Turmoil: June 18th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
June 18th, 2009 – #HOW57
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


The Best Opener..

The High Octane Television logo gives way to the Thursday Night Turmoil banner and the first HOW event since War Games is officially underway.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil!! I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny….how you feeling?

Benny Newell: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Before Joe can reply, the High Octane Vision screen above the entrance ramp comes to life and a video recap of War Games begins playing….

The crowd pops huge as highlights of the Street Fight in Paris for the LSD Championship is shown, and they pop even louder as David Black gets the victory at the expense of Shocker…a long time heel here in Chicago.

The final image of David Black holding the LSD Title is shown and the crowd even gives him some respect as the man finally has won singles gold here in HOW.

The video then transfers to highlights of the SSE World Title match and there isn’t much response to the match until the very end with all the near falls and the final image of Trent holding the SSE title after getting the win gets a very nice response…

Finally the video cuts to an image of the War Games cell on the beach of Normandy with the ICON, World and Ownership of HOW on the line..

The eliminations are shown one after another and the crowd cheers louder than they have ever cheered before as they see Lee getting into the chopper as they all know what happens next…


The crowd erupts into a loud chorus of boos as Lee Best’s voice can be heard over the PA system and the HOV does indeed go black.

Joe Hoffman: Well for those of you that don’t know what happened our esteemed owner Lee Best was thrown out of a chopper 40 feet above the War Games cell and he literally went thru the cell and into the first ring and that is the last we have seen of him and..


The crowd boos even louder as the HOV comes back to life and we see Lee Best for the first time since War Games and his fall at the hands of HOW Hall of Famer Darkwing. He is lying in a stretcher with it propped up so essentially we see Lee sitting up with tubes sticking out from his nose and IV’s sticking out of both arms.

Instead of a hospital gown we see Lee is wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey and from the background we can see that he is in an office of some kind and not inside of a hospital. Standing next to Lee is Kirsta Lewis, who is petting the top of Lee’s head with one hand while holding a microphone up to his mouth with her other hand.

Lee Best: Ladies and Gentlemen I planned on being there inside my arena to celebrate my regaining control of MY COMPANY, but because of a THUG, I am instead laying here stuck in this fucking bed. Luckily I have had Kirsta at my side this whole time and without her I know I would not be here right now…

The crowd starts chanting WHORE..WHORE…WHORE…WHORE…and Lee looks up at Kirsta who is turning red with anger…

Lee Best: They are right…you are a whore…but you’re my fucking whore..come here bitch…

Lee pulls Kirsta down towards him and the two begin kissing passionately as we see Kirsta reach her hand under the sheets and…

Lee Best: Ouch….my ribs….watch the fucking ribs…

Kirsta jumps up as Lee grabs at his ribs.

Kirsta Lewis: I am sorry baby…I forgot about the ribs…you want me to kiss them and make it better?

Lee Best: Fucking right…


Kirsta rears back and smacks Lee hard across the face and Lee slowly turns his head back towards Kirsta and smiles as does Lewis.

Lee then holds up the sheet and Kirsta slowly puts her head under the sheet as Lee grabs the mic and continues to address the crowd..

Lee Best: Like I was saying….I wish I could be there to celebrate me getting back my company but I am stuck here. I am not even going to talk about who sent me here because the fucker doesn’t deserve the time of day. Tonight is the first show since the draft and although there were some trades made that I didn’t necessarily WANT to make…I made them and now I have the two men that have literally been the biggest pain to me these last few weeks on my show…Scottywood and …ya the other guy. I have big plans for you two but ……oh shit..slow down Kirsta fuck….why you gotta nibble…..

We see the sheet begin to go up and down as Kirsta is hard at work making Lee’s “ribs” feel better.

Lee Best: …Um ya..like I was saying….tonight is not about revenge…tonight is about celebration. Our Main Event features two Best Alliance members who will show the world why the Alliance is the BEST and we will also see this Hellcat back inside a HOW……….oh shit…

Lee tilts his head back as the sheet begins to go up and down faster and faster…

Lee Best: Alright….fuck this shit…shut the camera off………..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

The crowd begins chanting WHORE again as Kirsta brings her head out from under the covers and wipes her mouth with a smirk as Lee has his head turned to the side and is sucking his thumb.

Kirsta Lewis: Damn I am fucking good….and tonight John Lexicon will find out just how good I am inside the ring……right honey?

Kirsta turns towards Lee and jabs him in the ribs and as the video fades out we hear Lee screaming out in pain..

The HOV goes black and the crowd is still chanting WHORE as the action cuts back to the announcers.

Joe Hoffman: I um….well……folks it is time for our opening match….did she just…..um…..ya….Scottywood is set to take on Darkwing in a hardcore match and that is up next….Benny?

Benny Newell: Sssshhhhh don’t fuck up my concentration…

Joe Hoffman: BENNY!!!!??? DO NOT CUT TO HIM!!!!

The action quickly cuts to the entrance ramp for the entrances of our opening bout.


Scottywood vs. Darkwing
Hardcore Match

A brief silence hushes over the arena before the bass intro kicks in to “Animal I Have Become” by 3 Days Grace. The crowd, already on their feet from the show opener, begins to go wild with cheers as the guitar riffs accompany the bass and the intro of the song beats full swing.

I can’t escape this hell.

So many times I’ve tried…

Darkwing emerges from the curtain and the crowd’s cheers only get louder.



Red and silver pyrotechnics explode on both sides of Darkwing as he flexes his muscles and pumps himself up before making his way to the ring. He slaps the hands of fans along the aisle and at ringside before climbing the ring apron and bending his way through the middle rope. A brief replay of Darkwing tosses Lee Best from the helicopter at War Games is shown on the HOV screen during his introduction.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Inglewood California , weighing in at 241 pounds… he is an HOW Hall of Famer… DARKWING!

Benny Newell: I still can’t figure out why these fans cheer for such a loser, Joe. I mean, Darkwing loses match after match is lucky that Jatt Starr gave him his Hall of Fame status back.

Joe Hoffman: Keep in mind Buff that before War Games, Darkwing was coming on strong and should be extra motivated here tonight to get back into the ring after a brief absence.

Benny Newell: Those earthquakes out in California have been known to keep the black man down from time to time. And let’s not forget that Darkwing is actually WRESTLING for his payroll.

Joe Hoffman: Excellent point Benny. Darkwing’s new contract has a base salary of only $1 and each victory he gets in the ring will earn him $1,000.

Benny Newell: Think of it this way, Joe… that pimple-faced snot we saw in the McDonald’s drive-thru on the way here is making more per hour than the Duck is making per week.

Joe Hoffman: I guess I never really though of it that way…

Joe and Benny continue their banter while Darkwing shadow boxes in the ring before…


Suddenly, Disturbed’s “Stricken” hits the speakers and we see “The Hardcore Artist” Scottywood come out with the barbed wire hockey stick in hand. The fans greet him with jeers as he slowly walks to the ring, his eyes dead set on his former Ascension teammate. Darkwing taunts him to “come-on” from the ring and Scottywood just stands there on the outside, still with bandages seen all over his body from the brutal LSD title match at War Games.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

Benny Newell: The FORMER LSD champion! Ha Ha!

Bryan McVay: …from New York City, New York, weighing in at 265 pounds… SCOTTYWOOD!

Scottywood reaches under the ring and pulls out a garbage can and table and Joe reminds us that every match that Scottywood competes in under his new contract is a Hardcore match. He enters the ring with his hockey stick and sets it aside in the corner while referee Joel Hortega calls for the bell.


