Turmoil: September 10th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
September 10th, 2009 – #HOW78
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Ace Opening

The Official Rumble at the Rock 2 Theme Song, “You’re Going Down” by The Sick Puppies, welcomes everyone to another edition of Turmoil as we cut live inside The Best Arena.

*The cameras pan the crowd who are electrifying as another edition of Thursday Night Turmoil begins.

Fireworks go off as the High Octane logo is shown and we are immediately brought straight to the ring announcers table where two stern looking commentators, Joe Hoffmann and Benny Newell sit with a look of confusion on their faces. They are looking up at the ring as if something is going on*

Joe Hoffman: Well good evening ladies and gentlemen to another Thursday Night Turmoil. At this point in the show we would be talking about what matches we have in store for you tonight but looking up at the ring it seems we have to go straight there as the owner, Lee Best is ready to address the crowd.

Benny Newell: He doesn’t look happy; I got a bad feeling about this.

*The camera pans into the ring where as Joe has said, Lee Best is standing in the centre of the ring, and he does not look happy. Standing behind him is Kirsta Lewis and Mark O’Neal, both with their hands behind their back looking stern and somber. Lee wastes no time in waiting until the audience is calm and ready, he puts the microphone directly to his mouth. He is ready to address*

Lee Best: Good evening and welcome to MY show!! As you saw last week here I was doing a little spring cleaning, removing the problems within my own alliance. Shane Reynolds.

The crowd boos as Lee continues..

Lee Best: Shane lost his title, and delivered it into the hands of Max Kael, and that is the biggest no-go out there! He is nothing to the Best Alliance any more, like a badly infected wound, you can pick and pick at it, but it only gets worse until it gets to the point that the limb it is infecting becomes useless, and must be cut off from the rest of the body. Shane you were that infection. And I will not stand by while the integrity of my Best Alliance becomes infected with worthless trash like you! I had to cut off the limb before the infection spread. Sadly, it already had.

The infection had spread to Aceldama. Who felt sorry for your little predicament? He decided he could put his hands on me, on ME? The man who brought him into this federation, gave him a chance after his history of mental problems and criminal charges. I looked past that. I took him under my wing. And he betrayed me; he favored this…..parasite, sucking on the blood of the Best Alliance over me! And he was made to pay, as everyone knows, you put your hands on me, a lesson must be taught!

But Aceldama, it seems you saw the error of your ways. I always thought you had some common sense in you as I see on Mayhem this Monday you listened to my choice, Shane….or the Best Alliance. You cut your ties with Shane, but do you think you can just walk back in here as if nothing ever happened? As I said Ace, I am like an elephant, I never forget.

So you want to return to the Best Alliance, right your wrongs? Fine. You have thirty seconds to get your ass out of here and grovel before my very feet. Maybe then I will consider.

Benny Newell: What? He is willing to give Aceldama a second chance?

Joe Hoffman: Don’t do it Ace! It could be a trap!

Lee Best: Thirty seconds Ace, and counting. I wouldn’t keep me waiting.

*Time goes by and nothing happens, Lee paces the ring, every so often looking to the ramp way but there is no sign of Aceldama*

Lee Best: Twenty seconds Ace.

*Still nothing, the pacing becomes even more forceful and the staring at the stage with even more frequency*

Lee Best: Ten seconds Ace, you are about to make the biggest mistake of your life here!

*The crowd begins to do the final countdown from ten to zero for Lee as he stops his pacing and simply stands staring at the ramp. It gets to two and all of a sudden, without any entrance music or nothing, Aceldama approaches the ramp, dressed in a suit, his hair slicked back. Lee smiles as he sees Aceldama approaching the ramp and standing, rather hesitant. He goes to turn around, as if he does not know if this is a trap or not, but then Sektor and his EPU come out and stand by the exit to backstage, smiling at him, he turns around again to see Lee, then sighs and slowly walks on*

Lee Best: That’s right Ace, come on down! I cannot wait to hear your apology.

*Aceldama slowly walks down to ringside, every second or so turning around to see the actions of the EPU, who remain at the ramp. He climbs the steps and gets into the ring, looking at Lee as he smiles. He stands in front of Lee not knowing what to do*

Lee Best: Well Ace, I am waiting.

*Lee hands out the microphone, still keeping hold of it as Aceldama, still hesitant, begins to speak*

Aceldama: I am…..sorry……

Lee Best: Wait, something is not right here. I don’t want you to APOLOGISE, I want you GROVEL. Get on your knees. Like the nothing that you are, kneel before the person who made you who you are in this federation!

*Aceldama with no delay gets down on both his knees and looks up at Lee, no smile, no emotion on his face. Lee is almost like a Cheshire cat, his grin is so large! He goes to speak once more*

Lee Best: That is much better. Now, you were saying?

*Lee points the microphone down at a kneeling Aceldama*

Aceldama: I am sorry.

Lee Best: Sorry? What on earth have you to be sorry for Ace?

Aceldama: For putting my hands on you and siding with Shane.

Lee Best: Oh yes, you do have to be sorry for that, and why are you sorry for that?

Aceldama: Because you were the one who made me what I am today, Shane simply stood in my shadow sharing my glories, he did not help me. You did.

Lee Best: So obviously you seen the error of your ways? You know now why I had to let Shane go?

Aceldama: I did and I know why he had to go. He was a parasite within the Best Alliance.

Lee Best: Good. You are starting to see things a lot clearly now. Consider your groveling apology accepted. Oh, but Ace, just remember one thing……

*Out of nowhere Lee lunges forward and grabs Aceldama by the tie and pushes him in his direction, his face directly in front of his, a sheer blood red look upon his eyes, one of sheer anger. Aceldama simply refuses to resist Lee*

Lee Best: If you EVER try to put your hands on me again, I will make sure that the remaining days you have on this earth will one, be short and two, and be extremely painful.

*Lee then SPITS into the face of Aceldama, the saliva running down his cheek as Lee lets go of his hold. Aceldama does not move a muscle; he simply lets it run down his cheek. Lee brushes himself off and continues to speak*

Lee Best: Now, you may rise.

*Aceldama gets to his feet and stands face to face with Lee once more*

Lee Best: Tonight, you have a job to do, I want you to go out there and does what Shane could not do, destroy Max Kael. And in doing so I also want you to decimate your opponent for your world title to the point he will be unable to even move by your match. I lost one title Ace, I don’t want to lose another. Now Mark here is your partner of course, Ace I want you to shake hands with Mark and I want you two to go out there and teach those bastards a lesson!

*Aceldama outstretches his hand for Mark O’Neal to shake it. Mark simply looks at him, his hands still behind his back. He is still not sure about him. He shakes his head and refuses.*

Lee Best: Mark, you never disobey an order from me, now shake his hand!

*Mark after a few seconds contemplation sighs and shakes Aceldama’s hands, but the stone cold look he is given by Mark goes right through him, you can see from Aceldama’s reaction, that Mark’s handshake is a firm one, they let go. Aceldama speaks, but cannot be heard by Lee, so he puts the microphone to his mouth*

Aceldama: I would like to go now, prepare for the match…..if you don’t mind?

Lee Best: Well, I guess you made your apology, shook hands with Mark, you have learned your lesson……..but we are not done here!

You see Ace last week you seemed to forget who you are, who you work for, who you represent. I think you need something to constantly remind you of who you are and where you belong. Guys, bring it out.

*Two members of the EPU come through the curtain wheeling to the ring a large metal barrel very carefully down to the ring. They stop it outside the ring and open up the barrel, pulling out a large metal rod, its end burning orange. It is a cattle prod!*

Lee Best: I think you need to be branded, a constant reminder Ace that…..you belong to me!

*The two members of the EPU storm into the ring and grab Aceldama and force him back to his knees, ripping apart his shirt to revel his chest. Aceldama is trying to fight it off, shouting and pleading with Lee saying ‘No please’ but Lee is having none of it. He takes the prod in his hand and looks at Aceldama, his head tilting*

Lee Best: Now, where should I put it? Can’t put it near that large scar of yours, that would just be too cruel of me now! Well I guess your decision to come back and grovel before me was the right move, so the right I guess….

*He places the searing hot prod onto the skin of Aceldama who lets out a massive scream, that projected through the microphone, roars out through the arena. Lee holds it on for a considerable length of time. As he pulls away he admires his handy work and the camera zooms in to see what the engraving says: ‘Property of Lee Best’

The EPU guards let go of Aceldama as he falls to the floor in pain*

Lee Best: Now, let that be a lesson to you Aceldama, and let that be a lesson to all you back there, you fuck with me…..you will get burned! Now get out of my ring, go get ready for this match, because if you fail me…..this could be a short stay for you.

*Lee followed by Kirsta and Mark leave the ring and make their way back to the backstage area leaving Aceldama alone in the ring*

Joe Hoffman: I am speechless. The ruthlessness of Lee Best knows no bounds.

Benny Newell: The man rules with an iron fist….err…iron skillet? Ya…I told ya it was going to be ugly here to start the night..

Joe Hoffman: That you did Benny and folks what you just seen there was a groveling, embarrassing apology by Aceldama to Lee Best, he is back in the Best Alliance, branded for life to forever be under the tutelage of Lee Best. We shall take a break folks, our action begins when we return.


