Turmoil: January 7th, 2010 (2010)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
January 7th, 2010 – #HOW100
Kallisten Coliseum, Chicago, IL


Opening Shots Fired..

The first edition of Thursday Night Turmoil in 2010 opens with the HOTv logo and panning out across the newly named Kallisten Coliseum which is full to the rafters. It pans across the excited fans in attendance as they gear up for the first of the Best Invitational matches. Fireworks go off at the ramp as the lights come on fully and we turn now to commentators, and now Hall of Famers, Joe Hoffmann and Benny Newell who will get things running.

Joe Hoffmann: Welcome one and all to Thursday Night Turmoil! I am Joe Hoffmann and as always I am joined by my partner on the mic, Benny Newell…..

Benny Newell: Hall of famer Benny Newell, get it right Joe, I didn’t work my ass off all these years just to have my status here become unnoticed.

Joe Hoffmann: Excuse me, sometimes I find it hard to believe, I always think I am about to wake up from this dream.

Benny Newell: It isn’t a dream Joe, this is as real as it comes, you’re going to have to come to terms with it, just like you have with my drinking problem.

Joe Hoffmann: Um yaaaa….onto tonight’s show, we have the first matches in the Best Invitational which will all feature some compelling match ups. We also have the debut of Defiance’s Jimmy Kort in a High Octane ring as we see him going up against Kirsta Lewis, who….after last week, is a very pissed off lady.

Benny Newell: She has that one in the bag, why? Because she is High Octane!

Joe Hoffmann: Then the Tag Team titles are also on the line in an invitational match that sees newly appointed second in command Scottywood with an unknown partner as the whereabouts of one John Hitchin are unknown, but Scotty will nonetheless defend the titles against Ryan Faze and his twin brother Griffin…..

Benny Newell: A team called A.B.S? He named his team after brakes?? Or maybe it means Another Burnout…….I can’t think of anything that begins with S……..SCOTCH!!!

Joe Hoffmann: Yes Benny, another intellectual comment there. We also have Effing Holmes subbing for the recently let go Chris CK as he goes up against Chris Jacobs. Denucci will come out of the HOFC ring and into the squared circle as he faces Erities Kallisten, Shipley will hope that his LSD title glory will not be the end of his run as he goes up against Graystone and for our main event we have Max Kael going up against Mike Powoly, who is no stranger to Aceldama after his sneak attack at ICONIC.

Benny Newell: Uh oh, speak of the devil…….he heard you, you have angered him and he will no proceed to eat your liver while you watch me drink every time he smacks his lips while doing so…

As Joe dry heaves..Tools ‘Vicarious’ comes onto the PA system as the crowd goes wild in anticipation for the High Octane champion. The lights go dim as pyros shoot off from each side of the ring as the champion enters the Kallisten Coliseum, but he looks somewhat different. Gone is his flowing locks, replaced by a close shave, he seems to have gained a lot more muscle mass after his current weight loss problems and he is dressed very professionally, in a silver suit and black tie. The High Octane championship is draped over his left shoulder as he makes his way down to the ring. He climbs the metal steps and walks into the ring, looking around the crowd with a smug look upon his face. He walks over to one of the corners where he is handed a microphone and he moves back to the center of the ring in preparation to speak to the masses who have gathered tonight.

Aceldama: A new year is upon us, new challenges ahead, new faces. But one thing remains the same…I am still your champion!!

Aceldama raises the title in the air to be met by a mass of cheers and simultaneous camera flashes.

Aceldama: So much to address, so many things happening, where to even begin? Well I guess we can begin with what will be happening tonight, the invitational to determine who will be facing me at March to Glory for this title. In the past year I have seen many people come for this title, only to fall by the wayside. We have the person I took it from, Crow, no longer with us. When I took his title from him he ran away, knowing that night when I beat him the tides of change within this federation had begun, and since then it remains the same. You have Shane Reynolds, another man who could not beat me, forced to retire, without even a win to his name against me, is this what makes a hall of famer? Ha, even a drunk like Benny Newell can get into it!

Benny Newell: Is it wrong that I consider that a compliment?

Aceldama: Then who else, I see Trent is no longer amongst us, another who knew what it was like to fall under supremacy, Issac Slade, the only man to take this from my grasp, only to lose more than his title, but lose his sanity. Then there was Paul Paras, the only true man to step up and try to take this from me, also leaving without knowing what it was like to take this from me! So who is left? Who has defeated me and still remains here? Carey? The hall of famer, so much talent, so much potential, burning away in the HOFC division, how the great fall. All that is left is Max Kael, the only man in this federation to defeat me…..now he comes for this title. You got me once, but in my life I have learned that NOTHING ever evades me twice!

Aceldama: Tonight you face Mike Plow, a man I know all too well. A man whose cowardly actions got him noticed in this federation, by everyone….but me. Tonight is when I will see if he is truly worthy of being noticed, tonight is where he leaves his fists to do all the talking. Tonight, we see who steps up to the mark, to take this from me.

Aceldama: Tonight I did not intend just to come here and get all the issues of the day out of me, tonight I came to make my presence known, right some wrongs, and most notably, make everybody back there aware why I am the champion. Tonight I am after someone, someone who has been calling for me for a while, tonight I will answer his prayers.

Aceldama: But I digress. Tonight is about addressing those things that are looming in my future. On the 14th January comes the trial of one Lee Best, and unlike many out there, I cannot wait to see him crash and burn! I have been in close discussion with the prosecution team leading this trial and what I can say tonight is…….I will be their key witness in bringing down the tyrant that was Lee Best. My call to everyone out in the back is, don’t be fooled by him, remember what he done to you, and remember that evil should NEVER prevail. If you are with him, then you are against me, and that is one enemy you do not want.

Aceldama: I have been hearing a lot of stirring from those at Defiance wrestling regarding me and quite frankly, it is laughable. Eric Dane, if you are watching this tonight, get comfortable and watch your man Jimmy Kort get humiliated by Kirsta Lewis. Why? Because she stands for everything that makes High Octane Wrestling better than your mediocre Defiance. Quality, excellence, the best there is. And if anybody in Defiance wants to prove that wrong…..feel free. I have a clean schedule. As a matter of fact, Eric Dane…..I challenge YOU….to come to this squared circle here in Chicago and face none other than ME! If you accept then maybe, just maybe I can start to take that circus you run over there seriously.

Aceldama: Because the bottom line is, be it Dream Wrestling, Defiance, whatever out there, they are nowhere near worthy to stand in the same ring as High Octane wrestlers. I AM the world champion, and this belt is all that matters out there, hence your circus act coming into town to try and take it from me, shame your tent will not be a permanent fixture in Chicago…..

Aceldama: Tonight……my message will be sent. I am the champion, and everyone out there will respect that!

Aceldama drops the microphone to a chorus of cheers

Joe Hoffmann: Woah! Did Aceldama just challenge Eric Dane, the owner of Defiance to a FIGHT here within this very ring?

Benny Newell: You heard that too? I thought that was the drink kicking in!

Joe Hoffmann: Aceldama has promised that tonight he is aiming to make an impact, and he is not even in competiton! Who he is gunning for…..we will have to find out.

Benny Newell: And he is going to be the key witness for the prosecution against Lee Best? To think I nearly let that man sign my penis!

Joe Hoffmann: Well folks, next up is our first match in this invitational, Kirsta Lewis hopes to end her poor form and kick off her 2010 against Defiance’s own Jimmy Kort. If Eric Dane was not already watching this, I am sure he will be tuned in next.

Benny Newell: And if you are Eric….FUCK YOU!!!

With that Turmoil cuts to the first commercial break of the new year..


Tonight is the first official show for HOW under the Alliance banner


Jimmy Kort vs. Kirsta Lewis
Interfed Invitational Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Well it looks like we’re ready to kick the night off with our first match. It’s an invitational match that pits an HOW veteran, Kirsta Lewis, against a Defiance roster member…

Benny Newell: And fellow drunk…

Joe Hoffman: Looks like you have something in common with an outside wrestler.

Benny Newell: I have something in common with Courtney Love as well, but you wouldn’t see my ass anywhere near her. The only good thing about these outsiders competing is that we get to show them what a good beating is all about.

Joe Hoffman: Well Jimmy Kort will be representing Defiance. From what we’ve seen from Kirsta Lewis lately, I’d hate to be anyone stepping into the ring with her. If you recall she viciously tacked Erites Kallisten last week during the grand opening of the Kallisten Coliseum.

Benny Newell: That’s the good thing about alcohol. It helps you not feel a thing. See?

Benny Newell slaps himself in the face. He coils back a little.

Benny Newell: Well I don’t have enough yet in my system, but just give me a little time and I’ll get there. DRINK!

Benny takes a swig as Joe mutters “I’m sure.”

Kirsta Lewis’ music hits the arena as she makes her way down to the ring with a very determined, and very aggressive look across her face. Once she reaches the ring, she wastes no time in climbing the steel steps, and climbing into the ring between the top two ropes. The referee goes to check her for weapons.

Jimmy Kort’s music starts to hit the arena speakers, and a good ole cowboy somewhat stumbles out from behind the curtains. The crowd isn’t exactly sure what to make of him.

Joe Hoffman: The crowd here tonight isn’t sure how to react to this guy. Some of them appear to be booing him presumably because he’s not an HOW wrestler.

Benny Newell: As well they should.

Joe Hoffman: If I didn’t know any better I’d say he looks like you at a hoe down.

Benny Newell: WHAT?! I have more class than that!

Benny takes back another swig as Joe mumbles under his breath, “SURE you do.”

As Jimmy makes his way up the stairs, he stumbles slightly, and looks straight at Kirsta. He gets onto the ringside apron, and starts making some motions with his hands at Kirsta.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like he’s gesturing something like Kirsta should be home cooking, or something like that.

Benny Newell: Ouch. That idiot just signed his own death certificate.

The two start jawing back and forth as Jimmy steps into the ring. Once the referee checks Jimmy for weapons, he signals the timekeeper, and the match gets underway.

Jimmy continues to mock Kirsta with hand gestures of frying pans, scrubbing something invisible in the air, and other things. He then turns to the crowd, and chuckles at himself while pointing towards Kirsta. Kirsta doesn’t seem to be getting too fired up over this, but rather more amused. She then says something that is not really heard by anyone except Jimmy, but he seems rather interested. Jimmy starts to walk towards Kirsta. She returns the gestures of a frying pan to Jimmy as if asking him something. He gets within a foot of Kirsta, and their size difference is very noticeable as Jimmy stands about a foot taller. As he stands there swaying a bit, she makes a few gestures with her hands, and then points her fingers at her chest.

Benny Newell: Just like a siren.

Joe Hoffman: She does appear to be luring him in for something.

Kirsta holds out a palm, and points at it with her other hand. He nods his head somewhat enthusiastically. As he starts to extend his hands towards her, she suddenly slaps him hard across the face, and nearly send him to a knee. He stops before the knee hits the mat, and lunges towards Kirsta. She ducks it, and sneaks behind Jimmy before sending a swift kick to the left knee of Jimmy. Jimmy’s knee buckles some, and he almost falls to the mat again. Jimmy turns around, and grapples Kirsta. He then whips her into the far side ropes. She comes back, and ducks an attempted clothesline by Jimmy. On the rebound Kirsta hits a dropkick onto the kneecap of Jimmy. This send the bigger man to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Kirsta did her homework on this one. From what I’ve heard he has a bit of a bum leg there, and Kirsta is taking full advantage of it.

Jimmy starts to get up on all fours, but before he can get up any further Kirsta nails a scissor kick. Kirsta goes for the pin.



Joe Hoffman: Kirsta goes for the win already, but comes up short.

Kirsta gets to her feet, and Jimmy starts to stir to his feet as well. Jimmy hobbles a little as he stands mostly on his right leg. Jimmy reaches for Kirsta to lock up, but Kirsta again is a little too quick ducking under his grasp. She gets behind him, and clips his right knee to send Jimmy to the mat again. Kirsta quickly makes her way to the corner, and gets to the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta going to the air.

Jimmy gets back to his feet, and turns just as Kirsta launches herself towards him for a cross body. However Jimmy catches her out of the air, and drops sending her back to the mat under his weight.

Joe Hoffman: That was over 200 pounds dropping onto her 130 pound frame.

Benny Newell: Ah she can handle that…. 200lbs? That’s nothing when you’re built HOW tough.

Joe Hoffman: What? Oh never mind.

Kirsta’s back arches as Jimmy rolls off her, and attends to his own knee. Slowly both wrestlers stir, and start to get to their feet as the referee reaches the four count. The two tie up again, and Jimmy goes to whip Kirsta into the ropes. Instead of letting go, however, Jimmy holds onto Kirsta’s wrist, and yanks her back before delivering a short armed clothesline sending her to the mat. Jimmy then drops an elbow across the chest of Kirsta, and then hooks a leg.




Jimmy gets back to his feet, and gets Kirsta up by her hair. He then snatches her into a front face lock, and executes a snap suplex. He doesn’t let go, and gets them both to their feet again before delivering another. Once again Jimmy holds on, and gets the two to their feet. This time Jimmy holds Kirsta in the air for a vertical suplex, and keeps her in the air for some time.

