Mayhem: October 20th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
Monday; October 20
th, 2008 – #HOW23
LG Arena; Birmingham, England

New Era Begins…

Welcome to the Jungle welcomes everyone to another edition of Monday Night Mayhem live in High Definition here on the High Octane Television network.  The crowd is red hot as this is the first time HOW has been in England in several years and the first time they have ever been here in the LG Arena in Birmingham.   HOW cameras pan across the arena as the rabid English fans are going berserk as several of them are spotlighted on the HOTv screen holding up various signs.

“Shane is Team Epic”

“Lee got the Best beating”

“Screw Commish vote Harris Prez”

“Kostoff is God”

There are several more signs as the classic GNR song fades out as Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome the viewing audience to the first Mayhem post Rumble at the Rock.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to a very special Monday Night Mayhem! We are coming to you live from the beautiful LG Arena here in Birmingham England. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny what can we expect tonight after seeing the way Rumble at the Rock went down last Monday?  

Benny Newell: Well we sure as hell can’t expect much cause our new Commissioner Jeff Harris is in charge and quite frankly this will be a borefest.  

Joe Hoffman: Well you are right about one thing, we do have a new commissioner after Jeff Harris was able to pin Triple M at Rumble at the Rock to win the position but I really doubt it will be a borefest seeing as we have new ICON and World Champions as well as some new superstars making their debuts tonight as several HOW vets have been given the night off post PPV.  

Benny Newell: Blah blah blah. If Lee was here and in charge then the whole roster would be wrestling and be giving this crowd what they want…..Best Alliance action.  

Joe Hoffman: Well Lee isn’t here and that is courtesy of the hellacious beating he took at the hands of Chris Kostoff who was reunited with his wife Barbi at RATR and then he played a major role in helping Shane Reynolds realize his dream of becoming World Champion.  

Benny Newell: I refuse to recognize that fact and the only solace I take from RATR is the fact that…well shit there isn’t anything.  

Joe Hoffman: Folks I will just say that RATR was one of those PPV’s that will be talked about for awhile. The action was intense and we could literally talk for hours about everything that went down. So I encourage everyone to check out the replays on HOTv as they will be running constantly until the original HOW programming begins airing later this month.  

Benny Newell: Ya enough talk about the travesty that was RATR. Let’s talk about tonight and how Max will get revenge on Crow and how Triple M will bring home the Stable Title to the Best Alliance.  

Joe Hoffman: Those things just might happen but right now it is time for our……wait….I just received word that our new commish is on his way to address the crowd!!

Just then “Power Struggle” by Sunna starts up to an explosive reaction from the English fans. The new High Octane Commissioner, Jeff Harris steps out on to the stage at looks at the adoring crowd, he can’t help but let a smile overcome his face as he descends down the ramp.

Amy Smeets: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the HOW Commissioner, “All F’n That” Jeff Harris!

The crowd pops at the announcer as Jeff steps into the ring, hardly looking like a figure-head with his denim jeans and long leather coat, Jeff wasn’t wearing no suit! He raises an arm in the air then with the same arm grabs the microphone off of Smeets who then leaves the ring. The music dies down as does the crowds cheers.

Jeff Harris: Look at all you Brummies out there!

The crowd pops.

Jeff Harris: For first time in history Birmingham hasn’t gone to the Extreme, it hasn’t gone Haaaaardcore! No it has in fact gone High Octane! And what better way than to open the first show in England than your new Commissioner, the undefeated Jeff Harris.

The crowd cheers then starts an A.F.T chant.

Jeff Harris: With Lee Best out of action this show is mine, when I originally joined the only thing I wanted was the World Championship but the more I thought about being Commissioner the more I thought it could benefit not only me but this company as a whole. Since HOW was opened earlier this year it’s had to deal with the Best Alliance, the only people willing to put up a fight against them was Team Something or other. When I entered I was neither here nor there, in fact had Lee Best offered me a place in the Best Alliance I’d have probably joined.

The crowd boos at the statement.

Jeff Harris: Yeah don’t worry, the more I hung around watching their actions the more I realized what a bunch of absolute fucking losers they all are. Seriously Lee, your little group lost the World Title to Shane what ya ma call it, Mario got his ass handed to him by yours truly. Whether the ref was tainted or not it wouldn’t have mattered, if anything it saved him more embarrassment and pain, his little gay buddy Pete Parasite or what the fuck his name is had to run it and throw me into the river, that right there was your first mistake. Up until that point me and you were on neutral ground then you had to try and screw me over by taking away my privilege of booking the main event and placing me in a match with Chris Kostoff. You think that really bothers me? I don’t know who he is, he kicked your ass so all the more power to him but what he gave you was nothing compared to what I’m going to do.

The crowd cheers.