Lee Best will announce his second and final keeper here tonight!!


Chris Kostoff vs. Skylar Montgomery
Singles Match

Back from commercial and we cut back to the announcers who welcome everyone back to Turmoil as replays of Lee Best branding the World Champion are shown over and over again on the HOV as the sold out Best Arena watches on in amazement.

Joe Hoffman: A branding…to start the show?

Benny Newell: You wont see that shit on Mayhem that is for sure.

Joe Hoffman: No doubt about that Benny….but the World Champion just got branded so he could REMAIN in the Best Alliance…I know Ace is a little off his rocker….but cmon the World Title and his place within the Best Alliance cannot mean that much to him….can it?

Benny Newell: The HOW World Title is the hardest title to win let alone hold on to. Trust me…Aceldama knows exactly what is good for him.

The announcers pause as the crowd is erupts for Joel Hortega as he hustles down the rampway and slides into the ring as we see that HOW newcomer, Skylar Montgomery, is already in the ring.

Benny Newell: That has to suck some serious cock…

Joe Hoffman: Huh what?

Benny Newell: The ref gets a bigger pop than you and comes out AFTER you do..

Joe Hoffman: Oh ya…I have a feeling Skylar is in for a world of hurt here in a minute when …

Before Joe can finish “Deuces” by Achozen hits the PA system and the crowd stands as one as HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff makes his way out from the back.

Kostoff storms out and begins running down the entrance ramp towards the ring as the crowd cheers him on.

Kostoff slides into the ring and immediately tackles the unsuspecting rookie and Kostoff begins to bring down thunderous right hands as Skylar tries to cover his head but for every one he blocks two more land as Hortega rushes to the ropes and signals for the bell to ring and our first match is officially underway.

Joe Hoffman: Well to say Kostoff is pissed off about his loss and Cavanaugh would be an understatement.

Kostoff finally stops with the punches but immediately grabs ahold of Montgomery’s arm and falls back on his back and locks in a huge armbar and almost immediately Skylar taps out and Hortega signals for the bell as Kostoff refuses to let go of the devastating submission move.


Ring Announcer Bryan McVay makes his first appearance as he announces Chris Kostoff the winner after only two minutes and twenty three seconds of action.

Hortega quickly rushes over and motions for Kostoff to let go of the hold and he finally does so as Hortega helps Skylar out of the ring as Kostoff hops to his feet and asks for and receives a microphone as the fans chant “KOSTOFF”

Kostoff motions for the fans to quiet down as he raises the microphone to his mouth…

Chris Kostoff: DeNucci, get your fucking ass out here…..out here RIGHT NOW!!

Kostoff’s face turns a shade of anger as he looks towards the entrance ramp but there is no sign of DeNucci anywhere.

Chris Kostoff: I swear to god if I have to tear this arena down brick by fucking…

Kostoff stops as the HOV comes alive and we see none other than Michael DeNucci. DeNucci is dressed like he just stepped off the pages of the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog: the white Deer Brook polo (a size too small, natch); light wash Kilburn Boot jeans; and classic Converse Chuck Taylors and appears to be holding something off camera..

Kostoff smiles but the smile quickly fades as the footage on the HOV zooms out and we see that DeNucci is not alone as we see exactly what he was holding off camera…

Mindy Smith’s throat.

Joe Hoffman: Where the heck is the EPU?? How is DeNucci getting away with this crap??

DeNucci is now the one who is smiling as we see not only he is holding Mindy by the throat with one hand but he has what appears to be her wig in his other hand.

Michael DeNucci: You know Kostoff before you start your man pleasing ranting and raving I figured I better get my point across.

DeNucci applies more pressure to Mindy’s throat and she lets out a scream as tears continue to stream down her face.

Kostoff has seen enough and starts to leave the ring but DeNucci snaps his attention back towards Kostoff…

Michael DeNucci: I wouldn’t leave that fucking ring there Mr. Smith….

Kostoff stops halfway thru the ropes and steps back into the ring and stares up at the HOV….and he isn’t happy at what he just heard.

Michael DeNucci: That’s right…back the hell up…




Mindy screaming out in protest just was on the wrong end of two hard smacks to the face from DeNucci.

Michael DeNucci: Shut your mouth you lying whore…

Kostoff is literally seething with anger as the footage on the HOV shows blood dripping from the corner of the mouth of Mindy and her seemingly broken nose from last weeks attack at the hands of DeNucci begins to trickle blood as well.

Michael DeNucci: Enough of the bullshit. Kostoff I know who this whore is and the only thing that has been keeping me from outing her ass is I just couldn’t figure out why she was here…then it hit me…..roll the footage monkeys…

The feed showing DeNucci and Mindy is replaced with a still image that shows the date of September 22nd 2008 and the Mayhem logo.

Monday Night Mayhem

September 22nd 2008

Lee Best: I just want to say that I would never allow…..


One of the security guards just nailed Lee from behind as another security guard takes out the rest of the guards on the rampway.

The guard that just took out Lee takes off his mask to reveal himself as Juvian Ramorez. The other guard comes over and reveals himself to be Kostoff.

Kostoff: I didn’t touch you Lee so no luck on firing my ass…..but heres a little present for ya…

Kostoff unzips his fly and proceeds to piss on the knocked out owner of HOW as the crowd goes wild.

As Kostoff shakes it dry, Juvi with stroller in front of him, heads towards the end of the entrance ramp just as Best Alliance members Scottywood and Graystone appear from the back as Max is seen racing up the entrance ramp.

None of them get there in time as Juvi pushes the stroller off the edge of the entrance ramp as Kostoff and everyone looks on in horror as Mayhem fades to black!!!!!

The video ends and the HOV goes back to a live feed of DeNucci and a now bawling Mindy Smith.

The crowd is literally stunned silent as Kostoff is on his knees leaning on the second rope and he too is crying after seeing the death of his child once again.

The announcers remain silent as well as the reshowing of the video has just killed all the excitement in the arena.

Michael DeNucci: You know the one year anniversary of that event is coming up Kostoff and I think its time you and this bitch came clean…..

DeNucci grabs Mindy by the back of the head and plants her face directly in front of the camera and removes the blindfold.

The crowd immediately gasps as inside the ring Kostoff drops his head into his hands and begins to sob…

Michael DeNucci: That’s right Kostoff….show some fucking emotion other than anger…pretend like you haven’t been living with this since the day you took part in the death of the your child…LOOK UP AT ME KOSTOFF….LOOK UP AT THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILD…YOUR FUCKING WIFE…BARBI KOSTOFF!!!!

The camera zooms in and its obvious as it can be without the wig and make up that it is indeed Barbi Kostoff, the wife of Chris Kostoff.

Michael DeNucci: You see Kostoff I knew Mindy was dead…but I couldn’t figure out who this whore was…that is until that little interview a few weeks ago when you gave her that little pat on the ass and then it hit me like a ton of bricks….but now I want to know…why is she here….WHY NOW???

But Kostoff is in no state to reply and Barbi has fallen down to a sitting position and is bawling uncontrollably as the whole arena is in a total state of shock.

Michael DeNucci: You two make me sick. You bring a child into the world and then you bring the child into THIS WORLD? With the likes of Shane Reynolds, Graystone and Maximillian Kael’s you really thought your child was safe….did you really??

Barbi lets out a scream as DeNucci pulls her up to her feet by her hair…

Michael DeNucci: October 5th we decide who the first HOFC Champion is going to be but before we get to that date with destiny… me and you have some shit to sort out….and make sure you hear this…..I will find out EXACTLY why Barbi has been lurking here in the weeds and until I DO your ass better not even come near me or else Ill hand her off to Graystone and the rest of the sick fucks here in HOW……..in fact the next time you will see me Kostoff will be on Tuesday September 22nd when we will have our official weigh in for the fight…….until then….Barbi is staying with me and the family and trust me…..I have Lee’s and the EPU’s backing on this…


DeNucci smacks Barbi hard across the face once again as Turmoil cuts to commercial as Kostoff is seen slowing exiting the ring..still visibly shaken.


Later tonight LSD Champion David Black will take on Bobbinette Carey for the LSD Championship!!



Back from commercial and the HOV once again comes alive and we see Michael DeNucci, with EPU surrounding him, toss a still crying Barbi Kostoff into the back seat of a waiting car and he quickly jumps in and the car speeds off into the Chicago night.

The crowd is still in shock and unsure or unable to react as the HOV goes dark and the action returns to the announcers.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I have no idea how to go forward after seeing that sickening display by Michael DeNucci…he is totally the Douchebag of the Year for that one.

Benny Newell: How can you say that? Barbi was the one parading around here like she was someone she wasn’t. She was fucking impersonating a damn dead woman for god’s sake..and DeNucci is the bad guy? Come on…

Joe doesn’t even have the will to argue with Benny on this one as the action cuts backstage to Lee Best’s office where we see Lee snapping off the monitor on his desk.

Sitting across from Lee is Mark O’Neal.

Mark O’Neal: Damn.

Lee Best: What?

Mark O’Neal: I knew something was up with Mindy but I sure as hell didn’t see that coming.