Joe Hoffman: All the blood is now rushing into the head of Kirsta Lewis.

Jimmy removes the hand used to steady Kirsta, and starts to laugh while pointing at Kirsta upside down. He starts to walk around the ring holding her. As he reaches one of the corners, and signals for time to drop her, she starts to wiggle as hard as she can. She fights Jimmy with everything, and manages to get right side up standing on the top turnbuckle. Jimmy fights to get her vertical again, but Kirsta hooks the top turnbuckle with a foot. She then pushes with her legs as hard as she can, and flips over Jimmy nailing a neckbreaker.

Benny Newell: See that’s how WE do it.

Joe Hoffman: Good reversal by Kirsta.

Jimmy holds his neck, and Kirsta simply lays there trying to get the world right side up again. Jimmy gets up slightly, but then rolls for the ropes before leaving the ring. Jimmy slowly gets to a knee on the outside, and starts to look under the ring as Kirsta is slowing getting to her feet with very little balance. She starts to lean on the ropes for support as Jimmy pulls out a chair.

Joe Hoffman: This doesn’t look good. Doesn’t he know this will disqualify him?

Benny Newell: Doesn’t look like her cares.

Jimmy slides back into the ring with the chair in hand. The referee has his back to Jimmy at first as he attends to Kirsta. Jimmy gets the chair ready in his hands, and heads towards Kirsta. The referee turns, and gets out of the way as Jimmy starts to swing the chair downwards. Kirsta manages to escape barely, and the chair bounces off the top rope. The momentum sends the chair back towards Jimmy, and smacks him in the face. He still holds onto the chair as he turns somewhat dazed towards Kirsta. As soon as he lifts the chair, though, Kirsta nails her Hell’s Bitch Kick into the chair, and drives it into the face of Jimmy. Jimmy falls to the mat, and Kirsta quickly covers.




Bryan McVay: The winner of the match, and advancing in the Lee Best Invitational via pin… KIRSTA LEWIS!

Benny Newell: One outsider down, and four more to go.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta gains three points in the Darkwing group while Kort is down to negative one…. Well it’s been said that this could be Kirsta’s year, and thus far it’s looking like that with her actions at the Opening Night, and now with her win tonight. I am understanding that we have a pre recorded video that’s about to air..

Benny Newell: Lemme guess…its Mike Best pulling my anal beads outta Ryan Faze?

Joe Hoffman just shakes as the video starts playing on the HOV screen.


The Alpha Pledge

As the competitors of the first Invitational match of 2010 are clearing the ring, the crowd’s attention is caught by the HOV flickering to life. The words Previously Recorded appear at the bottom of the screen as the camera slowly zooms in on a towering house, the white snow on its rooftop glistening from a nearby street light.

Mounted at the top of the house are the A B S letters and all of the windows are blocked off so that we are unable to see what’s going on inside. Fortunately, one of our devious production workers here at High Octane Wrestling was able to sneak in and install a hidden video camera inside the basement of the house when the Faze Brothers, Ryan and Griffin, were passed out.

Suddenly, the feed cuts inside where the “Faze of HOW” and his identical-twin brother are standing before nearly a dozen blindfolded college students.

Ryan Faze: Alright PLEDGES… listen up and remove your blindfolds!

The pledges quickly oblige and adjust to their surroundings; the dimly-lit basement of the ABS house. Standing before them are Ryan and Griffin Faze, who portray looks of seriousness and sincerity as they get set to address them.

Griffin Faze: As you know, you are standing here tonight because you have chosen to rush ABS. Now before we get to the party, where over 30 college co-eds are waiting patiently upstairs to entertain you boys, let’s go over some business.

Ryan Faze: That’s right. As the founding members of ABS, Griff and I here are dedicated to helping each and every one of you turds achieve levels of excellence in your lives.

Griffin Faze: We do this by abiding by the four fundamental principles of ABS: Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power.

Ryan Faze: Truth is particular critical to ABS because honest relationships are mandatory for Brotherhood.

Griffin Faze: Ryan and I aren’t just going to let anyone of the street come in here and call us our “brother.” If you think you’ve got what it takes to earn the privilege of partying with guys like us and achieving those levels of excellence, both personally and professionally, we’ve got to be able to trust you.

Ryan Faze: Next up is Courage, meaning you have to be aggressive in taking on challenges and being a leader in the face of adversity.

Griffin Faze: So in other words, if you’re a pussy, don’t let the door hit ya’ in the ass on the way out.

Ryan nods to his brother for his simple assessment and both brothers are actually surprised to see one of the pledges scamper up the stairs and out the basement door.

Griffin Faze: Ooooooooo-kay.

Ryan Faze: Anyways, the third principle we need to discuss with you is Faith.

Griffin Faze: Faith is a belief in yourself that what you are doing is right. It also means being loyal and trusting amongst others… and most importantly, with Ryan and myself.

Ryan Faze: Trust me pledges… there will be times throughout the pledge process that you will doubt yourself. Let this be your warning. Griff and I are going to test your limits and push you to the edge to see if you’ve got what it takes.

Griffin Faze: Undoubtedly, there will be moments where you’ll hate us for what we put you through, but again, it’s important that you trust us. In fact, we’re sincerely hopeful that each and every one of you will be standing here for Initiation.

It’s clear that some of the pledges are becoming uneasy and a few more look to each other and follow suit of the first pledge, rushing up the stairs and out the basement door. This leaves only 4 pledges left as Ryan and Griffin shrug at their departure.

Ryan Faze: Ahem. The fourth and final principle of the ABS house is Power, or you inherent ability and talents as valuable resources.

Griffin Faze: What this means is you will be assisting Ryan and I next Thursday when we compete for the HOW Tag Team cham…

Ryan Faze: Griff!

Griffin Faze: Sorry.

Ryan Faze: What this actually means is that you will use your qualities and talents to give ABS the power and energy to continue looking and moving toward a grand future.

Griffin Faze: Right. AND you have to be able to use your “power” to assist us during match training, meaning you’ll be on the receiving end of many a Fazeplex and Fazeplants.

Upon hearing this, the four remaining pledges scurry away with haste, not wanting to take any part in the Faze Brothers’ training regiment.

Griffin Faze: Well, that was fun.

Annoyed by how everything went down, Ryan responds with a look of disdain.

Griffin Faze: What?

Ryan Faze: How the hell are we supposed to be able to haze anyone when you give away all our haze tactics?!?

Griffin Faze: Relax, bro. Who cares if those pussies took off anyway? Did you forget that we’ve got at least 30 college co-eds upstairs that were begging us to show them a good time?

Ryan Faze: Ha ha! Oh, we’ll show ’em a “good time” alright.

Griffin Faze: See? All this means is that there’s more for us. It’ll be a great way to celebrate before we focus in on the Tag titles. What do you say, Ry? Uh… Ryan?

Griff nudges his brother on the arm, snapping Ryan out of his daydream.

Ryan Faze: Alpha Beta Slam… HOW Tag Team champions.

Griffin Faze: I like the sound of that. But before we go ahead and dominate Twisted Reality, what do you say we go upstairs and dominate some stupid bitches in some beer pong?

Ryan Faze: Only if you’re ready to shut ’em out.

Griffin Faze: House rules always apply; you get shutout, you run around the house naked.

Ryan Faze: Alright, what’s the over/under on how many sets of tits we see tonight?

Griffin Faze: Hmmmm… I say 10.

Ryan Faze: I’ll take the over!

Griffin Faze: Maybe we should set it higher?

Ryan Faze: We win either way, don’t we? See? I told you creating our own fraternity was genius!

The Faze brothers share a laugh as Ryan wraps his arm around Griffin’s shoulder and the two disappear, quickly rushing up the stairs to tend to their “guests.”

Benny Newell: Alpha Beta Slam?

Joe Hoffman: Don’t they need a charter for that?

Benny Newell: Who the fuck cares, Joe? If the Faze Brothers are partying like they’ve been, perhaps I should reconsider how GAY Ryan is and pay myself a visit to the ABS house.

Joe Hoffman: Regardless, Alpha Beta Slam will challenge Twisted Reality for the Tag Team Titles later on in the show. But right now, it appears we’ve got Kirsta Lewis with us backstage!


Pussy Go Away

Sitting alone in her locker room after her big win against Jimmy Kort only minutes ago on Turmoil, Kirsta is taking off her boots and slipping into her other shoes. Beside her on the bench is a sledge hammer and on the other side is rolled up barbed wire. She has just slipped on her other shoe when there is a knock at the door. Looking up she shakes her head and picks up the hammer.

Kirsta: If you got a pussy GO AWAY. If you are a pussy GO AWAY.

The knocking persists and getting aggravated she gets up with the sledge hammer in her hand and reaches for the door,swings it open. As the door opens she’s ready to take someone’s head off with the sledge hammer coming off her shoulder. Standing there in shock is the Mercenaries Dawn McGill and “Sweet Southern Comfort” Jackie Daniels, from Missouri Valley Wrestling fame.

Jackie: Hold up there slugger it’s just us.

Kirsta quickly lowers her weapon and looks at Jackie standing there, her eyes big as quarters with Dawn McGill standing at her side.

Kirsta: Oh.. Come on in

Jackie: Whose head were you looking to take off?

Kirsta: Just about anybodies at this point. It don’t matter.

Dawn: I’m glad it wasn’t me. I kinda like my head. I’ve gotten use to it being on my shoulders.

Setting the sledge hammer down, she waves the girls into the room and pulls her shirt down over her black leather pants. Jackie follows Kirsta over to the bench and sees the Barbed wire.

Jackie: I see you still like using this stuff. I remember when it was wrapped around my neck. That shit hurts.

Kirsta: Yeah, sorry bout that shit but you know how I am. If it gets into some poor fools head I’ll do what it takes.. It worked didn’t it?

Jackie: That it did, you won the match.

Dawn: Oh I think I heard about that. A title match wasn’t it?

Jackie: That be the one. So, whose neck is the lucky one this time?

Dawn: From what she yelled at the door, I can only think of one person. Of which I won’t name.

Jackie: Kallisten!!

Instantly Kirsta’s face goes a crimson red as she reaches down and rolls up her pant leg and points to the somewhat healed scares on her leg left by Kallisten from their Iconic match.

Kirsta: That bitch wants to play with barbed wire, razor wire what ever kind of wire she’s gonna die by the wire. She thought it was funny what she did. Let’s just see how much she’s laughing when I tie her up with the shit. Wrap it around her scrawny fucking neck and with each breath she takes I tighten it up. Shatter both her god damn legs and stick the sledge hammer handle up her puss, I’m sure the whole thing would fit. She fucked with the wrong bitch and I’m gonna make her feel every god damn minute of her regret but it’s far to late for that. She crossed the line of no fucking return.

Dawn: Remind me not to ever get on your bad side ok Kirsta?

Kirsta smirks as the girls are all laughing, the door comes open and Megan comes in with a really huge smile on her face.

Kirsta: You’re looking like your busting at the seams. What happened? Who died? and whose life you mess up now?

Megan looks at Jackie and smiles, then over to Dawn. Turning back to Kirsta as she leans up against the door.

Megan: Not about me or what I’ve done… well maybe just a little though.

Kirsta: Maybe?.. a little though?.. Stop playing games. What gives?

Megan: There is someone that wants a word with you but be nice ok?

Kirsta: Oh God.. I hate when you do that.. Who is it?

Megan steps away from the door and she waves her hand at the door.

Megan: Come on in.

As soon as those words came out of her mouth, from around the corner steps Randi Reynolds. Kirsta’s daughter who she has not seen in awhile. Kirsta drops to her knees and holds her arms out as the dark haired child runs into her mother’s waiting arms as Krista celebrates something even bigger then her Best Invitational win.


Scottywood’s booking sponsored by Budweiser


Nothing but Focused

Joe Hoffmann: Well Newell, one of the matches that everyone has been buzzing about since ICONIC was the buried alive match that saw Max Kael bury Graystone and Shane Reynolds…

Benny Newell: Yeah, and as everyone knows Ja… err… Simon Sparrow was revealed as the special guest referee.

Joe Hoffmann: And ever since ICONIC, people have been requesting an update on Graystone and Shane Reynolds condition…

Benny Newell: I don’t know why anyone would give a shit…

Joe Hoffmann: Well one of the most shocking developments coming out of that match was the fact that Shane Reynolds buried Graystone alive and then Jatt Starr proceeded to dump gasoline on the grave and light the grave on fire…

Benny Newell: And that’s why I say…

Suddenly the lights in the arena go out. A wall of white pyro explodes at the entrance ramp. “The Curse” by Distrubed begins blaring throughout the arena as the light come back to full. HOW Hall of Famer Graystone emerges from the back dressed in a black leather jacket with a black shirt and his black pants to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Graystone surveys the crowd for a moment, then makes his way down to the ring and slides in. He walks over to the side of the ring and retrieves a microphone and walks back to the center of the ring. The camera zooms in on a lime green sign in the crowd that says “Graystone Vs. Aceldama – March 2 Glory” as the music cuts. Graystone stands in the middle of the ring, staring out into the crowd.

Graystone: High… Octane… Wrestling…

The crowd pops at the mention of the name.

