Turmoil: July 23rd, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
July 23rd, 2009 – #HOW67
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Peace be with you..

The HOTv gives away to a video that begins playing to kick off the go home edition of Thursday Night Turmoil..

Issac spun around he grabbed Sabina by the back of the shirt and yanked her into the arc of the chair, the crowd watch in horror as the devastating chair shot landed with a loud CRACK heard throughout the arena and Sabina Faze dropped to mat and lay very still.

Issac Slade: Sabina!!

Dropping the chair Issac fell to the mat and tried to wake her

Issac Slade: Sabina! Sabby!

The video then cuts to the final emotional outcome of the segment…

After several painfully long moments one of the doctors looks up at Lee Best and shakes his head

Doctor: She’s gone…

Issac lunges out of the grasp of those holding him back and throws himself down next to Sabina, in the grip of a powerful hurt he cries leaning over her

Issac Slade: NO! NO DAMN IT! Sabby wake up! Wake up!

The video then fades out as we see a final image of the still Sabina Faze as the action goes live to the announcers.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil and you will just have to forgive me for the lack of enthusiasm on my end as I just am not ready for whatever might happen on tonight’s show after the last two shows here in HOW…I mean people are dropping like…

Benny Newell: Ryan Faze’s pants in front of Issac Slade?

Joe turns to Benny and gives him a disgusted look as he shakes his head…

Joe Hoffman: And that is my partner..the one and only Big Buff Benny Newell who has no regard for the human condition.

Benny Newell: Hey that is not the first time we have seen someone “die” here in HOW…I mean just last year Kostoff pushed his own baby off the stage and killed it…you think I am shocked by a few falling bodies from the rafters or people dying from chair shots …etc..etc?

Joe Hoffman: I hate to say it but you have a point but I am still not as numb as you are. Right now being in HOW is not a safe place and why on why would any of these wrestlers allow their family members inside these walls is beyond me….I mean doesn’t anyone learn from others past mistakes?

Benny Newell: Obviously not….we do have some fucking retards here in HOW…but the fans love them right and that’s all that matters?

Joe Hoffman: ANYWAY….Folks we have a great show for you tonight as this is the last HOW telecast before the big Capitol Punishment Pay Per View and we will see all the Turmoil opponents in action tonight and inside the ring with the PPV opponents as well, which should really give us a barometer of where everyone stands heading towards the…

Benny Newell: Blah blah fucking blah. Everyone knows the matches…everyone knows what is at stake..can we just get to the action already….damn man.

Joe Hoffman: Fine Benny if that’s what you want that’s what….wait…hold on I am just receiving word that we have something going on in the parking lot?

Benny Newell: Lee and his army…I hope?

Joe Hoffman: I have no idea but let’s go backstage to new Turmoil backstage interviewer ….Mindy Smith??

Benny Newell: YESSSSSS!!!!!

The action cuts to the parking lot as everyone turns their focus to the High Octane Vision screen above the entrance ramp and as it comes to life there is a buzz at the sight of the woman in center cut of the HOV.


Welcome Back..

The feed cuts to Mindy Smith in the parking lot and the crowd cheers at the former Lee Best secretary who got Bottom Lined last year by the owner of HOW.

She is still sporting the effects of the Bottom Line as she is wearing an eye patch over her eye. The patch has an official HOW logo on and besides that she is looking as hot as ever as the action is turned over to her.

Mindy Smith: First off its great to be back here in HOW and although the last time I was here was well….awful….I did in fact miss a lot of the people here and I am more than happy to actually have an important on air role as opposed to being Lee’s office tramp…speaking of which…

The cameras pan off of Mindy and to a car that just came to a stop a few feet away and without even turning the engine off the driver hops out of the car and the crowd inside The Best Arena begins booing immediately as they see the driver…..Kirsta Lewis.

Mindy Smith: Kunta Lewis can I have a…

Kirsta stops in her tracks and turns back towards Mindy.

Kirsta Lewis: Excuse me? Did you just call me a ..

Mindy quickly interrupts before Kirsta can finish her sentence..

Mindy Smith: Kirsta where is Lee Best? Where is the big girl tank? How come you arrived in a…..Focus??

The camera pans to the car and laughter can be heard inside the arena as the fans laugh at Lewis driving a mere Ford Focus.

Kirsta however is not amused as she takes a few steps towards Mindy and stops literally inches from her.

Kirsta Lewis: I thought it was you…..Mindy…..you really think this is the proper way to act on your first day back on the…

Again Mindy interjects…

Mindy Smith: Kirsta can you tell me why you believe sucking Lee’s dick will get you anywhere here in..


Kirsta smacks Mindy hard across the face and Mindy falls to the ground landing on her ass. As she rubs her face she looks up at Kirsta and flips her off.

Kirsta Lewis: You little bitch……you are lucky I got more important shit to do….

With that Kirsta storms off towards the arena as Mindy motions for the cameraman to follow Lewis and he follows the instructions and he takes off after Kirsta who has already entered the arena.

The feed stays with the cameraman, leaving Mindy behind, and rushes into the building and as he does we catch a glimpse of Kirsta rounding a corner and a few seconds later the cameraman turns the same corner and takes off down the hall and after a few moments he catches up to Kirsta as we see her standing outside a door with her ear pressed hard against the door.

Kirsta, seeing the cameraman, motions for him to be quiet and the cameraman obliges and as the camera bobs up and down from the hard breathing of the man, we continue to see Kirsta who has a very pissed off expression on her face and after a few moments we finally hear what she is hearing…

Lee…you sure you want to do that…here…what about Kirsta?”

Who? Oh I got Mindy going to stall her…we got a few moments…so why don’t you just…”

Having heard enough Kirsta takes a step back from the door and proceeds to plant her foot hard by the handle, literally busting the door open.

She rushes into the room and stops and the cameraman almost runs into her as he enters the room as well.

The cameraman gets on the side of Kirsta Lewis and there is a collective gasp heard throughout the arena as we see Bobbinette Carey sitting on the lap of Lee Best….rubbing the top of his head.


Lee, smiles and motions for Kirsta to come sit on his lap as well..


Seeing that Kirsta is truly upset, Lee motions for Carey to get off of him and she reluctantly does but not before rubbing her hand slowly over the bald head of Lee.

As Carey walks around the desk and comes into full view we see that Carey is dressed to kill as she is showing off every curve and bump perfectly in a purple evening gown dress.

Kirsta is taken aback by Carey and is speechless.

Seeing this Carey smiles and walks past Kirsta and as she slowly runs her hand down the arm of Kirsta and then exits the office shutting the door behind her.

The camera then quickly turns back to Lee who is now standing up.


Kirsta points at Lee and the camera follows her hand to see that Lee’s pants are unzipped. Lee quickly zips them back up and smiles.

Lee Best: Sorry bout that….must of forgot to..

Kirsta Lewis: SAVE IT!!

Kirsta shakes her head in disgust at Lee but that look quickly goes away as Lee walks up to Kirsta and pulls her head back hard and plants a deep passionate kiss on Kirsta who resists at first but then quickly gives in and the owner of HOW and the Hellcat quickly race into a full out make out session and the crowd can be heard gagging as the cameraman slowly backs out of the room and as he exits the office and closes the door slowly behind him we see a final image of Lee lifting Kirsta up and her wrapping her legs around the waist of the Evil Genius.

The feed is then cut and the action returns to the announcers and the live crowd…

Joe Hoffman: I am seriously not sure how I should feel about anything I see right now in regards to Lee, Kirsta and Bobbinette…..

Benny Newell: Ssssshhhh…

Joe Hoffman: AGAIN???!!! COMMERCIAL NOW!!!

Turmoil cuts away to its first commercial as television sets around the world flip to anything but Turmoil.


Last week before new sponsors come into play!!


Johnny Otaku vs. The Masked Marvel
Singles Match

Back live and “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen hits as the crowd immediately boos the man who comes into the arena, The Masked Marvel. He lifts his Bat of Justice high in the air as red, white, and blue streaks of pyro emerges from the stage. He extends his hands out in the air in a celebratory fashion as he enters the ring, then climbs to the top turnbuckle and does the pose again as he hops down and eagerly awaits his opponent

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from the United States of America….THE MASKED MARVEL!!!

Joe Hoffman: Here we go, Benny, opening match of the evening and I for one am happy to move onto some action!

Benny Newell: Action? Didn’t you just see what was going on in Lee’s office? That is action..what we are about to see is called curtain jerking and I would rather be watching Kirsta Lewis pole jerking…if you know what I’m saying!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well, Benny, judging by your usual behavior, wouldn’t now be a good time to take a big slug?

Benny Newell: Definitely. The Masked Marvel…he just gives me this compulsion to slam one down.

Our Truth starts playing over the PA speakers and the arena Darkens. The words “Destiny’s Calling” Flash on the screen. Then as the music picks up into full instrumentation the camera cuts to Johnny standing at the top of the ramp pointing at the fans smiling.

After about a half second he looks toward the ring and raises both arms above his head and one pyro on each side of him set off. Then he begins walking down the ramp. As he walks down he high fives a couple of fans on the way to the ring.

Finally he slides under the bottom rope into the ring and climbs onto the middle rope farthest from the ramp and points at all of the fans, giving them a thumbs up and then raising his fist into the air.

As his music begins to fade he hops off the rope and uses it to stretch his back as he waits for the match to begin.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio, JOHNNY OTAKU!

Joe Hoffman: Otaku making his debut tonight, looking to impress the HOW fans.

Hortega checks both men over, before gesturing for the bell to be rung.




Otaku flies out of his corner of the ring, leaping through the air, legs quickly locking around Marvel’s neck, swinging him through the air and driving him to the mat with a nice looking headscissors! Marvel quickly picks himself up, somewhat stunned at his opponent’s early offence, and looking to buy himself some time, he starts throwing looping left hands!

The hands connect with Otaku’s head, staggering him into the ropes, and Marvel quickly whips him off, throwing him across the ring! Otaku bounces off the ropes on the other side, and Marvel runs towards him, extending his arm for a clothesline, but Otaku’s knee meets Marvel’s gut before Marvel’s arm goes anywhere, and sends the masked man tumbling to the mat! Otaku drops an elbow into Marvel’s midsection, before clasping a hold of Marvel’s leg, turning him over and sitting down with a single legged boston crab!

Joe Hoffman: Otaku’s got ALL the early going here.

Benny Newell: Great, maybe then we can get some people out here that I care about. That way, I won’t drink my way through my supply so fast…!

Marvel, occasionally yelping out with the pain, eventually manages to wrest himself over to one of the ropes, causing the break. Otaku decides not to let Marvel have a breath, and drives his chest straight back into the canvas, knocking whatever air that Marvel had gathered back into his lungs straight back out! Marvel starts pulling himself up off the ropes as Otaku stalks the masked man, waiting for his time to strike. Marvel gets up to his feet, charging at Otaku, looking for a clothesline, but Otaku ducks under! Marvel stops, confused, but Otaku wastes little time in grabbing a hold of both of his arms, twisting him around and driving his head straight into the mat! Otaku hops over and hooks Marvel’s leg, looking for the pinfall…





Joe Hoffman: Great debut by Otaku and I think he just made quite the impression heading towards the PPV and into the draft…I really think he has a lot of potential…..wait….are you kidding me??

