Mayhem: September 7th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
September 7th, 2009 – #HOW77
Wells Fargo Arena, Tempe, AR


An Unexpected Appearance

The HOTv logo briefly appears, giving way to the electric blue Mayhem logo that crumbles away bit-by-bit until each letter is completely gone. A special Labor Day edition of Monday Night Mayhem from the Wells Fargo Arena in Tempe, Arizona then becomes LIVE with the HOV screen flickering to life with General Manager Faze making his way to his office. As he makes his way to the door, he realizes that it’s slightly opened. He approaches slowly, opening the door slightly more to peer inside. He notices that his chair is turned around and there seems to be somebody sitting on it.

Faze: I swear to God… if one more son of a bitch thinks they can just barge into my office unannounced and get all comfy in my ch…

Suddenly, the person in the chair begins to talk, interrupting the Mayhem General Manager without hesitation. The dialect is strong and distinctive and the chair quickly spins around to reveal the HOW World Champion, Aceldama.

Aceldama: There a problem Mr. Faze? I have been waiting here a while now.

Faze: Ace! No! No problem at all! I knew you would be here, I just had no idea when or what your intentions were.

Aceldama: To talk business Ryan. Now that you know my intentions, why don’t you come in? After all, this is your office.

Faze: Sorry to keep you…

Surprised by the unexpected, Faze closes the door behind him and begins to fidget inside the pocket of his Armani suit, as if he is dialing something on his cell phone, a text it seems.

Aceldama: If you are trying to contact the Elite Protection Unit, there is no need. I do not intend to cause you any harm.

Faze: What? Oh no! I was just… nothing, its nothing. What can I do for you Wolfgang?

Aceldama: Good question! What can you do for me? Well… as seen on Turmoil, it seems that my days in the Best Alliance are over and that I am no longer safe under the roof of the Best Arena. That is why I took the long trip to Tempe tonight. I want to come here to Mayhem.

Faze: Ace… as much as I would love to have you on Mayhem, you are contractually obliged to Turmoil. I cannot break that for anything.

Aceldama: Oh I know, but the High Octane draft coming up very shortly. I want you to draft me.

Faze: There are no certainties that I would be able to do that Ace. If Lee gets the first draft pick, he would almost certainly choose you.

Aceldama: Very true. But all that first draft choice rests on is the arms of two men. You get your man ready, Mr. Shipley, I think his name is… and I will ensure that Ethan Cavanaugh will not make it to Rumble at the Rock 2. Then when you get that first pick, you take me. Have we got an understanding?

Faze: I… well… yeah… I guess.

Aceldama: Good. Now I will be staying about the arena for a bit tonight. Got a few old friends I want to see, a few things that need to be treaded upon. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I would like to be ringside for the main event?

Faze: Sure, I’ll see what I can do.

Unsatisfied with that answer, Aceldama immediately pulls a pen and blank sheet of paper from Faze’s own desk drawer, pushing both forward as Faze approaches.

Faze: And you want all of this in writing, I take it?

Aceldama: If it is of no distraction to yourself.

Faze: Sure. Anything for you champ… should only take a minute.

Faze sets his briefcase down on his desk and takes out from it a pen and paper and begins to write a contractual agreement. Aceldama sits watching him, smiling as he signs his name.

Faze: There. It’s official. Not only do I agree to draft you with the number one overall selection of the next High Octane Draft, but you have the right to be at ringside for tonight’s tag team main event match. All that is left is for you to sign it.

Aceldama: I shall do so later, firstly, I have a few calls of my own to make, and a good friend to see. I shall bring this to you by the end of the show however. Nice to do business with you Faze.

Faze: Always a pleasure wheeling and dealing with the World Champion.

Aceldama stands up from the chair behind the desk, taking the paper and putting it into his inner pocket. He walks past a rather confused Faze as he makes his way out of the door and delves into his pocket once more and takes out his mobile phone and goes to speak into it. Closing the door behind him he waits until there is nobody about.

Aceldama: Yes, it’s me. It’s done……It should not be long now until it is finally completed……later on I shall finally settle it…..until then.


Will Faze take Aceldama number 1?


Rick and Chaz, laboring as usual…

Back from our first commercial break of the night, the camera does the usual crowd-scanning before zooming in on the announce team that are quickly earning a solid reputation for themselves on HOW programming as the weeks progress.

Chastity Gold: Welcome everybody to a very special edition of Monday Night Mayhem! I’m your host Chastity Gold, as always, alongside my broadcast partner in crime Rick Fantastic…

Rick Fantastic: Huh? What? I didn’t do no crime! Trust me! That girl had to have been at least 21 with the tricks that she knew in bed!

Chastity Gold: Stop being so defensive, Rick. I was just introducing you to our fans.

Rick Fantastic: Oh… right. Yeah… uh, so we’re LIVE from Tempe, Arizona this week, aren’t we Chastity?

Chastity Gold: That’s right… on a special Labor Day edition of Mayhem! And boy do we have a card lined up for you tonight!

Rick Fantastic: Pssht! It figures that we are the ones having to work on Labor Day… Lee had better be paying us time and a half tonight.

Chastity Gold: I’m afraid that’s just not the case… but by any means, we’ve got a great show lined up for you, as you just saw our World Champion is HERE at the Wells Fargo Arena!

Rick Fantastic: We all saw Aceldama get betrayed by Lee Best and the Best Alliance last week on Turmoil. That was his family! I guess I don’t really blame him for wanting to come to Mayhem!

Chastity Gold: I don’t know Rick… something doesn’t seem right about Aceldama’s appearance here on Mayhem.

Rick Fantastic: It’s like cheating on your wife, Chaz.

Chastity Gold: I’m sorry. I guess I wouldn’t really understand.

Rick Fantastic: Don’t tell me you’ve never cheated before! Honestly?!?

Chastity Gold: I was hinting more along the lines of something being up Aceldama’s sleeve…

Rick Fantastic: Oh… well you never know in Ace’s case. That man is more psychotic… more deranged… more demented out of anyone I know this side of Maximillian Kael.

Chastity Gold: Speaking of Max Kael, the new ICON champion…

Rick Fantastic: Molar-less ICON champion…

Chastity Gold: …will confront the former ICON champion Shane Reynolds later on in the show. And you have to wonder what Shane’s frame of mind will be after being beaten down and booted from the Best Alliance after losing the title on Turmoil.

Rick Fantastic: It wasn’t a good night for the Blood Brothers… but Shane will get his chance to take some aggression out in our main event tonight… with Aceldama at ringside no less!

Chastity Gold: That’s right. The unlikely duo of Shane Reynolds and Joseph Gregory will team up to face Silent Witness and Issac Slade in what’s sure to be an intense encounter!

Rick Fantastic: Remember it was Silent Witness that came to Slade’s aid not too long ago during his handicap match with David Black and Joseph Gregory. Where is our LSD champion anyways?

Chastity Gold: It doesn’t seem right, does it? But David Black will be on Turmoil this week defending his LSD title against none other than Bobbinette Carey!

Rick Fantastic: I think I saw Faze crying about that one earlier…

Chastity Gold: Oh stop it! And let’s not forget folks that our General Manager has banned “The Perfect Man”… AHEM! Ummm… “Perfect One”… Perfect Paul Paras from the arena tonight…

Rick Fantastic: Just admit your obsession…

Chastity Gold: …and has given the infamous “prankster” until the end of tonight’s show to reveal themselves before he freezes the wages of the entire Mayhem roster!

Rick Fantastic: Wait… that doesn’t include us, does it? I mean, I got child support to pay and all…

Chastity Gold: Actually Rick, I think that it might!

Rick Fantastic: WHAT?!? Quick… I’m gonna call Mario and get him to expedite the situation. Isn’t there a match about to begin or something?!?

Chastity Gold: You heard the man! Let’s head to the ring…


Gregory Orion Daniels vs. Bob “Fucking” Jared vs. Johnny Otaku
Triple Threat Match

Kimber Marshall: This first match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a Triple Threat match…

The Tempe fans rise to their feet as “Kiss My Country Ass” resounds throughout the arena and Bob “Fucking” Jared returns to Mayhem after spending last week in the hospital thanks to the head of the EPU, Mario Maurako.

