Turmoil: January 21st, 2010 (2010)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
January 21st, 2010 – #HOW102
Kallisten Coliseum, Chicago, IL


Back with the Buff

The HOTv logo gives way to the Turmoil banner which unmistakably still features the face of Lee Best, and that in turn gives way to a live shot inside the Kallisten Coliseum and the crowd is clapping and chanting already and we quickly see why….

Benny Newell is standing in the center of the ring.


Benny, his face still bruised and battered from his assailant last week, smiles and you can see his eyes welling up as he brings an official HOW microphone up to his lips and the crowd cheers madly and the sound of the cheers choke him up once again and the mic lowers as Benny hides his face with a now shaking hand.

Benny slowly raises his head and wipes away his tears as the crowd stops chanting and are now giving Benny a full fledge standing ovation.

Benny Newell: Tha…….thank you…..please…..I only have a few moments…

The crowd slowly stops their applause as Benny regains some composure as he takes a deep breath and continues.

Benny Newell: Last week I was attacked after a great night out where I do what I always do…drink…pay some whore to sit on my lap…drink some more and go home and jack off to a Fathead of Lee…err..Missy Andrews…

The crowd bursts into laughter as Benny just smiles before continuing..

Benny Newell: Last week I was told that I would be getting a shot at the one thing I have never had an opportunity of winning…a World Championship…or High Octane Championship if you are in the Alliance and are listening to this…….but all that was taken away from me by some punk ass motherfucker who obviously has to be gay cause he was sitting outside in the cold parking lot of a strip club instead of being all warm and cuddly with the walking STD’s….sorry girls you know Benny loves ya but its true..

Again the crowd laughs and some begin bowing to Benny as he continues….no longer looking like a broken man as the adrenaline begins to flow.

Benny Newell: Last week I was celebrating the great run I have been on in my professional life….first being inducted into the Hall of Fame and then of course being named Announcer of the Year for 2009….and that would of all paled in comparison to the moment that Matt Boettcher counted the 1..2..3 when I pinned Aceldama for his title…..but instead I am standing here with three fucked up ribs and a lung that has a hole in it the size of the Glory hole in Lee’s old office…..

No laughter from the fans this time as they sense the tension in Benny’s voice as he continues ..

Benny Newell: Tonight I stand In front of you not because I want my match with Aceldama reinstated because quite frankly I might die….I stand here right now in front of all you people here in the BEST ARENA..ya I said it….and the millions at home watching on HOTv because I know who the fuck attacked me….It was that fucking piece of shit……


Benny looks down at his mic and taps it and realizes that it has been shut off…

Benny then smiles as he pulls out a backup mic from his back pocket….

Benny Newell: Really? Didn’t you just think I would walk over to the announce table and say the persons name? C’mon Mike Best….you gotta be smarter than this….well maybe not since u prefer the old trouser snake compared to a nice kitty….anyway….the person that attacked me was none other than……one sec…what the fuck?

Benny reaches down and undoes the zipper of his pants and reaches into his pants and the crowd screams in horror as Benny reaches in and pulls out… his vibrating cell phone.

Benny Newell: What? Where do you guys keep your phone…..oh shit its Lee!!!

Benny quickly takes a deep breath in answers the phone….

Benny Newell:.not right now?….ok ya…ratings….I get it…..ok ok ok….yes I got the sponge bath you bought me..thank you….ok….I got it….thanks Lee……and I just wanted to say…

But apparently Lee has already hung up as Benny slowly closes the phone and puts it back into the front of his pants.

Benny Newell: Well folks you are just going to have to wait….Lee wants me to wait till the end of the show….But I want to take this final moment to send thanks to one Aceldama who came to visit me at the hospital and was nice enough to allow me to hold the Championship belt….Aceldama is a fine man and a great champion for HOW….it’s just too fucking bad he is a German piece of shit who is hell bent on ruining Lee…FUCK YOU ACELDAMA!!!!

With that Benny drops the mic and slowly makes his way out of the ring as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction as Turmoil cuts to its first commercial break as Newell is helped off the canvas by a few HOW crewmen.


Up Next is Defiance Wrestling’s Jimmy Kort taking on HOW’s Justin Decent in Invitational action


Jimmy Kort vs. Justin Decent
Singles Match

Back from commercial and we zoom in on the Hall of Fame announce team of Joe Hoffman and Benny, who has just taken a big swig from his flask as he holds up his hand to show how much he is still shaking from his in ring promo.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil folks and welcome back to one Mr. Benny Newell…

Joe and Benny shake hands and Joe’s face wrinkles up as he smells something and brings his hand up to his nose and quickly jerks it away ..

Joe Hoffman: What the heck is on your hand Benny..wait is that from your….crotch??

Benny Newell: The question is not WHAT the smell is …but from WHOM the smell came off of and HOW the smell latched onto Benny and the Jets.

Joe begins to dry heave and quickly grabs his water bottle and takes a big drink as Benny can only shrug as he takes a deep whiff of his fingers as “Fu Gee La” by the Fugees begins playing thru the arenas PA system as its time for our first match as the cameras first zoom in to show Defiance Wrestling’s Jimmy Kort already standing in the ring and then quickly to the entrance ramp where HOW’s Justin Decent is making his way out.

Joe Hoffman: Folks tonight we start the second part of the group stage as Defiance’s Jimmy Kort takes on our own Justin Decent in an Invitational Match that features two men that desperately need a win after both lost their opening bouts and Benny even though Decent is a well smart butt and not really liked by the HOW fans…..you know they are going to be pulling for a HOW guy over a Defiance guy.

Benny Newell: Trust me Joe…..this conversation will be longer than the match..mark my words….

Joe Hoffman: Well we are about to find out if that’s fact or fiction…speaking of which…head over to EWZINE DOT COM after tonight’s show to check out their latest Fact or Fiction feature…

Benny Newell: Really? You cheesy motherfucker how much did Ben Halkum pay you for that cheap plug…

Joe Hoffman: Ahem…..referee Joel Hortega has just signaled for the bell…its time for our opening match folks….focus Benny…

Back in the ring the match has indeed began as Kort and Decent begin circling each other and then quickly lock up and we are officially underway.

Kort gains the early upper hand and pushes Decent to the ropes where he proceeds to Irish Whip him across the ring to the far ropes but as Decent bounces off the ropes he nails Kort with a flying clothesline.

Kort quickly pops up to his feet but is met with a standing dropkick which sends him reeling thru the ropes and to the outside of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Quick and effective offense from Decent already here Benny…

Benny Newell: Wait for it…

Kort enters the ring and charges Decent who ducks a clothesline attempt from Kort, who continues running and bounces off the ropes and as he bounces off the ropes he is met with a kick to the stomach and then Decent nails him with a quick DDT and makes the cover…



KICKOUT by Kort…..

Benny Newell: Wait for it…….wait for it…

Decent yells at Hortega as he drags Kort to his feet and then proceeds to prop him up on the top turnbuckle and the crowd stands as one as Decent positions Kort for his Reverse Edge finisher….

Decent lifts Kort up by the shoulders and walks him out to the center of the ring and then proceeds to drop to his knees driving the head of Kort into the canvas with his reverse razors edge finishing move…

Decent makes a cocky cover as Hortega counts…




Ring announcer Bryan McVay enters the ring as Hortega lifts the arm of Decent…


Benny Newell: Told ya Joe….I fucking told ya…

Joe Hoffman: Well Justin Decent now moves into the positive points in the Invitational as he gains three points with the win and …wait…I have just been informed that Jimmy Kort will receive a negative 5 deduction instead of the customary negative three points for a loss…..I am being told that this is coming from Lee Best who saw Kort’s WWA appearance earlier today……well..jeez…that puts Kort at negative six points in the Invitational and all but insures that he will not move on….tough break there but you cannot blame anyone but him for that.

Benny Newell: Kort can head back to Defiance now and proceed to kiss their ass after that embarrassment of a showing…I mean c’mon…I could have done that and I am on my death bed here.

Joe Hoffman: Um…ok….folks I understand we are going to cut backstage now…..

The cameras show Decent talking some trash over Kort as the feed cuts backstage..


Dark Shadows in the Basement

[Deep in the bowels of the Kallisten Coliseum, the camera wanders through the darkness, following a light casting shadows over a flight of stairs. Footsteps echo through the darkness, followed only by moments of stillness. Finally something clicks and the lights above them flicker slowly. As the room becomes more visible the camera backs up, getting a better view of the basement and Ethan Cavanaugh pacing quietly in a circle where the HOFC “ring” once stood. Dressed in his ring gear and an Affliction t-shirt he seems focused, if not a bit forlorn.]

Saint: [his voice coming from the stairs] Ethan?

[Cavanaugh doesn’t bother looking back or changing his stride as his trusted adviser, Donovan Saint, makes his way into the basement. Cavanaugh kneels down, suddenly enraptured with dry splatter of what seems to be blood still on the pavement]

Cavanaugh: [mutters] Is the price of success in the blood or in the mind Donovan?

Saint: What are you going on about now? Caitlyn’s here. She sent me to get you so you two can talk before your match.

[Cavanaugh chuckles, his fingers trailing along the spatter before standing upright. His forlorn seems to have grown, or at least changed in angle. His smoky eyes looked around the large, barren space; now empty and devoid of the fervor that was once there. Just like that, the symbol of his own slavery had gone; his shame now simply a remnant of the past. His thin mouth curled into a cruel, knowing smile as he turned to Saint.]

Cavanaugh: Of course she did. But I’ll be just a bit longer. It’s strange…before when I had to come down here I used to dread it. Relegated to underground fighting like some sort of animal…was always beneath me. HOFC….what a joke it was at the time…

Saint: I’m surprised you thought of it that way. After all, you’re a businessman too. It was a pretty interesting idea.

Cavanaugh [scoffs]: And treated like some sort of fantasy Fight Club by Lee Best. Well, it seems that has all changed hasn’t it? From the bowels to the top floor. So, I suppose the question is now how to do I treat this…gift? I suppose I can attempt to do both…

[Saint shakes his head, clearly knowledgeable of what Cavanaugh is implying. A dual career would be profitable and as Cavanaugh’s adviser…he’d probably see an increase in his own bank account from the move. But..]

Saint: What if you get injured at HOFC 1 Ethan? Better yet, what if you get injured tonight facing that Kallisten girl? Business isn’t all about opportunity as you know. Most of the time its about minimizing risks. Trying to do both pure wrestling and this MMA thing could tie you into a pretty relentless web.

