Mayhem: October 19th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
October 19th, 2009 – #HOW86
Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN

Fan Appreciation Night

The HOTv feed comes to life with static.

Audio kicks in behind the static as the fans in attendance at the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana are given the cue that another episode of Monday Night Mayhem is now airing.

The HOV screen flickers to life with the familiar HOTv logo, followed by the electric blue Mayhem banner that explodes away letter-by-letter until a thunderous blue pyro blast explodes and Mayhem’s new theme song, “Self Esteem” by The Offspring, begins blaring throughout the building.

The excitement prompts the capacity crowd of 10,500 to rise to their feet with a deafening roar. The camera scans the Coliseum, the cheering getting louder and louder until suddenly, a HUGE banner is dropped from the rafters that reads “Fan Appreciation Night”. Confetti begins snowing down onto the crowd and hundreds of balloons are released, sending the fans into frenzy.

As the music begins to fade out, the camera shifts its attention to the ringside broadcast team of Rick Fantastic and Chastity Gold, who are officially on their second tour of duty as the Mayhem broadcast team after a thrilling, record-breaking pay-per-view, Rumble at the Rock 2.

Both announcers are dressed in their finest clothes; Chastity in a long, red evening gown dress and Rick in the best, non-wrinkled dress shirt he could find, complete with a red bow-tie to match his partner’s attire.

Chastity Gold: Welcome everyone to MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! As always, I’m Chastity Gold alongside my dapper-looking broadcast partner, Rick Fantastic. Rick, it sure feels good to be back on the road after being on that creepy island that was Alcatraz.

Rick Fantastic: Well you’d better get used to it Chaz, because it appears that Rumble at the Rock will be a yearly tradition here in High Octane Wrestling; a tradition that gets better and better by the year!

Chastity Gold: Isn’t that the truth! Well before we get started here on what General Manager Faze has officially deemed “Fan Appreciation Night”, let’s recap what happened at Rumble at the Rock 2. We crowned our very first High Octane Fighting Champion in Michael DeNucci and saw the ICON championship change hands after what many believe will be the Match of the Year between Maximillian Kael and Graystone.

Rick Fantastic: That match certainly ranks up there with the ICON title match at Capitol Punishment, the LSD title match at War Games, and the War Games match itself, but let’s also look back at the titles that stayed “at home”, so to speak. David Black proved YET AGAIN, that even with a broken and lacerated hand, that he will stop at nothing to hold onto the LSD title.

Chastity Gold: The Maurako Family outlasted 3 formidable tag teams to retain the new Tag Team belts.

Rick Fantastic: And of course, Aceldama pinned Trent to retain the World Heavyweight title, but not without a little help from the returning HOW Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Chastity Gold: Jatt’s return was HUGE indeed. And Lee Best can’t be too happy that his long-time Best Alliance ally turned his back on him to join forces with his own brother Mike. But the fact is… Ace has the gold and his NEW number one contender is already hot on his trail for the title.

Rick Fantastic: That’s right Chastity! As announced by Lee Best shortly after the High Octane Draft, Perfect Paul Paras, the new challenger for the World Title, by virtue of beating Shane Reynolds in the Alcatraz Dungeon, will square off with Ace in a Best-of-7 series! It’s simple. The winner of the series is your World Champ.

Chastity Gold: And that series begins TONIGHT Rick. You fans voted on the stipulation… and Match 1 will be contested as a Lumberjack match in tonight’s Main Event.

Rick Fantastic: I can’t wait! As we all know, ANYTHING can happen here in High Octane Wrestling. Just think about it… Aceldama’s former Blood Brother, Shane Reynolds, is now on the same program as him!

Chastity Gold: As is his former rival Issac Slade… Best Alliance members Graystone and Kirsta Lewis… WHO KNOWS what will happen?!?

Rick Fantastic: Speaking of the World Champion…


Change of Heart

*The Memorial Stadium goes dark, but a familiar sound bellows through the PA system as Tool’s ‘Vicarious’ begins with its soft opening guitar riff. The fans become electric at the sound of this theme*

Rick Fantastic- Wait a minute, that sounds like….the theme to the new Thursday Night Aceldama, but this is Mayhem!

Chastity Gold- It is, but we have one better, because we have the World champion, EXCLUSIVE to Mayhem.

Rick Fantastic- And it looks like he is about to make himself shown to his new Mayhem crowd, and they love him!

Chastity Gold- He is now away from the Best Alliance and wanting to make that change for the good, and it seems the fans are going to let him.

*The lights come back on, but are still very dim as Aceldama, wearing a suit and tie with his World title draped across his shoulder walks slowly to the ramp area as the light opening riff continues, but then the guitar riff stops and holds on a note, he raises his arm, and with three fingers he counts down and with the final finger the riff starts back up again, heavier than before, as fireworks explode behind him. The crowd goes wild as he slowly walks down the ramp, with a small smile upon his face, not too big, not too small. The fans try to touch him as he passes, as before he would shove their hands away, he allows it. He gets to the ring, climbs the steps and he turns and looks around the arena. Fans with his banner, chanting his name, flashes of cameras from all angles. The smile becomes bigger as he goes under the ropes and is handed a microphone. He stands in the centre of the ring, looking around at the fans, he seems choked up with emotion*

Fans- Ac-el-dam-a!!!……Ac-el-dam-a!!

Aceldama- Mayhem, your world champion has arrived home!

*The fans once again have gone wild after this declaration. It takes a moment for Aceldama to continue his speech as he is taken back by the Fort Wayne crowd*

Aceldama- For too long I have been wandering in the depths of hell, doing the bidding of the devil. I become something unreal, something….not human. All my life I believed that I was a monster, that I could never feel true emotions, like happiness and joy. But tonight, with that welcome….I truly know what it feels like to be happy. It’s almost fitting that tonight has been deemed Fan Appreciation Night, because I truly appreciate your support!

*The fans once again go wild*

Aceldama- You know, I allowed myself to sell my soul to the devil, and for what? A cheap buck, promises of world title aspirations, to be the bosses right hand man? All I wanted from that deal was the World title, until I realized, he could not deliver it to me, I had to do it on my own, and on my own I did!

Evil things I had done, things that I can never be excused for, and never expect to either. But all I ask, from you here tonight and those in the roster who look to me, as their world champion, is the chance to right my wrongs, and if you give me this opportunity, I will assure you one thing…..this title will NEVER return to the hands of the Best Alliance!

*The fans once again begin to chant his name, he allows it to go on longer than he probably should, but he simply stands there and takes it all in*

Aceldama- Ryan Faze took me as his number one choice, brought me to a place where I don’t have to fear the scorn and wrath of Lee Best. He did not have to take me, and after the way I treated him I would not blame him if he threw me back into the lion’s den, but Faze, if you are listening back there, there was nothing personal, it was business. I had to do what I done, it was the only way.

And now I look around at all your faces and you are all smiling back at me, welcoming me well. But even though I appreciate this warm welcome, please don’t forget what I have done. I do not want my past evil’s to be forgotten, it shall be my own punishment to be forever remembered for what I done. I took a man and turned his very faith, taking the death of his own girlfriend and used it against him……..

*Aceldama chokes up, finding it hard to get the words out*

…….what a MONSTER I was! I let myself be consumed by the thoughts and ideas of Lee Best; I let my own personal demons shroud my rationality that I became that monster. But no more. Issac, if you are out there, I know that no limit of apologies will take back what mental turmoil I took you through, but I want you to know, that every day I suffer more. Maybe not enough, but I do feel the guilt every day that I took you away from your faith. Find it again Issac and return to us, if you still feel you need to take your revenge, I shall not retaliate. As it will be overdue.

Rick Fantastic- Wait a minute, who is this imposter and what has he done with the real Aceldama?

Chastity Gold- What are you talking about, that is Aceldama!

Rick Fantastic- But where is the sick, demented, evil smirk? Where are his mind games? Or maybe this is a mind game!

Chastity Gold- Why do you find it so hard to see that he is pouring his heart out to the nation live on television? He knows what he done was wrong, why can’t he get the opportunity to repent?

Rick Fantastic- Because Aceldama was always one for mind games; I don’t buy this for a second.

Chastity Gold- I am a firm believer in that everybody deserves a second chance.

Rick Fantastic- Yea, second chance? He isn’t a cat with nine chances at life!

Aceldama- And I guess now I am out here I shall address my opponent for the next seven weeks, albeit it lasts that long, Perfect Paul Paras. Now everybody is going to expect me to come out here and run my mouth about how I will kick his ass from here to next week and that I am going to make him suffer both physically and mentally…not anymore. That was the old me.

I do have respect for Paras. He has got to this point in his career where he deserves a shot at this title and all I will say is that I wish him the best of luck. I know that you are going through some personal hardships at this moment in time and being in the same situation once before, I know how hard it can be. My heart does go out to you. But what I will say is…..this title is my all, and I will defend it with every ounce of blood that flows within my body. This body of mine is fading away, but as long as I have the will and desire to carry on I will defend my title to the best, if not more, of my abilities. I know you will be a challenge, but I enjoy challenges. Challenges are made to be overcome, and you are but one of many on this rocky road. What I will recommend to you is, you better be fully prepared, because if you are not ready to take this title from me, and keep it from my grasp, I will strike. Paras, it’s nothing personal against you……well it is, you want what I have, and I am sorry this property is not under time share agreements!

*Aceldama raises his title aloft as the fans take this opportunity to get a picture perfect moment*

Aceldama- So Best of Seven begins tonight! The dogs will wait outside the ring to pick at the scraps, anybody wants to get involved, be warned, there is also a dog within the ring, and my bark is DEFINITLY not as bad as my bite.

