Turmoil: July 1st, 2010 (2010)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
July 1st, 2010 – #HOW123
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH

Welcome Home..

The HOTv logo flashes briefly across the HOV, followed by the logo for High Octane Wrestling itself as Thursday Night Turmoil gets underway from the Quicken Loans Arena. Several pyro explosions go off along the ramp area, as “Feel Like I Do” by Disturbed begins to blast over the house PA system. The camera begins to slow pan around ringside, displaying another sold-out HOW crowd and the usual plethora of fan signs littering the arena.

Ohio Is Feeling Phenomenal!


Ryan Faze… I’m Late

We Want Mamba/Hoffman Pt. II

I Sat Behind Faze In Math Class

The camera pants to the commentary booth to Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell. This week, Benny is sporting an “I Heart Ryan Faze (No Homo)” t-shirt and drinking some shitty looking light beer, obviously in honor of The Phenomenal One being back in his home town tonight. Hoffman is already rolling his eyes as he straights his production notes, ignoring the always bloodthirsty fans behind the booth trying to get themselves famous.

Joe Hoffman: Hello everyone, I’m Joe Hoffman here with Ben–

Benny Newell: Shut up, Hoffman– tonight’s a special night and I think it’s about time I started off the show for once! You’re always so… biased.

Joe Hoffman: Well I disagree, Benny. I like to think I’ve always been regarded for calling things evenly, without–

Benny Newell: Anyway, I’m Benny Newell here with Joe Hoffman for a very SPECIAL edition of HOW’s Thursday Night Turmoil! We’re coming to you LIVE from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio– THE HOME TOWN OF HOW’S OWN RYAN FAZE! God, Joe, I can’t wait to see what Ryan and the Best Alliance have planned for tonight. I’m like a kid in a liquor store!

Joe Hoffman: Don’t you mean ‘kid in a candy store’?

Benny Newell: No.

While the men in the booth bicker back and forth, the arena at large explodes– not literally, of course, but figuratively as “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin peaks on the sound system and begins to roar throughout the arena. It’s low, head-bobbingly catchy base line has the fans in a fever– Ryan Faze may be despised around the world, but here in Ohio he’s a God. “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze takes the screaming women and admiring men as a cue of sorts, stepping through the curtain and onto the ramp to an even further thundering ovation.

Joe Hoffman: Well Benny, it looks like you’re going to get your answer early– Ryan Faze is with us right off the starting gun tonight!

Benny Newell: New drinking game, Hasselhoffman… whenever anyone cheers for Faze tonight, we drink! NOW DRIIIINK!!!

‘The Phenomenal One’ raises a solid fist in the air, shaking it a few times and pointing a finger out at the audience. He is legitimately smiling– he’s finally home. Attired in a crisp looking suit, Ryan Faze holds up a microphone from his other hand, raising it to his lips. Before he can speak, however, the roar of the crowd seems to begin all over again– it’s almost enough to make a fray boy blush. He chuckles to himself, nodding his head respectfully as he holds a hand up, asking for quiet. After seemingly an eternity, the crowd settles down– aside from one woman near the guardrail who screams “I WANNA FUCK YOU RYAN!”.

Ryan Faze: Thank you, everyone. I mean that quite sincerely– thank you.

He gestures at the overly attractive woman who voiced her desire to be penetrated just a short moment ago, his grin widening to more of a mischievous smirk. He takes a moment to look her up and down.

Ryan Faze: Especially you. Good lord, when you turn eighteen– er, anyway. It’s an honor to be back in Ohio tonight. I’ve spent a lot of time on the road, a lot of time listening to people tell me that I’m a traitor and a slimeball. A lot of people are upset that I’ve supposedly ‘turned my back’ on the fans– but have I really? You people here tonight, you’re not just wrestling fans– you’re MY wrestling fans. You’re people who appreciate all the hard work that I’ve put in, and all the blood, sweat, and tears that I’d shed for this business. You’re people who can admire a man for his true worth, not just the way he carries himself. Well tonight, folks, right here in Cleveland, Ohio…

He stops, letting the cheap pop resound throughout the arena– which is does.

Ryan Faze: Right here in the place that I call home, I have a very special surprise. Something that I’ve been saving especially for my hometown crowd. Ladies and gentlemen– my friends— tonight, I–


At least that’s probably the BEST plausible way to describe the sound of a man being struck in the side of the head with a golf club. The fans in attendance are practically in shock as Ryan Faze slumps to the steel ramp, going over in a nearly instant heap. The microphone falls callously to the side, rolling off the ramp and feedbacking across the arena– but the sound of the crowd turning immediately to a chorus of screams and boos is more than enough to make it not even noticeable. The camera stays on Faze for a moment, who lies in a heap on the ramp, but slowly pans upward so that those watching at home can equally see the attacker–


Benny Newell: I– I don’t know, Joe. I have no idea what’s going on right now.

O’Neal pulls back the golfclub again, this time aiming it like he was actually swinging for a ball. He lines up a shot, pulling back and taking a hell of a swing, impacting directly onto the already bandaged ribs of the former LSD Champion. Faze immediately grips his ribs, still mostly unaware of what’s going on around him. O’Neal doesn’t seem satisfied with just the one swing, however, and immediately follows up with a second one, this time catching both of Ryan’s hands in the follow through as well. With no sense of balance, or even awareness, Faze instinctively begins to roll, struggling down the ramp to get away from his attacker. He begins shuffling down the ramp, but to no avail– Mark is ready with another shot, this time in the center of Faze’s spine, as he comes down with the now slightly bent two iron.

The fans in the arena are beyond livid, as O’Neal tosses the club aside and picks up the helpless Ryan Faze, dragging him the rest of the way down the ramp and hoisting him to back to his feet. His legs wobbling beneath him, Faze can’t even defend himself as Mark O’Neal grasps him firmly by the back of his hair, running him as hard as humanly possible into the steel ring post. The Phenomenal One recoils backward, his body attempting to fall down again but unable to, as O’Neal holds him up and beale tosses him skull first into the steel guardrail separating the fans from the ring.

Joe Hoffman: This is sick– absolutely disgusting, Benny. Ryan Faze is currently getting a severe dose of the hell that he inflicted on Mario Muarako least week, in MARIO’S own hometown. Ironically, a hell he inflicted with Mark O’Neal– the very man who is assaulting him here tonight.

Benny Newell: Jesus, Faze is getting killed down there– and I don’t even know who I’m supposed to be cheering for. This fucking sucks.

With Ryan slumped against the guard rail, Mark O’Neal looks around ringside for another implement of violence. With a sneer, he snatches up a steel chair from near the timekeeper, and brings it back to his fallen victim. Viciously, and with far more force than should be humanly possible, O’Neal lets the chair fly, whipping it sideways and causing the top of the chair to smash directly into the now quite bloodied face of Ryan Faze, who’s head slumps sideways with the impact. The fans sitting directly at ringside back up a few steps, trying to give their hometown favorite some room to breath. Unfortunately, his assailant does not give him the same courtesy, as O’Neal picks the chair back up and rests it directly across the face and upper torso of Ryan Faze. The fans begin to buzz, wondering just what in the hell Mark is about to do. He doesn’t give them a lot of time to speculate, as he quickly hops up onto the apron and begins to ascend the top of the turnbuckle…

Joe Hoffman: I can’t watch this.

O’Neal takes flight, getting even more air than usual as he sails off the turnbuckle and toward a helpless Ryan Faze. With a thundering crash of metal and human flesh, O’Neal lands The Explosive Drop with a sickening finesse, forcing the chair to collide with Faze’s most vital of areas. The crowd once again does silent, as Faze lies motionless at ringside. O’Neal takes a moment to recover from the impact as well, rolling up onto his hands and knees as he attempts to get to his feet. Faze can’t possibly hope to get up, but Mark manages– and instead of calling it a day, once again picks up the former LSD Champion. He boots him in the stomach, shoving Faze’s head in between his legs and signaling for the Time Bomb– on this particular occassion, preparing to drop him directly on the center of the guard rail. However, he is suddenly stopped– not by a person, by instead by a voice. Standing at the top of the ramp, leader of the Best Alliance and chairman of HOW Mike Best stands looking outraged, a microphone in his right hand. His words cut Mark off immediately.

Mike Best: Stop right the fuck there, Mark.

And indeed, Mark does. He leaves the battered Faze tucked between his legs, not quite having given up on the idea of ‘finishing him off’, but he at least ceases the assault for a moment.

Mike Best: What in God’s name do you think you’re doing? Jesus, man– I don’t know if maybe your contacts are in screwy, but that’s RYAN fucking FAZE you’re attacking! I don’t give a fuck why you’re doing what you’re doing, but Ryan is a member of the Best Alliance– MY Best Alliance. And you’re out here, savagely attacking him in his fucking hometown? Who does he look like to you, Mario Muarako? I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, or why you felt the need to attack your friend and fucking stablemate tonight– but he has a contracted pay-per-view match to take part in at Capital Punishment. He has an LSD Title shot, for God’s sake! And now? Well, Mark, given your actions here tonight, and your lack of care for the human life that is sitting lifelessly at your feet? Well, I have no choice but to…

Best stops for a moment, looking deep in thought. The entire arena is practically silent, people on the edge of their seats to finally see Mark O’Neals HOW tenure come to an end. The booing starts almost before the sentence ends…

Mike Best: …strip Ryan Faze of his LSD Title match, and give it to one Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal!

