Turmoil: April 9th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
April 9th, 2009 – #HOW43
The Best Arena, Chicago IL



Pyros go off inside The Best Arena and the cameras pan across the arena as the fans stand as one as Thursday Night Turmoil is on the air!

The cameras stop and focus in on several signs that fans brought to the arena..

Don’t Smack your lips Sektor”

Deliverance=Sektor and Cyanide”



Turmoil in my pants”

Aceldama ate my child”

I want Triple’s P in my mouth!”

As the smoke clears from the pyro the HOW announce team welcomes the HOTv viewing audience to yet another edition of TNT.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to TNT!! I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by none other than Big Buff Benny Newell.

Big Buff: Joe tonight is a night that will be dominated by the Best Alliance and I for one cannot wait for the action to start.

Joe Hoffman: Well the BA certainly has a chance to come away with LSD, Stable Title and World Title gold tonight and if they somehow come away with any of the titles, and they have a chance to, this place is going to be a hard place to come to work every day.

Big Buff: Every day? I am only here on Thursdays. What the hell you doing here the rest of the week?

Joe Hoffman: Ok I am not here every day but we will be here on Mondays once again as Lee Best announced on High Octane Radio this week that Monday Night Mayhem will be coming back on the airwaves and the first card and the date of the show will be announced tomorrow!

Big Buff: That wasn’t the only big news you idiot….HOW is going to be going on the road once again.

Joe Hoffman: IF Lee makes enough money via HOTv that is..

Big Buff: C’mon Joe….seriously? Turmoil has been the highest rated show on HOTv the last two weeks and its only a matter of time before the other shows become dead in the water and we will once again have to show HOW programming 24/7.

Joe Hoffman: Well I doubt that will happen as healthy competition will make the product for all the companies better.

Big Buff: Blah fucking blah. Let’s get this show on the road….Bring out Lee!!

Joe Hoffman: Sorry to say it Benny…but Lee is here but word is that something went down last night when the Ghost Hunters come to The Best Arena and from what I understand Lee has locked himself up inside his office and isn’t wanting to be disturbed at all….something is up if Lee is being quiet.

Big Buff: It’s a big night for the Best Alliance…that’s it.

Joe Hoffman: We shall see. But right now it’s time to focus on the matches at hand and let’s get this show on the road!!


Bob Jared vs. Blaze
Singles Match

Tumbleweed” by Bobby Clash starts playing as Bob Jared comes running out enthusiastically on the ramp. He trips over his own feet and stumbles a bit down the ramp as everyone in the crowd get a little chuckle out of it. Bob Jared rolls himself into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle with his arms high in the air.

The intro of “Spit Shine” by Xzibit starts. Strobe lights flash along with the beat of the bass. As the main song kicks in, there’s a loud bang as flame pillar pyros shoot up from the edge of the stage. Blaze walks out as the initial flash from the pyro dies down. He stands there for a moment looking back and forth to either side of the crowd before raising his hands up and motioning to the crowd to ‘bring it’. Blaze runs down the ramp sliding into the ring pointing at Bob Jared exchanging a few words.

As the bell rings Bob Jared puts his hand out to signal that he wants to do a game of mercy to start off the match. Blaze complies with the first hand but as soon as Jared goes to put the second hand up Blaze quickly pokes Jared in the eye with his open hand. Blaze follows up by whipping Jared into the turnbuckle. It looks like Blaze is in complete control as he throws a flurry of punches and kicks connect each one on Jared. This continues on for a few seconds until Blaze throws a punch that is blocked by Jared. After another blocked punch by Jared he finally starts off on offense through a few chops sending Blaze back towards in middle of the ring. You can see in the eyes of Blaze that he is a little frustrated by the exchange as he goes for a big swing but Jared ducks under the punch quickly running to the ropes coming back at Blaze with a swinging neckbreaker.

Benny makes a few cracks about the starting of the match and how the Tennessee Tumbleweed seems to have the advantage.

Blaze rolls himself out of the ring signally he is just going to walk out back and leave the match. Jared doesn’t like this one bit as he slides out of the ring chasing after Blaze. Jared grabs him by the scruff of his next and starts to drag Blaze back to the ring. Blaze connects a few elbows loosing Jared’s grip as Blaze is able to squirm free and whip Jared making him crash hard into the ring post. Blaze rolls back into the ring asking the ref what’s the count up to. Ref continues the count showing Blaze that it’s at five. Jared is able to muster his way back into the ring at about eight and a half.

The commentators exchange words about how Blaze didn’t want to get back into the match until he started to gain control.

The next minute of the match is all Blaze as he doesn’t let Jared catch is breathe once with various stomps, kicks, and picking Jared up slamming him back down with a scoop slam. Bouncing off the ropes Blaze jumps up into the air trying to land a knee drop on the head of Bob Jared but Jared rolls out of the way. Blaze runs over to Jared before he can get to his feet and kicks him in the ribs. Upon Blaze trying to pick up Jared he gets caught in the oldest trick in the book, the Possum roll up pin.






Blaze kicks out violently as his frustration level is getting even higher. Running full force at Jared Blaze gets caught yet again but this time with the Tumbleweed Twist.

The commentators both laughing decide that Bob Jared is about to win his second match in HOW.

Jared holds the drop toe hold submission as tight as he can trying to make Blaze tap out but Blaze clearly doesn’t want to be beating by such a simple move makes his way to the ropes and breaks the submission.

It goes back and forth for half a minute with reversal after reversal not trying to give the other an inch. Blaze realizing that he somehow cannot out wrestle the Tennessee Tumbleweed, decides to take it in a different direction and connects with a big boot square on Bob Jared’s head knocking him down like a sack of potatoes. Blaze signals the end is near as he picks up Jared’s semi knocked out body from the canvas.

Benny screams the match has to be over as Blaze connects The Incinerator immediately making a cover.











Blaze gets up and starts celebrating but the celebration is cut short as “Land of Confusion” by Disturbed starts blaring. Blaze all pumped up starts shaking the ring ropes in anticipation of whoever is going to come down the ramp. There is no one in sight from that direction but Johnny Stevens jumps over the barrier on the other side and slides into the ring. Johnny runs over to the occupied Blaze and scoops him right up and over the ropes. Wasting no time Johnny springs off the ropes and suicide dives right on top of Blaze. After they both make it back to their feet they exchange blow after blow with each other all the way up the ramp and into the backstage.



The door is open merely a crack, allowing in only a thin sliver of light from the illuminated corridor. It’s not much, but it’s just enough to see the silhouetted figure of a man moving up and down as they perform pull-ups from one of the overhead pipes, which constitutes the locker-room’s plumbing. Traces of his dark-hair can be seen flowing over his back, only partially covering what has recently become his most distinguishing feature: the letters M and K forever etched into his back in raised white lumps of burnt scar-tissue.

Suddenly, the door bursts open, engulfing the room in light now. Shane Burton stops instantly, hanging mid-motion with his feet dangling a few inches from the ground before letting go and landing on the floor with a thud.

Man: You should be conserving your energy.

The newcomer to the room says, his voice instantly recognised by the crowd and Shane alike as that of his partner for the night, Aceldama. Shane turns, although not dressed in his full attire yet, his face is already painted for the upcoming match with the AoA.

Shane: Trust me, I’ve got more than enough to spare.

Aceldama smirks ever so slightly, quite an eerie sight in the faint light. Shane meanwhile walks towards his locker and pulls out his top, slipping it over his head as Aceldama continues.

Aceldama: You feel ready then?

Shane: More than I have done in a long time.

Aceldama nods as Shane turns back to face him.

Aceldama: That’s what I like to hear. Does that mean the information I got for you proved useful?

Shane: I don’t know yet. But I will. Just having the address, though, helps.

Shane answers, referring to the address Aceldama obtained for him earlier in the week, an address where his missing niece apparantly awaits Shane to come to her rescue.

Shane turns back to the locker for a second time and pulls from the darkness within a box. A box which Shane had retrieved from Aceldama’s old apartment in return for him getting the address. A box containing a host of private and personal effects. Holding it against his chest, he faces Aceldama again.

Shane: …And I hope this helps you.

Aceldama takes it from Shane’s outstretched hands with wide eyes filled with both surprise and anxiety. Staring solely at the box now, Shane merely watches patiently before Aceldama finally breaks the silence.

Aceldama: Thank you.

Shane: Thank me by helping me robbing the AoA of their one crowning achievement. By helping me leave Sektor a bloodied mess.’

Aceldama finally looks up from the box, and stares Shane straight in the eye.

Aceldama: I will. Sektor and the others aren’t going to know what the hell has hit them by the time we are through.

Well, it won’t be Shane. Not where Sektor is concerned anyway.

Aceldama and Shane both wheeled around to glance towards the open doorway as the voice of Maximillian Kael met their ears. Aceldama glared at him. Shane glared even more so, brimming with hatred.

Shane: What are you talking about?

Max’s lips pulled back from his teeth in his trademark sneer, his eyes fixed on both of the men who had signed for a rival team at War Games in the blood of his assistant.

Max: Maybe you were too busy buying belated valentine’s presents for each other….or maybe I just forgot to tell you….who knows? Either way, the match has changed.

Shane: What do you mean chang–’

Max held his hand up, touching his lips with an extended index finger.

Max: Didn’t your parents ever teach you that it’s rude to interrupt? Oh wait, they didn’t love you enough not to die before they could.

For perhaps the rest of his life, Shane would wonder how at that moment he had been able to stop himself from flying at Maximillian Kael and knocking his smirking head from his shoulders. Instead, he stood still, scowling and waiting for Max to continue.

Max: As of the moment the ringside bell rings, you are not allowed to touch Sektor.

Shane’s eyes grow wide and Max takes his index finger and now redirects it to point directly towards him.

Max: That includes pinning him or even attempting to make him submit.

Shane: You can’t do that!!

Max: I think you’ll find I can do whatever I like. Especially when it comes to you. Didn’t you learn anything last week?

His smirk grows ever wider and then suddenly he turns away back towards the door, raises his hand again and snaps his fingers.

Max: Come no, Monkey. I have a fork that needs cleaning.

Max immediately leaves the room, disappearing from view. Shane hesitates for a moment, his face contorting with rage and his fist clenching tightly, and then takes the first step towards the locker-room door, sighing and resigning himself to his current fate, when Aceldama grips him by the arm. Shane turns suddenly.

Aceldama: It won’t last forever. I’ll see you at the match.

Shane nods, and Aceldama releases his hold, watching as Shane turns back around and follows after Max.


Static vs. David Black
Singles Match

The scene cuts to ringside where the camera is panning around a ten sided structure in a decagon shape. The structure is sat in the gab on the left hand side of the ramp as you look up to the entrance way, and is in between the stage and the crowd. The camera looks inside to show mirrored walls and various glass objects inside such as a glass coffee table, glass chair’s, plate’s and other things. The floor is also a mirror and the crowd can see into the glass structure but any one inside can not see out.

Joe Hoffman: Well up next folks is a very unique style match indeed. This is a House of Mirror’s match created by Best Alliance member Static. This all came about because of vicious rivalry between Static and David Black. This all started because David Black accidentally hit Static’s sister Mellissa with a steel chair. Static got revenge by screwing David Black in the Icon title ladder match before the pay per view.

Big Buff: Then Static defeated David Black in single competition, proving that anyone in the Best Alliance is literally better than anyone else!

Joe Hoffman: Well that’s down to opinion but the rivalry between the two has escalated further since March to Glory. David Black viciously attacked Static’s sister once again and has been so confident that he can beet him that he allowed Static to name this stipulation. I for one cannot wait, but I am worried whether there’ll be anything left of these two after what will surely be a bloody and violent match.

Lazarus” by Fozzy hits and the crowd instantly begins booing as David Black appears from behind the curtain. He poses at the top of the ramp with a cold and serious look on his face, before turning and looking at the House of Mirror’s. He move’s towards the structure and steps inside. He touches the wall and tests the strength of them, getting a good feel for it. He then has a good look in one of the mirrors at his eyes.

Joe Hoffman: It has been learnt that Black is wrestling against his doctors wishes here folks. Apparently he has suffered a concussion early in the week and one has to wonder how much this will affect the match.

Big Buff: Cant imagine glass being a good cure.

As David Black examines some of the glass objects, “No More Sorrow,” by Linkin Park hits. Black tries to look in the direction of the curtain but only see’s his own reflection staring back at him. Outside the House Static appears with a baseball bat, and the crowd give him mixed reactions of cheers and boos. He ignores the fans with only one thing on his mind. In his hand is his baseball bat which he drops before entering the House of Mirror’s and instantly runs over and jumps on Black with a Lou Thez Press catching Black off guard.

Joe Hoffman: The referee is getting inside and closing the door. This match is officially under way and can only be won by pin fall or submission.

Static is beating away at Black’s head with quick right hands on the mirrored floor. He gets up and drags Black up with him. He kicks him in the gut and walks him over to one of the ten Mirrored sides of the House. He bangs Black’s head against the glass, which at this point doesn’t break. Black holds his head in pain and Static scoops him onto his shoulder. He then runs towards the opposite side of the glass structure but Black hops off landing behind Static. Static turns around and is greeted by a clothesline. Static holds his back as he lands on the hard glass floor.

Hoffman and Benny note how no glass has been shattered in the early going’s as Black continues punishing Static with stomps and kicks all over his body. Black leave’s Static alone for a moment and pick’s up a twelve inch glass dinner plate. Static is on his feet looking a little sore and Black goes to smash the plate down on his head. But Static catches Black’s hand’s and kicks him stiffly in the gut. He snatches the plate from Black and shatter’s it over the top of Black’s head. The crowd give a big shout for this as Black falls to the floor, kicking his legs and holding his head. Static attempts a pin but only gets a one count.

Static got a close two count following a DDT on Black which caused the glass floor to crack slightly. Black is bleeding from the top of his head and looking a little out of sorts. Static grabs the bloodied hair of Black and tries to pull him to his feet, but the crowd reacts with noises of pain as Black gives him a hard low blow, causing Static to double over. Black then grabs the neck and pants of Static and catapults him head first into Mirrored wall of the House. The glass cracks from the impact of Static’s head and as he stumbled back, Black hits a drop toe hold causing Static to land face first onto a glass chair. Black stalks Static with a glass Vase in his hands and as Static pull’s himself into a sitting up position Black shatters the vase over his head. Spots of blood can be seen dripping from Static’s head onto the glass as Black covers for the pin attempt.

