Turmoil: May 21st, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
May 21st, 2009 – #HOW53
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Marvelous Opening..

Now airing LIVE on HOTv, the HOW logo briefly gives way to the TNT banner before we cut to ringside, where Joe Hoffman and his esteemed colleague “Big Buff” Benny Newell are standing by, ready to welcome everyone to another edition of Thursday Night Turmoil. The Best Arena is sold out yet again as we are merely weeks away from War Games and the fans are rabid tonight. The cameras quickly cut away from the announce team to rapidly pan the crowd as Joe and Benny open the show.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to yet another exciting edition of Thursday Night Turmoil. I’m Joe Hoffman sitting next to my… ahem… broadcast partner, Benny Newell. How ya’ doing tonight, Buff?

Benny Newell: Huh? What? Fuck off, Joe… so what if I’m hungover?

Joe Hoffman: I’m sure you’ve all learned to forgive him by now. But folks, you’re not going to want to miss what we have in store for you tonight! Champion vs. Champion vs. Champion… the Main Event is going to be poppin!

Benny Newell: The Main Even is going to be what?!? Are you fucking kidding me? I swear Joe, you are such a loser sometimes. The ONLY reason to have any interest in the Main Event tonight is because once Static defeats the World and ICON champions, he’ll earn the right to name the first entrant into the War Games match.

Suddenly, the lights dim down and “ComeWith Me” by Puff Daddy kicks in. The fans, already on their feet, go into an uncontrolled frenzy for their World Champion, but nothing seems to happen as they watch and wait with the music blaring.

Benny Newell: Ok… is he invisible or am I just that hungover?

Joe Hoffman: While it’s easy to blame it on the bottle, it really seems as though our

HOW World Champion has forgot to come out!

But quickly interrupting a raise in cheers arise from a certain area in the crowd, fans going crazy and all focus as the cameras search amongst the crowd. Eventually popping up on the big screen the cameras catch what there cheering for, and there he is, the HOW World Champion himself with the belt hanging around his waist and a microphone in hand.

Benny Newell: Ass kisser, what the fuck does he think he’s doing?

Joe Hoffman: Making a fashionable entrance?

Benny Newell: He’s an idiot!

Crow rests amongst the fans and when settled Crow gets his mic ready and the music fades out waiting for his moment to talk.

Benny Newell: Hurry up already!

Crow: Ladies and Gentlemen, calm yourselves down as tonight I have a few things to address..

And as so the fans calm down tagging Crow as he passes through them continuing to talk.

Crow: Guy and Girls that are here this evening, all those watching in TV land, I’m sure it’s no news to you that I haven’t been on Mayhem or TNT as of late excluding my matches. Now sure I can win, I can beat superstar after superstar, I can be the HOW World Champion in these matches by remaining undefeated against this roster. But am I really being the HOW World Champion?

Cheers and boos rise from the crowd as he continues to walk through them all.

Benny Newell: Give the title to Lee Best then!

Crow: Tonight I’m going to end my absence from the TV screen and start taking over HOW like the World Champion should be. Tonight starts my path to being the threat that all HOW fears and take my spot that I should already have, and nothings going to stop me.

Crow reaches the ring area as he hops the rail and enters into the ring unhooking his title, he hangs it over the ropes and walks to the centre of the ring.

Crow: Now, like I said, I haven’t been around, but HOW right now is revolving around it’s absent champion, the World title match at War Games, Mario is getting all this air time and where am I? I’m in the back being told I can’t bring harm to him because we need a World title match for War Games to be kept in tact, I’m holding myself back from hurting Mario for the games he’s playing. But what else, I’m constantly winning, since this year began I’ve represented this title to the true champion it deserves and it won’t stop.

Benny Newell: Except when Mario beats you for it.

Joe Hoffman: You sound certain when you say that?

Crow: Now Lee Best or Max Kael, amongst there constant battle for the ownership of this company, they have me in this triple champions match tonight all to decide the first entrant in the War Games match. Basically, once I win tonight, I’m going to take a whole week in sitting back and deciding who should be the right person to put into that match. But even before then I have another challenge waiting in the mists, I have I Sold Your Momma on Mayhem, there will be no rest, no space, no time for games, I’ll be in there, I’ll be ready, and repeat everything I’ve been doing. Nothing will change, just like the others, just like the rest, I Sold Your Momma will not beat me for my World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans cheer and go crazy backing Crow with his words.

Benny Newell: In the words of the Duck, YAWN!

Joe Hoffman: You have full faith in Aceldama?

Benny gives Joe an undoubtedly look as Crow continues.

Crow: But tonight’s not about Max Kael and Lee Best, tonight’s not about Aceldama, and once tonight’s is over with, tonight’s not even about my match. Tonight is about War Games, tonight is about Mario, tonight I’m extending his challenge he made to me a couple of weeks ago. Triple M, Mario, Mario Mc’fucko, whatever the rest of your fucking name is, you made the challenge to me for War Games, I accepted, tonight, I extend that challenge. Instead of our match at War Games being a plain match, instead of me walking in, pinning you and ending this between us, Instead of that, how about we make it interesting and I pin you more then once.

Benny Newell: Huh?

Crow: Instead of once, instead of twice, how about I pin you three times, four times, five times or more, how about at War Games I pin you as many times as I want in a Iron Man Match so we can put an explanation mark on this fucking thing.

The fans go wild and cheer like crazy for the idea of an Iron Man Match between Crow and Triple M.

Crow: Oh yeah I…

Immediately interrupting Triple M’s music kicks in, the fans attention gets swung towards the entrance as Mario comes walking out onto the ramp with his son Joseph. The fans boo away and Mario smiles and shrugs them off making his way down to the ring looking positive and smug with his son following in his footsteps, they enter into the ring and Crow looks ready to attack him, but holds himself back prowling the ring. Crow walks back and fourth ready to strike, Mario climbs in with a mic in hand and continues to smile with his son at his side staring Crow down.

Mario: Crow, Crow, Crow, calm down will you, I’m here to talk to you calmly, okay?

Crow continues to walk back and fourth holding himself back, Mario continues to smile and continues talking.

Mario: Now, you so valiantly made it clear tonight isn’t about Lee or Max, your match, your Momma, what? Apparently it’s about the Marvelous One and the fact you hate me that much you want to beat me more then once?

Crow nods with an angry look on his face.

Mario: Well, an Iron Man match huh? Your so confident you and focusing on pinning me more then once, I say how about you focus on pinning me once as you won’t even stand a chance at that.

Mario and his son Joseph laugh and joke to one another about it, Crow steps forward and catches Mario’s attention as the laughing and joking ends.

Mario: What?

Crow knocks Mario’s mic to the floor and begins mouthing off to him, Mario now looks more serious and argues back, then out of nowhere Mario strikes a hard slap in Crow’s face. Crow looks stunned and shocked as Mario laughs and jokes with his son some more, but Crow comes out of nowhere and strikes Mario back and tackles him to the floor throwing everything he has at him. But Mario doesn’t lie there, he rolls off and strikes Crow back throwing everything he has at him also, even Joseph joins in trying to kick Crow through the scuffle.

Joe Hoffman: Oh My God! These two going at it, this was one for the waiting, these two have been feuding for half a year now and this is boiling point!

Crow and Mario continue to fight, punching and rolling around smacking one another in the face and in a gruelling rumble. Security come running out and rush to the ring, two security guys run into the ring and try separating the two, Mario takes quick advantage

and rolls out the ring pick up a mic as he leaves.

Mario: What the hell are you doing? YOU DON’T PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE MARVELOUS ONE!

Him and Joseph begin backing off up the aisle as Crow stares from the ring looking angry as he holds his chin from the punches.

Mario: You know what, your Iron Man match, you got it, you got it, but it’s going to be bigger, better, it’s going to be marvellous, it’s going to be a NO HOLDS BARRED.. HALF HOUR.. IRON MAN MATCH!!!

Crow stands in the ring nodding, still angry as he watches Mario still acting smug backing off with his son as Joey still hangs in the balance of all this.

Benny Newell: What are they doing? Only Lee Best makes matches!

Joe Hoffman: And Max Kael, but Lee Best already made the match and Crow and Mario just stepped it up a few notches! Hold on a minute folks… I’m hearing we have some commotion going on backstage!


On a mission..

The scene cuts and shouts stream outwards down the empty corridor and echo loudly back. Intermingled with it are the footsteps of backstage workers as they scurry to clear a path for the owner of the heavy stomps which walks amongst them.


The voice shouts, clearly recognisable as Shane Reynolds. The camera turns towards the left, confirming it, and revealing it conclusively for those that had been unable to go by the sound of the voice. In his hand is an lead pipe smeared with its usual dried blood, and what can only be estimated to be a fresh source of it. Who and where it came from is equally anybody but Shane’s guess.