Jeff Harris: Last week you made an enemy and all those idiots in the back that aren’t sucking your balls have made an ally. I know you’ll be watching from your hospital bed and know this, while I may not have much in the way of control tonight, the rest of this tour is mine and by the time we return back to the U.S. you’re going to experience a very different company atmosphere. Tonight after I dominate Kostoff I will announce next week’s main event, hell you may even like it. I’ll also be running a special complaints department in case anyone wants to complain about the way I’m running this place, though I warn you, if you’re in the Best Alliance you’ll probably just get a swift kick to the face. Anyway enough from me for now everyone! Let’s light up the LG Arena and get this shit started! The time for a new dawn has begun!

Jeff throws the microphone to Smeets as his theme music starts back up, he leaves the crowd in frenzy as he leaves the ring and heads backstage as a quick advert for HOTv is ran.


Mathew Williams vs. Perfect Paul Paras
Singles Match

We return to the ring with Williams already there, backed in his corner as the Carl Hortegaeree is checking him for any concealed weapons.   Amy Smeets reads off Mathew William’s vitals before the lights dim for the arrival of Perfect Paul Paras. He makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction as Benny and Joe give us a recap of his performance at Rumble at the rock.   Sliding into the ring, the bell sounds as Mathew Williams and Triple P circle each other. They engage in a quick tie up before Williams forces Triple P into the corner. The Carl Hortega jumps in to call for a clean break as Mathews backs off. Triple P takes a step forward before collapsing to his side holding his leg.

Buff Benny: I think Triple P just pulled a Triple H and tore something!

Joe Hoffman: …I don’t know about that.. I didn’t see anything happen that would have caused a tear.

Buff Benny: Don’t you know anything, Hoffman, you can take a wrong step funny and BooM! Good bye to your career..

Joe Hoffman: I shall remain skeptical while our Carl Hortega takes a look..

Stepping in Hortega looks down at Paras, keeping one hand up to ward away Williams to looks deeply confused as to what is happening. Paul screams some more and claws at is leg some more giving off the appearance that he broke something.

Williams looks around to the crowd with his arms in the air receiving a few cheers which is all Triple P needs to sneak back up to his feet. Rushing over he spins Williams around and nails him with the Weapon of Mass Perfection! He jumps over for the pin..

1…   2…   3!

Winner of the match in 2:21 TRIPLE P!!  

Post match we see Triple P quickly roll out of the ring as a chorus of boos rain down on the new Best Alliance member as he walks to the back with arms raised.   Action cuts backstage as the cameras fade out on a defeated Williams lying in the center of the ring.

Cowboy Rides into HOW

Backstage we see “Cowboy” Chris Black walking down a hallway with a very determined look on his face. He then abruptly stops walking, as something outside of the camera’s view catches his attention.  

Chris:  ” What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here.”

A young woman, Jennifer Raines, sister of former HOW wrestler Reno Raines, then comes into the camera’s view.

Jennifer:  ” Don’t do this, it is a bad idea.”  

Chris:  ” Look we’ve been through this already. You know why I’m doing this and you know I have to do it. You shouldn’t have come all this way.”  

Jennifer:  ” What was I supposed to do? You left so suddenly, and I really don’t want you to end up like Reno too.”  

Chris:   ” What Jeff Harris did wasn’t right, we both know that…I don’t have a choice, I have to do this. Now please, go back home, I don’t want you here…it’s not safe…I have to go.”

He then continues down the hallway as we cut back to ringside.


Chris Black vs. Anguish
Singles Match

Back at ringside and a video plays of Reno Raines being destroyed at Rumble at the Rock during the Commissioners Match and Joe and Benny talk about Black’s apparent relationship with Raine’s sister.

Chris Black then makes his way down to the ring to faint cheers as Benny and Joe discuss the recent arrival, of sorts, of this new character. Next out is Anguish, another new arrival here in High Octane Wrestling, who makes his way into the ring with an uncertain crowd reaction.   The match starts off with the bell ringing as both men lock up. Black tags the early advantage as he works Anguish down to a knee in a head lock. Anguish is able to power himself out of it by throwing Black in the ropes before hitting a strong close line that sends Black down to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: Nice counter there by Anguish taking Black down!

Buff Benny: Well this Anguish guy, he is built like.. Like.. Something that’s hard..

Joe Hoffman: Like a tank?

Buff Benny: NO! Ya idiot, more like Ford..yeah.. Ford.   Back in the ring Black has rolled to a corner arguing with the ref as Anguish seems to pace around keeping his eyes mostly on Black. For a moment his eyes turn toward an unruly crowd member and that gives Black the opening he was looking for as he tries to rush forward, similar to what Triple P had done earlier in the night. He meets, however, less success as Anguish is not caught off guard, as he ducks under and spins around hitting a stiff kick to the side of Blacks head.   He goes for the cover..

1..   2..   Kickout!

