War Games: August 10th, 2008 (2008)

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Show Transcript

War Games 2008
August 10th, 2008 – #HOW14
United Center – Chicago, Illinois

Rules of Engagement

Fireworks explode all over the United Center and HOW cameras pan across the fans quickly as the fireworks continue to explode drowning out the cheering fans. As the fireworks do subside and there is a heavy residue cloud in the arena, we can hear the screaming fans who are more than ready for the second Pay Per View since the reopening of HOW.   The cameras then zoom into the huge structure in the middle of the United Center…the War Games cell.   There are two rings literally side by side and they are enclosed by a huge steel cell. It is at this point we are joined by the announce team;   Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell who are sitting near the entrance ramp and not at their usual ringside seats cause of the set up for War Games.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to WAR GAMES!!!

The crowd erupts as Joe’s voice can be heard over the PA system.

Joe Hoffman: I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by the Indy wrestling legend himself, Big Buff Benny Newell!

Newell tips his official HOW flask towards the camera and then the HOW cameras capture several thousand HOW fans tip their plastic cups filled with beer up in a salute to the official HOW drunk Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we have a very unique show for you tonight. As many of you can see we have two rings set up and they are enclosed by miles of steel in what is literally a cell made for war.

Benny Newell: You got that right Joe and tonight it is all about the gold as every HOW Championship will be on the line including the brand new Stable Title.

Joe is shocked by the professionalism of Benny right off and stammers for a minute as it has thrown him off his game.

Joe Hoffman: Um…ya…that’s right Benny and let us not forget that there is a $100,000 prize going to the winner of this match.

Benny Newell: AND don’t forget that Shane Reynolds has put up half of his payroll for this match which means that…um let me pull up the figures here on HOWrestling.com…..yep that comes out to $89,000. That is almost as much as Lee has put up!

Joe Hoffman: Again you are right on the mark Benny. You ok? What is going on?

Benny Newell: What do you mean? This is the biggest PPV in the history of HOW and I came tonight to impress.

It then hits Joe…

Joe Hoffman: I got it. Yes folks there is a rumor that Lee is about to sell 49% of the company to an investment firm. But Benny don’t you realize that Lee will still own 51% of the company which means he is still the man in charge? He has the final say in everything, which also means your job is not in jeopardy?

That fact resonates quickly with Benny who tips his official HOW flask to his lips and begins chugging while Joe carries on with the broadcast.

Joe Hoffman: Now that Benny is back and not worried about losing his job, there is one more stipulation that has been thrown out there courtesy of Maximillian Kael. Max has stated that when he wins War Games tonight he will grant the person responsible for the elimination of Shane Reynolds, a world title shot on the second mayhem post War Games…there is  just so..

Joe is interrupted by a long and very loud belch coming from the depths of Benny’s stomach.

Benny Newell: NOW I am ready.

Joe Hoffman: Glad to hear it.. I think? Anyway let us go over the rules really quick as we are mere minutes away from the start of the match.

Benny ignores Joe and instead stands up and begins talking shit to the fans nearest to the entrance ramp. HOW cameras stay focused on Joe however as he goes over the vitals for the match.

Joe Hoffman: With each title on the line there is a chance for everyone to walk away with gold tonight. To win the LSD Title from Kostoff all you have to do is be the man that eliminates the most people in tonight’s match. Obviously this means you might have to be in the match the longest and god knows that will not be an easy task. It doesn’t get any easier when going for the ICON title tonight either. The only way to win that belt is to be the person that pins Shane Reynolds tonight or makes him tap out. Easier said than done. Then we have the new Stable title that will be awarded to the team that scores the most eliminations overall in tonight’s match. Then of course we have the World Title and we all know the rules for that one.

Joe takes a breath as Benny finally makes his way back to the announce booth and gives Joe a nod letting him know that he is ready for this.   The crowd is getting antsy as Joe continues with some HOW news…

Joe Hoffman: Finally, and this comes from Lee Best, the World Champion that he has signed will NOT be here tonight as Lee has sent this man down to Australia to check things out before putting his name on the dotted line and selling a minority share of the company.

Benny Newell: Fuck. I am not moving to fucking Australia if this goes thru. No fucking way.

Joe Hoffman: Well either we will be moving or the money will be making its way up here. That is factual and if we want to keep our jobs we will just have to go along on the ride.

Benny Newell: Fuck that talk, let’s start this damn match.

Joe Hoffman: For once I think I agree with you completely.

On cue, senior referee Matt Boettcher makes his way out from the back and leads Carl Hortega and Mark Toner. The site of the refs sends the antsy crowd into an uproar as they know it’s about match time.

Joe Hoffman: The order of the entrants was done yesterday at random and only one wrestler knows when he will be coming out and that is Mystic J who wanted to know. The rest of the wrestlers have no idea and so every 3 minutes when another wrestler is set to make their way out, they along with us, will be surprised. You ready Benny?

Benny Newell: Does a crackwhore suck dick?

Joe Hoffman: What??

Benny Newell: You heard me…fuck ya I am ready.

Boettcher and Hortega climb into the huge cell with Boettcher taking his spot in Ring #1, the one closest to the entrance ramp, with Hortega taking his spot in Ring #2, farthest from the entrance ramp and the ring on the right hand side of everyone’s television screens. Toner will be in charge of roaming on the outside of the rings making sure to count any pinfalls or submissions on the outside.   With the referees set in position, Boettcher signals to the back with a hand signal and it is time for War Games!!   The arena then goes dark and strobe lights begin flashing from above down on top of the huge cell driving the crowd into frenzy as it is show time.

HOW World, ICON, LSD and Stable Titles
War Games 2008
War Games Match

Joe Hoffman: Who do you think is number one Benny?

Benny Newell: It is obviously going to be a Team Carey member. That would be fucking uber!

The answer to the question comes out of no where as Anguish, a new signing and a member of Team Kostoff, makes his way out to no entrance music of any kind.