Darkwing charges at Scottywood and they lock up, with Darkwing using his always-underestimated strength to back him down into the turnbuckle. Scottywood quickly reverses Darkwing into the corner and delivers a hard blow to Darkwing’s forehead. Darkwing reverses again and slaps a loud knife-edge chop to Scottywood’s chest. The two trade blows back and forth with the crowd buzzing until Darkwing finally nails a suplex back towards the center of the ring.

Scottywood pops to his feet immediately and drops a charging DW with a Drop Toe Hold. He follows up by locking in an STFU type submission maneuver which Darkwing escapes from by scrambling toward the ropes. Joel Hortega tells Scottywood to back off, which he does after a 4-count. Darkwing uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet while Scottywood tries to Clothesline him over the top rope, but Darkwing ducks and sends Scottywood over instead.

Scottywood lands on his feet on the ring apron though, much to Darkwing’s surprise. As Darkwing notices this, it’s already too late as Scottywood drops himself, pulling Darkwing’s throat down across the top rope. Darkwing falls backwards holding his throat to the crowd disapproval and Scottywood slides back into the ring, grabbing his hockey stick. He admires the barbed wire before raising the stick high over his head and crashing it down across Darkwing’s throat, doing so repeatedly!

Benny Newell: Maybe Darkwing will FINALLY have a reason to shut up…

Joe Hoffman: Do something ref! It’s the man’s throat for Christ’s sake!

Benny Newell: Anything goes, Joe… remember?

Joe and Benny briefly talk about Scottywood’s sinister intentions at War Games with Shocker trapped in the guillotine before Bob Jared and Kostoff stepped in to stop him. As they’re doing so, Scottywood uses the barbed wire hockey stick around Darkwing’s neck and then lands a hard Stroke-like maneuver with all the pressure of the impact on Darkwing’s throat. Hortega drops for the count as Scottywood covers…



Joe Hoffman: TR-NO!!!!

Somehow, Darkwing manages to kick out, tossing Scottywood off of him. Darkwing Nips-Up ala Shawn Michaels and the crowd roars for him as he pauses to nurse his neck, which is bleeding slightly from the barbed wire. This time, Scottywood charges and Darkwing uses an Arm Drag takedown to shift the momentum in his favor.

Darkwing follows up with a drop kick to the back of Scottywood’s head that forces the former LSD champion to roll out of the ring in pain. Darkwing follows and sets up the table, allowing Scottywood enough time to get back to his feet. Scottywood runs full force at his opponent for a spear but Darkwing steps aside, sending Scottywood into the steel barricade. Darkwing picks up the garbage can and plasters it across the head of Scottywood, which dents the metal and exposes one of Scotty’s several wounds. Both superstars are bloody now as the crowd is eagerly anticipating what’s next.

Darkwing drops the garbage can and locks Scottywood’s in a front face-lock, calling for the Dark Reality DDT on the garbage can. Scottywood is quick to recognize this though and fights his way out, and before Darkwing can regain the advantage, Scottywood lands an Ice Kick out of nowhere!

Benny Newell: Here it comes!


Instead of going for the sure-fire pin though, Scottywood eyes the table that is set up nearby and drapes Darkwing’s body across the top of it. He elbows Darkwing in the mid-section before he leaves him to climb up the ring steps and up the turnbuckle. Perhaps Scottywood took too much time though because Darkwing stirs on the table and notices Scottywood at the top of the ropes. Darkwing rises to his feet on the table and Scottywood shouts down at him before leaping off in his direction…

Benny Newell: OH MY GOD!!

Darkwing meets Scottywood in mid-air with a Trans-Darkwing Express spear, with both landing extremely hard on the outside. Joel Hortega rushes over and stands between both men who aren’t moving at all. He begins the 10-count for both…




Benny Newell: This one’s over Joe. No way are either of these guys getting up after that impact.





Darkwing begins to stir while Scottywood is still down, unmoving.


Darkwing rises to his feet and Scottywood is now coming to grips with being counted out.



Scottywood uses whatever he’s got left in the tank to get back to his feet before being counted out and now both men are still on the outside, breathing heavily as they try to recover.

Joe Hoffman: Close call as Scottywood somehow manages to avoid being counted out! He’s a fighter Benny and in no way wants to come off of his War Games loss with another defeat.

Benny Newell: Yeah, yeah, yeah… Lee hates both of these men and it’s obvious he put them both in this match to eliminate each other. Who the fuck cares who wins or loses… let’s just see some more blood!

The “Hardcore Artist” is leaning against the ring apron as Darkwing is shuffling under the ring for another weapon. He eventually finds the infamous cheese grater and grabs Scottywood by the back of his hair. Scottywood counter though with an elbow to the face and steals the cheese grater away. He scrapes it across the face of Darkwing which causes the self-proclaimed “Most Charismatic Man in HOW” to yelp in pain. Blinded by his own blood, Darkwing is met with a hard boot to the midsection and is lifted into a Fireman’s Carry.


The high-impact DDT on the outside stuns Darkwing and Scottywood capitalizes with the cover.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… SCOTTYWOOD!!!

Still kneeling on the outside, an exhausted Scottywood raises his arm in victory after 8:00 minutes flat and eventually retrieves his barbed wire hockey stick. Joe comments on the exciting opening match and praises Scottywood for being able to overcome his War Games loss and injuries to pull off the big win. Benny, on the other hand, simply takes a shot of Jack and jokes that Darkwing better start saving his dollar-per-week salary because another losing streak looms for the “Alpha Black Male”.

Scottywood tries to celebrate as he stumbles his way up the entrance ramp, but can’t help nurse his ribs from the Trans-Darkwing Express. The camera zooms in on Darkwing, who is now coming to grips with his loss, when suddenly a man jumps the rail and climbs the turnbuckle nearest Darkwing and perches himself up on the top rope…

Joe Hoffman: Mark O’Neal???

Darkwing slowly turns to pull himself up and he sees Mark O’Neal’s body coming at him but it is too late..

Benny Newell: EXPLOSIVE DROP!!!

Mark nails Darkwing with his top rope splash finisher and Darkwing can be seen rolling around on the mat holding his ribs in pain as Mark just stands there and smirks as the action cuts to the backstge area…


Jared Speaketh..

Brian Bare: Ladies and gentleman, I’m here backstage with the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” Bob Jared.

Bob appeared next to the interviewer wearing his black blazer jacket and a modest smirk on his face.

Brian Bare: So Bob, tonight you have an LSD title match against David Black. Do you think you will win it and how?

Bob spoke into the interviewer’s microphone.

Bob Jared: I ain’t gonna fib, son. Also I’m not going to make any false promises, I’m just gonna go out there and simply do my best.

Brian Bare: I heard that David Black has respect for you because you just won’t stay down, how do you react to his comment?

Bob yanked the microphone from the interviewer’s hand and said this.

Bob Jared: David Black, I know you and I have never seen an eye to eye before in the past but I can respect you a whole lot greater now that you are the LSD champion. Before I thought, ugh he’s just some punk kid who won the strap by pure luck, but since you’re willing to give me the honor of being your first title defense I feel a lot more appreciated. You and I aren’t so different if you think about it, neither of us want to stay down long enough for the count and winning/retaining titles are both of our ambitions. I appreciate the lecture you gave me too, even if it did put me to sleep halfway through. And don’t think I’m going soft on you either, I’m still that tough badass you faced at War Games only now I’m a little bit more humble.

