Mayhem: September 8th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
September 8th, 2008 – #HOW18
United Center – Chicago, Illinois

Commish Books some Matches…


Mayhem comes on the air live as we hear HOW Commissioner Narcotic on the mic and as the cameras zoom in we see Narcotic flanked in the center of the ring by Scottywood who will be challenging Chris Kostoff for the LSD title tonight.

The crowd is booing as Narcotic continues on the mic…

Narcotic: Before we kick off the second show here on the High Octane Television Network I wanted to come out here to discuss a few things that have been going on since I have been traveling around the world on behalf of Lee and HOW in general.

Nark looks back at Scotty who nods his approval as the Commish continues.

Narcotic: In the last few weeks we have seen several attacks on HOW superstars by unknown assailants. I say assailants because I have it on good authority that the person that has been on Shane Reynold’s ass and the person that has been taking out members of Team Epic each week are two totally different people. You may ask why are these attacks allowed and why hasn’t Lee done more to protect his wrestlers, well I am here to give you that answer.

Narcotic pauses again as the crowd begins to grow impatient with all the talk..

Narcotic: The answer to why we have allowed these attacks to continue is because quite frankly we WANT them to continue..

Narcotic smiles as the crowd is now booing very loudly. Scotty can be seen motioning towards the crowd to quite down but of course this just gets a louder response from the crowd, especially from the fans in the front row.

Narcotic: That is right folks these attacks have done nothing but benefit the Best Alliance and I can tell you personally that as long as the attacks are centered on Team Epic, Lee and I will not be doing anything to thwart these attacks and quite frankly we encourage them and to make sure they continue I am here to announce that the man that has been attacking Shane Reynolds will receive an ICON Title Shot versus Shane Reynolds at Rumble at the Rock……ONCE he shows his face of course.

The crowd actually cheers at this announcement that the Shane Reynolds stalker for the lack of a better term, will be facing Shane come Rumble at the Rock on October 13th.

Narcotic: Now, with that out of the way let me talk about the assailant that has been attacking the rest of Team Epic.

At this point the HOTv comes to life and a quick video plays showcasing the attacks on L.A. Riotz and Kenn Oddity over the past two weeks. As it ends the crowd begins booing loudly again as Narcotic continues.

Narcotic: I like someone that takes it upon themselves to make their mark here in HOW. For too long we have had people rely on Lee Best to make them stars. For someone to take it upon themselves to  shake things up really makes me respect this person without even knowing who this person is or where they came from. Who knows it could be Jatt Starr?

The crowd begins cheering loudly at the mention of the HOW Hall of Famer who for months has been teased about returning to the organization that gave him his world wide appeal.

Narcotic: Or maybe it’s Shocker…we never did see his body being buried did we?

The crowd has a very mixed reaction at the mention of the Best Alliance member and hometown hero.

Narcotic: The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter who the assailant is because they will be revealed soon enough and when they do Lee Best has instructed me to inform that person that they will be facing Bobbinette Carey at Rumble at the Rock, thus allowing the assailant the perfect opportunity and setting to take out the leader of the stable they have been targeting…Team Epic.

Again the crowd cheers at another RATR match being announced even though they do not know who will be facing their Team Epic favorites.

Narcotic: Finally I would just like to mention that my recent business trips have really brought about even more respect for Lee Best as I now understand what a grueling and tiring process it is to keep the business side of HOW alive and thriving. So when Lee called me to come back to Chicago tonight to special ref the upcoming LSD Title match I had no problems whatsoever.

The crowd boos loudly as Narcotic talks warmly about the HOW owner.

Narcotic: Tonight I am the man responsible for calling this LSD title match down the middle and tonight everyone on the roster will realize that besides the man himself, I am the most powerful man in HOW and from this moment forward the boys in the back are going to be held accountable for their actions and if they cannot carry their weight they will soon be exploring the free agency line as there are just too many people that want to be here and to have someone that doesn’t realize that it is a PRIVILEGE and NOT THEIR RIGHT to be in HOW would be a disservice to the men and women that have bled and sweated in this ring to bring HOW to the level it is at right now.

There is a smattering of cheers for the last comments by the HOW Commish…

Narcotic: But enough talk…it’s time for action…and it’s time for me to earn these stripes!!

Fans cheer as Narcotic dusts off imaginary dirt off of his referee shirt as he and Scottywood turn towards the HOTv to wait for the arrival of the LSD Champion!!

LSD Title Match
Scottywood vs. Chris Kostoff

No Disqualification Match
Special Guest Referee: Narcotic

Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell officially welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem as all the attention has turned towards the entrance ramp where in mere seconds we will kickoff the second Mayhem under the HOTv umbrella.