Joe Hoffman: Anguish? What a rough one for the new guy.

Benny Newell: Well talk bout starting the biggest fucking PPV in years off with no bang!

Anguish makes his way down to the huge cell and climbs inside and quickly rolls into Ring #1 as the crowd is already staring at the entrance ramp waiting to see who is the second wrestler.

Joe Hoffman: This is such a huge disadvantage to come out in the first two, especially in a match like this.

Benny Newell: Ya it’s not hard to stop from getting thrown over the top rope. Here you get thrown over the top rope and your ass is on the floor and will soon be eating steel.

Joe Hoffman: I hope you are not referring to that other company?

But before Benny can reply “Best Damn Thing” by Avril Lavigne begins playing and the crowd erupts.



Bobbinette Carey emerges from the back and the crowd cheers loudly as the captain of Team Epic makes her way out.

Joe Hoffman: This is definitely a surprise and it looks like Carey is surprised herself.

Benny Newell: She picked her own number so I don’t want to hear any bullshit after she is eliminated. Lee has to be loving this.

Carey makes her way down to the ring as the HOW cameras pan out to show the Queen B making the long walk down to the huge cell. It is an impressive site seeing Carey make her way towards the huge cell with all her fans screaming for her.

Joe Hoffman: I think it was a smart move by Carey to keep Princess and Livie away from the action tonight. This is going to be an uphill battle as it is and to have either one of them here would just be a distraction and that is the last thing the Queen B needs.

Benny Newell: What she needs is a fucking douche and to just lay down right now to Anguish cause it would be pointless to waste a bunch of energy knowing you are not going to win any titles tonight!

Joe Hoffman: I do not see Carey giving up tonight and I sure as heck don’t see her laying down. Remember folks once Boettcher signals for the bell there will be a three minute interval before the next wrestler is allowed to come out.

Benny Newell: I will also be taking a shot every three minutes. Call it the High Octane Hard Liquor Century Club game.

Joe just ignores Benny as Boettcher finally signals for the bell and War Games is officially underway as Anguish and Bobbinette Carey stand face to face in the middle of Ring #1.   Anguish looks like he is overwhelmed in the moment as Carey stares down the Team Kostoff member.

Joe Hoffman: The key now as the clock is now running is to eliminate your opponents as fast as possibly because right now endurance is your only friend.

Benny Newell: Carey has spent more time with MTV Cribs than she has training for this match. There is no way in fucking hell that this woman is going to last over an hour or what not and be the last person standing.

Joe Hoffman: You say that now but will you be saying that here in later on in the show?

Benny Newell: We shall see numnut….just call the action.

The crowd is cheering loudly as the wrestlers are still staring each other down as the clock is now running. Carey takes a quick look at the HOTv, which will be showing the time, and with almost a smirk on her face she charges Anguish and the two HOW superstar’s lockup and Carey grabs the quick advantage but floating behind Anguish and brings the bigger man down to the canvas. She then gives him a quick spank on the ass and motions for him to get up as the crowd eats it up.

Joe Hoffman: Little cocky by the Queen B but that is who she is.

Benny Newell: I would not take anyone lightly in this match that is for damn…….FUCK…never mind.

Inside the ring Buff’s sentence was interrupted as Carey just nailed Anguish with her Royalty Check finisher and has covered Anguish as Boettcher falls to the canvas and begins the count along with the sold out United Center.




Joe Hoffman: Just like that Anguish has been eliminated and we still have over a minute left on the clock!!

Carey pushes Anguish out of the ring where Mark Toner helps Anguish out of the cell as Carey pretends to wipe sweat off of her brow as the crowd cheers her more now.

Joe Hoffman: That was the best thing that could of happened for Carey. A quick win and now she can conserve some energy.

Benny Newell: That’s only one down. She has 16 more to go. Trust me, it’s only going to get harder.

Joe Hoffman: I won’t disagree with you there but with only us a few seconds till we see who number three is you have to like how this has started for Carey.

Benny Newell: Blah, blah fucking blah. Bring out the next guy and let’s hope it is someone a little more challenging cause quite frankly that was an eye sore of an opening fall.

Joe Hoffman: Well you are about to get your wish as we are only five seconds till HOW superstar number 3!!

The crowd starts counting down along with the clock on the HOTv….

5     4     3     2     1…..

The clock hits zero and there is a hush in the arena as the audience waits for the entrance of the next superstar.   “Don’t Laugh at Me” by Mark Wills blasts over the PA system and Nijs Landzaat makes his way out from the back to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Nijs Landzaat is a member of Team Kostoff and just returned to HOW a few weeks ago and since then he has been right there with Chris Kostoff destroying anything and everyone in their path.  Carey is going to have her hands full.

Benny Newell: This big goof only knows how to destroy shit. Maybe we will all get lucky and he will end this nonsense of Carey being one of the favorites to win this match.

The big “special” superstar of HOW makes his way into the cell and before he can make a single step towards Ring #1 he is nailed with a steel chair, sending the big reeling against the cell wall.


Carey rears the chair back and brings it back down on to the head of Landzaat who has both of his hands up in front of his face trying to block the blows.




Landzaat finally falls to his knees and a now tired Carey drops the chair to the ground and nails the kneeling superstar with a super kick to the chin.   Landzaat falls to the ground and Bobbinette makes the cover as Mark Toner rushes into position and begins the count…




Joe Hoffman: Wow, the big man barely kicked out. After numerous chair shots he is still in this match.

Benny Newell: And now Carey is tired as fuck after expending all that energy on those chair shots. I told you that the bitch didn’t train properly!

Back inside the cell, Carey can hardly believe that she didn’t get the pinfall victory. She slowly pulls the big man to his feet but Nijs cannot support his own weight and he just leans against the steel mesh as Carey begins unloading with right hands but they have little effect as Landzaat finally overpowers Carey and pushes her down to the ground hard.

Benny Newell: There ya go you big goof. Shake that shit off and tear that bitch up!!