He roars again fiercely, looking at the face of everyone he passes, staring deeply into their eyes, seeking an answer within each of them. Some shake their heads to imply they haven’t seen him, most say nothing at all.


Onwards Shane marches, checking every door as he goes, looking behind every item in which he could lurk. At ringside, the crowd watch it all unfold on the HOV

Newell: Graystone better run!

Hoffman: Well, word from the back folks, is that it’s not even confirmed that Graystone is here tonight.

Newell: If Shane says Graystone is here, then he is here…..and he better run!!

Whether or not he is doing that remains a mystery, but either way, Shane continues searching for the man who played a massive role in the hostage taking and subsequent abusing and twisting and corrupting his niece, eventually turning her on Shane. Nearing the end of the latest corridor, Shane rounds the corner and comes within an inch of bumping straight into his foe.

What do you think you’re doing?

The voice says as the camera catches up with Shane, peering over his shoulder now to reveal it’s in fact Maximillian Kael, not Graystone.

Max: This is a place of business, not a school playground.

Before Shane even has a chance to react, Max snatches away the lead pipe and holds it up now, swinging it back and forth in front of Shane’s face.

Max: You can have this back at the end of the day!

Shane: Why did you do it?

Shane eventually mutters, prompting Max to feign confusion and innocence.

Max: Whatever do you mean?

Shane: Bringing Graystone back…..Why?

Max smirks broadly now, bringing the cold metal of the bar to the side of Shane’s face, tapping it against his cheek menacingly.

Max: The same reason I do most things against you at the moment – to see that look on your face.

Shane scowls furiously at this.

Max: Yeah, that’s the one. Now I hope you bought knee-pads and plenty of tissues–

Max turns away from Shane, holding the bar out in front of him, pointing the way.

Max: —It’s apology time.

Shane scowl deepens within his face at this. In all his contemplation through the week and all his newly evoked rage aimed at Graystone, he had forgotten all about the apology he was now supposed to deliver.

Max: Onward march!!

Joe Hoffman: I’m almost sorry to say this folks, but we’ll be right back with EVEN MORE public humiliation of Max Kael’s slave, Shane Reynolds.


Who doesnt want a beer after that segment?



Puritana by Dimmu Borgir echoes out through the PM system, creating a mixed reaction in the crowd at first with cheers slowly winning through as Maximillian Kael appears on the stage.

Hoffman: Well, Max said it earlier folks, it’s apology time. And if you ask me, it’s been a long time coming.

Newell: No, that bitch having her ass handed to her was a long time coming.

Max has stopped now on the stage, shouting silently back towards the stage at something, quickly revealed to be Shane Reynolds who appears dressed in his usual wrestling attire, but holding a long pole with a Maxopotamian flag on the end.

Max sighs and moves his arm around from left to right, as he sees Shane, prompting him to shake the flag back and forth. Satisfied, Max leads him down the ramp and into the ring.

Immediately inside, Max pulls out his own special customised microphone and raises it to his sneering lips as he looks around the crowd. Shane stands still behind him, the flag now resting against him in the corner.

Max: Ladies and gentlemen, over the past few weeks… no… wait… nevermind. Let’s just cut to the chase. I can barely contain myself any longer. Allow me to introduce one of my War Games team. The woman who last year–

Max pauses to stare Shane tauntingly in the eye.

Max—WON War Games…..Bobbinette Carey!!!

“Circus” By Britney Spears hits. Bobbinette Carey walks out with Princess on her arm. She gets into the ring and stands in front of Max and Shane with a large smile on her face. She crosses her arms looking over at Shane Reynolds. She points to her self and nods going “I won War Games” to Shane. She then looks over at Max nodding with a “thank you” to him.

Shane’s face contorts with a sudden burst of anger and bitterness, his fist clenching at his side into a fist. He is about to step forward and strike impetuously when Max grips him on the shoulder and continues to address the crowd.

Max: Now, we all know exactly why we are here.

He turns to Shane and smirks…..

Max: Kneel!

Bobbinette gets a large smile on her face as she looks over at Shane nodding and pointing to the ground. Shane’s breath meanwhile, becomes as heavy and angry as his face, locking eyes directly on those of Bobbinette Carey. Then, slowly but surely, Shane Reynolds descends down to his knees. A few moments of silence follows, until Max finally breaks it.

Max: Now apologise to the nice lady.

Shane, eyes still fixed furiously onto the smiling face of Bobbinette Carey, who is clearly relishing this moment. Then, a few moments later, he gradually opens his mouth.

Shane: I’m sorry for attacking you.

The words hurry out of Shane’s mouth like a torpedo as Max watches of from the corner in which he now stands, popcorn in hand. Bobbinette stares down at Shane for a few seconds, taking in the rushed words as best as she can…..and then shakes her head.

Bobbinette: Yeah uberly I don’t think you mean it. It didn’t sound like it to me…

Shane’s eyes grow wider still now as the crowd erupt in a roar of cheers at this and for their Queen B. Shane is clearly seen mouthing the words You’ve got to be kidding me, to which Bobbinette shakes her head again and signals with her hand for him to try again.

Shane: I’m truly, very, very sorry that I attacked you.

Bobbinette’s mouth curls into an undecided half smile as she moves her head slowly from side to side. Shane watching her, angry and horrified at the meal this is being made into.

Bobbinette: You know.. I’m not sure.. sounded a little better…

She pauses at that moment and turns in a full circle in the spot, looking around at the crowd, still smiling.

Bobbinette: I normally am a forgiving person… but I don’t know. Lets poll the audience… WHAT do you guys think?

The vote is instantly unanimous, the audience erupting into boos, and shouts and screams and chants of no. Bobbinette turns back from the crazed audience and once again turns her attention to Shane, her grin widening.

Bobbinette: Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with them on it being a no. IF they don’t believe it there is no way I’m going to either..

Shane opens his mouth for what will ultimately be the last time during this situation and speaks slowly and clearly, looking her straight in the eye with a glare that will never forget these moments.

Shane: I….am…..really…..truly….very….very….very…..sorry that I atta—!

The sentence trails off into nothing but an exhalation of breath as out of nowhere a figure slide into the ring from the crowd and nails Shane across the back of the head with a Singapore cane, before sliding out of the opposite side and vanishing back into the crowd

Newell: What the hell was that?

A quick replay lights up on the HOV at that moment, showing the footage from seconds ago with those exact words written at the bottom, but this time in slow motion – the face somehow remains obscured the entire time but what is clearly revealed is the ‘Perfect Life Movement’ T-shirt they are wearing.

Back in the ring, as the HOV fades back to black Bobbinette stands directly over Shane, and then smiles and nods, speaking all the while with a matter of fact tone.

Bobbinette: It’s not that fun when it’s happening to you is it? Karma…

With that, she backs away slowly and takes her cue to leave as Shane comes dazedly to. His eyes fixed furiously and immediately out into the crowd, scanning it furiously for his attacker, as Max staggers over to him, now sans popcorn.

Max: Well, as fun as that was for all of us…..Time to suit up, bear man.

On these cryptic and somewhat strange words, the spectacle comes to a close and a brief War Games promo is played on the HOV screen as the ring is cleared.


June 8th the future of High Octane Wrestling will be decided.

War Games Match
Team Best vs. Team Kael

World Title Match
Triple M vs. Crow©

SSE World Title Match
Michael DeNucci vs. King Trip Eisen vs. Trent©

LSD Title Match Street Fight in Paris
Chris Kostoff vs. David Black vs. Bob Jared vs. Static©


Frankie the Cameraman vs. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
Singles Match

Back live, we see Mark O’Neal making his way down to the ring to “Undead” by Hollywood Undead as he is getting a unwelcome response from the Chicago fans.

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring, he is a member of The Best Alliance and HOW Hall of Famer….Mark O’Neal!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well O’Neal got a win last week against Rufus the Pimp in what was both Mark’s return match to HOW and Rufus’s debut. This week O’Neal takes on another man who is making his debut in HOW.

Benny Newell: A man that is a joke Joe, this match is going to end sooner then you in bed with your wife….

We believe the microphones at ringside are muted for a second as Mark slides into the ring with a very cocky feeling about him as it seems the ringside microphones are back on.

Joe Hoffman:….just shut your mouth and try and actually do your job…..for once.

Benny Newell: Someone is testy tonight folks…..Now where is our “Super hero”?

“All-Star” by Smash Mouth starts to play as the stage fills with smoke and we see Frankie the Cameraman make his way out onto the stage, still dressed in his thrift store looking costume of yellow face mask, cape and t-shirt with a black F spray painted on it.

Bryan McVay: And making his way to the ring, he is making his HOW in-ring debut, from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and weighing in at 138 pounds of fury….The Frankster!!!

