Turmoil: April 8th, 2010 (2010)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
April 8th, 2010 – #HOW112
Kallisten Coliseum, Chicago, IL


Peace Treaty

The HOTv logo gives way to the HOW logo and then it explodes as we go live inside The Kallisten Coliseum.

Immediately, “Ego” by Element Eighty hits and the HOW World Champion Mario Maurako walks to the ring with his World Championship Belt draped over his shoulder. Mario grabs a white sign with a picture of a black Crow on it and yanks it from the fan at ringside and then rips it in half. Mario throws the pieces on the ground and then spits and stomps on them. The fan in turn flips Mario the middle finger and Mario rolls into the ring and raises the HOW World Championship high into the air.

Mario: To all of you people out there who said that I couldn’t retain this here title at March to Glory I have a little message for you… FUCK YOU!

The fans become irate and a chorus of boos fill the Coliseum.

Mario: I went into Italy and retained my Championship in spite of riots, attempts of murder, and each and every one of you saying that I couldn’t retain my Gold belt. But then I was jumped in my finest hour. It would appear that the creature that I had thought was dead and gone from this world had been rejected by the devil and he has returned to HOW to make my life miserable again. For all of you who are too poor to pay for a PPV I’ll explain. You see after my big win Max Kael and I were jumped from behind by none other than my arch nemesis Crow.

I get it, Crow wanted to come back and make a name for himself again. So he waited a whole year while I had to scratch and crawl and fight my way to the top of this company, and then he just attacked me from behind. And this is the type of guy that you people cheer for! A year ago he dropped my wife off of a fucking bridge, and you guys cheered him. He jumps me from behind… and you cheer him.

On the other hand I SAVE Bobbinette Carey-Maurako from her coma. I guide her back to the ring and I help her defeat Aceldama to become a Two Time World Heavyweight Champion, and yet you people boo me until you are blue in the face.

You people are no different than those Italians all those years ago when they turned on my Grandfather. You people are the very reason why I purchased Maurako Island and why we fought to be recognized as a country.

The lights suddenly dim as Maximillian Kael slowly makes his way down to the ring to the soft tones of “Fairfax Castle”. Behind him can be seen Jethrol the Janitor who appears to be holding a large scroll along with the Internet Title draped over his shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: What.. does Jethrol have?

Benny Newell: The Worlds Biggest Roll of Toilet Paper Hoffman!

Climbing into the ring Max moves toward Mario with a scowl on his face, pulling his custom Maxopotamian microphone out of his pocket. Moving to the large table in the center of the ring Max takes a seat.

Max Kael: Hello there Mario. First of all, congratulations on your victory at War Games. I.. commend you on your skill and abilities involved in this match. But as I said before the match, you deserved to be a champion EVEN if I did take your title.. And so..

Max lifted his head and motioned for Jethrol to move forward.


The crowd boos loudly as Mario accepts the Internet Title from Jethrol while Max pretends to wipe a tear away from his face. Sighing Max the motions down to the table where Jethrol rolls out the nine foot long scroll.

Max Kael: On to the next bit of Business. As you and I both know Mario, there are people in this world that do not.. agree with our methods. At March to Glory it has been proven that neither of us are safe from certain miscreants, some of which I thought to be dead.

The crowd starts to cheer at the mention of Shane and Crow. Mario nods and looks somewhat disgusted by the fact that he was in fact attacked by Crow last week.

Max Kael: THAT being said, I approached you earlier this week and though, Mario has a country. I have a country. I think that it is time that we put aside our nations differences and well..

Mario Maurako: I know, Max, I know. You want the World Champion in your corner and I think this is a Marvelous idea. In fact, let me be the first to sign this Peace Treaty between Maxopotamia and the Maurako Isle into law!

Snatching a pen out of his pocket Mario leans over the table and begins to sign the parchment as Max smiles, looking on. Finishing, Mario stands back up and hoists both his World title and Internet championship up over his shoulders as he swaggers around the ring. Max picks up the pen and moves around to the parchment.

The pen touches down on the paper, but before Max can even begin jotting down his personal scribble on the dotted line, the arena is filled with the sound of the typical last-minute interruption. Not anybody’s music, however, but the sound of a single pair of hands clapping together. All eyes, both from within the ring and surrounding it, turn towards the source of it…

…Shane Reynolds.

Walking slowly down the ramp, flanked, as it can be seen, by the man with whom he attacked Mario Maurako and Maximillian Kael at March to Glory – Crow. Shane’s clap comes to a stop as Shane himself stops at the edge of the entrance ramp. He surveys the ring, but eventually maintains his focused gaze on Max, using his free hands to pull the microphone from his coat pocket and raising it to his mouth.

Shane Reynolds: I know they say that if you can’t beat them then you should join them….but wow. And here was me thinking Aceldama’s amassed collection of “rebellious” fools was the weakest display of teamwork and alignment in HOW.

Shane pauses now, lowering the microphone slightly, seemingly waiting for an answer. Crow, meanwhile continues move menacingly around the ring, not breaking the stare down which had commenced with Mario the moment he arrived with Shane.

Turning from Max, he joins Crow in staring at Mario….or at least the championship hanging over his shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: We all know Mario’s reign will be short-lived. Again, don’t misunderstand me, I’m rooting for you tonight But it’s only a matter of time before it’s removed from his hands, especially if Crow there gets his wish for a match for it.

Then all focus to returns to Max and his ICON championship. His annoyed to find Max has returned to his chair and appears to be doodling…..before suddenly looking up again, chewing on the end of the pen. As Shane goes to speak again Max waves his hand toward Jethrol who pulls a control out of his pocket and pushes the button.

Shane Reynolds: Yours, however, might last a little longer –

The mic suddenly cuts off however it does not appear that Shane is aware of his situation. He continues to speak as Max pulls out his phone and quickly toils on it. Mario stares at Mario as if he can still hear him, the World Champion, smiling as he snuggles up to the belts on his shoulders. As Shane lowers the microphone Max looks up and arches an eyebrow. Mario is attempting not to laugh when Max reaches out and slaps his arm, pointing toward Shane. The World Champion snaps out of his half interested haze.

Mario Maurako: Oh! Yeah.. uh.. Whoa wait a second Shane. You have the nerve to come out here onto OUR show and run your mouth about an ill-fated alignment. Yet you have seemingly chosen to run around with Crow? That is the definition of an ill-fated alignment if I’ve ever heard one. And I was here for the Knights of Epicness… so I know what an ill-fated Alignment looks like.

Shane begins to speak again as Max quietly signs the peace treaty having gotten bored with it all. Sighing Max looks up and notices Shane is look toward him as he speaks. Max blinks and stares at Shane as he continues to speak, pointing and gesturing toward him. Max quirks his eyebrow and waves his hand as Jethrol hits the button again.

Shane Reynolds: – So, what’s it to be?

Max Kael: Uh..sure?

Shane Reynolds: Then Crow and I will meet you and Mario in the ring……next week.

Mario and Max’s faces seem to droop as Mario looks unhappy about the situation. Max scratches his head and slumps in his chair as the crowd Cheers loudly, Max’s prank having back fired. Mario begins to yell at Max in the ring and Max can only manage to shrug while Crow and Shane pose while we head backstage…


Best Booking 101

The action cuts backstage where we see the owner of HOW and his chosen War Games Captain watching the action on the brand new 50 inch plasma hanging on the wall.

Simon Sparrow: Mario is the Internet Champion? What kind of ..

Lee Best: Whoa whoa whoa there kimo sabi. That title isn’t official..never was..and never will be. Who gives a shit about Max giving it to fucking Mario….the only thing you should be worried about is War Games…and your match tonight.

Simon turns towards Lee who is sitting behind his brand new mahogany desk with an inquisitive look.

Simon Sparrow: You going to tell me my match…I mean I am General Manager and the Captain of…

Lee Best: Save it Jatt.

Simon Sparrow: Its Simon..

Lee Best: Like I said..save it Starr.

Simon scoffs at the sound of the name and motions for Lee to please continue..

Lee Best: If the cameraman wasn’t in the room with us and if I didn’t want any ratings from the viewers at home, I would tell you. Unfortunately I do want ratings and I am not telling the cameraman to leave…but I will tell you this…you are wrestling in the first match…..

Simon stands up straight and looks at Lee in shock.

Simon Sparrow: Is this a joke?

Lee Best: Far from it..and I suggest you go get ready…….but before you go ..I got a little present I want to give to you.

Lee reaches into a drawer and pulls out an official contract. At the top reads HIGH OCTANE CHAMPIONSHIP CONTRACT.

Simon grabs the contract and looks it over…

Simon Sparrow: You serious?

Lee Best: Does the pope protect the child molesters in his church?

Simon looks at Lee in horror…

Lee Best: Sorry…I got caught up on South Park over the week….anyway….yes I am deadly serious. That is a title you have yet to hold and trust me..this will get to Max more than anything else you do tonight.

Simon looks at Lee and nods his head in agreement as he pats his pockets looking for a pen…

Lee reaches into his pocket and pulls out his infamous Bottom Line pen..

Sparrow grabs it slowly with two fingers as if the Ebola virus was on the pen. He gingerly twists the end to expose the tip and quickly jots a line on the contract and tosses the pen back at Lee who looks up at Simon as if he kicked his dog.

Lee Best: Careful with that ….I might have to use it tonight.

