Refueled: June 8th, 2008 (2008)

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Show Transcript

Refueled 2008
June 8th, 2008 – #HOW7
United Center Chicago Illinois

—Pre Recorded—

The scene opens up to the picture of a bruised and bloody Daniel Singh sitting up against the black leather seat of a Lincoln Town Car. His arms are tied behind him and a piece of gray duct tape is over his mouth. He is shaking, scared, and whimpering. The camera swivels around to see Graystone sitting right beside him.

Graystone: Driver?

The camera swivels around to the front of the car to see Brock Blackheart sitting at the wheel.

Brock Blackheart: Yes?

Graystone: I think Mr. Singh is ready to take us to Victoria now.

Graystone quickly rips the duct tape off of Daniel Singh’s mouth, and Singh gasps for air.

Daniel Singh: You can’t do this to me!

Graystone slaps Daniel Singh across the face, and then grabs him by the mouth.

Graystone: Now listen up, Daniel. We don’t have a lot of time. I’m going to make this simple. Where is Victoria?

Daniel Singh: I will never tell you!

Graystone slaps Daniel Singh across the face again.

Graystone: TELL US! Where is Victoria?

Daniel Singh: I will take it to the grave with me.

Graystone grabs Daniel Singh’s head and blasts it up against the car window, causing the glass to break. Daniel Singh falls down in the seat. Graystone motions for Blackheart to start driving. Blackheart starts the car and puts in gear.

Graystone: Last time…

Graystone grabs a taser out from under the seat, and points it at Daniel Singh.

Graystone: Where is Victoria?

Daniel Singh: Alright… Alright… I’ll tell you. She’s at the Peninsula hotel.

Brock Blackheart: Where Graystone used to stay?

Daniel Singh: Room 310… Oh God… Lee’s going to kill me.

Graystone drops the taser and punches Daniel Singh in the side of the head.

The scene fades to the back of the Peninsula Hotel. Brock Blackheart parks the car, and pops the trunk. Graystone opens the door and drags Daniel Singh out and lifts him over his shoulder. The camera swivels around to the trunk where Nijs Landzaat lays inside. Graystone drops Daniel Singh on top of Nijs Landzaat, and then Blackheart shuts the trunk. The two immediately rush into the hotel and run up the stairs. They make it to the third floor and rush to room 310. After the handle won’t budge, Blackheart steps back and kicks in the door as hard as he can. The door shoots open, and there in the middle of the room is Victoria, tied to a chair with duct tape over her mouth. She squirms in excitement as she sees Graystone and Blackheart.

Brock Blackheart: Victoria. Oh God. We’ve been looking all over for you.

Blackheart slowly removes the tape from Victoria’s mouth.

Victoria: Oh God. Am I glad to see you guys.

Graystone and Blackheart work to free Victoria’s hands and feet from the chair.

Brock Blackheart: Did they hurt you?

Victoria: No…

Brock Blackheart: I’ve missed you so much.

Victoria starts crying.

Victoria: I thought I was going to die.

Brock Blackheart bursts out into tears, and then a look of anger passes through him. The last of the straps are taken off, and Blackheart pulls Victoria up out of the chair and gives her a big hug. After a few moments of embracing, Victoria turns and hugs Graystone. Blackheart wipes the tears from his eyes, overjoyed to be re-united with his girlfriend.

—end recording—

Action cuts inside the United Center and we are LIVE FOR REFUELED!!!

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to the first pay per view event since the rebirth of High Octane Wrestling…..REFUELED!!!

The crowd is red hot as fireworks begin exploding all around the arena and inside the ring. You can barely hear yourself think as Joe continues.

Joe Hoffman: I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by the independent wrestling legend himself…Big Buff Benny Newell.

Benny Newell: Tonight is a big night as Best Alliance will be bringing home championship gold throughout the night!

Joe Hoffman: Not so fast Benny but I have to admit that it is a possibility since Lee has inserted his own non deserving Best Alliance members into ICON, LSD and Tag Team Title matches.

Benny Newell: Undeserving? Are you on crack Joe? Darkwing is a former ICON champ. Silent Witness MADE the LSD belt mean something and Shocker will be bringing home Tag Team gold even if its on his own.

Joe Hoffman: All valid points but I am just wondering how Shocker will fare on his own now that we know Nijs Landzaat and Daniel Singh will not be here..thanks to Graystone who I believe did the only thing he could do.

Benny Newell: Assault and battery on a helpless human being?

Joe Hoffman: Well what would you do if…

Benny Newell: Oh just shut the fuck up. Graystone got his whores back and everyone shed a tear. Let’s get on with the show ok? I am dying to watch the Best Alliance win some gold!!

Joe Hoffman: Well before we get to our first match I have just received word from the back that our newly bankrupt owner, thanks to Big Brown, Lee Best is on his way out now!

On cue Back in Black by AC/DC begins blaring thru the United Center and the crowd erupts into a loud chorus of boos as the owner of High Octane Wrestling makes his way out onto the entrance ramp with microphone in his hand.

Joe Hoffman: The crowd is letting the owner of HOW hear it!!

Lee soaks it all in as he scans the nearly sold out United Center. Finally he brings the mic to his mouth and begins.

Lee Best: Welcome everyone to REFUELED!!!

The crowd erupts into some cheers as they pop just for the mention of the show.

Lee Best: I am the owner, the god of High Octane Wrestling, Lee Best.

The crowd erupts right back into the boos as it is clear that Lee will never be a fan favorite.

Lee Best: The booing is music to my ears. So is the sound of money falling into my pockets and as you all know I lost quite a lot yesterday on that fucking donkey Big Brown. But that is ok, cause just look at all of you inside the arena tonight….that is what I see when I stare out into the crowd…I see money…not fans….so thank you all for filling my pockets!!

Everyone is literally on their feet now throwing curse words and insults at Lee.

Joe Hoffman: Lee has always known how to win over a crowd that is for sure.

Benny Newell: And you sure know how to fuck up a wet dream I am sure…shut the fuck up Joe and listen to Lee.

Joe looks shocked for a moment and then can only shake his head like he has countless times when Benny has gone off on him.

Back inside the ring Lee is smiling.

Lee Best: Look I did not come out here to talk about my monetary situation. I came out here to follow up on the story that broke earlier on Commissioner Silent Witness, and future LSD Champion I might add as well, informed the world that our next PPV will be on August 4th and will be entitled WAR GAMES!!!

Joe Hoffman: That is right folks if you were…

Joe stops midsentence as Benny gives Joe a look that could set him on fire if he could.

Lee Best: Everyone knows we have had War Games matches here in HOW before and they are some of the most historic matches in the history of HOW. Well this time will be no different. There will be three teams of four and these teams will be captained by the leaders of the three stables here in HOW……Kirsta Lewis will be captain of Team Illuminati, Bobbinette Carey will captain Team Epic and I of course will name a captain for Team Best Alliance as my normal captain Maximillian Kael will have a World Title match that night against either Johnny Lexicon or Michael Norcia.

Lee pauses to allow all the information to sink in as the arena is buzzing with the news that War Games is coming back to HOW in August.

Joe Hoffman: War Games! August 4th?

Benny Newell: I cannot wait! Best Alliance will destroy the other pretenders and on the same night Maximillian Kael will win the World Title…..this is awesome!!

Lee holds his hand up and continues with the breaking news.

Lee Best: August fourth is in the distant future and before we get there we have to get thru tonight. So with that said I am going to head back to the back and hang out with my Baby and watch The Masked Marvel destroy Chris Kostoff in a hardcore match to kick off Refueled!!

Back in Black hits the PA system again and the owner of HOW heads to the back as action cuts back to the announce team.

Joe Hoffman: Wow, that was a pretty calm Lee Best considering all the wrong that has come his way this past week.

Benny Newell: That baby has calmed Lee. He said that from day one, why doesn’t anyone believe that?

Joe Hoffman: I think I am not in the minority when I just assume that Lee is waiting to just go off and stab someone in the eye.

Benny Newell: That was the old Lee. The new Lee is a changed man.

Joe Hoffman: I still say he just is in shock from losing that huge bet on Big Brown and not to mention the rumors flying around the backstage area that Shocker has some real dirt on Lee in the forms of some pictures.

Benny Newell: All rumors. Shocker is coming here to HELP Lee…not to HURT him.

Joe Hoffman: Well we will see later tonight when Shocker goes for the tag team gold. But right now it’s time for our opening match and its going to be a blood bath as Chris Kostoff takes on The Masked Marvel!!



The HOTv comes alive as highlights of the heat between Kostoff and TMM are shown. Plenty of trash talking is shown and then highlights from past bloody Kostoff matches are shown and as the video fades to black the crowd is on their feet ready for the first match of the evening.

Joe Hoffman: What a way to start off refueled. Kostoff taking on TMM in a hardcore match.

Benny Newell: I’m looking forward to this because I can’t stand Kostoff and I hope he falls to the masked one.

The lights go out as a single white light shines down on the stage. The Masked Marvel comes out and looks out at the crowd. Boos come down around him as he makes his way to the ring. Ignoring them the best he can, TMM gets into the ring and uses the ropes to stretch some more.

Benny Newell: Look at him, he’s in great shape.

Joe Hoffman: Yes he is, but if you want to talk about guys who are in always in great shape. You know Kostoff not only takes care of himself in the ring but in the gym as well.

Benny Newell: What? Are you turning gay for this guy?

Joe Hoffman: No, I’m just pointing out that he stays in shape.

Benny Newell: Queer

The lights flicker then go out. The sound of wind echoes off the walls. A single red light shines down on the stage as “Tears Don’t Fall” echoes through out the arena. Kostoff comes out onto the stage to a roar of cheers. Standing there he looks down at the ring and soaks it in. Making his way on down, his gaze doesn’t leave the ring. Before he gets to the ring, TMM slides out under the ropes and charges Kostoff. The two men begin to brawl before the bell rings.

Benny Newell: That’s what I’m talking about.

TMM takes Kostoff down with a tackle. Getting on top of him, TMM lands a series of rights to the face of Kostoff. Jabbing a finger into the eye of TMM, Kostoff shoves him off of him. Getting to his feet Kostoff nails TMM with a thunderous clothesline that drops TMM in his tracks. Reaching down and grabbing his mask, Kostoff pulls TMM to his feet and drags him to the ring.

Landing rights to his head Kostoff rolls TMM into the ring. Sliding in behind him, Kostoff grabs TMM and shoves him into the corner. Kostoff charges….TMM gets his boots up and catches Kostoff in the face. Staggering back a step Kostoff holds his face. TMM launches out of the corner and takes Kostoff down with a clothesline of his own.

Back to his feet, TMM pulls Kostoff up and sends him outside the ring. Hitting the floor with a thud, Kostoff lays there as TMM exits the ring and grabs a steel chair. Getting to his feet Kostoff turns around….CRACK!!!!! TMM connects with a whicked chair shot to the face. Kostoff falls to the floor as TMM stands over him and nails him with another shot from the chair.

Joe Hoffman: The Masked Marvel is wasting no time in getting down to business tonight!!!

Benny Newell: I love it!!!

TMM tosses the chair to the side and grabs Kostoff by his head. Pulling him to his feet, TMM lands a nasty right to the face of Kostoff sending him sprawling to the floor. A small trail of blood begins to drip from the face of Kostoff. Seeing this, TMM grabs Kostoff by his face and digs his finger nails into the cut and begins to pull on the skin, causing more blood to flow down the face of Kostoff. Hollering out in pain, Kostoff fights to get TMM off of him, TMM lets go and begins to laugh at his bloody opponent.

TMM reaches down to grab him….low blow from Kostoff!!!! Leaping to his feet quickly, Kostoff DDT’s TMM down to the cement floor!!! Both men are sucking in air as they both try to regain some energy to keep this pace going. Kostoff rolls over and pushes himself up. TMM begins to stir as Kostoff grabs him by his head and slams him face first back into the cement floor. Hollering in pain TMM holds his face as he tries to roll away from Kostoff.

Benny Newell: Oh come on damnit!! Let the man get up!!!

Joe Hoffman: Didn’t TMM do the something to Kostoff?

Benny Newell: That’s different.

Joe Hoffman: Why?

Benny Newell: I don’t like Kostoff.

Trying to roll away TMM gets to his feet and holds his head. TMM looks up….as he looks up he gets caught by a charging knee shot from Kostoff that sends TMM sprawling across the cement floor. Kostoff drops down and locks TMM in a front face lock. Lifting up, Kostoff begins to drive a series of knee shots to the face and head of TMM. Letting go after a few shots, Kostoff gets to his feet. Blood dripping from his face, he holds his arms up as the crowd explodes.

