Mayhem: September 22nd, 2008 (2008)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
September 22nd, 2008 – #HOW20
United Center – Chicago, Illinois


Best and a Baby

The opening chords to Welcome to the Jungle blast thru the PA system in the United Center and the sold out crowd stands as one as Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome the viewing audience on High Octane Television to another edition of Monday Night Mayhem.   The classic GNR tune is quickly cut short and replaced by Back in Black as Lee Best makes his way out to a very loud chorus of boos.   Joe points out to the viewing audience that Lee is not alone and is indeed standing with  a black stroller with the official HOW logo on the side.

Joe Hoffman: We have a Baby Best sighting folks and what a way to kick off another Mayhem with Lee coming out…

The sarcasm from Joe doesn’t go unnoticed by Benny who gives Joe a nasty look as he is filling up his official HOW flask, obviously getting ready for the nights proceedings.   Lee doesn’t make his way down to the ring however but instead puts on the brake for the stroller and peers out into mass of people that have filled the United Center.

Lee Best: First off I want to welcome everyone to another edition of Monday Night Mayhem here on the HOTv network and also available in HD and sponsored of course by Budweiser, Adidias and Old Spice…

The crowd begins booing as Lee continues to shill out sponsors.

Lee Best: Boo all you want you ungrateful fucksticks. Those sponsors make it possible for there to even be a show, so just shut the……earmuffs Baby…..FUCK UP!

The United Center becomes deafening as the boos rain down on the HOW founder and owner.

Lee Best: Keep it down…I have a sleeping child here…..ssshhhh

Of course that has the reverse reaction and the boos just get louder as Lee tries to protect his baby’s ears by reaching into the stroller and apparently covering her ears.   Lee puts the mic into the stroller and a baby’s cry can be heard over the PA system.

Joe Hoffman: C’mon, using a child to get a reaction??

Benny Newell: Ssshhh…don’t wake the kid you inconsiderate bastard.

Back on the entrance ramp Lee stands back up and ignores the boos and finally gets to the point of why he is out here.

Lee Best: Tonight Narcotic is going to announce who will face Maximillian Kael for the World Title. I have complete and utter confidence in Narcotic to do what is best for HOW and even I have no idea who will be facing Max, but I know that whoever it is will deserve the right to take on the man that will embarrass them come October 13th..

The crowd settles a little bit as no matter how much they hate Lee, they listen when he talks.

Lee Best: Now that announcement will close the show tonight obviously but right now I want to announce that Disturbed will be supplying the theme song for Rumble at the Rock and that song is titled “Indestructible”.

The crowd cheers loudly at this reply and again Lee bends down to apparently cover the child’s ears.   Standing back up he continues again…

Lee Best: That just shows how fare HOW has come since the reopening in April. But that is not the only thing I came out here to announce. I wanted to just update all you idiots on the upcoming schedule for High Octane Wrestling.

Lee pauses as he knows he has everyone in the palm of his hands…

Lee Best: Next week will be the FINAL Mayhem before we head to Alcatraz Island to set up shop in the prison. That means there will be no Monday Night Mayhem on October 6th and that means that next weeks show will be the final show ever for HOW in the United Center as we will be moving to the new, yet unnamed, HOW arena. So with that in mind I have some special surprises for everyone over the next two weeks so be prepared for the unexpected and that goes to everyone in HOW…even the Best Alliance.

There is a buzz in the United Center as everyone realizes next week will be the final show in this arena.

Lee Best: Finally I just want to note that even though I have Baby Best with me tonight doesn’t mean I won’t be as active. I have a monitor in the office and trust me I am not going to be lenient. I am talking to you Kostoff, you bring your roid raging ass anywhere near the kid and your ass will be fired on the spot…ON THE FUCKING SPOT!!!

With that Lee drops the mic and quickly tries to push the stroller back to the back but he forgets brake is set and the stroller almost tips over but he catches it in time as the crowd gasps in horror.

Joe Hoffman: Jesus, we almost had to get child services on the phone!

Benny Newell: Father of the Year coming up or something?

Joe just ignores Newell’s ignorance as the crowd can still be heard buzzing about the big announcements by Best and the fact that he almost tipped over his official HOW stroller.

Joe Hoffman: Well I am not sure how to segway to our first match of the evening but I guess it is time for Shotgun to prove to Lee that he belongs in the Best Alliance as he takes on the much talked about newcomer, Juvian Ramorez!

Benny Newell: Another jobber for Shotgun to dominate on….this will be easy.

Joe Hoffman: Well we are about to find out as that match is next!!


Shotgun vs. Juvian Ramorez
Singles Match

Shotgun makes his way out to not much fanfare but there are a few smattering of boos, mainly due to the fact that Shotgun is sporting a Best Alliance shirt.   Joe and Benny walk the viewers thru a quick video showing the terrible night Shotgun had last week on Mayhem and as the video ends Joe questions if Shotgun is even in the right state of mind for this match tonight and Benny wonders if the BA would be better without Shotgun if he were to lose tonight.

The crowd then erupts as “Remedy” by Seether hits the PA system.   On the video wall images of the man that is about to appear are shown. The words “Ramorez” blink on and off at a slow interval in between match clips. The crowd knows what to expect next as they stomp their feat in sync to the beat of the intro and wait for him to arrive.   Joe questions how the fans are already in tune with Juvian and Benny blames it on Youtube and for once Joe agrees with the HOW color man.

All eyes are on the entrance curtain as the man who was just introduced steps out slowly with his arms spread out in a crucifix. Juvian Ramorez stands there with his head lowered soaking up the atmosphere and finally the much hyped and talked about Juvian Ramorez makes his way out for the first time here in High Octane Wrestling.   Inside the ring Shotgun is not impressed as Ramorez climbs in as the crowd is still cheering for the HOW newcomer.   Juvian and HOW referee Carl Hortega share a moment speaking in Spanish which brings Benny to claim that the match is already fixed as the mexicants are already talking things up.

Joe apologizes for Benny as Hortega signals for the bell and the match begins.   The two men lock up and it isn’t long before it is obvious who is overmatched as Juvian nails Shotgun with a perfect Japanese arm drag followed by several more which results in Shotgun rolling out of the ring in frustration.   But Juvian follows the Best Alliance member as he nails Shotgun with a suicide dive to the outside and the crowd is fully behind Juvian now as he is making quite the first impression as he rolls a dazed Shotgun into the ring and after only a few more seconds he has Shotgun lifted over his head and brings him down hard with his Juvian’s Deceit crucifix powerbomb finisher.

Hortega makes the uno dos tres…


Post match we see Juvian roll out of the ring as the crowd cheers loudly but his attention is quickly caught by a man sliding into the ring. The crowd erupts when they realize it is Chris Kostoff.   Kostoff stands over the body of Shotgun and gives Juvi a golf clap as he powers Shotgun up and nails him with his own powerbomb finisher…No Remorse.

Juvian then slides into the ring and stares Kostoff down before picking Shotgun back up and struggles a little bit with the dead weight but is able to execute another Juvian’s Deceit.

This time Kostoff smiles and rolls out of the ring and rolls back in welding a steel chair. As the crowd goes crazy, Joe wonders where the Best Alliance is at, but they do not appear as Kostoff picks up Shotgun and brings him down hard with a No Remorse onto the steel chair and blood begins to cover the canvas as Juvi is somewhat impressed as Joe takes Mayhem to its first commercial break as the fans give the HOW Legend and the HOW rookie a standing ovation as medics rush into the ring.




Epic Arrival

Back from commercial and we see Bobbinette Carey walk into the arena with Princess under her arm. Livie is behind her as Mat Williams walks In front of Livie. He touches every door knob on his way in.

