Turmoil: July 16th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
July 16th, 2009 – #HOW65
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Hardcore Opening

The HOTv logo gives way to the Turmoil logo and that quickly fades out and we cut into The Best Arena parking lot where we see a black 2008 Chevy Corvette pull up.

As it pulls to a stop we see The Hardcore Artist Scottywood get out, followed by Frankie the Cameraman who is carrying a handful of bags.

Scottywood doesn’t seem at all happy as he makes his way into the building and down the hallway towards his locker room. Suddenly we see what seems to be a drunken fan who has a backstage pass walk up to Scottywood with Mardi Gras necklaces on.

Fan: You want some beads man?

The Anger just starts to build in the face of Scottywood as he pushes the fan aside and continues to make his way down the hallway. But he is quickly interrupted again by two female employees.

Woman: Hey Scotty! You’re the perfect person to ask. Which beads do you like better on this bracelet? The pink or the purple?

The woman chuckle as she holds ups two different bracelets. Scotty’s face gets even more red as he knocks both of the bracelets out of her had and continues marching down the hallway.

Frankie: I really liked the pink, it matched her hair well.

Scotty shoots Frankie a “shut the fuck up” look as he continues his face pace down the HOW backstage corridor, which is quickly interrupted for a third by a man in a sharply dressed suit and a briefcase in hand.

Man: Excuse me, are you Scott Woodson?

Scottywood just stares at the man, deeply breathing, veins popping out of his neck, all of which doesn’t phase or seem to worry the man.

Frankie: Yes he is, excuse him for being a little cranky tonight. I tried to get him to drink some warm milk, always calms me down but he thought a few beers were better….

Man: That’s great son, but my name is Bill Henderson and I work for Adults R Us, one of the leader in the adult toy world. And I heard from a friend of yours that you like to have a little fun if ya know what I mean.

The man nudges Scotty with his elbow and chuckles as Scotty just continues staring at the man.

Man: Now I know it can be hard for a man as popular as you to buy toys with out being noticed…

Frankie: He buys me toys all the time. Yesterday I me a Bobbinette Carey action figure and I….

Man: Right son….anyhow I can provide you with the finest adult toys you have ever seen and in the most discrete way possible. I brought a few samples with me tonight for you to look at or even test out and if you like them I can have anything your mind can think of delivered too you and without anyone ever knowing.

The man sets his briefcase down on the table and opens it up as we see all kinds of adult toys in there and that is where Scotty snaps as he lays the man out with a clothesline onto the concrete floor. He grabs one of the sets of anal beads and starts beating the shit out of the man with them. Frankie tries to restrain Scotty who just pushes him away as he lifts the man up and choke slams him straight through the table with his briefcase on it.

Frankie: That’s enough, walk away, walk away!

Scottywood: I’m gonna fuckin kill that bitch!

Scotty storms off from the man who lays motionless in the broken remains of the table as Frankie looks around and grabs one of the female blowup dolls and stuffs it into one of the bags and then hurries down the hallway after Scottywood.

The action then cuts inside the arena to the announce team of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell!!


Bob “Fucking” Jared vs. The Masked Marvel
Singles Match


The cameras pan around the arena as the fans are on their feet and the cameras focus in on the second deck of the arena which has been opened up to the fans for the first time ever.

Joe Hoffman: I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny I gotta admit I have goosebumps looking out a truly packed house here tonight!

Benny Newell: I hate to admit it but I have to agree. It reminds me of that big NWA match I had back in the day with Larry Long Legs Bradley inside the Pyramid in Memphis Tennessee for the Big Buff World Championship of the..

Joe Hoffman: Stop it!

Benny throws his arms up to say “what” as Joe just shakes his head.

Joe Hoffman: Larry Long Legs Bradley?? Really? You are one of a kind Benny you truly are.

Newell raises his flask up to Joe as Hoffman continues..

Joe Hoffman: Before we get to our first match let me just remind everyone that tonight one very beat up Lee Best will announce his second keeper to go along with the World Champion Aceldama….we will have a Inferno Match for the ICON Title and I have heard whispers that there will be a huge and ground shattering announcement later tonight by Lee Best. God only knows..

Benny Newell: That is right…only the God of HOW knows..

Joe Hoffman: Well before we get to what should be a very impactful evening lets get right to it…

“Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen hits as the crowd immediately boos the man who comes into the arena, The Masked Marvel. He lifts his Bat of Justice high in the air as red, white, and blue streaks of pyro shoot from the stage. He extends his hands out in the air in a celebratory fashion as he enters the ring, then climbs to the top turnbuckle and does the pose again as he hops down and eagerly awaits his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: This is going to be a classic match-up to start off Turmoil.

Benny Newell: You can say that again. Bob Jared vs The Masked Marvel will be “Marvelous”.

“Kiss My Country Ass” by Rhett Atkins plays and Bob Jared appears on the ramp and makes his way down the isle and rolls into the ring.

Referee Joel Hortega rings the bell and the match begins with Bob Jared hitting a series of chops to the chest of the Masked Marvel. Jared stays on top of The Masked Marvel with a standing side headlock that he holds onto until Masked Marvel pushes him off to the ropes, but Jared just comes back and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Jared taunts The Masked Marvel until he gets up and then an exchange of punches occur until Marvel dropkicks Jared sending him to the outside of the ring.

Referee Joel Hortega begins counting as the two HOW Stars blows and Jared finally sends the Masked Marvel into the ring steps. Jared enters the ring at Hortega’s six count and distracts him from continuing the count on Marvel allowing him to get into the ring.

The Masked Marvel attacks Jared from behind clipping his knees and then begins a series of moves focusing on the right knee of Bob Jared, and then finally applies a figure four leg lock. Jared screams in pain for a few moments before mustering up the strength and courage to reverse the figure four applying all the pressure on the knees of the Masked Marvel. The Masked Marvel reaches the ropes and Hortega forces Jared to release the hold. Jared waits for The Masked Marvel to get to his feet and then attempts to hit “The Best Fucking Jawbreaker” but Marvel pushes him away.

The two HOW stars circle each other in the ring again and lock up with Bob Jared taking control of Marvel and working over the right arm. Jared capitalizes off a series filled with arm bars and wristlocks by banding The Masked Marvel’s arm back behind his back and body-slamming him down to the mat.

Jared applies a headlock to the downed Marvel who counters it by rolling Jared over and pinning his shoulders to the mat as Hortega counts.




Marvel backs Jared into the corner and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. The Masked Marvel goes to superplex Jared but fails and falls mercilessly to the canvas below. Jared follows the error up with a flying elbow drop onto The Masked Marvel and makes the cover.




Bob Jared pulls The Masked Marvel up by his Mask and lifts him up onto his shoulder like he’s ready for a running powerslam, but instead of power-slamming him down Jared drops The Masked Marvel face first onto the top turnbuckle. The Masked Marvel stumbles out of the corner and is met with the “Best Fucking Jawbreaker”.




Joe Hoffman: JARED HAS DONE IT!!! Brian McVay: Here is your winner in 5:37…. BOB JAAARRRRRRED!!!

Turmoil cuts to its first commercial break as Bob Jared stands tall in the center of the ring.



Full Metal Jacket

Back live from commercial and we are once again in the parking lot where a tank can be seen pulling into the parking lot with complete military escort.

HOW interviewer Brian Bare comes into the picture as the High Octane Brigade makes its way to a stop behind him.

Brian Bare: I am Brian Bare and as you can see behind me…a TANK accompanied by full military escort has pulled into The Best Arena parking lot and …wait….the hatch to the tank just opened up….LEE BEST!!!

The camera zooms in to show Lee Best exiting the tank and he reaches behind him and helps pull none other than Kirsta Lewis out of the tank and the power couple of HOW are helped down from to the pavement and are quickly surrounded by military personal and are whisked away into The Best Arena.

Bare tries mightily to get to Lee or Kirsta but he is quickly nailed in the gut by the butt end of a rifle as a soldier looks down at him and snickers as the soldiers retreat to surround the entrance.

The camera cuts back to the announcers as Bare tries to catch his breath and is physically lifted to his feet and quickly rushed inside the arena.

Big John..Till the sweat drops down my balls..

Joe Hoffman: Lee Best is here and with full military support? After what happened on Mayhem to our owner I for once cannot blame Lee for taking these kind of precautions. I am being told that before we get to our next match that Lee wants to address the crowd and while they are setting up the feed in his office I have been told that we are to be shown a video of one Bob Jared in training….training that led to a victory here tonight.

Benny Newell: You kidding me right?

Joe Hoffman: I am afraid not…

With that the High Octane Vision comes to life and the crowd settles back into their seats as the video plays..

The camera is focused on Bob Jared and Big Jon who are both standing in an old ring used for training, both are unaware that they are being recorded by one of the camera men who snuck backstage into the abandoned arena.

Bob Jared: Okay Jon, today we are going to practice using one of the most powerful moves ever, a headbutt.

Big Jon: A headbutt? How is that a powerful move? Anyone can do it and it doesn’t even look like it hurts.

Bob Jared: True, anyone can pull off the move but it takes someone with great strength to pull off a devastating headbutt. Let’s take Vladimir Kozlov for example, the man weighs 302 lbs. How do you think you would react if his head went into your chest at full force? Realistically it could break your sternum if his head was as hard as they say it is on TV. Or let’s take Andre the Giant for example, the man’s head is twice the size of a normal man’s he-

Big Jon: Alright, I get it. Bigger guys can make this move look credible. I’m sorry, you are right, can we practice the move now please?

Bob Jared: Ok, moving on now. I will demonstrate to you how a headbutt will feel like and I would like you to headbutt me in return after I’ve explained how it works. But first I need you to bend over since you are so much taller than I.

Big Jon: Whatever you say Bob.

The 365 pound 15 year old slowly bent over, the fat that surrounded his body sloped down like an avalanche of fat coming down a mountain. He looked up to see what his mentor would do and was prepared to take a headbutt from him.

Bob Jared: First I’m going to cock my head back, imagine what a headbanger does but more slower with a verocity that has no equal on earth, then I’m going to tap you on your forehead with my forehead. And it’s going to hurt like hell if you don’t stay still. So stay still, ok?

Big Jon: I’ll give it a try.

