Turmoil: April 16th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night Turmoil
April 16th, 2009 – #HOW44
The Best Arena, Chicago IL



The HOTv logo gives way to the HOW logo and another edition of Thursday Night Turmoil begins as instead of the customary “Undead” blasting throughout The Best Arena we are instead greeted by a thunderous roar from the crowd as The Best Arena is lit up with hundreds of pyrotechnics going off at once. The crowd is literally on their feet screaming but you cannot hear them as the pyros continue to go off all over the arena and they come to a grand finale at the top of the entrance ramp.

As they finish the crowd goes wild as the pyros could easily rival that showing of any 4th of July celebration.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to THURSDAY NIGHT TURMOIL!!

The cameras begin panning the smoked filled arena as Joe continues his welcome to all the viewers watching live on High Octane Television.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome to another edition of Thursday Night Turmoil and I am your play by play man Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny those pyros to start the show were something special weren’t they?

Big Buff: What did you expect from the number one rated show on HOTv? Fucking clowns and balloon animals?

Before Joe can retort Benny’s latest dig everyone is distracted as thousands of balloons begin falling the top of the arena and the crowd is eating it up as they cheer loudly as clearly this is a celebration of HOW being the top company of HOTv.

Joe Hoffman: Well you ask and you shall receive Benny….Jesus look at all these balloons!

The cameras pan across the arena as we see the thousands in attendance either popping the balloons or smacking them back into the air.

Everyone is in a great mood and really amped up after the great Pyro display and now with the balloons.

Suddenly that mood changes as “Undead” By the Hollywood Undead begins to blast throughout The Best Arena and the crowd begins booing instantly, totally forgetting about all the celebrating just moments ago.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks love him or hate him but Lee Best is making his way out and you know he is coming out to brag about HOW being the top dog in HOTv so far.

Big Buff: Damn right he is…

The crowd is turned as one towards the entrance ramp as hundreds of HOW crewmen race thru the aisles popping balloons as Lee’s theme continues to play and he has yet to step out from the back.

The sound of thousands of balloons popping is drawn out by the booing from the crowd but it doesn’t go un noticed to several fans who take it upon themselves to play keep away with their balloons from the workers.

But that too stops as Lee finally makes his way out and as he does he is smiling from ear to ear and has a Stable Championship belt around his waist with another one on his left shoulder as he is holding a microphone in his right hand.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks you have to give it to Lee and really Maximillian Kael as their ownership has led HOW to ratings wins in HOTv the last two weeks and..

Big Buff: Oh shut the hell up already Joe. IT’S LEE!!!

At the top of the entrance ramp Lee motions for his music to stop playing and the monkeys in the back do as they are told and the music comes to an abrupt end and the crowd, on cue, raises their voices and boo Lee unmercifully as Lee just soaks it all in as he pats what appears to be a brand new Stable Title Belt around his waist and what is clearly Sektors old greed belt on his shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: Well obviously the crowd here is no longer in the celebratory mood as they are really letting Lee have it here. Where is the rest of the alliance? Namely…the two men that WON the Stable titles for the BA?

Big Buff: I am sure will explain in a minute if you and the rest of these fucking idiots quiet down and allow him to speak.

On the ramp Lee calmly waits for the crowd to quiet down and after a few moments they do and the half owner of HOW adjusts the Stable title that formerly belonged to Sektor and begins.

Lee Best: Sluts, Assholes and Little Shits…..welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil …THE NUMBER ONE SHOW IN HOTV!!!!

Lee raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boos him unmercifully again as he just smiles and takes it all in.

Lee Best: Scream and boo me all you want but at the end of the day I know you respect me or else you wouldn’t have this place sold out each and every FUCKING week and you sure as hell would not make Turmoil the HIGHEST RATED SHOW EACH WEEK!!!

The boos are almost at a fever pitch as Lee literally has to scream now to be heard over the fans..


Again Lee raises his arms up towards the heavens as the crowd continues to boo Lee heavily as the HOV comes to life and shows a replay of the finish from last week’s Stable Championship match with the main highlight being Shane Reynolds kicking Sektors head damn near off as Aceldama held off the AoA.

The High Octave Vision goes black again and we once again see Lee patting the new Stable Championship that is around his waist.

Lee Best: You see people it pays to be in the Best Alliance and it PAYS to go against the Alliance as well. Shane and Aceldama proved that they can work together as a team and do you honestly think anyone out there can compete with these two monsters….the simple answer is obviously no.

Lee pauses as the crowd is quieting down a little as it is time to listen to what the evil genius has in store for the night.

Lee Best: What is also very obvious is that with the addition of Jatt Starr to my War Games team, I have all but secured my rightful place as 100% owner of HOW. Now I know what you are all thinking. What about last week? What about the AoA beat down of Jatt Starr? Why did I just let them do it? Simple people. Jatt and I have a very special relationship and when Jatt begins to stray like he was when he bought that Title Shot that Faze is cashing in later tonight…..well I have to put him back in his place. The AoA attacked and quite frankly Jatt deserved it and he also deserved a night off and trust me by this time next week the old Jatt will return to action and we steamroll our way towards War Games. But that is next week, tonight is all about celebrating the fact that the Best Alliance is now the Stable Champions and to make it official I had a brand new title belt made and this piece of shit Green belt is no longer of any use for me or the company….

Lee brings the green belt off his shoulder and proceeds to throw it into the front row where it hits a fan and spills the fans beer all over himself and the fan begins screaming at Lee while the fans around him scramble to get the belt. The man starts to jump the barricade but HOW security is there quickly and the man is escorted out quickly as Lee continues..

Lee Best: You see I am not the only one that can give away titles…which reminds me. Tonight Our Commissioner Scott Woodson will call a fair and unbiased LSD Championship Submission Match as America defends against Ryan Faze who didn’t earn this chance but was GIVEN this chance by Jatt Starr. I don’t like it but it is what it is and I am positive that Woodson will do the right thing.

Lee pauses as the crowd is beginning to get restless and Lee knows it’s time to wrap it up.

Lee Best: Tonight we celebrate and tonight we get one more step closer towards the ultimate prize…ownership of MY COMPANY….but before we get there I have a big announcement to make and I’ll do that later but for now….LETS GET THE NUMBER ONE HOTV RATED SHOW GOING!!!

Lee slides the mic into the inside pocket of his jacket and once again pats the Stable Championship as his music hits and he heads to the back to a loud chorus of boos yet again.

Joe Hoffman: New Stable Championship belt? Unbiased BA ref? Ya greeeaaat stuff there.

Big Buff: It’s all falling into place Joe and soon enough it will be obvious to everyone…either fall in line or get knocked the fuck out.

Joe Hoffman: Well I am not sure about all that but what is positive is that Lee was the only one out here to celebrate the Stable Title win and one has to wonder how that sits with the guys that actually WON the title?

Big Buff: Bah…you are making something outta nothing.

Joe Hoffman: Maybe…maybe not. But I am sure we will find out in good time. Right now though we gotta go to a quick commercial for HOTv and when we come back it will be Johnny Stevens taking on Bob Jared!!

Turmoil the number 1 show two weeks running

Johnny Stevens vs. Bob Jared
Singles Match

Back from the quick HOTv commercial and we are live at ringside where Big Buff and Joe Hoffman are ready for the first match of the evening. Waiting in the middle of the ring is the Tennessee Tumbleweed Bob Jared. His opponent, Johnny Stevens enters the ring and poses for the crowd at the top of the turnbuckle, whilst Jared warms up his muscles with a few stretches. The commentators talk about how the fans in HOW have taken to the unorthodox Bob Jared as the camera pans around showing signs such as..

Bob Jared FTW!”

Jared is God!”

Jared 4 World Title”

As Stevens’s music dies down Joe mentions how this is a good opportunity for these new HOW stars to make an impact and show just what they are made of. The bell rings and Jared straight away charges wildly at Steven’s but fails to make an impact as Stevens hammers him down hard with a clothesline. The crowd gives mixed reactions as Steven’s wears down Jared with some stiff stomps in the corner of the ring. He pulls Jared to his feet and uses a snapmare takeover to bring about a chin lock, driving is knee between the shoulder blades of the tumbleweed.

Stevens now has Jared in a sleeper hold on the mat and Hoffman comments how this is a textbook strategy from Steven’s, cutting off the oxygen supply to Jared head. Jared is trying to relieve some pressure by gripping Steven’s arm and the crowd begin to get behind him chanting “LET’S GO JAR..ED!!” This seems to help Jared as he forces Steven’s arm over his head and rolls out of the way. Steven’s rushes over to stomp but Jared catches the leg and whips his standing leg from under his body. The crowd cheer wildly as Jared beats his hairy chest. Steven’s is up to his feet and Jared goes for an Irish whip which Steven’s counters, only for Jared to shoulder block him to the mat. Jared then runs to the opposite side of the ropes but Steven’s is back to his feet and executes a powerslam pinning for a two count!