Grabbing TMM by his mask he pulls him to his feet and tosses him back into the ring. Kostoff goes under the ring and pulls out a roll of barb wire and a 2×4. Tossing both items into the ring, he slides in. TMM is on his feet and catches Kostoff coming into the ring with a hard over hand right to the side of his head. Falling to one knee Kostoff tries to block the next shot, but to no avail. TMM knocks the big man to the mat with a thunderous right that stops him in his tracks.

Benny Newell: There ya go, kick his ass!!!

TMM grabs the roll of barbwire and sets it in the middle of the ring. Grabbing Kostoff he drags him to the center of the ring. Pulling him up he kicks him in the stomach. Doubling over, TMM sets him and drops him onto the roll of barbwire with a vicious pile driver!!! TMM leaps up quickly, as Kostoff lays face first in the barbwire. Blood spills from his face as TMM grabs him by his hair and rips him from the roll of barb wire. Tossing him to the mat, TMM drops down for the pin….1….2….kickout by Kostoff!!!

TMM looks at the ref and then over at the bloody mess known as Kostoff and shakes his head. TMM pulls Kostoff to his feet and sends him into the ropes, TMM drops him with a elbow shot to the jaw. TMM grabs him again and this time he signals for the ending of the match.

Benny Newell: Finish him off!!!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know if Kostoff’s ready to go down yet.

TMM drags Kostoff to the middle of the ring. TMM charges into the ropes and comes storming back…..Kostoff catches TMM in mid stride and drives him down into the barbwire with the Dominator!!!!

Benny Newell: God damnit!!!!

The crowd goes wild as Kostoff falls down to the mat. TMM lands into the barbwire screaming in pain. Trying to roll over, TMM gets stuck and can’t get over. Shaking his head some, Kostoff gets to his feet and pulls TMM to his feet by his mask. Kostoff lands two massive rights to the head of TMM that sends him falling back to the mat. Reaching down, Kostoff grabs the roll of barbwire. Stalking TMM, he grabs him by his mask and drives his fist down into his head again. Taking the roll of barbwire, Kostoff wraps it around TMM’s head and begins to dig into his mask and flesh with the barbwire!!

Benny Newell: No!!!

Joe Hoffman: This where he has been successful his entire career.

Pulling back on the barbwire, blood now flows from under the mask of TMM as Kostoff digs the barbs in harder. Pulling TMM to his feet with the barbwire Kostoff unloads a right to the face of TMM that sends him to the mat. Kicking the barbwire away, Kostoff begins to pound away on TMM. Blood now covers the entire face of Kostoff as he pulls his hair away from his face. Rolling outside the ring he grabs a table and tosses it into the ring. Going under the ring Kostoff comes back out with a bag of tacks as well. Tossing the bag of tacks into the ring, he slides back in as well.

Joe Hoffman: Neither man are wasting anytime in this. They both want to hurt the other man.

Benny Newell: I love it!!! Come on Marvel!!!

Kostoff gets to his feet in the ring and grabs the table. Setting it up in the corner, TMM gets to his feet slowly. Seeing his own blood, TMM comes unglued and charges at Kostoff. Turning around Kostoff gets catch with a spear and driven through the table!!!! The crowd goes wild as TMM gets up from the wreckage and picks up a piece of the table and drives it into the flesh of Kostoff!! Screaming out in pain, Kostoff fights to stop TMM from digging the piece of wood into the flesh on his face. Blood flows more as TMM jabs the piece of wood into the skull of Kostoff.

Getting to his feet, TMM looks over and sees the bag of tacks. TMM makes his way over and grabs the bag of tacks and empties them out onto the mat. Whipping the blood away from under his mask, TMM makes his way over to the fallen Kostoff. Pulling him up, TMM drives a knee into the stomach of Kostoff. Hooks his head TMM gets him up into a suplex position…..kicking his feet wildly, Kostoff slides out from the hold and lands on his feet behind TMM. With a vicious right to the kidney of TMM, Kostoff hooks him and gets him up and sends him crashing down into the tacks with a German Suplex!!!

Joe Hoffman: I think we can officially say Chris Kostoff is back in his comfort zone!

The crowd is going crazy as Kostoff goes for the cover and senior ref Matt Boettcher makes the count…




Benny Newell: This kid has heart…there is no doubting that!

Kostoff pounds the canvas in frustration and staggers to his feet and picks up TMM and the crowd is in awe as we see tacks sticking out of the back of the HOW superhero.

Kostoff picks up TMM as he goes for his No Remorse finisher but TMM floats out of it and nails Kostoff with a technically perfect DDT right on the tacks and makes the cover.





Joe Hoffman: Unbelievable!! The Masked Marvel has just won the biggest match of his career and he did it by countering the Hall of Famers finisher right onto all those tacks!!

Benny Newell: Awesome match, pure action from the get go…The Masked Marvel has officially arrived here in HOW!! Kostoff is washed up!!!!

Joe Hoffman: I would not say that but I would say that he got caught by surprise by TMM and I have to wonder if Kostoff is 100% mentally committed to his in ring career right now.

Benny Newell: Who knows and who cares. Kostoff lost and a new Marvel era has just begun!!

Inside the ring Kostoff is just coming too as he picks tacks out of his head as a bloody Masked Marvel heads up the ramp towards the back with his arms raised in victory as action cuts to the backstage area.


Action cuts inside Lee Best’s office where he has just watched Kostoff lose to TMM.

Lee Best: Now that is what I am talking about. Kostoff goes down and in a hardcore match…I LOVE IT!

Lee turns to the rest of the room and we see Mindy Smith rocking Baby Best, while Shocker is seen sitting in the far corner holding a duffel bag. The rest of the Best Alliance is missing in action and as soon as Lee see’s Shocker he is reminded about the previous night and his mood turns sour quickly.

Lee Best: Shock, c’mon over here man. We need to work out what you are going to do with those pictures.

Shocker turns towards Lee and with a heavy sigh stands and walks towards Lee’s desk and takes a seat in the chair across from Lee and drops the duffel bag in the middle of the desk. Lee just looks at it and slowly moves it to the far end of the desk as if it had anthrax in it.

Lee Best: I know you Shock. I know that those pictures are not the only copies. You were a fucking black op for Christ sakes, so just tell me what the fuck… I mean what the hell is going to happen!

Lee tries to calm himself as Mindy shoots him a look as she stands up with Baby Best, who is now starting to cry. Mindy walks to the far corner of the room, out of ear shot of Lee and Shocker.

Shocker: Look Lee you told me to follow you, to watch your back. I did that and part of my procedure was to have a camera on you at all times as I couldn’t watch you twenty four seven.

Lee holds his hand up stopping Shocker.

Lee Best: Look I get all that. Just tell me what you plan on doing.

Shocker: What I have always done Lee. I am going to look out for your best interests and of course mine. I have survived a lot worse situations than this trust me. I have done the only thing I think can be done in this situation.

Lee Best: Which is….

Shocker stands up and grabs the duffel bag and stares intently at Lee. He then reaches into the bag and pulls out one of the pictures and puts it down on the desk and points at it.

Shocker: This will be cleared up tonight…I promise.

Just as the cameraman gets in position to get a look at the picture Lee snatches it off the desk.

Lee Best: Get out of here. Your match is up next and the less I see you the better I feel right now.

Shocker goes to say something but he only shakes his head and walks out the door as we see Lee just staring at the picture in his hand.

Action then cuts to another part of the backstage area…\


We see Bobbinette with Princess and ArcAngel. Bobbinette stands Across from ArcAngel as he laces up his boots. Bobbinette is in her wrestling gear. She looks nervous as she adjusts her ring attire.

ArcAngel: Something on your mind?

Bobbinette nods her head.

Bobbinette: I wanted to wish you Good Luck this week for the LSD title.

ArcAngel: Thanks, good luck out there with Krista. But I’m thinking there’s something else going on. And?

Bobbinette: I am worried about Princess not being able to be watched. Someone’s been out to sabotage team epic. Someone’s got a vendetta against myself and Princess. I know Lee has a hand in it. I mean last week how could someone just get into the locker room?

She shakes her head. She looks worried.

Bobbinette: I really wish that I was teaming with you Tonight for the tag titles. Then there would be no question of the outcome of that match.

ArcAngel: You’ll be fine Bobbinette. You are a fighter; you will get through that match.

Bobbinette: I know… I just don’t like it. I would feel uber better if I knew I had you in my corner to tag in.

ArcAngel: I’ll be there.

She nods her head.

Bobbinette: But it’s not the same. It’s Krista for firetruck sake! The chick is just blah! And that’s my partner against those idiots that attacked you and I. If you win the LSD title and I can be one half of the tag champs then it will be an overall uberly epic night for team Epic tonight. If Krista and I beat them and win the titles Lee best will be getting what they deserve in the karma way makes me feel better. But I wanted to say Good luck.

ArcAngel nods his head agreeing with what she says. He stands up his physique towers over the Queen of Epicness. She looks at him and smiles.

Bobbinette: And I uberly got to say, thanks.

She hugs ArcAngel as Princess wags her tail. She turns around getting ready to head out of the hall way.

ArcAngel: I know you, don’t go after Darkwing tonight. Keep your mind on your match.

Bobbinette raises an eyebrow.

Bobbinette: Get out of my head. I was thinking about it but he’s so not worth it. Not on a show like this… Not tonight anyways. BUT if I should happen to run into him… my Jimmy Choo’s are meeting his groin.

Arc Cringes at the thought of that as any man would as Bobbinette walks out of the room.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and boy I cannot wait to find out who is in those pictures!

Benny Newell: It is none of our business and quite frankly lets just focus on Shocker winning the tag team titles.

Joe Hoffman: Fair enough and that match is now!



Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready for what is set to be one of the most volatile matches of the night. We are ready for the HOW Tag Team Title Match!

A video package plays on HOTv, highlighting the events leading up to this match. It starts with the many confrontations between Lee Best and Kirsta Lewis before moving on to the bitterness between The Illuminati and the Best Alliance. Team Epic is shown battling the Best Alliance, side-by-side with The Illuminati, before the clip ends with Bobbinette Carey being smacked across the face by Kirsta Lewis at Mayhem.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall and is for the High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, from Parma Hits, Ohio, The “Queen B” of HOW, Bobbinette Carey!

Bobbinette’s music hits and the former LSD Champion makes her way out to a huge cheer from the crowd. Alongside Bobbinette is a security guard, dressed in full riot gear. The guard is holding Princess in his arms.

Benny Newell: What the hell is that?!

Joe Hoffman: I guess Bobbinette Carey isn’t taking any risks tonight after what has been happening to Princess in the last few weeks.

Benny Newell: Sure, but riot gear?! Are you kidding me?

Bobbinette gets to the bottom of the ramp and gives Princess a kiss, before sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. The guard walks around the ring and stands next to the timekeeper with Princess safely in his arms.

Benny Newell: That’s disgusting. Who the hell kisses a filthy dog?!

Joe Hoffman: I wouldn’t let Bobbinette hear you say that, or she might come over here.

Benny Newell: So what? She’s only a woman!

Joe Hoffman shakes his head and Benny Newell takes a sip of his Jack ‘n’ Coke. Bobbinette Carey’s music stops and Kirsta Lewis’s music hits, causing another loud cheer from the fans.

Bryan McVay: And her tag team partner, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, “The Hellcat” Kirsta Lewis!

Kirsta makes her way out onto the stage and the crowd erupts. She begins her walk down the ramp to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey and Kirsta Lewis haven’t seen eye-to-eye recently, it will be interesting to see what happens and whether or not they can co-exist tonight.

Benny Newell: Shocker is going to take care of them both, don’t worry about that!

Kirsta Lewis slides into the ring and stands face to face with Bobbinette Carey. They exchange a few words and Kirsta turns to face the fans, raising her arms to cause another cheer.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents.

“Back In Black” by AC/DC hits and the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as Lee Best’s music hits. He does not appear, however, and Shocker walks out onto the stage.

Joe Hoffman: I guess they don’t have any music for Shocker, so they’ve used Lee Best’s instead.

Benny Newell: It’s the Best Alliance music, dumbass!

Shocker walks down the ramp to the ring quickly and slides in. Referee Matt Boettcher approaches him and asks him a question, to which Shocker shakes his head. Boettcher turns to the announcer to say something and the announcer leaves the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I think Shocker just told the referee that he doesn’t have a partner!

