RATR 1: October 13th, 2008 (2008)

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Rumble at the Rock 1
October 13th, 2008 – #HOW22
Alcatraz Prison on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA

The Best Arrivial

Rumble at the Rock begins as cameras capture a small boat pulling up to what everyone knows simply as The Rock, the famous island that plays host to the most famous prison in United States History…   Alcatraz.   Several security guards help secure the boat and it is at this moment that we see the passengers of the boat….   Lee Best, Triple M, and LSD Champion Scottywood.   It is at this point that we are joined by the HOW announce team who are stationed inside the prison in the former Warden’s office, safe from all the action that will go down tonight, and surrounded by several monitors that will help that call the action to the millions of viewers that are watching courtesy of Lee’s own network, High Octane Television.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Rumble at the Rock. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by the self-proclaimed Independent wrestling legend, Big Buff Benny Newell.

Big Buff: That is right Joe…Legend and tonight I will have someone join me in the Legend category, when Maximillian Kael will cement his legacy here in High Octane Wrestling and will begin down the path as a HOW Hall of Famer when he retains the World title and wins the ICON title from that terrorist Shane Reynolds.

Joe Hoffman: Well we will find out if you are right later on tonight but right now folks you are seeing Lee Best arriving with the rest of the Best Alliance. Obviously Max and Crow have been locked up since Friday, so Triple M and the LSD Champion are the only Best Alliance members that will be available to help Lee tonight in his big match with long time rival Chris Kostoff.

Viewers at home watch as Lee leads the BA up the path towards the famous prison flanked by security guards.  Joe continues to provide commentary as the PPV feed continues its focus on the Best Alliance arrival.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight is one of those shows that you hope to have several questions answered. Where is Barbi Kostoff? Where is Shane Reynold’s niece? Is she even alive? Will someone actually be crucified tonight? Is this the night Maximillian Kael finally is taken out by ICON Champion Shane Reynolds? Will Chris Kostoff finally end the demonic reign of Lee Best?

Big Buff: Blah blah blah. The only question that needs to be answered is whether or not anyone walks off this damn island in one piece.  The Best Alliance is holding all the cards tonight and after tonight we will have a BA member as Commish, Scottywood will retain the LSD, and when is all said and done the Best Alliance will have control of the ICON along with the World Titles. The rest of the roster might as well fall into line now because quite frankly this is the beginning of the end for anyone outside of the Alliance.

Joe Hoffman: As much as I hate to say it you just might be right Benny. Tonight is a huge night in terms of the direction of the company as well. After tonight we move into our new arena and..

Big Buff: The Best Arena.

Joe Hoffman: Yes The Best Arena. Lee desperately needs a big buyrate tonight to show the investors that HOW is going to make money for them as they have put money into The Best Arena, High Octane Television network and of course the first international tour since 2003 for HOW as we head to Birmingham England right after tonight’s show. To say the least a lot is riding on this PPV and as we see Lee Best and the rest of the Alliance enter the prison I must admit I am nervous.

Big Buff: Nervous? We are safe. No one is going to come up here by the warden’s office.

Joe Hoffman: Not about our safety but I might just be nervous about that now considering that the mere fact you said that means we are going to see some action up close, but I was talking about being nervous about what we will see tonight. People are not going to be the same after tonight and I am not sure that is a good thing.

To drive home that point the feed now shows Lee huddled with Triple M and Scottywood as the three Best Alliance members are holding hands in a circle where it appears Lee is leading them in a prayer before the Guards open the prison gate and they officially are now inside Alcatraz prison.

Joe Hoffman: Folks tonight is one of those nights that will go in history as one of those events that everyone will remember where they were at when things went down.

Big Buff: Hopefully I won’t. You think it’s easier to black out on an island?   Joe just ignores his announcing partner as Benny begins making his customary pre event drink in his official HOW drinking glass.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I have been given the heads up that we are a few seconds away from heading to the general population area of the prison where we will see Triple M, Reno Raines and “All F’N That” Jeff Harris compete for the right to be named HOW Commissioner.

Big Buff: Awesome. Kicking the show off with a Best Alliance member winning more power for the BA.

Joe Hoffman: Before the match begins I understand we have a special announcement as Triple M is being led to the GPOP area.

The PPV feed then cuts to a video running down all of tonight’s matches..

Triple M vs. Reno Raines vs. Jeff Harris

Bobbinette Carey vs. ArcAngel

Lee Best vs. Chris Kostoff


Godly Ken Davison vs. ©Scottywood


Crow vs. Graystone vs. ©Shane Reynolds vs. ©Maximillian Kael

The video then cuts to a graphic noting that tonight we will find out the nominees for this years High Octane Wrestling’s Hall of Fame class.   The video then ends with a final image..   Barbi Kostoff tied and bounded in what appears to be in a cell here at Alcatraz, but it is impossible to tell which of the thousands of cells she is in.   The feed then ends and we are live now with the announce team and we see the makeshift announcing room they are in as they are surrounded by monitors all over the place.

Joe Hoffman: I pray that after tonight every wrestler will be reunited with their family members and the proper men pay for their sins.

Big Buff: Yada, yada, yada. Things will go down the way Lee wants them to go down and right now its time for Triple M to take the commissioners role as I see he has reached GPOP.

The feed then cuts to a hard camera inside the general population part of the prison. The camera is high above the wrestlers and we can see a lone cameraman on the ground ready to follow the action wherever it may go.

Joe Hoffman: Folks it is time for the talk to end and the action to start….the match for the right to be called Commissioner is up next!!!

The feed cuts to the lone cameraman inside GPOP with the wrestlers and the action is set to start!

Special Guest Announcer

The feed switches from several hard cameras placed all around the GPOP area with the one roaming camera as the three competitors are all pacing back and forth as Mark Toner is in the center of the men running down the fact that there are no rules and that fact that this is NOT an elimination match and the first person to gain a pinfall or submission is the winner and will be crowned Commissioner of High Octane Wrestling.   Suddenly the feed goes live inside the warden’s office where we see Lee Best taking a seat next to Joe and Benny.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we are joined now by the owner of High Octane Wrestling and the man that will face off with Chris Kostoff later tonight…Lee Best.

Lee adjusts the headset and after shaking hands with Benny, gives Joe a look for even saying the name Kostoff in his presence.

Lee Best: Let us focus on the match at hand Joe. Triple M is going to win this match and seeing as the Commish will work beside me for the interim I thought it was only fitting that I help call this match.

Benny Newell: Well I know for me this is a great honor Lee and I just want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into HOW since the restart back in April. You are truly a genius and if I ever find out I have a kid somewhere you better believe his name will be Lee.

Lee nods his approval at Benny as Joe can only roll his eyes and focuses his attention on the monitors in front of him.

Joe Hoffman: Well I hate to break up the love fest but it looks like Toner is finishing up his little address to the men and he has just signaled for the start of the match!


For The Job of HOW Commish
Reno Raines vs. Marvelous Mario Maurako vs. Jeff Harris

Triple Threat Match in General Population

All three men stare each other down as it is very apparent that no one wants to make the first mistake. They begin to circle each other and the camera captures Triple M and Harris already talking smack to one another.

Joe Hoffman: Before these men tear each other apart just to work along side you Mr. Best I have to quickly note that we are missing two men from this match.

Lee Best: That is right Joe. Silent Witness had to bail because he is a pussy who cares too much for his family and had to take care of some family issues while Juvian Ramorez was just too scared to step into the HOW environment and find out he is no longer the big fish in a little pond.

Big Buff: What Lee said..

Again Joe can only roll his eyes as back in GPOP Harris has finally made the first move as he has bolted for one of the empty cells that surround the wrestlers on both sides, as the cameras show that every cell is open.   Triple M and Reno also bolt for open cells after seeing Harris take off and it is quite apparent that the search for a weapon is underway.   Not knowing which way to go with the action the roaming cameraman follows Raines and Triple M and we are no longer able to see what Harris is up to as the cameraman hustles after Raines and Triple M.   Raines enters a cell and begins looking everywhere for something he can used. Unfortunately for him these cells have not been used in years and the odd of finding something  useful is not in the wrestler’s odds.

Raines: Yes!

Raines finds a loose bolt on the bed and quickly pulls it out and places the bolt in between his fingers and then stares down at the rusty bolt protruding thru his closed fist.

Joe Hoffman: We haven’t even gone two minutes into the match and we already have our first weapon secured….WHOA!!!!

Big Buff: YES!!!!

Triple M is shown standing over Reno Raines. Triple M obviously had faked going into a cell and instead followed behind Raines and just as Reno was about to turn around he got taken out by Triple M who has a pair of brass knuckles on his right hand.

Lee Best: I wonder where he got those…must be a sign from God!

Lee laughs as it hits Joe exactly where Triple M got the knucks..

Joe Hoffman: I bet if we roll the tape back we would find out that your little Best Alliance prayer was just way to give Triple M the knuckles!!

Lee Best: Watch what you say there Joe. Don’t be making accusations you cannot back up.

Back in the cell Triple M rolls Raines over and turns to call over Toner to count the pinfall when he is met with a wicked shot to the head as Harris brings down a toilet seat hard ontop of the head of the new Best Alliance member. Triple M rolls away deeper into the cell holding his head in pain as the first blood of the PPV has been spilled.

Joe Hoffman: All three men are now inside a cell that barely is big enough for one man…this could get ugly quickly!

Harris looks at the now broken toilet seat in his hand and tosses it to the side as he covers Raines as Toner squeezes into the cell and starts the first pinfall count of the night. The cameraman is unable to fit inside the cell but remains at the doorway and we are able to see the action perfectly.


Triple M sees blood on his hands and starts towards Harris as Reno is still out cold..


Harris, seeing Triple M coming, grabs the bolt from Raines hand and starts a punch aimed at Mario…


Mario dives and lands ontop of Harris and Raines and the bolt narrowly misses going right into the eye socket of Triple M as he lands a glancing blow on Harris but is it too late!


Joe Hoffman: Wow that was close. We almost had our new Commish crowned courtesy of a toilet seat shot.

Lee Best: Right there is the reason Triple M is in the Best Alliance. Even though he was cheapshotted by Harris and is bleeding profusely, he continues to fight and that match continues. Triple M will never give up and that right there is the main quality I look for in a Commish.

Back inside the cell, Harris and Triple M are both  to their feet and they are exchanging some heavy rights and lefts as Raines still lies prone on the cold concrete.   Harris is able to gain the upper hand as Triple M is having trouble seeing with blood flowing into his eyes. Harris grabs Triple M by the back of the head and hurls him headfirst into the side of the cell and the sound of skull meeting concrete is not a pleasant one as we hear all three of the announcers gasp at the sound.   Harris slaps Triple M on the back of the head and stands over the Best Alliance member as he lies on the concrete holding his head in pain.

