Turmoil: October 22nd, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Aceldama
October 22nd, 2009 – #HOW87
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


The Best Opener

The HOTv logo gives way and we are given a live shot of none other than Mike Best..

The camera zooms out and we see that Mike Best is standing in the middle of the ring and the fans inside The Best Arena are chanting…




The younger brother of Lee Best just smiles as he nods his head in approval at the fans and even puts the mic under his right arm and begins clapping towards the fans and this show of appreciation from a Best sends the fans into a frenzy as they clap right along with Mike.

After a few more moments Mike brings the mic back up to his lips and begins tonight’s Thursday Night Aceldama.


The Best Arena is literally shaking as the fans cheer madly for Mike Best forcing the younger Best to literally yell into the microphone just to be heard.


Mike pauses as the crowd continues to cheer madly and he can’t help but smile out to the fans that have put up for the evil that was Lee Best for all these years.

The cameras pan in and capture Mike wiping a tear away and as the crowd sees the pure emotion on the face of the younger Best they again begin to chant his name…this time letting the whole world hear them..




Overcome with emotion and unable to speak, Mike rolls his index finger in a circular motion signaling the guys in the production truck to start a video…

The crowd is still chanting as the huge High Octane Vision screen comes to life and everyone turns their attention to the HOV as a replay of the end of last week’s show is shown once again and just seeing the footage again of Lee Best getting carried out by the EPU brings the crowd into another loud ovation.

The video ends a head shot of Lee Best and the image quickly begins to melt away until it is gone…

Mike Best: Fans of High Octane Wrestling it is not something I am proud of but it had to be done. My only brother, Lee Best, has been on a power tripping irresponsible trip ever since he brought this proud company to the top back in 2002. So many lives have been destroyed over the years and let’s be honest….Lee and every person that has been in the Best Alliance should be in jail for the crimes they have committed over the years but because of my brothers influence it has never happened….well folks…that is about to change!!

The crowd cheers again but this time much more quietly as now there is a buzz in the Best Arena as no one knows where this is leading..

Mike Best: Last week when Lee was carried out by the EPU it was more than just a symbolic gesture of my full arrival here in the land of Octane. No, it was more like a dream come true. For too long I have sat back and watched my brother bring this company back to life, only to flush it down the toilet time after time. If it wasn’t due to the enemies he made shutting down the company, or Lee just quitting on EVERYONE, or Lee falling ill because of his lifestyle…..no matter the reasons the end game has always been the same here in High Octane Wrestling…..it closes.

The crowd is hushed as the tone has gotten serious in Mike’s voice.

The cameras zoom into the face of Mike and we see the hatred, the passion…the purpose….of what he is saying as he stares intently thru tear filled eyes into the hard camera.

Mike Best: Back in October of 2002 High Octane Wrestling burst onto the scene behind the creative genius duo of Narcotic and Lee Best. By early 2003 there was a roster split and by summer it….was…closed.

Mike lets that set in with the fans and viewers at home.

Mike Best: Then the company made a great comeback and once again all the HOW superstars returned as the promise of a long and glorious run was made by Lee. The company thrived as it joined Revolution Studios and other various companies that promoted competition between the various wrestling companies in the world. From companies like SCWF, CHZ and NGW, High Octane Wrestling competed and often defeated these companies in the weekly ratings wars and just when HOW was at its zenith…it….closed.

This time only a quick pause by Mike as he continues..

Mike Best: Several times this game of return and closure played out as Lee Best made enemies all over the globe and HOW was the victim of crimes that would ultimately shut the company down several times. Knowing this, my brother decided to change the name to Golden Phoenix Wrestling and he moved the company to Reno Nevada but nothing was different. It was the same people, the same outstanding matches, and of course the same ending…..it…closed.

Mike pauses and wipes the dried tears from his eyes as his eyes are burning with anger now…

Mike Best: You probably have noticed that I forgot the mention the failed SSE experiment or even the short lived ICON Wrestling Company my brother started. I did that out of respect. Respect for all the wrestlers that have stuck by my brother’s side thru all these years of mismanagement of money, misguidance of the company’s direction and of course the misuse of my brothers power. Fast forward to April of 2008 and Lee shows up out of nowhere and voila the company is back and has skyrocketed to the top of the wrestling landscape once again. But the little things that ultimately led to each and every closure of this company began to crop up. The online site being hacked, mismanagement of money, Lee’s inability to work with Ryan Faze to make sure Mayhem and Turmoil were on even terms…all these little things were building up to something larger and I AM DONE WATCHING MY BROTHER KILL THE LIVELIEHOOD OF ALL THESE GREAT WRESTLERS AND OF THIS GREAT COMPANY…….THE DARK CLOUD HAS BEEN LIFTED FROM THIS ARENA AND NO LONGER WILL THE FOCUS BE ON THE GOD OF HOW…IT WILL BE ON THE WRESTLERS IN THE BACK AND ON YOU…..THE HIGH OCTANE FANS!!!!!!

The crowd erupts into cheers as Mike begins pacing back and forth in the ring as he continues to talk..

Mike Best: Tonight we will see the a new number one contender for David Black’s LSD Championship named…tonight we will see who will move forward in the HOFC Tournament when Bobbinette Carey takes on Ethan Cavanaugh…and tonight we will possibly see the final match between Maximillian Kael and Graystone as both men fight for a title that is worth more in prestige than most other companies WORLD TITLES. You see folks tonight’s focus will be on the workers….not on a Best…or a Best Alliance…because as of this very moment there is no BEST ALLIANCE!!

Another MIKEY BEST chant breaks out as Mike nods his head in approval of the fans..

Mike Best: You see I have cut the head off of the snake and to prove it to you all…I present to you this….

Mike motions towards the HOV screen once again and everyone turns their attention towards it and there is a loud gasp and roar as the screen comes to life and we see none other than Lee Best. He is sitting down in a chair with two armed guards behind him. That is not what has everyone gasping and the arena buzzing…it is what Lee is wearing.

An orange County jumpsuit.

Mike Best: You may have read the “spin” that Lee put out on HOWrestling.com earlier this week about our “legal” issues. Well there are legal issues alright. Lee has been charged with numerous crimes and there is hours and hours of High Octane video footage to prove it all….even the death of a child has been aired here on HOTv…..and now Lee must pay for all his sins and as much as it saddens me to say this to my older brother…..YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Up on the HOV we see a beaten Lee Best slowly lift his head and stare out at the thousands of fans sitting inside his arena. He goes to talk but nothing comes out and he just slowly lowers his head again as the whole arena is in shock.

Mike Best: The dark cloud has been lifted folks and you will not be seeing Lee for a very…very …VERY…long time. On top of the legal issues there is also the second contract I signed a few weeks ago. Before I get to that let me just mention that I am going to keep the EPU around until ICONIC as I just feel there might be some guys in the back who feel that they must “stick” up for Lee and I know I am putting some peoples lives in danger by turning my brother in..namely my own.

Mike pauses and he notices no one is paying attention to him but instead are staring up at Lee Best in shackles on the HOV.

Mike Best: Turn it off boys…turn it off…

The HOV goes black and once again Mike has the full attention of the crowd.

Mike Best: Now let me just wrap this up so we can get to the action for tonight. My second contract has been notarized and made all legal by my attorneys and I am happy to announce that as of the very moment the guilty verdict is handed down to Lee Best I will be the 100% OWNER OF HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING!!!

The crowd cheers loudly for Mike who is now smiling once again…

Mike Best: No more will there be the crazy Graystone segments….no more will The Best Alliance members hold all the titles. Instead people like Bobbinette Carey, Chris Kostoff, Perfect Paul Paras, and all the rest of the deserving talent in the back will be the focus of the company. Tonight I am here to once again tell the world what they all have been waiting for……Lee Best is done with HOW!!

With that Mike exits the ring and hands the microphone to a HOW crewmen and he heads up the entrance ramp as the MIKEY BEST chants begin again.

We see Mike turn and begin clapping in appreciation of the fans as we take our first commercial break..


See Twisted Reality in action next and make sure to tune into the Lottery on November 5th to see how the Tag team picture will play out heading to ICONIC!!


Twisted Reality vs. Vince & Joey Bishop
Tag Team Match

Back from commercial break we see The Bishop Brothers in the ring already, awaiting their opponents as their music plays and they try and play to the crowd, though getting little reaction.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome to Thursday Night Aceldama and Benny…what did we just witness??

Benny Newell: I don’t care what that little bitch brother of Lee’s just said..this is not the beginning…this is the end!!

Joe Hoffman: Folks I am just speechless….Mike Best could be in charge in a manner of weeks…I mean the evidence against Lee has to be staggering!

Benny Newell: Whatever…this is bullshit..they are fucking blood and this is what Mike..or should I say MIKEY…does to his big brother???

Joe Hoffman: What Mike said had a lot of truth to it Benny..you cannot deny that. How many times have we lost our jobs cause of Lee Best closing HOW? I mean honestly how many times?

Benny blows Joe off and takes a big drink from his official HOW flask as Joe, the ultimate professional, moves on with the show.

Joe Hoffman: Alright folks, we are ready for our open contest of the night and it is a tag team match that has big implications for both teams.

Benny Newell: Speaking of teams…who the hell is this team?

Joe Hoffman: They are The Bishop Brothers. They made their debut on Mayhem this past Monday.

Benny Newell: Oh, the guys The Egg Bandits ran over.

Joe Hoffman: Yes, which is why this match is very important for them. Another loss would pretty much put their jobs in jeopardy, or at least bury them at the bottom of the Tag Team division.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Separated.

