Turmoil: April 30th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
April 30th, 2009 – #HOW48
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


HOTv logo fades out and the Turmoil one fades in as High Octane Wrestling’s Thursday Night show is now on the air.

We do not start inside The Best Arena tonight however as instead the show kicks off as a video begins to play for the viewers at home and for the fans inside the Arena the High Octane Vision screen is showing the same video.

The video starts as we see waves washing up on an unknown shore. The water is cloudy as it comes up on shore and is pulled back in by the tide. As the water rushes back onto the shore again however we see that the water is now red…

Blood red.

With each rushing wave the water gets darker red and after a few more seconds the water doesn’t appear to be water at all but literally blood rushing onto the shore.

Suddenly the somewhat soothing sound of the crashing bloody waves is interrupted as the bow of a small shit comes crashing onto shore. The bloody water bounces off the ship and leaves blood soaked stains on the ship as the camera pans up and we see a man standing with one foot up on the edge of the ship.

As the camera zooms in we see the man is wearing an eye patch with a HOW logo on it and he is draped in a large American Flag and as the camera zooms into the face of the man we see that it is none other than …

Lee “Motherfucking” Best

Lee smirks as he takes the American flag off him and holds it behind him as a “mate” comes rushing up and grabs the flag and the crewman looks very much like a former HOW wrestler named Shawn Stevens.

Free of the flag Lee steps up on the bow and then jumps off the ship and lands on the beach and looks around as he smiles.

Lee Best: On June 6th 1944 US led forces stormed this very beach and began a campaign that would ultimately lead to an Allied forces victory over Hitler and his Axis counterparts. The men that landed on this beach knew what they were getting into and many of them paid the ultimate price while fighting for the country they loved and the rights of all those opposed to democracy….

Lee continues to walk up the beach as he talks, hands held behind his back, almost overwhelmed by the moment.

..wives lost their husbands, mothers lost their sons, and children all across the world lost their fathers right here 65 years ago…

Lee bends down and picks some sand up in his hand and as the sand falls between his fingers it turns red and Lee quickly shakes the rest of the sand out of his hand as he stands up and continues walking..

Suddenly a large structure comes into sight and it’s obvious that it is not fully done. Lee walks up to it and smiles…

Lee Best: In only a little over a month High Octane Wrestling will hold its biggest PPV to date as War Games will come air to the masses over my HOTv network…the date…June 8th. Don’t think the closeness of the invasion and War Games dates is a coincidence as I want the whole roster to be here ON THE ANNIVERSARY DAY of the invasion…I want them to feel what I am feeling right now and as strong as the feelings are now just imagine how powerful it will be on the anniversary date…only two short days before the ownership of this company is decided in this yet unfinished structure…The War Games Cell.

Lee walks up to the Cell and runs his fingers across the meshed steel and stops suddenly and looks down at his hand and sees that he cut open his palm on part of the cell.

Lee Best: Just walking along this structure and I have bloodied myself….what do you think will happen when eight men enter this two ring one cell contraption and battle in the most important match in HOWs history..100% ownership for either Maximillian Kael or myself?

Lee shakes his head as he knows he just asked a rhetorical question.

Lee Best: The blood of the HOW superstars that are a part of this match will run deep into the sand and surely into the ocean and I have no doubts that June 8th will take the place of June 6th as the most important day in Normandy’s history….that I have no doubts…

Lee smiles as he turns back towards the ocean and the camera pans around to show Lee standing in front of the huge but still unfinished War Games Cell.

Lee Best: The time is nearing…the day of reckoning will soon be upon us and although many people have called me the “Hitler” of Professional Wrestling there is nothing I have in common with that Loser Adolf Hitler…..the loss of his power started here on these beaches and on June 8th….MY POWER WILL BE RESTORED!!!!

Lee throws his arms up high in the air as lightning goes off all around him and rain begins to pour down as the camera zooms in slowly to Lee’s face and as the video ends the final image we get is of the HOW logo on Lee’s eye patch..

The logo bleeds out as the video fades to black…


Champion Demands

The action cuts inside the arena and to the announcers who welcome everyone to Thursday night Turmoil.

As the fans are getting ready for a huge and great TNT helping lead into the amazing War Games PPV itself, the night is about to get started. With a shunning dim of the lights and the kick of ‘Come With Me’ by Puff Daddy blasting though the arena, the fans rise with mixed reactions. All cheering and booing as immediately Crow comes walking out with a purpose marching on down the aisle, towards the ring, seemingly focused?

Joe Hoffman: The champ not looking happy here, I won’t what’s on his mind?

Benny Newell: Probably because more people are joining kidnappers ‘ R ‘ us these days.

Joe Hoffman: Those of you who do not know, Crow has made his case that the kidnappings he has made in the past were out of good intentions, arguably of course, but it seems not the tables have turned on him.

Benny Newell: I actually miss Joey, now I have nobody to beat at poker.

Crow reaches the ring and lunges his World title high into the air, over the ropes slapping down onto the canvas, he walks around the ring and climbs in. He stares out at the fans as they cheer and boo and eventually signals for a mic with something to say, things begin to quiet down.

Crow: Now I asked, I begged, I pleaded, I even took a fucking week off and left things alone in the hopes the culprit behind this sick vendetta would come forward.

Holding his patience in he walks around the ring, his title still lying in the centre.

Crow: Lee Best seemed careless in the actions and motives that’s going on in his company besides his own, Bobbinette Carey would too self involved to even consider the thoughts and feelings of others. Now clearly the person behind this has a motive, intentions of some kind with acts towards me, but so far remain cowards as they hide from me and deny their involvement.

Joe Hoffman: It’s true that nobody has admitted or acknowledged the kidnapping of Joey, and you could somewhat say there is a slight conspiracy feeling to it all.

Crow: So far all have denied anything to do with Joey, and somewhere, my cousin is being held against his will, for no reason whatsoever. But tonight we’ll get an answer..

Still prowling the ring.

Crow: Tonight I’m in the main event defending my World title against Sektor, tonight I will remain champion, but also tonight the culprit better get some fucking balls and reveal themselves before the end of the night. Now to make things simple, I’m going to sit right here at ringside, and I’ll sit there all fucking night until the main event, that way I won’t be hard to find.

Crow bends down and picks up his title.

Crow: Don’t keep me waiting!

He chucks the mic aside and slides out of the ring, grabbing himself a steel chair and sets it up at ringside. The fans are up and excited watching their HOW World champion socialize himself as he sits almost neighbor to them, now watching TNT from ringside with his own intentions.

Joe Hoffman: Well there you have it folks, our champ is here at ringside throughout TNT until the culprit reveals themselves..

Benny Newell: At least he isn’t joining us, couldn’t be worse than Darkwing though I suppose.

Joe Hoffman: You feeling ok….never mind…folks we gotta take our first commercial break and when we return it will be Bob Jared and SSE Turncoat Rob Michaels…errrr…Michael DeNucci in action in a match that Lee clearly booked to give Rob the “night” off.

Benny Newell: Don’t be hatin…


Official Beer of War Games


Bob Jared vs. Michael DeNucci
Singles Match

We come back from commercial break ready for our opening bout of the evening. The “Tennessee Tumbleweed” Bob Jared is already in the ring, warming and psyching himself up for his opponent with some jumping jacks when “Mother” by Danzig kicks out across the arena. Several moments pass with the rambunctious crowd eagerly anticipating Bob Jared’s opponent only to have the theme music to go unanswered.