Joe can only shake his head at his partner’s excitement of the prospect of Carey getting eliminated.   Carey is back to her feet before Nijs can fully gather himself and she climbs into the ring, walks to the center of the ring and turns suddenly and rushes towards the turnbuckle, runs up to the top and jumps off it and lands perfectly on the shoulders of Landzaat and goes for a hurricanranna but Landzaat is too strong and he holds Carey in place, lifts her up and then slams her down hard to the cold concrete floor with a devastating powerbomb.


There is a hushed silence as Landzaat falls on top of the Queen B and once again Mark Toner rushes into position and makes the count.


Benny Newell: CMON!!!


KICKOUT!!!   Carey barely kicks out just as the crowd begins counting down for the next participant.

Benny Newell: C’mon be a Best Alliance member!! Carey is done for sure then!!

Inside the cell Landzaat has just whipped Carey into the steel and is unloading on her with rights and lefts as the crowd reaches the five mark…






“Jordan” by Buckethead blasts thru the arena and it is none other than Kenn Oddity who comes racing out from the back.

Joe Hoffman: Oddity!! A member of Team Epic!!

Benny Newell: Bullshit!!

Oddity sprints down to the cell and pushes himself thru the door and immediately goes to help Carey. The crowd is cheering loudly as Oddity picks up the steel chair Carey used earlier, and runs up to and nails Landzaat right in the back of the knee with the top of the chair.

Joe Hoffman: Ouch!! Landzaat is down to his knees courtesy of a violent chair shot to the back of the knee courtesy of Kenn Oddity. God that must of hurt!

Benny Newell: You are a true student of the game I will give you that..

Benny is shaking his head as he takes his customary three minute mark shot of Jack Daniels.   Back inside the huge War Games cell, Oddity has Landzaat up in the air and sends the big man crashing down head first onto the steel chair with his impressive KA BOOM Brainbuster like finisher.

Joe Hoffman: What a great show of strength by Oddity….we have a cover..this could be it for Landzaat…

The ever busy Toner starts another three count….





The crowd is going crazy as Oddity helps Carey up to her feet and the two teammates roll into the ring as they wait for the next superstar to come out.

Benny Newell: What is going on here? Oddity should pin Carey right now!

Joe Hoffman: They are close teammates. There is no way anyone from Team Epic is going to turn on each other tonight. They are the favorites to win gold here tonight and right now they have the lead for the Stables Title.

Benny Newell: That might be true but we have yet to have any Best Alliance members in the match and trust me when that happens we will finally have some action inside the rings and the Epic members will soon be nonexistent.

Joe Hoffman: Well we are about to find out cause while you are running your mouth the clock has been ticking and we are moments away from superstar number 5.

Inside Ring #1 Carey can be seen sitting with Oddity kneeling beside her. Both are staring towards the HOTv as it goes under the 30 second mark.

Joe Hoffman: Whoever it is, they will be the underdog cause there will be two Team Epic members waiting for them.

Benny Newell: If its Max, Narcotic, Darkwing, Graystone or Scottywood it won’t matter. Trust me.

There is a weird silence in the United Center here in Chicago as everyone is just staring at the HOTv as the timer finally hits the 10 second mark..

10……..   9……..   8……..   7………   6…….   5…….   4…….   3…….   2…….   1……..

Joe Hoffman: Here we go!!

But there is no music. Several HOW crewmembers can be seen trying to hold someone back.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is going on? Let whoever it is come on out!

Suddenly we see several crew members fly backwards onto the metal entrance ramp and Best Alliance teammates Graystone and Scottywood make their way out to a loud chorus of boos.

Joe Hoffman: What the heck is going on here? There is only supposed to be one coming out!

Benny Newell: Pay attention Joe. I just got word from the production truck that Scottywood is wrestler number 5 and Graystone is number 6, so why can’t they just come out now?

Joe Hoffman: This is complete crap. Even if they are coming out in order they should have to wait. This is just Lee making sure the odds are in his favor once again!

Benny Newell: I see no problem with teammates coming out together if they are back to back numbers. What is the big deal??

Joe, the crowd, and the Team Epic members inside Ring #1 certainly don’t agree as everyone is bitching and moaning as the two Best Alliance members make their way to the huge War Games structure and with smiles on their faces, they enter the war.   Carey and Oddity allow Graystone (who is sporting a bandage on his arm) and Scottywood to enter the ring, but quickly pounce on them with right hands before the two Best Alliance members can even get to their feet.

Benny Newell: Now that was a low fucking blow.

Joe Hoffman: Oh shut up, don’t you owe two shots now?

Benny starts to talk but then realizes that he does indeed owe two more shots and as the action continues in the ring Benny lines up a couple of shots while Joe continues calling the action.   Back inside Ring #1 The Team Epic and Best Alliance members have paired off and we see Carey and Graystone going at it while Oddity and Scottywood are seen exchanging some serious right hands, so serious that they have spilled their brawl into Ring #2 while Carey and Graystone go at it in the first ring.

Joe Hoffman: If the BA would play by the rules it would be the two Team Epic members working over Scottywood but instead we have a two on two affair and right now neither team has the advantage.

Inside Ring #2 Scotty has just nailed Oddity with a perfect German Suplex and goes for the cover and Hortega makes his first count of the night..

Uno…..   Kickout quickly by Oddity but Scotty doesn’t let up as nails Oddity with several boots to the back of the head which cause Oddity to crawl to the far turnbuckle and it is there that Scotty continues the punishment and lifts Oddity up to the top turnbuckle and the Chicago fans all come to their feet as we are about to see our first big move of the night.   Scotty is going for a superplex but Oddity blocks it. Scotty counters with a quick punch to the back of Oddity’s head and follows up the blow by locking his arm around the head of the penguin fearing HOW superstar and falls backwards, thus nailing Oddity with a DDT from the top rope.


The crowd is still buzzing from the big high impact move as Hortega again makes a count..




