Mayhem: September 15th, 2008 (2008)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
September 15th, 2008 – #HOW19
United Center – Chicago, Illinois


Prior to the Show..

Black boots fall heavy on the concrete path as Shane Reynolds marches towards the arena entrance. He is dressed in his usual black long sleeve top, with black back pants and a long black coat over the top. He also has a black bag hanging somewhat typically now over his right shoulder. It’s a nice day with a blazing sun hanging in the sky but he doesn’t notice or feel the heat; his black hair hung in strands over his face, which was focused.

He reaches the entrance, the vicinity of which is completely deserted of people. That is, until he goes to open the door when suddenly three members of security appear from within, blocking his entrance.

Shane: So it’s true then? I’m banned from the arena?

The guard in the middle, the tallest of the three, smirks slightly.

Guard: I’m afraid so, sir. By orders of Commissioner  Narcotic.

Shane smirks slightly himself now, partially because the name Commissioner Narcotic sounds more than a little funny to him. Shane also looks the tall guard dead in the eye. Shane can read he had been waiting all day for this moment, and was just itching for Shane, like all wrestlers when banned and carrying a grudge to attempt to burst his way through them and into the arena. And who was Shane to disappoint him?

Shane: Oh, well.

Shane said, and then paused to throw his hand forward suddenly towards the tallest guard. He didn’t flinch or even make a move, but, going by his expression, was completely taken aback as all the ICON champion did was tap him on his shoulder.

Shane: Thanks for letting me know. I just wanted to make absolutely sure whether it was true or not.

With that, he turned and marched away as quickly as he had arrived. The three guards merely watched on as he walked off and eventually disappeared from view.



“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses once again welcomes everyone to another edition of Monday Night Mayhem. HOW cameras pan across the United Center as once again the arena is filled to near capacity.  A video begins playing showing all the highlights of last week’s Mayhem.

**Impressive debut by AC Blood**

**Scottywood winning the LSD Championship**

**ArcAngel being revealed as the Team Epic stalker and being booked against Carey at RATR**

**Graystone being revealed as the masked man that has been attacking Shane Reynolds and will face him at RATR for the ICON Championship**

**Maximillian Kael winning the World Championship**

The video ends showing Kael holding the World Title and it is at this point the crowd boos loudly and are still booing loudly as Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell then welcome in all the viewers that have tuned in via the High Octane Television channel found on the DirecTV and Dish Network satellite systems.

As GNR fades out Joe runs down tonight’s card highlighted by the big tag team main event.  Benny takes that moment to brag about the big night for the BA that was Mayhem last week, as Scottywood won the LSD Championship and Maximillian Kael won the World Title.   Joe counters that the decks were stacked against Carey and Kostoff last week and with the Best Alliance controlling the gold in HOW that can only mean it’s going to be doubly hard for anyone to take the titles off of a BA member when Lee will just continue to stack the deck for his members.   Benny dismisses this and states that tonight we will see why Scottywood is the LSD Champion when he will avenge his singles loss to Kenn Oddity by taking out the Team Epic child molester.

Joe questions Benny’s use of molester and Benny counters that all you have to do is look to Kenn’s relationship with Livie Carey to see the face of a man that should be getting his ass raped by Mike Tyson behind some bars.   Joe just ignores Benny’s outlandish comments but does state that tonight we will find out who will face Scottywood at Rumble at the Rock and if the fans had their way it would be Chris Kostoff but since he is tied into his match with Lee Best, there is just no telling who will be booked to take on Scottywood.   Benny states it doesn’t matter and then guarantees that at Rumble at the Rock Graystone will defeat Shane Reynolds and then the Best Alliance will have all the gold.

This comments leads right into Joe reminding the viewers of the footage we just seen that Shane is in fact banned from the arena tonight and that is probably a good thing for Graystone’s health.   The crowd, getting antsy, cheers loudly as Carl Hortega makes his way down to the ring signaling that the first match is about to begin.


“The Child of Society” L.A. Riotz vs. Shotgun
Singles Match

Inside the ring Carl Hortega is checking the boots and tights of Best Alliance member Shotgun as the crowd boos at the first sight of a Best Alliance member.   Joe talks about how this is a big match for Shotgun as right now he is the only man in the Best Alliance who seems to be having a hard time winning a big match. A chance to take out one of the Team Epic members is just the type of thing Lee looks for in his stable members.   Benny states that Riotz has no chance tonight…none.

The crowd seems to differ however as they cheer loudly as Open your Mind by the Guano Apes blasts thru the United Center and L. A. Riotz makes his way down to the ring.   Joe reminds the viewers that Riotz was the first man that was attacked by ArcAngel and tonight should be interesting given the fact that everyone now knows that ArcAngel betrayed everyone in the team Epic stable and literally took out all the members systematically the last several weeks.   The crowd is still cheering as Riotz suddenly stops walking up the ring ropes and turns around to see a man in the front row heckling him.

