Mayhem: September 1st, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
September 1st, 2008 – #HOW17
United Center – Chicago, Illinois


Monday Night Mayhem comes on the air and once again there is no opening fireworks or opening Welcome to the Jungle blasting thru the United Center here in Chicago.   Instead we see the HOTv showcasing several High Definition logos. HOW cameras then pan to the ring where we see an American Flag standing tall on each ring post. There is a red white and blue canvas covering the ring, taking the place of the usually gray one. It is at this point that Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome everyone officially to the 1st ever Mayhem episode to air in High Definition and on the brand new Lee Best owned High Octane Television network, or HOTv for short.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to a very special edition of Monday Night Mayhem I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined as always by the former Indy Wrestling Legend and current alcoholic, Big Buff Benny Newell.

Big Buff: Go fuck yourself Joe. Don’t even give me shit about not cussing anymore because we are on Lee’s network and as he told me earlier today….ANYTHING GOES!

Joe Hoffman: Like us being on Versus stopped anyone from cursing. But you are right Lee Best sold 49% of HOW to some outside investors and with that money he launched HOTv a lot sooner than anyone could have expected.

Big Buff: You know Lee had this planned for a long time. You don’t launch a wrestling network less than a week after getting the money for one……you idiot.

Joe Hoffman: Ahem, with that said we have to mention that tonight we are also coming to you live for the first time ever in High Definition.

Big Buff: Which means you and Brian Blair spent two hours extra in the make up room.

Joe Hoffman: I cannot speak for Brian but yes I did spend a few extra minutes. It is a big night!

Big Buff: Well I can speak for that crack whore and there is no amount of make up that can plug up his pores to keep the crack from seeping out. Why is he even on the payroll?

Joe Hoffman: Well some would question why we have an alcoholic dried up has been of an Indy wrestling “legend” as color commentator but that is neither here nor there.

Benny just stares at Joe, shocked that Joe finally stood up for himself. He gives Joe a small golf clap which Joe just ignores and continues with his job.

Joe Hoffman: With that said folks we have a great show for you tonight as Graystone, one week removed from possible murder, will take on Kenn Oddity who has been a big fan favorite since War Games. This match is not your typical match though as the winner of the match must set his opponent on fire in the first HOW Inferno match in ages.

Big Buff: Don’t forget that we have the loser leaves the Best Alliance match tonight as well as Maximillian Kael will take on Darkwing with the loser leaving the BA forever and the winner getting a World Title shot next week against Bobbinette Carey on Mayhem…and it happens tonight inside a steel cage!

Joe Hoffman: That is right Benny and we have also heard several rumblings that the LSD Champion Chris Kostoff will be here tonight one week after being laid by new Best Alliance member Scott Woodson.

Big Buff: Oh and don’t even forget that Scottywood will be in action tonight against L.A. Riotz, a man that was taken out by an unknown assailant last week and literally left hanging to end his night at Mayhem.

Joe Hoffman: That was a horrible scene to say the least and who knows what kind of condition Riotz will be in tonight but two men that should be in prime condition are the new Team Epic member Matthew Williams and the new Best Alliance member Shotgun.

Big Buff: You mean water head vs. Shotgun.

Joe Hoffman: Just because Williams has a severe case of OCD doesn’t mean that he is any less of a man than you and me.

Big Buff: Do not ever compare our man hoods to each other Joe. Just do your fucking job and don’t worry about me.

Benny can be seen pouring his first shot of the night as Joe just shakes his head and continues on.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks enough talking. I have just received word that we are about to say our final goodbyes to Shocker??

Mourning for Shocker..

On cue Thunderstruck by AC/DC begins blasting thru the United Center and several fans stand in respect of Shocker as his theme music begins playing.

Joe Hoffman: Shocker obviously had some fans seeing he was from Chicago. I still cannot believe that Graystone did what he did last week and we are sitting here seven days later saying our goodbyes to the former ICON and Tag Team Champion.

Benny is unable to speak as he is fighting back tears as the HOTv screen continues to roll with highlights of Shocker’s career in HOW.   As the video for Shocker ends and the music dies the very smart wrestling crowd here in Chicago begins chanting…


Benny can be seen standing up and with tears rolling down his face he raises his Jack Daniels bottle and takes a very big swig off of the bottle as the crowd continues to chant.   But their chants go quiet as another AC/DC tune begins playing and as Back in Black hits the PA system the newly revamped Best Alliance comes out onto the entrance ramp led as always by Lee Best.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes the rest of the Best Alliance and for once I am not surprised as it is obvious Lee and the crew are coming down to the ring to pay their respects to a fallen comrade. No one served Lee Best better than Shocker and this has to be an emotional moment even for the Evil Genius that is Lee Best.

Lee leads Scottywood and Shotgun down to the ring where the crowd has stopped chanting but now are quiet and still as the somber Best Alliance take center stage with Lee at the mic.

Lee Best: First off I want to point out that this is no way in hell the way I wanted to kick off the debut show on the new network, especially since it is my network. But life throws you a curveball here and there and tonight instead of celebrating a new network and the 49% sale of HOW, we celebrate the career and life of Shocker.

Lee pauses as there as several fans erupt into cheers for the hometown wrestler.

