Turmoil: April 23rd, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
April 23rd, 2009 – #HOW46
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


The Best Arrival

The HOTv logo gives way to the HOW logo as Turmoil is now airing live and instead of seeing a shot of pyros going off or shots of the fans inside The Best Arena going crazy, we are instead outside of the Best Arena and in the parking lot where a long stretch Hummer limo can be seen pulling up.

We see HOW interviewer, Brian Bare, rushing into position as the limo comes to a complete stop and the driver exits the limo and quickly opens the back door and Brian quickly shoves the microphone into the face of the half owner of HOW…Lee Best.

Brian Bare: Mr. Best, there has been a lot of talk that you have lost control of HOW with all the recent events over the past week or..

Lee stops and gives Bare a look that stops the man in mid sentence.

Lee Best: Look Brian I get that you are trying to do your job but let’s be honest. I should have fired your ass a long time ago. So consider yourself very lucky to have a job and I would advise you to focus on ANYTHING but what concerns me.

Brian Bare: But Kirsta Lewis attacked Carey, has some kind of notarized legal papers that says she cannot be touched and then you…

Lee Best: Brian you don’t have to remind me of what is going on in my fucking company here. Shut the fuck up, move out of my way and interview the guy behind me will ya…

Lee pushes past Brian and heads inside the arena named after him leaving Brian sulking behind him.

Brian Bare: Wait….person behind him? I don’t see any…..

Brian is stopped once again in mid sentence as the other door of limo is opened up and we see a man exit the limo.

Brian hustles over and shoves a microphone into the man’s face but the man literally takes his hand and grabs Bare by the face and pushes him hard up against the Hummer and walks past the interviewer and towards The Best Arena.

The camera pans back to Bare after the man is no longer visible and we see Brian picking himself up and looking quite flustered.

Brian Bare: Why in the hell is Mark O’Neal here and with Lee???

As the scene fades out we see Bare reach into his coat pocket and pull out a bag that has some kind of white powder in it….



We now cut to the entrance ramp and suddenly ‘The Animal I’ve Become’ by Three Days Grace hits and out walks Darkwing, wearing a Royal Blue Lakers jersey Number 1. Along with dark jeans and black Nikes. He is sporting his classic forearm pad on his right forearm, and on it is the word, ‘ASCENSION’ in red. He gets to the middle of the stage and turns around, looking up at the screen showing his entrance video, revealing the back of the jersey ‘Crawford’, then back to the fans who are cheering him like crazy.

Darkwing is holding a mic and he shoots his arms out to either side and huge pyro goes off on both sides as the HOW Hall of Famer flexes and makes his way down the ramp.

The camera pans the audience to show Darkwing signs.

I paid to see Darkwing’

Darkwing > Jatt Starr’

I am the Alpha Black Woman’

Darkwing smiles as he climbs up on the apron, and climbs into the ring. He motions for his music to be cut and it does.


Darkwing takes a moment to soak in the chants before speaking.

Darkwing: City of Wind, BEHOLD…the single most charismatic man in wrestling TODAY!

The fans cheer.

Darkwing: Now I’m out here for a reason. Now, Ascension had some time for later in the show, but I’m kind of moving up the timetable so to speak cause I have some shit to iron out with one of our members. So with that said, let’s get Issac Slade and everyone out here!

A few moments go by and Darkwing just waits, staring at the ramp, and ‘You cant Stop me’ by Guano Apes hits and Issac Slade walks out. He doesn’t even have his ICON title.

Out also walks Bobbinette Carey and Ryan Faze. Ryan has the LSD title in his left hand, and Bobbinette Carey looks to have a basket under her arm.

The three make their way to the ring, Issac slides in and starts glaring at Darkwing. Ryan has a mic and he hands it to Slade as Carey listens.

Darkwing: Now Issac….we have a bit of a history between us, but lets be honest. We have a common goal. That’s for us both to Ascend….to rise above the Best Alliance and the glass ceiling Lee Best places over those not in his favor. Now I am going to publicly apologize to you Issac. I was wrong. I was out of place. But I got what I wanted….a hotly contested match between two men who want to be the best. I went about it the wrong way, but I helped mold you into a superstar in this business, and dammit if we both don’t keep improving our games.

Darkwing holds out his hand to Issac. Issac looks down at the hand and looks skeptical. He looks over at Ryan Faze who says something to Issac that can’t be heard. Issac then raises the mic to speak.

Issac Slade: Darkwing, forgive me if I don’t believe you. You put me through hell, Rufus put me through hell, and honestly, do you think I can simply let that go?

Darkwing retracts his hand and his tone is now serious.

Darkwing: I’m not asking us to be friends. I’m asking you to have my back. Cause if you do, then ALPHA BLACK MAN will insure that he has YOUR back. Ask Carey, ask Faze, but I want nothing but to take down Lee Best more than ANY of you.

Issac Slade: Well, the thing is you are right. We do have a common goal; we do both want to be the best. We both want to take Lee Best down. But Ryan here told me that he shook your hand a few weeks ago and since then he hasn’t regretted it. In fact you’ve done nothing but praise him and encourage him…..so with that said…..

Issac now extends his hand to the HOW Hall of Famer.

Issac: The Bible says to forgive and you shall be forgiven.

Darkwing smiles and shakes the hand of Slade as the fans start cheering.

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed plays as it is still weird to hear cheers after as Scottywood walks out wearing his number 30 Henrik Lundqvist New York Rangers jersey and in his barbwire hockey stick in one hand and his Stable title in the other. Behind him for the first time in a long time Frankie the Cameraman following him down to the ring with a plastic hockey stick.

Joe Hoffman: And here is the man that put this all into motion on Monday night when he hit that SDT on Static.

Benny Newell: Lee said it best, after all he has done for Scottywood, he does this? He will regret this Joe.

Scotty slides into the ring and is handed a mic as his music fades out. As Frankie who is so excited about being back in the ring starts running around playing duck, duck, goose. He keeps running around tagging people and saying duck until he stops at Darkwing and says goose. But instead of running after Frankie Darkwing just stands staring at Frankie with a “what the fuck” look.

Scottywood: Seriously Frankie? I said to act mature, and you do this? Plus out of all the people to pick for goose you pick the duck? Wow…..

Scotty just shakes his head as Frankie stops running and just stands nervously next to Bobbinette Carey.

Scottywood: Anyhow, on Monday night I started the destruction of The Best Alliance when I laid out Static on the concrete floor. And in 4 days I will continue it when I take down Lee’s golden boy Jatt Starr….when I dig this barbwire into your skull and watch the blood run down your fac….

Bobbinette: SCOTTYWOOD, What did I say about the barbwire?

Scotty turns to Bobbinette and gives her a dirty look and then looks back forward.

Scottywood: Anyhow tonight Ascension is going to not only retain the coveted LSD title, but we will also officially become the undisputed Stable champions when Bobbinette defeats the freak show of HOW, Aceldama.

Scotty adjusts his custom Stable title which he has sitting on his shoulder and then hands the microphone towards Bobbinette but Frankie thinks it is being handed to him and jumps forward grabbing it.

Frankie: And just like Scottywood has challenged The Best Alliance, I am laying an open challenge to the greatest wrestler in HOW….Bob Jared

Scotty rips the microphone out of Frankie’s hands and shakes his head as he hands it off to Bobbinette.

Bobbinette: Ascension, a new level of Epicness for HOW.

The rest of the guys look at her shaking their heads at the mention of Epicness. Bobbinette wrinkles her nose and opens the basket.

Bobbinette: You know what I mean! But I made everyone little goodie bags for the team. I made cookies for everyone.

She hands the bags to everyone. The bags have their names with the word Ascension under it. Bobbinette takes a look of pride on her face.

