Turmoil: August 27th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
August 27th, 2009 – #HOW74
The Best Arena, Chicago IL



The HOTv logo gives way to the Turmoil Banner before it explodes and the cameras cut live inside The Best Arena here in Chicago Illinois.

Tonight is not like other nights however as we are not welcomed to the broadcast by the announce team of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell…..instead the cameras cut directly to a shot of none other than Lee Best standing in the middle of the ring with a sole spotlight shining down from the rafters of the arena that bears his name.

The rest of the arena is in total darkness and with a simple cue from a production assistant inside the “truck” Lee Best brings his microphone to his lips and Turmoil begins…

Lee Best: Welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil and I want to thank everyone for once again selling out MY arena…..

The unseen crowd boos loudly but Lee only smiles.

Lee Best: Ya boo all you want but I already won….cause you are sitting in the fucking seats in my fucking arena and YOUR money is in MY pocket…bob jared.

Lee smiles again as the boo’s intensify.

Lee Best: There is a reason that the lights are out and this sole spotlight is shining down upon me….Lee Best IS HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING….NOT MAXIMILLIAN KAEL….NOT CHRIS KOSTOFF…SURE AS FUCK NOT ANY OF THOSE LOSERS ON MAYHEM…..I AM HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING…NOW AND FOREVER!!!

Lee stares intently into the hard camera as it zooms all the way into a close up of the owner of High Octane Wrestling as the arena is shaking as the crowd is a frenzy.

Lee is forced to raise his voice as he continues…


The Arena gets louder, if that’s possible, for a few more seconds before the fans slowly quite down as they realize that Lee is dead serious.

The visual of Lee standing under a spotlight while a sold out arena boos him in the darkness is quite eerie enough….but with a quiet arena….even more so.

Lee Best: NOW that I have your full undivided attention let me go ahead and tell you people why I am out here. Tonight is a special night for me because not only do I get a chance to right a wrong but I also am going to do my part of a deal I made earlier this month when the Elite Protection Unit was signed on here to High Octane……so without any further ado….let me introduce you to the new TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS WHO WILL DEFEND THE TITLE WHENEVER AND WHOEVER THEY WANT TO…….

Lee pauses as the arena begins to buzz…

Lee Best: BUT….before I do that let me bring in a very special lady who tonight will referee in our big Tag Team match….THE HELLCAT…KIRSTA LEWIS!!!!

The crowd boos as suddenly Kirsta appears next to Lee inside the spotlight and it’s obvious that she has been in the ring the whole time.

Kirsta and Lee share a long passionate kiss as the crowd boos.

After the kiss Kirsta runs her hand down the body of Lee until she gets to his lowered hand holding the microphone and snatches it from Lee and turns towards the camera, effectively pushing Lee out of the spotlight.

Lee’s head is visible as he tries to return to his spot but a open palm from Kirsta quickly pushes Lee back out of the picture and this time he stays in the darkness as Kirsta turns towards the camera fully and we see that she is sporting a referee bikini top and a pair of very tight black shorts. There are some catcalls as Kirsta raises the mic to her lips and begins..

Kirsta Lewis: NOW that my man has reminded all of you who exactly is in charge…it is time to let everyone know who will be in charge TONIGHT when that Cuntinette Carey and Marcus Blowhardt climb into the ring with one of the greatest tag teams of all time…the A-Listers…

The crowd boos loudly at the mention of the team of Sektor and Mark O’Neal.

Kirsta Lewis: Tonight I promised Lee that I would NOT be partial…that I would NOT be fair…and I definitely would not ALLOW that fat ass and Blowhardt get the win and trust me….what Lee says here in HOW goes….but we all know that in the bedroom that I run the shots…..right babe?

Kirsta turns to where presumably Lee is standing and suddenly a single thumb…pointing up….sticks itself out from the darkness into the spotlight and then quickly returns to the darkness.

Kirsta Lewis: At Rumble at the Rock 2 I will go into Carey’s domain..the kitchen…and make sure that the whale will have to retire to her own kitchen cause her wrestling career is gonna be over. But let’s face it…I will be doing here a favor because she will be able to sit at home…get fat…and continue to watch me reign as the NUMBER ONE WOMENS WRESTLER IN ALL OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!!!

Kirsta smiles as the crowd boos loudly and she then grabs her crotch and flips the crowd off…

Kirsta Lewis: SUCK MY…..

Lee Best: Alrighty then…..

Lee quickly cuts Kirsta off and grabs the mic outta her hand and motions her to calm down as he pushes her into the darkness and takes his place back under the spotlight.

Lee Best: Folks that is what you call a passionate unbiased referee..just like one Frank Tonka Truck..ahem..

Lee smiles as he again focuses in on the hard camera..

Lee Best: Alright time for me talking is over. Tonight is a big night once again here in HOW and once again all the big news happens here….so like I was stating earlier….LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE BRAND NEW TAG TEAM…….CHAMPIONS!!!!!

The HOV comes to life and the Best Alliance Hummer Limo is seen pulling up to the Best Arena. The Hummer Limo sits there running for a minute and then is surrounded by dozens of EPU Officers. The Door to the Hummer Limo opens but the cameras are unable to catch who has emerged from the Hummer as the larger then normal EPU staffing has blocked the cameras. For the first time tonight we hear our commentators Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Where did all these EPU Security Officers come from?

Benny Newell: Lee hired them all… duh.

Joe Hoffman: That’s not what I meant. So who do you think is in there? Sektor and Mark O’Neal?

Benny Newell: Duh.

The cameras continue to follow the mob of EPU Officers as they are making their way toward the ring. The group walks through the curtain and onto the stage where the cameras can no longer see anything except darkness. Suddenly the lights in the Best Arena turn on …….

..and reveal the entire Maurako Family standing side by side on top of the stage with all of the EPU Officers standing behind them. The cameras pan across The Family and take note that each member of the Maurako Family is wearing a HOW Title Belt. The camera then settles on Mario who is holding a microphone.

Mario: Let me start off by thanking Lee Best for being a man of his word and bringing the HOW Tag Team Titles back and entrusting them to the greatest Family Wrestling has ever seen… The Maurako Family!

Mario pauses as the crowd boos and a few cups are already thrown onto the stage.

Mario: Go ahead and boo all you want but the fact is this; I am the greatest Tag Team Wrestler of All Time and there is nobody more worthy to usher in these gold belts then me and the rest of my Family. And as you can see these belts probably look familiar to you morons. But for those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the last week let me once again introduce you to the Family.

Wearing the Blue Title belt supposedly made famous by “Perfect” Paul Paras, I give to you my father and head of The Maurako Family, Matteo Maurako.

Mario pauses for a minute as Matteo raises his arm and the crowd boos.

Mario: To his left wearing the infamous Lime Title belt, my brother Martino Maurako!

Martino steps forward and raises both arms into the air.

Mario: And finally wearing the Red, White, & Blue I’m proud to introduce you all to my son, Mosé Maurako!

Mosé steps forward and lifts two middle fingers up to the crowd inciting them further.

Mario: Together we are the most dominate force in HOW’s history, and now Lee has given us the privilege of wearing the HOW Tag Team Titles and the power to defend them WHENEVER…. and WHEREVER we feel like it.

Martino steps forward and Mario hands the mic off to him.

Martino: So what my brother here is trying to say is this. All of you other so-called ‘teams’ in HOW need to step up your game and prove to The Maurako Family that you deserve a shot at our Tag Team Titles. Keep in mind that when you’ve been in the business as long as our father Matteo here… we don’t get impressed easily.

Suddenly the HOV comes to life again and a Cab is seen pulling up to the Best Arena.

Joe Hoffman: Ok…what now??

Everyones attention is on the HOV as the cab comes to a screeching halt and the back door opens and we see John Sektor, head of the EPU here on Turmoil, exit the cab.