Chastity Gold: Well, there you see Bob Jared coming down the ramp to a thunderous ovation from the fans here in Arizona! I have to be honest Rick… shows without B.F.J. simply aren’t the same.

Rick Fantastic: Maybe that’s because we don’t have to account for all the loose body hair that he leaves in his tracks! Just look at the entrance ramp!

Rick and Chastity admire the trail that Bob “Fucking” Jared has left and Chastity notes the bandage that is apparent on the back of Bob’s head from the attack he suffered at the hands of Mario Maurako 2 weeks ago. As the announcers recap what happened, Gregory Orion Daniels is introduced, unbeknownst to anyone really and Johnny Otaku joins the party to little applause as well.

Referee Romeo Ward lays the ground rules and calls for the bell as the three competitors circle each other in the ring, waiting for each other to strike at any moment. Finally, Johnny Otaku breaks the ice and lands a hard right hand to Gregory Orion Daniels. Daniels strikes back, but Otaku is quick to counter with a follow up right. He continues with Bob “Fucking” Jared content to be a spectator at the moment as the “Wildebeast” leans an arm on the much larger Romeo Ward’s shoulder.

Ward eyes BFJ like he’s out of his mind and shrugs him off to keep focus on the action, whilst Bob merely avoids any confrontation with his two opponents. Finally, Otaku lands a dropkick that sends Daniels crashing to the mat and pounces with a pin attempt before Ward’s eyes.


Chastity Gold: Broken up by Bob Jared!

Rick Fantastic: Why don’t you ever say his name correctly? It’s Bob “FUCKING” Jared for Christ’s sake!

Chastity scoffs at Rick, being the proper goody-two-shoes that she is, and is back to the action as BFJ kicks Otaku out of the ring and, out of nowhere, lands the “Best Fucking Jawbreaker” to the unsuspecting Daniels!

Chastity Gold: BFJ! BFJ!!





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 1:34… BOB “FUCKING” JARED!!!

Rick Fantastic: Well that was quick…

Just as Romeo Ward raises the arm of Bob “Fucking” Jared for a sound victory on his return to Mayhem, the Maurako Family storms out from the back and make their way towards the ring.

Chastity Gold: Lookout Bob!

Bob quickly slides out of the ring and jumps the barricade into the crowd as Martino and Mose lead the charge with Mario and Matteo close behind. But instead chasing after Jared, the Maurakos focus their attention on Gregory Orion Daniels, who is still recovering from the after effects of the BFJ in the center of the ring.

Romeo Ward tries convincing the Maurako Family to back off, but Martino explains that they are there per the order of General Manager Faze and are simply doing their jobs. Ward shakes his head as he backs down, leaving Daniels alone in the ring, surrounded by the EPU.

Daniels gasps in horror as realizes his fate, and its not long before the Maurakos pounce, stomping the once-promising newcomer with their trademark EPU boots.

Chastity Gold: Come one! This is horrible! Just leave the poor guy alone!

Rick Fantastic: The entire roster should take notice of what’s happening right now. You screw up in HOW… you get the beating of your life!

Mario takes a moment from the carnage and leans over the ropes in the direction where Bob Jared escaped, mouthing to the fan favorite that he’s “not finished yet” with him.

Chastity Gold: Folks, what you are witnessing is a shameless Maurako Family beatdown… and finally, the medics are on the scene here.

Rick Fantastic: By the looks of it Chaz, Daniels won’t be getting back in the ring anytime soon.

Chastity Gold: We’ll be right back folks, as the medical staff here in the Wells Fargo Arena attends to Gregory Orion Daniels. Don’t go away!

With blood pouring from the side of his mouth, GOD is loaded away onto a stretcher as the Maurako Family exits the ring with smiles upon their faces, satisfied with their efforts in getting a job well done.


This Week
Bobbinette Carey vs. David Black©

Miss Information

Back LIVE, General Manager Faze’s office is animated by the high-velocity tirade that has quickly become the trademark of Roxie Sykes, manager of new Mayhem signee Tim Shipley. Her fervour brings her cheeks out in the colour of blood, matching her hair which flies furiously as she whips her head from side to side in violent disapproval. In one hand is her payslip, and the other brandishes a finger that she is shaking at the half-shocked, half-amused man sitting before her.

Roxie: —and I don’t even know who you fucking are or what you’ve even done in this business, “Faze”, but it’s not your fucking place to override a contract that Lee Best signed with me HIMSELF.

Faze: If–

Roxie: —and if you think for even ONE second that this is going to stand up in court you’d better think again because Goldstein will eat you alive. Fucking incompetence is what it is! This is barely HALF the money I should be on—

Faze: Roxie, sit. Now!

Caught in mid-shriek, Roxie gapes for a second, then acquiesces as Faze tries his best to keep his composure as well amidst a busy night that’s ahead of him.

Roxie: Yeah I get it, sense of authority, your seat is higher, gender roles, blah fucking blah. Don’t bullshit me. Where is the other half of my paycheck?

Faze: You know, of course, that your pay is linked directly, as is contractually agreed, to that of your client.

Roxie: (mockingly) A client whom “you know, of course” is being paid the biggest fucking contract in your pathetic little scum pond’s history.

Faze: (steadily) A client, who it seems you do not know just had his pay halved only yesterday.

Roxie is livid. Really, her cheeks turn purple. She stands up and it is as if the skies will explode with indignance.

Roxie: You fucking…

She searches for the right word, but perhaps fortunately, it doesn’t come.

Faze: Yeah, I suggest you leave it right there.

Roxie: I am going to the TOP with this and you’re going to be lucky to keep your fucking job, asshole. That contract was ironclad, this is clearly a breach and you’re—

Faze: (calmly) He asked me to halve his pay. Lee ratified it last night.

Faze entwines his fingers together and looks up at her, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. Roxie can’t speak, such is her confusion.

Faze: I think you’ll find that the clause you fought so hard to include in your contract linking your pay to your client’s means… unfortunately… that your pay is halved too.

Roxie: You can’t… fucking…

Faze: (briskly) I suggest you take it up with your client! Now, if you don’t mind?

Faze looks pointedly at the door as he sits up in his chair to answer the phone that is ringing on his desk.

Faze: Yes? Oh hey… so tell me you’ve made progress on this prankster we’ve got running around? What do you mean you—

With Faze blatantly ignoring his visitor, Roxie’s face forms a mask of disgust and she storms out without another word.


An ICONic Re-match?

Chastity Gold: She’s a fiery one, that Roxie Sykes, isn’t she Rick?

Rick Fantastic: Man, what I would give to spend a night with her…

Chastity Gold: MOVING ON…

The Mayhem crowd comes alive once again as the show cuts to another part of the arena – this time it is with a strangely mixed reaction as the image the camera immediately settles upon is that of Shane Reynolds dressed in his full black wrestling attire and his face painted once again in it’s traditional black and white, covering the multitude of bruises and cuts he suffered only a few days ago. His lips are pulled back into a thin scowl and his eyes are blazing with impatience as he rocks ominously back and forth in a leather chair.

Chastity Gold: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am surprised that Shane Reynolds has even made it here tonight!

Rick Fantastic: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am surprised that Shane Reynolds is even alive after what happened on Turmoil. And is he even aware that his Blood Brother, Aceldama, is in the building here on Mayhem?!?

The HOV immediately lights up on that cue with the words ‘Last week on Turmoil’ emblazoned in the bottom corner, and the events of which he spoke begin to air – starting with the hit and run attack at the hands of Maximillian Kael and his friend Erites, before moving onto Maximillian Kael wheeling Shane to the ring and pinning his barely-conscious body to capture the ICON Championship, and ending with Mark O’Neal nailing him with a baseball bat before being set upon by Sektor and Graystone.

The footage immediately switches back to Shane Reynolds in the present, whose eyes have gone from impatience to fury as they stare at an expensive television monitor, which had been propped in the hallway backstage in order to display everything from ringside. For a second silence prevails, but it is soon shattered as Shane lunges forward and kicks the monitor over with one solid kick, before smashing the screen into pieces with repeated hard boots and going to work on destroying the rest as much as possible.