Static kicked out just before the two. Black is again stalking Static as he is getting to his feet slowly. He is facing away from Black and clearing his eyes. Black runs at his but Static sees this in the reflection of the mirror and turns sending Black face first into the glass wall. Black’s head cracks the wall and Static grabs him in a rear waist lock and executes a German suplex onto the glass floor. The floor now has a big crack in it as Black kicks out of a pin attempt. Both men are laid out on the glass as Boettcher begins a ten count.

Both men got to their feet in time before the ten count and have resorted to back and forth exchanges of right hands. Black gets the better of Static with a knee to the mid section. He then grabs his legs and carries him over. He stands above the glass coffee table and smashes Static’s body right through it with a spine buster. The crowd chant Holy Shit as Black crawl’s through the debris of glass, wincing in pain as it tears through his elbows. He pins static.



STATIC KICKS OUT!! Hoffman talks about how much pain they must both be in, and how dangerous this match is as it only takes a main artery to be severed to cause a fatal injury. Black punishes Static for this period by slamming his head multiple times against the glass walls. He even resorts to using the shards of glass on the floor as a cheese grater, rubbing Static’s head against it. Black slips slightly in a pool of blood which makes the glass floor slippery.

Black has dragged Static to his feet, but out of nowhere Static gives him a stiff uppercut causing him to stumble back. Static then charges at Black and lifts him up. He continues to run and crashes himself and Black right through the glass wall of the House of Mirrors. The fans go wild chanting This is Awesome, as both men lie motionless in a pile of glass on the outside.

Hoffman and Benny cant believe how Static is able to move as he is the first up and already looking to get David Black to his feet. He throws him back into the House of Mirrors and pins him..




NO!! Black managed to get a shoulder up to the disbelief of Static. Hoffman mentions how he can only admire Black for wanting to continue this violent match. Big Buff points out that Static has a crazed look in his eyes as he begins to smash everything that’s left in the House. He uses his feet to make a piles of broken glass in the middle of the cell and then goes over to Black who is still on the floor bleeding. He wipes blood away from his own face and picks Black up. Black desperately begins to nail right and left hand on Static, startling the ‘Outcast.’ But Static kicks him in the gut and underhooks both arms, hoisting him up.

Buff goes wild as he says we’re about to see the Static Slam. Static is hovering Black over the pile of broken glass but Black jumps off behind Static. He then grabs a glass chair and throws it at Static. Static catches it and Black jumps up, grabbing the neck of Static causing him to drop face first onto the glass chair across Black’s knees for the Blackout. Static lands in the pile of glass and Black falls on top of him. Boettcher counts for the





Both men lie in the middle of the broken glass inside the House of Mirrors whilst Benny and Joe talk about how gruesome it both was. Benny jokes about how both men will need a blood transfusion and also states his disappointment that Static didn’t win. The action cuts away to our first commercial break as the HOW crew quickly try to clean up from the hellacious match.

It’s beginning to look like SSE does equal Ratings

Commish Time

Back live and we see Scottywood who is back sitting at his office when you see the door bust wide open with authority as a metal trash can comes flying into his office and Johnny Stevens storms into the office slamming his hands down hard onto the office desk scattering all the paperwork everywhere.

Johnny Sevens: So did you enjoy my match last week Scotty?

Scottywood: Johnny…Thought you would stop by…..and yes, I did enjoy the match. Good to see you’re still in decent shape after the two plus years since we last wrestled.

Johnny: Out Cold 7….Oh I remember that match Scotty. I was off my game and you got lucky then, and it will never happen again. When we face again…and it will happen eventually, I will prove that it was nothing but a fluke.

Scottywood: I’ll agree that you were off your game, but a win is a win. But who is to say you will ever prove you are worthy enough to grace my presence in the ring again.

Johnny: You want proof, I’ll give you proof next week…You’re the Commissioner, give me a challenge.

Scotty smiles as he starts flipping through some of his papers and finds what he is looking for.

Scottywood: How about this then. Next week on Turmoil, Johnny Stevens takes on the legendary…..drum roll please!

Scotty starts drumming on his desk trying to imitate a drum roll, though not doing such a great job.

Scottywood: Bob Jared!

Johnny’s jaw drops a bit at the sound of the name and shakes his head.

Johnny: Bob Jared? Are you kidding me? Scotty my pal, you think you can stop me by putting me up against the supposed legend that no one has ever heard of? Blasphemy!

Scottywood: Actually, no. I think you will steam roll Jared. But that is not the point. You once beat 29 other men in NGW to in the 2002 Royal Rumble….but you’re no longer that same man. And if I am ever to fight and beat the same Johnny Stevens that I fought in Hate, in that Philly Street Fight, that beat me. Then I have to get you back into top form, and that means working you back up from the bottom.

Johnny: I guess I’ll be waiting for you at the top because there is nothing that will get in my way of once again getting my hands on my greatest rival, who is probably in the best shape of his career.

Scottywood: Good to hear…..it is a shame of our past. You would make a hell of a Best Alliance member.

Johnny: Well contrary to your beliefs I am by no means against The Best Alliance. While it is true that I want nothing to do with Team Best nor you for that fact, I wish Team Best the best of luck during War Games since truth be told I want Lee Best to keep ownership of the company.

Scottywood: Ya, I can never see us being on the same side of anything….I know there is this mutual respect for one another, being in NGW together almost from its inception. But it is our thirst for competition and out doing the other that will never allow us to work together….though I am glad we can agree on something here in HOW.

Johnny: Yes, for now. Until we meet in the ring again.

Johnny turns away from Scottywood and makes his way back towards the door that his now hanging on by only one hinge. He has taken a few steps before he pauses and turns back to Scotty.

Johnny: They once made a Chuck Norris toilet paper, but it wouldn’t take shit from anybody.

Scotty smiles as he fires back with one of his own.

Scottywood: Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life there.

Johnny grins as he again turns away from Scotty and makes him way out the doorway and out of sight. Scotty reaches over to his phone and presses the button for his secretary.

Scottywood: Heather, can get me an estimate on getting my office door fixed, and then have that amount taken out of Johnny Steven’s paycheck…..Thank you.

He lets go of the button and leans back in his chair with a smile still on his face.

Scottywood: And so it begins again…..

Only a few seconds after Johnny has walked out the door we see The Monster of HOW and one of the newest Best Alliance members Aceldama walk through the busted up door frame and right up to Scotty’s desk. Scotty stands up from his chair and you can see the anger in Scotty’s face.

Aceldama: Calm down Scotty. I’m not here to cause any trouble.

Scottywood: Isn’t it a little late to be saying that?

Aceldama: Maybe, but you’re the one that invited….well, ordered me to come to your office, so what did you want oh mighty Commissioner?

Scotty takes a few seconds and stares at Aceldama, almost as if he is trying to read him.

Scottywood: Yes I did, well I wanted to thank you for your help last week after our match. I’m glad you cared so much to help me up after that super kick from Shaw….Rob Michaels.

Aceldama: You’re a big boy Scotty; I assumed you could handle getting up by yourself. Don’t read more into this then you need too, I am here to help The Best Alliance, and that is what I am going to do. But when all this War Games stuff is over, you still feel the same way, then we will sort it out in the ring.

Scotty nods his head as Aceldama smirks as starts to make his way out of the office as Scotty stops him with one last question.

Scottywood: You want to hear a Chuck Norris fact?

Aceldama turns around and gives Scotty a what the fuck look as he turns back away and walks out of his office. Scotty sits back down in his chair and smirks at Aceldama’s lack of sense of humor. As Aceldama leaves Scotty’s sight his cell phone starts to ring, he looks down at the number and smiles and answers it.

Scottywood: Hitchin, how ya doing?

There is a pause for a moment as we presume the caller is talking.

Scottywood: NGW is returning? That’s great news….hold on.

Scotty looks up at the cameraman who he shoos out of his office with his hand as Scotty goes back to his phone conversation.

Next week on TNT…
Lee Best Makes a Profound Announcement

HOW LSD Title Match
Scottywood vs. Christopher America
Weapon on a Pole Match

As we cut back to ringside, the HOV displays images from the “March to Glory” LSD title match at the Alamo last month. The Best Arena crowd particularly gets a rise out of the photos showing referee Joel Hortega smashing Christopher America over the head with a piece of wood and kicking Scottywood square in his cajones. But they immediately begin to boo as a picture of America hoisting the LSD title high in the air is shown.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentleman, just 4 weeks ago we witnessed an absolutely brutal pay-per-view match held at the Alamo where Christopher America was victorious in his quest to become LSD Champion.

Big Buff: That is a lie, Joe! Regardless of what people say, Scottywood is still the LSD champion and he always will be. In fact, he is the greatest LSD champion of all-time! The fact that Christopher America has been carrying around his title as of late is merely because of a technicality.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on, Buff! Say what you want about Christopher America, but he won that title fair and square!

Big Buff: What the hell are you smoking? If it wasn’t for that bean-munching wetback standing in the ring, the LSD title would be at home where it’s supposed to be in the Best Alliance.

The camera catches a quick glimpse of the man Benny was referring to, referee Joel Hortega, who is crouched in a corner of the ring, inhaling a plate of loaded nachos from the concession stand.

Joe Hoffman: You can’t be serious! Blaming our esteemed Mexican referee for Scottywood’s loss is a downright pathetic excuse.

Big Buff: What’s pathetic is how ridiculous you look in that shirt you’re wearing. C’mon Joe… EPICWEAR?

Benny shouts to one of the nearby roaming vendors and points his finger over Joe’s head.

Big Buff: Excuse me! This man needs a Best Alliance t-shirt!

Joe Hoffman: What’s wrong with Bobbinette Carey!?!

The “American National Anthem” interrupts the announcers as they continue to argue over who has the better wardrobe. Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” begins blaring throughout the arena and Christopher America confidently emerges from the back with his LSD title strapped around his waist. The Stable title is draped over his shoulder and Joe Hoffman is quick to point out that whether the AoA wins or loses tonight, this will be the last time Christopher America gets to wear it as they are being retired later in the evening. Newell is quick to retort that the Best Alliance will always be remembered as the most dominant stable in wrestling history.

America arrogantly shrugs off the boos from the crowd as he struts to the ring wearing attire similar to Apollo Creed before his encounter with Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Despite his loss last week to Ringside Champion Eugene Fitzpatrick, America slides through the bottom rope and stands tall, feeding off the crowd with a smirk as he does so.

Big Buff: Christopher America shouldn’t even be here tonight! He’s an embarrassment to this company… letting a rival of ours escape with a victory on our home soil. Eucalyptus Fitzroy nearly decapitated him!

Joe Hoffman: Don’t you mean…


Joe Hoffman: Well then give our LSD champion some credit. He took Ringside’s World Champion to the limit last week. Surely, the experience served as a proper warm-up for his title defense tonight against our very own Scottyw…


Stricken” by Distrubed kicks out and the former 2-time LSD champion and current Commissioner Scottywood appears at the top of the entrance ramp. He greets the hostile crowd with 2 silver blasts of pyro before he starts walking to the ring equipped with his weapons of choice; the barbed-wire wrapped hockey stick and a cheese grater. Joe Hoffman reminds us that earlier in the week, Scottywood announced that this bout would be contested as a “Weapons on a Pole” match.

Christopher America retrieves his American flag and custom red, white, & blue American steel chair from a ring attendant and begins securing them on two of the poles erected by each turnbuckle. Scottywood does the same with his weapons while Hortega, with a mouthful of nachos, checks to make sure it’s being done properly.

Staring down America on the opposite end of the ring, Scottywood gestures the title around his waist as America carefully hands the belt to Hortega with a glare. Indeed, both superstars “Remember the Alamo”, so to speak, where Hortega revolted against them and walked out on the match, declaring victory for Mexico with his amigos.

Big Buff: Don’t worry Joe. I’m sure Lee threatened Hortega with his citizenship and his job so that he calls a “fair and honest” match here tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Right… “fair and honest” enough where the Best Alliance gets the belt back.

Hortega presents the LSD title to Scottywood and then raises it in the air for the crowd to see before he gives it to a ring attendant and calls for the bell.


Joel Hortega: Vamos!

Scottywood wastes no time at all; instead of locking up with the self-proclaimed “American Champion… of America,” he goes right for his barbed wire wrapped hockey stick and begins untying it from the pole. Christopher America notices this and does the same, going for his red, white, & blue steel chair. Both men retrieve their weapons at virtually the same exact time and meet in the center of the ring for an intense showdown that has the crowd buzzing.

Joel Hortega: VAMOS!!!

Referee Joel Hortega is getting impatient and starts yelling something in Spanish at Christopher America. America looks puzzled as he holds the American steel chair firmly in his grasp, threatening to hit Hortega if he doesn’t leave him alone. After some squabbling between the two, Hortega proceeds to take a jalapeno from his loaded nacho tray and squeezes it near the face of the LSD champion.

Christopher America: MY EYES!!!!

Scottywood can only laugh as he looks on while Christopher America, with his eyes burning from jalapeno juice, blindly yields his steel chair. Unfortunately for Hortega, America inadvertently connects with a wild chair shot to the back of his head.

Joe Hoffman: Hortega is down!

Big Buff: HAHA! Get in there Scotty!

With America still struggling, Scottywood notices the opportunity and slashes the barbed wire wrapped hockey stick over the back of the LSD champion. With a sadistic look in his eye, Scottywood slowly drags the stick down the length of his back, ensuring the barbs are ripping at as much flesh as possible. This seems to awaken Christopher America as he scours in pain and tries to escape through the ropes.

Big Buff: That a boy! That’s the Commish right there!

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood is hell bent on winning back the LSD title. But we need a ref!

Scottywood doesn’t allow America to the outside and uses the shaft of the hockey stick to choke him from behind. This lasts for about 2 excruciating minutes and Christopher America’s head begins to turn blue. Suddenly, Max Kael appears at the top of the entrance ramp looking rather annoyed and uninterested in the match. He appears to dismissively wave someone towards the ring.

Big Buff: What the fuck?!?

Joe Hoffman: It’s Ryan Faze!! The “Phenomenal One” is wearing a referee shirt!!

Max Kael quickly disappears to the back and the “Faze of HOW” rushes toward the ring to replace the injured Joel Hortega, who is being attended to by the High Octane Medics on the outside.