Cavanaugh: Point. But then again doing nothing and I gain nothing. And if it was all just business, then breaking Holmes last week would’ve all been for nothing. Business has and must change my friend, if something deeper is to come out of all of this. Then what will come of my bloodshed? My sacrifice? I will not allow this company to chew me up and toss me aside. No. I will define my time here in a way no one else has done before.

Saint: [chuckles] Business is also about UPOD. Don’t forget that Ethan.

[UPOD: ‘Under Promise Over Deliver’. There was some truth in that statement, enough to get a laugh out of Ethan anyway. Shaking his head Cavanaugh walked past his old friend and headed up the stairs.]

Cavanaugh: [calling back down] All I’ve wanted is to get back where I belong Donovan. Let’s go see what’s waiting for me!

The feed fades to black as Turmoil heads to commercial leaving the two men…


Official Sponsor of Benny’s right hand


An Awesome PSA

***The following is a public service announcement, paid for by the MPlow Academy For Exceptional Cheaters. The opinions and thoughts contained therein do not reflect the thoughts, opinions, or feelings of High Octane Wrestling, it’s staff, employees, or corporate network. Should you be offended by the thoughts or opinions reflected in this public service announcement, the MPlow Academy would like to remind you that Defiance airs a show every week, so go watch that piece of shit instead. Maybe Eric Dane will teach you how to suck your own dick in three easy main events.***

Announcer: Are you tired of hearing about Max Kael’s autistic mess of a child? Are you sick to your stomach over watching Tim Shipley embarass the sport of professional wrestling on a Turmoil to Turmoil basis? Do you wish Mike Best’s parents had practiced the pull out method and left it at Lee? Do you often suffer from the “Aceldama shakes?” If you answered “no”, you’re probably Max Kael, Aceldama, Tim Shipley, or Mike Best. However, if the answer to any of these questions was “Yes”, then please turn up your television sets.

The camera cuts away from the Kallisten Coliseum, to a scene reminiscent of a classroom from “Saved By The Bell”. Desks line a good portion of the room, along with a large wooden teacher’s desk near the blackboard. Various equations are scribbled on the board itself in faded chalk, but the focus of the camera’s lens makes them difficult to decipher. The only thing discernable on the blackboard are the words “MPlow Academy” in large, brick-style letters.

The door to the classroom opens slowly and welcoming. From the other side, Professor MPlow himself emerges attired sophisticatedly in a turtleneck and tweed blazer, the staples of a douchebag teacher who finds himself too ‘trendy’ for a tie and button down setup. He’s wearing a pair of stylish jeans and horn rimmed glasses, topping off the ensemble. All in all, he looks like he’s taking himself far too seriously. He steps into the room, looking around and letting out a comforting sigh.

MPlow: Hello, class of 2010.

Turning towards the camera, MPlow lets out a little half grin and sets down the books and clipboard in his hands, putting his foot up on a desk chair and resting folded arms across one knee.

MPlow: It’s great to see you all again. I hope the semester is treating you well. As for me? 2010 hasn’t been altogether the greatest year in my illustrious tenure as your dean and professor. DREAM Wrestling is attempting to force me into signing a lifetime contract, after greatly violating my rights as their top star. Lee Best, my personal hero and mentor, is facing charges for crimes he did not commit. And most of all, it seems that Aceldama and Max Kael have been attended my classes, because in the shock of the century, I lost my first round Invitational match to a dirty trick that even I wouldn’t have thought of.

He shakes his head, letting a small sigh escape. Plow steps down from his relaxed position on the chair, meandering towards the far window near the teacher’s desk. The camera follows him in a slow pan as he gazes out at the courtyard below.

MPlow: These small setbacks aside, Octangibles, I urge you not to panic. Max Kael’s cheap victory over yours truly only strengthens my rubric for the semester. Did you see how well he profited from cheating his way into a victory against a superior opponent? Max starts the Invitational out with a four point lead over good ol’ Uncle MPlow, and a shoe in towards advancing to the next stage of the tournament. And me? Well, I’ve got a long road ahead of me until I’ve finally overcome the odds and bested Aceldama for the HOW Championship. It will be hard, students. It will be painstaking. I will have to cheat harder than I have ever cheated. I will have to steal like I’ve never stolen before. And there will be lying, Octandroids. There will be lying like you wouldn’t believe. Get it? Wouldn’t believe? *sigh* Fuck yourselves.

He clears his throat, recollecting himself after the horrendous pun.

MPlow: And there WILL be casualties, students. Many of you won’t last the semester. Some of you won’t even last the month. A few of you will leave one of the next few classes crying, never to return. We will weed out the obese, and then the fat, and then the chubby. We will eliminate the humble, and then the modest, and then those without egos at least half as large as my own. And when the dust settles, kids, you will no longer be students… you will be graduates. You will be cheaters. And as for me? I will be HOW Champion. And I will do it by working harder at working less than anyone has ever seen before.

He turns away from the window, walking briskly to the teacher’s desk. He reacher’s into the drawer, pulling out a single board eraser and a piece of chalk. He frantically erases the scribbles and equations on the board, and instead writes a single word in it’s place. “Change.”

MPlow: Change, Octanarchists. That’s what I… nay… we, are bringing into this industry. And not that ass backwards change we were promised by Barack Obummer, either. I’m talking big change. Revolutionary change. CHANGE SQUARED. Gone will be the days of Mike Best and Aceldama finishing each other off behind the curtain prior to the main event. Never again will Max Kael be allowed self esteem, or the ability to hold HOW titles. From a world that demands the head of Lee Best, we will forge a world RUN by him. And we will do it despite Aceldama mindfreaking his way into my medical records. We will do it despite Max have a boner for me that would make Mike Best feel heterosexual. And we will do it despite every single wrestler in HOW telling me that I can’t do it, or asking who I am. We will do it, students, because we can. Because we deserve it. And even if we don’t? We’re going to take it. Because we are masters of our craft. We are the cowardly. We are the conniving. We. Are. CHEATERS. Class dismissed.


***The preceeding has been a public service announcement, paid for by the MPlow Academy For Exceptional Cheaters. Any reference reflecting real persons, living or dead, are assuredly on purpose. Would you like to sue? Get in line. The MPlow Academy is awesome, MPlow is awesome, and Aceldama has a strange rash on his genital region that we assure you is not as innocent as he would have you believe. Thank you for watching. Thank you for caring. Thank you for fucking yourselves promptly at the conclusion of this broadcast. In fact, I wouldn’t bother watching the rest of the show. MPlow’s done for the night. It’s bound to only get less entertaining. Maybe DREAM has a show on tonight? It’s going to suck, but it’ll be better than this piece of garbage. Perhaps Defiance? Okay, maybe don’t do that. But Uncenso… oh, too soon? Anyway, I digress. I’m just a public service announcement warning. Goodnight, and good luck. May the force be with you. Don’t take any wooden nickels. Go with God. Hasta la vista. Sayonara. I’m fired? Yeah, I thought so. FREE TIBET!***


Twisted Reality vs. The Maurako Family
Tag Team Match

Joe Hoffman: Well were back and I am not quite sure what to make of Mike Polowly but right now we are getting ready for what is one of many big stake invitational matches tonight. Twisted Reality and The Maurakos facing off against each other, in what will almost certainly secure a birth into the knock out round for one of these teams.

Benny Newell: It’s really a tough one to call, but with Scottywood being forced to work with an inferior Dream wrestler, Mr. Cool, I have to say that The Maurakos have the advantage in this match.

Joe Hoffman: Yes, Twisted Reality, version 4 as some have been referring to them as was formed last week when Mike best assigned Cancer Jiles as Scotty’s new tag team partner after Lee Best striped Frankie of his title belt.

Benny Newell: And can you blame Lee? A cameraman as a champion?

Joe Hoffman: Frankie beats Alpha Beta Slam on Turmoil, he won that title for himself.

Killing the debate between the two, we hear “Ego” by Element Eighty starts to play as The Maurako Family makes their way out onto the stage.

Bryan McVay: The following Best Invitational match is scheduled for one fall, now making their way to the ring hailing from Maurako Island and weighing in at a combined weight of 520 pounds….Matteo and Mario Maurako…The Maurako Family!!

Joe Hoffman: Well in their first Invitational match we saw Martino and Mose, this wee we get a 180 degree change with the elder Matteo and Mario.

Benny Newell: Octo M as Scottywood put it.

Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood starts to play as we see Mr. Cool, alone, make his way out onto the stage. He stops and waits, not heading down to the sea of Maurakos in the ring.

Bryan McVay: And their opponent from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 228 pounds…He is one half of the HOW Tag Team champions….Mr. Cool!!

Joe Hoffman: There is the coolest man in this match Benny.

Benny Newell: He’s about as cool as that decathater I had in the hospital.

OOOOOOOOHHHHH You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed cuts in as we see the General Manager of HOW, Scottywood make his way out from backstage, hockey stick in hand as he walks right past Mr. Cool, eyes focused on Mario.

Bryan McVay: And his partner from New York City, New York and weighing in at 265 pounds…He is one half of the HOW Tag Team champions….The Hardcore Artist, Scottywood!!

Instead of entering the ring we see Scottywood make his way over to the timekeepers table and grab a microphone. But before he can speak Mario snatches the mic from McVay and cuts him off.

Mario: What Scotty? Going to try and weasel a win out again by manipulating the match stipulations like you did to Faze?

Scottywood: Actually Mario, I am going to do the exact opposite. I am going to keep this a standard tag team match and declare that there will be NO mid match changes to that. See when I beat you Mario…and I WILL. This will be the end of your claims to me devaluing this title, to you thinking you deserve a shot at this title.

Mario: Well stop talking and get your ass into the ring Scotty.

But someone else is already in the ring, that someone is Mr. Cool who chop blocks the elder Maurako from behind as Boettcher calls for the bell to start the match. Mario attempts to aid his father but Boettcher blocks him and orders him out of the ring as Scotty can only smile as he jumps up on the apron of the ring in his corner. Cool works over Matteo on the mat before lifting him up and whipping into the corner Scotty is in followed by a hard drop kick as Cool extends his hand for a tag. Scottywood stares at it for a second, before tagging in.

Joe Hoffman: Hesitation there by Scottywood

Benny Newell: I don’t blame him, but The Hardcore Artist doesn’t want to lose here.

Entering the ring The Hardcore Artist keeps the Maurako father isolated from his corner as he continues to work him over with a few shots before planting him in the middle of the ring with a spinebuster as he looks up right at Mario. Pulling Matteo up Scottywood places Matteo in a front face lock and hits the SDT right in the middle of the ring as he goes for the cover.