Lee Best: Barbi you mean? Ya no shit. I should have just took off her damn eye patch and would have known she was a fake…I mean fuck I stabbed the bitch in the eye last year..DeNucci kills her before she releases that tell all book….I mean fuck….

Mark O’Neal: Why in the fuck did you rehire her?

Lee Best: You know what….after Michael called me earlier about him finding out it was Barbi I had to really go back and think about why I brought Mindy back..well thought I was bringing Mindy back…and I can honestly tell you I just literally wanted to skull fucker her one time on HOTv.

Mark O’Neal: You are one sick fuck boss..seriously.

Lee Best: It is what it is. DeNucci won’t be in action until the PPV now and I know Kostoff is going to want a week off after realizing I have embarrassed his family once again here on television……

Mark O’Neal: That why there is a million EPU guys outside your…WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!

Mark jumps out of his chair suddenly as he sees a tiger …a literal tiger…laying down next to Lee’s desk.

Lee Best: Oh CC? Don’t mind her. She’s a little pussy. That’s the pet I told HOWrestling.com about. Fucking PETA…

Lee shakes his head as Mark remains unsettled as he motions to Lee that he has to leave…and Lee just shrugs him off.

After Mark closes the door behind him, Lee quickly pushes his chair back and leans back and suddenly Kirsta Lewis’s head pops up from under the desk.

Lee Best: What you stopping for?

Kirsta Lewis: CC? Who the fuck is…

Kirsta stops as Lee points towards the tiger…

Lee Best: Remember I told you I named her after Carrey’s Cunt…..feisty little pussy huh?

Kirsta only shakes her head as she ducks back down under Lee’s desk as the action cuts elsewhere as we hear either Lee or CC purring loudly..


Its Black on Turmoil..

The cameras cut to a part of the basement of The Best Arena that is away from the HOFC set up, where a cameraman seems to be trying to track down the source of a loud banging sound. He moves through the darkened basement carefully, watching his step to make sure he does not trip on anything, as the banging sound just keeps getting louder. The cameraman finally locates the source of the disturbance, as he finds the LSD Champion David Black sitting on the floor of the basement, with his LSD Championship across his left shoulder and repeatedly slamming a black baseball bat against the wall. As David notices the cameraman he slams the bat against the wall one more time with even greater force, before very slowly raising his head and looking into the camera.

David Black: Do you hear that? That is the sound of the clock winding down for one Bobbinette Carey. With every passing moment, she comes closer and closer to the point where she will be forced to face the consequences of her actions…and to pay for them. You see Bobbinette…sooner or later the past catches up with all of us. And while I’m sure that you would normally just pay your way out of it, that is something that you cannot do this time, because for once…your money cannot save you. You cannot make your problems go away by simply throwing money at them. No amount of money in the world can wash away your sins Bobbinette! No amout of money in the world can change the past!

David suddenly breaks out in laughter and then stops again just as suddenly.

David Black: I’m sure that you think you are safe and secure in your perfect little world. I’m sure you think that I am beneath you in every way. And I’m sure that you have no regrets about treating me the way you did…using me shamelessly to further your own agenda. But things have changed Bobbinette…where I was once a nobody, I am now a somebody. Where I was once random, I am now focused. And where I was once your whipping boy..I am now THE LSD Champion!

David leans his head against the wall.

David Black: Bobbinette Carey…you are a classic example of upper class trash! You think you’re better than everybody else! You take one look at me and you judge me by the way I look…judge me by the fact that I’m different. You think you have the right to use people like me? You don’t! But you did…and tonight you’re gonna pay for it.

He pauses shortly.

David Black: There is something I want you to remember out there in the ring tonight. When you’re down…when I have beaten you to the point where you have lost all will to fight…when I have broken you, I want you remember this in the midst of your suffering; It is always darkest….just before you die!

David breaks out in a creepy laugh and starts pounding the bat against the wall again as the cameras cut away to commercial.


HOR Finally Returns this Saturday at 5pm CST with a special Best Bets


Kirsta Lewis vs. Trip Eisen
HOFC Fight

Back live and the scene cuts to the basement of the Best Arena, with the 30 by 30 mat in clear view and it surrounded by the 20 or so specially selected fans who also surround it.

Joe Hoffman: Well, it’s time for our High Octane Fighting match this week as Trip Eisen squares off against Kirsta Lewis. Thoughts Benny?

Benny Newell: Kirsta is a baaaaaad bitch.. She’ll win this match and prove she is the dominant female in HOW….well besides CC of course.

Joe Hoffman: Wouldn’t she need to beat Bobbinette Carey to do that? I will not comment on that Tiger either for your information.

Benny Newell: Oh come on Joe you know that hairy pussy has your panties all twisted….but fucking tell me this…Who has Carey beat? The only thing Carey makes sure gets beat up is her vagin…

Joe Hoffman: ……..LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I think our competitors are making their way to the basement now for the beginning of the fight.

The basement door opens and in walks Trip Eisen. He looks very focused as he begins pacing the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Now Trip has had several battles with Michael DeNucci in the past. How much of DeNucci’s MMA-style possibly has rubbed off on Trip? Will he be able to utilize any of it here?

Benny Newell: I forget Trip Eisen is still in HOW. He’s that fucking lame.

Joe Hoffman sighs as Kirsta Lewis enters the basement.

Joe Hoffman: Well here is Kirsta Lewis, arguably the greatest female wrestler in the business right now. Although Bobbinette Carey would have a lot to say about that.

Benny Newell: All that half Irish bitch has to say is epic and uberly. That dumb whore doesn’t understand the first thing about being a great female wrestler.

Joe Hoffman: But Benny she’s a former World champion. A two or three time LSD champion. 3 time stable champion. Some feel that her accomplishments are far greater than Kirsta’s but that her reputation gets her the short end of the stick when it comes to recognition of her achievements.

Benny Newell: Reputation for being a clueless bitch! Ha! Where’s some Tequila…..can we show a damn replay of Kirsta’s pre match ritual??

Joe Hoffman: *SIGH* I guess we are ready for the fight to begin. Our referee in charge of all our High Octane Fighting bouts….Rick ‘Even’ Stevens.

Rick signals for both fighters to meet in the center of the ring. Rick then signals for the fight to begin.


Kirsta and Trip spend several moments feeling each other out, but not throwing any meaningful punches or kicks.

Joe Hoffman: Both fighters feeling each other out. But the story of this fight will be how will Kirsta Lewis overcome about 100 pound weight disadvantage, and a 10 inch height advantage? Eisen has a phenomenal reach advantage and I’m looking for him to use it here.

Kirsta springs forward with a short combo, but Eisen swats the punches away and dances away.

Kirsta with more punches, but again they are stopped and avoided easily.

Eisen tags Kirsta with a jab in the forehead that knocks her head back. Kirsta keeps coming though and tries another flurry of punches, but Eisen is way too big and too long for her to get the punches through and they are easily defended.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta isn’t known for her technical wrestling…but I’m going to have to say whatever little technical skill she has, she better use it, because Eisen is not going to be able to swat away and avoid punches like that on his back.

Kirsta with a leg kick that doesn’t bother Eisen. Another leg kick into another flurry of punches by Kirsta. Eisen avoids the punches into a takedown. Kirsta immediately wraps her legs and crotch around Eisen’s and Eisen gets flustered and stands back up as Kirsta smiles.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta with mind games?

Kirsta with a leg kick. Eisen scores a takedown. Kirsta again wraps her legs and crotch around Eisen’s crotch and it appears Kirsta is rubbing herself against Eisen. Eisen quickly stands up again, looking shocked and perturbed to no end.

Joe Hoffman: I’m not sure what Kirsta is planning, but whatever it is, Eisen is not following up the takedowns.

Eisen tries a takedown, but gets stopped by a punch from Kirsta. Eisen falls short and Kirsta sprawls out and goes for a guillotine but Eisen pops his head free and tries to rain a huge punch down, but Kirsta avoids it, and now Eisen in Kirsta’s guard as he uses his size advantage to muscle his way into side control.

Joe Hoffman: Eisen with side control here, not clear what he’s looking for yet, but I’m sure he may get it.

Eisen looks for a strange looking Komura, but Kirsta rolls out of it and both fighters stand up. Kirsta with a leg kick then a flurry of wild punches that don’t get through. Eisen counters with a hook to the body that noticeably hurts Kirsta and she backs off.

Signal for ten seconds left sounds and Eisen sees the pain on Kirsta’s face from the glancing body blow and he rushes forward with his own flurry but Kirsta covers up. Eisen connects with a straight body kick and Kirsta loses balance and falls off the mat as time expires and round one is in the books.

Joe Hoffman: Well, Benny, your thoughts on round one?

Benny Newell can be heard gulping down some sort of liquid as he doesn’t respond to Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Riiiiight. No question who won that round. Eisen with a few takedowns and even a knockdown. He controlled the action completely and it looks like Kirsta is going to have to resort to plan B.

Rick Stevens signals for the start of round two.

Open round two shows Eisen as the aggressor, pressing the issue with some hooks. Kirsta manages to avoid them, but is forced to cover up as Eisen now is practically standing over her, dropping punches. Kirsta covers up well and manages to slip away, but Eisen pursues her and the next several moments show Eisen trying to trap her with a flurry of punches and Kirsta covering up or avoiding them.

