Turmoil: March 26th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
March 26th, 2009 – #HOW41
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


M2G Recap..

The HOTv logo gives way to the HOW logo and we are quickly treated to a video that begins to play on the High Octane Vision screen that sits above the entrance ramp inside The Best Arena.

The HOV comes to life as “Riot” by Three Days Grace begins to hit. As the intro is played “March to Glory” begins to flash. Scottywood can then be seen outside of the chapel at the Alamo waving his hockey stick in the air. The scene cuts briefly to Lee stood in the middle of the ring at the best arena. He tips the microphone towards the fans and the scene switches back to the Alamo where Scottywood and America are slugging away at each other. A quick shot of both men as blood is pouring from both. Shots of Scottywood’s body crashing through wooden pews. Scottywood is then scene about to crucify America. Finally we see America smashing a hammer into the jaw of Scottywood and pinning him. A final close up of America dripping blood onto the Alamo as he holds the newly won LSD title in his hands.

We then see Max Kael being wailed on by Aceldama, followed by a shot of Shane Reynolds drop kicking Aceldama before waving a hand of disgust towards Max, leaving the ring area for Max to fend for himself. Another cut as Max flies through a wooden table, followed by a shot of Max bleeding but aiming a sawn of shotgun. This scene slows down and shows fans covering their mouth’s in suspense. The shotgun recoils and hits Max in the groin which kicks off the chorus of the song. More punishment from Aceldama is shown as he throws him into ring steps and chokes him out with a cord. A shot of Max aiming a rocket launcher is seen, only for it not to go off as he instead nails Aceldama in the head with it. Scene now shows the two going at it backstage with quick shots of Max running over Aceldama with a golf buggy, and Aceldama using the golf buggy to catapult Max head first into a wall. Finally a shot is shown of Max standing almost twenty feet above Aceldama on the stage as he flies off and nails Aceldama in the head with a rocket launcher. We then see the fans holding Max up to his feet for him to get the win.

Next is a shot of the returning Jatt Starr making his way to the ring. The action switches to multiple shots of exchanges of wrestling holds between Starr and Faze. Shots of pin attempts from both men come on after the other as well as close up of the surprised expressions on their faces at how close each fall is. We see a shot of Faze hitting the Fazeplant followed by a shot of by the Starr spears himself into a steel chair, leaving both men down and beaten on the mat. A final shot of Starr with a modified Texas cloverleaf applied to Faze is shown as well as a close up of Faze tapping out with a look of sheer anguish and pain on his face, whilst Jatt Starr gets up and stares down at him.

The scene is then slowed down as the camera pans around a ladder and then a chair and finally a table. Quick shots of all the participants in the TLC match are shown followed by high flying and high risk punishment from all three teams. We see Static and Blaze hitting a double back body drop. Then Sektor is seen throwing Black over the ropes and he and Carey stare at each other in the middle of the ring in a moment of awkwardness. We then see David Black giving multiple chair shots to the head of Static. A shot of Sektor is then shown as he gets hit full force in the face by a ladder and blood gushes from his face. EMT’s then take him to the back. We then see a shot of Kostoff hitting his own stable mate Static in the head with a chair. Various shots of bodies flying off ladders and threw tables showing utter carnage throughout the match. We finally see Sektor dangling from the stable title as Kostoff and Carey desperately throw chairs and ladders at him. He finally drops with the title in his hands, as the other two full down in exhaustion. A quick close-up of Sektor helping Triple P to the back with the newly won stable title is shown.

Everything goes into slow motion as the camera slowly pans up a construction of scaffolding a long with quick shots of Darkwing, Triple M and finally Slade entering the arena holding his Icon title with pride. The action kicks in, in time with the tempo of the music as all three are battling away at the top of the scaffolding. A shot of Triple M holding Darkwing in the Marvelosity as Slade watches with a smirk. We then see Slade dangling from the scaffolding followed by a close up of a woman in the crowd looking worried covering her eyes. We then see a shot of Darkwing hitting a thunderous DOUBLE Trans Darkwing Express on both Slade and Triple M! Then we see a shot of Mario hitting a full nelson slam on Darkwing, landing him hard on the scaffold. Finally we see Slade firstly super kicking Triple M off of the scaffold and then a shot of Slade holding Darkwing by his leg over the scaffold letting him drop to the ring. A final shot of Slade victorious holding the Icon title up high.

A close up is then shown of the huge Hell in the Cell structure followed by a shot of propane tanks lying around the ring. A close up Big Buff taking shots and looking a little worse for wear. A camera pans around Crow, Graystone and Shane staring each other down as the tension could literally be cut by a knife. The chorus of “Riot” kicks in as Shots are shown of Graystone and Crow going at it tooth and nail. Then there’s a shot of Shane throwing Mike Shea through a flaming table. Then we see Joe Hoffman covered in puke as EMT’s rush towards Benny Newell who looks dead. The volume of the music lowers as Benny is seen returning to the announce table as though nothing has happened.

Big Buff: How many drinks do I owe?

The volume picks up again as an images of Graystone forcing himself to bring up blood is shown. We then see a shot of Crow running along the side of the cell with a match lighting the wall of the cell on fire. We then seen Graystone handcuffed to the cell wall after handcuffing himself to avoid the wrath of Reynolds. We then see the World Champion smiling as the flames reach him. The flames finally engulf his arms as a shot of Boettcher screaming for the bell is shown. We then see a shot of an exhausted Crow holding the HOW World title.

A final shot of the cell wall burning is shown as black blending in leaving only a burning image of the HOW logo on the screen. The music and the scene then fades to black and we cut live inside The Best Arena.



The action is now live as we are joined by the announce team of Big Buff Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Thursday Night Turmoil. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by the only announcer in the wrestling world that had to be brought back to life on a pay per view..Benny Newell.

Big Buff: Look with the drug and alcohol rules before my tolerance took a hit. I wasn’t prepared for over three hours of drinking. Thanks for your help by the way you fucking twat.

Joe just ignores Benny but does show a small smile as he continues.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight is a big night and is the first night on the road to War Games where this time the big match will be taking place on the beaches of Normandy where the US led invasion took place during World War II.

Big Buff: World War II will be seen as a joke by the time the Best Alliance is done with Kael team at War Games. Blood bath is guaranteed but I will also go on a limb and state that when Lee wins back full ownership of HOW that we just might see Max lose one of his eyes and that will be the most fitting end to what should be a hellacious night indeed.

Joe Hoffman: Wow…that’s the most I have heard you speak at once since that time in Reno when you did that 8 ball of cocaine and drank a full bottle of Jack.

Big Buff: Ah yes…good times.

Joe Hoffman: You woke up with a dildo in your ass!!

Big Buff: Like I said…good times. Hey who wouldn’t want to have a stripper named Destiny slap on a big black …

Joe Hoffman: Ok ok ok. Enough is enough. Folks tonight is a big night here in HOW..

Big Buff: Big….ya….it was big and I haven’t been able to shit properly since. I should ask Graystone how he manages after all those times his uncle…

Joe Hoffman: ..TONIGHT in HOW we will see Scottywood defend his right to remain as Commissioner of HOW when he takes on Ryan Faze and in our big Main Event we will have three HOW Hall of Famers fighting for their Hall of Fame status as Darkwing, Bobbinette Carey and Jatt Starr square off.

Big Buff: Jatt is only up for slavery by Max.

Joe Hoffman: For once Benny you are right. But we will get into that as the night progresses. We also have some Main Event type singles matches as Triple P of the AoA will take on Shane Reynolds and the man with a One million dollar payday staring him in the face, Aceldama, will be taking on Triple M of the AoA.

Big Buff: That was quite the mouthful. Speaking of mouthfuls..

Joe Hoffman: AND tonight we have been promised by Lee Best that he will name the first wrestler to Team Best for War Games. Tonight is a big night to say the least and right now it’s time for our first match of the night as we have two HOW rookies ready to go at it and let’s start this show off right as we got to beat Ringside Wrestling this week in the HOTv ratings!

Big Buff: Ya two rookies will really score big….but alas I digress and thus I shall drink.

Joe Hoffman: Isn’t that surprising…..well folks up next we will have “The Amazing One” Maize taking on Sean Weston!!


“The Amazing One” Maize vs. Sean Weston
Singles Match

The HOW rookies are allowed a big entrance and both make their way down to the ring to little fan fare as Joe gives a brief rundown from their bios found on HOWrestling.com.

As Joe finishes that up the action cuts to inside the ring where Maize and Sean Weston are in the ring already as the referee Joel Hortega calls for the bell to get the match underway.

Maize and Weston exchange a few boring wrestling moves as Weston puts Maize in a sleeper hold as the Chicago fans start booing and start a “This is boring” chant.

Joe Hoffman: Our fans in Chicago are not giving these two men a very warm reception.

Benny Newell: Because they blow Joe….just like Besty blows….

Joe Hoffman: That’s enough Benny.

The exchange of boring moves continues as we see garbage start to fly towards the ring, suddenly we see Static make his way out onto the stage with a microphone and baseball bat in hand.

Static: This has got to end; Lee can’t stand the crap that is going on in this ring, so he sent down some real entertainment.

Static drops the mic as he walks down towards the ring, referee Joel Hortega tries to stop Static but he gets pushes aside. Maize turns his attention from Weston and charges at Static who dodges the punch from Weston and cracks him over the head with the baseball bat. Sean Weston is getting back to his feet as he turns around towards Static and I met with a hard shot to his head knocking him down.

Benny Newell: Homerun!

With both men on the mat Static takes liberties with them and delivers a few more baseball bat shots to the bodies of Maize and Weston. Static then lifts Maize up from the ground and hit his finisher The Static Slam. He then grabs Weston and picks him up and hits the Outcast Injection on him.

Benny Newell: Pure domination Joe, look at that Best Alliance domination.

Joe Hoffman: Thanks to the help of that baseball bat.

Static looks at the two men laying next to each other on the mat and he gets on his knees and places a hand on the chest of each man as he orders Joel Hortega to make a count. Hortega is hesitant but Static yells at him again and Hortega drops down to the floor and starts to count.




Static gets up off the mat and orders Hortega to raise his arm in the air, which he does. He then walks over to the ropes and starts to bark orders down to Amy Smeets.

Amy Smeets: The winner of this match….Static!!!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe this. Static was not even scheduled in this match, and he comes out here with a baseball bat and…

Benny Newell: Puts on an amazing performance and gets a very hard fought victory.

Joe Hoffman: Whatever….we have commercials to go to, so let’s go to them.

Joe gives up as we see Static celebrating in the ring, the fans booing even more then they were before as The Best Alliance gets off to a strong start here on Turmoil.


Can HOW take the top spot from Ringside Wrestling this week??


It Wasn’t Me…

Back live and the camera cuts to the back where Triple M is walking down the hall with the Stable title around his waist. Mario keeps walking until he sees the locker room door of the new World champion, Crow. Triple M approaches the door and goes to kick it in when he hears Crows voice from the inside talking to someone. Maurako instantly stops to listen to see if Crow is talking to Amanda.

“Why won’t you go away? ..I can’t give you any answers! I can’t help you!”

Mario’s ear gets closer to the door as he hears Crow marching around the room, but can’t hear anyone else.


A crash is heard inside the room, the sound of Crow throwing furniture across the room.

Triple M steps away from the door and kicks it and the door goes flying open. Triple M comes rushing into the room and notices the furniture messed up in the room.

Mario Maurako: Where the hell is she?

Crow whips around shocked and disappointed at Mario’s surprise entrance, watching Mario look around the room.

Crow: What the hell are you fucking doing?

Crow, slightly paranoid bends down and grabs his newly won World title, protecting it from Mario as he hugs it over his shoulder.

Mario Maurako: I know you have Amanda still. Where the hell is she? I’ve been getting text messages from her since before March to Glory.

Crow looks around, confused, as if curious about his hallucination and Mario’s harsh questioning.

Crow: Is there something wrong with you? Are you that sick in the head you can’t get over your own actions of murdering your wife? She’s dead Mario!

Mario Maurako: My actions? I think your the delusional one here. Number one I wasn’t the one who let go of the rope, let’s not forget that. Number two if she were really dead how would you explain this?

Triple M hands Crow his Cell phone with the text messages from Amanda, Crow can only smile, shaking his head.

Crow: Your sick Mario, you ARE the one who murdered your wife, dropping the rope or not, you made the decision. What the hells this?

Crow yanks the phone from Mario and looks at his messages, rummaging through each one, he laughs after reading them.

Crow: What, so you message yourself from Amanda’s phone and try blaming this on me, you are sick!

Mario Maurako: Please you kidnapped my wife, and she always has her cell phone on her. It’s only obvious what’s really going on here. You’re trying to make sure I don’t get my insurance money because I beat you and took the ICON Title from you.

Crow: Are you out of the loop Mario? I realise you might not be involved in my personal life, but my house was burnt down, along with all Amanda’s belongings. I have no idea where her body is, or where her phone is, so take your insurance money, and your insensitive actions, and shove it.

Crow throws Mario’s phone back at him.

Crow: Your not laying her death on me, she’s dead Mario, accept the consequences!

Mario catches his phone and pauses for a moment deep in thought.

Mario Maurako: So you really don’t have her phone? And you really aren’t texting me to fuck with my head?

Crow with his title still clutched closely steps closer to Mario, a foot away from being face to face.

Crow: Mario, I’ve already fucked with your head, I know you loved her. I have nothing to gain from you now, you don’t have my title, I won’t accept responsibility for your misery in her death.

Crow stares at Mario eye to eye.