Big Buff: There goes an easy win for the Best Alliance! This is unfair! Faze can’t ref this match!!

Joe Hoffman: Come on Benny, Faze is an honest man! Despite his history with both superstars, it’s hard to believe Faze won’t call it right down the middle.

Scottywood notices Faze coming down the ramp and immediately breaks the choke hold and starts shouting at him to “get out of here”. Faze slides through the bottom rope and justifies his case for being there by pointing to his referee shirt. He briefly checks on America before an angered Scottywood reaches for the cheese grater.

This gives America some time to slowly get back to his feet and when Scottywood lunges at the LSD champion with the grater, America ducks, kicks Scottywood in the gut… AMERICAN DDT, right onto the American steel chair!! The impact has Scottywood stunned but America can’t capitalize with a pin as he needs more recovery time from the choke hold, the torn flesh on his back, and of course, the jalapeno juice.

Joe Hoffman: Just look at the scrapes on his back!

Big Buff: He’s staining the ring with drops of American blood!

Finally, Christopher America is able to muster enough energy to drape an arm over Scottywood but Faze refuses make the count. It suddenly hits America that Faze is now the referee and he too becomes furious, but Faze points to Scottywood’s leg on the rope as the reason for not making the count. America doesn’t seem to comprehend though and continues jawing and jabbering at Faze, poking him in the chest with his finger. Faze backs off and from behind, Scottywood rolls up the champion. Faze drops to make the count…




Joe Hoffman: Ohhh!! Near fall by the challenger!

Both wrestlers pop up quickly and begin trading blows back and forth. Scottywood Irish-whips America into the ropes and bends for a Back-Body Drop, but America stops in his tracks and kicks him in chest. Christopher America goes for an American Clothesline, but Scottywood ducks, lifts his opponent and hits a Samoan Drop followed by successive elbow drops to America’s sternum.

Joe Hoffman: Forgive me for being rude, but did Scottywood actually just out-wrestle someone?

Big Buff: Scottywood showing exactly why he’s MORE than just the Hardcore Artist.

With America down, Scottywood looks around the ring for his cheese grater but can’t seem to locate it. He eyes the American flag that is perched on a pole as the only weapon left untouched but opts for his trademark hockey stick instead. But before he turns around, America connects with an American Backstabber! America covers!




Faze showing no favoritism for either wrestler as he’s now counted near falls for both superstars. America gains the upper-hand as he uses his American Steel Chair to force pressure on the neck of Scottywood. Scottywood kicks his legs in agony as he feels a dose of the same medicine he gave Christopher America earlier when he choked him with his hockey stick. Joe Hoffman comments on how the weapons are playing a major role in this match thus far and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured.

America finally releases the choke at Faze’s urging but not before threatening to hit Faze with the chair himself. While Scottywood recovers on the mat, America climbs up to the top rope with his steel chair in hand. He measures the distance between himself and the challenger and…

Joe Hoffman: OH MY!!! WHAT ELEVATION!!!

Christopher America leaps off the top rope with the steel chair to his chest and hits an American Splash right to the face of Scottywood!

Big Buff: NOOOOO!!!

Cover by America!




Big Buff: FUCK!!!!

Joe Hoffman: NO!!!! Faze is waving it off saying Scottywood got the shoulder up! How in God’s name did he kick out of that?!?!

Benny Newell needs to catch his breath after that one and pours himself a straight double shot of Jack. Christopher America can’t believe it either and pleads his case to Faze for retaining the LSD title. In the background, Scottywood favors his head after the devastating splash from the LSD champion. He stirs around but realizes his cheese grater is lying right outside the ring. He reaches down for it and conceals it from America’s view.

Frustrated with the near fall, America shifts his attention back to Scottywood but is met with a CLANG to his forehead. Back to his feet, Scottywood grabs the back of America’s head and forces it into the razor sharp edges of the cheese grater!!! A stream of blood pours down the champion’s face as his flesh is being torn away in front of a gasping Best Arena crowd.


Benny Newell can only toast the Hardcore Artist and downs his shot of whiskey, pouring another shortly afterwards. Joe Hoffman points out Scottywood’s recent win streak may be attributed to his intense motivation for regaining the LSD title.

In the meantime, blood pours from Christopher America’s face as Scottywood sizes him up with his fist, punching him to the point where blood spatters into the first row. He’s toying with the champion now as America is on his knees, leaning against Scottywood to keep his balance. Scottywood goes for the Ice Kick, but before he connects, a resurgent America ducks and lands an American Low Blow!

Both men are down, lying face first on the mat. Faze kneels down to check on both and assures that they both want to continue. After several moments of nursing his privates, Scottywood is the first one to his feet while America is still down after losing a lot of blood so far in this match. The American flag still drifts over the men as Scottywood approaches America with evil intent. He lifts up the champion carefully by his hair, admiring the “beauty”, the blood on Christopher America’s face he’d call his Masterpiece, before landing a stinging Knifedge Chop to his chest. America responds with a punch to Scottywood’s temple. Scottywood with another Knifedge Chop! America with another punch! Again, Scottywood goes for the Ice Kick but America counters with an American Dragon Screw.

Christopher America salutes the American flag and removes it from the pole as Scotty gets back to his feet. Scottywood lunges towards him, but America jabs the end of the pole into Scottywood’s midsection, doubling him over. Christopher yells “FOR AMERICA” as he locks up the challenger but Scottywood pushes off. America flies off the ropes and a ROARING AMERICAN ELBOW sends Scottywood down! Cover!




With blood all over his face, his body and the ring, America wastes no time lifting Scottywood from the mat into an Inverted Facelock.

Christopher America: FOR AMERICA!!!

Big Buff: NOOOOOOO!!!

Somehow, Scotty slips out AGAIN and reverses the hold into a Fireman’s Carry.

Joe Hoffman: GAME MISCONDUCT ON THE AMERICAN STEEL CHAIR! No! America broke free! American T-Bone Suplex on Scottywood!! Christopher America covers while Faze is quick to make the count.





Big Buff: There’s just no quit in Scottywood, especially with the LSD title at stake.

Newell takes another shot of Jack after another near pin fall while Christopher America sizes up Scottywood for the American Ankle Lock, a move taken from the playbook of his mentor, John Sektor. As Christopher grabs Scotty’s ankle, Scottywood rolls through it forcing America through the middle rope crashing to the outside. America lands hard and Scottywood carefully climbs to the top rope as Faze looks on.


Big Buff: The same move he beat Ryan Faze with 2 weeks ago!

Both men are extremely dazed, especially America, but eventually find their way back to the ring before Faze counts them out. Barely able to move, Scottywood drapes his lifeless arm over the chest of Christopher America.




Joe Hoffman: America got the shoulder up! I thought we had a new LSD champion!!

Scottywood uses the ropes to get back to his feet and as exhausted as he is, calls for the Game Misconduct. He picks up his barbed wire hockey stick and holds it high in the air, belting out a thunderous roar to the crowd. They boo in response which prompts a faint smile from an exhausted Scottywood. With the other weapons still in play, Scottywood double checks to make sure he has the one he wants.

Big Buff: Like there is any doubt he would pick anything else. C’mon Scotty!

America is stirring on the canvas while Scottywood sadistically admires his weapon of choice. He turns toward the America and approaches him with full intention to end his reign as LSD champion….

But another crack with the hockey stick actually misses Christopher America and breaks the thing in half as slivers of wood shatter across the ring.

Joe Hoffman: America moved out of the way! Lookout! He’s got the…

Surprised, Scottywood spins around only to come face to face with the cheese grater! Scottywood’s deep red blood gushes as small chunks of skin are ripped from his face. America kicks him to the gut…

Big Buff: Shit! NO!!!




Big Buff: SCOTTYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!


Faze signals for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Wow! What an AMAZING battle between these two men here tonight!

Joe looks over to Benny Newell who is slouched in his announcer’s seat, polishing off the remaining contents of his HOW flask. Back in the ring, “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze has called for a microphone as America celebrates his successful title defense by draping the American flag over Scottywood’s body.


The Real Face of HOW?

A mild “FAZE OF HOW” chant breaks out but the fans are mostly wondering what “The Phenomenal One” is doing in light of the exhausting and gruesome match given forth by the likes of Scottywood and Christopher America. With the microphone in hand, Faze prompts the crowd to give them a round of applause by clapping his hands himself.


Faze: Wow, you two really know how to put on a show. I guess I should apologize for my little intrusion, but it was pretty clear to me that referee Joel Hortega wasn’t prepared to call a fair match for you two.

Scottywood and Christopher America look on in confusion as the High Octane medics tend to their injuries. Heaps of bloodied gauze begin to pile up next to each superstar.

Faze: Based on the performance you both just gave these PHENOMENAL fans, its obvious you deserved better than that. The LSD TITLE deserved better than that which is why I came to the rescue and called a fair match.

This prompts another “FAZE OF HOW” chant that echoes louder and louder throughout the arena as it continues on. In the ring, Faze politely gestures to the fans to “quiet down” as he’s trying to make his point.

Faze: But I’m not here to congratulate either one of you, if that’s what you were expecting. I’m here to make a challenge. You see, that LSD title is something I’ve had my eye on ever since March to Gl…”

“Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier suddenly blares across the arena and the fans erupt in cheers as Jatt Starr, the man who defeated Faze at the pay-per-view, emerges from the curtain and makes his way down the ramp, briefcase in hand. Faze stands in the ring looking shocked at Starr’s appearance.

Starr: Excuse me! Excuse me! Soon to be Four Time HOW Champion in the house! Cut my music!

Starr stops in front of the ring as his music ends. Starr looks over at Scottywood and Christopher America, who look like hell. Then at Ryan Faze.

Starr: I’m sorry for interrupting but I have an announcement that concerns the LSD Championship! Last week, I promised that the final item in my briefcase would be revealed tonight. And I guarantee, my announcement will show my wife that I have changed! That I am no longer the Ruler of Jattlantis, but simply Jatt Starr!

Faze, America, and Scottywood all look on in complete confusion.

Starr: Now as everyone knows, later tonight I will be trying to capture the HOW Championship for an unprecedented fourth time!

The crowd erupts.

Starr: But before I become HOW Champion, let me announce the final item in my briefcase.

Starr reaches into his briefcase and pulls out a folder.

Starr: In my hand is a contract to face the LSD Champion!

The expression on Ryan Faze’s face turns from confusion to dejection as it was clear he was out here to challenge the LSD champion.

Starr: BUT… I am not the one who will be using this contract! That’s right! I am going to give this contract away! And the person I am giving it to is…………

…….a fellow Best Alliance member……….


Jatt Starr points to the curtain and has Faze and the fans absolutely baffled.


Starr looks back at the curtain and then at his watch.

Starr: You have ten seconds to accept! Nine…eight…seven….six…five…four….three…two….one…. TIME’S UP!!! Sorry Walrus, the offer is no longer on the table! Therefore, in regards to this title shot….I promised to offer it to a Best Alliance member first….and since they have apparently declined….

Starr rolls into the ring.

Starr: I am giving it to…..RYAN FAZE!!!!

The crowd erupts as Starr hands the contract to Ryan Faze who looks suspiciously at Starr and is reluctant to accept the LSD title shot.

Starr: Take it! No strings attached! Trust me! What happened to the trust in the world?

Faze accepts the contract from Starr, who immediately, and uncharacteristically hugs the unsuspecting Faze. After a tight squeeze, Starr releases him.

Starr: No need to thank me. We may have had our differences in the past, but we agree that like the HOW Championship, the LSD Championship deserves a champion with honor and integrity and I know you are the man represent those qualities! Good luck!

“Everybody Want You” kicks up again as Starr rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Faze isn’t far behind with his LSD title shot in hand, thirsting for this opportunity, while America and Scottywood are left in the ring wondering “what’s next?”

Big Buff: First Static? And now Faze?

Joe Hoffman: The LSD title picture just got a WHOLE lot juicier.

Big Buff: What the fuck, Jatt?!? I need a drink! Cut to break!

Official sponsor of High Octane Wrestling

Hes Baaaack

Back live..

The lights flicker, and then dim out quickly. The sound of wind howling is heard echoing off the walls as a whistle echoes behind it. A single white light shines down on the stage as “Evangel” by Ramstein screams across the speakers. Kostoff makes his way out onto the stage as the roar of the crowd deafens out the music. Standing there he closes his eyes as he takes it all in. Making his way to the ring he slaps the hands of the fans cheering him on. As he gets to ringside he grabs a mic from the announce table and slides into the ring. Looking out at the crowd his music dies out. Nodding his head to the crowd they explode again.

Kostoff: Thank you, it’s been a while since I did one of these.

The place errupts.

Big Buff: As much as I hate him he sure doesn’t talk a lot.

Joe Hoffman: He’s always done his talkng inside the ring.

As the crowd calms down a bit, he takes ina deep breathe.

Kostoff: Now, for the past few weeks that I was in the ring I had a shit run, I won’t make up any lies bottom line is a I got whooped. I needed a break, needed to get my head back together and focus. Lee and I talked and we both agreed with what I had going on outside the ring that me taking some time off would help out both of us.

Kostoff: So as the past few weeks have unfolded I got to sit back and a fucking SSE invasion? Are we serious here? I mean you have the ring leader of HVE in Rob Michaels here with Matt Denton, Trip Eisen and Trent, and they are just fucking knocking everyone down that gets in their way.

Boos rain down at the mention of SSE. Nodding his head he looks at the crowd.

Kostoff: You see, back in the day when SSE actually ment anything the boys that are here now didn’t amount to shit. Trip? Yeah he had a small run in SSE but he doesn’t strike fear into anyone.

Kostoff: Trent? Ok I rest my case. Matt Denton? What the fuck ever. Rob Michaels, now if he had the brains that God gave a fucking mule you would have brought Stark with you, but I bet he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hide behind anyone here.

Kostoff: And with that being said, I’m sure we don’t need to get into the past with Splinter being SSE’s bitch as well as the fucking clone killer and his master. SSE was a fed that was fun for violence. I think once me and Jatt stood up for ourselves there, that was the end for us in SSE.

The crowd goes wild at the mention of Jatt’s name.

Kostoff: Some good guys came out of the SSE, the one who I respect over them all is Shane. He’s a bad mother fucker.