Benny Newell: He doesn’t need a partner to take out a couple of women!

Matt Boettcher calls for the bell and Bobbinette Carey steps out through the ropes onto the apron.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go folks. Shocker has got the odds stacked against him. This isn’t what Lee best had planned I’m sure.

Benny Newell: Lee has got something up his sleeve. I know what it is, but I can’t tell you.

Hoffman sighs as Kirsta Lewis and Shocker lock up. Shocker’s power shines through and he shoves Kirsta to the mat. The crowd boos as Shocker laughs at his opponent. Shocker approaches Kirsta, but in one swift move she gets to her feet and Karate Kick’s her opponent in the face. Shocker stumbles backwards and Kirsta follows up with a Superkick to the jaw. Shocker falls to the mat and Kirsta tries to finish the match quickly with a pin. Matt Boettcher drops to the mat.



Shocker powers out, throwing Kirsta off him and gets to his feet. Kirsta follows him up, but Shocker gains an advantage with a forearm to the back. Shocker grabs Kirsta by the arm and whips her across the ring. Kirsta bounces off the ropes straight into an earth-shaking spine buster! Kirsta hits the mat hard and stays down as Shocker gets to his feet. The Chicago native pulls Kirsta up by the hair and raises her high above his head, before dropping her with a Military Press Slam.

Joe Hoffman: Shocker’s physical presence is starting to shine through.

Benny Newell: I knew it would. Those women don’t belong in the same ring as such a physical specimen like Shocker.

Joe Hoffman: Does a double-take, hearing such an intelligent sentence from Benny.

Benny Newell: What? I can put together a decent opinion when I want to, Hoff!

Shocker lifts Kirsta to her feet and then lifts her into a hanging vertical suplex position, but Bobbinette Carey rushes the ring and takes Shocker down with a diving dropkick to the back of the knee. Shocker falls to the mat with Kirsta on top, but quickly throws her off him again. Matt Boettcher tries to get Carey out of the ring, but she pushes him aside and lays a few boots into Shocker’s knee.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey is locked in on Shocker’s knee. Taking the big man off his feet might be the best way for these two to win.

Benny Newell: They need to be thinking more about survival and forget about winning!

Bobbinette gets out of the ring and Kirsta approaches Shocker. She grabs him by the leg and sets him up for a figure-four leg lock. Shocker is in agony as the maneuver is locked in and starts writhing around in pain.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it!

Shocker frantically tries to reach the roes, but Kirsta has it locked in the centre of the ring. Shocker’s outstretched arm isn’t long enough to reach the rope.

Joe Hoffman: He isn’t going to make it to the rope! Shocker might have to tap out right here!

Shocker suddenly finds some strength in his legs and reverses the move, turning over onto his stomach sharply and throwing Kirsta over like a rag doll. Kirsta Lewis screams out in agony, but Bobbinette Carey gets in the ring and breaks the hold with a kick to the back of Shocker’s head.

Benny Newell: Cheat! She’s cheating! Disqualify her!

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey is certainly pushing her luck in this match, but so far it’s working in her favor.

Kirsta gets to her feet and tags in Bobbinette Carey. Carey gets back in the ring and immediately goes to work on Shocker’s knee, repeatedly kicking him in his sore leg.

Joe Hoffman: Carey is sticking to her game plan of keeping Shocker off his feet.

Bobbinette turns her focus to Shocker’s head and quickly locks in a sleeper hold, stopping the oxygen flowing through the big man. She has it locked in tight, but Shocker finds energy from somewhere and gets to his feet. Shocker reaches around and grabs Bobbinette Carey around the head and neck, before pulling her forward into a ferocious snap mare.

Benny Newell: Yes! That’s how it’s done!

Shocker limps towards Bobbinette and picks her up by the hair. He whips her into the ropes and Bobbinette bounces off into a hip toss, sending her sprawling across the ring. Shocker turns and catches Kirsta Lewis with a stiff right hand to the face, sending her tumbling off the apron to the floor.

Bobbinette gets to her feet slowly, but Shocker puts her down with a running clothesline. Shocker keeps up the attack, lifting Bobbinette Carey onto his shoulders and putting her down with a running power slam. Shocker then slides out of the ring to meet Kirsta Lewis as she gets to her feet. Shocker charges at Kirsta and takes her down with a huge spear and gets to his feet quickly. Shocker eyes up Princess, but the security guard grabs his baton and shoves it under Shocker’s chin, trying to intimidate him. Shocker grabs the baton out of his hand, though, and steps forward. He is about to his the guard, but Bobbinette Carey hits him with a torpedo dropkick from the top rope! Shocker is sent tumbling to the ground and Bobbinette checks on Princess. The guard picks up his baton and puts it back in his belt.

Joe Hoffman: Princess distracted Shocker there, but you’ve got to wonder if Bobbinette has got her mind fully on this match with Princess near by.

Benny Newell: I knew that stupid dog would interfere in this match!

Bobbinette turns her attention back to Shocker, who appears to be out cold after the torpedo dropkick to the head. Carey pulls Shocker to his feet and Irish whips him into the steel steps.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey is ruthless tonight!

Bobbinette pulls Shocker to his feet and places him against the apron, before opening him up with chops to the chest. Kirsta Lewis gets to her feet and joins Bobbinette as the two take turns chopping away at Shocker, until Matt Boettcher gets between Shocker and Kirsta. As the referee orders Kirsta back to her corner, Shocker catches Bobbinette with a thumb to the eye, giving himself time to rest.

Benny Newell: What a shot! Great thinking by Shocker!

Joe Hoffman: Now who’s cheating?

Benny Newell: Shut up, Hoffman!

Shocker rolls back into the ring and Bobbinette follows him. Bobbinette is first to her feet as Shocker gets to one knee. Carey kicks Shocker in his injured knee as he tries to get up, sending him back to the canvas. Bobbinette tags in Kirsta Lewis and Kirsta immediately keeps the pressure on the injured leg. Kirsta drags Shocker into the corner and slides out the ring, before grabbing Shocker’s leg and slamming it around the ring post. She repeats it three times, before being stopped by the referee. Kirsta finishes up by pulling both legs towards her, sending Shocker’s groin slamming into the ring post. The men in the arena let out a loud “Oooh” and Kirsta looks satisfied with herself.

Joe Hoffman: Shocker won’t be having any kids in the near future!

Kirsta slides back in the ring and kicks Shocker in the mid-section before lifting him to his feet and knocking him back down with a scissor kick. Kirsta then begins to climb the turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: This might not be the best idea from Kirsta!

Kirsta steadies herself on the top, but something catches her eye at the entrance and she jolts her head to see what it is.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God!

Benny Newell: O’Neal! It’s Mark O’Neal!

Benny Newell is jumping around in his chair as HOW legend Mark O’Neal rushes down the ramp towards the ring.

Bryan McVay: Introducing Shocker’s partner for this match, Mark O’Neal!

Joe Hoffman: O’Neal is in the match! Is this the return of The Mercenaries?!

Benny Newell: Hell yes it is! I told you Lee Best had something planned!

Joe Hoffman: Has this got something to do with those pictures Shocker has been looking at? Was Mark O’Neal in them?

Kirsta steps down from the turnbuckle into the ring as Mark O’Neal takes his spot in the corner. Kirsta approaches O’Neal, asking what the hell he’s doing there. She voices her opinion to referee Matt Boettcher and doesn’t notice Shocker getting to his feet behind her. Shocker limps towards Kirsta and she turns around and rushes towards him. Shocker lifts her over his head with a perfect monkey flip and they both fall to the floor. Matt Boettcher begins the count.



Joe Hoffman: This could be the turning point! If Shocker can get to Mark O’Neal, The Mercenaries can win this match!


Shocker and Kirsta begin crawling over to their respective corners to their eager partners.



Mark O’Neal has his arm outstretched as Shocker approaches the corner.


Kirsta Lewis, with all the energy left in her body, lunges forward and makes the tag to Bobbinette Carey to the delight of the crowd. At the same time, Shocker reaches forward to tag O’Neal, but Mark O’Neal pulls his arm back and steps down from the apron!

Benny Newell: What the hell?!

Joe Hoffman: Mark O’Neal is bailing on Shocker!

Mark O’Neal and stares into the eyes of a confused and amazed Shocker, before turning and walking back up the ramp as Bobbinette Carey moves in for the kill. Stalking Shocker, Bobbinette lies in wait as the big man gets to his feet slowly.

Joe Hoffman: Shocker is in a world of trouble right now!

Shocker gets to his feet and turns around straight into Bobbinette Carey’s world famous handspring hurricanranna! Bobbinette covers Shocker and the referee begins the count.




Benny Newell: No!!!

Joe Hoffman: They’ve done it! Kirsta Lewis and Bobbinette Carey have co-existed perfectly to win the HOW Tag Team Titles!

The crowd erupts into cheer as Bobbinette Carey gets to her feet. Kirsta Lewis gets into the ring and Matt Boettcher hands over the tag team titles to them both, before raising their arms high in the air in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Take a looks at that, folks. Those are your new tag team champions! They have proved all the doubters wrong to co-exist to win the titles!

Benny Newell: Against one man! The odds were stacked against Shocker!

Joe Hoffman: You said they didn’t need a partner!

Benny Newell: No I didn’t! Shut up Joe!

Shocker heads up the ramp as Kirsta and Bobbinette get out the ring. Kirsta heads back up the ramp as Bobbinette walks up to her security guard. Carey gives Princess a kiss, then motions for the guard to follow her into the ring as she grabs a microphone.

Joe Hoffman: What’s this?

Bobbinette gets in the ring and the guard follows with Princess. Bobbinette raises the microphone to her mouth and the crowd dies down to let her speak.

Bobbinette Carey: It’s uberly-epic that Kirsta and I won the titles, but there’s something I’ve got to end right now.

Bobbinette turns to face the guard and Princess.

Bobbinette Carey: This security guard was hired to look after my baby, Princess. You’ve all seen what’s happened to Princess over the last few weeks and at Mayhem, the line was crossed once and for all. So I’m calling out whoever it is that’s been doing this and Lee Best, I swear to God if it’s you I’m going to firetrucking rip you apart!

Bobbinette Carey turns to face the entrance, waiting for someone to make an appearance, but nobody comes.

Bobbinette Carey: I’ll stand here all firetrucking night if I have to!

Suddenly, the security guard begins to take off his mask behind Carey’s back.

Joe Hoffman: What’s going on?!

Bobbinette Carey turns around as the mask is taken off and she stands in shock as she stares into the eyes of the man who has been terrorizing her life for the past month.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God!

Benny Newell: Yes! Yes! Yes! I knew it!

Joe Hoffman: It’s the Commissioner! It’s Silent Witness! I don’t believe it!

Silent Witness grins from ear to ear as Bobbinette Carey looks on in complete shock. Silent Witness looks down at Princess and strokes her gently, laughing to himself. He looks back up at Bobbinette with a smug grin on his face. Bobbinette suddenly burst to life in a spurt of rage and lunges at Silent Witness. Silent Witness quickly throws Princess up in the air and Bobbinette Carey turns her attention to catching her dog. Silent Witness uses the opportunity to escape from the ring and high tails it up the ramp. Bobbinette checks on Princess, before turning towards the entrance, locking eyes with Silent Witness on the stage. Silent Witness is still smiling from ear to ear as Bobbinette looks on in complete anger.

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness has just started something he might regret! Bobbinette Carey is going to be gunning for revenge!

Benny Newell: This is great! The Best Alliance has got one over on Team Epic!

Silent Witness turns and heads back behind the curtain, leaving an irate Bobbinette Carey standing in the middle of the ring as we cut to an advertisement for Adidias.


Back live and the focus of the show cuts to the HOTv where the words ‘Before the show’ are displayed over a shot of the parking lot area. Everyone at ringside turns their attention

to the HOTv which is displaying the image for them.

Benny Newell: Jesus I think it is more dangerous before the show than it is during the show!

Joe Hoffman: That action here in HOW is not confined to inside the ring Benny, you know that.

Benny Newell: Ya ya ya. Shut the fuck up and let me take a few drinks while we watch this…

Back on the HOTv we see that the area is completely deserted…of people at least; expensive cars can be seen in force. Suddenly the sound of footsteps fall upon the ears of everyone watching. They get progressively louder until a figure dressed entirely in black marches into view of the camera covering the scene.

