TNT: October 10th, 2002 (2002)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Thursday Night TNT
October 10th, 2002
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI


The pyros go off all over Joe Louis Arena, as the crowd jumps to their feet for the start of Thursday Nite TNT. The cheers turn to boos as Back in Black blasts over the PA system and Lee Best, HOW owner, makes his way down to the ring. Best waves to the crowd, who continue to boo him unmercifully, and enters the squared circle with mic in hand.

Lee Best: Thank you Detroit for that all love. Of course I am sure you give the same amount of love to your beloved Tigers don’t you??

Best smiles as the crowd begins to chant ASSHOLE…ASSHOLE..

Lee Best: This isn’t WWE here folks. So you can stop that ridiculous chant. I am out here to inform you all that your World Champion wont be here tonight. Nope sorry. Miniacle has some personal matters to take care of, and being the generous owner that I am, gave Miniacle the night off. With that said AJ will also be getting the night off. But enough of that. Lets get to some important matters.

Best smiles as he pauses. Best then pulls an envelope out of his jacket pocket. He opens it up and proceeds to explain its meaning.

Lee Best: Listed on this list of paper are the names of all those that have aligned themselves with the Best Alliance. Jatt Starr, Acid, and Omar Rasheem are the names you know. But there are others that are in the Alliance. Wrestlers that you would never believe would jump ship…as you fans like to say. Nope these wrestlers are the smart ones. They are the ones that will lead this wrestling organization into the stratusphere. And tonight there will be more to jump ship…trust me. You cant blame them. Those that aren’t in the Alliance…well lets just say that they will have some very long programs with Ice Cube and Dr. Dre……is that what they want…I don’t think so. So I will leave you all with this thought for tonights matches…watch carefully, fore the heros you cheer for might actually be the ones that you will be booing next week. Think about it!!

Best drops the mic and exits the ring to the sounds of boos. He has a huge smile on his face.

Joe: Well folks TNT is off and running. I am Joe Hoffman and once again to my right is Chris Tucker. What did Best mean when he said that someone will be jumping ship tonight?

Chris: I think he meant that someone would be joining the Best Alliance…what the hell do you think he meant?

Joe: I don’t like it. Tonight is bound to be unpredictable. Lets get ready for out first matchup. The aforementioned team of Ice Cube and Dr. Dre will be taking on the duo of Crazy and Chico, who had a helluva match on Mayhem.


Crazy & Chico vs. NWA

Today was a good day by Ice Cube blasts over the PA system as Ice Cube and Dr. Dre make there way down to ringside. Both appear very confident. They receive some scattered cheers along with some boos. Cube and Dre enter the ring and await their opponents.

Joe: Look Chico and Crazy are entering thru the crowd. Ice Cube and Dr. Dre have no idea!!

Chico stands right behind Cube while Crazy is towering over Dre. The crowd is cheering loudly as Chico and Crazy flip off Cube and Dre.

Chris: Oh they can do that shit behind their backs….CUBE….DRE…LOOK BEHIND YOU!!

Hearing their friend Tucker Cube and Dre turn around. Chico and Crazy meet them with solid right hands. The ref signals for the bell….TNT are underway.

Chico punches Cube all the way to the corner while Crazy does the same to Dre. With a look to each other, Chico and Cube irish whip Cube and Dre right into each other.

Joe: Chico and Crazy are working great as a team so far.

Chico and Crazy deliver a double suplex to Cube. They walk over to Dre and deliver a double DDT. Crazy throws Dre out of the ring and goes to his teams corner.

Joe: Looks like the ref has restored some kind of order. Chico will start the match against Ice Cube.

Chico whips Cube into the ropes and delivers a nasty dropkick. Chico executes a running clothesline. The crowd is on their feet as Chico delivers a belly-to-belly suplex. Chico still fired up delivers a belly to back suplex.

Joe: The kid looks like a regular Steiner out there.

Chico goes and makes a tag. Crazy enters and pounds Cube with a stiff kick before he could make a tag to Dre. Crazy whips cube into the ropes and gives Cube a hip toss. Cube pops up and is given another hip toss but this time Crazy hangs on with an armbar. Cube is reaching desperately to make the tag but Crazy lets go of Cube and gives Dre a big boot, knocking Dre to the floor.