Simon puts his hands up and quickly exits stage left as Lee picks up the contract and reads the heading as we head to commercial..


Lee is seen laughing as we go to break.


Special HOR Scottywood and wine cooler drinking Mofo’s be up after tonights Turmoil


A Hardcore Partner

The camera’s cut back to Lee Best’s office. We see Lee sat back in the tall leather chair with his legs folded and his feet resting on the desk in front. He slides back dropping his feet down and leans forward resting his elbows onto the desk with his hands clasped together in front of his mouth. Pointing one finger forward he takes a breath.

Lee Best: You’ve impressed me these passed few weeks.

The camera begins to turn around almost revealing who Lee is talking to but Lee is quick to his feet.

Lee Best: Put that fucking camera back on me!

The cameraman turns the camera back to Lee, we see the camera shaking slightly. The cameraman obviously startled by Lee.

Lee Best: I want this to be a surprise. Now, as I was saying, I’ve been very impressed with you lately, you’ve blown up quite a storm within the roster and your performance at Rome caught my attention.

Person: Than….

Lee Best: Shut the fuck up! I don’t want the surprise to be ruined.

An evil smile began spreading across Lee’s face as he leaned in closer lowering his voice slightly.

Lee Best: Now, I didn’t bring you up here to stroke your ego and tell you how proud I am of you, because I’m not. You’ve impressed me because your matches have gained me a lot of money, and I can see you’re up for the challenge I’m going to present you with.

Lee then sat back putting his hands behind his head making himself comfortable. He placed his hand on a piece of paper and pushed it in the direction of the wrestler sitting in front of him. We hear a slight mumbling and a few words can be made out.

Person: A contract to help Scottywood with the Tag Team Titles?

Lee grins widely and slowly nods his head.

Lee Best: Yep.

Person: Why…

Lee Best: You’re honestly questioning me? This isn’t a fucking request. That’s a fucking order!

Lee slams his fist down on the desk and we hear the person on the other side of the desk gasp, obviously frightened by Lee’s actions.

Lee Best: You’re going to be teaming up with Scottywood. Going over to WMW and getting my fucking tag titles back.

Person: And what if I don’t?

Lee Best: Sarcasm? Are you being fucking sarcastic towards me? Get the fuck out of here!

A chair is heard being shuffled and the door to Lee’s office opens.

Lee Best: Remember; get those fucking titles back OR ELSE!

Person: Yes sir.

The door clicks shut and we see Lee spin his chair around facing away from the Camera.

The camera’s cut back to ringside where fans are excitedly awaiting the next match.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks looks like Scottywood and Lee Best have chosen who is going to be helping retrieve the tag team titles.

Benny Newell: Who cares, Scotty doesn’t work here anymore.

Joe Hoffman: No but he could be retrieving the Tag Team Titles.

Benny Newell: I say send the Kostoff’s. DRINK!

As Benny takes a drink of his whiskey the lights dim all over the arena. Lights begin to illuminate the stage and suddenly bellowing through the coliseum we hear

OOOOOOHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated!!!

Stricken by Disturbed begins to echo throughout the arena and fans bursts into fits of screaming and cheering as Scottywood begins to make his way down to the ring. Jumping up and down and throwing his fists in the air he leans in to give a few of the fans high five’s; strutting down the ramp he makes his way over and slides into the ring. For a moment Scottywood stands in the middle of the ring with a huge smile on his face and his arms raised high above his head taking in the glory of his return. As the crowds slightly dies down Scotty brings the microphone to his mouth.

Scottywood: Thank you Chicago!

The crowd once again erupt in cheers for Scottywood; he gives a small laugh and waves his hand gesturing for the crowd to quiet down.

Scottywood: Ok, ok. The reason I’ve come down to the ring ladies and gentlemen is to find out who Lee Best has teamed me up with for fifth tag team partner since October. So whoever you, drag your add out here!

Suddenly we see Lee Best appear on the HOV screen with a smile on his face.

Lee Best: Where the fuck do you get off ordering people around here? You’re not the General Manager anymore. But! It just so happens that your tag team partner is in the opening barbwire rope match that is taking place right now…

Suddenly the coliseum goes pitch black; red lights begin to flicker all over the stage. A high-pitched female singer begins to sing ringing through the speakers in the arena. And we hear the lyrics

I will break into your thoughts with what’s written on my heart”

Joe Hoffman: Oh My God!! Lee’s chosen Carmen Jennings to be Scotty’s tag team partner!

Benny Newell: THAT lucky bastard.

Lights suddenly burst into life, as the female singers screams the word break a figure appears at the top of the ramp. ‘I’m so sick’ by Flyleaf hits as the lights flicker on the stage. Walking into the light the crowd recognises it as none other than Carmen Jennings. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some erupt into cheers, some begin to boo and some sit silently, not even knowing who Carmen is. She walks down the ramp with her fists clenched and a sadistic looking smile on her face, sliding into the ring she walks over to Scottywood eyes down his new partner for a moment.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen Carmen Jennings is the one that brutally destroyed Kirsta Lewis after their match at March to Glory.

Benny Newell: I would love to brutalise her if you get my drift Joe.

Carmen takes the microphone from Scotty and pushes her hair out of her face turning around she begins to address the crowd.

Carmen Jennings: Yes you heard it right. I, for a one time deal, will be teaming up with Scottywood to go and get OUR tag team titles back.

The crowd bursts into cheers and screams at the mere mention of the tag team titles being back in the possession of HOW.

Carmen Jennings: I have signed a contract that states whenever WMW..

Carmen is cut off by the fans beginning to boo loudly at the mention of WMW

Carmen Jennings: That states whenever WMW decide they want this match with us. That I will go with Scottywood to their arena and show them WHY those titles belonged to HOW and not their third rate federation.

Scottywood: Yes we will… but if I were you I would focus on the fact that you’re facing off against three other men in this barbwire entangled ring. Now I’m going to go join Benny and Joe and you prove to me why you should be teaming with The Hardcore Artist.

Benny Newell: What? He’s joining us? Fuck!


Barbwire Roped LSD #1 Contender Match

Joe Hoffman: Well we are ready for the first Lethal Lottery match of the night and it is the fatal four-way barbwire rope match where the winner will become the number 1 contender for the LSD title.

Benny Newell: Yes folks, instead of the normal ring ropes barbwire has been strung around the ring and believe me that shit is sharp!

Scottywood: Whoever wins this match will surly earn their shot to face the LSD champion.

We hear “Omerta” by Lamb of God play and we see “The Extinction Level Event” Michael Norcia make his way out and down towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: And the second entrant will be the newest HOW signee Michael Norcia, how great would it be for him to win a LSD title shot in his first match back?

As Norcia gets into the ring we hear “My World” by Emigrate park play as the arena fills with boos.

Joe Hoffman: Is it? Yes! That is Static! He really had his heart set on the actual LSD title shot, and if he can win this match he will get that title shot and Lee Best can’t do anything about it.

Benny Newell: And he has to be the favorite in this match going against two rookies here.

As Benny finishes his sentence we hear “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier play as get a mixed reaction, more so boos from the Chicago crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Simon Sparrow?!?

Benny Newell: New favorite! New favorite!

Joe Hoffman: Well this truly shows how the Lethal Lottery can shake things up, never thought I’d see Simon battling for an LSD title shot. None the less fighting in a barbwire rope match.

Scottywood: The “great” Simon Sparrow. Hopefully he will be sliced the fuck up by this barbwire.

Referee Joel Hortega calls for the bell as we see Static pairing off against Sparrow and Jennings against Norcia as all four trade blows. As the early match progress Sparrow gets the upper hand on Static and tries to put him into the barbwire but Static is able to fight back and stay away from the ropes. Carmen has initial control over Norcia and is able to irish whip Norcia at the ropes but he is able to stop short. Norcia turns around through and gets a boot from Carmen that sends him back first into the barbwire ropes as the fans explode with cheers.

Joe Hoffman: And those ropes claim their first victim. Welcome to HOW Michael Norcia!

Scottywood: It’s a beautiful thing, seeing flesh ripped apart by barbwire.

Carmen continues the offense and gets a nearfall on him as Static and Sparrow continue to battle on, with Static who plants Sparrow with a big spinning side slam. Static turns around and goes face to face with Carmen Jennings as the two stare at each other for a moment before the fists start to fly as Carmen strikes with a low blow to Static and connects with a lifted running elbow to Static’s face.

Joe Hoffman: P.M.S.!

Benny Newell: I knew you were extra bitchy today Joe!

Static kicks out of Carmen pin attempt as she pulls him up from the mat Static connects with the high impact that he calls the Static shock. He hooks Carmen’s leg for the pin but Sparrow comes in and makes the save breaking the count up. Sparrow whips Static into the barbwire and Static winces in pain as the barbs dig into his back. Stumbling off the ropes Sparrow after a boot he and hits the killswitch faceplant.

Benny Newell: Falling Star! This is over Joe! Look out Decent, here comes Simon Sparrow!




Benny Newell: Yes!

Joe Hoffman: NO! Norcia with the save!

Blood covering Norcia’s back as he was just able to dive and break up the cover as he lifts Sparrow up and connects with a powerful straight right hand he calls “The Hand of God” as Benny makes a disparaging comment about wondering what else Norcia does with The Hand of God. Norcia then drags Sparrow over to the ropes as he lifts him up and hits snake eyes on Sparrow as his head catches some barbwire and splits the Hall of Famer wide open.