The man has a Best Alliance t-shirt on and Riotz quickly reaches over and snatches the man and slings him over the guardrail and proceeds to rip the shirt off the man before HOW security members rush over and usher the man to the back quickly as the crowd cheers loudly for a now smirking Riotz entering the ring with the torn Best Alliance shirt hanging from his back pocket.

Hortega signals for the bell as Benny counters that Riotz should be arrested for assault and battery but his claims fall on deaf ears as Joe is focused on the action in the ring.   Once again here in HOW a Best Alliance member and a Team Epic member lock up and it’s the Team Epic member that gains the advantage early….and in this match, often.   Riotz is all over Shotgun and you can tell the frustration of the last few weeks have really gotten to Riotz as he is pummeling Shotgun with rights and lefts all over the HOW canvas.

Benny is almost embarrassed to watch as Riotz executes big move after big move. From a wicked Mafia Kick to a cradle piledriver, we see the full extent of Riotz’s offence without ever seeing a pinfall attempt.

The crowd is fully behind Riotz and are loving the complete and utter destruction of the person many feel is the weakest link in the Best Alliance.   The finish of the match finally and mercifully for Shotgun, comes as Riotz has Shotgun positioned on the top rope and nails the BA member with his Gravity Kills finisher from the top rope.   The crowd goes apeshit after seeing the brainbuster from the top and they count along with Hortega as Riotz makes the cover.


WINNER OF THE MATCH IN 4:21 L.A. RIOTZ!!!                         

Post match we see Riotz shove the Best Alliance shirt down the throw of Shotgun and he walks towards the back as the crowd is starting to really get behind Riotz here in HOW.   Mayhem then cuts to a quick commercial break




Best Preparations..

Back live and we are inside the Best Alliance locker room where Lee Best is going off on Shotgun…


But Shotgun can’t as he is still half out of it from the punishment he just took inside the ring. Lee’s personal doctors are trying to bring Shotgun out of his daze with some smelling salts but they are not working.   Lee is beyond pissed and as the door opens up he turns quickly, ready to go off again.

Lee Best: Ah Scotty…glad you are here. I was getting tired of looking at the trash..   Scotty turns to see Shotgun being attended to and just shakes his head as he takes a seat in the plush leather chair opposite of Lee’s desk.  He places the LSD Championship Belt on Lee’s desk and smiles up at Lee.

Scotty: So who is it?

Lee Best: Who?

Scotty: The man who I am going to face at Rumble at the Rock?

Lee then smiles and leans back..

Lee Best: Ah that man….don’t you worry Scotty.  This match will establish you as the future of the Best Alliance and of HOW in general. Trust me your Rumble at the Rock opponent is just going to be there to help the world realize the greatness that is Scott Woodson.

Scottywood: That sounds all fine and dandy but when do I find out who the jobber is?

Lee Best: Well I have to finish up a little something in regards to Kostoff tonight….but after that I will make my way out there and announce it. Give it this big time feel you know?

Scottywood: Sounds good to me Lee. Do I still get to celebrate though?

Lee Best: Oh for sure. You won that title fair and square from Kostoff so tonight you get to celebrate. How about after the next match?

Scottywood: Sounds good to me.

Lee Best: Good. Right after AC Blood destroys Matthew Williams you get your in ring time to celebrate. Then just stay out there and take out Oddity and we will be off and running….cool?

Scotty doesn’t answer but instead stands up and smiles. He then grabs the LSD title off of Lee’s desk and throws it over his shoulder and makes his way towards the door, stopping next to Shotgun before exiting.

Scottywood: This guy done in the BA?

Lee Best: One more week. Next week I am putting his ass in a match against Riotz man toy Kenn Oddity and if he doesn’t win then his ass is out.

Scottywood just nods and exits as Lee is left shaking his head as he looks on at Shotgun.


AC Blood vs. Mathew Williams
Singles Match

The action cuts back to Joe and Benny who are wondering out loud just who might be the opponent for Scottywood at Rumble at the Rock.

L. A. Riotz?

Matthew Williams?

The man he is facing tonight..Kenn Oddity?

With no clear cut number one contender no one can be quite sure of what Lee will book.  Joe then begins talking about what we do know….right now it is time for Matthew Williams to take on the man who had a very impressive debut last week, AC Blood.   Benny claims this match is just filler and begins to reload his official HOW Flask with some Jack as Williams is about to make his way out with AC Blood already in the ring.

“It’s a Jungle out There” by Randy Newman blasts over the PA and the crowd gives the newest Team Epic member a warm response as he makes his way out. Several of the fans have signs with Williams purposely misspelled and Joe reminds the viewers of Williams debut a few weeks ago where the OCD sufferer literally took a sign from a fan just to spell his own name right.   As Williams notices all the signs that are misspelled and realizes that there is no way he can fix all of them, he just grits his teeth and marches quickly down to the ring where Matt Boettcher is waiting to ring the bell.

As Benny continues to ignore the match to drink his Jack, Joe states that tonight’s match is a big one possibly with a LSD Title shot at RATR on the line.   As Boettcher signals for the bell Joe mentions that the line on the match was AC Blood at a 3/1 favorite, the line courtesy of the new online gambling feature found on   The crowd is somewhat into the match as Williams the Blood lock up and it is the big underdog Williams who gains the upper hand early after avoiding several elbows from Blood.

