Turmoil: April 2nd, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
April 2nd, 2009 – #HOW42
The Best Arena, Chicago IL



Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir roars onto the P.A. system as the lights in the HOW Arena immediately drop while the stage flashes red and blue. Max Kael slowly emerges from back stage in a black suit with his Maxopotamian Armband snuggly pulled over his right arm. His face is still bandaged from his PPV match versus Aceldama however beyond that he seems to be free of his wheel chair this week. The fans offer a mix of boos and cheers for his arrival as he slowly meanders down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well it seems our Co-Owner, Maximillian Kael, has decided to come down to the ring to start the show off..

Big Buff: What the fuck!? Lee usually starts the show off! Now my night is all fucked up!

Joe Hoffman: As we all know last week Aceldama attacked Max Kael’s secretary, Ms. Giovanni, and signed onto Lee Best’s War Games Team. The attack left Ms. Giovanni in a hospital with no clear return date while at the same time putting Lee ahead in his team making schedule. Maybe Max is out here to announce his first team member?

Big Buff: Who the fuck would team up with that loser? God, I can’t WAIT for War Games when Lee gets full control of HOW Back!

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia slowly makes his way into the ring as he pulls out his custom Maxopotamian microphone, testing it before he lifts it to his lips.

Max Kael: Hello and Welcome! In case you don’t know I am the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia and Co-Owner of High Octane Wrestling.. Maximillian Kael.

The crowd once again reacts in a mixed manner at his introduction. Though Max’s actions paint him as a heel the fact he is attempting to oust Lee Best, a considerably more evil man, leaves Max in a somewhat face like position.

Max Kael: Last week Mr. Lee Best signed Aceldama to his War Games team. He did so after Aceldama attacked my secretary, Ms. Giovanni, like the pinhead psycho he is. He likely did this because he has no ability to do anything but defeat women in matches and needed to work out his frustration about being a general waste of air time. BUT.. I will admit, when it comes to working out frustration I should not be pointing fingers.

Max smirks a little as he wanders around the ring looking down at the fans. He pauses for a moment before he reaches into his dress coat pocket pulling out a folded up piece of paper.

Max Kael: See Lee you, like Aceldama, are loud, angry and a generally resentful human being but you let it all blow out of your mouth. I’m not like that. I’m the thinking sort so where you might think yourself terribly clever by getting Aceldama to attack my secretary I’m far more thoughtful in my planning. A little more.. vindictive, where you think hurting someone physically is effect, mental punishment and humiliation works quite well for me. But the question falls to.. how do you mentally abuse and humiliate Lee Best?

He begins to pull the bandages off his face to reveal a few nicks and cuts over his face along with a bruise on the left side of his face. He looks worse for wear but he is getting better.

Max Kael: Lee, while you were signing a Mongoloid onto your team, I was busy having my own contracts signed. You see, Lee, when I took over my duties as Co-Owner, part of my job was the signing of New Talent. And part of my job of signing up New Talent meant I could use my powers to ensure that this new talent made an impact.

The smirk on Max’s face stretched out into a sneer as he unfolded the paper slowly, clearing his throat as he did so.

Max Kael: And so, you know what I did Lee? I found a group of people who hate you more than I do.. I found the SSE and they found me. Turns out the SSE would love to see your head on a pig pole rotting away on the breeze and the chance to bring you to your knees was too much to pass up. Such a proposal was difficult for me to pass up and so..

He held the paper up as the camera zoomed in on his position. In his hand he holds two contracts for Rob Michaels and Matt Denton.

Max Kael: I signed Rob Michaels and Matt Denton, old friends of yours. Oh and Lee..There is a War Games stipulation in their contract. But it’s not for my team, Lee.. at War Games.. it will be TEAM LEE BEST Vs. TEAM MK Vs. TEAM SHOCKWAVE SPORTS ENERTAINMENT FOR 100% OWNERSHIP OF HOW!

The crowd erupts into a roar of cheers at the sound of the news drowning out Max Kael for a moment as Max folds the paper up and slips it into his pocket and heads out of the ring.


Joe Hoffman: I.. I.. I don’t know what to say folks!


Joe Hoffman: Benny stop yelling into the headset! I am sure Lee knows! So it looks like now the War Games match will include Lee’s team, Max’s team and now.. the SSE!

Big Buff: God damn it! Leave it to Max to let those fags potentially gain ownership of HOW!

Joe Hoffman: Well, my question would be for why Max would do that, we all know Max wanted to stick it to Lee but.. the SSE? One has to know that Max knows the history between HOW and SSE.

Big Buff: Well don’t you worry about a thing, Hoffman. Max is retarded which is why he did it and Lee will get this all straightened out! Just wait and see! Just wait and see, Hoffman!

The action cuts backstage as the arena is still buzzing over the big War Games announcement.


Message sent..

The HOV lights up and a camera appears backstage, immediately Issac Slade can be seen walking down the hallway with his jacket on and sports bag hanging over his shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: And here he is ladies and gentleman, arriving to the arena, somewhat the contender, and challenger for tonight’s main event.

Benny Newell: That don’t make sense.

Joe Hoffman: Sure it does, he’s trying to win the World title, as well as defend his ICON title.

Benny Newell: I know that, but what you said didn’t make sense, shut up.

He tries to ignore the camera as he continues on towards his locker room, he eventually arrives which results in a sudden halt. He stares at his door and the camera moves around to see what he sees, it’s a cross, turned upside down and nailed to his locker room door. Issac grits his teeth, angry with the actions taken against his, he lashes out jumping forward towards the cross and leeches onto it.

Joe Hoffman: Clearly Issac upset by this upside down cross that Crow has portrayed as something of an attack on him.

Benny Newell: I just don’t get it, why a cross? Why upside down? Why?

Joe shakes his head as Slade pulls and yanks, he pushes his feet off the wall to gain as much push as possible to yank the cross off the wall, but he’s unsuccessful. He can only give in as he shake his head, upset by what’s happened, he tries to ignore it though and opens his door, slamming it hard with frustration.

Joe Hoffman: Is this a sign? Is this getting to Slade?

Benny Newell: Who cares? Nobody, either way we are getting a new champion tonight, guaranteed..

Suddenly the camera begins to focus as it goes into a long lens, zooming down the corridor to reveal the culprit of the actions taken place against Slade, Crow. Crow can only smile curious sarcasm as he enjoys the vision of seeing Slade prepare and focus into this big fight coming tonight, Crow then disappears as cameras return to ringside.


Bob Jared vs. Aaron Rogers
Singles Match

We return to ringside and we see both Bob Jared and Aaron Roger standing in opposite corners of the ring.

Amy Smeets: This opening contest is scheduled for one fall, in this corner weighing in at 227 pounds…from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….Aaron Rogers!!!

Small pop for the newcomer, most of the fans are still just getting settled into their seats, or are getting up to go to the restroom or pick up the first of many drinks.

Amy Smeets: And in this corner, weighing in at 242 pounds and from Memphis, Tennessee….The Tennesse Tumbleweed….Bob Jared!

Another small pop just out of courtesy to Jared who waves towards the crowd like he is getting a standing ovation. The referee checks over the two men and calls for the bell as the two men quickly lock up and battle back and forth before Jared is able to pull off a backbreaker and starts using his amateur background putting Rogers through a few technical holds. He almost chokes Rogers out with a sleeper hold but he is able to get to the ropes and have the hold broken.

Joe Hoffman: Close one for Rogers, how would it feel to loose to a sleeper hold in your first match.

Benny Newell: We have a match going on? Damn, I need a drink!

Rogers gets to his feet and goes for another backbreaker but Rogers flips out as Jared whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, which Rogers ducks. Rogers hits the ropes again and Jared hits a drop toe hold and spins it into a type of ankle lock.

Joe Hoffman: The Tumbleweed Twist! It’s locked on!

Benny Newell: That’s his finisher? It’s a drop toe hold submission!

Jared wrenches on the leg as Rogers tries to pull himself to the ropes but he is jut too far away as he can’t take it anymore and starts tapping out on the floor.

Joe Hoffman: And it is over….

Amy Smeets: The winner of this match by submission….The Tennessee Tumbleweed…Bob Jared!

Jared releases the hold as the referee raises his arm in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Quick win for Bob Jared in his debut match here in HOW…

Benny Newell: He is a tumbleweed….how exciting can tumbleweeds be?

Joe Hoffman: Well maybe we’ll find out next week Benny. It is time for our first commerical break….SSE? War Games?? Owners of HOW???

Turmoil won the ratings war last week….SSE factor??


The scene opens in the locker room of Ryan Faze. His sister, Sabina Faze, sits next to him on a steel folding chair. It appears the two just arrived, as Sabina is still wearing a raincoat from being outside in the poor Chicago weather.

Cutting himself off from the world with his head buried in his “hoodie”, Ryan slumps in his chair, unsure of himself after 2 highly disappointing losses is as many weeks.

Faze: I gotta win tonight. I’ll admit it Sabby, the “Faze of HOW” hasn’t been very “Phenomenal” these past couple of weeks. These fans deserve better from me.

Ryan sulks a bit while his sister does her best to cheer him up.

Sabina: You can’t worry about what’s happened in the past, Ry. You’ve got a huge match against a former World Champion tonight. Now you’re gonna go out there tonight, beat Sektor, and stick it to the AoA for what they did to you in the past!

Suddenly, the door bursts open and Ryan stands to his feet ready to fight!


A Pimp Called Rufus Jackson storms in, adorned in zebra striped suit, with black tie, zebra shirt, and pants, and black shoes. He is wearing a yellow hat with a green feather in it. He twirls his Pimp Cane, the African Lion’s head on the end glistening, as he gazes at Sabina Faze. His dreadlocks seemingly everywhere, his gold teeth blinding, his brown skin looking rough and dirty.

Rufus Jackson: OH IT’S A PIMP CALLED RUFUS AND IM BACK IN THIS BITCH! Oh shit! Who is this!? Damn bitch! I should put those neon shades from the 80s on ya, BITCH, and you’d look like the daughter of Bret Hart! Somethin about ya getting me…..MMMMMM! RUFUS JACKSONS HORNY!!!! I like ya….I like ya RAINCOAT, BITCH!!!!!

Sabina Faze just stands there in awe and slips behind her brother wanting to hide. It’s not the good kind of awe either. It’s almost as if she’s in disbelief as Rufus repeatedly licks his lips while staring at her.

Sabina: Ughhhhh!

A Pimp Called Rufus: Yeeeeeeeah, that’s the sound you’ll make once I got my fist in yo ass!

Faze: I know who you are….if you think you are going to do to my sister what you did to Issac’s friend Mary, then think again. I don’t care how many Pimp Canes you have, Ill take care of you right here, right now!

A Pimp Called Rufus: Who the fuck is this? Matt Damon’s little brother? Mothafuckin lookin like Ryan Sheckler up in this here? Don’t test me BITCH, cause I went to fuckin SING SING prision for 6 months for kickin the shit outta Burt Reynolds and Michael McDonald!

Faze: Well maybe I should just…..

Suddenly you can hear a knock at the door frame, and in steps Darkwing, dressed to compete as his match is up soon.

Ryan is extra cautious now, he is sizing up both Rufus and Darkwing, as Darkwing steps forward calmly, and motions for Rufus to step aside, and he does.

Faze: What is the meaning of this, Darkwing? You couldn’t take out Issac so now you’ve come for me?

Darkwing: Listen Ryan. Ive been watching you. You’ve came a long way. Beat Graystone more than I have, like what, 20 times to my 19? Very impressive.

Faze: Im not in the mood to joke around Darkwing. Forgive me for me being on my toes, but considering your history with my good buddy Issac and your little… AHEM… “Pimp” acquaintance who has the hots for my sister…

Darkwing holds up a hand.

Darkwing: Say no more.