Crazy turns around and is met with a dropkick to his knee. Cube scrambles to make a tag but Dre is on the floor. Cube hollers for Dre to get up. but to no avail. Cube kicks Crazy in the leg again. Cube executes a shinbreaker. Dre slowly makes his way back up to the corner. Cube walks over to make the tag but Crazy grabs his foot. Dre jumps in the ring to help but the ref holds him back.

With the ref’s back turned, Chico runs in and gives Cube a running bulldog. Chico immediately slides out of the ring with his hands up in the air.

Joe: Chico got away with that one.

Chris: Man I will bitch slap that dude back to Mexico.

Crazy body slams Cube and then drags him over to Chico. Crazy tags Chico in. The two set Cube up on the turnbuckle. Dre tries to interfere again but the ref holds him back. Crazy and Chico execute a double superplex off the top ropes. The ref turns back around in time to see Chico going for the pin…1….2….Dre breaks up the count.

The ref once again has to walk Dre back to his corner.

Joe: Dre is getting very frustrated. He wants in bad. The match gets underway as Kanyoner rushes at CK with a clothesline but CK duckes and begins to lay some punches to Kanyoner. He the grabs and whips him to the ropes. Kanyoner comes back and takes him down with a spear and begins to punch him in the face.

Chico climbs the top rope and delivers a leg drop to Cube. Instead of covering Chico tags Crazy back in. Crazy delivers a Russian leg sweep. Cover. 1…2…kickout by Cube. Crazy throws Cube out of the ring and begins to argue with the ref about Dre trying to interfere. Chico seizes the opportunity to grab a chair and proceeds to DDT Cube onto the chair. Seeing this Dre jumps down and runs around the ring to help out his partner.

Seeing Dre coming, Chico slides Cube back into the ring. Crazy turns around and is met by a desperation low blow by Cube. The ref warns Cube. Outside the ring Dre and Chico are going blow for blow.

With Crazy temporarily down and out Cube crawls to the corner to make the tag but no one is there. Cube turns around to see Dre exchanging blows with Chico. Cube yells for Dre and Dre runs back to his corner. Chico grabs a chair and enters the ring. The ref sees Chico with the chair and grabs the chair out of Chicos hand and tells him to get back to his corner. While this is going on Dre finally gets back to the corner and Cube makes the tag. Dre comes running in and nails Crazy with a kick to the gut. Hearing this, the ref orders Dre back to the corner. Dre signals that a tag was made but the ref shakes his head no…

Joe: The ref didn’t see the tag. Oh my. just when they needed one.

Chris: This is some bullshit here.

Finally Dre exits the ring and Cube is forced back into action. Frustrated Cube, reenters the ring and attacks Crazy. Cube body slams Crazy and then whips him into the ropes. Chico makes a blind tag and Cube delivers a back body drop. He turns and his met with a dropkick by Chico. Chico whips Cube into the corner. Crazy delivers blows to Cube as Chico distracts the ref. Dre jumps in the ring and the ref goes to block him. Chico runs to the corner and delivers a high knee to Cube.

Joe: The ref has had his hands full in this one. But credit must be given to Chico and Crazy for working so good as a team after just a week ago having a very physical match.

Chico delivers a neck breaker. Chico signals to the crowd. Chico climbs up to the top rope. Dre runs in but so does Crazy. Crazy clotheslines Dre out of the ring.

Cube slowly gets to his feet and is met with a bulldog off the top rope by Chico. Chico covers…1…..2…..3…

The ref signals for the bell.

The winners of the match via pinfall…..CHICO AND CRAZY.

Crazy runs over and hugs Chico. They both then take off into the crowd as Dre is chasing them with a chair. Dre stops at the guardrail, drops the chair and rolls into the ring and checks on Cube. Dre picks up Cube and carries him to the back. The two are pelted with YOU SUCK chants from the crowd. Dre flips the crowd off as go behind the curtain


Kanyoner vs. Chris C.K.

Joe: Our next match is the debut of a highle touted wrestler named Chris C.K. He will square off against a man that looked good against Shocker on Mayhem.