Livie: He’s doing it again….

Mat stops and looks back at her with a glare.

Bobbinette: doing what?

She asks as she walks ahead not looking back at the two of them.

Livie: He’s being weird.

Mat: You’re one to talk…

Bobbinette: Stop it… You’re never going to get better if you keep doing that.

She says in a matter of fact tone. The three get to the team epic locker room. Bobbinette sees a note on the door. It’s an envelope stuck to the door with “Queen B” on it.   Bobbinette turns and looks at the two as she opens the envelope. She pulls out a picture and looks at it.

The picture has a tombstone   “Bobbinette Carey” 3-22-80 – 10/13/08”    

She gasps then recognizes the tomb next to it. It’s her mothers. She rips up the picture quickly and shoves it back in the envelope. Mat and Livie look at her. She shakes her head clearing her throat as she looks at them.

Bobbinette: It’s nothing…

She opens the door letting Mat and Livie into the team epic locker room. She looks in seeing the locker room is empty she gets a nervous feeling but still lets them in.

The action then cuts back to the announcers as we get ready for our second match…


ArcAngel vs. Mathew Williams
Singles Match

Joe welcomes everyone back and a quick video shows Shotgun being carried to the back hastily as Kostoff exited thru the crowd while Ramorez exited up the entrance ramp as the crowd cheered.   Benny states that is the last we will see of Shotgun he is sure and Joe again states what an impressive debut it was for Ramorez but right now it is time for another impressive newcomer in Matthew Williams to take on the man that has single handily done what the whole Best Alliance has been unable to do, take out Team Epic, and that man is ArcAngel.

ArcAngel is already in the ring and HOW cameras now focus in on him as he is smiling as he watched the arrival of Carey on the HOTv screen.

The crowd then stands up as “It’s a jungle out there” by Randy Newman blasts thru the PA system and Matthew Williams makes his way out.   Again like last week HOW cameras capture several signs purposely misspelling Williams last name and Joe and Benny talk about the claims by ArcAngel that Williams does not have OCD but instead is faking it.   Williams finally makes his way into the ring and senior ref Matt Boettcher signals for the bell as Benny notes that it’s good to see a whitie in there speaking proper English.

As ArcAngel locks up with the one member of Team Epic he has yet to get his hands on, Joe apologies to all the Spanish speakers here in the US.   Arc gets the upper hand early as brings Williams down to the canvas with some powerful  right hands as it is obvious that Arc wants to finish his domination of all the Team Epic Members.   But Williams is up to the fight as he reverses a suplex by Arc into a suplex of his own and from there starts in on his own offense as the crowd is clearly behind the OCD Superstar of HOW.

The match goes back and forth for several minutes as neither man is able to follow up any of their offense with a good string of moves.   Joe claims everyone better start paying attention to Williams as he was a huge underdog last week and this week it was a foregone conclusion that Angel would wipe the floor with him.   Benny feigns boredom as he sips on his jack thru his official HOW Flask as Williams gets another near fall inside the ring.   The match hits the 7 minute mark and neither man has the upper hand as they are literally in the center of the ring exchanging blows as the crowd appears to be cheering on both men now as their effort is outstanding.

Arc is finally able to break up the brawl with a perfect belly to belly suplex which gains another near fall much to the frustration of ArcAngel.   Arc then goes for his Retribution finisher but Williams is able to counter by taking his legs out and then slingshotting him into the turnbuckles where he nails ArcAngel out of nowhere with his Hearth Shocker superkick finisher.   Williams makes the cover and Boettcher the count…

1……….     2………     3!!!!!!    


Post match we see a very elated, but tired, Williams head to the back as ArcAngel is seen holding his jaw in pain, watching Williams with much disdain as the action cuts backstage.


Heat Theft?

We go backstage to see the front door of Max Kael’s personal dressing room now that he is World Champion. The camera zooms back to see what appears to be a police officer standing in front of it. He knocks quickly and patiently waits for an answer. It comes quickly as the door is opened to reveal Max Kael in a black suit.

Max Kael:..hello officer can I help you?

Officer Grady: Yes, you are Maximillian Kael are you not?

Max Kael: Yes..

Officer Grady: Hello, we are looking for a man who goes by the name of Graystone.. We were lead to believe you and him were in regular communication.

The officer holds up a picture of Graystone from a few weeks ago when he was arrested on a flight heading to War Games. Max eyes it closely before he looks back at the officers.

Max Kael: Yes that man was one of the reasons why I was not Crowned the World Champion at War Games. I believe he went insane and became extremely homicidal suicidal afterwards.

Officer Grady: Yes well I need to ask him a few questions about a matter in regards to a potential kidnapping. I was wondering if you knew where he was.

Max Kael: Nope.. Fraid not. He usually shows up to the arena late. Something of a slacker. I’d honestly check the hotel he was staying at, he probably is passed out drunk or some business. A bad seed that one.

The officer eyed Max who eyed him right back before the officer seemed to nod his head slowly.

Officer Grady: Alright sir. We’ll look into that. Thank y-

Max Kael: Hey there is this guy named Darkwing. He’s been snooping around my stuff recently and I think he is looking to steal something, could you let your boys know about it? I don’t want any trouble with him trying to steal from me.

Grady looked confused for a moment before he arched his brows upward before nodding again.

Officer Grady: Sure sir.. What.. Is he trying to steal?

Max Kael: My heat.

Officer Grady:.. Your.. heat, sir?

Max Kael: Yeah.. Never mind, you know what, it’s not important! You go see if you can find Graystone! Good luck, bye now!

Officer Grady:..uh.. alright sir.

And with that Officer Grady headed off down the hall, reaching to his radio when he makes a call to dispatch to ask about Heat Theft. Max watches him as he heads off down the hall before turning around, opening the door slightly to reveal Graystone standing in front of something.

Max Kael: That was a close one. You know you could get into a lot of trouble for bringing that here. You better move her to a safer location before someone finds out.

Graystone turned around with a smile on his face before he nodded, stepping to the side to reveal Michelle Reynolds-Creedy gagged and bound to a chair in the center of the room.




Hard Ride to Hospital

Action returns from commercial and HOW medics can be seen arguing with Lee Best while Scottywood can be seen in the background bent over making funny faces into the stroller apparently distracting Baby Best as her father is going off.

Lee Best: You are telling me that you are going to take this asshole to the hospital cause of one little powerbomb onto a fucking chair?

Medic: Sir he has lost a lot of blood and there might be some serious head trauma.

Lee Best: Look here you bastard you work for me. I don’t want Shotgun going anywhere. Do you realize what I got in store for him?

Cameras zoom in as Lee pulls out his infamous Bottom Line pen. The pen has dried blood on it still after all these years….   The medics look shocked as Lee has a firm grasp on the stretcher that has Shotgun.   Suddenly the stretcher is tipped over and the medics go flying down to the pavement as Lee jumps back just in time.   The cameras pan quickly out to show Chris Kostoff with a smile on his face as he looks down at the tipped over stretcher with Shotgun still strapped in.

Lee Best: You fucking idiot. You could of killed him….remember you cannot….

But Lee is unable to finish his statement as Kostoff fakes a punch at the HOW owner which sends Lee diving backwards.   It is then that Scottywood jumps up into the face of Kostoff.

Kostoff: Get out of the way you piece of shit before I shove my fist down your man pleaser.

But Scotty doesn’t budge and several security guards come racing into the scene as Lee directs them at Kostoff.

Lee Best: Take this motherfucker and take him directly to the fucking ring. Your ass is going to wrestle next Kostoff and I swear to fucking god you are out of the building the second it is over!

