Turmoil: August 13th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
August 13th, 2009 – #HOW70
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Headhunting Opening..

The HOTv logo gives way to the Turmoil logo and that quickly explodes across the screen as we cut to a live shot inside The Best Arena here in Chicago Illinois.

Pyros go off all across the arena and the camera pans across the Arena showcasing the sold out crowd. The feed then cuts to the announcers who welcome the viewing audience in.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Thursday Night Turmoil! I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell and from this show forward we are exclusive to Turmoil.

Benny Newell: Thank the fucking heavens cause I have no desire to go on the road with the likes of Paul Paras and the rest of the Mayhem Roster. This is the A show of HOW and tonight it will become a BA show as the Best Alliance will regain the World and retain the ICON titles tonight!

Joe Hoffman: That could very well happen Benny as tonight we have a special Main Event as new World Champion Issac Slade must defend his title against the man he took the title from, Aceldama, and a man that is also putting up the ICON Championship…Shane Reynolds.

Benny Newell: The Blood Brothers will show why the Best Alliance is the best faction in the history of pro wrestling!

Suddenly, the two men are interrupted by a familiar theme. Not Undead by Hollywood Undead, as you would expect in the opening of an episode of Turmoil, but instead, Mother by Danzig.

Joe Hoffman: What?! Wait a minute! Mother? That’s…that’s Michael DeNucci’s theme!

Benny Newell: DeNucci? We haven’t seen him since he broke Bishop Steele’s legs in the parking lot a few weeks back!

Joe Hoffman: Bishop Steele? Who’s that?

Benny Newell: I don’t know, some guy…I think he was 50 Cent’ s stunt double or something.

As Mother plays, Michael DeNucci emerges from beneath the High Octane Vision, to a strong, if mixed, reaction. DeNucci smirks, soaking in the reaction from the crowd. He is wearing a black pinstriped blazer and matching pants, and a tight-fitting Xtreme Couture Combatant tee. After taking in the moment, DeNucci walks down to the ring and produces a microphone, seemingly from out of nowhere.

DeNucci: For those of you who might be a little unfamiliar with me, my name is Michael DeNucci, and here’s a little taste of my accomplishments.

A video package plays, broadcasting some of the highlights of Michael DeNucci’s career so far in HOW, including his impressive wins over Bob Jared (while intoxicated, no less!), “Marvelous” Mario Maurako, Bobbinette Carey, and his personal favorite, the merciless attack on, and Dumpstering of, current Mayhem GM Ryan Faze. We then cut back to DeNucci in the ring.

DeNucci: Impressive, I know. Racking up that impressive little win streak, dumpstering the GM of Mayhem, turning my back on the SSE leeches riding my coattails, and aligning with the devil himself in Lee Best was fun and all, but it’s time for me to take the next step forward. It’s time for Michael DeNucci to once again breathe life into this industry.

Michael smirks briefly, before continuing to speak.

DeNucci: You see, right now, what you see every week on Mayhem and Turmoil, well, it varies from week to week. I can tell you right now, you’re sure as hell not seeing wrestling! You’re seeing people throwing the ashes of the deceased in other people’s faces, you’re seeing kidnapping after kidnapping, you’re seeing seriously depraved individuals run around, killing anyone even remotely related to their opponent. What the hell is next, and how the fuck is anyone getting away with this? Seriously, people, I’m not Johnny Law or anything, but if one federal agent ever tunes to HOTv on Monday or Thursday nights, this entire fucking fed is going directly to the nearest Supermax prison!

The crowd doesn’t know what to make of DeNucci; they don’t like him, but he’s making some valid points. A murmur of confusion goes up amidst the Best Arena crowd.

DeNucci: I mean, for real, if this shit keeps up, one of these days, you’re gonna see a rotting corpse triple-penetrated in the middle of the fucking ring!

The crowd laughs, as DeNucci suddenly stops and listens intently to his earpiece.

DeNucci: Oh shit, I’m getting reports that I’ve just spoiled Segment 2. Sorry Max!

Another laugh from the crowd, and DeNucci continues his rant.

DeNucci: Anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fucking sick of watching this shit. I’m sick of seeing shit that makes even me, a man with alleged Mafia ties – which, by the way, I deny unequivocally – sick to my very stomach! So what I’m going to do, is I’m going to bring something completely different to the table. Something with honor and prestige, that will bring HOW up to where it rightfully belongs. Ladies…bring out the belt!

Two women dressed in skimpy ring girl attire walk out from under the High Octane Vision, rolling out a black podium, atop which sits a dark red belt with gold plates on it, the letters on the center plate reading “HOFC”.

DeNucci: Taylor, Leighton, much obliged.

The ladies return to the backstage area, waving to the crowd along the way.

DeNucci: Now then, ladies and gentlemen, what you are seeing here, is the High Octane Fighting Championship. That’s right: fighting. This belt will not be held by men who have some deep-seeded personal issues. It won’t be held by men who hear voices in their heads, who have multiple personalities, or who think the solution to every single problem is killing. This belt will be held by one type of man only: the type of man who wants to FIGHT. This belt will be held by the type of man who sees no need to kidnap family members, or kill relatives, or whatever, to decide a feud, when he’s perfectly capable of inflicting a world of pain via hand-to-hand combat.

Joe Hoffman: A mixed martial arts belt in a wrestling federation? This sounds like it’s going to be a pretty controversial idea.

Benny Newell: Hey, anything that involves somebody getting the shit kicked out of them is fine by me.

DeNucci: On October 5, at Rumble at the Rock 2, you will witness the debut match of the High Octane Fighting Championships. You will witness the return of hand-to-hand combat to HOW. You will witness two men who fight for the pure and simple reason that they fucking love it and there’s a belt for the winner. You will witness a fight that will leave both men battered, bruised, and in all likelihood, unconscious.

The promise of violence lures the Chicago crowd over to DeNucci’s side, and they cheer him on.

DeNucci: Now, as you may have guessed, one of those men will indeed be myself. But you’re probably wondering who I’m going to be facing. Well, nothing’s been signed yet, but to tell you all the truth, I can think of only one man capable of walking into the prison yard at Alcatraz with me. I can think of only one man who can stand across from me in a true mixed martial arts fight and take me to my limit. One man who can tear the fucking house down with me, and who will do everything in his power to tear me limb from limb, just as I will do the same to him. Tonight, I’m out here to challenge that man.

DeNucci pauses dramatically, and the crowd sits in an awed hush.

Joe Hoffman: Who is Michael DeNucci going to challenge in the first HOFC title fight at Rumble at the Rock 2?

Benny Newell: If you’d shut the fuck up, maybe we’d be able to hear him tell us!

DeNucci does a 180 spin toward the HOV and points at it, not unlike the evil monkey that lives in Chris Griffin’s closet. As he points at it, the official HOW photo of the man he wants to face appears on the screen, and DeNucci confirms the target of his challenge…


Joe Hoffman: KOSTOFF? DeNucci and Kostoff in an MMA fight at Rumble at the Rock 2?!

Benny Newell: Yeah, go ahead and get the county morgue on standby…somebody’s not making it out of that one alive!

DeNucci: For those who don’t know, Chris Kostoff and I have a little bit of a history. We go back to the glory days of Shockwave Sports Entertainment, when it was about to be destroyed by my company, High Voltage Entertainment. Kostoff stood alongside me in HVE, and in that travesty of a company, he was the one person other than me who knew what the fuck he was doing.

DeNucci shakes his head, then continues.

DeNucci: Folks, there aren’t a hell of a lot of people that I respect in this business, but I respect Kostoff, and I know damn well he can give me the all-out fight I’ve been looking for since I fucking got here. So Kostoff, I know you’re a fighter, I know you’re always up for a fight, and I know you know how to get in touch with the people who can make that happen. Talk to me, Lee, whoever, let’s get this fucking deal done, and I’ll see you in the prison yard.

With those words, DeNucci throws his microphone down in the center of the ring, as Mother kicks in again.

Joe Hoffman: Can you believe what we’ve just heard? Michael DeNucci has returned to HOW, apparently as part of this new High Octane Fighting division, and has challenged Chris Kostoff to a fight at Rumble at the Rock 2? Will Kostoff accept? But right now we gotta take our first commercial break.


Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Jason Wild vs. Trip Eisen
Singles Match

Back live and Jason Wild’s music blasts out through the Arenas sound system, and he makes his way to ringside to little reaction from the fans.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, hailing from Los Angeles, California….Jason Wild!!!

Chimaira’s Destroy and Dominate then replaces Wild’s music, as Eisen makes his way out, much to the chagrin of a few members of the audience.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Cardiff, Wales…Trip Eisen!!!

Joe Hoffman: And here we are, Benny, opening match of the evening. Eisen’s just fresh off a victory over Trent at Capitol Punishment, so you know he’s gotta be feeling good.

Benny Newell: And that other fuck lost in a dark match. I’m quite surprised he hasn’t had his ass fired yet.

Joe Hoffman: Perhaps it’s just a matter of time for him, Benny.

After referee Hortega checks the two men over, they square off in the centre of the ring. There’s a brief struggle between the two, and Wild manages to power Eisen into the turnbuckle. Wild goes to throw a chop, but Eisen catches his arm and throws Wild into the turnbuckle, slamming Wild’s chest with a heavy chop! Eisen throws another, and another, and another, and goes to throw again, but hits nothing but turnbuckle as Wild flops to the canvas!

Benny Newell: There was this one hooker in Amsterdam, she demanded to see Big Buff’s chop, right?

Joe Hoffman: Is this one of those stories that you tell and nobody but you wants to hear it, Benny?

Benny Newell: No, Joe, this is one of my awesome stories. You’ll love it. So right, the chick’s stood there, tells me to chop her – now, Joe, when I used to wrestle I had the greatest chop in the industry, but it’d been a while. So I start to limber up, get the arm loose…

Joe Hoffman: You know, Benny, I don’t think I wanna hear this story…

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Wild’s pulling himself back up to his feet. Eisen throws a loose right hand, thinking that he has this one in the bag, but Wild ducks under it, firing back with one of his own! Wild throws a few more, staggering Eisen, before grabbing him by his hair and throwing him into the turnbuckle! Wild goes to chop Eisen, but Eisen sneaks his hand up and into Wild’s eye socket. Wild staggers back, clutching at his eye, but Eisen wastes little time, sneaking up behind him and rolling him up with a large handful of tights! Referee Hortega drops to the mat to count…




Bryan McVay: Your winner, in 2 minutes and 24 seconds….TRIP EISEN!!!