Anguish jumps up and heads to the turn buckle, climbing it as the fans start to cheer him. Upon reaching the top he flips off the fans around him soliciting some boos before he jumps off looking to hit a flying leg drop only to see Black roll to the side causing him to miss his target with a loud thud. The English crowd lets out a big roar of applause as Black jumps off his feet into the ropes behind Black before nailing a stiff drop kick to the back of his head. Black goes for the pin now.

1…   2..   3..KICKOUT!

Joe Hoffman: Anguish almost lost it after that mistake he made earlier in the match by testing the high waters!

Buff Benny: Who cares about that, did you see him flip off this disgusting limies?! That was awesome!

Black hit’s a series of elbows on Anguish before tossing him back into the corner hammering him with left hands. Anguish seems to be fading under the savage assault as he is dragged out to the middle of the ring again as Black goes for the cover.

1…   2…   Kickout!

Chris seems irate that he did not get the 3 count as he yells at the referee before locking Anguish into a headlock. Anguish slowly starts to regain his momentum as he is able to work his way out of the head lock hitting a low drop kick against Black’s knee. Using the brief distraction Anguish fires off a series of stiff kicks to Black’s chest before he hit’s a spinning heel kick to the side of Black’s head knocking him down hard.

Seizing upon his best opportunity since the match started Anguish moves to the turnbuckle and executes a picture perfect Shooting Star Press on Chris Black, hooking the leg for the cover.   1..   2..   3!!

Winner of the match in 6:54 ANGUISH!!!  

Post match we see Anguish head to the back victorious as once again the HOTv comes alive showing the video of Reno’s last match in HOW. Inside the ring Cowboy Chris Black looks very disturbed and Joe takes the viewers to a commercial as Joe and Benny wonder how Black will respond to a loss in his opening match as its apparent that he has a lot on his mind.  


Note from Home

After a very hard fought match, Anguish is lingering back and forth in the locker room still thinking about his loved ones. Other wrestlers from HOW are also in the locker room as he is not as popular enough to receive his own room.   Maximillian V. Kael walks over to the rookie and begins to strike up a conversation.

Maximillian V. Kael: Nice work but don’t you think you might be a little more aggressive next time.

Anguish just stares at him and shrugs his head. Alex takes it as though he does not want to discuss whatever is going on and finishes up what he was attending to. A messenger runs into the room and hands Anguish a piece of paper with some writing on it. Anguish looks it over and then gets teary eyed and just closes his eyes and walks out of the room.

Maximillian V. Kael: What is eating at him? Hopefully more such notes show up.  

Messenger: I don’t know but from the looks of this note. I think his parents died today.   The action cuts back to the announcers as the cameras fade out from the upsetting look on Anguish’s face.

Jeff Harris vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

Joe sends out his prayers to the family of Anguish over their terrible loss as Benny plays a make believe violin as he takes a sip from his official High Octane Flask.   Ignoring Benny, Joe leads the viewers into a full video recap of Chris Kostoff literally chasing down Lee Best at Rumble at the Rock and then proceeding to beat the living hell out of the owner of High Octane Wrestling. The video shows the Mindy Smith swerve and then ends as we see Kostoff leaving Alcatraz with Barbi Kostoff.

As the video ends the crowd cheers loudly as the fact that Kostoff finally got his hands on Lee Best is most appealing to the English crowd.   Joe then goes over the fact that Mayhem started off tonight with a new fan favorite and as Jeff Harris is announced he makes his way to the ring to cheers. We are reminded that Jeff Harris is the new Commissioner here in HOW which marks the first time that we have had a non-Best Alliance sponsored Commissioner since HOW has restarted. Following him the man who was responsible for putting Lee Best out of commission is announced as he makes his way down to the ring.

Benny: It’s not often I call for a jack off like Jeff Harris but in this case I’ll make an exception.. KILL THAT FUCKER!

Joe Hoffman: Quiet, Benny! That’s hardly professional!

Benny: Do I look like a professional with my wiener hanging out to the side all the time, Joe, you obnoxious worm!?


Kostoff looks worse for wear after the last few weeks emotional rollercoaster ride. The bell rings as both men circle each other before locking up. Harris goes to town quickly hammering on Kostoff’s back before he whips him into the ropes executing a big time flying shoulder block. Kostoff appears to be having trouble getting up before Harris mercifully puts Kostoff down after locking in the Chain Reaction.   The ref calls for the bell as it is clear that Kostoff can not continue the match as the fans give off a mixed reaction some what let down by the match.


Post match Jeff’s music hits after defeating the legendary Chris Kostoff he gets to his feet, the crowd chant his initials as he asks for a microphone. The music dies down as he pushes Kostoff out of the ring with his foot, he takes a few moments to regain his breath then speaks.