Steven’s gains compliments from Hoffman as he spends the next period suplexing and body slamming Jared all over the ring. Big Buff isn’t too pleased by what he is seeing and states that he would rather stick his genitals in a bee hive than watch these two. With that said though Steven’s land’s a hard implant DDT and Jared barely get’s the shoulder up.

Hoffman is worried that Jared may be at the point of no return as this match has been nearly all Steven’s so far. Steven’s drags Jared to his feet and lifts him back first across his shoulders for his finishing move, but Jared shakes himself free and scoops up Stevens, landing him hard across his knee. Jared covers but Steven’s kick’s out, holding his back a little gingerly.

Jared rallies the crowd to get behind him as Steven’s tries to get up an falls into the corner. Jared charges at him and clothesline’s hard before whipping him to the opposite corner. Jared then walks over and climbs half way up the turnbuckle and begins hitting Steven’s with right hands. The crowd count as he punches and before he reaches ten he drops down and lands a hard uppercut to the chin.

Steven’s wobbles forward out of the corner and Jared picks him up and drops him for a side walk slam. He covers but Steven’s again kicks out before the three. Hoffman is excited now as the momentum has fallen to Jared for a change.

Jared has Steven’s on his feet and pushes him against the corner turnbuckle. He lands a couple of stiff rights and takes a few steps back. He then yells like a gorilla and runs straight at Steven’s. He lifts up his leg for a big boot but Steven’s ducks out of the way causing Jared to charge awkwardly into the corner. Stevens then rolls Jared up in the schoolboy pin and Hortega counts




JARED KICKS OUT! Steven’s looks frustrated as he drags Jared to his feet and gives him a stiff right hand. He then kicks Jared in the gut and executes a pump handle slam and gains another near fall with Jared hanging in by the skin of his neck.

Steven’s begins to go to work on the legs of Bob Jared, dropping elbows to the inside of his right femur and stomping away at it. He watches for the effect of his punishment and looks happy as he sees Jared holding his leg in pain. Stevens then opens both legs of Jared and looks to go for a variation of the sharpshooter. Hoffman mentions that this is one of Steven’s signature moves but Jared leans forward and grabs the neck of Stevens, rolling him into an inside cradle for the





NO!!! With a free arm Stevens grabbed the ropes and Hortega saw it! Hoffman feels bad for Jared but states that the match continues.

As Stevens rushes to his but Jared catches him with a kick to the gut and lands a hard DDT! He the points towards the turnbuckle and the crowd cheer him on. He begins to climb and Benny says “What the hell is this loser thinking…gravity must hate him!” Jared almost falls off the top turnbuckle as he tries to get his balance. He waits for Stevens to get to his feet and jumps off, hardly getting elevation but manages to land a chop across the skull of his opponent. Hoffman states that although this is simple it is very effective to which Benny just scoffs.

Jared goes for another pin but Stevens kicks out with ease. Jared gets up and shouts “THIS IS IT!” The Crowd replies with laughter as Joe informs us that Jared has a lot of confidence considering he’s known as the Tennessee tumbleweed. Jared picks up Stevens and whips him to the ropes, looking for his finisher, the spinning drop toe, hold but he misses and Stevens carries on running to the other side. Jared gets to his feet and bends over looking for a back body drop but Stevens stops dead and kicks him in the mouth. Jared turns his back on Steven’s holding his mouth in pain and Steven’s hoists him back first across his shoulders for a torture rack submission which he calls Hell’s Torture. Hortega here’s Jared saying something and calls for the bell.

Winner of the Match Via Submission in 9:32….JOHNNYYYYYYYYYY STEEEEEEEEEEEVENNNNNNNNS!!!

Steven’s throws Jared onto the mat and Hortega raises his arm in victory as the fans give him a mixed reception. The scene then cuts backstage.


Best Arrival

Returning from commercial break, the silence of the parking lot is broken by a loud click and then a succession of audible groans of exertion. The camera, which just happens to be patrolling the area, turns suddenly towards the source and is greeted with the image of Shane Reynolds standing at the trunk of a car, bent half in and half out, he pulls out a set of bags, and then some more, until he has about four hanging in each hand. What is it then, Shane has no idea, but wouldn’t be surprised if they are filled with random heavy objects merely for this task.

He groans again as he realizes he has to put them down in order to close the trunk’s lid. He does so and grunts…in frustration this time…as he picks up each bag again in turn. Combine this with the weight of the newly won Stable Championship over his shoulder, it’s any wonder that he can walk, but walk he does – if in a slight John Wayne-esque manner.

He’s halfway across the parking lot towards the entrance to the arena when a voice calls out.

Voice: Hey, Slave!

Given the term used, he half expects it to be Maximillian Kael or one of his associates, back following the order to carry the bags to mock and ridicule him some more. But as he slowly turns, he is greeted with the unfamiliar image of a teenage boy of no more than eighteen or nineteen, with long blonde, surfer-boy hair flowing down over knee-length shorts….and an AoA T-shirt.

Shane shakes his head and immediately begins to turn away when the teenager shouts over to him again.

Teenager: You don’t deserve that championship, y’know?

Struggling ever onwards, Shane demands of himself not to offer up any form of response, to not even acknowledge the annoying kid’s existence, not even to ask himself how he even got into the parking lot in the first place….but the words come anyway.

Shane: Really?

Shane hears the teenagers footsteps move swiftly across the concrete towards him. Slowly down a few steps behind him, the voice of the teenager returns to insult his eardrums.

Teenager: Yeah, really. You cheated!

Now Shane really does know he’s in the presence of an AoA fan, remembering the rumors of what he’d heard that Christopher America had said a similar thing earlier in the week.

Teenager: You weren’t supposed to touch Sektor and yet you did. You should be stripped of the championship. No! You should be speedbump’d again. No! You should be fired.

Shane sighs as the kid projects his history lesson off the walls of the parking lot.

Shane: Well maybe I will be….then we’ll both be happy, but somehow, I doubt it!

Teenager: Yeah, well you should be! And the titles should go back where they belong.

Shane stops now, and as his pace comes to an abrupt halt, his grip of the bags wavers but somehow he manages to keep them aloft.

Shane: And where would that be? With Sektor I suppose?

The name Sektor spoken with the utmost contempt as the memories of his part in the recent attacks against himself. He turns slowly again now.

Teenager: Around all their waists. They are the greatest stable champions of all time.

Shane: If you say so!

Shane says, forcing himself to calm down now after hearing Sektor’s name, telling himself to just get to the arena and take his anger out on Blaze, as per Lee Best’s instructions, but before he can even move in the right direction, the kid deals his last comment.

Teenager: And you never would have won had it been Mario and Paul. They are the greatest team ever. They would have kicked your ass!

He only realizes the bags have dropped from his hands when they thud against the ground, and that he has moved from his previous spot when the kid is standing only an inch away, and a good six inches, beneath him.

Shane: Really?

Teenager: Hell….Yeah!

Shane moved suddenly the last separate inch and smirked as his mind raced with violent thoughts and the kid cowered backwards, recreating the space.

Teenager: You can’t do anything to me! You’re a slave.

Shane smirks even wider at the boy’s stupidity, and even more still as he points it out to him.

Shane: Yeah, Max Kael’s. I’m not yours, though, am I?

The boy doesn’t get to answer, or even open his eyes wide, as Shane sets instantly upon him, giving into his rage and snapping for the second time this week. Slamming the kid, directly in the nose, he catches him as he begins to fall by the back of his t-shirt collar and drags him back towards the car. He begins kicking and screaming as his senses return but it’s all in vain as Shane tosses him out of view behind the car and begins kicking repeatedly in his direction, then stomping, and then throwing the title down so he can hunker down and punch him until all strength leaves his arm.

Shane: You haven’t even seen the greatest team of all time even get started…..but don’t worry, you will! And we’re gonna destroy all of the others that come along!

Standing back up, he flicks the hair out of his face which now drips with sweat. He carefully picks up the championship as his breathing slows and the rage drifts away……He stares down at what he has done and then, ignoring the bags, he rushes away and into the arena…..completely oblivious to the eyes lurking in the shadows, eyes which smirk in the place of his hidden mouth over what they have just witnessed as the action cuts elsewhere.


Perfect Interview

~We cut to the backstage area, where we see an extremely confident Perfect Paul Paras striding down the hallway, wearing a white Adrian Peterson jersey and jeans, Singapore cane in hand. Backstage reporter Blaire Moise runs up to Paras, who stops and turns to her, the hall lights reflecting off his mirrored shades.~

Blaire: Triple P, last week on Turmoil, you defeated your own tag team partner in a match to determine the #1 Contender for the ICON Title…

Paras: Ah yes, dear Blaire, that was as quality a contest as the wrestling world has ever seen. Two gladiators clashing on the battlefield, using up all of the God-given talent they have to entertain the deserving public.