The match gets underway as Kanyoner rushes at CK with a clothesline but CK ducks and begins to lay some punches to Kanyoner. He the grabs and whips him to the ropes. Kanyoner comes back and takes him down with a spear and begins to punch him in the face

Joe: Looks like Kanyoner is taking him down early with that spear.

Chris: Of course, man. Gotta end this shit early so got more time to smoke bud.

Joe: Right….

Kanyoner gets up and stomps down on the smaller CK and the covers for 2. He picks him up and hits a backbreaker. CK falls to the mat. Kanyoner stomps down on his back and hits a hard elbow drop.

Joe: Kanyoner is a smart man by working on body part. He’s giving a hell of beating to his back.

CK holds his back in pain as Kanyoner picks him. Kanyoner whips him and takes him down with a clothesline. He covers…

1.. 2.. Kickout!

Joe: Close fall there.

Chris: Damn right it was.

He picks him up once more and hits him with some hard forearms to the back and delivers a stiff german suplex, folding CK.


Joe: Oh yeah, that was a nasty german by Kanyoner. He’s in complete control now.

CK wrenches his back in agony. Kanyoner drags him into the center of the ring and slaps on a sharpshooter. CK hollers as Kanyoner wrenches back, forcing his weight on his back. The ref checks for a tap. CK refuses to give up.

Joe: Kanyoner can end it here if he can keep him from the ropes.

Chris: I think he gonna tap!

CK struggles and crawls slowly to the ropes. Kanyoner tightens the hold but CK fights it. After a minute, CK lunges and grabs the bottom rope. The ref makes Kanyoner break the hold.

Joe: CK lucky he got to the ropes in time

Pissed, Kanyoner picks him up and gives him a brutal spinebuster that make CK bounce of the mat Chris: Ok, its over man.

He covers..

1… 2.. Kickout!

Kanyoner picks him up and whips him to the ropes. He tries for a back body drop but CK kicks him in the gut and gives him a big DDT.

Joe: What a comeback by Kanyoner!

Chris: Man, this is some bullshit!

CK covers but gets a 2 count. CK stomps him and climbs the turnbuckle, waiting Kanyoner to get up. Kanyoner gets to his feet and CK greets him with perfect missile dropkick to the face. Kanyoner falls and CK goes to the opposite turnbuckle. He climbs it.

Joe: Looks like CK is about to try for a high risk attack

Chris: He gonna fall, watch.

CK jumps off and lands a moonsault on Kanyoner. He hooks the leg..

1.. 2.. Kickout!

CK picks him up and signals for Breakdown.

Joe: Uh oh, he could end it here.

CK tries for it but Kanyoner fights his way out of it and counters it with Kanyoniser! Both are down

Chris: Damn, someone cover!

Joe: Looks like both men are down. This one hell of a match.

Just then, Shocker comes down to the ring. He climbs and picks up Kanyoner. He hits the Shockwave(spiked chokeslam). Shocker smiles at Kanyoner and points to his shirt. It reads BEST ALLIANCE. Shocker then spits on Kanyoner and leaves the ring.

Joe: That son of a bitch!

Chris: What the hell is going on?

CK staggers to his feet, holding his back. He looks down at the fallen Kanyoner. He runs to the ropes and hits a lionsault. He hooks the leg…

1.. 2.. 3!

Joe: What a match! The newcomer wins with the upset!

Chris: With help from Shocker.

Joe: I wonder why Shocker attacked Kanyoner?

Chris: Man, He lost on Monday didn’t he? You dumbass..lets get on with the next match!.


Omar Rasheem vs. Jason Ice

Joe: Well this next match is big for both guys. For Omar this is his first match as a member of the Best Alliance, so he will be looking to impress Best with his performance. For Jason Ice this is an opportunity for him to leave the Best Alliance and get back on his own. This should be very interesting.

Bombs over Baghdad by Outkast play as Omar Rasheem makes his way to the ring on a camel. Halfway down the ramp Omar stops the camel and sand and pyros shoot out of the stage as Omar raises his hands. He leaves his camel at ringside, gets into the ring and poses on two turnbuckles pounding on his chest then raising his hands.