Joe mentions that in the last 24 hours news broke that both title matches tonight would have Lee Best sponsored stipulations and that they are hardly fair.   Benny counters that they are in the best interest of the federation and Joe tells Benny he had it right with one word….BEST.

The Chicago crowd then erupts as Chris Kostoff makes his way out with the LSD title securely around his waist.   As Kostoff makes his way down to the ring Joe walks the viewer’s thru the last few weeks of events that led up to this match up including Scottywood attacking Kostoff disguised as Matt Boettcher and the throwing of Kostoff out of the United Center last week after Lee announced Scottywood would get the title shot tonight.

The crowd is still going apeshit as Kostoff enters the ring and blindly hands the LSD title to Narcotic who snatches it from Kostoff and immediately shows it to Scottywood who reaches out to grab it but is promptly tackled by Kostoff and Narcotic has no choice but to signal for the bell as the LSD Title Match is officially underway.

Scottywood, unprepared, continues to get pummeled as Kostoff uses his leverage to roll the two men out of the ring and begins working over Scottywood as Narcotic begins counting out the two men, but knowing he won’t count him out cause Scotty can’t win on a countout, Kostoff ignores the Commish and continues to beat on Scottywood even at one point executing a perfect powerbomb on the security guard rail.

As Scottywood screams in agony and holds his back Kostoff rolls back into the ring in an attempt to be a smartass at Narcotic who has long abandoned the count but as he does that Narcotic lands a wicked kick to the temple sending the LSD Champ crashing to the outside.

The crowd is booing loudly as Narcotic rolls out of the ring and helps Scottywood to his feet and rolls him into the ring and then proceeds to roll Kostoff into the ring and as Scotty makes the cover Narcotic makes the quick count but is only able to get to 2 much to the delight of the Chicago crowd.

Both LSD Champion and contender rise together and begin exchanging blows but as Kostoff starts to gain the upper hand Narcotic intervenes and nails Kostoff with a chop block from behind and blames his shoe being untied as the reason which brings Joe Hoffman and the crowd to a very pissed off state.

Joe claims that everyone knew this would happen and it is just sad that this is allowed to happen in today’s day and age.

Benny claims that it was a pure accident and Joe needs to relax and offers Joe a drink and he quickly turns it down which brings Benny to comment that is the only thing he doesn’t like about Scottywood…..he’s sober.

Scotty, still wincing from the powerbomb, is able to execute several DDT variations and gets several near quick falls but each time the LSD Champion survives the count and with each near fall the crowd gets louder in its support for Kostoff and much louder in their disdain for the HOW Commish and Scottywood.

Narcotic and Scottywood then begin performing several tag team moves on Kostoff and the crowd is just livid as Joe clamors for someone to come help Kostoff out.

But Kostoff has no friends Benny counters and who in their right mind would help considering it’s the Best Alliance they would be fighting??

But someone finally does come to help and that person is none other than Darkwing, HOW Hall of Famer, and former stablemate of Kostoff’s and recent castoff of the Best Alliance.

The finish of the match comes as Narcotic turns his attention towards the rushing Darkwing and begins slugging it out with Darkwing as Kostoff makes it to his feet and Scottywood picks him up to execute his fireman’s carry DDT finisher but it is reversed by Kostoff, who kicks Scotty in the gut and puts him in position for his own powerbomb finisher called NO REMORSE.

Joe calls for the end of the match while Benny is on his feet looking on in despair as the end of the match is obviously near..

But neither man sees as Darkwing blocks a TCD attempt by Narcotic and pushes the HOW Commish off of him and towards the middle of the ring where Narcotic runs into the literal backside of Scottywood hard. The force of the push knocks Kostoff backwards with Scotty’s head still in place for the powerbomb and alertly Scottywood uses his momentum to flip over and in a matter of seconds has Kostoff hooked in a surprising pinning maneuver.

Joe and Benny are going nuts as is the crowd as Narcotic quickly counts the one two three before being blasted by Darkwing from behind who was trying to make the save after seeing the aftermath of his actions.


Post match we see Darkwing clear house tossing the HOW Commish and new LSD Champion out of the ring and as Mayhem cuts to its first commercial we see a very pissed off Kostoff staring up at Darkwing who is pleading it was an accident.  


New Targets

Back live and a video begins to air..

The footage is rolling but no image appears. A distorted voice sounds out from the cloak of impenetrable black.