The crowd starts to take more notice of the match as it is apparent that Blood just isn’t on top of his game and Williams looks like he just might have enough to pull off the upset.   And that is exactly what happens as Williams catches Blood with his Heart Shocker super kick finisher as Blood was coming off the top rope going for a top rope elbow drop.   Boettcher makes the count as Williams covers and part of the crowd actually counts along as a big upset goes down…



Post match we see Williams take in the fans cheers with a big smile. It is obvious that Williams cares about the fans cheering for him and Joe mentions that Williams just might of won himself a spot at the PPV.   Joe then leads Mayhem to another commercial as we the LSD Championship celebration is up next!!  




LSD Celebration?

OOOOOOOHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated!

”Stricken” by Disturbed follows the familiar intro as the fans in the United Center start a chorus of loud boos.

Amy Smeets: Ladies and Gentlemen. Please welcome the new High Octane Wrestling LSD Champion…..The Hardcore Artist…Scottywood!!!

On cue Scottywood makes his way out from backstage with the newly won LSD title propped up on his shoulder and wearing his New York Rangers hockey jersey. He smiles and pats the title belt as he walks by fans yelling how he doesn’t deserve the title.

Joe Hoffman: Last week we saw The Best Alliance steal the LSD title from Kostoff. I have never seen a deck staked as much as it was last week and these fans are really giving it to Scottywood.

Benny Newell: Like Scottywood said earlier this week, the fans and idiots like you care too much about how something was achieved, while Scottywood and The Best Alliance just care about the result. And that result is Scottywood is the new LSD champion.

Scottywood takes his time walking around the entire ring showing off the LSD title to every fan sitting in the front rows, not letting any of the negative comments get to him. He finally walks up the ring steps and into the ring where he unstraps the title and raises it high above his head as balloons and confetti start to fall from the ceiling of the United Center as the boos grow even louder.

Joe Hoffman: Is this really necessary? It’s bad enough no one wants to see him out here flaunting his stolen title, but balloons and confetti?

Benny Newell: I know, it’s amazing!

Benny pours a celebratory shot as Scotty gets the microphone from Amy Smeets and his music fades out just leaving the chorus of boos in the arena.

Scottywood: I told you all that I was going to walk out of Mayhem with the LSD, that I was going to bring some life back to this division and last week I delivered one hundred percent on that. And while many of you might not agree with how it went down, none of you can argue that it wasn’t entertaining and good television.

Benny Newell: This is true, I have that match saved on my TiVo along with Max Kael’s match with Bobbinette Carey.

Joe Hoffman: That wasn’t entertaining at all. I think Lee Best has completely clouded Scottywood’s head with bullshit.

Scottywood: And tonight I plan to deliver with more of the same when I face off against Kenn Oddity. Now Kenn you might think that the title should be on the line, but the fact is you impressed no one last week when you beat a defenseless Shane Reynolds. So the fact is you don’t deserve the title to be on the line tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Just like he doesn’t deserve to be the LSD champion.

Benny Newell: You’re right, Kenn doesn’t deserve to be LSD champion .   Joe just shakes his head as he watches Benny take another celebratory shot.

Scottywood: But the rumors swirling around say that this title, my LSD title, will be on the line at Rumble at the Rock. Now I know the LSD fans will be highly worried about me losing my gold, but don’t worry. Whoever I have to defend my title against I promise to all my adoring fans that I will defeat them.   The crowd starts to boo again as the fake smile on Scotty’s face grows, knowing it is just pissing off the fans even more.

Joe Hoffman: I think he is delusional…

Benny Newell: Or a genius…..   Suddenly “Jordan” by Buckethead begins playing the crowd jumps to their feet as the recognize the music of the Odd one right away.

Joe Hoffman: Its Scottywood’s opponent tonight Kenn Oddity!   Scotty turns towards Oddity and just pats the LSD title as the Team Epic member makes his way down to the ring with Matt Boettcher flying by him and sliding into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well I think it is clear that Oddity wasn’t going to sit in the back and watch Scotty celebrate any longer. It is time for our next match and it is once again Team Epic taking on the BA!


Scottywood vs. Kenn Oddity
Singles Match

Matt Boettcher signals for the bell as Scottywood hands the LSD title to a HOW crewmen on the outside. Oddity can be seen kicking some confetti out of the ring and balloons popping can be heard throughout the arena as this big non title LSD bout is about to start.   Suddenly the HOTv comes to life and we see the Commissioner of HOW on the screen. The crowd boos loudly at the sight of Narcotic, the man directly responsible with Scotty winning the title from Kostoff last week.

Narcotic: Before this match is to begin I just wanted to let everyone know that even though I am currently here in Manchester finishing up the details on HOW’s first international tour, I wanted to make sure that this LSD match was a fair one.

The word fair coming from Narcotic’s mouth ignites  huge roar from the crowd and they really let the Commish have it.