Scottywood jumps up off Matteo as Mario comes charging in him. Boettcher gets in-between and orders Mario out of the ring. As Boettcher turns his back we see Mr. Cool enter the ring and stomp Matteo right below the belt.

Joe Hoffman: They may not like each other, but they are working together pretty well.

Tagging in Mr. Cool we see him quickly climb the turnbuckles and leap off with a big top rope splash that connects big. Holding his ribs Cool tags Scottywood back in as the two start stomping Matteo until Boettcher forces Cool out of the ring. Scotty lifts Matteo up and we see him continue to work him over as he whips into the ropes and goes for a big mid ring spear but Matteo rolls out of the way and with his last bit of energy tags in Mario who without hesitation jumps into the ring and charges at Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: Things are gonna pick up now.

Benny Newell: Pick up a shot now you said? Sure!

Mario and Scottywood trade blows, but the anger of Mario gets the better of Scottywood as Mario is able to get a knee in Scotty’s gut and suplex The Hardcore Artist, follows it up by an elbow and locks Scottywood into a boston crab submission as Scottywood tries to pull himself to the ropes, but Mario has it locked in. Scottywood yells at Cool to break it up as we can see Mr. Cool roll his eyes as he slowly makes his way into the ring and drill Mario in the side of the head with a kick.

Joe Hoffman: Mr. Cool now the one not rushing to help his tag team partner.

Boettcher pushes Cool out of the ring as both Scottywood and Mario lay on the mat as Mario is the first to get back to his feet as he stalks Scotty who climbs back to his feet and gets a boot in his stomach by Mario and proceeds to powerbomb Scottywood right into the turnbuckles as Scottywood’s body crumples in the corner as Mario pulls him away and goes for the pin.




Joe Hoffman: Mario so close, but The Hardcore Artist fights out.

Scottywood gets his shoulder up as Mr. Cool and Matteo both enter the ring and start trading punches. Mario frustrated drills Scotty with a few more punches, as Matteo is able to clothesline Mr. Cool out of the ring, leaving Scottywood alone with both father and son. Scottywood gets up and walks right into a guerilla press slam from Mario followed up by a figure four leg lock by Matteo as Scottywood fights it and is able to flip over, reversing the pressure on Matteo but Mario breaks the hold by booting Scottywood in the head.

Joe Hoffman: That two on one advantage playing to the Maurako’s favor in that instance.

Mario lifts Scottywood up again and sets him up for Simply Marvelous and connects with the rock bottom on Scottywood, but before he can go for the pin we see Cool jump up on the apron and springboard off the top rope and take out Mario with a flying clothesline. A fury of punches follow as the two roll out of the ring as we see Matteo goes for a sleeper hold on Scottywood and locks it in as Scottywood starts to fall asleep as Boettcher checks on Scottywood and lifts his arm once.

Joe Hoffman: Nothing from Scottywood!

Boettcher again lifts Scotty’s arm and releases it.

Benny Newell: No sign of life from Scotty.

For a third and final time Boettcher lifts Scotty’s arm and lets go.

Joe Hoffman: No response from Scottywood, this match is over!

Boettcher is about to call for the bell but stops and waves his arms as he remembers that Matteo never was tagged into the match, and isn’t the legal man.

Joe Hoffman: That’s right, Matteo was not legal, this match will continue.

Benny Newell: If I had a dollar for every time I heard that they were not legal…

Matteo argues with Boettcher who stands firms with his call as he turns around and Matteo gets a boot the stomach as Scotty goes for goes for the Scottybomb and plants Matteo right in the middle of the ring as he hooks the leg for the pin.

Joe Hoffman: And Matteo is still not legal.

Joe Hoffman: He looks pretty damn old Joe…. Defiantly 18.

We then see Mario slide into the ring and attack Scotty from behind with a forearm shot which knocks him down and Mario goes for a sharpshooter, but Scotty is able to scramble away and tag in Mr. Cool who has just gotten back to the apron. He hopes over the top ropes and charges Mario and ducks the clothesline he attempts as Cool stops quick as Mario turns around right into a superkick from Mr. Cool.

Joe Hoffman: Terminal Cancer by Mr. Cool!

Mario collapses to the mat as Mr. Cool hooks the leg for the pin fall as Scottywood looks out for Matteo who is barely moving after the Scottybomb.




Bottecher calls for the bell as Mario gets his shoulder up right after the three count as “Stricken” by Disturbed starts to play in the arena and Boettcher raises Mr. Cool’s arm in victory.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match….Twisted Reality!!!

Joe Hoffman: What a match between these two teams, as Twisted Reality barely is able to pull off the win.

Benny Newell: And what does that mean for the tournament. I know you got all that stat shit in front of you.

Joe Hoffman: Well so do you…. But it means that Twisted Reality is pretty much guaranteed a spot in the knock out stage of the tournament with their 6 points. The Maurakos fall to second with now 2 points

Benny Newell: So who will advance. Cool or Scotty?

Joe Hoffman: Good question, and an answer to that will not be easy I feel…. But we are gonna head backstage, I hear we got a camera somewhere.


Marvelously Epic Encounter in America?

The camera cuts backstage. Christopher America pushes open a door with a sign that clearly labels the room as the women’s locker room. He snaps his neck back and forth. He darts his eyes around as a deer on the look out for a predator.

Bobbinette Carey is rummaging through her locker. Christopher approaches. He puts his arm on the locker and leans on it. Bobbinette turns and notices the referee shirt first. She then raises her eyes, sees Christopher and jumps back.


Christopher: I know that you were talking to Mario. I need to let you know that I was sitting in my locker room and the photos of me on the wall all told me the same thing. They said that you shouldn’t be with him. He’s dangerous. He’s made me do things.

Christopher begins to shake.

Christopher: Unspeakable things….I mean, do you see what Mario did to me?

Christopher turns around and gives a frustrated look at the wall.

Christopher: I know! I was going to tell her!

Christopher then turns his attention back to Bobbinette Carey.

Christopher: Look, I….I….I….. I know what this looks like, but I’m not. They told me how to track Bin Laden and I got close. They told me that Mario is no good. They don’t. So don’t judge them. They don’t lie. Not to me!

Bobbinette: You… need… help… Now, get out!

Christopher: I can’t. You must be warned.

Bobbinette: I—

Christopher puts a finger to Bobbinette’s lips.

Christopher: They’re here! Do you hear them?

The Maurako Family comes charging into the locker room and Bobbinette Carey runs and stands behind Mario. Martino grabs America by his referee shirt and back him up against the wall.

Martino: What in the world is going on here?

Bobbinette: I was just sitting here and this psycho came in here and started telling me how I can’t trust you guys.

Mario emerges from the pack and pats Martino on the shoulder instructing him to let America go.

Mario: Chris, strike one was returning to HOW. Strike two was coming in here tonight and addressing Carey when she is alone and vulnerable. Now I’m feeling generous, so I’m going to let you walk out of here without and ass kicking. But I promise you that the next time you come within and arms reach of Bobbinette Carey, I will Marvelous Manhandle your ignorant ass. Do you understand?

Christopher America puts his head down and quickly starts walking toward the door.

Christopher: I told you that was a bad idea.

America exit’s the room and Bobbinette rushes over to Mario and hugs him.

Bobbinette: What is his problem?

Mario: He was an old friend of mine. We had a business relationship that went sour and he was just probably trying to get back at me through you.

Bobbinette: Who would hate you?

Mario: Sadly Bobbinette, we both have a lot of enemies.

Mose: Dad I don’t think it’s safe for her to have a separate locker room anymore.

Mario: I think you’re right Mose. Carey-Bear, what do you say to moving into The Maurako Family locker room. We’ll get you one of those privacy screens and the whole nine yards. Only the best for my Carey-Bear.

Bobbinette: Well that sounds… that sounds-

Mario: Marvelous.

Bobbinette: Yeah, Marvelous.

Matteo: Miss Carey why don’t you gather up your things and we’ll get out of here.

Bobbinette begins to pack up the few things that she has taken from her bag.

Bobbinette: I can’t believe they just let him wander around here like that.

Mario: Yeah he should be in a Mental institution, he could share a room with your sister.

Carey and The Family share a chuckle as they all exit the locker room together as Turmoil cuts to another commercial break.


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Ethan Cavanaugh vs. Erites Kallisten
Singles Match

Returning the break we catch a shot of the crowd as “Revolution Man” by the Union Underground cranks onto the P.A. system of the Kallisten Arena. The fans offer the returning Cavanaugh a strong reaction of cheers as he makes his way out onto the stage and down toward the ring with a straight face on.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks, for those of you just joining us, I am Joe Hoffman and this is my colleague and fellow HOW Hall of Famer Be-

Benny Newell: Big Buff Benny Newell, the toughest son of a bitch that ever fucked your Mouth-huurr.. Fuck a duck, my ribs..

Joe Hoffman: Take it easy there, Benny. Anyway folks, we have Ethan Cavanaugh heading to the ring in our next Best Invitational Match. Since Ethan made headlines last week by taking out Effing Helms and claiming his position in the Invitational, I am personally interested in seeing if he can make true on his declaration of dominating in HOW.

Benny Newell: Shit, what the hell has he done? Beat up Eff-erk!..

Benny looks to be in pain as he takes a shot of his flask while Joe Hoffman shakes his head and looks back up into the ring. “She’s a Rebel” by Green Day cuts over Ethan’s entrance as the stage flashes into various different strobe lights. Erites Kallisten pops out onto the stage to a strong collection of cheers. Back in the ring Ethan does not look overly entertained.

Joe Hoffman: Erites started out the tournament with a loss to Michael DeNucci, we all have to wonder if she can pull out a victory tonight in her very own stadium, the Kallisten Coliseum!

Benny Newell: Jesus Christ, Joe, you’re going to make me puke in my mouth with that kind of talk.

Erites rolls into the ring and poses for the fans as they take photos of her. She smiles for her fans and offers Ethan a handshake which he takes somewhat carefully. Joe Hortega singles for the bell as the match is underway. Ethan starts off offensively taking the fight directly to Erites.

Forcing Erites into the corner Ethan hammers down on her with a series of stiff fists while Hortega warns him loudly in Spanish. Ethan eventually relents as the fans are mixed in reaction as to how to deal with this. Ethan drags Erites into the center of the ring where he proceeds to toy with her as he slowly works her over through a series of arm bars and hammer locks.