Benny Newell: What? What??

Joe Hoffman: Folks we have to head backstage once again…..Benny give me a drink…wait…nevermind…cut to the back..

Action cuts to the back with a final image of Hortega holding Otaku’s hand high in the air after his victorious debut.


Hardcore Comings and goings..

The HOV comes to life inside the office of HOW Owner and Master mind Lee Best. Kirsta gets up off her knees as Lee quickly zips his pants back up. Standing she wraps her arms around Lee and grins pushing him back and he lands in his chair at the desk.

Lee Best: Well, I see that attack by Scottywood last week didn’t lessen your expertise.

Kirsta Lewis: Should it have? He messed with my face not my mouth baby.

Lee Best: Naw, if he messed with those lips, I’d really have a surprise for him. He’d pay dearly.

Kirsta Lewis: You don’t worry about that Lee. I can take care of Mr. Bead Man all by myself. I’ve had posters made up of him lying on the floor, with those famous anal beads hanging out of his ass. I have placed them up all over the best arena. I’m sure he will be foaming at the mouth when he sees them.

Lee Best: Oh you little bitch, Yep that will get him going for sure.

Lee looks up at the door when he hears a knock; Kirsta walks over to stand next to Lee, expecting Scottywood to come barging in. As they look on, Megan comes walking into the room and points behind her.

Megan: I was walking past your locker room Kris and there’s some guy on a ladder doing something to the door. Looks like some maintenance guy but after last week you never know.

Kirsta turns to Lee and shrugs her shoulders.

Kirsta Lewis: Did you authorize anyone to work on my door? Didn’t think anything was wrong with it.

Lee Best: Not me, Have not a clue.

Kirsta Lewis: SCOTTYWOOD!!!

She quickly turns from Lee and heads to the door as Lee calls out.

Lee Best: Where you going? Were not done yet?

Kirsta Lewis: You just wrap that hand of yours around that cock and keep it warm for me. This won’t take long.

Lee Best: BITCH..

Kirsta nods and flips him off, leaving Lee to go find out what’s going on. Megan follows right behind her, shaking her head at what just went on, shutting the door behind her. Walking at Kirsta side as they make their way down the hall to Kirsta’s locker room. A man on a step ladder was indeed by Kirsta’s door with a screw driver in his hand. She stops at her door and looks up.

Kirsta Lewis: Hey, what the fuck you doing?

Guy: Just fixing this name plate, it came loose. Just putting in a new screw.

Kirsta Lewis: Place it a bit higher, it was too low anyways.

Voice: Giving orders as usual I see.

Turning, she sees Scottywood walking up to the ladder, with a huge grin on his face after seeing his handy work from last week. Clearly visible marks on Kirsta face left by the barbed wire he raked across her face.

Kirsta Lewis: What’s so god damn Fucking funny? You’re one to be standing there laughing at me, while your advertizing the latest fashion statement in anal beads that is plastered all over this arena.

Scottywood: Right! That’s the best you got, putting posters up. Funny haven’t seen a one.

Kirsta Lewis: You want to see the best I got, you wait till later.

Looking around for something to pick up, looking at the guy with a utility belt on and thinks of grabbing one of his tools, then thinks better of it. Her eyes got a glimpse of a cord running across the floor and follows it. A sick smile crosses her face as she picks up an electric tool. Griping it tightly in her hand, looking up at Scottywood.

Kirsta Lewis: On second thought why wait.

She squeezes the trigger and shoots twice, right into the knee caps of Scottywood with the Nail gun. He drops to floor screaming in pain, trying to pull the nails out which are in too deep. Kirsta busts out in laughter.


Scottywood: You FUCKING BITCH.

Kirsta Lewis: Well that’s one thing you got right.

Pushing the guy off the ladder she grabs it, swinging it hard into the head of Scottywood knocking him to the floor, his face bloody as she rams the ladder across his neck, pinning him there between the legs of the ladder, choking him as his face turns a deep red and blood dripping from his head and his knees.

Kirsta Lewis: Don’t worry it won’t kill ya. Just painful as hell. Knee will be sore no doubt. Might take some time to heal but Hey you’re the Hardcore Artist Right? Pain means nothing to you. You know what’s real painful Scott? It is having your hands stapled to the ring post by a stable gun. Believe me ripping it free can hurt like hell. Maybe I should have used that instead. Ah well, maybe next time. Hey next time could be sooner then you think Mr. Hardcore Artist Sir.

Her cocky attitude is somewhat funny as she looks down at Scottywood who is almost ready to past out from the lack off air, with that ladder pushed down across his throat, raising her foot she comes down across his face, then again and again before she spits in his face and lifts the ladder, bringing it hard down across his face. Turning she hands it back to the guy and nods.

Kirsta Lewis: Carry on, sorry for the interruption.

Laughing she looks down at the bloody lifeless body of the self proclaimed Hardcore Artist, shaking her head as she walks down the hall and back to Lee’s office as Turmoil cuts to another commercial break.


Issac Slade vs. Aceldama©

Maximillian Kael vs. Shane Reynolds©

Christopher America vs. David Black©

Mark O’Neal vs. Darkwing vs. Chris Kostoff

Kirsta Lewis vs. Scottywood

Trip Eisen vs. Trent©

Bob Jared vs. Embosser

Mindy’s first spooky interview..

Mindy Smith can be seen standing outside the stadium medical center located in the back of the arena with a microphone in hand. He appears to be anxiously awaiting something or someone. Soon after the door to the medical center opens, and out walks Joseph Gregory with some medical wrappings on his head, and some light bandages on one of his forearms. Joseph walks past Mindy Smith, and heads for the locker room area.

Mindy Smith: Joseph! Joseph, may I have a word?

Joseph doesn’t slow his walk, nor look back at Mindy Smith trying to catch up.

Mindy Smith: Joseph! A fucking word please!

Mindy Smith: is finally able to reach Joseph, who is making quick strides to his locker room. It’s only when Mindy Smith is walking side by side with him that Joseph notices Mindy Smith out of the corner of his eye.

Mindy Smith: Hey Harry Fucking Potter!!

Joseph slows his pace considerably, but does not stop walking altogether. His expression is that of some confusion as if he doesn’t recognize the name. Soon something dawns on Joseph, and he shakes his head a little as a smirk appears across his mouth. Finally he stops walking altogether, and stands facing Mindy Smith.

Joseph Gregory: Sorry about that. Just have a lot on my mind.

Mindy Smith:: Understandable you weird fuck, but considering what has happened in the last twenty-four hours I will cut you some slack. Could you still answer a few questions?

Joseph Gregory: As long as you make them quick.

Mindy Smith:: Fair enough. I know you’re match is coming up so I’ll be as quick as possible. Now in the news over the past twenty-four hours we have learned that you were recently trapped, and had to be rescued from a collapsed mining shaft. Can you tell us exactly what happen to cause the collapse, and what you were doing down there to begin with?

Joseph Gregory: I’m not exactly sure what happened myself. Everything that happened before the roof came down is very blurry right now. As to why I was down there I cannot say other than I was on business of a different kind.

Mindy Smith: So you have no recollection at all as to what happened?

Joseph Gregory: Yep. I cannot remember hardly any from the time I entered to the time I was pulled out.

Mindy Smith: I heard reports that it took emergency workers hours to recover your unconscious body from the shaft. Any truth in that?

Joseph Gregory: I don’t know. All I remember is waking up in the nearby hospital with some medical bandages on me, and later that day I was released.

Mindy Smith: Given the condition you’re in, do you think you’re in condition to fight tonight?

Joseph Gregory: The doc gave me a clean bill of health to fight, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

Mindy Smith:: What about concerns that you may be still suffering from effects of a possible concusson suffered down in the shaft?

Joseph Gregory: Well the doc doesn’t see any reason to be concerned enough to keep me from fighting, so why should anyone else?

Mindy Smith:: I was just wondering because of concerns over your….

Joseph Gregory: LISTEN!

Joseph Gregory starts to look a little more aggravated now, and Mindy jumps back slightly due to the rapid speed in the elevation of Joseph’s voice. Joseph reaches out and grabs the hand of Mindy Smith that is holding the microphone. Joseph then puts the microphone still held by Mindy close to his mouth.

Joseph Gregory: If the doc says I can fight, then I’m fighting. No bump on the head is keeping me out of that ring tonight.

Joseph releases Mindy’s hand, and microphone. Mindy takes another step away from Joseph, and then raises the microphone back to his mouth.

Mindy Smith: So your are Mr. Billy Bad Ass huh? Touch me again and your ass if fucking grass you hear me? NOW….you don’t feel any other ailments from that cave-in?

Joseph Gregory: Look I have a match very soon, and I don’t have the time to answer your stupid questions right now. I am in good shape, and that’s all there is to it. Now this interview is over.

Joseph Gregory storms off away from Mindy Smith, and his cameraman.

Mindy Smith: Guys back to you that idiot is probably off to chase Slimer or something…

The action returns to the announcers as Mindy looks frustrated at what she views as a waste of her time.

Joe Hoffman: I have a feeling that the injuries he sustained from the shaft collapse is affecting Spook more than he’d like to admit. Did you see how long it took for him to recognize, and respond to his own name? Or how his temperament changed drastically, and he became very agitated very quickly? I think someone should tell him he can’t wrestle, but who would stand up to that?

Benny Newell: What? Oh of course he’s good to fight tonight. All he needs to do is take a few shots of this liquid fuel, and it’ll fix whatever screw is loose in that melon of his.

Joe Hoffman: I have a feeling he needs more than that. As to whether or not he is fit to wrestle is something that we’ll find out sooner than later as his match is set to start now.


Ethan Cavanaugh vs. Joseph “Spook” Gregory
Singles Match

Bryan McVay: This next match is scheduled for one fall… making his way to the ring, from Lisburn, Norern Ireland, weighing in at 219 pounds… ETHAN CAVANAUGH!!!

Cavanaugh garners some cheers and some boos from the Best Arena crowd as he reaches the bottom of the entrance ramp and slides into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks… no doubt Ethan Cavanaugh is looking to make a statement here tonight after, like many others, being left off the pay-per-view card.

Benny Newell: What I don’t understand is why the real “Alpha Black Male” is being left off. It’s a travesty in my opinion!

Joe Hoffman: But Darkwing is in a match at Capitol Punishment…

Benny Newell: Excuse me for YAWNING, but I’m not talking about Duck. As Lee Best mentioned on the HOR broadcast last night, its ETHAN that is the new Alpha Black Man of HOW, not Darkwing. I bet he could mop the floor with Duck in a bucket of KFC eating contest…

Suddenly, all the lights go out in the arena. Faint purple lights appear near the entrance along with some fog rising from either side of the entrance ramp. “Cleansing” by Marilyn Manson starts to play. Once the music kicks up there is an explosion of fire from both sides of the entrance ramp as we see Joseph Gregory walk out from behind the curtains looking at the two flames.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Plant City, Florida, weighing 225 pounds… SPOOK!!!

At first, Spook seems a little hesitant from the heat of the flames, but then starts to admire the fire before the flames extinguish. With the fog rolling down with him, he begins his slow pace to the ring wearing his cloak, but is missing his signature walking staff that he usually carries.