Narcotic: I just got off the phone with Lee and I was able to talk some sense into Lee and the original plan of having F.R.E.D come into HOW to take on Scotty at RATR would just not be enough of a draw for the buy rates. So with that said I just wanted to give our glorious champion a little fire for tonight’s match against Oddity……

The crowd is hanging on every word as is Oddity and Scotty who are staring intently at the HOTv screen, Oddity with his back to Scotty..

Narcotic: Tonight is still a non title match but I just wanted to add that is now a NO DQ match and Scotty you should have some extra incentive as the man you will be facing at RATR is none other than KENN ODDITY!!!

The crowd goes wild with excitement at the announcement that it will be Kenn Oddity taking on Scottywood for the LSD Championship at Rumble at the Rock on October 13th.   Oddity is seen applauding towards the HOTv screen, obviously ecstatic at the decision made by Narcotic.

Narcotic: Oh ya one more thing Kenn…….turn around…

Oddity’s eyes light up as he knows exactly what is coming but it is too late as he is nailed from behind by Scotty who is welding his LSD Championship which he just grabbed off the apron after it was placed there by an unknown HOW crew member.

Narcotic: Oops, too late. Make the count Betch…

Boettcher gets in position and reluctantly makes the count as Scottywood hooks both legs and acts like he just went 60 minutes with a certain Canadian.



Post match we see Scotty slide talking shit to a knocked out Oddity as the action cuts backstage..


Missing OCD

The camera lights up showing Bobbinette Carey walking into the arena. She has her poodle under her arm with Livie behind her. Bobbinette opens the locker room door. She sees LA Riotz

Bobbinette: have you seen Williams?

He shakes his head no.


She yells throughout the hall. She looks in the locker room then waves with a big smile.

Bobbinette: After I find Mat we’re having a group meeting with everyone about the stable titles.

Livie: CAN I wrestle for it?

Bobbinette looks at Livie and shakes her head no as they take off to go find Matt as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.




Search Continues..

Back from commercial…  We see Livie looking under Tables and walking around.~

Livie: Unkie Mat!

Livie pats her leg and whistles.

Livie: The Powerpuff girls NEED YOU!

She says loudly.

Bobbinette: Livie-

Livie: Bubbles!

Bobbinette: He’s not a dog….

She corrects her sister.

Livie: Where did he go?

Bobbinette snaps her fingers thinking of where she could find him. Bobbinette starts walking towards where she thinks to look. Livie walks behind her skipping happily as HOW cameras follow them.   Bobbinette and Olivia continue to walk down the hallway. Bobbinette finally turns a corner and sees the door to the medical unit closed. Bobbinette knocks gently then enters. She sees Mat Williams there. She looks at him as he looks at her.

Bobbinette: We’ve been looking all over for you.

Mat: For me? I think I know why…

he says nervously.

Bobbinette: No you don’t… I came to find you because last week I was proud of you.

Mat: for running away?

Bobbinette shakes her head.

Bobbinette: For doing your best, I know this hasn’t been easy for you. But you still stuck it out as long as you could. With the blood I don’t blame you. So you’re slowly overcoming stuff. Before you would have ran and screamed right off the bat but You didn’t. You’re getting better.

Mat: You know what? I might be…

The two walk out of the clinic. Bobbinette pulls out a pack of wipes as he looks at it. She hands him one and he wipes his hands as Bobbinette and Mat walk out of the office. Mat is rushed with a Hug from Livie. His eyes widen as Bobbinette pulls Livie off of him. Bobbinette hands him another wipe. Mat Livie and Bobbinette walk down the halls where a HOW crewmember stops Carey to let her know that her match is next!   Action then cuts to inside the ring where Amy Smeets is standing by.



As action is about to start in the ring Amy Smeets receives word in her ear that she has to wait a moment, suddenly the lights go out and the set begins to light up in random places, spotlights start to flicker on and off and some mist begins to rise from the floor, it’s all a bit eerie

“O Fortuna, Velut Luna, Statu Variabilis”

is heard chanting from the backstage area, suddenly a small fire begins to break out from what appears to be a ring or a circle placed on the ramp area, the lights flicker some more before a huge explosion happens the arena is left in darkness, nothing on fire anymore, no sound, nothing.   A wisp of air is heard softly coming through the speakers as the video wall lights up. It shows a mysterious figure standing with his back to the camera and his arms outstretched, as he turns around instantly “Remedy” by Seether begins to play as the lights in the area shoot around in all directions.

The man standing now facing us on the video is non-other than Juvian Ramorez. As the crowd are stunned in mixed emotion two red spotlights light up the stage as Juvian walks out. Juvian who is supporting an evil sadistic yet an ‘I’m Back’ smile on his face is dressed in black clad jeans with an open buttoned white shirt.

Juvian begins the slowly walk down to the ring as the spotlights follow him every step of the way. As he reaches the ring he walks up the steps and gets into the ring. He smiles whilst looking around at everybody in attendance before grabbing a microphone out of the back of his pocket and raising it up to his mouth as the music dies down.

