RATR 2: October 5th, 2009 (2009)

Pay Per View | 180 Min

Show Transcript

Rumble at the Rock 2
October 5th, 2009 – #HOW83
Alcatraz Prison on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA


Needed a bigger boat

The HOTv logo gives way to a Rumble at the Rock 2 banner and that quickly fades to black and “You’re Going Down” by the Sick Puppies begins playing as the next High Octane Wrestling Pay Per View is officially on the air.

The footage then cuts to not inside the prison or even on Alcatraz Island but instead we are on a boat…well a Motherfucking Boat if Benny were to give us play by play.

The boat is struggling to make it thru the choppy waves and the dense fog makes it hard to see what is going but as the camera pans over we see who is captaining the boat…Lee Best.

Lee is dressed in his usual show attire but instead of seeing his gleaming bald head we see that Lee is sporting a ridiculous looking Napoleon like hat.

Sitting behind the standing Lee is Kirsta Lewis, Mark O’Neal and Trent. They are struggling to keep dry as the wave’s pound the speedboat as Lee is pushing the boat as hard as it will go.

We suddenly get a small break in the fog and we get a glimpse of a light shining bright several hundred miles out.


The 7 foot number one contender for the World Title tries to stand to get a glimpse of the famous Alcatraz lighthouse but he is quickly knocked backwards with the next proceeding wave and he lands right on Mark O’Neal’s lap..


Trent quickly slides off Mark who even in the dark we can see is blushing…

Mark O’Neal: Sorry man..blame the Hellcat!!

Trent can only shake his head after getting to know Mark more than he ever would want to.

Suddenly the fog lifts and we see the infamous island in clear view as Lee throttles the boat down and it begins to coast the High Octane Speedboat into the docking pier.

As it coasts Lee turns back to his Best Alliance and instantly there is some serious tension in the air.

Lee Best: Look before we walk into God Knows what tonight I just want to make a few things perfectly clear. One, we stick together. This is a big motherfucking place and we all have serious bull’s-eyes on our backs. The EPU will be here tonight but because of my brother they won’t provide the usual support for us.

Lee pauses as a spotlight shines down on the boat as it idles towards the dock and with the light we see that Kirsta has her hand down Mark’s pants..

Lee Best: Seriously?

Mark is too embarrassed to say anything and Kirsta just flips off Lee as HOW dock workers quickly tie the boat to the dock and before Lee can say anything Kirsta hops up and exits the boat as Mark struggles to button his pants back up.

Lee Best: Get the fuck off my boat…now…..you…stay.

Trent sits back down as Mark quickly jumps up on the dock and heads towards the entrance of the prison while Lee sits back down and motions for the workers to take off as he wants a moment alone with his future World Champion.

Lee Best: Look big man I have put a lot of time and effort into this match and I know you don’t need my help tonight but I am telling you right now you are going to get it..

Trent: What you got up your sleeve boss?

Lee Best: Let’s just say that I haven’t forgotten about that heart transplant that Aceldama got only a few short months ago and let me also state that there the Best Bet for tonight’s show is that you are going to head into Thursday’s draft as the HOW World Champion and quite frankly I don’t care what kind of uproar my cheating will cause.

Trent: Look Lee I appreciate what you have done for me….but I can handle Ace on my own…

Lee Best: I know that, you know that and so does Aceldama….but I believe in having a plan B and a plan C and tonight’s backup plans will just INSURE what SHOULD happen WILL happen.

Trent smiles as he understands completely that tonight there is nothing short of a miracle that will keep the HOW World Title from going around his waist.

Lee Best: Alright let’s get going…I got another match to cheat for…

The two men share a quick laugh as they climb out of the boat and head up the ramp and into the prison, the cameras following them the whole way until they are out of view.

Suddenly there is a loud sound of metal on metal and the cameraman on the dock falls down and the camera falls from his hands and off the dock and into the cold dark water.

But before the camera and its feed was lost forever we see one final image, and it’s the name on the side of the larger boat that just rammed into Lee’s speedboat.

The Starrlite Express


HOW Tag Team Title Match
Twisted Reality vs. The Egg Bandits vs. The BJs vs. The Maurako Family©

Tornado Tag Team Elimination Match

The action cuts inside the infamous Alcatraz Prison and we cut live to a shot of Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell who are right now occupying the announce table that they will share later with the Mayhem announcers, Rick Fantastic and Chasity Gold.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr!!?? Oh sorry folks…Welcome to Rumble at the Rock!! I am Joe Hoffman and I am joined by my longtime …


Joe Hoffman: Yes Benny..Jatt appears to have just arrived. But before he did I think the main thing we should note is that Lee has some kind of ace up his sleeve for tonight’s main event and…


Joe can only sigh as he knows no matter what he says now will just lead to more Jatt Starr references.

Joe instead pauses as a video package hyping the newly revamped Tag Team Division is shown.

Lee giving the Maurako Family the old stable titles and naming them the new Tag Team Champions..

Scottywood quitting Mayhem only to return on Turmoil with his new tag team partner, Johnny Stevens, and introducing the world to Twisted Reality..

Bob Jared bringing back his greatest fan, Big Jon, and showing the world that The BJ’s are officially in HOW…

And finally…the egg throwing, cooler than thou, Egg Bandits appearing on the go home edition of Turmoil and letting everyone know that at any moment you might get egged..and hit with a frying pan.

The video ends and we then cut to a live shot of all the HOW fans that have filled up all the cells in the general population area of the prison.

All the fans begin screaming madly as they know that they are being shown live on HOW PPV.

Joe Hoffman: In what has to be a FIRST in the history of professional wrestling, the fans are literally caged up like animals and they are loving it!!

Benny Newell: Damn right they are loving it. Once again Lee shows just how much of a genius he is and once again High Octane Wrestling is showing why it’s the most unique wrestling product in all the land.

Joe Hoffman: There is no denying that Benny…

We see a final image of all the fans and the camera zooms in to show a large man with a Big Jon shirt literally bending over a man that is dressed up like Triple M…big costume arms and all.

Benny Newell: NOW that was funny…I don’t care who you are…

The live feed cuts now to a live shot of the ring that has been set up in the middle of the prison and there is just an eerie feeling seeing the famous HOW ring surrounded by two stories worth of prison cells.

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s time Benny for our opening contest of the night, where four tag teams will be fighting for the HOW Tag Team titles in what should be an action packed tornado rules elimination match.

Benny Newell: There may be two teams in this match Joe but we both know that this match is really between The Maurako Family and Twisted Reality.

Joe Hoffman: Yes, The Egg Bandits and The BJs could be considered underdogs in this match, but do not count them out.  I for one would not be surprised to see either walk away with Tag Team gold tonight.

We go back to the HOW ring sitting in the middle of the cell block, fans packed in the cells on both the first and second level, all going crazy as ring announcer Bryan McVay makes his way into the ring and “Daps n Pounds” by Kid Cudi starts to play through Alcatraz as Mr. Cool and Doozer start to make their way down towards the ring.

Bryan McVay: The following match is a 4 team tornado rules elimination match and is for the HOW Tag Team titles.  The first challengers making their way to the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of 503 pounds….Mr. Cool and Doozer…The Egg Bandits!!!

Joe Hoffman: The Egg Bandits making their HOW in-ring debut tonight, in what could be a huge night for them if they win the Tag Team titles.

Benny Newell: Come one, how can anyone take a team that throws eggs seriously?

Mr. Cool with frying pan in hand as The Egg Bandits make their way into the ring, getting a respectable cheer from the lucky HOW fans who have gotten ringside cell seats.

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Seperated.

Decadence” by Disturbed cuts in as the cheers that The Egg Bandits were getting turn to boos for Scottywood and Johnny Stevens who make their way out into the cell block and make their way down towards the ring.

Bryan McVay: Now making their way to the ring, being accompanied by Kelly Fisher and Frankie the Cameraman.  Weighing in at a combined weight of 508 lbs….Johnny Stevens….”The Hardcore Artist” Scottywood….Twisted Reality!!!

Benny Newell: Now here is a real tag team Joe, they have a long history with each other, they have incredible talent and most importantly they don’t throw eggs.

Twisted Reality and entourage make their way past the booing fans, ignoring them all with a smirk on their face, knowing they will get a face to face chance to get retribution against The Egg Bandits for their attack last Turmoil.  Scotty and Johnny make their way into the ring as referee Matt Boettcher already has his hands full keeping the two teams apart.

Joe Hoffman: Twisted Reality seemingly trying to win the numbers game, with both Frankie and Kelly at ringside.  While Frankie may not be an issue, one should defiantly keep an eye on the dangerous girlfriend of Scottywood, Kelly Fisher.

Benny Newell: Or two eyes….

Kiss My Country Ass” by Rhett Atkins interrupts the standoff between the two teams in the ring as we see Bob Jared and Big John both make their way out to a loud ovation from the fans in the cellblock.

Bryan McVay: And the final challengers, weighing in tonight at a combined weight of 607 pounds…”The Tennessee Tumbleweed” Bob Jared and Big John….The BJs!!!

Joe Hoffman: Another HOW in-ring debut tonight, as Big John gets his first taste of HOW action.

Benny Newell: That’s Big John?  I thought that was a cow….

The BJs enter the ring as all three teams eye each other down as “Hunt You Down” by Saliva hits and the crowd turns to booing again as the entire Maurako Family make their way into the cellblock, Tag Team titles around their waists as the 3 teams in the ring turn their attention to what they will be fighting for tonight.

Bryan McVay: Now making their way to the ring being accompanied by Maetto and Martino Maurako.  They are the HOW Tag Team champions….Mose Maurako…Mario Maurako….The Maurako Family!

The Family makes their way to the ring and Mario and Mose slide into the ring as Matt Boettcher continues to try and keeper order but it is a battle he can’t win as the four teams explode into a fury of punches as Boettcher calls for the bell to officially start the match.  The Maurako’s and the BJs pair off, as do Twisted Reality and The Egg Bandits.  It’s pure chaos in the ring as the first victim is Mose who is Big John lifts up over his head and throws him out of the ring landing hard on the concrete floor outside.

Joe Hoffman: The 16 year old son of Mario just got a hard introduction to Alcatraz as there are no mats on the outside here.

Mario distracted for a second by his son’s landing is hit with a clotheslines by Bob Jared sending him over the top rope, and joining his son on the outside.  Meanwhile Twisted Reality gains the upper hand on The Egg Bandits thanks to a pair of cheap kicks below the belt as they are launched over the top rope and to the floor on the opposite side of the ring, leading a show down between Twisted Reality and The BJs.  Big John steps in front of Bob Jared as Scotty and Johnny realize just how big this man is as Scotty shakes his head and rolls out of the ring, quickly followed by Johnny.

Joe Hoffman: Twisted Reality wanting no part of Big John it seems as they cowardly escape the ring.

Benny Newell: Not cowardly Joe, smartly escape the ring.  That man is 365 pounds, which even seems on the light side.  Looks like they have a plan anyways.

Scottywood does indeed have a plan as he pulls the ring apron up and pulls out his famous barbwire wrapped hockey stick as Johnny Stevens pulls out a steel chair.  The two slide back into the ring as The BJs don’t back down from the weapons as Scottywood swings the hockey stick which Big John ducks and delivers an elbow to the back of Scotty’s head disarming him and sending him to the mat.  Bob Jared also manages to duck the chair shot and counters with a reverse neck breaker, as The BJs stand tall in the ring, which garners a loud roar from the fans in attendance.

Joe Hoffman: The BJs the early standouts in this match as they have seemed to clean the ring out.

Benny Newell: Well they better watch out, because The Maurako’s are far from out of this.

Twisted Reality rolls out of the ring as Mario climbs back in and charges at Jared, lifting him up and slamming him down to the mat with a big spinebuster asBig John tries to come to Mario’s defense but gets a boot to the stomach and Mario cuts him down by jumping up and connecting with a huge DDT on the big man which he quickly goes for a cover on.




Big John over powers Mario, throwing him off him as we see Mose renter the ring as father and son work over Big John and Bob Jared.  On the outside of the ring Twisted Reality and The Egg Bandits have started going back at it as we see Scottywood throwing Mr. Cool up against one of the cells at ringside, his head bouncing off the bars as the fans yell insults at Scotty.  A few feet away Doozer has the advantage on Johnny Stevens as he suplexs him up and down hard in the concrete.  He lifts Johnny up and rolls him back into the ring as he tries to get a quick pinfall while Scotty is distracted.




Joe Hoffman: Stevens able to kick out, as this match has turned into a chaotic brawl here.

Benny Newell: Something that plays well into the hands of Twisted Reality here early.

Frustrated over not getting the pin Doozer rolls out of the ring and goes under the ring to pull out what is a carton of eggs as he goes over to his partner Mr. Cool’s aid who is getting his head slammed into the cell bars again.  Doozer grabs an egg and throws it at Scotty and it pegs him in the back of the head.  Turning around Scotty gets hit with another in his forehead and just shakes his head as he points behind Doozer, confused he turns around and is met with a steel chair shot from Johnny Stevens which flattens Doozer.

Joe Hoffman: Steel chair vs. egg will always end with the steel chair winning, as Stevens has cracked the preverbal egg with that shot, blood now running from above the right eye of Doozer.

Inside the ring we see Mario drop Bob Jared with a belly-to-belly suplex as Mose somehow topples Big John with an enziguri kick.  Mose wanting to quickly take advantage climbs the turnbuckles and leaps off the top with a moonsault that connects on Big John as he goes for the pin.




Big John once again powers out of the pin as Mose hits the mat in frustration and rolls out of the ring and throws up the ring apron, as does Scottywood on the other side of the ring.  Mose pulls out a ladder as he smiles across the ring at Scotty, who smiles back as he pulls out an even bigger ladder as Mose’s eyes go wide.

Joe Hoffman: Someone needs to tell Scotty it’s not the size of the ladder that matters, it’s how one uses it.

Benny Newell: Sounds like something a man would say who has a small p….

Joe elbows Benny in the side cutting him off as Mose slides the ladder into the ring and as Big John makes his way back up to his feet Mose swings the ladder and slams it upside Big John’s head sending the big man down hard.  Mose then sets the ladder up as the young kid starting climbing it.  Bob Jared knowing that his partner is in trouble tries to knock the ladder over but is cut off by Mario who hits him with one of his trademark moves Simply Marvelous as he then watches his son reach the top of the ladder and attempt another moonsault which connects big on Big John as he hooks the leg.




Bryan McVay: The BJs have been eliminated from this match!!!

Joe Hoffman: A huge move by the young Maurako on Big John as cuts this match down from four teams to now three.

Benny Newell: The loveable looser looses again as The Maurako Family now asserting some dominance in this match.

Scottywood applaudes the young kid for his moves as he takes the larger ladder and leans it up against the second floor balcony walkway as he is the quickly attacked from behind by Mr. Cool with a frying pan to the back as he throws Scottywood into the ring.  Stevens rolls back into the ring to aid Scotty but gets a frying pan to the stomach courtesy of Mr. Cool.  Doozer also makes his way back into the ring as we see The Maurkos somewhat stand back as Doozer picks Stevens up and front slams him right onto that frying pan as he goes for a pin attempt.




Joe Hoffman: Again Stevens is able to kick out, The Egg Bandits are going to need more then a frying pan to keep Twisted Reality down in this match.

Benny Newell: They might need a whole damn stove.

Mr. Cool laying some tread to Scotty in the corner as stops and spots something that catches his attention.  He makes his way a few feet down the ropes and picks up Scotty’s barbwire hockey stick that Scotty tried to use earlier and smiles as he walks back over to Scotty who has climbed back up to his feet but isn’t able to defend himself as Mr. Cool hits Scotty with his own hockey stick, splitting his forehead open. 

Joe Hoffman: Scotty’s own hockey stick used against him as The Hardcore Artist is busted wide open.

Not wanting The Egg Bandits to be equipped with that dangerous weapon for long Mario goes on the attack and hits Mr. Cool with a bulldog from behind leaving the weapon right at Scottywood’s feet.  The Hardcore Artist picks up his hockey stick and swings away, hitting Doozer in the head.  Mario leaves Mr. Cool and joins Mose as they concentrate on Stevens who is on the ropes and go for a double clotheslines but Johnny drops and low bridges the ropes sending both Maurako’s to the outside, right in front of Matteo and Martino.  Scotty goes after Mr. Cool as he digs the barbwire of the hockey stick into his head, causing the skin to rip, tear and bleed as referee Matt Boettcher asks Mr. Cool who is screaming in pain if he wants to give up.

Mr. Cool: I…..I…..

Scottywood: Quit!!  Quit you egg throwing fucker!

Mr. Cool: No!  No!

Angry that he can’t get Mr. Cool to give up he removes the barbwire from his head and places the stick on the mat as he wraps his hand around the throat of Mr. Cool and lifts him up to his feet and then chokeslams him right on top of the hockey stick as the screams of pain can be heard through out the cellblock as Scotty goes for the pinfall.

Joe Hoffman: Scottyslam right on that barbwire, can he survive this?




Doozer is just able to break up the pin attempt as the referee’s hand almost hits the mat.  He then goes on the offensive on Scottywood, hammering him with rights before he picks him at hit a big neckbreaker as Scotty gets back up outta instinct and gets a boot in the stomach as Dooze then connects with his finisher, a double underhook implant DDT that lays Scottywood out on the mat.

Joe Hoffman: The Abuser!  Looks like the end of the road for Twisted Reality.





Stevens this time makes the save for his team as he breaks up the pinfall and allowing Scottywood to roll out of the ring.  Doozer tries to get back up to his feet but Stevens knocks him right back down with a standing drop kick which sends him through the ropes and to the floor outside.  Mr. Cool is finally able to pull himself back up to his feet, his face and back a bloody mess as Stevens turns his attention to him delivering a kick to the stomach and lifting Mr. Cool up for a powerbomb as he then spins around a couple times before slamming him to the mat, folding Mr. Cool in half.

Benny Newell: The Plague by Stevens!  Now Twisted Reality has ended The Egg Bandits.

Stevens is about to go for a cover by he is stopped as Mario grabs his leg and pulls Stevens right out of the right and start working him over on the outside.  We see Scottywood show some signs of life on the outside after that implant DDT as he uses the ladder he took out earlier to pull himself up.  With the bottom against the ring and the top against the second floor balcony, Scotty starts to climb the ladder up to the second floor.

Joe Hoffman: What in the world is Scottywood doing?  He has Mr. Cool laid out in the ring and he is climbing that damn ladder.

Reaching the balcony he pulls himself up and onto the small ledge on the outside of the railing as he looks down at Mr. Cool laying face up in the ring.  The fans on the second level continue to yell at Scotty as he turns to them and flips them off before he leaps off the ledge which is 15 feet above the ring, attempting a shooting star press which hits it’s target of Mr. Cool.

Crowd: Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!

Joe Hoffman: The crowd may not like him, but they are right!  Scottywood just hit a shooting star press from a 15 foot high balcony!

Benny Newell: You can hate him, but you have to admit that he provides some of the greatest holy shit moments in HOW.

Joe Hoffman: But at what cost did that move come at?  Scotty may have hurt himself big time, as he is now just able to go and cover Mr. Cool.




Bryan McVay: The Egg Bandits have been eliminated from this match.

Doozer tried to make a last ditch effort to break up the pin, but came up just short as he collapses to the mat in exhaustion as the referee rolls Mr. Cool over to Doozer in the corner of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The Plague and then the shooting star press were just too much as now we are down to our final two teams in this match.

Benny Newell: What did I tell you Joe?  The only two true tag team are the last ones remaining in this match.

Joe Hoffman: Credit given where credit is due, as wither The Maurako Family or Twisted Reality will walk out of her with the HOW Tag Team titles.

Mario throws Johnny Stevens back into the ring as Mose slides in and goes after Scotty who is trying to catch his breathe as he sits in the corner holding his rib which Mose targets right away with some well placed boots.  Blood covering the face of Scotty as he tries and block the boots from Mose who pulls him out of the corner and whips him across the ring and knocks him down with a cross body as he quickly locks Scotty in a sharpshooter submission hold.  Mario has Stevens on the ground too and tries to lock him in a figure four leg lock up Stevens is able to block and reverse the move as he locks Mario into one of his finishers a Texas cloverleaf.

Joe Hoffman: Mose has Scotty in what his father calls the Thunder Lock as Stevens showing that Twisted Reality can hang in with the technical wrestling by putting Mario in that Texas cloverleaf submission.