And before I go, I must address my old ‘friend’ Shane Reynolds. You have chosen your path, and it is a road that I can no longer walk down. I can no longer share in your ideals, your ways…..and therefore you have become an enemy of mine. If you refuse to change your ways, then I can no longer sit by and allow you to tarnish those whose hearts are pure with good. Mine was once black with hate and suffering, now the black is wiping away. Shane… come for me, I come for you, stay clear of this path, it is one you can never walk down with the choices you have made in your life. At the end of this path is redemption, something you will never understand.

*Aceldama drops the microphone and walks over to the turnbuckle and proceeds to climb it as the fans once again, not for the first time tonight, go electric at the sight of the world champion holding the World title aloft in the air.*

Chastity Gold- Now there is a man who looks like he has seen the light of his ways.

Rick Fantastic- It is all a ploy, he is fooling us all.

Chastity Gold- Hardly! It’s refreshing to see that he wished the best of luck to Paras in their Best of Seven series that begins tonight! You hardly ever see sportsmanship now-a-days. Everybody is expected to be at each other’s throats!

Rick Fantastic- Yea, because that is the way it should be!

Chastity Gold- Ace sent a sterm message to Shane Reynolds as well…

Rick Fantastic- Aceldama has become soft… and trust me, Shane WILL take advantage at some point..

Chastity Gold- Like to see you try and kick his you-know-what!

Rick Fantastic- Professional wrestler (pointing at Aceldama) commentator (pointing at himself), 265lbs of muscle (pointing at Aceldama), 215 pounds of – well…(pointing at himself) Ok, you get my point?

Chastity Gold- Just admit you’re a wimp! We have a commercial to take ladies and gents and next up a woman who will prove that size and weight does not matter as long as you have that fighting spirit, its Kirsta Lewis’ debut on Mayhem, against the keeper Tim Shipley. That’s coming right up, after these messages.


Will these two even MAKE it to ICONIC?


Laying down the challenge

Fresh from commercial, “Astral Conversations with Toulouse Lautrec” rocks the Memorial Coliseum and Tim Shipley steps out, Roxie Sykes in tow. She wears a zipped red leather jacket and tight white trousers, in case you’re wondering.

Rick Fantastic: Baby, that’s no way to dress for Monday Night Mayhem! I want to see some SKIN!

Chastity Gold: Rick, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m moderately revolted by you…

Shipley and Roxie stride down the ramp side by side, smiles on their faces as the fans chant Shipley’s name.

Chastity Gold: Tim Shipley looks MORE than happy to be back here as Mayhem’s sole keeper after the draft. I think these fans really took a shine to the way he took out Ethan Cavanaugh at the Rock. He gave everything to get Mayhem that number one pick and the fans respect that.

Rick Fantastic: I think they’re just glad we get to see a little more of Roxie! MAN is she hot!

Shipley gets into the ring with Roxie, and she hands him the microphone taken from Kimber Marshall.

Tim Shipley: What can I say other than thank you for such a great reception — from the High Octane Wrestling fans here in Fort Wayne!!

The fans respond enthusiastically to the cheap pop and Shipley laughs, knowing how cheesy his opening was. Roxie places her hands on her hips and shakes her head at him, amused.

Tim Shipley: Now I know you good people can’t wait for me to smack the taste of semen out of Kirsta Lewis’ mouth… but there’s a little something I’ve got to say first. It feels great to be back here on Mayhem as your one and only keeper. David Black of course got traded to the, uh, “Big Time” —

Shipley performs some exaggerated air-quotes, and gets a laugh from the crowd as well as some booing both for Thursday Night Aceldama and for the LSD Champion having defected.

Tim Shipley: — oh wait I mean he gets to spend Tuesday nights sucking Lee Best’s dick in place of Kirsta Lewis! Right! THAT’S what they needed him for!

Rick Fantastic: HAHA!

The crowd cheers and the volume of anti-Best Alliance chants is deafening. A rising “BLACK SOLD OUT” chant is also audible.

Chastity Gold: Now it wasn’t David Black’s choice to move over, it’s all about backstage politics here —

Rick Fantastic: Whatever Chastity! He’s not here and I, for one thing, am delighted! He was getting nearly as Emo as Shane Reynolds!

Shipley waits for the hubbub to die down a little, but cannot suppress the large grin on his face.

Tim Shipley: Of course… Black is a DOMINANT LSD Champion… right? I mean… he’s defeated such luminaries as… uh… let me count on my fingers… hmm… OH THAT’S RIGHT I DON’T REMEMBER ANY OF THEIR NAMES.

The fans are lapping up the opportunity to make fun of the departed David Black.

Tim Shipley: A fluke victory here and there… a half-year with the belt… and suddenly everyone thinks he’s GOD or something. No, not Gregory “ONION” Daniels, but some sort of… higher being. DESTINED for the top, they said. Being HELD DOWN by the LSD title, they said. So he went off to the “Big Time” —

Those air quotes again.

Tim Shipley: — and he, uh, LOST.

Shipley rolls his eyes, inviting further derision from the fans.

Rick Fantastic: Tim Shipley is pissing all over David Black’s legacy here — and I love it!!

Tim Shipley: So let’s unravel things a little. Let’s investigate. Is David Black really so GREAT? I mean, he beat a lot of people. He beat Tim Shipley, right? Uh… I dominated him in the ring and he won by disqualification, thanks to my beautiful manager here.

Roxie blushes and nods, gritting her teeth.

Rick Fantastic: Oh don’t blame that beautiful piece of meat for anything!

Chastity Gold (shocked): She’s not a… piece of MEAT… Rick. But she was a rookie. And she’s learned from that mistake.

Tim Shipley: And what’s happened since then? I made Maurako tap out and posted it up on YouTube for the world to see. I made Cavanaugh tap out… TWICE. And David Black went off to Hollywood and couldn’t cut it with the big boys. Now after I won the number one draft pick for dear old Faze, I got a nice little surprise in my month’s payroll… a surprise that I cashed in at HOW HQ during the week…

Rick Fantastic: OH! Are you thinking what I’m thinking Chaz?!

Tim Shipley: …until Lee Best broke his own rules and said no, I can’t buy myself an LSD title shot. Well, big surprise there. Lee wrote a script for Rumble at the Rock 2, a script that had me doing the job to Cavanaugh and giving Turmoil the number one pick… and I ripped that script to fucking pieces and Ethan Cavanaugh with it!

Chastity Gold: Now that’s what we heard on the website earlier today, that Shipley had tried to purchase a title match and Lee Best hadn’t allowed it!

Tim Shipley: BUT the one benefit of David Black holding that PRECIOUS LSD title of his… is that he can appear on BOTH SHOWS. And Faze and I haven’t exactly seen eye to eye, but when he heard Lee Best was interfering with his keeper’s chances over here on Mayhem… he made some stuff happen. So David Black went off to Hollywood… and I’m going to bring him crawling back with his tail between his legs. NEXT WEEK ON MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM you will see David Black, back on the show that “MADE” him —

Those air quotes never get old.

Tim Shipley: — NO count outs this time!! NO disqualification this time!! And title or no title on the line, I will UNMAKE him right here in this ring!

Chastity Gold: This is huge! Shipley just challenged Black!

Rick Fantastic: He did more than that! He BOUGHT the shot and Lee Best denied it! But if Shipley beats Black then he won’t be able to say no the next time! David Black is going to be back here on Mayhem against Tim Shipley next week!

Chastity Gold: They said on the HOR last week that Shipley was HOW’s only hope of taking that title away from David Black! And although Lee Best is denying that chance, he’s going to PROVE that he is the one man to make that happen!

Tim Shipley: That’s right Black. If you’re out there watching… remember our match six weeks ago in Austin, Texas. Remember how it felt to scrape a win that barely even counts out of a match you were LOSING. Savour that victory because I am going to REVERSE that next week here on Mayhem… which is not your show anymore. And I damn well intend to make it MY show. I will beat you in this ring on Mayhem next week, and you can’t hide behind count-outs or a dusty DQ. It’s going to be one man down on the canvas for one… two… three. And you will KNOW your days as LSD champion are numbered. That LSD title… will be MY title. I’m taking all you ever WERE, David Black, because like I told you before, I don’t tolerate mediocrity. And I’m going to take that LSD title from round your waist, and I’m going to keep hold of it as long as I want, and that is going to be for ONE DAY LONGER THAN YOU DID… just because I CAN. I’m going to bury you back to the mid-card… just out of SPITE for blighting my HOW record from my first night. So enjoy next week’s main event David! It’ll be your LAST ONE!

As his music hits again, Shipley tosses the microphone aside and raises his arms in triumph as the fans yell his name. Roxie sidles over and punches him on the arm, barely concealing her glee at how well his promo went over.

Chastity Gold: Shipley and Black will throw down next week — but NOT for the LSD title! But Shipley’s pumped for it either way! And every fan in this arena is chanting his name!

Rick Fantastic: But right now, he has Kirsta Lewis to contend with, and I hope he hasn’t lost sight of that BECAUSE HERE SHE COMES!!!


Kirsta Lewis vs. Tim Shipley
Singles Match

Without any proper introduction or theme music, Kirsta rushes the ring and blindsides Shipley, who goes down in a heap clutching at his face. Roxie angrily confronts Kirsta, and a moment later Kirsta has a handful of Roxie’s red hair. Referee Romeo Ward hastily intervenes and Roxie slides out of the ring, holding her scalp in pain.

Rick Fantastic: Kirsta just attacked Roxie for no goddamn reason! That’s not right, she’s not a wrestler, she’s… my beautiful ange—

Chastity Gold: Those were brass knucks!!