Kostoff: But enough about the trip down memory lane, let’s get to the point. You boys came here and have decided to raise hell in the place I’ve called home for a long time. And you have attacked a lot of the people I’ve gone to war against and with. Now, since you mother fuckers have started this when I was gone, I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to stop it.

The crowd begins to cheer on the Hall of Famer as he begins to pace back and forth in the ring.

Kostoff: Now I know that you boys have had a nice little one here and you’ve had your fun but that shit stops and it stops right the fuck now!!! How dare you, who the fuck do you bastards think you are? You think that I’m going to sit back and allow you to disrespect the ring and the company that some of the greatest men who have ever been in this industry have fought in and for?

Kostoff: You boys have another thing coming. When it’s all said and done each one of you are gonna wish you stayed out of the ring for good.

The crowd errupts as he stops pacing. The crowd begins to part as a large man leaps over the railing. Dressed in black the monsyter climbs into the ring with a chair. As he turns around, Kostoff gets caught in the face with the chair. The large man drives the chair into the skull of Kostoff over and over. Blood pools underneath him as the large man picks up the mic. Lifting up the bloody head of Kostoff the large man leans down and hisses into the ear of Kostoff.

Man: I know that with the beating you just took you might not get this fully but right now I don’t give a shit who you are going after. I’m here for you, and when I’m done with you….you won’t ever want to get into the ring again. Matter of fact, you won’t be able to get into the ring again. If you didn’t like this, what you are going to see next week will make you sick.

Laughing out loud the large man drops the bloody mess that’s Kostoff. Standing up, the large man steps out of the ring and exits through the crowd. The crowd boos the man as he pushes his way through the mob of fans.

Hoffman: Holy shit I don’t know who that was or what but damn he sent a message to Kostoff tonight.

The scene drifts to the backstage area as the last thing you see is a bloody Kostoff pulling himself to his feet.


Pre Match..

The scene is backstage and Silver Cyanide is seen stretching, less than a couple of minutes away from the crucial Tornado tag elimination match for the Stables title. Sektor suddenly appears next to him with the lime green stable title over his shoulder and another belt in his hand, with silver straps. Cyanide notices the belt and smirks.

Sektor: Whether we win the match…or even if the stable titles are retired, I figured you deserved your own custom belt before we go out there.

Sektor props the custom title into Cyanide’s chest. He takes it and places it over his shoulder, polishing it with his wrist. He smiles at it and looks at Sektor, giving him a nod of appreciation.

Sektor: You ready?

Cyanide slaps him on the shoulder.

Silver Cyanide: Let’s do this dawg!

The two smirk and walk out of shot as the scene cuts to ringside.


HOW Stables Title Match
Shane Reynolds & Aceldama vs. John Sektor & Silver Cyanide
Tag Team Elimination Match

TNT is going crazy, a hell of a night so far and things are getting hotter as we get ready for our next match.

Joe Hoffman: Well, this match was first scheduled to retire the Stable title, BUT Lee Best had a change of thought and decided he wanted to keep them, so tonight’s winner will go forward to defend the titles another night.

Big Buff: Finished yapping?

Joe Hoffman: Be quiet, people, just so you know, Sektor will be safe from Shane tonight as he’s unable to be harmed in any way by just Shane Reynolds thanks to Max and co.

Following, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by Saliva kicks in and the AoA come walking out greeted by a wave of boos, the provoke it more by teasing the fans and Sektor and Cyanide head down to the ring. They climb in and begin waiting when ‘Undead’ by Hollywood Undead kicks in and the Best Alliance due come walking out also greeted by amount of boos which they totally ignore and head straight to the ring, Reynolds and Aceldama climb in and get ready.

Joe Hoffman: Guys and girls, you will notice Joel Hortega does have a head injury from an inadvertent chair shot earlier in the show, but he is good to go.

Big Buff: Joe, I just learned, it’s been signed, Christopher America versus Joel Hortega at War Games!

Hortega signals for the bell, Cyanide seems ready to start first, and it seems like there’s trouble going on over the other side of the ring, Reynolds and Aceldama are arguing over who starts.

Joe Hoffman: I think they’ve all forgotten, this is a Tornado Elimination match?

Immediately the ref informs both teams of the stipulation, they realize, as does Sektor, as they all rush into the centre of the ring. Sektor and Cyanide get the better hand as they lay the beat down, punching them to the mat, Sektor drags Aceldama to the corner as Cyanide whips Shane off the ropes, he attempts a clothesline but he ducks, but on the return hits a hard spear. He covers but before anyone can count Aceldama bursts out the corner kicking Cyanide off, Sektor quickly leaps onto his back and attempts a few rights and lefts from behind, but Aceldama refuses to go down. Cyanide tries to help by kicking and punching him from the front, but Aceldama continues to fight back, Sektor now locks in a sleeper hold as he hangs on his back.

Joe Hoffman: I just don’t think they can take the big man down.

Big Buff: He doesn’t even look fazed at the sleeper hold, he’s still walking around?

Cyanide, with frustration heads outside the ring and comes back in with a steal chair, the fans go crazy as there ready for action but the ref is quick to jump in the way. He signals no but Cyanide seems tempted to whack the chair over Aceldama’s head who currently can’t see anything with Sektor’s arms wrapped around his face and head. But suddenly Aceldama reaches up and grabs Sektor, yanking him over with a huge snapmare to the mat, he look up, Cyanide ignores the refs warning and swings at Aceldama, he ducks, turns, DDT!!!

He covers..




Cyanide gets a shoulder up and rises with crossed eyes, Shane has joined the action again and goes to help Aceldama pick up Sektor, but he realizes he can’t touch him and backs off. Aceldama tells him to ‘come on’ but all Shane can do is place his hands on his hips annoyed at this stipulation and waves Aceldama off. Aceldama looks pissed but he swings Sektor off the ropes and hits a huge back drop. Cyanide has rolled out the ring, Shane spots him and does the most shocking thing, he runs off the ropes and LEAPS over the ropes shocking everyone in the arena as he lands on top of him with a suicide dive.

Big Buff: He killed him!

Aceldama watches it all and looks out at the fans, the crowd cheers him on thinking he’s going to do the same, and he goes for it, running off the ropes as Cyanide and Shane stand up, but no. Aceldama stops and just totally ignores the boos that occur from it, Shane and Cyanide fight it out on the outside while Aceldama picks Sektor up and whips him off the ropes. He goes for a back body drop, but Sektor stops and tries attempting a powerbomb, instead pulls his back and drops in pain, Aceldama quickly reacts and goes for his own. But Sektor reverses and manages to drop back to the mat, he boots him and sets him up for a suplex.

Joe Hoffman: He struggled trying a powerbomb, can he do a suplex?

Big Buff: I could suplex him, Joe!

Joe shakes his head as Sektor heaves him up, but he can’t seem to get him too high, he tries again but Aceldama starts to fight back, Sektor lands a knee, followed by another knee, and then following with a complete flurry of knees. Aceldama is dazed and Sektor out of nowhere lifts him up very slowly and over landing very hard with a huge planted suplex, he covers but Aceldama powers out after 1, Sektor looks shocked.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor can’t believe it, but I can.

Big Buff: I saw him lift a house once, and then dropped it onto a bunch of kids!

Outside Shane whips Cyanide into the guard rail, and continues to whip him into the other side also following with a knee to the stomach and then drop-kicks him to the face sending Cyanide tumbling backwards into the crowd. Sektor has Aceldama in a head lock keeping him pinned to the mat trying to wear him out, Shane runs in the ring and Sektor let’s go, forgetting about the stipulation, but soon realizes as he sees Shane hesitate to attack him, Sektor gets right in his face.

Joe Hoffman: Uh-Oh, don’t do it Shane, you’re in enough trouble as it is.

Big Buff: DO IT! HIT HIM! DO IT!

Joe and Benny continue to play devil and angel on their shoulders as Sektor talks smack to Shane getting him angry and ruffed up, Shane clenches his fists as if ready to land a hard one in his jaw. But instead its Sektor, he slaps Shane hard across the face and the fans let out a huge ‘OOOOHHHH’, Shane looks pissed and gets right in front of Sektor, gritting his teeth, ready, but he knows he can’t do anything. From behind though Aceldama is up and grabs Sektor lifting him up in a reverse choke-slam position, but Sektor rolls forward dragging him down rolling him up for a cover. Shane’s eyes widen as he sees the ref drop to count and hesitates on what to do… ONE… Shane grabs the steel chair Cyanide left earlier, Sektor’s eyes widen as he raises it… TWO… Shane looks ready to strike Sektor, but as the refs hand comes down for a three, SMACK! Shane smacks Hortega over the head with the chair.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD! Shane just laid out Joel Hortega, that’s the second time tonight!

Big Buff: News just in, next week its Joel Hortega taking on Shane Reynolds, can’t wait!

Shane hovers above Hortega and throws the chair aside, but Sektor runs up from behind and belly to back suplex’s Shane head first into the mat. Again though Aceldama is up, he runs at Sektor who ducks, but coming from the outside Cyanide springs off the ropes leaping towards Aceldama, but he catches him. Aceldama lifts Cyanide up throwing him into the air into a press slam position, but Sektor slams the steel chair into Aceldama’s head from behind. Aceldama drops forward, as well as Cyanide and Cyanide uses the position and momentum hitting a reverse STO on him, his finisher, the Dementia Pugilistica.

Big Buff: I taught him that!

Joe Hoffman: Holy hell, Aceldama is a monster; he’s getting screwed here by the AoA!

Cyanide covers him, Sektor adds to the weight jumping on top, Hortega is barely moving but managers to come to, enough to see the cover, he counts, barely..

Joe Hoffman: No way, not this way.


Big Buff: Nooooo, kick out, KICK OUT!


Joe Hoffman: And the AoA steal a pinfall, Shane’s all alone!


Big Buff: Lee Best won’t be happy about this!!!

Aceldama is eliminated at 6 minutes and 54 seconds!

The ref tries getting himself to his feet as Sektor and Cyanide roll Aceldama out of the ring, Shane now gets up looks shocked, they see him. Sektor smiles and runs for him, Shane quickly reacts moving to one side and slides out of the ring with Sektor hot on his tail, but Cyanide tries cutting him off. Cyanide slides out the ring on the other side in hopes to catch him, but Shane sees him and quickly slides in the ring, Sektor follows and chases him. He dives high in hopes to catch Shane but out of nowhere Reynolds drops and pulls on the ropes down, unlucky for Sektor he clears them and goes landing hard down to the mat with a huge thud.

Joe Hoffman: WOW! Shane avoiding Sektor and eliminates him without touching him, amazing.

Big Buff: Watch out Shane!!!

Aceldama can finally be seen making his way up the ramp as in the ring Silver Cyanide is behind Shane and yanks him into a reverse DDT immediately going for the cover, Hortega still slow and dizzy counts but a quick kick out by Shane. He pulls him up and lands a few hard rights and follows with a suplex, he sends him into the ropes and hits a clothesline and follows with more rights and lefts continuing with a huge pile-driver. He signals to the crowd for some high impact action and heads up to the top rope, the crowd rise with cheers as Cyanide readies himself leaping off spinning in the air landing a HUGE 450 SPLASH onto Shane straight into a cover.

Hortega counts, still groggy..

1… 2… 3… NO!!

Shane forces out just before the three count hits, its close and Cyanide isn’t happy immediately leaping up to complain to the referee, Hortega defends himself informing him, but Cyanide refuses to accept it. The ref continues to try explain, but also Cyanide continues to complain almost having a fit in the ring, but SHANE REYNOLDS FROM BEHIND ROLLING HIM UP!




NO!!!!!! So close but not so far, Cyanide just about kicks out, and gets up, he charges, but Shane rolls him up again in a small package, another count.. 1.. 2.. 3.. NO! AGAIN another close fall, Cyanide barely kicking out both times. But again there up, Cyanide charges, he sees Shane go to reverse so changes his own position hoping for a clothesline, but Shane ducks that and hooks a crucifix position on his back pulling him down for another pin 1.. 2.. 3.. NO! YET AGAIN Cyanide kicking out at the very last moment leaving it too close, they rise, but Cyanide gets dropped as Shane drop-kicks him in the face.

Joe Hoffman: My god what a comeback there by Shane, Cyanide barely surviving in those consecutive pin falls.

Shane lifts Cyanide up and lands a few right, he body slams him, whips him into the ropes and hip tosses him following with a leg drop and then an elbow. Shane follows and whips Cyanide into the corner slamming hard into the turn-buckle, Shane runs at him but Cyanide moves and taps his head that he’s smart, but in that time Shane leaps into the turn-buckle and springboards back with an edited enziguri into the back of Cyanide’s head. Shane covers 1.. 2.. 3.. NO!

Joe Hoffman: How many times can Cyanide keep kicking out at the very last moment, Hortega confused as it is with these chair shots, I’m not sure he’ll realize if his hand hits the mat one of these times.

Shane begins to get annoyed, he has Cyanide up again, and lands a few right, he hits a kick and runs off the ropes, but on his return Cyanide is waiting with a hard right of his own. Shane stumbles back and attempts it again, but Cyanide again responds with a surprising hard right, he grabs Shane and gets ready to whip him off the ropes. Sektor is getting up using the ring apron, he sees Cyanide whipping Shane into the ropes and turns his back, but doesn’t see Shane reverse Cyanide and sends him running, only ending up in Sektor tripping his own partner by mistake. Sektor with a smile turns, but soon realizes as Cyanide pops back to his feet, angry, Sektor is shocked and can’t believe it as he crouches down holding his head, but Shane comes from behind and rolls Cyanide up.

Hortega counts..

Joe Hoffman: SEKTOR LOOK!




Cyanide doesn’t kick out this time and is eliminated at 10 minutes and 12 seconds.

Big Buff: SCREW JOB! It’s Montreal all over again.

Sektor looks up as he hears the pin fall and the crowd goes crazy for elimination, he can’t believe his eyes and the anger forces him to rush in and drop Shane with an elbow. Sektor doesn’t even hesitate as he goes to work, stomping away on Shane, mounting him with rights and lefts, Shane can only defend himself as he tries escape him not being able to hit him back.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is Shane going to do? He can’t touch Sektor in any way, but it’s only him and Sektor left, how is he going to win?