Mario Maurako: Crow, I will find out who is sending me these text messages. And I swear on my crimson Stable Championship that if you have anything to do with it I’ll make you wish that it was you that was dropped from the bridge. Do you understand me you unmarvellous piece of trash?

Crow continues to stare eye to eye, and with a slight disturbing quirk he smiles at Mario and walks forward now face to face with him.

Crow: Get the hell out of your World Champions locker room!

Mario removes the Crimson Stable Championship from around his waist and puts it over his shoulder.

Mario Maurako: The longest reigning Stable Champion of all time will see himself out, not because you told him to leave, but because I’m done with your ignorant ass.

Maurako lifts the Stable Title off his shoulder and kisses it right in front of Crow and then turns and walks out of the locker room, leaving both men with unanswered questions as the action returns to ringside.


Paint it Black

Back at ringside “World’s Greatest” by R Kelly starts playing but only for a few seconds before the music is cut off again. A few moments of confusion follows before “Lazarus” by Fozzy hits and David Black walks out from the backstage area to a mixed reaction.

Dressed in blue jeans, a white shirt, a black sports coat and a pair of blue tinted sunglasses, he makes his way towards the ring. Joe mentions that it was announced earlier in the week that David Black had bought this time and wonders if he is indeed hanging up his boots as had been rumored, while Benny makes a ten dollar bet saying that Black is there to either “bitch, moan and complain, or quit HOW…or both!”.

David gingerly steps through the ropes, as he is clearly still having back pain issues from the past several weeks of abuse. He walks around for a bit, before stopping near the ropes, leaning on the ropes with both arms.

David: You know…ever since word got out that I bought this time, rumors have been flying around that I’m quitting the company. I guess that’s what people expect a guy like me to do in this situation. And while people probably wouldn’t give a damn if I did quit, and while I know that most of the other High Octane Wrestling superstars are probably backstage right now, wishing that I would shut the hell up so we could all get on to “more important things”, the fact is that I bought this time, so you’re all pretty much screwed!

David lowers the mic for a brief pause.

David: But I’ll do you all a favor and get down to business now, because that’s the kind of guy I am. So first things first; No, I’m not quitting High Octane Wrestling. If I were to leave now, I would leave behind a reputation of being a loser, and there’s no way in hell I’m walking away from this place as a loser! So why am I out here?…I’m here for exactly two reasons; To set the record straight about the stuff that’s been going on over the past few weeks with Static and his sister, and to make the announcement that I am about to make now…

David lowers the mic again for added suspense.

David: And that announcement is that as of this very moment, I am officially announcing my departure from Bobbinette Carey’s Knights Of Epicness stable.

The crowd boos.

David: And just to be clear, this is nothing like the last time I “quit” the KOE. There will be no change of heart this time around, there will be no Bobbinette Carey walking out here and giving a nice little motivational speech, at least I hope not, cause it would be a waste of time. My decision stands and its final.

The booing continues.

David: Now I’m sure you are all wondering why I’m leaving the KOE, right? Well it’s simple; Ever since I joined the KOE, I have done NOTHING but lose. Week after week I have been humiliated and embarrassed in this very ring. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to spend the rest of the week running around playing hero with Bobbinette and Nitro, all the while being the laughing stock of the entire company. Now I’m a big believer in working the problem, and that if you work the problem long enough, you’ll find the solution. And while working this problem, I kept getting back to one person; Bobbinette Carey. I was doing just fine until she came around and sunk her man-eating claws into me! I mean, look at the evidence; I lose all the time! Dylan Nitro has all but disappeared and Bobbinette Carey is the only other person who can match my losing streak. It’s a simple fact; Bobbinette Carey drags everyone around her down. I’m not saying she does it intentionally, but it’s a fact that she does it.

The boos get louder.

David: I mean sure, I get where she’s coming from; She’s got her heroes quest and she needed people to back her against the Best Alliance and the AoA, so she got Nitro and me, the new guy. I’m sure it worked for her, but my problem is that, if I’m not winning….then it doesn’t work for me. I’m through playing games, I’m through pretending to be something I’m not, I’m through!… So why did I choose to make my announcement here instead of, say, kicking Bobbinette’s teeth down her throat at March To Glory?…Well you know how some people like the whole “everything you can do, I can do better” thing? I’m not really a fan of that, in fact, I’m more of a believer in “Everything you can do, I don’t wanna do cause it’s already been done”…

More boos are heard from the crowd.

David: The first thing I heard about when coming here, was about how Bobbinette Carey was a horrible leader and how everyone always turned on her, so if I had attacked her at March To Glory, I would be doing something that had already been done countless times, but this?…This is original!

David smiles as booing is heard yet again.

David: And now that that is out of the way, it’s time to set the record straight about Static. Now I have said this countless times, but I’m gonna say it one more time for the record; What happened to Melissa was an accident, and it was NOT my fault. But with that being said, what I really wanna talk about, is the hypocrisy that Static is throwing around. He keeps making a big deal about me ACCIDENTALLY hitting his sister, claiming that he hates violence against women, yet he’d have no problem facing Bobbinette Carey in the ring because “that’s different”….come on, it’s not different! Melissa is a woman, Bobbinette Carey is a woman…they both got, you know, female parts…so how’s it different? Sure, Bobbinette chooses to get into the ring, accepting the risks that comes with it, but at the end of the day, a woman is a woman. There is no difference, and for Static to claim otherwise, that’s pure hypocrisy and nothing more. So to all of you who are blaming me for what happened, it’s time to get your facts straight; What happened was an accident. An accident that never would have happened, if Static hadn’t screwed me out of my chance to become the ICON champion. Everything that has happened can be traced back to Static’s actions on that night. Static set this whole situation up, HE is responsible for what happened to Melissa a few weeks ago, can you all PLEASE get that through those thick heads of yours??

The crowd boos again, this time in full force as the entire building has turned against Black.

David: So Static, what you need to understand…

David is suddenly cut off as ‘No More Sorrow’ by Linkin Park hits, the guitar riff hasn’t even gotten halfway through when Static comes out from the back, wearing his BA shirt and black combat trousers. Static’s right arm, head and left elbow are all bandaged and he has a slight limp. Static already has a mic in his hand and his baseball bat in the other.

Static: Listen here David, What you need to understand is that nobody cares. You’re nothing with the KoE and to be honest, without them, your still nothing. Again you’re repeating yourself telling me it was my fault that Melissa was hurt and that it was me who made this personal. No it wasn’t David. You see, you could have easily left it lie when I put you through a table two weeks ago, and beat you in that very ring, But no. You see at March to Glory you lost your stable title, and now you lost your stable. Why should I even bother continuing this with you, what can it possibly do for me that’s worthwhile….did you just see what I do to people that waste Lee’s time here in HOW…so what can you possibly say that can change my mind.

David lifts the mic as if about to speak, However Static interrupts.

Static: Nothing is the answer you’re looking for. It’s not going to further my career just because I beat you down again. You’re nothing but a stepping stone David, a stepping stone on my way to greatness.

David hesitates for a few seconds, but then cracks a smile.

David: Static, Static, Static…you’re asking the wrong questions. You see, the question you should be asking yourself, the question that everybody should be asking themselves, isn’t what I can do to further your career….No! The question you should be asking yourself, the thing that you should be worried about, is what I can do to END your so called career..

Statics grin quickly fades as he takes a few paces down the ramp.

Static: End my career David? End Guy Static Stephens. What can you even use to hold up this argument. I have beaten you, I have put you through a table, what makes you think I am even a little worried of what you can do to me. All I am worried about is what I might continue to risk catching by squaring off against you.

The crowd laugh as Static continues.

Static: David, your nothing in HOW and I will happily prove it to you. Watch me against Dylan Nitro and you’ll see me knock him down a peg. Then maybe you’ll realize that your messing with the wrong person.

David: I’M nothing???

David laughs.

David: What exactly is it that you have done that is so impressive, huh? You beat me, once, and you didn’t even pin me, you just put me through a table. Everybody gets lucky once in a while Static, and that’s all that was. If we faced off again, I guarantee you the outcome would be different!

David starts pacing back and forth.

David: But you know what? We could do this all night long, talk and talk and talk, but since you are so convinced that you are better than me, why don’t you come on down and we’ll settle this right now!

David signals to Static to come to the ring and Static drops his mic and makes his way to the ring as quickly as his injuries allows him. As Static approaches the ring, David readies himself for a fight and the crowd cheers in anticipation, but just as Static slides into the ring, David drops, rolls out of the ring and quickly makes his way halfway up the ramp, still holding his mic. David laughs as he mocks Static who is now standing in the ring and is looking pissed off.

David: The thing is, Static…I’m not gonna play your game. I will make you pay for your actions, but I’ll do it my way, not yours!

Static: Wow David, you had me there on that one, I honestly thought for a second you had continued with that manning up you were doing there and you were going to stand up and fight like a man. But alas how wrong was I once again. David your nothing more than a coward. You bitch and whine about how much you want to make me pay and want to beat me down, yet you never seem to do anything about it. Lets settle this in the ring, Me and You, one on one. I’ve even got a nice surprise for you. So to prove to me how much of a coward you’re not. Me and You, 2 weeks from now. In a match of my choosing.

David: You know what? You’re on! Not only am I gonna prove that I am not a coward, but when I beat you, one on one, in a match that YOU chose…you’ll have no choice but to admit that I’m better than you!

David drops his mic and a stare down ensues as Turmoil cuts to the backstage area.


The Disillusion

. backstage at the Best Arena wanders about a young, eager to please reporter for HOTv. As he wonders aimlessly looking for his big scoop he finally finds who he is after….someone obviously never warned him. Aceldama, looking more focused and determined than ever enters the Best Arena through the main entrance and starts walking towards the youngster. Microphone in hand he walks over to Aceldama hoping to get his big story. He gets in his way and thrusts the microphone in Aceldama’s face. He is not too impressed

HOTv Reporter: Aceldama, if I could have a moment to speak to you regarding your match on Saturday at Tradition against your old teacher SurReal?

Aceldama: No you can’t, I will not talk about the future and I will especially not talk about another federations match on my own federation. If you want to talk about the present, or the past, we can talk…….so, do you want to know about my past and present?

HOTv Reporter: Ammmm, your last match ended in defeat when Max Kael won the Last Man Standing match. What are your thoughts coming into this match tonight against Maurako?

Aceldama: My thoughts? You do not want to know what I think boy, but I have to correct you. Kael did not ‘win’, the fans won. It was a victory for the fans; they lifted him up to victory, helping him to his feet. You people out there sicken me! You interfere in my business you must pay the ultimate penalty. Therefore, from now on in I will not be held responsible for my actions…..you done this, each and every one of you. As for my opponent Kael, I grow to….respect him. He showed me just how sick and twisted he can be, he showed me, there are others like me, twisted souls. We are the same, you and I Kael. All this time I thought we were going in different routes, but you showed me something, I am not alone in this sick, depraved, twisted little world.

HOTv Reporter: Have you anything to say about your opponent tonight?

Aceldama: Nothing other than, you will be made an example of tonight, these fans out here cannot help you tonight, its only you and me. And EVERYONE knows backstage here, when it comes down to those mathematics…..you can’t stop me.

*Aceldama pushes the reporter out of the way but he frantically runs beside him trying to get out one final question*

HOTv Reporter: Can you answer the rumors spreading that after Saturdays match at Tradition you will be joining Rw Wrestling?

Aceldama: No comment, as I said, I can no longer be held responsible for my actions….

*The reporter stops following Aceldama, happy with what he has got as Aceldama turns a corner and pulls out a mobile phone, dialing a number, the person on the other end answers*

Aceldama: I am ready to talk, after my match I can meet with you. Until then.

Joe takes the show to a commercial break as the Arena is buzzing at the fact that Aceldama just might be leaving for Ringside Wrestling.


“The Explosive One” Mark O’Neal was in the original HOW Hall of Fame Class and winner of the first ever War Games


Silver Cyanide vs. Brian Watters
Singles Match

Back live and Brian Watters is already in the ring. Brian is warming up and staring down the ramp, as suddenly, Silver Cyanides music hits. Cyanide walks out posing for the fans who are booing him.

Hoffman makes a comment that he has never seen a man as..weird as Cyanide, with the TBA persona.

Hoffman states that that is how Cyanide beats you…by confusion.

Hoffman scoffs at that statement.

Cyanide slides into the ring and glares at Watters. Matt Boettcher signals for the bell……


Hoffman comments that Cyanide looks in great shape. Big Buff questions Hoffman’s sexuality as Cyanide and Watters lock up.

Quick takedown by Cyanide into a keylock, then he stands up Watters and applies hammerlock. Watters elbows Cyanide in the side of the head then runs to the ropes, comes back and Cyanide leapfrogs, Watters shoots back and Cyanide drops him with a HUGE Double-A spinebuster!!!!!

Several moves from Cyanide, a reverse DDT, followed by a side Russian leg sweep, then a perfect vertical suplex.

Cyanide is hitting move after move with ease. Watters doesn’t look to be in this match, and Hoffman points out that Watters does not look mentally focused for an HOW match. Big Buff states that Watters probably isn’t mentally focused for much else based off this poor showing.

Cyanide whips Watters into a corner then follows it up with a handspring elbow. Watters stumbles out of the corner, and Cyanide nails the SCRAMBLED EGGS spinning crescent kick!!!!

Down goes Watters as Cyanide pulls him up……He grabs him and goes for his finisher, but Watters breaks free with elbows and goes for a suplex, but Cyanide blocks it, but then Watters quickly powers up Cyanide, but Cyanide lands on his feet behind Watters, and turns and shoves him forward toward a corner!