Decadence” by Disturbed cuts in and starts to play as the quiet Best Arena turns to boos as we see Johnny Stevens and Scottywood make their way out onto the stage.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, now making their way to the ring weighing in at a combined weight of 508 pounds…”The Hardcore Artist” Scottywood…..Johnny Stevens….Twisted Reality!!

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of team with a lot on the line, Twisted Reality has yet to score a win in the tag team division, a loss here tonight would add to Scottywood’s loosing streak and kill any hype Twisted Reality may have left.

Benny Newell: Even if they loose tonight, they could still very well end up with a Tag Team title match next week on Turmoil.

Joe Hoffman: The Lethal Lottery is a whole different story, and a big if for all three of the tag teams involved

Barbwire hockey stick in hand, Scottywood rolls into the ring which causes The Bishops to retreat to the corner as referee Joel Hortega tries to tell Scottywood to leave the weapon outside the ring.

Johnny Stevens: I wouldn’t do that Joel…especially with your history with Scotty. Plus as many have forgotten since me and Scotty have formed Twisted Reality, Scotty has a clause in his contract which allows him to make any match of his in HOW, a hardcore match. Well tonight we have decided to invoke that, so that hockey stick, will be fully legal. Good luck guys.

Joe Hoffman: Well it is bad enough that Scottywood has lost it over the attack on his fiancé, but now The Bishops have to deal with Twisted Reality with no rules.

Benny Newell: Is it too early to send my condolences to Mr. And Mrs. Bishop?

Referee Joel Hortega backs away from Scottywood as Stevens ditches the microphone and grabs a steel chair from the timekeeper’s area as he also slides into the ring, now sandwiching The Bishops as Hortega calls for the bell. Johnny and Scotty stalk The Bishops who after a few seconds make a dash for the ropes, sliding out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Smart move by The Bishops, get out of the ring and arm themselves.

Vince throws the ring skirt up and pulls himself out a trash can as Joey has a little better luck and pulls out a ladder. Scotty quickly follows Vince out of the ring, who tries to use the trash can as a shield but one shot from the hockey stick renders the trash can pretty much useless. Vince drops the trash can and tries to escape but Scotty uses the blade of the hockey stick to take the feet out from under Vince, sending him down to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: #91 Scottywood, two minutes for tripping.

Benny Newell: Ya, you go try and put him in the penalty box Joe.

On the other side of the ring Joey has taken the ladder out from under the ring but he also has little luck afterwards as we see Stevens baseball slide out of the ring and plants the ladder Joey is holding right into his own head. Grabbing his steel chair from the ring apron Stevens stalks Joey as he pulls himself back up with the help of the barricade and walks right into a nasty chair shot from Stevens.

Joe Hoffman: Sounded like a damn gun just went off in the arena. Take a look at the chair Benny.

Benny Newell: And the chair didn’t even receive the worse end of that exchange, Joey is busted open.

He certainly is as Johnny takes Joey and throws him back into the ring as back to the other side of the ring Scottywood pulls Vince back up to his feet and plants him with a SDT right onto the barbwire from his hockey stick busting the other Bishop Brother open. He throws Vince back in the ring as Scotty goes under the ring and pulls out another piece of barbwire.

Joe Hoffman: Does he really need more barbwire? What in the world is he going to do with that?

Benny Newell: I have no idea…but with his current state of mind I am glad I am not in that ring.

Taking the barbwire he starts to wrap it around his right arm as Johnny pick up Joey and lifts him up for a powerbomb as he spins around twice and slams Joey down to the mat for a move he calls The Plague. On the other side of the ring Vince starts to slowly climb back up to his feet, his face covered in blood. We see Scottywood slide back into the ring, barbwire now covering his arm as he tells Johnny to grab Vince. Johnny sends Vince towards Scotty with an Irish whip and Scotty runs at him, clotheslining Vince with his barbwire covered arm.

Joe Hoffman: Oh God! The Barbed Line by Scottywood!

Benny Newell: That barbwire right to the throat of Vince Bishop.

And Vince is showing the effects of it as he is clutching his throat, which is in obvious pain. Scotty just smiles as he looks down at Vince and instead of going for the cover Scotty drops to the mat and digs the barbwire from his arm into the head of Vince, causing both men to bleed more and Vince to scream in pain as we see Johnny take Joey and lock him into his Texas Cloverleaf submission move.

Joe Hoffman: That barbwire just being dug into the forehead of Vince Bishop….I can barely even watch.

Benny Newell: I think they should hire Scottywood for SAW Seven.

Vince and Joey try to free themselves but after only a few seconds they quickly start taping out as Hortega calls for the bell.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match by submission in 4 minutes and 38 seconds…..Twisted Reality!!

Johnny has released the hold on Joey but Scottywood continues to dig the barbwire into the head of Vince as you can hear him yelling “Do you like that Mario? Do you?” It takes both Hortega and Johnny to pull Scottywood off Vince as Johnny tries to bring Scotty back to reality.

Joe Hoffman: Well that obviously isn’t Mario Maurako…Scottywood seems to really be loosing it.

Benny Newell: When did he ever have it Joe?

Joe Hoffman: I have never seen him like this Benny…He has truly snapped.

The referee raises the arms of Johnny and Scottywood as the HOW medical crew make their way down to the ring to attend to The Bishops as Twisted Reality makes there way out of the ring, with Scottywood staring at Vince Bishop and just smiling and laughing as the camera cuts away.


Fava Beans = Ratings

Announcer guy: “And now it’s time to return to the Shelly Scott program.”

Shelly Scott, a bubbleheaded beach blonde, shuffles her notes.

Shelly Scott: “And welcome back to the Shelly Scott program. I am Shelly Scott and next, we have a wrestler who’s about to debut on High Octane Wrestling here in Chicago. Please welcome to the Shelly Scott program- Dr. Annabel ‘The Cannibal’ Lecktor and her handler FBI Special Agent Charlize Starling!”

Polite applause. Starling leads Dr. Lecktor, wearing a mask and hands and arms tied up in a straitjacket, to the chairs. Starling helps Dr. Lecktor down.

Shelly Scott: “Dr. Lecktor! Welcome to the Shelly Scott program.”

Dr. Lecktor slowly turns and stares at the host.

Starling: “It’s okay, Shelly. Dr. Lecktor can be very non-verbal at times.”

Shelly Scott: “I see. This should make for a fascinating interview.

Dr. Lecktor: “Oh, now you’re just being rude. I don’t like rude people.”

Shelly Scott: “I’m…I’m sorry, Dr. Lecktor.

Dr. Lecktor: “You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste. Good nutrition’s given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you, Shelly Scott? And that accent you’ve tried so desperately to shed: pure West Virginia. And by the way, what is up with saying Shelly Scott every five seconds. I know I’m on the Shelly Scott show. The people watching know they’re watching the Shelly Scott show. I know you’re Shelly Scott. They know you’re Shelly Scott. STOP SAYING SHELLY SCOTT EVERY FIVE SECONDS!”

Scott’s face is frozen in a frightened stare with her eyes wide open.

Charlize: “It’s okay. She gets like that this time of the month.”

Shelly Scott: “O…okay…um…we’ll be back with Dr. Lecktor on the…um…this show…in a second.”

Tech. Director: “And we’re clear.”

Dr. Lecktor: “Good. Whew! Charlize can you pull this mask up?”

Charlize pulls the mask up like a hockey goalie would.

Dr. Lecktor: “Thanks. Hey, can someone get me a drink? I am parched. Wow…this straitjacket is really making me sweat.” She turns to a still stunned Shelly Scott. “Hey, thanks for having me on the show. It means a lot for a housewife like me to end up on a big time show like yours.”

Shelly Scott: “Y-you’re…a housewife?”

Dr. Lecktor: “In real life, yes. I originally just did this wrestling gig as a way to make some extra money. I actually worked at Political Championship Wrestling in the office and one night…”

Tech. Director: “Twenty seconds.”

Dr. Lecktor: “…they asked me if I wanted to play Dr. Lecktor at one of the shows. Apparently, I had the right size and build they were looking for. So I took the gig and made some extra cash on the side.”

Shelly Scott: “So…so now you’re doing this full time?”

Dr. Lecktor: “Yeah. My husband lost his job and so someone has to bring home the ol’ bacon. He’s on unemployment and such but that doesn’t remotely make up for the loss of income. So, I had some contacts in the industry with me working at PCW and…”

Tech. Director: “Ten seconds.”

Dr. Lecktor: “…I called in a couple favors and wall-lah. Here I am.”

Tech. Director: “Five…four…three…two…one.” He points at Shelly.

Shelly Scott: “Hello and welcome back to the Shelly Scott show. I’m Shelly Scott and with me is-”

Dr. Lecktor: “You’re doing it again.”

Shelly Scott: “Ah…doing what?”

Dr. Lecktor: “Saying you’re name every five seconds. It’s annoying.”

Shelly Scott: “Um…o-kay. Dr. Lecktor, we were talking off air about how you got into wrestling and you told me this great story about-”

Dr. Lecktor: “After your father’s murder, you were orphaned. You were ten years old. You went to live with cousins in a small village along a small waterway by the Tashkowaski Dam, built in 1931 as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s WPA inititiative to provide jobs to those who were thrown out of work during the Great Depression.”

Shelly Scott: “Yes, Dr. Lecktor, that’s correct. Now, if we can get back to-”

Dr. Lecktor: “Your cousins lived in a ramshackle cabin made of cheap wood and you could hear everything. You could hear the water running. You could hear your cousin snoring. You could even hear your aunt and uncle doing their reenactment of William T. Sherman’s march through Georgia at two o’clock in the morning.”

