Turmoil: September 17th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
September 17th, 2009 – #HOW80
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Anyone can be Bought

*The going home edition of Thursday Night Turmoil opens in a strange setting, it is the parking lot of the Best Arena. The roller door opens up and we start to see headlights flashing through the other side. All of a sudden a barrage of men are seen entering the parking lot through a door. It is the EPU members minus their leader Sektor. Who they are waiting for is uncertain, but they seem to be showing malicious intent. Some of the EPU members are carrying what seems to be night-sticks in their hand. The car slowly pulls into the parking lot and at a snail’s pace approaches the men*

EPU Head Guard: That must be him now, look lively boys!

*The EPU members walk in front of the car and force it to come to a halt. They then circle the car awaiting whoever is inside to make themselves known*

EPU Head Guard: Be careful lads, like a caged animal this one may bite.

*But nobody comes out of the car. Some of the EPU men walk up to the windows and peer their faces inside, but they cannot see anything. The driver remains in his seat, seatbelt on looking very nervy. One member tries to open the passenger door on the left, it is locked. Then instructs one of his fellow EPU members on the other side of the car to try and open the right passenger door. It too is locked.*

EPU Guard: Come on Aceldama, we know you are in there. Let’s not delay the inevitable.

*All of a sudden from behind the crowd of EPU members and Best Alliance is a towering figure. It is Trent, he walks through the men and over to the car, walking up and down it menacingly. He then stands beside the driver’s door, the man beginning to shake with fear. Trent leans down, and with a look of dissatisfaction taps lightly on the pane of the window. The man at first refuses to budge, then he slowly turns to look at the snarling Trent*

Trent: Would you get out of the car please?

*The driver is frozen to his seat. He wants to move but fear has taken over him and he merely cannot do this simple task*

Trent: Don’t try my fucking patience, get out of that car now!

*The driver still cannot budge. Trent has seen enough and goes to turn away, then lands his elbow straight into the pane of glass smashing it onto the concrete below. He then with no ease whatsoever grabs the driver by his shirt and tries to pull him out of the car. But his seatbelt is still on, so with a little more added force Trent is able to rip the belt straight from the driver! He hauls him out to the ground then lifts him up in the air, face to face with him*

Trent: I want you to open that passenger door now.

Driver: I don’t know who you are looking for but I am only here to pick someone up!

Trent: I don’t buy that bullshit for a second, this show is only getting started and you are here to pick someone up?

Driver: Its true you got to believe me!

Trent: Then you won’t mind opening that passengers door then? Cure our curiosity?

*The driver stutters a bit, trying to bide himself some time. Looking at his facial expression you can tell he is trying to concoct a story up in his head*

Driver: I can’t do that sir. It has been locked from the inside. This car is for politicians, famous people the like. People who are prone to assassination attempts on their lives. If they lock the car from the inside, only they can open it.

Trent: Wonderful fucking story, I don’t buy it. I am through with you…..

*Trent throws the man onto the ground and walks over to the passengers door. Looking at one of the EPU guards he sees he has a night stick and takes it from him, using it to smash the pane of glass. Then in a fit of anger he literally rips apart the passengers door from the car and throws it away, in the direction of the EPU guards, barely missing them. He peers inside, nothing. He even tries to get his large frame inside and look around, but the whole place is empty*

Trent: Fuck!

EPU Head Guard: Maybe he got dropped off at the front? Maybe he knew we would be here.

EPU Guard: That would mean he is already inside!

EPU Head Guard: Then what are we standing here waiting for? Let’s get back inside. We got to get his ass to Lee before he gets there on his own.

*All the men quickly flee the scene and run through the doors and back into the backstage area of the Best Arena, leaving the driver lying there on his own, shaken by his experience. He takes a while to dust himself off and walks over to his car, looking at the damage that Trent has done to it. Shaking his head he finally gets himself up and brushes himself off. He goes to the trunk of his car and pops it open.*

Driver: Those guys really want to inflict a lot of pain on you!

*From the trunk of the car, already dressed in his wrestling attire and holding onto his world title Aceldama exits the trunk, looking all around him, especially looking in the dark shadows in the corner.*

Aceldama- They will have to catch me first.

Driver: Cant be that hard, you are literally walking into the lion’s den here, you don’t think you, one person can evade those twenty or so men all baying for your blood?

Aceldama- Of course I can’t.

Driver: Then why are you defying them? Why are you walking in?

Aceldama- I never said I was walking in there on my own.

Driver: Who on earth in there will have your back? Your world champion for god’s sake! Everybody would love to get a piece of you!

Aceldama- I didn’t say about looking for help from anybody in there either. You see when you have money like I do, and you know the current economic condition out there, anybody can be bought.

*Aceldama’s phone begin to rings*

Aceldama- That would be them now….Hello, your just outside, give me a moment…..(putting the phone down) You mind helping me with his door? It is quite heavy.

Driver: But it opens automatically…..

Aceldama- Trust me, if security see who is on the other side of this door, they will never let them in.

*Aceldama and the driver walk over to the door and take one end of it each and begin to push upwards. It is moving upwards very slowly. Whilst he is working on lifting it upwards, Aceldama continues to talk*

Aceldama- You see, during an economic recession, money is hard to come by. Wages are lower, people are more unhappy. If there was an opportunity to find work elsewhere, for a good price, who would blame them ey? Just have to wave the cash in front of their faces and they come a knocking!

*He finally gets the garage door up halfway, just enough room for the men to walk their way into the parking lot. They are all wearing matching uniforms, very distinctive in this part of Chicago.

None of their faces can be seen as the camera is now behind them. One of them steps forward to speak to Aceldama*

??- You must be Aceldama then? Have you got the money?

Aceldama- Not on me, but I will have it by the end of the show and the $100,000 will be delivered to you in the event of my body leaving this arena the way I walked into it. We got a deal.

??- I guess we do…….the Elite Protection Unit of Mayhem will be protecting you for the night then.

Aceldama- Very good, now this way. I have a match to prepare for, and I want no interruptions to the preparation.

*The men form a human shield around him as Aceldama walks in the middle of them out the door of the garage as they are now walking along the outside of the arena ready to make their entrance through another avenue*

Joe Hoffman: I know I don’t say this very often but….what the H E double hockey sticks? Aceldama has hired the EPU guards from Mayhem to protect him here at Turmoil?

Benny Newell: How could such a thing be allowed?

Joe Hoffman: Very true, the EPU is on Lee Best’s payroll, but here they are working for ACELDAMA? I guess it is true, money talks.

Benny Newell: We have a show on our hands now!

The action cuts to commercial as the crowd is buzzing over what they just seen.


Where is Sektor and his traitor Bodyguard??


You’ve got Mail

Back live from commercial and we are once again backstage and this time a camera crew is hustling behind none other than Lee Best, who is storming towards his office.

Lee Best: Buy my fucking EPU? Who in the royal fuck does he think he is…

The owner of HOW shakes his head as he throws open the door to his office and enters..

Lee Best: Kirsta….get fucking Mario on the phone..I gotta talk to his ass about this…..Kirsta??

Lee takes a few more steps inside his office and looks around but there is no sign of Kirsta Lewis at all.

Lee Best: Where the fuck is that whore..I want to..

Lee stops himself as he hears something. He bends down lower as the noise appears to be coming from behind his desk..

Lee Best: What the fuck is that…

Lee reaches into his pocket and pulls out his trusty Bottom Line pen and slowly makes his way towards his desk.

Lee Best: Damn where in the fuck is Graystone when you need him…

Suddenly the noises stop and Lee stops as well as he strains his ears to hear any kind of noise.

Suddenly a man jumps up from behind the desk and Lee falls backwards on his ass as he is shocked by the sudden appearance of the man.

Lee Best: What in the royal fuck….

Lee shakes his head as he gets to his feet as the man, struggling to pull up his short brown shorts, tries not to look Lee in the face.

