Mayhem: November 30th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
November 30th, 2009 – #HOW96
Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT


A Very Special Guest

We open the very last Mayhem of 2009 in the back parking lot of the Mohegan Sun Arena and see Scottywood, John Hitchin and Frankie all standing there, each bundled up as it is another cold night in Connecticut.

John Hitchin: Where the fuck is this guest of yours? We have been out here for almost 2 hours waiting for him. You know how much gambling and free drinking I could have been doing?

Scottywood: Relax, he’ll be here.

Frankie: Please tell me it’s Santa Clause!

Scottywood: For the last fuckin time, it is not Santa.

Frankie: Well I hope it is, I need to get my list into him quickly. Christmas is only 24 days away after tonight.

We suddenly see a beat up gray brown 1988 Chevy Nova flying around the corner, almost fishtailing out of control as the three take a few steps back and the car comes to a screeching halt only inches from the building.

Scottywood: I think that’s him.

Frankie: Why would Santa drive this? Doesn’t he have some kind of motorized hot rod sleigh?

The lights on the car shut off and we see the door open. Shockingly enough, we see someone dressed as Santa Clause emerge from the car and stumble off a few steps before catching himself. He then takes a nice, long swif from his official HOW flask.

Frankie: SANTA!!!

Frankie runs at Santa and almost knocks him over, giving him a huge hug.

John Hitchin: Should you tell him?

Scottywood: Nah, just wait for it…

Santa pushes Frankie away and decks him with a hard right that knocks Frankie down to the ground.

Santa: What the fuck is wrong with you? I’m just wearing a costume, you idiot.

Ripping the beard off, we now realize that Santa is really, in fact, Thursday Night Turmoil color commentator, Benny Newell, who takes another drink from his HOW flask.

Scottywood: Glad you could finally show up! You’re only a couple hours late…

Benny Newell: Sorry, I starting playing that paddidle drinking game and got distracted. Plus, I had to detour around one or two DUI checkpoints. That made a one hour drive take over two hours. I mean, who builds a casino out in the middle of fuckin nowhere?

Scottywood: Great, a DUI would be amazing for you right before your huge PPV moment.

Frankie: Santa hit me….

Scottywood: It’s not Santa! It’s Benny Newell.

John Hitchin: How have you not killed him yet?

Scottywood: It’s just not possible. Coma, survived. Amnesia, survived, Multiple concussions, still going.

Frankie: Santa, I want Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Blue Ray, Super Mario Brothers for the Wii….

Benny Newell: Have you… you been a good b-b-boy this year?

Scottywood: Damnit, Benny! Don’t encourage him.

Benny Newell: Well maybe I am Santa. I mean I have the suit…

Scottywood: Enough! We are here for a reason tonight and were not gonna get sidetracked anymore. Tonight we are going to ruin Ryan Faze’s last night as General Manager of Mayhem and start my reign as GM with a bang.

Frankie: Fine. I’ll just go find a real Santa in the Casino and tell HIM what I want for Christmas. That will really mess with Faze!

Scotty takes a step over to Frankie and smacks him across the back of the head.

Scottywood: No! Forget fuckin’ Santa! You’re going to go and take over the production truck so Faze has no control over what airs on the show. You think you can figure that one out Mr. former NGW Director of Photography?

Frankie: Not a problem. I’ll have control of it in 15 minutes.

Scottywood: Good. Now Hitchin, your gonna go visit Faze’s office and do a little remodeling with your friend the sledgehammer. Gonna be like an episode of This Old House… just without the repairing part.

Hitchin: Sounds like a plan to me. Will give me a warm up for when I crack heads open with it at ICONIC.

Benny Newell: What about me? I’d love to get a piece of Ryan Faze before ICONIC. Smack his little punk ass around a bit.

Scottywood: No, I have something else in store for you and me, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. But we’re all going to make sure that we ruin this night for Faze by any mean possible. He wants to make threats at me about stripping Hitchin and me of the Tag Team titles? That he has surprises in store for his match with you Benny? Well Faze is going to learn… once again, that he can not win when going up against The Hardcore Artist. Whether it is in the ring, or in an office. Tonight we ruin Faze and celebrate me!

Frankie: Viva La Resistance!

Scottywood: Ugh… just get in there and do what you’ve been told.

Hitchin and Frankie make their way into the arena as Scotty puts his hand on Benny’s shoulder and stops him for a second.

Scottywood: Hey Benny, you want me to move your car? It’s sorta parked illegally.

Benny Newell: They can tow the piece of shit away for all I care. I won it from a guy in a drinking game at the airport… I think he was a pilot… Josh something… I don’t know. So it isn’t even in my name or anything.

Scottywood: Ok then… so about tonight, this is what I was thinking for me and you…

Benny Newell: I was thinking about betting on 13 and then hitting up Margaritaville and finding some women. Ever try the pick up line “Wanna pull my slot machine?” in a casino?

Scottywood: No… and I never will, that sounds retarded. Plus, don’t you remember I’m getting married soon? Anyhow, we are not doing any gambling… well at least not til after the show. This is what we’re gonna do…

The two start to walk into the arena, trailing off enough that their voices can no longer be picked up by the microphone as we cut away to a quick word from our sponsors before the cameras open up inside the arena.


Will Scottywood & Company succeed in ruining Ryan Faze’s last night as Mayhem General Manager? Stay tuned to find out!


The Last Call

Back LIVE, the cameras furiously scan the Mohegan Sun Arena, where a capacity crowd of 9,518 HOW fans have gathered tonight for the final Mayhem episode of 2009.

The blue fireworks explode near the entrance ramp, per usual, making the building even more AMPed up as they’re set off. Finally, the camera settles in on the Mayhem announce team of Chastity Gold and Rick Fantastic, who will be calling their final HOW broadcast per the order of Lee Best and his newly appointed GM, Scottywood.

Dressed in a sparkling black evening gown and a tuxedo, respectively, Chastity and Rick are obviously downtrodden, yet being the professionals that they are, they open the show as normal and give us all clear indication that they are going to go out in style.

Chastity Gold: Ladies and Gentlemen… THIS… is Monday Night Mayhem!

The crowd roars and salutes the Mayhem announcers with a “Chaz-and-Rick” chant that gets louder and louder.

Chastity Gold: I am Chastity Gold joined, as always, by my partner-in-crime, Rick Fantastic. And Rick, by now it’s no secret that this will be our LAST night in High Octane Wrestling…

Rick Fantastic: Frickin’ Scottywood… what a prick! How the hell am I going to pay child support next month?!?

Chastity Gold: I wouldn’t worry about that right now because we’ve got a hell of a show lined up for everyone tonight with the ICONIC pay-per-view right around the corner, only 2 weeks away on December 14th!

Rick Fantastic: Great. Now I’m going to have to BUY the pay-per-view to watch it. Chaz, you don’t happen to have 40 bucks, do ya?

Chastity Gold: Hey, remember who’s standing next to you in the unemployment line, buddy!

Rick Fantastic: BEHIND me!

Chastity Gold: Whatever. Anyways, as I was saying, we’ve got 4 matches lined up for you all as well as a number of appearances, including that of which we already know as the NEW General Manager of Mayhem, Scottywood, is here with Twisted Reality.

Rick Fantastic: They’ve made it clear that they’ve got one goal in mind for tonight, and that’s to spoil Ryan Faze’s last night as General Manager.

Chastity Gold: Perhaps we should focus on the positive then and give this broadcast our very best, as the past 5 months doing this program with wonderful colleagues such as yourself has given me great satisfaction.

Rick Fantastic: (blushing) Fine. But I’m still salty…

Chastity Gold: As well you should be. But Rick, we’ve got a lot in store so what do you say we go ahead and get things started?

Rick Fantastic: (twirls index finger in the air)

Chastity Gold: It’s the Go-Home Mayhem before ICONIC, coming to you LIVE, RIGHT NOW!


America wants YOU

Suddenly, the arena goes completely dark. A large American flag appears on the giant screen, billowing blissfully in the wind. The American National Anthem begins to play…

Oh, say can you see….

By the dawn’s early light…”

Suddenly, the music scratches out and fades into Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name.”

The Uncasville, Connecticut fans jump to their feet and erupt in cheers as Christopher America makes his way out from the back.

Chastity Gold: This place is electric! The crowd is on their feet for Christopher America.

Rick Fantastic: Can you believe that America has been gone for nearly three months and STILL garners this kind of a reaction?

Chastity Gold: I’ll tell you what, folks, I am interested in what Christopher has to say. One week removed from his dramatic return and only one week until ICONIC, it is safe to say that Christopher America has got some things on his mind.

Foregoing his usual firework laden entrance, Christopher America makes his way down to the ring. He climbs the steps to his left, enters, and then asks the ring announcer to hand him a microphone.

America’s music fades out and the crowd is still cheering.

Crowd: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

America looks out in the crowd and raises the left side of his face up into a smirk.

America: God, it feels great to be back in HOW!

The crowd cheers louder.

America: You know, during the time I was away, I noticed that a lot of things have changed. And some… well, some haven’t. During my tenure, HOW had the Stable Titles. And I… I was a two time Stable Champion as a member of the Argonauts of Awesome. But that was done away with… and in its place rose the Tag Team Championships. When I was last in HOW, David Black defeated me to retain the LSD Championship…

The crowd boos at the mention of David Black.