Juvian – “Seven Months”

He stops and smiles again

Juvian – “Seven Long ass months it’s taken me to find a federation who I feel deserves my presence. Seven long months it’s been tracking down one man, A guy with an obsession with a certain cameramen and Ice hockey.”

Juvian – “It doesn’t take a genius to work out who I am talking about but then again I’m not aiming for him right now. You see this week Juvian Ramorez signed an exclusive deal for the next three months to wrestle here in High Octane Wrestling”

The crowd pops at the mention of HOW as Juvian continues to smile

Juvian – “In these three months I give you promises, not only do I promise to bring you world class new action to the ring, but I also promise each and every fan here and around the world that I will do what nobody on this roster has been able to do. That’s by taking out the people who call themselves a member of this so called “Best Alliance”.

Juvian – “I’ve been catching up on HOW back at my house in New Mexico and quite frankly the “Best Alliance” is simply bullshit. I could have come out here tonight and cut a nice interview about how it’s great to be back in the ring, how I can’t wait to start my career again but I simply cannot be arsed to do so. I came out here to make promises and offer someone out.”

Juvian – “Last week we saw a ‘new recruit’ join this so called ‘Best Alliance’ and he is first on my list. I am starting on the new and getting to the old, so Shotgun next week I guess you should bring you’re a Game. Bring yourself to the ring, he’ll bring some help if you want to stand on the outside and try and cheat. It won’t matter the result will still be the same. You see Juvian is here now.”

Juvian – “Next week Shotgun, you will find out why the Alliance is on a downfall, and trust me, it’s going to be epic!”

Juvian throws the microphone on the floor as “Remedy” Starts up once more and Juvian quickly leaves the ring and disappears through the crowd of the audience as Joe notes that next week it will be the debuting Juvian Ramorez taking on Shotgun and not L.A. Riotz like originally planned.   Lee obviously wants to test the new guy and his own.

Mayhem cuts to another quick commercial break as HOW crew members get the ring in order for Bobbinette Carey vs. Reno Raines.




Bobbinette Carey vs. Reno Raines
Singles Match

Action resumes with Joe welcome the viewers back and during the break Darkwing gave an interview with Blair Moise but Lee quickly pulled it from being live and Joe has learned that the interview will be available for download on after Mayhem.   Benny praises Lee for not allowing Darkwings interview to be aired here tonight cause it would of just killed the ratings.   Joe counters that it is just another example of Lee making sure that only the Best Alliance gets all the air time here in HOW. Joe can go on forever but the injustices that Best Alliance perform each and every week but right now it is time for Team Epic leader Bobbinette Carey to take on Reno Raines who is trying to establish himself here in HOW.

Reno is already in the ring and the crowd goes crazy as the former World Champion Bobbinette Carey makes her way out to her usual Best Damn Thing by Avril theme song. Carey has an expression of relief on her face but also concern.   Benny mentions that Carey was more worried about finding a jobber like Williams than she was in helping out Kenn Oddity who was taken out by Scottywood earlier on in the show.   Joe counters that Carey was obviously not by a monitor or else she would have been there.

The two announcers continue to go back and forth until Joe turns their focus back inside the ring where Carl Hortega has been assigned to this match to allow Boettcher to be ready for the Main Event, has just signaled for the bell.

It is obvious from the get go that there is some form of respect between these two superstars as neither goes for anything cheap.   Raines gains the early advantage on the former World Champion and backs her into the corner where he nails her with some wicked chops which brings Benny to state that the last time he hit a pair of tits like that he got arrested at the blackjack table at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.   Joe can only shake his head while back in the ring the former World Champion is on the offensive and has just nailed Raines with a perfect bulldog off the second rope to get a near fall.

The crowd is squarely behind Carey and as the action continues inside the ring Joe reminds the viewers that on October 13th Bobbinette will take on ArcAngel at Rumble at the Rock and it is at this point that Joe asks the question everyone has been asking all night…   Where is ArcAngel?   The question lingers throughout the rest of the match as the two HOW superstars go back and forth and there are several near falls but no one is able to get a pinfall.

Joe points out that these two are not strangers to each other and that is obvious as there are several reversals and counters to each others moves.   The finish of the match finally comes as an unknown older gentleman appears at ringside distracting Reno just long enough for Carey to nail Raines with her Royalty Check finisher.   Hortega makes the count as Carey covers and finally notices the man at ringside…



Post match we see Carey help Raines up but neither Raines nor Carey look comfortable.   Mayhem cuts to the backstage area as we see Raines staring at the older gentlemen as Joe wonders what is this mans ties to Reno.


United Front?

The scene opens backstage. Chris Kostoff can be seen preparing for his match inside his locker room. Suddenly, there is a knock. Kostoff stops preparing, and stares at the door, obviously not expecting a visitor.   ‘Im taking your silence as an indication that you’re not naked.’   The camera pans right….its Darkwing. Kostoff looks at Darkwing with uncertainity in his eyes. Darkwing looks him right in the eye for a moment before speaking.