Bob Jared: No, try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

Jon nodded, he trusted Bob enough to allow him to do the move even though he wasn’t so sure that he wanted to know the outcome of this manuever since even though his mentor said that there would be no pain if he stood still but it would still be incurred regardless of what he told them. Bob grabbed onto Jon’s head with both hands. Jon closed his eyes as he braced himself for what he was about to meet as Bob’s head soon collided into his. Jon opened his eyes, he felt a bit of a sting but nothing serious at all. Bob then whispered into Jon’s ear.

Bob Jared: This is the part where you sell your injury.

Big Jon: Oh sorry, I forgot.

Jon quickly clenched onto his head and writhed in pain, or for lack of better words, pretended to show that he was in pain.

Bob rubbed his forehead, giving his pupil that headbutt did not really hurt but still smarted to a degree. He checked to see if Jon was alright before they continued.

Bob Jared: Very good Jon, now I want you to do the same. Throw a headbutt at me and I will sell just like you did. And the good thing is is that I don’t have to bend over for you.

Big Jon: Ok, but I’ll hold back so that I don’t hit you too hard.

Bob Jared: No, there is no holding back. I want you to give me the best headbutt you can deliver. And even though this will be your first, I want you to throw it at me without any delay.

Big Jon: Whatever you say Bob.

Jon grabbed onto Bob’s head with both hands. And unlike Jon, Bob kept his eyes wide open and didn’t bother to brace himself for what he was about to meet as Jon’s head soon collided into his. Bob immediately fell down to the mat, he felt a sharp amount of pain run through his noggin. He clawed at his forehead. Jon, however, thought that Bob just did a very good job at selling the move. His head didn’t hurt at all after giving his mentor a headbutt.

Big Jon: Hey Bob, you did a good job at selling that headbutt. It almost looks like you are in a serious amount of pain and anguish.

Bob Jared: That’s because I am!

Big Jon: Oh geez, I’m so sorry Bob! I swear, sometimes I don’t know my own strength and I hurt you for real by accident. Is there anything i can do to make it up to you?

Bob Jared: You could start by helping me up!

Jon quickly pulled Bob back to his feet by grabbing onto his hand and yanking him up. The older veteran held his forehead, it turned slightly red and looked like it really hurt to. What appeared to be a lump appeared on his forehead as well.

Big Jon: Wow Bob, you sure did a good job of selling that headbutt. It actually looks like it did a considerable amount of damage to your forehead.

Bob Jared: Yeah…sure…I sold it. Well…that will be enough training for now.

Big Jon: But Bob, that was only the first two headbutts. Like you said when you first started training me, we go through the whole nine yards until I’ve perfect throwing and selling each move you teach me.

The camera zoomed up on Bob’s face, it was going to be a long training session. He took a big gulp and felt like crying before the camera faded into blackness and the HOV goes dark.

Joe Hoffman: Well …um….ya….we gotta go to another commercial break and when we come back folks we will have an address from Lee Best!!

Turmoil cuts to a commercial as the crowd can be seen practicing Bob Jared like headbutts on each other.



Best Laid Plans

Back from commercial and the HOV immediately comes to life and we see Lee Best surrounded by military police who are locked and loaded for action. Standing next to Lee is Kirsta Lewis who is holding onto Lee tightly.

The crowd immediately begins booing the God of HOW and as the camera remains focused on Lee we see that he has several cuts and bruises from the attacks he suffered at the hands of Max, Midnight, Trent and the AoA on Mayhem a few short days ago.

Lee Best: Ladies and gentlemen I will make this brief. What happened to me on Monday night Mayhem was a prime example of what disrespect is all about. Not only do I get attacked by a HOW rookie, but I get attacked by a SSE castoff and a group of losers who pass themselves as awesome….but you know what is awesome…..the fact that I WILL NEVER BE GOING BACK TO MAYHEM AGAIN!!!

The crowd cheers this announcement as Kirsta pats Lee on the head and he winces as she giggles. Lee shrugs off Kirsta and continues..

Lee Best: I have been damn near killed by Chris Kostoff. I have been thrown out of a chopper by Darkwing and I had to watch as Maximillian Kael ran my company into the ground…BUT NOTHING compares to what happened on Mayhem and trust me when I say this…there will be revenge as I plan on drafting America….Maurako….Kael…Trent…Midnight…and anyone else that plans on thinking they can get over by attacking me….that shit ends tonight and my good friends at the US Army are here to make sure of that.

Lee pauses as the camera pans across the room showcasing the impressive roster of soldiers in the room.

Lee Best: Tonight Shane Reynolds will roast a duck and tonight Mark O’Neal will destroy that anal bead loving Scottywood…..so with my Best Alliance firmly in control I will leave you now as I prepare for the blockbuster announcement for later in the show….

With that the HOV feed goes black and the crowd is buzzing as Joe notes that speaking of Mark O’Neal we have a very special video package to show of the Hall of Famer and that is next!!


Explosive Taping..

The HOV comes to life again…

Previously in the night, Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal was in a good mood and decided to offer up all of his fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to come backstage before Mark’s fight tonight and witness Marky Mark the Mix Master live, uncut, and in the flesh. To do this he recruited his new business manager Priscilla Rodriguez to go out amongst the concession stands and common folks to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity to anybody rockin’ Mark O’Neal swag.

Meanwhile, Mark O’Neal has been preparing himself for his performance in his dressing room, he is in the zone, listening to his iPod as his friends Chip Cinder and Daryl talk amongst each other. Priscilla then barges through the door.

Priscilla Rodriguez – “Mark. Mark. (Mark can not hear her due to the iPod until Chip taps Mark and he turns).”

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Yo, what’s up Priss.”

Priscilla Rodriguez – “Unfortunately I could only find four fans out there. They are family from Milwaukee, all decked out in Explosive gear. So I invited them, they are waiting outside.”

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Only four people wearing my gear? What the fuck? Whatever, bring them in, let’s do this, the rest are missing out.”

At this, Priscilla Rodriguez opens the door and motions for the family to come in. It is the same family that Darkwing and Rufus ran into at the Captain Morgan Club, plus one. It is Jerry and Judith Johnson, their wheel chaired son Sam, and a newborn baby girl by the name of Jill. Mark instantly recognizes them from Darkwing’s mockery of them, especially Sam.

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Congratulations, you are the lucky winners. You get to witness me freestyle rap right here, right now. I will also give you an autograph.”

Jerry Johnson – “Can we get a picture too.”

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Sure. But first, drop that beat Daryl.”

Mark’s friend Daryl hits play on the CD player and the instrumental for Rick Ross’s Speedin’ begins to play as Mark puts up his hood on his sweater and starts moving to the beat with one hand waving in the air, and the other grabbing his crotch as he starts to rap.

Yo…Yo…Yo Ya Yo Yo.

It’s Marky Mark the Mixmaster back in action

So you best back off cuz I’ll take out your whole faction

Your head bouncin off the pavement is sure to get a reaction

You might get up but you’ll struggle to find traction

But you’ll just be back down from another smashin.

Uh Ya…It’s The Explosive One.

Oh Ya….It’s The Explosive One.

Ya I’m back dominating and in the zone

And Ya’ll can’t touch me on the microphone

When I pull up in the lot all you can see is chrome

The windows too dark to see that I’m getting dome

While your just standin in awe all alone.

Uh Ya…It’s The Explosive One.

Oh Ya…It’s The Explosive One.

I’m sitting here just counting all my checks

People throw money my way just to see me flex

Bitches be jockin so hard you’d think there on a hex

But I love em all whether they be white, black, or mex

And I got all my limbs unlike this dude right here Professor X.

Uh Ya…It’s The Explosive One.

Oh Ya…It’s The Explosive One.”

At that Mark stops rapping and approaches the family, Sam seems to be a little disturbed by Mark’s last comment being that he is missing three of his limbs, but he still offers his remaining limb for Mark to autograph his left hand. He also gives them some signed pictures of himself. The family then asks for a picture and they crowd around Mark with Jerry grabbing the baby with a small ‘Explosive One’ infant sized t-shirt on from the stroller, he motions towards Mark.

Jerry Johnson – “Mark, would you mind holding our baby for the picture, we would be honored.”

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Uh…I don’t know, I’m not good with kids.”

Jerry Johnson – “It would mean a lot to us.”

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Okay fine.”

Mark takes the handoff of the baby girl from Jerry, and she instantly starts crying. Mark shakes his head, hoping to end this fast. Priscilla takes the family’s camera and snaps two pictures.

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Guess that means I got 2.5 fans now.”

Mark mutters to himself as the family then runs over to look at the pictures and leave Mark holding the baby. Judith realizes this and runs over to get her crying daughter. Mark quickly extends his arms to give Judith the baby, but during the handoff Mark pulls his hands away before Judith even extended hers all the way and the newborn baby falls to the ground. Everybody is shocked and Judith instantly starts crying, scrambling to pick the baby up.

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Aww shit.”

Judith Johnson – “Look what you did Mark! You killed my baby girl!”

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “No, that was your fault bitch.”

Judith Johnson – “While I never!!”

Suddenly, Judith’s cell phone rings, and the camera zooms in on the screen as she checks the ID and it says ‘Rufus’. Judith hands the motionless baby to Jerry.

Jerry caught a glimpse of the ID as Judith hurries somewhere for privacy, he chases after her.

Jerry Johnson – “Judith!!! That isn’t that Rufus character, is it!! Please!! We can talk about this!! I can order some Extenze to help us in the bedroom!!! PLEASE!!! JUDITH!!!”

Sam rolls next to O’Neal and looks on at his parents while O’Neal looks on as well.

Sam Johnson – “Doesn’t dad know Penis Enlargement pills are a tool from the Bush family to control the male masses in America?”

Mark O’Neal looks down at Sam, speechless. Wondering how a guy who would struggle to even jack-off would have an opinion like this.

Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal – “Well, I guess it is back to 2.4 fans.”

The camera is cut off as Chip pushes the camera man out of the room so nothing else can be seen or heard as the feed goes black…

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks we have to take another break and I promise up next…Ethan Cavanaugh will take on HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff….

Benny Newell: God I hope that is the end of the damn videos!

Joe Hoffman: Me too..