America: And now that I’m back, David Black is STILL the LSD Championship. So I thought to myself, at ICONIC, wouldn’t it be great if my first return PPV match were against him?

The crowd cheers. But, America holds up his hand.

America: Unfortunately, that is not an option. David already has an opponent. So I looked around at what ICONIC was offering. Everything was already taken. All the titles were accounted for. But, I knew what needed to be done. You see, ICONIC is the Pay-Per-View. It is the pinnacle of all Pay-Per-Views. And I regret to say that I won’t be on it.

The crowd boos. But, again, America holds up his hand.

America: But that isn’t going to stop me from challenging someone for a title. HOW has gone soft. Really soft. I’ve seen some of the worst promos this company has to offer. And they all come from one division. THE HOFC DIVISION.

Chastity Gold: Uh-oh. You don’t think…

Rick Fantastic: Oh, I DO!

America: For a title that is supposed to be solely about fighting both with limbs and with mouths, I must say that I am severely disappointed. But, I promised to save you all from these boring redundancies.


America pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket. He begins to read the list.

America: Step 1: Make dramatic and totally original return promos that no one has ever done before. CHECK!

Step 2: Fight communism in spare time. CHECK!

Step 3: Run Tiger Woods off the road for cheating on his wife… very Un-American. CHECK!

Step 4: Own Mario Maurako. CHECK!

Step 5: Own Mario at a later date. To…be…determined…

And Step 6: Name myself the number one contender to the HOFC Title. CHECK!

Step 7: Win HOFC Title. Yeah, it’s coming. DeNucci… other guy who is irrelevant…

Chastity Gold: Hey! That “irreleveant guy” is none other than HOW Hall of Famer, Bobbinette Carey! She’s earned the right to challenge Michael DeNucci for the HOFC title at ICONIC!

America: …whoever wins… AMERICA WANTS YOU!

With that, Christopher America tosses the microphone into the air behind him and it lands on the ring mat with a loud thud. He climbs the turnbuckles and poses for the crowd, who show their support for the returning superstar with a loud ovation of cheers. Closing his eyes, America soaks in the applause and this is the image we are left with before cutting away to commercial break.


Will Christopher America ever get a shot at wearing THIS belt around his waist?


JEDI Mind Tricks?

Back LIVE in a different location of the arena, we see the HOW production truck parked and Frankie the Cameraman sneaking up very slowly behind it.

Frankie: The element of surprise is very important. If you catch them off guard then they are… well, unguarded.

Cameraman: Um, Mr. Calrissian…

Frankie: Shhhh, we need to be very quiet as to not alert them to our presence.

Cameraman: But…

Frankie: We will sneak into the truck and I will use my JEDI mind control to take control of the truck. You see, the force is strong in me.

Pulling his plastic light saber out from his belt, Frankie swings it a couple times at the bottom of the stairs leading into the truck. As the door opens, one of the production crew members takes a step out.

Crew Member: Excuse me sir, what are you doing?

Frankie: Blast! They noticed me approaching.

Cameraman: I was trying to tell you. It is the production truck… they can see what I am filming.

Frankie: Ohhhhh… well, you think you guys would mind letting me into the truck?

Crew Member: I don’t think Mr. Faze would like that.

Frankie: Well, I have orders from General Manager Scottywood to take control of this truck.

Crew Member: That is all well and good, but until the end of this show, Ryan Faze is in control of Mayhem.

Frankie: What if… what if I left my sunglasses in there?

Crew Member: Sorry.

The production worker closes the door on Frankie before he rushes up the stairs and tries to open it. Unfortunately, the door is locked and while Frankie continues to bang on it for someone to open it up, the production truck cuts back to ringside.


Erites Kallisten vs. Golden Phoenix
Singles Match

We see Frank Tsonga in the ring, ready but visibly distressed about refereeing his last match in HOW. He gives a quick rundown of the rules to both Erites Kallisten and Golden Phoenix, who are both in the ring for their scheduled match.

Chastity Gold: Welcome back folks and we certainly apologize for airing that pointless footage of Frankie the Cameraman, but it’s now time for us to kick off our first match of the final Mayhem before ICONIC! As a reminder to those watching, it was announced last night on that regardless of the outcome, Golden Phoenix will be wrestling his last match here in HOW

Rick Fantastic: Yeah. He REALLY looks motivated tonight.

Rick’s sarcasm is proven correct as Golden Phoenix tries leaving the ring, just as Tsonga is calling for the bell.

Chastity Gold: Well Golden Phoenix wants no part of Erites Kallisten, who looks ready to make a statement tonight before her Hell’s Horror match at ICONIC with Kirsta Lewis.

Golden Phoenix hops down from the apron and scoffs at the thought of having to wrestle a female, especially as his last match before his release. But before he begins making his way up the entrance ramp, Erites shouts something from inside the ring that gets his attention.

Rick Fantastic: Lookout!

Chastity Gold: Suicide Plancha over the top rope!

Erites takes a moment to recover from the impact and angrily tosses Golden Phoenix back into the ring. Following close behind, Erites uses her boot to choke Golden Phoenix until Tsonga intervenes and orders her to stop. She toys and taunts her opponent as he rises to his feet. After he does so, Erites plants Golden Phoenix with a Tornado DDT!

Erites climbs up to the top rope and looks down to the camera below her, flashing a cocky smirk to the millions of viewers at home and more importantly, to Kirsta Lewis, who is undoubtedly tuned into this match from her locker room while preparing for her own match.

Erites leaps off, landing a perfect 450 degree splash and hooks Golden Phoenix’s leg for a pin!

Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 1:09… ERITES KALLISTEN!!!

Post-match, Erites celebrates her dominant victory by blowing a kiss into the camera and mouthing into it the words “See you in Hell”, which is obviously directed at the “Hellcat” and is a sign that she’s prepared to step up and make a statement here in HOW.


An Unlikely Hero?

The scene quickly cuts backstage, where Graystone is standing in his in-ring gear, staring into the camera. The crowd can be heard booing in the background. He stares into the camera with a cold, dead stare.

Graystone: When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a comic book hero. With the little money that I made from my paper route, I secretly went out and bought a large stash of comic books. At night, when my parents were stumbling drunk, I would pull them out from underneath my mattress and read them under the covers with a flashlight. I dreamed of one day being able to save the world. I wanted to be Superman. I wanted to be Batman.

Graystone looks down to the ground and then back up to the camera.

Graystone: One night, my father came home and got in an argument with my mother. As they were yelling, I was sitting under the covers reading my comic book as passionately as I could. I wished so hard that I could jump into the book. I wished so hard that I could be the man that saved the worlds problems, instead of being a victim of this world. But that wish never came true.

Graystone’s eyes begin to melt in sadness.

Graystone: And as I was reading that comic book, my father burst into my room and stripped the sheets off of my bed. Then he grabbed my comic book and ripped it to pieces. I cried. I begged him to stop, but he wouldn’t. He just kept ripping it apart. Then, he flipped my matress over and ripped every comic book I had into pieces. I was screaming for help. Surely Batman would heed my pleas. Surely Superman would fly into the window and take care of my evil father…

A tear streams down Graystone’s left cheek.

Graystone: No-one ever came.

Another tear streams down Graystone’s cheek. Graystone brings his hand up to his cheek and slowly wipes the tear away.

Graystone: I lost faith in my heroes.

The camera slowly backs out to reveal Michelle Reynolds-Creedy holding Graystone’s hand, staring up at her father. Graystone kneels down beside her, and holds her tiny hand with both of his. Michelle brings her other hand up and wipes a tear off of Graystone’s other cheek.

Michelle: Don’t cry daddy.

Graystone stares at Michelle’s hand.

Graystone: Whatever happens… I want you to know I love you very much… and that… I’m sorry.

Graystone slowly releases Michelle’s hand, and stands up. Michelle runs in and hugs Graystone’s leg tightly.

Michelle: No matter what happens tonight or at ICONIC… I will always love you.

Graystone wipes another cheer from his cheek. Michelle backs away. Graystone takes a deep breath, and then walks away slowly. The camera focuses in on Michelle, who wipes a tear out of her eye as the feed cuts away to commercial.

Rick Fantastic: Mommy! Quick Chaz, give me your cell phone…

Chastity Gold: Just… wow. We’ll be right back, folks, as we continue on with what I’m being told is HOW’s 100th weekly show!

Rick Fantastic: 100 shows? We might be leaving this place after tonight, but that is one HELL of a milestone! Stay tuned!


Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael©

Tim Shipley vs. David Black©

Bobbinette Carey vs. Michael DeNucci©

Brothers of the Beast vs. The Egg Bandits vs. The Maurako Family vs. Twisted Reality©

Trent vs. Jatt Starr

Erites Kallisten vs. Kirsta Lewis

Ryan Faze vs. Big Buff Benny Newell


Defying the Odds

Returning from commercial break, the fans are treated to the roar of a dragon that signals the arrival of only one tag team. “Through the Fire and the Flames” blares inside the Mohegan Sun Arena as the pyro is set off and the Brothers of the Beast emerge through flames.

Chastity Gold: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and if you’re just joining us here on Mayhem, before the break, we were subject to a bizarre, yet somewhat touching encounter between Graystone and Michelle Reynolds-Creedy.