Brian Bare: So Bob, what brought on this sudden new attitude of yours?

Bob Jared: I’m not sure to be honest, perhaps it’s because I’m getting older and wiser.

Brian Bare: Older and wiser you say? What do you mean by that?

Bob Jared: Physically I am getting older, I can’t continue what I love doing forever. I know that as well as another person on the roster. Mentally I am getting wiser, don’t ask how, I just know I am.

Brian Bare: Well, you have been known to be the most down to earth guy on the roster, is that right?

Bob Jared: Yeah, I’ve been known to be quite a likeable fella and a family man as well.

Brian Bare: Does your career conflict with your family lifestyle? What I mean is does it get in the way if you want to do something with your family but you can’t because you have to work?

Bob Jared: Well, I do try to stay in touch with my wife and daughter as much as I can. But when you travel as much as I do just to make PPVs and house shows you tend to forget about the ones you love.

Brian Bare: Exactly how much traveling are we talking about here?

Bob Jared: That all depends on where the PPVs are being held at, but most, if not all, the house shows are here in Chicago. I’d have to say that averages too many hours of driving just to get from home to there.

Brian Bare: I see. So what do the people in your hometown think about you?

Bob Jared: Oh, they love me. I know they do, all of them do, deep down inside. Even when some tell me that I’m a disgrace they really mean that they love me and hope that I win that brass ring again some day.

Brian Bare: Seems like you take everything with a grain of salt as well as a grasp of confidence, or is that overconfidence?

Bob Jared: It’s definitely not overconfidence, maintaining a positive attitude has gotten me this far in HOW. If anything, it’s better to be confident than overconfident since being overconfident can lead to short comings.

Brian Bare: That’s a very good point, Mr. Jared. Do you think your opponent, David Black, was being confident or overconfident in the little talk he gave you?

Bob Jared: Like I told you, I fell asleep halfway through. But from what I heard it was very touching and thoughtful.

Brian Bare: Don’t you find it kind of weird though? Someone as young as him trying to give advice to someone of your age and status.

Bob Jared: I appreciate the gesture, but that doesn’t mean I should follow any of what he says. Remember, I’ve been put in matches against guys who have basically duplicated everything he said to me. Even if some of what he said to me is nice it’s still the same material I’ve heard before. But nonetheless, I still enjoyed what he had to say about me.

Brian Bare: Well, you heard it folks. Coming straight from the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” Bob Jared. Will he finally hit pay dirt tonight or will he be left high and dry? We’ll find out the answer soon. It’s Bob Jared vs. David Black, and it’s coming up in a few minutes!

The action then cuts to the first commercial as chants of JARED can be heard.


Will Miss USA be apart of Capitol Punishment?

German Whispers

*Aceldama, world title belt still wrapped proudly across his shoulder is standing outside a unmarked office. He gives a light tap on the door and opens it slowly, peering in. Lee Best can be seen still sitting up in the stretcher and we now realize that Lee is in fact inside The Best Arena and in his office!!

Aceldama walks into the room and stands in front of Lee, who has yet to notice him, he glances up to see him standing there.*

Lee Best: Yes Ace, what can I do for you? Isn’t it a lovely day?

Lee looks up as if he can see the sky…obviously still on cloud nine from Kirsta helping his ribs out earlier.

Aceldama: I never got to ask you earlier, but how are you feeling?

Lee Best: How am I feeling, I fell forty feet from the air, pushed from a helicopter by one of my very own employee’s, how do I feel you say? Pretty darn good actually.

Aceldama: Good, how so?

Lee Best: Oh lets just say my pet kitty keeps good company..hey..

*Lee notices the scratches and dents upon the world title belt*

Lee Best: Do you want someone to fix the belt for you, you can have it back in a few days, good as new.

Aceldama: No, its fine the way it is. What is that you are doing?

Lee Best: Trying to come up with a plan to get back at Darkwing where it hurts. So far I got the bastard here onto Turmoil, docked his wages to a mere one dollar, but it’s still not enough. I want him to suffer, just like he done to me. So I am taking ideas as to how to do that.

Aceldama: What have you got so far?

*Lee picks up a notepad next to him and holds it up in front of Aceldama, it is blank*

Aceldama: Maybe I can help you come up with something?

Lee Best: What you got in mind?

Aceldama: How about….

*Lee notices the cameramen within the room, he stops Aceldama mid sentence*

Lee Best: Whisper it to me, I don’t want this getting out just yet, just in case it’s a good idea, wouldn’t want the whole nation to know first.

Benny Newell: Oh dear god I seen a porno start like this…

Joe Hoffman: Shut up Benny..

*Aceldama comes around to the side of the stretcher and leans over, whispering into the ear of Lee. As he listens in carefully, what Aceldama is saying sends a smile onto his face. The idea excites him*

Lee Best: I love it, let’s make it official. That’s why I brought you here Ace, always coming up with great ideas, that and you’re the world champ, but that’s a no brainer. Now, leave me, I have an appointment with a small needle (pressing the intercom button) Kirsta doll, could you bring me in some morphine please, post haste, that’s a good girl.

Kirsta opens the bathroom door and sticks out her hand and flips off Lee and Aceldama..

*Aceldama turns around and leaves the room as Lee curses Kirsta under his breath and waits for his drugs as the action returns to ringside.*


LSD Title Match
Bob Jared vs. David Black
Singles Match

Back at ringside but before the ring announcer can introduce the next competitors a video recap of David Black winning the LSD title at War Games is shown on the HOV screen and it actually prompts some cheers from the crowd. Referee Matt Boettcher waits patiently in the ring as Bob Jared’s music hits and the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” appears from behind the curtain. He makes his way to the ring wearing his standard black blazer coat and a neck brace after landing hard on it at War Games and slaps some hands along the way.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, the challenger from Memphis Tennessee, weighing in at 242 pounds… BOB JARED!

The crowd cheers loudly for their favorite jobber when suddenly, “World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly interrupts and David Black comes out, proudly wearing the LSD title around his waist.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Los Angeles California, weighing in at 235 pounds… he is the High Octane Wrestling LSD CHAMPION… DAVID BLACK!

Joe Hoffman: He did it folks… and boy did he earn it. In what people are calling the greatest LSD title match of all time, David Black proved to the world that he is one of the rising stars in HOW and I think the sky is the limit for this young superstar. Hell, he nearly won the ICON title several months back if it hadn’t been for Static.

Benny Newell: Please. Like David Black could hang with guys like Triple P and Issac Slade…

Joe defends his statement as David slowly makes his way to the ring with a cocky smirk, soaking in every moment with his title as he prepares for his first defense. He hops over the top rope, brushing right past Bob Jared to pose with his title for the cameras. Boettcher asks for the belt and Black kisses it before handing it over. Matt presents the title to Bob then holds it high in the air, indicating that it’s on the line.

Benny Newell: I still can’t believe Bob Jared is getting a title shot!

Joe Hoffman: After his showing at War Games… I don’t second guess the decision one bit.


Bob Jared and David Black circle each other in the ring several times before David approaches his opponent with a thumb to the eye and a snap mare takedown, knowing Bob’s neck is a weak area to target. He follows up with a drop kick to the back of Bob’s head that has the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” screaming in pain. Bob tries to roll out of the ring, but Black stops him and stomps away at his neck and chest area.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen… I’m not sure how serious Bob Jared’s neck injury may be but things aren’t looking good for him against the LSD champion.

Black stands over Jared and toys with him, slapping him with his right hand with a smile. He even places his foot on the chest of Bob Jared and shouts at Boettcher to make the count.