Matt Boettcher happened to be in the corner, and holds up his hands, but Watters stops himself…Boettcher and Watters are staring each other down both glad disaster was averted……suddenly…..


Boettcher doesn’t see it, Hoffman is screaming bloody murder as always when something underhanded happens, and Cyanide rolls up Watters, and then instead applies a boston crab!!!

Cyanide keeps the hold locked in for only a few seconds, then breaks the hold, pulls up Watters…..sets him up……

Dementia Pugilistica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoffman and Big Buff both can’t pronounce the finishers name properly as Cyanide hits his Reverse STO finisher and hooks the far leg…..






Cyanide celebrates his win, as Hoffman reminds the fans that Cyanide has a long way to go in HOW and this win may be more important than it seems.

Scene cuts backtage


Jattastic Interuption

:::Backstage inside the office of Lee Best. Lee Best is sitting at his desk talking on his cell phone when the suddenly opens and Jatt Starr enters. Starr is wearing his in-ring gear including a black baseball jersey with yellow lettering and gold trim that reads “Jatt Starr” on the front and “HOW’S ONLY TRUE H.O.F.’ER” on the back, around his waist is the UAD Championship belt. Starr immediately takes a seat across from Lee.:::

Lee Best: …uh huh…Can I call you back?….Great…Bye.

:::Lee Best closes his phone.:::

Lee Best: Jatt Starr, please, by all means, come in without knocking. It’s not like I was doing anything fucking important in preparation for War Games!

Starr: Yeah, Conan the Starrbarian figured you weren’t considering it’s over two months away.

Lee Best: What the fuck do want? Don’t you have a match to get ready for?

Starr: What get ready? It’s only Bimbonette Carey, the trashiest and most useless wrestler in HOW since Shawn Stevens and Darkwing….and we all know how many times the King of Grapple from the Big Apple destroyed him in the ring. That’s twelve, if you’re counting. UAD Champion!!!

Lee Best: What do you want?

Starr: Ahhhh…it’s my wife. She’s really going all out on this bluff. She almost has me believing that when the Hall of Fame match takes place, she is leaving me. Like she could walk out on the Starrlite Sexpress!

Lee Best: Who am I? Dr. Fucking Phil here? Do I give a shit about this? No.

Starr: Well, here’s the thing. She wrote a note.

Lee Best: Great. She can read and write. Go Canadian school systems. I don’t give a shit. Now, get—

Starr: The note pretty much said that thinks that my attitude is a negative influence on our son. ME! A negative influence! The Marquis of Madaga-Starr! The Sultan of Sea-Jattle! The Charisma King! The Jattlantic City Idol! It’s ridiculous! Absurd! Dare I say, ludicrous!

Lee Best: Yeah, yeah….you’re father of the year. Get out.

Starr: That’s when the Sovereign of Starrocco figured she was just yanking my chain. But then I noticed all of her clothes and crystals and pillows were gone. Even Anakin’s toys and clothes were gone too! What if she’s not bluffing? What if she really plans on leaving the Ruler of Jattlantis? I know, I know….it’s impossible. Who would leave the man that left Ryan Faze lying without a leg to stand on at “March to Glory”? Who leave the man that will single-handedly destroy the lives of two people tonight when he rips away their dreams, hopes, desires, and Hall of Fame statuses…status…statues?….What is the plural of that? Statusi?

Lee Best: I don’t give a flying monkey fuck. Get out!

Starr: Anyway, but why leave the glory and the greatness that is Jatt Starr, especially since the Champion of Jattanooga will send either the Duck or the Bimbo into months of slavery under the watchful eye of the Doofus of Maxi-Pad-o-philia. Come on! Especially since I was benevolent enough to prevent the Bimbo from making out with Besty!

Lee Best: I’m still pissed about that.

Starr: Oh come on, Lee! I’ve seen it on the internet. Bimbonette Carey, in Mexico, getting banged by a flea infested donkey and a midget named El Rojo del Pollo. Trust me, my therapist paid his car loan off from the sessions following that traumatic sight!

Lee Best: Do you have the website?

Starr: Not on me. I have it saved to my favourites at home. Anyway, my point being, is it possible that she really is leaving me?

Lee Best: Do you want an honest answer?

Starr: YES!

Lee Best: Listen carefully….I’m only going to say it one time….

:::Starr leans in.::::


Starr: Um….that was three times. Unless you were referring to the “F” bomb, then—

Lee Best: Jatt! Get your head out of your ass and focus. You wanted to show everyone in the world that you are the only true HOW Hall of Famer, tonight is your chance! You have the opportunity to fucking make history, numnuts! And after you deal with the fucking Duck and the dumb bitch, you can focus on your pathetic marital issues all you want. Get the fucking job done!

Starr: So, you’re saying she won’t leave me.


Starr: Okay! Geez! You don’t have to yell!

::::Starr gets up from the chair and walks out.:::

Starr: I have one more question. If does move back to Canada, would the HOW cover—

:::A coffee cup is thrown at Starr’s head, missing him by an inch. The sound of it breaking against the wall behind Starr is heard.:::

Starr: You’re busy. The Ratings Juggernaut will just leave you to your….whatever the heck it is that you do.

::::Starr closes the door as the scene ends.:::


The man that started HOW with Lee Best and is still regarded as one of the best performers to ever grace the squared circle in High Octane Wrestling.


Dylan Nitro vs. Static
Singles Match

Back live and Dylan Nitro’s music is hitting the PA speakers. Dylan walks out starts taunting the crowd. All the sudden there is a gasp as the cheers suddenly turn to boos as Static comes from behind and clobbers Nitro from behind, sending him rolling down to ringside!

Hoffman is screaming up a storm and Big Buff is saying this will be typical Best Alliance dominance and tonight is the night that Static is proving that he belongs here in HOW and namely the Best Alliance.

Static picks up Nitro and throws him into the ring, all the time smiling. Static slides into the ring and referee Joel Hortega calls for the bell….


Static goes to work with a few clubs to the back. Nitro gets to his feet and Static nails him with a few right hands. Static then tries to whip the taller man, but Nitro reverses into a hard Irish whip of his own. Static shoots back….


Nitro nails the knee to the gut which flips over Static, followed by the quick elbow drop. Nitro covers….

Fans: ONE!!!!!


Fans: TWO!!!!




Hoffman can’t believe Static kicked out of Nitro’s finisher, and Nitro can’t believe this either. Benny Newell said he expected it, who gets beaten by a knee lift and elbow drop combo? Nitro pulls up Static and whips him into the ropes, and goes for another knee, but Static leaves his feet and counters with a shoulder charge!

Nitro scrambles to his feet as Static does, and Static nails a few right hands, then whips Nitro into the ropes. Nitro comes back and gets hit with a big spinebuster!!!! Cover by Static…..





Static continues the offense, whipping Nitro into a corner and nailing a corner clothesline. Static then tosses Nitro over the ropes and to the floor, and Hoffman comments that this is where Static probably has the advantage.

Static bangs Nitro’s head against the steel steps, then the guardrail.

Static lifts Nitro up and drops him sternum first across the announcers table. Nitro is struggling for air now as Static smiles and tosses him into the ring.

Hoffman comments that Static hasn’t looked more confident and maybe he should sneak attack from behind all his matches to gain confidence like this.

Big Buff says that is a great idea.

Meanwhile, Static is choking Nitro using the ropes. Nitro is laying on the ropes throat first. Static runs to the ropes, comes back and nails a leg across the back that drives Nitro’s throat into the ropes hard and bounces him off and to the mat on his back! Static walks over and lazily covers…..





Static gets annoyed now and pulls up Nitro. He grabs him around the throat. Suddenly Nitro hits a couple of kicks to the midsection, takes a few seconds to check his throat, then runs to the ropes.

Static is suddenly right there to clothesline Nitro over the ropes!!!! Nitro plops to the outside and Static follows…..Static grabs Nitro, pulls him up and starts smashing his head into the ring apron……over and over and over….

About 6 times Static does this, then smiles and looks up, and Hortega is at a SEIS count. Or six.

Static tosses Nitro into the ring, and the camera zooms in and sees Nitro bleeding from the forehead as Static busted him open.

Static pulls Nitro up, and Nitro looks out on his feet. Static nails a kick to the gut, then the double-underhook…..Static looks around at the fans who are hoping Nitro breaks free. Static smiles sadistically, then lifts Nitro up over his shoulder and drives Nitro face first to the mat…..

Hoffman: THE STATIC SLAM HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Static rolls Nitro over and applies a lateral press lazily….






Big Buff says that thanks to Static attacking Nitro before the match, Nitro was taken out of his game despite hitting his ‘gay-ass’ finisher.

Hoffman argues that Nitro didn’t really look that sharp despite the early offense, but on the other side, Static looked especially sharp, and looked very much the ‘Wrecking Ball of HOW’ as he is just dominating the show early on.

Attendants attend to the bleeding Dylan Nitro in the ring as Joe states that up next is part one of the big Sektor and Bobbinette Carey date!!!


Epic Date Part 1

[The HOV comes to life in the arena as the fans turn their attention to a video package which is beginning. The shot shows a restaurant with “Ruth’s Chris Steak House” written above it. We now go inside where Bobbinette Carey is seated on a two seated table checking her watch. She is wearing a black shrug with a teal knee high dress, looking very glamorous. She then pets Princess who is sitting her in lap tamely. She looks down at princess who is looking back at her with big sad puppy dog eyes.]

Bobbinette: I know…it was either this or Besty!

[Sektor enters the scene with a cocky swagger about him, wearing a navy blue suit jacket, with matching pants and a plain white cotton t-shirt underneath. He is also carrying his custom lime green stable title over his shoulder, which Carey doesn’t seem too impressed by. He sits down opposite Bobbinette with an arrogant grin as he looks at her. She glares at him.]

Bobbinette: Your late..

[Sektor puts his hands up in defence, still looking smarmy.]

Sektor: I know I must apologise. I had to make sure I was looking my sharpest for this evening.

[Sektor looks her up and down at what she is wearing.]

Sektor: You probably could have taken a little more time yourself.

Bobbinette: excuse you?

[She scoffs.]

Bobbinette: This is a nice dress, you’re lucky I have respect for myself or I would have shown up in a track suit. But I care about the way I present myself to the world.

{Sektor giggles]

Sektor: I just think you’re trying to impress the Seksational one! But anyway, shall we look at our menus?

[Without waiting for Carey to reply Sektor picks up his menu and begins to scan it. She shakes her head from side to side in disbelief]

Bobbinette: Impress you? I have no need to impress you, it was you or the cow and this seemed like the lesser humiliating of the two of them.

[She picks up the menu and looks it over sighing loudly. Sektor is looking up at her now with a curious frown.]

Sektor: Speaking of Besty, It looked like..


[The restaurant goes quiet for a few moments as all the other customers look over at them after caries loud outburst. Sektor hides behind his menu until the noise commences. A waiter then appears at the side of the table holding a notepad.]

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

[Bobbinette opens her mouth as if to say she needs more time, but Sektor cuts in before she gets a chance.]

Sektor: Actually yes we are, I’ll let the lady order first.

Bobbinette: I would like the prime rib rare, with a lobster tail, the sides I would like is the broccoli soup and the lobster risotto.

[Sektors eyes grow wide, and he starts shaking his head.]

Sektor: Whoa! Easy their missy have you forgotten that our salary has been cut? Besides you need to watch what you’re eating, maybe then you’ll win a match!

[Bobbinette’s jaw drops as she looks over at him.]

Bobbinette: I’m in perfect shape. And I have won matches before when I weighed more than I do now. You can’t handle the price of the meal you shouldn’t have asked for the date. I told you Bobbinette Carey isn’t a cheap date.

Sektor: You should at least put out for it?

[She looks over at Sektor in shock. Her cheeks turning red with anger.]

Bobbinette: What? I’m not that type of woman and it takes more then a dinner date to get even a hug from me. If you’re holding your breath for that then you’re going to turn blue cause it’s So not happening!

[Sektor looks back at his menu.]

Sektor: In that case, she will have the side salad, with no dressing…and what the hell, she can have a broccoli soup.

[Carey scoffs and shakes her head.]

Sektor: As for me, I will have the 16oz steak, cooked medium rare, with a side of fries, garlic mushrooms…what else..AH..the lobster looks good I’ll have one of those and give me whatever the special is today.

[The waiter finishes writing and smiles.]

Waiter: Would you like to see the wine menu?

Sektor: Well I don’t drink but..

[He signals for the waiter to lean in closer and whispers into his ear.]

Sektor: She doesn’t drink either, but for twenty bucks would you make her a really strong cocktail and tell her its alcohol free. I wanna hit that tonight you know what I’m saying?

[The waiter looks confused.]

Waiter: Yeah we don’t do that!

Sektor: Damn! Tap water it is then.

[Waiter gives a nod and walks away with their order. Whilst Carey is scowling at him. Sektor laughs.]

Sektor: What?

Bobbinette: you’re going to eat all that in front of me and all I get is a salad and a soup?!

[Sektor shrugs.]

Sektor: I might let you have some fries.

[“30 Minutes later” appears on the HOV as the scenes blend in. Sektor and Carey are now eating their meal. Carey has all but finished as Sektor is still working his way through the mountain of food he ordered. Princess is off of Bobbinette’s lap as Bobbinette finishes her last spoon of soup. Princess walks around on the floor and over to Sektor. Bobbinette notices Princess squatting down on Sektor’s pant leg and peeing. Bobbinette puts her hand over her mouth to stifle the laughter. Sektor still hasn’t noticed as he happily chews a mouthful of fries. His face suddenly turns to stone as he goes rigid and slowly begins to look down towards his leg. He then leaps up away from the table and begins shaking his leg as the customers watch in amusement.]