Darkwing turns to Rufus, who has been undressing Sabina with his eyes.

Darkwing: Rufus. Some privacy please.

Rufus looks out the door, then seems to see something behind the camera.

A Pimp Called Rufus: Is that my homeboy Abdul Mohammad!? I thought he drove a taxi, he works for mothafuckin HOW? I haven’t seen him since I got a perm on my pubic hairs! HEY ABDUL!! HEY MOTHAFUCKA!

Darkwing shakes his head as Rufus leaves as quickly as he came in.

Darkwing: Better? Ok now listen to me…..I just want to say that you are one of the few people on this roster with true potential. Don’t think though I am passing the torch.

Because if you want to be the true Face of HOW, eventually you and I are going to face each other, one on one.

Faze: And when I do, I plan on beating you to the ground.

Darkwing: Im sure you do. But in all honesty I just wanted to tell you….that even though I’m now an Ex-Hall of Famer, I’m still an HOW legend. So from HOW Legend to HOW Superstar……

Darkwing extends his right hand towards Faze.

Darkwing: Good luck tonight against Sektor.

Faze just stares at Darkwing hand. It’s obvious he doesn’t trust him because of his history with his close friend, Issac Slade. Sabina cowers behind Ryan, wondering if he’s truly going to shake Darkwing’s hand. Ryan, as if reading her thoughts, turns to her. She then looks up at Darkwing, and then back to Ryan and shrugs.

Without saying a word, Ryan turns back to Darkwing and slowly, almost regretfully, shakes his hand.

Darkwing: Watch for the AOA. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll be alright.

Darkwing drops the hand and turns to leave. Ryan just stands there, staring at the doorway, going over what just happened in his head as the scene cuts to ringside…..


Johnny Stevens vs. Brian Watters
Singles Match

We return to ringside and we see Brian Watters in the ring already as “Land of Confusion” by Disturbed is playing and Johnny Stevens is making his way down to the ring.

Amy Smeets: This match is scheduled for one fall, now making his way to the ring from Brockton, Mass and weighing in at 243 pounds….Johnny Stevens!

Stevens makes his way down the ramp, to not much of a reaction from the Chicago fans as he slides into the ring, taking a look around The Best Arena and taking in the arena for the first time.

Amy Smeets: And currently in the ring, weighing in at 210 pounds and from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….Brian Watters!

Almost no cheers for the man that lost easily last week on Turmoil to Silver Cyanide.

Joe Hoffman: It says here that Johnny Stevens used to wrestle for Scottywood in NGW and won an eve….

Benny Newell: No one cares about what he did in NGW. We care what he is going to do tonight her in that ring.

The referee calls for the bell and the match gets underway and it seems right off the bat that Watters is out matched against Stevens who after a couple of quick moves takes Watters down quickly with a sharp kick to the side of the head.

Joe Hoffman: All Stevens so far in this match, Watters looks like he is in over his head.

Benny Newell: Look who has come out onto the stage.

We can see Scottywood come out onto the stage, hockey stick in hand, but doesn’t make his way down the ramp, instead he just stands there watching the match. Stevens spots Scotty as Watters is starting to climb back to his feet. Stevens turns from Scotty and lifts Watters up onto his shoulders and turns his body so he can look straight at Scotty and drops Watters in front of him and lifts his knee up and drives it into the face of Watters knocking him right out.

Joe Hoffman: The Black Plague by Stevens, looks like he sent a message to Scottywood there.

Benny Newell: What a terrifying message….not!

Stevens drops to the mat and keeps his eyes locked on Scotty as the referee Matt Boettcher slides in to make the count.




Joe Hoffman: Not a shocker here, Johnny Stevens gets the quick victory over Watters.

Amy Smeets: The winner of this match…Johnny Stevens!!!

Stevens gets up from the mat, still staring at Scottywood as the referee raises his arm. Scottywood gives a little golf clap to Stevens as he turns away and makes his way backstage, leaving Stevens a bit confused.

Joe Hoffman: Mind games by Scottywood on his old rival Johnny Stevens.

Benny Newell: Ya, because if Scottywood wanted too he coul have come down and destroyed Stevens and…

Joe Hoffman: Right….lets cut to the back……seriously Benny?

Benny Newell: What?


ICONic Cock Block?

~Backstage, the Chicago fans are granted another opportunity to erupt into cheers as we see a shot of HOW ICON Champion, Issac Slade, warming up for his main event match later in the night. Slade takes a drink of water from a clear plastic bottle, then picks up his ICON Title belt from his locker.

Joe Hoffman: Well you can see why he is a champion, he seemingly has already blocked that little mental attack Crow threw at him earlier on.

Slade opens up the locker room door and begins walking down the hall, but stops after only a few steps as he stares at something occurring off-camera. The sound of several female voices moaning and giggling piques the cameraman’s interest as he quickly turns the camera to Slade’s left, revealing a bevy of three gorgeous women, a blonde and two redheads, one of which is pinned against the hallway wall, making out with HOW Stable Champion, Perfect Paul Paras! Slade sighs and shakes his head at the scene and continues walking before Paras notices Slade out of the corner of his eye and turns away from the girl to address him with a cocky smirk.~

Paras: What’s your problem, flunkie? Never seen a real woman before?

~Slade stops walking and turns back to Triple P.~

Slade: I’d tell you to be ashamed of yourself, but why bother with someone who obviously has no shame?

Paras: Ashamed? Hmm…you make a valid point…

~Paul turns toward the blonde woman and pins her against the wall just as he had done to the redhead.~

Paras: How silly of the Perfect One; blondes do always have more fun!

~Paul begins sensually kissing the woman’s neck as Slade simply sighs in protest and continues walking, calling back to Paras over his shoulder.~

Slade: Have a good night, Paul. Though, knowing the company you keep, those poor women are going to be battered and bruised by the end of the night…tell me does Triple M know about them?

~The girls’ eyes become wide as they look at one another. The blonde maneuvers her way off the wall, pushing herself away from Triple P, the news of Triple M seemingly killing the mood for her~

Blonde: You said he wasn’t going to be here tonight!

~Her tone is as accusing as it is infectious, seemingly ruining the flirtatiously romantic atmosphere, Paras tries to return to his fun, but the girls shake their heads and quickly run off, leaving the Perfect One on his own. Paras’ smug expression turns to one of annoyance and anger as he looks up the hall in the direction Slade walked. We cut back to ringside.~


Darkwing vs. Shane Reynolds
Singles Match

Point 1 by Chevelle hits the PA system and the crowd stands and boos unmercifully as Shane Reynolds makes his way down to the ring. Shane has a smirk on his face as he walks down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring as the crowd continues to boo.

Joe Hoffman: I would love to hear why Shane joined Lee Best…I mean why?

Benny Newell: Tired of losing? Tired of playing second fiddle to the likes of Crow and Max? Shane will become world champion under the guidance of Lee and that is a guarantee.

Before Joe can reply The Animal I’ve Become hits the PA system and former HOW Hall of Famer Darkwing makes his way down to the ring to a very mixed reaction and Joe notes that there is a lot of sympathy right now for Darkwing as he is clearly on the downside of things here in HOW.

The Darkone makes his way to the ring as Joe points out that both men are “slaves” to Maximillian Kael and Benny admits to even have bought a new Speedbump shirt from the High Octane Emarket online.

Darkwing’s intro fades as Referee Joel Hortega checks Darkwing for weapons. Shane, on the other side of the ring, stands out as for the first time in HOW history he is wearing a B.A. T-Shirt marking him as in allegiance with Lee Best.

Big Buff: God damn it is really good to see Shane in those colors!

Joe Hoffman: Folks, just a reminder Shane Reynolds signed on to represent Lee Best at War Games as a member of his team.. of course this was originally merely going to be a match against a team of Max Kael’s choosing however we now know that the S.S.E. will also be competing in the War Games match as their own entity.

Big Buff: Well fuck, way to spoil my mood Hoffman. Luckily with Shane on our side it won’t be a big deal.. he’ll mop the floor with the SSE.. he was a former World Champ you know!

Joe Hoffman: An acute observations from my usually very dull and drunk co-announcer..

Big Buff: Shit.. you’re right…almost…its early…I have made it thru three hour pay per views before smartass…

Benny takes the opportunity to down two more shots of Whiskey as he tries to drown out any credibility to his match calling as we return to the ring where Hortega is signaling for the bell. Shane and Darkwing stare each other down before Darkwing casually steps into the center of the ring with his arms outstretched to either side daring Shane to hit him.

Shane looks cautious as he steps up face to face with Darkwing as the two seem to engage in a little jaw hacking before Darkwing stomps down on Shane’s right foot before striking him with a series of right hands that force Shane into the ropes. Not wanting to let up on the offensive Darkwing slings Shane off the ropes and connects with a stiff clothesline before hitting a series of Elbow drops. Shane, clearly stunned, barely seems to register that he is on the mat as Darkwing hooks the leg for a pin!



Darkwing’s pin attempt is cut short as Shane gets his shoulder up though his eyes are still dazed. Darkwing continues to bring the heavy offensive as he drops a series of knees to Shane’s upper body and head before dropping down into a reverse chin lock in an attempt to wear Shane down the old fashion way. Shane struggles as Darkwing cinches in the hold as the crowd cheer for both men.

Hortega checks Shane who is neither unconscious nor willing to give up. Shane eventually starts to work himself to his feet and, with a serious of elbows, manages to free himself from Darkwing’s grasp. Shane goes to the ropes and returns to hit a clothesline however Darkwing ducks under. Shane hits the ropes again and both Darkwing and Shane collide as they both attempt to go for shoulder blocks. Darkwing looks relatively unphased thanks to his larger physic and rides his egotistical high by beating his chest and demanding Shane try again. Shane obliges and once again heads into the ropes however instead of hitting a clothesline on Darkwing he drops his shoulder and clips Darkwing’s left leg causing the Alpha Black Man to fall to the mat.

Darkwing clutches his leg as he rolls across the mat while Shane watches him as he takes a breather on his knees. Shane methodically rises to his feet and measures Darkwing as he charges forward with a sliding dropkick to Darkwing’s side causing him to get knocked out of the ring under the bottom rope, landing hard on the leg Shane clipped. As Shane begins to slip out of the ring the large HOV cuts to backstage where Max Kael and John Sektor can be seen with Captain Price standing behind them.

Max Kael: Hello my little servants, I was simply bored to tears back here and decided that I would do my best to increase the entertainment value of this little match with a song performed by me and my secret Sith Apprentice, John Sektor. Shh, no one let the Jedi know.

Shane stares up at the screen with his hands on his hips before he flips it off, slipping out of the ring to once again engage Darkwing. The fans are booing at the interruption however action does not slow down due to it. Shane grabs Darkwing’s leg and begins to stomp away on it outside the ring as Hortega begin’s his count out.

Max Kael: Sektor, are you ready?

John Sektor: Definitely, Max.

Reynolds pulls Darkwing up and rolls him back into the ring doing his best to ignore what is happening up on the big screen. He grabs Darkwing’s injured leg by the ankle and begins to issue a few kicks to the thigh area before dropping and elbow on the calf causing Darkwing to strike the mat in pain and frustration. Shane slips back up to his feet and bounces into the ropes before flipping back toward Darkwing hitting a Rolling Thunder Splash, hooking the leg for the cover!




The crowd cheers however they are quickly shouted down by Max and Sektor’s antics on the big screen.

Max and Sektor: Crimpity, crimpity, Losers wow, crimpity, crimpity, just ask us now! Crimpity, crimpity, crimp, boring as a cow, crimpity, crimpity, using the Force how?.. Never going to be free, not so long as Max owns thee, makin’ waves kicking you round, hey Darkwing, we learned to sing from yooooou!

