Mayhem: September 29th, 2008 (2008)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
September 29th, 2008 – #HOW21
United Center – Chicago, Illinois


No pyro.

No Welcome to the Jungle.

No big lead in video.

No Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell welcoming viewers to the 20th Mayhem since the reopening.

Instead, Mayhem opens up with the hard camera zoomed into the face of a very somber looking Lee Best. The crowd is even quiet, which is rare when the evil genius is in the ring.

Lee Best: Last week I was lucky enough to be knocked out by Juvian just prior to him doing the unthinkable and pushing the stroller off the entrance ramp. I say lucky because quite frankly if I actually had to witness it, I am not sure how I would of reacted or if I would even be here right now. I have even refused to watch the tape and I have told everyone here in HOW that if that video ever airs again that there will be more than hell to pay…..believe me.

Lee pauses as the fans remain quiet. No one has to see the video again to know what went down was one of the worst things ever seen or witnessed on any programming, let alone on live TV.

Lee Best: I have gotten requests from everyone from 60 Minutes to that fucking cunt Nancy Grace. All of them wanted me to come on and talk about what happened and more than likely blame me for what Juvian did. I turned them all down and I am thankful to YouTube and other various sites that have worked with me in banning the video from ever being seen on the net.

There is some applause for those comments as no one in their right mind would want to watch that sick attack again.

Lee Best: I sent word to earlier today that I would give everyone an update on the condition of Baby Best to kick off this 20th Mayhem, but quite frankly I do not think it is anyone’s business. What happened, happened and the individuals that were responsible will be dealt with. Kostoff was already fined earlier in the week for pissing on me…

The crowd pops huge for the first time at the mention of this act by Lee’s longtime rival.

Lee Best: Cheer for that asshole all you want. But don’t you realize that he is responsible for the attack on his wife’s child? It was Kostoff that brought Juvian along for that attack on me. It was Kostoff who proclaimed that it wasn’t him that hit me but Juvian, declaring his “brilliance”. Go ahead and cheer for the man that might as well of pushed the stroller himself….CHEER FOR HIM!!!!!

Tears start to roll down Lee’s face as he shakes with anger as the crowd actually stops cheering and sits back down in their seats as Best wipes the tears from his eyes.

Lee Best: Juvian I brought you into HOW because of some of the name value you had but quite frankly I should just fire your ass cause you are nothing but another so called name that has entered HOW and will soon be crawling back to your former fisher price federations so you can be the big dog. Pushing a stroller off an entrance ramp is hardly a way to show you have arrived…it just shows you are nothing but a fucking coward. This is why you will NOT be wrestling at Rumble at the Rock and you will be damn lucky to wrestle again in HOW after your match with Scotty tonight.

There is no reaction from the crowd as quite frankly they are unsure of how to respond.

Lee Best: Finally I just want to say that tonight is the last show here in the United Center and although I am a Chicago boy, I cannot wait to get the fuck out of this arena and move into the brand new arena appropriately named THE BEST ARENA.

The crowd finally boos Best as he went ahead and named the new arena after himself.

Lee Best: Go ahead and boo. Would you have rather me named it the Chris “I hire people to attack babies” Kostoff? HUH? IS THAT WHAT YOU IDIOTS WANT!!!

Best throws the mic down, not wanting to continue. There is a very awkward silence as the owner of High Octane Wrestling makes his way to the back and Mayhem cuts to its first commercial break.




Prior to Mayhem…

Action returns from commercial and Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome everyone to the last Mayhem before Rumble at the Rock. They run down quickly the card for tonight and also go over the emotion they just seen from Lee before Joe starts the lead in for the opening match of the night.

Joe Hoffman: As we get ready for our opening contest of the night between the LSD Champion Scottywood and HOW new comer Juvian Ramorez let’s take a look at what our cameras caught earlier today.

Benny Newell: Isn’t it odd how they are always around at the perfect time to catch things?

Benny takes another drink as The HOTv comes alive and we see Juvian Ramorez can be seen outside The United Center smoking a cigarette and talking with one of the HOW ring crew members as suddenly we see Scottywood appear and get right in the face of Juvian. A loud boo can be heard from The United Center who are all watching.

Juvian: Can I help you ése?

Scottywood: You help me? I doubt it; I just wanted to say hi. I know you have been busy throwing babies off stages but was wondering if maybe we could catch up on shit.

Juvian: Don’t play games with me Woodson, what do you want?

Scottywood: You think you can just attack Lee Best like you did last week and there would be no repercussions? You think he would forget what you did to Baby Best?

Juvian: I hardly call facing you in a match a repercussion. Plus do you think Kostoff has forgotten what Lee did to his wife?

Scottywood: No and I hope that crazy bastard thinks about it every night he lies in bed. As for our match tonight, that’s exactly what it is. You are going to learn quickly Juvie that no one messes with The Best Alliance and gets away with it.

Juvian: And you have yet to learn Scotty that you can never beat me. Never have, never will amigo.

Juvian takes another drag of his cigarette and blows it right into the face of Scottywood who replies with a straight right hand to Juvian’s head knocking the cigarette out and starting a full out fight between the two exchanging blows as HOW security quickly jumps in to break the two men up.

Scottywood: Just you wait till tonight Juvie, you picked the wrong man to back!!

Juvian: Oh I will, because Lee Best won’t be able to bail you out of this one you hijo de puta!

Security continues to hold Juvian and Scottywood as they drag them away in opposite directions and the shot cuts back to Joe and Benny at ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Obviously a lot of history and hate between these two men, which should lead to an interesting match tonight here on Mayhem.

Benny Newell: And obviously Scottywood is going to come out on top again and prove Juvian is all hype and no action. Tonight he faces a real member of The Best Alliance and gets a hell of a wakeup call.

Joe Hoffman: Well we will see because Scottywood versus Juvian Ramorez is up next!




Juvian Ramorez vs. Scottywood
Singles Match

“Stricken” by Disturbed plays as a loud chorus of boos echo through the arena as Scottywood makes his way out onto the stage with hockey stick in hand.

Amy Smeets: Now making his way to the ring from New York City, weighing in at 265 pounds….The Hardcore Artist and LSD CHAMPION…..Scottywood!