Joe Hoffman: Seems like Spook is a bit amused with the aspects of his own entrance.

As he reaches the ring he starts to slide in under the bottom rope as the flames shoot up from all four corners of the ring, at which time Joseph quickly retreats from the ring. Cavanaugh, Boettcher, and McVay look at Joseph with a perplexed look on their faces, none of them quite understanding his current behavior. McVay leaves the ring once Joseph deems the ring safe enough to enter after repeatedly rolling into the ring slightly, and then rolling back out. Joseph looks around at the crowd, and then at Ethan Cavanaugh as Referee Matt Boettcher signals for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Still think he’s in fighting form, Buff? He doesn’t even seem to remember his entrance right now. How is he going to handle this fight? Will he even remember his wrestling moves or his finisher?

Benny Newell: Oh quit being a drama queen. He’ll be just fine. If it’ll help calm your nerves I’ll get a shot of Jack over to him ASAP.

Joe Hoffman: This is serious Benny. We’re talking about a man’s career here, and him possibly jeopardizing it to appear in this match.

Benny silently mocks Joe as he pours himself another shot and downs it as Cavanaugh appears ready to initiate a lock up with Spook in the middle of the ring. Spook backs down, however, and goes to step out of the ring, but Cavanaugh grabs him by the arm, pulls him back by kicking him in the gut, and drops him with a DDT!

Cavanaugh follows up with the Cavanaugh Stomp to Spook’s chest and legs and then brings him to his feet by his hair, shooting him back down with a short-arm clothesline. Spook pops up and looks around, facing the other way from where Ethan is standing and looks confused as he spins around, only to be met with a Standing Drop Kick. Quick cover by Cavanaugh and Boettcher drops for the count.



Joe Hoffman: KICKOUT!

Spook gets the shoulder up and sits up, shaking off the cob webs until he notices Cavanaugh coming at him with the Cause of Death. Except Spook avoids the big boot to the face and trips up his opponent, grabbing Ethan by the ankle and wrenching it into an Ankle Lock submission.

Ethan scrambles quickly towards the ropes and grabs on, but Spook doesn’t immediately respond to Boettcher who is trying to call him off.





At the last possible second before getting disqualified, Spook lets go and relieves Ethan from his agony. Ethan immediately favors his ankle as Boettcher warns Spook about how close he was to being DQ’ed.

Joe Hoffman: Perhaps Spook is wasting a bit too much time here…

Benny Newell: Perhaps he’s wasting too much of OUR time. Wake me up when it’s ov—OHHH!

Joe Hoffman: Devastating Super Kick from Spook, nearly taking off Ethan’s head right there!! Out of nowhere, Joseph Gregory plants Ethan Cavanaugh… and boy, how the momentum can shift so quickly!

Looking dazed after several moments of not moving, Ethan slowly crawls his way over to the corner of the ring where he uses the turnbuckles to help himself to his feet. Spook stalks him from behind and as Ethan turns, Spook meets him with a boot to the gut. He lifts him into the air and spins toward the center of the ring, planting Cavanaugh and delighting the crowd with THE PIT Sitdown Powerbomb finisher!





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 4:04… SPOOK!!!

Spook looks down at Cavanaugh with a look of disdain before he exits the ring and begins his walk to the back.

Joe Hoffman: Certainly not the type of performance we expected from Ethan Cavanaugh, as Spook was clearly still suffering some trauma-like effects or maybe even a concussion!

Benny Newell: The real “Alpha Black Male” had an easy opportunity to capitalize… I blame it on too much KFC!

Joe Hoffman: Big win for Spook regardless and I have no doubt we’ll be hearing from BOTH Spook and Ethan Cavanaugh somewhere along the line at Capitol Punishment.

The scene cuts to the back, where Bob Jared is standing by…



The action cuts backstage where the camera was focused on none other then Bob Jared. He was seen walking around backstage, busy talking to his wife on his cellphone.

Bob Jared: Fine, I’ll pick up some milk after work…..Yes I know you’re tring to watch your figure, so I’ll get 1%…..Ok, is that all?…..Yes I’ll make sure to drive home safely…..I love you to, honey.

He turned off his cellphone and went over to the vending machines to get a snack before his match tonight, he was hankering for a Snickers bar since they are known for satisfying hunger. He put the

money in and sure enough the candy bar dropped.

As he bent down to retrieve it from the bottom flap, he noticed a certain someone leaning against the wall across from him. The camera panned to the right to reveal who Bob was looking at, it was none other than Issac Slade, looking sad and depressed as ever.

After grabbing the candy bar and stuffing it into his jacket pocket for later, the older veteran walked over to Slade and wondered what was bothering him.

Bob Jared: Hey Issac, why the long face? Still upset over what happened to Sabina, eh?

He waited for a response but didn’t get one from Slade, Bob then decided to switch his choice of words to get his tag team partner to become more vulnerable and open.

Bob Jared: You shouldn’t blame yourself for what happened to her, it was an accident and totally out of your control. Just because one little mistake happened doesn’t mean that your life is over. You’re Issac Slade, the former ICON champion of HOW. That title alone may not mean much to you right now but guys would bust their balls to be where you are right now. Hell, I can’t wait until I get to hold that beautiful belt around my waist some day.

The older veteran put his hand on Issac’s shoulder.

Bob Jared: Sure, people might be upset at you now but these kind of things happen all the time. People die every day, it’s just the way of life. Be it by natural causes, murder, or freak accidents. What happened to Sabina was a freak accident and nothing more. I know that you loved her and that you feel responsible for her death, I’m sure Faze might feel the same way, however just because both of you might feel that way doesn’t it mean that its true.

He let go of Slade’s shoulder, unsure if his words were sinking into his tormented soul. All he was receiving from Slade were cold stares looking at the floor. Bob scratched his chin before continuing.

Bob Jared: Smart people know that you’re innocent, and tonight if anyone gives you any trouble they’ll have me to answer to. I’m not just here to be your tag team partner for tonight but I’m also here to be your friend. And as a friend I feel it is my duty to motivate you by getting your mind off what happened this past week. Here look what I have.

Bob reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the Snickers bar. He quickly peeled the wrapper off with his dirty fingernails and held the bar of chocolate in his hand, in his other hand was the crumpled wrapper.

Bob Jared: Here, we’ll share it. I don’t know if you’re hungry or not but in case you are this is sure to satisfy your hunger as the wrapper says so on the back.

He used both hands to break the Snickers bar in two and offered half of it to Slade, hoping he would take it and accept his declaration of friendship.

Slade looks up at Bob Jared, his eyes full of sorrow to a depth that no one would possibly envy, Bob’s words hurt but Slade see’s the sincerity in them and see’s what the man is trying to do, reaching up he takes a small piece of the snickers bar breaking it off from the larger piece, he speaks and his voice is soft.

Issac Slade: Thank you….I wish you all the best here on Turmoil Bob, if I can leave here with one friend after all I’ve done then it’s infinitely more than I deserve…Thank you.

Putting his hand on Bob’s shoulder he eats the piece of chocolate without really tasting it and then heads off in the direction of the ring.

Bob watched as Slade left, he then looked down at the remaining Snicker bar and gobbled down the rest of it. Knowing that he did good he threw the wrapper in a near by garbage can.

Bob Jared: No, thank you Issac. Thank you for hearing me out.

He said to himself, dusting off his hands and knowing that his work here was done. Bob then turned and walked away off camera as it faded into blackness and Turmoil cuts to another commercial break.


High Octane Fighting Championships coming to HOTv in August!!


Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey & Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal vs. Darkwing & Scottywood vs. Chris Kostoff & Kirsta Lewis
Hardcore Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Elimination Match

The show cuts to ringside and we are greeted with the OFFICIAL EXCLUSIVE BROADCASTING TEAM of Thursday Night Turmoil…..Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome folks to a match that I think will steal this show….a Tornado tag Team Elimination match. Darkwing and Scottywood against the team of Bobbinette Carey and Mark O’Neal against Kostoff and Kirsta Lewis. This can get very ugly, very quick, as it is also under hardcore rules as Scottywood’s is involved in this match and his contract demands it. What do you think Benny?

Benny Newell: I think duck will get cooked…..Again. Scottywood will fail. Kostoff will fail. That is all.

Joe Hoffman: Thanks for the detailed analysis….

Suddenly, ‘Circus’ by Britney Spears hits the arena speakers and out walks Bobbinette Carey with her dog Princess under her left arm. Carey walks around to the timekeeper and entrusts Princess to their care before sliding into the ring and playing to the crowd who give her a moderate ovation.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey a heroine to so many of the HOW fans….

Benny Newell: Which I’ll never understand how that whore is such a fan favorite. You saw what she did earlier. Flirting with Lee….which it’s about time the bitch comes around to try and get some of the BEST doggy style…..but still….how the fans still love this bitch is beyond me. I mean she hasn’t given it up what, 5 years??? How do you love that???

Joe Hoffman: Only YOU would see a problem with abstinence, Benny.

Benny Newell: Me and EVERY other non married man….sorry Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t start…..

Just then…





Give it Away’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers hits!!!

Benny Newell: Now for the man who will roast the Duck at the Pay per view and make sure Lee Best doesn’t have to step in the ring with the Beta Black Man…..Mark O’Neal!

Mark O’Neal comes out to his usual bevy of boos and he joins Carey in the ring. The two Hall of Famers stare each other down, making it obvious that both aren’t too happy about this pairing.

Suddenly, ‘Animal’ by Nickleback hits and out walks Kirsta Lewis! The crowd gives her heat right away…




Kirsta ignores them and makes her way down to the ring. The closer she gets to the ring however, the more she stares at Carey, whom she is visibly not pleased with.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta obviously still not happy Bobbinette Carey is trying to….’steal her man’?

Benny Newell: I’m sure there’s plenty of White Chocolate to go around for both Carey and Kirsta….

Joe Hoffman: Plenty of nail guns for Kirsta to use as well….

Kirsta gets up the ring apron and the two women eye each other as ‘Name of the Game’ by Crystal Method hits and out walks HOW Hall of Famer, Chris Kostoff!

The fans cheer Kostoff as he walks down to ringside and as he gets up on the apron and joins Kirsta….

OHHHHHHH, You gotta Keep em separated’

Stricken’ by Disturbed hits and out walks the Hardcore Artist, Scottywood with Frankie the Cameraman supporting his weight as Scottywood limps out with a huge bandage over his knee. Scottywood ignores the boos from the crowd as he holds his barbed wire hockey stick in one hand and makes his way to the ring. Kostoff and Kirsta step into the ring and stand near one corner as directed by Joel Hortega. Scottywood stands on the outside and Scottywood eyes Kostoff and Kirsta then takes out a small bottle of jack Daniels and guzzles it as the lights go out in the arena and the crowd pops as they know who is coming out…

A spotlight shines on the stage as ‘The Animal I have Become’ hits and out walks Darkwing as the fans go crazy for the Hall of Famer.

Joe Hoffman: Well, there aren’t many men in HOW that command this sort of positive reaction from our fans quite like Darkwing.

Benny Newell: They are all idiots anyways. Don’t they know the Duck is washed up?

Darkwing stands at the stage reminding the fans and everyone who he is, as he shoots his arms straight out to each side and pyro explodes on either side as Darkwing brings his arms down slowly, showing off his well developed shoulders and upper body before walking down to the ring.

