Mayhem: September 14th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
September 14th, 2009 – #HOW79
Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, NV


Welcome to Las Vegas

A quick flash of the HOTv logo ultimately gives way to the electric blue Mayhem logo, which crumbles away letter-by-letter until it disappears and Monday Night Mayhem becomes LIVE inside the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The camera scans the crowd per usual, catching several signs in the process:

PPP = True ICON of HOW”

I beat Faze heads-up at Texas Hold’em”

My pranks are better than Jason Midnight’s”

Bring us the Illustrious Face-Eater”

David Black defines HOW LSD”

Hey Shane! Paint MY face for Halloween”

Silver Phoenix is more Hardcore than Scottywood”

Hey Bob! I grew my first chest hair!”

With the Las Vegas crowd on their feet, the camera finally settles on the glorious sight that is Chastity Gold, who is seated at the announcer’s table wearing a sparkling gold dress next to her broadcast partner, Rick Fantastic.

Chastity Gold: Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome to Monday Night Mayhem!

The crowd roars in approval as they are visibly excited for an action-packed card of matches after what was, unfortunately, a disappointing live event last week. Finally, the cheers die down a bit as the camera zooms in on the announcers, with Rick obviously impressed by Chastity’s attire thanks to his love-struck gaze.

Chastity Gold: You’ve heard all the rumors on, which brings us to the question of the night… will Mayhem General Manager Ryan Faze – erm – Rick? Are you ok?

Rick Fantastic: Huh? Oh! My apologies. Right. You were saying…

Chastity Gold: Just checking. As I was saying… everybody’s been wondering… just where in God’s name is Ryan Faze tonight? Is he here? Is he not here? That’s our million dollar question!

Rick Fantastic: Of course he’s here! Don’t you think it’d be a bit irresponsible of him to just not show up to his own show? I mean, seriously… if the guy…


Where is Faze?

Suddenly, Rick is interrupted by Lacuna Coil’s tune “Survive,” which hits the arena and cues the LSD Champion, David Black, to make his way out from the back amidst a chorus of boos. Dressed in black jeans and a black sleeveless shirt, he makes his way down the aisle and into the ring with a mic in hand. He raises the mic up as he goes to speak, but he then lowers the mic again and slowly looks down on his left shoulder, the very same shoulder he normally carries the LSD Championship on.

Chastity Gold: Looks like Black is without his title tonight!

Slowly, David raises the mic back up to his face again, his eyes still locked on his “bare” left shoulder.

David Black: You know…I have said before that the LSD Championship is all about sacrifice… and tonight, I’m making one hell of a sacrifice! The deal I have made with Ryan Faze was not one I made with any kind of ease…

Chastity Gold: Deal? What deal?!?

David Black: Standing here… putting my hand on my shoulder…

David puts his hand on his left shoulder.

David Black: And actually touching my own shoulder instead of the cold hard surface of my LSD Championship…

Black shakes his head and looks towards the crowd, who is still showering him with boos as he speaks.

David Black: As I stand here before you now, I feel naked…incomplete…I feel like a part of me is dead. You have no idea the sheer torture I am going through right now, and I know that none of you give a damn!

The crowd cheers as David sneers.

David Black: But as I have said before; The LSD Championship is all about gain through sacrifice and tonight I have made the ultimate sacrifice, but I have also gained something in turn. You see the rumors are indeed true! Ryan Faze is NOT here tonight…

Rick Fantastic: You’re kidding me! I guess he’s irresponsible after all!

Chastity Gold: But where is he?!?

David Black: In fact, in his absence, our General Manager has put me in charge of tonight’s show!

Rick Fantastic: The LSD Champion is in charge?!?

Chastity Gold: My God! What a huge announcement!

The crowd boos relentlessly at the realization that David Black is in charge.

David Black: And I’m sure as hell gonna make damn sure that I gain as much as I possibly can from the sacrifice I have made…

Rick Fantastic: Wait! So Black forfeited the LSD title so he could be in charge of Mayhem tonight?

Chastity Gold: Surely he wouldn’t do such a thing. The LSD title is his “life!” He’s said it himself a billion times.

David Black: Which means that tonight… we do things my way! Now the good news is that, for most of you, tonight is gonna be business as usual. Why? Because I agreed to this deal for one specific reason, with one specific goal in mind. But there is another reason, which is that, aside from exactly two people, nobody on the Mayhem roster means a damn thing to me.

The crowd boos again as David just laughs it off.

David Black: So unless you are Silent Witness or Joseph Gregory… you can pretty much stop pissing your pants in fear of what I might decide to put you through tonight. But as for you two… you can go right ahead and piss your pants, puke all over the floor or whatever the hell else you girls do when you’re scared… hell, you can even sit in a corner somewhere and cry! But it’s not gonna change the facts… it’s not gonna change reality. And reality for you two tonight, is that you have both just entered the devils playground, the gate is locked behind you…and I’m the only one with the key.

A sinister grin appears on the LSD Champion’s face.

David Black: So until Ryan Faze returns my LSD title to me at the end of the night… enjoy the fucking show!

David throws the mic out of the ring as “Survive” by Lacuna Coil hits the arena again, prompting David to exit the ring and disappear behind the stage entrance.

Rick Fantastic: So it’s just temporary, but David Black has apparently struck a deal with Ryan Faze!

Chastity Gold: One night with the LSD title belt traded for one night running the show here on Mayhem! Only God knows what Ryan Faze is up to tonight… parading around Las Vegas with the LSD title, living his false dreams that he can one day be champion again.

Rick Fantastic: Well if it’s anything like what Benny did at War Games with the ICON title… (shudder)… yeah, I don’t wanna know!

Chastity Gold: You heard it here, folks! In a shocking development, David Black is in charge here on Monday Night Mayhem! We’ll be right back!


Ryan Faze: LSD Champion for the Night!


Smoke Under the Bridge

Back from break, there’s still a buzz in the Mandalay Bay Events Center from the announcement of David Black as acting GM for the night when the HOV grabs everyone’s attention by cutting away to outside of the arena, where the Vegas lights have come to life to illuminate the clear, desert sky. It’s a filthy habit, but it’s Roxie’s all the same. The camera zooms in on her beautiful face, which is shrouded by the smoke pouring from between ruby lips as she stands in a stony silence with her client, Tim Shipley.

Roxie: You want a toke? It’ll keep you warm.

Shipley’s face twitches, repulsed.

Tim Shipley: No, thanks. Like I said. I’m just keeping you company.

A grin captures Roxie’s mouth, and she sucks deeply again on her cigarette.

Roxie: Getting to kinda like me now that I can “control myself”, huh?

Shipley’s face twists in regret, becoming as ashen as the pieces that fall away from the front of Roxie’s cigarette as she taps it.

Tim Shipley: I did say sorry, and I meant it.

Roxie: Forget it. Water under the bridge. So what happens tonight?

Tim Shipley: I’m sorry?

Roxie: Maurako. You. In the ring? Am I there or am I in the dunce corner?

Shipley takes a deep breath, having to turn away from his manager in order to source some reasonably fresh air.

Tim Shipley: You can come to ringside and sit with the announcers, OK? Just so long as you promise not to do anything.

Roxie: Sure.

She puffs some smoke in Shipley’s face, quite deliberately. He raises his eyebrows.

Tim Shipley: I need you to promise.

He takes her hand, and for the first time, she looks up at him, cigarette tumbling forgotten into the gutter.

Tim Shipley: Promise me that once the bell rings, you won’t leave your seat. No matter what happens. You won’t leave that seat, not until you hear the bell again to end the match.

Roxie swallows thoughtfully, not batting an eyelid.

Roxie: I promise.

There is a new sincerity in her voice, which takes a warm lilt we have not yet heard from her in HOW. Shipley does not notice it, merely relieved at her words, and releases her.

Tim Shipley: Terrific.

We immediately leave Tim and Roxie to cut back to ringside, where Chastity and Rick are prepared to call our first match of the night.


Bob “Fucking” Jared vs. Jason Midnight
Singles Match

Kimber Marshall: This first match of the evening is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first…

The fans in Las Vegas rise to their feet as “Kiss My Country Ass” by Rhett Atkins hits the speakers and Bob “Fucking” Jared emerges wearing his unbuttoned black blazer jacket.

Kimber Marshall: …from Memphis, Tennessee, weighing 242 pounds, BOB “FUCKING” JARED!!!

Bob takes in the applause and struts to the ring confidently, sliding through the ropes as he reaches the bottom of the entrance ramp.

Rick Fantastic: Bob’s looking on-point tonight, wouldn’t you say Chaz?

Chastity Gold: Well confidence is something Bob Jared has NEVER had any issues with. But considering his opponent tonight, I’m not so sure about his chances…

As if on cue, Jason Midnight’s music erupts into the loudspeakers, prompting the 6-foot, 10 inch, giant to appear at the top of the entrance ramp amidst flashing red lights and his ticking clock graphic on the HOV screen.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, from Reno, Nevada, weighing 343 pounds, JASON MIDNIGHT!!!

The fans cheer loudly for Midnight as he sets his focus on Bob Jared, who paces the ring warming up for the match.

Chastity Gold: Unusually warm reception here for Midnight, which can only be attributed to his pranks against our “beloved” General Manager, Ryan Faze.

Rick Fantastic: Let’s not forget his hometown is merely hours upstate in Reno! Don’t you think he’s got family and friends here to support him?

Chastity Gold: Perhaps I just overlooked that fact…

As Rick and Chastity finish previewing the match, Referee Frank Tsonga checks both men for weapons and calls for the bell after determining that both came to play fair.


A differential of over 100 pounds comes into play early, as Bob Jared comes forth with strikes to Jason’s chest that Midnight easily shrugs off and responds with a back-handed chop that leaves BFJ reeling on the mat.