Shelly Scott: “Yes…yes…that’s true. But-”

Dr. Lecktor: “Then one day, a knock developed in two of the dam’s water driven turbines and the loud noise from the engines allowed you to sleep in peace at night without having to hear the water running, your cousin snoring, or your aunt screaming out ‘ravage me,’ ‘pillage me’ at the top of her lungs at two o’clock in the morning.”

Shelly Scott: “Y-yes. I was finally able to get a good night’s sleep.” (she whispers out of the side of her mouth) “Your mask is up.”

Charlize quickly reaches across and puts the mask back down.

Dr. Lecktor: “Sorry. Now, where was I? Oh yes. But then, dear Shelly, engineers repaired the knocking sound coming from the turbines by putting in a new efficient, state of the art turbine engine that made no sound at all. It was quite a tramautic experience for you, wasn’t it?”

Shelly Scott: “Y-yes…it was.”

Dr. Lecktor: “And what was it, Shelly. What was it that made your life a living hell for years as you lived with the sound of water running, you cousin snoring, and your aunt crying out “I’m burning, I’m burning,” and your uncle replying “I’ve tried to put on more lubrication dear but it’s not working!”

Shelly appears to be on the verge of tears.

Shelly Scott: “It was…the silence. The…silence of the dams.”

Tech. Director: “Okay, we’re in commercial.”

Dr. Lecktor: “So anyways, with my husband out of work, he stays home with my three children: Allie, Jenna, and Sam. He’s not very good at grocery shopping yet even though I try to put together a list of things to buy. He’s good at making pizza and burgers but the kids shouldn’t eat that every day, right Charlize?”

Charlize: “Absolutely.”

Tech. Director: “Ten seconds!”

Shelly Scott: “Oh, no…”

Dr. Lecktor: “I do call my kids every night I’m in Chicago. Thankfully, I can drive home on weekends to see my husband so this hasn’t put too much of a strain on our marriage…”

Tech. Director: “Five…four…three…two…one.”

Shelly Scott: “Okay. We’re back. I’m Shelly Scott. This is Shelly Scott show.”

Dr. Lecktor: “Hello Clarice.”

Shelly Scott: “My name is Shelly.”

Dr. Lecktor: “I know because you keep saying it EVERY FIVE SECONDS!” She starts to sniff as if she smells something. “Are you…wearing perfume?”

Shelly Scott: “Yes.”

Dr. Lecktor: “May I?” She takes Shelly’s arm and sniffs it up and down. “Hmmm, your arm would go nicely with some fava beans and a nice chianti. I do wish we could chat longer, but…it’s time to have a new friend for dinner.”

Dr. Lecktor leaps on top of Scott who lets out a high-pitched, blood-curdling scream. Charlize tries to pull her off.


The show cuts away quickly to commercial…


Tastes great…with cream filling


Deconstruction begins..

Back from commercial and we cut into what was formerly the office of Lee Best. There are workers literally tearing down everything that Lee had in the office since the Arena was built.

Standing in the middle of all the chaos is Mike Best who is watching with a keen eye for any attempts of theft of items that could easily fetch fortunes on Ebay and Craigslist.

Suddenly a woman comes racing into the room and whispers into Mike’s ear..

Mike Best: Barbed wire to the throat….Shelly Scott….I told the production crew not to air that….get me on the phone with Steve in the truck asap…..and let the EPU know we are going to have some work for them…

The assistant nods and quickly runs off as Mike notices all the workers have stopped and are looking at him.

Mike Best: Back to work boys…..back to work…

The workers quickly go back to what they were doing as Mike continues to watch on…

Mike Best: Barbed wire to the throat…I mean seriously??

The cameras cut back to ringside as the deconstruction of Lee Best’s office continues..


Starr Arrival

But instead of heading to the announce team the action cuts quickly backstage, where Jatt Starr is seen walking down the corridor talking on his cell phone, passing random employees of High Octane Wrestling.

Jatt Starr: I know….I know!….We have to be prepared though!….That’s your opinion!….No, I don’t think twenty cases of water is “excessive”!….We can put them in a trailer….Well, I haven’t figured out all the little details…..I’m sure there is a way to hook up a trailer to the JATTMOBILE 10001 in such a way it can also withstand rough terrain….Uh huh….No, but—….You’ll thank me when the zombies rise up!….I know but—….uh huh….

In mid-stride, Jatt Starr is stopped by one of the HOW interns, RANDY.

Jatt Starr: Yeah, but—…uh huh….Hold on a second.

Jatt Starr looks over at RANDY.

Jatt Starr: Can I help you?

Randy: Yes, Mr. Starr, I just—

Jatt Starr: Call me Jatt.

Randy: Sorry, Jatt. But this just came for you.

RANDY hands Jatt Starr a plain white envelope with the words “TO Jatt Starr“ written in black marker on it..

Jatt Starr: Who is it from?.

Randy: I don’t know.

Jatt Starr: Who gave it to you?

Randy: Some guy.

Jatt Starr: You are a fountain of help. Thank you

Jatt Starr resumes his conversation.

Jatt Starr: Sorry about that, one of the new interns handed me an envelope…..I’m opening it now….

Jatt Starr opens the envelope.

Jatt Starr: Weird….It says “I KNOW WHO YOU ARE”….That’s what it said. It’s silly, really. If they put my name on the envelope then OF COURSE they know who I am! Must be a prank or some whacked out fan….Yeah…Look, I’ll talk to when I finish up here. Yeah, I’m almost at Mike Best’s office. Hopefully, he’s in this week….Right….Well, I have to find out what the heck happened last week the Maurakos coming in ruining my victorious return….Okay….I love you too….Bye.

Jatt Starr closes his phone and turns the corner where looks over at


Jatt Starr is nailed in the back with a steel chair causing him to drop to one knee.


Jatt Starr is nailed in the head with another chairshot knocking him to the floor. Jatt Starr looks up, in a daze and he sees standing over him his assailant: TRENT.

TRENT raises the chair over his head and…..


.knocks Jatt Starr unconscious. TRENT grabs Jatt Starr’S feet and begins dragging him down the hall as the action returns ringside.


Johnny Otaku vs. Jay Davis
Singles Matches

The cameras cut back to ringside as Johnny Otaku is making his way down to the ring with his entrance music blaring over the PA system. He appears to be very confident as he makes his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: He looks rather confident in himself, and he should be. He had a big win last week against Trip Eisen.

Benny Newell: Yeah the taco was able to wrap up the win last week.

Joe Hoffman: Oh great. More cheesy Taco Bell jokes this week?

Benny Newell: No, not cheesy jokes, but a cheesy beef and potato burrito sounds good about now. I wonder if Taco can fix us up some after his match.

Joe Hoffman simply rolls his eyes as Johnny Otaku makes it to the ring, heads over to the ring steps, and starts to ascend up them. Suddenly, and unknowingly to Johnny Otaku, someone jumps over the security barrier, and heads over to Johnny Otaku. As Johnny Otaku’s right foot touches the top step, the man grabs him from behind, and pulls him off the steps before delivering a right fist to the face of the unsuspecting Johnny Otaku.

Joe Hoffman: It’s Jay Davis! Looks like he didn’t want to wait to get this match started.

Benny Newell: Nope. He wants to strike while the taco’s still hot.

Jay Davis lays in a few more punches, and then hits Johnny Otaku with a European uppercut. The referee yells for Jay to get the two of them into the ring to start the match as Jay Davis gets Johnny Otaku back to his feet. He then sets Otaku up, and launches him head first into the steel ring post. Johnny Otaku simply crumples to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my. Looks like Jay Davis is trying to completely take out Johnny Otaku before this match even officially begins.

Benny Newell: Don’t you hate when that happens before the match? It’s like your hard shell taco breaking apart before you even open it.

Joe Hoffman: Good grief.

Jay Davis gets Johnny Otaku to his feet, and whips him into the security barrier, and then follows it up with a stiff clothesline. After laying in a few boots to the head, Jay Davis gets Johnny Otaku back to his feet again, and swings around to stand behind Johnny Otaku. Jay Davis wraps his arms around the waist of the barely standing Johnny Otaku, and nails a German suplex onto the hard ground. He doesn’t let go, however, and gets them both to their feet. Jay Davis nails another German Suplex to the hard ground. Once again Jay Davis holds on, and gets the two of them back to their feet. With one mighty jerk, Jay Davis nails another German suplex, but this time the head, neck, and shoulders of Johnny Otaku hits the top steel step.

Joe Hoffman: Someone stop this. He’s trying to kill Johnny Otaku.

Benny Newell: How many times do I have to tell you? TA-CO. TACO!

Joe Hoffman ignores Benny as finally Jay Davis rolls an unconscious appearing Johnny Otaku into the ring, and follows him in. Jay Davis brings Johnny Otaku to his feet, and brings him over to the center of the ring. Jay Davis puts Johnny Otaku into a front headlock, and hooks one of his legs with one of his own. Jay delivers a swift, and powerful, ddt onto Johnny Otaku before hooking the leg on the mat.




Bryan McVay: The winner of the bout in 35 seconds… JAY DAVIS!

Joe Hoffman: Well the official time of the match may be less than a minute, but this match started way before the bell.

Benny Newell: I guess there’s no cheesy beef and potatoes headed our way?

Joe Hoffman says nothing, but rolls his eyes. Benny Newell, meanwhile, looks rather put out.


The Champion Answers Back..

The cameras cut to the backstage area where HOW interviewer Missy Andrews is seen walking at a brisk pace down one of the more deserted hallways of the Best Arena with a cameraman in tow. There is only a few people in the area aside from Missy but she wastes no time in walking up to the first one, a middle aged man.

Missy Andrews: Excuse me, have you seen David Black? I heard he was seen entering the building a little while ago.

