Turmoil: August 20th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
August 20th, 2009 – #HOW72
The Best Arena, Chicago IL



The HOTv logo gives way to the Turmoil Banner and then we go live and the camera pans across the filled Best Arena as it gets the reactions of the crowd, most of them holding banners up depicting their love, or hatred for a particular wrestler. The High Octane Vision screen comes to life as the High Octane Logo comes onto the screen as the fans noise is electrifying as yet another Thursday Night Turmoil kicks off. The camera pans to the commentators desk as Joe Hoffmann and Benny Newell sit eagerly awaiting the start of the show and their queue to introduce it. Benny more eager than Joe however, he is literally bouncing on his seat*

Joe Hoffman: Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome once again to another jam packed Thursday Night Turmoil. I am joined as ever by my partner in the saddle Benny Newell, Benny what are you doing?

Benny Newell: It is almost time, our champion, the exulted one is about to grace the ring. I am so excited; the title is home after a short vacation!

Joe Hoffman: That is right folks the newly crowned Aceldama, who just retained the title a few days earlier in controversial fashion when he pinned his very own blood brother Shane Reynolds is to open the show and he has a lot to answer to.

Benny Newell: He has to explain nothing, he is the champion, he can do what he pleases, when he pleases.

Joe Hoffman: That is of course if it meets the tough criteria of the new Elite Security firm headed by John Sektor, who made his return to High Octane last week.

Benny Newell: He is Best Alliance, it will be fine.

Joe Hoffman: Oh and speak of the devil.

*From the ramp, walking out from underneath the High Octane Vision screen comes Sektor followed quickly behind by his Elite Security group. Sektor is sporting the security group’s clothing and he also has a badge on his right bosom which reads ‘Head of Security’. He is parading down to the ring with a purpose, microphone already in hand. Two of his men jump onto the canvas and lift up the ring whilst the other men begin to circle it. He stands in the middle of the ring with a smug grin on his face, but it soon is wiped from him when a chorus of boos begins to echo the Best Arena. He addresses it*

John Sektor: I am the Head of Security in this arena, and when you are in here you are under MY rules, so you will give me the respect I deserve or pay the consequences!

*With that the boos become louder, Sektor is becoming furious, and all of a sudden a bottle is flown from the crowd and hits him across the chest. This sets him off*

John Sektor: Right! I saw that, I will not tolerate this in my arena. Guys, third row, the kid with the spectacles, throw him out now, rip his ticket up, he shall never be back.

*Two of the men, large and bulking jump the railings and walk over to a small child, could only be about twelve or thirteen in age, wearing glasses. He looks confused, as if it has been a case of mistaken identity. The two men lift him up by the armpit and proceed to take him to the nearest exit. The crowd become silent, not because they are submitting to what he has said, but they are in a state of shock that they would throw out someone so young, without even knowing it was him!*

John Sektor: That’s better. Let this be a lesson to you all, there are going to be a LOT of changes around here now I am in charge, what you saw last week was just the beginning. Now, it gives me great pleasure to be introducing the NEW World Champion Aceldama, but before we do that I would like everyone of you within this arena to stand in recognition of such an athlete. Now stand!

*Some people in the arena stand, the naive ones, but the stonewall Best Alliance haters refuse and begin a chant of ‘were not standing, were not standing!’.*

John Sektor: Fine, so you will not stand? Then this show will not continue until you all stand. I can wait all night, can you?

*Rather reluctantly the rest of the arena falls short and begin to stand up in small patches, Sektor stands in the middle of the ring, circling around until he sees everybody is now on their feet, he smiles, a smile of contentment, that he has got what he wants. Pan over to the commentators table and we see Benny standing to attention, even saluting! Joe is still on his seat.*

Benny Newell: What are you doing? Stand up for the champion!!

Joe Hoffman: I am not going to stand up for no……

John Sektor: Mr Hoffmann, do we have a problem?

*Without saying a word Joe gets up off his chair and stands beside Benny, who rips off his High Octane shirt to revel an Aceldama shirt underneath, he smiles and points at it to Joe who just stands there in bewilderment*

John Sektor: Perfect, now we have your attention, something is missing. Ah yes. Right now, I want the ENTIRE Turmoil roster to make their way to the ring, to form a guard of honour for our champion. Failure to do so will result in dire consequences, so make it quick. The show is waiting.

*Without any hesitation the roster begins to form on the ramp, most of them have not even got the time to get into their wrestling attire. Most of them seem confused and reluctant to do what Sektor is ordering, others it makes them sick to their stomach to even have to acknowledge Aceldama, but they do so anyways, lining up down the ramp. Two people are missing from the line-up as Sektor counts them all*

John Sektor: Seems two are missing, Trent and Kael, ah well, shall deal with them later. Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the World Champion Aceldama!!!

*The lights in the arena go off as the High Octane vision screen shows multiple screens, each a news story about Aceldama, the sound bite merges between each story, one about his heart attack, another about his suicide attempt, but then there is static and you hear in a strong German accent, these words…..

My heart may not beat, my spirit may be gone,

But I am still here, and I am going strong”

*All of a sudden a large firebolt erupts from each side of the stage as Tool’s ‘Vicarious’ comes onto the sound system as the lights come back on and Aceldama is seen coming through the curtains and onto the ramp. He is wearing a hooded gown, which is over his head and the world title belt across his waist proudly. All the time he is looking down to the grating, until the music kicks in and he raises his hood from his head and lets out a scream as the pyro’s go off on each side of him. He notices the roster lining up for him; he gives a sick grin as he walks past them, looking down on each and every one of them as they clap him down the ramp. He makes it to the ring and climbs the steps, ducking under the middle rope into the ring. He is handed the microphone from Sektor, which he takes then Sektor leaves the ring, with his two guards. Aceldama walks over to the turnbuckle closet to the ramp, removing his belt he climbs to the top and raises it over his head, looking down at the roster as if they are nothing, pointing at the title as if to make a statement, he climbs back down and stands in the middle of the ring, smiling. Red and black confetti begins to stream down from the rafters and fireworks go on inside the arena.*

Joe Hoffman: I have never seen such an exhibitionist display of cockiness and showboating in all my life, it makes me sick!

Benny Newell: Quiet you, or else I will have Sektor’s men exclude you from the arena for slander, I love you Aceldama! Please sign my penis!!

Aceldama: So the circle comes around once again. Once again this title around my waist, in my grasp. Many questions people are dying to hear the answer’s to, many aching to hear my reasoning, also many out there want to hear my response to goings on around here. Well first off this is a celebration, this is a celebration for the return of the World title to its rightful home, the Best Arena, where it shall stay, to the Best Alliance once more. But more importantly, to its rightful owner!

It was very nice of you John to get the roster out here to witness this homecoming, as for many this will be as close as they ever will get to seeing a world title belt! Many out there look up and see greatness, see a legend in the making. Embrace it, as for many of you to see this when you look in the mirror is but a dream, unless I am behind you of course. For others, it will be a glimpse of what had been, but never again will you feel its touch upon your skin, not whilst I am champion. But I look out there, amongst those who stand out there, and I do not see one title. Sickens me to know this is the level of competition out there, not one of you already holding a belt, whilst Mayhem almost had a monopoly. Take a lesson from tonight, go out, and take one. That is if you are worthy enough. I did, but you see, I could. Now, I suppose I shall address the match……

Joe Hoffman: What an egomaniacal bastard!

*Benny is busy bustling through the drawer of the desk until he pulls out a pen, throwing it away in disgust*

Benny Newell: Do we not have any permanent markers in this place?

Aceldama: Last week on Turmoil I took the title from the grasps of Issac Slade. I proved to this federation who the dominant force was. Every dog has its day, but when that dog begins to bite of more than it can chew, then it is time to put that dog down. And I done that. But….you are thinking, did I not pin Shane Reynolds? The ICON Champion, fellow Best Alliance member, blood brother to win this title? Oh how could you Aceldama? HOW COULD YOU?? Simple. In this business there are no friends, no allies, no ‘brother’s when you get into that ring. All there is are opponents, and when a title belt is on the line, they will pass over anybody in the attempt to get their hands on it. I done just that. You see Shane, you went out to prove who the strongest blood brother was, you may have done that, but I undoubtedly proved another. I am the smartest! Who lies upon an opportunity? No you take them, that is what classifies the champions from the short comers, from the ex champions. I outsmarted you, and there is nothing you could do about it. But sure you may be bitter, you may be angry at that fact, but you got to look into your heart of heart’s Shane, if the roles were reversed, would you not do the same? If your answer is no, then I question your desire. I was simply smarter than you, and it pains you to admit that. But this is a business, and we all strive to succeed, some will jump over anybody to get to the glory, you didn’t think I had morals now did you Shane?

But after this dust settles, the reality kicks in. You got pinned by me AGAIN. Oh how that must hurt you inside. So much so your concentration has gone, as once AGAIN Triple P pins you. But business must continue, come next Monday we must stand together, be a…..team. I am willing to put this all behind us to work together…..the problem is, are you?

Joe Hoffman: That bastard, he has nothing to forget about, it was all him! He is trying to turn this on Shane to make him the bad one.

Benny Newell: What have I said about slandering the great one? Ah yes! A permanent marker, my ding dong shall be the envy of all Chicago!

Aceldama: Now, on to other matters within this roster, most notably…….Trent! (looks across the line up of roster stars and does not notice him within them) It seems your disrespect for your champion knows no bounds. You come out here, and call me out? Say that you are a straight and out fighter? That you will not wait for the challenge to come to you, but you will go after it? I don’t know what to say to all that, but I know one thing, I would love to wash your sick mouth out with soap! But you call me out? Here I am, standing, waiting. I am not going anywhere, so what are you waiting for? Oh this roster standing here, and the security firm? Oh don’t worry about them. You are a straight and out fighter you say? Have you SEEN what I can do within the ring, have you witnessed what my opponents are left like? But fine, I guess you are as disrespectful of me as I initially thought, so I guess I will have to show you firsthand what I can do to my opponents. And finally, you do not wait for a challenge, but you go after them? Either do I Trent, either do I. But you see, there is one problem when it comes to you Trent…….

I don’t see you as much of a challenge. So to go after you would be like a lion chasing a turtle, it just would not be much of a challenge. In my eyes you have yet to prove yourself, to make those words you so foul throw out of your mouth come to life. Your biggest match of the year, hell in a cell against Trip Eisen, you lost. Embarrassed. Since then you have beaten, let me see…..nobody of merit! And tonight when you go up against Kirsta, again you shall be defeated, and I shall be there to count down your demise. You see you want a shot at me, but I don’t let anybody just jump into the ring with me, they have to earn it. Now firstly I will show you a lesson, a lesson in how to defeat those you cannot defeat. Now Lee has approved a few things already so I am going to go ahead and announce them here….firstly….Next week it shall be me against Trip Eisen, there you shall have a ringside seat as my special guest as I defeat the one person you could not. There you will see firsthand what I can do. But then, there is you…..

So you want to step into my world? Fight the greatest there is? You want to steal my glory? Feel what it is like to be World Champion? Before you can do that, before you can feel my glories, you must first feel my pain. I go back to March, it is my first few weeks within this federation, and I am put into a Pay Per View, against none other than the hall of famer…..Max Kael! A last man standing match. I showed my own, but instead the crowd robbed me of my crowning glory. I did not fret; it just slowed down the cogs a month or so, got me more focused. So Trent, next week YOU shall try to do what I could not, beat Max Kael in a Last Man Standing Match! If you can beat him, then you are worthy of me, if you cannot. Don’t worry; I shall see what I can do.

Now, your champion wishes to leave the ring, if all of you can just leave and get out of my way!

*The rest of the roster, quickly hurried by the menacing John Sektor and his security guards rush them back into the locker room area as Aceldama takes a moment to bask in the glory, once again going to the turnbuckle and raising the title over his head as the rest of the roster look up on the High Octane Vision screen and see him standing on the turnbuckle as if to be looking directly at them with a smile on his face*

Joe Hoffman: Well I am glad that is over, I could not take another second of his ego tripping moments! But you heard it, right from the champions mouth. Next week Trent will have to go toe to toe with Max Kael, and do what Aceldama fell short upon, in defeating Max in a last man standing match. Whilst Aceldama also wants to teach a lesson to Trent, by beating the very person who Trent lost to at Capital Punishment, in none other than Trip Eisen. And Trent has been offered a ringside seat for that one!