Cabby: Hey…my fare…and that shit in the trunk!

Sektor stops in his tracks and walks briskly up to the driver side window and proceeds to punch the cabby square in the nose, knocking the man out cold.

John Sektor: Lets go…

The cameras pan out to show a single EPU team member standing closely behind Sektor and he continues to follow Sektor, as do the cameras, as Sektor makes his way into the Best Arena and his every move is shown on the HOV.

Joe Hoffman: It sure looks like Sektor…and his bodyguard?…..are making it a beeline right to the entrance ramp.

Benny Newell: You fucking think? I cannot believe that Lee didn’t give the A-Listers the belts…but if nothing else over the years I have learned one thing….TRUST LEE BEST!

Joe Hoffman: Ya…Ill write that one down…then crumble up the paper and shove it up Katie Vicks butt and let her flush it down the toilet.

Benny Newell: Holy shit you beat Rob!

Joe Hoffman: Huh..what?

Benny just smiles and gives the camera a wink as he takes a shot as the crowd stands as one as Sektor makes his way out from the back and onto the stage where he now has a mic in hand and he steps right up to Mario and he checks out the family…taking a long look at Martino who is wearing his old Stable Championship lime green belt.

John Sektor: First off congratulations to the Maurako family as a fellow great Tag Team wrestler I am damn proud to see the Championships back…..

The Maurako family nods at Sektor who then turns towards the ring and towards Lee and Kirsta..


Lee makes a signal and Sektor’s mic is shut off and Lee quickly exits the ring and is followed by Kirsta as Lee meets Sektor halfway down the ramp and is able to get Sektor to calm down for a minute before he whispers something into Sektors ear and Sektor smiles and pats Lee on the back and Lee does the same and the man that has been shadowing John, smacks Lee’s hand away.

Lee quickly reaches for his Bottomline Pen but Sektor puts his hands up and turns and punches the man hard in the gut.

Back on the top of the stage Mario and his family have seen enough. They turn and head towards the back, leaving half of the EPU-Sektors half, on the stage.

The crowd is buzzing at just went down and most of them are booing loudly as the Turmoil part of the EPU surround Lee, Kirsta and Sektor as they make their way backstage as Turmoil cuts to its first commercial break.


Kostoff Makes his HOFC Debut NEXT!!!


Chris Kostoff vs. Ethan Cavanaugh
HOFC Match

Back from commercial and we are now in the basement of the Best Arena where once again a few very select set of fans have been picked to sit around the 30 by 30 circular mat that is sitting in the middle of the basement.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome back and officially welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell!

Benny Newell: Lee is a freaking genius…

Joe Hoffman: Evil Genius is the proper term and one just has to wonder if the Maurako Family has sold their soul to the devil like so many others have.

Benny Newell: Gold is everything in this business and just ask Michael DeNucci who is only in HOW for one thing…HOFC Gold.

Joe Hoffman: That is very true…and well last week we seen The Headhunter Michael DeNucci victorious in his and the High Octane Fighting Championship division debuts. DeNucci looked impressive and one has to wonder just how long Ethan Cavanaugh can hang with Chris Kostoff.

Benny Newell: Look it is Kostoff taking on DeNucci at the pay per view. You honestly think that Cavanaugh is going to defeat him here tonight…on free Television and fuck up the first HOFC Title Bout? Come on…

Joe Hoffman: Well I really don’t think Cavanaugh is thinking along those lines as he is looking ready to fight….

The cameras pan over to Ethan Cavanaugh who is already standing in his corner with no apparent support group with him. He is bouncing back and forth on his feet as he stares intently at the two way mirror that the unknown HOFC judges are sitting behind on the other side of the wall.

The cameras then cut to HOFC referee Rick “Even” Stevens as he checks Cavanaugh for any weapons and once satisfied he nods towards the mirror and on cue “Deuces” by Achozen begins playing the crowd inside the Best Arena watching all this on the HOV erupt into cheers as the big black doors in the basement open up and the outline of Chris Kostoff is shown.

Kostoff storms into the basement pounding his fists together as he makes his way to his designated corner and then proceeds to point at Cavanaugh as Stevens checks the HOW Hall of Famer for weapons as his theme music dies out.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks there is the man that will take on The Headhunter Michael DeNucci on October 5th in a Prison Yard match on Alcatraz Island for the High Octane Fighting Championship….god what a match up that will be.

Benny Newell: To be honest Joe…..I hope DeNucci wins.

Joe Hoffman: Really? Huh…didn’t see that one coming. Anyways….folks let me remind you that this is a 3 round fight ..each round lasting 5 minutes. IF the bout goes thru the last round we will go to the yet unseen…and quite frankly unknown….HOFC Judges for our first ruling here in the HOFC…but I have a feeling this won’t go that long.

Benny Newell: About to find out……where’s the big introductions by McVay?

Joe Hoffman: I am being told that Lee has ordered McVay to not do them as we are running a little late with the show..hmmm….wonder if maybe we didn’t have a half hour spotlight segment to open the show…

Before Benny can interject Stevens motions for each fighter if they are ready and after a nod from both men Stevens drops his hand and the second ever HOFC bout is underway..

Joe Hoffman: And here we go…

Kostoff goes right at Cavanaugh but its quickly made apparent that Ethan is in no hurry to exchange blows with Kostoff.

The two men continue to circle each other for several moments as each throw a jab here and there to measure their opponent up.

Kostoff continues to chase Cavanaugh around the mat as Cavanaugh continues to circle away from Kostoff’s powerful right hand.

Getting frustrated, Kostoff charges Ethan and swings wildly with an overhand right that misses the mark and Cavanaugh counters with a swift shot to the body that takes the breath away from Kostoff.

Cavanaugh quickly follows that up with a kick to the leg of Kostoff that lands perfectly and buckles the knee of the HOW Hall of Famer.

Joe Hoffman: Cavanaugh taking advantage of Kostoff’s swing and miss and boy is he putting a hurting on Kostoff at the moment…

Now it is Kostoff backing up as Cavanaugh follows up with an overhand right that clips Kostoff shoulder and as he goes for a left hook to the body Kostoff brings a thunderous right hand down on Cavanaugh and Cavanaugh stumbles and falls down and lands hard on the concrete floor as he has fallen off the mat.

Kostoff charges to finish of Cavanaugh is able to land a right hand before Stevens tackles Kostoff and screams at him that he just lost a point in deduction because Cavanaugh is off the mat!!

Joe Hoffman: Well I think Kostoff could have finished him off there but cause he went off the mat there must be a reset…and what a shame for Kostoff to get a deduction cause he clearly had this round won after that big right hand…now we only have less than a minute left…

Cavanaugh slowly gets to his feet and makes his way back onto the mat and Stevens motions for the fight to continue and Kostoff charges but Cavanaugh quickly sidesteps Kostoff and stumbles around the mat for the last seconds of the first round and as Stevens’s steps between the fighters and both men retreat to their designated corners.

Joe Hoffman: That was a close round and although Cavanaugh dominated for most of it that knockdown by Kostoff almost ended the fight if Cavanaugh landed on the mat. Instead he didn’t and Kostoff lost a point for the blow he landed after that…..um Benny?

There is no sound from Benny as back to the action as Stevens signals for the start of the second round and Kostoff comes out racing towards Cavanaugh but again Cavanaugh runs from the big man and the two men literally circle each other for half the round as each time Kostoff is close to landing a big right hand…Cavanaugh is able to duck and counter with swift shot to the body.

Suddenly while backpedaling Cavanaugh slips on the mat and Kostoff pounces on him quickly and begins to bring down the pain with big rights and lefts but Ethan is able to protect himself somewhat and is able to bring Kostoff into a full guard but Kostoff powers himself out of it and sits up and then brings down a HUGE right hand……

and misses!!!