Lee Best: Shocker was a man that served his country and served it well. The things he did for us will never fully be realized as he did the things that people just talk about. He worked black ops for the government for years before I met up with him when he was on his quest to find the killer of his fiancée all those years ago…a search that was never completed. So I stand here today talking about a man that was literally killed under my watch while still on the quest to finding the murdering of his soon to be wife….it is literally too much to go fully into so let me just wrap this up with a quick word about what Shocker meant to me.

Suddenly Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva blasts thru the PA system and Graystone makes his way out to a very loud chorus of boos.   Inside the ring the somber looks of the Best Alliance have turned into hate filled stares at the man that took out Shocker.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we didn’t need fireworks to start tonight’s show cause quite frankly we are about to get some right now!!

Big Buff: That fucking asshole has no right coming out here right now. You know what? Actually I am glad because quite frankly I have a feeling Lee is going to stab someone in the eye tonight.

Graystone, his face painted white with black circles around his eyes, makes his way down to the ring and climbs in as Lee pushes aside Scottywood and Shotgun and waits to meet the killer of his friend face to face.

Joe Hoffman: One has to wonder what is going on in the mind of Graystone. Ever since War Games was over he has been on this suicidal path and maybe he is wanting to get his ass kicked right now?

Big Buff: He is damn lucky that Lee kept Max and Darkwing or else this would be really ugly.

Joe Hoffman: Well the word is that Lee didn’t want anyone that MIGHT not be in the Best Alliance down here during this tribute to Shocker so Max and Darkwing were kept at bay.

The crowd is on their feet as Graystone walks right up to Lee Best and stares into the eyes of the man that just kicked him out of the Best Alliance recently for losing to Darkwing in a loser leaves Best Alliance match.

Lee Best: You got some fucking nerve coming down here right now Gray. I know you are trying to be this all mighty spooky Joker wanna be a Sting like idiot but enough is enough. I could have you fucking arrested right now for what you did to Shocker and what you did to Victoria and Blackheart earlier this week.

Graystone takes a step back and then smiles at the names Lee just mentioned.

Lee Best: Ya that’s right. Setting your best friend and his girl on fire is how you get ready for a match? You are caught up in a bad after school special Gray and if you don’t turn your little bitch ass around this second and walk to the back your ass is going to be fired and what you did to Shocker will PALE in comparison to what my Best Alliance is going to do to you.

Instead of backing up Graystone instead walks over to the nearby turnbuckle, climbs up to second rope and grabs the American flag that was hanging and turns and sits on the top rope with the flag hanging upside down.   Lee again motions for Shotgun and Scottywood to stay put as Lee watches to see exactly what Graystone is doing.   Gray reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter, an official HOW lighter at that, and without thinking takes the flame to the flag and the flag ignites into flames and Graystone begins waving the burning flag back and forth as the stunned and horrified crowd look on.


Everyone is too stunned to react as the tension can be felt throughout the United Center.   But Graystone doesn’t put the flames out and instead drops the American Flag to the floor where HOW crewmen quickly put the flames out and rush back to the back as Graystone hops off the top turnbuckle and walks right up to Lee Best and stares into the Evil Genius’s eyes.

Lee Best: Thank you….you…….you….BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT???   Graystone and Lee embrace and Lee pats Graystone on the back and raises the man’s arm up as the crowd erupts into loud booing as they realize that just got swerved.

Lee Best: Shocker was a no good piece of shit who brought my affair with Barbi Kostoff to the forefront. He sold me out and in return cost my child as my baby is now with Barbi. SOMETHING had to be done and the man to do it was none other than the man that had more issues with Shocker than anyone else on the roster from days gone by…GRAYSTONE!!!

Graystone quickly shakes the hands of Scottywood and Shotgun as the crowd begins throwing trash into the ring.

Lee Best: Hate it all you want folks but the fact of the matter is that Shocker was a jobber, a man that I used more than I could count and quite frankly he had to pay for ultimately being the reason I have to face that fucking asshole Kostoff at Rumble at the Rock just to win custody of MY CHILD!!

Big Buff: I told you Shocker was a piece of shit!!

Joe Hoffman: You were just crying for the man!!

Big Buff: It was the Jack…it’s always sad to know you are going to run out of it!

Joe Hoffman: Oh please……this is complete garbage. Graystone is back in the BA and we just witnessed an American Flag being burned on the first show on the new network..and Lee allowed all this to happen!!!

Back inside the ring Lee and the rest of the Best Alliance have left Graystone in the middle of the ring as Mayhem is set to cut to commercial. Shotgun, Scottywood and Lee all give Graystone the “we aren’t worthy” treatment as Joe takes us to commercial.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we will be right back and when we do it will be time for the Inferno Match as the crazed Graystone will take on Team Epic’s Kenn Oddity!!!  