“And so it begins. Tonight there will be an answer to a question that several people have been asking. Who is the one who has been stalking Team Epic? Who is the person concealed within the shadows striking down those before him? Who is the man who has left many in Wonderland while he simply slips away? Who indeed? Before that question is answered however, Bobbinette should already know I have left a ‘trinity’ of clues over these last few weeks. But on the third week, I still have a small game to play. I still have a few gifts I would like to give to the so-called leaders of Team Epic. In a while, both the World Champion Bobbinette Carey and the Icon Champion Shane Reynolds shall be summoned to the ring to open the small tokens of affection I have for them. This is not a request. This is not a choice. This is what will happen…”

The sound of a sinister chuckle follows the haunting words as the footage changes back to the action at ringside.

Reno Raines vs. Mathew Williams
Singles Match

The action cuts back to Joe and Benny who are still arguing over the finish of the LSD Title match and Joe states that someone needs to gather the troops and stand up to the Best Alliance as right now they seem to be the only united front in HOW.   Benny takes a shot for Joe actually telling the truth for once.

The talk then turns towards the video that just aired and Joe reminds the viewers that Narcotic stated at the beginning of the show that the man that has been hunting down Team Epic will face Bobbinette Carey at Rumble at the Rock and the speculation is running rampant in the back.

Benny then reminds Joe that it was obvious that these videos were taped prior to Narcotic’s announcement so the assailant actually has no idea that there will be fruits for his labor beyond his own personal ones.

Joe then steers the talk to our next match up as Matthew Williams has already made his way down to the ring and Reno Raines is making his way down to the ring right now to “Brave” by Trapt.   Joe goes over the fact that both men are coming off impressive debuts and Williams has found a home for his OCD inside the Team Epic circle, mainly with Bobbinette Carey.

Benny calls Carey the World Class Cunt of HOW and that it is only a matter of hours before she loses her World Title to Maximillian Kael and the Best Alliance.

Joe counters that may be true but right now it is time for two impressive rookies to square off inside the squared circle.

Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and the two men lock up and Raines gains the early advantage with some heavy right hands knocking the Team Epic member back to the turnbuckle where he continues his offense.

Raines starts to get the crowd behind him as he executes some chops in the corner that bring out the usual Ric Flair like WHOOO’s which causes Benny to take a shot for every chop as he plays his wrestling drinking game.

Williams then is able to fight out of the corner as he gets more and more enraged as the sweaty hands of Reno’s smack him in his chest.

Joe reminds the viewers of William’s severe OCD as the new Team Epic member then goes on the offensive nailing several atomic drops and suplexes.

The match then comes to an abrupt end as Williams, feeling the crowd behind him, goes for his super kick finisher called The Heart Shocker, but the veteran Reno Raines seen it coming and ducked under and nailed Williams with his Justification jack knife powerbomb finisher to get the three count from Boettcher.

Winner of the match in 6:21 Reno Raines  

Post match we see Raines exiting the ring as Williams pounds the mat in frustration and screams “YOU KNOW SOMETHING” over and over again towards Raines. Reno looks confused as our everyone else in the arena.

As Mayhem cuts to a commercial Benny mentions that maybe Williams should just wear a mask and go star in a B Movie if he wants to get all crazy on us.   Joe only shakes his head at Benny as the action cuts away.


Help Us!

Back live and a video feed cuts to a young girl, no older then 6, with curly blonde hair. Her face is blind folded and she appears to be wearing a Hello Kitty shirt. She appears to be tied to a chair as the hand held camera filming seems to sway back and forth in an erratic fashion.

Voice: Why don’t you tell everyone your name..

The girl turns her head slightly, frightened by the sound of the scratchy, slightly familiar voice. She takes in a soft breath of air and lets out a mild cry.

Voice: Come on.. Let everyone know your name.. let him know your name.. She turns her head again as if she was trying to look at the person who is talking through the blind fold before her quivering lips part and she speaks in her young, tiny voice.

Michelle Reynolds-Creedy: name is Michelle..

The voice from behind the camera giggles slightly before the man clears his throat. As he speaks it becomes apparent that it is Maximillian Kael, Lee Best’s rabid dog.

Max Kael: Ooooh that’s a nice name. Your parents must be smart folks to give you such a nice name. Where are your parents right now, Michelle?

Michelle Reynods-Creedy: ..I.. I don’t know..

She whimpers slightly as she speaks, small wet stains appearing near the bottom of the blind fold as she starts to cry. Her lip turns down into a deep set frown under the cruel questioning of Max Kael who lets out a slightly muffled and excited giggle at the prospect of making a little girl cry.