With that Turmoil goes to another commercial break.


Ethan Cavanaugh vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

Back live from commercial and the scene opens to ringside as Ethan Cavanaugh is already in the ring warming up for his match.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to HOW action folks, we have what could be a promising matchup here between Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff and newcomer Ethan Cavanaugh. Ethan Cavanaugh coming off a loss last week to another Hall of Famer Darkwing, and now Ethan looking to gain respect by beating THIS Hall of Famer.

Suddenly Chris Kostoff’s music hits, and out walks the intimidating Hall of Famer, to a mixed reaction.

Joe Hoffman: Fans aren’t happy with the actions Kostoff took last week, and this crowd is divided here.

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck what the fans are happy about. It boils down to getting paid, and getting laid. Kostoff got plenty of both last week thanks to him joining the Best Alliance.

Joe Hoffman: Benny, Chris Kostoff is not a member of the Alliance, and I don’t think that’s something that will ever happen. But Lee is using Kostoff’s fury as extra ammo in the battle between himself and Darkwing.

Kostoff slides into the ring and eyes Cavanaugh as Matt Boettcher calls for the bell…..


Both men circle each other and slowly meet each other in the middle of the ring. Cavanaugh with a quick kick to the gut of the bigger Kostoff, then Ethan continues the offense with a few right hands. Ethan tries to whip Kostoff to the ropes, but Kostoff holds his ground and shoots Ethan the opposite way to the ropes. Ethan shoots back and Kostoff goes for a back body drop, but Ethan counters with a kick to the chest. Kostoff stands up and retaliates with a lariat, but Ethan ducks it, and counters with an inverted headlock backbreaker!

Kostoff drops to the mat, and Ethan covers…



Joe Hoffman: Kick out right at two.

Ethan locks in a rear chinlock, but Kostoff easily powers to his feet. Ethan takes Kostoff down quickly with a Fujiwara Armbar, then switches it into a side headlock. Kostoff powers back to his feet, and nails elbows, then powers out of the hold, and levels Ethan with a falling clothesline!

Joe Hoffman: What power by the Hall of Famer. Kostoff is easily the biggest and most powerful of the Hall of Famers.

Benny Newell: Which is why Darkwing CANT win at Capitol Punishment.

Kostoff pulls Ethan up, and nails a scoop slam. The Hall of Famer then drops a HUGE elbow drop across the sternum, then covers, his forearm across the face of Ethan….




Kostoff continues the assault with a flurry of right hands and clubbing blows to the smaller framed man. Kostoff finally whips Ethan to the ropes, and Ethan shoots back, and Kostoff goes for a clothesline, but Ethan ducks it, stops himself, and as Kostoff turns, Ethan nails a Pele Kick!!!!!

Kostoff staggers but does not go down. Ethan pulls himself to his feet, a little worse for wear due to the recent offense of Kostoff, then runs the ropes. He comes back and Kostoff lifts him up into a bearhug!!

Ethan smacks Kostoff on the ears, then nails some elbows and Kostoff lets go, and then Cavanaugh with a snapmare to Kostoff, then a kick straight to the back, then another kick to the back of the head, then Ethan runs the ropes as Kostoff is sitting there holding the back of his head, Ethan shoots back and nails the CAUSE OF DEATH!!!

Joe Hoffman: C.O.D!!! Ethan Cavanaugh with that vicious low kick to the face!!!

Kostoff’s head snaps back and he is laying on his back as Cavanaugh looks down, and then stomps Kostoff in the chest…

Then the right arm….

Then the chest again…

Then the left arm…..

Then the right ankle….

Then a boot to the midsection…..

A stomp to the left ankle…

Joe Hoffman: Oh! That painful CAVANAUGH STOMP to all parts of the exposed body of Kostoff, this may be what Ethan needs to do to keep Kostoff off of his feet and negate his power…

Ethan then nails a leg drop before covering…..




Ethan looks down at Kostoff who is visibly hurting all over. Ethan then signals this is the end, and pulls Kostoff to his feet, and locks in a pumphandle and tries to lift Kostoff, but Kostoff somehow blocks it, breaks the pumphandle and counters with a hip toss!

Ethan scrambles to his feet, and Kostoff charges, Ethan sidesteps and Kostoff misses his clothesline attempt and turns around and Ethan goes for an enziguri, but Kostoff ducks!

Ethan gets to his feet, and Kostoff with a dominator!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT STRENGTH!!!

Kostoff pulls Ethan up to his feet, and kicks him in the gut. And sets him up…

Benny Newell: NO REMORSE!!!

Kostoff goes for the NO REMORSE, but Ethan drops to one knee. Kostoff clubs him, and tries again, but Ethan drops to one knee and clutches onto the leg of Kostoff. Kostoff kicks him away and charges and nails a shoulder tackle that sends Ethan halfway across the ring!! Ethan is under the bottom rope as he tries to catch his bearings. He pulls himself up using the ropes while on the apron. Kostoff walks over and grabs Ethan, but Ethan drops down, dropping the neck of Kostoff across the top rope!

Kostoff backs away, holding his neck. Ethan climbs up slowly and gets to the top rope in the nearest corner…..Kostoff turns…he then suddenly charges, and Ethan crotches himself as Kostoff clobbers him!

Kostoff then grabs Ethan….


Kostoff quickly pulls Ethan to his feet and sets him up…..

Benny Newell: DO IT!!!


Benny Newell: YES!!!!

The sit down powerbomb takes the wind out of Ethan and Kostoff climbs over him and hooks the leg…..






Joe Hoffman: Well Kostoff with a victory here, and Ethan couldn’t quite pull off the upset, but he is showing promise here in HOW and shouldn’t give up his quest for HOW fame and glory.

Benny Newell: Ya…he SHOULD give up….he sucks.

Hoffman shakes his head as scene cuts to commercial……




*Lee Best is seen storming his way down the backstage corridors of the Best Arena. He comes to a door when he bashes at it furiously. He has a couple military policemen with him and they are watching in all directions as he stares intently at the locked door.

He is holding in his hand what seem to be photographs, in black and white of something. There is a sound from the other end of the door of someone unlocking the door, then with the door still on its hinge, someone peaks their head out, their eyes can only be seen*

Voice- Who is it?

Lee Best- It is Lee and I don’t appreciate being locked out of a room in MY arena!

*The door closes once more and the hinge is removed as the door opens, Lee walks inside as the person who was behind the door takes a seat, all the time the camera focused on his back. Lee walks around the room, his hands behind his back, occasionally picking up objects in the room and picking them up before placing them back down again. He does this for a few minutes, keeping the person in suspense as to why he is really there. He then stops and turns starring at the person who is sitting rather uncomfortably in this chair*

Lee Best- So…..how are you feeling?

?- Good, I guess, but curious as to why you called me here this week.

Lee Best- Oh I didn’t call you here, he is running late, but he will be here momentarily. I just wanted to give you the heads up.

?- Heads up? Why? Who is it?

Lee Best- Just Aceldama. Seems you have been a very naughty boy.

*The person in the chair almost slips off it at the mere sound of Aceldama’s name, his voice now is rather shaky, as if he KNOWS why he is looking for him*

?- Aceldama? Why would he be looking me?

Lee Best- Why don’t you tell me that?

*He throws the black and white photographs onto the table to the right of the person, who picks them up and looks at them, he pauses for a while, then puts them back onto the table*

?- You can’t see who that is, could be anybody

Lee Best- That’s what I thought at first….until Ace delved in deeper, quite the little detective he is you see. He will go to the core of the earth to find something so dear to him.

*Lee turns around to find Aceldama standing at the door*

Lee Best- Ah speak of the devil.

*Aceldama walks into the room and then it becomes evident that he is holding the world title belt, he throws it onto the lap of the person, who is now panicking big time*

Lee Best- You see, last week Ace here did a little sleuthing in the parking lot, looking in cars what have you. He had three leads, very good leads I have you, one was you.

?- Why didn’t you just take it back? Why wait till now?

Aceldama- Because stealing is a sin, did no one ever teach that to you……John?

*The camera now pans to the front where they see the face of the culprit, John Lexicon! He looks up at Aceldama, no fear in his eyes, as if what he done was right*

John Lexicon- So, you got me Ace. Bravo. Maybe you want an explanation as to why I guess? Fine. That title is mine; I was never defeated for it, never pinned. I am the rightful owner of that title and everybody out here knows that. You were merely keeping it warm for me. I knew Lee would not give me the chance to fight for what was rightfully mine; I know I could not get you into defending it against me. So I took it from your slimy hands…..and would I do it again. I would do it right now.

*Aceldama gets a red mist and with a massive big left boot kicks Lexicon straight in the face, sending him flying back in his chair. He begins to crawl on all fours, he spits blood and begins to laugh*

John Lexicon- Do what you want to me, it will never tarnish the fact that I was never defeated as champion.

*Lee Best kneels over John Lexicon*

Lee Best- I could have Ace kick the living hell out of you in the middle of this room, but that is not what I want to do. No. I want the whole world to see what scum you are. You say you never lost the title, fine. There is your title….*throws the title by his side* We are going to have a world title match, right now! You John, the champion elect against Ace, the true champion! Ace, you know the drill.

*Aceldama picks up John and roughs him up a little with a few punches then drags his body out into the corridor. He passes a door, and out steps Matt Boettcher, looking rather confused*

Aceldama- To the ring now, you have a match to call.

*Without any further delay Matt closes the door and follows Aceldama and the dragging Lexicon as they make their way to the main arena. They get to the curtain and Aceldama throws Lexicon out into the arena as the crowd begin to scream. He starts to kick him down the ramp as he rolls down it and to the bottom. He picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Boettcher follows suit.*

Aceldama- Ring the bell, ring it!!


*Aceldama wastes no time as he takes Lexicon between his thighs and picks him up for a Jacknife Powerbomb, and Lexicon lands to the ground with a hideous thud. Aceldama goes for the pin. Boettcher goes for the pin*





*All of a sudden Lee Best’s voice can be heard through the arena as he is finally seen at the top of the ramp, holding the world title belt on his shoulder*

Lee Best- The winner of this bout……and STILL the World Champion……Aceldama!!!