The music abruptly stops which leaves Bob Jared and the Chicago fans extremely confused. An unusual silence hushes over the Best Arena until the impatience and hostility from the crowd become evident. They fervently begin to shout and one fan even whips an unopened water bottle at Bob Jared, hitting him in the back of the head. This gives the crowd a good laugh and distracts them temporarily until “Mother” starts back up again. Finally, Michael DeNucci stumbles his way out from the back and the crowd immediately begins heckling and taunting the man who claims he was “reborn” this past Monday on Mayhem.

The HOV screen shows a video package of Rob Michaels’ announcements on Mayhem regarding his “deal with the devil” that is Lee Best and his desire to end all things SSE with a match for the SSE World Title (which is now in his possession) at War Games against Trent and “King” Trip Eisen.

In the ring, Bob Jared is leaning across the ropes ready for DeNucci, whose self-confident swagger is almost unnoticeable thanks to his profuse sweating and eyes rolling into the back of his head. Joe can’t understand what DeNucci’s problem is and Benny tries to explain to him that DeNucci is probably high off his ass. A good 2 minutes passes before DeNucci finally makes it into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

The “Tennessee Tumbleweed” immediately comes out blazing which gets some response from the crowd with each right and left hand he delivers to the forehead of DeNucci. Jared pauses to soak in the applause which gives DeNucci some time to react… somewhat uncharacteristically. Laughing hysterically, DeNucci playfully drapes his arm around the shoulder of Bob Jared which leaves everyone in the arena confused, including Joe and Benny who are trying to figure out what’s affecting him.

Bob Jared isn’t even sure how to react and ultimately decides this is a good opportunity to capitalize by dropping to the mat with a roll up! Joel Hortega is quick to make the count but only gets to dos as DeNucci rolls through with a reversal, still laughing uncontrollably. Bob Jared kicks out immediately and both men pop to their feet for a rather confusing stare down. DeNucci mutters some jibberish to Bob Jared that is barely audible; something about how weed translates to his nickname which makes the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” visibly perturbed.

Bob lunges at DeNucci who somehow ducks but then forgets about Jared and fails to react to the knee to the center of his back. This sends DeNucci down writhing to his knees and Bob Jared follows up with an impressive drop kick to the back of DeNucci’s head! Jared scrambles to make the cover but DeNucci rolls out of the ring, holding his head before he can get to him.

Bob Jared is quick to follow the former CEO of Shockwave Sports Entertainment but Michael DeNucci slides back into the ring, still holding the back of his head. Jared can’t catch up and DeNucci is basically playing a game of cat and mouse with him which frustrates Bob even further. With Jared on the outside complaining to some fans in the front row, DeNucci surprises him by springing himself over the top rope with a double somersault plancha onto the “Tennessee Tumbleweed.”

The HOTv cameras cut over to the World Champion who gives DeNucci a round of golf claps as he is clearly not impressed with this SSE Alum…

Back to the action and after taking some time to recover from the splash, DeNucci almost gets himself DQ’ed by significantly weakening Bob Jared by ramming his head repeatedly into the steel steps. Joe notes the ruthless aggression by the man who apparently has been “awakened” since the drop kick to the back of his head.

Back in the ring, DeNucci toys with Jared with a variety of submission holds when the fans start backing Bob with a “Tum-ble WEED… Tum-ble WEED!” chant. This motivates Jared and his elbows out of a side-headlock and goes right for his Tumbleweed Twist spinning toe hold finisher, but DeNucci holds his ground and trips up Bob Jared face-first into the mat.

DeNucci plays off the crowd with his arrogance and self-confidence and takes a moment to fix his hair after making his way up to the top rope. The new “partner” of Lee Best even flicks off the crowd but wearily struggles to keep his balance. Appearing very light-headed, DeNucci fails to notice Jared who leaps out onto the rope, dropping Michael balls-first into the top turnbuckle. With DeNucci nursing his groin seated on the turnbuckle, Jared climbs up and signals for the end with a Super-plex…

Joe Hoffman: “This could be it! What an upset this would be if Bob Jared can pull it off!”

Benny Newell: “No fucking way in hell Bob Jared wins this match. I’ll bet you 50 bucks he fucks up.”

…Bob braces himself and grabs the tights of DeNucci, but just as he’s about to lift him, Bob slips and goes crashes backwards down to the mat. Bob rolls around in agony and doesn’t realize that DeNucci is sizing him up…

Joe Hoffman: “Bicoastal!”

Benny Newell: “I told you! Pay up, Joe!”

Joe Hoffman: “Wait… I never agreed…”

In the ring, DeNucci delivers a not-quite full length Coast-to-Coast but the impact is enough to stun the “Tennessee Tumbleweed.” Joel Hortega makes the count.





Post-match, DeNucci spits on Bob Jared and exits the ring with a half-smirk, indicating he has big plans here in High Octane Wrestling.

Joe Hoffman: “Impressive showing here tonight from Michael DeNucci after some initial pre-match struggles.”

Benny Newell: “I’ll be right back Joe…”

Joe Hoffman: “Where you going?”

Benny Newell: “I, uh… am gonna go find DeNucci. As evidenced by that match we just saw, whatever he’s on seems to be working for him.”

Joe Hoffman: “I understand we have to cut backstage…just sit still will ya Benny we are only one match in..jesus”


Electrifying Stipulation…

We cut to backstage where we are inside the office of the Commissioner of High Octane Wrestling, Scott Woodson. To the side we see Frankie the Cameraman playing with his limited edition Star Wars green light saber and Scottywood sitting behind his desk looking into the camera.

Scottywood: A week and a half ago I laid out the current LSD champion Static with an SDT on the concrete. Three days ago I defeated the golden boy of The Best Alliance Jatt Starr with a Game Misconduct in the middle of the ring. I can see the desperation in the eyes of Lee Best now; he knows that it was a mistake to take me for granted, a mistake to push me to the side. So now he is going to his hired monster, Aceldama, in some sort of last hope that he can take down The Hardcore Artist.

Frankie: Lee is like the Darth Vader of HOW, trying to take down you, Luke Skywalker.

Scottywood: Thank you for that nerd translation Frankie.

Frankie: And I’m Han Solo and Bobbinette is like Leia….

Scottywood: Shocking you think that…. Anyhow, Lee thinks once again he has my number, but does he really think that Aceldama, a man that lost to Bobbinette a week ago will be able to take down the man that beat Jatt Starr in less than 5 minutes? Face it Lee, you wish you still had me in the BA, you wish you could now sign me to your War Games team.

Frankie: Max Kael would so be the Emperor, Sektor would be Boba Fett and most importantly Silver Cyanide would be Yoda.

Scottywood: Ok, I am with you on Kael and Sektor…. but Silver as Yoda?

Frankie: Ya cause he pretty crazy like Cyanide.

Scottywood: Fair enough….but now it’s time I take a page from the book of Lee. See he thinks he has stacked the odds by putting me against his “monster”. So what I am going to do add a small stipulation to this match….

Frankie: A LEGO match?

Scottywood: No, that’s the stupidest match gimmick ever, I’m surprised NGW didn’t close the day after we held that match. No I am going for something a little more interesting, something that will keep The Best Alliance out and cause a shitload of pain, an electrified steel cage match. No way in, no way out…thousands of volts running through the cage, and one of us….or more likely both of us are going to get the biggest jolt of our careers….

There is a sick smile on Scotty’s face as thoughts of an electrified cage run through his mind as Frankie continues his imaginary light saber battle with Darth Vader as the scene fades out to commercial.


Next month get Carey for only $2.50!!


Max Kael vs. Matt Denton
Singles Match

Dimmu Borgir by Puritania hit’s the speakers as the Max Kael makes his way out from behind the curtain, The 50% owner of HOW ever aloof and abstract has chosen to come down to the ring in a golf cart, while Denton paces in the middle of the ring anxious to get the match under way Max Stops his Golf Cart halfway down the ramp and get’s out, wiping his boots as if he stepped in something he comes the rest of the way down the ramp taking his time about it.