Harris: Simply Marvelous huh? Marvelous isn’t enough when your fucking with the new Franchise Player here…..WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Harris begins to fall backward and after a moment we see that a semi conscience Reno Raines has pulled Harris back and has rolled him up tightly and Toner starts the count…



But Joe’s statement is quickly nullified as Harris kicks out before a two count and as the two men stand Harris takes Raines down with a hard clothesline, the momentum of the hit knocking Raines hard to the concrete and causes Harris to fall onto the matless bed, catching his hands in the springs.

Joe Hoffman: This is complete chaos, someone has to take the action out of this cell.

Lee Best: I disagree Joe. Inside the cell there is only so far that you can go and quite frankly if you are able to knock one man out you have a shot at getting a quick pinfall, and we have already seen two here early on.

Big Buff: What he said…

Back inside the cell we see Triple M crawling out of the cell as Harris struggles back to his feet. Harris sees Triple M exiting the cell and drops down to cover Raines but Raines is once again playing possum and executes a perfect inside cradle..



Kick out by Harris, this time much closer than the previous attempt from Raines.

Joe Hoffman: You gotta give credit to Raines here. He has been on the defensive the first part of this match and he still has managed to get a few pinfalls. More than Triple M actually..

Lee Best: Watch it Joe…

Back inside the cell Harris has pulled Raines up to his feet and proceeds to whip Raines hard towards the cell door, knocking the cameraman down to the ground and the PPV quickly switches to one of the hard cameras located high above the floor on the railing of the second level of cells.   From this angle we see the cameraman scrambling to get all his equipment back operational as Harris exits the cell and proceeds to kick Raines hard in the gut and the sound of air leaving the lungs of Raines can be heard.   Harris is smiling and then he realizes he doesn’t see Triple M and the realization hits him just as a loaded right hand nails him in the neck as Triple M unloads on the HOW rookie sending Harris crashing down to the concrete as Triple M is now in full control of the match as both Raines and Harris are down.

Lee Best: This is where Triple M will show his worth..

Big Buff: What he said.

The feed cuts back to the roaming cameraman as he stands next to Triple M, and upon seeing him, Mario leans over and using the shirt of the cameraman, wipes the blood from his eyes as his wound is already starting to clot over.

Triple M: Thanks now get the fuck away…

Triple M pushes the cameraman away and then looks at Raines trying to catch his breath and then at Harris who is sitting against the wall holding his neck obviously in a lot of pain. Triple M then starts walking towards Raines and reaching him pulls him up to his feet by his hair and then proceeds to start walking Raines up towards the stairs that lead to the second level of cells in GPOP.

Joe Hoffman: I hate to say it but this is a smart move by Triple M because once on the second level if he is able to put a big move on Raines he should have no interference from Harris as Jeff is still trying to catch his breath after that nasty right hand to the side of his throat.

Big Buff: That is why he is in the Best Alliance and why he will be the right man for the job of Commish. Triple M is not only smart he is brilliant.

Lee Best: What he said…

Joe can only roll his eyes as he continues to focus on the match at hand.   Back to the action we see Mario literally walking Raines up the stairs and upon reaching the second level Mario whips Raines hard into the cold steel bars of the first cell door and Reno bounces off and falls onto the walkway holding his head.

Joe Hoffman: Raines just cannot get anything going ever since that initial cheap shot from Mario.

Lee Best: Cheap? We are inside Alcatraz Prison where the most vile of the vile prisoners were held. Do you see a ring out there? Do you see anything that resembles a wrestling match? Tonight is about finishing up unfinished business and anything goes. Wake the fuck up Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Um…yes sir…..

Back in GPOP the cameraman has followed Mario and Raines up to the second level and he turns and shows the viewers Harris down on the main level. He is back to his feet and is literally just watching the action going on above him, obviously waiting to pick his spot.   The cameraman then turns back to Mario and Reno and he turned just in time to see Reno duck a big right hand full of brass knuckles from Mario and Triple M’s hand makes contact with the steel bar of the cell and a loud CLANG can be heard as Mario drops down to his knees as he holds his right hand in pain from the shot. He rips the brass knuckles off and tosses them to the side as he looks down at his now bloody and already swelling hand.   Reno takes advantage of the situation and delivers a big boot right to the forehead of Mario sending the Best Alliance member back to the ground and close to the stairwell.

Joe Hoffman: Triple M has been busted open again and it is now Reno on the offensive for the first time in this match!

Reno, with fire in his eyes, stalks Triple M and waits for the man to get to his knees before kicking him hard again in the head, sending Mario down a few steps.   Mario uses the railing to help himself up but he is knocked down again with a heavy right hand this time and the blow causes Triple M to fall all the way down to the flat part of the stairwell before it turns towards the main level.

Mario props himself in the corner of the flat part of the stairs and tries to beg off Reno but Raines is having none of it and rushes at Triple M and goes for a big whitewash boot but Triple M ducks under and Reno gets hung up on the railing.   But suddenly he is no longer hung  up as Harris comes running up the stairs and literally pushes Reno over the railing and seven feet down to the hard concrete where he lands hard on his shoulder and smacks the side of his head.   The cameraman rushes down the stairs and kneels down next to Reno and we see a puddle of blood start to form around his head as his legs are twitching.


Lee Best: Calm the fuck down Joe. No one is dead and no one is going to help Reno until this match is over.

The cameraman slowly backs away from Reno who has now opened his eyes but it is obvious he has no idea where he is at and a big bump can be seen on his right shoulder indicating a dislocated shoulder.

Big Buff: Too bad Mel Gibson wasn’t a guard he could show Raines how to pop that shoulder back in..

Lee Best: Good one Benny.

As the cameraman climbs back up the stairwell we see that Mario and Harris are fighting their way back up the stairs and as they exchange rights and lefts they make their way all the way to the center of the second level and the feed switches to one of the hard cameras on the opposite side and the view of the two men battling is quite the view as they are surrounded by empty cells to the left, right and below them.   The feed then returns to the roaming camera as Mario ducks under a right hand and then turns Harris around and locks in his full nelson finisher called Marvelosity.

Lee Best: This is it!! This is it!! No one escapes this move!!

Toner can be seen racing up the stairwell and all the way up to the action and he asks Harris if he gives up but Jeff tells him to fuck off as he tries to battle his way out.   Triple M’s face is a mixture of blood and rage as he shakes Harris violently back and forth and Harris begins to fade and goes down to one knee, and then a second.

Lee Best: Only a matter of time now Benny…pass that mug.

Benny looks at Lee like he asked him to suck the dick of Darkwing, but then realizing it was Lee asking, Benny gives his glass to Lee who takes a big drink and hands the glass back empty, much to the chagrin of Benny.   Back on the second level Mario senses Harris is almost out and really puts on the pressure and leans his massive upper torso onto the neck of Harris, maximizing the pressure of the hold.

The feed cuts to a hard camera angle of where Reno was and we see Raines on his feet and staggering around like a man that hung out with Benny all weekend.   Back to the roaming camera and Jeff is now sitting down and Toner reaches for his arm and lifts it and it falls like a ton of bricks back down to his side.

Toner: 1!!!!

Toner lifts the arm again and again it falls..

Toner: 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee Best: Wait……nah nevermind…thought I saw something there.

Toner lifts Jeff’s arm for the final time and this time it doesn’t drop but instead it connects with a right hand to the temple of Mario and its when he throws this punch we see brass knuckles that were not there before.   The force of the blow knocks Mario out and with all his weight leaning forward he falls ontop of Harris fully out cold.


The feed cuts to a hard camera and we see guards rushing  up both sides of the stairwell, making a beeline for Toner and Harris.   Toner pushes Mario off of Harris and Jeff gives a half smile towards Toner as he leans back onto the knocked out Triple M and Toner starts the count with one eye on the rushing guards.

Toner: 1……..     2……..     3!!!!!!!!!!!


Just as Toner finishes the three count he is nailed with several different billy clubs as the guards bring down the pain onto Toner.   Harris slowly begins crawling away but suddenly a guard turns on him and nails him with a taser and Harris shakes violently as foam begins to come out of his mouth and his eyes roll into the back of his head.

The guard takes off his sunglasses, removes his hat and fake mullet and beard to reveal the former the OCW World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Champion, PERFECT PAUL PARAS! While Lee,  Joe and Benny are in a state of shock at the sudden appearance of The Perfect One in HOW,   Paras then turns and goes face-to-face with Mario Maurako who has made it up to a sitting position unsure of what just happened.   Paras reaches for the belt of his guard uniform and pulls off a pair of handcuffs, then tosses them to Maurako,  who slowly stands and walks over to the body of Harris and  cuffs Harris’s hands behind his back.

Joe Hoffman: What in the world have we just seen?! Perfect Paul Paras, who hasn’t been seen in the wrestling world in over two years, is here at Rumble at the Rock, and he and Mario Maurako have just decimated both of Maurako’s opponents!

Lee Best: Who gives a shit about that. I want Toner and trust me there is going to be a fucking bottomline tonight and I don’t give a fuck who the Commish is!

Lee is seen standing up and slamming his headset to the table and walks out furious with the outcome of the match.

Benny Newell: What he said….

Rumble at the Rock then cuts to an advert hyping EWMANIA as we see the Guards dragging Mark Toner to an unknown location while Triple M and Triple P carry Harris, the new HOW Commish, off in another direction.



Cooking with Best

After the EWSCENE advert is shown the feed cuts to the cameraman assigned to the Main Event. The camera is focused in on a cell and we see the guard is none other than Chuck Norris and we know right away that we are looking at the cell holding Crow.   The camera pushes up against the cell door and we get a small glimpse into the cell and see that Crow is sitting in the corner with his head in his lap. There is no movement whatsoever and before we can see anymore Chuck Norris pushes the cameraman back a few feet.

Chuck Norris: Back off. You will get to see him in due time. This man has been thru hell already. I had no idea that this was going to be like this or I would not of taken the deal to come here.  You seriously have one sick owner…..now cut that camera before I introduce you to the same foot that met your World Champion over the weekend….

Chuck takes a fighting stance and suddenly the camera falls to the ground and we can hear footsteps running away as the feed cuts back to a live shot of the announcers.

Big Buff: Joe did you know that Chuck Norris never has to brush his teeth as plaque and tartar are scared of him?

Joe Hoffman: Wow that was weak. But what wasn’t weak is the fact that we now have a new commissioner and his name is Jeff Harris, who won the match courtesy of some help from Mark Toner who after we saw a quick reply you can clearly see Toner slap some brass knuckles into the hand of Harris as he raised it for the second time.

Big Buff: Complete and utter bullshit and I guarantee you that Toner is done here in HOW. You would never see the Best Alliance doing that.