No sooner than McVay has announced Eisen as victor, than the man has produced a fork out his trunks and is proceeding to go to work on Wild’s forehead! Blood is spurting onto mat around Wild’s head as referee Hortega struggles to pull Eisen off. With a quick reaction time, however, the newly hired security force sprints down to the ring and quickly pulls Eisen off Wild, carting him off up the ramp. Though that, doesn’t stop a sly smirk appearing on Eisen’s face when he shoots one last look at his handiwork.

Benny Newell: Wild just got forked. Hard.

Joe Hoffman: That’s right, Benny and although we didn’t get a chance to talk about it, the Elite Protection just made their first HOW appearance and it couldn’t of happened any quicker!

Benny Newell: You know, I think I’m starting to like this fork business, although its no Bottom Line…

Joe Hoffman: Alright folks, while my broadcast partner debates the pen and the fork, we’re gonna go to the backstage area where I understand Mindy Smith is standing by with a former World Champion!!


The Eye’s Have it…

The camera cuts backstage to Turmoil’s resident one eyed interviewer. The fans cheer wildly upon seeing the equally cyclopic wrestler to her right.

Mindy Smith: Good evening, this is Mindy Smith bringing you an exclusive interview with one of Turmoil’s most prominent acquisitions from Mayhem in last week’s Draft, Trent!

She turns to Trent.

Mindy Smith: Welcome, Trent, it’s good to have you on the show.

Trent: Thanks, dude, and what a fuckin’ pleasure it is to be here, finally back on the fuckin’ A-Show, a show ran by a pro ‘n’ not a fuckin’ rook. I mean, on a personal level, I think Lee Best is a right fuckin’ cuntbag who deserves nothin’ less than to be dropped through a fuckin’ desk again, but dude knows his shit, a business man through ‘n’ fuckin’ through. He know’s how to run a fuckin’ show ‘n’ put together a fuckin’ top notch roster to entertain all the fuckin’ fans who’re lining his pockets.

Mindy Smith: What a great “FN” insight.

Mindy rolls her eye sarcastically to which Trent responds by rolling his eye even more sarcastically. A pointless gesture when you consider they are facing each other almost side on to the camera and so their good eyes are barely visible, but we have a good view of their eye patches. Trent seems to realize this.

Trent: ‘Scuse me fer a sec.

He lifts her up, turns around and puts her down. Now, their good eyes can be seen quite well. Mindy looks shocked at being handled like that.

Trent: There ya fuckin’ go. Ya really need to get a better fuckin’ director, ya know, one which can tell the difference between left ‘n’ fuckin’ right.

Mindy Smith: Uhhh….. Ooookay… Anyway. You’re coming off a big loss at Capitol Punishment to Trip Eisen, can I get your thoughts on the match? Also what do you think about the brutal decimation of Jason Wild we just witnessed at the hands of Eisen?

Trent: First off, Jason fuckin’ Wild? Any jobber could brutalize that wanker, Eisen nearly killing him ain’t fuckin’ impressive. But what do I think about losing to Eisen, about havin’ a fuckin’ fork jammed into my motherfuckin’ face, clawin’ at my fuckin’ eyeball? Nobody ‘n’ I mean no-fuckin’-body knows how fuckin’ excruciating that feels, havin’ someone tryin’ to fuckin’ rip yer eye out like that.

Mindy frowns and coughs angrily. Trent raises an apologetic hand.

Trent: Present company excluded, of course. But, yeah, that wanker’s gonna get his fuckin’ comeuppance eventually, I’m done chasin’ after the cowardly cunt though. Sooner or later, we’ll cross paths again, that’s a fuckin’ guarantee ‘n’ when it happens he ain’t gettin’ away without bein’ martyrd fer my fuckin’ cause, if ya catch my drift.

Mindy Smith: And that obscure reference to a horrifying event in a dead federation leads me nicely on to my next question. What are your thoughts about the private security firm Mr. Best has recently hired to keep tabs on his two rosters’ activities and, in his words, “protect the HOW wrestlers from their selves”?

Trent: I say it’s ’bout damn fuckin’ time he did somethin’! Shit was gettin’ outta hand, I bet Best’s fuckin’ lawyers were havin’ a wail of a fuckin’ time stavin’ off litigation from the various kidnappin’s ‘n’ murders aired on Best’s fuckin’ television network. Just in the last fuckin’ month we seen people thrown off the fuckin’ roof, a chick killed with a chair, a fuckin mask made outta the face of someone Kael fuckin’ killed ‘n’ god knows what fuckin’ else. This is meant to be a wrestlin’ show fer christ fuckin’ sake, but after the fuckin’ Grindhouse shit all these fuckers’re pullin’ everyone’s either too fuckin’ grossed out to watch any more or just don’t pay any attention to the wrestlin’ ‘cos it ain’t as hardcore as the live televised bloody murder they just watched!

The one eyed giant shakes his head.

Trent: Nah, it’s ’bout fuckin’ time all that Stephen fuckin’ King bullshit ‘n’ all those pointless soap-opera fuckin’ fairy tales came to an end. Sure, dudes’re gonna be fuckin’ pissed when they’re about to do somethin’ retarded ‘n’ get mugged by Elite Protection ‘n’ locked up fer the fuckin’ week, but it suits me down to the fuckin’ ground. It’ll be all about the fuckin’ wrestlin’, the fuckin’ fightin’, the two fuckin’ maniacs goin’ at it tooth ‘n’ fuckin’ nail to get the win, to get a step closer to the fuckin’ title, to win the belt ‘n’ fuckin’ defend it in a fuckin’ epic. When it’s set like that, there ain’t anybody fuckin’ better than the most fuckin’ talented ‘n’ skilled big man to step goddamn in the ring, the one and fuckin’ only British Cyclops, yours fuckin’ truly!

Trent thumps his chest, proclaiming his greatness.

Trent: It’s what I fuckin’ came to this fuckin’ fed fer, straight up fuckin’ wrestlin’, whatever the fuckin’ rules be it standard, pure, hardcore, cage or what fuckin’ ever, it’s what I bloody well excel at! When it’s all about me, my opponent ‘n’ our fuckin’ ring, I’m the fuckin’ self appointed God. When these wankers’re forced to meet me head on instead a playin’ their pissy little fuckin’ games ‘n’ stayin’ outta arms reach, they’ll know true fear, true fuckin’ terror, more than anythin’ they tried to instill in their fuckin’ victims. True fear is when yer forced to get in the fuckin’ ring with a pissed off fuckin’ giant, knowin’ ya can do all yer fuckin’ can ‘n’ more yet it won’t save ya from a worlda fuckin’ hurt.

Mindy Smith: And to summarise for the goldfish in the audience?

Trent sighs.

Trent: Elite Protection levels the fuckin’ playin’ field ‘n’ it gives us actual fuckin’ wrestlers to chase the title without the fuckin’ distraction of our fuckin’ familly, loved ones ‘n’ associates bein’ dragged into it by the fuckin’ psychotic wankstains in the fed.

Mindy Smith: Which brings us nicely round to our third question. Both the World Title and the ICON Title are on the line tonight in a two fall, triple threat between Shane Reynolds, Aceldama and new World Champion, Isaac Slade. This could completely shake up the whole title picture, who do you think will come out of the match carrying which belt?

Trent: Good question, Mindy, this is one hell of a fuckin’ intruigin’ match. Bein’ two falls ‘n’ not elimination, ya could end up with Reynolds ‘n’ Slade swappin’ places, Aceldama takin’ the ICON ‘n’ Slade retainin’ or, hell, could even end up with both belts around one man’s fuckin’ waist. Who’d I think’ll win, though? I couldn’t care ’bout the ICON but my bet’s on Acel-fuckin’-dama takin’ back the damn World Title ‘n’ I hope he fuckin’ does it.

Mindy looks puzzled.

Mindy Smith: Why do you want Aceldama to win the World Title? I thought you didn’t particularly like him after what happened on Mayhem a few weeks back.

Trent: Oh, I fuckin’ hate his guts, don’t get me fuckin’ wrong, mate. I ain’t wishin’ him well ‘n’ fuckin’ good luck, far fuckin’ from it. I hope he wins the belt, but not that he’s able to fuckin’ walk up the ramp with it. I hope he breaks his fuckin’ body doin’ it. Only just able to claw it fuckin’ back ‘n’ over joyed he even fuckin’ managed it, draggin’ himself along with one hand while the other craddles his previous in proud fuckin’ victory. I hope he savers that feelin’ of eurphoric luck ‘cos when he looks up ‘n’ sees my shadow loomin’ over him he’ll feel the unluckiest mug in the fuckin’ business. He went through hell at the handsa preacher boy Slade at Capitol Punishment ‘n’ he’s gonna suffer hell again at fuckin’ Turmoil when he goes another two fuckin’ rounds with Slade and Reynolds, but that’s where it just begins. I’m dethrone Die Scheiße Ungetüm’s from top dog of fuckin’ Turmoil ‘n’ take my seat on the fuckin’ throne at the top of the fuckin’ pile!

Mindy Smith: So, you want Aceldama to get his belt back simply so you can take it from him?

Trent: Hey, if he has the title when I stomp his bloody arse, all the fuckin’ better. I got nothin’ against Slade, so I’d prefer not to have to make the sorry fuckin’ sod cry on national fuckin’ television, ya know? Reynolds, though? Bloody Reynolds is another fuckin’ matter entirely, but that’s best saved fer another fuckin’ day, know what I’m sayin’? Right now, I’m after Aceldama, whether he has the fuckin’ title or not, but I wanna hurt him, hurt so badly bad he ain’t ever gonna fuckin’ ferget it ‘n’ nothin’ hurts more than losin’ yer belt while gettin’ thrashed by a fuckin’ superior wrestler, a more bloody skilled fighter, a guy you just can’t fuckin’ beat.

Mindy Smith: Thank you, Trent, any final words before I hand it back over to ring side?

Trent takes the microphone from Mindy.

Trent: Aceldama, I’m sure you’re fuckin’ pissed at what I’ve had to say, I’m sure you’re gaggin’ to pound my fuckin’ face in again, so come ‘n’ try yer fuckin’ best. If not, hey, I ain’t one to wait around fer a fuckin’ fight to come to me. See ya around, dude.

The show cuts back to another part of the backstage area…


Monsters …

The action cuts to another part of the back stage area where we find ourselves in a quiet corner of the Best Arena far removed from the beaten path. HOW World Champion Issac Slade can be seen in his seclusion from the rest of the locker room likely still lost in the events of the last four weeks. One can wonder if pain, grieving, exhilaration and accomplishment are all likely at conflict with the new champion.

Suddenly the peace and silence of Issac Slade’s sanctuary are disturbed as the shadow of another person passes over Issac. The camera slowly pans over as we seen the jeering face of Max Kael, still bearing the weathered scars of his exposure while on the boat a week ago.

Max Kael: Hello Issac.