Graystone vs. Kenn Oddity
Inferno Match

We are back live and the crowd is still reeling with the fact that Graystone is back with the Best Alliance and Benny argues that he actually never left.   Joe quickly goes over the rules of the inferno match quickly pointing out that there will be no fire surrounding the ring like in other federations. Instead, here in HOW, you have to literally set your opponent ablaze using the lighter fluid that has been put in each corner of the ring by HOW crewmen who also are surrounding the ring with fire extinguishers.   As Oddity waits for his entrance to begin, Graystone quickly goes from corner to corner and begins emptying the lighter fluid on to the arena floor. He does this will three of the four containers and keeps one to himself as Oddity, still in the back, finally realizes what was going on in the ring and doesn’t wait for his entrance and instead bolts down to the ring but not before Graystone could empty all but one of the containers.   Joe and Benny mention that this was a smart move by Graystone and now he is in complete control as he has the one thing that can win the match.

Oddity rolls into the ring and Graystone immediately starts spraying the man with lighter fluid as Oddity tackles him to the ground.   The two fight for the last container of fluid and as Oddity finally gains control after a hard right hand to the jaw of Graystone, he douses Graystone with the last remaining drops.   Joe mentions that both men are literally walking candle sticks now as both are completely covered in lighter fluid and this could get ugly and ugly quick.   Inside the ring the match resembles nothing of a wrestling match at all as the two men are just literally slugging it out as they roll around on the red white and blue canvas that has yet to be removed from the Shocker “celebration”.

Several times Graystone goes for his lighter but each time Oddity regains control and Graystone is unable to set Oddity ablaze.   The action spills to the outside as Oddity tackles Graystone thru the middle ropes and to the outside.   The two men never get a few inches from each other as they are just throwing punches, elbows and kicks at close range as neither wants the other to get any kind of advantage.   Joe notes that both men, already covered in lighter fluid, are now rolling around in even more lighter fluid as they are in the pools of fluid that Graystone emptied prior to the match starting.   Referee Carl Hortega can only stand and wait for someone to be lit on fire as he remains inside the ring and is trying to stay out of any of the remnants of fluid that are in the ring.

Back on the outside Graystone finally gains control by whipping Oddity hard into the steel ring posts.  As Oddity is holding his back in pain Graystone gets his official HOW lighter out and leans in and goes to light Oddity but Oddity slaps the lighter out of Graystone’s hand and the flame touches the fluid on the arena floor and soon enough the fluid is ignited and both Oddity and Graystone roll into the ring as the flame begins to circle the ring and the visual is almost breathtaking as Oddity and Graystone being doing battle literally in a ring surrounded by fire.

HOW crewmen start to put the fire out but are stopped quickly as one gets word from the back that Lee wants no one to touch the fire as it is just looking too good in High Def.   Inside the ring Oddity executes the first wrestling move of the night as he nails Graystone with a belly to belly Oddplex. It is at this point that he pulls out his own Team Epic Lighter and smiles at Graystone who is kneeling in front of him holding the back of his neck.   Oddity waits for Graystone to stand and the two men stare each other down as it is obvious Graystone has no where to run or hide as the flames on the outside are keeping him in the ring and with Oddity holding his lighter he cannot charge.   Joe mentions to the viewing audience that now is the time to turn the channel if you have children watching..   Big Buff comments that Joe is sure going to hear about that comment from Lee later on in the show…

Back in the ring Oddity and Graystone are still staring each other down as if they are in some old western as the flames dance around the ring on the outside.   The finish of the match comes as Graystone gives Oddity a wink and pulls out a match from behind his ear and ignites it on his belt just as Oddity throws his lighter towards the puddle of lighter fluid present at Graystone’s feet.   The lighter finds the mark just as the ignited match lands a few inches away from Oddity.

Within seconds both men are on fire as the flames quickly engulf their boots and quickly surround them and climb up their legs.   Joe and Benny are going crazy as Hortega signals for the bell and jumps out of the ring as HOW crewmen begin putting the flames out on the outside to get to the burning men on the inside.


Post match the stunned crowd watch as neither Graystone or Oddity move as the flames burn them. Both men are finally tackled to the ground by HOW crewmen who quickly put the flames out.   Mayhem cuts to a commercial as HOW medics rush to the ring!!!


LSD Champion Speaks

Mayhem returns from commercial and we are backstage..   You see Kostoff making his way through the hall. People watch as the big man turns and heads into His locker room. Inside, you see a camera man and a reporter standing there.   Wearing a low cut top and a very short skirt, she adjusts herself to look a bit more revealing. A coy grin crosses her face as a confused look comes across his face as he shakes his head.

Kostoff: What are you doing in here?

Blair Moise: Want to get your reaction to Scotty taking you out last week.

Kostoff: Jesus Christ, can’t I just come here and get some rest? Ok you want my feelings?

Clearing his throat he looks into the camera.

Kostoff: Good job Scotty boy, good job. You have once again been bought by Lee fucking Best, to come here and ATTEMPT to take me out. You hit me good, nice shot. Just not good enough, but then again, when it comes to the Best Alliance, it’s never really been good enough has it? Let’s think about this one for a minute shall we? Can you name me one person in the Best Alliance that ever did the job and took me out? Go on I’ll wait.

Looking at the Blair Moise, she looks back with a blank look in her eyes.

Kostoff: That’s what I thought there puddin’. You can’t, Lee can’t, hell the great Jatt Starr can’t either. There hasn’t been one person ever brought into HOW by Lee that has been able to take me out and now why does Scotty think he can?