Ethan rolls his hips back and with Kostoff’s wrist in his grasp he lifts his legs up and locks in a triangle choke!!

Kostoff literally lifts Ethan up off the ground a few inches before Cavanaugh locks his legs fully in place and he pulls down hard on the back of Kostoff’s head and within seconds Kostoff is turning blue and he refuses to taps but that doesn’t matter as Stevens’s signals for the stop of the bout as Kostoff is out cold.


Joe Hoffman: What a huge upset….Benny…..BENNY WAKE UP KOSTOFF LOST!!!

Benny Newell: Huh what…I hate Lost…oh wait…..what the fuck??

The Best Arena is in a state of shock itself as Stevens raises the hand of Cavanaugh as HOW medics rush into the room to check on Kostoff as the action cuts elsewhere.


A killer hangover…

And we cut backstage to Trent’s locker room, where he is groaning like a zombie.

Trent: Urrrrgggghhhhhh… Brains… Gimme Brains… Urrrrrggghhhh…

His hairy pal, Wez, passes over a bottle of Brains S.A. Gold, a true Welsh brew.

Trent: Remind me never to fuckin’ drink that shit again, dude. I’ve been hung over fer two fuckin’ days.

Wez: Shit, man, when a hangover’s that bad, yer on the right track trying to drink the bitch off.

Trent: Too fuckin’ right, teach me to fuckin’ drink Lilah’s whitespirit thinkin’ it’s Vodka, won’t it. Urgh, hope this hair of the dog starts to fuckin’ work soon, got a fuckin’ busy night aheada me.

The eyepatch wearing wrestler downs the bottle of beer with little effort.

Trent: I dunno which’ll be more fuckin’ fun, watchin’ Eisen ‘n’ Aceldama fuckin’ kill each each other or dukin’ it out with the maniacal master of fuckin’ lunacy, Max Kael, ’til one of us is out like a fuckin’ light. Both’re fuckin’ excitin’ prospects, man, but in totally different ways, ya know?

Wez: Not really, I’d much prefer to watch two dudes I hate fuck each other up than have to fight a guy who’s going to eat my face.

Trent: Dude, Max doesn’t eat people’s faces.

Wez: He doesn’t?

Trent: No, he just fuckin’ wears them as masks, that’s all.

Wez: Oh, well, that’s not so bad then, wearing someone else’s fucking face isn’t weird or nothing!!!

Wez shouts sarcastically, obviously freaking out over the whole idea. Trent cringes and puts a hand to his ear.

Trent: Dude, fuckin’ chill, shout like that again and I’ll lock ya in Max’s fuckin’ cage.

Wez froze momentarilly and procedes to mutter in a hushed whisper.

Wez: I’ll be quiet!

Trent: Nah, I’m well fuckin’ lookin’ forward to bein’ locked in battle with that damn Skaven, a dual to the death! But I ain’t no stinkin’ fuckin’ brainless Orc, nah, not at fuckin’ all. I’m a fuckin’ fightin’ hero, I’m a Barbarian! Forged in the blazin’ furnice of fuckin’ battle. My iron fuckin’ strength, my steel bloody will and my fuckin’ titanium endurance are the spoils of war. Stab me in the back, hide in the bushes ‘n’ shoot poison fuckin’ darts at me, whatever Skaven tactics he’s plannin’ it’s nothin’ I ain’t fuckin’ felt before. Barbarian versus Skaven, Barbarian wins every motherfuckin’ time, baby!

Wez: Fucking nerds.

Trent: Shut it, you. Tonight I’m gonna be the last fuckin’ man standin’, I’ll show Aceldama how to deal with the likes of fuckin’ Kael, that there’s no one fuckin’ better than me at knockin’ wankers senseless. I mean, does Aceldama think beatin’ Eisen’ll make fuckin’ scared or somethin’? He could beat Draven fuckin’ Stark to an inch of his life ‘n’ I still wouldn’t be fuckin’ scared of him. Nah, not at all, that’d just make me even more fuckin’ excited, anticipate the match even fuckin’ more and anticipate the mutual fuckin’ bloodshed as we clash in that fuckin’ battlefield of a ring! Tonight I’ll watch with absolute fuckin’ glee as, win or lose, Aceldama gets himself fuckin’ pounded to shit, ready fer our fuckin’ MMA match next week, and tonight I’ll present him with the fuckin’ unconcious, barely breathin’ body of the man he couldn’t fuckin’ finish off. One thing’s fer sure, though, tonight’s all about me, the man who will put Aceldama out of the title picture fer fuckin’ good, the next H-O-fuckin’-W World Champion!

Wez: Hells fucking yeah, man! Go kick their fuckin’ arse!

Wez forgot to speak quietly and is now falling over in reaction to an empty beer bottle colliding with his crotch at high velocity.

Wez: Dooooooooood… I’m going to call the EPU on you!

Trent: Fuck off with yer high pitched fuckin’ whining, dude. EPU ain’t gonna do shit. Well… Unless… Sektor has got it out fer me… Fuck… They’d lock me up fer shits ‘n’ giggles. Damn it the EPU are coming after me! I don’t want to be locked up in a cell with a box over my head like Max! I want to be able to eat lamb! Wez, if anyone asks, you ain’t seen me, right?

Wez flicks his middle finger up at Trent, who nods as he jumps up from his seat and runs into the room’s ensuite toilet, slamming the door and clicking the bolt across. And now we head over to another part of the backstage area where Michael DeNucci is awaiting to be interviewed.



We cut to backstage, where Michael DeNucci is standing by with a bald man familiar to those who remember SSE.

Wagner: Greetings, sports fans! Chip Wagner here, the personal interviewer of Michael DeNucci, and I am standing by with the man himself. Michael, thanks for joining us. What are your thoughts on your upcoming fight against Chris Kostoff at Rumble at the Rock 2?

DeNucci: Chip, my thoughts are pretty simple. Obviously, Kostoff hasn’t been paying attention to a word that comes out of my mouth. Seriously, I could say any damn thing I want right now and he’ll just hear what he thinks I’m gonna say. Do I know that I’m in for the fight of my life against Kostoff? Fuck yes, I know! Why the hell do you think I wanted the damn fight?

DeNucci: Look, this whole time I’ve spent in HOW, look who I’ve faced in singles competition. Denton? Beat him, he was speed bumped the next show. Bob Jared? Beat him while blitzed off my ass on Grey Goose and E. Maurako? Gone in sixty seconds. Carey? Head. Kick. Fight. Is. OVER! Faze? The GM of Mayhem? Ha! I Dumpstered him like the piece of trash that he was, and he’ll never wrestle again. There isn’t one HOW guy that can beat me. Not. Fucking. ONE.

DeNucci: The only time I have ever been beat in a High Octane ring was by Trent…the SSE World Champion! It took an influx of former SSE talent for someone to beat me, because nobody in HOW could get the fucking job done.

DeNucci: I’m sick and tired of fighting pussies, and HOW is pretty much nothing BUT pussies. The only exception is Kostoff. Kostoff is a fucking fighter, I know this, I’ve seen this. Even if he got clumsy and got caught by an inferior opponent in a surprise submission…shit I remember all the sick shit he pulled in High Voltage Entertainment. I remember how he could get under Splinter’s skin like no other. Chris Kostoff is, in terms of fighting, the best fighter there is in HOW.

Wagner: Are you saying he’s better than you?

DeNucci: No, and here’s why. He’s the best pure fighter…but that’s all he is. I remember all that he did in HVE, but I also remember that Kostoff was under my thumb in HVE. They all were: O’Neal, Kostoff, Stark, the works. A vial full of steroids and a nasty temperament will get you places, and it’ll do a lot for you in the wrestling ring, but in mixed martial arts, mind always beats body.

DeNucci: Chip, I have the most calculating mind of anyone in this game today. I can size up an opponent and know exactly what method is best to take him out. Kostoff might have the advantage on me if the fight is standing, but there’s no way I’m keeping this fight standing.