Scottywood continues to make his way down the entrance way, focused on the ring and ignoring the boos and comments from the fans around him.  He slides into the ring and immediately hands the LSD Championship to Matt Boettcher as he awaits the entrance of Juvian Ramorez.

Suddenly the arena lights start to dim until it is darkened in its entirety. Over the loud speakers the sound of light static is heard as it moves into the beginning of Remedy by Seether. On the video wall images of the man that is about to appear are shown. The words “Ramorez” blink on and off at a slow interval in between match clips. The crowd knows what to expect next as they stomp their feat in sync to the beat of the intro and wait for him to arrive All eyes are on the entrance curtain as the man who was just introduced steps out slowly with his arms spread out in a crucifix. Juvian Ramorez stands there with his head lowered soaking up the atmosphere. Juvian then begins to make his way to the ring as the song continues to play.

Joe is surprised that Juvian is even out here as it takes a big man to show his face after literally attacking the child of your boss.   For once Benny is speechless as he is staring intently at Juvian as he climbs into the ring.   The crowd is on their feet as the LSD Champion doesn’t waste any time and doesn’t wait for Boettcher to signal for the bell as he charges and knocks Juvian off the apron and down to the floor as Boettcher signals for the bell in the background and our first match is underway.   Scottywood doesn’t let up on the outside as he whips Juvian hard into the steel ring steps.

Benny is cheering loudly as the rest of the crowd is unsure of who to cheer for as the LSD Champion continues to work on Juvian on the outside. Even Matt Boettcher is reluctant to start a count on Scottywood.   Joe notes that this is the most awkward he has ever felt in calling a match as on one side you have Scottywood representing the evil Best Alliance. But on the other side you have a man that pushed a stroller off the entrance ramp!

Scottywood finally rolls Juvian into the ring and it isn’t long before Juvian is nailed with the LSD Champions fireman’s carry DDT finisher-Game Misconduct.   Scotty makes the cover and Boettcher the count as a silent crowd watches on…

1….   2….   3!!!!


Post match we see the HOTv come alive and it is none other than Lee Best.

Lee Best: Now that you realize you aren’t shit here in HOW I want to let you know that you can pack your bags cause your ass is FIRED!!!!!

Mayhem cuts to another commercial as a smiling Scottywood looks down at the now unemployed Juvian Ramorez.




Out “Arc”ing Arc

Back live and we see ArcAngel looking at a note he just found in his locker room as he was  heading out for his match…

The games were played You thought you’d won  But truth be told They’ve just begun  Ashes to ashes Dust to dust Soon I will stand Over your lifeless husk Now I lay you down to sleep  And pray the Lord your soul to keep  Should you die before you wake  Then facing me will be your last mistake  

Arc crumples up the note and tosses it towards a trash can, but misses, as he heads off towards the ring. The camera stays put and as Arc disappears into the distance the cameras capture someone stopping to pick up the poem..   The camera pans up and we see Matthew Williams throwing the poem into the trash. He then pulls out his disinfectant wipes and wipes his hands clean…

“I guess I am not the only one not done with Arc….”

The cameras catch Williams smiling as the action cuts back to the announce team just as it is time for our second match of the evening..   Godly Ken Davison vs. ArcAngel is next!!


Ken Davison vs. ArcAngel
Singles Match

‘Divide’ by Disturbed begins to blare through the arena loudspeakers as low flowing clouds of smoke begin to roll down from the top of the stage and slowly creep along the ground. ArcAngel steps out onto the stage with a pair of dark dress pants and a red open collared dress shirt. Black wraparound shades cover his eyes while he pauses for a moment before he walks down to the ring. ArcAngel steps through the ropes of the ring and approaches a director’s chair that is set up near the middle of the ring facing the big screen at the top of the ramp. ArcAngel picks up the microphone that is lying on the seat and then sits down.

Joe reminds the viewers that Arc actually paid for some mic time prior to his match tonight. Benny can only yawn as he takes another drink from his official HOW Flask as Arc begins on the mic..

“Despite the hard times I have been suffering these last few weeks… I am looking forward to the future. After Mayhem tonight, all the competitors in HOW will have their attention focused on one thing and that is Rumble At the Rock. It really doesn’t matter if they have a match or not, they will still be focused on the intensity that this event presents. I am anticipating this event with great energy. I finally get an opportunity to wrap my hands around the throat of the so-called leader of Team Epic. I suppose many people are wondering how things have transgressed to this point. Where did the wine of an aged friendship turn sour?”

“Why the sudden change of heart? You used to be such great friends… virtually inseparable… That is true… that is also the past. I have traveled the world and fought in many federations before the masses ever heard of Bobbinette… before the world ever heard of Mat Williams… before the modern day usage of words like ‘uber’ and ‘epic’. My career started all the way back in nineteen ninety five. It has been a long road to reach this point. It has been thirteen long years. I have known Bobbinette for about four of those years now. I have stood by her side through the majority of it. But sometimes you finally have enough. I want to end my career the way I came into it. Alone and brutal. When I begin to think about what got me here I slowly began to realize something. It isn’t the destination as much as it is the road that gets you there.“

“At Rumble at the Rock, I will face Bobbinette in what shall be my final match. Just in case you all think that I am pulling another trick or planning another deception, my contract expires on the twenty second of October… a contract I do not intend to renew. Throughout my entire career, there has never been another like my opponent I will be facing. I go into this with some conflicted emotions but I know what is right. I know what I must do. In the end I will let things fall where they may. To help illustrate the long road together, I have a small presentation. ”

ArcAngel points his hand and microphone towards the big screen as the lights in the arena begin to dim. The video footage begins to play showing the transition of ArcAngel and Bobbinette’s friendship from the beginning.

“My Life” by 12 Stones plays through the arena as the video continues to recap the many exploits of ArcAngel and Bobbinette over the years. As the song concludes, the most recent footage is shown of ArcAngel taking down members of Team Epic as well as his loss against Mat Williams… a match he barely lost. The lights come back on and ArcAngel stands up from the chair.