Blair Moise: Well…

Cutting her off

Kostoff: Shut your man pleaser woman!! Stand there and look cute, that’s the fucking talent you have anyway. Scotty you have had your empty fucking dome filled with a ton of shit from Lee. Now you’ve got him to thank for throwing you into the mix. You have him to thank for throwing you to the lions. Yes I’m on the closer side of 30, but you know what I’m still the baddest mother fucker you’ve ever seen and HOW has ever seen. Ask around jackass as to the hell I’ve raised in this place since day one and yet here I am. Still standing. No one has yet to knock me out and it’s not going to happen anytime soon Scotty. You are no different to the other fuckers that Lee has brought in here to try their best in ending my career. Hasn’t happened yet and it won’t anytime soon.

Blair Moise: What are your thoughts on Shocker and his demise? Laughing

Kostoff: If I had it my way, I’d piss on his grave. I hate him and I’ve wanted nothing less than to see him suffer. The shame of it all is he didn’t suffer enough. Fuck him, and fuck Lee. Now if you’re done being a pain in my ass, get the fuck out. I’ve got stuff to take care of.

Blair Moise tries to open her mouth, Kostoff grabs her mic out of her hand. Opening the locker room door he throws the mic into the hallway and shoves Blair Moise and the cameraman out. As the door closes the scene goes cuts back to the announcers..

Mathew Williams vs. Shotgun
Singles Match

Action cuts back to the announce team and they buy a little time as the crew is just finishing up changing out the canvas for the ring. The outside padding has all be changed out as it was burnt to a crisp. Several fans in the front row have been taken to an ambulance in the back as some suffered minor burns from the inferno match.   Joe speculates what Kostoff has up his sleeve as no one attacks the LSD Champion without getting some violent reaction from the HOW vet.   Benny counters that no one should be talking about anything else than Graystone’s condition. Benny is sincerely worried about the condition of the Best Alliance member and Joe states that as soon as he gets word from the back on the condition of Graystone, Oddity and the few fans that were burnt, he will pass it along to everyone. Right now though it is time for two debuts.  New Team Epic member Matthew Williams against the Best Alliance debuting Shotgun.

The crowd erupts as “It’s a Jungle out there” by Randy Newman begins playing throughout the United Center. There is unconditional love for anyone in Team Epic and this holds true as the germaphobe Williams makes his way down to the ring.   The fans start laughing as Williams grabs a sign from a little boy and pulls out a marker and adds the missing “l” from the boys “I LOVE MATT WILIAMS” sign.   Benny just takes a shot and mutters Waterhead under his breath as Williams finally makes his way into the ring just as “Destroy Everything” by Hatebreed begins to play and the new Best Alliance member Shotgun makes his way out.   The crowd boos loudly for the debuting Shotgun and Joe reminds viewers that Shotgun was with the commissioner Narcotic last week as they wrapped up negotiations on the Versus buyout which lead to tonight’s show being aired on the brand new HOTv network.   Inside the ring Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and once again a Team Epic vs. Best Alliance match is under way.

Williams gains the upper hand early and begins his offense with some basic power moves as the crowd gets behind the new Team Epic member.   Shotgun is frustrated early and often as Williams is able to counter each attempt at gaining the advantage by Shotgun.   After several near falls Shotgun is able to get the advantage finally as he literally spits in the face of Williams, sending the OCD superstar panicking to the outside and wiping his face off with a clean towel provided by Amy Smeets, the HOW ring announcer.

Upon re entering the ring, Shotgun greets Williams with a powerful knee and it is now the Best Alliance member that has the upper hand.   Shotgun displays several high impact moves that made him a star elsewhere but here in HOW the fans show him no respect as he gets a near fall after nailing Williams with a wicked Spinebuster that he likes to call The Second Shot.   Frustrated, Shotgun makes a fatal error as he clearly underestimated Williams and is nailed with William’s Heart Shocker superkick finisher.   Boettcher makes the count as the crowd cheers over the upset possibility..

1………..   2………   3………..


Post match we see Williams head to the back triumphant as a determined look comes over the face of Shotgun who is seen holding his chin as Mayhem cuts to another commercial.  


LSD Challenge

Back live and “Stricken” by Disturbed plays through The United Center as a chorus of boos can be heard as we see Scottywood make his way out onto the stage with his New York Rangers jersey on and barbwire wrapped hockey stick in hand

Joe Hoffman: Last week Scottywood may not have picked up a win, but he certainly made an impact.

Benny Newell: Fuckin’ Kostoff got his knock blocked off!

Joe Hoffman: Yes…..Scottywood dressed up as referee Matt Boettcher and attacked both Kostoff and Silent Witness during the LSD title match, leaving both men laid out in the ring. While I am almost certain Lee Best had something to do with this mid match assault on Rumble at The Rock opponent Kostoff, rumors backstage say that there may be more to this then just that.

Scottywood makes his way into the ring with microphone in hand as he smiles at the sound of the boos, as if he is enjoying the hate from the Chicago crowd.

Scottywood: Come on, you people should be at least a little grateful. Last week I saved you all from what may have been the most boring match in a month in High Octane. On one side you have an old crazy cripple trying to hang onto his last bits of his glory, and on the other you have the former commissioner who had just been released from prison.

