Turmoil: November 12th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
November 12th, 2009 – #HOW91
The Best Arena, Chicago IL








Going live…

As the cryptic message fades out we cut live inside The Best Arena and we are now live!!

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil ladies and gentlemen. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by the independent wrestling legend himself..Big Buff Benny Newell…how you doing tonight Benny?

Benny Newell: I am doing as good as I can considering Lee Best is still behind bars, Max Kael is an ICON and our new boss is seriously handicapped when it comes to putting out good shows!

Joe Hoffman: Well I think a majority of the fans here would disagree with you on that one as Mike Best has come in and has really set a new course here in High Octane Wrestling and I for one am glad to get a real sense of fresh air here in …

Benny Newell: Fresh air? You call allowing The Egg Bandits, a losing team a week ago, a Tag Team Title shot? That is complete horseshit…there is no way Lee would just LET someone into a title match…LET A LONE a PAY PER VIEW TITLE MATCH!!

Joe Hoffman: Well that could be argued but I for one was excited to login to HOWrestling.com and read the news about the big tag team title match at ICONIC but we are getting ahead of ourselves Benny. Tonight we got a great lineup of matches with two HOFC bouts, one a semifinal match in the HOFC Tournament, and another bout featuring two men who are desperate for a win in Ethan Cavanaugh and Chris Jacobs.

Benny Newell: Ya ya ya. We all know that Joseph Gregory versus Draven Stark is going to be another case of a HOW vet destroying another SSE alumnus. The big match tonight for me is how Trent fares against Chris CK who took out Jatt Starr last week on the Lottery show…that is a huge match for both and quite frankly I am rooting for Trent the former Best Alliance member but it’s hard to root against the guy that took out that traitor…Jatt Fucking Starr.

Joe Hoffman: That will be a great match for sure but again so will be the LSD Number One Contenders match as we see Turmoil’s Golden Phoenix take on Mayhem’s Tim Shipley for the right to face David Black at ICONIC …..and Black will have a big say in this match as he is the special guest referee for this matchup tonight.

Benny Newell: Golden Phoenix makes me gag every time I see him do something over the top for someone. NO ONE is that nice towards people.

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of not being nice to people, our main event will see ICON Champion Maximillian Kael taking on Dr. Lecktor in a match that was booked on the heels of Kael’s successful ICON defense last week against Dawn McGill who is closely associated with Lecktor.

Benny Newell: Closely is an understatement……enough about the matches…what the fuck about Lee Best?

Joe Hoffman: From what I have heard before we went on the air tonight is that Mike Best has banned any more video updates of Lee here on Turmoil.

Benny Newell: That’s bullshit…

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of that….I understand you are going to be having a semi weekly new segment here in HOW titled Last Call with Benny Newell?

Benny Newell: That’s right. Tonight you will see me and my very very special guest…the HOW World Champion Aceldama….the man that is currently boring us to death over on Mayhem in his best of seven series against Perfectly Poorous Paul Paras.

Joe Hoffman: Well I must admit I am a little jealous Benny but best of luck to you and I am glad to see you taking a more active role here in HOW….I mean you are a former wrestler yourself!

Benny Newell: Ill drink to that…

Joe Hoffman: And as Benny takes a drink from his official HOW Flask, which will be featured on the relaunch of the High Octane Emarket in 2010, let us take a quick commercial break and when we return we will see Jay Davis taking on HOW newcomer Justin Decent!!

Turmoil cuts away to the first commercial break as the HOW cameras zoom in on the HOW logo on Benny’s flask.


Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael©

HOFC Tournament Winner vs. Michael DeNucci©

Brothers of the Beast vs. The Egg Bandits vs. The Maurako Family vs. Twisted Reality©

Trent vs. Jatt Starr

Erites Kallisten vs. Kirsta Lewis


Jay Davis vs. Justin Decent
Singles Match

Back live and as the first match up of the night is set to get underway the crowd is greeted by the entrance of Justin Decent. There’s not much reaction as he makes his way to the ring, a few sparse cheers in support of a hometown superstar here and there but little else.

Joe Hoffman: Another HOW debut and you just have to wonder if Decent will be here for the long haul or quickly fade away as so many other HOW rookies do after they realize the competition here in HOW.

Benny Newell: I got money on the latter…

Jay Davis doesn’t get much of a reaction as he makes his way to the either. Joel Hortega checks both men for weapons before calling for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Alright here we go, let’s see who starts Turmoil off tonight on the right foot…

Eager to make an impact with the fans both men go at each other in the middle of the ring. Jay Davis goes for a punch which is ducked by Decent. Decent retaliates by catching Davis by the back of the head and firing a few quick knees off into his chest. He fires Davis off and into the ropes and runs the ropes himself to crash into Davis with a clothesline that floors Davis. Decent lays down the boots on to his opponent before stepping back and letting Davis to rise only to deliver a swinging neckbreaker. A smug smirk appears on the lips of Decent as he placed a foot on the chest of Jay for a pin. Hortega gets a one count before there is a kick out and Davis is forced to fight off a few more boots from Decent before he can get to a knee and fire a hard shot into the gut of Decent followed by a stiff shot to the jaw that staggers him back.

Joe Hoffman: Davis looking very strong here…those strikes might be better used in the HOFC though..

Benny Newell: You just let me know when this damn match is over…Justin Decent…I mean isn’t he about 10 years late with that damn name?

Joe just ignores Benny as the action continues in the ring…

Jay is quick to get back up to his feet and return to firing off a few more shots to the gut of Decent before laying him out with a clothesline. Another clothesline follows as soon as Decent rises and a third attempt with another rise from Decent. But he counters the clothesline attempt but catching the arm and dragging Davis off his feet to lock on an arm bar. A short thrashing from the bigger man manages to get him to the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Decent showing a little edge to him here…

Decent holds onto the hold as long as he can before finally breaking it to a sharp reprimand from Hortega. The two men argue for a moment before Davis clobbers Decent from behind and sends him to the canvas and falls on top of him going to hammer at him with hard fists. A reprimand from Hortega brings Davis to his feet nursing his right arm from the submission hold earlier. He doesn’t nurse the arm for long before going to lay the fists down on Decent again before going for a cover. Another one count before a kickout and Davis shows some frustration as he goes to lay a few more fists to Decent but gets thumb to the eye instead.

Joe Hoffman: And the true colors start to shine thru with Decent here…

Benny Newell: His name is JUST…IN…..DECENT…..DUH…

Decent is quick to press the advantage he’s got himself by rushing Davis with a quick arm drag that has Davis down. Jay rises to a knee nursing his arm again only to be caught by a dropkick to his wounded arm that fells the bigger man. A few quick kicks to the shoulder of Davis is followed up by a leg drop and another cover.




Joe Hoffman: First nearfall of the match and I am quite surprised to see this match so even as a lot of people were in the mindset that Decent would make short work of Davis who just seems out of his realm here in HOW.

Davis fights to get a shoulder up before the three count and manages to drag himself to his knees where Decent is on him again. Before Decent can press the advantage further, Davis rocks him with a chop from his left hand that staggers him before following it up with another chop. A boot doubles over the reeling Decent and Davis drops him with a DDT.

Benny Newell: It over yet?

Joe Hoffman: Possibly here in a few moments!!

Davis goes to pull Decent up and fires him off and into the ropes but Decent rebounds into an armdrag that has the bigger man on his back thrashing in pain on his back. Decent follows this up with a hard kick to the already damaged arm before backing up and nailing a baseball slide right into the same arm to send Davis crashing to the outside. Decent follows Davis to the outside and begins hammering Davis with blows before Irish whipping him into the steel steps as the referee counts for the ten count. Davis manages to get into the ring by a four count still nursing his damaged arm.

Joe Hoffman: Justin clearly in control now folks…

A clothesline from Decent puts Davis on his back yet again and Decent goes to the top turnbuckle and looks for a high risk move to put the bigger man down. But Davis comes to his feet and is there to meet him at the top rope and locks his hand around the throat of Decent looking to be thinking a chokeslam off the top turnbuckle. However, Decent grabs him by the wrist and leaps off the top turnbuckle and down to outside floor to pull Davis arm down over the rope!

As Davis stumbles away clutching his arm, Decent slides back into the ring and catches him with a sudden arm breaker. Following the arm breaker, Decent follows it up by locking in another armbar and Davis thrashes once more in the submission hold. The referee asks him repeatedly if he wants to quit but he refuses and uses his weight and size advantage to pull himself to the ropes yet again. Unlike before Decent doesn’t let go until Hortega reaches a four count.

Joe Hoffman: Decent flirting with a DQ here and you definitely don’t want that considering how dominant he has been here in the last few minutes…

Benny Newell: Is it over yet??

Davis is clearly nursing his arm and Hortega goes to check on him but Davis waves him away with his good arm and fights his way to his feet. Decent is there to meet him and goes to power the larger man up to execute his Reverse Edge finisher. Davis powers out before Decent can execute the move and hits a forearm smash that stumbles Decent. A big chop to the wounded arm stops Davis momentum in its tracks. A snap kick to the same arm allows Decent to catch Davis off guard and hit his Reverse Edge finisher!

Benny Newell: Wow a reverse Razor’s Edge…haven’t seen that since well….oh never mind…make the count Hortega!!




Bryan McVay: Winner of the bout in 7 minutes and 41 seconds….JUSTIIIIIN DECENT!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well it might of taken a little longer than he wanted but Justin Decent has had a successful debut here in High Octane Wrestling and now it is up to him to carry on this momentum next week..

Benny Newell: Ya just like Davis did? C’mon Joe we both know Decent will quit before he even has three matches here in HOW…..so ya I am officially making the over under for Decent’s HOW career at three fucking matches..

Joe just ignores Benny as he continues to rant as the fans inside The Best Arena turn towards the High Octane Vision screen high above the entrance ramp as it comes to life as the action cuts to the backstage area.


Striking a deal..

Backstage, inside the locker room of Jatt Starr. Jatt Starr is lacing up his black Timberland boots. He is currently wearing camouflaged pants, a white dress shirt with a gold print tie, and a Kevlar vest. After he finishes tying his boot, he picks up a rather large and heavy duffel bag and places it on the bench in front of him. He unzips the bag, opening it. He reaches in and pulls out a quiver of arrows which he places over his left shoulder. Some of the arrows have gotten loose in the bag so he retrieves them and places them in the quiver. Next, he pulls out a crossbow with telescopic sight and shoulder strap. He places the crossbow over his right shoulder. Jatt then proceeds to pull out a machete in a leather holster which he straps to his right leg. Jatt reaches again into the duffel bag and pulls out a belt containing twelve throwing knives. He wraps the belt around his waist.

As Jatt Starr reaches into the duffel bag once again, his locker room door opens revealing Randy the Intern carrying a brown package who arrives just in time to see Jatt Starr pulling out a chainsaw.

Jatt Starr: Groovy.

Jatt Starr revs up the chainsaw as Randy the Intern begins to speak. Jatt is clearly unaware of his presence as he raises the chainsaw over his head and begins screaming as he poses, watching his reflection in the mirror. Jatt turns, still screaming and he sees Randy the Intern yelling for him to turn the chainsaw off. Jatt, both shocked and embarrassed, lowers the chainsaw, which immediately begins to cut through the bench. Jatt immediately turns off the chainsaw.

Jatt Starr: Rusty! What are you doing here?

Randy the Intern: It’s Randy, Mr. Starr.

Jatt Starr: Randy who and what’s wrong with him?

Randy the Intern: No, I’m Randy!

Jatt Starr: Really?

Randy the Intern: Yeah.

Jatt Starr: So why are you here, Randy?

Randy the Intern: Should you be carrying all those weapons?

Jatt Starr: Yes.

Randy the Intern: Isn’t that dangerous?

Jatt Starr: Yes….it is…..dangerous……for THE ZOMBIE!!!

Randy the Intern: Excuse me?

Jatt Starr: What?

Randy the Intern: I don’t understand.

Jatt Starr: It’s simple. I am armed so that I may hunt down the zombie Paco and kill it.

Randy the Intern: But….it’s—

Jatt Starr: Already dead? Yes and no. Yes, it lacks most of the normal bodily functions we humans do, but the brain is controlling it’s movements and it’s unquenchable hunger for human flesh!

Randy the Intern: But….it’s a rubber chicken.

Jatt Starr: Noooooooo, it’s a zombie rubber chicken.

Randy the Intern: Yeah…whatever….this package came for you.

Jatt Starr: Ah! A gift from one of my adorning Starr-Gazers!

Randy the Intern hands Jatt Starr the package which has an envelope attached. Jatt Starr pulls off the envelope, opens it, and reads the contents which is a bunch of words formed by gluing letters cut out from magazines.