The crowd reactions in confusion not quite sure what is going on with Max and Sektor on the big screen as they sing their song to some unheard tune. Back in the ring Shane drags Darkwing to the center of the ring before he climbs the near by turnbuckle. Shane signals for the Diablo’s Inferno and jumps off!

Darkwing rolls out of the way as Shane crashes down into the mat with a thunderous bounce, holding his chest in pain as he rolls around the ring.

Max Kael: Useless..

The feed on the big screen ends as attention is turned back to the ring as Darkwing crawls over to Shane, holding his injured leg. Hortega drops down for the cover.





Joe Hoffman: Kickout! Shane Kicked Out!

Darkwing rolls onto his back and holds his head in frustration as Shane once again holds his chest in pain. Darkwing pulls himself up in the ropes and motions for Shane to get up, limping heavily on his leg. He signals for the Dark Reality as Shane slowly stumbles up, still doubled over holding his chest. Darkwing steps forward and hook’s head’s head in a front face lock and attempts to power him up…

Shane blocks!

Darkwing sends a forearm into Shane’s back and attempts to lift him for the DDT Again!

Shane blocks and falls to one knee before he punches Darkwing in the knee causing him to release the front face lock! Shane draws himself back up to his feet..


Shane super kicks Darkwing straight on into the jaw and jumps up to the turn buckle with renewed energy!


Shane hooks the leg..




WINNER: Shane Reynolds in 18 minutes and 51 seconds.

· The sound of the bell signaling the end of the match fills the arena and Shane Reynolds’ ears. Exhausted, breathing and sweating heavily in equal measure, and most important, defeated, Shane drags himself over to the ropes as Darkwing celebrates, and uses them to stagger back up to his feet.

Slumping backwards against them, Shane’ head falls backwards, his eyes staring deep into the glare of the lights overhead. He inhales deeply, trying to recapture as much breath as he can, contemplating all the while.

Amy Smeets: Winner of this match……SHANE REYNOLDS!!

The voice drifts faintly over to Shane through the alternating chants and cheers and boos of the crowd. His attention caught, he lowers his head and looks over at her. A second wind fills his lungs and he propels himself forward of the ropes, his legs feeling less like spaghetti beneath him. Amy turns to him surprised, an expression that intensifies upon her face as Shane snatches the microphone from her. Backing away quickly, she watches Shane move to the spot in the centre of the ring where Darkwing previously laid moments ago – having since traded that spot for a seated position in one of the turnbuckle corners.

His breath nor yet back, his voice hoarse because of it, Shane’ words pour out in quick, succinct bursts between pauses for inhalation, creating what some would no doubt refer to as ‘The Shatner Effect.’

All week.,’ Shane begins, ‘everyone has asked me…why I signed up….to Team Best….for War Games.’

Shane takes a longer pause now, dwelling upon his own words. It was a lie – apart from Mr. Waite, nobody had asked him that question; nobody had had a chance to – but he had no doubt it was on the mind’s of more than a few people at ringside.

…Especially…when I…returned….to try and….ensure….that Lee Best loses sole control….of his company.’

The briefest of pauses for breath follows, in which Benny Newell is able to yawn with over-the-top emphasis before throwing a quick shot into his still open mouth.

It’s simply because………’

Shane’s mouth continues to move, but no words can be heard any longer. The crowd boo loudly at what is seemingly deficient equipment.

What happened? asks Joe Hoffman.

Kael fucked up the order for new microphones, obviously.’ Benny Newell retorts. ‘That’s what you get for buying the equipment from a Mexican flea-market. The cheapskate.’

Moving swiftly along………’ Hoffman interjects, ignoring his comment.

Shane has realized now there is something wrong, and is tapping the microphone with the palm of his hand. Nothing. The boos from the crowd escalate as a voice suddenly echoes through the arena now, breaking the silence and incurring their hatred.

Cut….Cut……CUT!!!!’ come the screeching voice of Maximillian Kael.

Shane joins in with the crowd and turns his eyes, both blazing with fury, towards the entrance ramp, where Max is moving swiftly towards the ring in his electric wheelchair. A Maxopotamian flag is fasten behind him, blowing back and forth above him as he zooms forward. A loud speaking with the letter M.K emblazoned in the side is held in his right hand, held firmly to his lips in a mock movie-director fashion.

What are you doi—?’ Shane goes to shout, his words loud enough to carry into surrounding microphones and therefore heard by everyone watching.

CUT!!!’ Max screams again, halting Shane mid-sentence. ‘Did I give you permission to speak? Or even be out here after your match?’

Shane shouts in response but his words fall deaf on everybody’s ears. Max holds his free hand to his own, cupping in in his palm. ‘I’m sorry,’ he shouts into the megaphone. ‘You’ll have to speak up. We can’t hear you!!’

Shane hits the ropes in frustration and storms around the ring.

Not that it matters,’ Max adds. ‘I already know the answer. No. I did not grant you permission, which begs the question: why do you continue to disobey?’

Shane turns back to the ropes, his mouth moving furiously as he delivers an equally furious, but still inaudible response.

Even though I doubted you would, I told you to defeat Isaac Slade. You disobey. I tell you that you must defeat Triple P. You disobey again. I tell you that you will represent Milton-Karson at War Games and you disobey. Yes, you may have defeated Darkwing tonight but it doesn’t go all the way in refuting the fact that I give you instruction after instruction and still you disobey and disobey again. I’m starting to believe you are glutton for punishment. Which is a shame, because I really get no enjoyment from issuing them.’

The crowd erupt into a chorus of boos at Max’s clearly sarcastic proclamation. His lips slide back from his teeth in a sinister grin.

You merely leave me no choice, monkey. You left me no choice then…..and you have left me no choice now.’

Shane’ eyes grow wide and he makes a move to turn around but his stopped in his tracks by a sharp clotheslines to the back of the knees, knocking him hard into his back.

Sektor!!’ Hoffman shouts, as Sektor gets quickly to his feet.

Darkwing is up to his feet now, ready to defend against the charging Sektor but doesn’t even get to take a step as Captain Price appears from over the barrier and tazers him in the thigh, sweeping Darkwing’s balance out from under him.

Take tha’, ya Yankee fooknut,’ he shouts, baffling even the English audience and tazers Darkwing in the back and drags him from the ring.

Shane is up now, but only for a second as Sektor turns around and drives a hard elbow into his face, sending blood shooting from Shane’ nose and knocking him hard to the ground. Sektor follows up with a flurry of hard stomps to keep him grounded.

What the hell is going on?’ Hoffman shouts, as the cameras move around the outside of the ring, passing a convulsing Darkwing, to where Captain Price stands beside Max, receiving orders.

Sektor continues to keep Shane on the mat with hard stomps and quick punches to the face and side of the head, until he sees Max nod. Backing away satisfied, Sektor surveys his work and then……proceeds to strip the top-half of Shane’s body, removing his jacket and each layer of wrestling attire. Done with that, Sektor heads over to Max, who reaches until a secret compartment in the arm-rest of his wheelchair and pulls out—-’

Are those chains!!’ Hoffman asks now.

Chains….Those take me back.’ is the only contribution Newell offers.

Don’t start that again – we all heard enough at March to Glory.’

Sektor and Captain Price stand over Shane now, fastening steel bracelets at the ends of the chains to Shane’ wrist before throwing them over the ropes on opposite ends of the ring. Max meanwhile has rode up the same special ramp he used last week and entered the ring.

With a wave of his arm, Max orders both men to leave the ring. They do immediately, each standing on opposite sides beside a length of chain.

I really did have high hopes for you, Shane,’ Max shouts into the megaphone, which is aimed directly at Shane’ ear. ‘And it stared with you knowing your place. Knowing exactly who your superior was. Who the superior being was.’ Max smirks again, that horrid and sadistic grin spread across the length of his pale and stubble-covered face. ‘It’s not too late, though, for you to learn.

He looks to Sektor, he looks to Captain Price.

Hoist the sails!!!’ he shouts loud

Aye, aye!’ Captain Price replies.

Sektor says nothing, but hoists away, as does Price. As the chains taut, Shane is pulled up into a seated position, then a standing position, then even further forward until he slumps down onto his knees. Both men move around until Shane’ arms are stretched out to either side, a dazed look on his face, his eyes glassed over, staring ahead up the entrance ramp, wondering if the image of Ms. Giovanni is a mirage.

It’s not.

With one hand bandaged, her other one carrying a case, she moves with calm haste to the ring, up the steps and between the ropes. She lowers the case with caution besides Max, and unclasps the locks.

Do you know, Shane, what farmers do to their cattle so that everybody knows exactly whom they belong to?’ The smirk grows wider than ever, and Ms. Giovanni opens the lid of the case.

The true horror of the situation dawns on the crowd, who boo loudly, and on Joe Hoffman, who protests loudly and calls for backstage assistance that doesn’t come, and Benny who opens his mouth wide…..and throws in two consecutive shots. Most especially it is no lost on Shane who snaps from his beaten stupor and begins tugging wildly on the chains and trying to stand up. Sektor and Captain Price hold him in place, though.

No!!!’ he mouths without sounds, but it’s clear that is what was said. ‘You son of a bitch, no!!!’

Ms. Giovanni stands up again, pulling out a long metal poker. The end of it is a scalding red and specially molded into the letters M and K. She hands the end to Max, who takes it in his free hand.

Shane continued to thrash wildly but still to no avail, as Max approaches.

Ssshhh. Ssssh, Little cow. It’s okay,’ Max says, stroking the Shane’ hair as it continued to swing wildly with each of Shane’ frantic movements. ‘It’ll only hurt for a moment.’

I’ll get you for this…all of you!!’

Only if I tell you too. It’s as I said, you left me no choice,‘ Max replies. ‘You may have signed up to Team Best…..but you will always belong to me!!

Flesh hisses as it sears and burns and blisters as Max drives the hot end of the brand – heated only moments ago – dead into the centre of Shane’ back. The crowd that don’t look away gasp and boo in horror.

This is sick!!!!’ Hoffman proclaims.

Each and every one of those sounds though are verbally eclipsed by the roar of Shane’ loud, pain-filled, and seeming endless scream. A scream that continues onwards and carries TNT into a commercial break.


Ringside Wrestling’s World Champion in action tonight here on the HOTv network!!


Back with Black

Back live and the cameras cut to the backstage area where Blaire Moise is standing by with David Black.

Blaire: I am joined now by David Black, and David, following your actions last week on Turmoil, I think the question everyone is left asking, is why? Why did you attack Static’s sister Melissa last week?

David laughs.

David: Why? You wanna know why? Well I’m not surprised really, cause EVERYBODY wants to know why….why David why?

He says, in a mocking tone.

David: I simply did what I had to do to send Static a message, a message that would actually get through that thick skull of this. You see, Static thinks that this is all a game, he doesn’t take it seriously and, more importantly, he doesn’t take ME seriously! You all heard it last week on Turmoil, when he told his dear little sis that mean old David Black wasn’t anything to worry about. He called me a coward, and proudly stated that I wouldn’t dare attack him. Clearly he was wrong, not only did I take him out, but I decided to mess up his sisters face again, making her even less pretty than she was before, and lets face it, she wasn’t all that pretty even before the chair shot.

He says, laughing.

David: Maybe now Static will start taking me seriously, and if not, I’ll be more than happy to deliver another message to his next week, and the week after that, and the week after that…making the message just a little bit clearer every week until Static understands what’s what.

Blaire: Last week on Turmoil Static challenged you to a match, of his choosing, for next weeks Turmoil. Do you have any idea what kind of match Static will choose?

