Turmoil: June 25th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
June 25th, 2009 – #HOW59
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Have Faith in Bestism?

The High Octane Television logo gives way to the Thursday night Turmoil banner as this week’s edition is about to kick off

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Thursday Night Turmoil, I am Joe Hoffmann and as always I am sad to announce I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell.

Benny Newell: Very nice, down me in your first sentence, I think I may have to have a drink or two to down the emotional sorrow inside. How could you? In all the years….

Buff is broken mid sentence as Slayer’s ‘Bloodline’ blasts through the Best Arena and a rather somber world champion Aceldama, dressed in jeans and black t-shirt, a strange attire for him, struts his way to the ring, microphone in hand

Joe Hoffman: It looks like we are to have an interruption to normal proceedings as the world champion is making his way to the ring, and he does not look happy whatsoever.

Benny Newell: Like those words you said Joe, they hurt, I was at your daughters christening for god’s sake!

Joe Hoffman: Get over it! As I recall you arrived drunk and threw up in the pulpit. But yes the beltless champion is making his way to the ring; he must have a hundred things going on in his mind.

Aceldama walks past the fans in the front row and spots a fan holding a banner which reads ‘Have Faith’, he grabs it from his hands and then proceeds to slide under the bottom rope and stand in the middle of the ring looking at the banner, he rips it into two and throws it to the ground. The boos begin to ring across the arena, almost deafening, and then they are replaced with chants of ‘Slade, Slade’. Aceldama stands in the middle of the ring listening to the chants in disgust

Aceldama: So you all return. All the followers of Issac Slade, ready to see the resurrection, ready to witness with your own eyes the return of the one you hold in such high esteem. Your faith shows no bounds, you still chant for this has been. He looked up at someone truly stronger than him, and he got what was coming. Forever let those scars upon your head be a reminder of the last time we met Slade, upon this very ring. Now I am a man who does not wait for opportunities, I will not wait for something to come my way, I look for them, and I call them out. So Issac Slade, get your ass out here right now!

The fans go ecstatic as they await to see if Issac Slade will answer Aceldama’s call

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama is wasting no time here, he is calling out Issac Slade, one has to wonder if he has even made it to the arena yet!

Aceldama: Fine, so you are a little hesitant, feeling a little bit nauseous about coming out here and standing face to face with the fan who took you out, put you upon that shelf for so long. I don’t blame you. But I know, deep down in that heart of yours, you seek redemption. A change of payback at me, so why wait? Come and do it now, I am waiting. Your followers are waiting; let’s not keep them in suspense any longer. Come and get me…..and bring my title with you! I know it was you, I know you wanted to get to me where it hurts, and so you took the one thing I truly care about. Bravo, you got my attention. But Slade, my eye was always on you, awaiting your return, awaiting the moment…..when I could do it all over again.

Aceldama is getting very impatient, the veins on his neck are throbbing as he stares at the ramp, but no signs of Slade making his way to the ring.

Aceldama: Fine, so be it. If you will not come to me, then I shall come to you. I shall leave no stone unturned, I will go after every person you love, your family, your friends, hell even your fans until I find you, and when I find you…….you will not rise from the dead this time. No resurrection, no return.

Aceldama throws the microphone down to the canvas, the sound of the drop making a massive thud noise throughout the arena, he goes to put his foot under the middle rope when a familiar noise echoes throughout the arena, sending the fans into a trance.

“Rise from the ashes” by Quiet Drive brings the crowd to their feet as Issac Slade emerges from behind the curtain with a mic in hand, he looks around the crowd his eyes coming to rest on Aceldama in the middle of the ring, shaking his head he takes a step forward holding his hands out in an “They’re empty” gesture.

Issac Slade: Man is it good to be back!

The crowd cheers again.

Issac Slade: Ace….can I call you Ace? It seems to me your attention span must be a little on the short end, because I already told you…my business with you isn’t about the World Title! And as much as you’d like to believe that it’s true it’s not about getting revenge either…No Aceldama it’s about standing up for myself!

Joe Hoffman: Issac Slade looks better than ever Benny!

Benny Newell: I’m not talking to you Joe…though maybe he’s got something with this whole “Have Faith” thing…maybe I need religion.

Issac Slade: You left me a broken and bleeding mess after my loss to Triple P, I’m sure I could call up the footage for everyone but to be honest it’s something I see every time I close my eyes Ace…

Benny Newell: Don’t some churches serve wine?

Joe Hoffman: Benny for crying out loud the house of God is not a bar to cater to your drinking problem!

Benny Newell: I’m not talking to you! I’m thinking out loud!

Issac Slade paces back and forth looking down at the crowd

Issac Slade: Ladies and Gentlemen this isn’t about gold! this isn’t about revenge, this is about standing up to a bully! We’ve all had them at one point or another in our lives, they took our lunch money, they harassed us in school, and I had my share of them when I was younger let me tell you…

Benny Newell: I think I’ll be Mormon…don’t they get more than one wife?

Joe Hoffman: Benny sometimes I wish you just drank water…

Benny Newell: Don’t judge me because you don’t understand my religion Joe! Besides I don’t drink water…I gave it up for Lent!

Joe Hoffman: You…wait what? Do you even know what “Lent” is?

Benny Newell: Of course I do Joe! I’m a man of the cloth now!

Issac Slade: I used to get beat up all the time, until I decided to send those bullies a message! I didn’t torment them, I didn’t harass them, when they came to me with intention to do harm I fought back, and soon they left me alone…because deep down Bullies are just cowards!

Issac looks at Aceldama pacing in the ring like a caged animal

Issac Slade: And what kind of man would I be? What kind of example would I set to all my fans if I let a bully beat me up in the middle of the ring? And I didn’t fight back? This isn’t about escalating violence ladies and gentlemen! This is about never backing down, never surrendering! and sending a message to you Aceldama…you may have beat me down but I’m still standing! And I’m not going to let your cowardly attack go unanswered!

The crowd cheers and Aceldama looks ready for a fight, he motions for Issac Slade to come down to the ring.

Benny Newell: You know? I don’t think I’m going to be Mormon

Joe Hoffman: *Sighs* Why Benny? Why wouldn’t you want to be Mormon?

Benny Newell: Because…Having more than one wife has it’s…benefits…but that would mean I’d have to have more than one mother in law…sounds like hell to me…especially on holidays!

Issac looks down the ramp at Aceldama and speaks once more

Issac Slade: The Bible tells us “Vengeance is Mine so sayeth the Lord!” and being a God Fearing man I’ll trust in that, but the Good Lord Also Helps those who help themselves…so I think he’ll find in his heart to forgive me if I help myself down to the ring and whip you from corner to corner like the coward you are!

Throwing the Mic down Issac begins to march down to the ring his eyes set on Aceldama and nothing else.

Joe Hoffman: This is Benny! It’s payback time!

Benny Newell: Blood! Oh there’s gonna be a lot of it!

Joe Hoffman: Does your “Religion” allow for bloodshed Benny?

Benny Looks at Joe confused

Benny Newell: My what now?

Joe Hoffman: Your religion….the one you were going on about a few minutes ago?

Benny Newell: Joe you know my tithes only go to The God of HOW Lee Best!

As Issac get’s halfway down to the ring the Screen comes to life above the stage and Lee Best himself glares angrily down at the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Speak of the devil….

Benny Newell: Blasphemy! Blasphemer!

The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as the High Octave Vision screen shows Lee Best, looking a little better than last week, sitting in a wheel chair and directly behind him is Kirsta Lewis. She has her hands on Lee’s shoulders and Lee looks up at her and smiles before staring back at the camera and thus out into the Best Arena.

Lee Best: It is good to hear you say you are a God Fearing man Mr. Slade cause as everyone knows..I am the GOD OF HOW!!

The crowd boos louder and Slade holds his arms out pointing to the crowd as to say “exactly”.

Lee Best: Boo all you want but the facts are these. I am God of this company and right now the man in the ring is the World Champion and thus is my most valuable asset and you think I am going to allow for you to go down to the ring and face Aceldama on TV….for free??

Slade nods his head yes as Aceldama smiles in the ring as he knows where Lee is going and so does the crowd as they continue to boo..

Lee Best: You will get your shot at Aceldama and you will get a shot at the World Title but it’s not going to happen tonight and it won’t happen until we get to Washington D.C……..at Capitol Punishment!!

The crowd erupts into cheers at the announcement of the match and Slade looks back down to the ring and smiles as Aceldama stares back up at the challenger for his title.

Lee Best: Now if you will excuse me I have some fluids to….um…..replenish…oh..one more thing. Next week on Turmoil….we make the match official as both of you will sign on the dotted line and make the Main Event for Capitol Punishment official…….now…Kirsta….ready?