Benny Newell: This could come down to who will tap first as both Scottywood and Mario are trying to reach the ropes.

Scotty is having a little easier time pulling the smaller Mose to the ropes as he reaches them first which makes Boettcher order Mose to break the hold.  Moses releases the hold as Scotty grabs his legs in pain and rolls out of the ring.  Moses quickly then gets to his feet and lays a boot right to the head of Stevens causing him to break his hold on Mario who seemed to be right on the verge of tapping.  Stevens tries getting up but Moses keeps the pressure on him with a quick DDT as Mario is able to pull himself up to his feet, though favoring his right leg.  Mose then takes the ladder he uses earlier and lays it down in the ring as Stevens stumbles back up to his feet and right into Mario’s inverted Russian legsweep right onto the ladder.

Joe Hoffman: The Red Scare right on that ladder, Stevens looks like he is busted open and we may just have an end to this match folks.




The pinfall is broken up as Scottywood returns to the ring and drives his barbwire hockey stick across the back of Mario, tearing his skin away.  Moses tries to aid his father but suffers a similar fate as he takes a shot from the hockey stick to the forehead, but as he is about to fall to the mat, Scotty grabs him and plants him with an SDT right in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: One had to know that with Scottywood and Stevens that this would turn into a bloodbath.  Question now is can Scottywood capitalize and win the titles.

Benny Newell: With that SDT it would take a miracle for them not to win.

We see Scottywood about to go for the pin attempt, but he stops dead in his tracks as outside the ring he sees Mario’s father Matteo grabbing his girlfriend Kelly by the hair.  Frankie tries to come to her aid but is knocked out quickly by Martino with a big boot.  Matteo throws Kelly into the ring as he slides in holds Kelly in front of him as a shield as Scotty stands in front of them, wanting to knock Matteo’s head off with his hockey stick.

Joe Hoffman: What in the world is Matteo doing in the ring with Kelly?  Can we get the EPU out…damnit!  Mario runs the damn EPU.  Kelly just trying to support Scottywood in his match, and now she has become a part of it.

Benny Newell: This is why women have no place near the ring.  She should be in the back cook….

Joe Hoffman: How about you stop before we get some damn feminists protesting in front of The Best Arena.

Kelly struggles to free herself from Matteo as she is finally able to kick her leg backwards and into the crotch of Matteo causing him to let his hold of her go and allow Kelly to escape and roll out of the ring.  This lets Scottywood take a swing at Matteo with his hockey stick, which connects, knocking the head of the Maurako family into the ropes and then back towards Scottywood who lifts him up into a fireman’s carry and drops him down to the mat with a huge DDT.

Joe Hoffman: Game Misconduct!  Mr. Maurako won’t be interfering anymore in this match Benny.

But the distraction has been made, as Mario is able to get back to his feet and as Scotty turns around Mario connects with The Red Scare right onto a steel chair that Martino has slid into the ring.  Stevens sees Mario hit the move as he tries to come help Scotty but Moses cuts him off with a standing sidekick and follows it up with a full nelson submission as Mario hooks the leg on Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: Matteo paid the price for his involvement, but it will all be worth it if Mario can end it here.




Bryan McVay: Twisted Reality has been eliminated, thus your winners and still HOW Tag Team champions….The Maurako Family!!!

The bell rings as Mario throws his arms up in celebration and relief as Moses releases the submission move on Stevens and joins his father as the referee raises both of their arms in the air and hands them their title belts as Martino enters the ring to congratulate his brother and nephew

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood had this match in the bag for Twisted Reality but it was the outside interference by Matteo that gave Mario that opening he needed to hit Scottywood with The Red Scare, win the match and retain the Tag Team titles.

Benny Newell: Twisted Reality could taste the gold, they were that close, but The Maurako’s showed that when you fight the family, you never win.

Joe Hoffman: It is another tough loss for Scottywood, but he really showed that he is back on his game here in HOW.  While he and Johnny may not have won the gold, they certainly proved that they are one of the top forces in the HOW tag team division.

We can see Scottywood, Johnny and Kelly outside the ring, all dejected from loosing the match, but you can see more anger in the face of Scottywood as he looks back at the ring where Matteo Maurako is being helped to his feet and being praised by his family for his role in helping win the match.

Joe Hoffman: They are celebrating now, but they better be careful, as Scottywood will not forget that Matteo put his hands on his girlfriend.  That Game Misconduct will not be the last of the pain that Twisted Reality puts The Maurkao’s through, believe me.

A bloody and beaten Scotty wants to make his way back to the ring but Johnny and Kelly persuade him to walk away and save the fight for another day as we cut to another part of the prison with the last shot of The Maurako Family standing together in the middle of the ring, arms raised with the Tag Team titles.

The Door In..

We head to the front doors of the Alcatraz Mental Facility door where ten EPU members in tactical gear stand ready breech the front door which as several “Quarantine” signs on it as well as yellow police tape covering crisscrossing on it. Each man looks to be armed with a police baton and riot shield with a helmet to protect them from whatever is inside.

The leader of this small EPU unit turns to the other and lifts his helmets mask to look at the other men.

Captain: You all remember your jobs right? We are going in to ensure the grounds are safe enough for the camera crews to get in here and tape the match between these two fucking freaks later. I want quick assessments and I want ids on the doctors and nurses who did not make it out last week.

The other men nod and ready themselves as the captain moves toward the door.

Captain: These guys are seriously fucked up and our last report says that Graystone got his hand on a massive amount of illegal psychotropic drugs out of Brazil which he has been liberally using in the last two weeks. There is no knowing what we are walking into or on the condition of Max Kael or Graystone. We need to take them alive if possible and ensure they are secured for their match. Do you all understand?

EPU Unit: Yes, sir!

Nodding to his men the Captain turns and motions for tape to be cut and the doors opened. One of the men steps forward and does so, pulling the doors open before falling back with the rest of his team.

Beyond the doors only darkness appears though a foul wind which carries the scent of rot and filth smacks the EPU team like a sickening title wave. The EPU unit braces themselves and proceeds in, shields to the forward with batons at their side.


The new Turmoil EPU…unmasked by direct orders from Mike Best..


Ethan Cavanaugh vs. Tim Shipley
General Population Match

Joe Hoffman: We are back live and as the tension gathers in the main cells area as the general population are waiting the number one draft pick match between Turmoil’s Ethan Cavanaugh and Mayhem’s newest keeper Tim Shipley, we all know what is at stake here, the number one pick at this Thursday’s draft.

Benny Newell: Why do we have to stay in here? I can’t see anything on this monitor.

Joe Hoffman: That is because you spilt Jack Daniels on it.

Benny Newell: So that is where that went! Hey you think Lee knows about Jatt Fucking Starr yet??

Joe Hoffman: That is a very good question..and here he comes… the man who could very much hold the key to the way this match goes tonight, the special guest referee, the Turmoil owner, Lee Best.

Benny Newell: He will call this one fair; I have every faith in Ethan.

Lee Best is seen, changed into what  seems to be a prison wardens attire making his way to the ring, being heckled by the fans who are enclosed behind the cells of Alcatraz. The EPU is on each side of him as they walk side by side with him as he makes his way to the custom built ring in the middle of the block. He enters the ring and instructs the EPU to leave the area, that their services are no longer required.

From a loudspeaker the voice of Bryan McVay bellows out across the block as he prepares to introduce the first competitor. From one side of the prison, two guards standing beside a large door slide it open to one side and Tim Shipley is standing on the other side, looking forward into the ring at Lee Best. It seems that all the Mayhem followers have been thrown into the left hand cells as they go mad for Tim as he walks slowly down to the ring, pointing at Lee as if to tell him he better call it down the middle

Bryan McVay (via Loudspeaker)- And making his way to the ring, weighing in at 225lbs, he is representing Mayhem…..Tim Shipley!!

But before Tim can even get half way to the ring he is blindsided by Ethan Cavanaugh, who seemed to come out of one of the holding cells in the right where the fans of Turmoil had been situated, striking Shipley on the back with a closed palmed fist, which seems to have something in it. Shipley falls straight to the floor. Cavanaugh drops what he had in his hand to the ground, it was a pair of handcuffs that he wrapped around his fist making the impact more painful.

Joe Hoffman: Come on! That’s handcuffs he used there, I know this match will not be fair!

Benny Newell: Woah, woah , woah! Who do you represent?

Joe Hofmann- I represent High Octane Wrestling and I always want to see a fair fight.

Benny Newell: Wrong! You represent Turmoil, and you represent Lee Best. How dare you show sympathy for the Mayhem guy!

Lee looks down at Cavanaugh and orders him to get Shipley into the ring to start the match. Cavanaugh doesn’t seem to want to listen too much to Lee as he picks up Shipley and snap DDT’s him straight to the hard concrete face first. Lee is furious and comes over to the ropes and begins to berate Cavanaugh to get Shipley into the ring. Cavanaugh finally decides to pick up Shipley and rolls him under the bottom rope as the match begins officially.


With Shipley down on the mat Cavanaugh begins a barrage of stomps on the legs, chest and the final cruel blow literally STANDING on Shipley’s head. Boasting he turns to the Mayhem fans in their cells he puts a single index finger in the air and begins to mouth the words ‘number one’. The fans become disgruntled behind the cell, beginning to boo and try and get closer to the cell bars, a guard bangs on the cell bars with his truncheon, sending the fans back again. Cavanaugh grabs Shipley’s legs and springboards him upwards and towards the ringpost’s, smacking his face of the turnbuckle. Falling backwards Cavanaugh is able to grab him before he falls and connects with a backbreaker.

Joe Hoffman: Been Cavanaugh from the very beginning, but not surprising after blindsiding Shipley.

Benny Newell: This is the supremacy of Turmoil at its very best here.

Cavanaugh gives Shipley a boot to the gut for good measure as Lee watches on, literally telling Cavenaugh what to do, but he is not listening. Lee is telling him to go for a pin, but Cavanaugh is having too much fun and wants to toy with Shipley a little bit longer. He picks up Shipley again and throws him to the turnbuckle, his back cracking against it with a massive thud. He falls to the ground. Cavenaugh moves over to the other turnbuckle and charges at Shipley with a running low boot to the face of Tim!

Joe Hoffman: That is what Ethan Cavenaugh calls the C.O.D.

Benny Newell: C.O.D? Cod? Your smelling that too? You think Kael is cooking again?

Joe Hoffman: No you idiot! C.O.D, it stands for Cause of Death.

Benny Newell: In this case it’s the boot of supremacy, Turmoil, Turmoil!

Joe Hoffman: Can you call this match fairly please, after all we were given the rights to commentate this one, they could of easily went for Rick Fantastic and Chastity Gold.

Benny Newell: Come to mention it, I wouldn’t of minded sharing a commentators table with that Chastity Gold, not to mention a bed!

Joe Hofmann- In your dreams, call the damn match.

Shipley lies limp in the corner as Cavanaugh still continues to toy with him, slapping his face from side to side as he picks him up once more. Lee is becoming more animated in the ring as he tells Cavanaugh to stop messing about and get the job done. Cavenaugh grabs Shipley and puts him into a German Supplex and holds it in a bridge for a pin attempt, Lee shoots down to the canvas as quickly as possible.



No, Shipley is able to break from Cavanaugh’s grip and break up the three count. Lee walks over to Cavanaugh and whispers something into the ear of Cavanaugh, with a look of anger in his face, when he is finished whispering to him he gives a cut throat gesture. Whatever Lee has said has changed Ethan’s view on the match, as he stops the toying around and has a more serious expression about his face as he kneels down behind Shipley grabbing him by the neck and gets him into a dragon sleeper. Cavanaugh is pushing down hard on the throat of Shipley, it is almost a chokehold, but Lee continues to allow it, on his knees berating Shipley, literally in his face telling him to quit. The fans in the Mayhem side of the cells begin to become more vocal as they begin to chant ‘Shipley, Shipley’ as Tim’s eyes begins to close and the look of intensity of Ethan’s eyes begins to grow as Lee lifts the hand of Shipley for the first time, it falls straight down. Then the second time, again it falls.

The fans are going rampant now shouting ‘Mayhem, Mayhem’. Lee shouts ‘SHUT UP’ at them then orders one of the guards to do something. One of them comes out with a power-hose and begins to soak down the fans inside the cells! The third and final lift, but Shipley stops it mid-way, gaining power from somewhere, refusing to quit. He is now on one knee, then a second. Cavanaugh cannot stop the momentum as Shipley is now to his feet, he turns around with Cavanaugh still having a minor hold on him and begins to punch him in the mid-section, but Cavanaugh meets him with punches of his own. The flurry ends when Cavanaugh gets the upper hand by kicking Shipley in the stomach and setting him up for the pumphandle.

Joe Hoffman: Here it comes…..Magic Black!

But Shipley is smart, he goes limp and falls to his knees and gives Cavanaugh an uppercut, then getting to his feet with Cavanaugh startled he gets him in a side Russian leg sweep. The momentum has now shifted as Shipley seemed to have gained his second wind as he picks up Cavanaugh again and throws him off the ropes and executes a perfect standing dropkick to the face! He himself comes off the ropes and comes down on Cavanaugh with a diving elbow. Then quickly makes his way to the second turnbuckle and comes down upon him with a somersault leg drop, perfectly executed. He drags Cavanaugh by the legs into the middle of the ring and locks in the Newton’s Paradox, a reverse figure four headlock. This sends Cavanaugh back to life as he screams in pain, banging the canvas in agony.

He turns to try and grab the ropes, but notices he is too far away. Shipley applies more pressure to the hold as Ethan is close to quitting as he can’t seem to get his hands near enough to the ropes. But then out of the blue, Lee grabs Cavanaugh’s hand and pulls it to the rope. Cavanaugh now has his hand on the ropes, begging for mercy, but Shipley refuses to stop and Lee begins to…somewhat quickly count to five. Shipley breaks the hold.

Joe Hoffman: I knew it! Lee just couldn’t let these men play fair; he had to get on it.

Benny Newell: If you could play god and decide your own fate you would. God if I could I would have replaced by that hot momma Chastity right now!

Cavanaugh is holding onto the ropes, trying to get up, his legs seem limp after that hold, he is up but feeling groggy, reeling slightly forward. Shipley sees his opportunity and runs and using the top rope for leverage he swings upwards, using Cavanaugh’s back he plants his left foot onto him. He now springs backwards off the top turnbuckle having landed there with his right foot and executes a back flip whilst grabbing Cavanaugh by the arms around his head, still bent over and finishes with a plant DDT. He grabs Ethan’s legs as Tim goes for the cover.

Joe Hoffman: The Eternal Hope!!! Wait, Lee is actually going to make a pin??

Lee falls to the canvas and makes a motion like he is going to make the pin.



Lee Best: Get up you idiot!!

Cavanaugh is motionless as Lee’s hand is still upwards; fuming the hand retracts behind his back as Shipley looks up and wonders why he has not got the three count. All of a sudden he is struck across the face by a truncheon that Lee had hidden in his trousers behind his back. Shipley falls to the ground beside the also out of it Cavanaugh. Lee rolls Shipley flat out, then takes Cavanaugh and rolls him on top of Shipley as he makes the pin, an ultra fast one.




No!!! Shipley is able to raise his hand at the last second. Even Lee cannot say that he didn’t break the hold as he looks at him, kneeling on the canvas, beyond belief. He pulls Cavanaugh off Shipley and stands over him, smacking him in the face as if to get a response. He comes through, noticing who is standing above him. Cavanaugh slowly gets up and Lee orders him to pick up Tim. He picks him up and puts his hands behind his back. Lee circles around him slapping the truncheon in his hand, ready to strike with it. He then charges at Shipley with it but Shipley ducks out of the way and the truncheon smacks straight into the face of Ethan Cavanaugh, sending him against the ropes and onto the canvas, out cold. Lee is fuming, Shipley is on his knees. Lee goes to strike again but Shipley connects with a superkick straight to the face of Lee Best who falls straight to the canvas, out for the count!

Benny Newell: Wait a minute! He can’t do that! You can’t touch the God of HOW!!

Joe Hoffman: I guess he can’t give as well as he receives. You can’t dish it out without expecting your comeuppances.

Benny Newell: Lee can do whatever he wants, he is Lee Best, he made you and he can cast you down!!

Lee Best is out cold in the middle of the ring, as Shipley tries to gather himself and concentrate in the task at hand as he charges at Cavanaugh with a clothesline but he ducks it and Shipley goes off the ropes but as he comes back Cavanaugh connects with an STO, the beginning of the Tyneside, but he messes it up, mainly due to lack of energy and both wrestlers, with Lee Best are now in the middle of the ring, out cold.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like a warzone in there, even the referee, Lee Best of all people is out cold in the middle of the ring!

Benny Newell: As long as Lee is down this match will not end; he is the ref after all!

There is a loud banging noise being heard in the distance as all the fans turn to see where it is coming from. It is coming from the large sliding door which leads into the main entrance area of Alcatraz, the guards slide the door open as someone comes barging through and making his way down to the ring with a purpose. One side of the crowd begins to scream. The monitors back in the visiting room begin to go off.

Joe Hoffman: We seemed to have lost the feed; did you catch who that was Benny?

Benny Newell: What, on this eight inch monitor? Even if it was up I would have trouble seeing it.

Joe Hoffman: Will someone please get the feedback…..wait, its back. Oh my god!!!

Benny Newell: What, what? What do you see?

Joe Hoffman: Its….RYAN FAZE!!!

Benny Newell: Get up Lee, pleeeease get up!!

Faze is making his way to the ring as Shipley is starting to come to, Faze rolls into the ring and with his foot simply brushes Lee out of the ring and he falls to the concrete below. Shipley goes once again for his Newton’s Paradox. Cavanaugh once again writhes in pain, but is trying desperately not to quit, but as Shipley piles on more pressure he begins to tap the canvas frantically nodding his head as if to say he has quit. Ryan Faze calls for the bell to bring a stop to the match!




Bryan McVay: And the winner by submission in fourteen minutes thirty two seconds, Mayhem’s Tim Shipley!!!!

Benny Newell: No!! No, no, no , no, no!! This cannot happen!

Joe Hoffman: Believe it, it has happened. Ryan Faze will now have first draft pick in Thursday’s draft after that win. To be honest I never thought Mayhem had a chance with Lee at the helm, but Faze masterminded something and pulled out the win.

Faze and Shipley leave the ring as he see the body of Lee Best starting to come to and holds onto the canvas and peers into the middle of the ring. He notices only Ethan Cavanaugh is in the middle of the ring writhing in pain and holding his legs. He stands up and gets into the ring, circling around him and wondering what has just went down. He then sees Ryan Faze and Tim Shipley standing beside the sliding doors, Faze with Shipley’s hand raised and his index finger pointing to signify number one. He has the widest smile known to man. Lee’s face turns red with anger as he turns and sees the man who cost him his number one pick. He orders him to get up, Cavanaugh stands up but still limping. Lee stands face to face with him, and gives an almighty slap across Cavanaugh’s cheek, which sends him back a tad. He holds his cheek as the fans on both sides begin to chant, ‘Do it, do it’.

Then Lee does it again, this time to the other cheek, Ethan allows him to do it! Then Lee goes for yet another one, but this time it is closed fisted and going straight for the nose. Ethan blocks it and kicks Lee in the mid-section hooking his hands in a pumphandle which he turns into a scoop piledriver, the Magic Black completed….on Lee Best!. Cavanaugh wipes sweat from his forehead and throws it onto Lee as a sign of disrespect as he rolls out of the ring, leaving Lee Best in the centre of the ring unconscious on his own.

Joe Hoffman: Not the best of nights for Lee so far. He thought he had it all settled by refereeing this match, but not only did Ryan Faze get one over on him by interfering in the match and calling Shipley’s win, but now Faze has number one draft pick! And to add insult to injury he was taken out by BOTH men.

Benny Newell: Don’t worry, Lee will NOT let this go down quietly!!


Another arrival..

The feed cuts outside of the prison once again..

The camera overlooks San Francisco Bay.  The lights from the Golden Gate Bridge pierce the darkness of the night.  Few cars can be seen crossing the bridge, as seemingly the entire city is shut down for Rumble at the Rock 2.  Spotlights from Alcatraz search the bay, as if an escaped inmate is swimming for dear life, trying to make it to land to freedom.  A light on the water comes into view.  The faint sound of a motor is heard on the open water.  The noise gets louder as the light gets closer.  The boat is moving too fast to be a ferry, it definitely has to be a speedboat of some sort.  The boat makes a sharp cut, to circle around the island.  Whoever is driving the boat is determined to be here at Rumble at the Rock 2.