Jatt Starr: Must have been a school project. Let’s see here….

DeAR FraUd,

I kNOW whAt YOUr sEcRET iS. THE CoNTentS Of ThiS PaCKAge wILL pROvE hOw SeRioUs I AM. I wANt $35,000 pLus 50% oF aLL pROfitS aRISinG froM tHe SALe of ALL JatT sTArr MeRCAnDIes. SeE U SoOn!


Mercandies”? What are those?

Randy the Intern looks over Jatt Starr’s shoulder at the letter.

Randy the Intern: Maybe it’s supposed to be “Merchandise”? I think someone’s trying to blackmail you.

Jatt Starr: Yes, it does. Someone who clearly scored low on the vocabulary portion of their SATs. Someone who has no access to a dictionary or thesaurus….but has subscriptions to magazines. But which ones…..?

Randy the Intern: Maybe I should g—

Jatt Starr: To heck with it!

Jatt Starr rips open the packaging and opens the box. Jatt Starr’s eyes widen and look of sheer terror comes across his now pale face. Randy the Intern peeks in the package.

Randy the Intern: Are those—-?

Jatt Starr: Get out of my locker room….Now….

Randy the Intern takes the hint and bolts out of the room. As he does so, he bumps into Mike Best who is walking into the locker room of Jatt Starr.

Mike Best: Jatt, I need to speak with you.

Jatt Starr immediately closes the box and turns towards Mike Best.

Jatt Starr: Yes! Mike! What can I do for you?

Before Mike Best can respond he looks incredulously at Jatt Starr’s attire.

Mike Best: What the hell are you wearing? You look absolutely ridiculous! Is that a chainsaw?

Jatt Starr: Yes!

Mike Best: I don’t want to know! What I do want you to—

Jatt Starr: Look, Mike! Last week, I realized I made a mistake with Trent. I underestimated him! I took him for this head banging, booze swilling, pot head! But he is much more than that. He has mastered the black arts! Somehow, some way, he managed to find where I had buried Paco and reanimate him! He made him an unwilling flesh eating zombie! How he did this, I have no idea. But I have a theory…..

Mike Best: Oh God….

Jatt Starr: I hypothesize that while on an excursion to Haiti to pick up some bags of marijuana grown by some voodoo witch doctor, who taught him the secrets of raising the dead and creating a flesh eating zombie which he used in some dark ritual to raise Paco!

Mike Best: He went to Haiti for pot.

Jatt Starr: That’s where the zombie legend originates. It’s the ONLY explanation!

Mike Best: Jatt….Paco is a rubber chicken.

Jatt Starr: Wrong! Paco is now a ZOMBIE. A zombie that must be stopped before he uses his beak to infect some unsuspecting and innocent human being!

Mike Best: Rubber….CHICKEN!

Jatt Starr: Don’t worry Mike! I’ve been training my whole life for this showdown! Man versus—

Mike Best: Shut up, Jatt! First thing’s first. I cannot have you wandering around the Best Arena carrying an armory. SECURITY!

Suddenly, two uniformed officers of the SECURITY enter the locker room.

Jatt Starr: What are you doing?

Mike Best: For the safety of every single person in this building, I have to relieve you of your weapons.

Jatt Starr: A soldier never surrenders his chainsaw! Or his throwing knives! Or his crossbows! Or his—

Mike Best: It’s either that or I have the SECURITY escort your from the building. It’s your choice.

Jatt Starr looks at Mike Best. Looking at the seriousness of his face, Jatt Starr reluctantly hands over his chainsaw, throwing knife belt, machete and holster, crossbow, and arrows to the SECURITY officers.

Jatt Starr: This is a mistake.

Mike Best: I’ll regret it when the time comes and the hordes of zombies come knocking at my door.

The SECURITY officers take the weapons out of the locker room.

Mike Best: Now, last week….I specifically told you NOT to confront Trent. You completely disregarded my request. Not only that, but you also stopped the Lethal Lottery in the middle of the show. I can’t have people undermining my authority. Jatt, I respect you tremendously, but I’m going to have to fine you.


Mike Best: I’m still deciding of a fitting form of disciplinary action for Trent. I could fine him fifty thousand dollars.

Jatt Starr: Fifty Thousand???? For turning Paco into a zombie???? We’re talking about Paco’s resting place being desecrated! We’re talking about Paco’s honor here! MY HONOR!!! Fifty thousand! What’s he get for banging the zombie Paco? FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND????

Mike Best: He had sex with your rubber chicken?

Jatt Starr: NO! I’m just—It’s disappointing. That’s all!

Mike Best: I’ll tell you what. I’ll still think about what to do with Trent, but here’s what I will do for you….I’m going to have to fine you five thousand dollars.

Jatt Starr: FIVE—-???

Mike Best: Hold up! You pay the fine and I’ll grant you a small concession. I’ll let you decide on a stipulation for your match with Trent at ICONIC.

Jatt Starr: Fine! A Buried Alive match! He likes digging up graves, then he can dig his own! I will—

Mike Best: No, I can’t authorize that.

Jatt Starr: Why not?

Mike Best: There’s already a Triple Threat Buried Alive match on the card!

Jatt Starr: You’re the GM. Change it!

Mike Best: I’m not changing it, Jatt. Choose another stipulation.

Jatt Starr: Okay…let’s make it….a DUEL!!!

Mike Best: What?

Jatt Starr: Yeah. Trent and I start in the middle of the ring. We each take five or six paces to a corner, turn, and fire.

Mike Best: I know what duel is!!!

Jatt Starr: Yeah! I’ll go all Aaron Burr on his butt!


Jatt Starr: Why not?

Mike Best: Because someone will die!!! I will not sanction anything that results in someone getting killed!!!

Jatt Starr: Okay! Fine!!!

Jatt Starr thinks long and hard and then he snaps his fingers.

Jatt Starr: Okay, what about at ICONIC….Jatt Starr versus Trent in a match for the LSD OR THE ICON TITLE!!!

Mike Best: Unless I’m mistaken neither you or Trent are the LSD or ICON Champions.

Jatt Starr: Strip David Black and/or Max Kael of their titles and put one or both titles up in my match with Trent.

Mike Best: I’m not stripping anyone of any titles. How about this?….Trent versus Jatt Starr in a Harcore Submission match!!!

Jatt Starr strokes his chin as he thinks about the idea.

Jatt Starr: I like it!!!

Mike Best: I’m glad. Now if you’ll—

Mike Best is cut off as he notices the box.

Mike Best: What’s in the box?

Jatt Starr becomes flustered for a moment.

Jatt Starr: Er…um…Nothing. Nothing you need to worry about. It’s fine.

Mike Best: If you say so….Oh! And the fine? No personal checks, please.

Jatt Starr: FINE!!!

Mike Best exits the locker room leaving Jatt Starr alone. Jatt opens the box once again and looks over it’s contents.

Jatt Starr: I can’t deal with this right now. I have a zombie to kill.

Jatt Starr closes up the box and heads out to search for the Zombie Paco.



Turmoil now cuts elsewhere where we see that Roxie Sykes is mildly pissed off.

She and her client Tim Shipley have spent weeks targeting LSD champion David Black, first calling him out for a rematch anytime, then having their shot at his gold rebuffed by Lee Best. Not letting that faze them, they’ve gone out and told the world just how “mediocre” Black is in the ring, and then in one of Mayhem’s most anticipated encounters of recent months, proved that with a definitive 1-2-3 after Shipley’s patented Eternal Hope.

So far, so good, right? Except Shipley’s lapsed back into his delusions of grandeur. He spent his first weeks in HOW bitching about how he was too good for the place, and it was all Roxie could do to keep the fans ambivalent, purposefully putting herself out there as a heel purely so Shipley could bounce off her unawares and start to garner some pops here and there. She can’t risk that hard work being undone. So when Shane Reynolds twisted and turned his way to a hard-fought victory over Shipley last Mayhem, she was secretly a little pleased.

When Roxie found out Shipley had gone on record to declare he was “above” the LSD division? Not so pleased, and while his ambition thrills her, she knows far more than she lets on about the internal politics of a dysfunctional organisation, and Shipley isn’t exactly rubbing up the HOW brass the right way.

Tonight’s match with Golden Phoenix: to Shipley, it’s a concession to HOW’s crazy bureaucracy, a crisis of miscommunication between the people running the weekly shows. He’s gone from a double main event one week to a redundant match between two people who had already earned their LSD title shots the next. But to Roxie? It’s the most sensible next step. It’s all part of the plan.

“All alone, sweetheart?”

Roxie is snapped roughly from her reverie by the repulsive sight of a grin plastered across David Black’s face. Clad all in black as usual, he sidles alongside her and leers.

David Black: Pretty smile you’ve got there. Pleased to see me?

Roxie: It’s what happens when I picture you face down in a vat of your own piss.

David Black: Feisty!

He smiles, though the smile quickly fades from his face and is replaced by a much more sinister look.

David Black: You should be careful who you mouth off to, someone might take offence. And that same someone might just be the kind of person who likes to hurt little girls.

Roxie: I’m not all that surprised, you clearly have a fuckload of trouble with grown men.

There is a caustic certainty in Roxie’s voice as she fearlessly tells off the LSD Champion, who merely shakes his head.

David Black: Tsk tsk tsk…is that any way for a lady to talk?

Roxie just rolls her eyes.

David Black: Anyway…I saw you here all alone and being the nice guy that I am, I decided to stop by and teach the little girl an important lesson, and it’s important to me that you understand it, so feel free to ask questions.

Roxie: Questions, oh great, let’s start with “Why are you such a fucking retard?”

The LSD champion ignores her mocking words as he starts circling around her.

David Black: The lesson of the day is…little girls who gets involved in bad men’s business are liable to get spanked. And believe me…I’m a very, very bad man.

As he comes face to face with Roxie again he stops walking and looks her right in the eyes.

David Black: The thing you need to know, the thing you need to understand…is that I can get you at any time. There is no place you’re safe, no safe haven, no sanctuary. If I want you…I’ll get to you. Shipley knows this and the thought of it has him terrified to the point that he wanted to back out of the LSD title match. Now I know that you think you can handle yourself, and I know that you probably have it in your mind that you are not afraid of me but you have no idea.

Roxie: Yeah… hold that thought. You mind if I check something real quick?

Black looks at her quizzically, but he doesn’t say no, so Roxie feels so totally not bad about whipping out her iPhone and tapping the keys.

Roxie: Oh thank GOD. Sorry. I’m bidding on this totally cute lingerie and you know what it’s like with eBay snipers. You were saying?

Black growls with indignation, and for the first time a flash of what might be fear creeps onto Roxie’s face as the LSD champion spreads his arms menacingly. This is what makes it a good time for Tim Shipley to stroll round the corner.

Tim Shipley: (stiffly) Get away from her, Black.

Roxie: Tim, that’s so fucking racist, honestly.

Shipley cannot help but laugh, which enrages Black, a situation of menace immediately having been transformed into one of comedy. He turns to leer at the Englishman.

David Black: You won’t be the one laughing when you get a call from the police at 2am, saying your red-haired girlfriend has gone missing and have you seen her lately.

Roxie: Oh, no worries, I’d be down at the 24-hour launderette most probably.

Black snarls at Roxie in disgust, then turns back to glare at Shipley, who again is barely stifling a laugh. Finally Black storms off.

David Black: I’ll be seeing you around, little girl!

The pair wait for Black to disappear around the corner, then burst into belly laughs, unable to control their mirth.

Tim Shipley: (catching his breath) Seriously though – Roxie – you need to – take some care – stay away from – that weirdo –

Roxie: It’s OK, Tim. He only likes little girls. I wasn’t really buying lingerie on eBay. I was buying him a Barbie doll. You think he’d rather have it delivered to his home or work address?

Turmoil cuts to commercial leaving the two smiling..


Control is a beautiful thing..

Back live and we see intrepid backstage interviewer Missy Andrews searching for her next big scoop. She was looking to talk to one of the newcomers to High Octane Wrestling and one of them just happened to be meeting Max Kael later on for the ICON title.

Missy walked up to the dressing room of Dr. Annabel Lecktor and knocked on the door. FBI Special Agent Charlize Starling opened the door.

“Can I help you?”

“Hi. Missy Andrews. HOW’s backstage interviewer. Can I get a few words with Dr. Lecktor?”

“Well? I was strapping her into a gurney when you knocked. It’s really not the best time to…um…Dr. Lecktor, what are you doing? Dr. Lecktor, put down that cattle prod. Dr. Lecktor? Dr. Lecktor!”