Wagner: So you’re pretty confident that you’ll beat Kostoff.

DeNucci: Chip, Chris Kostoff doesn’t have a fucking prayer against me in the prison yard. He’s a tough fighter, but he’s big, and he’s dumb. He can stand and bang, but that’s ALL he can do. I’m trained in kickboxing, and wrestling, but lately, I’ve been working with my guys at Xtreme Couture on a little something known as Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

DeNucci: Let me give the home viewer a little history lesson: the year was 1993, and a bunch of the most badass fighters were coming together to decide what style of fighting was the best, in a little something called the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Now, in this event, you had every fucking type of badass imaginable, and then you had one little buck-seventy-five guy by the name of Royce Gracie, doing something called Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Anyway, long story short, that little guy went in there against those big tough badasses, and he fucked every last one of them up. He made them all look stupid, and he won the whole damn thing.

DeNucci: This is that fight all over again; I’m smaller than him – hell, fucking EVERYBODY is smaller than him – but that doesn’t mean a thing in the world of mixed martial arts. When we get into that prison yard at Rumble at the Rock 2, I’m going to take Kostoff down, lock in a kimura, and if the big dumb fucker has any sense of self-preservation, he’ll tap the fuck out. If he doesn’t…well, he may just lose a limb.

With those words, DeNucci walks away from Chip.

Wagner: Strong words from Michael DeNucci. For now, Chip Wagner, glorified mic stand, signing off.


Trent vs. Aceldama©

Silent Witness vs. David Black©

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

Best Laid Hand

Back live and Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal & Sektor are sitting around a table in the middle of the large EPU locker room. On one side of the room is the HOW Jail Cell. On the opposite side of the room are about 10 EPU employees in full riot gear and standing by himself in the immediate area is an EPU employee who is clearly the man that smacked Lee’s hand away eaerlier. Also sitting at the table is Kirsta Lewis & Lucee Matthews, Sektor’s new personal assistant. Mark & Sektor are engaged in a game of cards. There is a large sum of cash riding on a poker hand they are engaged in. Mark shows his cards. He has pocket 8s to go with an 8 on the board.

Mark O’Neal: “A set of 8s.”

Mark then starts reaching for the cash, and right when he gets his hands on it Sektor throws down his cards. He has a 6-7. The 6-7 goes along with the 8-9, and the 10 that just came up on the river. Sektor pushes Mark’s hand out of the way and grabs the cash.

John Sektor: “Not so fast Marky Mark. I have a straight.”

Mark O’Neal: “Staying in with a straight draw. Bullshit.”

Mark angrily bangs the table. Meanwhile Kirsta has begun to drink from a bottle of Jack Daniels. She has decided to just start swigging straight from the bottle & has convinced Lucee to try it. She swigs from it, and it results in Lucee making a face that expresses her disgust for Jack Daniels.

Kirsta Lewis: “How about you let me get in on this poker game.”

John Sektor: “I don’t think you should be drinking before the match.”

Kirsta Lewis: “Don’t worry about what I’m doing Sektor, you just worry about winning. Now deal the cards.”

Lucee: “I want to play too!”

Mark O’Neal: “Do you have any money?”

Kirsta Lewis: “No. But I do have my clothes to offer in place of money.”

Mark O’Neal: “That will work, Sektor, deal the cards. Lucee are you in?”

Lucee: “Yeah.”

Mark O’Neal: “Here’s how it works. Me & Sektor will put in 100 bucks each bet. You two play for an article of clothing.”

As Mark states the rules Sektor deals the cards for a friendly game of strip Texas Hold’em. As he is dealing Kirsta continues to sip on the Jack Daniels. The cards come out, Mark is dealt with 10-Q. Sektor with K-9. Kirsta with 7-2. Lucee with A-A. It is on Kirsta to bet. She has no idea what she is doing, and just decided to instantly pull her shirt off and throw it in the pot. She is now down to her bra, exposing a very nice look at her cleavage through the sexy bra she is wearing. Lucee follows suit and takes off her shirt as well, exposing another nice view for everybody. There is a pause in the action until Sektor slaps Mark upside his head to get him out his daze he is in, as his eyes were locked on Kirsta’s chest. Mark shakes out of it and throws in 100 bucks, Sektor does the same.

Sektor flops the first three cards and they come up A-9-10. This gives Sektor & Mark pairs, but give Lucee a set of Aces. Kirsta’s hand is not looking too promising, but she doesn’t show it, as she quickly removes her pants, leaving her in her bra and panties. Lucee sees what Kirsta did and quickly follows suit, standing up and easing down her mini-skirt. Mark is getting really excited and grabs the bottle of Jack and takes a swig. Sektor gives Mark a “what the fuck” look considering they have a match coming up soon, but Mark just shrugs his shoulders and throws out another 100 dollar bill. He then decides to lean over and see what cards Lucee has and he instantly realizes she is most likely going to win. Lucee smiles at Mark and whispers in his ear.

Lucee: “What should I do? Are my cards good?”

Mark O’Neal: “No, they suck. You should fold.”

Lucee: “Okay. I fold.”

Lucee says she folds, and Mark quickly throws her cards face down onto the table just as Sektor is flipping over the turn card. It is an 8. This now gives Kirsta a straight draw, and the best hand is folded due to Lucee’s clueless ness. It goes to Kirsta to bet and she looks at herself, trying to figure out what she should take off. Kirsta decides to take her socks off, much to Mark’s dismay. Now she has no other options, bra or panties for the final bet. Mark & Sektor quickly toss another 100 dollar bill in. As she goes to take another swig of whiskey Sektor gets a glimpse of her cards, and sees the straight draw. Sektor then burns a card and peeks to see it is a 6, which would give Kirsta a straight, he slyly slides that card to the bottom of the deck and looks at the next, it is a king. He throws down the king. They all show their cards, and Sektor has won the hand. Mark & Sektor instantly turn to Kirsta.

Mark O’Neal: “Let’s see those titties.”

Kirsta shrugs her shoulders as she stands up and then starts putting on a little show. She unclips her bra and begins moving side to side slowly with a big smile on her face. She then brings the back of the bra up to the front, and closes her arms, shielding her nice boobs with just her arms, and starts to slowly open her arms when all of a sudden someone bursts through door. Kirsta instantly covers herself and grabs her shirt off the table and throws it on as her bra falls to the ground. The camera turns to show it is Lee Best with an angry look on his face.

Lee Best: “What the fuck is going on in here?”

Mark O’Neal: “We were just strategizing.”

Lee Best: “Oh I see, strategizing in the nude. You are all supposed to be in the damn ring already.”

John Sektor: “Oh shit….the cab waiting for me Lee?”

Everyone laughs as Lee can only shake his head.

Lee Best: I told you Sek…next week man…next week..

Sektor just nods as everybody starts getting up as they scramble to get ready to run out to the ring. Mark meanwhile takes advantage of nobody paying attention and snatches up the money that Sektor had just won. He then grabs Kirsta’s bra she had dropped on the ground and smirks as he throws it in his bag.

John Sektor: “Mark, you ready?”

Mark O’Neal: “Always.”

The action cuts back to the announcers as Lee watches his Best Alliance members hustle out of the room with a look a frustrated father would give to his rowdy bunch.


Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey & Marcus Reinhardt vs. John Sektor & Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
Tag Team Match

Joe Hoffman: Strip Poker before a match? Are you kidding me?

Benny Newell: Obviously you have never heard of pre game?

Joe Hoffman: You know I wont even touch that one……

Suddenly the crowd erupts into a loud ovation of cheers as Bobbinette Carey and Marcus Reinhardt make their way out onto the entrance ramp…to no music or pyro.

Joe Hoffman: Another case of Lee pinching pennies?