With the recent success of the Mayhem and Turmoil shows, Budweiser has upped their advertising here in HOW

Mouth of Madness

We return to the Alcatraz Mental Ward as the ten man EPU team moves down the hall toward the main holding cells for patients awaiting assistance. Here and there the white tile floors have browned, dried blood stains on them though as of yet no one has managed to get a glimpse of their two targets or any of the medical staff.

Captain: This isn’t fucking right. How the hell do two men hide in this place and manage to keep all the other former staff members hidden.. we’ve checked almost all the rooms at this point..

The leader of the EPU asks rhetorically as the team moves forward.


The team turns toward the sound of something banging in the darkness as they raise their weapons and pull together.

Captain: What the fuck was that?!

Suddenly a body flies out of the darkness and slams into the team knocking two members down as the rest begin to rain down baton strikes on the white coated figure. Only after the first few blows hit does the Captain call off the attack.

Captain: Stop! Stop you idiots! What are you doing? That’s one of the doctors!

The EPU immediately stops and looks down at the man at their feet. The doctor lies on the ground in a heap, dried blood covering his face and clearly not moving. One of the men kneels down as the Captain moves forward.

Captain: Is he alive?

The man reaches down to check the Doctor’s pulse as the Captain looks around at his other men to see if anything else is coming from the shadows. As the EPU agent checking the Doctor is about to speak the Captain lifts his hand.

Captain:..wait.. wasn’t there ten of us?

The seven remaining members of the EPU unit spin around suddenly and take up defensive positions as three of their members appear to have vanished…


Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis
Kitchen Match

The action returns live and we head to the kitchen as we prepare for Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis. As the camera focuses in on the kitchen area we see that the equipment is all on while several pots of water steaming away along with a few ovens roaring with life. New pots, pans and cooking utensils hang from several racks above the ranges and the hood system groans low as it sucks out the excess heat and steam.

Joe Hoffman: Up next.. you could say Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned.. in this case we have two women and they both feel scorned. So perhaps Hell Hath Come to the Kitchen in this match..

Benny Newell: You know me, Hoffman, I love to see a woman working in the kitchen but this is ridiculous! Bobbinette Carey and Kirsta Lewis should be wrestling in pudding in the courtyard where I can get a close up view of them rather than scarring each other with hot oil and fire!

Joe Hoffman: Oh Benny, I didn’t know you cared about Bobbinette..

Benny Newell: Fuck Bobbinette, literally. That’s what I want but honestly I would settle for the Best Lady, Kirsta Lewis. I hear she can suck paint off a car hood.. wooh just getting shaken up just thinking about it!

Back in the kitchen we see Bobbinette Carey being brought in followed by Matt Boettcher. Her eyes move over the familiar landscape as she moves toward the kitchen line while Matt takes up a position in the center of the large room.

Joe Hoffman: As some of you may or may not be aware, Bobbinette Carey won a hard fought victory in the Alcatraz Kitchen last year against her long time friend ArcAngel shortly before he was arrested. Some might argue she has an experience advantage in this match, what do you think Benny?

Benny Newell: First, I think I need a drink.

Benny can be heard taking a drink before he coughs and begins to speak again.

Benny Newell: Second, I believe Bobbinette Carey might have won a blowjob competition in Detroit but that doesn’t mean she can give out a better blowjob then Kirsta Lewis in Detroit.

Joe Hoffman:.. what the hell does that have to do with anything?

Benny Newell: What I am saying, Hoffman, is that Bobbinette’s experience is a non-factor because Kirsta is BETTER at everything. The location doesn’t matter.

As if hearing her name the Hellcat makes her presence known as she is led into the Kitchen by the EPU, his eyes already moving around to locate her hated opponent. Carey sees Kirsta at the same time as Lewis sees here and there is an immediate sense of hate and rivalry.

Matt Boettcher steps up and motions for both women to step forward as the EPU exits the room.

Matt Boettcher: Alright, ladies. You know the rules. Are you ready Ms. Carey?

Bobbinette checks her nails before she folds her arms over her chest glaring at Kirsta, nodding.

Matt Boettcher: Ms. Lewis are you ready?

Kirsta eyes Boettcher for a moment, winking at him before she blows a kiss at Bobbinette.

The referee signals for the start of the match however lacking a bell he simply steps out of the way as Kirsta and Bobbinette circle each other like two female tigers looking to prove their superiority over the other. Kirsta offers a few feigned punches to try and poke at Kirsta’s guard before she moves in for a grapple.

Bobbinette and Kirsta struggle against each other before Lewis nails a stiff knee to Bobbinette’s gut causing her to let out a scream. Lewis grabs Bobbinette’s hair and knees her in the face before slamming a fist into Carey’s back knocking her onto her knees.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta taking an early advantage against Carey with a few sharp moves however there is still a long way to go in this match as the Queen is not so easily put down.

Benny Newell: Yeah but Kirsta IS the number one ranked Female Wrestler in the World! Carey doesn’t have a chance!

The Hellcat moves away from Carey and grabs one of the frying pans from one of the racks in the kitchen and turns back toward Carey sizing her up. Carey pushes the hair out of her face and slowly stands back up to her feet.

Joe Hoffman: Watch out Carey!


Kirsta charges in with a powerful swing however Carey ducks before it and catches Kirsta in a stiff neckbreaker! Both women crash to the hard floor as Lewis drops the pan causing it to clang on the floor. Lewis holds the back of her head as Carey slides back up to her feet running into the kitchen.

Joe Hoffman: A well placed counter can turn a match around so quickly and I think even in this match that doesn’t change!

Benny Newell: Whatever, Hoffman, Kirsta is made of fucking steel. Literally!

Kirsta gets back up to her feet looking around the large kitchen where she spots Bobbinette grabbing a large metal mixing paddle from the prep area. Not want to be undone Lewis grabs a hold of one a blackening pan and stalks toward Carey who stands ready for her.

Lifting the pan up Kirsta swings at Carey…


Carey deflects the first blow and swings her metal paddle at Lewis!


Lewis manages to defend herself once again and fires back with the Carey as their metal duel continues. Both ladies let out a scream as their weapons collide once again!


Both the medal paddle and the blackening pan fall to the floor as the vibrations from the strikes finally get the better of both women. Falling back holding their hands Kirsta and Bobbinette take a moment’s reprieve.

Joe Hoffman: We just saw a kitchen battle the likes of which you will never see on Iron Chef I dare say!

Benny Newell: Come on Kirsta, beat the shit out of her! Drink!

Benny sucks down another shot as Kirsta charges Bobbinette and slams her back first into a metal prep table. Bobbinette arches her back only to get it rammed back into the table by Kirsta. Lewis pushes the advantage and scopes Bobbinette up into a body slam position dropping her onto the prep table with a loud clanging sound!

Carey is prone for a moment as Lewis moves to one of the chest freezers nearby and pulls it open. She grabs a bag of frozen chicken breasts and spins around slamming it into Bobbinette’s gut causing Carey to let out a gasp and clutch her gut. Lewis drops the frozen chicken and moves toward the freezer again as she pulls out a frozen log of Pancetta.

Benny Newell: Look’s like Lewis has discovered another log of meat to use for her own entertainment! And this time I don’t think Lee will be upset at her for touching it!

Joe Hoffman: That’s sick Benny! Real sick! Carey needs to get off that table and back into the fight if she wants to win this thing.

Carey rolls off the table and lands on her feet, stumbling slightly still holding her gut. Lewis smiles at her frozen log of Pancetta and turns her eyes on Carey with a sinister smile. Holding it in two hands like an overly large baseball bat Lewis sizes up Carey and moves forward. As Carey looks up she sees the Pancetta swinging down at her she launches herself forward spearing Kirsta Lewis to the ground!

Mounting Lewis as the Pancetta Log rolls away, Carey rains down a series of rights and lefts taking out weeks of frustration on Lee Best’s Personal Hellcat!

Benny Newell: Get in there Boettcher! Get her off Kirsta, this is so fucking stupid! She is going to hurt her!

Joe Hoffman: This is a no-holds-barred match Benny! There are no rules! Bobbinette Carey is showing the Hellcat how Royalty treats their pets I guess!

Carey dismounts Lewis and grabs the Hellcat by the hair dragging her toward the kitchen line where she had downed ArcAngel last year. Kirsta looks to be in a mild daze thanks to the flurry of punches she had received earlier. Carey checks the line and spins around grabbing Kirsta around the waist.

Benny Newell: What the hell is Carey doing, getting ready to make out with Kirsta? If so I am A-Ok with that..

Joe Hoffman: No I don’t think that’s what is on Bobbinette’s mind.. I think it’s a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Carey just nailed a belly to belly on Lewis sending her down hard on the concrete floor there the kitchen. This is exactly not where Kirsta wants to be right now.

Benny Newell: Well that’s not entirely true, as you know all women WANT to be in the kitchen.. but fuck, Carey should be the one cleaning the floor while Kirsta slaps her around! Come on Hellcat!

Carey covers Kirsta with a look of fierce determination.




Carey doesn’t let that keep her down as she stands back up and starts grabbing random appliances and throwing them down at Kirsta as she tries to cover up. A few sheet trays find themselves being slammed down on Kirsta’s body along with a few hotel pans, two pair of tongs and a few spatulas. Kirsta starts to drag herself away as Carey turns on one of the range tops as a blue flame flares up.

Lewis uses the nearby counter to try and pull herself up as Carey stalks her. Grabbing Kirsta by the hair she drags her back toward the range and tries to shove her face into the flame. Kirsta lets out a series of screams and puts her foot up against the equipment to brace herself from being lit on fire.

Joe Hoffman: Carey is showing a real killer spirit here as she tries to light the Hellcat on Fire!

Benny Newell: Fuck this Joe, someone get down there and stop that crazy bitch! You can’t burn Kirsta’s face! This is a fucking crime Hoffman!

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s somewhat comforting to know that this is happening in a prison then no?

Benny Newell: Fuck you Joe.. Come on Kirsta!

As Carey continues to try and force Kirsta’s face into the flame she is hit with a stiff elbow to the gut followed by Kirsta grabbing a hold of Carey’s own hair. Both women struggle with each other before they stumble away from the range. Kirsta sweeps Carey’s leg and sends her to the ground where Carey cracks her head off the cement.

Seeing the advantage of the suddenly stunned Carey, Kirsta kicks her square in the back with a loud crack lighting the Queen B up. Turning, Carey grabs a long cutting board and swings it down hard across Bobbinette’s body snapping it in half with a loud crack! Carey curls up as Kirsta Lewis stumbles toward a pot of boiling water.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no.. Kirsta.. Kirsta wouldn’t would she?

Benny Newell: Burn her Kirsta! Make her pay for trying to light your face on fire! Show that fucking Carey that it’s not any good to try and burn the Hellcat!

Kirsta grabs the pot of water and lifts it up, turning back toward Bobbinette with a malicious expression on her face. Carey turns and slowly pulls herself back up to her feet after having a cutting board broken across her back. Just as she turns Kirsta throws the boiling water at her!

Joe Hoffman: OH GOD NO!

Carey lifts her hands and turns herself slightly as the scalding water splashes over her arms and upper body though her face is thankfully spared from the assault. Screaming loudly Carey jumps back and falls to the ground, tears streaming from her face.

Kirsta lazily tosses the pot away and gives Carey the Bitch Please sneer before wandering to the side where she grabs a cellophane box with a metal cutting edge on the side of it.

Joe Hoffman: Kirsta is a fucking monster! She just threw scalding water on Carey and now she is going to use a bladed object on her! This isn’t right.. but.. damn it there is no rules against it!

Benny Newell: I am so.. SO hard right now.. come on Kirsta! Let’s have a happy ending together!

Kirsta kneels down over Bobbinette and slams the metal cutting edge of the Cellophane box against Bobbinette’s head lacerating her forehead! Blood begins to drip down Carey’s face as Kirsta presses the advantage by slamming it down against her head once again while Carey screams still in extreme agony over being burnt.

Satisfied for the moment with the torture she has put Carey through Kirsta covers the Queen..




Joe Hoffman: Carey manages to get her shoulder up! Carey is still in this! I do not know how but she is still in this.. I was kind of hoping she would let this end but.. as I said earlier, Hell Hath No Fury! Come on Carey!

Benny Newell: Fuck! Well Kirsta is just going to damage her further then she already was! Carey is never.. NEVER going to wrestle again if she doesn’t give up soon! Kirsta has her beat!

Kirsta egotistically slides off Carey and pulls her up. Carey can barely stand and is mostly covering up her arms which have started to redden up thanks to the water burns she received. Stepping back Kirsta measures Carey up and signals for a Hell’s Bitch Kick..


Kirsta hits the Hell’s Bitch Kick!.. But Carey counters and hits the Super Kick! Carey and Kirsta fall to the ground in opposite directions as Referee Matt Boettcher stands over the two of them..

Joe Hoffman: I.. I think these two ladies might have just knocked each other out! Kirsta is down and not moving.. and neither is Bobbinette.. we might have a double count out here!

Benny Newell: Come on Kirsta! Get the hell up! Lee is going to be pissed when he finds out about this later, god bless his soul!

Boettcher signals for the count lifting both hands..





Carey coughs and rolls onto her side, crawling toward the nearby counter.



Kirsta slowly sits up holding her face with a look on confusion written on her features.



Carey and Kirsta both manage to get to their knees as Boettcher checks both women..


At the last second both the Hellcat and the Queen get back to their feet, however wobbly, ending the count! Boettcher signals for the match to continue as Kirsta shakes the cobwebs free and charges chair..


Carey kicks open a side opening over smacking Kirsta in the face as she charges forward! Kirsta stumbles back holding her face as blood begins to leak from between her fingers!

Joe Hoffman: Carey might have just broken Kirsta’s nose! An amazing counter by the Queen! Amazing!


Carey falls to her knees but manages to keep her attention on Kirsta who is otherwise dazed on her feet. Carey lets out a high pitched scream and charges forward, jumping up onto Kirsta’s shoulders..


Joe Hoffman: Carey just hit the ROYALTY CHECK! YES!

Benny Newell: NO! NOOOO!!

Kirsta remains limp on the ground as Carey hooks the legs, tears streaming down her face washing away some of the blood as it is clear she is in extreme pain.





Carey lets out a loud yell of joy mixed with pain and sadness as she falls back to the ground cradling her arms and chest where the burns are starting to raise into fluid filled blisters. Boettcher checks Kirsta Lewis who is bleeding badly from the nose before Paramedics run into the room.

Bobbinette tries to stand but she falls to her knees screaming in pain. Medics immediately move to take care of her and Kirsta as we flash to Joe and Benny once again.

Joe Hoffman: A big congrats to Bobbinette Carey in a huge win over the Hellcat Kirsta Lewis but how much did it cost her? Only time will tell..

Benny can be seen sucking down a full bottle of Jack Daniels before tossing it away, the sound of glass shattering echoing off screen.

Benny Newell: Fuck. That.

The final pay per view of the year for HOW will come to you live from Madison Square Garden!!!

Marcus Reinhardt vs. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
General Population Match

After the big ICONIC announcement the feed cuts back to the general population area where we see hundreds of fans screaming their allegiances from the insides of Alcatraz Prison’s hallowed cells. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal and Marcus Reinhardt are both already standing inside the ring. Reinhardt flexes his arms, confident of taking another hall-of-fame scalp.

Joe Hoffman:   It looks like Marcus Reinhardt is confident that he is going to take down yet another HOW Hall of Famer in Mark O’Neal tonight.

Benny Newell: What is he doing in there?  I can’t see from here.

Joe Hoffman:   Look at the monitor Benny.

Benny Newell: Ugh….the monitor was my cup holder.

Joe Hoffman:   You mean fifth holder?

Benny Newell: Don’t get technical with me Joe.

Mark O’Neal cuts straight to the chase as he tosses Reinhardt against the ropes and then executes a drop toe hold.

Joe Hoffman:   Speaking of getting technical, the Explosive with a takedown to start the match.

He runs the underdog up into the ropes and uses their spring to hurl Reinhardt backwards in a suplex variant, holding the hammerlock until impact. Reinhardt rolls away, howling in agony and cradling his damaged arm.

Benny Newell:  Just quit already Reinhardt, you suck.

The fans yell for more early offense from O’Neal, who has no intention of letting this early momentum slip. He stomps down hard at the chest area, catching the left arm at which Reinhardt again yells out in pain. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal notes this and grabs the same arm to wrench his adversary to his feet. Still holding the arm, he cinches once more and throws his boot up into Reinhardt’s face, knocking him right back down.

Marcus Reinhardt holds the bottom rope with his right arm, trying to regain his feet before O’Neal can take further advantage. O’Neal surprises him by moving out to the apron and before Reinhardt can react, he is pulled to his feet from behind. O’Neal grabs Reinhardt in a full nelson. He struggles to throw elbows at his aggressor but Reinhardt is helpless as the temperature in the sweaty Alcatraz environment rises up a notch. The fans in the cells yell obscenities at O’Neal but underdog Reinhardt can offer no resistance as O’Neal, almost in slow motion, lifts him up and back in a devastating full nelson suplex, sending all his 247 pounds of weight into the impact high on his back and neck.

Reinhardt lays in a crumpled heap, while the fans get together in a chant of “HOLY SHIT!”, grinning and leering and cursing at each other across the cell block. O’Neal gets himself up and stares at the fans, behind bars just feet away from him now. One yells “You suck O’Neal!”, and “The Explosive” storms angrily over. Unabashed, the fan tells him to “Go fuck yourself!” and O’Neal gets into a rage, trying to wrench open the cell door. He roars in frustration, thwarted by the firmly locked door, and some of the audience begins to laugh at him. The fan inside the cell lets fly a gob of spit, which lands square in the centre of Mark O’Neal’s forehead.

The Best Alliance member doesn’t explode with rage, however. He stands for a few seconds, taking the laughter from all around him, and calmly wipes the spit from his head. He then turns round and it is clear that all his pent-up anger is going to be unleashed on Marcus Reinhardt. Reinhardt still has not moved since landing that suplex from the ring out to the floor on his neck.  But then instead of proceeding forward Mark reaches down and grabs an object from the ground, it appears to be a plastic toilet paper holder that somehow was laying on the ground, Mark picks it up, turns and flings it towards the fan who is now bragging to the other fans in his cell that he punked Mark O’Neal.  The fan is hit square in the temple with the plastic holder as it goes perfectly in between the bars and quickly shuts up.

Joe Hoffman:   Mark O’Neal just chucked an object at the fan who spit on him and hit him square in the temple.  You can not assault fans, he should be disqualified for this.

Benny Newell: Was that a dildo he hit him with?

Joe Hoffman:   I hope not.  

O’Neal walks to the still downed Reinhardt and drags him roughly to his feet. O’Neal carries Reinhardt’s limp body over to the cell containing the fan who has been goading him, and raises his eyebrow in amusement. He shuttles back, and full-bodiedly hurls Reinhardt at the cell door. Marcus Reinhardt smashes into it, his forehead immediately gashed by the metal.

Joe Hoffman:   OH MY!  Reinhardt has just been busted open.

Benny Newell:  Just QUIT ALREADY! 

Reinhardt is little more than a broken body curled at the foot of the cell block, but O’Neal has no plans for his punishment to end. He stomps repeatedly on Reinhardt’s face, the whole while looking at the fan who taunted him, who has gone very white-faced and quiet. Now O’Neal drags Reinhardt up once more, and holds him by the hair. The Greensboro man has his face smashed brutally against the cell, once, twice, three times. Four times. Five times. Soon enough, Marcus Reinhardt’s face is unrecognizable beneath the blood splattered across it.

Joe Hoffman:   Mark is loving the fact that he is absolutely destroying his opponent.  This is sick.  But Reinhardt will not quit!

Benny Newell: That’s because he has been knocked senseless.  This guy can’t beat a Hall of Famer.  He is not close to the caliber of wrestler The Explosive One is.

Flecks of blood criss-cross the floor of the cell block. His point made, Mark O’Neal returns Reinhardt’s unresponsive body to the ring and climbs to the top rope. The end is mere decoration: he leaps swanlike and lands immaculately The Explosive Drop. Reinhardt’s form convulses as O’Neal lands atop him.  Mark then pins him.