“So now I shall mark this my final match with the words I have lived by for so long. I shall punctuate my career in the same horrific way that I burst into this life those thirteen years ago. You’ve heard this saying a thousand times Bobbinette… hear it once more. I am brutally honest and honestly brutal. That is the way it shall end…”

Arc hands the the mic to Amy Smeets as Godly Ken Davison makes his way out to his Johnny Cash song as Joe and Benny reflect on ArcAngel announcing that when he faces off with Bobbinette Carey at Rumble at the Rock that it will indeed be his final match here in High Octane Wrestling.

The crowd is squarely behind Davison as the HOTv recaps the transformation of Kenn Oddity to Godly Ken Davison and how it will be Davison taking on Scottywood at Rumble at the Rock for the LSD Championship.   Benny is unable to resist to remind people that it was Davison and Riotz who lost the stable title to Scottywood and Graystone so what makes Davison think he can beat Scottywood one on one for the LSD Championship?   Joe doesn’t have an answer but in a few weeks time we will.

Davison finally makes it into the ring as Carl Hortega signals for the bell and our second match is underway.   As the two former stablemates lock up Benny notes that it is nice to see that Hortega is reffing this match and not Juvian’s as it was obvious that last week Juvian and Hortega cheated to get a win over then Best Alliance member Shotgun.   Joe doesn’t even recognize these comments as Arc grabs the early  upper hand with a nice solid right hand but that doesn’t last for long as Davison lately has seemed to like to be hit.   The number one contender for the LSD Title is the first to gain a true advantage however as he nails Arc with a nice floatover DDT followed by a perfect drop kick to the face of the former Team Epic member.

The crowd is starting to get really into the match as Godly nails Arc with a nice atomic drop/back suplex combination that Joe informs us is called the Bouncing Godplex, which gains the first near fall of the match.   Godly continues on the offensive as he really seems motivated tonight as he works Arc from post to post with various Godplexes and other high impact moves such as spinning leg drop.   Joe then speculates that maybe it was Davison that wrote Arc the poem and Benny counters that it doesn’t take a genius to realize that someone from the Team Epic stable wrote the poem in response to the utter domination by ArcAngel over the stable up to last week’s close loss to Matt Williams.   ArcAngel is finally able to counter a Godplex into a beautiful bear hug/bookend combination.

With both men out in the center of the ring the crowd cheers on Davison to rise before Arc.   Both men rise on eight and begin to slug it out immediately with rights and lefts. Each man continues to pummel away on each other and soon enough we see each man is bleeding from the shots they are taking.   The site of his own blood seems to bring a whole new amount of rage in Davison and he goes for a big right hand but ArcAngel is able to duck and deliver a nasty kick to the groin followed by his Retribution packaged piledriver finisher.   Arc covers and Hortega makes the count…




Arc begins flipping out on Hortega as he cannot believe that Davison just kicked out of his finisher. Hortega pushes off ArcAngel  as you don’t have to know English to know that ArcAngel is one pissed off motherfucker.   Frustrated beyond belief Arc does the last thing you want to do and that is nail the ref as he just clocks Hortega with a clean right hand to the temple, knocking the junior ref out cold to the canvas.   The crowd boos loudly as Arc watches Davison use the ropes to get slowly get to his feet. Arc is begging for him to stand up fully as Joe notes that Arc might of just gone past the point of caring.

Suddenly Mathew Williams comes running down with Mark Toner, the house show referee, in tow.   Williams slides into the ring and ducks a right hand from Arc and bounces off the far ropes and goes for his super kick finisher, The Heart Shocker, but ArcAngel ducks and Williams nails Davison instead.   The crowd is in shock as Arc quickly turns and grabs and tosses Williams over the top rope and to the outside and with Toner not knowing what to do, Arc drags Davison to the center of the ring and covers…   Toner, nervous, starts a slow count…





Post match we see ArcAngel quickly head to the back as Williams slides into the ring to help Davison to his feet.   Benny is loving every minute of this and takes a big drink for another great showing of team unity by Team Epic.   Davison, appears to agree with Newell, as he fakes a handshake with Williams and instead nails him with a face first chokeslam.

Davison shakes the cobwebs from his head after the super kick he took a few minutes earlier and watches as HOW medics walk Williams to the back as Davison slides out of the ring to get a microphone.


LSD Title Stipulation

We see Ken slide back into the ring with microphone in hand as we start to see a cross start to lower from the ceiling of The United Center and the lights dim leaving a lone spotlight shining on Ken. The cross reaches the ring where two HOW crew members stabilize it so it stands upright behind Ken.

Benny Newell: I thought tonight was Monday, not my Sunday church service.

Joe Hoffman: Like you ever go to church

Benny Newell: I actually do, they have free wine.

Ken Davison: I will deal with Williams and ArcAngel later once I am able to fully talk to what in the royal hell was Williams thinking……

Davison sighs as he tries to transition to his original plans

Ken Davidson: …At Rumble at the Rock, I am facing Scottywood for the LSD Championship. So, Scotty, here’s what I propose, you and me one on one in the chapel. Because it is the only fitting place for God to win the LSD title and…..

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em’ Separated.

”Stricken” by Disturbed cuts as a chorus of boos can be heard throughout the arena as Scottywood makes his way out from the back with the LSD around his waist and a microphone in hand as he briskly walking towards the ring.

Scottywood: You want to fight in the chapel? Fine. But if you think you are a God, well then I am going to treat you like a God or I could just treat you like the little bitch that ArcAngel just proved you are..

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood making his way to the ring and things look like they are going degenerate quickly.

Scotty has discarded the microphone and slid into the ring and heads right for Ken who takes the first swing, which Scotty ducks and now we can all see the brass knuckles Scotty was hiding on his right hand, which he connects with to Ken’s jaw dropping him to the mat.

Benny Newell: Down goes Davison and this time it’s not a member of his own stable doing it!!

Benny takes a drink for the Best Alliance knocking down the Team Epic member as Scotty has knocked the cross over and propped it up on the second turnbuckle as he drags Ken over to the cross and lays him out over it on his back and pulls some rope out of his pocket which he used to quickly tie Ken’s arms to the sides of the cross and both his feet to the bottom of it.

Joe Hoffman: What in the world is Scottywood doing here?   Ken has been completely tied to the cross now and he is….no….God no….