Blaire: …No offense, but your match was pretty…well…boring. It seemed like you and Triple M were doing anything and everything to purposely NOT entertain the fans…

~Paras smiles arrogantly and looks into the camera.~

Paras: Like the Perfect One said, we went out there to entertain the deserving fans—the only thing Chicago fans deserve is another 100 years of the Cubs failing and a kiss on the Perfect One’s perfect ass, in that order.

~The Best Arena crowd erupts into boos as the antagonistic Perfect One smirks defiantly into the camera. After soaking in the jeers, he turns back to Blaire.~

Blaire: So now that you’re the #1 contender to Issac Slade’s championship, where do you go from here?

~Paras laughs to himself slightly, swings his cane around to his shoulder and removes his sunglasses with his opposite hand, showing an extremely serious glare to go along with his seemingly fixed smirk. He places the glasses in his jersey collar and continues.~

Paras: Well doll, I would suppose the logical answer would be, “I’m going to perfectly pulverize Issac Slade’s ignorant ass,” but what fun would that be? The Perfect One met Issac Slade two weeks ago on Turmoil and I was profoundly interested by what I saw. Slade isn’t logical—he’s spiritual. He doesn’t think with his mind or body, but with his soul. He is the guiding light of all the little peons out there in the audience who have not seen the real truth and followed my example—the Perfect Life. Peons like you, Blaire…

~Paul reaches out his free hand and puts it on Blaire’s shoulder, causing her to look down at it in a slight measure of fear and confusion.~

Blaire: I… I don’t…

Paras: No one does, doll. But they all end up doing. And so will Slade. I will make Issac Slade a believer in the Perfect Life, and I will do so in three simple steps…

~Paul maneuvers his hand from Blaire’s shoulder to her forehead, putting one finger on it as she looks up, noticeably shaking as Paras glares into her eyes.~

Paras: Step one… break Issac Slade’s will to continue by making him tap out in the center of the Perfect One’s ring.

~He puts another finger on her forehead.~

Paras: Step two… win the ICON Championship that I rightfully deserve for being an icon among the human race. And step three…

~Another finger extends, making a total of three on the trembling Blaire’s forehead and creating the “Perfect Touch” gesture. Paul turns away from Moise and stares back into the camera.~

Paras:Warp the mind of Issac Slade.

Joe takes the show to commercial…

Team Best:
Aceldama, Shane Reynolds, Jatt Starr vs. Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, John Sektor vs. Team SSE: Rob Michaels, Trip Eisen


King Trip Eisen vs. Silver Cyanide
Singles Match

We return to ringside where Silver Cyanide and King Trip Eisen are getting ready to go at it. Hoffman talks about how Eisen is representing the SSE in this match and that Cyanide is of course a part of the Argonaut’s of Awesome. Big Buff chimes in stating the fact that Shane and Aceldama beat Cyanide and John Sektor last week to finally obtain the Stable’s title for the Best Alliance. Hoffman argues that Cyanide has a good chance to get a win back for the AOA by beating a member of the SSE!

The bell rings and the two lock up. Before Cyanide has a chance to act Eisen goes under his arm and performs a perfect northern lights suplex with a bridge for the pin. But Cyanide kicks out before Boettcher gets a chance to count. The two quickly rush to their feet and Eisen kicks Cyanide in the gut and lands a hard forearm across his back which the crowd boo’s. Eisen doesn’t even respond to the crowd as he stomps away at him with what Hoffman calls his “Royal boot.” Benny comment’s that Hoffman is a Royal pain in his ass.

Eisen has Cyanide on his feet in the corner and is punishing him with shoulder thrusts. He then arrogantly poses for the crowd as Cyanide sucks in air holding his mid section. Eisen grabs Silver by the hair, but Cyanide bats his hand away and lands a thunderous chop across his chest. Eisen clutches his chest but Cyanide pushes his hands aside as he lands another chop causing the crowd to react. He then runs at Eisen and clotheslines him, causing him to flip over the ropes and land on the outside. Cyanide see’s him getting to his feet and bounces against the ropes. He runs towards the opposite side and leaps on top of the ropes, turns around and performs an amazing moonsault all in one swift motion. The crowd pop wildly for this and Big Buff is even impressed. Hoffman states what an incredible move that was and how judges on an Olympic board would give it perfect 10’s!

Both men are down on the outside as Cyanide seems to have taken a little out of himself with that high risk move. Cyanide is the first to start getting up, but Eisen was obviously resting as he too is looking to get to his feet. Cyanide grabs him and rolls him back into the ring, following after him. Eisen was on his feet before Cyanide finished getting in and cuts him off with a stomp to his head. He then picks Cyanide up to his feet and executes a backdrop, landing Cyanide awkwardly on his neck. Hoffman says that its those sort of moves that can really take it out of an opponent.

Eisen again has Cyanide on his feet and whips him to the ropes, he then catches him on the return and spins him around, dropping with a spine buster. He covers but Cyanide kicks out after the second. Eisen wastes no time as he returns to the offensive by locking in an inverted figure of four leg lock. Cyanide yells out as Eisen piles on the pressure to the legs. Hoffman emphasises just how painful that move is and Big Buff shows him up by asking “when have you ever been in one?”

Eisen still has the move locked in a Cyanide lifts his hand to tap, but instead bites down on his hand trying to bare the pain. He shuffles back and carries Eisen a short way with him towards the ropes. Eisen see’s him get to within reaching distance and breaks the hold, sending a kick to the temple of Cyanide’s head.

Eisen again poses for the crowd a little giving a royal wave, before returning to Cyanide who is starting to get up holding his head. Eisen grabs hold of the back of his neck but out of nowhere Cyanide rolls him up into an inside cradle for the




NO!! Eisen just about kicked out and Cyanide cant believe it. Big Buff is laughing at Hoffman who honestly thought Cyanide had won it right there. Both men get to their feet and Eisen looks for a chop which Cyanide ducks. Cyanide kicks him in the midsection and goes for a vertical suplex. Eisen blocks it with his leg and reverses the move with a suplex of his own. But Cyanide lands on his feet behind Eisen and drops him with a diving reverse DDT! He covers and Boettcher counts the THREE!!

Cyanide is celebrating but Hoffman is shouting that Eisen’s foot on the ropes and Boettcher see’s it and signals for the match to continue. Cyanide is looking around in confusion and walks over to Boettcher who explains what has happened. Cyanide see’s the foot and rolls his head. He then see’s Eisen moving and begins to stalk him as he gets to his feet using the ropes. He continues to stalk and as he sees him turning around he swings a leg and goes for a spinning crescent kick. Eisen ducks it and lifts Cyanide across his shoulders, dropping him head first with a death valley driver. He pins and Cyanide just about get’s a shoulder up before the three count.

Hoffman comments about what a great match this has turned out to be, as it’s been pretty much back and forth action through out. Eisen is punishing Cyanide now with vicious stomps and elbow drops. He then picks him up and taunts him but Cyanide pushes him away and lands a standing dropkick to his jaw. Both men lie on the mat and Boettcher begins to count them out.

The count gets to eight until both men are finally back on their feet. Cyanide ducks a clothesline from King and as Trip turns around Cyanide performs an awesome hurricarana. Cyanide then gets Trip in an STO position for his finisher, but Eisen elbows him in the side of his head. Eisen brings Cyanide onto his shoulders and lands the Royal Decree (Samoan Driver.) Hoffman yells that it’s all over as he covers for the





Eisen holds his Royal sledgehammer in the air as Hoffman gives props to Cyanide for a good battle. The scene then cuts backstage.



We cut to the backstage area where David Black is seen standing alone facing the camera and holding a piece of paper with some writing on it in his hand. Cuts and bruises on his face are still showing the effects the grueling House of Mirrors match had on him. He waits for the boos from the crowd to die down before he starts reading the piece of paper out loud.

David: Johnny Stevens, Bob Jared, Trip Eisen, Silver Cyanide, Blaze, Shane Reynolds, John Sektor, Aceldama, Ryan Faze and Christopher America….

He folds the paper and puts it in his pocket.

David: The list of names I just read to you, was actually the answer to the following question; Which wrestlers, booked to wrestle tonight, are less talented than David Black. Additionally the answer “all of them” would also have been accepted as a correct answer.

He says, with a smile.

David: But you know, this really isn’t a laughing matter. Last week on Turmoil, I risked both life and limbs when I faced off against Static in a House of Mirrors match, something that the majority of the roster wouldn’t have the guts to even show up for. But I did show up! And not only that, I took everything Static dished out and I still managed to walk out as the winner of the match…or in this case, get carried out as the winner, but the fact remains; I won that match. I proved myself to be the real deal and what do I get in return? Not a damn thing! Not only am I not booked tonight, but I’m not even booked for Mayhem either! We have TWO shows a week now and I’m not booked on either one of them?