Bobbinette: To show unity and no hard feelings and the promise of an eve better tomorrow with us rising above.

Everyone takes their bags. Darkwing looks over at her as she motions him to eat a cookie. Darkwing raises a finger.

Darkwing: And I think the best way to do that is to give these bags to the fans together!

The crowd cheers at the thought of getting things from the HOW wrestlers of ascension. Bobbinette shakes her head quickly.

Bobbinette: That is an epic idea… but Darkwing I baked a special cookie for you!

Frankie looks over Scottywood’s bag of cookies and sniffs it. Bobbinette looks at him weirdly then back at Darkwing who rolls out of the ring and starts handing the cookies out to the fans in the front row. Slade and Faze follow suits as Carey sigh loudly as she gives in and join the rest of Ascension minus Scottywood who passes his bag off to Frankie who proceeds to shove cookie after cookie into to his mouth until he almost chokes on them. The other four Ascension members look back in the ring at Frankie with a “you were suppose to share those look” as Scottywood just shrugs and rolls out of the ring and starts heading backstage.

Joe Hoffman: Guess we start Turmoil off with snack time courtesy of Ascension.

Benny Newell: And for me it’s going to start off with a shot courtesy of The Best Alliance.

The rest of Ascension finishes handing out the rest of the cookies as we head to a commercial break.


Can HOW defeat SH in the ring and in the ratings this week??

Blaze vs. John Sektor
Singles Match

Back live and we cut ringside where Blaze is already in the ring. The crowd aren’t really giving much of a reception for Blaze due to his lackluster effort in the previous weeks. “Praise” by Sevendust hits and half the crowd explode with cheers whilst other sections of the crowd boo. Out walks Sektor with a cocky swagger and an arrogant grin, holding up his arms loosely and pointing out just how perfect he is.

Joe Hoffman: This is sure to be an interesting opening match tonight folks. Blaze was beaten by one of Sektor’s rivals for War Games last week, Shane Reynolds. Not only that but Shane beat him in thirty seconds flat.

Big Buff: That’s why he’s Best Alliance Joe!

Joe Hoffman: Now although Max Kael isn’t here this week due to the injuries he suffered from Triple M, he has given Sektor a direct order to defeat Shane in a quicker time.

Big Buff: Sektor will be lucky if he wins the match, Blaze used to be Best Alliance! He might be a jobbing little prick these days but he will still give Sektor a run for his money.

Sektor is now in the ring at the top of the turnbuckle, posing for all those who have cameras. He hops down as his music fades out and looks across the ring at Blaze. Hortega points to Blaze and asks if he’s ready and does the same to Sektor. He then calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Well we’ll know in twenty nine seconds if he can do it..

Blaze and Sektor lockup and Blaze gives Sektor a kick to the gut. He then runs to the ropes but Sektor instantly brings him down onto his stomach with a drop toe hold. The fans scream as he applies the ankle lock!

Joe Hoffman: DI SEKTION !!! CAN HE DO IT?!!

He wrenches on Blaze’s ankle and listens as Blaze screams in pain. Sektor can be heard screaming at the top of his lungs at Blaze.


Blaze tries to crawl but Sektor falls back and wraps his legs around Blaze’s so that he would have to drag Sektors body weight. Sektor is looking up at Hortega and screaming at him now.


Hortega asks the question to Blaze but Blaze shakes his head.


Blaze suddenly begins tapping furiously and Hortega calls for the bell!!

Joe Hoffman: SEKTOR DID IT!! But has he beaten him faster than Shane did?

Sektor is standing up looking over at the time keeper eagerly anticipating the time of the match. He then cups his hands over his mouth as Amy Smeet’s stands up with a microphone.


The crowd are popping curiously, also wondering how fast he did it.


Joe Hoffman: Can you believe it, he was one second away from at least tying with Shane’s record last week!

Big Buff: That’s the difference between The Best Alliance and the MK Group…we’ll always be one second faster!

Sektor is furiously kicking at the ropes and turns around grabbing Hortega by the shirt, pointing a finger in his face.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Sektor is blaming Hortega…I am being told that we have something going on backstage…



At opposite ends of a corridor crowded with backstage workers and fans granted V.I.P access, both men stood. Shane Reynolds at one, turning the corner and beginning towards Maximillian Kael’s office at a furious pace, having recently been summoned. On the other, discussing something scarcely audible with some nameless male workers, Christopher America.

Shane was the first to spot the other and instantly he mind flew to the image of three colors, those of the American flag: red, white and blue. The very same colors Christopher America had helped Maximillian Kael to douse upon him only a few days ago. Immediately, his pace lessened and the white and the blue gave away to red…..Dark, angry red…enveloping him like a mist.

His fists clenched in compliance to the anger. And then he forced them to unclench. His vow had been not to let things get the best of him, again, no matter what any fans said. Nor what Maximillian Kael and his AoA associated threw at him.

Turning quickly away to head back in the other direction, a mantra, until now unspoken, departed his mouth

Shane: Stay calm!!

But he’d begun his flight from the corridor a little too late. Christopher America’s eyes had fallen back upon him and his voice followed the same path, echoing after Shane as he went.

Christopher America: I was smelling the stench of something foul, of something like mould. It smelled like a washed up wrestler and lo and behold, it’s Shane Reynolds! What’s up 2Xtreme?

Shane turns around fuming. But before he can open his mouth, Christopher America raises a hand.

Christopher: Before you continue, you got something blue right here.

Christopher points to his own face.

Christopher: Or maybe it’s something red….or white…. I can’t tell. Anyways, you were going to say?

To you, I have nothing to say. This is the thought that drifts through Shane’s mind at first, his eyes staring through his red mist into the eyes of Christopher America, but his mouth suddenly seems disconnected from his brain and like a cobra’s venom the words spew out before he can stop them.

Shane: You think you’re so funny, don’t you? Christopher America, the supposed king of the verbal bitch-slap…

Shane shouts passed the now watching faces of the corridor.

Shane: …But your words mean nothing to me. You can call me what you like, throw whatever paint you want on me….but that smell you spoke of, was the stench of defeat, and you’re ripe with it. Why don’t you just go and degrade some more championships!?!

Shane goes to turn again but is halted but some more of America’s words.

Christopher America: Am I funny, Shane? Perhaps. Some people think so. But I must say that the perceived humor people place on me is not as funny as your recent predicament. Speaking of which, how is enslavement going? Treating you well, I hope? Are you getting your normal three square meals of degradation, humiliation, and ownage?

And thanks for the recognition that I am the king of the verbal bitch-slap, because in case you haven’t figured it out, you just walked into a verbal bitch slap.

And my words mean nothing to you? Listen 2Xtreme, if they meant nothing, you wouldn’t have opened your mouth. You wouldn’t have said a damn thing. But, you didn’t. And I degrade championships? ME? Look at you with your tainted championship victory. Let’s remind everyone how we each won our respective titles. Christopher America pinned Scottywood for the LSD Championship. Christopher America was a member of the AoA and the AoA beat the Knights of Epicness and the Best Alliance with the addition of Kostoff. We did it fair and square. You, on the other hand, decided to break the rules and taint your championship win. Congratulations, Shane Reynolds. You really are a man that everyone can be proud of.

Christopher America smirks, pleased with himself over that last statement. Shane meanwhile feels the fury flushing into his cheeks now.

Shane: …And you lost to Ryan Faze. Ryan Faze!! The only other guy more of a loser than you. I wonder what excuses you come up with for that, and for when you lose the rematch.

You think I care if people are proud of me? I couldn’t care less. You speak of fairness in that match and yet it was you and your friends who had to run to Kael in order to sway the odds by making Sektor immune. You say I’m not a worthy champion? At least I am not a coward, too scared to face a true opponent rather than the joke teams you have faced in the past. No wonder Triple M jumped ship.