Jason Ice stares at Omar as he is posing. Finally Omar is ready to go. They lockup. Jason Ice gets the upper hand with a side headlock. Ice punches Omar in the head.

Joe: Omar is laid out on that punch. Wait theres a cover..1…..2 ICE HAS A HANDFULL OF TRUNKS….….3…

Chris: What the fuck was that??

As the ref is signaling to the bell keeper to ring the bell we see Jason Ice putting a pair of brass knuckles back into his trunks.

Joe: he must have grabbed them during that headlock hold…Jason Ice wasted no time!! Oh my what a development.

Jason is celebrating in the ring and the crowd is cheering for Ice’s independence. Omar with a busted up head, walks up to Jason.

Chris: Oh shit this aint good. Omar is pissed.

Omar turns Jason around and nails him with the Sand Storm. Jason goes down hard. Omar reaches into Jason’s tights and pulls out the brass knuckles. He shows them to the ref. Visibly upset the ref runs out of the ring and to the back. Omar looks back down to Jason and begins to pummel the head of Jason Ice with the brass Knuckles. Jason Ice begins to bleed but that doesn’t stop Omar. He continues to punch Ice with the knuckles until finally several HOW officials pull him off. Omar swings wildly and knocks down a few.

The crowd boos loudly as Omar leaves a bloody mess of a man Jason Ice in the ring.

Joe: Jason might have won the match but Omar clearly won the battle. the bottom line is that Jason Ice is no longer in the Best Alliance. What will happen next??


Acid vs. The Crow

Back in Black pumps over the PA system. The crowd stands as one in anticipation of Lee Best. Instead out walks the 6’10 320lb man named Acid.

Joe: Theres the reason Mayhem…well was Mayhem. He interfered first in The Crows match, which led to this match being signed. I am very anxious so see how this match goes. And to top it all off Acid came out to Lee Best’s music. The Crow has some major odds to overcome.

Acid is standing in the ring watching and waiting for The Crow. The lights go out and then a single spotlight is shown in the middle of the ring.

Joe: Look The Crow is right next to Acid…Crow just nailed Acid with a crowbar..I think. I really can’t tell…

The lights come back on and it is indeed a crowbar. The Crow throws it out of the ring and the ref signals for the bell and the match is officially underway.

The Crow picks up the 320lber with ease and body slams him to the mat. Crow picks up Acid and whips him to the ropes…shoulder block…but the big man doesn’t budge. Acid points to the other rope and Crow bounces off of it delivering another shoulder block. Once again Acid doesn’t move. Crow back peddles and bounces off the ropes again. But the time instead of a shoulder block Crow dropkicks Acid in the knee, sending the big man down to one knee.

Crow then delivers another dropkick but this one to the head. Crow falls back on his back. With lightning quick reflexes Crow jumps to the top rope and delivers a top rope leg drop. Cover..1….2..a huge kick out by Acid. Acid climbs to his feet and meets the charging Crow with a knee to the stomach.

Joe: Big mistake by Crow. The big man has the advantage now.

Acid picks up Crow and delivers a side slam. The ring bounces with the impact of the move. Acid covers lazingly. 1….2…kick out by Crow. Acid pulls Crow up by the hair and delivers a big right hand to the head of Crow. Another one. Acid hits him again, this time sending the helpless Crow thru the ropes and out of the ring. Acid climbs to the top rope…

Joe: No way. There is no way that he is about to…..HOW MY GOD HE DID.

Acid executes a frog splash off the top rope onto the 272lb frame of the Crow. Acid hurt himself as well and is rolling around in pain. The Crow isn’t moving at all. Acid gets up while holding his stomach and rolls in and then our of the ring…stopping the ten count. Still hurting Acid picks up Crow and irish whips into the steel steps…Crows back colliding with the steel, thus making a sickening thud.

Joe: Acid is just too much for the Crow. He is too big and agile. A frog splash. off the top?

Acid flips the crowd off as he rolls Crow back into the ring. Acid confidently steps into the ring. He kicks the Crow in the ribs. Crow tries to roll away but Acid delivers another kick to the gut.

Joe: you can hear the breath leaving the Crow.