Lee Best: UPS? Seriously….I have a UPS man underneath my fucking…..WHAT THE FUCK??

Suddenly another man jumps out from under the desk as well and its very obvious that this man is a Fed Ex courier.

Lee just watches in amazement as the Fed Ex and UPS guys work hastily to get all their clothes in order and after they do they put their heads down and begin to head towards the door to exit the God of HOW’s office.

Lee Best: Whoa there numnuts….you got some fucking explaining to do. You two fucking under my desk? I swear to god if it smells like Brokeback Mountain under there I am going to send Embosser to blow up some…

UPS Guy: Sir, it is nothing like that. You see we both arrived at the same time with a package for you and you weren’t here yet but a Ms. Lewis was and she told us to enter and before we could…

Lee stops the man as he holds up his hand and takes a deep breath.

Lee Best: Kirsta? Get the FUCK OUT from there…NOW……NOW!!!

After a few seconds we see Kirsta Lewis appear from under the desk and her hair is all sorts of messed up and her lipstick is smeared and she is holding a Fed Ex and UPS envelope in each hand as she slowly walks up to Lee as the two couriers stand off to the side, embarrassed and afraid to look up.

Lee Best: Seriously? The Fed Ex AND UPS guys? What the fuck are you thinking??

Kirsta just hands Lee the envelopes and he snatches them from her hands and he notices that they are opened already.

Lee Best: You opened this shit already…you fucking little whore…

Lee pulls out what appears to be a contract from the UPS manila envelope and before he can really begin to read he is stopped in his tracks as while he was distracted, Kirsta dropped to her knees and has just ripped open Lee’s zipper and is digging in his pants.

Lee Best: What the fuck you doing….you two outta here…NOW!!!!

The UPS and Fed Ex couriers quickly exit stage left and the cameras follow them as they quickly shut the door behind them. As the cameras pan back to Kirsta and Lee, the cameraman stops as it’s obvious that Kirsta has found what she was digging for and the crowd boos loudly to drown out the sucking sounds coming from Kirsta…

Lee Best: ….fuck…..ya ya ya the balls…..oh fuck……what??

The muffled speech from Kirsta is indecipherable and she stops sucking long enough to tell Lee to “Just Sign in”…..before going back to working on Lee..

Lee’s head rocks back as Kirsta is really doing her “job” well know. Again she muffles for him to sign it and he slowly pulls his Bottom Line pen out and blindly signs the contract that he was holding from the UPS envelope and he promptly drops it on the ground as Kirsta holds up the FED EX envelope now and Lee at first refuses it but has Kirsta ups the enthusiasm in her “job”, Lee quickly rips it open and again blindly signs the back page of another contract before dropping it on the floor and then he motions for the cameras to leave as he pulls Kirsta up by the hair and promptly spins her around and she places her hands firmly on the desk of Lee and sticks her ass out as she smiles back at Lee as he drops his pants and the final image we see is of the cameras zooming in on the contracts on the ground as we cut to the announcers.


Ethan Cavanaugh vs. Skylar Montgomery
Singles Match

Scene cuts to the ring and we see Skylar Montgomery already in the ring readying himself for his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Well after that somewhat bizarre opening from Lee Best in his office we are going to open the show with two promising young talents, Skylar Montgomery already in the ring, and this man!

The lights cut off leaving the arena in total black, as ‘The Illusionist’ by Phillip Glass hits and out walks Ethan Cavanaugh as the lights come back on.

Ethan makes his way to the ring and slides in and stares down Skylar with a serious look on his face. Ethan then half turns and raises his arms in the air to the crowd as suddenly, Skylar Montgomery rushes at Ethan!!!

Ethan turns in time and counters whatever Skylar was planning with the TYNESIDE!!!!


Joel Hortega calls for the bell as Ethan connects with the STO and quickly locks in the D’Arce Arm Triangle choke!!! Skylar Montgomery starts thrashing, but is in the middle of the ring and he taps out!!!!


Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK!?



Ethan breaks the hold as Skylar just lies there holding his neck. Hortega raises the arm of Ethan as he smiles.

Joe Hoffman: I’m just getting word from some HOW officials…..Ethan Cavanaugh just scored the FASTEST submission victory in HOW history in nine seconds!!!!

Benny Newell: Goddamn! And Tim Shipley thinks he can stop Ethan after that!? Tim Shipley is gonna tap the fuck out and Ethan will prove Turmoil’s dominance!

Joe Hoffman: I have to admit, this will really boost Ethan’s confidence going into Rumble at the Rock and after such an impressive victory, and I don’t think Tim Shipley can help BUT have some doubts. But that’s why they have the matches, but it’s hard to argue Ethan doesn’t have the advantage going into the pay per view.

Cavanaugh tells the referee to raise his arm again as the crowd begins jeering. Suddenly someone in the cheap seats begin chanting ‘MBB’. The chant soon spreads downward as Cavanaugh annoyed look grows.

Joe Hoffman: Our fans aren’t making it easy on Ethan Cavanaugh tonight.

Benny Newell: I thought he wanted to be a champion! He’s got the MBB Championship! He should be proud of himself!

Cavanaugh glares at the crowd before turning to the ropes, hanging onto them as the chanting grows louder and louder. His grip on the top rope gets tighter and tighter as the referee checks on the fallen Skylar Montgomery. After a moment Ethan turns towards Montgomery, his eyes raging as he pushes the referee aside. Cavanaugh wraps his hands around Montgomery’s throat and hauls him up, shoving him into the corner. The ‘MBB’ chants seem to be getting louder and louder as an enraged Cavanaugh strangles Montgomery.

Cavanaugh (off mic): You’re a joke! You’re a joke! You…do not belong…in here! Not with me!

A straight punch to the face rocks Montgomery but Cavanaugh keeps him upright for one more before letting him drop down. The crowd begins jeering as Cavanaugh glares at Montgomery, dazed against the bottom turnbuckle. Cavanaugh backs away, his eyes still trained on Montgomery as he comes to a stop in the opposite corner. The jeering grows louder as Cavanaugh bolts forward, going full force into a low big boot to the face of Montgomery. Cavanaugh snaps out of the corner, staring into the front row as Montgomery folds over the bottom rope, spots of blood dripping from his mouth to the mat followed by…

Benny Newman: Fuck! I see teeth Joe!

The camera zooms in to the couple of teeth Cavanaugh managed to knock out with his kick, until a pair of hands blocks the shot. Cavanaugh sits Montgomery upright, the chants beginning all over again.

Joe Hoffman: He can’t be thinking of doing that again…

Benny Newman: MBB! MBB! MBB!

Joe Hoffman: Dammit be a professional for once!

Cavanaugh again backs up, measuring Montgomery again before charging again and again unloading a stiff low boot to the face of Montgomery. Some in the crowd begins cheering as Cavanaugh drops to his knees, watching as Montgomery slumps to the ground, his mouth bloodied and hanging open. Cavanaugh grabs Montgomery by the chin, getting a roar of pain for his effort.

Joe Hoffman: I think Cavanaugh may have broken Montgomery’s jaw.

Montgomery weakly tries to push Cavanaugh away, instead Cavanaugh pins his head to the mat.

Cavanaugh: (off mic) come back into my ring…I’ll fucking kill you…

Cavanaugh finally lets Montgomery fall into his own blood and rolls out of the ring. The referee checks on Montgomery as Cavanaugh looks down at his hand, rubbing his blood splattered fingers with little interest as Turmoil cuts to the backstage area.


Twisted Thoughts

We cut to another area of The Best Arena where we see Frankie the Cameraman standing outside a locker room, which has a sign that says Twisted Reality on it with microphone in hand.