Joe Hoffman: Ya right. It is time for our next match and I understand that before we go there we are going to an undisclosed location??

The feed cuts from the make shift announce room to a live shot of a now naked Mark Toner handcuffed and strapped into the old electric chair. Lee Best is pacing in front of him while several guards surround the chair.   Toner is bleeding from the mouth and his head is literally hanging and we a puddle of blood on his lap and it’s unclear if it’s from his head or a cut on his stomach.

Lee Best: You seriously thought you could rig a fucking match on MY PPV? You honestly thought you could get away with it?? DID YOU!!!

Lee snaps towards Toner and grabs his chin and violently lifts his head up and looks into the swollen eyes of Toner.

Lee Best: Did you motherfucker?

Toner spits a blood filled loogie into the face of Lee who promptly smacks him across the face.   Lee then turns towards the guards.


Lee wipes the spit from his face and exits the room leaving a bloodied but smiling Mark Toner behind him as the action cuts to the Mess Hall where it’s time for ArcAngel vs. Bobbinette Carey!!


ArcAngel vs. Bobbinette Carey
Revenge Match in the Mess Hall

Big Buff: Are you ready to watch a bitch get Cock slapped Joe!? Hardcore Prison Rape coming right up!

Joe Hoffman: Well, Benny, I can only assume you’re referring to the next match which is Bobbinette Carey against ArcAngel in a Mess Hall Brawl here on Alcatraz Island.

Big Buff: You’re fucking-A right, Joe, we’re going to finally see that Queen Bitch get put in her place when ArcAngel shoves 12 inches of black boot up her skank ass!

Joe Hoffman: That’s real professional Benny!

Big Buff: You’re the Professional remember Hoffman?! I’m the color commentary and color commentary says ArcAngel is going to show Bobbinette where the grey goose goes!

Joe Hoffman: Well thank you for that Benny, now for the folks at home this match is real simple. Bobbinette and ArcAngel are going to get locked into the Mess Hall which has been re-supplied with Tables, Chairs, Plates, Forks-


Joe Hoffman: ..yes, Benny, all brought it yesterday to ensure this is every bit as much like a prison mess hall brawl as possible. Now there is only going to be Travis Witmore, our cameraman on the floor and referee Matt Boettcher. Beyond that no other guards or personal will be in there so..

Big Buff: So ARCANGEL could hold Bobbinette down and pound her into a fine paste and there ain’t a god-damn fuckin thing anyone could do! Ha-HA!

Joe Hoffman: Or, OR maybe Bobbinette could wipe the floor with ArcAngel, she is a former World Champion here at HOW you know?

Buffy Benny: I could also shit myself while farting out the Star Spangle Banner but that ain’t gonna happen!

Joe Hoffman: Well anyway, let’s check in at the Mess Hall now to see if we are ready to begin.

The camera switches over to the Mess Hall as Bobbinette Carey is seen inside wearing street cloths with both of her hands wrapped in white medical tape. He seemed to be off to the side praying as Matt Boettcher was seen moving around a few of the tables to check on her. It was about then that the doors to the mess hall were opened as two guards stepped in with batons.

Buffy Benny: Here we go! Here comes ArcAngel!

ArcAngel literally charged through the doors as the guards jumped out of the way, making a B-line for Bobbinette.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Arc wants to get this business started fast!

Buffy Benny: Of course he does, he is going to put that whore in her place like a good Pimp should! Bobbinette used her like she used all of Team Epic to get what she wanted!

Joe Hoffman: Oh will you shut up!

Bobbinette is ready though as she turns and charges right back at him! She isn’t going to just lay down for Arc!

Big Buff: Yeah but Arc’s bigger and meaner! It’s obvious Bobbinette isn’t going to walk out of this match as Arc is going to march all over her!

Bobbinette runs up and jumps onto one of the mess hall tables before leaping into the charging Arc as they both fall to the ground swinging lefts and rights at each other. Beottcher moved around a few of the tables and chairs to get a good view for a pin fall as Bobbinette mounted Arc who covered up to stop her strikes from hitting his head.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette is taking the advantage early in this one as she is right on top of Arc sending down some haymakers!

Big Buff: Well Christ she just mounted him and that’s totally unfair! She has way to much experience mounting other men to which Arc has no experience!

Joe Hoffman: Are you ever going to stop?!

Bobbinette looks to have satisfied herself for the moment jumping off Arc as she grabs one of the near by plastic folding metal chairs!

Big Buff: Folding metal chairs?! They never had those in Prison! Boettcher should call this match in favor of Arc right now as Bobbinette is clearly cheating!

Joe Hoffman: Lee Best flew this stuff in you idiot! It’s anything goes Buff, looks like Arc is just going to have to take it!

Bobbinette snaps the chair closed before she swings down at Arc’s head!


Arc manages to roll out of the way as the chair slams into the ground with a loud crack. Arc kicks his leg out hitting Bobbinette in the knee cap as she buckles and falls to the side letting out a quick yelp of pain before Arc pulls himself up shaking the cob webs out after getting mounted by Bobbinette.

Big Buff: Nice job Arc! Now put that bitch out of our misery!

Joe Hoffman: Arc Angel going on the offensive now as he starts to focus on her leg by sending a few stiff kicks to it. My guess is that Arc is going to try and take that leg of hers out so that she can’t keep a vertical base allowing Arc to take his time with her.

Big Buff: Of course that’s his plan Joe, He’s a smart man! It’s why he left Bobbinette, he was too smart for Team Epic!

Arc started yelling down at Bobbinette as she tried to crawl under a near by table nursing her leg slightly hoping to get a brief reprieve as Arc follows her. He picks up the table she is trying to hide under, flipping it over before he reaches down and grabs her leg pulling her backward before he sends a few kicks to the under part of her knee. Bobbinette lets out another yell as Arc yanks her knee around locking her into a half crab.

Joe Hoffman: Arc putting a lot of pressure on that leg and making Carey feel every bad intention he wants to put her through!


Joe Hoffman: Arc may just do that! There is not rule saying he can’t as he really starts to torc that knee back. Bobbinette has no where to go right now which is exactly here she does not want to be this early into the match!

Big Buff:..wait.. What’s that bitch doing!? She’s got a chair! ARC WATCH OUT!

Bobbinette swings the chair over her head hitting Arc in the back of his head as he releases the hold falling forward. He stumbles forward holding the back of his head as Carey uses the chair to help her get back to her feet. Arc is still nurses his head as Bobbinette comes up behind him with the chair.   CRACK!

Joe Hoffman: Carey just cracked Arc in the spin with that chair! Damn you can see it written on Arc’s face that that was no baby shot either!

Big Buff: Come on Arc! Don’t let her build up any moment you asshole!

Joe Hoffman: Arc seems to be trying to get away from Carey now as she is stalking him with that chair and that’s probably the wisest decision that Arc can make until he can get into an area where he can even up the odds.. Wait.. Arc has picked up a chair of his own!

Big Buff: Come on Arc! Blast her with that thing!

Bobbinette and Arc face off as Arc swings his chair at Bobbinette. Bobbinette answers by swinging her chair at Arc and both chairs Clash between the two of them.


The both swing again, now the opposite direction


Once again both chairs collide together with no sure winner before Carey shoves her chair forward hitting Arc in the ribs which causes him to drop the chair. Carey then rears back and swings the chair wide aiming to hid Arc in the side of his head. Arc ducks down as Carey overshoots before he charges her into the midsection lifting her up off the ground before driving her down through a nearby table smashing it to pieces.


Big Buff: THAT A BOY! I’LL TAKE A SHOT TO THAT!   Benny takes a shot of Whiskey as Arc goes for the cover.   1..   2..   -KICKOUT by Carey!

Joe Hoffman: That was an eyelash away from a 3 count there as Bobbinette managed to get her shoulder up there at the last moment, I have no idea how..

Big Buff: It’s called Whore Survivability! Just like an Herpies Infection it’s impossible to keep that bitch down!

Joe Hoffman: Was that necessary!?

Big Buff: Yes it was!

Back in the mess hall Arc can’t believe that didn’t put her down as he stands back holding his back where Bobbinette had struck him earlier. He moves toward one of the tables and picks up one of the forks they had there eyeing it with malice in his eyes. He smugly walks back toward Bobbinette beckoning her to stand up.

Joe Hoffman: Arc has that damn fork in his hand and he looks to just be waiting to tattoo Carey right in the head with it if I read that man’s eyes.

Big Buff: Damn right! He is going to leave her with a mark that she will never forget! GET HER ARC!

Joe Hoffman: Carey is slowly pulling herself out of the rubble and you can see she doesn’t really know what is going on.. Arc is stalking her that damn monster! Watch out!

Arc swings the fork toward Bobbinette’s head as she turns around but she has enough presence of mind to grab his hand with both of hers to stop him from planting the fork between her eyes before kicking him square in the nuts.


Joe Hoffman: It’s a no holds barred match Benny! Plus he just tried to stab her with a fork!


Arc goes rigid as his free hand grabs his crotch. Carey yanks the fork out of his hand before she hits him between the eyes with the fork causing him to scream out in pain and stumble back holding his face. Carey screams something at him before she limps forward, jumping up on his back wrapping her legs around his waist. Arc flails his arms around as blood starts to flow from his forehead.

Joe Hoffman: Carey is latching onto him like a spider monkey! Oh god she is starting to ram that damn fork into his forehead over and over again!

Big Buff: You were right Joe! The fork is too much, someone get Boettcher to do his god damn job and get that fork away from here!

Joe Hoffman: I said it was a cruel thing to do, idiot, I didn’t say it was illegal! That doesn’t mean I agree with using it but with what Arc has done to Bobbinette over the last two months can you really blame here?!

Big Buff: I’m drunk and pissed, I could blame Lincoln if I wanted to!

Arc knocks over a few tables as he tries to get Carey off his back as blood slowly trickles down into his face. Carey is screaming as she continues to try and drive the fork into Arcs head as they both head into the food line area. Arc spins around and smashes Carey against the glass shield of the food line causing it to shatter as Carey finally releases her grip around Arc’s waist and neck.

Joe Hoffman: Good god! He just put all his weight into that! Carey just got push through that glass and landed on that metal counter! That’s not got any give to it, let me tell you something.

Big Buff: That’s Arc using his brain there to defeat Carey! Keep at it Arc! Make the bitch pay!

Joe Hoffman: Arc looks like he is still having some vision trouble with the blood on his face while Carey is still down on the counter. Arc has a chance to capitalize here as he has just managed to out muscle Carey every time she starts to mount an offensive on him.

Big Buff: It’s cause he is like me, buff! Arc will show her exactly how this sort of situation goes particularly after that bitch stabbed him in the face with that fork!