*Lee makes his way to the ringside area and goes into the ring as the military police scramble to keep a perimeter around Lee. Back inside the ring, Aceldama has Lexicon in a cobra clutch position as Lee cowers over Lexicon, microphone directly to his mouth*

Lee Best- I gave you a second chance, I gave you the opportunity to rekindle what you once had. And what do you do? You blow it! You lose to Jared, Scottywood and then go off the radar in sheer embarrassment. But then….to steal the world title, to have the audacity to do such a thing, just because you were never beaten for it? Now you have been. I kept you around because I thought there was still come potential in you, maybe it was just rust. But no, this was the final straw. Consider yourself……terminated…AGAIN!!!

*Lee takes the title and smacks it hard across the skull of Lexicon, who falls back after being released from Aceldama’s hold*

Lee Best- That is as close as you will EVER get to this title again John. Ace, you know the drill.

*With Lexicon flat on his back Aceldama goes onto the ropes and comes down on him with the Guten Abend, a sliding tackle to the skull. Then Lee instructs for him to do it again. Then again. After the third time, Aceldama moves over to where his belt is and picks it up looking at it. Lee walks over to him and raises his hand, Aceldama raises the belt with the other as they stand over Lexicon’s body*

Lee Best- This is a champion; this is the future of High Octane wrestling. Down there….is the past. Oh and John, don’t worry about any ride home, I got one sorted out, just for you.

*The sound of an ambulance can be heard reversing into the main arena as from the side of the ramp it can be seen as two men jump from the back and set up a stretcher. The final image is Lee and Aceldama standing in the ring together with the military police surrounding the ring as Joe takes Turmoil to yet another commercial as the crowd is booing loudly.

*cut to commercial*



Scottywood vs. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
Hardcore Match

Back live and as the crowd begins to get whipped into a frenzy for the upcoming match, Benny and Joe discuss how earlier in the show Scottie was made fun of by half the crew in the back after Scotty was left literally hanging with beads out of his ass last week on Turmoil.

As the lights dim, Mark makes his way down to the ring first. Joe goes over the fact that soon Mark will be in a HOW Hall Of Fame match at the ppv inside the House Of Pain. Scotty makes his way to the ring as the crowd is behind the former Best Alliance member.

Joe reminds viewers that the history between Mark and Kostoff goes way back as Barbi Kostoff, Chris’ wife, helped Mark O’Neal defeat Kostoff in the first ever War Games which saw O’Neal cement his place in HOW history.

The bell rings as the match begins at a furious pace. Both men getting in some heavy blows as neither can capitalise and get the upper hand.

The match spills outside the ring as the two men begin to show their true form. Mark gets the upper hand on the hardcore artist as he delivers a series of whicked DDT’s to Scotty on the cement floor. As Mark begins to celebrate, Scotty reaches under the ring and nails Mark across the back of his head with a nasty chair shot.

With the upper hand, Scotty begins to deliver a cruel beating to Mark. Chair shot after chair shot to Mark’s head causes the HOW Hall Of Famer to begin to bleed. Laughing at his fallen opponent, Scotty grabs Mark by his head and tosses him into the ring. Scotty slides into the ring with another chair, as Benny claims that he’s cheating. Joe reminds him of the hardcore rules of the match.

Scottywood rolls Mark on his back and pauses, smiling down at him before placing a foot on his chest….




The fans buzz as they were sure Oneal was finished there.

As Mark crawls to his feet, Scotty slides out the ring and grabs the now dented chair and slides back in. He measures Mark as Mark gets up, spaghetti legged to his feet…..Scotty swings…..

.AND misses the chair shot as Mark counters with a series of blows to the face of the hardcore artist, causing him to drop the chair. Getting the upper hand, Mark drives Scotty to the mat with a thunderous german suplex. As the crowd roars on, Mark goes for the finish…Mark pulls him up to go for the TIME BOMB, but Scotty reverses the move, spinning away, and Mark charges, and Scotty drops Mark with a Samoan Drop. Both men are down and sucking wind.






The crowd goes wild as Scotty gets to his feet first.

Signaling for the end of match, Scotty lifts Mark into a firemans carry….Mark rakes the eyes and counters it and drops Scotty head first onto the steel chair via Reverse DDT!!!!!

Mark is still feeling the effects of the match and Mark drags himself after what seems like an eternity on top of Scottywood…..





Scottywood somehow kicked out!!!!

Mark cant believe it. He pulls himself up, the blood on his face trickling down from the small cut from the earlier chair shots. Scotty rolls away and Mark grabs Scotty, and picks him up and nails a scoop slam. Mark then places the bent chair across the chest of Scotty and points up top, which garners him nothing but boos…

Mark climbs the top……

Mark leaps off the the EXPLOSIVE DROP top rope splash…..






Both men are down again….




Scottywood rolls towards a corner, and uses it to pull himself up…..



Oneal pulls himself to his feet, and Scottywood charges….Oneal counters out of NOWHERE with a spear!!!!!

Oneal wastes no time, he pulls up Scottywood…


Oneal falls on top of Scotty….






As boos rain down around him, Mark celebrates a big win. As Mark stands tall in the ring, the crowd goes wild as Kostoff leaps over the railing. Sliding into the ring he grabs the steel chair. As Mark turns around……CRACK!!!!! Kostoff drops Mark with a violent chair shot to the face. Blood flies from Mark’s face as he falls limp to the mat. As the crowd thunders in applause, Kostoff pulls Mark up to set him up for the No Remorse!!!!! Looking down at Mark, Kostoff leans down and says something to Mark.

Benny and Joe are at a loss for words over the chair shot as the scene goes to the backstage area….



The show cuts backstage after the carnage of the hardcore match to the gleaming image of the ICON championship, the camera then panning out to reveal the painted face of Shane Reynolds. His eyes are blank, staring straight ahead through his bedraggled strands of hair which hang loosely over his face. He passed men, women, and children alike without seeing any of them, his path quickly being revealed as the ring.

Joe Hoffman: He may be carrying the ICON championship now, but he is facing what people are saying could be the toughest defence of this current run with it.

Benny Newell: You do remember he is facing Darkwing, right? It’s going to be his easiest successful defence of the current run with it.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know…

Benny Newell: …Well I do, and the day Shane Reynolds loses to Darkwing is the day I quit drinking.

The enormity of his own words suddenly hit him and he gulps slightly as ‘Sin with a Grin’ suddenly roars out of the public address system and Shane heads quickly down the ramp. The ring has since been cleared of both previous competitors and everything else. But the hard work that had been made is immediately put to waste as the audience start throwing bits of trash at Shane as they boo loudly.

Joe Hoffman: Seems people haven’t forgotten what Shane did to Darkwing last week, and on Mayhem, and apparently the days in between and afterwards.

Benny Newell: I’d have to agree with you…until I remember Darkwing doesn’t even have any fans.

Suddenly a cup of soda – still half full – collides with Shane’s head and the liquid spills over his shoulder and drenches the ICON championship. Shane stops immediately and stares directly at the culprit – a teenage boy wearing a 1-800-Max-Kael T-shirt. The boy doesn’t move, but the worry is clear in his eyes. Shane then turns away and heads again towards the ring. He barely has taken a step when the boy suddenly recovers his bravado and flips Shane off while shouting something inaudible. Somehow Shane hears it, though, and turns instantly on the spot and charges. He had turned just in time to see the boy pull his hand back hastily, throwing it up now in defence as Shane executes a running leap over the barrier, catching the fan with the ICON championship. Shane is quick to his feet as the boy remains on the floor, Shane stomping furiously, catching him in the chest and face.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god, what the hell is wrong with him?

Benny Newell: I know.

Benny’s agreement catching Joe by surprise. One that proves momentary as Benny continues in the prevailing silence of his broadcast partner.

Benny Newell: How dare anybody desecrate the sanctity of the ICON championship!

Joe Hoffman: Need I remind you of what you did to it at War Games?

Benny Newell: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Their conversation pauses as Shane quickly seems to come to his senses and realises where he is: surrounded by fans, held back by a thin veil of security members. His hair rests askew upon his head, adding to the manic nature that had took over his usually calm and cold expression. He pats it down suddenly, trying to smooth it out and return to that calm, but merely serving to make himself look even crazier. Ignoring it, he hops back over the barrier and slides straight into the ring. The boos erupting once more as medics appear in the crowd and begin to help the random male fan Shane just attacked.

Shane Reynolds: I apologise for that brief interruption–

Shane says, pulling a microphone from his right trench coat pocket, only just beginning to speak but looking around somewhat genuinely apologetic and as though he was speaking already and just been cut off.

Shane Reynolds: –Where was I?

Shane continues briefly and then pauses again, his face once again transforming, this one to a expression of joviality and good-humour. And then suddenly, as he continues, he fades as instantly as it appeared.

Shane Reynolds: Oh yeah, that’s right….Darkwing!

Quite a few cheers actually erupt from the audience for tonight’s ICON challenger.

Shane Reynolds: I have no idea what has been happening to you recently, but I did hear rumour of you being found in an alleyway and being sent to hospital. I had arrived tonight, worried that perhaps you weren’t going to show and you would be forced to forfeit your shot. But, it seems, my concerns were unfounded….Because, as I gather, you are already here tonight.

Shane is cut off for real this time as the fans cheer again at this piece of information.

Shane Reynolds: It seems everybody is glad. I know I am. The last thing I would ever want is to miss out on the opportunity to burn the flesh from your bones.

Shane’s eyes fall colder than ever now, a strange juxtaposition to the smile which is still stretched across his face.

Shane Reynolds: You see, you may have purchased this shot, rather than going the usual route of actually earning it, but I am more than happy to defend it against you. In fact, I have been looking forward to it. You see, when Mr. Best came to me with the news that you had paid for this opportunity, I was offered the option to delay it until after Capitol Punishment – after all, Mr. Faze had been kind enough to grant me a reprieve of defending my championship until then – but I said no. I said that if Darkwing wants a shot…..so be it.

Benny Newell: The heart of a champion. That’s what Shane Reynolds has.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, he should get a medal.

Shane had paused, seemingly to wait for something from the crowd similar to what Benny gave; recognition perhaps for being the opposite of some former champions and being willing to defend it. No such thing seems to come, however, and Shane continues regardless and again, somewhat delusionally.