Lee looks up to see Kirsta texting someone on her phone…

Just as the HOV fades out we see Lee reaching up to smack the phone outta Kirsta’s hands.

Joe Hoffman: What a way to start the show folks…Issac Slade is back and will face Aceldama for the World Championship..which is still missing by the way…on August 3rd at Capitol Punishment!!

Benny Newell: Fuck Mormons and fuck the rest…I am converting to Bestism…….book it Dano.

Joe can only shake his head in disgust as the feed fades out and the opening video package for Thursday Night Turmoil begins to air on HOTv….


John Lexicon vs. Bob Jared
Singles Match

As the opening video package comes to an end we are shown the live Turmoil Crowd cheeringly wildly, still buzzing with the news of Issac Slade vs. Aceldama for the HOW World Title!

As the camera pans over the crowd we are shown various signs are shown in the crowd.






We are taken to the commentary table where Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman are standing by.

Joe Hoffman: Again welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil here on HOTv, ladies and gentlemen! The show has not even officially started and already we have a huge announcement from Lee Best in regards to the HOW World Title Match at Capitol Punishment!

Benny Newell: Fuck yeah, Hoffman, Lee Best brought the law to town and has sent Isaac Slade straight down to Death Row for sure!

Joe Hoffman: For those of you just joining us, let me explain the comments from my co-commentator is referring too. By order of the 100% Owner of High Octane Wrestling, at Capitol Punishment Isaac Slade will be facing Aceldama for the High Octane Wrestling World Title, Isaac Slade’s first ever official Main Event at a PPV!

Benny Newell: That’s funny cause it will be his last one too as Lee Best’s personal monster Aceldama is going to turn Slade into a pile of broken bones and.. like.. muscles!

Joe Hoffman: Go ahead and take a drink, Benny, and get back to me with a better description when you’re feeling drunk enough.

Benny Newell: Fuck you!.. but if you insist…

Benny is seen pouring a shot of whiskey for himself before shooting it. Joe looks over and Benny smacks his lips before shaking his head, shooting back another shot as he does not feel the first one hit.

Joe Hoffman: As Benny gets himself prepared for the evening let’s turn our attention back to the ring as we get set for our opening bout!

The lights dim but don’t go out as “The Oath” by Street Sweeper Social Club begins to play. The soft melody and mellow lyrics accompany John’s emergence from the back. He takes center beneath the screen as it flashes clips from his previous battles in such a quick and random fashion it’s hard to follow. The announcer calls the vitals for Lexicon as the crowd cheers loudly.

That is until the guitar riff kicks in. Pyros explode, lights come back up, Lex rocks out, and the screen finally slows down on the image of John sailing through the air in a swan dive from the top rope to the outside. He lands and it fast forwards to him applying The Iron Lion on Michael Norcia. Fast forward to him hitting a school boy in on Max Kael. And so on in this fashion.

John Lexicon makes his way down the ramp, touching hands with fans and rocking his head to the music, all smiles as he slides into the ring under the bottom rope, proceeding to the center of the ring where he poses for the fans before turning his attention up toward the ramp.

Tumbleweed” by Johnny Cash cues up as the crowd comes to life once again in anticipation for a growing fan favorite. Despite the lack of theatrics for his entrance the ever amazing Bob Jared, otherwise known simple as The Bob of HOW, makes his way onto the entrance ramp.

The crowd roars with pro-Jared chants as he makes his way down to the ring with a look of mild determination in his eyes.

As his vitals are called off he circles the ring with his eyes on Lexicon. Juking and jiving back and forth the Tennessee Tumbleweed finally tumbles under the bottom rope into the ring where he poses half heartedly for the fans who great him enthusiastically.

Joel Hortega slips into the ring as the bell rings and both men circle each other.

Preparing the lock up Jared quickly drops too his knees and rolls out of the ring with his hands on his hips. Looking up at Hortega he seems to shout something which Hortega doesn’t appear to understand.

Lexicon, not desiring for Jared to draw this fight out unnecessarily, rolls out of the ring as Jared starts to enjoy some attention from an older fan in her mid-40ies with a few missing teeth and enough eye liner to ensure blinking fully is nearly impossible. However, though Bob seems to be enjoying her attention, the man she is with seems to take offense to Jared’s advances.

As the previous World Champion closes on Jared, the husband of the woman Jared has started flirting with, a bulky 50 year old truck driver sort with a massive mustache, swings a meaty fist toward Jared.

However the Bob of HOW is not easily caught off guard, even when influencing married women with his Bob-charm. Using his sixth Bob-Sense, Jared ducks out of the way however Lexicon, not prepared for the burly truck driver, is caught square in the side of the jaw with a resounding slap.

Lexicon drops like a lead weight as Jared scrambles back up into the ring, unsure what exactly has just happened. Security jump the man who took the swing, escorting him out as his wife blows kisses to Jared which may or may not end up tangled in Bob Jared’s manly chest hair. Unfortunately for Lexicon, Hortega is forced to start the 10 count as various medical personal arrive on the scene to check on him.

Bob Jared assists in the count down with Hortega however by the end of the 10 count, Lexicon has only managed to stumble up too his feet with his jaw showing obvious signs of swelling.


Lexicon checks his jaw only to snap his attention back up to Hortega as he hears the bell ring and Bob Jared’s name called as winner.

Back in the ring, however, Bob Jared is celebrating as if he just endured a particularly grueling match while the crowd cheers him on lovingly.

Joe Hoffman: One punch and Jared defeats Lexicon? A former World Champion?

Benny Newell: As Lee would say…Bob Fucking Jared….DRINK!!

The action cuts to the backstage area as we see a final shot of Jared walking up the ramp holding his right fist up in the air as Lexicon is leaning on the canvas still unsure of what just happened.


You are not alone..

We open up backstage where we are inside the office of Lee Best and we see him sitting in his wheel chair with Kirsta Lewis standing in front of him holding up a mirror. Lee has on a black hat, and a silver glove to go along with his usual HOW colored suit…..

? I’m talking to the man in the mirror…..I’m asking him to change his ways…?


Lee and Kirsta turn towards the door and the camera pans over and we see Mark O’Neal entering the office.

Lee Best: Shum on in Mark…

Kirsta Lewis: Shum on?

Lee Best: Would you prefer if I said Cum on?

Kirsta smiles and then proceeds to slap the Shum on outta Lee. Lee grabs the side of his face while motioning for Mark to take a seat which he does.

Lee glares at Kirsta as he turns his wheel chair and faces Mark.

Lee Best: What’s up Mark?

Mark O’Neal: Darkwing…that’s what.

Lee Best: Ah the Duck one..what’s up?

Mark O’Neal: Well I get what he is looking for with this as he wants his shot against you…but for me….what’s the motivation in facing him again?

Lee and Kirsta exchange a look and then Lee motions for Kirsta to get something out of his desk and she complies and returns with a manila envelope and hands it to Mark who quickly opens it up and pulls out some form of a legal document.

Mark reads it over very quickly and Lee can be seen smiling from ear to ear as he watches Mark’s reactions to the document.

Finally finishing the document, Mark puts it back in the envelope and smiles at Lee.

Mark O’Neal: You serious?

Lee Best: As a heart attack……fuck…sorry Michael….. ? You are not alone……I am here with you…?

As Lee continues to sing Mark stands up and slowly exits the room holding the manila envelope tightly as Kirsta puts the mirror down and exits as well as Lee continues to sing with his eyes closed and using his Bottom Line pen as his microphone..

? Billie Jean…is not my lover…..shes just a girl…who claims that I AM THE ONE….shum on….Beat it….shum on!!! ?

Turmoil cuts to its first commercial break as we see Lee stand up and do a Michael Jackson leg kick and then immediately fall back into his wheel chair in pain…


Issac Sladel vs. Aceldama©

Maximillian Kael vs. Shane Reynolds©

Mark O’Neal vs. Darkwing

Attitude Change..more Bestism

Back live and we see Bob Jared standing backstage once again with Brian Bare, this time with a perplexed grin on his face.

Brian Bare: Ladies and gentlemen, we are backstage with the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” Bob Jared. This time he has something really important to say.

Bob Jared: That’s right Brian, I’m issuing a challenge next Turmoil to a certain someone on the roster.

Brian Bare: And who would that be, Bob?

Bob Jared: Who else but the current world champion himself, Aceldama.

Brian Bare: Aceldama? Why him?

Bob Jared: Duh, he’s the world champion and he has something that I want and that is the World Title.

Brian Bare: Are you sure that you’re ready to take on someone like him. I mean, no offense to you Bob, but you couldn’t beat David Black so what makes you think you can beat Aceldama.