Joe Hoffman: Oddity survives by putting a leg on the rope, amazing stuff!   The crowd starts the countdown again as a frustrated Scottywood pounds the canvas.



Benny Newell: Come on down Best Alliance member!!




The crowd again goes quiet as the only sounds we hear of the battles going on inside the two rings.   “The Enemy” By Godsmack blasts over the PA system and newly signed HOW superstar and member of the Kostoff team, Eric Draven, makes his way out from the back.

Joe Hoffman: Another one of the young guns Kostoff has brought into HOW to help him tonight.

Benny Newell: YAWN….Let me just take this shot and you let me know when that idiot realizes that he is not Brandon Lee.

Joe ignores the comment and continues to call the action as Draven makes his way down to the War Games cell and as he enters he doesn’t immediately jump into either ring and instead picks up the steel chair that Oddity and Carey have used, props it up and takes a seat to watch the action as if he paid a good sum for ringside seat.

Joe Hoffman: I hate to say it but this is a smart move by Draven.

Benny Newell: Pussy. That is all I am going to say. He could at least show some fucking effort it is a PPV after all!!

Inside Ring #1 Graystone has the advantage on Carey and already has had several near falls. It is obvious that Carey needs find her way to Oddity so that they can work as a team but the Best Alliance members are doing a good job of keeping Carey from getting any help as Graystone has Carey locked in a sleeper hold while in Ring #2 Scotty has just nailed Oddity with his Game Misconduct fireman’s carry DDT finisher.   Hortega with the count…




Joe Hoffman: Eric Draven just rolled into Ring #2 and went to nail Scottywood with a chair shot but Scotty moved just in time and the chair shot landed squarely on the face of Oddity, busting his nose wide open.

Benny Newell: That motherfucking pussy!!!!

Draven pauses as he realizes he missed his mark but the pause is all Scottywood needs as he nails Draven with a sidekick to his head and then follows it up with another Game Misconduct finisher and this time he covers Draven as Oddity rolls out of Ring #2 holding his now bloody nose.   Hortega with the count…





A pissed off Scottywood kicks Draven out of the ring where Toner helps the eliminated man out of the War Games cell as we see in Ring #1 that Carey is on the comeback and just nailed Graystone with back to back clotheslines, much to the delight of the United Center crowd.

Benny Newell: YES!! A big elimination and the first for the Best Alliance.

Joe Hoffman: Well right now Team Epic is leading the Best Alliance 2-1 in eliminations and we have three different people tied with one elimination for the LSD title. It is going to be a close contest for both of those titles.

Benny Newell: Shit they are ALL going to the Best Alliance!

Back in Ring # 1 Carey has slowed the action down and has Graystone in a reverse chin lock while back in Ring #2 a bloody Kenn Oddity has regained the upper hand on Scottywood after reversing an Irish whip into the steel and thus sending Scottywood into the steel side of the huge cell.

Joe Hoffman: The sight of his own blood has Oddity back on the offensive!

The crowd cheers as Oddity repeatedly blasts Scottywood’s face against the steel and soon enough both men are now wearing the proverbial crimson mask.

Joe Hoffman: Time for another entrant!!

The crowd counts down yet again as Carey has Graystone on his side with the chin lock still firmly in place and in Ring #2 both Oddity and Scottywood are exchanging right hands to each other’s bloody faces.






“Driven by Pain” by Diesel Machine blasts over the PA system and the crowd cheers loudly as Mystic J, a Team Epic member, comes sprinting out from the back.

Benny Newell: What the fuck? Now it’s 3 on 2!!

Mystic J has a fire under his ass as he jumps into Ring #1 and quickly grabs Graystone from Carey and whips him hard into the ropes and follows him and clotheslines him out of the ring and down to the concrete floor. Mystic J then rushes over to Ring #2 and slides out on the other side and begins pummeling Scottywood, allowing Oddity to fall down against the cage to catch his breath.

Joe Hoffman: Mystic J is a wildcard in this match. He is over 7 feet tall and over 300 lbs. He is going to be a tough man to beat!

Benny Newell: He is nothing. The bigger they are the harder they fall….just like this fucking shot!

Big Buff takes down another shot as HOW cameras pan out to show the full on spectacle of the cell. We see Graystone trying to catch his breath on the outside of Ring #1 while Carey is on the inside doing the same.   We also see the big Team Epic member Mystic J just dismantling Scottywood with right hand after right hand.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood is a bloody mess as is Kenn Oddity who is now made his way over to Ring #1 and is helping Carey to her feet.

Benny Newell: Awwww. Fucking douchebag.   Carey helps Oddity get some of the blood out from his eyes but then suddenly pushes her to the ground……


Benny Newell: THERE YA GO!!!!

Graystone snuck back into the ring with a crowbar he got from under the ring and went to nail Carey in the back with it but instead nailed Oddity in the shoulder as Oddity protected Carey.

Joe Hoffman: Oddity put himself in harm’s way for Carey. You won’t be seeing that from the Best Alliance I guarantee you that!!

Benny Newell: Idiots!! Don’t they know that there can only be one World Champion…do it for yourselves already!!!

Graystone like a man possessed continues to unload on the shoulder of Oddity with crowbar but is finally stopped as Carey nails him from behind with a chop block sending the former ICON champion down to his knees. As Graystone clutches at the back of his leg a very pissed off Oddity picks up the crowbar and with Carey holding Graystone in place, Oddity rears back….


The sound of metal and skull colliding is sickening. Graystone falls like a dud down to the canvas and Carey and Oddity look at each other unsure of who should make the pinfall. Finally Carey motions for Oddity to make the cover and Boettcher makes the count..