Kostoff just smirks at Scotty who is still in his face and begins walking towards the gorilla position as the LSD Champion never takes his eyes off of him.   As Kostoff passes Lee, who has now put the stroller between him and Kostoff, he runs his finger across his throat and spits right into the face of Lee.   The action cuts to the announcers as we see a very livid Lee wipe the spit from his face as Scotty begs Lee to let him take on Kostoff next week.


Chris Kostoff vs. AC Blood
Singles Match

Joe and Benny run down what they just seen as the HOTv shows another reply of Kostoff tipping over the stretcher and we get a special HD slow motion of the spit hitting Lee directly in the face.   Benny warns everyone that Lee will not be taking to this too kindly and there will be hell to pay.   Joe agrees and with AC Blood already in the ring Joe states that the last person he would want to be is AC Blood as Kostoff is really going back to his old form and there is just going to be pure violence here in a second.

The crowd agrees and shows their support for Kostoff as the former LSD Champion and HOW Hall of Famer makes his way down to the ring, flanked by several security guards.   The guards make a hole for Kostoff and the big man rushes into the ring and just as Hortega signals for the bell Kostoff nails AC Blood with an elbow smash to the face breaking the man’s nose. The crowd cheers for the sight of blood and Kostoff quickly follows up with his No Remorse finisher and in a blink of an eye Hortega makes the uno dos tres and the match is over.


Post match we see the guards surround the ring but Kostoff picks up AC Blood and proceeds to throw the man over the top rope causing several of the guards to scatter into place to catch the man.   Kostoff then quickly exits the ring and climbs the ring barrier and escape into the crowd as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.  




ICONic Countdown?

Back live and ‘Point #1’ by Chevelle echoes around the arena, bringing a huge positive reception from the ringside crowd. Shane Reynolds immediately steps out onto the stage and everyone to see that although he is dressed in black pants and a black top with long, thin sleeves and black gloves, he is not wearing his trademark leather coat, his long black hair is tied back neatly and he is wearing no face-paint. He has his ICON championship slung over one shoulder, his black bag over the other, and a microphone in hand.

Joe Hoffman: Shane Reynolds going for a complete overhaul in appearance here tonight.

Benny Newell: Oh, god. Not him again. Who cares what he wears, I’ll still need a drink before he bores me to death.

Joe Hoffman: You always need drink. Period.

Benny Newell: What the hell are you trying to say? That I’m an alcoholic?

He asks as he grabs his official HOW flask and swallows a few quick shots. Shane meanwhile wastes no time and heads straight down to the ring. He climbs up the steps and enters between the ropes – a great effort whilst holding on to everything he’s carrying. Once inside, he stares for a few moments, waiting for them to quiet down. When they do, he looks back towards the entrance.

Shane Reynolds: You can cut that out, too!

Seconds pass and then his entrance music suddenly cuts out, as well. Silence. Well, as close as you can get to it at a professional wrestling show packed with fans at ringside.

Shane Reynolds: Now. Down to a spot of business. Given the announcement I gave during the week, I assume you know why I am here–

Shane pauses as the crowd unleash a torrent of cheers.

Joe Hoffman: The ICON champion is clearly referring to his earlier statement in the week stating he will be announcing the stipulation for his Rumble at the Rock match…here….tonight!

Benny yawns and takes another shot from his flask.

Benny Newell: I bet you a hundred bucks he picks something boring….like a ladder match.

The crowd fall silent once more, and Shane continues as if they had never interrupted, finishing off his sentence.

Shane Reynolds: –Well, your belief is wrong!

The crowd jeer a little at this, and Hoffman relays his own surprise whilst Benny just yawns again.

Shane Reynolds: I was all set to come here tonight and reveal in exactly which setting I put an end to Graystone and The Crow, leaving Maximillian Kael without allies and totally exposed to his own demise. But, then, I realized something. Something I, myself, had said but forgotten: “That Graystone wouldn’t even make it to Rumble at the Rock”. Well, the same can now be said for The Crow. Neither are the man I want to face. Neither are even men. They are pawns in a twisted game of chess set up by our illustrious World Champion–

Shane pauses as a look of disgust spread across Shane’s face at mentioning of Max Kael as the World Champion.

Shane Reynolds: –And everyone knows that the pawns get taken out early. Now, what is the point of announcing a stipulation for a match that isn’t going to occur?!

Shane slips his bag off of his shoulder. It drops with a surprising thud, indicative of the objects contained within.

Shane Reynolds: No point at all, I say. It’s my belief that I should get down to business, sweep them from my path like fallen leafs, and I’m starting with Max’s protégé, that means you, Graystone! Shane stares intently at the entrance with fierce eyes, his hand outstretched and pointing towards it, metaphorically aiming it towards Graystone who he assumes to be out the back somewhere.

Then he begins to pace, circling the bag in the center of the ring.

Shane Reynolds: Max abducted my niece and gave her to you, and I don’t want to imagine what you are doing to her. She doesn’t belong in your sick hands, and she’s not a toy for you to play around with. You’ve gone to far. It may be a ploy to break me, but all its doing is making me see just what I don’t want to be. A deranged freak like you. Now, you may recall that last week I made an offer: Return little Michelle to me and perhaps be spared a similar to your master. I hope you are out there and that you are listening, Graystone, because with that being reiterated….Start the clock!!

Suddenly a clock appears upon the HOTv, displaying one minute. It instantly begins counting down the seconds towards zero.

Shane Reynolds: Do the right thing, Graystone. Renounce your master, bring Michelle to me, and perhaps spare yourself vast amounts of pain as a consequence. Step aside and back away out of this situation and the upcoming match before it’s too late. My business isn’t truly with you. Shane pauses and unzips the bag as the clock thirty seconds and Hoffman discusses what is going on.

Joe Hoffman: I’d be worried if I was Graystone, right now, Shane looks extremely serious here tonight, constantly being pushed by Max, Graystone and The Crow.

Benny Newell: That’s because if you were Graystone, he’d be a pussy. The clock has reached fifteen seconds now.

Shane Reynolds: Tick, Tock, Graystone.

Then ten, then five. Shane is clearly angry as hell as the last five seconds tick away – the crowd counting along with it. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone clearly not willing to come out and face Shane here tonight.

Benny Newell:…Or maybe he fell asleep through boredom of listening to him.

Shane Reynolds: Well, okay then. You’ve made your decision….and now you’re going to have to live with it.

Shane throws the microphone away and reaches into the bag. He pulls out a solid iron bar and everyone can see that it has been customized to have barbed-wire wrapped tightly around the top end. Shane kicks the bag out of the ring and quickly follows out after it. He marches up the ramp with a furiously determined expression etched upon his face. He quickly disappears to the back as Joe and Benny cut Mayhem to another quick commercial break.



Odd one pushed

Kenn Oddity is seen walking down the backstage hall in his ring attire. L.A Riotz can be seen coming down the other end in his ring gear as well, but he is carrying a large duffle bag. The two men meet in center scene.

Kenn Oddity: You ready to do this thing?

Riotz does not say a word but shakes his head no and shoves the duffle bag into Oddity’s chest.

Kenn Oddity: What’s this?

Oddity opens the bag and pulls out a Boston Bruins hockey jersey. He looks puzzled as he stares at Riotz.

Kenn Oddity: What am I supposed to do with this?

As Oddity looks back down to put the jersey back in the bag Riotz winds back with everything he has a backhands Oddity across the face, Oddity not expecting this by any means stumbles to the ground. The normally soft voiced Riotz now screams at the top of his lunges.


Oddity is shocked as he starts to get to his feet still stunned from the whole happening. Riotz hauls off and backhands his again before he can fully get to his feet. This time Oddity does not fall but stumbles to the wall to hold himself up.