Shane must have heard Benny as he rolls out the ring trying to escape, Sektor grabs him and lands his head into the steal steps and suplex’s him onto the hard floor. Sektor hops onto the ring apron and poses to the fans, he leaps off and lands a hard leg drop and hurts himself as well as Shane, but the ref nags him to get back in the ring. Sektor rolls Shane in and pulls him to his feet, he whips him off the ropes and flapjacks him face first into the mat, he locks in a head lock and yanks away, Shane in pain refusing to quit. The ref gets in Shane’s face, but Sektor gets distracted as suddenly Aceldama comes walking back out stomping his way down to the ring,

Joe Hoffman: Uh-Oh this calls for trouble, get security..


Aceldama comes running down and hops onto the ring apron, Sektor takes a swing at him but Aceldama ducks and catches him, hooking him up and holding him in position. He yells at Shane, calling for him to hit Sektor, Shane rises and just looks at him, knowing he can’t, but he can’t hold him forever. Sektor struggles free and swings at Shane who ducks, Sektor strikes again but Shane can only duck and doge, Sektor then goes for a super-kick, but Shane ducks that also and it heads straight into Aceldama’s hands as he catches him. Aceldama smiles as Sektor panics, he throws his foot though, but it swings straight into Hortega’s face knocking him to the mat, all three men stand confused and unsure what to do. Suddenly Aceldama taps Sektor on the shoulder, but Sektor turns and goes for a big right hand, Aceldama ducks and drops off the apron, Sektor look annoyed and turns only for WHAM!!!!


Big Buff: LOOK!!!

Suddenly the AoA come running out, Mario, Paras Cyanide and America as they steam down to the ring, but Aceldama has a steal chair and suddenly fends off the AoA members. They stop and keep their distance not wanting to get laid out by the steal chair while inside the ring the fans are going crazy over Shane breaking the rules after he super kicked Sektor in the face. Shane stands over him and drops to his knees and makes the cover, Hortega is dizzy as hell and unsure what to do or where he is, Aceldama sees this and begins thinking. Suddenly he launches the chair at the AoA members and runs into the ring quickly reviving Hortega, but Mario is in the ring and runs at Aceldama who out of nowhere tips him over the ropes. Cyanide comes running but gets a huge back body drop landing hard, Paras next and Aceldama tosses him over the ropes too, America stops though and backs off as he sees Aceldama standing above him and the ref counts…

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama stopping the AoA.. can they get the win?




Joe Hoffman: THEY DONE IT!!!

The refs hand hits the mat and the bell rings, Aceldama and Shane quickly exit the ring as all the AoA enter the ring to help Sektor, Shane now resting on Aceldama as he stares at all the AoA, cameras fading on the new Stable champions.

Team Best:
Aceldama, Shane Reynolds vs. Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, John Sektor vs. Team SSE: Rob Michaels, Matt Denton

Insert Dark title here

The scene opens up in Crow’s locker room… but Crow isn’t there. Joey is sitting there by himself playing his Nintendo DS. Joey is showing signs of frustration as he begins button mashing really hard.

Joey: Dammit Mario! Dammit! DIE!!!!

Joey throws the DS on the ground and jumps up and down on it, and the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games game inside.

Joey: DIE Mario, you’ll never run faster than Sonic you fatty.

There is a knock at the door.

Joey: Who is it??

With no answer Joey gets up and walks up to the door, but as he reaches to open it the door flies open and a man dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask rushes in and zaps him with a taser. Joey convulses and falls to the ground in a heap as the masked man stands over him, Joey unsure what just happened.

Masked Man: I’m sorry Joey but this is going to hurt you more then it will hurt me.

The masked man helps Joey up off the ground, his legs are wobbly.

Masked Man: Now if your smart, you will come with me quietly and willingly.

After a second, Joey tries to run, yelling out.

Joey: ARGH! RAPE!!

The masked man shoots Joey with the taser gun again sending him crashing to the ground again.

Masked Man: And if you were smart you certainly wouldn’t do that again. Now are you going to be a good boy and come with me?

The masked man hovers over Joey but he’s lying down drawling, the masked man helps Joey up once again and they start to head for the door when the masked man turns toward the camera.

Masked Man: One more thing…. No evidence.

With that being said the masked man takes the camera and slams it down on the concrete cracking the lens. The scene fades to black as you can still see the feet of the masked man dragging Joey away.


#1 Contender for the ICON Title
Perfect Paul Paras vs. Marvelous Mario Maurako
Singles Match

The scene cuts back to ringside where “Invincible” by Ok go hits. The crowd give a chorus of boo’s as both Triple M and Triple P emerge with arrogant grins on their faces.

Joe Hoffman mentions how unusual it is for two opponents to enter the ring together even if they are a tag team. Big Buff mentions that they are both fags as Joe ignores and goes on to explain that the winner of this match will be crowned number one contender for the Icon title.

Both Triple M and Triple P enter the ring and shake hands as the music fades out. The bell rings and the two begin to circle each other. The crowd are somewhat excited by this one on one match between the two stable mates. Triple M and Triple P look around at the fans and scoff and the two decide to wait in opposite corners until the excitement disappears.

As the crowd boo this boring act by Perfectly Marvellous, Benny notes the distaste that the two men have for the Chicago crowd. The two finally decide to lock up and Triple M gets the advantage with a go behind into a hammer lock. Triple P reverses it by ducking down and under, catching Triple M in a side headlock. He then drops to a knee and applies pressure, but Triple M uses the strength in his legs to stand up straight and force Triple P to go running against the ropes. Triple M steps to decide instead of going for an impact move. He laughs as the crowd boo him.

The two continue for the next few minutes with tired and boring wrestling holds, not doing anything to excite the crowd. At one point they even decide to have a break as they both exit the ring and have a drink of water, whilst seeming to have a conversation. Joe Hoffman is getting frustrated as he comments about how this crowd paid good money to see a good competitive match between the two.

Eventually something gives as Triple M hits Paras with a DDT. Triple M goes to the top turnbuckle as is looking to hit the Maurako Rocker but he notices the crowd cheering frantically and decides to climb back down. The crowd boo again and begin to chant “This Match Sucks!” Triple M just laughs as he pulls Paul up to his feet. Paras ducks and goes behind Triple M and hits a diving reverse DDT the “Minnesota Slice.” He covers but only manages a two count. Shortly after he locks in an abdominal stretch which he keeps applied, adding pressure to Triple M. He eventually releases the hold as he realizes the crowd are beginning to will Triple M to fade out. Once again they boo.

Triple P goes for a clothesline but Triple M ducks and locks in the a full nelson, The Marvelosity. He shakes Triple P this way and that and the crowd are cheering wildly. But Triple M keeps the hold applied, looking to win the match. Triple P is struggling and trying to walk towards the ropes. Triple M leans back adding pressure and making it difficult to Triple P. Triple eventually manages to wrap his feet around the ropes and Triple M releases him.

Hoffman talks about how Triple M’s mind might be elsewhere with everything going on surrounding Crow and Amanda.

Triple P holds his neck and nods at Triple M. Triple M half heartedly lifts a hand in the air for a lock up. He looks as though he couldn’t care less. They both lock up and Triple P swoops behind and takes the legs of Triple M. He then scurries around on the mat and locks in a front chin lock. Hoffman says that if nothing else this is a good exhibition of technical wrestling. Triple M get’s to his feet as Triple P keeps the hold, but Triple M knocks his arms away using his strength. But Triple P kicks Triple M in the gut and executes an STO backbreaker, which he follows up with an anaconda vice. Hoffman explains that Triple P has his signature move applied to his team mate, called the Messianic Complex . Triple M tries to break the hold a couple of times before giving up and tapping out.

Winner of the Match: 8:92 TRIPLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE P!!!!!!!!!!

Triple M and Triple P shake hands showing no love loss as Hoffman announces Triple P as the next contender for the Icon title. The scene cuts backstage.

Breaking point..

Backstage, Jatt Starr is walking down the corridor as he turns the corner he sees something and turns right around back from whence he came.


Starr turns around again and is face to face with Lee Best.


Starr: You know….


Starr: I tried! He never came out!


Starr: It was what’s his name….Ace…Assy…Osama…

Lee Best: ACELDAMA???

Starr: Yeah, I can’t say his name, so I call him Walrus McPoopypants.


Starr: Well….hm….I suppose I should have told him BEFORE I went out there, huh?

Lee Best: YOU THINK????

Starr: Well, I will certainly take this as a life lesson to be sure. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

Starr begins to walk off but Lee Best grabs him.

Lee Best: I don’t know what your fucking game is here, Jatt, but if I find out you are trying to sabotage me, I will rip out your eyes and skull fuck the holes.

Starr: That’s a little bit disgusting. It in fact reminds me of my cousin’s ex-girlfriend’s roommate who was obsessed with vampires to the point where she dated this guy who had his teeth cosmetically altered so that it would look like he had fangs so, anyway, she went on this date with this guy…what was her name? Henrietta? Harriette? No, wait, it was Saman—

Lee Best: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! You make me want to take a sharpened pencil, drive it into my ear until it reaches my brain, and then swoosh it around until I am fucking brain dead!!!

Starr: Have you seen a therapist about those feelings of self-mutilation? Because that can be the result of a deeper issue.

Lee Best: Shit.

Lee Best takes a breath and restrains himself from choking Starr to death.

Lee Best: Just make sure you understand this: You fuck with me, I will bring down a rain of fire and brimstone on you and your entire fucking family.

Starr: Lee! Get a flipping grip here! Do you honestly believe that I would betray our friendship? Do you honestly believe that? I have been loyal to you from day one! There is no one else in this company that you can count on more! You want the HOW Championship back in the Best Alliance, I am going to deliver it you. You want SSE gone? Fine, that’s next on my list. But don’t question my loyalty to you. You know darn well I am Best Alliance all the way!

Lee Best: As long as we are clear.

Starr: Crystal.

Lee Best: But I need to know one fucking thing: Why Ryan Faze?

Starr: He seems to represent fairness and honesty and integrity. Qualities this world seemingly lacks.

Lee Best: He’s a fucking loser!

Starr: Well, sometimes it takes one act of kindness to change a person’s fortunes.

Lee Best: I swear if your wife doesn’t come back and you don’t return to the old Jatt Starr soon, I will fucking kill you. I can see that right now.

Starr: Sorry, the Ruler of Jattlatis is dead.

Starr walks off.

Lee Best: What the fuck did I do to deserve this?

Lee Best turns to see an intern looking at him.

Lee Best: If you answer that question, I will fucking stab you in the eye..I’m tired of this shit…Kael or SSE can have the fucking company and all its headaches..!

Lee Best walks away down the corridor shaking his head Cut to commercial.


Next week on TNT…
LSD Championship Match: Christopher America vs. Ryan Faze with Commissioner Scottywood as Referee!!

Bobbinette Queen B Carey, Max Kael & Issac Slade vs. King Trip Eisen, Rob Michaels & Matt Denton
Six Man Tag Team Match

We return from break just as King Trip Eisen makes his way down into the ring, his two other SSE members, Rob Michaels and Matt Denton already in the ring. Next out are Bobbinette Carey, Issac Slade and Max Kael who make their way to their respective corners. Big Buff and Joe Hoffman run down how this match came to be and Max’s hand in getting the SSE into the War Games main event for control of HOW. The SSE elect Rob Michaels to start while Max begins issuing orders to Issac and Bobbinette who do not seem overly pleased with the situation but play along to maintain the peace.

Slade and Michaels start off the match with a serious of holds and grapples showing off eachother’s technical skill which ends with Michael’s planting a stiff kick to Slade’s face. Michael’s poses over Slade who is holding his face while Bobbinette yells encouragement. Max looks disinterested as he leans on the ropes while the crowd rallies to Slade’s aid. Michael’s, however, does not allow the crowd to factor in as he hits three stiff kicks to Slade’s back and chest before hitting a low drop kick to the back of Slade’s head before he goes for the cover..




Slade manages to get his shoulder up as Michaels rolls back up to his feet tagging in King Trip. The King of Eisen grabs Slade by the legs and pulls him into the SSE corner and begins to work him over, isolating him with his partners. Hortega gets between Eisen and Slade, threatening a DQ however while his attention is taken, Denton and Michaels begin to choke the life out of Slade as the crowd boos. Buff admits while he doesn’t care for the SSE, its a good tactic while Joe rails against the unfairness of it all. Hortega finishes his warning and allows Trip to drag Slade back to the center of the ring as he goes for a pin fall..




Slade once again manages to get his shoulder up as Trip rolls his eyes. Trip stalks around Slade who desperately crawls to the ropes, pulling himself up as he looks toward his corner. Trip charges forward and kicks Slade’s left leg out from under him, once again taking away hope of getting out of the ring for Slade. Going back to his corner, Trip tags in Matt Denton who charges toward the weakening Slade, reigning down a series of fists before he is dragged off by Hortega.

Carey is screaming support once again as Max appears more interested in examining his nails while the crowd once again tries to rally Slade. Denton moves back over toward Slade and cinches him up for a Piledriver, signalling for A.T.M. He lifts up Slade who has the presence of mind to kick Denton square in the nose forcing him to release the hold and fall backward clutching his face. Slade slowly drags himself toward the HOW Corner as Denton slowly starts to pull himself back up.

Noticing that Slade is heading for a hot tag, Denton rushes over toward Slade however just before he is able too Slade jumps forward and slaps Max Kael in the shoulder who looks otherwise surprised by what just happened. Max disregards Slade who rolls under the ring ropes to catch his breath and proceeds into the ring where Denton charges him. Max ducks under an attempted close line and hits a short neckbreaker on Denton. Rising to his feet he holds his arms into the air before he turns, slapping Carey on the arm to tag her in before stepping out of the ring. Carey questions him but Max merely points toward Denton on the ground.

Carey waits for Denton to get too his feet before hitting a wicked Hurricanarana, staying mounted as she goes for the pin!




The crowd starts to cheer for Carey as she drags Denton up to his feet and sends him back into the ropes before hitting a big spinning closeline on him. She drags him back toward the hOW corner before tagging in Max once again who doesn’t even seem to be paying attention. Max yells something at Carey which causes her to once again roll her eyes and step between the ropes. Max, with an irritated expression, slips back int the ring and sizes Denton up before he hits a big knee to the side of Denton’s head. Max notices Slade is back up onto his feet and he moves back to the HOW corner where he tags Slade in who looks perplexed. Max demands he go into the ring and Slade seems relucant to do so.