Benny Newell: AHHH! He can’t do that to Simon!

Joe Hoffman: Well he did and captain of Team Best is busted open.

Scottywood: Hahaha, no I am getting my money’s worth from this match. Bleed Simon bleed!

Simon rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone from McVay as he starts to walk towards the stage.

Simon Sparrow: That’s it! I am done with this! As General Manager I am taking myself out of this match. I have War Games to prepare for and I could care less about the LSD title. And if I ever want to win it I’ll do it under normal rules and not in a barbaric match like this.

Sparrow drops the mic as he storms up the ramp holding his face that continues to bleed.

Joe Hoffman: Well thanks for coming Simon.

Benny Newell: The GM shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of abuse Joe, this is barbaric and downright cruel!

Scottywood: Fuckin’ pussy!

Norcia is turned around by Carmen Jennings who almost takes his head off with a standing side kick that sends Norcia back into the corner and into some more barbwire. Static is back up to his feet and he connects with the Static Shock as he goes for a cover.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it.

But Carmen from behind Static hits the C-Spike as Static rolls out of the ring holding his neck. Carmen dives on top of Norcia and hooks his leg.




Joe Hoffman: It’s Over!


Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 9 minutes and 10 seconds and the number one contender for the LSD title….Carmen Jennings!!!

Scottywood: That a girl! Take note of that Valora. That is how a real woman wrestles. That is who your going to be facing in just a few short weeks.

I’m So Sick” by Flyleaf plays as Boettcher raises the arm of a bloodied Carmen Jennings as we see Static stand up in shock and anger outside the ring. We see him grab his baseball bat and slide into the ring but Carmen dives out and makes her way up the ramp as she raises her arms in victory again, Static just staring her down from inside the ring. Scottywood makes his way around the ring to Carmen, barbwire hockey stick in hand to make sure Static doesn’t pursue as he raises Carmen’s hand in the air and smiles back at Static in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well Carmen Jennings goes 3-0 here in HOW, picking up another huge win here, and Static is once again denied a shot at the LSD title.

Benny Newell: It’s about time we had a hot chick in the LSD division. Maybe we can have a real hardcore match finally….

Joe Hoffman: That is disgusting Benny!

Benny Newell: Oh come!

Joe Hoffman: Wow… Well next up Carmen will get a match with either Justin Decent or whoever might take the LSD title from him. I am sure Carmen will be closely watch that match backstage later.

Benny Newell: Maybe I can watch it with her, grab a bottle of Jack…

Joe Hoffman: We’re head to a commercial break folks, we’ll be right back.


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Pants on the Ground

The scene cuts to the backstage. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal’s dome is centered by the camera. A microphone is right up to his mouth.

Mark O’Neal – “Ah yes. Actually, no to the left.”

The cameraman moves over to the left, and is now only showing half of Mark’s face.

Mark O’Neal – “No, not you idiot.”

The cameraman moves back over and centers Mark again.

Mark O’Neal – “As I was trying to say, tonight’s going to be a good night. It doesn’t matter who I fight. It doesn’t matter when I fight, I am going to go out there and destroy anybody I face.

You see, through the course of the last two weeks I had an intervention. No longer am I going to be partying all the time, drinking all the time, fucking bitches all the time. Instead I am going to focus on wrestling first and foremost.

And that my friends, is bad news for you.

What that means is that I am going to dominate inside of the ring week after week once again. Just like the old days. I, once again will rise to the top of High Octane Wrestling.”

Mark suddenly jolts forward a little bit. Kind of awkwardly and makes an odd facial expression and let’s out a squeak. Kind of a mix between a pig oinking and a cat meowing.

Mark O’Neal – “Uh…uh…yeah, as I was saying. I am going to dominate. Nobody can touch me. Just like nobody can touch my rhymes.

As a matter of fact, let me spit one for you right now.


It’s Marky Mark and my flows are off the charts.

They are good not bad like an old lady’s farts.

I’ll be pushing weight while you be pushing shopping carts.

The problem is you ain’t like me, you got no smarts.

Y’all are gay, just a bunch of sweet tarts.


The flows so hard, it just keeps flowing.

It’s like diarrhea the shit keeps going.

You don’t wanna….

All of a sudden a door flies open and the camera shakes as the cameraman is brushed to the side and pans out to Lee Best storming into the room. Also, Missy Andrews is on her knees licking her lips with her shirt off and it appears she may have a hand down by her vageen, as Mark is turned around covering his crotch area as his pants are down and his bare ass is being shown to the cameraman. It clearly appears Mark tans in the nude as his ass is as tan as his legs.

Lee Best – “Mark, what the fuck? I said you get a BJ, there was not supposed to be any rapping…get the fuck up bitch….”

The camera pans out as Lee angrily lifts Missy Andrews up off of the ground as Mark scrambles to pull his pants up as we cut back to ringside.



Benny Newell: Cumming back from…

Joe Hoffman: Why did we have a camera there? Was that really needed.

Benny Newell: What IS needed is for Lee to get me a blow job. What the fuck Lee? Show some love for your Hall of Fame announcer.

We see Vince Jones standing in the ring as the lights of the arena begin to flicker erratically as though in the grips of a storm. Then they go out completely, and the supposed storm seems to have come inside. Blue flashes of light simulating lightning shoot back and forth across the ceiling, growing in intensity… building and building and building….and then suddenly….


…the bolts of lightning converging in a massive pyrotechnic explosion. The lights roar back on and the intro to ‘Sin with a Grin’ by Shinedown blasts out from the public address system.

Shane Reynolds is already standing there, motionless in the center of the stage as the illumination returns. His head is leant forward so that his hair cascades over his face. As the lyrics fill everybody’s ears, he flicks it back, revealing his painted face and manic and deranged and determined eyes fixed on the ring, ignoring the reaction from the crowd and begins a casual walk to the ring.

Reaching it, he slides under the bottom rope; he does not pander to the fans.

Benny Newell: Zombie! Kael buried him alive months ago!

Joe Hoffman: Well don’t worry Benny, zombies like brains… and you have none…. But it seems Vince Jones will be teaming with Shane Reynolds… an interesting team to say the least.

Revolution Man” by Union Underground plays as we see Ethan Cavanaugh make his way down to the ring with the HOFC title on his shoulder. After Ethan makes his way down the music switches to “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin as Ryan Faze makes his way out from backstage, not in the most enthusiastic mood, but ready to fight none the less.

Joe Hoffman: And Ethan Cavanaugh teaming with Ryan Faze. Guess that kills the dream match of America versus Ethan later tonight.

We see Ryan and Vince Jones starting off the match locking up and Faze gaining quick control as he throws Jones into the ropes and big boots Jones down to the mat. Faze drops a leg across Jone’s throat. He picks him up and hits a few more big moves before drilling Jones with a Fazebuster.



Joe Hoffman: If it wasn’t for Shane this match would have been over.

Shane comes in and saves the match as Ethan is a little late to stop him. Boettcher gets control again of the match as Faze tags in Ethan who comes in and hits a short arm clothesline taking Jones down. Popping back up Ethan hits a shoot kick and then a gutwrench suplex. Pulling him to his feet Ethan tags in Faze as Ethan drives a boot into Jone’s stomach and throws him to Faze who connects with the Fazeplant, laying Jones out.

Joe Hoffman: Fazeplant! Jones it out cold as Faze goes for a cover.

Shane enters the ring to make the save.


But is cut off by Ethan who clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor.




Bryan McVay: The winners of this match in 3 minutes and 52 seconds…. Ethan Cavanaugh and Ryan Faze!!!

Joe Hoffman: Wow, and this match is over with in the blink of an eye. Jones gets hit with the Fazeplant and this one is done.

Benny Newell: Zombie Shane didn’t even get tagged into the match!

Shane knows this and you can see him furious on the outside. He slams his fist on the announce table as he pushes Bryan McVay off his chair and picks it up and tosses it in the ring. He then grabs the ringbell and slides into the ring as Jones starts to stir back to his feet. He turns around and Shane clocks him with the ring bell.


Jones drops to the mat like a rock, knocked out as Shane takes the ring bell and places it under Jones’s head and picks up the steel chair and hits a con-chairto that almost seems to split Jones’s head in two.


And does it again.


And one final time


Shane drops the mangled steel chair as EMTs rush down to the ring to attend to the bloodied Vince Jones as Shane slowly makes his way to the backstage area.

Joe Hoffman: Shane Reynolds has just lost it folks, Vince Jones may have brain damage after that attack.

Benny Newell: He didn’t beforehand?

Joe Hoffman: We have to go to commercial break as EMTs treat one very messed up Vince Jones.


All these women are over 18…and have beaten Static in a match..trust me..


War Games Partner(s)?

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks, we are apparently cutting backstage now where we have just been informed we are about to witness the unveiling of Aceldama’s first team mate for the upcoming War Games PPV.

As the HOV screen gains the crowds attention with the Kallisten Coliseum, we cut backstage where we see the surviving members of The Uprising; Aceldama and Guy ‘Static’ Stephen’s. Static is taped up as sweat and blood from the wounds from the barbwire match are clearly visible. The two men are standing near one of the entrance doors to the backstage area, obviously awaiting the arrival of the first member. Aceldama seems patient however Static is obviously becoming agitated and bored as they continue to wait.