He shakes his head.

David: I’m better than that! And I sure as hell deserve better than that! But you know what? I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised, because the truth is, I have been met with NOTHING but disrespect since my very first appearance here in High Octane Wrestling. So I guess that things haven’t really changed all that much…except for one thing. You see, the one thing that HAS changed, is that I’m not just gonna sit around and do nothing while people disrespect me. Which means that if the people in charge of High Octane Wrestling won’t give me what I deserve, I WILL reach out and take it for myself.

He says, with a nod.

David: Everybody thinks that David Black is just a big nothing, a waste of time and space here in HOW, but guess what? I’m gonna prove each and every single one of them wrong! I am only just getting started, and I promise you all one thing, the best…. is yet to come! But hey…I hope you all enjoy the rest of tonight’s snoozefest, and if any of you out there actually manage to sit through the whole thing without falling asleep….

He suddenly starts laughing.

David: Who am I kidding? By the time Faze and Captain America makes it to the ring, the entire building will be asleep or completely empty! But that’s the thing about putting your best player on the bench…you’re just plain asking for trouble.

He shakes his head and laughs as he walks away and we cut back to the ring.

In Ring Time..

Joe Hoffman: Well folks next up we have Blaze taking on Shane Reynolds in a one on one encounter, the old of the best alliance taking on the new.

*All of a sudden the arena goes pitch black as the sound of a fog horn blasts around the arena. A searchlight begins to run around the arena in search of something*

Benny Newell: Brilliant, this big shit!

Joe Hoffman: This is the entrance of Shane’s stable partner Aceldama. He normally ends up anywhere in the arena but so far no sign of him.

Benny Newell: Good, so cut the music and let’s get on with this fight.

*The lights turn back on and there standing in the middle of the ring, with the stable title belt across his shoulder is Aceldama. In his left hand is a microphone and on his right a piece of paper. The crowd boo frantically, but this does not alarm him, as he prepares himself to speak*

Aceldama: Tonight, somewhere backstage, five men sit lost. Five men who once had it all, gone in three short seconds. Wondering, what happened? Well the answer is simple. You had not been challenged before. You thought you had it easy, things were going well. Until we came along, the new breed of the Best Alliance. And all of a sudden, it’s all gone. Well I am out here tonight to talk about the next competitors to this title and who that shall be.

Benny Newell: The AOA you idiot, like SSE will ever win it!

Aceldama: When it comes to competition for these titles for us, what is there? Well there is Shockwave Sports Entertainment, who if they can’t get a cheap shot in first has no chance of winning a match let alone a title. Two weeks ago I walked into the ring with them and defeated them, with a partner I didn’t even get on with! Last week they go into a match and again defeated. Is this stable the next to compete for these titles…….I don’t think so! You are not in our league and you never will be.

So all that leaves is the Argonauts of Awesome? The team that when it was basically a handicap match against an opponent who could not touch one of the competitors , STILL could not win! But I guess you deserve a rematch? Not yet. The fact that you went to Kael to gain an advantage sickens me. So I guess all I got left to say is who we shall name as the first to challenge for these stable titles. Shall it be Shockwave Sports Entertainment or the Argonauts of Awesome?

The answer is neither!

*The crowd go ballistic at this news as the two commentators are taken aback by all this*

Benny Newell: He cant do that, the Best Alliance must defend their title sometime

Aceldama: Why neither? Well in the past two weeks I have defeated them both, and tonight I shall add a further dent to the AOA by defeating John Sektor in this very ring. Why do they deserve to fight for this? (holds up the title). So I guess we have ran out of competition. So, here is the deal. Everyone backstage, I would prick your ears up right about now. This is a call to the entire roster, the first group of wrestlers to form a stable, stabilize it and get it running smoothly, will get the first shot at the stable titles. You heard me ANY group of people who form a working stable, will be the first to get a shot at this (again raises the title). Oh and before I forget, a message to the AOA and SSE, until another stable steps up and accepts this challenge, you will NEVER get a title shot. And this has been made official by Lee Best.

*He raises the piece of paper over his head then brings it back down and glances at it once more.*

Aceldama: Oh wait, there is something else on this. John Sektor, I hope you are listening to this piece. If any member of the Argonauts of Awesome interfere in our match tonight, the AOA will NEVER get a stable title shot whilst the Best Alliance holds the belt. Oh and to make it all fair, don’t want you going off crying on Kael’s shoulder, I also requested that this part be added in. If any Best Alliance member interferes in the match then the rematch for the titles will be granted at a date and match stipulation of your own choices. That is all. Oh and John, just before I go, you may of had a great March, but we are now in April, I am 2-0, how’s your record coming along? Soon to be 3-0, hope you’re ready to fight, cause me, I am ready to brawl!

*Aceldama slides out of the rings and walks up the rampway to the chorus of boos. He smiles proudly as he holds the title firmly across his left shoulder*

Joe Hoffman: You heard it here first folks, Aceldama has called out for new competition for the stable titles! The first competitors for the titles will be a newly formed stable that must prove their worth before they are given the match, and until then both the AOA and SSE will not be allowed to compete for them! And further to that if the AOA interfere in tonight’s match they will NEVER get a chance at the titles whilst the Best Alliance are holders.

Benny Newell: I am away to check the rule books to see if this is not illegal, some by laws must be getting broken here!

Joe Hoffman: But hurry back as next up is Blaze versus Shane Reynolds.

Benny Newell: Oh yea! I forgot, screw that shit, I can’t even read!

Joe Hoffman: Of course you can or else you wouldn’t be a broadcaster?

Benny Newell: When do I ever read that teleprompter?

Joe Hoffman: Very true.

Benny Newell: All improve by me, which makes me more of a professional than you.

Joe Hoffman: I am not even going to begin to tell you what is wrong with that statement! Next up is Blaze vs. Shane Reynolds, stay tuned folks!

Unfortunately still the sponsor of High Octane Wrestling

Blaze vs. Shane Reynolds
Singles Match

We return from break to Blaze already standing by in the ring. Joe Hoffman mentions that his could make or break Blaze’s career tonight as he goes up against Shane Reynolds, currently the hottest commodity in High Octane Wrestling and High Octane Television. Buff Benny is quick to point out that he is also the hottest commodity in the Best Alliance right now, ensuring that Lee Best will be winning War Games. Hoffman reminds Benny that it takes more then one man to win War Games while Benny burps loudly into the microphone in reply.

The lights dim as Shane Reynold’s entrance cues up, the fans getting reacting with mixed boos and cheers. Shane beings to make his way down to the ring before his music is cut off and the lights go back up. Max Kael, Captain Price and Ms. Giovanni all step out onto the stage and proceed down to the ring behind Shane. Shane glares at them as he stands defiantly against them however he does not take an aggressive stance. Max lifts a hand and waves him toward the ring while the MK Group simply stand in the ramp way.

Shane moves into the ring and into his corner as Referee Hortega checks him for weapons. Once complete the bell rings and the bout is started.

Blaze moves in for a lock up however he is quickly met with a swift right to the head followed by a stiff DDT into the mat. Shane rolls up to his feet and glares down at Max Kael who offers a kindly golf clap while Captain Price lights a cigar. Shane climbs the ropes..


Keeping his eyes locked on Max, Shane goes for the cover..





Shane stands up immediately and shoves Blaze to the side while Hoffman comments that Shane has handily defeated Blaze, a former member of the Best Alliance. Benny cheers for Shane and proceeds to take three shots for him. Max holds his hand out as Ms. Giovanni places his custom Maxopotamian Microphone in his hand.

Max Kael: Congratulations, Shane, congratulations. I certainly hope you show the same kind of zeal when we venture to Saints Haven in ten days. Remember, Shane, you’re mine until War Games. After you’re little.. temper tantrum when you struck Sektor last week, I am not in a giving mood. HOWEVER.. I need you in working order for our match, you see. No reason to shot a prize horse in the head before the Kentucky Derby. But.. what you can do for me, Shane..

Max slowly walks down to the ring and lifts a thin finger.

Max Kael:.. what you can do for me Shane is to get out of the ring and step. Right. Here.

He points his finger to the ground in front of him. Shane growls something from the ring and narrows his eyes however, due to his contractual obligation, he does roll out of the ring and move toward Max.

Max Kael: I promised Lee I, nor any of my associates would hit you while out here, so you don’t have to worry about getting jumped by Sektor or any A.o.A. members or anyone I have bribed into attacking you, Shane. I just want you to do something, right now, in front of all these people.

Shane stands just a few inches away from Max wearing a wicked glare while the Prime Minister smirks back at him.

Max Kael: You’re no Issac Slade, this is for sure. You’re barely a man.. while I am More then Man. Dare I say, more then Life? That said… Kneel before your Master.