Denton motions for the Co-Owner of HOW to hurry it up and get in but Max instead begins to walk slowly around the ring, apparently in no mood to be hurried he instead seems to examine the ring as if making sure it’s been assembled properly.

Hoffman Comments that Kael is taking his sweet time getting into the ring while Benny brushes off the remark saying that Max “Is” after all the Half Owner of HOW and he can’t neglect his responsibilities even if he does have to wrestle, he still needs to make sure the ring is put together acceptably.

Denton begins to get angry as Max Kneels to examine one of the corners or the ring further slowing his journey around the ring, he kicks the ropes and yells for Max to “Hurry it up” Max pays him no need and then to Denton’s chagrin he decides to make a second circuit of the ring.

Jumping up on the top turnbuckle Denton yells at Max and waves his arms trying to get the Co-Owner of HOW’s attention, Max finally looks up and raises his arms as if to say “WHAT?” Denton opens his mouth but suddenly slips and loses his balance, plunging from the top turnbuckle he lands in a heap at Max’s feet, dazed and almost unconscious, the crowd breaks into laughter and begins to chant.

Crowd: You Fucked Up! *Clap Clap* You Fucked Up! *Clap Clap* You Fucked Up!

Max looks up at the turnbuckle and then slides into the ring, bending closer he examines it before brushing it off and retying the ties and making sure the turnbuckle is secure, satisfied with his examination of the ring he slides out and picks up Denton’s Body and rolls it into the ring sliding in after him. Max scratches his chin as he walks around Denton. He motions for the mic and is tossed one has he lifts it to his lips.

Max Kael: Hi Denton.. not looking so hot huh? I suppose I could just pin you but I had this big plan all set up kinda like a big game of Mouse Trap.. But you went and hurt yourself before the match. Still, how about we trigger it for shits and giggles huh? Boettcher over your eyes.

He turns toward Matt Boettcher who looks confused as Max points too his eyes and makes a covering motion. Matt seems a little stunned until Max steps up and can be seen threatening to fire the ref resulting in his covering of his eyes. Max then starts to wave toward the stage as Shane Reynolds can be seen making his way too the ring though obviously totally not into the job he has been assigned.

Max Kael: Move it! Come on, double time! Get in this ring right now God Damn It! I mean.. no one is coming down to the ring, nothing is happening, I just want to make sure our friend, Mr. Denton is ok to start the match..

Max eyes Matt Boettcher who’s eyes are still covered. Max lowers the mic and berates Shane as he slides into the ring refusing to make eye contact. Max points down at Denton as he lifts the mic back up.

Max Kael: Alright Sha-.. wait..

Max pulls a large set of ear muffs out of his pocket and sets them over Boettchers ears as the ref clearly has an annoyed look on his face.


Shane picks up Denton and plants him with the Weapon of Max Destruction before sliding out of the ring looking dejected. Max shoves the ref and drops of the cover as Boettcher tears off his ear muffs.


The Bell rings as Max stands up and the ref raises his hand in the air and announces max the Winner.

Ref: Your winner in an unprecedented time of five seconds! Max Kael!

Max slides out of the ring and then as if by an afterthought he reaches in and yanks Denton out onto the floor, dragging him halfway up the ramp he lays him out there and get’s into his Golf Cart.

As the crowd cheers getting a pretty good idea about what’s coming Benny comments that the dazed look on Denton’s face reminds him of the time in college when he blacked out after drinking tequila for half the night and woke up in the middle of a group of hot sweaty naked…

Joe Hoffman is quick to silence his broadcast partner.

Max put’s his Cart in Drive and stamps his foot down on the gas pedal, the cart speeds forward and Denton is run over like so much road kill, the crowd begins to chant again.

Crowd: SPEEDBUMP! *Clap Clap* SPEEDBUMP! *Clap Clap*

Max happy to oblige backs up over Denton and then to the enjoyment of the crowd runs him over again!

Max looks out at the crumpled body of Denton and winces shaking his head, driving back up the ramp seemingly enjoying himself he get’s out of the cart and waves to the fans.

However as he got out he neglected to put the parking brake on…the golf cart began to back slowly down the ramp of its own accord picking up speed as it went, to the amazement of the crowd and Max the cart picked up speed and then ran over the limp body of Denton, Scratching his head Max took a step as if to retrieve the cart and then shrugged and walked off stage into the back leaving the cart for the paramedics to pull of the battered body of Denton.

Benny comments that the Golf Cart Hit and Run reminds him of how he lost his License after a night of drinking in Mexico, the crowd begins to chant yet again as the scene fades to the backstage area.

Crowd: HIT AND RUN! *Clap Clap* HIT AND RUN! *Clap Clap*


Easy Flows It

The scene cuts backstage where Triple M and his Sensitivity Coach and former Army Drill Sergeant Gerald Isaac Joe are walking down the hallway. Triple M is carrying a dozen red roses while Gerald Isaac Joe marches alongside of him until they come to a stop in front of the locker room of Bobbinette Carey.

Gerald Isaac Joe: TEN HUT MAGGOT! About face!

Triple M turns obviously not thrilled with the roses or being bossed around.

Gerald Isaac Joe: The first step to a new life is to ask for forgiveness maggot. So now I want you to present Miss Carey with these flowers and beg her for her forgiveness.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: And what if I don’t want to listen.

Gerald Isaac Joe: Then you will suffer from some Hard Times maggot!

Triple M reluctantly knocks on the door with Gerald Isaac Joe standing next to him. A black eyed Bobbinette opens the door holding her ribs. She looks at Triple M and slams the door.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: There I tried lets go!

Gerald Isaac Joe: WRONG! You will try again Maggot!

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: Look I don’t want to do this. She slammed the door in my face.

The Drill sergeant knocks on the door this time. Bobbinette opens the door slowly.

Bobbinette: Go away. I got beat up enough already last TnT by Aceldama.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: I know and it made me jealous.

Triple M says under his breath. The drill sargent looks at Triple M with almost a threatening glare.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: Carey I’m not here to-

Bobbinette slams the door again. He sighs looking at the drill sargent.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: This is pointless.

Gerald Issac Joe: Never give up never surrender!

He knocks on the door a third time. Bobbinette opens it and glares at him.

Bobbinette: What?

The coach seems to prod triple M to do what he came here to do. Triple M holds out the flowers to her. Bobbinette doesn’t take them.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: I need you to forgive me…

Bobbinette: For?

She says looking unenthusiastic at him.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: For the marvelous attacks I’ve done. And the perfectly Marvelous beat downs and the wack-o-meter

He seems to have a look of pride as he reminisces about this. Bobbinette puts her hand on her hip and shakes her head.

Bobbinette: SO let me get this straight. You’re wanting me to forgive you for the attacks you did on me your entire run here in HOW? What I just forgive you and your soul is cleaned or something like that? Or I forgive you and you get to start ALL over again because you’ve been forgiven?

She shakes her head in disbelief. Gerald Issac Joe raises his finger.

Gerald Issac Joe: Ma’am he needs to do this. He’s not allowed to leave here till you’ve forgiven him.

Bobbinette raises an eyebrow with a half smile. Her bruised eye hurts causing her to jump at the pain

Bobbinette: Oh really?

Gerald Issac Joe: Yes Ma’am. He is willing to do Anything.

Triple M looks at him in shock that he made that statement.

Bobbinette: anything?

Gerald Issac Joe looks at Triple M who reluctantly nods his head.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: Anything…

Bobbinette: Well… if you really mean it… if you really want me to forgive you… you’ll retire the wack-o-meter tonight and NEVER use it again!