Jeff Harris: Like I said domination! I also said earlier tonight that after my match I would be announcing the main event for next week, since I have been here nothing has really compared to the amazement of yours truly. I need competition and I haven’t really received it as of yet. So next week I want the best for this promotion and myself, it will be whose name I’ve just learned, the World Heavyweight Champion Shane Reynolds taking on Max Kael but no the World title won’t be on the line.

The crowd boos hoping for a title match.

Jeff Harris: However if Max manages to defeat Shane then he will receive a title shot at ICONIC the next big PPV extravaganza!

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction.

Jeff Harris: The winner of next weeks match though will then go on to face “All F’n That” the week after! I myself won’t be wrestling next week; I need to keep myself ready and prepared for what is to come. Some of you may call it self indulgent, you may think I’ve only been here a month what gives me the right to make such a match, well being Commissioner gives me the right, if anyone has a problem with that, come tell me.

Jeff grins like a Cheshire cat then looks down at the beaten Kostoff.

Jeff Harris: Oh I haven’t forgotten about you Christopher, sure you lost to me and it’s understandable because no one really expected you to win… But consider this a gift, get yourself rested and recuperated because next week it will be you taking on Scottywood for the LSD Championship.

Jeff throws the microphone on the canvas and leaves the ring as his music starts up once again, Kostoff looks at Jeff with a smile on his face as he watches the new Commish head to the back as he drags himself to his feet….



Notes all over the place..

Returning from commercial, The Crow is seen walking along an corridor. It’s deserted, giving it an eerie feel. A more paranoid person might be anticipated, or even worried about, a surprise attack coming from somewhere, but The Crow walks without hesitation, and with purpose. He passes a row of vending machines, but nobody appears from behind the last one.

He reaches a corner, but again, nobody appears. In fact, this corridor is deserted, too. He eventually reaches a door at the end of the hallway, and opens it, revealing a darkened room. He pauses, not through fear, but due to sudden surprise. Something can be seen faintly in the darkness, something that wasn’t there before, that shouldn’t be there. Now, he anticipates an attack. His stance becomes defensive, ready to strike back. One hand moves to the ICON championship with hangs over his shoulder and the other to the light-switch just inside the room. He flicks it and makes a sudden lunging movement towards the awaiting assailant…

But there is no-one.

Nobody visible, and as Crow looks around, nobody hidden within the room. There is, though a chair positioned in the centre of the room, facing towards the door. A note is folded up and standing on the chair. It’s this that Crow’s eyes fall to first…He moves quickly over to it and picks it up. unfolding it, the words are large and emboldened:


Crow reads this twice over, silently, and expression of confusion spread across his face as the action returns ringside.


World Champion Speaks

Joe Hoffman: We have word, folks, that our NEW World Champion has arrived!!

On cue from Joe’s announcement, the British crowd erupt into cheers, and the HOTv lights up to reveal the image of a championship belt name-plate which reads: SHANE REYNOLDS. Zooming out, the camera reveals the World Championship to be hanging proudly over his left shoulder. Shane’s eyes look focused and determined, and a cheerful smile is spread across his face. He is dressed casually in dark blue jeans and a green and white t-shirt, and his pace is swift, heading along the corridor that eventually leads to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: …And his self-proclaimed Epic Celebratory Address is up next!

The show cuts to commercials for Budweiser, Adidas, Slurpee, and Trojan Condoms.

When the commercial break ends, the scene returns at ringside to reveal Shane Reynolds already standing in the centre of the ring. He isn’t alone, however, as other surviving, and in attendance, members of Team Epic are stood around the outside of the ring. The camera focuses on Bobbinette Carey, displaying a large image of her on the HOTv – producing what can only be described as record-breaking cheers, drowning out even the blast of Shane’s entrance music.

Joe Hoffman: It’s a real surprise that Bobbinette Carey is here tonight following her match with ArcAngel at Rumble at the Rock. She literally went to hell and back and the crowd are really getting behind her tonight.

Benny Newell: Well, they wouldn’t be the first…..or the hundredth.

Shane’s entrance music comes to an end, and the full extent of the crowd’s cheering can be heard. It’s defeaning. And they carry over, even after the images changes from Bobbinette. Shane waits for a few moments for it to die down somewhat…

Joe Hoffman: The crowd are really behind Shane Reynolds, also, here in the United Kingdom.

Benny Newell: It just gets worse. I knew there was a reason I never came to this bastard country. …and then raises the microphone up to his lips.

The crowd falls a few decibels again upon seeing this, eager to see what the champ is about to say.

Shane Reynolds: Tonight is going to be one hell of a night, I can promise you that, which is one of the reasons I shall not waste more of your time and mine than is necessary. But I couldn’t allow this opportunity to pass without expressing my feelings on the current state of this, right here.

Shane pauses to pat the gold of the World Championship for a few times.

Shane Reynolds:…The state of this championship, the jewel in the High Octane Wrestling crown, the pinnacle of achievements, has recently been a disgrace. Especially in the hands of Maximillian Kael. But not anymore. As I did with the ICON championship, I am going to make the World Championship mean something once again.