???: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the hell are you doing?

Shane’s head snaps suddenly towards the source, his foot stomping a few more times before stopping. His expression momentarily one of annoyance at being disturbed, but falling back into impatience as he sees the voice belongs to none other than General Manager Faze, his ear glued to his cell phone as he rushes down the hallway towards the former ICON champion.

Shane Reynolds: I’ve been waiting for you.

Shane scolds, verbalising his impatience as his breath and heart-rate slowly return to normal. Faze steps around the pieces of the broken monitor and begrudgingly parts ways with the party on the other end of his cell phone.

Faze: Yeah, I’ll see you in a few minutes… ALRIGHT SHANE! In case you haven’t noticed, I DO have a show to run. Do you have any idea how fucking busy I am tonight?!?

Shane Reynolds: Don’t play disrespectful with me, Faze. This is not Turmoil and I am not some unworthy intruder like Ethan Cavanaugh.

Ryan Faze’s hands immediately go up into the air, both hanging for a moment in a symbol saying, ‘fair enough’, as he settles himself into a more comfortable position leaning against the wall of the hallway.

Faze: And I suppose what you want to discuss is what happened on Turmoil?

Shane Reynolds: In a word – yes!

The GM pauses for a few moments, his head moving contemplatively from side to side, before suddenly moving forward.

Faze: You do understand that I won’t be able to help you get any kind of revenge for what The Best Alliance did to you.

Ryan awaited many reactions in that moment, but the one he least expected was the one he received: out and out sinister laughter pouring from behind the previously sneering lips of the now once again former ICON Champion. It goes on for a full minute, growing somehow more eerie and disturbing sounding as it goes.

Shane Reynolds: Oh, don’t worry your pretty little head about that. When the time is right, it’ll be me that tears the Best Alliance limb from limb and shows them just how false their name has become and just what true suffering and pain really is – because what I do to them when their judgement is due is going to make what they did seem like child’s play.

Faze: So… what can I do for you now?

Shane reached into his pocket suddenly and pulls out a sheet of folded paper. Holding it with all the delicacy in the word, Shane unfolds it as though it is a long, lost and highly treasured artifact. Once unfolded, he slowly places it into Ryan Faze’s hand.

Shane Reynolds: I believe I’m due a rematch and an opportunity to silence Maximillian Kael forever.

The general manager nods emphatically as he continues to read over the contract pertaining to Shane’s ICON Championship reign.

Faze: Indeed you do. And I will be making sure it happens as soon as possible – the ratings will be through the roof.

Shane Reynolds: I don’t think you understand!

Shane pauses as Faze slowly raises his head and looks again back towards Shane.

Shane Reynolds: I don’t want the rematch…

A collective sound of surprise ripples through the crowd, as well as expressions of which spread across the faces of the two announcers and the General Manager of Mayhem.

Chastity Gold: What?!?

Rick Fantastic: What?!?

Faze: Excuse me? You’re saying you don’t want to go after Max for what he did and potentially take back the ICON Championship?

Shane smirks now.

Shane Reynolds: Oh, I do…and on both counts, I will. But it’s not my destiny right now. My destiny is to finish what I have started here on Mayhem. Everybody knows that Maximillian Kael is no ICON and that his reign will be short-lived. Paul Paras on the other hand? He still has these cretins eating out of the palm of his hand. At Rumble at the Rock 2 – I’m going to show everyone just how little of an ICON he also is…and to do so I am putting my rematch clause, such as it is written there, on the line.

Shane’s smirk grows ever wider.

Shane Reynolds: Tonight, I’m going to do what Paul Paras prevented me from doing last week and punish Issac Slade. And I don’t mean a little vain attempt at punishment like David Black attempted to inflict. Tonight, I have put in a call and made sure, without unwelcome interruption, Issac Slade suffers wholly and completely for everything he did, to your sister and to you. And this is where you come in – because in return for granting you the image of seeing Issac Slade brutally broken, when, afterwards, I announce this match for the final time, you are going to make it official!

On these words, Shane gives Ryan a “friendly” pat on the shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: Enjoy the rest of the show!

Shane mutters as he turns away from the General Manager, who is flitting his gaze between Shane and the contract in his hand. As Shane disapperas down the hallway and out of sight, a confused expression on Ryan’s face brings us back to ringside, where Chastity and Rick are standing by with similar expressions.

Chastity Gold: Did I just hear that correctly? Shane Reynolds is voluntarily foregoing his ICON title rematch and instead is putting the shot on the line against Triple P at Rumble at the Rock 2?!?

Rick Fantastic: And will Faze make it official later in the show? I’m thinking that Best Alliance attack on Turmoil was even more effective than it originally appeared. Shane Reynolds has officially lost his mind!

Chastity Gold: On that note, how about a quick time out with a word from our sponsor?


Chastity Gold’s twin sister?



Back LIVE in the Wells Fargo arena as the HOV yet again flickers to life, drawing the attention of the fans as they are growing impatient due to the lack of matches that are on the card. However, what is showcased on the screen is a video recap of the recent pranks pulled on General Manager Ryan Faze, creating a buzz amongst the fans as they see the GM’s misfortunes.

Only a pair of hands can be seen doing the deed of replacing Faze’s Vicodin pills with laxatives. Those same hands are then seen lighting a match and dropping it onto his office furniture, engulfing the wooden pieces into flames as the fire illuminates the parking lot. Finally, footage of Faze and his manure-filled limo is shown, prompting laughter and cheers from the Tempe fans as the HOV zooms in as Faze’s face becomes increasingly red from anger.

Each scene is replayed in a flash before the video cuts away to a blood-red ticking clock graphic. As the clock chimes midnight, the lights in the Wells Fargo Arena flash red as the feed from the HOV suddenly shifts to display none other than Jason Midnight smiling into the camera. He is sitting comfortably in his locker room with a single red spotlight illuminating his skin to crimson in the darkness.

Jason Midnight: It seems… someone has decided to have a little fun at our GMs expense. Poor boy. I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would want to torment our GM like this. Or can I?

Jason’s sarcasm becomes evident as he stands up and walks closer to the camera.

Jason Midnight: Now, I know these silly pranks that we just saw seem a bit childish. But they’re really a satire on the many weaknesses of our General Manager. Drugs and greed. Not the only weaknesses of one, Ryan Faze, but certainly the most prominent. Why confess, you may be asking yourselves? I know Faze has threatened to suspend the roster’s wages until the culprit comes clean….. but that’s not why I’m coming forward tonight. No. I’ve come forward because… my game isn’t quite over. Isn’t that right, Mr. Faze?

Jason stops for a moment before he cocks his head to the side, as if listening to something. Then he returns his gaze to the camera and continues his speech.

Jason Midnight: You see… the game has just elevated now that we both know whose playing. I’m sure you’re going to want your revenge against me Faze. Want to put me through hell? Make my life miserable? It sounds like a good old fashioned dance. But remember one thing… remember how this all started, Ryan. Back when I was moments away of taking the LSD title away from your boy, David Black…

The HOV quickly cuts away from Midnight to reveal the footage Jason was talking about, from the August 24th edition of Mayhem from the Williams Arena in Minneapolis, MN:

Popping to his feet, Black finds a dazed Jason Midnight stop him in his tracks as he goes for the second “Blackout” attempt as Jason hoists him onto his shoulder into a Fireman’s Carry!

Chastity Gold: This one’s going to be over! FINAL TOLL TIME!!

But before he can deliver the modified TKO, Black is pulled off by none other than General Manager Faze, who reaches up from the ring apron and saves the LSD champion. Faze quickly hops off the apron before Romeo Ward spots him while Midnight begins going ballistic in the ring. Again, this allows Black enough recovery time to land that second “Blackout” and go for the cover…





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 14:31… and STILL HOW LSD champion… DAVID BLACK!!!

Chastity Gold: Wow! We could have easily had a new champion right there had it not been for Ryan Faze!

Rick Fantastic: Jason Midnight put up one hell of a fight here tonight. I’ll admit I’m impressed… but when you’ve got a man who swears by his title as his life and another man, with POWER no less, living vicariously through that person… the odds are going to be stacked against you.