[Bobbinette picks up Princess while giggling.]

Bobbinette: She’s a tea cup poodle not a rat..

[She pets Princess on the head.]

Bobbinette: Dogs can sense things about people they say. And I guess she didn’t care for this date.

[Sektors eyes are wide in rage.]

Sektor: Oh yeah? Well I don’t care too much for her either. Who brings their fucking dog on a date with them anyway?

[Sektor holds his hand up.]

Sektor: You know what forget it! I’ve tried to be a nice guy tonight. I’ve been polite, bought you a nice meal and acted like a total gentleman. You repay me by letting some fluffy ball of shit pee on me?

Bobbinette: Okay You’re right. and I’m uberly sorry.

[She shakes her finger at Princess then looks up with a serious look on her face. She walks over to him leaning over in front of him cleavage is seen from the top of the dress clearly visible. She looks at the stain on his pants.]

Bobbinette: I am Sorry Sektor… Look, why don’t we go back to my hotel and I can take care of those pants for you. It’s the least I could do.

[She says with a frown on her face. Sektor loosens up slightly and the smirk returns to his face.]

Sektor: Well alright then!

[The video then ends as the HOV goes black.]


Static Cleaned?

We cut backstage where we see Guy Stephens & his younger sister Melissa walking through the halls, they reach a vending machine and Melissa begins rustling her pockets looking for change, she only manages to find a few twenties and looks at Static with a pet lip. Static smiles and throws his hand in his pocket pulling out some change.

Static: You know that stuffs bad for you right?

Melissa nods her head over dramatically with a sarcastic I don’t really care though because I like it attitude.

Static: So, tonight was a success and next week should be even better. Are you going to come out to watch me next week?

Melissa: Yeah, but what about David Black.

Static: We’ve agreed to a match to settle things, he’s nothing to worry about. Besides, he’s too much of a coward to attack me. He’s as gutless as sushi.

Static laughs as he find himself funny as Melissa tries to work it out in her head. Static then turns around…


Static receives a chair shot to the head sending his back rather unsteadily on his feet but not down to the ground. The attacker lowers the chair and we see David Black stood with a bloodshot and menacing look in his eyes. Static stands in the way between Black and Melissa, trying to recapture his balance.

David Black: Remember how I said I’d do things my way?

David swings the chair again however Static blocks and knocks the chair from Blacks hands, the two begin to exchange punches and this causes Melissa to try and separate the two. Black punches Static, Static returns the favour with a huge right hand, Static pushes his sister back giving Black time to pick up the chair, he swings again aiming for Static…


The chair smashes into Static’s head again, this time sending him to the floor. David looks at Melissa who is frozen with fear, but after a few seconds Melissa can breathe a sigh of relief, as David throws the chair on the floor and turns to walk away. Melissa takes a step towards Static to check on her brother, but as she does, David suddenly launches a superkick in her direction and connects perfectly with her jaw, knocking her out cold. David then kneels down between Melissa, who is still out cold, and Static, who is beginning to stir.

David: So Static….I guess “nothing” just kicked your ass.

He says, with a smile.

David: Oh and about your sister, this time…it was DEFINATELY my fault!

He says, laughing as he rises to his feet and walks away. The cameras focuses on Static and Melissa once more before cutting away to another commercial for the HOW Hall of Fame class.


The man was the most dominant force in High Octane Wrestling during its early years and his battles with Kostoff are still considered as some of the best ever.


Keeping Focused

The scene opens with Ryan Faze in his locker room, lacing up his boots and psyching himself up for his match. Sabina Faze sits off to the side watching him and trying to keep him focused but in a positive state of mind.

They both look up as there’s a knock at the door. Sabby looks concerned as Ryan pauses to answer the door. Ryan opens it up and sees Issac Slade standing on the other side. With a hearty smile, the ICON champion enters the room.

Slade: There’s the Commish!

Handing Faze a small wrapped package, he smiles.

Faze: What’s this?

Slade: You know maybe your first act as commissioner could be getting me a parking space closer to the arena? I’m still not used to this Chicago cold, my friend.

Opening the package, Faze chuckles as he pulls out a gold name plate that would sit on his desk should he win which reads “Commissioner Faze”.

Faze: I really appreciate this man, but you hold onto it for now. Scottywood is going to be a tough challenge for me and I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Slade: Understood.

Exchanging a fist bump with Ryan, Issac turns to Sabina.

Slade: I wanted to tell you, I spoke with Marcus and he was very impressed with you. You’ve got the job if you want it.

Sabina’s face lights up and she throws her arms around Issac’s shoulders.

Sabby: Thank you!!! I can’t tell you how much this means to me Issac!

Ryan clears his throat loudly.

Faze: Ah-he-HEM! What? You think that because you bring me gifts that you can just come in here and hit on my sister?!?

Issac opens his mouth to protest and Sabina looks shocked. Ryan can’t help but crack a smile and laughs.

Faze: Relax! I’m just kidding!

Issac chuckles softly and shifts uncomfortably.

Slade: Well I uh… just thought I’d stop by and wish you good luck tonight…

Saying his goodbye’s, Issac quickly leaves the room. Ryan raises an eyebrow and Sabina punches him in the shoulder.

Faze: OWWW! What was that for?!?

Sabby: You scared him off you dork!

Faze: Ooooohhhh… somebody’s got a crush doesn’t she?

Sabina shakes her head.

Sabina: All men are pigs. I need friends right now Ryan, not another boyfriend… especially after what happened with Steve.

Ryan gives his sister a hug.

Faze: Sorry sis… but you know how over-protective I am. Besides, Issac’s a good friend of mine. You know he’s not like most guys…

Sabby: I’m sure he isn’t… but listen, enough about me and Issac. You’ve got a big match to prepare for!

Ryan takes a deep breath and goes back to lacing his boots.

Watching her brother prepare for his match Sabina began to understand just how he must have felt worrying about her over the years, her opinion of wrestling had always been low, it had all seemed scripted and fake, but having seen Ryan come off a Knee Injury and seeing the punishment he absorbed week after week she couldn’t help but hold her breath every time he walked out to that ring.

She was grateful Issac was watching his back, But deep down she wondered and worried…

Would it be enough?


Only in America

Back to the ring and the ring announcer Amy Smeets is in the middle of the ring with a microphone.

Amy Smeets: Ladies and gentlemen, from America, weighing in at 240 lbs., he is the NEW LSD CHAMPION….CHRISTOPHERRRRRRRR AMERRRRRRRRICAAAAAAAAAA!!!

An American flag is shown flowing in the wind against a clear blue sky. The American national anthem begins to play…

A woman begins to sing: “O say, can you see…”

A record scratch is heard as Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” plays.

Christopher America comes out. He holds his arms up and touches the tips of his fingers forming an A. As he does, red, white, and blue sparks rain down.

The crowd boos as Christopher America walks out to the ring. He is wearing a dark blue suit with a white shirt and red tie. A swagger accompanies the cocky smile on the face of the champion. He begins to climb the steps and stops at the top He turns around and points out to all the fans and then back at himself, no doubt bashing them for their hostile reaction to the champion.

Triple A enters the ring and then slowly unbuttons his suit jacket. He then whips it open and it reveals the LSD Championship underneath. He turns in a circle and starts laughing – laughing at all the nay-sayers, laughing at all the critics, and laughing at all the fans.

Red, white and blue balloons reign from the dark rafters of the Best Arena. Christopher raises his hands and bathes himself in the rubber and camera flashes. So overjoyed is he, that Christopher wipes a tear from his eye.

Christopher waits for the balloons to finish falling before he walks over to the side and gets a microphone. He taps the top to ensure it is on and moves back to the center of the ring. He takes a moment to let this moment sink in.

“Welcome, my fellow Americans to a historic occasion!” exclaims the champion. “I, Christopher America, the next American hero, the National Treasure, the…”

Christopher is cut off mid-sentence by the rising volume of jeers coming from the HOW audience.


The crowd refuses to listen and begins to grow louder with more boos.

“As I was saying…” he begins with a sinister smile, “I am Christopher America, the next American hero, the National Treasure, Triple A of the Argonauts of Awesome, and your LSD Champion!”

“With March To Glory in the books, I and the most beloved thing in my life look forward to War Games.” Says Christopher glancing lovingly at the LSD championship.

“And you can stop whispering among yourselves now. I know! I’VE KNOWN FOR A WEEK! I know that War Games takes place on the beaches of Normandy. I know where Normandy is! I’m not a fucking idiot!” rages the champion. “You think I’m scared, don’t you. You think that I can’t adapt to this situation. Well, you’re wrong! All of you. From little Jimmy who shouldn’t even be watching this to the idiotic drunk named Big Buff who thought I couldn’t beat Scottywood. You are all wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!”

“But…” says Christopher with a hopeful tone, “you will learn, just like Scottywood learned. Today marks the dawning of a new era in the life of Christopher. You know what, hold on…”

Realizing he shouldn’t have to hold his own microphone since he is now the LSD Champion, Christopher looks at the timekeeper. He glares at him. The timekeeper doesn’t move and just shrugs his shoulders, unsure as to what the champion needs. Christopher, obviously irritated, jerks his head downward. The timekeeper gets up and gets into the ring. He walks over to America, who shoves the microphone into the timekeeper’s chest.

“HOLD THIS AND DON’T LOOK AT ME! You’ll make me nervous.” Says Christopher offering a creepy smile.

Christopher undoes the LSD Championship from his waist and hoists it over his shoulders.

“Tonight is Christopher America Appreciation Night. The next match tonight is dedicated to me. It is dedicated to my victory at the Alamo. It is dedicated to the absolute obliteration of Scottywood. It is in celebration of the awesomeness of this Argonaut!” says Christopher putting his finger into his chest.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” clap-clap-clapclapclap “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” clap-clap-clapclap

“NO! YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP! You are going to witness some amazing talent tonight. And when you see that talent, you’ll be reminded of how much better watching me compete would have been.

Leave it to the HOW higher ups to put Scottywood in a handicapped match tonight. I mean, really? Scottywood’s two legs and broken face vs. Ryan Faze’s one leg and broken face? I pinned Scottywood! I beat him! I am the true number 1 contender to the Commissionership of HOW! I AM! NO ONE ELSE!

Christopher catches himself yelling and quiets down. He adjusts his tie and his title.

“I am so fucking sick and tired of looking at Ryan Faze. This guy has done nothing but managed to lose when it really counts. And yet, you people absolutely love him. While I, on the other hand, won when it really mattered! Yet, you pieces of shit feel like bashing me each and every night. What’s wrong with you people? Why do you celebrate mediocrity? Why do you embrace the averageness of people like Ryan Faze?” growls the champion.

The crowd boos louder.

“And Scottywood? I made a mistake in our match last night. I let you get up and continue walking. I should have taken one of the crumbling bits of the Alamo and broken both your God damn legs. I should have shaved off your ridiculous Cool Runnings-esque dreadlocks. I should’ve snapped your hockey stick and burned it. I proved once and for all that your win and your entire reign as LSD Champion was nothing but a fluke! While I…… I am the true champion. I am the future of HOW! I AM THE END ALL BE ALL OF THIS VERY FEDERATION!” declares Christopher proudly.

“YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” chants the crowd.

“No, I don’t suck. I’m the champion and you idiots are nothing. Oh, and before I forget… get better Kostoff. I’m sure you’re probably skull fucking something at the moment, so I don’t want to interrupt. But, get better…bitch.”


The champion ignores the taunts from the crowd. He looks over at the announcer and nods. The announcer reaches behind their chair and picks up a bottle of American champagne. The announcer hands it to Christopher America. He sets the title down on the mat and raises the bottle above his head. With a smash and oozing of liquid, Christopher America crashes the bottle against the hardened metal.


The crowd boos as Christopher picks up the title and kisses it. With his hand, he brushes off some of the liquid and…


Triple A takes the American Championship… of America and smacks the timekeeper across the face with it. The timekeeper lies motionless in the middle of the ring. Christopher America looks down and smiles. He tosses the title over his shoulder and picks up the microphone.

“And in honor of Christopher America Appreciation Night, I will be your special guest timekeeper FOR THE COMMISSIONER’S MATCH… IN AMERICA! Deal with it!”

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor begins to play as Christopher America takes his seat at the timekeeper’s station waiting for the match to begin.


Match for Commissionership of HOW
“Phenomenal” Ryan Faze vs. Scottywood
Singles Match

Benny pour himself a shot as “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin plays over the P.A. system and there is a thunderous amount of applauds as Ryan Faze makes his way out onto the stage.

Amy Smeets: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Commissionership job of High Octane Wrestling. Now making his way to the ring from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at 213 pounds….”Phenomenal” Ryan Faze!!!

Faze makes his way down to the ring, fans screaming on both sides of the aisle. He stops for a moment and signs a couple quick autographs for a few young fans as he continues to make his way towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: And that’s why the fans love him Benny. Even though he has a very important match here, he finds some time to give back to the fans.

Benny Newell: He is just pandering to what the fans want….It’s despicable, that’s what it is.

Ryan enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckles as the cheers continue to come for Faze as he climbs down and the referee Matt Boettcher starts checking his attire for foreign objects.

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed plays as the cheers quickly turn to boos as we see Scottywood make his way out onto the stage with Static following behind him. Scotty has his trademark hockey stick in hand and wearing his custom Scottywood hockey jersey.