There it is– garbage littering the rampway, fans reaching out to try and tear Mike Best apart. Mark O’Neal simply smiles, shaking his head as if he was actually worried for a moment.

Mike Best: So at Capital Punishment, ladies and gentlemen of Cleveland, you’ll see LSD Champion Shane Reynolds taking on Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal– and Mark? I hate to take away your reward, for the ungodly beating you’ve just prove you’re going to bestow upon Crow– so I’m going to make you a deal. You beat Crow tonight, in under three seconds? I’ll let you pick the stipulations for your title match. But if you don’t? Well, I can’t reward you one hundred percent for assaulting Ryan Faze– he’s my friend, and though business has to come first– if you can’t beat Crow in less than three seconds tonight? Well, Shane Reynolds will be choosing the stipulations for Capital Punishment… and a referee. Don’t ever let me catch you out here attacking one of my Alliance members again, got it? Now finish him off.

Best turns to walk away, as the uproar of the crowd grows even louder. Mark O’Neal takes no time to contemplate his actions, lifting Ryan Faze overhead and dropping him straight onto the guardrail with a Time Bomb! The sickening sound of Faze’s spine meeting the metal practically echoes, as the fans pull back in horror. The last camera shot shows an unconscious Ryan Faze, bleeding on the concrete as we cut to commercial.


True Wrestling: HOW’s summer tour is sponsored by Budweiser


American Interview

Back from commercial and we are backstage where we see the lovely Missy Andrews, HOW’s resident backstage interviewer, standing backstage with mic in hand.

Missy Andrews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, HOW World Champion Christopher America!

The crowd pops as America walks on screen, title on shoulder, head down, and hands on his hips.

Missy Andrews: Chris, last week, you promised escalation. Are you going to make good on that promise?

Christopher looks off screen before looking at Missy.

Christopher: Missy, a little bit ago, we saw Ryan Faze get taken out by the Best Alliance..well Mark O’Neal to be exact…. and everyone wants to feel bad for Ryan, but I still remember that he took out my best friend, Mario Maurako.

Christopher is clearly frustrated with the situation.

Christopher: And you can add retribution against Ryan Faze as another thing that the Best Alliance has robbed me of. But, there is a silver lining. You see, Faze wasn’t alone. There was another man who tried to dismantle Mario Maurako. That man’s name…. is Mark O’Neal.

You see, Mark crossed the line. And now, now he’s going to get what’s coming to him. You see, I just received word that Mark is going to have a match at Capitol Punishment. It will be a match for the LSD Championship. Hall of Famer…. versus…. Hall of Famer.

Missy Andrews: Yes, Mike just announced that and its another undeserving title shot for the Best Alliance in my honest opinion…

Christopher nods and smirks.

Christopher: That’s right. At Capitol Punishment, Mark O’Neal…. is getting FED!….. to Shane Reynolds.

And consider this…. with Faze gone and O’Neal gone, Graystone, Kostoff, Shane Reynolds, and I will have to deal only with Scottywood, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt…..

Missy Andrews: AH DA DA DA DA DA!

Christopher looks disturbingly at Missy who realizes her outburst and sheepishly holds the microphone back in front of Christopher.

Christopher: …. and Mike Best.

Missy Andrews: Speaking of…. any concerns over your match tonight.

Christopher: Ever hear the story of the scorpion of the frog?

Missy shakes her head.

Christopher: Scorpion asks the frog to hop on his back to cross the river. The frog says no because he knows the scorpion will sting him. The scorpion tells the frog he is stupid. If he does that, they will both drown. The frog agrees and lets the scorpion on his back. Halfway across the scorpion stings the frog. As they begin to sink, the frog asks the scorpion why he did it. The scorpion replies it is in his nature.

Such is Mike Best. It is in his nature to screw me over. It is in Black’s nature to steal victories.

I expect to be screwed over.

However, my nature? My nature is to persevere.

Win or lose…. I will be in the main even at Capitol Punishment. I guarantee it…. in America.

Christopher walks off as Missy shrugs towards the camera as we cut back to ringside.


The Best Express (Darren & Sidney) vs. Chris Kostoff
Handicap Match w/ Special Guest Referee Scottywood

Joe Hoffman: Well tonight Christopher America will have a tough challenge ahead of him as he defends his HOW World title against David Black, but right now in our opening match Chris Kostoff has a big challenge ahead of him as he faces The Best Express in a handicap match with Best Alliance referee Scottywood officiating.

Benny Newell: This is a night for celebration Joe, the debut of what will become the greatest tag team in HOW history, The Best Express!

Miracle“ by Nonpoint starts to play as we see Darren and Sidney make their way out from backstage with their brand new Best Express t-shirts on. The two enter the ring as we then hear “Name of The Game” by Crystal Method as we see the Hall of famer Chris Kostoff make his way down towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well if there is anyone who can overcome 2 on 1 odds it is Chris Kostoff. But with Scottywood as referee, what kind of fair chance does Kostoff stand?

Benny Newell: Well maybe Kostoff shouldn’t go powerbombing people off aircraft carriers. I’m feeling sick that you feel sorry for this man. Kostoff should be in jail for what he did to Lee Best.

Kostoff slides into the ring and doesn’t even wait for the bell to ring as he attacks Darren with a clothesline and decks Sidney with a hard right as Kostoff starts pounding on the bigger man Darren until Sidney gets back up and Kostoff plants him with a spinebuster.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff looking strong here as he is dissecting The Best Express.

Kostoff gets up from the spinebuster and turns to Darren and get a big boot that almost takes Kostoff’s head off and that opens the door for the double team attack as Darren and Sidney stomp away at the Hall of Famer. Darren lifts Kostoff up and throws him into the ropes and he comes back and hits Sidney with a shoulder block and goes off the ropes again but Darren again stop Kostoff with a running high knee that staggers the Hall of Famer and Darren plants Kostoff with a quick DDT as he rolls him up for the cover as Scottywood counts.





Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 3 minutes and 12 seconds…. The Best Express!

Joe Hoffman: What the hell was that? Was that even a one count?

Benny Newell: Clear the shit out of your ears Joe, Scottywood counted to three.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, faster than I can blink three times.

Kostoff is irate at the quick count by Scottywood as Kostoff goes after The Hardcore Artist, but Scottywood slides out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp as Kostoff turns back to Darren and Sidney and levels Sidney with a hard right and boots Darren in the gut before hitting the No Remorse on the big man in the middle of the ring. Sidney climbs back up to his feet and suffers the same fate as Kostoff hits the No Remorse on him too.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff just dominated The Best Express there with two No Remorse pow….

Benny Newell: Here comes The Best Alliance!

We see Michael Best, Mark O’Neal, Max Kael, and Kirsta Lewis make their way down the ramp making a beeline towards Kostoff who rolls out of the ring and makes an exit through the crowd just as The Best Alliance enters the ring.

Kostoff just smiles back at the ring as Mike Best checks on Darren and Sidney and the crowd gathers around Kostoff who continues to put distance between himself and the people in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well The Best Express may have got then win, but Kostoff got the last laugh and sends a sharp message to The Best Alliance.

Benny Newell: Most important, they got the win. Don’t forget that.

Joe Hoffman: Well coming up later we have Carmen Jennings vs. Kelly Flawless and you just gotta know that we haven’t seen the last of Kirsta Lewis tonight… but right now I hear we have White Mamba standing by in the back.

Action cuts backstage as the crowd is still heckling the Best Alliance as they head back up the ramp.


Ethics and Morality

We cut backstage after the match, where as shouting came be heard off in the distance, followed by another voice shouting what could be a question. These voices are causing a stir in the hallways, as various stage hands are stopping to look the direction of the voices, which are getting louder with each passing second.


The two figures appear from around the corner, the was being the White Mamba, dressed in blue baggy jeans and a black t-shirt with the words “Best Alliance” being censored, shouting at the top of his lungs. He seems annoyed as he practices these chants out loud, embarrassed for doing it in public as many people seem to stare at him as if he lost his mind.


The booming voice behind the White Mamba, steps out around the corner as well, revealing to be Lennox Lewis, holding what seems to be the copy of Malcolm X’s autobiography that JEPW gave White Mamba a few weeks back. His expression is serious as they continue walking down the hallway, with White Mamba continuing shout proudly about his heritage.

Lennox Lewis: Okay take five Mister Ranger. Now do you feel any changes in you? Do you feel different about anything?

White Mamba: Look Double L, I am honored to have you as my trainer. Yet, how is it that you can only be my…moral trainer?