From his other pocket he pulls out an official HOW hammer and long shiny nail which he approaches Kenn with a sick smile on his face.   Scotty makes a cross across his body as he is just about to drive the nail through the left wrist of Kenn as we finally we see Team Epic in Bobbinette Carey, Shane Reynolds and L.A. Riotz running down the ramp towards the ring. Scotty spots them as he drops the hammer and nail on the mat and slides out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Thank God Team Epic makes the save. A few more seconds and I don’t even want to think what we would have just witnessed.

Benny Newell: Would have been an early end to the Rumble at the Rock LSD title match…Damn Team Epic ruins everything.

Bobbinette is the first person to get to Ken as she quickly unties him from the cross and helps him up to his feet as he completely outraged and asking for a microphone. L.A. Riotz picks up Ken’s mic from the mat and hands it to him.

Ken Davison: You want to play games? You want to crucify me? Then how about at Rumble at the Rock it be you and me, one on one in the chapel, where the goal of the match is to crucify your opponent. I don’t care what sort of name they give the match, I just want it to happen because I am God. And when you’re God, you don’t have to break the rules. YOU MAKE THEM!!!

Scotty just continues to smile as he walks backwards up the entrance way ignoring the garbage that is flying towards him and holding the LSD title above his head and nodding in agreement to the stipulation Kenn is suggesting.

Joe Hoffman: So I guess at Rumble at the Rock we will see Scottywood defend his LSD title against Ken Davison inside the Chapel in a…. crucifixion match?

Benny Newell: Oh ECW would have loved this.

Joe Hoffman: Well thankfully we can’t get kicked off TV for that, but we do have to take a break so Lee best and promote more HOW merchandise, so we’ll be right back.




A phone call..or two?

Back live and we are inside the Best Alliance locker room where Lee is sitting behind his desk as usual but what is out of the ordinary is how lost Lee looks as he is just looking down at the spot where the stroller holding his baby should be. It was only a week ago that Lee sat in this exact spot and was pushing the stroller back and forth as Scottywood was getting a double massage courtesy of the HOW petty cash fund.   Like last week Scotty is sitting on the couch but this time the only thing on his lap is his LSD Championship belt, although he is still wearing a smile.

Scottywood: C’mon Lee, cheer up man. We are owning the night again and Team Epic is falling apart in front of our …

Lee Best: Shut the fuck up Scotty. You are telling me to cheer up? Cheer up?

Scotty shifts nervously in his seat as Lee is starting to get amped up..

Lee Best: I got knocked out by a piece of shit noob, and pissed on by an old man….and then the whole world watched as the…….the….stroller…..

Lee falls back into his seat and covers his eyes as Scotty feels terrible as he sees how upset Lee is.   Lee’s cell phone then rings and Lee tries to compose himself as he notices the name on the caller ID.

Lee Best: Hello? Hey what’s up man…you here yet? Nah man…..appreciate it….nah I fired the bastard…….you want me to do what…….well if I do that you gotta promise that you will…..ok……consider it done….

Lee clicks his phone shut and tosses it into the wastebasket next to his desk.

Lee Best: The new member of the Best Alliance is on his way…..

Scottywood: Who?

Lee Best: He will be here shortly to make a little impact. I made a little deal with him and as long as he holds up his end of the bargain then the Best Alliance should remain in power for a very long time…….but I am drained and before that asshole Kostoff shows up for his match I am bailing…

Scotty stands up as Lee does. Lee puts on his jacket and the LSD Champion refrains from stopping the owner of HOW and instead watches as Lee walks out of his office and from the arena.   As Scotty picks up his LSD Championship to leave, Lee’s cell phone begins ringing in the wastebasket. Scotty looks around and shrugs and reaches in to see who it is…

Scottywood: Jatt Starr??   Scotty quickly puts the phone back and Mayhem cuts back to the announce team at ringside.



Benny is apparently having an orgasm as he is unable to talk after seeing Jatt Starr’s name on Lee’s phone.   Joe tries to warn Benny that Jatt could of just been touching base after hearing about the end of Mayhem last week.   Benny doesn’t want to hear any of it however and pounds the remainder of his official HOW flask as he is on cloud nine.

Suddenly with no music, no complex video package playing on the HOTv, and no prior introduction whatsoever, Shane Reynolds emerges from the backstage area and moves speedily down the entrance ramp. His ICON title rests proudly over his shoulder, and he has a microphone in his hand. For the second week in a row, he is wearing no face-paint and his hair is neatly tied back. Unlike last week, however, he is wearing not his usual attire, but dark-brown jeans, baseball sneakers, and a long-sleeved, black t-shirt. Newell: Not again. One week was bad enough and haven’t we seen enough of Team enema in the last hour?! Shane throws the ICON title over the top rope as he reaches the ring. It hits the canvas with a dull thud, and Shane rolls immediately after it. He quickly scoops it back up as he stands as placed it back over his shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: I apologise for interrupting what I’m sure you’re finding to be an extremely exciting night– Newell: Apology unaccepted!!

Shane Reynolds: –but I won’t take up too much time, because I’m going to get right down to business. HOW is falling into decline.

Shane pauses upon making this impactful statement. His eyes fixed directly up the ramp towards the entrance.

Shane Reynolds: Over the last few weeks, High Octane Wrestling has descended from not so much a wrestling company than an asylum. A psychotic and deranged man becomes the world champion and everyone loses their little minds. Someone who believes he’s a living-dead vigilante returns, ArcAngel snaps–

Shane unconsciously rubs the still-visible mark of his throat from the public hanging he suffered at ArcAngel’s hands.

Shane Reynolds:–against former allies. New guys are trying to get in on the act. And now Darkwing is attempting to unleash a more supposed psychotic side to his nature. Max began trend and now madness rules. But, above each of those men – with the exception of Max – stands Graystone. He tries to set people on fire, and he abducts and toys with children, including an innocent member of my family.

Shane begins pacing now, clearly perturbed and reaching the at the end of tether.

Shane Reynolds: Max claims it’s part of a plot to break me, to make me crack, and revert to old ways, but it’s doing nothing but the opposite. It’s showing me what I don’t want to be. I know madness and darkness as much as all these supposed mad-men running riot in HOW right now, if not more. You can push and push, but I refuse to go back there. I resolve to be the beacon of sanity in this newly created world of insanity. And I shall continue to be that beacon when I travel to Alcatraz Island, where I will take on a few of the aforementioned mad-men….not only take them on, but take them out completely, even Darkwing who is nothing but a gate-crasher. Only one man will walk out of Alcatraz Island as the World Champion, and that’s me…

The crowd cheer loudly at this confident announcement, and Shane continues talking, elevating his voice as much as he can above their cheers.

