Mayhem: November 2nd, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
November 2nd, 2009 – #HOW89
Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY



A thunderous explosion of electric blue pyro welcomes us to Monday Night Mayhem as the HOTv feed kicks in LIVE from Rochester, New York. 10,000 fans have packed the Blue Cross Arena and have turned their attention to the HOV, where the word “Mayhem” is sparkling across the screen in blue pyrotechnic letters. “Self Esteem” roars across the speakers and the capacity crowd responds fervently for what is set to be a Double Main Event card.

Much like a firework fizzles out of the air, the letters on the HOV slowly fade out until the screen is completely black, but only momentarily as “Self Esteem” also tunes out and the feed quickly produces the HOW World champion and the #1 Contender, sitting side-by-side in the office of General Manger, Ryan Faze.

The sight of these two superstars incites a tremendous roar from the crowd before “Perfect” Paul Paras chimes in inquisitively, his eyes peering out over the top of his silver mirrored shades.

Paul Paras: So what’s this all about Faze? By now, even you should know better than to waste any of the “Perfect One’s” time.

Just inches away from his Best-of-Seven series opponent, Aceldama, looking noticeably fatigued and unhealthy, adjusts himself in his chair.

Aceldama: Paul’s right. In case you weren’t aware… we’ve got a match to prepare for.

Aceldama clears his throat to rid of the hoarseness in his voice while Faze nods, indicating that this meeting does indeed, serve a purpose.

Faze: Listen, I know you both have got a big match with each other later tonight… a 30-minute Iron Man match that will not only determine who re-takes the lead in your series, but will undeniably test your limits, both physically and mentally. Now I’ve been fortunate enough to witness your first two battles first-hand, but it’s become clear to me that both you, Aceldama… and you, Triple P, have no regard for your physical well being when it comes to battling for this World championship.

The gold plating of the World title belt shines brightly in the light of Faze’s office as it rests neatly at the edge of his desk before the two superstars.

Faze: I meant what I said last week. This is no longer about me and my personal interests. This is about each and every one of you in the back… especially you two, putting your careers at stake every time you step out from that curtain. Bottom line… I’m concerned for your safety and well being.

Rising out his chair, Paras scoffs and turns back towards the door.

Faze: Ah-ah-ah… sit down.

Paras: Please. Like I should believe any of the venom you spew from your mouth.

Still, Faze’s apparent sincerity is enough for Triple P to take his place back in the chair.

Faze: I deserve that… I know. If I were you, I’d have a hard time sitting in front of a man that sought out to make your life hell for the past few months. In fact, I’d have an even harder time not reaching across this desk and strangling that same man… but I’m asking for your trust Paul… and Ace? Ok?

Just look at your both… I mean, Aceldama… champ… have you even eaten ANYTHING in… days, weeks? And that sprained ankle… you couldn’t even walk into this office without wincing; feeling the after-effects of that steel cage match you somehow managed to win last week. And Paul… even you should admit that your current state is far from Perfect. I mean, you’ve got more bruises on your body than a damn cantaloupe used for a bowling ball.

My point is this… you need rest. BOTH OF YOU need to rest and recuperate before your already legendary careers come to a screeching halt. And Lord knows what you two will put each other through tonight… but next week, I’m not just telling you… I’m ORDERING you both to rest up. Stay home. Relax. Heal. And for Christ’s sake… EAT something.

Ace and Triple P shoot each other a glance before fixating their gaze back on the GM.

Faze: I’m not doing this to protect you guys from each other… I’m doing this to protect you from yourselves. The determination you both have put forth in order to meet your respective goals is downright admirable, but it’s reached a point where I have no choice but to intervene.

Aceldama: But-

Faze: No buts Wolfgang… just trust me. I know that might be difficult for you both, but I will NOT stand by and let you two ruin your careers on my watch. Now I know you both have more… pressing… matters to attend to. PLEASE… all I’m asking is for you to trust me on this. Ok?

Aceldama and Perfect Paul Paras rise at this cue of dismissal and engage in an intense, yet brief staredown before Aceldama turns and heads out the door. Triple P quickly follows suit after raising an eyebrow towards Faze before the scene transitions to our first commercial break of the evening.