Rick Fantastic: What?!

Chastity Gold: That’s why Shipley went down so hard! Kirsta hit him with brass knuckles on her hands and she just tossed them. The ref didn’t see it!

Kirsta goes to work on Shipley, mauling him with every part of her body. She kicks viciously at his ribs, and Shipley slumps into a ball on the mat.

Chastity Gold: Well Kirsta Lewis rushing the ring has certainly transformed the atmosphere. Shipley had this crowd round his little finger, but now Kirsta has him in the palm of her hand.

Rick Fantastic: He hurt his ribs at Rumble at the Rock, and now she’s being relentless with those kicks.

It is all Shipley can do to simply minimize the impact of Kirsta’s strikes, with no opportunity to turn things around. A top-rope dropkick catches him hard in the chest and that’s the first pinfall of the match, which ends in a 2.

Chastity Gold: Shipley’s been caught off-guard! He’s got to step it up if he thinks he has a chance against the #1 ranked Female Wrestler in the world.

A harassed-looking Roxie slaps at the canvas, demanding Shipley gets himself up quicker each time he hits the mat. Shipley looks more than perturbed with the onslaught of offense, but finally gets an opening when he throws an arm up and straight blocks a left arm that Lewis put everything into. He has the opportunity, and… he executes a Fireman’s Carry.

Rick Fantastic: What was that?!

Chastity Gold: You know Rick, I think Shipley was hesitant to hit a woman there!

Roxie is livid, screaming at Shipley that he has missed his opportunity. She is right as Kirsta is up as equally quick as Shipley and is far faster to get back to work, her opponent again hesitating as to what move to select and Kirsta just runs at her and charges her head into his sternum. Shipley falls like a sack of potatoes holding his ribs.

Rick Fantastic: Look at Roxie!!

Unable to contain herself, Roxie has pulled herself up on the apron to better address Shipley, who she clearly feels isn’t hearing her advice well enough. The referee heads straight over to cut her off, fearing interference, and Kirsta doesn’t conceal the huge grin on her face as she waltzes up and boots Shipley square between the legs. He lets out a massive yell.


Kirsta hooks the leg and Ward counts the fall, Roxie not having seen what happened senses something at least went wrong and returns to the floor. Kirsta gets only a two-count again.

Chastity Gold: Shipley almost lost a lot more than the match right there. He’s got to step it up if he wants to save both his winning record and his future kids…

Kirsta pulls Shipley up uncompromisingly by the hair and smashes his face into the turnbuckle. She raises her boot and chokes him with it until Romeo Ward is quick on the count and Kirsta withdraws and glares at the referee on four. Shipley goes for broke and launches at her, catching her in a side neckbreaker and she hits the canvas hard. He rolls away and looks a little worried.


Roxie yells obscenities and at last they kick Shipley into gear. He steps over Kirsta and applies a solid Armbar, which is all very well for several seconds but they are in the corner and she quickly grabs the rope. Shipley immediately releases the hold and stomps away with his boot into Kirsta’s mid-section, several times in fact to the point where Kirsta drops to the mat like a sack of bricks.

Not wanting to waste any more opportunities, Shipley grabs both of Kirsta’s legs and pulls her to the center of the ring, much to the delight of the crowd.

Chastity Gold: I think we’re about to see Newton’s Paradox!

Shipley feeds off the applause and twists Kirsta’s legs into a pretzel for his Reverse Figure Four finisher, but Kirsta’s resiliency becomes evident as she kicks out of his grasp and scrambles over toward the ropes.

Rick Fantastic: This one could have been over right there had Kirsta Lewis not escaped the Newton’s Paradox.

As Kirsta uses the ropes to pull herself up, Shipley rushes over and swings upwards, using the top rope for leverage, to plant his left foot onto Lewis’ back. He springs himself off her back onto the top turnbuckle, landing there with his right foot, and executes a full back flip, catching Kirsta’s head in the process. In one swift motion, Shipley follows through with a fluid DDT that has the crowd on their feet and the announcers going wild.


Rick Fantastic: What an AMAZING maneuver by Tim Shipley!

Sensing urgency from the crowd, Shippers slides over to the fallen Kirsta Lewis and hooks her leg, nodding his head with every slap of the mat from Romeo Ward’s hand.





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 6:33… TIM SHIPLEY!!!

Shipley raises his arm in victory and Ward is quick to grab it, indicating a huge win for the Mayhem keeper before he squares off for the LSD title next week. He celebrates for a moment before sliding out of the ring to join Roxie, who certainly isn’t afraid to hide her delight as well.

Chastity Gold: What a way to kick off Mayhem!

Rick Fantastic: And what a convincing win by Shippers! I have to say Chastity… I’m impressed!

Chastity Gold: Well Tim Shipley just proved not only to Ryan Faze, but to Lee and Mike Best that he is more than worthy of his keeper status.

Rick Fantastic: Let’s just see what happens next week before we go jumping to conclusions.

On the other hand, all Kirsta Lewis can do is nurse her forehead from the DDT, which is shown again on replay on the HOV. She slowly rolls out of the ring and glares up the ramp, where Roxie’s flash of a smirk puts a scowl on her face as she follows suit.

Chastity Gold: Speaking of conclusions, could Kirsta Lewis be out of her element here on Mayhem? Perhaps she’s not used to being away from “home”, under the tutelage of Lee Best and the Best Alliance?

Suddenly, a pink-haired figure from the front row that had managed to creep up from behind the announcers is quick to offer her thoughts.

???: Go figure, eh?

The comment is muttered softly, but loud enough that Chastity whips around in surprise for the source of the voice at hand. Taking that as her cue, the pink-haired vixen quickly ducks away and closes her mini-laptop, slithering away before either announcer can catch a true glimpse of her face.

Rick Fantastic: Was that –

Chastity Gold: I think it was! The pink hair can only mean one thing; Erites Kallisten is officially here in HOW and has apparently taken a keen interest in the likes of Kirsta Lewis. Folks, we’ll see more her later in the show as she debuts against fellow newcomer Rush Marconi, but as for right now, let’s take a break before we come back to action here on Fan Appreciation Night. Don’t go away!


Next week see Joseph Gregory taking on a mystery opponent live on Mayhem via satellite feed from The Best Arena basement!


What do you mean she’s gone?

Back live, we find “The Hellcat” Kirsta Lewis walking backstage and deep in conversation with her long time friend and now manager Megan Dela Vega. Fresh off of her difficult match with Tim Shipley, all she wants now is a quick shower and change of clothes, although both of them decided earlier to stick around for the rest of Mayhem. As they walk down the hall, they pass other wrestlers, paying no attention to them as they look for the locker room doors.

Kirsta: How hard is it to find one god damn room?

Megan: You’re just used to the Best Arena. It’s here some place.

Kirsta: It better be! And it better not be one that I have to share with the other bitches around here. I share nothing! After all, none of them can come near to doing what I have. Only the best for the number one ranked female in the world.

Megan: Umm Kris, I know this is off topic, but you ever hear of this Erites Kallisten chick?

Kirsta: Not really, but you know how rumors fly around this place.

Megan now knows she hasn’t really heard the big one. Does she tell Kirsta now? Here in the arena? Or wait until they are back home? Megan shakes her head and hesitantly decides that now is the best time.

Megan: Well rumor has it that she has been running her mouth all over the radio… and that you both were supposed to meet inside a wrestling ring and you never showed up.

Kirsta: Oh please! Likely story! When are these bitches going to stop latching onto me and my name to get recognition?

Megan: No seriously Kris… it was something about you not showing up for a match with her at Golden Phoenix Wrestling.

Kirsta stops dead in her tracks and looks at Megan.

Kirsta: Golden Phoenix? What the fuck? I know of the wrestler here in HOW but I have never heard of the place.

Megan: That’s not what she is saying. Supposedly it was run by Lee and Mike Flash.

Kirsta: Oh this just keeps getting better and better! So I was in this fed and in a match with this gold digger and I no showed? You know as well as I do that I’m not one to NO SHOW unless there was a damn good reason for it.

Megan: Well you did that time…

Kirsta: She must have been the reason I no showed then. Kirsta Lewis in a match against some no name? Some fool who obviously hasn’t gotten her name out there? I’ve been in a lot of places and I remember them all. I still think this shit is made up. If I no showed its because of this Eri-whatever being a nobody.

Megan: Well it turns out that she IS someone. Someone in HOW actually… someone that was the Silent Backer and even ran over Shane Reynolds.

Kirsta: And that makes her a somebody?!? Big deal! Many people have wanted to run down that freak! Me included!

Looking up, Kirsta finally finds the door she’s been looking for. All it says on the door is “LEWIS”.

Kirsta: What the fuck is this shit?!? I don’t even get a full name. Fucking Faze is going to hear about this! I am the top ranked female wrestler in the world for Christ fucking sake!

Megan: So what about Erites and her claims?

Kirsta: What about her? She’s not someone who is getting any attention out of me, that’s for sure.

Kirsta opens the door to her locker room and looks around, not amused at what she is seeing… or the lack of what she isn’t seeing. Megan follows behind her with her cell phone to her ear, a look of shock on her face as she looks over to Kirsta, holding the phone out.

Megan: I think you need to take this Kris.

Kirsta: What’s wrong?

Reaching out for the phone, she holds it to her ear while Megan watches nervously.



Kirsta: All she left was a note? Christ, I can’t come out there right now! FIND ME SOMEONE!! Do a god-dammed background check! REFERENCES! Check them out thoroughly. I need someone out there at all times, so stop finding these fools who don’t last! I PAY GOOD GOD DAMNED MONEY FOR YOU PEOPLE TO DO YOUR DAMN JOB! If I have to take time off to fly out there, heads are going to roll! Do you hear me?!? It won’t be pretty.