Max Kael:.. No? No you don’t? Aww. You know who else doesn’t? Your uncle.. Shane Reynolds. Oh we know mommy and daddy didn’t want you to know about him.. But you will know about him soon. Oh we promise that.. Cause if your unckie doesn’t start acting like we know he can.. We’re gonna start sending him pieces of Mumsy and papa.. And maybe.. Maybe if it gets really bad .. Well.. Heh-heh..

A hand reaches out from behind the camera and gently caresses the side of Michelle’s face as she shrivels away from it letting out a scream.

Max Kael: Maybe we’ll let Graystone talk to you.. Maybe.. Maybe.. Best Wishes! Say bye-bye!

And with that the feed dies immediately as the action cuts back to ringside with Joe and Benny as the United Center is buzzing with the latest footage that just aired on the HOTv.

“The Child Of Society” L.A. Riotz vs. Graystone
Singles Match

Joe and Benny are going back and forth about the video that they just seen and Benny mentions that ever since Graystone has paired up with Max there has been a new edge to the former World Champion that we just haven’t seen before.

Joe claims that Graystone has sold his soul to the devil and that devils name is The Minister, the dark inner workings of Maximillian Kael.

As the two announcers go back and forth about Graystone the Best Alliance member makes his way out as the crowd boos loudly as the video they just watched is still fresh in their minds.

Graystone ignores the fans though and makes his way down to the ring and has a darker look than usual as it is apparent that he is fully engrossed with Max, or the Minister to be exact.

Open Your Mind by the Guano Apes blasts thru the PA system as L.A.Riotz makes his way down to the ring and Joe goes over how Lee booked this match with the thought that after Graystone and Oddity battled fiercely last week that it was only natural that Graystone should attempt to take out the running mate of Oddity in Riotz.

Benny then states he will drink for the idiotic leather jacket that Riotz is wearing claiming that he should just call himself L.A. Greaser.

Graystone is smiling as Riotz rolls right into the ring and is met with some serious blows from the Best Alliance member as the crowd boos loudly as Carl Hortega signals for the bell and yet another Best Alliance vs. Team Epic match is underway which has Benny wonder out loud when will the Stable Title ever be decided and what is its future in HOW anyway?

Joe doesn’t have the answer but in the ring neither does Riotz as Graystone is just pummeling him with some serious right hands and kicks.

Benny takes another shot as Riotz is still wearing the leather jacket as the action continues with Riotz with the advantage.

But his advantage is short lived as Riotz quickly counters nailing Graystone with a devastating mafia kick.

Riotz remains in control throughout the match until the finish where Graystone is able to duck a tope rope lariat and pulls on the tights and gets the uno dos tres from Hortega as a stunned crowd looks on.  


Post match Riotz goes apeshit on Graystone and tosses him to the outside and reaches under the ring where he pulls out a steel pail and proceeds to dump it over the head of Graystone.   It is at this point that Maximillian Kael comes running down to the ringside area with a barbed wire bat in hand.   Joe mentions he can smell the fumes and confirms that Riotz just poured gasoline on Graystone as Riotz pulls out a lighter just in time to see Max charging at him.

The crowd is on their feet as Riotz thinks better of the situation and exits thru the crowd as Max helps Graystone to his feet.

Mayhem cuts to another commercial as several fans reach out to Riotz and the whole United Center is cheering for the Team Epic member as Benny points out even though he loss he has the crowd fully behind him!!  


Mystic J. vs. Darkwing
Singles Match

We are back live and Joe and Benny welcome us back as Mystic J and Darkwing are already in the ring with Matt Boettcher ready to signal for the bell.

Joe reminds the viewers of the nights early happenings as it was Darkwing who accidentally cost Kostoff the LSD Title.

Benny claims that it was no accident and Darkwing is still wanting to be in the Best Alliance and is trying to prove himself to Lee by taking out Kostoff.

Joe doesn’t think that is the case and he really believes that it was his full intention to help Kostoff after seeing Narcotic take control of the match the way he did.

Either way it is time for the match and Darkwing looks very pissed off as Boettcher signals for the bell and in a matter of moments the HOW Hall of Famer has the 7’ Mystic J down on the ground and locked into his Inglewood Cloverleaf Finisher.

Mystic J quickly taps out like a bitch according to Benny and Boettcher signals for the bell.


Post match we see Kostoff make his way down to the ring and he climbs into the ring and quickly tosses Mystic J over the top rope leaving himself and Darkwing alone in the ring.

The crowd is on their feet as the two HOW Hall of Famers stare each other down. The two men then proceed to talk some trash and Benny keeps stating he told you so as it is apparent that Kostoff and Darkwing are not on the same page.

That point is driven home as Kostoff nails Darkwing with a right hand to the jaw, sending Darkwing down to the canvas.