Joe Hoffman: That is a complete lie, that was going to be a great match until Scottywood and presumably Lee Best ruined it.

Benny Newell: Scottywoooooooooooooooood!

Scottywood: Kostoff, you’re making a joke out of that LSD title and last week I made a statement to you and High Octane that I vow to bring some energy to a division that needs a walker to survive at the moment. Because you and I both know that you’re just hanging on, using trick after trick just to hold onto that title.

Joe Hoffman: We all know Kostoff is a bit off his rocker at times, but one has to wonder how crazy Scottywood is to incite a man he knocked out last week with his own title.

Scottywood: So, one way or another that title will be coming home with me, to sit on the shoulder of The Hardcore Artist where it rightfully belongs.

Scotty’s music plays as he drops the mic and rolls out of the rings as he backs up the ramp motioning a title belt around his waist.

Joe Hoffman: Well Scottywood making clear he wants that LSD title, a title that Kostoff is apparently barley hanging onto. One just has to wonder now how Kostoff will respond to this, because you know he must still be fuming after what happened last week.

Benny Newell: A fuuuuuuming pile of shit!

Joe Hoffman: Well folks we don’t have to wait long for Kostoff’s reply I just received word that there is something going on in the back!!


HOW cameras cut backstage where Chris Kostoff just nailed Scottywood with the LSD title just as Scotty made it back from his in ring interview…   Kostoff is on top of Scottywood hitting the man with rights and lefts until HOW security make their way to the scene and it takes every last seven of them to get the LSD Champion off of Scottywood.   Scotty jumps to his feet and wipes his mouth which is now bleeding and smiles at Kostoff who struggles to get free.   Suddenly Lee Best appears and he is furious.

Lee Best: You think you are going to be disrupting the first show on HOTv then your ass better think again you old fuck. Take this piece of shit out of the arena and make sure his ass is locked out for the remainder of the night.

Kostoff is seething with anger and breaks away from the security only to be tackled from behind by all the men. They have him pinned face first on the ground and it is at this point that both Lee and Scotty kneel down and smile at Kostoff who is literally frothing at the mouth.

Lee Best: Don’t worry Kostoff you can come back next week. Make sure to bring that LSD title with you cause you will be defending that LSD title against my man Scotty in a NO DQ match….now get this piece of shit out of here..

Lee and Scotty stand and shake hands as they watch the security force literally take Kostoff out of the arena kicking and screaming as he holds his LSD Title with one hand.   Mayhem takes another commercial break as Lee and Scotty can be seen talking about details for Scotty’s match later on tonight…


Reno Raines vs. Mystic J.
Singles Match

Back live and Joe and Benny go over the big announcement that next week on Mayhem we will have Scottywood vs. Chris Kostoff for the LSD Championship in a no disqualification match.   Joe wonders if the Best Alliance is getting ahead of themselves as Scotty has a match tonight but before we get to that match right now its time for a HOW debut as Reno Raines takes on Team Epic member Mystic J.   Benny claims the big man is a piece of shit and his time in HOW just might be up.

Inside the ring Carl Hortega is ready the next match as Mystic J is already in the ring. There is a mild response as “Brave” by Trapt blasts over the PA system and Reno Raines makes his way out to the ring for the first time as a member of the HOW roster.   Joe goes over the history of Reno Raines and his ties to Shocker. The two were members of the Mercenaries stable over in another organization and Joe wonders if Reno has any feelings about what went down with Shocker.

Benny  doubts it and as Hortega signals for the bell the talk quickly goes from the past to the present as Reno quickly jumps on the offensive with some heavy right hands.   He follows those up with a serious of high impact moves including a sidewalk slam, a backbreaker and some thunderous chops in the corner.   The 7 foot Mystic J is quickly cut down to size as Reno executes a perfect diamond cutter and follows that up with a very impressive jackknife powerbomb that he is barely able to execute.   After holding his back in pain for a second, Reno makes the cover and Hortega makes the UNO DOS TRES count…


Post match “Best Damn thing” hits.   Bobbinette Carey comes down with L.A. Riotz, Kenn Oddity, Matt Williams and Shane Reynolds walk down. They get into the ring. Reno Raines thinks it’s a set up and prepares for the defense. Bobbinette shakes her head then points her thumb motioning for him to get out of there. He slowly gets out, not once turning his back on the team epic members. He walks back stage as Bobbinette is given a Microphone.   Mystic gets to his feet his hands on his knees as he takes a deep breath trying to recover from his match.

Bobbinette: Now… not a lot gets past me. In fact it’s uberly rare for such things to get past me.

Mystic looks confused as he looks on at his fellow epic members.

Bobbinette: But Max was right…

The crowd seems to gasp in shock.

Bobbinette: Max Kael had said that there was a snake in team epic. That one of them was a betrayer. And He was right…

The other men of Team epic look at each other each questioning the loyalty of the other.

Bobbinette: I knew that this person would slip up… They always do and their ego super seeds them. But this note doesn’t!

She holds up a note and Mystic J’s jaw drops. He looks to get out of the ring but the ring corners are covered by team epic members.