As the pace of the match is grown to a slow methodical work over on Erites the fans start to boo Ethan who’s extremely vindictive and scientific method doesn’t seem to go over well. Pulling Erites up to her feet Ethan sends her into the ropes before hitting a high angel Belly to belly suplex on her before lazily dropping over her for the pin.




Erites throws her arm up as the fans cheer loudly. Ethan slowly gets back up to his feet as he starts to lay the boots to her appearing to pay little to no attention to the crowd around. Erites looks to be hurting in a bad way as he hoists her back up to her feet nailing a gut wrench suplex into the center of the ring! Once again he covers her without hooking the leg.




Again the stubborn Erites does not give up as she throws her arm up. Ethan slips back up to his feet and grabs Erites by the air. Hortega begins to yell at Ethan about holding the air..


Erites slams her arm into his groin taking the smug expression off Ethan’s face as he falls backwards clutching his groin. Hortega looks on unsure as to what just happened but having seen nothing he allows the match to continue. Erites does her best to capitalize by mugging Ethan with a series of stiff forearm smashes to his head while still on the mat.

Getting back up to her feet Erites continues to work off some of the damage done to her by Ethan as she executes a stiff kick to the side of Ethan’s head causing him to go limp. Erites climbs the near by ropes and pauses, catching her breath as her fans cheer. Ethan slowly stirs and claws his way back to his feet…


Ethan once again finds himself being slammed down onto the mat by his much smaller opponent as the fans go wild. Erites goes for the cover..




Ethan manages to toss his foot up onto the ropes as Erites is unable to score the pinfall. Instead of being upset she simply pulls herself up and takes a breather while Ethan uses the ropes to keep himself safe from attack. Eventually Ethan has collected his thoughts enough to slip back into the ring where he circles Erites.

The two tie up and once again Ethan shows off his capacity to be a stronger technical wrestler then Erites as he once again begins to work her into various arm bars putting a lot of torque onto her limbs given his superior strength and leverage.

Eventually Ethan manages to work Erites into the center of the ring where he whips her into the corner where she collapses. Ethan Signals for the Cause of Death and charges in..

Erites slips out of the way as Ethan hanks his leg and groin up on the corner! Erites slips behind..





Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 11 minutes and 52 seconds…..Erites Kallisten!!!

Hortega signals for the bell as Erites lets go of Ethan and holds her hands in the air with an exhausted expression on her face! Ethan looks stunned as he screams at Hortega that his count was off though as per usual, Hortega doesn’t change his decision.

Joe Hoffman: A good effort there by a very focused Ethan Cavanaugh but once we see Erites sneak the win out by outsmarting Ethan!

Benny Newell: A win by School Boy!? What the Fuck, Joe! This is an outra-Uggghah.. fuck..

Joe Hoffman: Drink more or take more pain meds Benny, you can barely finish a negative comment. Anyway folks, Erites gains three points from this victory while Ethan starts off his Invitational bouts with negative one point.

Back in the ring Erites can be seen cradling her arm when suddenly Ethan charges from behind her, clubbing her from behind! The fans boo loudly as a very frustrated looking Ethan drags the helpless Erites into the corner and once again singles for the Cause of Death while Hortega tries to beg and plead with him not to punk Erites in the face..

Cavanaugh shoves Hortega aside and charges forward!


The massive Chris Kostoff connects with a solid spear to Cavanaugh’s gut which sends him rolling out of the ring clutching his stomach while Kostoff stares him down. As Ethan slowly slinks to the back glaring up at Kostoff we cut away.


Continuation of Black Days

Tim Shipley is undergoing final preparations for his first LSD title defence against Dawn McGill when we join him in his locker room. He has his full ring attire on, but his long blue tights are rolled up over his knee – the injured one, which looks a little red and puffy but nothing too serious. Shipley clutches an almost empty tube of some kind of green-coloured cream in his hand, and with the other hand he is rubbing its contents into and around the knee, his eyes closed as he enjoys the soothing sensation that the tranquilliser-derived treatment gives.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

The voice is that of David Black, who stands in the doorway, his face red and eyes blazing. Shipley looks up in surprise.

Tim Shipley: Black. How are you? Your, er, arm… all healed up now?

Shipley is of course referring to the severe gash in Black’s arm that he sustained when Shipley stabbed him accidentally-on-purpose with a shard of glass during their House of Mirrors match at ICONIC. Yet the former LSD champion glances down at both his arms in some confusion.

David Black: What? Oh, er, that. Yeah, sure, that’s fine.

Tim Shipley: Good. I’d been feeling a little guilty. Listen, what do you…

Shipley’s voice trails off as he sees Black’s eyes roving around the room. The LSD championship belt lies casually next to Shipley on the bench, and the Englishman jumps to the conclusion that Black, once more, is after his old title belt.

Tim Shipley: Look, Black! We’ve been through this. Just give up, it belongs to me now.

Black meets Shipley’s eyes, a crazed look on his face as he starts to lick his lips.

David Black: I just can’t work out why she did it. I just can’t.

Tim Shipley: What are you talking about?

Shipley rolls his tights down and tosses the finished tube of cream into the bin, then begins to lace up his second boot, frowning up at David Black.

David Black: I can’t believe she would go and do that in front of everyone. In front of the whole world. To him.

Tim Shipley: Are you talking about Roxie?

The name freezes Black in his thoughts. His eyes begin to dilate, and he almost falls as he sways on his feet, throwing an arm out to the door to hold himself up.

David Black: She kissed him and he didn’t even care… I have to show him… how important she is… what she means…

Tim Shipley: Look. I really don’t want to get involved in the crazy little games you play inside your head, alright? If you’ve got something to ask Roxie, go and find her.

Black’s eyes light up in horror.

David Black: I couldn’t. No. I’ll show her what I can do… I’ll show her the man I am… I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him, I will!

Tim Shipley: Nobody’s killing anyone.

Shipley stands and approaches his rival with concern.

Tim Shipley: Who is it you think she’s been kissing? Who is it you want to kill?

Black collapses into unstoppable laughter, and only after some time can he finally choke out the name…

David Black: Graystone…

And as Black stumbles away down the corridor, the camera closes in on Tim Shipley’s face. His expression has darkened at hearing the name of the man to whom he had to forfeit his first Invitational match. The man he considers his worthiest adversary thus far in HOW. Though he doesn’t have a clear idea of what David Black wants, and though he doesn’t even remember the kiss that Roxie planted on Graystone’s cheek as a thank-you for his gentlemanly acceptance of Shipley’s forfeit, what he does know is that storm clouds are brewing.



The camera cuts to the backstage area where Old Man Matteo Maurako can be seen walking down the hall carrying a large leather satchel in his left hand. Atop his head sits a cheesy looking gold crown with a large M imprinted on the front of it. As the camera follows his steps we see that he stops in front of the locker room door of no other then Max Kael. Matteo knocks on the door before he reaches up and readjusts his crown waiting for someone to answer.

Suddenly the door to the locker room is thrown open as a wild eyed Max Kael appears staring up at the Maurako Patriarch. The ICON Champion looks left and right then steps out with a paranoid look on his expression.

Matteo Maurako: I got what you wanted, Max. Say.. are you on something, you look kinda.. strange.

Max Kael: Strange?! What is a strange thing to say!.. listen, I am more interesting in well.. you know. The thing.

The Old Man lifts the bag and pats it with a smirk on his old face.

Matteo Maurako: Right here, Max. What contents of this bag won me four perfect games. I want you to know what me giving you this means. It’s a big.. big investment.

Max looked toward the bag as a wide grin crawled across his lips. As Matteo spoke Max’s eyes shot back up toward the old man as he nodded his head.

Max Kael: Yes-yes, of course. Of course I always repay the favors that I ask and are asked of me. We are all islands in HOW but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friendly neighbors. Now.. may I have the bag.

The King of the Isle Maurako eyes Max for a good long moment before he holds it out for the ICON and Internet Champion to claim. Max is quick to snatch the bag away hugging it up against his chest with a sharp toothed giggle.

Max Kael: Oh thank you-thank you! Well.. I better get ready for my match..

Max starts to close the door however he stops for a moment and looks back toward Matteo with a slightly frightened expression painted on his face. He takes a moment to look either way down the hall before he leans toward Matteo.

Max Kael: Say.. you haven’t see an angry little elf running around have you? The creepy little bastard is an agent of the hated enemy of the Maxopotamian State.. Simon Sparrow. It’s not that we’re afraid this little cretin can stop us.. it’s just that.. he’s fucking terrifying.. Little fingers and little feet and little eyes.. it’s just not natural!

Matteo eyes Max for a moment as he lifts his hand to his head, scratching his bald head just under his crown. He shakes his head and walks away as Max watches him leave. Max takes another look up and down the hall before he ducks back in to the locker room with the large leather satchel. Max moved to his locker room bench as his eyes flashed up toward his manager and cousin, Elenore Kael.

Max Kael: Mark can’t possibly win now you know.. not with.. with this..

Elenore’s brows quirked up at her cousin’s eccentric behavior, staying several lengthy strides back as she regarded him cooly. Casting an idle glance over the locker room, her lips curling with no small measure of distain for the setting. Elenore spoke in a low cool voice as she finally turned her eyes back onto Max, attempting, vaguely to be interested in his rant.

Elenore: Wonderful. It’s just a matter of time now.

Max snorted and cracked his neck ignoring his cousin as he opened the bag and peered inside. After a moment he reached in the bag and carefully pulled out a large blue bowling ball.

Max Kael:..balls..



Christopher America vs. Michael DeNucci©

Chris Kostoff vs. Chris Jacobs ONE TIME ONLY BOUT
Davotek vs. Shocker

Defiance’s Frank Dylan James vs. HOW’s Aceldama

PWX’S Darin Zion vs. HOW’s Ethan Cavanaugh


Michael DeNucci vs. Kirsta Lewis
Singles Match

We return from break to see Christopher America wearing his red, white and blue referee uniform in the center of the ring. “Animals” by Nickleback roars over the P.A. as Kirsta Lewis makes her way down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Kirsta ignores the fans for the most part and slides into the ring. The boos only increase as Michael DeNucci makes his way toward the ring with a mic in his hand.

Sliding into the ring, Michael DeNucci looks out over the fans who boo him loudly while Kirsta Lewis glares at her Tweeter enemy. DeNucci lifts the mic and begins to speak..

But his words do not come out over the speakers.