Joe Hoffman:   Why is Mark pinning Reinhardt?  Did he forget this is an I Quit Match?

Mark then begins pounding on the mat himself and yelling the count as he does.




O’Neal gets up. Reinhardt may have been unconscious for some time; his face may be ravaged by the punishment dished out by Mark O’Neal; but the Best Alliance man wants to prove a further point about Reinhardt, who has built his career on beating Hall-Of-Famers but tonight hasn’t landed a single move. With his arms and back covered in Reinhardt’s blood Mark O’Neal tosses the unfortunate victim between his legs.

Benny Newell: I really can’t see good from this visitor’s room.  Is Marcus Reinhardt giving Mark O’Neal dome right now?

Joe Hoffman:   Look at the gosh darn monitor Benny.  Mark is setting him up for the Time Bomb.

Benny Newell: Oh okay, that makes more sense.

Mark lifts Reinhardt up on his shoulders, and slams his limp form back into the canvas with the Time Bomb.  Mark once again pins him and begins beating on the mat himself




Joe Hoffman:   This is sad.  Mark O’Neal is just making a mockery of Marcus Reinhardt tonight.  Why doesn’t Reinhardt just quit already?

Benny Newell: Because he is out cold Joe.

Mark once again gets up from pinning Reinhardt and grabs Reinhardt up.  He picks him up and executes a perfect body slam.  Mark picks him up again and then executes a perfect hip toss. 

Joe Hoffman:   This is getting ridiculous.  Mark O’Neal is clearly just in another league than Marcus Reinhardt.  The underdog story of Reinhardt ends tonight as Mark is just embarrassing him.

Mark now puts his foot on the body of Reinhardt and flexes as he yells out loud.




He just laughs as the fans in the jail cells have now started to completely lose interest in the match.  Mark now begins to slap the face of Reinhardt to try and awaken him.  He isn’t getting much of a response.  He then begins gargling in his throat to get a large quantity of spit up in his mouth and drops it onto Reinhardt’s face.  Still nothing.  He shrugs his shoulders.  He then looks outside of the ring and sees a bottle of water that the referee had brought with him.  He grabs it and dumps the remainder of it onto Marcus.  Marcus shakes his head slightly after this and his left eye half opens, as it is the only one that can.  Mark winds up his fist and smiles at Marcus who uses everything he has to mutter something.



Mark then send his fist square into the open eye of Marcus, forcing it shut and knocking him out cold once again.  He then turns to the fans booing him and raises his arms in triumph with a cocky smile on his face.  Reinhardt’s blood is all over his body, but it doesn’t have one scratch on it.

Benny Newell: Well that was a competitive match.

Joe Hoffman:  Folks I have word that something is going on somewhere…


Who the fuck?

Back outside, the speedboat we saw earlier is turned off and apparently anchored.  Some members of the EPU search the area with flashlights, looking for the driver.  The boat is empty, save for a black sweatshirt and sweatpants.  An unnamed member of the EPU examines the shirt, and throws it into the water in apparent disgust.  He signals to the other members that no one is around.  The other members follow suit and retreat to the entrance, single file.  The darkness of the night obscures the faces of the EPU, though there is a member of the EPU who keeps his head down, as if he were trying to intentionally obscure his face from others. 

Will someone please call in a prescription for this mofo?!


Shane Reynolds vs. “Perfect” Paul Paras
Dungeon Match

Joe Hoffman:  Let’s turn things back over to the Mayhem Broadcast team of Chastity Gold and Rick Fantastic….

Joe and Benny stand up, well stagger up in the case of Benny, and the Mayhem announcers take their places.

Rick Fantastic:  Thank you Joe!  And what a night its been thus far here at Rumble at the Rock 2!  Tell me something Chaz, you hanging in there so far?

Chastity Gold:  As well as I can be Rick!  I have to be honest though; I’m a little nervous about this next matchup.  The thought of it gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Cue a slow fade-in to inside A-Block of Alcatraz Island, where rabid HOW fans that are isolated inside of the cells themselves await the start of the next match.  Suddenly, they turn their attention towards a door that opens in the main corridor of the building.  A visibly shaken and frightened Kimber Marshall emerges from the doorway looking very hesitant to even walk down the hallway between the holding cells.  Some whistles and cat-calls from the male audience in attendance seem to give her enough courage though and she finally walks to the center of the hallway between the cells.

Kimber Marshall:  L- Ladies and gentlemen…

Crowd:  ::a few whistles and rabid applause::

Rick Fantastic:  Boy these fans are really amped up!  Being locked in a cell is bringing out the craziness in the HOW faithful!

Kimber Marshall:  …this next matchup is a DUNGEON MATCH that will determine the Number One Contender for the HOW World Title!!!  Introducing first…

Once again, everyone’s attention is turned towards the doorway where Kimber appeared, giving us a few agonizing moments of anticipation before…

Kimber Marshall:  …from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 255 pounds… PERFECT PAUL PARAS!!!

Triple P enters A-Block carrying his Singapore Cane to an absolutely HUGE ovation from the fans in attendance, who show their appreciation for the “Minnesota Messiah” by cheering and banging on the cell walls.  Wearing his mirrored shades and his standard electric blue wrestling trunks, Triple P approaches Kimber Marshall with a smirk before he walks past her and stops near the entrance to the Alcatraz Dungeon.  After pausing briefly and exerting a deep breath, Triple P looks back towards the fans that obviously are supporting him as the favorite in this match.  He tips his shades as a sign of appreciation and tosses them up toward a fan on the second level, who reaches through the bars of the cell he’s in and catches them with ease.

Finally, the camera quickly switches to inside the Dungeon, where flickering lights barely exert enough power to dimly illuminate the large room.  Trickling water can be heard but from an unknown source as it would be literally impossible for the camera to capture every detail of the room without further sources of light. 

Not much is seen initially, but the camera zooms in slightly on a rusted ladder that presumably leads up to the A-Block holding area.  Our suspicions are confirmed when feet begin descending down the ladder, revealing Triple P, who jumps down from three rungs above the ground and spins around quickly on his guard.

Rick Fantastic:  For months now, Triple P and Shane Reynolds have been at each other’s throats, both looking to prove that they are at the top of the HOW hierarchy in terms of skill and pure wrestling ability.  And what better way is there to settle their differences than to have the Number One Contendership to the grandest prize of them all, the HOW World Title, on the line?

Chastity Gold:  The importance of this match is overwhelming, to say the least, Rick.  Triple P has proven time and again that he seems to have Shane Reynolds’ number, defeating him on 3 separate occasions in recent times.   But Shane has always been one to pull out all the stops in critical matches…

Rick Fantastic:  As far as I’m concerned, what’s happened in the past means squat when you’re competing in a match such as this.  Anything can happen!  Everyone’s been talking about it… salivating at the possibilities of what’s to come here in a few short moments.  It’s the Alcatraz Dungeon for Christ’s sake! 

Chastity Gold:  Folks, to paint a better picture for you, Shane Reynolds and ahem—

Rick Fantastic:  Oh, get over him already!

Chastity Gold:  — Triple P will be doing battle in the same place where the Alcatraz Warden confined and shackled unmanageable inmates!

Trying his best to adapt to his surroundings, Triple P walks forward and stops himself below a single set of 3 electric light tubes, which flicker furiously and dimly above him.  The drowning silence is broken when Triple P calls out to the man that will ultimately determine his fate in the match.

Triple P:  Slade!

Nothing.  Triple P continues his quest through the maze of darkness and blindly feels his way around the Dungeon.

Rick Fantastic:  Obviously Chaz, we cannot forget about the wild card in this match.  The special guest referee… Issac Slade.

Chastity Gold:  The former World Champion has fallen hard in recent times since the death of his girlfriend Sabina Faze, which includes the unfortunate and downright shameful influence of one, Miss Giovanni.

Rick Fantastic:  We saw it all on Mayhem… the mysterious masked Woman that has been parading Issac Slade around on a leash was finally revealed as Miss Giovanni; former MK Group employee who’s been using and drugging Slade for weeks to exact revenge on Shane Reynolds for taking her… ::shudder:: eye.

Triple:  Hey Slade!  Come out come out wherever you are!

Chastity Gold:  Folks, as Triple P looks for Referee Issac Slade, let’s send it back upstairs for a moment as Kimber Marshall introduces the former World and ICON champion!

A quick cut of the camera brings us back up to A-Block, where Kimber Marshall has barely moved from her position between the fans in the holding cells.

Kimber Marshall:  And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing 225 pounds… SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

Again, the fans turn towards the doorway to the A-Block with even heightened moments of anticipation.  But this time, no one appears.  Kimber looks around as the fans do also while the buzz of where Shane Reynolds could be intensifies the levels of curiosity. 

Rick Fantastic:  Shane Reynolds anyone?  Shane Reynolds to aisle 5 for clean-up!

Suddenly, the cameras cut back down to the Dungeon, where only the small light of the camera itself gives Triple P enough light to blindly find a light switch.

Triple P:  Slade!  SLADE!!!

Chastity Gold:  Bear with us folks, as it looks like we may have to send the EPU to track down Shane Reynolds AND Issac Slade.

Rick Fantastic:  No chance that Shane Reynolds would miss out of one of the biggest opportunities of his career. 

Triple P:  I know you’re in here!


Rick Fantastic/Triple P (in unison with eachother):  What was that?!?

Chastity Gold:  I don’t know!  All I know is that I’m glad I’m up here with you.  Thank goodness for monitors!  Forgive me for being just a LITTLE freaked out!

Triple P:  Finally!  A switch!

The cameraman, keeping disturbingly close to Triple P for his own safety, exerts a sigh of relief as the clicking sound of a light switch being turned on is heard.  One-by-one, a single row of lights begin to flicker to life in the Dungeon, some brighter than others and some only sparking before burning out completely. 

Rick Fantastic:  Well, at least the light mystery has been solved… for the most part at least.

Once about 6 or 7 sets containing 1-3 tube lights each, depending on which of the bulbs came to life, have been lit, Triple P is quick to notice former World and ICON champion Issac Slade seated slouched against a wall.  Paras rushes over to where Slade is sitting and kneels next to him, noticing that he is heavily drugged but very coherent.  The collar is still strapped firmly around his neck.

Triple P:  Slade!  What the hell man… I’ve been shouting your na-


Chastity Gold:  Oh my God!

Rick Fantastic:  What the-?

Chastity Gold:  It’s Shane Reynolds!!!

Walking out from a dark patch of blackness, Shane staggers into the scene looking dirty and disheveled.  His face-paint is smudged and his greasy hair hangs over his deranged, yet focused face as he stands over Triple P holding a lead pipe.  He quickly discards the pipe and picks Triple P up by the hair as Slade looks on carefully, rising to his feet at the sight of Shane. 

Rick Fantastic:  And we’re a go!  I think…?

Triple P fights back with punches, but Shane widely grins as they have little effect thanks to the lead pipe shot.  Shane sizes up his opponent and sends him staggering backwards with hard right fists, with one final blow sending Paras back down to the cold, damp, ground.

Chastity Gold:  Shane Reynolds showing early he’ll do anything with a World Title shot at stake!

Rick Fantastic:  Keep in mind folks that these two superstars can use at their disposal anything they find in the Dungeon!  Trust me, this match has only just begun…

Chastity Gold:  Let’s not forget, Rick, that the first person to render their opponent in enough of a battered condition to chain them to the wall in one of the Dungeon’s cells will be declared the winner…

Rick Fantastic:  …AND new number one contender!

Wasting little to no time, Shane Reynolds continues his assault on Triple P with hard, steel-toed boot stomps to his midsection and legs.  Shane carefully eyes Slade out of the corner of his eye and…

Chastity Gold:  Wait a second!  Lookout!

finds him lunging forth with a running lariat!  

Rick Fantastic:  Slade laid out Shane!

Issac drops Shane Reynolds with a stiff forearm that has Shane reeling and holding the back of his head.  With a wide-eyed, menacing expression that looks as if he just killed a man, Issac resorts to his spot sitting against the wall of the Dungeon, rocking back and forth without a blink of the eyes.  He runs his fingertips across the collar around his neck and keeps a close watch on both superstars who are coming to their knees. 

Chastity Gold:  I have to wonder Rick… I have to wonder if Miss Giovanni gave Issac Slade careful instructions to ensure that Shane Reynolds loses here tonight!

Rick Fantastic:  That’s a good point Chaz, as it’s obvious that Slade is under the influence of some type of drug.

Shane is first to his feet and darts right after Slade, but just before his boot connects with Issac’s face, Triple P makes the save, spinning Reynolds around and unloading on him with right fists.  Reynolds staggers backward as the momentum is clearly in favor of Triple P at the moment, but he tries to fight off his punches with punches of his own.  Shane swings wildly, which Triple P ducks, wraps his arms around Reynolds and lands a Perfect German Suplex, which sends Shane awkwardly into one of the Dungeon’s cell bars.

Chastity Gold:  HOLY SHHH-

Rick Fantastic:  HOLY SHIT!  Did you see how Shane Reynolds landed?!?!?  Good Lord, what a brutal German Suplex!

Shane convulses a bit on the dirt as Triple P brings himself back to his feet to assess the damage.  He finds Shane in a lifeless position favoring his neck and looks back to find Slade rocking back and forth in his same position. 

Triple P lifts Shane to his feet by his mangy hair and Shane lets out a shriek of pain as he’s still feeling the effects of the German Suplex.  Paras underhooks the head of his opponent and lifts him high into the air, holding him there for several seconds until he falls backward with a Perfect Vertical Suplex.

Chastity Gold:  Paras is really putting on a clinic here with those suplexes. 

Shane favors his back now on top of his already-injured neck and Triple P pops up with vigor, ready to continue his attack until he notices that Referee Issac Slade is longer in sight.

Rick Fantastic:  Where’s Slade?

Triple P looks around for a moment and calls out for Slade but sees Shane stirring.  Paras approaches his opponent but Shane trips him up with a Drop Toe Hold that plants Paras’s “perfect” face into the dirt.  Shane struggles to his feet but is able to keep the leverage by wrenching Paul’s leg into a submission that he maintains with the weight of his body.

Paul tries to kick out of the hold but Shane grabs the other leg and twists them, turning himself over and locking in the Sharpshooter. 

Chastity Gold:  Huge momentum swing by Shane Reynolds!  That is, if he can keep the hold locked in!

Shane maintains the hold for several tense moments until Triple P uses his strength advantage to power his way over to reverse the pressure!

Rick Fantastic:  Huge counter by Triple P!

But Triple P finds himself weakened enough that he’s forced to release Shane Reynolds, who rises to his feet immediately after he does so.  Triple P is a little slower due to the Sharpshooter but as he stands up, Shane is right there to meet him. 

Chastity Gold:  Stiff elbows from Shane Reynolds!  Right to Triple P’s chin!

Paras is stunned for a moment until Shane drops him again with a clothesline.


Triple P falls into…

Rick Fantastic:  …a pile of bones?!?!? 

Chastity Gold:  Lookout Paul!

Rick Fantastic:  Standing Moonsault from Shane Reynolds!  He is hell bent on becoming the number one contender for the World Title! 

Chastity Gold:  Of course, be sure to stay tuned later in the program as Trent challenges Shane’s former Blood Brother… the World Champion, Aceldama.

With Slade still nowhere to be found, Shane mounts Triple P on the pile of bones and grabs the back of his head, ramming his right fist repeatedly until Paul’s face until he sees a trickle of blood.  Shane wipes the blood away from Paul’s head with his fingers and sadistically grins before licking the blood off himself with his tongue.

Rick Fantastic:  That’s just sick!  Shane is licking Triple P’s own blood from his hands!

Upon licking the blood off, Shane makes a blissful expression with his face and eyes until Triple P grabs a nearby skull and smashes it across the head of Reynolds!


Upon impact, the skull immediately explodes into dust.

Chastity Gold:  Triple P using his… err… surroundings to help him in his quest for the World Championship!

The lighting in this particular area of the Dungeon reveals 2 more nearby skeletons, one of which is piled below a set of locked shackles and chains.

Rick Fantastic:  And there you see the shackles for which Shane Reynolds and Triple P must chain each other to to be declared the winner of this contest. 

Chastity Gold:  The question is… who will render their opponent in enough of a weakened state to be able chain the other up?  It’s anyone’s game, really… but in my eyes, it all comes down to the X-factor… Iss-

Out of nowhere, Slade appears from the shadows carrying a thick, rusted chain.  He stops and drops it between the competitors which sees Triple P scramble over and grab it.  Paul eyes Slade but Shane comes from behind and blasts him, forcing him to drop the chain.  Reynolds is quick to capitalize and grab it, wrapping it around the neck of Triple P after doing so.

Rick Fantastic:  A blatant choke from Shane! 

Chastity Gold:  Paul is turning blue… and Issac Slade is just… watching!

Rick Fantastic:  What?  Do you expect him to help Triple P or something?  That’s not written in the rules, Chaz and he’s only the referee.

Chastity Gold:  Well, I was just-

Rick Fantastic:  -worried about your little crush, were you?  Wow!  The look in Shane’s eyes says it all!  He wants the World Title and is stopping at nothing for a shot at it! 

Chastity Gold:  And more importantly, he wants to defeat the man who seemingly has his number in recent months…

The camera zooms in on Paul, who appears close to passing out as Shane Reynolds continues to choke him with the chain.  Shane’s expression is frightening, as if he almost WANTS to kill Triple P.

Chastity Gold:  Do something Slade!!

Having had the chain wrapped around Paul’s neck now for several minutes, Issac looks on carefully and kneels down in front of Triple P to check on him.  Shane shouts for Slade to back away and upon doing this, Issac snaps out of his trance momentarily and strikes Reynolds, forcing him to release the chain and the choke hold.

Rick Fantastic:  Slade has sure got it out for Shane Reynolds!

Chastity Gold:  All thanks to Miss Giovanni!  Slade would’ve NEVER done this under normal circumstances!  Some referee, huh?

With Triple P gasping for air, Slade continues his assault on Shane Reynolds with punches and stomps to his face, even grabbing one of remaining bones nearby and bashing it across his face.  Shane’s lip becomes bloodied much like the forehead of Triple P as he smirks after a vicious strike from Issac.  You can tell he’s in pain but refuses to show it.  Meanwhile, had Slade not saved Triple P on two separate occasions now, we would most certainly have had a new number one contender already.

Seated in the dirt and looking a little less than “perfect”, Paras shouts to Slade to back off as a means to remind him that it’s his fight and his fight only.  This provides enough of a distraction for Slade that Reynolds fights back with the pipe that he used before and knocks Slade for a loop. 

Slade crumbles into a heap as Shane sets his sights back on Triple P, who can only shield himself as Reynolds rushes forward and delivers a drop kick that shoots Paul back to the ground. 

Rick Fantastic:  I think we’re going to see a little Rolling Thunder!  Yes!

Dragging Paras to one of the Dungeon cells, Reynolds checks on the shackles and chains to make sure they are secure enough on the wall to restrict Triple P.  After doing so, he Irish whips Paras into the wall with resounding impact, perhaps a final knockout blow before sealing the deal. 

An elbow drop to the sternum hits for good measure and it appears that all the wind has been knocked from Triple P’s sails.  Reynolds grins widely noticing that Slade is still unconscious from the lead pipe shot and grabs Paras’ arm.  Shane grabs the shackle with the other hand and tries to put Paul’s arm inside of it, but Paras counters with an elbow and quickly locks in Shane!

Chastity Gold:  What a quick reversal for Triple P!  Shane’s arm is locked into the shackle! 

Paul flashes his trademark smirk at a visibly surprised Shane Reynolds before grabbing one of the chains and wrapping it around his neck and arm, pulling forward into a modified Messianic Complex!


Chastity Gold:  But remember that Triple P has to chain Shane Reynolds to the wall completely! 

Rick Fantastic:  Not to mention the fact there’s no referee!  Slade is still down for the count! 

Triple P holds Shane Reynolds in the modified Messianic Complex for several minutes until Shane’s lifeless body slumps forward. 

Chastity Gold:  Shane Reynolds is out!

Triple P proceeds to chain and shackle the rest of Shane’s limbs to the wall until he’s hanging there without support.  But again, Slade is still down and Paul cannot be declared the winner, and more importantly, the number one contender for the World Title until Issac Slade declares it.

