and turns towards Aceldama who has removed the barbed wire from the baseball bat and now has wrapped it around the head of Mike.

Aceldama with the help of Black picks the ICON Champion up and the bloody and battered visual of him wearing a crown of barbed wire is eerily Jesus like.

As Black is holding Mike Ace turns just in time to see Max staring at him smiling as he shoots the taser Jatt threw to him and it connects right to the chest of Aceldama as the countdown to the next entrant begins as Aceldama’s body begins to shake violently  as we also see Graystone nail Jatt with a desperation reverse implant DDT as Jatt headed towards the action.



Max drops the taser as Aceldama’s body goes limp and he turns right into a super kick from Graystone.



Graystone covers Max as Black tries to revive Aceldama as Shane Reynolds looks on while leaning up against the cell.










Graystone smiles as the countdown ends..



Max Kael is quickly helped out of the cell as the LSD Champion enters the cell as Joe rundowns the stakes.

Joe Hoffman: Alright all of Team Aceldama has entered the match and right now Reynolds is resting, Black is trying to help Aceldama who just took a taser shot, Graystone just eliminated Max Kael who eliminated Crow earlier…whew….drink Benny.

Benny Newell: How about I give you the status of the dominant team….MPlow is looking like Jesus after a Mel Gibson movie..Jatt is resting after that DDT from Gray…..Mark and Max were eliminated…and now the LSD Champion is on his way to help and of course America will come in and clean house and help secure the victory…so ya…we are good to go!!

Back to the action we see Ryan Faze stop at ring one and reach under it and he pulls out a ladder while back behind ring two both Reynolds and Black are trying to revive Aceldama but to no effect as the big man hasn’t moved since taking the taser shot to his chest.

Joe Hoffman: You gotta remember the fragile state of Aceldama’s heart and the fact that he shouldn’t even be wrestling…

Benny Newell: Neither should Faze…but look at the LSD Champion go!!!

Faze has circled the rings and both Reynolds and Black see him coming almost too late and this time its Black who steps back and pushes Reynolds in the line of fire and Faze drives the ladder face first into Reynolds.

Faze immediately drops the ladder and charges Graystone who just slid into the ring and as Faze follows him..he is met with a kick to the back of the head and Graystone taps his forehead to indicate he is too smart for Faze and Graystone drops and elbow to the back of the head of Faze as Black rolls into the ring as well and Graystone and Black begin working over Faze as Mike Best and Aceldama lay unmoving on the outside of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Black and Reynolds should never ever tag..and I don’t think they will ever even consider it after tonight’s match…

Suddenly the cameras capture Jatt finally moving and we see the World Champion literally army crawling towards Mike Best and Aceldama as Black and Graystone work over Faze in the ring as Reynolds is still out from the ladder shot on the outside of the ring two.

Starr motions for Boettcher to follow him and the ref does so as Starr rolls Aceldama over and covers him.

Boettcher starts the count as Starr smiles..







Graystone and Black look out to see Starr get the pinfall and they quickly exit the ring and charge Jatt but Black veers off and turns quickly and covers Mike…

Joe Hoffman: New ICON Champion possibly….right now!!!!

This time its Hortega making the count as we see Jatt kicked in the head by Graystone.














Benny Newell: THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Unbelievable that Mike has been in this match from the start is still alive….barely…….wait hold on folks…we have a situation….

HOW medics have rushed inside the cell and are working on Aceldama…

There is no heartbeat…..”

They quickly put him on a stretcher and begin to carry him out as the countdown for the final entrant begins as we see Faze slamming Black hard into the steel mesh while Jatt and Graystone are battling now in ring one as Shane Reynolds has crawled into ring two and is sitting there…collecting himself.




Faze picks up the ladder and sets it up as Black struggles to his feet.




Faze climbs up the ladder….




The medics reach the cell door with the lifeless body of Aceldama..


Faze jumps…..

Joe Hoffman: HERE COMES AMERICA!!!!!


Benny Newell: Faze just dropped an elbow on Black from the top of the ladder and boy was his head close to hitting the top of the cell……

Faze is writhing around in pain as he landed on his hip on the pavement and as he stands up he is turned around and he met with ladder to his face by Shane Reynolds.

Joe Hoffman: Turnaround is fair play!!

Faze goes down in a heap as back in ring one Graystone has Jatt Starr tired up in the ropes and is walking back and forth in front of Jatt holding of all things….a pair of scissors.

America enters the cell, passing by a very ashen and gray looking Aceldama, and the MP closes and locks the cell door for the final time. No one will be able to enter or exit the War Games cell until there is a winner.