Triple M Stands there in shock at her request. He stands in silence.

Bobbinette: I guess you’re not that sorry then.

She starts to close the door.

‘Marvelous’ Mario Maurako: FINE!

Bobbinette smiles and takes the flowers slamming the door on him as the HOV zooms in to show the HOW World Champion sitting up in his seat obviously interested in what just went down.

Two More Feds join the ranks of HOTv!!


Shane Reynolds vs. Christopher America
Singles Match

Were back to ringside where “Sin with a Grin” by Shinedown starts to play we hear the boos for Shane Reynolds as he makes his way out from the back and onto the stage.

Amy Smeets: The following match is scheduled for one fall, first making their way to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts…..Shane Reynolds!

Joe Hoffman: Interesting match here tonight, Reynolds and America are both on Team Best for War Games, but Reynolds is in The Best Alliance, and America is still a member of the AoA. And America hasn’t really been playing nice with Reynolds as of late.

Benny Newell: Isn’t playing nice? Yes he painted Shane red, white and blue. Yes he has verbally owned him as of late….but this his HOW, nobody should be playing nice here.

Reynolds makes his way into the ring, clearly not in a pleasant mood as he has been itching for the past couple days to get America in the ring. He turns around and stares at the entrance way, waiting for America to make his way out. The HOV then comes alive with an American flag is shown flowing in the wind against a clear blue sky. The American national anthem begins to play…

A woman begins to sing: “O say, can you see…”

A record scratch is heard as Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” plays.

Christopher America comes out. He holds his arms up and touches the tips of his fingers forming an A. As he does, red, white, and blue sparks rain down.

Amy Smeets: And his opponent, from the United States of America and weighing in tonight at 235 America pounds…..Christopher America!!

The boos are even louder for America as he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ever so angry Shane Reynolds. America reaches the ring and pauses as he looks up at Reynolds with a smile on his face.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know if America is hesitant to enter the ring with Reynolds, or he is just trying to piss off Reynolds even more.

Referee Joel Hortega pushes Reynolds back as America finally enters the ring and quickly goes face to face with Reynolds as the smile America had is quickly gone as the verbal battle has begun as Hortega gives up trying to separate them and calls for the bell and the match is underway. As America continues to lay into Reynolds with some verbal smack, which angers Reynolds more and more who takes his index finger and pokes America right in the chest which drops him like he just got hit by a car.

Joe Hoffman: And America goes down….what the hell just happened?

Benny Newell: Finger Poke of Doom!!

Shane is completely lost as he looks down at America who is mouthing to Reynolds to pin him before he closes his eyes as if he is out cold. Reynolds is a bit cautious, but he drops down to the mat and hooks the leg of America as Hortega slides in for the pin.




Amy Smeets: The winner of this match in 27 seconds….Shane Reynolds!!!

Hortega calls for the bell as Shane rolls furiously under the ropes before America has a chance to get fully to his feet and the ropes of the opposite side. Leaping down the outside, he moves with manic purpose towards the announcer’s table, and more specifically the time-keeper beside it and throws him head-first off of the chair.

Joe Hoffman: Damn it. Shane Reynolds used to garner such respect and now he’s doing this. It’s like Bobbinette Carey all over again.

Benny Newell: That’s what happens when you call him 2Xtreme!

Shane hears this as he snaps the chair shut with an audible clang and turns angrily towards it, looking for the source and then staring directly at Benny.

Benny Newell: See!

Shane manages to turn his attention away from Newell, who ducks non-chalantly behind an officially HOW flask, taking a quick sip. Sliding back in the ring at a continued furious pace, he charges across the ring with the chair held up high, ready to nail America in the back of the head as the crowd boos, when suddenly the HOV roars into life.

The crowd’s boos grew even louder as the giantified image of Lee Best appears before everyone. Shane and America’s eyes both fall upon it also, but Shane’s is full with the most intensity as Lee’s head begins to shake silently from side to side.

America turns and sees the chair and realizes what was about to happen. A smirk, arrogant and smug, spreads across his face as he exits the ring fully and begins backing up the ramp. Shane, though, scowls for a few more moments, still staring up at the image…and then backs away, screaming his annoyance. The chair swings with him as he turns and flies dangerously out into the audience.

Hoffman: Lee Best clearly doesn’t want any of his War Games team jeopardized here tonight.

Benny goes to offer his usual response when suddenly the faint sound of a woman groaning can be heard. The cameras turn back towards the ring just in time to show the ring announcer tumble backwards into the corner and Shane turn with her microphone in hand.

Shane: Yeah, you walk away. You look all smug as though you’ve enjoyed some kind of victory, but let me tell you this!!

Shane shouts before pausing, his eyes fixed on Christopher Americas.

Shane: I am going to War Games to win my freedom, to rob Max of whatever power he has, to ruin him. And I’m not going to let any of you AoA fools ruin that for me. Especially you. You being on this time, regardless of what anyone else thinks, is, to me, an abomination. John Sektor having a World Title shot is an abomination. Triple P having the ICON championship is an abomination. Your entire stable is an abomination. And you can be sure…..whether it be before War Games. At War Games. Or sometime afterwards. I will rid HOW of you all….as well as Maximillian Kael. None of you can be protected forever!!

Shane throws down the microphone, which sizzles and crackles, as he breaks. His eyes continue to fix on Christopher America, the currently available symbol of the AoA, as he continues backstage and as the show cuts to a commercial.


See HOW’s Victory over Saints Haven only on HOTv!!


Stable Title Match
Trent & King Trip Eisen vs. Darkwing & Ryan Faze
Tag Team Match

Now back live.. “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera hits the PA system as the lights in the arena dim. Strobes start to flash in time with the chugging intro riff as the video wall comes to life with a flyby over a rust colored post apocalyptic wasteland. As the music kicks off into the main song firey pyro explode around the stage as King Trip Eisen and Trent step out on stage to a mixed reaction from the crowd. After the events this past week with Michael DeNucci disbanding the SSE stable and joining forces with Lee Best while Eisen and Trent denounced their association with SSE and declared that they would rid HOW of the man who brought them to the company in an attempt to destroy it, some fans have began to take a liking to Trent and Eisen while others still do not trust the two invading wrestlers. The tag team strides confidently down the ramp and climb in the ring. Trent grabs a mic off the ring announcer and gestures to have the music cut.

Trent: What the fuck’s up, Chicago? All ya motherfuckers lookin’ forward to the firsta tonight’s fuckin’ title matches?

The crowd roars in anticipation of not only the soon to begin Stables title match, but also the World title match between Crow and Sektor. A few could be heard booing Trent for calling them a “motherfucker.”

Trent: Hell fuckin’ yeah, I know I am. Faze and Darkwing, those wankers’ve got some big fuckin’ balls stickin’ their Stable titles on the line ‘gainst us and a lotta pissin’ nerve to think that just ‘cos they’re HOW’s vets, just ‘cos they won ‘gainst dudes who’ve they been able to scout in countless fuckin’ matches, that they can just waltz over us! I mean, seriously, do ya lotta wankers think they even have a single fuckin’ hope of beatin’ us?

The crowd cheers again, shouting their unwavering support for the Ascension wrestlers. Trent sneers.

Trent: Yeah, ya fuckin’ would, they kiss yer arses so much you’d back ’em to become fuckin’ President, doesn’t mean it’s gonna fuckin’ happen! Me ‘n’ Trip, we got a lotta frustration to work out, after the utter bullshit Michael DeNucci pulled on Mayhem, we’re lookin’ to break shit. All that aggression buildin’ up in us, it’s comin’ out tonight, it’s bein’ taken out on yer fuckin’ new found saviours!

The crowd’s cheers turn to deafening boos.