Blinking as if waking from a dream Issac looks up at Kael and narrows his eyes, looking like he swallowed something bitter he addresses Kael, curiosity at why Kael has disturbed his inner dialogue appears to be the only thing keeping him relatively polite

Issac Slade: What do you Want Max? I don’t think there’s any other loved ones left in my life that you could possibly threaten or use against me

As he set’s a angry look on Max it appears he’s favouring his chest. Max, dressed in a solid black suit, lifted his hands to reveal his sleeves, allowing Issac to see he had nothing up either of them.

Max Kael: If I came to take something away from you, you wouldn’t see me until I was ready to gloat about it. No, I came to talk to you about your match tonight, about Aceldama and about.. Shane.

The name of Shane seems to hiss out between Max’s teeth however he refrains from otherwise placing any emotional attachment on any of the other words as he continues to speak.

Max Kael: You see, I’ve turned over a new leaf, entered a new stage of my life. I’ve seen the light or rather I’ve been fixed by a power beyond my comprehension to explain and now I’m here with a new lease on life. Joyful no? Of course that does not reprieve me from past sins and so as I seek my own.. Redemption I see no reason why I can not assist as best I can before you’re, symbolically speaking, made the Christian thrown to the Lions.

Max’s voice remains even and his words come slowly, as if each one has a specific purpose or meaning, a stark contrast from the Max Kael, Issac had met just a few months ago.

Issac Slade: Joyful…

On the flip side of the coin it’s Issac that seems to be filled with the barely concealed loathing that Max often showed

Issac Slade: No…I don’t find it Joyful Max, I don’t find much of anything “Joyful” these days, and whatever the divine intervention that occurred to make you “See the light” I’m left wondering that even if there “Was” something you could do to help me, would I trust you enough to allow it?

He shakes his head and stands very still

Issac Slade: No…I don’t think I would

Max’s lip seemed to twitch and turn up into a cruel sort of smile as he folded his arms across his chest.

Max Kael: Well then I suppose you’ll just have to take it on.. Faith? Heh-heh. But I imagine your recent personal loses have negatively effected you, unfortunately. But then I suppose that is why Aceldama attacked you on that level. See men like Aceldama, that’s the only weapon they have. He’s like a python.. He is denied venom so he must be direct in his assault using his brutality to squeeze the want and will to win from your body.

As he speaks Max unfolds his arms and makes a twisting motion toward Issac as if indicating what exactly is happening.

Max Kael: And then there is Shane, no so much a snake as a scorpion. Hard on the outside, poisonous, ready to strike a threatening pose when something removes the rock it’s hiding under. However the reality is that he is soft in the inside, both in the head and in the heart, easily rocked and pushed.. heh-heh.

He cocks his head at Issac for a moment as he folds his arms again. His smile slowly vanished again as he eyed the world champion.

Max Kael: But neither of these men have true conviction. They are sinners to the core, however hollow it is. Men who deserve to lose and be punished by those with conviction, those with the strength to do what is right. In you’re case revenge might be a delightful bi-product but you can be the hand of judgment, Issac.

Watching Max carefully as he spoke Issac jerked when his hands suddenly flashed out in a snake like motion to drive his point home, the sudden movement caused an involuntary but audible hiss of pain to escape from his lips and his hand that isn’t holding the World Title to his shoulder to go to his chest, recovering himself with whatever dignity he can muster he listens to the rest of the speech before his lips turn up into a bitter grin

Issac Slade: Max…one thing we’ve established in every encounter since our first is that you know nothing about “Faith” You don’t have it in you, Divine Intervention aside “Faith” is a lesson that’s long in learning and it starts first in you…so don’t stand here and preach Faith to me like you know what you’re talking about

Pondering the rest of Max’s words he looks thoughtful

Issac Slade: Now revenge….revenge is something you know well, you have either written the book on revenge or you read Shane’s book very well, Judgment…Now that’s Max Kael’s Book, from cover to cover, I doubt you know anything half as well as you know Judgment, But you know Little of me Max…so tell me exactly how “Myself” and “Judgment” Coincide.

Max Kael: A wise man once said that God helps those who help themselves. Taking revenge and making judgments is easy, it’s doing it right that’s the key. If you have any faith in your own.. Faith then you know that nothing that transpires here will effect the here-after and then child and mother passed to a better place. Aceldama does not have the power to change that.

Licking his lips slowly as they pushed past that irritating point that most people seemed to get hung up on, he continued in an even voice, making note of Issac’s mild discomfort.

Max Kael: Denial of something in this case. You deny both Shane and Aceldama you’re World Title and move on. You deny Aceldama the privilege of destroy you as well as the World Championship which forces Lee Best’s ire. In turn Shane will want to keep his title and perhaps assist his fellow in gaining his. Turning these two on each other denies the other’s ability to rely on the other.

The smile slips back on his face as a faint twinkle appears in eyes, the Minister quite keen on these points.

Max Kael: In the end, however, it is the denial that infuriates a monster. Put him in a box, lock him away, and keep him away from the fight, away from the glory. What good is a monster if no one cares it’s around?

He juts a finger out toward the World Title that Issac was grasping onto, his eyes looking down at it with a lust for gold in his own eyes.

Max Kael: Denial of assets can drive a man mad..

Issac recognizes the look in Max’s eyes and it brings a quick smile to his face, but just as it’s there it vanishes even quicker

Issac Slade: That’s the Max I know right there, He Speaks about Monsters but I think he speaks from Experience, but he only speaks about “one” kind of Monster, there’s all kinds of Monsters Max, there’s the Monster that tries to Hide In Sheep’s clothing…

Issac gestures at Max

Issac Slade: There’s The Monsters with their insatiable Ego’s who like to think that they’re doing the World a Favour and should be applauded while all the while serving and playing their own selfish egotistical needs, there’s monsters that have to control everything around them….everything! and they aren’t happy until every one around them is under their thumb, and then there’s the Monsters that you never see coming…even thought they’re standing right in front of you

Issac watches the gleam in the eyes of Max Kael

Issac Slade: See? I know Judgment Just fine Max…and you’ve yet to tell me anything that I don’t know…I’m waiting for enlightenment

Max Kael: Enlightenment can not be told nor taught, it can only be experienced. Mine started over 30 years ago when I was a child. I offered advice but if it is enlightenment you seek heh-heh.

Max waved good bye as he turned around to leave the World Champion once again to his seclusion.

Max Kael: Just keep watching.

Issac Slade: MAX!

Slade voice is a loud growl

Issac Slade: Sabina Wanted me to win this title, she encouraged me every step of the way while she was….alive, She knew this title was my dream so she embraced it with me! In reality this Title is all that I have left of her…of my…of OUR dream! If ANYONE, man, mad beast or otherwise thinks that they can just take this from me without a fight then they are in for a rude awakening! I’ve been to hell and back Max! I’ve stared Aceldama in the face and I’ve worn his blood on my body! I don’t fear the Python’s squeeze or his venom! And I don’t fear the Scorpions Sting! I’ll take the rock he hides behind and crush him with it! No Max, if either one of them or ANYONE Else wants this title then they can take it off my battered and bruised Corpse! Do you hear me Max?

With a snarl in his voice Issac slams his fist into the wall

Issac Slade: DO YOU HEAR ME MAX!

Turmoil cuts to commercial as Slade peers off in the direction of Max..


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Marcus Reinhardt vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

As the lights slowly drop to a dim “Deuces” by Achozen begins to pound through the speakers. Making his way out onto the stage Kostoff looks out at the crowd. Making his way to the ring his gaze never falters from the center of the ring.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first… from Tampa, FL… Chris Kostoff!

As he gets to ringside he slides under the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring looking out at the crowd. Lifting his arms over his head the crowd pops as he looks down at the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Here’s the man that found himself on the bottom of the dog pile as O’Neal nailed Darkwing with the Explosive Drop for the win at Capital Punishment.

Benny Newell: Who cares how it happened? Kostoff lost, and O’Neal won as Lee said he would. Kostoff was, is, and will always be a loser. A fun to watch kill other people not in the Best Alliance loser, but a loser all the same.

Joe Hoffman: Anyway….As we learned earlier Kostoff has been challenged and most certaintly booked to take on Michael DeNucci for the brand new High Octane Fighting Championship at Rumble at the Rock 2….

Benny Newell: Kostoff…DeNucci..in the prison yard…Drink!

Benny Newell takes a shot as “Fuckin’ In The Bushes” by Oasis starts to blare over the speaker system. Out from behind the curtain walks Marcus Reinhardt to the loud ovation of the crowd. Marcus seems pumped as he heads down the ramp towards the ring, and slaps a few hands along the way.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… from Greensboro, North Carolina… Marcus Reinhardt!

Marcus Reinhardt makes his way to the ring, and rolls under the bottom rope. As soon as he enters the ring Kostoff starts laying in some boots to his back signaling Matt Boettcher to call for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Kostoff wants to get this thing started quickly. I think his blood is still boiling from his loss in the nation’s capital.

Benny Newell: I hope so. That could make this boring match actually look fun.

Benny Newell takes another shot as Kostoff gets Reinhardt to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. Kostoff catches Reinhardt in the midsection with a well placed knee sending Reinhardt flipping into the air, and landing hard on his back. Kostoff does not waste a second, and drops an elbow down onto the chest of Reinhardt. Kostoff quickly gets back to his feet, and drops another elbow to Reinhardt’s chest. He then goes for the pin.



Joe Hoffman: Looks like he’s trying to end this match quickly as well.

Kostoff gets to his feet, and grabs Reinhardt by the head bringing him to his feet as well. The look in Kostoff’s eyes is full of nothing but strict determination. Kostoff measures up Reinhardt before delivering a knife edge chop to his chest. The audience chants out loud “ooohhh” at the sound of the impact. Kostoff raises Reinhardt up again, and delivers another chop to the same reaction from the crowd.

Once more Kostoff measures up Reinhardt, but this time Reinhardt blocks the chop attempt. He counters it with a closed fist punch of his own. Kostoff returns the favor with this own punch, and the match becomes a series of closed fist blows from both men. Finally Reinhardt gets the upper hand, and grabs Kostoff by his midsection in a form of bear hug. Reinhardt starts to squeeze intensely on the lower rib area of Kostoff. Kostoff starts to scream in pain.

Joe Hoffman: I have a feeling those ribs are probably still sore from the impact of that Explosive Drop.

Reinhardt continues to squeeze harder as Matt Boettcher checks to see if Kostoff taps out. Kostoff tries to fight off the pain, and refuses to end the match. Reinhardt keeps the pressure of for a little while longer as Kostoff struggles to try to break the hold. Sensing that Kostoff won’t tap, Reinhardt spins on the spot while holding Kostoff, and delivers a belly to belly suplex. Kostoff bounces slightly off the mat, and immediately grabs for his back and ribs.