Benny Newell: Shoulder up!

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on! A pin attempt like that is just downright insulting.

The fact that Bob Jared kicked out angers David Black to the point where he helps Bob to his feet, only to send him right back down with a Stunner, further targeting Bob’s neck. David rips off Bob’s neck brace and tosses it into the crowd before he starts to choke him. Boettcher tries to separate Black from Bob Jared and forces a count to break the hold.






Black releases Bob’s neck at the last possible second, deciding he’d rather pin Bob Jared than get disqualified. David taunts Bob as he stumbles around trying to get to his feet. When he finally does, Black nails the BLACKOUT!

Benny Newell: YAWN!

Joe Hoffman: Boy I really thought Bob Jared would provide more of a challenge than this. Perhaps injuries have really taken their toll on the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” to the point where they are affecting his abilities in the ring.

Benny Newell: Come on Joe… Bob Jared is a JOBBER! He’s always sucked ass.

David Black finally decides it’s time to make the cover and Boettcher quickly drops to make the count as to prevent any further injury to Bob.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner, and STILL LSD champion… DAVID BLACK!!!

Though he could’ve ended it much sooner, David Black earns the victory in 3 minutes and 15 seconds. He pops to his feet leaving Bob Jared behind and demands the LSD title from the ring attendant outside, snatching it away with force as it’s handed to him.

After the match David Black is handed the LSD Championship. He takes it, looks at the title, and then looks at Bob Jared, who is still down in the ring. David looks at the title one more time, before putting the title down and slowly walking towards Bob Jared. Black pulls Jared to his feet and hurls him over the top rope, sending Jared crashing to the floor outside.

Joe Hoffman: David Black just threw Bob Jared to the outside! What is he doing?

Benny Newell: Hell if I know.

Jared still seems out of it, but Black lands a couple of vicious punches to Jared’s head just to be sure. Black lands one more shot, before rolling Jared onto the announce table. He punches Jared one more time, and rolls back inside the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I do not like the looks of this at all!

Black walks to the corner and starts climbing the turnbuckle, all the way to the top rope. The fans give a mixed reaction as David Black stands on the top rope, they are booing Black, but still excited about what is about to happen. Black points to the LSD Championship lying on the ring floor, before leaping off the top rope, flying through the air and crashing down on Bob Jared, sending both Jared and himself through the announce table, which shatters into pieces as they crash through it. Camera’s rush over as both Jared and Black seem to be out cold, with neither man moving at all, as Turmoil cuts to commercials.


FOREVER the official Beer of High Octane Wrestling


Revenge Earned

The show continues directly from the commercial, opening backstage to the immediate shot of the ICON championship. Boos resonate from the ringside area at the sight of it, and they grow even louder as the camera pans back to reveal the current – and if he has his way, long-term – holder, Shane Reynolds. His face – painted up as usual, regardless of not competing tonight – bears no expression, his eyes even more so, as he walks the corridors. The crowd’s reaction not reaching him this far backstage, not that it would hold any concern for him anyway.

His destination appears before him at the next turn of the corner: a door. The name upon which known – and detested – by many, evidenced by another round of boos, far louder than either of those gathered by the appearance of Shane. The name of the self-proclaimed God of HOW, Lee Best.

Shane reaches it with a few more quick strides. His hand reaches out to grab the door handle and fly straight in without prior warning, as per his usual method, when he catches himself and his previous lack of manners and knocks twice, firmly. Sounds emanate from the other side, movement mostly, the actions of people caught by surprise and attempting to compose themselves.


Comes the familiar voice of Lee Best a few moments later.

It’s an order Shane obliges with immediately, stepping into a newly arranged office, one befitting the new sole – and, in Shane’s eyes, the rightful – owner of High Octane Wrestling. Lee is sitting up in the hospital bed, still wearing his Red Sox jersey from earlier in the night, his eyes instantly looking up at Shane. Shane looks back, then turns to Lee’s present company, Kirsta Lewis. He regards her presence with a small nod and then turns back to Lee.

Shane Reynolds: I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything.

Kirsta Lewis: Nothing that can’t be gotten back to the moment you’ve left.

Kirsta’s suddenly reply drawing Shane’s momentary attention again, her eyes as teasing as her words, glancing down at Lee Best as she speaks.

Lee meets her gaze briefly and then turns back to Shane, his expression now seemingly eager to get one lot of business over with in order to get back to another.

Lee Best: What can I do for you?

Shane Reynolds: Only a simple matter of what we discussed before War Games. As I understand it, Aceldama has received his five hundred thousand for helping to achieve a Team Best victory…..and, as much as it was a pleasure to do so, I want my payment for doing the same thing: the opportunity to rid this federation of Maximillian Kael once and for all. A one-on-one match……the Aftershock after next, seeing as I have to face Trent on the first.

Lee pauses for a moment, contemplating his words for a little while, deciding how to put it, although not for too long, ever aware of Kirsta’s presence.

Lee Best: I’m afraid that’s not going to happen—

Shane Reynolds: What?!

Shane’s words come out in a sudden yell, cutting Lee off mid-sentence, forcing Lee to hold up his hand to inform Shane to wait.

Lee Best: It’s not going to happen….yet! I think I’d much prefer to see you destroy Max at Capitol Punishment…’cause that’s money.

Shane scowls, showing his first bit of emotion since entering the room, the idea of having to wait that long for it irking him deep within. But then, slowly, the scowl begins a smirk sinister enough to match anything Maximillian Kael himself has ever produced.

Shane Reynolds: Then Capitol Punishment it is—

He pauses briefly, glancing once more at Kirsta and then back to Lee for the last time.

Shane Reynolds: —‘I’ll leave you both to it.

Shane backs away now, his mind racing with the possibilities surrounding the coming weeks. When it came to crushing and destroying Max, sooner would have been better than later, but later was better than never…and the weeks between now and then were perfect for everything he had already mentally planned out. He turned towards the door, just before reaching it, his hand already outstretched to open it when Lee called one last time.

Lee Best: One last thing–

Shane glanced over his shoulder, not turning fully.

Lee Best: As an extra thank-you for winning my company back…..The moment Aceldama loses the World Championship – if such an unlikely event ever somehow happens – a shot at it is yours.

Taking in this new flux of information, Shane merely nods in appreciation at first, before finding the words.

Shane Reynolds: In the unlikely event that he somehow loses it, it’ll be a pleasure to bring it back where it belongs.

Lee Best: Now if that’s all, go and make The Best Alliance proud on Aftershock, I have business to attend to.

Lee turns his own attention back towards Kirsta.

Lee Best: Where were we?

Kirsta’s answer unheard or seen as Shane leaves the office, pulling the door closed behind him. He pauses for a moment, continuing to take in everything that was just said. A smirk spreads out across his face as he sets finally off down the corridor, the show cutting immediately down to ringside.


Stolen Dreams..

*Within the Best Arena a countdown begins to shriek out, in German from ten to zero, the High Octane Vision screen beams the ((–A–)) symbol. In both sides of the main entrance stage are two large German flags, a massive riff begins, but this is not coming from the PA system, but it is coming from live instruments, the two flags fall down to unveil the band Rammstein beginning their hit ‘Sonne’, the crowd go ballistic as they are treated to a live showing from Germany’s biggest musical export. In the middle of the ramp enters Aceldama, a look of happiness upon his face, a rare smile. His belt across his waist, he proudly struts down the ramp and down to ringside as Rammstein continue with their performance*

Joe Hoffman: Wow, what a way to celebrate his extended stay here in High Octane Wrestling as both the co-winner of War Games and World Champion. The fans are being treated to a live performance of Germany’s own Rammstein.