The crowd cheers, and as he looks around, he sees a round of applause rippling along the front few rows of the ringside audience.

Shane Reynolds: But that’s not all I’m going to change. You see, Rumble at the Rock was many different things to many people. To Bo—

Shane pauses and looks around to the outside of the ring. His eyes stop on Bobbinette. Another flash of her on the HOTv produces another barrage of cheers from the crowd, and a smile on Shane’s face. He swings his free hand, signalling her to come into the ring. She promptly makes her way to the steps, walks up, and enters the ring.

Shane Reynolds: To Bobbinette, for example, it was the end of an era, as she battled one of her best friends to the bitter end. It was a night of passion and emotion and violence and respect and honour. It was probably the toughest night of her career….and also the toughest of all her victories.

Bobbinette nods, and a tear seems to form within her eyes at the mere thought and memory of it.

Shane Reynolds: For Bobbinette, it was probably as close to hell as it could be…..

Shane then takes his free hand, takes hold of Bobbinette’s and raises it into the air, to massive cheers from the crowd.

Shane Reynolds:….And she came through it, in a truly inspirational manner, and with the heart of a champion. The crowd cheer louder and louder.

Shane continues smiling, turning her around to face each of her fans in turn, as the cheers are also joined by ripples of applause.

Shane Reynolds: …But she’s not a champion….I am! Shane smile suddenly drops, as does his hand, pulling her hand down with him.

Without a moment’s hesitation, before she has even a chance to acknowledge what is going on and react, he slips the title off of his hand and drives it hard across her face, knocking her hard to the ground. She goes down so hard that Shane falls down beside her. He immediately rolls out of the ring, as the other members of Team Epic aim to slide into the ring on the other side. The crowd’s reaction suddenly switched to boos upon what they are witnessing.

Shane Reynolds: Don’t take it personally, and don’t think this is going to be some long – or even short – term rivalry. This is nothing more than a statement…because as much as it was hell for you at Rumble at the Rock, and although I won the World Championship, it was more so for me. Rumble at the Rock, for me, was two things–

Shane holds up two fingers of his free hand as he says this, and then lowers one of them.

Shane Reynolds: —Firstly, it was anti-climactic. I never went there to win championships. I went there to avenge my family, to finally destroy Max and his cohorts for what they did to me and them. But I failed. For days I pondered on why I failed. I was so determined. I had exactly the same heart you did. But I never achieved the vengeance…..the justice…that my family so deserved. But, eventually, I got my answer, because secondly–

Shane lowered his second finger.

Shane Reynolds: –my stay at Alcatraz prison was…without going into too much boring detail….an eye-opener. I came face to face with my inadequacies. My failures. And my mistakes. Where I have been going wrong. I came up with the fact that, for as much as I despise him, Max was right: I wasn’t the man I could have been, that I should have been. I didn’t do all I should have. But now I will. So say hello to the new Shane Reynolds….a lot like the old Shane Reynolds…the type of Shane Reynolds that will make Maximillian Kael can’t be as a part of Team Epic.

Shane pauses, a smirk returning to his face as he slowly backs up the ramp. Bobbinette helped to her feet now. Although nothing anyone ever does could ever compare to the betrayal she felt when Arc turned on her, this whole scenario isn’t without effect on the Queen B.

Shane Reynolds: I understand more than anyone, though, that you may deem this extreme and harsh, and may want to seek revenge of your own, and if that’s the case, I’ll meet you in the ring anytime. I welcome all the practice I can get in my preparation for finally destroying Maximillian Kael….and destroying you would make a highly suitable step in my training program. You’ll have to wait your turn, however, as I have a lot of…loose-ends…to tie up in the meantime. And, if not, be sure that I’ll be watching you, and when I’m done with Maximillian Kael, like him, your turn will come when you will pay for everything you’ve done to me.

Shane tossed the microphone down towards the ring where it smashed on the floor with loud hiss. He then raised the World Championship above his head and disappears out to the back as the crowd looks on in shock and Joe quickly takes Mayhem to another commercial break as even Benny isn’t sure what he just seen.  



Crow vs. Max Kael
Singles Match

Back live to Joe and Benny and they discuss the fact that our next match is pitting a man that is a HOW Hall of Fame Nominee and former World Champion Kael taking on the man that won HOW gold in his first match back…Crow.   Joe goes on to say that Crow won the ICON Title at Rumble At The Rock by pinning Max. Benny, as usual, defends the Best Alliance member and tells Joe to shut up.

“Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir begins to play and while Benny Newell gets to his feet, clapping the arrival of the former HOW World Champion, everyone else in the arena boos the arrival of Maximillian Kael.   Joe mentions how Rumble At The Rock was a bad night for Max as he lost his World Championship and failed to claim the ICON Title.  Joe and Benny then go over the fact that the man wearing the World Championship, Shane Reynolds, didn’t even pin Max at RATR and with those two facing off next week with the stipulation that if Max wins he gets Shane at ICONIC.