Big Buff doesn’t say a word as he pounds the announce table but his anger is quickly turned to jubilation as the action turns to Ring #2 where Mystic J just went for his Shadow of Scarlet Sin (mic check) finisher but Scottywood manages to reverse it and nails the big man with a wicked DDT right on top of the very chair that Mystic J was trying to send him down to.   Hortega makes the count…





The crowd is shocked as Scottywood somehow managed to get another pinfall for the Best Alliance. The bloody superstar crawls over to the farthest turnbuckle and starts to wipe blood from his eyes as it is starting to dry all over his face.   Inside Ring #1 Carey and Oddity turn in time just to see Mystic J being helped out of the cell and both exit the ring and help Mystic J out of the War Games Cell as the crowd counts down to the next entrant.






“Puritina” by Dimmu Borgir plays over the PA system and everyone is unsure of who is coming out next but when they see who it is the place erupts into a very loud chorus of boos.


Joe Hoffman: Great now I imagine this deserves a double shot?

Benny Newell: Triple!!

As Benny lines up the shots Carey and Oddity quickly roll into Ring #1 and wait for Kael to make his way down. Back in Ring #2 Scottywood has grabbed and set up several tables on the outside and now has a baseball bat in his hand and is sneaking up on Carey and Oddity who are watching intently as Max enters the War Games cage.


Max, seeing Scottywood, begins to talk serious smack to Carey and Oddity, distracting Team Epic as Scottywood climbs into Ring #1 and swings for the fences….



Carey and Oddity fall hard to the canvas clutching their backs right where Scotty connected with the bat.

Joe Hoffman: Typical Best Alliance.

Benny Newell: This is fucking war and everything is legal in war.

Joe Hoffman: Tell the Iraqis that.

Benny Newell: Oh shut the fuck up before I go all Nagasaki on your ass.

Back in Ring #1, Max wastes little time in sliding into the ring now that Carey and Oddity have been laid out by Scottywood. Kael motions for Scotty to get something out from under the ring and with a smile Scotty nods and with a very sadistic smile, Max goes to pick up Carey but immediately clutches at his ribs on the left side of his body.

Joe Hoffman: Look out there is trouble in paradise. There were rumors that Shane and Max had a confrontation this week and Max has some hurt ribs because of it.

Benny Newell: He is fine. Look, he just rolled Carey to the outside with no problems.

Joe Hoffman: But he didn’t pick her up that is the point.

Benny Newell: Blah blah blah. Watch what he does to Oddity……what the fuck!!

Oddity has just rolled up Max in a small package and Boettcher makes the count..

1…….   Kickout by Max.

Max jumps to his feet first and quickly brings a boot down to the head of Oddity while on the outside of the ring Scottywood has grabbed a pair of handcuffs from a bag under the ring and has just handcuffed Carey to the War Games cage.

Joe Hoffman: What the heck is that!! You cannot do that!!

Benny Newell: You can and he did. Everything is legal in War Games. C’mon Joe you should know that!!

Carey is squirming and fighting but it is all to no avail as Scott handcuffs her other arm to the cage and the crowd is stunned and shocked as it is no obvious how much danger the Epic One is in.   Scottywood smiles at Carey as she squirms helplessly. But she isn’t completely helpless as she brings her right foot up hard and catches Scotty with a square kick to his groin sending the man crashing down to the concrete screaming in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Everything is legal right?

Benny Newell: THAT should not be legal.

Joe Hoffman: But handcuffing a woman to the side of a huge steel structure is?

Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up…

As Scotty squirms and Carey tries her best to get herself free, Maximillian Kael is working over Oddity inside Ring #1 and fresh blood is now flowing from the face of Oddity as Kael sits on top of the Team Epic member and rains down right hands as the crowd counts down for the next entrant…






There is no music as we not one….not two….but three men appear from behind the curtain.

Joe Hoffman: TEAM KOSTOFF!!!

The crowd erupts as we see Chris Kostoff leading Enigma and Xander Hayes out from the back.

Benny Newell: This isn’t fair at all!!

Joe Hoffman: All three men are the next three entrants and since Lee allowed the BA to come out together why not Team Kostoff?

Benny Newell: This is bullshit, and I am not going to take shots for this crap.

Benny sits with his arms crossed as Kostoff leads the rest of his team down towards War Games.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff already lost Anguish and Eric Draven earlier in the match and it is apparent that he is not going to lose anymore of his guys without him out here!!

Team Kostoff enters the War Games cage and it is at this point that we see Kostoff is wearing a two inch thick steel chain around his right hand. Enigma and X also have weapons on them and as Kostoff motions for them to go take out Max it is obvious that Team Kostoff came to bring the pain.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff is ready for war folks and so is his……..WHAT!!!

Just as Enigma and X start to enter the ring they are turned around by Kostoff who proceeds to nail both men in the temple with his loaded right hand.

Benny Newell: THE OLD FUCK HAS LOST IT….YES!!!!!

Enigma and X fall hard down to the concrete floor and Kostoff reaches under the ring and pulls out a table. He then proceeds to set the table up and then reaches into the pocket of Enigma and pulls out a small bottle. He begins squirting the contents onto the table and there is a buzz that goes thru the arena as it is apparent what Kostoff is doing.


Kostoff then reaches into the pocket of X and pulls out some matches. He holds the matches up to the crowd who cheer the prospect of seeing someone go thru a burning table even if it is Kostoff’s own teammates.   With red in his eyes Kostoff lights a match and drops it onto the table and the table immediately is engulfed in flames.


There is no time for answers however as Kostoff picks up Enigma and proceeds to Powerbomb the unconscious man thru the burning table. There are no HOW medics inside the War Games Cage and the crowd is stunned as Enigma begins screaming in pain.


But there is no one as Kostoff picks up X and powerbomb the man on top of Enigma and in a matter of seconds both men are on fire and rolling around on the ground screaming in horrorfying screams.   There is no commentary as neither Joe and Benny can believe what they are seeing. Finally after a few moments Mark Toner comes flying over and puts the flames out on the men with the use of a fire extinguisher. The crowd cheers Toner but that is short lived as Kostoff grabs the ref from behind and yanks the fire extinguisher from his hands and throws it across the cell.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t do it Kostoff…do tough the ref!!