Benny Newell: Yeah yeah, matches next week, Aceldama will kill all. Ace! Ace! Over here! Will you sign my penis, please?

Joe Hoffman: Whilst my dim-witted associate here tries to ogle an autograph for his penis from the World Champion we shall go to commercial. After the break shall be Aceldama’s opponent next week , Trip Eisen, as he faces up against Ethan Cavanaugh, stay tuned.


Next Week

Aceldama vs. Trip Eisen Max Kael vs. Trent
in a Last Man Standing Match

Ethan Cavanaugh vs. Trip Eisen
Singles Match

Back live and Chimaira’s Destroy and Dominate blares out the soundsystem in the Best Arena, and the appearance of Trip Eisen atop the ramp draws a healthy amount of boos.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, hailing from Cardiff, Wales….TRIP EISEN!!!

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and what a way to open the show as half the darn show for next week is already booked!

Benny Newell: You all should just learn that when you are going up against Lee’s Best Alliance you know damn well that sooner or later you will pay.

Joe Hoffman: There is just no doubt about that….well Trip Eisen the man that will take on the World Champion next week is making his way down to the ring and this is a big match for him but one just has to wonder where his mindset is after hearing that he has the World Champ next week!

Benny Newell: All I wanna see in this match, Hoffman, is one damned good forking!

Joe Hoffman: Well, Benny – you heard what Sektor said last week, didn’t you? If Eisen does anything other than eat food with a fork, he’s gonna face the consequences.

Benny Newell: Pfft…the consequences can’t be that fucking bad, can they?

Joe Hoffman: Well, Benny, it might be wise to assume they may be – you can’t forget that we still don’t know the state of Trent’s eye, after Eisen drove his fork into that.

A haughty silence falls between our intrepid commentary duo, but before they have too much time to dwell on the fact, Nonpoint’s Breathe eminates from the many speakers in the Best Arena, and Ethan Cavanaugh appears, making his way down the ramp.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Lisburn, Northern Ireland…ETHAN CAVANAUGH!!!

Referee Hortega takes the time to check both men over, spending especially long on Eisen, looking for the hidden fork. Eventually, the referee seems satisfied, and rings for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go, folks, opening match of the night!

Indeed, the two men seem to share in Hoffman’s enthusiasm for the opening match as they charge into the middle of the ring, immediately exchanging furious blows! Eisen swings with a loose one, and takes the opportunity to duck under and clasp his arms for a German Suplex, but Eisen’s boot shoots up and meets his groinal area! Cavanaugh drops to the ground, and referee Hortega immediately begins remonstrating with Eisen, who feigns ignorance at the referee. However, arguing with the referee doesn’t seem to have been the greatest of ideas, as Cavanaugh sneaks up behind Eisen and rolls him up! Hortega quickly drops to the canvas…



Eisen kicks out of the hold! The two men spring back up to their feet, circling each other, before they both tear into a collar and elbow tieup! Eisen’s weight advantage shows, as he leans into Cavanaugh, forcing him backwards into the ropes. Cavanaugh breaks the tieup, to Eisen’s surprise and looks for a boot to the midsection! Eisen catches the boot, spins Cavanaugh around and in one smooth motion, catches Cavanaugh and sends him flying overhead with a belly to belly suplex! Cavanaugh wastes no time in getting back to his feet, and the two men exchange blows once more! Cavanaugh gets the advantage and manages to make a vertical suplex, which he quickly follows up with an elbow drop. Cavanaugh goes to the well one more time, only for his elbow to meet nothing but canvas! As Cavanaugh pulls himself back to his feet, he finds himself met with a Northern Lights Suplex! Eisen bridges for the pinfall attempt as referee Hortega once again, drops to the canvas…



Cavanaugh powers out of the pin!

Joe Hoffman: Wow, Benny, what a pace this match is going at.

Benny Newell: I’m still waiting to see that fork…

The two men, once again, stand off in the middle of the ring, both taking a breather from the frantic action of the match. As expected, however, it’s Eisen who attempts to get the jump on Cavanaugh, attempting to charge into the man with his elbow, but Cavanaugh sidesteps as Eisen goes flying into the turnbuckle! Eisen staggers out from the turnbuckle, right into Cavanaugh’s grateful arms, as the Northern Irishman whips him overhead with a German suplex! He bridges…



Eisen kicks out of the hold! Cavanaugh grabs ahold of his hair, dragging him up to his feet, before clasping one hand around the back of his neck, before driving forward with a short arm clothesline! Sensing that he might have momentum in the matchup, Cavanaugh drops to his knees and locks a Dragon Sleeper on Eisen! Eisen yelps in pain, before immediately beginning to struggle towards the ropes! Referee Hortega drops and immediately starts checking on Eisen, but the man steadfastly refuses to submit! Cavanaugh wrenches the hold harder, and as Hortega leans in to check on Eisen, he shoots his free arm up and rakes Cavanaugh’s eyes! Cavanaugh releases the hold, and drops forward, leaving the wily veteran the chance to shoot off the ropes and drive his knee right into Cavanaugh’s face!

Joe Hoffman: Shining Eisen!

Eisen doesn’t even look to cover Cavanaugh, as he lifts him back to his feet, wasting little time in driving him straight back down with a death valley driver, before then deciding that it’s a good time for a pin!



Cavanaugh shoots his leg out and it meets ropes, causing Hortega to break the count. Eisen shoots up off his feet, and immediately goes into a long diatribe at Hortega! This proves to have been the typical heel idiot move, as Cavanaugh gets his wits back about him, and regains his vertical base. He taps Eisen on the shoulder, and Eisen spins around, stunned look on his face, before Cavanaugh’s boot meets his midsection! Ethan hooks up the Pump-Handle, and wastes no time in picking Eisen up, before driving him into the mat with a scoop piledriver!





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner, in 7 minutes and 23 seconds….ETHAN CAVANAUGH!!!

As Hortega raises Cavanaugh’s arm, Eisen slams the canvas and rolls out the ring.

Benny Newell: Goddammit, Joe, I wanted to see a forking! Or at least, some real kinda violence.

Joe Hoffman: Benny, there’s no pleasing you, is there? We just had a hotly contested match between two great athletes, and you’re complaining about the lack of ultra-violence?

Benny Newell: Well, yeah…I kinda like it, ya know? Hey, you got any idea who that fat fuck that Eisen’s chatting to is?

Joe Hoffman: What? Oh, I believe that’s Jimmy “The Bullet” Bullitt…

Benny Newell: What? Who?

Joe Hoffman: An associate of Eisen’s, I believe.

Benny Newell: Ya know, I like the look of this guy already, handing out golf clubs and shit! Wonder if he’s got a shot for me…

Indeed, a golf club has been handed to Trip Eisen, as well as a quick slap around the face and a finger in the direction of Cavanaugh, who’s still savouring his victory! Eisen slides into the ring, quickly swinging the club into Cavanaugh’s back, dropping him to the mat! Eisen delivers another three or four shots to Cavanaugh’s back, breaking the golf club, before rolling Cavanaugh onto his back. He starts smirking, and points at his trunks!

Benny Newell: FORKING!

Eisen does indeed produce the fork out the front of his trunks, but before he gets a chance to deliver a deadly fork blow to Ethan’s face, three members of the EPU appear out of seemingly thin air, spearing the wrestler to the canvas! The fork goes flying and one of the men takes the opportunity to taze Eisen, before they drag him off backstage.

Joe Hoffman: And there he goes, off to face those consequences that Sektor mentioned last week.

Benny Newell: Forks! Golf Clubs! Tasers! This edition of Turmoil is already greatness, Joe! I’m gonna down at least three shots, right now!

Joe Hoffman: Alright partner, you do that. Right now we gotta cut backstage where I understand Aceldama is up to something??


Ref’s Sticking Together

*The scene cuts to backstage where Aceldama is walking with a confident swagger down the corridor with his world title belt over his shoulder. He gets to his usual locker room, pulling down on the door handle, but to his shock and disbelief it is locked. He bangs at it for a few seconds but nothing. Angered he notices a High Octane Official making his way towards him. He stops him in his tracks, eager to know why he cannot get into his locker room*

Aceldama- Why is my locker room closed?

High Octane Official- It is being used for storing equipment this week Aceldama sir.

Aceldama- Equipment? But this has always been my locker room, is this any way to treat the world champion…

High Octane Official– It might be a mix up; you see we were told that you were not booked this week so we could use it.

Aceldama- Not booked? (points at the large poster behind the official) you see, main event, special guest referee, Aceldama, hence booked. So get this door open so I can get into my room!

High Octane Official- Ah you are the REFEREE! I see now, as you are referee this week Aceldama you have to share a locker room with the other referee’s, company policy.

Aceldama- You have got to be kidding me…..right, where is it?

High Octane Official- Down the corridor there and two the right.

*Still angered Aceldama struts down the corridor, cursing into himself in German as he gets to the end of the corridor and stands outside a door which reads ‘High Octane Referee’s’, he gives a large sigh, then opens the door and slams it behind him. As we see him go inside and the door slam the sign on the door falls off to reveal the proper sign behind it. It reads ‘Janitors Closet’

Standing inside a room smaller than any prison cell he has ever been in, the room which used to be a janitors closet, has been changed into a makeshift locker room for the referee’s. As there has only ever been two referee’s on the roster this was big enough, but three’s company. In the room is two chairs and two small lockers, other than that a few sets of hooks and in the corner a mop and bucket. Sitting on both the chairs are Matt Boettcher and Joel Hortega, Boettcher wearing nothing but a jockstrap. Hortega see’s Aceldama and immediately springs to his feet, his fists ready in front of him as if he is expecting Aceldama to charge at him after he embarrassed him*

Aceldama- Woah, woah, easy there essay, I come in peace. At ease…..a little less for you Matt.

*He notices Matt as he stands up in his jockstrap and leans over to pick out something from his sports bag; it makes Aceldama sick to his stomach. Hortega sits back down on his chair and goes back to reading the book he was reading ‘How to learn English in Two Weeks’, Aceldama looks around the tiny room, giving up he takes the mop and bucket, throwing the mop outside the door and then looking outside he sees by the door a plant, he drains out the dirty water from the bucket into the soil, then closes the door over again and sets the bucket upside down, taking a seat upon it. There is an eerie silence, Aceldama sits on the bucket looking around, whistling, as the other two just continue with what they are doing*

Aceldama- How….to….learn English…..in two weeks! Ha! Good luck, how’s that working out for you?

Hortega- Bueno.

Aceldama- Bueno? What the hell does that mean?

Hortega- Bueno, it means good en espanyol, good.

Aceldama- Ah good….so Matt, how does it feel to be working the undercard tonight whilst yours truly shall be doing the main event?

Matt- I do my fair share of undercard matches I have you know, it pays the bills.

Aceldama- Ooooooh, bitter it seems, or is it something about me?

Matt- I have nothing against you as a person, but your Best Alliance sickens me, you think you can do what you want, when you want. If Lee Best was not signing my pay cheques there would not be a good thing to say about them whatsoever.

Aceldama- That is…..so not true! If that was the case, why am I not sitting in my own luxurious locker room, instead of sitting here with you two? But it is nice to hear you don’t have a problem with me, would hate to have to break your neck right in front of the retard.

Matt- Kicked your ass…..

Aceldama- I’m sorry Matt, have you got something to say? Would you like me to get a translator in here for Paco so we can all hear what you have to say?

Matt- I said…..I said….nothing.

Aceldama- Thought so, so Hortega, you never did tell me where you boxed. That was one vicious south paw you have, be a shame to put it to waste. I hear DeNucci is looking for suckers to beat upon in his High Octane Fighting Championship, can I put your name forward for him?

Joel- Me no wrestle, me referee.

*Aceldama very menacingly walks over towards Joel and stands over him, a mean look in his eye, Joel being the strong, but somewhat stupid person he is stands up and confronts Aceldama. Aceldama triggers his fists for the ready. Matt stands up, Aceldama sees him at the corner of his eye. Then the fist comes out, lashing towards Hortega, who winces, but it is not a fist that meets him, but the whole of Aceldama’s arm comes around his shoulder in a ‘friendly’ hug. He pulls Joel into him and ruffles his hair jokingly. He looks at Matt and gives a smile*

Aceldama- Referee you are indeed Joel, we all are. And us referee’s must stick together ey Matt?