Finally Kirsta finds an opening and counters with a right hook that somehow gets through and catches Eisen in the left eye. Eisen backpedals, left eye closed, and Kirsta with a Superman punch followed by a wild flurry that Eisen absorbs but finally he goes down from a second superman punch. Eisen drops to one knee and you can see Rick Stevens thinking about stopping the fight, but Eisen starts covering up best he can and Kirsta in his guard.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta caught Eisen over the eye I think and that was enough to keep him off balance and Kirsta in firm control here.

Eisen’s left eye is closed, the damage still lingering from the earlier right hook. Kirsta pounds into the face with elbows directed at the eye. Eisen blocks them well enough, but the eye is still getting battered somewhat and Kirsta uses the weakness to take full mount.

Joe Hoffman: Uh oh….Kirsta with full mount!

Kirsta locks her legs around Eisen, and rains down punches, but Eisen too big and too long for her and he covers up exceptionally well. Eisen with his right hand over the mouth of Kirsta and presses up on the chin as he manages to slip his left arm underneath the right leg of Kirsta. Kirsta keeps trying to knock the arm of Eisen away from her face and chin but Eisen too strong for that and keeps putting it right back in position.

Joe Hoffman: Okay, what Eisen is trying to do here is break the body scissors of Kirsta and push her backwards onto the mat and into full guard. With his strength advantage, this is not only possible, it’s likely. Kirsta’s going to have to press the issues with more punches, or possibly get back into stand up, but I’m sure she doesn’t want this back on the feet.

Eisen indeed partially breaks the body scissors, and Kirsta is too preoccupied with Eisen’s hand on her face and chin pushing her neck backward to try and rain down punches from the mount. Eisen finally breaks free and forces Kirsta backward, using both the hand on the chin and the arm under the leg as leverage. Kirsta quickly rolls backward as a counter, as you hear the signal for ten seconds left in the round. Kirsta is to her feet as Eisen still appears too slow and she starts landing punches as Eisen stands up. Eisen kicks her off as time expires and the round ends.

Joe Hoffman: That was a much better round for Kirsta and she may have won it on the scorecards.

Benny Newell can be heard guzzling some liquid.

Joe Hoffman: You look at Trip Eisen, his left eye is all red and there is some swelling just underneath it. He may have a ruptured blood vessel there. Kirsta certainly changed the fight and almost won the fight after that shot to the eye.

Round three starts and Kirsta immediately rushes forward for a takedown. Eisen sprawls out, and tries a Guillotine, but Kirsta pops out and motions for Eisen to stand back up. He does and rushes forward for a right hook, but it’s countered with leg kick from Kirsta that gets Eisen off balance. Kirsta with a right uppercut that backs Eisen off. Kirsta follows up with another leg kick, then a right hook of her own that scores near the eye. Eisen backs off again as Kirsta takes him down and rains down hammer fists, but Eisen powers out using a quick butterfly guard to push her off with his legs.

Back to stand up as Kirsta and Eisen both look winded.

Eisen scores a three punch combo hitting the left shoulder and two to the body, then scores a takedown. Kirsta in guard now as Eisen tries to muscle his way into an arm triangle, but Kirsta with a punch from the bottom nailing Eisen again in the eye. Kirsta passes and takes the back of Eisen, but Eisen starts to stand up, and Kirsta thinks better of it, and slips off of him. Eisen turns and gets tagged with a right straight and a leg kick. Eisen scores with a body blow that actually drops Kirsta down holding her gut. Eisen however is slow to react, and Kirsta springs back up quickly as Eisen drops his hands looking to take Kirsta down fully, Kirsta scores with the HELLS BITCH KICK right to the jaw!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT!!!!!? THAT WAS KIRSTA’S HELLS….B-KICK!!!!!

Eisen staggers backward, and Kirsta with a takedown then quickly into mount but Eisen turns and Kirsta switches to side control and starts raining down hammer fists! Eisen tries to cover up, but is not effective in doing so, but manages to turn away, but Kirsta still on top of him, with more hammer fists and punches, finally Rick Stevens’s steps in and stops the fight!!!

Kirsta backs away as Rick checks on Eisen.


The basement door opens and in walks Rufus Jackson with a band aid on his forehead apparently from the big boot from Trent last week. He hands Rick a card and smiles and steps back as Rick calls for Kirsta to stand in the center of the mat.

Rick ‘Even’ Stevens: The winner of the fight two minutes and fifty one seconds into the third round via Technical Knockout…..Kirsta Lewis!!!!


Kirsta smiles as Eisen is having his eye attended to by HOW staffers.

Joe Hoffman: What a fight! Kirsta Lewis with one counter punch proved that you don’t have to be big and strong to send someone for a loop. Just good timing and a finely placed counter is enough!

Benny Newell: Kirsta…..this bottle of Jack is for you. Good shit.

Joe Hoffman: As my broadcast partner elevates his Blood Alcohol level over the legal limit….let’s cut to something that won’t kill any brain cells …please?


The Bait…

The action cuts backstage where we see John Sektor, with no bodyguard in tow after what happened last week, walk into Lee’s office.

John Sektor: Sorry I am late Lee….birthday party…trying to figure out who was my bodyguard that maced my ass last week and..what the fuck is that?

Lee holds up the instrument he used to brand Aceldama earlier in the show..

John Sektor: No not that…although I do need to ask about that later….the fucking tiger mate?

Lee Best: I don’t want to mate the tiger man….anyway….hold on I gotta answer this…

Sektor shakes his head and walks away from Lee as the owner of HOW answers his cell phone. Sektor exits the room as starts to gather information from the rest of the EPU as to whats been going on so far in the show as they head down the hall.

Suddenly, the camera is startled and Graystone bursts into frame in his wrestling gear, holding his makeshift zebra-skin referee vest in the crook of his arm. Sektor turns his attention from the EPU to Graystone. Sektor slowly walks up and stares into Graystone’s eyes. Graystone stares back with a scowl on his face. The crowd in the background lets out a mixed reaction.

Sektor’s EPU inserts himself between the two men and the mixed reaction turns into a chorus of boos. Graystone doesn’t even regard the EPU, and looks past them to Sektor who stands firm with a serious look on his face. After a few moments of hesitation, Graystone turns and moves down the hall, keeping his eyes locked on Sektor.

The camera follows and reveals Graystone’s destination: Lee Best’s office. Graystone blasts his hand up against the door, causing the door to swing open as he charges in. Inside, Lee is sitting at his desk signing a piece of paper having just literally hanging up his cell phone. Lee notices Graystone in his office and stands up immediately. Lee’s new tiger perks up, tied with a black rope to a large pole beside Lee’s desk.

Lee Best: Graystone…

Graystone stares at Lee Best, unmoving.

Lee Best: Listen… I didn’t want to have to do this… but I’ve been getting pressure from PETA… They’ve been on my ass non-stop after they saw your zebra vest last week. I hate to do this, but you have to understand… I have to take you out of the match tonight as referee. I just can’t afford another lawsuit.

Lee Best pauses, waiting for Graystone to speak. Graystone stands, unmoving.

Lee Best: What I’m saying is… you’ve got the night off. You’re free to do whatever you want.

Graystone pauses, then looks down at his zebra vest, then back at Lee. Graystone holds the zebra skin out in the air, and then drops it on Lee’s desk. Lee backs away, his face crinkling in disgust.

Graystone: You know… making that zebra vest was very liberating. You don’t realize how many hours I spent on it.

Lee Best: Listen… I know you’re pissed. But you’ve got more important things to worry about. You’re facing Max Kael at Rumble at The Rock 2… and this is our opportunity to take him out for good.

Then Graystone backs away from the table, and digs his hand deep into his wrestling tights and pulls out a butcher knife. The EPU start to move in on Graystone, but Lee motions for them to stand back. Lee moves to the front of the desk, and stands directly in front of Graystone. Lee stares Graystone in the eyes, as the EPU stands ready to strike.

Lee Best: I can see it in your eyes…

Lee moves in closer and whispers intently.

Lee Best: You want to kill him, don’t you?

Graystone pauses, then shakes his head in disagreement.

Graystone: No.

Lee Best: No?

Graystone: Not him.

The EPU moves in closer.

EPU Bodyguard: Give us the signal boss.

Lee puts his hand up to stop them. Lee looks down at the knife, then back up at Graystone.

Lee Best: You want to kill me, huh?

Graystone: No… Not you…

Lee Best: Then what, may I ask, is the knife for?

Graystone: Well… I’ve been looking for a new coat.

Lee Best: Oh yeah?

Suddenly, Graystone dives and stabs the knife into CC the tiger! The tiger lets out a loud roar, as Graystone pulls the bloodied knife out of the tiger, and then stabs it in again. And again. And again.

Lee Best: What the fuck are you doing!?

The EPU is confused, as they back up in bewilderment.

Graystone grabs ahold of the tiger’s neck, and then stabs the tiger, and pulls the knife to the side as loud gurgling noises are heard, and the tiger begins to shake in shock. Graystone stands up, and turns around towards the EPU with the knife.


The EPU draws their guns, and point them at Graystone. Graystone turns around and grabs the tiger’s hind leg, and begins dragging him out of the office. Lee Best waves the EPU off by standing in front of them.