Darkwing climbs up on the apron, glaring at Kostoff briefly before crossing to the opposite corner, and climbing it, and then shooting his arms to each side again and then raising his right fist into the air. Darkwing then glares down at his 4 fellow competitors for a moment before climbing down into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: well this match is ready to begin; you have all 4 of Turmoil’s Hall of Famers in this match. This is once again for the audience at home, a Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Elimination match contested under hardcore rules due to Scottywood’s contractual stipulation.

Benny Newell: Break it down…

Joe Hoffman: In plain terms, all 6 people will be in the ring or outside it at the same time fighting until one man…..or woman, is left standing. You get eliminated via pin or submission and there are no count outs or disqualifications.

Benny Newell: Thank you…now where’s the beer…..

Hortega is checking with each team to see if they are ready to begin. You can see Kostoff glaring at Mark O’Neal and Carey and Kirsta are eyeballing each other, but most notably, Scottywood and Darkwing are having a war of words.




Darkwing points to himself then to Scottywood as Scottywood mouths off from the floor while Frankie supports him. Suddenly Bobbinette Carey can be seen sliding out of the ring behind Mark O’Neal, and she runs around toward Scottywood, moves Frankie out of the way, as Scottywood is still distracted by Darkwing, and springs up…..



Frankie is knocked aside and Hortega slides out the ring…..

Darkwing looks surprised after Carey hits her handspring Hurricanrana and covers….

UNO!!!!! DOS!!!


Benny Newell: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fans cheer as Carey celebrates her pin on Scottywood, and EMT’s come down to help Scottywood to a stretcher due to his knee injury. Scotty has a fit as Frankie helps the EMTs place Scottywood on the stretcher as Kostoff, Kirsta, Carey, who is now in the ring and O’Neal all stare at Darkwing.

Joe Hoffman: How wise was it for Darkwing not break the pin up? Now he is without a partner and more importantly….would Carey tries and screw Scottywood over in the big special referee match after what we just saw? She seemed VERY eager to get that pinfall over the Hardcore Artist.

Benny Newell: Well, she obviously would try and screw Lee Best.

Darkwing is smiling as the other 4 wrestlers close in on him. Darkwing just shrugs and lunges at the nearest body, which just so happened to be Chris Kostoff.

Kirsta and Kostoff beat down on Darkwing and Mark O’Neal joins in, which leaves Carey standing there as the two Best Alliance Members and Kostoff beat down on Darkwing with stomps. Kostoff suddenly shoves O’Neal and Kirsta away and pulls up Darkwing, obviously wanting the Charisma King for himself. Kostoff nails a huge right hand, then clotheslines Darkwing over the top rope!

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff obviously wanted to take down Darkwing himself there…

Mark O’Neal walks over and starts nailing forearms and punches to Kostoff! Kostoff shoves him away, and Mark scrambles to his feet, and Kostoff goes for a lariat, but Mark pulls Carey into his path, and Kostoff nearly decapitates Bobbinette Carey with a wicked lariat!!!!!!



The fans go silent as Carey lies there lifeless. Mark and Kostoff look down at Carey when suddenly…


Joe Hoffman: WHAT POWER!!!!!

Kostoff pulls Mark to his feet and calls over Kirsta, and Kostoff sets him up, lifts him for a powerbomb and drops him down as Kirsta simultaneously nails a neckbreaker!!!!!!!!!


Just then, Darkwing is climbing on the apron and Kostoff is up, and turns and charges and knocks Darkwing off the apron and back to the floor as Kirsta Lewis nails a standing moonsault on mark O’Neal and covers, hooking both legs!!!!




Benny Newell: NOOOOO!!!!!!


Kirsta gets up and smiles, as Mark rolls out of the ring! SMACK

Darkwing’s head is bounced off the ring steps as Kostoff has been working over Darkwing while Kirsta scored the second early pinfall of this match. Darkwing crumples to the floor as Kostoff pulls him up and rams him back first into the ring apron then nails him with a stiff right hand before rolling him into the ring.

Kirsta Lewis meanwhile is now standing over Bobbinette Carey, who is on hands and knees still hurting from the hard Kostoff Lariat.

Darkwing rolls near Carey and both Hall of Famers struggle to their feet as now Kostoff and Kirsta stand over them, waiting.

Darkwing and Carey get to their feet, still hurting…

Kostoff goes for a big boot to Darkwing……

Kirsta goes for the HELLS BITCH KICK to Carey……


Both Carey and Darkwing duck the kicks, and run to the ropes, as Kirsta and Kostoff turn around….Kostoff steps in front of Kirsta and drops BOTH Darkwing and Carey with a double clothesline!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Carey and Darkwing are opponents, NOT a tag team, but it seems they may need to work together to make this a regular triple threat match!

Kostoff pulls up Carey and lifts her into a bear hug as Kirsta looks down as Darkwing is laid out…Kirsta nails another standing moonsault, and hooks both legs of Darkwing…..




The fans cheer as Darkwing kicks out. Meanwhile, Kostoff lifts Carey into a Gorilla Press and Darkwing crawls near Kostoff….it is obvious Darkwing is very worn down already and Kostoff simply drops Carey and pulls Darkwing up…..Carey gets to hands and knees, and Kostoff reaches down and now has both Darkwing and Carey by the throat….

Joe Hoffman: A double Chokeslam!?

Darkwing nods at Carey who is struggling in Kostoff’s grip.

Kostoff goes for the Double Chokeslam, but Darkwing nails an elbow which stops it and Carey kicks at the knees of Kostoff, and he lets go!

Carey nods at Darkwing for the assist, as Darkwing nails a boot to the face of Kostoff, as Kirsta realizes Kostoff has lost control, Kirsta charges in towards Carey…..

Darkwing shoves Carey out of the way!!!!

Kirsta nails a beautiful dropkick to Darkwing which sends him backpedaling into a corner!!!!

Carey stands up, and then starts nailing kicks to the thigh, punches, forearms, anything and everything to try and keep Kostoff down, but it’s to no avail as Kostoff stands up again, and Carey finally nails a dropkick to the chest, but Kostoff doesn’t look too hurt. Carey looks desperate, and runs the ropes, comes back and goes for a wheel barrow bulldog, but Kostoff catches her and walks quickly to a corner and sits Carey on the top rope!

Meanwhile, Kirsta is unloading on Darkwing in the opposite corner, and both Kirsta and Kostoff look back at each other and then each whips their respective Hall of Famers out of the corner at each other…..

Darkwing and Carey shoot at each other, and drop each other with double clotheslines as Kirsta and Kostoff smile, Kirsta covers Darkwing and Kostoff covers Carey….

Joe Hoffman: A Double Pin!!!?







Joe Hoffman: Very close for both Darkwing and Carey here!

Kostoff and Kirsta then slide out the ring at opposite ends and Kostoff reaches under the ring and pulls out a table and slides it into the ring, Kirsta gets a steel chair and tosses it into the ring. Kostoff slides in and props the table up in one corner, then pulls up Darkwing as Kirsta smiles and helps out. Both Kirsta and double Irish whip Darkwing toward the table!!!! Joe Hoffman: OH NO!!!


Darkwing slides safely to a stop and quickly gets to his feet, as Kirsta charges, Darkwing counters whatever Kirsta had in mind by lifting her up into a Fireman’s Carry and Kostoff charges forward, and drops Darkwing with a spear, causing him to drop Kirsta Lewis!!!!!

Bobbinette Carey suddenly is up and she grabs Kirsta Lewis from behind and tosses her over the ropes and out the ring!!! Kostoff is too busy standing over Darkwing to notice however and Kostoff pulls Darkwing up, and sets up for a powerbomb…..

Joe Hoffman: If Kostoff hits the NO REMORSE…..!!!!

Suddenly, Darkwing drops to one knee and clips the leg of Kostoff, causing the knee to buckle a bit. Kostoff backs off as Darkwing rolls out of the ring from the opposite end to avoid the finisher.

Meanwhile Carey is measuring Kirsta as she slowly gets up on the outside….Carey then charges to the opposite ropes, but Kostoff is there, and goes for a clothesline, but Carey DUCKS and springboards off the second rope and nails a back elbow to Kostoff’s face which actually knocks Kostoff down!!!! The fans cheer as Carey gets back up, walks back towards the ropes where Kirsta is on the floor…


The fans go apeshit as Carey lands on top of Kirsta with a perfect slingshot plancha!!!

Both women take time to recover as Kostoff gets to his feet. Carey pulls up Kirsta and Kostoff now charges!!!!


Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Kostoff, Carey and Kirsta are laid out on the floor as Darkwing rolls back into the ring. He gets to his feet and looks around for his opponents…


Darkwing finally sees Kostoff, Carey and Kirsta getting to their feet on the floor….

Benny Newell: DON’T DO IT!!!!!

Darkwing charges towards the corner, springboards off the second, then the top turnbuckle, then nails ALL THREE OF THEM WITH A CORKSCREW DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD BODYBLOCK FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!!





HOV screen comes alive and replays all three high risk moves, with several different angled shots of the high risk move by Darkwing.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD WHAT A MATCH!!!!! We saw Bobbinette Carey with a Slingshot Plancha, Kostoff with a Suicide Dive, and Darkwing with that twisting double springboard plancha like maneuver on to Kostoff, Kirsta Lewis, AND Bobbinette Carey!!!!

Benny Newell: I deserve a drink after that!!!!

Darkwing gets to his feet and riles up the crowd support as the fans cheer him on. Darkwing throws Kostoff into the ring, then Kirsta…..Darkwing covers Kirsta…..




Darkwing now covers Kostoff….





Darkwing gets up as he sees Carey trying to pull herself to her feet on the outside. Carey is using the guardrail and the fans are patting her on the arm and shoulder begging her to get back in there. Darkwing then walks over to the ropes near Carey and grabs onto them…


Darkwing then half turns and sees Kostoff to his feet behind him. Darkwing then turns back to Carey and slingshots….



Darkwing is now facing Kostoff as Kostoff charges and goes to spear Darkwing off the apron, but Darkwing slingshots back into the ring and counters with a sunset flip!!!!!


Kostoff reaches down and grabs Darkwing by the throat and powers the Icon of Inglewood to his feet!

Darkwing then knocks away Kostoff’s arms and starts nailing him with right hands!!!!!

Darkwing lands a flurry of punches to Kostoff before taunting him, wagging his finger at him, and Kostoff charges at Darkwing, Darkwing ducks the lariat…


Kirsta is now laid out as she was behind Darkwing. Kostoff looks down then turns, and Darkwing lifts Kostoff up into a fireman’s carry!!!! Joe Hoffman: KOSTOFF IS OVER 280 POUNDS!!!!!

Darkwing looks like he is trying for the NIGHTFALL, but Kostoff with elbows!!! Kostoff lands on his feet, and shoves Darkwing backward into the ropes…Darkwing wanders back and Kostoff with a HUGE AA-style SPINEBUSTER!!!!!

Darkwing is laid out and Kostoff pulls Darkwing to his feet….

NO REMORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kostoff with the lateral press……







Benny Newell: WHY DID SHE DO THAT!!!?