With Shane Reynolds completely unconscious, Triple P hits a huge Superkick for good measure before rushing over to the man he’s desperately tried to “have faith in” for weeks.  He nudges Slade several times, and is unsuccessful at first until Issac shakes off the cob webs and immediately puts up his guard.  Upon realizing it’s Triple P, Slade listens to Paul as he pleads his case for victory.

Chained to the Alcatraz Dungeon wall, Shane Reynolds squirms around and exerts a hearty cry as he realizes that he’s restricted by shackles.  Slade and Paras immediately rush over to him, where Issac Slade raises the arm of Triple P, right in front of the defeated Shane Reynolds!

Chastity Gold:  Triple P won!  Triple P is the new number one contender! 

Rick Fantastic:  I can’t believe it!  Shane Reynolds gave him everything he had and was destined to finally defeat Triple P!  I’ll give him this… he put up one HELL of a fight! 

Chastity Gold:  Wait a second… it’s Faze!  What the hell is the GM doing here?  He has NO BUSINESS in this match whatsoever!

Rick Fantastic:  Perhaps, but he DOES has unresolved business with Issac Slade!  

Wearing a battered white t-shirt and blue jeans, Mayhem General Manager, Ryan Faze, appears from the shadows.  He spins Triple P around from behind, kicks him in the gut, and nails the Fazeplant, all the while Slade looks on in horror.  With every step that he inches towards Issac Slade, the setting becomes more intense until Slade’s back reaches the wall.

Faze:  You KNOW what I have to do right?

Slade merely nods, almost accepting punishment as Faze drags him into a shadow until all you hear are screams.  Faze emerges moments later and stomps on Triple P before grabbing keys from his jeans and unlocking the shackles on a visibly disappointed Shane Reynolds.

Chastity Gold:  Well Triple P may have won the battle, but Shane Reynolds and Ryan Faze are the ones walking out of Rumble at the Rock 2!

The cameras catch a glimpse of Faze following Shane up the ladder that Paras came down on at closing the lid to the entrance shut, leaving Triple P and Slade locked inside the Dungeon!

The action cuts away as its Ryan Faze, and not Lee Best, who is having the big night.

Fish Bait

The Maurako’s are walking down the docks heading to their yacht to celebrate their Tag Team Championships. Off in the distance you can see the empty Starrlite Express, as the Maurako’s load onto their boat.

Mario: Jatt’s here?

Matteo: Who’s Jatt?

Mario: Just an old friend dad… just an old friend.

With that being said The Maurako’s cast away from Alcatraz Island with their Crimson, Blue, Lime, and Italian Flag Title bets in tow. Martino cracks a case of champagne and passes a bottle around to all four Maurako’s. The family pops the corks and champagne splashes all over them and the camera like they had just won the World Series or something.

Matteo: To The Family!

Maurakos: THE FAMILY!

The Yacht begins to move as The Maurako’s clink their bottles and drink some champagne. It’s at this time that we see four Manichean looking figures laying on the ground of the boat. Mario puts down his bottle and approaches the dummies on the ground and notices that the dummies look like Triple P, Christopher America, John Sektor & Silver Cyanide.

Mario: What are these?

Matteo: This Mario is the past that has been holding you back. Tonight was the beginning of a new era in HOW. That other group you made is history… and tonight they swim with the fishes.

The Yacht comes to a stop in a familiar place… a year ago in this same area of the Ocean Triple P and Triple M had formed the Argonauts of Awesome by locking the new HOW Commissioner Jeff Harris inside a Shark Cage and tossed him into the Ocean.

Mario: I guess it’s time.

Mario bends down to pick up the Christopher America dummy and he immediately drops it.

Mario: Gross! What in the hell is in these things?

Matteo: The dummies are all packed with Chum Mario. When I said that tonight they swim with the fishes I guess what I really meant was tonight we’re feeding the fishes. But before you start to throw these sorry suckers overboard they are missing one more thing.

Mario: What’s that?

Matteo: This eclectic group made the Stable Championships stand for something. It’s only right that the Stable Championships die with them as well.

Matteo motions to Martino and Mosé who start to put the old HOW Stable Title belts on the dummies. Mosé straps the Italian Flag belt on America, and the Crimson one on Silver Cyanide as Martino straps the Lime title on John Sektor and then hands Mario the Blue Title belt for Triple P. Mario hesitates but then steps forward and straps the belt onto the Triple P dummy. Matteo takes a bucket of Chum and tosses it out into the Ocean to draw the attention of some sharks. After a few moments some fins begin to pop out of the water.

Matteo: It’s time.

Martino and Mosé go to grab a dummy and Mario grabs them by the shoulders and stops them.

Mario: I will do this on my own guys.

Mario first picks up the Silver Cyanide Chum Dummy wearing his Crimson Stable Title. Mario then tosses it into the Ocean where it’s gobbled up by shark, and more sharks appear to be in the area now. Mario then grabs the John Sektor Chum Dummy sporting the Lime Green Title and tosses him into the feeding frenzy that is now taking place. Next up is Christopher America and the Italian Flag Title which joins the others in the water.

Mario: Which leaves me with just you. Paul, we started this thing a year ago and tonight I put it to rest once and for all.

With that being said Mario tosses the Triple P Chum Dummy with the Blue Title into the Ocean. The Maurako’s huddle up again with the Champagne bottles, and the camera focuses in on the sharks devouring the Triple P Dummy.

HOW will all of tonights winners reflect the EWTORCH Rankings??

HOFC Title Match
Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Prison Yard Match

Back live and we see a replay of the Maurako’s saying goodbye to the stable titles officially..

Joe Hoffman: Well Triple M has wanted to lead the revival of tag team wrestling here in HOW and between the Maurakos and every other team in the match earlier tonight I think they have taken a first huge step forward.

Benny Newell: Blah blah blah…NOW is the time for the real new title to take center stage..

Joe Hoffman: Very true..it is time we head out to the prison yard, as we will crown the first ever HOFC champion.

Benny Newell: And there are no two other men who have been better faces of this division then Chris Kostoff and Michael DeNucci.  We have seen blood spilled already here at Alcatraz tonight, but this one may be the worst.

Cutting out to the prison yard, all we see is Kostoff and DeNucci facing off about 20 feet from each other with referee Rick “Even” Stevens standing between the two.  No fans anywhere in sight for this match, which makes the tension even tighter between the two men.

Joe Hoffman: This is not going to be your usual HOFC match.  Instead of their normal 30 by 30 canvas they will have the entire prison yard to do battle in.  We are also going to be going five, five-minute rounds.

Benny Newell: Winner by knockout or submission.  Or if we go all five round we will go to the scorecards for a winner.

Joe Hoffman: The winner will be crowed the first ever HOW HOFC champion, a distinction both of these men would really like to hold.  So expect this to be a very brutal match folks, one that may not be for the weak of heart.  We seem to be ready to get this bout underway, so let’s head to the referee.

Rick Stevens: Ok guys, I wanna see a good fight, when the bell for the round rings I want a clean break.

Stevens calls for the bells as Round 1 is underway.  Kostoff and DeNucci are cautious to start, both with their hands up at guard as they slowly circle.  DeNucci tests the water with a few jabs which Kostoff dodge and then goes for a kick to the side of Kostoff which connects and then comes in with a right jab that connects on the jaw of Kostoff which send him back in an attempt to regroup.

Joe Hoffman: Quick start by DeNucci as Kostoff is going to have to find a way to block the offense of DeNucci if he wants to last long in this match

Kostoff approaches DeNucci who bobs around a bit and goes for another kick but this time Kostoff grabs a hold of the left leg and connects with a right to the head of DeNucci, who then counters with two quick left punches as Kostoff releases Denucci’s leg.  Kostoff tries to make his way away from DeNucci but he stays on him and slams his head into the pole for a basketball hoop, which knocks Kostoff down to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: DeNucci scoring the first take down in a way, using the environment of the prison yard to his advantage.

With Kostoff down DeNucci takes advantage by mounting Kostoff and connecting with a few straight punches as Kostoff starts to bleed from above the eye.  Kostoff starts to get his arms up in defense as DeNucci continues throwing punches until Kostoff is able push DeNucci off him but DeNucci comes back lunging with a hard right to the face of Kostoff which splits him open even more.

Joe Hoffman: What a shot by DeNucci as Kostoff is really suffering some damage early in this match.

Benny Newell: Good, knock him the fuck out DeNucci!

DeNucci tries to finish Kostoff off early as he goes in for a choke hold but as soon as he locks it on the bell rings to end the first round as referee Rick Stevens is quick to break the two up.

Joe Hoffman: Well it would seem that DeNucci has taken the first round with ease as Kostoff’s face tells the story of what has happened.

We see Kostoff getting back up to his feet and wipe some of the blood off his face, which the sight of starts getting his riled up as Stevens calls for the bell to start round 2.  DeNucci seems more confident as he approaches Kostoff but Kostoff tackles him to the ground and unleashes a fury of punches on the unsuspecting DeNucci who tries to cover up but can’t block all of the punches.  Kostoff the pulls DeNucci back up to his feet as he throws him up against the wall of the prison yard and starts with hard punches to the body as DeNucci crumbles back to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: Finally some signs of life by Kostoff who now has DeNucci on the defense.

With DeNucci on the ground Kostoff spots a piece of razorwire on the ground which he picks up and wraps around his hand.  You can see the blood start to appear on his hand as he makes his way back to DeNucci and this time mounts him as he connects with a hard right which slices the face of DeNucci wide open.  He connects with two more as referee Stevenes checks to see if DeNucci is able to continue.  It seems that the ref may call the right but DeNucci comes back with a hard left jab of his own which gets Kostoff off him.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff has defiantly evened this match back up with that razorwire, something we would have never seen in a regular HOFC bout.

Benny Newell: If this was in The Best Arena Kostoff would have been knocked out already by DeNucci.

Kostoff removes the razorwire from his now blood covered hand as he goes back after DeNucci who is pulling himself up against the wall.  Kostoff grabs DeNucci and lifts him up attempting his No Remorse finisher but DeNucci counters with some shots to the open wound on Kostoff’s head which allows DeNucci to escape but then get rock by a quick clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff going for a knockout there but DeNucci wisely escaped.

Benny Newell: Only to get his head taken off by the monster.

Now stalking DeNucci, Kostoff seems to be in control as DeNucci’s face is covered in blood from the razor wire we hear the bell ending round two.

Joe Hoffman: Two rounds down and things seem split as I would have scored Kostoff the winner in that last round.

Benny Newell: All thanks to that razorwire. 

Joe Hoffman: And one has to wonder if this match continues at this pace if we will see a knockout in this round.

The referee Stevens calls for the bell to get round 3 underway.  Both men stare down again as they both try and feel the other out.  Kostoff throws a jab, which misses as DeNucci attempts a kick, which Kostoff sidesteps.  Both men then hit simultaneous punches that connect as they then trade two punches each before DeNucci lands a kick that sends Kostoff stumbling back.  DeNucci tries you follow with another kick but Kostoff ducks and drills DeNucci with a hard punch that almost sends him down on his ass.

Joe Hoffman: Both men looking strong in this round, as one of them is looking to take a solid hold of this bout.

Benny Newell: All I know is every time they connect with one of those MBA moves I’ve been taking a shot.

Joe Hoffman: It’s MM….never mind.

Kostoff picks a metal rod up off the ground and takes a swing at DeNucci who ducks and finds a metal rod of his own which he picks up and counters by swinging his as Kostoff blocks it.  DeNucci slices back with the rod and hits Kostoff upside the head as Kostoff is somehow able to counter with a shot to DeNucci’s ribs as both men discard the weapons and start trading punches again.

Joe Hoffman: This match starting to takes its toll on both men, as this prison yard is not being forgiving to either.  Kostoff’s head has some servers swelling from that shot he took, and DeNucci may have broken a rib.

Benny Newell: Those weren’t NBA moves, but I drank anyhow.

The punches continue and we hear the bell for the end of round 3 ring as referee Rick Stevens has to physically get in-between the two men to break them up.  He warns them again to make sure they make a clean break at the bell but neither are really paying attention as they separate but keep their eyes locked on each other.

Joe Hoffman: Solid round there as both men seemed pretty even, don’t you agree Benny?

Benny Newell: Another shot for mentioning my name!

Joe Hoffman: Well this bout is really anyone’s at the moment, let’s see if someone can take hold of it here in round four.

Stevens calls for the start of round four as the bell rings and Kostoff charges right at DeNucci, pushing him all the way over to an old wooden picnic table which Kostoff lifts up DeNucci and slams him down on top of as he connects with some quick jabs to the face of DeNucci who quickly rolls both men off the table and too the ground.  DeNucci seems to dig into the ground for a second as he picks up a rock which he slams off the side of Kostoff’s head.

Joe Hoffman: Again that environment being a factor, as I think that is the first time I have ever seen a rock used in a match…defiantly some irony there as we are at The Rock.

Kostoff rolls away as he holds his head as DeNucci goes after Kostoff, still with rock in hand as he hopes to finish Kostoff off for good, but as DeNucci approaches Kostoff finds a nearby two by four in the grass.  He picks it up and just as DeNucci is about to throw the rock down at Kostoff’s head he swings the two by four and connects to the stomach of DeNucci who collapses as the two by four shatters into pieces.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff able to fend off DeNucci who had the advantage on his feet as Kostoff was almost defenseless on his back.  In a normal match, that could have spelled the end for Chris.

Benny Newell: We get it Joe, this isn’t a normal match.  This isn’t a normal PPV, we are at a prison on a fuckin island!

Kostoff tries to take the upper hand in the match as he mounts DeNucci and simply starts choking the life out of DeNucci who starts gasping for air as he tries to escape the choke hold.  Kostoff continues applying the pressure as DeNucci makes a last ditch effort with a thumb to the eye of Kostoff and then raking the fingers across his face which is enough to break the hold.

Joe Hoffman: Not pretty but it gets the job done as DeNucci escapes that dangerous choke.

Kostoff rubs his eyes as DeNucci takes the opportunity to unleash a quick kick to the side of Kostoff’s head which knocks him down to the ground just as the bell for the end of the round rings and Stevens steps in between the two men and checks on Kostoff’s condition.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff may have just been saved by the bell as DeNucci drilled him with that kick.  Though with that being said it was another very even round, both men with some solid back and forth offense.

Benny Newell: So I guess that means it all comes down to this last round.

Joe Hoffman: Yes indeed, five minutes to decide who will become the first ever HOFC champion.  You ready for some HOW history Benny?

Benny: I’m ready for some more Jack, think someone can get me another bottle?

Stevens calls the two men together and explains that this is the final round before calling for the bell.  Both men are extremely exhausted as they stare at each other, blood covering their faces as both men have little energy to defend themselves as they start to just trade straight punches, one after another as you can see the blood fly from their head with each punch they take.

Joe Hoffman: This has turned into a slugfest, both men just hoping they can outlast the other here.

DeNucci gains an advantage for the moments as Kostoff crumbles from DeNucci’s last punches.  DeNucci drops to the ground as he throws a punch at Kostoff who rolls out of the way and DeNucci’s fist hits a rock in the ground.  Kostoff grabs DeNucci’s head and slams it into the rock, splitting DeNucci open in another spot, leaving a pool of blood on the rock.

Joe Hoffman: Both men have lost a lot of blood in this match; neither can be in very good shape right now.  If both men can make it to the end of this round it will be a miracle.

DeNucci is stunned as he stumbles up to his feet, Kostoff getting back up to his gives chase but DeNucci stops and spins towards Kostoff, connecting with a devastating kick to his head, dropping Kostoff to the ground.  He follows up by mounting Kostoff and the two men again result to trading punches, with Kostoff rolling DeNucci over onto his back, and then DeNucci rolling Kostoff back over.

Joe Hoffman: 30 seconds left as both are trying to beat the life out of the other.  Blood covering their faces and hands, but neither will give in here.

Kostoff knowing the round is coming to an end uses his own head as a weapon, head butting DeNucci who is stunned but counters with a head butt of his own.  An angry Kostoff then goes a step further and bites the bloody forehead of DeNucci who screams in pain as he pulls away and connects with a final legal blow to the face of Kostoff before the final bell rings.

Joe Hoffman: He bit him!  Kostoff actually bit DeNucci!

Benny Newell: Mike Tyson would be proud, especially since it was all legal.

Stevens again tries to separate the two men but DeNucci won’t stop as he connects with a few post round punches as Kostoff just smiles, blood from DeNucci’s face covering his teeth as Stevens finally gets DeNucci away.

Joe Hoffman: DeNucci obviously mad over getting bitten, but hopefully those post round shots won’t affect his score, as this match will be going to the HOFC judges for a decision.

We see ring announcer Bryan McVay make his way out into the prison yard, HOFC title in hand which he hands over to referee Rick Stevens who is pressing his earpiece to his ear and nodding his head as he listens to the HOFC judges talk to him.

Joe Hoffman: That was a close last round, I could see a slight advantage for one man, but it really is too close to call.  I’d hate to be the judges for this bout.

Benny Newell: That’s the pussy way out, I am going for….for…the guy who isn’t Kostoff…..

Joe Hoffman: DeNucci?

Benny Newell: Ya, that guy.

Stevens is done listening to the judges as he whispers the outcome of the match to McVay and makes his way back over to Kostoff and DeNucci, grabbing each man’s hand in preparation for the announcement of the winner.

Bryan McVay: This match for the HOFC championship has gone to the judges for a decision.  Their scoring by unanimous decisions, winning three round to two….The first ever HOW HOFC champion…..MICHAEL DENUCCI!!!!

Referee Rick Stevens raises DeNucci’s arm in victory as he hands him the title belt, leaving Kostoff to drop to his knees, unhappy with his defeat.

Joe Hoffman: Michael DeNucci capturing a huge win here, becoming the first ever man to win the HOW HOFC championship, something that will cement him in HOW history forever.

Benny Newell: I called it Joe, De….De..DeWhatever  won it!

Joe Hoffman: Well you better remember his name because he is now the HOFC champion, who has really set the bat for this division in what was an extremely brutal, violent and bloody match.  And things may only get worse as we still have more to come at The Rock.

O’Captain, my Captain

Back at the Alcatraz Mental Ward the sounds of screams and fighting echo from the dark hallways. Confusion reigns as the camera can not locate the locations of the commotion until the Captain of the EPU unit that went into the Mental Ward can be seen running down the hall, blood running down from a cut on his forehead.

Captain: What the fuck!?! What the Fuck!?

Clearly disturbed by something he appears to be alone, the rest of his ten man crew now missing or abandoned by the Captain somewhere in the mental ward. On his own the Captain appears panicked and unsure of where he is going as he makes his way around the winding corridors.

Captain: Got to get out of this place! Fucking crazies..

Desperation and fear are apparent on the Captains face as he pushes a door open and starts running once again, blindly in the darkness of the Ward.


Suddenly the Captain’s foot trips on something and he is sent to the ground where he cracks his head off the floor. Letting out a sharp cry he rolls onto his back and slides up against a near by wall, his baton at the ready to hit whatever he tripped on.

Narrowing his eyes in the darkness he sees something shiver and glitter off the minimal light. Confused he reaches forward and grabs something metallic and cold.

Captain:.. The ICON title?

Lifting it close the golden face of the title glimmers back at the Captain’s face, the word HOW ICON clearly marked on it. Relieved he was able to locate at least something to bring back to his employers he smiles and lets out a sigh of relief.

???: My Baby!

A piercing scream echoes down the hall toward the Captain. Scrambling to get back up to his feet the Captain lets out a soft “Fuck me” before once again running down the hall, this time with the ICON championship clutched in his hand.


A second voice roars out of the shadows in front of the Captain causing him to skid to a halt, a look of desperation flashing over his face as the sound of foot steps echo from behind. Trapped in the hallway the Captain readies his baton for a last stand.

Captain: Come on you SICK FUCKS! You want a piece of me!? Come on!

As the camera focus’s on the Captain’s face it becomes clear he sees something horrible as he shakes momentarily with  fear.

Captain:..what.. the fuck…

Looking to either side the Captain sinks to the ground with his back against the wall while two dark figures descent upon him..

Tune in this Thursday as Ryan Faze has secured the number one pick!!

LSD Title Match
Joseph Gregory vs. David Black©

Industrial Building Anything Goes Match

The Industries Building of Alcatraz stands separate from the main holding area in that this is where select inmates with good behavior came to work and earn cash.  Tonight, as the building itself is drowned by thickened fog, the Industries Building will house two of the most unpredictable and dangerous superstars HOW has to offer.