Amy Smeets: And his opponent being accompanied by Best Alliance member Static, from New York City, New York…weighing in at 265 pounds. He is the Commissioner of HOW…The Hardcore Artist, Scottywood!!!

Joe Hoffman: And what a shock, Scottywood has brought his muscle, Static with him to the ring.

Benny Newell: Only to even the score with America at ringside being the “timekeeper”.

Scottywood and Static are smirking as they walk down the aisle; Scotty seems to be staring through Faze and right at America who is holding the LSD title. He reaches the ring and stops as he calls Amy Smeets over and asks for her microphone, which she hands over to him.

Scottywood: The following match is dedicated to you? Ok Chris, I’ll go along with that. This match will be dedicated to you, because it will be a sample of what I will do to you when I get my rematch for the LSD title. Enjoy the belt; enjoy the celebration, because it is going to be short lived.

Scotty tosses the microphone to the ground as he slides into the ring and referee Matt Boettcher starts checking him over and then orders him to remove the hockey stick from the ring, which he hands off to Static. Satisfied that both wrestlers are clean, Boettcher calls for the bell, which Christopher America rings to get the match underway.

Joe Hoffman: And were underway here, in a few minutes we could have a new Commissioner here in HOW.

Benny Newell: In a few minutes Ryan Faze might be missing a leg.

Faze and Scottywood lock up as and exchange a few tosses as they get back up to their feet and right into each other’s faces. Scotty throws the first punch which Faze ducks and counters with a jab to the stomach. He follows up with an irish whip which sends Scotty hard into the corner. Faze charges towards Scotty but gets a boot in his face which sends him staggering back. Scotty comes out of the corner and grabs Faze by the hair and pulls him towards the ropes and tosses him over the top turnbuckle right in front of Static

Joe Hoffman: Not where Ryan Faze wants to be if he wants to try and win this match. Scottywood defiantly has the advantage outside of the ring.

The referee tries to keep Scottywood in the ring but to no avail as Scotty exits and the referee starts his 10 count. Scotty walks over to wear he tossed the microphone he used earlier and picks it up from the ground.

Scottywood: I would like to inform everyone that this match will now be a no disqualification math.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on! That I so…

Benny Newell: Brilliant, so brilliant Joe.

Walking back over to Static he asks for his hockey stick, which Static hands over as Static then delivers a hard kick to Faze’s ribs. Scotty raises the hockey stick up and smacks it across the back of Faze who cringes in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood bending the rules for his own benefit again, what a shock Benny.

Static is about to go for another kick, but we see Christopher America who has gotten up from the timekeeper’s table and is charges after Static who spots him and takes off and a chase ensues. Scotty then takes off after America and all three men are running around the ring after each other.

Joe Hoffman: What has this turned into, Benny Hill episode?

Benny starts to hum the Benny Hill theme as Joe just shakes his head as the men continue to run around the ruing. What Scotty has failed to realize is that Faze is starting to get up to his feet and he has pulled a steel chair out from under the ring and crotches behind the ring steps as Static flies by, and then America. As Scotty approaches he pops up and cracks Scottywood right behind the eyes, laying him out on the floor.

Benny Newell: What a cheap shot by Faze! Come on!

Joe Hoffman: After what Static and Scotty just did to Faze a moment ago?

Static stops in his tracks as he hears the steel chair crack Scottywood, this allows America to tackle Static into the crowd barricade, sending the people in the front row to fall back in their chairs. Faze meanwhile has lifted Scotty up to his feet and smashes hi head into the steel steps, this causes the stitches on Scotty’s head to break and we see the blood start to flow down hi forehead.

Joe Hoffman: Those old wounds from March to Glory are starting to come into play as Scottywood is now busted open from the same cut America causes with the wooden shard.

Faze slams him a third time into the steps and goes for a forth, but Scotty blocks it and delivers a hard elbow to the gut of Faze. He then grabs Faze by the back of the head and slams it into the ring post, which drops Faze down to the mat. Wiping some of the blood from his face Scotty goes under the ring and pulls out a table which he starts to set up.

Benny Newell: Looks like Faze is going to get some wood….from Scottywood….wait…

Joe Hoffman: Just don’t say anything else Benny and take another drink.

Benny nods his head agreeing with Joe as he does another shot. The table is now all set up Scotty picks his hockey stick back up and his eyes lock on the bad knee of Faze as he miles sickly. He raises the stick up and brings it down on the knee of face who again cringes in pain as he grabs hold of leg. Scotty continues to smile as he goes to strike Faze again in the knee but is stopped as America cracks Scotty across the back with a red, white and blue painted steel chair which knocks the chair out of Scotty’s hand. America then grabs Scotty by his hair and tosses him over the guardrail and into the first row of fans.

Joe Hoffman: Our fans are really getting into the action tonight, just a shame they got up and close with Scottywood.

Benny Newell: I know, I feel bad for Scottywood having to touch those ignorant peasants.

The fans quickly toss Scottywood awkwardly onto the floor as America helps Faze up to his feet and hands him the steel chair and points him towards Scottywood as he goes back over to the timekeeper’s table. Faze climbs over the guardrail and starts to give chase to Scottywood who is pushing fans out of the way to try and get away from the chair wielding Faze.

Scotty makes his through the fans an over to one of the merchandise tables which he jumps over and pushes the employee off the chair an picks it up just as Faze makes his way to the table and Scotty quickly turns around as both men swing their chairs as the come together with a sound of a gun going off in the arena. The vibration is too much for Faze who drops the chair and allows Scotty to deliver another shot which drops Faze too the floor causing Scotty to smile again. He turns to the referee and grabs him by the shirt.

Scottywood: This match is now a falls count anywhere match!

Referee Matt Boettcher nods his head as Scottywood drops to the floor and hook’s Faze’s leg for the pin





Faze gets the shoulder up to the displeasure of Scottywood who picks the chair back up and aims for Faze’s knee again and swings the chair, but Faze roll out of the way and Scottywood hits the concrete floor with the chair. He drops the chair in pain and shakes his hands as Faze springs back up to his feet and quickly hits a buzzsaw kick to the head of Scotty, which drops him to the floor. Faze then takes the steel chair from the floor and instead of using it as a weapon, he sets it up next too Scottywood and jumps up onto it and flips backward hitting a moonsault which results in a large cheer from the fans, especially those nearby the two.

Joe Hoffman: What a move by Faze, using that chair as elevation for the moonsault.

Benny Newell: Whatever, well see how Faze does when Scotty DDTs him right onto that same chair.

Faze rolls away from Scotty for a second in pain from hitting the concrete with part of hi body. But he is able to roll back over on top of Scotty and grabs his far leg for the pin.





This time Scottywood is able to get the shoulder up Faze nods his head, knowing it is going to take more to beat Scottywood. He stands up and lifts Scotty to his feet as he drags him over to the cement wall, which leads up the upper balcony of the arena. Faze grabs Scotty’s head and slams it into the wall, leaving a large spot of blood on the wall. Faze backs up and places Scotty in a front face lock as if he is about to attempt his Fazebuster finisher.

Joe Hoffman: If he hits this, we will have a new Commissioner!

Benny Newell: That’s why it is called a finisher Joe.

We see Scotty try and struggle to get free but Faze let’s out a yell as he falls back and hit the Implant DDT right onto the concrete floor. The crowd is going crazy as Faze rolls Scotty over and grabs his leg for the pin.





Scotty doesn’t get the shoulder up, but the large boot of Static has come back into the picture as it strikes Faze in the side of the head, just in time to stop the three count.

Joe Hoffman: Almost forgot about Static, but he makes a huge save there. That was a sure three count for Faze, who should now be our new Commissioner.

Benny Newell: But he isn’t, and that is all that matters.

Benny takes a shot dedicated to Static for making the save as Static continues to lay his boot into Faze, and then starts concentrating on his bum knee with stomp after stomp. Scotty starts to get back onto his feet, his face covered in blood as he walks back over to the merchandise table and grabs a Christopher America shirt to wipe his face with. He then clears the table of all the merchandise, sending it to the floor as orders Static to pick Faze up and bring him to Scotty. Picking up the steel chair he cracks Faze over the head with it as Static holds his arms back. Scotty smiles he cracks Faze over the head again. This one opens a cut on Faze’s head and we start to see the blood run down his forehead.

Joe Hoffman: This is a damn handicap match now with Static and Scotty.

Benny Newell: It’s a handicap match because Faze is a damn cripple, like America said earlier.

Joe shakes his head as Scotty places Faze onto the table he cleared off and smiles as he starts to walk away and towards the stairs that lead to the upper balcony. Boos are filling the arena, as one fans tries to block Scotty from going up the stairs, but he I quickly dealt with as Scotty hits him with a hard right.

Benny Newell: Ha! Serves that idiot right.

Joe Hoffman: I’m more worried about what Scottywood I planning to do from that balcony.

Benny Newell: I think it is pretty obvious Joe.

Scottywood reaches the edge of the balcony as he climbs over the railing and balances on the small ledge it has. The boos have starts to subside as the fans realize what Scottywood is going to attempt to do. He looks around The Best Arena before he looks down at Faze laying on the table and then leaps off the balcony, flipping backwards performing a rare shooting star press.

Joe Hoffman: Holy crap!

Scotty body comes fully around and hits Faze’s body, causing both to crash through the table, sending splinters of wood everywhere. The crowd is in shock of the move as a holy shit chant breaks out for a moment. We see Christopher America make his way through the crowd, ringbell in hand but Static catches him coming and ducks the ringbell America swings at him. Static drives his boot into the stomach of America and then drives America through another nearby merchandise table with his Static Slam finisher, sending merchandise everywhere.

Benny Newell: Static Slam through a table….So much for Christopher America appreciation night.

We cut back to Scotty and Faze as both men are in a lot of pain, but Scotty someone finds the strength to roll over to Faze and drape his arm across his body.





It takes a moment as Benny Newell leaves the broadcast position and rings a backup bell which is under the timekeepers table.

Amy Smeets: The winner of this match and still the Commissioner of HOW…The Hardcore Artist….Scottywood!!

Boos fill The Best Arena as Static helps Scottywood to his feet and the referee raises his hand in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Well it seems Max Kael’s plan to rid Scottywood as Commissioner has failed, and one now has to wonder what kind of payback Scottywood will have in store for Max Kael.

Benny Newell: Long live Commissioner Scottywood!!

Benny pours three shots and does each in succession in celebration of Scottywood’s victory as Turmoil goes to commercial with the image of Static helping a bloodied Scottywood to the back.


His feud with Lee Best is legendary and the man is an original HOW Hall of Famer and will forever be linked to the fed.

Price is Right

*Back live and we are joined back stage by Stable Champion Sektor who can be seen standing in front of a mirror in the bathroom washing his hands. Also he has a hoodie one.. with pockets. Cause its necessary for the scene. His custom green title is slung over his shoulder and its clear he has just gotten done using the facilities. Suddenly ,without warning, the door flies open and Captain Price, dressed in full tactical gear, rolls in scanning the room as Sektor jumps back away from the sink.*

Captain Price:..Ez Clear!

*The good captain calls out as he stands up as the sound of a mechanical chair can be heard whining down the hall before Max rolls into the bathroom, bandaged up but wearing a suit, his face bandaged up with his eyes peering out at the world.*

[Sektor holds his chest as though he has just gotten over a minor heart attack and clears his head.]

Sektor: Max..always a pleasure!

Max Kael: Kitten’s and cattleprods, Sektor, what an unexpected surprise that I was expecting!

*Max’s shifts the gears of the mechanical wheel chair as he jumps back and forth.*

Max Kael: Fucking chair! No wonder cripples are so moody..Ah! Wait! Wait!

*The chair seems to right itself out as he rolls toward Sektor.*

Max Kael: So.. remember to wash your hands?

John Sektor: [Sektor looks at the palms of his hands and nods.]

Sektor: Yeah you can have Pricey here shine a UV light on them if you want to make sure?

*Price reaches into one of his pockets and begins to pull something out before Max holds his hands up.*

Max Kael: Not necessary! I shant be touching this one anyway. Now.. to business. Sektor, old bean, you and I go back don’t we? Yes.. back.. well only a month now but still, that’s almost twice the life span of a common house Ant and certainly longer then most seasonal moths. That being said I need a favor.

[Sektor smiles and holds a single finger up.]

Sektor: Before you continue, I have something for you.

[Sektor pulls out a small box about eight inches in length and holds it out.]

Sektor: Just a little something I thought might come in handy!

*Max hits his chair but it seems to jerk forward.*

Max Kael: For fucks sake!

*He stands up, puts the chair in neutral and simply pulls it back a little bit. He then runs back around to the front, jumps back down and looks horrified at whatever is being held out at him, also pretending to be heavily wounded still.*

Max Kael: What is it Precious!?

*Captain Price steps forward with some kind of scanning gear and a taser.*

Captain Price: Wot yeh got there, mate? ‘Ope its not po-lastik explosives.. moight ‘ave take shock ya.

[Sektor looks worried and gulps as he sees captain Price aiming the taser towards him.]

Sektor: It’s just a fork. To be precise the same fork that I forked Carey with! Figured if she becomes your slave you could us it as a ‘Carey Prod?’

*Max peers around Captain Price with his bandaged face.*

Max Kael: What did he say?

Captain Price: ‘Ee said it twas a fok.

Max Kael: A fuck!?

Captain Price: A Fok!


Captain Price: I said it was a bleedin’ Fok! The feck’en four pronged me’tul dine’en untenzel you fuck’in piss’ead!

Max Kael: I think he said it was a Fork! Is it a Fork!?

Captain Price: ..for fuck’s sake..