Benny Newell: It is a tough economy that is for sure.

Joe can only let out a tired sigh as the cameras follow Carey and Reinhardt as they climb into the ring as the crowd continues to cheer them on.

Joe Hoffman: Well just last week Marcus Reinhardt continued his domination of HOW Hall of Famers when he defeated Bobbinette Carey…his tag team partner tonight…last week on Turmoil. So he has victories over Chris Kostoff and Bobbinette Carey and has a chance tonight to get a win over another HOW Hall of famer….Mark O’Neal.

Benny Newell: Well his little Hall of Fame run is about to end then sadly cause there is no way in hell the A-Listers are going to lose tonight….ESPECIALLY with the new Tag Team Champions in attendance.

On cue the HOV comes to life and we see a shot of the Maurako family sitting in a private suite watching the show on a huge 105” plasma HDTV.

The crowd boos at the sight of the “Sell outs” and the crowd boos even louder as Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis blasts over the PA system and a huge set of pyros go off all over the arena as the A-Listers, John Sektor and Mark O’Neal, make their way out from the back.

Joe Hoffman: Well the economy sure as heck didn’t stop that entrance!

Benny Newell: In a time like this you gotta be selective..come on..its Sektors return to the ring!

John and Mark turn back towards the entrance ramp and Kirsta Lewis, back in her referee bikini top and short shorts, makes her way out from the back with a EPU employee directly behind her.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the referee out with one of the teams in a match she is reffing. This is complete and utterly disgraceful.

Benny Newell: Blah blah blah..

Joe Hoffman: That obviously must be Sektor’s personal bodyguard as that EPU employee has yet to leave Sektor’s shadow.

As The A-Listers and Kirsta Lewis enter the ring, Carey and Reinhardt back up as they know full well that the numbers are not in their favor.

After a few moments of discussion on both sides we see that Mark O’Neal and Marcus Reinhardt will be starting the match off as Sektor swings his arm back and forth still feeling the effects of his injured arm….

Kirsta Lewis signals for the bell and the match is underway…

Joe Hoffman: Well here we go Marcus in the ring with another HOW Hall of Famer and who knows what the future holds for Reinhardt but this is invaluable experience.


Reinhardt and Mark lock up and Marcus quickly gains the upper hand and takes O’Neal back to the turnbuckle where Kirsta calls for a break and starts a quick 5 count before Marcus quickly backs up as the crowd boos vehemently.

Just as Marcus backs up and breaks, Mark lands a devastating right hand and now is on the advantage.

Over the next several minutes the A-Listers are able to cut the ring in half as O’Neal and Sektor are able to work machinelike with their tags.

Each time Sektor enters the fray he refrains from using his injured arm as the crowd chants PUSSY at him.

Joe Hoffman: The A-Listers are looking great and even I have to admit that it looks like they have not lost any chemistry after a few years apart here in the business.

Just then Reinhardt nails Sektor with a single arm DDT and the injured arm of Sektor is driven into the mat hard.

Reinhardt with the crowd behind him goes to make a tag but O’Neal jumps into the ring and Kirsta stops him with a hug and by rubbing his chest….the whole while Reinhardt tags in Carey and she races into the action but Kirsta quickly turns and states that she didn’t see the tag!!

Joe Hoffman: BULLSHIT!!!!

Joe is fuming..and then cheering…along with the whole arena as Carey slaps Kirsta hard across the face, knocking the ref down to the ground as Mark grabs Carey and tosses her out of the ring as Sektor gets to his feet and turns Reinhardt around and nails him with his C-SEKTION modified pedigree finisher…..

Benny Newell: ITS OVER!!!!

But its not as Sektor walks over and tags in Mark who quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps off and nails Reinhardt with his top rope splash finisher called the TIME BOMB..

Kirsta, holding her jaw with one hand….makes the quick three count as Carey slides into the ring with a steel chair too late.





Carey nails Sektor, Mark and Kirsta with three successful chair shots in a row and the EPU storm the ring as Bobbinette barely escapes and goes thru the crowd who help provide a barrier between her and the EPU as the crowd cheers wildly as the Queen B smiles at the carnage she just caused.

The action cuts backstage as the EPU tries to regain some order..



We find ourselves backstage, in the room which houses the cage that Trip Eisen’s been inside for the last week. There’s a large group of EPU members stood around the cage, tazers drawn. They unlock the cage, while the slightly dirty, slightly worn looking Trip Eisen just stands there, wearily looking at them. One of the EPU members steps forward, and starts addressing the professional wrestler.

EPU Guy: Alright, Eisen, you’re out, you’re up next. Aceldama. Good luck.

A slightly twisted smile passes over the security guard’s face at the mention of this.

EPU Guy: Now you know the deal, no more forking of people, Sektor says if you do that, he’ll find something to make this look pleasant. Same goes for anything else like that, so don’t start spooning people just to show defiance. Oh, and, uhh, Sektor apologises for not being able to come to let you out himself, he’s just too tired from his match. You know how it is, what with being a wrestler yourself and all, of course.

Trip Eisen: Yeah, sure, whatever. We done here, then? I have my freedom back?

EPU Guy: Yup. Something like that.

He turns to leave, and the rest of the members of the Elite Protection Unit head out the room behind him. Eisen starts to shake his head in disbelief at the whole situation, but doesn’t really get much of a chance to, as HOW’s resident cyclops interviewer, a visibly upset Mindy Smith, appears, thrusting a microphone right into Eisen’s face.

Mindy Smith: Trip Eisen, a few words?

Trip Eisen: Not really like I have much choice…fire away.

Mindy Smith: How are you feeling after your incarceration?

Trip Eisen: How’d you think I feel? My back aches, I feel like I haven’t washed properly in a week, and, well, I just generally feel a little sore all over. How the fuck did you think I’d feel? Seriously…you got anything less retarded to ask?

Mindy Smith: Well, I was just asking a question, there’s no need to bite my head off. God. Anyway, are you planning to get some kind of revenge on Sektor?

Trip Eisen: What’d you think, Mindy? You think that I spent my time in that cell figuring out how to get Sektor to be my mate? Nah, I thought about how I can pay him back for this shit. I thought about how satisfying it will be to drive a fork into his head, to watch the fucker bleed. You see, Mindy, I feel singled out here…I feel like he’s taken one look at me and figured that i’d be an easy way to assert authority over the rest of the roster, that picking on Trip Eisen’d be easy work. I mean, army of security guards, what exactly can go wrong, right?

Heh. He’ll soon find out.

Mindy Smith: Do you want to elaborate on that?

Trip Eisen: Elaborate what? My plan, so Sektor knows what’s coming? Nah…I don’t do things like that.

Mindy Smith: Right, of course. Do you have any thoughts on your match with Aceldama, which is next, I believe?

Trip Eisen: Thoughts? Plenty. But to let you know all of ’em would take a long ass time, and I don’t think either of us particularly has the willpower to go through all that right now. I know I don’t. So I’ll look to be concise, and short, so you can go and do whatever it is that cyclops’ do and I can go see my manager. So let me put it this way – I’m looking to out there and cause the upset – the exact same thing anyone in my position would say if you asked them that question.

Eisen gives her a pained look, and shrugs his shoulders.

Trip Eisen: I mean, I’ve just spent a week locked in a cage, what do you expect from me?

Eisen shakes his head and strides off out the room, leaving Mindy alone with the camera.

Mindy Smith: Uhh…yeah. Anyway, thanks for your time you fucking douchebag…. Back to you two at ringside. Or off to a commercial break…I don’t fucking care anymore..

Mindy covers her face and hustles off camera as Turmoil cuts to a commercial break.


Only three more TNT’s till the PPV..then the Draft!!!


Saved you a seat..