Rick Fantastic: Bizarre would be an understatement. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Graystone that emotional.

Chastity Gold: Maybe Shane “Emo” Reynolds is rubbing off on him a bit?

Rick Fantastic: Who knows? But right now, it seems that Jason Midnight and Company have something on their minds with their Tag Team title shot right around the corner at ICONIC!

Jason Midnight is leading Jacob Morgan and Tyson Ross, as usual, with a microphone already in hand. The Brothers get a few cheers and Midnight pauses to let the fans cheer and points at a few fans sporting BOTB t-shirts or signs and the camera focuses on these select fans. Each time the camera settles on such a fan, it gets a big pop and finally Midnight lifts the microphone to speak.

Jason Midnight: Last week, I told you all that the Brothers of the Beast would show you why we are the future Tag Team Champions! In the last two weeks I have disposed of Mario Maurako and Doozer in singles competition. And with the help of my Brothers here and Shane Reynolds, defeated Twisted Reality and the ICON champion, Max Kael.

There’s a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd, but they remain mostly positive and Midnight waits until the noise dies down before speaking again.

Jason Midnight: Now heading to ICONIC people will be talking about how the Maurako Family has the experience. How Twisted Reality has the hardcore expertise. Or even how the Egg Bandits have the fan support.

A pop from the crowd at the mention of the fan favorite tag teams and Midnight pauses again to let the noise die once more.

Jason Midnight: However, you won’t hear about the advantage of the Brothers of the Beast.

Midnight gestures to the HOV screen and the screen comes to life with a video package. The video showcase begins with the debut match of Jason Midnight, showing him pinning Silver Phoenix in a triple threat match. The footage rolls on to the five-man elimination match to show him pinning Silver Phoenix for a second time and also Scottywood for the win. Next is the debut match of the Brothers of the Beast, where Jason Midnight pinned Johnny Stevens.

Then, of course, is the Table elimination tag team match at the Lethal Lottery, where Midnight put Doozer through a table for yet another defining victory. Finally, the video shows the singles match victories Jason recently earned against Mario Maurako and Doozer. The final highlights are of the six-man tag match with Shane Reynolds pinning Scottywood.

Jason Midnight: I have NEVER lost a match in multiple-man combat. Not once! Triple threats, five-man elimination matches, tag team matches, and tag team table elimination matches. I’ve won them all and come ICONIC the other tag teams will be coming into my playground. And then there’s Scottywood…

A chorus of boos is heard and Midnight tries to quiet the crowd.

Jason Midnight: The new General Manager here on Mayhem and his new tag team partner… Hitchcock Whogivesafuck. Now, Scottywood, maybe you don’t remember this… but you have NEVER beaten me. Ever. Not once. And it doesn’t matter if you’re tagging with Rumple Westilldon’tcare or Max Kael. Hell you could team with Acel-fucking-dama and you still couldn’t beat me. So, on December 14th, I have TWO undefeated streaks working in my favor. The Brothers of the Beast are the most dominant tag team in HOW today and we will be leaving ICONIC with the Tag Team Titles.

Jacob Morgan quickly snag at the microphone Midnight is holding to speak into it.

Jacob Morgan: Oh my bro-

Jason Midnight: I thought we agree we weren’t doing this jo-

Reverend Tyson Ross: -ther, TESTIFY!

Jason Midnight: -ke. Dammit! We are so getting sued…

The three men pause, sharing a look and a laugh before they exit the ring and retreat behind the curtain. Above them, the HOV screen shows the familiar red clock counting down to midnight. The clock is replaced with a message in red letters on the black screen “Brothers of the Beast: Tag Team Champions. 12-14-09.”

Chastity Gold: A strong message from the Brothers of the Beast, who in my opinion, are VASTLY underrated here in HOW and could very well be walking out of ICONIC as the Tag Team champions two weeks from today.

Rick Fantastic: I’d like to see that, Chaz, I really would. In fact, any team that can take the titles from the man that’s relieving us from our jobs is fine in my book.

Chastity Gold: Speak of the devil…


A Heavy Dose of Reality

Somewhere inside the Mohegan Sun Casino, we see Scottywood and Benny Newell sitting at a table in front of one of the bars. Benny has a drink in his hand and Scottywood is drinking a can of Amp.

Scottywood: This one is hilarious. “(919): Just saw someone buying TWO six packs of O’Doul’s. WHY ??”

Benny Newell: O’Doul’s? That is blasphemy! I once drank 20 of those in two hours and didn’t even get a buzz, just had to piss like a racehorse.

Scottywood: Knowing me, I would still find a way to get drunk off them.

Benny Newell: I really don’t know how you’re doing the whole sobriety thing. I can’t imagine it being much fun at all. I can’t even think about spending a whole show next to Hoffman being sober. I’d probably kill myself or something.

Scottywood: It is tough at times, like when I have to see Ryan Faze run a show that could be great like Mayhem into the ground. I mean there is great talent on this show like… like… like…

Benny Newell: Krista Lewis has A LOT of “talent”.

Scottywood: Unless we are confusing talent with STDs… then no.

Benny Newell: What about Aceldama? I mean, he is the World champion.

Scottywood: Ace… we have a very long history, dating back to HATE Wrestling. He won the Antipathy title, which was the World title equivalent there. He came to HOW and dominated, won the World title and hasn’t let it go since. And it is going to take a miracle for someone to take it from him. So yes, Aceldama has talent, maybe the only one on the Mayhem roster with any.

Benny Newell: Your probably right. I mean out of all the people Faze drafted, how many are even still left?

Scottywood: Nine… nine of thirteen. That’s some real smart drafting there, Faze. Now unfortunately, I won’t get to draft my own Mayhem roster in 2010, since I will get any and all HOFC roster members… which seems to unfortunately include an old nemesis of mine, Christopher America. If he thinks he can just name himself the number one contender to the HOFC title, then he is sorely mistaken.

Suddenly, we hear Scotty’s cell phone start to ring as he reaches into his pocket and pulls the iPhone 3GS out and slides his finger across the screen to answer it.

Scottywood: Hey, what’s up John?

Nodding along with the call from Hitchin, Scotty doesn’t seem too happy as he rolls his eyes and shakes his head and continues to listen to Hitchin talking.

Scottywood: Ok, I’ll be there in a few minutes.

Hanging up the phone, which he places back into his pocket, Scotty takes a long drink from his Amp just as Benny finishes his and tries to wave down a waitress to get him another.

Benny Newell: What the fuck’s the matter now?p>

Scottywood: It seems that Frankie failed at taking over the production truck and was thrown out of the arena. Hitchin busted down the door to Faze’s office, but there were 3-armed security guards standing in there waiting. He also got escorted out of the arena… so it looks like I gotta go get them and sneak there asses back in.

Benny Newell: Well don’t worry, if you and I succeed with our plans, then those two failing fuckers won’t make a difference. We will still have ruined Faze’s final show, just like I’m going to ruin his return to pay-per-view at ICONIC.

Scottywood: True. Well I am going to go find those two and bring them back into the casino. You continue to keep your eyes open for Mario. I wanna laugh at him for getting train slapped by every woman in the wrestling world and then some.

Benny Newell: Please don’t remind me of that. The image of Oprah licking Mario’s face will never leave my mind. Makes me sick… waitress!

Scottywood: I would say hold off a bit on those drink, but that ship has obviously already sailed. Just make sure you can follow through with our plan later tonight.

Benny Newell: If you can’t find me, I’ll be wasting away in Margaritaville.

Scottywood: Why did I think bringing you to a casino would be a good idea?

The waitress finally arrives and walks up to Benny. He orders another drink as Scotty gets up from the table. Hemakes his way off to find Hitchin and Frankie and the cameras cut back to ringside, where Kimber Marshall is finishing up her introductions for the next match.


Dawn McGill vs. Kirsta Lewis
Singles Match

Kimber Marshall: And her opponent, from Morenci, Michigan, weighing 173 pounds… DAWN MCGILL!!!

Yielding her trademark Singapore cane, Dawn slides into the ring and quickly discards the object, standing nose-to-nose with her opponent and former #1 Female Wrestler in the world, Kirsta Lewis.

Chastity Gold: Well, these two know each other quite well and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this match.

Rick Fantastic: Running the risk of sounding like that idiot, Benny Newell, I’ll just say “no comment”.

Referee Romeo Ward calls for the bell and the two ladies immediately begin firing away at each other. It’s the “Hellcat” who takes early control of the match with a hip toss, followed right into a rear head-lock. McGill powers out though and elbows Kirsta in the gut, forcing her to back off. McGill quickly bounces off the ropes nearby and executes a Spinning Heel Kick that forces Kirsta Lewis to the mat.

A quick cover by McGill only nets a 1 and a half count from Ward, who warns Dawn about her use of a blatant choke hold used out of frustration. McGill reluctantly backs off and Kirsta pokes a thumb to her eye, quickly turning the tables without hesitation.

Kirsta rams a shoulder into Dawn’s mid-section and forces her into the corner, where she wears down McGill with a variety of strikes to anywhere she can land them. McGill slumbers down against the turnbuckles and Kirsta backs away for moment, gaining momentum for an impactful Running Knee to her jaw.