Crow grabs the bottom rope, trying to pull himself up. Acid is laughing as he pulls the Crow up to his feet. Acid whips him off the ropes…tilt a whirl slam by Acid. Cover.1….2…kick out by Crow. Acid looks coldly at the ref. Acid throws the Crow out of the ring. Acid follows. He grabs the back of Crows head and begins to throw his head into the steel post. Crow counters and instead Acid’s head bangs loudly against the cold steel. Both men are down.

Joe: The Crow has to dig deep to pull this one out.

Crow gets to his feet first and drops an elbow to Acid. He rolls Acid into the ring. Instead of getting into the ring the Crow grabs Acids right leg and then the left. With them wrapped around the post, the Crow looks to the crowd and yanks hard. sending the big mans jewels right into the cold steel. The crowd is hot after that move.

Chris: oh shit. I didn’t want to see that.

Crow signals for more and locks in a figure four leg lock around the steel post. The ref counts to 5, Crow releases. Then Crow locks it in again and this time the ref rolls out of the ring and tell Crow to let go. Finally the Crow lets go of the move. Acid pulls himself away to the center of the ring. Acid is holding his knee as the Crow jumps off the top rope landing a elbow to the damaged knee of Acid.

Cover. 1….2….kick out by Acid. Crow signals for his finisher. Crow picks up Acid as if to deliver THE CROW EFFECT(tombstone piledriver), but Acid is too big. The Crow attempts again but the move is reversed.

Joe: Acid just tombstoned The Crow. He used the Crows finisher on the Crow. Acid covers..1…..2…kick out barely.

The crowd oohs and aahs over the close finish. Acid signals for his finisher the Acidic DVD(reverse death valley driver).

Acid picks up Crow and delivers the Acidic DVD. Acidic hurt his knee delivering the move.

Joe: It appears that the damage the Crow did earlier on Acids knee is paying off for the Crow. Acid was barely able to pull off the move and is now struggling to go for the pin!

Acid crawls over to The Crow and covers. 1….2….foot on the ropes. Somehow Crow knew where he was at and was able to put his foot on the ropes. Acid rolls over on his back and puts his hands to his face in an obvious show of frustration.

Acid stands up. He picks up the Crow and delivers a choke slam. Acid covers…1…2….kick out by Crow. Acid pounds his fist into the mat in frustration. Acid picks Crow up and delivers a stalling brain buster and covers.1….2…..kick out again.

Joe: Oh boy Acid is pissed now. He can’t seem to put the Crow away.

Acid whips Crow and knocks Crow to the mat with a big boot to the face. Cover.1…..2…….kick out.

Joe: I thought that was three there.

Acid jumps up and gets into the face of the ref. Suddenly Crow rolls him up 1…2….kick out my Acid. Acid jumps up and elbows Crow in the head. Acid rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. He goes to hit Crow with the chair but the ref grabs it from behind before Acid could deliver the shot. Acid turns towards the ref.

Acid grabs the ref by the throat and proceeds to choke slam him.

Joe: Acid just chokeslammed the ref. This man is out of control.

Acid is still pointing at the ref when he is nailed from behind by the Crow. Crow nailed him with a steel chair. Crow waves towards the back.

Joe: What the hell??

Suddenly Kronik and Master C appear and make their way into the ring. Master C gives the Crow a look. But he picks up the lifeless Acid and proceeds to give him the Type C.

Chris: DAMN. Don’t mess with that commish. He’s tough when the guys are knocked out.

Joe: This is obviously revenge for Mayhem.

Kronik then proceeds to deliver the Kronikle(powerbomb off the top rope) with the help of Master C. Both men look at the damage and leave. The crowd is stunned at what they just saw. While this was going on Crow was helping the ref out. Crow pulls the ref over to the body of Acid. Crow covers. 1…..2……3.

WINNER OF THE MATCH….The Crow by pinfall.

Crow drags Acid to the corner again and rolls out of the ring. Crow locks on the figurefour leg lock around the steel post again.

Joe: The Crow is trying to take him out.

Several HOW officials finally get Crow to let go of the hold and to go to the back. The Crow leaves to the loud sounds of cheers.

Joe: What a match that was. And to think…we have 3 title matches to go yet. Lets get the first one underway.