As Turmoil comes back from commercial we are to be shortly introduced by the world champion Aceldama as the lights turn down and Tool’s ‘Vicarious’ comes onto the PA system. Already dressed in his wrestling attire with his world title draped around his shoulder he has a somewhat happy disposition about him as he swaggers down to the ring. He climbs the steps and walks into the ring, demanding a microphone. Bryan McVay gets up from his seat and swiftly hands him one

Benny Newell: There is my good friend and business partner Aceldama in the ring. Look how graceful he looks.

Joe Hoffman: You? Working with Aceldama? I have to see that to believe it!

Benny Newell: It’s true, I helped him acquire something recently.

Joe Hoffman: Really? What then?

Benny Newell: I can’t divulge that information.

Joe Hoffman: I thought so, you got nothing.

Aceldama: So tonight I will show Trent just what it takes to beat Trip Eisen. Within this very ring he will see what it takes to be a great athlete, a true champion. Yes anybody can talk the talk, but it takes a special few to be able to walk the walk. Trent for all your trash talking you have yet to impress me. But tonight, you have that opportunity. To do what I could not even do, beat Max Kael. Last man…..standing. You say you have beaten Kael before, but this time, all eyes are on you. Can you handle the pressure? I highly doubt it.

But enough about the future, lets talk about the present. I promised you tonight Trent a very special ringside seat and I shall not want to disappoint you. So without further ado, on behalf of the Elite Protection Agency, I would like to show you your special ringside seat for tonight Trent, I hope you like it.

And with that four members of the EPA start making their way to the ring carrying a large chair. It seems extremely heavy as even the heavies of the security firm are having trouble carrying it. When it comes into full view it becomes apparent what type of chair it is.

Aceldama: Delivered especially from Alcatraz, this is the restraining chair that many inmates were put into during solitary confinement. They were not using it, so I guess, why not me? Many an inmate was put in this during their time, not one was able to escape it. You didn’t think I would give you a straight forward chair to come out here Trent did you? Your arms and legs will be tied and you will be forced to witness your future, what it will be like when you enter the ring with me. Eisen shall simply be a lesson I will teach upon you. You NEVER call me out, you NEVER get the best of me and finally, you can NEVER beat me.

So why don’t you make your way down here Trent, so we can get this little lesson under way. Oh and by the way, if you dare come out here with fists blazing, my boys here will immediately put a stop to that and you try to touch me during my match, you WILL lose your title shot. If you refuse to take your seat then I will ensure that the next few weeks to Rumble at the Rock will be a living hell for you. You see Trent, I can be VERY persuasive. I always get what I want. Don’t disappoint me.

Joe Hoffman: My god! Look at that thing! Trent can’t possibly be thinking about coming out here and taking a seat on that thing, he could be a sitting duck for attacks!

Benny Newell: We shall just have to wait and see I guess.

Joe Hoffman: Indeed we shall, that match is up next folks


Trip Eisen vs. Aceldama
Singles Match

Thrashaholic by Gama Bomb hits the PA system and Trent makes his way out to a loud ovation as Aceldama can be seen smiling from inside the ring.

Trent makes his way down the entrance ramp and the big man is smiling the whole time as members of the EPU strap him into the chair..

Aceldama: Legs too….

After a few moments Trent is fully strapped into the chair and then Destroy and Dominate hits the PA system and the man that defeated Trent at Capitol Punishment, Trip Eisen accompanied by Jimmy Bullit, makes his way down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Eisen has had a rough week as he literally has been getting punished by the Sektor headed Elite Protection Agency week in and week out since the EPU was introduced into HOW.

Benny Newell: That is what happens when you bring a fork to a gun fight.

Joe Hoffman: Wow I didn’t see that one coming…

Joe can only shake his head as Eisen walks right by Trent without even looking at his long time associate.

Inside the ring Aceldama has given his HOW World Title to a HOW crewmen and is begging Hortega to ring the damn bell and finally Hortega does and Aceldama rushes over to the ropes and literally pulls Eisen into the ring by his head.

The crowd is booing louder and louder with each move as Aceldama works over Trip very methodically..often pausing to stare at Trent as he executes various moves including executing a stalling vertical suplex as Trent is “forced” to watch on.

After a wicked chokeslam to Eisen, instead of covering his opponent, Aceldama walks to the ropes and begins to jaw at Trent who just starts laughing and with each passing second Aceldama gets more and more pissed off and is ready to climb out of the ring and tear apart Trent but he is rolled up from behind by Eisen and Hortega counts…




Joe Hoffman: That was close…really close…

Aceldama quickly pops up to a knee but is nailed with a perfect shining wizard kick..aka Shining Eisen kick…that sends the World Champion back down to the canvas and now it is Trip Eisen who is on the offensive and the crowd starts to get fully behind Eisen as he continues to keep the bigger Aceldama from getting up to his feet with several stiff lariats..the last one sending Aceldama thru the ropes and down to the arena floor as the crowd is now fully behind Trip Eisen as some are starting to believe he has a chance to win now.

On the outside Bullit is screaming at Trip to continue the offensive and Eisen nods and heads to the outside and for the next several minutes he uses the steel steps, announcers table, ringside barrier and anything else he can use as a weapon against the Monster of HOW. During all this Eisen quickly rolls in and out of the ring to bring up Hortega’s ten counts as Bullit continues to give in instructions.

There is a loud EISEN…EISEN…EISEN.. chant that breaks out throughout The Best Arena as Eisen rolls Aceldama into the ring and covers …



Aceldama quickly rolls away from Eisen and makes it to the turnbuckle and motions for Eisen to bring it on…..full of confidence Eisen charges and Aceldama surprisingly charges as well and catches Eisen off guard with a violent Berlin Express and now it is Aceldama who is covering after that destructive gore like take down…





Aceldama quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs his World Title belt and heads directly at Trent as the crowd cheers Trip Eisen who is slowly making it back to his feet..just now realizing how close he was to beating the World Champion..

Joe Hoffman: Trip had him..I swear to God I thought he was going to…

Suddenly UNDEAD hits the PA system and quickly fades out as the HOV comes to life and we see Lee Best in the parking lot surrounded by the Maurako family.

Lee Best: I was just wishing the Maurako family continued success over at Mayhem when I saw my number one investment Aceldama with a look of rage in his eyes about to put a hand on the number one contender…Ace…buddy..you know I cannot allow that to happen..especially with your ticker still not 100%…and your HOFC bout next week…so unless you just want to hand me your World Title…come on to the back….walk right past Trent and lets me you and the rest of The Best Alliance watch as Trent and Max tear each other apart….ok?

Lee pauses as the Mario, the last Maurako, pats Lee on the shoulder before climbing into the Best Alliance limo.

Lee shuts the door, taps the limo on the roof and it speeds off as Lee turns back towards the camera…..

Lee Best: Ace??

Back inside the arena Aceldama is standing directly in front of Trent and now it is Aceldama who is smiling…and then laughing as he walks right past Trent and heads up the entrance ramp as EPU members let Trent go and as Turmoil goes to commercial as Joe and Benny wonder just what the hell is going on with Aceldama and Joe argues that Aceldama doesnt know how to handle a man that cannot be messed with mentally…


Next Week
Maximillian Kael vs. Shane Reynolds©

Aceldama vs. Trent

Escape to Last Man Standing..

?: Heh-heh…

The commercial break ends with the distant sound of a giggle in the dark before a bright light flashes onto the screen.

?: No terribly nice.. is that? Heh-heh..

The light seems to die down as metal bars high away a shadowy face. As the camera pans out we can see Max Kael handcuffed to his usual wheelchair only now he is sporting a nice caged box locked on his head. To either side of him are two Elite Protection Agents in mat black suits and stun batons.

Max Kael: Surprised!? Probably not.. heh-heh but here I am just the same all ready for my last man standing match with Trent! Lee has kept me all locked up and away from my adoring fans for far to long, don’t you think? I can’t remember the last time I got to venture out into the cool summer air and just.. stare at people.. heh-heh..