Missy stood there frozen in place as Special Agent Starling’s body convulsed and then dropped to the floor.


In the control room, one of the backstage crew just happened to catch a monitor in the back and watched the whole thing unfold.


Mike Best appeared and went right over to the crewman.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s Dr. Lecktor, sir. It appears she’s attacked Special Agent Starling and now Missy Andrews is trapped inside her dressing room.”

“Are you sure it’s not Mike DeNucci trying to get back at Charlize Starling for that whole poetry thing the other night?”

A blood curtling scream came from inside Dr. Lecktor’s dressing room. Mike immediately pulled out his cell phone. “Mike Best here. I need you to send security down to Dr. Annabel Lecktor’s dressing room NOW!”


Draven Stark vs. Joseph Gregory

The action returns to the announcers as a shocked crowd just got done watching what went on backstage on the HOV.

Joe Hoffman: I feel like I just watched a really bad remake of Silence of the Lambs and yet its even scarier knowing that those people in the back are real!

Benny Newell: Just drink Joe…everything makes sense when you drink from my official HOW flask!

Joe just ignores Benny and being the pro that he is he continues on with the show..

Joe Hoffman: Well it is time to start the first of two back to back HOFC matches we have tonight on Turmoil. The first being Mr. Stark vs. Joseph Gregory which is the first second round match up in the HOFC tournament, the winner going to finals to face the winner of Bobbinette Carey vs. Chris Kostoff.

Benny Newell: Mr. Stark? Who is Gregory facing? Ironman?

Joe Hoffman: No it is in fact Draven Stark, the man that attacked Mr. DeNucci last week on Turmoil.

Benny Newell: So he is Ironman’s brother?

Joe Hoffman: No, I am sure he has no relation to the fictional Ironman character Tony Stark…. anyhow they are ready in the basement so let’s cut down there and Bryan McVay for the introductions.

Cutting from the two announcers at ringside to the dimly lit basement of The Best Arena we see Mr. Stark and Joseph Gregory facing each other as referee Rick Stevens checks over both men with Bryan McVay standing behind him, cue card in hand.

Bryan McVay: The following HOFC bout is scheduled for three, three minute rounds. The winner will advance to the finals of the HOFC tournament. First standing in the blue corner…. Mr. Stark!!

Joe Hoffman: Mr. Stark missed the weigh in earlier today, but it seems Mike Best has allowed him to still compete tonight.

Bryan McVay: In the red corner, weighing in tonight at 225 pounds and hailing from Plant City, Florida…. Joseph Gregory!!

Rick Stevens gives his final instructions before he calls for the bell to get round one of the bout underway. Both men throw a couple of early jabs that don’t connect Gregory suddenly goes for Stark’s legs and is able to take him down to the mat. Gregory gets on top of Stark and ties up his legs so he can’t use them to fight out.

Joe Hoffman: Early takedown by Gregory gives him the advantage.

Benny Newell: Really? That’s not too hard to see.

Stark tries to fight out but Gregory has the preferred position as he tries to connect with punches on Stark who has one arm defending and one arm pulling Gregory close to him so he doesn’t get any distance. Gregory, not being able to connect and punches of worth gets off Stark and gets back to his feet. Stark gets back up too but a second later, which allows Gregory to connect with a hard left jab and right hook combo that lays Stark out on the floor.

Benny Newell: What a combo by Gregory. I think Stark’s eyes just rolled back into his head.

Gregory holds off as Rick Stevens slides in and checks on Stark who he can quickly tell is knocked out and he starts waving his arms and calling for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: And this one is over with quickly folks.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match by knockout in 1 minute and 21 seconds of the first round…..Joseph Gregory!!

Joe Hoffman: Gregory picks up another win and advances himself to the finals now of the HOFC tournament.

Benny Newell: And so much for Stark’s plan to take DeNucci’s title. Looks like he’ll have to wait till after ICONIC now.

Joe Hoffman: Our attention will now be turned to Kostoff and Bobbinette next week, which will set up the finals of this tournament and then lead onto ICONIC.

Stevens raises Gregory’s hand in the air as the HOW trainer takes a look at Stark who is still lying on the mat out of it. Gregory makes motion of a title around his waist, as it is clear that he is extremely motivated to take that HOFC title from DeNucci.


Turn the channel??

The action returns backstage quickly..

Mike Best and a legion of security men arrive outside Dr. Lecktor’s dressing room. Mike knocked on the door.

“Lecktor? Mike Best here. Open the door.”

No answer. Mike pounded on the door again.


Still no response. Mike turned to one of the security men.

“Kick the door in.”

The security guy attacked the door with a well place kick and it flew off the hinges. Mike walked in. Special Agent Starling was still unconscious on the floor. Missy Andrews was tied to a chair, gagged, and forced to watch endless reruns of the Gilmore Girls.

Mike was repulsed. “That fiend.”

“Hey, isn’t that the episode where Loralei sleeps with Rory’s teacher and-”

Mike whapped the security guy in the chest with an open hand. Then he removed the gag and untied Missy.

“Are you okay?”

“It was terrible. She tied me up and made watch the Gilmore Girls! I couldn’t take any more.”

“That sick, sadistic bastard. Where did Dr. Lecktor go?”

“She said she was headed towards the basement.”

Mike turned to the security. “Get down to the basement and bring me Lecktor…NOW!”

Turmoil heads to commercial as HOW awaits a lawsuit from the WB.


Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael©

HOFC Tournament Winner vs. Michael DeNucci©

Brothers of the Beast vs. The Egg Bandits vs. The Maurako Family vs. Twisted Reality©

Trent vs. Jatt Starr

Erites Kallisten vs. Kirsta Lewis


Special Going Hollywood

Back live…

Announcer: LIVE from Studio 2A inside The Best Arena, this is Going Hollywood with Michael DeNucci! On tonight’s show, a very special guest joins the HOFC Champion! And now, your host…MICHAEL DENUCCI!

The crowd in the arena itself boos immensely as “The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci steps into the studio, designed to resemble a swanky, sophisticated lounge. Those in the studio, however, see things differently, mainly as a result of the money they’re being paid to be there. DeNucci shakes hands with a few of the trendy, beautiful people he’s filled the club with, before making his way over to the roped-off VIP section, where an electric blue water wall serves as a backdrop for a luxurious couch and a glass table, upon which a bottle of Hpnotiq sits. DeNucci bumps fists with the menacing-looking bouncer protecting the area, and the man unhooks the velvet rope for Michael, who steps into the section and sits down on the couch.

DeNucci: Welcome to Going Hollywood! I’m your banged-up party host, Michael DeNucci, and this is your November 12, 2004 edition of the show…

DeNucci pauses for a moment, feeling like something’s off. He looks at someone off-screen.

DeNucci: Wait, what did I say, 2004?

The person he’s looking at is Lizzy, the star intern at his DeNucci Companies, and new associate producer of Going Hollywood.

Lizzy: 2004.

DeNucci: Shit, my bad. Got a little confused there, what with all the SSE rejects rolling up in HOW. We’ve got Jatt Starr, Anthony Tremonti, Draven Stark…has DJ Gallagher come back from the dead yet and started competing in the LSD division, Lizzy?

Lizzy: Considering he got his heart literally ripped out of his chest and crushed the last time we saw him, I don’t think he’s coming back, boss.

DeNucci: Ah well, there’s always Minty Fresh Death. Hell, maybe we’ll even see Splinter again. Anyway, I digress. Usually on the show, we have a guest stopping by, whether intentionally or unintentionally, but tonight, it’s just you and me, guys, because I got a lot of shit I gotta get off my chest, and I don’t want any other motherfuckers getting in my way. Let’s start with this fucking mook by the name of Draven Stark. We gotta start with this guy, of course, because after the pathetic display he put on in the basement tonight, I don’t think I’m gonna get the chance again, cause I think Mike Best is gonna shitcan his ass…that, or he’s gonna quit in disgrace.

DeNucci: Stark, you think you’re a real fuckin’ big shot, don’t you, rollin’ up in here and sneak-attacking people? You think that makes you tough? You think that makes you ready for the world of mixed martial arts? Well, let me give you a newsflash, you fuckin’ mamaluke, that doesn’t make you ready for shit. I mean, for fuck’s sake, you got your ass beat in the first round by that guy who used to be an Amish ghost hunter and now ain’t for some reason his ass ain’t never bothered to explain. The old badass Draven Stark that you used to be? That guy woulda fuckin’ murdered Gregory. Literally, Rick Stevens woulda been scrapin’ that guy off the fuckin’ canvas.

DeNucci: Face it, big D, somethin’ changed in you, and I can tell you exactly when that shit changed. Roll the mothafuckin’ footage!

On DeNucci’s command, the footage rolls. The SSE logo appears in a corner, alongside the words “HOLYOKE MALL BRAWL II – MICHAEL DENUCCI vs. DRAVEN STARK (MAY 30, 2005)”. The footage kicks in with Stark standing on the roof of said mall, which happens to be on fire. (It’s a long story.)


As Stark looks around, DeNucci walks behind him, taking a moment to put on his signature shades, before springboarding off an air conditioning unit and delivering a 720-degree spinning head kick to Stark, knocking him off the roof of the mall and down three stories into a Dumpster below. The live crowd in 2009 reacts in shock, as the 2009 DeNucci smirks proudly.

DeNucci: Yo, that ain’t it. That’s close, but that ain’t it. Fast forward a little bit…check this shit out, guys, this is my favorite part.

The production team obliges, and more SSE Holyoke Mall Brawl II footage plays, this time the iconic footage that has followed Michael DeNucci around since the day it was filmed. DeNucci, with his path back down into the mall blocked by flames, looks down to the Dumpster below, with Stark’s prone body in it. His facial expression tells the story as he realizes the only thing he can do, not only in order to win this match, but to survive at all. DeNucci crosses himself, takes a few steps back, gets a running start, then jumps off the side of the roof, executing three forward-facing back somersaults before crashing down into the Dumpster atop a prone Stark with the shooting-star legdrop known as Hpnotised.

Back in real time, the 2009 DeNucci nods approvingly.

DeNucci: That was the fuckin’ moment, D. That was the moment that ended your career, and made you a shell of a shell of the man you used to be. Once I dropped that leg on you, you were never the same again. With every passing match, you got worse and worse, until tonight, when you lost in the first round to Joseph Gregory, a guy whose girlfriend posts pictures of herself on the Internet with butter on her tits?

The Best Arena crowd chants “BUTTER! BUTTER!”

DeNucci: D, you’re fucking finished. The only thing you’re good for now is sneak attacks, and even then, you didn’t manage to get the fucking job done. Jacobs is back in action tonight, I’m good to go. Have some sense in your head for once and just retire for good already, because if you try to step up in the High Octane Fighting Championship, you’re gonna get fucked up like you’ve never got fucked up before. Believe that.

DeNucci: Now then, let’s talk about another motherfucker who decided to roll up in here and prance around like it’s fucking 2003 and he’s actually relevant: Anthony “What The Fuck Does My Nickname Even Mean” Tremonti.

The crowd delivers a modest burst of applause for the SSE legend, despite his current lack of an impact on HOW.

DeNucci: Tony, Tony, Tony…did you think I was gonna forget about you? Did you think your boy D jumping me backstage last week was gonna distract me from your antics? No fucking chance. You and Eisen may have been eliminated from the tournament last week, but I still want my fucking pound of flesh. It’s been six years since our paths first crossed, Tremonti, and I’ve been gunning for you this whole time. But every time a match seemed set to happen, you managed to use your power to bitch your way out of it. Well, guess what, Tone? You don’t have that fucking power anymore. You’ve run out of places to run. You can’t get to Mike Best, because the only thing Wannabe Best gives a fuck about is the fans…well, that and gay sex with Faze. But that’s another story for another time.

DeNucci shakes his head.

DeNucci: Tremonti, my point is this: your judgment day has finally come, because I have a signed contract from Mike Best for a fight. Three rounds, non-title…Anthony “DavoteK” Tremonti…VERSUS “THE HEADHUNTER” MICHAEL DENUCCI!! And that fight will take place next week on Turmoil!

The Best Arena crowd roars its approval at DeNucci’s announcement.

Hoffman: Did you hear that? Next week on Turmoil, Michael DeNucci vs. Anthony Tremonti, HOFC rules!

DeNucci: I’ve been waiting for this for six years, Tremonti… next Thursday night, Rick Stevens is gonna lock you in a cage with me, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. And when I’m through with you, when I’m through breaking your jaw, snapping your limbs, and choking the very life out of you, I swear to Tiësto, you’re gonna look like Charla Nash’s twin brother!