She pauses as she looks at Megan, who’s shaking her head.

Kirsta: You make damn sure you find that bitch! You hear me?!? I’ll make sure she never works another day of her life. Do you think you can at least manage to do that?!?

Kirsta closes the cell phone and slams it on the small table, kicking the door to her locker room shut with a loud bang.


The Egg Bandits vs. Vince & Joey Bishop
Tag Team Match

Back to ringside, we see Vince and Joey Bishop already in the ring, psyching themselves up for their debut match in HOW. They stake their post in their respective corner as Chastity Gold and Rick Fantastic give us a brief preview of the match.

Chastity Gold: Well Rick, I’m not exactly sure what’s gotten into Kirsta Lewis, but it’s about that time, isn’t it?

Rick Fantastic: Time for???

Chastity Gold: Time for some Tag Team action as we gear up for our second match of the night; the debut of the Bishop Brothers here in HOW.

Rick Fantastic: Bishop Brothers? Pshht! Let’s talk about my FAVORITE tag team by far! That’s right Chaz! The Egg Bandits are on Mayhem tonight and have got to be looking to make an impact after losing out in the Tag Team title match at Rumble at the Rock 2.

Chastity Gold: Speaking of…

Kimber Marshall: And their opponents… at a combined weight of 505 pounds… THE EGG BANDITS!!!

The Egg Bandits make their entrance to huge applause from the Fort Wayne crowd while Chastity and Rick continue to discuss the ramifications of winning this match for both teams. As the Egg Bandits set up for the match in their own corner, there seems to be some debate between Mr. Cool and “The Dooze”. Finally the two men resort to a game of Ro-Sham-Bo (aka Paper, Rock, Scissors) that Cool is lucky enough to win. Doozer reluctantly settles into his place at the corner as Frank Tsonga signals for the bell.

Chastity Gold: Looks like it’s going to be “Cool” Cancer Jiles and Vince Bishop starting off this match up.


The two men are quick to tie up in the middle of the ring with neither man gaining an advantage to start. That is until Mr. Cool hits a few quick kicks to his opponent and a neckbreaker that is followed up by a quick cover.

Rick Fantastic: CCJ is looking to catch the Bishops off-guard!

Frank Tsonga goes to make the count and gets only 1 before Vince manages to kick out. Mr. Cool wisely refuses to give Vince a chance to recover as he uses the ropes for a Springboard Moonsault into yet another cover. This time, it’s a 2 count before Vince kicks out and is able to get a few quick elbows to daze Mr. Cool. Vince Bishop is back on his feet as he tries to rally more of an offense before firing Mr. Cool off to a neutral corner. Vince follows up behind the Cool One as he hits the turnbuckle and goes for a big splash in the corner which connects.

With Cancer Jiles down on the mat, Vince is quick to scurry to his corner and tag in his brother. Joey Bishop comes blazing into the ring with a full head of steam, but ignores the fallen Mr. Cool and instead charges the Egg Bandits corner with a forearm smash on Doozer, sending him to the floor outside the ring.

As Joey turns around though, he receives a flying shoulder block from Mr. Cool that sends him crashing to the mat.

Chastity Gold: HUGE shoulder from Cancer Jiles!

Joey Bishop gets back to his feet only to be spiked to the mat with a DDT.

Rick Fantastic: Ow! I could feel the impact of that DDT!

This of course leads to another cover from Mr. Cool, only for Joey to kick out after 1. Frustration mounts for Mr. Cool as he pulls Joey up to his feet and looks for another neck breaker. Joey manages to block the attempt and fire off a few hard shots that back Mr. Cool into the ropes. Joey Irish whips his opponent into the opposite side in hopes for an ensuing Back Body Drop, but he telegraphs the move and gets a kick to his shoulder for his efforts.

Cool drops Joey Bishop with a Side Russian Leg Sweep and finds his partner back on the apron. He gets some cheers when he tags in Doozer and both superstars size up Joey as he comes to his own. Vince Bishop does his best to forewarn his brother of his impending doom, but it’s too late.

Chastity Gold: EGGS BEND-A… *ahem*…

Rick Fantastic: EGGS BEND-A DICK! We sure are seeing a lot of nut shots tonight, aren’t we Chaz?

The double mega boot, super-duper crotch kick to Joey Bishop has him reeling in agony as The Egg Bandits determine who should make the pin with another game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

This time, Doozer is the winner as he sneaks in a Paper over Cool’s Rock and he celebrates as if he just won the lottery. Cool slaps him hard on the shoulder, which irritates his partner but urges him to cover Joey Bishop.


Vince Bishop looks to break up the count, but before he can, Cool sends an egg flying straight into his face, which halts him in his tracks.




Kimber Marshall: Here are your winners in 4:44… THE EGG BANDITS!!!

Rick Fantastic: Well despite their antics, The Egg Bandits got the job done and are walking away with the win here.

Chastity Gold: The question is, can they EVER be cohesive enough to seriously challenge the Maurakos for the Tag Team Titles? Wait – wait a second! Is that… Jacob Morgan?!?

In the midst of celebrating their win, The Egg Bandits are violently interrupted by the sudden appearance on none other than Jacob Morgan! He storms into the ring and catches Doozer and Mr. Cool with flying elbows that daze them before he lands a Monster Boot that sends Doozer over the top rope.

Morgan spins around quickly to block a punch from Mr. Cool, lifting him into a military press and then tossing him over the top rope, right into his own tag team partner!

Chastity Gold: I can’t believe it! Somebody get Jacob Morgan out of here! The Brothers of the Beast weren’t booked tonight!

Rick Fantastic: But they sure made a statement to the Egg Bandits! Coming off their big win over Twisted Reality on Turmoil, the Brothers of the Beast have now staked their claim as the top challengers to the Maurako Family’s Tag titles!

Jacob Morgan wipes his hands “clean” in the center of the ring and avoids trash that is thrown at him from the crowd for his actions against the likeable Egg Bandits.

Chastity Gold: Folks, we are late for a commercial break here on HOTv, but before we cut away, I’m being told we have someone backstage!


The Hand that Feeds the Snake

In khaki pants, a black t-shirt and duffel bag in tow, James “Black Mamba” Ranger walks the hallways of the Memorial Coliseum muttering to himself. He lost his debut match on Turmoil, mere hours after getting notice that he would be traded to Mayhem. Monday Night Mayhem. Monday Night Manhood, if he had any.

Like the new kid who registered for school a week after it started, here he was looking around. He should have listened to his agent, but he chose to do this his own way. Now, he was alone and lost backstage.

Black Mamba: So what am I, a joke? A porn star wannabe? I didn’t join this business to be some kind of joke. I came here to HOW to be a threat.

James passes by a production crew. The group of 3 look at him and snicker before quickly turning their backs. He wanted to break them in half, but knew that wasn’t the way to go. He was above such petty attempts to strong-arm people. He never needed to be in groups. Eventually, the needs of one always overshadowed the needs of the whole.

Black Mamba: Look at this place. Reminds of me of high school. Where are the bullies? Maybe those four plumbers are busy cleaning pipes around the corner. Hate bullies, especially gold-laden bullies. Can’t make friends with anyone whose desires exceed my own… ugh! WHAT AM I SAYING?

James finally finds the main locker room and walks in. Luckily, no one is there as he flings his duffel bag at the lockers, causing one to pop open. He approaches the locker, opens his bag and begins unpacking.

Black Mamba: What’s up with this place? First, I get my butt sent to Mayhem. The people I want to get to are nowhere in sight. Not even someone to say “hello” or welcome me to Mayhem.

???: Then let me be the first.

James stops unpacking, his back to the mysterious voice that emanates from the entrance. He stands and turns to face the person, but as he does so the sound of a locker being open to his right causes him to face that direction. To Black Mamba’s surprise, its none other than the World Champion Aceldama, who calmly opens the locker next to James’s and begins to unpack as well. What would the World champion be doing in this dump? Shouldn’t he be in a private room of his own?

Aceldama turns to face James, taking notice of the rookie standing there in shock. He extends his hand, but lowers it slowly, his palm facing up.

Aceldama: So you’re the new guy that got traded to Mayhem? Name’s Wolfgang. Yours?

James looks at Aceldama’s hand cautiously. He slowly extends his own hand and accepts Aceldama’s, slightly avoiding his gaze, but still giving him a strong grip.

Black Mamba: James. James Ranger.

The handshake lasted only a few moments, but to Black Mamba, it was more than he needed after walking into the unfamiliar territory that is Monday Night Mayhem. Out of the corner of his eye, James catches a glimpse of the World title that’s glimmering brightly under the lights of the room and smiles, which takes us directly into commercial break.


Tastes great…with cream filling


Outta the way bitch..

We return from commercial to a sight to delight any red-blooded male. It’s not just Roxie Sykes – it’s Roxie Sykes in an extremely revealing black lacy top. Her gleaming hair falls casually but measurably across her body just to cover up enough of her for this segment to even air, because the garment is almost completely transparent, and there’s nothing underneath it.

“Outta the way. Bitch.”

The greeting is far from polite, but then Roxie’s position directly in front of the door to Kirsta Lewis’ locker room had been no accident.

Roxie: Kirsta Lewis, I take it. How do you like the outfit? I thought it’d make you feel more at home.

Roxie curls an eyebrow and licks her lips at her client Tim Shipley’s opponent from earlier in the night, challenging her to rise to the bait. For her part, Kirsta’s clearly got other things on her mind and just wants to get showered. The absence of Megan, Kirsta’s manager, is apparent.