Chastity Gold: Wow! Did you hear that impact?

Rick Fantastic: I sense a chip on Midnight’s shoulder after that Fazeplant from Ryan Faze last week, which ultimately cost him his match against Silver Phoenix.

Jason stalks his opponent as Bob comes to his knees, booting him in the midsection which shoots BFJ right back down to the mat. A third and fourth boot to the midsection as Bob tries desperately to get up is successful in keeping the fan favorite down.

Chastity Gold: Midnight’s just toying with his opponent here… which doesn’t look good for Bob early in this match-up!

Bob reels a bit as Midnight simply looks for crowd approval, leaving Bob to come to his knees once again. Midnight goes to kick Bob Jared for a fifth and final time until Bob Jared surprises him, catching his boot right into the Spinning Toe Hold!

Rick Fantastic: Huge counter from Bob!

The fans roar in approval for Bob Jared until Jason Midnight quickly powers out, using his strength and a variety of strikes and holds to regain the advantage in the match and put pressure on the “Tennessee Tumbleweed.”

Chastity Gold: How quickly the tables can turn when you’re as large and powerful as Jason Midnight! Bob does all he can to fight back, but to no avail as everything that is thrown at Jason Midnight is countered or powered out of. A final desperation attempt of a Best Fucking Jawbreaker sees Jason Midnight push Bob Jared off, spin him around, and hoist him into a Fireman’s Carry.

Rick Fantastic: Here comes the Final Toll!

Jason Midnight releases Bob Jared, keeping hold of his head for the modified TKO, but twisting his body so that his arm comes down on the back of Bob’s head, using his weight to enhance the impact of the falling clothesline maneuver. Midnight immediately makes the cover.





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 5:54… JASON MIDNIGHT!!!

Referee Frank Tsonga carefully approaches the much larger Jason Midnight to raise his arm in victory, which no doubt provides cushion to the devastating defeat he endured last week at the hands of Silver Phoenix.

Chastity Gold: Bob Jared just never got enough offense going… and you’ve got to wonder if Bob’s still feeling the effects of that attack from Mario Maurako several weeks back.

Midnight celebrates for his “hometown” fans as he exits the ring and starts making his way back up the entrance ramp.

Rick Fantastic: It’s entirely possible. Nice win for Jason Midnight here, but for now, we’ve got to take another commercial break!

Chastity Gold: Stay tuned for more High Octane action, coming your way NEXT!


Will Bob “Fucking” Jared ever be on the HOR? Only time will tell…


Silver Phoenix vs. Silent Witness
Singles Match

Back LIVE, we’re welcomed to the contestants for the next bout already in the ring; with Silver Phoenix sitting comfortably on the far top turnbuckle as Silent Witness, holding a steel folding chair, slides into the ring and approaches his opponent with intent. This forces Phoenix to jump off and approach him right back, not backing down in the least. Referee Romeo Ward steps between both men and instructs them to their respective corners so that the Hardcore Rules match can start properly. He’s about to call for the bell, when suddenly, “Survive” by Lacuna Coil hits the arena again and David Black makes his way out onto the stage holding a microphone.

David Black: You know…I know that this match was originally booked to be a Hardcore match, but I just had a great idea. Instead of this being just a regular hardcore match, I have decided that Silver Phoenix will be allowed to use any and all weapons that he can find… HOWEVER.. if Silent Witness uses any weapon of any kind, he will be disqualified on the spot!

The crowd boos which only seems to make the LSD Champion enjoy it even more.

David Black: Oh… one more thing! Ref… I left a little present for Silver Phoenix under the ring, go get it!

David points to the side of the ring that is facing him. Romeo Ward climbs out and looks under the ring as instructed and pulls out a cardboard box. He looks up at David and points at the box while mouthing the words “Is this it?” Black nods and Ward proceeds to open the box and pull out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire as the crowd gives a mixed reaction. Black orders Ward to slide the weapon into the ring close to Silver Phoenix and he does so hesitantly. He then goes to slide back inside the ring as well..

David Black: But wait… there’s more!

The LSD Champion smiles as Romeo Ward backs away from the ring and goes back to the cardboard box, this time pulling out a bag.

David Black: Empty that inside the ring!

Ward slides into the ring and does as instructed, revealing that the bag was full of broken glass which draws another mixed reaction from the crowd.

David Black: And just so we are clear… if Silent Witness throws Silver Phoenix onto that broken glass, that would qualify as a disqualification. So Silver Phoenix, not only are you allowed to use these weapons, you are REQUIRED to use them! Now ring the damn bell and start the match!

Instead of returning to the backstage area, Black grabs a steel chair and takes a seat on the stage for a better view of the action.

Chastity Gold: Talk about blatant abuse of power! Black is no different than Ryan Faze! Is this for real?!?


Rick Fantastic: Apparently so Chaz…

With the LSD champion looking on, Silver Phoenix shrugs his shoulders as Silent Witness looks visibly pissed off, even leaning over the ropes in the direction of Black who can only laugh.

From behind, Silver Phoenix snatches away Witnesses’ steel chair, catching him off-guard. Phoenix takes full advantage of this favorable opportunity and nails the former 4-time LSD champion in the midsection with the chair, doubling him over. Phoenix drops the chair and locks his head, dropping him onto the chair with a resounding DDT!

Chastity Gold: Silver Phoenix with a DDT onto the steel chair!

Rick Fantastic: Things just went from bad to worse here for Silent Witness…

Blood begins to drip for SW’s forehead as Silver Phoenix glares at David Black, who encourages him to continue despite Phoenix second guessing the situation.

Turning back to Silent Witness, Silver Phoenix brings his opponent to his feet and lifts him into the air for a vertical suplex, spotting the broken glass out of the corner of his eye.

Chastity Gold: Lookout! OH! Vertical Suplex onto the broken glass! Silent Witness is screaming in pain!

Silver Phoenix takes a moment to recover from the impact himself and finally reaches down for the barbed wire baseball bat that was left for him by David Black. Phoenix looks back to the stage, and with Black’s unnecessary approval, stalks the fallen Silent Witness. Witness needs all his strength to even sit up at this point, and once he does, he realizes what a huge mistake it was…

Rick Fantastic: OH MY GOD! Silent Witness… good God!

Chastity Gold: Silver Phoenix just… just BLASTED Silent Witness in the FACE with that barbed wire baseball bat. Call the match Romeo! Just call the match!

It’s almost as if Referee Romeo Ward hears Chastity Gold as he kneels down to check on Silent Witness, whose blood is pouring tremendously on the mat. Without hesitation, Romeo immediately calls for the bell and leans over the ropes to say something to Ring Announcer, Kimber Marshall.


Kimber Marshall: Ladies and Gentlemen, per Referee Romeo Ward, Silent Witness is unable to continue this match. Therefore… your winner in 4:32… SILVER PHOENIX!!!

Silver Phoenix drops the barbed wire baseball bat and slides out of the ring with the crowd feeling stunned at what just went down. As Phoenix makes his way to the back with another impressive victory under his belt, David Black stands up and gets the attention of everyone in attendance.

David Black: Unable to continue?!? UNABLE TO CONTINUE?!?

Rick Fantastic: He’s right Chaz… that was simply pathetic.

Chastity Gold: You’re kidding me right? David Black stacked the deck in Silver Phoenix’s favor and you still call that pathetic?!?

Black sneers as he walks from one end of the stage to the other as the fans grow increasingly curious as to what he’s up to.

David Black: Sorry Silent Witness… but your performance tonight? Simply… doesn’t… cut it. Do you honestly think that a performance like that deserves a spot on the Pay-Per-View? This is HOW for fuck’s sake!

The crowd boos as they can already see what’s forthcoming.

David Black: So Witness… as you lay there, beaten and broken in the middle of the ring, being tended to by the High Octane Medical team… let me be the first to respectfully inform you that…

Rick Fantastic: Wait for it…

David Black: YOU’RE FIRED!!!

The crowd is in shock as David Black gives us a wild grin before dropping the microphone and retreating to the back.

Chastity Gold: He can’t do that! He’s not the real General Manager!

Rick Fantastic: I think he just did…

Chastity Gold: I have to admit, I’m in shock. Silent Witness has been fired here on live television by David Black, which leaves the Pay-Per-View LSD title match a one-on-one affair between the champion himself and Joseph Gregory!

Rick Fantastic: And remember folks… that match will take place in the Industries Building on Alcatraz island! Anything goes at Rumble at the Rock 2!

Chastity Gold: And apparently so do we… Folks, we’ve got to take a quick timeout here on HOTv… we’ll be right back!


Trent vs. Aceldama©

Graystone vs. Maximillian Kael©

Joseph Gregory vs. David Black©

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Shane Reynolds

Marcus Reinhardt vs. Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

Tim Shipley (representing Mayhem) vs. Ethan Cavanaugh (representing Turmoil)

The Maurakos’ 1st Defense!

Back LIVE, “Hunt You Down” by Saliva blasts as The Maurako Family, Matteo, Martino, Mario and Mosé, make their way to the ring with the HOW Tag Team Titles strapped around their respective waists. This week, Matteo is dressed in a pin-striped suit while Martino and Mosé are dressed in similar Green, White, and Red tights to represent their Italian heritage. Mario, of course, is in his wrestling attire due to his upcoming match tonight against Tim Shipley.

One by one, the Maurako Family members climb into the ring to an ovation of boos that is simply scoffed at as Martino grabs the microphone.

Martino Maurako: Las Vegas Nevada! It is your honor and privilege that The Maurako Family is here tonight. I know that you guys have this saying about what happens in Vegas, but let me promise you this. What happens tonight in Vegas will be remembered for years to come. Because tonight… The Maurako Family will defend the HOW Tag Team Titles for the first time!