Matt- ……..I guess.

Aceldama- That’s more like it, then how about some pre-match brews then?

*Aceldama goes into his sportsbag and pulls out three large bottles of beer, cracking them open on the edge of the bucket. Handing one to Joel, he stares at it for a moment, reluctantly holding back from taking it. Meanwhile in the main arena…..*

Benny Newell: Beer!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Benny, where the hell are you going?

Benny Newell: There has got to be enough there for a good round.

*Back in the ‘locker room’ Joel is still standing looking at the beer, but he refuses to take it*

Aceldama- Ah go on Joel, I know it is not Corona, but I think that bleach over there is lime flavoured, you could put it in the beer, not quite the same, but least it will taste better than Corona!

*Joel finally gives in and takes the beer from Aceldama, Aceldama takes his bottle and clinks it with Joel’s as Joel takes a long thirst quenching drink. Aceldama then hands one over to Matt who pushes it away. Aceldama looks insulted*

Matt- I do not drink, three years on the plan.

Aceldama- Huh, more for us then ey Joel?

*All of a sudden the door opens and who should pop his head in but the second special guest referee for Turmoil, John Sektor. The drinking stops as Aceldama stands staring at Sektor as he closes the door and stands in the small room. Aceldama stands up and they stare down one another. Then……Aceldama outstretches a hand and Sektor acknowledges it by meeting it with a hand of his own. The two share a smile between one another*

Aceldama- What you done for me out there, that guard of honour, it was very fitting. Thank you.

John Sektor- Don’t mention it, if only I could have done something about these locker rooms. Look at us, world champion and head of security sharing a janitors closet with two nobodies….no offence.

Joel- De nada (drinking away)

Aceldama- Some technicality apparently, as we are referee’s we must share the referee’s locker. A joke! Ah well. Look John, I know we have had our pasts, we bumped heads on one or two occasions, I may of left a few scars along the way, but that is just the way I roll. It’s me; it is how I get my messages across. But I see you now, head of security, newest member of the Best Alliance; I see you saw the error of your ways. And now you join our family, our ever growing family. And as the world champion, let me welcome you.

John Sektor- Thank you Aceldama, I see now when I look back on my past, trying to break apart the Best Alliance that it was a finely cogged machine, unbreakable. And when something you try for long to break simply cannot be broken, what else is left but to join it. The owner, the world champion, the ICON champion, all under the umbrella…..BEST. Now the entire roster will be controlled by the Best Alliance, by me, the Head of Elite Protection.

Aceldama- Come in, we must talk more. This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship John. After all, us referee’s must stick together. Here, you can have this beer, Mr Boettcher…..he’s in the ‘programme’. I got plenty more in this bag here.

John Sektor- Wonderful…..(opening the door and shouting outside) Boys! In here, celebration is in hand.

*And with that another ten men attempt to fit into the small room, all busting men, most of them heavy weightlifter types. It is now standing room only. Aceldama takes his sports bag and begins to pass it about all the security guards as they remove the bottle caps and begin to drink down. Matt is standing rather uneasy in the corner as Aceldama and Sektor begin to whisper into each other’s ear’s, smiling as they do it, the camera tries to zoom in and turns up its sound to see if it can capture what is being said…it gets one sound bite from Sektor*

John Sektor- Tonight? I shall see what I can do.

*As the party continues all of a sudden the door barges open and there is a shirtless Benny Newell standing at the doorway as he lets out a mad scream, everyone looks at him in bemusement, then one of the large security guards, with guidance from Aceldama and Sektor, walks outside closing the door, then stands in front of the door, with his large arms folded. Benny walks away down the corridor, head down, dejected*

Joe Hoffman- Always the last one invited to the party, it’s your High School Days all over again Benny. Folks we will be right back as we head to commercial and we allow my partner to make his way back to where he belongs..


Taped HOR will air tomorrow night…

Fork Off!!

We come back from commercial to backstage and boo’s can be heard pouring in from the arena as a close up of a name tag reading “John Sektor…Head of Security,” can be seen. The shot zooms out to show Sektor holding a cell phone to his ear.

Sektor: Yeah I’ve had my guys working on him had to let him go for tonight…..yeah of course man as soon as I know anything you’ll be the first to know….I know man, I know, hey listen I’m gonna have to go but I’ll call you soon…Ok later Shane!

Sektor glances up as he see’s Mark O’Neal join his side, to which he greets Mark with a smile and the two slap hands showing their friendship.

Sektor: Mark, good to see you man, you all set for tonight?

Mark pulls an arrogant smirk, not looking the least bit intimidated.

Mark O’Neal: Of course! You good to go?

Sektor: Hell yeah man, I got my boys ready to line the ring and all I have to do now is dig out the black and whites and we’re ready to rack up another win for the BA BABY Ha haaa..

The two share another slap of hands.

Mark O’Neal: Yeah man, I breezed past my so called fellow “Hall of Famers,” Darkwing and Kostoff..Max will be no different and I’ll be back in the World title picture in no time. Taking out Hall of Famer after Hall of Famer. Max will be the 4th.

Mark notices something behind Sektor that creates a look of curiosity on his face. He points over Sektor’s shoulder.

Mark O’Neal: Hey erm, what’s this for?

Sektor turns and the camera moves to show a small prison cell, made entirely of thick, black, iron bars. The cell has nothing but an army cot style bed inside, and on the outside is a desk with a small portable television set on it.

Sektor: That my friend is the HOW jail. Figured it may come in handy for all those little roster members who don’t want to play by the rules.

Mark nods, obviously liking the idea.

Mark O’Neal: Hell yeah, these fools are going to be forced to follow the rules now.

Sektor: I know right? But anyway back to this match. Max is going to be a real headache for me so its important I put a stop to his antics soon. I’ve already had him softened up for ya..

Sektor notices that Mark doesn’t look too happy by this statement.

Sektor: Not that you need him to be, of course…but I just need Max to know that I’m on his ass and he wont be getting away with a single damn thing, so yeah make sure you do a real number on him tonight man, I know you will anyway.

Mark O’Neal: Like I said man, piece of cake…Help or no help I will take him out. I don’t mind having an extra advantage though, makes life easier for me.

Sektor’s glance changes as he see’s two of his men dragging a disgruntled Trip Eisen towards him. Mark smirks and gives Sektor a pat on the back.

Mark O’Neal: I’ll leave you to deal with this, I gotta get dressed.

Sektor nods and Mark flashes Eisen a grin before leaving down the corridor. Eisen glares at O’Neal, before trying to shake the two security guards off, without much success.

Eisen: You wanna tell me what the fuck this is about? I’m out there, in that ring, doing what I do best, and then these two….monkeys of yours jump me and drag me off! I haven’t seen anyone else get jumped and dragged off, so…do you actually have a valid fucking reason for having me frog marched about the place or what?

Sektor gives a soft smile as he stands in front of Eisen, folding his arms behind his back.

Sektor: Mr Eisen I have been informed that you have been, how shall I put it…Forking around again? Now did you not hear the warning I gave you last week?

Sektor tries to keep a serious expression and look business like, but it is painfully obvious that he taking a great deal of pleasure from his new found power. A look of complete bemusement passes over Eisen’s face.

Eisen: Me? Forking around? Nah, I don’t mess around with my forks.

Eisen pauses for a second.

Eisen: And what exactly is this, Sektor? Jealously of my forking technique? I mean, that’s totally understandable, I do have impeccable technique. Did you see the state of Trent’s face after Capitol Punishment? If violence can be art, well, that was the best argument I’ve ever seen for it. And anyway, I’m pretty sure that this is discrimination of some form. I didn’t even use the same fork I used last week, and you said that I was banned from using my fork. Well, this week, I stole a fork. So, I didn’t use my fork. Now, how’s about you get these monkeys off me and let me go, asshole?

Sektor widens his eyes and blows air into his cheeks, looking like a puffa fish. He then relaxes his expression and gives a slow nod. He then looks at both men restraining Eisen simultaneously.

Sektor: You got the fork?

One of the men free’s one of his arms and removes a fork from his pocket, passing it to Sektor who examines it closely with look of thought passing over his face as he smiles. He then looks back at Eisen and wiggles the fork in front of his face.

Sektor: I do get the appeal Eisen. I mean it wasn’t too long ago that I was forking Carey in a Hardcore match. So perhaps you’re right, maybe I am jealous, or bitter that you’re using an idea that I trademarked first.

Sektor pauses for a moment, placing the fork on the desk in front of the cell.

Sektor: However it is more to do with the fact that you ignored my warning and showed a blatant disrespect towards me and my entire operation. For that you must be punished.

Sektor waits for a moment, allowing this to sink in with Eisen. A stunned look passes over Eisen’s face, as the cogs whir in his head.

Eisen: So, wait, wait…I’m gonna get locked up in that shitty cage? Me? Trip Eisen? This is bullshit! Complete and utter bullshit. You stick me in there, and Sektor, I promise you that a fork’s gonna make it’s way into your eyeball.

Sektor slowly turns around to see the cage behind him and turns back with a smirk.

Sektor: Well that wasn’t my original plan, but seen as your so against it..

Sektor gives a nod to the men, who drag Eisen kicking and cursing all the way to the cage. They throw him inside and quickly shut the door, locking it shut. Eisen presses his face up against the bars, almost foaming at the mouth whilst Sektor stands a safe distance from his reach.

Sektor: Ok here’s how its going to go. You’ll be locked in here until the following Turmoil and will be informed of any match you get booked in. You will eat your meals here and sleep here. You will be given regular toilet breaks and for one hour a day you’ll be allowed to use the arenas gym facilities. There will be two guards posted here at all times working shifts to make sure you don’t try anything funny.

Sektor scratches his head, wondering if that’s everything.

Sektor: Oh yeah, no phone calls…no visitors…any questions?…No?…Good see you next Thursday.

Sektor walks away from the cage, laughing to himself as the irate Eisen is furiously rattling the bars and managing to string obscenities together in ways previously unheard of to mankind. The scene then fades out to commercial.


Will Darkwing be at RATR?

Michael DeNucci vs. Jason Wild
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to Turmoil, fans, and coming up next, we have the first-ever High Octane Fighting Championship match!

Benny Newell: *yawn*…I’m here for wrestling, not some MMA bullshit. Call me when it’s over.

Joe Hoffman: …anyway, my broadcast partner aside, tonight is an exhibition match, featuring Michael DeNucci against Jason Wild, a man who has been struggling a bit in his High Octane career as of late.

Benny Newell: Struggling isn’t the word for it, Joe…this guy sucks ass, and once DeNucci kicks his head in, he’s gone.

Joe Hoffman: We’ve heard direct from Lee Best earlier this week via HOWrestling.com that Jason Wild is among the HOW roster members that need to step it up in the weeks to come. As you all know, Michael DeNucci has been responsible for ending the careers of a couple of former HOW wrestlers, but the question is, will he end Jason Wild’s career tonight in this first-ever HOFC fight? Fans, we’re not gonna make you wait any longer, let’s send it down to the basement of the Best Arena and get this fight started!

We cut to the basement of the Best Arena, where a select few fight fans have gathered around a 30-foot-by-30-foot black circular mat laid out in the middle of a dank, dimly-lit basement. The only notable features on the walls are several HOFC banners and a large mirror. Jason Wild has already entered the room, and is in his corner as Run This Town by Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West begins to play.

Joe Hoffman: And there you hear the new theme music of Michael DeNucci, as he prepares to make his mixed martial arts debut under the HOFC banner!

The black double-doors of the room open, and the man known in the MMA world as The Headhunter enters the room, accompanied by his Xtreme Couture cornermen. After the requisite ref checks for weapons, DeNucci is given the go-ahead to take his place in his corner, where he stares down Wild with a killer’s eye. Meanwhile, we cut back upstairs to the HOW ring, in which Brian McVay is standing, ready to introduce the fight.

Bryan McVay: Fight fans, this is a special High Octane Fighting exhibition match! This fight is scheduled for two rounds. In the event of a tie on the judges’ scorecards after two rounds, we will go to a third “sudden victory” round. The winner of that round wins the fight.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner…this man is a professional wrestler, and is making his mixed martial arts debut tonight…fighting out of Los Angeles, California …JASON WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILD!!