Shane Reynolds: But that’s not all…because I will also be retaining my ICON Championship….and that’s still not all, because once I win that match, I want Michelle, Thomas and Elizabeth back, and for psychos to never touch them again. Oh, and lest people have forgotten, when I negotiated my contract, I included a clause that stated I would be allowed to pick my own stipulation for the match. Now, since the match type has already been decided, I’ve thought up something else…A personal perk…a way to prove that Max isn’t the only one to play games….and to test just how loyal to ‘nothingness’ his dogs really are: it’s no longer whoever eliminates me becomes the ICON champion….It’s whoever eliminates Maximillian Kael! Newell: What a fool! There’s no-way in hell Graystone and Crow will turn on the Emperor of Maxopotamia. Hoffman: If it means eliminating the champ, bettering their chances of getting the World Title, and winning the ICON championship, I wouldn’t be so sure!

Shane Reynolds: Now that is out of the way, that leaves one bit of business to attend to. The matter of who will actually make it to Rumble at the Rock in the first place. Because, I may be a beacon of light and sanity. I may be unbreakable and incorruptible…

Shane stops pacing now and flies straight to the ring-ropes nearest the entrance ramp, staring back up towards it with pure venom, and his next set of words spews out in no less than a rage-filled shout.

Shane Reynolds: …But that does not mean I cannot be pushed to the end of my patience, because I’m getting there. That I will not do whatever it takes…no matter how extreme….to get Michelle and her parents back and put an end to these leaders of nothingness and insanity. But, with that said, I am giving you one more opportunity to do the right thing and allow yourself to keep your spot at Rumble at the Rock, Graystone. You hear me! Start the clock!!

Immediately, the familiar looking clock from last week appeared on the HOTv with one minute on the timer. But, instead of counting down at a normal speed, it flew along, counting down in a blur of numbers. Within ten seconds, if that, it had reached zero.

Shane Reynolds: Okay then. Have it your way.

Shane immediately threw the microphone out of the ring and flew out through the ropes and up the entrance ramp as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.



Backup Plans

Mayhem returns to a shot of Shane Reynolds staring a little way down the corridor. The light overhead is flickering on and off, casting dark shadows conveniently over the area he is facing. A figure can be seen moving about within the darkness, but their face is completely hidden.

Shane Reynolds: It’s gone on long enough. He’s been allowed to play his games long enough.

Man: I agree.

Shane Reynolds: But, tonight, no amount of rules and regulations stating otherwise are going to prevent it happening. I made a vow and I’m going to stick to it, one way or another.

Man: Especially if I have anything to do with it.

Shane Reynolds: Bobbinette said I couldn’t fight this war alone, and perhaps she was right. I’m glad you called me, but I hope I can count on you. I pulled a lot of strings and spent a lot of money to make this happen.

Man: You can. One way or another, tonight or one of the days coming soon, I am going to help you live up to your word. Graystone shall not make it to Rumble at the Rock.

Shane Reynolds: So you know how this is going to work?

The man’s head can be seen nodding slightly from within the shadows, and Shane smirks.

Shane Reynolds: Good.

The action then returns ringside where it’s time for Graystone vs. Darkwing…


Darkwing vs. Graystone
Singles Match

Joe and Benny are speculating on just who Shane Reynolds was talking to as Darkwing makes his way down to the ring. There is a little more of an ovation for the Darkone than in previous weeks and one has to wonder if he has finally turned the corner.   Benny states that there is no way that Darkwing will ever be taken seriously again as who in their right mind takes a man serious who had their dick sucked by a calf on Mayhem several years ago??

Joe skirts around that subject as Graystone makes his way down and the HOTv comes to life highlighting the exploits of Graystone over the last several weeks as the crowd tries to boo over his Ladies and Gentlemen theme song by Saliva.   Graystone is taking it all in with a smirk. It is obvious that this is a darker Graystone than we have ever seen in HOW and he has to be taken seriously when it comes to the big ICON/World Title match at Rumble at the Rock.   Joe then points out that if Graystone wants to become the ICON Champion once again then he will have to pin the man that is responsible for him rising back up the ranks here in HOW…Maximillian Kael.   Benny claims that wont happen and that the only title that matters in that match will be the World Title and making sure that Maximillian Kael retains it no matter the cost.

Back inside the ring, Matt Boettcher signals for the bell, and we finally have our third match underway pitting two men who will face each other at the main event at the PPV.   The crowd is behind Darkwing early and often as the HOW Hall of Famer does anything and everything to gain the advantage but all it takes is one drop toe hold to the second turnbuckle for Graystone to gain the advantage and soon enough it is apparent that Darkwing is completely overmatched as Graystone toys with Darkwing for a few moments before nailing Darkwing with Diablo’s Inferno…Shane’s Finisher…a move that Graystone pulls off easily.   Graystone covers and Boettcher makes the count and the crowd boos loudly at the poor showing by the title contending Darkwing.





Post-Match, Darkwing slowly gets to his feet, as Graystone exits the ring and begins up the entrance ramp. At that moment, Shane Reynolds appears from behind the curtain and begins down the opposite end of the ramp. Graystone stands still suddenly and smirks eerily.

Hoffman: Graystone taking great pleasure from the fact Shane has been forbidden from laying a hand on before Rumble at the Rock.

Shane pulls out a microphone from his coat pocket and continues walking a few steps. Darkwing gets immediately into a defensive stance but Shane merely sneers at him.

Shane Reynolds: Like the Pay-per-view match, this doesn’t concern you. Shane stops, and turns his eyes onto Graystone and locks a stare on him.

Shane Reynolds: This is between you and me. You have something that doesn’t belong to you. I’ve given you opportunity after opportunity to return Michelle, but each time you have refused and each refusal as been like a slap to my face. Well, I’ve finally decided to come and collect and tonight, it’ll be you that gets the slap.

