Mayhem: October 28th, 2002 (2002)

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Monday Night Mayhem
October 28th, 2002
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA


71,000+ packed inside the Georgia Dome for Monday Nite Mayhem!

Newell: Well welcome folks to yet another big night on the HOW calendar, were here for Monday Mayhem, where were expecting a whole lot of action.

Joe: That’s right, there is going to be titles decided and the action will be coming thick and fast. And I don’t care that you are a legend, the opening is my part!

Newell: Anyway, eight matches and four titles, I’m excited already and there hasn’t even been a match yet.

Joe: Well our first match of the night is much like a match at Overdrive; it’s a six-man tag match, featuring AJ, Lynx Houston.

Newell: Well it’s the Best Alliance against Chris C.K again, but this time he isn’t with the Uprising he’s here with Chico and 2Xtreme.

Joe: Well this is a great way to start things off and the night is going to get a whole lot bigger as the night goes on, with the new GM’s being introduced tonight. There should be a lot of excitement tonight. But lets get to our first match off the night.


Lynx, AJ, Housont vs. Chico, 2Xtreme, Chris Ck

The Best Alliance is the first to make their way to the ring. Led out by Lynx and his theme tune the commish and AJ follow him down the ramp and to the ring. The fans are booing, but they don’t seem to take any notice, as the get this treatment everyday. They all get into the ring, Houston and AJ rolling while Lynx takes the steps. They huddle together and begin to talk, as they await their opponents.

Newell: Surely Best can put an athlete with the capabilities of Lynx into some better matches than this, he is a main eventer.

Joe: And he is also coming off the back of a career threatening injury, he is just settling back into the rhythm.

Never Again by Nickelback begins to play, as Chris C.K makes his entry. He is with Chico and 2Xtreme who seem to just want to get into the ring, that’s why there out together. The BA step back and are close to the backend of the ring. Chico and Co then run down the ramp and slide into the ring, but the BA climb out of the ring and stand in front of the commentators.

Joe: Looks like they don’t wanna get involved in a brawl, they wanna save themselves.


All of the men then get into there own corners, the bell ring and the two men selected to fight first are Chico and AJ. Quickly, AJ goes for the legs of Chico, trying to his a quick kick, but Chico dodges out of the way. AJ can see this is gonna be tough, and he starts to back into his corner. He then laughs and holds his hand out, Lynx thens tags in. Chico is asking Lynx not to hurt him, but he then turns and tags C.K in. Both men are still in their corners, as the crowd cheer, this being the pairing they wanted to see. Both men smile at each other and go for the tip ups. Neither man gets the upper hand, then Lynx goes round the back and has C.K round the waist. He then moves down and takes his legs. He then locks in his version of the ankle lock, Propane Pain. He doesn’t have the move in for long though as Chico hits Lynx from behind. The ref then tells him to get out of the ring. Chico obliges and Lynx is still up before C.K is anyways, and has the upper hand. Lynx then gets C.K to his feet and leaves him standing in the middle of the ring. He then goes off the ropes and looks to his a power clothesline, only for C.K to dodge and hit a drop toe hold. He then gives Lynx a couple of boots to the back, and goes to his corner. He tags in 2Xtreme, giving him his first taste of the action.

Newell: A big chance here for 2Xtreme, he is fresher and Lynx looks to be down.

2Xtreme doesn’t look to be in too much of a hurry, and just walks over to where Lynx his, closer to the BA corner than he first thought. As he gets close Lynx dives to the open hand of Houston, who gets in the ring before 2Xtreme can do anything about it. Houston then brings his hand to his head, and starts shaking it, looking ready to his Xtreme. He looks up at the fist and keeps watching it, only to be kicked in the gut by the left foot of Houston. He laughs as he has just played one of the oldest tricks in the book on Xtreme.

Joe: Schoolboy error.

The commissioner then picks Xtreme up by the head, and sets him up for a suplex. He can’t get the lift on him though. He does manage to picks him up high enough to put him on the turnbuckle. He then climbs up himself and locks Xtreme’s head under his armpit. He then comes from the top rope and hits a Tornado DDT. Xtreme is sprawled over the ring, as Houston scurries and gets an arm over him.1…..2….. kick out, but a close call. The ref gets up and puts two fingers up at Houston who seems to think it was three. He then gets up and argues with the ref, Xtreme then pulls the trunks of Houston and rolls him up.1….2…. kick out and another close call. Houston gets up looking shocked that he was nearly beaten then. He then stands away from Xtreme, lying in wait for him to get up. When he does he runs at him and sticks his boot up, Xtreme dodges though and hits a neck breaker. Both men are down.1…..2…..3……4.

They begin to crawl to their corners, but then stop when they get close and Xtreme is getting up. He then somehow finds the energy to make a dash for Houston, who is about to make a tag to his teammate. Xtreme pulls him and then goes to the turnbuckle he was just launched from. He climbs and this time he waits for Houston. He then hits Leap of Faith on a half up Houston, which sends him back down crashing. He then finds the body of the commish and puts a hand over him.1….2…. Lynx comes in with a late save with looked a certain 3 count. C.K then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile drop kick on Lynx, who had his back turned talking trash to Xtreme. C.K then gets out of the ring and joins Chico, as Lynx rolls out of the ring.

Houston his on his way to his corner, as is Xtreme. They both make their tags. Chico is in, and AJ comes in. Chico gets a few punches in early on and throws AJ against the ropes. The crowd are building Chico up as there going wild. AJ then comes back at Chico, who hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex on AJ. He then goes for a pin. 1…2…. Lynx pulls the foot of Chico. The ref then goes to the ropes and looks down asking what the hell he was doing. This gives Houston the chance to come in and get some double team time. Xtreme is recovering on the apron. Chico is up and is stood behind the ref winding Lynx up. Houston then comes in which catches his attention. The commish then hits his finisher, Stampede. Two kicks and Chico is down. He then looks to be falling as Houston makes a quick dash for his corner. Chico then falls back and holds on to the top rope trying to hold on, he then sends the ref over who falls on to Lynx.

Joe: Well we have most people in this match down now, I am starting to lose myself here.

AJ is back up and sees that the ref is down, he then turns to see where Chico is only to be met by C.K hitting another missile drop kick from the top rope. The ref doesn’t look to be getting up soon, but Lynx is now back up. Xtreme is recovered on the side, and sees Lynx is up. He comes from the apron and walks to where the ref and Chico are. He thens give Lynx a right hand. And another. Lynx blocks the third though, who then picks the lightweight up and drops him on to the barricade. In the ring C.K is now left with Houston. The commish isn’t looking in god shape, until Lynx slides back into the ring behind C.K. He hears him though and turns and begins to stamp on Lynx. He is then attacked from behind. C.K is balancing on the ropes and the commish goes to hit his finisher again. C.K moves though and Houston is caught up in the ropes. C.K then sees Lynx is down and goes to the turnbuckle for the third time in this match. Houston is struggling to free himself, as C.K turns on the turnbuckle, setting up a moonsault. He goes in the air and Houston moves just in time, with ease, showing he was never caught in the first place.