Who will emerge victorious in Match 3 of the Best-of-Seven Series for the World Title? With the series tied 1-1, stay tuned later in the program for the 30-minute Iron Man match between the champion, Aceldama, and his challenger, “Perfect” Paul Paras!



The welcoming sight of Mayhem announcers Chastity Gold and Rick Fantastic bring us back LIVE in Rochester as the two prepare to give us a brief run-down of tonight’s card.

Chastity Gold: Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome to MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! As always, Chastity Gold sitting alongside Rick Fantastic… and Rick, as we just saw before the break, General Manager Faze has ordered the HOW World Champion and #1 Contender the week off to rest next week after what will surely be a brutal encounter… Match 3 of the Best-of-Seven World title series… an Iron Man match tonight here in Rochester.

Rick Fantastic: This might be the first decision by Faze I have ever agreed with. If it hasn’t been evident enough, Aceldama and Perfect Paul Paras have torn each other apart already and are going to do so again tonight! From what we’ve seen from the first two matches, the reward obviously outweighs the numerous risks they’ve been taking ever since this series began.

Chastity Gold: We’re talking about the careers of two men that are, right now, the best this business has to offer. But in my eyes, Faze made the right call and may have just added a year or two back into the careers of those two men.

Rick Fantastic: But the Iron Man match is only part 2 of our Double Main Event here on Mayhem, as fast-rising superstar Tim Shipley looks for an upset against sure-fire future Hall of Famer, Shane Reynolds.

Chastity Gold: With ICONIC fast approaching, Shane Reynolds should obviously be amongst the names being considered for the year’s end induction, but an upset victory by Tim Shipley tonight might deter that status as the rookie looks to continue his momentum only a week after a huge win over LSD champion, David Black.

Rick Fantastic: And what an impressive win that was for Shippers… but more importantly, ROXIE is in the building and is looking fiery, as always! Hey, Chaz?

Chastity Gold: Yeah Rick?

Rick Fantastic: I think I’m in love…

Chastity Gold: And you hound ME about my infatuation with Triple P! Anyways, befor-


Democratic Monarchy?

Suddenly, “Hunt You Down” by Saliva interrupts the announcers and The Maurako Family walks out onto the stage with Mario & Mosé wearing the HOW Tag Team Titles.

Chastity Gold: Speaking of fiery, the Tag Team champs are here and appear to be more “juiced” than usual. King Matteo leads the family down the aisle and into the ring where Martino holds the middle rope down and the whole family enters the ring one by one.

Rick Fantastic: Juiced? You mean literally or figuratively?

Chastity Gold: I- well- I’m really not sure.

Matteo immediately produces a mic which he hands to Martino, who is holding a scroll.

Martino: Hear Ye Hear Ye. As this Proclamation states as of this 2nd day of November we Maurakans hereby declare our independence from the United States of America, and the rest of the Nations of the World. With no further delay the citizens of Maurako Island would like to announce our first ever King, and therefore from this day forward you may all bow before his grace. Behold! I present to you the King of Maurako Island.


Martino drops to one knee and holds the mic up. Matteo steps forward and takes the microphone from him.

Matteo: Peasants of… where are we?

Mosé steps up and whispers in Matteo’s ear.

Matteo: Rochester, New York… lend me your ears. No longer should you be scared of The Maurako Family… you should be terrified! In a time where all of HOW has turned into yellow-bellied do-gooders, I am here to promise you that as long as I am King, there will be no such acts from The Maurako Family. You see, a week ago we walked into the White House and I had a sit down meeting with your President, Barack Obama. President Obama said that he would acknowledge our Independence under a few rules. Number one, we had to promise that we were a peaceful nation that wasn’t out to destroy the United States or any other nation. Number two, although we were planning on sporting a monarchy as our form of government, President Obama wanted us to have something more democratic. So we went ahead and developed our own Government… and from this day forth, Maurako Island will operate the World’s first Democratic Monarchy. Simply being that the King will be an elected Official. As you can see, that too was also done for Barack Obama. Thirdly, Barack wanted us to donate to his campaign fund.

Then it was time for our demands. I was only after one thing in this closed door meeting… and after a few minutes of discussion, and a larger donation then originally promised; your President Obama broke down and offered The Maurako Family Diplomatic Immunity in the United States of America.