LSD champion, David Black, fresh off of a period of countless title defenses since winning the title at War Games, comes into this match up as one of the most recognized and feared superstars, as he has stated countless times that he will stop at nothing to protect the LSD title as his “life.” Joseph Gregory, his challenger for the night, has seen his brief career in HOW share its ups and downs, especially since a recent burn incident at the hands of Shane Reynolds left him in the hospital for a prolonged period of time.

There has even been speculation that Joseph has an imposter competing for him in matches by wearing a mask and sometimes even hiding under the ring.   However, one thing that’s perfectly clear is that the match between them tonight will be brutal… a match that will set the standard for the division and make future challengers aware of the level they’ll need to compete at. The cameras zoom in from a dreary, yet picturesque shot of outside the Industries building to inside, where dozens of textile machines fill a large, well-lit room.

EPU guards are stationed at each entrance of the building, two of which are on opposing walls and a third that is roaming the otherwise vacant room. That is, until, David Black appears from behind one of the machines. Dressed in all black with the LSD title belt glimmering brightly over his left shoulder, Black appears ready and focused, per usual for ANY match he competes in. After successful title defenses against Christopher America, Bobbinette Carey, and Jason Midnight, the odds are undoubtedly in his favor as Joseph Gregory has shown flashes of brilliance, but has yet to prove his true standing in HOW. As Black waits silently without showing any regard for the 3 EPU guards that are present, Rick Fantastic and Chastity Gold give us a brief rundown of each wrestler’s background before the main entrance door to the Industries building flies open, slamming against the wall in the process.

Black stands on his guard and walks over to the door, but no one appears after several moments. Black approaches the door even further, looking over to the roaming EPU guard who can only shrug his shoulders, as does referee Frank Tsonga.  David turns back around after finding no one at the door, and just as he does so, he finds Joseph Gregory meet him from behind with a wooden plank. The plank cracks across David’s head, causing him to fall to the floor, and after checking on the champion with Gregory standing over him.

Frank indicates that the match has begun. Joseph’s sneak attack leaves David in an enough of a vulnerable state where he needs to pull himself up via a textile machine, but Gregory is right there to slam his head into the surface of it. Joseph looks around and finds the plug to the machine and quickly plugs it into a nearby outlet, turning it on as Black fights to recover. Joseph slams his head into the surface of the machine again and “awakens” it, causing a sharp needle to move rapidly back and forth through an array of twine.  Sensing the opportunity, Joseph kicks Black several times in the midsection for good measure before grabbing the back of his head and forcing it down towards the machine.

A horrified Chastity Gold gasps at what’s forthcoming as David braces himself against the bottom of the machine. Luckily, he stops himself just short of where his face is literally inches away from the needle below him. A different, terifyingly sadistic look from Joseph Gregory speaks volumes about his intentions and desire for the LSD title as he tries to force Davids head into the machine. Luckily for the champion, he stops his opponent, but not without bracing himself by placing his hand into the machine. Black elbows out of Gregory’s grasp and tries to pull his hand away, but its too late. The needle slices itself through the champion’s hand, eliciting a tremendous shriek from Black as it tears through his flesh. Chastity’s screams are just as loud as David rips his hand away from the machine in tremendous pain, blood pouring viciously from his wound.       

Joseph Gregory wisely refuses to let Black far from his control, however, and David soon finds himself on the receiving end of a running bulldog.  A quick cover by Joseph Gregory has Frank Tsonga quick on the pin fall, but his hand only pounds the floor twice as David gets the shoulder up, still obviously nursing his hand. Joseph Gregory doesn’t deter though and brings Black to his feet by lifting him into a Firemans Carry. With a wooden workbench in his sights, Joseph appears ready to deliver a Death Valley Driver, but David squirms too much for him to execute it. Black is even able to slip off of and behind Joseph Gregory, but his lariat attempt misses and Gregory hits the DVD anyway, crashing himself and his opponent into the work bench, causing it to splinter and break in half. With both men down, Rick is quick to point out the assortment of tools that these two men have at their disposal.

On the other hand, Chastity reminds us of the EPU guards that have done nothing but observe the match at this point. Gregory is the first to his feet as his opponent lies there, visibly concerned about the loss of blood from his literally slashed hand. Joseph stalks the champion with intent on defeating him for his own first-ever singles gold, but David resorts to tactics that are not-too uncommon for his nature; cheating. A stiff low blow with David’s good hand drops the challenger like a sack of bricks. Furious at how the match is playing out thus far, Black grits his teeth with rage and stomps away at Gregory until the referer forces himself between the two. Frank Tsonga gets tossed aside for his efforts what is supposed to be an “Anything Goes” match and Black continues with the boots to everywhere and anywhere on Joseph’s body.

Rick mentions that until this point, this match has been all Joseph Gregory and he looks well recovered from his burn injuries sustained several weeks prior. David wrenches Joseph’s knee in a manner that does not look very comfortable, but releases the hold as he finds the tools at his disposal in front of him. He picks up a hammer and a wrench and tosses them both aside when he finds a handsaw. Rick exclaims that he has never called a match such as this as David eyes his reflection in the saw and turns around to find Joseph Gregory on his knees. David runs forward with the saw but drops it as Joseph stops him in his tracks with a spear! Joseph pummels away on the champion and even takes a boot to his injured hand, causing David to yelp as he feels his own bones crunch. Chastity and Rick can only sympathize at the announcers table as it looks as if Joseph Gregory could actually end David’s storied title reign with the LSD championship. Gregory makes his second pin fall attempt and comes up short yet again as David’s grit and determination come into play as he kicks out.

Again, Joseph wastes very little time and grabs the saw that Black was going to use. He picks it up in confusion but soon realizes that he must end David Black while he can and the time is right. Joseph stalks David with the saw in his grip until one of the EPU guards that are standing by one of the entrances snatches it away before he can use it. Joseph spins around in confusion and even plants the guard with his Pit double-chokeslam maneuver. Unfortunately for him, this allows Black enough time to recover and surprise Joseph from behind with The Blackout!




A kickout by Joseph Gregory has the announcers on their seats as he gets the shoulder up just in the nick of time.  Black struggles to his feet, thanks mostly to the loss of blood in his broken and lacerated hand combined with exhaustion. He brings Joseph Gregory to his feet with his good arm after the near fall and wraps his arm around the neck of his opponent in a head lock. What he doesn’t see is the roaming EPU guard from behind, who has taken off his helmet to reveal none other than former HOW star Tony Wyles!!

The announcers baffle at his return and question his motives in such a match, which we are obviously about to find out. With his head lock on joseph Gregory still secure, David spins around to find Tony running towards him with a hammer. Seeing this, David uses his bad hand to push Joseph off and in his direction. Tony tries to stop himself as he sees Joseph Gregory coming at him, but he’s already in mid-swing and hammers Gregory in the face, right between the eyes! Tony looks to be in shock and it becomes obvious that the hammer was meant for David Black, but David isn’t offering any sympathy. 

Tony drops the hammer and checks on Joseph Gregory, but as he does so, David takes him out from behind with a 2×4. Several hard shots with the wooden piece takes Tony Wyles out of the equation and Black motions Frank Tsonga over for the pin.

A quick 3-count on an unconscious Joseph Gregory sees the all too familiar sight of David Black having his hand raised once more, his good hand that is, as he surely won’t leave the island without a hell of a fight from his challenger and his share of serious injuries. Medics are seen rushing into the Industries building as David is handed his title, and as he’s given the belt, he clenches it tightly.

Rick and Chastity praise both superstars for yet another gritty performance and briefly recap the match before the cameras cut away…

Rising Superstar?

The action returns to the general population area…

Inside the ring, a lone man stands in the center, wearing a silver hooded robe.  His head is down, and face is obscured.  A mic is held in his hand as he raises it to his face.  His voice is low and difficult to discern the identity behind it.

Voice: Two weeks ago, a man set his possessions on fire inside the dressing room at the Mayhem arena.  That man was lost.  Afraid.  Confused.  That man left Mayhem head held low, dragging his feet behind him.  That man was no wrestler.  That man was not worthy of this arena.  Not worthy of the fans admiration, their praise.  That night, that man died.

The voice pauses for a moment, to let the gravity of what he said sink in.

Voice: That man wandered around for two weeks, dead on the inside.  And then, in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge, he rose from the ashes of the destruction of his possessions, he resurrected his dead soul, and was reborn anew…

The man in the center of the ring drops the mic.  He raises his hood to reveal the face of Silver Phoenix.  Phoenix sheds the silver robe he was wearing to reveal a new attire: golden pants with “Phoenix: emblazoned in black down the left pant leg, golden elbow pads with black phoenixes drawn on the outside, and golden sneakers.  Phoenix bends over and picks up the mic to resume speaking.

Phoenix: as Golden Phoenix!

Alcatraz erupts into chants for their returned hero, Golden Phoenix.  Phoenix stands in the ring and soaks in the ambience before resuming speaking. 

Phoenix: Why did Silver Phoenix die on the inside?  He became so consumed with his search for victory that he lost what was truly important – the fans.  He forgot that without the fans, there would be no High Octane Wrestling.  Without the fans, he wouldn’t have a job.  He was too blinded by his own ambition to realize this.  Silver Phoenix needed an answer.  And that is where I came in.  I showed Silver Phoenix what he was missing in life, so that he could be reborn as the man standing before you today: Golden Phoenix. It is my promise to you, the fans, that as Golden Phoenix, I will make up for what Silver Phoenix did when he lost his sight, starting right now.

Golden Phoenix takes off both of his elbow padsHe tosses them into the crowd.  People jump up, trying to grab the souvenir.  A man, mid-thirties, manages to grab one of them for his kid, who jumps up and down excitedly, holding a piece of attire of his new favorite wrestler.  Golden Phoenix smiles in the ring before exiting, and returning to crowd to watch the remainder of the show. 


Godaddy This..

Suddenly the PPV feed goes black and when it returns a video begins to play…obviously one that was taped before tonight’s PPV.

Courtesy of Action Wrestling Enterprises:

Tim Mason: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I am Timothy Mason and I’d like to welcome you to the WlARZONE! And joining me is my longtime partner the THUNDERSTORM himself! Tony Thunder!

Tony Thunder: Always a pleasure Mason! And an even greater pleasure here tonight is that we are joined here at the announce table by the fabulous one. The Femme Fatale. AWE’s only female EXTREME CHAMPION, Sylver Starr!

The name of the Extreme Champion brings a roar from the fans as the cameras cut away from the sight of the two familiar faces to show the platinum-haired demoness herself sitting at the table with a dazzling smile that shows off the cut of her very sharp canines

Sylver: It is MY pleasure to be hear tonight Tony! We have a great card here tonight but we will discuss that a little later because it seems it’s time for out opening match here tonight!

Mason: That’s right! And the opening match for tonight’s Warzone will be the first and last match here on AWE of the newly reunited BROTHERS OF THE BEAST!

The roar of the crowd becomes deafening at the mention of the three men who were widely considered the most dominant tag team in AWE history. The camera is quick to shift it’s focus from Mason to Sylver who has just begun to speak.

Sylver: The Brothers of the Beast are legends here in AWE and they are moving on to bigger and better things joining the GREATEST FED of all time! We wish them all the best in that voyage but with the departure of the Brothers of the Beast we have a chance to see an upcoming tag team earn a contract here tonight with AWE!

Thunder: That’s right, Sylver! Tonight marks the debut of the ASSPIRATES! Who will be facing the Brothers of the Beast tonight here to earn a contract with the AWE!

Mason: And the match will begin here and now!

With that push the cameras shifted from the scene at the announce table to pan across the crowd where a collection of signs can be seen as the fans all try to get a moment of notice on camera.





Then the camera finally settles on the entrance as the ASSPIRATES make their entrance absent any theme music or pyros.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first at a combined weight of WHO GIVES A FUCK is MATTHEW ARRRR and WHITEBEARD.. THE ASSPIRATES!

The camera narrows on each man individually to allow the fans to get acquainted with each individual for a moment. The man known as Matthew Arrrr is a thin fellow with an eye patch over one eye and a monocle in the other. He’s dressed in the classic poofy pants only instead of the classic shirt to match he’s wearing a Wendy’s shirt with “I Served Max Kael” written in permanent marker across it. Whitebeard wasn’t much better in physical stature or dress. Casually smiling at every man he passed and pointing at them then at his chin with a giggle and an eyelash bat on his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents! TYSON ROSS and JACOB MORGAN with JASON MIDNIGHT it is the BROTHERS OF THE BEAST!

The lights went out at once and the titantron screen came to life with a roar as a dragon can be seen soaring through the screen like it’s about to fly through the screen and as it gets close it’s mouth opens once more and a gout of flame erupts from it’s open maw as the pyros at the entrance stage blast into life creating a wall of fire that three members of the Brothers of the Beast seemingly walk out from on their way to the ring.

The crowd is roaring now as the Brothers make their way to the ring before sliding into it and getting set up with Jacob and Matthew Arrr starting the bout.


With the ring of the bell Jacob swings a hard fist to Matthew Arrrr’s jaw before doubling him over with a knee and hooking his arms and powering him up and rolling him up with a flip before sending him to the mat with a devastating powerbomb maneuver!


Thunder: It’s over! This one is over

A cocky pin by Morgan who simply places one massive foot on the chest of Matthew Arr as the referee makes the count



Ring Announcer: The winner of the match in 37 seconds … the Brothers of the Beast!

Sylver: What a horrible showing by the ASSPIRATES! I am glad we won’t ever be seeing those two in the ring again!

Thunder: You and me both, love.

Mason: Wait! What’s this going on in the ring?!

The camera is quick to switch it’s focus back to the ring where we see Matthew Arrr beginning to recover and rise to his feet. His tag team partner is gone as are the Brothers of the Beast with the exception of one man. Jason Midnight! Who is currently prowling the outside of the ring with a microphone waiting for Matthew Arr to rise fully.

The camera shifts to the entrance stage where we see the other two members of the Brothers of the Beast rolling an electric chair onto the stage. Matthew Arr who is fully recovered now is looking on with confusion clear in his eyes as Midnight lifts the microphone to speak

Midnight: Wait one moment… we’re going to give you a second chance, Mr…… Arrrrrr! If you can defeat ME in an ELECTRIC CHAIR match…. RIGHT NOW!

With that Midnight drops the microphone and storms the ring only for Matthew Arr to slip out of the ring and make a run towards the entrance ramp not even trying to fight.

Thunder: This is wild! Midnight vs Matthew Arr in an Electric Chair match!

Mason: And Matthew Arr has no intention of… WHAT THE FUCK?!

For as Matthew Arr attempts to make his escape a crazed fan manages to get over the guard rail and….

Sylver: WAIT! That’s LEE BEST! That’s LEE BEST the GOD OF HOW! What’s he doing here?!

Thunder: Lee! SIGN MY PENIS!


Mason’s sudden outcry is the result of seeing Lee Best hit the Lee Best Bottomline on Matthew Arr and laying the man out flat!

Mason: A LEE BEST BOTTOMLINE right to Matthew Arr! What the hell is going on here?! Why is Lee Best here on AWE?! And OH MY GOD!! Is that a pen?!

The camera’s go back to the laid out Matthew Arr  who it is clear has the trademark Bottomline Pen still protruding from where it’s been plunged into his eye. Lee Best is quick to make his escape by casually walking away as Midnight prowls up the ramp to the fallen Matthew Arr and grabs him by the wrist and drags him along casually towards the Electric Chair!. He straps the clearly incapacitated Matthew Arr into the electric chair and then hits the switch sending several thousand volts of shock through the man causing him to cry out in pain. A bell rings though one never rung to begin the match and Midnight is handed the blank contract from Jacob Morgan and Midnight smiles lightly before Tyson Ross provides a lighter and Midnight sets the contract on fire and drops it into the lap of Matthew Arr!

Thunder: JESUS! It is a bad night for Matthew Arr.. the Ripper. The Lee Best Bottomline Pen through the eye. The Electric Chair and now he’s been set on fire with the contract he failed to earn! AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGININNING OF THE WARZONE!

*End Feed*

Budweiser presents True Wrestling on HOTv coming in November!

HOW ICON Title Match
Graystone vs. Max Kael©

Mental Ward Match

Joe Hoffman: Well, folks, tonight have already been disturbing, vicious and perhaps more violent then our last trip out here to Alcatraz .. but all that you have seen before may not amount to what we see next..

Benny Newell: Graystone the Tiger Slayer vs. Maximillian Fail, ICON Idiot in a Mental Ward match!

Joe Hoffman: As some of you may be aware Max Kael and Graystone have been locked in the Hospital wing of the Alcatraz Island Prison for the past two weeks. Earlier last week HOWrestling.com lost all contact with the facility and Lee Best had the doors barred.

Benny Newell: It was for their protection! After all we wouldn’t some rival company running in here and beating them up while they were.. uh.. mentally incapable of defending themselves! Look what PCW did back home!

Joe Hoffman: Irregardless of what the reasoning was, and I do not believe for a moment Lee ordered the doors closed for the protection of Max Kael and Graystone, earlier today the doors were opened once again and ten of the EPU’s finest went into figure out what was going on. We haven’t heard from them since..

Benny Newell: This is real Horror Movie shit let me tell you. Thank god for Expendable Mexican Referees!

Joe Hoffman: Let me apologize to the Latino Community first and then let’s head down to the Hospital Wing to see if.. well if this ICON match is going to happen or not.

Back at the entrance to the Alcatraz Hospital Mental Ward, Joel Hortega and his Camera Crew stand ready to enter the hospital and start the match for the ICON Championship between Graystone and Max Kael. Hortega looks into the doors which were opened earlier by EPU security agents though he looks hesitant to enter without lights.

Joe Hoffman: I’ve received word that Hortega refused to enter the medical wing without lights so some of the HOW maintained staff have been working hard to get the power up for the facility which was cut off last week during the quarantine.

Benny Newell: Fuck’n Hortega, afraid of a little dark! Get in there and find those two idiots!

Joel Hortega is speaking Spanish into a walkie talkie for a few moments when the lights suddenly flicker to life in the old Mental Ward portion of the hospital wing. The long hallway set out before the crew with brown stains of age marking the otherwise tope walls. Hortega cross himself and enters followed by the camera crews who stay relatively close.

Nearing the Main Operation room within the facility they notice a pair of legs laying in the door way. As they step through it becomes obvious that the legs belong to the Captain of the EPU agents sent in. He appears to have been brutally beaten but still alive. Along the far wall the other ten officers, doctors and nurses can be seen lined up behind a pile of broken furniture.

Each person has been propped up in a specific way and as the camera focuses on the scene it appears as though whoever did it was making a life portrait of Da Vinci’s famous “The Last Supper” painting with one man slouched forward in the place of Jesus in the center.

Joe Hoffman: Well.. that’s disturbing.

Benny Newell: I don’t know.. the nurse on the far left is kinda hot in a beaten woman sort of way.

Joe Hoffman: BENNY!

Suddenly the man slumped forward in the center snaps up with a menacing smile etched on his dirty, grim stained face. Max Kael.

Max Kael: I am the way?

Rising slowly from his make shift table and flanked on either side by the incapacitated EPU and medical staff representing his “apostles”, Max’s eyes lock onto Hortega. There is a moment of hesitation on Max’s part before he clamors over the junk pile and starts to charge toward Hortega with a wild look in his eyes. Hortega immediately turns and begins to run away not wanting to get caught by Maximillian Kael!

Benny Newell: Look at that Mexican Run! No wonder they keep getting past our border patrols!

Joe Hoffman: Benny! Really that isn’t necessary, once again I would like to extend a very personal apology on the behalf of HOW to any Latino views right now!

Hortega turns a corner and freezes when he comes face to face with Graystone who is looking as equally unhealthy and scruffy looking as Max. Cradled against his chest is the ICON championship belt. Hortega stumbles back and falls on his ass looking up at Graystone who seems off in his own little world.

Graystone: I ate the cricket because it wouldn’t stop talking to me..

Graystone slowly looks down at Hortega with a sad expression on his face. He holds out the title and lets it fall to the ground just as Max Kael turns the corner. The two lock eyes as Hortega takes the chance to scramble away.

Max slowly cocks his head to the side while Graystone licks his lips showing off yellowing teeth. Like two rams fighting over a mate the two men look down at the ICON title.. and then charge each other.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Max Kael and Graystone is going to happen and Joe Hortega is lucky to have gotten out of the way when he did! There is no telling what these two men will do to each other!