Houston is putting the boots on C.K. Chico, Xtreme, AJ are all on the outside, along with the ref. Chico is back up and sees AJ. He then picks him up and slams his head into the steel steps. And again. Three or four more times and AJ finally busts open, when he does things look like there about too get worse for C.K and Co. Jay, Omar and Starr all come from backstage and walk down to the ring. They stop at the bottom of the ramp. Chico invites them to come and get some, and Omar goes straight for him. Chico though being a fast guy jumps over the barricade and goes into the crowd. Omar doesn’t give up though and gives Chico a chase through the crowd. Both Lynx and Houston are now stomping on C.K, and Xtreme enters looking to help out C.K. When he sees the rest of the Best Alliance outside the ring though, he changes his mind and rolls out of the ring. He walks past the BA, thinking he has got away without getting his butt whooped. How wrong.

Starr hits a superkick to the back of the head on 2Xtreme, who crashes down to the steel ramp, and rolls off the side of it. Starr then joins Jay at the bottom of the ramp and the both slide in to join Lynx and Houston. Starr looks down to see the ref is getting back up. Starr and Jay then drag C.K quickly up and hold him. Lynx then hits the Lynx affect, sending C.K down once again. The three of them get out of the ring and leave Houston to get the pin. Lynx goes round to help the ref up, who doesn’t know what’s going on or who the legal man in. He just sees Houston with his arm over C.K and begins the count.1….2….3.

Winners Houston, Lynx and AJ.

Joe: Well another great screw job there from the Best Alliance.

Newell: Well I thought all this crap had stopped, but C.K has been made an example of, oh wait I don’t think there finished yet.

Lynx, Starr and Jay then slide into the ring and join the victor, Houston. There celebrating and they then see C.K on the floor. They then nod at each other and wave towards the top of the ramp. Lee Best then appears, greeted by boos. He waves at the fans and carries on walking down the ramp. He reaches the steps to the ring and Starr then opens the ropes for him to climb through. He nods at Starr and gets into the ring. He then calls for C.K to be stood up. Jay and Houston get him up as Lynx smiles, knowing whats about to happen. 2Xtreme then sees the boos in the ring and knows that he is down because of him. He gets up after the kick from Starr and slides into the ring, into impossible odds. He is stamped on as soon as he enters. Lynx and Houston quickly take care of him, throwing him over the top rope before he could get even close to Lee Best. Best then takes a pen from his top pocket.

Joe: I have heard about this, I don’t think I can’s watch.

Best then looks at the pen up and down, and into the face of C.K, who is barely able to open his eyes. He can’t look up at Best as he has been beaten. Best the shoves the pen into the eye of C.K. he gives a little scream and falls to his knees. Jay and Houston let him go. Best calls it the ‘Bottom line’. Best then puts a knee into the throat of Ck and begins to write onto the bloody head of CK. Finished Best stands and smiles. The camera zooms in and we see what Best wrote…


C.K is writhing in the ring holding his eye. A camera backstage shows that Omar has taken care of Chico, leaving him battered with a steel chair. Back in the ring, Best is looking down at C.K and whispers in the ear of Lynx. He sniggers as do the other men who heard what Best said. Best then gets out of the ring and stars to walk up the ramp. He walks round 2Xtreme and stops when he gets to the top of the stage. He nods at Lynx, signaling something. Lynx then picks C.K up as Best leaves through the curtain. Starr and Jay head back up the ramp to get ready for their matches. Lynx and Houston are left with C.K. They toss him over the ropes closest to the commentators then get out themselves. They see the announce table. Lynx and Houston look to know what there doing. Houston quickly gets back into the ring and on to the top turnbuckle.

Newell: I think we better move here Joe.

The commentators move to the side, away from danger as Lynx lets go of C.K just in front of the table. He is swaying, and Lynx hits a Atlantis kick, at the same time Houston leaps from the top rope. The kick sent C.K on to the table and the leg drop from the top rope that followed sent him through the table. C.K looks broken in half, as Lynx helps Houston up. They raise each others arm and the crowd begin to boo, and rightfully so. The commentators look down at C.K. Lynx and Houston then walk round the side of the ring and help up a bloody AJ, the three members of the Best Alliance then walks up the ramp, AJ in the middle who is being given some support from the other two. The titontron then shows Chico backstage, then 2Xreme on the outside and C.K through the table.

Joe: Well I think a commercial is called for here while things are cleared, and there is plenty to be done. I mean we need a new table we have a full show to do.

Newell: That’s right, here are some EMT’s anyway, so we will be right back after this.



Angel vs. Jason Overdrive

Big Buff Benny Newell: Well we are back from that crazy match. In the ring now we have Jason Overdrive and a guy that reminds me of myself, Angel. Looks like these two are going to explode, so much adrenaline built up.

Joe Hoffmann: Its more than that I think there is a general hatred among the men.

Jason and Angel lock up, locking on each other hard, not making much ground at first. With a sudden burst of strength Jason, takes and backs Angel up in to the corner, then Irish whips him to the opposite corner. with a sick sounding thud, Angels back hits the turnbuckles, and he falls to his knees.

Big Buff Benny Newell: That has to be one of the more explosive Irish whips I have ever seen.

Joe Hoffmann: Plain nasty, looks like Jason, now has the edge.

Jason walks over to Angel slowly. Angle is now on one knee, looking at Jason. Jason laughs, as he eggs on Angel. Angle rises to his feet, and looks over Jason, with one quick, fluid motion, he runs at Jason, ducks Jason’s clothesline, and reverse DDT’s Jason.

Big Buff Benny Newell: That’s impressive. High impact moves from the get go.

Joe Hoffmann: Looks, like I might be wrong.

Angel is quicker to follow up. He picks up Jason, and sends him in to the ropes, and Jason, is met with a clothesline from hell. Angel stands up, a grin creeps across his face. Jason is back to his feet. The man stand face to face, neither talking.

Big Buff Benny Newell: is this a damn wrestling match, or a Mexican staring competition.

Joe Hoffmann: Looks like the adrenaline is kicking in to high gear with both of these men.

Angles fist are doubled up, and at his side. Jason takes a step back, and turns away from Angle, when he turns around to throw his punch, Angel blocks it, and throws a right hand of his own. He beings to follow up with fist after fist to the head.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Jason is reeling.

Big Buff Benny Newell: Is quiet stunned by those fist that Angel is throwing.

He pounds on Jason for a few more times, till finally, with one big swing, Jason hits the mat. Angel stands there looking over Jason.

Big Buff Benny Newell: He has the look of just what hit me on his face

Joe Hoffman: No doubt about it, those where some vicious hits.

Angel places two kicks to Jason’s head before the ref pushes him back.

Big Buff Benny Newell:: Emotions are running high tonight. Two great competitors, one great match.

Jason, is to his feet, a bit groggy still, but to his feet. Angel comes in to tie up with him again. Jason meets him with an eye rake.

Joe Hoffmann: good move, will bye him those extra seconds to fully get his bearings.

Big Buff Benny Newell:: yea, but does he have enough to counteract Angels energy?

Jason grabs Angel by the hair. He takes his face and runs it along the ropes. Angle goes to one knee. Jason swift kicks Angel in the rib cage. Jason kicks him again, before picking him up. Jason goes to suplex Angel. Angle blocks it.

Joe Hoffman: some good kicks, but he isn’t wearing him down fast enough.

Big Buff Benny Newell:: I actually have to agree with you there.