The crowd is eating this up as is Benny as Joe can only shake his head.   But then everyone is shocked as Kostoff actually reaches out his hand to Darkwing and helps him up to his feet.

The two then share a quick embrace and as Mayhem cuts to another commercial Joe states that the punch must have been payback for earlier but right now the two Hall of Famers appear to be on the same page!!  


Peer Pressure and a Tag Match

Back live and we are inside the Best Alliance locker room where Lee Best and the Best Alliance are all drinking champagne…all except the LSD Champion himself.

There are several empty bottles and it is obvious that Narcotic and Lee Best have had too much to drink.

Lee Best: What is that fucking smell?

Everyone turns towards Graystone who is still wearing the gasoline from earlier courtesy of L.A. Riotz.

Lee Best: Oh ya right. Don’t worry about that Gray, that fucking Cunt follower will get his I promise you that.

Max, who is standing next to Gray, pats Gray on the back and the two share a glare that cannot be good for whoever they are plotting against.

Sitting on a leather couch in the room is Shotgun who has a newly opened bottle of champagne on his lap and is taking the celebration all in.

Lee Best: Hey ‘Gun….isn’t your match up next??

Narcotic, who is sitting on the top of Lee’s desk completely hammered, points at Shotgun as the new Best Alliance member takes off out of the office and towards the entrance area.

Lee Best: Look guys tonight has been a success so far but it is only going to get better as Max is going to bring home that World Title tonight to the BA…right …..Max?

Lee, Nark and Scottywood turn towards the back of the room where Max and Graystone were at but they are nowhere to be found.

Lee Best: Well I guess I will tell them later that good old Nark here has put those two in a tag team match versus Kostoff and Darkwing next week!

Nark and Lee shake hands and the scene fades out as both Lee and Nark continue to pressure Scotty into drinking some champagne but the new LSD Champion only moves over to the couch clutching his new title belt and sits down to watch his stablemate in action as Lee and Nark begin to do some Chilly Willie’s.

AC Blood vs. Shotgun
Singles Match

Action cuts back to ringside where Benny is completely hammered as Shotgun has made it down to the ring where Matt Boettcher is waiting to signal for the bell as HOW newcomer AC Blood is already in the ring and looks anxious for the match to start.

Boettcher signals for the bell and the match is underway. The crowd is fully behind AC mainly because he is facing a Best Alliance member.

Shotgun is very cocky as the match starts but that is put to rest quickly as the debuting AC executes a perfect firemans carry drop and continues to roll from there executing several release German Suplexes before finishing the match with his double underhook DDT finisher called the Blood Duster.

Benny is shocked as Joe is thoroughly impressed with the debut but as Boettcher goes for the third count AC lifts Shotgun up off the mat and proceeds to nail his finisher again and this time gets the three count from Boettcher as the crowd is fully behind him now because of his performance.


Post match sees AC head to the back with arms raised and a full capacity crowd behind him as Benny states that AC is now on the Best Alliance hit list and next week may not be as pretty and easy for the new HOW superstar.  


Pre Match Hype

The show returns from commercial to show Shane Reynolds marching furiously through the corridors of the arena. He is already dressed in his usual match attire and is carrying his prized ICON championship belt over his shoulder. A bandage can also be seen around his head beneath his hair – a reminder of the injuries he sustained when being pushed from the ladder. He turns a corner, and walks straight into someone. Both them bodies slam hard into each other, their heads only just missing from knocking each other, and both stepping back slightly on impact. The ICON Championship also slips from his shoulder and drops to the floor.

Shane: Watch where you’re going!’

The camera pulls back as Shane crouches down to pick up the ICON championship to reveal Kenn Oddity standing over him.

Oddity: Easy there, bitchcakes.

Kenn looks down at Shane, smiling down to him. Shane returns to his feet as he slips the championship back over his shoulder. He doesn’t return the smile.

Shane: Bitchcakes? That’s cute. As it happens, though, I was hoping to…umm…bump into you. I have already asked Bobbinette, but thought I would ask you directly…in person.

Oddity: Shoot.

Shane: Are you trustworthy? By that, I mean can I trust you not to try and screw me over to try and get your hands on this– Shane taps the ICON championship. –that you aren’t the supposed traitor Max has in his pocket? That you aren’t merely using Livie as a way to get close to Bobbinette so you can turn on her? Or maybe you’re the one secretly attacking Team Epic members, and only had yourself attacked to cover your tracks…

Shane goes to continue but stops as Kenn takes a step closer and stares Shane dead in the eye.