He cants his head to the side as he points to the ground again. Shane looks outraged, his fists balling on either side as his head begins to shake with fury. Max’s smirk turns into a sneer.

Max Kael: You. Will. KNEEL.

Screaming into his face, small flecks of spittle splatter on Shane’s face who merely turns away looking disgusted. Max’s face is flushed red as he points at the floor again.


Finally, with the last scream, Shane falls to his knees as the crowd boos. Max seems to calm down a little, his flushed face slowly fading back into his arrogant expression. Shane does not look up at Max but rather off to the side, unable to stomach the sight of his “master”.

Max Kael: Good boy. I knew some day you’d.. look up at me. Now get out of my sight.

Tossing his mic to the side, Max and the rest of the MK group leave the ring side area as the crowd boos. Shane remains on his knees for a moment longer, just until Max has safetly left the ring side area before standing. He immediately beings tearing away at the equipment at ring side, breating the gaurd railing with chairs and shoving camera men aside before making his way into the back.


Tune as HOW takes on SH in a 6 man tag team match!!

World Champion interview

Back live and we fade in backstage to see the beautiful yet incredibly dim Kaley Matheson, former wrestling commentator and current velet to Rob Michaels, as she reaches a locker room door. She knocks a couple of times but gets no answer. She knocks a few more times but again gets no answer so she carefully opens the door and steps into the room.

Kaley: Like, helloooooo? Are you, like, in here-EEEEEK!

She screams and shoots back out the door as a bottle smashes on the inner side of the door. Wez, Trent’s lackey, steps out after her.

Wez: Fuck! Shit, sorry! Didn’t know it was you, Kaley! Didn’t hit you, did I?

Looking decidedly unimpressed, Kaley punts Wez in the crotch and walks back in the room as he sags to the floor. Inside the room Trent is sitting on his still overturned locker with a beer in one hand an a joint in the other, the room is still completely trashed, even more so than when it was seen earlier in the week. Kaley looks shocked at the state of the place but Trent doesn’t seem to care. Very carefully, so as to avoid slipping over in her highheels and killing herself on the debris, she steps over to where Trent is sat. She wraps her arms around his shoulders to give a brief but tight hug.

Kaley: Trenty! My Roby told me to come and, like, give you an interview?

Trent: Hey, babe, sure thing, have a fuckin’ seat. Wanna beer or smoke before we start?

She sits beside him but holds her hands up in refusal of the intoxicants.

Kaley: Like, no way, beer makes girls fart and last time I, like, tried smoking with you I woke up in, like, New York.

Trent: Yeah? What’s so bad about New York.

Kaley: It was durning the Las Vegas Tour!

Trent: Ahhh, yeah, I can see how that could be a small fuckin’ problem.

Kaley: Anyway, like, thanks for giving an interview tonight on Turmoil. I know you’re, like, totally busy preparing for your match against Kostoff on Monday Night Mayhem so I’ll make the questions, like, y-fronts… uhh, I mean, like, brief. Now you’ve been in the company a few weeks could you let the viewers know, like, your opion on HOW and the progress of, like, Team SSE?

Trent: Fuck, I love it here! Ain’t had a match yet at already got fuckers queueing up to ‘ave a go at me! From the moment I stepped out on stage two weeks back I had the World Champ’s attention and I had Lee fuckin’ Best’s attention. Reffin’ the main event last week, I got One Ball Wonder, Jatt Starr’s attention. Just being in the damn fed I got Kostoff coming at me with a fuckin’ blood lust. I couldn’t be fuckin’ happier, dude! HOW’s fulla crazy arse bastards and I’m lookin’ forward to fightin’ every damn last one of ’em!

As fer Team SSE, as they say, yer only as strong as yer weakest fuckin’ link, ain’t ya? ‘least in fuckin’ tag matches, that is. Denton ain’t a fuckin’ SSE legend like the rest of us, but he is a hot prospect with the bloody potential to go fuckin’ far. Ain’t fuckin’ surprisin’ my bloody stablemates lost their tag matches lettin’ Denton take over when it fuckin’ matters! He’s got potential but still a lot to fuckin’ learn. He should just step back and let the experts take the fuckin’ spotlight ’til he’s ready to win a god damn match.

Kaley: Your, like, debut match this Monday night on Mayhem is against Chris Kostoff, another former SSE wrestler but, like, totally faithful to HOW. How do you, like, see the match up playing out?

Trent: I see this match up being motherfucking war! Ain’t fuckin’ surprising they booked it on the return of Monday Motherfucking Mayhem, Turmoil just ain’t enough to contain the brutallity and god damn physicallity me and that bastard son of a bitch Kostoff wil put on fuckin’ show fer ya. Ferget Sektor versus Reynolds, ferget Faze versus America, forget fuckin’ Crow versus Triple P, they pale in comparison to the fuckin’ cataclysm that’ll hit the Best Arena when two fuckin’ masters of mayhem mercilessly mutilate each other! If Kostoff’s half the fucking man he claims to be then I see this match being one of the brutalist, bloodiest, fucking ungodly match possible in straight singles competition! I tell ya, Turmoil and the rest of Mayhem’ll look fuckin’ tame compared to showdown between me and Kostoff!

Kaley: Any last words before we, like, totally finish up here?

Trent: Yeah, from now on, SSE starts to show it’s fuckin’ dominance over HOW. Tonight my mentor sent Cyanide to the fuckin’ dumpster and come, Monday night, Kostoff, Max Kael and Triple M will fuckin’ join him! Make sure all you motherfuckers at home tune in to fuckin’ Mayhem and watch a match of the motherfuckin’ year in the makin’ happen right in fronta yer eyes as I destroy Kostoff just like last time he faced me! After we’ve ‘ad an earth shatterin’ brawl, when I can see he’s had a-fuckin’-nuff and needs to be put down it’s just Toke Driver, one, two, fuckin’ three! I’m lookin’ forward to this, Kostoff, bring yer best and let’s make this fuckin’ brutal!

Kaley: Like, thanks, Trent! That’s, like, all from me tonight ladies and gentlemen, this has been, like, Kaley Matheson reporting for SSE.

The camera cuts away as Kaley gets up to leave.


Love Hurts?

Backstage we see Bobbinette walk into the best Arena, she is wearing a casual outfit and not her ring gear, she has a pair of sun glasses then pushes them on top of her head as she looks around. She sees the HOW interviewer Amy Smeets. Amy walks towards her holding the mic towards her. Bobbinette looks at her and takes a deep breath as her face seems a bit pissed off.

Amy: Bobbinette, you’re here on TNT when you’re not scheduled. Could we get a few words on why you’re here?

~Bobbinette looks at her and squints.~

Bobbinette: Yes, I’ve got a few complaints with upper management that I want dealt with. What type of company do I work in when a dirty saddle tramp like Krista Lewis that Saints Haven harlot can come in and kick me in the face?

Amy: She did attack you out of no where. When it looked Like Sektor had something important to say to you…

~Bobbinette looks nervously as she slowly nods her head.~

Bobbinette: Last TNT Sektor wanted to talk to me. He pulled me out into the hall way, he seemed like he had something important to say. But it was interrupted by Krista… See I myself had forgotten that she actually had something to do with Sektor. Then again she’s had something to do with the entire roster if you get my drift.

~Bobbinette says nodding her head. Amy looks at her then nods in agreement understanding what she was saying.~

Bobbinette: But this week, tonight I’m here because of something I feel I need to do.

~She says with a nod Bobbinette pardons herself and walks past Amy Smeets then to a locker room door. She knocks on it apprehensively, the locker room is that of the AoA. The door opens and we see that it is John Sektor. He looks at her. ~

Sektor: I’m a little busy Carey.

Bobbinette: Oh I was going to ask if… Well what I was meaning to ask was… look can we talk?

Sektor: Is it really that important?

~He looks worried as he stands by the door.~

Bobbinette: Well, yeah I came all the way here I’m not scheduled to be here but I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to say thank you for staying with me last week and making sure I was okay. And… I just wanted to tell you that I hope you’re safe in this match and be careful.

~She says nervously. It seems almost like the queen of Epicness is a bit afraid to say something. Bobbinette then takes a step forward and kisses him on the cheek.~

Bobbinette: Good luck… as for the other thing… we can talk next week.

~She then looks around then backs up from the door way away from Sektor. She pushes a few loose hairs out of her face and walks away. Sektor steps back into the locker room turning around as Max Kael looks up eating pop corn.~

Max Kael: I’m really interested in seeing where this is going….

~Max and Sektor look at each other then slowly into the camera.~


Fisher Price Fed love….


John Sektor vs. Aceldama
Street Fight

We return to the Best Arena Ring as various garbage cans, street signs, tables, ladders and chairs can be seen littering the area. The fans are cheering for the upcoming street fight as Joe Hoffman explains how Aceldama upgraded the basic match made by Lee into a Street Fight using some of the funds he scored from signing with the Best Alliance. Benny comments on how Team Best is stacked like a roidhead’s chest while Hoffman reminds him that the Best Alliance has not been particularly stable as of recently.