McGill falls forward and Kirsta stalks her from behind as she tries to come to her feet. Eventually, she stands up, only to find Kirsta charging at her with her Hell’s Bitch Kick finisher.

Rick Fantastic: McGill ducked!

Caught off-guard, Kirsta spins around, right into the grip of Dawn McGill, who tries lifting her opponent high into the air with both arms. Unfortunately for Dawn, Kirsta escapes her grasp and spins her around, this time, landing the Hell’s Bitch Kick with ease.

Romeo Ward is quick on the count and Kirsta Lewis notches a crucial victory on Mayhem before her ICONIC Hell’s Horror match with Erites Kallisten.

Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 6:12… “THE HELLCAT” KIRSTA LEWIS!!!

Chastity Gold: Give it up to BOTH of these ladies here tonight as I will always consider them two of the top female talents the wrestling world has to offer.

Rick Fantastic: Should be an exciting pay-per-view match between “K” and “E”, but I’m curious to see if Dawn McGill makes an appearance of her own, as she’s really come on strong here in HOW despite recent losses.

Chastity Gold: We’ll be sure to find that out at ICONIC, which only 2 weeks away, so be sure to mark your calenders!

Rick Fantastic: Alright folks, up next is the LSD champion, David Black, not to mention Match 6 of the Best-of-Seven World title series between Aceldama and Perfect Paul Paras! We’ll be right back!


Be sure to check out to see where all your favorite High Octane Wrestlers rank among their peers.


A Clear Understanding?

The cameras return to Mayhem in the backstage area, where David Black is seen sitting alone in his locker room as he prepares for his match by staring at the wall. Suddenly, the door flings open and Tim Shipley marches into the room and Black jumps to his feet.

Tim Shipley: We need to talk, Black.

David Black: Let me guess; you have a question, right?

Shipley is about to speak but Black beats him to the punch so to speak.

David Black: “Why”?…that’s the question isn’t it? That is what you need to know?

Tim Shipley: Yes. I don’t understand why you did what you did. I don’t understand why you would care.

Black laughs.

David Black: You already got your answer. I told you last week; I did what had to be done.

Tim Shipley: What does that mean?

David Black: I don’t owe you a damn thing! And I already gave you more of an answer than you deserve.

Black goes to turn away from Shipley but Shipley stops him.

Tim Shipley: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

David Black: Instead of focusing so much on why I did what I did, maybe you should focus on why you didn’t!

Shipley gives Black a confused look.

David Black: Your first reaction to what happened was to stage your own little strike. This girl, who is supposedly someone you care about, was brutally and viciously attacked by a group of people and your reaction is to go on a fucking strike?

Tim Shipley: Well–

Black quickly cuts Shipley off, not allowing him to finish his thought.

David Black: You know how long it took for me to figure out what needed to be done after I saw the attack? One damn second! I knew right away what had to be done. But you? You bitched, moaned and complained but you did nothing.

A staredown follows between the two, with neither man willing to break the stare.

David Black: So I took care of it. Not for you, but for her.

Tim Shipley: I would have taken care of it!

David Black: Oh that’s right…you did finally manage to muster up the courage to do something about it.

Black gets right in Shipley’s face.

David Black: Too little…too late.

Shipley shoves Black away from him.

Tim Shipley: Get the hell away from me!

Black laughs.

David Black: Touchy subject?

He asks, still laughing.

David Black: It’s gotta be killing though.

Tim Shipley: What’s that?

David Black: That you weren’t there for her… and that I was.

A creepy smile appears on his face.

Tim Shipley: Shut up!

David Black: The one time that girl actually needed you for something and you weren’t there. You weren’t there to save her. You weren’t there to be by her side as she slept in that hospital bed…but I was. And if it wasn’t for me, who knows when you would have found out?

Shipley takes a couple of steps towards Black.

Tim Shipley: You know what? Since you decided to berate me on what I should and should not be focusing on, I think it is only fair that I return the favor.

He says, as Black just smiles.

Tim Shipley: Maybe you should focus less on how I am dealing with this situation and more on how you will deal with the reality of being a former LSD Champion after ICONIC!

Just like that, the smile disappears from Black’s face and is replaced with a deadly serious look. After several moments of staring each other down in intense silence, Shipley turns and walks out of the locker room, with Black keeping his eyes firmly locked on Shipley until he slams the door shut and the cameras cut back to ringside.


The GAZA Promise

Rick Fantastic: I get the feeling, Chaz, that David Black and Tim Shipley are going to kill each other over that LSD champion at ICONIC. Their feud has grown beyond personal and it’s all going to culminate in ONE NIGHT with the LSD title on the line!

Chastity Gold: It will be interesting to see if Tim Shipley rises up and takes that title off David Black, who has held onto it since June… freaking JUNE, Rick!

Rick Fantastic:

::::Suddenly, the High Octane Vision comes to life showing Jatt Starr/Simon Sparrow, wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit with a red shirt and gold tie and the Key to Chicago around his neck, sitting behind a large oak desk. ::::

Rick Fantastic: Holy crap… where are my nun chucks?!? For Christ’s sake Chaz! WHERE ARE MY GOD DAMN NUN CHUCKS?!?

Chastity Gold: Calm down, Rick and let the man speak for crying out loud!

Jatt Starr: Settled, Rick? OK, good. Friends, Starr-Gazers, HOW fans, lend me your ears. I know, it is quite disappointing to you that I was unable to make that long trek from my home to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. But rest assured, I am there in spirit and via satellite.

The rumors that I am scared or frightened because Trent has developed a technological weapon of mass destruction that he plans to use against me are completely true. I have not yet developed counterattack against the cyborg zombie chicken P4-CO….but I am close. I have a top researcher studying a multitude of videos in finding ways to destroy and smite cyborgs. Right about now, Randy the Intern is watching “Terminator 2”. He has already studied “Terminator”, “Blade Runner”, “Universal Soldier”, “Cyborg”, “Cyborg Cop”, and “Making Mr. Right”. He still has several movies to go.

Once his research has been complete then, Trent, I will do to you what I have done to Max Kael a multitude of times before….I will have one upped you. You will have the P4-CO in your corner and I will have a fully armed and equipped “Cyborg Smiter” in mine….Randy!!! The playing field at ICONIC will be level!

You see, Trent, for you, everything is on the line. If you defeat me, you will not only have your revenge but you will gain an opportunity at Chris CK’s briefcase, which is a guaranteed shot at ANY HOW Title. You will have an opportunity to take back what I have stolen from you. But that is easier said than done. Am I worried? Of course. Because the odds are clearly in your favor. Especially after Turmoil when I realized what has been really going on. Mike Best is a zombie. He is a high functioning zombie, but a zombie nonetheless. The fact is, he was killed and he came back life. He framed Lee Best causing him to get arrested. He befriended me and used me to achieve his own agendas….which included robbing you of the HOW Championship.

By the way, I have STILL not received a “Thank You” from the current HOW Champion, Walrus McPoopypants. Anyway, back to Mike Best…he has made me an unwitting co-conspirator in the Zombie War. Sadly, I am forced to restrain myself from putting a bullet in his brain because my legal team has told me that Mike Best is actually alive and all of his organs are fully functioning according to the medical records that were disclosed to them. But we all know those records can be doctored, don’t we?

Mike Best KNEW that it was my destiny to become the G.A.Z.A. and using his advanced zombie mind control powers he forced me to agree to a “Hardcore Submission” match! A match so brutal you have to literally beat your opponent to the point where they can no longer fight back and THEN you have to make them submit.

Mike Best, the Master Zombie Tactician, has pitted two people he perceived as threats to him against each other. Rest assured Trent, I WILL win that match, you might have size and power on your side, but I have speed, skill, and sobriety on my side….and in greatest arena in the world, JATTISON SQUARE GARDEN, I WILL make you submit, and I WILL do EVERYTHING in my power to usurp Mike Best from power thus ending his zombie reign!!! And once I am successful in that, it will only be a matter of time before he is seen eating the brain of some homeless guy and is put down.

But even if he’s not zombie….which, apparently, is something I have to assume legally, the evidence still points to the fact that he is in on the zombie conspiracy! Either way, he must be stopped…and I know just the person to stop him….

:::The feed abruptly ends and the HOV goes to black, transitioning into yet another HOW commercial break.:::


Could something as simple as Ginger Ale be the cure the GAZA needs? Find out at ICONIC when Jatt Starr makes his return to HOW pay-per-view against Trent in a Hardcore Submission Match!


Who am I supposed to be?

Shane Reynolds was in his designated locker-room when Mayhem cut backstage directly after a word from our sponsors. His hands gripped either side of the wash basin, his head bowed over it for a few moments, before rising swiftly, abruptly, so that he could face himself into the mirror.

Shane Reynolds: What am I supposed to be? Who am I supposed to be?

As they had done just days ago, the last he’d asked himself these questions, they came without an answer. Not unless you count, a few moments later, as Shane prepared to repeat these words, the rapid knocking on the locker-room door. He looked briefly towards the reflection of it, and then glanced over his shoulder at it directly, as a further burst of knocking came.

He turned fully then and stepped lightly and slowly towards it, all the while thinking, I don’t think so, whilst reaching into his pocket for his Stanley Knife. Call it paranoia, but this was the last show before ICONIC, and there was no way in hell he was gonna let anybody – especially Maximillian Kael or Graystone – get the jump on him and rob him of his thus far amassed momentum. Nor of his long awaited chance to vengeance.