Despite their overall contempt for Maurako clan, the fans at the Mandalay Bay Events Center erupt into cheers at the announcement of the impromptu match.

Rick Fantastic: You hear that folks? The Maurako Family is going to defend the HOW Tag Team Titles TONIGHT on Mayhem!

Chastity Gold: This is huge! But against who?

Mario Maurako: See, Lee gave me these Tag Team Titles with the power and responsibility that we could defend them whenever we wanted to and against whoever we wanted to. And since I, myself, already have a match coming up, I’ve arranged for my brother Martino and my son Mosé to take on two guys who have been cleaning up here on Mayhem for weeks. This is by far the most cohesive unit that HOW has to offer… well… besides The Family of course. Tell ‘em dad…

Matteo Maurako: Over the past few weeks I’ve been scouting the other potential tag teams here in HOW, and when I came across our opponents here tonight, I knew without shadow of a doubt that they had the best chance of cleaning our clocks. But I’ve got to give credit where credit is due, and this team tonight could possibly mop the floor with my team. Martino and Mosé get ready, because tonight, you defend the HOW Tag Team Titles and The Maurako Family Honor against…. THE JANITORS!

No music plays as two Mayhem Janitors walk out on stage one carrying a broom and the other has a mop and bucket.

Chastity Gold: Oh come on now! Is this really necessary?

The two janitors look confused as they make their way toward the ring. With a smirk, Mario exits the ring with his father as Martino takes his place on the ring apron. Referee Frank Tsonga rolls into the ring and when the Janitors enter, he calls for the bell.

With an unsure expression, one of the two janitors step into the ring and is immediately met with a barrage of flailing fists from Mosé. Mosé pulls the janitor out to the center of the ring and whips him to the ropes and meets him with a dropkick to the kisser. Mosé picks the Janitor up from the mat and walks him over and tags in Martino. Martino gets in and lifts the Janitor up into the air in a military press slam position as Mosé drops down to one knee and Martino drops the Janitor down across the knee of Mosé.

Rick Fantastic: I have to admit, the Maurako Family is displaying great teamwork here…

Chastity Gold: Yeah, thanks to the quality of their opponents! This match shouldn’t even be sanctioned! They should be ashamed of themselves!

Martino puts his foot on the chest of the Janitor as Tsonga drops to make the count.



Martino lifts his foot off of the Janitor much to the dismay of the Las Vegas crowd. Martino quickly tags Mosé who springs up to the turnbuckle. Martino then launches him off and Mosé lands with a splash onto the janitor. Matteo climbs up onto the ring apron and Frank Tsonga rushes over and starts shouting at him. Mario runs around the ring and pulls the other Janitor down from the apron and locks him in the Marvelosity Full Nelson.

Chastity Gold: Are they really distracting the referee here?

Rick Fantastic: Mario’s been known to cheat in the past, so I wouldn’t put it past the entire Maurako Family to do the same.

Mosé exchanges some words with a fan at ringside and when he turns around the Janitor is standing up and heading towards Matteo. Mosé quickly rushes the Janitor and jumps up on his back, clamping on a Cross Face Chicken Wing in the process. Matteo drops down from the ring apron and Frank Tsonga turns around just in time to see the Janitor tapping out.

Rick Fantastic: This one’s over!

Tsonga calls for the bell as Mario snatches the HOW Tag Team Titles and the microphone away from Kimber Marshall before sliding into the ring with Matteo.

Mario Maurako: Here are your winners…. AND STILL HOW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… THE MAURAKO FAMILY!!!!!

Rick Fantastic: The Maurakos retain in impressive fashion!

Chastity Gold: Oh stop it Rick!

Rick Fantastic: Relax! I was just kidding. You’ve gotta admit though Chaz, together, the Maurako Family is a force to be reckoned with here in High Octane Wrestling.

Chastity Gold: Elite Protection Unit? Ha! I still can’t believe that these guys are responsible for our wrestlers’ protection.

Raising the Tag titles high into air, the Maurako Family celebrates their “hard-earned” victory as Rick takes us to commercial break.

Rick Fantastic: Don’t go away folks, because MARIO is in action NEXT!

Chastity Gold: Oh brother…


Where’s Mario’s commercial?!?


Mario Maurako vs. Tim Shipley
Singles Match

Kimber Marshall: The next match is scheduled for one fall…

The ring announcer gulps, as in unison, a Maurako steps into each corner of the ring, fresh off their successful Tag Team title defense against the Mayhem janitors.

Kimber Marshall: Er – in the ring, being accompanied by the Maurako family, from M-Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 260 pounds…

Mario Maurako raises his arms towards Kimber, showing her his bulging biceps.

Kimber Marshall: MARIO MAURAKO!

The crowd is boos the Maurako Family, as if they already haven’t seen enough of their antics already.

Chastity Gold: These fans have got planted in their minds shameless title defense we just saw, not to mention the bloody demolition by the Maurako family of Gregory Orion Daniels on Mayhem last week.

Rick Fantastic: That pansy had it coming. He ran home with his tail ‘tween his legs, you hear?

The arena lighting fades, and Ash’s “Astral Conversations with Toulouse Lautrec” begins to play. All four Maurakos turn menacingly in the ring to face Tim Shipley, who advances defiantly through the curtain with Roxie Sykes at his side.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, being accompanied by Roxie, from Milton Keynes, England, weighing in at 225 pounds… TIM SHIPLEY!

Shipley obtains a mild pop from the crowd.

Chastity Gold: Well last week Shipley called out Lee Best on how little he pays the HOW wrestlers. He also gave up half his pay packet so that Faze can bring none other than the Illustrious Face-Eater to Mayhem! I think that’s something these fans here are more than excited about!

Rick Fantastic: No, that would be Roxie’s ass.

The words die in Rick’s throat as the red-haired vixen parts ways with her client, not exchanging a word with him, before grabbing a folding chair from beneath the ring and setting it up alongside the announce desk.

Rick Fantastic: Hey, baby! Come sit around this side!

Roxie ignores Rick’s comments, watching intently as Mario Maurako’s relatives step reluctantly out of the ring and begin to patrol at ringside. His father Matteo fixes Roxie with a lewd stare at which she is visibly repulsed.

Chastity Gold: You’ll get used to it around here. Men…

The bell rings, and Maurako doesn’t hesitate, laying straight into Shipley with a big right hand at which the Englishman hits the deck. He’s straight up, but Maurako knocks him down again, and this goes on for some time, the big Italian-American asserting his size advantage.

Rick Fantastic: The Shipper just can’t get started here.

Maurako dunks Shipley with a flat scoop slam and takes an early pinfall attempt, but Shipley manages to kick out early. He can’t, however, reverse the momentum, and by the time Maurako lands a sick backbreaker Shipley still hasn’t laid hands on his opponent.

Chastity Gold: Shipley is really struggling to make any headway.

Rick Fantastic: Triple M is dominating him!

Chastity Gold: You can’t say Triple M anymore.

Rick Fantastic: Oh. Sorry.

The Maurakos at ringside are urging their compatriot on, jeering at Shipley, while Matteo is continuing his unhealthy obsession with Roxie, who determinedly ignores him and watches the ring action with worry. Shipley feels the heat of his situation and manages to duck a lunging clothesline, causing Maurako to fall to his knees. Quickly Shipley spins and hits a bulldog.

Rick Fantastic: Ooof, Maurako got his face planted there!

The action from here onward is more back-and-forth, with Maurako constantly trying to out-power Shipley, while the Englishman has to rely on defensive tactics. Shipley works the knees where he can, little kicks to the kneecap and tweaks here and there.

Chastity Gold: Shipley is trying to undermine Maurako’s base here, because Mario gets a lot of power through how firmly he plants the legs.

The Englishman’s work appears to be undone, however, when Maurako tires of the small-time back-and-forth and just lifts him high above his head, growling with exertion. Matteo yells “That’s my boy!” from ringside, while Roxie’s face stiffens with worry. Shipley gets dropped with the gorilla press slam and his arms flop forgotten to the side.

Rick Fantastic: This could be it!

Yet the referee gets only a two count, Shipley kicking out at the last moment, and the Maurako family at ringside gnash their teeth with frustration. Mario Maurako gets over it by hurling his opponent into the ropes and flattening him with an inverted atomic drop on his return.

Rick Fantastic: Shippers in a whole new world of pain!

Roxie’s eyes light up in fury, but remembering her promise of earlier tonight she remains glued to her seat. The Maurakos are increasingly rowdy, punching the air in time as Maurako moves through a sequence of powerful suplexes.

Chastity Gold: Shipley is fast looking like a broken man out there.

But still Shipley works valiantly at the lower body. A shoulder tackle here, a leg drag there.

Chastity Gold: Slowly but surely he’s wearing Maurako down, but each time he gets dropped Shipley is taking longer to get back up!

Rick Fantastic: He needs to step it up a gear or he’s dead meat for the former ICON champion.

Again Shipley finds himself spinning off the ropes, and this time he’s up on Mario’s shoulders. Maurako halts in mid-move, Shipley high up on him, standing and slowly turning, a big smirk on his face.

Rick Fantastic: He’s showing all his family just how dominant he is in that ring.

But as Maurako continues to turn, he’s misjudged the momentum. Shipley throws his weight to one side and Mario Maurako stumbles. As they begin to fall, Shipley hooks his right leg around Maurako’s neck and throws himself backward. Shipley lands hard, but his hold around Maurako ensures that his adversary has his head spiked mercilessly into the canvas!

Chastity Gold: Wow! Like a DDT variant performed with the leg!

Rick Fantastic: Mario’s out cold!

Maurako is on his front in the ring centre. Shipley pulls himself up and without hesitation wraps up Maurako’s legs in a reverse figure-four leglock.