Oddity: Don’t seek me out and throw accusations at me, little man. Livie Carey is my friend. I would never betray her or Bobbinette. I proved that at War Games, despite how I may have been tempted. It’s more than I can say for you. You think I don’t see past your act, like ArcAngel did. You are going to stab her in the back the first chance you get. Besides, if I wanted to take your title, I could have done it at War Games when it was three on one against Max. Bob could have taken Max out, as she’s going to prove later tonight. I could have added you to the body count like that.

Oddity snaps his fingers for effect.

Shane: Believe me, if I was going to betray either of them. I would have done so by now. Instead, I’ve gone out of my way to protect them, especially from Maximillian Kael. You can try and deflect the attention all you want, but you be sure, I know your type. I used to be that type of man. I can see it in your eyes. I’ll be watching you and should you try anything…..I’ll make sure there’ll be nothing left for Graystone to face the next time he challenges you.

Shane walks off away from Oddity and sets off down the corridor, shouting back one last time as Oddity throws a plastic spoon at him, narrowly missing Shane’s head.

Shane: I’ll see you in the ring.


Oddity: Not a problem, little man… Not a problem at all…



In the backstage area down one of the hallways, the lights flicker and suddenly go out. There is a bit of panic as people scurry waiting for the power to come back on. The lights come back on and the door to every room is wide open.   In the locker room of Bobbinette Carey and the room of Shane Reynolds, a package wrapped in clear cellophane sits in a small pool of what appears to be blood. Both have separate notes attached instructing the two superstars not to open them until they enter the ring.   Bobbinette nearly bumps into Shane as she exits her room. Both have their packages. Shane holds his around the top with a tightly clenched grip. Bobbinette holds the top of hers with her thumb and forefinger in disgust as the two of them head towards the ring through the backstage hallways.

Bobbinette’s theme music hits as the two Team Epic superstars make their way down to the ring. Both of them get into the ring one after each other. They notice that there is a few tables set up outside the ring. The lights begin to dim into the soft glow of dark blue making the surroundings of the arena barely visible. The screen at the top of the ramp comes to life with the sight of a man standing under a blue spotlight. His head is hidden in the large flowing fabric of a hooded robe. His hands are hidden underneath the cuffs as he holds them in front of him at waist height. He spreads his arms wide.

The distorted voice once again sounds out.   “Open that which I have given unto you. Take the center of the offering, examine it and try to determine its relevance. Only after this has been explained shall I reveal myself to you. Only then will you have the true gift of knowing my identity.”

Shane looks relatively pissed at all the stupid little games he is being put through. Bobbinette opens hers trying not to get any of the blood from the cellophane onto her expensive designer clothes. Shane rips at his savagely in an attempt to find out what is really going on. Bobbinette pulls the top of the box off after discarding the soiled cellophane. She pulls out a small miniature table and looks at it through the dim light. Shane tears into his and comes up with a white piece of paper tinted in the blue light. In the center of the white paper is a large black spot.

“Too bad your sister Ely wasn’t here Bobbinette. She would understand much quicker than you do. She knows the ways of darkness much better than you. It should have been obvious the moment the other one showed up. You should have realized that the forces of darkness that have lain dormant for so long would one day rise again. Your sister better understood the fires forged in the dragon’s mouth. Your sister would have a better grasp at understanding the violence that I wish to bring forth into this world once again. But you never did grasp my darker side. You never did understand the need to force others to bleed. As for your little gift Bobinette, it has almost been a year since you and I faced each other in the ring. It is an anniversary gift of sorts. It has almost been a year since I drove you with unimaginable force through the surface of a table leaving you in a broken heap…”

The two superstars remain focused on the screen in front of them.

“And as for you Shane Reynolds, that black spot has a double meaning. Back in the days of pirates the black spot meant that you were marked for death. In a way you are. The day that you joined up with her was the day you decided to have yourself marked for death. You followed her willingly and in that decision you elevated yourself to her equal. You became her right hand man in the fight against everything and every one. In essence you took a spot that belonged to someone else. And so I have come to restore the chaos to the order of Team Epic. Now that you have received your little gifts… it is time for the last big surprise. I am afraid that some of my earlier comments may have given it away. I’m sure Bobbinette has had enough time over these last three weeks to piece the trinity of clues together. Behold, the savage face from the darkness…”

Smoke begins to plume up around the stage as a figure in a dark black robe with a red sash steps through the fog.

Joe Hoffman: Well it finally looks as if the moment has come. After three long weeks we’ll find out who has been stalking Team Epic.

Benny Newell: It’s probably a member of the Alliance because Lee probably brought in another hired gun like Shotgun.

Joe Hoffman: Whoever it is, they have a past with Bobbinette.

Benny Newell: No shit Sherlock.

