Mayhem: September 21st, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
September 21st, 2009 – #HOW81
Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, NV


Enter the Messiah

The Go-Home edition of Monday Night Mayhem opens LIVE on HOTv with a picturesque shot of downtown Los Angeles. From daylight to present, the scene quickly fast-forwards so that one-by-one, the buildings quickly illuminate the sky with lights as the sun sets over the horizon.

Suddenly, the camera rapidly zooms in to the bustling campus of UCLA and inside of Pauley Pavilion, where a capacity crowd of 12,829 is on their feet, cheering for Mayhem commentator Chastity Gold as she stands center-ring with a microphone in her hand. Occupying the space that is normally Nell and John Wooden Court, the bedazzling beauty strikes us all with a silky red number that has Rick Fantastic drooling at the announcer’s table.

Chastity Gold: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Monday Night Mayhem!!!

The fans roar as the anticipation for what’s in store for them tonight as the thoughts and possibilities become overwhelming.

Chastity Gold: It is my great pleasure to welcome to the ring at this time the man who has been on an absolute roll since coming to Mayhem, the man who will face Shane Reynolds in the dungeons of Alcatraz for the #1 contendership for the HOW World Heavyweight Championship, and the hottest man…umm…excuse me…

Chastity blushes a deep shade of red. She laughs at herself and regains her composure as several audience members whistle catcalls at her.

Chastity Gold: I mean, the hottest commodity in HOW today! Please welcome the Minnesota Messiah, “Perfect” Paul Paras!!!

The crowd jolts as the arena lights darken and “Headspace” by Velvet Revolver begins blasting over the sound system. Gold strobe lights around the stage provide the only light for a moment before the music picks up and three scorching blasts of blue pyro erupt from the stage. Triple P walks out to a massive reception from the California crowd, smirking confidently as he coolly walks down the ramp, dressed in street clothes, Singapore cane in hand. He perfectly slides into the ring and raises the cane into the air to elicit another huge reaction from the fans, as well as cheers and applause from Chastity Gold, who tries desperately to calm herself down.

Rick Fantastic: The Perfect One has arrived and this arena has come unglued! Between myself and the Paragon of Perfection, I doubt there’s a dry pair of panties in the house… possibly including my fellow announcer’s!

Chastity Gold: Triple P! It’s great to have you out here, live in Los Angeles!

The crowd responds wildly to the hometown plug. Paras eagerly nods to Chastity to hold the mic his way, his smirk still remaining.

Paul Paras: Chastity, quite frankly, it’s great to have the Perfect One anywhere. But nowhere moreso than where people respect and appreciate the world’s only Perfect athlete, like here at UCLA!

Paras points to a sign in the crowd that reads “TRIPLE P > HOLLYWOOD” while tempering his smirk slightly to listen to Chastity’s questions.

Chastity Gold: California seems to respect you, Paul, and you’ve certainly earned it lately. Ever since coming back to HOW after War Games, you’ve taken down every obstacle that has been put in your path by our General Manger, Ryan Faze, including last week, where you appeared to dominate our World Champion, Aceldama and had him ready to tap out…before Shane Reynolds interfered…

The crowd begins to boo heavily at the mention of Reynolds. Paras rolls his eyes and nods his head in recognition of his frequent rival’s meddling with the Mayhem main event last week. He raises the cane to his shoulder and chuckles humorlessly.

Paul Paras: Shane Reynolds… the name that makes the Perfect blood boil like none other. Chastity, are you really surprised that Shane couldn’t let me win my match against Aceldama fair and square? Let’s look at the facts: Shane Reynolds has taken it upon himself to minimize every impact the Perfect One has made in HOW…my victories, my followers, my status as an ICON in this business… but every time he has tried to knock the Perfect One down, I’ve gotten right back up and added another accomplishment to my eleven-year resume. Now, Shane has challenged the Perfect One to a match at Rumble at the Rock where one of us will earn a shot at the biggest accomplishment this business has to offer…and the other will be knocked down for good.

Chastity Gold: Very true… the match in the mythical dungeons of Alcatraz…

Paul Paras: Whoa there, doll, don’t use such big words; Shane is likely watching this and, as far as he knows, “mythical” is what you kiss people under at Christmastime. He’s not the sharpest crayon in the box, Chaz. For a man to challenge the Perfect One to a match, it doesn’t take much brainpower. For one to ask for a #1 contendership match, you may have a few screws loose. But for Shane Reynolds to challenge the Minnesota Messiah to a match in the deep, dark recesses of Alcatraz, where ruin and death are everywhere you look, where not one single soul ever exited without their mind being corrupted…dissected…and altogether turned into gelatinous sludge? Shane Reynolds, your miniscule brain must’ve written a bad check when you weren’t looking… and now it’s time to pay the Perfect piper.

The fans begin a loud “TRIPLE P” chant as Paul scans the crowd from behind the lenses of his mirrored sunglasses.

Chastity Gold: Certainly Shane hasn’t been the only HOW wrestler on your mind lately, as for the past few weeks, we’ve seen you trying everything in your power to get through to the former World Champion, Issac Slade! We watched last week, Paul, as Slade told you that he couldn’t be a source of Faith for the HOW fans anymore…and that he wanted you to be a source of Hope in his place…

Paras puts his hands on his hips and lowers his head in thought as the fans give a mixture of cheers and boos at Slade’s bowing down. In a rare moment, the crowd soon begins to loudly applaud Triple P. He takes off his glasses and checks all sides of the arena to see how much the fans have begun supporting him recently.

Rick Fantastic: This is the same man who just last year didn’t have a single fan outside of the state of Minnesota, and most of those were too strung out on drugs to know and better! Paul Paras has come a long way as a man, and it sounds like these fans are letting him know that Slade made a good choice in counting on him.

Paul puts the shades back on and asks Chastity for the mic. He raises his cane to point out toward the crowd.

Paul Paras: Issac Slade made some poor choices in his life…just like I did…just like all of you people have… but for those of us who weren’t content to just lie down and die, we still have a hell of a lot of chances to get it right. So as much as I’ve learned to respect what you fans get out of watching me out here week in and week out, I think Slade missed something when he christened the Perfect One as the next Issac Slade—the old Issac Slade hasn’t lied down to die quite yet!

The crowd cheers loudly as Paul lowers the cane and steps through the ropes and out onto the ring apron.

Paul Paras: Slade didn’t die when Darkwing messed with his personal life… Slade didn’t die when Aceldama tried to burn him alive… and Slade sure as hell didn’t die when Shane Reynolds hired every skeleton in his closet to try and control him like an animal! Slade, if you’re listening, these people still love you for the class act you are… Tell him!

Paul drops down to the floor and approaches a young fan at ringside.

Paul Paras: Do you think the old Slade is dead?

Young Fan: No way!!

Paul Paras: How about you over there in the “Have Faith” shirt? Have you lost that faith?

T-shirted Fan: Hell no! Slade is the greatest!

Paras circles ringside, questioning various fans of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes as the rest of the crowd cheers him on.

Young Girl: I love you, Issac!

Goth Guy: Reynolds is a poser! Slade rules!

Old Lady: Issac is sexy!

Paras climbs back into the ring and hands the mic back to Chastity before leaning on his cane and speaking in a matter-of-fact tone.

Paul Paras: If my Perfect ears don’t deceive me, Shane, it sounds like your ploy to destroy the old Slade is just like your quest to beat me at Rumble at the Rock—doomed for failure! Slade, I appreciate the ringing endorsement, and don’t get me wrong, the Perfect One will continue to deliberately devastate any ignoramus that threatens the livelihood of his Parasites, but if you think for one solitary minute that I’m going to let Sabina…or whoever it is lead one of HOW’s only true heroes into an early grave, you’ve got another thing coming! In fact, I say we put a stop to it here TONIGHT!

Chastity Gold: Tonight? Oh my! But don’t forget, Triple P, tonight you’re facing the LSD Champion, David Black in a non-title, no-DQ match, just days before you head off to Alcatraz to battle Shane Reynolds! How will you handle one, let alone two, of HOW’s most feared competitors in such barbaric matches? What if you get… hurt?!

Paras eyes Chastity up and down as she again blushes after her outburst of concern. She shakes slightly as she hands the mic back to Paul and quickly scampers out of the ring in embarrassment, grabbing a cup of water from the announce table. Paras continues to stare at her for a moment, then slowly directs his attention back to the camera view, his prideful smile returning to his lips.

Paul Paras: David Black is one of the toughest fighters HOW has to offer…but as far as the Perfect One is concerned, a no-DQ match against the LSD Champion doesn’t put fear in my heart—it puts opportunity there. David Black, not one single wrestler in this company has been able to knock you off your pedestal… it will be an honor for the Perfect One to send you back down to earth. As for you, Shane Reynolds, I’ll be ready for you at Rumble at the Rock. As many times as you say I don’t deserve to be in “your league,” I have racked up just as many reasons to say that I’m in and beyond any league that you could possibly aspire to be a part of. I have three victories over you, Shane, but not one of those matters as much as the match…the war we are going to wage in the caverns of Alcatraz. Sins will be paid for and only one ICON will emerge redeemed. Everything is on the line, and unfortunately for you, Shane, you drew the Perfect One to put it up against. I’m sorry.

Paras walks over to the corner of the ring and scales the middle turnbuckle, looking out over the throngs of fans, then back into the camera looking up at him.