The fans start a lack luster chant of “You Suck” as Mario graciously accepts the microphone from King Matteo.

Mario: Now I know that all you HOW’sers have no clue how this affects any one of you, so I will explain it in terms easy enough that a four year old would understand. Does everyone remember on the last Thursday Night Aceldama when Twisted Reality tried to carve Matteo’s eye from his skull?

The fans cheer as King Matteo looks on disgusted.

Mario: And does everyone remember how they were hauled off to jail? Well with Diplomatic Immunity we CAN’T be hauled off to jail. You’re rules and regulations no longer apply to us and we don’t have to adhere to them. So right now, if I was Twisted Reality or the Brothers of The Beast, I might want to start looking over my shoulder every second of every day because we can and will strike without any repercussions from HOW’s precious EPU. So to all the Triple P’s, Aceldama’s, & Mike Bests of the World… take this as your one and only warning, as we are prepared to do things ‘The Maurako Way’.

Mosé: Hey Dad, why don’t we use some of our new found power right now?

Mario: That sounds like a Marvelous idea Mosé… if only there were someone here worthy.

Mario begins to scan around the arena looking at HOW Staff and the fans alike. Suddenly, Mario stops looking and a smile comes across his face.

Mario: I think we have a winner.

Mario and the rest of the family exit the ring and begin to make their way over to the commentators.

Rick Fantastic: Wait a second! Are they looking at me or at you, Chastity?

Chastity Gold: I’m not sure! But either way, I don’t like it!

The Maurako Family stops right in front of the announcer’s table.

Mario: Well look what we have here guys. Chastity Gold, the voice for Triple P’s fan base here on Mayhem. You know Chastity, for weeks I’ve had to sit and watch Mayhem and listen to your annoying voice praise the looks and skills of Triple P. Yet you overlook someone like MYSELF who has made a living carrying Triple P in tag team matches. I mean, look at me… I obviously don’t need him to hold these bad boys.

So I think it is only appropriate that you get up from your seat, Chastity Gold, and kiss King Matteo’s foot… or else you will end up with 1,030 other women, on the world famous Whack-o-Meter.

Rick Fantastic: Don’t do it Chastity!

Chastity Gold: I- I- I don’t want to… but I really don’t think I have a choice!

Mario grows impatient waiting for Gold and leans across the table, ripping the headset off of her head.

Rick Fantastic: Come on Mario, this is uncalled for! Why don’t you and your goons just take a hike! Oh God… Chaz… run!

Before she can do so, Mario threatens to hit Rick if he doesn’t back off and then proceeds to grab Chastity by the arm, dragging her around the side of the announcers table while pointing down at Matteo’s boot.

Mario: Kiss it Chastity! Do it right here in front of all these lame New Yorkers.

Chastity again hesitates and Mario forces her to the ground. With her lips literally inches away from King Matteo’s boot, the entire Maurako Family jumps in shock as “Headspace” by Velvet Revolver echoes throughout the building.

Rick Fantastic: Thank God!

The Maurakos look around frantically until “Perfect” Paul Paras comes shooting down the entrance ramp with his trademark Singapore Cane in hand.

Rick Fantastic: The Maurako Family is scattering away like rats!

Paras immediately rushes over to Chastity Gold and checks on her while the Maurakos reunite at the top of the stage. Triple P returns a stern glare up towards Mario, who mouths the words “On our time, Paul” back to him as he tends to Chastity.

Rick Fantastic: Had it not been for Triple P, my broadcast partner would have been forced to kiss the feet of Matteo Maurako… and perhaps even worse!

The smitten and thankful Chastity Gold nods to Triple P that she’s ok as he escorts her back to her seat at the announcer’s table.

Rick Fantastic: Chaz! Are you alright? Folks… while my broadcast partner settles back into the booth, let’s head backstage, where Tim Shipley is standing by!


Death Letter

“At least tell me what it says.”

Roxie Sykes is more than suspicious. She returns from her routine smoke out from the back of the building to find Tim Shipley gumming shut an envelope. Yes: backstage before his match with Shane Reynolds, arguably the highest profile of his HOW career thus far, Tim Shipley has been writing a letter.