Jason tries to suplex Angel again. He fails again, and Angel suplexes Jason. As soon as Jason and angel hit the mat, Angel is back to his feet. he picks up Jason. He send Jason in to the ropes, and bounces of the near side ropes simultaneously. He hits Jason with one hell of a shoulder tackle. Jason hits the mat, and rolls out of the ring. Angel stands on the ropes leaning down yelling at him.

Big Buff Benny Newell: What the hell, Jason Override is going to walk away from the match.

Jason beings to walk up the aisle. Angel flips over the ropes and runs after him.

Joe Hoffmann: Not if Angle can help it.

He catches up to Jason. Turns him around, and lands a left hook to Jason’s jaw.

Big Buff Benny Newell: That’s stunned Jason Badly.

Joe Hoffman: Yea, Angel needs to get him in the ring. Can’t win the match out here.

Angle grabs Jason by the back of the neck. He pulls him towards the ring. He rolls Jason in the ring. As he is getting on the apron, Jason is climbing to his feet.

Big Buff Benny Newell: Looks like Jason was playing coy with everyone.

Just as Angel looks up, Jason sends him off the apron with a kick to the jaw. Angel lands against the barricades hard. Jason climbs to the top turnbuckle. The ref begins to count. 1….2….3….4.

Joe Hoffmann: He is no shape to try anything like what he is thinking.

Big Buff Benny Newell: That’s why you’re not a wrestler Joe, You have no sense of wrestling style, or killer instinct. He is merely going to put the match away.

Angel uses the barricade to pull him self up. He is leaning in to it, trying to catch his breath. Ref still counting…5…6..Patiently Jason sits atop the ropes. Angel turns around, notices Jason as Jason Jumps at him. The ref begins a new count. 1….2….3…

Joe Hoffman: Angel saw him!!!!

Big Buff Benny Newell: Yea, can he get out of the way though.

The ref screaming at the guys now….4…5…6.Jason is going for a splash move. But angle leaps in to him with his shoulder.

Big Buff Benny Newell: That’s one way to Spear your opponent.

Jason falls to the floor. Angle falls on top of him. The refs count goes higher…7…8…Angle is the first to recover. He slides in to the ring to break the refs count. He slides back out, only to pick up Jason. he rolls him in to the ring. He follows shortly after. He then picks up Jason. he Irish wipes him in to the ropes. As Jason nears him, he lifts him to the air, spins. and lands a huge backbreaker.

Big Buff Benny Newell: I heard his back snap clear out here.

Joe Hoffmann: it has to be over….

Angel covers. The ref counts. 1…2…3.

Big Buff Benny Newell: your winner, Angel.

Joe Hoffman: Intrusting match. Awesome finish. How the Heck Angel was able to counter Jason’s Splash off the top like that, I will never know.

Big Buff Benny Newell: It comes with being a good wrestler Joe, something most people aren’t privy to. And now its time for the first GM to be announced.


:::”Back in Black” by AC/DC blares across the speakers as the H.O.W. fans show their distaste for the owner, as LEE BEST emerges from the curtain. LEE BEST makes his way down the ramp with his usual swagger. LEE BEST walks up the ring steps and enters the ring. He grabs the mic from the ring announcer.:::

LEE BEST: Ladies and Gentlemen….What am I talking about? I forgot I’m in Atlanta! Pieces of trailer park trash and inbred hillbillies…..I would like to take this time to introduce you all to the man I have named as General Manager of TNT!!!! Please welcome…..Bruce Overlook!

::::”Always” by Saliva blares across the speakers as the new GM of TNT emerges from the curtain. The fans in Atlanta show nothing but indifference towards OVERLOOK as he makes his way down the ramp. Regardless of the fan reaction, he grins ear to ear as the new GM walks up the ringsteps and enters the ring. He asks the ring announcer for another mic.::::

LEE BEST: All of you fans ingrates to not respect one of the best—

OVERLOOK: No, no Lee…..It’s alright! These fine people have no idea who the hell I am! This is the response I just about expected. And expectations are the reason I am out here tonight! You see, Lee….My goal is not just manage a show on Thursday nights….that’s not what I am all about! I am a competitor! While it might be in the realm of truth that I have never in my life managed anything before….except when I became the assistant manager at McDonald’s! And this is no McDonald’s! This is the H.O.W…..the talent in this organization is staggering!

As a former wrestler, I know the ins and outs of this business, so—

LEE BEST: You wrestled in one match three years ago and it resulted in a severe injury so don’t stand there and lie about it.

OVERLOOK: Okay, okay….Maybe I’m no VETERAN in this business! But I’ve watched enough of it. And thank you Lee for adding that little bit of humiliation. You have no idea how much I truly appreciate it. I admit, that I made a little error in the ring…..and it cost me my future. But who says we can’t have a second chance? This is mine! I may not be in the ring, but I will succeed in what you, Lee could never do!

LEE BEST: Excuse me?

OVERLOOK: That’s right! I’m going to make TNT the most show on cable TV! With me at the helm, TNT will make “Survivor” look like “Gilligan’s Island”! “Friends” have become my FOES. They way I see it, “Friends” is the unsinkable ship……and with me as GM I will make TNT the iceberg that sinks it!

LEE BEST: That’s a bold statement.

OVERLOOK: Bold is not a word that would descibe me. Honest, is more fitting a term. I may only be twenty-six…..but I am a visionary. I may not be able to get that hot bartender, Kim, to go out with me…..but I am a dreamer. And the dream I have is to make TNT the most watched program in television history. I am going to have the advertisers begging, PLEADING for air time for our show! I am going to give the fans what they pay to see! And that’s a Guarantee!

:::”Always” blares across the speakers as the new GM leaves ringside.:::


Dante Phoenix vs.Rage

Joe: Wow so the boss of TNT has been announced. Later on we will hear who the new GM of Mayhem is. But for now lets go to the ring for a match with two up and comers here in HOW, Dante Phoenix and Rage. The men are already in the ring………

Dante and Rage stare at each other in the ring and suddenly both men run at each other and Dante knocks Rage down with a powerful clothesline….Rage gets straight back up and Dante runs off the other ropes and comes back with another clothesline knocking Rage onto the floor again….Dante stands over Rage and stares at him then runs off the ropes again but Rage gets up and knocks Dante down with a clothesline….Rage stops and Dante starts to get up and the crowd are going wild as both men return to their feet….Dante and Rage stare each other down again and both men walk towards each other in the ring and suddenly start to exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring…Dante gets the upper hand again and the crowd start to go wild as Dante punches Rage into the ropes….Dante then delivers a hard right hand to the face of Rage sending him flying over the top rope landing on the floor….Rage starts to move around on the floor as the ref grabs Dante and moves him into the middle of the ring….Rage gets up and holds his mouth then slides back into the ring and gets pounced on by Dante straight away….Dante starts to kick Rage in the back with hard right boot’s.

Dante the picks up Rage and goes for a suplex but Rage rolls up Dante and gets a 1 count as both men get back up and stand staring at each other…Dante smiles then walks over to Rage and goes to shake his hand…Rage reaches his hand out and Dante grabs Rage and boot’s him in the stomach….Dante then goes for another suplex and this time hits hit and quickly goes for a cover on Rage….the ref starts to count but Rage kicks out and Dante picks Rage up and tosses him through the middle rope and then follows….Rage gets o his feet and swings at Dante but Dante blocks Rage’s punch and delivers a hard right hand of his own sending Rage stumbling into the steel steps.