Frankie: Last week HOW saw the formation of what will soon be the greatest tag team ever to grace the ring of HOW. One member is a 3 time LSD champion, 4 time Stable champion and the longest reigning Commissioner in HOW new era….The Hardcore Artist, Scottywood! The other is a former NGW Battle Dome winner and one of Canada’s finest exports….Johnny Stevens! They are the NGW Tag Team champions…..Twisted Reality!

The locker room door opens and we see both Scottywood and Johnny Stevens make their way out into the hallway with their NGW Tag Team championship belts as Frankie hands the microphone off to Scottywood who finishes off his Amp and smiles like he is doing a cheesy promo for it as he then tosses the empty can to the ground.

Scottywood: Are you read….

Johnny: Woah! I thought we agreed no more DX rip offs.

Scottywood: Fine, fine. But the people of HOW do need to be ready, I mean these people have no idea what they are in store for now that me and you have put our differences to the side….for now, and are on the same page. The fans of NGW know what kind of carnage we have caused when fighting each other, now just imagine how much carnage we can cause when working together.

Johnny: Well then HOW is certainly not ready then, I mean last week we saw two jokes of tag teams fighting, and this week is just as bad. Again two more teams who are were just thrown together for a “tag team” match.

Scottywood: I do see what Lee Best was going for here though with Krista Lewis and Mark O’Neal vs. Bobbinette Carey and Marcus Reinhardt. Previewing two PPV matches by teaming wrestlers up….but these teams are embarrassments to REAL tag teams like Twisted Reality. I mean any team with Bobbinette Carey is doomed to fail….I know that first hand, she leaves a trail of failure behind her where ever she goes. Then you have The Best Alliance, who are the greatest stable in the history of wrestling, and they work great as a group, but they are not a true tag team. They don’t know each other the way a true tag team does.

Johnny Stevens: Me and Scottywood have fought each other in some of the most brutal matches in NGW and Hate history, we have spilled pints of each others blood and put each other through tremendous amounts of pain, we know each other better then any other “tag team” can know each other.

Scottywood: But let’s digress from how much of a failure Bobbinette Carey is, even though I could go on all night and let’s me turn to something that is bugging me even more. Last week like Frankie said, two bitter rivals shocked HOW by announcing they are forming a tag team together. But what was everyone talking about? Graystone cutting the head off a fucking tiger……Aceldama slicing his skin off to remove a brand. Is that what someone has to do to get noticed in HOW? Well I guess that is what I am going to have to do. Frankie, bring me over my panda! I feel like making a panda fur coat.

Frankie walks over to Scottywood carrying a stuffed Kung Fu Panda animal and hands it over to a very pissed off Scottywood.

Scottywood: I told you to bring me a live panda! I gave you a bag of money to rent a van, hire some people and get Panda from the San Diego Zoo.

Frankie: Well I did all of that and I went to the zoo, but when I asked the manager for one of the Pandas they escorted me out of the zoo and told me never to come back. I mean I didn’t even get to see the monkeys; I really wanted to see the monkeys.

Scottywood: You were supposed to steal a fuckin panda!! What kind of idiot thinks that a zoo is just going to hand over a panda to some random fuckin guy? Forget it, I guess I will have to go with plan B.

Johnny: Figured you would fuck you plan A…..Hell I didn’t even think you would agree to try and get him a Panda knowing what he would have in store for it.

Scottywood: Here is 100 bucks, go up to the concourse and I’ll text you what I want you to buy us.

Frankie: Can I get a hotdog and popcorn while I am up there?

Scottywood: As long as you buy what I want you too, you can get whatever you want with the remaining cash. Now go quickly, we don’t have much time. And don’t fuck up this time!

Frankie runs off with the money as Scotty just shakes his head as he looks down at the stuffed panda and rips its head off and tosses it away in anger as Johnny tries to calm him down.

Johnny: Serenity now Scotty, serenity now.

Scottywood: And you ask me how I became a fuckin alcoholic, the kid is a fuckin idiot sometimes. I mean he made me look like a damn idiot on live televsion handing me that stupid stuffed animal.

Johnny: Well you could have checked in with him before we started the segment…..

Scottywood: I don’t have time to double check people’s work, if I give them a task they should just get it done…..Ugh, let’s just go and prepare for plan B…..I need another Amp to calm me down….

Scotty turns and heads back into the locker room as Johnny just smirks and turns back to the camera.

Johnny Stevens: Now a word from one of our wonderful sponsors, Amp Energy. Amp it up!

Johnny smiles at the camera before he turns and makes his way into the Twisted Reality locker room, shutting the door behind him as we cut to a commercial break.


Official Sponsor of the newly revAMPed Tag Team Division


Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey & Marcus Reinhardt vs. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal & Kirsta Lewis
Tag Team Match

Back from commercial break we hear “Undead” by Hollywood Undead playing through The Best Arena as Best Alliance members Krista Lewis and Mark O’Neal make their way out onto the stage too a huge chorus of boos and catcalls towards Krista.

Bryan McVay: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall, first making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 380 pounds….representing The Best Alliance….”The Hellcat” Krista Lewis and “The Explosive” Mark O’Neal!!!

Krista teases the fans as she makes her way into the ring as O’Neal walks by the booing fans with a cocky smile before sliding into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Were going to see a preview of two Rumble at the Rock 2 matches here tonight, as both Krista and O’Neal opponents will be teaming together in this match.

Benny Newell: What did you say? I was too busy admiring the beautiful Hellcat. Here kitty, kitty.

Joe Hoffman: Can’t you be professional for at least one match?

Benny shakes his head and downs a shot as “Circus” by Britney Spears cuts in and The Best Arena erupts in cheers as we see Bobbinette Carey and Marcus Reinhardt walking out onto the stage.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 381 pounds….Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey and Marcus Reinhardt!!!

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette will finally get to square off one on one against Krista at Rumble at the Rock 2 and Marcus Reinhardt will try and beat yet another HOW Hall of Famer in a one on one match.

Benny Newell: And both Krista and Mark will prevail in both their matches, I mean just look at Krista…….and then look at Carey, that is one kitty I don’t want to be anywhere near….at least sober.

Benny downs another drink as Bobbinette slowly makes here way down the ramp, greeting many of the fans, as Marcus is concentrating more on Mark O’Neal. Bobbinette is halfway down the ramp when we see two fans in official HOW hooded sweatshirts jump the security barricade and attack both Bobbinette and Marcus from behind with some cheap shots and then start delivering punches to each.

Joe Hoffman: What the!?! Someone get the EPU down here quick and stop these fans!

Benny Newell: I don’t think those are fans Joe…..

Bobbinette is lifted by one of the “fans” into a fireman’s carry and quickly planted with a DDT as the other “fan” kicks Reinhardt in the stomach and lifts him up for a powerbomb as he quickly spins him around and slams him down hard on the steel ramp as both men the remove their hoods.

Joe Hoffman: Game Misconduct….The Plague…It’s Scottywood and Johnny Stevens….Twisted Reality! What in the world are these guys doing jumping Bobbinette and Reinhardt?

Benny Newell: Well they did say they are an embarrassment to tag teams, seems they are proving their points.

Finally we see the EPU make their way out, walking leisurely towards Scottywood and Stevens. Scottywood is bent over Bobbinette staring at her face and laughing at her with a sick look on his face. The EPU barely restrain the two as they both are escorted back up the ramp and backstage.

Joe Hoffman: About time the EPU decided to come out here, but it may be too late for Bobbinette and Reinhardt, the damage has been done by Twisted Reality.

Benny Newell: They can’t be everywhere Joe, maybe if Bobbinette and Reinhardt had their guards up more, they would have seen Scottywood and Stevens.