Shane feels his fist slam against his own thigh as he shouts this, as well as his feet carry him a few steps forward.

Shane: The only reason you deal in these “verbal bitch-slaps” is because you can’t fight properly in any other way. Anyone who thinks you are funny is an idiot. And anyone who jokes about what current status as Max’s slave is an idiot. Because it won’t last forever and you can be sure I will be coming for everyone who did once I’ve cost him everything at War Games. That includes you, you buddy Sektor, and everyone else who is foolish enough to associate themselves with you!!

Christopher: I lost to Ryan Faze with a biased referee!

Christopher places his hand on his cheeks and opens his mouth. He fake gasps.

Christopher: How could this have happened? I, Christopher America, lost to an opponent with a biased referee? Say it isn’t so!

I deal in verbal bitch-slaps because the ring doesn’t tell the whole story. Look at you, Shane. This bitch slapping has already showed you to be a broken down, pathetic, desperate wrestler struggling to latch on to anyone to get success. Shane, if I joined the Best Alliance, I’m pretty sure I could win every single title in this federation in a single night. That’s what I could do with Lee Best’s backing.

Oh yeah, and about War Games. I’m wondering if Max Kael has an open spot on his team. That way, I have an excuse to shut you up inside the ring, too. Ooooh but wait, when Team Kael wins control of SSE, do you think he’ll want damaged goods? Hmmm… I wonder. Even if I don’t make it on Team Kael, I’m sure your idiotic boss will book me in the rumored 3276 man LSD title match gauntlet/battle royale extravaganza because let’s face it, Lee doesn’t want me to participate in War Games. He knows that Christopher America, soon to be two time LSD Champion, would be the capstone to Team Kael.

Shane has moved closer now, as close to Christopher America as he possibly could without being directly in his face.

Shane Reynolds: You deal in verbal bitch-slaps because, as I said, you don’t have what it takes to deal in anything else. That is why you lost. Because trash-talking is the only bit of miniscule talent that you have. You would have lost no matter who was officiating that match. But you keep using that tired, old, and clichéd excuse all you want….maybe even keep using it when you lose your inevitable rematch…because then everyone will see who the true pathetic and desperate wrestler is between us.

No amount of back-up could change your fortunes? Look at how aligning with Max has helped you, losing the stable titles and the LSD championships in quick succession. You say I’m broken down, but you are washed-up before you have even begun. No-one in their right mind would want you on their War Games team, but Max isn’t in his right mind, and I hope he does pick you, because I make it my personal mission to eliminate you and every single one of your friends.

Christopher America smirks upon hearing this, staring Shane straight in the eye.

Christopher: Oh my god!

He says suddenly, with a tone of feign realization. He taps his open palm against his left temple as though to accentuate the mock epiphany.

Christopher: That’s what this all comes to down, really, isn’t it? 2Xtreme—

Shane: Stop calling me that!!

Christopher: …And don’t interrupt, it’s completely Un-American and just a bit British.

He pauses now, as though to compose his thoughts which had been interrupted and then carries on as though he wasn’t.

Christopher: 2Xtreme has no friends and he’s bitterly jealous of everyone who does. And is deeply sad that he is going to go into War Games as a lone soldier and leave it as a pathetic nobody whilst the AoA go in as a strong, cohesive unit and leave as such. Is that why you dress as you do? Why you cut yourself in the middle of the night and read poetry to the moon? Is that why you are an…..

He pauses to take a step closer, leaning in towards Shane with a hand over his mouth as though he is about to utter something wholly disgusting or whisper a dreaded secret.

Christopher: …Emo!

He pulls back now, returning to his previous stance, smirking at the rage still building in Shane’s face and absorbing the atmosphere this event is attracting.

Christopher: I never realized just how bad of a situation it was for you. It’s okay, though. You hold onto that championship for as long as you can. You probably need it a lot more than any of us do. And…

He places a pseudo consolatory and sympathetic hand on Shane’s shoulder.

Christopher: …it’s okay to envy us. To envy me. It’s a natural reaction when you encounter your superiors. I understand now, and it’s okay.

Shane: Get your hand off me and stop say—

Christopher: And you never know, maybe after War Games, you can leave HOW with your head held low, write an epic poem about the experience and begin over on a new career path, maybe even get published.

Shane feels his hand clenched beside him into a fist. Any response, or even coherent words, are gone now. There’s only anger.

Christopher: And you never know, maybe while on this path, you’ll find your niece……Max tells me that Graystone told him that she was a very extra-special friend. Maybe she can be the same for you.

That was it. The red mist from behind which Christopher America speaks darkens and solidifies and the clenched fist comes flying up, swinging an arc through the air towards America’s face….

….But it stopped in mid-air. The mist descends and Shane sees that an unknown man has swooped in and grabbed it. Looking around, he sees more men, now moving quickly into position between himself and America. Men in traditional backstage worker clothes but clearly now, he realizes, they are security personnel. They grab at Shane, holding him wherever they can, and keeping him held to the spot as he begins to lunge and strike in the direction of the smirking Christopher America. This whole scenario had been designed to lure him in, wind him up, make him snap, and humiliate his further. And he walked right into it.

Christopher America: They say whoever shouts first in an argument has lost it…..I think that counts for violent outbursts, too.

His smirk grows wider.

Christopher America: I guess that means I win…..In America!

Shane tries to fight through the security even more, but it’s to no avail. He can only scream to express his anger as he watches a smug and arrogant and, in his own mind, victorious Christopher America walk away as the scene to a commercial.


No one loves a footlong more than Ascensions Bobbinette Carey

Blame Hortega

Backstage in Max’s office, Sektor sits behind a desk with his feet up. He is wearing a lime green, silk, smoking jacket and is puffing on a pipe. It has only been a matter of minutes since his match with Blaze and although he hardly broke a sweat it appears as though Sektor is cooling himself down. To his right hand side is a television set with Max’s face, wrapped in bandages on it. He is obviously at home joining the festivities via satellite feed.

Max Kael: I just don’t understand how you could be a second slower than Shane..

Sektor sighs.

Sektor: I told you, it was that IDIOT Spanish referee. He took too long to signal for the bell!

A knock comes from the door. Sektor takes the pipe from his lips and looks over towards the office door.

Sektor: Enter..

In walk’s Christopher America wearing his red white and blue wrestling attire, and an American Eagle sweater.

Christopher America: I’m here…do we start saying the pledge of allegiance now?

Sektor shakes his head and signals for America to take a seat in front of the desk. America does so and Sektor removes his feet from the desk and instead leans across it facing Chris.

Sektor: Take a good look at poor Max…

America turns and see’s Max on the television wrapped up like an Egyptian Mummy. Max begins whimpering for effect. America raises his eyebrows and looks back at Sektor who is shaking his head.

Sektor: Our so called team mate Triple M did that. Your thoughts?

Sektor looks at Chris calmly. America takes a second to gather his thoughts as he is obviously deeply confused by the current situation the AOA is in.

Christopher America: I’m shocked dude. I can’t believe Triple M would betray you and Max like that, but I don’t think he’s leaving the AOA..

Sektor squints his eyes at Chris and then turns to the monitor to see Max tutting and shaking his head. Sektor turns back to Chris.

Sektor: Whether he’s leaving the AOA or not is irrelevant. The fact is he went behind our back and made a decision without us. He’s joined team SSE and could potentially jeopardize the MK groups chances of gaining control of this company. You know how I feel about the SSE right?

Christopher America: Yeah you hate them with a passion. You wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. You would like to see them locked in a house that’s contaminated with the plague virus..

Sektor: That will do!