Max yells something at Slade who finally gets into the ring and drops to cover Denton.




Slade work’s over Denton’s shoulder as he uses a couple of rest holds to recharge his own batteries. Its clear that Slade could use some longer time out of the ring but Max’s own relucance to reflect the situation at hand. Slade finally cinches Denton up for a suplex and lays him down in the ring before he jumps up, backing into his corner. Max, once again not paying attention is thusly surprised when Slade slaps him across the face and rolls outside of the ring pointing in. Max’s face turns red as he clenches his jaw, stepping between the ropes before he picks Denton up.


Max picks up Denton’s now lifeless body and tosses it into the SSE corner where King Trip cautiously makes the tag while Joe wonders what the hell is going on, why Max didn’t go for the victory just then. Michael’s helps Denton out of the ring while Trip moves against Max. Max skitters back and immediately tags in Bobbinette who’s look of annoyance has grown, directed at Max and his own lack of apparent interest in the match, or at least being a full participant. Still, she steps into the ring and locks up with Trip.

Trip is able to over power the smaller Carey and counters a snap kick into a German Suplex with a bridge, holding Carey for the pin..




Carey manages to twist her body out of the hold and slide near the side ropes clutching her neck. Now it is Slade’s turn to yell encouragement as King Trip begins to work over Carey’s neck and back with a series of neck and back breakers before he hits The Holy DDT Of Kinglyness on Carey!

Trip poses over Carey as he goes for the pin, like a glorious victor..



Slade clocks Trip from behind to break up the counter as Michael’s jumps into the ring. Michaels and Trip begin to tag team Slade as Max watches from the outside, stalking back and forth carefully watching what is going on in the ring. Denton stumbles back up to his feet in the ring and begins to attack the fallen Carey while Ortega tries to get Michael’s and Trip off Slade! Max uses the confusion to slip back into the ring and grab Denton once again, executing the Weapon of Max Destruction once more before rolling out of the ring!

Hortega manages to pull Slade away from the King Trip and Michaels as chaos continues to reign. Trip finally notices that Max has attacked Denton once again and dispatches Michael’s to deal with him as Bobbinette slowly recovers. Max back into his corner and grabs Issac Slade, who is groggy from his beating earlier, holding him in front of him like a shield as Michael’s threatens to attack. Back in the ring Trip grabs Bobbinette who manages to nail him in the testicals with a low blow!

The crowd goes wild as she goes for the cover..




Trip manages to weasel his way out of the pin fall and rolls over to his corner. Unfortunately, as he is obsessed with his own groin pains he does not realize he tags in the now twice WMDed Denton who stumbles back into the ring holding his head. Michaels notices and runs back to his corner barking orders to Denton to tag him in. On the other side, Bobbinette has struggled over to her corner looking for a tag. Issac Slade, noticing her need, frees himself from Max’s grip and tags her, slipping back into the ring!

Denton turns too see Michael’s yelling for him however before he can get back to his corner Slade manages to hit him from behind with a big close line. Michaels jumps into the ring to return the favor to Slade however, for the first time in the match, Max actually takes an interest and enters the ring as well, tackling Michael’s as Slade goes for the pin!




WINNER: Issac Slade, Bobbinette Carey and Maximillian Kael in 14 minutes and 52 seconds!

Dejected, the SSE leave ring side, King Trip holding his groin and Denton supported by Michaels. Bobbinette, obviously worn down, exits the ring with her hands in the air as Max looms over Issac Slade who is pulling himself up in the corner. Max signals for a mic as he eyes Slade carefully.

Max Kael:.. Slade. You once told me to “Have Faith”. But you know what? I don’t think you “Have Faith” in me. You’re just a hypocrite, Slade, you’re just another false prophet. Max KAEL won this match tonight no thanks to you Slade. Why have Faith in a God who doesn’t care about you? Face it, blighter, your GOD SUCKS. But not all is lost! Max Kael cares! Issac, now is the time to “Have Faith” in Ma-

Suddenly Slade springs to life and crack’s Max across the face with a huge super kick flooring the Co-Owner of HOW! Slade looks worn down and tired as he stares down at Max Kael who has been leveled before he climbs to the top turn buckle while the fans cheer. As the cheers grow Slade executes the Freefall on Max Kael! Collecting his ICON Title he leaves the ring, sore but alive while Joe Hoffman explains that if Max plays with fire, it was only a matter of time before he got burnt!

Next week on TNT…
Queen B Bobbinette Carey vs. King Trip Eisen

Seen a porno start like this..

The scene cuts backstage. Boo’s can be heard flooding in from the arena as Sektor appears standing in front of a locker room door, with the name “Bobbinette Carey,” written on it. He gives the door a couple of light knocks and stands back. The door opens quickly as barking can be heard. Bobbinette stands in the door way seeing who it is she crosses her arms in front of her.

Big Buff: Look’s like Sektor’s come for a booty call!

Joe Hoffman: Benny be quiet for minute, I want to see what this is about.

Bobbinette: Oh… it’s you, what do you want now?

She says standing in a defensive position. Sektor isn’t smirking with arrogance like he usually is. In fact he looks concerned and genuine.

Sektor: I’ve tried calling you. Was worried about you, with you know…what happened last week..

Bobbinette: You were worried? Why because you made me cry? You’re not the first person to make me upset enough to bring me to tears.

She says almost shrugging it off.

Bobbinette: I assumed the calls much like your apperance right now would be to gloat.

She says putting her hands up and to the sides signalling she’s out.

Bobbinette: You made a fool of me I made a fool of you it’s even. You can go back about your business and laugh about it with the rest of the AoA.

Sektor has a look of shame on his face and he looks down at the floor. Carey goes to turn back into the dressing room but he grabs her hand and brings her further out into the corridor.

Sektor: Look It’s not like that! I’ll admit at first I was mad at what you did to me on our date, so yeah I stood you up to get even. But last week when I saw how upset you were..

He shakes his head, looking guilty.

Sektor: It made me think you know..

She looks at Sektor raising an eyebrow.

Bobbinette: Made you think what? Sektor look, I was upset, you got one over on me. Showed the entire world that I can get upset and hurt. It’s a miracle! I have feelings like a normal person.

She says looking to the side.

Bobbinette: I shouldn’t have messed you over if I wasn’t able to handle the repercussions of you getting me back.

She says clearing her throat lightly. She sighs and pushes her hair out of her face.

Bobbinette: It’s fair… I get it…

Sektor shakes his head and sighs.

Sektor: That’s not why I’m here, just listen to me!

He now takes her by both hands which creates a confused look on Carey’s face.

Sektor: What I’m trying to say is..

CRACK!! Out of nowhere someone kicks Carey square in the jaw dropping her to the floor. Sektor drops down with her holding her head with concern. He looks up and his face drops as he see’s a figure dressed in black.

Sektor: What the fuck?

Joe Hoffman: WHO IS IT??

The camera slowly pans up to show a woman’s face smirking down at them!!


Joe Hoffman: THAT’S KIRSTA LEWIS!!!!

Two men from the HOW security tackle Kirsta and begin to escort her towards the exit of the building. Sektor hold’s Carey’s head in his arms as he watches in disbelief as Kirsta is carried away!

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is going on here…Kirsta is at Saint’s Haven now..why is she here at a TNT event? Folks we’ll be back right after this commercial…Gawd!

The scene cuts to a final commercial before the Main Event


Get to know your SSE

Joe Hoffman: Folks I have just learned that Lee Best withheld a video taped by the SSE group and it was supposed to air earlier this evening . Our other 50% lawyer from what I am hearing called in the lawyers and we are being forced to watch this SSE “show” right now…

Big Buff: YAWN.

The HOV kicks on and suddenly it cuts to a dark room, where a single spotlight illuminates a man who is quickly becoming familiar to High Octane Wrestling viewers: the leader of the SSE Crusaders, Rob Michaels. Wearing a charcoal grey pinstriped suit with an SSE pin on his lapel, Michaels smirks his trademark smirk at the camera, and then says the one line that will take an SSE classic onto HOW territory.

Michaels: I’m Rob Michaels, and for the first time in almost four years, it’s time to go Hollywood!

Back in the SSE days, this is where “Going Back To Cali” by the Notorious B.I.G. would have kicked in, but this is a new day, and as such, it comes with a new theme song: “River of Joy” by Black Lab. In the opening video, Rob can be seen from a helicopter camera being chased across the rooftops of Los Angeles by assorted paparazzi, performing assorted acts of parkour along the way, jumping from rooftop to rooftop as the paparazzi give chase, performing similar death-defying jumps across buildings. Once he reaches the end of the block, Michaels takes a deep breath and jumps off the roof of the last building, and the camera zooms out to reveal the Going Hollywood logo painted on the street below.

As the video package ends, we cut to a room that looks like something out of a trendy nightclub. The entire back wall is covered by a 103″ plasma-screen TV. In front of the TV is a fully-stocked marble bar, which is being tended by none other than former SSE color commentator Kaley Matheson. There are four stools at the bar, and on them sit Rob Michaels, Trip Eisen, Trent, and Matt Denton.

Michaels: Welcome to Going Hollywood! Tonight, an all-SSE, all-star roundtable panel. My guests this week are Trent, Matt Denton, and Tri—

Eisen: That would be the Honorable, Righteous, Regal and Holy King Trip Eisen the First, King of the Kingdom of Eisen…

Michaels: –p Eisen. Gentlemen, what’s up? Let’s kick things off with a quick review of what we’ve done in our respective careers. Your party host, of course, is the most innovative man in sports-entertainment today, a man who took a staid, tired old business called wrestling and transformed it into an exciting, dynamic industry of sports-entertainment. Gentlemen, how would you sum up your career for someone unfamiliar with it?

Trent: My career’s been like a motherfuckin’ space rocket, man. Started off as the fuckin’ raw materials and pieced together by an expert fuckin’ engineer to become one of the most brutal motherfuckers ever to step into a damn ring! I joined SSE as a rook, greener than the fuckin’ shit I’m smokin’, ya know? Won a couple, lost a few, ya know how it goes when it’s yer first time competin’. But that didn’t last long, after a month or so outta the game due to injury, I returned and fuckin’ dominated. Worked my way up from trashing jobbers and becoming the first ever and longest reigning No Limits Champion, all the fuckin’ way through the ranks to the beat the five most successful former world champs in the fed’s fuckin’ history!

Trent grins excitedly.

Trent: When’s all said and done, winning the World Championship in Carnagepalooza was the biggest fuckin’ fight I’ve ever been in, took a fuckin’ month to recover but damn it god damn was fun! Outside of SSE the story’s the fuckin’ same, where ever I been I’ve won titles, where ever I’ve been I’ve dominated. I’ve single handedly destroyed whole fuckin’ tag divisions and decimated fuckin’ rosters, redefined the god damn meaning of words like fuckin’ “extreme” and “hardcore” and fucked up every wanker who’s even tried to step in the ring with me. That’s my career in a fuckin’ nut shell. I love to drink, smoke and fuckin’ fight, ain’t much more to it. I may be the least experienced out of whole bloody lot of us, but, god damn, I’m most fuckin’ brutal and most fuckin’ unrelentin’.

Eisen: How would your King sum up his career? Quite simply, the King doesn’t know how to sum up his career. Do you talk about how he was involved in spotting some of the greatest talent in the business, like when he took DavoteK from Ultimate Alliance to PCW? Or when he spotted the potential in a young Rob Michaels, or when he brought Trent into the Eisen Dungeon? Or, maybe, you talk about his unparalleled in-ring success. Can you name your King one wrestler, who, in every single federation he’s been in that’s lasted more than a month, who, has gone on to become World Champion? Can you name your King one guy who has wrestled in as many Main events as he has? No. You can’t. You could talk about my Pyramid Cage matches, or my Triple Cage matches, or my Tokyo Dome battles in FSP, or, hell, even my feud against Draven Stark.

You see, Rob, as you well know, King Trip Eisen the First is a wrestler who is synonymous with success, if it be himself, within the ring, or if it be the wrestlers he has trained outside of the ring. Actually, let your King put all this in one sentence for the slower members of High Octane Wrestling.

Eisen turns, and stares directly into the camera.

Eisen: I create history.

Denton: SSE wise? A fucking running joke apparently. The less said, the better.

Michaels: Oooookay then. Let’s move on, gentlemen. We all know how we all arrived here in HOW, but for the benefit of our millions of loyal viewers, I want to hear it from you. Gentlemen, why are you here in HOW? Trent, kick things off for us.

Trent: Why am I, the SSE World Champ, Trans-Atlantic Champ, ICON Champ and only fucking Grandslam Champ here, getting my bloody cheques signed by the god damn wanker who fucked SSE right up it’s arse? Ain’t that just a tad bit obvious? I mean, seriously, why do people even fucking bother to ask that, man?

Trent rolls his eyes sarcastically.

Trent: Look, if ya want to know, here it is. I was sitting at home with a nice packed joint, kinda at a loss of what to do ya know? The band had just finished tourin’ a month ago and our bloody drummer and lead guitarist are now off piss arsin’ about with their side project. I had bugger all to do but ut of the fuckin’ blue I get a call off, well, it was you, ya twatbag, going on about some damn crusade against fuckin’ HOW and Lee Best, chirpin’ on about yer secret plans to destroy HOW or somethin’. You know what I said, straight off? “Urgh, sounds like fuckin’ effort, man.” Ya were like, “dude, it’s your chance to drop Best on his fuckin’ head” except, ya know, more like fuckin’ Rob-speak. But yeah, I wasn’t convinced, what the fuck was in it for me ya know? ‘Course, ya then turn around like the fuck you are and say “There’s gonna be a big fight.” Damn fuckin’ right, I was packing my bags and out the door before you’d fuckin’ hung up! Maybe I should’ve left a note for the missis… Eh, she’ll cope.

He shrugs apathetically.

Michaels: Wait, so you’re just here for a fight? You’re not here for revenge on Lee Best?

Trent: Fuck yeah, man, why else would I be here in bloody Yankland without the band? I hear my old mentor, Trip fuckin’ Eisen, along with you, my fellow Eisen Dungeon Graduate, and your former lackey who I dropped on his head one time, Matt Denton, are stiring up a fight of epic fucking proportions and I’m there, no questions asked.

Michaels: Why did you attack Crow with your SSE World Championship belt last week on Turmoil then? Surely if you’re not interested in the crusade then the HOW World Champion, a very dangerous man in his own right, is not someone you want to get on the bad side of before you’ve even wrestled a match inside a HOW ring.