Aceldama: Settle down, he shouldn’t be long.

Static: What the fuck are we doing here? I just lost to another fucking woman. Another one. What’s so important it can’t wait.

Aceldama: Patience my friend, all will become apparent shortly.

Static leans back against a wall, sighing heavily as Aceldama continues to wait patiently.

Aceldama: Remember when he arrives please be calm and professional whilst I state the reasons behind my actions.

Static nod’s his head as he looks at Aceldama with slight confusion on his face. As the door begins to open, Static edges forward trying to see who it is. The camera zooms in, edging closer as a figure appears from behind the doorway it’s apparent, standing there with a cocky and arrogant grin is non other than…

Justin Decent! The HOW LSD Champion.

Aceldama is quick to out stretch his arm, shaking hands with Justin who grins, looking over towards Static who is obviously not too happy about Aceldama’s decision.

Joe Hoffman: My god Benny, have you seen this, Aceldama has chosen Justin Decent to be his first War Games team member.

Benny Newell: Of all the people Joe, is he serious? No wonder he’s insane.

Joe Hoffman: He could be a genius, who knows how Aceldama’s mind works.

Justin stands back after shaking Aceldama’s hand, standing to his right as Static is seen in the background, an irate and angry look on his face. Aceldama turns toward the camera, beckoning it slightly closer to him.

Aceldama: What you have witnessed here is the beginning of a perfect night for the uprising and myself. Tonight shall be nothing less than perfect. I chose Justin Decent, some one who is obviously still looking to prove themselves.

Aceldama clears his throat loudly before continuing.

Aceldama: Tonight, you will see the re-crowning of the rightful World Champion within this shaded company. I dare anyone here to try and ruin this for us. To taint what will be the greatest night most of your miserable worthless termites have ever witnessed. Tonight, you shall not be entertained; tonight you shall not be impressed.

Aceldama pauses

Aceldama: Tonight, you shall be shocked to your very core. Your lives will be forever changed by the events that unfold here tonight.

As Aceldama finishes his statement, he shakes hands once more with Justin, who just looks towards Static arrogantly, before turning his back and leaving. Static grits his teeth as Aceldama looks towards Static who is shaking his head disapprovingly.

Static: You’ve got to be kidding me right?

Aceldama doesn’t speak. Static is obviously getting more riled up, Static walks forward, forcing his head against Aceldama’s, there eyes now locked on each other as Static uses his head to push Aceldama against the nearby wall. Static grabs Aceldama’s shirt and lifts slightly, his face now red with anger.

Static: What the fuck are you thinking? He’s the guy I wanted to face tonight. His title should be MY title.

Aceldama: Remove your hands from me NOW!

Static doesn’t heed the order, forcing Aceldama hard into the wall, Static swings his arm back and launches a punch, hitting the wall mere millimetres from Aceldama’s face as he releases his grip.

Static: I don’t…I just don’t get it.

Aceldama pats Static on the back, Static now resting against the wall with his head in his hands.

Aceldama: Come the end of tonight, you could be in a huge position to become part of this team for War Games, just go out there and impress me.

Static shakes his head, a sadistic look appearing on his face.

Static: Impress you? What else can I do? I just fucking gave it my all and fucking lost.

Aceldama: Just impress, nothings set in stone. Cause a little havoc.

Static nod’s his head, walking off as Aceldama smiles

Aceldama: Remember, A perfect night.

Aceldama grins sadistically as he is the only one left in shot as the camera begins to fade out. The last image is of Aceldama with a widening grin as the leader of the uprising is obviously happy with his statement as the HOV screen fades to black and the action cuts back to ringside.


Hall of Fame Address

As the crowd settles in, “Alcholin’ Ass” begins to pump through the speakers. The crowd goes wild as Kostoff slowly makes his way out onto the platform.

Joe: They love the HOW Hall Of Famer!!

Benny: Who cares?

Making his way to the ring, he high fives the fans close to the ring. He slides into the ring, removing the mic from his back pocket of his jeans. His hair hangs in his face as he makes his way to the ring ropes and rests his arms on them. His scared face and massive arms stand out as the big man raises the mic to his face.

Kostoff: Normally when I come out it’s for something major and important. I’m not one to waste the time of HOW or its fans with useless banter.

A few people holler out as he pushes himself off the ropes. Pushing his long hair out from his face you see one thing….emotion. His eyes are red and puffy and his face seems broken.

Kostoff: As we all know, my wife showed up at March to Glory and took out Static. As everyone else knows, I’ve put my family at risk time and time again. I’ve gotten worried about my family due to stalkers and all that other bullshit.

Benny: What the fuck is he getting at?

Kostoff: In my time in the ring I’ve accomplished more than most ever will and that has what makes me so marketable and other hate me as they do.

Pacing back and forth he wipes his face with his massive hand.

Kostoff: I’ve thought about my career over the past few days and I’ve thought back on some of my best moments. Facing Jatt Starr, facing Lynx, facing Shane Reynolds…I can go on for hours. I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve wined and dined with Kings and Queens, and I’ve slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans. I’ve done it all, and it’s caught up with me.

Joe: No!!!

Kostoff: I hereby will step down from HOW and retire.

The crowd is in shock at the news. Kostoff stands in the ring as he looks out at the crowd. Wiping away a tear from his eyes, he nods his head to the fans.

Kostoff: Listen, I’ve enjoyed my time in this business, I’ve had good workings with Lee, and I’ve fought with the best and have come out on top. I can’t keep this pace up; my family is taking more heat and abuse than ever. I’ve gotten tired of worrying that each and every time I leave someone will go after them to get to me.

A chant starts up….”Please don’t go!”…”Please don’t go!”. Looking at the mat he shakes his head.

Kostoff: Stop it please; this is hard enough as it is. I knew this day was coming just not as soon as now. I’ve sat down and had a long talk with Lee, my contract has been terminated officially this morning. He told me that I could take the stage right away and let everyone know what is up.

Kostoff: I want to tell the guys in the back and those watching from home, it’s been a blast. I enjoyed every match I have ever been in, and I have enjoyed performing for you the fans, each and every night.

Looking up, he stops as the entire HOW locker room makes their way out onto the stage. Each man applauds Kostoff as the crowd rises to their feet and applaud. Joe is on his feet as Benny stands there clapping for the big man. Emotions begin to build as Barbi makes her way to the ring and slides in. Hugging her husband they share a soft moment in the ring.

Benny: Say what you want, that mother fucker in the ring has done it all and as much as I hated him, I’m gonna miss him!

Joe: This is unreal news!!

Kostoff: I want to thank Jatt Starr, Lynx, Nark, Jay Luminary, Shane Reynolds, Darkwing, Mark O’Neal….because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I want to thank you the fans, because if it wasn’t for your support I would have never done half of what I’ve done in this ring.

Kostoff: I want to say thank you to Lee. As evil as you were to me, I was just as evil to you. You allowed the Kostoff character evolve and turn into the animal I did. You gave me the chance to run with my ideas and you listened, you are a rare owner and I appreciate all you did for me.

Kostoff: Thank you all for the good times and fun. I had a blast folks, don’t ever forget it.

Still holding onto his wife he looks up and out at the crowd he drops the mic as Kostoff and Barbi exit the ring. The crowd are still on their feet as they get greeted at the platform by the HOW roster. Giving hugs and back pats, Kostoff looks up and looks into the eyes of Lee. For a long moment the two men glare at each other, at the same time they reach out their hands and shake hands. Kostoff places his hand on Lee’s shoulder as the two mortal enemies nod their heads at each other. Joe and Benny wipe their eyes as Kostoff heads behind the HOW curtain, for the final time.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we will be right back with the Ladder Match for the ICON Title shot…


Metlife would like to wish the Kostoff family nothing but happiness as they move on in their lives outside of HOW


Ladder Match for an ICON Title Shot

Back from commercial and we see the first man to make his way to the ring is KC Kash of Extreme Kaos, making his way out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He quickly makes his way to the ring, sliding in and preparing himself as he awaits his opponents.

As KC Kash looks on, Marcus Reinhardt walks out on stage to a chorus of boo’s from the crowd. He raises his arms before charging to the ring, sliding in and instantly chopping KC Kash down with a series of rights and lefts.

Joe Hoffman: Well as we learned Kostoff will not be in this match, so that just leaves three spots in this match, a 33% chance for one of these upcoming men to win a shot at the ICON title.

Benny Newell: It’s 50-50 unless the third guy gets his fucking ass out here. Drink!

Come with me by Puff Daddy hits the PA as the crowd erupt into cheers. Crow makes his way onto the stage. Taking in the reception he is receiving from the crowd as he makes his way towards the ring, pointing towards it and pointing towards the briefcase that’s hanging above the ring.

Joe Hoffman: And the final entrant in this match is Crow, this could be interesting.

Benny Newell: Or it could suck if he doesn’t get his own way and acts like a crybaby.

Crow instantly grabs a ladder, sliding it into the ring as Reinhardt continues to go to work on KC Kash. Crow is quick to his feet in the ring and picks up the ladder, levelling both men with it as he charges forward. Reinhardt takes his time back to his feet but Crow uses the ladder to keep both men grounded several times, dropping the steel ladder hard onto the backs of both men.