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know!!! Maybe because Darkwing helped her escape the chokeslam earlier, or maybe it was because Kostoff was in a vulnerable position!

Kostoff rolls off of Darkwing holding his neck. Darkwing rolls away towards the corner opposite the one with the table propped up in it. Carey looks down at Darkwing, then turns her attention to Kostoff who rises to his feet….


BUT NO! KOSTOFF BLOCKS IT!!! Kostoff pulls Carey up for the NO REMORSE, but Carey with punches!!! Carey counters with a Hurricanrana which sends Kostoff to where he is on his knees lying on the second rope!! Carey signals to the crowd, runs to the ropes, slingshots out to the apron where Kostoff is, then curves her body in mid springboard, nailing Kostoff with a kick to the face!!!

Joe Hoffman: What a move!!!!

Kostoff gets to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs. Carey measures Kostoff, then springboards off the top rope, but Kirsta Lewis is now up and dives at Carey, and that knocks Carey off the top rope and both women tumble all the way to the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kostoff then turns back to Darkwing, who is laid out in the corner. Kostoff drags Darkwing out of the corner and covers….




Joe Hoffman: Darkwing kicked out!!!!



Joe Hoffman: WHAT THE!!!?


Mark came from the crowd, and slides in, and charges, Kostoff senses him, and turns and nails a Big boot!!!!!!!

Mark goes down holding his face, as Kostoff tries to get his hands on him, mark scrambles out of the ring and Kostoff narrowly misses Mark!


Joe Hoffman: DARKWING IS BACK UP!!!!!

Benny Newell: TURN AROUND!!!!

Kostoff follows Mark along the ropes till he’s near the table propped up…..Kostoff is mouthing off to Mark….Darkwing is smiling, begging Kostoff to turn around…..Mark points to behind Kostoff. Kostoff turns…


TRANS DARKWING EXPRESS THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!! T.D.E TO KOSTOFF THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Darkwing pulls Kostoff away from the ropes, Kostoff motionless after Darkwing’s trademark vicious spear drove him through the table…

Darkwing finally hooks the far leg…. UNO!!!!!






Darkwing gets to his feet, obviously hurting as Kirsta Lewis is now in the ring, and tries a right hand, and lands it, but it doesn’t affect the Alpha Black Man much as he shakes his head at Kirsta and slowly walks toward her.

Joe Hoffman: With Kostoff out of the match, Darkwing now is the odds on favorite with his power, speed and size over the two women.

Kirsta with another right hand…..little effect.

Darkwing goes for a knife edged chop, but Kirsta ducks, and Darkwing turns, and Kirsta goes for the HELLS BITCH KICK, but Darkwing catches her foot!!!!!

Darkwing then shoves Kirsta back and Kirsta tumbles through the ropes to the floor!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Darkwing really using his size and power here.

Carey is now in the ring, and she tries her hand. Darkwing turns, and is met with forearms to the face which do seem to hurt the Charismatic Prodigy. Carey then tries to whip Darkwing to the ropes, but Darkwing holds his ground……Darkwing reverses……

Joe Hoffman: FIREMANS CARRY!!!

Darkwing has Carey up, but Carey with elbows….Carey lands behind Darkwing and rolls Darkwing up!!!




Darkwing gets up, Carey with a crucifix pin!!




Darkwing scrambles to his feet as Carey nails a dropkick, and Darkwing backs into a corner, and Carey leaps at him for a monkey flip, but Darkwing somehow blocks it, and tries to turn it into a Cloverleaf, but Carey starts flailing, and breaks a leg free, and uses the now free leg to kick Darkwing off!!

Darkwing back in the corner now as Carey climbs up and starts nailing punches…





The fans count as Darkwing suddenly grabs Carey and walks out of the corner with her set up for a Powerbomb…..Carey with punches, then goes for a Hurricanrana…..

Darkwing blocks it!!! Suddenly Darkwing and Carey fall to the mat, as it is now apparent Darkwing is trapped in a head scissor grapevine hold!!!

Joe Hoffman: The same move that Bobbinette Carey used to beat Mark O’Neal at War Games!!!!

Darkwing has his right hand out, wagging it to signal he doesn’t give up. Bobbinette looks desperate to put Darkwing away. Suddenly Darkwing powers to his feet, but is crouched down, the weight of Bobbinette lowering him almost to a kneeling position. Darkwing then takes his left arm and hooks it over the free leg of Bobbinette that is being used to hook her other leg onto to complete the grapevine, then Darkwing, with his right hand, pushes Bobbinette’s legs off his head, slips his hand in between them and now has a Cloverleaf locked in already, and he stands and turns the hold over!!!!


Darkwing has the Cloverleaf in tight as Kirsta Lewis can be seen sliding into the ring, and she charges at Darkwing! Darkwing tries to release the hold, but he can’t even stand in time, and it’s too late!!!


Darkwing falls down, and Kirsta Lewis desperately covers…….




Benny Newell: YES!!!!! DUCK LOSES!!!!




Darkwing rolls away as Hortega explains to Kirsta that was only a long two count. Carey gets to her feet, shaking her knee loose. She and Kirsta are now face to face…




Carey and Kirsta look around at the fans clamoring for them to fight. Suddenly, Darkwing starts trying to pull himself up using the ropes. Suddenly, Carey and Kirsta look at Darkwing and Carey and Kirsta pull up Darkwing TOGETHER and set him up……

Joe Hoffman: DOUBLE SUPLEX!!!

Benny Newell: They are working together!!!?

Joe Hoffman: Neither woman had much success against Darkwing individually, so it makes sense they should combine their efforts!!

Darkwing cries out in pain as he tries to get to his feet. Kirsta helps Darkwing up and holds him in place with a hand in his face, as she has Darkwing by the nose. Carey climbs to the top with the destroyed table pieces underneath……..


Kirsta lets Darkwing go right into the top rope Double Axe handle, but Darkwing does not go down!!!!!

Kirsta and Carey run the ropes, and both try a double shoulder block and hit it, but both bounce harmlessly off of Darkwing! Darkwing is still trying to recover, as Carey runs the ropes, she runs straight at Kirsta, who grabs her, spins her around and straight back at Darkwing with increased speed and power and Carey manages to knock Darkwing down with a clothesline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carey covers…..




Darkwing again escapes. Kirsta pulls Darkwing up, and her and Carey step back…

Joe Hoffman: A DOUBLE SUPER KICK!!!!

BUT NO!!! Darkwing grabs the ankle of both women, and then shoves them down as he shakes the cobwebs free. Darkwing walks over towards the ropes and cracks his neck as you can tell that he’s angry now. Both women get up, and look at each other….both charge at Darkwing, Darkwing low bridges the ropes, and Kirsta files out the ring, but Carey holds on!!!

Carey skins the cat!!!!



Benny Newell: Lee will tap that ass…..

Darkwing has the legs clover leafed while standing up, and Carey is on her stomach trying to crawl for the ropes! Carey reaches the ropes!!




The fans are buzzing as you can see Carey’s face contorted in pain!

Joe Hoffman: SHES ABOUT TO TAP!!!!

Bobbinette Carey reaches her hand out prepared to tap out!!!!

Suddenly, Kirsta Lewis crawls into the ring behind Darkwing, and grabs him by the head, and Darkwing, defenseless as long as he is applying the Inglewood Cloverleaf, is powerless as Kirsta heavily rakes him in the eyes!!!!

Darkwing breaks the hold, and scrambles to his feet. Darkwing is blinded, he swings wild punches, one of which Kirsta has to duck….Carey is up again, her knee bothering her……she limps into the blinded Darkwing, who on instincts, knees her in the gut, and sets her up for a powerbomb……

Darkwing lifts Carey, his eyes mostly closed, and Kirsta Lewis looks up and pulls the arms down of Carey and Carey falls on top of Darkwing crotch first, Kirsta quickly sits on the crotch area of Darkwing and hooks both his legs, as Carey and Kirsta both have Darkwing folded up in some type of sexual position!!!






Benny Newell: fuck Lee!! Not the duck!!!


Darkwing kicks out too late and both women fly off of him. Darkwing has his left eye closed as it is still bothering him, he turns to Hortega to find out what happened, Hortega is signaling that Darkwing was pinned, and Darkwing looks confused as he is checking his eye.

HOV comes alive again, and shows the exchange of the interference by Kirsta on the Powerbomb, and then the double pin where it appears Kirsta is riding Darkwing’s crotch and Carey is riding Darkwing’s face at the same time!!!!

Carey gets up, unsure herself what just happened….









Darkwing gets up and tries to retaliate on Kirsta as he just saw the replay in its entirety. Kirsta slides out the ring and runs for the entrance way as Darkwing is stopped by Joel Hortega.

Joe Hoffman: That was one of the greatest matches in turmoil’s short history! I didn’t think we’d see simulated sex in a wrestling match!!

Benny Newell: Nor did I! Lucky Duck! But wait….how do you know about Emmanuelle In space, Mr. Straight-and-Narrow?


Darkwing acts as if he’s going to backhand Hortega and he gets out of the ring to avoid Darkwing’s anger. Darkwing looks at Carey as Carey is getting to her feet holding her jaw unsure of what happened…

Scene cuts to commercials as Darkwing and Bobbinette Carey stare at each other!


Issac Slade vs. Aceldama©

Maximillian Kael vs. Shane Reynolds©

Christopher America vs. David Black©

Mark O’Neal vs. Darkwing vs. Chris Kostoff

Kirsta Lewis vs. Scottywood

Trip Eisen vs. Trent©

Bob Jared vs. Embosser

Pimpin of the Attorney

The scene cuts from commercial as Mark O’Neal can be seen walking through the hallways in the back after a tough showing in the previous match…..Suddenly, a man blindsides O’Neal and O’Neal crashes into the wall.

O’Neal rises to his feet as the camera reveals that it is A Pimp Called Rufus, holding the PIMP CANE.


Rufus starts nailing right hands, and Mark powers through the assault, and goes for the TIME BOMB, but Rufus rolls away, and Mark chases as Rufus runs away…

Rufus runs down the halls, Mark chasing, the cameraman running after Mark like a scene out of COPS until Rufus runs through an open dressing room floor…..

Mark turns inside and runs into Rufus, who goes for his diamond cutter finisher, but Mark blocks it and shoves him off, suddenly ANOTHER man leaps at Mark and nails a Diamond Cutter of his own!!!!

The camera pans up and its DARKWING!!!!!

Darkwing: Welcome Mark……

Mark is groaning on the floor, and Darkwing extends his hand towards Rufus, who is breathing heavily. Rufus hands Darkwing the PIMP CANE, and Darkwing jabs the African Lions head into the kidneys, that causes Mark to cry out in pain, and drop to the floor. Darkwing then locks in the INGLEWOOD CLOVERLEAF and Mark lies on his stomach, reaching for anything to try and break free.

Suddenly, in walk two well dressed women and a well dressed man, all in business attire and briefcases.

Darkwing: Meet my Legal Team of Lawyers, Mark!!!

Darkwing still has the INGLEWOOD CLOVERLEAF applied as Darkwing nods to his team of expert lawyers.

Darkwing: I’m sure you are wondering why they are here Mark. I’m sure you are think what you did to me. Well mark, you didn’t do anything to me.