Darkwing: Kostoff. Im sure you heard me earlier.

Kostoff: Yeah man, I did. I mean that shit is great and all getting the fans all worked up, your’re great at that. But those fans arent going to climb over rails to help us. Your ass needs to get in gear. When I beat you a few months ago, I beat a man I dont know. Right now, Duck, I dont know if I can trust you.

Darkwing: Kostoff, let me interject. My intention is to do nothing more than lend assistance to an old friend, a man whom I stood by in days of old. A man whom I have settled things with in the ring. You beat me. Excuses aside you beat me. Everything else from then to this point was…competitive banter.

Kostoff: Well, im sure Duck, you can understand why I dont trust you. But to be honest, I dont give a fuck. You can try to screw me over if you want, Ill just beat the shit outta you like Pebble Boy and Shit-for-brains Kael. Duck, if you even think of getting in my way, I will take you out.

Darkwing: I expect no less. But rest assured Kostoff, I plan on backing you up. I plan on using you.

Kostoff: What the fuck did you just say?

Darkwing: Calm down. Truth be told you…yes YOU are the person who helped bring about the more sadistic, more ruthless version of Darkwing. YOU helped me realize my savagesness, my ferocity. It was your influence that brought about the birth of the Trans Darkwing Express, the unstoppable force that overpowered and destroyed the likes of Juggernaut and Lynx. Kostoff….I need you. You are a piece of the puzzle to bring back the old Darkwing. Kael called us old timers…..well I am 24 and you a very young 96, so I don’t know what he’s talking about! But Kostoff….my intentions are nothing more than reuniting the two most destructive men in HOW history.

Kostoff looks Darkwing square in the eyes, as if trying to tell if he is telling the truth.

Kostoff: Well duck, if that’s what you want, to bring back that bloodthirsty motherfucker who did anything and everything to anyone in that ring, and you and I are on the same page, the fuck, im all for it. But if you cross me….Trans Duckwing Express or not, I will take you out. But if you got my back….then I got yours.   Darkwing turns to the camera.

Darkwing: You see Kostoff, tonight I will have your back, and I will take the necessary steps to bring back the old Darkwing. You see I was ferocious, savage, and cold. To bring back those qualities, I hereby petition Lee Best himself! Lee and Narcotic…..the two of you want to test Kostoff and myself? That’s fine…you see next week, I hereby request my match, no matter who it is…it could be Matthew Williams….a man whom the Darkone will destroy at some point, but he is not important now….or it could be Kael himself, but next week my match…I request it be…..

Darkwing hesitates.

Darkwing: ……I request it be a FIRST BLOOD MATCH. And whoever I face….will realize Power…Destruction….and…Nightfall.

Darkwing smiles, and as the fans cheer at this, he turns to Kostoff, the two shake hands as the scene cuts  to a commercial..





The lights go out in the arena so that the only light that can be seen is the flashing of the fans’ cameras. Static begins playing over the speakers and an eerie style video begins playing on the big screen, flashing images of bloodied and broken men, the men scream in agony as they hit the mat with such force. A wrestling championship belt then shows up on the screen, the belt is smeared in blood. An evil laugh is heard as the images fade away.

Deep Voice: For over two decades nothing has stopped him from achieving his ultimate goal.Images of wrestlers show up on screen, both legends and new comers.

Deep Voice: Broken bones, ripped muscles, torn flesh, concussions, cuts, bruises, loss of sight, prison and even death have failed to keep this man down. Two years in exile but now for the first time this man becomes… High Octane!

Clips flash of a large muscular wrestler hitting others with a superkick, clothesline, big boot, powerbomb, spear, another wrestler screaming out in absolute agony while being locked in a crippler crossface, someone getting a chokeslam although the images flash to quickly to make out who it is. The final clips are of the same person jumping off a hell in a cell with a shooting star press to someone on the announcing table below and finally someone slamming an 18 wheeler into an ambulance as the scene fades.

The silhouette of a man with his arms stretched out now shows.

Scratchy Voice: Impressed by that were you?

The silhouette now turns into a real person, the body and face scarred to hell, the shot zooms in on the face and the crowd erupts into cheers, a deep scar runs deep over the right eye, both his eyes look seemingly sadistically out towards the crowd as long black hair flows behind him.

Scratchy Voice: My name is Jeff Fucking Harris and my friends that was just the start of it.

Jeff begins to laugh manically then an evil grin plays across his face.

Jeff Harris: Let the pain begin.

Jeff’s face quickly fades out and the following words show before the video ends and the lighting returns to normal:


— THE PAIN BEGINS 22.09.08 —


Darkwing & Kostoff vs. Max Kael & Graystone
Tag Team Match

As the video ends for Harris Joe notes the buzz in the arena over the video they just seen. Benny calls Lee a genius who loves to gamble on wrestlers and he knows that Harris and Juvi are gambles but at least Lee is out there trying to make things happen.   Joe counters Bennys point by saying the only reason Lee is out hiring some known wrestlers is because we are airing on the new HOTv network and the names bring about value. Lee is not trying to help anyone out but himself.