Crow uses the ladder once more, throwing it down hard on top of Reinhardt, Crow quickly swaps his attention to KC Kash who is now getting to his feet using the ring ropes for leverage. Crow hits a shoulder block on KC dropping him quickly. Crow goes to ground and hits a barrage of rights and lefts unleashing some pent up rage on KC Kash.

Joe Hoffman: Crow using his experience to his advantage against KC Kash, you wouldn’t think he had actually been gone for so long.

Benny Newell: I just don’t get why he came back.

Crow slides to the outside of the ring and grabs a second ladder sliding it into the ring as Reinhardt is now up and has set the ladder up in the middle of the ring beneath the briefcase. Crow slides back into the ring as KC Kash stirs to his feet once more Crow hits a clothesline and forces KC Kash off the ring apron to the outside.

Reinhardt has began climbing the ladder as the crowd boo loudly, drawing the attention of Crow who grabs Reinhardt’s tights and holds him in place to stop him climbing any further up the ladder. Crow climbs behind Reinhardt and hits a forearm to the back of Reinhardt’s neck. Crow the uses gravity to his advantage hitting a german suplex off the ladder as Reinhardt’s neck bounces off the mat instantly causing him to yell in pain due to the injury he had previously sustained.

Joe Hoffman: KC Kash is on the outside and Reinhardt is down. This is Crow’s opportunity Benny.

Benny Newell: He’s taking too long, not a chance.

Crow only made it halfway up the ladder as KC Kash made it back into the ring, using the second ladder to force Crow off and into the ring ropes. KC Kash picks Crow up and attempts a lock up. Crow reverses it and wrenches KC’s arm back and forth, almost like a rag doll.

Reinhardt is beginning to get to his feet as Crow lifts KC Kash up onto his shoulders. KC grabs the ring ropes, trying to wriggle free as Reinhardt chops Crows legs, forcing him to drop KC Kash. Kash doesn’t fall unharmed though, Kash ends up being hung up on the ropes as his arms become entangled leaving him restrained.

Reinhardt quickly goes to work on Crow, lifting him back to his feet and throwing him hard into the turnbuckle. Reinhardt stalls momentarily, holding the back of his neck as it is obviously hurting him.

Joe Hoffman: KC Kash is still stuck in the ropes; this has quickly become a two horse race Benny.

Benny Newell: Since when were we at a fucking farm Joe?

Benny takes a drink of his whiskey as Crow in desperation rakes Marcus Reinhardt’s eyes, making him retreat slightly as Crow locks his arm around Reinhardt’s head, looking for a suplex. Reinhardt blocks the attempt and hits a standing suplex on Crow. Reinhardt takes advantage and throws Crow over the top rope to the outside.

Reinhardt looks over at KC Kash who is still stuck in the ropes as referee Joel Hortega attempts to free him. Reinhardt pushes one of the ladders back to the outside, using the other to set it up right underneath the briefcase as he begins to climb the ladder as the crowd continue to boo him.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it Benny.

Benny Newell: About time if you ask me. Drink!

Reinhardt begins to fumble with the bottom of the briefcase as suddenly KC Kash is finally freed from the ring ropes. Dropkicking the ladder to cause Reinhardt to lose grip of the briefcase. The ladder doesn’t fall however as KC Kash begins to climb it also.

KC Kash and Reinhardt begin trading blows atop the ladder as Crow is making it to his feet. Reinhardt hits a couple of elbows to KC’s face as Crow slides into the ring, looking up at the top of the ladder. Reinhardt attempts to push KC off the ladder but slips, falling a couple of steps as Crow grabs KC Kash and pulls him off the ladder hard, Crow hits a quick gut kick, and super kicks KC Kash over the top rope and to the outside.

Reinhardt begins the climb again as Crow turns around and sees him reaching the top of the ladder. Crow pushes the ladder as the crowd begin to cheer, getting to their feet. Crow pushes the ladder back as Reinhardt falls hard from the ladder and hits the mat badly; his body begins to spasm as his neck was twisted in the fall.

Crow then begins to climb the ladder as the crowd are still on there feet cheering him on.

Crow reaches the top of the ladder and begins to fumble trying to unhook the briefcase.

Joe Hoffman: This is it! This is it!

Benny Newell: Quiet you fucking Michael Jackson wannabe.

Crow has to use both his hands but eventually manages to unhook the briefcase as the crowd begin to go wild.

The winner of the match and New #1 Contender for the ICON Title in 9 Minutes 14 Seconds……Crow

Crow celebrates on top of the ladder, his arms raised in victory as Come with me by Puff Daddy continues to echo around the arena as we cut backstage.


Team Best

We once again cut backstage where we Simon Sparrow sporting a bandaged up head sitting on the new leather couch inside the office of Lee Best.

Simon Sparrow: Lee why would you ever allow me to be in such an barbaric match…I am captain of your War Games team…I am your General Manager…

Lee Best: You were…

Simon sits up and looks at Lee with a stunned look..

Simon Sparrow: What do you mean were…

The camera turns towards Lee who is smiling behind his desk.

Lee Best: Look Simon there is a reason for everything I am doing. I want to win War Games..I want ratings…I want the best for MY COMPANY…and the best for MY COMPANY is for you to be focused…that is why you are no longer General Manager and why I banned Louis from the arena tonight..I NEED YOU TO BE FOCUSED!!

Simon rolls his eyes as Lee continues..

Lee Best: Look Simon….if it makes you feel any better I have stripped Max Kael as Emporer as well….

Simon looks at Lee and smiles…

Lee Best: I stripped both of you cause quite frankly I cannot have you and your War Games teammate fighting and being distracted…

Simon Sparrow: WHAT??

Lee Best: You heard me…….Maximillian Kael and Simon Sparrow are teammates on Team Best at War Games.

The scene cuts to ringside as we see Sparrow in shock and Lee smiling.



Joe Hoffman: Simon and Max fired from their spots of power? HA!

Benny Newell: Nooooo!

Joe Hoffman:Well at March 2 Glory we witnessed one of the most epic battles we have seen in a while where Christopher America defeated “MPlow” Mike Plow for the HOFC title after he put him through the temporary flooring in the Roman Coliseum.

Benny Newell: And now America must defend his title again in this Last Man Standing against a bevy of possible opponents.

An American flag is shown flowing in the wind against a clear blue sky. The American national anthem begins to play…

A woman begins to sing: “O say, can you see…”

A record scratch is heard as Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” plays.

Christopher America comes out. He holds his arms up and touches the tips of his fingers forming an A. As he does, red, white, and blue sparks rain down.

Bryan McVay: The following match is the Last Man Standing match and is for the HOW HOFC championship. Now making his way to the ring from America…. The HOFC champion, Christopher America!!!

America is followed by Ethan Cavanaugh who smiles as he looks at America new title belt that is around his waist. There is no main plate while the other side plates are rusted.

The leather seems to be spray painted black and partly torn, so badly that it almost falls apart on the way to the ring.

Benny Newell: Look! It’s the prestigess Three-Fifths title Joe.

Joe Hoffman: That is just wrong. Hundreds of thousands of men died to end Slavery here in America and we have Ethan Cavanaugh doing this.

Benny Newell: That’s awesome.

Joe Hoffman: Ug…. Well usually the champion comes down last, but it seems Lee wants to drag the suspense out as long as possible. Chris’s opponent probably won’t even know until their music hits.

Benny Newell: My bet is ChristPlow! I mean he is Jesus, he can pick whatever match he wants…. Drink for Jesus!

Joe Hoffman: Don’t even get me started on MPlow this past week… I can only hope that Scottywood gets his hands on him and crucifies him like he did Ken Davidson.

Benny Newell: Judas! Judas Hoffman! You stay away from the Messiah!

Joe Hoffman: What if Ethan’s name is called? Does he automatically win? Does he order America to lie down?

Joe won’t get an answer to his question as Benny throws back another shot and “Rock the Party” by Benizo starts to play as we see James Ranger from Hydra making his way down to the ring, steel chair in hand, and noticeably alone as Joe and Benny are told that the rest of Hydra has been banned from ringside as Benny comments he doesn’t even know who the fuck is the rest of Hydra. Ranger slides into the ring with the chair and swings for America’s head as Rick Stevens calls for the bell. America ducks the chair shot and with a boot to the gut makes Ranger drop the chair as America plants an America DDT right onto it.

Joe Hoffman: That’s the definition of a backfire Benny.

Benny Newell: No, when I eat Taco Bell, THAT is the definition of a backfire.





Ranger starts to pull himself up as Stevens stop the count and America starts the offensive on Ranger hitting a couple big impact moves and then works him over in the corner with some chops and a 10 count of punches. With Ranger dazed America locks in an inverted facelock as he yells out “FOR AMERICA” and hits the inverted cutter on Ranger laying him out in the middle of the ring.



Joe Hoffman: Ranger is laid out folks…

Benny Newell: Who?… Oh the Hydra guy.






Movement by Ranger?


Ranger starts to stir and is able to sit up just in time to beat the ten count as America is very unpleased as he grabs Ranger and pull him up to his feet and goes for his America Dream finisher but Ranger slips away and hits a spin kick on America followed by a running clothesline and then as America gets back up ranger plants a boot in his stomach and connects with the axe kick.

Joe Hoffman: Rolling Thunder!