Darkwing pulls Mark back as Mark is struggling against the pain as well as trying to look up into the faces of the lawyers. Suddenly, the camera turns to the right……

In walks a middle aged woman and middle aged white man.

Darkwing: Remember them Mark?? Remember what happened last week?? REMEMBER JUDITH AND JERRY JOHNSON!!!? REMEMBER DROPPING THEIR BABY!!!!?

The fans can be heard getting silent as Darkwing reminds them of the horrific incident.

The male Lawyer speaks up.

James: Hello, Mr. O’Neal, my name is James Cochran, lead counsel for Darkwing. I understand you are in a bit of discomfort….but none that affects your mental capacity, so I’ll get to the point…….

Judith Johnson: No….let me.

Judith and Jerry stand over O’Neal as Mark struggles to look up at them.

Judith Johnson: You dropped my baby. My only baby. After the Gulf war and Sam lost his limbs he changed. The baby was my way of starting over. I figured I wouldn’t mess this one up. But You!!!! You took that away from me. That’s why, we are no longer your fans….we no longer like Mark O’Neal…..

Darkwing: Exactly Mark…….Exactly….who are you fans of now?

Judith Johnson: BOB FUCKING JARED!!!!!!

Darkwing, Mark O’Neal, Rufus Jackson, and Lawyers: WHAT!!!!!!!?

Judith Johnson: Bob Jared would never drop a child. So with that in mind I am letting you know now…Darkwing’s legal team….it’s not for Darkwing….Darkwing is allowing his lawyers to represent ME!!!!

Mark looks up, still in extreme pain as Darkwing tightens the grip for a moment before releasing pressure, but still having the hold locked in.


With that James Cochran takes out a bundle of legal papers and drops them in front of O’Neal’s face.

James Cochran: Consider yourself served.

The lawyers and Judith and Jerry Johnson leave the room as Darkwing lets go of Mark’s legs and Mark holds his knee in pain as Darkwing now is holding the PIMP CANE.

Darkwing: And at Capitol Punishment…..I will serve you as well….with yours and Kostoff’s DEATH SENTENCE!!!!………..CAUSE THE DARKONE!!!!! HASSSSSSSS SPOKEN.

Darkwing nails Mark in the back of the head with PIMP CANE and Mark’s head drops down.

Darkwing and Rufus leave the room, as the crowd is hushed as scene cuts to the ring….


Coup de Gras

*There is a hush around the arena, a quiet lull as if nobody within the now full arena knows what is coming next. They will not be kept waiting long as the members of the Best Alliance make their way to the ringside area. No music is played; all that can be heard are the roars of the crowd as they boo frantically at the sight of the three men making their way to the ring, dressed in black suits. Aceldama leads the procession, his world title around his waist, his head down as Shocker and Kirsta, fellow BA members ordered by Lee to follow behind. Shocker is holding a small plastic box with both hands as they make their way into the ring. Aceldama takes a microphone in his hand; his facial expression is a sombre one as the crowd continue to viciously boo him. He waits for the booing to end, but it never comes, so he interrupts them*

Aceldama- Tonight we mark the end of Issac Slade’s spell within the Turmoil franchise. This is a very sad occasion for all involved and as the world champion and member of the Best Alliance; we felt it very fitting for tonight to hold a memorial service, in honour of the untimely death of Sabina Faze, her young life, taken away by the hands of the man who claimed to love her.

*The fans go chaotic at this sick news, as a plastic bottle is hurled in the direction of Aceldama, only missing him by inches, but it does not faze him as he continues to speak*

Last week we saw the true Issac Slade, the man within the man. The real Issac Slade. Many around America woke to the news that Sabina Faze, the woman who put so much faith in the love of Issac, be murdered within this very ring. Last week in this very ring, not only did Sabina Faze lose her life, but all faith was lost in Issac Slade. How can you people come out here and still chant his name? This…murderer. That poor girl trusted him, but he sent her down to this ring. This ring is no place for vulnerable women like her, he sent her to her death. And now they deem his actions as ‘accidental’, that the death of Sabina Faze was nothing than a freak accident. Do you think she feels the same way Issac? Up in heaven, looking down. Oh, that is right, whores don’t get into heaven!

*Again the fans go mental, one true Slade fan tries to storm the barricades only to be stopped by a security guard and pinned to the floor*

Aceldama- Do you think her brother feels the same way Issac? It seems not, I would not want to be you right now. Murder Issac is not accidental, only intentional. You and I are becoming more alike as the days pass Issac, you can be ruthless, sadistic, brutal….just like me. You call me a coward, but you hide from what you have done? Hide under the false pre-tense that it was merely an accident. I assure you Issac, this was no accident. It was simply the real you, in Technicolor for all to see.

Aceldama- So as you are unwilling to acknowledge what you done, and acknowledge the short life that Sabina had, we in the Best Alliance have decided to do this little memorial for her. Bring up the photograph. I am sorry we could not find another, this one was the only one we could get in such short notice.

*The High Octane Vision screen comes to life as we see, in a background entirely in black with the words in white ‘Sabina Faze 19??-2009’ written on it is the final photograph of Sabina, her face covered in blood, laying in the middle of the ring, unconscious and Slade standing over her with a look of despair and shock, holding the chair that done all the damage*

Aceldama- Also as part of this service I have written a poem for Sabina. Sabby, or whatever the hell he calls you, I hope you are listening down in hell. I hope the screams of the damned are not too loud.

*Aceldama takes out a piece of paper and looks at it, smiling, then he proceeds to read it*

Aceldama- This is to the life of Sabina Faze

She got hit by a chair, she fell in a daze

She lay on the ground, her face crimson red

No life within her, she was completely dead

How could such a heinous act be made?

Only by the hands….of Issac Slade.

Aceldama- I hope you liked it Sabina. And tonight I shall dedicate my win, just like I will do at Capital Punishment, to the life of Sabina Faze. May your body burn fast, your soul dwindle to nothing!!

* As these final words are uttered Issac Slade begins to storm down to the ring, running with a purpose, steel chair in hand. He slides under the ring as both Shocker and Kirsta go to him but he swings the chair and they back off, his lips turned up in a snarl of rage as he brandishes the chair but Aceldama steps in between the two and orders them to go backwards*

Aceldama- So Issac, you crawled out of wherever you where to come to this memorial tonight? Oh, and you brought a chair with you, would that be, the same chair you struck your beloved Sabina with? Tell me, how does it feel, to be declared a murderer?

*Slade lifts the chair, his face an expression of anger and pent up emotion*

Aceldama- I know what you want to do, but you can’t. Consider the stipulation wavered on my behalf. Go ahead, hit me. Strike me down with all your might. Let me feel that wrath finally; let me feel the wrath you used to strike down your precious little Sabina…

*Slade still refrains, but his anger and emotions will not hold out for long, not after what shocking revelation Aceldama is about to tell him*

.Aceldama- …and her unborn child!!

*Slade looks as if he’s been hit by a physical blow the grip of the chair loosens as he slouches, his emotions now overpowering the anger, his eyes swell up with tears, anger and sorrow battle and the war is plain to see on his face. Then….then anger returns*

Aceldama- Oh…..you didn’t know?

Issac Slade- It’s not true…you’re a monster but not even you would be this cruel! You’re lying!

Issac’s voice shakes, his voice tainted by desperation as the sadness wins over and a look of pleading fills his eyes as he prays Aceldama is lying…

Aceldama- I wish I was Issac, but it is the truth. Not only did your whore of a girlfriend die within this very ring but the unborn trailer park trash of a child within her also died. Died without seeing the world with its own eyes. You know, maybe you done that child a favour, it stopped the child from seeing the harsh realities of the world; seeing what someone can do to someone they apparently loved. So what is left to do? Strike me down. Go on. It will make everything better right? Then do it. Give yourself that one moment of pleasure before your world around you finally falls to pieces.

Issac Slade- You’re sick Aceldama…there’s got to be a shred of humanity left in you! A small piece! A voice in the back of your mind that’s telling you you’ve gone too far! You sick sick bastard!

Aceldama- Aren’t we all Issac? You showed it last week. To be honest, I never thought you had it in you. But the way you cracked that skull open, it was majestic. And then those crocodile tears, so those in residence would take pity in you. It truly was a wonderful moment, you and your little Sabina, like a rag doll draping across your arms…….

*Slade has had enough; he finally snaps and strikes Aceldama across the skull with the chair with all of his strength bearing down on the chair. Aceldama falls straight to the floor, an open cut on his forehead begins to seep blood. Aceldama feeling dizzy gets to his knees and goads Slade into hitting him again.

Aceldama- Come on Issac! Is that it? Is THAT the extent of your anger?

Slade strikes, once again straight to the head. Aceldama falls back down, struggling to get up to his feet he makes it again and grins up at Issac as the blood runs down his face.

Aceldama- Hit me again Issac! HIT ME AGAIN! Take from me what you took from her! Give in Slade! Give in to the anger! Take my life! KILL ME LIKE YOU KILLED HER!

Slade screams and delivers a barrage of vicious chair shots until he is stopped by Shocker and Kirsta who intervene and strike him down to the floor, loosening his grip with the chair. They rough him up as Aceldama tries to get to his feet, holding the ropes he looks very shaky, his face covered in blood. Aceldama orders the two to hold him as he gets to his feet, but falls back to his knees. He finally gets up, beginning to laugh uncontrollably. He picks up the microphone and proceeds to walk over to Slade, who is trying to wriggle free of the two men, he lunges at Aceldama and snarls in an incoherent rage, but finds himself no closer to freedom*

Aceldama- Finally, I get to feel the wrath of Issac Slade. Did that feel good Issac? So, you finally gave me what I wanted. I have taken your faith; all that is left is the real Issac, a man broken and full of wrath. I feel I owe you now. I know you would love to have one final glimpse of Sabina, to see her with your eyes for one final time. So be with her forever, to be together both physically and spiritually. Well Issac, tonight is your lucky night. We at the Best Alliance were undecided as to what way she would like to go, and as you were nowhere to be seen, we went ahead and had her cremated.

*Aceldama walks over to the small plastic box and picks it up, turning to Issac the anger has drained out of him and he hangs limply his arms held by Shocker and Kirsta, Slade is now almost inconsolable, his eyes but a waterfall of tears, his lips move and his words go unheard but “Please” and “No” are clearly readable to everyone who can see his mouth moving, Not wanting his words to go unheard Shocker holds a Mic down to his lips.

Issac Slade- No…please…I can’t….No….Don’t do this Aceldama….please don’t do this….tell me you’re lying…

Aceldama- You don’t believe me? Then take a look for yourself.

Aceldama opens up the plastic box and leans it forward to Issac’s vision. Inside is what he said it was, ashes, a fine power grey in colour. Slade is now beyond the emotion, the anger is now coming back once more and he is able to free himself from the grips of Shocker and Kirsta and is about to lunge at Aceldama when Aceldama sees him coming and does the most sick, twisted thing he could do at that time. He throws the ashes into the face of Slade, blinding him and sending him to the canvas in extreme pain, the ashes getting into his eyes. Aceldama comes over to him and leans down at him*

Aceldama- Is that what you wanted, now you can be with your beloved and her unborn child both physically and spiritually. You saw her with your own eyes once more, and I have a feeling you will be seeing her for a long while to come.