Trent: Hey, ain’t nothin’ personal, they’re in the fuckin’ way, they’re in the wrong place at the wrong bloody time, they got what we want, all that cliched fuckin’ bullshit. Tonight, we take the motherfuckin’ Stables titles and we make an example outta Faze and fuckin’ Darkwing, tonight DeNucci bears witness the un-fuckin’-stoppable force he’s picked a hopeless fuckin’ fight with at War Games!

The crowd’s bipolar attitude picks up again as the cheer at the think of the beating Michael DeNucci will suffer at War Games.

Trent: Tonight, SSE don’t get one over HOW, we could care fuckin’ less about SSE, a dead fed it’s old owner just won’t fuckin’ put to rest, we ain’t SSE wrestlers, we’re wrestle for HOW! Ya hear that, DeNucci? We don’t give a shit ’bout yer delusionsa grandure, we don’t care that yer makin’ me defend my old SSE title on a HOW show, when it’s all said and done yer’ve given us enough bloody reason to beat you fuckin’ senseless! We ain’t takin’ those belts fer SSE, we’re takin’ them fer the motherfuckin’ Institute of Destruction! Now let’s kick this shit off, get yer arses down here, Ascension!

Trent throws the mic away as “You Can’t Stop Me” by the Guano Apes hits and the crowd roars, going berserk for the entrance of the “Phenomenal One” and HOW Hall of Famer who emerge from the back side-by-side, raising Ascension’s Stable titles high in the air.

Highlights of Bobbinette Carey’s huge upset win over Aceldama for the Stable titles last week are shown on the HOV which gets a big reaction from of the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: “Looks like someone’s cookies went over well.”

Benny Newell: “Yeah… if you like having diarrhea for a week.”

Joe Hoffman: “Bobbinette Carey is a Hall of Famer, Benny. Would it kill you to have some respect for the Queen B? I mean, not many people can say they’ve defeated Aceldama.”

Benny Newell: “All I know is that fucker better rebound and help Lee win back his company at War Games or I smell a Bottom Line in his not-so-distant future.”

After slapping some hands along the aisle, Faze and Darkwing jump into the ring and pose for the crowd on opposing top turnbuckles. It’s not long before the Institute of Destruction interrupts them by attacking them from behind, causing them to drop the Stable titles to the outside. Referee Matt Boettcher has no choice but to call for the bell as Trent and King Trip Eisen comes out firing, stomping and punching away at Darkwing and Faze respectively into their corners. Eisen and Trent give each other the signal and before they know it, the Ascension members have been simultaneously Irish-whipped into the center of the ring, causing them to collide with a loud SMACK!

Joe Hoffman: “Wow! Did you hear the impact of that collision!?! The I.O.D. is showing tremendous signs of teamwork early on here in this match.”

Benny Newell: “Oh great! The I.O.D.? Isn’t is bad enough we had the L.O.D. just a few months ago?”

Joe Hoffman: “That is until Sektor jumped ship to the AoA…”

Benny Newell: “Who fucking cares? I may not like the guy, but Sektor came out better for it in the end as he’s got himself a World Title shot later on tonight.”

Joe Hoffman: “You’ve got a point there Benny. OHHH! Trent just pressed Faze over his head and dropped him face-first into the mat!”

Back in the ring, Trent makes the cover on Faze but Boettcher is trying to get Darkwing and King Trip Eisen into their respective corners. After what’s already been a 3-count, Boettcher finally drops but only gets 1 as Faze slips his shoulder out of the lateral press.

Benny Newell: “Come on ref! Faze should’ve been pinned there!”

Back to their feet, Trent with a side headlock on Faze and then pushes him off toward the ropes. Ala Yoshohiro Tajiri, Faze springs off the ropes with some acrobatics and catches Trent with a flying elbow straight to his face! Realizing the much-larger Trent might be too powerful early in the match, Faze tags in Darkwing who is pumped up and has the crowd buzzing. Trent pops up and Darkwing sends him back down with a clothesline. And then hits another! And another… even Eisen takes a shot from Darkwing who roars with a “COME ON!” to the crowd who responds with applause for the “Alpha Black Male.”

Joe Hoffman: “That is the most charismatic man in HOW right there Benny.”

Benny Newell: “Fuck off, Joe. Like we need any more Ascension ass-kissers around here.”

As Trent is slow to his feet, Darkwing is crouched in the corner preparing for the Trans-Darkwing Express but King Trip Eisen slaps the former SSE World Champion’s back and steps into the ring. Darkwing stops in his tracks as Trent rolls out of the ring and is coincidentally met with a spear from Eisen. Eisen mounts the first-ever ICON champion and starts pounding away on him which prompts Faze to step through the ropes, only to be cut off by Boettcher. This allows Trent and Eisen to double-team Darkwing and with a blind tag, Trent makes the cover.



Joe Hoffman: “We’ve got new champions!”


Darkwing kicks out and starts pumping himself up thanks to the “Dark-wing… Dark-wing” chants that the crowd is supporting him with. Faze slaps the turnbuckle as well but Trent is back on the attack with a sleeper that forces Darkwing to one knee. Darkwing reaches out for Faze who is extending his hand as far into the ring as he can but Trent pulls him back and tags in Eisen who takes some free shots to the mid-section. His signature DDT called the “Holy DDT of Kinglyness” drives Darkwing’s head straight into the canvas and Faze needs to break up the pin as Boettcher only gets to 2 before the “Phenomenal One” could make the save.

Trent chases Faze out of the ring and Eisen proceeds with the attack going for his Knighthood exploder suplex finisher but Darkwing counters and trips Eisen up into the Inglewood Cloverleaf into the center of the ring! Faze tries to keep Trent occupied on the outside but Eisen’s cries in the ring alert him of the situation and Eisen holds on juuuust in time for Trent to make the save with a big boot to the head of Darkwing. Faze is a second too late coming from the outside and follows suit by sending Trent crashing down with a shoulder to his knee. Faze springboards off the middle rope but Eisen catches him by the throat and sends him flying over the top rope and to the outside of the ring with a modified chokeslam!

Joe Hoffman: “Oh my God!”

Benny Newell: “Would ya look at that, Joe? It’s a dream come true!”

Medics rush to Faze’s aid as it looks like the fall he took made his head snap forward with some serious looking whiplash. In the blink of an eye, it appears that the Stable Title match has become virtually a handicap match. Darkwing does his best to keep Trent down but it’s not long before Eisen is back and regains the upper-hand for the I.O.D. Trent recovers and the two-on-one assault continues with the Institute of Destruction working together to land a joint suplex followed by successive elbows to the sternum of Darkwing.

The crowd tries their best to support Ascension and Faze begins stirring on the outside while DW is obviously struggling in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: “Uh oh! The I.O.D. is signaling for the EISENTRENCHER.”

As King Trip Eisen wears Darkwing down to set him up for the top rope superplex, Faze slides back into the ring unnoticed as Trent laughs at Darkwing knowing they are about to take the Stable titles from Ascension.

Benny Newell: “Lookout Trent!”

From behind, “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze drops Trent with a Codebreaker type maneuver which takes Eisen off his game to allow Darkwing to counter the superplex with a Tornado DDT. Faze kicks Trent to the outside and with Eisen down, Darkwing stalks him from behind and extends his left arm high into the air, indicating…

Joe Hoffman: “THE DARK REALITY!!!”

Boettcher drops for the cover but Trent has the upper hand from brawling with Faze on the outside and pulls him out of the ring by his leg! Trip Eisen lies motionless in the ring with Darkwing still covering and the fans having already counted past 3. Darkwing can’t believe it and hops up, yelling at Boettcher to get back into the ring. Trent does his best to stall Boettcher with Faze still down nursing his neck, but Boettcher slides back in and is ready for Darkwing whose making the cover again.