Paul Paras: I am the best HOW has to offer, and I will become the new #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, because this is the Perfect One’s world… Shane Reynolds… you’re just losing in it.

Headspace” hits the speakers once more as Paras slowly lowers the mic and absorbs the cheers raining down on him from the packed arena.

Rick Fantastic: Well, you heard it, Chaz, Triple P is ready for Shane Reynolds and is ready to rise from the dungeons to take his place atop the HOW mountain! Are you ready to take your place back at the announce table?

Chastity Gold: I think so… sorry about that, ladies and gentlemen! There’s something about Triple P that is very…intoxicating!

Rick Fantastic: Were you drinking the blue stuff?

Chastity Gold: No!! Ahem…but let’s shift gears for a minute as we’ve got a LOT in store for you as tonight marks the final Mayhem before we pack up for Rumble at the Rock 2!

Announcer’s Welcome

Rick Fantastic: You know Chaz, I can’t help but think of how crazy it’s going to be. ALCATRAZ ISLAND, of all places!! You saw how creepy it looked during that bonus footage of Graystone and Maximillian Kael! Combine the location of the pay-per-view with what’s at stake for our wrestlers and how unpredictable they tend to be and we’ve got one hell of an event in store!

Chastity Gold: Should be a wild experience for us both Rick, as we prepare for our first-ever pay-per-view here in HOW. But let’s shift our focus to last week on Mayhem…

Rick Fantastic: Ugh… do we really have to?

Chastity Gold: …which saw our General Manager, Ryan Faze embarrassed and out-smarted by the LSD Champion, David Black.

Rick Fantastic: I wouldn’t call it “out-smarted.” I’d call it as Black taking full advantage of our GM’s many, MANY vices… and Ryan simply embarrassing himself. I doubt Las Vegas will ever be on HOW’s touring schedule again… at least as long as Faze is in charge of Mayhem.

Chastity Gold: Speaking of which, where is the GM?

Rick Fantastic: Probably locked away in his office after what happened last week!

Chastity Gold: Well, you’ve to wonder by now, just how much longer Faze will allow these vices to control his life. After all, he’s got serious responsibilities as General Manager of this program!

Rick Fantastic: The man needs an intervention. His downfall began when Michael DeNucci ended his promising career as a wrestler here in HOW. And things just got worse when his best friend accidentally killed his sister, Sabina. But I think, Chastity, that the point you were originally trying to make is that David Black abused his “power” last week… going as far as FIRING one of his own pay-per-view opponents!

Chastity Gold: Silent Witness was legitimately given his pink slip after a dreadful performance against one of our up-and-comers, Silver Phoenix.

Rick Fantastic: Hey, rumor has it that we’ll hear from Silver Phoenix later on in the program.

Chastity Gold: Also tonight, we’ll see Jason Midnight in action in what’s sure to be his toughest test yet… Shane Reynolds.

Rick Fantastic: Thanks to the stipulation set forth by our acting “GM”, last week saw Shane put Joseph Gregory through a flaming table. But let’s not count Jason Midnight out of this one just yet… he’s got a considerable size advantage over Reynolds and he really stepped it up for his big LSD title shot with Black several weeks back.

Chastity Gold: That’d be a huge upset indeed and one that Shane Reynolds can ill-afford to lose heading into his big match at the Rock.

Rick Fantastic: And let’s not forget about the match that everyone’s been talking about this week… the ARM WRESTLING match between Mario Maurako and Bob “Fucking” Jared!

Chastity Gold: It says here in my notes, Rick, that the Maurako Family will be BANNED from ringside during this confrontation! So we are sure to see some fireworks after Mario shaved the hair off of Bob Jared’s back last week.

Rick Fantastic: Mario should have just finished the job while he had the chance. But Bob “Fucking” Jared is back and ready to seek retribution!

Chastity Gold: And of course, this will ALL be capped off by the anticipated No Disqualification match between Triple P and David Black… but right now, let’s get in a word from our sponsors before we get started with all the action!

Referee Frank Tsonga climbs into the ring as the camera quickly cuts away.


Will tonight’s MAYHEM earn a spot on EWTORCH Holy Crap! Moment of the Week? Stay tuned!

Johnny Otaku vs. Joseph Gregory
Singles Match

Back LIVE in Los Angeles, the fans turn their attention toward the HOV, where the name “Johnny Otaku” flashes on the screen.

Kimber Marshall: This first match is scheduled for ONE FALL… introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing 237 pounds… JOHNNY OTAKU!!!

Rick Fantastic: Who?

Chastity Gold: There you see Johnny Otaku making his return to action after a short week’s hiatus…

Otaku raises his right arm into the air after some mild applause and slides into the ring to shake Frank Tsonga’s hand.

Rick Fantastic: Frank’s looking much better after being bound and knocked unconscious by Shane Reynolds last week.

Chastity Gold: And rumor has it that Shane Reynolds will be punished for those very actions tonight…

Otaku’s music is cut and a brief hush falls over the crowd before “The Cleansing” by Marilyn Manson cues in. A smoky fog fills the entrance ramp before a heavily bandaged figure emerges.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, from Plant City, Florida, weighing 225 pounds… he is the number one contender for the LSD championship… JOSEPH GREGORY!!!

Rick Fantastic: Speaking of Shane Reynolds… just look at the number he did on Joseph Gregory!

Chastity Gold: David Black set the stipulation… and Gregory received several second-degree burns as a result, which could very well affect him here in this match.

Rick Fantastic: Burns like that could affect him all the way up until Rumble at the Rock! David Black was calculated and executed his plan to perfection last week. Let’s see how Joseph responds here against Otaku…

Gregory carefully climbs up the ring steps amidst a mixed reaction from the fans and Frank Tsonga orders him to the center of the ring to check for weapons. With all the bandages covering his skin, the announcers argue about whether or not this is the real Joseph Gregory or the possible imposter Joseph Gregory that has been making appearances during his matches in recent weeks. Finally, Tsonga calls for the bell and the match gets under way with Otaku coming on strong, targeting Gregory’s injuries as a means to weaken his opponent early in the match.

Rick Fantastic: Looks like Otaku came to this match with a strategy and is wasting no time whatsoever!

Johnny’s barrage of punches to the bandaged face of Joseph Gregory appears to be effective at first until Gregory puts a stop to it with a thumb to the eye. Otaku is blinded for a moment, but as Gregory flies off the ropes, Otaku bends down and heaves his opponent over with a Back Body Drop. This gains some cheers from the crowd as Otaku drops an elbow into Gregory’s sternum and covers, only to get a 1 and a half count.

Otaku keeps up on his momentum by assisting Joseph Gregory to his feet, slapping him hard across the chest with a Knife Edge Chop. Several more chops keep Gregory at dazed until Otaku Irish whips him towards the direction of the turnbuckle, only for Joseph to counter and send Johnny into the corner instead.

Chastity Gold: Otaku comes off hard… suplex by Joseph Gregory!

Joseph gets a near fall after a quick cover but Otaku proves he’s not finished yet to the delight of the Los Angeles crowd.

Rick Fantastic: These fans have really gotten behind Johnny Taco!

Chastity Gold: Otaku! It’s Johnny Otaku!

Rick Fantastic: Ah, right!

Joseph Gregory adjusts the bandages that cover his face in fear that they may be coming loose, which allows Otaku to set him up for the Otaku Driver.

Chastity Gold: Johnny hooks in his Unprettier-like maneuver… NOOO!!!

Somehow, Gregory is able to weasel his way out of the hold and drops the crowd favorite with an elbow to the back of his head! Otaku shakes off the cob webs as he comes to his feet, but walks right into the palms of Joseph Gregory, who grabs his neck and delivers The Pit double-handed Chokeslam!

Rick Fantastic: HUGE impact!

Frank Tsonga gets into position as Joseph Gregory kneels down and hooks the leg of Johnny Otaku.





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 4:13… JOSEPH GREGORY!!!

Chastity Gold: Big win… and much NEEDED win by Joseph Gregory heading into his pay-per-view match up with David Black. But had he not been able to squirm out of the Otaku Driver, this one could’ve easily gone to Johnny!

Rick Fantastic: That’s right Chastity. I thought the Taco was going to pull it off for a second there!

The bandaged Joseph Gregory raises his left arm in victory as he uses the ropes to pull himself up to get out of the ring. He retreats up the entrance ramp with little celebration, most likely to nurse the burn wounds that he’s obviously showing signs of pain from.

Meanwhile, Referee Frank Tsonga tends to Johnny Otaku, who is now on his feet and watching the replay of what happened on the HOV screen. Suddenly, Tsonga is pushed aside by Otaku, clearing the way by lunging forward towards a man that has slid into the ring from the crowd.

Rick Fantastic: What the-

Chastity Gold: That’s Ethan Cavanaugh!

Rick Fantastic: Cavanaugh?!? Isn’t he from Turmoil?

Cavanaugh pops to his feet immediately upon sliding into the ring and prepares himself for Johnny Otaku, who charges at Ethan, but is dropped with an S.T.O.

Chastity Gold: Tyneside choke hold! Someone get in there!

Ethan Cavanaugh locks in the D’Arce Choke, just as EPU unknowns begin storming down the entrance ramp. Upon seeing this, Ethan releases the hold and retreats out of the ring and back into the crowd.

Rick Fantastic: Looks like Cavanaugh’s got something to say.