Those who have seen Nash’s recent television appearance groan in disgust, except for one individual…

Newell: What? I thought she looked hot!

Joe Hoffman can only give a disgusted, sickened look at his broadcast partner.

DeNucci: It’s time for you to pay for your sins, Anthony. It’s time for you to pay for what you did to me, to Kostoff, to Jatt Starr, to Lee Best, and indeed, to SSE itself. The day of reckoning is upon you, Tremonti, and it’s gonna be a bloodbath…I promise you that.

DeNucci: Alright folks, that about wraps it up for tonight. I wanna thank my guest…me. Lizzy the intern-slash-producer, great job as always. And I’d also like to thank whatever tear in space and time tossed these 2003 rejects into 2009, giving me yet another chance to kick their fucking heads in. I’m Michael DeNucci, and til next time, stay classy, bitchezzz!

The camera pans out, before going to another commercial..


Up next is Benny Newell’s first ever LAST CALL sponsored by Budweiser!!


Last Call

Back live and instead of going to the next HOFC bout it is now time for Last Call with Benny Newell!!

*The camera cuts to the corner of the ramp area where we see a set has been designed to look like the inside of a bar. Standing behind the bar, looking rather smug, looking up and down and around him, lifting bottles from the shelves and throwing them down in disgust, then after he realises the cameras are on him, Benny Newell turns around to greet the cameras*

Benny Newell- Ok now that DeNucci had his little show I think its time we classed this show up before we go to that fucking borefest of a HOFC Bout between Jacobs and Lee’s Bottom Bitch!!…..Now when I was approached by Mike Best and he said ‘Benny my boy I want you to host an interview show here on Turmoil’ I nearly shit a turtle, but when he told me I could have my own set I jumped at the opportunity! Granted Mike Best needs to learn to space out the talk show segments here on Turmoil but I digress…anyway…..what the fuck…none of these god damn bottles are full! Props, all props! Oh wait, I think I have found something……a ha! The holy grail!

*Benny from under the counter lifts up a large bottle of Jack Daniels and places it on the counter, then takes four shot glasses and rather clumsily pours into them*

Benny Newell- So, where was I? Oh yes! Tonight is the first night of Last Call with me, your bartender and host, Benny Newell. And who did I get for my first customer? Well someone who has been through so much the past weeks that I think he might need a drink or two, so Benny is keeping the bar open for him! He has fought a gruelling battle the past three weeks, his physical and mental capabilities have been put to the question, he has even had this very show named after him…..

*The fans start to become wild as they realise who his guest is*

Benny Newell- Ladies and gentleman, fresh from a stint at rehab, he is the world champion, give a big welcome to Benny’s Bar for Aceldama!!

*The fans go wild as his name is mentioned, even Joe Hoffmann, sitting alone at the commentators desk is surprised and also impressed*

Joe Hoffmann- Aceldama? How on earth did that drunk get him onto his show I will never know….got to get his PR guy.

*But the first sign of how this show is about to go down is given by the fact that Benny cuts Aceldama’s theme and gets the PA people to begin playing Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’ as he begins to laugh and bang his hand off the table, thinking that what he has done is a moment of genius. But that smirk soon changes when Aceldama, sporting a suit with the world title belt across his shoulder stands by the entrance and glares at him with a look of disgust. Benny knowing he is already in trouble gives a cut throat sign to the PA person who immediately stops the playing as Aceldama walks over slowly to the counter, Benny reels back, nervy*

Benny Newell- Sorry Ace, ol buddy, mix up there, they played the wrong track, NO idea how that got in there.

*Aceldama picks up the microphone sitting on the bar counter waiting for him*

Aceldama- Lets get one thing straight here….Benny. You are no friend of mine, and if you try and pull any more crap like that I will introduce you to my new submission hold, and trust me, you don’t want that to happen to you!

*The crowd go wild chanting Benny’s in trouble. Benny maintains himself, gulping then begins to speak again*

Benny Newell- It will be fine, no more cock ups. Grab a bar stool, would you mind if I set a few coasters out for you to set your world title on? I just polished this you see?

*Benny begins to line up coaster after coaster on the counter as Aceldama sets down his world title onto them, then takes a seat at the barstool*

Benny Newell- Can I get you a drink Aceldama, after all, it is Last Call?

Aceldama- A water will do me fine.

Benny Newell- Wa-ter?

Aceldama- Fine….what have you got?

Benny Newell- Jack Daniels and…..well Jack Daniels only.

Aceldama- I am fine.

Benny Newell- Plenty more for me then.

Aceldama- Can we get on with this? Or am I thinking you are not going to be professional about this?

*As Aceldama is talking Benny is downing the four shots in front of him, spilling a lot as he does*

Benny Newell- Oh I am going to be professional, I even wrote down questions on the back of this napkin, see? First question, Aceldama, you have just been in…..Reno? Russia? I don’t know what that says, it is all smudged…..can you read it?

Aceldama- I am going to imply that you mean to ask me about my time in rehab?

Benny Newell- Rehab! That is it! Where did I get Reno from? Nevermind. Yes, so Aceldama, you recently spent some time in a rehab clinic after your gruelling matches with Paul Paras, who also went to a rehab. Tell me, how did it go? How are you feeling now?

Aceldama- It was no secret that the matches I had with Paul paid an enormous price on me physically, I could not eat, I had problems sleeping. I had lost over twenty pounds in the weeks between my first match and my last one with Paras. Faze intervened and said that I needed the week off, to become rehabilitated and that I did. I found out a lot about myself in my week at the DMC and meet a lot of people I will never forget. Was Faze right to intervene? He was, and without his intervention, I would not want to know what could have happened to me. I am back to my normal self, even gained a few pounds.

Benny Newell- Ill drink to that!

*Benny begins to pour into a shot glass, noticing that he cannot balance it, he instead looks around the bar area and finds a pint glass and sets it down in front of him and begins to pour it up to the top.*

Benny Newell- So next week on Mayhem, you got Paras again in a submission match, a match that probably favours Paras, how do you think you would fare in a submission match?

*Benny goes to drink from the pint glass but accidentally loses his grip and the Jack Daniels goes spilling across the counter and onto the lap of Aceldama who leaps up and looks at Benny in disgust, soaking wet by the trousers*

Aceldama- How about you tell ME how I may fare.

*Aceldama leans over and grabs Benny by the head and pushes it down onto the counter then pushes his elbow into his neck as Benny lets out a girlish scream*

Aceldama- So, what do you think?

Benny Newell- I think you will do fine….can you stop now please?

Aceldama- Are you willing to act professional about this?

Benny Newell- I am a drinker, professionalism does not come that easy to me.

Aceldama- Well you are going to try, go on now, next question, make it a good one, or else you stay in this hold.

Benny Newell- Oh god, oh god! Ahoooo! Good question, good question! Ah yes, Lee Best being in prison, what about that?

*Aceldama lets go of the hold, but Benny remains head pressed to the counter, sucking on the Jack Daniels that spilt onto the coutner.*

Benny Newell- Tastes like Mr Sheen.

Aceldama- Lee Best in prison, well the devil finally descended into hell, to where he belongs. He tried to bring so many down with him, myself included in that, but in the end he was left on his own. Everybody around him began to see what I began to see in him, and they all parted ways with the man. The Best Alliance is gone, left behind a legacy, a legacy of pain, torture and turmoil that cannot be forgotten. They always said that the biggest injustice this world ever seen was that Hitler never got tried for the atrocities he bestowed on this world, it will not happen twice, this time we have Hitler, and Lee Best will pay for everything he has done in his dictatorship here in HOW.

Benny Newell- Some people, not me of course, but others that were in the bar earlier….

Aceldama- Benny, this is a set, it is not real.

Benny Newell- I know, I wasn’t talking about this one, me and some of the crew were in the bar earlier having several before the show….and some people were saying that the only reason you are here, back in the Best Arena tonight, is because Lee Best is now gone, that you feared coming back when he was here?

Aceldama- What have I to fear from him? Lee Best is nothing but a dictator. And what happens when a dictator becomes unpopular and gets too big for his boots? He gets overthrown. Ironic it would be his own brother that would overthrow him. Something Shakespearian about that. Mike Best is the reason I am here tonight. I wanted to finally meet the man who helped bring down the empire. After all I never did thank him for his help at Rumble at the Rock.

Benny Newell- Oh yeah, I remember that, Trent was robbed, but he is the past, you want to know who the future is?

Aceldama- Indulge me.

Benny Newell- Chris CK, the man beat Jatt fucking Star of all people and won a contract last week which states after Iconic he has a shot at ANY title he wants, so if you are champion after Iconic *which you won’t be* he could be coming after your gold. What you got to say about that then?

Aceldama- I have heard a bit about this Chris CK, but like many who come in here with the intent of making it to the top, they always forget one simple fact….it is not a simple escalator ride to the top. Sure you win one match and you are automatically given this shot, but he has to think to himself, do I truly deserve this chance? Am I ready? Because Chris, if you are not ready, you just blown the chance of a lifetime. It took me over three months to acquire this title, and over hundred and fifty days later it is still by my side, THAT is what you have to face up against….the reality that one match does not define you as a world title competitor….come back in a few matches when you are not so cocky and we shall see where you lie. The number one competitor is Paul Paras, an unbeaten man for months; so far I am 2-1 up against him…..you do the maths and figure out where that leaves you…

Benny Newell- Well we are nearly out of time, well not really I have about ten minutes to go, but the Jack is kicking in and standing upright is totally not doing it for me here, so before I collapse on the ground here is there any messages you want to send out to the fans, or anybody backstage in particular here on Turmoil?

Aceldama- To the fans out there, thank you for your support during this hard time for me, and I hope my run can continue as your world champion. Also, with Mike Best under the helm we now have a leader that will take this company forward for the better, so show your support for him and rid this company of all the cobwebs that remain of the reign of Lee Best’s dictatorship. And finally, to all those Lee Best sympathisers backstage, get out of this town, because there is no longer any room in this arena for you all. And finally…..fans, turmoil roster, take a good long look at this world title because I will give you an assurance right here now, this belt will NEVER return to this arena whilst I am champion! This town holds too many bad memories for me, and only that I return for business of a positive nature, I would never have returned again. I bid you all farewell.

*Aceldama picks up his world title and raises it in the air as Benny Newell is still head down on the counter, drinking away at the spilt Jack Daniels as Aceldama takes the roars of the crowd as he leaves the arena to go backstage. Benny is slouched over the counter, but then slips and falls backwards. We see his co-commentator Joe Hoffmann coming up the ramp to grab Benny but as soon as he gets to him Benny jumps up immediately*

Benny Newell- Joe! Where did you come from? Did you see that? I had Aceldama on my show, you jealous?

Joe Hoffmann- It was impressive, but couldn’t you have stayed at least relatively sober for it?

Benny Newell- There you go with that s word again, what do I keep telling you, I get a nervous disposition around famous people and drinking helps. Did I ever tell you about the time I met Russell Crowe?

Joe Hoffmann- About a million times, come on, we got a match to call.

Benny Newell- It is shitty HOFC anyways, I don’t care about that

Joe Hoffmann- Come on will you, folks we will take a break whilst I try and get my associate here down to the commentators table.

Benny Newell- I think I might try and get Russell Crowe on next week. Bastard Aceldama nearly broke my neck, did you see that? Aceldama…..on MY show. Oh god I need to lie down…


Head over to EWTORCH.COM to see where all your favorite HOW stars rank!


Chris Jacobs vs. Ethan Cavanaugh

Back live and we cut to the announcers.

Joe Hoffman: I said early we have back to back HOFC matches tonight and as promised we are ready for number two.

Benny Newell: Chris Jacobs vs. Ethan Cavanaugh. Last week Chris Jacobs was taken out by who we later found out was Draven Stark….Ethan Cavanaugh was in the Tag Team title number one contenders match…with no partner, and was put through a table early on and eliminated.

Joe Hoffman: And both men have to be a bit mad to see Draven Stark get that empty spot in the HOFC tournament, only to get knocked out half way through the first round. They will have a lot to prove to people tonight.

Benny Newell: They had their shot, and they lost. They didn’t deserve that empty spot.

Cutting down to the basement of The Best Arena we hear “Break” by Three Days Grace as Chris Jacobs is making his way onto the mat where Ethan Cavanaugh is already standing and waiting.

Bryan McVay: This HOFC bout is set for three, three minute rounds and is being judged by the HOFC judges. Now standing in the blue corner, from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada and weighing in at 170 pounds….Chris Jacobs!!

Jacobs raises his hand in the air and gets a few cheers from the fans down in the basement as attention is turned over to Jacobs opponent.