Arc’s face is clearly beginning to drip as four small cuts on his forehead seep blood out. He looks to have cleared the blood out of his eyes as he turns back to Carey who is still wriggling on the counter top. As she turns you can see there are several shards of glass sticking out of her back with a few deep cuts as blood starts to drip off her back. Arc heads over and grabs her by the hair, hauling her up before he tosses her over the counter into the kitchen proper with a wet, slapping sound. As Carey lands and rolls you can see the blood trail from her back.

Joe Hoffman: Carey might be seriously wounded her and its clear that ArcAngel likes it! This isn’t about winning for either of these people, its about hurting the other one until they can’t get up anymore!

Big Buff: No shit, Sherlock! Arc is going to make the Queen pay with blood!

Joe Hoffman: Arc is climbing over the counter now to come after Carey who is trying to pull herself back up.. Arc runs in with a stiff kick to the side of her head which sends her down again. Arc is yelling something at her.. We.. We can’t quite make out what it is from our vantage point, somebody tell Witmore to get in there!

Big Buff: I wanna hear Carey beg for forgiveness!

Joe Hoffman: Arc grabbing Bobbinette by the hair now and pulling her up to her feet. A strong slap across the face sends Carey down to her knees again as Arc continues to scream something at her.. Where is Travis!?

After another moment the feed cuts to the live camera man as he turns around the corner to get a close shot of Bobbinette and ArcAngel.


Another hard kick to Bobbinette’s ribs as she rolls to the side, blood covering her back now as Arc wipes blood out of his face. Arc grabs a near by sheet tray off a rack eye it for a moment before he lifts it up over his head and brings it down hard across Bobbinettes back as she lets out another scream. Arc lifts the sheet tray and brings it down again! And AGAIN! AND AGAIN!

Joe Hoffman: BOETTCHER NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING! This isn’t right damn it!

Big Buff: This shit’s tight Joe! Lee wanted a buy rate and Arc is giving it to him! Just sit back and enjoy it Joe!

Joe Hoffman: Arc is going for another pin as referee Matt Boettcher goes for the pin.   Matt jumps over Bobbinette and drops down..   1..   2..   KICK OUT!

Arc can’t hardly believe that Bobbinette kicked up again as he jumps up to his feet grabbing Boettcher by the throat forcing him back.

Joe Hoffman: I thought that Bobbinette was beaten, I thought she was out but she doesn’t have a touch of quit in here and she is going to fight here until she can’t fight anymore! Come on Carey! Arc isn’t paying attention get up!

Big Buff: No! Don’t cheer that woman! Arc! Forget the ref, get on that bitch! You’ve not won yet you gotta get that business taken care of!

Joe Hoffman: Come on Bobbinette! You don’t have a live audience to help you out with this, I know, but you gotta know there are people out there trying to support you! Come on girl!

Big Buff: Shut the FUCK up Hoffman!

Back in the Mess Hall Bobbinette is slowly crawling back up to her feet while Arc is still distracted with arguing with the ref. She grabs the side of an appliance rack pulling herself up when her hand finds a rolling pin. Clasping it she turns to eye Arc with a pair of defiant eyes, clutching the pin with both hands. As Arc turns around she lets out a vicious scream and swings the rolling pin across the side of his head with a loud thudding sound.


Big Buff: CUNT! Of course that bitch would use a rolling pin! WHORE!

Joe Hoffman: Arc is down! He dropped like a light and now Carey has the chance to get the pin! Come on Carey! She is down on Arc’s prone body!   1..   2…   3-NO! Arc gets his arm up!

Big Buff: That a boy Arc! Get back up! Don’t let yourself get beat by this whore!

Joe Hoffman: It’s amazing to see how fast this match has turned in Bobbinettes favor with the rolling pin equalizer! That thing probably weighs about five pounds and its made of solid wood! Carey on top of Arc now as she starts to rain down right and left hands as Arc is unable to defend himself.

Big Buff: The man can not defend himself! This isn’t right Joe! Arc get your ass in gear! Knock that bitch off you again!

Joe Hoffman: Arc is going to have to find his way out of this or I think Bobbinette is just going to keep hitting him until her hands break or Arc’s face is little more then a red mess! Wait! Arc using his strength once again as he hurls Bobbinette off him against a near by oven which she hits hard.

Arc rolls back up to his feet as its clear he has a bruise forming on the side of his head as blood still oozes out of his forehead. Bobbinette is back up on her feet as well as she sends a fist sailing through the air against Arc’s head. Arc answers back with right across Bobbinettes head.   Bobbinette hits Arc across the face!

Arc hits Bobbinette across the face!   Bobbinette hits Arc across the face!   Arc hits Bobbinette across the face!   Bobbinette hits Arc across the face!   ..Arc falls to his knee! Bobbinette fires another right across Arc’s head as he buckles again! Bobbinette reaches back annd..   ARC hits back as he slams the top of his head against Bobbinette’s face causing her to drop like a rag doll! Arc himself stumbles back again bracing himself against the near by counter that Bobbinette had been slammed down on.

Joe Hoffman: These two are tearing each other up! This is a war! And in this war people will not walk away the same.. You can see that Arc’s last hit might have broken Bobbinette’s nose as she is not bleeding from it! Arc is not looking much better for wear, I am pretty sure Bobbinette busted something in his face with that rolling pin!

Big Buff: Its ok! They were both pretty ugly to start with and the scars will build character! Come on Arc! Back on the offensive! You gotta beat her man! You gotta! For all of us!

Joe Hoffman: Maybe for me but I’ll be damned if I support a guy who nearly kills two people in the ring and runs down his former friends! Come on Carey! Stay in there, you have him on the ropes!

Big Buff: Bull shit! Arc has Carey on the ropes! You can see, Carey is starting to cry!

Back down in the ring it does look like Carey is starting to tear up as she stares at her former best friend who’s face was nearly completely covered in blood and who appeared to be getting worn down by the war between the two of them. Bobbinette stumbles forward, lifting her hands to which Arc charges.   Unfortunately it’s a trap for Arc as Bobbinette steps to the side, drop toe holding him into the front of the oven as the blood from his forehead splatters across the front of it with a loud slapping sound. Arc falls to the ground as Bobbinette drags herself to her feet again.

Joe Hoffman: Arc took one hell of a digger just then! I would not be surprised at all if it knocked out a few teeth, do you see the splat he made on the front of that oven!?

Big Buff: It’s horrible, Joey, Horrible! This isn’t the way this is supposed to go at all!

Joe Hoffman: You can see that Bobbinette is in misery down there.. I mean, it has to be hard to attack your best friend and I think its starting to wear on her Benny.. So yes.. It is Horrible.

Big Buff: I don’t mean that, I mean its horrible that cunt is winning!

Joe Hoffman: You’re a real piece of work you know that Benny!?   Bobbinette reaches down and lays across Arc as the ref moves into position for the pin.




Arc manages to convulse enough to get his shoulder up much to the chagrin of Bobbinette he slowly sits back up putting her hands to her face as she checks her face for how much blood she is letting out.

Big Buff: Jesus Christ on a Cross! That was a close one! Thank god Arc was able to get his shoulder up, I was about to shit myself!

Joe Hoffman: You might just do that yet Benny! Bobbinette is dragging Arc toward one of the low loading ovens now.. I am not sure what she is thinking about doing though.. What is she thinking? She has Arc’s head just under the oven door.. Oh God.. You don’t think?



Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette! End this thing.. Come on girl!

Carey slumps down next to Arc’s twitching body and tries to make the pin fall as Matt makes the count..





Joe Hoffman:.. I don’t know how or what Arc did to get his shoulder up but some how he is back up.. That’s amazing.. I have to give credit to Arc, that was impressive..

Big Buff: Of course it was damn it!   She drags herself back up and looks down at Arc as she gets the Oven door ready again.

Bobbinette Carey: YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND!..I.. Good bye..

And with that Bobbinette slammed the oven door down on Arcs head..






..finally Bobbinette fell on Arc turning her face from the camera to hide her face which had tears running down it. Matt Boettcher went for the count.

1…   2…   3!



Back down in the mess hall Bobbinette slumps up against the oven as she starts to cry. The ref lifts the oven door to check on Arc who is bleeding pretty badly at his point. Matt gets the Arc too his feet however he shoves him back, stumbling toward Bobbinette who gets back up to her feet with her fists raised.

ArcAngel grabs Bobbinette and gives her a tight hug that lifts her up off of her feet. She doesn’t know what to do as ArcAngel continues to hug her. Suddenly guards move in. The pair of prongs fire deep into ArcAngel’s back as one of the guards effectively hit him with a tazer.   The voltage causes ArcAngel to release his hold on Bobbinette as he drops down to one knee. Other officers move in and attempt to contain ArcAngel. Three officers pin him to the ground while a forth moves in with a pair of handcuffs. They slap the cuffs on ArcAngel and roughly help him to his feet. They tell him to get moving as one of the officers gives him a shove.

They tell him that he will be going away for a long time after killing a police officer and they have the footage from the car to prove he was there. ArcAngel begins to laugh quietly at first until his laughter gains momentum and volume. One of the officers tells him to shut up and butt ends him with the stock of the gun to the back of the neck. ArcAngel stumbles forward after the mistreatment but continues to laugh.   Somebody forgot to tell them to read him his rights…

Action cuts to a BUDWEISER ADVERT

Incentive to Win

Back from the Budweiser advertisement and this time there is no cameraman or commentary. There is just a hard camera focused in on a chair in the middle of a cell.  Sitting in the chair is a bruised, battered and bloodied Barbi Kostoff.   Her mouth is gagged and her hands and feet are tied. She is wearing a Best Alliance shirt that has been torn open to expose most of her cleavage. There is single light bulb hanging above her but it doesn’t give off enough light to give away exactly where she is at.   What we can see is that she is out of tears. Out of energy and almost….

Out of time.   The feed is then abruptly ended and we are back live in the wardens office where Joe and Benny are speechless at the imagery they just seen.

Joe Hoffman: Folks Lee Best vs. Chris Kostoff is up next and quite frankly I hope this gets ugly.

Lee Best vs. Chris Kostoff
The End All Prison Yard Match

The feed cuts to the prison yard that is light up by the lighting system that hasn’t been in years and cost Lee and his investors a pretty penny to fix up before tonight’s event.   The whole yard is surrounded by several guards who everyone was told were Lee “hires”.

But the cameras are not focused on the guards but instead on the three people in the center of the yard.  Matt Boettcher is the ref assigned to this match and he is standing in between Chris Kostoff who looks like he has been in prison for 60 years and he is ready to face the man that framed him, and then there is Lee Best who is wearing workout pants and a RATR t-shirt.