It is Shane Reynolds. A look of determination is etched upon his face, the black bag is held tightly in his hand and his eyes are locked directly on the door ahead of him. He doesn’t even seem to notice or acknowledge the camera tracing his movements or the hordes of faces watching on the big-screen at ringside.

His focus was solely on his upcoming match.

He reached the door, gripped the handle and pulled it open wide. Before he could walk through it, however, he was immediately confronted by the image of Brian Bare appearing from the left. Shane remained still, but Brian jumped back slightly with a mixture of surprise and fear; he had already begun to sweat.

But, always one to seek a scoop…

‘Shane Reynolds. Just the man,’ he says as Shane begins to push passed him.

‘How about a few words concerning your match tonight?’

‘Here’s a word,’ Shane replies. ‘No!’

‘Come on. Just a few questions?’ He asked, moving after Shane down the corridor, microphone in hand and camera-man jogging alongside both of them. ‘Do you really think you can win with Lee Best as referee?’

Shane stopped, causing Brian to slam into the back of him. He jumped back a few steps as Shane turned around to face him; a murderous glare burning within his eyes.

‘Let’s get one thing clear. Lee Best can play whatever games he wants but I’m not going to suffer a defeat tonight. They are both going to suffer the consequences of their actions on May—-’

Shane gets no further in his sentence as suddenly a loud clang is heard and Shane collapses against the wall, dropping the bag. He turns quickly and is met with another clang as a steel chair collides with his skull, dropping him to the floor like a stone. The camera turns to see Maximillian Kael is the one holding it.

‘You tell Michael from us that we will make him care,’ Max rants as he proceeds to lay chair-shot after chair-shot on Shane, catching his legs, back, arms and head repeatedly. ‘And no matter how many spies and minions like you he sends. He won’t stop us.’

He drops the completely dented chair to the floor and begins hammering Shane with stomps until a flood of officials and backstage workers flood the scene and beginning dragging Max away but are unable to silence his screaming with echoes eerily around the corridor, long after he’s vanished from sight. ‘He’ll learn. And we’re going to teach him. You tell him that from us.’

Shane looks up. He is bleeding from a cut just above the eye. The expression on his face is one of utter fury.

The HOTv fades out and the crowd is buzzing with how demented Max has become.

Joe Hoffman: Well I think it is safe to say that Maximillian Kael is going to do whatever it takes to win this match tonight.

Benny Newell: Max is a Best Alliance member and thus Max will win.

Joe Hoffman: We are about to find out as it is time for our next match!!



The HOTv comes to life and we see the highlights of Shane Reynolds career in HOW as he makes his way out to a loud chorus of cheers.

Reynolds is sporting a thick bandage on his head from the chair shots earlier in the day courtesy of Maximillian Kael.

Joe Hoffman: Well Max took it to Shane earlier tonight and I have to say after watching that footage that Maximillian Kael is the hands on favorite to win this match.

Benny Newell: Max was the favorite before this match even began and he will be the favorite of any match he is in down the road. Max is the present and future of High Octane Wrestling and it doesn’t matter what mental state he is in.

Joe Hoffman: This is true. Jatt Starr anyone?

Benny Newell: Exactly.

Joe Hoffman: Shane Reynolds might just be more dangerous hurt though. You never want to corner a wounded animal and it is my feeling that right now even though injured, Shane Reynolds is a very dangerous person and with no one knowing who’s side he is on….that makes him even more dangerous.

Benny Newell: Who fucking cares what side he is on. If he isn’t Best Alliance it’s the wrong side and you are about to find that out.

Inside the ring, Shane has just entered and he motions to the cheering fans but not for long as his focus immediately turns towards the entrance ramp as Max’s entrance begins.

The HOTv comes to life as do the fans hostility as they begin booing loudly as Maximillian Kael and Lee Best make their way out to Back in Black by AC/DC.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Lee is taking no chances here as he is obviously still bitter about Shane Reynolds debut here in HOW a few weeks ago.

Benny Newell: Jeez you think? Shane Reynolds had the ultimate opportunity to come into HOW and align himself with Lee Best against that cumbag Kirsta Lewis.

Joe Hoffman: One has to respect that fact that Shane is his own man and is fighting his own battles.

Benny Newell: Look what good that has done. Max beat him last week on Mayhem and now its Maximillian Kael NOT Shane Reynolds who is the number one contender for the World Title and will get a title shot at War Games in August.

Joe Hoffman: This is true but who knows what will happen between now and War Games. Right now it is time for these two men to get it at it and this should be brutal.

Inside the ring Max has just climbed in and Lee has positioned himself outside the ring in Max’s corner. The tension is thick as Carl Hortega signals for the bell and we are officially underway!!

Shane wastes no time after hearing the bell ring and he goes right after Max and they lock up. Only a second goes by before Shane gains the upper hand and quickly puts Max in a headlock but the Best Alliance member uses his strength to get to the near ropes and Hortega signals for a break and reluctantly Shane breaks the hold and backs up to the center of the ring as Max leans out of the ropes as Lee whispers something in his ear.

Benny Newell: Teamwork at its finest. This is why the Best Alliance is the premier stable in all the land.

Joe Hoffman: I would call it cowardly to be honest.

Benny Newell: This is why you are a fag.

Back inside the ring Max, now filled with Lee Best wisdom, heads towards Shane and the two men again lock up but this time Max quickly executes a fireman’s carry and tosses Reynolds over hard to the canvas. Max stands up and claps in Lee’s direction as a frustrated Shane Reynolds gets back up to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Lee gave him the fireman’s carry idea? You kidding me?

Benny Newell: It worked didn’t it? Don’t be hating you non athletic tool.

Max is distracted as some fans at ringside have put on Elf Masks and are screaming at Max. Seeing this Lee quickly gets security and the fans are grabbed and kicked out of the building as the crowd boos loudly.

Joe Hoffman: Nice way to treat the paying customers.

Benny Newell: We already got their money..we can do what we want. Besides that was totally unprofessional and so was that!!!

Benny gets worked up as Shane has just nailed Max from behind as the Best Alliance member was watching security escort the elves out of the arena.

Shane begins pummeling Max and after a few more powerful right hands he sends Max out of the ring and crashing to the hard United Center floor. Shane quickly exits the ring and gives Lee a quick “do not fuck with me” look and the HOW owner backs off as Shane picks up Max and Irish whips him hard into the guardrail, much to the delight of the fans at ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Shane is on the offensive and folks there is some serious rage building inside of Shane…you can almost feel the hate resonating off of him.

Benny Newell: I thought it was your gaydar going off again.

Joe Hoffman: Ha ha.

Hortega climbs out of the ring as Shane picks up a now empty steel chair from ringside and goes to get some payback on Max, but Hortega stops Shane before he can deliver the blow.

Joe Hoffman: Shane obviously does not want to lose this match and a DQ would certainly do that.

Benny Newell: Not to mention that it isn’t the professional way to win a match.

Joe Hoffman: But attacking a man before the show even comes on the air is??

Benny Newell: Hey, what guys do on their own time is fair game. C’mon Joe, you know that.

Joe Hoffman: You are impossible you know this right?

Benny Newell: Yep, now call the damn match..

Shane has rolled Max back into the ring and climbs back in with one eye on Lee Best who just seems eager to get a shot in on Reynolds. Max is crawling to the far side of the ring as Shane stalks him from behind. As Max picks himself up with the help of the ring ropes he is greeted by standing dropkick from Shane and once again Max is sent flying out of the ring and to the cold concrete below.

Joe Hoffman: Shane is just unrelenting, it is like he is stalking an animal!

Benny Newell: Shane Reynolds is just an idiot who doesn’t realize that Max is just playing possum. That is the animal Shane is just wait and…..DAMMIT!

Shane just executed a perfect suicide dive to the outside nailing Max who had just gotten to his feet. Both men are sent flying hard into the guardrail and the crowd is on fire as they chant for Shane.





Hortega quickly exits the ring and checks on both men and both seem to be able to continue. Lee quickly wanders over as well but Hortega pushes him back and Lee threatens him with his job but as Shane starts to get to his feet Lee backs off and retreats back to his corner.

Joe Hoffman: Lee wants absolutely nothing to do with Shane. This is almost comical.

Benny Newell: Shane is a trained professional wrestler. Lee is an evil genius and Shane’s boss. There is no way in hell that Shane should even be allowed to THINK about hurting Lee.

Back to the action, Shane has Max back to his feet and picks up and drops the Best Alliance star stomach first on the guardrail leaving Kael lying there prone and injured. Even some fans reach out and hold Kael in place as Shane climbs back onto the ring canvas and uses the bottom rope for leverage and dives backwards towards back executing an awe inspiring Lionsault to the outside…..

Benny Newell: HE MISSED!!! HE MISSED!!!!

The sound of Shane’s stomach hitting the guardrail is sickening. Shane slumps to the ground gasping for air as a reply of the move is shown on the HOTv and we see that none other than Lee Best pulled Max out of the way just in the nick of time.

Back live we see Lee screaming at the ringside fans who were holding Max in place.

Joe Hoffman: Lee is going ballistic on those fans but he had no right to get involved as well!

Benny Newell: You tell him that while I watch Shane try to catch his breath the rest of the match.

Done with the fans, Lee helps Max to his feet and after a few moments the two men help each other pick up Reynolds and roll him into the ring just as Hortega was counting OCHO.

Joe Hoffman: Max is completely in control now and he hasn’t done one single move all match! This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy with the Best Alliance.

Benny Newell: You could always go work for some other company.

Joe Hoffman: Ok back to the action and Max has Shane backed into the corner turnbuckle and is unloading with some serious right hands.

Benny Newell: Ya I thought you might go back to the action after that…

Benny laughs as Joe only shakes his head while back in the ring Shane has slumped down in the corner, still holding his ribs, and still gasping for fresh air into his lungs.

Max backs all the way up to the far corner and makes a running start and nails Shane with a running knee to the face of Reynolds and the crowd moans in disgust as Reynolds falls like a rock to the arena floor where Lee gets a quick kick to the gut before holding his hands up and walking away as Hortega motions for him to back off.

Joe Hoffman: This is just unfair, I have no other way to put this into perspective.

Benny Newell: You need some Kleenex?

Joe Hoffman: Ha ha. How can you sit there and not say this is unfair?

Benny just ignores Joe has he takes a big drink of his Jack and Coke mixture.

Back to the action and with the help of Max, Shane has been rolled back into the ring and Max picks him up and drives him down to the ground with a powerful bodyslam. Max looks to Lee who has a very stern look on his face as he urges…No, demands…Max finish off Shane now. Max gets to his feet, ready and waiting to execute the weapon of max destruction, as Shane drag himself to his own feet using the ropes. He staggers around and Max moves in for the kill.

Joe Hoffman: Weapon of Max Destruction!!!

Newell says nothing but holds up a glass to toasts the victory as Shane goes down hard.

Max slowly rolls himself over for the pin when the HOTv suddenly come on. The image displayed catches some people by surprise, so much so that they gasp as a result. It shows an official HOW baby-stroller perched on the edge of the roof, moving ever so slightly in the breeze. It catches Lee Best’s attention most of all, who shouts and orders people to get up there now, even getting out of the ring to do so.

Benny Newell: What the hell are we watching!!!!

Max climbs back to his feet and stares around, his eyes wide with his own annoyance. His words are inaudible but it is clear he is muttering ‘Michael’ over and over again. Shane meanwhile drags himself out of the ring to where he dropped his black coat on the way to the ring.

A group of people appear on the scene and pull the stroller to safety just as it was about to disappear over the edge. A camera is with them and moves around to glance over their shoulder. Everyone sees that it is nothing but a doll with HOW stamped on it’s forehead.

Benny Newell: Oh thank goodness!!

Joe Hoffman: I would have to say that would have been the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in HOW and boys and girls I have seen some terrible things!

Lee looks angry as all hell but suddenly collapses as Shane nails him with the same lead pipe he used upon his return.

Benny Newell: What the hell!!!

The crowd is cheering loudly as Shane sneaks back into the ring and considers using the pipe but drops it. the clang alerts Max who turns around and Shane gives him a quick kick to the gut….

Joe Hoffman: Weapon of Max Destruction!! Shane just executed Max’s finishing move on Max!!!


Shane covers as Hortega makes the count…





The crowd is going crazy as HOW medics rush down to ringside and help Lee Best up. Shane exits the ring holding his ribs and is obviously in a lot of pain as he climbs into the crowd and exits thru his adoring fans.

Back inside the ring Max is slowly coming to and just now realizes how he lost and the look in Max’s eyes become even more demented than usual as Refueled cuts to a highlight vignette of the LSD Championship.