Chastity Gold: This will be a tough pill to swallow for Jason Midnight as he had to have smelled the championship gold.

As the feed returns live, booing can be heard from the fans in the Wells Fargo Arena as the HOV cuts back to Jason Midnight, who’s expression says he’s anything but thrilled by what happened that night.

Jason Midnight: Refresh your memory… since I know you were so doped up at the time to even remember half of what happened? Now Faze… let me give you something of a challenge. You see, I want a rematch for the LSD title, seeing as how it was thanks to you that I lost out on the belt in the first place! I want you to add me to the LSD title match at Rumble at the Rock 2… and I’m sure you’re wondering why you’d be inclined to include me in such a match? What could you possibly gain from all of this? The answer is simple, RYAN… if I lose, then our little game is over. It’s done. If I lose at Rumble at the Rock 2, I will surrender to the EPU, face the consequences for my actions and never bother you again. But if I win… actually, WHEN I win and become LSD champion. Then I walk away. No punishment. No consequences. No repercussions. It’s that simple.

There’s another pause from Midnight as he rubs at his chin before his lips twists into a sudden sneer.

Jason Midnight: And I highly suggest you take me up on my little offer… because if you don’t, then our game will be far from over. Our game will just be beginning! You can put me through all the hell that you want, Faze. Send me there if you so desi…



The red light in Jason Midnight’s locker room sways about until the HOV screen quickly turns to static, leaving the fans and Chastity Gold confused.

Chastity Gold: Oh my gosh! What the heck just happened?!?

Rick Fantastic: Jason Midnight just confessed to all of the recent pranks on General Manager Faze! What are you, deaf?

In a flash, the HOV comes back to life with a blue screen and the Mayhem logo as the buzz in the crowd grows larger and larger.

Chastity Gold: Ah, there we go… folks, give us a moment as we try to figure out what happened there…

After a few more moments of uncertainty, the production crew is able to gather some footage of what just went down. What can finally be made clear from the swaying red light in Jason Midnight’s locker room is the evil sneer of General Manager Faze, as he grabs Midnight’s attention from behind, boots him in the midsection, and lands his trademark FAZEPLANT!

Rick Fantastic: It’s Faze! He just Fazeplanted Jason Midnight! But how did he know?!? How did he know it was Midnight?!? He’s got a match coming up!

Chastity Gold: Our General Manager is smarter than you think! That’s what happens when you have allies in this business, Rick. All it takes is a simple tip from someone in the back and…

On the HOV, Faze finds the light switch in Midnight’s locker room and takes a minute to iron his suit jacket with his palm, exerting a deep sigh with a stern expression on his face. He motions the camera to zoom in on Jason Midnight, who’s forehead is bloodied thanks to the Fazeplant on the cement floor of his locker room. Ryan kneels down next to his fallen adversary and then motions the camera to zoom in on his face, as if for added effect to ensure people know he means business.

Faze: Jason… Jason… Jason. What the FUCK were you thinking? HUH?!? Who the fuck do you think you are, doing all of these pranks at my expense?!? Do you know who I am! I am the General Manager of Mayhem! Do you know that I was shitting my brains out for an ENTIRE show thanks to you?!? Do you know that the furniture you burned of mine was CUSTOM MADE for me by the finest detailers known to man?!? And do you know how much I HATE horses?!? MUCH LESS HORSE SHIT?!?

Leaning down to come face-to-face with the fallen Jason Midnight, Faze prods a finger into his chest as the crowd boos him unmercifully.

Faze: Congratulations Midnight… you made your point. You know, saving your roster mates from having their wages frozen was an admirable thing to do, but owning up to these pranks was the biggest mistake of your life, pal! Truly… it was a great speech Jason. It’s just too bad that your time in the spotlight was short-lived.

Faze chuckles a bit as Midnight begins to stir below him, fighting to come to grips with what just happened to him.

Faze: You see, Jason Midnight, your little offer for an LSD title re-match at Rumble at the Rock 2 is intriguing, to say to the least, but adding you to a match in which David Black, Silent Witness, and Joseph Gregory are already competing simply doesn’t fit with MY plans for the show. In fact, your little lapse in judgement has officially BANNED you from Rumble at the Rock 2 altogether!

Rick Fantastic: Wow! Faze just banned Jason Midnight from the upcoming Pay-Per-View!

Chastity Gold: This is outrageous! He can’t do that? Can he?

Rick Fantastic: He can do whatever he wants… he’s the boss!

Jason Midnight: But… bu-

Faze: What’s that Jason? Bite your tongue on that Fazeplant I gave you? Well speak no further, as if my memory serves me correctly, you’ve got a match to compete in! And did I mention that it starts RIGHT NOW?!?

Faze spits in the face of Jason Midnight, who is on his knees now, before leaving the room and ordering Referee Frank Tsonga and Midnight’s opponent, Silver Phoenix, into the locker room.

Chastity Gold: What? This match can’t be starting now! Midnight is in no condition to wrestle! He could have a concussion!

Rick Fantastic: Hardcore Rules, Chaz, means anything goes!

Silver Phoenix shrugs as Frank Tsonga is given no choice but to call for the bell and to start the match inside of Jason Midnight’s own locker room!


Silver Phoenix vs. Jason Midnight
Singles Match


Chastity Gold: First Faze bans Jason Midnight from Rumble and the Rock 2… and now he’s leaving Silver Phoenix his remains after giving him a Fazeplant on the cement floor of his own locker room!

Rick Fantastic: Well Faze got tipped off that it was Midnight behind the pranks… and word from the back is saying that Midnight’s opponent from last week, Mario Maurako, was the one that filled him in!

Chastity Gold: That… that… no good…

Rick Fantastic: Hey… as we saw earlier with Gregory Orion Daniels… he’s just doing his job!

Without any further hesitation, Silver Phoenix takes a steel chair that was propped near the locker itself and raises it over his head. Jason Midnight, with pleading eyes, tries to convince his opponent otherwise, but is unsuccessful as Phoenix smashes the chair across his face!

Jason Midnight collapses like a sack of bricks as the wound on his forehead begins to bleed profusely now from the combination of the Fazeplant and the chair shot.

Chastity Gold: This is not like Silver Phoenix to take advantage of a situation like this!

Rick Fantastic: All’s fair in love and wrestling, Chastity. Phoenix is trying to make a name for himself, you know, rise the ranks, just like everyone else is in this business! Can’t exactly blame him for what Midnight did to Faze, can you?

Chastity Gold: ROLLING THUNDER ONTO THE BACK OF JASON MIDNIGHT! Silver Phoenix is really taking it to his opponent here!

The much smaller Silver Phoenix needs all of his strength to flip Midnight over from his belly to his back, and after he does so, makes the cover accordingly.




Frank Tsonga signals a 2-count to the camera as Phoenix wastes no time and pulls Midnight to a seated position by his hair. Still in the seated position, a clearly dazed Jason Midnight is propped up against the lockers by Phoenix as the crowd begins to really get into the match.

Rick Fantastic: I smell trouble here for Jason Midnight…

No sooner does Rick say the words than does Silver Phoenix rush forward, using the momentum from the opposite side of the locker room to charge at Midnight with a DROP KICK INTO THE LOCKERS!

Except Midnight evades the drop kick, leaving Phoenix to land boot-first into the hard steel and favor his knees and legs from the impact!

Chastity Gold: Jason moved!

With Silver Phoenix down, Midnight uses whatever might it is he has left to drape an arm over the high flyer, prompting Tsonga to get into position.



Rick Fantastic: NO!!

Silver Phoenix takes advantage of Midnight’s weakened state to slip out of the pin fall. With nothing left in the tank, a bloodied Jason Midnight lies flat on his back on the floor of his locker room, leaving Silver Phoenix to come to his feet and shake off the effects of the missed drop kick.

Chastity Gold: This is just sad! Faze never gave Jason Midnight a chance in this match! He Fazeplanted him before it even started!

Rick Fantastic: Ya know, you COULD make the case that Jason Midnight deserved it….