Rage is in the sitting position and Dante runs at Rage and goes to knee Rage right in the head but Rage manages to fall towards the floor and Dante smashes his knee off the steel steps and he fly’s over them landing on the floor in pain….Rage starts to pull himself up and he crawls on his knee’s over to Dante and grabs his leg and locks in a leg grapevine….Dante starts to yell out in pain as Rage pulls Dante’s leg harder….the ref starts to shout at both men and then starts to count both men out….1…both men are still on the outside and Rage continues to hold on the leg Grapevine….2…Rage breaks the hold and picks up Dante and rolls him into the ring making the ref stop the count.

Rage pulls Dante towards the ring post then looks out into the crowd and smiles then swings Dante’s leg into the steel ring post…..Dante scream’s out in pain and the ref starts to shout at Rage….Rage ignores the ref and grabs Dante’s leg again and wraps it round the ring post then pulls on his ankle making Dante scream out in pain…the ref climbs out of the ring and starts to go mad at Rage and threatens to DQ him…the ref counts 1…2…Rage lets go of the hold and slides into the ring followed by the ref and Rage quickly goes for the cover on Dante…1…2…Dante kicks out.

Rage picks up Dante but Dante falls back down to the floor still feeling the pain in his leg….Rage picks him up again and hits a DDT on Dante driving his head into the mat….Rage then gets up and moves towards Dante’s legs again and he sets Dante up for the Figure Four Leg Lock….the crowd are chanting Dante’s name as Rage locks in the hold and Dante screams in pain….Dante is trying to hold the pain but you can see it in his face that he is about to tap….Rage is telling the ref to check Dante and Dante tells the ref that he isn’t quitting….Rage then puts his feet on the ropes and puts more leverage on Dante’s leg and the crowd are screaming and so is Dante….the ref turns round and Rage quickly gets off the ropes and the ref turns back towards Dante and see if he quits but he doesn’t.

Rage then puts his feet on the second rope again and Dante screams out in pain again and as the ref turns round Rage gets off the ropes and the ref doesn’t see it again….Rage has a smirk on his face as the ref looks back at Dante and he puts his feet on the ropes again…the ref quickly turns his head round as Dante scream’s in pain…the ref see’s Rage’s legs on the ropes and he breaks the hold…Rage starts to go mad at the ref but then starts to kick the knee of Dante….Rage then dives on Dante’s knee with an elbow drop making Dante screams out louder….Rage then goes for a cover and the ref slides over and starts to count…1…2…thr.

Dante’s shoot’s his shoulder in the air and the crowd are going wild….Rage is in shock and he gets up and holds his head and Dante is trying to pull himself up on the ropes….Dante somehow manages to get onto his feet but gets knocked back down with a shoulder tackle to the knee from Rage…..Dante falls down to the floor and holds his knee but then starts to pull himself back up again….Dante gets back up to his knee’s but Rage runs at him again and hits another shoulder tackle to the knee of Dante sending him back down to the matt….Dante is in a serious amount of pain as Rage laughs and stalks Dante again….Dante amazingly gets to his feet once again and Rage smiles and runs at Dante going for the shoulder tackle again but Dante scouted Rage and moves out of the way sending Rage smashing into the steel ring post

Rage yells out in pain and gets out of the turnbuckle and turns round right into a spinning Heel kick from Dante….both men are out on the floor and the ref starts to count both men….1…2…3…Dante and Rage start to move towards each side of the ring…4…5…6…Dante pulls himself up onto one knee and on the other side of the ring Rage is also on one knee….Dante is the first one up and the crowd go wild as Dante somehow is making it into the middle of the ring….Rage also gets to his feet and meet’s Dante and both men start to exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring again…Rage punches Dante in the jaw almost knocking him down to the floor but Dante manages to stay up and delivers a hard shot to Rage….Rage falls to the floor and Dante takes the pain in his knee and gets onto his feet…the crowd roar as Dante walks hops over to Rage and hits a Snap Mare followed by a hard kick to the head of Rage….Dante looks up at the turnbuckle and signals for the Fade to Black.

Dante stumbles over to the turnbuckle and starts to climb it….the crowd cheer as Dante gets onto the second turnbuckle but then Rage starts to move….Rage gets to his feet and walks over to Dante who is now on the top turnbuckle….Dante looks up and Rage is climbing the same turnbuckle…both men are on the top turnbuckle exchanging rights and lefts and the ref starts to shout at both men and tries to pull Rage off Dante….Dante see’s this and hits a low blow on Rage and the ref didn’t see….Rage falls down to the mat and Dante jumps off the turnbuckle and hits the Fade to Black making the crowd go wild.

Dante holds his ribs from the impact then gets up onto his feet somehow and signals for the Wings of Phoenix….the ref walks over to Rage to see if he is ok and Dante turns round and walks up to Rage but suddenly from behind Jatt Star appears with a chair…the crowd are shouting at the ref and as the ref goes to say something to Jatt Star, Star smacks the chair over the head of the ref and Dante turns round and gets hit in the head himself by Star….the crowd are booing as loud as they can as blood starts to pour from the for head Dante Phoenix….Star picks up Rage and pulls him over Dante and another ref comes running down from the top of the ramp and he slides into the ring and starts to count as Star climbs out of the ring and slowly starts to walk up the ramp….1….2….3….the ref stands up and signals for the bell then picks up Rage and raises his arm in the air…..

The Winner of the match….Raaaaaaaaaaage!!!!!

Starr bows sarcastically towards Rage and rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, leaving a puzzled Rage in the ring.


GBH vs. Barret

The commentators are cut off to the sounds of Lords of Destruction starts to play over the sound system in Atlanta. Barret comes walking out of the curtain and starts walking down towards the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and throws his arms high over his head and then sits down on it as he awaits GBH to walk out of the entrance. Barret’s waiting ceases as GBH’s tunes hits the PA. He comes walking out onto the ramp and raises his arms into the air. He then continues down into the ring where he stares at Barret as he goes to the turnbuckle and raises his arms. His music cuts and the lights brighten as the two circle in the ring.


Barret and GBH tie up…Barret throws GBH into the corner and starts head butting him continuously…GBH moves and grabs Barret’s head as he tries to go for another head butt and slams it into the turnbuckle…Barret tries to follow up only to getting clotheslined by GBH…GBH goes for the early pin attempt and only gets a 1 count…He lifts Barret up and tries to set up a vertical suplex…Its blocked by Barret and reversed…Barret gets up and gives GBH a quick elbow drop…He then taunts to the crowd…He lifts GBH up and connects with a body slam…Barret climbs on top of GBH about to punch him in the head when GBH reverses it into a pin, 1-2…Barret easily kicks out and as they both stand up, Barret attempts a clothesline from hell…GBH ducks and kicks Barret in the mid-section…He grabs Barret’s head and starts kneeing him in the forehead…Barret single legs GBH, taking him down to the mat…Barret stands up and tries to lock on the sharpshooter…GBH kicks Barret down to the mat.