Back live and “I am” by Godsmack plays through the loudspeakers in the arena as ArcAngel makes his way down to the ring. He is wearing urban camouflage colored pants as well as a sleeveless trench coat with a blood red double A logo on the back. ArcAngel walks up to the ring and steps inside. He calls for a microphone as somebody on the outside hands one to him.

“In a few short moments, many of you will see one of the better matches of the night. Three competitors will be in this ring fighting tooth and nail for the opportunity to call themselves LSD champion. Tonight, I intend to leave it all out here. Tonight I plan to cement myself in this federation as being a credible contender. Tonight I go into a war with both Silent Witness and Chris Jacobs.”

ArcAngel pauses for a moment as he starts to walk around the ring.

ArcAngel: I know that there are people out there that are asking themselves who am I going to side with tonight. Am I going to vent my frustrations solely on Chris Jacobs? Am I going to do my best to obliterate a member of the Best Alliance? Well the answer is, I’m siding with myself. I’m coming out here to show that I have what it takes to compete with some of the best here. I’m coming out here to redeem my intangible hard work and effort into something tangible. I’m looking at that LSD title and wondering if it will feel as good around my waist as I imagine it will. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I mean, I still have to push past the man who was the very foundation of this division. I still have to overcome the current king in order to claim the crown that he wears. If that is what needs to be done, I believe that I am up to the task. I believe that I am able to push these two men to the brink of their limitations. In a few short moments… the drama that has been building all week will finally be played out. It will unfold in front of your very eyes right here in this very ring. Grab your drinks… grab your popcorn… grab your snacks and your sack of nuts… because what is going to happen here in a few short moments is going to be worth every hard earned dollar you have spent here tonight.

ArcAngel: Cheer for your favorite… voice your displeasure if you want… but whatever happens know that I will be putting my fullest effort into this match and I expect no less from my opponents as well.

ArcAngel walks over to the side of the ring and hands the microphone out through the ropes. He begins to slide off his trench coat as the first opponent begins to come towards the ring.



Joe Hoffman: And now it is time for the Triple Threat First Blood LSD Title Match.

Benny Newell: Silent Witness is a genius Hoffmann.

Joe Hoffman: Well he certainly made this match as HOW Commissioner. However, I think that the three of these men have prepared their asses off for this contest, and it should be quite frankly the match of the night.

Benny Newell: Yeah. Are you sure Jacobs is going to be able to make it? Maybe he scheduled another shoe commercial?

Joe Hoffman: Oh shut up. You’re not funny.

Benny Newell: Fuck you Hoffmann.

Joe Hoffman: Joe just ignores Benny and continues to do his job….Well this member of team Epic sure has as good of a chance of winning this LSD Title match as any of the other wrestlers. If you remember correctly, he won the right to participate in this match on Mayhem.

Silent Witness’s music hits and he makes his way to the top of the ramp to a loud chorus of boos. Silent Witness takes his time walking down to the ring. He circles the ring and stands on the outside eying ArcAngel.

Benny Newell: And there is the commissioner of High Octane Wrestling. You’ve got to applaud this man on the excellent job he is doing as our commissioner Hoffmann.

Joe Hoffman: If you ask me I think he’s overstepped his boundaries and abused his power more than anything.

Benny Newell: How do you figure that? The man has done a lot of good for this company. I’m sure Lee Best is proud of the decision to put this man in charge. And as I always say, “If it’s good enough for Lee, it’s good enough for me.”

Joe Hoffman: Since when do you say that?

Benny Newell: I always say that. Shut the fuck up.

Silent Witness’s music cuts, and Chris Jacob’s music hits. The fans jump to their feet in anticipation of the LSD Champion. Chris Jacobs makes his way out to the top of the ramp and holds the LSD title high in the air which garners a huge pop from the crowd. Jacobs makes his way down to the ring, staring at Silent Witness on the outside. Silent Witness runs over to the timekeeper and shoves him down. He picks up his steel chair, and closes it. He walks over to the ring and slides in. ArcAngel comes running across the ring and Silent Witness quickly backtracks out of the ring.

Benny Newell: Aha! Smart move by Silent Witness.

Jacobs’s music cuts off as he stands at the bottom of the ramp. Jacobs then begins walking around the ring towards Silent Witness. Silent Witness sees him coming and backtracks around the ring to the other side. Jacobs grabs a hold of the ropes and lifts himself up onto the apron. Jacobs enters the ring, and hands the LSD Championship to the referee. All three men stand in a stare down, anticipating what the other will do next.

Joe Hoffman: Uh-oh. We got a stare down here.

The crowd gets to their feet in anticipation and starts making noise. Silent Witness slowly slides his way into the ring. ArcAngel runs over and goes to stomp at him, but Silent Witness slides back out. Chris Jacobs runs up to ArcAngel and blasts him in the back of the head from behind. Jacobs turns ArcAngel around and starts blasting him with stiff knee strikes to the chest as the crowd goes crazy. ArcAngel tries to fight back with some punches, but Jacobs takes ArcAngel down with a double leg takedown. Jacobs starts blasting ArcAngel in the face. Silent Witness is on the other side of the ring and slides in with the chair. He stands up, and rushes over to Chris Jacobs. Silent Witness swings the chair to bust Jacobs open, but Jacobs ducks and grabs Silent Witness’s leg. Jacob’s goes for an ankle lock on Silent Witness, but Silent Witness manages to get out of it. Silent Witness stomps on Jacobs head and then drops down and locks in a headlock. Jacobs powers out of it and goes for an armbar, but Silent Witness escapes and crawls over to the edge of the ring and slides back out. The fans boo.

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness wanting no part of Jacobs’ fundamental submission style.

Benny Newell: Are you kidding? Silent Witness is smart. Besides… this isn’t a submission match! It’s first blood.

Joe Hoffman: But what better to win a first blood match then to knock your opponent out then make them bleed?

Benny Newell: Or why not just wail away at each other with a steel chair? That’s entertainment.

Jacobs stands up and rushes over and slides out of the ring. Silent Witness meets him with a hard right hand, and Jacobs fights back with a hard right of his own. Both men trade hard right hands until Jacobs grabs a hold of Silent Witness in a spear position, and runs him backwards into the steel post. Silent Witness screams in pain and falls down to the floor. Jacobs quickly follows up with huge right hands as Silent Witness tries to cover up and block them. ArcAngel slides out to the outside. ArcAngel lifts the ring skirt and pulls out a ladder. The crowd goes nuts. ArcAngel places the ladder between the barricade and the ring. Then ArcAngel grabs under the ring again, and pulls out another ladder that’s bigger. ArcAngel walks over to where Jacobs is. Jacobs gets off of Silent Witness and turns around to charge ArcAngel, only to meet a huge ladder to the head!

Joe Hoffman: Owe! That could do it right there!

Benny Newell: Is he bleeding?

Joe Hoffman: It doesn’t look like it.

ArcAngel slides the ladder into the ring, and then picks Jacobs up by his head and rolls him into the ring. ArcAngel slides into the ring and grabs the ladder. He sets it up in the corner. ArcAngel walks over and picks Jacobs back up and goes to launch him into the ladder. But Jacobs reverses and sends ArcAngel towards the ladder. ArcAngel puts on the breaks before hitting the ladder, and turns around. Jacobs runs in and blasts ArcAngel with a huge front dropkick that sends ArcAngel blasting into the ladder. ArcAngel lays on the ladder in pain. Jacobs gets up slowly and makes his way over to the other side of the ring. He climbs up to the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: Is he going to jump all the way across the ring?!

Benny Newell: No way! It’s impossible.

Silent Witness is up on the apron now, and shakes the ropes as hard as he can. Jacobs falls down and blasts his crotch on the top turnbuckle. The crowd lets out a loud “oooo”. Silent Witness runs up and blasts Jacobs with a stiff punch which sends Jacobs reeling off the top rope and down to the floor of the arena!

Joe Hoffman: Now come on! Are you kidding me?

Silent Witness climbs up to the top rope with his eye on ArcAngel who is still laying on the ladder.

Benny Newell: Let Silent Witness show you how it’s done!

Silent Witness is up top, and he jumps all the way across the ring looking for a huge dropkick, but ArcAngel moves out of the way at the last second and Silent Witness blasts into the ladder!

Benny Newell: NO!!!

The crowd starts chanting “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”.

Joe Hoffman: I think he hit his head on the ladder. He could be busted wide open!

ArcAngel quickly follows up by grabbing Silent Witness off the mat, and sets him up for a powerbomb. Silent Witness drops down and hits a low blow on ArcAngel. Both men fall down to the mat.

Benny Newell: Excellent in-ring prowess by our HOW Commissioner…

Joe Hoffman: That’s low down and dirty.

Chris Jacobs slides into the ring, holding the side of his head. He picks up the ladder off the mat, and walks over to Silent Witness and drops the ladder on top of him. Silent Witness rolls around in pain. Jacobs grabs the steel chair at the other corner of the ring, and walks over to ArcAngel. He lifts the chair high in the air, and then brings it down to hit ArcAngel’s arm. ArcAngel moves out of the way, and executes drop toe hold on Jacobs. Jacobs falls with the steel chair landing on Silent Witness’s head!

Benny Newell: NO!!!

Joe Hoffman: That’s gotta be it! He’s gotta be busted open!

Silent Witness rolls over covering up his face.

Joe Hoffman: He has to be busted open! What a vicious chairshot.

Jacobs gets up and punches ArcAngel, but ArcAngel rolls out of the way and gets up to his feet holding his crotch in pain. Jacobs stands up and runs in with a hard knee strike. ArcAngel grabs Jacobs Leg and stumbles backwards. Jacobs hops around for a few seconds and then comes up with a huge enziguri. ArcAngel stumbles back into the ropes. He falls down and his arms get locked into the ropes. The crowd goes nuts.

Joe Hoffman: ArcAngel is locked up in the ropes with the ladder right behind him between the apron and the barricade.

Benny Newell: This can’t be good!

Chris Jacobs runs off the opposite ropes and comes back for a huge clothesline, but ArcAngel unlocks himself just in time, and hits a high back body drop. Jacobs goes flying out of the ring and his back lands on top of the ladder! The ladder doesn’t break! The crowd enters into another round of “Holy Shit” chants. Jacobs lays on the ladder in pain. ArcAngel walks over and picks Silent Witness up off the ground. ArcAngel puts Silent Witness into a powerbomb position as the crowd goes nuts.

Joe Hoffman: He’s going for a powerbomb!

Benny Newell: Counter it Witness! Get out of it!

ArcAngel lifts Silent Witness up into the air for the powerbomb, and walks over to the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t tell me he’s going to powerbomb him on top of Jacobs!

Benny Newell: NO!

Silent Witness lays into ArcAngel’s head with some hard punches. It doesn’t phase him though, as ArcAngel drops Silent Witness out of the ring and crashing down on top of Jacobs! The ladder still doesn’t break!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god!

Benny Newell: The ladder still isn’t broke!

ArcAngel sees Silent Witness laying on top of Chris Jacobs in pain, both men on the ladder, and hurt bad. ArcAngel goes up to the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: You’ve got to be kidding me. This is uncharacteristic of ArcAngel.

Benny Newell: ArcAngel is insane!

ArcAngel is on the top rope, and and then jumps off towards the ladder with a splash, but Chris Jacobs and Silent Witness roll off just in time. ArcAngel comes crashing stomach first into the ladder, and the ladder finally snaps in half!

Joe Hoffman: INSANE! Absolutely insane! ArcAngel is willing to do anything to become the new LSD Champion!

Benny Newell: Yeah, but now he’s done for! There is no way he’s coming back from this. Come on Silent Witness… let’s go!

All three men are on the outside laid out. Silent Witness finally starts to stir, and manages to get up to his feet with help of the ring apron. He pulls up the ring skirt and slowly pulls out a weapon.

Joe Hoffman: What is it? What is he pulling out?

Benny Newell: I have no idea. But whatever it is, it’s got to be good.

Silent Witness pulls a machete out from underneath the ring! The fans go absolutely nuts.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god. This has gone way too far! Way too far! Someone get that machete away from him.

Benny Newell: It’s legal Joe! It’s a first blood match.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah. A first blood match. Not a first person to get their arm chopped off match!