Bob Jared: Hey, remember now Brian, I was injured when I faced Black last week and now I’m feeling a lot better.

Brian Bare: True, but what makes you sure that you can just challenge him out of the blue?

Bob Jared: Because that would make him a coward if he doesn’t accept my challenge.

Brian Bare: And what makes you so sure that you can win?

Bob Jared: Isn’t it obvious? I have the natural charisma that he lacks and my technical bag of trips will leave him surprised and confused.

Brian Bare: Ah, now I see. But still, don’t you think you’re aiming too high?

Bob Jared: Yes, obviously. But if you were someone in my position you would want to get to the top as fast as you possibly can and you do that by challenging the biggest fish in the tank.

Brian Bare: I guess you also have a point about that.

Bob Jared: Indeed I do, I want people to take me more seriously and they will be forced to once I am placed in a one on one match with Aceldama, whatever the hell his name means.

Brian Bare: So, are you hoping that Lee Best will make this challenge official?

Bob Jared: Sure, I mean, he said so himself that he wants to make me a threat and what better way to do that then by having me face the current top guy on the roster.

Brian Bare: Bur don’t you think that’s pushing it just a bit too fast?

Bob Jared: Absolutely, I mean, just because I didn’t beat Black doesn’t mean that I don’t have a chance against Aceldama. I could be the better man any night on Turmoil and get the win, you’re forgetting that I have beaten guys in the past like Christopher America for example. Also I competed very well on War Games and came very close to winning the LSD Title. Plus I just beat a former World Champion with one punch!

Brian Bare: Do you have any intentions on winning the World Title?

Bob Jared: Eventually I do, but for now I just want people to see me in a different light than just that guy who calls himself a tumbleweed. As Lee Best has appropriately dubbed me, I’m now Bob “Fucking” Jared and I don’t let opportunities like this just pass me by. It’s time to jump the gun and make a bigger name for myself.

Brian Bare: It’s an honor to be dubbed by Lee Best, but don’t you think you are getting just a bit too cocky?

Bob Jared: Hey, when you are in Lee Best’s good graces and become a project of his you have every right to be cocky.

Brian Bare: Well, it is quite amazing to be handpicked like that out of a big roster. Why do you think he decided to pick you as his brain child?

Bob Jared: Because, I’m Bob Jared.

Brian Bare: I need a real reason, Bob.

Bob Jared: I’m the shit, that’s why. And the following I’ve had by the fans for quite some time is about to finally pay off for them, seeing as how they will get to see their hero in bigger and better action.

Brian Bare: I guess you’re right, if Lee Best sees something in you then you must be worth the money he

pays you with.

Bob Jared: Are you implying that I’m worthless?!

Brian Bare: No, I’m just saying that it’s kind of strange to see someone such as yourself be put into a huger spotlight so quick and will take some time to get used to.

Bob Jared: Someone like myself?!

Brian Bare: Uh…Let’s change the subject.

Bob Jared: That’s what I thought, nah I’m just pulling your leg, Brian.

Bob slapped Brian on the back and let out a joyful laugh.

Brian Bare: Oh, that’s good to hear. But can you give me an idea as to why you think it would be simple enough to topple over a world champion?

Bob Jared: I just beat a former world champion, John Lexicon. Weren’t you watching my match?

Brian Bare: No, but now I can see why you have the confidence to take on someone big like Aceldama.

Bob Jared: And I will take advantage of Aceldama’s disability if I have to.

Brian Bare: His disability?

Bob Jared: Did I stutter? The man is a manic schizophrenic so the easiest way to get into his head is with mind games, and by doing that it will grant me my next big win and grant him his fourth loss.

Brian Bare: Aren’t you at least intimidated in any way by Aceldama?

Bob Jared: Hell no, he doesn’t frighten me one bit.

Brian Bare: Have you seen his Casualty List? Max Kael was hospitalized after a Last Man Standing Match and was subjected to a wheelchair. John Sektor got a black eye, bruised ribs and ego. Bobbinette Carey got a black eye, bruised ribs, cut on forehead after an attack by the Blood Brothers during ‘post match’. Ms Giovanni got a pen stabbed through the palm of her hand. Issac Slade got a broken cheek due to a punt after a vicious attack which lead to a mock crucifixion. And Scottywood got electrocuted, subjected to nerve damage and first degree burns as well as a serious hand injury.

Bob Jared: Eh, I’ve been through worse.

Brian Bare: Is that all you have to say, Bob? Aren’t you the least bit concerned as to what your brash judgment of Aceldama might lead to?

Bob Jared: Yup, another win for me and possibly a shot at the World Title in the future. And as for my “brash judgment” if I know I can beat someone deep down in my heart then it can happen.

Brian Bare: Oh alright, even though I can’t agree with what you’re saying you still have some serious balls with the nerve to taken on someone as scary as him.

Bob Jared: Brian, you make it sound like Aceldama cannot be defeated but he has been beaten before in the past. It’s not like he’s invincible, he’s still just a man like you and me. And like any other man, he can be taken down with the right determination and attitude.

Brian Bare: I suppose so, but still you should be careful with who you challenge since it might come back to haunt you.

Bob Jared: I can live it if things don’t turn out the right way, which won’t happen because I am perfection as well as special, both blended into one. I’m percial.

Brian Bare: I have no reason to disagree with you so I will rightfully agree with you, you are percial. Even though that’s just a word you made up.

Bob Jared: I can make up words to, someone who is percial has the right to do anything they want, not including breaking the law though since no one has the right to do that.

Brian Bare: Indeed, now that’s something I can agree upon. That is, no one having the right to break the law. Only when circumstances put a person in position to take justice into their own hands is something I can tolerate. Why, I am remember when I was just a kid we didn’t have-

Bob Jared: Uh, as much as I like to talk you.. you do know that our time is running out? Isn’t there something you’d like to say to me before this segment is over?

Brian Bare: Oh right, I almost forgot.

Brian cleared his throat and then recited into his microphone.

Brian Bare: There you have it folks, the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” Bob Jared has just issued a challenge to Aceldama in a one on one match next Turmoil. Will Aceldama accept the challenge or will the nightmare from Berlin “kindly” decline? And what does Lee Best have to say regarding Mr. Jared’s claim?

Tune in next week to find out!

The cameras follow Jared as he starts to walk away …..


Jared goes flying backward as he falls to the ground unconscious before he hits the pavement. Bare runs away as the camera pans over to see who just took Jared out…


The action returns to ringside as we see a smiling Carey flip her hair and walk off camera.


Scottywood vs. Kirsta Lewis
Hardcore Match

Scene fades into the ring, just as Kirsta Lewis’ music hits the PA.

Joe Hoffman: Well we are back in time to catch our next match, after the shocking events from earlier….the return of Issac Slade has got to be HUGE for Turmoil. But it should be almost as interesting to see the Hardcore Artist take on the Hellcat, this woman you see now, Kirsta Lewis.

Benny Newell: Bob Fucking Jared…brilliant..until that cunt Carey showed back up……but ya Kirsta Lewis..everytime I see her I just think of her lips around my…

Joe Hoffman: ANYWAY, Bobbinette Carey is back and just laid out Jared? But back to her former stablemate….Scottywood is on the verge of breaking through here after that huge win over Hall of Famer Darkwing last week. If he can defeat Journeywoman Kirsta Lewis….

Benny Newell: Wait a fucking minute. You just called Kirsta Lewis a ‘journeywoman’? What is your problem?

Joe Hoffman: Well she’s been in several different companies, and this isn’t her first run in HOW.

Benny Newell: Well she is a first class athlete, much like myself. That is all.

Joe Hoffman: Sure, that is all…..anyway, per Scottywood’s contract this match will be a Hardcore match. That means pinfalls count anywhere and there are no Disqualifications or count outs.

Kirsta slides into the ring and smiles as the fans let her have it….






‘Stricken’ by Disturbed hits and out walks the Hardcore Artist, Scottywood.

Scottywood makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction, mostly boos however , as he slides into the ring and is soon face to face with the Hell Cat.

Matt Boettcher calls for the bell as Kirsta Lewis starts teeing off on Scottywood with right hands!


Kirsta nails repeated right hands, but none of them seem to do any damage to the former LSD champion. Kirsta recognizes this, and tries to run the ropes, but Scottywood grabs the hair and brings her down to the mat!

Scottywood then slides out of the ring and looks under the ring. He grabs a steel chair and a garbage can. He throws both into the ring and slides in, stalking Kirsta. Kirsta gets up, holding the back of her head, and turns right into Scottywood, who lifts her up into a Fireman’s Carry….

Joe Hoffman: If Scottywood hits the GAME MISCONDUCT, this match is over!