*Aceldama begins to laugh as even Shocker and Kirsta stand in the ring sickened by what he has just done. Aceldama leaves the ring as the two men look down at Slade, covered in grey ashes, the ashes of Sabina Faze, unable to see around him. Some of the ashes, the finer dust goes into the air in a puff of smoke. Finally, after sitting in sheer silence throughout the entire ‘memorial’, Joe Hoffmann speaks*

Joe Hoffman- Folks, we have just witnessed the death of High Octane Wrestling. That man, that monster, is our representative in this world. That man is our world champion. He is a sick bastard and no words could I say during that, none. Can we go to commercial, please!

On cue Turmoil takes its final commercial break before our Main Event as Bob Jared and Issac Slade take on their PPV opponents Embosser and Aceldama!!


Special HOR next Tuesday!!


Issac Slade & Bob “Fucking” Jared vs. Embosser & Aceldama
Tag Team Match

Joe Hoffman: Well folks welcome back we are about ready for our main event and this one is going to be as heated as it gets after what we just witnessed in the rings moments ago. Honestly, a sick, twisted act on behalf of Aceldama, I hope he gets what is most definitely coming to him tonight.

Benny Newell: I am still in a state of shock, the ring guys are still trying to brush away the ashes from the ring. It is just sick!

Joe Hoffman: I have heard word from out back that Lee is pissed about Aceldama personally letting the no contact stipulation go, but to avoid his last main event before Capital Punishment from going stale he is going to ALLOW contact between the two, but…..and there is a but here. If weapons are used by either, Aceldama will lose his stipulation and the money he used to purchase it, and Slade would lose his world title shot. And with it being this close to Capital Punishment, would either of them risk that?

Benny Newell: I think Slade would! It is no longer about the title; it is now about how deep he can bury Aceldama.

Joe Hoffman: As I said before folks that match is next, and this is bound to be an emotional one!

*The lights in the Best Arena go out as two spotlights shine upon the ramp. Slayer’s ‘Bloodline’ comes onto the PA System as the now full to capacity crowd boo frantically as both Aceldama and The Embosser walk out and stand in the ramp. Embosser flexes his muscles, showing his strength and dominance as Aceldama stands perfectly still, plaster in the right of his temple from the chair shot only moments ago, gazing at the ring. They begin to walk down to the ring from the ramp as all of a sudden, a crazed fan jumps the railings and tries to attack Aceldama but The Embosser comes to his aid with a powerful clothesline to the man’s gullet sending him packing to the floor as security rush the scene. The two simply walk over the man in their way to the ring*

Joe Hoffman: It seems there is more than Issac Slade baying for Aceldama’s blood.

Benny Newell: But good teamwork there by the Embosser, if that is a sign of things to come as to how these two men will work together, game over, ring the bell.

*The two climb the steps and both go in the ring over the top rope. Aceldama has his world title by his waist as he removes it and hands it hastily to Matt Boettcher. He looks down at the ring and notices the mark of grey still remaining in the ring. He kneels over; using his finger he runs it through then looks at the dust on his finger. He rubs it off onto his cheeks, like war paint. Then kneels in waiting as Matt Boettcher walks over to the Embosser and asks if he can check for weapons. Embosser is hesitant, and then Boettcher says if he doesn’t go ahead with it he will forfeit his chance in this match. Embosser stands still as Boettcher goes into his pants and pulls out not one but two revolvers! Embosser looks at him as if this is normal. Boettcher in shock runs to the outside official and quickly hands him them. Embosser looks pissed*

Benny Newell: Oh my god! Did you see that? Embosser was packin!

*The crowd goes silent once more, but not for long as Bob Jared’s music ‘Kiss My Country Ass’ by Rhett Atkins blasts loud and proud on the PA system as everyone’s favourite the Tennessee Tumbleweed storms onto the ramp to a rapturous applause. Big John follows him, rubbing Jared’s back as Jared points at Aceldama, then points at Big John mouthing the words ‘I am going to get you for what you done to me and my big friend here’ Aceldama goads him to come on down. Jared starts to move down the ramp, Big John following, but Jared turns around and orders him to go backstage. John does not want to, but Jared insists he must do this on his own, and he has someone on his side in Issac Slade. Big John, rather reluctantly he makes his way backstage. He walks down to the ring and stands outside, as the Embosser and Aceldama circle inside the ring. Jared smiles as ‘Rise from the Ashes’ by Quietdrive begins as he turns and points at the ramp awaiting his partner…..but nothing. He begins to look nervy*

Joe Hoffman: It seems that reports from backstage are saying that Issac Slade is still in the medical room receiving treatment to his right eye after being nearly blinded by those ashes.

Benny Newell: Jared is shitting himself now! Like a redneck lamb being sent to the slaughter.

*The music stops after a few minutes and Boettcher goes to Bryan McVay to see if he knows what is going on, the two whisper to one another then Boettcher makes a stance and turns away, McVay walks over to his table and grabs the microphone*

Bryan McVay- Ladies and Gentleman, referee Matt Boettcher has stated that if Bob Jared nor Issac Slade enter the ring in the next ten seconds, they forfeit the match and the win will be given to Aceldama and The Embosser.

*Jared stands in bemusement, wondering what to do as the two men in the ring stand and wait his entrance as the crowd start a countdown. Ten….nine…..eight. Jared is feeling nervous, he turns back, still nothing. Seven…..six……five. He looks up at the two then makes his final decision, he turns around. Four…..three……two…….one….then turns back and flies through the bottom rope!*


*Jared is met by a barrage of heavy boots to the back as he rolls into the ring, then the two men double team him as Aceldama picks him up and holds him steady as the Embosser pummels rights and lefts into his kidney area. After a few shots Aceldama lets go and the two circle him, giving him cocky kicks to his stomach. Embosser speaks in German to Aceldama who responds by picking Jared up roughly by the hair and throws him into the ropes, as he comes back their direction, they lock hands for a clothesline but Jared ducks, bouncing off the opposite rope he comes back again, hitting both men with a double clothesline, sending both big men reeling. Embosser falls backwards and under the middle rope to the outside. Aceldama rolls out also to re-group, startled by what just happened. Jared is in the middle of the ring, he rips off his jacket to reveal his mass of body hair as he lets out a scream!*

Joe Hoffman: Jared is on fire here!

Benny Newell: He is going to have to be able to melt diamonds to get past these two on his own, he got lucky.

*Again the two men outside the ring speak to one another in German. The Embosser is holding the back of his neck as he says he wants him first. Aceldama allows as the Embosser gets into the ring slowly, watching Jared’s every move, but Jared is quick and pounces on him before he has the chance to get back in. Pounding Embossers back he backs off and charges at him with a low angle drop kick, sending the big man off his feet and onto the matt. He gets on top of him and begins to pummel him with punch after punch, the crowd counting every one. He gets off him and turns raising his hands and acknowledges his adoring fans. All the fan the Embosser is getting up behind him, the crowd let him know this with the clichéd pantomime chant ‘He’s behind you’ he turns to see him, getting him first, kicking him in the mid section and planting a DDT. He goes for the pin*



*Embosser kicks out slightly after two, just before Aceldama was considering to come in. Jared picks up Embosser and throws him rough and hard into the turnbuckle then charges at him with a cross body. Now he climbs the Embosser and closes a fist, on the turnbuckle he raises his fists as he begins to plant each one. One….two….three….four….fi…..no, the Embosser has grabbed Jared, walking away from the turn buckle, lifts him up higher and flattens him with a powerbomb. Embosser falls to his knees, dizzy from the punches. He has no sense of direction as to where his corner is. Finally he staggers across to the ring and outstretches a hand, but he falls flat down, Jared is holding his leg and pulling him back. Embosser kicks out at Jared, but Jared ducks the kick, letting go of the leg he plants an elbow into the sternum of Embosser. Aceldama tries to storm the ring, but Boettcher is quickly across. Meanwhile Jared is continuing his onslaught on the Embosser when something falls from the pocket of the Embosser, a pair of knuckle dusters. Whilst the referee is distracted he walks over and picks them up, putting them on. He walks over to Aceldama’s corner goading him, Jared moves Boettcher out of the way, his back is now turned. Aceldama swipes but Jared blocks and hits him flat with the fist packed with pure metal. Aceldama falls backwards and his back onto the railings. He is out cold, the wound on his forehead, opened up once more. Jared quickly throws the knuckle dusters out of the ring before anyone notices*

Joe Hoffman: Jared showing he too can play dirty against the dirtiest in the business.

Benny Newell: Rubbish, that fist, all Jared that.

*He turns to notice Embosser to his feet and charging at him, he is not quick enough to defend himself against the gore which sends him into the turnbuckle. Embosser throws Jared out of the way, his face flat onto the canvas as he tries to expose the turnbuckle by removing the padding. He succeeds, but not before Boettcher has his say about it. He picks up Jared and grabs his head about to smash it into the exposed steel. Jared gets a foot up against the turnbuckle, then again. He elbows Embosser in the rib cage, but this doesn’t faze him, finally, Jared’s head hits metal and he falls back. Embosser gets down to the canvas with him, scraping at a wound, trying to open it up more, his fingernails deep into the wound, blood begins to seep. Embosser stands up and taunts Jared on the canvas, a bloodied mess, but still, he stands up, fists at the ready, ready to fight. Embosser with a big boot kicks him out of the ring. Embosser lets out a roar as he turns to see Aceldama is still out, but coming to. Jared is also out cold, but in fear of being counted out. A countdown begins.*





Suddenly there is commotion from the crowd.




*Issac Slade, sporting a patch on his right eye runs frantically down to the ring and comes to Jared’s aid, rolls him into the ring, hence breaking the count then rolls in himself as Embosser tries to stop him coming in as Issac Slade is up fast and blocks the left, then the right, then plants a right of his own and grabs Embosser and plants him square to the canvas with a bodyslam. Boettcher instructs that he is not the legal man and orders him out of the ring, Slade quickly gets to the corner as Jared, back against the turnbuckle, bloodied, looks up at the hand outstretched to him and slowly raises his, the tag is made. Embosser still down, he goes to the top rope, preparing for the freefall, but in the corner of his eye he notices something. Aceldama is holding onto the rope, covered in blood. He has just came to and does not know Slade is now in the ring. Slade decides not to go for the freefall but he gets down from the ropes and walks over to Aceldama. Aceldama gets into the ring and looks up, expecting Jared, instead he sees Slade. His face drops. Slade and Aceldama stand looking into each other’s eyes, not one of them moving. The crowd roar in anticipation, the heat, the emotion, all about to boil over, but not one will make the first move. Aceldama smiles at Slade’ goading him to make the first move, not a flicker from Slade*

Joe Hoffman: You could cut the tension with a knife.

Benny Newell: Great, I think the Embosser has one somewhere on him, got every other weapon like.