Lee Best: No! Don’t shoot!

Lee turns back around and looks at the scene in bewilderment as if to say “Where the fuck is this crazy asshole going with my tiger!?” Graystone continues to drag the tiger out of Lee’s office until he is finally out, and the door shuts behind him. Lee motions for the men to put their guns down, then looks back down at the streak of blood going through the middle of his office. Lee looks at the door, then to the pole the tiger was chained to. Lee moves to the streak of blood and kneels. He dabs his index and middle fingers into the blood, then brings it up and studies it. As the camera zooms in on Lee’s face, he lifts his head and smiles sadistically as if to say “That’s exactly what I wanted.”

Joe Hoffman: Commercial…please??


As Sektor celebrates his birthday this week tune into Turmoil next week to find out the identity of his crooked bodyguard!!


Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey vs. David Black
First Blood Match

Back from commercial and the HOV comes to life and shows a replay of the ending of last week’s show where Bobbinette Carey was carried out of the ring by the John Sektor led Elite Protection Unit.

The crowd is booing at the video but they then erupt into cheers as the replay ends and the entrance for HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey begins playing as Circus by Brittany Spears begins to blast thru the PA system.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks one week ago Carey and her pink equalizer once again dished out some damage and……what’s so funny Benny?

Benny Newell: You said Carey and her pink dish causing damage…that’s HAIRLARIOUS!!!

Joe again can only shake his head as the cameras focus in on Carey climbing into the ring and playing to the crowd as they cheer loudly for the first time all night.

Joe Hoffman: No real details have been released on exactly what Carey had to go thru this week but she looks like she is rearing to go against her one time stable mate and Mayhem stalwart David Black.

Survive by Lacuna Coil hits The Best Arena PA system for the first time in a long time as the LSD Champion makes his way out from the back and the crowd gives the Mayhem wrestler a very loud reception of boos as he makes his way onto the top of the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: There is Mayhem’s number one keeper for the upcoming October 8th draft David Black. Benny, this man has held the LSD Title for over three months and if he manages to get past Carey here tonight he will have to take on LSD Legend Silent Witness and up and coming Joseph Gregory at…

Benny Newell: Spook you mean?

Joe Hoffman: No he is Joseph Gregory now

Benny Newell: So it’s Joseph Gregory Spook or…?

Joe Hoffman: It’s like when Rob Michaels became Michael DeNucci…

Benny Newell: Yep I got it…drink.

Joe Hoffman: Exactly…

Back at ringside David Black has made his way up the ring steps and is climbing into the ring when all of a sudden “Undead” hits the arena and Lee Best appears on the HOV.

Lee Best: Ah there she is….my chair welding little raging vagina….Bobbinette Carey. Now Carey I know you got your mind set on Kirsta and Sektor and the EPU but I just wanted to announce a little something that will help you get your focus on the match at hand……so I am making this LSD Title match a First Blood match and you better not be on your fucking period……Hortega check her…

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on!!

Hortega pretends like he doesn’t understand English but one look up at Lee on the HOV and visions of trying to jump the border race thru his mind and he quickly asks Carey if she is on the el rago.

Carey pushes Hortega off her and flips off Lee Best and motions for Hortega to signal for the bell.

Lee Best: Now that just wasn’t very nice Carey. Since you are showing Hortega no respect I guess I should just bring out a new referee…..

Carey and Black turn towards the entrance ramp to see who it is but as they hear the crowd erupt they both turn around just in time to see Kirsta Lewis entering the backside of the ring with a chair in her hand. She swings it violently at Carey who ducks and the chair shot nails David Black square on the top of the head and the LSD Champion begins gushing blood thru his now matted hair.

Kirsta drops the chair and looks up at Lee on the HOV and its obvious Lee is not happy with his black and white bikini top wearing referee.

Lee Best: Since the Bell didn’t ring and the match hasn’t officially started yet…..I have had a change of heart…let’s make this a NO DQ MATCH!!!

With that Kirsta charges Bobbinette and tackles her to the ground as red blooded men all across the globe stand up as one in hopes of a potential wardrobe malfunction.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go again..Lee doing whatever it takes to insure that his Best Alliance appears better than everyone else!

As Kirsta and Carey roll around, David Black slowly gets back to his feet and wipes the blood from his eyes as he sees Hortega walking up the entrance ramp. It is at this moment that he remembers that Kirsta is the ref and she has yet to signal for the bell as she is rolling around on the canvas with Bobbinette.

Black asks one of the nearby Crew workers what is going on and he learns about the No DQ stipulation and he smiles and quickly rolls out of the ring and reaches under it and pulls out a table as Kirsta now has Carey mounted and is bouncing the head of the Hall of Famer off the canvas..


Kirsta turns and sees Black setting up the table and she motions for the match to officially start as Carey throws Kirsta off her and the force of the toss sends Kirsta rolling to the outside as Carey struggles to get to her feet as she is dizzy from the blows.

On the outside Black sets up the table on the arena floor and he rolls in and delivers a stiff right hand to Carey who knocks her dizzy once again.

Black takes advantage of the situation and walks Carey to the corner nearest to the table and picks up the woman and puts her on the top turnbuckle.

He climbs up after her and raises her up for a superplex back into the center of the ring but instead sends Carey forward and out of the ring and she goes crashing down hard thru the set up table as the table shatters into thousands of broken pieces as the crowd BOOS loudly at the Champion.

Joe Hoffman: What a display by our champion..are you freaking kidding me!!??

The HOV shows a replay of the move again and again and with each viewing the crowd boos even louder at Black.

Black then walks to the other side of the ring and helps Kirsta to her feet and they both walk over to the non moving challenger and Black drops down as Kirsta counts…




The crowd goes wild as Kirsta doesn’t even have a chance to speed the third count down to the floor as Carey muscles out.

Frustrated Black throws all the broken pieces of the table to the side and he picks up Carey and tosses her into the ring.

He stops to talk shit with the fans in the front row before climbing back in and that is when he is met with a drop kick from Carey that sends him off the apron and he lands directly on Kirsta Lewis on the outside.

The crowd is going ballistic as Carey climbs the top rope and jumps to the outside and lands a perfect elbow drop on the chest of Black and the force of the blow knocks the air out from Kirsta who is under Black.

For the next several minutes Carey works Black over on the outside and it isn’t long before Black is wearing a full Crimson mask on his face and cameras show how his whole head is covered in blood from the chair shot earlier on.

The action finally returns to the ring and Carey nails Black with a perfect handspring Hurricanrana and makes the cover..


The crowd counts with Carey as Kirsta slowly climbs into the ring…






The crowd continues to count as Kirsta refuses to. Frustrated Carey stands up and starts towards Kirsta who has propped herself up in the corner and as Carey gets into range Kirsta springs into attack and nails Carey with her Hells Bitch Kick finisher.

The superkick spins Carey around and as she does a struggling Black uses the remainder of his energy to nail Carey with his BLACKOUT finisher.

Benny Newell: YES!!!!!!!

Carey literally bounces off of Blacks Codebreaker like finisher and lands back first on the canvas as he falls on her and Kirsta quickly drops and makes the cover…





Bryan McVay: Winner of the bout in 14:24 and still LSD CHAMPION….DAVID BLACK!!!!!

Black quickly rolls out of the ring and snatches his LSD Championship as the crowd begins to throw trash into the ring as Kirsta rolls out as well and Kirsta leads Black to the back as Carey lays knocked out cold in the center of the ring after being screwed out of the LSD Championship courtesy of the power couple here in HOW.

Joe Hoffman: She had it!!!

Turmoil cuts to commercial as we see Black and Kirsta stop at the top of the entrance ramp and they turn towards the fans and Kirsta holds Blacks arm up high in the air as we cut to commercial.


Hall of Fame Stipulation

But instead of going to a commercial Turmoil cuts backstage where we see that Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal is in the hallway outside of his locker room. He is surrounded by about 6 EPU members who are all bobbing their heads. They have formed a circle around Mark and are beat boxing as Mark bobs his head, clearly about to bust one of his famous freestyle flows.

Mark O’Neal: Yo…Yo…Yo…It’s Marky Mark chillin in the hall about to flow.

Haters always jockin me cuz they wish they had my dough. Bitches on my sac always screamin mo…mo….mo.

So you know I gots to………….

All of a sudden Mark stops mid-flow. Someone has just tapped him on the shoulder. Mark turns around and standing behind him is Marcus Reinhardt. Mark’s mood quickly changes as stares right into Reinhardt’s eyes as the EPU begins moving towards him. Mark signals for them to hold off and they stay at Mark’s side.

Mark O’Neal: Who the hell do you think you are, interrupting my flow? Didn’t you learn your lesson the last 2 weeks? When you took ass whoopings at the hands of me. Do you really want to make it 3 straight?

Marcus Reinhardt: I’m not scared of you. I’ve worked hard to get where I am today. I beat Bobbinette Carey and Chris Kostoff fair and square. And I would have beaten Darkwing one on one too if you and your minions wouldn’t have gotten involved. I mean what are you going to do to me? Explode on me? I’ll let you save that for your lover Sektor, I don’t swing that way.