David: You’re missing the point! You see, the point is not what kind of match Static chooses, the point is that it is his choice to make, and that HE wanted it that way. Whether he chooses Falls count anywhere, steel cage, Hell in a Cell…or a Melissa on a pole match, it doesn’t matter! Because the outcome of the match will be the same; I will beat Static. What matters is that I will beat Static in a match that HE chooses, which gives him a distinct advantage going into this match. Think about it; Static will choose a match that he is very comfortable with, and he will have at least twice as much time to prepare for the match as I will. So when I step into the ring next week, I will be doing so with the odds stacked against me, and when I beat Static next week, I will beat him in a match that he chose, I will beat him at his own game! And lets not forget that Static is the one who wanted this, he challenged me, but he made sure to quickly add that it would be a match of his choosing, why? Because Static knows he can’t beat me on a level playing field, he knows I’m better than him so he stacks the deck, hoping that the unfair advantage he would have, would be enough to make me not accept his challenge. Cause that’s what Static was playing at when he made the challenge, he wanted to look strong, challenging me for a match but he didn’t actually want me to accept, so he made a challenge that he thought I could not possibly accept. But I did. And next week on Turmoil, I’m gonna show the world that, between Static and his sister, Static is actually the bigger bitch!

He smirks, before looking directly at the camera.

David: So go ahead Static, do your worst! Pick whatever match you want, make whatever stipulations you want, because no matter what you choose, no matter how much you stack the deck in your favor, the facts will remain the same. And the fact is this case, is that I’m better than you Static. I know it, and as much as you may want to deny it, deep down inside, you know too!

David walks off and we get a final shot of Blaire before cutting away.


Epic in ring time..

Circus” by Brittany Spears plays. The fans go loud in the arena with cheers as Bobbinette Carey comes out with Princess on her arm. She seems quite annoyed as she makes her way down to the ring.

Buff: What the hell is she doing here? She isn’t booked to wrestle!

Joe: She bought the time in the ring.. Maybe she has something important to say.

Buff: Only thing I want to hear her say is she quits!

Bobbinette smiles weakly at the fans as she walks up the steps, she steps on the apron of the ring and then between the ropes. She requests a microphone quickly snapping her fingers impatiently. Whatever she has to say seems to be quite urgent. Bobbinette sighs.

Bobbinette: Now I normally don’t come out here and do something like this. But this needs to be dealt with

She says squinting ahead.

Bobbinette: Now earlier this week I was forced into a second date with Sektor.

The crowd starts booing at the mention of his name she nods her head agreeing with their Boos.

Bobbinette: But here is what happened on date number 2.…

She points to the HOV, the HOV lights up we see Bobbinette sitting at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago. This time the Queen of Epicness doesn’t have Princess with her she instead is dressed in a pink bubble dress. She has a silver belt around her waist and a pair of black leggins. Her hair is down around her shoulder in normal curls. She has a silver bangle watch on her one wrist as she sits there sits at the table alone. She looks at her watch and sits there. A small clock appears at the bottom of the screen, speed progression of the clock tells us it’s 20 minutes later. The Queen B is still sitting alone sipping a glass of water. The waitress comes up to her and asks her to order she shakes her head no that she’s waiting for someone.

The clock then shows 45 Minutes later, she is still sitting alone. She picks up her phone and sighs loudly as she then places her order to the waitress, she looks at her watch then picks up her phone. She puts the phone to her ear and hangs up with out saying anything. The clock pops up showing 1:45 later. She is still alone, this time a plate of food is in front of her and almost empty. The clock pops up again 2:31 she is paying the bill still alone. She looks saddened as she signs her name to the credit card receipt. 2:45 she leaves the restaurant her head hung low as she walks through the door of the restaurant and out to a cab. The lights come back up and we see Bobbinette standing in the ring, the crowd boos with seeing what happened. A chant then starts. “Sektor SUCKS! Sektor SUCKS!” Bobbinette nods her head agreeing with what they chat.

Bobbinette: I was… stood up… Sektor YOU stood me up. You wanted to humiliate me for me getting one over on you.

~She grits her teeth.~

Bobbinette: Congratulations you left me sitting there holding the bill. You left me waiting for almost three hours. So come on out Sektor. I Want to congratulate you on what a brilliant move you made.

~Praise by Sevendust blasts around the arena and on command Sektor struts out onto the stage wearing his wrestling attire and carrying his custom lime green stable title on his shoulder.~

Joe Hoffman: Well she asked..

Big Buff: God get the paramedics,.. I’m going to have to drink myself into a coma to get through this.

~Sektor makes his way down to the ring, laughing at the crowd as they jeer him. He then springs up onto the apron and enters through the ropes. He gives Carey a quick wink as he walks past her and leans over the ropes collecting a microphone. His music then fades out.~

~Sektor looks around at the crowd with a cocky grin and nods.~

Sektor: Yep,.. I’m an asshole!

~He then turns to Carey and studies her for a moment.~

Sektor: Ok Carey! Firstly after what you pulled last week, you deserved to be left humiliated and


~The crowd boos but Sektor holds his hand up for them to wait, and amazingly they quiet down.~

Sektor: But I also didn’t expect you to wait around for that long. I certainly didn’t expect you to come out here and make a big deal out of it. After all I thought you would have been relieved. No second date…that’s what you wanted right?

~Sektor slowly begins to circle around Carey in the ring as she seems to be lost for words.~

Sektor: You know If I was in this crowd of fine people… Well… as fine as you can get from a dump like Chicago!

~The arena erupts and it takes Sektor a little longer to quiet them down, as he resorts to pausing calmly until the noise reaches a level for him to continue.~

Sektor: As I was saying. If I was amongst this crowd, it would appear to me that you seem to care a little too much.

~Sektor steps up close to her.~

Sektor: Could it be that the Queen Of Epicness, through all her protest, has begun to start having feelings for the Seksational one?

~Bobbinette’s jaw drops as she looks at him shaking her head from side to side. Bobbinette glares at him.~

Bobbinette: I waited because I upheld my end of the bargain. I showed up for the fire trucking date and did my end of it. I did my part of a date I didn’t want to be on.

~She says defensively.~

Bobbinette: The only feelings I have are of regret I wasted 3 hours at that restaurant and disappointment because you really have no humanity left in you. You won good on you now you can drop dead.

~She says hatefully.~

Bobbinette: The positive is that it’s done and over with and I won’t have to waste time out side of the company with you ever again!

~She says as her eyes water. Sektor laughs and shakes his head. He then points to a member of the crowd. Carey watches in confusion as he runs towards the ropes and slides out, approaching the crowd member who is a large man wearing a “Issac Slade” T-Shirt and a “HOW” baseball cap. He stands next to the man by the guard rail.~

Sektor: My good man. I saw you shaking your head. What did she just say smell of?

~He holds the microphone to the mans mouth.~

Fan: Erm…Bullshit?

~Sektor snatches the microphone away and begins to approach the ring again.~

Sektor: EXACTLY!

~Sektor slides back into the ring.~

Sektor: Carey you can try and hate me. You can try and resent me…but you know full well that deep down inside you cant help but feel something for me! You felt it when you first came into this company, after your first match. You stood up and told the entire world how much you respected me. But that wasn’t respect Carey, those were different feelings you have.

~Sektor looks deep into her eyes which are still full of mixed emotion.~

Sektor: You see Carey its obvious. The hurt you felt when I punched you the day I joined the AOA. You felt betrayed. But you must understand…that wasn’t intended to hurt you.

~Sektor looks around at the fans with a more serious look on his face this time.~

Sektor: I know this whole arena thinks I’m a jackass right now. Perhaps I have been acting like one. But I haven’t changed. I’m the same guy I have always been! Perhaps, Bobbinette, you should open your eyes and try to see the good in me! Maybe then your feelings will become clear.

~She nods her head as she agrees with him saying the punch betrayed her, she raises her mic to her mouth to speak again then pauses. She looks him over then wrinkles her eyebrows. Tears stream down her cheek.~

Bobbinette: I can’t do this…

~She slams the mic into Sektor and rolls out of the ring quickly heading up as she gets Princess in her arm. She rushes with her head down as her hand goes to wipe her eyes away. Sektor chews his lip and squints his eyes as he watches her leave up the ramp. He then throws the microphone down and leaves the ring as the scene sets for a commercial break.

Joe: Did he actually make Carey Cry?

Big Buff: That or she forgot to put on her maxipad


Fisher Price Fed love….


“Phenomenal” Ryan Faze vs. John Sektor
Singles Match

Scene opens up as ‘Praise’ by Sevendust hits the PA arena. Out walks John Sektor, wearing his custom green Stable title around his waist. The fans are giving Sektor hell as he walks out, arrogant smile on his face as he pats the Stable title.

Hoffman reminds everyone that this could be one of the last times we see Sektor holding a stable title.

Big Buff chimes in that Sektor is a fag who cant win anything on his own.

Sektor slides into the ring, and takes off his title and holds it up, which garners him more boos, as he just smiles.

Suddenly, Ryan Faze’s music hits and the the crowd start cheering for Ryan as he walks out!

Ryan stands at the top of the stage, looking around at the crowd, as they chant for him.


Ryan walks down to the ring, slapping the extended hands of the fans lining the ramp until he jumps up on the apron and is staring down Sektor, who is looking at him coldly.

Sektor backs away to give Faze plenty of space to step into the ring. Faze climbs through the ropes and Matt Boettcher looks at both men, and then calls for the bell.


Hoffman states as Faze and Sektor circle each other, that Faze is almost in a must-win situation here against Sektor, his last win coming about a month ago when he teamed with Darkwing against Crow and Graystone.

Big Buff says that the only reason he won that was because Crow screwed Graystone.

In the ring, Sektor and Faze lock up.

Sektor instantly executes a go-behind into a rear waist lock. Faze is trying to break the grip of Sektor to no avail. Sektor executes a waist lock takedown then slaps in chin lock.

Faze scrambles to his feet, pushing Sektors head to the side to try and relieve some pressure. Sektor suddenly executes a headlock takedown.

Hoffman states that there are very few men in HOW that can go hold for hold with Sektor.

Big Buff doesn’t say anything as you can hear him taking a drink.

Faze gets enough leverage to execute a leg scissors. Sektor tries to kick out of it, but Faze has it in tightly. Sektor turns his body so that hes facing Faze with his head stuck between Faze’s legs, while on all fours. Faze is trying to apply as much pressure as possible, but knows a reversal is coming.

Sektor suddenly flips forward and lands on top of Faze. Faze grabs Sektor around the midsection, as Sektor has him pinned on the mat…




Faze suddenly powers up, bridging to his feet and turns Sektor into a position for a backslide. Sektor is fighting it, but Faze wins this one, and pins Sektor with the backslide!




Sektor kicks out, both men get to their feet, Sektor charges and nails Faze with a clothesline in anger.

Sektor then starts stomping away on Faze.

Sektor pulls up Faze and executes a beautiful overhead belly to belly suplex!

Sektor now completely takes over, executing suplex after suplex.

Hoffman has no choice but to praise Sektor for the flawless executions of a t-bone, german, and vertical suplex.

Sektor pulls up Faze, who looks weary, and kicks him in the gut, going for the C-SEKTION, but Faze out of nowhere does a handstand, grabbing Sektor around the neck with his legs and executing a head scissors takeover!!!

Sektor gets to his feet a bit dizzy as the fans cheer on Faze, who gets to his feet, and charges, Sektor goes for a clothesline, but Faze ducks and keeps running to a corner, runs up the buckles to the top, and executes a beautiful moonsault on Sektor!!!!!!!!!

Faze gets up, getting the crowd fired up as Sektor scrambles to his feet and slumps into a corner, Faze charges and leaps up, and catches Sektor and executes a monkey flip!!

Sektor gets up holding his back as Faze walks forward, Sektor hits a kick to the gut, doubling Faze over, then runs to the ropes, hits a sunset flip, but Ryan Faze rolls through it to his feet and nails a buzzsaw kick to the side of the head!!!!!!!!!

The fans explode as Faze falls on top of the downed Sektor and hooks the leg for the pin!!!