Benny says that one on one, Max will decimate Shane Reynolds. Joe goes to answer, but Crow’s music hits.   As Puff Daddy’s “Come With Me” fills the arena, HOW’s new ICON Champion, Crow, walks out to a mixed reaction. Joe says that Crow shocked the world on Alcatraz Island, but Benny calls him a traitor.

Crow slides into the ring, keeping his eyes on Max at all times. He hands the ICON Title to Matt Boettcher, who hands it to the ring announcer before signaling for the bell.   Crow and Max circle the ring and Joe mentions that Max will be out for revenge after what happened on The Rock.   Crow moves forward to lock up with Max, but gets a quick thumb to the eye, causing him to stagger back. Joe calls Max a cheat, Benny calls it good tactics.   Max quickly gets on the offensive with two quick fire chop blocks, followed by an Irish whip into the corner. The former World Champion rushes the corner but is met by a big boot from Crow, sending the former World Champion to the mat. The crowd cheers loudly, a new experience for the Crow.   After a flurry of boots to the mid-section, Crow pulls Max to his feet and sets him up for a suplex. Max reverses it into a small package, pulling on the tights as the referee gets down to count.

1….   2….   Kick out!

Benny says it was a three, but there is no time to argue about it as Max quickly gets to his feet and launches himself at Crow as the ICON Champion gets up. Max takes Crow down with a clothesline before bouncing off the ropes and dropping a knee down on Crow’s head.   After a series of elbow drops, Max lifts the dazed Crow to his feet before dropping him with a European uppercut. Max quickly pulls Crow back up to his feet and sets him up for the Weapon of Max Destruction, causing Benny to jump to his feet. Crow somehow manages to wriggle free and Benny sits back down as the two men in the ring trade blows.

The crowd cheers as Crow gets the upper hand and whips Max across the ring. Crow and Max both go for a clothesline, leaving both men flat out on their backs.   As the referee’s count gets closer and closer to ten, Joe suggests that Max should stay down and save himself for next week, but Benny says he can beat both men and doesn’t need a rest.   Both men begin to move, breaking the referee’s count. Crow is up to his feet first, quickly followed by Max. As Max approaches, Crow kicks him in the mid-section before following up with a hellacious DDT. The crowd cheers as Crow drops down for the cover.

1….     2….   Thr-Kick out!

A last gasp kick out by Max leaves the crowd dejected, but Crow gets to his feet quickly, pulling Max up with him.   Crow whips Max across the ring and delivers a perfect dropkick, catching Max in the jaw and sending him to the canvas. Crow quickly goes to cover, but Max’s ring presence comes into play and the former World Champion gets a foot on the bottom rope quickly.   Crow gets to his feet, followed slowly by a dazed Max Kael. The crowd jump to their feet as Crow tries to set Max up for his signature move, Fallen.   Max somehow wriggles out of it and pushes Crow into the ropes. Crow bounces back and is met with a swift kick to the groin and Max sets up the Weapon of Max Destruction.   Benny jumps out of his seat as Max connects with his finishing move and the referee counts.

1…     2….     3!!!

Max Kael wins the match by the narrowest of margins!   Max quickly rolls out of the ring and backs up the ramp as Crow looks on, dejected. Joe says that Max was lucky to escape with a victory and Benny shoots him down.   Joe suggests that Max will have a tough time against Shane Reynolds next week as Max heads to the backstage area as we cut to a commercial.  


LSD Speaketh

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Separated

::”Stricken” by Disturbed plays as there is a loud chorus of boos as Scottywood makes his way out onto the stage and down towards the ring.::

Amy Smeets: Please welcome the HOW LSD champion…..Scottywood!!!!

::Scottywood makes his way into the ring with his New York Rangers jersey on, which many of the UK fans have no clue what it even is. But Scotty takes the mic from Amy Smeets as the boos continue from the energetic UK crowd.::

Scottywood: Out of all the places to hold an overseas tour we pick England? Really? Hell I wish we went to like Paris and then I could have made a trip to the Louvre. But I guess I will have to make due with what HOW has decided with.

::more boos come from the crowd at the mention of France.::

Scottywood: But my real point for coming out here is to show to all of you how The Hardcore Artist retained his LSD title at Rumble at the Rock, in the only match where the Best Alliance came out on top.

Benny Newell: It was the shining moment of the PPV.

Scottywood: Despite what Ken Davison may be spreading I crucified him at Alcatraz and proved I am a force not to be messed with here in HOW…..and by the way, how do your hands feel Ken? Hahahaha.  

Joe Hoffman: What an ass. Ken is gonna have to undergo months of recovery before his hands fully heal from those wounds he caused.  