Shane lets the hand holding the microphone fall to his side and immediately strides up to Graystone and stares him squarely in the eye. Him and Shane begin a heated inaudible exchange, in which Graystone can be distinctly mocking the fact Michelle is his, that Shane knows what must be done to get her back, and that he can’t be touched. Shane smirks at the mention of this. His hand flies up. Graystone doesn’t flinch. But his hand was only to bring the microphone back up to his lips.

Shane Reynolds: No. You’re right. You can’t be touched.

Shane pauses, and his smirk grows wider.

Shane Reynolds: …Not by me, at least.

Suddenly, before anything else can be said or done, a loud thud echoes around the arena as Graystone goes down hard to the entrance ramp. The crow erupts into a massive amount of cheers.

Newell: Damn, that Darkwing!!!

But, as the camera moves upwards from the fallen Graystone, we see that Darkwing is still in the ring. And that the figure standing over Graystone has an iron pipe with dried blood on the end gripped tightly in his hand. His arms and part of his head is heavily bandaged and what we can see of the man’s skin is badly burnt and scarred. He tosses the pipe to Shane who catches it in his free hand.

Shane Reynolds: I’ve pulled a lot of strings over the last few days, Graystone, and spent a lot of money. On what, you may ask?

Shane pauses to crouch down beside Graystone who is moving slowly from side to side, fighting off the grogginess which followed the blow to the head.

Shane Reynolds: To ensure that you have an extremely pleasant stay at Alcatraz Prison, by making sure that your specific guard for the duration of it, by way of a signed and sealed employment contract, is none other than this man, right here.

Shane points to the bandaged man.

Shane Reynolds: Your old friend…..Blackheart. I guess you should have made sure you’d finished him off, because from what I gather, he is as angry with you as I am. And, just so you know…..This is only the beginning, especially if I don’t get my niece by Rumble at the Rock!!

Shane stands back up and spits downwards, making sure to miss Graystone, just to make sure he avoids a fine or punishment. He looks towards Darkwing.

Shane Reynolds: No. You’re still not worth the effort.

Darkwing grows furious with the obvious disrespect as Shane tosses the microphone into the crowd and heads backwards up the ramp with Blackheart following close behind. Both men staring at an increasingly stirring Graystone, before suddenly turning and disappearing backstage as Mayhem cuts to a commercial as a very stunned Chicago looks on.





Back live and the HOTv comes alive as we its apparent that the footage we are being shown has or is being shot with a handheld camera.   As the camera appears to be set down on some kind of chair or surface we see the face of Lee Best sitting in the darkness in some unknown location.  Lee looks like he is a complete wreck and it is obvious that he is on the verge or has lost it.

Lee Best: I have instructed the production crew to play this tape following the Graystone match and hopefully those pricks have followed the instructions given to them.

Lee then leans forward and peers directly into the lens..

Lee Best: You see I have been called the Evil Genius….the GOD of HOW….a dickhead, an asshole…etc…etc..etc. But one thing you can never say about me is that I would hurt a child.

Lee looks away from the camera and appears to wipe his eyes which even in this dark state you can tell they are red.

Lee Best: I have feuded with Kostoff for years and we have done some sick shit to each other, the old bastard even went so far to piss on my last week in HIGH DEFINITION….but what happened after that…well… not EVEN I would do something like that…and that should tell you right now where Kostoff’s head is at. He brought in a guy that literally threw the love of my life off the stage on Mayhem.

Lee again pauses as the hurt in his eyes has turned into anger…

Lee Best: Kostoff, I will be at Rumble at the Rock and I will meet you in that prison yard and I might even get my ass kicked and shit I might even get seriously hurt enough that we never cross paths again. But no matter what happens you have to live one thing Kostoff…..your hands are covered in blood just as are Juvian’s.  Come Rumble at the Rock our feud will end one way or another and I think when all is said and done it will be you that is begging for all the sins that you have committed.

Lee pauses and then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper…

Lee Best: This is the birth certificate of Baby Best. I want to show you this now after Graystone has already wrestled because I want even Graystone to realize that he is messing with someone’s daughter and it might as well be mine. By finally showing the certificate I want what happened to sink in with everyone…

Lee picks up the handheld camera and zooms it on the birth certificate…

Lee Best: No matter what we do to each other we have no right to involve the families of loved ones cause quite frankly you might just be fucking with your own…

With that the scene ends as we see the names of the parents on the birth certificate…

Mother:  Barbi Kostoff

Father:  Christopher Kostoff

Lee Best is not found on the certificate anywhere….

The whole United Center is in shock as there is a very heavy silence as production sends Mayhem to another commercial.




Mathew Williams vs. Jeff Harris
Singles Match

Back live and the United Center has taken on a very solemn feeling as it was made very clear by Lee Best that he has been toying with Kostoff for all these months and Kostoff actually had a hand in an attack on his own flesh and blood last week.   Even Benny doesn’t have a smart ass comment as the feud with Kostoff and Lee has just gone to a whole other level  emotionally.

Joe, the professional that he is, tries to keep the show going as it is time for Jeff Harris to take on Matthew Williams who played a major role in his stablemates loss earlier in the night when he super kicked Godly Ken Davison right into a loss versus  ArcAngel.   Suddenly the lights go out and “Power Struggle” by Sunna begins, Jeff’s entrance video starts up at the same time, the crowd explodes with cheers and screams as pyro’s go off around the stage area and Jeff Harris himself walks out onto the stage wearing his classic denim jeans and long black leather coat.

Amy Smeets: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing from Las Vegas, Nevada, he weighs in at 286 pounds, the legend himself, “All F’n That” Jeff Harris!

The crowd lets out another big pop as Jeff descends down the ramp, he gives a few of the fans a high five as he passes them, he then walks up the ring steps, stops a moment to pose to the crowd then steps over the top rope into the ring. He climbs to one of the middle turnbuckles and strikes another pose before prepping for the opening bell to sound.   Joe notes that it is nice to see the crowd getting back into the show after watching that Lee Best video. Again Benny says nothing as he just makes himself another drink and watches as an injured Matthew Williams makes his way down to the ring to a smattering of cheers and some boos…boos he hasn’t heard before.