Sektor takes a couple of puffs from the pipe.

Sektor: Look, beat Trent tonight and show Triple M that we aint going to jump on his bandwagon. That should do the trick for now.

America gives him a nod.

Christopher America: Consider it done. As much as I hate to be within a ten foot radius of someone who…isn’t American…

Chris shudders slightly.

Christopher America: …I will gladly dispose of him for the good of this country and the AOA!!

Chris stands up and gives Sektor a salute before leaving the office. The door closes and Sektor relaxes back into the chair.

Sektor: I knew there was a rat…

Not more than a few seconds pass before another knock comes from the door. Sektor looks around the room in disbelief.

Sektor: For Christ’s sake Max how do you put up with all these interruptions? I don’t know….ENTER!!!

Bobbinette looks around the door before walking in.

Bobbinette: I heard you were in here tonight…

Sektor waves her into the office.

Sektor: Yes Max is letting me use his office whilst he is absent this evening. Please…take a seat Carey.

Sektor points to a seat and Max can be seen, on the monitor to Sektor’s right, piling popcorn into his mouth.

Bobbinette: Okay..

She sits down nervously in front of the desk. Max begins to talk with his best Hannibal Lector impersonation.

Max Kael: Well hello CAREEEEY…it’s nice to see you again..

Sektor laughs and holds a hand up to the monitor.

Sektor: Hang on Max…

Sektor gives Carey a friendly smile.

Sektor: What can I help you with?

Bobbinette: Kael…

She clears her throat.

Bobbinette: Yeah about that kiss..

Sektor smiles arrogantly and leans back in his chair placing his hands on the back of his head.

Sektor: Yerrrrp….cant stop thinking about it can ya?

Bobbinette: No I was just wanting to make sure you were tested after you were with Krista so I don’t get lip herpies from it

She says indignatly.

Bobbinette: But I was also wanting to talk to you about Aceldama.. You know I’m facing him tonight and he wrecked Max and messed you up.. And He kind of scares the heck out of me.

Sektor touches around his eye where Aceldama had given him a black eye. Although the bruising had pretty much gone now he still remembers it.

Sektor: He aint so tough…Besides you got your happy clappy stable watching your back right? Nothing to worry about.

Bobbinette: I was here because, you’ve faced him and you’re… okay I guess I was wrong to come and talk to you and think that you gave a rats butt about what happened.

She shrugs her shoulders pushing her hair out of her face. Sektor smiles, possibly enjoying how easy it is to push a woman’s buttons.

Sektor: Look I’ll be keeping an eye on the match. You got your boys keeping an eye on the Best Alliance…you’ll be fine. Now go get ready.

Sektor pretends to read some paper work in front of him whilst Carey sits there across from him.

Bobbinette: Wow…

She looks over at him then shakes her head with a glare.

Bobbinette: Yes Sir.

She says sarcastically as she stands up and heads out of the office. As Sektor hears the door close he leans back in his chair with a worried look on his face. Suddenly Max’s voice can be heard chiming in through the monitor.

Max Kael: ….again…I’m interested to see where this is going..


Explosive Reunion

The action cuts to another office inside The Best Arena and this office is none other than Lee Best’s. Inside the office we see Lee Best and Mark O’Neal standing next to each other whispering. Upon seeing the camera crew Lee pushes Mark away and motions for the camera crew to come in.

Lee Best: About freaking time. I felt it was time to save this show from America overload. Position over there. I want you to show me and O’Neal in full profile.

The camera crew gets into position and Mark takes a step closer to Lee and lee gives him a nod and begins.

Lee Best: Folks in a matter of weeks we will be putting on your biggest Pay Per View to date in War Games. Standing next to me is the winner of the very first War Games…Mark O’Neal.

Lee pauses as the camera zooms in on the smiling Mark O’Neal.

Lee Best: Now, I know people are asking why is Mark here. Well the answer is simple to be honest. On June 8th at War Games I will need two referees inside of the two rings and although Mark turned down the chance to ref he has agreed to be the special enforcer that will be positioned outside of the two rings and it will be Mark who makes sure there is some kind of control in what is normally an out of control match. But that is not the big news…..go ahead Mark.

Mark O’Neal: Thanks Lee. First off I would like to thank Lee Best for bringing me back here to High Octane Wrestling and I want to say that over the years thru thick and thin I have and always will be a High Octane fan and have all the respect in the world for the men and women that compete here in what is one of the most volatile companies out there. HOW means a lot of things to a lot of different people but what it means to this Hall of Famer is respect. No matter where I go in the world I have people pay me respect because of the things I did here in HOW and I will forever be grateful to Lee for giving me the chance to prove myself here in HOW. But with all that said there is one thing that I have never done and that is this…

Suddenly a man is thrown into the picture and we see Lee Best holding none other than former Best Alliance member Blaze, up in front of Mark. Blaze is pretty banged up and it’s obvious that he has no idea what is going on.

Mark O’Neal: Ok I’m ready…

Lee extends his hand towards Mark and the camera zooms in to show Lee handing Mark his infamous Bottomline pen.

Lee Best: Remember…one eye and you better be at War Games..

Mark O’Neal: Deal..

With no further hesitation former Mercenary tag team member drives the pen into the left eye of Blaze and Blaze screams out in pain and Lee drops the man as he begins flailing on the ground in pain as Lee and Mark just look down at him…both smiling.

Lee Best: Well did it give you the rush you thought it would?

Mark just looks at Lee and smiles…

Mark O’Neal: Every damn bit….I would say it was Explosive even..

Lee pats the HOW Hall of Famer on the shoulder and the two walk outta the picture as the camera focuses back in on Blaze who is now lying still in a pool of his own blood.


Adidias the new sponsor for all new High Octane merchandise.


Christopher America vs. Trent
Singles Match

Back live and at ringside, Joe’s pathetic attempt at rapping along with Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” has Benny pleading for a bottle of stiff whiskey. Christopher America is already in the ring awaiting his 7 foot, 350 pound opponent. Trent’s music hits and the SSE World Champion emerges from the backstage with a blunt still in his mouth. He makes his it halfway down the ring before he realizes he’s still toking it and quickly tosses it aside, wheezing a cloud of smoke near some young fans sitting along the aisle. Joe comments that we just regained our sponsors and we don’t need this kind of activity while Benny asks a ring attendant to go find the blunt for him.

Matt Boettcher calls for the bell after Trent steps his way into over the top rope and laughs at the much smaller America. This makes Christopher America furious and he comes out blazing with a series of stiff American Knifedge Chops. America leans Trent back against the ropes and braces himself for an American Whip but Trent pulls back, sending America crashing to the outside. Seemingly still high from his doobie, Trent slowly climbs outside on the ring apron and sizes up a now standing Christopher America before dropping an elbow onto the head of the former American Champion… of America. Trent sends his opponent back into the ring through the bottom rope following him by sliding under the bottom rope.

Back in the ring, Christopher America fights back with some shots to the head and trips up the SSE Champion with an American drop toe hold. America with a splash and covers but Boettcher barely counts to 2 before Trent kicks out. America decides to keep the big man down by stomping away at his knees, a strategy that Joe comments will be very smart. Except each kick and stomp to Trent’s knee only seems to engrage the SSE member as opposed to weaken him.

Christopher America takes a calculated risk and has the crowd into the match by going for an American Top Rope Leg Drop but Trent pops up and catches him by the throat. America slips out of the chokeslam attempt though and sends an American shoulder into the weakened knee of Trent which doubles him over. Christopher America is quick to fly off the ropes and executes an American Bulldog which sends Trent face first into the mat.