Benny Newell: I love a good hospital brawl!.. I need more Jack Daniels!

As Benny can be heard asking around for a bottle of Jack Daniels, Max Kael and Graystone collide with a series of stiff punches to each other’s head. As soup bones fly neither man seems to give any ground, both probably pushed beyond the mental fear of pain. Graystone, however, proves to be slightly faster then Max and lands more blows forcing the Minister back after a flurry of right hands catches Max across the temple.

As Graystone continues to hammer Max, the Minister offers up a sudden momentum changer by booting Graystone in the crotch. Falling to his knees holding his groin, Graystone lets out a high pitched wail.

Joe Hoffman: Not even a minute into this bout and already Max Kael has decided to kick Graystone in the groin. This does not bode well for either man! What do you think Ben-.. Benny?

While Joe is left wondering where Benny wandered off to the action in the mental wing continues. Max grabs Graystone by the hair and slowly drags him toward a door way to a small empty office. Graystone’s head is bounced off a brink wall causing him to stumble back holding his face. Not wanting to give up his advantage Max presses on clubbing Graystone across the face with a double axe handle before covering up his opponent!




Joe Hoffman: A near fall from Max Kael within the first two minutes! Great awareness shown by Graystone after having his head bounced off a brick wall!

Max rolls Graystone over and grabs his hair before slamming his head into the white floor!


Again Max slams Graystone’s face into the floor.


Max stands up before kicking Graystone directly into the ribs causing Graystone to suck wind and roll back onto his back clutching his chest! Max Kael drops down for the pin once again glaring at Graystone’s face.




Once again Graystone manages to get his shoulder up at the last moment which only further irritates Max Kael to jumps up to his feet and stalks down the hallway looking for something to use as a weapon. Graystone coughs loudly as air is allowed back into his lungs.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone is really taking a beating here courtesy of Max Kael and while he has managed to kick out thus far I am not sure for how much longer Graystone can keep it up against the ICON Champion.. Where the hell are you, Benny?

Graystone leans up against the near by wall while Max Kael can be seen moving back toward him with what looks like a broken piece of furniture.

Max Kael: You are NOTHING to me!

Lifting it over his head Max Kael swings the broken chair leg at Graystone’s head!


Graystone manages to duck his head in time as the chair leg strikes against the hard, concrete wall. The shock of striking the wall rattles Max’s hands and arms causing him to drop the broken leg and let out a yell of pain. Looking at his hands as if they had deceived him, Max sinks to his knees.

Graystone, who is still slightly dazed from the assault on his head earlier, grabs the wooden chair leg and uses it to support him as he stands up. Max notices and tries to grab at it but his arms are still suffering from the shock of his earlier missed hit and Gray easily manages to shrug Max off.

As the ICON champion stumbles back Graystone blasts him across the chest with the wooden leg causing Max to fall back clutching his chest as the air is knocked out of his lungs.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone with a thunderous strike across Max’s chest that might have been enough to cave in the ICON champions chest! Good lord!

The sound of Benny Newell getting his headset back on is heard.

Benny Newell: Ok back! What did I miss?!

As Max writhes on the floor holding his chest while gasping Graystone tosses the wooden chair leg away and puts his foot square on Max’s chest while leaning forward to put more pressure on it. Max squirms violently but without any air in his lungs he is unable to scream.

While clawing at Graystone’s foot Hortega notices that Max’s shoulders are technically down for a cover and he drops down.




Realizing his situation despite panicking under Graystone’s foot Max manages to escape elimination by rolling his shoulder up while grabbing a hold of Graystone’s leg. Graystone relents and lifts his foot as Max coughs loudly and rolls onto his chest to protect himself. Graystone stumbles back a few feet and reaches down to the ICON title which is still lying in the hall.

Clutching it to his own chest, Graystone stumbles down the hall past Max into the main operation room. Max attempts to reach out and grab Graystone as he passes but he is still having too much of a coughing fit to do anything about it for the moment.

Joe Hoffman: Well it appears that Graystone is trying to get away with the Title despite the fact the match isn’t even over yet..

Benny Newell: The match was over before it ever began! Graystone has an eye for these sort of things and Lee Best probably told him if he could get his hands on the Title and they could have it! And the idiot probably believed him!

Joe Hoffman: Are you saying a member of the Best Alliance is an idiot?

There is hesitation in Benny’s voice for a moment as he considers this before going back on what he was saying.

Benny Newell: Uh.. no! Of course not! I was just speaking in generalities..

Joe Hoffman: Right. Well for whatever reason Graystone has headed back down to the operations room in the Hospital Wing, a little out of the Mental Ward area.

Max slowly drags himself up to his feet and uses the wall as support as he slowly continues after Graystone with a look of malice on his face. A small line of blood trails down from Max’s lips as he appears to have coughed up a little blood while on the floor.

As the camera follows him he makes his way into the Operation Room, a large room with a single metal table in the center of it and several glass medical cases all around it showing the drugs and tools available to the doctors. Graystone has his back turned toward one of the cabinets which appears to be opened.

Max coughs loudly again before hacking some blood onto the floor before limping toward his opponent. Graystone turns around wielding a bone saw with a flash of madness on his dry lipped grin. Max immediately stops his advance and backs up slightly at the sight of the new weapon.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone is bringing.. a Bone Saw into this fight!?

Benny Newell: You cut him, Graystone! You cut him good! Drink!

As Benny can be heard taking a drink off his bottle of Jack Daniels, Graystone charges toward Max with the bone saw in hand laughing hysterically. Max manages to duck out of the way as Graystone strikes the wall only to spin around still deeply in hysterics.

Benny Newell: HaHaH!

Joe Hoffman: What the hell are you doing!?

Benny Newell: What?..his laugh is contagious..

Graystone swings at Max again this time nicking his shoulder. Max lets out a scream and falls back against one of the class cabinets as Graystone continues to attack. Graystone tries to drive the bone saw down at Max’s head however the ICON manages to counter tackle Graystone to the ground as the bone saw flies out of his hand and clatters to the ground.

Both men continue to fight each other on the floor as they try to land close quarter strikes on each other. Max head butts Graystone leaving both men dazed as they release their hold on each other and roll away.

Shaking the daze out of his head, Max looks up at a cabinet and sees with several large glass jars in it. Noticing that Graystone was trying to crawl toward the bone saw, Max slithers back up to his feet, crawling at his own chest as he smashes the glass case with his fist sending sharp shards into his skin.

Joe Hoffman: Max Kael sacrificing his own potential health to get at a weapon while Graystone recollects that damn bone saw! These men are going to kill each other Benny!

Benny Newell: I know! Wanna drink!?

Joe Hoffman: This is sick!

Once again Benny takes another shot as Max Kael grabs one of the jars inside containing random metal bits of shrapnel picked out of past patience. As Graystone gets back up to his feet with the bone saw, Max hurls the jar toward his opponents head!


The glass jar shatters on the side of Graystone’s head knocking the challenger to the ground in a shower of sharp objects. The bone saw skids across the room as Max Kael limps forward for the cover..



Kick out!

Joe Hoffman: For the third time in this engagement Graystone manages to throw his arm up to avoid a three count! Max seems beside himself as he climbs back up to his feet and starts to pull at his hair in frustration!

Benny Hoffman: There is a reason Lee has chosen Graystone to deal with Max Kael! Max can not keep Graystone down! The man is inhumane!

Joe Hoffman: I think you were looking for Inhuman but inhumane also fits..

Blood begins to slowly ooze across Graystone’s face from several lacerations caused by the jar. Max uses his bleeding hand to pick up his opponent. Max grabs Graystone’s face and smears the blood away with a dreadful glare.

Max Kael: What do I have to do!? WHAT!?

Spitting in Graystone’s face, Max cinches him up and prepares to hit the Singularity on Graystone!

Suddenly Graystone hits a knee raise to Max’s face followed by a stiff punch fighting mostly out of desperation at this point! Max is forced to release Graystone before he charges forward again..


Graystone hits a Belly to Belly suplex using Max’s momentum to swing him over head. Max lands in a heap in the broken glass and bits of metal as he lets out a horrid scream, rolling around on the floor like a worm in salt. Graystone falls to his knees catching his breath as blood pours across his face.

Joe Hoffman: Kael getting dropped on that hard, unforgiving floor covered in all manner of awful sharp objects! I hope both men have had their tetanus shots up to date, that’s for sure!

Benny Newell: Hey, maybe Max hasn’t and he will finally get Lock Jaw! Wouldn’t that be fun?

The ICON Champion lets out another agonizing yelp as he tries to get back up to his feet. As he does so Graystone moves in again hitting a strong left hook across Max’s face sending the Minister stumbling back into a near by glass cases, blood smearing on it from the hundreds of little cuts caused by the broken glass. Graystone stalks forward and hits a stiff knee to Max’s gut followed by a sharp elbow to the side of the head which knocks Max to the ground.

Graystone yanks Max up off the ground and cradles his head into a DDT planting Max square into the hard floor! Max slouches on the ground before rolling onto his back, his eyes staring off into oblivion. Graystone picks himself back up and moves toward the cabinet next to them. He looks down at Max as he wipes some blood out of his eyes before pushing the cabinet over!


Joe Hoffman: OH GOD! Graystone just pushed that whole metal and glass cabinet filled with old medical tools and jars onto Max Kael!  The Champion is buried under probably three hundred pounds of broken glass and steel!

Graystone begins to kick the pile of rubble with Max Kael under it while Hortega moves to get a better look of Max underneath it.

Joe Hoffman: I.. Max isn’t moving under all that glass! Hortega can’t seem to get a good view of him and Graystone isn’t stopping! This is sick! Someone pull Graystone out of there so Hortega can check on Max! He could be seriously injured!

Benny Newell: Calm down Joe! Have a drink for Christ Sake, it’s not like Max was a saint or anything..

Joe Hoffman: However true that statement is and however much Max Kael may have deserved that there is still a human being under all that!

Benny Newell: Prison Justice, Hoffman. I think you are probably too soft to be in a prison of any kind unless you have someone to look after your ample posterior.

Joe Hoffman:..what?

Back in the operation room Hortega is seen pulling the metal cabinet off Max as the sound of glass breaking and steel scrapping together can be heard. Graystone has gotten down on all fours and is laughing maniacally at this point. As Hortega manages to finally drag the majority of the cabinet off, Max Kael’s lacerated body can be seen curled into a ball covered in glass, scalpels, tweezers and other sharp surgical tools.

Graystone throws caution to the wind and grabs a hold of Max’s body dragging him out of the mess before dropping down for a cover…





Max manages to throw his shoulder up at the last time leaving Graystone without the win!

Joe Hoffman: How the hell did Max do that!?

Benny Newell: HE didn’t! Graystone won! Damn that Mexican! Graystone won!

Graystone lies across Max’s chest and shakes his head as blood drips onto the floor mixing with Max Kael’s own blood. Sighing, Graystone leaned back onto his knees and looked down at Max Kael who barely shows signs of life.

Pulling himself back up to his feet, Graystone hobbles over to the ICON title which had been deposited next to one of the cabinets. Picking it up he turns to look at Max Kael who is starting to stir once again.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone looks to be lining Max Kael up for a strike from the ICON championship.. then maybe this can be mercifully over..

Benny Newell: Hey now! Don’t say that.. I wouldn’t mind seeing Max Kael get the shit kicked out of him a little more..

Max picks himself up but appears barely able to stay on his feet as blood drips down his back and across his chest from several deep cuts. Turning slowly to look at Graystone just as the ICON title comes flying at his face..


Max drops to his knees and head butts Graystone straight into the groin! Graystone topples over as the ICON title clatters away. Graystone lets out a high pitched whine before falling to the side clutching himself.

Getting a second wind, Max Kael scrambles up to his feet and zombie runs toward the title, snatching it up before he collapses through the exit of the operation room. Hortega is not sure what to make of it as Graystone looks up and starts to claw his way after Max dragging himself across the ruined operation room.

Joe Hoffman: Now I guess it’s Max Kael’s chance to run away with the ICON championship!

Benny Newell: That fucktard stole the ICON Title!

Joe Hoffman: Well technically it is his title still..

Benny Newell: That’s bullshit! Did you see Max hit Graystone in the crotch!? What kind of fair play is that!?

Joe Hoffman: Benny.. this is a freaking Mental Ward match! It’s about as Fair and Balanced as Fox News!

Benny Newell: Fox News is Fair and Balanced!

Joe Hoffman: Good lord..

Benny takes a shot as Graystone manages to get back up to his feet and hobbles after Max Kael. Hortega follows keeping his distance not wanting to get taken out by some random heavy object that might be lobbed down the hallway at Graystone.

Following the path of dripped blood, Graystone reenters the Mental Facility where the bodies of the EPU and Medical Staff are lined up..

Suddenly the body of the EPU Captain from earlier flies out of the shadows and collides with Graystone knocking him to the ground. Struggling to get out from under the heavy body of the captain, Graystone doesn’t notice Max walking toward him holding the ICON title and a police baton.

As Graystone manages to shove the captain away and stand back up he is completely blindsided by Max Kael who blasts him the back of the head!

Graystone goes rigid for a moment before he falls forward in a heap. Max Kael does a little dance around Gray before he stumbles toward the pile of furniture making up the make shift table he was seated at earlier. Grabbing a chair he walks towards a large full wall window and hurls the chair at it.

The glass shatters outward as the roar the sound of the night wind blows through the room. Max moves forward and kicks at a few of the old metal bars making it impossible to fully fall out of the window. After a few tries one of the rustier bars breaks free. Max giggles to himself before he turns around, moving toward Graystone.

Hortega warns Max not to through Graystone out the window however Max pays him little attention as he pets Graystone’s blood slick hair while dragging him toward the broken window. Max picks up the ICON title and slips it over his shoulder as he prepares to toss Graystone out the window.


Joe Hoffman: Graystone manages to save himself from going out the window just now! My god I thought Max was going to send Graystone flying out the window and onto the hard pavement two and a half stories below!

Benny Newell: Thank god he didn’t, Lee Best would have had Max for fucking Brea-



Benny Newell: FUCK ME!

Joel Hortega looks as confused as everyone else as he sees his two match participants fly out the window. After a few seconds he rushes out of the room, down the hall out the hospital doors and down a flight of stairs before exiting out into the open night air where the bodies of Max Kael and Graystone lay prone.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone just.. he..

Benny Newell: Say it! Graystone just killed himself and Max Kael! Lee Best said he was bringing in Graystone to deal with Max Kael and he was right! Maybe it cost him Graystone but.. he fucking just killed Max Kael!

Joe Hoffman: Folks I.. I don’t know..

Graystone twitches as Hortega moves in to inspect both men. Suddenly Max rolls over to his side and coughs up blood while his back leaves a blood stain on the pavement. He reaches out and grabs the ICON title, holding it to his chest as he slowly drags himself away. Gray slowly begins to sit up though its clear both men are near there limit it seems that their limit is beyond what other peoples limits are!

Joe Hoffman: How the hell are these two men still moving!?

Benny  Newell: Well Graystone is awesome but I am not sure what the fuck is keeping Max moving..

Graystone turns his head as pain wracks his face. He sees Max slowly crawling away, drool and blood leaking down his lips. Graystone slowly turns to give pursuit though both them are barely able to move at this point. Hortega follows both men as they make their way at a snails pace past the light house heading toward the West Road and beyond that, the Golden Gate Cliffs.

Max slowly gets to his feet, albeit a touch unbalanced and shuffles downhill toward the cliffs apparently now simply wanting to get away from Graystone. Graystone continues to follow as the camera crew and referee Joel Hortega follow. Looking like two deranged Zombies the bloodied Max Kael and Graystone move with a strange sort of stiffness making them appear awkward and inhuman.

Nearing the cliffs Max finally turns and braces for Graystone who continues to barrel straight into Max! Both men flip over the crash over the side of the cement road and roll through the vegetation with each with one hand on the ICON title and the other one each other’s throats. Hortega is forced to follow them though is more careful in his approach as he is followed by the camera crew.

Joe Hoffman: Where the hell are they going now?!

Benny Newell: I think Max was pussying out and trying to get away! But Graystone caught him and is going to finally end this god damn match!

As the camera tries to follow the two of them tumbling over rocks and through bushes it finally catches a last glimpse of them both hit the edge of the cliff!

Joe Hoffman: Did they both go over the cliff!?

Benny Newell: I don’t know, Hoffman, I am watching the same thing you are for fucks sake!

Hortega and the camera crew carefully make their way down toward where the two men were seen last. As they arrive they find Graystone, bloodied and beaten holding onto the ICON title which is half hanging over the cliff..

As the camera moves over it can be seen that Max Kael is hanging onto the other end of the ICON title with both hands while dangling in the air. It is clear both men are exhausted however neither appears willing to release the ICON championship..

Max Kael: Graystone! Don’t let me fall! Don’t let me die!

Max pleas can be heard drifting off into the night as he fights to keep a hold of the leather strap. Graystone grits his teeth and tries his best to keep his hold on the title while casting a glance over the side at Max.

Graystone: Give up and I’ll help you..

There is a look of shock painted on Max’s bloody visage as he looks at Graystone. The shock turns to anger as he sneers at his opponent. Max turns his eyes toward camera then to Hortega as it is clear Minister is in control.

Max Kael:.. FINE! WE QUIT!. You’re ICON champion now! NOW HELP US UP!


Joe Hoffman: Graystone wins via Submission!


Graystone releases the ICON championship as Max’s face changes back into horror. Both Max and the ICON Championship disappear into the night followed by a loud splash from below. Graystone collapses to the side of the cliff as Hortega can be seen screaming for help.

Graystone: ..Who cares about the ICON title…

Joe Hoffman: M..w..h.

Benny Newell: ….drink?

The action quickly fades to another advertisement as everyone is literally in a state of shock.


December 7th Lee Best leads HOW to MSG in an event so massive that yes the hype has begun already

Last Inmate of Alcatraz

The screen goes static as a large CPN logo comes onto the screen and a special report then shows up onto the screen also. Sitting behind a desk is a young woman ready to deliver a special news report. Her name is Sarah Daniels and she is a news anchorwoman for Chicago Public News, the headline that reads below her is ‘The Last Inmate of Alcatraz?’ as the music stops and she is ready to begin her story

Sarah Daniels: Good evening, I am Sarah Daniels from Chicago Public News with this special report. As local wrestling federation gears up this weekend to take over the abandoned Alcatraz prison for their yearly Pay Per View, Rumble at the Rock, the prison seems to have gathered a new inmate, the first in almost 46 years. With the story from Alcatraz, here is John Burns.

The story moves live to Alcatraz prison where John Burns is standing outside the prison, behind him the recreational grounds where we can see in the background Aceldama, looking rather messing in his same shirt he wore when entering, covered in sweat, jogging around the grounds.

John Burns: Thanks Sarah, as High Octane Wrestling gears up to take over this prison on Monday night there have been a few that have arrived here early. Wrestlers Graystone and Max Kael arrived here almost a week ago and entered into the mental ward, where since then, they have been running amuck but on Saturday the High Octane World Champion arrived for his first visit to Alcatraz and since then has been STAYING in the D-block within Alcatraz. He slept the past two nights within a cell in the block, has refused any special treatment, even rejecting food. He has only been eating bread and drinking water, the stable diet of those who stayed in its walls over 46 years ago. He only allows himself out of his cell for two hours each day, where he runs the grounds and pushes weights given to him by the guards who still remain holding security on the island.

Sarah Daniels: Any reason as to why he has decided to lock himself up within a cell?

John Burns: Sources close to the prison have told us that Aceldama, real name Wolfgang Bruggemann felt some sort of ‘connection’ to the prison, going back to his 15 years in San Quentin prison for suspected murder and rape of a thirteen year old child. He is quoted in saying that ‘He wanted to feel at home within its walls’ and that his victory over his opponent Trent he would be doing ‘For all the lost souls who still roam the walls of Alcatraz’

Sarah Daniels: Sounds like he is in no frame of mind currently?

John Burns: Guards keeping watch over him have been talking to me about his behaviour since arriving on Saturday. They say he refuses to wash, has not changed his clothes since arrival and all he does is work out and more alarmingly seem to ‘talk’ to what he says are the ‘lost souls of Alcatraz’. Wolfgang has been in the centre of a sabotage scheme it seems as he has ran out of favour with the owner of the federation Lee Best as his assets have been frozen. But also his apartment went up in flames and he witnessed his friend lose a leg in an incident which seemed to be an attempt on his life. Add to that the pressures with losing his world title and you have a man on edge Sarah.