Barret stands up stunned and looks at the crowd…When he turns around, GBH spears him down to the mat…GBH taunts to the crowd and climbs the turnbuckle…He goes for a Elbow Drop but Barret moves out of harms way…GBH holds his elbow as Barret stands up…Barret picks GBH up and throws him into the ropes…As GBH bounces off the ropes and heads towards Barret, Barret Spinbusters GBH in the middle of the ring…Barret signals for the Iron Bar and locks it on!…GBH crawls towards the ropes and grabs them…Barret releases the hold and starts to mudhole stomp GBH…The Ref gets in Barret’s face and he shoves the ref out of the way…He tries to continue the stomping when GBH grabs Barret’s foot and lifts it up…Barret tries for an insegury but misses…Barret stands up and runs towards the ropes….GBH meets him with a clothesline to the outside…GBH climbs out of the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring…As he begins to swing it, the ref grabs the chair out of GBH’s hands from inside the ring…GBH throws Barret back into the ring and whips him into the turnbuckle…He sets him up for the Hectic…BANG! He nailed it…GBH goes for the pin, 1-2-3…GBH’s hand is raised.

The Winner of the match GBH!!!!!


HOW Hardcore Title Match
El Nutso vs.Jay Luminary

Joe: Well we have another match here that is sure gonna be brutal, blood will be spilled, be prepared.

Buff: Well that’s what happens in Hardcore matches, with the title on the line el Nutso will give it his all to try and beat Jay.

Jay’s music then begins to play, as he appears from behind the curtain with the hardcore title over his shoulder. He is not with Sharmel as he probably thinks the match is going to be too dangerous. Jay is begin booed, but he cancels it out by take the title from his shoulder and showing it above his head. He smiles as he does and he throws the title into the ring when he gets close enough. He then goes into the ring and starts throwing objects from behind him and onto the foot of the ramp. The usual things are out. Trash can, sign, chair kendo stick. Then some weird choices of weapons. A pin from bowling and something that can only be described as a sex toy. El Nutso looks to have had a enough and though and comes charging from the stage area. He runs down the ramp as the crowd cheer. Jay doesn’t realize and finally brings his head out from under the ring and is met with a slap from El Nutso. Not from a hand though but from this sex toy. It sounds like it stung and El Nutso throws the ‘toy’ into the crowd. Who ever caught it begins to scream with joy. El Nutso looks over giving Jay a chance. Jay catches Nutso with a few lefts and then finally rolls him into the ring. The ref gives the belt to the timekeeper who then rings the bell.


(laughing) Buff: What the hell was that thing Joe?

Joe: You know exactly what it was you sicko, you probably put it there to get some cheap thrills.

Jay is now weapon less but decides to sort that problem out. He gives Nutso a few kicks to the head then gets back out of the ring and gets a few of the weapons from earlier on. The trashcan and the pin both go in. The trashcan is full of weapons and Jay goes straight to the turnbuckle from the outside. He is stood on the apron though and Nutso quickly gets up and dropkicks Jay, making him fall and land on to a road sign he pulled out himself when he first arrived. He half sits up but only because he is holding his back in pain. Nutso then gets out of the ring and yoinks the sign from underneath Jay. He hits him with the side of it in his stomach as Jay now begins to hold his stomach.

Nutso doesn’t look like he wants to give Jay a chance though as he keeps hitting Jay with the edge. He throws the sign to the sign and goes for a pin. The ref gets out of the ring like he already should of.1…..2…. kick out. Nutso then complains to the ref that he should have been out of the ring, and that he cost him the Pinfall by taking his time. Jay helps himself up by the barricade, but can’t launch an offence before Nutso has turned round. Nutso then picks the Hardcore champion up and drops him onto the barricade. Jay goes down holding head, and is picked back up. He is throws across to the ring pole and his it back first. It looks to be the same place as a minute ago.

Buff: Nutso looks to be giving the back of Jay a good seeing to, excellent tactic.

Joe: He is putting pressure on that same point and it looks to be paying off. Nutso has this match well in hand. I think we might have a new HC champ crowned tonight..

El Nutso rolls Jay back into the ring. Nutso executes a devasting brainbuster. Cover by EN…1…..kickout by the champ!!

EN picks up Jay and delivers a right hand…Blocked by Jay…the men begin to exchange right hands…….

**suddenly Soulfly’s “Boom” hits over the PA system. Both men look up towards the ramp. The music cuts off and the same face as before appears on the TitanTron. The man identified as the Tribal Warrior: SurReal looks up directly at the TitanTron and says four words in a menacing voice. “THE TIME HAS COME!” SurReal breaks into laughter.**

**El Nutso is going mad at SurReal’s interruption, he is hanging over the top rope with his finger pointed at the TitanTron where the image of SurReal is still laughing. Jay Luminary is still laid out after El Nutso’s finisher.**

**Someone is seen sneaking through the crowd, he jumps over the rail and it becomes clear that it is infact SurReal. He slides into the ring from the back and walks right up behind El Nutso. El Nutso is still ranting to the TitanTron, screaming things like “Your not man enough to come down here and face me!”. SurReal gets fed up waiting for El Nutso to turn around so he taps him on the shoulder. El Nutso spins around in a fury to see who has interrupted his trash talking. When El Nutso realises that it’s SurReal he tried to take a step back, but it’s too late, El Nutso froze too long. SurReal delivers a swift kick to El Nutso’s gut and then pulls him in for the crucifix powerbomb. SurReal drives El Nutso’s spine hard into the canvas with the move he calls “The Manipulation”. Jay is on his feet, he looks over at SurReal who glares back. The two men slowly pace towards one another, they get right in each other’s face. Both men suddenly crack devilish grins and turn to El Nutso, before you could blink the two of them begin a full-blown assault on El Nutso.**

Joe:– “Oh my god! Jay Luminary and SurReal … theyre on the same page dammit! This was a set-up, they tricked El Nutso!”

Newell:– “El Nutso is getting the beating of his life out there!”

Joe :- “Somebody get down there and break this up!”

Newell:– “Why don’t you go and break it up? El Nutso is getting what he deserves!”

**SurReal and Jay Luminary finish their onslaught and they climb out of the ring and make their exit to the backstage area, leaving a battered El Nutso lying in the centre of the ring, paramedics rush down the ramp to help him.**

Joe:– “What does this mean for the Best Alliance? Has SurReal joined the Alliance?”

Newell:– “I guess we’ll find out soon enough… But now its time for the announcement of the Mayhem Gm….god what a night already!!”


Once again Back in Black blasts over the PA and once again Best is pelted with heat from the crowd. Best walks straight into the ring and begins.

Lee Best: (holding the microphone up to his mouth) And now, Ladies and gentlemen, I Do use that term loosely, The NEW GM of Mayhem.

“Points Of authority” by Linkin Parks blares over the P.A. system. The crowd jumps with electricity as a man appears in the corridor of the entrance way. All of the sudden the place goes dark as the lead singer says “you wont last.” Right in front of the entrance way is two glowing red neon S’s intertwined. The man, who was standing there walks out, to where he is now in the middle of these S’s. The lights come back on shortly there after. The music still blaring though. The man is sharply dressed. In a suit, tie, and his long jet black hair pulled back in a pony tail. He begins to walk to the ring. He is a large man. Looks like he can keep his own. He walks up the steps and leans in to the ring through the second rope. He walks over to Lee Bests and shakes his hand. He takes the microphone from Him.