*Finally Aceldama is the first to break going for a left, Slade blocks and jams a hard uppercut to Aceldama’s jaw, then Aceldama replies in kind. It becomes a flurry of punches between the other, nobody getting the upper hand. A fist fight. But Slade mixes it up as he knees him into the sternum, then a knee straight to the temple, a gush of blood splats out. Slade throws Aceldama to the corner with a mast of might, sending him flying over the rope and out to the matt. Slade wastes no time and runs and suicide dives into the outside, planting Aceldama. Again he gets onto him with a flurry of punches. Aceldama is a pool of red. Slade gets up walking around the ring, he throws someone off their seat and folds it up. He walks over to Aceldama, lifting it in the air, but then he drops it down, the emotion of it all getting to him. The fan’s tell him to do it, but his good nature inside tells him not to, especially with the stipulation.*

Joe Hoffman: Slade drops that chair upon Aceldama he can kiss his title hopes goodbye.

Benny Newell: I told you, this is no longer about the title; it’s about blood baby, blood!

*He raises it once more and is about to strike down with the Embosser charges him with a big boot, flattening him out, he takes Slade and rolls him into the ring, going for the pin.*




*No, Slade gets his hand up at the last moment. Aceldama looking on is horrified to see it, but he gets back to his corner and shouts at Embosser to tag him and he does. Aceldama sees Slade like a sitting duck, he prepares for the Guten Abend, running off the ropes he goes for the slide tackle, but Slade raises his head and gets up, running into the opposite rope he smashes into Aceldama with a cross body check. He again quickly gets up onto the top turnbuckle and goes for the Freefall, but Aceldama gets up and comes charging at him, he leaps off the rope anyways and grabs Aceldama’s neck by his legs in a perfect hurracranna, Aceldama slides across the ring once more. Slade again goes to the top rope; Aceldama is literally at the other side of the ring!! But Slade goes for it, the freefall, he comes on and plants it perfectly, he goes for the pin.*




*No!! Aceldama raises a hand at the last second as Slade cannot believe he was able to kick out of the Freefall. Again he lets his emotions slip as he simply forgets he is in a match and takes the plaster off the wound of Aceldama’s forehead and throws it away, exposing the wound, he pummels at it, lifting Aceldama’s face. But…..Aceldama laughs, he simply laughs. Then spits blood into the face of Slade, smiling his teeth are all red from the blood. Slade head butts him with sheer anger, Aceldama’s head rocks back with the force, and dangles like a rag doll. Slade gets up, shaking his head, wondering what he is doing, he is acting on emotion, on anger. Aceldama slithers to the corner and looks up at him, points to the centre of the ring, at the small mound of ashes in the middle of the ring. Aceldama mouths, ‘That’s your whore there, right there’. Slade points at Aceldama and tells him to shut up. Aceldama is banging the canvas, looking at Bryan McVay to come over, he does, he asks him to set the microphone by his hand. He slowly picks it up*

Aceldama- (spits blood) Go on Slade, send me to her, do to me what you did to your precious Sabby, finish me, send me to hell!!

*Slade make the mistake before by letting Aceldama goad him into hitting him and he remembers what it resulted in, but his emotions are too strong, rage kicks in. He charges at him, but not before Aceldama has some final words*

Aceldama- Slade….did your mother never tell you to always watch your back?

*Before he could even comprehend what he was meaning the Embosser has spun him around and grabs him by the throat and delivers a massive chokeslam. Aceldama climbs slowly up to the top turnbuckle, wiping the blood away from his eyes; he comes down with the diving elbow, the Blitzkrieg, he rolls Slade for the cover*




*No!!! Jared jumps into the ring and dives upon Aceldama stopping the count. Embosser quickly acts and throws Jared over the top rope and follows by climbing over the top rope to the outside. Jared again shows no fear as he gets up and swipes, but the blood is now in his eyes and he can see nothing, he swipes at air. Embosser lands a boot which sends Jared back into the lap of Bryan McVay. Embosser throws McVay away and goes to the table and grabs one of the revolvers, cocking it and pointing it at Jared*

Benny Newell: Oh my god!! Someone is going to die, Lee is going to send us all to prison, I am not ready for prison. I have got used to my ass only being used for stuff coming out, not in!

*Jared frantically grabs the hand of Embosser, moving it away from him; it is now pointing in all directions, into the crowd, then into the air. Embosser tries to fight Jared, but Jared’s determination stops him. He fires a shot into the air. It hits the lights above, then another shot, again hitting the lights, knocking the light off balance and hanging by a fray. The final remaining shot hits the light once more and sends it falling down to the ring, just missing the two in the ring by inches, but it falls into the canvas, creating a hole in the ring. Jared finally has control of Embossers hand and knocks the gun from him and gets him in the Best Fucking Jawbreaker. Jared falls back in exhaustion as meanwhile in the ring Aceldama is the first to stir. From inside the hole smoke begins to come out as the electrics begin to catch fire. The smoke is blinding, then the orange flames can be seen slowly coming out. Slade’s eye patch has came off as he too also comes to. Both are now on their feet as Slade goes for the punch but Aceldama pokes the right eye of Slade, then kicks him in the sternum sending him up for a powerbomb and lands down upon the canvas. Aceldama cannot see where he is, either can Boettcher, but he falls down and a count can be heard.*







Joe Hoffman: What? Did he pin him? I can’t see with all this smoke.

Bryan McVay: Your winners, after 22 minutes and 31 seconds, the team of Aceldama and Embosser!!

*Aceldama stands up and his hand is raised and he is declared the winner, he does not know what is going on as he cannot see, but the smoke rises away into the ceiling of the arena and all is left is the small fire, burning away at the fabric of the ring. He looks at Slade, still on the matt, and smiles, walking away, but he is turn back quickly by Jared, who swings him around and stunners him, sending the big man rocking but Aceldama comes back at him, charging at him but from the smoke comes Slade diving though it and goring Aceldama as he sends Aceldama straight through the hole and into the fire which erupts up further. Aceldama has disappeared. Chants of Holy shit come out through the crowd. Slade stands looking into the hole, no movement; an official rushes the ring with a fire extinguisher and removes the flames. Jared rolls to the outside and grabs the world title belt and rolls back in, holding it out to Slade. Slade looks at it and takes it, looking down at it. EMT’s make their way to the ringside area as Slade walks over to where Aceldama had the microphone and picks it up. Still title in hand he walks over to the hole, the smoke overpowering*

Issac Slade- Aceldama, you asked me, you begged me to send you to hell, consider your wish granted!

*He takes one final look at the title and throws it down beside the hole as EMT’s are now in the ring, Slade and Jared both walk away from the ring and walk up the ramp, Slade raises Jared’s hand, a tired, bloodied mess, but he fought the good fight.*

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama may have won the battle, but has he won the war?

Benny Newell: It is a case of be careful what you wish for.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama was sent straight to hell, and the next time these two meet, they shall both be in hell, within a hell in a cell that is, roaring with burning flames. This one could not get any more heated, it shall be a battle of anger, rage, hatred, every emotion possible. The road to Capital Punishment begins now folks, from me Joe Hoffmann and my sidekick Benny Newell, good night….

*The footage comes to an end as EMT’s circle the hole in the ring as the last image is as all the EMT’s jump away in horror as a hand makes its way from the hole and grabs onto the canvas, holding onto the belt, trying to push upwards*





Scene opens as Darkwing and A Pimp Called Rufus are leaving the arena, headed for the parking lot. Darkwing still in his wrestling gear but now with a sweatband on his forehead as Rufus follows in his ring gear.

Rufus Jackson: We beat the shit outta that bitch, didn’t we…..didn’t we!!?

Darkwing: Yeah we did…..

Rufus Jackson: Yeeeeeeah boi…….and you hit him with MY finisher….

Darkwing: That I taught you….

Rufus Jackson: I don’t give a DAMN, you remember the time I gave the Long Dick Willy Cutter to that Ukrainian Bitch from the South Side?

Darkwing: Long Dick Willy Cutter? That’s a gay name.

Rufus Jackson: You know what Darkwing…..FUCK YOU. But remember?

Darkwing: Yeah…..was pretty funny seeing as the girl used teeth on you during a Blow Job…

Rufus Jackson: Bitch is lucky I was still on parole, otherwise I would’ve gave that BITCH a fuckin Jelly Doughnut for putting teeth on my shiny, American Muscle, oh so pretty DICK!

Darkwing: Jelly Doughnut?

Rufus Jackson: You know, when you cum in a bitches eyes, then you sock her in the nose real hard, then she bleeds and the blood mixes with the cum on her face….

Darkwing: OKAY!!!!! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!!

Rufus Jackson: You know what I got a taste for?

Darkwing: Jelly Donuts?


Darkwing and Rufus walk through a door and are in the parking lot. They stand around amidst the cars.

Darkwing: Man…..I just wish I could’ve gotten Kostoff…..oh well. I pinned him tonight. I guess that will have to do for now.

What another shot at me, motherfucker?’

Darkwing and Rufus turn, and you can see Kostoff come from nearby.

Darkwing: Hehehe……cant get enough old man?

Kostoff: Shut your man pleaser kid……

Darkwing: ….Kid, huh…..

Darkwing actually charges at Kostoff, which takes Kostoff a bit by surprise and the two begin to brawl. Darkwing actually gets the better of it for a moment, nailing European uppercuts as well as right hands, then Kostoff with a knee lift to the gut, and Darkwing backs away. Rufus runs in and starts nailing rights and lefts, but they don’t effect Kostoff, and Kostoff with one hand shoves Rufus down.

Darkwing tackles Kostoff, and tries to lock in a Cloverleaf, but Kostoff powers out and kicks Darkwing back and Darkwing is sent careening into the car window of Kirsta Lewis’ Ford Focus back first!!!!!

The glass breaks, and Darkwing crumples to his knees as Kostoff gets up and pulls Darkwing up for the NO REMORSE…..

Rufus Jackson: TAKE THIS BITCH!!!!

Rufus nails Kostoff in the back with the PIMP CANE!!!

NO effect and Kostoff turns around, leaving Darkwing there….Rufus tries a shot to the face with the PIMP CANE, but Kostoff blocks it, and snatches the PIMP CANE and tosses it aside. Rufus backs away, and Kostoff slowly follows….

Rufus Jackson: big gorilla mothafucka…..lookin like the love child of the Big Boss Man and Nikolai Volkoff!!!

Rufus suddenly nails a right hand which does nothing to Kostoff.

Just then, the Candy Red Painted Cadillac on 22 inch rims pulls up and a beautiful light skinned black woman is driving.

Kostoff turns and see Darkwing staring at him. Darkwing looks at the car, then at Kostoff, and Kostoff turns and starts to follow, but Rufus turns Kostoff back around, and nails Kostoff with a backhand slap to the face!!!!

Rufus Jackson: PIMP SMACK YO ASS BITCH!!!!!!!

Kostoff’s head didn’t even move, and he retaliates with a back hand slap of his own that knocks Rufus down instantly.

Kostoff turns back to Darkwing and Darkwing gets into the car, and he mouths ‘August 3rd’ as the PIMPMOBILE speeds away. Kostoff looks pissed as he turns back to Rufus.

Kostoff: You think you’re a big boy, huh? A Pimp? Time to make you my ho!!!

Kostoff pulls up Rufus, and sets him up.


Kostoff isn’t done, he pulls up Rufus again and lifts him up so that Rufus’s back is laying across his shoulder…..

He then nails Rufus with a Dominator on the cement!!!!

Kostoff stands over Rufus, the Pimp motionless, as the scene cuts to static as Kostoff walks off and Rufus is lying there not moving!

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