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, fighting out of the red corner…he is a kickboxer and a wrestler…also making his professional MMA debut tonight…fighting out of Laguna Beach, California…scheduled to face Chris Kostoff for the HOFC Openweight Championship at Rumble at the Rock 2…ladies and gentlemen, this is THE HEADHUNTEEEEEEEEER…MICHAEL DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENUCCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!

Bryan McVay: And when the action begins, our referee in charge of this contest is Rick Stevens!

Joe Hoffman: Rick “Even” Stevens, well known in the world of Illinois MMA, making his debut on a national stage in the HOFC.

Stevens: Gentlemen, this isn’t pro wrestling; you’re in my world now. You WILL fight a clean and fair fight. Obey my commands at all times, protect yourselves at all times. Now touch gloves and come out fighting!

DeNucci and Wild reluctantly touch gloves and return to their corners.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re ready for a fight! Michael DeNucci and Jason Wild are about to hook ‘em up in the first MMA bout in HOW history!

Rick Stevens calls for the bell, and DeNucci and Wild emerge from their corners, circling each other, waiting for their moment to strike. Wild is the first to fire a shot across the bow, peppering DeNucci with several quick jabs to the head.

Joe Hoffman: Jason Wild has a lot more to lose here than Michael DeNucci, Benny. If he loses, there’s a very good chance that he’ll be cut from HOW before daybreak.

Benny Newell: *zzzzzzzzz*

Joe Hoffman: WAKE UP!!

As Joe Hoffman attempts to wake Benny Newell up, Wild continues to try and take his shots, with DeNucci blocking the majority of them.

Joe Hoffman: I’ve never seen Michael DeNucci like this before; he has laser-like focus, and I’ve gotta tell you, folks, it looks like he’s just waiting for Wild to make a mistake.

As fate would have it, DeNucci doesn’t have to wait long, as Wild throws a kick to the middle of DeNucci’s body, but is caught.

Joe Hoffman: DeNucci catches Wild’s leg, going for the single-leg takedown…got it! But he’s not letting go of the leg, it looks like he’s gonna go for a knee bar, can he get it hooked in?

The crowd upstairs in the Best Arena roars, sensing the end may already be near, as DeNucci maneuvers his body into place, securing the knee bar.

Joe Hoffman: He’s got him! He’s got him! It’s snap or tap time for Jason Wild!

Benny Newell (now awake): I haven’t seen you this excited over something since you watched Two Girls, One Cup.

Joe Hoffman: Two Girls, One What?

Benny Newell: …never mind. *sigh*

Having been momentarily distracted by Benny, Hoffman takes a quick look at his monitor, and notices Stevens waving, signaling that the fight is over.


Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Rick Stevens has called a stop to this contest at nineteen seconds of the very first round, declaring the winner by submission…MICHAEL DENUCCI!!

Joe Hoffman: Folks, Michael DeNucci has won this fight in record time and…wait a minute, what’s he doing?

Despite the protestations of Rick Stevens, DeNucci walks over to the fallen Jason Wild, sneers down at him, and drops a powerful right hand, knocking Wild unconscious.

Joe Hoffman: What is Michael DeNucci doing?! The fight is over! I thought he wanted fair athletic competition! What does he think he’s doing?

Benny Newell: Finally making this shit interesting, that’s what he’s doing!

DeNucci turns to his corner and calls for something, which is immediately produced by his cornermen. One hands him a pink piece of paper, while the other hands him a staple gun.

Joe Hoffman: Where’s Elite Protection when you need them?! Get them down there!

Benny Newell: Haha, this is getting good now!

DeNucci takes the piece of paper and positions it on the unconscious Wild’s forehead, before firing a staple into Jason’s head, securing the paper to his skull.

Joe Hoffman: This is sick! Michael DeNucci just stapled what appears to be a pink slip to Jason Wild’s forehead!

Benny Newell: Can we get a shot of what that paper says?

The cameraman, for God knows what reason, obliges, and we see that the pink slip reads “RETURN TO FISHER-PRICE FED”, followed by what appears to be Lee Best’s signature. The crowd is hushed now, as they weren’t expecting to see this kind of brutality after an HOFC match. Nonetheless, DeNucci raises his arms in triumph.

Joe Hoffman: Look at DeNucci, I hope he’s real proud of himself.

Joe Hoffman might not be proud of him, but at least somebody is, as a slow, but audible clap can be heard for DeNucci. The Headhunter turns around, expecting to see one of his cornermen, or perhaps a DeNucci Companies intern, clapping for him. Instead, by the door, he notices the new member of his audience, slowly and sarcastically clapping for him, a smirk on his face that seems to say “You ain’t got nothin’ on me, kid.”

Joe Hoffman: That’s Kostoff! Chris Kostoff has been watching this whole thing!

As he finally catches DeNucci’s eye, Kostoff makes the universal “that belt is mine” gesture, which is met with some inaudible jawjacking from DeNucci.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, those two men, DeNucci and Kostoff are headed for what will surely be an epic battle in the prison yard at Rumble at the Rock, but for right now, we’ve gotta take a quick break.


Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

Regrets before Death

We return from break to the backstage area where we see several black suited Elite Protection agents checking a hall way before they wave to someone off camera. A distance squeaky wheel is heard before Max Kael can be seen wheeled around a corner in a wheel chair with his hands and feet cuffed to the handles and legs. Unlike usual Max appears to already be in his wrestling gear.

Max Kael: First class service if ever I had any…

The Minister Max Kael looks worn down despite his sarcastic comment with his hair slicked with sweat and a large black eye. His face looks more gaunt then normal and he sports smaller hand sized bruises across his chest. The Elite Protection agents do not seem to pay attention to him as he is moved down the hall.

Max Kael: You guys are boring as Sektor’s injury angle. I liked he bald guy better.. Not Lee, the guy back at the hotel.. Now there was a troubled and aggressive personality. Not to smart though, ya know?

As he is wheeled toward the interview area, Max cracks his neck. Irregardless of his comments the security team remains quiet, almost as if they were prison guards escorting a death row inmate to the chair.

Max Kael: Oooh the interview area! Is someone going to interview me about the last week? Or my opinion on Public Health Care? I heard Mark O’Neil did some kind of talk show with silly word association games, do I get to do one of those? John Sektor equals New Darkwing. Ryan Faze equals Lee Best Light. Elite Protection equals Nazis without nice uniforms.. oooheheh.

Delight plays across the face of Max Kael as he is parked in the backstage interview area where a microphone is placed in front of him. One of the agents looks down at Max.

Agent 1: The higher ups thought they might give you a moment to voice your regret about sending Shane a box with a picture of his son in it and apologize for any legal trouble you might have caused High Octane Wrestling. This is so you might have a clear conscious before you get destroyed tonight by Mark O’Neil.

Max looked up at the Agent for a moment as he chewed on his bottom lip before looking toward the camera with a quirked eyebrow.

Max Kael: Oh.. I see. Well.. then I do have regrets. Let me see…

Turning his head to the side in thought he mused for a second before a brilliant smile played across his lips and he looked back toward the camera.

Max Kael: I regret that I thought Sektor was a good friend and confidant. I regret that I didn’t run over more people during my time as a co-owner of HOW. If ever I helped a weak, poor soul find some place of happiness or joy in this horrific world I do so regret and repent the action! I wish I could never have been on hand to see an abortion and on that line of thought I wish I had not known Sektor’s mother in a dark alley with a coat hanger before he was born!

One of the security team steps in front of the camera with his hand raised trying to blot out the scene. A few others move toward Max as a gag can be seen.


And about that time the agents manage to secure the gag to Max’s mouth as he continues to rant and rail unsuccessfully as only muddled noises escape the gag. It is clear Max seems to be enjoying himself as the tail tell sounds of giggling noises erupt from the Minister as the wheelchair is quickly pushed away.


Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey vs. Marcus Reinhardt
Singles Match

We cut back to ringside where Marcus Reinhardt is making his way to the ring to the sound of “Fuckin in the bushes” by Oasis. He high fives the front row members of the crowd as he runs down the ramp, getting himself a good reception from the audience.

Joe Hoffman: Here’s one of our rising stars folks, the man who beat Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff last week. Big achievement for this young man, but tonight he has the chance to beat another Hall of Famer in the Queen B Bobbinette Carey.

Benny Newell: Borrrrrrrrrrring! I wonder if Ace and the guys are still drinking..

Joe Hoffman: Say what you want Benny, but I think this guy has bags of talent and he’s becoming increasingly popular with our HOW crowd.

He enters the ring and gestures for the crowd as his music fades out. The arena then echoes with cheers as “Circus,” by Britney Spears blasts through the PA system. There is a pink spot light with a pink shag carpet laid out almost like the red carpet at glam events. She walks down to the ring with Princess on her arm.

Joe Hoffman: The kid may be popular but it looks like the Queen B is still a crowd favorite here in the Best Arena.

Benny Newell: I hope Sektor gets her ass knocked out again.

Joe Hoffman: Well I guess I don’t need to ask who you’ll be rooting for at Rumble at the Rock, when the two women of HOW go head to head. Long time rivals Kirsta Lewis and Bobbinette Carey, inside Alcatraz…I think everyone’s been waiting for this one.

Benny Newell: Yeah I’m waiting for Kirsta to scratch Carey’s fucking eyes out. Carey talks so much smack on Kirsta, but she had to wait until Max had her unconscious last week before she did anything..

She waves to the crowd in a royal smug wave and ignores fans looking down on them. She hands Princess over to the time keeper before getting into the ring. She gets in the ring and jumps on the ropes and works the crowd then stands in the center of the ring. Boettcher checks to see if both are ready. They both nod and he calls for the bell.



Joe Hoffman: Well Rumble at the Rock is still some time away but right now we have in front of us what should be an exciting display of athleticism.

Reinhardt gives Carey a respectful nod as the two circle each other in the middle of the ring. They lock horns and Reinhardt gets the upper hand as he moves into a hammer lock. Carey quickly reverses and goes behind Reinhardt who, in turn, reaches behind and flips Carey over his shoulder for a snapmare, but Carey pops her hips and lands on her feet, turning to face him. The two circle each other again, waiting for the crowds round of applause to die down.

Joe Hoffman: See this is what I like, clean, competitive wrestling.

Benny Newell: Yeah yeah…it’s called pussy wrestling.

The two continue back and forth for a period, reversing holds, switching momentum and giving the crowd and attractive display of back and forth chain wrestling. Eventually Carey swoops behind and rolls Reinhardt up in a school boy pin as Boettcher counts



Joe Hoffman: Ohhh that was close. Carey almost got an early decision there.

Reinhardt kicked out just before the three and his expression seems to be amused but thankful that he was able to kick out in time. Carey on the other hand gestures for Reinhardt to bring it which earns her another big pop from the crowd. Reinhardt nods and moves in with a strong arm elbow tie up. He then ducks his head and completes a northern lights suplex with a bridge.




Joe Hoffman: Ohhh and Reinhardt almost with an early win…what a great..

Benny Newell: Jeeeesus Christ will someone get Joe a Kleenex before he makes a mess..

Reinhardt holds his thumb and forefinger up to Carey showing her that she was milliseconds away from losing. Carey nods as Reinhardt gets some appreciation from the crowd this time. The two lock up again, but Carey uses her experience and takes half a step back, giving her enough room to catch Reinhardt with an elbow strike. Reinhardt goes to hold his chin, but Carey grabs his arm and whips him to the ropes, taking him down on the return with a hurricanrana. Reinhardt gets back up looking dizzy but Carey is right back on him as she delivers a kick to the gut and a DDT.

Joe Hoffman: Carey’s stopped playing around now and has her game face on. Reinhardt really needs to get his wits about him if he wants to get back in this match.

Carey has continued showing her class in this period after completing a bulldog elbow drop combination. She then backs up and begins to stalk Reinhardt as he slowly gets himself to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Carey is going to put him away with the Royalty Check.

Benny Newell: Sooner this ends the better.

Carey takes a few quick steps and goes for a handspring hurricanrana but Reinhardt catches her. Carey hops off after the failed finisher attempt, but right away Reinhardt kicks her in the gut and delivers an awesome tornado DDT. He covers



Carey kicks out. Reinhardt wastes no time as he goes right back to Carey. He drops an elbow across her chest before picking her up to her feet and whipping her towards the corner. Carey’s back hits the corner hard, causing her to walk forward with her back arched and the wind knocked out of her. Reinhardt runs straight at her, but Carey wakes up and catches him with an inside package.