Joe Hoffman: What a well executed move by a man that was almost traded to Mayhem.

Benny Newell: What could we have gotten for him?

Joe Hoffman: We were possibly going to get Jason Midnight.

Benny Newell: Oh… another Capital Punishment loser. At least we didn’t have to watch it, though.

Joe Hoffman shakes his head at Benny Newell as Reinhardt now walks over to Kostoff, and gets him to his feet. Reinhardt nails Kostoff with a haymaker, and stuns Kostoff some. Reinhardt whips Kostoff into the ropes, and catches Kostoff in a sleeper hold. He doesn’t hold onto the move long as he plants Kostoff to the mat with a sleeper hold reverse mat slam. Reinhardt reapplies the sleeper, and Matt Boettcher goes to check on Kostoff. Kostoff is refusing to quit, but the oxygen is slowing abandoning his brain as Reinhardt continuously squeezes harder on his main arteries. Slowly the fight in Kostoff starts to subside, and he starts to slowly lose consciousness. Soon Kostoff is not responding at all. Matt Boettcher raises his hand the first time, and lets it drop to the mat.


Matt Boettcher raises his hand again, and again lets it drop to the mat…


Some of the crowd is starting to chant Kostoff’s name as Matt Boettcher starts to raise his hand for the third time. More of the crowd joins in on the chant as Matt Boettcher lets go of his hand. It starts to fall, but stops inches from the mat. Matt Boettcher calls off the three count.

Benny Newell: Damn! This snore fest was almost over.

Benny Newell takes another shot, and looks through the crowd aimlessly as Kostoff starts to get some momentum going again by shaking his arm. Kostoff rolls to his side, and starts to sit up. Reinhardt is trying to squeeze even harder, but cannot seem to get Kostoff back flat on the mat. Reinhardt quickly adapts his move, and applies a chin lock on Kostoff while digging his knee into Kostoff’s spine. Reinhardt starts to wrench back on Kostoff’s head as Matt Boettcher checks to see if Kostoff wants to tap out.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Marcus Reinhardt came well prepared for this match. He saw the amount of damage inflicted on Chris Kostoff at Capital Punishment, and is going to work to soften him up even more.

Kostoff is refusing to give up, and starts to get pumped up again. Slowly Kostoff turns to get onto one knee, and succeeds in doing so. Shortly after Kostoff nails an elbow shot to the midsection of Reinhardt to loosen his hold some. Kostoff then send another shot to Reinhardt’s midsection, and follows that up with another. Reinhardt releases Kostoff enough for him to get back to his feet. Reinhardt swings a punch to Kostoff’s head, but Kostoff ducks it. Kostoff then grabs Reinhardt’s arm, and spins under it twisting Reinhardt’s arm. Kostoff then pulls Reinhardt in, and plants him to the mat with a single arm DDT.

Kostoff lands a few boots to the shoulder area of Reinhardt before dropping a leg across the back of Reinhardt’s neck. Kostoff then stands over Reinhardt’s body, and grabs him by the waist wrapping Reinhardt into his arms. Kostoff slowly pulls Reinhardt off the mat, and close to his feet before lifting him off the ground. Kostoff sends Reinhardt over his head with a German suplex.

Joe Hoffman: What a turn of momentum. It started to look like Reinhardt had drained Kostoff of his energy, and then Kostoff pulls off something like that.

Benny Newell: I think we’re about to see the killer snap.

Benny Newell looks on with eager anticipation as Kostoff lays in a few more boots. Kostoff gets Reinhardt to his feet, and shoves him into the nearby corner. Kostoff starts to nail repeated shots to the ribs of Reinhardt with closed fist punches. Matt Boettcher starts to warn Kostoff, and gets to three before Kostoff backs off. Kostoff walks back up to Reinhardt as he starts to leave the corner, and plants a knee to his midsection. Reinhardt doubles over, and Kostoff sets him up for a powerbomb.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like we may be seeing a No Remorse here.

Benny Newell: Neh. I’d say he’s going to powerbomb him into the corner.

Kostoff is able to get Reinhardt off the ground, and onto his shoulders. Before Kostoff can do anything else, though, Reinhardt nails Kostoff in the forehead with a closed fist. This only dazes Kostoff slightly, but Reinhardt nails another to follow it up. Before Kostoff can do anything about it, Reinhardt nails another closed fist. As Kostoff starts to shake his head some, Reinhardt gets one leg free off of Kostoff’s shoulder, and makes contact with the top turnbuckle. Reinhardt pushes off the turnbuckle as he frees his other foot, and executes a tornado DDT out of the corner onto Kostoff. Both men are now lying on the mat on their backs.

Joe Hoffman: What an amazing counter by Marcus Reinhardt to get himself out of that one.

Reinhardt is the first to get back to his feet, and pulls Kostoff up by his head. Reinhardt then sets Kostoff up for a reverse DDT.

Joe Hoffman: Could we be seeing the Rabid Redemption here?

Benny Newell: I don’t care unless we see the ending here.

Before Reinhardt can do anything, though, Kostoff quickly spins around to put himself into a regular DDT position, and then shoves Reinhardt off towards the ropes nearby. As Reinhardt reaches the ropes he jumps onto the middle rope, and slings himself off backwards towards Kostoff. Reinhardt’s elbow reaches Kostoff as he gets back upright, and connects the elbow to Kostoff’s forehead. Both men start to stir, and get back to their feet. Kostoff charges at Reinhardt, but Reinhardt nails Kostoff with a drop toe hold planting Kostoff head first into the top turnbuckle. Kostoff is now slumped over the turnbuckle. Reinhardt walks over, and grabs Kostoff’s head, and says something before setting Kostoff up for another reverse DDT.

Reinhardt pulls Kostoff closer to the center of the ring, and nails Kostoff with the Rabid Redemption.

Joe Hoffman: There you have it folks. Rabid Redemption. We know what that means.

Benny Newell: That we are about to be able to go to a match actually worthwhile?

Joe Hoffman: Sure Benny…

Benny Newell: Drink!

Reinhardt goes for the pin, and grabs the far side leg.







Bryan McVay: The winner of this match via pinfall… Marcus Reinhardt!

Benny Newell: DeNucci is going to destroy Kostoff at the PPV…the Hall of Famer cant even beat a worthless rookie…DRINK!!

The action cuts backstage as a victorious Reinhardt gets a very respectful ovation from the HOW faithful.


The Best Arrival

The action cuts to the parking lot of The Best Arena where we see a black Hummer Limo just pulling up. As the Limo comes to a stop the camera zooms into the license plates that read “BA 2009”. The cameras then capture Mindy Smith hustling into position as the driver opens up the back door and we see Mark O’Neal stepping out.

Mindy peers past Mark but no one else exits the limo and she is surprised as she throws her microphone in the face of the Explosive one.

Mindy Smith: Mark O’Neal…Best Alliance member..and a man that defeated two HOW Hall of Famers at Capitol Punishment is with us now. Mark..where is the rest of the Alliance?

Mark smiles at the body of Mindy but as his eyes catch up with her one eyed face he shivers..

Mark O’Neal: Mindy what and where the Best Alliance does its business is no business of yours. If you follow what is posted on HOWrestling.com you would of known that Lee is taking care of this disgraceful Butter business and obviously Shane and Aceldama have a big match tonight so they are doing their thing..and well…I got a match in a few minutes…so I am here.

Mindy Smith: Oh well you don’t know then do you? Trent called out your boy Aceldama and wants to take down your monster of the BA ..title or no title on the line. How does that make you feel knowing that Trent thinks you are a bunch of pussies?

Mark O’Neal: He called me a pussy?

Mindy Smith: NO……but you could imagine if he did..

Mark O’Neal: What?

Mindy Smith: Never mind you pussy..

Mark takes a step towards Mindy but she quickly puts her hands up.

Mindy Smith: Look Mark..me and you go way back and I just wanted a few words before your match. Trent has called Aceldama out….Kostoff has been challenged to take on DeNucci for the new HOFC title at the Rumble at the Rock 2 pay per view …….I have to ask….what are your plans?

Mark smiles at Mindy and eyes her up and down once again…

Mark O’Neal: Look Mindy the only thing you need to so is that tonight I plan on catching up with an old partner of mine and I think over the next several weeks you will see how I plan on proving to Lee that I deserve to be in the World Title match at the pay per view and that plan starts TONIGHT!!

With that Mark pushes past Mindy who sticks out her leg but is unsuccessful in tripping Mark. Flustered, she turns back towards the camera and takes Turmoil to its next commercial break.

Mindy Smith: There you have it folks…Mark has an explosive plan..blah blah blah…quite frankly someone awesome better show up quick or I’m heading to Mayhem…..ok ok……sorry the monkeys in the trunk just told me we have to go to commercial…so ya….commercial……happy?

With that Turmoil goes to commercial as Mindy stomps off camera.




Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal vs. Ethan Cavanaugh
Singles Match

Back live and we see that Ethan Cavanaugh is in the ring waiting when the arena goes pitch black. White bold words begin to flash on the screen. POWER. INTENSITY. DESTRUCTION. They flash faster and faster until they are no longer readable. A bomb shows up on the screen with a timer.. 3….2….1. Three explosions occur as “Give it Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers plays over the sound system. Mark O’Neal emerges as blue pyros shoot up as he walks towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well here comes the man that defeated Darkwing and Kostoff at Capitol Punishment in a brutal..brutal match.

Benny Newell: Mark is Best Alliance. Best Alliance is great. Those are facts.

Joe just rolls his eyes as Mark O’Neal gets into the ring and is met in the middle by Ethan Cavanaugh. They stand facing each other as Joel Hortega calls for the bell to start the match.

Joe Hoffman: Ethan going right at the Hall of Famer!!

Mark O’Neal starts the match off with a quick kick to the gut of Ethan Cavanaugh followed by a quick jab upper cut sending Cavanaugh stumbling back into the turnbuckle. O’Neal grabs Cavanaugh by the head and pulls him to the middle of the ring where he slams him down to the mat, and then bounces off the ropes and drops a leg onto the chest of Cavanaugh. O’Neal covers as Hortega drops down to count.


Cavanaugh quickly kicks out.

Benny Newell: Ya taking it to him huh Joe? Please..this match will be over in five minutes.

Both competitors get to their feet and O’Neal whips Ethan into the ropes. Cavanaugh comes rushing back and ducks the clothesline from O’Neal and quickly lands a series of kicks to the knees of O’Neal. Ethan Cavanaugh bounces off the ropes and runs right into the boot of Mark O’Neal knocking Cavanaugh back down to the canvas. Joel Hortega checks on Cavanaugh as O’Neal looks at his downed opponent. O’Neal then turns Cavanaugh over and covers him again.