Shane Reynolds: But you can hold any thanks you may have. I agreed to this match for one reason and one reason only, for the pure enjoyment of and being the one who finally gets to put your ego in check. You see, some believe your career is going to end at Capitol Punishment when you face Chris Kostoff and Mark O’Neal, but I’m here to to issue a guarantee: It ends tonight…and all that will be left when the pay-per-view rolls around, if a pile of ash for them to defeat!!

Shane’s smile becomes a scowl, although the exaltation he feels imagining everything he just said if more than obvious. He tosses the microphone into the crowd and begins to leave the ring, clearly finished with his speech when, suddenly, another voice speaks out. One Shane knows all too well.

Maximillian Kael: Excuse us…Sorry….Whoops, didn’t mean to touch that….Excuse us!

The camera turns to him now, revealing him to be wearing a 1-800-Max-Kael fedora above his ever-bandaged face. He is walking a clear distance away from the other fans as he moves along the front row, but seems somehow to believe he is knocking into them. He also seems to be giving the impression of whispering, regardless of the fact he is holding a microphone; the very microphone Shane tossed away moments ago. In the free hand a large cup of slurpee. Shane turns and glares at him, stepping back fully into the ring.

Maximillian Kael: We have a ticket. It’s okay, we’re allowed to be here, we have a ticket.

He says, to nobody at all or in particular, before slurping loudly on his slurpee.

Maximillian Kael: Phew! Our seat’s still free…Oooh, it’s warm!

He drops down suddenly between a group of fans, into the very seat the fan Shane attacked had been seated in. Not spotting Shane, or more than likely ignoring him blatantly, he looks around to a few of the people sitting near or beside him.

Maximillian Kael: So, what’d we miss?’

He asks, pulling out a foam finger and waving it in the air. Shane eyes continue to burn a furious hole through him, as he sees that it is a Shane Reynolds foam finger with the N crossed out and with an M written above it, just as the show goes to another commercial break.



Back live and the show cuts to a hallway inside of the Best Arena. A door nearby as Cavanaugh comes out, in his usual street clothes after another grueling night on Turmoil. He adjusts the bag slung over his shoulder before beginning his walk before;

Voice (from behind): You’re Cavanaugh right?

Cavanaugh turns and the fans in the arena begin to jeer at the sight of Krista Lewis walking into view. Her arrogant snear crosses into disdain as she look up to the near permanent scowl on Cavanaugh’s face before placing her hand gently on the side of his face and giving it a shove.

Krista: You new guys always give me a good laugh. But I guess you’re good for something as long as you remember your place. You see, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done outside of HOW kid. Now that you’re here, you’re nothing but a curtain jerker. You’re here so that these people have something to distract them until I step in the ring. You-hey!

Krista follows, irate, behind Cavanaugh who had started walking off in between her rant. A few in the audiance get in a chuckle as the Hellcat grabs Cavanaugh who, now a little annoyed himself, turns around.

Krista: You think you’re really funny don’t you?

A small smile appears on Cavanaugh face and it’s just enough to earn him a stiff slap from Krista. A giant ‘Oooh’ goes through the crowd as Cavanaugh’s head snaps to the side, an angry red mark matching the fury in the eyes of Krista. A flash of rage sparks into Cavanaugh’s eyes as Krista begins poking him in the side of the head.

Krista: You are going to be nothing here! Nothing! Unless someone likes me make you famous. Would you like that? Because getting knocked out by Krista Lewis is as close as you get to a real accomplishment. Maybe I should do it now and have your ass dumped in the parking lot. Would you like that?

CRACK! Another slap forces Cavanaugh to take a step back in order to keep his balance. A wicked smile forms on Krista’s lips, enjoying herself. Cavanaugh’s hand combs back his hair, shaken from the sudden attack. He turns around, practically fuming as the crowd awaits his reaction as Krista gives his skull another shove.

Krita: I asked you a question rookie!

Krista goes for another slap but this time Cavanaugh is ready and snatches her hand right before it connects. A piercing shriek shakes the hallway as Krista tries to jerk away, but Cavanaugh has got a good grip on her. Cavanaugh yanks her forward into his chest, stopping her attempts to escape. The camera zooms in as the crowd goes quiet, awaiting some action other than the heavy breathing from them. Cavanaugh looks her over, making her more and more angry although she doesn’t make a move. His eyes narrow before he finally opens his mouth;

Cavanaugh: You have a little something…white…on your lips.

The crowd roars as Cavanaugh shoves her away and Krista’s hands immediately fly to her mouth. Cavanaugh smirks and walks off, leaving her to glare at his back.


Aint that a bitch?

Backstage we see Scottywood again walking down the hallway of The Best Arena. Dejected and pissed off after his loss to Mark O’Neal he is taking his anger out on random objects that he hits with his barbwire hockey stick. Suddenly he sees the drunken fan with the backstage pass he ran into earlier come around a corner, Mardi Gras beads still around his neck, and by now he is wasted.

Man: You won’t believe it man! I just met Krista Lewis and she just flashed me for some beads!

Scottywood: Krista Lewis is around that corner?

Man: Ya! What a rack….you want some beads so she will flash you too?

Scottywood: No, I don’t want any fuckin beads!

Man: That’s right, you already have a set of your own from last week. Gotcha.

The man starts to laugh and Scotty chuckles for a few seconds, pretending to go along with him before Scotty decks him across the head with the barbwire hockey stick. He falls to the ground and we see the blood start to flow from his head as Scotty’s face goes completely serious.

Scottywood: Now it’s time to show that bitch the true meaning of hardcore…

Scotty looks around the corner and spots Krista Lewis making her way down the hallway, right towards Scotty. You can see a huge sick smile overcome Scotty’s face as he tucks back behind the corner, waiting for Krista to come around, clenching onto his hockey stick as he waits.

Scottywood: Come on bitch….

We see Krista make her way around the corner and make her way towards the office of Lee Best office. Scotty charges at her from behind and hearing the foot steps she turns around but has less then a second to react to the barbwire hockey stick that nails her in the head and drops her to the floor, as Scotty drops down, yelling in her face.

Scottywood: You wanna fuck with me Krista? You wanna play games? Well trust me, I am the last person you want to fuck with!

Scotty takes his hockey stick and starts choking Krista with it, the barbwire digging into her throat as we see the blood starting to run down her chest.

Scottywood: Want to brag about all the “hardcore” matches you have competed in, how hardcore you are, how much bigger you think your dick is then mine? Well you don’t know what the fuck hardcore is!

He stops choking her with the hockey stick as he starts to grind the barbwire into her forehead as the flesh rips off, covering her face with blood as he starts to laugh even more now.

Scottywood: You said I can pick anything I want for our match at Capitol Punishment….well I think I have something perfectly in mind, and next week on Turmoil I will fill you all in to just what it is.

Stopping his assault on Krista he tosses the hockey stick away and reaches into one of the cargo pockets of his pants and pulls out a bottle of Bud Light with Lime.

Scottywood: So crack open a nice ice cold Bud Light with Lime oh whore of HOW. Because at Capitol Punishment, you will become my next hardcore masterpiece.

He grabs Krista by her hair and pulls her up so she is sitting and literally cracks the bottle of beer over her head as Scotty just stands over her lifeless body laughing as we cut to a commercial break.


Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey vs. Joseph “Spook” Gregory
Singles Match

Back live and the HOV comes to life to show Scottywood getting tackled by Lee’s Military Police guard and literally escorted from The Best Arena.

We then return to Joe and Benny standing by at ringside for Bobbinette Carey vs. Spook.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, welcome back. Scottywood was not going to be denied in his quest to get back at Kirsta…and speaking of Kirsta…up next up we have Bobbinette Carey squaring off against Spook. As of late these two compedators have shown themselves to be mysterious but in two very different ways.

Benny Newell: Yeah, one’s a fuckin’ Ghostbuster and the only is shoving dildo’s in Scottywood’s ass while Krista Lewis pleasures herself! I smell a sex tape! Literally.. you smelling that qweef?

Joe Hoffman: Benny! PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON For the LOVE of God.

Best damn thing” By Avril Lavigne plays. as There is a pink spot light with a pink shag carpet laid out almost like the red carpet at glam events. She walks down to the ring with Princess on her arm. She waves to the crowd in a royal smug wave and ignores fans looking down on them. She hands Princess over to the time keeper before getting into the ring. She gets in the ring and jumps on the ropes and works the crowd then stands in the center of the ring.

The crowd chats Carey’s name as she stands in the room.

Joe Hoffman: Carey actions as of late have left people questioning where her loyalties lie and what exactly she has been going in regards too her career. Rumors are circulating that the Queen of Epicness may be looking to retire in the next year or so.

Benny Newell: Bullshit, that cunt will be pushing her lame underware line when I’ve gone to the great big bar in heaven!

Joe Hoffman: An off topic comment but I severely doubt your going to the bar in heaven.. more like the crack house down below.

Benny Newell: Whatever, I’ve never looked good in white as it is.

All the lights go out in the arena. Faint purple lights appear near the entrance along with some fog rising from either side of the entrance ramp. “Cleansing” by Marilyn Manson starts to play. Once the music kicks up there is an explosion of fire from both sides of the entrance ramp as Spook is seen wearing a long black cloak with the hood covering his head, and a tall wooden walking cane in his left hand. He starts to walk down the ramp as the fog rolls down with him. As he reaches the ring, flames shoot up from all four corners of the ring before the arena lights return.

Referee Matt Boettcher signals for the bell as both wrestlers circle each other at the start of the match. However it appears that Spook is having second thoughts about this match as he keeps his eye on Carey however refuses to step forward and engage her directly.

Carey moves in for a tie up, locking arms with Spook who is clearly more powerful. As Carey struggles with him it becomes apparent that Spook is not using his advantage and is merely holding her in place with the lock up.

Carey breaks the lock up and looks confused at Spook who holds his hands up as if trying to explain something.

Joe Hoffman: I … I think Spook is explaining that he doesn’t belief in hitting girls..

Benny Newell: He’d make an awful husband!

Bobbinette curls her lip up and him and moves forward again locking up. Once again Spook appears disinterested in pressing his advantage which causes Carey to break the lock once again as the fans let out of soft series of boos at Spook’s inaction. Once again Spook attempts to explain that he will not fight Carey only to result in her slapping him across the face which catches him completely off guard!