Kirsta: I don’t give a fuck about whatever it is you’re wearing. Seriously. I don’t have time for this. Now I’m not going to ask you again. Get. The Fuck. Out Of My Way.

Instead of doing that, Roxie pushes the door open, taking a good look inside as Kirsta shoves past her and into the locker room.

Roxie: Must be weird having this big empty room to yourself. You’re used to rooming with that big ugly baldie, right? Shame… I guess, uh, all good things have to end someday.

Kirsta sneers.

Kirsta: Like this conversation just ended. Now unless you intend to stand here and watch me take a shower, I suggest you back the fuck away from my locker room.

Roxie: Oh sure. I’ll do that. I mean, I understand you need a little time. It’s not easy when a guy chooses another girl over you.

Kirsta’s expression darkens, but there is less conviction in her voice.

Kirsta: You don’t know what you’re talking about, now leave.

Roxie offers a caricature of a sympathetic smile.

Roxie: Hey, honey. I understand. Everything was good when you were sleeping with your boss, but now he’s taken a shine to that blonde, what’s her name? Miss Adams? Agnew?

Before she can stop herself, Kirsta spits out the corrected name of the new Tuesday Night Aceldama interviewer.

Kirsta: Andrews. And I still don’t know what the fuck your point is.

Roxie’s mouth gapes in mock surprise.

Roxie: Oh… oh this is difficult. Oh honey, you mean… you didn’t know Lee Best is fucking the interviewer?

That is all the spark she needed. Kirsta Lewis leaps at Roxie, but the redhead was waiting for it and is too quick, stepping outside and slamming the door shut. A loud thud is heard as Kirsta’s body slams into it, and Roxie quickly turns the key in the lock from the outside, showing the move was premeditated.

Kirsta (through the door): You fucking bitch!

Roxie (gently): That’s it baby. Let it out. I’m so sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news.

Kirsta (through the door): I’m going to fucking rip your throat out!

Roxie: Oh now, honey, that’s not nice. Don’t shoot the messenger n—

Roxie’s words end abruptly as a fist slams through the door, splinters of wood flying everywhere. Kirsta’s arm is halfway through the hole, pieces of wood embedded in the flesh, blood already forming around her. Roxie turns a little white as she steps away, this clearly not being part of the plan.

Roxie: Hey, uh, wait there, I’ll get somebody to—


Roxie raises her eyebrows and steadies herself.

Roxie: Well if that’s the way it’s going to be, you can stay right there. No doubt it’s less of a… sticky situation than you’re used to.

Kirsta can mount no reply other than bloodcurdling yell that suggests Roxie really doesn’t want to be around when the #1 woman in wrestling escapes her predicament.

Roxie: Kirsta… I’m just saying. You’re not on Turmoil anymore. Your bald-headed boss found himself a new plaything and you’ve got a whole new ballgame to play now. You wonder why I dressed myself up like this tonight? To show you you’re nothing special, Kirsta. You want to be somebody over here on Mayhem? EARN IT.

Roxie begins to walk away, firing the parting shot over her shoulder.

Roxie: I guess Faze might not be too pleased with you locking yourself in your room and then tearing it apart trying to get out, but hey… that’s just me.

The camera turns back to Kirsta’s arm, which she tries to withdraw from the door but only gets the splinters dug more firmly into her skin.

Kirsta: GAAAHHH!!!

And we cut back to ringside, where Chastity Gold and Rick Fantastic are waiting.

Chastity Gold: And Roxie fires the first round in what is becoming a battle of the new ladies of Mayhem… of which we’re going to see another in the ring up next! Making her HOW debut will be Erites Kallisten against yet another newcomer, Rush Marconi. Thoughts before we move forward Rick? Rick?

Rick is drooling over his monitor.

Chastity Gold: Uh… Rick?

She peers closer. Rick has the action paused from several minutes ago and is enjoying Roxie Sykes’ see-through top.

Rick Fantastic: Sorry, I was just… concentrating.

Chastity sighs.

Chastity Gold: To the ring!


Erites Kallisten vs. Rush Marconi
Singles Match

Kimber Marshall: This next match is scheduled for ONE FALL and features the in-ring debut for both competitors. Introducing first, from New York, New York, weighing in at 130 pounds… ERITES KALLISTEN!!!

From a cloud of pink smoke that fills the top of the stage emerges a vibrant and colorful looking female, 5 foot 4 inches in height with the type of spunk that is unrivaled by most females we’ve seen here in HOW… well, except for maybe Roxie Sykes… and Kirsta Lewis.

Erites wastes little time making her way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope with a swift motion and shooting a glance over to Referee Romeo Ward before a little pre-match stretching that catches Rick’s attention.

Rick Fantastic: Never anything wrong with a little female influence here on Mayhem. I swear, this night just keeps getting better and better!

Chastity Gold: Well, as Kimber said, Erites Kallisten is making her HOW debut tonight and boy does she look ready!

Rick Fantastic: Her friendship with one, Maximillian Kael, a former World and ICON champion here in HOW…

Chastity Gold: … and HOW Hall of Famer I might add…

Rick Fantastic: …is no secret. My guess is that he’s put a lot of time into training her and preparing her for this very moment.

Chastity Gold: Think he’s ever cooked for her?

Rick Fantastic: Hey! As deranged as Max is, he’s been known to make one tasty dish from time to time.

Chastity Gold: Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see what’s on his serving plate.

Erites’ music fades out and is replaced by a different tune; one that cues her opponent to the top of the stage.

Kimber Marshall: And her opponent, from Montclair, New Jersey, weighing in at 235 pounds… RUSH MARCONI!!!

Rush takes in his surroundings and embraces the moment, be it with a modest reaction from the crowd, and poses before making his way down the entrance ramp with a look of serious intent on his face.

Rick Fantastic: Rush Marconi? We got a background on this guy Chaz?

Chastity Gold: All it says here in the notes is that he is… *ahem*… well known… in the state of New Jersey. And that his “acquaintances” are the ones to thank for this opportunity here in High Octane Wrestling.

Rick Fantastic: Acquaintances?

Chastity Gold: I wouldn’t ask… but I WILL ask you, Rick… you think these two have good careers ahead of them in HOW?

Rick Fantastic: I think were about to find out!

With Marconi in the ring boasting a cocky swagger at the somewhat innocent looking Erites, Referee Romeo Ward calls for the bell after determining that both wrestlers came to play fair.


In the drop of a hat, Kalllisten’s innocence shifts into a fearless expression as Marconi begins to circle around her like a lion stalking its prey around dinner time. Kallisten does not even flinch as Rush walks behind her, never taking his eyes off of the pink-haired vixen.

Sensing his opportunity, Rush charges at her from behind with a lariat, only for Erites to duck into the splits right before impact. As Rush flies back off the ropes, he is met with a hard blow to the groin that doubles him over in excruciating pain.

Chastity Gold: OH! What a shot from Erites as Rush goes down hard!

Rick Fantastic: He’s going to feel that one tomorrow… ala Johnny Cage style!

With Rush still kneeling forward, Erites flies off the ropes herself and meets Marconi with a vicious Buzzsaw Kick that appears to knock Rush cold. Erites covers for the pin, but recieves a 2 count from Romeo Ward after Marconi powers out and gets his shoulder up.

Chastity Gold: Near fall by Kallisten!

Rick Fantastic: Rush showing he’s not finished yet despite nearly getting his head kicked off.

Erites smirks and looks toward the crowd before lifting Rush to his feet. Marconi receives her Side Headlock and pushes off, shooting Erites into the turnbuckle with force.

But instead of a hard impact, Erites leaps up at the last moment and behind Marconi, who was close enough behind Kallisten to take the impact instead. Erites drops, catches his leg, and rolls him backward, using all of her strength to hook both of his legs.

Rick Fantastic: She’s got him Chaz! I can’t believe it!




Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 1:50… ERITES KALLISTEN!!!

Chastity Gold: Marconi can’t believe it either! She rolled him up! She caught him by surprise and stole the victory out from right under his nose!

Rick Fantastic: Wow! This one was over before it even started! What an impressive debut from Erites Kallisten!

Marconi pounds the mat with his fist in frustration and begins going ape shit at his loss in under two minutes. Erites simply smirks as she exits the ring and begins making her way back up the entrance ramp and we take yet another commercial break.


New HOR taping this Wednesday!


I just want to be held..

We return from commercial to a dark room backstage with a spotlight cast on a life size cutout of Shane Reynolds. The camera focuses in on Shane Reynolds determined face, then slowly pulls back to show him standing with hands on his hips, sporting the ICON Championship. The sound of footsteps echo in the background, until a shadowy figure emerges behind the cutout. The sound of maniac laughter echoes throughout the room, as the shadowy figure slithers his way around to the side of the cutout. A knife held by the man’s black glove slowly eeks it’s way into the light, placed firmly at Shane Reynold’s neck. In an inquisitive voice, the figure speaks in riddle.

Voice: In the dark I am found… without being fetched… In the day I am lost… without being stolen… What am I?

The knife slowly pulls back away from Reynold’s neck, and then out of the light. Then, the figure slowly emerges in front of the cutout revealing none other than the sinister Graystone. Graystone smiles.

Graystone: A star!

Graystone laughs.

Graystone: Oh, dearest Shane. You are a star. Not just any star… you are the brightest shining star, a symbol of hope shining through the darkness of HOW… showing us all the way to salvation… An ICON of the purest sense… And you proved your luminescence on Turmoil, roaring back from your pathetic loss at Alcatraz, perhaps your dimmest moment, to shine with a burning intensity that proves you are not burning out.