Ethan forces his way through the crowd, giving him enough distance between himself and the EPU guards to pull a microphone from his pocket and raise it to his lips with an evil sneer. With the guards still in hot pursuit, Cavanaugh doesn’t have much time to speak, but makes his words perfectly clear.

Crowd: M-B-B! M-B-B!! M-B-B!!!

Ethan Cavanaugh: Shut up you idiots! Tim Shipley… consider my actions here on Second-Rate Mayhem… AHEM… err, my apologies… Monday Night Mayhem… an example. An example of what I’m going to do to you at Rumble at the Rock 2. Because to earn MY show Turmoil the rights to the #1 pick in the upcoming High Octane Draft… I’m going to choke… you… OUT!

With the EPU now close enough for concern for Ethan Cavanaugh, he quickly tosses the microphone into the air and disappears behind the curtain, leaving the recovering Johnny Otaku and our announcers confused at ringside.

Chastity Gold: Bottom line is Rick, Ethan Cavanaugh had no right to be here tonight!

Rick Fantastic: That’s true Chastity but he sure made his presence known, attacking Johnny Otaku out of nowhere and making an “example” out of him for his pay-per-view opponent Tim Shipley!

Chastity Gold: Well, Shippers isn’t scheduled to compete tonight but I’m positive he won’t take kindly to Ethan’s words before the two square off at the Rock.

Rick Fantastic: There’s a lot on the line in that match Chastity… and maybe this is exactly the type of motivation Tim was looking for to give 100% effort for his brand.


Draft only a few short weeks away!


Marvelous Interuption

The return from the commercial break is greeted by the intro to ‘Sin with a Grin’ by Shinedown blaring loudly from the speakers of the public address system.

Rick Fantastic: Well, Shane Reynolds is set to take on the up and coming Jason Midnight next, but seems the former ICON champion has decided to get a jump on his entrance….

Chastity Gold: …And it seems he’s doing so with something on his mind.

Indeed, it seems Chastity’s comments are completely accurate as Shane Reynolds emerges from backstage amid the usual pyrotechnic lightning and smoke which accompanies his entrance. A microphone is clearly seen already within his hand as he heads quickly towards the ring as the audience take their cue to throw up some related – and, by Shane, wholly ignored – signs.

Rick Fantastic: Shane Reynolds continuing to be booked in spite of three recent and savage attacks, not to mention a hit-and-run attack orchestrated by Maximillian Kael. But you have to wonder how such things are taking its toll and will affect him against a bigger opponent such as Jason Midnight.

Chastity Gold: Well, he is coming off the back of a decisive and what some consider an overly aggressive victory over Joseph Gregory, but as you said, Jason Midnight is a completely different kind of opponent – one, who when on top form – pushed even the LSD champion to his limits and nearly took his championship.

The music continues as Shane reaches the ring and, in an effort to make quick use of the time before his match, rolls under the ropes and gets straight back up to his feet. Within his own mind, he is as strong, focused, and determined as ever. He stares back towards the entrance within this belief and raises the microphone to his lips, as the music fades away to silence.

Shane Reynolds: Last week, I took Joseph Gregory and I threw him through a flaming table – setting him on fire in the process.

Shane begins, his voice a cold, flat, and emotionless monotone. His eyes not wavering from the ramp way ahead of him, ignoring the presence of the fans completely as they boo loudly to what he is saying.

Shane Reynolds: Since then, I have heard that those actions and my general methods in that match were, to use two words I have come to detest, too extreme. They say I should have shown Joseph Gregory respect and refused to acknowledge the wishes of David Black and not put Gregory in such serious harm’s way.

Shane finally does acknowledge the crowd now, but only momentarily, with a brief glance to the left and then to the right.

Shane Reynolds: And I have to ask everybody now – why?

Chastity Gold: How about because it was the right and fair thing to do in the run up to his LSD championship match.

He does not hear Chastity’s response, and he doesn’t wait for an answer from the fans – which would have most definitely been a louder amount of boos.

Shane Reynolds: You people need to open your eyes and realise this is what High Octane Wrestling has become. Aceldama attacked me for the sole reason he knew I was coming for his Championship and that I would take it unless he tried to stop me before hand. Maximillian Kael had me ran over in order to finally, after failing time and time again, get a victory over me and take my ICON championship. Did any one of you come along then and say that was unfair? No. Not one person on this roster is playing fair anymore. Joseph Gregory, the same man you all feel so sorry for now, used only a masked accomplice to injure his, at the time, future LSD Championship opponent Silent Witness. Even your precious Paul Paras blindesided me with a singapore cane only two weeks ago. And why did he do that?

Rick Fantastic: To save Issac Slade!!

Shane Reynolds: To get the advantage by any…means….necessary. And yet, earlier in the night, what do you all do?

Shane’s face turns from emotionless to one bearing a deep scowl.

Shane Reynolds: You cheer him…and you chant his name….and you falsely idolise him. And you know what worshipping a false prophet is? It’s a sin. Each and every one of you are sinners. Each and every superstar in High Octane Wrestling is a sinner. And my job is to punish sinners such as you and them. And the only way to punish sinners is with a taste of their own medicine.

The boos reach a fever pitch level.

Shane Reynolds: If you want to boo and jeer me for that, so be it. You boo and you jeer all you want, because it won’t change a damn thing. I am not here to bounce back from the recent atrocities against me and be your hero of the hour against the scum of The Best Alliance and so forth. I am here to punish and make suffer. And I will do just that…when I want and to whomever I deem necessary to be punished and made suffer. Last week, I did just that to Joseph Gregory for his blasphemy. Tonight I do the same to Jason Midnight for his previous alliance with Maximillian Kael. And then, most importantly of all, at Rumble at the Rock, I am going to do the same to the pretender, the false prophet, you all worship…Paul Paras!

Shane has barely enough time to hiss out that name with as much utter resentment as he is capable before he is cut off as the arena comes once again alive when “Hunt You Down” by Saliva starts to play.

Chastity Gold: Seems Mario Maurako has taken Shane’s lead and wants to get something off of his chest here tonight.

Rick Fantastic: As opposed to taking it off of Bob Jared’s back?

Mario emerges from the back, clutching a personalised microphone with the letter M written twice on every side, and flanked by his brother, his father and his son. He raises it to his lips with a smirk every inch as cocky as that of his long-time friend, Paul Paras. That mere association enough to make Shane return his gaze with heightened and silent contempt.

Mario Maurako: I don’t know quite where your belief comes from, but I think you have been misinformed.

Shane raises the microphone to break his silence and offer a retort, only for Mario’s smirk to grow wider as it becomes clearly apparant within seconds that the microphone has been cut off from the system and been rendered useless.

Mario Maurako: I didn’t quite catch that, but I figure it was nothing important, so allow me to clarify. The destiny and duty to punish anybody around here falls upon my shoulders and the shoulders of each man standing behind me, not to mention my other EPU Guards. Not you. Us! And that is exactly why we are out here. You say you can do whatever you want, whenever you want….but I say not without my permission. You, just like everybody else, must behave...and after what you did last week to…

Mario pauses suddenly, turning back to the other members of his family and trying to ask them what the hell the name was of Shane’s opponent last week without it being picked up by the microphone. Upon receiving nothing but shrugs, he turns back to Shane and shrugs himself, before continuing as though none of that happens.

Mario Maurako: …to whatever his name was, and to that poor defenseless referee, Frank something or other, I’m going to make sure you do just that.

Mario raises his free hand suddenly and snaps his fingers. When nothing happens, he turns back to the members of his family and says, loudly and audibly, the word “Lumberjacks” at them before signaling again with his hand for them to go down to the ring.

Mario Maurako: Looks like the Family will have to take care of this issue personally. After a second of brief hesitation, all the other three male members of the Maurako family make their way down towards the ring and take a position on alternating sides around it.


Shane Reynolds vs. Jason Midnight
Singles Match

As the Maurako Family take up positions around the ring, Shane Reynolds seems to show a certain level of disinterest. Referee Romeo Ward slides into the ring and orders Shane to his corner where he begins the routine weapons search while the camera shot turns back up to the stage. Jason Midnight’s makes his entrance and with the prospect of the large man brutalizing the much smaller Shane fresh in their minds of the fans they seem to take a keen liking to the big man. The three Maurako’s seem hesitant to do their jobs and rather move around to the sides as to avoid any unwanted conflict with the big man.

Jason Midnight climbs into the ring and stares down at Shane with a look of grim determination, a stare which is matched and returned however less emotional and deadened by the painted face of Shane Reynolds.

Rick Fantastic: It looks like we are ready to start this now Lumberjack Match with Shane Reynolds squaring off against the giant Jason Midnight in what is a very important match for three reasons. One, a win here for Shane Reynolds would do well to sending him into Rumble at the Rock riding a wave of victories, something that I personally think he needs. Two, a win here for Jason Midnight could really skyrocket his career here in HOW and cement his position in the company. And three, with the Maurako’s at ringside we finally have a chance to see if Mario Maurako CAN maintain order on Mayhem or if this is just yet another one of his Marvelous Schemes.

Chastity Gold: With any luck Midnight will beat Shane pillar to post and I can only hope that the Maurako’s have the back bone to enforce this stipulation to ensure that Shane doesn’t go overboard again this week.. even if they are cute.