The Queen of Epicness then hits a series of left hands on the stunned Spook before throwing him into the ropes. On the return Carey hits a closeline which staggers Spook but does not bring him down. Carey runs off the ropes and hits another close line as Spook staggers yet again but does not go around. Bobbinette comes off the opposite ropes and once again close lines Spook causing him to one knee!

The fans rally behind Bobbinette as she continues to press her advantage coming off the ropes behind Spook before she catches his head in a bulldog, smashing his face into the ring apron before she jumps back up too her feet trash talking her downed opponent about not fighting women as the crowd comes alive.

Joe Hoffman: Well irregardless of what Carey has done backstage as of late the fans still love her and fully support her Epic Female Powers!

Benny Newell: Fuckin’ hell, Epic Female Powers? You’re getting too much estrogen in you’re cereal Hoffman!

Carey turns her attention back to Spook, dropping a knee on his forehead before she drops down for a cover..




Spook shoves Carey off and rolls up to his knees holding his head with an irritated look on his face. Bobbinette doesn’t let the grimacing Spook catch a break however as she begins to land right hands on his temple as he slowly tries to get back up too his feet. She works him into a corner before Boettcher orders her back. Spook, shakes his head trying to free out the cobwebs as Carey charges in again, jumping up and hitting a big knee on the jaw of Spook causing him to slump forward..

DDT By Bobbinette! Dragging the dead weight of Spook out of the corner, she dropped down for the pin fall again.




Spook manages to get his shoulder up but its far less spirited then his first kick out. Carey gets back up too her feet and comes off the ropes attempting to hit an elbow drop but Spook manages to roll out of the way causing Bobbinette to bounce off the mat. Carey rolls back up too her feet holding the back of her head as Spook draws himself up, his eyes looking around furious at the situation he is in.

Carey tries to blind side Spook quickly only to get caught with a big boot that hits her chin causing her to go horizontal in the air before landing in a heap on the floor. Spook puts his hand too his head, shaking the buzz out as he catches a reprieve from Carey’s offense.

Picking up Bobbinette by the hair, Spook throws her into the ropes and catches her on the rebound by the neck..


Joe Hoffman: Huge choke slam from Spook on Carey!

Spook drops down placing a hand on the center of Carey’s chest for the cover.




Carey throws her shoulder up thanks to Spook’s lackadaisical pin. Spook seems irritated as he drags her back up, working her over with a series of controlling back breakers designed to break Carey in half. Bobbinette lets out several high pitched screams as Spook drives his knees into her back over and over again, breaking her down as best he can.

Picking Carey up, he sets her into a power bomb position, signaling for a drop. He pulls her up…


Carey smacks off the ring like a rag doll as Spook drops down for a pinfall, this time hooking her leg.




Somehow Carey manages to get her shoulder up as Spook appears bewildered that his power wasn’t able to put her down. Getting back up onto his feet he drags Carey up once again however this time he wraps his hands around her neck, shaking his head at her.

The PI-



Catching Spook under the chin she knocks the big man back into the ropes holding his jaw.. as he stumbles back forward..


A second kick drops Spook too the ground as the crowd roars to life for Carey. Carey falls forward, covering Spook as she desperately grabs his leg to hook it.





Carey’s face contorts into frustration and sorrow as Boettcher is forced to inform her that she did not get the three count. Carey slowly made her way back up too her feet before backing into the corner signaling for Spook to get back up too his feet so she could hit the Royalty Check.

As Spook gets back up too his feet Carey sizes him up she handsprings off the ropes and flips up onto his shoulders..


Spook holds fast and powers her up, brutally wrapping his hands around her neck!


Spook holds her down for the pin..





Joe takes Turmoil to its final commercial break as replays of Spook escaping with the win are shown over and over again on the HOV.



· The scene opens with Aceldama in the middle of the ring, dressed in his wrestling gear and wearing a smile that seems to tell the world he knows the punch line to a private joke that they don’t he raises his mic to his lips and speaks.

Aceldama: Issac Slade…

Before Aceldama can speak further chants of “Slade” begin to break out in the crowd, Aceldama allows it for a few seconds before waving a hand in dismissal

Aceldama: You know I’ve really tried to wrap my mind around what you all see in him, what makes you chant his name week after week, what makes you cheer for him every time he comes out onto that stage…and after a great deal of thought I finally reached a conclusion.

Chants of “Have Faith” Echo in the audience following up the “Slade” chants, to his credit Aceldama endures it with a look like he’s swallowed something bitter.

Aceldama: Faith…If you honestly believe that bunch of tripe then you’re all bigger idiots than I imagined, Faith is the biggest lie we can believe in, No one has faith in you!

Aceldama lashes out at the crowd

Aceldama: No one! Not your loved ones! Not your friends! And certainly not some fabricated higher power that sits on high and watches you from above! You’re alone in this world! No one believes in you! No one has faith in you!

And still the chants of “Have Faith” persist

Aceldama: SHUT UP!!

The roar carries throughout the arena it’s ferocity so potent that many do indeed fall silent

Aceldama: Now as I was saying…I tried time and time again to rationalize what you could possibly see in Issac Slade, and then finally I realized it, you cheer him week after week not because you love him…but because you’ve finally found someone who’s just as pathetic and useless as all of you!

Aceldama’s grin widens as the boo’s rain down on him.

Aceldama: It makes perfect sense! Everyone else in this company physically and mentally superior to you dregs of society! Issac Slade is the most inferior of all of us! So of course he’d be your role model! You can identify with his weakness! His emotional instability! And his inferiority! I know for a fact that the only reason Lee Best keeps him around is because he puts your dumb asses in HOW seats week after week!

Aceldama laughs

Aceldama: it’s a match made in heaven! Issac Slade is Marketable at the “very” least, and you people are “Gullible” enough to buy tickets week after week to come see him and listen to him Preach Faith like it isn’t a bye gone concept! It makes me sick to my stomach but it lines Lee Bests Pockets with money! And I take my pay check week after week…I take YOUR money because YOU come here to see Issac Slade! So in the end I guess I win too!

Aceldama’s laughter is drowned out by the boo’s of the crowd, acting as if he’s wiping tears of mirth from his eyes Aceldama composes himself

Aceldama: But let me ask you sheep something…Where’s Issac Slade now? I haven’t seen him out back, I don’t see his bike in the parking lot…oh wait that’s because Issac Slade wrecked his Bike in the parking lot last week! I’d almost forgotten!

The boo’s thunder down now but Aceldama only smiles

Aceldama: As a matter of fact I’m told we’ve got footage from a security camera outside the arena, and I don’t know about you but I want to see the exact moment Issac Slade hit the hood of that car and hit the ground…do you think he bounced? Let’s find out! Roll the footage!

The crowd boo’s but the Screen above the stage remains blank, Raising the Mic to his lips again Aceldama growls

Aceldama: I said ROLL THE FOOTAGE!

Suddenly the screen comes to life, but to Aceldama’s chagrin and the crowds extreme pleasure it’s not the footage that the HOW World Champion demanded.


*Slade picks up Carey and places her under his legs and lifts her up with little or no ease for the powerbomb, planting her flat on her back in the middle of the ring, he goes for the cover*




*What the? Just as Hortega was about to put his hand down for the three count the hand of Aceldama grabbed the leg of Hortega and pulled him out of the ring. Hortega is not happy, Aceldama says he is now the official referee of this match, but Hortega is adamant that it is him and it was only down to Aceldama that he did not make it for the beginning of the match. Aceldama pushes Hortega out of the way and he falls backwards as Aceldama climbs onto the canvas, Slade looks up in preparation for him coming in, but then Hortega grabs Aceldama and pulls him back down. Aceldama looks at Hortega in bemusement. Hortega points at the ring and mutters in a mixture of Spanish and English that is his match, he then lifts his fists as if he is ready to fight. Aceldama laughs and leans forward, goading Hortega to punch him. Then it comes. A devastating left hook straight to the jaw that sends Aceldama off the ground and to the floor, flat out, unconscious*

Benny Newell: Holy fucking shit! I never knew the little Mexican had it in him. Last time I steal his burrito. (He jumps scared) What the? Oh, it’s my earpiece. What is that? Nooo..really? The people at the other end are telling me Joel was once a light middleweight boxing champion. What do ya know, it is always the quiet ones.

-End footage-

As the scene comes to an end “Rise from the ashes” By Quietdrive begins to blast over the speakers and Issac Slade steps out onto the stage, Sabina Faze is quick to follow walking hand in hand with the former ICON Champion and Number One Contender, Issac’s movements are a little stiff but he makes his way down the ramp with one hand in Sabina’s and the other holding a steel chair.

As chant’s of “Slade” echo throughout the arena Issac Slade slides into the ring and then holds the ropes open for Sabina who climbs in and thanks him with a smile and a kiss that makes the crowd go “Woooo!” ala a Ric Flair chop

Issac turns to look at Aceldama, his smirks up at the screen and then back to Aceldama

I hope you’ll forgive me for hijacking your little trip down memory lane…but I figured the crowd would find this a lot more entertaining, Who would have thought that the big and powerful Aceldama had a glass jaw…I mean all I have to do to prepare for our match at Capitol Punishment is take a few boxing lessons from Head HOW Referee Joel Hortega!”

The crowd takes up a new chant this one making Aceldama’s eyes flash dangerously

Knocked the fuck out!” *Clap clap clap* “Knocked the fuck out!” *Clap clap clap*

Issac Slade grins liking the look on Aceldama’s face, Ace on the other hand speaks cutting the crowds chant off

Aceldama: Issac…I’m so glad you could join us, and I see you brought Sabina Faze with you…or since you like everything biblical I guess I could make an exception and call her “Whore of Babylon!”

Angrily Issac steps forward raising his chair half way as if to hit Aceldama but Sabina Faze is quick to put herself in between the two and remind Issac about the stipulation, if he hit’s Aceldama he’ll lose his shot at the World Title.

Aceldama: Looks like the Whore has better sense than you do Issac! You should thank her for her intervention…because you almost lost it a….