Aceldama makes his entrance first as the crowd boos him. On his way out Hoffman reminds the viewing audience that Aceldama had requested that no one interfere with the match, either from the Best Alliance or from the A.o.A., punishable to the A.o.A. but denying them any future Stable Title Shots. Aceldama enters the ring and picks up a few chairs, stacking them in the center of the ring. Sektor’s entrance starts up as Matt Boettcher rolls into the ring to start the match. However Sektor does not appear on stage.

Aceldama stands in the middle of the ring with his hands on his hips glaring up at the stage as Sektor’s music continues to play. Suddenly Sektor appears, sliding into the ring after jumping out of the crowd. Aceldama, however, has watched his fair share of other wrestling federations and been in his own fair share of Street Fights. He quickly is on Sektor as he slides into the ring bringing down a series of rights and lefts as Sektor attempts to cover up. The Monster Aceldama drags Sektor up onto his feet and exicutes a standing power slam onto the chairs pilled up in the ring as he goes for a quick cover..




Sektor throws his shoulder up as Aceldama continues the onslaught, not caring about the situation. He stands and begins to kick away at Sektor who continues to do his best to cover up. Eventually Sektor has enough presence of mind to roll out of the ring however Aceldama doggedly continues after him. Attempting to escape, Sektor rolls under the ring which props Aceldama to follow after. Sektor appears on the other side of the ring and clamors to his feet as Aceldama starts to crawl out from under the ring. Sektor charges forward and strikes Aceldama across the face with a running knee which seems to immediately glaze the eyes of the Best Alliance Monster.

Dragging Aceldama the rest of the way out from under the ring, Sektor covers him..




Sektor pulls himself back up and grabs a chair, swinging it down hard down toward Aceldama. Fortunately for Acel, he is able to roll out of the way as the chair crashes to the ground, the shock of it causing Sektor to drop the chair and scream as his hands shake. Aceldama wavers and charges toward Sektor who is able to dodge out of the way as Aceldama connects with the ring pole, the thud echoing around the arena. Aceldama drops to a knee holding his shoulder as Sektor grabs a near by sign.

Swinging down on Aceldama, Sektor attempts to take the big man off his feet by continually attacking the monster’s head. Aceldama drops to both knees as he stares forward with a blurred expression. Sektor finishes the assault by hitting a drop kick to Aceldama’s head causing him to smash against the side of the ring before slumping down. Sektor goes for the cover..




Sektor gets back up to his feet and begins to set up a table as Aceldama stirs, holding his head. Hoffman comments about how it must be the hardest part of his body while Benny swears that Sektor is a prostitute he once knew. Sektor turns to grab Aceldama only to get hit with a sudden and violent spine buster through the table that Sektor had just set up. The crowd starts a holy shit chat as Aceldama goes for the pin..




NO! KICKOUT BY SEKTOR! Buff complains about bad reffing while Hoffman indicates that Sektor did, in fact, get his arm up before the three count. Aceldama gets up, holding his head as he rolls into the ring toward the pile of chairs he plced at the start of the match. Outside the ring Sektor is starting to pull himself up when Aceldama starts throwing chairs at him. One by one the chairs smash into Sektor as he rolls on the ground screaming each time one slams into his body. Aceldama sends five chairs in total outside the ring at Sektor, torturing the A.o.A. member with brute force. Finally Aceldama rolls out of the ring and grabs Sektor, hoisting him up and smashing him down into a Jack Knife Powerbomb onto one of the chairs.

Sektor goes limp as Aceldama makes the cover..





The action cuts to a commercial break as the Stable Champion stands tall over Sektor


Team Best: Aceldama, Shane Reynolds, Jatt Starr vs. Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, John Sektor vs. Team SSE: Rob Michaels, Trip Eisen


Have Faith

The door to Max’s office swings open after a brief three knocks, the ICON Champ Issac Slade walks in, He see’s the room is full as Captain Price and the temporarily cycloptic Miss Giovanni stand by the desk, Max seated behind it maintaining his silence, he beckons to an empty seat in front of his desk, Issac feels as if he’s heading for the firing squad and after the events of last week he could very well be, but if he’s headed for certain death then he can confidently do it with no regrets.

Issac Slade: You wanted to see me?

He asked keeping his eyes on Max, paying the others no heed

Max is wearing a simple black suit, his Maxopotamian armband clearly visible as usual. His chin sports a three day old beard, his dark, wild hair slicked back behind his ears giving him a slightly wild appearance.

His eyes do not look at Issac Slade but rather seem to glare at the man’s chest as he takes a seat.

Max Kael: If I didn’t, you would not be here, thank you Mr. Slade.

Ms. Giovanni picks up a clip board off Max’s desk while Captain Price pulls a slender cigar from his pocket, eyeing it carefully. Max leans forward and folds his hands together on his desk as he continues to stare forward at Issac Slade’s chest.

Max Kael: Your apology now, please.

Issac looks at the Captain and then back to Miss Giovanna, he looks at Max and then sighs deeply

Issac Slade: You’re right I owe you an apology…

Looking at Max he narrows his eyes

Issac Slade: I’m sorry you bit off more than you could chew last week

Max still did not make eye contact, instead he stared forward as he bit his lip slightly at Issac Slades apparent disinterest in apologising.

Max Kael: Mr. Slade, I am a forgiving man, far more than your God ever was yet you have an infinite level of respect for him or her. Ergo, I shall give you one more chance to apologize for what you did last week.

Issac leans back in his chair folding his arms across his chest, his body language tells Kael not to expect an apology

Issac Slade: Another comparison to “My God” if I had dollar for every time I’ve heard that since I came here I could afford to wrestle for HOW Pro Bono Max, I won’t debate your remarks about “My God” as you obviously don’t care in the first place, but i will tell you that if you called me in here for an apology then…

Issac Stands up

Issac Slade: Then I’ll show myself out Mister Kael.

Max sighed and turned his head, his hands clapping together softly as he nodded to Captain Price. Price turned and opened a near by cabinet to reveal a flat screen T.V. monitor. On the screen was a man bound to a chair, a hood over his face.

Max Kael: You know, this place.. it gets into your head. Maybe it’s Lee throwing the world on my shoulders on Easter or maybe.. maybe it’s just this place. These people. This job. This.. Faith? If you walk out that door, if you do not apologise, if you shut me out, Slade..

He lifted a hand toward Price who clicked something on the remote. On the monitor a man in black could be seen walking toward the man with a small nail hammer. He bends down and starts to remove his shoes.

Max Kael: You know what is funny? I don’t even know this man and legally, I disavow any knowledge of what is about to happen.. but Slade, if I was capable of ordering a perfectly harmless, innocent person of being tortured.. imagine what I could do to someone I actually.. wanted to hurt..

Issac turns and stares at the monitor, he turns back and looks at Max with something new in his eyes, it’s not fear, more like anger

Issac Slade: You’re telling me your wounded ego needs soothing this badly Max? Don’t hurt him, let him go, You want an apology given because it was blackmailed out of me?

Issac’s eyes are riveted to the screen

Issac Slade: Listen to me Kael…if one bone in that man’s body gets broken I will break two in yours, If you want a hollow apology then fine…”I’m sorry”

Max’s eyes slowly rise up toward Slade. However where Slade’s eyes are marked by purpose, by drive Max’s seem drained, lost and lacking in that wild quality. The dark bags under his eyes show off how tired he truly looks. Akin to a clay statue that was left under running water for too long, he seemed to droop and seemed grey.

Max Kael: Ego? No, no, this isn’t about ego, Slade. What is a Saint, Mr. Slade? Define it for me, won’t you.

Captain Price turns away from the monitor to eye the two of them as he chews on his cigar, the remote still in his hand.

Issac Slade: I’m not a Saint so I wouldn’t know Max, I’m just a man, A Saint wouldn’t have laid you out last week in the middle of the ring that you own half of, So why don’t you tell me what you “think” a Saint is, save us both some time

Unaware Issac is clenching his own hands, his nails digging into his palms while he glares at the Television where the man is.

Max Kael: A Saint is a person sanctified; a Person of Conviction, of Superior Virtue. You do not choose to become a Saint, Mr. Slade. You do not quest to become a Saint, it is a title gifted to you by others for you’re dedication and sacrifice. Slade.. you are a Saint and I am going to prove to the world how Saint Like you are. Because I need too. Because you need to recognize it. Even if it kills you..

For the first time a smile slithers across Max’s mouth, like a zipper being undone to reveal sharp white teeth.