Confused Michael DeNucci taps the mic and starts to speak over the mic again before his face turns bright red. He spins toward the HOTV with his hands in the air as the fans start to laugh at DeNucci. Turning around while shaking his head Michae-


Kirsta Lewis connects Hell’s Bitch Kick!

DeNucci is laid out as Christopher America signals for the bell! Kirsta drops for the cover..




America pauses and checks his arm as if it was bothering him. Jumping up to his feet he looks down at his wrist as if he had a watch and was checking the time. Kirsta Lewis begins to scream at America before he drops back down..



The action cuts backstage as Kirsta Lewis stands over the body of DeNucci smiling…



In the locker room, Dawn is dressed and ready to go. Nazareth’s ‘Hair of the Dog’ blares out of the speakers of a small CD player in her locker.

Heart breaker, soul shaker I’ve been told about you

Steamroller, midnight stroller

What they’ve been saying must be true

Dawn stretches out and limbers up.

Red hot mama

Velvet charmer

Times come to pay your dues

She sits down on the bench and faces the camera.

Now you’re messin with a

A son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with

a son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with a

A son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with a son of a bitch

Dawn: “I’m not one for self-doubt or self-pity. I don’t make it a point to analyze every single thing that happens in my life. All I know right at this moment is this: tomorrow night, I face Tim Shipley for the LSD title and that is my only focus. Should I be nervous? I probably should but I’m not. Should I be concerned, given my zero and five record here in High Octane Wrestling? Probably. But I’m not. Why? Well, it’s not like I’ve lost five consecutive matches to just anyone. Let’s see, I lost in back to back weeks in very close matches to ICON Champion Max Kael. Then the next week, then-LSD Champion David Black. After that, the then-#1 ranked women wrestler in the world Kirsta Lewis. And last week, I faced Cobra, a man who won the WfWA Title not too long ago.”

Red hot mama

Velvet charmer

Times come to pay your dues

Dawn’s head momentarily bobs to the music.

Now you’re messin with a

A son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with

a son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with a

A son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with a son of a bitch

Dawn: “You see, accepting a challenge is something I’m not foreign to. In 2002, I faced the loss of my leg when I was serving as an Army Ranger in Iraq and an IED went off nearby. My battalion barely got me in time to a medical post and thankfully they were able to save my leg. But what I suffered hardly compared to my friends and comrades in arms who lost their lives serving their country. After facing death and watching friends and fellow soldiers die in action, suddenly losing a few wrestling matches pales in comparison to putting your life on the line for your country.

Red hot mama

Velvet charmer

Times come to pay your dues

Dawn: “With the exception of Aceldama, I’ve faced the very best that HOW has to offer. Tonight, it’s Tim Shipley. Tim may look at my record and think he’s in for an easy evening. He may want to ask Max, David, Kirsta, and even the guy in the pajamas just how easy it was. I know it’ll be a challenge to face Tim. But I accept the challenge. Now it’s my turn to climb the mountain. Just like in 2002 after doctors told me that I may never walk normally again, I will embrace the battle that’s ahead of me and Tim Shipley, I hope you’re ready for the fight of your life…because I am. Tonight, I may walk out of the arena as the new LSD Champion. Or this might be another step along the road. Either way, Tim, you will get the best I have to offer inside the ring…

Now you’re messin with a

A son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with a son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with a

A son of a bitch

Now you’re messin with a son of a bitch

Dawn: “…count on it.”

Turmoil cuts to commercial as up next is the LSD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

The Testimony of Frankie will end tonights show..will he nut up and go against Lee?


HOW LSD Title Match
Tim Shipley vs. Dawn McGill
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and it is time for our first of three title matches here tonight and folks this just might be the last time we see one Dawn McGill get a title shot here in HOW.

Benny Newell: I will tell you one thing Joe..that bitch is persistent and I have no clue on how she keeps getting these shots at titles but I have a very good feeling that she sucks cock…yes gay cock.

Joe Hoffman: Seriously? You went there?

Joe is shaking his head as the action cuts to the HOV screen as we see a replay of the finish of the triple threat Cage match for the ICON Championship last week on Turmoil….a match that showed that Tim Shipley belongs with the big boys here in HOW.

As the video ends the crowd inside the Coliseum cheer loudly as it is time for the LSD Championship match to begin.

Sabotage by the Beastie Boys hits the PA system and the crowd shows some respect for the former Army Ranger.

Bryan McVay: Making her way to the ring…standing 6’2” and weighing in at 173 pounds…hailing from Morenci Michigan……DAAAAAAAAWN MCGIIIIILLLLLLL!!!!

Dawn continues down the ramp and enters the ring and even smiles at all the fans cheering for her.

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s obvious that this girl who has yet to win a match here in HOW is starting to win over the fans with her tenacity and never say die attitude.

Benny Newell: Yawn…only reason I am not sleeping is because she has tits and a vagina that has to be filled with sand…and I got the shovel baby…

Joe …again…can only shake his head as McVay introduces the champion…

MK Ultra by Muse hits the arenas sound system and the LSD Champion makes his way out from the back with Roxie by his side.

Bryan McVay: Introducing now the current LSD Champion…he stands 5’11” and weighs in at 228 pounds….hailing from Milton Keynes, England….accompanied by the lovely Roxie Sykes…..YOUR LSD CHAMPION…..TIIIIIIIIM SHIIIIIPLEEEEEEYYYYY!!!!

Roxie leads the Champion down the ramp and watches as he climbs into the ring and slowly hands the LSD Championship belt to referee Joel Hortega who proceeds to hold it high in the air to all the fans in the arena and those watching live on HOTv…..the whole time with Shipley staring down McGill.

Benny Newell: Anyone else think it’s fucked up that McGill is taller than Shipley? I mean that dude is Tom Cruise short and Cavanaugh’s dick might be bigger than our LSD Champion….I never realized how short he was until he was next to McGill….like holy fuck batman…

Joe Hoffman: YOU DONE??? Shipley outweighs her by a lot and let’s face it…..size don’t matter..

Benny Newell: Says the little man…

Joe tries to ignore Benny as Hortega signals for the bell and we are officially underway…

Shipley and McGill begin circling each other as the crowd remains on their feet as the match definitely has a big match feel to it.

Joe Hoffman: You know seeing these two in the ring just reminded me…where is Mark O’Neal? Where is Griffin Faze?

Benny Newell: I cannot believe I am about to say this…but can we focus on the shit in the ring please?

Joe is flustered at being put in his place by Benny..

Benny Newell: Act like a fucking Hall of Famer will ya…

Back in the ring the two HOW superstars lock up and Shipley easily takes the early advantage as he muscles McGill to the ropes and instead of whipping her off the ropes he drives a knee into the gut of Dawn which sends her to her knees gasping for air.

Shipley smiles down at Roxie who seems a lot more focused than Shipley and this is apparent as McGill catches him off guard by pulling on his waist and thru the middle rope and down to the cold floor of the arena.

Shipley quickly bounces up but is met with a flying elbow from McGill and for the next several minutes Dawn uses the whole ringside environment, while keeping on eye on Roxie, to her advantage and rolls into the ring several times to break up the Diez count by Hortega.

Joe Hoffman: McGill with the early advantage here and boy has she been taking it to the champion early…

Finally McGill rolls Shipley back into the ring as it was getting pretty close to Roxie attacking Dawn……

Back in the ring the champion struggles to his feet and just as he does he is met with a running dropkick right to his injured knee and Roxie’s screams or horror can be heard throughout the arena as Shipley goes down hard clutching his knee.

Joe Hoffman: Again the Champions knee is failing him…he needs time off and he needs it as of three weeks ago…

For the next several minutes Dawn works over the knee of Shipley and each time she is about to lock in a submission type move on his leg, Roxie jumps up on the apron and breaks up the hold as Hortega is forced to give Roxie his undivided attention….so much so that finally Hortega has had enough from Roxie and bans her from ringside…

Joe Hoffman: Hortega just banned Roxie from the match!!! She has to go to the back now!!

Benny Newell: Good…the bitch can’t throw in the towel for the gimp then..

The crowd cheers loudly as Roxie is going apeshit as several HOW security members walk her to the back.

Inside the ring Shipley finally sees Roxie being escorted to the back and he starts to exit the ring as well but is grabbed from behind by McGill who rolls him up for a cover….




McGill quickly jumps up to her feet and hustles up the top rope and goes to jump off but Shipley slides out of the ring and as McGill hops down to the canvas her right knee buckles and she goes down in a heap.

Joe Hoffman: Oh god….Dawn is down…and she is hurt…..

Benny Newell: Great….the handicap parking in the parking lot is already filled….damn now I gotta race a bunch of gimps to get a good spot? Fuck me running…

Shipley sees McGill go down and watches as Roxie is forced fully to the back and tries to shake the pain out in his own knee before sliding back into the ring where Dawn is trying to get to her feet via the ropes.

Just as she gets to her feet however Shipley drops to a knee and drives his shoulder into the back of Dawn’s right knee and she goes down screaming in pain.

Shipley taps his forehead as he stands up and places Dawns leg on the bottom rope and then proceeds to put the boots to it….over…and over..and over again.

Joe Hoffman: We seen this a lot lately from the HOW wrestlers…they are definitely more focused on the physical injuries instead of all the mental games we are used to..

Benny Newell: About fucking time….

Now it is Shipley who works on the injured knee of a wrestler as he executes several grapevines, submissions and just pure brute force on Dawn’s knee….the destruction of her leg and her screams of pain…have the crowd literally calling for Shipley to finish the match……

And he does.

Shipley pulls Dawn towards the center of the ring and signals for his reverse figure four leg lock….Newton’s Paradox..

Joe Hoffman: Smart move here folks…..work the leg…use a leg submission….

Shipley bends down to begin to lock the move in but as he does McGill reaches up and grabs Shipley’s groin in a nasty Testicular Claw….which sends Shipley immediately on the defensive as McGill slowly makes her way up to her feet with Shipley’s balls in her hand….

Benny Newell: Tell me when it’s over!!!!

McGill sweeps the legs out from Shipley and he falls to the mat and McGill wastes no time in locking in a perfect figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring…

Shipley pounds the mat in pain and frustration but he doesn’t give up.

Hortega even counts several near falls when Shipley’s shoulders are on the mat but each time he gets up. He finally gets enough energy to try and roll the move over and they get halfway there but Shipley cannot take anymore and they roll back into the previous position and now it is McGill who is pounding the canvas as she tries to apply as much pressure as possibly…

Shipley falls back to the canvas in pain and Hortega starts another count….