Aceldama is caught off guard as Sabina spins around and delivers a slap to his cheek that rocks his head back, eyes blazing Sabina raises her own Mic to his lips

Sabina Faze: It’s not that I don’t want to see Issac hit you Aceldama! But I can stick up for myself! And if you think I’m lying then call me a whore one more time! I dare you!

Aceldama turns his head back looking down at Sabina, his eyes flash dangerously but he get’s himself under control and instead smiles

Sabina Faze: Besides like the rest of the crowd I’m waiting for Issac to kick the crap out of you at Capitol Punishment and take your World Title fair and square!

The crowd cheers at this and Issac smiles, Aceldama looks past Sabina and speaks to him

Aceldama: Like I said before I was so rudely interrupted Issac…I’m glad you’re here, you no doubt got my “present” that I left for you at your door, I only wish I’d been able to record “All” of my visit with your mother…

Issac steps forward again gently moving Sabina out of the way, he goes to speak but Ace interrupts him.

Aceldama: AND your father!

Issac freezes in his spot as Aceldama’s words hit him hard, it’s no secret that his relationship with his father is a sore subject, Aceldama laughs rubbing salt in this particular wound.

Aceldama: I know you want to hit me Issac…go right ahead…I violated the sanctity of your home…I went into your bedroom where you slept as a child, I put my hands on your mother and hugged her like I was a long lost friend…I put my hands on your mother Issac…and had she been about ten years younger I would have put more than my hands on her

A low strangled sound comes out of Issac’s mouth as his grip tightens on the chair, he looks more than ever like he wants to hit Aceldama and forsake his chance at the World Title, but instead he spins around and turns his back to The World Champion, Aceldama grins and follows after him as does Sabina.

Aceldama: But your mother aside I found my conversation with your father even more enlightening, I went to his church Issac, I sat down with him and had a nice long talk…about how disappointed he was in you!

Issac flinches at those words and closes his eyes

Aceldama: His only son! His only child! The young man he groomed to take over his position when he died…and this young man threw all of his teachings in his face and went off and joined High Octane Wrestling…a circus as he referred to it “A Circus of debauchery and godless sinners” doesn’t that sound like your father Issac? Doesn’t it?

Issac hangs his head lower his eyes still closed.

Aceldama: When you threw it all back in his face he forgave you, but when you allowed Darkwing to bring him out here into the ring he then realized you were beyond saving, especially when he found out about your Whore Mary! He realized then that you were beyond redemption Issac Slade! He realized then that he’d failed…and he cried when he told me this Issac, he buried his face in his hands and he wept bitter tears…about the son that had stabbed him in the back!

Issac tenses each of Aceldama’s words hitting him like a physical blow, he shakes his head and tried to deny it, his back still turned and his mouth away from his Mic his words go unheard

Aceldama: By the end of our discussion we reached a conclusion Issac…and your father had a message he wanted me to deliver to you!

Sabina moves in front of Aceldama shoving his frame out of the way reaching out to comfort Issac.

Aceldama: Your father wanted me to tell you Issac…that YOU are going STRAIGHT TO HELL!”

Throwing back his head Aceldama laughs

Aceldama: And come Capitol Punishment I’M going to be the one who takes you there! FOR YOUR FATHER!

The resulting cry wrenched from Issac’s lips is a tormented scream, spinning around he raises the chair over his head and brings it down with all the righteous wrath he can muster.

But Aceldama was prepared for this…as Issac spun around he grabbed Sabina by the back of the shirt and yanked her into the arc of the chair, the crowd watch in horror as the devastating chair shot landed with a loud CRACK heard throughout the arena and Sabina Faze dropped to mat and lay very still.

Issac Slade: Sabina!!

Dropping the chair Issac fell to the mat and tried to wake her

Issac Slade: Sabina! Sabby!

His mic a few feet away on the mat picks up his tormented cries as he touches her face and her neck, trying to feel for a pulse, Sabina lays pale and very still despite his panicked efforts.

Above the stage Lee Best and a group of men rush down the ramp as the crowd begins to murmur, all the while Issac is trying to get through to Sabina, the doctors and Lee hit the ring at the same time.

Issac Slade: Sabina? Baby please…wake up….wake up!

Arms grab Issac pulling him back so the doctors can look at her, Issac struggles with tears streaming down his cheeks

Issac Slade: Sabby…wake up! Please! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Wake up! WAKE UP!

The doctors work around her cutting off the view of her body from the crowd, Aceldama watches with a look of content, he moves subtly closer to Slade holding out the Mic so the crowd can hear the sounds of Slade torment.

After several painfully long moments one of the doctors looks up at Lee Best and shakes his head

Doctor: She’s gone…

Issac lunges out of the grasp of those holding him back and throws himself down next to Sabina, in the grip of a powerful hurt he cries leaning over her

Issac Slade: NO! NO DAMN IT! Sabby wake up! Wake up!

Taking her into his arms he rocks back and forth his tears still falling down his cheeks and onto Sabina’s face, but still she lays unmoving, Suddenly to Issac’s dismay two security officials grab him under the arms and pull him away, the doctors load Sabina onto a stretcher and strap her down before sliding her out of the ring and carrying her up the ramp.

Issac struggling against the security guards calls after her desperately wanting to go after her but Lee Best wont let him, motioning for Issac to stay in the ring he slides out and follows them as they all vanish backstage, Aceldama backs out of the ring and shakes his head as if horrified by what he’s seen.

When Ace reaches the top of the stage The security guards release Issac and the number one contender falls to his knee’s in the center of the ring looking like a broken man.

Aceldama grins as the scene fades to an unexpected commercial break…



HOW ICON Title Match
Shane Reynolds vs. Darkwing
Inferno Match

Back live and we cut immediately to ring announcer Bryan McVay…

Bryan McVay: The following contest is the main event of the evening, and is for the High Octane Wrestling ICON Championship! The contest will be contested under Inferno rules, which means ladies and gentlemen, that the wrestler who is set on fire will lose the match!

‘The Animal Ive Become’ By Three Days Grace hits. The lights cut off and the only lights are the spotlights and flashing lights on the stage.

The music plays for a bit about two lines into the first verse, and then Darkwing walks out, and stands there for a second, looking at the crowd who is always going apeshit for him, then extends both arms straight outward like Chris jerhico, to fireworks shooting off on both sides, then flexes like Dvon Dudley.

Darkwing walks down the ramp looking back and forth at the fans who are almost always chanting his name ‘DARKWING DARKWING’ He climbs up the steps and walks down the apron to the opposite turnbuckle and climbs up and does the same thing as on the stage but then shoots his right fist into the air like the Rock. He then climbs into the ring and goes to the opposite corner and repeats.

As Darkwing stands in the ring anticipating Reynolds, referee Hortega takes the opportunity to check him over for weapons.

Joe Hoffman: I wonder if Hortega knows that, well, they can pretty much do what they want in this match, they just have to set the other wrestler on fire?

Benny Newell: He is Mexican, he probably thinks he has to do it every single match or something.

Joe Hoffman: Quite possibly. He does look like he wants to make an escape out of the ring pretty sharpish, though.

Benny Newell: I’ll drink to that.

As Newell throws back an oversized shot of Jack Daniels, the lights of the arena begin to flicker erratically as though in the grips of a storm. Then they go out completely, and the supposed storm seems to have come inside. Blue flashes of light simulating light shoot back and forth across the ceiling, growing in intensity… building and building and building….and then suddenly….


…the bolts of lightning converging in a massive pyrotechnic explosion. The lights roar back on and the intro to ‘Sin with a Grin’ by Shinedown blasts out from the public address system.

Shane Reynolds is already standing there, motionless in the sentence of the stage as the illumination returns. The ICON championship hangs over his shoulder. His head is leant forward so that his hair cascades over his face. As the lyrics fill everybody’s ears, he flicks it back, revealing his painted face and manic and deranged and determined eyes fixed on the ring, ignoring the reaction from the crowd and begins a casual walk to the ring.

Reaching it, he slides under the bottom rope, he does not pander to the fans, beyond raising the ICON championship above his head as he turns to face Darkwing. Referee Hortega takes a step towards Reynolds to check him over, too, but Reynolds’ withering glare soon puts him off that course of action.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Inglewood, California, standing at six feet three inches and weighing in at two hundred forty one pounds, he is a High Octane Wrestling Triple Crown Winner and Hall of Famer…..DARKWING!!!!

Darkwing gets a warm reaction from the crowd, and plays to the crowd.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, standing at six feet and weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds, he is a former High Octane Wrestling World Champion, and is the reigning, defending High Octane Wrestling ICON Champion……SHANE REYNOLDS!!!!

Reynolds holds his belt above his head, completely and utterly unfazed by the hate the crowd are spewing out their mouths in his direction, though he reserves a withering glare for Kael at ringside, who’s clapping vigorously with his foam finger.

Joe Hoffman: Here we are, folks…main event time! ICON Championship on the line!

McVay makes a quick dash out the ring, as Hortega holds the belt up to the crowd, before dashing out the ring himself. As soon as Hortega gestures for the timekeeper to ring the bell, the flames leap up from the ring apron, settling to burning somewhere beneath the bottom rope, as is the custom in such matches. A smirk passes over Darkwing’s face as the two men go into a tieup, and the two men wrestle back and forth. Darkwing’s size eventually provides an advantage, as he backs Reynolds into the turnbuckles. Darkwing swings with a right hand, connecting with Reynolds’ jaw, before dropping low and repeatedly driving his shoulder into Reynolds’ midsection! Reynolds starts to slump, and Darkwing backs off, seeing if Reynolds somehow manages to set himself alight, and as soon as Reynolds staggers forward, he moves forward, looking to press his advantage again. He shoots Reynolds off the ropes, picking him up and slamming him back first into the mat with a spinebuster!

Joe Hoffman: Darkwing’s got the early advantage here, he certainly has the momentum.

Benny Newell: Ahh, that was easy. Joe, I actually remembered where my booze stash was in under 2 minutes this time!

Joe Hoffman: It’s right in front of you, under the desk…

Benny Newell: Yeah, but this job is full of distractions.