Frankie is surprisingly getting a few cheers from the fans as he makes his way down the ramp and stops to shake the hands of the few kids who somehow got their parents to bring them to an HOW event. Behind Frankie we see Scottywood making his way down to the ring with his barbwire hockey stick in hand as those few cheers start turning to boos as Scotty goes by them. But Scotty doesn’t even notice them as he has his eyes locked on O’Neal.

Joe Hoffman: Frankie has seemed to really hit it off with the kids of HOW tonight, even after being broken down by Scottywood earlier this week. While he Scotty did not get Frankie to join him on the “dark side” he did give Frankie a boat load of confidence and broke him from his need to please people….though he seems to be doing so anyhow.

Benny Newell: Whatever, none of that will even matter when Mark squashes Frankie like a bug on a windshield.

Joe Hoffman: Also remember folks that in just a few days on Mayhem, Scottywood will face off with Mark O’Neal for himself. If Scotty wins he is in the LSD title match, if O’Neal wins, he is on Lee Best’s War Games team….a lot gonna be at stake for these men.

Frankie dives into the ring as referee Joel Hortega has a few words for the men and then calls for the bell to get this match underway. Mark starts to toy with Frankie who seems to be very focused on the match not appreciating the abuse from Mark as he connects with a flying drop kick that drops Mark to one knee and really brings him to focus as he comes back and almost takes Frankie’s head off with a clothesline.

Frankie tries to recover to his feet but Mark grabs Frankie and pull him back to his feet as he goes for a powerbomb which Frankie tries to reverse with a Frankiecaranna but he just hangs from the neck of Mark who picks him back up to powerbomb position and Frankie uses a thumb to the eyes which causes Mark to stumble back and momentum sends Mark backwards to the mat with Frankie landing on his chest as he grabs his left leg.




Joe Hoffman: Near fall by Frankie? Wow we were a second away from a cameraman beating a Hall of Famer.

Benny Newell: Well a second away mean nothing Joe, Frankie needs to get a three, which he will NEVER get on O’Neal.

Mark seems a little stunned as he rolls out of the ring, but he doesn’t see Scottywood as he turns around, leaving both men staring at the other. Scotty doesn’t move as referee Joel Hortega yells at Scottywood to back away, which is ignored. Frankie uses the distraction though to run at and springboard off the ropes going for a swan dive, but Mark catches it out of the corner of his eye and takes a step back as Frankie crashes to the mat.

Benny Newell: Crash and burn Joe, crash and burn.

Scotty doesn’t even take concern of Frankie who is laying in pain on the outside floor as Mark slides back into the ring and Hortega starts a 10 count.






Joe Hoffman: Frankie is not looking to good after risking it all there.




Scottywood continues his stare with Mark as he grabs Frankie by the hair and tosses him back into the ring as Mark quickly goes for the pinfall attempt.




Everyone, including Mark is a little shocked that Frankie somehow gets the shoulder up as there is a small smile on the face of Scottywood, whether it be for Frankie surviving or Mark failing we don’t know. Mark lifts Frankie back up and connects with a few punches as he again is about to lift Frankie up for a powerbomb, but we see Scottywood jump up onto the ring apron which gets both Mark’s and Hortega’s attention. Hortega yells at Scotty to get down, but Scotty plays the he doesn’t understand Spanish card and ignores Hortega as Mark expresses it a little more clearly by shoving Scottywood off the ring apron and onto his ass.

Joe Hoffman: No translation needed there.

Benny Newell: Ya, that’s a very clear, “stay the fuck out of the match, dumbfuck”

Joe Hoffman: Right…..

Again we see Frankie take advantage of a distraction and rolls up Mark from behind as the HOW fans go wild as Hortega slides in position for the pinfall attempt.




Mark powers out of the roll up as again he escapes by just a hair, though it seems as if this really sets him off as he regains control of the match and whips Frankie into the ropes and hits a huge spinebuster in the middle of the ring. The crowd starts booing as Mark picks Frankie back up and connects with a powerslam that seems to have knocked Frankie out….but it doesn’t seem that Mark is done yet…

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on, don’t play with the poor kid.

Benny Newell: Break his neck!

And that looks just like what O’Neal is going to do as he rolls Frankie onto his stomach and pulls back on the head of Frankie as referee Hortega calls for the bell automatically as he can tell Frankie is out cold, but O’Neal doesn’t want to let go.


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… MARK O’NEAL!!!

Joe Hoffman: Break the damn hold!

O’Neal is victorious in 8 minutes and 21 seconds and after a few moments, he does break the hold, but not of his own will as Scottywood cracks O’Neal in the back of the head with the handle of his hockey stick. Mark stumbles over for a second as he stands back up and turns right into Scottywood who hits the SDT right in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I guess some of that good of Bobbinette did run off onto Scottywood.

Scottywood picks the hockey stick back up and is about to drive the barbwire into the head of O’Neal but he is interrupted as Static with baseball bat in hand and Shocker haul ass down the ramp way towards the ring. Scotty spots them and dives out of the ring. Static nods his head and smiles as he orders Shocker to picks Frankie up.

Static: Would be a shame if something happened to cause Frankie to damage what little of a brain he has left in that empty head of his.

Scotty pauses for a moment, as if he is contemplating what he is going to do, but then that sick smile overcomes his face as he extends his hand towards Static in an statement to “go right ahead” as he motions for that LSD title being around his waist again before he turns his back on the ring and makes an exit through the crowd to avoid the Best Alliance.

Benny Newell: What were you saying about that good rubbing off on him?

Having called his bluff, Static smiles as he brings the baseball bat back and cracks Frankie in the head with it as the crowd is go crazy with boos as we can see the blood start to bleed through the yellow cloth mask of Frankie. The cameras catch Scottywood standing deep in the crowd with a smile on his face.


Toke Time

Hoffman: Well folks, if you’ve only just joined us, don’t worry, we still have quite a show to come! Not only will the number one contender to the World Championship, the Marvelous Mario Maurako, take on Michael DeNucci, but in our main event of the evening we have a match of the ages, the clash between the LSD Champion, the ICON Champion and the World Champion!

Newell: That’s right, we’ll see the true SSE Champion beat Crow’s next victim and Static will beat Crow! They’re going to be match of the year candidates for sure!

Hoffman: Well, I don’t see them going down quite like that, partner, but they both are shaping up to be great performances from all involved and their respective matches at War Games should be even better. Static defending his LSD championship in a Parisian Street Fight against four determined contenders should be a bloody no holds barred brawl, a match to redefine the standards of the LSD Division. Then, for the first time ever, we have the SSE World Championship defended on a HOW Pay Per View. DeNucci signed a deal with Lee Best to make Trent defend the championship at War Games against DeNucci and their mutual mentor, King Trip Eisen.

Newell: DeNucci is sure to win, he’s been on a roll recently! Eisen’s just been facing jobbers like Stevens and Trent’s losing matches left, right and center!

Hoffman: Well, DeNucci has got some high profile wins recently, but Trent just took out Max Kael this past Monday on Mayhem in a dominant victory. We all know Kael is no slouch, HOW’s 50% owner may have a few screws loose, but he gets the job done. He even scored a victory over our near unbeatable World Champion a couple of weeks ago. If DeNucci loses tonight, I have the feeling Trent will have the advantage in momentum over him heading into War Games.

Newell: Like momentum matters, DeNucci is the master of beating people he shouldn’t be able to, Trent doesn’t stand a chance. That drug addled wreck couldn’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag!

Hoffman: Yes, because of his underhanded tactics, not because of a higher level of skill. Anyway, on top of those two potentially classic title fights, Triple M will attempt to be the man who will finally bring an end Crow’s reign as World Champion. I tell you, Benny, thi-

Hoffman is interupted by “Thrashaholic” by Gama Bomb blasting out the arena’s sound system. Trent steps out on stage to a mildly warm reaction from the crowd. His unrelenting victory over Kael must have endeared him to the crowd even more. He heads down the ramp with his eyes fixed on the announcers’ table.

Newell: What the hell does he want?

Hoffman: While it is a bit rude to interupt our run down like that, my guess is he has a problem with something we just said.

Newell: Well, it’s nothing I’ve sai-URGH!

Newell is cut off by the seven foot giant’s hand wrapping his hand the announcer’s throat and lifting him out of his chair. Trent grabs a mic up from the desk.

Trent: You got summin’ to fuckin’ say to me, Benny-boy?

Newell: Ghrghurh!

Trent: Sorry, didn’t quite fuckin’ catch that. ‘Ere, let me ‘elp ya.

Trent drags Benny Newell over the table and throws him into the ring, under the bottom rope. As Newell pulls himself together and gasps for breath, Trent casually steps onto the apron and over the top rope.

Trent: Now, Benny, what was that ya fuckin’ said?