As Joe and Benny continue to argue over the reasoning behind Lee’s recent influx of talent, Chris Kostoff and Darkwing have made their way down to the ring to a very loud chorus of cheers.  Joe finally steers the talk to the match at hand and he then goes into the history of Darkwing and Kostoff, noting that both are former world champions and used to be stablemates at one point in their HOW careers.   Benny ignores Joe and tells him to quit living in the past. In the past Kostoff and Darkwing were superstars but now they are just has-beens who are long past their prime and he don’t care how old either man is. They are jobbers and that will be made evident tonight in this match.

Boos suddenly ring out in the United Center as Graystone, the no.1 contender for the ICON Championship, and Maximillian Kael, the HOW World Champion, make their way down to the ring.   Joe admits that the two men walking down to the ring right now are two of the most dangerous men in the sporting world and that point is made more evident as  the HOTv shows off the recent violent swing in Graystones demeanor  starting with the disgusting display against Shocker and leading to last week when he was revealed as the man that has been stalking Shane Reynolds.

Max and Graystone enter the ring and you can feel the tension in the ring as Kostoff and Darkwing appear ready to tear into the Best Alliance members.   Max and Graystone take their time however as Max continues to whisper into Graystones ear and finally after a few moments it is Graystone who will be starting in the match as Darkwing will start for his team.

Boettcher signals for the bell and we are underway…   The two former World and ICON Champions lock up and it is Darkwing who gains the upper hand and it is obvious that there is a new fire under Darkwing has he catches Graystone with a powerful spinebuster have several irish whip reversals. Darkwing quickly tags in Kostoff and Graystone quickly crawls to the corner and tags himself out to Maximillian Kael.

Joe calls Graystone a coward and its obvious that Graystone doesn’t want anything to do with Kostoff after their week long exchange of harsh words. There is defo no love lost between Kostoff and Graystone and Kostoff is letting Graystone hear it as the World Champion enters the ring.   Kostoff is damn near frothing at the mouth as he and Max lock up and Kostoff gains the upper hand but loses it just as fast as the World Champion nails Kostoff with a eye rake followed by a forearm smash.   The crowd boos loudly as Max continues with his offense, keeping the punishing Kostoff on the ground.

After a perfect chop block, Graystone begs to be tagged in, and Max obliges much to the chagrin of the Chicago crowd.   Graystone then proceeds to work over the former LSD Champion and HOW Hall of Famer with some violent right hands and several suplexes. Darkwing is begging for a tag but each time Kostoff gets close Graystone is able to cut him off.   Graystone and Max continue to execute some quick tags and it is obvious they are on the same page as they cut Kostoff off from his corner.

Benny is on the edge of his seat loving every minute of the match as the Best Alliance is working like a well oiled machine, keeping Kostoff grounded.   Kostoff finally is able to counter a double suplex attempt from the Best Alliance members and nails them with a double DDT move.   The crowd then proceeds to go crazy trying to urge Kostoff to his corner to make the tag.   Benny takes a shot and comments that the proverbial hot tag is about to happen and he doesn’t like it one damn bit.   He was never more right however as Kostoff is able to tag in Darkwing just as Max and Graystone reach their feet.

Darkwing then proceeds to run wild in the ring nailing Max and Graystone with several running clothesline and finishes off the flurry with a power clothesline sending both Graystone and Max crashing to the arena floor as Mayhem cuts to a commercial as Darkwing is going nuts in the ring..




Back from commercial and Darkwing is still in the ring and has Maximillian grounded with a rear chin lock in the center of the ring.   The HOTv comes to life to show the viewers at home that during the break it was all Darkwing as he nailed Max and Graystone with a suicide dive to the outside followed by a Kostoff powerbomb on Max on the outside which lead to a near fall and to where we are at right now.

The World Champion finally makes it way up to his feet and fights off Darkwing but is quickly knocked by down to the ground by another power clothesline by Darkwing.   Joe again states that this is a new but old look for Darkwing and he wonders aloud if this is finally the rebirth of the Hall of Famer that everyone has been waiting for.   Darkwing signals to the fans that he is going for his finisher but that little delay costs him as Max nails Darkwing with a low blow and now it is Max on the offensive.   Benny screams for Max to make a tag but the World Champion wants him some Darkwing and he begins tearing into Darkwing with drop kick to the knee followed by a teeth jarring running knee strike.

HOW cameras capture Max just smiling at the fans as Darkwing is rolling around on the canvas in pain. Max slowly walks over to the corner and tags in Graystone who listens to some advice from Max before charging at Darkwing who is crawling towards Kostoff for the tag.   Darkwing sees Graystone coming however and uses Graystone’s momentum against him as he pulls Gray by the waist and guides him straight into the ring post shoulder first.

The crowd is going wild as Darkwing tags in Kostoff and Kostoff finally has his hands on Graystone.   The next few minutes are nothing but barbaric as Kostoff pummels Graystone from pillar to post and even to the outside as Darkwing held Max at bay welding a steel chair.   The finish of the match finally comes as Kostoff tags in Darkwing and the Dark One sets up Graystone for his  Dark Reality DDT finisher right in front of Max much to the delight of the Untied Center crowd.