We cuts back to the ring where Krista and O’Neal have exited it and are making their way up the ramp towards Bobbinette and Reinhardt who are still not moving much after their brutal attacks. But that doesn’t stop Krista and O’Neal from dragging both down to and rolling them both into the ring. Referee Matt Boettcher tries to keep Krista and O’Neal at bay so both Bobbinette and Reinhardt can get back to their feet, but O’Neal pushes him to the side as he picks Reinhardt up and Krista plants him with a Hell’s Bitch Kick

Joe Hoffman: Come on! If what Twisted Reality wasn’t bad enough now The Best Alliance are attacking their opponents before the match has even begun.

O’Neal is scaling the turnbuckles now as Krista rolls Bobbinette over onto her back and kisses her on the forehead and smiles as O’Neal leaps off the top rope and hits Bobbinette with a splash.

Benny Newell: What an Explosive Splash by Mark O’Neal!

Krista yells at referee Matt Boettcher and demands he ring the bell, and not wanting to deal with the wrath of Lee Best, he reluctantly calls for the bell as Krista places one hand on the chest of Reinhardt and O’Neal places a hand on the stomach of Bobbinette as Boettcher counts both pinfalls.




Boettcher calls for the bell again, now to end the match as “Undead” by Hollywood Undead plays and he raises the arms of both Krista Lewis and Mark O’Neal.

Bryan McVay: The winners of this match in 4 seconds….Krista Lewis and Mark O’Neal!!!

Joe Hoffman: This is appalling Benny, but I have word we have cameras backstage where I believe the EPU have fully taken Scottywood and Johnny Stevens into custody.

The camera cuts from the celebrating Best Alliance to backstage where we see Scottywood shaking hands with one of the EPU agents and handing him a hundred dollar bill as he notices the camera and quickly turns away from the agent who quickly leaves.

Joe Hoffman: Well so much for Twisted Reality being taken into custody.

Benny Newell: There is no problem that Benjamin Franklin can’t fix Joe, if you had money you would understand.

Scottywood: Now that Johnny is how a real tag team acts. I told you that any team involving Bobbinette always ends up failing; guess you can chalk another one up.

Johnny Stevens: And that is just….

Suddenly we see an egg fly in and smack Johnny right in the back of the head, as he reaches back and feels the gooey egg in his hair and seems really confused as Scotty laughs at him.

Johnny Stevens: Did I just get hit by an egg? Who the fuck throws eggs?

As Scottywood continues to laugh another egg flies in and hits Scottywood in the back of the head as the laughing quickly stops and turns to irate anger.

Scottywood: What the fuck!! I’m going to fuckin murder someo….

Both Scottywood and Johnny turn around to try and find the culprits of the egg throwing but they are met with dual frying pans with fried eggs in them to the head from an unknown man who lays both Scottywood and Johnny Stevens out on the concrete floor.

Benny Newell: Who the hell is that with the…..frying pans??

Joe Hoffman: That is Mr. Cool…..and that man with the handful of eggs is Doozer, they are both from Dream Wrestling.

Benny Newell: What the hell are they doing in HOW then?

Mr. Cool looks down at Scottywood and Johnny Stevens, and then back over at Doozer.

Mr. Cool: Now that is how you do it.

But the lesson is cut short as a handful of EPU agents who have noticed the attack can be seen running down the hallway towards Mr. Cool and Doozer who are caught red handed. Mr. Cool drops the frying pans and runs away as Doozer tries to throws a few eggs at the EPU agents, but quickly realizes they have little affect.

Doozer: Keep Cool….

Doozer drops the box of eggs to the ground and takes off down the hallway following Mr. Cool as the EPU agents rush by the camera and down the hall as the camera turns to the two frying pans that Mr. Cool dropped. One pan says Egg, and another pan says Bandits as we then cuts backstage.


A fight is Brewin’

The camera cuts back stage to find the No. 1 Contender for the World Championship standing infront of a large HOFC logo, all geared up and ready for his upcoming match against Michael DeNucci.

Trent: Are ya ready, ladies ‘n’ wankers? Are ya ready fer another three fuckin’ rounds of mixed martial arts madness? I know I fuckin’ am. DeNucci’s egotism may give ‘im the arrogance to think he’s the top fighter in this company, but I got other fuckin’ ideas. To find the best fighter in the company ya just have to look fer the best wrestler and to find him ya don’t have to look any fuckin’ than the one, the only, the greatest Thrasher to ever step in any ring, yours fuckin’ truly.

He slams his fist into his palm.

Trent: I spent all week pointin’ out just how DeNucci doesn’t match up to the MMA fantasy he dreams he’s in, but he still hasn’t got the point so let me elaborate with a very fuckin’ pertinant point. DeNucci’s been trainin’ and preparein’ fer a fight against a big dumb pro wrestler without an day of MMA trainin’ in his life, a dude who’s just waltzin’ into the ring without a fuckin’ clue what MMA is all about. A real fighter wouldn’t be that fuckin’ arrogant, a real fighter would be trainin’ as if he were facin’ an expert, ‘cos fer all he knows the fuckin’ rook on the otherside of the ring could be a black belt in Jui Jutsu under a fuckin’ Gracie. Lucky fer him, I ain’t. But I ain’t exactly untrained either.

He shrugs.

Trent: Just ‘cos I don’t shout about my trainin’ camp at every fuckin’ opportunity doesn’t mean I ain’t been trainin’, does it? Nah, I’ve been trainin’ and I’ve been learnin’. As soon as I caught wind of HOFC I went and started fuckin’ trainin’ in every aspect of the god damn sport. Sure, I ain’t no expert or nothin’, but I’ll be damned if I ain’t experienced enough dominate the fuckin’ HOFC given the chance.

Trent: DeNucci is small fuckin’ fry, doin’ fer MMA what he did fer fuckin’ Wrestlin’, jack shit. Sure, he’s gonna be crowned the first ever HOFC Champion at Rumble at the Rock but, fuck, it’s by virtue of suckin’ Best’s dick to make the title in the first fuckin’ place. It’s not like Kostoff’s gonna be much of a fuckin’ challenge, it’s a token fight fer a token fuckin’ champ. Once I beat Aceldama I’ll be more than happy to add DeNucci’s bloody belt to my collection.

With a sly grin he snapped his fingers.

Trent: And speakin’ of Aceldama, nice fuckin’ trick ya played on me earlier, man, but don’t think ya can run and hide at the Rock. I honestly meant it when I said I was comin’ to fuckin’ take yer place at the top of the pile, Ace. Yer already losin’ yer footin’ and slippin’ down, by the next time Turmoil airs that belt will be draped over my shoulder, Ace, I’ll be the motherfucker holdin’ all the fuckin’ power, not you.

He shook his head, grinning even more.

Trent: No, not you, you’ll be tumblin’ down the tower all the way to the bottom, hounded by the Best Alliance, persecuted by the EPU and shunned by the rest of us fightin’ against the tyrany of Lee fuckin’ Best. Ya’ve made yer bed, Ace, it’s time to fuckin’ lie in it. Ya’ve gone from havin’ all the power in the company and a team mate who trusted ya with his life to havin’ just a bit of gold and a fuckin’ double crossin’ lunatic watchin’ yer back with a dagger inches away from yer spine.

Trent raises his left fist at the camera.

Trent: With this very fuckin’ fist, yer’ll be knocked the fuck out and dragged to the medical fuckin’ ward. Ya’ve been knocked out by me before, dude, ya know ya can’t take a clean hit from me ‘n’ still be standin’ and that’s just with this fuckin’ fist. When we tear up D-Block and smeer our blood down the coridors, I won’t just have my fists at my fuckin’ disposal. Anything at hand, anything at all, can and will be used as a fuckin’ weapon and that includes the fuckin’ cell bars ‘n’ the unforgivin’ concrete fuckin’ floor. Just wait fer it, Ace, yer gonna get Thrash-

Trent’s rambling monologue is interupted by a figure running into shot from Trent’s blind side and blasting him with a steel chair.

Aceldama: Why wait?