Chastity Gold: True… but willingly or not… Silver Phoenix is likely the benefactor, as he’s looking to end this right here!

Somewhat regrettably, Silver Phoenix gets into position and leaps into the air, executing a perfect Standing Moonsault that takes the wind out of the sails of Jason Midnight.





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 9:32… SILVER PHOENIX!!!

The fans pop to their feet in the arena as Frank Tsonga raises the arm of Silver Phoenix, who just scored, despite the circumstances, what could be considered an upset win over Jason Midnight due to size and strength advantage alone!

Chastity Gold: It’s just a shame that this win for Silver Phoenix will be forever tainted… and all thanks to THAT man right there!

Looking on from a distance outside of the locker room, General Manager Faze can only smirk at the misfortune of Jason Midnight, whose forehead is now being bandaged up by the High Octane medical staff.

Rick Fantastic: Revenge can be a beautiful thing, Chastity. It’s just something you’re gonna have to get used to here in High Octane Wrestling…

Chastity Gold (sighing): We’ll be right back…


Airing this Wednesday night?
Tune in as Lee Best, Ryan Faze, and the usual suspects gather together to recap Mayhem, preview Turmoil, and play in a LIVE High Octane poker game complete with live commentary!
Stay tuned!

Facing the Music

Back LIVE when all the lighting in the Wells Fargo Arena immediately goes out!

Chastity Gold: Great, who’s Faze going to sneak attack THIS time?

Rick Fantastic: I’ll tell you what Chaz… Faze has been all over the show here tonight but he’s been all business, as he just showed Jason Midnight why pulling an innocent prank on him won’t fly here on Mayhem!

Chastity Gold: What I’m wondering is how Midnight will respond! Will the pranks continue?

Suddenly, the HOV flashes with a piece of rapid video taking a first-person trip through a conceptual maze of light in space. The text ‘Astral Conversations With Toulouse Lautrec’ buzzes repeatedly across the screen, as the song of the same name by Northern Irish rock group Ash starts up with a re-recorded robotic voice-over announcing: ‘Please welcome: Tim Shipley. Error. Does not compute. Does not compute…’

Chastity Gold: Well what do you know! It’s not Faze! Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Tim Shipley! HOW’s highest-paid superstar is on his way to the ring!

Rick Fantastic: He may be at the top of HOW’s paryoll, but he’s got a lot to live up to after David Black showed him what HOW is about. He’s gotta learn the ropes all over.

White spotlights dance around the arena, and now two blue spotlights, emitting light from the ringposts, slowly rotate down from the arena roof to focus on the stage, where Tim Shipley emerges. The white lights dance more and more frantically before simultaneously all coming to a stop to focus on Shipley, and he raises his head, looking out at the fans and slowly nodding.

Chastity Gold: Shipley is not scheduled for a match tonight, so I can only guess he’s out here to talk to us. We heard earlier tonight that his big contract that has been making the wrong kind of waves backstage at HOW was halved by Lee Best and Ryan Faze yesterday, but after Shipley asked them to do it! I wonder why that could have happened?

Rick Fantastic: Ha, old Rox didn’t seem best pleased. Guess Shippers is just trying to buy himself some friends. A little late now huh?

Chastity Gold: I wouldn’t say that. Some of HOW’s younger guys could learn a lot from a man with such pedigree.

Tim Shipley ascends the ring steps and moves into the ring, pacing unhurriedly around it, assessing his reception from the fans, which is mixed. With some, he is popular based on his history with Core Wrestling, Atlantic Wrestling Club and most recently the independent promotion he runs, Just Wrestling; but others have already grown to despise the apparent arrogance emitted by him, his manager Roxie and the fat contract that has been the subject of confusion tonight.

Rick Fantastic: Where’s Roxie anyway? A little eye candy wouldn’t go amiss!

Chastity Gold: It looks like Tim Shipley cuts his own promos.

Shipley is handed a microphone, and almost immediately the arena falls silent. Despite divided opinions on the new signing, everybody wants to hear what he has to say, given the reputation he has in the world of wrestling.

Tim Shipley: I’m new in town…

His start elicits a string of boos and cheers.

Tim Shipley: …new in HOW, and new to Mayhem. Yet this past week the powers that be decided that at Rumble at the Rock 2… in just four short weeks… I will have the honour of representing the great Mayhem brand.

A cheap pop ensues for Shipley’s complimentary comment on Mayhem.

Rick Fantastic: It’s not “Hello Cleveland”, but I guess for these guys it’ll do.

Tim Shipley: With that in mind… I thought it was high time I cleared up some issues surrounding my arrival here.

Chastity Gold: Great! Now this is what we want to hear!

The arena descends into a hush.

Tim Shipley: The first thing that I want to address… is my contract here in High Octane Wrestling. There has been a lot said about how much I’m being paid, and to tell you the truth I had no idea… no idea how LITTLE the guys who throw themselves around this ring week after week are being paid!

A roar from the crowd, in appreciation for the Mayhem roster and all they put in.

Tim Shipley: Now – from my point of view – that’s not a naive statement. That’s not to invite your pity or your respect. I know very well that you respect the guys here more than even they know.

Another small pop.

Tim Shipley: But it is to invite your indignation! Because as many of you may know, I’m not just another roster member, I’m not just another little guy at the bottom, taking what scraps the higher-ups feed me! I run an indie promotion myself!

A rapid, audible “JUST! JUST! JUST!” chant starts up, the fans beating their feet on the floor.

Chastity Gold: Yes he does!

Tim Shipley: This place is televised, which in this business means, relatively, swimming in money. But, your Issac Slade…

A small pop from the fans, who are still not sure what to think about the recent change in direction for Slade.

Tim Shipley: Your Shane Reynolds…

Boos for Reynolds, who remains disliked on Mayhem despite the Best Alliance turning on him so brutally at Turmoil.

Tim Shipley: Even your Perfect Paul Paras…

An enormous roar and chants of “TRIPLE P! TRIPLE P!”

Tim Shipley: …are being paid PEANUTS!

Rick Fantastic: Well, hey, they get more than me!

Shipley waits to let his words sink in amongst the audience.

Tim Shipley: They sweat… they bleed… and they BREAK THEIR BONES for a company that pays them a pittance! Lee Best is making millions out of their exploitation.

Huge boos for the leader of the Best Alliance. Shipley waits patiently.

Tim Shipley: But… I can’t change things. Not right now. I’m only new. I’m only the bottom rung. I’m not going to spend my time here being a justice fighter because there are more significant things to me than money. I just wanted you, and all of them here, to be aware of what Lee Best is doing here.

Chastity Gold: How admirable!

Rick Fantastic: Admirable? If he’s not taking it on himself he’s no more’n a chicken!

Tim Shipley walks slowly around the ring, noticing that the crowd has warmed significantly to his revelations that may cause damage for Lee Best’s reputation in HOW.

Tim Shipley: My second issue to address… is my match last week, with your LSD Champion, David Black.

The brawler takes some crowd heat.

Tim Shipley: Black and I went toe to toe, and it was a deal more intense than anything I’ve experienced in the ring for several months.

There is, perhaps, a twinkle in Shipley’s eye.

Rick Fantastic: Shipley’s barely been in the ring for several years!

Tim Shipley: David Black was a tough opponent, I’ll admit, he had more than I expected… yet he was a mere second from being counted out of this fine HOW ring.

Chastity Gold: That’s true! That’s very true! Shipley was so close to an opening victory!

Tim Shipley: And then, in what I can only describe as a moment of madness, my manager, Roxie Sykes, tugged him back as he tried to return to the match. And I found myself… disqualified.

Shipley looks down at his feet.

Tim Shipley: I have never been so embarrassed.

Shipley receives a cheer from the purists among the fans.

Tim Shipley: Roxie is the first manager I’ve had in a wrestling promotion. She’s great!

Wolf-whistles. Shipley laughs.

Tim Shipley: Well, perhaps, but more importantly she’s young, eager, and she gets things done. What I didn’t know was how low she’d stoop to try and get things done for me.

Rick Fantastic: No ambition! No ambition at all! She was just trying to save his mediocre performance!