Chastity Gold: It’s on! Newton’s Paradox! This one could be over!

The atmosphere is suddenly transformed. Having seen him dominated by Maurako throughout, the whole arena is with Shipley as he finds himself pulling off a signature hold on the former ICON Champion. Shipley’s head is bursting with the exertion, but his eyes find Roxie’s, and neither will blink as Shipley feels new force flow into him. He cinches the hold and Maurako cries out in pain.

Rick Fantastic: Man oh man! Mario’s done!

The Maurakos become restless at ringside. Matteo storms onto the apron and begins to yell at the referee, who turns awkwardly and tells him to leave, not wanting to take his eyes off the action. Matteo lunges as if to grab him, and Frank Tsonga backs away in shock. As if triggered by this, Mosé and Martino Maurako charge the ring!

Rick Fantastic: Here come the cavalry!

Chastity Gold: He’s tapping! MARIO IS TAPPING OUT!

Maurako slaps the mat weakly, unaware of what is going on in the ring, but the Tsonga sees nothing as the temperature rises. Huge heat is coming from the crowd as Martino swings a big elbow into the side of Shipley’s head, knocking him away from Mario. Mario Maurako curls into a ball, consoled by Mosé, as Martino continues the assault with a huge boot into Shipley’s chest. Roxie cries out from her ringside seat, her hands flying to her mouth, but good to her promise she doesn’t leave her chair.

Chastity Gold: This is an outrage!

Matteo Maurako has done his best to keep the official talking but having seen enough, Frank Tsonga calls for the bell.

Kimber Marshall: The winner of this match by disqualification in 11:05, TIM SHIPLEY!

Matteo shoves the referee in his anger. Mosé having helped Mario up to his feet now charges at Shipley who is being held by Martino, and delivers several hard shots to the chest. Shipley grits his teeth and braces himself as Mario too approaches, firing a punch into his gut.

Chastity Gold: Shipley wins, but at what cost?! This is four on one!

Matteo approaches and watches Mosé and Mario taking turns beating Shipley while Martino holds him, then Matteo steps in and fires an elbow to Shipley’s temple, motioning for Martino to release him as if to say enough. The four move to the ring centre and strike menacing poses, defiant against the crowd’s heat. Then Mario makes to lead them from the ring, but his father wags a finger at him.

Rick Fantastic: Ohh!! No, they’re not done yet!

Matteo has a word with Mosé, who bounds obediently from the ring and fetches… a table from beneath it!

Chastity Gold: Oh no! That’s enough! That is more than enough!

Roxie watches horrorstruck as Mario shows Mosé how to set up the table. They do so at ringside, between the announce desk and the ring, the whole while Matteo is beaming at Roxie, who has turned white.

Rick Fantastic: It’s a demonstration of power from the Maurako family!

Chastity Gold: It’s sick! That’s what it is!

Martino Maurako fires punches at Tim Shipley, knocking him progressively backwards until he is backed onto the ropes. Matteo sets him up, pulling the middle rope up over his arms so Shipley is trapped in the ropes in a crucifix position.

Rick Fantastic: Shipley may have won this match tonight by DQ but the Maurakos are hell bent on crucifying his future here in HOW!

Martino continues to lay into Shipley while Mario and Mosé slide into the ring. They now hold all four of the Maurako family’s HOW Tag Team title belts…

Chastity Gold: This can’t be good! This can’t be good!

Roxie Sykes cries out for them to stop, but Matteo just gives her an ugly glare. He tells Martino to lay off, and the punches at last come to an end for the dazed Shipley, who has welts all over his face. Mario and Mosé distribute the belts, and all four Maurakos hold their belts up above their heads, signaling their dominance.

Chastity Gold: I don’t like this one bit…

As the other three Maurakos, keeping their belts held high, begin to slap hands in celebration, Mario holds his between his hands and charges at Shipley, swinging the belt into his face and sending him toppling up, over, and smashing down through the table at ringside!

Rick Fantastic: HOLY COW! That was brutal!

Chastity Gold: My God… Shipley is out cold in the wreckage… and Roxie is horrorstruck here alongside me!

Rick Fantastic: But Shippers made her promise! He made her promise not to move a muscle no… matter… what!

Hunt You Down” begins to play again and the four make their way to the back, triumphant. The fans are pouring abuse down on them as Tim Shipley still lies prone on the floor, pieces of table scattered around him.

Chastity Gold: Folks… that was… despicable. But I’m being told we have action backstage!


Ray of Hope

Backstage, we see a side view of a locker room door quickly swinging open, propelled ajar by a taped fist. As the cameraman attempts to get a better view, the Las Vegas fans erupt at the sight of the owner of the fist, “Perfect” Paul Paras, who removes his mirrored sunglasses as he steps out into the hallway. As he prepares to close the door behind him, Triple P notices a familiar figure rounding the corner, causing the Perfect One to develop a curious smirk. Quick to follow after the figure, Paras is surprised to find Issac Slade alone and aimlessly drifting the hallways. Paul takes a deep breath and rushes toward him.

Paul Paras: Slade!

Looking beaten and weary, Issac turns to face Triple P, with Paul noticing the collar still around Issac’s neck. Despite his bedraggled appearance, there is a look of Peace on Slade’s face, but Paul knows it has everything to do with the drugs he’s been given. Reaching out and gripping Slade by the shoulders, he tries once again to get through to the man.

Paul Paras: Issac, I’ve been ignored, dismissed, and even growled at by you the past few weeks, but damn it, you have to listen to me. I know you were hurting… only God knows how badly you must have been hurting to turn to this woman. She said she’d help “Heal” you, didn’t she? But all she’s helped you do is “Forget” your pain.

Listening to Paul, if only barely, Slade makes no move to escape, his face is a peaceful but impassive mask.

Paul Paras: But is the pain really gone? Use that brain of yours for a moment…It’s all still there Slade! It’s just lost in a sea of whatever she’s injecting you with! You look like shit man! But I bet you’re not feeling any pain, are you? I’ve got news for you– that’s not Peace; that’s the drugs! They mask pain! You know full well that I know what I’m talking about– I’ve warped a million minds to make their pain disappear into nothingness. A drink here, a drug there….but it’s always still there, just out of reach, just out of mind… it’s still there, Slade! And you’re going to have to come to grips with it!

Leaning into Slade and forcing the man to look into his eyes, Paul delivers the hammer blow.

Paul Paras: You’re going to have to come to grips that what happened with Sabina wasn’t your fault.

Issac blinks as comprehension of Paul’s words dawns on him, he suddenly turns and tries to wriggle out of Paul’s grip, but the Perfect One hangs on.

Paul Paras: You don’t like what I’m saying Issac? Well too bad!

He punctuates his words with a small shake he continues.

Paul Paras: People Die all the time, Issac! It happens! The only thing you can do is move on! But you’re not moving on, Issac! You’re running away! You’re trying to forget! And you’re taking the cowards’ way out!

Slade suddenly wrenches at Triple P’s grip with a ferocity Paul wasn’t expecting, Fabric tears as Slade pulls away from Paul’s grip as he begins to stagger away. Realizing he’s closer than ever to a breakthrough, Paul follows right on his heels, calling after him.

Paul Paras: Damn it, Slade! Have you ever stopped to consider that she’s not even dead?

Slade suddenly stops in his tracks freezing there on the spot. His body suddenly becomes animated as his fists open and close and his shoulders tense up.

Paul Paras: Think about it, Slade! Who else could this woman be? It’s Sabina! She always had your unconditional loyalty and devotion, she could take drugs from her brother’s supply at a moment’s whim, and now she’s using you, Issac!

Suddenly, with a muffle cry of despair and anger, Issac grabs Triple P and slams him up against the side of the wall with such a force that Paul’s head spins. Paras gazes down at Slade’s face and sees it animated and quite full of life and emotion.

Paul Paras: There you are, Issac…I knew you were still in there, I was wondering how deep you were buried in th…

He’s cut off as Issac speaks, his voice hoarse and emotional but full of strength, shaky as it is.

Issac Slade: Sabina loved me, Paul! She never would have done anything to hurt me…ever! Whoever this woman is, it’s NOT Sabina! I don’t ever want you to say that again…Now listen to me!

Paul Paras: You’re in denial, Issac. Who else could it be? It makes perfect sense!

Slamming Paul into the wall again, Slade brings his face inches from Paul’s, a low growl escaping his lips.

Issac Slade: I said LISTEN!

Issac Slade: Paul…HOW needs someone to believe in, it used to be me, but I’m not that man any more, I don’t think I’ll ever be that man again, I don’t think I want to be that man again…but you, you can be that man…I can’t Bring HOW Faith anymore but “You” can bring them Hope…I need you to be that man, Paul! HOW needs you to be that man.

Paul Paras: Slade, I…

Issac Slade: Promise me, Paul! Promise me you’ll be the light of Hope that I can’t be any more, the people need someone! Promise me that someone is you! Promise!

Paul Paras: I’ll try Slade…but if you just…

Releasing Paras, Issac looks weary and spent. He opens his mouth to speak, but as he does, his Mystery Handler comes around the corner.

Woman: Ahhh, there you are!

Flanked by Luca and Aura, she slips the leash around Issac’s collar. As she does, the familiar look of displacement comes over Slade’s face, and he once again withdraws into himself.

Woman: I hope you were playing nice Issac. I had some business to attend to, but all is taken care of now. Let’s go.

Paul watches as Slade is led off, before they round the corner, Slade looks back over his shoulder, casting one final pleading look in Paul’s direction before he’s gone. Paul merely shakes his head as the cameras turn back to ringside.

Chastity Gold: Just who is this… this…woman?

Rick Fantastic: Well Triple P seems to think its Sabina Faze, but there’s no way it could be her… could it?!? I mean, she’s dead!