Bobbinette: In your hand writing a letter to Lee Best swearing your allegiance to the Best alliance and the plan at attacking team epic from Within… They say a team is only as strong as their weakest link.

He swings at Mat Williams who doges out of the way. Ken Oddity grabs Mystic and turns him around. L.A. Riotz kicks Him in the gut when all hell breaks loose. All of team epic starts attacking and beating up Mystic J. Bobbinette gets stomps in on him. She looks down at mystic J with a mic in her hand. Fans are shocked at this betrayal of Mystic.

Bobbinette: Team epic is an uberly epic family… and mystic you never really were part of that family. So this is your notice.. You’re just not epic.

Mystic lays there in the ring as Bobbinette flips her hair over her shoulder. She drops the letter down on Mystic. The piece revealing his ultimate betrayal to the team. The rest of the team epic members look at mystic in disgust as they leave the ring. They head back stage solemn not celebrating what they had to do but it was done because it had to be.

Mayhem cuts to yet another commercial..


Another Victim…

Back from commercial…..  

As the camera man walked down the long concrete hall, He heard in the distance the sound of a brawl, He hurried his pace and flipped in the switch, The camera lens pointed at the ground in a pinch. He turned a sharp corner and let the film roll, Hoping to catch both the man and his foe, Behind a closed door he heard a loud crash, Something hit the door with a smash.   Suddenly silence, the cautious hand wavers, To push open the door doing the viewers a favor, Laid out on the floor was a man with a spoon, Obviously dropped by some sort of goon. The influx of light made a small square, Not quite enough to see whom else was there, The oddity was that Ken was out cold, And in front of him lay a title of gold. This gold was the mark of a champ from a stable, To defend the group’s honor right now he’s unable, And out from the dark an arm had emerged, With a squeeze of the fist the muscles had surged.  

Without much else there was a flash of a knife, Quick cross the flesh as blood dripped from the slice, Down dropped the drips moving away from Ken’s head, It splattered the face of the gold title instead.  

“They know not the motives that roam through my mind, They can only hope that things turn out fine. But two victims have fallen across these two weeks, Many will wonder who’s next on the sheet. It will be epic when all is revealed, I cannot wait to hear this one squeal. And so next week this all comes to a head, I have left three more targets to wonder and dread. Will it be the Queen that should watch where she walks? Or is this man Mystic that this shadow stalks? Perhaps it’s the third, his attention I’ve drawn, The man who holds the prestige as Icon.”  

As the curtains drop and end this suspense, Others can ease what they have all tensed, For next week on Mayhem the answer is clear, The name and the face from the darkness appears….

The action cuts back to the announce team…

“The Child Of Society” L.A. Riotz vs. Scottywood
Singles Match

The action cuts back to Joe and Benny and they are wondering who is behind all the attacks on the Team Epic members. Joe obviously is blaming an unknown Best Alliance member while Benny claims it is a Team Epic member who has finally wised up.   Either way that attacks have been bloody and have everyone in the back on edge.   Joe and Benny then talk about the upcoming match pitting L.A. Riotz and Scottywood. They talk about how last week Riotz was attacked and literally left hanging while tonight Scottywood barely escaped the wrath of Kostoff.   Joe claims Scottywood got the better end of the deal as he got a LSD Title shot out of it while Riotz is stuck with a big bandage on his head.   Joe’s point is driven home as Riotz makes his way out for his match wearing a bandana to hide the bandage.   Joe wonders what kind of condition Riotz is in after such a wicked attack.

The answer to Joe’s question is about to be answered as Riotz makes his way down to the ring as “Open Your Mind” by the Guano Apes blasts thru the PA system and Riotz is indeed wearing a bandana to cover up the marks from last weeks beating.   Riotz seems focused and determined as “Stricken” by Disturbed begins playing and Scottywood makes his way out, sporting a fat lip courtesy of Chris Kostoff.   Joe and Benny go back and forth about the fact that Lee is giving out title shots to his Best Alliance members and Benny argues that they have been earning the shots in matches and by taking the intuitive while others on the roster seem to just be laying back waiting for something to happen while the Best Alliance MAKES things happen.

As Boettcher signals for the bell the crowd is once again amped up for another Best Alliance vs. Team Epic match up.   The two injured men lock up and its apparent that Scottywood is the lesser of the injured as he gains the upper hand quickly with a quick right hand to the temple of Riotz staggering the man.   As Scotty works on Riotz head, Joe tells the viewers that Graystone is alright and just like Kenn Oddity was wearing fire retardant pants and that would explain the fact that both men were able to bear the flames earlier tonight in the Inferno Match.

Benny claims that you would had to been an idiot to NOT wear some of those pants in a match in which you know you might get set on fire.   Joe agrees and the talk quickly shifts back inside the ring where Riotz has countered a vertical suplex by Scotty into one of his own and both men are now laid out as the crowd cheers for Riotz to get to his feet.   Both men struggle to get to their and when they do its Riotz who takes down Scottywood with a quickly executed short armed clothesline.