Shipley: What you don’t know can’t hurt you, Rox!

His voice is jovial but Roxie narrows her eyes at him.

Roxie: Give me that letter, right now.

Shipley: No! I’m just going to—

She makes a grab for the envelope as he brushes past, and there is a loud rip. Shipley sighs.

Shipley: For God’s sake, Roxie—

Roxie: What the FUCK is this?

She brandishes ripped sheets at him.

Shipley: What does it look like Rox? It’s a torn up letter, and now I need to write it all over again.

Roxie: Two things. First, when you want to tell Faze something you just storm into his office and fucking do it, that’s how we roll round here if you’d forgotten, we don’t write letters like fucking Victorian gentlemen. Did you write it with your feather quill you fucking… Brit.

Shipley mutters something about it being more professional to make requests this way, but the murmur is lost amid Roxie’s yelling.

Roxie: And SECOND, what the FUCK is this bit: “It is with great regret that I must withdraw my name from the list of contenders for David Black’s LSD championship.” WHAT. THE. FUCK, Tim? What have we been working towards these last few weeks? Answer me you great big prick.

Shipley: Alright, alright. It’s a surprise, obviously. But I thought about it long and hard and I just don’t want that psychotic individual anywhere near you. I tell you, if I’d known they would condone behaviour like that here in HOW, we would not be here right now. To think of it. He was going to hit you, Roxie; not only that, he was going to smash your face open with those brass kn—

Roxie: HOLD ON JUST ONE SECOND. This is about ME?! You’re backing away from the LSD title because you think I can’t handle my goddamn self?! Oh, this is too rich Tim. This is too goddamn fuck-witting rich. What happened to despising mediocrity? What happened to showing up Black for the empty shell he is? What happened to holding that belt one day longer than him, JUST BECAUSE YOU FUCKING CAN?

Shipley: Those were words, Roxie. Just words. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Roxie: It doesn’t MATTER? Jeez, I LIKED that Tim Shipley. He had focus. He had drive. He was pretty goddamn sexy when he was running his mouth in that ring. Now who the fuck is this standing here in front of me?

She shoves him in the chest, bitter disappointment running through her. Shipley, emasculated, has to act quickly.

Shipley: It’s not like that—

Roxie: It IS like that.

Shipley: It’s NOT!

He grabs her arm as she turns to leave, and her breath catches in her throat, a flicker of something: fear, desire, passion. Something.

Shipley: What it is, is I’m BETTER than him. I’m BETTER than that. Did you not notice they have me going places Roxie? This is a double main event tonight. Aceldama, Triple P, Shane Reynolds and… me. I’ve made it Roxie. This is where we wanted to be. If I go after that LSD belt now I’m just stepping back into the great unwashed. We don’t NEED to prove anything to David Black anymore. Sure, I’d like as much as anyone to show him up for the fraud he is, but that’s a job for Silver Phoenix now, or Golden Phoenix, or Whateverbloodycolour Phoenix he is now. The job for me Roxie? After I beat Shane Reynolds tonight, the job is to RUN this show. And you and me, Roxie. We can do that.

He releases her arm and Roxie stands, mouth agape, staring breathlessly into Shipley’s blazing eyes.

Roxie: Now, I’m listening. You’d better go out there like THIS, Tim. Like this. Not the fucking crustacean you are during the week. Pumped up like THIS, is how you go out and beat Shane Reynolds.

Shipley: Just another brick in the wall, Roxie. Maurako. Cavanaugh. Kirsta Lewis. Black. Now Reynolds. Just another brick in the wall.

Roxie nods and gives her client a beaming smile, and the pair exit the dressing room as we cut to commercial.


Lee’s Lethal Lottery returns THIS THURSDAY with three titles on the line!!


Back LIVE, we find Erites Kallisten leaning against a hallway wall with a mic in one hand and an opened legal letter sized envelope in the other. Across her painted pink lips is a smug little grin.

Erites: Hellooo Mayhem! Big night, eh?

She paused after the question, head cocking to the side as if able to hear the response. She nodded, if only to herself, with that same grin present.