Suddenly Kirsta rakes the eyes deep, and she lands behind Scottywood, and sees the garbage can with lid inside. She pulls out the lid and nails Scottywood in the back of the head with it!

Scottywood staggers, then turns and WHACK, gets nailed with the lid again, as Kirsta is trying to take the much bigger Scottywood off his feet, she suddenly then runs the ropes, and shoots back, and leaps in the air and nails a flying garbage can lid shot to the face!

Scotty doesn’t go down though, but is staggering, and Kirsta can’t believe it as she rises, then nails another shot to the head, then drops the lid and picks up the entire garbage can and raises it over her head to strike Scotty, but Scottywood connects with the ICE KICK to the head that drops Kirsta and the garbage can lands on top of her!!

Joe Hoffman: Oh My Goodness, what a counter move!

Scottywood then holds his head in pain, trying to shake out the cobwebs. He then looks down and sees Kirsta lying there with the garbage can on top of her. He then runs the ropes, and comes back and tries an elbow drop, but Kirsta rolls away leaving the garbage can there and Scottywood elbow drops the garbage can!!!!

Joe Hoffman: OH! That has to hurt!

Scottywood is holding his right elbow in pain as Kirsta pulls herself up using the ropes. Scottywood gets to his feet, the elbow locked up on him. Kirsta Lewis picks up the garbage can and slams it into the arm of Scottywood!!!

Scottywood cries out in pain! Kirsta nails Scottywood again in the arm, then dashes up top, dropping the garbage can as Scottywood stands there, heavily favoring his right arm.

Kirsta Lewis nails a cross body!!!

She hooks the far leg!!!!



Joe Hoffman: Kirsta Lewis just doesn’t have the weight to hold Scottywood down.

Kirsta gets up and applies an arm bar, but the size difference is too much and Scotty easily powers out, and turns into the hold, and nails a forearm with his good arm which knocks the Hell Cat to her ass.

Scottywood shakes the right arm, trying to get blood flowing and get it loosened up, as Kirsta Lewis nails a low blow!

Scottywood drops to his knees, and Kirsta gets up and nails a snap DDT on him from the kneeling position! Kirsta hastily rolls Scotty over and covers….




Scottywood somehow kicked out.

Kirsta continues the attack and lays in stomps to the downed Scottywood. She then nails a rolling senton splash followed by a huge leg drop.

Kirsta again covers…




Scottywood gets to his feet, still favoring the arm. Kirsta tries to whip Scotty to the ropes, but Scottywood blocks it using his size advantage and sends Kirsta into the ropes. Kirsta hooks onto the ropes, and Scottywood charges, and looks to clothesline her over, but Kirsta dropkicks the leg and

Scottywood tumbles onto the second rope!!

Kirsta then runs the ropes, and comes back and splashes Scottywood across the back, and the Hardcore Artist falls back holding his throat!

Kirsta then measures Scottywood as he gets to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta has got to nail Scottywood with a high impact move if she wants to finish him off….

Scottywood turns and Kirsta goes for the HELL’S BITCH KICK, but it’s blocked, and Scottywood spins Kirsta around in a 360, and kicks her in the gut, then nails the SDT!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: SDT CONNECTS!!!!

Benny Newell: STD!!!? WHERE!!?

Joe Hoffman: No, not STD, but S……D…..T!

Scottywood gets up and picks up the steel chair from earlier. He raises it into the air, much to the fans delight as the Hardcore Artist waits for Kirsta to rise.

Kirsta uses the ropes to pull herself up, and slowly but sure gets to her feet as she then turns….

Scottywood tries to nail her with the chair but Kirsta Lewis out of NOWHERE, Nails the HELLS BITCH KICK!!!!


Scotty drops the chair and is staggering, and Kirsta picks the chair up, tosses it at Scotty, who catches it, and Kirsta delivers another HELLS BITCH KICK to Scottywood into the chair in his face!!!!


Scottywood goes down, Kirsta falls on top of him weakly, apparently still woozy from the SDT, her face lands just above Scottywood’s crotch, and Matt Boettcher looks confused, as he hesitates, then makes the count!!






Joe Hoffman: Kirsta Lewis won the match with an…..unusual….uncanny….unique…..I’m still struggling for the adequate word, but anyway, a very odd pinning predicament after Two Hell Bitch Kicks finally took the much bigger Scottywood down for a three count.

The action cuts backstage as we see Kirsta Lewis standing in the ring smiling as Scottywood is laid out in the middle of the ring.


You got my Title?

*The footage moves to the backstage arena were Aceldama is patrolling the area in hunt for the person who took his world title belt. His travels have taken him to an area in the arena where those fans with VIP tickets await their opportunity to get a peek at the backstage festivities and hopefully get a glance at their favourite stars.

Aceldama passes through the crowd of kids and teenagers, all holding onto their VIP passes like prized possessions. But as Aceldama passes them, something catches his attention. One particular VIP, a lot older than the others, late teens, dressed in a hooded jacket which he has over his head, is looking rather shifty, as if he is in fear of being caught with something. Underneath the jacket he notices a gleam of gold. Immediately he sees a red mist, feeling that the teenager is undoubtedly hiding his title. He runs at the teenager who is taken off his feet and gored to the ground.

The rest of the VIP’s look back in amazement, some of the much younger ones begin to cry. He parts the teenagers hooded jacket and tears the belt from his waist. Something is different about this belt. It feels lighter in his hands, the dents and scrapes are non-existent and finally, his name is not upon it. This is not his belt.*

Aceldama: Where did you get this?

*The teenager is too frightened to respond, Aceldama grabs him by the jacket he is wearing, elevating him up to his face. The look on his face is sadistic*

Aceldama: Answer me boy!

Teenager: I bought it over there (pointing frantically) at the shop!

*Aceldama turns, with the boys jacket still in full grasp and sees in the distance the High Octane Shop and dangling from the ceiling are replica belts, just like the one he is holding. Looking rather down hearted and somewhat embarrassed, Aceldama throws the replica belt to one side. From his position on his knees he gets to the floor, the teenager still down on the ground, he offers his hand. Somewhat scared and confused by this offer he accepts it and Aceldama hoists the teenager to his feet. Once he gets to his feet Aceldama notices the t-shirt in full view now which lies underneath his hooded jacket. It is none other than an Issac Slade ‘Have Faith’ t-shirt. Aceldama acknowledges it*

Aceldama: You here to see Issac Slade in the flesh then?

Teenager: Y..y…y…yes

Aceldama: I can take you to him, soon, you can be in the same place, together, very soon. Would you like that, huh?

Teenager: Ammm….yes?

*Aceldama proceeds to take his phone out of his pocket, flip it up and dial a number from it. He turns to a small child, also wearing an Issac Slade ‘Have Faith’ t-shirt and hands him the phone*

Aceldama: Do us a favour kid, answer that when it’s finished ringing.

*The child looking confused simply stands with the phone in his palms as Aceldama takes his arm and puts it over the teenagers shoulders in a friendly gesture, but it soon turns nasty as Aceldama takes the teenager, and in a heinous and sick act throws him through a window in close vicinity giving a massive smash. The teenager lies unconscious under a mass of broken glass. The child looks at the phone, it reads 911. There is sounds of a female on the other end. The shakes of the child forces the phone to drop from his hands. Aceldama walks over to the replica belt and picks it up, then proceeds to walk over to the broken glass*

Aceldama: Well I promised you would see Slade soon; I am a man of my word. He shall be in hospital very soon, just like you. Here….you can have your title back. It can be a story you can tell your hero as they feed you your food through a drip, I was handed a title by Aceldama. Because Slade will NEVER get my title from me.

*Aceldama turns to the small child, now sobbing, he looks at the mobile phone on the floor, he picks it up and puts it to his ear, then hands it back to the child*

Aceldama: Better answer that, his time is running out, tick tock, tick tock.

*Security members rush to the scene and look in at the teenager now wriggling uncomfortably in the mass of glass. They see Aceldama standing there with a sick grin upon his face, he confronts them*

Aceldama: What? You want a piece of me? Come on, I can take a few college boys.

*The security guards ignore his sick gestures and taunts as they tend to the teenager and try to calm down the other children who are in a state of shock. Aceldama simply stands there then ignores them as he passes them, laughing to himself in a sick tone*

Joe Hoffman: That man is truly sick. A sick son of a bitch.

Benny Newell: As colour commentator this is where I would make a sly remark, but there is no justifying this, there is no need to come up with a witty remark. The man as you say Joe, is sick.

Joe Hoffman: Lets go to a commercial, my god what a sick bastard!

Ethan Cavanaugh debuts next week on Turmoil!!