Sektor somehow gets the shoulder up in time, as Faze gets to his feet. He drags Sektor towards a corner….

Hoffman states that Faze could be going up top to end this match.

Big Buff doesn’t say anything as you can hear him taking a drink.

Faze gets to the top and goes for a moonsault, but Sektor rolls out of the way to the apron and Faze eats canvas!!!!


Sektor gets to his feet, smiling. He climbs to the top. Faze is on back now, holding his gut. Sektor looks down and signals that this is it. Leaps off and goes for the SEKSATIONAL Shooting Star press…..

BUT HE MISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fans: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its Faze’s turn to roll out of the way to the center of the ring, as both men are down and Boettcher starts his ten count!







Sektor starts stirring, placing a hand on the ropes. Faze is on both knees.



Sektor is trying to pull himself up using the ropes, as Faze gets to his feet….


Sektor’s back is to Faze as he finally gets up and Faze grabs him from behind and goes for the FAZEPLANT……he turns Sektor over, the arms hooked but suddenly Sektor drops to his knees and grabs the bad leg of Faze, the same leg that has suffered so much punishment over the past month, and drops Faze with a modified single-leg and turns it into his deadly ankle-lock, the DI-SEKTION!!!!!

Hoffman starts screaming that Ryan may have to tap quickly here!

Big Buff says nothing as he can be heard taking a drink.

Faze is yelling in pain as Sektor has the DI-SEKTION in tightly. Faze turns suddenly, and tries to kick Sektor off but Sektor holds on!!!!!!!!

Faze crawls for the ropes, but Sektor drags him away! Sektor is talking all kinds of trash at Faze who is in agony, as he again makes another campaign for the ropes….the fans are behind him as Faze gets a finger on them……


Faze’s hand is hoving over the mat, prepared to tap. Suddenly, he gets to one leg and rolls forward and sends Sektor sternum first into a corner!

Sektor backs out of the corner in pain, as Faze gets to his feet, limps over and quickly nails Sektor with the FAZEPLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoffman starts screaming Ryan’s finishers name over and over as Big Buff can be heard cracking open a bottle of something as Faze falls on top of Sektor in a lateral press, the whole time favoring the ankle!





Faze rolls off of Sektor holding an arm up in victory…..



Faze cannot believe it, as he tries to get to his feet. However the leg is going out on him.


Ryan hears the cheers, but he still cannot stand to his feet.

He crawls over towards Sektor and manages to drag him away from the ropes while on his knees. He then grabs the legs, and flips forward, executing a jackknife pin on Sektor who can no longer use the ropes……..





Faze thought for sure he had Sektor beat, he starts testing the leg, and shaking it, trying to increase blood flow, as Sektor rolls away, trying to get up himself.

Faze uses the ropes to pull himself up, but is limping heavily, as he pursues Sektor. Faze grabs Sektor in a front facelock and goes for the FAZEBUSTER Implant DDT, but Sektor suddenly uses an arm wrench to spin out and escape, and pulls Faze toward him and connects with a tilt-a-whirl into a Fujiwara Arm Bar!!!

Faze cries out in pain, but suddenly Sektor rolls back towards the legs and applies the DI-SEKTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Faze suddenly turns and kicks Sektor off!!!

Faze gets to one knee, but the leg is severely slowing him….




Sektor then quickly leg drops the bad leg, and applies an Indian Death Lock!

Sektor has it in tight as Faze tries to pull himself and Sektor towards the ropes…..that are on the otherside of the ring!

Faze manages to get Sektor to the center of the ring, but Sektor has the Indian Death Lock on too tightly and Faze finally taps out!



Sektor breaks the hold and stands, as Boettcher hands him his green stable title. Sektor looks down at Faze who is holding his leg in pain.

Sektor then climbs through the ropes and makes his way to the back as Boettcher attends to Faze.

Joe Hoffman: Well, that was quite a match-up between these two, but Sektor pulls out the win here using a pinpoint attack to the injured leg of Ryan Faze to score him the submission. Benny your thoughts?

Big Buff says nothing as he is now guzzling a bottle of tequila.

Hoffman shakes his head as Scene cuts elsewhere…..


Static cleaned…again

The camera cuts to the backstage area where we see Melissa, Statics younger sister leaving the BA locker room. Static isn’t around as she walks, she then notices David Black walking towards her and tries a few doors to get out of his way before he see’s her. She eventually finds an open door however Black has already seen her and is sprinting towards her; she flings herself into the room, slamming the door shut. Black then boots the door, knocking on it and punching it.

David Black: Come on Mel, I just want to talk.

David laughs as he continues to try and gain entry; He boots at the door several more times until a soft click is heard. David smiles as the door opens only for his face to drop in shock.


David drops to the deck as Static appears with the door fully open, he stands there in a lunge type position with his baseball bat cocked and ready. Black stirs back to his feet only to be struck again and then again. Black doubles over and rolls around the floor in agony. Static then drops the bat and grabs Black by the collar of his shirt. Softening him up with a barrage of right hands. Blacks forehead becomes crimson as a cut appears, getting bigger with every blow received from Static’s monstrous hands. Static releases his grip allowing David to hit the floor, almost out from the attack. Static then holds David down as Melissa appears with the discarded baseball bat in hand, she wedges it between David Blacks legs…


Melissa grins as Static drops a few more right hands to David’s jaw. Static then crouches over, just close enough for the camera and David to hear.

Static: Next week on Turmoil, David Black, you will pay for what you have done. You will be beaten, bloodied and bruised for revenge on what you done to my sister. David Black, next week on Turmoil. You will get to square off against me, one on one in, wait for it….in


Benny Newell: OH MY GOD! Best Alliance always come up with the good shit.

Static takes the bat from Melissa as Black gets to his hands and knees and is beginning to stir again.

Static cracks the top of the bat against his skull dropping him again. Static just grins sadistically as he and

Melissa walk off leaving Black in a bloody mess.

Next week on TNT…
The Best Alliance vs. The AoA to Retire the Stable Titles!!


Scottywood & Aceldama vs. Rob Michaels & Matt Denton
Tag Team Match

The action returns to ringside where Denton and Michaels from the SSE wait in the ring whilst Scottywood waits on the outside. Aceldama is approaching the ring to the sound of “Indestructible” by Disturbed.

Joe Hoffman: This is truly a terrifying individual to say the least. I was out at Ringside Wrestling’s tradition the other night and had the pleasure of watching what can only be described as an emotional match between Aceldama and Surreal!

Big Buff: Who won?

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama!

Big Buff: Nice, I knew Lee made the right decision by hiring him for the BA!

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of which folks, last week it seemed as though Michaels and Denton where also going to join Lee’s team along with Shane and Aceldama. However Michaels and Denton attacked Aceldama and Scottywood revealing SSE colours, shocking everybody in the arena. And now we know that there will be a team SSE at War Games!!!

Aceldama is in the ring and Denton and Michaels quickly exit. Aceldama glares at Scottywood and points at their corner, signalling for him to take up his position, so that he can’t start the match. Scottywood doesn’t look too pleased about being ordered but follows the instructions. As Aceldama has his back turned Denton runs towards him and begins clubbing him between the shoulder blades.


Aceldama turns around as Denton throws a right, which he catches. He then pulls Denton towards him by his arm and clotheslines him hard down to the canvas. Aceldama picks Denton up to his feet and hits a knee to the gut, before launching him into the corner. Aceldama continues the punishment by wailing on him with forearms and stiff jabs. After pulling him out of the corner, Denton manages to catch the monster with a quick right before running to the ropes. He then flies through the air but is greeted by a huge big boot from Aceldama which almost takes his head off. Aceldama then tags Scottywood stiffly and gives him a cold look before stepping through the ropes.

Joe and Benny discuss the bitter relationship between Scottywood and Aceldama and how Lee gave Aceldama 250K of Scottywood’s money, to sweeten the deal. Meanwhile Scottywood has been applying a sleeper hold to Denton, wearing him down as he applies the pressure to his windpipe. But Denton grabs the back of Scotty’s head and drops with a counter jaw breaker. He then crawls quickly towards is corner and tags Michael’s in. Michaels runs straight at Scotty who is still holding his jaw and nails a clothesline. Michael’s keeps the upper hand for a while after executing a few suplex moves and a DDT, gaining three near pitfall’s.

Shortly later Scottywood gets some momentum after a great reversal from a vertical suplex, into a diving reverse DDT! Scotty covers but the pin is quickly broken up by interference from Denton. Whilst the ref gives Denton a telling off in the corner, Aceldama enters the ring and gives Michael’s a strong headbutt before returning to his position on the apron. Scotty picks Michael’s up off the mat and hits a fireman’s carry DDT!


Hortega counts as Scotty covers for the



DENTON MAKES THE SAVE!! He hits a huge leg drop across the neck of Scottywood. Aceldama looks to get involved but Denton dropkicks him before he can get through the ropes and returns to his corner.

Both men look tired as they crawl towards their corners and tag their partners in. Denton cleverly dropkicks Aceldama in the knee, bringing the big man down for a brief moment. He hits a number of knee and elbow drops, causing as much damage as possible. To his disbelief Aceldama gets to his feet looking unhurt. He grabs Denton by his hair and glares at him, but out of nowhere Denton nails a super kick. Sensing danger Scotty comes into the ring to help his team mate, but Michaels rushes over to him and tackles him over the ropes and to the outside. The two don’t seem to hurt from the fall as they begin slugging away at each other.

Hoffman points out how inside the ring Denton is up top and looking to hit a high risk move on the monster. He flies off with a beautiful shooting star press but Ace gets his knee’s up causing Denton to land in an awkward position. He is on his feet holding him stomach and Aceldama runs full speed goring him into the corner. He then pulls his head between his legs and hoists him up, crashing him down with a thunderous jacknife powerbomb. He covers and Hortega counts for the





Post match we see Aceldama holding his arms in the air, staring down at Denton. Michael’s has just nailed Scottywood with a superkick and turns to see what has happened, giving a disgusted look towards his team mate. The action then cuts backstage as Aceldama heads up the ramp smiling down at the SSE members and Joe points out that Aceldama is making no effort to go help Scottywood up.


Damn Cell Phones

Cameras liven up backstage as we hear a knock – knock – knock sound over the sound system catching the fans attention, they all look up on the big screen to see a UPS guy outside the locker room of World champion, Crow. Eventually Crow opens the door, unsure of the presence of the delivery guy who hands him a package and a receipt to sign, Crow checks it and signs, immediately beginning to open it as he watches the UPS guy leave. He rips the packaging and tips it up holding his hand out, and out slides a girls mobile phone, Crow immediately gets confused causing him to check for anything else inside the package, but nothing.

Crow: What the hell, why would anyone send me a used girls phone?

He checks to receipt to see any possible to details for answers, but as so Triple M passes Crow’s doorway as he passes by, but like anyone would he casually looks into the open doorway of the World champion, only to be horribly distracted. He shoots back staring into the room, checking to see if what he saw was the truth, staring at the phone, his eyes bead well in the direction of the mobile and eventually widen as he sees the truth pulling an angered facial expression. Triple M suddenly barges forward and surprises Crow as he grabs him and shoves him against the wall, Crow looks pissed off but in a surprised way trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Crow: What the fuck do you think your doing?

He tries to push Mario off, but he seems determined with anger to force Crow against the wall making him as uncomfortable as possible.


With that he snatches the phone from Crow’s hand staring at it with a passion.

Triple M: You fucking lied to me, you told me it wasn’t you, but all along it was!

Crow: What the hell are you jabbering on about now you freak?

Triple M: THE PHONE! This is Amanda’s phone, you can’t deny anything any more so stop pretending, I’ve found you out you lying son of a bitch.

Crow suddenly laughs, but to Mario’s confusion, he stares, a little disturbed.