NO!!! Reinhardt just kicked out as Boettcher holds two fingers in the air. Carey turns around disappointedly only to be greeted kick to the gut and a hoist across the shoulders, ready for a death valley driver. Carey crashes head first off the mat and Reinhardt rolls across her body for the




NO!! Carey gets a foot on the ropes. Reinhardt can’t believe it but doesn’t argue with Boettcher. Instead he takes a couple of breaths and gets back to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: I think Reinhardt’s starting to realize why Carey is in the Hall of Fame.

Benny Newell: Well I’m glad HE is because I sure haven’t.

Reinhardt pulls Carey to her feet and places her head under his arm. He looks around at the crowd. Some sections are giving him support whilst the rest show their loyalty to Carey.

Joe Hoffman: This could be all over if he hits the Rabid Redemption.

Benny Newell: Oh no…not the Rabid Redemption…drink.

Carey struggles free though and take’s a surprised Reinhardt down with clothesline. He gets back up but is taken down again by a clothesline…and a third. She then runs to the ropes and just as he gets back to his feet Carey hits with a running neck breaker. Carey covers but only manages a two. She then goes to climb the top turnbuckle..and signals around at the crowd who are all cheering her. She then waits as Reinhardt gets to his feet, and flies off with a flying cross body, keeping contact for the pin.



Reinhardt kicks out again. Carey brings him to his feet but Reinhardt throws a desperation clothesline which Carey ducks. She leans her body back and goes for a super kick but Reinhardt ducks and kicks her in the side of the head.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God, I think Carey’s out on her feet.

Reinhardt quickly pulls her head under his arm and wastes no time as he completes a high impact rolling cutter!


Benny Newell: Huh…that is pretty cool.

Reinhardt covers and the crowd count along with a







Joe Hoffman: Simply brilliant…this man has beaten a Hall of Famer two weeks on the trot and climbing the ladder fast.

The crowd give Reinhardt a great reception and pop even louder as they see him helping Carey to her feet as she holds the back of her head. He holds out a hand and the crowd cheer as Carey nods accepting the gesture showing her sportsmanship.

Suddenly the lights begin to flicker in the best arena and a squeaking high pitch noise is coming though the speaker system. Fans are seen covering their ears. As Reinhardt and Bobbinette Carey are looking around knowing this is a sign that something is about to happen.

Looking up to the entrance, waiting for someone to emerge but no one does. Finally the noise stops and when the lights stop flickering, their brightness is too much for everyone to handle. Everyone is squinting and still look around. The sound of loud clapping can be heard over the PA system but no one seems to know where it is coming from.


“I would expect no less from a wannabehero and A an epically stupid back stabbing Bitch.”

Whispers can be heard as people are still searching for the voice coming into the arena.

“Up here you fools.” A spot light goes searching up into the middle seats, it is there that everyone realizes who belongs to the voice. Standing in the isle way between a row of seats stands BA Member Kirsta Lewis with a big smirk on her face. She begins to clap her hands again.

“Very good, there might even be hope for you all yet.” She says as she starts to walk down the ring.

” It seems to me that a celebration is in order. A celebration to signify the return of the real Bobbinette Carey and to the match that everyone in this business has been waiting for. Oh it is much bigger than just here within the walls of the Best arena. This is a match that people have been biting at the chance to see.”

A man in the isle grabs Kirsta and she waves him off, smacking his hands off her with the mic in her hand.

“So, to kick this all off Carey of our much anticipated brawl at Rumble at the Rock 2 in our Kitchen match. A kitchen match do you believe that?… It does matter… ANYWAYS a match of this type is a slap in our faces. It just proves what all these morons have been saying for years that any female in this profession belongs in the kitchen. How can we really do what we have been doing all along I asked myself since this match was announced.”

Putting her finger to the side of her head tapping it in a mocking gesture.

“It came to me last week, so obvious it amazed me so I thought I would bring some gifts Bobby as a gesture of Hatred and disgust that I have and always will have for you. You’re a jealous back stabbing bitch. By the way.. Have you even seen the ratings this week? No, if I were you I wouldn’t look at them either. I’m still the top female wrestler of the world and have held that spot for several weeks. As you fall each week and now sitting at number 15. That must really get your goat Bobby.”

Raising her hand she points to the ramp with a snicker.

“Please if you will guys.”

As everyone looks towards the ramp, two guys dressed in chiefs uniforms wheel a table out and down to the ring. Sitting on the table are two huge wrapped presents including bows. They stop just at the bottom of the steps and point to Carey. She replies with a shaking of her head.

“Oh come on Bobby, you think its explosives or something? Hey, now that’s not a bad idea but No. Nothing like that Bobby. Since you are too chicken to open up your own gifts then I’ll have my boys do it for you.”

Nodding to the men in white

“Go head rip them apart and make sure Bobby gets a good look at what she turned down.”

After opening the smaller of the two, the first chef raises it high for all to see.

“A meat Grinder. Bobby I heard you’re so good in the kitchen I bet you use one of these things alot. They can really mangle a piece of meat really quickly don’t ya think?”

By this time Carey is just fuming and wanting to get her hands around the neck of Kirsta Lewis.

Then the other chef opens the bigger one and raises it high.

“Something that might not be in every home but certainly in the home of great cooks. A meat Slicer. Those blades sharp as razor wire. The damage that can be done with one of those are unlimited. Now Bobby I was going to give these to you to spice things up a bit. To see if you had what it took to use them but since you would rather not then I’ll just bring them with me.”

The arena goes completely dark and not a sound can be heard. When the lights come back up Reinhardt is gone and Carey is slumped on the floor of the ring in a heap with Kirsta standing over her. A cast iron frying pan in her hand. Obviously what she hit Carey with, a bloody mess, her blood on the canvass floor and on the fry pan. Standing over her she Kicks her in her side and slams the pan down again a few more times over her head.

” Too bad Carey, Where’s the Protection when you need it huh?”

Turmoil cuts to commercial as the boos reign down on the Hellcat…


Each week a bottle cap will be removed!


Just saying Hello..

Back live and Backstage

Mindy Smith is seen standing by the buffet table drinking a bottle of water. Looking over her shoulder she spots Kostoff making his way down the hallway. As he makes his way closer to the table, Mindy turns and makes her way over to him. Stopping in front of him she looks up into his face.

Mindy Smith: We all seen you watching DeNucci destroy Wild but I wont bother asking you about that loser. Instead because you don’t have a match this week, I’d figured you would take the week off to get some rest.

Chris Kostoff: Well I wanted to stop in and see what was going on and I really didn’t see anything special a little bit ago when DeNucci destroyed the little boy Jason Wild….but ya…enough about that idiot…how are you doing?

Smiling she looks around. With a sheepish grin she looks up at him.

Mindy Smith: Mind if I get something from you?

Reaching down to the table he grabs a bottle of water and a apple.

Chris Kostoff: Well, I’m gonna disappoint you and not make you into the matress test pilot that we all know you are

Mindy Smith: Funny asshole, I want an interview

Chris Kostoff: Ok go for it.

Standing about stunned she begins to look for something franticly. Smiling at her he walks away from the table. Grabbing her note pad she chases him down the hallway.

Mindy Smith: Ok, I’m gonna make this easy.

Chris Kostoff: Ok, I mean if you were any easier your panties would already be off.

Mindy Smith: Who says they haven’t already?

Stopping he looks over at her. She looks at him and winks.

Mindy Smith: Ok this is going nowhere….might as well get your thoughts on DeNuccia and his open challenge to you?

Looking at Mindy, he cocks his head to the side.

Chris Kostoff: Well first off, what he said is partially true. Yes, I was a part of HVE but what Michael failed to say is I was actually brought in to do the dirty work that those other pussies wouldn’t do. I mean can anyone else see Stark getting off his goofy ass and doing what I did to Splinter’s sister? No, would they have done the job for Davo like he asked me to do?

Chris Kostoff: I mean in all reality there wasn’t one guy in HVE would could turn the arena upside down like I could and did. On more nights than Michael can remember I had those fucking arenas into pure mayhem, and it took all them back because not one of them had ever seen one man create as much havok as I did.

Mindy Smith: So are you going to accept his challenge?

The crowd errupts as Kostoff looks at Mindy. A sight smile crosses his face as he leans in closer to Mindy.

Chris Kostoff: I didn’t even have a chance…Lee booked it so I mean…Yes, I acceot the challenge. You see, Michael thinks that by calling me out and offering me a challenge that I’m not going to fight him? Shit you think that making a title that is based off of flat out brawling and issuing a challenge to fight me for that belt is going to make me turn away?

Chris Kostoff: You see, I think that Michael doesn’t remember that I don’t back down from a fight. You remember when I had the crowd so fired up that security had to restrain people from jumping over the rail and into the ring? Remember how I told security to let them in?

An evil laugh escapes his throat as his gaze hardens.

Chris Kostoff: Of course you do, but you’ll try to tell everyone that I didn’t do that stuff and all that shit. But bottom line Michael, you pussies in HVE never had the balls to do what I did in SSE and come Rumble At The Rock, I’m going to reintroduce you to the violence I created back then. Don’t think for a fucking second that I’m not going to enjoy being involved in another bloodbath than you’re more fucking retarded than you come off.

Chris Kostoff: I’ll see you at the rock mother fucker!!!

Patting Mindy on the ass, he winks at her as he walks off down the hallway. The scene cuts to the announcers as Mindy watches Kostoff walk away with her one good eye…..and the cameras capture her blushing.


Max Kael vs. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
Singles Match

We cut back to ringside we’re Sektor can be seen leading a march of his security team down to the ring, to the sound of “Praise,” by Sevendust. Sektor is wearing his black and whites and simply smirks at the thousands of booing HOW fanatics.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks up next we have Mark O’Neal versus Max Kael, with that man John Sektor as referee, and his security team as lumberjacks. I think Max is about to get similar treatment of that of Issac Slade in last weeks main event.

Benny Newell: Hey now, Sektor is here to make sure Max doesn’t do anything crazy, that’s all. If Max plays by the rules then Sektor will call a fair match.

Joe Hoffman: It certainly hasn’t taken Sektor long to get his feet wet, we already saw him lock up Trip Eisen earlier on in the show, for a week. His reason being that he continued to use a fork…

Benny Newell: You say that as though it’s strange Joe. If he used a fork on the outside the police would lock him up.

As Sektor gets into the ring, his men circle the outside whilst his music fades out. The arena goes pitch black. White bold words begin to flash on the screen.




They flash faster and faster until they are no longer readable until a bomb shows up on the screen with a timer. ..




Three explosions occur as Give it Away by the Red Hot Chili Peppers plays over the sound system. Mark O’Neal emerges as blue pyros shoot up as walks towards the ring. He stops to flex and jaw with the fans booing him.

Joe Hoffman: O’Neal has been impressing lately, beating Darkwing and Kostoff at Capitol Punishment, and breezing past Ethan Cavanaugh last week in under 6 minutes.

Benny Newell: Mark’s one of the best wrestlers ever, and that’s why he’s in the BA…where the Best belong.

Mark enters the ring and shares high five with Sektor to the crowds distain. All of a sudden the crowd begin booing again as they see more members of Elite Protection wheeling Max out onto the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Well we saw earlier that Elite Protection had Max in their custody. Obviously Sektor is trying to get to the bottom of that photograph but surely this is against Max’s rights as a human?

Benny Newell: Yeah, except Max isn’t human..and if he is, he should have been locked up a long time ago.

Elite Protection stop the wheelchair by the ring. They un-gag Max and remove all his restraints before man handling him out of the chair and tossing him into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well at least they’re allowing Max his right to wrestler. But something tells me Sektor is only allowing this so he can see to it that Max gets further punishment.

Benny Newell: I should think so too. I’m sick of Max being on Shane’s back all the time. He needs to accept that he will never beat Shane and just move on!

Max dusts himself off, looking bruised and swollen around his face. His gaze fixes on Sektor, burning a hole through his head.