Benny Newell: ALMOST HAD IT!!

Both competitors get to their feet again and Mark O’Neal whips Ethan Cavanaugh into the turnbuckle. O’Neal charges with a splash but Cavanaugh gets out of the way and O’Neal runs stomach first into the turnbuckle. Cavanaugh mounts O’Neal and connects with three punches before O’Neal tosses him off. Cavanaugh quickly rushes back at O’Neal and hits a European Uppercut. Cavanaugh pauses for a moment and O’Neal kicks him in the gut. Mark O’Neal then grabs Ethan Cavanaugh and Irish Whips him across the ring and into the adjacent turnbuckle. Mark O’Neal comes running after him but runs right into the boot of Cavanaugh which sends O’Neal stumbling backwards. Ethan Cavanaugh climbs the turnbuckle as O’Neal collects his thoughts and then leaps off with a missile drop kick followed by a cover.


Kickout by O’Neal.

Joe Hoffman: Well this is definitely going over five minutes now Benny…I should of bet you..

Benny Newell: The only bet you would win is the bet that you suck better dick tha…

Joe Hoffman: Ok ok ok….back to the match…

Mark O’Neal angrily gets up and when he turns around he ducks a clothesline attempt from Cavanaugh. O’Neal bounces off the ropes and when Cavanaugh turns around he is met with a viscous spear from O’Neal which knocks Ethan Cavanaugh out of the ring. Joel Hortega begins the count as Mark O’Neal follows Cavanaugh to the outside.


O’Neal grabs Cavanaugh by the head and picks him up off the ground.


O’Neal drives the head of Ethan Cavanaugh into the ring post and Cavanaugh falls to the ground.


O’Neal picks Cavanaugh back up and rolls him into the ring. O’Neal climbs up onto the ring apron and enters the ring as Cavanaugh looks up at him from the mat. Cavanaugh can’t seem to buy any time to get up so he attempts a couple of kicks to the knee of O’Neal that have little to no effect. O’Neal once again picks Cavanaugh up off of the ground and body slams him back down to the mat.

O’Neal stands back admiring his work that he’s done on Ethan Cavanaugh as Cavanaugh rolls over to the ropes and slowly begins to pull himself up. O’Neal walks over and as Cavanaugh gets up O’Neal fixes to deliver a hard chop but is beaten to the punch by Cavanaugh who kicks O’Neal in the ribs two times. Cavanaugh runs off the ropes and runs right into a Sidewalk slam from Mark O’Neal.

O’Neal motions that it’s over and climbs the top rope. Once O’Neal gets to the top he peers down at Cavanaugh still lying motionless on the canvas and just smiles before leaping off with the Explosive Drop which he hits on Ethan Cavanaugh. Mark O’Neal hooks the leg.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it benny!!!

Benny Newell: I TOLD YA!! DRINK!!




Brian McVay: Here is your winner in 5:50… “The Explosive” Mark OOOOOOO’NEEEEAAAAAL!

Benny Newell: NOOOO!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well Mark didn’t win under five minutes but he did get the win nonetheless and right now we gotta head to the back …you ok Benny??

Benny is seen taking five shots in a row as the action cuts away.


Blood Brothers?

Turmoil cuts quickly away from the aftermath of the match, cutting away from one Best Alliance related event to another, the camera displays the image of Shane Reynolds walking towards the arena entrance, already dressed in his ring attire and holding the ICON Championship for what may well be the last time.

Reaching the door, he pulls it open and steps inside, only to be confronted by Mindy Smith waving a microphone right in his face.

Mindy Smith: How does it feel to know you could potentially leaving Turmoil tonight with nothing in the way of championships?

Shane reaches up with the hand not supporting his ICON Championship and swats the microphone slightly to the side in order to stare her straight in the eye.

Shane Reynolds: How does it feel to know I will send you out of here in a coma if you dare to again imply anybody but Issac Slade will be losing a championship tonight?

Mindy Smith: Great, considering you’ll be getting raped in a Thailand jail if you do.

Shane’s eyebrow arch in confusion over Mindy’s uncouth response, until he follows the point of her finger to a laminated sign which hangs on wall beside them both:


Shane’s eyes finished scanning over the words of the sign, including Lee Best’s own signature scrawled beneath it. They then ran along the length of the corridor to see that the same sign is posted on both walls every few inches or so, before turning back to glare into Mindy’s own again.

Mindy Smith: Well?

She asked, pushing to get an answer to her previous question in spite of Shane’s threatening warning.

Shane Reynolds: No comment.

Mindy went to continue, but Shane cut her off immediately by speaking over her.

Shane Reynolds: And the only thing I want to hear next from you is where I can find Aceldama’s locker room!

Shane was somewhat surprised that the next thing he heard from her was just that, accurate directions how to get there from where they currently stood at the arena entrance. Without another word, he moved passed her and headed down the corridor, leaving her angrily behind and out of sight as the camera-man followed after him.

Not another word was shared with anybody as Shane followed the lefts and rights Mindy had informed him of and he arrived quickly at the door to Aceldama’s locker room. Normally Shane would just walk in, but such people as Lee Best and, in spite of what momentary thoughts he had the other day, Aceldama deserved more respect than that.

He raised his hand at knocked one. And he knocked again when an answer failed to result from the first one. One came this time, though, as the door flew open and Shane came face to face with his fellow Best Alliance member and Blood Brother. The sight of both of them together in the face of everything they had done individually and collectively inciting a huge chorus of boos from everyone at ringside.

Shane Reynolds: Nice to see you had a change of heart….

Shane began, not for a few seconds realizing the incidental double-meaning to his words.

Shane Reynolds: …about jumping I mean. How is the heart, by the way?

Aceldama does not begin by uttering any words, he simply walks away from the door and goes back to his chair and sits down upon it. Shane does not know if this is an open invitation to walk in or if it is a sign to leave. He gets the answer when Aceldama looks up at him, as if to say are you coming in. He closes the door and stands awkwardly in the room.

Aceldama: It’s still beating if that is what you are trying to get at.

Shane: I know about the heart transplant, we all know about it, you don’t need to hide it from me.

Aceldama: It seems the whole world is more interested what is going on inside of me instead of what happens on the outside. This sick world, all that it is interested in is the downfalls of men, never wanting to know the good, only the bad. Did you know a wrestling rumors site declared me dead?

Shane: I did overheard someone saying something about that. Just some nobody trying to get all the a premature jump on a scoop.

Aceldama: But I did die Shane, I died over a week ago when the very life of me was taken, my world title, and I am going out there tonight to take it back.

Shane: We shall bring the title back to the Best Alliance, anything to get it away from that Issac Slade. I kind of came here to see how you were, but also to wish you good luck. I will be helping you along the way to get your title back.

Aceldama sits looking up at Shane, smiling at him, each of his fingers touching their opposite in front of him. He laughs, then stands up from the chair, beginning to parade across the room.

Aceldama: Oh come on Shane, you don’t need to ‘hide’ anything from me. We are blood brothers! Friends, allies, right?

Aceldama walks over to Shane and gives him a playful punch on the shoulder, but Shane’s eyes narrow and his lips contort into a sneer, knowing it was anything but and surprised by what to Shane seems like a senseless reaction.

Shane: I don’t understand what you are getting at, I am hiding nothing.

Aceldama: Oh but you are Shane. You are going to HELP me get my title back? Who are you trying to fool here? I know what goes on in your head, probably better than you do yourself. You don’t want to help me; you want to take it for yourself. I remember, all those months back, in this very arena, out there in that very ring. I pinned you, the sound of the palm crashing to the floor, one….two….three. Your dreams, RIPPED from you. By me, your blood brother. And you could not take that, as there and then you found out who the stronger blood brother was. I don’t blame you for being bitter Shane, after all I did hold that title for over two months, and I was undefeated for three, whilst all the while you fell at every hurdle. But you always have that ICON title around your waist to fall back on, oh and being a war games winner. But wait, I TOO stood upon that cage and had my hand risen, it seems our paths went in tandem, when did you fall from your bike?

Shane fixes the ICON title around his shoulder and stands with a somewhat shocked and annoyed look upon his face, annoyed at the words that Aceldama has said to him, annoyed at the slight truth in them. Surprised that they were coming from him, but that slowly passes and the emotion of anger passes. His fist unclenches at his side. Aceldama walks back to his chair and sits down, staring back up at him, as if to make him proceed.

Shane: Ace…..

Aceldama: You call me Aceldama, only friends and allies call me Ace.

Shane: I can take any defeat. God knows I’ve suffered some more humiliating ones over the last few months. What I can’t take is someone like Issac Slade holding that World Championship over his shoulder. It would be a lie if I said that the World Championship is not something I will seek in the future. But bitter from before? Not the words to describe it. I would say more….regretful. Regretful that the man you faced and defeated that night was not who you will be in the ring with tonight. The man you faced was weak and pathetic. Things I am not. The truth is, Ace, when you defeated me before, you had it easy. Tonight would, as I said, been a different story, but the fact remains, the defeat of Issac Slade is my primary goal and bringing the title back to the Best Alliance, even if it’s through helping you.

Aceldama sits on his chair and begins to clap at Shane, a mocking of what he has just said.

Aceldama: Bravo………Shane! A nice speech there, I could feel that one has been prepared for many months now. So regret it is then? Not an emotion I am familiar with, you are going to have to show me that one someday. I have no regrets whatsoever about leaving you rotting in that ICON division with your second rate title by your side, why? Because I was winning the big leagues, becoming a…..star. And you claim you can help me? You say you aren’t, but I am. I am gunning for that title. Get in my way Reynolds and I will bite.

Shane: It seems this world you live in; this pursuit of a world title has no friends nor allies in your eyes. I offered you the chance of assistance in perhaps getting in back. In finally defeating Slade. But you don’t want it, you want to indulge your greed, then so be it.

Aceldama: So be it. The title returns to The Best Alliance tonight Shane, by mind hand and nobody elses. And whilst you and your little Mayhem buddies go off on the road, this title stays here in Chicago, at its true home.

Shane’s scowl becomes more pronounced as he makes a sudden passing turn around, opening the locker room door and stepping outside of it, enraged at the lack of respect he has witnessed tonight.

Shane Reynolds: Just one more thing.

Shane mutters, performing what some in the world would refer to as a Colombo, turning just outside the locker room door to face Aceldama once again.

Shane Reynolds: Although I meant everything I said, that I would rather you win the World Championship than see it leave once again with Issac Slade, if history looks set to repeat itself and you once again look set to fall by his hand, I won’t hesitate to step in, on behalf of The Best Alliance, and take it myself and show you just who the true, strongest Blood Brother really is. You see, this may be a second rate championship to you – but at least I’m more than first-rate enough to actually retain it.