He picks Trent up and throws him through the HOFC logo, the whole set collapses around the big man. Aceldama reaches down to pick Trent up but gets caught on the temple by a broken piece of two-by-four from the destroyed set, swung by Trent. Trent bursts up and starts throwing punches to the World Champion who fires back strikes of his own. Aceldama staggers back against a wall.

Trent takes advantage with a haymaker of a punch but Aceldama dodges just in time and slams Trent’s head into the wall. Aceldama goes slam it again but Trent counters with an elbow to Aceldama’s face. Trent levels Aceldama with a big boot and drags him across the floor by his leg. However, Aceldama has his wits about him and grabs the discarded chair as he is dragged past it. He whacks Trent with it, but the giant doesn’t let go.

The World Champion swings the chair again, this time breaking free and pulling himself to his feet. He cracks the chair into Trent’s leg sending him down to one knee and follows up with a shot to the skull. Just as Aceldama positions the chair, ready to drive it edge first into the base of Trent’s skull, he is distracted by a shocking shout.

The Embosser: Stop zat vasted movement immedziatly!

A squad of EPU guards and The Embosser charge into shot. The Embosser draws a tazer gun and shoots Aceldama in the chest as the EPU pile on Trent, two men restraining each limb, two more start stabbing at him with shock battons. Aceldama manages to stay up on one knee despite being tazered, but the Embosser wastes no movement in dropping the tazer, drawing his batton and cracking it across Aceldama’s chin.

He quickly discards the batton, draws a second tazer gun, aims and shoots in a single motion. Aceldama spasms, having taken the second tazer to his ear and neck. A moment later the Embosser turns and heads to the door, sparing only a few words as he leaves.

The Embosser: Get zhem out of zhere.

The show cuts to commercial as Turmoil’s EPU struggle to restrain Trent and drag him out the room and as Mayhem’s EPU rush on to the scene to help Aceldama, only to find they missed the action.


This is the belt all the HOFC participants will be fighting for!


“The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci vs. Trent
HOFC Match

Scene cuts to the HOFC 30 by 30 mat in the Best Arena Basement. We see the usual small collection of handpicked fans surrounding the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome here again folks to another highly anticipated High Octane Fighting Championship contest. This time against two men who are very familiar with each other, very angry, and very ready to destroy one another tonight, Trent versus ‘The Headhunter’ Michael DeNucci.

Benny Newell: Both these guys suck balls, although Trent better not suck when he challenges for the HOW title against that asshole Aceldama.

Joe Hoffman: They say styles make fights, and that is true for MMA as well as Boxing. Michael DeNucci is probably the only man in HOW with actual MMA skills and he is going to try one thing, and that is get the big man to the mat and make him tap out.

Benny Newell: While at the same time, Trent is going to try and stay off the mat and knock DeNucci the fuck out with his damn near one foot height advantage.

Joe Hoffman: great analysis. See you can contribute positively to the announcing booth.

Benny Newell: Fuck you Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Well with that said, I am being told that Michael DeNucci is already in the Basement and is awaiting the arrival of Trent. With that said lets head back LIVE to the Best Arena Basement.

Michael DeNucci is indeed in the basement stretching a little bit. He looks like a real MMA fighter and has his own corner people and everything advising him of what to do in the fight.

Suddenly Trent enters through the basement door and he looks entirely focused on DeNucci. His eyes never leave the Headhunter as Trent steps onto the mat and referee Rick “Even” Stevens’s starts checking the fighters over for weapons.

Once both wrestlers are clean, Stevens calls them to the center of the mat and signals for the fight to begin.


Round one opens with DeNucci immediately shooting for a single leg takedown. Trent stuffs the takedown and tries for some elbows, but DeNucci backs off and both men stare each other down.

Joe Hoffman: DeNucci looking for the takedown early. But Trent way to big to be taken down so easily.

Trent with a short combo of punches that DeNucci dodges. DeNucci fakes the takedown, gets Trent to drop his hands, and then DeNucci connects with two hard hooks, right to left, then as Trent covers up, DeNucci with a trip into a single leg take down!

Joe Hoffman: DeNucci got the big man down!!!

DeNucci now in Trent’s guard as DeNucci works for the mount.

Joe Hoffman: Trent has proven to have a very solid guard; I hope DeNucci doesn’t underestimate Trent here.

DeNucci continues to work his way into a guard. Trent with punches from the bottom, but DeNucci does a great job of mostly nullifying Trent’s offense from the bottom. Trent tries to power up, but DeNucci with elbows to the head stops that. DeNucci gets partial mount having his legs locked around Trent’s left leg.

Trent tries to free his leg but DeNucci with hammer fists and Trent is forced to cover up and abandon that for now. DeNucci quickly transitions to full mount as Trent is busy trying to defend against further punches.

Joe Hoffman: Full mount for DeNucci!!!!!

DeNucci with hammer fists, but Trent covers up well. DeNucci tries to rain down bigger haymakers, but Trent partially powers up and DeNucci scrambles off the big man to avoid being on the bottom. DeNucci stays on Trent though with a flurry of hooks that Trent shrugs off before connecting with a big uppercut as he stands.

Ten seconds left….Trent with a big left cross that staggers DeNucci and then Trent takes down DeNucci and tries to pound away but DeNucci covers up as the round ends.

Joe Hoffman: That was a great round that saw DeNucci dominate early but Trent scored several clean shots as well as a takedown.

Benny Newell: Trent is gonna have to use his size more.

Joe Hoffman: Benny…..are you…..SOBER?

Benny Newell: Of course not…..just tried some new shit from Germany….

Joe Hoffman: Ah well….

Round two starts with both men meeting each other in the middle of the mat and slugging it out. DeNucci surprisingly stands toe to toe with Trent and the two trade shots. Most of the punches don’t land solidly, but still heavy damage is being sustained by both men.

Joe Hoffman: A slugfest! Will Trent overwhelm DeNucci!!!

DeNucci suddenly with a combo, a right hook, left uppercut, right straight, into a spinning back elbow which connects to the chest. Trent is stunned, and DeNucci bends down for a takedown, but Trent with a knee. DeNucci backs off and the two clash again, DeNucci with an inside uppercut then a knee to the quadriceps. Trent stumbles, and DeNucci scores a quick takedown.

DeNucci looks for a Komura, but Trent powers out, and passes into a partial mount. DeNucci scrambles and manages to grab an exposed leg, and turns in toward Trent and looks to transition into a leg hold, but Trent powers out, and both men stand up.

Another exchange of punches and Trent gets the better with a stinging right hook to the body. Trent scores a takedown. Trent with hammer fists, but DeNucci covers up. Trent looks for an arm triangle choke, but DeNucci squirms out manages to get the back of Trent.

DeNucci looks for the rear naked, but Trent powers out. Both men stand up and we have another exchange of blows. Trent tries a head kick of sorts, but DeNucci ducks under and trips up the other leg and scores a takedown. DeNucci takes the back, as Trent landed on all fours, and has a rear naked half applied before Trent can do anything.

Trent powers to his feet as DeNucci applies the rear naked completely. Trent dives forward and DeNucci lands on his head! DeNucci lets go of the chokehold, and Trent looks dazed as DeNucci lies there and goes into guard weakly as Trent with a punch to the ribs then a full mount for the 300 pounder.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no, DeNucci does not want to be underneath this 300 pound monster!

Trent with a couple slow measured shots, but they are well defended. Trent tries to posture up, but DeNucci with wrist control. Trent tries to free himself and leans forward and DeNucci uses head control now to prevent further shots.

Trent powers up out of the head control but leaves his left arm exposed. DeNucci grabs it, as he somehow squirms his left leg free and locks it near the head of Trent. Trent is visibly tired and DeNucci scoots out of the mount partially freeing his right leg. Trent tries to pound with his right hand, but even with his dominant hand with the left arm locked up, Trent can’t muscle most of his power.