One of the men turns to the side and produces a key eyeing it for a moment before he gave Max a skeptical look.

Agent Thomas: My instructions were to take the box off a few minutes before you’re match so you could get a breather. Are you going to behave yourself?

Max Kael: Behave? I’ll be the symbol of harmony and eloquence old bean..

Shaking his head from side to side as if in a sense of urgency Max Kael tried to edge his cuffed body toward Agent Thomas. The EP Agent looked a little more hesitant at his answer but still reached down to unlock the head gear.

Max Kael: You know, Agent Thomas, the longer Lee and Sektor keep me locked up the more enlightened I think I am becoming! I mean you would think I would be angry at them but actually I’m starting to think this is the life for me, you know? Heh-heh! Of course it’s not terribly comfortable having a box on your head but then I am not sure it was made for the likes of Lady Gigi to parade around.. at least not willingly. Now SHE is crazy.

The lock clicks open and the head cage seems to life up over Max’s pale face. As the frame work moves away it becomes clear just how dirty and pale Max’s face has been after a week locked inside of it. Yellow, film covered teeth grin out between parched, dry lips.

Max Kael: Hiya Agent Thomas! Finally a good look at you! Tell me, should I visit Make up before I head to the ring or do I just have an unsettling case of bed head?

Agent Thomas: God you’re a fucking ugly P.o.S. No wonder Sektor wants you locked up in the dark..

Max seems to make a pouting expression for a moment before he looks down at his cuffed hands and the wheel chair. After a few moments he looks back up at Agent Thomas who is hooking his key ring back up to his belt.

Max Kael: Agent Thomas I have a question for you.. What is the best kind of Prize?

Thomas looks confused for a moment as he looks at the other agent who just shrugs. Max arches his eyebrows up for a moment before smiling.

Max Kael:..a SURPRISE!

With great force Max Kael yanked his hand back as the sound of his wrist dislocating could be heard. Both Agents did not have time to react as Max reached up and pulled Agent Thomas down, head butting him before wrapping his free arm around his throat before his eyes flashed over to the other Agent.

Max Kael: If you have any interest in little Thomas’s children you’ll stand right there! .. Thomas! Keys! Unlock me like a video game special feature! Tick-tock! Tick-tock!

The mirth in Max’s voice was clear as Agent Thomas scrambled to unlock Max’s chains while the other Agent could only look on trying to find an opening. Once free of his chains, Max jumped up and shoved Thomas into the other Agent.

Max Kael: Thanks you’ve been great!

Max started to bolt as Thomas pulled a radio out of his pocket and clicked it over.

Agent Thomas: Max Kael is on the run! He is trying to escape, I repeat trying to escape!

Stopping to turn around Max arched his eyebrow and grabbed his wrist, cracking it back into place.

Max Kael: Escape?! Hardly! If Lee or Sektor want me.. heh-heh.. I’ll be enlightening Trent in the ring! Ta-ta!

Turning once again Max bolted down the hall toward the ring as the two Agents began to bark into their radios that Max was on his way down to the ring.


Max Kael vs. Trent
Singles Match

Benny Newell: That idiot is on his way out here?! Someone call the EPA!

Joe Hoffman: It seems that Max Kael is presently on his way to the ring in a mad furry.. God only knows what is on his mind after that little display..

Benny Newell: Fuck that retard, someone has to stop him.. he’s liable to attack someone in the crowd or something! Lee can’t afford to be sued!

Joe Hoffman: And lets talk about Trent who Aceldama had pinned to a chair earlier. What is his mindset going to be coming into this match?

Benny Newell: Fuck him, who cares? I mean, Aceldama clearly has the advantage and nothing Trent can do here tonight can change my opinion about that.

Joe Hoffman: So long as Lee Best signs your paycheck Aceldama will aways have the advantage!

Thrashaholic” by Gama Bomb crashes onto the P.A. as the crowd jumps to their feet in applause. On the ramp Trent makes his appearance, crude, rude and ready to hurt someone. Standing a full head above most of the crowd the massive mountain of muscle makes his way down into the ring where he poses for a little while before he turns back up toward the stage.

As he waits in the ring Benny and Joe go over the rules for a Last Man Standing match where in there is no DQ and no pin fall and no submission. The only way to win is to lay your opponent out in a way that renders them completely incapable of answering a ten count.

While Trent continues to wait in the ring “Singularity” cues up on the P.A. as the lights die down. After few moments it becomes clear that Max Kael has not yet arrived on the scene. Trent shakes his head and the crowd murmurs quietly as Joe and Benny question where Max is..

Once again “Singularity” cues up but again Max Kael is no where to be seen as the house lights come back up. A loud chorus of boos fill the arena as Max Kael has yet to make his appearance for the Main Event. Suddenly the sound of fighting fills the arena as the HOTv flashes backstage..

Max Kael can be seen shoving over Elite Protection personnel as he fights his way through the back stage area. Two Agents jump out and grab his arms only to receive a quick kick to the groin on one and a stiff head butt to the other. Free of their grasp Max Kael giggles maniacally and charges toward the entrance..

Singularity” bursts onto the P.A. as Max Kael flails onto the stage with a crazed expression. The crowd offers a mix of cheers and boos for the decidedly insane Minister. As he stumbles down to the ring Trent is quick to exit and charge toward him. Both men don’t seem to slow down as they approach, in fact they appear to speed up until they crash into each other!

Max proves little more then a minor nuisance to the superior size of Trent as he is seemingly bulldozed over, his head snapping off the metal ramp. Curling into a ball, Max clutches his head as Trent begins to reign down a series of stiff kicks all about Max’s body before picking him up by the air. Yelling something into Max’s confused face he charged back toward the ring and slammed his face into the near by ring pole.

Max spins around and collapses from the force of the hit, twitching on the ground as Trent lifts his arms and lets out a roar while the crowd pours on the support. Benny mentions how Max appears to have literally ran from a hard place directly into a rock. Trent glares down at Max for a moment longer before picking him up and forcing him into the ring where he follows.

With both men in the ring Matt Boettcher can officially start the match. The bell rings and already Max Kael is laying in the center of the ring seemingly unmoving. Matt begins the count..


Max Begins to stir…


The Minister manages to grab the ropes and pull himself up cutting off the count. Trent charges forward however Max manages to pull the tope rope down causing Trent to flip over and onto the ground. Taking advantage as best he can Max rolls out of the ring behind Trent and jumps onto his back, reaching his hand around to gouge at Trent’s bad eye!

Trent howls in pain as he thrashes about trying to get Max off his back until he slams him back first into the side of the ring. Max releases the hold and slumps down, holding his back as Trent holds his face to nurse his eye. Max scrambles under the ring as Trent comes back, his eye showing signs of swelling already as he looks around for Max.

The crowd encourages Trent to check under the ring however already Max has slithered out from the opposite side of the ring with what looks like a metal baseball bat and lurks around the other side of the ring. As Trent remains unaware of Max’s presence the Minister turns the corner and charges behind Trent.


The aluminum baseball bat swings as Trent’s right knee is struck from behind causing the big man to fall, screaming. Max lets out a high pitched squeal of joy before he measures Trent’s leg again before swinging down!


Once again the baseball bat hits home as Trent roars out. Max kisses the bat and tosses it away as the crowd boos and Joe comments on how sick and twisted Max has become in recent months. Max motions for Matt to begin the count while Max takes a seat next to the time keeper.


Trent reaches his arm up and holds the side of the ring as he nurses his leg trying to get vertical again.


Trent manages to steady himself against the side of the ring and tests out his leg as Max looks on scowling. Max jumps back up out of the seat and folds the chair as Trent hobbles away from the side of the ring. Max measures up and charges..