Something to Prove

Back live and we are backstage once again…

Shutting his locker room door Issac Slade takes a deep breath, getting back into the ring again after almost two months away was making him more nervous than he’d thought it would be, Wisdom would dictate that it was just like riding a bike, once you learned you never forgot it, he didn’t think he’d accumulated much ring rust in his absence but his mind had a habit of playing up to his fears in situations like this

Issac Slade: Will they still remember me?

The question was asked quietly and to himself, but little did Issac know someone had heard him….

It was Mark O’Neal who happened to be venturing down the hall as Issac Slade was exiting his locker room.

Mark O’Neal: No, but you will remember me after the beating I hand you tonight.

Looking up Issac realizes he’s been heard, looking over at Mark he chooses not to partake in any chest thumping and instead offers him his hand

Issac Slade: You must be Mark O’Neal, always a pleasure to meet a HOW Hall of Famer

Mark is caught off guard by Issac offering his hand after Mark just took a jab at him. He hesitates, unsure how to react at first until he returns to his natural roots and brushes Issac Slade’s hand to the side.

Mark O’Neal: Your right, it is a big moment in your life to meet someone as respected as me. To have a chance to get your ass whooped by a HOW Hall of Famer. However, that does not mean you get any respect from me, respect is something you have to earn.

Looking into his eyes Issac can see he’s serious, he nod’s his head

Issac Slade: Let me ask you something Mark…do you even want my respect? or am I just an obstacle in your path tonight? Am i just something you have to overcome to prove something to yourself?

Once again Issac catches Mark off guard, this time not with his actions but with his words. Mark fumbles with his words as he attempts to respond while dodging one of the questions Issac has asked.

Mark O’Neal: Well..umm…yes, I do want your respect and the respect of everybody else in the locker room. It is something I deserve and with my performances in the ring I will soon command it.

Issac takes in his words and then nods

Issac Slade: Well Mark my handshake was a gesture of respect, and you just brushed me off, I’d offer it to you again but i think that would just be redundant, it’s obviously not something you want, so i guess you and i will just have to go out to the ring so you can “Whoop my ass” eh? or maybe if i win you’ll find it in yourself to shake my hand…i guess we’ll find out…maybe by the time the match is over you’ll have figured out just what you want from me

Mark stands there, taking in what Issac has just said to him. He attempts to think of a slick answer to Issac’s comments, but he can’t. Instead Mark just stands in the hallway staring at Issac Slade with a confused look on his face.

Issac Slade: You’ve got something to prove tonight Mister O’Neal, frankly so do i, I’ve got to go out there and prove to myself and the people who are holding up signs with my name on it that i can still entertain them like i used to, because I owe it to myself and them to find out, I’d wager your reasons for going out there are much the same, so let’s skip the chest thumping and threats and simply agree to go out there and give it out all, I don’t expect anything less from a Hall of Famer, and you shouldn’t expect anything less from me…so good luck tonight Mister O’Neal

Turning Issac Slade walks away from Mark and heads for the ring

As Issac Slade walks away Mark stands there still a bit befuddled. He wonders to himself if any fans will be holding up signs for him, and if not wondering if maybe beating someone like Issac Slade who people do like will help him regain the respect of the fans and his peers. He then turns back towards Issac Slade who has made his way down the hall and yells to him.

Mark O’Neal: Good luck!

Mark then walks his own way wondering what just made him uncharacteristically wish his opponent “good luck” right before he stepped in the ring with him.

Action cuts to ringside where Issac Slade returns to action against HOW Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal!!


Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal vs. Issac Slade
Singles Match

Back live with “Hollywood Undead” blaring in the background and the “Explosive One” Mark O’Neal making his way to the ring to a mob of jeers and boos. A distinct “DARKWING” chant breaks out which annoys Mark and prompts him to threaten some fans at ringside that have joined in on the chant.

Bryan Mcvay: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 250 pounds… the “Explosive One”… MARK O’NEAL!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well, take it from the sold out Best Arena crowd… Darkwing is clearly the fan favorite for his Capitol Punishment match with that man, Mark O’Neal.

Benny Newell: You may be right about the peons in the seats, but Mark’s got a lot of pressure riding on that match and a win here tonight against the former ICON champion would only boost Lee’s confidence about not having to face Darkwing.

O’Neal slides into the ring with a scowl on his face when “Exploder” by Audioslave kicks up and the fans rise to their feet for the return of one of their favorite superstars.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from the state of Louisiana, weighing 220 pounds… he is the former ICON champion… ISSAC SLADE!!!

Instead of emerging from backstage, Slade rises out from the entrance ramp from a contraption built in underneath. The fans go wild as a shower of pyro sparks above him and an explosive BANG caps it off and Slade begins making his way to the ring. The smile on his face says it all.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been several weeks since Issac Slade last appeared on High Octane programming all thanks to one man…

Benny Newell: …our WORLD CHAMPION to be exact…

Joe Hoffman: …thanks Benny. Aceldama took out the former ICON champion as an act of revenge for Slade’s former Ascension teammates taking him out for taking out Bobbinette Carey.

Benny Newell: Ok… I lost you after ‘act of revenge’.

Joe Hoffman: Perhaps we should just get to the match, as Slade appears as eager as ever to get things rolling again and recapture the momentum he once had during his ICON title reign.

Referee Joel Hortega checks both men and calls for the bell, with O’Neal immediately initiating a lock up with Slade. After a brief stand still, O’Neal uses his strength advantage to back Slade into the corner, forcing Hortega to call off O’Neal. O’Neal refuses to do so at first, but shoves Slade hard into the turnbuckle before Hortega reaches the 5 count. Mark follows up with a European Uppercut and several Knifedge Chops that has Issac on the defense early.

O’Neal snickers as Slade’s chest becomes redder and redder until he finally drops him into a pin with a Fisherman’s Suplex.



Joe Hoffman: One and a half as Issac gets the shoulder up!

Mark continues his early onslaught by dragging his opponent to his feet, only for Slade to Irish whip him into the ropes. Slade’s Standing Dropkick misses though as Mark grabs hold of the ropes, avoiding the impact. Mark points his finger to his temple to indicate he outsmarted the fan favorite which garners some booing and heat from the crowd.

O’Neal follows up with an elbow to the spine, then another until Slade rolls himself out of the ring to shake off the cobwebs. The “Explosive One” is quick to follow though, not wanting to relieve Slade of any momentum that he has and heaves himself over the top rope for a Plancha that unfortunately misses! This allows Issac to recover well enough to steal the momentum away from his opponent and he works on O’Neal with a variety of strikes; kicks and punches on the outside. Issac finally slides O’Neal back into the ring and follows by climbing his way up the ring apron and to the top rope.

Benny Newell: Lookout Mark!

Joe Hoffman: Slade’s going high-risk here…

Just as soon as Mark O’Neal brings himself to his feet, Issac Slade leaps off the top rope and executes a Missle Dropkick that shoots O’Neal all the way to the opposite end of the ring! Slade sprawls his way over for the cover and Hortega drops to make the count.



Joe Hoffman: OHHH! Kickout by the Hall of Famer!

Slade quickly pops to his feet and springboards himself off the second rope for a high-impact elbow drop, but Mark O’Neal moves out of the way causing Slade to land hard on the elbow of his bad arm. Slade shrieks in pain and nurses the arm carefully while rolling around on the mat. On the other hand, O’Neal is sizing him up from the opposite end of the ring as Slade uses the ropes and his good arm to pull himself to his feet. Slade turns around and is met with…

Benny Newell: EXPLOSIVE SPEAR BY MARK O’NEAL! Cover his ass!

Indeed Mark does but Hortega refuses to make the count as he tries to point out to O’Neal that Issac Slade has his foot on the ropes. O’Neal shouts at Hortega and raises his palm that he’s about to slap him unless he makes the pin, which allows Slade to come to his feet. Slade spins O’Neal around, boots him in the midsection and double underhooks his arms, but Mark O’Neal again powers out thanks to his strength and reverses the hold, capping it off with a sit-down neckbreaker that leaves Slade reeling.

Sensing this is a better time than never, O’Neal begins the slow climb up the turnbuckles to the tope rope and calls for his finishing maneuver; the EXPLOSIVE DROP splash. With Slade still down on the mat, O’Neal takes a moment to measure the distance between himself and Slade and leaps off to cameras flashing from the crowd.


Mark O’Neal lands the Explosive Drop finisher but not without feeling the effects of Issac Slade’s knees to his chest. Now both men are down on the mat and after a few moments of checking on both superstars, Joel Hortega is forced to begin the 10 count.




O’Neal begins to stir, as does Slade, but both men look to be pretty out of it and are still dazed on the canvas.



O’Neal turns himself on his hands and knees and reaches out toward the rope, but it’s still too far away to assist in helping him up. He begins the slow crawl, with the fans urging and cheering for Slade to ‘get up!’