Toner cowers in fear but instead of attacking him Kostoff falls down to his knees and places a hand on the leg of each of the squirming burnt men and motions for Toner to count.





Kostoff smiles as he stands back up as Toner and a rushing over Hortega take Enigma and X out of the cell where HOW medics are waiting on the outside.   A stunned crowd begins another countdown but this time not as loud as before as they literally just watched two men nearly die in the match.






“My Ruin” by Sevendust begins blasting over the PA system and the crowd again erupts into booing as the next man makes his way out.


Benny Newell: YES!!!

As Darkwing makes his way down back inside Ring #1 Oddity has just smashed the heads of Scottywood and Max together and is going for the handcuff key that he presumes is on Scottywood.   But outside of the ring Kostoff has just torn his shirt off and has wrapped it around the steel chair from earlier. He then empties the lighter fluid onto his shirt and within seconds Chris Kostoff is now welding a flaming burning chair.

Joe Hoffman: This is what Lee Best has done to Chris Kostoff. He has brought this out of him by all this Barbi crap that has been going on for months and quite frankly I don’t blame Kostoff for wanting to take out Max…….NOOOOO!!!!!

Kostoff was never going for Max however as he makes a beeline for Carey and brings the burning chair down hard directly into the face of Carey.

Everyone cringes as Kostoff swings again….and again….and again.   Carey is bleeding but is unclear of where from as there is just blood streaming all down her face. Luckily her face is not on fire but that isn’t stopping Kostoff who has stopped swinging the chair and is now slowly bring the flames closer to the bloody face of Carey.

Suddenly Kostoff is nailed from behind by Kenn Oddity who just executed a perfect suicide dive to the outside, knocking the burning chair from the grasp of Kostoff and thus saving Carey from the flames…for now.   As Kostoff and Oddity begin to trade blows, Darkwing has slid into Ring #1 and is helping Max and Scottywood to their feet.

Benny Newell: Look at that. See the Best Alliance can work together.

Joe Hoffman: That might be true right now but who is looking at those three goons? Chris Kostoff is trying to kill people here tonight!!!

Kostoff and Oddity have worked their way over to the outside of Ring #2 and are close to the tables Scottywood set up earlier on in the match. Oddity reverses an Irish whip from Kostoff and sends the hardcore HOW legend shoulder first into the steel ring post. It is at this point that Oddity looks back and sees Bobbinette bleeding like a stuck pig and rushes to her aid.

Joe Hoffman: What is Oddity going to do to free Carey?

While Kostoff lays outside of Ring #2 holding his shoulder in pain, inside Ring #1 the three Best Alliance members are playing paper rock scissors to see who is going to go after Oddity who is consoling a now whimpering Carey.

Joe Hoffman: This makes me sick to my stomach. These three men are playing a game while a women is handcuffed to the cage??

As all this is going on the crowd starts the countdown for the next entrant…


Oddity picks up the still burning chair and places the flames directly on the handcuff, burning Carey and the steel at the same time….


Carey is screaming in pain but the flames weaken the handcuff and Oddity drops the chair and begins pulling with all his might…


Carey is screaming in pain and now is Oddity as he is burning his hands on the weakened steel of the chain but he breaks one hand free!!!


Oddity begins work on the other hand as the Best Alliance are now in 2 outta 3 mode inside the ring…


More screams but Oddity is able to break Carey’s other arm free even though both hands still have the handcuffs on them she is no longer attached to the steel side of the cage.


The Best Alliance stop to see Carey free and Darkwing takes the initiative and rolls to the outside to attack Oddity but he is met with a chair shot to the face and a crying Bobbinette makes the cover blindly as Oddity holds off Scottywood and Max with the burning chair.   As Toner makes the count the crowd cheers to see Arc Angel making his way down!!






ArcAngel is not alone as we see L.A. Riotz coming out with him.

Benny Newell: What the fuck? Just cause the Best Alliance did it once now EVERYONE is coming out together?

Joe Hoffman: As long as they in order Lee obviously made it ok…

Outside of Ring #1 Scottywood and Kenn Oddity are battling as Max sits inside the ring and watches, staring intently more like it, at Bobbinette Carey who is wiping blood, tears and burnt skin off her body. There are several women in the front row who are crying as they look on at their hero.   As ArcAngel and Riotz enter the fold Max quickly switches his attention to the Team Epic members and out of nowhere Kostoff is back into the action as he spears Riotz right into the steel mesh and soon enough Max is on the outside as well and begins exchanging blows with Arc Angel.

Joe Hoffman: It is like Max and Kostoff are working together but in reality they are both going after the one team everyone has agreed is the favorite in this match.

Benny Newell: Well Team Epic has 4 eliminations, BA has 2 and Kostoff has 2….2 on his own guys!

Joe Hoffman: That is right and right now the leader for the LSD Title is Carey, Scottywood, Kostoff and Kenn Oddity who each have 2 eliminations each. Gosh this is going to be close!!

As we pick the action back up  over in Ring #1 Kostoff continues to pummel Riotz and has just nailed him with his rewrapped chain filled fist and has made a cover…     Toner makes the count….





Benny Newell: I expected more for Riotz and it seems that maybe his days in HOW are numbered but like a lot of these idiots.

Kostoff smiles as Riotz is lead out of War Games and he turns just in time to see Max nailing ArcAngel with his Weapon of Max Destruction inside Ring #1.   Boettcher makes the cover just as the crowd begins the countdown  for the next entrant…





A few seconds later we see a golf cart…a brand new golf cart appear at the top of the entrance ramp. On the side of the cart we see the logo….


Benny Newell: It can’t be can it?

Joe Hoffman: Everyone has been waiting for this moment!!