The crowd is fully behind Riotz as he continues on the offensive gaining near fall after near fall. Scottywood however finally regains the momentum as he floats thru a suplex attempt by Riotz and nails the Team Epic member with a DDT, busting Riotz back open.   The blood soaks thru Riotz’s bandana and Benny notes how realistic it looks thru HD and Joe counters that is is realistic you drunk bastard.

Benny just counters by taking another shot as the crowd is giving it to Scottywood as the Best Alliance member nails Riotz with a german suplex which gets a near fall from Boettcher.   The finish of the match comes as Scottywood is able to nail Riotz with a high sidekick to the head followed by his fireman’s carry DDT finisher called Game Misconduct. Scotty makes the cover and Boettcher the count.

1….   2…   3…


Post match we see Scottywood head to the back smiling while wiping the blood from his lip that was busted back open during the match. Inside the ring Riotz can be seen holding his head, obviously still banged up from the attack last week.   Joe notes that Scotty moves onto his big match up with Chris Kostoff next week on Mayhem in a NO DQ match for the LSD Title.   Mayhem then cuts backstage…

Max…err Minister?

We cut backstage and HOW cameras are zoomed in on a pair of black wrestling boots shoes with white spats over them that slowly pan up to a pair of black slacks which slowly move up to a thin and scarred midsection and torso and finally up to Max Kael’s face as he grin’s maniacally at the camera, his curly black hair dropping down slightly across half of his face before he brushes it back out of his face with his white tapped up hands.

Max Kael: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! We hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves tonight because we can assure you it’s about to get a lot better.. How you may ask? Let us tell you..

Max stepped back motioning his hands toward a table on which no less than thirty different flavors of 40 oz Slurpees were on display. He moved around to behind the table and leaned down, his eyes locked on the camera though his face was just above the Slurpee drinks.

Max Kael: ..beautiful is it not? We thought you would think so.. For you see Max Kael has taken his first step into a larger world.. For you see what does every great champion have that sets him or her apart from others? Sponsorship! Funding from a large mega corporation to ensure that his every need is paid for so that he can focus on the things that are most important on life..

He winked at the camera before looked back down at the Slurpees mulling to himself over which one he should take before he grabbed a Full Throttle Frozen Fury flavored Slurpee taking a long drink of it before allowing himself an overly satisfied smack of his lips.

Max Kael: MMMM! Fuels the Madness! Just what we needed to get ourselves ready for our Match against the nimrod Darkwing! But wait, it gets better. There is still another commercial break and five minute wait period before my match against Darkwing! And you know what that means right?

He picked up a watch off the table, clicking it gently as it make a loud beeping sound.

Max Kael: You have up to ten minutes to go out and buy yourself a delicious and refreshing Slurpee from the vendors before you get to see me embarrass Darkwing like the child he is! So many flavors and so little time so you better get a move on! And best of all, you pour your own drink so you get to decide how big or how small it is! All for under two dollars.. You can’t buy a 40 oz Soda for that little! Not at our Vendors here, that’s for sure!

He eyed the watch again before he took another long drag off his Slurpee as if he were waiting for the crowd to do something. After about ten seconds he stops drinking and sets it down, once again offering another self satisfied smack of his lips.

Max Kael: But wait! It gets better.. For you see in just a month.. Before my match at Rumble at the Rock there shall be a Special Limited Edition Holographic Cup and flavor made especially for.. Yours truly. Indeed! The Flavourologist at Slurpee have let us know… that a special HOW brand of collector cups and flavors will be released the week before the PPV! So you idiotic little consumers.. Save your pennies and prepare your hearts to buy into the machine! Heh-heh!

Setting the Slurpee down Max Kael folded his arms over his chest and canted his head to the side with a smug expression which gave him a greasy appearance. His blood shot eyes looked directly at the camera as he took in a breath of fresh air before continuing.

Max Kael: But.. We’re afraid you’re going to have to wait until then to get that.. But we promise you tonight you can get to see a little bit of horror that we are planning to unleash on the pathetic has been that is Darkwing. The man is a wasted up waste of space and as in following with our personal philosophy.. He needs to learn that it’s not about having everything that makes you amazing.. It’s about having nothing and living a life free of such burdens..

A dangerous grin flashed on Max’s face as he turned to the side, his eyes still locked on the camera. His hands lifted up, rubbing against each other in a menacing fashion akin for a 1920’s silent film villain.

Max Kael:.. Oh yes.. And when he has nothing left.. He shall see as others have seen.. As Shane shall see and Oddity shall learn.. When you have nothing to lose.. You can truly learn to live life to the fullest. And the madness will spread though HOW until there is no one left who is untouched.. Team EPIC shall be shattered by our fist.. And the Madness will spread. One by one.. Two by two.. Slipping away. Oh.. And then.. It shall be glorious..

He took a moment to bask in his own glory before he smiled brightly at the camera, waving good bye.

Max Kael: Oh.. Such music to our ears. A world driven mad.. Imagine That..

Mayhem cuts to a commercial for Adidias

Max Kael vs. Darkwing
Steel Cage Match

Back live and the HOW cameras are focused in on the steel cage as it is being lowered. The crowd is cheering loudly as HOW crewmen ease the cage into place and begin to lock it into the ring.   Joe and Benny then discuss how even though its been a very hectic day here in HOW that they wish a happy Labor Day to all the men and women who work a 9 to 5 trying to make ends meet.   They kill some more time as the crew finishes up by talking about what a big match this is coming up in our main event. The loser of this match is obviously out of the Best Alliance and thus out of favor with Lee, and the winner gains a world title shot next week against Bobbinette Carey.