After the bell Max is still staring at Sektor, and looks to take a step towards him, but he is quickly clobbered to the ground by O’Neal. O’Neal pulls him straight back to his feet and throws him into the corner, where he begins to punish Max with strong lefts and rights. He then pulls Max away from the corner and turns him around, bouncing his head off the turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Mark O’Neal obviously wants to keep up the great momentum he’s created for himself over the past few weeks.

Benny Newell: I’m tempted to bet on it being under five minutes again but Sektor did ask Mark to do a real number on Max tonight, so he may want to take his time.

Mark has been continuing the punishment on Max in this opening period, by wearing him down with stiff elbow drops and stomps to the ribs. He now has Max’s head under his arm, and hoists him up vertically dropping him with a perfect suplex. Sektor is clapping slowly at the display Mark is giving, whilst the crowd boo and chant “Sektor Sucks.”

O’Neal has just completed a spike DDT which has left Max rolling around and holding his head. After watching Max suffer for a while, Mark slowly brings him to his feet by his head, but Max grabs Mark’s face and delivers a rake to the eyes. Sektor doesn’t have a clear view of this but knows what has happened as he begins to yell at Max. But Max ignores Sektor and delivers a European uppercut to the jaw of O’Neal. O’Neal keeps his balance, but not for long as Max comes off the ropes and delivers a chop block to the back of O’Neal’s knee.

Joe Hoffman: Max has found a turning point here and could really take advantage.

Benny Newell: Yeah then Mark will EXPLODE!! Gah I need another drink, my puns are getting bad.

Mark is back on his feet but Max takes him down with a spinning neck breaker.

Joe Hoffman: Max has O’Neal down again and he’s running to the ropes, wait…whats Sektor doing.

Sektor grabs the ropes and lifts his feet causing the top rope to dip which sends Max backwards, over the top towards the Elite Protection.

Benny Newell: Huh, Sektor must have slipped..

The crowd boo as Elite Protection rough Max up on the outside whilst Sektor stands and watches doing absolutely nothing. They eventually role Max back in when they see O’Neal shaking off the cobwebs. Mark pulls Max to his feet ruggedly and plants his head between his legs. He then lifts him up and drops him headfirst for a piledriver. He then pins and Sektor counts for the



Joe Hoffman: Max with the shoulder up there, but his head must be pounding after that piledriver.

Benny Newell: Mark should have gone for his powerbomb there but this is fine because now he can beat that crazy bastard up even more.

Mark has been displaying his power for the last couple of minutes with a series of suplex’s, backdrops and powerslams. He now has Max in a sleeper hold, and has Sektor in his face taunting him, willing him to stop breathing as he slowly fades away. Max opens one of his eyes and see’s Sektor in front of him, and begins to fling his arms about, trying to get at Sektor. Mark loses patients and brings Max up to his feet in a headlock. However Max begins delivering sharp elbow strikes to the kidney area of O’Neal. After three or four O’Neal loosens his grip allowing Max to break free. Max then runs at O’Neal and delivers a running Knee strike, followed by a quick knee drop to the side of O’Neal’s head. Max drops to his knees for a pin, but looks at Sektor. He seems to sigh as he stands back up on his feet.

Benny Newell: What’s he doing?

Joe Hoffman: Come on Benny he knows full well it’s a waste of time. If he pins O’Neal he knows Sektor wont count.

Benny Newell: He would too!!

Joe Hoffman: Yeah and then fake a shoulder injury..

Max instead has spent his time inflicting pain on Mark with vision kicks, stomps and knee’s to his head. He winds up having Mark’s head under his arm and dropping him with a snap DDT. The crowd are getting behind Max now, obviously enjoying the abuse he is giving the Best Alliance member.

Benny Newell: Come on Sektor do something..

Joe Hoffman: Oh, and that would be fair?

Sektor watches on nervously as Max mounts Mark O’Neal on the mat and begins slugging away at him. Sektor moves over and begins to count 1…2..3..4…but Max doesn’t move he just keeps punching, not showing any care or respect. Sektor then grabs Max ruggedly by his hair and pulls him off O’Neal. The crowd boo but then instantly cheer as Max shoots back up and gets right up into Sektor’s face. Sektor tries to back off but Max keeps following, staying nose to nose.

Benny Newell: Yeah go on Max hit him…get DQ’d…and a C-Sektion for your troubles.

Max grabs Sektor by the collar which gains him a huge pop from the crowd, but the cheers are short lived as O’Neal clubs Max from behind and delivers a German suplex. He doesn’t stop as he gets Max back up and delivers a T-Bone suplex. He then pins and Sektor fast counts a



But Max kicks out, which causes Sektor to shout in frustration. Mark also looks angry but grabs Max and pulls him to the centre of the ring by his legs and locks in a sharpshooter. The crowd boo as he applies the pressure to Max’s lower back and legs. Sektor goes over to Mark and whispers something in his ear. Mark lets go of the hold with a confused expression, but its soon becomes clear as Sektor picks Max up and pushes him over the ropes to the outside.

Joe Hoffman: Ok so we’ve gone from Sektor being a fair referee to O’Neal’s tag partner…

Benny Newell: Hey don’t joke, O’Neal and Sektor were an awesome team back in the day!

Mark paces around the ring like a caged animal as Elite protection work Max over. Mark can then be heard shouting to Sektor “Come on man lets finish this.” Sektor shouts orders to his team who stop the beat down and roll Max back into the ring. Mark goes to move forward but Sektor stops him as he notices the Elite Protection pointing towards Max.

Benny Newell: Is he…that dirty mother fucker.

Joe Hoffman: Surely this isn’t the time or place for..

Sektor walks forward slowly, as he watches Max doing something with his hand down his trunks. He edges closer and closer looking more curious, but suddenly Max pulls his hand out his pants and throws a dust like substance in Sektors eyes.

Benny Newell: What the…

The crowd cheer as they watch Sektor screaming and rubbing his eyes with his shirt. Mark checks on his stable mate and then looks across at Max with an enraged expression. He then goes and grabs Max who has just about got back to his feet, but Max does the same to him, and the whole arena jumps up to their feet. Max then takes O’Neal out with the lighting spiral and covers.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor’s blind, he might not see what’s happened.

Sektor turns and tries to focus on what’s in front of him. He notices something and drops to his knees to count the






Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOO!!! That’s not fair…he thought it was O’Neal pinning Max.

Max quickly rolls out of the ring as Elite protection jump in, and he escapes through the crowd, looking back every so often with a huge grin on his face. Sektor meanwhile still doesn’t seem to have realized what has happened.

Bryan McVay: Your winner of the match via pinfall…MAAAAAAAXXXXXXX KAAAEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

Sektor’s eyes grow wide, looking puffy and swollen. He then begins shouting and cursing as he kicks the ropes. One of the guards tries to check on him but Sektor is so enraged he pushes him away and check on O’Neal. You can see that Sektor is trying to apologise and explain to O’Neal what happened. O’Neal nods that he understands but obviously is disappointed.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Max’s crazy but smart mind paid off for him again as he just managed to overcome all the odds that the Best Alliance and Elite Protection threw at him.

Benny Newell: Never mind that, it was a nothing match anyway…what about Sektor and Mark’s eyesight?

Joe Hoffman: We’ll be back after this folks.

The scene cuts to commercial.


More calls than 1-800-XPLOSIV!!


An Ignorant Stoner

Back live and the camera cuts to the arena’s parking lot, where a beaten up old Ford Transit van wrecklessly drives in and screeches to a halt near the backstage entrance. As the van door swings open and the driver steps out we get a clear shot of the man, none other than the One Eyed Giant, Trent. Fans could be heard cheering back inside the arena.

Joe Hoffman: What, Trent’s only just arrived at the arena? So he wasn’t disrespecting Aceldama after all.

Benny Newell: Ofcourse he was disrespecting Aceldama! If he wasn’t then he wouldn’t be late!

Joe Hoffman: I’m sure there’s a very good reason for it.

Benny Newell: What? He was too busy dealing with the munchies?

Trent grabs a sports bag out and slams the door. Suddenly a paniced voice is heard running towards him.

Wez: Trent! Where the fuck have you been?!

Trent looks over at Wez, who has just arrived in camera shot and promptly stops and bends over, breathing heavilly.

Trent: Dude, I got fuckin’ held up, nothin’ I could fuckin’ do about it. What the fuck’s got you in such a fuckin’ rush?

Wez: Its… It’s your… …. Your match…

Wez still has yet to catch his breath and is barely able to get his words out.

Trent: What, it’s started already? Shit, I’m later than I fuckin’ thought!

Wez: No… no, Aceldama…. he’s…

Wez heaves in more air. He must be extremely out of shape.

Trent: He’s what? Gonna interfere? Gonna fuckin’ jump me on my fuckin’ way to the bloody ring? Gonna bake my a fuckin’ cake?

Wez: He’s…. he’s the… Aceldama’s the…

Trent: God fuckin’ damn it, spit it out already if its that fuckin’ important, I’ve got to get ready fer the fuckin’ main event!

Wez looks up at Trent as if he has just ran a marathon only to be told he ran the wrong way.

Wez: He’s the motherfucking ref!

The big man goes silent for a moment, the impact of the revelation takes a moment to settle in before his face turned incandescent with rage.

Trent: What the hairy fuckin’ bollocks?! Aceldama’s the motherfuckin’ ref?!

Wez nods, having just about caught his breath.

Wez: Yeah… I just said that.

Trent: Since when does that fuckin’ cumstained wanker have any goddam business wearin’ a fuckin’ ref shit!

Wez: Since he’s Lee Best’s pole polisher, since he’s World Champ and since you called him out.

Trent: I called him out fer a motherfuckin’ fight, not fer ‘im to fuckin’ screw me outta a throwaway fuckin’ match with the villiage bike!

Wez: Shouldn’t that be the federation bike?

Trent: Do I look like I give a shit about fuckin’ nomenclature?! ‘Least it’s a fuckin’ no DQ match, all I gotta fuckin’ do is knock that son of a bitch out ‘n’ get Hortega or fuckin’ Boettcher to take over. Shouldn’t be too fuckin’ hard.

Wez: Shouldn’t be too hard? What the fuck are you on about, man?! He’s the World fucking Champion! You’re being fucking screwed up the shitter with this match!

Trent: Too fuckin’ right, mate. I knew they’d pull some shit, I fuckin’ knew they were gonna use this match to try gettin’ one over me, but Aceldama as the fuckin’ ref? God fuckin’ dammit, Best’s gonna pay fer bookin’ this! After I’ve neutered Aceldama ‘n’ got past all his fuckin’ lackeys, Best’s gonna bloody regret fuckin’ me around! And Aceldama? Aceldama’s gonna need the whole of Sektor’s fuckin’ security force to keep me from cavin’ his dense fuckin’ skull in! Fuck Kirsta Lewis, she means jack fuckin’ shit. I’m makin’ this match between me and that craven son of a bitch!

Wez: Dude, that’s not all. Aceldama called the whole Turmoil roster out to ringside for his fucking victory speech. He called you out for a fight right there and then, infront of everyone.

Trent: Yer shittin’ me? Fuckin’ bullshit! The one time I’m late to a fuckin’ show and I miss takin’ up a fight with him? Fuckin’ hell, my luck’s fuckin’ shit!

Trent slams a heavy fist down on the hood of his van out of frustration, leaving a rather large dent.

Wez: Dude, the whole fucking roster was there, Best Alliance included! Not to mention Sektor and his Good Squad. He wasn’t out there for a fair fight, he was there to fucking humiliate you without lifting a finger, man. I’d say you’re the luckiest motherfucker on the roster, getting held up like that.

Trent does not look convinced.

Trent: So what the fuck did he fuckin’ say, then? I’m guessin’ he ranted on when I didn’t come out?

Wez: Totally, man. He rambled the fuck on about you ain’t done shit, how the highlight of your HOW career was being embaressed by Eisen and haven’t beaten anyone since then.

Trent: Well no fuckin’ shit, sherlock, my first match since then is this fuckin’ week. One match means I’m fuckin’ worthless? Like fuck, it was only the Mayhem before Capitol Punishment where I utterly fuckin’ destroyed the oh so un-fuckin’-stoppable LSD Champion. But I was fuckin’ embaressed by Eisen? That motherfucker stabbed my goddam eye to bloody hell! That ain’t fuckin’ embaressin’, that was fuckin’ criminal!