Trent punches the chair right back into Max’s face! Max goes stiff for a moment before falling to the ground as the chair clatters to the side with a large dent in the center of it. Trent spits on Max and grabs the chair, lifting it above his head as he limbs around his fallen opponent..



Trent lets out a beastial roar before slamming the chair onto Max’s head once more causing Max to twitch slightly. Tossing the chair to the side the crowd once again bursts into cheers for Trent for putting an extreme hurting on Max Kael.

Matt Boettcher once again beings the count..


Max does not move.


Suddenly it seems life jumps back into Max as he slowly begins to pick himself up on the ground. Blood can be seen running down from his nose and mouth from where he was struck by the chair when Trent punched it..


Grabbing a hold of Boettcher Max manages to struggle back up to his feet much to the dismay of the crowd and Trent. Hobbling over to Max, Trent grabs him by the hair causing the Minister to let out a yelp before he is whipped into the time keepers table where Max flips over and lands in a heap half in the lap of the time keeper and half in a tangle of wires.

Trent is gonna Kill You!” chants start up as Trent moves forward, still nursing his knee and his swelling eye. Max can be seen starting to pull himself out of his current situation only to get dragged out and onto the table by Trent who sends ham sized fists down onto Max’s forehead before a stiff forearm causes Max go limp on the table.

Still, Trent remains unsatisfied as he climbs up onto the side of the apron and signals for an elbow drop. The crowd goes crazy as Joe lists the dangers of such high risk moves with such large competitors. Throwing caution to the wind and damning the consequences Trent launches himself through the air toward Max.


Max Kael manages to slide out of the way as Trent comes smashing down through the table sending wood and metal flying! Both men appear unmoving as Matt Boettcher is forced to being a double count out!


Both men begin to stir as they drag themselves in opposite directions. Max appears headed toward the commentary table while Trent drags himself toward the dring.


Trent grabs a hold of the ring once again and starts to pull himself up. Max reaches up and grabs the side of the announcers table pulling himself up as Benny comments how Max smells like an old gym shoe. Joe agrees but feels saying something that close to Max is unwise.


Both men make the 10 count and seem to take a moment to breath as the crowd cheers. Max reaches out grabs something to try and wash away the blood on his face and to wake him up a little. Unfortunately it is Benny’s flask and it is too late before Max has splashed Whiskey in his face.

Screaming Max is immediately active again, stumbling away as Benny cries about the waste of alcohol. Trent takes advantage as spins Max around planting a hand around Max’s throat. Acting almost completely on instinct Max sends a stiff kick straight to Trent’s groin!

The big man releases the hold and immediately falls to his knees. Whipping the alcohol burn from his face the best he can Max takes the advantage and grabs Trent by the head, pulling his head back..


Max slams his hand down into Trent’s temple causing his head to snap to the side. As Trent falls to the side Max once again tries to shake out the butterflies and pain. Looking down at Trent Max reaches down and grabs him by the back of the head lifting it slightly..


Max drives Trent’s head back down into the ground with a sickening thud before he stumbles away screaming as the alcohol continues to burn his face and eyes. Relying on the near by ring steps to keep him up Max remains safe as Matt Boettcher begins the count once again..


Trent rolls over as blood runs freely from his nose where his head was smashed into the ground.


Coughing and wiping the blood from his face Trent slowly starts to get up, his hand moving to his leg and his crotch as the pain flares up from Max’s earlier assaults..


Trent manages to start to pull himself up… however he seems to give out at the last moment and drops back down to his side holding his knee..



The bell rings and Matt Boettcher moves down to check on Max while medics rush down to the ring for both men. Max doesn’t seem to register his victory as he continues to lay on the ring steps bleeding as Trent is tended to. Joe reflects on the brutality of the match and how very little actual wrestling was involved. Benny continues to cry about Max’s abuse of alcohol.

Suddenly “Hollywood Undead” cues up as the ramp is filled by Elite Security Agents and the members of the B.A. Krista and Lee Best stand to the side as it appears that Aceldama is directing traffic for now. Like predators on the hunt the sizable group of Aceldama, Mark O’Neal, Sektor and the Elite Protection Team move down toward the ring with no sense of urgency while the crowd boos.

Joe Hoffman: Now what the hell are they doing here huh?! The Main Event is over and there is no reason for them to come down now!

Benny Newell: Shut up Hoffman, this is the ratings boost that this Main Event needed to ensure we defeat Mayhem this week! Just watch and learn, Lee Best is a genius at this.

The B.A. move around the edges of the ring with Aceldama shoving the medics away to get a hold of Trent while O’Neal and Sektor shove Max into the ring. All three men climb in after them while the security team covers the outside. Max and Trent are shoved into the corners as the B.A. being to beat the hell out of the two blooded opponents.

The crowd boos loudly and begin to chant “What’s this shit!?” while garbage floods in Aceldama seems unmoved by it while Mark O’Neal goes to great effort to avoid it. As the beatings continue Lee heads into the ring with Krista on his arm. Max and Trent are dragged into the center of the ring where Lee is handed a mic by Krista.

Lee Best: Look at you two.. Tweedle-fucking-Stupid..

Lee looks at Trent with a smirk before he looks over at the beaten Max who appears to be staring off into space already.

Lee Best: And Tweedle-fucking-Stupider. You two have been a real pain in my ass for the last two months. Trent.. you dared.. DARED to put your fucking hippy hands on me and lay me out in my own god damn office!.. and you! You Max, you have fucked up so much shit in my business that even Glenn Beck has more willing sponsors!

The crowd continues to boo loudly as Lee reaches into his pocket and pulls out the infamous Bottom Line Pen.

Lee Best: Well you worthless pieces of shit.. no matter what happens at the end of the day.. the Bottom Line is this…

Lee turns to Trent and raises the Pen ready to strike..

Suddenly Krista grabs his arm and points up to the ramp where something is happening. A member of Elite Protection is seen rolling down the ramp. As the camera pans up..


The crowd goes nuts as Graystone charges the ring! Krista and Lee quickly jump out as Aceldama, Sektor and O’Neal move toward the ropes. As Graystone jumps in Sektor fakes a shoulder injury and shoves O’Neal forward only to get speared off his feet by Graystone!

Mark rolls out holding his ribs as Aceldama attempts a closeline! Graystone ducks and spins, closelining Aceldama over the top rope where he lands in a group of Elite Security members who more or less brace his fall!

THIS IS AWESOME!” roars from the crowd as Graystone stands definite against the Best Alliance! Trent seems to slowly be coming to as well as Max as both men drag themselves up to their feet, blood running freely from their heads. Max cocks his head to Graystone with a confused expression as Trent meets his new found savior with equal curiosity.

Raising his hand Trent points down to Aceldama as the crowd continues to cheer..





The crowd immediately turns their enthusiastic cheers to confused boos while Graystone stands in the middle of the ring looking down at both fallen men. Lee can be seen slithering back into the ring with a wide grin on his face as he swaggers toward Graystone.

The crowd moves from confused boos to out and out rage as Lee pulls a contract from his pocket and holds it out toward Graystone.

Lee Best: As I was saying.. the Bottom Line is this.. when you become a problem Lee Best will find the.. Best Solution. Trent, at Rumble at the Rock Aceldama is going to break you, beat you and make you squeal.. That’s set in stone and we all know its true.. but for you Max?

Lee looks over at the downed Max along with Graystone who seems to stare holes into his former cohort.

Lee Best: GRAYSTONE VS. MAX KAEL AT RUMBLE AT THE ROCK! And where better for two Psychopaths to fight it out.. then in the MENTAL WARD!

A brief smile appears on Graystone’s face as he takes the bottom line pen and signs the contract he has been handed without looking away from Max. Lee looks on with a smug expression as we fade out…



Trent vs. Aceldama©

Silent Witness vs. David Black©

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Maximillian Kael vs. Graystone

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

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The Best Arena

Chicago, Illinois

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  • 9:00PM