Lennox Lewis: I was told by the boss’s front desk that you were only allowed trainers to help you feel better, not to improve your wrestling ability. They are thought of as a waste of time and money.

White Mamba stops walking and turns around, his eyes ablaze at the words spoken. Before he regrets it, he closes his eyes and begins to count to ten; with each number he takes a deep breath before speaking the next number. He slowly opens his eyes and stares at the former 3 time Heavyweight Boxing Champion with sympathy.

White Mamba: My deepest apologies Mister Lewis. You see we have some bigots here in this business that would like to see me crack under pressure during these six months, but they should know better than to assume. Actually I feel that regardless of what people say of me, that I have come to the realization that they are simply jealous of what I possess.

Lennox Lewis: Do you think you want to read this book then?

Lennox shows White Mamba the autobiography book, causing Mamba’s expression to change to that of disgust at the fact of JEPW giving it to him. He takes from Lennox, looks it over, before tossing it in the nearest trashcan.

White Mamba: Anything from that talking dictionary you should throw away immediately. It’s not worth reading anything he gives you.

Lennox Lewis: Well I will not press you then, I will be off. We will resume your training next week.

White Mamba nods before walking away, turning down a hallway to reach the locker room. He wanted to grab some stuff, before he was spotted by any Best Alliance nutjobs looking to make him wash some towels. He looked down as he was walking, not knowing who was in front of him.

“Watch where you’re going!”

He quickly snaps back to reality, but not fast enough as he bumps into Carmen Jennings. The two fall back, Carmen using some props leaning against the wall for support to regain her balance, while White Mamba stumbles and almost falls into some chairs.

Carmen Jennings: Watch it bottom feeder.

White Mamba: Damnit Carmen! I bump into you and the first thing you got to say is “Watch it bottom feeder”? Seriously, i expect something better than the supposed slayer of the Wildcat.

Carmen Jennings: Mamba, I’m not in the mood. Now back the FUCK up.

White Mamba: I’m not going to back the FUCK up to someone who couldn’t get into the Best Alliance like JEPW did, maybe it should be you that should back up and step aside. This hallway is big enough for both of us.

Carmen Jennings: Who said I wanted to be in the Best Alliance? Those guys are nothing but delusional, fame consumed bullies. They made a very bad decision putting Kirsta fucking Lewis in that stable, and I’m going to prove that for a second time at Capital Punishment. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got somewhere to be.

Carmen walks pass White Mamba as he stands to the side. He turns to face her, about to say something he would regret when “Pomp and Circumstances” plays on his cellphone, causing him to take it out of his pocket. He read the notification on the phone’s screen before pocketing it again.

White Mamba: Well time to pay him a visit I guess.

Turmoil cuts to commercial as a more focused White Mamba heads off.






Carmen Jennings vs. Kelly Flawless
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back as we are now ready for Carmen Jennings versus Kelly Flawless.

Benny Newell: And the big question is can Carmen ride the wave from the huge win last week against Crow.

Joe Hoffman: And can Kelly Flawless get something going for himself after a humiliating loss to Kostoff last week in under two minutes.

Benny Newell: Speaking on Flawless, he’s already in the ring here. Seems Mike didn’t wanna waste valuable TV time on his entrance.

Benny chuckles as “I’m So Sick” by Flyleaf starts to play and we see Carmen Jennings emerge from backstage to a large cheer from the Cleveland fans. Carmen makes were way down to the ring as referee Joel Hortega checks both combatants over and call for the bell to get the match started.

Carmen comes out strong knocking Flawless down to the mat with a big heel kick as she stalks the HOW rookie and connects with a drop kick that sends Flawless out of the ring. Carmen tries to persue after Flawless but Hortega tries to restrain her.

Joe Hoffman: Jennings all fired up here but she best listen to Hortega before she gets herself disqualified.

Benny Newell: Hortega is probably just trying to cop a feel. Not that I can blame him.

Suddenly from the crowd we see a hooded figure jump over the barricade as Flawless starts to climb back up to his feet and the hooded figure connects with a handspring hurricaranna as the Ohio crowd immediately know who it is.

Joe Hoffman: Royalty Check? Is that… Yes! It’s Bobbinette Carey. What in the world is she doing here?

Hortega is still restraining Carmen and doesn’t see the attack as Carey rolls Flawless back into the ring as Hortega let’s Carmen go who just stares down at Bobbinette Carey who smiles back at Carmen and slowly backs up the entrance way towards the locker room.

Benny Newell: She just saved Carmen Jenning’s ass. That is what she just did.

Joe Hoffman: Sure you’re not drinking gasoline tonight? Carmen had this match well in hand.

Flawless stumbles back up to his feet after the Royalty Check from Carey and Carmen has no other alternative at the moment then to drive her boot into the gut of Flawless and hit the C-Spike in the middle of the ring as she goes for the cover, as she continues to stare out at Bobbinette.





Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 1 minute and 57 seconds…. Carmen Jennings.

I’m So Sick” starts to play again in the arena as Hortega raises the arm of Carmen in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well Carmen picks up another win, but the bigger story is what was Bobbinette’s motives behind the attack of Flawless and her helping Carmen Jennings win this match.

Benny Newell: It’s simple Joe. Bobbinette is helping out the far inferior Carmen Jennings in picking up a win. How kind and nice was that of Bobbinette. Carmen should be very appreciative of the Queen B.

Joe Hoffman: Something makes me think that Carmen is not appreciative one bit….

We see Carmen and Bobbinette continue to stare down as we cut to backstage.


Tears of Joy?

Backstage we see Mark O’Neal as Mark is separating from his fellow Best Alliance stablemates backstage, heading for his locker room, Missy Andrews comes running down the hallway yelling his name.

Missy Andrews – “Mark, can I get a word with you. Mark. Mark.”

As Mark hears this he quickly opens up the door to his locker room and shuts it behind him as he wipes his hand across his face. Missy reaches his door and Mark doesn’t answer. She hears a noise from inside that sounds like someone sniveling constantly with a slight bit of whining mixed in with it. Missy tries the door handle and it opens, she walks in and as she does Mark, who is sitting on a bench right in front of her puts his hand up and waves it, motioning for her to leave. As he does this Mark puts his other arm over his face, trying to hide it, but not before it can be seen that Mark O’Neal is weeping.

Missy Andrews – “Mark? Is this a bad time? Are you crying?”

Mark quickly wipes away the tears and jumps up, his face and eyes still slightly red from the tears.

Mark O’Neal – “What? No I wasn’t crying. I’m not a pussy. Those were tears of joy. Tears of joy I get from destroying Ryan Faze in his own hometown. This shithole people call Cleveland. You know me and Lebron are actually similar in a way. We both really only know two things for certain, number one that we are kings, and number two that we both want to get the fuck out of the shithole that is Cleveland.”

Missy Andrews – “Speaking of taking out Faze, why did you do that? He is a fellow Best Alliance member.”

Mark O’Neal – “Don’t worry about that Missy. Just know that Faze is trash just like all of the people in those seats out there. And just like Crow. The second person I will be destroying tonight. I humiliated Mario Marauko in front of his home town last week. Ryan Faze in front of his home town this week.

And Crow is just going to get thrown into the mix because he has the unfortunate draw of fighting me again. “

This match will last all of 2 seconds. One second for me to cock back, and the next second for me to swing my bent 2 iron and bust open Crow. Match over. First blood drawn, and I will be naming my own stipulation at Capital Punishment when I beat Shane Reynolds for the LSD Title. The Title Faze would have never been able to bring back to the Best Alliance.”

Missy Andrews – “Christopher America, the World Champion after seeing your actions these last two weeks said he is going to ensure you are fed to Shane Reynolds at Capital Punishment as retribution for what you have done these last couple of weeks.”

Mark O’Neal – “Missy, the only feeding I am doing is sucking the milk out of Christopher America’s mom’s breasts. America better watch his back because nobody threatens the Explosive One and the Best Alliance. We are the dominate force here, that is why we keep winning. I pinned Reynolds last week at Turmoil and I will do it again to win the LSD Title. Now get the fuck out of my locker room.”

The action cuts back inside the Quicken Loans Arena as Mark storms off to get ready for his match..


The Best Education System

“I got brain, I got brawn!”

A chorus of bitter abuse echoes throughout the arena as the first few bars of ‘I’m Smart’ by School House Rock kick in, and John Eric Peter Watson, dressed in an expensive-but-garish blue pinstripe suit, appears from behind the curtain. Over his right shoulder is a brown patent leather man-bag.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks it looks like a visit is in order from our resident ‘intellectual’ JEPW, whose despicable actions ended last week’s show. Perhaps we’ll get something by way of an explanation tonight – I think we all deserve one.

Benny Newell: Good decisions don’t need explanations, fuckwit. Did Truman ever have to explain Hiroshima to the Japs? No, because there was nobody left to explain it to.

Joe Hoffman: … Your ignorance… is quite astonishing.

Benny Newell: Have you ever had a decent debate with a cinder? No, so shut up.