King Trip Eisen barely kicks out and Trent wipes his brow after such a close call. He climbs back on the apron in the I.O.D.’s corner and after pleading his case for the 3 count, Darkwing shouts at Faze to get up, saying he “I can’t do this on my own.” Looking fazed, Faze slowly pulls himself up into Ascension’s corner and slaps the extended palm of Darkwing who is waiting in the ring with Eisen locked into a twisting armbar. Faze takes a shot to Eisen’s kidney and several more before signaling for the Fazeplant much to the delight of the crowd.

Faze locks him in but as he turns, Trent makes another save and blasts Faze across the chest with a clothesline. Darkwing rushes Trent and the two trade blows back and forth and it’s literally Mayhem in the ring as all 4 wrestlers are now brawling. Darkwing and Trent go flying through the ropes after a HUGE Trans-Darkwing Express while in the ring, Eisen has Faze locked in for his Samoan Driver finisher.

Joe Hoffman: “ROYAL DECREE!”

Boettcher drops for the count.






Joe Hoffman: “HUGE victory tonight by the I.O.D.!!!”

Benny Newell: “But one has to wonder Joe, the Institute of Destruction only has 2 members… not necessarily a stable by HOW standards is it?”

Joe Hoffman: “Excellent point Benny. Although you can be sure Michael DeNucci was paying VERY close attention to this match. We need a commercial break, folks… we’ll be right back!”

The camera fades out leaving Faze lying motionless in the center of the ring and Darkwing looking disappointed as Trent and King Trip Eisen celebrate with the Stable Titles at the top of the entrance ramp.


The Best Laid Challenge

After a few moments and after all the wrestlers have cleared into the back a new sound generates throughout the Best Arena, music unheard before within these very walls. Slayer’s ‘Bloodline’ opens up to the loud, cracking riff. The high octane vision screen depicts the symbol of Aceldama ((–A–)). Then, something strange happens, something that cannot be explained. Blood begins to trickle down the screen, firstly very slowly, and then it begins to gush down as the blood splatters onto the ramp and through the mesh. From between the gap in the blood Aceldama enters, raising his two hands under the waterfall off blood. He looks more upbeat, happier than normal as he swaggers down to the ring*

Joe Hoffman: Did I just see that correctly, did the High Octane Vision screen just bleed?

Benny Newell: No, it’s an inanimate object, it cannot bleed, you fool!

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama going back to his old theme music, which with his affiliation with Shane Reynolds fits in quite well.

Benny Newell: The song is called Bloodline, are you telling me they are related??

Joe Hoffman: No, you idiot, I meant their bond, Blood Brothers and such.

Benny Newell: No, you lost me.

Joe Hoffman: Just keep on drinking, that’s all you are good for.

Benny Newell: Don’t need a second invitation to that one!

*Aceldama makes his way under the ropes and into the ring, microphone already in hand as the crowd begins their generic booing of him. He stands in the middle of the ring, circling around the crowd, smirking to himself*

Joe Hoffman: He certainly has a lot of explaining to do, his sick attack on Issac Slade last week has left him on the sidelines for at least four weeks and some will have to ask, will Slade be ready for War Games?

Benny Newell: Let’s not forget the inclusion of Christopher America into the Best Team for War Games, I am sure he has a lot to say about that. And even more importantly…..

Joe Hoffman: Go on Benny, it’s nice to get some professionalism out of you once and a while…

Benny Newell: That big fucking bastard broke my gallon bottle of Jack Daniels, there was a good ten glasses left in it!

Joe Hoffman: Spoke too soon I guess.

Aceldama- The time dawns ever closer, War Games looms around the corner. The following weeks will be fierce, they will be competitive as both teams strive to show why they are the dominant force. But for one competitor, that build-up will be mere recuperation, trying to prove himself fit in time for war games. That person’s name, is Issac Slade

*The crowd begin to chant ‘Issac, Issac’*

Chant all you want, that won’t heal his wounds. He lies a broken man, sitting in his living room, wondering, where has my faith gone? These fans Issac, they WATCHED as you were sacrificed. They saw it as entertainment. They wanted to look away, but their eyes could not turn away. Did they help you? No. Just in case you are watching Issac, as I was very aware that you were unconscious, this is solely for you, roll the footage.

*The High Octane Vision screen rolls footage of what happened at the end of the Paras/ Slade match last week. Aceldama standing over Slade berating him, then delivering the punt which knocked him out. The footage now shows the fans reactions to this action, mouths opens wide in shock, all standing silent, one small child with an Issac Slade ‘Have Faith’ T-shirt on crying and consoling himself by his father*

Look at them! They witnessed the fall of the great one, the man who stood so high and proud on top of the ICON division for so long, firstly LOSING his title, then having this happen to him. You thought him to be unstoppable, that no-one could do this to him, but the footage does not lie.

*The footage continues of an unconscious Slade being tied to the ropes, then Aceldama going outside and taking some barbed wire and weaving it into a round circle, and placing it, with much force, onto the head of Slade*

A fitting end to a man who considered himself to be a God. Look how your ‘followers’ cry? How they show their disgust? But not one willing to help you. Why? Look at me!! Do you think anyone would willingly come out here and face me?

You look at Team Kael. First you have their exulted leader, Max Kael, I beat him within an inch of his life! Left him hospitalised and secluded to a wheelchair. Then you have John Sektor, I beat his ass to within an inch of his life, his black eye but a reminder of what happened the first time he entered the ring with Aceldama. Now we have Slade, made an example off in this very ring last week. If you don’t want to join us, then you will fall under our hand.

All three members know what it is like to feel the wrath of Aceldama, all three know what lies ahead. All that needs to be done now is, the fourth member. Whoever you may bring on as your four member, remember this. I will come for you. I will seek you out before he even has the chance to call upon you. Team Best will win War Games.

So as for my challenge, I now call out anyone who feels they are up for the challenge to make their way out here and make themselves known. I have all night, but I don’t think this crowd does, so make it quick.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama is calling out the entire roster to see who is man enough to take him on for $250,000 of his own cash!

Benny Newell: Or woman, let’s not forget Bobbinettee.

Joe Hoffman: Well we wait here with baited breath folks to see who, if anybody will come out to accept this challenge.

Benny Newell: Or woman, let’s not forget Bobbinettee.

Joe Hoffman: Well we wait here with baited breath folks to see who, if anybody will come out to accept this challenge.

Suddenly Dimmu Borgir’s “Puritania” cranks over the speakers as the lights flash wildly on the stage. The fans in the HOW arena suddenly come alive as Maximillian Kael, master of the Speed Bump hit and run tactic steps out on stage, now out of his ring gear and sporting a sleak black suit.

Benny Newell: What!? MAX KAEL?! He can’t book himself! ..but if Max is destroyed by Aceldama… Then he can’t lead his team to victory! What a moron!

Max smirks down at Aceldama as he pulls his custom Maxopotamia HOW microphone out of his pocket and holds it up to his lips. The music dies as the crowd hushes to hear what the imbalanced and unpredicatable co-owner of HOW begins to speak.

Max Kael: Aceldama, my silly, fruity little nut job.. I have to admit, you are good at what you do and what you do is hurt people. Granted, you couldn’t win against me and you couldn’t beat Bobbinette Carey but hey, you did crusify someone and that’s a bit of handy work a man like me can appreciate. Still, you did rob me a member of my War Games team.. And Retribution is in order. So..

Reaching into his pocket Max Kael pulled a piece of paper out, unfolding it as he kept his eyes on Aceldama in the ring.

Max Kael: By the power invested in me by a legally binding contract I accept your challenge, Aceldama..