Max Kael: ..Slade it is time to put those virtues of yours to the test. You’re going to do what I say, when I say it, how I say it. You’re going too.. or I am going to start hurting people. I’ll start low, of course, with no one we know. But it will increase. It will get worse. People are going to get hurt and you, Issac Slade, have the power to make or break them. Do as I say and everything is fine. Act like a mule’s ass and.. well, instead of you being the Saint, we’re make a Martyr out of someone else, catch my drift? All this will take is..

He cleared his throat, leaning back in his chair as he returned to his grey, detached and distant appearance once again. He lifted a hand toward Ms. Giovanni who held out a War Game’s contract toward Issac, one that indicated that Issac would be on Team M.K.

Ms. Giovanni: ..Have a little Faith.

Looking down at the Contract Issac narrowed his eyes, taking it he looks it over, looking at Max he takes the paper and rips it in half right down the middle letting the pieces flutter down onto Max’s desk, sitting back down in his chair he leans on his elbows looking at Max with a piercing gaze

Issac Slade: I have no Faith in a man who has no Faith at all…now let’s try this again, no matter how many people you hurt that fact will never change

Looking at Max holding his gaze even though he can’t be sure Max is looking “at” him

Issac Slade: Max Kael do you want me on your team to prove some empty point about how you can abuse your power? Or do you want Issac Slade, The ICON Champion on your team, because you feel I’d best round out your team? If you want me for those reasons then just ask me Max…ask me and I’ll say yes

Max has returned to not looking at Issac, his eyes now looking off to the side as he leans back in his chair. His jaw clenches as Issac berates him however he does not seem to react otherwise. He seemed to shrink slightly before Issac as he sunk back in his chair as if he were attempting to retreat.

Max Kael: Faith is the belief in that which exists without proof, is it not, Mr. Slade? Sign the contract.. Why are you making this so difficult? Do you think I would go through all this trouble just to throw the contact back in your face?

His eyes fell to the two halves of the contract he just tore that lay on the floor.

Issac Slade: I’m not making this difficult at all Max…as a matter of fact I’m making this a great deal more simple for you than you’ve made it for me…look me in the eyes and tell me you want me on your team, and I’ll say yes.

Issac’s gaze doesn’t waver from Max’s face

Issac Slade: Enough with the games Max…just ask me.

Max Kael:..A trick?

Issac Slade: You tell me Max, I think between the two of us you know more about “Tricks” than i do

Max seemed to dwell on that for a moment longer before his eyes slowly narrowed, turning toward Issac. He matched eyes with him, Max’s own eyes twitching back and forth as he studied Issac carefully.

Max Kael:..Mr. Slade.. the fact of the matter is.. on Mayhem.. you’ll get to see first hand that Max Kael shall reap what you have sown. You may leave now, Mr. Slade.

Standing up, Issac Nods to Max

Issac Slade: You ask me to “Have a little Faith” but you don’t even have a shred of “Trust”

Heading for the door Issac turns back to look at Max

Issac Slade: If you hurt someone close to me Max, or if you hurt someone in my name, a fan, an innocent, anyone…you’ll make an enemy out of me, and then you’ll find out the difference between a Saint and Issac Slade.

Slamming Max’s door on his way out Issac leaves

Max stares at where Slade was standing before. Max blinks slowly before he turns to Captain Price.

Max Kael: He did say “In his name” right?”

Action cuts to another part of the backstage area..


Power Chat

We cut to another part of the backstage where we see Scottywood standing in Lee Best’s office. Lee is sitting behind his desk going though a few papers as Scottywood whose head is still all bandaged up from last week is holding his hockey stick tightly in his hands and staring at Lee.

Lee: So you understand what I need you to do tonight? I don’t give a fuck who wins between America and Faze….but whoever does win, I need you to make sure that they aren’t able to walk away from that ring. I need you to soften them up for when Static cashes in his LSD title shot and brings that belt back to The Best Alliance.

Scottywood: I more than understand Lee, my hockey stick and me are more than ready to dish out some pain, especially to America. I mean look at my head. The doctors said it’s goings to be a month before my head fully heals that cheese grater. So thanks for not giving me some time off and booking me on the return of Mayhem.

Lee: Good, and I need to make sure that Bobbinette and Darkwing are taken care of. I think Max is struggling to find his last two War Games members and I think he may turn to one or both of them to join his team. So if you and Static take them out and make sure they aren’t healthy to wrestle, then Max’s potential pool of people shrinks.

Scotty nods his head, seemingly agreeing with Lee’s rationale for the booking of the match.

Scottywood: Speaking of War Games, I was curious as to when you are going to name me to your War Games team? I mean it’s not like it’s a big secret or anything. Might as well just make it official so everyone knows that Lee Best is going to have the most dominant team at War Games.

Lee pauses from reading his papers and looks up at Scotty, not saying anything for a second, as he seems to be gathering his thoughts.

Lee: War Games….ya….

Suddenly the phone of Lee’s desk rings and his head quickly turns and answers the phone.

Lee: It’s Lee, go ahead.

He listens for a second seconds as whoever that is calling addresses who they are to Lee.

Lee: Ok, hold on one second.

Lee puts his hand over the phone as he turns back to Scotty.

Lee: I need to take this call in private Scotty. Well talk later after the show is over.

Scottywood: …Sure thing Lee.

Lee goes back to his phone conversation as Scotty turns and makes his way back to his office, seemingly griping his hockey stick even harder as he goes to get ready for the main even


HOW LSD Title Match
“Phenomenal” Ryan Faze vs. Christopher America
Special Guest Referee: Scottywood

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to Thursday night Turmoil folks and were now ready for out main event match, AoA member Christopher America will be defending his America Championship of America against “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze here in a Submission match.

Benny Newell: With our illustrious Commissioner Scottywood as the special guest referee, don’t forget.

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed cuts in as boos echo through The Best Arena as Scottywood makes his way out from backstage and down to the ring with hockey stick in hand and wearing a referee’s jersey with orange armbands on each arm.

Amy Smeets: Please welcome tonight’s special guest referee, the Commissioner of High Octane Wrestling….The Hardcore Artist….Scottywood!

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of…..is he wearing orange arm bands? What does he think this is? A hockey game?

Benny Newell: Do you want to tell the many armed with a hockey stick something else?

Joe has no response as Scotty enters the rings and “phase” by breaking Benjamin starts to play and the boos for Scottywood quickly turn to cheers as Ryan Faze makes his way out onto the stage.

Amy Smeets: The following match is a submission match and is for the LSD championship. First making his way to the ring, the challenger, from Chicago Illinois and weighing in at 213 pounds….The Faze of HOW….Ryan Faze!

Faze seems to be very pumped up for this match as he makes his way down the ring, acknowledging the fans along side the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Last week on Turmoil Ryan Faze was given this title almost out of no where by Jatt Starr who just handed it over to Ryan Faze right after America retained the LSD title against Scottywood….whereRyan Faze made the pinfall count.

Benny Newell: Screw job Joe, the referee screwed Scottywood again. How ironic that he is now the referee for this match against Faze and America.

Joe Hoffman: For the record there was no evidence of foul play by Faze in his decision last week, though shockingly The Best Alliance seems to be trying to spin it as if there was.

Faze climbs into the ring as Scottywood is staring at the man who he believes cost him his shot at regaining his LSD championship. We can see Faze try and explain to Scottywood that he made a clean count last week, but there is no reaction from Scottywood who just stares at Faze until we are cut off by “The American National Anthem”

Joe Hoffman: And you know this means only one thing.

Benny Newell: A baseball game?

Joe shakes his head as “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor cuts into The Anthem and we see Christopher America emerge onto the stage with the LSD title around his waist.

Amy Smeets: And his opponent, hailing from the United States of America and weighing in at 235 pounds….He is the HOW LSD Champion…..Christopher America!!!

America makes his way down the ramp to a large volume of boos from the Chicago crowd as he slides into the ring and if the stare that Scottywood was intense, then this is something above intense. America stares right back at Scottywood as he undoes the LSD title from around his waist and raises it high above his head.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know how smart it is of America to rub in his victory last week like he is. I mean Scottywood is the man that will be deciding if America stays champion tonight or not.

Scottywood extends his hand, asking America to give him the LSD title, but America shakes his head as he walks over to the ropes himself and hands the timekeeper the title himself as Scottywood places his hockey stick down on the ring apron and calls for the bell to get the match underway.

Joe Hoffman: America not even wanting Scottywood to touch his title.

The match starts up with America and Faze locking up in a collar elbow tie up and after a couple irish whips it turns into the two exchanging punches which gives Faze the upper hand as America seems to still be healing from his match last week against Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: You can see the bandage on America’s head, just like Scottywood’s as both men suffered last week to that cheese grater in that brutal LSD title match. How much will that factor into this match tonight?

Faze has America in the corner of the ring and delivers a couple of chops across the chest which get the mandated Woooos from the Chicago fans. America gets whipped across the ring into the opposite corner as Faze chases after him and with a amazing vertical leap he grabs America’s head with his legs and connects with a big hurracanrana. Faze quickly goes to lock in the Inverted CrossFaze but right before he is able to lock it in America is able to escape his grasp and roll out of the ring.