The bell rings and as Midnight and Shane slide out of their corners while Romeo Ward steps back to allow both men to engage. Midnight calls for a test of strength on the much shorter Shane who looks unmoved by the gesture. Shane looks up at Midnight’s hand then back at Midnight before he slaps the younger star across the face. Though Shane used considerable force the slap does not move the big man however it does leave a vibrant red mark on his face. Midnight seems shocked for a second before looking back at Shane who simply slaps him again!

Midnight fires back with a stiff left hook which Shane ducks before connecting with another slap followed by a disgusted expression directed at Midnight. Midnight sends off a right hook but the much faster Shane ducks that and slaps the big man again! Midnight’s growing frustration is only matched by Shane’s disgust in the big man. Midnight charges at Shane who ducks under him and hits a quick snap kick on Midnight’s leg which trips him up for a moment. Turning around Midnight moves forward again in an attemp to grapple Shane who simply slides between his legs and snaps off another kick.

Midnight turns but backs off as he seems to be formulating some attack plan on Shane that works against the much faster veteran. Shane stands a few meters away from Midnight with a disgusted but otherwise deadened expression on his face. Jason moves out again and attempts to grapple Shane however once again the smaller man slips under Jason’s grasp however this time the big man is ready and swings around with a stiff elbow catching Shane off guard!

Stumbling back holding his head Shane is forced back into the corner by Midnight as the crowd rallies behind the big man. Stunning Shane with a series of stiff right hands the big man throws Shane from buckle to buckle with enough force to send Shane up and over the top turnbuckle to the floor where he lands in a heap! Midnight begins to stalk over while Romeo Ward warns him not to exit the ring.

Outside the ring the Maurako boy’s gather around the fallen Shane Reynolds and look around as if they are unsure what to do. The three turn to each other and play a quick round of Rock, Paper, Sissor with Matteo coming out on the losing end. Sighing he moves forward and grabs Shane who immediately throws a stiff punch some what blindly at Matteo’s jaw which sends him sprawling! Mose and Martino are forced to jump in as Shane blindly stumbles toward Matteo issuing a few kicks to the surprised Maurako’s stomach.

As Mose and Martino manage to drag Shane away from their brother by grabbing his arms and hair, Midnight slips out of the ring between the rabble as the fans continue to cheer. While Shane continues to try and free himself the two brothers realize a dark shadow move over them. Taking a moment to turn around they notice a grim looking Jason Midnight and immediately relinquish their hold on Shane and skitter away as quickly as possible. Shane stumbles forward and turns around to see Midnight however instead of fleeing in the same direction as the Maurako boys he charges toward Midnight only to get put to a full stop by a powerful close line from Midnight.

Grabbing Shane and rolling him back into the ring, Midnight hooks the leg quickly for the cover..




Midnight does not seem surprised and slips up to his feet, dragging Shane up with him. Sending Shane into the ropes he nails a stiff Big Boot to Shane’s jaw laying out the former ICON Champion once again. Pulling Shane back up Midnight executed a series of stiff back breakers before once again covering him up.




Throwing up his shoulder at the last moment Shane spares himself from defeat once again as Jason Midnight seems a bit less sure about the two count this time. Climbing back up to his feet he eyes referee Romeo Ward once again before dragging Shane back up. The wobbly Reynolds stumbles toward the corner with Midnight who sets him up on the top turnbuckle before grabbing Shane by the neck. Signaling for a Choke Slam he tries to hoist Shane down however the veteran locks his legs on the top rope and holds on!

Midnight tries once again but Shane’s legs keep him firmly latched to the top turnbuckle. Irritated, Midnight breaks the choke hold and tries to go for a stiff right hook..



Shane sends a stiff kick to Midnight’s jaw in a lightning fast motion which stuns the big man! Shaking free the cobwebs Shane launches himself off the turnbuckle almost on instinct and executes a nearly flawless Hurricanarana! Wrapping his arms around Midnight’s legs Shane goes for the pin..




The big man powers out and rolls to the side as Shane stumbles back up to his feet holding his back obviously still in pain from Midnight’s assault on his back.

Suddenly Mose Maurako jumps up on the ring apron and begins yelling at Referee Romeo Ward! Ward moves toward Mose and demands he get off the apron. Matteo slides in behind Shane with a singapore cane in hand and looks to be measuring him up while Midnight and Shane slowly turn toward each other, neither aware of the Maurako’s interference yet. Matteo tests a few practice swings before charging forward toward Shane’s back..


Shane manages to duck at the last second somehow realizing that Matteo was there and the cane shatters across Midnight’s face causing the big man to crumble to the ground holding his eye! Matteo looks horrified for a moment before he starts to curse down at Midnight for getting in the way before Shane sneaks up behind Matteo and clubs him in the back of the head sending Matteo between the two ring ropes to the outside! The crowd boos loudly as Shane drags Midnight up to his feet among the broken bamboo around him. Mose see’s his brother leave the ring and jumps down to check on him as Ward turns back to the action..


Shane drops Midnight on his injured face and rolls him over for the cover..





Shane slithers out of the ring to the fan’s boos while the three Maurako boys give him some distance and argue amongst each other as to how that last little event did not go down in accordance to Mario’s instructions. Meanwhile Romeo Ward checks on the now bleeding face of Jason Midnight who was likely cut when struck in the face by Matteo.


When will the Maurako Family defend their Tag Team Titles properly??


Falling Phoenix?

Back from commercial, the scene opens up in what is immediately identifiable as a dressing room. A man, wearing a black shirt and jeans, is seen sitting down on a stool, head hung down. The camera pans around to try and get a better glimpse of the man’s face, but is unable to do so. The camera examines the locker of the man, and shows Silver Phoenix’s wrestling gear, hanging from hooks, as well as a backpack. Silver Phoenix lifts his head up and stares into the locker, an expressionless look on his visage. He looks somewhat… lost.

Phoenix: I…I don’t know what happened. I…I won, all those matches. I pinned GOD, Scottywood, Jason Midnight, and Silent Witness. I finally won in High Octane Wrestling. I should be happy. I’ve finally established myself as a respectable wrestler and a dangerous opponent in my own niche of Hardcore. And yet…as I sit here, staring at my gear, I can’t help the feeling that something is missing.

Phoenix takes his custom Silver Phoenix shirt off of a hook and holds it in his hands.

Phoenix: Is it the merchandise? The royalties I have missed out on?

Phoenix tosses the shirt at the floor of the locker.

Phoenix: No. It was never about the money. Sure, it helped pay bills. But it never came first for me.

Phoenix reaches in and pulls out his wrestling pants which are black in color with “Phoenix” written in silver script running down the left pant leg.

Phoenix: Is it the pure art form of wrestling in the ring with an opponent? The adrenaline rush of fighting against someone else?

Phoenix chucks the pants into the locker, joining the shirt on the floor.

Phoenix: No. I’ve always enjoyed the Hardcore matches. They force me to pull out all the stops to win. They allow me to prove just how much better I am than everyone else.

Phoenix reaches into the black backpack and pulls out a replica title belt. He holds it in his hands, and examines his reflection in the gold of the belt.

Phoenix: Is it a title I am missing? The recognition of my efforts manifested in a leather strap adorned with gold? The glory that comes with holding up the belt in that ring, knowing that I am the man to beat?

Phoenix pauses for a moment, contemplating his own words.

Phoenix: I never did win the big one in Full Scale Pro. I came agonizingly close to winning the title twice. And then, I came close to winning the second-biggest title in Full Scale Pro, only to have my match stopped by the referee.

Phoenix is growing gradually more dejected.

Phoenix: The only time I held a title other than the No Limits title was when I picked up a title out of the trash and it was ruled I could have it. And even that I couldn’t hold onto, losing it in my first defense. I never earned this belt and I have no right to have a replica of it.

Phoenix tosses the replica belt on top of the shirt and pants. He grabs the black backpack and pulls it out of his locker. Phoenix reaches into the bag and pulls out a bottle of grain alcohol. He opens it up and takes a swig of it.

Phoenix: Titles. Always out of my reach. But now that I know it as a fact…why isn’t it making me feel better? I know what I need to get to placate myself. So why am I still sad?

Phoenix stands up abruptly and kicks the stool away angrily.

Phoenix: Because it was NEVER about the titles. NEVER. Not truly, anyways.

Phoenix takes another swig from his bottle and apathetically pours the rest its contents onto the pile of things in his locker, including the bottle itself.

Phoenix: Fuck it. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll never find what’s missing.

Phoenix reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Zippo lighter. He flicks it and examines the flame. With a half-hearted sigh, he tosses the lighter into his locker. The flame catches on the clothing and quickly spreads, almost engulfing its contents. Phoenix watches the flame spread, an emotionless look once again on his face as the glow of the fire grows.

Phoenix: None of it will ever matter.

Phoenix turns around. As he does so, the fire sprinklers go on, trying to extinguish the destructive fire. Phoenix, as if expecting this, continues walking out of the dressing room, head hung low, dragging his backpack behind him.

Rick Fantastic: Well I’m not sure what that was about… uh, Chastity?

Chastity Gold: You got me! Silver Phoenix looking rather… lethargic?… before the pay-per-view? Looks like his recent success here in HOW has got him down in the dumps!

Before Chastity can continue, the HOV grabs everyone’s attention as the camera shifts to a different area backstage.


Keeper time..

The locker room door reads, ‘THE MAURAKO FAMILY’. Tim Shipley knocks without hesitation, and certainly – after events transpired with a rather compromised Faze last week – without fear.

Matteo, the eldest Maurako, greets him with a nasty smile.