Halfway down the ramp, Watson pretends to open an invisible book and start reading, even licking his right finger to flick more efficiently through the pages. The crowd on either side of him is baying for his blood, but he’s clearly getting a massive kick out of it.

At ringside, he picks up a bottle of water, takes a sip and starts swilling it around in his mouth, jumping up onto the apron and facing the camera. The crowd watches in anticipation: is he going to spew the water up into the air, flex his muscular physique under his suit, do something even remotely cool?

Watson gives them their answer: calmly swallowing the water, he slots himself under the top rope and into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The man seems to be forgetting where he is! This is High Octane Wrestling, not some cushy suburban book club.

Benny Newell: This Peter Eric Johnny Boy Smith guy was smart enough to fall in with the Best Alliance last week, so shut the fuck up. He might just learn ya something.

Meanwhile, Watson has picked up a microphone and, after waiting for the isolated boos and insults now being hurled by some audience members to stop, he begins to speak.

JEPW: Some people have been asking me exactly why it was that, last week, after defeating Mike Best and becoming the new number one contender to the ICON championship, I then turned on Kostoff, Reynolds and Graystone and decided to join the Best Alliance –

The audience starts up again with the boos –

JEPW: Shut up when I’m speaking! Our relationship is that of the teacher addressing his pupils, and I’d prefer it if you listened, maybe even took notes.

A few more annoyed boos –

JEPW: But then again, I’m not surprised. You probably don’t know this, but twice in the last ten years, Cleveland has been rated as the poorest major city in the entire United States of America. You have record-breaking levels of illiteracy and unemployed, unskilled workers!

Suddenly pointing at a woman in the front row, her face red with fury as she screams her response at Watson, he smiles.

JEPW: Sorry, I should have explained that. Illiteracy is when you can’t read or write. Any better?

If the heat before was slightly subdued, Watson now has this crowd trembling with indignation.

JEPW: Everywhere I go, I encounter stupidity and folly in alarming amounts. Here in Cleveland, the most intelligent conversation I’ve had this week was with a tin of corned beef. And since entering High Octane, I’ve frankly been able to detect a quite astonishing level of simplicity amongst my colleagues. Hence the fact that I have defeated every opponent placed before me in HOW so far… The lesson to learn here is basic: people need to start taking notice of me, of what I say, and of what I do.

There is one man in this company, however, who has caught my eye. Mike Best, the man who will lead the strongest faction in HOW history to unprecedented dominance, is a master of political science. He reminds me, in fact, of the great 16th Century Italian philosopher, Niccolo Machiavelli. Have any of you heard of him? I thought not.

Machiavelli was one of the first modern theorists of power. Whereas before, great writers would attribute a leader’s power to his divine right to reign under God, Machiavelli saw it differently. He believed that the extent of a man’s power rests principally on his willingness to employ cunning and duplicity in his private and public affairs. Mike Best is much the same: through his embracement of cynical rule in HOW, he has displaced God – his father, Lee Best – and come to power through his own manipulative actions. This perfect transposition of political theory into practice has, to be completely truthful, taken my breath away.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t care how well-read this guy is, he’s just another peon taken in by Mike Best’s devious rhetoric… Don’t you think, Benny?

Benny Newell: What? I’m trying to pick this scab off my ball, it’s itchy as hell. But yeah, whatever, he’s clever yada yada yada… FUCK ME I just plucked out a pube.

JEPW: As for me… I have my own motivations for being in HOW. Funnily enough, my sole desire in life is not to teach working class dolts like yourselves about things you will never be able to grasp. I’m here to become the face of the company, to instill a new ethos, more thoughtful, more measured. My long-term goal is to make my colleagues think before they open their mouths; and as a part of the most important faction in HOW history, I hope I can achieve even a little bit of re-education around here.

The majority of the audience members are on their feet, hissing at Watson, a couple of them throwing plastic drinks cups. They’re growing impatient.

JEPW: After proving myself worthy in last week’s main event, I took a step closer to becoming Mike Best’s protégé, his second-in-command. You see, beating Graystone for the ICON title at Capitol Punishment would make yours truly the only title holder in the Best Alliance. Just like I rose through the ranks of this company at astonishing speed, I’ll rise through the Alliance in the blink of an eye. And the genius of Mike Best will not be able to deny my unbridled potential to be the best, most intelligent and most dominant guy that this business has EVER seen. Bar none.

However, it is clear that somebody in this company has had the foresight to recognize just how good I am. I’m addressing now the fact that somebody in HOW is having me followed, stalked like a dog whilst I try to go about my life. In this ring I know I’m safe, but all week long there has been somebody lurking in the shadows, watching me, taking photographs, a diabolical coward. And I think it is fairly obvious who this is. And I think that I have something here –

Watson pats his man-bag –

JEPW: Which will act as a cease and desist with immediate effect… So Graystone, come on out here and talk to me face to face, like a man.

The mood of the crowd changes instantly and the fans ERUPT as “The Curse” by Distrubed hits. Moments later, Graystone appears on the ramp, microphone in hand. The music fades.

JEPW: Nice to finally have my stalker somewhere I can see him.

Graystone: You would think that the “self proclaimed” smartest man in The Best Alliance would be a little more careful about his accusations. While I will admit that what you did last week – attacking Reynolds, Kostoff, and I and joining The Best Alliance – was a huge disappointment, I have no reason to stalk you, John. I have no problem doing what I feel is right… and I am more than willing to do so in front of the entire world, unlike your friends in the Best Alliance.

Watson narrows his eyes, staring down Graystone. He reaches into the man-bag and pulls out…

JEPW: Perhaps this will make you change your mind.

A videotape.

JEPW: See, we were meant to be facing each other for the ICON title at Capitol Punishment, but I can’t wait that long for you to stop creeping around behind my back. I can’t wait that long to have gold wrapped around my waist. And right here, in my right hand, is just the thing I need to persuade you to bring the match forward.

Graystone shifts his weight from one foot to the other, suspiciously eyeing JEPW as he waves the tape around in the air.

Graystone: And why do you say that?

JEPW: Because, my friend, this tape contains footage of a certain night… last January.

The crowd erupts in a mixed reaction. Graystone squints his eyes and cocks his head, hanging on JEPW’s every word.

JEPW: This tape shows, with perfect clarity, exactly who it put you out of action for six months. This tape is the closure you’ve needed since your return to HOW.

Graystone shakes his head in astonishment, as a look of complete focus comes over him. He begins walking down the ramp at speed as the crowd pops with excitement.

Joe Hoffmann: The missing tape that shows who attacked Graystone!? John Watson has the tape?

Benny Newell: Oh shit…

Watson holds a hand up to stop Graystone in his tracks.

JEPW: Hold it right there. I’ve got every member of the Best Alliance waiting behind the curtain; you really, really don’t want to mess this up. Here’s what we’re going to do: we’re not going to wait until Capital Punishment. Next week, it’s you and me, ICON title on the line. When I win, I will become the new ICON Champion and I will destroy the tape. If by some fluke you happen to win, you keep your belt and finally discover the truth of who wanted you dead… Turmoil… July 8, 2010… Graystone Vs. John Eric Peter Watson… ICON Title Vs. Videotape… All or nothing. What do you say, my man?

The crowd goes wild. Graystone pauses, then slowly brings the microphone up to his face…

Graystone: – On one condition.

Watson shrugs, as if to say ‘give it your best shot’.

Graystone: I want this to be a fair fight. One on one. No outside interference. And to do that, we must have this match in an environment that will ensure that justice is served… That means no Scottywood as a referee…

Benny Newell: What!? Now that’s going way too far! How can you expect it to be a fair fight!?

Joe Hoffmann: Give me a break, Newell!

Graystone: AND … That means surrounding ourselves with a STEEL CAGE!

The crowd pops with excitement.

JEPW stumbles backward slightly and takes a moment to compose himself; he had not been expecting this. He finally manages to raise the mic to his lips, his voice slightly less bold than it had been before.

JEPW: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Graystone’s music hits and, with barely a smirk crossing his face, he shoots a lingering look at Watson before turning and leaving the ramp. JEPW, meanwhile, stands in the middle of the ring, looking like a man who just swallowed a wasp.

Joe Hoffman: It’s official! The ICON title will be defended next week, and if Graystone can win, John Watson must relinquish the tape that shows who Graystone’s attacker was. Icon Title Vs. Graystone’s coveted tape, inside a steel cage, next week on Turmoil! My God, what a prospect!

Benny Newell: No Scottywood? No Interference? One on one in a steel cage? What does Watson think he’s doing!? That’s not fair! Mike Best is going to have Watson’s balls on a chopping block for this!

Turmoil cuts to a commercial as the two men stare each other down as the crowd is buzzing after the big announcement.


Next week on Turmoil Graystone defends his ICON Championship inside a steel cage vs. J.E.P.W.


A Helping Hand

Back live and we cut backstage to see the fiery red head Carmen Jennings standing outside one of the wrestlers dressing rooms banging aggressively on the door. She shouts out for someone to open the door, with no answer she begins beating heavily on the door almost taking it off its hinges. As she stops to take a breath we hear a rather gentle voice calling from inside the room.