But he doesn’t connect as Max reaches out and holds Graystone in place by grabbing a hold of his partner’s tights. Darkwing falls backwards hard to the canvas rocking his head and Graystone quickly covers Darkwing and uses the bottom rope for leverage with his legs as Boettcher makes the count.   Kostoff charges into the ring buy Max is able to cut him off and the two men distract Boettcher enough that he doesn’t see Graystone’s feet on the bottom rope as he makes the count..



Post Match we see Kostoff helping Darkwing to the back as Max and Graystone are on the opposite side of the ring, avoiding Kostoff at all costs. As Kostoff and Darkwing make it to the back, Max and Graystone enter the ring and raise their arms in victory and the crowd boos them loudly. Joe is calling them cowards when the  HOTv suddenly lights up and, to the pleasure of the crowd, displays the painted face of Shane Reynolds. The shot seems to be focusing on his eyes which are staring straight ahead, full of focus and fury. A dark smirk is spread across his face. He is clearly applauding.

Shane: Congratulations on the victory. You two seem to be on a little bit of a roll lately. I hope you savor these little victories as much as you can, though, because you’re biggest and most brutal defeats are coming very soon.

Graystone and Max stare up at the HOTv – both smirking at the man they know had been banned by their associate, Narcotic, earlier in the week.

Shane: Max, you keep trying to push me, based on some twisted belief that we are alike. That we are “brothers”, as you said. But you are doing nothing but showing me just how unalike me are. I am not your brother. To me, you are just a monster. You are showing me nothing but more reasons that you need to be removed from stripped of that championship and removed from High Octane Wrestling. Not that this is about championships. This has gone far beyond that now. By targeting my family you have crossed a line and as a result you have succeeded in pushing my closer to my own. You are going to learn the brutal consequences. You’re end is coming, Max. Once I take out your little pawn, right there, you’ll have no-one to hide behind and you can be sure, that in that moment, it’s you’re blood I’ll be coming to spill. But, unlike you, I won‘t do it for pleasure. I‘ll be doing it because it‘s what needs to be done. You are a cancer that needs to be obliterated.

Shane pauses for a moment, his face and eyes growing more intensely by the moment.

Shane: And, as for you Graystone. That is all you are. A pawn. An obstacle. You think because you have aligned yourself with Max, that you hindered my attempts to get to him, you are important. You’re not. You can push me from as many ladders and knock me out with my championship as many times as you want, but that won’t change. You are nothing but a wall that has been put in my way in getting to Max. So, I’m going to treat you as such and knock you down. You think you are going to be the next ICON champion? You’re wrong. I’m telling you here and now, you are not going to hinder me any further. I promise, you are not even going to make it to Rumble at the Rock. I’ll be coming to take you out long before then, and at Rumble at the Rock – whether I have a match with him or not – it’ll be Max’s turn. But, unlike Max, I will offer you a choice in how brutal your destruction will be. Return Michelle to me and maybe I’ll spare you….slightly. For every week you fail to, the more damage I‘ll make you suffer.

Shane pauses again, and his smirk grows wider.

Shane: I’ll be seeing you very soon.

Shane rolls backwards on a chair he is sitting on and goes to stand up when he suddenly stops.

Shane: Oh! One more thing: you really think I’d let a banishment from Narcotic get in the way of me coming to finish you off as soon as possible. You‘re not the only one who can sneak around in masks!

Suddenly the crowd cheers as a figure in black emerges from the crowd, revealing himself as Shane Reynolds. As the camera zooms in, we see the guard he spoke to earlier lying unconscious amongst the fans. Shane leaps over the barrier and charges the ring. He drops the bag he is carrying and slides under the rope. Max immediately turns and flees the ring and stops a few steps up the ramp. Graystone does the opposite however and turns to face the oncoming attack. Shane goes to nail Graystone with a right but before he can do that the arena goes dark save one spotlight above the ring and once again a flock of crows come flying out from the entrance ramp, sending Max running back towards the ring.   Both Shane and Graystone turn towards the ramp and both look confused and unsure of what is going on.

As the birds circle the ring as if they were trained to do just that, they disappear into thin air just as quickly as they appeared and the lights come back on to show a masked man standing behind Graystone, literally putting the Best Alliance member between him and Shane with Max looking on from the outside.   The crowd is going crazy as it is apparent that Graystone was not the masked man at all but just a man that took advantage of the opportunity to get a title shot at RATR.

Graystone turns, fully knowing there is someone behind him, and gets nailed by the masked man knocking him out cold.   The masked man then walks right up to Shane and slowly lifts up his mask to reveal his true identity…

Former TNT World Champion and HOW original…THE CROW!!

Mayhem goes to black before anything can go down. The last image we see is of The Crow and Shane standing nose to nose with Max pulling a knocked out Graystone out of the ring.   Joe then asks the final question of the night as Mayhem ends..  



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