With O’Neal near the ropes, Slade realizes that the 10 count is in full force and tries desperately to stand, using all his might to come to his hands and knees as well.


Mark O’Neal reaches the ropes and is successful in using them to pull himself up.


Suddenly, Slade quickly pops up to his feet with an energetic burst that elicits a HUGE reaction from the crowd and lunges towards Mark O’Neal. O’Neal though ducks the attack, bounces off the opposite ropes and flies at Slade with a Clothesline that is also ducked. Mark spins back around to meet Slade face-to-face, evades HIS Clothesline attempt, then DROPS Issac with a Double Arm DDT! A trickle of blood can be seen seeping from the crown of Slade’s head as he lay face down on the mat, thanks perhaps to a few unhealed leftover stitches. Thinking that this may be enough to pin Slade, O’Neal rolls him to his backside and hooks the leg!




Joe Hoffman: NOOO!!! By God the resiliency and the guts of Issac Slade is on full display here tonight!

Benny Newell: Mark can’t waste any time here… he’ll get him if he just… THERE WE GO!

Mark O’Neal rises to his feet and immediately grabs the legs of Issac Slade for the Sharpshooter submission hold. Slade does all he can to escape Mark’s grasp but O’Neal eventually locks it in, right in the center of the ring!

Benny Newell: Yes! Just hold on Mark…

Slade’s screams of agony are enough to worry even his eldest fans as he scrambles about, fighting off the pain that no doubt is increasing as Mark O’Neal wrenches himself backwards. Joel Hortega checks on Slade several times to see if he’ll give up, but he refuses, providing the slightest encouragement to his fans that are desperately calling for him not to tap out.

Suddenly, we begin to see Slade slowly fight back as O’Neal struggles to maintain the hold. After a few tense moments of near reversals, Slade FINALLY is able to turn over to force all of the pain on his opponent. This time, it’s O’Neal that is scrambling, trying not to tap out despite the fans urging to do so.

Joe Hoffman: OH WHAT IS THIS?!?

Everyone’s attention, including Slade’s is turned toward the HOV screen, where a symbol of Jesus Christ on the cross is displayed. The lights flicker in the arena and Slade releases Mark O’Neal, prepared for the impending appearance from his rival, Aceldama. Slade looks in every direction, centering himself in the middle of the ring to brace himself for the attack. The lights flicker again, but Slade’s got his back turned to his opponent that is now back on his feet preparing to pounce.

Issac Slade turns just in time to see Mark O’Neal rushing at him for another Explosive Spear, only to step aside and shoot O’Neal into the ring post. A release German Suplex combined with the pain in O’Neal shoulder is enough to keep him grounded long enough for Slade to climb to the top rope. Issac wastes no time and the elevation of his Frog Splash finisher called the FREEFALL causes the impact on Mark O’Neal to be THAT much more forceful. Slade hooks the leg!





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… ISSAC SLADE!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well for a moment there, I thought Aceldama’s mind games would ruin Slade’s chance at victory in his first match back, but Issac showed exactly why he is a former ICON champion and suitable challenger for our World Champion.

Benny Newell: Trust me, Ace’s mind games may not have worked here tonight, but Slade’s got his coming in the near future. I can feel it… especially with Lee at his side.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, that amazing match took up a good 16 minutes of our time, so that means it’s time for…

Benny Newell: Another round of drinks?

Joe Hoffman: Right… while my broadcast partner here quenches his thirst, we have to get in our final commercial break before our Main Event! Darkwing vs. the World Champion… who you got in that one Buff?

Benny Newell: Do you even have to ask? Duck stands NO CHANCE! I’ll switch from Jack to Canadian Club if he beat Ace.

Joe Hoffman: Anyone heard from Bobbinette Carey…..where is Brian Bare? Anyway…folks we will be right back with our Main Event…wait…something is going on backstage….a PIMP??!!


Pimp Time=Ratings?

The scene opens somewhere backstage, and you can suddenly here a bunch of items falling over with a loud crash. The camera turns to the left and you can see Rufus Jackson, dressed in his wrestling gear, Lepoard skin pants, matching leopard skin wrestling boots and a black tshirt.

Rufus Jackson: Shit….damn parties….got a hell of a headache!

Rufus has knocked over a ladder and some cleaning supplies that were piled to one side against the wall.

He continues down the hall holding his head. 

Rufus Jackson: That’s the last time I do that PCP, with the fuckin Ooo Wee and the Crystal Meth with those fuckin Korean Midgets…..

Rufus then seems to straighten himself as he then starts looking around.

Rufus Jackson: You what I need, I need some PUSSY. Imma find the mothafuckin Playboy Mansion, but first imma need to speak to Lee Best, and talk to him about those hoes he be havin!

The camera follows Rufus as he wanders through the halls, checking every door he comes across.

Rufus Jakcson: That’s the last time I do that mothafuckin Bacardi though….who the fuck is this?

Camera moves behind Rufus as he stares into a room and you can see Frankie the Cameraman standing there watching a porno.


Frankie jumps up and nearly falls the ground as he scrambles and turns off the TV.

Rufus Jackson: MOTHAFUCKA, you trying to get a…..damn!

Frankie: Im sorry sir, was that your porno? I just liked looking at all the pretty girls….

Rufus Jackson: You wanna see pretty girls!? Come with me!!

Frankie: But Scotty may get mad….

Rufus Jackson: Scotty from Star Trek!? Fuck that daft mothafucka! Its all about Bones up in this bitch! And I mean the Bones I get for a naked bitch and a bitch who can do a good reach a round! Ya feel me? Follow me bitch, and Ill get you some PUSSSSSSAY!!!!!

Frankie: Okay!

Frankie gets up and the two march down the hall as Rufus continues checking for Lee Best.

Rufus Jackson: Lee? Oh Leeeeeeeee?

Rufus checks an empty room to his left.

Rufus Jackson: Where ya hiding the pussy Lee….

Rufus kicks open a womens bathroom.

Rufus Jackson: Ya hiding it in here!?

Frankie: What is pussy?

Rufus ignores him and walks down and kicks open another door, the lights are on but no ones in there.

Frankie holds onto Rufus’ arm almost in fear as he is unsure whats going on.

Rufus Jackson: Ya hiding it in here!?

He keeps walking, and kicks open another door.

Rufus Jackson: Where the fuck is that Kirsta bitch Lee, she hidin in here!!?

Suddenly a light bulb suspended in the air a few feet down from Rufus explodes, and shoots down sparks in front of Rufus.

Rufus Jackson: They shootin fireworks at me!? Aint this a bitch? Who the fuck is that!?

The camera zooms in past Rufus and you can see Shocker leaning against the wall, tossing a throwing knife up and down in his hand.

Rufus continues through the broken glass.

Rufus Jackson: Good thing I got these steel toed houseshoes on, otherwise I couldn’t walk through this glass and shit…stay back BITCH!

Rufus holds up a hand and shoves Frankie backward.

Frankie: But you never told me what pussy is?

Rufus Jackson: BITCH ASS BITCH!! Lookin like the Grimmace with Milli Vanilli dreadlocks! Stay back!

Frankie then starts crying and runs away sobbing as Rufus proceeds towards Shocker.

Shocker looks up and notices Rufus approaching him.

Rufus Jackson: Oh yeah lee, im here for the secret password for the foot fetish section of the Playboy Mansion.

Shocker stands away from the wall, as Rufus walks up to him. Shocker is wearing army fatigues and Rufus sizes him up.

Rufus Jackson: What the fuck!? The Jolly Green Giant!? Shouldn’t you be down the street sellin Green Beans and shit!?

Shocker suddenly grabs Rufus by the throat, and delivers his signature spiked chokeslam, the SHOCKWAVE!

Rufus is knocked out on the floor Shocker leaves further down the hall.

Moments later, Brian Bare appears.

Brian Bare: Oh my God. I need help somebody!!!

Brian Bare checks Rufus’ pulse and then suddenly, Rufus’ cell rings in his pocket. Brian Bare pulls it out and looks at it.

Brian Bare: Everybody…its Darkwing!

The live crowd cheers at the mention of Darkwing’s name, and Brian answers the phone.

Brian Bare: Hello?


Brian Bare: Yes, I know I’m not Rufus.


Brian Bare: Well, I found him knocked out here in the hallway….


Brian Bare: no……wait…

Suddenly the camera does a 180 and you can see Darkwing jogging through the halls, various workers point further down towards the camera apparently telling Darkwing where Rufus was last seen.

The camera and Brian Bare jog to meet Darkwing halfway as Darkwing is in his ring gear ready to go.

The fans cheer for Darkwing and Darkwing notices, looking back toward the main part of the arena, hearing the cheers.