Joe Hoffman: This match is going to be ugly, it is going to be quick and hopefully there will be no mercy.

Big Buff: C’mon Joe. You know damn well that Lee has something up his sleeve for this match and I would not be surprised to see Lee win this match and then go bust a nut on Barbi post match.

Joe Hoffman: Did you honestly just go there? I mean seriously?

Benny just smiles and takes a shot as he points at the monitor, nonverbally telling Joe to focus on the match at hand.   The feed goes back to the Prison Yard and it cuts to several camera angles, showcasing each and every camera that will be in use during this match and there literally is not one inch of the yard not covered by a hard camera, and don’t forget we have one roaming cameraman as well who is currently standing several feet away from the competitors capturing a wide angle shot of the two men eyeing each other.

Joe Hoffman: You can literally feel the hate coming out of the body of Kostoff. He wants to destroy Lee and after all these months he finally is going to get his hands on the man that has brought him so much mental anguish.

Big Buff: I am tired about hearing all this shit about poor Kostoff, poor Barbi…..evil Lee. What the fuck about Lee? He has been forced into a match against a man that is a Hall of Fame wrestler. Lee is a Hall of Fame executive and never has claimed to be a wrestler. For this match to happen is just wrong.

Joe Hoffman: Karma Benny….Karma.

Big Buff: You talking about that song from the 80’s? Kamma kamma kum in your mouth..I cum and go…..I cum and go…whoa…that one?

Joe Hoffman: Um…no.   The feed cuts back to the yard where Boettcher has just finished telling the men that they cannot leave the yard and the winner will win only be pinfall or submission. Neither Lee or Kostoff are listening as they just are staring intently at one another.

Matt Boettcher: OK men……GET IT FUCKING ON!!!

Boettcher barely finishes the word before Kostoff starts running at Lee and Lee immediately begins running in the opposite direction.

Joe Hoffman: Oh this is just classic!

Big Buff: All part of the plan kimo sabi…

Kostoff continues to chase Lee as the owner of HOW is literally running for his life as he dodges the weights and makes his way onto the basketball court where he trips on a crack on the concrete and within seconds Kostoff catches  up and begins smiling at Lee as Best begins begging for his life.

Kostoff: No more running Lee….time to pay the fucki…..







Several of the guards that were holding the perimeter have rushed Kostoff and are just wailing away on the HOW Hall of Famer with their billy clubs as Lee looks on and begins laughing as he stands to his feet and wipes the dirt from his hands as the guards continue to beat on Kostoff.

Lee Best: What was that Chris…time to pay the fucking piper? Is that what you were going to say? If so…well yes it is indeed….don’t stop men…HIT THIS MOTHERFUCKER!!

Lee grabs one of the clubs from the guard and joins in on the beating. The continue to hit Kostoff all over until they are exhausted.   Lee throws his club to the side and falls down to his ass and stares into the eyes of Kostoff who has rolled over and his reaching out towards Lee as blood drips from his mouth, he is obviously suffering from internal bleeding.

Joe Hoffman: This is beyond unfair….this is……criminal!

Big Buff: Welcome to Alcatraz Joe….welcome to THE Prison…

Back in the yard Lee motions for the guards to go ahead and go back to their posts as he waves Boettcher over to start a count.

Lee Best: Go ahead and start counting and lets end this shit.   Lee kicks Kostoff in the gut for good measure and a loud moan escapes the HOW Hall of Famer as Lee hooks both legs and Boettcher starts the count..



Joe Hoffman: Not like this…..please!


Lee stares at Boettcher as if he just slapped his mother.

Lee Best: You fucking kidding me Betch? Count again…and this time faster.

Boettcher looks at Lee and knows he has no choice.




Joe Hoffman: YES!! YES!!! YES!!!

Lee pounds the concrete in anger and stands up and begins walking towards one of the guards.

Lee Best: Give me your fucking taser. NOW!!

Lee snatches a taser from the guard and turns and walks back up to where Kostoff has now crawled to the basketball hoop and is climbing to his feet with the use of the pole.

Lee Best: Come on Kostoff…..just give up….otherwise this is going to get really ugly. You think these guards are all I got up my sleeve? You know me better than that.

Kostoff, now fully standing, turns towards Lee and flips the owner off as he holds his ribs with his other hand.

Lee best: Have it your way….

Lee charges Kostoff and jams the taser at the stomach of Kostoff but the former World Champion dives to the ground and Lee misses Kostoff and the pole and rams his shoulder right into the steel and drops the taser to the ground and screams out in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Yes!!!!!

Kostoff limps over and picks up the taser just as several guards come racing at him. Kostoff nails the first one with a right hand knocking him out cold and the second one tries to hit Kostoff with his own taser but Kostoff dodges him and plants the taser in his hand on the man’s neck, rendering him incapacitated.   Several more guards charge Kostoff and Kostoff begins swinging blindly and hitting as he is able to wrestle away a billy club from one of the guards and begins taking guards out left and right that would make Neo and Mr. Smith’s fights look like child play.


Big Buff: The whore cheated on him…..fuck her.

Back in the yard Kostoff has just knocked out the last guard and now there is no one protecting the perimeter of the yard as the pile of bodies at Kostoff’s feet represent all of the men that were hired by Lee to “protect” the perimeter.   Kostoff falls to a knee, exhausted and obviously in pain. He then snaps his head up looking for Lee and he smiles as he see’s Lee running towards the entrance to the prison, holding his shoulder with his good arm.   Kostoff starts after Lee but then pauses and turns back and goes over to a guard and bends down reaches for his billy club but then changes his mind and instead picks his gun.

Big Buff: Whoa now…this is a wrestling match….not a Jean Claude Van Dam movie. Someone has to stop Kostoff!!

Joe says nothing as his eyes are peeled to the monitor as he watches Kostoff start after Lee, with a fully loaded gun in his hand.   The roaming cameraman stays with Kostoff and points the camera at Lee and the PPV viewers watch as Lee enters the prison and Kostoff continues to walk towards the door with blood dripping out of the corner of his mouth and with a heavy limp from the beating he just took from the guards.

Chris Kostoff: This isn’t over by a long shot.

The feed then cuts the announcers.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I have no idea what is going on but from what I am getting from the truck is that we are waiting on some more roaming cameramen to catch up to the action as we just are not sure what is going on. I have been told until then that ….wait hold on….we have one cameraman that has caught up with Lee and that means we have one with Kostoff and one with Lee. Good ….lets pick the action back up.

The feed cuts back inside the prison where a cameraman has caught up to Lee and they are sitting inside a cell.

Lee Best: Get your fucking ass in here and shut the fuck up…

The cameraman does as he is told and enters the cell with Lee. As the cameraman pans around the room it freezes on the image in the center of the cell..   Barbi Kostoff.   Suddenly the camera is snapped back into focus on Lee.

Lee Best: On me asshole…stay focused on me.

All goes quiet then as the only sounds are of Lee and the cameraman breathing. Not one sound escapes Barbi.

Joe Hoffman: This is like watching a fucking horror movie. My hands are sweaty!

Big Buff: You are a fucking pussy that is why.  Lee has a plan and trust me this is part of it.

Suddenly there are clanking noises and the voice of Kostoff can be heard.


The feed then cuts to the cameraman that is with Kostoff and we see Kostoff is literally walking down a row of cells and it is unsure if it’s the same row as which Lee is hiding.   He is running the loaded gun across the bars of each cell as he pauses to look into each one.


The feed then cuts back to the cameraman with Lee and as we hear more clanging its obvious that Kostoff is literally only a few cells away from where Lee is hiding and where the body of Kostoff’s wife is bound to a chair in the middle of the cell.   Again the feed switches and this time its to a hard camera high above the cells in the corner of the building. We see from this angle that Kostoff is two cells away from finding Lee.


This time Kostoff’s voice is no longer playful but downright demonic.   From this hard camera angle we see Kostoff look into the cell right next to Lee’s and he pauses.   The feed then cuts back to the cameraman with Lee and we see Lee holding Barbi’s mouth as she has awoken and after hearing the voice of her husband she is desperately trying to yell out to him but the tape and Lee’s hands and her lack of strength only allow her to muster small whimpers.

But it is enough cause Kostoff recognizes the voice and as the cameraman turns towards the cell door he is sent flying up against the cell wall as we see a chaotic image of Kostoff bringing his fist down on the Lee.   The feed switches to the cameraman that was following Kostoff, and who is now at the cell door capturing the events from a perfect angle.   Inside the cell Kostoff has Lee pinned to the ground is punching Lee relentlessly with rights and lefts.


Kostoff nails Lee with a final blow to the side of the face and falls to the side of Lee, exhausted from the fury of punches he just put on the owner of HOW.   The cameraman walks in and zooms in on the face of Lee but we cannot see too much detail because of the lack of lighting. Suddenly there is a bright light as the cameraman turns on his light on his camera and that is when we see Lee’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god….

Benny begins throwing up on the spot as the image of what used to be Lee’s face is shown. It literally looks like bloody hamburger.   Kostoff then see’s his wife and quickly crawls over and untapes Barbi’s wrists and mouth. Kostoff then picks her up and squeezes her with the biggest hug he can muster.

Chris Kostoff: God I love you ….baby I am so sorry about what Lee……..FUCK!!!!!!

Kostoff, leaning away from his wife to give her a kiss, is sprayed with pepper spray right into his eyes. Kostoff falls down to the concrete and begins screaming in pain as he rubs his eyes frantically.   Barbi then stands up and rushes over to Lee and begins crying at the sight of Lee. She then reaches under her chin and pulls on her face…taking off what was a mask to reveal her true identity.

Joe Hoffman: You gotta be fucking kidding me….MINDY SMITH?? THAT IS WHY LEE APPOINTED HER MAX’S GUARD??

The feed then cuts to the solitary confinement camera where we see a woman sitting in the very chair that Mindy was in all weekend. But as the camera zooms in we see that this woman is now bound and gagged and it is really Barbi Kostoff…..now literally sitting outside the cell of Maximillian Kael!!   The feed then cuts back inside the cell where Mindy is lying next to Lee, crying, and yelling for help.


Joe Hoffman: What just happened??!! What the heck….where are the cameras?

The feed is very chaotic as the cameramen are scrambling out of the cell. After a moment one of them points the camera back into the cell and turns their light back on and we see that Mindy Smith has been shot in the back and Chris Kostoff is now kneeling beside Lee Best and with swollen and teary eyes from the pepper spray or maybe more….

Chris Kostoff: You did this Lee….not me…..

Kostoff is then seen waving his hand towards the cell door and a very reluctant Matt Boettcher takes a step inside and makes the count as Kostoff covers Lee.

Big Buff: You gotta be fucking kidding me. This fucking asshole just shot Mindy Smith and now is covering Lee for the win!!! WHAT THE FUCK EVER!!!