Benny Newell: His microphone must be broke; I can’t understand a thing he is saying

Joe Hoffman: That is because he is speaking in German.

Benny Newell: German you say, I know a little German myself, that is not German

Joe Hoffman: Oh really, prove it.

Benny Newell: I don’t have time to show my wonder, anyhow, I am too drunk to remember it all.

Joe Hoffman: Figures.

*Aceldama makes his way up the metal steps and through the middle rope where he is met in the ring by the ring announcer, who quickly hands him a microphone. He takes the belt from his waist and raises the belt aloft into the air as the crowd is paying no attention to him as they continue to watch Rammstein put on a powerful and flawless performance. Red, Yellow and Black confetti begins to fall from the air, dousing the fans in a mast of colour. Rammstein finish off their performance and take their bows before leaving the entrance way. Aceldama is prepared to talk*

Aceldama: High Octane Wrestling, I am still here.

*The crowd begin to boo frantically*

Aceldama: Last Monday I had it all on the line, my career, my belt, my whole dreams and aspirations. My future lay upon the balance. But here I am, still with you all and still your champion. I hope you liked my little present to you all. One must always return in style. Who would have thought, that I would come out with it all. With it all to lose, it could not be taken from me. Why you say? Well you see when I looked upon my team members standing by my side I saw a look of determination, a will to fight, to what for the reason we came to fight…..and well the rest is history. So tonight your champion comes home upon a blaze of glory, but still something bothers his mind, so many things, so many problems, where to begin.

Let’s start with all this draft talk, the prospect of those returning to High Octane, old foes with an agenda on their minds. Issac Slade

*The fans begin to chant Slade’s name, the camera zooms in on a fans poster which reads ‘Have Faith’*

So you still hold a flame for this has been? His train was de-railed a long time ago, de-railed by the very man upon this ring. You all witnessed what I done to him, what sick things I bestowed upon him, now the resurrection is imminent. He comes for revenge, he comes for blood. An eye for an eye, so be it. I shall wait what I done to you before Slade would be nothing to what I would do you this time. You see I simply cannot allow this ‘good’ you show to shine, because life is not good, it can never be good, especially when I am around.

Now the vultures have been staved off for now, there are those who will try to come back again, back for more. Wounded animals on the beaches of Normandy, so close to the prize, will want the chance to grab it once more. Over my dead body! Your ship had sailed, now you are at the bottom of that mountain, climb up once more, prove yourselves to me before you come crawling back for more. New blood comes in search of what is mine, old faces but a new to me, old champions wanting to get back what was once theirs. These times have changed and whilst you sat in your houses, dreaming that one day you would return, I have been moving up and up, only getting stronger with every passing day. Just like the rest, you need to prove yourselves to me, just like the rest you will earn the right to stand in this ring with me.

But this is not what bothers me the most, the person who it bothering me at this moment, is Darkwing.

*The fans begin to chant his name as they go frantic with even the single mention of his name*

Joe Hoffman: A lot of Darkwing fan’s here tonight.

Benny Newell: You mean a lot of people who wished that he could of finished the job off properly and topped Lee for good. Evil sick bastards, how did they even get in here.

Aceldama: This….coward. This sorry excuse for a human being, threw the man, the man who made him what he is, gave him his opportunities in this business, threw him from a helicopter to the ground below. A sick act. You thought you would have the last laugh, but Lee still stands and you are now but a target, a shooting duck. Lee might have been wracking his brains trying to think of an idea to get to you, get you were it hurts. He tried to get you at your wallet, that has failed to break your spirit, but now I know how you shall get your just reward. Live by the sword, die by the sword Darkwing. I have something up my sleeve for you.

Look above, high above, in the scaffolding, me….and you. Will fight amongst the rafters, high from the safety of the ring, just me and you. A scaffold match, but with a twist. The only way to win the match, no pinfall’s, no submissions, the only way to win…..to THROW your opponent from the scaffolding. A dangerous match, but I am a dangerous person Darkwing. I will make you suffer for what you done to Lee, an eye for an eye. You live by the sword…..then that’s how you shall die.

*The fans go mental at this announcement of the Scaffold Match between Darkwing and Aceldama*

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god folks, Aceldama has just issued revenge for Lee Best by putting Darkwing up against himself in a scaffold match, with the only way to win to THROW your opponent from the scaffolding, that is career suicide.

Benny Newell: But obviously Lee has agreed to it, finally Darkwing shall get a taste of his own medicine, this is brilliant………..Berlin!!! There, some German for you, Berlin.

Joe Hoffman: Of course it’s German, it’s the bleeding capital.

Benny Newell: Why thank you, I think that deserves a drink.

Aceldama: So tonight, witness your champion as he continues his momentum against the very man who stood beside him at War Games, only to fall short. Just like he shall do tonight. No hard feelings Mark, but this train is making no stops.

*Aceldama raises his title once again over his head. Then, without any notice, the lights go out in the arena, there is a sound of the microphone Aceldama was holding dropping to the ground. There sounds like a scuffle, then after a few minutes, the lights turn back on again, as we see Aceldama on his knees, his title no longer in his grasp. Someone has taken it; he lets out a scream of anger, banging the ropes. He quickly exits the ring and makes charge for the back*

Joe Hoffman: What the hell? Someone has just stolen Aceldama’s title, straight from his own hands, and he doesn’t even know who it was, and either do we.

Benny Newell: Aceldama, that’s German isn’t it?

Joe Hoffman: No Aceldama, the person is from Germany

Benny Newell: Which makes him German right?

Joe Hoffman: Well yes, but that’s not….

Benny Newell: So that’s more German I know.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we gotta take another commercial break and thank god as we just had two huge matches announced….one for Capitol Punishment and a scaffold match next week on Turmoil!!


HOTv has gone pure High Octane and this weekend see the debut of Classic footage from the High Octane Vault and Aftershock shows!!


John Lexicon vs. Kirsta Lewis
Singles Match

The Oath” by the Street Sweeper Social Club hits the PA system and former HOW World Champion John Lexicon makes his long awaited return to HOW.

Lexicon makes his way from the back and there is a loud ovation for the former Champion and has he makes his way down Joe gives us a rundown of where Lexicon has been.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks here he is. Former World Champion who almost died from a drug overdose but he’s back and ready to climb to the top.

Benny Newell: C’mon Joe this isn’t rehab. We got a drunk on the wagon in Scottywood and we now have a dope fiend making a triumphant return…..as Lee Best would say…Nigga please.

Joe Hoffman: You serious? I mean really?

Joe can only shake his head as the cameras follow Lexicon down the entrance ramp as he gives high fives to several of the fans as he seems really upbeat as he climbs the steps and enters the ring for the first time in almost a full year.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first from Strutwich Germany ….he is a former and never defeated HOW World Champion……JOHNOTHAN LEXICON!!!!

The crowd gives another rousing ovation for the former Champ as he bobs his head to his theme music but his face gets serious as his music fades out and “Animals” By Nickelback hits the PA system.

Joe Hoffman: Alright folks here she comes…

Benny Hoffman: She is!!! I missed it!!! That a boy Lee!!!

Joe can only shake his head as the crowd begins chanting WHORE..WHORE…WHORE as a loud thundering roar fills the arena as a huge Harley appears at the entrance. It stops as its engine roars even louder. Krista Lewis appears dressed all in black leather and a motorcycle helmet, covering her head. As the music stops, the engine roars and she rides the bike down to the ringside area. Circling the ring three times before it stops and is turned off. Krista slides off the bike and pushes the kick stand down.