Shane Reynolds: Who is it?

No answer came, and when it didn’t, he glanced down to the crack beneath the door. As best as he could see, there was the shadow of only one person. Keep it in sight, he waited until they looked to be moving away. Holding the Stanley Knife in his right hand, he pressed it against the wood on the door, which he swiftly opened with his left.

Shane Reynolds: What do you want?

He yelled at the figure moving away. The suddeness of it caught them by surprise, making them jump a little. They turned swiftly around, holding their hand against the area of chest just above their heart and revealing themselves as a woman Shane had never seen before.

Woman: Geez, you gave me a heart-attack.

Is there was any remorse or sympathy within Shane, it was currently seen on his face or heard in his voice, as he responded only to ask again:

Shane Reynolds: What do you want?

Suddenly, the answer became clear – first without words, as a microphone immediately came into view, clutched firmly in her right hand, and then verbally.

Woman: I’m Liz, a trainee with the new High Octane Television news team – bringing the fans the exclusive scoops, as they happen. I was hoping to get a few words.

Shane Reynolds: I’m busy!

Shane answer curtly, before going to shut the door.

Liz: It’ll only take a second.

Shane didn’t know what it was about the woman or her perserverance, but he suddenly found himself allowing the knife to fall to the ground and the door to open a little more than the crack it had been, allowing the full scope of his painted face to come back into view.

Shane Reynolds (sighing): Ask away.

With a smile, and a slightly overracted cough to clear her that, Liz decided upon and asked her first question.

Liz: Last week on Mayhem, Maximillian Kael and Graystone appeared to reallign on the same page, prompting some to believe that the Buried Alive match may turn into a Handicap Match. Looking to even the odds, you recently proclaimed that you would take one of them out before ICONIC? Is it your intention to make that person Graystone here tonight.

Shane sneered at the name, and the memories they evoked.

Shane Reynolds: To put it bluntly, if I can, yes.

While it was a shorter answer than she had been anticipating, Liz didn’t show her disappointment and pressed on in her endevour to get a scoop and, who knows, perhaps be a replacement for Kimber Marshall once general manager duties switched hands and new vacancies opened up.

Liz: What tactics exactly are you going into the match with, then, and in what way, if any, does your partner for the night, Tim Shipley fit into them?

“I was wondering the same.”

The interjection is Tim Shipley’s, the Englishman appearing in the doorway. With a loud sigh Reynolds waves Shipley in and shuts the door once more. Shipley seems amused by the irritability of the man with whom he will be teaming tonight.

Tim Shipley: It’s like Piccadilly Circus round here tonight, eh, Shane?

Reynolds is lost for words by the Britishness of Shipley’s smirking observation, and Liz takes advantage of the lull to put her own spin on the situation.

Liz: Shane, you’ll be teaming with Tim here tonight—

Shane Reynolds: I think we’ve already established that.

Reynolds glares at Shipley, unhappy at the second intrusion on what had begun as a quiet and reflective period ahead of the match.

Tim Shipley: There’s no need to bite her head off, she’s only doing her job. It’s good to see you again Liz.

Liz: Thanks, you too. So how—

Shipley’s apparent courtesy disappears quickly as he launches into dialogue with Reynolds, leaving Liz slightly disappointed.

Tim Shipley: Speaking of biting heads off, Shane, I know you and Graystone like to get up to some pretty crazy stuff in your alone time, but let’s keep it straight in the ring tonight OK?

Reynolds’ lip begins to curl.

Tim Shipley: That means no spitting blood in people’s eyes… or smashing people through tables as your only way out of an inevitable defeat…

Shipley is referring to the match that he lost to Reynolds several weeks ago on Mayhem, in which the latter’s dirty tricks stood in the way of the Englishman taking several steps up the HOW ladder.

Tim Shipley: It also means no licking people to tag yourself in…

Shipley screws up his face in disgust at the recollection of how Reynolds has recently conducted himself in tag team action.

Shane Reynolds: Finished? First of all, don’t ever liken me to that lunatic again. You hear me? I am nothing like him. Don’t even insinuate that you know anything me. Yes, I’ve been a wreck, doing things to which even I can’t explain the reasoning. But I strive to be better. Tonight and at ICONIC, I’ll prove it and will be cured, when I end their careers and save High Octane programming from their presence. When I bury them alive and take those children from beneath Graystone and Max’s sadistic and abusive grasps and help place them in a proper, loving home.

He pauses, looking Tim Shipley dead in the eye and scarcely even acknowledging Liz’s presence.

Shane Reynolds: And secondly, if I have to make Graystone bleed in order for justice to be served and his place in this company to end, then I’ll do it. I don’t care about the consequences: to make Graystone pay and suffer, I’ll put him through twenty tables and pound his bones into dust with a sledgehammer. Whatever it takes.

Shane took a step closer, narrowing the distance between the two prospective future champions.

Shane Reynolds: All you need to do is just take what I should have given you months ago, and then stay out of my way tonight and be grateful that I’m going to help give you a vital second win over Black going into ICONIC…

Shipley didn’t know what to expect then, but was even more surprised at what Shane offered out to him, because it was the last thing he’d ever have expected. What it was, was Shane’s own hand. Understanably apprehensive, Shipley only reached out tentatively towards it. The moment he did, Shane shook it once and then pulled Shipley a step closer.

Shane Reynolds: …And after tonight, all you need to do is get that LSD championship and be a true champion. Never become like Black or Graystone or Maximillian Kael….and never let anyone mess with your head and make you into someone like me.

Shane shook it again and then broke away. No waiting for any form of response, he stepped swiftly passed Tim Shipley and out through the door, leaving Shipley to turn on the spot and look towards the way Shane had went, left alone with his thoughts….and with the female reporter, who herself was content with the scoop she’d witnessed.


Tim Shipley & Shane Reynolds vs. David Black & Graystone
Tag Team Match

Back at ringside, Graystone and David Black are waiting rather impatiently, standing in opposite corners of the ring as they anticipate the arrival of their tag team opponents.

Chastity Gold: I’ll tell you what, Rick, if Tim Shipley and Shane Reynolds are even the slightest bit on the same page, as evident in that segment we just saw, then Graystone and David Black are going to have their hands full because they sure as hell don’t look to be united for this highly anticipated Tag Team match between pay-per-view opponents.

Rick Fantastic: My question in all of this is where in the hell is Max Kael? I mean, this wouldn’t be a true Ryan Faze-directed program without his incessant bashing of the show?

Chastity Gold: Well, Lord knows what Max is up to at the moment and I guess you could say the same holds true for our General Manager, as we haven’t seen or heard from him AT ALL up until this point!

Rick Fantastic: Well, with Twisted Reality out to ruin the program for him by any means necessary, I can’t say I blame him.

As if on cue, “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin hits the speakers and Ryan Faze emerges from the back to a HUGE ovation from the Uncasville crowd. Wearing a striped Referee polo, Faze strides down the ramp and to the ring with his head held high, fighting back his emotions on his last night as Mayhem General Manager.

Faze pauses at the bottom of the ramp and glares at his two well-known rivals that are standing in the ring. Graystone and Black offer cold looks toward Faze and are sidetracked enough to miss Tim Shipley and Shane Reynolds hop the guard-rail from the crowd! Upon reaching the ring, Shipley immediately tackles David Black and Shane Reynolds cracks the unsuspecting Graystone in the face with a sucker punch.

Faze seems surprised as well and scrambles into the ring in an effort to control the action. Unfortunately for him, that’s easier said than done as Graystone and Reynolds brawl their way out of the ring while Shipley maintains his advantage on Black.

Chastity Gold: It looks as if Tim Shipley and David Black will be the two legal men to start this match.

Rick Fantastic: I have been looking forward to this match all week! You can feel the tension here at ringside!

Black tries his best to shield himself from Shipley’s barrage of right fists that are flying at him, but is largely unsucessful until Faze orders the LSD #1 Contender to back off. Though instead of waiting for Shipley to oblige, Faze forcibly intervenes and yanks him off of David Black.

This allows David enough time to come to his feet and recover as Shipley gives a long, stern look towards Faze, who offers nothing but a shrug as if to say “hey, I warned ya.” Shipley turns back around to face Black, who blindsides him with a European Uppercut that staggers Shipley backwards.

Meanwhile, Shane Reynolds and Graystone have taken things to the outside and are really giving each other hell as they prepare for yet another Buried Alive match at ICONIC, this time, with Maximillian Kael putting his ICON title on the line. Graystone clocks Shane Reynolds with a right fist, then shoots him into the steel steps, causing Shane to yelp out in pain.

With Black in control of Tim Shipley for the moment, Faze monitors the action on the outside and shouts at Graystone to get to his corner. Gray holds his arms up as if to claim his innocence but delivers a swift boot to Shane’s gut before retreading back to his corner, smiling.

Chastity Gold: There’s the GM, doing his best to keep order in this highly volatile tag team match. And guess what? It seems to be working!

Back to the action, Black charges Shipley with a Clothesline, but Shipley ducks under and executes a small package on Black. Faze slaps the mat hard, but only for a two count as the LSD champion kicks out. David pops to his feet after being caught off-guard, but before he can go after Tim Shipley, Graystone drags him down by the hair and enters the ring.