As the crowd is buzzing with anticipation back inside the War Games cage, Kostoff has picked up a new victim in Scottywood who just finished putting Kenn Oddity thru a table after nailing him with a leg drop from the top rope to the outside onto a table.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood had that pinfall but Kostoff broke it up as he knows that if Scotty got it he would be tied with Kostoff for the LSD Title.

As Oddity lays prone inside the broken table and Kostoff rolls Scotty into Ring #2 to begin working him over, over in Ring #1 Maximillian Kael is on his hands and knees and is right next to Bobbinette Carey, smiling sadistically at Carey who is curled up in the fetal position obviously still in serious pain.   Max is about to strike when he sees the Jattmobile pull up next to the cage. He immediately jumps to his feet and hustles to the door…but he is quickly disappointed like the rest of the crowd when they see it is The Masked Marvel.

Benny Newell: WHAT A DICK TEASE!!

Joe Hoffman: I do not think we will ever see Jatt back here in HOW…

Max is disappointed but moves out of the way to allow his Best Alliance teammate to enter the fray. The two men shake hands and Max turns back quickly to Carey as he sees her struggling to her feet finally….

Joe Hoffman: I do not like the look in Max’s eye…I know that much.

Back in Ring #2 Scottywood has Kostoff primed for a big DDT but Kostoff counters with his own and then quickly follows it up by picking up the Best Alliance team member and sends him flying to the outside and thru the last remaining set up table right next to Kenn Oddity who is just now moving out from the broken table he was sent thru.   The crowd is cheering as Kostoff rolls out of the ring and throws some broken wood to the side and covers Scottywood….     Toner rushes into position and starts the count….





Right next to the new wreckage courtesy of Kostoff, Oddity has made it to his feet and is met with a charging TMM who was hustling to help out his teammate Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

TMM rushed right at Oddity but Oddity sidestepped him and executed a perfect drop toe hold sending TMM down onto the broken table where a piece of wood just went thru his shoulder!!   Blood begins squirting all over the place as Oddity doesn’t mind and motions for Toner to come over and start a count.   The crowd is stunned and quite frankly so is Kostoff who just watches as Oddity makes the cover on a screaming and bloody TMM.

Joe Hoffman: It is like Kostoff is transfixed on the blood!!!   Toner makes a tentative count as there is blood spewing all over him and Oddity….





HOW Medics don’t waste anytime this time and rush into the cell and to TMM. They take off his mask without realizing that would be the last thing TMM would want..

Benny Newell: Wait a fucking minute…that’s….that’s…..NESS???????

The crowd is shocked to see the former HOW low carder. HOW medics rush Ness out of the cell as the crowd even more quietly now counts down the next entrant…

Benny Newell: I am fucking hammered so I hope someone tells me that all this shit I am seeing was bullshit and I just blacked out…what the fuck???

“N.E.R.D” by Spaz begins playing and Narcotic makes his way out from the back to a very loud chorus of boos as back inside the ring Kostoff and Oddity are going at it while outside of Ring #1 Maximillian Kael has Carey pinned against the cage and is whispering shit into the ear of the Queen B. Carey is out of tears and looks like at any moment she will just collapse.

Joe Hoffman: Nark is coming down and that means Shane Reynolds is the last man to enter the War Games Match!!!

Benny Newell: Fuck your mother and the mother that Shane Reynolds fucked…

Joe Hoffman: Huh?

Benny Newell: Your mom is hot…shut the fuck up and call the action..

Max can be seen jingling the handcuffs still on the burnt hands of Carey. Carey seems to have no energy to fight back and as Narcotic enters the fray he walks up to Carey and Max and motions to Max that is now time to finish Carey off.   Max nods and the two Best Alliance members carry the leader of Team Epic towards Ring #1 and roll her inside of it. Max and Nark follow her in and drag her to the middle of the ring.

Inside Ring #2 Oddity sees what is happening to Carey but he is unable to help as Kostoff whips him hard into the turnbuckle and as Kostoff pummels Oddity with right hands the Odd one can only watch as Nark and Max both place a hand on the top of Carey’s head and begin to pull her up.   Suddenly Carey comes to life and nails Max in the balls with an uppercut and as the crowd erupts into cheers she rolls Narcotic up in a small package and Boettcher makes the count…




Joe Hoffman: Carey has come alive!!!   Narcotic jumps to his feet and meets the drained Carey with a wicked clothesline and once again the Best Alliance has complete control over Carey who is covered in blood and smells like a number 3 at KFC.

Benny Newell: That is how you treat a lesbian. Knock the clitlicking whore down to the ground and shoverr  your sdisck into..

Joe Hoffman: Whoa Benny. I know you are a little tipsy but come on!   There is not one person sitting down as the action turns back to Ring #2 where Oddity has gained new life as he seen Carey gain some offense. Oddity nails Kostoff with a front layout Oddplex and follows that up with a wicked belly to belly Oddplex and goes for the cover on the current LSD Champion…   Hortega with the count…




Oddity remains on the offensive as the crowd begins the final countdown of the night…..



Suddenly Shane Reynolds is seen sprinting down to the match, not waiting for the clock to finish ticking..


Benny Newell: Oh I’ll be coming all over your fucking mom’s tits later tonight…you believes ins me holmes..

Joe just ignores Benny as Shane enters the fold and the HOW crew lock the War Games Cell on the outside.

Joe Hoffman: The cell is locked and folks there is no one that can enter. The only way out is if you get eliminated!!!

Shane quickly slides into Ring #1 and is quickly jumped on by Narcotic and Max who drop some heavy boots onto the ICON Champion who fends them off enough to get to the nearest turnbuckle.   Max and Nark proceed to take turns with fists to the head of Shane but the ICON Champion manages to push them away long enough to get a swing in but he is quickly beat down as Max and Nark are just too much.

Joe Hoffman: C’mon Carey get to your feet!!