Man: I have not seen him, sorry.

Missy Andrews, determined to locate the LSD Champion, immediately turns and approaches the only other person in the area, a woman in her thirties.

Missy Andrews: Excuse me, have you-

The woman shakes her head and walks right past Missy. Missy, now getting slightly frustrated, sighs and walks the corner only to find a dead end which only increases her frustration.

Missy Andrews: Well this is just…great.

Missy shakes her head slightly when suddenly a low voice is heard coming from behind Missy and the camera.

??: Boo!

Missy, visibly startled, quickly spins around and comes face to face with David Back, while the cameraman, equally startled, scrambles to get behind Missy. Black is as always dressed entirely in black clothes and he is carrying the LSD Championship on his shoulder.

Missy Andrews: Whoa…you scared me there.

She says, adding a nervous laugh at the end. Black’s facial expression does not change however, as it remains as cold and emotionless as ever.

David Black: You’re looking for me?

Missy Andrews: Yes I wanted to get your thoughts on the challenge that was made on Mayhem by Tim Shipley.

David Black: My thoughts?

He scoffs.

David Black: I don’t know which is worse; Tim Shipley’s pathetic delusions or the peoples reaction to his pathetic delusions. Timmy’s little speech on Mayhem is exactly what I have been talking about all along. I was a part of Mayhem from the very first show and I proved myself night in and night out. Yet the first show after I got traded to Turmoil, Tim Shipley walks to the ring and outright lies to people…and they believe him and they cheer him. Even as his largely pointless rant descended into incoherent babble, the people stuck with him and believed the crap he was spewing.

David shakes his head.

David Black: But I didn’t expect anything less. People hated seeing me dominate on Mayhem, they hated seeing a “lowly outsider” like myself dominate all of their heroes and now that I am on Turmoil, they cannot wait to forget all about me. And Tim Shipley is a poster boy for everything the people love; He’s arrogant, he thinks he’s better than everybody else and loves to look down on those he deems are beneath him and he completes the package by bringing a brainless bimbo with him everywhere he goes. In short he is a product of the system, of society…and people love that.

Missy Andrews: But…you did not really answer my question.

Black gives Missy an ice cold stare that lasts for several seconds, which is making Missy visibly uncomfortable.

David Black: The answer to your question is that I look forward to coming to Mayhem and showing the world exactly why Lee Best made the right decision when he refused to allow Tim Shipley to buy an LSD title shot. I mean how utterly useless and pathetic do you have to be when you have to BUY your title shots instead of earning them? And when Lee Best refused that he actually walked to the ring and bitched about not being able to buy his way into a title match. I’m not surprised that Shippy is one of those people who think they can buy everything, and seeing how shocked and offended he was by the fact that Lee Best did not allow him to do so…that sure as hell brought a smile to my face.

David smiles but that smile quickly fades and is replaced by that familiar deadly serious expression .

David Black: But I can tell you one thing for damn sure…Mayhem didn’t “make” me…I had to fight and claw for everything damn thing I accomplished while I was there. Now what Shipley needs to understand is that while he has his wrestling matches…I have fights! While his wrestling matches are about winning and losing matches…my fights are about living and dying!

David turns his head and now looks directly into the camera.

David Black: Tim Shipley…you don’t realize it now but you have made a mistake. You have allowed your ego to cloud your judgment and in doing so, you have now gotten yourself in way over your head. Last time we faced you got lucky and escaped relatively unharmed due to your precious little manager interfering on your behalf and you should have been happy with that. You should have looked at that as a blessing from above and gone on your way. You should have thanked God, your lucky stars and whatever the hell else you could think of, and you should have forgotten all about me. But no…your ego could not live with the fact that I ruined your little debut match here in High Octane Wrestling and now you have gotten it into your head that you should take my LSD Championship to avenge that.

David pauses but never takes his eyes off the camera.

David Black: Tim Shipley…I have said all along that the LSD Championship is about gain through sacrifice and on Mayhem you are gonna find out exactly what that means. You will sacrifice your body, your health and maybe even your career…but in return you will gain the wisdom to understand that you are not now, nor will you ever be, worthy of being LSD Champion. And I know that fans and even other HOW wrestlers are putting all of their hopes on you. I know that they are all pulling for you to be the one to finally take the LSD Championship from me, and I know that they will all be pulling for you to get the win over me on Mayhem. But once again all of their hopes and dreams will be crushed by my hands. Once again I shall stand against the masses and I shall be victorious. And you Tim Shipley…you’ll just be yet another casualty of my crusade.

Black then turns around and starts to walk away from the camera.

Missy Andrews: Just one more question…

David Black: We’re done here.

As Black disappears out of the cameras sight we cut back to a much needed commercial break..


Up next is Carey vs. Cavanaugh in the HOFC Tournament!


Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey vs. Ethan Cavanaugh
HOFC Match

Back live and we cut directly to the announce team…

Joe Hoffman: Well it is now time for the second first match up in the HOFC tournament, where the winner will move on to the second round to face off against last weeks winner Chris Kostoff.

Benny Newell: Bobbinette Carey going against Ethan Cavanaugh, gotta give the advantage to Bobbinette after her big win at Rumble at the Rock against Krista Lewis.

Joe Hoffman: But Cavanaugh will be looking to bounce back her after he lost a big match for Lee Best at Rumble at the Rock…They seem to be ready in the basement so let’s cut down there.

Cutting from ringside to the basement of The Best Arena we see referee Rick “Even” Stevens in between Carey and Cavanaugh with Bryan McVay off to the side and a select few HOW fans surrounding the mat area.

Bryan McVay: The following is a HOFC number one contenders tournament bout, which is scheduled for 3, three minute rounds. In the blue corner weighing in tonight at 134 pounds, from Parma Heights, Ohio….”Queen B” Bobbinette Carey!!

Bobbinette seems in the zone and ready for her first ever HOFC match. The fans in the basement cheer for Bobbinette, including one younger man holding a pink sign that says “I Heart Bobbinette”

Benny Newell: Is that Frankie the Cameraman? What is he doing there?

Joe Hoffman: Well he has always been a big Bobbinette fan, or he could be scouting the HOFC division.

Benny Newell: Funny.

Bryan McVay: And in the red corner weighing in tonight at 219 pounds, from Lisburn, Northern Ireland….Ethan Cavanaugh!!

Cavanaugh gets boos from the HOFC crowd as he smirks, feeling confident going against the first ever woman to compete in a HOFC match. Referee Rick Stevens calls both wrestlers together and gives them some final words before he calls for the bell to get round 1 underway.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go, can Bobbinette Carey get another milestone win here tonight on Aceldama and be the first woman to win in HOFC?

Benny Newell: Were not in a kitchen Joe, so Bobbinette is going to be lost in this match.

Joe ignores the sexist comment by Benny as we see Bobbinette and Ethan lock up, which quickly turns to Ethan’s advantage as he uses his size to throw Bobbinette to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: This is no wrestling match, and Bobbinette better learn that quickly.

Ethan smirks as he doesn’t pressure Bobbinette and allows her to get back up to her feet as she goes right back to Ethan and looks like she is going to lock up with him again but she catches Ethan with a quick jab to the face which connects and combos quickly with a kick to the side of Ethan’s ribs.

Joe Hoffman: Now that is the kind of fighting, which will win you matches here in HOFC.

Benny Newell: She tricked him Joe, that won’t work again against Ethan Cavanaugh.

Ethan takes a few steps back as Bobbinette keeps the pressure on and connects with another jab but this opens things up for Ethan to take Bobbinette down with a kick to her knee as Ethan quickly goes for a knee bar submission hold but Bobbinette escapes with an elbow to the face of Ethan and then mounts Ethan and starts throwing jabs as Ethan tries a and blocks them.

Benny Newell: I guess Bobbinette likes it on t…

Joe Hoffman: Don’t even say it Benny! Bobbinette with a positional advantage on Ethan Cavanaugh who seems in a bit of trouble.

Benny Newell: Positional advantage? Is that what they are calling it these days?

Bobbinette tries to connect with a few more jabs before Ethan is able to counter by grabbing Bobbinette’s arm and connecting with an elbow of his own which knocks Bobbinette off as Ethan quickly goes for a knee bar submission again on Bobbinette which he locks in this time.

Joe Hoffman: Tides turn quick but we only have 10 seconds left….can Bobbinette hold out?

Bobbinette claws at the mat, trying to pull herself to the non-existent ropes out of instinct, but she realizes there is no ropes and tries to fight her way out of the submission as referee Rick Stevens asks her if she wants to give up but Bobbinette shakes her head no as Ethan puts more pressure on the hold and Bobbinette raises her arm up….


Benny Newell: Did she tap?

Joe Hoffman: No looks like Bobbinette held out just long enough for the bell to ring.

Benny Newell: So she was saved by the bell? Hahaha

Joe Hoffman: I was trying not to use that Benny, but yes she was. Anyhow, a very ground dominated round as Ethan Cavanaugh may have edged Bobbinette out on the card with that near submission at the end.

Benny Newell: I wish he had snapped her leg, now that would have made this actually interesting.

Bobbinette and Ethan are back on their feet as referee Rick Stevens checks to make sure both are ready and then calls for the bell to start round 2 as both competitors take a couple cautious steps towards each other and take a couple jabs at each other, but none connecting. Ethan then comes in with a big jab, which lands on Bobbinette, cutting her above the eye.

Joe Hoffman: The sight of blood for most women would be cause for worry, but don’t think that is going to distract Bobbinette.

Ethan goes for another jab but Bobbinette ducks this one and counters with a standing sidekick to the side of Ethan Cavanaugh’s head knocking him right down to the mat. Bobbinette doesn’t waste much time as he dives to the mat and locks the dazed Ethan in a chicken wing arm lock.