Christopher America pounds on his chest like a gorilla and signals for his For America finisher but as Trent gets to his feet, he simply overpowers the “National Treasure” and headbutts him into the corner, leaving America in a bad position. Trent extends his tree trunk leg into the throat of Christopher America and forces Boettcher to count to 4 before Trent releases him before disqualification. Again, Trent uses his boot to choke a visibly struggling Christopher America whose face is now turning bright red from the pressure. Boettcher finally steps between the two before Trent causes any serious damage to America’s throat.

A faint “USA” faint breaks out from the few Christopher America fans in the arena and this seems to motivate the AoA member. When Trent lifts America onto his shoulders for Toke Hold finisher, America slips behind and uses all his might to roll up Trent.




America with a near fall! Both men pop up immediately and begin trading blow after blow, with Trent’s strength eventually giving him the upper hand. With America dazed, Trent lifts him into a Fireman’s Carry and delivers a high impact running slam into a cover.




Trent pleads his case to Boettcher for the victory who profoundly denies his claim. This gives America a chance to recover, who after propping himself on the middle rope, lands a beautifully executed American Tornado DDT. Wasting no time, Christopher America hops up to the top rope, and a-la “Macho Man” Randy Savage, connects with an American Elbow Drop to the sternum which gives the flash photographers a mid-air shot to remember. Chris covers!




NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trent powers his way out of the pin, showing his grit and determination to win this match. America can’t believe it either and feels the desperation, again going for his For America finisher, but Trent lifts him up into his Toke Hold and has it locked in…

NOOOOO! Christopher America slips out again, kicks Trent in the midsection…


A fatigued America uses all his might to hook the leg of Trent.





Post match we see America roll out of the ring smiling as he makes his way back up the entrance ramp while inside the ring Trent struggles to his feet as Benny rips the former SSE World Champion apart for losing to a shitty former Champion like America.

Benny is interrupted however as the lights go out and the crowd starts buzzing but they don’t have much time to speculate as the lights come back on quickly and everyone gasps as we see Trent in the middle of the ring but he is now hanging by his feet from a rope and is slowly being lifted up to the rafters of The Best Arena.

Joe and the rest of the crowd are going crazy as Trent comes to and is fighting to lift himself up on the rope but gravity is too much for him and he literally is being lifted up to the heavens upside down as the announcers speculate on who is responsible.

As Trent nears the top of the arena the lights go out once again and when they come back on a few moments later the rope that was holding Trent is now laying in the middle of the ring with Trent nowhere to be found. Joe cuts Turmoil to commercial as the crowd is stunned at what they just saw.


Tune into Mayhem to see Triple M as a guest on Going Hollywood with Rob Michaels!!



Back live and with the force of a hurricane the door to Lee Best’s office smashes open and into the wall and Shane Reynolds flies in. The tail of his black trench-coat drifts out behind him as he swoops in and his face bears what is fast becoming a stereotypical expression of fury beneath his black and white face-paint. Over his shoulder he carries his stable championship he helped to secure for The Best Alliance. It quickly comes off in his right hand and slams down hard, and with an echoing bang, upon Lee’s desk, making a change from the clichéd fist he has been experiencing as of late.

Lee looks up, about to speak, when Shane cuts him off, unleashing his fury in a verbal fashion.

Shane Reynolds: I want their heads on a plate!!

Lee just sits there for a moment, his fingers gripped tightly around a pen that was in the process of signing some documents. His eyes are stare fixedly into Shane’s own for a good minute or so. He says nothing for the entire length of that time, merely watching Shane’s apparently anger and frustration growing. The silence becomes more and more palpable…right to the point that Shane can’t take it.

Well, say something! Shane thinks and opens his mouth to say as such, only for Lee to take his patiently awaited opportunity to cut Shane off.

Lee Best: Have you finished? I literally just said goodbye to O’Neal and am about to make a very important phone call….

He takes a second opportunity to cut Shane off, completely blocking off Shane’s attempt to answer before he even gets to open his mouth.

Lee Best: Good! Now calm the fuck down and tell who the hell you are talking about!

Strangely, Shane does feel his anger subside ever so slightly. Not enough to sit down, but enough to pull the title from Lee’s desk and place it back in the increasingly comfortable position over his shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: The AoA! I wanna face them in a match, one at a time or all at once. I don’t care. They have attempted to humiliate and ridicule me for the last time.

Lee Best: I thought you weren’t back in HOW for matches? That you wanted to be in War Games and help get the company back in my hands and that was it?

Shane claps his hands down on the desk and lowers his face down so that it is level with Lee’s.

Shane Reynolds: That still stands. I’ll win you War Games, I’ll get back your company from Max. And in return, I want what we agreed. But speaking of the present, I’ve changed my mind! This match is now a necessity…..Sektor, America, Triple P….I want to crush them all. And I figure since I got you back the Stable Championships, you owe me!

Lee Best: Well, it’s about fucking time. But I’ll decide who I do and don’t owe….You want to request matches, there’s something I need you to do first.

Shane stands back up straight now, not taking his eyes off of Lee, though.

Shane Reynolds: What?

Lee Best: Don’t worry, I think it’ll be something you’ll enjoy…

He pauses suddenly, as his eyes glance over Shane’s shoulder and towards the shadows behind the door.

Lee Best: …Something you’ll both enjoy, for varying reasons. Now, close the door and let’s talk.

Suddenly, the door closes, darkening the shadows behind it in the absence of the extra light from the corridor. Emerging from it, Aceldama comes abruptly into view, a stable championship of his own hanging over his shoulder.

Lee Best: And you can fuck off, too!!

Lee shouts, now looking directly into the camera and, therefore, the audience. The ones at ringside boo immediately at this little jibe, and the show cuts back to the announcers as Lee and his Stable Champions have a little meeting.


Breaking Faith

~With the fans inside the Best Arena still buzzing, we cut once again to another part of the backstage area, where we see Issac Slade walking out to the parking garage. He opens up a heavy metal door and walks out into the Chicago air, where he is greeted by a crowd of 30 or so HOW fans, who rush him for autographs with a loud chant of “SLADE, SLADE, SLADE!” Not one to miss out on a scoop, HOW backstage interviewer Blaire Moise runs out to catch up with Issac as he signs the happy fans’ t-shirt and souvenirs.~

Blaire: Issac, the fans are going wild after your big announcement! Last week, you made another huge announcement as you helped lead a new era in HOW with the formation of “Ascension,” a group that has already made an impact…what more can we expect from your team and what does this all mean for War Games?

Slade: Well I won’t speak for my team, but I expect you’ll be seeing all of us in some form or another on the way to War Games and you can expect us to stand up in the face of all the wrong doing that’s been going on in HOW. It’s a pleasure to be a part of Ascension, there’s no other place I’d rather be.

~Slade continues signing and poses for a picture with a teenage girl in a Ryan Faze shirt as he speaks, seemingly overwhelmed slightly by the fan support.~

Blaire: And finally, the wait is over as this Monday night on Mayhem as you face off against the man who has been, it would seem, getting under your skin as of late, Perfect Paul Paras, with your ICON Title on the line…

~The fans cheer at the mention of this match and start chanting Slade’s name again. Slade smiles at them, then turns back to Blaire.~

Slade: Getting under my skin is a great way to put it Blair, but getting into my head is something Paul has failed to do. His mind games have no effect and no appeal to me… if you ask me he’s blinded by the sight of the ICON title and that’s all he can see.