The EPU perks up at the mention of Sektor’s name, but continue to hold back from attacking Marcus.

Mark O’Neal: Do you have a point to this or did you stop me from flowing for no good reason?

Marcus Reinhardt: The point is that at Rumble at the Rock it is just going to me and you. Kirsta Lewis wouldn’t be there to help you out, your butt buddy Sektor won’t be there to help you out, and neither will these EPU chumps. I will take another hall of fame scalp Mark whether you like it or not, you claim to be some sort of exceptional athlete but all I seem to see is a big fat baby pissing and moaning because we share a similarity in our first name, how petty is that? Is that all you can think of when trying to blemish my reputation? Maaaan that’s weak, so weak in fact that I find it pathetic and when we square off against each other I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, a lesson in respect. For weeks I’ve watched you disrespect the superstars of HOW and it stops here, no more of this drinking fighting and fucking bullshit it’s about time a real athlete showed you the true meaning to be a wrestler, a warrior of the squared circle and on October 5th I plan to send you to hell and back make no mistake about that. You’re nothing but a big pussy. Oh, and before I forget I have to thank you Mark, at thirty-seven years of age being called young made me feel extra special so thank you…jackass.

Mark has clearly become angered by Marcus’s shit talking. The 6 EPU members have now dispersed from Mark’s side and have surrounded Marcus.

Mark O’Neal: Glad you are finally done. First off, let me explain why I called you young. You are right, you are older than me, but it just doesn’t seem that way. When I think back to the past when I was fucking your mom, I almost feel like I should have been a father figure to you. I think that is what prompted me to call you young Marcus.

Marcus is angered by these comments and takes a step towards Mark, but the EPU quickly pushes him back.

Mark O’Neal: And if you honestly think you have a shot at beating a real Hall of Famer, the best Hall of Famer there is in HOW and ever will be, you are sorely mistaken. Soon enough you will see exactly how superior of an athlete I am in comparison to you. But for now, it isn’t worth my time to waste my energy kicking your ass when I can have it done for me. Boys, take him out.

The EPU begins throwing fists at Marcus until they beat him to the ground and then beginning stomping on him. Marcus tries to cover himself but can’t shield himself from all of the boots. Mark signals for them to stop and they hold Marcus down as The Explosive One stands over him.

Mark O’Neal: I am not just going to beat you at Rumble at the Rock, I am going to embarrass you. You will be forced to pay me respect, because at Rumble at the Rock, our match isn’t going to end until you say the words I QUIT.

Mark then rears back and punches Marcus square in the face, knocking him out cold as he walks down the hall as we cut to commercial break.


Will the new heart owning, Best Alliance Branded, World Champion Aceldama even make it to RATR2?


ICONIC Trip Over?

We return from commercial break with a close up shot of the ICON Title’s face plate, one jagged mark running along the left side of it. As we pan back we see that the title belt is wrapped around the waist of one Maximillian Kael, decked out in his wrestling gear, a sharp fedora sitting on top of his head while a pair of maroon tinted Pince Nez pinched on his nose.

Finally the rest of the Best Arena backstage background comes into focus as Max lifts a microphone to his lips which part to reveal ivory teeth.

Max Kael: Hello High Octane Wrestling, you pustule on the backside of professional wrestling. It’s me, the Minister Max Kael, your ICON Champion.. You know, earlier this week I sent a message to Mayhem telling the idiots there that there chances of being ICON champion were over thanks to Shane Reynolds and his incapacity to keep the title there.

Smirking as Max mentions his more or less cheap victory of Shane Reynolds, it is obvious that he relishes the idea that he finally has a win over his hated opponent.

Max Kael: I reminded them how their once great and proud little psychotic Shane Reynolds came to the land of Turmoil and was STRUCK DOWN by what some might call a random act of violence! Still, thanks to Shane’s great heart he was able to make it to the ring and compete, unfortunately no one reminded him he was facing..

Max looked from side to side as if confused by something before leaning forward, his eyes looking up over the top of the lenses of his Pince Nez.

Max Kael: Me, the Minister Maximillian Kael. Heh-heh. After letting my wonderful address to the miscreants of Mayhem I enjoyed a quiet series of evenings in my hotel room where I was free of the machinations of John Sektor and his EPU, free to do the things I always enjoy. Cutting heads out of fashion magazines and removing their eyes so they stop staring at me while I imagine myself as them…

He stares at the camera for a moment as if he was in another realm of thought for a second before a smile flashes on his face.

Max Kael: Just kidding, what, do you think I am crazy or something? I wouldn’t do that outside the privacy of my own home. But anyway while I sat there and thought upon it I realized, honestly no one on Turmoil deserves a shot at this title! No one has the right to face me for it, in fact no one should be allowed to face me for it on either show. The purity of this title is written in the name of Maximillian Kael and it is Max Kael who should retire it.

Slipping the title off his waist Max lifted it up in the air and dangled it to the side of his head, a broad grin on his face.

Max Kael: Effective immediately.. Max Kael ENDS the legacy of the ICON Title to preserve the rich and honest history it has had under the yoke of Max Kael. I hereby terminate the ICON Title..

Max drops the title as it clatters to the floor in a heap. Max lifts his hands to his mouth and pretends to make a coy little laugh before his eyes shoot to the side. His seemingly arrogant and carefree expression changes to one of concern and fear as he arches his back and lifts his hands.

EPU agents move into the frame and surround Max Kael clad in black suits and each armed with a baton. Then.. The figure of Lee Best moves into the frame and stands eye to eye with Max, neither man apparently willing to back out of the others face.

Lee Best: Who.. The Fuck do you think you are?

Max Kael: I think I’m M-

Lee Best: SHUT THE FUCK UP! That was a rhetorical question you moron. I know who the fuck you are, I sign your god damn checks, I wrote your god damn contract, I won this company back from your disgusting hands, I know you’re fucking name.

Lee shoves a finger into Max Kael’s chest to which Max can only scowl and glare at his employers bald head.

Lee Best: By the way how’s the jaw numb nut?

The owner of HOW slowly slaps the side of Max Kael’s face causing the Minister’s nostrils to flare while his jaw clenches visibly. Lee looks down at the floor before reaching down and retrieving the ICON title. Lee looks at the title then back up at Max before shoving it into Max’s chest rather forcefully.

Lee Best: That’s yours for now, Max Fail. And I do mean it when I say “for now”. See you don’t get to decide when a title is retired or when a title is instated nor when you get to defend your title or if you get to defend your title. I am the GOD in How and I make all the decisions here. Me. Lee Best.

Max holds onto the title however he does not let his eyes leave Lee Best’s gaze. Let snorts and shakes his head as he looks at Max.

Lee Best: But now that you have mentioned it, this reminds me. You’re match against Graystone at Rumble at the Rock 2.. Well it’s officially for the ICON Championship because we all know you’re recent record against Graystone is not so good. The ICON Championship is coming back to the Best Alliance and it is going to be at the cost of your broken body, you ungrateful piece of shit.

The fans cheer in the background as they learn that the ICON Championship will now be defended at Rumble at the Rock. Max sneers but does not reply to his employer though it is clear there is something he wants to say.

Lee Best: What’s wrong, sunshine, did I piss in your cereal? Well if so I’m about to take a shit in your orange juice. Graystone is BACK in the Main Event as the Referee.

Again there is a murmur from the crowd as it seems Lee has changed his mind on the issue once again. Max finally breaks Lee’s gaze as it’s clear he is extremely unhappy with the recent turn of events.

Lee Best: See I learned a long time ago that Graystone is like a force of nature, I don’t expect Graystone to follow orders exactly as I express them. Instead I apply the right encouragement and force at the correct times and hopefully the result is what I want. In this case Graystone is a walking psychotic ready to take you out of the equation, Max, and I’m putting him in the same ring as you. Brilliant idea, no fuckface?

Whether it is a rhetorical question or not Max refuses to answer or even acknowledge it as he looks down and to the right, no longer making eye contact with Lee Best. Perhaps Max thinks that if he ignores Lee he might just go away.

Lee Best: Oh and I heard you little bit about feeling that your better then Mayhem and Turmoil. I happen to agree. You are better then Mayhem.. But NO ONE is better then Lee Best’s Turmoil. So it seems Christmas comes early for you this year, Max Fail..

Lee reaches into his suit jacket and removes a contact from it, holding it in front of Max despite the fact that Max will not look at it.

Lee Best: You’re my Second Keeper, Max Kael. You’ve got a long.. Long ways to go before I’m through with you. Enjoy the rest of you’re night, cockbite.. Now Get the fuck down to the ring.

Lee glares at Max who looks up and meets the owner’s intensity. Max leans in close as both men size each other up for a moment.

Max Kael: You’ve got broad shoulder’s Lee. There’s a lot of room to stick a knife there..

Flashing a smile at Lee, Max slowly backs away as the owner is left with a confused expression on his face.

We cut to commercial.


Trent vs. Aceldama©

Graystone vs. Maximillian Kael©

Joseph Gregory vs. David Black©

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Shane Reynolds

Marcus Reinhardt vs. Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

Tim Shipley (representing Mayhem) vs. Ethan Cavanaugh (representing Turmoil)

Tag Team Start to File in..