Joe Hoffman: He has to Benny…..that was the stipulation….if Kostoff won he got his wife back…..I don’t believe what I just seen but yes Kostoff is pinning Lee!!!

Boettcher: 1……..   2………   3!!!!!!!!!!!!    


Kostoff gets up off of Lee and looks at Boettcher.

Chris Kostoff: Where the fuck is she?

Matt Boettcher: Solitary confinement………but you cannot get in!!

Kostoff barely hears Boettcher has he exits the cell quickly and heads towards the solitary confinement wing as HOW medics rush into the cell.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I understand that we have a Hall of Fame Nominee video to play….lets roll that before we go to our LSD Championship match….JESUS!

The feed cuts to the video as we see Benny turning his whole bottle of Jack up in the air.
HOF Nominees

The PPV feed on HOTv cuts away from the action at Alcatraz Prison and a video begins playing highlighting the current HOW Hall of Famers.

Mark O’Neal-First War Games winner, Multi Time World and Tag Team Champion.

Lynx-The most dominant force seen in HOW at the time. Multi time World Champion.

Darkwing-Former ICON, Tag and World Champion. Historic feud and matches with Jatt Starr.

Narcotic-Helped start HOW with Lee Best. Held numerous titles but is HOF for his bts work.

Chris Kostoff-Legendary feud with Lee Best. Multi Time World, LSD and Tag Champion.

Jatt Starr-The gold standard of all HOW wrestlers past and present.

The highlight reel then ends and a graphic stating that there are new nominees this year and they are….

Shane Reynolds: Tireless worker and holder of several titles. One of the longest tenured wrestlers in HOW’s history and considered to be unbeatable at times.

Bobbinette Carey: The Queen B is every fed owners dream employee. Tireless worker who manages to hold her own against the boys and often surpasses them. Holder of multiple titles.

Silent Witness: Been in HOW from almost day one. Multiple champion who has done much for HOW behind the scenes as he has in front of the camera. Set the standard for the LSD Division and will forever be linked to the title.

Maximillian Kael: Best Alliance member for life is one of the best wrestlers in HOW history. Finally won World Title gold recently but his storied feuds and work with Jatt Starr made him a household name. He now stands on his own two feet and is worthy of being called Hall of Famer.

The video then ends stating that the new Hall of Fame class will be inducted on December 8th on a special Hall of Fame show one week prior to the big PPV on December 15th. The name of that PPV is then shown as the video ends…



LSD Title Match
Ken Davison vs. Scottywood

Crucifixion Match in the Chapel

The feed cuts to the wardens office where Joe and Benny look like they have been thru hell and they have just been watching the events unfold.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I have no idea on how to explain what we just witnessed so I won’t even try. All I know is that right now Kostoff is heading across the prison to get his wife who is literally bound in front of Max’s cell but because of the darkness and what not…..not even Chuck Norris knows whats going on.

Big Buff: Who knows maybe he is in on it?

Joe starts to talk but then the feed cuts to a hard shot of the solitary confinement wing where we see that Chuck Norris, Dr. Phil and Brock Blackheart have just been escorted out of the wing. Only Barbi was left in the wing, still strapped to her chair.

Joe Hoffman: Well that explains some of it right there. The hired guards have been escorted out of the wing already and as we just seen they are just literally hanging out in the hall chatting and have no idea what lays ahead for them cause Kostoff will be there soon enough!

Big Buff: Fuck em…..whats the status on Lee?

Joe Hoffman: That I have no idea on but what I can tell the viewers is that Mindy and Lee have been air lifted off the island via helicopter and are being taken to the nearest hospital.

Big Buff: This is fucking terrible. If I didn’t have a bad knee I would go after that fucking Kostoff myself.

Joe Hoffman: Sure you would Benny. But right now the show must go on and it is time for us to head to the chapel where it’s time for the LSD Championship match pitting Godly Ken Davison against the champion and Best Alliance member…Scottywood.

The feed then switches to the fixed cameras in the chapel as they start up, aiming at the big double doors, they stand tall, but beaten and broken. A huge creak is heard as suddenly the doors are pulled open, a huge light shoots through the room, brightening even the darkest areas up, but a shadow stands in the archway of the door.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know about you Benny but this match just gives me the creeps….I feel wrong just for watching this.

Big Buff: But you enjoyed Lee’s face getting turned into hamburger helper?

Joe ignores Benny as seconds pass as a figure steps forward on the feed, revealing himself to be Scottywood, he looks prepared and cautious, taking each step careful. The chapel’s door slam behind him, Scotty turns quickly, weary, and the shunt from the slam of the doors sends dust flying, and an echo floating around the room.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go folks and I do not envy Carl Hortega for having to call this match.

Big Buff: Why? He’s Mexican so I’m sure he’s catholic. He might of even been sodomized in a similar setting….it’s like home I’m sure.

Joe Hoffman: Drink some more will ya.

Scotty again starts stepping forward, passing each bench, looking down each aisle for his opponent, Ken Davison, and so it be as a huge yell comes from behind Scotty. Scotty turns around, quick to react as a lump of rock being carried by Ken is thrown towards him, he dodges but falls to the floor. Ken quickly dives onto Scotty shaking him up with a rumble of punches, Scotty panics flurrying around, trying to get up, pushing Ken away, but Ken stays on him.   A quickly weakened, surprised and shocked Scotty lies, trying to get over it, Ken on the other hand leaves no time for rest, yanking a bench out into the walkway of the chapel. Scotty starts climbing to his feet, Ken grabs him slamming his face into the weakened, yet strong looking wood, Scotty lets out a few umph’s and ouch’s trying to get up while Ken puts the boot to Scotty’s chest.

Joe Hoffman: With Max and Crow locked up, Triple M off somewhere with Triple P, and Lee off the island…..Scotty is literally alone here in this match. This is as good of a chance Ken will ever get to getting the gold off of Scotty.

To drive home that point Ken starts positioning the bench with evil intentions, but turning his back on Scotty was a bad thing, Scotty rises attacking Ken with a double axe handled to the back of the head. It only stumps Ken for a second, but Scotty follows with kicks to the gut, several punches, and throws him into a tall concrete pillow holding the chapel up, sending Ken to the dusty, dirty floor.

Scotty takes over, he grabs the same bench and uses his strength to lift it into the air, he struggles, its a large thick wooded bench, but he slams it down hard onto Ken. Ken struggles escaping from under the bench as he lets out a few painful moans, but at the same time, the church doors open causing Scotty to turn ready to hit someone, but its only the late arriving referee Carl Hortega and free roam camera man.

Big Buff: See where the hell as Hortega been? I guarantee if someone were to culture his throat we would have a pews worth of semen!

Scotty puts his attention back to Ken, dragging him to his feet, yanking him towards a gate and fence which appears to of been used to separate inmates from the holy guidance in the chapel. Scotty throws Ken’s face into the fence, it causes a slight dent and the gate swings open, Scotty picks Ken up in a power slam position, he runs and slams him into the wall, also dropping him causing him to land head first to the hard floor.

Scotty smiles, looking down at the downed and hurt Ken, but his enduring moment faults him, Ken slides out of his hurt kicking Scotty’s feet out from under him. He falls to the floor but quickly reacts with a punch for Ken, Ken punches back, the two exchange a few, scuffling on the floor looking to gain the advantage, Scotty wins it back, but again stops to regain, Ken takes it grabbing a brick from the broken walls and slams it into Scotty’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Godly back on the offensive!!

Ken climbs to his feet, he looks around, he looks to the end of the chapel, there lies a huge cross, its been brought down for the purposes of the fight and waits for one to be pinned to it. Ken smiles, he grabs Scotty by the hair, revealing his face, which blood now dribbles down from his forehead, Ken smiles and lands a few punches, he brings Scotty to his feet, sets him up and whips him over with a  suplex. Dust flies from under them scattering the impact, Scotty holds his back from the concrete floor, Ken just stomps a few hard feet onto him, and viciously grabs a steel candle stand, raising it into the air and smashing it into Scotty’s ribs.

Ken now leaves the scene, he wonders about looking for something to inflict more pain on Scotty, referee Hortega keeps a close eye, the cameraman catching all he can, as well as the mounted wall cameras. Ken finds himself a container, a huge scratch on the floor is heard, Ken drags it over and tears its lid off, its filled with dirty water, what probably would have been holy water back in the days, now, just filthy and tainted holy water. Ken turns to grab Scotty, but to his surprise, all he sees is a small puddle of blood on the floor, he panics turning quickly only to receive a large piece of lumber smacked over his head.

Ken wriggles trying to get back to his feet, holding and checking his head, Scotty smashes the lumber into his back, and again, and again, and finally a harder one into the back of Ken’s head. Scotty throws the wood aside, he grabs his head, sees his own blood and gets pissed off, he slaps Ken in the face with his bloodied hand, again, and again, trying to make him regret ever busting him open. He follows grabbing Ken, yanking him to the container of filthy holy water dunking his head inside, Ken struggles, wriggling and trying to escape, he hits Scotty where he can but can’t get out as the water splashes everywhere.

Big Buff: Now this is something I have always wanted to see….a Godly being choked on holy water….PRICELESS!!

Air now becomes an issue, Ken really struggling, a serious look on Scotty’s face as he doesn’t seem to care, but Hortega leaps in, panicking for Ken, yanking Scotty’s arm away releasing Ken with a huge gasp for air and a splash of water everywhere. Scotty looks more pissed off then ever now, he grabs Hortega by the scruff of the neck, walks him backwards, Hortega tries defending himself but it only makes Scotty launch him backwards and out of the way. He turns around and Ken has recovered quickly, still breathing heavily but a battered wooden chair in hand, throwing it in the face of Scotty, Scotty defends but the wood still hits hard breaking to pieces, he remains standing and Ken charges at him, only to be caught and whipped in the air, being sent to the floor with a hard spine buster.

Ken lies flat and motionless, Scotty gets up and looks down at Ken, he becomes blurred as the blood from his head still flows down into his eyes, he tries wiping them clear. His vision is clearer now, and he sees a small stream of blood running from the back of Ken’s head, from hitting the floor, Scotty smiles, he bends down, dragging a limp Ken to his feet, lets out an evil smile and stares him in the face. Scotty begins dragging Ken down the walkway, towards the crucifix, Ken all limp is hard to drag, but Scotty puts effort in, wasting energy, causing him to gasp, but out of nowhere Ken rises and launches Scotty into the air, throwing him over, Scotty lands awkwardly on the benches.

Joe Hoffman: Davison is putting up more of a fight than anyone ever thought he could. He is really showing some heart here tonight….regardless of Benny’s comments.

Big Buff: What??