HOW Translantic Title Match
Kronik vs. Narcotic

Pyros explode all across the top of the ramp and “Break You by drowning pool blasts out of the speakers and the crowd look up at the top of the ramp and as the smoke clears a man emerges from the smoke and the man walks out and you can clearly see that it is KroniK…The challenger taunts the crowd at the top of the ramp and the crowd starts to boo as KroniK slowly starts to walk down to the ring talking trash to the fans….KroniK walks upto the steel steps and climbs into the ring.

The arena goes dark and green neon lights begin to flicker and then the crowd explodes as the Translantic Champion makes his way down to the ring. Narcotic looks confident as he enters the ring. Narcotic smiles at Kronik as he takes off his belt and gives it to the ref.

Joe: This is the first ever title defense in High Octane Wrestling. These two have never met so this should be a great match. Theres the bell. The match is underway.

The two wrestlers lock up. Narcotic backs the challenger all the way to the corner. The ref calls for a break. Narcotic backs off with his arms in the air and a smile on his face. They lock up again and once again Narcotic backs Kronik all the way to the corner. The ref once again calls for a break. Narcotic raises his arms and smiles. He then nails Kronik with a short right hand. Nark proceeds to knee Kronik in the gut several times. Kronik falls to the mat and the Champion backs off and raises his arms to the crowd. Narcotic suddenly charges Kronik and delivers a knee to the face of Kronik.

Joe: The champion is certainly the aggressor so far in this match.

Narcotic picks up Kronik and whips him into the other corner. Nark follows up with a power clothesline. Nark then picks Kronik up and places him on the top rope. Nark then executes a beautiful bell to belly suplex off the top rope. Quick cover.1….2…kick out by Kronik. Narcotic slaps on a side headlock.

Joe: Narcotic is in complete control in this match so far.

Kronik fights to his feet, pushes Nark off throwing him into the ropes. Nark comes off the ropes and delivers a power clothesline. Nark cinches in another side headlock.

Narcotic releases the headlock and slaps on an armbar. Kronik screams out in pain and reaches out and grabs the ropes. The ref counts to five and Narcotic releases the hold.

Kronik gets to his feed, rotating his arm, trying to work it out. Nark is smiling as he sees that he has Kronik hurt early in the match.

The lockup again. Narcotic gains the upper hand with an arm wrench. Kronik screams out in pain again. But he somehow reverses the hold and arm wrenches Narks arm.

Nark reverses it back to his advantage, does a turn around and executes a belly to back suplex. Kronik hits hard on the back of his neck. Nark goes for a cover. 1….2….kick out by Kronik. Nark picks up and whips Kronik into the ropes. Kronik ducks a clothesline attempt and comes back off the ropes with a flying clothesline. Both men are down now.

Joe: What a move by Kronik. Now he has to capitalize on the shift in momentum.

Chris: Man I need to go. I smoked so much shit earlier…man I am tired.

Joe: I was wondering why you were being so quiet.

Narcotic and Kronik get to their feet. Narcotic rushes and clotheslines Kronik out of the ring. Kronik holds on to Nark though, and they both go over the top rope and onto the floor. Narcotic reaches for a chair goes to hit Kronik, but Kronik nails a dropkick to the face of Narcotic and thru the chair.

Joe: What a move by Kronik. Nark is the one in trouble now. Nark is busted open. He was already bloodied earlier this week by Master C. Oh god. He is gushing blood.

Kronik picks up the chair and brings it down across the head of Narcotic.

Chris: That motherfucker is done.

The ref is screaming at Kronik. Telling him to get the action into the ring. Kronik smiles at the ref and in an effort to mock Nark, raises his arms. The crowd boos loudly on that one.

Kronik picks up the bloody champ and rolls him into the ring. Kronik covers. 1….2…kick out by nark.

Joe: The champion will not die easy here folks.

Kronik delivers a DDT. Cover.1….2…kick out. Cover again. 1…2..kickout.

Joe: Kronik wants it to end now. He knows he has the upper advantage.

Kronik picks up and gives Nark a nice neck breaker. Cover. 1…2. ..kick out.

Joe: Kronik needs to finish him off now.