Chastity Gold: Well I don’t know, Rick… but I have an eerie feeling that we’re going to find out who this Mystery Woman is soon enough.

The sudden flash of the HOV shows Joseph Gregory on his way to the ring, psyching himself up for his big match with his tag team partner from last week, Shane Reynolds.

Chastity Gold: Folks, when we come back, that man will be in action against one, Shane Reynolds. Don’t go away!


Triple P and Slade CANNOT be named keepers in the upcoming Draft. Who will Faze announce as his 2nd keeper?


Shane Reynolds vs. Joseph Gregory
Singles Match

We return to action as Joseph Gregory can be seen making his way out with a mixed crowd reaction.

Rick Fantastic: Hello to the folks who are just joining us here at HOW Monday Night Mayhem, live from Mandalay Bay Events Center here in lovely Las Vegas!

Chastity Gold: Up next we have the artist formerly known as Spook, Joseph Gregory against the recent whipping boy of HOW, Shane Reynolds. Now some people are under the impression that this… somewhat tortured soul, Shane Reynolds, might have finally seen the error of his ways.

Rick Fantastic: What do you mean by that exactly, Chastity?

Chastity Gold: Well let’s take everything into consideration. First, Shane loses the ICON title to Max Kael, a plot designed in part by Lee Best and the Best Alliance. He is then expelled from the Best Alliance along with Aceldama. Then Aceldama turns on Shane, his so called Blood Brother, in order to gain re-entry into the Best Alliance. It’s starting to look to me that being evil does not pay off.

Rick Fantastic: All good points but let us not forget that Aceldama, the HOW World Champion, later turned on the Best Alliance and joined Max Kael so really… if Shane can get a big win here tonight maybe he will be welcomed back into the Best Alliance?

Chastity Gold: I’d hope that after seeing what a nest of snakes the Best Alliance is, Shane would find something a little more honest and secure in his friends.

Suddenly, “Sin with a Grin” hits the P.A. as the fans turn their boos toward the stage. Shane Reynolds makes his way out with a sour expression on his painted face. The last two weeks in hOW had not been terribly good for the former ICON champion and it shown as he moved down to the ring, sliding in where he was greeted by Romeo Ward.

Shane shoves the ref to the side and immediately goes after Joseph Gregory who is caught off guard by his opponents brashness. Backed into a corner Gregory can only lift his hands and cover up as Shane reigns down stiff punches and sharp elbows while Romeo Ward tries his best to drag Shane off him.

Without warning, “Survive” by Lacuna Coil hits once again and the GM of the night, David Black, makes his way out onto the stage holding a bag in his hand, and again receiving massive boos from the crowd.

David Black: You know…this was supposed to be just a regular match, but that’s just not gonna cut it with me in charge. Now my first thought for this match revolved around… FIRE…but since it takes a while to set that kind of equipment up, it pretty much killed that idea. Then I thought –

Black’s thoughts are cut short suddenly as Shane Reynolds is seen whipping Gregory into the opposite turn buckle before charging in with a stiff clothesline that almost decapitates Joseph. Black sneers a little as Shane seems completely uninterested in his store and the crowd is torn between paying attention to Black and the action in the ring.

David Black: ..About!.. about the use of tables, but tables alone seem too… watered down. And then it came me! Put the two together! So in order to be declared the winner in this match, you have to put your opponent through not just a table… but a FLAMING TABLE!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction and back in the ring Shane Reynolds is seen locking up Gregory’s arms…


Rick Fantastic: Original Sin! I.. I don’t think the match has even begun but Shane has already laid out Joseph Gregory! And now we’ve just learned this is a Flaming Tables match?

Chastity Gold: A flaming tables match?!? Someone could get hurt out there!

Rick Fantastic: My guess is Black is just looking for one man to get hurt out there…

Shane gets back up to his feet and looks down at Gregory before he looks up at Black with malice written on his face. It almost looks as though Shane is more angry that his match is being talked over at the moment. He quickly leaves the ring and makes his way up the ramp as David Black lifts the mic up to his lips again.

David Black: So… the person to put their opponent through a flaming table will be declared the winner of the match.

The LSD Champion holds the bag that he is holding in his hand up in the air.

David Black: You will find both matches and gasoline in this, everything you need to set your opponent on fire. Best of luck Joseph…

A sickly smile appears on David’s face, however, it quickly vanishes after Shane grabs the bag out of David’s hand and slaps the mic away yelling something at the LSD Champion. Black slowly backs away as Shane glares at him before he turns back toward the ring. Meanwhile Joseph Gregory continues to be laid out in the middle of the ring as the crowd tries to rally behind him. Like a shark stalking its prey in a nature episode, Shane’s approach seems mark the end of the match as he slips the bag into the ring followed by retrieving a table.

As Shane makes his way into the ring, Romeo Ward is able to finally signal for the bell as the match is officially underway. Shane puts his hands on his waist and looks down at Gregory with a look of disgust before he reaches down to drag him up.


Gregory snaps off a stiff kick up and to the side of Shane Reynolds with stuns the former ICON champion and sends him backward holding his face. Gregory rolls up to his feet and takes advantage of his sudden advantage he moves in with a stiff Big Boot to the side of Shane’s head causing Reynolds to spin to the side and land hard on his back. The fans slowly rally behind Gregory as he shakes away the cob webs still clearly there following being hit by the Original Sin by Shane.

Reach down, Gregory pulls Shane up and whips him into the corner where he follows in with a stiff shoulder to the gut! Shane stumbles out and is caught with a strong closeline from Joseph which takes Shane back down off his feet and down hard to the canvas. Gregory gets back up to his knees, still holding his head before he points to the tables and the bag. Getting up to his feet Joseph sets the table up and opens the bag to reveal a can of gasoline as the crowd cheers.

In the back ground Shane Reynolds can be seen slowly pulling himself up as he turns his eyes on Gregory. As Joseph turns around Shane launches himself forward and connects with a spinning heel kick that staggers Gregory and sends the canister of gasoline across the table and the ring in a massive splatter. Moving back up to his feet and working to keep his advantage against his larger opponent, Shane hits a low drop kick on Joseph’s knee taking it out from under him as the big man splashes down into one of the puddles of fuel in the ring.

Shane scrambles toward the bag and pulls out a small book of matches before he slips to the far side of the ring while Joseph hobbles back up to his feet noticing he has gasoline coating himself. As he turns he sees Shane strike the matches with a sadistic snarl on his face.

For a moment Gregory seems to wear an “Oh Shit” expression on his face just before Shane flicks the matches toward him. Lifting his arms to shield his face is all Joseph Gregory has time to do as the small book of matches strike down on the splattered gasoline.


The gasoline on half the ring, the table and Gregory ignite in a woosh of flame. Gregory lets out a scream as he waves his arms about himself, flames crawling up his legs and across his back..


Shane, merciless and cold, sends a stiff kick to the jaw of Gregory sending the big man back and through the burning table that was set up earlier! Holding his face and rolling through the rubble ablaze, Gregory burns while Shane watches on.

Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 6:41… SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

Chastity Gold: Someone help Joseph Gregory! By God, he’s burning alive!!

Rick Fantastic: Relax sweetie… the pain will be temproary.

Emergency workers jump into and around the ring with fire extinquishers to quell the flames and save the burning Joseph Gregory. Satisfied for the moment, Shane slips out of the ring without an inch of interest in Joseph’s condition or interest in the fans who are currently booing him.

Chastity Gold: I have to say… I have NEVER in my life experienced a match such as that! Shane Reynolds put Joseph Gregory through the flaming table for a decisive victory here tonight… and perhaps a much NEEDED victory after all that’s happened with him in recent weeks.

Rick Fantastic: I couldn’t agree with you more Chastity. Shane Reynolds will need all the momentum he can get heading into Rumble at the Rock 2 as he gears to fight the near-unstoppable “Perfect” Paul Paras in a Number 1 Contenders Match.

Chastity Gold: But for which title? That is the question… oh… ladies and gentlemen… I’m being told we’ve caught up backstage with none other than Bob Jared!


Lucky “Fucking” Day?

Bob “Fucking” Jared could be seen walking backstage, casually looking around and waving to the people backstage with a hand in one of his pockets. He continues to make his way through areas, looking rather downtrodden from his loss to Jason Midnight, until he entered one that was seemingly isolated but had catering on the tables, it all smelled so good but none of it was for him. They were reserved for the camera men and security guards for the hard work they did each and every single week to make sure HOW was filmed and secure. Bob took one last glance at the food until he moved forward and stepped on something, he looked down to see that it was a penny.

Bob Jared: Look’s like this is my lucky day after all!

He bent over to pick it up but no sooner had he done so, a sound of metal clanging together could be heard overhead. A long steel cage big enough to hold a person came down at an alarming speed and landed right on top of the icon with the amazing chest hair, trapping him. It took him a moment before he realized that he couldn’t lift the cage off of him since it was too heavy for one man to lift. It was when he realized that he couldn’t free himself is when Bob began to panic and cry out for help.

Bob Jared: Somebody help me please! I’m stuck!

He continued to do this, gripping the bars in front of him with both hands and rattling them up and down, trying to make as much noise possible until someone came to his aid. And finally someone did, well…more like some people. Mario Maurako and his family members Matteo, Martino, and Mosé walked into the isolated room to see the man who ran away from them last week inside a cage. Each one of them had a smile on their face and a few of them chuckled at this sight they were seeing.

Mario Maurako: What’s this zoo animal doing here backstage?

Bob Jared: Knock it off Mario, I’m trapped and I need help.

Mario Maurako: Maybe if we feed him peanuts he’ll shut up.

Bob Jared: I’m serious Mario, I need your help right now!

Mario Maurako: You need my help, huh?

Bob Jared: Yes! Please!