Matteo: Timothy! We were just talking about you… DO come in.

Shipley steps forward into the locker room, finding himself hemmed in from all sides by four menacing Maurako Family.

Mosé: Who the hell do you think you are? You’re not welcome here!

Shipley smiles and raises his hands apologetically.

Shipley: Oh, please now, come on. There’s no need for threats. I just wanted a little chat with Mario here…

Shipley’s gaze lingers on his opponent last week. Mario Maurako eyes him suspiciously.

Mario: Make it short, Shipley.

Shipley: Certainly. Oh, wait, I mean… “or what”?

Shipley inclines his head questioningly at Mario, alluding to the document Faze signed granting Shipley immunity from the Maurako Family’s control of security at Mayhem shows. Mario merely growls.

Shipley: So, I had a bone to pick with you Mario… about the end of our match.

Mario shrugs.

Shipley: What’s that blank expression? You don’t remember it?

Mario: What’s there to remember?

Shipley: Oh, that’s right. How silly of me! Of course you don’t remember, you were practically unconscious in Newton’s Paradox! Yes, yes that’s right… I put you in the hold… then you tapped out… and then—

Mosé steps up angrily but Mario waves him back. However he also looks irritated at Shipley’s words.

Mario: Hold up, there. I think you got it all wrong. I never tapped.

Shipley: (laughing) Oh Mario, I could have sworn you did.

Matteo: (laughing) I think we have a little… misunderstanding here, Timothy. My son didn’t tap out to you. He wouldn’t tap out to anybody. Now, I think maybe its best you leave, I’m sorry not to extend more hospitality but—

Mario: No. He can stay.

Matteo moves away from Shipley in surprise, holding up his hands as if to say he will leave it to Mario.

Mario: Now listen to me, you little prick.

He storms up to Shipley and gets in his face.

Mario: I didn’t… fucking… tap. Got it?

Shipley doesn’t respond verbally, instead reaching into his pocket and pulling out an iPhone.

Shipley: Great, these. You have one?

He asks Mosé, who shakes his head slowly.

Shipley: Yeah, you can do all sorts. Listen to music wherever you are… write emails… oh yeah, and watch videos.

He hands the gadget to Mosé, who snatches it from the intruder’s hand. The camera zooms over his shoulder to see the screen, which is playing a video. Mosé watches as Shipley applies Newton’s Paradox to Mario Maurako… and the Maurako Family storms the ring… and Mario’s arm slaps the mat… and again… and again…

Mario: GRAAHH!

He slams the phone from Mosé’s hands and it smashes on the floor. He grinds it into pieces with the bottom of his boot.

Shipley: That was clumsy of you, Mario.

Mario: Heh. Now get out, punk.

Shipley: Very clumsy. Fortunately I took the liberty of posting that on YouTube earlier today.

He turns to Mosé.

Shipley: Be sure to look it up later, see what you missed. It’s easy. Just open your search and type “Mario Maurako taps out”.

Shipley looks back up at Mario, who is sweating to hold himself back from striking Shipley.

Shipley: Well, it’s been good seeing you Mario. Keep well, now, all of you.

Shipley steps halfway out the door, not taking his eyes off last week’s opponent.

Shipley: I’ll see you around, OK?

Mario: Fuck you.

Shipley: I’ll be sure to give you a… ah… TAP on your door again soon. Have a lovely evening!

Mario slams his locker room door into the face of Tim Shipley, who spins around with a smirk after needling the Head of EPU Security. But suddenly, that smirk is met face-to-face with the unpleasant expression of Mayhem General Manager Ryan Faze.

Chastity Gold: So he IS here tonight!

Rick Fantastic: And looking none too pleased, I might add.

Shipley is caught off-guard initially, but extends his hand forward to the GM. Faze, looking groomed to perfection, well-recovered, and wearing his finest Armani suit, slaps Shipley’s hand away with anger.

Faze: How DARE you mock me Shipley! And how dare you take advantage of me last week!!!

Shipley shrugs, serving to infuriate the General Manager even further.

Faze: I was highly disoriented thanks to a severe influenza and you go ahead and make me sign a protection order against our very own unit of protection?!?

Shipley: Ah, ah, ah… now remember who’s “fighting” for you at the pay-per-view.

As if Faze needed the reminder. While unfazed by the comment itself, Ryan’s tone becomes less heightened at Tim’s words.

Faze: And YOU remember who is staying on Mayhem after it!

Shipley: Huh? What are you talking about Faze?

Faze: You heard me, you insignificant little prick! After Rumble at the Rock 2, you and that mouthy, red-headed cunt of yours will be staying close to home… here on Mayhem to be exact.

Rick Fantastic: Did I just hear that right?

Faze: It’s funny, really, that people like you and Midnight think they can play games around here. Let me remind you, Tim, what happened to him. He got Fazeplanted by yours truly, pinned by Silver Phoenix of all people… and then cowered away the next week like the little pussy that he is!

Shipley: Your point?

Faze: My point is that Lee always says to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Which is why, Tim Shipley, that YOU are officially my second keeper. You think that your beat down from the Maurakos last week was bad? You haven’t even gotten a taste of what I have in store for you! UNLESS, of course, you beat that intruder, Ethan Cavanaugh…

Shipley: I-

Faze: Listen… I don’t have the time. I EXPECT that you will hold up your end of our “deal”… so just take care of business at the Rock and consider your actions last week forgotten. Otherwise? You might not even MAKE it to the NEXT pay-per-view.

Without another word, Faze turns away from Tim Shipley and disappears around the corner of the hallway, leaving the up-and-comer serious in thought.

Chastity Gold: It’s true. Tim Shipley has been named 2nd keeper of Monday Night Mayhem! But with a cost?

Rick Fantastic: All he has to do is defeat Ethan Cavanaugh at Rumble at the Rock 2 and apparently, his road here in Mayhem will be free and clear!

Chastity Gold: What’s next for us tonight? Don’t go away folks, as there’s more High Octane action to come!


Mayhem Keepers: David Black and Tim Shipley
Turmoil Keepers: Mark O’Neal and Maximillian Kael


Booking while Marvelous

Back LIVE in Los Angeles, the camera welcomes us with an appealing close-up of the busty-blonde ring announcer, Kimber Marshall.

Kimber Marshall: The following contest is an Arm Wrestling Match!

The fans rise to their feet in anticipation until ‘Hunt You Down’ by Saliva hits and Mario Maurako appears, prompting the fans to shower their boos upon him as he makes his way to ringside alone.

Rick Fantastic: We’ll see how Mario fairs on his own this week as the Family was barred from ringside earlier tonight.

Kimber Marshall: Coming down the aisle from Minneapolis Minnesota… MARIO MAURAKO!!!

Mario gets into the ring and ‘Kiss My Country Ass’ by Rhett Atkins blasts throughout the arena as Bob Jared appears on the HOW Stage.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent from Memphis Tennessee… BOB ‘FUCKING’ JARED!!!

Chastity Gold: Finally, Bob Jared has a chance to stand toe-to-toe with Mario without the rest of the Maurako Family there to bail him out.

Rick Fantastic: I think this is going to be a heck of a contest, but Mario doesn’t appear to be too concerned.

Mario yawns and leans in the corner as Bob Jared makes his way into the ring. Frank Tsonga and Bob Jared enter the ring and approach the Arm Wrestling podium that has been set up in the middle of the ring. Bob takes his jacket off and drops it down on the canvas and then kicks it towards the corner of the ring and motions for Mario to come on over.

Mario nonchalantly pushes himself out of the corner and slowly walks up to the podium where referee Frank Tsonga begins to go over the rules of the match.

Rick Fantastic: Obviously the rules are simple if your opponent makes your hand touch his little mat then you lose.

Chastity Gold: Sounds simple enough but there is a lot of technique and strategy to these types of matches, and I think that is why Mario is trying to play head games with Bob Jared here tonight.

Rick Fantastic: What’s his excuse for every other night?

Chastity Gold: Because he’s a jerk? I don’t know.

Rick Fantastic: Sounds good to me.

Bob Jared places his elbow on the podium and places his other hand on the handlebar and he calmly waits for Mario to do the same. Mario grasps the handlebar and starts to place his elbow onto the podium but then suddenly pulls away and calls for a mic. Kimber Marshall hands Mario a microphone and Mario raises it to his mouth and looks out into the packed Los Angeles crowd.

Mario Maurako: This type of match calls for strong concentration, so I need all of you jobless and bankrupt Californians to keep your mouths shut!

Mario places the mic on the mat and walks back over to the podium as the crowd unleashes a sea of boos at him. Mario again grabs a hold of the handle bar as the crowd starts a ‘Mario Sucks’ chant. Mario puts his elbow on the podium and grasps the hand of Bob Jared and Frank Tsonga places his hand on top of theirs to make sure the contests starts off in a neutral position.

Rick Fantastic: Here we go here is the start of our first ever Arm Wrestling match on Monday Night Mayhem… at least to my knowledge.

Referee Frank Tsonga lets go of the competitors hands and they begin pulling with all their might. Suddenly a look of concern appears on Mario’s face and he shout’s out that Jared is cheating and then quickly pulls his arm off of the podium causing the fans to boo and Frank Tsonga to walk over to consult Mario. Mario picks the microphone up off of the mat and once again addresses the fans packed inside the Pauley Pavilion.

Mario Maurako: I said to shut your damn mouths.