Faze confirms this as a valid tag and Graystone and Shipley engage in a brief stare down after their Main Event match saw Tim best the former ICON and World champion only one week ago prior. They lunge forward at each other, fists flying and veins bulging. Graystone connects with an elbow to Shipley’s temple, just as Shane Reynolds finally recovers enough to join Shipley in their corner.

Shipley tries to hide his pain, but cannot mask it as Graystone, as a veteran of this business, knows exactly when NOT to let up. Several stomps and kicks later from Graystone’s steel-toed boot, Shipley looks to be in a bad spot as he desperately crawls towards his corner. Missing his partner, Shane Reynolds’, hand by ::THIS:: much Graystone drags him back to the center of the ring and refuses a tag to David Black. Having defended each other’s titles against each other themselves, Black doesn’t take kindly to this and enters the ring, but Faze stops him dead in his track and orders him back to his corner.

Black’s persistant arguing allows enough time for Shane Reynolds to leap up to the top rope and deliver a Hurricanrana to Graystone that shifts the momentum back in his team’s favor. He rolls out of the ring quickly just before Faze turns his attention back to the match. With Graystone temporarily laid out, Shipley senses the opportunity and comes to his own, slapping his Newton’s Paradox finisher onto Graystone before he can realize what just hit him.

Black tries to enter the ring once more, but is stopped abruptly by Shane Reynolds, who yanks him hard off the ring apron and into a devastating Clothesline on the outside.

Chastity Gold: Newton’s Paradox! Graystone is tapping out! Graystone is tapping out!

As the referee, Faze takes delight in seeing his former rival tap out and calls for the bell. Upon hearing it, Shipley releases Graystone out of exhaustion.

Kimber Marshall: Here are your winners in 9:19… SHANE REYNOLDS… and TIM… SHIPLEY!!!

Chastity Gold: Tim Shipley and Shane Reynolds will undoubtedly head into ICONIC with a TON of momentum as they challenge for the LSD and ICON titles, respectively.

Rick Fantastic: But look at this place… it’s absolute pandemonium out here!

Upset at the loss, Graystone delivers a cheap shot to Tim Shipley, sending him down hard with a low blow. All the while Black and Shane Reynolds have brawled their way up the entrance ramp, finally disappearing behind the curtain.

Before Graystone can do any further damage on Tim Shipley, Faze comes to Shipley’s defense and delivers a FAZEPLANT on Graystone, prompting an eruption of cheers from the crowd who had already become ecstatic due to excitement of the match.

Shipley stirs and shakes off the cob-webs, realizing after coming to his feet what Faze had done for him. Without hesitation, Faze extends his right hand toward the LSD title hopeful and Shipley proudly accepts it; the two of them putting any of their differences they may have had behind them as we move forward toward ICONIC and 2010.

Rick Fantastic: Uh, folks… while we clear things up here at ringside, let’s take another word from our sponsors!

Chastity Gold: Don’t go away!


Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael©

Tim Shipley vs. David Black©


Bobbinette Carey vs. Michael DeNucci©

Brothers of the Beast vs. The Egg Bandits vs. The Maurako Family vs. Twisted Reality©

Trent vs. Jatt Starr

Erites Kallisten vs. Kirsta Lewis

Ryan Faze vs. Big Buff Benny Newell


A Phenomenal Send-off?

Back LIVE, the ring has been cleared of both Graystone and Tim Shipley, leaving one, Ryan Faze, General Manager of Mayhem for his last night, alone in the ring. With a microphone in hand, he gestures to the crowd to quiet down a bit as the “Faze of HOW” chants have become resounding. They comply, eventually, and Faze begins to speak.

General Manager Faze: No matter what anyone else says… it’s been a great run as Genearl Manager of Monday Night Mayhem. I suppose it’s fitting that the man that appointed me to the position, Lee Best, had a hand in removing me from it as well, all the same. Now I’m not going to take up a lot of your time here tonight, because if it’s one thing I’ve believed in, it’s that this show is all about the wrestlers, and YOU, the fans of High Octane Wrestling.

A cheap pop ensues for Faze, who maintains a level of seriousness as he continues address the Mohegan Sun Arena crowd.

General Manager Faze: You fans pay your hard earned dollars to come out and see bright, young talent. Which brings me to my first announcement regarding the ICONIC pay-per-view…

Rick Fantastic: It appears that Faze has some last minute business to attend to before his tenure as General Manager comes to an end!

General Manager Faze: …in only a matter of a few short weeks here in HOW, we’ve all seen the potential of two individuals in particular; Justin Decent and Effing Holmes. These are two guys that I feel have a bright future in this company, which is why I’m giving them an opportunity to showcase their skills on one of HOW’s grandest stages. Granted, it will be a Dark Match, but Justin Decent and Effing Holmes have a chance to prove themselves at ICONIC when they go toe-to-toe in this very ring!

The crowd pops again at the prospects of this match.

Chastity Gold: It’s been just been laid down! Justin Decent vs. Effing Holmes at ICONIC!

General Manager Faze: So with the business side of things out of the way, let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you fans, each and every one of your wrestlers in the back, and yes, even you Lee Best, for giving me this opportunity to run this show. Unforunately, I can’t tell you what the future holds from here… but what I CAN tell you is that I’m go out on a high note, when I defeat Benny Newell at ICONIC and…

~OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated~

Stricken” by Disturbed interrupts Ryan Faze mid-sentence and “The Hardcore Artist” makes his way out onto the stage with John Hitchin, Frankie the Cameraman and their special guest, Benny Newell, in tow.

Chastity Gold: Really? It’s bad enough he was here at the arena all night trying to ruin Faze’s last show as GM, but does he really have to come out here? He has got some nerve.

Rick Fantastic: If it weren’t 4 on 2, I would get up and kick Scotty’s ass right now

Chastity Gold: Sure you would.

Scottywood and crew make their way down the ramp and into the ring where Faze continues to stand, obviously annoyed that he is being interrupted by “The Hardcore Artist.”

Scottywood: Boooooo-ring. No one cares what you have to say, Faze. Once this show ends, you are going to mean nothing here in HOW. I will have full control and you will join Chastity, Rick, and the rest of these pukes on the unemployment line, begging for a opportunity to bag groceries.

Benny Newell: This, of course, comes AFTER I get my Madison Square Garden moment and humiliate you LIVE on pay-per-view!

Rick Fantastic: That’s it. I am not gonna sit around on my last night in HOW and listen to him talk shit about us.

Chastity Gold: Rick! Wait!

Rick Fantastic removes his headset and leaves the broadcast table intent on putting a stop to Twisted Reality’s attempts to ruin the show. He slides into the ring and heads right towards Scottywood, but he is cut off by Benny Newell, who kicks him in the stomach and delivers his “Last Call” Piledriver finisher!

Chastity Gold: Oh god!

Chastity rips off her headset and also leaves the announcer’s table to attend to Rick, who has been kicked out the ring by “Big Buff” Benny Newell. Furious at what just went down, Faze steps forward and stands nose-to-nose with Scottywood in the middle of the ring.

Scottywood: What are you gonna do now Faze? You’re out-numbered four to one. You wanna take a swing at me? Go ahead. I’ll make sure your last act as General Manager of this show is to leave this arena on a fuckin’ strecther!

Realizing that he is, indeed, out-numbered, Faze backs away from Scottywood looking a bit hesitant. Scottywood, Newell, and Company stalk Faze as he’s backed down into a corner, all the while Rick Fantastic is being treated on the outside for what appears to be a neck injury. With Chastity Gold attending to him as the High Octane medics load him onto a cart, all that’s heard is the noise from the crowd as their desperate calls for someone to help Faze are finally answered!



Benny and Frankie quickly fly out of the ring as the Brothers of the Beast charge down the ramp from the back. Jason Midnight, Tyson Ross, and Jacob Morgan make haste and rush the ring, quickly evening the two-sides, even putting the numbers in Faze’s favor after Benny and Frankie scurry away.

Hitchin is spun around by Jacob Morgan, doubled up, and given his Ripper finishing maneuver. Scottywood, who was about to follow through on his desire to ruin Faze’s last show, is surprised from behind and given Midnight’s Final Toll!

With no announcers to comment on the action, the crowd’s pleasure says it all as Faze stands tall with the Brothers of the Beast in the middle of the ring, each man raising the other’s hand high into the air.

Scottywood and Hitchin are kicked out of the ring by Tyson Ross as Frankie and Benny are in literal shock at what just happened.

Before the dust settles though, Faze tries to quiet the crowd again and succeeds as Benny and Frankie tend to Twisted Reality on the outside.

General Manager Faze: By the way Scotty, I knew of your little plan to spoil my last show as General Manager. It’s amazing how far a little recorded footage can go these days, right Frankie?

Hitchin, Benny, and Scottywood all shoot Frankie the Cameraman a death glare as he quickly grabs Benny’s Santa’s cap and retreats up the ramp.

General Manager Faze: Regardless, before I turn over the show to you Scottywood, I have one last announcement… but first, I think it might be best to take a look at this video package recorded earlier tonight.

Everyone’s attention is turned to the HOV where the words “PREVIOUSLY RECORDED” flash on the screen.