With the cage securely in place “My Ruin” by Sevendust blasts thru the United Center as Darkwing, the HOW Hall of Famer, makes his way down to the steel structure awaiting his arrival.   The crowd boos loudly for the former multi champion here in HOW but there are a few cheers as well as its more of a product of facing Maximillian Kael than anything.   “Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir hits the arena and Maximillian Kael appears from the back to a very loud chorus of boos. It is apparent that his ribs are taped up and Joe wonders how much of a distraction for Max who seems to be splitting more and more time with Minister than ever before.   Max makes his way down to the cage door and looks into the ring and smiles at Darkwing who is standing in the center of the ring waiting for Max.

Joe mentions that this is a big moment for the Best Alliance and to drive home this point the HOTv comes alive and we see Lee Best, Shotgun and Scottywood all watching the match intently in Lee’s office.   Benny states that although right now Max might have had the better run in HOW lately it is Darkwing who has come up big time after time in the big match setting and Max has yet to capture gold.   Max enters the ring and takes his shirt off to reveal his heavily bandaged ribs and Darkwing’s eyes light up as if its going to be target practice.   Carl Hortega makes his way down as the second ref for the match and will be handling the door while Matt Boettcher will be handling all the action inside the steel cage.

Boettcher signals for the bell and Darkwing and Max give each other a quick nod as a sign of respect and they lock up and our main event is underway.   Darkwing delivers a quick knee to the gut of Max and Kael goes down to a knee trying to hold his breath. Darkwing  taps his head to signal how smart he is and bends down to pick up the fallen Kael when Max surprises him with a wicked and powerful right hand.   Darkwing falls to the mat with his eyes rolling backward as Max quickly makes the cover and locks in the leg for good measure…

1……….     2………..     3!!!!!  


Post match HOW cameras catch Max pulling brass knuckles off his hand and putting them back inside the wrap he has around his ribs.    Unfortunately for Darkwing it is too late as the HOW Hall of Famer is officially out of the Best Alliance and Maximillian Kael moves on to face Bobbinette Carey next week for the World Title.   Boettcher and Hortega help the lifeless Darkwing to the back as Max celebrates inside the ring.   Joe is beside himself as replays clearly show that Max used Brass Knucks when nailing Darkwing with the heavy right hand to get the quick pinfall.   Suddenly Shane Reynolds appears out from the crowd and he rushes right to the door and Max seeing this, hustles for the door as well. The two meet face to face on the opposite sides of the cage and there is an audible locking sound as Shane locks the door with his own personal Masterlock.

The crowd is on their feet as Max runs to the opposite side of the cage and begins to climb but Shane hustles to the opposite side and motions for Max to come on down.   Realizing that he is trapped Max jumps down and pulls out his brass knuckles from his tape job and motions for Shane to come on in.   Shane doesn’t however and instead drops the black bag he was carrying and opens it up to reveal a ball of barbwire with some kind of material threaded thru the barbs. He begins walking around the ring with the ball, thus leaving a line of barb wire as he walks.

As he is doing this the HOTv comes to life and we see why the Best Alliance has not made its way down to help Max….   There is an all-out brawl going inside the office of Lee Best….   Scottywood and Riotz are brawling once again as Shotgun is going at it with Matthew Williams while Bobbinette Carey and Graystone are exchanging blows….   Lee is standing behind his desk as there is nowhere for him to go as we go back to ringside where Shane is smiling as he catches a glimpse of the HOTv and sees that Max has no one to help him.   Joe mentions that Oddity was taken out earlier or else the Best Alliance would be even in more trouble right now inside of Lee’s office…

Shane has four rows of barb wire around the cage, enough to cover the door and high enough that there would be no way for Max to avoid it unless he just dove off the cage…which he might have to…   Shane then reaches into his black bag and pulls out a big bottle of lighter fluid and Joe and Benny quickly claim that we have had enough fire here tonight in High Octane!!   Shane walks around the cage dousing the material on the barbed wire with the lighter fluid and then proceeds to light the cage on fire.   HOW High Definition cameras follow the flame as it literally races around the cage four times…each time it passes in front of Max the look in Max’s eyes go even darker…

Shane is smiling as Max is literally trapped in a burning cage and as he pulls a ladder out from under the ring and sets it up against the cage everyone realizes that Shane has Max trapped and now he is going to finally end this feud with Max by climbing into the cage where no one can leave and no one can enter.   The crowd is going apeshit as Shane begins to climb up the ladder when suddenly the ladder begins leaning back and people all rise as one as Shane’s eyes grow wide with fear as he falls backwards into the crowd.   The sound of the ladder and Shane hitting the front row of fans is horrifying and as Mayhem comes to an end with have a lasting image…..

Of the masked man from last week’s Mayhem standing in front of the burning cage with Maximillian Kael smiling behind him in the center of the ring as the fires dance around the steel as HOW medics rush to check on the ICON Champion….



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