The Kallisten Coliseum goes crazy as McGill is in a state of shock as HOW medics rush down the ramp and slide into the ring as a now passed out Shipley is not moving, having passed out from the pain.

Hortega grabs the LSD Championship and puts it around the waist of McGill as McVay makes the official announcement…


McGill falls against the ropes as the crowd cheers madly for the new champion as Benny and Joe don’t say a word during this great moment.

The action finally cuts away to the backstage area…


Questions for Midnight

The camera cuts to the backstage area as we see HOW interviewer Missy Andrews hurriedly chasing after the towering frame of none other then Jason Midnight. Jason seems oblivious to the fact that Missy is following after him, even as she calls his name to get his attention. Finally, the intrepid interviewer manages to catch up to the larger man and cut him off as she shoves her microphone in his face.

Missy Andrews: Jason Midnight! Last week your team lost against the Maurako Family while you were nowhere to be found. Is it true that it’s because you were actually barred from the match by your teammates?

The question spilling out in a breathless ramble as Missy was still winded from trying to catch up with him. Jason offers her the mildest of glares in response before speaking.

Jason Midnight: Hello Missy. So good to see you. Have you done something with your hair?

Missy Andrews: I thi-

Jason Midnight: And tell me Missy, is it true that you were seen leaving the home of one Michael DeNucci?

Missy Andrews: He-

Jason Midnight: Are you dating the Douchebag of the Year because you just don’t feel that fresh down there?

Missy Andrews: Fu-

Jason Midnight: Is he your favorite douche or have you been seeing other douches behind his back?

Missy Andrews: Enough!

Jason Midnight: But theses are the kind of hard-hitting questions that are fans really care about Missy! They don’t care that my team banned me from ringside and the match! They want to know all about you and Mr. DeNucci. Give the fans what they want!

Slightly at a loss after the barrage of personal and insulting questions fired off at her from Midnight, Missy takes a moment to compose herself. Pasting a forced smile onto her lips, she presses on with the interview.

Missy Andrews: So it’s true that there’s trouble with you and your “brothers?”

Jason Midnight: Yes, it-

Missy Andrews: Is it because you want to move on in the invitational and be the one to face Aceldama should you win?

Jason Midnight: I’m no-

Missy Andrews: And do you think it’s really wise to select you to represent your team if you’re able to take your bracket? Especially considering that you have fallen short when challenging for the LSD and Tag Team titles? And that you have never won a championship title in your life?

Jason Midnight: Ther-

Missy Andrews: Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll take your bracket as you’ll have to win your next two matches to even stand a chance. Something most would say is impossible given the inner rivalry happening in your group. What do you think, Jason?

The bigger man has actually been backed into the wall at this point as Missy has taken a step forward with each question to force him back a step. There’s a look in Jason’s eyes that is of clear respect for the interviewer for refusing to back down.

Jason Midnight: Listen Missy. Me and my brothers have gone through hell together. And sure, right now there’s some infighting and bickering. But I guarantee you of this. The Brothers of the Beast will be your next Tag Team Champions. We will move on in the invitational. And when one of us faces Aceldama at March 2 Glory we will win the World Title. And you can bank on that.

Without giving Missy a chance to ask any further questions, Jason pushes past her and pats her head as he does. Leaving the lovely HOW interviewer to watch his retreating form with a look of confusion and annoyance as we go to commercial.


New Official Energy Drink of High Octane Wrestling…drink some of this you no showing bastards


HOW ICON Title Match
Max Kael vs. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
Singles Match

Give it Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers cues up on the P.A. as the fans begin to cheer loudly at the arrival of the Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal. He moves out onto the stage cracking his neck before he slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen up next we have our second title defense of the night with Max Kael defending his title against Mark O’Neal, the very man that Max Kael put out a few months ago. You have to imagine that Mark O’Neal has had a lot on his mind during his time off, especially Max Kael for his cowardly attack on his fellow Hall of Fame alumni.

Benny Newell: Whatever, I have yet to hear how Mark is going to stand when it comes to Lee’s trial and until then I am not sure I can fucken sup-

Suddenly Max Kael can be seen jumping out of the crowd behind Mark O’Neal with the large leather satchel he had received from Matteo Maurako earlier in the evening. Max appears to be wearing white, black and red bowling shirt with a large black collar and pair of old black and white leather soled bowling shoes.

Mark turns just in time to get hit in the stomach with the leather satchel as the fans let out a massive outpouring of boos against the ICON Champion. Mark doubles over as the air appears to have been knocked out of him as Max stands over him with a smug look on his face.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell!? What the hell!? Max..Max once again attacking Mark O’Neal and this time with that leather satchel he got from Matteo!

Benny Newell: Fuck it, you know Max always has some kind of plan! Mark should have been paying attention to Max!

Joe Hoffman: He was walking down to the ring, how could he be looking out for Max?!

The ICON and Internet Champion Maximillian Kael sets the bag down and picks Mark O’Neal up, rolling him into the ring. Max grabs the bag and rolls into the ring as he stares at Match Boettcher who seems confused as to what is going on. Max sets the satchel in the corner before he slowly walks toward Mark, his feet slipping a little on the ring mat. Boettcher has no choice to signal for the bell as Mark O’Neal continues to nurse his gut as he wriggles on the mat.

Max slowly stalks Mark as he shadow boxes the air pretending to fight someone who is not there. Mark slowly starts to pull himself up to his feet using the ropes as its clear from his face that he is having trouble breathing. As he turns around..


Max executes the Singularity and hooks the leg..





Much to no one’s surprise Max Kael picks up the win as he jumps up to his feet nearly falling over as his slippery bowling shoes slide. He rolls out of the ring and collects the satchel, reentering.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is that damn Max Kael doing now!?

Matt Boettcher approaches Max only to get shoved out of the way as he sets the bag into the center of the ring and walks over to Mark. Dragging him into the corner Max removes a pair of hand cuffs from his pocket cuffing Mark to the corner. Heading back to the leather satchel Max removes from it his custom Maxopotamian microphone clicking it on.

Max Kael: Once again, against all odds your PARAGON has proven himself to be the greatest CHAMPION in HOW! As ICON and Internet Champion I have proven time and again that not only am I justified in DEMANDING your absolute adoration and appreciation but that I am also better then Simon Sparrow in EVERY WAY. For example…

The ICON Champion points to the HOTV as the Max Kael vs. Simon Sparrow/Jatt Starr lists pop back up. Under Simon Sparrow it says “Has Never Scored A Strike in Laser Bowling”.

Max Kael: Simon Sparrow has NEVER done anything like this before.. in fact.. I dare him to prove that he ever has. Because I took a look into the HOW Archives.. you know.. for the past few weeks since everything else is currently confiscated by the Government thanks to the Media Black Out.. and I can safely say that neither Simon Sparrow nor Jatt Starr has never EVER done anything like this.. So.. QUE IT UP BOYS!

The lights in the Arena go black suddenly shrouding everything in darkness. “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” by The Fifth Dimension hits the P.A. as laser lights begin pulsing all throughout the arena. In the ring Max Kael can be seen fishing out a Glow In the Dark bowling ball with a large M etched on it. Max smiles out at the fans who boo loudly as his white teeth glow neon white thanks to the black lights flashing in the arena.

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia lines up his shoot.. takes his stance.. moves forward and releases his ball!…..


Mark O’Neal’s parted legs help guide the five pound ball directly into his crotch as the crowd lets out a collective “Oooooh!”. Mark can be seen writhing in agony as Max pumps his fist in the air as a big X flashes up on the HOTV indicating a Strike! The sound of bowling ball pins being knocked down fill the arena as Max celebrates in the center of the ring. On the HOTV the X vanishes as a bowling score sheet takes its place with the first box marked Mark O’Neal set for a Strike. The next box is marked ??? leaving it up to the fans to guess who might be next on his list.

Max collects the ball as the crowd continues to boo him loudly while the laser bowling lights and music continue to plan. Over the roar of it all Max Kael slowly dances up the ramp and into the back stage area leaving the officials to tend to Mark O’Neal back in the ring.


Another Attack

The scene opens backstage where Missy Andrews is screaming, calling for security, EMT’s, and everyone else frantically. An HOW staff member comes running in and ask what’s the matter. She hides her hands in her face, and shakes her head.

HOW Staff Member: What’s wrong, Missy? What’s wrong?

Missy Andrews: He’s dead!

HOW Staff Member: Okay. Calm down. Who’s dead?

Missy begins hyperventilating, as the HOW staff member tries to comfort her. Brian Bare makes his way in and sees Missy distraught.

Missy Andrews: Oh my God! He’s dead!

Brian Bare begins begins taking off down the hallway as the camera follows. Bare rounds a corner and steps into a small pool of blood.

Brian Bare: What?

The camera turns around to show an open locker room door. Bare walks through the door then covers his hand over his mouth. He runs back out of the room, and around the corner.


A bunch more staff members start scrambling down at the end of the hallway. Bare runs back into the locker room. We hear his voice echo from inside the room.


The camera pulls back to reveal 2 time WfWA World Champion, 2009 WfWA Warlord, and Graystone’s opponent in the next round of the invitational next week: Cobra. Cobra leans in, listening to Bare talk to Graystone, letting him know help is on the way. As a bunch of HOW staff members and EMT’s pour in around the corner, Cobra smiles cockily. An HOW staff member rushes over to him.

HOW Staff Member: What happened? Did you see anything?

Cobra: Not a thing.

The HOW staff member turns and rushes into the locker room as the camera focuses in on Cobras cocky smile.


Location to be revealed next week for the PPV


A Reason to Thank

The scene cuts to backstage where Aceldama can be seen sitting at a desk with what seems to be a piece of paper in front of him. He is flicking a zippo lighter on and off contemplating whether or not to burn the piece of paper, but then in front of him a mobile phone begins to vibrate and he drops the piece of paper and picks up the phone to answer it.

Aceldama– Yes……what do you mean you can’t get me in?…..Just get it sorted…..I will be landing in La Quinta airport tomorrow night so you better have it sorted by then……I don’t care about security I will be there no matter what……just you let me deal with that bit……I will be in New Orleans tomorrow night so get on it.

Aceldama hangs up the phone and throws it back on the table in anger. Suddenly there is a knock on the door as Missy Andrews peaks her head through, Aceldama pays no attention to her as he continues gazing at the piece of paper in front of him.

Missy Andrews– Is this a bad time Ace?

Aceldama– Its always a bad time to be interrupting me.