Finally with the bike off the crowd really lets Kirsta have it as she takes it all in stride and even blows a few kisses to the fans before entering the ring.

Bryan McVay: Now entering the ring she is a member of the Best Alliance…….she is the Hell Cat…..KIIIIIRRRSSSTTTTTA LEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWISSSSSSS!!!!!

Kirsta smirks across the ring at Lexicon as McVay exits the ring and Joel Hortega asks each wrestler if they are ready and then satisfied he signals for the bell.




Joe Hoffman: Alright folks we are officially underway with a match that has two people making their highly anticipated returns to the HOW squared circle.

Benny Newell: What they did in the past doesn’t matter. It is all about right now and these two have to know that tonight is all about celebrating the War Games win for Lee and thus KIRSTA has to win…right?

Joe Hoffman: We are about to find out!

Lewis and Lexicon circle each other for a few moments before locking up and Lexicon outweighing Kirsta 245lbs to 130lbs easily backs the Hellcat up to the turnbuckles where Hortega asks for and receives a clean break from Lexicon which brings some cheers from the crowd for the sportsmanship.

They again circle each other and again the bigger Lexicon dominates the cinch and pushes Kirsta all the way to the turnbuckle again and Hortega signals for a clean break and as Lexicon is obliging Kirsta nails him with a right hand and the crowd quickly starts booing Lewis as he begins to unload on the former champion.

Lewis maintains her office with several hip tosses to Lexicon who finally rolls out of the ring after taking another one and he glares up at Kirsta who signals for him to get back into the ring and sure enough he does.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta used the cheap shot to get a quick edge but you cannot deny her in ring ability as those hip tosses have never been better executed.

Benny Newell: You think Lee hip tosses her in bed? Maybe a piledriver? Ooh…how about the Tree of O…u know as in orgasm…huh huh?

Again all Joe can do is shake his head as the action returns inside the ring where Lexicon has just reversed an Irish whip from Kirsta and nails her with a devastating spinebuster which garners the first near fall of the match.

From there it is all Lexicon as he smartly uses his strength advantage to deliver high impact moves throughout the ring.

With each high impact move the crowd gets louder and louder and Lexicon nearly gets the win after catching a flying body attempt from Kirsta and he proceeds to nail her with a perfect fallaway slam that gets a DOS count from Hortega.

For the next few minutes Lexicon really focuses in on the legs of Kirsta as he knows her finisher is a swift kick to the chin and it don’t matter how much bigger you are than Kirsta…she hits you with that…and you are going down courtesy of that Hells Bitch Kick.

Lexicon goes to lock in a figure four leglock but Kirsta counters with a small package and gets a DOS count of her own but Lexicon is quickly back on the offensive as he nails her with a power clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Lexicon is just too strong for Kirsta and its obvious that she is overmatched here…no matter how close she is to Lee Best.

Lexicon then signals to the fans that its time for his Iron Lion finisher and he picks up Kirsta and puts her head between his legs and with a smirk of his own he grabs Kirsta in a double arm underhook position..

Benny Newell: You know Lee is not happy to see Kirsta’s head right there!!

Lexicon goes to lift her up but Lewis wiggles free, twists Lexicons arm behind him and now has a hammerlock on the former champion. He powers out of it and whips Kirsta hard into the ropes, bends down for a big back body drop but Kirsta stops herself on the ropes…waits for Lexicon to look up and…



The crowd is stunned as Kirsta just nailed Lexicon out of nowhere with her superkick finisher….

She makes the cover as Hortega counts..




Bryan McVay: Winner of this bout via pinfall….KIRSTA LEWIS!!!!

Kirsta sits up and smirks out at the fans as she rolls out of the ring and limps towards her bike.

Joe Hoffman: In a match that lasted 11 minutes and 23 seconds Kirsta Lewis was dominated for almost 10 minutes of the match and it only took one small mistake by Lexicon for him to lose the bout…..wow what an upset.

Benny Newell: Upset?? Only upsetting about that match is that Kirsta didn’t kick his damn head off!

The cameras follow Kirsta as she hops on her bike and heads up the entrance ramp as Turmoil goes to commercial.


Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey returns to Turmoil Next Week!!!

A Kael Farewell

We cut to the parking lot area where Ms. Giovanni, secretary and business manager of Maximillian Kael, stands in his sharp black business suit, blond hair pulled back into a pony tail while her black eye patch stands out as the only visible blemish on her otherwise statuesque appearance. She is standing next to a Limo having apparently decided not to enter the Best Arena on this night.

Ms. Giovanni: Good evening ladies and gentlemen of High Octane Wrestling. As many may not be aware my employer, Maximillian Kael and the owner of High Octane Wrestling, Mr. Lee Best, have not been able to come to an agreement as too his current contract. Mr. Maximillian Kael has worked tirelessly and loyally with High Octane Wrestling for over a year now with no secondary benefits that he did not have to spend his own money to gain. The items in his contract request were, by all accounts, simple and straight forward. Mr. Lee’s brash, self satisfying negotiating style has burnt Mr. Kael out with High Octane Wrestling.

She procured two contracts out of a briefcase at her side, flashing them at the screen. One was the High Octane Wrestling Contract, the other was a contract with the name Mike Flash at the top of it.

Ms. Giovanni: Earlier today Mr. Lee Best announced that Shane Reynolds would be facing Maximillian Kael in a one on one confrontation at Capital Punishment. Unfortunately without a contract Mr. Lee Best will have to search for someone else to fill the void while Shane Reynolds has to work out his sexual frustration elsewhere for Maximillian Kael WILL NOT be on hand for the event. He may be a charitable person however Maximillian Kael, my employer, is not going to give High Octane Wrestling any more revenue, merchandise deals nor face time than it deserves. Still these are hard times, economically speaking, and we know some people might be concerned for Maximillian Kael’s well being.

She held the Mike Flash contract forward with a broad smile on her face as she eyed the camera with her one good eye.

Ms. Giovanni: We are excited, however, to announce that an old friend has decided that he is willing to offer us a better contract with fewer demands and a less vindictive work environment. The owner of the former MECCA Wrestling, where Max enjoyed previous work experience, has extended to us a tender offer that can not be refused with a company that can actually afford to travel the country and is not own by a psychotic cyclops who allows children to be murdered and other employed staff members to be burnt at the stake.

Dropping the High Octane Wrestling contract on the ground she smiles at the camera, holding up the Mike Flash contract as she procured a pen from her pocket.

Ms. Giovanni: As Max Kael’s business manager I shall now, formerly sign the contract thus allowing Max Kael to leave High Octane Wrestling and join Mike Flash in a new, ground breaking, completely sophisticated and fantastically original company. Good bye, High Octane Wrestling, good bye. We hate to say goodbye but then we’d loathe to say hello again.

She turns and signs the contract as there is a distant sound of the crowd booing. Still, with the end of the Lee Best/Max Kael era, someone had to leave. Finishing the signing she presented the contract toward the screen so that the viewers were made fully aware that she did, in fact, sign it.

Ms. Giovanni: And that, as they say, is that.

We return back to ring side with Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman as the crowd is in a quite murmur about what they just saw.


Joe Hoffman: Unfortunate as it may be, we here in High Octane Wrestling do wish Max the best in his future pursuits but the show must go on as they say. His career here in High Octane Wrestling started with the Best Alliance and I suppose in some strange way it fits that he was finally driven out by Lee Best, the man he had come to despise.