The two stare at each other for a few moments. In that moment not stable mates and Blood Brothers, but merely two men with the same agenda and goal. The stare down ends only when Shane turns away again, for the final time and begins heading away, not without throwing one last comment back over his shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: See you in the ring!

Shane continues down the corridor as Aceldama watching him go intently and with blazing intensity. He offers nothing in response, instead grabbing his locker room door and slamming it closed on the camera and in turn the world as the show cuts away to a commercial, the final audio feed as we fade to black being the sound of crashing furniture against a wall as Aceldama sends himself into a rage, a carnage.


First time available here on Turmoil…call and listen to how Max lost to Shane at Capitol Punishment!!


Max Kael vs. Kirsta Lewis
Singles Match

Back at ringside “The Singularity” by Doctor Steel cues up as the arena lights flash over to red giving the area a rather sinister glow as Maximillian Kael steps out onto the ramp wearing his wrestling gear.

The crowd boos loudly as he slowly makes his way down to the ring with his hands held in the air before sliding into the ring where he would move too his corner, leaning against it while refusing to pose.

Joe Hoffman: Well up next folks we have Max Kael taking on the BA’s very own Hellcat Kirsta Lewis, and you have to wonder after the brutal matches these two went through at Capitol punishment, will they have had enough time to recover for this match up tonight?

Benny Newell: Well Kirsta’s as strong as they come but you know Max, it only takes the slightest knock and he has himself draped in bandages or sat in a wheelchair or something.

The arena lights go down as “Animal” by Nickleback pipes though the arena’s PA system. There is a loud thundering roar as a huge Harley appears at the entrance. It stops as its engine roars even louder. Krista Lewis appears dressed all in black leather and a motorcycle helmet, covering her head. As the music stops, the engine roars and she rides the bike down to the ringside area. Circling the ring three times before it stops and is turned off. Krista slides off the bike and pushes the kick stand down. Looking around the arena and walking over to the ring steps, mounting them slowly sliding though the ring ropes and standing there glaring at Max out of the corner of her eye.

Joe Hoffman: This should be an interesting match up with Kirsta coming off a big win over former LSD champion Scottywood and Max just falling short against his nemesis Shane Reynolds, in what had to be one of the most brutal yet entertaining matches in HOW history. Who do you think the fans will be routing for tonight Benny?

Benny Newell: Well I know who I’ll be routing for and that’s Kirsta, but to be honest with you Joe I think these fans at the Best Arena just want to see these two tear each other apart.

Joe Hoffman: There’s certainly no love loss between these two that’s for sure.

In the ring Matt Boettcher finishes his pre match checks and signals for the bell.


The action kicks off with Max and Kirsta lunging for one another right off the bat with Kirsta landing a sharp elbow to Max’s jaw, and Max returning a stiff right hand causing Kirsta to skip backwards a few paces for her troubles. The two continue to go at it in the a gritty manor, showing no signs of wanting to wrestle in this opening quarter of the match. After trading back and forth with kicks, blocks and punches, Max finally gets an upper hand as he catches Kirsta in the midsection with a boot followed by a running knee strike, taking her down to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Ouch, she certainly felt that one, Max looks amped tonight!

Benny Newell: Obviously frustrated after getting owned by another Best Alliance member at Capitol Punishment.

Max now has Kirsta in the corner and delivers a series of five quick headbutts to the skull of Kirsta. Max takes a step back looking a little rattled himself, obviously ringing his own bell a bit in the process. He then glares back at Kirsta with a sadistic smile and begins to bite her on the top of her head, but Boettcher immediately gets between the two forcing Max to back off, giving him a warning.

Joe Hoffman: Did he just bite her?

Benny Newell: Fucking right he did…hey ref!! That’s an instant DQ you MORON!!

After receiving his warning Max relaxed and continued his assault on Kirsta with a more methodical approach, wearing her down with a sleeper hold that almost turns her lips blue. He eventually releases and attempts a pin following a spinning neckbreaker but Kirsta kicked out before the three. Max drags her up to her feet by her hair and tosses her over the ropes, following her to the outside. Kirsta crawls towards the security barricade and props herself up, breathing heavily. Max see’s an opportunity and runs at her full sprint, but Kirsta switches on and catches Max with a drop toe hold, sending him head first into the barricade.

Benny Newell: THAT’S MY GIRL!! Quick as a cat Joe…quick as a cat!

Kirsta gets retribution on Max now as she repeatedly slams his head onto the top of the steel steps. She eventually stops and Max falls backwards, lying on the floor motionless. Kirsta see’s Boettcher counting them out and rolls in and out of the ring quickly to start the count over. Using all her strength she heaves Max up to his feet and pushes him against the ring apron, rolling him slowly but surely back into the ring. She stalks Max as he uses the ropes to get to his feet, not looking as though he is too sure of his surroundings right now. As he turns he receives a picture perfect superkick right on the button from Kirsta Lewis who pins for the



Joe Hoffman: He kicked out!

Benny Newell: He twitched and got lucky Joe!

Kirsta stomps away on Max with fury, gritting her teeth and showing the world her ferocious nature. She once again drags him to his feet and whips him to the ropes, she attempts a scissor kick which Max ducks, continuing his run to the ropes, flying back at Kirsta with a forearm smash. He covers but Kirsta kicks out straight after the two. Max wastes no time as he pulls her to her feet and rakes her eyes, again getting another warning from the referee.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is this?

Max kicks Kirsta in the midsection and lands a well times snap DDT which he again attempts a pin after.

Joe Hoffman: Theres the …1….2….3…

Benny Newell: She got the shoulder up! Come on Kirsta!

Max is now wide eyed and hissing as spit can be seen firing through his elongated teeth. He snatches at Kirstas hair and drags her to her knee’s but Kirsta shoots her head forward, butting Max in the lower abdominal area. Max doubles over giving Kirsta enough time to spring up and connect with a double drop kick.

Benny Newell: And shes back on top…H

just how she likes it!

Joe Hoffman: Is that one of your innuendo’s Benny?

Benny Newell: It is what it is Joe!

Kirsta continues to dominate, after nearing several pin attempts she tries an alternative strategy of locking in an ankle lock, which seems to be doing the trick as Max screams out wildly. His hand hovers above the mat ready to tap as the crowd get on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

Benny Newell: He’s going to tap…come on you crazy bastard tap out!

Max slams his hand down and uses the mat to pull himself towards the ropes. He then extends a hand but is still a fingertip away. He lies his face on the mat, squinting his eyes in pain as Kirsta adds more pressure to his ankle. Max lifts his hand up and again and bangs It down on the mat.

Benny Newell: He’s tapping…KIRSTA WINS!!

Joe Hoffman: No he’s not Benny, he banged once, the match continues!

Max’s face is bright red now as he finds that one last surge of energy, finally managing to reach the ropes and force Boettcher to stop the submission. Kirsta keeps the hold applied until Boettcher counts to three, making sure she causes as much damage as possible. After letting go Max slides under the ropes to the outside, reaching down to his sore ankle. Kirsta walks over to the ropes and leans over them, grabbing Max’s hair. She pulls on it, forcing Max to hop up onto the apron, but Max turns and levels her with one punch causes her to fall backwards, in a slow motion like manor. Before Max gets back in the ring he can be seen tossing something underneath the ring.

Benny Newell: What the…HE HAD A WEAPON!!

Max scrambles back into the ring and smirks down at Kirsta who is lying motionless on the mat. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her knee’s. He then snaps her head to the side and raises his fist slowly in the air, looking around at the crowd with a manic expression.

Benny Newell: What is this, a scene from Indiana Jones?

Joe Hoffman: Whatever it is, it looks as though its going to be brutal.

Max then rapidly sends his fist down in a hammer like motion, crashing it right onto the temple area of Kirsta’s head. Kirsta begins to twitch on the mat as Max covers for the





Winner of the match: In 13:42 via pinfall…Maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kaaaaaaaaaaaellllllllllll!!!!

The crowd boo’s as Max laughs manically at the wreckage he has caused.

Joe Hoffman: According to my note’s, Max calls that move the Witch Burner!

Benny Newell: I don’t care what he calls it, I…now what the hell is this?

The crowd cheers as Bobbinette Carey vaults over the security rail from the crowd and slides into the ring. Max is laughing and pointing even louder now as he watches Carey mount Kirsta and deliver lefts and rights.Max suddenly stops laughing as he sees a troop of men wearing black t shirts with the letters EPS written in white, running down towards the ring. He exits the ring as the men dive in and restrain Carey.

Benny Newell: Thank God Lee hired this security firm, Kirsta may have not left the ring alive tonight with all these crazy assholes!

The men drag Carey kicking and screaming out of the ring and drag her up the ramp towards the backstage area. They drag her behind the curtain and the scene switches to backstage where Carey can be seen being thrown to the floor. A tall well built man then stands over her and squats down, beginning to wail on Carey with thunderous right hands.

Joe Hoffman: This isn’t security, this is an assault!

Benny Newell: Hey now, Lee said those who break the rules will be punished!

The man continues to wail on her.

Voice: That’s enough Mark…

The man stops and turns his head, revealing himself to be Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal.

Joe Hoffman: Well that makes sense..

A hand can be seen reaching down and patting Mark on the shoulder.

Voice: For now anyway. Boys…get rid of this mess, I have an announcement to make!

The scene then cuts to back inside the arena, where the fans are left wondering who the man behind the voice is……

Suddenly the curtain separates as a man walks out wearing a three piece suit and carrying a microphone. The cameras show a close up of Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell who have been stunned to silence. Whilst the crowd boo frantically recognizing the man who smirking arrogantly at them at the top of the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe it…that’s JOHN SEKTOR, HE’S BACK?

Sektor allows the crowd to heckle him for a few seconds before lifting the microphone to his mouth.

Sektor: Good evening Chicago Illinois!

Some of the crowd cheer whilst the majority boo at the sound of Sektor’s voice bellowing around the arena. He chuckles to himself as he goes to continue.

Sektor: God, It’s nice to see I’ve been missed.

Joe Hoffman: He must have recovered from that shoulder injury Benny!

Sektor: Anyway explanations..explanations. Well basically I haven’t come here to announce that I’m returning as a full time wrestler or anything like that so don’t all go getting your hopes up about seeing my technical prowess any time soon. No, I’m here to make an introduction..

Joe Hoffman: An introduction?

The crowd quiet down now, obviously intrigued by this statement.

Sektor: As you all know Lee Best, the owner of HOW, has hired a team of security personnel to look out for the best interests of his wrestlers and company, in fact you just saw them in action. So I have been asked to come here tonight to introduce to you all the person who will be taking the reigns of this security team and running the operation.

Benny Newell: Who do you think it is?