Oddity pushes himself off the wall and tries to come at Riotz, for a third time Riotz backhands Oddity, but this time Oddity was ready, his head jerks to the side but he does not lose ground.

L.A. Riotz: I NEED HIM!

Riotz hauls off for a fourth backhand but this time it is caught. mid swing but it’s intended victim.

L.A. Riotz: I NEED…

You see the face of Kenn Oddity up close, there his face is red, not from anger but from the multiple backhands has no emotion is but his eyes are lit up with a fire never seen before on HOTv. Oddity shoves Riotz hand away without saying a word and grabs the duffle bag and walks away toward the lockers. Riotz just stand there a moment and when Oddity is gone he drops to his knees and runs his through his hair, there is a look of emotional exhaustion on his face as the camera cuts away to another part of the backstage area where yet another Team Epic member is on the prowl.


ICON Search

Backstage, the corridor was filled with the sound of pounding footsteps. They belonged to Shane Reynolds who was marching along at a furious pace. He had been up and down half the arena now and had no desire of letting up the pace.

Shane Reynolds: Come out, come out, Graystone. Wherever you are.

His voice carries loudly up the corridor, attracting the attention of the various backstage workers that are dotted around nearby. Shane spots them.

Shane Reynolds: Have you seen Graystone?

He asks one of them, only to get a shake of the head from them before he moves onto the next and the next and the next. But, he gets nothing more than a no or more shakes of the head.

Shane Reynolds: I’ll settle for The Crow?

Still nothing but no. Shane had asked pretty much everyone he had seen whilst searching for them, but, as far as everyone was concerned, they had vanished from the face of the earth.

Shane Reynolds: Damn it.

And on that note, he turned a corner up the corridor and vanished from sight to continue his search as the action returns to Benny and Joe for our next match


L.A. Riotz & Ken Davison vs. Scottywood & Graystone
Tag Team Match

Back ringside and Benny is half blitzed as he has been drinking for every dumb Team Epic segment tonight.   Joe can only shake his head as the HOW cameras zoom into Amy Smeets as word as leaked that we have a special entrance set up for our next match.

As “The Little Things” by Danny Elfman cranks through the arena. Smeets goes on to introduce the participating members L.A Riotz and Kenn Oddity. L.A. Riotz steps out from the entranceway alone with a mic in his hand. He goes on to inform the crowd that Oddity will not be his partner, he has taken care of that. Riotz informs the crowd not to worry Team Epic will defend the Stable Titles and his partner tonight is in fact a member of Team Epic. He goes on that it’s not only his privilege but pleasure to introduce his tag team partner…   “GODLY” KEN DAVISON!   At the announcement Benny spits out the shot he had just taken

Benny: Who! Oh no…

Joe: Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting!

Davison walks out wearing a Boston Bruins hockey jersey. He step up to the taller Riotz and that get face to face. Riotz drops the mic and both men go racing for the ring as the crowd is buzzing over the transformation of Oddity back to his old persona.   Joe runs down the fact that Team Epic appears to be on a mission even more than ever as suddenly the HOTv comes to life as the Team Epic members and the rest of the crowd gazes as a video begins playing…   We see Graystone holding a baby doll cradled in his arms.

Graystone: Hush little baby, don’t say a word. Graystone’s going to buy you a mocking bird. And if that mocking bird don’t sing… then Graystone’s going to find the Crow and stab his eyes out, cut his head off and spit down his throat.

The camera swivels out to see Michelle Reynolds-Creedy sitting strapped to the chair.

Graystone: Michelle… Did you know your family is looking for you? Mommy and Daddy and uncle Shane. They all love you and want you back in their warm embrace. But the problem is, you don’t belong to them anymore. You belong to the prophecy of nothingness.

Suddenly, a banging on the locker room door is heard. Graystone quickly digs his hand into his coat pocket and pulls out a small revolver.

Graystone: I hope for his sake that’s not Uncle Shane.

Graystone creeps cautiously towards the door, as the beating on the door gets louder and louder. Graystone quickly opens the door, and points the gun.   Lee Best is at the end of the barrel.

Lee Best: Whoah! What the fuck is your problem?

Graystone quickly puts the gun back in his pocket. Lee pushes the baby stroller into the locker room. Lee, suddenly, realizes Michelle Reynolds-Creedy strapped to the chair.

Lee Best: Jesus Christ. What the fuck is going on in here?

Graystone: That’s Michelle.

Lee Best: You kidnapped a fucking child!? For god’s sake, you know that’s against the law? You know how much trouble this can get you in? You know how much trouble this will get ME in?

Graystone: Michelle belongs to nothingness now.

Lee Best: My God. You have to get her out of here. If Shane sees this he’s going to kill you.

Graystone: Let Shane come. I’m ready.

An awkward moment of silence permeates the room.

Graystone: Why did you come here in the first place?

Lee Best: Well, I was looking for someone to watch the baby…

Lee cautiously backs up towards the door.

Lee Best: But I think you’re busy at the moment.

Graystone: I can watch the baby.

Lee Best: No that’s alright. Really. You’ve got enough to worry about.

Lee makes his exit as the door shuts. Graystone walks over to Michelle and grabs the back of the chair. Graystone begins sliding the chair towards the door.

Graystone: Let’s make sure you’re safe.

The video ends as we see Graystone stroking the side of the child’s face.   The crowd begins booing unmercifully and screaming at Davison and Riotz as in the ring Scottywood and Graystone are both standing behind the Team Epic members.

Joe points out the obvious.   The video was merely a tool to gain an advantage.   Davison and Riotz are nailed from behind as Scotty and Graystone knock them to the canvas with a pair of brass knuckles.   Joe is going crazy as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and quickly tries to get the brass knuckles out of the hands of the Best Alliance members as members of the crowd are throwing trash into the ring.   Scottywood and Graystone ignore Boettcher and instead toss their brass knuckles into the crowd and begin to pummel Davison and Riotz as Boettcher is unable to gain any kind of control in the ring.

The crowd begins chanting REYNOLDS….REYNOLDS…REYNOLDS…and their pleas for Reynolds go unheard as he is nowhere to be seen.

Back in the ring order has somewhat been restored as Scottywood is now working over a dazed Riotz as Davison is struggling to his feet on the outside as Graystone is on the apron begging for a tag.   Joe calls the BA cowards and points out that Graystone is wearing a black glove on his hand, rumors being that he stabbed himself earlier in the week.   Benny denies those rumors and counters that Graystone just fell on some scissors.

The LSD Champion does in fact tags in Graystone and the kidnapper quickly begins working over Riotz as Davison has finally made it up to the apron and is furiously yelling at Riotz to tag him in.   Graystone and Scottywood execute several quick tags over the next few minutes as they work over Riotz who is now bleeding from the forehead which leads Joe into reminding folks that later we will see Darkwing taking on the World Champion Maximillian Kael in a first blood match.   Benny congratulates Joe for finally mentioning the world champ.   The crowd is still throwing trash into the ring as it is now covered in beer, coke and several plastic cups.   Riotz is finally to get the advantage as Scottywood and Graystone go for a double suplex but Riotz is able to counter with double DDT and all three men are laid out in the center of the ring with Davison screaming at Riotz to crawl over and make the tag.