Joe Hoffman: I think DeNucci is looking for an armbar or possibly a triangle choke!

DeNucci squirms free and Trent is still pounding on the midsection. DeNucci uses his now free right leg to lock in a triangle choke. Trent struggles, but DeNucci has been pulling on the arm for a while now and Trent’s exhaustion has him unable to power free.

Joe Hoffman: Triangle choke locked in!!! Second submission of the round!!!! Will Trent tap!! He may have to!

Trent gets to his feet squatted down. He is trying to use his right hand to pry the grip of DeNucci, but it isn’t happening. Trent looks to be wearing down as suddenly Trent manages to pry his left arm partially free of DeNucci’s grip. You can hear Trent’s exhausted yell as he grabs DeNucci with his right hand, then uses his left as well.

Joe Hoffman: What is Trent trying to counter with here!!!?

Trent suddenly powers DeNucci OFF THE MAT WHILE THE TRIANGLE CHOKE IS STILL PARTIALLY LOCKED IN, and lifts him up while standing, then falls back to the mat, power bombing DeNucci into the mat!!!!


DeNucci goes limp and the hold is broken and Trent falls backward also looking out of it. Rick Stevens stands over both men who have yet to move. Rick calls for the stoppage.

Benny Newell: What happened????

Joe Hoffman: My only analysis would be that both men were ruled unable to continue? Looks like Rick Stevens will let us know now what he has ruled as to the winner of this fight.

Rick Stevens: I have declared a stop to this fight due to a double knockout!!!!

Joe Hoffman & Benny Newell: WHAT!!!!!?


Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe this!!!! Can we get a replay!!!?

HOV comes alive and shows replay of Trent partially free his arm from the triangle choke, then use both arms to power DeNucci up off the mat, stand up and deliver a huge power bomb to DeNucci. The hold breaks upon impact, and DeNucci is motionless, and Trent falls to the side unmoving as well.

Joe Hoffman: WOW. I can’t believe this folks, but it seems like Trent expended the last of his energy power bombing DeNucci and DeNucci was knocked out from the power bomb itself. We have the first Double K.O draw in HOFC history.

Benny Newell: That was a hell of a power move from Trent, and DeNucci had that Triangle Choke in damn good.

The fans are buzzing at the result of the fight as HOW staff attends to Trent and DeNucci’s corner staff help him.

Joe Hoffman: Now neither man will have bragging rights after tonight, but maybe we will see a rematch? I don’t know, but let’s pay some bills with some commercials and we will be back to more HOW action!


The Best Celebration

The action cuts backstage where Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal is backstage in his locker room with Kirsta Lewis inside. Mark O’Neal has just shaken up a bottle of Champaign and then pops it open, purposely spraying as much of the Champaign onto Kirsta’s cleavage. They both have huge smiles on their faces as they take turns swigging out of the bottle of Champaign. After Mark takes a swig his face turns to disgust as he hands the bottle to Kirsta.

Mark O’Neal: “I can’t drink out of the same bottle as you. That would be like sucking Lee’s dick. And half of the delivery workers in Chicago.”

At that Mark grabs another bottle of Champaign from the table and opens it, he starts drinking from that. He then turns to the camera and stares straight into it.

Mark O’Neal: “Welcome everybody to the Best Alliance victory party. For the fourth straight week I have beaten down Marcus Reinhardt. I don’t understand how this guy even still deserves to be at the Pay Per View. I can’t wait to hear that bitch yell I QUIT. Then I will be done with this good for nothing chump once and for all. I guarantee you one thing Marcus, I will never mutter those words. I don’t ever quit. I am either going to dominate you, or be knocked out cold before I ever say the words. Oh shit…stop…seriously stop that…..”

Kirsta Lewis: “Say you quit.”

Mark O’Neal is all of a sudden giggling out of control.

Mark O’Neal: “Okay…Okay…I QUIT!”

Mark stops giggling as the camera pans back and you can see Kirsta was tickling Mark’s stomach as she was massaging his chest. She is now running her hands down the sides of his legs, teasing him. Mark tries to shake off her off as he focus back on talking.

Mark O’Neal: “The fact is Marcus, you are garbage. Once I am done with you I will focus on winning the tag titles. Because the fact of the matter is that the A-Listers are undefeated, and they are the best tag team since the Mercenaries. Oh wait, that was me too. I am the most dominant tag team performer in the history of High Octane Wrestling, and Marcus, you have found that out the hard way twice. And at Rumble at the Rock, you will find out first hand how dominate of a singles wrestler I am as well. When I hand you yet another beating. You might as well throw in the towel now Marcus. At Rumble at the Rock 2, you will find out what it’s like to have the Walking Time Bomb EXPLODE ON YOU!!!!!!!!!”

Kirsta Lewis: “I want to know what that’s like.”

The scene fades as a big smile comes across Mark’s face.


Just announced during the break…The Egg Bandits vs. Twisted Reality at RATR 2!!


Punchline this..

[The cameras cut to the back of Best Arena. One of the locker room doors burst open as Ethan Cavanaugh storms out, dressed casually and his gear bag in hand. The cameras followed silently as Cavanaugh continues to walk, shooting them venomous glances every now and then before continuing on. Finally he stops and he turns, freezing the camera in its tracks.]

Cavanaugh: Why are you following me?

[The cameraman backs up as Cavanaugh steps forward, a vicious scowl painted across his face.]

Cavanaugh: Suddenly a man can’t blow off steam in this company? Lee Best turns his employees into cattle, peeling out other’s teeth at a whim and he’s left alone. A World Champion mutilates himself to remove said brand and is left alone. I break a rank amateur’s jaw…and suddenly I’m something interesting?

[The cameraman stops as Cavanaugh starts walking again. The cameraman stays put, trained on Cavanaugh as he goes into the garage before following behind him. It finally catches up as Cavanaugh hurls his bag into the trunk of a a black Lincoln MKS. He slams the trunk shut and looks up to see, yet again, the camera in his face.]

Cavanaugh: What in the hell do you want?! You wasn’t amused enough by my work? Do you want me to entertain you still?! Maybe you haven’t noticed by I am not an entertainer. I…am a professional wrestler. I am second generation…trained by my father: a legend in the UK. What I do very very few anywhere I can do! I have walked a line in my career that these…these…Best Alliance…degenerates can barely even crawl! And they dare to think that they, they, will suceed into making me a joke?! My family name a joke?!

[Cavanaugh angrily shoves the camera aside, making the cameraman stumble as he walked past him. A beep is heard as Cavanaugh opens the door, pausing for a moment. The cameraman rights himself as Cavanaugh turns around.]

Cavanaugh: Since you insist on following send this message to your masters. At Rumble at the Rock I shall do…what I was trained to do since before I can remember. I am not a joke. I am not a punchline. I am the last of an idea. I am pure professional wrestling! And when I get finished at the Rock, I will take back what someone attempted to steal from me. Krista Lewis! Lee Best! You thought my pride was your plaything?! Soon enough, soon enough what you tried to destroy will crush you. We’ve only just begun kids….we’ve only just begun…


The Grayer side of Cooking

???: And now it’s time for another segment of Cooking with Kael.

The scene opens to Graystone standing in front of a mirror, wearing a white chef’s hat and staring at himself with a stern glare. A singular light bulb slowly swaying left to right from a thick black cord illuminates the murky gray walls stalking behind him.

Graystone: This recipe is the best yet.

Graystone turns around as the camera follows him to reveal Max Kael sitting strapped into a wooden chair with his head tilted backwards and his eyes rolled back in his head.

Graystone: First you take two tablespoons of a miserable idiot bananas… Mix in a cup of multiple grape colors… and a pinch of shark teeth… stir rigorously… and what do you get?

Graystone kneels down in front of Kael, putting his hands on Max’s knees.

Graystone: You get the bittersweet batter of a man possessed by fireflies and trees that drop honeydew with photographs of pink lemonade.