Man: Yes, that is right. I will be Managing Mayhem for Mr. Best. My name is Scott Sanders. There are people in this federation, that fear, loathe, and even love Lee Best. That’s is all well and good. Some of you will, love, hate, and loathe me as well. But above all else I demand respect, and I will show respect to those, who show me respect. Lee has hired me to make sure that the guys in the back, get off their asses, and start performing to their fullest. There are no more slack of weeks, no more excuses. That shit may have worked with your mother guys, But im not here to clean up after you, and make sure you get to school. I will bust your balls. Lee Best, pays you all good money to work what, once or twice a week. Its time you earned your keep. (He lowers the mic and looks down at the mat. then quickly regains his thoughts) Don’t think I am not afraid of stepping in this ring if I have to. I am not some pen pushing jack ass either. I have laced my fair share of boots. So, before you go shooting off at the mouth think of the repercussions.

He begins to walk closer to the ropes that are facing the entrance way. He leans on them, looking over the crowd, then back at Lee, then again to the entrance way.

Scott: Most of you in the back don’t know me. For that, I know it will take time. Also, in that same respect, I don’t know you, so before I pass my judgments on you, show me what you have got. I am watching this Mayhem show very carefully. A draft will take place. I will pick the best team there is to head up Mayhem. Making it the number one show in the World. Put your trust in me, and I will make your paychecks fatter, the parties wilder, and of course more air time.

Scott turns around and hands the microphone back to Lee Best………..

I want to make one more announcement in regards to the Roster Split. The draft will not happen tonight. But instead will occur directly after Mayhem and will be broadcasted on PPV. So if you want to see the draft live…pay for it!!!


Joe: Unbelievable. Best is going to make us pay for the draft? Is How hurting that much. I mean we just sold out the Georgia Dome for gods sake!

Newell: Its smart business. Everyone wants to know…shit make them pay. And look at the crowd hurling shit at Best as he leaves. What a bunch of rednecks!

Joe: Well he deserves it. But enough of Best.. I am tired of him tonight. Thank god he wont be out here anymore tonight. Lets get back to some action. The next match is for the Translantic Title, and the challenger is already in the ring.

HOW Translantic Title Match
Master C vs.The Crow

:::Master C stands in corner waiting for the Translantic Champion, Crow.::::

Big Buff Benny: Oh, look at Master C….In all my years in this business I have never seen a competitor with the fire that he has in his eyes….except of course when I look in the mirror!

Master C: Oh please.

::::Suddenly, The Crow’s music blares across the arena, as the Translantic Champion emerges from the curtain and makes his way down to the ramp. Master C starts off in a crouch. As soon as Crow makes up the ring steps and onto the apron, Master C charges and nails Crow off the apron with a clothesline. Master C gives chase to the outside. Master C sends Crow reeling with a right hand, as the Translantic Title falls to the ground. As Master C sends Crow into the steel steps, the ref grabs the title belt.:::


::::Master C tosses Crow into the ring and gives chase. The ref sounds for the bell. Master C begins to nail Crow with several right hands before whipping him into the corner. Master C charges, but Crow moves out of the way, as Master C hits the turnbuckle! Crow nails a schoolboy…..ONE….KICKOUT:::

Big Buff Benny: You can’t put away Master C with a move like that!

Hoffmann: And it’s WAY too early for this match to end.

::::Crow is up first, he stalks Master C until he is on his feet. Crow strikes and nails a belly-to-back suplex. Crow perches himself on the top rope and nails a leg drop! Cover: ONE….TWO….KICKOUT!:::

Hoffmann: Crow is taking it to Master C!

::::Crow gets to his feet and nails Master C with a couple of kicks. Crow locks in a side headlock. Master C grabs Crow’s hair….the ref stops him…..he tries again….the ref stops him again…..Suddenly, Master C lifts up Crow and nails him with a backdrop. Master C is up first. Crow is up….Master C nails a kick to the midsection and nails a DDT! Master C covers…..ONE…..TWO…..Kickout! Master C is up…..sets up…..Crow is up…..he turns and walks right into a…..:::

Hoffmann: CHOKESLAM!!! Master C nailed a Crow with a choke slam!

Big Buff Benny: We have a new Translantic Champion!!!

:::Master C covers…..ONE……TWO……THR—-!!! Crow grabs the ropes. Master C frustrated yells at the ref. He drags up Crow and nails him with a backbreaker! He grabs Crow by the legs and tries to turn Master C over….Master C locks in the Boston Crab! The Crow starts screaming and reaches for the ropes, which are just beyond his grasp! He uses his elbows to try and push himself closer….and…..HE REACHES THEM!!! The ref counts: 1…….2…….3…….4…….Master C releases the hold. Master C moves away from Crow, who moves toward the corner using the turnbuckle to help himself up. Master C crouches in the opposite corner…..Crow is up…..Master C charges….Crow moves, evading the spear as Master C’s shoulder hits the ring post! Crow is up….Master C turns… Crow sets up….and nails the….:::


Big Buff Benny: NO!

::::Crow covers….ONE….TWO….::::



Winner via Pinfall and STILL TRANSLANTIC CHAMPION: CROW!!!!!!!

Hoffmann: What a match! Master C gave it his all but came up a little short!


HOW Internet Title Match
Omar Rasheem vs.Darkwing vs. Jatt Starr

Big Buff Benny Newell: Its the B.A. Vs Darkwing. This should, be well, interesting.

Joe Hoffmann: that’s the understatement of the night.

The ref rings the bell.

Big Buff Benny Newell: Seems no one wants to jump first. Darkwing looks confident, but unsure or who to go after.

After a few seconds of staring each other down, Omar and Starr charge Darkwing. Darkwing is able to stop Starr quickly with a kick to the gut, Omar on the other hand lands a clothesline. Omar send Darkwing in to the ropes. Star follows him in closely and hits a high knee to the ribs. Darkwing doubles over, and rolls out of the ring.

Joe: The B.A. is working good together.

Big Buff Benny Newell: Darkwing, has a long uphill battle ahead of this young man. I am

Darkwing lore Omar outside. Omar immediately starts pounding on Darkwing. Inside the ring, Starr keeps the ref busy. Darkwing nails Omar in the balls with a low blow. Omar falls to the ground. he is to his feet. Jatt has his back turned keeping the ref preoccupied. Darkwing slides in. he sneaks up on Jatt. Darkwing taps Jatt on the shoulder. Jatt turns around. Darkwing belly to belly suplexes Jatt. The immediately pops up, and straddles Jatt. he beings pounding on him. The ref is counting 1….2..

Darkwing steps off Jatt. he picks Jatt up and DDT’s him. He then follows up with a half crab move. Jatt Doesnt give in. Darkwing picks up Jatt. He suplexes him. With a snap jatt’s back hits the mat. Jatt climbs to his feet, only to be met with a forearm to the back. As he hits the mat again, Darkwing takes a couple of shots to his rib cage. Darkwing sends Jatt in to the ropes, he meets him wiht a simple clothsline. While his back is turned, Omar is lying in wait. he is sneaking around the apron.

Joe: Omar is up, and lurking about.

Big Buff Benny Newell: You know he will get Darkwing back for hurting his jewels.

Darkwing and jat begin to trade punches. Jatt beigns to win, but with a cheap eye rake Darkwing regains the balance of power. Darkwing backs up Jatt in to the corner. He begins to work on Jatt’s stomach some more. Knees and shoudler blocks to Jatt’s abdomen. Darkwing pulls Jatt out to the middle of the ring. Darkwing sets up Jatt, he is getting ready to DDT him. While playing to the crowd, Omar slides in behind him. he has a chair. The ref can see him. Instead of hitting him with the char. He sets it up. Then runs off the far side ropes. before Darkwing can DDT Starr, he sees Omar. He drops Starr. Omar nails him with a knee to the chest. He falls on to the metal chair. Everyone forgets about Starr. He has climbed the turnbuckle and is standing on the top rope, waiting for his time.