Sarah Daniels: John Burns reporting from Alcatraz, thank you. Now to our other news in the area…..

The screen goes back to static and as it returns we switch live to within the D-block of Alcatraz prison. Fans have gathered and took their places within the cells on the ground level; many are chanting the name of Aceldama, who remains within a cell on the higher tier. We see John McGovern, the head of the project of restoration to Alcatraz and the man who welcomed Aceldama to Alcatraz on Saturday walking in between two guards, he is holding something in his hands as he climbs the stairs and across the meshed walkway to the cell holding Aceldama. We see Aceldama with his back against the cell bars, still wearing his clothes he wore on Saturday, covered in sweat and dirt. The cell bars move open and John walks inside.

John McGovern: Aceldama, it is time.

Aceldama: Do you hear them? They are calling for me, they want me to win. The lost souls of Alcatraz.

John McGovern: No, that is the fans gathered downstairs, they are ready for you.

Aceldama: Funny, never had fans chanting my name before. Be with you in a minute, there is something I need to do.

The camera moves to see what Aceldama is doing. He us using a butter knife to scroll into the wall his name, Wolfgang Bruggemann and the date he arrived and left the cell.

Aceldama: There, the final inmate of Alcatraz leaves his cell, to freedom? Who knows?

Aceldama stands up and turns around. His hair is tatty and a mess, he has not shaven in days and it is beginning to grow, his lips are all chapped and beaten and his shirt is a mass of sweat, the smell overpowering.

John McGovern: I noticed you don’t have your wrestling attire with you, I found this down in the museum area. It is the jumpsuit worn by the last inmate to step out of that cell; I want you to have it.

John hands Aceldama a very old looking jumpsuit and places it into his hands. Aceldama unfurls it and looks at it. In big writing on the back it reads ‘Alcatraz Maximum Security Prison’ and the prison number 13666, Aceldama drops the jumpsuit in horror.

John McGovern: Everything ok? It is alright for you?

Aceldama: Yea its fine, it’s just…..the number. It was my number at San Quentin. It was as if I was made to be the final man to own it. I feel more at home here than ever.

John McGovern: It seems the fates are in your hands tonight.

Aceldama: They are, now let’s go and make them come true. Trent enters MY home tonight, but he will not leave with the biggest prize of them all.

John McGovern: The title?

Aceldama: No……his life.

Aceldama turns around and begins to run the cold water from the sink and throw it across his face, then takes the water in his palm and begins to slick his hair back and removing his shirt, almost stuck to his back as the camera moves away and pans downwards to see all the fans gathered within the cells as they are still chanting Aceldama’s name as they lead the World Champion out of the prison and to the starting point of the World Championship match….the docks.


You think I forgot bout this one..cmon….It gets me thru the cold Chicago winters..

HOW World Title Match
Trent vs. Aceldama©

Last Man Standing Match

We return to Joe Hoffman and a very drunk, barely awake Benny Newell as they prepare for the Main Event at Rumble at the Rock.

Joe Hoffman: well.. I.. I don’t know what to say after the last match.

Benny Newell: .. balls. Lee isn’t going to be happy come the draft.. we’re.. we’re just not doing well right now.

Joe Hoffman: Do you realize a man was just dropped off a cliff? That there is an entire medical team checking on the dozen or so people in the mental facility right now? Do you realize how hurt a lot of people are right now because of this PPV?

Benny Newell: Let me ask you a question Joe…

Benny lets out a large fart and slumps forward on the desk giggling to himself.

Joe Hoffman: How mature of you. Well folks, I guess it’s time for us to head to the Main Event now. Aceldama vs. Trent has been building up for weeks with Aceldama appearing as the dominate force here in HOW. Many people expected Aceldama to sweep into Rumble at the Rock II and handily deal with Trent as a cha-

Benny Newell: What!? Bullshit! With Lee.. with Lee in his corner Trent is going to destroy Aceldama and bring the World Title home to the Best Alliance!

Joe Hoffman: Indeed.. it does seem that there have been some second thoughts from critics and journalists alike about the nature of the match and Aceldama’s chances of walking out Champion. This is compounded by the actual nature of the match where the goal is to take your opponent, beat them unconscious and drag them into the Infirmary which.. may or may not be in working order after the ICON title match..

The scene flashes to an overhead shot of the island taken by a helicopter as it circles.

Joe Hoffman: The match can start of anywhere with the two opponents battling to the Infirmary. We, just as you the viewers, have not been allowed to know where this match will be taking place but I am being informed right now that Aceldama and Trent have been moved to their starting destination where the match will begin presently..

The helicopter flies low over the main docks where the EPU can be seen standing in a ring with two men in the center, their faces covered with black hoods. We get changed over to a camera on the ground as we have a better look of the two men who are carefully hooded. Trent clearly stands head and shoulders over Aceldama however with both men hooded they had no chance of knowing where the other was.

Two members of the EPU step forward and grab the hoods but do not remove them yet.

Joe Hoffman: Alright ladies and gentlemen.. mercifully the last match of the night is here.. unfortunately I sense there will be no real mercy utilized in it..

In one swift motion the hoods are removed with Trent and Aceldama looking around slightly confused as the light stings their eyes. It does not take long for both men to recognize each other though and the fight is on!

Trent swings a massive meat hook toward Ace who manages to duck under it before striking a few swift blows to the big man’s lower body. Trent, given his size and stature however doesn’t seem to take notice as he takes another swing at Ace! The world champion darts away yet again and manages to stick a few more jabs to his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Ace is going with a smart strategy in the early going here by trying to wear down the much larger man.

Benny Newell: This is stupid, Trent just grab him by the head and squish it into goo you fucking giant you!

Ace moves in and reigns down a few more stiff shots to Trent’s lower body followed by a strong left hook across Trent’s jaw that seems to stun the big man for a second. Ace keeps pushing and hits a stiff lariat across Trent’s chest which takes the big man down onto the hard wood dock!

Ace jumps back up to his feet and begins to put the laces to the downed giant who is still stinging from the smaller mans rabid assault. Ace drops a knee across Trent’s face followed but a stiff kick to the challenger’s jaw which sends Trent sprawling once again. Satisfied that he has kept the big man down for the moment Aceldama turns to one of the EPU men standing in the circle and demands to know which direction to get to the infirmary.

Joe Hoffman: If Aceldama can keep this up then Trent really doesn’t have a chance! Staying with the stiff hits and quick attacks is going to pay off in the long run for Aceldama who can not match power with the big man.

Benny Newell: Come on Trent, you big fucking tub of lard, get your ass up and tear Aceldama’s  heart out!

With a direction to flow Ace shoves the EPU member aside and turns his attention back to Trent who is starting to get up once again. Closing in on his opponent Aceldama grabs the big man by the head and starts to lead him off the docks toward the road leading up to the main prison.

While walking with Trent in a side headlock Aceldama is unable to properly divide his attention and he is given a few stiff elbows from Trent for his trouble. Ace eventually breaks the hold and turns just in time to get a gigantic heart punch from Trent which catches Ace square in the chest!

Joe Hoffman: Good lord! A heart punch for a monster like Trent! Aceldama is down and in obvious agony.. Christ almighty, Trent might have thrown Aceldama into cardiac Arrest!

Benny Newell: That’s using your brains you big, drugged up killing machine! Take him out Trent! Take him out!

Trent can’t here Benny but its clear he is motivated to take Aceldama out just the same. Picking up a near by rock, Trent moves over to Ace and lifts it above his head. Ace is still holding his chest and appears to be having trouble breathing just as we see the rock being driving down toward Ace’s chest!


The stone shatters on the pavement as Aceldama is able to roll out of the way. Trent looks unimpressed as he lifts his foot and stomps down at where Ace had rolled too. Trent’s foot lands square on Aceldama’s chest which causes the World Champion to let out a blood curdling roar of pain!

Joe Hoffman: The Champion is obviously suffering from some extremely excruciating pain right now but at least he avoided getting his head caved in!

Benny Newell: He probably would have preferred that, this could be a lot more painful and long term, Hoffman.

Benny takes another drink as Trent leans down and pulls Aceldama back up to his feet, the champion’s limbs hanging at his side. Shaking his head, Trent grabs Aceldama by the back of his head and the seat of his pants before spinning for a second. With all of his strength Trent sends Aceldama toward the white walls of the visiting center near the docks!


Aceldama’s body slaps against the wall as the prison jumpsuit wearing Aceldama crumbles to the ground. Trent cracks his neck and checks his nose to ensure its not bleeding before he waves over the EPU guys to help him with Aceldama.

A small utility cart with EPU markings on the side of it pulls up to Trent as he drags Aceldama up off the ground and throws him into the back of the cart. Climbing into the back as well he barks orders to the EPU to drive them up to the main prison.

Joe Hoffman: Now we see the greatest Weapon that Trent has in his corner for this match.. the Elite Protection Unit. ..keeping Aceldama safe from himself.

Benny Newell: Uh.. duh.. I.. I mean if.. ugh.. I think I am gonna throw up..

As the cart starts up the hill the sounds of Benny barfing into the headset can be heard. Trent keeps his eyes on Aceldama as the cart makes its way up the road past the old Officers Club. Trent takes a second to look up at it out of curiousity.


The moment’s distraction is enough to allow Aceldama to hit a stiff punch to Trent’s jaw that sends the big man tumbling over the side of the cart as it rounds the corner. Aceldama pulls himself up in the back of the still moving vehicle as the two EPU members driving turn around to figure out what all the commotion is.

Aceldama grabs both men by the heads and smash them together before he bails on the cart himself which smashes into the Officer’s club. Picking himself up, Aceldama looks back down the road as he sees Trent charging forward.

Joe Hoffman: By god, Aceldama manages to get himself out of that bad situation but now he has a 7 foot monster who is by no means easy to hurt charging toward him!

Benny Newell: Fuckin’ Flatten Him Already Tre-BUrgagahhlle

Benny throws up once again as Trent spears Aceldama to the hard concrete road before reigning down a few hammer like fists. The Champion is unable to cover himself up and feels each blast rattle his teeth. Trent roars down at Aceldama who has started to bleed from the mouth before he picks him up.

Slinging Aceldama over his shoulder Trent flips off the EPU cart which quietly smokes away imbedded into the side of the Officers Club and starts to hoof it up the steep hill.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Trent is just going to carry the World Champion up to the infirmary the old fashion way which, to his credit, is no easy task. But when the World Title is on the line what else are you going to do.

Aceldama, decked in his Alcatraz Prison Uniform, slowly regains his barrings and issues a few stiff elbows to the back of Trent’s head which forces the big man to drop Ace. Turning to pound on Ace again he finds the World Champion ready for him as a few right hooks stun the 7 footer!

Seeing a chance to hit a bigger move Aceldama takes a step back before hitting a BIG BOOT!

Joe Hoffman: The World Champion manages to knock the big man down with the biggest little big boot I have seen! Flexibility is the key there for a man the side of Aceldama!

Benny Newell: I.. wanna rock’nroll all night.. and Partay evury day!

Joe Hoffman: Benny? Have you gone delirious on me?.. why is your flask filled with glowing blue liquid?

Trent slams into the ground holding his jaw as Aceldama buys himself a moments reprieve from the raw power of Trent. Looking up toward the prison, Aceldama nuts up and reaches down, pulling the big man up into a fireman’s carry. Secured, Aceldama begins his own hustle up the path just as he was being carried a few moments ago.

As he begins to crest the hill the rear entrance to the prison and to the main dinning hall becomes visible. Exhausted, Aceldama is forced to drop Trent off to the side as he sinks to his knees to catch his breath. Unfortunately it seems Trent was content to allow Aceldama to carry him this far as he attacks quickly with a stiff knee to the side of Aceldama’s head. Dust is kicked up as Aceldama’s head slams off the ground where he stops moving.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama was dupped into carrying Trent the majority of the way up the hill and now he is paying for it with some brutality from Trent! For those of you wondering the Infirmary would be through those doors, down Broadway and then up onto the second level where Max Kael and Graystone had been earlier in the evening so.. the end COULD be near for one of these men.

Trent moves slowly around Aceldama who has started to try and crawl toward the dinning hall doors with bitter determination. Trent cruelly takes advantage and steps on Aceldama’s back using him like a step as he walks over him. Aceldama’s chest and gut are sandwiched under Trent’s weight while the air is squashed out of his lungs.

Trent steps on Aceldama a second time before he drops and elbow across Aceldama’s back potentially inflicting serious damage to the World Champion’s body. As Aceldama’s movements slow Trent picks up the World Champion by the scruff of his jumpsuits neck, dragging him up the stairs and in through the dinning hall doors.


Aceldama is sent sprawling through a few tables and steel chair set up for guests to eat at. The clattering echos all around them as the sound of the fans in the main cells one room can be heard. As Aceldama tries to get back up to his feet Trent can be seen stalking behind him, lazily picking up a steel chair and folding it up as he measures Aceldama.

Joe Hoffman: Trent looking after Aceldama with some evil intentions I think!


Aceldama is dropped back to the ground after being blasted in the back with a steel chair! Trent looks down at Aceldama as he squirms once again and tries to stand up. Trent smirks and lifts the chair up once again.


Swinging it down across Aceldama’s back, Trent cuts the World Champion down once again with weaponized ease. Still, despite the second chair shot Aceldama doesn’t seem willing to give up the ghost as he slowly starts to pick himself again. Cocking his head down at Ace Trent looks around before picking up the World Champion. Looking into Aceldama’s face Trent shakes his head..


Heaving Ace up by his neck, Trent smashes him through a near by dinning room table with a powerful choke slam! Leaning over to look at Aceldama to see if he has finally put the Champion down he is pleased to see that Ace is not moving.

Joe Hoffman: After two stiff chair shots and a chokeslam through a table I dare say the World Champion has been finished off by the dangerous Trent!

Benny Newell: Of course the bunnies were destine to win the world series.. OF COURSE.. kill’em Trent..

Joe Hoffman: Benny… are you feeling alright?

Trent scoops up Aceldama and carries him toward the main doors leading to Broadway. As he kicks open the doors the sound of the crowds in the cell block are almost deafening! Trent pauses to bask in their glory before moving toward the stair case at the far end of the facility.

Fans throw garbage, cloths, pillows, anything they can get their hands on down at Trent as he carries the prone World Champion down the center of Broadway. As he walks several EPU members pour out of the wood work to support the chosen champion of Lee Best.

Approaching the ring, Trent seems to want to show off a little. Rolling Aceldama’s prone body into the ring, Trent slides in after him and poses for a moment while Aceldama convulses for a moment but remains unmoving. Signally to finish Ace off with the Toke Driver he reaches down and pulls him up onto his shoulders..



Trent is taken off his feet by Aceldama as both men are laid out in the center of the ring! The EPU are unsure how to react and so they storm into the ring with stun rods and batons drawn! Trent seems completely in a daze having been caught off guard by the sudden attack while Aceldama has once again returned to his seemingly unconscious state!

Joe Hoffman: An.. an implausible counter that saved Aceldama just now but with the EPU closing in I don’t think he will have enough going for him to pull this victory!


Pulling Aceldama up the EPU begin to beat the hell out of him with their batons while a few others help Trent who is still dazed. The fans on Broadway roar their boos out as Trent is clearly shown to be in the care of the EPU.

Aceldama seems more or less helpless as the EPU crack their batons across his chest and head until they drop him off in the middle of the ring. By then Trent has managed to get back up to his feet and is glaring at Aceldama.

Joe Hoffman: Trent looks like he has something awful in mind for Aceldama. Now I do not agree with all that Aceldama has done in the past here in HOW, I don’t think he is a good person or even a decent one but I don’t condone what is happening right now, folks. Not one bit! Trent is going to win the title because he and Lee’s Private Army have decided so!

Snatching a stun rod from one of the EPU guards Trent demands that Aceldama is picked up and held for him. As the EPU answer his demands Trent is seen setting the stun capacity to max before he jabs it into Aceldama’s chest!

Ace’s screams almost drown out the crowd as Trent lays on the pain and the hurt to the World champion. The screams slowly die down along with Aceldama’s resistance after a few seconds of the horrific attack. Ace is dropped into the center of the ring where Trent picks him up..


Ensuring the champion is completely destroyed and beaten underfoot, Trent finishes him off with the toke driver.

Joe Hoffman: Trent adding insult to injury by finishing off the already unconscious Aceldama with his trademark Toke Driver. All that is left to do now is to roll the credits now folks..

Benny Newell: Rolling credits!? How do you smoke that?!

Trent instructs the EPU to bring Aceldama up to the Infirmary as he leads the way. The fans boos continue to rumble the building but Trent pays little attention as he wears a broad grin of a soon to be champion.

Making their way up the stairs the white line to allow them into the infirmary is laid out down the hall in front of him. The EPU drop Aceldama off and Trent grabs him by the back of his collar once again, dragging him down the hall toward the doctor and Referee Matt Boettcher who stand ready for him.

Dragging Aceldama over the line, Trent leaves him in the threshold as the doctor, in full surgical gear including hat, mask and scrubs, pushes his crash cart over to check on the fallen champion along with the Matt Boettcher. Trent smirks and lifts his arms into their air as he sees the doctor activating his crash cart after checking on the downed Aceldama.

Joe Hoffman: This is not looking good for the World.. well probably Former World Champion as the doctor is having to prepare the deliberators..


Matt Boettcher: WAIT! Wait…

Trent spins around and glares at referee who merely points to Ace’s feet which is still behind the line. Trent shoves Boettcher away and says something about fucking semantics.


The Doctor blasts Trent in the chest with the Deliberators the moment he tries to grab for Aceldama! Trent smashes against the far wall and slumps forward, small trails of smoke curling up from his chest as he falls forward! As we look back to the crash cart we see that the energy level was set to maximum output!

Joe Hoffman: The Doctor just.. just shocked the hell out of Trent! What the hell is going on?!

The doctor turns back down to Aceldama as he pulls a needle out of the crash cart filled with adrenaline. Jabbing it into Ace’s chest the Doctor then resets the deliberator for a safer level!

Doctor: One.. Two.. Three… Clear!

The Doctor sends a pulse into Aceldama’s chest that seems to have an immediate effect as the World Champion sits almost straight up gasping or breath. The Doctor quickly pushes the crash cart out of the way as Aceldama clamors back up to his feet and looks down at the slightly smokey Trent.

Joe Hoffman: Ace is up! I don’t know how but the World Champion is back on his feet after apparently being resuscitated by the doctor! Trent’s fortunes have gone from gold to lead in under a minute!

Aceldama leans down and picks up Trent who shoves Aceldama back! Showing some fight left in him Trent roars and grabs Aceldama by the neck with a killer look in his face.

Aceldama: Max.. taught.. me.. this..

Punt kicking as hard as he can, Aceldama sends his foot straight up into Trent’s junk causing the big man’s face to drain of color and release his grip.


The vicious Lariat cuts Trent down the rest of the way leaving him completely prone. Grabbing Trent by the leg, Aceldama quickly drags him back down he hall and over the white line!


Aceldama collapses as blood and sweat drip from his forehead. Holding his chest he is attended to by the Doctor who turned on and attacked Trent earlier in the match.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama wins! Aceldama Retains!

Benny Newell: FUCK! Pigmy Elephants are attack.. Run.. RUN!

The sound of Benny Newell dropping his head set and running off screaming can be heard in the background as the camera focuses on doctor who removes his mask..


Jatt Starr, the King of Jattlantis, has returned. Helping Aceldama back up to his feet, he helps the World Champion further into the infirmary where the World Title can be seen being collected by Matt Boettcher. Suddenly a shadowy figure steps in and collects the title from Matt and dismisses him.

As the figure steps forward Aceldama can be seen being handed the title.. by Mike Best.

Nodding to both Aceldama, he offers a gentle pat before Ace is taken by a few newly arrived medical staff members.

Joe Hoffman:.. JATT STARR AND MIKE BEST.. WORKING TOGETHER!? This.. This is Unbelievable! Folks on behalf of all the fine folks here at HOW I am Joe Hoffman signing out! Jatt Starr and Mike Best… What is in store for HOW!?

The show fades as Jatt Starr and Mike Best shake hands…and the fans cheer.

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