Trent looms over the announcer, who is now sweating profusely.

Newell: Well… uhh… I was just… uhh… saying…

Trent: Say what, Benny? What the fuck were you jusy sayin’?

Newell shuffles backwards and looks extremely nervous. Trent steps up closer to him. Benny’s mouth flaps up and down but no words came out.

Trent: Cat got yer fuckin’ tongue or summin’? Yer happy to bad mouth me on yer fuckin’ comentary desk, but face to fuckin’ face yer just a scared little cockshite with all the words of a fuckin’ mute. Despite what ya think and what half the cowards on the roster think, I ain’t some fuckin’ delinquent and I ain’t a god damn push over. Ya gotta understand summin’, dude, despite my fuckin’ lousey vocablary, despite my bad ‘abits and rowdy fuckin’ attitude, I’m really a nice guy, ‘least to those who ain’t two faced fuckin’ bastards like you. All those motherfuckers out in the crowd and watchin’ at home know this.

Trent gestures to the crowd and milks the cheap pop for all it’s worth.

Trent: And that’s not all they fuckin’ know, either, they know that come War Games, DeNucci’s gonna be made painfully fuckin’ aware just what he’s got ‘imself into. Ya see, Benny, that belt ain’t just a belt to me, it’s a fuckin’ symbol of all my achievements in that fed. It’s a reminder to me of everythin’ I fuckin’ worked fer and everythin’ I went through. From my first ever night in the fuckin’ ring, to my first championship, to friends and fueds I’ll never fuckin’ ferget. All the fuckin’ way to winning that very fuckin’ belt on the last and best ever god damn SSE show, beatin’ Viper, Splinter, Draven Stark, Eisen and, yes, DeNucci his fuckin’ self. Winnin’ that belt was, how’d ya fuckin’ say, closure on my time there, it’s got a god damn meaning to me that DeNucci and everyone else ain’t even able to fuckin’ comprehend.

Trent shoves Benny back.

Trent: Think what ever the fuck you want, Benny, but you’ll fuckin’ see. War Games is an apt fuckin’ name ‘cos hostilities ‘ave only just fuckin’ begun, mate, I’m gettin’ ready to go out all guns fuckin’ blazin’ and carpet bomb the whole god damn ring with slams ‘n’ suplexes ’til my belt’s handed fuckin’ back to me and DeNucci’s beggin’ fer mercy.

The crowd cheer him.

Trent: So get back behind yer fuckin’ desk, Newell, and brush up yer bloody banter, yer gonna have a hell of a fuckin’ match to call at War Games!

“Thrashaholic” hits the PA system once again and Trent leaves the ring to a cheer from the crowd while Newell scurries out of the ring and back to the announcer’s table.


HOTv ratings back after War Games!


David Black vs. Christopher America
Singles Match

We come back from break with Benny brushing off his shirt, obviously still a bit flustered from his encounter with Trent. The camera cuts to the HOV screen where the American flag is waving and Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” is blasting throughout the arena. The crowd rises to their feet to boo the man that emerges from the back; Christopher America, who is looking a tad more rugged than normal.

Joe Hoffman: I have to admit Benny… that is if you’re ok to continue…

Benny Newell: Just get on with the fucking show…

Joe Hoffman: Like I was saying… I hate to admit it but Christopher America put on a good showing last week, even in his loss to Bobbinette Carey.

Benny Newell: All I know is he better get over this losing streak of his and get his shit straight before War Games. First Bob ‘fucking’ Jared and now Carey?!? All I have to say is if he can’t beat David Black tonight, I will personally tell Lee he’s making a big mistake by letting him on his team.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t be so quick to undermine David Black’s abilities. He’s one of the most underrated stars on the roster and there’s a bandwagon of folks that are picking him to win the LSD title in a few short weeks. But getting back to America, one has to wonder if the pressure of stepping foot on foreign territory in a few weeks has been getting to him as of late.

America climbs the ring steps and gives Referee Joel Hortega a look as he’s checked for weapons. Suddenly, “World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly kicks up and boos emanate from the stands as David Black appears. He strolls his way to the ring with a focused expression, though you can tell that all of David’s personal struggles are eating him on the inside. He steps through the ropes, checks his hair, and does the same routine with Hortega being checked for weapons. Satisfied that neither of these superstars have got anything up their sleeves, Hortega signals for the bell.


David Black immediately explodes out of his corner and charges at his opponent with a clothesline which America ducks, expecting the attack. America locks his arms around David Black’s waist for an attempted American Suplex but Black blocks it and drops with an Inside Cradle.


America kicks out! Christopher is quick to his feet after the early surprise and goes after David Black, but Black counters with a Drop Toe Hold that sends America throat first into the middle rope. Black follows up quickly by placing his knee on the back of America’s neck which prompts Hortega to begin a five count for the choke.




Black with some extra pressure using all his weight to choke America until his face begins to turn blue…


Finally, Black breaks just before Hortega is about to signal for the disqualification.

Joe Hoffman: David Black showing his relentless side early on in this match.

Benny Newell: Trust me, Joe. He’s going to need to be a helluva lot more relentless than that if

he plans on winning the LSD title at War Games. A fucking street fight in Paris? Can you imagine the possibilites?

David Black brings America to his feet by his hair but Christopher America promptly kills any further momentum with a thumb to the eye. He lifts Black and lands an American Atomic Drop with doubles Black over. America flies off the ropes and the impact of the American Lariat that follows causes the crowd to cringe at the sight of David Black’s neck snapping forward on the mat. This time, America covers…



Near fall! David Black holds the back of his head and his neck in pain but America is not one to let up and starts stomping away at Black’s ribs and kidneys. About 30 straight seconds of continuous assault leaves David Black in a heap on the mat while America climbs the top rope for the American Elbow Drop. Like vintage Randy Savage, America leaps off and connects with Black’s sternum, causing him flail uncontrollably like a seizure. America hooks the leg once more!



NO! Enough is enough for Christopher America and it’s clearly time for his FOR AMERICA cutter finisher, as evidenced by his signal to the crowd. Still weary and holding the back of his neck, David Black rises to his feet and somehow evades America’s attack. He goes to Irish whip America into the turnbuckle, but America reverses with an American whip of his own, leaving Black stunned in the corner. America rushes full force at David Black, jumps, and then drives his knees into his chest.


David Black falls forward, face-first and America continues to ride the momentum by driving his knee to the spine. He flips Black around to make the cover and Hortega drops once again for the pin.



Joe Hoffman: This should be all…

NO! David Black musters up something from within that enables him to kick out. America can’t believe it and starts shouting at Joel Hortega to count quicker on his pins. Hortega shrugs since his English isn’t that strong but America keeps complaining anyway. All the while, David Black staggers to his feet and takes note of the opportunity. Just as America turns to attend to David Black, he’s met with the BLACKOUT Codebreaker finisher but to the chest instead of the back.

Benny Newell: Ha ha! America just got a taste of his own American medicine right there!

Obviously, what Benny is referring to is Christopher America’s own American Express splash that he connected with literally only minutes ago. David Black, fearing the impact from his finisher might not be enough in this instance, kicks America into position in the center of the ring. He meets the ropes, bounces off, checks his hair… and BAM!


The cover!





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… DAVID BLACK!!!

Black stands up and fist pumps to celebrate his victory in 7 minutes and 10 seconds and points at the camera, signaling to Static that he’s coming for the LSD title at War Games.

The scene quickly cuts away from David Black to backstage, where Maximillian Kael is seen standing next to a large wheel with various names from the HOW roster on it akin to Wheel of Fortune.


War Games Fortune

Max Kael: Hello there. Maximillian Kael, Prime Minister of Maxopotamia and Co-Owner of High Octane Wrestling here and tonight the world shall witness me adding the final member of my team for War Games! And how better too decide this.. then with a gamble!

Max moved too the side and waved his hand toward the wheel with a proud smile. The names listed included Bob Jared, Godzilla, Spudz McKenzie, Shawn Michaels, Perfect Paul Paras, Darkwing, Lee Best, Anakin Starr and Captain Price.

Max Kael: Now many may be asking, who would say.. Godzilla fit into the War Games cage? My answer is… I have no idea! But it should be interesting just the same! So… let’s spin and find out…

Lifting his hand Max Kael grabbed the side of the wheel and pulled down on it a swift jerk. The wheel began to spin wildly as Max turned his attention back to the camera.

Max Kael: Who will it be? Could it be.. Bob Jared? Sure, he is in the LSD Title match but he might also find himself inside of the cage representing Max Kael? A living legend like Bob Jared who has spent his entire life in the ring can take it.. I am sure. I think he actually draws power from the ring itself it naturally will only work to benefit Max Kael in this war.. Could it be Shawn Michaels, still recovering from his big match with the dead guy over in that other Federation? The man is a legend in his own right and I would not object for him to be in my corner..