Benny Newell: If he had stuck his ass in the Best Alliance the whole time, he’d still be here.. Probably World Champion no doubt! But he is a fucking retard as it is.

Joe Hoffman: Well regardless of your feelings up next we have Aceldama Vs. Mark O’Neal in wh-

The scene suddenly cuts back stage where a shot of Ms. Giovanni screaming and trying to get into the limo before a black Lexus slams into the side of the limo she is trying to get into, hitting her and sending her body flying through the air before it hits the ground, rolling to a stop. The Lexus revs it’s engine loudly before it rolls forward, the lights of it on Ms. Giovanni’s limp body. The door opens up and the sound of a single pair of shoes hitting the concrete ground can be heard approaching.

Max Kael:..Speed-bump.

Maximillian Kael, wearing a black suit with his face bandaged up leans down toward Giovanni, shoving her over to reveal her bloodied face. Picking over her body he pulls out the Mike Flash contract and stands back up, eyeing it.

Max Kael: Sorry, it seems we forgot to let you know.. You’re fired, Ms. Giovanni. Please clean out your desk and see yourself out the door.

He tore up the contract and dropped the pieces onto Ms. Giovanni before he turned away, smoothing out his suit before he walked over too where the High Octane Wrestling contract was left on the ground. Reaching down, he picked it up.

Max Kael: Lee.. the only reason we are signing this at the moment is because you’ve made an awful mistake. You didn’t kill me at War Games. Now.. you’ve opened the doorway to something quite bad. You see, I have no investment in this company any more. None. So.. we won’t feel bad about driving it into the depths of depravity, destruction and misery. And before the end you’ll see HOW collapse and fall, ruined, shamed and dishonored while you rant and rave and do all you can to save it. Maximillian Kael will be the Singularity that will devour Star after Star before you’ve no choice but to call me.. Your Champion. Bring on the Singularity.

Max procured a pen from his pocket and signed his name on the contract. He looked around for a moment with arched eyebrows before he smiled at the Camera Man.

Max Kael: Give this to Mr. Lee and please..tell Shane to catch me if he can… heh.

Suddenly Max leaped forward and grabbed the camera, stripping it away from the man as it fell to the ground. The camera spun around and the view was that of Max’s expensive black leather dress shoes and the work shoes of the camera man. The camera man’s yells are soon ended by the sound of a sickening, stabbing sound before the camera man can be seen tossed to the ground with Max’s contract stabbed into his upper chest with the silver pen. The camera man screams in pain as he stares in horror of the contract pinned to his chest as Max’s feet can be seen walking away calmly as Turmoil takes its final commercial break.


Now exclusively on Monday Nights


Aceldama vs. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
Singles Match

The scene cuts to Big Buff and Joe Hoffman at ringside and Big Buff has already downed several shots as Joe shakes his head.

Joe Hoffman: What a wild night we have had here….Aceldama challenging Darkwing to a Scaffold match, AND Mark O’Neal attacking Darkwing as well! I thought tonight wasn’t about revenge?

Benny Newell: Well we all knew Lee was going to do something to Duck. Even Duck knew it.

Joe Hoffman: Well our main event will feature the HOW World Champion versus fellow Best Alliance member

Mark O’Neal. Both of these men are eager to start a lasting winning streak, or actually Aceldama is looking to continue his. Personal feelings aside this should be a great match.

The lights suddenly cut off, forcing Joe to also shut his mouth.




These three words flash on the screen over and over until they become blurred then suddenly a time bomb appears on the screen with a timer…..




Give it Away’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers hits!!!




Blue pyros shoot off as Mark O’Neal walks out to the fans booing him intensely.

Joe Hoffman: Darkwing has said for years that Mark only has 2.4 fans….I think you’d be hard pressed to find that many here in the Best Arena!

Benny Newell: Fuck the fans, he has money!

Mark flexes then walks down to the ring, slides in and poses for the fans. You can barely make out groups of people cussing Mark out in the seats.

Joe Hoffman: Can anyone say 0.0 fans?

Benny Newell: Can anyone say, shut the fuck up Joe?

Suddenly a loud siren hits the speakers and the boos intensify as Aceldama’s symbol appears on the HOV and searchlights probe the arena. Then suddenly…

It’s Time for the sickness.’

Indestructible’ by Disturbed hits and out walks a visibly annoyed Aceldama who storms down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well, Aceldama is officially recognized as the HOW World Champion, but he is beltless as it was stolen by an unknown assailant earlier tonight. It has obviously angered him and this does not bode well for Mark O’Neal.

Aceldama slides into the ring and the two Best Alliance members stare each other down as Matt Boettcher calls for the bell.


Mark reaches out a hand to the World Champion, and Aceldama stares at it, then grabs it, and the two appear to shake hands until Aceldama pulls Mark up to him and the two start jaw-jacking to each other and then Mark and Aceldama suddenly lock up!

Aceldama gains the early advantage, using his power to back Mark into a corner. Boettcher calls for the clean break and Aceldama gives it, backing away, hands in the air. Mark looks irritated as he storms forward and the two lock up again!

This time Mark slaps on a side headlock, but the size advantage for Aceldama comes into play and he muscles Mark off of him and into the ropes. Mark shoots back and Aceldama knocks him down with a shoulder block!

Mark goes down and gets up quickly as Aceldama and Mark tie up again. Aceldama suddenly breaks off and nails a headbutt to Mark!

Mark staggers and Aceldama nails another headbutt, followed by a huge right hand that drops the HOW Hall of Famer.

Mark gets back to his feet and Aceldama meets him with a huge scoop slam! Aceldama covers…




Mark kicks out, and Aceldama applies a rear chin lock, but Mark quickly to his feet and fights off Aceldama with elbows then runs the ropes….

But Aceldama nails a running big boot to Mark as he bounces off the ropes that sends Mark over the ropes and to the floor!!!!!!!


Mark lays at ringside in front of Big Buff and Joe. Aceldama is on the floor now and picks up mark and picks him up and drops him sternum first over the announcers table!!!

Joe Hoffman: OOOOO!!! That mustve hurt.

Aceldama then Irish whips Mark into the ring apron!!!! Mark cries out in pain as Aceldama tosses him under the ropes into the ring. Aceldama covers….




Mark rolls away and Aceldama measures Mark…Mark slowly gets to his feet……


Aceldama powers Mark into a corner with a hard spear, then hits shoulder charges then a huge reverse elbow then backs away…he then smiles and charges forward….

But O’Neal counters with a flapjack into the turnbuckle!!!!!

Aceldama’s head bounces off the buckle, and he staggers backward! Mark hits a reverse DDT!!!!!!

Both men are down as Boettcher starts the count…..





Mark rolls towards the opposite corner, and Aceldama is on his knees now.



Aceldama is up and he walks towards O’Neal, who is on one knee.

Aceldama reaches out for O’Neal, but Mark pokes him in the eye, and drop toe holds him into the second turnbuckle face first!!!!

Aceldama stands up and Mark runs the ropes, and comes back and nails Aceldama with a huge clothesline over the ropes, sending the champion to the floor!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Mark O’Neal showing he has some power as well!!!!

Aceldama crashes to the floor and Mark pursues him, smashing Aceldama’s face onto the ring apron, then he Irish whips Aceldama…

Aceldama reverses!!!!

But Mark Reverses again, and sends Aceldama into the steel ring post face first!!!!!!!!!!!