[Sektor rolls his eyes.]


Max Kael: ..they make forks for everything these days.

Captain Price: Oh Sweet Oblivion, tek me now.

*Captain Price tases himself in the chest and falls over onto the ground, unconcious as he twitches.*

[Sektor stares down at the injured soldier in horror and slowly turns his attention back to Max. He creeps forward and places the box on the arm of his wheelchair and takes a step back trying to ignore Price lying next to him.]

Sektor: So anyway, what’s this favor?

Max Kael: Speed bump!

*Max runs over Price’s body as he grunts, pulling closer to Sektor, his wild eyes peering from between the bandages.*

Max Kael:..he’s English.. do you think I should have driven over the left side of his body instead? Oh never mind.. Listen, I need you to accompany me, Price, when he is awake, and Shane to the ring for a little.. ceremony.

[Sektor looks slightly intrigued as he begins to stroke the stubble on his chin.]

Sektor: A ceremony you say?

Max Kael:..Indeed..

*The Emperor’s Theme from Star Wars pipes into the bathroom as the lights flicker.*

Max Kael:..you like that? I had the boys rig the place up so that whenever I do something sinister or spooky that happens. It also plays the Benny Hill theme when I do wacky stuff. Anywho.. back to being spooky.

[Sektor is once again shaking his head in confusion. He then looks at Max and nods.]

Sektor: Ok whatever you need I’m there. But I need a little favor from you also.

Max Kael:..so the banana peel said to the orange.. lay it on me.

[Sektor pretends to laugh and then clears his throat as we cut to another commerical]


June 8th the future of High Octane Wrestling will be decided.


Chris CK vs. John Sektor
Singles Match

We go back live the ring where Joe and Benny are preparing for the next match on the card. Before they have a chance to speak “Praise,” by Sevendust blasts around the arena. The fans begin to boo as Sektor struts out onto the stage, smirking and carrying his custom lime green stable title.

Joe Hoffman: Here he is folks, the man who won back the Stable’s title for the Argonauts of Awesome, only two weeks after they lost it to the KOE.

Big Buff: Sektor sucks! Had it been a match with pin falls the BA would be stable champions right now!

Sektor is now at the ring apron as he rolls in and vaults to the top of the turnbuckle. He lifts up his stable title and glares at the booing fans with a smirk. He then hops down into the middle of the ring and awaits his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight he faces a former best friend, and someone who he has held HOW Tag gold with in the past. With a twist of fate we see CK vs Sektor tonight to find out who the better half of the formerly known Sektion C really is.

Sektor music has died out and he looks up towards the top of the ramp. He laughs as he sees CK being tossed out onto the ramp. The fans give a fierce reaction as Silver Cyanide struts out behind CK laughing and holding a steel chair. He drops the chair and picks CK up, holding him next to his side. He then poses for the flashing cameras with an unconscious Chris CK before dragging him down to the ring. He tosses him in and gives a thumbs up to Sektor who returns the gesture.

Joe Hoffman: Is there any need for this? I was expecting to see a good display of technical wrestling, something which has been a rarity in present wrestling.

Big Buff: Guess Sektor had other ideas.

Sektor stands over the injured CK and taunts him. He screams abuse down to him and slaps his head a couple of times before backing off, allowing him time to get up. CK uses the ropes and begins to pull himself to his feet. Before he gets a chance to shake off the cobwebs Sektor runs at him and hits a low dropkick to his left ankle. He then viciously begins to stomp away at the ankle. CK immediately grabs it in pain, but Sektor kicks his hands out of the way and drops a sharp elbow right between the joint. He the looks around at the fans who are booing him and chanting Sektor Sucks!

Joe Hoffman: I think the fans were looking forward to closely contested match also. This is just a beat down from a member of the AOA.

Big Buff: I blame that whore Bobbinette, she’s obviously got Sektor all riled up from whatever went on, on their date!

Sektor drags CK into the centre of the ring by his hurt ankle and twists his leg into a leg lock position. He applies the pressure, making CK cringe in pain. He finally releases the hold and continues the assault with yet more stomps to the ankle.

Big Buff: You asked for a technical match…Sektor is kicking the shit out of that ankle!

Joe Hoffman: This isn’t what I had in mind Benny!

After a few more minutes of applying various holds and assault techniques’ on the ankle, Sektor slowly and carefully picks CK up to his feet. He zooms in close to CK’s face, and waits for him to look back into his eyes. Sektor lips can clearly be seen saying “You’ll never be as good as me!” He then kicks CK in the midsection and drops him with a thunderous SEKTION C!!!

Joe Hoffman: That’s it folks!

He pins CK and Hortega counts for the



Sektor pulls CK’s shoulder off the mat and receives more boos from the crowd as he smirks.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on, just beat him and get it over with!

Sektor rolls CK onto his stomach and locks in the DI-SEKTION on his sore ankle.

Joe Hoffman: He has the ankle lock on that injured ankle and it can only be a matter of…yep that’s it!


Hortega calls for the bell as CK taps out furiously on the mat. Sektor keeps the submission locked in a few more second, adding a little more hurt before stepping away and allowing Hortega to raise his hand.

Joe Hoffman: John Sektor wins the match via vicious assault!

Sektor grabs his stable title and holds it high over his head..


One for the dictator…


*The lights flash in the Arena as “Puritania” cranks over the P.A. system. On the stage Shane Reynolds is seen moving onto the stage. He appears to be holding a bar in front of him that is attached to a piece of wood which stretches back behind the entrance. As he continues forward the a rickshaw can be seen being drawn behind him. Seated in the front is Max Kael who is heavily bandaged and in his wheel chair.

Behind the rickshaw is Captain Price making his way down to the ring. Captain Price appears to be recovering from his stun gun episode earlier as they head toward Sektor down at the ring. They make their way down to the ring slowly as Shane looks completely dejected by his current job. Once reaching the ring Max hits a button on his rickshaw as a small ramp appears over the side that allows him to roll down out of the rickshaw with little difficult.

Scowling at Shane who does not make eye contact he rolls toward the ring. The ring staff has prepared for him a special lift that will allow him to enter the ring in his wheel chair as the fans offer a mixed series of boos and cheers for the men heading into the ring.

Once everyone is in the ring Max holds a bandaged hand out for a mic which is handed off to him allowing him to address the audience. Sektor grabs the mic from the announcer and hands it off to Max.

Max Kael: My name is Prime Minister Maximillian Kael and I am half owner of High Octane Wrestling.

The fans react negatively to his statement of ownership if only because he is a complete ass when he says it. Shane winces slightly at these words, turning his head away from Max while Sektor and Captain Price clap for max.

Max Kael: At March to Glory I was nearly killed. I put my body through the kind of punishment that made the stuff the jews went through during the Holocaust look like a picnic. My body was destroyed! And now here I am, bound to a wheel chair unable to move because of that moron Aceldama. Luckily my pure genius caused me to win.. caused me to walk out the better man. So that dumb mongrel can stick to whatever petty little game he wants to play, Max Kael WON.

He might be smirking but his bandages keep his face relatively well hidden. He rubs hs his head for a moment and sells being in distress and harm. After coughing for a moment he focuses back on talking on the mic.

Max Kael: However that match.. would have been made so much easier if someone had not walked out on it! If someone had done their job and ensured that I, half owner of HOW not get hurt! Shane Reynolds could have helped keep your co-Owner from being in this wheelchair but he didn’t. Cause he couldn’t! He wouldn’t take the bullet for me.. he wouldn’t take the damage for cause he is a coward..

Shane turns to glare at Max but he does not make an offensive move or say anything, the two, Max and Shane, merely staring at each other for a few uncomfortable moments.

Max Kael: A coward I said. A coward who walks out on matches.. but that is ok Shane cause I am about to forgive you for your short comings. You see.. Shane is going to help me do something I have never done here in HOW. Aren’t you Shane?

Shane looks confused toward Max as suddenly Sektor jumps across the ring and hits a hard closeline on the side of Shane while he is not paying attention; the strike is loud enough that it can be heard around the arena as Shane’s body crashes into the mat. Captain Price is soon to follow as both men beginning to beat down on Shane with little or no care about what is going on.

Max Kael: today.. I defeat Shane Reynolds. Today justice finally prevails and Max Kael, the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia, walks away victorious. Get him! Get him!

Sektor drags Shane up to his feet as Captain Price pulls a stun gun out of his pocket jabbing it into Shane’s gut. Shane cries out then crumbles over, twitching on the ground. Sektor pulls Shane back up and hits the C-Sektion on Shane in the center of the ring before he stands back. Captain Price pulls a ref shirt from his pocket and tosses it over to Sektor who slips it on over himself.


Max Kael pushes forward on his mechanical wheel chair and charges forward. Captain Price pins down the unconscious Shane’s arms as Max rolls over and on top of him with his electrical wheel chair. Once positioned he holds his arms in the air as if in victory.

Sektor drops to the mat and starts to count..





The wheel chair rolls off Shane who rolls to the side, clutching his chest where he was tazered and the top of his head where Sektor dropped him. Max Kael rolls toward the side of the ring as he continues to speak.

Max Kael: There you have it ladies and gentlemen, Max Kael has a victory over Shane Reynolds and you were here to see the historic event! Yes indeed! Of course.. Shane had no chance when dealing with the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia.. but he best pray that he walks away a winner later tonight.. else this will be nothing compared to what I do to him next week. Enjoy the show!

And we cut to commercial as Max Kael moves back over to his electric ramp to leave the ring as Sektor and Captain Price pull Shane up to his feet. The fans boo as they drag him toward the backstage area behind Max. Max stops for a moment in his little wheel chair and turns around too wave good bye before he spins around, burning rubber with his over powered wheel chair before we cut to another Hall of Famer advertisement.


One of the most dominant wrestlers in HOW since the restart in 2008. A long time member of the company who has won damn near every title and his feud with Jatt Starr in 2003 is still talked about today.


Marvelous Mario Maurako vs. Aceldama
Singles Match

Back live and Triple M and Aceldama are already in the ring!!

Joe Hoffman: Alright ladies and gentlemen with both HOW Stars in the ring its time to start the match.

Big Buff: YEAH! Time for Aceldama to join Lee Best in the Best Alliance!

Joe Hoffman: Benny, you know as well as I that Aceldama said he was going to keep his options open.

Big Buff: Which means…. Obviously he is joining the Alliance.

Joe Hoffman: Sure, Benny, sure.

Back in the ring Triple M struts up to Aceldama flexing his arms with a smirk on his face. Aceldama glares at Triple M, shorter in stature then his opponent but just as thickly built. Triple M shakes his head and slaps Aceldama across the face as the HOW Screen flashes the Wack-a-Meter rolling over 1 more tally too 1024. Triple M smirks at the crowd as he holds his hand up to a one.

Aceldama lifts his hand and touches his jaw before he slaps Triple M across the face who is taken off guard as Aceldama receives a mild pop. Triple M falls to one knee before scrambling up to his feet again, his finger stabbing into Aceldama’s chest as the two begin to yell at each other.

Finally Triple M chops Aceldama across the chest..


Aceldama steps back and then swings back toward Triple M with a chop.


Triple M is chopped back.. he steps forward yet again.


Aceldama falls back and charges forward with another chop!

Triple M ducks and slips his arms behind Aceldama’s shoulders locking him into a full nelson before he lifts him up, slamming him down hard on the mat as he smirks at the fans. Aceldama twitches as Triple M drops to the ground for the cover as Boettcher makes the count.



Aceldama pushes Triple M off and rolls up onto his feet, his face red with rage. Triple M looks shocked that Aceldama didn’t stay down however he continues to try and take down Aceldama again as he charges forward. Aceldama ducks under Triple M’s grapple attempt and grabs Triple M by the waist, heaving him up into the air and dropping him into a German Suplex!

Boettcher goes for the pin again!



Triple M kicks out of the German Suplex and held the back of his head as he rolled out of the ring. Aceldama rolls back up and stalks toward the ropes as Triple M attempts to collect his thoughts. He notices a small group of girls in the audience and turns away from them in disgust as they start to jeer him.

Aceldama rolls out of the ring and charges at Triple M who offers a quick counter by hitting a Spinbuster on him to the outside!

The effect of it seems to put Aceldama down for the moment as the crowd boos at Triple M as he holds his arms up in the air once again with a smirk. Suddenly he turned around and unleashed five rounds of punches taking the small group of females out one by one!


The wack-a-meter goes up 1029! The crowd continues to boo Triple M as he struts back around to the ring and slides in, shaking his head as he flashes a perfectly Marvelous smile. Back on the outside Aceldama claws his way into the ring behind Triple M who is still strutting around the ring. Aceldama charges from behind and hits a chop block cutting Triple M down in his prime!

Aceldama pulls Triple M back up to his feet and pulls him by his head, swinging him into the Rag Doll maneuver! Triple M screams as he holds his head after the attack only to get hoisted up into a DDT before getting drilled into the mat!

He rolls over for the cover..




Triple M manages to roll over his arm as the crowd boos. Triple M manages to crawl over to the ropes as Aceldama slowly stalks him. He grabs Triple M by the hair and shoves him neck first into the ropes, his eyes turned out toward the girls he hit. They are all weeping and holding their faces.

Aceldama releases the hold after Boettcher warns him about a DQ and Triple M takes the opportunity to pull himself up. Noticing the girls in the audience crying he gives the thumbs up to himself and spits out at them before stumbling back around in time to get a close line from Aceldama!

Once again Aceldama goes for the pin!




Once again Triple M manages to get his shoulder up once again! Aceldama is growing frustrated with his current situation. Aceldama drags Triple M to his feet and heaves him up, wrapping him into a bear hug!