Graystone: On December 14, 2009 you witnessed the death of Graystone… You witnessed Shane Reynolds heap dirt upon his body… pile upon pile… and then you watched as the man formerly known as Jatt Starr dumped gasoline upon the grave and then carelessly tossed a lighter to ignite the grave into flames. And on December 14, 2009 at 11:56p.m. Graystone left us from this earthly world…

Benny Newell: Is this fucker serious?

Graystone: You see… For over a year and a half Graystone was manipulated, used, brainwashed by the league of devils. His psychotic, destructive behavior was admired for the harm it caused this company, for the ends that justified the means. Graystone stood for nothing and he believed in the core of his soul that his purpose was to destroy the lives of all in HOW. He even went as far as involving himself with a small child, claiming to be her father, and tormenting her relatives as he brainwashed her into his line of thinking. Going into December 14, 2009, Graystone was prepared to destroy two more lives. And in one single moment, everything came to an end.

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction.

Graystone: Everything that Graystone stood for was cruel and unjust. And in that one moment, a white flood of light burst through the world of High Octane Wrestling… a light so intolerably bright… And the sins of a sick, twisted man were expiated from this, our world.

Graystone pauses, looking down at the canvas, then paces around the ring.

Graystone: Amidst a cloud of white smoke, frantic hands dug deep into the warm soil of mother earth, searching to retrieve the dark remnants of this creature, but to no avail. And as the clock struck 12:01a.m. on December 15, 2009, just as all of the hands had retreated… one hand dug deeper, and deeper, and deeper, until this hand latched hold of something. This hand pulled and pulled with an unparalleled determination… and on December 15, 2009… a new man was born.

The camera cuts to a small boy sitting in the front row, staring concernedly at Graystone. Graystone holds his head downcast towards the mat.

Graystone: Amidst the ashes, this hand was able to birth from our mother earth a new man… And that man…

Graystone slowly raises his head to meet the the eye of the camera.

Graystone: Is me…

The crowd let’s out a mixed reaction.

Graystone: My name is Graystone… Right now I’m telling you to forget the past. Forget the fact that I’m a two time HOW World Champion, a three time HOW ICON Champion… Forget that I dressed as a woman… Forget that I was a part of the Best Alliance… Forget that I spent the last year and a half tormenting the stars of High Octane Wrestling… Forget all of that… Because I am the new Graystone… and I am only concerned with what is happening now, and what is about to happen in the very near future!

Graystone’s spirited words are enough to rile up the fans, who let out a small pop in excitement…

Graystone: And what exactly am I concerned with at this point? The HOW World Championship. I am making my vow to each and every one of you that I will do everything in my power to defeat each and every challenger that gets in my way… And that starts tonight.

The crowd lets out a huge pop for the match announcement.

Graystone: Shipley, you may have defeated the old Graystone… But the old Graystone is dead. Tonight… you will be facing a new Graystone. A determined Graystone. A focused Graystone. Tonight… You will stand across from me in this ring, and you will stare into the eyes of a man possessed, a man who will not be stopped until he claims the HOW World Championship and brings back to the title a sense of respect.

Graystone stands and stares directly into the camera.

Graystone: And Aceldama… I want you to know that I am coming. Look into my eyes right now and realize that I will stop at nothing to regain that HOW World Championship. I will power through all that are placed before me, and when we finally meet… Graystone Vs. Aceldama at March 2 Glory for the HOW World Championship… You will be looking into the very same eyes of a man possessed. A man who cannot be stopped… And I will not give up… I will never give up.

The Curse” by Disturbed hits again as Graystone continues to stare into the camera. He slowly turns and looks around at the crowd, then slowly raises both of his arms into the air. The cameras flash as Graystone slowly begins to walk towards the ropes and the camera fades to commercial.


HOFC 1 is coming to you live on January 25th as DeNucci defends the title versus Christopher America


Michael DeNucci vs. Erites Kallisten
Singles Match

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First, making his way to the ring… He is the current HOFC Champion…. from Laguna Beach, California and weighing in at 224 pounds….”The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci!

Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne plays as DeNucci makes his way out from the back, wearing the HOFC title around his waist. He walks down to the ring slowly.

Joe Hoffman: DeNucci is entering the invitational coming off a huge win over Bobinette Carey to retain the HOFC championship at ICONIC…

Benny Newell: I’m starting to notice a pattern here, Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: What’s that Newell?

Benny Newell: Well, DeNucci faced Carey at ICONIC, right?

Joe Hoffman: Yeah…

Benny Newell: And he’s facing Erites Kallisten here in the first match of the invitational, right?

Joe Hoffman: Are you trying to say…

Benny Newell: That Michael DeNucci is Marvelous Mario Maurako in disguise!?

Joe Hoffman: That’s not what I was going to say…

Erites Kallisten’s music hits as the Kallisten Colliseum erupts. Erities make her way out from backstage.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…from New York, New York and weighing in at 129 pounds… Erites Kallisten!

Joe Hoffman: And somehow, someway, this lady was able to pull out a huge victory over Kirsta Lewis at ICONIC.

Benny Newell: Yeah, but the Hellcat got her revenge last week and stole Erites thunder of the arena dedication.

Joe Hofman: Always focusing on the negative…

Benny Newell: Well, you can’t deny it, Joe. That shit happened!

Erites powers down the entrance ramp, and slides into the ring. DeNucci removes the HOFC championship from his waist and hands it to Matt Boettcher.

Boettcher calls for the bell as Kallisten runs forward and nails Michael DeNucci with a running forearm to the face unexpectedly. DeNucci stumbles back into the corner as Kallisten rushes in with a series of right hands and kicks, as DeNucci attempts to protect himself. After a barrage of stiff kicks to the gut, DeNucci manages to grab Kallisten’s leg and yank her down to the mat. Kallisten hits her head hard, and DeNucci follows it up with hopping ontop of her and nailing her with a few stiff shots to the face. Kallisten manages to get to the ropes and Boettcher tells DeNucci to break the hold.

Joe Hoffman: Well, DeNucci obviously is more of a brawler, being HOFC champion and all. However, this invitational match is regular rules…

Benny Newell: Did you see those shots, Hoffman?

DeNucci pulls Kallisten to her feet and begins backing her into the corner with jabs to the abdomen. Kallisten screams, then uses the ropes as leverage to blast DeNucci in the temple with a hard knee. DeNucci stumbles backwards, then falls down to his knees. Erites runs forward and attempts a forward dropkick to DeNucci’s face, but DeNucci sidesteps the attack, and Kallisten falls hard on her back. DeNucci slowly crawls his way over and puts on an armbar.

Benny Newell: Uh-oh! This could be it…

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know… She walloped him good with that knee to the temple….

Kallisten quickly makes her way to the ropes and grabs hold. The referee once again requires DeNucci to relinquish the hold. DeNucci stumbles his way back to his feet, and rushes in and kicks Erites in the gut. Erites rolls out of the ring, and DeNucci slides out in pursuit. DeNucci grabs Erites and launches her towards the steel steps. Kallisten reverses, then DeNucci reverses again with a hard elbow to Kallisten’s jaw and Erites falls to her knees. As the referee make his way out of the ring to restore order, Kallisten grabs DeNucci’s leg and attempts to pull him down to the ground. DeNucci maintains his balance and elbows Kallisten in the back of the head. Boettcher is on the outside yelling at DeNucci to take it back into the ring. DeNucci lifts Kallisten up and rolls her into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Man, DeNucci is relentless with those punches and elbows.

Benny Newell: What do you expect, Hoffman?

DeNucci walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. Kallisten manages to hop up and rush him and rolls him up with a small package! Boettcher drops down to the mat…




Joe Hoffman: It could have been over right there!

Erites and DeNucci both make their way to their feet quickly. Kallisten grabs DeNucci’s arm and sends him across the ropes. Kallisten jumps and takes DeNucci down with a Lou Thesz Press! The crowd erupts as Kallisten begins unloading a series of punches to DeNucci’s head! But just as she stops punching, DeNucci blasts her in the side of the head with a right hand, which stuns her. DeNucci flips Kallisten over and mounts her.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no! Not good for Kallisten!

DeNucci blasts Kallisten in the face with several right hands. Boettcher warns DeNucci to stop with the right hands or he is going to disqualify him. Kallisten manages to grab the ropes, as DeNucci hits her with three more right hands. Boettcher gets up in DeNucci’s face and screams that he will disqualify him. DeNucci looks up at Boettcher, seething with intensity. With the referee out of position, Kallisten lifts her knee up and nails DeNucci in the crotch!

Benny Newell: No!!!

Joe Hoffman: I have to believe DeNucci would have been disqualified there.

DeNucci rolls over in pain as Kallisten rolls over and hides her face in her hands. Boettcher begins a 10 count…





Kallisten is up to her knees, using the ropes for leverage, still holding her face in pain.




DeNucci is up to his knees, holding his crotch.



Kallisten is up to her feet. DeNucci is up to his feet. Kallisten turns around and nails DeNucci with a roundhouse kick, which sends him back into the corner. Kallisten rushes in with a high knee which hits DeNucci in the collarbone. DeNucci stumbles out of the corner, and Kallisten rolls him up with a small package.



DeNucci manages to roll the small package over and grabs a fistful of tights and pins Kallisten’s shoulders to the mat…




No Kickout!

Ding Ding Ding!

Boettcher signals for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Oh! Kallisten got her shoulder up just a second too late!

Benny Newell: DeNucci wins with a small package and beat the bitch in her own arena….

Joe Hoffman: Ok so with that win DeNucci gains the early advantage in the Lee Best group with three points and Kallisten is down one point….although she has nothing to be ashamed about…DeNucci technically cheated.

Benny Newell: Cheated? You mean that fist full of her fine ass? Last time I checked he isnt married?

Joe Hoffman: Must you make everything sexual?

Benny Newell: Must you make everything non sexual you walking blue ball.

Back in the ring….DeNucci rolls out and retrieves his HOFC Championship as Kallisten is up on her knees, and pounds her fist into the mat in frustration at her near win.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this Best Invitational Match…. “The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci!

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks from one champion to a couple lets head backstage where I understand the General Manager and Tag Team Champion Scottywood is standing by.


Toilet Humor Aside

Cutting to backstage we are in the new office of the General Manager of HOW, Scottywood. Dressed in his Hardcore Artist hockey jersey and jeans, the GM is pacing around is office as he talks on his cell phone, seemingly sober after spending the previous night drunk and ranting on HOTv.

Scottywood: Yes I know I called you five minutes ago, but I need to know when the fuck he is going to be here.

He pauses for a moment as whoever is on the other side of the conversation, tries to explain his answer to Scottywood.

Scottywood: Fine, just make sure he gets his ass to the damn arena before the match. Because if he is not here, I am going to look like an idiot out there, and Faze already has enough material on me after the HOR.

He hangs up his phone and places it down on his desk as he rubs his eyes, getting annoyed with the stupid ass people he must be forced to talk to. He turns around and looks at the camera that is standing there and shakes his head as he walks behind his desk and takes a seat in his chair.

Scottywood: How long have you been recording with the camera Frankie?

From behind the camera we can hear the voice the always energetic cameraman.

Frankie: Juts a minute or two, so he is going to be here?

Scottywood: That’s what he says.

You can see the camera shake, as it seems Frankie is jumping up in excitement for whoever it is that is getting here.

Scottywood: Save your excitement for after the match when Twisted Reality beats Always Been Shitty and retains the HOW Tag Team Titles. Thus proving we are the best damn tag team in HOW.

Frankie: Just be careful, Faze has been practicing for what he believes will eventually become a hardcore match. I mean he hit his brother with a coffee table.

Scottywood: A, who the fuck hits someone over the head with a coffee table? Out of all the things one may have near by in a room, how does a coffee table seem like the best choice? B, who says I am going to use any of my power to influence this match.

Frankie: Because when you have the power, when have you not made your matches under hardcore rules? And you are like a Lee Best identical twin…just with hair.

Scottywood: Hey, just cause he stabbed you in the eye with a pen doesn’t mean you can insult the man’s lack of hair. At least he doesn’t wear what looks like a dead animal to cover it up like Mike Best. Ya you heard me Mike, you know, I know, every High Octane fan knows it; you’re as bald as your brother.

Frankie: You still didn’t answer the question of if your going to make it a hardcore match or not.

Scottywood: Of course I am going to make it a damn hardcore match. I am going to put that pretty boy and his NBA Jam loving twin through fuckin hell. He thinks pain is temporary? Well he is going to learn something new tonight. He and DeNucci are digging deep graves for themselves with me, and tonight I bury Faze in his.

Frankie: Your not worried that your Tag Team title reign will start to look like your LSD title reign when you held it for 80 something days and never faced a legit opponent?

Scottywood: Hey! It was 84 days and it’s not fault there were no legit contenders in HOW at the time. And no, my Tag Team title reign will not be considered to be the same. I was going to face three other teams at ICONIC, and am now putting the belts on the line again at the very next show against Absolutely Below Shit.

Suddenly Scotty’s iPhone rings as he picks it up from his desk and smiles as he sees the name on the ID. Sliding his finger across the screen he answers it.

Scottywood: Hey…….He’s here?……Great, just in time…..Tell him to meet me near the entrance way…..thanks.