Max lets out a groan, as his head bobs forward and his eyes roll even further back into his head. Graystone pulls a knife from his pants, and presses the tip of it into Max’s thigh bone.

Graystone: But Max… You are no Patriot. Your mother never kissed you with that mouth of sweet perfume. The problem is you’re missing the one secret ingredient…

Suddenly Graystone rips the chef’s hat from his head and holds the knife to his own throat. After a moment of tense hesitation, Graystone lowers the knife and presses it to his own wrist.

Graystone: I felt it.

Graystone smiles slightly, then drops the knife. Max manages to make eye contact with Graystone. Graystone perks up, and stares at Max.

Graystone: There he is! I see him! Don’t you see him Thomas? Michelle? There he is. Look Lee! I found him.

Graystone grabs a handful of his own hair and begins pulling, ripping the hairs from the root, and pulling out clobs of blood.

Graystone: Stop making fun of my unicorn!

Graystone pulls the knife up again and makes a slash across Max’s shin. Max lets out a deep, raspy moan.

Graystone: Do you love me? TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!

Suddenly, Graystone collapses to the cold cement floor and begins sobbing. Three sharp metallic knocks ring through the room, followed by the slow opening of a door. The door shuts, and then a series of multiple footsteps enter the room. A series of men and women wearing black masks dressed in white lab coats appear. One of the assistants places a wooden chair with leather straps in the middle of the room. The others walk over to Graystone.

???: It’s time.

The lab assistants each grab a piece of Graystone, and begin to raise his limp body from the ground. They haul him over the wooden chair and sit him in it.

Graystone: Why did he kill the tiger? He wasn’t supposed to kill the tiger.

The lab assistants begin strapping Graystone into the chair. Suddenly, Max leans all the way forward in the chair with a blank stare towards Graystone.

Max Kael: The flood.

???: He needs 50cc’s.

Max Kael: I saw it.

Graystone: He said he saw it. Why won’t you help him?

A lab assistant pulls out a syringe filled with a neon blue liquid, as the other assistants leave the room.


The lab assistant shoves the syringe into Graystone’s neck as Graystone screams in pain. Graystone begins whimpering and breathing heavily. The camera turns around and focuses in on Max who stares straight ahead with lifeless eyes.

Max Kael: They came from behind me.

The scene flickers.

Max Kael: Who? Who came from behind you?

The scene cuts to vintage black and white footage of Michelle Reynolds-Creedy playing hopscotch and laughing, then cuts back to Max Kael staring lifelessly into the camera.

Max Kael: I’d like my phone call now.

Cut to black.


Anyone seen my apron??


Aceldama vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

*We are back live in the Best Arena as the steel cage descends from the ceiling and covering the ring for tonight’s main event. Chris Kostoff is already within the ring as he stands in the middle of it looking upwards and watching as the steel cage comes down upon him. As it comes to its final resting place, he gives it a shake then turns back to view his opponent making his way to the ring.

Aceldama makes his way down to the ring, totally surrounded by members of Mayhem’s EPU firm, all dressed strangely in riot gear attire, masks, pullet proof vests etc. Each man is on full alert as they look around them, pushing away fans hands with vigour as they storm towards the ring. As they break they surround the entire ring, leaving Aceldama standing there on his own, title around his waist as he looks inside the ring. Kostoff looks like a man possessed, he is ready to fight, but Aceldama just seems to be more interested in what is going on behind him. He seems on edge.*

Joe Hoffmann- Aceldama seems a little nervy tonight, his problem being he seems to be looking more around the ring and not what is inside it, because if he looked inside that ring, he will see an even bigger problem!

Benny Newell- Ever since he found out about Barbi he has been pissed, and I don’t mean Benny your pissed again pissed, I mean furious pissed!

*Senior referee Matt Boettcher opens up the door for Aceldama to enter but instead Aceldama finally puts his attention to Kostoff in the ring, looking at him in the eyes he removes his belt from his waist and hands it to an EPU member then charges for the cage and proceeds to climb it. Kostoff stands on the other side in wait. He gets to the top and Kostoff decides he is not waiting any longer and he too proceeds to climb from the other side. Kostoff grabs Aceldama’s leg, but Aceldama kicks at him but this does not stop Kostoff’s pursuit. Aceldama’s legs are flailing and finally Kostoff gets a good grip and literally yanks Aceldama from the cage and he falls nearly twelve feet to the canvas below!*

Joe Hoffmann- Oh my god, Kostoff wasting no time at all in getting his message through, he is here and he is pissed!

Benny Newell- At least I am here every week! Maybe not in spirit, but in body.

Joe Hoffmann- I was talking about Kostoff you idiot.

Benny Newell- Oh.


*Now Aceldama is officially in the ring the match has begun but Aceldama will get no breathing space as Kostoff is back on him immediately and lifts Aceldama to his feet, throwing him with force into the ropes and as he returns meeting him with a deadly clothesline which almost takes Aceldama’s head off, he actually twists mid air! Kostoff lets out an almighty roar. Again he does not let Aceldama get one inch of space, he literally bends down, grabbing Aceldama and PICKS him up from the canvas into his arms and looking at the steel cage he charges against it, smacking Aceldama’s bare back against the steel, then turns and goes to the opposite corner, doing it again with more intensity, then to the left, and finally, with the most fatal of blows to the right. Then for final measure he slams him straight to the centre of the mat. He goes for the pin*




*Aceldama raises his hand as Kostoff did not have the shoulders pinned down.*

Joe Hoffmann- What intensity from Kostoff, literally banging Aceldama’s body of each side of the ring.

Benny Newell- He does all that then he can’t do a simple thing like remember to pin the shoulders down? That is why he is not a champion!

Joe Hoffmann- He is fighting with a lot of emotion in him, and it is showing.

*Kostoff still continues to try and not allow Aceldama any breathing space but Aceldama is quick off the mark as Kostoff leans over to pick him up as he rake’s him in the eyes, then sends him down with a tackle to the floor. He gets on top of him and begins a barrage of punches to him; Boettcher interrupts by counting to five. Aceldama lands an illegal head butt to Kostoff when Boettcher’s back is turned, but this turns out to be a big mistake as it riles up Kostoff more. Aceldama is up now and goads Kostoff to get up, fists at the ready. Kostoff gets up and they begin to exchange strong fists at one another, but nobody is budging. Aceldama mixes it up with a kick to the mid section, then takes to steps back and gets ready for a gore. He charges at Kostoff but he sees it coming and moves out of the way, grabbing Aceldama by his jumpsuit and making him gain more speed as his gore lands him straight into the metal steel cage! Kostoff begins to go in a fury, kicking away at Aceldama, then shaking the steel cage once more. He goes over and proceeds to try and rip the door off from its hinges!*

Benny Newell- Coward! He is trying to escape!

Joe Hoffmann- It would seem that way yes…..

*Kostoff is shaking it with all his might trying to get the door off, then it finally starts to extract itself from the rest of the structure. It is now in Kostoff’s hands!*

Joe Hoffmann- Wait a minute, he is not trying to escape, he wants to USE the door as a weapon!