Chris Jacobs is on the other side and is crawling around. Silent Witness has a look of extreme anger on his face, and he hobbles over towards Jacobs. Jacobs reaches under the ring and pulls out a handful of a white substance. Silent Witness gets really close, and Jacobs throws the white powder into Silent Witness’s eyes! Silent Witness drops the sword and falls to his knees, raking at his eyes in pain. Jacobs reaches under the ring again, and pulls out another steel chair. Jacobs stands up, rears back and blasts Silent Witness in the head as hard as he can! Silent Witness falls backwards. The referee comes out of the ring and walks over and notices that Silent Witness has been busted wide open! The referee calls for the bell!

Ding Ding Ding!

Benny Newell: What?! What’s going on? That can’t be it!

Joe Hoffman: That’s it! He’s done it! Silent Witness has been busted wide open!

Bryan McVay: Your winner…. and STILL LSD CHAMPION….. Chris Jacobs!

The fans go crazy and jump to their feet in admiration for Chris Jacobs.

Joe Hoffman: He did it! Chris Jacobs is once again victorious in High Octane Wrestling!

Benny Newell: What happened? That’s not right! Silent Witness get up!

Chris Jacobs rolls into the ring, as the referee grabs the title belt from the timekeeper and slides into the ring. The referee hands the title belt to Jacobs and Jacobs holds it up, as the referee raises his arm in Victory. Chris Jacobs goes up to the top turnbuckle and holds his arms up in the air, and the fans cheer for him.

Joe Hoffman: What a match. You never can predict what’s going to happen in these first blood matches.

Benny Newell: But Silent Witness was supposed to win! He had a huge knife!

Joe Hoffman: Obviously not as Chris Jacobs managed to pull out the victory.

Chris Jacobs drops down to the mat and rolls out of the ring holding his LSD Championship belt. He continues to walk down the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks it’s about time for the ICON Championship match… It seems as though…

Benny Newell: Wait a minute Joe. Wait a minute.

Joe Hoffman: What?

Benny Newell: The announcer is giving Silent Witness the microphone.

The camera shows ArcAngel getting up holding his ribs, as Silent Witness is wiping the blood and powder off his face. Silent Witness is handed the microphone.

Silent Witness: Jacobs! Chris Jacobs!

The camera cuts to Chris Jacobs who turns around on the ramp.

Silent Witness: It’s not over! It’s not over Jacobs! You see… I’m the HOW Commissioner around here…

Silent Witness attempts to catch his breath.

Silent Witness: And as commissioner I am decreeing that this match is no longer a first blood match.

The crowd lets out a huge chorus of boos.

Joe Hoffman: What is he talking about the match is over. Jacobs won. Silent Witness was busted open.

Silent Witness: I order this match be restarted and now it will be a No Disqualification… Falls Count Anywhere Match!

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction, as ArcAngel crawls into the ring. Silent Witness drops the microphone. Jacobs looks confused. Silent Witness stumbles around, and then starts his ascent up the ramp. Jacobs drops the LSD title, and starts running down the ramp. Silent Witness holds his hands up in a boxing mode, and Jacobs comes running in with a Lou Thesz press that takes Silent Witness down hard on the ramp. Jacobs blasts Silent Witness with hard right hands.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go again!

ArcAngel slides back out of the ring and comes climbing over to Jacobs holding his ribs. He picks up the chair on his way over and stumbles over towards Jacobs. Jacobs sees him coming, and with a sudden burst of energy gets up and starts coming towards him. ArcAngel rears back and swings the chair at Chris Jacobs and blasts him hard in the head. Jacobs falls down onto the ramp. ArcAngel drops the chair, and falls on top of Jacobs. A few moments go by, and the referee is out of position. The referee finally drops down and counts.




Jacobs barely kicks out as ArcAngel looks pissed. ArcAngel slowly gets up, and picks Jacobs up with him. ArcAngel walks Jacobs over to the ring, and then rolls him in. ArcAngel slides into the ring, and then picks Jacobs up. ArcAngel hits a huge suplex on Chris Jacobs sending him crashing down hard onto the mat. ArcAngel covers.




Joe Hoffman: The resiliency of ArcAngel here… it’s amazing.

ArcAngel gets up and picks Jacobs up again. ArcAngel pushes Jacobs back up into the corner, and goes to the other side of the ring, ArcAngel runs in and goes for a huge splash, but Jacobs moves out of the way at the last second. ArcAngel blasts his chest hard onto the turnbuckle. ArcAngel comes back and Jacobs manages to get a sudden rollup.




Joe Hoffman: ArcAngel’s ribs have got to be dislocated, bruised or broken by now.

Silent Witness is seen sliding into the ring, and he has the steel chair. He stands up and waits for Chris Jacobs to get to his feet. The fans are all screaming and cheering for Jacobs to turn around, and to watch out. Jacobs turns around and Silent Witness blasts him with a hard chair shot to the head.

Joe Hoffman: Oh God!

Benny Newell: An HOW Commissioner chair shot!

Jacobs falls down, lifeless. Silent Witness stumbles over, and locks in his “The Silencer” sharpshooter finisher. Jacobs is out cold, and his face is pressed hard against the mat with no movement. The referee asks Jacobs if he can continue, asks him again if he can continue, but Jacobs doesn’t respond. Reluctantly, the referee calls for the bell. The fans immediately boo loudly.

Ding Ding Ding!


Benny Newell: Yes! Yes! Silent Witness is the new LSD Champion!

Joe Hoffman: No way. Not like this. Silent Witness clearly abused his power.

Benny Newell: What good is power if you can’t use it, Hoffmann? Silent Witness is a genius!

Silent Witness rolls out of the ring quickly and starts backtracking up the ramp. The referee raises his arm, but Silent Witness is more interested in getting up the ramp. Silent Witness grabs the LSD Championship off the ramp, and then looks around to the crowd. He raises it up in the air, and the cameras flash and take pictures of a bloodied, powder-covered, exhausted HOW Commissioner.

Joe Hoffman: He may have abused his way to victory, but I know Chris Jacobs is going to have something to say about this.

Benny Newell: Yeah! Whenever he wakes up from his coma! That could be years Hoffmann! Welcome to the era of Silent Witness!

Action cuts backstage…


Action cuts backstage where we see Lee holding an ice pack on his head. He shoos away the HOW medics and pops a few pills into his mouth and washes them down with a Budweiser…with the logo facing the camera of course.

Lee Best: That asshole Shane is going to get his ass handed to him I swear to fucking god.


Lee Best: What the hell?

The cameras turn quickly and we see a golf cart. It has just pulled up and the driver is nowhere to be seen. Lee stands up and pauses as he sees the name on the side of the golf cart.

Jattmobile 5000

Lee Best: You have to be fucking kidding me…

Lee sees an envelope on the driver’s side seat and again Lee is taken aback by the name on the envelope….

Francisco Roberto Eduardo Dominguez

Lee Best: FRED??

Lee quickly rips open the envelope and begins laughing loudly.

Lee Best: Ah, that fucker could always make me laugh.

Lee sets the paper on the desk and heads out of the medical office and back towards his office.

The scene fades out to a WAR GAMES advert as the camera zooms into what appears to be a hand drawn image of Darkwing getting his dick sucked by Besty.

Back live and the crowd is buzzing about the apparent appearance of Jatt Starr.

Joe Hoffman: Did I just see what I thought I saw?

Benny Newell: You saw a golf cart, some porntoons and Lee with a big hump on his head from Shane Reynolds…nothing more.

Joe Hoffman: But you didn’t..

Benny Newell: NOTHING MORE……next match please!

Joe Hoffman: You are right….ok folks it is time for the ICON Title Match and it is IN A STEEL CAGE!!

The HOTv comes to life showing all the events leading up to this ICON title match and a video package showing the events from earlier in the day with Graystone are recapped again as the match is set to begin.


Graystone vs. Darkwing vs. Adam Vincent ©

The cage begins lowering down from the ceiling of the United Center to the ring.

Benny Newell: Here comes the cage…

Joe Hoffman: As we saw earlier, Graystone kidnapped Nijs Landzaat and Daniel Singh, and he and Blackheart were able to regain Victoria.

Benny Newell: Yeah! He kidnapped Nijs Landzaat and Daniel Singh. He should be arrested on the spot! How is he going to get away with that?

Joe Hoffman: Well, you weren’t singing the same tune when Victoria was kidnapped.

Benny Newell: She left on her own free will…

Joe Hoffman: Yeah… you keep thinking that.

Suddenly Darkwing’s music hits over the PA System, and he makes his way out to the top of the ramp. A shot of white pyro blasts behind Darkwing as he poses with his arms outstretched. Darkwing makes his way down the ramp, his eyes focused on the cage which is now down on the ring. Darkwing walks over to the door, and the referee opens it for him. Darkwing walks inside slowly. Once inside, he stretches his arms out, and bounces off the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: We could very well be looking at the next ICON Champion.

Benny Newell: Did you know that Darkwing was the first ever ICON Champion, Joe?

Joe Hoffman: I think we are all well aware of that Benny.

Benny Newell: I just thought I would remind you of that.

“Where’s your head at” by Basement Jaxx hits over the PA system and the fans jump to their feet with a huge pop. A few seconds go by, and Graystone is no-where to be seen. The camera comes back into the ring, focusing on Darkwing who is confused, but ready to fight.

Joe Hoffman: Look up there!

Benny Newell: Who the fuck is on top of the video screen?

At the top of the HOTv is a silhouette of a man with his arms outstretched. The lights in the arena go out, and the fans pop once again. “ULTIMATE JUSTICE” pops up in big yellow letters across the HOTv. “Where’s your head at” cuts off. A few moments pass and then “Ladies and Gentleman” by Saliva hits. The lights to the arena come back on strobing, and the camera focuses in on the top of the video screen.

Joe Hoffman: It’s Graystone!

Benny Newell: What is that crazy fucker doing!?

Graystone holds his arms up in the air, and then brings them down, and jumps off the top of the video screen!

Benny Newell: OH MY GOD!

Graystone flies through the air on a zipline as the crowd is going nuts. Graystone makes his way to the bottom of the ramp, and then disconnects the zipline. He makes his way around the ring, slapping hands with the fans.

Joe Hoffman: What an entrance by Graystone! What a way to make a statement.

Benny Newell: It’s just a shame that zipline worked.

Joe Hoffman: Are you that fucking insensitive?

Benny Newell: What? I’m just saying…

Graystone makes his way up the ring steps and enters into the ring. The music cuts off, as Graystone’s fun attitude immediately turns deathly serious, and he stares down Darkwing. Both competitors make their way towards each other. Darkwing quickly makes a mad dash and levels Graystone with a clothesline! Darkwing goes to work stomping away at Graystone, who is making every attempt to cover up from the devastating blows. The fans boo uncontrollably, as Darkwing proceeds to drop down to the canvas and choke the life out of Graystone.

Joe Hoffman: What? This match hasn’t even started yet. The ICON Champion isn’t even out here.

Benny Newell: Darkwing’s representing the Best Alliance. Do you honestly think things are going to be fair? Maybe Graystone should go back up and zipline down again. That might help him.

Darkwing gets up and walks out of the cage. Graystone rolls around on the mat, grabbing at his throat and coughing. Darkwing lifts the ringskirt up and pulls out a Singapore cane and smiles, as the fans boo. Darkwing goes back up the steps and through the door. He measures Graystone who is now getting up, and then blasts him upside the head with the Singapore cane. Again. And again. Graystone stumbles backwards, and Darkwing runs in and blasts him with a stiff cane shot upside the head. Graystone falls down to the mat, and his forehead is busted wide open and gushing blood.

Benny Newell: So much for that Ultimate Justice, right Hoffmann?

Joe Hoffman: This isn’t even fair. This isn’t a Singapore cane match. That’s illegal.

Benny Newell: ahh… but the bell never rang.

Darkwing bends down and puts Graystone in a camel clutch, and pulls the Singapore cane across his throat. Graystone is screaming in pain. Suddenly, the camera cuts to the ramp as Adam Vincent is making his way down the aisle, and the fans begin to boo. Vincent takes his time, as he watches Darkwing choke out Graystone. Vincent walks around to the side of the cage, and Darkwing keeps his eyes on Vincent, as he cinches the cane harder across Graystone’s throat. The referee is yelling at Darkwing to stop.

Joe Hoffman: And look at this… Adam Vincent is in no hurry to make his way into the ring.

Benny Newell: A smart champion! I have to say. The match can’t start until he’s in the ring. Let Darkwing beat up a little more on Graystone.

Adam Vincent walks around and picks up the ring skirt. He pulls out a steel chair, and slides it into the ring at the door. He keeps his eyes on Darkwing, as he walks over and pulls the ring skirt again. This time he pulls out two pairs of handcuffs.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god! Handcuffs? Are you serious?