Scotty lies yelping in pain, Ken falls and tries regaining some energy, but the two eventually begin to get back up together, Ken holding his head, Scotty holding his back, feeling maybe he’s done something to it. The two stare at one another, but both bend down at the same time picking up objects off the floor, a brick, a lump of wood, bibles, broken candles, throwing them at one another, each hit hurting more then the last. To his surprise though, Ken bends down again to pick something else up, Scotty takes advantage leaping forward hitting his Ice Kick, Ken drops back, dazed, Scotty grabs a brick in hand and mounts Ken, whispering something in his ear, and slams the brick into his face.

Ken looks out of it, he falls to the floor and Scotty grabs his arm, dragging him towards the crucifix, he lifts his body up, laying him onto the cross, sets him up, arms to the right and left beams, and his legs and head to the straight beam. Ken begins coming to, mumbling, dazed, as Scotty pulls out a hammer and a tub full of large nails, Ken rises only to land a few hard punches to the face of Scotty, he grabs the hammer off him and swings it around his face, Scotty immediately spits out blood. He takes a knee, Ken goes to get up but Scotty rises again with a tear of suede cloth from a podium, he uppercuts Ken, Ken falls back down and Scotty quickly wraps it around his neck, now tying him neck first to the cross, he finds another piece, and with a struggle, ties Ken’s feet to the cross.

Big Buff: Here we go Joe!!!!

Ken begins choking, trying to tear at the cloth to get it away, but his eyes widen when suddenly Scotty has the hammer in one hand and a nail in the other, he panics and tries everything to escape. Scotty though grabs an arm, forces it down, sitting on it, Ken punching Scotty in the back, but


a scream of pain almost breaks what’s left of the windows in the chapel, Scotty puts a nail through Ken’s right hand. Pain emerges from Ken’s face, feeling like he’s going to pass out, Scotty then grabs the other arm, a now weakened Ken can’t resists as much, and then


more of a moan this time, less energy to yell or scream, but Ken’s eyes close and he passes out, blood dripping from his hands, a cut lip, the back of his head and hair painted with his own blood.

Joe Hoffman: I cannot watch this…..tell me when it’s over…

Big Buff: How about you drink every time a nail goes thru flesh……..GOD I SWEAR I HAVE AN ERECTION!!!

Carl Hortega rushes in quickly and drags Scotty back, but Scotty throws him aside and grabs a piece of tied up rope, he releases it and begins pulling and yanking, the cross starts moving, raising, turning. As Scotty continues to pull the cross tips, turning upside down, and raises, each pull Scotty gives, the cross rises, into the air, upside down, Ken still tied and pinned to the cross, until a satisfactory height. Scotty pulls and then ties the rope to a banister, holding Ken in the air, he stands, watching, staring, smiling, at the unconscious, bloody, now crucified.. Ken Davison.

As blood drips down from the body of Davison, Hortega makes it official and raises the arm of Scottywood.  


As the feed cuts away as Scotty is handed his LSD Championship belt, we go live to the wardens office where Benny is half lit from the liquor and we see Joe standing up shielding his face from Benny who has his pants down around his waist and seems to be pleasuring himself as he watched what went down on the monitors.


Finished, Benny holds his hand up to the camera to see a word written on his dick hand…   POPE JOHN PAUL THE 69TH.

The feed is quickly cut as an advert for adidias is shown.


Perfectly Marvelous

After the Adidias advertisement the live feed cuts out to a view of the Pacific ocean surrounding the legendary prison island. The cameraman turns around and it soon becomes apparent that he is stationed on a luxury yacht that has been docked offshore. A bizarre sight comes into the picture as a large shark cage containing a furious Jeff Harris is seen on the edge of the main deck, no longer in handcuffs, yelling profanities at his off-screen assailants.

The camera pans over to see the man we first saw in HOW earlier tonight, Perfect Paul Paras, and his partner in crime, HOW star Marvelous Mario Maurako, sitting in beach chairs on the deck, listening to Bob Marley, sipping pina coladas, and completely ignoring Jeff Harris.    Paras: You know what, Mario? It’s been a long time since The Perfect One set foot in a wrestling ring. What does one have to know about this HOW place?

Maurako: Well, there are a lot of people trying to make a name for themselves here, a lot of good talents…maybe even some great ones… you know, a decent collection.

Paras: Ah, so you mean they all completely suck?

Maurako: Yeah, basically.

Harris: You assholes, get over here and fight! This is HOW, not whatever rat’s nest you came from!

Paul and Mario pick up their drinks and walk over to the cage, with Paras snapping the Singapore cane against the bars, making a loud sound of bamboo rattling against steel.

Paras: Pardon the Perfect One for not giving a proper introduction at this time, but The Marvelous One and I? We’re from the wrestling mecca of the entire free world, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Maurako: And where are you from, Harris?

Harris: You know damn well I live in Las Vegas Nevada, you bastard.

Paras: I hope they taught you to swim there…

Paras suddenly tosses the rest of his pina colada in Harris’s face! As Harris struggles to rub the alcohol out of his eyes, Paras and Maurako push the shark cage straight off the deck of the yacht, causing it to plummet into the ocean with Jeff Harris inside!!!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God!! Jeff Harris just got dumped into the ocean to drown! Somebody get some help out there!!!

Maurako and Paras turn and high-five each other before turning to the camera.

Maurako: HOW, you thought you had the best of the best when The Marvelous One came to town, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Don’t worry guys, you’ll see what I mean soon enough. In the meantime, just remember—you may be good, you may be great…

Paras: …but you’ll never be PERFECTLY MARVELOUS.

Paras’ hand reaches toward the camera to cut to static as the PPV feed switches back to Joe and Benny as several guards rush onto the scene to help save the new Commish.

Joe Hoffman: I am afraid that Perfectly Marvelous have just bitten off more than they can chew possibly as with Harris as the new commish you know he will get his payback.

Big Buff: And your mom likes it on her back….it’s time for the main event dammit…let’s get this over with so I can go visit Lee!!

Joe Hoffman: Well you heard Benny folks….it’s time for the main event!!


New Ref…

The feed cuts to the hard camera outside of the solitary confinement wing where we no longer see Chuck Norris, Dr. Phil and Brock Blackheart talking it up with the guards and signing autographs.   The action quickly cuts to a roaming camera that is down at the scene and has we see what happened the viewers hear Joe and even Benny gasp.

We see Chris Kostoff standing over the bodies of Brock, Dr. Phil and the guards. Kostoff is covered in blood and as he moves towards the door we see that he was standing over the body of Chuck Norris who is bloodied and knocked out.

Big Buff: Holy shit….he took out Chuck Norris?!

Joe Hoffman: I think Chris Kostoff just took all of Chuck Norris’ heat. It is only a matter of time before we hear that Kostoff can kill two stones with one bird, or that he killed the periodic table because the only element he recognizes is the element of surprise.

Big Buff: Get off Google and lets focus on the fact that Kostoff needs to be arrested asap.

Joe Hoffman: That might be possible if there were any guards left. I literally think all the guards have been taken out by Kostoff!!

The cameraman that has stayed with Kostoff since his match, walks slowly behind Kostoff as he pounds on the door.

Chris Kostoff: I have to get in there….NOW!!!

Suddenly Matt Boettcher appears and he is shaking. Kostoff jumps to his feet and smiles.

Chris Kostoff: Main Event time I take it?

Matt Boettcher: Look Kostoff I have to go in there and call this match. What you have done tonight is…

Chris Kostoff: Give me the fucking key….now.

Matt Boettcher: I can’t….I really…


Kostoff nails Boettcher with a right hand knocking the referee out cold. Kostoff rips the ref shirt off of Boettcher and then proceeds to rip the sleeves off the shirt to restore circulation to his arms. He then bends back over and reaches into the pocket and pulls the key to the main door and the keys to the cell doors inside.

Chris Kostoff: Lee said I was fucked a few weeks ago on Mayhem…well tonight his whole PPV is fucked…..cause I am going to make sure Max doesn’t retain shit……but first …Barbi.

Kostoff goes up to the door and tries a few keys before finally opening the door. He rushes towards Barbi and takes the tape off her mouth and arms and looks into her eyes.

Chris Kostoff: Its really you…right?

Barbi looks up and it takes a moment but then she fully recognizes her husband and she leaps forward into Kostoff’s arms and they hold each other in a warm embrace as Graystone screams at the Kostoff’s.   Chris wipes the tears from the eyes of Barbi and puts her face in his hands.

Chris Kostoff: I need you to get out of here. There are some guards down by exit of the prison. They will get you off this fucking island and on a plane and take you to Tampa…..home. It’s already been arranged.

Barbi Kostoff: Lee?

Kostoff just smiles and shakes his head indicating that he won’t be a problem.   Barbi and Chris then exchange a passionate kiss before Chris shoos her away.   Barbi takes off running as Chris locks the door behind her.   He then looks at the cells and smiles.

Chris Kostoff: Time to play.


ICON and World Title Match
Graystone vs. Crow vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael

Solitary Confinement Elimination Match

Joe Hoffman: Well folks it is only fitting that the Main Event now has Chris Kostoff as the referee. I mean if there is any other way to stick it to Lee it is to make sure Max doesn’t come out with his World Championship.

Big Buff: This is complete and utter garbage. This is cheating. Why hasn’t this man been arrested for murder!

Joe Hoffman: Well that I do have an answer to. Seems that Lee actually thought of someone besides himself as Mindy was wearing a bullet proof vest but from what my sources tell me it was cause Lee planned on shooting her to make it look like he killed Barbi……now that is sick.

Big Buff: What if Kostoff shot her in the back of the head?

There is silence as the feed cuts back to inside the solitary confinement area where Kostoff is standing in the center of the hall, literally in the middle of the four men are have been locked inside the cells since Friday night.

Chris Kostoff: I know you four have been without water, went a day without food, and pretty much just might be off your rockers if you weren’t already. But tonight and tonight only there is a new sheriff in town and his name is  Chris Motherfucking Kostoff. Now don’t worry I am going to make this match legit as I don’t want Lee making up some bullshit to not have this match official….which he might anyway since I wasn’t technically the ref…but I think our new Commish Jeff Harris just might be on my side on this one and with Lee looking to be on a hospital bed for a while…..I think we can get away with me as ref.

All four mens eyes can been seen looking out at Kostoff as the HOW Hall of Famer continues…

Chris Kostoff: The rules remain the same….elimination style. I will choose who comes out and when. The match takes place in this wing and this wing only. You are eliminated if you are pinned or give up like a bitch. I know about the stipulation that if someone pins Max they get the ICON title…so Shane…I hope you know what you were doing when you made that…………ok enough talk…….its time for some blood.