Joe Hoffman: The Royal Lock by Bobbinette, Ethan is going to have a tough time escaping from this.

Bobbinette has good positioning on Ethan as she wrenches on the arm as Ethan tries to find a way to free himself but Bobbinette just puts more pressure on the arm, almost as if she is trying to snap it off. Ethan tries grabbing for Bobbinette’s hair and powering out, but Bobbinette’s positioning is too good as she wrenches the arm ever further to an ugly angle as Ethan finally has no option but to tap out as Stevens then calls for the bell.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match by submission at 1 minute and 47 seconds of the second round……Bobbinette Carey!!

Joe Hoffman: Carey with a very impressive submission win over Cavanaugh and now she will move on to the second round where she will take on Chris Kostoff.

Benny Newell: Well she may have beaten Ethan, but her real test will come when she face the crazed Kostoff.

Bobbinette gets up from the mat and wipes the small amount of blood from her face as the referee raises her arm in victory. Suddenly we see Frankie the Cameraman walk over to ring announcer Bryan McVay and rip the microphone away from him as he walks up to Bobbinette.

Frankie: Congrats on the win Bobbie, I was rooting for you the hole time. And I hope make it all the way to the finals, because then it could be The Frankster vs. Bobbinette Carey for the HOFC number one contenders spot.

Benny Newell: How many shots have I had? Am I hearing this right?

Frankie: I am going to talk to Mike Best later and get him to sign me to a HOW contract and place me in the final first round match at the Lethal Lottery!

Bobbinette snatches the microphone from Frankie, trying not to laugh as she pat him on the head.

Bobbinette Carey: Sure you are sweetie.

She tries to walk away from Frankie but he grabs onto her arm and pulls her back, but not liking being grabbed Bobbinette comes back with a jab right to Frankie’s head which knocks him right out as he falls to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: Knock out shot by Bobbinette Carey and down goes Frankie.

Benny Newell: Well I doubt Mike Best would be very impressed by that.

Bobbinette shakes her head as she turns away from Frankie who is lying motionless on the floor and she makes her way for the exit of the Best Arena basement.


You got me Twisted..

We cut backstage to the Twisted Reality locker room and we see Johnny Stevens sitting in front of a television, which is still showing Frankie lying out cold in the basement. He is shaking his head at as he gets up from the couch and turns to the camera.

Johnny Stevens: Knew the kid wasn’t HOFC potential. Scotty will never let him live the fact he got knocked out by a girl…. Anyhow earlier tonight Twisted Reality finally picked up their first win in the tag team division, a perfect time to start gather momentum with the big Lethal Lottery show approaching…

Voice: Fuck you! You can’t do this you asshole!

Johnny Stevens: Scotty, can you keep it down in there? If your going to torture someone, at least have the courtesy to put some duct tape over their mouths. Some people are trying to cut a promo here; I don’t need screaming Maurako’s in the background.

The cameraman apparently not knowing what is going on in the other room of the locker turns from Johnny and makes his way over to where Scottywood is and we see Matteo Maurako chained to the wall.

Scottywood: Did you think there would be no repercussions to your actions? Did you think that your family could walk around HOW, hitting people’s fiancés and no one would do anything to you?

Johnny Stevens: See, this is why no one knows me. People care more about one of the Tag Team champions being tortured by Scotty then Johnny Stevens talking.

Scotty has his barbwire hockey stick in hand as he makes his way over to Matteo, bringing the hockey stick close to the father of The Maurako’s throat and smiles as the angry Matteo starts to show a bit of his nerves.

Matteo: Your going to regret this Scotty, I promise it!

Johnny walks over with a roll of duct tape and rips a piece off and places it over the mouth of Matteo, preventing him from speaking anymore.

Johnny Stevens: I just can’t listen to him run his mouth anymore…. continue away Scotty.

Scottywood: I could beat you over and over with this hockey stick, making you a bloody mess and eventually cracking your skull open. That would send you to the hospital where you’d be for at least a week’s time. That would make Mario and me even; it would be an eye for an eye.

Winding up with the hockey stick we see Scotty land a shot right between the eyes with hockey stick on Matteo. The shot instantly busts him open and the blood run down his face as he tries to scream in pain, but only a muffled noise can be heard thanks to the duct tape. Scotty smiles and takes another swing and then another before he drops the hockey stick to the floor

Johnny Stevens: But you see Mario….Scotty….Me….We don’t just get even

Scottywood: No. We get even, and then we go further.

Taking a few steps back to the table we see Scotty pick up a scalpel, something he may have lifted when he visited the hospital earlier this week. He makes his way back over to Matteo and brings the scalpel up to his face.

Scottywood: Now when I said an eye for an eye, I didn’t just mean it as a figurative statement….I meant it a little more literal. Don’t worry Matteo, you will barely feel a thing….

Bringing the scalpel closer to the right eye of Matteo he comes within inches as the door to the locker room busts open and we see HOW security swarm in, knocking the scalpel out of Scotty’s hands and pulling him away from Matteo.

Joe Hoffman: Thank God for security, or we may have witnessed…I can’t even say it.

The Security is able to open the locks that are holding Matteo to the wall as stands across the room smiling and holding his thumb and finger up, motioning that he was only inches away from cutting his eye out.

Scottywood: Go back to your family, go back and tell them just exactly who they are fucking with. I will not rest until your son is laying on that slab in the morgue!

Johnny Stevens: I personally would just be satisfied with the Tag Team titles and giving Mario a severe beating….but we are a team, so I’d tell your family to be worried Matteo. Next time one of you might not be so lucky.

Matteo is helped out of the locker room as the rest of the security quickly grab the scalpel and make their way out, not wanting to spend anymore time then needed with Twisted Reality.

Johnny Stevens: So were you going to really cut his eye out if they didn’t bust in?

Scotty just laughs as he nods his head as Johnny, instead of being shocked and disgusted just laughs along with Scotty as he pat Scotty on the shoulder as Johnny says one last thing to Scotty.

Johnny Stevens: Oh and I think were gonna have to go pick Frankie up from the basement…

But before the camera fades to black we see Mike Best bust into the locker, which actually surprises Scotty and Johnny.

Scottywood: What the fuck are you doing in here?

Mike Best: Well as soon to be 100% owner of HOW, this would be my arena, so I can be wherever I want to be. See your little stunt in the ring with the barbwire to the throat of Vince Bishop and this kidnapping of Matteo Maurako has crossed the line.

Scottywood: It was a hardcore match! Not my fault he got a bit banged up.

Mike Best: Hardcore rules or not, I don’t approve of manslaughter on my shows. Vince Bishop is on his way to the hospital in critical condition. Plus you almost cut a man’s eye out on live television. We have sponsors that will be irate about this.

Scottywood: He attacked my fiancé! He deserved it!

Mike Best: I don’t want to hear another word. I know your trying to get on Lee’s good side again and rejoin the Best Alliance, but that won’t fly anymore. EPU, take them into custody! You’re going to jail along with Lee.

Johnny Stevens: Them? What did I do?

Mike Best: You’re a tag team, and his accomplice, so you’re just as responsible.

The EPU make there way into the locker room and take both Scottywood and Johnny Stevens into custody.

Scottywood: You really think you can cleanse HOW?

Mike Best: I do, and I will.

Scottywood: Well fuck you Mike, Fuck you!

Johnny Stevens: I swear, I didn’t throw that egg at your wife. I was framed! Call Johnny Cockren!

Scotty and Johnny are dragged out of the locker room, as Mike Best stands tall with his arms crossed.

Mike Best: Two more down….Cutting a man’s eyes out though? What in the world is wrong with these people?

Mike Best shakes his head as he makes his way out of the Twisted Reality locker room as the show cuts to another commercial break..


Who will get a LSD Title Shot…Golden Phoenix or Nijs Landzaat??


After a commercial break, TNA cuts to a vignette.

In black and white, we see a wrestling ring in the middle of a vacant gym. A single stream of light shines down on a familiar wrestler sat on the top turnbuckle.

When I first debuted in High Octane Wrestling, it was October 2002, and I was a plucky twenty-seven-year old rookie. I had the opportunity to do something many other wrestlers have failed to do – win championships on an international stage. Little did I realize, with my bad attitude, lousy friends and lack of dedication, I would fail again…”

We see a clip of this wrestler receiving the first ever Bottomline from Lee Best…

And again…”

Then a clip of the wrestler’s ill-fated Internet geek gimmick…

And again…”

Finally, his shoulders are pinned to the mat by Christopher America.

Last time I was in HOW, it was early 2009, and I was a shell of my former self. I wrestled ten matches, and lost all of them. I had become a thirty-five-year old shell of my former self. Over the past seven years, I have suffered more pain and grief than any man should ever have to suffer, and my heart simply wasn’t in it anymore.”

In the gym, the wrestler raises his head, looking at the camera.

But the fear of never achieving my goals haunts me, and will do so until they’re fulfilled, or until I die. I am coming back to High Octane Wrestling to do what I should’ve done seven years ago – hold those championships high in the air to the adulation of millions of fans. And kill my opponents. Cold.”



So thats where they went…

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks, next up we have Nijs Landzaat taking on the recently ressurected Golden Phoenix.

Benny Newell: What sort of name is Nijs Landzaat, anyway?

Joe Hoffman: Dutch.

Benny Newell: A likely story.

Joe Hoffman: Now over to- Hold on, I’m just getting word that a camera has found Trent and Jatt Star back stage! Let’s go find out what’s going on!