Mario Maurako: What do you guys think? Should we help him out?

Mario looked at his family members and they somewhat agreed that they should set Bob free. With that in mind Mario, Matteo, Martino, and Mosé all walked to one side of the 4 sided cage individually and with all their strength combined they managed to lift the cage up enough for Bob to escape before they dropped it down. A loud thud could be heard as the cage came down on the floor. Bob sat down on the floor, trying to catch his breath from all the excitement he put himself through but he was now unaware that he would soon regret his decision to be rescued by the Maurako family.

Mario Maurako: Pin him down!

Matteo, Martino, and Mosé all leaped on top of Bob Jared, successfully making him unable to get away by one grabbing onto his arm, another grabbing on to his other arm, and one holding his legs together. Mario motioned them to turn Bob on to his back and proceed to tear off his jacket while still holding him down. They soon revealed his hairy greasy back, Mario reached inside of his pocket and pulled out an electric razor that he just so happened to conviently have with him at the time. He then bent over and viciously began to shave away as much hair as he could since it was like cutting a lawn of untrimmed grass that hadn’t been cut in weeks.

This continued for about a minute until Mario was satisfied with what he did with a sick grin, Bob’s back was as hairless as a baby’s bottom. Throughout all that Bob went through he did not scream or shout once since he expected to receive a beat down from the Maurako family but he surprisingly did not. Matteo, Martino, and Mosé all looked at Mario, who stood back up and put the razor back into his pocket. Each one of them was confused as to why Mario was not beating the crap out of Bob Jared, the same person who has been annoying him for weeks on end.

Mario Maurako: In case any of you are wondering why he isn’t dead meat, don’t be. This animal has to learn his lesson the hard way, through humiliation. Another week in the hospital is too good for him anyways. Come on, let’s go.

And just like that, the Maurako family left Bob confused and also humilated as they exit the scene. Bob got up on to his knees and sniffed his nose, he reached out for his jacket and cradled it in his arms. He shut his eyes tight, his face becoming bright red as you could tell that he was crying on the inside. Bob lowered his balding head into the cradled jacket and took deep breaths as his face was pressed down into the jacket’s synthetic material.

Chastity Gold: Mario Maurako makes me sick! He’s a sick human being, I tell you!

Rick Fantastic: Be careful Chaz, or you might have Mario shaving YOUR chest hair in a few minutes.

Chastity Gold: I do not have chest hair!

Rick Fantastic: I’m just playing…

Chastity Gold: Folks, we’re about to go to commercial break, but I’m being told… yes! He’s here! Ryan Faze is in the building!

The HOV quickly cuts to a different part of the Mandalay Bay Events Center, an empty hallway to be exact, and waits there for several moments until General Manager Faze, with David Black’s LSD title strapped securely around his waist, indeed appears in the hall.

Rick Fantastic: Ha ha! Looks like Faze had a little bit of FUN while he was away!

Faze leans on the wall of the hallway for support, as its obvious he’s either drunk, high, or both.

Rick Fantastic: That’s Vegas for you baby!

Chastity Gold: There you see it folks! Ryan Faze is back… and judging by the looks of things, I’m not so sure that’s a good thing! Stay tuned as Mayhem will be back after this commercial break!


See where the temporary General Manager of Mayhem, David Black, ranks over at EWTORCH!


Playing the Game

Chastity Gold: Welcome back to Monday Night Mayhem… and in case you just missed it, during the break, we saw the return of Mayhem’s General Manager, Ryan Faze.

Rick Fantastic: That’s right Chaz… although I’m sorry to say he could BARELY make it to his office.

Chastity Gold: Yes, Faze required the help of 2 Elite Protection members to escort him to his office after he could barely stand on his own two feet. A sorry sight indeed!

Rick Fantastic: Lord knows what Faze has been up to tonight, but as for right now, he’s got some visitors!

The camera quickly cuts backstage to Faze’s office, which was an arena for the GM to make clear his superiority over Roxie Sykes on last week’s Mayhem. Now it is the turn of her client, Tim Shipley, to stake his claim in the verbal battles that take place over Faze’s desk. Tim looks in terrible shape after his ordeal at the hands of the Maurako family earlier in the night, with huge swellings around his eyes and an ugly cut to his bottom lip. Just arrived to the arena after what appears to be a “fun” Vegas night, the General Manager doesn’t look much better himself.

Tim Shipley: Faze, I need a word.

Stroking the plate of the LSD title belt that is resting on his shoulder, Faze’s head snaps up.

Faze: Well y-rr lucky I’mma in such a good mooood t-nigh-t. Make it q-quick, Shipley.

Shipley seats himself in the best-lit chair, affording the GM the best possible view of Shipley’s wounds.

Tim Shipley: I can’t keep fighting your security guys. It’s not healthy.

It was a joke, but Shipley’s grin only opens up his cut more, and he winces in pain. Faze’s smirk, meanwhile, is unhindered.

Faze: Good- *hiccup* – good little test for you, eh?

Tim Shipley: Whatever. I was wondering if you’d made any progress on the Illustrious Face-Eater.

Faze beams.

Faze: Nope.

Shipley waits for Faze to finish his thought, then clocks that as far as Faze is concerned, it’s finished.

Tim Shipley: So where’s all that money from my contract going?

Faze: Tha-ss nun of yer business, Shipley.

Shipley slams his fist on the desk.

Tim Shipley: I think it is!

Faze leans back in his chair, clearly enjoying himself in his drunken stupor as Shipley scoffs at the real GM’s laughter.

Faze: You know what I think? Me thinks you messed up. You gave up half your pay… *hiccup*… for me to pursue a guy… *hiccup*… that you know…

Ryan’s head bobs, to the point where his eyes momentarily roll back into his head.

Faze: …that you know will NEVER… sign a HOW contract!

Appalled that Lee Best would actually put a man like this in charge of a live television program, Shipley remains firm in his persuasion.

Tim Shipley: He’ll come. He’ll come after me if you tell him I’m here.

Faze laughs heartily as his demeanor quickly shifts from a drunken state to a somewhat… well, less drunken state.

Faze: He probably doesn’t even know your name! Get real, Shipley. This is a fast-moving business. People move on.

Tim Shipley: You know what I think? I think you screwed me over. I don’t think you even picked up the phone. I think you just pocketed that money.

Faze shrugs, rolling his eyes as “innocently” as possible. Shipley looks a little bit sick as he puts two-and-two together; keeping in mind the GM’s current state along with Faze being absent from the show earlier.

Tim Shipley: OK. Whatever. It’s not like I actually care about HOW Mayhem. It’s like a B-movie within a B-movie.

Faze sneers, much to Shipley’s pleasure.

Tim Shipley: Unfortunately Faze, I don’t feel all that motivated to fight for Mayhem in my upcoming match against Ethan Cavanaugh at Rumble at the Rock 2.

Faze snarls, shifting the LSD title belt from his shoulder to the top of his desk.

Tim Shipley: I mean… I’m hardly in a condition to fight after Maurako’s monkeys assaulted me four-on-one tonight, while you did God-knows-what in Vegas at what was probably my expense!

Faze: Well you’re just gonna have to man up, aren’t you?

Tim Shipley: I don’t know if I am. I don’t know if I can be bothered to fight for your brand, Faze. I don’t know if I won’t just let Lee Best have the first draft pick…

That tipped the balance. Now it’s Faze’s turn to feel sick, as if he doesn’t feel sick enough already.

Tim Shipley: Of course, if you were to arrange for these monkeys to stay away from me on future episodes of Mayhem, I might be able to reconsider. Perhaps I wouldn’t have to get medical advice about my injuries after all.

Shipley pulls a document from his pocket.

Tim Shipley: Roxie was kind enough to prepare this for me immediately after the beating I sustained from your Maurako thugs.

Faze blinks his eyes and scans it as best he can before grunting angrily.

Faze: “Immunity”? What the hell are you asking me here?

Tim Shipley: It’s quite simple. You sign this, and I have immunity from the Maurakos for the remainder of my time here on Mayhem – whether that ends by Best drafting me after Rumble at the Rock 2, or whether I stay on Mayhem for my entire HOW career, Mario Maurako and his family can’t touch me. In return, I give you my word that every piece of me goes to Alcatraz to take that match for Mayhem… and plus we can forget about you partying on my dime and the whole Face-Eater issue too. How does that sound?

The silence is deafening.

Faze: You’ve got fricking nerve, Shipley.

A broad smile criss-crosses the welts on Shipley’s bruised face, as Faze’s name on the dotted line bruises his own ego and the feed cuts back to ringside for tonight’s Main Event!


Perfect Paul Paras vs. Aceldama
Singles Match

Rick Fantastic: Ok Chaz… I have to ask. Is Faze in charge again or is Black still…

Chastity Gold: Well, since Faze still has the LSD title in his possession, I’m assuming David Black is still our “GM” for the evening.

Rick Fantastic: He’s sure made his presence known, hasn’t he? Firing Silent Witness on the spot?!? Adding the flaming table stipulation to Joseph Gregory’s match with Shane Reynolds?!? This guy will do ANYTHING to gain advantage leading into Rumble at the Rock 2!

Chastity Gold: I’m still not so sure he can fire one of his own opponents…

Suddenly, we’re interrupted by the familiar tune of Tool’s “Vicarious”.

Rick Fantastic: This can only mean one thing! The World Champion is here!!

Aceldama emerges from the back, looking rather disinterested that he’s being forced to compete yet again on Monday Night Mayhem.

Chastity Gold: The World Champion that turned on his boss last week on Turmoil, joining forces with none other than the ICON champion Maximillian Kael!