Chastity Gold: Mario needs to worry less about these fans and more about Bob Jared standing right across the podium from him.

Rick Fantastic: This is just another psyche out being played here by Mario Maurako.

Mario walks back over to the podium and gets set to go on with this Arm Wrestling Match. Frank Tsonga once again holds both competitors arms in place.

Rick Fantastic: Bob Jared seems incredibly focused right here.

Chastity Gold: He really wants to beat Mario here and revenge the beatings and embarrassments he has faced over the last several weeks.

Frank Tsonga once again backs away as the Arm Wrestling contest starts again. Bob Jared instantly gets the advantage almost slamming Mario’s hand down to the mat right away. Mario begins to muscle his way out of it but then once again pulls out of Jared’s grip and immediately grabs his forearm and can be heard screaming ‘cramp’. Bob Jared kicks the bottom rope furious at Mario for his constant copouts.

Rick Fantastic: Oh this is just getting crazy now.

Chastity Gold: We do have other matches here tonight so this is going to have to continue one way or the other.

Frank Tsonga climbs out of the ring as Mario massages his forearm. Seconds later Tsonga returns with a leather strap.

Chastity Gold: What’s going on here? I think we have an announcement from Kimber Marshall.

Kimber Marshall: The referee of this contest has ruled that Mario Maurako and Bob Jared must be strapped together to prevent any further delays. Ladies and Gentlemen there MUST BE A WINNER!!!

The Pauley Pavilion erupts in cheers as Bob Jared smiles and returns to the podium. Mario is pissed by the announcement and immediately starts complaining to Frank Tsonga.

Rick Fantastic: I don’t know what the big deal is here? As well built as Mario is this shouldn’t be a problem. He should’ve been able to come out here slam Jared’s hand down and just walk out. But no, he’s got to draw it out to suck up the air time.

Chastity Gold: I know but that’s how he is Rick.

Mario is instructed to join Bob Jared and Frank Tsonga at the podium and reluctantly he does. Frank Tsonga then wraps the leather strap around the hands of Mario Maurako and Bob Jared and once again readies for the start of the match. Frank steadies the hands of the competitors in the middle and then backs away as the competition starts for the 3rd time. This time it is Mario who is quick to take the advantage slowly moving Bob Jared’s hand closer and closer to the mat.


A steel chair comes from nowhere and nails Mario in the head and Bob Jared quickly slams Mario’s hand down on the mat. Mario falls to the canvas dragging Jared down with him, and Jared unties himself. Jared rushes over and hugs the man holding the chair who is known as Jared’s #1 Fan, Big John.

Rick Fantastic: What a turn of events here! Big John comes from out of nowhere and levels Mario with that chair and helping Bob Jared win this match here tonight.

Chastity Gold: Yeah, but I don’t think we’re done yet Rick.

Mario gets to his feet as Bob Jared and Big John climb out of the ring and head up the ramp backwards. Mario picks up microphone from the canvas and begins to shout at Jared & Big John.

Mario Maurako: You two think you’re smart? You think you can just do that to a Maurako and get away with it?!? I’m the Security Law around here and I will not let you get away with this. In fact since I’m free to book Tag Team Title Matches whenever and wherever I feel like it I say we’re going to do this-

Suddenly the microphone is jerked out of Mario’s hand by none other than Kanye West. Maurako stands in shock as Kanye looks at him and then starts talking.

Kanye West: I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you finish. But Marc Mero was the greatest Triple M ever!

Mario takes the mic back from Kanye and kicks him in the gut and then flings him over the top rope.

Mario Maurako: As I was fucking saying. Bob Sanders and your #1 Friend… come Rumble At The Rock it will be you two taking on The Maurako Family for the HOW Tag Team Titles.

Chastity Gold: OH MY GOD! The Tag Team Titles are going to be defended at Rumble at the Rock 2!

Rick Fantastic: And not against Janitors!

Mario Maurako: But that’s not all… It will be The Maurako Family vs. Bob Sanders and his fat-ass #1 Fan vs Twisted Reality vs The Egg Bandits! The Family will prove once and for all that we are the greatest team in this company, and we most certainly deserve the HOW Tag Team Championship.

Chastity Gold: This is huge! A 4-team Tag Team Title Match at the Rock!

As the camera zooms in on his face, Mario drops the microphone with an ever-serious expression as we head to yet another commercial.


Trent vs. Aceldama©

Graystone vs. Maximillian Kael©

Joseph Gregory vs. David Black©

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Shane Reynolds

Marcus Reinhardt vs. Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

Tim Shipley (representing Mayhem) vs. Ethan Cavanaugh (representing Turmoil)

The Egg Bandits vs. Twisted Reality vs. The BJ’s vs. The Maurako Family©

Poetic Justice

Back LIVE on Mayhem, the frame of Jason Midnight can be seen standing outside of a door that reads “General Manager Faze” on its nameplate. Two masked figures flank Midnight on both sides as he lifts his boot, slamming it into the door. The door caves upon impact and the three figures charge into the office. The unsuspecting GM, eyes bugging in their sockets and cheeks were flushed with a beet red color, screams at the top of his lungs.

Faze: Fucking Christ! Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?! Get the hell out of my office! Or do I need to FAZEPLANT you again Mi-

Ryan’s words cut off in mid-sentence as Midnight swings a fist and cracks him in the jaw with a resounding impact, the fans in the Pauley Pavilion arena wincing with the sound. Faze, not one to simply allow himself to be assaulted, comes back fighting from the blow tossing fists at the bigger man. Midnight is dazed and forced back a few steps, but before Faze could get any further headway, the two masked men grabb him by his arms and hold him at bay. Midnight doesn’t waste any more time, hitting the Monster Boot right into Faze’s chest and sent him crashing back into his chair in a heap.

Midnight: Now! Tie him down now!

At his command the two masked assailants reach to their waists and pull off their belts, moving to Faze’s side and looping them around his wrists, binding him to the chair.

Faze: Get these things off me! I swear to God I will end your career, you fucker!

Midnight: Shut up Faze!

Turning from the man bound in the chair and shifting his gaze to the smaller of the two masked men, Jason gives him a nod. The man returns the gesture and flees from Ryan Faze’s office.

Midnight: I warned you! I told you that are game wouldn’t be over! I told you that it had just elevated. I gave you a chance to make your peace last week. To see the error of your ways and repent! And what did you do?! You dry-humped the LSD Title and made a royal jack ass of yourself. You’re pathetic!

Midnight grabs Faze by the collar of his shirt and pulls him up to shout in the face of the Mayhem GM.

Midnight: And now, I think it’s time that our Mayhem fans got some justice for your crimes.

Suddenly, the masked man returns to the room carrying in his hands what is obviously a car battery with jumper cables attached. A twisted smile comes across the lips of Midnight as he turns from Faze for a moment to look at the jumper cables. Faze’s eyes only got wider at the sight of the car battery and gasps as he goes to speak, but his stopped by Midnight.

Rick Fantastic: What the hell is this?!?

Jason immediately grabs both ends of the jumper cables and touches them together, causing a spark to flash as the two ends met. Looking considerably concerned, Faze opens his mouth once more to speak, but before he can get the words out, Midnight takes both ends of the jumper cables and presses them hard into the crotch of Ryan Faze.

Chastity Gold: OH MY GOD! Our GM!!!

Rick Fantastic: Ooooh… that’s gotta hurt.

Faze exerts a primal scream, his eyes rolling into the back as his body convulses in a mix of electrocution and pain. After several excruciating moments, Faze slumps in his chair, clearly unconscious from the actions of Jason Midnight.

Jason’s lips twist into a harsh smile before he turns toward the door, still flanked by both of the masked men.

Midnight: Oh… Faze? One more thing…

Casually, Midnight strolls back near the slumped form of Ryan Faze. Unbinding the belts that restrict the GM, Jason catches Faze by his hair and pulls him up to his feet. Midnight swiftly lifts his adversary into a Fireman’s Carry, dropping Faze with the Final Toll on Faze right onto his desk!

Midnight: …GAME…OVER!

Chastity Gold: Good God! Midnight’s revenge! Faze is broken!

Nodding once more to his two masked accomplices, Midnight smirks before leading both men out of Faze’s office just as the EMTs are rushing inside.



Rick Fantastic: I can’t believe what just happened!

Chastity Gold: You’ve gotta admit though Rick, Faze had it coming to him.

Rick Fantastic: Well I can’t argue with that Chaz. Midnight’s revenge comes in the form of electric shock to Faze’s… well… you kn-

Chasity Gold: Hold on just a minute there, Rick. As the medics are busy tending to General Manager Faze, it appears that we’re getting a… phone call?

Audio of a phone ringing can be heard throughout the arena, leaving the crowd just as confused as the announcers.

Rick Fantastic: Well… answer it, will ya!

Eyeing the phone that rests in the corner of their broadcast booth, Chastity hesitantly picks up the phone.

Chasity Gold: Umm… hello?

Her innocence is admirable as there is indeed a voice on the other end of the line.

Voice: I’m just calling to give you an update.

Chastity Gold: Update? Update on what? Who is this?

Voice: Please listen carefully. I’ve been instructed to inform you that Joseph Gregory is being relocated from Las Vegas Memorial to a hospital in Tampa, Florida. They are supposed to have one of the best burn units in the nation. I apologize I could not get him…

This draws the line for Rick, who is beyond confused after witnessing Joseph Gregory compete earlier in the night.