Benny Newell: Well the match was Ken’s idea, so it’s his own damn fault.  

Scottywood: And now that Ken is out of the way, I plan on taking on a little personal task and that is making sure Kostoff pays for what he did to Lee at Rumble at the Rock…..You may feel confident in beating someone not used to stepping into a wrestling ring, but that confidence will quickly go away when you go face to face again with the man that took the LSD title away from you.

Joe Hoffman: Whether it was fair or not, he has a point there. Scottywood was the one to defeat Kostoff for the LSD title.

Scottywood: Your number one on my list Kostoff and I will promise that I will get revenge for what you did to Lee. Just ask Davison, you piss me off and the consequences are not pretty.  

Benny Newell: You tell em Scotty….I’d hate to be Kostoff with Scotty gunning me down.  

Scottywood: So next week when you step into the ring with me I plan on doing the exact same thing I did a month and a half ago to you and is beat your washed up ass. I might not crucify you, but the end result will be just as ugly. And you will become the next Masterpiece of The Hardcore Artist.

::Scotty drops the mic as his music plays and he makes his way out of the ring and back up the ramp as the fans boo more and we see a few pieces of garbage thrown towards him as Scotty smiles and holds the LSD title high above his head.::

Joe Hoffman: Well Scotty has his sights set on Kostoff as he seeks revenge for Kostoff’s beating of Lee at Alcatraz, but has Scotty bite off more than he can chew with Kostoff who is on quite a roll.  

Benny Newell: Bite off more then he can chew? Scotty holds a 1-0 record over Kostoff. It should be Kostoff who should be worrying, as Scotty is the one on the real roll. As he has won his last six matches here in HOW.

Joe Hoffman: And well be right back with more of Monday Night Mayhem after this short commercial before our Stable Title Main Event!!  



Bobbinette Carey vs. Marvelous Mario Maurako
Singles Match

Marvelous Mario Maurako is introduced first to a chorus of Boos as he makes his way down to the ring. Benny and Joe bring up his history with Triple P in other federations and that there is a lot of pressure put on him coming in against Bobbinette Carey.

Next out Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey is introduced as she makes her way down to the ring with a strong English crowd reaction.   However before she is able to make it down to the ring she is jumped by Triple M who is looking for the quick win before the bell rings. After hitting a hard close line Triple M drags Carey, who is sporting several bandages thanks to her match at Rumble at the Rock, toward the left pole of the ring. He tosses her head into it with a thud as the ref tries to get them back into the ring.

Carey is dazed as Mario plays innocent with the ref. The match has yet to officially start and it seems like Carey might not be able to compete as he struggles on the ground to get up. Mario flips the ref off and slowly walks over to Carey looking smug as he takes his time. As he reaches down to grab her, though, Carey blasts him with a shot between the legs causing him to fall backwards.

The crowd explodes as Bobbinette climbs back up while Benny screams about the rules of fairness. The ref, still powerless to do anything, simply begs Carey to get Mario into the ring so the match may start. Bobbinette obliges as she rolls him into the ring, following up as the ref calls for the opening bell.

Bobbinette begins by stalking Mario who is scooting across the ring with one hand up trying to reason with Carey. It seems to be working as Carey backs off shaking her head at the man down in the ring. Mario pulls himself up and runs his hand over his head appearing to look cool and collected before looking back at Carey with distain.   The two lock up with Mario backing Carey into a corner before he blasts her with a slap across the face before dancing back into the ring like he just won the world series.

Carey charges out of the corner and hit’s a stiff close line on Mario which catches him off guard. The veteran his the mat before rolling instinctively toward the rooms where the ref stops Carey from hitting him. Mario stands up and elicites boos from the crowd as he is slow in re-entering the ring with a now very annoyed Bobbinette. However before he can pose more Bobbinette comes at him like a hell cat with a flurry of right hands.

Mario is backed into the corner as Bobbinette reigns down the pain for a few moments before Mario shoves her back. Undaunted Carey jumps back up, this time onto the second rope pinning Mario down as she continues to hammer on his head. Mario finally secures a hold on Carey and pulls her up before executing a stiff sit down power bomb in the center of the ring right onto the wounds Bobbinette had received compliments of ArcAngel.   Mario goes for the cover..

1..   2..   Kickout!

Carey is obviously in pain as she withers on the ground and Mario is quick to capitalize, rolling her onto her stomach before he drives his knees into her spine. Carey screams out as the fans try to rally behind her. Mario continues to work her lower back before he lifts her up, hitting a strong back breaker. Confident that he has grounded the Queen, Mario takes a moment to pose to the crowd which garners him unsympathetic boos.   Sauntering back over the Carey he drags her up by her feet and hit’s a quick snap suplex with a roll over for a pin.

1..   Kickout!