Missy Andrews– What’s that you got there?

Aceldama- Just the little contract that once belonged to Simon Sparrow, wondering to be done with it.

Missy Andrews– On that matter, why did you attack Sparrow, what did he ever do to you?

Aceldama turns to face Missy Andrews with a look of distain, he throws the contract back on the table as he stares up at her, feeling her feel uneasy.

Aceldama– So…..the whole world wants to know why I refuse to give a thank you to Simon Sparrow for his contribution in me retaining my title at Rumble at the Rock? And you want to be the first with the exclusive scoop?

Missy Andrews– I just think the whole High Octane world has a right to know why you refused to thank him after he done so much to help you in retaining your title, and to take his contract from him in such a brutal attack, I think everyone has a right to know why Ace.

Aceldama– Ok, you pulled my leg, the whole world wants to know why Simon Sparrow has not been thanked for his contribution, well here is some breaking news for you all out there in the High Octane world, I HAVE thanked Simon Sparrow for what he done, a long time ago.

Missy Andrew– So why is he demanding a thank you from you right now for his contribution?

Aceldama– Because he never knew I thanked him.

Missy Andrews– I don’t understand.

Aceldama– Of course you don’t, too complex for you. You see for Sparrows help in me retaining the belt against Lee’s new right hand man at the time Trent, Mike Best paid Simon Sparrow very handsomely for his help, but what Simon Sparrow does not know is…….it was ME who made the payment to him, it was my own cash.

Missy Andrews– Woah woah wait up a minute, you are saying here that you PAID Simon Sparrow to help you in taking out Trent at the Rumble at the Rock?

Aceldama– Look, I knew that Lee and his Best Alliance boys would have Trent’s back, I was outnumbered, Mike approached me saying he wanted to help out, I told him his help was not enough, I needed more, so he made his calls, nobody wanted to help the man who was in exile, Mike did not have enough money to reel in anybody, so I helped there, Sparrow answered the call. There you have it.

Missy Andrews– I just don’t believe this for a second, you are telling me and the High Octane World that you PAID Simon Sparrow, without him knowing the money was from you, to help you win the title?

Aceldama– That is correct.

Missy Andrews– But why would you never tell him that you done this? Why attack him and take away his contract? This I don’t understand, you asked for his help and he gave you it….

Aceldama– No, I asked for help, not his help, he simply saw the money dangling in front of him, saw the chance to screw Lee over and he went for it. As for the attack and taking his contract, well……I think you can ask Mike Best about that one….

Missy Andrews– What about Mike Best, what has he to do in this?

Aceldama– Let’s just say like Mike made promises and assurances that he could not cash, and this left someone rather angry.

Missy Andrews– You are talking about Simon Sparrow here I presume?

Aceldama– Just think about it, returns to High Octane by the side of Mike Best, screws over Lee Best by getting involved in a match which would have seen the title return to his Best Alliance….but now he is testifying FOR him and campaigning strongly for him to be freed? Coincidence? I think you should ask Simon or Mike that question.

Missy Andrews– So what are you going to do with the contract now you have it?

Aceldama– Simple, give it to the one person here I believe deserves to get a chance at a title, someone who has been overshadowed in the past……I lie……I am going to sell it to the highest bidder, because in reality, who truly does deserve a chance at the title without earning it? This piece of paper is not worth a dime, nothing. You can leave now, you have had enough for now.

Missy Andrews– Just one more thing, about your match tonight, Ryan Faze, one half of the team is in hospital tonight and you will be now facing his brother? Any comments?

Aceldama– His brother? You mean the lookalike whose record is 0-1? This…..fratboy who has a chance at the highest accolade in this federation? Ha. But…..I have been where Ryan has been, I have had to overcome that mountain and Ryan, if you are listening………you will have no problems being mistaken for your brother when I am through with him, he will look….unrecognisable…..now get out of here!!

Aceldama stands up and literally PUSHES Missy out of the room and slams the door behind her. She fixes herself up and looks at the door, banging it angrily.

Missy Andrews– How rude!


Hall of Famer Benny Newell uses this daily to make it thru the High Octane bullshit..errr…pains


HOW World Title Match
Griffin Faze vs. Aceldama
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to Turmoil folks and what a show it’s been thus far, eh Benny? Two title defenses already and a third set to get started here in just a moment!

Benny Newell: I don’t know if you can really consider what’s easily going to be a squash match a title defense, but whatever.

Joe Hoffman: Regardless, Aceldama will put his High Octane Championship at stake in a match that’s been changed more times than… than…

Benny Newell: Roxie’s panties?

Joe Hoffman:

Benny Newell: What?!? It fits! Now go ahead and tell everyone how I should be the one walking out of here tonight as the High Octane Champion…

Joe Hoffman: Benny brings up a valid point ladies and gentlemen, although I’m not entirely convinced you would have won the title had you not been attacked like you did.

Benny Newell: (muttering) Stupid fuckers.

Joe Hoffman: In what was originally scheduled to be a one-on-one match between my partner here and Aceldama, Benny’s unfortunate circumstances allowed for the imprisoned Lee Best to change the rules of this match, thus making it a Handicap affair where Aceldama would defend the belt against the Alpha Beta Slam tag team of Ryan and Griffin Faze.

Benny Newell: Haha! Handicap affair? Like two retards in wheelchairs going at it, cheating on their retarded spouses?

Joe just ignores Benny, as he’s learned to do over course of time and continues on.

Joe Hoffman: Even worse, speculation still abounds as to whether or not the former General Manager of Mayhem suffered a painkiller overdose, which resulted in making this a one-on-one affair between Ryan’s brother Griffin and the champion. Problem is, we still have yet to receive confirmation that the challenger is even here!

Benny Newell: I told you, Joe. Griffin Faze is a pussy. It runs in the family… you know, it’s genetic and stuff. Anyways, we appreciate the rundown Joe, but as confusing as all of that was, it’d be wonderful if you could pass me my official HOW flask so I can get set to watch whoever the hell wants to come to this ring to end the show.

Joe Hoffman: Very well. Let’s turn things over to Bryan McVay, who is in the ring with Special Guest Referee Mike Best!

As Joe reluctantly passes Benny his flask, the lights in the Kallisten Coliseum go black. A single spotlight from the middle of the arena shines down on the silhouette that is Bryan McVay while Smile Empty Soul’s “Bottom of a Bottle” kicks in, bringing the crowd to their feet.

Bryan McVay: Your Main Event of the evening is schedule for ONE FALL and is for the High Octane Championship! Introducing first, from right here in Chicago, weighing in at 228 pounds, GRIFFIN FAZE!!!

The crowd roars for the obvious fan favorite that’s about to get his first crack at singles gold in what will be his first singles match of his entire career. But after several passing moments with the theme music of Alpha Beta Slam playing emptily, there’s still no sign of Griffin Faze.

Benny Newell: See? Fuck it, Joe. I don’t care if I just woke up from a coma. I don’t care that I’m probably in the worst condition that I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m gonna’ go run to the back, lace up my boots, and take the shot that was originally mine in the first place!

Joe Hoffman: Calm down Benny, I’m getting word as we speak that Griffin Faze just arrived! Apparently, the delay resulted from complications and a dispute with Cook County Memorial Hospital…

The music stops and the live feed cuts to the Kallisten Coliseum parking lot, where an official CCMH transport vehicle is opening its rear door.

Joe Hoffman: …wait a second! Is that?

Benny Newell: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Sure enough, Griffin emerges from the truck, revealing none other than his brother Ryan right behind him!


Looking weary and fatigued, but strong with support for his brother, Ryan is helped down from the truck in his wheelchair.

Joe Hoffman: It is! It’s Ryan Faze! He promised his brother he’d be in his corner tonight and here he is, just days after waking up from his coma, supporting him. A courageous, brotherly act, if you ask me.

Benny Newell: You can blow them both after the match, Joe. Shouldn’t be long either… I give it a minute tops.

The camera follows the brothers as they enter the arena; Griffin leading Ryan in his wheelchair down a series of corridors, still dressed in his street clothes.

As they approach the entrance to the stop, Griffin stops and whispers something to a production assistant who quickly relays whatever Griffin told him into his headset.

Suddenly, the arena is swarmed by neon blue strobe lights while Breaking Benjamin’s “Phase” kicks into the speakers. The fans, knowing this is Ryan’s music, erupt into an ovation of cheers to show their support for Griffin and his oft too troubled sibling

The team of Alpha Beta Slam emerges from the curtain, Griffin slapping the hands of fans at ringside as he wheels Ryan to a spot near the announcer’s booth. After some encouragement and quick pep talk from his brother, Griffin and hops onto the apron and looks out toward the crowd before joining Best & McVay inside the confines of the square circle.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

Tool’s “Vicarious” hits the speakers and the -((A))– symbol appears on the HOV screen. The arena goes black once again and smoke fills the stage before the lights in the arena begin to flicker, creating a thunderstorm type illusion.

Finally, an electrified bolt shocks the stage with a huge explosion, turning the fans into a frenzy. As the lights come back fully, Aceldama appears from out of the smoke.

Bryan McVay: …from Berlin, Germany, weighing in at 252 pounds… he is the reigning HIGH OCTANE CHAMPION… ACELDAMA!!!

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama looks focused tonight, seemingly ready to put last week’s loss behind him, especially with his title on the line.

Aceldama treads a long, slow path to the ring, perhaps to intimidate the rookie that is wrestling in only the second match of his entire career. Once he reaches the ring, he un-straps the High Octane title from his waist and hands it to Mike Best with a glare.

Mike presents the title to an awe-inspired Griffin Faze and then raises it high into the air before quickly checking both men for weapons.

Aceldama is all business as he approaches his opponent nose-to-nose. Not backing down in the least, Griffin Faze steps up to Aceldama and exchanges some words with him before Mike Best calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: And we’re under way… remember, the High Octane Championship is on the line here in this match.

The two continue their stare down until Griffin Faze strikes first, a hard slap to the face of Aceldama that fills the champion’s face with rage. Griffin angers him further with yet another hard slap; one that resounds throughout the arena and garners some “oohs” from the crowd. Ryan attempts a third consecutive slap, but this time, Aceldama catches his arm.

Benny Newell: Uh oh…

Joe Hoffman: Fall of the Berlin Wall! A devastating clothesline from the champion!

Ryan Faze winces from the outside as Aceldama goes to work on his brother; laying boots into any of Griffin’s body parts that he can connect with.