Benny Newell: I think we’re about to see the end of Graystone!

Adam Vincent slowly makes his way up the ring steps, and then carefully makes his way into the ring. He surrenders the ICON Championship to the referee. The referee has no other choice but to ring the bell. The referee hands the title out of the ring, and the door is locked. Adam Vincent picks up the steel chair very cockily, and smiles. The crowd boos. Darkwing lets go of the camel clutch and Graystone rolls over and holds his throat in pain. The blood has covered his face now. Darkwing stares at Adam Vincent, and Adam Vincent walks up to him. Vincent extends his hand to Darkwing and smiles. Darkwing hesitates, and then accepts his offer. The crowd boos, as Darkwing picks up the Singapore cane again, and Adam Vincent waits and watches Graystone as he stirs up to his knees.

Joe Hoffman: This is sick. I can’t believe this.

Benny Newell: The end of Graystone! Ultimate Justice is happening right now, Hoffmann! Ultimate Justice on Graystone. Lee is a genius!

Darkwing takes the cane and wraps it around Graystone’s throat and stands holding him. Adam Vincent looks at the steel chair, and then at Graystone, then at the steel chair, then back at Graystone again. Adam Vincent runs full force, but Graystone drops down, and Adam Vincent nails Darkwing upside the head! The crowd goes nuts! Graystone manages to get up to his feet, and grabs the Singapore cane. Graystone takes the cane and starts blasting Adam Vincent with it over and over, to the back of his head, back, legs, and then he levels him with a hard cane shot to the face. Vincent rolls on the ground holding his face as the cane is in shreds and the crowd is on their feet.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t count Graystone out!

Benny Newell: That’s cheating!!!

Graystone picks up the steel chair, and waits for Darkwing to get up. Darkwing stumbles to his feet, and Graystone lays him out with a hard chair shot. Graystone grabs a pair of handcuffs lying on the mat, and handcuffs Darkwing to the cage. The referee tries to tell Graystone to stop, but Graystone doesn’t listen. Graystone takes the steel chair, raises it up again and blasts Darkwing as hard as he can with it. Darkwing crumples to the mat, lifeless.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god. He’s snapped. Graystone has lost it.

Benny Newell: Somebody get in there and do something! This is not right! Lee! Nijs! Rohan! Where’s the Best Alliance?

Graystone waits for Adam Vincent to get up, then he levels him with a stiff chairshot to the face. Vincent falls down to the mat. Graystone lifts the steel chair up in the air and screams. The fans cheer in support of him, and Graystone opens the chair up. He grabs Adam Vincent’s ankle and puts it in between the open chair. Graystone points to the top rope, and then goes over and climbs it. Graystone jumps off and stomps down hard, crushing Adam Vincent’s ankle in the process. Vincent rolls around on the mat in pain. Graystone goes for the cover.




Joe Hoffman: Oh no…

Benny Newell: WHAT IS GOING ON!?

Graystone stands up, and beats his chest like a gorilla. The fans let out another small pop. Graystone grabs the steel chair, and drives it into Adam Vincent’s ankle over and over again. Graystone is foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal, and opens the chair up again and puts it around the ankle of Adam Vincent again.

Joe Hoffman: Not again…

Benny Newell: He is crazy! Referee stop this match! This is nuts!

Graystone grabs the handcuffs and pulls Adam Vincent over to the ropes. Graystone handcuffs Vincent to the ropes as he writhes in pain. Graystone looks up at the top of the cage.

Joe Hoffman: No way…

Graystone situates the chair on the ankle just right. Graystone proceeds to climb to the top rope, then he says it’s not high enough and climbs all the way up to the top of the cage.

Benny Newell: He will break his ankle!

Graystone jumps off the top of the cage and lands with both feet smashing into the chair around Adam Vincent’s ankle. The fan’s chant “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” as Vincent writhes in pain. Graystone unhandcuffs Vincent from the ropes, and pulls him over towards the middle of the ring. Graystone points up to the top rope and signals that he’s done, and that it’s time for The Curse! He climbs the ropes, and jumps off and executes a picture perfect split legged corkscrew moonsault on Vincent. He covers.




Ding Ding Ding!


Joe Hoffman: He’s done it! Graystone’s done it! He’s the new ICON Champion!

Benny Newell: Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

The fans are all on their feet cheering as the camera cuts to the ramp as Brock Blackheart and Victoria are walking down the aisle hand in hand with a huge smile on their faces.

Benny Newell: Oh god! And here comes the loser brigade again! Best Alliance? Where are you!?

The referee opens the door up, and goes out and grabs the ICON Championship from the timekeeper. Blackheart and Victoria enter the ring, and help Graystone up to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Well… it has been a long road for the three of these individuals… and it culminated in this match here tonight.

Benny Newell: Match!? That wasn’t a match!

Joe Hoffman: Regardless, the three of them have been through a lot the past several weeks, and now finally they can get some closure in the mess of things they’ve been through. This signifies that Ultimate Justice has been had!

Blackheart and Victoria stand clapping as the cameras cut to the EMT’s checking on Vincent’s leg in the middle of the ring. Another referee unhandcuffs Darkwing, and checks on his status. The referee hands the ICON Championship to Graystone. Graystone looks at the title, and then holds it up high in the air. A standing ovation from the crowd ensues. Graystone grabs Blackheart’s hand, and Victoria’s hand and holds them up high in the air. “Ladies and Gentleman” by Saliva hits over the PA System. After a few seconds of posing, Graystone lets go of their hands and hugs Blackheart. Then he turns and hugs Victoria. They both continue clapping as Graystone begins climbing the cage until he reaches the top. Graystone sits at the top of the cage and hoists the ICON Championship high in the air and points to all of the HOW fans in the arena.

Benny Newell: Vincent was robbed! Darkwing was robbed? How can they cheer for this cheater?

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen… your new ICON Champion… Graystone!

Action fades out to a video package showing the history of the World Title in High Octane Wrestling.


Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and Benny what a night we have had so far. Kirsta Lewis and Bobbinette Carey are the new Tag Team Champions and they are leaders of different stables.

Benny Newell: Shocker got screwed in that match with his own brother turning his back on him!

Joe Hoffman: This is true but the Best Alliance got payback when Silent Witness pretty much made up the rules as he went on to become the new LSD Champion. Look out for ArcAngel and Jacobs to be hot on his trail after the way that match went down.

Benny Newell: He is commissioner for a reason.

Joe Hoffman: Ok….then we have Graystone just destroying everyone on his way to regaining the ICON Championship and quite frankly I just don’t see anyone challenging him for the title.

Benny Newell: Darkwing will have a say at some point about that. Nijs Landzaat will be one to watch as well once healthy. He should have plenty of motivation to come back and tear apart Graystone after what happened to Daniel Singh.

Joe Hoffman: That is true. But the thing that keeps sticking out to me is the appearance of the Jattmobile 5000.

Benny Newell: Who cares? What about how Shane Reynolds cheated his way to a win over Kael? Or how The Masked Marvel took out the Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff in a hardcore match?

Joe Hoffman: All great moments…but FRED? C’mon you are not excited about that?

Benny Newell: No comment.

Joe Hoffman: The night is not even over folks. It is now time for the granddaddy of them all…it is time for the World Title Match!!!



The HOTv comes to life and we see the World Title Belt being displayed in all its glory as various past champions names float by.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks its time for the big one.

Norcia’s music starts but cuts almost instantly to be replaced by carnival music! Norcia emerges from the back as the fans start to laugh. He’s looking around and obviously confused as the pyros sputter in an erratic half hearted mess.

Joe Hoffman: I’m betting Lee Best has something to do with this!

Benny Newell: Hahahahahaha.

Norcia shrugs it off with a look of determination and makes his way down to the ring. He climbs inside and Mat Boettcher makes a thorough check of his boots as the carnival music stops and a word appears on the screen: JOHNN-Y. It vanishes only to appear again a moment later, and then vanish, and then reappear. The fans catch on quickly, it starts from the back and quickly starts to gain momentum until the entire arena is stomping. Chanting. Calling. Machinehead by Bush slams over the speakers and the chant disintegrates into wild cheers.

Joe Hoffman: Listen to this fan approval!

Benny Newell: Bah, the sheep! Neither of these men show Lee Best the respect he deserves.

Johnny Lexicon emerges from the back and calls for the fans to get louder, taking center stage and throwing his arms into the air as his own pyros go off without a hitch, filling the air with silver and gold sparkles.

Joe Hoffman: They may not respect Lee Best but they both have battled viciously to earn this chance. Norcia in an acclaimed match against Bobbinette Carey, and Lexicon in a savage match against Max Kael.

Benny Newell: Don’t forget that the winner of this match has to face Kael for that pretty belt. Now Max is a man a guy can cheer for, and regardless of which on of these pansies takes the belt, they’re gonna have Max and the Best Alliance to deal with.

Johnny climbs into the ring and Mat Boettcher checks him for weapons before collecting the World Title. He takes his time to show the belt to both competitors before passing it back off to ring side and calling for the bell.

They circle each other quickly, Johnny beckoning a sober Norcia to lock up. They stop. They charge and lock up as the fans explode in the stands, testing each others strength they push until Norcia changes his momentum and throws Johnny into the ropes. He lifts a boot but Lexicon holds onto the ropes and gives Michael a grin.

Joe Hoffman: A brief exchange there as they test the waters. Neither of these men have squared off in the ring before.

Benny Newell: And thank god for that.

They square up again, Johnny beckoning for the lock up and Norcia is only to happy to accommodate him. Johnny is fast this time and sends Michael over with a hip toss. Norcia is quick to his feet and looks for another lock up. He sends Johnny over with a hip toss of his own and tries to capitalize with a big kick to the head but Lexicon tumbles out of the way and springs to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Another quick exchange as the testing continues.

Benny Newell: I’d like to see an actual move sometime soon.

The fans are stomping and chanting as the World Title contenders square off again with a few choice words not suitable for the kiddies at home. Johnny beckons Norcia to come for the third time but when he does there’s a slick drop toe hold in store for him. Lexicon pulls his legs in tight and spring boards to a standing position as Norcia is getting on his knees.

Joe Hoffman: How’s that Benny?

Benny Newell: Amateur at best?

Johnny hammers him with an elbow smash that dazes Michael before he runs for the ropes, coming back as Norcia is getting up he goes for a clothesline but Michael catches him for a belly to belly suplex!

Benny Newell: See that’s a move!

Joe Hoffman: Norcia with the quick reversal!

Michael drops an elbow, and goes for another but Johnny rolls out of the way. Both men are on their feet again and gone is the grin on Johnny’s face. Both men regard the other with deadly seriousness as the fans shower them with thunderous anticipation.

Joe Hoffman: I think the time of testing each other is over as these two men look ready to tear it up!

They close in and Johnny blocks a punch only to deliver one himself, Norcia shrugs it off but Johnny hits him with another, and another, backing Michael up into the corner until… Norcia ducks and hammers a shot into Lexicon’s kidneys. Then he throws Johnny into the corner and follows closely with an elbow smash.

Joe Hoffman: Norcia has to keep it close and rough as an all out brawl seems to favor Lexicon.

Benny Newell: Good thing this isn’t boxing then, huh?

With a rope in each hand Norcia drives his shoulder into Lexicon’s mid section, again, and again! Johnny drops a double fist on Michael’s back after the third, mustering his strength he drives a knee up into Norcia’s chest.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny fighting his way out of the corner convincingly.

Michael staggers out of the corner as Johnny pulls himself up onto the middle turnbuckle and launches a flying elbow that catches Norcia square. With the fans cheering him on Johnny pounces on Norcia with a hail of rights and lefts, Michael rolls right out of the ring to get away and catch his breath. Johnny paces inside the ring, calling for the cheers to get louder and louder, looking at Michael there’s that grin again.

Benny Newell: Haha, running is something Norcia better get real good at if he wins that title.

Joe Hoffman: IF is right, Lexicon seems to want to control the pace of this match up with his powerful strikes. These fans are off the hook as that grin is back on Johnny’s face.

Norcia climbs up onto the ring apron as Johnny is calling him back into the ring. Michael steps through with one leg but keeps his one Lexicon, who continues to call him in. Norcia ducks through the ropes and Johnny charges with a huge forearm shot, the both of them lean heavy into the ropes and when they come back Johnny pulls Michael over with a clean monkey flip.