Mario doesn’t seem overly surprised that he only got a one count as he drags her back up, spinning her over in another snap suplex before he stands up looking down at her. The bandages on her back start to ooze red blood as Mario lays the boots to her. Still, the crowd starts to chant Carey’s name in an attempt to get her back on her feet as Benny starts to complain about the noise volume of the crowd.   Mario bends down and locks in a rear naked choke, Benny gets rowdy just by the name of the move as the crowd continue to chant, Carey – Carey – Carey gets louder. Bobbinette’s foot begins to tap, Mario gets annoyed yelling and shouting for it to stop, for with everything she has she rises, lifting Mario with her, an elbow, a second elbow, a third and a few more follow. Carey whips Mario off the ropes, he returns hoping for a clothes but she ducks, Mario continues off the ropes and bounces back into a Super Kick.  

The crowd go wild and Carey falls onto Maria for a cover.    

1…     2…     3…    


Mario just escapes throwing his shoulder up as hard as he can, launching Carey off him, the crowd are in disbelief. Carey now aching after a beating, she rises, dragging Mario up with her, moaning and groaning at the pains in her back and everywhere else. She leads Mario to the corner, plants a few fists into his face, adds a few loud slaps to the chest which the crowd add there uww’s and aww’s. She lifts him up, sitting him on the top turnbuckle, climbs up after and sets him up, the crowd take a deep breath as she hits a Super Suplex from the top rope.   Carey again covers.  

1..   2..   thr.. NO!  

Again Mario forces out at the last second. Carey runs her hands through her hair, pulling out strands with frustration, she continues to pull Mario back to his feet, punches, kicks, elbows are all thrown to weaken Mario. He just about stands, wobbling, swaying, Carey positions him and runs off the ropes, she runs back and dives at Mario with a dropkick to the chest launching him back, seated, hitting the turnbuckle. The crowd are going crazy, cheering for Carey and the beating she’s laying, she backs up, and runs back, and dives again, drop kicking the crotch of Mario.  

Carey lays the boots, she begins yanking Mario around the ring by his hair, ramming his head into turnbuckles, into her knees, into the mat. She follows setting him up for a pile driver and plants him hard, but this time she doesn’t cover, she lifts him up again, and another pile driver, but she doesn’t stop there, again, lifts him up, she looks exhausted but hits another pile driver. Carey lies flat on her back trying to catch her breath, and some energy, Mario’s eyes are shut, he looks gone, Carey drags herself for the cover and just about gets an arm over.   The ref counts as the crowd chant.    




The ref jumps to call for the bell as Carey rises in relief, but there’s no bell, the ref pauses and cancels it, but Carey raises her hand in victory releasing any tension as she celebrates to the fans. She turns around seeing the ref pointing at Mario’s foot on the ropes, she looks confused wondering what happened. But from behind surprising her, Mario pulls her tights dragging her backwards, he rolls her up and tugs on the tights where the ref cant see, he counts as Carey struggles.    

1!     2!     3!    


Post match we see the Commish come out on the rampway as Triple M quickly exits the ring holding the Stable Title while Carey is livid inside the ring.  

Jeff Harris: I hoped you enjoyed your match Mario, I really do. Hope you had a good week because that’s all about to end my friend. Did you really think that I would let me being thrown off of The Rock slide? You must have been seriously fucked in the head if you did. You see next week I have a match in mind but not for you… Not yet anyway Paul Parasite you my friend will be wrestling and Mario and the rest of the Best Alliance will be barred from ringside, as you’ll be taking on the entire team of Team Epic minus Bobbinette Carey who I am putting in a match with Chris Black who seems to have some history with someone Carey knows very well. If I wasn’t busy I would finish you off myself. Believe that bitches.    

Jeff Harris: One more thing, at ICONIC there is nothing more I’m sure the crowd would love to see than Bobbinette kicking The Crow’s ass for the ICON Championship so consider that match made!  

The crowd cheers, Bobbinette looks at Jeff with a slight amount of shock, as the commish heads to the back and Mario and Carey continue to exchange barbs as Triple M makes his way up the ramp smiling up at the leader of Team Epic.  

Triple M pauses with the belt around his waist and begins to mock Carey but then everyone turns their attention to two men standing behind Triple M.   Triple M continues to mock Carey as he has no idea what is going on behind him as HOW cameras capture the two men who are wearing T-shirts saying CHURCH OF THE UNHOLY.  

Joe points out that these same men were at Rumble at the Rock as guards!   Triple M finally turns and see’s the men just in time and literally jumps off the entrance ramp and scurries to the back holding the stable title the whole way as the two men fix their attention on Carey who is inside the ring looking on unsure of what is about to happen as Mayhem comes to a close!!!!  

Who are these men?  

Who brought them here?  

What do they want with Carey or  with HOW in general?  

Make sure to tune into for a big announcement about next week’s Mayhem!!!          

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LG Arena

Birmingham, England

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  • 9:00PM