Bryan McVay: And in the red corner, hailing from Lisburn, Northern Ireland and weighing in at 219 pounds….Ethan Cavanaugh!!

Joe Hoffman: Jacobs giving up almost 50 pounds in this match to Cavanaugh, but Jacobs is very dangerous still and the weigh differential should not play into this match much.

Rick Stevens, off a quick rest from the last match calls for the bell to get the show’s second straight HOFC match underway. Both men waste little time as the come at each other quick throwing a couple wild punches, Ethan’s misses as Jacobs connect on Ethan’s jaw and knocks him back a step. Jacobs with a kick to the stomach and another jab that connects on Ethan’s face.

Joe Hoffman: As I said, Jacobs is very dangerous and Ethan better watch out or he’ll be knocked out like Stark was earlier.

Ethan a bit stunned after the last shot, but is able to duck an on coming Jacobs jab and takes Jacobs down with a short arm clothesline which Stevens quickly warns Ethan about. But Ethan quickly goers after Jacobs and locks him in an armbar which Jacobs tries to escape from but Ethan keeps the pressure strong.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t think a clothesline is a legal move here in the HOFC, but Stevens giving these men a little room to play with her.

Benny Newell: This isn’t no UFC bout, our fighters are allowed to be a bit more vicious.

Pulling on Jacobs arm Ethan is trying to dislocate it as Jacobs is furiously trying to reverse the pressure. Stevens asks Jacobs if he wants to submit but Jacobs yells no as he twists his body and is able to escape from Ethan’s hold and reverse it into a D’Arce choke hold of his own and Ethan is quickly struggling to free himself as Jacobs cuts off his air supply.

Joe Hoffman: Ethan has only seconds really before Jacobs puts him to sleep and ends this match.

Ethan contorts his body trying to escape but there really seems to be no way out of the chokehold as he starts to fade away….


Joe Hoffman: Ethan saved by the bell as round one is over and Jacobs is forced to let that choke hold go on Ethan.

Benny Newell: Jacobs must be quite annoyed he was only seconds away from winning this match.

Joe Hoffman: Well that choke may have done more damage then we know, so we’ll see as were ready for round two.

Stevens calls for the bell, starting round two as Ethan goes right after Jacobs and connects and quick kick to the side of Jacobs that catches him off guard and drops him to a knee as Ethan locks in a Dragon sleeper. Jacobs battles back with some quick elbows to the ribs of Ethan which frees him from the sleep but Ethan comes back with a shoot kick that drops Jacobs to the mat for a second, but he quickly jumps back up.

Joe Hoffman: Jacobs almost knocked out there, Stevens was a second away from calling the match.

Benny Newell: That was a hell of a kick from Ethan, wouldn’t had surprised me if it ended this match.

Jacobs back on his feet charges at Ethan who counters with an STO and the locks in a D’Arce Choke of his own on Jacobs who now battles from the opposite side of the maneuver he used just minutes ago.

Joe Hoffman: Tough turn of fate for Jacobs who just used this move on Ethan before the bell saved him.

Benny Newell: But we have more then half the round left….Too much time for Jacobs to survive in this choke hold for.

Struggling to free himself from the choke Jacobs kicks his feet but Ethan has the choke locked in and Jacobs starts to fade as he is forced to tap out before he blacks out completely as Stevens calls for the bell to end the bout.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this bout by submission in 1:39 of the second round….Ethan Cavanaugh!!

Joe Hoffman: A very tough match but Ethan comes through with the submission win which may very well put him on the top of the HOFC guys not still in the tournament.

Benny Newell: That’s like be the smartest kid in the re….

Joe Hoffman: Don’t even finish that, I don’t wanna hear the complaints after.

Stevens raises Ethan’s arm as his music “The Illusionist” by Philp Glass plays in the basement as Jacobs is on his hands and knees trying to get air back into his lungs after nearly being choked out.


Holy Smoke Batman

Backstage, Jatt Starr, still dressed in his camouflage pants, black Timberland boots, a white dress shirt with a gold print tie, and bullet proof vest over the shirt and tie is walking backstage. He finally stops and leans against the wall. A bead of sweat trickles down his forehead as he places his left hand on the door knob.

Jatt Starr: Okay, you are unarmed and facing a creature that’s only motivation is to eat your flesh thereby infecting you and causing you to lose all free will and to make matters worse, make you want to eat people. You can still turn back now. No! This is my destiny!

Jatt Starr slowly turns the knob, looks at the name on the door: TRENT, and takes a couple of deep breaths. Then he bursts through the door, his arms flailing wildly.

Jatt Starr: DIE ZOMBIE PACO!!! DIE!!!

Jatt Starr looks around and sees….No Paco. Instead he sees a table full of alcohol. From Jack Daniels and Jim Beam to Absolut and Grey Goose to Jose Cuervo. On the table with the alcohol is a skull bong and a baggie full of marijuana.

Jatt Starr: Degenerate! Someone needs to submit Trent’s name to “Intervention”.

Jatt Starr begins looking around the room, no sign of Paco. The door slowly comes to a close as Jatt Starr turns around…..

Jatt Starr: MOMMY!!!

Hanging on the door is Paco, an old, dirty rubber chicken with a rusty lead pipe jutting out of it‘s mouth.

Jatt Starr: So we meet again, Paco. The last time I buried you. This time, I’ll make sure you stay buried!!!

Jatt Starr cautiously approaches Paco, who is hanging by a string on the door. Jatt reaches out his hand to grab Paco but quickly withdraws.

Jatt Starr: Careful…..

Jatt Starr reaches out again….

Jatt Starr: Caaaaaaaaaaareful….

Jatt Starr then quickly grabs Paco by the legs and screams as he tosses the rubber chicken to the floor. Jatt Starr begins stepping on the head of Paco.

Jatt Starr: DIE!!! DIE!!!!

Considering the chicken is rubber, this has no effect whatsoever. Jatt Starr stumbles back in fear.

Jatt Starr: It can’t be! A MEGA ZOMBIE!!! This is worse than I…..Oooo a guitar!!!

The object that garners Jatt Starr’s attention is Trent’s 1967 Gibson Flying V. Jatt Starr picks up the guitar and starts strumming on the strings.

Jatt Starr: Ladies and Gentlemen…..JATT “THE ROCK” STARR!!!!!!!!

Jatt Starr just begins randomly hitting the chords as he sings in a loud scream….


Jatt Starr begins smashing the guitar in the table full of booze, marijuana, and marijuana paraphernalia. Alcohol splatters all over the floor, glass shattered. Then he turns back to Paco, guitar in hand.

Jatt Starr: Perhaps music can kill the savage beast!

Jatt Starr lifts the guitar of his head and brings it down full force on Paco’s head. Needless to say, it does no damage.

Jatt Starr: FFFFFFFFFFFFISHSTICKS!!!! Only thing left to do….

Jatt Starr then pulls out a Zippo lighter.

Jatt Starr: Ashes to ashes….dust to dust! Burn in hell, Zombie Paco.

Jatt Starr lights the Zippo and tosses it on the floor next to Paco, which ignites the alcohol that has spilled on the floor. While Paco does become engulfed in flames, the fire spreads throughout the locker room.

Jatt Starr: Ohhhhhhhh…..sugar…..

Jatt Starr immediately runs out of the locker room….

Jatt Starr: FIRE!!! FIRE!!!!

Jatt Starr runs down the corridor screaming. He grabs a conveniently placed fire extinguisher and runs back to the locker room. Clearly not reading the instructions and in a panic, Jatt Starr turns on the extinguisher and hits himself in the face as the fire spreads.

Jatt Starr: I’M BLIND!!! I’M BLIND!!!

Suddenly, the SECURITY and emergency personnel come to the scene carrying their own fire extinguishers and begin working on containing the fire as Jatt Starr wanders around the hallway blind reaching out as the scene cuts back to ring side.

Hoffmann: I don’t think Trent’s going to be too happy when he finds out what Jatt Starr did.

Newell: That’s an understatement! Do you know the street value of that weed??? Trent only gets the good stuff!!! And all of that booze! Destroyed!!! No one to drink it!!! I have a good mind to hunt down Jatt Starr and kick his ass for that complete disregard for fine alcohol!!!!

Hoffmann: You have enough here, Benny.

Newell: But how long will it last, Joe? HOW LONG????

Hoffmann: Not long enough, apparently. Folks we will be right back right after a word from one of our sponsors..


Official Drink of all Starrgazers


ICONIC Addition

Turmoil returns to the backstage area where Chris CK, holding the briefcase he won last week, is stood with HOW interviewer Missy Andrews who is still visibly shaken from the events earlier in the night.

Missy Andrews: Chris CK, coming up shortly you will be facing Trent. Now Trent has been vocal all week about getting a shot at your briefcase, which contains a contract that grants you a title shot of your choosing after ICONIC. Are you going to put your case on the line?

Chris CK: Interesting question, Missy. While I don’t deny that Trent is a gifted athlete, I question his judgment about ‘deserving’ the case. Let’s look at the facts – he is responsible for weakening Jatt, arguably to the point where he couldn’t defeat me. If it weren’t for him, I most likely wouldn’t be holding the case right now. But he assaulted Jatt for the sake of it. Last week, it was the Lethal Lottery, and the fact he cost him the ladder match is purely coincidental.

CK takes a deep breath.

Chris CK: And Trent realised that. That’s why all week; he’s been provoking me. He’s been turning up at my live appearances and released a forceful statement on HOW’s website. Do I want to kick his ass? Damn right, and I’m gonna do that right here tonight. But will it be for the briefcase? Does he deserve it?

CK thinks for a moment.

Chris CK: Some critics have been moaning I am not a legitimate threat to any HOW title, and I’m starting to believe them. Until I can prove otherwise, I should probably give this to someone more deserving. Maybe it’s Trent, maybe it’s Jatt.

The crowd pipes up.

Chris CK: Here’s the deal, I hope you’re both listening. At ICONIC, your match just got a whole lot more interesting. Whoever wins will get a shot at my briefcase in the near future. Now if I lose then, problem solved, the title shot goes to a man more deserving. If I win, I’ve proved I can hang with the big boys. And furthermore, at ICONIC, Jatt and Trent’s match will have a special guest referee, and that is me!

Missy Andrews: What an announcement! But what about your match tonight?

Chris CK: Oh yeah, I forgot. Tonight I will kick your ass, hackneyed promo, etcetera, etcetera,

Chris CK walks away as we see Missy take a deep breath has she shakes her hands, obviously her nerves getting the better of her as the action cuts to ringside.


Golden Phoenix vs. Tim Shipley
Singles Match with Special Guest Ref: David Black

The cameras cuts to the backstage area where David Black is walking towards the ring to serve as special referee for the upcoming match between Tim Shipley and Golden Phoenix when he is approached by HOW interviewer Missy Andrews.

Missy Andrews: Excuse me, David?

Black stops walking and turns around to see Missy Andrews walking up to him.

Missy Andrews: We are just moments away from the match that will determine who you will defend the LSD Championship against at the upcoming Iconic pay per view, what are your thoughts on that match?

Black hesitates for a moment and then smiles.

David Black: It’s all very exciting isn’t it? But you know what the really funny part is?

Missy Andrews: Well, no.

David Black: The funny part is that despite all of the hype, despite all of the questions; Will it be Shipley? Will it be Golden Phoenix? Shipley? Phoenix? Shipley? Phoenix?

He laughs.

David Black: They are both working SO hard to get that shot at Iconic. First Golden Phoenix won the number one contendership spot, then Tim Shipley managed to finagle himself a shot and now, finally, the two of them will face off to determine just who the hell will go to Iconic. The funny part is that none of it matters.

Missy Andrews: Which means what exactly?

David Black: It means that it doesn’t matter if it’s Shipley or Golden Phoenix who gets the shot at Iconic, because either way I’ll be leaving Iconic still THE LSD Champion.

Missy Andrews: You seem quite confident about that.

Black laughs again.

David Black: Do I? Well maybe that is because I know something that they don’t. Something that will shock and surprise the winner of tonights match.

Missy Andrews: And what would that be?

David Black: Well…I suppose there is no harm in telling you, it’s not like anybody can do a damn thing about it. You see, what I have done is something that will ensure that the LSD Championship title match at Iconic will be a memorable one, one worthy of the LSD Championship. You see I have taken some of the money I have earned with my blood and used it to buy myself a little something, a certain…right for me to make a certain decision about my match at Iconic.

A sinister smile appears on his face as he pauses shortly.

David Black: You see…I have bought the right to decide what type of match the LSD title match at Iconic will be. And the LSD title match at Iconic will be a…

He hesitates and after a few seconds of silence, he starts laughing.