~Issac looks confidently into the camera…however, the chants behind him have suddenly stopped. Slade begins to turn around to face the crowd, but before he can, he is SMACKED in the back with a metal folding chair that he just autographed…by one of the fans! Blaire screams and runs off as Slade falls to his knees on the pavement. The fans, who were just cheering his every move, circle around Issac and begin raining down kicks, stomps, and punches on the ICON Champion! A young woman in the crowd takes off her Issac Slade t-shirt, revealing a black and blue bra, mounts Slade from behind, and wraps the shirt around his neck, choking him with it while others continue to batter away at him with their fists, feet, and autographed items. Slade helplessly attempts to stand up, but is overwhelmed by the 30-on-1 advantage as he begins to fade from the choke. The woman jumps off as two men each grab an arm and hoist Issac up to a standing position. Issac blinks his eyes to see a sauntering, smirking figure approaching, Singapore cane in hand…~

Paras: I asked you to follow my example, Slade…to be reborn in the Perfect Life…but you resisted. I offered you your wildest dreams, but you chose to hang on to your feeble, sinuous, fleeting façade you call “faith.” Well, Issac, my boy, faith will only get you so far…

~Triple P swings his cane around in his hand and rears it back to strike Slade…but instead, coolly places it on the ground in front of his adversary. Paras smiles at the dazed Slade and continues.~

Paras: …and get you far it has. You’ve become a favorite among women, an idol among men, an “ICON”…

~One of the women from the crowd of fans hands Paul Slade’s ICON Title belt. Paul admires the belt for a moment, then speaks without taking his eyes off it.~

Paras: But what the Perfect One can’t understand, Issac, is what makes you any more of an ICON than the Minnesota Messiah? After all, you’ve never beaten me…never pinned my shoulders to the mat…never heard a single eminence of submission from my perfect voice box. When it comes down to it, you have but two factors that give you that title—your loyal supporters and your faith. Tonight…the former collapsed…

~Paras raises a hand in the air showing the “Perfect Touch” gesture. In unison, all 28 members of the crowd with free hands raise the same gesture and bow their heads, revealing their allegiance to the Perfect Life Movement. Paul smirks his arrogant smirk as he places his hand onto the forehead of Issac Slade, who begins to come to and tries to break out of the grip of the men holding him.~

Paras: Monday night… your faith shatters.

~Paul removes his hand, but immediately CRACKS Slade in the forehead with his own ICON Title belt. The men let go of Slade, causing him to violently collapse to the ground amidst his 31 assailants. Paras drops the ICON Title on top of Slade, a calm but accomplished sneer crossing the Perfect One’s face. Paul picks his cane back up and walks deeper into the parking lot, followed by his Parasites, none of them paying even a momentary look to Slade’s body. The camera focuses on the fallen Slade as we cut back to another commercial as the Stable Championship match is next!!~

Team Best: Aceldama, Shane Reynolds, Jatt Starr vs. Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, John Sektor vs. Team SSE: Rob Michaels, Trip Eisen, Triple M
War Games Match

Bobbinette Queen B Carey vs. Aceldama
Singles Match

Circus” by Britney Spears hits the P.A. system as the crowd erupts in cheers and we see Bobbinette Carey make her way out from the backstage as some pink pyros go off behind her.

Amy Smeets: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the HOW Stable Titles. Now making her way to the ring, the challenger representing Ascension and weighing in tonight at 134 pounds and hailing from Parma Heights, Ohio….The Queen B…Bobbinette Carey!

Joe Hoffman: I wonder if Bobbinette has anymore cookies for the crowd Benny, I was lucky enough to get one of them and they were quite amazing.

Benny Newell: I’d rather eat cardboard then one of her cookies.

Bobbinette slides into the ring as and climbs the turnbuckles and waves to the crowd and as she steps down we hear “Indestructible” by Disturbed play and the German monster makes his way out onto the stage.

Amy Smeets: And her opponent, he is a member of The Best Alliance, defending the Stable championship, weighing in tonight at 275 pounds and hailing from Berlin, Germany…..Aceldama!

Benny Newell: Just look at this man Joe, he is true definition of BEST.

Joe Hoffman: Well we will see in this match Benny, Bobbinette may weigh 2 times less then Aceldama, but what she lacks in size she makes up in experience.

Benny Newell: Well see how experience does when her back is broken by Aceldama

Aceldama enters the ring as Joel Hortega quickly pats down Aceldama and then slowly pats down Bobbinette who smacks him across the face as his hands wander a little too much. Never the less the bell is rung and the match gets under way as Aceldama gets the clear advantage as he over powers Bobbinette and eventually lays her out with a hard clothesline that turns her inside out.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette not looking good her early as the size of Aceldama is defiantly playing a factor.

Bobbinette tries to get back up to her feet but Aceldama keeps on her by delivering a big boot which drops Bobbinette back to the mat. Aceldama continues to keep on her with a few power moves and attempt for a pinfall



The resilient Bobbinette is able to kick out, but Aceldama doesn’t seem too deter as he picks her up and whips her into the corner and connects with another hard clothesline that drops Bobbinette’s limp body to the mat.

Benny Newell: Ascension seems to be descending in this match Joe.

Joe shakes his head at the comments as he goes back to calling the match and Bobbinette starts to pull herself back to her feet as Aceldama makes his way across the ring and stalks Carey. As she makes her way back up to her feet Aceldama charges towards her but Carey counters with a super kick to the jaw of Aceldama that drops him to one knee.

Benny Newell: CHICK KICK!

Joe Hoffman: She calls it a super kick Benny.

They continue to arguer for a moment as Bobbinette takes the opening to go for her finisher the Royalty Check but as she wraps her legs around the head of Aceldama he reverses it and hits a jacknife powerbomb on Bobbinette that lays her out in the middle of the ring and goes for a pinfall.




Bobbinette gets her shoulder up at the last second as the crowd roars and Aceldama lifts her to her feet and throws her across the ring by her hair and then hits a big sidewalk slam on Bobbinette leaving her once again laid out on the mat. He gets to his feet and starts to make some comments to the crowd who is booing. Aceldama starts to climb the turnbuckles and reaches the top and makes a few more comments towards the crowd before he dives off the top attempting a diving headbutt which misses as Bobbinette rolls out of the way at the last second.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama may have took a bit too much time there with the talking back to the crowd.

Aceldama staggers to his feet and is a bit stunned by his head hitting the mat as Bobbinette grabs the leg and rolls Aceldama up for a pin attempt with the school girl pin.




Hortega calls for the bell as The Best Arena erupts in shock as Aceldama is shocked at the pinfall. Bobbinette rolls out of the ring and throws her arms up in the air in celebration as Hortega hands her the Stable title and raises her arm in victory.

Amy Smeets: The winner of this match in 9 minutes and 14 seconds….BOBBINETTE CAREY!!!!


Blood Brothers

Post match Bobbinette Carey drags herself to her feet and begins celebrating her win as she goes to leave the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Ahh, God damn it, no!

Hoffman’s words a quick and abrupt accompaniment to Aceldama’s actions as he, swift as a fox, clambers to his feet and charges into Carey’s back before she can completely get one leg through the ropes. Caught off guard and springing back off them, Aceldama catches her by the hair and roughly throws her back down to the centre of the ring with violent force.

Benny Newell: Oh, for the love of Jack Daniels, yes!

Her head bounces hard off of the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: The match is over for Christ’s sake….not to mention the fact Aceldama has every possible advantage over her.

Benny Newell: Hey, if it’s good for Triple M…..

Both commentators fall silent as Carey, dazed, lifts her head up towards the source of the shadow looming over her, just in time to feel Aceldama’s hand drag her to her feet. They hold her steady for a moment, and quickly he pulls his head back as if to head butt her when suddenly her legs swoops out and connects between Aceldama’s legs. Amazingly, he doesn’t go down to the floor, merely staggering back against the ropes. Carey shakes off the cobwebs and goes to flee the ring, but Aceldama springs himself off the ropes and grabs her for the third time by the hair……turning her around, he delivers her straight into a devastating punch to the side of the face, catching her eye.