Aceldama receives the boos without a care in the world as he climbs the ring steps and enters the ring, his World Title shining brightly under the lights of the Mandalay Bay Events Center. That is, until, Velvet Revolver’s “Headspace” interrupts and out comes the one and only “Perfect” Paul Paras, who tosses his mirrored shades aside and quickly rushes down the entrance ramp, meeting the World Champion face-to-face in the center of the ring.

Chastity Gold: Well, we have our competitors, but I see no sign of a referee.

Rick Fantastic: Wait just a minute.

His exclaimation comes with a pause until ‘Sin with a Grin’ by Shinedown fills the arena, and Shane Reynolds appears suddenly from backstage, wearing a referee’s shirt and walking briskly towards the ring with his eyes locked bitterly on both Aceldama and Paul Paras.

They remain as such as Shane arrives at the ring and enters via the steel steps, smartly not giving either surprised man the opportunity to blindside him. Stepping between the ropes, Shane remains for a second in the corner as Paras and Aceldama standing across from him in opposite corners, and as the announcers continue to debate what they are seeing.

Chastity Gold: According to the schedule, Frank Tsonga was supposed to be officiating this main-event…

Rick Fantastic: Well clearly things got changed somewhere along the line.

The question of what has changed it suddenly revealed as the HOV comes to life and shows a camera rolling along the corridor towards a nearby door. It rests ajar and beyond it can be seen nothing but shadows. Not until the cameraman pushes his way in, allowing the light from the corridor to illuminate the room beyond and allowing every member of the audience to see Frank Tsonga unconscious and tied to a wooden chair.

Rick Fantastic: Well, you can be sure the EPU are going to have something to say about that.

Chastity Gold: But it seems not right now they don’t with a main-event match needing to get underway.

It does almost immediately as Shane calls both men nearer and steps towards Paul Paras first of all. Glaring intently at each other, Shane with a scowl and Paras with a confident smirk, the former begins checking Paul over for weapons and makes sure his trademark Singapore Cane is well without his reach. He turns now and performs the same duties on a clearly fuming Aceldama. Shane takes his time, visibly untrusting of the World Champion, before turning to the best that is currently hanging over his shoulder and makes him as such.

Shane Reynolds: I’ll be taking that…

He says, clear for all the lip-readers of the world to understand. His actions of pointing to it and then to himself making his intentions clear for those that can’t. Aceldama turns and looks at the World title belt and then Shane, fuming even more intensely. He eventually relents and hands his most prized of posessions over to Shane, who takes it and immediately turns towards the ropes, holding it out to be taken by people at ringside and signalling for the bell at the same time.

Rick Fantastic: With both these competitors being a part of the assault that befell Reynolds last week and currently two of his most despised opponents, you have to wonder how fairly he’s gonna call this match.

Chastity Gold: And in whose favour he could possibly call it.

The announcers continue to discuss as the bell rings and the two men turn their attentions from Shane and to each other as they go to lock-up. Aceldama swiftly evades the lock-up attempt though, not wanting any part of “Perfect” Paul Paras.

Paras charges again, only for Aceldama to do the same thing, frustrating the former ICON champion. It’s not until Shane Reynolds distracts the World Champion that Paras gets his hands on him, pounding aimlessly with left and right hands so to back Aceldama into the turnbuckle.

Rick Fantastic: Triple P is taking it to the World Champion!

Chastity Gold: He’s on fire Rick!

Rick Fantastic: Oh, calm yourself…

Chastity Gold: That’s not what I meant!

Triple P backs off, but only for a brief moment as he runs up and delivers a thwacking Running Yakuza kick to the temple of Aceldama.

Rick Fantastic: The World Champion is dazed! Chaz, if I could’ve told you I would’ve expected this, I’d be lying right through my teeth!

Sensing Ace’s weakened state, Triple P follows through with a beautfully executed suplex combination called The Perfect Circle; first landing a German, then a Tiger, and finally a Dragon suplex that has the crowd on their feet, roaring loudly for the Minnesota Messiah!

As Aceldama comes to his feet with renewed intention, Triple P responds to the crowd by signaling for the Messianic Complex, but before he can lock on the Anaconda Vice finisher, Shane Reynolds comes out of nowhere with the World Title belt, knocking the invigorated World Champion out cold before he falls to the mat.

Chastity Gold: Now what is THIS?!? Shane Reynolds just stole all of Triple P’s glory in this match by nailing his former Blood Brother with the World Title!

Rick Fantastic: I have to admit, that is QUITE a statement just made by Shane Reynolds…

Paul Paras looks up suddenly, as does the ringside crowd, to see Shane standing over his former Blood Brother with blazing fury in his eyes and the World Championship still in his hand, having not handed it over as he previously seemed to be going to. Instead, he Shane calls for a microphone, which he now raises to his lips, making himself heard for everyone to hear now, although his eyes are fixed solely on Aceldama.

Shane Reynolds: Who’s smarter now?!? You really think I would let you get a victory over anybody if I could prevent it, much less against Paul Paras? Triple P is mine to destroy… and at Rumble at the Rock 2, that’s exactly what I intend to do… with him at one hundred percent, so there can be no excuses and no doubt about whom the true ICON of HOW is. There was no way in hell I was going to let you ruin that! Which is why I decided to allow him the opportunity to do what I have been previously unable.

His eyes suddenly shift upwards towards Paul Paras now, who is standing exactly where he was when Shane had struck.

Shane Reynolds: I just told you Paul, I’m going to crush you officially at Rumble at the Rock – not through sneak attack opportunities beforehand. I’m not like you and I’m certainly not like him. So what are you waiting for?

He asks Paul, who remains slightly hesitant for a few moments, before moving over towards Aceldama, and reluctantly dropping into a cover, seeing no other choice as Aceldama is still unconscious. Shane immediately drops down and executes one of the swiftest three counts in history before moving quickly back to his feet and signaling for the bell for the second time.


As it rings, though before Paul can get fully to his feet and Kimber Marshall can announce the winner, Shane strikes immediately again with the World Championship and nails Paul across the back of the head, causing the Mandalay Bay Events Center to erupt in their loudest chorus of boos we’ve heard tonight.

Chastity Gold: What the–?

Rick Fantastic: What happened to wanting Paul Paras one hundred percent for Rumble at the Rock?

Shane hears not these questions, but nevertheless delivers an answer as he returns once again, smirking, back to his feet.

Shane Reynolds: Okay, maybe I lied. If Paul wants to play it dirty heading towards our match, then who am I not to return the favour? As I said before, I’m not like Aceldama and Paul Paras – I’m worse. And when it comes to ability in the ring, I am better. And the sooner everybody starts opening their eyes and seeing that, the better and easier things will be. And whilst I’m on the subject of things I said earlier, you may recall that I said I’m going to allow Paul Paras to do something I have yet been unable – the operative word in that sentence was yet!

Shane pauses suddenly, standing over the two men, and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a slip of paper.

Shane Reynolds: You see, last week I announced that the winner of my match against Paul Paras would get a shot at the ICON championship. Well, in light of recent events, that isn’t going to happen. You see, this morning I went through all the necessary channels and I purchased a shot at the World Championship…

Chastity Gold: Shane Reynolds with a WORLD title shot?!? What happened to taking back the ICON?!?

Shane Reynolds: Therefore, and I hope they can both hear this… I hope you enjoy your title reign while it lasts Aceldama, because you are only going to hold it as long as I allow. You deal with Trent and The Best Alliance, because I’m going to be biding my time and dealing with my own, more important goals – doing what you failed to do in punishing and destroying Issac Slade once and for all and exposing Paul Paras as the fraud he is. But when I do indeed defeat Paul Paras at Rumble at the Rock and show everyone who truly is the best athlete in HOW, I am going to prove it even further, because I will indeed be coming for this championship….

Shane proclaims, tapping his open palm against the gold plate of it.

Shane Reynolds: …and this time, I won’t fail!

Shane ends his speech there and throws the microphone into the crowd before lifting the World Championship from his shoulder and holding it in the air.

Rick Fantastic: I’m speechless. Shane Reynolds just laid out our World Champion AND the man that was well on his way to defeating him… Perfect Paul Paras.

Chastity Gold: Not to mention make his intentions clear after Rumble at the Rock 2! Does this mean that his match with Triple P is a Number 1 Contender’s Match for the WORLD title?!?

Rick Fantastic: I think that it might!

Chastity Gold: Well folks… I think that’s about all the time we have for you…

???: WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Jus’ hold on jus’ a god-darne’d minute!

Closing the Deal

Before Mayhem goes off the air, the HOV comes back to life with a shot of General Manager Ryan Faze, now sitting only in his boxer-briefs as he motions for the camera to zoom in closer. The cameraman obliges, but not to Faze’s liking as he keeps gesturing for the camera to move closer and closer… and closer… until he’s literally nose-to-lens with the camera itself, taking the opportunity to give the lens a “blow-job”, much to the chagrin of our announcers and fans in attendance.

Faze: Ye… You like that Lee Best?!? Huh?!? I bet you love it… ye fuckin’ queer.

Faze stands up on his desk, wavering back and forth to keep his balance as best as possible before spinning around on his tip-toes.

Rick Fantastic: Ummm… Chastity?

Silence is heard as Chasity Gold undoubtedly shrugs at Rick’s inquiry.

Rick Fantastic: Erm… maybe we should end the show now? Guys in the back… ???

Faze: Don’t ye’ fuckin’ touch that dial… you production monkey-ass bitch. Let me tell you something Rick… Rick… Rick FANTASTIC! What makes ye’ soooooooooo fantastic? Huh? Ye thinks ye can just end the show like that? Don’t think I can’t hear ye… because I can!

Rick Fantastic: Uh, right. Ok… uh, SORRY?!?

Faze: Tha’ss wha- I thought… ye fuckin’ bitch!