David Black: Well that’s for me to know and others to find out…eventually.

Black turns and walks away, still laughing as he disappears down the hallway and the cameras cut away to ringside…

A few moments later and the familiar tune of “Survive” by Lacuna Coil welcomes us back to ringside and the fans rise to their feet to heckle and boo David Black. He appears on the stage with the LSD title strapped around his waist, wearing his usual black jeans and black t-shirt as opposed to the striped referee shirt that the other officials normally wear.

Bryan McVay: This next match is scheduled for ONE FALL and will determine the Number One Contender to the LSD championship! On his way to the ring, the LSD champion and Special Guest Referee for this match… DAVID BLACK!!!

Benny Newell: Well, this should be interesting…

Joe Hoffman: No question, Benny. First off lets give props to Missy Andrews for being the ultimate professional as she went right back to work after the ordeal she was put thru earlier tonight….anyway…moving on….I have to question Mike Best’s motives here in allowing Black to referee this match, as he can essentially hand-pick his opponent for ICONIC as the referee of this match.

Benny Newell: It doesn’t fucking matter WHO wins this match, Joe. Black will continue to dominate and destroy anyone that even comes NEAR the LSD title, as he’s proven time and again since winning the title at War Games.

Joe Hoffman: At the rate he’s going, David Black could still be the LSD champion by the time the next War Games comes around! I figured him to be at a considerable disadvantage at the Lethal Lottery last week, and that was even before Graystone was announced as his opponent. But once again, Black proved to us all that when his “life” is on the line, he pulls out all the stops.

Benny Newell: And I’ve lost count of how many times he’s defended that belt successfully since winning it. Drink!

Black ignores the fans and slides into the ring, taking his position in the corner as the competitors are introduced.

Joe Hoffman: Well Benny, one of these two men will go onto ICONIC and try to do, what appears to be the impossible; defeat David Black for the title.

Suddenly, “Astral Conversations with Toulouse Lautrec” hits the speakers and the boos in the Best Arena turn to cheers as Tim Shipley steps out with Roxie in tow.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Milton Keynes, England, weighing 225 pounds… TIM SHIPLEY!!!

Joe Hoffman: Just listen to this ovation for Tim Shipley! This crowd is electric!

Black sneers as Shippers stops Roxie half-way down the entrance ramp and instructs her to the back. The expected argument ensues until Roxie reluctantly obliges thanks to Shipley’s persistence.

Joe Hoffman: And again, Shipley does the smart thing by keeping Roxie as far away from David Black as he can to protect her safety.

Satisfied that Roxie is safe backstage, Shipley continues his way to the ring and briefly plays off of the fans’ applause before he climbs up the ring steps and entersthe squared circle. A long stare down ensues between Tim and David Black until it’s broken by the theme of Golden Phoenix.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 210 pounds… GOLDEN PHOENIX!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well, Phoenix with a similar ovation to Tim Shipley given his recent success in HOW. He’s one of the most genuine superstars we have on our roster and the fans appreciate his contributions out of the ring just as much, if not more, than his contributions in it.

Benny Newell: But not as much as the fans will appreciate MY visit to Cook County Hospital early next week.

Joe Hoffman: What? They’re actually letting you into a hospital… to visit sick kids?!?

Benny Newell: Mike Best is making me…

As Joe and Benny continue their banter, Golden Phoenix slaps some hands at ringside before leaping onto the ring apron and over the top rope into the ring. GP raises his arms and offers a pose before Black signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell.


Golden Phoenix and Tim Shipley circle each other several times before a brief stand off prompts them both to engage in a lock up in the middle of the ring. Using his slight strength advantage, Shipley backs him down but Golden Phoenix reverses, tossing Shippers into the corner. Caught off-guard, Shipley does his best to shield himself from the barrage of kicks and punches that Golden Phoenix delivers, all while David Black continues to lean comfortably against the opposite turnbuckle.

Much to his surprise, Black has to move out of the way as Golden Phoenix Irish whips his opponent into that turnbuckle and catches him into a German Suplex as Shipley staggered backwards into his grasp.

Tim is quick to his feet, but runs right into a Hip Toss from Golden Phoenix that is followed up directly into an Arm Bar. Golden Phoenix wrenches the arm of Tim Shipley until his opponent comes to his knees, then his feet and flips forward, thus reversing the hold.

Joe Hoffman: I expected this to be a fast-paced match and it’s proven to be exactly that here in the early stages. Oh, lookout!

Golden Phoenix mirrors the counter that Shipley just executed and flips forward himself, both men now on their feet. Tim charges with a Clothesline, but Golden Phoenix ducks and plants his boot into the jaw of Shippers as he turns back around.

Benny Newell: SUPERKICK! Drink!

Benny takes a double shot of whiskey as Golden Phoenix is hooking the leg of Tim Shipley for a pin.

Crowd: ONE! – TWO!! – THR-!!!

Except his “pin” attempt is broken by the simple fact that David Black hasn’t even dropped to make the count!

Joe Hoffman: Come on Black, do your job! These two deserve a fair match!

Phoenix glares at David Black, who hasn’t moved from his new position in the corner, and shouts at him to make the count, but Shipley squirms away before David moves a muscle. Black shrugs “innocently” at Golden Phoenix, who approaches the LSD champion with a look of confusion. David argues with Golden Phoenix until Tim Shipley surprises his opponent from behind with a roll up!

Crowd: ONE! – TWO!! –

Same result.

Again, Black refuses to make the count for Tim Shipley and is now drawing criticism from everyone in the Best Arena, who show their frustration with a heated chorus of boos. Suddenly, the HOV flickers to life, displaying the face of Mayhem General Manager, Ryan Faze.

Benny Newell: What the fuck?!? Faze has no authority here on Turmoil!

Faze: Oh, Black, old friend!

David’s attention is turned toward the HOV while the interest of Shipley and Golden Phoenix are captured as well.

Faze: I seem to remember an instance on Mayhem several months ago… you remember, right? Las Vegas, Nevada? Where you took full advantage of a “deal” we made with each other and capped it off with a Blackout delivered to yours truly?

Black scowls at Faze as he leans over the ropes, mouthing unheard obscenities as Faze continues.

Faze: Well, since Mike Best is busy attending to other matters at the moment, let’s just call my… retribution! Because, David Black, if you do not call a fair match from this point forward, you will be stripped of your precious LSD title and FIRED… LIVE on Turmoil!

A thunderous roar emanates from the crowd as the HOV switches back to the action in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: At the Lethal Lottery, Mike Best asked Faze to join him this week on Turmoil to help keep order on the show and he’s doing just that by FORCING David Black to call a fair match between Tim Shipley and Golden Phoenix!

David seethes through his teeth and turns back to the action, which picks up when Shipley and Phoenix begin trading blows in the center of the ring. Shipley gains the upper hand with his forearm shots and uses the ropes to spring his opponent into the opposite end of the ring. Coming off fast, Golden Phoenix tries to stop himself but fails as Shipley delivers a Standing Drop Kick that has GP reeling!

Shipley drops a knee into Golden Phoenix’s sternum before swiftly shooting his way up to the top rope for a Falling Splash…

Joe Hoffman: Shipley missed!

Tim bounces hard off the mat as Golden Phoenix rolls out of the way and quickly applies a cover that has David Black quick on the count.




Joe Hoffman: David Black wisely choosing to call things down the middle per Faze’s order.

Golden Phoenix lifts his opponent to his feet and delivers a Scoop Slam, followed up by a Standing Moonsault that Shipley counters by lifting his knees. GP reels on the mat, gasping for air as Shipley is quick to apply a cover of his own.



Benny Newell: Shoulder up! But barely… DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: For the love of God, stop shouting “Drink” during random parts of the show!

The fans cheer as the anticipation level of the match rises; Shipley assisting Phoenix to his feet for a Jawbreaker that is evaded by the high-flying fan-favorite. Golden Phoenix pushes off and slides through Tim’s legs, tripping Shippers up in the process. Phoenix flips Tim’s body and applies a Figure Four, but Tim is quick to reverse the submission into his “Newton’s Paradox!”

Golden Phoenix scrambles toward the ropes, but Shipley’s hold is fairly secure and his grip tightens even further as Black moves into position to check on Phoenix. With the LSD champion literally inches away from his prospective PPV challenger, Shipley exerts a primal roar as he wrenches Golden Phoenix in such a manner that he is forced to tap out, Black calling for the bell as soon as he does so!


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner by way of submission in 8:18… TIM SHIPLEY!!!

Upon hearing the bell, Shipley immediately releases Golden Phoenix and tends to his opponent for the night, assisting him to his feet and raising his own arm as a sign of appreciation for his efforts.

Joe Hoffman: Big win for Tim Shipley as he moves on to ICONIC to challenge Black for the LSD ti- hey… wait just a gosh-darn minute!

Having slipped out of the ring and reached under the apron during McVay’s announcement of the winner, Black slides back in and behind Shipley and Phoenix with a sledgehammer to accompany his sinister grin.

Shipley and Phoenix turn around in time to be met with respective sledgehammer shots to the gut, then both a blow to the forehead as Black drives the steel head of the sledgehammer into their respective skulls.

Benny Newell: The champion just sent a message to his pay-per-view opponent… and also to poor, Golden Phoenix! Adding insult to injury, not exactly what you’d expect coming off a difficult loss, eh Joe?

Joe Hoffman: Just despicable. David Black is scum! The lowest of the low!

Benny Newell: Are you sure about that? Because standing by, we’ve got our new Tag Team Champions… Twisted Reality!….and that is next folks….right after this commercial break!!


The next segment is brought to you by AMP..official sponsor of the Tag Team Champions!!


Hardcore Celebration

Joe Hoffman: We are back on Turmoil and by the paint splatter carpet and the barbwire that is being wrapped around the ropes, it seems as if we are soon to be joined by the new HOW Tag Team champions Twisted Reality.

Benny Newell: You saw what happened last week. Kelly and Frankie attacked The Maurako’s and busted them open before the match even got underway. Mike Best should strip them of the titles and award them back to The Maurakos.

Joe Hoffman: To make things clear, Kelly only attacked Matteo and Martino, who weren’t in the match and had no reason to be down there. Scottywood and Stevens attacked Mario and Mose, and they were just protecting Frankie.

The ring crew seems to be finished decking out the ring as a small Twisted Reality chant starts in the arena. It seems people are just happy to see the Maurakos lose the belts, even if too Twisted Reality.


The crowd actually cheers as confetti starts to fall from the rafters of The Best Arena and “Decadence” by Disturbed plays as we see Scottywood with barbwire hockey stick in hand and his HOW Tag Team title belt on his shoulder next to Johnny Stevens who is carrying a steel chair with his title belt around his waist. Behind them we see Scottywood’s fiancée Kelly Fisher who has a hockey stick on her own and Frankie the Cameraman carrying a toy light saber.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the NEW, HOW Tag Team champions…..TWISTED REALITY!!

Pyros erupt on the stage behind Twisted Reality as they make their way down the ramp, mostly ignoring the mix reactions from the Chicago crowd. They enter the ring, Scottywood holding the ropes open for his hockey stick wielding fiancé as Scottywood and Johnny raise their titles up above their heads as the ring posts explode with pyros that scare Frankie half to death as balloons starts to fall from the rafters.

Joe Hoffman: Well Twisted Reality has certainly spared no expense for this celebration party….here have a balloon Benny.

Benny bats the balloons away as the music dies down as Scotty and Johnny both pick up microphones from Bryan McVay. Scottywood looks around at the confetti and the balloons falling as he nods his head but something seems to be eluding him.

Scottywood: Now I have to say this is a hell of a celebration….but it is missing something, don’t ya think Johnny?

Johnny: Your right. But it just doesn’t feel like a parade…Something is missing….We need a…..a….

Suddenly Frankie jumps in and yells into Scottywood’s mic.

Frankie: A BAND!

Scottywood: You know what Frankie…. your right. Bring out the band!

As if it was on cue…. which it almost surly was, a marching band starts to come out from backstage and march down to the ring playing “The Hey Song” as they circle the ring and Scottywood, Johnny, Frankie and some of the crowd all raise their fists together on the “Heys”. The band finishes the song as the crowd cheers and Scotty smirks at the reaction.

Scottywood: Ya know I am really not that used to hearing cheers when I am in the ring. But I guess you people will cheer for anyone who isn’t The Maurakos. So you can go on and cheer your hearts out, but you know Twisted Reality is going to hurt you all in the end. Like when I go and destroy one half of the Egg Bandits, Doozer on Mayhem.

Some of the cheers turn into boos as Scotty just continues to smirk at the reaction from the crowd.