America raises his arm as energy starts to flow through his body as he gets up from the floor and him and ranger start to trade punches before America gains the upper hand and plants Ranger with an American Spinebuster as the crowd roars with some cheers. Chris grabs the steel chair that is still in the ring as Ranger starts to pull himself back up to his feet only to walk straight into a steel chair shot from America.

Joe Hoffman: Like a gun just went off in the darn arena!

Ranger staggers and falls back into the ropes which keep him on his feet and bounce him back to America who cracks Ranger again with the steel chair, not busting Ranger open as he continues to stagger, but barely knowing where he is as America drills him for a third time before dropping the chair and American bulldogging Ranger’s face into the steel which is now covered in blood.

Benny Newell:.And that is your brain on drugs.



Joe Hoffman: Looks like his face was involved in a darn car wreck.




America smiles at his handy work as Stevens continues to count and the blood flows from the head of Ranger who hasn’t moved since being planted by America.





Benny Newell: Someone get a spatula because he is fuckin’ done!


Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 7 minutes and 39 seconds and STILL your HOW HOFC Champion…. CHRISTOPHER AMERICA!!!

Stevens calls for the bell as most of the crowd cheers for America as Ethan makes his way into the ring while the referee raises America’s hand in victory. Chris asks for his title but Ethan shakes his head as he raises the HOFC title above his head.

Joe Hoffman: Well America retains his title in the first of 4 titles matches tonight, but will Decent, Kael and Maurako be just as lucky in their matches.

Benny Newell: If they have someone as easy as Power Ranger there, then yes.

Joe Hoffman: Well up next we have the LSD title match as Justin Decent will face one of two remaining men, so stay tuned.


Aceldama, Justin Decent, ?? , ?? and ?? vs. Simon Sparrow, Max Kael, ?? , ?? and ??


Rude Awakening

We cut backstage to find Brian Bare standing next to Carmen Jennings, a Cheshire cat smile spread widely across her face. Blood still seeping through open wounds in her back as she jumps around excitedly like a little school girl. Brian trying to begin speaking to Carmen but she carries on jumping around totally oblivious to her surroundings. Brian Grabs Carmen’s left arm and brings her to a standstill.

Brian bare: Carmen can I get a quick word in?

Carmen quite short of breath nods quickly and leans her elbow on top of Brian’s shoulder, trying to compose herself she gains her breath back.

Carmen: Yeah..S-sure..what’s up?

Brain: As we’ve just witnessed you are now the newest contender for the LSD title. How you feeling?

Carmen: Do you REALLY need to ask me? I’m fucking ecstatic! I continue on my winning streak, Exit my 3rd match undefeated and I have a shot at TWO titles in HOW. How much better can life get?

Brian: You have been on a roll since entering HOW. Speaking of titles, how do you feel teaming up with Scottywood to go and retrieve the Tag Team Titles?

Carmen’s smile slightly fades; she has now fully calmed herself down and is leaning up against the wall behind her. sweat still dripping off her brow running down her face, she wipes her forehead and pushes her hair back behind her ears.

Carmen: Well…I didn’t really have an interest in the Tag Team Titles, but it’s only a onetime thing, it’s another possible win and a possible title, I’d be stupid not to take up the opportunity. It’s good to know I have so much respect already that Lee is trusting me to go and retrieve the titles.

Brian: Who are you hoping to be facing whenever your title match is booked?

Carmen tilts her head and looks off into the distance pondering for a moment, suddenly turning back to Brian and shrugging.

Carmen: Hmmm, I don’t really care. No matter who I’m facing I’ll be bringing all I’ve got. Although I think fucking around with Static a little more would be fun. It’s so amusing to see his obsession with the LSD title begin to crumble around him. He’s like a school boy.

Carmen then lights herself a cigarette and lets her body fall into a sitting position on the floor, her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms leaning over. Brian bends down to bring the mic next to Carmen’s mouth.

Brian: You’re not meant to smoke I…

Carmen: You going to take it from me?

Voice: No. But I fucking will.

The camera quickly spins round to see a figure standing in the darkness, all that can be made out is the tip of a baseball bat with the white markings on it that read “Shirley” The crowd gasping as they realize just who it is. Carmen is quick to her feet, trying to escape the approaching hand belonging to Static. Only to be pulled back by the ends of her hair and thrown down onto the hard floor. The sound of her back cracking clearly being heard by the viewers. Static raises the baseball bat high above his head and glances down sadistically at the almost unconscious Carmen covering her face. He uses one foot to push her hand out of the way pinning out down on the floor. Lowering the baseball bat and pinning down her other arm Carmen screams in pain as Static leans into her face, his face flustered and his expression menacing. Quickly he raises the baseball bat and brings it down hard, stopping inches away from Carmen’s rib cage. Carmen curls up into a ball waiting for the almighty blow. But Static stays perfectly still, moving the baseball bat he comes closer to Carmen, their noses touching.

Static: You know what? I’m not going to crush you like the puny pathetic girl you are.

Carmen looks up at Static terrified.

Static: You cost me my fucking LSD Title shot. I’m itching to break every damn bone in your body. But I’m not going to.

Carmen’s expression becomes confused as she slightly opens her eyes. Jumping at Static’s every move.

Static: I want you prepared, because I WILL have a match with you for the LSD title. So I’m going to spare your brittle bones…For now.

Static lifts his head slightly, still having Carmen’s arm’s pinned down he makes a sickening noise in the back of his throat, tilts his head back and spit’s straight in Carmen’s face. Carmen begins to gag as she frantically pulls her arms free and tries to wipe away the horrible substance now spread across her face. Static stands up straight and laughs hysterically. Turning about to leave he stops dead for a second. Spinning round he brings the baseball bat down once again holding it edges away from Carmen’s face, Carmen quickly up to her feet still trying to wipe down her face with her face turning a sickly green colour. The last image we see if of Carmen fleeing down the hallway and Static standing with a murderous smile across his face raising his hand to his mouth he breaths in deeply.

Static: Not so fucking clever now are you!

Action cuts to ringside where up next is the LSD Championship match!!!



As we return from commercial break, LSD champion Justin Decent is already standing in the ring, clearly unhappy as he expresses his disapproval of the Lethal Lottery concept to Matt Boettcher.

Joe Hoffman: Was that really needed by Static? What a sore loser.

Benny Newell: He’s taking things into his own hands. More manly then your girly ass.

Quickly, Decent’s music dies down and the arena goes quiet in anticipation for his opponent, who has been the topic of much debate this past week as former LSD champions such as Kostoff, Ryan Faze, and Static have been tossed out as desired challengers.




Suddenly, 3 resounding blasts of pyro EXPLODE over the stage, appropriately producing “The Explosive One” Mark O’Neal from the curtain as “Give It Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers begins to blare.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, I really can’t think of a better way to welcome you back to Thursday Night Turmoil! What an entrance by Mark O’Neal!

Benny Newell: And what a kick in the nuts it is to Static, who wanted this spot in the Lottery more than anybody on the roster!

Joe Hoffman: Touche, Benny. By the looks of it, Justin Decent doesn’t seem too thrilled about his opponent either.

Benny Newell: Could be worse. He could’ve drawn Sparrow and then he really would’ve been fucked.

Joe Hoffman: What a match that would’ve been, seeing as how Simon has never won the LSD title and holds one of the few victories over this rapid up-and-comer. Still, we all know that Mark O’Neal – a former War Games winner – is no slouch and will certainly give Decent a tough first title defense since winning the belt from Kostoff at March 2 Glory.

Upon climbing into the ring, Mark O’Neal is quickly checked for weapons by the due diligence of Referee Matt Boettcher. After determining that both men came to play fair, Boettcher calls for the bell which sees Justin Decent charge at O’Neal right from the outset.

Joe Hoffman: The champion looking to get a leg-up here early!

Fortunately, Mark O’Neal is ready for Decent and catches him with a hip toss. Justin immediately pops to his feet and charges again, but this time, O’Neal lands a Belly-to-Belly Suplex that gets a favorable reaction from the crowd! Justin pops up for a third time, but gets sent right back down after O’Neal nails a Spear.

A quick cover has Decent on his heels and the crowd excited, but Justin kicks out before 3.

Back to their feet, O’Neal keeps the pressure on the champion with a series of strikes and submission moves, but as he goes for a Sleeper, Decent drops and slips out of the hold. This staggers Mark, who swings wildly but gets caught by a Drop Kick from Justin that turns the advantage to his favor.

Displaying the toughness he showed in obtaining the title March 2 Glory, Decent lays the boots into O’Neal who tries to shield himself from the attack, but to no avail. Justin kicks him so as to back him into the corner, which proves to be a really bad spot for O’Neal to be in despite everything he tries to throw at Decent. The two take to the turnbuckles and brawl with each other as they climb their way up; the fans on their feet in anticipation for a really big spot.

Benny Newell: A top ropes Reverse Edge from Decent?!? Fucking DRINK if he connects with this shit!

Indeed, Benny speaks too soon as Justin Decent’s finishing move gets countered by O’Neal, who slips out from Justin’s grip and kicks him face-first back into the ring!

Benny Newell: FUCK! I’m drinking anyway…

As Justin Decent lies there, O’Neal measures the distance between himself and his opponent in calling for the Explosive Drop. Finally, Mark leaps off and connects, sending the crowd into a world of frenzy as he does so!

Joe Hoffman: We could have a new champion!










Joe Hoffman: Huh? What the heck just happened? Mark O’Neal won, didn’t he?