The crowd is screaming as well as Riotz begins the long crawl to his corner as Scottywood and Graystone struggle to their feet.   It seems like forever, but Riotz makes the dive and the hot tag to his partner just as Scottywood and Graystone make it to their feet.   The crowd is going apeshit as Davison goes on a rampage in the ring, nailing the Best Alliance members with several power clotheslines and right hands, finally ending the surge by tossing both men out of the ring and down to the arena floor leaving one half of the Stable Champions standing tall in the ring.   It is at this point that we get our answer to where Shane Reynolds is at as the action cuts backstage and we see Reynolds in a heated discussion with Narcotic who just showed up to the arena…

Narcotic: Look I don’t care what title you have and what you want. The bottom line is that I am not going to have some wrestler going around backstage looking to take out other members of the roster.

Shane Reynolds: That is bullshit and you know it ….they kidnapped my fucking family!

Narcotic: That is all hearsay. Who is to say that’s even your relative? All I know is that as Commish I cannot have you doing this shit. So if you want to get your hands on Graystone and The Crow you are going to have to wait till Rumble at the Rock cause if you do anything between now and then…well your ass is going to be stripped of that ICON title and your ass will be FIRED!!

Shane Reynolds: Typical Best Alliance bullshit.

Narcotic: You want to try me? Now get the fuck outta here…

Narcotic doesn’t wait for a reply however and walks off screen as Shane walks off in the other direction clearly concerned and furious.   Davison, who saw the whole video, is now enraged as he knows that once again the Best Alliance has cut off Team Epic.   Davison exits the ring and goes after Graystone and Scottywood as Riotz joins him on the outside. The four men begin to brawl all over the outside as the Best Alliance members use every trick and every piece of the environment to gain an advantage.

As this is going on Joe is clamoring that something needs to be done about Lee and Narcotic as the two men have made it impossible for Shane Reynolds and Chris Kostoff to do anything while the BA is just running around messing with their respected families.   Benny said that is all speculative but slurs his speech as the HOW flask is almost empty as HOW cameras focus in on the four men that have climbed back into the ring.

Davison is going toe to toe with Scottywood, the man he will face for the LSD Title at RATR, while Graystone and Riotz are going toe to toe.   No one has any idea who are the legal men and its obvious that neither does Boettcher.

The finish of the match comes as Davison locks on a mandible claw and Iron Claw at the same time on Scottywood. Joe tells the viewers that Davison calls that the Hands of God.   The LSD Champion is fading fast just as Graystone locks in Riotz own GGP submission finisher on the Team Epic member.

The crowd is going crazy as it is now a race to who taps first.   With the Stable Titles on the line there is a lot of tension in the air as Boettcher quickly checks on Scottywood, and then quickly races over to Riotz…asking each man if they give up.   Finally after several seconds a man finally taps and we have our winners….   The crowd is stunned as Riotz taps out to his own finisher and Boettcher signals for the bell.


Post match we see Davison refusing to let go of his hold on Scottywood as the LSD Champion is now tapping furiously.   Graystone finally gets to his feet and rolls out of the ring and picks up the Stable Championship off of the table. But as he turns he is grabbed from behind and we see Chris Kostoff nail Graystone with the brass knuckles he threw into the crowd earlier on.

Graystone falls hard to the floor as HOW security members come racing down to ringside as Kostoff again eludes them via the crowd that is eager to help out Kostoff.   Inside the ring Davison is being pried off of Scottywood by several of the security members and as Mayhem goes to commercial everyone tries to catch their breath.  




New Emporer

We return from commercial break to see a large object in the center of the ring covered by a large white cloth.

Benny Newell: The program says.. Our World Champion is coming out NEXT Joe! I’m so excited you could piss yourself!

Joe Hoffman: That’s wonderful Benny. Honestly. Listen folks, for two weeks we’ve heard rumors that Max Kael has been trying to reveal something but he has thus far been unable to.. However tonight he has promised that he will address the High Octane Wrestling fans since becoming World Champion.

Benny Newell: No doubts it will be a tear jerker of a speech!

“Puritania” hit’s the P.A. as the arena lights dim down. On the main ramp leading down to the ring lights up with flashing red strobe lights. A bright white light shines from the entrance way as Max Kael steps out in front of it wearing a black suit with the HOW World Title slung over his shoulder. He poses for a moment as the crowd boos him loudly. As he starts to make his way down to the ring Graystone has finally made it to his feet and is waiting for Max in the ring. The blood dripping from his head not even registering with Graystone as he watches Max making his way down.   Max is wearing a large, bright smile as he steps up into the ring wiping his feet off before stepping through the ropes. Graystone then takes his place behind Max as he motions for a mic. The music dies out as Max lifts the mic to his lips, the crowd booing both him and Graystone loudly.

Max Kael: Too those of you do not know who I am and to those who need to hear it again.. I am Maximillian Kael and I am your World Champion!

Max holds the title high into the air over his head as the crowd boos even louder while Graystone moves to the ropes around the ring yelling at people for not showing proper respect and half ass watching for Kostoff.

Max Kael: And tonight I am addressing you not only as your High Octane Wrestling Heavy Weight Champion but as the greatest symbol of hope and justice in Wrestling Today. Oh sure there are plenty of guys and gals in the back who will say otherwise but look who is holding the World Title.. And who isn’t.

Another smirk from Max as the fans continue to boo him. He slings the title back over his shoulder and slowly struts around the ring pointing to people in the crowd which causes Graystone to roll out of the ring and verbally engage a lot of the younger fans with threats of bodily harm.

Max Kael: And tonight I am going to prove that I am the Champion you deserve.. Nay I am the Champion you people deserve! You see a mentor to me once granted me the title of el Presidente del Jattlantis. That man cannot be here tonight but I can assure you if he was he would have a tear on his cheek and a handshake waiting for me. But truth be told that man is lost. He is lost in the world and I fear day by day that I may never see him again. The original Jatti Knight.. A historic World Champion.. JATT STARR!

There is a mixed crowd reaction as Max motions to the screen above the entrance ramp where a picture of Jatt Starr from years before is shown. Max claps for it before he turns back toward the cameras, shaking his head.

Max Kael: He showed me what it took to be a real champion. He showed me what it was to be a man of prestige, skill and ability. He showed me that to be on the path of the Jatti Knight means sacrifice.. And I would love to say I owe all this success to him.. But quite frankly.. that’s not the case.

Max’s expression darkens as he starts to walk toward the large object with the white cloth over it. Max motions for Graystone to get back into the ring which he does quickly.

Max Kael: See.. In the last few months between what Lee Best has said.. And what Shane has said and what all the boys in the back have said I have come to realize that maybe.. Just maybe they were right about Jatt Starr. And the Jatti Path. And then I got to thinking.. What did Jatt Starr give me? A title? A false hope? What did Jatt Starr make me?.. The answer I found is.. He made me nothing. And so.. Starting today..

He moved toward the white cloth, handing the World Title off to Graystone to hold so he had a free hand.

Max Kael: As el President del Jattlantis I declare a coup! Without its king, Jattlantis is NO MORE! Starting today.. It shall be renamed MAXOPOTAMIA! And I shall be its Emperor. Emperor MAX KAEL! I Revoke the ways of the Jatti Knights! I embrace the path of the Kaelords of the Maxide! In short, Jatt Starr means NOTHING to me anymore.. Now is the time of Max Kael! The High Octane WORLD CHAMPION! YOUR CHAMPION!

The fans begin to boo again, most of which drowns out Graystone screaming back at the fans though Max doesn’t seem effected by it, simply swelling up with pride before he moves to unveil whatever was under the white cloth. As he does so his back arches and his face becomes contorted with a wicked expression as it appears the Minister has taken over.

Max Kael: And so, our Loyal Followers.. Today you embark on a new journey.. The Path to Nothing. Today High Octane Wrestling Fans.. You are all made citizens of Maxopotamia. And we are your Lords and Masters! You shall hear our word above all others!