Trent: Ain’t you been fuckin’ listening? I’m here to fuckin’ fight against the best this god damn company has to offer, not ponce around backstage waiting to be fed a bloody jobber to make me look good. I ain’t as dumb as I fuckin’ look, I know the dude’s got some fuckin’ delusional ideas about morallity, he’s a fuckin’ cold blooded nutter who would cripple his enemies as an act of fuckin’ mercy… Well, he’d cripple his enemy’s mother, but you get the fuckin’ idea. He’s a remorseless bastard who won’t stop fighting until the bitter fuckin’ end. Hell, he trashed my fuckin’ locker room for the sake of it! That don’t really bother me but I hope to fuckin’ god it’s an indication of what he’ll do when we finally cross fuckin’ swords!

The corners of his mouth pull up into another wide and excited grin.

Trent: Nothin’ gets on my tits like a son of a bitch who’ll pretend to be the motherfuckin’ man but run off fuckin’ cryin’ and makin’ excuses when things go bollocks up. The average egotistical cunt who talks shit don’t have the balls to see it through to the end when they’re looking up at a bloodied monster who won’t back down no matter how much he’s fuckin’ been cut and beaten, but a dude like Crow? A heartless bastard blinded by his belief that he’s a fuckin’ rightous soul in a world of corruption, purrifying the world by causin’ fuckin’ pain and suffering to those he judges unworthy, his type don’t fuckin’ back down, his type won’t stop ’til they’ve lost every pint of blood, broken every bone in their fuckin’ body. That’s the kinda fight I want, the kinda fight where, win or lose, both of yer gonna be in sittin’ in the fuckin’ emergency room after the match’s done!

Michaels: Okay, Trip–

Eisen: “Your Majesty.”

Michaels nearly rolls his eyes into the back of his head, Undertaker style.

Michaels: Your Majesty, same question. What made you decide to join the SSE Crusade in HOW?

Eisen: What made your King deign to leave his nice, well appointed Castle in the Kingdom of Eisen? Well, Sir Robert, your King deigned to leave his castle, because, well…you said the word “Crusade”. And then, Sir Robert, if that wasn’t enough, you followed on with “…And you haven’t won any of their belts, let alone the World Championship.” So do you know what your King saw, right then, right there?

Michaels: What..?

Eisen: Another chance to spread the gospel that is the Kingdom of Eisen. Another chance to go into a federation and write myself into it’s history books. Please, do not get your King wrong…he is a vain and egotistical man, just like every single other wrestler in existance…and the opportunity here? The opportunity to join High Octane Wrestling, to show Lee Best exactly what a true top-level wrestler looks like, and then – then to leave my indeliable mark across what passes for history in this place before your King and his Shockwave Sports Entertainment partners go ahead and win the federation at War Games?

Eisen: Well, Sir Robert, that was something which your King could simply not pass up.

Michaels: And how about you… Denton?

Michaels gives off the apparent distaste for Denton after last weeks fuck up.

Denton: I am here for SSE, not personal gain. This federation was my life until two scum sucking leeches decided to take it upon themselves to destroy it! That didn’t sit well with me then and it still doesn’t sit well with me now! Revenge, as they say… is a dish best served cold.

Michaels: Trent, back to you for a second. You’ve all but declared war on the current HOW World Champion, Crow, but what happens if Jatt Starr wins tonight, will you still be going after Crow?

Trent: Hey, I’m lookin’ to fight the fuckin’ best, if Crow loses to Mr. fuckin’ One Nut Wonder tonight then he ain’t shit but a fuckin’ poser. No god damn doubt he’d still want fuckin’ revenge and he’s welcome to give it a fuckin’ shot, I’m open to all challengers, any mother fucker who wants to try it, just fuckin’ bring it! I don’t give a shit, as long as I fight the best in the fuckin’ company, the World Heavyweight Champion! At the end of the day it don’t fuckin’ matter who wins and it ain’t like the lesser man can cheat to win with me wearin’ the fuckin’ ref’s shirt!

Trent: Dunno why Lee Best gave me the bloody shirt, but if I were to guess he’s thinkin’ that it’ll stack the odds in the One Ball Wonder’s favour, what with the heat between me’n Tweety Bird. Hah! I’m calling the bloody match right down the god damn middle. I’ll guaran-fuckin’-tee the title’s in the right hands at the end of the night and I don’t mean no fuckin’ pussy arse ‘follow the rules’ kinda thing. I mean if they’re gonna fuckin’ fight like maniacs, I ain’t gonna let stupid fuckin’ rules get in the way of it, ya know? But if they try to blatently cheat, if they try low down cheap fuckin’ tactics to steal the win and get the fuck outta dodge without a fight they’re gettin’ dropped on their motherfuckin’ heads!

Michaels: You’ve already begun endearing yourselves to the rest of the HOW roster with some friendly backstage chit chat. To get your opinions, I’ll run through a handful of names and see what you think. First off: Christopher America?

Denton: I like this guy. He can be a mouthy little dickhead at times, but he’s always a source of amusement.

Trent: Mr. Yankland? He’s a fuckin’ laugh, ain’t he? He may be the LSD Champ, but he talks like he’s on fuckin’ LSD, know what I’m sayin’? He’s all yappin’, yappin’, yappin’, never fuckin’ shuts up,

Eisen: Pfft. The Kingdom of Eisen will crush this…preacher of a foreign land under our mighty boot!

Michaels: Scottywood?

Denton: He’s a little arrogant prick who seems to enjoy wheeling out the same old tired gay jokes each and every fucking day. He’s stale as fuck.

Trent: The dude’s a bloody tool, he gets bitchy when ya say what you’ve done before only to piss and moan about his dear old NGW. NGWho? He ain’t nothin’ but Lee Best’s fuckin’ gopher.

Eisen: The King has little opinion on Scottywood. Though, he must confess – he is curious as to how someone with so little intelligence became Commisioner.

Michaels: Issac Slade?

Denton: Excuse me whilst I yawn. His stuff is almost better than NyQuil.

Eisen: He is like one of the King’s old gimmicks, before the King was a King. Except not as charismatic, and with real religion involved. As Sir Matthew said, watching Issac Slade cut a promo is a good way to put oneself to sleep.

Trent: Preacher boy’s a laugh, typical fuckin’ catholic torturing himself over the guilt of steppin’ on some fuckin’ cockroach or somethin’. I tell ya, the dude needs a sense of humor and a night down the fuckin’ pub.

Denton: Better that than him whining about how he was repeatedly raped by a priest.

Trent: Yeah, but I guess his vicar father did a couple of times, that’s could be why he’s got so many fuckin’ daddy issues and such a fuckin’ killjoy.

Michaels: Kostoff?

Denton: I motion for him to be officially renamed Kastoff. For obvious reasons.

Eisen: This guy still exists…?

Trent: Can you really be a cast off when you’re not wanted in the first fuckin’ place?

Denton: Fair point. Then new motion in, well… Motion to have him renamed Fuckoff. Or even Jerkoff. All pretty viable names for that cum guzzler.

Trent: Yeah, the dude’s pretty much yer average incompetant psycho, he starts fights with ‘ard bastards and just chokes half way fuckin’ through.

Michaels: Max Kael?

Eisen: The King, he is unsure of this “Prime Minister”. He is also still trying to find Maxopotamia. Do any of you guys have any idea where this rival Kingdom is?

Denton: Somewhere in the far reaches of his State of Confusion. Anyway, that guys a crazy son of a bitch! Speedbump says it fucking all!

Trent: Lee Best 2.0 but with twice the mental fuckin’ instability? He’s the motherfuckin’ man! Well, that’s my contractual obligations out the fuckin’ way.

Michaels: Bobbinette Carey?

Eisen: Your King is still trying to figure out exactly how she’s ever won a match.

Denton: Isn’t she a ring announcer or something? If she’s not she should be… Either that or cleaning on of my many kitchens in one of my many homes!

Trent: Ain’t she a former world champ? That must’ve been embaressing for the poor bastard she beat. Still, she ain’t my type, I don’t touch hillbillies with a fuckin’ bargepole.

Denton: I guess she offered him a few favours in exchange for him laying flat on his back. Mostly involving her lying on her back.

Trent: Hey! That would be a good use of the bargepole, to pry her off the fuckers.

Michaels: Johnny Stevens?

Eisen: The King is still trying to figure out if that guy actually speaks English or not.

Denton: Who?

Trent: Jobber to the jobbers?

Denton: At least he’s there for when we bring Shack in. We don’t want him to be losing now, do we?

Michaels: Aceldama?

Denton: He’s a cheap Draven Stark ripoff who I feel embarrassed losing to. If you’re going to try and be Draven Stark, at least be good at it!

Trent: Dude, I still owe you a fuckin’ beatin’ for getting pinned by that sucker.

Denton: Fucking referee was in Lee Best’s pocket. Pisses me the fuck off! But it’ll never happen again. Guaran-damn-teed.

Trent: Yeah, yeah, whatever ya fuckin’ say, man, just make sure it don’t bloody happen again or I will kick yer damn arse!

Both Denton and Trent stand up from their barstools, but Michaels and Eisen are a step ahead, and get between them before they can get at each other.

Michaels: Guys, guys, save it for the ring! Plus, this is an expensive set.

Denton and Trent glare at each other, but simmer down.

Michaels: Alright, we’ve said our piece, we’ve had some fun, and we’ve let High Octane Wrestling know just who the hell we are. I think it’s time to wrap this thing up. For all of us at Shockwave Sports Entertainment, I’m Rob Michaels, and you’ve just gone Hollywood!

The SSE copyright notice appears on the HOV, and Team SSE leaves the bar to prepare itself for the night ahead.

Fade to another commercial.

Saints Haven takes on HOW in a 6 man tag match on April 27th!!

HOW World Title Match
Crow vs. Jatt Starr
Singles Match

Scene cuts from commercials as we now see Big Buff Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman.

Hoffman: Well, its time for our main event, the biggest one we’ve had since…

Big Buff: Shit….since last week.

Hoffman: Yes, since last week. But it doesn’t get too much bigger than this, Crow will defend the HOW World Title against the incomparable Jatt Starr.

Big Buff: It does get bigger if you put a black strap-on….

Hoffman: BENNY!!!!

Big Buff: What?

Hoffman: Please…..anyway, we are now about to introduce the special guest referee of this match….Trent, the last SSE Champion.

Big Buff: The last Fisher Price Champ of that piece of shit fed. Hes even more of a numnut than the RW World Champion.

Joe: Well, Christopher America did rebound well after that tough loss last week in interfed action by successfully defending the LSD championship tonight against our Commissioner. But you have to wonder what Scottywood is going to do after this loss.

Big Buff: America cheated.

Hoffman: Im sure that’s your story and you’re sticking to it….

Suddenly Trent walks out with a ref’s shirt on and the fans start booing as he makes his way to the ring.


Hoffman: Fans decidedly against Trent here. In fact they are decidedly against anything SSE.

Big Buff: Fuck SSE…and Trent. AND Underage Drinking.

Hoffman: WHAT!?

Big Buff: Nevermind.

Trent is now in the ring, looking down at the rampway as Jatt Starr’s music hits. Starr makes his way down to a mixed reaction, mostly boos, as people are still unsure of how to take Starr right now.

Starr slides into the ring and stares down Trent, as Trent non-chalantly returns the stare. Just then Crow’s music hits and out comes Crow with the HOW World title around his waist. More mixed reactions with boos outweighing cheers as the World Champion quickly slides into the ring, staring at Starr but giving Trent glances as well as Amy Smeets is now in the ring and prepares to give introductions.


Fans cheer as Starr stands on the opposite side of the ring staring down Trent.


Boos come raining down on the hall of famer a weak Darkwing chant can be heard as well as a ‘FAZE’ chant.


More boos as the Champion takes off his belt and holds it up to the crowd.


Boos come down yet again, more intense than any boos for Crow or Jatt Starr. Trent flips off the Chicago crowd, which infuriates them further.

Trent takes the HOW World title from Crow and holds it up in the air. Trent hands the title to the timekeeper at ringside and calls for the bell.


Crow and Starr circle each other then tease going for a collar and elbow lockup a couple of times, but each time Crow backs away, shaking his head.

Finally the two tie up, Starr gets the early advantage with a side headlock. He drops to one knee cinching it in tight.

Hoffman: Some may hate Jatt Starr, but he is an underrated technical wrestler. See here how he drops to one knee to negate the height advantage of Crow while applying the side headlock.

Starr execute a headlock takedown, and Crow’s shoulders are clearly on the mat and Trent merely checks to see if Starr is choking crow.

Big Buff: IDIOT!!!! Crow’s shoulders are down!!! That’s a 3 count right there!!!

Hoffman: Well it seems Trent isn’t interested in counting pinfalls unless they are definitive ones…

Crow powers to his feet, hits some forearms to the back and shoves Starr to the ropes. Starr nails a shoulder block taking the champion down. Starr stares down at Crow and then runs to the ropes as Crow gets up, and tries a hip toss, but Starr blocks it, then out of nowhere executes a inside cradle!!!


Trent just stands there.

ONE!!!!! TWO!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!

Hoffman: The fans count doesn’t mean anything….

Crow kicks out and Starr gets to his feet and starts jaw-jacking with Trent.

Hoffman: Not sure what Trent is doing, I think he is making it clear that he does not want Starr to win here…..

Crow rolls up Starr from behind!!!!!!

ONE!!!! TWO!!!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!

Trent is just standing in a corner shaking his head.

Hoffman: Again the fans three count not going to force a title change….

Starr kicks out now and its Crows turn to start trash-talking with Trent. Trent just shakes his head as Starr gets to his feet and is wondering what is going on.

Hoffman: Well it seems Trent is just not interested in counting pinfalls. Both men could’ve lost there, but Trent refused to count either man…..Maybe submissions?

As if on cue, Starr turns Crow around, executes a double leg takedown, dropping Crow to the mat and locks in the JATTYCLYSM!!!!!

Crow is shaking his head refusing to tap out. Trent just stands in a corner with his arms crossed. Crow reaches out for the ropes, using every inch of his 6”4 frame…..fingers touch the ropes…..

He grabs them!

Trent grabs Starr by the shoulders and shouts at him to break the hold. Starr refuses and Trent starts counting….