Suddenly Triple M jabs Aceldama in the eye and slips behind him, his arms wrapping around Aceldama’s as he locks him into a Full Nelson hold!

Kicking out Aceldama’s back leg he forces him down, his arms synching him down on the back of Aceldama’s head. Triple M begins to shake Aceldama’s head back and forth as he wears the man down slowly.. Aceldama attempts to power out, going so far as to almost break the hold..

Triple M’s arm beings to slip…

Suddenly Triple M knees Aceldama into the side an relocks his arms!

Aceldama continues to roar for a moment before his expression slowly dies out!



Boettcher calls for the bell as it is clear that Aceldama is unable to escape the hold and is unable to tap given the fact his arms are being held over his head. Triple M tosses Aceldama to the ground and falls to his knees, exhausted but finally victorious!

WINNER: TRIPLE M in 19 minutes and 46 seconds.

Post match Benny notes that Aceldama would of never tapped anyway and that he will not be a happy camper after getting caught in that hold.

Joe agrees and once again the action cuts to the HOV as its time for Part 2 of Sektor and Carey’s date!!

Could be worse…

The HoV lights up as we see the inside of a hotel room door open. We see Bobbinette Carey walk in with Princess in her arm and Sektor behind her. She lets him into the room looking sad at his stained paints. She shakes her head as she sets Princess down. Bobbinette stands up straight and puts her hands on Sektor’s shoulders.

Bobbinette: I’m uberly sorry about what happened. You were being such a nice guy… it was a nice date and Princess had to go and ruin it. You didn’t deserve that and I was wrong for it…How about you let me make it up to you.

She says with a half smile. She slowly moves her hands from his shoulders down his chest to his belt. She puts her hands on his belt unbuckles it with his pants letting them drop. She then looks up at him pausing as she smiles brightly.

Bobbinette: You stay here… I’m going to go get into something a little more comfortable.

She walks into the bathroom offshoot of the hotel room. With a smirk Sektor quickly removes his shoes and kicks away his pants which were around his ankles. He then removes his jacket and t-shirt, leaving only his boxer shorts in place which have a logo on the front reading “Guaranteed Seks.” He then jumps on the bed and positions himself so that he is leaning on one side with a lustful look in his eyes.

Sektor: Time for the Seks Machine!

The door to the rest room opens as Bobbinette peeks her head around the corner seeing Sektor on the bed. She blushes then clears her throat.

Bobbinette: I’m a little shy… do you mind turning the lights off? At first at least?

She says as her face ducks back into the rest room. Sektor raises his eyebrows.

Sektor: Sure I don’t mind a quick game of touchy feely.. just hope your hands are warm!

Bobbinette: Oh Don’t worry about that…

Sektor turns off the lights quickly. The door to the bathroom opens those lights are off as well. There’s a creaking sound as we can hear the bed is now occupied by another person.

Sektor: Wow your skin is so soft, come here girl.

Kissing sounds can be heard along with a couple of groans from Sektor.

Sektor: Yeah you like what I’m doing right there..wait..what the hell?

Sektor flips on the light switch and screams as he see’s a four hundred plus pound woman lying next to him wearing a bee patterned bikini with cellulite rippled on the backs of her thighs and butt. He jumps of the bed and looks pig sick!

Sektor: That’s fucking disgusting eugh..

Sektor grabs his clothes and runs out of the hotel room. Bobbinette flips on the bathroom light walking out of the bathroom laughing her butt off holding her side as she cackles her eyes water she laughs so hard.

Bobbinette: Hey he got a Queen B in bed.

She says laughing as the woman sits up and shrugs her shoulders. The HoV feed cuts at that sight.

~We see this on a monitor back stage Bobbinette smiles watching the end of the date with Sektor. She has a look of pride on her face at what she did. She looks at Princess and says.~

Bobbinette: epicness!

Sektor suddenly appears behind her wearing his wrestling attire, not at all showing any sign of seeing the funny side.

Sektor: You find that funny huh?

~Bobbinette laughs and nods her head.~

Bobbinette: Your darn right I do. It’s your own fault you asked for the date and I got one over on you before you could get one over on me. Don’t be mad about it, it happens.

Sektor shakes his head and leans in closer to Carey pointing a finger in her face.

Sektor: Humiliating me was not wise! I feel betrayed and because of that I think you owe me a second date!

~Bobbinette shakes her head from side to side and rolls her eyes.~

Bobbinette: Technically you won the bet. You did bed a Queen B. Just not the one you had in mind.

~She says pointing her finger back at him. She stops and raises an eyebrow.~

Bobbinette: For firetrucking get it! You’re not getting a second date. I had to go on one date to avoid the cow issue. You’re not owed anything else.

~Sektor leans back and smirks.~

Sektor: Well unfortunately for you I just had a little chat with my good friend Max Kael. I explained the situation and he too feels that I was cheated and has granted me a second date with you. I’ll call ya..

~Sektor walks away from the shot with a confident swagger.~

Bobbinette: What? That’s not fire trucking fair!

~She says with a red face as she takes off in the other direction angry.~


STILL the only sponsor of High Octane Wrestling


Meet and Greet

*Aceldama, still in his wrestling attire after his match with Maurako is walking down the backstage corridor of the Best Arena. He is obviously still very pissed at getting caught in Triple M’s finisher but he has business on his mind now as de stops at a door, after a moment of contemplation he opens it slowly*

Aceldama: I hope you have the contract.

*The voice that answers back is not that of Lee Best, but Miss Giovanni, Max Kael’s secretary*

Miss Giovanni: I have to say I was somewhat shocked to get a phone call from you, but Mr. Kael would be delighted for you to join his team, he is just curious, as to why?

*We see Miss Giovanni standing behind her desk, as Aceldama walks into the room*

Aceldama: Monday something happened, even though the fans won the match, he won my respect. He showed to me that me and him are more alike than I first imagined. To me respect is worth more than any money can offer. I would be honored to stand by a man who shares my love for all sick and twisted.

Miss Giovanni: Well I guess there is nothing left to do than get this contract signed up then.

*Aceldama closes the door as we see the image of Miss Giovanni going into her drawer and pulling out a contract and setting it on the desk as the action returns to ringside where its time for our next match!!


Shane Reynolds vs. Perfect Paul Paras
Singles Match

Back live and both Triple P and a very embarrassed and one has to think pissed off, Shane Reynolds are already inside the ring as its time for our next match as Joe notes that now with HOTv launched Turmoil cannot afford to go over!!

Hortega signals for the bell as Shane vs. Triple P is underway.

Big Buff: What the Fuck has happened tonight Joe?!

Joe Hoffman: That’s a good question Benny.. but for the moment let’s just focus on the match ahead of us with Shane Reynolds vs. Triple P which should prove to be a highly competitive match.

Big Buff: Competitive? I’mma go space dock someone..

Joe Hoffman: ..do I want to ask what space docking is?..

Big Buff: Well, in this case, first you need to stake out a bathroom..

Joe Hoffman: MOVING ON!

Back in the ring Shane and Triple P lock up as both men try to power over the other. Triple P being the superior of the two in strength manages to work Shane into the corner. Hortega slips in and tries to separate the two which results in success. However as Triple P steps back he slaps Shane across the face with a loud crack showing his disrespect for him.

Shane looks shocked at the show of disrespect before he snaps, charging out at Triple P as both men begin to brawl with each other, fists flying as they both try to just pound on each other. Shane manages to get the better of the swing fest as Triple P is finally dropped down to the mat after a hard right.

Shane continues to work over Triple P, hitting a series of neck breakers as he methodically works on Triple P’s neck. The crowd is firmly behind Shane in this endeavor as they cheer his name loudly.

Big Buff: This reminds me of this thing called space docking..

Joe Hoffman: Not now Benny!

Big Buff: ..well what about Wolf Bagging?

Joe Hoffman: Please, I am begging you, just call the match or drink!

Back in the ring Shane goes for a cover on Triple P..



Kick out!!

Shane continues to work over Triple P’s head and neck as the crowd continues to rally behind him. Triple P, in his desperation, manages to power Shane up and over the ropes before collapsing in a nearby corner. Shane lands hard on the outside hitting his shoulder on the group as he lands awkwardly.

Back in the ring Hortega begins the count as Triple P has a moments reprieve while Shane withers on the outside with his potentially injured arm. Hortega gets up to 7 before Shane manages to slide back into the ring only to be met by Triple P who immediately goes after Shane’s shoulder. Triple P sends Shane into the ropes and hits a big yakuza kick to the side of Shane’s head that twists him around. Shane’s eyes go dull as he falls to the mat in a heap before Triple P goes for the cover.

Hortega drops for the cover!





Joe Hoffman: A close pin fall there for Triple P after that thunderous Yakuza kick!

Big Buff: ..Yakuza Kick?.. That reminds me of thing called the Angry Dragon…

Joe Hoffman: What are you on about..?

Big Buff: When you get your woman from behind…

Joe Hoffman: Focus on the match! For god’s sake..

Big Buff: What?! I bet God Donkey Punked the Virgin Mary..

Joe Hoffman: Come on!

Back in the ring Triple P slaps a nerve grip on Shane’s injured shoulder as the crowd rallies behind Shane. Shane’s face begins to turn scarlet as Triple P continues to clamp down on his shoulder. As the crowd rallies behind Shane he slowly starts to fight his way back up to his feet, his face turning purple now. Shane manages to get to his feet and fires off a series of elbows to Triple P’s gut as he relinquishes the hold. Shane heads into the ropes and heads back toward Triple P..


Out of nowhere Triple P counters with a huge RPW Spinebuster and goes for the cover again as Hortega drops down for the pin again.





Shane manages to force his shoulder up as Triple P glares at Hortega who backs off, signally for a three count. Triple P begins to fire more head shorts off on Shane wearing him down before he goes for the cover again. Hortega drops down for the cover again..




This time Shane fully manages to get his shoulder up as Triple P’s attack does not seem to have managed to knocked out Shane. Triple P, growing in frustration, drags Shane up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Triple P goes for a super kick on Shane as he returns however Shane ducks under!

Shane catches himself and spins around nailing the surprised Triple P and a high impact DDT on Triple P! The crowd rises to their feet as Shane pulls himself up to his feet with the ropes while Triple P slowly rolls around in the ring holding his head. Shane motions for Triple P to get to his feet before charging forward hitting him with flying clothesline as the crowd cheers loudly!

Shane climbs to the tope rope…

DIABLO’S INFERNO!!! Shane nails the Diablo’s Inferno on Triple P! Should holds his shoulder letting out a roar of pain before he manages to hook one of Triple P’s legs

..Hortega drops down for the pin again..





NO! NO! Triple P’s leg was just under the rope which technically puts him outside of the ring! The count is not valid!

Hortega tries to explain to Shane what has happened as Triple P rolls to the outside, collapsing outside of the ring. Shane, who is worn out from the match, looks on in frustration as he runs his hands through his hair. He rolls out of the ring only to get caught with an eye gouge from Triple P followed by being Irish whipped into the metal pole in the corner, striking his injured shoulder!

Triple P manages to roll Shane back into the ring and roll Shane over into THE MESSIANIC COMPLEX!

Shane is held into the clutch hold as he struggles, fruitlessly, to break it. His potentially injured shoulder wretched forward while his chin is pinned against his chest! The Crowd begins to chant Shane’s name however his face continues to turn read as he fights to free himself. Unfortunately Triple P merely continues to lock on the pressure as Shane is slowly fading!

With no ability to escape and his face turning purple Hortega is forced to call for the bell!


Triple P continues to wrench forward on Shane who refuses to give up but is turning purple! The crowd boos loudly as Hortega attempts to break the hold while the bell continues to ring in hopes of stimulating Triple P into releasing the hold on the battered Shane Reynolds.

Finally Triple P releases the hold and rolls to the outside where he collects his Stable Title, limping away from the ring having clearly been taken to his limit and not unscathed from the match.

WINNER: TRIPLE P in 23 minutes and 22 seconds.

Post match we cut to another commercial as up next the new World Champion will speak to the crowd.


The Queen B is one of the most loyal and longest standing HOW superstars. She is easily the most dominant woman to ever be in the company and her career is far from over.


World Championship Challenge

The fans are pumped and ready for more, waiting on for the next match or athlete of HOW to grace their presence. With that said the lights begin to dim and in kicks ‘Come With Me’ by Puff Daddy, the fans immediately jump to their feet as there on the ramp way staring out from the dark, the new HOW World Champion, Crow. The fans go crazy cheering as he makes his way down to the ring, smiling the whole way in his designer jeans, short leather jacket; his Crow merchandise t-shirt and title hanging over his shoulder. Crow jumps onto the apron and stares out at the thousands of fans cheering for him in the Best Arena, he walks around the whole ring from apron to apron looking out and enters the ring after being handed a mic, waiting for him moment to begin talking.

Crow: Thank you, thank you, thank you.. thank you to everyone who believed in me and knew I would be here tonight holding this title over my shoulder. And to those who doubted me, to those who never had the faith, to all those who believed in Graystone to show up here today wearing this belt, to those, I say fuck you!

The odd few fans that support the Best Alliance begin booing, everyone else claps and cheers.

Crow: I never doubted myself for a second going into this, or coming out of it, the day this all began it was me and 15 other guys chasing down this, I was confident I would win, and I won. And then it becomes just one man, and although he needed the Best Alliance to help him, although he set me on fire, I remained confident. And even when my mind began to get infected with the Graystone disease, I let that fire within me burn, I burned him back, I burned myself with the torture of getting to Graystone, the whole time, I knew I would win.