Brian Bare: Rufus obviously was attacked, but who do you think could’ve done this?

Darkwing: Rufus has a lot of enemies, and quite frankly, he looks for trouble, so I neither care nor am I even worried about this. However, Rufus finished the task I set him out to do here tonight, and that’s all that matters.

Brian Bare: What..task?

Darkwing: Oh you’ll see. Actually…..Mark Oneal….

Darkwing stares directly into the camera.

Darkwing: You will be the one who will see Mark. Next week, we are going to go ‘old school’ a little bit. You see after your performance here tonight against Issac Slade I figured you needed a break. Next week you and I are going to have a night out on the town…..just like old times. Mark…bring your 2.4 fans….bring your boring monotonous promos….bring everything you can carry, because next Thursday will be a night you wont soon forget, courtesy of the single most charismatic man in HOW HISTORY…Darkwing.

Brian Bare: Could you please explain what you mean?

Darkwing: Im not giving away the big plans. You see, Aceldama in just a few minutes wants to do to me what I did to Lee Best in MY MATCH, the Scaffold Match. Well that is fine….so Im going to do one better. Since Lee handpicked Mark to be his representative at Capitol Punishment….im going to do to Mark something Lee did to me in the past. I think Aceldama mentioned ‘eye for an eye’…..well two members of the Best Alliance will suffer from things I have suffered from in the past by the hands of Lee Best. Kirsta, Shane Reynolds, and Aceldama, not to mention Shocker and Mark Oneal….all of you are targets…..trust me…the ALPHA BLACK MAN does not miss.

Brian Bare: Can you please…..!!!!

Darkwing palms Brian’s face with his left hand, silencing him.

Darkwing: No more time for talk. No more time for interviews. I have one overrated German’s ass to kick.

Darkwing reaches over and takes the mic from Brian and slowly raises it to his mouth, letting go of Brian’s face and rearing backwards at an angle, and the fans buzz in anticipation…

Darkwing(with fans): CAUSE THE DARKONE!!!!!!!!!

Darkwing pauses.


Darkwing looks to the left towards the main arena, and smiles, lowering his head and staring right into the camera.


Darkwing takes notice of the chanting of his name before motioning ‘3,2,1’ with his fingers….

Darkwing(with fans): HASSSSSSSSSS SPOKEN .

Darkwing shoves the mic into Brian’s chest and walks off as the scene fades to final commercial!


TRUE WRESTLING this summer with High Octane Wrestling!


Darkwing vs. Aceldama
Scaffold Match

Back from commercial and we cut to the announcers and the arena has gone dark….

Joe Hoffman: Alright folks it is time for our main event and it will not end well for one of these men as this will not take place inside the squared circle but instead high above as this is a scaffold match!

Benny Newell: Nice build up there …idiot.

Joe Hoffman: Well to be fair this match has had enough buildup tonight with all the action involving Darkwing and the World Champion Aceldama…

The HOV then comes to life and we see footage from earlier when Aceldama took out the teenager who he had thought had stolen his world title. The crowd boos loudly but then erupt into cheers as the footage then cuts to Darkwing cutting a promo and as the video fades all attention turns skyward as spotlights illuminate the scaffolding that is set up high above the ring and we now see that Aceldama and Darkwing are both up there already on opposite sides of the scaffolding.

The crowd erupts into cheers at the sight of the wrestlers and the lights come fully back on as the strobe lights are turned off.

Joe Hoffman: Alright folks here is the rules for the match; you can only win by literally throwing your opponent off the scaffolding and down to the, hopefully, ring below. No pinfalls….no submissions…only by throwing your opponent off of the scaffold and forty one feet down to the ring apron….yes I said forty one feet as Lee Best made sure that the scaffolding was literally one foot taller than the fall he took at War Games from the chopper courtesy of Darkwing..

Benny Newell: Watch it Joe…don’t want Lee coming out here and beat your ass while singing Beat it do ya?

Joe Hoffman: Touche….well folks HOW senior referee Matt Boettcher is in the ring and is ready for the match to begin and remember…the only way to win is the toss your opponent off the scaffolding and down to the ring below.

Benny Newell: Ya ya ya..lets start this damn match already!!

Inside the ring Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and we are officially under way….

Above the ring on the scaffolding both Darkwing and Aceldama stare each other down from opposite sides of the scaffolding and they begin a slow walk towards each other as time for talk has ended…

Suddenly the HOV comes to life and we see Lee Best sitting in his wheel chair and is still sporting a silver glove…

Lee Best: BEFORE Aceldama throws you off the scaffolding there Duck I just thought you might want to hear this…….Kirsta….

The camera pans over to show Kirsta pushing play on a remote and a TV comes to life…

Lee Best: What you are about to see should really make you rethink your thinking of taking on me Duck…I mean…..WHAT THE FUCK…TURN THAT SHIT OFF!!

The camera pans back over to the TV and we see a bald man with his hands and feet bound by leather straps and a woman with a whip dressed up in a red white and blue dominatrix outfit standing in front of him.

Kirsta is trying to stop the DVD but the remote has gone dead…

Kirsta Lewis: I AM TRYING….

The woman on the tape moves to the right to tighten the straps and we see that the man bound is totally nude and the camera zooms in ….and in…and in…and we see…


Lee rams his wheel chair into the desk, knocking the TV over and thus stopping the video.

Kirsta is on the ground laughing as Lees bald head has turned a dark shade of red…

Lee Best: Wrong DVD huh?

Kirsta just nods her head as she is literally crying from laughing so hard…

Lee turns the wheel chair back towards the camera and with a very evil look he just says one final thing..

Lee Best: Kill him…

With that the HOV goes black and Aceldama charges Darkwing!!

The World Champion and former ICON and World Champion meet head on in the center of the scaffolding and there is no locking up as both men deliver some serious right hands to each other.

The crowd boos with each right hand landed by Aceldama….

The crowd cheers with each right hand landed by Darkwing….

Joe Hoffman: I already got goosebumps and we are only a few seconds into the match!!

Benny Newell: That is because you are not an athlete and because you cried when watching Confessions of a Shopaholic….being a world class athlete like I am, I understand that there is nothing better in this world than the rush of adrenaline those two guys are feeling right now..

The crowd is standing as one inside The Best Arena as Aceldama gains the early advantage and punches Darkwing all the way back to the end of the scaffolding where Darkwing grabs ahold of the steel and nails the stalking Aceldama with a kick to the midsection followed by an axe handle that drives Aceldama face first down onto the wooden scaffolding.

Darkwing then drops an elbow onto the back of the head of the World Champion…and then another….and before dropping another one he pauses..looks down at the crowd below him…smiles…and then drops another one right on the back of the head of Aceldama.

Joe Hoffman: Unlike so many other scaffold matches where the action starts on the floor, here in High Octane Wrestling when we say its going to be a scaffold match it sure as heck will be….great action already and dangerous as well cause if Darkwing slips one way or another with one of those elbows he could have been sent crashing down to the ring.

Benny Newell: The scaffolding is eight feet wide Joe..it would take a big slip to fall from there…quit being a pansy..

Back to the action and Darkwing brings Aceldama to his feet and then proceeds to body slam the big man hard on the scaffolding and the whole structure begins to sway a little bit after the move and Darkwing steadies himself as Aceldama holds his back in pain.

Joe Hoffman: No canvas up there Joe. Any kind of impact move on the scaffold must hurt like all kinds of H E double hockey sticks…

Benny Newell: You know how I know your gay?

Joe just ignores Benny as the action continues high above…

Darkwing is pulling Aceldama up to his feet again but this time Aceldama nails Darkwing with an elbow to the stomach and now both men are down on their knees and Aceldama nails Darkwing with a heavy right hand followed by a series of head butts that leaves the Hall of Famer dazed and confused as Darkwing falls on his back holding his head.

The crowd is booing loudly as Aceldama gets to his feet and grabs kicks Darkwing hard in the gut that almost knocks Darkwing over the edge but Darkwing starts crawling away from the Best Alliance monster but this time the stalking Aceldama doesn’t miss the mark as he stomps Darkwing on his neck and leans into the kick and pushes Darkwings head down hard into the scaffold and Darkwing yells out in pain as the Best Arena has gone silent with the current domination from Aceldama.

Now it is Aceldama who brings Darkwing to his feet and he picks him up and nails a perfect sidewalk slam and the scaffolding bounces up and down from the force of the move and several “ohs” and “ahs” can be heard from the fans as with each move a man could literally fall 41 feet to the ring below.

Aceldama looks down at the crowd below and then turns towards the HOV and waves his arms.

Joe Hoffman: Ok what is going on? Who is he signaling to?

Before Benny can reply, Joe’s question is answered as Mark O’Neal and Shocker come hustling out from the back.