Scratching his chin as the wheel started to slow down Max turned to eye it carefully as he continued to speak.

Max Kael:..It might be Spudz McKenzie, the dog who loved him some beer. Sure he spent more time in rehab then the first season of Intervention but I still believe he could bring the right bite to my team to get us through War Games and place me as the owner of High Octane Wrestling..

As the wheel slowed it looked to be ready to land on Anakin Starr.. too which Max coughed and once again spun the wheel causing it to speed up and pass over Anakin.

Max Kael: Indeed! Anything is possible in this gamble! I could help or damn myself appropriately! Why.. it could be Godzilla, King of the Monsters and scourge of Japan itself! He has defeated many monsters in the past and I believe strongly that such a beast would bring the so called Monster Aceldama too his knees.. after all Godzilla did defeat.. DESTROYAAAAH! Or maybe young Anakin Starr, son of Jatt Starr and sure to be a legend in his own right. He could break his baby teeth in on War Games and prove too Max Kael that he is a better man then his father ever was..

Again the wheel begins to slow down as Max looks on nervously.

Max Kael:..or it could be Darkwing.. they man-servant who has proven not only to be unreliable but a terrible waste of time. He shall not be winning any championship titles anytime soon and his presence on my team would likely only hinder my ability to accomplish my goals.. with any hope I will not get him…

The wheel spins.. and slows.. and turns.. and lands on Darkwing. Max coughs once again and kicks the wheel as it ticks over to Triple P instead as Max feigns surprise.

Max Kael: Oh my god! Triple P! I had never ever considered that even after Sektor was lost from my team rendering there no A.o.A. representing authority on my War Games team! I had never even dreamed of this even after I contacted Triple M and worked out a deal where in a replacement would be found from the A.o.A. nor had I even wished it after negotiating the stipulations too be named at a later time for having him on my team! Amazing! Unforeseen! A total Gamble!

Max folded his arms and smirked at the Camera as the crowd could be heard in the background half cheering.

Max Kael: So… Team Kael shall be Maximillian Kael, Graystone, Bobbinette Carey and.. Perfect Paul Paras. Sure, Lee could try to put together a better team.. but I just don’t see it happening. Lee winning War Games? Yeah.. Imagine That. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a match to get to…

Joe Hoffman: The “Perfect One” on Team Kael at War Games? Things just got verrrrry interesting considering Paras just laid out Shane Reynolds and could potentially win the Main Event tonight and name the first entrant!

Benny Newell: I already told you fuck face… Static’s winning the Main Event tonight so don’t get your hopes up.

Joe Hoffman: That obviously remains to be seen. Don’t go away folks… Kael and Cyanide is NEXT!


Following match is presented by..


Silver Cyanide vs. Max Kael
Singles Match

We return to ringside and Max Kael is already making his way down to the ring getting a mixed reaction from the fans, he climbs into the ring and taunts to the fans, showing off and teasing them.

Joe Hoffman: Max looks ready for War Games, Benny.

Benny Newell: Are you kidding me? He should be shot! He doesn’t stand a chance against Lee’s team.

Immediately following “Ultrasonic Sound” by Hive kicks in and greeted by boos, Silver Cyanide comes walking out gloating as if they were cheering him. Max ignores him from the ring, doing his own thing and Cyanide makes his way down, climbing in after gloating some more to the fans. Cyanide climbs onto the turn-buckle and flexes, the fans boo, but Cyanide continues to smile and nods with an agreement, he climbs down and turns to Max Kael only for WHAM!

Joe Hoffman: WOAH! Max not waiting for the bell he almost took Cyanide’s head off there with a hard clothesline!

Benny Newell: So what, I don’t like him but Cyanide will win, trust me!


The ref calls for the bell immediately as Max climbs onto Cyanide delivering rights and lefts keeping him down, he gets him up, swings him off the ropes and delivers a high back body drop and covers..


Kick Out!

Joe Hoffman: Maybe some over confidence from the co-owner there?

Max seems annoyed and shouts at the ref, but continues to beat on Cyanide picking him up and landing a hard snap suplex, he follows with a few boots to the chest and an elbow drop, Max covers again.


Kick Out!

Benny Newell: He’s an idiot!

Max is up and begins rowing with the ref but gets nowhere as from behind Cyanide comes running up and rolls Max up but only gets a short 1 count himself. Max gets up angry and lands a few elbows and forearm smashes to Cyanide’s face, Max brings Cyanide to his feet and runs off the ropes only returning with a huge drop-kick to his knees. Max persists the attack as he drags Cyanide to the ropes, he shoves Cyanide’s neck over the rope and places his foot on the back of his head choking him. But before the ref notices, Max grabs his attention, distracting him by talking to him about the pinfalls as he snidely chokes Cyanide.

Joe Hoffman: REF LOOK!

Benny Newell: It’s the only way he can win that cheating fuck.

Eventually the ref notices and Max plays it off as if he didn’t know and pulls Cyanide to his feet, now weak through short of breath. Max whips Cyanide into the opposite corner and follows with a huge body splash, Cyanide comes wobbling back out and Max lands a huge Snap DDT with a cover to follow… Boettcher counts..




The ref panics at stopping in time, but signals Cyanide got his shoulder up. Max seems hugely upset about this and now gets up grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt backing him into the corner. While Max argues out of nowhere Cyanide hops up and now whips Max into a roll up once again this time even tighter as the ref is quick to count..



THREE!!! NO! Max kicked out in time as the ref signals, Cyanide smiles weirdly, Max is upset and jumps to his feet bringing Cyanide with him but out of nowhere again Cyanide leaps into the air capturing a Hurricanrana into a cover again…



KICKOUT! Max looks almost tired of fighting these pinfalls off and slowly gets up this time pulling Cyanide up with him again but out of nowhere Cyanide locks in a Guillotine Choke dragging Max to the mat with the submission. Max panics and Cyanide squeezes, and squeezes, and squeezes, suddenly Max goes limp and the ref checks Max, he’s not responding properly and picks up an arm.. it drops once.. it drops twice.. it drops three times.. NO! Max stops it before it hits the mat and uses all his strength to lift Cyanide up still clinging to him and he runs forward ramming him into the turn-buckle causing him to let go.

Joe Hoffman: Cyanide doing well there and he come back with a vengeance but Max now fighting back himself.

Benny Newell: Cyanide’s still going to win, trust me!

Max hits a shoulder barge and follows with a European uppercut, and then a roaring elbow, Max backs off and comes running back with a huge running knee strike, he grabs Cyanide and swings him out landing a huge spinning neck breaker. The two are down, Max takes the times to breath, maybe a mistake? But he eventually gets up and takes more breathing time, he pulls Cyanide to his feet but out of nowhere once again a HUGE and HARD landing Spine-buster from Cyanide.

Joe Hoffman: I’m amazed at this, Max is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Cyanide and Cyanide just keeps on coming back!

Benny Newell: I told you, he’s going to win!

Joe Hoffman: You’re starting to sound like an AOA fan…

Benny gives Joe a disgusted look as the match continues, the ref now counting the two men out as they lie unmoving..


Joe Hoffman: Uh-Oh, this doesn’t look good!

FIVE.. SIX.. SEVEN.. Both Max and Cyanide start making a move..

Benny Newell: Get up Cyanide! Stay down Max!

EIGHT.. NINE.. THERE UP! Both men get to there feet at the same time using the ropes, Max comes charging at Cyanide but Cyanide responds with a boot to the gut. Cyanide then uses a Judo Throw sending Max crashing into the turn-buckle, Cyanide backs off and comes running back with a handspring elbow into Max’s face. Max is now the one stumbling out of the corner and Cyanide hits a hard reverse DDT, Max is motionless and Cyanide climbs the turn-buckle. Cyanide looks out at the fans, there enjoying the match but booing both athletes, Cyanide smiles and leaps off landing a MASSIVE 450 SPLASH! Boettcher with the cover!




Ref raises and goes to signal for the bell but Max places his foot on the ropes AFTER the pinfall, the ref looks back to check and he cancels it but Cyanide doesn’t notice as he celebrates.

Joe Hoffman: FOOT ON THE ROPES! Max got his foot on the ropes!

Benny Newell: LIES! He cheated! That wasn’t there just!

Matt Boettcher informs Cyanide of the cancel and informs him of the foot, Cyanide knows it wasn’t there and complains but the ref has none of it. Cyanide walks over and picks Max up and leads him into the turn-buckle with a few rights and lefts and a few kicks in between to weaken Max up some more. Cyanide sends Max running into the opposite corner and follows in hopes of a body splash but moves aside and Cyanide hits nothing but ring. Max though grabs Cyanide and throws him across the ring and into the ref knocking them both to the floor, Cyanide slowly gets up and sees the downed ref, confused, he turns looking for Max… LOW BLOW!!!