Rick Fantastic: Whoa! Hold on just a darn minute! What are you talking about? Joseph Gregory is here… I mean… he wrestled earlier tonight!

Voice: I’m sorry, but that’s entirely not possible. Joseph Gregory has been loaded onto a helicopter set to fly out east. I don’t know what else to tell you. I just saw him with my own two eyes!

Rick Fantastic: Who is this? I mean- wait, are you SURE?!?

Voice: Positive. Please give General Manager Faze my regards.

Rick Fantastic: But who-


Before Rick can inquire even further, a dial tone is heard, leaving everyone more confused than ever.

Rick Fantastic: Ladies and gentlemen… forgive me, but what the hell was that?!?

Chastity Gold: Perhaps there IS an imposter Joseph Gregory after all! What a shocking revelation here on Monday Night Mayhem! Stay tuned everybody because our Main Event is NEXT!


Tune in tomorrow night on to see Turmoil’s Chris Kostoff and Michael DeNucci’s weigh in for their HOFC Title Bout at RATR 2!!


Perfect Paul Paras vs. David Black
No Disqualification Match

Chastity Gold: Welcome back folks. Just to give you a brief update, Mayhem General Manager Ryan Faze has refused any further medical treatment and was seen with his briefcase, LEAVING Pauley Pavilion under his own power!

Rick Fantastic: What Jason Midnight did was gruesome… disgusting… cold-hearted… and downright dirty. But as he warned Faze two weeks ago, the game was far from over!

Suddenly, the lights in Pauley Pavilion dim as Romeo Ward slides into the ring for the Main Event. “Survive” kicks in loudly and the lights on the stage flash, bringing the fans to their feet as the LSD champion, David Black emerges.

Kimber Marshall: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a No Disqualification match! Introducting first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 235 pounds… the HOW LSD champion… DAVID BLACK!!!

Black sets forth to the ring on cue, his title wrapped tightly around his waist after “trading” it last week for the duties of GM. He gets a mixed reaction from his hometown crowd, but still receives mostly boos as he’s become one of HOW’s top heels ever since War Games.

Rick Fantastic: I admit, Chaz, that the LSD title looks to be “at home” around the waist of David Black. Something was just… different… when Faze had it last week.

Chastity Gold: Well if Joseph Gregory has anything to say about it, that title might be switching homes sooner than we all think!

Rick Fantastic: Will Gregory be the one to stop David Black? Will HE put an end to his impressive reign?

Chastity Gold: Anything’s possible here in HOW. Black’s run has indeed been impressive, to say the least, but one mistake, one slip up and that title could switch hands at the drop of a dime. And he certainly didn’t endear himself to Faze last week after giving him the Blackout.

Now in the ring, Black readies himself for the match with a few stretches before handing the LSD title to Romeo Ward without much hesitation.

Rick Fantastic: This will be a true test for the LSD champion tonight as it appears his focus is strictly on his opponent.

Suddenly, Black’s music fades out and is replaced by Velvet Revolver’s “Headspace” and the introduction of the “Perfect One.”

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 255 pounds… TRIPLE P!!!

The crowd erupts as Perfect Paul Paras appears from behind the curtain wearing his mirrored shades and carrying his trademark Singapore cane. Paras wastes little time taking in his applause, heading straight to the ring to confront David Black. Considering the nature of the match, Romeo Ward does NOT instruct Paras to discard the Singapore cane upon his entrance to the ring. After reminding both superstars of the rules, he quickly calls for the match to get under way.


Chastity Gold: And Triple P comes out swinging!

Paras swings his cane forcefully over his head and in the direction of David Black, but Black is lucky enough to evade the attack. Unfortunately for Paul, the cane bounces hard off the top rope and hits him square between the eyes. Paras falls backward and is surprised to see Black follow through with a quick roll up.



Rick Fantastic: Black’s got the tights!!


Chastity Gold: NO! Triple P powers out! What a tremendous display of strength from the Perfect One!

Rick Fantastic: Here we go…

Black stomps away at Triple P, who tries his best to cover up but is unsuccessful. Finally, Triple P finds himself rolling out of the ring just to be able to escape the pressure being surmounted on him from the LSD champion. Paul shakes off the dust as he strolls around the outside of the ring, but Black is in hot pursuit and from behind, executes a running Bulldog!

Chastity Gold: Triple P’s face just got buried into the canvas!

Rick Fantastic: David Black is relentless here tonight! He wants to prove his dominance not only over the LSD division, but over HOW in general.

David scoops up Triple P’s body from the canvas and drops him back-first onto the steel steps before him. Triple P exerts a howl of pain upon impact, which only seems to fuel the LSD champion even further. Eyeing the steel barricade, Black lifts Paras off the ground and hooks his head for a suplex onto the barricade, but before he can do so, Paul elbows out and tosses his chili powder into his face!

Chastity Gold: Remember folks… that is a legal move as neither superstar can be disqualified in this match!

Blinded from the chili powder, David Black aimlessly swings his fists in the direction of what he thinks is Triple P, but upon impact, realizes he’s just sucker punched the ring post.

Rick Fantastic: Owww! That had to hurt!

The crowd seems to agree and sympathizes with Black, but only for a moment as Triple P leads David into the ring and slides in after him.

Chastity Gold: I can only imagine how much that punch hurt the LSD champion. His hand might even be broken!

In obvious pain, Black nurses his hand, trying his best to conceal his injury from Paras, but the veteran and former ICON and Stables champion is too smart for that. It’s now Triple P that’s relentless as he specifically targets the injury, even so much as stomping on it with his own boot!

Black cowers in pain and attempts to roll out of the ring, much like Paras did earlier, but Paul grabs his leg and drags him back to the center of the ring. Black tries kicking his way out of Triple P’s grasp, but Paras is too strong and drives an elbow into his midsection. A cover from Paras has Romeo Ward on the pin.




Chastity Gold: Kick out by David Black!

But barely as Black favors his hand in pain, but trying his best not to show that its injured.

Chastity Gold: These two are really taking it to each other in HOW’s final match before the pay-per-view!

Rick Fantastic: And it looks like David Black’s injured hand might actually be a factor in the outcome of this match. He’s really in a lot of pain!

Black needs the assistance of the ropes to come to his feet, but as he does so, he’s met with a hard right hand blow from Triple P. Black trades a blow back, but immediately drops to the mat in pain as he used the injured hand to punch his opponent.

Chastity Gold: Big opportunity here for Paras to capitalize!

Rick Fantastic: PARASYTE!

Triple P lifts Black back to his feet and sets him up, locks him, and drops him with his Flatliner maneuver that has the crowd roaring in approval! Sensing that it may not be enough, Triple P pops to his feet and begins climbing the turnbuckles.

Chastity Gold: Paul does do this very often… but this can only mean one thing!

Rick Fantastic: PARASAULT!!!

Chastity Gold: Oh no! He missed!! David Black moved out of the way! Triple P missed the Parasault!

Paul nurses his mid-section after landing with nobody home and Black, with a renewed sense of passion and vigor, applies the cover.




Rick Fantastic: NO! Triple P… did he kick out?

Romeo Ward signals two and the crowd cheers wildly for the near fall.

Chastity Gold: Close one there… wait, LOOKOUT!

Back to his feet in the corner, Triple P, nursing his mid-section, spins around just in time to duck Black’s BLACKOUT attempt!

Rick Fantastic: Nobody home!!

Chastity Gold: Both superstars going high-risk in this match with no pay off!

Black struggles to his feet, using his good arm and hand to pull himself up with the ropes as Paras eyes him down from the opposite corner. He immediately slides out of the ring and demands the LSD title belt from Kimber Marshall, wanting no part of Triple P in the least after nearly breaking his hand and missing his Blackout attempt. After snatching his title from the ring announcer, Black charges his way around the ring and p the entrance ramp, much to Triple P’s dismay.

Rick Fantastic: What’s this? David Black is walking out on the match? He’s never been one to back down from a fight!

Chastity Gold: Yes, but he’s also never faced anyone on the caliber as Triple P! And I don’t blame him! He can’t afford to lose his momentum heading into Rumble at the Rock 2!

David Black gets about halfway up the entrance ramp before Triple P stops him from behind, spinning him around only to get THWACKED with the LSD title in the process.

Black sneers and drops the title, lifting up the “perfect” face of Triple P to reveal a trickle of blood pouring down his forehead.

Chastity Gold: It was a trap!

Rick Fantastic: And Triple P fell right for it! What a huge momentum shift in what’s most definitely a crucial point in this match!

No sooner than Triple P comes to his feet, a thunderous clothesline send Paras right back down, causing him to roll backwards until he stops at the bottom of the ring.

Chastity Gold: David Black has really taken command of this match

Upon Triple P’s impact at the bottom of the ring, Black charges and lands a Running Boot to the temple, making Triple P appear unconscious!

David Black raises his arms into the air and takes in the boos that are showered down upon him as he stands over the lifeless body of Perfect Paul Paras. After several heated moments between himself and the crowd, Black lifts his opponent and tosses him into the ring. David rolls in after him and sees that Triple P is coming to his knees and stirring.

Rick Fantastic: Black is stalking his prey here, looking to end this match before Triple P has a chance to receover!

David sizes Paul up for a brief moment before side-stepping his way with a Superkick!

Chastity Gold: He ducked!

Rick Fantastic: Minnesota Slice!