Starr breaks the hold in time and Crow slides out of the ring. He is shaking his knee loose to get the blood flowing again. Trent looks down at Crow and tells him to get back in the ring. Crow refuses and starts walking around the ring. Trent suddenly slides out the ring, runs up behind Crow and throws him into the ring!!!!

The fans cheer as Crow is forced back into the ring, and Starr immediately takes advantage and starts nailing boots to the midsection!

Starr takes control of the match completely, nailing Crow with nearly everthing short of his signature moves…..various Suplexes, a vertical, German, belly-to-back, and side belly to belly, all connect with the World Champion as it is clear Starr is working the back.

Starr locks in a Bow and Arrow submission and the crowd start cheering instinctively for Crow to break free so this match can continue.

Crow manages to get to his feet and is slowly turning the hold. Starr suddenly breaks and dropkicks Crow in the back, which sends him into a corner. Crow slumps over the buckle, holding his back in pain. Starr motions for Crow to turn around. Crow turns and Starr goes for what looks like a Stinger Splash, but Crow catches the smaller Starr on his shoulder, then drops Starr face first into the turnbuckle!!!

Both men are down, Crow is favoring the back as Starr shakes the cobwebs loose.

Trent doesn’t bother to count, merely checks both men to see if they can continue.

Hoffman: Trent not exercising his ten count….what does this mean? That he wants a clear winner?

Big Buff: Or that hes a numnut? I dunno.

Starr gets to his feet. Starr charges, but Crow lifts him up on his shoulder, looking as if he is going for the FALLEN Tombstone Piledriver, but Starr wriggles free and rolls out the ring.

Big Buff: TIMEOUT!!! Great move by Starr.

Hoffman: There are no timeouts in wrestling you buffoon!

Trent goes to the outside and starts yelling at Starr to get back into the ring. Starr now refuses, and Trent now grabs Starr by the head and throws him in under the bottom rope!!!!!

The fans cheer again as Crow lays into Starr with various strikes. Starr somehow gets to his feet, and Crow pursues him, Starr asks for a timeout, then nails a kick to the gut, doubling over Crow. Starr nails a club to the back, then runs to the ropes, comes back, but Crow stands up, turns around and lifts Starr into a firemans Carry…….Starr elbows Crow in the head several times, lands on his feet in front of Crow, tries for a wild right hand, Crow blocks it, and the two start exchanging punches in the middle of the ring!

Trent starts smiling as the two are really going at it now. Crow gets the better of the exchange, and punches Starr into a corner, then whips him into the opposite corner and nails a corner clothesline!

Crow stays on the offense, nailing a sidewalk slam! He gets up, runs to the ropes, comes back and nails a big leg drop!!!! Crow isn’t done, as he nails several elbow drops and fist drops to the face, then pulls Starr up, and lifts him for the FALLEN, but Starr once again escapes, landing behind Crow! Starr grabs him for the JATTISFACTION, but Crow turns into it, and tries a belly to back, but Starr flips and lands on his feet and once again tries for the JATTISFACTION, but Crow again turns into the sleeper, and out of nowhere lifts Starr into the air in a firemans Carry….

Death Valley Driver Hits!!!!!!!!!

Crow nails Starr, and covers!




Starr kicks out in time, Crow looks over at Trent, who shrugs and holds up two fingers.

Hoffman: First count by Trent the whole match, and it was a close one. Maybe hes trying to only count pinfalls that he thinks will be a 3 count?

Big Buff: All that matters is that he counts the 3 when Starr hits his Finisher. That’s all.

Crow pulls Starr to his feet. Starr looks winded after losing the punch battle earlier then the exchange of reversals and counters. Crow whips Starr to the ropes and drops down for a back body drop, but Starr kicks Crow in the chest, standing him up! Starr grabs the arm, and goes for the STARR-STRUCK short-arm clothesline, but Crow ducks it, both men run to the ropes, both come back and nail each other with clotheslines at the same time!!!

Both men are down again, and Trent just shrugs to the crowd as both men cheer for this match to continue.

Hoffman: Both men had the same idea there!

After what would’ve been a 7 count had Trent bothered to count, both men are up!

Starr nails a knife edged chop…


Crow comes back and nails a right hand…..

Chop from Starr…..


The two exchange blows, Starr gets the better with quicker chops, then nails a MAN-JATT-HAN DROP Inverted Atomic Drop! Crow is in pain, Starr runs to the ropes and comes back looking for a clothesline, but Crow ducks and Starr almost nails trent, who was behind Crow, but Trent also ducks!

Starr stops himself on the ropes and turns to Trent and the two start talking trash to each other, Starr apparently not happy Trent was in the way. Starr has his back to Crow as Crow recovers….Crow suddenly comes from behind and lifts Starr up for what appears to be an Electric Chair drop……

Starr starts punching Crow in the forehead…..

The fans can be heard cheering as Starr tries to balance himself atop Crows shoulders….

Hoffman: he’s high up there…..

Starr suddenly hops off, landing on his feet behind Crow…….

JATT STARR NAILS THE FALLING STARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Buff: YES!!!!!!

The fans buzz at the sudden counter by Starr, Starr rolls Crow over slowly, then hooks the far leg….

Hoffman: NEW CHAMPION!!!?




Big Buff: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Big Buff: Hit him again!!!

Replay shows of Starr landing behind Crow, then quickly grabbing the arms, turning him and nailing his variation of the Un-prettier, the FALLING STARR….then replay of the near fall that just occurred shows that Crow got the right shoulder off the canvas JUST in time.

Starr cant believe it. Starr gets up and starts yelling at Trent, claiming it was a slow count.

Hoffman: That was not a slow count…….Trent counted an impartial speed after Starr hit his finisher, and now what do you have to say Benny?

Big Buff says nothing and just takes a swig out of his OFFICIAL HOW Flask.

Starr then nails Crow with several big backbreakers, then the STARR-STRUCK, then another STARR-STRUCK, then finally Jatt nails a double underhook backbreaker, then yells at Trent to count 3 ‘this time’ and hooks the far leg……




Hoffman: Crow refusing to say die here!!!

Starr gets frustrated, and tosses Crow to the outside. Starr starts talking trash with Trent again, as Trent reminds him that he is the ref and that he counted the pinfall fairly. Starr shakes his head and slides out the ring, and pursues Crow, who has crawled towards the announcers table. Starr yanks out the monitors and tosses Crow onto the table….Trent is outside now and is yelling for the two men to take it back in the ring, but Starr ignores him.

Starr gets onto the table and motions for Big Buff and Joe Hoffman to clear out…..Benny stands at the far side head of the table watching the action, Hoffman at the other end behind Starr.

Starr pulls Crow up into a position for a powerbomb….he smiles and points at Trent…..

Fans start buzzing……

Starr tries to lift Crow, but Crow blocks it……Crow counters!!!


Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!!


Fans start chanting as Crow falls off the table, in pain, favoring the back.

Replay shows of Crow reversing, and Starr landing on top of Benny Newell back first.

Starr and Newell are both down as the fans are still buzzing…..Crow crawls over to Starr and grabs him by the hair, then the arm, and drags him towards the ring. Big Buff is out, laying on his back on the floor on the side of the announcers table.

Hoffman: My broadcast partner was on the wrong side of the action and has been taken down by a falling Jatt Starr!…..excuse the pun.

Crow and Starr are in the ring now, Crow on his feet while Starr is on his knees. Crow walks over and pulls Starr up and lifts him on his shoulder for the FALLEN……

Starr starts scrambling, he grabs the nose of Crow, but Trent is there, and smacks it away, then Starr desperately grabs the shirt of Trent, Trent is trying to break free, while Starr is trying to keep from being piledriven…..

Hoffman: Can Starr escape the Fallen yet again!!!!?

Trent suddenly jerks backward, which forces Starr to fall forward suddenly, he lands on his back, grabbing the legs of Crow, then takes the legs of Crow from under him, and Starr applies the modified Texas Cloverleaf…..JATTYCLYSM, in the MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!!!

Hoffman: Trent inadvertently helped Starr escape the Fallen!!!! Now Crow is trapped in the Jattyclsm!!!

Crow tries for the ropes a couple times, but Starr drags him back to the middle. Crow has his hand out as if ready to tap……He suddenly clenches his fist and slams the mat then powers for the ropes…..


Hoffman: No title change on that exchange!!!!

Starr thinks he’s won, and motions for Trent to hold up his wrist. Trent tells him no. Starr looks back and sees Crows hand on the ropes. He then drags him back to the middle of the ring, and tries to apply the JATTYCLYSM again, but Crow kicks him off and into Trent! Both Starr and Trent go down!

Hoffman: looks like the back of Starr’s head hit Trent……

Starr gets up and tries for another submission, but Crow counters with an inside cradle!!!




THERES NO REF!!!!!!!!!!

Trent is still down as the fans make the count yet again. Starr breaks free, looking around, then sees Trent getting to his feet and smiles as the weary Crow gets up. Jatt gets behind Crow and sets him up for the JATTITONIC reverse DDT, having Crow in the inverted face lock….Trent gets up, shakes the cobwebs loose as suddenly…



Hoffman: Trent didn’t see it!!!!!


Jatt covers, as Trent comes around……



Hoffman: NEW CHAMPION!!!!


CROW KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hoffman: Two and seven eights!!!!!

Starr can’t believe it. He looks around and then rolls out the ring, then grabs a steel chair from under the apron!!!!

Starr raises the chair and walks toward Crow, who is trying to get to his feet…..


Starr turns and starts reaching for the chair, but Trent yells at him, then turns to dispose of the chair, Starr in a flash has left the ring, grabbed another chair from underneath the ring, and is back in the ring…..

But Crow suddenly lifts Starr up on his shoulders with one arm….Starr still has the chair in one hand…Trent turns and yanks the second chair away from Starr, Starr starts punching wildly with his right arm at the midsection, then manages to land behind Crow, with Crow in an inverted face lock……


The diving reverse DDT hits perfectly, Jatt covers…..Trent shrugs and makes the count….






HE KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starr can’t believe it. He gets up, and pulls Crow to his feet and shoves him into a corner. He nails a knife edged chop…..


Starr then climbs up and starts raining down punches….each one measured with frustration.

Suddenly, Crow grabs the legs and takes a few steps out of the corner…..Starr is holding onto the ropes…..Crow then quickly turns and grabs Starr’s midsection….Starr is pulled away from the ropes, straight into a set up for Crows finisher again…..

Starr starts wriggling, using his weight and the effected knees of Crow from the earlier submissions to somehow slide back up to Crow’s shoulder, then lands with Crow in a set up for his own finisher, but Crow counters the same way, using the momentum, flipping back to Starr in position…Starr wriggles, but he is too far down to escape this time!!!!!

Hoffman: FALLEN!!!! FALLEN!!!! FALLEN!!!!!



Crow hooks the far leg as Trent makes the count!!!





Hoffman: IT IS!!!


Crow rolls off of Starr, breathing heavily, obviously worn out after the match.

Hoffman: It looks like Jatt Starr tried everything, but it STILL wasn’t enough to get past Crow and win the HOW World title!

Trent stands back and looks like he is stalking Crow, but Crow rolls out of the ring. Crow goes to the timekeeper and gets his belt, then walks up the ramp as Trent turns his attention to Starr who is in a corner trying to recover from Crow’s finisher. Starr pulls himself to his feet using the ropes.

Trent and Starr stare down each other, and Starr hobbles forward, each one talking trash. Both men are in the middle of the ring, a few feet away….


Hoffman: Not sure who they want to kick whose butt……

Trent suddenly slides out of the ring as Sektor and Triple M comes from the crowd and Triple M nails Starr in the back of the head with his custom Stable title belt!!!!


Down goes Starr as Triple M and Sektor land stiff boots everywhere they can.

Out comes Triple A, the LSD champion, Silver Cyanide and Triple P from the back, they run down to the ring.

The fans start booing as Triple M pulls up Starr and locks in the MARVELOSITY full nelson as Sektor starts teeing off with punches to the midsection.

Triple P and the rest of the AOA hit the ring, and Triple P starts nailing kicks to the stomach of Starr who is trapped in the MARVELOSITY.

Triple M can be heard saying ‘im done with his ignorant ass.’ and he drops Starr. Triple M smiles and nods to Silver Cyanide, who pulls Starr to his feet, and nails the SCRAMBLED EGGS heel kick to the face!!!!

Cyanide takes his custom Stable title, and lays it over the downed Starr’s face. He then executes a knee drop onto the title on Starr’s head!!!!!

Triple M and Triple P applaud, as Triple A gets the nod from Mario Maurako.

Triple A takes the red white and blue stable title and drops it on the mat. He pats the LSD title around his waist. He pulls the limp Starr up and nails an AMERICAN DDT on the belt!!!!!!!!!!

The fans are booing and suddenly the HOTv screen comes alive and we see Lee Best standing next to a backstage monitor, watching as Christopher American locks Starr in an Inverted Facelock….


Triple A shouts and nails his cutter finisher on Jatt Starr. Starr is out on the mat now.

Lee Best can be seen doing nothing but watching Starr get decimated by the AOA.

Hoffman: Is Lee Best refusing to help Jatt Starr?

Triple M nods to Sektor, and Sektor pulls up Starr with his head between his legs……Starr crumbles to knees as Sektor has the double underhook locked in….Sektor shouts something to Cyanide and he lays the Lime Green stable title at the feet of Sektor…..Triple A then grabs the legs of Starr and holds Starr in the air as Sektor has Starr in the double underhook, and then Triple A lifts up with the legs as Sektor jumps up with the arms and Sektor nails the C-SEKTION ON THE STABLE TITLE BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Triple P then muscles Starr up and nails the RPW SPINEBUSTER on his own custom Stable title!!!!!


Triple P has the Anaconda Vice arm lock applied tightly after pulling up Starr again and connecting with the STO backbreaker, and it seems pointless at this point as Starr is unconscious and couldn’t tap out if he wanted to.

Hoffman: No!!!! Stop this!!! Why isn’t Lee Best doing anything!!!?

Lee Best is on the HOV screen and sees Starr locked in Triple P’s submission hold, but merely stands there, only watching.

Triple P lets Starr go finally, and you can see a trickle of blood from the Hall of Famer’s mouth as the AOA hold each others arms up standing over the beaten and battered Jatt Starr as Turmoil goes off the air!!!!!

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