Scooping him up from the mat, Aceldama lands a Body-to-Body slam and violently hooks Griffin’s leg for the first pin-fall attempt of the match.

Mike Best is right on the cover, but Griffin kicks out on 2. Frustrated, Aceldama lands a head-butt and uses his tremendous strength to lay pressure over his opponent’s chest. Again, Best is right there for the count, but Faze kicks out after 2.

Griffin reels a bit from the head-butt and finds himself being pulled to his feet by the “End Game”. Aceldama lands several European Uppercuts before administering The Rag Doll, where he tosses Griffin across the ring by his hair.

Benny Newell: Aceldama is just toying with him… and fucking up all my bets in the process! You were supposed to pin him in a minute, Ace! A minute!

Joe Hoffman: The High Octane Champion putting on a display of force here in the early going of this match. He keeps this up, a minute more might be all he needs.

Benny Newell: Good point, let me call my bookie real quick.

Benny produces his cell phone as Aceldama corners Faze near the turnbuckle and smacks him with some Knife Edge Chops. He leans his body into him and goes for an Irish Whip, but Griffin holds on. He ducks a lariat attempt by the champion, reaches backward and lands a Neckbreaker that sees Aceldama take his first real punishment of the match.

Quick to his feet, Griffin drops a leg across the chest of Aceldama and follows that up with a Standing Moonsault.

Joe Hoffman: Griffin hooks the leg!

Mike Best is quick on the pin, as he showed similarly for Aceldama, and nets a consistent 2-count before Aceldama presses and tosses him off with ease.

Joe Hoffman: Look at the strength! Look at the power!

Griffin lunges back at him with a flying forearm, which Ace shrugs off and tosses him into the corner. With a flurry of punches, his Punch Frenzy if you will, Aceldama reclaims the advantage of the match. He brawls with Griffin as he leads him to the top rope. Griffin tries to fight back, but Aceldama is too powerful.

From the outside, Ryan Faze provides encouragement for his brother who seems to be in a bit of a tight spot. Another head-butt by Aceldama staggers Griffin, giving him the opening he needed to set up the Jacknife Powerbomb.

Benny Newell: Holy shit! Drink! We’re gonna see a Jacknife from the top rope, Joe!

Aceldama hoists Griffin Faze high above his head, but Griffin counters with a Hurracanrana!

Joe Hoffman: Amazing counter by Griffin Faze!! He’s got him Benny!

Faze hooks Aceldama’s legs upon landing and tries to hold on for his life!




Faze jumps to his feet in celebration!

Joe Hoffman: New champion! NO! Mike Best is indicating that Aceldama kicked out after 2! This match will continue! Boy, did Aceldama escape a close one there!

Benny Newell: Well he better get his shit together before I go broke because of him. That’s the second bet I’ve lost in this match already!

Meanwhile, despite Mike Best’s denial, Griffin is leaning over the ropes toward his brother Ryan, still celebrating and thinking he won this match. Ryan furiously shakes his head to try and tell Griff that it was only a 2 count, but it’s too late.

Aceldama connects with a huge boot to the temple of Griffin Faze and even Mike Best was caught in the cross-fire as he stumbles backwards in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Faze is down!

Mike Best: Mike Best is down! Ha ha! What a fuckin’ pansy! Look at him nearly crying, Joe!

As Griffin recovers with Mike Best shaking off the cobwebs, Aceldama stalks his opponent, luring him into the Berlin Express. Faze is slow to his feet and has his brother shouting at him to look out. However, he’s extremely dazed and its unclear whether or not he can hear him.

Using the ropes to pull himself up, Griffin has his back turned to Aceldama, who has really gotten the crowd into the match with the calling of his Gore-like maneuver.

Back on his feet, Faze turns around, just in time to see Aceldama charging at him from the opposite end of the ring.

Benny Newell: Berlin Express!

Joe Hoffman: No! Nobody home!

The crowd is electric as Faze evades the attack, causing Aceldama to charge full-steam ahead into the ring post, shoulder first!

Benny Newell: Aceldama’s in some serious pain! Come on champ!

Faze sneaks up from behind the staggered High Octane Champion and exerts a powerful cry, right before trapping Aceldama into the Killswitch position made famous by his brother Ryan.

Beaming with pride from his wheelchair, “The Phenomenal One” raises an arm for his brother.

Joe Hoffman: We’re about to see the Fazepl-… wait! Wait just a gosh-darn minute! That’s- that’s C.R.I.P. from Appalachian Wrestling!

Suddenly, Griffin releases Aceldama, distracted as a tattooed African American man wearing blue hops the barricade, brushing right past Benny and Joe.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is he doing here? He’s got no business in HOW! So help me God, if I wasn’t all beat up at the moment, I’d kick his-

Joe Hoffman: No!

With a helpless Ryan Faze in his sights, Christopher Rashad Issac Patterson charges and boots him the head with his “Drive By” finisher, toppling Faze over and knocking the “The Phenomenal One” out cold.

Joe Hoffman: Faze was in a coma for Christ’s sake! We need a medic down here!

Unaware of what happened, Aceldama spins around a horrified Griffin Faze before he can defend his brother.

Benny Newell: Double Powerbomb! Check that Joe, we need two medics!

Aceldama covers Griffin Faze and Mike Best is on the 3 count.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner and still High Octane CHAMPION… ACELDAMA!!!

A ring attendant hands Mike Best the High Octane Championship belt, who quickly gives it to a relieved Aceldama. He begins to celebrate a successful defense, but the crowd is mute. He quickly notices why as he sees Ryan Faze being tended to by a swarm of medics on the outside.

Confused, Aceldama gets the attention of Mike Best, who becomes furious as the HOV plays back a replay of what just happened. Remorsefully, Aceldama kneels down next to Griffin Faze to try and bring him back to his senses so that he can tend to his brother.

Joe Hoffman: I’m sorry folks, but what you just witnessed was a horrifying tragedy here on Turmoil. C.R.I.P., a member of Appalachian Wrestling’s Southern Hospitality faction, has invaded High Octane Wrestling in the worst of ways; knocking out Ryan Faze and costing his brother Griffin the High Octane Championship!

Benny is simply at a loss for words as a second team of medics stroll to the scene. The fans look on in horror as the final image of the night depicts Ryan being immobilized, loaded onto a stretcher and being placed in a neck brace as his brother Griffin seethes, furious with rage.




Trial Segment..

We cut to the Cook County Court House where we the Honorable Paul P. Biebel, Jr.

Honorable Paul P. Biebel, Jr.: Will the state please call their next witness.

Fitzgerald: The state calls Frank J. Calrissian to the stand.

We see Lee Best stand up from the table and look back in the court room as we see the man known better as Frankie the Cameraman make his way into the courtroom, wearing shorts, Star Wars t-shirt and eye patch as he walks down to the witness stand where he takes a seat.

Bailiff: Please raise your right hand and place your left hand on the Bible.

We see Frankie raise his left hand and place it on the bible.

Bailiff: Other hand.

Finally Frankie places his right hand on the bible and swears into the court as we see the prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald approach Frankie to start his questioning.

Fitzgerald: Mr. Calrissian….

Frankie: You can call me Frankie.

Fitzgerald: Right, Frankie. How long have you worked at High Octane Wrestling?

Frankie: About a year and a half. I came in with Scottywood when he joined in August of 2008.

Fitzgerald: And during your tenure in HOW, has Lee Best ever physically assaulted you personally?

Frankie: Well he did stab me in the eye with his pen, is that as…assault?

Fitzgerald: Yes, that would be….. And the prosecution would like to enter a piece of video into evidence.

Honorable Paul P. Biebel, Jr.: Go ahead.

We see Fitzgerald walk over to a television where he presses play on the DVD player which starts the video on the TV.


Lee and Mark see Shocker out cold and Scottywood ripping the LSD Title belt off the waist of Static.


Scotty smiles as he grabs the LSD title and takes off running with Mark O’Neal right behind him. The camera starts to go after him but the cameraman is stopped as Lee grabs him by the back of the neck.

Lee Best: Frankie??

Lee whips the cameraman around and knocks the camera outta his hands and everyone in the arena can only see the feet of Lee and Frankie but the audio is still clear….



With the camera still lying on its side we still see the feet of Lee but know we see Frankie on his knees holding his face as blood is pouring out from what appears to be his eye socket. Suddenly something falls into the frame and we see Frankie reaching out to pick it up but before he can we see the foot of Lee come down on it and the sound of the resulting impact makes several people inside the arena to throw up as the HOV plays the footage again in slow motion…

Lee just stepped on Frankie’s eye.

We then hear the voice of Mark O’Neal…a little out of breath…

Mark O’Neal: …the fucker got away…….oh shit…..Lee..is that his…..aww..fuck…..

Suddenly the camera is picked up by Lee and now it is Lee Best playing cameraman as he zooms into the bleeding and now totally in shock, face of Frankie the Cameraman.

Lee Best: Got anything to add……didn’t think so.

Lee then turns the camera towards Mark who flinches and holds his arms up.

Lee Best: He got away??

Mark O’Neal: Look Lee I almost had him but the fucker jumped in the limo and took off….I think our driver was on the take cause he didn’t hesitate at all…

Lee Best: I see

The video ends as we see Fitzgerald shut off the DVD player and reaproaches Frankie who couldn’t even watch the video.

Fitzgerald: So is that video clip the reason why you wear an eye patch Mr. Calrissian.

We can see tears forming from Frankie’s one good eye as he nods his head, agreeing with what Fitzgerald has said.

Fitzgerald: Please note the witness nodded saying yes.

Honorable Paul P. Biebel, Jr.: So be it.

Fitzgerald: The Prossecution has no more questions of this witness

We see Lee best stand up the table and make his way over to Frnkie who starts shaking as Best approaches him.

Lee Best: So Frankie, according to that video do you actually see me stab you in the eye?

The extremely nervous Frankie shakes his head no as Lee can not help but smile.

Lee Best: So with only me and you knowing what happened, you can’t say with any proof that I am responsible for any injuries you may currently have to your eye?

Again, Frankie shakes his head, almost completely paralyzed by Lee, not being able to say a word as we can hear the sound of liquid dripping from the witness stand, as Lee looks over and can see a wet spot on Frankie’s pants and liquid dripping from his chair.

Lee Best: Your honor, it has seemed this witness has wet his pants. I say we dismiss him and call for a recess to clean up the witness stand.

Honorable Paul P. Biebel, Jr.: I agree, the witness is hearby dismissed and we will adjourn till tomorrow morning.

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