Carl Hortega signals for the bell soon after Williams finally makes it into the ring and it isn’t long before Harris jumps on the injured Williams going right for his head with rights, lefts and several snapmares into chinlocks…all designed to wear down Williams and to cause more damage to an already injured man.   Joe questions if Williams should even be wrestling and that he might just have a concussion. Benny shrugs it off and states that even if he was 100% that All F’N That Jeff Harris would wipe the mat with his OCDing ass.

As the match continues it is obvious that no matter what Williams does he will be unable to go at Harris at full strength but he sure as hell doesn’t give up, countering several chokeslam attempts with elbows and at one point Joe points out he is running on instinct alone.   Williams finally does get some offense in however as he ducks out of a scissors kick by Harris and nails him with a wicked clothesline.

The crowd is hot again as they urge both men to their feet and when they do it is only a few moments later that Harris is finally able to catch Williams with a big time move as brings Williams down to the ground with his Chain Reaction submission move and it is only a matter of seconds before Williams is tapping out to the crippler crossface like finisher.


Post match we see Harris head back to the back after another victory while Williams is seen writhing on the canvas holding his head in pain as Mayhem cuts backstage.



HOW cameras focus in on a man just exiting a white limo. As the camera pans up we see that the man is not alone and in fact there is one other person with him   Witness is flanked by Chris Kostoff.   It is obvious that none of the men have caught anything that has happened earlier on in the show as a very nervous Brian Bare approaches the men for an interview.

Brian Bare: Um, shit, um….

Silent Witness snatches the mic from Bare and waves the man away and Bare doesn’t hesitate as he bails leaving the three men to be left alone with the HOW camera crew.

Silent Witness: God it feels good to be back here in Chicago even if it means I will be once again working side by side with Lee Best. Now I already know people are wondering how is Chris Kostoff standing next to the man that helped make his life a living hell earlier this year when I was helping Lee. Well it is simple really….I have seen the ever loving light and no longer am I blinded by the power that Lee gave me. No longer am I a pawn in the twisted games Lee plays. No longer am I the one that is drinking the kool aid.

Kostoff pats Witness on the back as he continues..

Silent Witness: When Kostoff called me earlier today and informed me that Lee was putting together a commissioners match for Rumble at the Rock and it was an open contract for all past commish’s….well I was on the first plane here. You see when I win this match at Rumble at the Rock I will be the man that will be sticking up to Lee for the rest of the roster. No longer will there be handicap matches with Best Alliance special guest referees. And to make sure that a Best Alliance member isn’t the next commish I have made it a point to do some background on a bunch of current non Best Alliance wrestlers and they have all agreed to enter Alcatraz Prison and fight in a fair fight for the right to be the next commish and with it being an open contract there is nothing Lee Best can do about it.

Witness and Kostoff shake hands as Witness pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and begins reading off some names…

Silent Witness: Former commissioner of Hardcore Championship Wrestling..Reno Raines Former commissioner of ..well he was in 384 feds so he had to be a commish at some point….All F’n That Jeff Harris…

Witness pauses as Kostoff and him share a quick chuckle at them finally getting one over on Lee….

Silent Witness: Finally a man that was fired earlier this evening……

Witness stops as he and Kostoff turn towards the back of the limo to see the door opening and none other than Juvian Ramorez stepping out smiling ear to ear.

Silent Witness: And former commissioner of AAA….Juvian Ramorez!!

With that Witness pushes the cameraman aside as Kostoff, Witness and Ramorez enter the United Center having no idea what lays ahead for Kostoff.




Shane Reynolds vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

Back live and Shane Reynolds is already in the ring waiting on Chris Kostoff. Once again Shane came down to no entrance music or lighting as is focused on his surrounds, expecting an attack on himself at any time.   Joe and Benny speculate what Kostoff will do when he realizes that Juvian Ramorez pushed not Lee’s child but Kostoff’s own flesh and blood off the stage last week.

The tension in the United Center is thick as Kostoff makes his way out flanked by Silent Witness who is decked out in a beautiful three piece suit. Kostoff seems to be at ease a little more this week and Joe mentions that maybe it is because Kostoff thinks he might have the upper hand on Lee finally….or he is on the verge of losing it as well.

Benny claims Kostoff lost it a long time ago because who in their right mind would open up new business ventures like Kostoff did during the past week right after watching a child get own off the entrance ramp? Even if Kostoff was a vindictive bastard he thought he was watching the blood of his wife get tossed….   Joe has no counter for what Benny just stated and can only try to focus on the present as Kostoff climbs into the ring with Shane who seen the video earlier on in the night and is just waiting for Kostoff to explode. Witness takes his place on the outside of the ring clapping for Kostoff.   No matter what has been going on outside of the ring, inside the ring this is a very big match for Kostoff and Reynolds who are going into the PPV with big time matches and some big time stipulations on the line.

As Matt Boettcher, who even looks nervous, signals for the bell the HOTv comes to life and there is a gasp as we see Lee Best once again using a hand held camera, rocking a stroller back and forth.

Lee Best: Earlier I instructed the production crew to play a video after the Graystone match and to play this video before the Kostoff match………so I speak now fully knowing that Chris Kostoff is sitting in that ring listening to every word I am about to say and watching everything I am about to do….but before I do that …..I have instructed the truck to play the video from earlier just in case Kostoff did one of his usual late show ups and missed it…

The video cuts away and after what seemed like an eternity, the video from earlier is replayed and the second time around is just as hard to watch as before….but this time everyone is watching Kostoff…waiting for his reactions.   In fact EVERYONE, from the fans, to the popcorn vendor to even Shane Reynolds…they are all watching Kostoff as he falls to his knees and buries his hands into his face and the sound of a grown man bawling is just awful as fans all over the arena become misty eyed…..   The HOTv then cuts away to a black screen followed by restarting the latest video from Lee…who is still pushing a stroller….a stroller that is bent to all hell and there is even blood visible on the steel even in the dark light.

Lee Best: Now that you know that you had a hand in the tossing of your own child off the entrance ramp I have to admit that it was not one of my proudest moments…..BUT THE PROUDEST MOMENT OF MY MOTHERFUCKING LIFE!!!!

Lee then snaps into a rage as be jumps to his feet and begins beating the royal shit out of the stroller as the handheld camera falls to the ground on its side and all we can see are feet going up and down onto the stroller. Several fans turn their heads away as the video continues as Lee picks up the handheld and with a crazed look in his eye he stares  what seems like directly at Kostoff who is still on his knees in the middle of the ring..