Getting up from his desk with a smile on his face he walks over to his hockey stick which is leaning up against the wall and walks to his refrigerator to get an Amp, but as he opens it up all he sees is row upon row of Monster energy drinks instead.

Scottywood: What the fuck? Where is all my Amp?

Frankie: Huh? I told Mike Best’s assistant the other day to make sure it was stocked with red Amp.

Slowly turning his head towards Frankie Scotty shoots Frankie an extremely evil look.

Scottywood: No fuckin wonder it’s filled with Monster you fuckin idiot…..Fuckin Mike! Go find me a fuckin red Amp before the match starts!

Pissed off Scotty slams the refrigerator closed and storms out of his office to go meet whoever it is that has arrived at the arena as we head to a commercial break.


New Official Energy Drink of High Octane Wrestling


An Epic Hall of Famer Update

Coming off of commercial we see a lavished private hospital room at St Joseph Hospital in Chicago. There are flowers, cards, and balloons all over the room. There is a person laying in a hospital bed and the person’s head is bandaged with cuts and bruises on their face. They have an IV drip hooked up, and upon closer look we see that it is none other than Bobbinette Carey. At her bedside is her sister Livie with doctors standing near the hospital bed as the Nurse’s tend to the IV bag Bobbinette is attached to.

Doctor: Ma’am your sister is… she’s comatose but the scans and MRI’s showed extensive brain damage. We don’t know if your sister will ever regain consciousness, and if she does we don’t know how sever the damage was to her until she wakes up.

Livie looks at the doctor and nods her head like she’s paying attention.

Doctor: It’s been a few weeks and she still hasn’t woke up but, we do show signs of brain activity. The best thing to do is gather things from her home, things that would be familiar to her. The more familiar things are to her the better chance of recovery, smells, personal belongings.

Livie nods her head as the Doctor stands there looking at Livie. Livie’s eyes water.

Livie: When is she going to wake up?

Doctor: I just said she has brain-

He pauses for a moment to calm himself down.

Doctor: She may never wake up. There is the possibility she may be in a coma for years.

Livie: Never?

Tears start to fall down her cheeks.

Livie: But we fight crime!

The doctor realizes that Livie doesn’t seam to be stable.

Doctor: The best we can do is just bring things that would remind her of home. It is possible that she could regain conscious any time.

Livie nods with a smile.

Livie: OH! then she will want me to have her stuff here thank you doctor!

She rushes out of the hospital room as the doctor looks over at the nurse.

Nurse: I don’t think she understood the severity of the situation…

Doctor: She didn’t seem mentally stable enough for me to tell her to prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

The nurse nods as the two walk out of the hospital room of Bobbinettes as she continues her slumber with her head wrapped up tighter then a Nun at a Whore House. The door to the room opens but this time it’s not a Doctor, a Nurse or even Livie that walking in, it’s none other then ‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako sporting blue jeans and a leather jacket. Mario walks up to Bobbinette Carey’s bed and he sits down next to it and stares at the motionless body.

Mario Maurako: You know Carey, we’ve had quite the history here in HOW. I’ve turned on you and betrayed you more times then the Cleveland Browns have given their fans losing seasons. You were the second person added to the famous Whack-o-Meter and you were the reason why it took a brief hiatus. And here we are today, me sitting here in this less then marvelous hospital chair… and you… looking quite vulnerable in this hospital bed. It’s only appropriate that this story ends with me putting and end to you.

The door opens again and it’s a nurse, she walks into the room looking at her clip board not even realizing that Mario is in the room. She gets to the bed and puts the clip board down on the bed and looks up and sees Mario now standing next to Carey.

Nurse: Aren’t you-

Mario Maurako: Yes I’m Mario Maurako.

Nurse: You’re the ass whole that gets his jollies from beating up women!

Mario Maurako: Well… I guess I can’t deny that.

Nurse: I’m calling security!

Mario Maurako: What for? I’m just here visiting an old friend.

Nurse: Yeah who you used to torture on a weekly basis, and you’re probably here right now to do more of the same.

Mario Maurako: I would never do that to Carey.

The nurse opens the door and runs out calling for Security. Mario starts to head for the door when he notices that Carey is suddenly moving. Mario stops and rushes back to her bedside. As Carey starts to open her eyes Mario turns from her and quickly puts a couple drops of Visine into his eyes and then drops to his knees and starts fake weeping.


Hearing Carey’s movement Mario stops and looks up to find her awake in the bed.

Mario Maurako: Carey? Are you awake?

Bobbinette Carey: W-Where am I?

Mario Maurako: You’re in the Hospital sweet-heart.

Bobbinette Carey: W-Who are you?

Mario Maurako: I’m Mario… don’t you remember me?

Bobbinette Carey: I can’t remember anything.

Mario Maurako: Really?

Bobbinette Carey: How did I get in here?

Mario Maurako: You were in a bad crash, you were just leaving the restaurant and heading for home. I had just proposed to you.

Bobbinette Carey: So we’re getting married?

Maurako smiles

Mario Maurako: Yes Carey Bear.

Bobbinette Carey: Carey-Bear? I liked being called that?

Mario Maurako: Well of course you did.

Bobbinette Carey: Well if your my fiancé then where is my ring?

Mario looks around quickly but can’t find anything.

Mario Maurako: Well it must have gotten lost in the accident.

Bobbinette Carey: The accident, what happened? What happened to me?

Mario Maurako: A teenager crossed the center line and hit you head on. You were in a coma and it would appear as if you have amnesia now. But it’s ok dear I will nurse you back to health and tell you all you need to know about your life.

Just then the Nurse returns with two security officer and flanked by Livie who has returned after hearing about all the commotion.

Nurse: Get him out of here!

The security officers head toward Maurako.

Bobbinette Carey: WAIT! I want him to stay.

Livie: But Blossom why would you want a member of the Gang green gang to stay?

Bobbinette Carey: Who are you, you’re in a gang?

Livie: I’m your little sister, we fight crime! We’re part of the power puff girls I’m bubbles and you’re blossom! We have a mean sister named butter cup but we are a group! That man is a bad guy he’s a villain!

Mario Maurako: Those are lies Carey-Bear. Your little sister there has taken all of your money and left you with nothing. That is why you are still Wrestling. You can’t stand her, in fact the only reason she is probably here is to cause you more heartache.

Livie: Who are you going to believe Blossom? That is a bad guy!

Bobbinette Carey pauses as if she is thinking things over. She looks at her name tag seeing “Bobbinette Carey”

Mario Maurako: Carey-Bear, if she truly cared about you she would have been right here by your side when you woke up.

Bobbinette Carey: My name isn’t Blossom…. So you’ve lied to me… He was here when I woke up…. You weren’t and you’re lying to me. I want him to stay, I want you to go…

She points to Livie whose eyes water. Livie runs out of the hospital room.

Nurse (reluctantly): Ok… but we will be back shortly as we have to monitor your situation.

Bobbinette Carey: That is fine.

Mario Maurako: Now move it, you heard the lady!

Mario hurries everyone out of the room and then turns around and smiles at Carey as he takes off his leather jacket and we return to the Kallisten Coliseum for the upcoming Tag Team title match.


HOW Tag Team Title Match
Twisted Reality vs. Alpha Beta Slam
Tag Team Match

Joe Hoffman: Well we are ready for our next match, one that has a lot on the line. Not only is this a Best Invitational match, but the HOW Tag Team titles will be on the line.

Benny Newell: Why is it every segment you get to talk first? Why can’t I ever lead off a segment or a match?

Joe Hoffman: Because you’re usually too busy pouring yourself a drink.

Benny Newell: Touché

Joe Hoffman: And just moments ago we learned that Scottywood has shockingly made this a hardcore match. So get ready for a little blood guys as the fraternity tag team Alpha Beta Slam takes on the tag champs Twisted Reality, who the other half, John Hitchin seemed to get here just in time for the match.

Benny Newell: Ya know how a prepared for this match Joe?

Joe Hoffman: Dare I ask?

Benny Newell: I fucked a sorority chick last night.

Joe Hoffman: How does that prepare ya?

Benny Newell: I don’t know, I just wanted to brag about it.

Bottom of a Bottle” by Smile Empty Soul starts to play as there is a the crowd erupts in cheers as we see both Ryan Faze and his identical twin Griffin Faze make their way out onto the stage, both dressed in their A.B.S. ring attire.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is a hardcore match, is part of the Best Invitational and is for the HOW Tag Team titles. First making their way to the ring, the challengers. From right here in Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at a combined weight of 456 pounds…Ryan and Griffin Faze….Alpha Beta Slam!!!

Griffin takes in all the lights and applause that Ryan has become quite accustom too as they make their way down to the ring.

Benny Newell: Just look at that green shining from Griffin, Scotty is going to eat him alive…..then I hope he shatters Ryan’s knee.

Joe Hoffman: Well Griffin is very new to wrestling, and do I still sense some hostility?

Benny Newell: It took both of these clowns to beat me at ICONIC, so yes, you are sensing some hostility.

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed kicks in as the cheers for the Fazes turn to equally loud boos for Twisted Reality.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, hailing from New York City, New York and Vancouver, British Columbia, Cananda. Weighing in at a combined weight of 587 pounds….. They are the High Octane Wrestling Tag Team champions…. Scottywood…. John Hitchin…. Twisted Reality!!!!

McVay finished his introduction but Twisted Reality hasn’t come out and it is a few second until we finally see Scottywood, alone, emerge onto the stage with his hockey stick in hand as he starts to make his way down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Unless I am not seeing things right, I don’t see John Hitchin, Benny?

Benny Newell: Ya, asked the man who has been drinking for helping seeing something, dumbass.

Making his way down to the ring as if there is no problem, Scotty gets into the ring and asks McVay to hand over the microphone as Hortega tries to find out what is going on, but Scottywood just ignores him.

Scottywood: Well if you haven’t realized that John Hitchin isn’t here by now then you’re a fuckin retard. Yes, John is still missing, probably somewhere in the Canadian wilderness, doing who knows what with a moose.

Joe Hoffman: A moose?

Scottywood: So I have been forced to find myself a new tag team partner, one that will hopefully last longer then the couple of matches Stevens and Hitchin have. So without further ado, here he is.

All-Star” by Smash Mouth starts to play and we see none other then Frankie the Cameraman walk out onto the stage with the other Tag Team title belt wrapped around his waist and probably the largest smile every on his face as there is actually a small cheer for the cameraman from the Chicago crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Again, is there something wrong with my eyes or do I see Frankie the Cameraman wearing the HOW Tag Team title?

Benny Newell: You too? Because I thought someone spiked my Jack with something.

Scottywood: From Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and weighing in at 137 pounds of fury….The Frankster…Frankie the Cameraman!

Almost strutting down the ring Frankie is soaking up his moment as he slides into the ring and joins Scottywood as Hortega asks for the belts which Scottywood and then reluctantly Frankie give him.

Joe Hoffman: Well this just put a whole new twist on this match. I don’t think anyone expect Scottywood to chose Frankie if Hitchin didn’t show.

Benny Newell: Ya, why didn’t I get a call?

Joe Hoffman: Well you are 0-1 against the Fazes.

Benny takes a drink as a Hortega calls for the bell and gets the match underway as Scottywood quickly throws Frankie to the wolves as he pushes him towards the Fazes as he slides out of the ring. Griffin strikes first as clotheslines the shocked Frankie to the mat as Ryan drops a quick elbow as Griffin makes his way up the turnbuckles and shows off his athleticism by hitting a moonsault and going for the quick pin on Frankie.




The pin attempt is broken up by Scottywood who slides back into the ring with a steel chair that he plants across the back of Griffin as Frankie roles out of the ring clutching his stomach. Ryan tries to come to his brother’s defense but gets the chair slammed across his head for his efforts and goes threw the ropes and to the outside floor.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty essentially sacrificed Frankie to get an upper hand with that steel chair.

Benny Newell: Damn smart I might say.

Rolling out of the ring himself Scotty checks on Frankie for a second before going under the ring and pulling out a table which he quickly sets up before going back under the ring and pulling out a hockey stick and a puck which he slides back into the ring with as Griffin starts to get back to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: This is no hockey game Scotty, it’s a damn wrestling match.

Dropping the puck he stick handles it a few times before he takes a wrist shot that hits Griffin right in the crotch and drops him to his knees as Scotty raises his arms above his head as if he had just scored the game winning goal in overtime.

Benny Newell: He shoots and scores!!!!

But the celebrations is short lived as Ryan turns Scotty around and lays him out with a show shovel which splits the forehead of The Hardcore Artist open. Frankie slides back into the ring and heads after Griffin who is managing to stand back up as Ryan tosses him the shovel and knock Frankie down with a quick swing as Ryan covers Scotty.




Joe Hoffman: Shoulder up by Scotty as A.B.S. almost claimed those titles with a shovel… Seems Scotty wasn’t the only one to stock the ring with weapons.

Ryan is frustrated as he lifts Scotty up and throws him out of the ring as Griffin takes the shovel and pushes Frankie out of the ring with it. Searching under the ring again Griffin pulls himself out a ladder, which gets a cheer from the crowd as he tosses it in the ring. Ryan pulls Scotty to his feet and tries to slam his head on the table Scotty set up, but The Hardcore Artist reverses it with an elbow to the stomach and grabs Ryan’s head and swings around slamming it into the ring post.