Darkwing drags Reynolds back to his feet, hooking him up for a vertical suplex, but before he can lift the smaller wrestler, he meets a poke in the eye! Not wanting to give him a moment to recover, Reynolds leaps up and whips Darkwing to the canvas with a hurricanrana! Before Darkwing even has a chance to get a breath, Reynolds’ is arching through the air with a standing moonsault, landing knees first in Darkwing’s gut! Shane grabs ahold of Darkwing, dragging him to the edge of the ring, looking to set him alight! Darkwing, however, catches onto what Shane’s trying and starts fighting back with some elbows to the sternum! Reynolds releases his grasp on Duck’s vest, before quickly driving his elbow into the back of Darkwing’s head, causing face to meet canvas at a significant velocity!

As soon as Reynolds picks himself back up, however, he turns to look at the clapping Max Kael at ringside, and it takes a mere moment before he’s pointing at Max and leaning over the ringropes, shouting obscenities at the man. Max decides to respond as most ringside seated fans would, and hurls the Slurpee through the air, it’s trajectory bringing it straight down into Shane’s face! Reynolds staggers backwards, face covered with Slurpee, into a now revived Darkwing who takes but a second to lock his arms around Reynolds’ waist, throwing him up and over with a near picture-perfect german suplex!

Benny Newell: Slurpee to the face…that’s a new one. I’ll drink to that.

Joe Hoffman: Well, if you want to get into a shit talking contest with someone at ringside, SOMETHING is gonna fly through the air. Could be anything. This time, it was a Slurpee.

Darkwing takes a moment to clear his head, before driving his elbow into Shane’s gut. Dragging Shane up by his hair, once up, Darkwing pokes his head into Shane’s armpit, throwing him overhead with a Northern Lights Suplex! Darkwing nips straight back up to his feet and taking one look at Reynolds who’s dragging himself up to his feet, leaps up off one rope and to the second, and just as he turns to leap, Reynolds pushes forward, and pushes Darkwing over the ropes and to the outside of the ring! Shane takes a brief moment to clear his head, before ascending the turnbuckles where he crouches, waiting for Darkwing to ascend to his feet. Once Darkwing does so, Shane leaps off the turnbuckle, arrowing through the air before connecting with both feet to Darkwing’s chest! The crowd break out a “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant, as the two men slowly stir to life.

Benny Newell: Nothing like watching some fucking good old fashioned violence, Joe!

Joe Hoffman: What a dropkick, Benny. Shane Reynolds making great contact with Darkwing’s chest, there!

Eventually, Reynolds picks himself up off the mat and lurches towards Darkwing, who’s midway lifting himself up with the aid of the ring barrier, and the two men immediately begin exchanging shots! Reynolds seems to have the advantage as nearly every shot is sending Darkwing staggering backwards, and before long, Reynolds manages to summon the power to put Darkwing on his ass. As he drags Darkwing up, looking to throw him back into the ring, Darkwing reverses the momentum and sends Reynolds into the ringpost! Reynolds staggers back from the impact, and Darkwing clasps his arms around Reynolds’ waist, looking to nail the german suplex which gave him the momentum earlier in the match, but gets a sharp kick to the nuts for his troubles! As Shane shakes his head, Max Kael bursts out a wonderful golf clap at ringside, and this distraction gives Darkwing the second he needed to grasp ahold of Reynolds’ hair and drive him straight into the announcers’ table! Reynolds, again, doesn’t fall over but merely staggers backwards, seemingly out of it. Darkwing takes a moment to stalk him, before running at him, full force, but Reynolds dives out the way and Duck hits the Trans-Darkwing Express on referee Joel Hortega!

Benny Newell: Have I been drinking too much or did Darkwing just spear Hortega?

Joe Hoffman: No, that did just happen.

Benny Newell: Then who’s gonna decide who wins the match?

Joe Hoffman: Not sure, partner.

Darkwing collects himself after his mistake, and turns around to meet a right hand from the Champion! The two men proceed to exchange blows in the time honoured fashion of professional wrestling, before Darkwing has a spark of initiative and boots Reynolds in the gut, quickly grabbing and twisting his arm, driving him down into the mat with a scissored style DDT!

Joe Hoffman: Dark Reality!

Both men lie on the mats on the outside of the ring, though Darkwing is the first up by a long way. Assessing the situation, it takes but moments for him to remember that he needs to set Reynolds on fire, but instead of looking to drag Reynolds towards the flaming ring apron, he grabs ahold of Benny Newell, throwing him out his chair! Darkwing starts pulling bottle of booze after bottle of booze from beneath the announcers’ table, much to the fans delight!

Benny Newell: MY BOOZE!!!!

Joe Hoffman: You are well aware that this arena has bars, right?

Benny doesn’t even dignify that with a response as Darkwing is pouring two bottles of it on Reynolds! He turns to the fans seated at ringside, many of whom are offering their lighters out. Darkwing grabs one, and turns to ignite Reynolds, but his face meets a bottle of Jack Daniels! Reynolds throws his hair out his face, before grabbing Darkwing and literally throwing him onto the announcers’ desk. He then climbs back into the ring, the flames licking around the ring apron catch ahold of the alcohol splattered on his shirt and trousers, and he catches light! Referee Hortega is still out as Shane climbs the ring turnbuckles, standing up on it and steadying himself, before leaping through the air with a beautiful 450 splash, landing flush across Darkwing’s chest, driving both men through the announcers’ table!


Benny Newell: …what the fuck am I meant to drink for the rest of the night?!

The heat seems to wake Shane up first, as parts of both men are on fire, and he shoots a glance across to referee Hortega, who’s stirring. Reynolds quickly moves, and starts digging about under the ring, the size of the flames actually starting to grow now. Eventually, Reynolds pulls out a fire extinguisher! Just before he uses it, Max Kael lets rip a cackle, which makes Shane turn and look at his current nemesis. However, one quick glance at the nearly-up Joel Hortega and the ICON Championship sat on the timekeeper’s table is more than enough for him to extinguish himself with the extinguisher. Hortega makes it to his knees, and shoots glances at both men, before calling for the bell!


The crowd boos loudly as Shane raises his ICON title high in the air as the Turmoil comes to an end with a final image of Shane tapping the ICON Championship and pointing at Maximillian Kael as HOW medics rush into the scene to help Darkwing.



After all the wrestlers have come and gone Lee and a battered Kirsta Lewis are being led back to the parking lot with the military police in full action mode as they sweep the parking lot and satisfied Lee and Kirsta begin a slow walk towards a military Hummer instead of the tank.

Suddenly Lee’s cell phone rings and he answers it when he sees the name on the caller ID.

Lee Best: Hello? Ya shitty night man…shitty week in general to be honest…ya my girl will be alright…might need to take the week off next week……right now…you serious….ok what you got…….hmmm……what you want in return…….one sec…

Lee pulls the phone away from his hear and puts his hand over it as he whispers into Kirsta’s ear. Her eyes light up and she quickly nods her approval.

Lee Best: Consider it done man…Issac Slade for a first round pick…takes effect after next weeks Turmoil….ya I will name him keeper on HOWrestling.com right after we hang up…ya I just want to get outta here….yep…deal man….hey where the hell…

But before Lee can ask a question the caller hangs up and Lee and Kirsta are led into the waiting Hummer and they climb in.

As they settle in Lee leans back and smiles…

Lee Best: Faze really wants Slade on Mayhem….put the call into HOWrestling.com will ya…Issac Slade is my second keeper and he has been traded to Mayhem for their first round selection in the draft……

Kirsta nods, as she is too battered and tired to argue and as she makes the call, Lee leans back and closes his eyes and prays for the night and week just to end.



In the Best Arena parking lot, we see HOW Backstage Interviewer Brian Bare approaching his car….the last man to leave as he wanted NO PART of Lee’s military brigade.

He shuffles his hand around through his pocket and pulls out his keys, only for a baggie containing a white powered substance to fall out.

Brian Bare: Shit!

Bare quickly picks it up and stuffs it back into his pocket, looking from side to side to make sure no one has seen him. Taking a deep breath, he unlocks his car door and takes his place behind the wheel in the driver’s seat. He rolls down his window, places the keys in the ignition and turns the them, which causes the engine to roar and rev. He puts the car in reverse, but as he turns his body to back out of his parking space, he finds a dark figure staring back at him through the back windshield.

Brian Bare: Oh fuck!

The figure’s presence is a relatively tall one, wearing a long black trench coat and whose face is hidden in the darkness by a hood. Brian hurries to roll up his window but it’s already too late, as the figure places his hand on the window to block him from doing so. Brian cowers as far away from the window as he can in his seat and his words tremble as he speaks.

Brian Bare: W-what do you want from me?

Voice: Money.

Brian Bare: I swear man, I don’t ha-

The figure takes off his hood, revealing himself to Bare as the street light above flickers dimly in the parking lot.

Brian Bare: FAZE?!? What the hell are you doi-

Faze: Shhhhhh! Keep it down, alright? Do you have any idea how many people are looking for me right now?

Brian Bare: Yeah, you’ve been all over the news. Where’ve you been these past few days?

Faze: That’s not important. What’s important is that I have something on me that may be of serious interest to you.

Bare gives Faze a curious look but as the General Manager opens his trench coat, he realizes what he was talking about.

Brian Bare: Holy cow, dude! How much you selling that shit for?

Faze: We can talk about that later. For now, just open this envelope and give me a lift, ok?

Brian Bare: What’s this?

The camera, unfortunately, fails to catch a glimpse of what was inside of Faze’s trench coat as Bare timidly opens the envelope.

Brian Bare: I’m going to Mayhem?

Faze: As a part of my trade with Lee for Slade, yes. I figured with the hookups you’ve got and the hookups I’ve got, Mayhem is going to be a whole helluva lot more FUN after the pay-per-view.

Brian Bare: Sounds good to me. But what about your investigation? What are you going to tell your family and friends that have been looking for you these past few days? What are you going to tell the police? The media? Hey! You were the one that stole that shit from the hospital weren’t y-

Faze: Just shut up and drive. I’ll figure all of that out on Mayhem. But for now, blissful euphoria awaits us. And hurry it up, my knee is killing me…

Bare shrugs as Faze, still wearing his hospital gown under his trench coat and looking extremely disheveled, opens the passenger door and takes a seat in his car. Faze places 2 white pills into Bare’s palm before Brian drives away into the mid-summer night.

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