Sektor: So without further ado, please give a warm welcome to the NEW head of security…………………….

The crowd are now deadly silent, waiting for the name to be announced.

Sektor: ME!!

Joe Hoffman: What??

The crowd are booing and chanting Sektor sucks as he cocks his head to the side with look of sheer pleasure at the sound of the crowds misery.

Sektor: That’s right, from now on there’s a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name of John Sektor! Why you ask? Well we’ll get to that in a minute, after I introduce to you all the man who made all this possible. Ladies and Gentlemen….THE GOD OF HOW…LEE BEST!!

Lee Best can be seen pushing the curtain aside as he joins Sektor at the top of the ramp. The crowd are booing fiercely, but Lee just smirks. The volume inside the arena increases as they witness Sektor extending a hand to Lee Best. Chant’s of “YOU SOLD OUT” become to murmer as Sektor and Best shake hands.


Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe this, I mean I’ve seen Sektor do some questionable things, but I never thought I’d see him shake the hand of the man who he insisted he would never co exist with!

The two finish the handshake and Lee whispers something into Sektor’s ear. Sektor acknowledges and holds a finger up, signaling to Lee that he will only be a second longer. Sektor then lifts the mic back to his mouth and frowns as he hears the crowd booing.


The crowd continue to boo but quiet down as Sektor continues to talk.

Sektor: Ok you wanna know why I’m stood here, shaking hands with Lee Best? Well I’ll tell ya! Three months ago I suffered a dislocated shoulder at the hands of my so called stable mate Triple M! Because of him I had to rule myself out of War Games. For three long months had to sit on the sidelines and watch as HOW continued without me, feeling myself dissolving and fading away from it all. Did I receive any messages or concern from my AOA team mates? No! Did I get a visit from Max Kael, the man who I was about to risk my life for….no..

Sektor pauses, with no smiles or signs of happiness. Instead a look of pain and anger is present.

Sektor: You see while I sat at home and watched HOW from the sidelines, I soon realized that rebelling against the powers behind this company is a waste of time. Look where it got me. I was at war with the Best Alliance and I earn’t myself an injury and ejection from the showcase of HOW, being Wargames. So as I watched, I witnessed Shane Reynolds win the Icon title and see that he still holds it today. I watched as Aceldama won the World title within three months of his HOW career. I WATCHED, as the Best Alliance brushed aside Max’s team at war games and regained full control of this company.

Sektor pauses.

Sektor: I soon realized that with all the will in the world, nothing can beat money and power and that if you want to get anywhere in this business, you have to play by the rules. Guess what, that’s where I come in, because with me as head of security..oh and by the way..newest member of the Best Alliance..

Sektor laughs as another eruption of boo’s fills the arena, as he casually slips that important detail into his speech.


Joe Hoffman: You liar, you’ve never had one good word to say about him.

Sektor: …with me as head of security and newest member of the BA, I will ensure the rules are abided and that fairness is guaranteed!

Sektor turns and smiles at lee who is nodding slowly in agreement.

Sektor: You got something you want to add Boss?

Sektor extends the microphone to the owner of HOW.

Lee takes the mic and smiles out to the crowd as the boo feverishly at Lee and his new Best Alliance member.

Lee Best: Thank you John. Folks what you see before you is the start of a new era here in HOW. Earlier you heard DeNucci talk about all the things that have been wrong here in HOW and with the help of the Elite Protection group..headed up by John Sektor….we have taken steps to insure that HOW will be a healthy company heading into the future both financially and figuratively.

The crowd boos at the owner of HOW..

Lee Best: Tonight is all about taking the right steps forward and I am here to make it official that yes DeNucci and Kostoff will battle in the very same prison yard that seen myself and Kostoff go at it last year and I am going to make another announcement and it pertains to that little cunt who just jumped the rail and is currently knocked the fuck out behind that curtain…

A backstage camera shows Carey lying down face first on the pavement..

Lee Best: You see at Rumble at the Rock I am going to let the Hell Cat loose on the bitch who thought it would be a good idea to stick …..

Lee pauses as the crowd cheers at the mention of the anal beads from Capitol Punishment.


The crowd cheers loudly as it is finally official…Kirsta Lewis vs. Bobbinette Carey on a HOW PPV!!!

Lee Best: But thats not all….tonight in the Main Event I am going to have my newest member of the Best Alliance insure that the match goes off without a hitch…thats right..John Sektor is now the special guest referee of the Main Event and the Elite Protection firm will be the LUMBERJACKS!!!

Sektor signals for the microphone from Lee, in a respectful and humble manor. Lee hands back the microphone and Sektor lifts it back to his mouth.

Sektor: Before I go get ready for the main, I’ve just remembered that I have one more matter to address. My team informed me that they had to protect a certain Jason Wild from a vicious attack involving Trip Eisen and a fork. Now obviously this is funny to me as I was the first person in HOW to fork someone, namely Bobbinette Carey. This being said, with the change in security in HOW I believe it would be in the best interest of this roster and their families if I BAN, Trip Eisen from further using his “fork.” That’s right you heard me, from now on if Trip Eisen is found using a fork to do anything other than eat dinner with he will face the consequences that I will uniquely create.

Joe Hoffman: It seems that Sektor is not wasting any time asserting himself..

Sektor smirks and has one last look around.

Sektor: That will be all for now, enjoy the rest of the show.

Sektor and Lee turn to head backstage as the scene fades out


Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis


Elite Booking

We return from brake focus on a pair of dice which roll across the screen ending up on a pair of sixes. As it pans back we see several HOW back house personal looking dejected as they had just lost several large bills.

As the camera finishes panning back we see the Minister Max Kael looking particularly happy with a large handful of bills counting them slowly in his hand as the staff pay out. Still in his wrestling gear the marks of his match against Krista were still apparent as he had medical tap on his ribs and a white towel wrapped around his neck.

Max Kael: Never bet against an Enlighten patron, gentlemen, you’ll never win.. Take Krista for example. Heh-heh. Now if you feel up to it again we can have another go or..

Looking up from his collection of earnings he narrowed his eyes, straightening out as a frown crossed over his face.Heading towards him is the new head of security John Sektor along with Mark O’Neal and around a douzen security personnel. Sektor is now wearing a black and white referee shirt as he and Mark both stop in front of Max. Sektor smirks.

Sektor: Max my old friend, how the devil are you?

Mark pulls out a money clip from his back pocket and grabs his wad of cash

Mark: How much are you rolling for?

Max eyes the two of them carefully along with their security detail before he lets his hand move up to his jaw where he scratches his chin.

Max Kael: The devil found me and beat the shit out of me and then sent me down river a week ago. Was a grand old time.

He eyed Mark for a second before he kicked the dice next to his leg away causing them to scatter down the hall along with the other HOW personal who did not want to get caught in the middle of the confrontation. Stepping forward Max turned his eyes back to Sektor.

Max Kael: How about you, Skeletor, did the world’s worst manager manage to cause the world’s worst injury to the world’s worst friend? Or did you spend your time cutting your wrist and crying over your dead harlot of a wife?

Sektor’s face drops as he turns to Mark clutching at his chest.

Sektor: That hurt…

The two then laugh following Sektor’s sarcasm, but Sektor keeps himself composed as he turns his attention back to Max.

Sektor: Ooook Max I know your a little bitter because I got injured and you blame me for losing War Games etc etc…but come on man what did you expect me to do, fight with one arm? Blame Mario!

Mark is still distraught that the dice have been kicked down the hall. He returns his wad of cash to his back pocket and looks back at Max.

Mark: Yeah. Blame Mario.

Max looks at one of the security members and their badges until he comes up on one named Mario.

Max Kael:.. Sorry but apparently you fucked me so… Fuck you Mario!

Max lunges forward and cracks the man across the face with a left hand as Security rushes him from all angles to force him to the ground as he tries to get at Mario.


Sektor watches them hold him down and squats down next to Max’s head.

Sektor: Easy Max, easy…I want you to listen carefully to me, so If I let you up are you going to play nice?


Max closes his eyes and does his best to pretend to be paying little to no attention to Sektor. Sektor looks at one of his guards.

Sektor: Choke this fucker will ya?

The guard begins to choke Max, causing him to not be able to make loud noises to avoid listening to Sektor.

Sektor: Now I’ll make this quick because the Main event is coming up and your running out of air supply. Lee told me to tell you that you’ll be facing my good friend Mark O’Neal next week. Now Its a shame I cant wrestle you myself like I’m sure you want, but I can be the referee, and hell I’ll even have these guys as lumberjacks.

Sektor pauses and leans in closer to Max who is starting to turn blue.

Sektor: Things are changing around here Max, and I’m going to make sure you play by the rules. Ta ta..

Sektor signals for his guards to release Max and turns to see where Mark is. He notices Mark is down the hall, having rumaged up the kicked dice he has started a game with the HOW personnel. Mark is down big to a chubby man wearing a HOTv shirt. Mark turns and sees the commotion behind him. He turns back to the chubby man and kicks him in the groin before snatching the money he lost from the man’s hand. He then runs back over to Sektor and the security force who has left Max gasping for oxygen. Mark flips Max off as they walk down the corridor

Max Kael: You.. ruggh.. you’ll.. learn..

We fade to commercial as Max begins to cough violently again, clutching at his throat.


Check out where all your favorite HOW wrestlers rank over at EWTORCH!!


HOW ICON and World Title Match
Shane Reynolds vs. Aceldama vs. Issac Slade
Triple Threat Match
Special Guest Referee: John Sektor

The scene opens back up at ringside ready for the main event of the evening. Inside the ring are all three members of the Best Alliance. Shane Reynolds stands holding his Icon title, whilst Aceldama seems to be barking orders at the newest member of the BA, John Sektor. Sektor smiles and nods, obviously reassuring Aceldama of whatever it is that is worrying him. Sektor, wearing referee colours, moves over to the ropes and seems to be giving some orders to the security team he has surrounding the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks its time for the main event of the evening, and God I still cant believe what’s just happened here. John Sektor is the new head of security and Best Alliance member? This match which was supposed to be a main event worthy of a pay per view has now turned into an unbelievable mountain of struggle for our defending World champion Issac Slade.

Benny Newell: Yeah it’s awesome, the Best Alliance will be sure to hold both the Icon and World title now. First you have two BA members in the same ring as Slade, add another BA member as referee, plus an entire security team, lead by a BA member, acting as lumberjacks! Whoo, I’m gunna pour myself a drink!

Slade’s music hits and the fans jump to their feet as the World champion makes his way out onto the ramp holding the title over his shoulder. Aceldama and Shane glare up the ramp, looking hungry to get their hands on what Issac possesses.