Wez: Well, yeah, but ya lost to a dude who’s beaten every other bloody week. On paper, it’s an embarassment, atleast that’s how Aceldama sees it. With that reasoning, he’s got himself booked against Eisen next week and is making you watch at ringside, something about showing you how to beat someone you apparently can’t beat.

Trent: Uhhhh….. what? Two dudes I want to see strechered into a fuckin’ ambulance beatin’ the shit out of each other is meant to make me pissed off or somethin’? I say let ’em beat each other half to fuckin’ death. That’s a fuckin’ laugh. Seriously, since when has a World Champ deciding to take on Eisen fer a laugh ever ended well fer the fuckin’ Champ? He should ask his fuckin’ AIDS Brother, Reynolds, what fuckin’ happened when he did that.

Wez: Heh, yeah, man, Aceldama would do well to read up a bit of fucking history. But, yeah, still more. He got you booked in a match too. He got crying over how he couldn’t beat Max Kael in a Last Man Standing match at March To Glory, so you’re taking on Kael next week in a Last Man Standing match to “feel his pain.”

Trent: Didn’t I beat Kael back in fuckin’ May? Knocked him the fuck out with a Toke Driver if I fuckin’ remember correctly. Fuck, can’t wait to do it again! And a Last Man Standing match? Bloody fuckin’ hell, first he decides to take care of Eisen fer me and next he books me in my favourite kinda fuckin’ match! Damn, the dude’s not as bad a wanker as I fuckin’ thought. I made my fuckin’ career on Last Man Standing matches, I fuckin’ love ’em! Hardly any other fuckin’ match lets ya carry on the fight ’til the very fuckin’ end. Ya know, I’m gonna have to fuckin’ thank him tonight.

Wez looked incredibly confused about how Trent was taking all this. He thought Trent would be as infuriated as he was about hearing Aceldama was going to try screwing him out of the main event tonight.

Wez: What? You like the dude now?

Trent: Like? Fuck no, but ain’t hard to see the dude’s tryin’ to do me a fuckin’ favour settin’ all this up, ya know? That wanker’s alright, just makes me wanna fight him even more. Anyway, I gotta get ready fer the match. See ya inside, dude.

With a pleased grin on his face Trent walks past Wez and strides towards the backstage entrance. Wez stares, slack jawed, at Trent’s back.

Wez: How the fucking ignorant is he? Aceldama’s stacking the odds against him and humiliate him but he thinks it’s a favour? Fuck, I need stiff drink.



The scene cuts backstage to where there had earlier been a party going on. Everyone seems to have left accept for Mark O’Neal and Sektor who are sat on a sofa, Sektor with two hot brunettes wearing skin tight HOW shirts and Mark with a single blonde sat on his knee. The room itself is completely trashed with empty beer bottles and clothing scattered everywhere. Across the room are a handful of Elite Protection agents dressed in riot gear, doing absolutely nothing except stand their and watch Mark and Sektor drink a beer and have a good time. Sektor is whispering into one of the brunettes ear but stops as he notices Mark pouring a little bit of his beer onto the blondes chest. He then looks simultaneously at each brunette on his lap as though he is counting.

Sektor: Only one Mark?

Mark: I guess so, her twin sister is in the bathroom throwing up, doesn’t seem sanitary for me to fuck her.

Mark then proceeds to lick off the beer he spilled on the blonde’s chest.

Sektor: Probably for the best…maybe this time you’ll last longer than two and half seconds..

Sektor begins to laugh and winks at one of the girls on his lap.

Mark: It was the best two and a half minutes of their lives.

Sektor nods.

Sektor: Ahhh life is sweet again. Hey you here we’re teaming next week, pretty sweet for my re-debut huh?

Mark: Are we? I didn’t even know. Maybe you won’t fuck it up for me this time.

Sektor frowns, looking slightly embarrassed and disappointed in himself.

Sektor: Look dude I told you I’m sorry. Max threw that shit in my eye I thought …ahh never mind. Besides you when the two of us pair up we’re undefeatable…literally.

Mark: Don’t sweat it, I don’t give a shit about the loss. But me & you, we are undefeated, a matter of fact, we need a toast to Sektor’s return. (To the blonde on Mark’s lap) Hey bitch, how about you go pour us some more shots.

The camera pans over to a table with some bottles of liquor. In the background you can see the EPU still just standing there motionless with their riot gear on. The blonde walks over to the table and begins pouring some shots in some obviously used shot glasses.

Mark: Who are we beating next week anyways?

Sektor is too busy being mesmerised by the hot blonde bending over in front of him to pour shots. He shakes his head rapidly as though he’s coming out of a trance.

Sektor: Who we facing? Erm, shit who was it again? Oh yeah, Carey and erm, that Reinhardt guy. Lee’s way of giving me a warm up match I guess.

Mark: Wow. We might as well get the party started next week before the match. Some new guy and Carey, who isn’t even worth mentioning. That will be……

Mark is distracted by the girl pouring the shots who is missing the shot glasses and pouring the alcohol right onto the table.

Mark: Hey bitch…don’t waste that shit.

Sektor: How long does it take to pour a fucking drink?

The blonde turns around holding two shot glasses. She has a hurt expression on her face as she brings the trembling glasses over towards Mark and Sektor. The two tag partners take their glasses and give them a clink.

Mark: To the undefeated tag-team of Mark & Sektor. The A-Listers. (Sektor & Mark in unison) Drink. Fuck. Fight.

The two arch their heads back and shoot back the drink. With a grinding of their teeth they both throw their glasses across the room in unison, smashing them against the wall.

Sektor: Good shit. Come on man, lets take these bitches to a hotel and celebrate proper..

At that Mark & Sektor stumble to their feet. Mark grabs three beers from a cooler. He tosses one to Sektor, puts one in his pocket and opens the third. They head for the door as the EPU starts following them out of the room as Sektor has one girl on each arm, and Mark has his blonde at his side as Turmoil takes its final commercial break.


Trent vs. Kirsta Lewis
Singles Match w/ Special Guest Referee: Aceldama

Joe Hoffman: Right folks it is now time for our main event as the Hellcat Kirsta Lewis squares off against Trent in a no disqualification match. You would say that this kind of match would suit Trent knowing his wrestling style but Kirsta has proven that see can be very much hardcore when she needs to be, beating the Hardcore Artist at his own game. But the size and weight difference once again could pose the problem, with Trent over seven feet tall! Whilst Kirsta is a mere five foot six inches, not to mention Trent is over twice the weight of her! On paper this does not look good for Kirsta.

Benny Newell: On paper a pack of small hobbits defeat an army of blood hungry orc’s! So on paper anything is possible.

Joe Hoffman: A lord of the ring’s reference Benny? Really? Honestly, I am just shocked you can read. But let’s not forget the cog in the works, the special guest referee, Aceldama.

Benny Newell: My good friend Aceldama, he will make this a no brainer tonight, Kirsta to win.

Joe Hoffman: Good friend? Do I not recall you being rejected from Aceldama’s little party earlier?

Benny Newell: My invitation was in my shirt pocket….why must you always bad mouth the champion?

*With that ‘Vicarious’ by Tool blasts throughout the arena as the world champion Aceldama, dressed in black and white referee’s attire begins to make his way to the ring, world title slung over his left shoulder. A suited and booted Bryan McVay is in the ring to make the introductions, he comes onto the microphone*

Bryan McVay– Ladies and Gentleman, this is our main event and it will be a no disqualification match. Coming down to the ring first, he is the special guest referee, the world champion, ACELDAMAAAA!!

*Aceldama is now by the ring as he climbs the steps and casually walks into the ring, walking over to McVay with a cocky look upon his face. He walks over to the corner of the ring and hands his belt to the bell ringer, who carefully takes it of him and walks back to their chair.

Aceldama’s music fades as ‘Animals’ by Nickelback begins as the sound of a Harley Davidson’s engine can be heard throughout the arena as Kirsta Lewis makes her way to ringside, dressed in all leather, her hair covered by her bikers helmet. Inside the ring Aceldama is standing clapping his fellow Best Alliance member as she speeds the Harley down the ramp and circles the ring once. She slides off the bike and pushes the kick stand in. Going into her box compartment she opens it up, taking out a chain lock, but instead of locking it to her bike, she puts it over her shoulder and walks into the ring. Aceldama walks over to her and gives her a hug, whispering into her ear*

Bryan McVay– And in the ring, weighing in at 130lbs, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is a member of the Best Alliance, Kirsta ‘The Hellcat’ Lewissssss!!!

Joe Hoffman: Aww look at that, ‘best’ buddies getting along. This match is never going to be called down the middle.

Benny Newell: You have no idea what he is saying, for all you know he could be saying she looks lovely tonight, or where did she get her bike. Honestly, stop picking on the champion!!!

*The two stand talking to one another, Kirsta wrapping the chain lock across her arm as ‘Trashaholic’ by Gama Bomb comes onto the PA system as Trent makes his way down to the ring with a purpose, all the while his left hand behind his back. He climbs up the steps, all the while staring menacingly at Aceldama, his eyes fixated on him. Aceldama mocks a one two, three count then smiles at him. Trent totally forgets who he is facing as he goes directly over to Aceldama and stands in front of him, towering over him. Aceldama does not move, simply points to his referee’s shirt, as he for a split second turns to bell ringer to start the match.




As Aceldama took his eyes away from Trent for a split second, Trent blindsided him with the surprise he was keeping revealed behind his back, on his left hand was a pair of brass knuckles and he cleaned Aceldama straight across the cheek with it. Aceldama falls backwards and through the middle rope and out to the floor. Kirsta takes this opportunity as she charges at Trent with a diving elbow, the same elbow she wrapped in chain moments before, but Trent sees her coming and ducks out of the way, turning around and striking her with a big boot to her temple*

Joe Hoffman: My god! What a boot by Trent, he didn’t even have to lift his leg up off the ground barely!

Benny Newell: Screw that! That bastard just hit the world champion; I demand he be disqualified right now!

Joe Hoffman: There are many things wrong with what you just said there Benny, firstly this is a NO DISQUALIFICATION match, secondly Aceldama IS the referee. Do you ever pay attention, and finally, what is that you are drinking? It smells like…..bleach!

Benny Newell: No it isn’t, it’s a Corona with Lime, Joel gave it to me from the party, come to mention it does taste a lot like….wait a minute! That little!…..ah well, beats Corona any day.

*As Benny continues to drink his ‘Corona’ Trent picks up Kirsta by her hair and literally lifts her up off the ground, her feet dangling as she tries to hold onto her hair and Trent’s hands to let go of the grip. Trent literally throws her across the ring like a rag doll, the chain coming loose from her hand and now is sprawled across the ring. Trent picks it up and takes it in both his hands, he begins to swing it about, taunting Kirsta as she moves over to the turnbuckle, getting up on her knees. Trent comes near her, ready to swing the chain at her face, but Kirsta thinks fast and kicks Trent right in the crown Jewels! He drops the chain, and Kirsta takes her opportunity and dives under Trent’s legs then picks up the chain at each side and pulls back, the chain wrapping around Trent’s legs, it sends him reeling forward and hitting his nose straight off the turnbuckle. Dazed he turns back only to be met by a double drop kick which sends him reeling backwards towards the ropes, but he does not go down. He is reeling. Kirsta bounces off the ropes opposite and charges with a clothesline, jumping off the ground to get more impact, it hits Trent straight across the send sending him outside. Outside where a groggy Aceldama is coming to, his cheek busted open and bloodied.*

*Kirsta takes herself to the top turnbuckle, looking outside at Trent who is getting to his feet, holding the railings as he does. She waits on the turnbuckle until he is on his feet and facing her direction, then she springs off the ropes and lands with her legs wrapping across Trent’s neck, her momentum flings Trent across the arena and into a slump on the floor. The perfect diving hurricarana from the top rope. With Trent down she takes the moment to go to the aid of her Best alliance ally and referee Aceldama who is on the floor holding his cheek, trying to stop the bleeding. Aceldama tells her that he cannot stop the bleeding, but maybe some alcohol or something will restrict it. He points to Benny’s bottle of ‘Corona’. Kirsta goes and grabs it and runs over to Aceldama, who rips a piece of his referee’s shirt off and dips the beer onto it then puts it to his cheek*

Benny Newell: No Kirsta, that’s not beer its……………

*Aceldama lets out a loud scream*

Benny Newell:…………….bleach

*Trent takes his opportunity well as he comes behind Kirsta and grabs her once more picking her up in his massive arms, squeezing down in a bearhug. He then walks over to the metal turnbuckle, charging at it with her back smacking straight against the metal. Then he does it again. And then without any effort whatsoever he takes her and lifts her over his head, she is almost eight feet in the air! And with further ado he throws her OVER the top rope and back into the ring. Trent looks at Aceldama who is beginning to get to his feet and gives a smile as he goes into the ring over the top ropes and walks over to Kirsta, picking her up once more he places her lifeless body onto the top turnbuckle and proceeds to put her across his large brooding shoulders*

Joe Hoffman: We might just be ready to see the Toke Driver here….