Knowing he needs his teammates and namely Jatt Starr, his captain, to win gold…America slides into ring one and stops dead in his tracks as Graystone presses the scissors up to neck of Jatt and knowing full well that Graystone is capable of anything …

America backs off.

Joe Hoffman: You cannot blame America here….Jatt is in a tough spot and Graystone is freaking crazy…

Benny Newell: FUCKING crazy is more like it…

America slowly backs into ring two where he turns to see Black and the ICON Champion out cold and Shane Reynolds about to drop Ryan Faze to the ground with a piledriver after getting a two count a few moments ago.

America charges towards Reynolds and Shane tosses Faze to the side as he sees America coming and America stops at the ropes and motions for the bloody and battered Reynolds to come into the ring.

Benny Newell: Smart move here by America….get inside the ring and away from all those weapons.

Shane knows this as well and he reaches under the ring and slides a table into the ring. But he doesn’t stop there….

He proceeds to throw several weapons into the ring…

A wrench.

A sledgehammer.

Another steel chair…

And then we see the big weapon Shane was looking for…he smiles as he holds it up in the air..

Benny Newell: A motherfucking machete!???? Are you fucking serious??

Reynolds slides into the ring and the lights on the aircraft carriers deck reflect off the blade as America is seriously wondering what he walked into.

Back in ring one Graystone stops and looks at the machete Shane has…then to the pair of scissors he has…..takes a deep breath and drops the scissors and releases Jatt from the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Wow…I think Graystone has really turned over a new leaf and I think the sight of what Shane is about to do reminded him of that…

Benny Newell: Pussy..

Back in ring two as Reynolds continues to smile, the smile turns to concern as Faze, Black and an almost lifeless ICON Champion all slowly make their way into the ring.

The men stand at their feet and stare down Reynolds and motion for him to drop the machete.

Joe Hoffman: It is obvious that Shane will stop at nothing to win this match but even his own teammates are telling him to drop the machete.

Knowing he is outnumbered, Reynolds wisely tosses the machete to the outside of the ring and suddenly there is a loud scream as the machete literally just hit a cameraman in the leg.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!

The pricks in the production room show a replay on HOTv from the cameraman’s point of view and we see the machete slowly coming at him and then slicing right into his thigh and then we lose the feed.

Benny Newell: Idiot….

Shane turns to see the damage and as he does America charges him while Faze and Mike tag team on Black in the corner.

America hits Reynolds from behind and keeps punching him until Reynolds retreats to the far corner and he looks back at his teammates and he whips Reynolds towards the center of the ring at the same time Faze and Mike send Black to the middle and the two Team Aceldama members collide and fall to the canvas.

Faze motions his teammates to set up the table and the more than oblige as America rolls out of the ring and gets another table and America and Mike set up both tables and place both Black and Reynolds a table as Faze climbs to the top turnbuckle with a steel chair in hand and jumps off…..

While in ring one Jatt has countered Graystone going for a German Suplex and has him set up for his Falling Starr finisher…but Graystone counters that and he nails Jatt with his own finisher just as Faze goes crashing thru both tables hitting both men with a full out splash with the steel chair tucked against his chest…

Mike covers Black while America cheers him on while in ring one Graystone covers Jatt……

Hortega counts with both arms…

Boettcher counts….









Joe Hoffman: What the hell?? Hortega is signaling that Faze is eliminated???!!!!

HOTv shows a replay and you can clearly see that Shane Reynolds has his arm over the chest of Faze as the momentum of the splash caused Reynolds to roll over on Faze.



Joe Hoffman: Ok I am getting word that the official order of eliminations is Ryan Faze, David Black….and then Jatt Starr….wow…two champions gone in seconds!!

Benny Newell: This is bullshit…fucking bullshit…where is the red flag…we need fucking instant replay here in wrestling….what the fuck!!!???

America is arguing with Hortega but to no avail as HOW security enters and literally drag Faze, Black and Starr out of the cell.

Joe Hoffman: Ok quick scoreboard update for everyone….Team Best has Mike Plow…errr Best and Christopher America left while Team Aceldama has Shane Reynolds and Graystone left.

America gives up arguing and then quickly realizes that he needs to cover Shane and he drops down and covers the man and Hortega quickly counts…






America pounds the canvas in frustration as if he didn’t argue with Hortega he could of eliminated Reynolds.

Back in ring one Graystone is slowly making his way to ring two where ICON Champion Mike Best is resting on the bottom rope while shards of the broken table scatter the ring and he watches as America pulls Reynolds up to a sitting position and slaps on a mean headlock…obviously trying to sap any energy the man has left.