Joe Hoffman: Hmmm… I guess not. Perhaps the “Explosive One” used a little too much right there in pinning Justin Decent? Let’s take a look at the replay here folks as Justin Decent pulls off his first LSD title defense by the skin of his teeth!

As Joe says this, Justin retrieves the LSD championship belt and scurries away up the entrance ramp, holding his stomach in pain after what was still an effective Explosive Drop. Back in the ring, O’Neal can’t believe what just happened and pleads with Matt Boettcher to reverse his decision, restart the match, or SOMETHING that will give him another shot at the LSD title.

Benny Newell: Don’t worry Mark… drinks are on me after the show!

Joe Hoffman: Wow! I’ve gotta tell ya, Buff… I’m speechless after what just happened right there.

Benny Newell: Well, get over it dickhead and get on with the show. We’ve still got 2 matches left and the “Explosive One” and I are hittin’ up the Horse as soon as we get out of here…


Next week TWO TITLE MATCHES and a more people added to the War Games Teams..



Back live and we head back to ringside where its time for the ICON Championship match…

Joe Hoffman: At March 2 Glory we saw Max Kael lose for the first time since October I believe as he failed to beat World champion Mario Maurako and claim his title. Then to add insult to injury he was attacked after the show by none other than Crow and Shane Reynolds.

Benny Newell: And we don’t even know if Max Kael is mentally or physically ok for this match. He allegedly dove out of a moving ambulance after finding out Shane Reynolds was alive and attacked him. Now he has to defend his ICON title against one of 15 other men! How unfair?

Joe Hoffman: Well if you have been doing the math folks, it is not one of 15 men. It is the only one remaining, Michael Plow.

Benny Newell: ChristPlow! The savior!

Because I’m Awesome” by The Dollyrots plays as the lights lower and a spotlight shines on the entrance way as fog starts to pour out and we see Mike Plow dressed in a white robe makes his way out onto the stage followed by his “Apostles” Doug, Matt, Mark and the somewhat reluctant Ryan.

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the HOW ICON Title, now making his way to the ring originally from… Nazareth, Israel and now hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey, weighing in tonight at 244 pounds… Your Lord and Savior, The Messiah resurrected… ChristPlow!!!

Joe Hoffman: For the love of… This is ridiculous. Mike Plow is not Jesus resurrected. He was in a coma and mistakenly pronounced dead by an incompetent doctor, only to awake from the coma a few days later.

Benny Newell: Three days later Joe, on Easter Sunday. It’s been 1,980 years since he was crucified and now he has returned!

Plow makes his way into the ring as his apostles stay at ringside, Plow snatches the microphone from McVay as the crowd is heavily booing the man who believes he is Jesus Christ.

Mike Plow: Your Messiah has arrived my children, rejoice in my presence and bow before your Savior!

There are more boos and trash can be seen flying at Plow as he starts to get a little annoyed.

Mike Plow: I said bow down in front of me!

Suddenly “The Singularity” by Dr. Steel starts to play the arena lights flash over to red giving the area a rather sinister glow as Maximillian Kael steps out onto the ramp wearing his wrestling gear with his face partially wrapped in browning bandages.

The crowd boos loudly as he slowly makes his way down to the ring with his hands held in the air before grabbing a microphone for himself and sliding into the ring where he walks up to Plow as his music fades out.

Max Kael: Bow down to you? I am your Emperor and thus you will bow down to me!

Joe Hoffman: Max must have not gotten the memo yet about him being fired as Emperor

Benny Newell: He can’t make Jesus bow down to him! That’s blasphemy!

Max Kael: Now bow!

Max drives a hard boot into the guy of Plow which drops him to his knees in front of Kael who puts his arms up in the air as there is a mixture of boos for Kael and cheers for Plow getting the boot. But Plow quickly counters with a low blow to Kael right before Hortega calls for the bell to start the match,

Joe Hoffman: Now that isn’t very Jesus like.

Benny Newell: It is when it is done by Jesus.

Joe is speechless for a moment as Max and Plow exchange blows before Plow gains the advantage after slugging the bandaged head of Kael and whipping him into the corner where he hits a big clothesline. Following it with a bulldog Plow quickly goes for the Mplowsion sharpshooter submission and locks it in but Kael is able to quickly get to the ropes. Stomping away on the back of Kael, Plow drops an elbow and pulls Kael back and tries to reapply the submission move but Kael counters with a kick to the face before Plow can twist the legs.

Joe Hoffman: Again going for the Mplowsion but Kael has plenty of fight left.

Kael goes on the offensive with a quick jawbreaker followed by The Great Max Chop which drops Plow to the mat. Max now applies his own curb stomps to Plow as the apostles cheer on their Savior to make a comeback. But Kael silences them as he pulls Plow up to his knees and connects with a hammer shot to Plow’s temple.

Joe Hoffman: Witch Burner by Kael and a pin attempt!




Plow gets the shoulder up as the apostles rejoice and Kael pounds the mat in anger. He pulls Plow back up to his feet as Plow stumbles around for a second as Kael sizes him up and goes for a drop kick. Plow either ducks it or collapses, but the result is still the same as Kael misses with the move and connects with Joel Hortega instead sending the Mexican referee out of the ring and to the outside, out cold.

Joe Hoffman: Kael just drilled Hortega in the head with that drop kick!

Benny Newell: That’s a DQ! Give the title to ChristPlow!

Joe Hoffman: The title can’t… whatever… Kael obviously wasn’t trying to hit Hortega, just wrong place wrong time.

Max doesn’t even care that he hit Hortega as he turns back to Plow who pulls himself back to his feet with the assistance of the ropes only for Max to grab his head and quickly spinning his body around hitting his lightning spiral finisher.

Joe Hoffman: The Singularity!

Knowing the referee is out Max doesn’t even bother to go for the pinfall but instead he rolls out of the ring and throws the ring apron up. Searching for a second Max pulls out a piece of barbwire from the opening match of the night as that sinister smile overcomes Max’s face and the crowd cheers, if only for the barbwire.

Benny Newell: Woah! What is he planning on doing with that?

Joe Hoffman: Ever read the bible Benny? What did Jesus have wrapped around his head?

Benny Newell: It ever come in a cartoon form or get printed on a liquor bottle?

Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe so…

Benny Newell: Then no… but I did read this month’s Playboy with Candice Boucher on the cover…. DRINK!

Max rolls back into the ring with the barbwire in hand as Plow starts to stir after The Singularity. Kael seems almost entranced as he drills Plow with a hard right and takes the barbwire and starts to wrap it around the head of Plow as the crowd starts to gasp, some cheer, but many are in shock. The barbs dig into Plow skull as Max continues to wrap it around until he makes two full circles around Plow’s head.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t even watch this…

Benny Newell: Someone stop this! Where is The Pope! Where are the Super Best Friends!

Blood is running down the face of Plow as he winces in pain and Max winds up and hits Plow again, driving his fist right into the barbwire, cutting Max’s fist open in the process. Shaking off the pain in his hand Max then goes for another punch but Plow blocks it as he then counters with a headbutt to Kael.

Joe Hoffman: Good lord! A headbutt with that barbwire wrapped around his skull!

Benny Newell: That was defiantly a good move by our lord.

Joe Hoffman: Not what I mea…

Benny Newell: Good Lord! Good Lord! Good Lord!

Blood starts to flow from the head of the Emperor as we see referee matt Boettcher run down the entrance ramp and slide into the ring, a piece of toilet paper still stuck to his foot, explaining his delay in making his way out to replace Hortega. Boettcher has no idea to do with the barbwire wrapped around Plow’s head and just has the match continue as Plow drives a boot into the gut on Kael and goes for The Mike Effect and connects with it but Max is able to hook his legs around Plow head right before the faceplant and drives his head into the mat too.

Joe Hoffman: Mike Effect connects, but that barbwire is driven further into the skull of Plow.

Benny Newell: Kael must be a Jew! Only one of them can bring this level of torture to Jesus.

Joe Hoffman: That is just wrong Benny….

Benny Newell: Yes it is wrong to be doing this to Jesus!

Both man are laid out on the mat as Boettcher starts the ten count for both men and gets to a 5 before Plow rolls over and drapes his arm across Kael as Boettcher slides in for the count.




Joe Hoffman: Kael kicks out!

Just at the last split second Max gets the shoulder off the mat as Boettcher washes out the pin.

Benny Newell: The Devil has possessed Boettcher! That was three!

Plow drags Kael to his feet and prepares to hit the Mike Effect again but Kael somehow has the strength to battle out and whips Plow into the ropes as Mike flips around them and tying his arms up as he hangs on the outside, making it sorta look like Plow is being…. well…

Benny Newell: Kael just crucified Jesus Christ!

Joe Hoffman: His arms are just tied up, there are no stakes through his hands.

Kael approaches the ropes to attack Plow but Mike somehow skins the cat as he wraps his legs around Kael’s head and hurracaranas Kael over the top rope and into the crowd barricade. Plow is able to now free himself from the ropes as the crowd in the front row is heavy booing the man they believe is mocking Jesus. One man has a New Jersey Devils jersey on as we hear Plow yell “The power of I compels you” and drills the fan in the head sending him back into the second row. As he is busy with that and the referee is calling for a medic for the fan Max connects with a low blow on Plow and rolls him back into the ring.

Benny Newell: He can’t do that to the holy testicles!