The show cuts backstage to a large storage room where a camera is looking out from a hiding place behind a set of shelves. From this position we can see Jatt Starr unconcious and tied to a chair, gagged with a dirty rag, stripped to his boxers and his feet in a bucket of water. Trent stands over him and empties another bucket over Jatt’s head. The shock of the cold water hitting his skin drags him awake. He struggles against the ropes momentarilly as he becomes aware of his situation.


Trent grins.

Trent: Awake? Fuckin’ finally.

Trent grabs another chair and places it in front of Jatt, facing away. Trent stradles the chair and folds his arms to lean against it’s back.

Trent: I ain’t usually one fer kidnappin’ and all this bullshit, ya know? Usually I prefer a straight up fight, infact the only other wanker I’ve done this to was yer old Undefeatbale pal, Splinter, ironically enough. I only do this when there’s a bit of fuckin’ just cause, when its absolutely fuckin’ necessary.

He pulls out a joint and sparks it up in order to blow a large cloud of smoke into his captive’s face. Jatt tries to turn away from the unpleasent intoxicant but simply can’t move enough. Trent laughed.

Trent: Only when fuckin’ necessary and usin’ it fer a purpose, ya know? With Splinter, I wanted him to suffer unbareable agony so his mind would weaken and lose his sense of self. I effectively did this fer the hell of it, after all, I just wanted him to fight with all he fuckin’ had instead of lockin’ his true self away behind layers of mental fuckin’ blocks but at the same time that was the whole fuckin’ purprose, to let Chris Raynes out of his psychological cage. As much as Splinter was an pompous prick, Raynes was a fuckin’ artist. A true monster who could teach HOW’s hammer house of horrors a fuckin’ lesson or two.

He puffs another cloud of smoke into Jatt’s face.

Trent: Yer different, though, Jatt. This ain’t about settin’ free another personallity you’ve got hidden away and I don’t much give a shit about fightin’ ya, Jatt. This is vengence, fuckin’ retribution fer what ya did to me at Alcatraz.

Jatt’s eyes widen and he shakes his head defiantly as the pieces clicked together in his head and he realised his fat.


Trent: Oh fuckin’ yes, yer about to be fuckin’ Jattrocuted, Mr. Starr! Now, I ain’t got a crash cart, but I got the next best fuckin’ thing.

Trent pulls a handheld tazer out of his pocket, which looks to be modified slightly with a switch on one side and a larger battery strapped to it.

Trent: Just yer run of the mill fuckin’ tazer like ya buy in the shops, but my ninja accomplace fixed it up a bit, now it’s got a switch fer it’s power now. Low, Normal, High and Crispy fuckin’ Bacon. Shockin’ as this normally is, it’s even fuckin’ better when yer covered in a conductive fluid. Here, this is Low Power mode.

Trent jabs Jatt with the tazer, causing him to writhe in pain as all his muscles tense up instantly.


Trent stops and Jatt collapses in a heap, unable to even struggle any more and only stays on the chair thanks to being tied to it.

Trent: That’s Low. It hurts like fuckin’ hell, don’t it? But I don’t want to hurt ya, Jatt.

He flicks the switch to Medium.

Trent: After what ya did, I ain’t even settlin’ fer knockin’ ya the fuck out with this.

Again he flicks the switch, this time to High.

Trent: Ya cost me the World Championship, Jatt. THE WORLD FUCKIN’ CHAMPIONSHIP!

Trent stands up sharply and kicks his chair away. He wraps a hand around the slumping prisoner’s throat and made him look at him.

Trent: And if that weren’t fuckin’ bad enough, you killed me. Heart stopped, blood not pumpin’, brain functions shuttin’ down. Technically, clinically, medically fuckin’ dead, Jatt! Had that fuckin’ doctor been even a moment slower then right now I’d be lyin’ in a plywood box six feet from the rest of my life! Ya killed me and now I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you. Just hope a doctor gets to ya quick enough.

Finally, he flicks the switch to Crispy Bacon and steps back.

Trent: Goodbye Jatt, shame yer return didn’t last very long.

Trent pulls the tazer back to attack Jatt but a shout comes from outside the room.


Trent sighs.

Trent: All the plans of mice and men, eh? Ya just got yer arse saved but don’t think this is over. Plan A’s gone fuckin’ tits up but I got a plan B. I know exactly how to get one fuckin’ over even the great Jatt Starr. Ya see I found something, Jatt, something very, very fuckin’ important…

Thumps can be heard coming from the door, no doubt the EPU were trying to break it down.

Trent: But that can wait. Fer now, enjoy.

He throws the tazer into Jatt’s lap and hastilly leaves it to electrocute him, disappearing into the shadows as the door burst open and the EPU ran to Jatt’s rescue as the show as we see Mike Best leading the troops thru the door…

While HOW medics attend to Jatt, Mike surveys the area and see’s that Trent is nowhere to be found.

Mike Best: Jatt you just hold on buddy…..Trent is going to pay for this…and pay for this dearly…

The action cuts to a commercial break as up next we will have Nijs Landzaat taking on Golden Phoenix…hopefully!


Make sure to listen to the new HOR from last night..lots of Lottery news and even a spoiler!


#1 Contenders Match for LSD TItle
Nijs Landzaat vs. Golden Phoenix
Singles Match

We return to the ring as “Don’t Laugh At Me” by Mark Willis cues up on the P.A. system. The massive Nijs Landzaat makes his way out onto the stage as he is met with a mixed reaction though it is mostly good.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks up next we have Nijz Landzaat vs. Golden Phoenix in a Number 1 Contenders Match for the LSD Title!

Benny Newell: How do you pronounce that name again?

Joe Hoffman: Nijz Landzaat?

Benny Newell: Jizz Landsplat?

Joe Hoffman: Nijz Landzaat.

Benny Newell: Piss Lesscrap?

Joe signs as Landzaat hikes the top rope into the ring. Standing in the center of the ring Landzaat poses, his massive muscular frame rippling as the fans take in an impressive gasp.

The arena goes dark and “My Own Worst Enemy” plays over the speakers. The crowd goes wild and cheers for Phoenix as spotlights search the arena. They lock onto Golden Phoenix who makes his way through the crowd before hopping the barricade. Phoenix grabs onto the ropes and launches himself into the ring, landing on his feet before going on the turnbuckles to pose for the crowd.

Both men move to their appropriate corners as referee Joel Hortega signals for the bell. Joe goes on to discuss how both of these men had an excellent showing last week and that he hopes that they do well again this week. Benny thinks they are both losers and takes a drink

Both men tie up in the center of the ring and the much more powerful Nijz throws Phoenix into the ropes. He tries to connect with a big boot but GP ducks under and hits a series of stiff kicks to Landzaat’s leg. The big man does not go down however and swings a meaty fist at the side of GP’s face. Ducking down GP avoids Nijz once again, GP fires off his stinging kicks once again.

Nijz seems otherwise impervious to the strikes however either being to big to feel them or too dull to register them. GP heads into the ropes and hits a drop kick on the big man’s right knee which drops Landzaat to one knee however he slowly gets back up to both feet once again.

GP heads into the ropes once again and attempts another drop kick however the massive Landzaat betrays his speed and swats GP down like a fly causing the small man to drop to the ground in a heap. Taking advantage Landzaat hoists GP up and sends him into the turn buckle with authority before catching him on the rebound with a scoop slam. He drops down for a pinfall attempt..




GP throws his shoulder up as Landzaat pulls himself up wanting to keep on the offensive. Throwing GP into the ropes Nijz lands a huge closeline that turns GP inside out as once again the big man goes for the pin fall..




The tough GP throws his arm up once again as the crow rallies behind the disgustingly good face. A show of frustration appears on Landzaat’s face as he drags GP up to his feet again and locks on a bear hug attempting to squeeze the life out of the smaller man. GP struggles but slowly he seems to fade.

With half the fans cheering for Landzaat and the others cheering for GP its hard to tell who they want to win more. As the life seems to leave GP, Hortega steps him and checks to see if he is conscious.. He lifts his arm.. and drops it..


The arm falls again..


The arm falls a thir-NO!

GP manages to keep his hand up as he starts to spasm in the bear hug. Landzaat tries his best to keep the hug on however Phoenix manages to hit a few stiff elbows to Nijz’s head forcing him to release GP. Phoenix runs into the ropes and-


GP is laid out as Landzaat steadies himself. Dragging GP up to his feet again Landzaat throws the small man into the ropes and goes down for a back body drop…


GP counters with a big time DDT! The crowd rallies behind him as he slowly climbs the turn buckle..


GP pulls the leg up!





The action cuts backstage as we see the crowd cheering loudly for Golden Phoenix..the new No. 1 Contender for the LSD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


Getting Familiar with the Surroundings

The camera cuts to the back where Tony Wyles is seen standing not too far from the office of Lee Best. He’s leaning against the wall, and flipping through a professional wrestling magazine.

Tony Wyles: “How in the world did HE manage to get that far ahead? Boy have times changed.”

He continues to flip through the magazine, and doesn’t notice Chris Kostoff walking down the same corridor.

Chris Kostoff: “You know when people lose “Loser Leaves” matches, they generally DON’T return. What do you want, another shot?”

Tony Wyles lowers the paper, and stands up straight with his eyes honed in on Kostoff’s.

Chris Kostoff: “I mean you didn’t succeed your last time here, you only helped your friend I guess lose his title match, and now you stand here waiting on a man that’s not even in the building. You know what they say about three strikes.”

Tony Wyles: “Yeah, they call it a turkey, and funny enough here is one standing in front of me. Or wait would that rather be a baby girl. I saw you crying in the middle of the ring when you watched the footage of your child being pushed to his death thanks partly to you.”

Chris Kostoff is now visibly turning red, and gets nose to nose with Tony Wyles.