Benny Newell: Ryan might need a Vicodin to get rid of that headache Joe.

Scotty makes a b-line for his barbwire hockey stick as Griffin who has set the ladder up in the ring runs across the ring and tries to cut off Scotty as he dives over the top rope with a suicide dive and takes out Scottywood right in front of the announce table.

Joe Hoffman: Incoming! Great high risk move to catch Scotty off his game.

We see Frnakie finally back to his feet and trying to work over a daze Ryan with a series of punches, but Ryan shakes off the cobwebs from the ring post shot and just looks at Frankie who stop and realizes he may be in trouble as Ryan lays him out with a single punch. He sees the gold in his sights as he quickly locks Frankie in the Inverted CrossFaze as the crowd starts to go crazy.

Joe Hoffman: Inverted CrossFaze locked in! This is almost over folks!

Frankie tries to be strong for a few seconds as Scotty crawls to try and get to his feet but he is on the other side of the ring as Frankie just can’t hold out and starts tapping on the ground as we see Hortega about to call for the bell….

Scottywood: Hold on just a minute!

Joe Hoffman: What is he doing?

Scottywood: I’m sorry to inform you Ryan, but a submission will not gain you the HOW Tag Team titles tonight. Because this match has just become a Last Man Standing match!

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on!!

Benny Newell: Hahaha, Ryan is outsmarted again by Scotty.

Infuriated with Scotty, Ryan leave a almost crying Frankie and runs towards Scottywood, but he doesn’t see that Scotty has now procured his barbwire hockey stick and as Faze round the corner of the ring Scotty lifts it up and lays Ryan out with a shot that opens him up. Getting excited at the sight of Ryan’s blood Scotty drops to the floor and goes to dig the barbwire further into Ryan’s skull, but his brother Griffin pulls Scotty off him in time, but get a shot from the hockey stick for his troubles.

Benny Newell: Both Fazes laid out and busted open! That deserves a drink!

Dropping the hockey stick Scotty smiles as he soaks in the boos from the crowd, even so much as to taunting some at ringside, until he gets to a fans that holds up a toilet seat lid and starts laughing at Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: As funny as it is, I wouldn’t want to be that fan now.

Scotty’s smile quickly turns to anger as he grabs the toilet seat from the fan and pushes him back down into his seat as he makes his way back to Ryan who is slowly getting back to his feet. Ryan turns around towards Scotty only to get cracked across the head with the toilet seat. Scotty then drops it to the floor as he locks Faze in a front face lock and hits a DDT right onto the toilet seat cover.

Benny Newell: Will make Faze think twice before making a bathroom joke about Scottywood….especially after he just got laid out by a toilet seat.

Blood is now covering Ryan’s face as Griffin starts to try and get up, but we see Frankie cut off his attempt by jumping and doing a seat drop right onto Griffin’s chest, driving all the wind out of his lungs as Hortega starts the ten count for his brother Ryan.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan does not seem to be even moving, could be the end of the road for A.B.S.’s title hopes.






Joe Hoffman: Still no sign of life from Ryan.




Benny Newell: Twisted Reality to retain!


Stop that count Hortega!”

The heads of the crowd inside the Coliseum almost turn in unison to the stage as we see Mike Best standing there with microphone in hand and shaking his head.

Mike Best: Think you can just change the rules of a match mid way through Scotty?

We see Scotty shaking his head yes as a smile comes to the bloody mess that is his face.

Mike Best: Well two can play at that game. I see you already have a table set up at ringside, so why don’t we change this match now to a table match!

The crowd erupts in cheers, as the ten count that Hortega almost finished is now irrelevant as that table Scotty set up is now the center of everyone’s attention.

Mike Best: And don’t even think of changing the rules again, or you two will forfeit the title right to A.B.S. Have fun with the rest of the match Scotty!

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Mike Best got the best of Scottywood on that exchange.

Benny Newell: Just wait a minute and you’ll see Ryan’s ass put through some wood…hahaha

Joe Hoffman: That doesn’t even make sense…

Mike Best turns and walks back stage as we can see Scottywood flipping the current owner of HOW off as he turns back to Ryan and pulls in up off the ground and starts to drag him to the table. He gets him over there and wraps him hand around Ryan’s throat and attempts to chokeslam him through the table but Ryan counters with a kick between Scotty’s legs and then slams his head off the table, dazing The Hardcore Artist.

Joe Hoffman: Well looks like the match isn’t over as easily as you thought Benny.

Griffin meanwhile has managed to fight Frankie off him and get back to his feet as he drags the cameraman by his yellow hair and slams his head off the steel steps before he pulls a beer keg out from under the ring and lifts it up with rather ease, which seems to be a shock to Griffin.

Benny Newell: What? I needed a pre show drink….or keg.

Griffin just shakes it off and drills Frankie with the empty keg, which lays him out and leaves a rather large dent in the keg.

Benny Newell: He’ll never get his deposit back now for that.

With Frankie out cold Griffin pulls another table out from under the ring and sets it up as he plans to put Frankie though it, but after getting it up Ryan yells over to him to get into the ring and climb the ladder.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan calling out orders now, as Scotty is laid across that table.

We see exactly that as Ryan also has that shovel in his hand again and delivers a shot to the stomach of Scotty as his brother Griffin scales the ladder till he gets to the top as he looks down at the table outside the ring. The crowd is going crazy as they anticipate something big.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan says his brother is known for big risks, looks like this one will have huge payoffs.

Griffin gets his aim and leaps off the ladder with a suicide plancha and falls towards the table which Scotty rolls off of at the last second and we see Griffin through the table, sending splinters of wood flying.

Benny Newell: Twisted Reality wins!!!

Joe Hoffman: Not so fast Benny, Griffin put himself through the table, it doesn’t count.

Benny Newell: That sucks.

The crowd is booing loudly as Ryan Faze is furious and goes to grab the body of Scotty and drag him towards the second table that his brother had just recently set up. Faze reaches the table and pulls Scotty up the steel steps and places him in a front face lock as he looks back at the table.

Joe Hoffman: He might he going for the Fazebuster here!

Ryan indeed goes for the impact DDT, but it is blocked by Scotty who knees Ryan in the gut and reverse the front face lock into one of his own and lifts Ryan up onto his shoulder and powerbombs him straight through the table as Hortega calls for the bell to the boos of the crowd.

Benny Newell: Scottybomb! Through the table! Suck it Joe!

Scotty collapses on the ground as “Stricken” by Disturbed starts to play and Hortega hands Scottywood the two Tag Team title belts.

Bryan McVay: The winners of this match and still Tag Team champions, the team of Frankie the Cameraman and Scottywood…. Twisted Reality!!!

Joe Hoffman: And with that Twisted Reality takes the lead in the AoA group with 3 points and A.B.S. drops to fourth place with -1 points.

Benny Newell: Did you expect anything less from the Tag Team champions and Lee Best’s chosen possible heir.

Hortega raises Scotty’s arm, even though he can’t get off the floor as we head into a commercial with a shot of Scottywood, completely spent and laying on the ground with his titles.


Bad Intentions

As we come back from commercial, we go to Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell at the announce table.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to Turmoil, and–





The sound of “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf blasting through the speakers sends the Best Arena crowd into a frenzy of hate, as the biggest douchebag in High Octane Wrestling, “The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci, makes his way down to the ring. Bryan McVay goes to introduce him, but DeNucci snatches the microphone out of his hands before he can.

Michael DeNucci: What’s up bitches?

The crowd boos mercilessly.

Michael DeNucci: Shut the fuck up and show some damn respect to YOUR HOFC champ and soon to be Lee Best Invitational winner, Michael DeNucci. I’ve hijacked the broadcast for a moment because I’ve got some shit I wanna address, and you haters can either shut up or get your fat asses knocked the fuck out.

The fans don’t seem to be concerned with DeNucci’s threats, but he presses on anyway.

Michael DeNucci: As you just saw a while ago, I kicked the shit out of that pink-haired Kirsta Lewis wannabe, Erites Kallisten. And don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of beating that bitch into submission, and sending her back to the kitchen where she belongs, but there’s one little problem, something that’s bothering me.

Michael DeNucci: On the off chance any of you retards are capable of using Twitter, you’ve seen me mouthing off all week with a certain someone who’s decided to get under my skin. Once again, this bitch has decided to bite off more than she can chew, and now she needs the same kind of Ike Turner-style beatdown I’ve given bitches like Bobbinette Carey and Erites Kallisten.

DeNucci turns directly to the camera.

Michael DeNucci: Kirsta Lewis, I’M CALLING YOU OUT, BITCH!

Joe Hoffman: Is he calling out the Hellcat?

Benny Newell: He just said “I’m calling you out.” Fucking pay attention for once, Hoffman…drink!

Benny takes a swig from his official HOW flask as DeNucci continues.

Michael DeNucci: You’ve spent all fucking week on Twitter running your mouth about how you’re gonna show me what a woman can do. You’ve been showing people what women can do since you got here. It was what, three months before we saw you on camera without Lee’s dick in your mouth? And we know that was only because he went to prison, and as soon as he’s a free man, you’ll be right back on his cock where you belong. But in the meantime, you’ve gone and pissed me RIGHT the fuck off.

Michael DeNucci: So here’s what’s gonna go down. Neither you nor I are booked next week, or the week after. So Kirsta, I’m more than willing to take one of those weeks and fly out to this frozen-over hellhole, walk my ass into this ring, and make your shut your whore mouth once and for all.

Michael DeNucci: Only one thing is standing in my way, and that’s Mike Best. Mike, I’m warning you right now…I don’t care which week you make it, but you’ve got until the January 21st Turmoil to make this match happen. If I walk into the Best Arena on January 21 and see I’m not booked to face Kirsta, so help me Tiësto, it’s gonna be YOUR jaw I break instead of hers. One way or another, I’m knocking a whore out in the next two weeks…which one is up to you.

DeNucci drops the mic as Let It Rock plays again.

Joe Hoffman: Michael DeNucci is on the warpath, and he’s calling out Kirsta Lewis!

Benny Newell: I’ve seen them going back and forth on Twitter, Joe. She stuck her whore nose into his business, and now she’s gonna get it broken.

Action cuts backstage…


Back to Black

The cameras cut to the backstage area where David Black is seen standing near a door with his back to the camera. The door is slightly open and David is peeking through it while mumbling something to himself about “too many people” and that he “cannot go out there”. As the camera slowly moves towards David we see that he is infact looking out at part of the crowd in attendance for tonights show. David continues mumbling to himself as HOW interviewer Missy Andrews walks up behind him.

Missy Andrews: Excuse me, David?

David Black: BWAH!

David slams the door shut and spins around in one swift move. He frantically looks around the room before his eyes eventually settle on the beautiful woman who is standing in front of him with a confused look on her face.

Missy Andrews: Are you all right?

David Black: Chipper!

He cracks a nervous smile, doing his best to hide what looks like nervous twitching going on in his face.

Missy Andrews: Are you sure? You seem a bit…nervous.

David Black: You just uhh…startled me. You do sneak about, don’t you?

Missy Andrews: Well I certainly–

David Black: You know what we should do? We should put a bell on you, that’s what we should do.

He nods his head.

David Black: Well I should get going.

David goes to leave but Missy stops him.

Missy Andrews: Well actually I was hoping to ask you a few questions.

David Black: Oh really?

David tilts his head to the left and then to the right before raising it back up straight again.

David Black: Well it’s a good thing I came to talk to you then.

Missy gives David a confused look.

Missy Andrews: I came to find you.

She corrects him as David gets a puzzled look on his face and shakes his head.

David Black: At any rate…I really should get going.

David goes to leave again but Missy stops him once again.

Missy Andrews: I was still hoping to ask you a question or two.

David Black: Oh… Right! Must have slipped my mind…

Missy’s growing confusion and uncomfortableness is clear in her face but being the professional she is, she keeps going.

Missy Andrews: Well my question, the question that is on everybody’s mind right now, is now that you have lost the LSD Championship after holding it for so long, what is next for David Black?

David hesitates but finally opens his mouth and just as he goes to speak, he completely freezes up and his eyes widens as he spots something outside of the camera’s view.

David Black: NO!!!

He yells angrily as he charges past a now completely lost Missy Andrews. The cameraman follows after David and reveals that what David had spotted was infact none other than LSD Champion Tim Shipley, who is sporting a big knee brace and half-staggering when he walks as a result of his injuries. David marches towards Shipley who readies himself for a fight but David stops right in front of him, standing face to face with the man who beat him for the title.

David Black: You can’t be here! You are NOT here!

Tim Shipley, seemingly as confused as Missy Andrews, cautiously takes a step backwards as David’s eyes catches the LSD Championship draped across Shipley’s shoulder. David points at the title and looks at Shipley.

David Black: That’s mine! Give it back!

Tim Shipley: I beat you fair and square! This is MY title now!

The anger and frustration is now clear on David’s face.

David Black: NO! You have played your game well but I have figured you out! You’re not real! Just like she is not real and since you are not real, you cannot have beaten me and thus that title is still mine!