Benny Newell: SEE! HE’S CHEATING!

Joe Hoffman: He’s no different from Lee Best and the Alliance!

Benny acts as if he don’t know what he’s talking about as an aching Cyanide gets pulled in and Max sets him up for the Weapon of Max Destruction, he locks his arms up. But Cyanide begins to struggle and gets an arm free… LOW BLOW!! Cyanide just give Max some of his own medicine delivering a low blow, Max wobbles about in pain but then out of nowhere Cyanide hits.. DEMENTIA PUGILISTICA!!! … he covers while the ref turns and counts…




NO!! Boettcher sees Max’s foot on the ropes again, this time in time and Cyanide can’t believe it banging the mat in frustration.

Suddenly a man in a bear suit makes his way out from the back . The bear/man takes a spot near the ropes and when Cyanide rises and tries getting the fans behind him as he starts stalking Max, the fans boo him but it only provokes him to smile and tease them more. But then he sees the bear at ringside and Cyanide is frozen in his tracks as Max begins to move and starts getting up. Cyanide, still shaking, turns away from the bear slowly and signals for another Dementia Pugilistica, but as turns and grabs Max, Max hits an elbow, and again, and again, and again. Cyanide lets go and Max lands a boot to the stomach… WEAPON OF MAX DESTRUCTION!!! Max hits it and covers!!!



Cyanide gets his foot on the ropes!!!


The ref doesn’t see and Max is quick to drag his foot off the ropes and take the win.


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… MAX KAEL!!!!

Puritania” hits as Max stands triumphant over Silver Cyanide with a sneaky victory in 7 minutes and 54 seconds. He orders Matt Boettcher to raise his hand and he quickly obliges and Max smiles down at the man in the bear suit and he quickly exits the ring and Max leads the bear up the ramp as the confused crowd is buzzing as we cut to commercial


Breaking bones internationally come June 8th!!


Marvelous Mario Maurako vs. Michael DeNucci
Singles Match

Back live and Joe reminds us that the upcoming match, or rematch to be exact, is to be contested under Hardcore Submission rules, as per Triple M’s request.

“Mother” by Danzig hits the speakers and the crowd is met by former SSE color commentator Kaley Matheson. She stands at the top of the entrance ramp wearing a short jean skirt and pink halter top and points towards the curtain. A few moments pass when all of a sudden, Michael DeNucci comes flying out of nowhere driving a golf cart, almost hitting her in the process.

Joe Hoffman: Whoa! Someone better make sure DeNucci’s got his driver’s license.

Benny Newell: I think it’s safe to say he’s probably wasted again, Joe. If he can beat Bob Jared high off his ass, there’s no question he can do the same against Triple M.

Joe Hoffman: What are you saying?!? That our number 1 contender for the World Title is a fluke?

Benny Newell: Maybe I’m just saying that Bob Jared should be in the World Title match at War Games instead!

Joe Hoffman: I find that hard to believe…

Benny downs yet another shot of Jack as Kaley hops in the passenger side of the golf cart and DeNucci proceeds to skid down the entrance ramp, parking near the ring steps. Kaley steps out and struts her way up the steps, giving the crowd a glimpse of her pink thong as she bends through the ropes while DeNucci fetches from his golf cart his bag of Callaway golf clubs wrapped in barbed wire. He climbs the steps after Kaley and enters the ring with his clubs. He pulls out one club in particular, the Big Bertha Diablo Driver, and admires it as he waits for his opponent.

“Ego” by Element Eighty kicks out and “Marvelous” Mario Maurako comes out from the back, pointing and mouthing off to DeNucci in the ring. Maurako wastes very little time but just as he gets in the ring, his music is cut off by Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me.”

Maurako leans over the ropes with an irritated expression as the HOW World Champion Crow emerges from the back with a smirk and the World title draped over his shoulder. Crow takes his jolly old time walking to ringside which distracts Mario. Without hesitation from DeNucci, Triple M is blindsided from behind with the barbed wire Big Bertha Driver and Joel Hortega calls for the bell.


With the match officially under way, Joe reminds us that it is a Hardcore Submission match and the only way to be victorious is to make your opponent submit in some form. While DeNucci wails away at Triple M with his golf club, the cameras catch Crow finally arriving at ringside. Crow grabs a steel folding chair, props it up, and then takes a seat next to the timekeeper’s table to scout his War Games opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Triple M is being… for the lack of a better term… MANHANDLED at the moment all thanks to our World Champion!

Benny Newell: It’s all about mind games, Joe. It’s all about mind games.

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of mind games, Triple M and Crow have been at each other’s throats for months and have been going back and forth with each other over the death of Mario’s wife, Amanda. What’s a shame is that their rivalry is about more than just Amanda. These two just will stop at nothing for that World Title.

Benny Newell: You call that a shame? We’re all better off without that bitch Amanda anyways… including Triple M! So quit your bitching and call the God damn match!

Mario’s back has already been busted open thanks to the barbed wire and now he finds himself in a very familiar, yet unwanted situation. Maurako desperately uses all his might to try and break free from a rear choke hold by DeNucci, who is even using the golf club to choke the former ICON and Stable champion.

Joe Hoffman: This one could be over in under a minute…

Benny Newell: Not again! For the sake of our credibility Mario… please get out of this!

No sooner do the words come out of Benny’s mouth than does Triple M use his brute strength to overpower Michael DeNucci and break free. This surprises DeNucci, who tries to keep Mario down with the club, but fails. Up from his knees, a resurgent Maurako shakes off the cobwebs, and immediately starts taking it to the man who will compete for the SSE World title at War Games. A flurry of left and right fists from Mario has DeNucci dazed for a moment, so much so, that Mario looks over to Crow, flicks him off, then drops DeNucci with a decapitating Clothesline.

Crow stands up and taunts Mario with a golf clap which only seems to anger the “Marvelous One.” Back to his feet, DeNucci charges forward at Maurako and lifts him for a resounding Spinebuster that has the crowd buzzing.

Joe Hoffman: Mario is going to need to keep his focus strictly on DeNucci here, otherwise it’s going to cost him.

Mario favors his back after that impact and it’s obvious he needs a moment or two to recover. DeNucci uses the opportunity to fetch another weapon; this time, a table from underneath the ring. He slides it in and carefully props it up into position near the corner of the ring. Triple M notices this and staggers to his feet. He swings wildly at DeNucci who ducks and responds with a sleeper on Triple M! DeNucci uses all of his might to keep the sleeper locked in, but Triple M has none of it and backs him into the corner.

Mario hits a big elbow to the side of the head of Michael DeNucci and hits another forearm shot to the face before lifting him up and setting him on the top rope. DeNucci does his best to fight out of it, but Triple M head-butts him, dazing him further. Triple M braces himself on the middle rope and hits several more right hands, making sure in the process to monitor the World Champion that’s looking on carefully in his sight. DeNucci is in desperation mode now but fails in his last ditch effort to escape. Mario grabs ahold of the tights, sizes up the impending fall, and then…


Joe Hoffman: Super-plex through the table!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

DeNucci writhes as he’s buried in a pile of splintered wood and Triple M takes the opportunity to rest, a sign that exhaustion is beginning to settle in. Joe points out that Mario doesn’t want to take too much time to rest because there is no better time than now to capitalize. Maurako shakes off the cobwebs and makes it back to his feet using the ropes only to find Crow on the opposite side of the ring; standing on the ring apron with the steel chair that he was sitting on.

Triple M staggers in his direction and Crow swings as he comes within reach but Mario evades the chair shot and lowers the shoulder, driving it into the ribs of Crow. Triple M then reaches up, grabs the World Champion’s neck and drops, sending Crow flying backwards with a hard fall to the outside! Now out of breath, Mario turns to direct his attention back to DeNucci, but this time, it’s Kaley Matheson who gets involved and trips Mario off his feet from behind.

Triple M’s face boils red with rage as he slides out of the ring after her, eliciting a piercing shriek from Kaley. Kaley pleads with Mario as he stalks her, backing up until she finally backs up into the steel barricade. Mario grabs her forcefully by the hair and raises his fist to hit her… but stops himself.

Joe Hoffman: It appears that Triple M is having a change of heart.

Benny Newell: See what happens when you let that manipulative whore Bobbinette Carey into your life? You become a pussy-whipped little bitch!

Triple M lets go of DeNucci’s valet and turns to get back in the ring, only to find…


Mario’s distractions left DeNucci with plenty of time to recover from the Super-plex through the table and it cost him. DeNucci’s high-risk maneuver connects and the crowd will get to leave tonight with yet another highlight that they’ll be buzzing about for weeks.

Benny Newell: Now why isn’t this guy on Team Best for War Games? That was sick!