Joe Hoffman: This is a two falls match up folks, with the first fall being for the Icon title and the second declaring who will be the World champion. Slade and Aceldama had an unbelievable match at Capitol Punishment, where Slade was victorious over the monster, gaining himself his first every World title in HOW. Shane is also running off a high as he beat Max Kael in a brutal match to retain his Icon title but I think the man to watch here is Aceldama, as we all know what happens when he gets angry.

Slade slides into the ring and vaults up the turnbuckle, he removes his t-shirt showing a cross carved into his chest with the word “Sabina” in the middle of it, but the area surrounding the tattoo still looks a little red and swollen.

Joe Hoffman: Well now that is interesting, Slade has a cross on his chest with Sabina’s name engraved into it. I’m not sure quite what it symbolises but its evidence that Slade will not forget what happened, nor will he allow himself too.

He hops down as his music fades out, and Sektor collects the belts from Shane and Slade, holding them up for a brief second for the fans to see. Sektor then signals for the bell.



Slade is on his toes, waiting for one of the BA members to make the first move, as the two converse with each other of how they should go about their initial attack. Aceldama lunges forward and goes to clothesline Slade, but Slade ducks and runs straight at Shane, taking him down with a running dropkick. He then gets to his feet and turns. He hits Aceldama with quick rights and lefts, which seems to frustrate the German. Slade then jumps up and sends Ace back into the corner with a standing drop kick. Shane’s back up now and turns Slade around, but Slade has his wits about him and kicks Shane straight in the gut, following up with a DDT!

Joe Hoffman: Slade doesn’t seem to phased by the odds in the early goings here folks, and we cant rule such a talented man such as Issac Slade out of this match, not yet.

Benny Newell: Pfft, come on Joe who are you trying to kid.

Slade has hold of Aces head in the corner and looks to land a punch, but Sektor throws his arm in the way and orders Slade to step back. The crowd boo wildly as Slade steps back, looking at Sektor with confusion. Sektor just shakes his head, and then steps to the side as Ace comes charging out of the corner taking Slade down with a huge running lariat. Ace covers and Sektor drops down..



Slade kicks out just in time.

Joe Hoffman: Well that was a bit fast!

Shane is now up and Aceldama has Slade on his feet, holding his arms behind his back. Shane walks over and lines up for a chop, which he lands right across the cross on Slade’s chest. The crowd erupt with a sympathetic “ooooooooo.”

Benny Newell: That ought to sting.

Shane lands another one which makes Slade scream in agony. A small amount of blood can be seen emanating from the wound now as Slade kicks his feet up to get Shane away from him. Shane smirks as Aceldama clubs a couple of forearms around the face of Slade, causing him to loosen up. He holds him back again and Shane slaps another chop across the chest, causing more blood to form on his chest.

Joe Hoffman: Well I guess if your going to have something like that you have to expect it to be a target for your opponents.

Aceldama and Shane continue to methodically pick apart Slade with well timed double team moves. They hit a double vertical suplex followed by a double elbow drop.

Benny Newell: It’s like poetry in motion watching this. Beautiful.

Aceldama now has Slade balanced across his knee like a seesaw as Shane pivots himself on the turnbuckle, leaping off and crashing his legs across the raw chest of the World champion. Aceldama stands and watches as Shane pins Slade which Sektor counts for the



Slade kicks out! Aceldama picks him up and whips him ruggedly towards the ropes but Slade grabs hold of the ropes stopping against them to face his opponents. Shane frowns and sprints towards him, but Slade drops down holding the top rope, which forces Shane to land on the outside. Slade then runs at Ace but only receives a big boot to the face for his troubles. Meanwhile on the outside Sektor’s security personnel are tentatively picking Shane up and dusting him down. Shane gives them a nod and takes a breather on the outside whilst the crowd boos.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think Slade would be given the same treatment, should he find himself on the outside of the ring.

Benny Newell: Did you know listen to Sektor before? He’s here to promote fairness!

Joe Hoffman: Wake up Benny, this whole match is the complete opposite of fair.

Aceldama has been destroying Slade with multiple headbutts and is now running him towards the ropes, where he sends him over the top to the outside. The security team ruggedly drag him to his feet, and Sektor shouts something over the ropes, the context of which becoming clear as the security team begin to rough up Slade with sly punches and kicks before tossing him back in. Shane immediately runs back into the ring and covers as Sektor counts a quick ..1…2…but again Slade impressively kicks out.

Aceldama says something to Shane, who makes his way to the corner. Aceldama then brings Slade to his feet and hoists him up into a powerbomb position whilst Shane climbs up top. But Slade out of nowhere counters with a hurricarana on Aceldama, flicking him straight into the ropes, which causes Shane to loose his balance and fall awkwardly on the outside.

Benny Newell: Oh my God, Shane could of really hurt himself there!

Joe Hoffman: Don’t worry Benny, I’m sure Sektor’s ultra fair security team will look after him..

Slade now gets some momentum going as he flies at Aceldama wit an elbow causing the German to fall back against the ropes. He then hits ace with a stiff chop of his own, right across the scarred area where he had his heart transplant.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, find out how he likes it Issac, I don’t blame ya!

Slade chops another couple of times, which seems to really take the wind out of Ace’s sails. Ace tries to come back at him but Slade uses his agility to sidestep and take him down with a side Russian leg sweep. Slade then covers. Sektor drops down and begins sliding his hand underneath Ace’s shoulder, checking that its firmly on the mat. He eventually counts a 1…but doesn’t seem happy as he again checks, but its too late as Aceldama pushes Slade’s body weight off him. Slade gives Sektor a quick glance of frustration before quickly turning his attention back to Aceldama.

Joe Hoffman: Look’s like Shane is alright, he seems to be making his way back into the action.

Shane slides back into the ring but Slade see’s him and takes him down with a running knee lift. He then turns and See’s that Aceldama is attempting a clothesline, which he ducks, grabbing Ace’s head from behind and dropping for neckbreaker. However Shane is once back up and kicks Slade straight in the midsection, he then springboards off the ropes and takes down Slade with a hurricarana.

Joe Hoffman: You don’t have to like Shane Reynold’s to appreciate his athleticism.

Benny Newell: He’s awesome!

Shane then drops a standing moonsault, again across the raw and bloodied chest of Issac, who rolls around on the mat clutching it tightly. Shane doesn’t stop there though, as he picks Slade up and takes him down hard with a snap suplex. Aceldama seems to have shaken off the cobwebs as he joins the attack with a huge standing leg drop across Slade’s chest, which can now only be described as an unholy mess. Aceldama then picks up Slade and whips him into the corner.

Shane delivers two more chops before stepping aside and allowing Aceldama to charge towards him like a freight train. Slade jumps out the way causing Aceldama to go shoulder first into the turnbuckle, and Sektor seeing this winces and clutches his own shoulder. Slade then kicks Ace in the head as he tries to come out of the corner, and causes him to fall through the ropes to the outside.

Joe Hoffman: If Slade acts quickly this could be a perfect opportunity for him to take this fall..

Joe’s hope is short lived as Shane clips Slade with a running enziguri. He then drags Slade across the mat and positions him perfectly for him to land his Diablo inferno. Shane then proceeds to climb up top, but Slade rolls onto his chest and runs forward, again causing Shane to loose his balance and land split legged across the top. He then jumps up and performs a hip toss off the top rope. The fans cheer wildly now as Slade scurries to the top. He straightens up and flies off, landing a frog splash across Shane Reynolds.


Slade pins and Sektor drops and counts



The crowd boo wildly as Sektor winces in pain and stands up clutching at his shoulder.

Benny Newell: Oh no, looks like Sektor may have aggravated his shoulder!

Joe Hoffman: Never mind that Benny, he has a match to call, USE YOUR OTHER DAMN ARM.

Slade looks up in disbelief as he see’s Sektor parading around holding his shoulder in pain. He approaches Sektor asking the question, but Sektor just points to his arm and waves him away. Slade looks furious however and grabs Sektor, who begins pleading with him to not hurt him. The crowd are cheering for Slade to take Sektor out but the cheers turn to boo’s as a huge arm clubs Slade from behind. Aceldama was the culprit and Sektor just smiles at his saviour. Aceldama grabs Slade and hoists him up into a powerbomb position and crashes him down hard with a huge jacknife powerbomb. Shane then wobbles his way up to the top turnbuckle and flies off with an imploding 450 splash…


Reynolds covers and Sektor quickly counts for the





Sektor holds Shane’s hand up in victory with a proud smile on his face.

Bryan McVay: Your winner of the first fall…and STILL..ICON CHAMPIONNN…SHAAAAAAAAAAAANNEEE..

Joe Hoffman: WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!

Aceldama just kicked Shane in the midsection and now has him a powerbomb position. He proceeds to crash his blood brother down with a jacnknife powerbomb and pins. Sektor hesitates for a second not looking sure what to do, but never the less he drops down and counts for the





Benny Newell: Wait, did he just pin Shane????????

Joe Hoffman: Your damn right he did, what happened to them being blood brothers huh? Goes to show just how selfish the BA can be!

Benny Newell: I’m stunned…I guess anything goes when it comes to the world title.

Sektor hands Aceldama then belt and goes to raise his hand, but Ace snatches it away and exits the ring, looking like he’s still in a foul mood. But Sektor just leans against the ropes smirking as he listens to the crowd popping with confusion.

Joe Hoffman: Well he certainly did his job tonight.

Benny Newell: I know right, his first night back and he ensured that the Best Alliance have both the World and Icon titles..

Turmoil comes to an end with a final image of the new World Champion standing over his ICONic Blood Brother and a fallen Slade as Joe asks the question that is on everyones minds as the transmission ends..

What is to become of the Blood Brothers now…and what is next for Slade?”



We find Shane Reynolds seated in his locker room having finished cleaning of after his match against Aceldama and Issac Slade. His ICON Title is carefully folded on the bench next to him. As he starts to pack his bag there is a soft knock on the door.

Opening the door he sees no one. A look of mild confusion crosses his face as he looks down to see a box sitting there. Kneeling down the name of SHANE REYNOLDS can be seen written on it. Carrying the box back to the bench he sits down and opens it.

Shane’s unpainted face drains of color as his fists slowly crumble the sides of the box.

Shane Reynolds: N.. No.

His breathing increases as his lip twitches upward, his teeth grinding loudly. The camera slowly rises up over Shane as we get a view of what is in the box.

Within the box is a picture of Max Kael standing behind a young boy whom bares a striking resemblance to a youthful Shane Reynolds. Max wears a cruel smile visible under a series of bandages indicating it was taken several weeks ago.

Behind a picture is a frame of a Birth Certificate for the boy in the picture. The name of Shane Reynolds appears in the place of the Father. Two simple words can be seen on the glass written in Max’s own hand writing.

I Know.”

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