*Kirsta begins to wriggle across his shoulders, then manages to break free and as she falls down to the canvas she grabs his neck and sends him crashing down with her in a DDT. Both are flat and lifeless on the ground as even the long fall done damage to Kirsta!*

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god! Kirsta Lewis was able to break free from the Toke Driver!!

*Aceldama has now got himself into the ring, holding his cheek. He notices the two down, more importantly he notices that Trent is down. He goes over to Kirsta and ruffles her a bit to get her up again. He kneels down, constantly looking at Trent and whispers in her ear. She gets to her knees, then smiles as she nods. She groggily walks over again to the chain and then walks over to Trent, wrapping it across his neck, making sure that it inter connects around itself. She then, winking, hands it to Aceldama who smiles and winks back at her, turning around and with a hold of the other end of the chain, steps out of the ropes and stands on the edge of the ring, then all of a sudden jumps down onto the matt. This sends Trent reeling upwards and choking mercifully against the ropes as Aceldama uses the ropes against the chains for leverage as he pulls and pulls down upon it.

Kirsta stands looking at Trent, his face going blue, and goes into her right boot and pulls out something, she then walks over to Trent and pushes it down across his skull. It is a small blade and she is tearing pieces out of Trent’s forehead!*

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god! There is that mean side to Kirsta we are seeing more often now, we saw it earlier when she took out Carey and now here as she literally is ripping Trent’s face apart! And Aceldama, the REFEREE outside, choking him with that bike chain! You still think he is calling it fair now Benny?

Benny Newell (on a cellular phone)- Yes, operator, get me the hospital, the problem? I think my…..’child’ may of drank some bleach. Age? 42. Oh, what? Oh, who cares, Trent hit him to begin with, revenge is a bitch.

*Aceldama is literally got no more chain left and Trent no air left, but as Kirsta rips down on his skin it sends him into a fury as he begins to throw punches and kicks in all directions, trying to get free. Then, the unthinkable happens. As the chain pushes down upon the ropes with great force and added to that Aceldama’s force outside, the two turnbuckles literally snap apart and the ropes fall down to the canvas with the two turnbuckles!! The ring is now a mess! The crowd begins a chant of Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Aceldama has fallen backwards as Trent falls to the ground, gasping for breath, whilst Kirsta is in shock after witnessing the ropes literally snapping!

She sees something, an opportunity for a new weapon. She walks over to one of the fallen turnbuckles, unclipping the ropes from it she lifts it up into the air and comes striking down upon Trent’s chest with it. Then throwing the turnbuckle down to onto Trent, she covers him. Aceldama forgetting his role quickly scurries into the ring and goes for a very quick pin.*





*Trent was able to lift up the metal turnbuckle from him and also remove Kirsta from his grasp, even the ultra quick count was not enough to keep Trent down. Aceldama is fuming, but there is nothing more he could do. Kirsta is even more so. She rolls out of the ring and goes underneath the ring, lifting up the fabric and begins to delve inside for anything of merit. She literally starts throwing anything she can get her hands on, road signs, chairs, saucepans but she finally finds what she was delving for, a sledgehammer. She grabs it in her hand, smiling as she returns to the ring, Aceldama coaxing her on to do it, to hit Trent with the sledgehammer. Trent is trying to grab for something, the ropes, but they are no longer there, so he tries to get up on his own accord. He is now on one knee, Kirsta ready to hit. Trent is now to his feet, Kirsta does a cross swipe, but Trent, unbeknown to many how quick his reactions could be, throws a hand out and grabs it off her then comes smashing down upon her skull, making her fall directly to the ground, out cold. Aceldama stands with his mouth wide open. Trent throws the sledgehammer away and kneels down in front of her going for the pin, he covers her. Aceldama looks at him, but then goes down to pin…*



*Then Aceldama stops, shaking his head as if to say, ‘Never’ then smiles at him. Trent gets up off Kirsta and stands over Aceldama once more. There is some trash talk between the two, mostly coming from Trent as Aceldama basically stands looking up and smiles.*

Joe Hoffman: Trent is never going to win this match, never in a million years, I knew it before the bell rung and I know it even more so now. This is a handicap match, a handicap match!

Benny Newell: Handicapped? No, I just have a drinking problem. I can’t get enough of the sweet nectar. My stomach hurts.

Joe Hoffman: I was saying there Benny, that this match has turned into a handicap match, Kirsta and Aceldama against Trent.

Benny Newell: Ah I see, then who is refereeing?

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama is.

Benny Newell: But did you not say this is a handicap match now?

Joe Hoffman: No what I meant was Kirsta and Aceldama are working toget….ah, you know, forget it. It’s worthless trying to explain anything to you.

*All of a sudden running with great speed down the ramp is the new head of Security John Sektor who runs straight over to Kirsta, going into his back pocket and taking out a small tiny bottle and uncorking it. Meanwhile Trent with his back turned to this is still having words with Aceldama but it is about to stem out of control and fists will begin flying soon. What Sektor has in his hands is a bottle of smelling salts, used to stir back the senses with its strong smell. He places it under Kirsta’s nose and immediately she jumps up holding her nose, unaware what has happened. Sektor signals to Aceldama everything is ok as he rolls back out of the ring and runs back up the ramp and out of sight. Trent makes the first move as she smacks Aceldama across the cheek, the same cheek he busted open earlier with knuckle dusters. Aceldama smiles, then smack back at Trent, hitting hit jaw. Then it breaks out, fists flying everywhere, Trent begins to get the upper hand, but then Aceldama does. Meanwhile Kirsta is standing in the corner at the ready, directly facing Trent, but Aceldama is in her way. Trent has now got the better of Aceldama, and double axe handles him across the face, sending him to his knees, he then strikes down upon his face, sending him in all fours. Finally Kirsta sees an opportunity, the runs and using Aceldama’s back for leverage she leaps onto his back and delivers the Hell’s Bitch Kick, able to hit Trent straight across the jaw. Trent falls to the ground, Aceldama counts.*





Bryan McVay– Your winner, in a time of 16 minutes 22 seconds, the HELLCAT KIRSTA LEWIS!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: She did it! Kirsta Lewis was able to connect with the Hell’s Bitch Kick straight to the jaw of Trent, and with Trent STILL on his feet. Obviously the added leverage of Aceldama helped there, but what a kick!

Benny Newell: My god she nearly done the splits there! I could smell cod!

*Aceldama gets to his feet and drags Kirsta upwards and raises her hand whilst holding onto his cheek once again. He then points once again to the bike chain and tells her to bring it across to him. She picks it up and hands it to him. He then tells her to take Trent’s lifeless body and press it up against one of the remaining two turnbuckles. She has trouble lifting the large brute, but Aceldama helps her to get him upright against the post. Then he goes outside and asks Kirsta to feed the chain out, they begin to wrap it around the turnbuckle, with Trent in between. Aceldama even ties it for good measure. He then walks over to the ring announcers table, taking his title and a microphone then walking back into the ring, standing in front of a lifeless, eyes still closed and bloodied Trent*

Aceldama: You want this title? You are not worthy of this title! You want a fight? You got one! You may have barked up the wrong tree this time Trent, because anybody can be tough, only a few can be smart. You see I am smarter than you, you little stoner freak! You have no game plan, you just thought you could come in with fists in the air and I would stand and take notice. Now you lie under me and you take notice. I can fight too, ha, look at you, this girl is three times less your weight, two feet smaller than you but still she is able to beat your ass? Why? Because she has the one thing you didn’t. A game plan. And also something you will never know of, a FIGHTING SPIRIT, the will to never say no, to never back out of a challenge, no matter how big nor small. She is the true winner tonight, you……you are nothing. Kirsta, as much as I would love to take this man out of his misery, I will not begrudge you your final blow. Finish this sorry bastard off.

*Kirsta picks up the sledgehammer once more and drags it towards the lifeless body of Trent, smiling*

Joe Hoffman: Where is the Elite Security Firm? Why are they not stopping this? I knew it! I knew it! The game plan Aceldama was speaking off, he has sweet talked Sektor to turn a blind eye to this, getting all friendly with him so he will simply forget this. Talk about double standards!

*Kirsta lifts the sledgehammer over her head and is ready to strike when an all too familiar voice can be heard coming onto the PA System, it is none other than Lee Best!*

Lee Best: As much as I love to see my members of the Best Alliance bonding so well, this was not what I had in mind! Kirsta drop the sledgehammer!

*And with that Lee is seen standing by the ramp, under the High Octane Vision screen, Kirsta sees him and immediately drops the sledgehammer, smashing down onto the canvas*

Lee Best: That’s my girl. As much as I LOVE a good gore-fest, the last thing I need is another media barrage about the violence on this show. Now I don’t know how you got John to turn a blind eye to this Ace but I cannot have it, I will not stand by and watch a roster member becoming fatally injured. Now you want to get your own back on Trent and I am sure when he regains consciousness he will want to do the same. Now being a businessman Ace I don’t like to give away great battles like that for free, oh no. Something like this those out there would have to pay for it. You want to tear the living shits out of one another? You both want to send the other to the hospital, maybe even the morgue? Fine, then at Rumble at the Rock 2 it shall be Trent –vs- Aceldama in a very special match, a match I will call ‘Anarchy at Alcatraz’. The match will begin in the d-block of the prison, no rules….whatsoever, the only way to win is to literally desecrate your opponent and drag him down to the prison hospital where the ‘doctor’ will declare the person out cold, and hence the winner. Excellent, a fist fight with a twist, after rumble one of you will be sitting almost dead upon a prison hospital bed.

Aceldama: Lee, if I may. The sound of getting my hands on Trent in that match sounds mouth watering, so much so I do not want to wait until then, let me have him sooner. If he survives against Kael next week, I want to take his sorry ass down to the basement of this arena, into the High Octane Fighting Championship ring and show him first hand why he may have made the biggest mistake of his career, his stinking mouth has been writing cheques his massive frame cannot catch.

Lee Best: Hmmm….Trent versus Aceldama under High Octane Fighting Championship rules? What’s not to like about that? Your wish is granted…..now…..Kirsta, get your sexy ass up here.

*Aceldama stands and smiles as he looks down at the lifeless body of Trent as Kirsta walks out of the ring, turning around and winking at Aceldama and whispering ‘thank you’ to him as Aceldama smiles rather awkwardly as says ‘your welcome’ back as Kirsta gets back on her Harley, putting her helmet back on and turning the engine on she revs it up the ramp and stops in front of Lee, who gets onto the back, gripping firmly onto her breasts as the two ride on. Leaving Aceldama in the middle of the ring, holding his world title over his head, whilst Trent still lies motionless, chained to the turnbuckle.*

Joe Hoffman: Well folks that is it for another edition of Turmoil, a huge main event where Kirsta defied the odds and was able to Hell’s Bitch Kick Trent for the win and Aceldama making his statement known. As has Lee as he has declared a slugfest for Rumble at the Rock as Aceldama and Trent will go one on one in a no rules, slobberknocker where the only way to win is to drag your opponent down to the prison hospital where he will be declared out for the count. That shall be a bloody and brutal encounter if there ever was one!! As always I am Joe Hoffmann, and my partner Benny…….Benny?

*Benny is down on the ground, holding his stomach, dry retching*

Joe Hoffman: Benny…….you didn’t drink ALL that bottle did you?

Benny Newell: There was still beer in it, it was still good.

Joe Hoffman: Well I am off to the hospital it seems with Benny here; tune in next week when hopefully he shall be here too. Goodnight!!


Trent vs. Aceldama

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

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The Best Arena

Chicago, Illinois

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  • 9:00PM