Lee Best: Kostoff do you know how hard it is to fake tears for a child you loath? Do you realize that the tears you will shed later or might even be shedding now, are for a child that I couldn’t even care less about and do you realize the amount of money I had to spend on fake documentation to fool you and your wife into thinking the kid was mine…….

Lee pauses as he walks over and apparently picks up the handheld and begins walking as he talks. It is now obvious that we are in the Kostoff house in Tampa as Lee focuses the camera on a family photo hanging on the wall right outside of the closest Lee was just in.   In the phone Kostoff is a proud father….

Lee Best: Look how proud you are Kostoff to be a dad. But what were you thinking last week as you watched your new buddy Juvian drop the stroller off the ramp…..were you proud? Are you proud now?

Lee continues to walk as in the ring Kostoff is being helped up to his feet by Shane Reynolds and Silent Witness who has entered the ring now to support Kostoff.   Lee then walks to the backyard where we see  swing set… occupied swing set.

Lee Best: You see Kostoff we are no longer fighting at Rumble at the Rock for the possession of a child that I do not want and you helped kill…..we are fighting for you to know the whereabouts of your wife…..

The camera zooms in to show Barbi duck taped and bound on the swing set, her makeup streaming down her face from all the tears…

Lee Best: Yes I fucked your wife Kostoff…..and tonight I fucked you.

With that the feed ends and the HOTv goes black and the silence inside the United Center is as heavy as one can imagine.   Inside the ring the sadness in Kostoff’s eyes turns to anger as he storms out of the ring, pushing Silent Witness and Shane off of him and no one else dares to get in his way as Boettcher has no choice but to count Kostoff out.


Post match we see Kostoff grab the limo driver and throw him to the ground and he jumps behind the wheel and drives off as neither announcer has to say a thing…   Lee is going to die at RATR




Special Present for Juvi

The camera focuses on the outside of locker room door. An arm reaches out and knocks on the door, and after a few seconds the door opens and Juvi Ramorez is standing there with Silent Witness right behind him. Suddenly the sounds of a Mariachi band start up and the camera pans out showing a live Mariachi Band playing right in front of Juvi’s locker room door.

Mariachi Band: We’ve been sent here by Maurako, To say you suck-o  And please don’t make him kick your ass.   He said he think’s you’re a jobber And at night you probably slobber And he says you have no class.    He said that HOW is his fed And that you are a dead head And he said that you have no brass.   He’s glad you’re from New Mexico But he thinks your mom’s a ho-

Juvi has heard enough and swipes a guitar from one of the band members and chases them down the hall. They quickly run out the doors and Juvi follows them to the doors but then stops. He holds the door open and watches them run away. Juvi turns back into the building and a 2×4 comes flying in and is smashed over Juvi’s head cracking the 2×4.

The camera pans out to reveal Marvelous Mario Maurako standing over Juvi now.

Mario Maurako: Son you probably don’t know who I am. But I’m Marvelous Mario Maurako, and you my friend have just been Marvelously Manhandled. Learn it, Live it, and Love it.

“Who the fuck?”

Mario turns in time to see Witness staring down at what just happened. Mario smiles…

Mario Maurako: Oh I signed that open contract too and by the way I took your place in the BA too…

Mario shows off his Best Alliance shirt as the scene fades as Mario stands over the knocked out Juvian as Witness stares on but doesn’t dare make a move as Mayhem takes its final commercial break.




Stable Title Match
Bobbinette Carey vs. Max Kael
Singles Match

We are back live and Joe is by himself at the announce table as Benny is literally passed out on the ground moaning and groaning in his own vomit. No one is helping him as it is apparent that this is not the first time that Triple B has been in this state.   Joe notes that because of everything that has gone on tonight that they have not even mentioned the World Champion Maximillian Kael or the fact that he is defending the Stable Title right now against the person he won the World Title from…Bobbinette Carey….who has been busy herself with all the shit that has gone down with Williams, Davison and frankly Team Epic as a whole.

As everyone is still getting settled, the HOTv comes to life as a preview for Rumble at the Rock is played to theme song Indestructible by Disturbed.

Silent Witness vs. Triple M vs. Juvian Ramorez vs. Reno Raines vs. Jeff Harris

Bobbinette Carey vs. ArcAngel

Lee Best vs. Chris Kostoff


Godly Ken Davison vs. ©Scottywood


Darkwing vs. Crow vs. Graystone vs. ©Shane Reynolds vs. ©Maximillian Kael

The crowd cheers as the video ends and it is now time for the Stable Championship match as Bobbinette Carey makes her way out. The crowd pops huge as the former World Champion makes her way out. She enters the ring and the crowd is still trying to get into the show after all the terrible things they had to watch with Lee and Kostoff…but they are cheering nonetheless.

The cheers turn to boos as the World Champion Maximillian Kael makes his way out and he has the World title on one shoulder and the Stable title on the other. Max has kept a low profile tonight and Joe wonders what the Champions mindset is as he enters the ring with a tough match tonight and he has a huge task ahead of him at RATR as everyone will be gunning for him in terms of winning the World and now the ICON titles courtesy of Shane Reynolds stipulation made official earlier tonight.   Max climbs into the ring and hands his titles to Hortega who was shaken up earlier in the night but is fine it appears now.

Hortega signals for the bell and the last two World Champions lock up and the crowd is loving it as Bobbinette quickly is on the offensive and with each punch Max goes down like a lump of bricks.

Joe mentions that there is something up as with each move Carey executes on Max, the Champion screams out as if he was shot by sniper.   Carey makes the cover after a nice swinging DDT and Hortega makes the count as Max is seen smiling as he does…





Post match we see a confused Bobbinette Carey grab the Stable title from Hortega and leave the ring holding it high while the keeping both eyes peeled for an attack that never comes.

As Carey makes her way to the back Max is back to his feet in the center of the ring and as Hortega hands him the World Championship Maximilian starts laughing as it is quite apparent that Max lost the match to save himself for the PPV.

Joe mentions what a bastard move that was as Mayhem comes to a very uneventful end after a night full of events.

Is Max really the favorite at RATR?

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