Shocker has a bag in his hand and Mark runs ahead of Shocker and reaches under the ring and begins pulling out tables.

Shocker climbs into the ring and as Mark hands him a table Shocker sets it up inside the ring, positioning them on either side of the scaffolding high above as the scaffolding is literally down the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like the Best Alliance is hard at work yet again….setting up tables?

Back about the ring, Aceldama smiles approvingly at what his stable mates are doing below him and as they continue to work at setting up tables, Aceldama turns his attention back to Darkwing but he does so just in time to receive a standing drop kick from The Dark One which sends Aceldama flying backwards and he falls literally inches from the edge of the scaffolding.

Darkwing jumps to his feet and sees that now O’Neal and Shocker are working together and have now put another table on top of each of the first tables that were set up and the cameras pan out to show several double stacked tables lined up inside the ring.

Darkwing starts after Aceldama but pauses as he hears the crowd gasp….


The cameras pan out to show Mark and Shocker running away from the ring and back up the ramp as the glow from the flames from the tables illuminates the bottom of the scaffolding.

Joe Hoffman: Someone is going to die…

Benny Newell: Lee did say Kill him….

Darkwing looks down at the flames and then at Aceldama who is now back to his feet and the two men exchange a stare and then both look down at the fire below them and then they nod at each other and then charge…..

Joe Hoffman: Here we go again folks!!

Both men unleash with a fury of punches once again and this time there is no aim from either man as it is pure chaos on the scaffolding as neither man wants to make that fall to the burning tables below..

Joe Hoffman: These two are relentless and I do not blame them one bit as the burning tables would motivate anyone I would think…

Benny Newell: Jeez..you think? Seriously you are a fucking idiot…just call the match and leave it up to me to make the color commentary.

Joe doesn’t respond however as the sound of Aceldama’s back hitting the scaffolding as Darkwing literally just tackled Aceldama to the ground.

Darkwing begins pounding the World Champion in the head with rights and lefts but the Champ covers up pretty easily and then turns the tide on Darkwing as Aceldama reverses and now he is on top of Darkwing and it’s his turn to bring down some pain with some heavy punches.

Joe Hoffman: Great reversal by Aceldama there but by doing so he brought himself and Darkwing closer to the edge and they are literally inches now from falling to the burning tables below!!

The cameras pan back to ring level and we see that the HOW crew members have evacuated the first several rows of the fans to protect them from the still burning tables.

Aceldama rolls off of Darkwing and begins pushing Darkwing towards the edge and Darkwing tries to fight him off with rights hands but it is to no avail as the bigger man pushes Darkwing more and more and finally Darkwings left arm and left leg are dangling over the side of the scaffolding and the crowd is literally holding their breath as the flames dance below Darkwing.

Some of the tables inside the ring have collapsed from the flames but a majority of them are still burning as Darkwing nails Aceldama with a kick to the temple with his left leg and the crowd cheers as Darkwing slides back on the scaffolding as Aceldama is sitting down holding his head in pain.

Darkwing stands up and goes for another kick to the head but the World Champion catches Darkwing’s leg and as he continues to hold it, he stands up and Darkwing is literally hopping on one leg begging for Aceldama to let go…


With a smile Aceldama pushes Darkwing back towards the edge of the scaffolding and Darkwing drops down in an attempt to keep Aceldama from pushing him over the edge and it works for a moment until Aceldama grabs Darkwings other leg and then gets him in position for a slingshot…

Joe Hoffman: If Ace nails this there is no way that Darkwing will be able to stop his momentum and he will fall to the burning tables below…

Just as Aceldama is about to fall back however the HOV comes to life once again and “HAVE FAITH” is once again seen and the crowd goes wild…

Joe Hoffman: Slade coming down?????

Aceldama drops the legs of Darkwing and turns towards the HOV and looks down at the entrance ramp but there is no Issac Slade to be found…

Joe Hoffman: More mind games from Slade? Or is he just letting Aceldama know that ….

Aceldama turns back toward Darkwing and he has no time to react as Darkwing is up on his knees and dives at Aceldama to catch him off guard and the momentum of the half ass spear sends Aceldama falling backwards and over the side of the scaffolding!!


HOW cameras zoom in as Aceldama is literally hanging on to the upper body of Darkwing who is still has his lower body on the scaffolding but his upper body is literally hanging off the side along with Aceldama..


Aceldama is starting to lose his grip on Darkwing who is trying to pull himself back on the scaffolding and with one final effort….

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD…OH MY GOD!!!!!

Aceldama begins to fall from the scaffolding but so is Darkwing as Aceldama was able to pull Darkwing off with him and the two men go crashing thru several sets of double stacked tables and thru the flames.

HOW crew members rush into the ring to put the flames out as neither Aceldama or Darkwing are moving…

Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and Bryan McVay gives the official ruling to the fans…

Bryan McVay: After 22 minutes and 36 seconds this match has been declared a DRAW after both men fell off the scaffolding at the same time…..

Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK!!!

HOW cameras stay focused in on the bodies of Darkwing and Aceldama who both just fell 41 feet thru burning tables.

Suddenly the HOV comes to life and we see Lee Best freaking out…



A leg comes outta nowhere and kicks Lee right in the head which sends the owner of HOW over the back of his wheel chair and sends Kirsta down to the ground. She quickly jumps up and gets in the face of the person that just kicked Lee Best…

Joe Hoffman: BOBBINETTE CAREY???!!!!!!

The crowd is in a frenzy as Carey and Lewis are nose to nose……

Carey starts to walk away but then turns back towards Kirsta…

Joe Hoffman: WHAT THE FUCK???????????

Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK???????????

As Turmoil goes off the air we see the final image……

Bobbinette Carey planting a hard kiss on the lips of Kirsta Lewis!!!





We return to ringside of an empty Best Arena as we see a close up of Benny Newell, obviously very drunk and still sitting in his chair with his HOW flask in hand as he takes a large drink from it.

Benny: It’s ok you lost….I still think your hardcore….just don’t tell Lee I said that….

Benny passes the flask to his right as the camera pans over and we see Scottywood sitting in Joe Hoffman’s seat. Like Benny he seems pretty drunk as he takes a drink from the flask and then shakes his head to get the taste of the liquor out of his mouth.

Scottywood: Thanks Benny……I know I’m more hardcore then that bitch…..unless were speaking of a different hardcore, in which case she defiantly has me beat.

Benny: That is true…..but you have to admit the girl is smoking hot.

Scottywood: Maybe a little…..ok a lot.

Benny: So who do you think is hotter then….

Scottywood: This sounds like a bad road were going down….

Benny: Who is hotter, Krista Lewis…..or Bobbinette Carey?

Scottywood: Oh god….I don’t know. I guess if your forget about the 37 STDs that Krista has……Krista is hotter then Bobbinette……

Scotty starts laughing as he slams his head down onto the announce table….and then immediately regrets the choice of action.

Scottywood: Bob is gonna kill me for saying that…..

Benny: Take a drink then….I don’t know how that will help, but take a drink.

Scotty takes another drink from the flask and finishes it off as he holds it upside down with a large frown on his face.

Scottywood: Ooooooh no! It’s empty.

Benny: Don’t worry about that….

Benny reaches under his desk and picks up a large handle of Jack Daniels and places it up on the desk along with two shot glasses.

Scottywood: Damn….you don’t fuck around.

Benny: No I don’t, now loser pours shots…..

Scotty chuckles as he grabs the handle and pours two shots out as the raise them up.

Scottywood: Too me not contracting a STD in my match against Krista tonight….

Benny: Too you falling off…on mean back on….no I meant off….Ah! Too you drinking again.

Both men down the shots and slams the glasses back on the table as Scotty pours two more into the glasses.

Scottywood: Does feel good to unwind after a match with a few drinks….ok a lot of drinks.

Benny: It’s the only way I make it through the night. You can’t imagine what it is like to sit next to Joe all night.

They drink the second shot as Scotty tries to stand up from the chair.

Scottywood: Woah…..ok…..ok….I think I need to get going…..It’s past Frankie’s bedtime…..

Scotty rolls into the ring, but fails to get up as it seems that he’s passed out on the mat. Benny laughs as he pours himself a third shot.

Benny: What kind of person passes out in the ring…..

As he says this Benny does his third shot and lays his head down on the announce table, passing out himself, drool running from his mouth onto his papers from the night. We then see Frankie stand up from behind the announce table where he must have been taking a nap as he looks at Scotty and Benny passed out.

Frankie: Not again…..Whose gonna read me my bedtime story now?

Frankie picks up a blue blanket and SpongeBob stuffed animal from the floor and starts making his way to the backstage area.

Frankie: Bobbinette? Max? Faze?

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