The crowd lets out a cheer as it finally seems Max Kael is willing to step up too the plate for his fellow team members. In the ring Aceldama throws his arms up in the air and glares down at Max with a malicious stare.

Max Kael:.. on behalf of SHANE REYNOLDS. Blood brother vs. Blood brother. Imagine. That.

Max turns and walks off the stage with a smug expression as the crowd errupts into cheers. Back in the ring Aceldama is furious at the turn of fate now that he must face his own team member before War Games.


Joe Hoffman: But you know the rules between Max and Shane! Shane has to do what Max says and on top of that, Max has the power to book matches! I think Aceldama and the Best Alliance just got outsmarted.. by Max Kael?


Back in the ring Aceldama continues to seeth with fury as we cut to a commerical break.


Kostoff will break your fucking bones if you screw his wife..err LIFE insurance



The scene cuts backstage where Shane Reynolds can be seen standing alone outside Max Kael’s office. He lets out a frustrated sigh before knocking.

Benny Newell: Look’s like Shane’s gonna be subjected to more ridicule. Max is stupid, the Best Alliance will win at War Games, and all the stuff he’s done to Shane will come back and bite him in the ass particularly after that fucker announced that Shane would be accepting Aceldama’s challenge!

Joe Hoffman: Well maybe, but If Max’s team wins then Shane will regret turning his back on the MK group. That is assuming Aceldama doesn’t keep his promise and destroy Shane before War Games..

Shane enters the office and see’s a chair in front of him with the backrest facing him. Who ever sitting in the chair is not wanting to reveal themselves just yet. Shane slaps his hands at his side and shrugs.

Shane: Well…what do you want this time?

The door behind him suddenly slams shut and he turns to see Scottywood and Darkwing standing their.

Joe Hoffman: Ascension?

Scottywood nails Shane between the eyes with his barb wire wrapped hockey stick, and Darkwing begins laying down stiff stomps. The two continue to maul Shane with viscious punches and kicks as he tries to cover up on the floor. Darkwing pulls Shane up to his feet and locks his arms behind his back. Scottywood stands in front of him with the barb wire wrapped hockey stick and watches as blood pours down Shanes face.

Scottywood: You mess with Bobbinette..you mess with all of us!

Scotty nails Shane again in the head and Darkwing lets him fall to the ground. Darkwing then turns towards the chair in the office.

Darkwing: He’s all yours…

Benny Newell: What the hell, where’s the rest of the BA?

Scotty and Darkwing leave the office, closing the door behind them. Whilst Shane lies motionless on the floor the chair slowly turns around.

Joe Hoffman: That’s SEKTOR!!

Sektor smirks and gets up out of the seat, walking slowly towards Shane’s lifeless body. He is wearing a navy blue business suit and dark sunglasses. He stands over his body and pulls his head up by his hair. He roughly grabs both cheeks around the jaw line with his free hand and then tosses his head back towards the ground. Sektor then stands upright and looks at the blood on his hand, that came off Shanes face.

Sektor: Now your blood is on my hands…

Sektor opens the office door but before leaving the office he turns back to Shane.

Sektor: Your war is with me…stay away from Carey!

He then turns and leaves as the scene cuts elsewhere.


Adidias..official sponsor of the next World Champion??


HOW World Title Match
Crow vs. John Sektor
Singles Match

Back from commercial and the World Champion Crow is already in the ring as he had been sitting ringside all night waiting for someone to confess to the abduction of Joey but that person never appeared and now we have the unusual circumstance of the Champion waiting on the challenger.

“Praise” by Sevendust hits the PA system and the Chicago crowd boos as AoA member John Sektor makes his way out and Benny jokes about the ninja training Sektor has been doing in preparation of this match.

The crowd is definitely not behind Sektor as he climbs into the ring and smirks at the Champion as referee and AAA alum Joel Hortega checks both men for weapons.

Hortega then walks to the middle of the ring and holds the World Title high in the air and then shows it to each man and we are underway as Joe mentions that he has goosebumps as this match could go either way!


It’s been a long time since the Best Arena has been filled with this much tension as the Sektor approaches Crow face-to-face in the center of the ring; the Champ showing no signs of flinching or backing down. Sektor’s been waiting for this opportunity for a long time ever since he almost won the World Title from Graystone several months back. It’s obvious that Sektor will never truly be satisfied without the World Title he technically never lost.

With the crowd buzzing over who’s going to crack the first blow, Crow breaks the tension by popping Sektor right in the mouth. Sektor is quick to deliver a blow right back to the Champion which leads to both men locking up, neither man with any significant strength advantage over the other. After a brief standstill, Hortega breaks them up only for them to immediately lock up again. Sektor uses his technical prowess to spin around Crow into a release German suplex.

Crow is on the defense now on the opposite side of the ring, smirking at Sektor who appears to be as focused as ever. Back to his feet, Crow charges at Sektor and they lock up again, this time with Crow with the advantage after several reversals. A side headlock from Crow leads into a push off and Sektor grabbing hold of the ropes to avoid the standing dropkick that was impending from Crow. Sektor points to his temple as a sign of him “outsmarting” the World Champion and with a smile, takes it to Crow on the mat.

Sektor stomps on Crow’s left knee several times before attempting the Figure Four Leglock. Crow kicks and squirms his way out of the hold though and reaches for the ropes, using them to pull himself up. Sektor charges but Crow evades the attack sending Sektor crashing to the outside. Crow sizes up his opponent and uses this opportunity to fly over the top rope, toppling onto Sektor into a big heap.

Sektor takes the worst of it though as Crow lands safely and starts wailing away on Sektor’s forehead, causing a small gash just above his right eyebrow. With Sektor’s blood on his knuckles, Crow heaves Sektor over his shoulder only for Sektor to slip off, instead sending the World Champion head first into the steel ring post.

Both men take a moment to recover before Sektor whips Crow back into the ring and follows suit, grasping Crows ankle and again wrenching his left knee. Writhing on the mat, Hortega checks his status to ensure he wants to continue and Crow basically laughs in his face. Crow basically takes this as an insult and it motivates him enough to turn the tables on the Seksational One.

Crow is able to gain the momentum with a thumb to the eye and stands, lifting Sektor and dropping him with an inverted DDT. Blood from Sektor’s head stains the mat as Crow covers for a 1 count. The crowd is really into the match so far with the majority backing the World Champion. Joe and Benny can barely hear themselves speak as every maneuver, even those as simple as a punch, elicits a grunt, groan, or cheer from the crowd.

Benny Newell: “It’s a fucking mad house in here tonight!”

Joe Hoffman: “Indeed it is Benny… and much to the delight of our hard-working fans in attendance, John Sektor has found himself in a particularly sticky situation.”

Benny Newell: “How many times have I told you to leave your hot wax at home, Joe?”

Joe Hoffman: You know what I mean, you imbecile! How many have you had tonight?”

Benny Newell: “Not enough, it seems.”

As Benny shouts for the new ring attendant to bring him a fresh bottle of whiskey, Crow has applied the Semi-Circled Figure 4 Tree of Woe on John Sektor. Crow yells for him to “tap!” but John has too much heart. He wouldn’t submit in this match if you put a gun to his head. Hell bent on winning the World Title, Sektor displays that heart by using his upper body to make it to the ropes despite a few intense moments where it seemed as if he actually would submit.

Crow breaks the hold and slaps Sektor in the back of the head before applying a sleeper to further wear down his opponent. Still, Sektor barely has some leverage and uses it to reverse the submission with a snapmare takeover and a sleeper hold of his own. Within seconds, Crows drops to a seated position which drives the top of his head into the chin of John Sektor.

Joe Hoffman: “Was that a tooth that just flew out of Sektor’s mouth?”