Paras surprises the LSD champion out of nowhere with a modified Reverse DDT! The crowd roars as Triple P slowly recovers and approaches David Black…

Chastity Gold: Do it Paul! Oops… excuse me!

Rick Fantastic: Well you got your wish Chastity! MESSIANIC COMPLEX!

The Anaconda Vice is locked in on David Black, and it’s only a few short seconds before the LSD champion weakly taps out and Romeo Ward calls for the bell!


Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner by way of submission in 12:44… TRIPLE P!!!

Chastity Gold: Wow!

Rick Fantastic: Wow is right Chastity! We saw David Black sucker punch a ring post, we saw him on the receiving end of chili powder to the face, we saw Triple P get blasted with the LSD title, and we saw them both miss high risk maneuvers during crucial opportunities… but in the end, it was the Perfect One that heads into Rumble at the Rock 2 with a victory!


post match..

As Paul Paras drags himself back to his feet, the crowd rise to theirs, showing their immense appreciation for a hard fought final Mayhem match before Rumble at the Rock, regardless of their feelings of either adoration or loathing towards potentially the future World Champion and the current LSD Champion.

Chastity Gold: What a guy….I mean, match.

She says, and then corrects herself immediately, averting her gaze in an attempt to give the impression she wasn’t just staring at Paul Paras as she said that.

Rick Fantastic: Indeed and it’s on that note we say goodnight from Mayhem and see you at Rumble at the Ro–Wait a minute!!

If there was any doubt the show was going to end like that, it is completely justified as Shane Reynolds leaps from within the crowd and over the security barrier at ringside. Scooping up Paul Paras’ Singapore Cane, slides into the ring and swings it wildly at his Rumble at the Rock opponent…

Chastity Gold: Look out!

She exclaims loudly, with more emphatic concern than she perhaps intended. Whether or not she heard him is debatable, but whatever the case, Paul Paras turns in more than enough time to duck the shot. He stops short just behind Shane and nails him with a right hand to the back of the head. The cane drops with a faint thud to the canvas as Shane staggers forward towards the ropes. Paul charges in immediately, looking to continue his offensive, only for Shane spring himself just slightly off of the ropes, enough to turn himself around and lay his own right hand across The Perfect One’s temple.

Rick Fantastic: For the last few weeks, we have seen them insult and belittle one another and surprise each other with attacks, but finally have a good old fashioned brawl!

And if ever there was a perfect word to describe what was currently unfolding, brawl was definitely it. The rights and lefts from both men were relentless, connecting with the ribs, jaws, heads, and anywhere else they could land them. Not one of them getting the upper hand until Shane decided to take it up a gear and managed to dodge another left from Paras. Gripping his still outstretched arm, Shane reaches to the other and attempts to twist Paul into an Unprettier set-up.

Rick Fantastic: The Original Sin!

The announcer shouts, informing those who may not yet have realised that Shane is going for the new finisher he has recently named and adopted.

Chastity Gold: The Messanic Complex!!

His co-announcer says, almost squealing with unconcealed and perhaps almost unconscious excitement as Paul Paras throws his body forward, breaking the hold and pushing Shane to the ropes, before catching him as he staggers back on the rebound and trying next to force him to the ground and lock in his trademark submission.

Rick Fantastic: No!

Shane throws anything and everything he has at Paul – punches, elbows, knees, and kicks in order to escape from having the move locked in against him. Eventually they all get too much for Paras, who throws his hands up to defend himself from further blows, as Shane takes the opportunity to scramble over the ropes. Paras gains his second wind first, climbs back to his feet and charges towards Shane with a clothesline, only to find nothing but rope as Shane pulls on it and slips underneath to the outside.

Chastity Gold: It’s Issac Slade!

Rick Fantastic: …and company!

As Shane scowls back into the ring at Paul, Slade and the woman who has recently been helping to ‘heal’ him of his problems and troubles stop alongside him. The woman stands between Shane and Slade and, as ever, has hold of a leash which is attached to Issac’s neck. Issac’s expression is more blank than ever. With her free hand, the woman pulls a microphone out and raises it to her masked face.

Woman: For weeks, in the shadows, I have help to console and heal Issac Slade. I have strived to bring him back from the brink and prepare him for his ultimate fate: punishment!

The crowd boo loudly as the fact she had been collaborating with Shane the entire time to punish Issac Slade is reiterated. Meanwhile, in the ring, Paul Paras paces back and forth, looking on with disgust.

Woman: And the time for that punishment has finally come.

She turns her head towards the direction where Issac Slade stands and then the opposite direction towards Shane.

Woman: Now!

Like a bull seeing red, Issac Slade’s head snaps up as the woman lets the leash go and Issac Slade charges….right into Shane. Paul Paras’ expression changes to one of confusion as Slade catches Shane off-guard and begins pummelling him with rights, lefts and elbows. Knocking him to the ground, Issac begins stomping on Shane with hard boots to the chest and face, before dropping down and choking him with the leash still hanging loosely around his neck. He stops as Shane’s face starts turning red, scooping him up and throwing him head-first into the ring-post.

Rick Fantastic: What the hell is going on? I thought Shane and the woman were allies?

He asks, but recieves no answer from Chastity, or anyone else as Slade rolls Shane into the ring, where he lays motionless, and assists the woman in via the ringsteps before entering after her.She commands Issac to roll Shane over, which he promptly does, before stepping so she is directly over Shane.

Woman: You think you would have learned not to trust anybody, what with everybody you associate yourself with turning against you. But all it takes is a few choice words and you just believe it. Words such as fate and destiny. You preach over and over again how you’ve been given a destiny, a duty to punish the sinners and make them pay for their indiscretions, but have you ever thought about your own actions…you own sins. If not, it’s time for you to now. Because it’s finally time for you to bear witness and face your own sins….

Shane’s head looks upwards from his position on the canvas and stares at the masked woman as she reaches up and begins to unfasten the mask and then pulling it off altogether…..

Chastity Gold: Oh, my god.

Rick Fantastic: Isn’t that Miss Giovanni?

Chastity Gold: It sure is – the very woman who was once alligned with Maximillian Kael and his Milton-Karson group and was a part of Shane’s constant humiliation as Max’s slave, before Shane blinded her one remaining good eye.

All eyes, including the dazed ones of Shane Reynolds stare towards her face and her irreversibly damaged eyes, the one Shane attacked, now almost no more than an empty socket.

Miss Giovanni: I doubt you feel any such thing as guilt, but look at me. Look at what you did to me. You face your sins, you son of a bitch, because at Rumble at the Rock you will, one way or another, suffer for them. You think I’ve been helping you to destroy and punish Slade? I’ve been preparing him, molding him into the sort of weapon I need him to be in order to destroy you – to help rob you of everything you deem important, in the same way you robbed me.

She yells, reaching down towards her pocket, eventually finding what she looking for. Pulling her hand out, she holds it up, revealing it as a sheet of paper.

Miss Giovanni: At Rumble at the Rock you will lose everything. The match, your status, the world championship shot and your chance at revenge, and your career. And it will all happen, because when that match begins, the referee overseeing everything will be none other than Issac Slade!!

The announcement can barely get a reaction from the crowd before Paul Paras bursts back to make his presence known with a snapping singapore cane shot. She collapses to her knees with a yelp of agony, but before Paul can follow up with another, Issac leaps straight into Paul’s face, separating the two. Without a microphone, Paul’s proceeding words fall deafly upon all ears but Issac Slade’s but it is clear from his pointing hand gestures, he is trying to talk some sense into Issac Slade, ordering him to open his eyes and see is being used as a pawn.

Shane, meanwhile, stirs and drags himself to his feet. Looking around, he sees Miss Giovanni crouched over on the floor and the two men arguing. He charges torwards the latter and grabs Issac by the arms and looks to take him out with The Original Sin, only for Paul to nail Shane across the back with the Singapore Cane and force Shane to change his attention back to him. He does immediately, with a hard right which onces again sets off the brawl from earlier; both men fighting more relentlessly than ever.

As the brawl continues in the ring and Issac Slade helps Miss Giovanni down to her feet outside, the EPU stream suddenly down the ramp and in waves slide under the ropes and forcefully drags the two men away from each other amid continued attempts at striking against the other.

Shane Reynolds: I’m gonna finish you…

Shane shouts, more than audibly, even without a microphone as he glares towards Paul Paras, before turning his attention briefly towards Issac and Miss Giovanni.

Shane Reynolds: …And then him and her last!

The force of random and nameless EPU members hold strong their position between Shane and Paul as they both struggle to get to the other, their eyes blazing with anger and resentment, while outside of the ring, Slade stares towards both of them as he continues to support Miss Giovanni.

Rick Fantastic: She says she is hoping to use Rumble at the Rock to punish Shane Reynolds, but after the recent weeks and that cane shot, you have to wonder if she’d happily assist Paul Paras in a victory to achieve that.

Chastity Gold: I guess we’ll get all of our answers and see how this all plays out when each of those three men meet face to face in Alcatraz Dungeons! We’re out of time here on Mayhem… thank you for joining us and good night!



Trent vs. Aceldama©

Graystone vs. Maximillian Kael©

Joseph Gregory vs. David Black©

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Shane Reynolds

Marcus Reinhardt vs. Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

Tim Shipley (representing Mayhem) vs. Ethan Cavanaugh (representing Turmoil)

The Egg Bandits vs. Twisted Reality vs. The BJ’s vs. The Maurako Family©


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