Scottywood: You see, I can manipulate you people in a heartbeat. Cheering for me when we face The Maurakos, booing me when were against The Egg Bandits….and no one really give a fuck about Midnight and whoever he teams with. But tonight is not about those teams, no, tonight is about celebrating the greatest tag team in HOW finally claiming what belongs to them and finally making the tag team division here in HOW legit.

Johnny: Ever since The Maurakos were awarded these titles, they have meant nothing. You can say they earned them at Rumble at the Rock, but we all know that Twisted Reality should have really won that match, and at Turmoil, the Lethal Lottery handed out a heavy dose of karma as Twisted Reality got our shot at taking what should have been ours weeks ago.

Scottywood: Fool us once Mario and shame on you, but try and fool us twice and we will make a fool of you. Which is exactly what Kelly did with two swings of that hockey stick she holds in her hands. You want to play numbers games, well I will be happy to even the score. And since Frankie is about as useful as sandpaper when masturbating…unless your Graystone…Twisted Reality will be starting a search for a new member.

Johnny: And that new member could be you!

Frankie: Me?

Scottywood: No…anyone but you.

Johnny: So send your audition tapes to The Best Arena care of Twisted Reality. And don’t worry, Mike Best has the arena’s mail services on notice for the influx of mail they are going to receive because of this.

Scottywood: Speaking of Mike Best, I’d like to personally thank him for paying for this extravagant celebration party; it was really very kind of him.

Joe Hoffman: Why do I have a feeling Mike Best did not willingly pay for all of this?

Scottywood: But now that we have won these titles, Twisted Reality needs to focus on holding onto them, and thanks to our good friend Mike Best, it will not be an easy task.

Johnny: Mike Best might think he is better then his brother Lee, but when it boils down to it, they are just the same. He let Maurakos buy their way into a PPV title match and tosses a couple Eggs into the mix for flavor.

Scottywood: Do Eggs really add flavor?

Turning to the only female in the ring and one with any real cooking experience, Kelly starts to shake her head as she leans over to the mic.

Kelly: No, not really.

Scottywood: So the only reason one would adds Eggs to a recipe is to try and make sure a certain tag team doesn’t walk out of ICONIC with the Tag Team titles.

Again Frankie creeps over to Scotty and speaks into his microphone.

Frankie: They also help bind ingredients.

Turning to Frankie with a disgusted look on his face he pushes him away from the microphone.

Scottywood: I don’t ever want to hear the words binding come out of your mouth again. Go grab yourself some laxative and shut up…..Now Mike Best, last year at ICONIC Chris Kostoff used every trick he had to make sure I didn’t leave with the LSD title. He even made it a House of Pain match…his specialty. But what was the outcome? Scottywood walking away STILL the LSD champion.

Johnny: And this year at ICONIC, Twisted Reality will overcome the odds your setting against us and retain our Tag Team titles and prove once again that we are the pinnacle of Tag Team wrestling not only in HOW, but the wrestling world.

Scottywood: So everyone grab yourself an ice cold Amp from the concession stands….on the house thanks to Mike Best by the way, and celebrate Twisted Reality’s reign as Tag Team champions!

The crowd cheers as many make their way from their seats to the concession stands to pick up their free Amp as Johnny looks at Scotty a little confused.

Johnny: Shouldn’t you tell them there is only a limited supply?

Scottywood: No, that would cause a riot Johnny….are these mics still on?

Johnny: I believe so.

Scottywood: What a shame….try not to trample anyone. Blood is awfully hard to get out of concrete.

Frankie: If you thought the mics were off, why were you talking into them?

Scottywood: Oh shut up

Tossing the mic out of the ring, “Decadence” by Disturbed plays again as the four make their way out of the ring, all of them except Frankie smiling at the havoc they have caused in the arena as fans have picked up the

Joe Hoffman: We will try and get this chaos in the arena shorted out and we will be right back on Thursday Night Turmoil…..Benny?

Benny Newell: I’m getting my free Amp Joe. It mixes great with Jack!

Benny runs away from the announce table as Scottywood and Johnny reach the top of the stage and raise the titles up in the air as a final pyro set goes off and the four of them exit backstage.


Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael©

Tim Shipley vs. David Black©

HOFC Tournament Winner vs. Michael DeNucci©

Brothers of the Beast vs. The Egg Bandits vs. The Maurako Family vs. Twisted Reality©

Trent vs. Jatt Starr

Erites Kallisten vs. Kirsta Lewis


Chris CK vs. Trent
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back, folks. The next match coming up is singles competition. Trent will be taking on Chris CK who is last week’s contract winner for a shot at any HOW title.

Benny Newell: I still fail to recognize his win against Jatt….it just didn’t happen!

“Numbered” by The Devin Townsend Project hits the sound system and Chris CK, greeted by a large pop from the fans, makes his way out onto the stage inside of The Best Arena.

Bryan McVay: On his way down to the ring… hailing from Toronto in Ontario, Canada… weighing 230 pounds… Chris CK!

Joe Hoffman: Like it or not, Chris CK beat Jatt in that ladder match and now holds that very valuable contract.

Benny Newell: And he should put it on the line tonight, instead of making Trent and Jatt fight for a shot at it at ICONIC.

Joe Hoffman: Which if the alcohol will still let you remember, Chris CK will be the special guest referee in that now hardcore submission match.

Benny Newell: Which sounds very fishy too me.

Thrashaholic” by Gama Bomb plays and we see Trent making his way out from the backstage area, very calm and relaxed as he starts the walk down the ramp to the ring.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, weighing in at 350 pounds and standing 7 feet tall…..Trent!!

Joe Hoffman: Size is always an issue when facing Trent, and Chris CK will have his work cut out against the former World title contender Trent.

Trent climbs into the ring and Hortega checks that both men are ready as he calls for the bell to get this match underway as the fans inside The Best Arena cheer back and forth for the two crowd favorites.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go!

Trent charges Chris CK with his right arm out, but CK ducks to dodge the clothesline. A quick turnaround by Trent is met with a sharp right hand from CK. Chris follows it up with another, another, and fourth closed fist to the head that finally sends Trent to the matt.

Joe Hoffman: Impressive start for Chris.

Benny Newell: I can only hope they both beat the living hell out of each other so Jatt can mop the floor with them both later.

As CK begins lifting his opponent back up, Trent grabs hold of Chris’ legs and sweeps him off his feet. Trent stands and rushes to stomp CK while he’s down. Trent brings Chris up to his feet. He promptly locks Trent up once up and catches him off guard with a belly to belly suplex. CK lifts Trent and whips him into the ropes. Trent bounces back and… SPINEBUSTER. Chris goes for a quick cover.




Joe Hoffman: Chris CK with a 2 count there on Trent.

Benny Newell: I was hoping for a three count just so this match would be over with.

Both wrestlers rise simultaneously. Trent swings at Chris, who ducks the incoming blow and counters with a swift kick to the gut. CK locks his arm around his opponent head, but Trent jabs him in the torso with left hands interrupts what looked to be a DDT and sends CK back. Not wanting to give Chris a minute to recover, Trent charges forward and connects with a strong short arm clothesline. CK is fast to return to his feet, but sent down by another clothesline by an aware Trent.

Joe Hoffman: He’s warming up now. Look, he’s just waiting for CK to get up.

Chris, a little slower than before, pushes himself back up and Trent runs at him again. CK ducks ANOTHER clothesline attempt, side-steps behind Trent, locks and delivers a German suplex. Chris gets up and faces Trent, who rises groggily at the same time. CK approaches his opponent and whips him into the corner.

Joe Hoffman: Not looking good for Trent, is it Benny?

Benny Newell: You never look good Joe, but I try not to say anything.

Chris CK climbs on the bottom rope, towering over Trent, and throws down a hard right hand. Trent blocks! He shoots up a right of his hand and connects. Trent lands another right to stun his opponent, then showing sheer strength he grabs CK under his arms, lifts, and turns around… plopping Chris CK on the top turnbuckle. Trent climbs up to the middle turnbuckle to get level with CK and delivers a forceful shot to his opponent’s side. Chris leans forward and Trent locks his head under his arm.

Joe Hoffman: THE ENTRENCHER! He’s going to give CK the Entrencher!

Trent attempts to lift up CK from the top rope, but Chris doesn’t budge. Trent lifts again, no avail. CK pushes Trent, who falls back off the turnbuckle and crashes to the matt. Chris jumps from the top rope with his elbow out.

Joe Hoffman: TRENT ROLLS! Phew, that was a close one, huh Joe? What a great show of speedy recovery and alertness.

Benny Newell: I’m sure Trent is thinking about rolling something up.

Getting back up to his feet Trent is looking to take the upper hand in this match as he seems to be signaling for his finisher the Toke Bomb but Chris CK is able to avoid the reverse fireman’s carry and delievers a hard boot to the stomach of Trent as he lays him out with his own finisher of a DDT.

Joe Hoffman: Killed Cold by CK as he crawls over for the cover.




Hortega calls for the bell as “Numbered” by The Devin Townsend Project plays again in The Best Arena and CK rises up from the mat as Hortega raises his arm in victory.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match by pinfall in 8 minutes and 21 seconds….Chris CK!!!

CK celebrates his second big victory in just two weeks time as Trent rolls off to the corner, trying to recover from the effects of the Killed Cold.

Joe Hoffman: Chris CK now holds victories over both Jatt Starr and Trent….which will lead to an interesting match at ICONIC. How much tension will there be in that match with a referee who has beaten both combatants?

Benny Newell: There will be no tension. Jatt Starr will beat the hippy Trent and then go on to show Chris CK that his win was nothing more then a fluke.


Chris CK and a staggering to his feet Trent, look up to see Jatt Starr on the High Octane Vision. In the background, emergency personell and a few members from the security team are clearing out some of the burnt remnants of Trent’s locker room.

Jatt Starr: Honestly, I have no idea who won your match and I can’t say that I care either. No offense. But I feel it is my duty to tell you the battle is over! Yes, the zombie outbreak has been contained and obliterated all….thanks….to….ME! VIVE LE ZOMBIE RESISTANCE!!!

Granted, there was a fire….a very small fire. Where, I fear, Trent, some of your belongings were slightly damaged but you DID bring this on yourself by resurrecting Paco. If a few bottles of alcohol got damaged, think of it as a small price to save the world. VIVE LE ZOMBIE RESISTANCE!!!!

Rest easy everyone! Paco is dead! The zombie threat has been averted….for the time being. VIVE LE ZOMBIE RESISTANCE!!!

Jatt Starr proceeds to walk down the corridor and makes a left disappearing from the frame. In the ring, Trent looks shocked beyond belief as he stares slack jawed at the screen. After a moment he bails out the ring, staggers up the ramp and through the curtain to backstage. The camera cuts to outside Trent’s locker room where fire fighters are finishing up their job. Trent arrives at the scene and shoves one of the security members.

Trent: What the fuck?! Jatt nearly burnt down the Best Arena and yer lettin’ him go?!

Security: Mike Best wants to deal with him personally.

Trent: Fuck, man! Mikey will let him off like nothing’s happened! What about my shit, huh? If anythin’s been damaged yer sooooo gonna be in fer it!

Trent raises his fist at the security member, who instinctively steps away from the giant looming over him.

Security: It was a blaze, hardly anything survived! There was nothing we could do until it was too late!

Right at the moment, a firefighter walks out the locker room carrying a piece of rubber melted to a lead pipe and a scorched neck of a guitar.

Firefighter: Sorry, this was all we could save.

He hands them to Trent, who stares at the two.

Trent: Paco… My ’67 Gibson Custom Shop Flying V… Paco… He killed all three of you… No… Oh god, no…

Trent collapses down to his knees and throws his arms in the air and head back, bellowing at the cieling at the top of his lungs.


Back at ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Isn’t he over reacting just a tiny bit? Any one would think Jatt had killed his children.

Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOOO~! PACOOOOOOOOO~! He was taken too from us early! He had so much more to give!

Joe Hoffman: Thanks for the support, partner.

The action cuts away as we see a final image of Chris CK holding his briefcase and just shaking his head at what he just witnessed on the HOV.


Maxopotamian Declaration

We head to what appears to be a small set in the backstage area. Starting at the base of what appears to be a desk leg it slowly traveled up until the once familiar sight of the Max Kael’s desk could be seen. Two small Maxopotamian flags sat on the corners of the desk while the ICON Title could be seen pulled across the top of it.. As the camera panned over the desk the grinning face of Max Kael could be seen, pearly white teeth standing out like sharp tombstones.

Max Kael: Hello HOW, your beloved ICON Champion here! I am so very pleased to invite you into my little home away from home as it were. Now.. granted these surroundings are not as pleasant as my previous officers here in HOW.