Crow: Are you being serious? That phone was just mailed to me two seconds before you barged in here.

Triple M: Don’t fucking lie to me, I just saw you with it!

Crow has had enough and with all his strength and might he retaliates and forces himself off the wall shoving Mario back against another wall.

Crow: LISTEN! Fuck sake, the phone, was mailed to me, two seconds before you got here, look..

Crow slowly releases Mario and grabs the UPS packaging and the receipt showing them to Mario, who tries making sense of it all.

Triple M: But… how?

Crow: I don’t fucking know, I’m sick of this shit, I’m sick of you, get the fuck out of my locker room.

Mario just stares at the phone as he holds it up like it was sacred, when suddenly a teenage boy comes walking passed the door, it’s Joey Maurako, Triple M’s son. He spots his dad and smiles, then spots Crow and the smiles disappears as his face fills with hate and out of nowhere unleashes and launches at the unaware Crow. Crow wafts his hands towards his head as Joey lashes out, striking everything he has at Crow, Mario quickly steps in and goes to grab his son but not before Crow sends a right hand crashing straight to his sons jaw, knocking him to the floor.


Crow: What the fuck to you, who the fuck is he?

Triple M: He’s my son you piece of shit.

Joey: Is it him? Is he the one who did it?

Mario helps him up.

Triple M: Yeah he’s the one, listen get out of here, go to my locker room and wait there while I deal with him.

Crow looks annoyed and watches the kid leave, but he stops in the doorway and turns back with a serious look at Crow.

Joey: You’ll pay for my mother’s death, I promise!

Joey exits the locker room while Crow and Mario lock eyes, pissed off at one another.

Crow: He sure follows his dad huh, I take it you persuaded him I killed his mother right? Nothing to the fact you walked away and let her fall to her death?

Mario just turns and heads towards the door, but also stops, turning, looking back and raising the mobile phone.

Triple M: If I find out you were lying, you will pay. This phone couldn’t have been mailed by anybody.

Mario looks at it once more and chucks it over to the sofa and leaves, Crow is left shaking his head at what just happened, disturbed himself over the facts and fictions of the situation over it all, the cameras fade back to ringside.


Starr Power

::::The lights dim. “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena as a single yellow spotlight shines in front of the entrance ramp. Emerging from behind the curtain is Jatt Starr to an eruption of jeers. Starr is wearing jeans, black boots, and a white baseball jersey with gold lettering in black trim that reads “Jatt Starr” on the front and “Best Alliance” on the back. He walks down the ramp as spotlights shine in front of him until he hits ringside. In Starr’s hand is a briefcase. Starr walks up the ring steps, enters the ring, and stands in the middle of the ring where only a single spotlight shines on him. Starr places the briefcase on the mat and grabs a microphone as the lights come back up.::::

Starr: The Ruler of Jattlantis defeated Ryan Faze at “March to Glory” proving that I am the true Face of the HOW. Last week, in this very ring, the King of Grapple from the Big Apple defeated both Bimbonette Carey and Darkwing Duck robbing them of their place in the HOW Hall of Fame. The point the Ratings Juggernaut has been making ever since he returned was proven.

:::The crowd resounds with a chant of “Jatt Starr Sucks!”:::

Starr: But here’s the thing….I am not here as The Ruler of Jattlantis or the Sultan of Sea-Jattle or the Ratings Juggernaut or any other one of my countless nicknames. Tonight, I come before you as Jatt

Starr: Husband. Father. Brother. Friend.

Starr: After removing Bobbinette Carey and Darkwing from the Hall of Fame, I was satisfied. I was overjoyed. I was ready to celebrate! I had that “Jatturday Night Fever”! Booze! Dancing! Partying with the Best Alliance!

Starr: But then it was confirmed, my wife had took my son and left me. I was in denial. I thought it was a bluff. I figured if she saw me dominate the two people I had perceived to be the most undeserving Hall of Famers in the HOW, she would praise the Ruler of Jattlantis.

Starr: Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, my wife moves quickly because I received divorce papers.

Over the past week, I have learned that my wife loved Jatt Starr not the Ruler of Jattlantis. I learned that my brother was an addict. And after hearing of that news and the backlash that ensued and it made me really look at myself. My brother was on the Dean’s List every semester in Columbia. He had a great job with a mid-to-high five figure salary. One act of stupidity and he lost it all. Everything. Sometimes it takes a sledgehammer to the face before one can realize they can change. Hopefully, this is a new start for him because I know as of right now, this is a new start for me.

Starr: As this is a new start for me, it is imperative we start it off on the right foot. In my briefcase here or is it a satchel? Anyway, I have five items. The first two involve Darkwing and Bobbinette Carey.

::::Starr reaches into the briefcase and pulls out two pieces of paper.:::

Starr: These are the contracts Darkwing and Bobbinette Carey were forced to sign for the HOW Hall of Fame match. Just to prove that what I am about to say is not a belated April’s Fool Day joke….

::::Starr rips them up.:::

Starr: They are now meaningless. Darkwing and Bobbinette Carey, you are both back in the HOW Hall of Fame.

::::The crowd cheers.:::

Starr: However, Darkwing, you are still considered Max Kael’s man-servant. I’m sorry, couldn‘t do anything about that. There is something else. By allowing you to remain in the Hall of Fame I had to make deals with both Lee Best AND Max Kael. I have come to terms with Lee Best that until my contract expires, I must remain with the Best Alliance. Of course, he can, if he sees fit, throw me out of the Best Alliance at any time.

::::Some boos.:::

Starr: I know, I know. The deal I made with Max Kael however, is more of a contract. He is allowing both Bobbinette Carey and Darkwing remain in the Hall of Fame for…….I have no idea. I signed an empty contract that Max Kael can cash in on at any time. Anyway, the next item…..

::::Starr pulls out the UAD Championship belt.::::

Starr: This UAD Championship is meaningless to me. So therefore….

::::Starr rolls out of the ring and hands the sterling silver UAD Championship belt to a child sitting in the front row. The crowd erupts in cheers for Starr‘s selfless act.:::

Starr: Melt it down for college tuition or keep it as a souvenir that will increase in value like a pristine Boba Fett action figure.

:::Starr rolls back into the ring and pulls out another piece of paper.::::

Starr: In my hand here is a contract that I will….I will save for next week.

:::Starr places the contract back in his briefcase and pulls out a folder.:::

Starr: And finally….the contract that I purchased for my shot at the HOW Championship. I have decided to cash it in! That’s right. The winner of the Crow-Isaac Slade match tonight will have to face me in this very ring next week! I think it’s high time that the HOW fans have a champion that they can respect and look up to! For too long you, the fans, have been subjected to immoral and unethical champions such as Crow and Graystone! Yes, I know, Crow has only been champion for a little less than three weeks, but that is three weeks too long! That being said, I just want to wish Isaac Slade good luck in his match tonight.

Starr: And as far as my match with Static and Max Kael later tonight goes….may the best man win.

::::Starr drops the microphone as “Everybody Wants You” blares across the arena as the crowd offers a mixed reaction, unsure of how to take the information Starr has conveyed to the masses.::::

Hoffmann: Wow! Next week, Jatt Starr is going to challenge the winner of tonight’s main event for the HOW Championship!

Newell: I don’t know what to make of this! I need a drink!

Hoffmann: Has Jatt Starr changed his ways, Benny? Or is this another mind game that he is playing on everyone?

Newell: Dammit! How the hell should I know??? I’m so confused!!!

Turmoil heads to commercial break as again the arena is buzzing after yet another Jatt Starr interview!!


FINAL week as the only sponsor of High Octane Wrestling


Christopher America vs. Fitzpatrick
Singles Match

As we come back to ringside, “Riverdance” hits the loudspeakers in The Best Arena and has the crowd confused. “Big Buff” Benny Newell isn’t quite sure to react, but when the song changes to “Snap’s I’ve Got the Power” and the Ringside Wrestling’s Eugene Fitzpatrick emerges from the back, everything becomes perfectly clear. The hostile crowd greets him to HOW with a thunderous chorus of boos and even some trash is thrown at the Ringside Champion.

Benny Newell: Hey, somebody get this guy outta here! He’s trespassing!

Joe Hoffman: Don’t you know anything Buff? The Ringside Champion, Eugene Fitzpatrick is here for an inter-promotional match against HOW’s own LSD and Stable Champion, Christopher America.

Benny Newell: Don’t you mean the American Champion… of America?

Joe Hoffman: Oh, knock it off!

As Fitzpatrick enters the ring, he raises the Ringside World Title high in the air with a sadistic grin on his face, flaunting his brand on HOW soil.

Joe Hoffman: Should be a tough challenge for Christopher America here tonight. With a 6’7″ frame and 288 pounds of muscle, Fitzpatrick clearly has the size and strength advantage.

Joe is interrupted by the “American National Anthem” which fades out into Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name”. Wearing his LSD title around his waist and his Stable Title slung over his left shoulder, Christopher America appears on the entrance ramp. Clearly, the fans aren’t sure who to cheer for but are slightly favoring the hometown guy, Triple A amidst all the booing.

After America slides into the ring, he immediately approaches Fitzpatrick flaunting both of his titles high in the air. The two men stand nose-to-nose, with Eugene showing no signs of intimidation.

Joe Hoffman: Fitzpatrick is just looking to take care of business tonight as he tries to score a huge victory for Ringside Wrestling on HOW soil.

Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and this match is under way with Eugene Fitzpatrick shoving America down hard to the mat.

Benny Newell: Ooohh!! America can’t be too happy about an Irishman showing him up like that so early in the match.

Joe Hoffman: You gotta give the guy credit. Fitzpatrick made his journey to Chicago all the way from Dublin to be here for this match!

Benny Newell: Wasn’t Ringside just in New York for their weekly show Tradition?

Joe Hoffman: Shutup! You know what I mean Newell.

America springs to his feet and is visibly unhappy at being shown up. He reaches his hand towards Fitzpatrick as a signal to lock up. Eugene complies and America gives him an American knee to the mid-section. In response, an angered Fitzpatrick wrenches the arm of Christopher America and the pressure brings him back down to the mat.

Fitzpatrick belts a deep roar to the crowd before dropping a knee to the ribs of his opponent. A quick cover but America kicks out after 1. Pulling the LSD Champion to his feet by the hair, Fitzpatrick Irish whips America into the ropes. As America bounces off, Fitzpatrick extends his leg for a big boot that he calls the Whiskey Shot but America slides under and delivers and American shoulder to his knee, sending the Ringside Champion crashing down to the mat.

America uses his quickness to hop on the middle rope, and just as Fitzpatrick gets back to his feet, he’s met with an American Clothesline from the LSD Champion. Cover by America, but Fitzpatrick tosses him off like a rag doll before Boettcher can even get a 1 count.

America slides out of the ring and is baffled by the strength of the man he likes to call Eucalyptus Fitzroy. Fitzpatrick urges him on to get back into the ring but America has other plans. From under the ring, he grabs his red, white, and blue American steel chair and takes a seat. He grabs a water bottle from the announcer’s table and unscrews the cap, taking swig after swig until all of its contents are gone.

Boettcher begins the 10 count but Fitzpatrick is having none of it, bending through the middle rope to go after his opponent. Now on the outside, Fitzpatrick lunges at America but Triple A gives him a American drop toe hold right into his American steel chair! With Fitzpatrick dazed, America tosses him into the steel steps before having to slide back into the ring to avoid getting counted out.

Joe Hoffman: Oh c’mon now! Would you look at that!

Benny Newell: A little showboating here by the only dual-champion in HOW! He’s flexing his American muscles!

Christopher America wastes a little too much time though, because upon his return to the outside, Fitzpatrick greets him with an elbow to the jaw. After a few punches, Fitzpatrick follows suit back into the ring with America firmly in his grasp. He sends America flying into the turnbuckle and America bounces off hard by the impact, holding his head. Fitzpatrick sizes him up, and CRASH! Running bulldog seemingly cracks America’s skull on the canvas. Fitzpatrick goes for the cover.