Tim Shipley: So for that reason, I’ll be coming to ringside alone for my matches, until Roxie understands what I want from a manager, and learns a little better how to restrain her enthusiasm.

Shipley looks gravely towards the curtain, as if apologising to his manager for her public condemnation. There is a dismayed howl from some male fans, who have become rather taken with the attractive manager.

Tim Shipley: And David Black… I know you’ve got a busy schedule right now, defending your belt twice in the coming weeks… but whenever you’re ready for a rematch… to find a real winner out of the two of us here on Mayhem… I’ll be here.

The fans cheer as Shipley, steely-eyed, delivers his challenge.

Tim Shipley: But let’s move onto more important matters… the third and final topic I need to discuss. And I know I’m taking up your time here so let’s make it short. You’ve all seen via the HOW website this week that I’m supposed to walk out on the behalf of everyone here on Mayhem. I’m supposed to take on Ethan Cavanaugh for the honour of earning Faze an advantage in the draft.

Rick Fantastic: And you’re supposed to be a little more appreciative of the opportunity you’ve been given!

Tim Shipley: In short, Faze wants to use me to show Lee Best that Mayhem means business…

An enormous cheer from the fans for their chosen brand.

Tim Shipley: But before I make that trip out to Alcatraz… to fight for Mayhem and for all the great people here… I want Faze to show me something.

Chastity Gold: Oh! Shipley placing some sort of condition on this!

Shipley grins, but his eyes show a conviction behind his words.

Tim Shipley: Anyone who knows my history will know my unfinished business… and who it is with. Anyone who knows wrestling will know that person. And I think it’s become clear that I want that business finished… right here… in HOW. I asked for my pay to be halved yesterday… yes, that’s right. The biggest contract in HOW is no more. But I placed a condition on the use of the money HOW is saving. I said to the management that to do what the could… everything they could… to make one further signing to this Mayhem brand.

He turns to face the curtain.

Tim Shipley: Faze… show me that Mayhem means business.

The buzz from the crowd is growing, and Shipley’s next words send them into overdrive.

Tim Shipley: Faze… get me… the Illustrious Face-Eater.

Chastity Gold: The Face-Eater in HOW?!

Rick Fantastic: Incredible! On live TV Shipley is demanding that Ryan Faze sign former AWC and PRIME superstar the Illustrious Face-Eater!

Chastity Gold: I’m pretty sure he’s retired!

Rick Fantastic: Oh, he’ll pop up anywhere. He was even doing Just Wrestling not long ago. But right here in HOW?! That would make HISTORY!

Shipley’s music is back on, and to what is now an almost deafening roar, he makes his way to the back.

Chastity Gold: The fans out here are in some kind of ecstasy. They’ve been promised the Face-Eater! A global superstar for HOW! But can Faze deliver it?

Rick Fantastic: I can’t see it. I can’t see the Illustrious Face-Eater ever signing a HOW contract. He’s too much of a prima donna for one thing.

Chastity Gold: Well one thing’s for sure, Shipley has really set Faze up for a hell of a time because the fans are going to be like rabid animals now, having been dangled the carrot of the Face-Eater on live TV!

Rick Fantastic: I’ll tell you what, he’s set us all up for a hell of a disappointment.

As Tim Shipley disappears behind the curtain, the HOV sputters for a moment before it’s feed appears to die, leaving the audience confused as to what is occurring.

Chastity Gold: Folks, it appears we’re having some additional technical difficulties with our High Octane Vision screen.

Rick Fantastic: Not a good night for our technical crew here in HOW…

A moment later the feed snaps back to life, though the noise and video feed is just as jumbled up and digitized as it was a few moments earlier.

???: He-zzz—zllo.. Hello?


Kaeling the ICON

Suddenly the static image flashes into the image of Max Kael’s face as a smile seems to creep across it. For those playing attention it is obvious that when he smiles widely he is missing one of his back molars, a result of Lee Best’s attack on him last Thursday.

Chastity Gold: It’s Max Kael! The new ICON champion!

Rick Fantastic: Hide the women and children folks!

Max Kael: There we are..Hello Mayhem! Heh-heh..

Max steps away from whatever device he is using to record to reveal that he is wearing a three piece black suit with the ICON title drapped over his shoulder. His two hands are clutched around the edges of it in a possessive manner as his wild brown hair gives him a slightly feral look.

Max Kael: Hello Arizona.. it must be exciting living in a State that can’t win a Super Bowl championship even if the opposing team was made up of crippled French men. Oh well, it seems fitting that Mayhem would be the show to visit you. After all Mayhem is the secondary program, the weak link in the HOW structure and presently lacking in both the ICON Title and the World Title, funny considering post-Capitol Punishment they had them all..

A cruel sneer slips up over Max’s face as he lets his head slide against the glassy golden finish of the ICON title.

Max Kael: But then what do you expect from a show that is run by a man who is so drugged up he can’t even properly book a show. I mean really, I haven’t see shows with so many multi-person matches since Vince Russo wrote for WCW! He can’t manage to keep his championship belts and have you losers gotten tired of the flogging the ol’LSD Division has received? I mean please.. ever since I have left the LSD division might as well represent Mayhem because the other champions.. er.. Ex-Champions don’t!

The Minister leans back in toward the camera with a manic expression on his face as he whispers close.

Max Kael: But I’m getting side tracked.. I am really here to talk to a few men on Mayhem who might have once had dreams of becoming the ICON champion but now will find that their road to greatness has been ended some what harshly.

Pointing at the title it is noticed there is a crude and some what nasty gash on the face place of the title. Max lets his finger rub across it gently as his smile spreads a little more widely.

Max Kael: That’s Shane Reynolds there and his loss to me. I am so bad with numbers I thought, heck, why not just carve my victories into the ICON title that way it has some real.. personal meaning to me. Shane embarrassed the Division, harmed the title standing and robbed everyone on Mayhem of the chance to get the ICON Title, at least until the next PPV. Did Shane lose it fairly? Hell no! Was it a fantastic effort on both sides involved? Not hardly! Was it a memorable title defense? Only if you get off on watching record setting swift matches!

Letting out another shrill laugh Max leans back and swings the title back and forth as if it were some kind of forbidden candy.

Max Kael: Triple P, you were an ICON champion and maybe you wanted to wear this lovely piece of gold once again? But alas you only have one man to blame now for that stunted little road. Shane Reynolds as he practically handed the title to me the other day and wished me well on my next title reign! So long as I told this title, Triple P, you will never get it. I must apologize about that but well, don’t blame us! There was a time when you would man up to doing that yourself but I just don’t know about you anymore..

Snapping his fingers Max looked as if he remembered something. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and tossed them onto the ground off screen.

Max Kael: Speaking of being locked up by cold steel I’ve heard that our dear Issac Slade has recently fallen off the band wagon and has started to fall into the realm of hardcore film making or something like that. I’ve never been one for domination but I heard Slade’s taken to it like Jesus took to the Cross. Good for him, maybe he will see the clarity of my words and stop pussy footing around. That kind of behavior gets you to lose your title after a week to Aceldama.. tsk tsk.

Lifting a thin finger Max waved it back and forth in a condescending manner before he let out another soft giggle.

Max Kael: And to the rest of you degenerates who think your bad enough, crazy enough or just plain silly enough to come take the ICON champion from the Minister Maximiilian Kael please consider the following.. Your family, your friends and your health will be at risk and while many of you think you can stay outside the window and look in.. well…

Another giggle escaped Max Kael’s lips as he pointed toward the small crack on his ICON Title.

Max Kael: One years worth of mental torture ended in 4 seconds of match time.. you do the math.. Heh-heh. Good bye Mayhem and thanks for all the LSD Memories!

The signal feed cuts off as the crowd is left booing the monitor loudly as Max had just undercut a great deal of the Mayhem product without ever setting food in the arena.

Chastity Gold: Calling out Shane Reynolds, Triple P, AND Issac Slade?!? Does Max Kael have a death wish?

Rick Fantastic: Who knows what his intentions are! Max has never been one to make much sense around here. But whether we like it or not, he’s the ICON champion…

Chastity Gold: So is true, Rick. Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s about that time! Our main event tag team match is next!