Tim Shipley: I do not know what is going on here but this title is not yours anymore. I beat you, I won the title and I am now the champion. Deal with it.

David shakes his head.

David Black: You are not real! You can’t be real because if you are real, then she’s real and if she’s real and you’re real and if I feel…NO!

Shipley gives David a puzzled look as he clearly has no idea what the hell is going on.

David Black: I don’t feel that! I can’t! I’m true and I couldn’t…I wouldn’t…

Tim Shipley: Look…I don’t know what you are trying to pull here but it’s not going to work.

Shipley stares at David for a few seconds.

Tim Shipley: I’ve got things to do.

He adds, as he walks past David and disappears down the hall. The camera then goes back on David.

David Black: He’s not real…she’s not real.

David shakes his head and starts walking down the hallway but the cameras do pick up one more thing he says.

David Black: They’re not real… I don’t love her..

The camera briefly goes back on Missy Andrews, who is still utterly confused, before cutting away to commercial.


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Chris Jacobs vs. Effing Holmes
Singles Match

Bryan McVay: The following match is a Best Invitational match. First, making his way to the ring… from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada and weighing in at 170 pounds… Chris Jacobs!

Chris Jacobs makes his way out from the back, and begins descending down the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Former LSD champion Chris Jacobs has a great opportunity here to show HOW that he can be a contender for the HOW World Title…

Benny Newell: He needs to seize this opportunity. But one man is standing in his way tonight. And that’s Effing Holmes.

Chris slides into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Oh WAIT… WAIT!… Look out!

Effing Holmes slides into the ring at the exact same time with a barbed wire baseball bat.

Benny Newell: What the hell is this!?

Holmes rushes in to hit Jacobs with the bat, but Jacobs hits Holmes with a huge spear! The barbed wire bat bounces on the mat, and Hortega kicks it out of the ring…

Benny Newell: What the hell was Effing Holmes thinking?

Joe Hoffman: Looking to get the early advantage. It looks like this match is underway!

Jacobs quickly locks in a rear naked choke, but Holmes counters by grabbing the ropes. Jacobs lets go of the hold and Holmes rolls to the outside looking for his barbed wire bat. Jacobs rolls out of the ring and blasts Holmes with a right hand. Holmes counters with a forearm uppercut that sends Jacobs reeling backwards. Holmes runs in for a clothesline, but Jacobs hits a back body drop! Holmes back and head slam on the floor!

Benny Newell: Well, things are certainly getting hardcore, Hoffman!

Joe Hoffman: Perhaps not as Effing Holmes had hoped…

Jacobs lifts Holmes off the floor and rolls him into the ring. Holmes stands up, favoring his back. Jacobs slides back into the ring and locks in the cobra clutch on Holmes! Holmes flails around the ring before Jacobs turns it into a cobra clutch backbreaker. Jacobs covers. Hortega counts.




Jacobs covers again.




Jacobs grabs Effing Holmes by the head and pulls him to his feet. Holmes battles back with stiff right hands to Jacob’s gut. Another. And Another. Holmes grabs Jacobs arm and launches him across the ropes. Jacobs comes back and Effing Holmes blasts Jacobs in the face with a hard axehandle smash that busts Jacobs nose open! Blood gushes everywhere.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God! I think Holmes just broke Chris Jacobs nose!

Benny Newell: That son of a bitch!

The crowd boos, as Holmes stands back and Hortega checks on Jacobs. Holmes stands in the corner mouthing about how no-one in HOW respects his abilities and that he’s pissed. Holmes looks deranged. Hortega calls to the side of the ring for a towel, but Jacobs waves him off. Jacobs slowly stirs and gets back to his feet. He stares across the ring at Holmes, who prepares to throw punches. Jacobs wipes the blood from his nose, and then looks at Holmes, then back at the blood. Holmes shuffles his way in towards Jacobs and throws a right hand. Jacobs ducks it and lands a hard right hand to Holmes’s jaw. Holmes stumbles backwards and falls between the ring ropes and to the outside! The crowd goes nuts.

Joe Hoffman: A knockout punch, Newell!

Benny Newell: I’ll drink to that!

Blood pours down Jacobs’s face as he drops down to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Holmes is on his hands and knees. Jacobs grabs Holmes’s head and pulls him up to his feet. Holmes counters with a palm thrust to Jacobs’s nose! Jacobs stumbles backwards into the steel ring post and hits his head. He falls to the ground as Effing Holmes holds his jaw as the crowd boos loudly.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell!

Benny Newell: Effing Holmes “nose” what he’s doing, Hoffman. Hahaha.

Joe Hoffman: Not funny…

Benny Newell: Christ, Hoffman… Loosen up!

Holmes slides back in the ring to create distance, and tells Hortega to count Jacobs out. Hortega gets up in Holmes’s face about his shots to Jacobs nose. Hortega drops down to the mat, and rolls outside to check on Jacobs. Holmes gets pissed and climbs back to the outside. Holmes walks up and spins Hortega around. Holmes shouts to Hortega to get into the ring and make the count. Hortega reminds Holmes that he’s the official and tells him to get back into the ring or he’s disqualified. Before Holmes can do anything, Jacobs is up and flies through the air with a forearm smash! Holmes falls flat on his back! The crowd is hot. Jacobs picks Holmes up and rolls him back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Holmes certainly does have a bad attitude.

Jacobs gets into the ring, runs off the ropes, then comes back and drops a huge knee drop across Holmes’s throat!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God, Hortega! Stop this match…

Jacobs drops down to the mat and locks in a triangle choke hold. Hortega checks Holmes, who is already tapping, and signals for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding!

Jacobs keeps the hold on Holmes, screaming “You want to fuck with me, huh!?” as several HOW officials come running down the ramp and slide into the ring. Jacobs finally releases the hold. Officials quickly pull Jacobs away from Holmes.

Bryan McVay: Your winner… Chris Jacobs!

Joe Hoffman: I think there’s something bigger going on here… Holmes has a reputation of being hardcore, and rebellious… but I don’t know about that axehandle blow to the nose… Jacobs could be seriously injured.

Benny Newell: What are you insinuating?

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know… but this doesn’t look good.

The officials push Chris Jacobs back into the corner, as Jacobs points to his nose and starts screaming at the officials that Holmes is a piece of shit and that he’s going to kill him. The officials do their best to restrain Chris, as the show cuts to the backstage area.


A True Hall of Famer

Backstage in the sold out Kallisten Arena, Brian B.A.R.E. is standing beside the door to Simon Sparrow’s locker room (as evidenced by the HOW Hall of Famer’s name etched on it) rubbing his nose.

Brian B.A.R.E.: This is Brian B.A.R.E. and tonight, as promised, I will have an exclusive interview with Simon Sparrow where he will announce which HOW Championship he will target after he won the contract from Chris CK on Opening Night.

Brian B.A.R.E. knocks on the door and turns to the camera smiling when the door opens. Brian B.A.R.E. turns to find no one standing in the open door. The camera pans down to reveal Louis the Little Person standing there, looking surly, wearing a black suit, white dress shirt, and blue tie.

Louis the Little Person: GO AWAY!!!

Louis the Little Person slams the door in Brian B.A.R.E.’s face. Brian B.A.R.E. knocks on the door again and once again Louis the Little Person opens the door.

Brian B.A.R.E.: I was wondering if I could—

Louis the Little Person: What? Do you got shit in your ears? What did I tell you? GET LOST!!!

Louis the Little Person again slams the door. Brian B.A.R.E., clearly getting frustrated, now pounds on the door. The door swings open revealing Louis the Little Person, this time carrying a small wooden baseball bat.

Brian B.A.R.E.: Now look here—-

Louis the Little Person: You again? Okay, now you are pissing me off.

Louis the Little Person swings the mini-baseball bat down and nails Brian B.A.R.E.’s foot.


Louis the Little Person: WHAT? YOU WANT MORE? IS THAT IT???? I GOT MORE!!!

Simon Sparrow appears at the door wearing a black three button suit, charcoal gray dress shirt, and black paisley tie. He looks at Louis the Little Person and then at Brian B.A.R.E. who is holding his right foot in pain.

Simon Sparrow: What’s going on?

Louis the Little Person: This dumbass won’t go away!

Brian B.A.R.E.: I just want an interview!!!!

Simon Sparrow: I’m sorry Brian, but Louis has anger management issues. And if he wishes to get promoted to spokesperson he is going to need to work on that, right Louis?

Louis the Little Person: I wouldn’t HAVE anger management issues if people would stop pissing me off!!!

Simon Sparrow: Louis, apologize to Brian.

Louis the Little Person: Screw that!

Simon Sparrow: LOUIS! APOLOGIZE!!!

Louis the Little Person: FINE!!! I’m sorry I brought down so much pain on you that you cried like a baby!

Brian B.A.R.E.: I DIDN’T CRY!!!

Louis the Little Person: YET.

Louis the Little Person takes a menacing step towards Brian B.A.R.E. who takes a cowering and hobbling step backwards.

Simon Sparrow: What is it, Brian? What do you want to know?

Brian B.A.R.E.: After defeating Chris CK for the open contract to any HOW Championship you wish, myself and the world wants to know on which title will you use the contract.

Simon Sparrow: There are more pressing matters at hand, Brian. I am not ready to divulge which championship I will target. Next week, I have a round one match against Justin Decent.

Louis the Little Person: And after he faces you, Simon, he’ll change his name to Justin Traction!

Simon Sparrow looks back at Louis the Little Person after his attempt at humor, rolls his eyes, and immediately turns back to Brian B.A.R.E.

Simon Sparrow: Anyway, the fact of the matter is, I have a lot on my mind than to worry about which champion will lose their title to me. I have to take the stand next week in Lee Best’s trial. I am the number one seed of the Darkwing Division in the Best Invitational….which, I might say, is quite coincidental. I was undefeated against Darkwing. And I will be undefeated against the Darkwing Division!

Brian B.A.R.E.: So you are NOT going to announce—

Simon Sparrow: Oh, I’m making an announcement tonight. Right here and right now. Tonight, I am announcing the formation of the Society of the Rising Sparrow. An organization dedicated to—

Louis the Little Person: I thought we agreed that the Brotherhood of the Sparrow was better.

Simon Sparrow: No, that’s the name YOU liked.

Louis the Little Person: It sounds better than the Society of the Rising Sparrow!

Simon Sparrow: My wife chose that name! Besides, if we call ourselves a Brotherhood it will make us seem like some religious fanatics or something!

Louis the Little Person: Society of the Rising Sparrow sounds dumb!

Simon Sparrow: Whatever. Look, the name is still a work in progress. But I am forming an organization that is dedicated to freeing Lee Best, ending the ineptitude of Mike Best, and to once again give the HOW Championship credibility!

Brian B.A.R.E.: I don’t follow.

Simon Sparrow: The HOW Championship, Brian. Devalued by the actions of Mike Best and the current HOW champion. Inviting outsiders to take part in this tournament! It shows a complete disregard and a total lack of respect to those of us in the HOW who have sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears to make that title mean something. People like Kostoff, Graystone, Narcotic, myself, and even though it pains me to say it

Simon Sparrow: My organization will do everything in it’s power to expose Wolfgang Bruggemann as the fraud he is! We will not rest until Lee Best is a free man! And we will make sure that until that day arrives, we point out how horrible a leader Mike Best really is! Now if you’ll excuse us….

Louis the Little Person and Simon Sparrow adjourn back into Sparrow’s locker room and Simon Sparrow slams the door in Brian B.A.R.E.’s face.

Simon Sparrow: ….Max Kael. The fact that Wolfgang Bruggemann would come out during ICONIC and insinuate that there is no one in the HOW worthy of facing him is not only a slap in my face but it’s a slap in the face to everyone in the HOW! Yet, the HOW fans cheer for him. The organization that I am forming is on a crusade to bring integrity back to the HOW championship! Our champion, Herr Wolfgang Bruggemann, he has zero integrity. Not only was he convicted of murder but I helped him retain his title at “Rumble at the Rock” and I got zero gratitude. Are those qualities befitting a champion? I think not!

Action cuts to commercial…


Official sponsor of all the High Octane Gear



Joe Hoffman: Well folks it’s about time to get back to the ring here in the Best Ar– I mean, Kallisten Coliseum…

Benny Newell: HAHA! DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: We’re about to see Graystone for the first time since he was buried alive, and new LSD Champion Tim Shipley for the first time since that brutal House of Mirrors match at ICONIC in which he finally took the belt away from David Black, who was of course awarded Best Champion of 2009 at the HOW Awards.

Benny Newell: Ya and more importantly a certain Big Buff Benny Newell: got into the Hall of Fame…

Joe Hoffman: That certainly did happen, Benny. You’re right.

Benny Newell: I’m right! DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: …Does your game even HAVE any rules?

Ring announcer Bryan McVay steps into the ring and a hush falls around the arena.

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, originally from Milton Keynes, England, weighing in at 228 pounds… the High Octane Wrestling LSD Champion… TIMMMM! SHIIIIPLEEEEEEEEYYYY!