Joe Hoffman: Final Four here folks and the ICON Champion is still alive barely…and the same can be said for Shane Reynolds. Graystone is pretty battered as well and of course America is the fresh man….who is going to win? We will find out after this commercial break…

Benny Newell: Huh?

Joe Hoffman: Kidding…

Benny smacks Joe across the face as in ring two we see Graystone pulling the ICON Champion to his feet as America watches as he sinks in the headlock even further……as Reynolds is starting to fade!!!!

But Reynolds starts to come back to life as he flat out refuses to lose it seems as he gets up to one knee as America seems helpless to keep him down . Reynolds finally gets back up to a standing position and elbows America in the gut but the man refuses to let go of the headlock.

Another elbow with the same result…..but he elbows America one more time and this time America loses his grip but before he does he pushes Reynolds towards the ropes and as he does Reynolds trips over the banding on the broken table and he stumbles until he lands throat first on the middle rope where he bounces back to the canvas holding his throat and gasping for air.

Just then we see Graystone falling backwards as he has the ICON Champion in a Superplex and they literally land in the middle of the broken table and a piece of wood goes right thru the middle of the right hand of the ICON Champion.

Mike is in total shock as he looks down at his hand to see the piece of wood sticking thru it and America looks on in horror at his teammate as Graystone takes the opportunity to rush America and tosses him out of the ring and turns back towards Mike and as he does Mike palm thrusts Graystone right into his thigh and yanks his hand back and the piece of wood is no longer lodged in his hand…..but now in the leg of Graystone.

In the radio booth Joe just puked on Benny and the sound of the gagging has Benny throwing up on Joe and the camera quickly cuts away from the two and their mics are shut off as they continue to puke on each other.

Back in ring two we see the ICON Champion staring down at his hand as it bleeds as if it was some form of Stigmata and as he stands he loses his balance quickly with all the blood loss.

He sees Reynolds however coming at him with the sledgehammer and he ducks the swinging blow and he kicks Reynolds in the gut, lifts him up in position for the Christ Effect and he falls forward nailing his finisher on Reynolds but he is too weak to roll over to cover.

As Mike tries to lay his fingertips on Reynolds his foot is grabbed from behind and Graystone flips Mike over and bounces off the ropes and Mike has no energy to even move out of the way of the legdrop as Graystone lands on Mikes throat with the leg that has the piece of wood sticking out of it.

The piece of wood goes into Mikes shoulder as Graystone quickly raises his leg and now the piece of wood is once again stuck in the ICON Champion as blood pours out of the leg of Graystone as he covers the ICON Champion just as America slides in and covers Reynolds.

Both Boettcher and Hortega count…



































































America quickly rolls off of Shane Reynolds and turns his attention to Graystone who is hobbling  up to his feet and just as he does America drop kicks him right in the leg and the HOW Hall of Famer goes down in a heap as HOW medics rush ring two to get Mike Best and Reynolds medical attention and quickly.

The announcers are still out as we see America kick the broken table out of the ring as he doesn’t want to end up like Graystone when he has the clear advantage.

Graystone is bleeding profusely but there is still fire in his eyes as America comes back towards him and goes to pick him up but Graystone grabs his head and rolls him up…

Boettcher, the senior ref in HOW is in charge of the final elimination, begins the count..

















Wait….Boettcher is screaming that America got his shoulder up….the match continues!!!

Finally Graystone looks defeated as he seems unable to get to his feet as he puts pressure on his leg as it continues to bleed.

Literally smelling blood, America jumps up and drop kicks Graystone right in the face and then proceeds to grab the Hall of Famers legs and proceeds to put him in a single leg boston crab and sits back on Graystone’s back.

America leans back with all his might on the injured leg and as he does the leg goes higher in the air and blood begins to spill all over the canvas and all over the hands and feet of America.

Graystone starts to fade but and with all his might he powers up……..but falls right back down.

With his arms lying along his side and lying on his right cheek Graystone does the unthinkable…..and only choice he has…

He taps.



America doesn’t believe it and refuses to let go of the hold and both Boettcher and Hortega have to pull him off Graystone and suddenly the War Games cell is opened and in walks the ranking officer of the USS Abraham Lincoln and he proceeds to climb into ring two and a shocked America is handed the World Title.

The soldiers still lining both sides of the War Games cell fire seven shots into the night air as Boettcher helps put the World title around the waist of America.

War Games ends with a final image of a now crying Christopher America with his arms raised high in the air as fireworks explode in the night sky.


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