As the man begins to walk down to the ring, a dark spot appears on the canvas behind Bobbinette and Shane. The dark spot begins to grow exponentially.

Joe Hoffman: What in the heck is that?

The center of the dark spot begins to move as a pair of hands force their way up through the center of the dark spot. The canvas begins to rip and tear as a man begins to force himself up through the canvas. Bobbinette and Shane have their eyes focused on the man in the robe that is arriving slowly in front of them.

Benny Newell: Holy shit!

As the man forces his body up through the torn canvas of the ring, a noose begins to drop down from the ceiling behind Shane Reynolds. The man in the robe throws the hood back revealing his face from underneath. Shane and Bobbinette don’t seem to recognize who the man is. Another larger man steps out of the hole in the ring and wraps the noose around Shane’s neck. As he gives it a tug, Shane begins to rocket up off the ground in shock. Shane frantically pulls at the rope around his neck as he tries to release himself from the fate that awaits him. Bobbinette turns and faces the man with a shocked expression on her face. The man whips her over the top rope and out to the floor below. He follows her to the outside as the house lights slowly come back on.

Several members of the ring crew rush down the ramp towards the ring with a ladder.   The man throws Bobbinette on top of one of the tables and executes a jumping package piledriver through the table. He gets up and looks at the bent body of Bobbinette Carey. Using his right hand, he goes through the motions of the cross as if blessing the fallen champion. As the lights come back to their standard illumination, the identity of the real attacker is shown. The man holds a microphone in his grip.

Benny Newell: It’s ArcAngel!

“Shane never should have taken my spot in Team Epic. Bobbinette never should have let him. Look at what has happened because of it. We have an unconscious champion bruised and broken because she was too blind to see. We have an Icon champion that didn’t realize that he was what hung in the balance between my light and my dark. I won the right to face Shane Reynolds BEFORE War Games took place. The management for not honoring my title shot dishonored me… and a champion that knew I was his number one contender dishonored me. It is time that I took my own brand of justice and fused it with the shadow I have become. It is time that I stood for my rights and not the rights of others that fail to do the same for me. I WAS Team Epic along with Bobbinette. There were no others. Now the symbol of ArcAngel shall become coated from the crimson spilled in battle. Thus ArcAngel resurrects marked by the bodies of his former allies. The blood hunt has begun and this time the shadow-winged angel flies alone…”

ArcAngel drops the microphone and thrusts his V-shaped arms out to the side while clenching his muscles.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we will be right with Shane Reynolds taking on Kenn Oddity but we need a commercial break to allow Shane a few moments.   Mayhem cuts to a commercial as we now know that it will be ArcAngel vs. Bobbinette Carey at Rumble at the Rock!!


Shane Reynolds vs. Kenn Oddity
Singles Match

Back live and HOW medics have rushed Carey backstage while Shane has fought off medical attention and is livid and also struggling to breathe.

Carl Hortega is quickly sent down to the ring as he will be reffing the match and a few moments later Kenn Oddity makes his way down, absent of his entrance music.

The United Center has a surreal feel to it as Oddity enters the ring and under the current circumstances he isn’t sure that they should go thru with the match but Reynolds is insisting that they do as he keeps mentioning that he will not allow ArcAngel to have the upper hand.

Joe goes over the fact that just a few minutes ago we seen these two exchanging jabs at each other as they prepared for this match but not in a matter of moments everything has changed.

Back in the ring Hortega has signaled for the bell and Oddity refuses to hit or go after Shane but Shane being pissed off from what happened nails Oddity with a stiff right hand and the match is on but it doesn’t last long.

Reynolds is unable to catch his breath and Oddity, being pushed like he was, goes all out on Reynolds and after a few moments he is able to nail Reynolds with his KA BOOM finisher and reluctantly makes the cover and Hortega counts the uno dos tres as the crowd is still too stunned to even give a reaction to the finish of the match.


Post match we see Oddity go to help Reynolds up to his feet after a few minutes but Reynolds refuses and instead nails Oddity with his own Oddplex and limps back to the back as Benny reminds everyone that there is still one more assailant out there and Shane’s night is not about to get any better!!   Action cuts to the final commercial for Mayhem


HOW World Title Match
Bobbinette Queen B Carey vs. Max Kael

Singles Match

Back live and Maximillian Kael is already in the ring and the ring is surrounded by Shotgun, the new LSD Champion Scottywood, and of course Graystone and off on the opposite side of the ring is ArcAngel who is standing alone.

The crowd is all over Arc and several fans have thrown trash at the one time Team Epic member and Joe is letting him have it on the air as well claiming Lee should have never let a hanging occur inside the ring.