He pulls the white sheet away revealing a large mannequin created from several different mannequins to create some kind of .. Super freak mannequin. On the “face” of the 7 foot tall abomination was a picture of Jatt Starr. Max stepped back as the fans started to half boo and half chant for Jatt Starr. Max took his belt back from Graystone, slinging it back over his shoulder before he motioned for Graystone to step in.

Max Kael: The most important part.. Of starting a new Empire and ensuring your legacy is purging the impure elements that might linger.. And so like the Inquisition we shall purge this infection with fire..

Graystone rolled out of the ring, grabbed a gas canister and rolled back in pouring the fuel as much as he could on the mannequin of Jatt Starr. Max leaned his head against his title and folded his arms across his chest as the fans began booing louder now. Graystone finished pouring the fuel down and pulled out a box of matches, lighting one. However before he is able to toss it at the mannequin the lights in the arena go out. The sound of crows can be heard echoing throughout the Arena before the lights come back on.

Crow is standing nose to nose with Graystone with the box of matches having been tossed to the side. Max looks equally surprised to see him here however he does not immediately attack the man. Instead he quickly moves forward, tossing the mic to the side so that no one can hear what he is saying. Both Graystone and Crow seem bent on letting the other have a piece of their mind while Max attempts to talk both men down.

Joe Hoffman: We might just see the two men who are going to face Shane Reynolds at Rumble at the Rock go after each other right now!

Benny Newell: Come on guys! Don’t ruin the World Champion’s beautiful speech! It was about to get so good! Like Barrack Obama times Fifty!

After a few moments Crow finally starts to slowly back out of the ring while Graystone seems to be getting chastised by Maximillian. Graystone doesn’t seem to be paying attention as he keeps his eyes locked on Crow who does the same. Max walks over to the mic and picks it up, testing it shortly before speaking, pointing his finger at the crowd.

Max Kael: Just a meeting of the minds to discuss how absolutely those two men are going to destroy Shane Reynolds at Rumble at the Rock! Pay it no attention.. And now.. The Crescendo!

Max motions once again to Graystone who picks up the matches and lights one, tossing it onto the mannequin as it goes up in flames. Safety crews rush into the ring and immediately start putting out the fire however the mannequin itself burns like the effigy it is.

Max Kael: And so Jatt Starr’s Legacy, much like Darkwing’s later tonight.. Goes up in Smoke. Imagine that..

And with that Max tosses down the mic and leaves the ring with Graystone as the fans continue to boo them loudly, pieces of garbage such as empty cups and popcorn boxes fly toward them however they do not seem to pay much attention as the leave up the ramp.

Best Alliance Rub

Back live and we are backstage where Lee Best is pushing the stroller back and forth soothing his baby while he is sitting in his plush leather chair.   Sitting next to him working his cell phone is Narcotic while on the leather couch opposite Lee and Nark is Scottywood who is holding the Stables Championship Belt in his hands.   Absent is Max and Graystone.   Narcotic hangs up his cell phone and whispers to Lee…

Narcotic: Things are going according to plan Lee. The new arena will be finished in time for the first show on October 20th. Kostoff and Shane have their instructions and we now have the Stable Title courtesy of Scottywood and Gray.

Lee just nods his approval as both Lee and Narcotic look towards Scottywood who is now getting his face rubbed by two gorgeous ladies dressed in nurse’s outfits.   Scotty gives his two bosses a big thumbs up and smiles as he takes in the full facial massage.

Lee Best: Something has to be done about Kostoff though. That fucking ape is running around this arena somewhere.

Narcotic: I got every available person looking for that ogre. When we do find him, and we will, there is no way in hell that he will be making it to RATR after the beating he is going to get.

Lee Best: That is why you are my commish Nark. So what’s left for tonight, if there isn’t anything I am going to bail here with the baby.

Narcotic: Well I still got the World Title announcement…

Lee Best: Ah right….well I think I am fine here. You got those guards outside the door right?

Narcotic: Yep

Lee Best: Good. I will stick around then. When you making the announcement?

Narcotic: Right after the main event…well right after Max makes Darkwing bleed.

Lee Best: Great…what match is next?

Narcotic: ICON Title Match. Shane should be really fired up for this one but if Carey “tries” this could be good.

Lee just nods in agreement as he continues to rock the stroller as the action cuts ringside where it is now time for the ICON Title match!!


ICON Title Match
Shane Reynolds vs. Bobbinette Carey
Singles Match

Best Damn Thing by Avril blasts thru the PA system and the leader of Team Epic makes her way out to a loud ovation from her adoring fans.   Joe runs down the fact that this match was booked by Lee Best as yet another tool to bring a divide into the Epic camp.   Benny claims there is no need to do that cause now that they lost the Stables Title and how Carey lost the World Title to Max…its obvious….Team Epic is falling apart.   Joe disagrees but stops as Shane’s music hits and the ICON Champion again makes his way out.

As Shane makes his way down to the ring to a loud chorus of cheers, Joe wonders aloud if all the crap he has been taking courtesy of Max, Graystone and the Crow is taken a toll on Shane. It is obvious that Lee is keeping Shane from facing Max one on one and instead his family is abducted and is now facing two Max cronies at RATR.   Benny claims those are all bullshit excuses as Shane hands his ICON Championship belt to Matt Boettcher who raises it high in the air and signals for the bell.

Shane and Bobbinette share a handshake as Joe notes that Carey has been going thru her own personal demons as her rights to watch over her sister have been questioned by the state’s social services.   Benny blows off all the personal talk and takes a shot as Shane and Carey lock up.   Right off the top Shane is surprised by Carey’s speed and the Queen B is able to execute several hip tosses followed by a beautiful drop kick that sends Shane to the outside where he gathers himself as Carey bows towards Shane from the center of the ring.   Shane is smiling as he reenters the ring and this time it is Shane that nails Carey with some nice hip tosses followed by his own standing dropkick that sends the former World Champion thru the middle ropes and to the arena floor.

As Carey is on the outside the HOTv comes to life and we see Matthew Williams, Ken Davison, and L. A. Riotz all sitting around a monitor watching the match.   Joe states this match will have huge ramifications for Team Epic as the winner of this match almost will come across as the person that should be leading team epic.   Benny counters that the stable is falling apart and this match will be the final nail in the coffin.

Back inside the ring the two Team Epic members are going back and forth and neither is able to get a clear cut advantage on the other as they go back and forth with some high impact moves and several near falls.   Joe points out that each superstar knows the other like the back of their hands. We might never get a winner to this match as each person knows the others persons moves so well.   This fact is driven home as several moves are reversed by each wrestler.   The fans are eating it up however as it is apparent that this is two people going at it with nothing but respect involved.

The action begins to pick up pace as Carey counters a rolling thunder from Shane by throwing her knees up in the air.   Carey is then on the offensive as the tide might of finally turned into her favor but alas it is short lived as Shane takes her down with a powerful clothesline that gets a near fall from Boettcher.   Joe notes that both wrestlers are looking a little worn out and he wonders if the mental fatigue is something that can come into effect.   Shane and Carey are both looking slightly drained, Shane grabs Bobbinette by the hair, raises her up with plans for a hard right in the face, only to receive a massive kick to gut.

Shane goes down when suddenly the crowd go crazy, a man from the crowd jumps the barricade.   Benny stands thinking it is Kostoff…   But its not.. it’s the Crow.   Carey runs off the ropes only to receive the traditional, trip, by the Crow from the outside, the ref doesn’t see but Carey immediately reacts as she shoots her foot out of the ropes with a boot to the face of Crow.   She turns around, catches a foot from Shane, Shane lands an enziguri but it only causes Carey to fall back against the ropes.