We come back from commercial and we are backstage as we see a giant Turmoil logo in the background then we see Scottywood wander into the shot looking all around, seeming a bit lost almost. He stops in front of the camera, still looking around as he spots one of the backstage crewmembers and pulls him over to him.

Scottywood: Hey buddy, this isn’t Monday Night Mayhem, is it?

The crewmember seems very confused and stunned that he has suddenly been dragged onto live television.

Crew member: Uh….No, this is Thursday Night Turmoil.

Scottywood: Really? So I’m not in Temple, Arizona?

Crew member: No, you’re in The Best Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Scottywood: Chicago?…..Turmoil?….shit, I knew I took a wrong turn at that McDonalds… What ya gonna do? Well what match is up next on the show?

Crew member: Um….Max Kael and Trent are teaming to face Aceldama and Mark O’Neal in the main event.

Scottywood: Those are supposed to be tag teams? Looks like Lee Best just picked two names out of a hat and put Kael and Trent together in a team. Then you got Ace teaming with Mark O’Neal. I mean just a few days ago on Mayhem Ace turned on his now former tag team partner Shane Reynolds and rejoined The BA. Ya he is someone who can really be trusted as a tag partner. This main event is nothing but a joke….and it’s not even a funny joke like the chicken crossing the rode. I mean Aceldama is great at beating the living fuck out of people, but humor is just not his forte….Now wouldn’t you like to see some real tag teams here in HOW?

Crew member: Um…..sure?

Scottywood: Well buddy, your in luck. You see, I’ve become sick and tired of loosing match here in HOW and have decided to let my current contract run out and expire. But don’t worry, I am not going anywhere, I will be signing a nice new contract here in HOW along with an associate of mine and I will be doing something I haven’t done in ten years of wrestling and that is forming a real tag team and going after the HOW Tag Team titles.

Frankie: Your forming a tag team? Why didn’t you ask me to be your partner?

We see Frankie the Cameraman make his way into the shot. His head and ribs are bandaged up, as he is still recovering from the injuries suffered during his match with Scotty on Tuesday night. He does seem very upset though that he has not been asked to form a tag team with Scottywood.

Frankie: Is this your tag team partner?

Scottywood: I didn’t ask you because I actually want to win again in HOW, and no this is…..um, just some crewmember for HOW.

Crewmember: My name is…..

Frankie: So who is your tag team partner?

Scottywood: Well he is someone your familiar with Frankie….

Scotty clears his throat as he pushes the HOW crewmember out of the shot as he starts with his grand introduction.

Scottywood: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Next Generation Wrestling is proud to present, the newly self-crowned NGW Tag Team champions of the world!

Frankie tosses Scottywood one of the retired NGW Tag Team title belts, which he raises high above his head before continuing with his introduction.

Scottywood: The Hardcore Artist, Scottywood and his new tag team partner….Johnny Stevens!!!! Twisted Reality!!!!

From the left we see Johnny Stevens walk into the shot as Frankie is obviously shocked as he sees long time enemy of Scottywood’s Johnny Stevens holding the other NGW Tag Team title and shaking hands with Scottywood.

Johnny Stevens: Don’t you feel a little bad for ripping off DX there?

Scottywood: Not really

Johnny Stevens: How about for awarding ourselves the NGW Tag Team titles?

Scottywood: If Mario can have himself and his family awarded the HOW Tag Team titles, then I can award us the NGW Tag Team titles. Plus do you remember the last tag team to hold these belts? Chezina and Nicky Jam? They looked like two ugly inbreeds, they were an embarrassment to these belts. Now theses belts can have a quality tag team be their final holders.

Johnny Stevens: The Maurako family was awarded the HOW Tag Team titles? Well guess were going to have to do something about that….

Scottywood: Oh yes we are Johnny, and if the Maurako family isn’t down with that, then we just got two words for them…..

Johnny Stevens: Don’t even say it!

Scottywood: No?

Johnny Stevens: No.

Frankie: Now you know how I feel Scotty.

Scottywood: Shut up Frankie, and Mario, I really have a few more the two words for you, and they are to enjoy those Tag Team titles, because it is only a matter of time now before Twisted Reality takes them from you.

Johnny Stevens: Now we return you to Thursday Night Turmoil for what I guess you can call tag team action.

Johnny and Scottywood start to laugh as they walk away leaving just Frankie and the backstage crewmember in the shot.

Crew member: Maybe we can form a tag team?

Frankie just laughs as he walks away following Scotty and Johnny as the camera cuts back to ringside for the main event.


Max Kael & Trent vs. Aceldama & Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
Tag Team Match

The camera is back live to ringside where all four wrestlers are in the ring ready for this tag team match to begin. There seems to be a lot of tension in the ring, with Mark O’Neal staring down Max who simply stands with a sickly grin looking back at him whilst Aceldama and Trent are ready to get it on then and there. But what is also quite striking is the division between the teams themselves. Each wrestler is at separate corners and are unwilling to speak to their partners. One thing is still missing, the referee.

Graystone is seen making his way to the ring, and even though there had been protests regarding his zebra skin ‘referees’ jacket he still comes down to the ring sporting it. He climbs into the ring and stares down Max, who simply reverts his sickly stare to him, refusing to let his eyes go off him*

Joe Hoffman: Even though PETA were furious regarding his dressing of his zebra skin attire, here he is again sporting it!

Benny Newell: I think it looks rather fetching.

Joe Hoffman: Well whatever you think of Graystone’s apparel let’s not forget that Lee Best made three major announcements just before this match, three announcements which were sure to sour the mood of Max Kael.

Benny Newell: Lee Best is Brilliant is all you need to say Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: It is hard to argue considering what just happened. In case you did not catch it because you were skimming Lee Best made Graystone vs. Max Kael an ICON Title Match at Rumble at the Rock II, he reinserted Graystone as the special guest referee for the Maine Event tonight AND he declared that Max Kael was his second Keeper for Turmoil.

Benny Newell: As I said, Lee Best is Brilliant!

Joe Hoffman: Brilliant or insane.. either way tonight’s Main Event is about to get under way, and it is boiling up nicely, even the teams refuse to stand together, a lot of heat on either side!


Trent insists to Max that he is going to start the match, Max simply smiles and goes to the corner, smiling and waving at Graystone, on the other side it is much simple. Mark O’Neal simply goes to the corner without any debate and stands. The action begins with Aceldama and Trent standing beside one another as the fists begin to fly, nobody getting the edge, but with a kick to the midsection Aceldama gains the leverage. He whips Trent onto the ropes and meets him with a clothesline, then an elbow drop for good measure. He begins to stomp at his leg, trying to pay attention to it, to keep the big man down. He brings his huge mass down upon it again and again. Keeping Trent down.

All the while as what seems to be a bold stance against PETA, Graystone keeps his zebra skin jacket on during the match. He seems to not be paying attention to the match as he keeps looking over at Kael who seems fixated at him, simply staring at him with a sick grin.

Meanwhile Aceldama has Trent back up and he is limping, he tried to get him between his legs for a powerbomb, but is unable to get a good grip of the big man and Trent simply lifts upwards and throws Aceldama over him and down to the canvas. Aceldama tries to spring up and it met by a powerful clothesline which sends him packing straight back to the matt!

Trent picks up Aceldama and throws him to the turnbuckle and charges at him goring him straight into the metal frame. He then climbs the turnbuckle and begins to pummel Aceldama with a closed fist. Graystone goes over to stop the pummeling after counting to five.

Joe Hoffman: Oh so Graystone seems to be playing fair? See how long that lasts!

Benny Newell: Fairest and snappiest dressed referee, nice!

Trent gives into the ref Graystone’s demands and allows Aceldama to fall forward. He notices he is too close to his corner, but Mark O’Neal doesn’t even seem to be interested in making a tag. Taking his leg he pulls him out into the centre of the ring. He picks him up and locks in the Toke Hold, a torture rack submission. Aceldama writhes with pain, screaming, looking over at Mark O’Neal to get help, but O’Neal is not even looking at him. Graystone asks him if he wants to submit, but he refuses, trying to wriggle over to the ropes. But Trent simply pushes him back and exerts it more. Aceldama just refuses, but is becoming weak. After Graystone rises, his hand after the second time stays up, but Trent kicks him in the midsection and throws him to the ground. Aceldama is tired and hurt. He tries to crawl to the corner for the tag, his hand is out, Mark O’Neal can tag him…..but he refuses.

Trent takes Aceldama’s leg and pulls him back towards his own corner, Max with a smile on his face tells Trent to pick him up and bring him towards him. Trent picks him up and puts his hands behind his back. Tagging Kael in he comes in and prepares to charge at him with a knee, as he charges, Aceldama gets free and Kael’s knee goes straight into the groin of Trent!

Benny Newell: Again!? Trent’s groin must be like mush by now all the times Kael has hit him, and he is his partner!

Kael sniggers and turns to Graystone smiling shrugging his shoulders he mouths the words ‘whoops’ as Trent writhes with pain on the floor, holding his groin. All the while Aceldama is making his way to the corner to get away and get some breathing space. He places his lifeless body across the turnbuckle, but as soon as O’Neal sees Kael in the ring, his decision to get in changes, he smacks Aceldama across the back to make a legal tag and storms the ring taking Kael off guard with a gore and whilst on the ground a flurry of punches.