Kronik drags Narcotic to the middle of the ring. He slaps on a sharpshooter. Nark immediately begins to scream out in pain. Narcotic fight his way to the ropes..

Joe: Kronik just pulled him back to the center of the ring!!

Kronik sits all the way back. Narcotic starts to tap…

Chris: He’s gonna tap. The Nark is gonna quit. I love this shit

Instead Narcotic grabs Kroniks right leg and with immense leg strength reverses the sharpshooter and has put Kronik in the Sharpshooter.

Joe: WHAT A MOVE. I have never seen a reversal of the Sharpshooter.

Chris: Shit what about when Bret Hart was supposed to….

Joe: never mind that.

Kronik fights and makes it to the ropes.1….2…..3…..4…..5..

Narcotic doesn’t release the hold. Instead he pulls Kronik back to the middle of the ring and sits all the way back. The crowd is on their feet.


Kronik is tapping out.

The winner of the match and still HOW Translantic Champion…..Narcotic.

Narcotic finally releases the hold and holds his belt up to the crowd. The crowd starts chanting TCD TCD TCD TCD TCD.

Narcotic smiles and turns to Kronik who is holding his legs. Narcotic runs up from behind and delivers the TCD(diamond cutter). The crowd is going crazy. They chant TCD as Narcotic walks back to the back.

Joe: What a reversal by Narcotic. Narcotic showed some technical skills in this match. Kronik had him, but was unable to capitalize on it though.

Chris: Kronik needs some..Kronik.

Joe: Ummm sure Chris. Now its time for the Internet Title match…Jatt Starr vs. Smokey.


HOW Internet Title Match
Jatt Starr vs. Smokey

*We cut to footage from the back*

Jason Sinn is standing over the bloody bodies of Starr and Smokey. Sinn is holding a bloody sledgehammer in his hands.

Jason Sinn: There wont be a title match tonight will there boys??

Sinn nudges the two knocked out superstars with the hammer.

Jason Sinn: You two are the two worst possible people to hold that Internet title. There is no way in hell I was gonna let those people see you bring disgrace to the Internet title. Theres only one solution boys. Three way dance on Mayhem. Starr vs. Smokey vs. THE NEW INTERNET CHAMPION JASON SINN.

*cut back to Joe and Chris*

Joe: I don’t believe it. Both Smokey and Jatt Starr were laid out by Jason Sinn. What the hell is goin on here? You cant trust nobody. I mean…..

Back in Black begins playing and the HOW owner Lee Best walks out to the ramp.

Lee Best: Well well well. Looks like you people wont get an Internet title match tonight. But trust me I will deal with Jason Sinn. No one messes with my boy Jatt Starr and lives to tell about it.

So Sinn you got your match. I am signing it right now. Sinn vs. Starr vs. the champion Smokey. The match will happen Monday on Mayhem. But to make sure there isn’t no interference it will be a cage match. And all three of you will chip in to pay for it.

But enough of that bullshit. I didn’t see that attack by Sinn happening. I did see this though.

Best points up to the HOW TNT screen. Footage begins to play.

Lee Best: This was taped earlier today…so enjoy it folks..I am outta here!!

Best walks out as the tape begins to play. The crowd is booing loudly and some are throwing trash and beer at Best for canceling the last two matches. But they stop when they see the footage.

The camera zooms into the face of Miniacle. Hes is handcuffed to a chair in the middle of a room. Standing on one side is AJ. On the other side is a masked man.

AJ: You see Detroit. Your champion has some personal problems to take care of and that is why there will be no cage match tonight for the title.

AJ then smacks Miniacles in the face. Miniacles mouth is ducktaped shut so all we hear our muffles.

The masked man then reaches off camera and when his hand comes back into picture we see that he is holding a stun gun. He turns it on and stuns the world champ!!

AJ: Ok Ok. Man best..I mean the boss was right about you. SHIT….SHUT THE CAMERA OFF ASSHOLE…FUCK ……

The footage stops and the camera goes back to Joe

Joe: What the hell. Call the police. Call someone. Miniacle is being held captive by AJ and some masked coward. What the hell is going on. Folks we are outta time but we will see you Monday…..who was that!!!

That ends TNT


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