Tony Wyles: “I know what it’s like to watch a loved one die. To be a part of that. There are two things you can do. Be strong, or fall to pieces. I’m sure your child would be ashamed to know you can’t hold it together a year later.”

Chris Kostoff is overcome by anger, and reaches a fist back to swing at Tony. As his fist starts to move forward his arm is caught from behind, and Kostoff is spun around by Joseph Gregory. Kostoff goes to swing at Joseph now, but Joseph ducks it. Joseph then levels a few punches of his own, and Tony lays in a few as well as Kostoff is being punched back and forth between the two. Finally the two grab Kostoff’s head, and place him a tag team front face lock. They both lift Kostoff up, and plant him onto the floor with a brainbuster. The two men get to their feet. Tony Wyles looks down at the unconscious Chris Kostoff.

Tony Wyles: “You got lucky to beat me last time when I was forced to leave the HOW. It looks like time has softened you, and it’s time that the old fruit be thrown out with the rest of the garbage.”

Joseph Gregory: “Alright. You made your point, and we still need to find out where this basement is. You know our match is the only one taking place in the Best Arena. So there won’t be anyone to help me find it then. So we need to find it now while there are people here that can help.”

Tony Wyles: “Alright man. Just relax. We’ll find the place soon enough, and start getting your domain ready.”

The two start to walk down the corridor as Kostoff continues to lay on the floor. They pass by Missy Andrews, who is on her way to conduct an interview.

Tony Wyles: “You might want to get the janitor down there to clean up a mess. It could present a hazard to the walkway.”

Tony snickers a little as he walks off with Joseph Gregory. Missy Andrews quickly rushes to the side of Chris Kostoff as she sees him lying on the floor, and screams out for help as the show cuts to a commercial break..


Up next a very special Going Hollywood with the HOFC Champion…Michael DeNucci!!!



Announcer: LIVE from Studio 2A inside The Best Arena, this is Going Hollywood with Michael DeNucci! On tonight’s show, a very special guest joins the HOFC Champion! And now, your host…MICHAEL DENUCCI!

The crowd in the arena itself boos immensely as “The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci steps into the studio, designed to resemble a swanky, sophisticated lounge. Those in the studio, however, see things differently, mainly as a result of the money they’re being paid to be there. DeNucci shakes hands with a few of the trendy, beautiful people he’s filled the club with, before making his way over to the roped-off VIP section, where an electric blue water wall serves as a backdrop for a luxurious couch and a glass table, upon which a bottle of Hpnotiq sits. DeNucci bumps fists with the menacing-looking bouncer protecting the area, and the man unhooks the velvet rope for Michael, who steps into the section and sits down on the couch.

DeNucci: What up bitchezzz, I’m YOUR HOFC Champion, The Headhunter himself, Michael DeNucci, and this is Going Hollywood! That’s right, we’re still celebrating the greatest champion in the empire that is High Octane, and tonight, we’re kicking that celebration up a notch! My crack staff on Team DeNucci have promised me a very special guest from my past will join me tonight. Even I don’t know who it is, and I don’t want to wait another second…bring him out!

The crowd, both in the arena and in Studio 2A, respond with a hushed silence as they await the guest’s music. (What, you thought the guest wouldn’t have music? That’s ridiculous. What’s he gonna do, just walk in like normal people? Fuck that noise!)



The memory definitely remains in the crowd, as they finish the classic line from the entrance music of one of the great legends of Shockwave Sports Entertainment, Anthony “DavoteK” Tremonti. The first SSE World Champion steps into the studio, hitting his classic T-pose to cheers from the fans, before walking over to the VIP section, where the bouncers have already unhooked the velvet rope for him. DeNucci stands up and extends his hand to greet his friend turned enemy turned friend turned enemy turned friend…


…turned enemy.

Yes, that POW was a surprise right hook from DavoteK, directed square at the jaw of Michael DeNucci. The unprepared champ goes down to the floor, as the bouncers spring into action, looking to restrain Tremonti. The TeK will not be denied, however, and as one bouncer comes at him, he springs into action, taking the back of the man’s neck and driving it down onto Tremonti’s shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: THE TEK-BREAKER! The classic finishing move from Anthony Tremonti!

The other bouncer charges at Davo, but he’s ready for that one as well, ducking behind him and locking on the classic single-wing choke known to some as the kata hajime, others as the Tazmission, and to the rest as…

Joe Hoffman: THE TEKLOCK!! THE TEKLOCK!! We haven’t seen that in years!

DeNucci is starting to come to, but with Tremonti fired up and knocking out bouncers, he decides that it’s best to live to fight another day, and makes tracks for the door. As DeNucci slinks away, Tremonti drops the now-unconscious bouncer and picks up a microphone.

Tremonti: Bartender, get me a JD. As long as our host is running away like the little bitch he is, let’s do a little show I call…TeKnically Speaking!

The bartender pours a measley single shot of Jack Daniels into a poncey crystal glass, Tremonti looks at it, laughs, swipes the glass off the bar and grabs the bottle of Jack Daniels off the cowering bartender.

Tremonti: Gimme that!

He takes a quick swig

Tremonti: Well, DeNucci, I see not much changes. You still hide behind stooges allowing you the chance to run off, saving your ass at the expense of the less fortunate.

At the mention of less fortunate, the guy that just got choked starts stirring, Davo gets distracted by this, walks over and pours Jack Daniels poured all over the unsuspecting member of DeNucci’s entourage.

Tremonti: Hey, buddy, wake up, you ok?

The bouncer sits up, groggy from the TeKlock and now doused in Jack Daniels. TeK helps him tentatively to his feet, placing the bottle of Jack Daniels on the bar.

Tremonti: There ya go buddy, just like Bambi taking his first steps, I got ya, I got ya…

With that, Davo drags him by the neck and throws him head first into the door.

Tremonti: Oops, guess I should have opened that for ya.

Davo grabs his head and slams it into the emergency exit handle, pushing the door open, allowing Tremonti to kick him out and then slamming the door behind him.

Tremonti: Where was I before I was so rudely interrupted. Ah yes, thats right, same old shit, just a different setting. Who would have thought it, me, the first ever SSE World Champion, appearing on a HOW show.

Tremonti: But, it doesn’t matter where I am, I’m back! Why?

Davo ponders for a moment, looking quite thoughtful.

Tremonti: I’m back, because I had an abusive alcoholic father, I was adopted, I like to self harm, when Max Kael’s voices aren’t speaking to him they’re speaking to me, I was bullied as a kid, Graystone’s uncle mollested me too, I’ve watched too many Shane Reynolds vignettes and felt the need to go on a suicidal death wish rampage……I could go on and on and on, but the fact is, its none of these reasons.

The veteran superstar smirks a bit and walks towards the bar, the bartender still in the faetal position.

Tremonti: No, I don’t need to fight because of some depressing bullshit thats happened in the past. I fight because I live for the competition. The chance to prove you are the best. All that other shit? All that woe is me bullshit, you don’t need to be here, you need to be speaking to Dr Phil or something. Seriously, get counselling. I thought this place was gonna be bad ass. I turn up to the arena and there’s a frickin’ truckload of black eyeliner and nail varnish being delivered. I thought I turned up to a My Chemical Romance gig and not the best federation in the business today.

He grabs the bottle of JD, now only half full after using it as a substitute for smelling salts on the hapless bouncer.

Tremonti: But, I look at this place and still see a chance to compete and what better place to start with than my old nemesis, Michael DeNucci. Whats he calling himself these days?

Not knowing the answer himself, he prompts the cameraman for the answer.

Camera guy 1: The Headhunter

Tremonti: The what?!

Camera guy 1: The HEAD-HUNTER

Tremonti: Hahaha, you serious?

The Camera guy nods

Tremonti: Well shit…I mean I’d heard the rumors, but I guess this just confirms it. I mean, I shoulda known…the shiny shirts, the obsession with his own image, and now he’s rolling around half-naked with guys in the basement of the Best Arena and calling himself the Head-hunter? Took ya long enough, DeNucci, but you finally came out, good for you!

Laughs from the crowd. Cheap heat is good heat.

Tremonti: Woah woah woah, just so you know people, when I do eventually square off with him, I am not a gay-basher. He has a title, and I want it, and I don’t mean the biggest Queen in HOW 2009 title.

Clearly amused by his own brand of sophomoric humour, Tremonti has a large smirk on his face.

Tremonti: Now, I hear that there is a little tournament going down next week. Well, it ain’t a worthy tournament unless I’m involved, and obviously, I need a worthy opponent.

The smirk has gone, there’s a little more intent on the former SSE World Champion’s face as he starts pacing back and forth while speaking.

Tremonti: This opponent is another reason why I came to HOW. Another reason why I am participating in the HOFC division and another chance to prove that I still got what it takes to beat the best. Trip Eisen, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal. In two weeks time, on Turmoil, in the Best Arena Basement, in the HOFC Number 1 Contender tournament, I put an early end to your bid for the HOFC title. I beat you on the way to the SSE World title, I’ll be doing the same here in HOW on my way to the HOFC title…..Eisen…. two weeks. Be Ready! DeNucci…… keep running!

Metallica’s Memory Remains kicks in over the PA system as the lights fade out on the Going Hollywood set as we cut to the final commercial break of the evening!


Lee’s Lethal Lottery returns on November 5th with three titles on the line!!


ICON Title Match
Max Kael vs. Graystone
Steel Cage Match

Back to ringside and the crowd is buzzing as they realize it is now time for the main event..

Joe Hoffman: And now, it’s time for a rematch between Max Kael and Graystone… inside of a 20 foot high steel cage. After their brutal match at Rumble at The Rock 2, I don’t see how these two men continue to keep going week after week.