Person: Come in.

As Carmen flings the door open and storms into the room we see Bobbinette Carey sitting comfortably on a sofa at the far corner of the room staring up at the TV screen. On the screen we can see a replay of tonight’s match involving Carmen Jennings and Kelly Flawless, Bobbinette’s face beaming with pleasure.

Bobbinette Carey: Carmen marvelous to see you! Did you need something?

Carmen: Don’t you think you’ve “helped” enough? What the fuck was that all about?

Bobbinette Carey: Calm down Carmen, as you can see by this replay, I did nothing to you but help.

Carmen clenches her fists and begins speaking through gritted teeth.

Carmen: Who..The hell..Do you think you are interfering in my match Carey?

Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders and turns the TV screen off, standing up and leaning against her dressing table with her arms folded over her chest.

Bobbinette Carey: I think I’m Bobbinette Carey HOW hall of famer two time HOW champion… At least that’s what they tell me. I’ve been wrestling since I was a teen…from what I have read up. Not that I can remember everything but you remind me of someone. I can’t remember who but it’s a good thing. Just know… that I’m not here to hurt you.

Carmen: Very funny. What makes you think I need your help? Flawless couldn’t win a match if he was facing himself.

Bobbinette Carey: You don’t “Need” anything your independent I know and see that. But I wanted you to see you’re not alone.

Carmen: I’ve been “Alone” My entire life, why would now be any different?

Bobbinette Carey: Because you don’t have to be alone. You look like you need… a little motherly guidance. And after I saw Kirsta Lewis… I can’t remember a lot about her I just know I don’t like her… I felt you may need some help…

Carmen: If you’re so keen on helping me, then how come you’ve decided to help me now, in a match that everyone in HOW knows I would have no trouble in winning by myself. Why not someone like Crow, who might have actually been a challenge to me?

Bobbinette Carey: Carmen, I did help you in your match with Crow, you remember how the lights went out and when they came back on he was out cold?

Carmen nods slowly, totally lost for words.

Bobbinette Carey: That was me.

Carmen: But why?

Bobbinette lightly puts an arm around Carmen and ushers her to sit down, obviously still apprehensive about Carey Carmen shrugs her arm off and proceeds to sit down on the sofa, Bobbinette settling herself beside her.

Bobbinette Carey: Look kiddo, I know you don’t trust me. With how wrestlers are here at HOW I would worry too. But go back and look through the history of HOW. I have, I don’t like the bitch who beat you down. And you… though you remind me of someone… I feel you need some help. You can do things on your own. But you don’t need to. I’m just as alone as you are for real.

Carmen studies Bobbinette’s face for a second, as Bobbinette’s sympathetic smile beams back at Carmen she exhales and sits back in the seat, obviously calming down.

Carmen: Ok…hypothetically, if I were to let my guard down and all that emotional shit, how are you expecting to help me out? I mean, I know I’m going to beat Kirsta Lewis at Capital Punishment; I’m still fucked off about War Games so I’m not going to let this one go down badly.

Bobbinette Carey: Look, you got potential to be the baddest bitch in this company. I’ve been there, plus I got a whole hummer with my crew to make sure no one dicks you over. Look what my husband just did to me? Sure I did his dad and made out with his brother. But who the fuck cares? My track record speaks for its self.

Carmen: Ok fine, you can help me out. But I swear Carey you fuck me over and it WILL be the last thing you do, you got that?

Carmen hold a hand out in a gesture to shake, but as she does Bobbinette begins shaking her head and laughing to herself, waving a hand in front of her face dismissing Carmen’s hands.

Bobbinette Carey: You’re so young… I lost all the money I had. Do you really think I’m about to fuck you over? And do you really think I would be stupid enough to make this offer if I had intentions of dicking you over from the jump?

Carmen looks away for a second, deep in thought she turns and looks straight into Bobbinette’s eyes.

Carmen: I guess you’re right. Ok from now on, Jennings and Carey are on each other’s sides.

Again she outstretches a hand, jerking it forward, with an almost apologetic look on her face. Bobbinette grabs her hand and pulls her into a short embrace, letting go and leaning back, with a genuine look on her face she smiles at Carmen.

Bobbinette Carey: You can think of me like the cooler older sister you never had… Who also won’t hesitate to fuck peoples shit up if they mess with my little sister okay?

Carmen: Ok.

The action returns to ringside as an alliance between the Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey and Carmen Jennings seems to have been made.


Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal vs. Crow
First Blood Match w/ Special Guest Ref Scottywood

Back live to the announcers…

Joe Hoffman: Well earlier tonight we saw Mark O’Neal take out Ryan Faze in his move to become the number one contender for the LSD title. Now he looks to beat Crow in less than three seconds in this first blood match so that he can pick the stipulation for that match.

Benny Newell: I don’t even think we have a stop watch that can time how quick O’Neal with make Crow bleed like a woman on….

Joe Hoffman: So why don’t we just head to the match which Best Alliance referee Scottywood will be officiating… if you can call that what he does.

Benny Newell: Just because you’re mad that Kostoff wasn’t man enough to beat The Best Express tonight, don’t you go and sully the good name of Scottywood and the great officiating he does.

Give It Away” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers starts to play as we see Mark O’Neal emerge from the backstage with Crow locked in a headlock as he “escorts” him down to the ring until he throws him into the steel steps which gets a loud boo from the Cleveland fans.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is this? Did O’Neal mug Crow backstage before the match?

O’Neal lays the boot to Crow repeatedly as we see Scottywood exit the ring and throw the apron up as he pulls out a steel chair wrapped in barbwire and smiles as O’Neal pulls Crow up to his feet and takes the chair from Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: What kind of referee hands off a barbwire steel chair to a wrestler?

Benny Newell: A referee who is going to get a big bonus from The Best Alliance after the match.

O’Neal lines up Crow and crack the barbwire wrapped steel chair over the head of Crow as he crumbles to the ground to more boos from the fans. Scottywood slides back into the ring as O’Neal throws the body of Crow and the chair back into the ring as we see the blood flowing down the face of Crow as Scottywood calls for the bell to start the match.


And then immediately calls for the bell to end the match.


Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in…. 1 second….. Mark O’Neal!

Joe Hoffman: Well Mark O’Neal did it, he beat Crow in under 3 seconds, regardless how he did it. And now the question is what stipulation will Mark chose for his LSD title match?

Benny Newell: Yes, regardless how he did it. Because all that matters is the outcome Joe. Now let’s head backstage!

Joe Hoffman: Actually Benny I understand we have a very special video that is set to air…

The arena goes black as the High Octane Vision screen comes to life..


Great Moments in HOW’s History

Announcer: And now, great moments in HOW History…(History)…(History)!!!!

Replay:Dawn McGill vs. Tim Shipley (c) for the LSD Title- January 21st, 2010

Shipley pulls Dawn towards the center of the ring and signals for his reverse figure four leg lock….Newton’s Paradox..

Joe Hoffman: Smart move here folks…..work the leg…use a leg submission….

Shipley bends down to begin to lock the move in but as he does McGill reaches up and grabs Shipley’s groin in a nasty Testicular Claw….which sends Shipley immediately on the defensive as McGill slowly makes her way up to her feet with Shipley’s balls in her hand….

Benny Newell: Tell me when it’s over!!!!

McGill sweeps the legs out from Shipley and he falls to the mat and McGill wastes no time in locking in a perfect figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring…

Shipley pounds the mat in pain and frustration but he doesn’t give up.

Hortega even counts several near falls when Shipley’s shoulders are on the mat but each time he gets up. He finally gets enough energy to try and roll the move over and they get halfway there but Shipley cannot take anymore and they roll back into the previous position and now it is McGill who is pounding the canvas as she tries to apply as much pressure as possibly…

Shipley falls back to the canvas in pain and Hortega starts another count….





Announcer:On a cold winter January evening, Dawn McGill stunned the wrestling world by defeating LSD Champion Tim Shipley and taking the LSD Title. What made the event even more surprising was the fact that McGill defeated Shipley on essentially one leg. You see, the decorated Army Ranger had her right knee shredded while in combat in Iraq in the early days of the Iraqi invasion and nearly lost her leg. She had reconstructive surgery on the leg and received an honorable discharge from the military.

Cut to: Dawn McGill today from the Island of Puerto de Macoris. She’s sitting on a Lazy Boy recliner with her right leg in a cast.


Dawn McGill

McGill: The leg was fine as long as I didn’t put too much stress on it. But HOW made me an offer late last year to come here and work singles and I knew I was taking a chance…especially after September’s WWR Supershow where I reinjured my knee.