*Aceldama is seen sitting at his dresser of his locker room, preparing for his big match that will take place later on tonight. When the door knocks and from the other side comes Ryan Faze, the two exchange glances before Ryan speaks*

Ryan Faze- I am just doing my last rounds here and I just want to wish you the best of luck tonight in your match and thank you for working with me, it has been a pleasure.

Aceldama- Don’t mention it. And I want to thank you for getting me those five tickets for my friends, they are very grateful to be here tonight on the going home show.

Ryan Faze- Don’t mention it again, more than I can do for the brave men who risk their lives day in and day out so I can live a peaceful world.

*Ryan goes to slowly leave the room, but Aceldama calls him back*

Aceldama- Ryan, just a moment.

Ryan Faze- Yes? What is it?

*Aceldama stands up and walks towards Ryan, they are now face to face*

Aceldama- I want to take this time to thank you personally, for everything you have done for me. For intercepting when you did, making me go to that rehab, I know you were doing it for the greater good.

Ryan Faze- I was doing it for the greater good of the fed Ace.

Aceldama- I know you were, but you showed care and compassion, something I have never seen before in a General Manager. It has been an honour to work alongside you and whatever the future holds for you, just know this, you have my respect.

Ryan Faze- Thank you Ace, that means a lot coming from you.

Aceldama- And also, come ICONIC when you walk into that ring against that drunken bastard, I want to be in your corner.

Ryan Faze- Ace that is not necessary, I know I have not wrestled in a long time but I will be fine.

Aceldama- I am not asking you Ryan, I am telling you. I will be in your corner, I am going to stand by you til the very end, I am going to show that son of a bitch Scottywood where my allegiance truly lies. You might be gone, but my answer is to nobody else.

Ryan Faze- I don’t know what to say, I am honored, Ace. Truly…

Aceldama- Just say you will see me at Madison Square Garden.

Ryan Faze- I guess until we meet again.

*The two shake hands and the video package comes to a close with Aceldama returning to his preparations for what will go down as one of the biggest matches of his career as he looks to end the Best-of-Seven World title series before it extends to ICONIC*

Benny simply stands in horror with the thought of Aceldama in Faze’s corner at ICONIC.

Scottywood: Awww… well isn’t that sweet!

General Manager Faze: I don’t think you quite understand… you see, I’m booking one final match that will take place on the first show back post-ICONIC… see where I’m going with this yet? If not, I’ll make it clear for you and your cronies to understand. Whether you retain your titles or not at ICONIC, that first Turmoil in January will showcase the “Hardcore Artist” and “The Phenomenal One” in a Tag Team match where we choose our partners. Should Twisted Reality retain the Tag Titles at ICONIC… I don’t see any reason that they shouldn’t be on the line, as you’ve always been a fighting champion, haven’t you Scotty?

Faze’s sarcasm bleeds through his teeth as Scottywood goes to speak but his microphone has been cut off, leaving him furious!

General Manager Faze: What’s that? You accept! Dandy… and hell, even if you lose the titles at ICONIC, at least I have an excuse to kick your ass, right? So it is with great PLEASURE, that I hereby hand over the controls to you, Scottywood. Best of luck during your time as General Manager… I’ll see you in January!

The crowd roars as the footage quickly cuts to its final commercial with Faze smiling widely.


Don’t miss a Special HOR this Thursday as we review the year that was 2009 and finish strong with ICONIC!


Match 6 in Best of 7 for the HOW World Title
“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Aceldama
Last Man Standing Match

Back live for the final time in 2009, the absence of Rick Fantastic and Chastity Gold at ringside is compensated for by Turmoil color commentator Benny Newell and none other than Ryan Faze, Benny’s opponent at the pay-per view.

Ryan Faze: Welcome back to Mayhem, ladies and gentel-

Benny Newell: Ya, ya, it’s bad enough that I’m stuck here next to you for this so-called “Main Event”. Let’s just get on with the rest of the show, eh?

Ryan Faze: What’s wrong Benny? Could it be that the World Champion not only agreed, but DEMANDED to be in my corner at ICONIC?

Benny Newell: I don’t give a fuck what that turkey does, it’s not going to stop me from kicking your ass all over Madison Square Garden!

Suddenly, “Headspace” begins to blare over the loudspeakers and the already riled-up crowd gives their usual ovation for the “Perfect One.” He strides to the ring looking confident, as always, behind his mirrored shades. He psyches himself up for the match and shakes Romeo Ward’s hand for his time here in HOW, because like Frank Tsonga earlier in the night, this will be his last match reffed in HOW.

Benny Newell: At least we don’t have that bimbo, Chastity, out here to oogle and pitter over Triple P.

Ryan Faze: Don’t you mean google and twitter? I mean, isn’t that what you’re going to do to m-

Benny Newell: Shut up, pretty boy. The rest of this show is mine to call.

“Vicarious” is quick to replace Paul’s theme and the World Champion Aceldama appears from the back with the Best-of-Seven Series score update displaying on the HOV, Aceldama – 3, Perfect Paul Paras – 2.

Ryan Faze: Keep telling yourself that, Benny. Well last week, we saw Triple P-

Benny Newell: Prolong this bore of a series even more?

Ryan Faze: Well, I was going to s-

Benny Newell: Because that’s what that imbecile did by winning last week. Luckily, I’ve got a big bottle of Jack and my trusty HOW flask ready to go for this Last Man Standing match, about to start in just a few short moments.

Ryan Faze: Speaking of Jack Daniels, I MIGHT have failed to mention that from the conclusion of tonight’s show leading up to our match at ICONIC, you are BANNED from drinking Jack completely. If you fail to oblige by this stipulation, you will be immediately disqualified.

Benny Newell: HA! Like you can fuckin’ make stipulations anymore…

Ryan Faze: Oh, I’m not making one. It’s already in the contract, which you happened to sign shortly after our match was announced on Turmoil.

Benny Newell: But? How the-? What? 2 WHOLE WEEKS WITHOUT JACK?!?!?

Ryan Faze: Well, there are other options…

Benny nearly begins to cry as Aceldama climbs into the ring and hands the World Title belt to Romeo Ward, who presents it to Kimber Marshall on the outside. Aceldama and the challenger he’s become so familiar with over the past nearly 2 months meet in the center of the ring and the bell is immediately called.

Triple P is the first to break the tension with a hard slap to the face of Aceldama, who doesn’t take kindly to it and fires away a punch in response. Triple P staggers momentarily, which allows Aceldama the window to land several more hard shots. Ace uses the momentum to lean his opponent back into the ropes and shoot him to the opposite side. Upon his return, Triple P’s face connects with the World champion’s boot and blood begins to trickle down the challenger’s forehead.

Benny Newell: What a pussy! Opened up already!

Ryan Faze: Are you for real? I mean, seriously? Triple P is one of the cla-

Benny Newell: DRINK!

Benny takes a long swig from his HOW flask and Ryan becomes increasingly more annoyed that any time he goes to speak, he’s interrupted by HOW resident drunk.

Aceldama leans down and lifts Triple P to his feet by his hair. He weakens his opponent’s limbs with a variety of stretches and holds that gives Aceldama the advantage for nearly 7 minutes!

Benny Newell: Fucking Christ… will you just end this match already?

Triple P answers Romeo Ward’s count before he reaches ten and Aceldama is quick to follow up, refusing to allow his opponent any time to recover. He quickly lifts Triple and delivers a resounding Jacknife Powerbomb that echoes throughout the arena upon impact!

Ryan Faze: Things don’t look good here for Tri-

Benny Newell: -ple Pussy! Ha ha! He might be an even bigger pussy than you, Faze!

Not satisfied with his efforts thus far, Aceldama gathers a broken Triple P and lifts him again.

Ryan Faze: Wait a second, it looks like we’re about to see an-

Benny Newell: DRINK!

Ryan Faze: Will y-

Benny Newell: DRINK!

Ryan Faze: Stop doing th-

Benny Newell: DRINK!

Ryan Faze: Alright, that’s enou-

Benny Newell: DRINK!

Benny takes four quick swigs of Jack Daniels, the last night until the pay-per-view that he gets to enjoy his favorite “beverage”, while Aceldama delivers ANOTHER Jacknife Powerbomb to Triple P!

Aceldama exhausts a deep sigh, catching his breath momentarily, before calling Romeo Ward off of his administered ten-count. Romeo shrugs and Aceldama goes right back to work, lifting Triple P to his feet once again and sending him right back down with his Fall of the Berlin Wall Clothesline.

Ryan Faze: Triple P nearly got his head taken right off!

Benny Newell: DRINK! Damn, I was in mid-swig there… too late.

The impact of 2 Jacknife Powerbombs and a devastating lariat is adequate enough by Aceldama’s standards, as he stands over his opponent for a moment before gesturing to Ward to start the ten-count.



Benny Newell: Holy shit! This actually might be all she wrote! It’s about fucking time!




The fans explode into cheers after witnessing first-hand the Best-of-Seven series come to a dramatic close on the final show before the pay-per-view. Aceldama raises his arms in victory as Romeo Ward retrieves the World Title from Kimber Marshall and hands it back to him proudly.

Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner… and STILL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION after winning the Best-of-Seven World title series, 4 matches to 2… ACELDAMA!!!

Ryan Faze: He has done it! Aceldama retains the World championship!