Rick Fantastic: And Shane Reynolds is NOT going to be happy… stay tuned!


Heh-heh-heh… don’t forget to call to congratulate your new ICON champion! Heh-heh…


Issac Slade & Silent Witness vs. Shane Reynolds & Joseph Gregory
Tag Team Match

Back LIVE, the fans are giving the heat to Shane Reynolds, who with a snarl that could frighten a pit bull, joins his tag team partner, Joseph Gregory, at ringside. Joseph climbs the ring steps and Shane slides under the bottom rope to confront Issac Slade and Silent Witness, who exchange nothing between each other as Romeo Ward calls for the bell.


Shane Reynolds wastes no time, immediately taking his aggression out on Isaac Slade, attacking him barely before the bell rings a third time, as Joseph Gregory ignores the Romeo’s orders to exit the ring. Gregory helps Shane lay the boots the fallen Slade as an off-his-guard Silent Witness tries to come to the aid of his partner. But its too late as Shane gets his boot into his face and Gregory takes him down with a hard clothesline.

Chastity Gold: Some cheap tactics from Shane Reynolds and Joseph Gregory have gained them the upper hand in this match as Romeo Ward has lost control early!

Rick Fantastic: As expected, neither Shane or Joseph Gregory seem willing to play by the rules!

Shane has Slade in the corner, working him over as Gregory is working over the legs of Silent Witness on the mat and it doesn’t take long before we see Shane springboard off the turnbuckle and hitting the reverse DDT he calls Zero Gravity leaving Issac laid out in the middle of the ring.

Chastity Gold: Shane is relentless here! Issac Slade doesn’t know what hit him!

Meanwhile, Joseph Gregory has Witness back on his feet and connects with with jawbreaker that puts Witness in a daze but still on his feet. Joseph rolls under the bottom rope and under the side of the ring, leaving Witness to look over the rope to find him. Suddenly, the masked man that attacked Silent Witness last week rolls out from the other side and slides into the ring, stalking Witness from behind!

Rick Fantastic: That’s… Joseph Gregory! Isn’t it?

Chastity Gold: I… I’m not exactly sure. He’s wearing the same ring attire but he moved under the ring awfully fast for a man of his size…

Rick Fantastic: Speaking of size, this masked man looks a bit shorter, doesn’t he? LOOKOUT!

The unsuspecting Silent Witness fails to catch on to the “switch” and comes to the receiving end of an Inverted DDT from the masked man! As Witness falls to the mat, the masked man quickly rolls out of the ring and back underneath, which brings back Joseph Gregory moments later.

Chastity Gold: It HAD to have been Gregory! See!

Rick Fantastic: I still don’t know… wait a minute, Shane Reynolds is climbing the turnbuckle… and with Slade on the mat this could mean only one thing.

Chastity Gold: It could mean many, but it seems your right as Shane is calling for a quick end to this match.

Reaching the top of the turnbuckles, Shane leaps off the ropes and hits the 450 degree splash that is “Diablo’s Inferno” just as Joseph Gregory wraps both hands around the neck of Silent Witness and lifts him up off the ground and connects with a Sit-Down Powerbomb!

Chastity Gold: The Pit from Jospeh Gregory!

Rick Fantastic: Diablo’s Inferno from Shane Reynolds!

Both men cover their opponents for what seems to be a double pinfall attempt by Shane and Joseph Gregory.





Kimber Marshall: The winners of this match in 3:02… Shane Reynolds and Joseph Gregory!!!

Chastity Gold: Well Issac Slade and Silent Witness never even had a CHANCE in that match as it was all Shane Reynolds and Joseph Gregory from the moment the bell rung!


It’s Official!

As the match comes to an end, Joseph Gregory slides out of the ring and heads backstage in a swirl of mystery and intrigue, while Silent Witness is tended to by the EMTs and Shane and Slade remain. Shane stares across the ring at Slade his eyes boring a hole through the former World Champion, the Mystery woman climbs up onto the ring apron With his leash and collar in on hand and calls out sharply to Issac.

Tearing his gaze away from Shane Reynolds Issac sits down on the ropes providing a place for the woman to enter the ring, once within the ropes she strokes his cheek as if comforting a battered dog, slipping the collar around his neck she attaches the leash and then turns in the direction of Shane Reynolds who watches the whole situation and shakes his head in wonder of it all, motioning for a mic to be passed to him he brings it to his lips and speaks with a smirk on his face.

Shane Reynolds: When I returned to High Octane Wrestling earlier this year, the one name that was on everybody’s lips was Issac Slade. A superstar in the making; a man on an undefeated streak for the ages; a true ICON. But look now. THIS is what Issac Slade has come to!

The crowd boo’s Shane Reynolds as he speaks and Shane laughs.

Shane Reynolds: Boo me all you want! I assure you I still don’t give a damn what you all think, you think “I’m” pathetic? But I’m the one who turned up here and competed even though I was knocked down in a hit-and-run attack and beaten within an inch of my life afterwards. And look at all of you! You all still cheer this man!

Gesturing angrily to Issac Slade he turns in a circle addressing the gathered crowd.

Shane Reynolds: If you can still call him a man! Look at him! Standing there in a collar! Allowing himself to be lead around by a leash! No! I’m not pathetic, I have my shortcomings, I admit, but I would NEVER stoop to the level that Issac Slade has sunk to!

Issac Slade’s face remains impassive throughout the berating, the masked woman occasionally whispering words into his ear telling him to ignore Shane’s words, but a quick look of shame flashes in Slade’s eyes before his face returns to an unreadable mask.

Shane Reynolds: And you still Have Faith in this man? This sinner. Disgusting! Just Disgusting!

Shaking his head Shane approaches Issac without fear, reaching out a finger he pokes Issac in the shoulder hard enough to move him back a step, Issac does not rise to the bait so Shane does it again, once again Issac remains impassive, this makes Shane laugh.

Shane Reynolds: A lot of you are probably wondering how I could continue to punish this man, How I could bring myself to hit a man so obviously broken inside, how could I hit a man that doesn’t even fight back?

Drawing a fist back Shane brings a stunning left hook across Slade’s Jaw that sends him spinning into the turnbuckle disoriented, the crowd begins to boo and even some garbage rains down on Shane as he laughs.

Shane Reynolds: I think I’ll manage to find a way!

Shane waits for a few moments for Slade to regain some slight composure and stand up right, aided by a little bit of assistance from the masked woman, who continues to whisper in his ear to hold his ground and not rise to it.

Shane Reynolds: Because he simply deserves no better!

Shane swings suddenly forward now with a left uppercut, sending Slade this time into the ropes. He switches arm as Slade rebounds back and nails him across the side of the head with the microphone. Immediately the woman reaches down and finds Slade’s arm and whispers for him to get back to his feet. He is barely halfway to his feet when Shane storms over and delivers a hard boot to the back. Immediately Slade attempts to obey his command and stand, only for another stomp to knock him back to the canvas, followed by another and then an elbow drop to the back of the neck to keep him there.

Chastity Gold: This is just sickening–

She begins, before Rick interrupts to finish off her sentence.

Rick Fantastic: –Like watching someone push a cripple out of a wheelchair; he’s defenseless.

It only gets worse, though, as Shane declares that Slade only deserves to stand when Shane permits it – permitting it at that very moment by grabbing Slade by the head and dragging him to his feet. Shane stares deeply into Slade’s barely conscious and unresponsive face before tossing him backwards against the ropes. There, he quickly ties Slade up in them – crucifix style – and begins unleashing further blows to the face and side of the head, allowing the blood to flow freer.

Chastity Gold: Where’s the EPU?

Rick Fantastic: I’m guessing nowhere to be found, courtesy of our General Manager who has most likely got to be approving of what he sees.

Shane takes a step back as Issac Slade’s head slumps forward, surveying his work as drops of blood fall from the canvas and he raises the microphone back to his lips.

Shane Reynolds: Now do you see! This man is no idol – is less of an ICON than Paul Paras. He is broken. He is nothing. He is the only who is truly pathetic.

Shane’s eyes suddenly turn from alternating between Slade and the crowd and fix on the masked woman standing over him.