Benny Newell: Come on Triple A!!! Do you WANT to get fired for letting a Ringside wrestler win?

Joe Hoffman: Since when did you become an AoA fan?

Benny Newell: Oh, trust me… I’m not. But I’ll be damned if a Ringside piece of shit comes into our house and wins this match. You know what Lee would do if that happened?

Fitzpatrick holds up 3 fingers to the referee in his plea for the victory but Boettcher denies his claim. With both men back to their feet, Fitzpatrick uses his strength once again to gain the upper hand. He calls for his Fitz Blitz brain buster finisher, but just as he’s about to lift America into the vertical suplex position, America counters with a HUGE American DDT!!

Joe Hoffman: The Ringside Champion is down!!

America lunges his arm over the chest of Fitzpatrick.




Benny Newell: Come on you stiff! Finish him off!!

Joe Hoffman: Near fall by Christopher America there but Eugene Fitzpatrick is showing why exactly he’s the Ringside Champion.

America can’t believe it and hoists the larger Fitzpatrick into an inverted face lock. He looks out towards the crowd and yells “FOR AMERICA!!!!!!” indicating his impending cutter finisher. But somehow, Fitzpatrick slips out and trips up the HOW representative. A hard stomp to spine of America has the LSD champion writhing in pain.

Fitzpatrick goes for the pin but America rolls through it…

Benny Newell: AMERICAN ANKLE LOCK!!! In the middle of the ring!! Quick Joe, where’s my flask? I need a shot!!!

A wide-eyed Fitzpatrick is reaching for the ropes in agony as America takes a page from his mentor’s book, using John Sektor’s Di-Sektion finisher.

Joe Hoffman: Can America maintain the hold??!!??

Benny Newell: He could defeat the Ringside Champion right here by making him tap out!!

Eugene Fitzpatrick is struggling for the ropes as America has him square in the middle of the ring. After several attempts of reaching them, America has pulled him back into the center each time. Just as it looks like Eugene Fitzpatrick is about to submit, he uses his last ounce of desperation and finally kicks free from the hold!! He scurries over and wraps his arms around the bottom rope which prompts Boettcher to stand between Fitzpatrick and a stunned Christopher America.

Benny Newell: I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! TRIPLE A, YOU TOOL!!!! You’ve had him TWICE now!!!

Joe Hoffman: Very impressive resiliency Eugene Fitzpatrick!!!

Christopher America is furious, so much so that he calls for a microphone from a ring attendant.

Christopher America: Listen here Eugueth… err, Eunis… err, Eucalyptus… WHATEVER the hell your name is. I am CHRISTOPHER AMERICA dammit! I am the American Champion of America! I am a Stable champion and member of the greatest Stable in the history of wrestling… the Argonauts of Awesome! And YOU my friend, are NOT awesome. I hope your non-American Ringside Wrestling cohorts are watching this match because I-…


Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen, the Ringside Champion has taken down Christopher America… right in the middle of his hissy fit!!!

Benny Newell: Holy hell!! Did you see his neck snap backwards?

Joe Hoffman: Yeah. Wasn’t pretty from where I’m sitting!

Christopher America appears almost unconscious as Fitzpatrick put everything he had into that Clothesline, which from the looks of it, has also injured the LSD champion’s neck.

Fitzpatrick can only smile as he lifts America high into a vertical suplex position, spins around and lands a high-impact brain buster!!

Joe Hoffman: THE FITZ BLITZ!!! THE FITZ BLITZ!!! This one’s over folks!!

Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!





Joe Hoffman: By God… someone check America’s neck! If it isn’t broken… it’s a severe case of whiplash!!

Action cuts backstage as the crowd boos the Ringside Wrestling World Champion getting a win on HOW soil.


You owe me $12,000.08

Backstage, Jatt Starr, all smiles, is walking down the corridor. Starr is wearing his ring gear with the same “Jatt Starr” jersey as before. As Starr turns the corridor he walks right into Lee Best.

Lee Best: I’ve been looking all over for you. What the fuck do you think you are doing? I arrive to find out that Shane has been branded, Ace left Scottywood knocked out, and you have lost your fucking mind?

Starr: I’m going to the ring. I have this match against—

Lee Best: No! What the FUCK do you think you are doing giving away your UAD Championship to some snot nosed little bastard????

Starr: Well, there is a cold going around so there may have been some boogies hanging out but to call him a bastard? Well, we don’t really know who his parents are, do we? I mean, they could have been married for like ten—


Starr: Well, no, but I’m sure Silver Cyanide would. Come on, it’s his name!!! He should know SOMETHING about silver.

Lee Best: THAT BELT COST $12,000.28!!!

Starr: If you knew then why did you ask?

Lee Best: That belt was for YOU! I paid for that fucking thing and you just give it away????

Starr: We are in kind of a recession here, so—

Lee Best: Shut the fuck up!!! You do realize he will probably pawn that belt off and buy fucking crack with it!!!

Starr: I think he was like five years old. Do five year olds even smoke crack? I knew kid once who smoked a cigarette when he was five. I think his name was Matthew….what was his last name?

Lee Best: I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!!!

Starr: No, that wasn’t it. Maybe it was–


Starr: Technically, shouldn’t it be “numnut”?

Lee Best immediately slaps Starr hard across the face.

Lee Best: You listen here, jackass: You DON’T make another stupid fucking move like that again without my say so!!! You are lucky you are who you are otherwise you’d have little date with Besty just on fucking principle!!!

Starr: Principal Skinner?

Lee Best puts both hands in his face out of frustration. He begins mumbling incoherently the only words that can be heard clearly are “fucking idiot”.

Lee Best: Go…Just go….Make sure Kael needs a transfusion by the time the fucking match ends and we’ll discuss this later along with the fact that I need to talk to you about fucking SSE.

Starr gives Lee Best a Thumbs Up and heads back towards the ring leaving him shaking his head.


Can SSE really own High Octane Wrestling….yes they can

Max Kael vs. Static vs. Jatt Starr
Triple Threat Match

The action returns to ringside where Max Kael is waiting in the ring, with Static on the outside banging his baseball bat against the steel steps. Jatt is making his way to the ring to the sound of “Everybody wants you” by Billy Squire as the fans give him confused and mixed reactions.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Certainly surprised a lot of people tonight with his speech. Not only did he reinstate Bobbinette and Darkwing’s hall of fame status, but he through the UAD title into the crowd, showing a completely different side to himself than we’re used to seeing.

Big Buff: I don’t get what Jatt’s playing at! One things for sure Lee Best was pissed and didn’t hold back in telling Jatt exactly how he felt!

Jatt enters the ring and he and Max stare each other down from opposite corners. The fans are cheering wildly in anticipation as Hoffman explains that the fans have been waiting a long time for these two to face off in the ring. Max smiles at Jatt and gives him a slow wave, which seems to confuse Jatt. However the fans don’t get what they are looking for as Static slides in behind Max and nails him across the back with his baseball bat.


Static boots away at Max whilst Jatt watches. He then picks him up and holds his hands behind his back for Jatt to come over to double team. Static yells at Jatt to do something but Jatt just stands there shaking his head.

Big Buff: What the hell is Jatt doing?

Static throws Max down and walks up to Jatt’s face demanding a reason. Jatt and Static argue for a minute but Jatt’s face drops as he see’s Max coming towards him with the bat. He tries to get them both out of the way but only manages to save Static as Max nails Jatt in the head with the baseball bat. Hortega checks on Jatt but doesn’t see any blood and allows the match to continue.

Joe Hoffman: Could of been an early win for Max right there!

Static blindsided Max whilst he stared down at Jatt, and hit him with a huge backdrop, landing him awkwardly on his neck. Static continues the punishment for a couple of minutes with a serious of vicious elbow attacks, ending the sequence by whipping him into the corner. Max gets the upper hand after a failed attempt at a spear into Max which Max dodges, causing Static to fly shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Max then hits a low blow on Static which Hortega can’t do anything about. Jatt is on his feet looking a little cross eyed. Max has gotten a chair from the outside and goes straight towards Jatt. He raises the chair to hit Jatt, but Jatt has been playing possum and dropkicks the chair into Max’s face. The crowd reacts to this with a mixture boos and cheers.

Joe Hoffman: It’s simply amazing, one little speech from Jatt has torn this crowd in half. They don’t know whether to love or hate him!

Big Buff: Well I still love him. He’s still in the Best Alliance and that’s all that matters.

Jatt has spent the last few moments wearing down Max with various holds. Static tries to join in with the attack by stomping away at the downed Prime minister of Maxopotamia but Jatt yells at him to back off. Static steps back and allows Jatt to continue his assault. Jatt picks Max up and drops him with a diving reverse DDT. Static then pushes Jatt to the side which the crowd boo’s and picks Max up. He then scoops him up and drops him down with a power slam. Jatt then pushes Static aside but Static turns him around and the two get into each other’s faces.

Joe Hoffman: Uh Oh..looks like a bit of a domestic between the two BA members..

Big Buff: For fucks sake, work together you idiots.

Max has rolled out of the ring and it doesn’t take long for Jatt to throw the first punch. He and Static swap punches until Static knee’s him in the gut and throws him to the outside. He looks over the ropes at his team mate and shakes his head before turning his attention to Max who is also on the outside. Static exits the ring and grabs Max, but doesn’t notice he is trying to conceal something in his hand.

Joe Hoffman: What’s Max got there?

The two are back in the ring and Static is stomping away at Max. Jatt rolls back in and the crowd lets out an enormous cheer as he grabs Statics arms from behind, turning him and dropping an Unprettier!


Big Buff: Seriously.is Jatt on crack tonight?

He looks down at Static who lies motionless and turns his attention back to Max. He picks Max up but Max jabs something sharp into his forehead. Jatt holds his head as Max mounts him jabbing him several more times. Hortega calls for the bell as blood can be seen pouring from the head of Jatt Starr.


Big Buff: Oh…Christ!!


Max rolls out of the ring and hurries back up the ramp holding up the fork which Sektor gave him the previous week on TNT!

Joe Hoffman: That’s the fork Sektor gave him as a gift, he said It would come in handy.

Benny doesn’t say anything as he takes a stiff drink from his bottle of Jack. The scene then cuts to another commercial.


Next week on TNT…
The World Champion vs. Jatt Starr!!!


Perfect Pep Talk

~The Best Arena is at a fever pitch as the main event is about to begin. Backstage, ICON Champion Issac Slade can be seen walking to the ring, psyching himself up for perhaps the biggest match of his career. Slade heads toward the gorilla position as he awaits his theme music and takes in the cheers emanating from the arena.~


~Before Slade can reach his destination, a bamboo Singapore cane cracks against the concrete floor in front of him, blocking his path. Slade stops in his tracks and looks up to see the cane’s wielder, Perfect Paul Paras, which causes the fans to begin booing furiously. Paul adjusts his mirrored shades and stares directly at Slade, who seems to show no signs of fear.~

Paras: So this is it, peon; the dawning of a new era. This is either the final night of your ICON Title reign or the beginning of your first ever HOW World Title reign. You’ve won some great matches since you’ve been here…beaten some top competition… and now, you challenge the second-biggest dog in the yard.

Slade: Second-biggest?

~He eyes the cane and then eyes Paras, watching for any sign of foul play~

Paras: Compared to the Perfect One, all others are secondary. But even after your ever-so-rude interruption earlier tonight, the Perfect One wanted to deliver a message to you before the biggest match of your life, Issac Slade…

~Paul raises his dark royal blue Stable Title up to his shoulder as he stands in Slade’s face. After a moment, Slade raises the ICON Title up to his own shoulder, causing the fans to cheer. Paras smirks arrogantly and taps the ICON Title belt with his hand.~

Paras: …Good luck, kid.