Norcia is still in fighting shape and rolls onto his knees when Johnny descends to capitalize but Michael hits him with a desperate low blow. The fans are a cacophony of mixed reactions as Johnny staggers and Norcia climbs to his feet. Lexicon turns and right into a drop kick!

Joe Hoffman: An unusual counter by Norcia!

Benny Newell: Unusual but effective!

Joe Hoffman: Johnny was looking to keep this match at his own pace and Norcia had to put an end to it.

Benny Newell: Desperation can be ugly.

Norcia jumps on his opening and stomps on Johnny while he’s down, gathering that blond hair in both hands he starts pulling Johnny to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He’s following close with another of those elbow smashes that make Lexicon’s knees buckle.

Norcia wraps first one and then the other of Johnny’s arms around the ropes before delivering a nasty kick to his right knee.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny is a bad spot here!

He follows it with another, and then a third before Johnny untangles his arms and struggles to hold his balance. Norcia doesn’t give him the time, with the fans suddenly booing, he grabs Johnny’s head in one hand and hammers him with a forearm smash.

Benny Newell: Who’s brawling now Joe? Huh? Who’s brawling now? Yeaah.

Hooking Lexicon in a head lock Michael vaults his legs into the air and stalls before driving Johnny into the mat.

Joe Hoffman: A stalling vertical suplex!

Norcia tries to rally the fans behind him but they won’t budge. Gathering Johnny’s legs Norcia hooks them in an awkward position before applying the full pressure of a figure four leg lock.

Joe Hoffman: Norcia capitalizes with a figure four, he’s looking to keep his opponent grounded and injure that knee.

Benny Newell: See this is boring.

Lexicon writhes in agony and reaches for the ropes, he’s just too far.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny’s too far from the ropes and only has two choices, he can give up for fight for that rope break.

Struggling through the pain Johnny props himself up on both hands and starts to pull them both towards the ropes. Norcia tugs and yanks to stop him, Johnny punches the mat in frustration and pulls them another foot.

Benny Newell: Too far! Haha.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny looks almost ready to give in to that hellacious leg lock!

Benny Newell: Do it, at least we’ll get to go home early.

Ref Boettcher is checking the integrity of the hold as Johnny reaches for those ropes again. Just. Too. Far.

Joe Hoffman: Just a little further!

The fans start to chant him on: JOHNN-Y JOHNN-Y.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny has the fans behind him, can he do it?

Benny Newell: Give up Johnny, hoo raa, give up Johnny, hoo raa. See I can’t chant too, losers.

Norcia is planted against the pull but Johnny elevates himself on his hands, his face a twisted mask of pain and determination as he makes that last final vault.

Joe Hoffman: He’s done it!

He grabs the rope and Mat is on Norcia like a flash to break the hold. The fans are in a state of uproar as Lexicon clutches his right knee. Norcia looks almost angry the move didn’t win him his World Title as he stalks over his fallen opponent.

Benny Newell: These should be Norcia’s true colors, I love him like this!

Joe Hoffman: You would.

He stomps that knee and makes Johnny yelp, he goes to stomp on it again but Lexicon grabs that foot with a growl and twists it viciously. Norcia corkscrews to catch himself as he falls and Johnny rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Now it’s Johnny’s turn to make a quick escape as Norcia was looking to further injure that knee.

Landing on both feet he instantly cringes and that right leg buckles. Michael slides out of the ring after him and hammers him in the back. Johnny spins on his good leg with a wicked right handed chop that was heard in the nose bleed section.

Joe Hoffman: Ohhh.

Benny Newell: Ohhh.

The fans explode as Johnny blocks Michael’s haymaker and delivers one of his own. Again he blocks Michael’s huge right and snaps him with a hard right himself. Johnny hammers him with another, and another before throwing Norcia into the guard railing hard. His knee buckles and Johnny barely catches himself on the ring apron.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny’s battling against Norcia’s domination on the outside but that right leg seems barely able to hold him up.

Benny Newell: One leg to stand on.

Johnny leans in to break Mat’s count as Norcia gathers himself up off the floor. Johnny limps towards him and hammers him while he’s getting up. Michael rears an elbow back into Johnny’s midsection. Lexicon hammers him again and again Norcia hits that back elbow. Johnny lands one of those big double fisted slams and drives a knee up into Michael’s face. His bad knee.

Benny Newell: Haha, that’ll teach ya!

Norcia drops down holding his face while Johnny falls the other way clutching at his injured knee.

Joe Hoffman: A quick and brutal exchange leaves both men winded on the outside.

Benny Newell: Boettcher is still counting but Norcia’s coming around.

The sight of his own blood dripping from his nose seems to rouse Norcia and he practically jumps to his feet. Johnny is up on his good leg and turning as Norcia comes charging. Johnny catches him like a pro and using Michaels own momentum he vaults Norcia up into the air and then falls away to the side. Michael falls that seven feet and lands like a pan cake on the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Oh what a move! What awareness by the title contender Johnny Lexicon!

Benny Newell: Good on Johnny or bad on Michael? C’mon now.

Johnny uses the apron to pull himself up and drags himself back into the ring to break Mat’s count at nine. Again the fans kick up that JOHNN-Y chant as he lays on his back, his breath coming in gasps. Norcia is barely stirring on the outside as Johnny starts getting up.

Joe Hoffman: These fans won’t budge, they’re behind Johnny the whole way!

Boettcher starts counting Norcia out but Johnny stops him and starts to ascend the turnbuckles. The fans are going insane and it seems to bring Norcia back to the world of the conscious.

Joe Hoffman: This isn’t something we’re used to seeing from Johnny and it’s a long way to the outside.

Benny Newell: He’s either brave or stupid. I’m betting on stupid.

Johnny perches on that top turnbuckle, the JOHNN-Y chant rages and Norcia starts getting to his feet. Johnny launches as Norcia turns.

Benny Newell: Holy Crap!

Joe Hoffman: Swan Dive to the outside!

Johnny collides hard and they smash into each other. Johnny rolls around on the verge of tears as he clutches at his knee, Norcia lays on his back arms splayed out on either side and his moving chest the only sign he’s still alive.

Joe Hoffman: An amazing display of fearless tenacity by Johnny Lexicon!

Benny Newell: Norcia could be dead! That was great, I have to honest.

Boettcher begins his count albeit a little slowly and the fans are blowing the freakin roof off.

Joe Hoffman: I believe Carey herself would say it best with a well timed: ‘Epic’.

Benny Newell: Okay that’s too far. There’s like a line, and you just crossed it.

Using the guardrail Johnny tests his knee, and despite the obvious pain, he dares to walk on it and limps over to Norcia.

Joe Hoffman: They better hurry up.

Boettcher reaches his five count as Johnny starts to gather Michael.

Benny Newell: It can’t be easy to hurry with a hurt leg, but this is ridiculous.

Mat hits seven as Johnny reaches the ring apron with Norcia in tow.

Joe Hoffman: Eight.

A nine count is broken when Lexicon rolls Michael into the ring and pauses to take a breath before climbing up on the outside. Johnny heads for the ropes yet again and starts climbing for the top. Just as he reaches that top turnbuckle though Norcia stirs, possibly waiting for his moment to strike, he gathers himself and charges. He punches that right knee solidly and Johnny flails to hold his balance.

Joe Hoffman: A dangerous a precarious perch for Johnny to fight from.

Benny Newell: It’s his own fault.

Norcia hops up onto the middle rope and punches Johnny in the midsection. Michael tries to pull him off but Johnny manages to hold on! A right, a left, and another right but Johnny can’t get Norcia off before Michael gets that headlock on and… NO! Johnny holds yet again and Norcia delivers an empty handed DDT to nothing! Johnny jumps off the with a huge splash but NO AGAIN! Norcia rolls out of the way and Johnny hit’s the mat hard!

Joe Hoffman: We almost saw the end of this match I’m sure, but both men are displaying their grit and determination here, neither willing to give up and take his beating.

Benny Newell: You trying to convince me this match sucks?

Norcia is on his feet and stalking Lexicon, he grabs that injured leg and despite Johnny asking him not too he stomps on it brutally. Twice, no Three times before hooking it around his own leg, stepping over, and applying a single legged Boston crab.

Joe Hoffman: Norcia is relentless!

Benny Newell: Get that leg! Break it already!

Johnny pounds his fist into the mat but refuses to give up when asked by Boettcher.

Joe Hoffman: Keep in mind Johnny has only lost a single match so far and that came after a vicious shot to the head with a lead pipe. I think it’s gonna take a lot more than this to put him out.

The fans kick up their new chant as Johnny commandos his way towards the ropes, dragging himself inch by agonizing inch.

Benny Newell: Haha, so close and yet so far away!

Norcia fights and pulls against Johnny but he makes it, the fans erupting as that hand grabs onto the bottom rope. Boettcher breaks the hold but Norcia has other plans, turning and stomping on Johnny viciously, kicking that knee, and dragging him back into the middle of the ring. Norcia tries to hook that leg again but Johnny pulls him forward and plants his good leg into Michael’s chest and vaults him back towards the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny battles for a little room to breathe.

Getting to his feet Norcia charges with a huge clothesline, the fans give him warning and Johnny ducks at the last second. Michael’s momentum swings him around to watch Johnny come around with a precision power clothesline of his own. His trademark move hits with so much impact that Michael’s legs flip right over and he lands on his chest. Johnny collapses and focuses on just breathing as the fans shake the very foundations of the arena itself.

Joe Hoffman: WOW!

Benny Newell: What a clothesline.

Johnny stirs, gathering himself up and limping heavily as he flips Norcia over and goes for a pin.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny nearly took Norcia’s head off!

Benny Newell: This could be it, it might finally be over.

1..2.. Norcia gets a shoulder off the mat and Boettcher calls it a two count.

Joe Hoffman: No!

Benny Newell: Aww man.

Johnny looks disappointed but not the least bit surprised, gathering Norcia on his feet Johnny whips him into the corner. He charges in but Norcia puts up a big boot at the last instant and Johnny runs right into it. From the middle rope Michael launches an elbow drop and lands solidly.

Benny Newell: Yes!

Joe Hoffman: Aww man.

Norcia makes the cover. 1…2…- Johnny gets his shoulder up!

Boettcher is calling a two count

Joe Hoffman: What is it going to take for Norcia to put Lexicon away. This man kicked out of Kirsta’s finisher twice and here he is refusing to give up!

Norcia is obviously frustrated as he gathers Johnny on his feet. He looks ready to deliver his – no wait! Johnny throws Michaels arms wide and hammers him with a hard right. Another, and another, and yet another has Norcia staggered.

Joe Hoffman: Johnny battling from the brink of defeat!

Lexicon lands a swift kick to his midsection that doubles Norcia over. Hooking Norcia’s arms Johnny pauses in the pedigree position and looks out across the sea of screaming fans chanting his name.

Benny Newell: Eh, here it comes.

Joe Hoffman: These fans want it!

Johnny flips Michael up onto his shoulders, shifts his grip to Norcia’s legs and slams him back first onto the mat as the fans literally explode. Without giving up his grip on Michael’s legs he arcs over with a sunset flip and locks in the small package.

Joe Hoffman: Pattern Perfect!

Benny Newell: It’s over. Disappointing.


Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen, your new High Octane Wrestling World Champion! Johnny! Lexicon!


Boettcher calls for the bell as Johnny releases the pin attempt and collapses in an exhausted heap next to his opponent as the raging fans voice their approval ecstatically. Limping on his injured knee Johnny gets to his feet as Mat Boettcher brings him the World Title. With his hand raised the air Johnny looks from the belt to his fans and then raises that title just as high.

Joe Hoffman: What a night and what a great champion we have in place now. For Benny Newell I am Joe Hoffman and thank you for tuning into what ended up being a night of new champions!!!

The action fades out from the announcers and goes backstage as we see Lee Best on his cell phone.

Lee Best: Get your ass in here right now….Max couldn’t get the job done and I need you ASAP….wait you are already here……good… it then…..NOW!

Lee snaps the cell phone shut and groans as his migraine drives thru his skull as he picks up Baby Best.

Lee Best: Time to go beautiful. Things are really going to get ugly and I don’t want to be here when it does.

“Where you going with my child?”

Lee stops in his tracks as he hears the voice of a woman behind him. He cringes as his head is pounding even more fiercely now.

“Give me my child NOW!”

Lee slowly turns around to see the all too familiar face of a lady he thought he would never see again. Refueled comes to final close as the cameras turn with Lee and we see the mother of his child.

Barbi Kostoff.

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