Benny Newell: …And she goes down in a time beating her personal best.

Joe Hoffman: Oh, this is just sick.

Hoffman says, referring to the fact that Aceldama still doesn’t look done with her. Staring down at the already visible bruise he just left he mutters something inaudible, something any lip-reader would recognize as “One for him, one for you!” – clearly referring to a similar black eye he left on Sektor.

Benny Newell: …His and Her black eyes!!

Joe Hoffman: Somehow I don’t see it appearing in the online shop! Somebody stop this!!

As if on command, the HOTv lights up suddenly to show the rest of the available, newly established Ascension stable hustling along the corridor towards the main-stage. The sound is off, blocking what they are saying, although they are clearly talking and rushing to the aid of their stable-mate. Suddenly a soundless path of fire shoots out in front of them, emanating from around the corner and right up the far wall, completely blocking them off. Those at the front hold their hands up in front of their faces to surprise and to shield themselves.

Joe Hoffman: What the–?

Hoffman exclaims as the group of men on the screen begin backing away, following Isaac Slade’s apparent, and silent, lead to find another way around.

Current back to ringside, Aceldama toys with Carey, pushing her prone body with his foot, much as a curious and morbid child would prod a dead animal with a stick. Moments of this pass when suddenly a smirk spreads across his face and he exits the ring hastily.

Joe Hoffman: It’s about ti–

His words are cut short as suddenly he doesn’t go up the ramp but instead under the ring and pulls out a table, as the crowd begin booing and throwing trash at him. He then pulls out a second and proceeds to set them up beside each other on the outside and rolls back into the ring. Moving slowly and with menace, he stalks around Bobbinette Carey and then charges down and drags her groggily to her feet. Holding her still he mutters something, this time close enough to the vicinity of the commentator’s table to be picked up.

Aceldama: You want to ascend. I’ll show you just how far you fall when you try to do so at my expense!

And with those words, he hoists her to his shoulders. The crowd – and Hoffman, for that matter – at fever pitch, begging for something to help her. Aceldama rolls her up as though she was as light as a feather and holds her in a powerbomb position. He then moves towards the ropes, over which the tables rest.

Joe Hoffman: Where the hell is security?!

Hoffman don’t get her answer, but as he hoists her up just a little more, readying to jackknife her to the outside and through the tables, he and the crowd get their wish. A huge amount of cheers – if not for him but for his apparent actions – as John Sektor charges through the crowd which part as he heads towards the direction of the ring. Aceldama holds her still above his head, and turns to watch Sektor as he moves through the crowd….down some steps…..towards the nearing barrier…..and then goes flying sideways into the crowd. His own speed used against him as Shane Reynolds jumps from his hidden position in the crowd and knocks him with the gas can he had used backstage to set the fires.

Loud boos echo as both men disappear for a moment into the crowd, and even louder as Shane emerges first and throws the gasoline can onto Sektor. Leaving him behind, he backs away and then heads down to the ring. Aceldama smirks but Shane doesn’t return it – his anger from earlier in the evening still burning bright. Rolling under the ropes, he stands up beside Aceldama, who then goes to throw Carey from the ring…..

….until Shane stops him.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god, someone has finally seen sense.

But once again his words are premature as suddenly Shane charges across the ring, springs off the ropes to gain momentum, then diagonally to the other set, where he springboards off the middle rope and twists in mid-air as Aceldama begins to throw Carey forward. Shane catches her mid-movement with a springboard dropkick, flicking her head further back and landing even more sickeningly on her neck as she crashes through the tables and to the solid ground below. Shane lands immediately beside her, screaming suddenly and clutching her arm. Aceldama stares down at them and then exits the ring, this time for the final time. Standing beside Carey, he stares at her with a crazed look in his eye, focusing on the blood that has now begun to seep from the corner of her mouth and the side of her head.

Joe Hoffman: What’s he doing?! Haven’t you done enough!’

Benny Newell: Nothing’s ever enough when it comes to her, not going from what I’ve heard!

Hoffman was referring to Aceldama crouching down beside her and moving his hand through her hair. Standing back up, he smears her blood in both hands, covering both palms. Turning to Shane, he watches him stagger back up and turn back to face him…..and then extends a hand to him. Without hesitation, Shane moves beside him. The height and weight difference is obvious, but standing over the fallen body of Carey, the glint in their eyes is the same.

Aceldama: Blood Brothers!

He says, still holding out his hand……which Shane immediately takes and begins to shake it, taking Carey’s blood into his own palm.

Shane Reynolds: Blood Brothers!!

Shane finally does return Aceldama’s smirk now, as both men break the handshake and begin walking up the ramp…..down which still no help comes. Minutes pass and still there is no sign of a medic. There is no booing, nothing from the commentators, merely a stunned silence as Carey lies unconscious, with no sign of help…..

And then it comes. From the crowd, Sektor appears, dragging himself only slightly dazed over the barrier and limping ever so slightly towards Carey. Where normally the crowd would cheer, they still stand stunned from the lack of medical attention. Sektor stares for a disbelieving moment and then reaches amongst the rubble of the tables and hoists her into his arms in a horizontal position. Looking at her one last time, blood oozing through her hand and across her cheek, he manages to scowl angrily and look worried simultaneously. With that he then begins to carry her silently up the ramp as the show cuts to a commercial break.


Still the Main Sponsor of HOW and its Hall of Fame Golden Boy Jatt Starr.

Sponsor Face Time..

Backstage, “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze is seen coming out from his locker room wearing his brand new “Ascension” t-shirt. The LSD title is draped over his shoulder and he leers at it, twice patting it confidently. Showing no signs of nervousness for his match against Static, he takes a swig from his water bottle when he’s suddenly startled from behind.

Faze: “What the…”

On his guard, Faze quickly turns around only to find a shorter, well-built man in Budweiser apparel, dragging behind him a dolly full of beer kegs.

Budweiser Delivery Guy: “Holy shit! It’s… it’s the “FAZE OF HOW!” The PHENOMENAL LSD champion! Dude… you’re like, my favorite wrestler! Could I trouble you for a photo?”

Faze: “Watch it, DUDE! You’re lucky I didn’t blast you with my title thinking it was Static. Anyways… sure man, anything for a fan. Just make it quick, I’ve got a match I need to get to.”

The Budweiser delivery guy scrambles for his cell phone while Ryan impatiently polishes the face of his title. With his camera phone ready, the delivery guy leans in next to Ryan whose attention is still on his title and takes the picture. Ryan starts to walk off immediately, but the Budweiser Delivery Guy stops him dead in his tracks.

Budweiser Delivery Guy: “Yo Faze! You aren’t even looking at the camera in this picture! What the hell’s your problem, man?”

The camera catches Faze rolls his eyes in annoyance before he paints on a fake smile and turns back around to answer the fan.

Faze: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Relax, buddy. I’m sure you can forgive me for being distracted. I mean, my first title defense against Static is literally minutes away.”

Sensing Ryan’s attitude and sarcasm, the Delivery Guy isn’t buying the excuse.

Budweiser Delivery Guy: “Ya’ know something… you are nothing like I thought you’d be.”

Ryan goes to respond but is immediately cut off.

Budweiser Delivery Guy: “Just do me a favor, alright? Don’t let that little title of yours get to your head. You’ve got thousands of kids around the world that look up to you… including my own.”

Faze glances at his title and then back at the man who is serving up a somewhat harsh sense of reality.

Budweiser Delivery Guy: “Best of luck against Static.”

Embarrassed to even say anything, all Faze can do is nod. As the Budweiser Delivery Guy walks off, Joe makes a few comments about Faze’s behavior before taking us to the final commercial break of the evening.


High Octane Wrestling’s official Insurance Provider.