He gets up in adrenalin rushed frenzy and begins to boot Kael all over his body. He picks him up and throws him towards the ropes meeting him with a clothesline. He decides to go to the top rope and prepares to come down with the explosive drop, he comes down but Kael gets his knees up at the last second right into O’Neal’s mid section.

After roughing up O’Neal with a few dirty tricks, racking the eyes, even poking them and kneeing him in the groin, but putting his body close to O’Neal’s so he didn’t see the incident. Then he delivers the Witch Burner, smiling at Graystone he turns to him and whispers ‘You ready?’ as he goes down for the pin.

Graystone simply smiles back and refuses to go with it. Kael just gives a simple wagging of his index finger and a ‘tsk tsk’ as he stands up. He picks up O’Neal again and whips him off the ropes and delivers a running knee strike. Every time he does a move he stares at Graystone, smiling that sickly smile. Trent is now back to his feet, wondering what just happened and in the corner. He starts to yell at Graystone who turns to eye Trent who I holding his groin. Suddenly..


A fist strikes Graystone in the side of the head knocking him to the ground. Max Kael stands over Graystone with a somewhat disinterested expression on his face as he mouths the word “oops” and tosses what looks to be a pair of brass knuckles to the side.

Trent yells at Max from their corner which simply prompts Max to slowly stalk around Graystone like a curious person might view the carcass of a whale on the beach. Graystone starts to pull himself up with the ropes as blood is seen trickling down his face. Max eyes Graystone for a moment longer before he turns his attention back on O’Neal.

Mark O’Neal has slowly started to get back up and is crawling on all fours Max turns and cocks his head at his opponent before he backs up and prepares himself for the 2’Buck’20, an illegal punt. As he charges O’Neal has an illegal move of his own, a low blow, Kael falls forward and O’Neal gets him ready for the Time Bomb, lifting him into the air and down onto the canvas. He goes for the pin. Graystone is still trying to wipe the blood from his eyes.



Close three!

Joe Hoffman: That would have been a three if it was not for the dirty cheap by Max Kael earlier.. I.. I really have no idea who the hell to hate in his match! My heart goes out to Trent honestly.

Benny Newell: Why the hell was Max not DQ’ed! Graystone has to know it was Max! He.. he isn’t really so crazy as to just allow something like that to happen to himself would he? Does.. does he know something the rest of us do not?

O’Neal is furious, he whips himself off the ropes and Aceldama this time is the one to slap his back as he comes in. O’Neal turns around looking at him, but is quickly thrown out of the ring by Kael. Kael looks at Aceldama, they both smile at one another, then Kael points at Trent as we see Trent desperately wanting the tag, Kael obliges and allows Trent to come in. Both men charge at one another and both meet each other at the same time with a clothesline, both are on the floor. It seems Trent’s was more powerful as Aceldama is not moving. Graystone starts the ten count, all the while Kael STILL gazing at him. Trent gets up by five, but instead of going to attack Aceldama more he watches Graystone make the count. He gets to nine, but then Trent picks Aceldama up*

Joe Hoffman: He had it there! He had Aceldama down for ten but instead he wanted to inflict more damage! He does that at Rumble at the Rock and he costs himself the title.

Trent drags Aceldama to the turnbuckle and with no ease at all puts him onto the top turnbuckle, then across his shoulders and delivers the Toke Driver! He goes for the pin….



No! O’Neal finally decides to come in and break the count. Aceldama gets up and begins to move towards the corner, his hand out. Trent tries to grab his foot but he breaks free. O’Neal finally decides he will tag him and he charges in lifting himself off the air, grabbing Trent’s neck and giving a DDT down to the matt. He once again goes for the Explosive drop, this time connecting, he goes for the pin…..



Joe Hoffman: What the fuck?

Benny Newell: What the fuck?

The count is broken by a kick to the back of O’Neal……by Aceldama. Aceldama picks up O’Neal and piledrive’s him down to the matt. Graystone looks rather confused as Aceldama casually goes back to his corner. Trent gets up from his grogginess, looks at O’Neal down on the ground and gets confused, he turns to Max who simply shrugs as Trent simply lies on top of O’Neal and Graystone goes for the pin…..







Bryan McVay: Your winners at a time of 12 minutes 23 seconds, the team of Max Kael and Trent!!!!

Joe Hoffman: What the fuck just happened here?

Trent gets up and looks down at O’Neal smirking as he celebrates his victory, but Aceldama is not done. He charges the ring with what seems to be Kael’s ICON championship and smacks Trent right across the head, sending him to the outside. Kael gets into the ring, noticing he has his ICON title, he looks at him, all the while Graystone lurking in the wings. There is stare-off between Max and Aceldama which seems to last forever, then Aceldama nods at Max, who even more now is confused. Aceldama takes the title and turns around, planting Graystone this time with the title, sending him backwards and his back hitting the turnbuckle. He again looks at the title as Kael comes forward, Aceldama stops him then goes back, asking for a microphone.

Aceldama: I said I wanted to return to Turmoil to be beside the only man I ever respected in this federation, a man who taught me the valuable lesson I needed. And I said this person might not know of the level of respect I had for them. Max…..that person is you.

Joe Hoffmann/Benny Newell: What the fuck?

Aceldama: All those months ago when I walked into my first pay per view, you taught me the harsh realities of being here. You gave me my first defeat. You made me feel human again. Then I watched as you took no prisoners, running his company against the one and only Lee Best, trying to take him down. Even though I fought against you at War Games, I watched you as you took your body to the limit. But my greatest respect I have for you, is that you do not allow anybody to tell you what to do. Not Lee, no the EPU, nobody. I admire that.

Now, all I want to ask is, will you join me…..in once again trying to take down Lee Best and his Best Alliance?

Joe Hoffmann/Benny Newell: What the fuck??

Aceldama takes the ICON title and outstretches it for Kael to take. Kael looks at him and smiles then takes the title from him as Aceldama raises his hand, once again going for the microphone

Aceldama: You maybe are all wondering where the EPU and the rest of the Best Alliance are? Let me cure your curiosity.

The High Octane vision screen comes to life with footage that says below ‘filmed earlier’, it shows Lee Best and Kirsta walking into the office of Sektor where he is standing talking to his guards and closes the door. Aceldama is seen quietly walking along and looks around, putting a key into the door and locking it, then snapping the key so it is stuck inside. You can hear the banging of the door and the voices on the other side as the camera pans back to the ring

Aceldama: Just like Faze before you I garnished your trust once again, so I could do things my way. You say you created me? That I would be nothing without you? Think of it as the other way around! Without me in the Best Alliance, would you of won war games? Would you of had the stable titles retired to its rightful home? Would you have a world champion? I think not. Without me, the Best Alliance is nothing!

Now I will walk in the shadows, with Max, and together we will bring down this company, brick by brick, I was asked to embrace the madness, and so I shall. Lee I am coming for you (pointing at Graystone in the corner) I am coming for him (pointing at O’Neal on the canvas) I am coming for him and I am coming for the rest of your Best Alliance. Together we now walk this arena the outcasts, titles in our hands, whilst your precious Best Alliance, nothing!


I hope you are prepared.

And as for being your property, consider this property…..repossessed!

Aceldama goes into his trouser pocket and takes out a switch blade, ripping open his jumpsuit to expose his branding scar, still not healed, taking the blade he rips into his skin and removes the area of skin with the brand. And raises it in the air. Max kneels in the corner, smiling all the while at the sick perverseness that Aceldama is creating.

Aceldama: You can keep this piece of skin, it is no longer need by me, I shall let the remaining blood that flowed for the Best Alliance seep out until there is nothing……

Aceldama goes outside the ring and underneath the ring pulls out a spray paint bottle, walking back into the ring he sprays targets on both Mark O’Neal, Graystone and Trent.

Aceldama: These are our first targets, they shall not be our last.

He then sprays a target on himself

Aceldama: So you want me Lee, I am right here, come and get me!

Aceldama stands proudly in the middle of the ring, with his world title aloft over his head, Max Kael is still in the corner, smiling away to himself, rocking two and fro holding his title, all the while staring at the lifeless Graystone in the corner as Turmoil fades to black.





We see Max Kael whistling to himself as he moves into the parking lot in a black suit with his travel bag rolling behind him. Making his way out toward the Road Maxter 9000 Golf Hummer parked just outside the rear entrance he pauses and looks up.

The Road Maxter 9000 sits on cinderblocks with it’s wheels completely removed. Cocking his head at the unusually sight Max reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone.

Suddenly a bright set of lights flash on Max causing him to jump slightly. Holding up his hand to try and dim the brightness the sound of an engine roaring can be heard before a black van with no back windows pulls up. The side door slides open as several swat clad EPU members pile out.

Max Kael:.. Not again..

Max frowns and offers minimal resistance as a black satin bag is pulled over his head and line zipped closed around his neck. Max is dragged back up into the fan as the EPU Swat members look around for a moment to make sure no one is looking. As they all climb back into the unmark van one stops to pull a can of spray paint out of his uniform.

Marking the Road Maxter 9000 with the EPU symbol the last member jumps into the van which peels out of the parking lot heading west…

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