Kaley does her best to help DeNucci to his feet with Triple M still stunned on the outside. DeNucci appears exhausted himself but grabs Triple M by the throat and brings him to his feet. Crow smiles in the background as DeNucci, still with Mario’s throat in his grasp, drives the “Marvelous One” back-first into the ring apron before eventually sliding him into the ring.

With Mario weakened DeNucci calls out to the crowd for the end. Joe notes that the serious heat Michael receives in response is comparable to that of Mario himself and that DeNucci has cemented himself as one of the company’s most-hated wrestlers in such a short period of time.

DeNucci crawls after Mario and they both rise to their feet simultaneously. DeNucci signals for his single-wing Choke hold that he calls the TRANCEMISSION, but Mario reverses around and locks in the MARVELOUSITY Full Nelson!

Benny Newell: Wait… Crow with the chair!

Crow blast Triple M in the back of the head with the steel chair forcing Mario to stumble to one knee. DeNucci glances at Crow before…


The steel chair shot from Crow on top of the Trancemission from DeNucci is ultimately too much for Triple M to overcome. Mario painfully taps out after several tense moments of struggle and Hortega calls for the bell.


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… MICHAEL DENUCCI!!!

Upon hearing the bell, DeNucci violently releases Triple M and faintly raises his arms in victory after 11 truly exhausting minutes of action. Kaley Matheson steps into the ring to celebrate as well, bringing DeNucci’s Big Bertha with her.

Benny Newell: Hey DeNucci! Do me a favor huh and absolutely murder Trent at War Games! Ok, thanks…

Joe Hoffman: Still bitter about before, are we?

Benny Newell: Just shut up and take us backstage…

Joe Hoffman: I’m sorry folks… but… once again… we’ve got Max?


The Resurection?

The scene cuts to the backstage area where Max Kael is standing with a towel draped around his neck after his match with Silver Cyanide.

Max Kael: He never saw it coming. Not in a million years. In fact, word has it he was trying to contact you, but you weren’t answering.

The camera pans out to show a solemn Graystone standing beside Max as the crowd cheers loudly.

Max Kael: I ripped right under his feet the nail in the coffin that he probably thought was his. I went where no other man would go. I dug deep down and I came up with… well…

Max pauses as Graystone continues to stare at him dead in the eyes.

Max Kael: You know this awesome right? Now we are going to head into WAR Games and beat Lee Best… and we’re going to do it with… with…

Max holds his arms out in a crucifix position.


Graystone stands, unmoving, like a statue. Max stops, and scratches his head.

Max Kael: Not like I didn’t think you were coming back or anything. I mean. I knew you were coming back. Heck, you were the one that called 1-800-Max-Kael and told me.. well… told me everything about… you know… and now you’re back! I succeeded in the resurrection…. err… you succeeded… And you’re on Team Kael going into WAR Games.

Max claps his hands excitedly a few times.

Max Kael: So…

Max rocks back and forth as there is an awkward silence. Max coughs a few times.

Max Kael: Well… I guess you’ve got a match against Christopher America.

Graystone rears his hand back and slugs Max as hard as he can on the bridge of his nose. A loud crack is heard, and Max drops the clipboard and papers fly everywhere. Blood starts gushing out of Max’s nose… Max starts yelling.


Graystone rushes Max and spears him into the wall. Max thuds off the wall with such a force that he immediately crumples to the cement floor in agony. The blood keeps pouring out, as Graystone takes his black leather boot and stomps down hard on Max’s nose. Max screams in pain.

Graystone kneels down and wipes his hand in through Max’s blood, then rubs it on his own face. Then, the camera pans in close as Graystone kneels down beside Max.

Graystone: Go fuck yourself.

Graystone punches Max in the nose one last time for good measure, then stands up and begins walking down the hall. The camera focuses in on the bloodied Kael… whose nose is now visibly swollen, and blood continues to pour as Mayhem cuts to a final commercial before the Main Event.


June 8th the future of High Octane Wrestling will be decided.
Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, Graystone, Triple P and Bobbinette Carey
Team Best: Jatt Starr, Shane Reynolds, Aceldama, Christopher America


Static vs. Perfect Paul Paras vs. Crow
Triple Threat Match

Back from commercial and No More Sorrow by Linkin Park hits the PA system and the LSD Champion and Best Alliance member Guy Static Stephens makes his way out from the back and he is greeted by a loud chorus of boos as he smiles and takes it all in and heads down towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well it is no secret that Static has to be the most hated LSD Champion in the history of the company and soon to be the most hated man in Paris I am sure.

Benny Newell: Don’t get ahead of yourself there Joe, and quite frankly who gives a royal fuck about what the Frenchies think anyway? I sure as hell don’t and I am sure the rest of the Alliance doesn’t either.

Joe Hoffman: All valid points. I must admit I am looking forward to seeing the LSD Championship Street Fight on the streets of Paris and this is definitely not a walk in the park for any of these champions that are about to wrestle as no one here in HOW is getting a light load in preparation for War Games.

Inside the ring Static raises his LSD Championship high above his head as the crowd continues to boo loudly, and they get even louder as Headspace by Velvet Revolver hits the PA system and the ICON Champion, Perfect Paul Paras, makes his way out.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the ICON Champion and AoA member Perfect Paul Paras…TRIPLE P!!

The Chicago faithful give Paul easily the most heat of the night as the Minnesota native makes his way down to the ring smiling smugly into the camera as he makes his way down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Things may not be running smoothly in the AoA and there might not be an AoA here in the near future but you have to admit the ICON Championship sure looks good around the waist of the Most Hated Minnesota Resident Currently Working in Illinois.

Benny Newell: If it weren’t for his fucking blue kool-aid and obvious love for his home state….I would have nothing but good shit to say about him…..but because of that ..I hate the prick and I think he should just go back to the back and finish popping the zits on the back of Triple M’s back.

Joe has no retort for that last comment as cameras follow the ICON Champion as he climbs into the ring and now it is his turn to raise his HOW Championship high in the air and the crowd boos even louder as Paul just smirks at them and mouths the word “Perfect” to the Chicago crowd.

But the crowd’s attention turns towards the entrance ramp as Come with Me by Puff Daddy hits the PA system and the World Champion Crow makes his way out from the back. There is a definite mixed reaction for the Champ who came out to a very positive reaction earlier in the show.

Benny Newell: You hear that Benny…that’s a the crowd starting to turn on the Champion. They are tired of his act and his mouth and ready for someone else to lead HOW into the next year.

Joe Hoffman: You might be right Benny but no one can deny that inside the ring Crow is one of the most dominant wrestlers we have seen in the past year here in HOW.

Benny Newell: Who gives a shit about the past. Let’s talk about the present. We have gotten our lowest ratings since he became World Champion and I PROMISE you that when Aceldama wins the Title on Mayhem from this fucking rodent….there will be no stopping HOW…NOTHING.

Joe Hoffman: Well before we get to that Benny we got tonight and let me remind everyone that the winner of this Champions match will get to choose the first entrant for War Games and I just received word from the back that the second entrant will be decided by the winner of the Scottywood vs. Mark O’Neal match on Mayhem…wow….so we will know the first two entrants before we head to France.

Benny Newell: So let me get this straight. Static wins this match, states Max is entrant number one and then on Mayhem Mark O’Neal will defeat that prick Scottywood and name the whore Bobbinette Carey as the second entrant??

Joe Hoffman: Um…..

Joe only shakes his head as inside the ring it is now Crow who is holding up the ultimate prize in High Octane Wrestling high in the air.

The crowd is definitely cheering as Crow shows up the biggest prize in the land.

HOW senior referee, Matt Boettcher, motions to all three men that he is set to ring the bell and each of the Champions nod their head that they too are ready for action and with that Boettcher signals for the bell and we are underway.




Wasting no time Static immediately charges at the World Champion Crow and pushes him back into the corner and begins unloading on the World Champ who is able to block a wild punch and reverses Static into the corner and now it is Crow unloading on the LSD Champion while the ICON Champion, Triple P, sits back in the opposite corner smiling as he watches the action continue.

Boettcher quickly steps in and signals for a break and Crow backs up with his hands high in the air smiling at Static who is checking his lips for blood.

Suddenly PPP grabs Crow from behind and nails him with his Minnesota Slice..

Joe Hoffman: Triple P taking advantage of the situation there as he just nailed the World Champion with a perfect diving reverse DDT…

Benny Newell: Ya…grrrreeeeaaaat…..yawn.

Paras covers Crow but the World Champion kicks out at two and Paul pulls Crow up to his knees and then the ICON Champion drives a knee into the temple of the World Champion and Paras plays to the crowd as Static pounces on Crow and makes the cover..



Boot to the head of Static by Paras saves the three count as Paras continues to pummel Static with kicks until the LSD Champion is literally booted from the ring and down to The Best Arena floor.