The arena falls dark and a searing guitar riff rakes across the eardrums of the audience. Shipley’s usual music, “Astral Conversations with Toulouse Lautrec”, has served him well for five years, but it’s gone at last and in its place we hear the rousing screech of Muse’s “MK Ultra”. A drum crescendo joins the raging guitar and white strobes flash in time with the beat. As the track kicks in fully, Shipley and his manager Roxie Sykes appear in the entrance-way, highlighted in blue and gold lights.

The wavelength gently grows

Coercive notions re-evolve

A universe is trapped inside a tear

Benny Newell: MAN OHH MAN!!

Both Shipley and Roxie have undergone something of a makeover alongside the new music to celebrate his LSD reign, and Benny’s reaction is shared by much of the male contingent inside the Kallisten Coliseum as Roxie is attired in a highly revealing one-piece blue leather catsuit, which fits snugly around her thighs and then splits as we move upwards, allowing eyes to linger right down unobstructed from her neck to her navel, while her toned back is almost totally on show, affording us a view plunging well below the small of her back, and letting us also see for the first time a tattoo on her right shoulderblade; the spirally spidery text reads “Opium of the masses”. Shipley, meanwhile, has his newly acquired LSD championship belt around his waist, and his beaming face shows only delight over the top of it. He has exchanged his dull black wrestling shorts for long tights in blue and gold. The pair in short look every inch superstars, the image spoiled only by the forbidding brace the Englishman wears over his damaged left knee, and the corresponding limp with which he has to walk.

It resonates the core

Creates unnatural laws

Replaces love and happiness with fear

Joe Hoffman: It’s new music and a new look for Tim Shipley and Roxie, and just listen to the reception around this arena! It looks like after an ambivalent first few months the fans have finally adopted Shipley as their blue-chipper going into 2010…

Benny Newell: Blue-SHIPPER! HAHA! No but seriously man it’s not even Shipley they care about. It’s Roxie. Man, what I could do to that ass…

Shipley winces as he ascends the ring steps but doesn’t let the pain in his leg take anything away from his enjoyment of this moment, as the fans salute his achievements in taking the LSD title belt from one of its most dominant possessors. With typical good manners he holds up the top rope and lets Roxie enter the ring first, upon which she signals for the ring announcer to hand her the microphone.

How much deception can you take?

How many lies will you create?

How much longer till you break?

Benny Newell: Oh no baby don’t open that mouth!

Joe Hoffman: Benny Newell, advocate for women’s rights everybody.

Roxie smiles as the music fades away and her ears begin to pick up the chant of “SHIPLEY, SHIPLEY”. She beams at her client, who seems a tad overawed by the ovation he is getting. Then, making a decision, she takes his hand and plants the microphone into it. Shipley looks a little surprised, but Roxie gives him a confident nod.

Joe Hoffman: It doesn’t look like Shipley was planning on saying anything to us tonight but Roxie is insistent that before his match with Graystone he addresses the great fans here, and rightly so.

Tim Shipley: I just have got to… thank each and every one of you so much for your support at ICONIC, and here tonight in Chicago.

Benny Newell: Each one of us? But Joe! Doesn’t he know I think he’s a pansy?

Shipley receives a roar of support, which boosts the somewhat shy Englishman’s confidence enough to move on and speak from the heart.

Tim Shipley: It meant the world to me to win the LSD title in Madison Square Garden. I grew up watching my favourite wrestlers in that ring. When my family moved from England to Albany, the first thing I wanted to do was see a wrestling show at MSG. So to wrestle there… and not only that, but to win a title belt, against all the odds, in a match chosen by David Black, in a match I shouldn’t even have been allowed, medically, to compete in…

Shipley trails off and catches Roxie’s eye. It is shining with a proud tear. He cannot help but smile.

Tim Shipley: It was something truly special. I know that I haven’t always been the most grateful of HOW wrestlers. Maybe I took my place here for granted a little too much, and maybe I spent too long idling over things and people that really didn’t matter to any of you. But the High Octane Wrestling fans… you stood by me. You saw something in me and so you overlooked the things I shouldn’t have said, and the things I should never have done. I clashed with Ryan Faze, not realising he was the man making all of this possible for me.

A cheer goes up for Faze, the deposed Mayhem GM.

Tim Shipley: I criticised the business model here and maybe I was a little put out at not having the kind of home comforts I’ve been accustomed to in other places. But what I realised is that I don’t care about the past anymore. Roxie and I are HERE, right now, in HOW. And we stand before you with this LSD championship belt and we humbly ask for your respect. And thousands of you sit around me, and you cheer my name—

Shipley’s voice breaks, and he wipes a hand across his furrowed forehead.

Benny Newell: Aww wittle baby wants to cwy!!

Tim Shipley: I just really could not ask for any more. Neither of us could.

He looks up and gives Roxie a weak smile. She can’t take her eyes off him.

Tim Shipley: Right now, here tonight, once more I should not be wrestling. And yet for the third time, I go up against your High Octane Wrestling hall-of-famer… Graystone.

Murmurs of heat from the fans.

Tim Shipley: I’m told that you’ve all seen video footage of a press conference leaked during the week. So I won’t go over ground that’s been covered. I just want you all to know that I value your support and, tonight, I’m going to need it. I’ve beaten Graystone twice before but tonight I have to do it on one leg. And if I’m going to go on and win the “group of death” in this Invitational, and maybe even go on to win the whole damn thing… I won’t be able to do it without hearing you cheering my name. So yet again I thank you for everything that you’ve all given me so far… and then I just have to be selfish, and ask for more of the same. You’ve all been GREAT. Now let’s bring Graystone out and together we can ALL show him what being an HOW champion in THIS decade is all about!

A swarming applause engulfs the Coliseum, Shipley’s heartfelt speech clearly having further won over those in attendance tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Moving stuff from Shipley. But right now he’s got to take his head out of the clouds and focus on this match, because Graystone and a dislocated kneecap is just asking for trouble.

Benny Newell: He’s gonna be like a shark that’s scented blood, Joe. And he’s gonna eat Shippers right up.


Graystone vs. Tim Shipley
Singles Match

“The Curse” by Disturbed hits and the dark, imposing figure stands silhouetted by the curtain.

Joe Hoffman: Well that’s what we’re about to find out Benny, and here comes Graystone!

Bryan McVay: His opponent… weighing in at 225 pounds… GRAAAAAAYYYYSTOOOOOOOOONE!!!

Graystone brushes his long black hair out of his eyes and stamps determinedly down the ramp, ignoring the mixed reaction he receives.

Joe Hoffman: Well Graystone was “buried alive” in frankly what must be record time at ICONIC but he has come out here tonight with that steely look that means business.

Benny Newell: You know Joe, as a fellow hall-of-famer of Graystone’s, I feel the most *hic* qualified to talk about whether or not he means business tonight.

Graystone slides into the ring and before the bell can even sound, goes straight into a tie-up on Tim Shipley. Taken unawares, Shipley tries to shove him away to the ropes, but Graystone edges behind him and plants the Englishman with a stiff backbreaker, leaving the LSD champion already gritting his teeth and rolling on the canvas.

Benny Newell: Ya he means business…

Graystone continues his dominance in the early part of the match, Shipley unable to get a toehold against a relentlessly focused adversary. His injured knee is clearly not helping matters; at one point Shipley has to pull out of an Irish whip, and staggers off to lean on the turnbuckle, drawing his injured leg up towards his chest. Roxie scuttles over at ringside and whispers frantic words to her man.

Benny Newell: What! This is bullshit!

The crowd are more sympathetic, trying to gently coax Shipley into the match with supportive chants of “SHIPLEY! *clapclapclap* SHIPLEY!” Graystone just wants to win, and he edges up behind Shipley and armdrags him to the canvas. Shipley lands badly and the crowd begins to boo. Looking startled, Graystone looks around him and raises his hands up to the Kallisten Coliseum, as if appealing for what exactly he is supposed to do. Roxie has her hands to her mouth at ringside, slowly shaking her head.

Joe Hoffman: This is a little ugly out there. Tim Shipley just should not be in the ring in his condition.

Benny Newell: But he made that choice. PUNISH HIM Graystone!

Graystone shakes his head at the fans and pulls Shipley to his feet, then with a red flash in his eyes grabs his injured leg and holds it up, as if readying for a fisherman’s suplex, or a dragonscrew. Shipley’s eyes plead with Graystone: enough. Graystone just holds the leg there, Shipley caked in sweat, clearly in too much pain to do anything about it. And now Graystone looks out at the fans, who begin to boo once more, hating the man for readying himself to inflict further pain on a clearly incapacitated Tim Shipley. Roxie yells obscenities at him.

Benny Newell: Snap that knee Gray! Don’t hold back!

The boos become a rising crescendo, Roxie’s voice a shrill beacon of protest, but a transformation is coming over Graystone’s features. Any hint of anger or resentment is gone. His face relaxes, his eyes widen; he licks his lips and looks furtively around him. All he sees is hatred for himself, and he no longer has the heart to stoke that fire. Slowly, deliberately, as if he can’t quite believe what he is doing, Graystone gently sets Shipley’s boot back down on the mat.

Benny Newell: WHAT!!

Joe Hoffman: He has a heart! He has some humanity in him! Graystone is sparing Tim Shipley!

Benny Newell: I tell you once more Joe, this is bullshit!

Joe Hoffman: The Graystone of old would not have hesitated to go ahead and maybe even end Shipley’s career right there! But… WHAT’S THIS! THEY’RE SHAKING HANDS!

Graystone offers his hand, nodding, to a stricken yet grateful Tim Shipley. The LSD champion clasps the hand of the hall-of-famer in his and gives it the weak shake that is all he can muster. “Till next time,” Graystone audibly tells his opponent. Meanwhile the boos have disappeared and have transformed into an admiring show of support for both men in the ring. And – dare your ears hear it? – a chant makes itself heard. “GRAYSTONE! GRAYSTONE!”

Benny Newell: Did hell just freeze over?! Graystone HATES everyone! What is he doing!

Shipley gasps some words out that this time we cannot hear. Graystone nods, slowly, and moves to the corner of the ring, beckoning to Roxie. She comes up onto the apron and they confer, Roxie looking serious.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, it looks like one way or another this Best Invitational match has come to an end, Graystone and Roxie now negotiating precisely what to do about it.

The ring official comes over to talk to the pair and after a brief exchange of words, he calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: That’s it! Roxie has thrown in the towel!

Benny Newell: I give up. This is the most pussyish match in the history of High Octane Wrestling.

Shipley does his best to stagger out to the apron, Graystone giving him a helping hand.

Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… by forfeit… GRAAAAAYYSTOOOOOOONE!!

The fans give an almighty cheer for both competitors. Graystone refuses to celebrate the victory, instead making sure Shipley is safely out of the ring. Roxie takes her client off his hands, pausing to stand on tiptoes and give the dark-haired former HOW champion a kiss on the cheek, and a nod that says, thank you for being a gentleman.

Joe Hoffman: Roxie shows her respect for what Graystone has done tonight – and I think we all share that sentiment.

Benny Newell: …SLUT!

Roxie helps Shipley to walk away, and Graystone watches them go with a satisfied smile. He knows he has done the right thing. Graystone then returns to the ring’s centre and pauses, just for a second, to soak up the applause. He closes his eyes, he clenches his fists, and he is silent. Welcome to 2010 as we then cut to a commercial break.


Was Max a good boy for Christmas…call to find out!


Internet Donation

Returning from commercial break Joe Hoffman can be seen standing in the ring with the microphone in his hand. The crowd cheers one half of the Announcing Hall of Famers as he smiles out into the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen! I am pleased to introduce to you the mystery donator who, over the holidays, was kind enough to open their heart. This considerable donation allowed not only to increase our own facilities but the excess revenue was donated to charity to assist hungry families across America!

Cheers and chants of “Thank You” could be heard echoing around the arena as Joe Hoffman smiles brightly up at the fans.

Joe Hoffman: So.. without further adieu, our Mystery Donator!

The lights of the arena dim as the crowd rises to their feet to cheer the person who donated so much to HOW.

“Singularity” by Doctor Steel hits the P.A. as the crowd’s cheers immediately fall over into boos. ICON Champion Maximillian Kael makes his way out to the ring in his wrestling gear with the ICON championship wrapped around his waist. The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia stands on the stage for a moment smirking out over the crowd before he slowly walks down to the ring with a smug expression on his ace.

The crowd continues to boo as Max moves up into the ring retriving his personalized Maxopotamia Microphone tucked into his tights. Joe Hoffman looks confused as the lights come back on, the music cutting away as only the sound of booing fills the arena.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell are you doing out here Max? This is to honor the Mystery Donator..

Max arches his eyebrows up but does not speak as Joe Hoffman makes a sickened expression.

Joe Hoffman: Wait.. wait YOU’RE the mystery donator!?

The ICON Champion smirks a little brighter before he lifts the mic to his lips shaking his head.

Max Kael: No, Hoffman, I am not the Mystery Donator.

The crowd lets out a loud cheer of relief as Hoffman gets into Max’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Then with all due respect get out of the ring and let them be honored.

Max’s smirk disappears as he scowls at Hoffman who stares Max right back in the face. Max cracks his neck before slowly turning around to leave the ring..