Joe: Look, Jatt is on the top rope.

Big Buff Benny Newell: what is he doing.

Omar moves in time for Jatt to jump off the top rope with a cross body block while Darkwing is sitting in the chair. Omar immediately takes Darkwing and sets him in the corner. Jatt decides to take a few and leans in the corner. Omar is chopping away at Darkwing. The ref breaks it up. Omar goes over to check on Jatt. Darkwing falls to the Matt holding his chest, and ribs. Omar stands back up, Darkwing slowly rises to his feet.

Joe: Amazingly he can stand.

Big Buff Benny Newell: he wont give in easily, but I do believe he is fucked.

Joe: You cant say that on air.

Big Buff Benny Newell: I just did.

Omar walks over to Darkwing slowly. Darkwing tries to throw a punch, but it is cut short by the pain flowing through his body. Omar catches it easily, and is soon stretching on Darkwing. Jatt decides to walk over to Darkwing. Darkwing’s face is distorted in pain. Jatt kneels down. He is saying shit to him. Between getting pissed, and in agony, Darkwing tries to fight harder. Omar releases the abdominal stretch. Darkwing falls to the mat. Jatt kicks him over. Darkwing lies motionless. Jatt puts his knee in his chest while still screaming at him. The ref slides in to count. 1…2… Jatt lifts Darkwing’s shoulder off the Matt.

Big Buff Benny Newell:: What the hell is Jatt doing.

Again Jatt pins Darkwing. 1…2. No, he lets him up. Omar is getting a little pissed.

Joe: Omar isn’t looking happy. Maybe he finally realized, hey, I can win this match myself.

Omar sees Jatt letting Darkwing get to close to a pin fall. Omar smashes Jatt in the back of the head with a kick. Omar picks up Jatt easily and slams him to the ground. Jatt gets up holding his ribs.Omar puts a knee to Jatt’s ribs. Jatt falls to one knee. Omar goes over to pin the still incoherent Darkwing. the ref counts. 1…2..

Omar rolls off Darkwing. Jatt gets to his feet. he runs at Omar to shoulder block him down. Omar doesn’t move. Jatt tried again. Again, he bounces off Omar. Jatt goes to lock up with him. Omar sends him in to the ropes.

Joe: Omar is going for The Sand Storm.

Big Buff Benny Newell: JATT ducked the Sandstorm.

Omar falls to the canvas. Jatt looks at him, then at Darkwing, who is beginning to stir. Jatt quickly Picks up Omar, he DDT’s Omar. Starr runs over and drop kicks Darkwing, who had just made it to his feet. He goes flying outside of the ring. Starr makes it back to Omar just as he reaches his feet. He hooks up with Omar, turns him around.

Joe: The Falling Starr!!!!!!

Starr covers. The ref counts 1….2….3…..

Big Buff Benny Newell: Starr has pulled this out!!!!!!!

Joe: Starr won!!???!???!??!??!??

Suddenly the titantron comes on. The words “The time has come…. To meet your worst nightmare” appear on the titantron.

Everybody is watching the titantron, when some of the crowd turn back to the ring,they begin to cheer when they see that Michael Hunter is standing directly behind Starr, who is still facing the titantron. Jatt notices the crowd cheering, and slowly begins turning around, coming face to face with Michael.

The two begin staring deeply into each others eyes, and you get feel the heat between the two men. Jatt grins, and turns away, to exit the ring. Just then, Michael grabs the Internet title out of Jatt’s hand. Jatt turns back, and goes for a clothesline to knock down Michael. But Michael ducks under, and as Jatt turns back, Michael nails him with the title. Jatt falls to the mat, out cold. Michael raises the title into the air, and points to it. He then drops the title onto Jatt, and “Drag You Down” By Finger Eleven hits. Michael slides Out of the ring, and makes his way to the back.


HOW World Title Match
Chris Kostoff vs. Narcotic vs. Jason Sinn

Special guest announcer…Chris Tucker!!!!

As soon as the bell rings, Jason Sinn charges at both men and takes them down with a double clothesline. He gets to his feet and begins to stomp down on Narcotic. Kostoff gets up and attacks him with a forearm to the back. Sinn turns around and shoves him into the turnbuckle. He smacks his hand across Kostoff’s chest, sending a echo through out the arena. As Kostoff grabs his chest in pain, Sinn slams a knee into his stomach and tosses him outside the ring. Sinn turns around to Narcotic who got back to his feet. Narcotic gets him into the ropes after some hard right hands. He gives Sinn a Irish whip and hits him spinning heel kick.

Joe: Jason Sinn had this under control until he took his eyes off of Narcotic. He’s a sneaky bastard.

Chris Hey don’t be dissing my man Narcotic. He will fuck you up!

Joe: I’m sure he got bigger things to worry about than me talking about him. whoa did you that throw?

He tries to cover but Sinn throws him off after a one count. As Narcotic rolls off the mat, Kostoff slides back into the ring and runs over to hammer down on Sinn. Narcotic walks over and joins in on the beating. They both kick Sinn out of the ring and begins to brawl with each other. Narcotic gets him into a corner and starts stomp down into him. Kostoff falls to the mat and Narcotic taunts the crowd, only to get booed. He angrily picks up Kostoff off the mat whips him to the opposite corner but Kostoff reverse and plants him with a DDT. He hooks the leg…

Joe: Sinn gets tossed out of the ring and Kostoff is in control after hitting Narcotic with that DDT.

Chris Watch he kick out!



Chris I told you!

Joe: Pfffft.

Kostoff starts stomping down on Narcotic as Sinn gets on the apron. Kostoff sees this and tries to knock him off with a forearm but Sinn only staggers. Kostoff grabs him and hooks him for a suplex but Sinn blocks it and reverses it into one of his own, causing Kostoff to slam into the floor below. At this point, Narcotic is getting to his feet. Sinn jumps on the the ropes and hits a Springboard Spear on Narcotic! He covers…




Joe: Amazing move there by Jason Sinn. He sure is mobile for his size.

Chris Man, my grandma can do that shit ten times better.

Sinn gets to his feet and begins to hammer down on the back of Narcotic. He gets him in a chokehold and throws him across the ring with his brute strength. Narcotic bounces off the mat from the impact. Kostoff makes his way back on the apron and slides into the ring. Sinn charges at him with a clothesline but Kostoff ducks and hits a clothesline of his own. Sinn falls to the mat but gets up quickly and gets taken down by another. Kostoff hooks him and hits a near perfect vertical suplex. He covers…




Joe: Close fall there.

Kostoff picks him up and tries for a German suplex but Narcotic comes behind him and kicks him in the back. Narcotic then tries one of his own but Kostoff counters with a reverse DDT. Sinn then runs at Kostoff, tackling him into the corner. He hits some shoulder thrust before hitting a Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Kostoff hits the mat and Sinn tries for a cover but Narcotic rolls up Sinn in a schoolboy pin…




Joe: Narcotic trying to get the win with that schoolboy roll up.

Chris See? That’s smart!