Replay: Dawn McGill vs. Mike Polowy- WWR Supershow

Suave: “She’s back down and now, Polowy is dragging her to his corner. This can’t be good.” Polowy and Level-One put her in the Tree of Woe. Nemesis hands Polowy a chair and holds on to one leg. L-1 holds the other. *CLANG* Polowy brings the full force of the chair on Dawn’s bad knee. Suave: “HOLY CRAP!” *CLANG* *CLANG* *CLANG* SOMEONE STOP HIM!” Lewis inches into the ring and gets the referee’s attention. This allows Polowy to continue to whack away at the knee with the chair. Suave: “STOP HIM DAMMIT!” Dawn topples off the corner and holds her knee in severe pain. Polowy grins and motions to Level-One and Nemesis. They come in and drag Dawn back to the corner and hold each of her arms. Polowy places her right foot on the lower turnbuckle, then the other. Suave: “STOP HIM!”

Announcer: McGill’s damaged knee, sufferedin the heat of battle in the service to her country, made this all the more improbable…

…Shipley falls back to the canvas in pain and Hortega starts another count….





Announcer:McGill would go on to wrestle several more matches for HOW as her knee continued to deteriorate before losing the LSD title to Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff. Shipley quit HOW two days later. Dawn McGill…

Dawn McGill: Yeah, I never quite understood that. After the Polowy match in September I had my right knee scoped and then the next week wrestled Level-One and Jak Nemesis in a tag match. I was going to give Tim a rematch but he just…left.

Announcer: That’s right, just two days after this…

…Shipley falls back to the canvas in pain and Hortega starts another count….





Announcer: …Tim Shipley left High Octane Wrestling, never to return. Since that fateful night, McGill and Shipley’s career have taken dramatically different paths. Dawn McGill is now married and living a life of splender in the tiny resort island of Puerto de Macoris in the Caribbean. She had a second reconstructive surgery on her right knee three weeks ago and is currently convalescing

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Generalissimo Tomas

Announcer: As for Tim Shipley, his relationship with HOW has soured over the months and last week via twitter, he accused HOW of stealing a storyline from him. An unnamed HOW staffer had this to say…

The unknown staffer is lit up in a way where his face is totally blackened out.

Unknown Staffer: Okay, it’s true. HOW was going to do an angle where Lee and Mike Best run the company into the ground, just like Tim did with Just Wrestling, and then bail on the company and leave someone totally incompetent in charge, just like Tim did with Just Wrestling, swindling people and wrestlers out of their hard earned cash and then open up a different federation, just like Tim did with bringing back AWC. But at the end, we decided it was a really lame idea so we didn’t do it.

Announcer: So how have McGill and Shipley’s lives changed since…

…Shipley falls back to the canvas in pain and Hortega starts another count….





Announcer: Well, Dawn McGill is working to change her husband’s opinion of Democracy and has instituted several major reforms that has benefitted the people of the Island of Puerto de Macoris over the last couple months. Her efforts have led to the announcement of elections in the fall to seat a provisional assembly to assist Generalissimo Tomas in ruling the island. She has also organized several wrestling shows to benefit the poor and has been an untiring ambassador to bringing tourists down to the Island of Puerto de Macoris. As for Tim Shipley, this sad headline showed up at Primetime… CENSORED BY MIKE BEST

Announcer: So there you have it. Dawn McGill. Activist. Courageously helping to build a new and prosperous Puerto de Macoris by empowering its citizens. Tim Shipley…(Omnious music begins)…well, he’s been detained by a shitty storyline…. This has been Great Moments in HOW History (History) (History)


Your Motherfucking Paragon

As the lights come back on and the crowd is buzzing over what they just seen on the HOV and before Joe and Benny can say anything, the lights dim down again as the crowd lets out a mixed response due to being unsure as to who is arriving.

Suddenly “Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir crashes over the PA System showering the crowd with a cacophony of sound and noise which causes many scream or recoil from. The stage comes alive with flashing red and blue lights as none other then the Number One Contender for the High Octane Championship, Maximillian Kael, makes his way out onto the stage wearing his wrestling gear.

Joe Hoffman: Well I am glad the lights are back on at least….jesus that was a little much there no?

Benny Newell: I swear to fucking god if you ever put your tongue in my ear again I will..

Joe Hoffman: I BEG YOUR PARDON??

Benny just scoffs at Joe as the crowd greets the hand picked Number One Contender with equal parts contempt and hate, booing him loudly as he slowly saunters his way down to the ring with a smug expression on his face. Running out ahead of Max was Jethrol the Janitor who sprinkled lawn clippings from the HOW Arena property as if attempting to sanctify the land before Max set his Imperial Foot down upon it. As he makes his way down the camera cuts to Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman. It is clear that Benny has stood up and is bowing deeply and attempting to get the crowd to do so as well.

Benny Newell: Bow before his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of HOW, Max Kael you slovenly fucks!

Joe Hoffman: Knock it off Benny, you don’t even know what slovenly means!

Benny Newell: Maybe not but I do know that whatever it means, it is definitely what these idiots from Cleveland are! This is the Number One contender for the HOW World Championship, Joe, and the man who defeated Jatt Starr for a second time in HOW! Even ran him out of HOW! How can you not be in awe of him?!

Joe Hoffman: Max Kael did nothing of the sort, Benny, and you know it. All he did was beat Jatt Starr in a crooked golf cart race! That hardly qualify-

Benny Newell: Shut. The. Fuck. Up! MAX KAEL IS IN THE RING!

The camera pans back up to Max Kael who is in the ring glaring down at Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell. Benny flips Max a thumbs up and takes his seat again while Max offers the slightest raised eyebrow. Joe manages to look Max in the eye for about three seconds before he looks down at his papers shuffling them around. After ensuring that Joe Hoffman knew his place, Max held his hand out while Jethrol placed his custom Maxopotamian Microphone in his palm.

Max Kael: Prime Minister. Emperor. Champion. Paragon. Words that are synonymous with the greatness that is Maximillian Kael, the corner stone of High Octane Wrestling and the Glory which Lee Best rests his greatest Best’s Bet.

The crowd immediately starts to boo the number one contender as he speaks in an even, controlled tone, his eyes scanning the crowd with a sense of importance.

Max Kael: As your Number One contender I have proven that I am the single greatest wrestler in this company barring none and that it is my destiny to hold the World Title at Capitol Punishment regardless of whether I face Christopher America or David Black. As your Number One contender I AM the man in High Octane Wrestling who holds the fate of the company in the palm of my hand as if it was a child’s toy! As your Paragon I do what I want, when I want to in whatever means I desire!

As he screams out the last part the crowd reacts in an increasingly negative manner, the boos building up against the growing wildness of Max’s own uneven tone.

Max Kael: To prove this point I have invited a very special guest down to the ring tonight. A very special man who will show you exactly what I mean when I say that I am the Destiny of HOW and that I can do whatever I want to whoever I want whenever I want! And so.. White Mamba, please come to the ring as you have been Instructed to by your Number One Contender..and dont even think about bringing that wannabe Lennox Lewis out here with you either!

Arching his back slightly Max turned his head to look up at the stage where the rest of the audience focused as the boos died down. Not more than a few seconds later White Mamba can be seen slowly walking out onto the stage with a confused look on his face. Back in the ring Max lifts his hand and slowly beckons him to walk down the stage, ordering Jethrol to open the ropes for him. With mixed reactions from the crowd Mamba slowly makes his way carefully down to the ring, checking his back as he does so.

Max Kael: There you go, there’s a good boy. You know it is wiser to do as I say then to ignore my words, particularly after last week no? Well good, it seems you’re not completely incapable of following orders. Now Mamba.. tonight you are going to do something incredibly important, tonight you are going to start having a career thanks to me, your Justified Number One Contender, Max Kael.

Mamba looks confused still, mouthing a few questions which Max is quick to ignore as he rolls out of the ring moving along the barricade that keeps him separate from the fans. As he slowly walks around while the people sitting front row jaw jack with him he slowly pauses in front of the woman who had been cheering Ryan Faze, requesting penetration. She points her thumbs down at Max and boos loudly in his face as Max looks on dispassionately.

Max Kael: Ryan Faze said you’re not 18 yet. Tsk, tsk. That will make this feel all the more dirty.

Suddenly Max lashes out and slaps the woman across the face, knocking her down much to the surprise of everyone around her. Unfortunately they are not fast enough to act as Max grabs her by the hair and pulls her over the barricade while the people she is with try to grab her back. One man jumps the barricade only to get cold clocked by Max while seems to have a wild, maddened expression on his face. Security rush the barricade to push the booing and screaming fans back as Max manages to pull the girl away from the ground, rolling her into the ring while she holds her face.

Max slides in after her and grabs her by the hair, dragging her toward a horrified looking White Mamba who has his fists clenched as if ready to strike Max. Max throws her at Mamba’s feet with a sneer on his face, lifting the mic back up.


For a second Mamba looks like he is ready to blast Max with a punch as the Number One contender gives him the opening. The crowd musters a hug cheer for Mamba however even as Mamba teases it he backs down looking ashamed of his decision. Max laughs in his face and reaches down, grabbing the girl up by the hair as she is seen crying.