Graystone slowly gets down on his knees, and turns around towards the cutout.

Graystone: Bravo, Shane. You don’t realize how much of an impression you’ve left on me. A year ago I buried you, left you for dead… and if it weren’t for your resilience, you would have suffocated and died right then. But somehow you managed to poke your hand above the soil and crawl your way out. Bravo. I wish I possessed your intolerably bright resilience, but I was created with an intolerably dark rigidity which, nonetheless has served me thus far.

Graystone places his black-gloved hand on Shane’s stomach.

Graystone: But, oh, if I was gifted with your twinkle… how bright would I shine? You’ll never be able to realize how hard I yearn to have what you have. How much I’ve wanted to be where you’ve been. I want it so bad.

Graystone closes his eyes, as his hand slowly moves down over the cut-out’s ICON Title. Graystone breathes in with an orgasmic face contortion.

Graystone: Envy…. Yes… Hold me, Shane. Hold me in your arms and whisper your lustrous truths into my ear and permit my darkness some solace…

Graystone opens his eyes, and stares at the ICON Title… Then, in a mad furry, stabs the cutout with the knife. Again. And Again. Graystone continues to stab the ICON Title, and subsequently, Shane’s manhood.

Graystone’s anger turns to sudden shock and he drops the knife onto the floor.

Graystone: No!

Graystone grabs the cutout, and rubs his hand over the desecrated ICON Title, weeping.

Graystone: No… no… no…

Graystone presses his face up against the ICON Title, rubbing his cheek deep into Shane’s thigh.

Graystone: I just want to be held…

Graystone turns and kisses Shane’s inner thigh.

Graystone: Hold me…

Graystone clutches to the cardboard cutout as the action quickly returns to ringside.


A Final Lullaby

The camera takes one of the final panning shots across the breadth of tonight’s Mayhem audience – focusing on the numerous signs which now excitedly ascend above their heads and into the air – before settling on the even more pleasing view of Chastity Gold at ringside.

Chastity Gold: Well, ladies and gentlemen, as intimate as that last segment was, it is now time for our main-event! This will be the first match in the Best of Seven series to decide to the fate of the High Octane Wrestling World Championship….featuring the number one contender, P-P-P….

Rick Fantastic: That would be Perfect Paul Paras my colleague was trying to say before she became a bit tongue-tied courtesy of her crush­—

Beside him, she visibly blushes….before suddenly becoming once again the epitome of professionalism as words are spoken rapidly into her ear via her headset.

Chastity Gold: Wait a minute! Before that match, we are getting word of something occurring backstage!

Rick Fantastic: As if things weren’t frequently weird enough in HOW, apparently we have someone… singing?

Mayhem cuts, for the second time in only a few minutes, to the backstage area, where confused expressions adorn the faces of everybody in view – backstage workers, referees, and the like – and silence prevails….well, almost, as it is broken by one loud, albeit slightly muffled, male voice, which is singing from somewhere out of view.

???: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star…

The singer bursts suddenly into view, as he over-emphasises the words “Little” and “Star” vocally, as he reveals a bouquet of flowers to be held between both gloved hands. Pulling one out as he finishes the verse, he hands it to a nearby female member of the camera crew, who, surprise, smiles broadly

???: …How I wonder what you are…

Once again the singer pauses again and hands a few more flowers out to those standing by in a mutually stunned silence. Panning back, the camera adds a new dimension of weirdness to the scene – if such a thing was wholly possible – by revealing the singer to be dressed in the entirely black outfit commonly worn by olden-day executioners, right down to the black hood pulled down over their face with only the eyes cut out. It does nothing to hinder the people nearby, however, as their confused expressions continue to become ones of amusement.

???: …up above the world so high…

He throws them almost manically now, at everybody he passes as his pace quickens and the song nears its conclusion…

???: Watch me bury him, watch…

The costumed figure pauses for merely a secondas his movements begin to slow down, much akin to those of a clockwork toy nearing the end of its current cycle. His eyes somewhat revealing the the mind whirring suddenly behind it.

???: …him…

He stops completely now, and pulls the hood off from his face, revealing himself as former ICON and World champion, Shane Reynolds – although there was much doubt given the verse he just sang – now clean shaven, although his hair remains an unkempt mess. The remaining flowers fall from his hand. His eyes rapidly scanning the area around him as though seeing it for the first time, anticipating a sight as of yet unseen. His ears trained for a sound he is expecting to hear but hasn’t yet arrived – the sound of a command from a voice only Shane can hear.

Shane Reynolds: …Die!

He mutters, absently, barely more than a whisper. And there it is. The sound – the order – he had been waiting for. Behind him, although heard only by him and by none of the people nearby. Their expressions now revert back to ones of confusion and then become one of panic and fear as Shane’s free hand reaches inside a previously unseen fold in his executioner robes and pulls out an axe, the blade of which gleams in the glare of the overhead light. Those within closer proximity dive for cover as Shane lifts it up and takes a wide, spinning swing, all managing to make it safely as the axe floats through the air towards him – Graystone – although again, not really there except according to Shane. The axe embeds itself in the wall – which Shane perceives as Graystone’s head.

Shane Reynolds: Damn it.

He begins with a sigh, bowing his head in shame and staring down at his feet. The blade of the axe, now held by one hand, clangs against the hard floor upon which they stand.

Shane Reynolds: I missed him again, didn’t I?

He asks, seemingly to nobody, and yet turning his eyes to an empty spot a few feet away beside him. He turns his eyes away from the spot and back to the ground beneath himself, as suddenly a sharp tug is felt on his robe, accompanied by the voice of a panicked woman yelling, “JAMES, NO!’

James: Excuse me!

Says that very boy, no more than ten years old, without an ounce of fear….or acknowledgement for what the woman known to him as Mom just said.

James: Are you a wrestler?

Shane says nothing at first, merely tilting his head back so it is facing the area of wall where the axe is currently lodged, and then tilts it left and then right, the bones in his neck clicking audibly as he does so. And then he turns, with all the suddenness of a wild animal leaping forward to snatch into his deathly jaws its prey.

Shane Reynolds: Indeed I am, little boy.

Shane finally does answer, as he hunkers down upon turning, and stared fixedly into the boys soft and innocent bright blues. The boy then goes to speak again, but is unable to get his words out before more suddenly flow thick and fast from Shane’s own mouth.

Shane Reynolds: And a whole lot more. But you don’t need to thank me for that. It is I that should be thanking you…and the whole world. You have no idea how good it feels to have you—

Shane glaces momentarily at the boy’s mother, who is lurking nearby, battling between courage and fear in his desire to step forward and drag her son away.

Shane Reynolds: —and your mother, and everybody else, finally acknowledging the work I have been trying to do here in ridding HOW of its sinful inhabitants, to have you all finally cheer me as I finally take steps to remove the ICON championship from such unworthy and disrespectful hands and put them into a set more pure and deserving.

Shane pauses, a slight smirk curling up at the corner of his lips as he leans forward towards, the boy, holding him more firmly than he realises by the shoulders. He whispers now, as though what he is saying is between him and the boy alone.

Shane Reynolds: And I see that it is more to you than about the championship. I see in your eyes exactly what I say in Michelle’s all those months ago. He abused you, too, didn’t he? Graystone?

James: I…Uhh…

Shane’s finger moves up and presses lightly against the boy’s lips, hushing him.

Shane Reynolds: It’s okay. You don’t have to hide from or worry about your pain anymore. Because I will put an end to it. I will end the suffering you and everybody else feels because of Graystone and I will do it by making him pay and suffer himself. I will bury him at ICONIC and with him all the traumas he has inflicted, upon Michelle, upon you, upon even me and everybody else will perish…and everybody can be whole again. I will save you…..I will save everyone.

Shane’s smile grows, as he pulls his finger away and with that free hand reaches into his pocket.

Shane Reynolds: Now, where would you like that autograph?

His hand returns from his pocket, now clutching his stanley knife, the blade already extended. The boy immediately flinches away…but he need not have worried or done so, because before Shane can even more another muscle, two sets of arm grab him by his own and begins dragging him away as a third man rushes over to take posession of the axe still stuck in the wall.

Shane Reynolds: I thought there was no more EPU?

Guard: There ain’t…but there’s still security, being a place of business open to the public and all.

Shane: But I’m the star…the bright star to Graystone’s black night.

Guard: You could be the freakin’ sun for all I care…you swing an axe, you’re out!

Armed with this new knowledge, Shane begins thrashing wildly but to no avail against them as they drag him by the arms towards the nearest available exit.

Shane: Nooo! I have justice to deliver….a World Championship match to interefere in… to deliver…Graystone to hunt…and further proclamations to make.

The guard offers no further response and the others continue to remain as silent and stoic as….graves.

As he nears the corner, still flapping and twisting his body in every direction possible, Shane’s eyes fall upon some of those very flowers, those he had dropped earlier, and then to everybody staring towards him.

Shane Reynolds: ICONIC…December 14th….those that didn’t get any of the lillies, help yourselves now, and bring them with you – especially if they have already withered and died – and pay your respects to the final resting place of Graystone. So requests the ICON championship and so demands Michelle!!

With his strength and will depleting, Shane gives up the struggle and allows himself to be dragged around the corner and out of sight, giving one last yell of—

Shane: DON’T FORGET!!!!!!!

before the show cuts, for the final time, to commercial.


HOW has reaced a new distributing deal to release all HOW PPV’s on DVD and Blu Ray


Match 1 in Best of 7 for the HOW World Title
“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Aceldama
Lumberjack Match

Back to ringside and the Fort Wayne crowd is already on their feet for what is SURE to be a riveting Main Event.