Shane Reynolds: And as for you…

Shane flies towards her and wraps his hand around her throat, forcing her into the corner.

Shane Reynolds:… you did everything you said you would…beautifully.

Shane, still holding her by the throat, reaches up with his free hand and lifts the mask enough to reveal her lips beneath, before planting a rough kiss on them and stepping back to look back at Issac Slade.

Chastity Gold: Surely that’s enough!

But it’s not, not according to Shane, who drops the microphone and lunges forward and tears an unconscious Slade away from the ropes as the woman faces on. Shane spins him around into an Unprettier set-up. From there, he fakes left and then spins all the way right, spinning both himself and Issac Slade through the air and crashing him face-first into the canvas with a crashing thud. Shane immediately rolls over onto his stomach and pulls the microphone back towards him as he leans his head towards Slade.

Shane Reynolds: Ever since I first used that move against Max at Capitol Punishment, I have been at a loss for what to call it….but I think I’m going to name it in honour of you. I’m going to call it The Original Sin – and consider the punishment for yours…to have officially begun.

Rick Fantastic: Begun?

Chastity Gold: Shane Reynolds has been taunting him for weeks, now he savagely attacks him having conspired with this woman to weaken him…and he’s only just begun? Surely he can’t put him through any more.

Suddenly, as though to answer Chastity’s own question, a large firebolt erupts from each side of the stage as Tool’s ‘Vicarious’ comes onto the sound system. The lights in the arena fade, leaving only a furious red hue over the ramp, aisle way, and ring. The fans erupt into a frenzy of boos as Aceldama is seen coming through the curtains and onto the ramp. He is wearing his hooded gown, the hood casting a shadow over his monstrous features. A malicious smile slithers across the face of Shane Reynolds as he climbs back to his feet and watches his Blood Brother enter the arena.

Rick Fantastic: The World Champion Aceldama is here on Mayhem! Shane said he’d have backup tonight and here it comes!

Chastity Gold: No! Get out of there, Issac!

But Issac is unable to respond. Anticipating Aceldama’s arrival, Shane drags Slade up and ties him up in the ropes for the second time.

Rick Fantastic: Slade may not make it out of the desert tonight, unless it’s in an ambulance. After what happened to the Blood Brothers on Turmoil this week, I have a feeling Aceldama will find the utmost pleasure in adding to the destruction of the man he defeated for the World Title.

Chastity Gold: Ugh… viewers at home, just as a warning, this may be difficult to watch… I’m already sick to my stomach at what Shane has done!

Aceldama walks up the ring steps and waits for Shane to open the ropes for him. The World Champion steps into the ring and glares at Issac Slade under the harsh red light as the fans cringe in anticipation for what is to come. Slade hangs helplessly within the ropes, barely conscious, unable to move, and devoid of all emotion. In a moment, Aceldama raises a fist and prepares to hammer down on his Capitol Punishment opponent with all his might. He lunges the fist downward… but stops in mid-swing. The music stops playing but the red lights remain as Aceldama slowly lowers his hand, leaving Slade unharmed. The crowd looks on in confusion as Shane Reynolds walks over to his partner’s side, questioning him aloud, irate and unsure of what has just happened.

Chastity Gold: Did Aceldama just…spare Issac Slade?!

Rick Fantastic: Some divine intervention, perhaps? Not even Reynolds knows what to think!

Aceldama simply continues to stare down at the subdued Slade as Reynolds yells in his ear. Shane finally grabs his partner by the shoulder and turns him to face him, causing his eyes to grow wide.




Shane’s voice blisters with pain as each successive Singapore cane shot rips off his forehead before he collapses to the mat to protect himself. Aceldama reaches up and pulls the hood off his head as the red lights turn back to a normal hue and the fans explode into cheers.

Rick Fantastic: What the hell? That’s not the World Champion…!!


Perfect” Paul Paras tosses off the hooded gown and readies the cane he had been hiding under the cloak. As Reynolds rises to his feet, Paras delivers another three cane shots to the former ICON Champion’s skull, causing a gash to open on Shane’s forehead as the crowd to go crazy. Paul briefly turns and looks down on Slade to check on him, then looks out to the fans, who are on their feet in excitement.

Rick Fantastic: Triple P has shocked Shane Reynolds! This crowd is electric!

As Reynolds turns around, Paras sprints across the ring and delivers the Blue Angel flying dropkick to Shane’s face, sending Shane careening over the top rope and to the floor. Triple P picks up the cane again and points it at the now-bloody Reynolds on the floor, who snarls back at him while resting against the guard rail. Paras then moves the cane to point at Slade’s leather-clad posse, who are frantically trying to pull Slade away from the ring on his leash. Paras’ eyes narrow and his smirk contorts shows a combination of extreme confidence and vicious determination.

Chastity Gold: The Perfect One was supposed to have the night off, but he has shown up here in Arizona to perhaps save Issac Slade and get some payback on Shane Reynolds for his actions last week!

Rick Fantastic: I knew Slade must’ve had divine intervention. The Minnesota Messiah looks ready to show the world that he is a true ICON in the wrestling world, title or not. I don’t think his issues with Shane Reynolds, Issac Slade, and these mysterious women are anywhere near over!

???: But at Rumble at the Rock, it will be!

A new voice interrupts, amidst a sudden burst of entrance music, both serving to reveal the sudden arrival of General Manager Ryan Faze. Stopping on the entrance ramp, he stares down towards the ring the microphone still raised and his eyes furious.

Faze: I stated that for this week, Paul Paras was to be banned from the arena. Now, I could fine you, Paul… I could fire you. But, I know just how badly Shane Reynolds wants to be the one to punish you – so at Rumble at the Rock 2, I’m giving him that chance, in the match he requested last week, and I’m making it official: Shane Reynolds versus Triple P… in the first ever Alcatraz Dungeon Match, with the winner being granted Shane’s rematch and number one contendership for the ICON Championship!

Rick Fantastic: It’s about damn time! We’ve been waiting a long time for this match and now it’s official!

Faze: Oh… and Slade? Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you my dear old friend….

Suddenly, Tool’s “Vicarioius” kicks in for the second time tonight and out comes the REAL World Champion.

Chastity Gold: It’s Aceldama! It’s Aceldama! He’s headed right for the ring!

The World Champion brushes right by Faze at the top of the entrance ramp and cleans house with his World title upon sliding into the ring! First a shot to Triple P… then one to Issac Slade leaves them both reeling as they roll out of the ring! The crowd boos as Aceldama kneels down and tends to his his Blood Brother, Shane Reynolds.

Reynolds smiles as he realizes that Aceldama has come to his aid, and extends his hand to meet his Blood Brothers’ as Ace helps him to his feet with ease. Ace raises Shane’s arm into the air, but just as Shane goes to hug him, Ace LEVELS him with the World Title!

Chastity Gold: I can’t believe what I’m seeing here!

Out of his breast pocket, Aceldama pulls out what appears to be the contractual agreement that he had Faze sign for him earlier… then tears it to shreds over the lifeless body of Shane Reynolds.

Rick Fantastic: Aceldama turned on his own Blood Brother!

Aceldama: It’s over Shane… and Faze? You’ve got to be joking if you think I ACTUALLY would appear on this second-rate show. So help me God if you DO draft me… I will make your life a living hell… a hell that is MUCH more painful that your current state already is. Now that my business is done here… I can go back to Turmoil… and to the Best Alliance, where I rightfully BELONG!

Chastity Gold: This is sick! Aceldama is a sick and twisted man! A man that came to Mayhem tonight to turn on his own Blood Brother! How much WORSE can it get for Shane Reynolds after losing the ICON title and getting kicked out of the Best Alliance last week!

Rick Fantastic: I guess we’ll find out next week… as we’re out of time tonight!

Chastity Gold: Still so many questions left unanswered! GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!


Trent vs. Aceldama©

Silent Witness vs. David Black© vs. Joseph Gregory |

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Maximillian Kael vs. Graystone

“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Shane Reynolds

Marcus Reinhardt vs. Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

Tim Shipley (representing Mayhem) vs. Ethan Cavanaugh (representing Turmoil)

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