Shane grabs her, hits a wicked implant DDT and climbs the ropes and looks down at Crow and jumps off, nailing Carey with his Diablo’s Inferno.   Benny is screaming that Crow helped Shane win…   Boettcher makes the count as the crowd is stunned and confused at what just happened.





Post match we see Crow immediately slides into the ring, Shane’s title in hand,.   Shane rises only to get knocked out cold.   Crow grabs Carey and chucks her out the ring, the crowd are frantic as Crow walks over and reaches for a mic, now standing above a knocked out Shane Reynolds.

Crow: Shane, ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to intrude, but I felt it was, necessary?!   Crow makes a quick stroll around Shane, staring down at him.

Crow: There’s a phrase I’d like to share with you Shane, a phrase from the bible, a phrase, I feel will strongly describe what is about to happen right about now.   Crow bends down looking at the battered face of Reynolds.

Crow: When he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple… Shane, in case you don’t get it, I’m here to scourge you, and drive you out of the spotlight!

Crow jumps to his feet with a purpose, he looks up, and so do the cameras, the crowd in a stunned silence as there in the rafters stands the crowning figure himself, Maximillian Kael.   A rope drops, a noose attached to the end and Max lowers it down to ring height as Crow jumps to the outside of the ring and reaches under the ring pulling out what only causes the fans to scream in shock, a gasoline tank.   Crow slides back into the ring, he wraps the noose around Shane’s ankles, Shane though begins to waken, a little dazed and confused, but too late…   Max Kael begins lifting, pulling, raising Shane, feet first into the air, Shane begins panicking, wriggling, struggling, trying to escape as he curses at Crow.

Suddenly the whole Team Epic stable comes running down to the ring but are cut off by several HOW security personal the top of the entrance ramp. They begin fighting with the guards….   Back in the ring…   Crow smiles, and signals for Max to hold, Shane now face to face height with Crow as he hangs upside down, Crow continues to grin at Shane only to cause Shane to whip up a mouthful of saliva spitting it straight at Crow.

Crow, not amused suddenly pelts Shane in the face with a flurry of punches. Crow stops, Shane dazed and hurt, Crow wipes his face, and Max begins rising Shane up, he gets roughly 15 feet in the air and stops, the crowd shockingly in a state of silence, the odd scream and cheer, but the gruel silence is one of a kind.   Team Epic members have now fought thru the guards and are now racing towards the ring and stop there when they see Crow lift the gasoline tank.

Davison jumps up on the apron which causes Crow to goes crazy and starts pouring it everywhere, soaking the ring canvas in a pool of it, each tread causing a squelch.   The crowd is still in shock as are the announcers who have yet to say a word since the end of the match.   The Team Epic members surround the ring but with Crow holding a lit match in his hand they have no choice but to stay at bay.

Suddenly the match is blown out and Crow drops it and quickly lights another one but that too is blown out.   The Team Epic members then start back up the entrance ramp and Crow is confused as to what is going on as the crowd is cheering madly.   It is at this point that Crow turns and is met with a wicked right hand full of brass knuckles and the crowd erupts as Kostoff quickly helps Shane down and as Mayhem cuts to a commercial Kostoff is once again seen bailing thru the crowd as Shane regains his breath inside the ring.




Enough is enough

Back live and we are once again in Lee’s office where he is rocking the stroller a little faster than earlier.

Lee Best: What the fuck is going on Nark…that ICON title match was shit. Crow was going to burn the fucking ring down? I am kinda glad Kostoff showed..

Narcotic: I had no idea about that. I knew he wanted to do something to Shane but I didn’t know it involved THAT.

Lee Best: Well the bottom line is that Kostoff has been down to the fucking ring three or four times now and we haven’t nailed him yet. How about instead of having guys on standby have all the damn security guards surrounding the ring?

Narcotic nods at Lee and jumps on his cell phone and makes the arrangements as Lee continues to rock the stroller while the cameras capture Scotty sporting some serious Wood on the couch as both nurses have their tops off.

Lee Best: Scotty……the kid?

Scottywood just gives Lee the OK sign and grabs the nurses by the hands and heads off to another room with them as the action cuts back to ringside where HOW crewmen have just finished up changing out the canvas.   Harris vs. Reno Raines is next!!


Jeff Harris vs. Reno Raines
Singles Match

Joe and Benny welcome everyone back to the action and even Benny admits the last segment was a little too much and ruined what could have been a great ICON Match.   Joe is shocked that Benny agrees that Crow and Max went over board, but Benny counters that he was talking about the Kostoff interference ruining a perfect hanging.   Joe only shakes his head as he tries to keep the show going as it is now time for All F’N That Jeff Harris to make his HOW debut against a very impressive Reno Raines.

Before anyone makes their way out HOW security surrounds the ring and hears much heckling from the fans as they do so.   Raines makes his way out as Trapt sings his theme song “Brave”. There is a quick video recap of his loss last week to Bobbinette Carey after a mysterious man showed up during the match.   Joe and Benny speculate who it is as Raines makes his way into the ring to a very solid reaction from the crowd.

It is now time for another big debut for a Lee Best signing….Jeff Harris.   “Power Struggle” by Sunna blasts over the PA system and the crowd stands to their feet but offer no real response as they await a visual of the latest big HOW signing.   Finally he appears and the crowd goes wild as Joe points out that over on Harris is leading a poll in which fans are voting on which HOW superstar will make the biggest impact here in HOW and one of the people he is beating in the poll is Reno Raines.

Carl Hortega, signals for the bell, and another important match for two HOW superstars is off and running.   Harris and Raines lock up and it is Harris who gains the early upper hand as Joe runs down some of Harris’ history including a stint in prison.   Jeff goes for a big suplex to the outside but Raines counters suplexing Harris back into the ring and it is from there that Raines is now on the offensive.

The match literally goes back and forth over the next several minutes as it is apparent that these two men are pretty equal….   Until Harris nails Raines with a devastating Shadow kick after pushing off a diamond cutter attempt by Raines.   Harris then slaps on his crippler crossface finisher called Chain Reaction and much to the shock of the fans and Joe and Benny, Harris gets the submission victory after Raines was unable to answer the tres count from Hortega.


Post match Joe makes a point to state that Reno did not tap but passed out from the pain.   As the fans cheer on Harris as he exits after a very impressive debut win, inside the ring Raines has a very determined look on his face as Mayhem cuts to a commercial before our main event!




Darkwing vs. Max Kael
First Blood Match

Back live and it is now time for the First Blood Match.   HOW security has remained at ringside and there are even security guards at the entrance ramp as Lee and Narcotic are making sure that Kostoff will not play a role in this at all.   Joe runs down the stipulation that Lee stated earlier on in the week that if Darkwing won he would get a title shot at Max at RATR.   Benny claims that wont happen and if it does he will gladly allow Darkwing to suck his dick.

Joe doesn’t touch that comment and instead goes quiet as the crowd erupts as “My Ruin” by Sevendust blasts over the PA system and Darkwing makes his way down to the ring.   Joe goes over the illustorious career of Darkwing….all the title wins…the great feud with Jatt Starr and of course the Hall of Fame induction.   There is a lot of talk in the back that the old Darkwing is on the verge of being back but this match with Max will go along way in determining if that is true.   As Darkwing enters the ring the fans are cheering loudly. Darkwing bounces off the ropes a few times as Joe points out the fact that the ring is completely surrounded by security guards and with this being a first blood match the match can go anywhere so who is to say the guards will do any good?