Kimber Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen… your Main Event match is Match 1 of the Best-of-Seven series between Aceldama and Perfect Paul Paras for the HOW World Title, and it is to be contested as a Lumberjack Match! Introducing first… THE LUMBERJACKS!!!

Self Esteem” by The Offspring begins to play and a horde of superstars begin to emerge from the back. From allies to bitter rivals, the wrestlers begin filing down the entrance ramp to the ring, led first by the Brothers of the Beast, Jason Midnight and Jacob Morgan. Following close behind are Tim Shipley with Roxie, The Egg Bandits, Kirsta Lewis, The Bishop Brothers, Black Mamba, Erites Kallisten, a disinterested Rush Marconi…

Chastity Gold: Wait a second… is that-

Rick Fantastic: Scottywood and Johnny Stevens! Twisted Reality is here!

Chastity Gold: But look who’s behind them!

Just as Stevens and Scottywood, who has come fully equipped with his barbed wire hockey stick, reach the ring, the entire Maurako Family appears on the stage, Mario standing side-by-side with Mose sporting the HOW Tag Team titles. Mario leads the charge with Matteo, Martino, and Mose close behind and offer some choice words to the other tag teams at ringside.

Rick Fantastic: I don’t like the look of this at all Chaz! There is so much intensity around here, it feels like a time bomb is about to go off.

Chastity Gold: And these are merely the Lumberjacks that will surround the ring for this match! Now Rick, we all saw Shane Reynolds being whisked away by security before our last break, but tell me… where in the heck is Graystone?

Rick Fantastic: Perhaps the ICON champion had more pressing matters to attend to? Like jerking off with sandpaper to a picture of Mark Paul Gosselar.

Chastity Gold: Oh, stop it!

Before Chastity can continue, Tool’s “Vicarious” hits for the second time tonight, yielding the HOW World Champion Aceldama to appear at the top of the entrance ramp.

Kimber Marshall: Introducing first, from Berlin, Germany, weighing in tonight at 275 pounds… he is the HOW World Champion… ACELDAMA!!!

Gone is the suit he was dressed in earlier that is replaced by his standard wrestling attire, equipped with the shining World Championship strapped securely around his waist.

Chastity Gold: I find it amazing how quickly one can have a change of heart, so to speak.

Rick Fantastic: Literally and figuratively! It showed at Rumble at the Rock 2 against Trent, and I have no question it will show here as well… Aceldama’s body and health are deteriorating quickly. Perhaps even more quickly than he’d like to believe!

Chastity Gold: Excellent point Rick. And we ALL know how physically gifted his opponent for this evening is…

Rick Fantastic: And you’re telling me to “stop it”?

Aceldama slaps a few hands down the entrance ramp before eyeing the Lumberjacks that stand before him. Willingly or not, the Lumberjacks eventually clear a path for the World champion to enter the ring, which he does so carefully on his guard.

Aceldama raises the World title high into the air and points to the Fan Appreciation banner, which garners a HUGE ovation from the fans that are becoming more and more rambunctious with anticipation for the match to start.

Chastity Gold: The fans called for it… and so it shall be. A Lumberjack match to determine who takes a 1-0 lead in the Best-of-Seven series for the World title!

Rick Fantastic: You know, I’ve just realized that we’ve gone this whole show without even so much as a PEEP from General Manager, Ryan Faze…

Chastity Gold: You know, I was wondering the SAME thing Rick! You would figure that he’d at least show up to the show that he, himself deemed as Fan Appreciation Night!

Rick Fantastic: I wouldn’t rule him out of the show just yet Chaz… after all, we all saw how Faze’s ego played a part on the show as we approached the Rumble at the Rock pay per view!

Chastity Gold: It would sure be a shame if he played a role in the outcome of THIS match in particular. It’s bad enough that they have to contend with all those Lumberjacks outside the ring!

“Vicarious” fades out and is soon replaced by the upbeat chorus of “Headspace” by Velvet Revolver. If you thought the fans in Fort Wayne responded favorably to the entrance of the World champion, then the welcome they are giving right now to Perfect Paul Paras is downright insane!

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent… from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 255 pounds… PERFECT PAUL PARAS!!!

Chastity Gold: :dreamy sigh:

Rick Fantastic: The fans have really come to adore Triple P over the course of the past few months, haven’t they Chaz?

Chastity Gold: I would say that the word “adore” is an understatement.

Rick Fantastic: I’m sorry. Would “obsess over” be more appropriate?

Chastity scowls at Rick, but is immediately drawn back into the love-struck gaze she has for Triple P. He tips his mirrored shades and raises an eyebrow in her direction as he approaches ringside and the dozen or so Lumberjacks that surround the ring. He offers a glance toward the Maurako Family, who stand tall near the entrance to the ring and walks past them, sliding under the bottom rope in a swift motion then popping to his feet to a tremendous ovation.

Triple P smiles at the reception and so does Aceldama, who appears to take legitimate enjoyment in the fact that Triple P’s ovation was possibly louder than his own.

Referee Frank Tsonga orders both superstars to opposing corners and checks on the Lumberjacks, who completely surround the ring with intent on making life hell for whoever is unlucky enough to fall to the outside. A Best-of-Seven series graphic pops up on the HOV screen and Tsonga calls for the bell, indicating the Main Event is officially under way!


Chastity Gold: I can feel the energy! This is electric!

At the sound of the bell, Aceldama and Triple P charge each other, locking up in the middle of the ring amidst camera flashes from the crowd and fight for leverage against each other, with no man having the clear strength advantage over the other. Both wrestlers use all their might to try and back the other one down, but a standstill ensues, forcing them both to the break the hold.

The Fort Wayne fans cheer loudly and Aceldama and Triple P both look outward toward the crowd. Then they turn back to each other and engage in a brief staredown before locking up again. This time though, Triple P raises a quick knee, but so does Aceldama causing their knees to collide. Both men grab their leg in pain, but Triple P claims the early advantage with a clothesline that levels the World Champion.

Rick Fantastic: Triple P just laid out the champion!

Aceldama pops to his feet with ease though and Triple P soon finds that he can’t waste ANY time whatsoever in facing the World Champion, as he finds HIMSELF on the receiving end of Aceldama’s own clothesline.

Triple P rolls to his stomach as Aceldama leaps over him, then drops the champion AGAIN as he comes off the ropes with a Drop Toe Hold.

Chastity Gold: Triple P’s looking for the early Anaconda Vice!

Aceldama is quick to recognize the forthcoming Messianic Complex though and scrambles away, using his powerful legs to kick Triple P in the shin and double him over. Aceldama reaches behind him and Snapmares Triple P forward, next locking in a Sleeper as both men are seated.

The Lumberjacks on the outside pound on the mat, salivating at the chance to get their hands on either superstar. Meanwhile, Triple P tries to fight his way out of the sleeper by elbowing the World champion in his temple. After several successful blows, Aceldama loosens his grip, allowing Triple P to spin around, rise to his feet, and plant him with the RPW Spinebuster!

The impact alone shakes the ring and Triple P follows through with a pin fall attempt.



Rick Fantastic: Quick kickout by Aceldama!

Wasting no time at all, Triple P decides it’s time to use the Lumberjacks to his advantage. He brings Aceldama to his feet and shoots him toward the ropes with an Irish whip, only for Aceldama to counter the move and use all his might to send Triple P flying over the rope!

Paras manages to grab the top rope to prevent from falling, but he can only hang there for a moment as Scottywood blasts him with his barbed wire hockey stick. Triple P falls to the outside and Johnny Stevens gets several cheap shots in, along with Rush Marconi, who unfortunately gets tripped up for his efforts.

Chastity Gold: Triple P will not go down without a fight!

Rick Fantastic: It’s only a matter of time before…

the numbers game overcomes him. Triple P fights back with kicks to Marconi until Twisted Reality is pushed aside by Jacob Morgan and Jason Midnight; the Brothers of the Beast, who use their tremendous leg strength against Paul’s neck to choke the former ICON champion. Twisted Reality pushes back and gets in their kicks once again, until the Brothers take over once more. Frank Tsonga orders both teams to focus on their respective duties and Twisted Reality RELUCTANTLY obliges, allowing the BOTB to get in their licks.

Observing all of this from the ring, Aceldama decides PPP has had enough and calls for him to be rolled back into the ring. Unfortunately, the Lumberjacks fail to oblige and it’s only when Aceldama grabs Rush Marconi by the hair and pulls him up onto the apron using one arm.

Chastity Gold: Such tremendous strength from our World Champion!

Like a deer in the headlights, Marconi knows what’s coming and appears to just accept the impending headbutt that Aceldama gives him. Rush flies off the apron and a gang of Lumberjacks roll Triple P into the ring, knowing their fate could be similar should they fail to listen to the World Champion.

Aceldama assists Paul to his feet, but as Paras is coming to, Ace gives him a hard Knifedge Chop that Triple P returns with vigor. Both men trade Knifedge Chops before Aceldama’s seem to be more impactful, thanks in large part to the Lumberjack attack on Paul moments earlier.

Triple P staggers backward and Aceldama follows suit, grabbing Paul’s neck for a Chokeslam. Frank Tsonga positions himself out of striking distance, but Ace’s attempt is blocked by Triple P, who counters with a Crossface submission!

Rick Fantastic: CROSSFACE! He’s got it locked! No!

Again, Aceldama is too large and too strong and is able to power out of the Crossface, again using the headbutt to daze Triple P and give himself time to shake the cob webs.