Benny Newell: (wiping his face) “No… I think it was actually some spit…”

Joe continues that Crow has pretty much dominated the early part of this match until Sektor, out of nowhere, leaps up, wraps his legs around the neck of Crow and executes a highlight reel Hurricanrana into a cover.


Crow got caught by surprise!


KICKOUT by the World Champion!

Close one there as Sektor goes back to work on that left knee of Crow, stomping, kicking, and wrenching it in every way possible. Perhaps Sektor becomes a bit too aggressive which prompts Referee Joel Hortega to step between the two competitors. Sektor merely pushes him out of the way with no regard for being disqualified. Nothing matters more to John Sektor than the HOW World Title.

Hortega warns Sektor about the consequences if he does it again and Sektor wails away, taking his frustrations with Hortega out on Crow. Crow fights back though, until a kick to the gut and an arm drag send him back down. Sektor doesn’t release his arm and wrenches it even further by hyper-extending it before going back to work on Crow’s left knee. Every minor submission maneuver that Sektor is throwing at Crow seems to be weakening him. Finally, Crow gets desperate and low blows Sektor, who rolls out of the ring to the outside.

A baseball slide from Crow sends Sektor crashing into the steel barricade, which Crow now uses over the neck of the Grand Slam winner.

Joe Hoffman: “By God, Sektor is choking!”

Benny Newell: “His face is turning blue!”

Hortega’s multiple 5 counts are causing him to become impatient as well as Crow relieves the pressure from Sektor’s trachea after the count of 4 every time.

An Irish whip from Crow sends Sektor into the ring steps as well, which gives Crow a smirk. Crow also breaks the 10 count and does so for Sektor as well by briefly rolling him into the ring and then back out again. Sektor’s exhaustion is setting in now, as is Crow’s who lifts Sektor for a Gorilla Press slam on the outside but is too weak to hold him there. Sektor topples on top of Crow and if they were in the ring, could have forced a 3 count.

Moments later, Crow and Sektor are back in the ring again jacking and jawing at each other about who the better ‘technical’ wrestler is. This adds fuel to Sektor’s fire, because even if you were a better technical wrestler, you wouldn’t dare tell him.

Some back and forth action has Sektor with the upper hand again and Crow in a vulnerable state after a high impact DDT. Sektor climbs to the top rope and signals the World title around his waist as he leaps off for his Shooting Star Press finisher.

Joe Hoffman: “SEKSATIONAL!! OH MY GOD we could have a new champion!”




Benny Newell: “You’ve got to be kidding me! SEKTOR World Champion?!?!?!”

Joe Hoffman: “NO! NO! Joel Hortega is waving off the crowd and John Sektor pointing at Crow’s ankle on the ropes.”

Sektor can’t believe it as he just thought he’d become new HOW World Champion. He appears dejected for a brief moment until the fury and passion returns in an instant. Sektor viciously and tactically stomps away at that left knee of Crow.

Benny Newell: “Holy shit, I almost regurgitating my breakfast! I’ll tell you right now what Sektor needs to do to win this match. If he can keep Crow off his feet by attacking that knee of his, his can use his technical abilities and submission holds to put him away for good.”

Joe Hoffman: “My only fear is that Sektor will slip up at some point in the match and it will cost him.”

Crow is writhing in pain on the mat as Sektor has exposed the knee and is stomping and applying pressure on it with his boot. Once again, Sektor signals the demise of Crow and locks on the Di-Sektion ankle lock submission. The World Champion screams in pain and reaches for the ropes, but finds it is easier to roll out of it. With a kick to Sektor’s groin, it’s not long before Sektor is the one tripped up lying flat on the canvas.

Crow with some offense now and delivers a high-impact sitdown powerbomb with a cover.




Joe Hoffman: “Benny, I don’t know if I can take many more near falls in this match!”

Benny Newell: “That’s because you’re a pussy, Joe.”



Sektor slips behind Crow and drop kicks his left knee, which causes Crow to buckle. Sektor bounces off the ropes and runs full speed for a bull dog but Crow ducks and Sektor whiffs completely. He pops up, using every strike in his arsenal full of kicks, punches, and chops to fend off Crow but Crow is a man possessed. Joe and Benny talk about how the 2 out of 3 falls match with Issac Slade a few weeks back has toughened Crow up, if that was even possible to begin with, into an near unstoppable force here in HOW. Everything that Sektor is throwing at Crow is unsuccessful and finally, Sektor flies off the ropes again for some speed but Crow catches him in mid-air and delivers a resounding Death Valley Driver!!!

Crow lifts the challenger…

Benny Newell: “He’s got him in position!”


Hortega drops for the cover…





Joe Hoffman: “Benny, you’ve got to hand it to John Sektor. He gave Crow everything he had in this match…”

Benny Newell: “But the better man won, didn’t he? I’d say you’d be a fool to be on Crow’s bad side right now.”

Joel Hortega helps Sektor out of the ring and he is finally coming to the realization that he lost the match. Crow celebrates with the World Title draped over his shoulder when suddenly….

“Ego” By Element Eighty hits and Triple M walks out onto the stage with a microphone in hand as Crow glares at Mario. The fans boo loudly as Mario stands on the stage waiting for them to quiet down.

Joe Hoffman: Is Triple M out here because he kidnapped Joey?

Big Buff: Why in the hell else would he be out here?

Mario Maurako: Come on Chicago we don’t have all night, so shut up!

The crowd erupts with even more boos.

Joe Hoffman: Once again Mario is going to stand on HOW Television and berate the Chicago crowd.

Big Buff: I hate this fucking guy. I wish Lee Best would come out here right now and Bottom Line this jackass.

Mario Maurako: Crow, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I took Joey to get back at you for this whole Amanda situation. Let me be the first to tell you that would make a lot of sense, but I can honestly say that I don’t know where Joey is.

Crow paces back and forth in the ring shouting up at Mario.

Mario Maurako: What’s that Crow? You don’t have a microphone so I can’t hear a damn word you’re trying to tell me.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe Triple M for a red second, I think he knows exactly where Joey is.

Mario Maurako: But Crow I do know who took her. Ladies and Gentlemen I’m proud to introduce you to my son… JOSEPH MAURAKO!

“Until The End” by Breaking Benjamin starts and Joseph Maurako walks out onto the stage and takes his place next to Triple M. Crow starts to climb out of the ring to race toward the Maurako’s but Triple M starts yelling and the music is cut.

Mario Maurako: Stop right there Crow! Don’t take another step or I’ll make sure you never see Joey again.

Crow stops dead in his tracks and then slowly climbs back into the ring.

Mario Maurako: That’s more like it Crow. You see a few weeks ago you hit my son Joseph here and he swore that he would get his revenge on you for what you did to his mother Crow. So Joseph drew up a plan to kidnap your precious little friend and he carried it out without a single flaw.

Joe Hoffman: This is sick.

Big Buff: This is one of those times when I wish I was hourly so I could get paid overtime.

Mario Maurako: So now Crow let me tell you what we’re going to do. Do you remember when you told me that I would have to choose between my career or my life with Amanda?

Joe Hoffman: Oh no! Triple M wouldn’t do that would he?

Big Buff: Probably, he doesn’t have an original bone in his body.

Mario Maurako: Well Crow I’m not going to give you a sick twisted choice like that. You see my schedule for War Games just cleared up with SSE getting dropped, and I noticed that you don’t have an opponent for War Games yet. So I’m telling you right now Crow that at War Games I am going to challenge for your World Championship, and I will do what the pathetic John Sektor couldn’t do here tonight!

Mario holds the microphone in front of Joseph Maurako.

Joseph Maurako: Hey Crow, aren’t paybacks a bitch?


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