But that question will be answered later as “Puritania” hits the PA and the World Champion Maximillian Kael makes his way out to a very loud chorus of boos.   A quick video airs replaying the hanging attempt of Shane Reynolds and Max stating to the world that Jatt Starr is in fact dead to him.   Benny is standing, clapping for the World Champion, as he makes his way into the ring and hands his World Title to Matt Boettcher.   Joe reminds the viewers that this is a non title match and it’s a first blood match. There will be no pinfalls or submissions.

Darkwing is jawing with Max who just smiles back at Darkwing and slowly pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and slides them over his right hand. Darkwing nods and then reaches and pulls out his own weapon….a lead pipe.   Both make it known that this will not any sort of wrestling match at all….and that is made true as both men rush each other and each man blocks the others attempt at using his weapon.   Max knocks the lead pipe from Darkwing’s hand as Darkwing is able to block a Max right hand and proceeds to arm drag him over where he rips the knucks off of the World Champions hand and throws them to the outside.

From there Darkwing begins to unload with right hands on the temple of Max but he is able to block most of the shots with his forearms.   The two men then wrestle to the outside and like a bad Verizon commercial, the HOW security force follows behind the two superstars as they battle their way up the entrance ramp and to the top of it where more security surrounds them as Darkwing body slams Max on the cold steel of the rampway.   Darkwing then mounts Max and begins blasting his head off of the entrance ramp hoping to draw blood but Max rolls thru and it is now the World Champion that is unloading on the challenger as Darkwing tries to cover.

The two men battle back down the entrance ramp as the security guards follow behind them as they are on strict instructions from Lee to not allow any interference.   Max gains the upper hand by whipping Darkwing hard into the ring apron and then rolls executes a perfect chop block and begins working on Darkwing’s legs.   Max executes several leg submission holds and even a figure four on the steel ring post doesn’t make Darkwing tap but he is now limping as he hops and rolls back into the ring as Max follows suit.

From there Max continues the assault on Darkwing’s legs, making it obvious he wants to keep the HOW Hall of Famer grounded as it hard to make a man bleed from your back.   Max remains on the offensive for several more minutes as every time Darkwing gets a move in Max counters with a low blow, eye rake or another chop block.   It is at this point in the match that Narcotic makes his way out and stands at the top of the entrance ramp and apparently is there ready to make the big World Title Match announcement as soon as this match ends.   Joe notes the time and we are already running over but seeing as there is nothing else airing on HOTv…it doesn’t matter!!

The crowd begins chanting DARKWING…DARKWING…..and the Darkone finally resorts to a Max tactic as he nails Max with a low blow which sends the World Champion crashing down to the mat rolling in agony.   This gives Darkwing time to recoup and as Max gets to his feet it is now Darkwing how returns the favor with a flurry of offense capped off by a beautiful spinning heel kick.   It is at this time that Darkwing goes to the outside to grab the pipe he had earlier on and as he finds it he goes to roll into the ring but a security guard grabs him.

The crowd jumps to their feet just in time to see the security guard nail Darkwing with his own Billy club.   Darkwing falls like a heap to the ground and the guard picks up Darkwing and rolls him into the ring and then slides Max the pair of knucks he had earlier.   Max looks confused until the guard lifts up his helmet and we see it is none other than Graystone.   Joe goes crazy and the trash begins to fly again as Max waits for Darkwing to rise to his feet and when he does Max swings for the fences…


Darkwing ducks and Max spins and Darkwing bounces off the ropes and nails Max with a desperation Trans Darkwing Express spear.   Darkwing is just laying on Max as the crowd is yelling for him to get to his feet as Graystone is jumping into the ring.   Darkwing jumps up and somehow is able to meet Graystone head on and tosses the Best Alliance member over the top rope and Benny cringes as its been a rough night for the man that brought the stable title home to the Best Alliance.

Darkwing begins jawing at the downed Graystone but it is at this point that he is turned around and is nailed by Max with the brass knuckles and blood begins pouring out of the forehead of Darkwing and Boettcher signals for the bell.


Post match we see Max roll Darkwing out of the ring and to the outside where HOW medics walk Darkwing to the back.   Narcotic is seen smiling as Darkwing passes by him covered in blood.   The focus then turns to Narcotic who is about to make the big announcement.

World Title Match!!

Everyone turns their attention to Narcotic who is flanked by several HOW security guards as the ones at ringside have stayed put as Max is still in the ring, now holding his World Title.

Narcotic: In only a matter of weeks Maximillian Kael will be defending the most sacred prize in all of HOW…the World Title.

The crowd cheers at Max finally defending it.

Narcotic: Tonight I have seen some great things but the new guys and seen just talented the roster her in HOW really is. Now Lee trusted me to make the match that will sell the most PPV buyrates so with that said here it is….

The anticipation is great as everyone is literally on the edge of their seat as Narcotic reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a notecard and begins to read…

Narcotic: On October 13th inside the Alcatraz Prison walls, Maximillian Kael will defend the World Title in a SOLITARY CONFINEMENT MATCH!!

The crowd is buzzing with the stipulation being named already…

Narcotic: The rules of the match are simple. The men will be locked inside cell for 72 hours leading up to the match. They will be treated as prisoners and when the doors open…it is the last man standing that will walk out of that part of the prison as HOW World Champion!!

The crowd cheers wildly for this decision as Narcotic continues…

Narcotic: So let’s talk about who is in this match with Max….

The tension is thick as Narcotic clears his throat…

Narcotic: Even though he got his ass handed to him tonight I am going to allow this man to be in this match cause quite frankly he deserves it……GRAYSTONE!!!

Joe Hoffman: What!!????

Narcotic: Don’t worry….Graystone is still going to get his ICON title shot as well…

The crowd is buzzing at the unexpected announcement

Narcotic: Also in this match will be SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

The crowd pops huge for this announcement and Joe and Benny want to know what the hell is going on!   Suddenly Lee Best comes racing out on the ramp way flanked by Graystone. Nark motions for them to calm down and Lee tries as he has the stroller with him still but Graystone can be seen staring down at Max with a concerned look on his face.

Narcotic: Also in this match will be CROW and because I want to piss some people off…DARKWING!!!

The crowd is literally stunned with this announcement and Lee and Graystone are all over Narcotic as he keeps telling them he knows what he is doing.

Narcotic: Now like I said each person will be locked in solitary confinement for 72 hours leading up to the match. You all will be in the same wing and literally in the cell next to each other. How you guys handle these 72 hours will determine if you walk away with the World or the ICON Title.

Joe Hoffman: Or ICON??

Narcotic: That’s right.  The ICON title is also on the line in this match as just like in War Games if someone is able to pin or submit Shane Reynolds they will win the ICON Championship. This is an elimination type match so the match continues until there is only one person left that hasn’t been pinned or submitted and that person will truly be our World Champion!!

Lee snatches the mic from Narcotic and tells him to go to the back. Nark hesitates but then heads backstage as Graystone is on his hip yelling at him.

Lee Best: I just want to say that I would never allow…..


One of the security guards just nailed Lee from behind as another security guard takes out the rest of the guards on the rampway.   The guard that just took out Lee takes off his mask to reveal himself as Juvian Ramorez. The other guard comes over and reveals himself to be Kostoff.

Kostoff: I didn’t touch you Lee so no luck on firing my ass…..but heres a little present for ya…

Kostoff unzips his fly and proceeds to piss on the knocked out owner of HOW as the crowd goes wild.   As Kostoff shakes it dry, Juvi with stroller in front of him, heads towards the end of the entrance ramp just as Best Alliance members Scottywood and Graystone appear from the back as Max is seen racing up the entrance ramp.

None of them get there in time as Juvi pushes the stroller off the edge of the entrance ramp as Kostoff and everyone looks on in horror as Mayhem fades to black!!!!!


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