Aceldama is down and Mark pulls him up and hastily throws him into the ring….Mark covers…




Joe Hoffman: Aceldama absorbed a bit of punishment there…..Mark is clearly looking to end this match soon!

Mark then unloads half of his move-set on Aceldama, hitting him with a reverse neckbreaker, sidewalk slam, and a DDT, before capping it off, nailing him with a back suplex, then a huge lariat!!!!

Aceldama goes down and Mark O’Neal, who has always had measureable strength covers!!!




Mark pulls up Aceldama and kicks him in the gut, then runs the ropes. He shoots back and Aceldama stands up and grabs Mark by the throat!

Joe Hoffman: Chokeslam on the way!

Mark kicks Aceldama a couple of times in the gut, then knees him in the gut, and Aceldama finally lets

go and drops down, and Mark nails a snap spinning neckbreaker!!!!!

Mark is not done though, and he pulls up Aceldama and sets him up for a powerbomb…

Joe Hoffman: Mark looking for the TIME BOMB!!! If he hits it….!!!?

Mark O’Neal nails the World champion with a huge piledriver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O’Neal hooks the near leg as Aceldama is out of it!!!!




Mark can’t believe Aceldama kicked out, and he gets up and then looks down at Aceldama and looks to the nearest corner. He smiles and starts climbing….the fans boo as Mark looks down….he taunts the fans, flipping them off then grins as he gets a ‘ONEAL SUCKS’ chant….Mark then looks back down and goes for the EXPLOSIVE DROP…..



Joe Hoffman: WHAT!!!!?

Replay shows of Aceldama partially blocking the EXPLOSIVE DROP and extending a hand to grab Mark by the throat!

Mark knocks away Aceldama’s hand and tries to run for the ropes, but Aceldama grabs him by the head and pulls him back!!! Boettcher goes over and admonishes Aceldama and Mark nails a reverse kick to the balls!!!!!!

Boettcher doesn’t see it!!!! Mark is free, he turns around and pulls Aceldama in by the hair….

MARK ONEAL HITS THE TIME BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: What power by mark O’Neal!!!! He got the 300 pounder up!!! Mark hooks the far leg!!!!




The fans buzz and Big Buff starts shouting expletives!!!

Joe Hoffman: Mark O’Neal just pinned the World Champion!!!!!


HOV comes alive again and shows a replay of the near fall, Aceldama getting his left shoulder off the canvas so close to the three count that Boettcher actually counted the three.

Mark stands up and argues the count with Boettcher, grabbing Boettcher by the shirt, and Boettcher threatens DQ. Mark then backs off and turns to Aceldama, and pulls the Champion to his feet…..Mark sets him up for another TIME BOMB, and and tries to lift him up….but apparently it took too much the first time around and Mark cant lift him. Mark throws Aceldama down and points up top again….

Mark climbs up and looks for the EXPLOSIVE DROP, but Aceldama suddenly gets to his feet!

Mark looks shocked and dives off for a clothesline, but Aceldama grabs him by the throat!!!!


Aceldama pins Mark after the hard chokeslam knocked the wind out of the Hall of Famer!!!





Joe Hoffman: That was almost as close as the other fall!!!!

Aceldama can’t believe it, and he pulls O’Neal to his feet, and looks for a Jackknife of his own….he lifts Mark up, but Mark suddenly with punches, and Mark counters with an X-Factor like facebuster!!!!

Mark covers!!!




Mark rolls off of Aceldama as both men are tired from taking so many high impact moves. Aceldama is on one knee and Mark is using the ropes to pull himself up. Aceldama is finally up and he charges….but Mark charges and drops Aceldama with a spear!!!!!!!

Mark O’Neal gets back up and looks down and sees Aceldama spread eagled, and he rushes up top….Mark tries for a third EXPLOSIVE DROP…..


Aceldama is up he runs the ropes and nails the GUTEN ABEND sliding tackle kick to the head!!! Aceldama quickly cradles Mark for a pin!!!




Mark kicks out a second too late as Boettcher calls for the bell!!!!



Joe Hoffman: What a match!!! Mark O’Neal kicked out just a split second too late as he had the World Champion reeling for most of the match!!! Aceldama in my mind escaped with the victory!!

Aceldama gets to his feet, tired and worn down from the offense of O’Neal and he looks down as O’Neal holds his head in pain.

Boettcher raises Aceldama’s hand as suddenly….

The lights cut out and ‘HAVE FAITH’ appears on the HOV, and Aceldama stares at it angrily as he yanks his arm away from Boettcher!!!

Joe Hoffman: That was Issac Slades logo!!!! What does this mean!!? We are out of time!!! Tune in next week and hopefully we can get some answers!!!!!

Show goes off the air with Aceldama staring at the logo.



**Several minutes after Turmoil went off the air**

A HOW camera crew races into position as we see Darkwing spearing Mark O’Neal right through a door in the backstage area.

Darkwing does not let up however and be begins to pummel Mark with right hands over and over again until suddenly he is tackled backwards and we see why..

He just tackled Mark thru the door of Lee Best’s office and he just got taken down by Aceldama.

Aceldama picks up Darkwing and tosses him into the Best office as Kirsta quickly pushes Lee, who is still laying on his hospital bed, to the side as Mark O’Neal and Aceldama, who just had a very hard fought match to close TNT, put the boots and fists to Darkwing.


Ace and Mark turn to see Shane Reynolds standing in the door way. Aceldama and Mark quickly stand up and they go over and shake the hand of Reynolds.

Lee Best: Pick that fucker up and bring him over to me…

The Blood Brothers along with Mark pick the Hall of Famer up and drag him over to the side of the bed and Mark holds the head up Darkwing up so he is looking up at Lee as Shane and Ace hold the arms of the longtime HOW great.

Lee Best: You think you are going to get to me don’t you Duck…don’t you…well guess what …you wont…EVER!!

Darkwing spits at the owner of HOW and the spit lands right on the forehead of Lee and Best jumps up in the bed and starts to go after Darkwing but Kirsta holds him back as Shane clocks Darkwing in the back of the head.

Mark O’Neal: Let me have him Lee..IF he makes it out alive next week in that scaffold match with big boy here…

Lee Best: Two Hall of Famers going at it? That’s a great fucking idea there Mark and I am glad I thought of it……Darkwing vs. Mark O’Neal…at CAPITOL PUNISHMENT!!

Lee begins to cough violently and Kirsta quickly gives him a cup of water and Lee takes a drink of it via straw. Satisfied, Lee looks at Darkwing and smiles….

Lee Best: Well? I know you got something to say…you always fucking do.

Now it is Darkwing is smiling…

Darkwing: You…WHEN I beat O’Neal at the CAPITOL PUNISHMENT PPV I want to finally get my match with you…There is no fucking way that I will al…


Now its Aceldama who smacks Darkwing in the back of the head as Lee watches on and smiles.

Lee Best: You want me? You think you can beat Mark……Mark what you say?

Mark O’Neal: Book it Lee…I want to roast this waste of talent….I WONT LOSE!

Lee pauses and as he does Kirsta bends down and whispers something in his ear and Lee smiles even wider now..

Lee Best: Fine. You beat Mark at the CAPITOL PUNISHMENT PPV and then you get your match with me….Good?

Darkwing nods and he is then smoked in the back of the head with the ICON Championship and the last thing we see is the whole Best Alliance smiling and laughing at the expense of the Hall Of Famer Darkwing.


Maximillian Kael vs. Shane Reynolds©

Mark O’Neal vs. Darkwing

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