LSD Title Match
Static vs. “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze
Hardcore Match

No More Sorrow hits the PA system and the challenger Guy “Static” Stephens makes his way out from the back and the crowd erupts into a chorus of boos for the Best Alliance member.

Benny claims that after everything that has happened tonight that it will not matter because in the end it will be the Best Alliance ending the show with more gold coming into the stable.

Joe states that might be true but what is definite is the fact that the new stable, The Ascension, is the new Stable Champions and Static can score some big points if he were to take away some gold from the new group.

Phase by Breaking Benjamin hits the PA system and the crowd erupts into cheers as the LSD and now STABLE Champion, Ryan Faze, makes his way out from the back and down towards the ring.

Joe reminds the viewers that The Ascension currently hold the Stable, LSD and ICON Championships and you cannot dispute that they might only be a few days old but they are already major players here in HOW and one has to wonder how they will factor into War Games.

Benny ignores Joe as senior HOW referee Matt Boettcher holds the LSD Championship high up into the air and then proceeds to hand the belt to a HOW crewman as Joe reminds the viewers that this match is for the LSD Championship and per Lee Best it will be contested under Hardcore rules.

As Boettcher turns back into the ring Static wastes no time and attacks Faze who had his back to the challenger as he was playing to the crowd.

Boettcher quickly signals for the bell and we are officially underway as Static is pummeling Faze who scrambles to the corner and is able to fight his way up and the two begin going back and forth with flurries as the crowd is red hot for the action going on inside the ring.

Static is finally able to gain the upper hand after nailing Faze with a cheap shot after Boettcher tried to break them up in the corner.

The next several minutes it is all Static as the challenger and Best Alliance member literally beats on Faze from corner to corner as he tries to focus in on the injured knee of Faze but Faze is able to block most of the shots and is taking most of the damage on his midsection and arms.

Benny wonders aloud how Faze has wrestled all these months with a damaged knee without having to take any serious time off.

Joe credits Ryan’s work ethic and determination to give the fans what they want.

Benny counters that Faze is a fucking doper and he is a far cry from being the FACE of HOW.

Joe and Benny continue to argue as outside the ring Static has finally been able to single out the knee of Faze and has him wrapped in a figure four around the steel guard post. Boettcher is screaming for Static to let go of the hold but being a Hardcore match all things are legal.

Static does let go however and leaves Faze writhing on the mat in pain as Static turns to grab a chair from a person in the crowd. However the fan won’t let him have it and Static instead pushes a little girl off her chair and rips the chair out from the fans who try to keep him from taking it.

The crowd begins throwing trash at Static who only smiles as he swings hard at the knee of Faze but he misses and nails the steel post with the steel chair and the shock to his hands cause him to drop the chair and as he turns Faze thrusts himself thru the middle ropes and sends Static flying into the guardrail with a nasty dropkick.

Up against the guardrail the fans really take liberty to nail Static with rights and lefts and HOW security try to break it up and as they try Faze runs down the apron and dives off and nails everyone with a suicide dive and the crowd erupts into a HOLY SHIT chant.

The HOV plays a replay of the move and as we cut back live we see fans dumping their soda, nacho cheese and everything else BUT beer onto the challenger as the fans are clearly livid with Static. Cameras then pan back over the little girl he pushed earlier and she is crying as her father holds her and curses Static out at the same time.

As Faze and Static get to their feet they begin to exchange punches and begin to work their way thru the Chicago crowd and soon enough it’s the Champion who is doing the leading as he has plenty of help from the fans inside The Best Arena has they nail Static with everything they have.

Joe notes that this is getting dangerous and the mob mentality of the fans is starting to come out and his comment is backed up by the fact that several dozen HOW security men are now standing between the wrestlers as they make it up thru the first section of the seats and are now out by the vendors.

Fans stream out into the corridors as Faze whips Static hard into a T-Shirt vendor and the force of the toss literally sends Static flying over the stand and through the backdrop causing all the items to fall to the ground where the fans quickly start snatching up official HOW gear.

Faze is still focused however as he makes a cover on Static and Boettcher, who is struggling to get into position, finally starts the first count of the match and only gets a two count as the HOV shows a replay of the toss.

Back to their feet, Faze leads Static down the corridor and towards another part of the backstage area. Along the way Faze nails Static with several blows to keep him under control as they enter the part of the backstage area where all the wrestlers and workers are usually at but everyone has been cleared out as the Champion and Challenger approached.

Another blow sends Static down to one knee and as Faze lifts him up Static nails Faze in the face with a drink that was on a nearby table. Static takes control quickly and sends Faze hard into the concrete wall and it is now Static who is in full control as he batters the LSD Champion down the hallway and thru several doors and to the outside of the arena.

Cameras rush into position as the wrestlers have exited out to the parking lot and fans can been seen flying out of the Best Arena and towards the large fence that surrounds the area for the wrestlers entrance.

Fans are screaming and climbing on the chain link fence as Static body slams Faze on the hood of the car and as Faze slumps off the hood of the car we see the license plates and the read “DBLSD09”.

As Joe and Benny ponder who’s car that is Static lifts Faze up and nails him with his finisher The Static Slam right on the concrete. Faze immediately begins bleeding as Static rolls him over and covers him up as Boettcher hustles into position and makes the count..



Static sits up as he hears the car door close next to him and he jumps to his feet as he realizes who’s car it was…

David Black.

Black smiles at Static and points down at Faze but Static is totally focused in on Black now and even though Benny is screaming for Static to make the pinfall and get the gold, Static instead starts walking towards Black but he is stopped and pulled back suddenly as Faze grabs him by the pants and pulls him back and rolls him and Boettcher drops down and starts the count…




Black nailed Faze in the back of the head and broke up the count and Faze looks up at Black and before he can get an answer of why from Black……BLACK IS NAILED FROM BEHIND BY CHRIS KOSTOFF!!!!

Kostoff unleashes a fury of punches to Black and then proceeds to Powerbomb Black thru the windshield of his own car as the crowd around the parking lot begins chanting….




Kostoff stands on top of Black’s car and yells at the fans as behind him Faze has pulled Static up to his feet and grabs Static’s arms and turns him for the Faze Plant ……


Benny is screaming OUTCAST INJECTION as Static makes the cover as Kostoff looks on from the top of the car…..





Post match we see the fans begin throwing anything and everything as Static has his arm raised in victory by Boettcher. Suddenly the Hummer Limo comes flying into the picture and the back door opens up and we see Lee Best holding the LSD Championship and yelling at Static to get in and with the help from Aceldama, Static does enter and before the Hummer pulls away we see Lee and Kostoff exchange a glare as Turmoil comes to a close as we see the fans throwing trash and other items at the Best Alliance Hummer Limo as it pulls away….



The camera pans from the limo over to the other side of the parking lot. Christopher is standing and looking over at the carnage that just took place. He is on his cell phone talking to his lawyers.

Christopher: Yeah. Yeah is Johnny Cochrane still available?

Christopher pauses listening to the response.

Christopher: He died? Oh….uhm…..I’m sorry. Was it OJ? Did OJ kill him? It had to have been OJ.

Christopher pauses again.

Christopher: Look. I really don’t care which guy is taking care of my legal business now. It could be Jim Johnston for all I care. Look, just tell him that I talked to him. I want to be on the winning team. Tell him that the contract is being faxed over. Have him look it over and make sure the stipulation is in there! Alright?

Christopher pauses yet again.

Christopher: NO! I don’t care what he’s doing now! This is important! Tell him to get to his office and look at the contract!

Another pause.

Christopher: Yes, that’s right. Christopher America is coming across the pond and there is nothing the smelly French will be able to do about it.

Christopher America smiles sinisterly and hangs up the phone.

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