Crow pulls his title off his shoulder and balances it before him.

Crow: With confidence people, with belief, with faith, I present to you, your new World Champion..

Crow walks forward and raises his title greeted by thousands of cheers, he smiles and backs off.

Crow: Thank you again, but tonight is no celebration, I have been a champion before, I will be a champion again. Tonight I’m here to address something, someone, somewhat a matter that’s been waiting for me almost two months now. Tonight I not only invoke the force that I am a champion, but tonight I invoke the force of the champion I am going to be, tonight, I invoke my rematch clause for the HOW ICON Championship! You see people have come walking out of March to Glory with questions, who’s next in line for the World title? Who’s going to go after the ICON title, who’s Max and Lee got their eyes on for War Games?

Crow wonder about the ring some and hangs his title over the ropes.

Crow: Questions, questions, questions, well I can answer all three on them right now, me, me, and me. Lee Best and Max Kael want the number one guys helping them to get the better of this company, and clearly your World champion standing before you is number one. But, as much as they want, I don’t, they can both knock me off their list as I have other plans, other ideas, bigger sights and achievements waiting for me in the distance. As for the World title? Nobody is worthy, nobody unless I say so, and right now I see nobody worthy in HOW but myself, but I do need to give somebody a chance..

Crow pulls something out of his back pocket, it seems to be a folded up t-shirt.

Crow: Now I want to be a real champion, a true champion, so next week.. I’m going to defend my title!

The fans cheer.

Crow: And the unlucky victim.

Crow unwraps the t-shirt, it’s an Issac Slade shirt, Crow walks towards the ropes, he turns the t-shirt upside down, hanging the cross upside down and hangs it over the ropes.

Crow: I’m finally invoking my ICON title rematch, so next week, Crow versus Issac Slade, with both titles on the line, and just like St Peter, your unworthiness will show, you don’t deserve to be in the same ring with the ‘Christ’ of wrestling.

Crow raises his title in the air and his music kicks in, the fans go crazy as Crow leaves the ring with the t-shirt of Issac Slade left hanging upside down, the cross still hanging upside down.

Action cuts to another commercial as the Arena is buzzing about the World vs. ICON title match next week on Turmoil!!!

The Darkone has been showcasing his skills for years and is considered one of the all time greats and to count him out right now would be a huge mistake.


Making it Official..

*We are back live and we return inside the office of Miss Giovanni as we see Aceldama sitting at the desk reading through the contract with Miss Giovanni standing over him*

Miss Giovanni: This truly is a great victory for Team Kael. To be able to grab a wrestler under the clutches of Lee Best is a wondrous victory.

Aceldama: It says here as to working for him I will also be doing his every whim, a slave?

Miss Giovanni: A slave is such a strong word, think of it as a personal assistant, a bodyguard of sorts.

Aceldama: I will not sign this with that in it.

Miss Giovanni: I cannot change it, that is what Kael wants within it.

Aceldama: Then I guess there is nothing left to do then than sign this. Pen?

Miss Giovanni: Oh yes, how could I forget?

*She goes into her inner pocket and takes out a fountain pen and hands it to Aceldama, who puts it down onto the paper, and takes a long pause, looking down at the paper, he lets out a sick twisted smile, then…*

Aceldama: I’m sorry, but this part here I don’t quite understand.

*Miss Giovanni leans over Aceldama, putting her hands onto the desk. Then he swipes, taking the fountain pen and with heavy force stabs it into the hand of Miss Giovanni! She lets out a heart wrenching scream, she cannot move her hand, it is stuck to the desk. She tries to get free, but she cannot, her attempting more extreme pain. Aceldama grabs her by the hair and pulls her towards his face*

Aceldama: Your boss’s failure to negotiate upsets me. But did you honestly think I would join him?

You truly are so naive.

*He takes the contract and shoves it into her mouth, she begins to choke, he head butts her ferociously to the face, the sound of her nose breaking can be heard. He falls to the ground, hand still stuck to the desk by the fountain pen. The sound of the door opening can be heard. Aceldama looks up at the figure that has entered*

Aceldama: Now here is someone who is willing to negotiate. About fucking time. Have you got the new contract?

*A hand is seen setting down a contract on the desk. Aceldama reads it*

Aceldama: Excellent, so 500k up front then? 250k will come from Scott Woodson to cover my loss of earnings at Hate? And I am granted to attend the match at Saturday against SurReal in New York?

*We finally see the figure in all its glory. It’s a happily smiling Lee Best standing in the room*

Lee Best: Correct, all that’s left to do is sign.

*Aceldama proceeds to prod the fountain pen from the hand of Miss Giovanni, there is cracking of bones as he twists it out. He hand falls to meet her lifeless body on the ground. He takes the fountain pen and in the pool of blood left where her hand one sat, he dips the pen. He then proceeds to sign the contract in the blood of Miss Giovanni! He looks up at Lee with a smirk, his eyes then turn to the right, a shadow can be seen beside him, he raises the fountain pen and a hand takes it, it dips it into the pool of blood and underneath Aceldama’s signature, they sign.

The camera turns around to see Lee Best standing at the other side of the desk, smirking proudly as the camera pans back to the desk to reveal two, Aceldama sitting at the desk, looking up with a sick smirk as his co-signature………………………..SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

Aceldama stands up and turns to him, looking at him*

Aceldama: You’re a slave no more. Together we will get back at those who done us wrong.

Turmoil goes to its final commercial as The Best Arena is in total shock as Benny is jumping up and down as not only has Lee signed Aceldama to his team but also Shane Reynolds!!!


The man that has come to represent all that is good about HOW. War Games winner, multi champion at every level, Jatt clearly equals ratings. He is back for one final run and who is going to stop him?


Bobbinette Queen B Carey vs. Darkwing vs. Jatt Starr
Triple Threat Match

Back live and Circus by Britney Spears hits the PA and Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey makes her way out as the crowd stands as one to applaud the Queen B as Joe Hoffman runs down how big of a match this is with the stipulations in play.

Joe reminds the viewers that whoever gets pinned or submits in this match up will not only lose their Hall of Fame Status but they will be a slave to Maximillian Kael. Benny then interjects that if Jatt happens to win then BOTH Carey and Darkwing will lose their HOF status and Jatt is immune to losing his.

Joe notes that Benny is right as Carey climbs into the ring as The Animal I’ve become by Three Days Grace hits the PA system and Darkwing makes his way down to the ring with a very serious look on his face.

The crowd greets Darkwing with a very mixed reaction as he joins Carey in the ring and the two exchange looks as Joe reminds the viewers that it was Carey that saved Darkwing from having to face Besty at March to Glory.

They both turn their attention towards the entrance ramp as Everybody Wants You by Billy Squire hits the PA system and Jatt Starr makes his way out to a very LOUD mixed reaction as half the crowd is cheering for the return of Jatt Starr to weekly HOW programming while the other half is booing him cause he is Lee’s number one guy.

As Jatt makes his way down Joe notes that Starr recently bought a World Title shot and he has yet to cash it in while Darkwing recently bought an ICON title shot and has yet to cash it in but what is for certain is that someone will no longer be a HOW Hall of Famer after tonight and SOMONE will be a slave to Max and we all know how that is working out for Shane Reynolds.

Jatt finally climbs into the ring and there is nothing funny about the look on his face as Jatt is all business as HOW senior referee Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and it is time for the Hall of Fame Match here on TNT!!!


Immediately Darkwing and Carey go after Jatt who sees it coming and rolls out of the ring quickly and taps his forehead to indicate he is the smart one in this match up.

Boettcher signals for Jatt to get back into the ring and starts a ten count. Darkwing and Carey look on but it isn’t long before one of them takes advantage of the situation as Darkwing blindsides Carey with a wicked right hand to the temple and the Queen B goes down hard and Darkwing makes the cover and gets a near fall and should of won if not for Jatt putting Carey’s leg on the bottom rope.

Joe notes that this isn’t the first time Jatt has helped Carey and one has to wonder if something is going on there and Benny counters that Carey is already drooling over Sektor and its just a matter of time before she comes over to the BA and starts showing off how she can suck a golf ball thru a garden hose.

Back in the ring Jatt seizes on an opportunity and rolls into the ring and promptly throws Darkwing out on the far side and hustles back over to Carey and tries to get the pinfall but Carey kicks out as Joe notes that maybe Jatt and Carey have nothing going on after all.

Darkwing isn’t out of the ring for long and within seconds Jatt and Darkwing are staring each other down in the center of the ring and Darkwing begins talking trash to the man that has beat him eleven times already. The exchange gets so heated that they are literally touching foreheads as the crowd is red hot for this exchange as it’s been several years since these two have squared off.

But before it become a physical exchange Carey grabs Jatt by the pants and rolls him up and gets as Darkwing literally watches on as Jatt kicks out at two.

From there it is several minutes of Carey and Darkwing working together as they know the only way out of this match as a Hall of Famer is by Jatt Starr being the one that goes down via pinfall or submission.

Carey and Darkwing work very well as a team as Darkwing executes several power moves and Carey follows them up with some great technical moves that all result in near falls as Jatt is literally a man on an island in this match as no one wants to see him win.

At one point the HOV comes to life and we see a split screen of Maximillian Kael and Lee Best watching the match on monitors in their office.

Joe notes that both men look surprisingly calm for such a high stakes match.

Back in the ring Darkwing brings Jatt down with a very hard Trans Darkwing Express spear followed up by a big elbow drop from the top rope from Carey and all this results in yet another near fall but this time barely as both Darkwing and Carey cover Jatt and try to get the pinfall.

After a few more minutes of great teamwork and near falls Darkwing is obviously getting frustrated and he exits the ring and grabs a steel chair and returns but Boettcher cuts him off and while those two argue Jatt is able to nail Carey with a Falling Starr and covers and easily gets a three count but Boettcher doesn’t get into position in time and Darkwing kicks Jatt off just in time.

Benny screams that the match should be over but it is not and Darkwing goes back on the offensive before Jatt can even get to his feet.

With Carey out of commission for the time being Darkwing begins to unload seven years of frustration on Jatt Starr and the crowd is clearly behind him now as he unloads on Jatt with several big time moves and the already roughed up Jatt is unable to defend himself and Darkwing goes for the kill as he kicks Starr in the gut and goes for his Dark Reality DDT finisher but Starr counters with a suplex and all three Hall of Famers are down as Boettcher makes the count as the crowd urges on Carey and Darkwing.

Boettcher makes it to eight before all three make it to their feet and Starr immediately rushes Darkwing and goes for a big clothesline but the Darkone ducks and Jatt goes flying over the top rope and to the arena floor as the crowd cheers for the Best Alliance Hall of Famer crashing and burning.

Darkwing curses Starr out and the crowd is eating it up and as he turns back towards the center of the ring he is met by Carey as she nails him with her Royalty Check finisher!!!

Carey stands over Darkwing and then looks outside the ring at Jatt who is using the ring to climb up. The crowd is urging her to pin Darkwing but she is clearly debating on going after Starr instead.

She turns back towards Darkwing and looks down and then back up to the fans who are screaming and it’s not because they want her to pin Darkwing…

She turns and immediately is met by a Falling Starr from Jatt as he was playing possum as Carey fought with her feelings.

Now it is Jatt who is standing over both Darkwing and Carey and the crowd is booing crazily as Jatt cannot decide on who to pin and instead drops down and places an arm on both and Matt Boettcher makes the count…





Post match Boettcher can be seen raising Jatt’s hand in victory as everyone is wondering who is the official loser….are both losers???

The HOV then comes to life and we see a replay of the final count and we see Darkwings shoulders stay down for the full three count while Carey was able to kick out right before the final count and it is official…


Suddenly Aceldama and Scottywood come racing down the rampway and they slide into the ring and proceed to continue the beat down of Darkwing and Carey as Jatt quickly rolls out of the ring and begins up the rampway holding his arms high in the air as Joe notes that Aceldama is wearing a Best Alliance t-shirt and that Lee sent these two men out here to finish out two of the biggest thorns in Lee’s side.

Aceldama powerbombs Carey out of the ring and she lands hard on her back on the outside as the crowd begins a HOLY SHIT CHANT as Scottywood executes a perfect stalling suplex that sends Darkwing out of the ring and down to the arena floor right on top of Carey.

Scottywood holds Aceldama’s arm high in the air and they turn towards the entrance ramp as Lee Best and Static make their way out and start to make their way down the ramp but they suddenly stop and point for Aceldama and Scotty to turn around.

Joe begins screaming and for the first time in god knows how long he curses as two men slide into the ring behind The Commissioner and Aceldama…..


Benny is taken aback by Joe cursing and then he points out that Denton and Michaels are wearing Best Alliance shirts!!

Smiling, Lee starts down the ramp with Static and Scottywood and a confused Aceldama shake the hands of Denton and Michaels.


Joe is stopped short as is Lee and Static on the entrance ramp as Michaels and Denton quickly move in unison and nail Scottywood and Aceldama with DDT’s and Michaels exits the ring quickly and reenters with a steel chair in hand as the crowd is in complete shock and Lee and Static are frozen on the rampway as Michaels points the chair at them and tells them not to come any closer as he pulls out a microphone…

Rob Michaels: Tonight is the beginning of the end for you Lee….tonight is the night that will long be remembered as the night Rob Michaels and Matt Denton shocked the world!!!

With that Denton and Michaels rip off their Best Alliance shirts and reveal SSE SHIRTS…


Turmoil comes to an end as Michaels raises the chair high over his head as both Static and Lee storm the ring…


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Chicago, Illinois

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