~Slade looks confusedly back at Triple P as Paras begins to walk away.~

Paras: Good luck…because knowing the company you keep, there are going to be several hundred thousand crying children and depressed housewives out there after you waste your golden opportunity tonight and show what a failure you truly are.

~Slade looks indignant as he starts toward Paras, but is stopped as his entrance music, “Rise from the Ashes” by Quietdrive, begins to play. Paul smirks as he calmly walks back down the hall while Slade tries to clear his head and slowly steps back toward the gorilla position for his entrance, the look on his face showing the effects of The Perfect One’s not so perfect Pep Talk.~


HOW World & ICON Title Match
Issac Slade vs. Crow
Two Out Of Three Falls Match

The action cuts back to ringside where Slade receives a huge standing ovation as he wields the Icon title for all to see.

Amy Smeets: The following match is the Main Event of the evening!!! The rules are two out of three falls. The first fall will determine the High Octane Icon Champion!! The winner of the match will be crowned HOW World Champion!!!

Joe Hoffman: This will truly be a HOW classic folks you can count on that. We have two of HOW’s finest athletes and champions battling it out, and I for one cannot wait for this to get started.

Big Buff: I might not like either of these guys, but holy shit this will be awesome!

Slade enters the ring and vaults up the turnbuckle showing the Icon title to all his fans and followers. His music is soon cut off by “Come with me” by P.Diddy!! The crowd give mixed reactions as Crow walks out onto the stage carrying the coveted HOW World title on his shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: Folks what Crow has been doing involving Triple M and his wife has been despicable but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is an amazing athlete and a deserving champion. This match will be the fight of both of these young men’s life tonight and Crow knows it!

Crow enters the ring and gives Slade a quick stare before posing with his title for the fans. Both men then give their titles to Matt Boettcher who holds them up high for all to see. He then hands them to the time keeper and signals for the bell.


The crowd pops loud as the two men circle each other in the ring. They trash talk back and forth for a few moments before Crow finally steps forward and locks horns with the Icon champion. Slade swoops behind Crow’s back for a hammer lock, to which Crow reverses with a snapmare takedown followed by a cocky push on the back of Slades head with his boot. The crowd again give mixed reactions to Crow as Slade looks up at him, nodding with a smirk. They lock up again and this time Crow gets Slade in a standard headlock. Slade pushes him back against the ropes and sends Crow running to the opposite side of the ring. As he comes back Slade drops Crow with a hip toss, followed by a push of his own on the back of Crow ‘s head. The crowd get behind Slade who lifts his arms up in a relaxed manor.

Joe Hoffman: Nice flowing start to the match here with both men sizing each other up.

Big Buff: Come on hurry up and destroy each other already!

In the third lock up Crow loses patience as he drives a knee into the gut of Slade. He then executes a sharp lifting DDT, landing Slade awkwardly on his head. Crow continues wearing down Slade throughout this period as he drops several elbows and various suplex moves, gaining several pin attempts which Slade kicks out of fairly easily each time.

Joe Hoffman: The World champion has continued to dominate our young hero wearing him down bit by bit.

Big Buff: OK…young hero? Yeah you’re definitely riding the baloney Pony!

Crow has Slade in a powerbomb position but Slade jumps off his shoulders landing behind him. He then reaches back and drops Crow on his neck with a neck breaker! Slade covers but Crow kicks out before the two count. Slade picks Crow up and scoops him up by his side, dropping him spine first across his knee. He then flips Crow over onto his stomach and straps in a camel clutch!

Joe Hoffman: Ode to Sergeant Slaughter, nice submission move applied by the Icon champ!

Crow tries to loosen the fingers of Slade from around his chin but to no avail. He lifts his hand up to tap and the fans cheer wildly. But Crow doesn’t tap, instead his fist begins pumping as he finally finds the strength to prise Slade’s fingers away from his chin! Slade uses his intelligence and takes a step back from Crow. He then runs at him but Crow drags him down with a drop toe hold and jumps to feet only to send a hard elbow drop across the neck of Slade! Crow picks Slade up off the mat and looks to hit a vertical suplex but Slade rolls him up into small package. Boettcher counts..





Crow looks relieved as he exhales hard, but Slade rolls him up again in school boy pin but Crow kicks out before Boettcher even reaches the mat. Crow throws a right hand at Slade but Slade kicks him in the gut and delivers a thunderous DDT!. He then points the turnbuckle and starts to go up. Whilst his back is turned Crow has flipped onto his stomach holding his head, but sees Slade making his way up. He quickly leaps forward into the ropes, causing Slade to land awkwardly on top of the turnbuckle, to which the male members of the crowd react to with noises of pain.

Big Buff: Well if nothing else Slade could join his church choir after this, cause God knows landing like that will make anyone hit a high note!

Crow climbs up the turnbuckle and begins punching Slade whilst the crowd counts the number of punches. But Slade blocks one of the punches and pushes Crow off the top, landing him off the mat. He then stands up straight and leaps off high into the air crashing down across Crow’s mid section with a frog splash!

Joe Hoffman: FREEFALL!!! That’s gotta be it.




Slade celebrates with an arm raised.


Big Buff: Let’s see how he fares for the rest of the match. Wait what am I saying, neither of these men are BA! Fuck!

Slade shows great sportsmanship as he waits for Crow to get to his feet before continuing the next fall. Crow holds his midsection in the middle of the ring and kicks the ropes, not looking too pleased with himself. He then looks over at Slade and nods and the two men lock horns once again.

Joe Hoffman: Now for the second fall, and maybe the deciding one!

Big Buff: IF…Slade get’s lucky again, which I doubt!

Crow gives another knee to the gut and lifts him up into a tombstone piledriver position!


But Slade reverses the move sending the crowd crazy. He drops Crow on his head with a tombstone of his own and covers for the






Big Buff: No world title for Slade just yet!!

Slade can’t believe it, but wastes no time as he goes right back to the turnbuckle. He looks down at Crow and leaps off with another frog splash!!


Slade rolls around the mat in pain holding his ribs and Crow hooks a leg for the



KICKOUT BY SLADE!! Crow looks exhausted already as he gets to his feet. He drags Slade up and gifts him a stiff right hand. Slade returns the favour with a tired right hand of his own, but Crow swats it away and drives another knee into Slade’s gut before pushing him back into the corner. He continues to punish Slade with some illegal choke holds before whipping him hard into the opposite corner, and running at him with a knee lift to his face. Crow tries various power moves such as power slams, side walk slams and even a spinebuster but can’t seem to get the three count. He sits in the corner looking exhausted and shakes his head in the direction of Slade who refuses to quit.

Joe Hoffman: Slade just won’t give up! What will it take to put the Icon champion down?

Crow picks Slade up and positions him for a tombstone and this time hits the Fallen!!






Crow flops onto his back after scoring the pin and takes a moment to recover.

Joe Hoffman: Slade showed great strength to put up with as much pressure as he did there and only an act of God could have helped him kick out of that final Fallen!

Big Buff: I thought God was on his side?

Crow shows the same sportsmanship as his opponent did in the fall prior and waits for Slade to get to his feet. Slade is stumbling all over the place holding his head, obviously still seeing tweety birds.

Big Buff: That Fallen really rang his bell!

Slade finally clears his vision and gives a thumbs up to Crow to which the crowd gives a massive round of applause showing great appreciation for a rare act of sportsmanship between two wrestlers. They don’t lock up this time, instead Crow delivers a chop across the chest of Slade, which forces him to clutch at it. He then goes for a right hand, but Slade blocks and wraps an elbow around the side of Crow’s head, followed by a second and third. He then kicks Crow in the gut and runs to the ropes dropping crow with a twisting neck breaker!

Joe Hoffman: This is it now folks. One of these two men will walk away World champion and one won’t!

Big Buff: It’s people like you who make me drink Joe!

Crow kicked out of the pin attempt by Slade. Both men look overheated and exhausted as Slade applies a sleeper hold to Crow. He squeezes the windpipe of Crow and it’s not long before Crow’s eyes close and his arms go limp. Boettcher lifts one of Crow’s arms up and it drops down. Boettcher signals a one. He then lifts the arm up a second time but life returns to Crow as his fist begins to pump in the air. Fans get behind Crow now as he elbows Slade in the midsection. Crow then runs to the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Slade has the same idea and both men meet in midair, colliding into one another.

Joe Hoffman: Could this be a double count out?

Boettcher gets the count to six and neither of the men are moving.


Joe Hoffman: What would a double count out mean???


Slade grabs the ropes and pulls himself up. Crow grabs the opposite side and Boettcher deems this enough to call off the count out.

Big Buff: Thank God we don’t have to deal with that problem!

Crow and Slade are on their feet and meet in the middle of the ring. Crow throws a tired punch but Slade ducks and scoops him up into a tombstone position and drops him with Crow’s finisher again for the




Joe Hoffman: SLADES DONE IT!!!!!!


Slade is still celebrating but Boettcher shows him Crows foot on the ropes and Slade drops to his knee’s in disbelief and frustration. The emotion in Slade’s eyes is overwhelming as he honestly thought he had won it!! He moves back over to Crow and picks him up to his feet and scoops him back into the tombstone position!

Joe Hoffman: NOT AGAIN???

But this time Crow reverses and drops him for the FALLEN!!!! Crow covers for the





Crow’s eyes are wide with disbelief as he argues with the referee about the count. Crow doesn’t look happy obviously thinking it was a three! He picks Slade up off the mat and straps him into a suplex position. He hoists him up vertically into the air, but Slade begins to wriggle and reverses it into a tornado DDT! Slade falls into the turnbuckle and slowly makes his way to the top, the fans on the edge of their seats as they will him to climb faster than his tired body will allow him. He finally reaches the top and flies through the air looking for the Freefall!! But Crow moves out of the way causing Slade to bounce rib first off the canvas. He stands up holding his ribs and Crow locks in a schoolboy roll up for the





DING!!! DING!!! DING!!!!


Boettcher hands Crow the World title which he kisses and clutches tight to his chest before returning to breathing as much air into his lungs as possible. Slade’s face is full of emotion as he receives his Icon title.

Big Buff: So all that was for nothing!

Joe Hoffman: No Benny…it was for everything! What those two men just did out there was put on the show of a lifetime and every single one of these fans is showing their appreciation for it!

Slade holds out a hand to Crow. The fans will Crow to shake it. He gives Slade a nod and shakes his hand pulling him in for as the two hug the life out of each other after what they just went through.

Joe Hoffman: This is beautiful. It’s not often you see this folks so get your cameras out….a display of respect!

The two break the hug and Crow gives Slade a smirk..

Joe Hoffman: WAIT…WHO’S THIS!!!

Denton and Michaels rush the ring and nail the Icon and World champion from behind. They continue to viciously assault the two champions as two other men enter the ring. One of the men has shoulder length hair and a crown position on top of his head as well as a Sledgehammer covered in jewels in his hand. The other man has a title of some sort in his hand.



Denton holds Crow up whilst Michael’s holds up Issac Slade. Eisen walks around the ring waving his hand as the crowd boo’s him. He then turns and nails Slade in the head with his royal sledgehammer. Slade falls back motionless as blood pours down onto the mat. Dent continues to hold Slade whilst Trent holds up the SSE World title. He then runs at Crow and slams the title hard across the head of the HOW World champion. The Crowd are on their feet booing and raining down jeers as the four members of the SSE stand united in the centre of the ring. Crow and Slade lie motionless between the legs of Eisen and Trent as all four men raise their arms.

Suddenly the HOW locker room empties and as the Turmoil feed fades to black we see a frenzied crowd screaming as we see the SSE wrestlers standing over the two HOW Champions as part of the roster races towards them…


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