*Kostoff does not get his chance as he turns only to be met by a kick by Aceldama who kicks the steel door against his chest, forcing him to let go of it. He is now against the turnbuckle, Aceldama grabs his arm and throws him against the other one, then charges at him with a cross body. Kostoff falls forward, Aceldama goes for the pin…*




*Kostoff is able to force himself out of the pin and out of the grasp of Aceldama as he gets to his knees, Aceldama punches him in the face, Kostoff also matches it. Meanwhile the members of the EPU are outside trying to put the door back on. Kostoff is now back on his feet, exchanging blows with Aceldama, but finally Aceldama is able to block one of his swipes and gives Kostoff an uppercut, forcing him backwards. He goes for the gore and this time connects with his proposed target. Unbeknown and much to the shock of Aceldama Kostoff stands up once again, albeit rather shaken with fists at the ready. Aceldama’s mouth is wide open. He charges at him with a clothesline, but again, this time with the help of the ropes he gets up once again. Aceldama stands in wonderment of Kostoff’s sheer emotion and will not to quit and continue fighting. He shakes his head then finally grabs him by the hair and sends him to the centre of the ring, and powerbombs him straight to the canvas. Aceldama takes a second to see if he will get up, but he doesn’t. Aceldama then goes to the top turnbuckle and delivers the Blitzkrieg, a diving elbow, straight to the sternum. He covers for the pin…..*





*Kostoff gets his hands up at the last second, Aceldama cannot believe it, he is in sheer shock, then a look comes into his face, a look that we have never seen from Aceldama before in the ring*

Joe Hoffmann- I think Aceldama has begun to respect Kostoff, the man will not stay down.

Benny Newell- Just like those prostitutes that say ‘I won’t suck it unless you add another twenty’

*Kostoff is stirring but still unable to get up. Aceldama turns to the turnbuckle and looks at it, he thinks one more time will be it. So he goes to the top turnbuckle, looking down at Kostoff, then he pauses, turns around as if to come down, then proceeds to CLIMB to the TOP of the steel cage! Standing fifteen feet in the air Aceldama looks around as everybody’s eyes are on him and he lets fly, elbow out and lands flat upon Kostoff with a massive bounce, the whole ring shakes as does the steel cage as the chants of ‘Holy shit! Holy Shit!’ begin. Aceldama is hurt badly too, but thankfully he landed on Kostoff. He goes for the cover….





*As the three came down to declare Aceldama the winner, Kostoff’s hand shoots up, but it is only a matter of milliseconds too late, but Aceldama rolls off Kostoff as Boettcher raises his arm in victory. Outside Bryan McVay calls the winner…..

Bryan McVay- Your winner, in a time of twelve minutes twenty two seconds……the world champsion…..ACELDAMA!!!!!

*The steel cage begins to descend b ack up to the ceiling as the two men are left on the canvas motionless but beginning to move. Each wrestler is now in an opposite corner looking at one another, panting away to themselves. Aceldama looks over at Kostoff and nods as if to give his approval and Kostoff acknowledges by nodding back*

Joe Hoffmann- Aceldama may have gained the win over Kostoff but it seems he gained something else in doing so, respect for Chris Kostoff, the man would not simply lie down!

Benny Newell- Well it looks like this love in is about to be interrupted…


Post Match..

*The camera pans to the ramp area where Lee Best is standing with all the members of the Turmoil EPU squadron and he seems to be mockingly clapping. The Mayhem EPU are standing looking at the ramp, at the ready*

Lee Best- Very good Aceldama. Very good. You seemed to of had this all thought out from the very beginning. Getting the Mayhem EPU to come to your aid? Luring them in by their purse strings, very impressive I must say. I never thought you had it in you, but I guess you learnt from the Best! But you see, with every great man, he does not garnish all his teachings on his mentors, oh no, that would be foolish of him. So in case that mentor becomes too big for his boots, he has a lesson he can teach him…….

That lesson for you Aceldama is……money does not buy you everything!

*Aceldama is now onto his feet and standing by the ropes facing Lee with a look of anger, ready to come up that ramp and take him apart. Turmoil’s EPU, under the instruction of Lee begin to slowly proceed down the ramp. Aceldama shouts out to the Mayhem EPU members to go and stop their advances. They proceed to walk a few strides, then stop. Aceldama is furious standing in the ring, goading them to do his deed as he paid them, but instead they turn around……then storm the ring!

Aceldama proceeds to throw out each member as they come at him, charging at each and every one with fury, fury at being betrayed and losing out on money but also for being beaten by Lee. But the EPU members become too much as there are so many in the ring and Aceldama is outnumbered and the EPU begin to pummel him with their nightsticks, but out of nowhere Kostoff charges at them sending a few of them flying out of the ring. Both men are now trying to fend off the EPU, they manage to get a few more out, but Kostoff, weakened after his hard fought match cannot keep up and he too is ejected from the ring. Aceldama finally gets the final man out of the ring and he turns to Lee at the top of the ramp, ripping off the top of his jumpsuit to expose his upper body and begins to bash his chest in a sign that he is still standing. But unbeknown to him one of the EPU members is now back in the ring, a large bulking character, still with his head gear and bullet proof jacket on. He charges at Aceldama with a night stick, smacking him in the back of the head sending him crashing to the canvas. The EPU guard then drags him to the middle of the ring and stands over him. He then proceeds to remove his mask and throw it to the floor*

Joe Hoffmann- Trent, it is Trent!!

Lee Best- You see Ace, things are never always what they seem.

*The High Octane Vision screen comes to life as we see footage of earlier when the Turmoil EPU, followed by Trent are out front of the Best Arena looking for Aceldama, when they see a truck with what seems to be people matching the attire of the EPU, they go over to find out what is going on….Trent approaches one of the men who tells him about what Aceldama had offered them to be their protection for the night.*

Trent- $100,000 you say? You will not get that money, but I will tell you this now, Lee Best is offering you all a lucrative package for this…….

*He then begins to whisper something to them, they nod and Trent goes into the back of the van, then a few minutes later comes out, dressed in the EPU attire. The scene cuts to outside where we see Trent standing at the front with his visor up, then drops it. He was the man speaking to Aceldama!*

Lee Best- You think you can BUY my men! At the end of the day Aceldama they know where their loyalty lies, in the guy that signs their pay checks! In the same man who gave them their jobs, and the same man who can take it from them…….just like I will be taking your world title from you!

And returning it to the Best Alliance!

*And with that Trent rips off the bullet proof vest exposing underneath a Best Alliance t-shirt*

Lee Best- That is right Ace, out with the old, in with the new. This man is the future, this man will be the man who will bring home the world title. Take a good look at him Ace, because the next time you look up at him, he will be holding the world title aloft. Your days in this place are numbered Ace! You thought you could turn my own men against me, you thought you could beat me at my own game? How wrong you are. Aceldama, welcome to your own personal hell, get comfortable, it is going to be a lonely place!

*The camera pans over and we see Trent standing aloft in the middle of the ring with a still unconscious Aceldama as the fans sing ‘You sold out’ as Lee watches with a happy sick grin upon his face*

Suddenly, the lights go dim as the HOV screen comes to life.

‘The Throne is Mine’ by Royce Da 5″9 can be heard playing from the HOV.

Lee Best: What the fuck….

Lee slowly turns around and you can tell he is dreading what he is about to see.

Suddenly we see an HOW logo…..

Benny Newell: What the??? Is it this bottle of jack, or am I really seeing the old logo from 2003?

Joe Hoffman: No Benny, that is indeed the old logo from the feds early days….what does this mean? Whose behind this image? And is it just me, but does this music sound familiar?

Suddenly, the HOW logo fades……and we see a man in a blue suit smiling, then laughter….

The crowd hushes….

Lee Best: HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT THE HOLY FUCK!!!!?

Benny Newell spits up his jack and can be heard coughing and choking, unable to comment on Joe Hoffman cursing.

Joe Hoffman: THAT’S MIKE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee Best has a look of pure shock as Mike Best is seen laughing as his music plays. The crowd is in shock along with Lee.


Benny Newell is being helped by Brian McVay as Benny is choking as we see a final shot of Lee paralyzed in shock as Turmoil goes off the air!!!!!!!!



Trent vs. Aceldama©

Graystone vs. Maximillian Kael©

Joseph Gregory vs. David Black©

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Shane Reynolds

Marcus Reinhardt vs. Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

Tim Shipley (representing Mayhem) vs. Ethan Cavanaugh (representing Turmoil)

The Egg Bandits vs. Twisted Reality

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