Benny Newell: Close one for America, Faze was only a split second away from locking that submission move in.

America collects himself as Scottywood starts the 10 count on America who doesn’t seem to concerned about being counted out but Faze isn’t going to allow it as he runs towards the ropes and springboards off them and does a suicide dive which connects sending both men crashing into the announce table and Benny’s freshly poured shot to be spilled.

Benny Newell: Damnit! Can we get Scottywood to Dq somebody for this?

Joe Hoffman: Suicide dive by Faze, he is not going to give America a moment to rest tonight.

Scotty exits to check on both men as he doesn’t even bother restarting the 10 count as Faze is the first man to climb back up to his feet. He sizes up America who is using the announce table to pull himself back up but Faze stays right on him with a drop kick to America’s right knee which sends him hard back into the floor as Faze starts to stomp on the same knee.

Joe Hoffman: America and the AoA targeted Faze’s injured knee a few weeks ago, and looks like Faze is trying to get some payback for that.

After finishing stomping the knee, Faze locks on a single leged boston crab, wrenching on that knee he has been concentrating on as Scottywood slides into position to see if America wants to submit.

Scottywood: Give up Chris! Give up! Come on, give up!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know if Scotty is confused with what a referee’s duties are, but I don’t think he is suppose to ask him, not tell him to give up.

America refuses to tap as he takes his free leg and is able to get a kick up to Faze’s face, which connects and breaks the hold. Faze stumbles away for a second as America grabs hold of his knee, which is obviously in pain. America is able to climb to his feet as reaches under the ring and pulls out his American painted steel chair to the boos of the crowd. America starts to walk back to Faze who realizes too late and get’s cracked over the head with the steel chair.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on! This isn’t a hardcore match. That should be a disqualification.

Benny Newell: Well I don’t think Scottywood is going to let America out of this match this easily. Don’t expect any DQs in this match.

America now starts to go to work on the knee of Faze as he slams the steel chair into it twice, each causing Faze to wince in pain. America then opens the chair up a bit and places Faze’s leg in it so his knee is right in place to be crushed. He then hops up on the announce table which causes another freshly poured shot of Benny’s to be spilled. America jumps off the table and right down on the steel chair as Faze yells out in pain.

Joe Hoffman: America may have just shattered the knee of Faze there as our Commissioner just stands by and watches.

Benny isn’t even listening as he is wiping the spilled alcohol up with a towel as we see America lock an American Figure Four onto Faze, which puts even more pressure on that injured knee of Ryan Faze. Chris yells at Scottywood to ask Faze if he submits but instead of doing that, Scotty reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone, which is apparently ringing and answers it. America is livid as he continues to keep the hold on Faze and continues yelling at Scotty to get of the phone.

As if he is hearing America for the first time he looks over and gives a fake expression of shock as he places his phone back into his pocket and walks over to America and Faze but instead of asking Faze if he submits he rolls the two of them over, reversing the pressure onto America as the crowd give a huge cheer.

Scottywood: You wanna submit Chris? Come on, give up!

America is in some real pain now as he struggles to break the hold and finally manages too as both men’s knees are in a lot of pain.

Joe Hoffman: Well we asked what kind of effect Scottywood would have on this match and there you have it. It seems Scottywood will do anything he can to make sure America doesn’t walk out of this match as the champion.

Both men have been able to make their ways back into the ring and America has control of Faze and hits an America backbreaker in the middle of the ring. Faze stumbles back to his feet as America locks in the American Dream submission move, but before it can take full effect and Chris can lift him up for the backbreaker portion Faze hits a couple quick elbows to the stomach of America and breaks the hold and drops America with a quick Enzigueri kick to the head.

Joe Hoffman: Close one for Faze, once that American Dream is locked in, there is almost no way out.

Knowing how close he was just there, Faze wastes little time as he lifts America up and locks in the Inverted CrossFaze on America as the crowd cheers for Faze and Scottywood gets in position again to check on America. Faze wrenches on the neck of America who is refusing to tap as he is able to able to flip backwards and reverse the CrossFaze into a reverse face lock of his own and then into an American inverted DDT.

Joe Hoffman: Amazing reversal by Christopher America, he seems to be very slippery tonight in this match.

Benny Newell: Could be all that body oil I hear that the AoA uses. Rumor is they order a case of the stuff every show.

America is now the one not wasting any time as he rolls Faze over and locks in his American Nightmare submission move, which bends Faze around like a pretzel and puts more pressure on the injured knee. Again America has to yell at Scottywood to pay attention, as he has exited the ring and is up against the crowd barricade hitting on one of the woman at ringside. America continues to yell which takes his concentration off Faze a little who starts to pull himself towards the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: America better concentrate on Faze and not worry about Scottywood.

Faze is inching closer to the ropes as we suddenly see referee Joel Hortega run down the ramp and slide into the ring which brings America’s attention back to Faze, stopping him just a few inches away from the ropes and pull him back to the center of the ring. Hortega asks Faze if he wants to give up and we see the arm of Faze raise up as if it is about to tap out.

Joe Hoffman: Faze doesn’t seem like he can escape….might be over here!

Faze’s seems like he is about to tap, but then violent starts to shake his head as he again starts to pull himself towards the ropes. America tries to fight it, but he is starting to get tired from holding Faze in the submission and Faze starts inching towards the ropes. He is just about to grab the bottom rope and then we see Hortega stomp the hand of Faze causing him to loose his grip and allow America to pull Faze back towards the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Hortega helping America? After what happened last week?

Benny Newell: Could because Faze stole his job last week, you know how defensive those Mexicans are about their work.

Scottywood now sees what is going on in the ring and slides back in as Hortega turns around and tell Scotty that he is relieving him, and to leave the ring. But The Hardcore Artist just laughs as he drives his boot into the stomach of Hortega and lifts him up onto his shoulders before hitting the Game Misconduct on Hortega. The crowd actually roars with cheers as Scottywood drops to the mat and starts trash talking Hortega.

Benny Newell: Scottywood getting his revenge on Hortega for what happened at The Alamo.

Joe Hoffman: And the crowd seems to be liking it….if only because of what Hortega just did to Faze.

America is again furious with Scottywood as he finally breaks the hold on Faze and gets right into Scottywood’s face. The two go back and forth yelling at each other as Scotty threatens to strip him of the title if he lays a hand on him.

Joe Hoffman: Things look like they are degenerating quickly here as were finally seeing a showdown between Scotty and America.

Benny Newell: It was only a matter of time before something happened between these two, I mean what else could you expect when there in the same ring?

Scotty tells Chris to get back to the match but Chris is still furious with Scotty for his bias refereeing as Scotty pretends to be shocked at the allegations. As that seems to make America even mad and it seems as if he is going to strike Scotty but is interrupted by Faze who has managed to get back up to his feet and locks in the Fazemission on America to the roar of the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: America concentrated too much on Scottywood and forgot about Ryan Faze.

Faze has the Fazemission locked in as he starts to choke the life out of Christopher America in the center of the ring. Scottywood is right there in America’s face telling him to give up and we can audibly hear Chris give an American fuck you to Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: I think that’s a no Benny.

Benny Newell: Thank you Mr. Obvious.

Faze continues to keep the hold locked in as America starts to slip into unconsciousness as you can see the smile on Scottywood’s face as he quickly raises the limp arm of America and watches it hit the mat once. He raises it again and it hit the mat again. Raising it for the third time and it hits the mat and Scottywood calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: It is over, Faze has choked America out!

Amy Smeets: The winner of this match and the NEW HOW LSD Champion….RYAN FAZE!!!!

The crowd in Chicago is going wild as Scottywood hands Faze the LSD title which he raises over his head in celebration. Scotty though goes and picks up his hockey stick from the ring apron and looks like he is going to attack Faze with it as he has his back turned to Scotty. But he has second thoughts about it as Faze turns around to see the armed Scottywood and quickly rolls out of the ring. Scottywood then drops the hockey stick and gives Faze a small applause.

Benny Newell: Come on Scotty! He should have knocked his head off.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood obviously has gained a little respect for Faze in that match.

Faze slowly walking backwards up the ramp, still not trusting Scottywood to turn his back on him again, but this causes him not to see Static coming out from backstage and clubbing Faze in the back of the head with his baseball bat, knocking him out cold.

Joe Hoffman: Static with his baseball bat Shirley just took out the newly crowd LSD champion Faze.

Benny Newell: I guess someone in The Best Alliance knows how to get the job done. Take a look at the future LSD champion folks…Static!

Static picks the LSD title up from Faze and raises both it and his baseball bar above his head and stares at Scottywood who is staring right back at him from inside the ring as TNT goes off the air for the night.

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