The crowd is cheering loudly and feverishly for Carey who is struggling to stand up. She has been in the match from the get go and as she finally rights herself and scratches away the dry blood from her eyes and face the crowd is full of emotion.   Over in Ring #2 Carey’s teammate Kenn Oddity is laying prone on a table that has been set up inside the ring by Kostoff. Kostoff is currently standing on the top of the ladder and has the chair from earlier in his hand. The chair is burnt but no longer on fire…

Joe Hoffman: This cannot be good for Oddity…..

Kostoff jumps off with the chair out in front of him aiming for the head of Oddity….

Joe Hoffman: HE MOVED!!! HE MOVED!!!!

Oddity was able to move at the last second and Kostoff landed face first on the steel chair knocking himself out and Oddity quickly makes the cover as Hortega Counts….





Benny Newell: They like to suck balls??

Again Joe ignores the drunk Indy Legend and instead focuses on the fact that if Oddity can secure one more pinfall he will break the tie with Kostoff and be in the lead for the LSD title!!!   Oddity wipes the sweat and blood from his eyes has he smiles while still kneeling over Kostoff…


Joe Hoffman: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Benny Newell: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maximillian Kael, seeing what was going on in Ring #2, waiting for the perfect time and nailed Oddity from behind with the end of the ladder….Max with the cover and Hortega with another count….





As Max pats himself on the back he hears the crowd erupt into cheers and he turns to see Shane Reynolds nailing his Diablo’s inferno from the top rope onto Narcotic and Carey drapes an arm over the Best Alliance member and Boettcher counts as Max jumps to his feet…



Max dives……



Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: We are down to three people folks……Two Team Epic Members and One Best Alliance member!!

Max is gasping for air after landing on his injured ribs and looks up to see Shane rolling Narcotic out of the ring and Bobbinette Carey standing over him smiling…   Max stumbles up to his knees and Carey swings at Max wrist first causing the burnt and now sharpened handcuffs to cut across the face of Max. Max falls to his back and Carey begins kicking Max right into his injured ribs.   Shane is seen exiting Ring #1 and reaches under the ring and pulls out a bag.

Joe Hoffman: A bag under a wrestling ring is never a good thing.

Benny Newell: Neither is that nasty yeast infection your mom gave your sister who gave it to me you fucking fuckstick!!

The crowd is on their feet as Carey backs away from Max as Shane opens up the bag and pulls out the bear claws Max had sent out earlier in the week…

Joe Hoffman: Oh PETA is going to love this…

Benny Newell: What is Carey fucking her dog again??   It is right after this comment that Benny finally passes out…

Joe Hoffman: Thank god!

Back inside the ring Shane hands a bear claw to Carey who looks more like Carrie from the Stephen King movie.   The two stand over Max and Max stumbles out of Ring #1 and rolls quickly into Ring #2. Team Epic follows suit and just as Max is about to exit Ring #2 Shane and Carey pounce on the Best Alliance member and begin slashing at Max with the Bear Claws cutting Kael deeply all over his body.   Shane then motions for Carey to grab the ladder and she does and places Max’s head inside of the bottom rung and Shane climbs to the top rope and looks down as the crowd leans on their tippie toes to see the action…


Suddenly someone pushes Shane off of the top rope and we see that it is Lee Best who was under the ring the whole time!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT THE FUCK!!!

The crowd is shocked just as much as Joe who never curses….   Shane goes flying off the top rope and crashes hard on the concrete floor. Lee then turns his attention towards Carey and climbs into the ring holding a barbed wire baseball bat. The crowd then erupts as Chris Kostoff comes running down from the back and the owner of HOW has no idea that Kostoff is coming as he begins swinging at Carey who keeps ducking as she back peddles back into Ring #1.   Lee follows her as he yells for Max to get to his fucking feet.   Kostoff begins blasting the cell door with his bat and this gets the attention of Lee who now realizes that the only way out is the way in and that way is blocked right now by a crazed Chris Kostoff…

Joe Hoffman: I bet Lee never wishes he had sex with Barbi!!!!

Lee is immediately frightened and this allows Carey to nail Lee with a Superkick to the chin knocking the Owner of HOW out cold. But just as she stands up Max greets her with a wicked Weapon of Max Destruction and makes the cover as Boettcher counts…




Joe Hoffman: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE KICKED OUT!!! HOW DID SHE KICK OUT!!!

Max frustrated stands to his feet but then is nailed from behind as Shane Reynolds just lept off the top rope and nailed Max with a perfect DIABLO’S INFERNO…..Reynolds covers and Boettcher counts just as Kostoff breaks the door of the cage open…..





Carey begins crying immediately and hugs Shane and they share a warm embrace just as Kostoff enters the ring and stands over Lee Best.   Kostoff gives Shane and Carey a look and the two Team Epic members exit the cage and once outside they turn like the rest of the world and focus on Chris Kostoff and Lee Best.

Chris Kostoff: I told you that your day would come Lee….

Kostoff picks up the barbed wire bat Lee brought into the fight and pulls it far back and is starting to swing when suddenly the HOTv comes to life and we see Barbi Kostoff and Baby Best!!!!


Kostoff turns towards the HOTv and drops the bat at the sight of his wife.

Barbi: Chris I made a deal with the devil….on October 13th at Rumble at the Rock you will face Lee in a Prison Yard Match. If you win Lee signed a contract stating that this child will be legally yours and our lives will be normal again!!

Kostoff takes in the information and turns back to Lee Best who is out cold still.

Chris Kostoff: See your ass at Rumble at the Rock Lee….no one will save you then…

Kostoff then drops the bat and exits the War Games cage as the United Center is buzzing with the big announcement for the next PPV.

Joe Hoffman: What a blockbuster with a huge stipulation!! But what about tonight?  Carey is the captain of the winning team and now she will have to choose at Mayhem who the World Champion will be…..her or Shane Reynolds who kept his ICON Championship tonight. Everyone check HOWrestling.com later tonight for the official counts and on Mayhem we will crown our LSD AND STABLE champions….For Benny Newell I am Joe Hoffman and this has been WAR GAMES!!!!!



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