Max Kael: Wise decision, Mamba, very Wise! You are learning indeed! But now for the real test.. Mamba I want you to grow a pair of balls.. and slap this bitch! Do it! Imagine she is your mother after she spanked you! Imagine she was the bitch at the counter at Social Security who was denying you your Food Stamps! Imagine she is me for all I fucking care but hit her! DO IT!

As his face flushes red the crowd begins to boo Max Kael once again while cheering Mamba on to not hit the woman and instead hit Max. Mamba’s fists slowly ball up again as Max snarls into the microphone once again, no real words, more like a guttural noise of Max’s raw emotion. Mamba spins around!


The crowd showers a huge series of boos and begin hurling garbage into the ring as Mamba strikes the woman across the face with a huge right hook knocking her straight onto the mat out cold before dropping down onto his back, storming out of the ring looking disgusted with himself. Max looks shocked for a moment before he points at Jethrol with a wide grin on his face. Jethrol the Janitor rushes forward and carries the woman away while Max begins to giggle to himself with excitement.

Max Kael: GOOD SHOW MAMBA! HeHeheHeH! Good show! You see Cleveland! Do you see the power I hold!? I am your PARAGON! I am your Number One Contender! I am what you should all aspire to be! And at Capitol Punishment, along with my long list of titles and accomplishments you shall call me.. WORLD CHAMPION!

Max basks in his own glory as “Puritania” blares back over the speakers. The crowd continues to shower the ring in garbage as we cut back down to Benny and Joe.

Joe Hoffman: That was disgusting! Simply disgusting and.. and I just don’t know what to say. Max is a horrible, depraved, psychotic, disgusting human being. Mamba was showing so much promise earlier tonight…and then…this happens. What does Max hold over him??

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck…all that Black Power talk earlier with Lennox UK BITCH Lewis was just bullshit…….and be careful what you say Joe, he might hear you! For my part I think Max is the fucking man and if Lee Best hand picked him to take the World Title, well, then I think we should support our bosses decision you know! Don’t rock the fucking boat Hoffman, drink!

Benny slams back a shot of whiskey as the camera fades on the young woman being carried out on a gurney by a crew of medics as we go to commercial.

The preceding segment was brought to you by your motherfucking paragon


Max Kael & John Eric Peter Watson vs. Shane Reynolds & Graystone
Tag Team Match w/ Special Guest Referee Scottywood

Returning from commercial break the camera focuses on Benny and Joe once again, Joe still reeling from Max Kael’s obscene power trip.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks, on behalf of High Octane Wrestling and all our sponsors I apologize profusely for the disgusting actions that our number one contender, Max Kael. We wish the young woman who was attacked the swiftest in recoveries..

Benny Newell: And I just want to thank our Legal Department and wish them the best on dealing this when it finally hits their offices. You know those guys work extra hard to make sure our hard working wrestlers get minimum jail sentences and fines.

Joe Hoffman: Benny!

Benny Newell: Well it’s fuckin’ true, Joe, how the hell do you think I still have my license!?

Joe Hoffman: I didn’t even know you still had your license, Benny?

Benny Newell: Well.. Benny Newell might not but Newell Benne does! Thank you legal department!

As Joe gives Benny an incredulous look the camera cuts back up to the stage where JEPW is seen making his way down to the ring to a heavily negative response as the crowd boos the partner of Max Kael. Benny makes a few remarks about the quality of person that John is while Joe reminds the audience that Benny also thinks Max Kael is a quality human being.

Next out is Graystone who is greeting with a strongly positive response as he makes his way quickly down to the ring though does not get in, potentially worried about an early, illegal double team from his town dangerous and crafty opponents. Backing him up is Shane who comes out to a rather lively response, equally heralded by cheers from the fans!

Scottywood is the last man to make his way down to the ring where he confers with Max and John for a moment before calling for the bell. JEPW starts off for his team while Graystone decides to start out for his own. The two men tie up with JEPW showing off his superior ring skill as he works Graystone down to the mat with a series of arm bars and arm take downs.

Graystone is slowly forced into JEPW’s team corner where Scottywood momentarily decides to reprimand Shane Reynolds while Max Kael assists in choking Graystone while JEPW works over his midsection. Eventually JEPW tags in Max who immediately begins to savagely stomp away at Graystone who has little to no defense at this point.

Dragging him into the center of the ring Max nails Gray with a stinging European Uppercut before tagging in JEPW who hits a perfectly executed Lesson in Life!

JEPW floats over for a cover..



Shane manages to break up the pinfall causing Scottywood to immediately intervene, shoving Shane back into his corner while the LSD Champion exchanges harsh words as to Scotty’s capacities as a ref. Meanwhile JEPW attempts to use the distraction to drag Graystone back up to his feet..


Both Graystone and JEPW lay in the middle of the ring while Max and Shane shout support loudly for their fallen team mate. The crowd slowly rallies behind Graystone who has been on the receive end for most of this match. Slowly Graystone makes his way up to his feet and manages to intercept JEPW before he can tag in Max hitting a swinging neckbreaker! After knocking Max off the ring apron Graystone manages to tag in Shane!

The crowd goes nuts as Shane brings on a fast pace offensive hitting a stunning series of springboard attacks which take JEPW to the mat followed by Max who attempts to sneak in. Shane turns up the heat as he kicks JEPW out of the ring and singles out Max who seems confused as to why he is in the ring.


Shane nails Max with the original sin as the fans jump up to their feet! He goes for the cover..

Scottywood refuses to count as he points out that Max is not the legal man. Frustrated Shane rolls Max out of the ring and heads outside to grab JEPW only to get cold clocked with a chair while Scottwood once again seems interested in checking on Max’s condition then watching the action! Shane goes limp as he is blasted in the side of the head as JEPW rolls himself and Shane back into the ring.

The crowd boos as JEPW goes for the cover..




Shane throws his shoulder up at the last second breaking the pinfall! JEPW seems beside himself as he was sure that the chair shot should have been enough! On the outside Graystone starts to rally the crowd to his teams cause, rousing Shane as JEPW tries desperately to set him up for the Lesson in Life..


Shane manages to duck the Lesson in Life before hitting JEPW with a huge Hurricanarana, laying JEPW out! Dragging himself to the ropes he tags in Graystone who flips into the ring and begins to work over JEPW with a huge flood of heavy, ground based attacks! Tossing JEPW into the ropes he does not notice when Max slaps his tag partner in the back tagging himself in!

JEPW gets taken out with a back body drop..


Graystone goes for the cover only to get cold clocked in the back of the head by Max who shoves his foot down on the back of his head. The crowd boos as Max hoists Graystone up..


Max drops for the cover..





Shane Reynolds slowly stumbles back into the ring holding his head as Max quickly exits the ring dragging John out with him as he did so. Scottywood follows them out as well while the crowd boos loudly as Shane stands over his fallen partner. Max Kael holds up an unconscious JEPW while Scottywood holds up both of their hands as the action cuts backstage…



The cameras cut backstage where David Black is walking down a hallway, heading toward the ring for his match, and apparently in the middle of quite the discussion with himself.

David Black: Not afraid. Can’t be afraid. Nightmare not real, just overactive imagination.

He nods his head as Missy Andrews walks up to him.

Missy Andrews: David, mind if I ask you a couple of quick questions about your upcoming match?

David looks at Missy and considers for a few seconds.

David Black: Go ahead.

Missy Andrews: Well, tonight you get your first one on one shot at the HOW World Title. What are your thoughts here just moments before the match?

David Black: Thoughts are numerous, varied. Partially afraid of losing, embarrassment, humiliation. Sting of defeat never fun, never enjoyable.

He shakes his head.

David Black: But… partially excited as well! Big opportunity, potential career making moment forthcoming. Mustn’t get ahead of myself.

Missy looks slightly confused as she goes to ask her next question.

Missy Andrews: Over the past two weeks you have defeated both Max Kael and your opponent tonight, Christopher America. How do you rate our chances of defeating Christopher America against tonight, and becoming HOW World Champion?

David hesitates for a moment as he ponders the question.

David Black: Chances unknown. Am underdog for sure, must–

He suddenly stops talking, as an annoyed look appears on his face.

David Black: Excuse me for a second…

Missy Andrews looks on in disbelief, as David turns around and slaps himself hard across the face repeatedly. He then turns back to Missy.

David Black: Right, you were saying?

Missy hesitates for a moment, before slightly shaking her head.

Missy Andrews: You are about to walk out to a ring surrounded by people who support Christopher America. How have you prepared yourself for that?

A smile appears on David’s face.

David Black: Well, look at where we are; The Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers. This building wholeheartedly supporting the Cavaliers, and LeBron James, during the playoffs and how did that turn out again? Oh, that’s right! Boston Celtics kicked their asses! So it seems to me, that having the support of this building? It doesn’t mean all that much in the end.

He pauses for a second.

David Black: And if you ask me, I think Christopher America might just pull a LeBron James…and choke!

David walks past Missy and disappears down the hall, picking up where he left off on the discussion with himself.