Joe Hoffman: What will Kirsta Magdalene do tonight now?

Benny Newell: Huh?

Joe Hoffman: Nevermind….

Max is quick to go for the cover as one of the EMTs treats the “possessed” fan and Boettcher slides into position to make the count.




As if God himself just reached down and lifted Plow’s shoulder he kicks out before the count of three to dismay of Kael and the displeasure of the crowd who has now gotten completely behind Kael and jeering Plow.

Joe Hoffman: What does Kael have to do? Nail him to a dang cross?

Benny Newell: And even then he rise again!

Kael pulls Plow up by his hair and sets up for The Singularity again but Plow with a jab but Kael drives a hard right into Plow’s barbwire which Mike blocks and drives a boot into Max’s gut and sets him up for The Mike Effect which he connects with.

Benny Newell: Christ Effect!

Plow rolls Max over as trash comes flying down at the ring and Boettcher drops to the mat to make the count.




Benny Newell: It’s Over! It’s Over!

Joe Hoffman: Did Max kick out?

Benny Newell: No! No!


Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 14 minutes and 12 seconds and your NEW HOW ICON Champion….. Michael Plow!!!!

The arena deafening with boos as Boettcher hands Plow the ICON titles which he clutches into, almost in tears… or is it blood that runs down his face.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t agree with all this Jesus stuff, but Plow wrestled one hell of a match here tonight and one can just not argue with the fact that he deserves that title.

Benny Newell: Ya, jump onto the band wagon now that he has won Joe. The ICON title is now the HOLY ICON title! Jebus be with you!

Joe just shakes his head as Plow’s apostles enter the ring and pick their Messiah up and hoist him into the air as we cut to a final commercial break.


Is Mayhem Returning?



Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and we are heading straight to our main event…which well we have known for about a week now, and now it is time to witness our main event. Mario Maurako defending his World title against the man that Mario’s wife took the title from, Aceldama.

Benny Newell: Aceldama lost to one Maurako, and tonight he will lose to a second… DRINK!

Sonne” by Rammstein plays as we see the lucky challenger Aceldama makes his way down the ramp. He climbs into the ring as the crowd boo loudly toward the former World Champion.

Aceldama’s theme music is quickly drowned out by “Ego” by Element Eighty hits as the crowd react with mixed emotions for the HOW World Champion Mario Maurako who makes his way out onto the stage. Mario trash talks toward Aceldama continuously as he walks down the ramp, his pace quickening as he quickly slides into the ring and quickly unhooks the world title from around his waist as he gets to his feet. Mario takes a look at the title and kisses it before handing it to the referee Matt Boettcher.

Joe Hoffman: Is that a last kiss goodbye to his cherished world title we have to wonder.

Benny Newell: Can you try and focus without mentioning something gay for once.

Boettcher calls for the bell as the two lock up for the first time, both men push and pull sizing up one another but its Aceldama who strikes first with a knee to the sternum as he forces Mario against the ropes and hits a shoulder block putting the world champ to the mat.

Mario is quick to his feet as the two begin exchanging blows in the centre of the ring. Aceldama again looks to gain the upper hand but is caught off guard by the technical Maurako who drags Aceldama to the floor and locks in an arm bar.

Aceldama is quick to power out of the hold and gets to his feet quickly, launching Mario into the turnbuckle and missing with a shoulder block. Mario counters quickly with a big elbow drop and scores a 2 count before Aceldama manages to get a shoulder up.

Joe Hoffman: A close call for Aceldama there Benny.

Benny Newell: I told you he would lose to another Maurako here tonight.

Aceldama regains control of the match hitting a scoop slam and following up with a running leg drop as he looks to ground the world champion. Aceldama continues the assault with a couple of quick elbows before picking the champion up and hitting a choke slam as he goes for a pin fall.



No! Kick out from the world champion just before the three count.

Joe Hoffman: So close! We nearly had a new champion.

Benny Newell: But we haven’t so shut up and call the damn match.

Aceldama is quick to his feet, a look of frustration on his face, Mario stirs to his feet and the two begin another exchange of punches however this time Mario takes control and hits a belly to belly that takes the german hard to the mat. The referee begins a ten count as both men begin to stir. At four Aceldama is to his knees with Mario pretty much on his feet, Mario begins an assault once more and after several vertical suplex’s goes for another pin fall.

Aceldama kicks out after two once more as Mario beats the mat with his fist. Mario begins to argue with Matt Boettcher screaming he should count faster.

Mario’s arguing gives Aceldama enough time to get back to his feet and as Mario turns around he charges towards the challenger only to be caught and driven into the mat with a hard spine buster.

Joe Hoffman: These two powerhouses are evenly matched as the sweat pours from each of them.

Benny Newell: Turning you on is it?

Aceldama makes his way to the top rope and misses with an elbow drop as Mario dodges at the last second. Mario uses the ropes to bring himself back to his feet and is quick to take advantage as he grabs Aceldama’s leg and wraps himself around locking in a figure four-leg lock.

Aceldama yells out as he tries to reach the ropes, Mario applies the pressure causing him to scream in agony. After several attempts Aceldama’s shoulders hit the mat causing the referee to count.



Aceldama sits up, still locked in the hold he yell’s in agony, reaching out he finally makes it and grabs the bottom rope as referee Matt Boettcher calls for the hold to be broken.

Joe Hoffman: Mario’s technical advantage really paying off after a big mistake by Aceldama.

Benny Newell: Aceldama’s biggest mistake is showing up for this match. Drink!

Mario is quick to continue the assault as he drags Aceldama to the centre of the ring and begins to stomp away on his knee. Mario picks Aceldama’s leg up and signals for his version of the sharpshooter, The Thunder Lock, Aceldama counters with a kick to Mario’s midsection as he rolls over and out of the way of Mario. Mario charges towards a now kneeling Aceldama and is caught with a mid section punch.

Aceldama gets to his feet, hitting several right hands before throwing Mario towards the turnbuckle. Aceldama charges towards Mario and hits a vicious shoulder to Mario’s midsection and as he walks backwards the world champion stumbles out of the corner buckled over.

Aceldama quickly grabs Mario and hits a gut kick before picking up Mario and hitting the champion with the Blitzkrieg powerbomb. Aceldama is quick to follow it up with a top rope elbow drop as he hooks Mario’s leg.


Joe Hoffman: This could be all folks.


Benny Newell: Not to the fucking German


Benny Newell: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The bell sounds as Aceldama’s music hits. Boettcher hands Aceldama the world title and attempts to raise his hand but Aceldama shoves the referee out of his way.

The winner of the match in 8 minutes 47 seconds AND NEW HOW WORLD CHAMPION…ACELDAMA!!

Joe Hoffman: There he is ladies and gentlemen, your new world champion, your war games captain. Aceldama.

Benny Newell: Yeah Yeah, big deal.

Aceldama raises his arms in celebration as he stands in the centre of the ring, the crowd booing loudly as the sadistic grin of Aceldama appears. He throws his title in the air one more time, hoisting it in victory as the final image of Aceldama, the new HOW World Champion is the final picture as we fade out.




Backstage in the locker room, the mood is low. Mario Maurako is sat on a bench, his head in his hands obviously disappointed at his loss to Aceldama. A look of shear frustration on his face as he sighs heavily, still tying to catch his breath from his match. He begins removing his wrist tape, a sad and tired look upon his face. He begins with the other wrist tape as the door opens.

In walks another member of the roster. Guy ‘Static’ Stephens, he’s holding his treasured baseball bat ‘Shirley’ and also has an expression of shear disappointment, Mario looked up, expecting somebody important perhaps, maybe a family member. Static glimpses down at Mario who looks back before dropping his head again.

Static: Tough loss.

Mario doesn’t answer him; Static taps him on top of the head arrogantly.

Static: What’s wrong?

Mario: You wouldn’t understand, you’ve never been a main event guy, you jobbed to a woman earlier remember?

Static’s eye’s began to turn red, his facial expression of pure rage.

Static: What?

Static scowls towards Mario who chuckles to himself.

Mario: I mean you couldn’t even beat a woman.

Static: You Mother Fucker!

Static launches an attack on Mario, his rage getting the better of him, swinging a right hand into the jaw of Mario that knocks him back against the locker. Static doesn’t stop, now using his baseball bat ‘Shirley’ and driving it into Mario’s rib cage. Static swings hard and nails Mario in between the eye’s with a hard shot before putting his baseball bat down.

Static grabs Mario and picks him up, Mario at this point is dazed from the shot with the baseball bat that he cant defend himself. Static swings Mario and throws him head first into the lockers which echo’s the locker room with an almighty clatter.

Static isn’t finished as he grabs Mario once more and lifts him up. Static drives Mario down hard with the Static Shock. Mario’s face bouncing off the concrete floor as blood begins to seep from several fresh cuts to Mario’s face.

Static picks his baseball bat up and walks towards the door, stopping he turns around, as Mario’s head twitches up and he looks towards Static.

Static’s face say’s it all, a sadistic grin appears, Static walks back over towards Mario and lifts him up, taking his time Static drills Mario with the Static Slam, Mario’s face collides hard once more with the concrete. Static brings himself back to his feet and points his baseball bat towards Mario as he looks down at his battered and now out cold body.

Static: You know nothing…

Static turns and leaves as the locker room as Mario is just left alone, on the floor in a pool of his own blood.


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