The ICON Champion turns and slaps Joe Hoffman across the face stunning the HOFer and knocking him down onto his ass with a look of shock.

Max Kael: You do not SPEAK to the PARAGON of HOW In that manner, Hoffman! No, I did not MAKE the Donation but a close personal friend DID and I have been asked, on their behalf, to represent them tonight. Now.. Get your ass OUT of the ring, Joe Hoffman, Hall of Famer, and park it where you actually have a use, behind the shilling our product!

The roar of fury from the crowd almost obscures Max’s comments as Joe Hoffman pulls himself back up to his feet rubbing the side of his face where Max had slapped him. Max stares down the announcer as he slowly leaves the ring to the ICON Champion. Once he is out of the ring Max turns back to the crowd lifting the mic up to his lips.

Max Kael: HOW, your Paragon and ICON wishes you all a Happy New Year on behalf of the Silent Backer who saw fit to donate so much for your enjoyment! Now.. with that out of the way let’s get down to brass taxes.. Last year your ICON Champion enjoyed perhaps the most successful series I have had since coming to HOW. I have not lost a singles encounter since Rumble at the Rock. I survived ICONIC burying two of my greatest opponents and I’ve been awarded more end of the year Honors than any other member of the Roster active today!

As Max lists his achievements the crowd does not relent. Chants of “YOU SUCK” start to rally as Maximillian basks in his own perceived greatness.

Max Kael: Last year Max Kael proved he is the greatest wrestler in HOW period. Aceldama? A weak champion who hasn’t had a legitimate title defense in months! David Black? He dropped his title to a nobody ending what could have been a truly historic title reign. Michael DeNucci? Playing Bum Fights in the Basement does not make you a Champion, Mike. I am a Paragon. I am the measure by which Greatness is taken. I. Am. Better. Better then Aceldama. Better then Shane Reynolds. Better then Michael DeNucci, David Black and both of the idiots in Twisted Reality combined! But most importantly I am better.. better then Simon Sparrow.

Again the boos reign in on the ICON champion who merely struts around the ring polishing the ICON Championship around his waist.

Max Kael: I have been so amazing, so great, so incredibly impressive this last year that I have word that Santa Claus himself waited until tonight to give me my present for Christmas in front of a live audience! Do you know who does not receive gifts from Santa Claus in front of a live crowd almost three weeks AFTER Christmas!? Simon Sparrow doesn’t! So come on, fatman, bring on my Gift!

The crowd comes alive as “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” hits the P.A. Snow starts to descend from the rafters as a jovial looking Santa Claus appears on the stage heading down to the ring with a large red bag slung over his shoulder. As he makes his way down to the ring he slaps hands with the fans and offers a series of loud guttural HO HOs that would make even the most cold hearted man feel warm. The bearded St. Nick climbs into the ring and approaches Max Kael who is wearing a perfectly charming smile.

Max Kael: Hi Santa! As I was just explaining to these cretins, I’ve been a very, very good boy and I think I know whatever gift I get tonight it will certainly reflect that! So.. what do you got for me, Nicky?

The Santa Claus lets out another might roar and swings his red back around pulling a large long box out of it handing it toward Max. The ICON Champion feigns surprise and takes the box with declarations of surprise and interest! Max starts to open the gift when Santa Claus stops him. Max looks confused as the Santa takes the mic from him.

Santa Claus: Ho ho ho! Merry.. well.. Late Christmas Max! I hope you enjoy your gift but before you open that.. I have something else for you compliments of Mike Best!

Reaching into his bag Santa pulls out a smaller round looking present which he hands over to Max who seems extremely confused, his previous excitement and over acting gone. Arching an eyebrow he rips open the gift.

Coal. A large lump of black coal sits in Max’s hand as the audience laughs loudly along with the Santa Claus. Max’s expression seems to be a mix between rejection and fury as he slowly lifts his gaze to view the fans around him.

Santa Claus: Looks like someone has been a Bad Bo-


The ICON Champion shatters the piece of coal against the side of the Santa’s head causing the fat man to drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The crowd roars back to life with boos as a few children start to cry seeing Santa getting mugged. Max spits on the Santa and kicks him out of the ring before stopping to look at a crying boy in the front row.

Max Kael: Relax kid, Santa’s not real!

The parent covers the crying boys ears as Max stalks back to the center of the ring and tears open the original gift that Santa had given him. A long flat white box is see under the wrapping which Max quickly opens with a lock of mock surprise. Looking down into the box keeping whatever is within obscured from view the ICON Champion shakes his head.

Max Kael:.. oh my god..!

Max reaches down and pulls out..


The crowd is suddenly unsure how to react as Max Kael presents the old HOW Internet Championship, propping it up onto his shoulder with a look just like a kid who got his wish for Christmas! Mustering up a few crocodile tears Max looks out on the crowd.

Max Kael: Just what I have always wanted! A double Championship! Ladies and Gentlemen.. allow me to introduce myself.. as the HOW ICON Champion.. and NEW INTERNET CHAMPION! The Paragon of HOW and Prime Minister of Maxopotamia.. the FIRST SINGLES DOUBLE CHAMPION OF THIS ERA.. and soon to be the FIRST SINGLES TRIPLE CHAMPION after I win the Best Invitational starting with Mike Plow..MAXIMILLIAN KAEL!

A few pieces of garbage begin to fly past Max as “Singularity” by Doctor Steel hits the P.A. Max unhooks the ICON Championship and holds both titles high into the air as we go to Commercial.


Better than Max’s segment and upcoming match..


Max Kael vs. Mike Plow
Singles Match

We cut back from the commercial to find Max Kael leaving his dressing room, as he closes the door he notices that there is a letter pinned to the door with his name written on it in ink. Curious he takes the letter from the pin and opens it and begins to read the letter inside.

Max Kael: Interesting.

He scrumples up the letter and throws it to the ground before walking down the corridor towards the main arena, singing as he does.

Joe Hoffman: Max Kael just received a letter and whatever the content of that letter was he seems to be in a buoyant mood.

Benny Newell: Must be the results of his mental tests, he has failed. Must be a load off his mind.

The camera cuts to the main arena where everyone is getting geared up for the main event as Max Kael makes his way to the ring, with his ICON title thrown across his shoulder.

Bryan McVay: Making his way to the ring, from Arkham, weighing in at 244lbs, he is the ICON champion and Hall of Famer……..MAX KAEL!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Max seems just as confused as us as to what was the content of that letter, and he read the thing!

Benny Newell: Newsflash for you….he is mentally insane!

Max is now in the ring as he prepares for the opponent that he knows very little about, he stretches in the ring as Boettcher tries to take the ICON title away from him but he refuses to give him it

All of a sudden ‘Yes Please’ by Muse pumps into the PA system as Dream Wrestling’s own Mike Plow struts out into the ramp and begins to flex his muscles to the crowd who meet him with a loud shout of boos, but strangely there is some cheers also

Joe Hoffman: I seem to be hearing cheers for Dream Wrestling’s Mike Plow

Benny Newell: Security!

Plow is loving his moment in the limelight and is trying to make the best of it by clapping hands with the fans, even though they do not want to clap his hand! He swaggers down to the ring with an air of confidence as Max stares him down, refusing to lose him from his grasp.

As Plow gets into the ring under the middle rope, Max tries to go in for the attack but Boettcher refuses to let him and stops him, telling him that his title is still around his waist, finally Max gives in and hands the title to Boettcher. Max still stalks Plow, circling him as if he is adapting to something new as Plow simply stands and shows no fear.

Boettcher calls for the bell.


Max circles Plow for a little longer, pretending to pounce to see if he will budge but Plow does not move a muscle, then he does it again, still no movement. Finally Max goes for the attack leaping at Plow but he uses his speed to his benefit and moves out of the way fast. Max gives a sadistic smile and goes back to circling Plow, this time he moves at him with a clothesline which he ducks and sends Max to the ropes, again he tries for the clothesline but Plow ducks and both wrestlers go towards the opposite ropes and come together again in a tussle. No signs yet that any wrestler is gaining headway.

Finally Max lets go of the hold and begins to lose his temper as he swings at Plow with a right hook but Plow grabs it and kicks Kael in the midsection, winding him, Plow moves back a pace then plants Max with a standing dropkick, sending Max to the canvas. Then again from a standing position Plow lands a perfect moonsault onto the chest of Kael then stands up to take the ovation of the crowd, something they are not giving him.

Joe Hoffman: Good start by Mike Plow here, Max cannot seem to read him.

Benny Newell: Going by his reaction to the letter earlier I don’t think he can read anything!

Plow is trying to milk the crowd too much and has not noticed Kael getting back to his feet and Max nonchalantly walks over to Plow and taps him in the shoulder and as he turns around is met by a European uppercut straight to the chin which sends him wobbling then Max follows up with a running knee strike to the chest of Plow. Whilst on the ground Max stands on top of the face of Mike and twists his boot into his face. Max gives a sickening smile as he turns and picks Plow up by his tights then sets him up for what seems to be……

Joe Hoffman: He is not!!

Benny Newell: It seems he is Joe….

Joe Hoffman: Max Kael is attempting to do the Falling Star, the move of Simon Sparrow!

Kael connects with the Falling Star, sending Plow’s face packing down to the canvas, he rolls him up for the pin.





Plow reaches his hand up in time to break the three count as Max becomes angered as he goes over to one of the turnbuckles and begins to remove the padding, all the while Plow is beginning to move on the canvas. He is up, but still shaky, noticing Max in the corner with his back turned. He charges at him with a double footed tackle straight to his thighs which sends Max forward and into the now exposed ring post!

Benny Newell: Disqualify him!

Joe Hoffman: It was Max who exposed the turnbuckle Benny.

Benny Newell: Oh yeah, duly noted Joe.

Max is stumbling across the ring dizzy from the impact with the steel as Plow sizes him up and kicks him across the stomach, then follows with an implant DDT. Max is out cold. He begins to taunt Max, mimicking that he will in fact be taking the title back to Dream Wrestling, all the while Max is beginning to show signs of movement. Finally Plow stops showboating and grabs Kael’s leg and tries to put on the sharpshooter, he gets it locked in but Max was already scrambling towards the ropes and manages to get to them for the hold to be broken, Plow breaks the hold.

Plow starts berating Boettcher that he does not know what he is doing as Max tries to get to his feet, Max grabs Plow and throws him to the ropes and slide tackles him to the ground, Max stands over Plow as he goes to grab him again to lift him up, Mike moves with a sneaky low blow, sending Max reeling backwards as Plow kicks him again in the stomach and goes for The Mike Effect, a modified pile-driver face buster which he lands with menacing effect. He rolls him over for the pin…





Max only barely manages to get his shoulder up in time as Plow cannot believe that he managed to kick out of it. Angered by it he picks up Max by the hair and furiously swings him off the ropes and smashes a massive clothesline onto him as he picks up some more steam. The boos get louder as Plow revels in the fact that he is the most hated man in the Kallisten coliseum tonight. He looks to the turnbuckle and sees Max is still down so he moves over and climbs it, back facing the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: He is not going to try this!

Benny Newell: Oh he is!

He gives a smile to the crowd and lets fly with a moonsault, but Max moves out of the way at the very last second, sending Plow smashing to the canvas. Kael moves over to the corner and plants his back against it, trying to catch his breath, then, like an epitome something comes to him, something he remembered as he stands up in preparation for Plow. Plow gets up but as no idea where he is as Max charges towards him with a big boot, but he misses his face and lands the boot onto his left shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: Max totally missing with the boot there….

Plow is on the ground writhing in extreme pain.

Joe Hoffman: ….but it seems to have worked.

Kael stands over his opponent with his head tilted sideways looking at him as he mutters the same words he said moments before….’Interesting’. He wastes no more time as he gets down and plants on an armbar to the left arm of Plow. Plow shouts in extreme agony, but astonishingly he is refusing to quit. Then Max pushes the arm out further, hyperextending it from the shoulder as Plow screams once more as he begins to frantically bash the canvas with his right hand as Matt Boettcher calls for the bell.


Bryan McVay: Your winner by submission……at a time of 10 minutes and 34 seconds……..MAX KAEL!!!

Max is handed his title as the crowd goes wild for the High Octane wrestler getting one over the alliance member as all of a sudden there is a sign of someone emerging from the backstage area. It is Aceldama, with microphone in hand as he walks out to the ramp with a smug grin on his face.

Aceldama: What is that age old saying Mike….the pen is mightier than the sword?

Aceldama then proceeds to go into his suit pocket and pull out a scrumpled up piece of paper and proceeds to wave it in the air, then smiles and throws it to the crowd. One cameraman moves closer to the piece of paper and we can finally see what was written upon that letter…..

Mike Plow suffers from a left rotator cuff injury on his shoulder…..just thought you would like to know’

Joe Hoffman: What the? Aceldama wrote that letter to Max! To let him know of an old injury of Plow’s!

Benny Newell: And Max used it to his advantage, finally after piecing all the words together to make a sentence.

Joe Hoffman: Well Mike Plow put up the good fight tonight and I don’t think his days in the invitational are over just yet, but Aceldama is sent his messages out to the roster, what will the repercussions be? Tune in next week for another Turmoil where the invitational gets cranked way up to eleven!


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