Paras talks some smack towards Static but is interrupted as Crow grabs him from behind and rolls up the ICON Champion as Boettcher drops to the mat to make the count…



Paras quickly kicks out and both men roll up at the same time but Paras drop kicks Crow right in the knee and he goes down hard as Paras follows that up with a Muay Tai Roundhouse kick right to the temple of Crow and again it’s the ICON Champion going for the quick pinfall victory..



Joe Hoffman: Another quick Kickout by the World Champion. Paras is definitely dominating this match right now but you are going to have to do more than that to pin the World Champion.

Benny Newell: C’mon Joe. You know that I know that you know that he knows that I know you know that if you are dominating the match early…you lose late.

Joe Hoffman: Touche

Benny Newell: Drink Rob!!

Joe Hoffman: Huh?

Benny Newell: Inside joke…

Joe returns his focus to the match as Benny takes a shot and smiles at the camera and mouths the word “duh”.

Back to the action inside the ring and Paras has Crow up in a vertical base and he removes one hand and the crowd buzzes as Paras shows off his strength with the one armed vertical suplex.

But the buzz doesn’t last long as Static rolls back into the ring and nails Paras in the back of the knee with a perfect chop block that sends Paras to the mat awkwardly and Crow even more awkwardly on the ropes.

Crow bounces off the top rope and for a moment looks to be heading back inside the ring but his momentum carries him to the outside where he lands hard on his shoulder as he was literally flipped off the top rope after being dropped.

The crowd stands as one as some start the typical HOLY SHIT chant as Crow writhes on the arena floor in pain clutching his right shoulder which might just be dislocated.

The High Octane Vision screen shows a replay of Crow being up in the suplex position and then Static nailing Paras with the chop block sending Paras backwards awkwardly to a knee and Crow’s body falling halfway on the top rope and flipped to the outside.

As the replay ends Joe notes that there is a visible bump on the right shoulder of the World Champion and there is no doubt that he dislocated his shoulder.

Crow has crawled over to the ring barrier and his clutching his shoulder in pain as he stares a hole thru Static who is inside the ring working on the knee of the ICON Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Well this match has been all about opportunistic moments as each Champion has taken advantage of another Champion while they were beating down another Champion..

Benny Newell: Drink cause you just confused anyone that was watching.

Joe Hoffman: How?

Benny Newell: Shut up and drink…

Benny shakes his head as he takes a drink of his bottled water as the action cuts back inside the ring where Static has just put Paras into a figure four leg lock in the center of the ring and now it is Paras who is fighting off the pain as Static has the hold in deep and is really yanking on the leg of Paras as he tries to secure the Number one entrant selection for himself and more importantly for Lee.

The crowd is cheering louder and louder as each moment passes and Static thinks the fans are cheering him on and he cranks back on Paras’ leg even harder without realizing that the crowd is cheering on the World Champion who is slowly making his way back into the ring.

Static is screaming for Boettcher to check Paras and the senior ref does but there is no quit in the ICON Champion and finally Static lets go of the hold himself but he doesn’t let up as he begins to kick the right knee of Paras repeatedly as he has no idea Crow is back in the ring and standing behind him.

The cameras zoom into the injured shoulder of Crow and there is a gasp as the fans turn their heads away at the sight of the dislocated shoulder.

Static continues to stomp away at the ICON Champion who has made it to the ropes and is hugging the bottom rope as Boettcher quickly steps in and tells Static to back away but the LSD Champion is relentless and continues to stomp away at Paras as Boettcher warns him about getting DQ’ed.

Joe Hoffman: The LSD Champion better watch it here…….a DQ and he loses that first selection for himself and the BA..

Benny Newell: Boettcher would be committing suicide if he DQ’ed Static…BREAK HIS FUCKING LEG!!!

Static doesn’t let up as he is in full out rage mode and finally Boettcher physically grabs him around the waist and goes to push him but Static steps back and pushes Boettcher off him and the ref falls hard to the ground as Static starts yelling at him as Boettcher slowly gets back up to his feet but before he can say anything to Static the World Champion spins the LSD Champion around and nails him with a boot to the gut and then lifts him up and positions him into a reverse piledriver position and he quickly lets go of Static with his right arm as soon as he can and he drops down to his knees and finishes delivering his Fallen finisher to the LSD Champion….


Crow lays on Static and hooks the leg with his left hand and Boettcher drops and makes the count..




Benny Newell: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Crow sits up and his head hangs down as it is obvious that he is in a tremendous amount of pain and just as he raises his head he is nailed by a running knee from the ICON Champion who falls all the way to the ropes as he tries to shake the pain out of his knee.

Paras limps over to Static who is barely moving and signals that it is time to end this match and pulls the LSD Champion up to his feet with intentions of locking in his anaconda vice finisher.

Paras is talking shit to Static as he lifts up the LSD Champion but Static nails Paras in the gut with quick kick and then nails a desperation DDT and now all three champions of HOW are laying on the mat in pain and no one is moving.

The crowd is on their feet and cheering as there is a definite electric feeling in the air as all three Champions start to stir and slowly make their way to their feet.

Joe Hoffman: I am not sure how this is going to end but one thing is for sure…these men have proved why they are the champions here in HOW…

Before Benny can say anything Static grabs Paras by the throat and starts to lift him for his Static Slam but the ICON Champion blocks it, spins the LSD Champion and again uses his trademark Minnesota Slice diving reverse DDT and tries to get to his feet quickly as he knows the World Champion is lurking behind him but his right knee gives out and he falls to the mat and that split second costs him as Crow grabs the ICON Champion by the trunks and shoves him hard and Paras falls thru the ropes as Crow bends down and covers Static..





Benny Newell: Someone tell Darkwing to drink…

Joe Hoffman: Huh? What?

Joe shakes his head as that line goes over his head and the crowd is still buzzing over the near fall.

Crow is up to a knee and is clearly having problems with his right arm as he picks up the leg of Static with his left hand and slowly drags the LSD Champion slowly to the middle of the ring and he looks towards the outside of the ring as Paras is back to his feet and is climbing back into the ring.

Crow slowly stands up and starts towards the ICON Champion as Paul charges him and the men meet and begin exchanging blows. It is an awkward exchange as for every right hand Paul throws, Crow follows up with his left.

The crowd is in a frenzy as the World and ICON Champions continue their exchange but then the boos come out and they come out loudly as Paras begins delivering punches to the injured right shoulder of Crow and before long Crow is unable to do anything but fall to the mat and he quickly rolls out of the ring and falls to the floor holding his shoulder in immense pain.

Inside the ring Paras is smiling and he fails to notice Static behind him and as he turns the LSD Champion nails the ICON Champion with desperation Static Slam and he falls to the mat with the ICON Champion as the crowd is again going crazy as the HOV shows a replay of Static nailing Paras with his finisher.


Static rolls back over and drapes an arm over Paras as Boettcher counts….




Static lands on his feet and turns towards Crow who dropkicks Static, forcing the LSD Champion to smack the ring post back first and Static falls to the arena floor as the HOV shows another replay showing that not only did his back hit the post but also his head and Static is out cold.

Crow gingerly rolls back into the ring and starts to cover Paras but instead locks in an anaconda vice and the cameras zoom in as the pain on Crows face is just as intense as Paras’ as Crow is hurting his own shoulder just as bad as he is hurting Paras and Joe notes that Crow has to be in shock by now..

Joe Hoffman: The World Champion has the ICON Champion IN HIS OWN FINISHING MOVE!!

Paras is unable to break the hold as he is still out of it from taking Static’s finisher and Boettcher continues to check on Paras but Paras will not give up and finally Crow lets go of the hold as it is just too much on his shoulder.

Both men roll away from each other and on the outside Static is using the ring apron to slowly get back to his feet.

As Static climbs into the ring the newest member of Team Kael slowly gets to his feet as well and looks across the ring at Crow who is watching Static slowly get into the ring and all three men seem to nod toward each other as they realize its time to end this match.

All three charge towards the center of the ring and the crowd is white hot as all three begin throwing punches at each other and it’s a crazy scene as no one has the upper hand and all you can see is flying fists.

Static is the first to stagger away from the tornado of punches as a powerful right hand by Paras sends him reeling and as Paras turns towards Crow the World Champion dropkicks him and Paras goes stumbling towards Static who promptly spears him.


Static starts to make a cover but Crow pulls him up by the hair and promptly turns him, kicks him, and nails his Fallen finisher once again and the screams of pain from Crow echo throughout The Best Arena as he holds his injured shoulder.

Crow slides over to Static and covers the LSD Champion as Paras begins to stir….






Turmoil ends as all three champions can be seen lying in the center of the ring battered.

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The Best Arena

Chicago, Illinois

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  • 9:00PM