Kostoff looks at both sides of the hall and decides on the cell he wants to open first…

Joe Hoffman: He is letting Graystone out first!!

Big Buff: This can’t be good…

Kostoff walks up to the cell holding Graystone and smiles as he unlocks the door. He then quickly steps back as the stench of human waste fully escapes the cell and a maniacal looking Graystone walks out and starts to open his mouth to Kostoff but is cut short as Kostoff nails him with a right hand.

Chris Kostoff: You like to talk about my wife do ya!!!

Kostoff picks Graystone up by his hair and tosses him hard against the wall and begins nailing Gray with several heavy rights and lefts.


Instead Graystone falls like a heap to the ground, out cold from Kostoff’s flurry of punches.

Chris Kostoff: Fine you won’t talk shit….Ill just make you eat shit…

Kostoff grabs the knocked out Graystone and drags the man back inside his cell where the stench is almost unbearable but so is the rage inside of Kostoff has he puts Graystone’s head inside the toilet and pushes down on the back of his head hard.

Joe Hoffman: Ok I think I am going to……yep…I just puked in my mouth a little bit……Benny?

Benny is bent over and is hurling inside Joe’s jacket.

Joe Hoffman: BENNY!!!

The feed cuts back live where the roaming cameraman is in the middle of the hall and instead of walking into the cell he has utilized his zoom to capture Kostoff burying Graystone’s face in his own shit and piss.   Now Kostoff has dragged Graystone to the middle of the hall and drops him like a sack of potatoes as he ponders on who to let out next.

Chris Kostoff: Shane….I think you need to come out here and pin Graystone.

It is at this moment that Kostoff realizes that there are guards inside the solitary confinement wing….three of them and they are now stationed at each end of the wing with one roaming.

Chris Kostoff: Just do your fucking jobs boys….and I won’t have to do anything….

Kostoff then refocuses on Shane’s cell and as he unlocks the door and opens it Shane runs out of the cell and is set to begin pounding on the face of Graystone until he notices shit on his face.

Shane Reynolds: Kostoff I need to know about Michelle….how am I supposed to do that if he cannot speak?

Kostoff just shrugs.

Chris Kostoff: Look man I feel for you…..I really do. But I am here to end my shit with Lee and quite frankly your shit don’t concern me. Pin that fucker, let the guards take him out, and you Crow and Max can battle it out for the gold. After that….settle your shit.

Shane nods but at the same time you can see the rage building in Shane as every last inch of his soul wants to just destroy Graystone here and now.   But the thought of Max must of come over him as he decides to cover Graystone and Kostoff makes the count..





Chris Kostoff: Ok Shane…who you want next?

Kostoff tosses the keys to Shane who catches them and looks to his right to see the cell in which Crow is in and then he turns to the left to look at the cell which holds Max.

Shane Reynolds: Every fiber of my being says I should go after Max now but I want to end this with him…..

So Shane walks over to Crows cell and unlocks the door and then quickly steps back as the stench is not a problem for Shane as he is numb to it cause of his own cell. Instead he jumps back as he is ready for an attack.   But no attack comes as the door creaks open and Shane back peddles towards the middle of the hallway as Crow slowly walks out.   Shane tosses the keys back to Kostoff who catches them.

Chris Kostoff: You got 10 minutes with Crow. After that I am letting Max out and if you are still around you get him. Otherwise I am taking both these men out and we will have ourselves the worst possible scenario for Lee and his little backers…… A DQ finish for a PPV main event.

Shane nods and focuses in on Crow who looks up at Shane and smiles and then the two rush each other and they meet head on as once again tonight we are about to witness a brawl that will hardly resemble a wrestling match.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight has been such an emotional ride for all the wrestlers and with this environment I don’t see how anyone would of expected to see a bunch of chain wrestling here tonight. Especially here in the main event where these men have been locked up since Friday!!

Big Buff: This is the worst night of my fucking life. Max is our last hope and I guess Crow to a lesser degree……what is the status on LEE!!!

Joe Hoffman: No word on that yet but as soon as I get word I will relay it to you and the viewers. But right now we have a fight on our hands for the ICON and World Titles….and right now the ICON Champion has his hands full with Crow!

The feed goes back to the roaming cameraman as Crow has just taken Shane down with a rake to the eyes followed by a wicked clothesline. Crow stalks Shane as he waits for him to get to his feet and then he executes a perfect running bulldog driving the face of the ICON champion and HOF nominee hard into the concrete.   Crow then bends down and whispers something into the ear of Shane which sparks some fire into Reynolds as he quickly rolls over and goes to get on his feet but he is knocked back down with a perfect standing dropkick. Crow makes the cover and Kostoff slowly gets in position to count.


Kick out  by Shane before a two count.   Crow stands and gets in the face of Kostoff but thinks better of it and turns around and is met with a kick to the gut from Shane followed by DDT by Shane and a quick cover.   Kostoff with the count……

1……. 2……   KICKOUT!!

Joe Hoffman: Crow barely kicked out on that one as its apparent that Kostoff is fully trying to make sure that there is no Best Alliance with the ICON or World Titles tonight as he sure as heck counted a little faster for Shane than he did Crow.

Big Buff: Duh…that fucking murderer is a cheater as well.

Back to the action and Shane has pulled Crow up to his feet and executes a perfect snap suplex onto the hard concrete floor. Shane grabs his back in pain as the move hurt his back but not as much as it hurt Crow’s as the former TNT Champion is writhing on the ground in pain holding his back.   Shane then jumps on the back of Crow and locks in a STF submission hold and Kostoff quickly gets in position to listen for the submission.   Crow is able to get an arm free though and breaks the hold as Shane quickly stands up and delivers a boot to the back of the head of Crow, keeping the man grounded.

Joe Hoffman: You can really see it in Shane’s eyes that he is here to hurt people tonight. There are no fans or what not to impress. Tonight is all about settling scores.

Big Buff: Tonight was supposed to be the night that leads HOW into the upper echelon of pro wrestling but instead we will be without Lee Best for quite a while and now Kostoff is in the main event fucking everything up!!!  DRINK CAUSE JOE’S MOM LICKS MY TAINT!

Joe can only shake his head as the feed cuts back to the action where Shane has just whipped Crow hard into the concrete wall, right next to Max’s cell.

Shane Reynolds: There is nowhere to go Max…..your next!!

Maximillian Kael: Ok Gillberg….

The camera catches Max watching the match closely as he waits to enter the fray.   Shane talking smack to Max costs him however as Crow elbows Shane in the back of the head and bounces the ICON Champions head off of Max’ cell door much to the delight of the World Champion.

Chris Kostoff: Shane you got 3 minutes……let’s go!

Shane, realizing he is almost out of time before he is double teamed, hits Crow with an eye rake and then with a standing dropkick sending Crow flying towards the middle of the hallway as Shane slowly gets to his feet holding his wrists as he hurt them a little after bracing his fall after delivering the drop kick.

Joe Hoffman: What a move by Shane and he is not afraid to put his body on the line here folks.

Shane hustles over to Crow and slaps on a figure four leg lock and yells at Kostoff to ask Crow if he submits.   Kostoff hustles into position but it is apparent from the get go that Crow is not going to give up.

Chris Kostoff: Ok Shane….its time.

Shane lets go of the hold and pushes Crow to the side as Crow grabs at his legs and rolls around in pain as Shane and Kostoff walk over to the cell holding the World Champion.

Chris Kostoff: Ok Max we can do this one of two ways. Either you come out and just lay down and allow Shane to get that World title and thus fucking Lee’s world up…..or me and Shane will just beat the royal fuck outta you.

Joe Hoffman: No choice there…Max’s reign is over!!

Big Buff: NEVER!!!   Max doesn’t reply however and Kostoff shrugs.

Chris Kostoff: So be it…..hard way it is…..you ready Shane…be careful that whore Mindy could of given him a weapon..

Shane nods as Kostoff unlocks the door and …



Kostoff and Reynolds go down hard as the roaming guard nails them both from behind. The other two guards assigned to the match come over as well and the three guards begin blasting away on Reynolds and Kostoff as Max walks slowly out of his cell smiling.

Minister: Kostoff, Shane…we would like you to meet the Unholy Church!!

Joe Hoffman: Who???

The guards do not take off their masks and helmets. Instead they continue the assault on Shane as Crow, now on his feet, makes his way over to Minister and shakes his hand.

The Crow: Minister…Max….it is good to see a plan come to fruition.

Minister smiles and nods.

Minister: Ok Unholy ones…..I think the damage is done. Crow..what do you say…lets blow this joint and go see what is going on with Lee.

Crow nods and the two start for the door where all three of the members of the Unholy Church are at the door and one has already unlocked it and has it open wide for the two Best Alliance members. As they open it Matt Boettcher stumbles inside the hall and Minister and Crow let him by as it is of no matter now that the match is over.

Joe Hoffman: This is complete and utter bull…..crap!!

Just as Joe says that Crow gives a hard push to the guard in the back and all three of the guards fall out into the hallway and Crow shuts the door behind them quickly leaving Crow and Max inside the wing.

Max: What are you doing???

Crow locks the door quickly and throws the keys as far as he can throw them and the distant noise of them clanging down in the hall can be heard.

Crow: This has to be resolved….

With that Crow nails Max in the stomach with a strong right hand, bending the World Champion over, and then picks him up in a tombstone like piledriver position and after a slight pause he brings Max’s head down hard on the concrete delivering his Fallen finisher.


Joe Hoffman: What?? Nevermind…your hammered…..but Crow is going for the ICON Title here…

Crow indeed covers Max and Boettcher, back with his now sleeveless and stretched out ref shirt back on, gets in position and makes the count…





Joe Hoffman: By pinning Max …..Crow just took the ICON Title away from Shane….and now he can win the World as well if he just covers Shane!!!!

Crow quickly hustles over to Shane and covers him as Boettcher follows him and starts the count…





Matt Boettcher: 2!!!! IT WAS A 2!!!!

Joe Hoffman: What??!!

A replay is shown to the PPV viewing audience and we clearly see Shane get his shoulder up just in the nick of time.   Back live and a frustrated Crow brings Shane up to his feet and lifts him up to put up in his tombstone finisher but Shane reverses it and now has Crow in a tombstone position….


With eyes glazed, Shane falls to his knees driving Crow’s head into the hard concrete and with absolutely no idea that what he is doing, Shane falls on top of Crow as Boettcher makes the count…








Rumble at Rock comes to an end as Matt Boettcher places the ICON title on the waist of the knocked out Crow and the World Title around the passed out Shane Reynolds.

Joe Hoffman: Folks what an evening it has been and we are out of time….for Big Buff Benny Newell I am Joe Hoffman and we will see you next Monday at Mayhem as we come to you live from the LG Arena in Birmingham ENGLAND!!!!



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