Benny counters that Nark told us all earlier that the assailants would have free reign as long as the Best Alliance wasn’t targeted.

Joe counters that this has been just a complete screw job of a night by the Best Alliance and he would not be surprised to see next week the whole rest of the roster combine forces to just destroy the BA.

Benny states that will not happen with Lee and Nark in charge.

The two announcers continue to stall as it is obvious that Bobbinette Carey needs more time.

Finally the World Champion makes her way out as the crowd goes crazy but it is obvious that Carey is hurting and hurting bad.

Suddenly Kenn Oddity, Matthew Williams, and L.A. Riotz all make their way out and they flank Carey. Team Epic then makes their way down to the ring as a team and the crowd is going crazy.

Joe and Benny are just as excited as Shotgun, Scottywood and Graystone charge up the ramp and soon enough Team Epic and the Best Alliance members are brawling all over the entrance ramp as Carey slides into the ring and stares down Max who is smirking as complete madness is going on around them.

Joe points out that ArcAngel has yet to take his eyes off of Carey and is staring at her even as Boettcher takes the World Title from Carey and raises it high in the air and signals for the bell to start the first World Title match on a Mayhem since 2003.

Max looks like a shark that smells water as he quickly pounces on Carey and begins applying every kind of head and neck submission hold you can think of.   The HOW cameras continue to flip back and forth between the brawl between the rival stables and the action in the ring where Carey is refusing to give up and a stalking ArcAngel is still watching ever move Carey makes.

Joe reminds the viewers that cause of the stipulation Narcotic announced earlier in the show that Bobbinette Carey will be taking on ArcAngel at Rumble at the Rock and that should be a complete and utter bloodbath after what we have seen tonight.

Benny actually agrees but stops himself to cheer as Max, frustrated that Carey wont tap, throws the World Champion thru the ropes and down to the feet of ArcAngel who looks up at Max and actually smiles.

The crowd is booing loudly as they stand as one to see what ArcAngel will do next to Carey.

The answer is nothing as Shane Reynolds comes flying thru the crowd and dives off the guard rail and tackles ArcAngel down to the arena floor. The two men begin to roll around on the ground as each is trying to gain the upper hand as Shane and Arc unleash right hands on each other.

Inside the ring Max is beckoning Carey to get into the ring and the crowd is cheering on the World Champ loudly as she claws her way back into the ring but everyone’s attention turns towards the entrance ramp where Kenn Oddity and L.A. Riotz have just tried to superplex Graystone off of the stage and 8 feet down thru a table on the arena floor but Graystone countered with a double low blow and high tailed it to the back.

Some Holy Shit chants then break out as Scottywood and Shotgun charge Oddity and Riotz but the two Team Epic members are able to thwart the charge and proceed to suplex both Best Alliance members off the of the stage, sending all four men down and thru the table meant for Graystone.

That leaves Matthew Williams standing alone on the stage and he is afraid to move as he is literally surrounded by blood on the entrance ramp. There are some chuckles as Williams tip toes his way thru the blood soaked entrance ramp and to the back.

Benny: Waterhead….all I can say….waterhead.

The crowd is going completely crazy as they turn back inside the ring where Carey has started a comeback and is nailing Max with some right hands but that is quickly stymied as Max nails her with a chop to the throat knocking the World Champion down.

This continues for several more minutes as HOW cameras go back and forth between Carey making several comebacks to Shane Reynolds and ArcAngel who are going blow for blow on the outside with right now Arc having the advantage as he has a cable wrapped around the neck of Shane and is trying to choke out the ICON once again

The finish of the match finally comes as Max ducks under a chick kick and nails Carey with a DDT. Max then climbs to the top rope and points down at Shane who is still being choked by Angel and proceeds to execute the most awkward looking single moonsault from the top rope.

A poor mans Diablo’s Inferno if you will….

Max makes the cover just as Shane breaks free of ArcAngel…   Boettcher makes the count…





Post match we see Max grab the World Title from Boettcher and exit the ring just as Reynolds reaches the middle of the ring.

Suddenly the lights begin to flicker and a flock of crows fly out of the entrance ramp and everyone stops to look.

Joe mentions that this was the calling card for the other assailant last week and sure enough it is again as Shane turns just in time to see the masked man in the ring with him.

Shane tries to throw a punch but the masked man was well prepared and nails Shane with Shane’s ICON title he was hiding behind his back.

The man then bends down and as the crowd throws trash into the ring the masked man slowly takes off his mask to reveal his face as Mayhem fades out..

We are able to see who the man who will be facing Shane Reynolds at Rumble at the Rock however before the show is ended by the network.

The man was Graystone.

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