Chastity Gold: Triple P showing off his technical abilities in what is already proving to be a heated contest.

Another headbutt sends Paul straight to the mat, a trickle of blood coming down his forehead thanks to the combined efforts of Ace’s forehead and Scottywood’s hockey stick.

Aceldama sees this opportunity and begins ascending the turnbuckles, being ever-so-careful not to lose his balance. He reaches the top rope, with the crowd going mad for what is presumably going to be the Diving Headbutt. Aceldama goes to leap off the top rope, but slips at the last moment and crashes hard in front of Kirsta Lewis and the Bishop Brothers, who triple team the champion immediately upon landing.

Rick Fantastic: What a huge mis-fire from the World champion! That was the opening he could have used to put Triple P away!

Chastity Gold: Did you see how hard he landed?!? I think his head may have landed on the edge of the steel ring steps!

Aceldama shields himself into a ball as the kicking and stomping ensues, that is until The Egg Bandits, flanked by the man who had an earlier encounter with Aceldama, Black Mamba, make the save. Doozer, Mr. Cool, and Mamba proceed to fight off the Bishops and Kirsta Lewis, even smashing their trademark eggs into their faces before sliding Aceldama back into the ring.

Rick Fantastic: Ha ha! Kirsta’s covered in egg yolk!

Chastity Gold: And Aceldama is nursing the back of his head… can Triple P capitalize?!?

Back to his feet, Triple P puts two and two together and realizes that Aceldama slipped up on his high-risk maneuver and met the Lumberjacks as a result. With little sympathy thanks only to what’s at stake, Triple P retrieves his opponent and strikes him with the Twin City Trilogy!

The thrust kick to the knee, high knee to the face, and Standing Enziguiri combination leaves Aceldama into a heap in the center of the ring. The fans rally behind Triple P as it’s now time for the Messianic Complex, but Paul is distracted by the untimely appearance of Matteo Maurako jumping onto the ring apron.

Rick Fantastic: What the?!? What the hell is Matteo Maurako doing?!?

Chastity Gold: This is one of the biggest matches… and by far the biggest series of matches that Triple P has ever, and may ever compete in!

A highly confused Paul Paras grudges over towards Matteo, who calmly tries to plead his case for interrupting the match. Frank Tsonga is quick to the scene as well, barking orders at Matteo to exit the ring, and even BANNING him from ringside!

Chastity Gold: Yeah! Serves him right for putting his nose in a match he has no business interfering in!

Rick Fantastic: Well this IS a Lumberjack match, but apparently Tsonga felt Matteo’s involvement was enough to ban him from ringside.

As Frank tries to maintain order, Triple P turns back to Aceldama, who is still winded and recovering from the Twin City Trilogy. Unfortunately for Triple P, Mario was waiting behind him with a handful of chili powder!

Triple P: GAAAHH!!

Mario follows up with his Stroke finisher, The Red Scare, that leaves the fans and announcers absolutely horrified.

Chastity Gold: My God! Mario Maurako just used Triple P’s own trademark cheating substance against him, then dropped him with his finisher! In one of the biggest matches of his career no less!

Rick Fantastic: These two are like brothers! Why Mario, WHY?!?

Now that the damage is done and Mario has since escaped the ring, the eldest Maurako finally jumps down off the ring apron and begins slowly walking backwards up the entrance ramp, much to the delight of Frank Tsonga.

The referee spins around to the action in the ring to find Paras laid out and Aceldama’s arm draped over his chest!




Chastity Gold: NO! Wait, did he kick out?!?

Rick Fantastic: DID TRIPLE P KICK OUT?!?!?

Tsonga indeed indicates a 2 count and the fans breathe a much needed sigh of relief while Mario fumes amongst the Lumberjacks!

Chastity Gold: Holy mother of God, that was close!

Still blinded from the chili powder and obviously still dazed from the Red Scare, Triple P struggles to his knees, but is assisted by Aceldama. The World Champion gives the sign for the Blitzkrieg Powerbomb and the fans respond with cheers… deafening cheers for the champion and for what has been a ridiculous match that is giving Fort Wayne their money’s worth.

Chastity Gold: Triple P!

Aceldama manages to set up Triple P for the Powerbomb, but Triple P somehow finds the strength block the move and lift Aceldama over his head, sending him chest first into the ropes behind him. Aceldama staggers backward, but right into the Anaconda Vice that Triple P deems the Messianic Complex!!!

Rick Fantastic: MESSIANIC COMPLEX! The vice is locked in! The Champion’s got nowhere to go!

Aceldama struggles as Triple P fights to maintain the submission… ALMOST slithering out, but Triple P found the resiliency to keep the hold.

Chastity Gold: He’s going to tap out!

Rick Fantastic: Wait! Triple M!

Triple M desperately hops onto the apron in an attempt to distract Referee Frank Tsonga once more, but right after he does so, he’s pulled down from behind by Jason Midnight, who plants him square in the jaw with his oversized right fist!

Chastity Gold: Oh my! Midnight’s personal vendetta against the Maurakos for the Tag Team titles has just saved Triple P from getting screwed over! The Messianic Complex is still locked in!

As the rest of the Maurakos assemble to come to Mario’s defense, the Twisted Reality team and Egg Bandits join in on the fun as the Bishop Brothers have already been laid out thanks to their oppoents for Turmoil, Scottywood and Johnny Stevens. A four team brawl ensues on the outside all the while Aceldama fights not to tap out in the middle of the ring.

Frank Tsonga checks on the World Champion, whose angry cries still refuse to submit to the Messianic Complex, which is even wearing on Triple P as he fights to keep the hold.

Rick Fantastic: Both superstars know what’s at stake in this match! The momentum could mean everything for the victor and ultimately be the difference in the series!

Chastity Gold: Aceldama is going to pass out!

The 4-team brawl on the outside gets even more violent, as Shipley, Black Mamba, Kirsta Lewis, and Erites Kallisten join in on the fun. Erites shoots right for Kirsta, but is fended off by Tim Shipley who defeated the #1 Ranked Female Wrestler earlier in the show. Black Mamba even stops Rush Marconi short in his tracks with a Gore that has the crowd “oohing” and “aahing” for the action.

Rick Fantastic: This is insane! This is madness! I love it!

Aceldama struggles mightily, to the point where Frank Tsonga has to intervene and test his arm. He lifts the champion’s arm…


The intensity in the Memorial Coliseum rises as he raises it again…


With a blood-red face thanks to all the energy he’s exerting, Triple P lets go a primal roar as Tsonga raises Aceldama’s arm for a third time…

Rick Fantastic & Chastity Gold: THREE!!! HE DID IT!


Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner by way of submission in 16:22… PERFECT PAUL PARAS!


Chastity Gold: What a finish! What a match! I can’t believe the outcome!

Just as the third bell is rung, Triple P immediately releases Aceldama and falls to the mat in exhaustion next to his fallen opponent, who is barely coming to himself.

Rick Fantastic: Just when I thought Triple P stood no chance, thanks in large part to the Maurako Family… he pulls it out!

Chastity Gold: But Rick… we still have a brawl on our hands!

Chastity’s right. The brawl between all of the Mayhem Lumberjacks continues and even spills into the ring. On the outside, Shipley and Black Mamba unwillingly appear to join forces against Rush Marconi and Kirsta Lewis, all the while Erites Kallisten is laid out nearby thanks to a steel chair shot from Johnny Stevens. Mose Maurako, being worked over at the moment by Mr. Cool, is forced under the bottom rope and into the ring. Martino Maurako is next in the ring thanks to the Dooze, followed by his own brother Mario, who is being teamed up against by the Brothers of the Beast. Twisted Reality joins the fun also, taking shots at everyone and anyone that gets in their path.

In the midst of all this is two superstars of the business who just put their lives on the line in one of the biggest matches of their already-storied careers. Somehow able to avoid all the brawling, Triple P kneels next to Aceldama and shakes him, awakening him and alerting him of what’s going on around them.

Aceldama exhausts a deep sigh and receives Triple P’s outreached hand, which lifts him up to his feet to join the #1 Contender. Triple P and Aceldama exchange a glance and a nod before they decide it’s time… time to end the madness.

Triple P grabs Aceldama’s arm and the combination of the two are able to take out the Egg Bandits with one swift Double Clothesline! Scottywood catches notice of this and tries to escape, but is DDT’ed by Triple P while Johnny Stevens is given the Rag Doll up and out of the ring!

The crowd is going berserk thanks to the teamwork of their two favorite superstars; the two men that just fought against each other in Match 1 of their Best-of-Seven series.

Rick Fantastic: Aceldama and Triple P are TEAMING UP and CLEANING HOUSE!

Mose Maurako doesn’t even attempt to fight back against Aceldama or what used to be his “Uncle” Paul and removes himself from the ring by tossing himself over the top rope, escaping quickly into the crowd. Aceldama nods once more to Triple P before taking his licks against Martino, leaving Paul to get his revenge on Mario.

Chastity Gold: PARASYTE ON MARIO!!


Jason Midnight and Jacob Morgan wisely choose to back down before they fall victim to the tandem of Ace and Triple P and escape out of the ring and up the entrance ramp for the most part unscathed.

Chastity Gold: There are so many bodies laid out right now, it’s impossible to keep track of what just happened!

Rick Fantastic: World War 4 is what is was Chaz!

With the ring now “cleared”, Triple P and Aceldama, as exhausted as they are, raise each other’s arms into the air, signaling their dominance as HOW’s top 2 competitors. At the top of the stage, their attention is diverted to none other than General Manager Faze, who smiles proudly and claps his hands for their match that did more than deliver.


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Fort Wayne, IN

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