David Black: Not afraid. Nightmare not real…

Missy gives the camera a confused look as we cut away to the final commercial of the evening.


Next week Aleksy Madej makes his HOW debut!!


HOW World Title Match
David Black vs. Christopher America
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Well it is main event time and they don’t get much bigger on Turmoil then this. Christopher America defending his HOW World title against David Black.

Benny Newell: I think this special occasion calls for a rare drink.

Joe Hoffman: Rare?

Benny Newell: I try and not sound like an alcoholic for once and you jump down my throat, thanks.

Joe Hoffman: Right…. Well these two men used to tear up the LSD division and tonight they fight each other for the top prize in this game, the HOW World title. It doesn’t getter any bigger than this. Tonight dreams may be made and they WILL be crushed. The loser of this match will leave Ohio with utter disappointment.

An American flag is shown flowing in the wind against a clear blue sky. The American national anthem begins to play…

A woman begins to sing: “O say, can you see…”

A record scratch is heard as Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” plays.

Christopher America comes out. He holds his arms up and touches the tips of his fingers forming an A. As he does, red, white, and blue sparks rain down as the HOW World title sits around his waist.

Last of the Wilds” by Nightwish cuts in as we see the challenger for the title David Black make his way out as the cheers for America quickly turn to boos as Black walks down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: David Black has a huge chance here tonight as he could win his first HOW World title.

Benny Newell: Please! Take that belt away from America.

Black dives into the ring as Best calls for the bell to quickly get this main event World title match underway. The two men trade punches as the crowd reacts with boos and yas as each man connect with their blows. But it is the challenger Black who gains the first advantage as he drives a knee into the stomach of America and plants the champion with a belly to belly suplex. With America down Black scales the ropes and connects with a big moonsault as Black goes for an early pinfall.




Joe Hoffman: Kickout by America!

Benny Newell: Damn! Come on Black, take him out!

Black stalks America as he climbs back to his feet and goes for The Blackout but America pushes him away and Black falls to the mat as there is a loud roar from the crowd. Black gets back to his feet and America starts his offense as he hits an American bulldog, an America leg sweep and then a big American suplex before connecting with a top rope leg drop as America goes for his first cover of the night which Best counts.




Benny Newell: Black now kicks out! America is going to need more than that to beat Black… more than he could ever deliver.

Joe Hoffman: Both men can beat each other Benny, the question as always is who will get their first…

America pulls Black to his feet and locks him in an inverted facelock as he yells out “For America!” as he connects with his signature move as the crowd erupts in cheers and America goes for the pinfall.

Joe Hoffman: For America! It’s over for Black!




Benny Newell: Foot on the rope!

Joe Hoffman: Black does indeed and this match will continue! What ring presence by Black to get that foot up and save the match for himself.

America is clearly frustrated as he pulls Black to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner and drives his shoulder into the gut of Black as he starts hammering away with right as the crowd continues to cheer until Black throws a thumb to the eyes and reverses spots as he starts to hammer on America in the corner before he backs up and hits a big clothesline as America staggers out of the corner and Black chop blocks America to the ground as Black locks in a choke hold submission on America.

Joe Hoffman: Great submission by Black as America now fighting to get to the ropes.

Benny Newell: Choke him out! Choke him!

Black tries to synch the hold as America battles for every inch as he claws at the mat, getting closer to the ropes as the crowd starts clapping to try and help America as he struggles but is able to grab hold of the bottom rope and Michael Best forces Black to break the hold. America starts coughing as he gasps for air and climbs back to his feet and as he turns around Black hits the Blackout out of nowhere.

Benny Newell: Blackout! Pin him David!

But the impact of the move causes America to roll out of the ring as Black quickly rolls out and picks America up but America is able to pull Black and send his head ringing off the ring post as America rolls him back into the ring. Black staggers to his feet and America once again attempts For America but Black slips out of the reverse facelock and as America turns around gets hit with a second Blackout.

Benny Newell: Another Blackout by David Black!

Joe Hoffman: Trouble for America as David goes for the cover.




Joe Hoffman: NOOOOOO…..

Benny Newell: YESSS!!! Black did it!!

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 13 minutes and 46 seconds and the NEW HOW WORLD CHAMPION….. DAVID BLACK!!!!!

The arena is filled with boos as David Black collapses to the mat in joy as Michael Best hands over the HOW World title to David Black who quickly clutches onto it, over joyed by finally winning the coveted HOW World title.

Joe Hoffman: David Black has done it, despite what the fans may think of him David Black has worked long and hard here in HOW and tonight, tonight he achieves a long goal of his by winning the HOW World title.

Benny Newell: And more importantly Christopher America is no longer the HOW World champion…. Thank you Michael Best..the greatest son a dad could ever had….damn I wish Lee was here to see this..….

Joe Hoffman: Jesus.

Benny Newell: No Lee…

Joe Hoffman: Well this also changes everything Benny. Will it be just David Black vs. Max Kael at Capitol Punishment…. Or will Christopher America cash in his rematch clause before or at the PPV. We’re out of time tonight, but we’ll find out next week on Turmoil…. Goodnight!

Turmoil comes to a close as we see a final image of Black just staring at the World Title incredulously.




Scottywood is seen making his way out of the back of the arena in his referee shirt with his street bag over his shoulder, whistling to himself. As he reaches his car he pulls out his keys and tries to unlock his door. After a second he notices that his key does not appear to fit into the lock. Kneeling down he looks at his lock to try and figure out what was wrong he sees that toothpicks have been shoved into the lock and broken off.

Scottywood:..what the fuck..

A bright flash of lights glare into Scottywood’s face from the side of his face causing him to wince visibly. Then the roar of an engine causes Scottywood to immediately turn and start to run away, more then aware of what is going on. The car wheels squeal loudly as the car charges off behind Scottywood who tries to dodge and weave around the parking lot as quickly as he can.

Spinning past a large SUV Scottywood dives into cover as the car roars by, apparently missing him and driving off into another direction. Scotty watches it move through the parking lot as he slowly climbs back up to his feet.

Scottywood: Who the fuck was tha-


One Scott Woodson finds himself being lifted up into the air, smashing into a windshield, rolling up over a hood and smashing down to the ground in a heap, rolling to a stop somewhere behind the car which had just struck him. The car that hit him, a black sedan, slams on its breaks a few feet away. After a moment the car door opens as a pair of nice leather shoes touch down on the ground.

Blood seeps from Scottywood’s face as he looks up toward whoever it was that struck him, the shadowy figure moving forward.

Scottywood:.. Max? What.. the.. fu-

The leather shoe lifts up and cracks Scottywood across the face causing him to snap backward laying prone on the parking lot. “ White Mamba, actually.”

The lights of the car that had been hunting after Scottywood flash onto White Mamba who appears to be wearing a nice suit. Mamba raises his hand to shield his eyes as he looks toward the lights of the car with a miserable expression on his face.

White Mamba: I did what you wanted! Where is what you promised me huh?!

The door to the car pointed at Mamba opens up and a figure slips out of it, moving in front of the car. Due to the light it is hard to tell who it is as they look down at Scottywood and then back up at Mamba.

Give me the shirt.

The figures hand motions toward Scottywood’s prone body. Mamba’s face contorts slightly with discomfort as he looks down at the man he had just hit with a car. Sighing, Mamba knelt down and stripped the shirt off Scottywood, tossing it to the man in the shadows. After a moment the man steps forward, the light slowly dying out as his face comes into focus..

Max Kael: Yesssss, good.

Somehow Max’s voice seemed somehow deeper, darker and scratchier than normal, as if it was twisted. His face was twisted into a cruel looking sneer as he looked down at the bloody ref shirt in his hands before he smiled up at Mamba.

White Mamba: You promised me something, Max!

Max’s smile slipped off his face as he glared at Mamba who looked miserable for his part, being forced to do things that he would normally not do. Max blinked slowly and turned his head to the side as the passenger side door popped open as a new figure slipped out, moving around the car into the light..

Mike Best moves into the light with a bright smile on his face, eyeing Scottywood. Moving forward he pushed past Mamba and nudged Scottywood’s body with his toe.

Mike Best: Poor Scotty. Oh well! Eggs and Omelettes! So Max.. looks like I need a referee next week. You already have a shirt! How about you just.. take the responsibilities over for a night. I’ve been hoping to get a little bit of a vacation as it is. Feeling up to the task?

Max Kael: By all means, I would gladly do what I can to help you in any way possible. As a Paragon of HOW I must do all I can to assist the federation. This is a sacrifice.. I am willing to make.

Clutching the shirt up against his shirt Max grins darkly before he turns his eyes toward White Mamba who appears to be staring holes into Mike Best, a scowl on his face. Mike smiles at Max then turns and looks at Mamba. He winks, reaching out and tapping Mamba on the top of his head with his hand before walking back around to the car, reentering it.

Max’s lip twitches slightly into both a smile and a sneer before he steps back melting into the shadows where he reenters the car. The two leave the scene as White Mamba sinks to his knees staring at Scottywood’s broken body…

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