Narcotic stomps down on the champion as Kostoff gets to his feet. Kostoff goes over and nails a running bulldog on Narcotic. Kostoff goes to turnbuckle and begins to climb it. He reaches the top and hits a frog splash..



3NOO! Broken up by Sinn!

Joe: Damn! Almost picked up the win until Sinn broke up the count!

Chris Yep.

Sinn picks up Kostoff and sets him up for powerbomb but once Kostoff is in the air, he slides down Sinn’s back and rolls him up in a sunset flip.



Sinn rolls out of it and grabs Kostoff by the legs and tosses him into a Hangmans Tigerbomb! Kostoff gets folded! Huge pop from the crowd as Sinn goes for a cover but Narcotic is up on his feet and turns Sinn around, nailing a Jump Swinging DDT on him! Sinn is out and Narcotic goes for the cover….


2..NO! Sinn has his foot on the ropes!

Narcotic gets him up and hits a Side Russian Legsweep on Sinn. He goes over to the nearest turnbuckle, signaling for the end. He climbs and is at the top. It appears he’s going for a elbow drop but Kostoff leaps on the ropes, causing it to shake and Narcotic loses his balance. He falls crotch first. Kostoff goes over and hooks him. He leaps off and superplex on Narcotic’s body on to the body of Jason Sinn! Sinn hollers in pain and Narcotic bounces off his body. A huge reaction from the crowd fills the arena as Kostoff covers Sinn…




3NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Sinn kicks out!

Kostoff pounds his fist into the mat in anger and tries to cover Narcotic but gets a two count. Kostoff gets Narcotic off that mat and chops him into a corner. Narcotic to fight back but Kostoff takes him down with a elbow smash. Kostoff drags him out of the corner and tries for a German suplex but Narcotic elbows his way out of it and goes for one of his one but Kostoff blocks it. Suddenly, Jason Sinn gets to his feet and rushes over and grabs Narcotic in a reverse waist lock and hits a German suplex with Narcotic hitting a German Suplex Kostoff at the same time! Huge pop from the crowd as they bridge the double German suplex…



2.999999999999NO!!!!! Narcotic and Kostoff kicks out!

Joe: OH. MY. GOD! Ever since I’ve been in this business, I have NEVER seen a move like that. Damn that was amazing!

Chris No fucking way…

Sinn gets up and throws Kostoff to the outside. Sinn follows him and rams his head into the announcement table. Sinn tries to do it a again but Kostoff battles back with some hard punches. As both men brawl, Narcotic makes his way to the top rope and dives down on both men with a rolling plancha. He crashes into them and all of them are down, laid out on the outside. The ref begins to count..





The men begin to get to their feet. The slowly crawl to the ring.




The all get up to their feet and staggers over.



All three of them get in the ring. Sinn gets to his feet and picks up Narcotic. He hooks and drills him with a brutal Wrist clutch Exploder Suplex. Sinn starts to cover but Kostoff gets up and slams him with a Backdrop Suplex. Kostoff stomps down on him and hits a standing legdrop. He covers…



Joe: Near fall by Kostoff. He is really impressing me.

Chris Yeah, he’s alright.

Kostoff get up and goes over to Narcotic. He picks him up and hits a piled river. He covers but it’s broken up by Sinn. Sinn picks up Kostoff and whips him to the ropes. Kostoff rebounds and Sinn connects with a flying knee attack. Sinn starts to climb the nearest turnbuckle. He gets to the top and goes for a High Angle Senton Splash but Kostoff moves out of the way and Sinn crashes into the mat. Kostoff rolls to the outside and gets a chair. He slides back into the ring and the ref corners him, trying to take it away. Narcotic gets to his feet again and sees the ref in the corner with Kostoff. He runs at them with a clothesline but Kostoff moves and Narcotic nails the ref. Kostoff then swings the chair at Narcotic but he dodges it. Kostoff turns around and Narcotic takes his head off with a Nark Shot with a chair!

Chris Damn! You see that shit?

Joe: What a shot! I bet Kostoff wish he didn’t bring the chair into the mix.

Narcotic goes to cover Kostoff but Sinn comes behind him and hits the Cataclysm! Narcotic is out and Sinn goes for the cover but there is no ref. Sinn gets up and starts wake up the ref. The ref starts to move and Sinn goes back to cover Narcotic…





Joe: Oh my god, that was close.

Chris Not close enough.

Another big reaction from the crowd as Sinn yells in anger. He picks up Narcotic and sets him up for the Unholy Sinn but Narcotic slides out of it and tries for the TCD but Sinn pushes him in to the ropes. Sinn follows it up with a kick to the gut and hits a Running Brain buster DDT on the chair! Sinn covers



3NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Broken up by Kostoff.

Joe and Chris HOLY SHIT!

Joe: He has to be out from that.

Kostoff starts to beat down and picks him. Sinn counters with some punches to the gut. Sinn gets upright and slams a palm shot into his chest. Kostoff falls to mat, breathless. Sinn picks him right back up and kills him with the Unholy Sinn!

Joe: Ok its over!

Chris Not over till the fat lady sings!

Sinn doesn’t go for the cover. Instead he walks over to the nearest turnbuckle, dragging Narcotic by the head. Sinn signals for a super brain buster. He sets him on top and lifts off…..BUT NARCOTIC TWISTS AROUND IN MID AIR INTO A TCD! Both men are down but Narcotic manages to get a hand across the chest of Sinn. The ref counts..





Chris HELL YES! And speaking of the Best Alliance…

The Best Alliance flood the ring and begin to beat down on Kostoff. They kick him out of the ring and look over towards Sinn and Narcotic.

Joe: What the hell are they doing?!

Chris Kicking ass, man. Kicking ass.

Jatt Starr goes over to Narcotic and helps him up. The ref gives him the belt as the rest of the Best Alliance surround a staggering Jason Sinn. Jason Sinn starts to get to his feet but the whole stable starts a mass beat down. Lee Best stands to the side, smiling and laughing.

Joe: Oh my god, what a sick human being.

Chris Man I think I wanna get in on this beat down.

Lee Best motions them to stop. He picks up the chair that is in the ring. He sets it and sits down in it. He has a mic in his hand. He looks down and leans over Jason Sinn, who is now a bloody mess. He flashes a evil grin that gives him heat from the crowd. He begins to speak.

Best: Look what we have here. Sinn, you claim you were the best. Well now, I see that you are nothing more than a weak animal. Narcotic beat you for the World Title and brought it back home to where it belongs…in the BEST ALLIANCE! So what are we to do with you? Well since you are now a former World Champion, I think you have no more use here in the H. O. W. So you know what? As of now, your ass is officially FIRED! That’s right! FIRED FROM THE H. O. W!

[HUGE crowd heat]


Chris Damn, he just fired Miniacle last week!

Lee Best stands up and folds the chair. He tell the Alliance members to hold Jason Sinn. They pick him up. Lee Best then slams a chair into the face of Jason Sinn! He falls to the mat with a sick thud as the Best Alliance snicker at him. Lee Best then leaves the ring, with the Best Alliance following right behind him.

Joe: What a Mayhem! A new World Champion and former champion just got fired! Lee Best left him in a pool of his own blood!

Chris Well this is the end of Mayhem! See you on Thursday for TNT!

[The scene fades as the camera zooms in on the bloody heap of Jason Sinn]

OOC: The draft will occur on the RP board at 2pm CST….be there or not…your choice!!

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