Benny Newell: They’re both sick fucks, Hoffmann… But Graystone is going to take Max out once and for all tonight…Davotek is in HOW…WHAT THE FUCK??

Joe Hoffman: Um…holy random outburst for 500 Alex…..anyway…No doubt about it, both of these men hate each other more than anything else… but Max’s newfound drive for the ICON Title and lust for revenge on Graystone has got to play a factor in this match…

Benny Newell: Mark my words, Hoffmann… Max Kael is leaving here tonight on a stretcher.

The camera shows the steel cage enclosing the ring. Suddenly, the crowd begins to rumble as the camera cuts to the top of the entrance way where Max is stumbling out from the backstage area. He falls down to his knees.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell?

Benny Newell: He’s drunk!

Benny takes a drink.

Joe Hoffman: No! Look out!

Graystone comes charging out from the backstage area with a steel chair making a B-Line straight for Max’s head. Kael manages to turn around in time and duck it, and hits a low blow on Graystone. Graystone drops the chair. Kael picks the chair up, swings, and connects the chair with a loud clang! Graystone stands, out on his feet. The crowd goes wild as Max shoves the chair into Graystone’s ribs. Graystone doubles over, and Max uses the steel chair to whack Graystone in the head again! Graystone falls down in a heap.

Joe Hoffman: These two are insane…

Max grabs Graystone’s head and slowly leads him down to the ring. Once they’re at the bottom of the ramp, Max grabs Graystone’s arm and launches him towards the cage. Graystone manages to stop himself from hitting the cage, then turns around towards Max with an angry snarl. Max rushes in for knee strike, but Graystone moves, and Max hits his knee against the steel cage! Max falls down, favoring his knee. Graystone smiles.

Benny Newell: Lee would be proud.

Referee Matt Boettcher appears from the side of the ring, holding the HOW ICON Title in one hand. He walks over to Graystone and yells for him to stop the action outside of the ring, and to take it into the cage so that the match can start. Graystone grabs the title from Boettcher and tries to nail him with it, but Matt runs out of the way quickly. Graystone turns and looks at the title. He smiles, and then spits on it. Then he lifts the title high in the air, and drops it on the ground.

Joe Hoffman: Come on! What blatant disrespect of the ICON Title. Graystone doesn’t deserve to wear that title. After everything these superstars put themselves through to build that title…

The crowd is booing loudly at Graystone. Graystone grabs Max Kael’s head and drags him over and rolls him into the ring through the open door. Max tries desperately to get up with the help of the ropes, but is favoring his knee.

Benny Newell: Uh-oh! Looks like we’ve got another Faze on our hands!

Max manages to lift himself up and limp into the center of the ring. Graystone slithers through the door underneath the bottom rope and waits in the corner on all fours like an animal stalking his prey. Max turns around and notices Graystone. Graystone smiles as Boettcher closes thecage door and the two men are locked inside. Boettcher signals for the bell.


Graystone pulls himself up with the ropes and begins laughing. Max looks on with a stern face, an unusual concentration as he stares into Graystone’s eyes. Graystone throws both arms out, signaling to Max that he would like a hug.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell? Is Graystone actually looking for a hug!?

Benny Newell: No way…

Graystone walks towards Max looking for a hug, but Max rushes in with a european uppercut that sends Graystone staggering backwards into the corner. Max rushes in and begins walloping Graystone with lefts and rights in a furry which has the crowd on their feet! Max backs out of the corner and then runs in with a huge knee strike to Graystone’s midsection. Graystone crumples to the mat. Max smiles, and then digs into his trunks, and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. The crowd goes wild.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell!?

Benny Newell: That’s illegal! Where the hell’s Lee when you need him!?

Max bends down and grabs Graystone’s arm to put the handcuffs on him, but Graystone counters with a low blow of his own! And another! And another! Max falls to the mat, holding himself coughing. Graystone quickly crawls over and begins punching Max in the balls over and over, as Max tries to roll out of the way. Finally, Graystone relinquishes his flurry and stares at his fist as the crowd boos. Graystone picks up the handcuffs and stares at them.

Joe Hoffman: Oh god…

Graystone opens the handcuffs, and then smiles as he puts the handcuffs around his own wrist.

Benny Newell: What the hell is this looney doing?

Graystone grabs Max’s wrist and tries to put the handcuffs around his wrist, but Max fights it, holding Graystone’s hand back. Just as Graystone almost has the handcuffs on, Kael pokes Graystone in the eyes. Graystone stumbles backwards. Kael gets up to his knees, holding his crotch. Graystone shakes the pain off, and rushes in to hit Max, but Max drop-toe-holds Graystone. Graystone stumbles forward and hits his face off the cage! The sickening thud echoes through the arena as Graystone falls down.

Joe Hoffman: Owe!

The camera zooms in on Graystone, who is now gushing blood all over the canvas. Like a shark, Max smells the blood and rushes over and begins blasting Graystone with a series of right hands to his forehead. Blood splatters everywhere as Graystone is laid out. Max rushes over to the door and yells for the referee to open it. Boettcher is no-where to be found. The camera cuts to Boettcher on the other side of the ring handing the ICON Title to the timekeeper.

Joe Hoffman: Max has this won! Graystone’s out!

Benny Newell: Leave it to Boettcher!

Max grabs ahold of the cage door and shakes it, to no avail. Max turns and scans ringside until he spots Boettcher. Max yells for Boettcher to get the door. Boettcher overhears and rushes back over to the cage door and opens it. Max tries to tumble out quickly, but somehow Graystone manages to crawl over and grab Max’s leg. Max, incensed with anger, turns and kicks Graystone in the face. Graystone keeps hold of Max’s leg. Max kicks Graystone again, and again, and again. Finally, Graystone ducks a kick and slides Max’s body back in the ring. Boettcher closes the door again.

Joe Hoffman: Max had it! I believe we would have a new ICON Champion if Boettcher was in position.

Max continues to work on Graystone, delivering kicks to his opened wound on his head. He picks Graystone up and launches him into the steel cage. Then, he picks him up again and hits him off the other side of the steel cage. Then, Max look at the top of the cage as Graystone is lying down in the middle of the ring in a pool of his own blood. Max begins climbing the side of the cage and makes it all the way to the top. With Graystone laid out in the middle of the ring, Max looks at the arena floor outside of the ring, then back at Graystone in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is going through his mind?

Max turns and begins to stand on top of the cage.

Joe Hoffman: No! Don’t do it Max!

Benny Newell: He’s fucked in the head!

Max stands up on top of the cage, as the fans go apeshit. Max stretches his arms out in the air, and then jumps off the top of the cage! Max goes for an elbow drop through the empty heart of Graystone, but Graystone manages to roll out of the way at the last second. Max drives his elbow into the canvas! The crowd begins chanting “holy shit”…

Joe Hoffman: Given the choice between the ICON Title and ridding HOW of Graystone once and for all, Max went for it….

Benny Newell: That’s that Best Alliance instincts kicking in right there…

Max lies in the middle of the ring, as Graystone stirs and starts to get up. He crawls his way over to the cage door and requests Boettcher to open the door. Boettcher obliges and opens the door. Graystone slowly crawls over and makes his top half out of the ring.


Joe Hoffman: What the hell!?

The cameraman slams the cage into Graystone’s face, sending Graystone reeling back into the ring with a second cut bleeding out… this one even bigger than the first, as blood just pours out of Graystone’s head like a faucet.

Benny Newell: I think I’m going to get sick.

Joe is speechless as the cameras turn to the cameraman who just slammed the door on Graystone’s head. The cameraman drops the camera and pulls of his hat to reveal….

Joe Hoffman: Shane Reynolds!

Benny Newell: WHAT THE HELL!? How did he get in here!?

Kael manages to make it to his feet, favoring his elbow. He walks over and grabs Graystone’s arm and handcuffs him to the cage. Shane moves around to the side of the cage to Graystone with a smile on his face. Suddenly the EPU come storming down to the ring, with Mike Best at the top of the ramp yelling. Shane turns around and notices the EPU, and slowly drops down to his knees and puts his hands on top of his head. The EPU swarm him, push him down to the ground and put handcuffs on him.

Benny Newell: Get his ass out of here!

Kael, noticing this is his opportunity, calls for the door to be opened. Boettcher opens the door. Kael, holding his elbow in pain, stumbles over to the door and tumbles himself through the ropes. Kael falls down on his back and both feet hit the floor.



Joe Hoffman: My God, he’s done it!

The EPU cart Shane to the back, as the camera focuses in on Graystone who is passed out from the blood loss. Boettcher runs over the timekeeper, grabs the ICON Championship, and rushes back over to greet and congratulate Max Kael. Kael stands up and is awarded the ICON Title.

Benny Newell: All thanks to that no good Shane Reynolds! Now HOW must endure another week of Max Kael as a champion! Lee’s got to be rolling in anger wherever he is.

Joe Hoffman: This can’t sit well with Lee Best…once he finds out that is…

Max points to the timekeeper, and then makes a signaling motion as if to say “up…” The timekeeper says something into his headset… and then the cage starts to raise.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a damn minute! Graystone’s handcuffed to that cage.

The cage begins to rise, Graystone and all… as the former ICON Champion dangles limp from his wrist. The cage soars up, higher and higher until Graystone is off the canvas and dangling in the air. Higher and higher… Max Kael slides into the ring, and stands.

The camera cuts to a far away shot of Graystone dangling in the air, handcuffed to the steel cage as Max slowly raises the ICON Title into the air as the crowd goes nuts in a frenzy of picture taking…


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The Best Arena

Chicago, Illinois

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  • 9:00PM