Chastity Gold: Ladies and gentlemen, put your children to bed… if you haven’t done so already. Clearly, this footage is not made for television…

Faze stumbles around, that is until he resorts to dry-humping the LSD title, which sits vulnerably on his desk as jostles back and forth. He pauses briefly to scratch his ass, and without a care in the world, thanks to his drunken state, Faze jolts off the desk as David Black comes charging into his office, his face full of scorn as he catches Faze in his act.

David Black: What the-?!? What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Faze?!?

Faze does his best to stand up, but it’s obvious he cannot, no matter how much of an effort he puts into it. Finally, Faze utilizes his desk to pull himself up and brace himself as the LSD champion approaches him.

Faze: I… I… uh….


David Black: Mother fucker!

Black narrowly avoids the chunks of vomit that fly in his direction as Faze proceeds to puke all over his office desk and floor.

Faze: There… that’s better. Now… what can I do for you buddy?

Black stands bemused by the fact that Faze is so out of it, he doesn’t realize the fact that he just puked all over his office.

David Black: What can you do for me?!? Well for starters, you can TRY not to puke all over the place again. Do you realize what an embarassment you are to this company? Just look at yourself!

Faze looks down, still unaware that he’s in his boxers… with puke all over himself, nonetheless.

David Black: Now give me back my title before you decide to puke all over that too!

Faze looks back to the LSD championship belt that lies on his desk, and then back to David Black, who stands just as impatiently as Faze does reluctantly.

David Black: Any day now Faze! You know the terms of our deal!

Faze nods, again reluctantly, as he finally comes to grips with the fact that his night “as LSD champion” has come to an end. Still adament about getting his title back, Black completely ignores the fact that Faze has been living vicariously through him for the past several months and now demands the title with intent.

David Black: You heard me Faze! I said NOW!

Still reluctant to return the LSD title to David Black, Faze is suddenly met with a chest-first BLACKOUT from the LSD champion, who stands over the dazed Mayhem General Manager with a sadistic look in his eye before snatching his title from Faze’s desk without saying another word.

Chastity Gold: Black just gave Faze the BLACKOUT! Our own General Manager Rick!

Rick Fantastic: Boy… things aren’t going to be pretty once his hangover wears off!

Chastity Gold: We’re outta time here on MOnday Night Mayhem… GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!!!



BONUS SEGMENT – Redemption for a Horrible Injustice

The door opens and then closes, long since an hour or two since Mayhem has gone off the air. Ryan Faze, fully clothed now and looking much better after a dizzying Blackout and hard night of partying on the Vegas strip, is alone for the time being, sitting blissfully alone in his office. With his mind racing with a hundred different things he has to do before the night is done, he doesn’t even notice the dimly lit atmosphere of his office, all he cares is that for the moment he is alone.

Or so he thinks.

Reaching into his jacket he removes a small flask and unscrews the top, taking a deep pull of whatever liquid is contained within he wipes the back of his hand across his mouth and sighs replacing the flask in his pocket.

His hand comes out with something else however, a small photograph. Looking down at it in his hand, the General Manager let’s out a shaky sigh as he gazes at the picture of his sister Sabina before shoving it back into his pocket. He looks up at his desk and freezes, as there sitting in his chair behind his desk is a shadow given form, a vague human outline made up of a deeper black then the shadows themselves.


His heart speeding up a bit, Ryan Faze squints against the darkness, finally he recognizes the woman covered all in leather.

Faze: You…

He takes a step closer to the desk as his defenses immediately go up.

Faze: Just who are you?!? Huh?!? I got no notice of your arrival here, I’ve even checked with Lee…there was no authorization for you or your “Friends” to be here on my show! The only reason I’ve allowed you to stay is because I enjoy the way you continue to humiliate Issac…

The last word contains more then a fair share of venom as Faze glares at the figure sitting in his chair.

Faze: But if you’re going to continue to stay on my show, then I want to know just who you are and what your plans are!

Rising out of the chair with a fluid grace, the woman rounds his desk, not so much moving across the floor as she moves across the darkness of the dimly lit room, with his perception flawed by the meager light and the alcohol he’s consumed, Faze is surprised when she is suddenly in front of him.

Woman: That is what I’m here to talk to you about Ryan…please, sit down. You’re exhausted.

Though his defenses are up and a small part of his brain is protesting being led anywhere, Faze allows her to lead him to his chair. With a gentle pressure on his shoulders she urges him to sit down as her fingers begin to knead the tense muscles of his shoulders.

Woman: I am here for several reasons Ryan. For one thing, I’m here to teach a harsh lesson to one who deserves it.

Faze: Slade…

Ryan growls tensing up again, he nods his head and agrees with her.

Faze: Slade deserves to go to hell…and burn there! I want to send him there myself, but if he dies…then I can’t hurt him!

Woman: Revenge is a powerful motivator. I know it all too well Ryan… which is another reason I’m here.

The woman purrs as she rubs Ryan’s shoulders.

Woman: And my revenge is personal with this man.

Ryan nods his head and then suddenly freezes

Faze: W-What?

Woman: He hurt me Ryan… he hurt me badly. I will have revenge, and I will have blood. I will tear strips of his flesh from his body, peel him like a grape and crush the softness that lays underneath.

Ryan trembles as the venomous voice whispers in his ear with all the quiet strength of a snake ready to strike. He hears what she’s saying, that she wants revenge on Issac, a single desperate thought begins to form in his mind, one that he’s wished for time and time again but discounted due to the cold hard facts of reality, turning in his chair he looks up at the feminine figure clad in darkness.

Faze: Who the hell are you?

A gloved hand cupped his cheek as the leather clad face gazed down at him.

Woman: You know who I am Ryan. You watched as a terrible injustice was dealt to me in the middle of the ring while the fans looked on in horror! You watched! Everyone watched… but no one moved to stop him.

Faze: No… no…

Looking up at her Ryan shakes his head frantically

Faze: You’re dead… you’re dead! It’s impossible!

Woman: Nothing is impossible Ryan. You know who I am. Even though your mind can’t comprehend it, your heart knows who I am. Your heart wants to believe.

Ryan looks up at her with tears filling his eyes.

Faze: I buried you…I buried you in the ground! I watched your coffin get lowered into the dirt… I died on that day!

Woman: Say the name Ryan… say the name your heart desires.

Faze: S… Sabby?

Looking up into a face he can’t see, Ryan fights back his tears and squints hard.

Faze: Sabina?

His voice cracking with emotion, he reaches up and touches the leather on her face.

Faze: Is it r-really you?

Wrapping her arms around him, the leather clad fingers run through his hair. The sudden closeness and touch breaks down whatever barriers Ryan Faze has left and he begins to sob openly in the arms of his sister.

Woman: So much pain… you’ve been holding it all inside all this time, but now you can let it out. Now I’m here to help you, just as I know you can help me… and you will help me, won’t you Ryan?

Looking up at her, Ryan wraps his arms around her holding her tightly, almost protectively, his eyes are a mixture of tears and fierce devotion.

Faze: For you Sabina, anything! I’ll do anything!

And though Ryan can’t exactly be sure, he’s almost certain that the corners of the woman’s mouth turned up in a smile under her mask. Unable to fully comprehend that his dreams have come true and his most frantic prayers have been answered, he simply looks up and smiles along with her.


BONUS SEGMENT 2 – The First Arrival

Darkness opens up the scene. The glassy surface of dark water soon appears before the camera pans up toward an isle with a history so notorious the very mention of it’s name causes instant recognition. Old buildings and decaying walls give Alcatraz a foreboding and ominous appearance, a place of oppression, fear and despair the likes of which ended men’s lives.

The scene flashes to a long, poorly lit corridor with a gnarled, decayed cement floor and age stained walls which once might have played at being painted green. A pair of swinging doors lean against eachother at the far end of the hall where a bright white light seems to emanate.

???: Is he secure?

A man’s voice echoes down the hall.

???: Yeah, just like we were instructed. Let’s deliver him and get the hell out of here, this place gives me the shivers..

A second man’s voice pipes up before the sound of footsteps and squeaky wheels can be heard moving. Suddenly the two doors at the end of the hall burst open as white light floods the hall as two dark figures and another third in a wheel chair can barely be made out..

Once again the scene flashes as we are bathed in white light. As the light dies down we can see two dark figures on either side of the wheel chair tightening down leather straps. Though their faces are not visible it is obvious that they are wearing black EPU uniforms as they work. Once fully secure the two men look down at the obscured man in the wheel chair.

???: So that’s all then? We can leave now?

???: Yeah. That’s what the note said anyway. Come on, the boat is leaving in 15 minutes and I don’t want to get left here with those two crazies.

???: You just made my day, lets go.

The two men turn and walk away, the sound of a heavy metal door slamming shut marking their exit. As the camera pans around we can slowly see the gagged face of Maximillian Kael glaring out at the shadows around him, his whole body strapped to the wheel chair with old leather straps and buckles.

From the darkness in front of him a figure moves. Max cants his head to the side as he narrows his eyes in an attempt to see who it is..

Graystone materializes out of the shadows holding a black medical bag and sporting a trendy nurse’s hat as he stares at Max with dispassionate eyes. Max seems to recoil slightly as he tries to say something but only muffled gags escape his mouth. Graystone drops the bag in Max’s lap and opens it, pulling out a syringe filled with a neon blue liquid which offers it’s own faint glow.

Graystone: ..Welcome back..

The demented Graystone smiles suddenly and leans in with the needle aiming it toward Max’s neck as the Minister issues forth a series of muffled screams, unable to fight back physically.

The scene flashes to outside the door where Max’s muffled screams go from furious roars to high pitched screams of fear.. above the old metal door a sign hung.

“Alcatraz Mental Ward”

– Fade Out –


Call now to get our voice mail, as our Prime Minister has been “delivered” to Alcatraz Island…

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