Motioning his hands around Max Kael showed off that his desk was actually simply situated in a random backstage area with no walls and no doors.

Max Kael: But rest assured my joyous little dumplings, your Prime Minister and ICON Champion is no less still quite in charge of his own fate. You see the glorious new stand in, Mike Best, thinks he can control me. Thinks he can reason with and contain me.. heh-heh.

Leaning forward Max Kael let his fingers tap on the ICON title laid out on the table in front of him with a bored expression on his face.

Max Kael: Lee Best couldn’t stop me.. what makes Mike Best think he can stop me. And speaking of stopping me what makes this.. this.. Doctor Annabel Lecktor think she can stop me? Stop the ICON Champion, the GREATEST ICON Champion in history. I make this title mean something. What does she think she is going to get away with? She think’s she knows madness? She thinks she knows sick people? Heh-heh.. she clearly has been living inside her own head. I’ll have to beat her out of that habit me-thinks.

A slightly surprised and unhappy expression crosses Max’s face as the mere idea that this woman could best him and that Mike would even try to stop him. Shaking his head as he looks off screen Max’s eyes roll back down to screen as a scowl crosses his face.

Max Kael: More to the point, children, is the issue of my ICON title defense at Iconic, that lovely PPV in December. You know.. life is one of those things. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. But honestly I am not really ready to give it up just yet. Not while I have so much life to live, not while I have this ICON title.

Pulling the ICON Title up onto his shoulder, Max smirked into the camera as he took in a slow breath and let it out in a cruel chuckle.

Max Kael: Graystone and Shane Reynolds. My two opponents at ICONIC, my two best pupils and yet both men broke before they could find their true potential. Once again I am forced to lock horns with them but thankfully for me.. well.

Max reached into his desk and pulled out two pictures. Holding them up in front of the camera it becomes apparent they are the faces of Michelle Creedy-Reynolds and the mysterious boy that Max claimed to be Shane’s long lost son.

Max Kael: ..they know what it is to love. Imagine That.

Turmoil cuts to a final commercial break…


Next week on Turmoil we will see the return of former HOW Champion!!



Back live and its time for the main event. Dr. Lecktor is already in the ring but suddenly the HOV comes to life…

Mike Best is pacing back and forth in his office. He checked his watch.

“What is taking them so long It has been over a damn hour and I have had way too much crap going on tonight for me to be wondering what’s going on in the basement?”

He picked up the cattle prod and started to leave. Charlize Starling met him at the door.

“What are you doing, Mike?”

“I’m going to go down to the basement and find out what the hell is going on….its been over a damn hour!!”

“I’m coming with you.”


Mike and Charlize arrived in the pitch black basement. The only light was Mike’s flashlight that he used to check out the nooks and crannies of the basement.

“Do you hear that?”

“Hear what, Charlize.”


“Where is it coming from?”

Charlize took a step forward…and another. Mike followed and they headed down a corridor. The music progressively became louder. Charlize stopped and turned her head to listen closer.

“That’s the B-52’s.”

They came up on a door with light peeking out the sides. Charlize looked at Mike. Mike nodded. Charlize took a deep breath and then kicked the door in.

Love Shack…baby Love Shack..

Love Shack…baby Love Shack…”

Dr. Lecktor led a conga line of security men as they danced around the room. In the middle sat a table with a punch bowl and various snacks. Streamers decorated the walls and tables.

Mike just looked at the scene with an expression that could only be best described as “WTF?”

Charlize looked at the monitor that showed the ring upstairs. She was confused. Someone with a mask was in the ring to wrestle Max Kael and it wasn’t Dr. Lecktor.

“If Dr. Lecktor’s down here. Who’s that in the ring?”


Max Kael vs. Dr. Annabel Lecktor
Singles Match

Cutting back to the ring we see who we are suppose to believe is Dr. Annabel Lecktor standing in the ring awaiting Max Kael to make his entrance.

Joe Hoffman: I have to say Benny, that was certainly one of the creepier thing I have seen here in HOW…which is saying a lot.

Benny Newell: What? Time for a shot? Sure!

Joe shakes his head as Benny pours himself another shot and we hear “The Singularity” by Doctor Steel play and we see Max Kael explode from backstage and make his way down towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I believe Max saw what we just saw, so the question is…Who is in the ring waiting to fight Max?

Sliding into the ring Max doesn’t even wait for a bell as he tackles Lecktor to the mat and immediately goes after the mask But Lecktor is able to escape from Max with her mask on as she bounces off the ropes and comes at Max who counters with a running knee strike that knocks Lecktor down to the mat and Max once again tries to rip the mask of Lecktor off but she is able to fight off Max for a second time.

Joe Hoffman: Max needs to concentrate a little more on winning this match then removing the mask off Annabel.

Benny Newell: Or whoever that is.

Lecktor gets back up off the mat as Max hits a quick European uppercut and then a quick back to body suplex as he goes for the pin on Lecktor.



Lecktor kicks out as Max reaches out for the mask but Lecktor rolls away and out of the ring as Max hits the mat with his fist as he seems almost obsessed with removing the mask and seeing who is under it.

Joe Hoffman: Near fall by Kael who again tries for that mask.

Benny Newell: That Annabel should really not wear a mask….maybe she can give it to you Joe, you could use it.

Lecktor jumps back up onto the apron and lures Max in who reaches out for the mask but Lecktor grabs his head and hangs him up on the top rope. Sliding back into the ring she goes for a clothesline but Max ducks it and takes her out with a snap DDT as he goes for another pinfall.




Benny Newell: Near fall Joe, another shot!

Lecktor is able to get the shoulder up as Kael quickly goes and locks a sleeper hold on Lecktor as he uses his other hand to try and pull the mask of Lecktor off. He is making some progress, getting it over her chin, but his lack of concentration on the hold allows Lecktor to elbow him in the stomach and escape the submission. Lecktor hit Max with a hard right as she readjusts her mask and jumps off the middle rope and hits Max with a drop kick that knocks him to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Concentration again causes Max to get knocked down on his butt.

Lecktor stalks Max as she waits for him to climb back up to his feet and comes back at him with a spinning heel kick, but Max ducks and the kick connects with referee Matt Boettcher, knocking him out as Max counters with an eye rack as Lecktor dives out of the ring, holding her face in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Boettcher down and this could get ugly quickly between these two.

Rubbing her eyes Lecktor starts getting angry as she walks over to the timekeepers and grabs a steel chair as she slides back into the ring and goes after Max with the chair, who ducks the swing and takes Lecktor down with a drop kick to her knees. But instead of continuing his offense, Max again tries to rip the mask off Lecktor. She fights him off once again and hits him hard with a backfist which allows her to use the steel chair, cracking Max across the skull. She discards it as she grabs Max’s leg and goes for the pin.

Joe Hoffman: Max tried again for that mask and he ate that steel chair as a result. But we have no referee to make the count.

Suddenly we see HOFC referee Rick Stevens start to sprint down and slide into the ring as he starts to make the count for the pinfall.




Max Kael is able to kickout as Stevens gets up from the mat and seems a bit lost inside a ring as a stunned Max gets back up to his feet and Lecktor goes for another spinning heel kick which this time does connect with Kael as she quickly locks in the testicular claw on Max as Stevens isn’t really sure if this is a legal move as he asks Max if he wants to submit.

Joe Hoffman: A quite unique submission move by Lecktor as she has a firm grip on Max’s…..Max’s…..

Benny Newell: BALLS……I dropped my shot glass….what’s going on in the ring?

Max seems to be in immense pain as he pulls himself over to the ropes slowly as Lecktor tries and pull Max back, which puts even more strain on a certain area of his body. Max continues to pull himself across the mat as he is able to grab onto the bottom rope as Stevens calls for Lecktor to release the hold and this time Max rolls out of the ring, realizing that he was very close to loosing the match.

Benny Newell: Did she just have his junk clamped in her hand? Damn! I usually have to pay to see shit like that.

Joe Hoffman: Glad you have decided to rejoin the match Benny.

Max storms around the ring before he slides back in and goes after Lecktor who ducks a wild punch and counters with a martial arts kick that Max is also able to duck as he drops to his knees and goes for a low blow on Lecktor which connects but has little affect on the lower female anatomy of Lecktor who smiles and shakes her head as she knees Kael in the head and goes for another pinfall on the ICON champion.




Joe Hoffman: Do we have an upset?

Max lifts his leg up onto the ropes as Stevens stops the count as Lecktor for a second thinks she has won the match before Stevens yells out “NO!” and the match continues on. Lecktor is down messing around as she lifts Max up from the mat and places his head between her legs and lefts him up onto her shoulders.

Joe Hoffman: A great showing of Lecktor’s strength lifting Max Kael who looks a good 50 pounds heavier then her.

Benny Newell: You sure I’m not paying to see this?

Lecktor has Max up in the air and Max again tries to pull the mask of Lecktor off….but realizing that he is about to be dropped to the mat he delivers a couple quick punches to Lecktor which allows him to escape from the powerbomb she was attempting and connect with a jawbreaker that dazes the masked female and sends her down to the mat for a moment as she pulls herself back up to her feet.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t like where this is heading for Lecktor….Max has turned his attention from the mask…

Benny Newell: Did I mention you should be wearing a mask instead of her yet?

Joe Hoffman: Yes….you mentioned that.

Benny Newell: Good….

Benny tosses another shot back, as Max stares at the dazed Lecktor for a few brief seconds beforeMax connects another European uppercut and then he hooks her neck and hit the lightning spiral on her which lays her out in the middle of the ring as he goes for the cover that Rick Stevens slides in to count.

Joe Hoffman: The Singularity….thanks for coming Lecktor.




Stevens calls for the bell as Max’s music plays but Max is not concerned with the victory he has just gotten or celebrating it.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 11 minutes and 39 seconds….MAX KAEL!!!

Max just stares at Lecktor as instead of getting up from the mat he reaches over to Lecktor and with her out he reaches for her mask and slowly removes it from her face, revealing that it is not Annabel Lecktor…..

Joe Hoffman: Dawn McGill?!? Dawn was really the girl under the Lecktor mask. For the second week in a row she pushed Max to the limit, nearly defeating the ICON champion.

Shocked that the woman under the mask is Dawn, Max slowly get back to his feet as Dawn starts to stir on the mat. Max continues staring in shock as she climbs back up to her feet, starting too look back at Max Kael, who is surprisingly looking at her with a look of respect, maybe for pushing him to the edge for the second week in a row.

Joe Hoffman: Well it seems McGill wanted to get Max Kael’s attention and it seems with her showing tonight that she has gotten that and dare I say some respect from the ICON champion?

Benny Newell: If she can pour me a shot without spilling it she’ll have my respect.

The stare down continues in the ring as the fans in The Best Arena are on their feet for the two wrestlers for the performance that they put on tonight as the camera starts to fade out and cut transmission.




Several minutes after the end of Turmoil…

In the parking lot you see a limo waiting with the door open. You hear footsteps getting closer as Bobbinette Carey, who watched the whole show in a lavish suite, is seen making her way to the waiting limo. Looking around, she grabs her gear bag and wheels it to the waiting limo. As she gets to the limo, she knocks on the door.

Carey: This driver should have been waiting for me outside so he could put my bag in for me without me waiting. I shouldn’t have to wait for this.

The door to the driver’s side of the limo opens as a man emerges from the limo. Making his way around to the back, Carey begins to berate him.

Carey: About time you get back here, there is no reason for me to have to wait for you to get your ass back here.

Keeping his head down, the man grabs the bag and opens the trunk to the limo up. Opening the trunk he grabs the gear bag and slings it over his shoulder. As she turns around to walk away, the limo driver drops the bag on the ground. As she turns around, she gets caught with a massive right to the jaw. As she is sent sprawling to the ground, she looks up slowly to see the limo hat hit the ground as Kostoff stands over her.

Grabbing her by her hair, he drives his knees into her stomach and chest. Doubled over, Kostoff gets Carey up and slams her into the trunk with a powerbomb!! Slamming the trunk shut, he turns to the shadows.

Kostoff: Come on out.

A slight man walks out from the shadows as you see that Kostoff beat the limo driver and forced him to hide in the shadow. A scared and nervous look is on his face as he walks over to Kostoff.

Kostoff: Get her the fuck out of here.

The limo driver looks up at Kostoff who looks down at him.

Kostoff: Maybe you didn’t get it. Get into the limo and get her out of here now!!

Running to the driver side, the limo driver gets in and takes off. Looking around, he smiles.

Kostoff: Ah, the fun has just begun.

As he begins to laugh the scene fades to darkness.

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