A Debt of Gratitude

*Aceldama takes to a knee with the World Title draped over his shoulder and remains motionless beside the unconscious body of Paul Paras. Romeo Ward lifts Aceldama’s hand up in the air, but it quickly falls back down. Aceldama is simply out of energy*

Ryan Faze: Folks, what you’ve witnessed over the past month and a half was an exhibition of courage and determination. If this was to be the last thing I ever witness as General Manager of this show, then it has all been worthwhile!

Benny Newell: Cry me a river, you fucking baby. At least now, we can focus on more IMPORTANT matters, such as me raping you in the face at ICONIC.

Faze just rolls his eyes as Benny takes his bottle of Jack directly and begins chugging it’s contents down quickly before his PPV stipulation takes effect.

In the ring, Aceldama is finally coming to and lifts his head upwards to see the barrage of flashes from cameras and the cheering crowd. He turns his head to see Paras lying beside him motionless. Ward again grabs his hand and raises it in the air and then the emotion comes, as fireworks explode from the rafters and the World Champion holds back tears.

On his feet, clapping at the announcer’s table, Ryan Faze leaves Benny to his Jack and joins Aceldama in the ring. Standing across from the World Champion, Faze offers a smile and embraces Aceldama, slapping his back hard as he does so as if to say “I’m proud of you, man”. As the two unlikely allies continue their celebrate, Benny’s mic is quickly cut off due to the variety of gay slurs he begins showering upon Faze and he is seen laughing hysterically as he takes back the final few swigs of Jack, the last he’ll get to enjoy until after the pay-per-view.

Meanwhile, the crowd roars for the display of friendship and gratitude in the ring and Faze uses this as his cue to back off and let Aceldama enjoy his moment.

As he’s doing so, Perfect Paul Paras starts to come to his own as he rolls from side to side, then finally gets onto his side, then slowly to one knee, brushing away the cobwebs after being knocked out. He looks up to see Aceldama standing with the World title belt aloft, the reality of the situation hitting him like a sack of bricks. The man who has been known to be “allergic to titles in HOW” stands up, shaking his head, visually angery at himself. He looks at Aceldama for a moment, part of him wanting to lash out, but instead he rolls under the bottom rope and slowly, holding his abdomen, walks up the ramp. Finally, Aceldama turns around to see him and asks for a microphone to quickly address Paras.

Aceldama- Paras, you come back here now, this does not end this way.

*Paras turns back, looking at Aceldama as if to say “are you serious?” He then turns back, standing facing the ring, holding his abdomen still as the crowd begin to cheer ‘We Want More’, he slowly walks towards the steps, constantly looking at Aceldama as he does, then comes into the ring under the second rope and stands, face to face with Aceldama*

Aceldama- For the past seven weeks we have fought up and down this fine country, six matches, six different stipulations. We brought our bodies to the limit, so much so that Ryan here had to intervene, and now this is it. You simply want to walk out, walk away from this? Well, I won’t let you.

I might stand here, World title intact, whilst you may think you have nothing to show for your blood, for your sweat and for your tears, but you have something that nobody can take away from you Paul. You have the respect of every man, woman and child out there, and even more so, you have the respect of me.

*The fans begin to cheer wildly*

Aceldama – There has never been a more worthy competitor to step into this ring with me, I want you to know that. I know that nothing other the belt around your waist could compensate how bad you are feeling right now, but it will pass. I have no doubt that one day you will be standing here with the World title belt, one day. But this is only gold; respect is gathered by what you do, not by what you have around your waist.

For the past six weeks you showed me what you can do, and that merits a true winner. This belt might mean the world to me, but nothing is better than the feeling you have given me, you have made me feel alive again, and for that I thank you. You cannot leave this arena, you played a vital part in this Best-of-Seven series, and you deserve to take center stage, so Paul Paras, take your bow.

*Aceldama drops the title and with the hand he was holding it with, he outstretches his hand as Paras takes his as the two shake hands, a powerful grip, showing the mutual respect that the two have gathered for one another as the weeks have went by.

Aceldama lets go then points to the turnbuckle as he instructs Paras to take his final bow. Paras obliges, getting up slowly to the top turnbuckle then raising both hands in the air, with clenched fists as the cameras begin to flash once more. Faze simply stands in the other corner, clapping both men as Aceldama stands facing Paras showing the respect he has for him by clapping him and refusing to pick up his title belt. Paras gets down from the turnbuckle and walks towards Aceldama, kneels down and picks up the belt, looking at it in front of him, then hands it to him as both men stand in the middle of the ring, hands raised as the fireworks and pyros begin to shoot off once more.

Suddenly, Triple P and Aceldama hoist into the air a man that has earned their respect over the course of the past several months. The crowd goes wild and begins a “Faze of HOW” chant while red, white, and blue streamers and confetti come raining down on the arena. The final image of the night is that of a celebration; a passed out Benny Newell slumped over the announcer’s table, the entire backroom staff, those hired by Ryan Faze, including Kimber, Romeo, and Frank assembling at the top of the stage, clapping emphatically along with several members of the roster, Tim Shipley, the Brothers of the Beast, and even people like Shane Reynolds, Kirsta Lewis, and Dawn McGill, amongst others, who show their appreciation by forming a guard of honor, applauding the man that brought Mayhem to the limits it was at.*




A dejected Triple P is walking to his car after his World Title loss less than thirty minutes ago. He is pulling a suitcase on rollers behind him and in the silence you can hear the noise of the wheels turn over the bumpy concrete. Paras approaches his Black and Gold 1969 GTO Judge when none other than King Matteo from The Maurako Family steps out from behind a semi-truck trailer and greets him.

King Matteo: Paul ol’ buddy, tough night.

Paras glares at Matteo unappreciative of his comments.

King Matteo: Don’t worry about it Paul. I can tell you better than anyone that World Title opportunities come and go. Which is why I have a little business proposition for you.

Paul Paras: What do you want Matt?

King Matteo: Well I don’t know if you noticed, but Mario was kidnapped a few days ago after Turmoil. He was able to escape the fiends but unfortunately another group was waiting for him. Anyhow, I was just kind of wondering if you would be interested in joining The Maurako Family in this Tag Title Match at ICONIC?

Paras blankly looks at Matteo for a moment before answering.

Paul Paras: So let me get this straight. You want me to overlook the last several months of ambush attacks, of attempts to harm a loyal Parasite in Chastity Gold, and fight alongside The Maurako Family at ICONIC?

King Matteo: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Paul Paras: Do you think I’m as stupid as you look with that crown on your head?

King Matteo: What? My crown isn’t stupid!

Paras moves past Matteo and inserts his key into the trunk to unlock it.

King Matteo: I take that as a no then?

Paul Paras turns and looks at Matteo.

Paul Paras: That’s a ‘hell no’ Matt.

King Matteo: I figured that might be your answer.

Paras turns back and opens his trunk and is met with a kick to the temple coming from someone in the trunk of his car. Paras stumbles back and King Matteo locks him in his patented Sleeper Hold. Martino walks into view as Mosé climbs out of the trunk of Paul’s car. Martino turns on a Taser gun that he is carrying and sends a jolt right in to the chest of Paras. Matteo releases the hold and Paras falls to the ground twitching.

The Family stands back admiring their work when Paras starts to slowly get up. Mosé circles Paras like a hungry wolf circling an injured animal. As Paras attempts to get up Mosé clamps on a Cross-face chicken wing and pulls Paras back to the ground. Matteo stands over the top of Paras and bends down pointing in his face.

King Matteo: See Paul, you always just seem to make the wrong choices. You went against The Family again and again and again. This was your last chance, we told you that we would take care of this on our time, and that time is NOW!

Mosé releases the hold flipping Paras over onto his stomach. Martino hands Mosé and Matteo taser guns as well and then Martino stands over Paras. Paras attempts to get to his knees slowly and Martino slaps Paras in the back of the head mocking him. Martino then moves as the Three Maurako’s ready their taser guns for another shot at Paras. Paras gets to his feet and The Family fires sending two shots into The Perfect One’s back and one into his chest again.

Paras twitches in pain on the ground like a mad man as The Maurako Family all laugh at the expense of their rival. The Family whispers to each other as Mosé walks off. Once Paras has stopped his twitching, Matteo pulls him to his feet and allows Martino to lock on a Cobra Clutch on Paras and Martino begins dragging the barely-moving Paras to the front of his car. Matteo grabs Triple P by his feet as Martino walks up onto the hood of the car and then finally drops Paras on the roof of his GTO Judge. Martino jumps down from the car and joins his father Matteo as they look up into the sky at the Semi-Truck Trailer. Mosé appears on top of the Trailer and peers down at Paras.

King Matteo: Paras, in Mosés first match he won HOW Tag Team gold. Now he’s going to be the one responsible for taking you out. We are the most dominant Family in the entire Wrestling Business and Mosé is the one who will carry on our name for years to come.

Matteo sends a farewell slap to Paras and walks away with Martino. Mosé screams from the top of the trailer and then leaps off of the trailer and hits an astonishing Shooting Star Press onto Paras caving in the roof of Paras’ GTO Judge. Mosé clutches his chest in pain as Matteo and Martino laugh and Paras lays motionless on his car.

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Mohegan Sun Arena

Uncasville, CT

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  • 9:00PM