Erites: Best-of-Seven Series! Shane and Shipley! Foreshadowin’ of what the future holds…

Erites nodded once again and rolled her shoulders back to push off from the wall, immediately beginning to pace the width of the hallway. For a few seconds, her mismatched eyes were fixed on the ground, seeming to think it over. Then in the middle of the hallway, she twisted to face the camera once again.

Erites: …and a big night fer me too. No match, nah, at least not tonight. But I wanted ta share somethin’ important wit’ ya guys. Isn’t that the theme lately, y’know, ta make sure that we’re here fer the fans?

The smile that had vanished due to her earlier words resurfaced and grew almost cheshire in nature as it curled up at the corners.

Erites: As ya might’ve heard, me and Kirsta go back. Somethin’ of a history together. Maybe ya’ve heard of her no showin’ on me several years ago? Go fig’… but I took that as a personal slight. I’d say it created this sense of abandonment wit’ me that stretches way, way back. Ya might say it ties back ta my roots…

The pacing resumed as she spoke, stalking across the width of the hallway only to have to snap around and replace her own footsteps. Her movements were stiff, reflecting the cold demeanor that crept into her voice.

Erites: I’ve a resolution, however! A solution! Ya wouldn’t dare stand me up ‘nother match… would ya Kirsta? ‘Nother match saaaaay… at ICONIC? No, I doubt you would. Anyways, we’ll have our history settled and I’ll prove that I am not jus’ some non-factor. I’ll make damn sure ya never forget me ‘gain.

Her head lifted to stare into the camera, apparently having forgotten in the moment that she was supposed to be addressing the audience. Then, quite suddenly, the smile returned like the difference between dark and light and she lifted the envelope without explaining the purpose behind her action. Her voice, once again bubbly as she bounced eagerly on her toes.

Erites: ‘N fact, jus’ to ensure you show up this time, I’ll even let ya’ pick the match, Kirsta. But be sure to pick it ever-so-carefully… cuz I’ll be waitin’ fer ya’!

Waving the mystery envelope happily at the camera, Erites winks before we cut elsewhere in the arena.


Perfectly Addictive

Our backstage camera suddenly shifts into focus on a pair of determined, piercing brown eyes that glare just off-camera. The sound of repeated loud pounding noises can be heard in the same room, prompting the camera to slowly zoom out. The eyes remain focused as ever, their attention completely devoted to a full-size punching bag that their owner is systematically delivering a collection of snapping jabs to the surface of. From the moment the camera begins to zoom, the cheers from the Rochester crowd grow louder and louder until they reach an absolute fever pitch. Working out in the locker room, preparing for one of the biggest matches of his career is the #1 Contender to the HOW World Title, “Perfect” Paul Paras.

Paras delivers two forearm shots to the bag, followed by a Muay Thai-style roundhouse kick with a loud battle cry that echoes through the locker room area, possibly an expression of anger at the Maurako Family’s actions earlier in the night. Triple P breathes in deeply, then steps away from the bag and shakes out his arms, but soon has his attention sternly directed toward something…or someone off the left side of the screen. The camera view scrolls over to reveal a solemn Brian B.A.R.E., looking quite a bit more aware than he did last week. He is noticeably lacking his HOW microphone and doesn’t look to be prepared to conduct an interview.

Brian B.A.R.E.: Hey Paul… how’s it going?

Paras grimaces, obviously annoyed.

Paul Paras: Me? The Perfect One? I’m stellar, Brian. Half an hour with Aceldama on tap, my former “family” members trying to rile up innocent women… Just stellar. As for you… how was your drink last week?

Paul slaps Brian on the shoulder as the announcer’s face tells a story of dejection and disappointment.

Brian B.A.R.E.: I…I don’t remember, man. This whole last month has been a big washed-out blur! Midnight and some other guys are getting their own interviewers, so I don’t have much to do, Faze isn’t speaking to me, all the old shit isn’t having the same effect…do you have any more… blue?

Paras looks into the bloodshot eyes of Mayhem’s resident interviewer, then smirks and turns back to his locker. He carefully reaches a hand into his gym bag and produces a plastic bottle, which he tosses to Brian. B.A.R.E. quickly and desperately fumbles the bottle in his hands, then opens it and chugs its contents.

Brian B.A.R.E.: Ah man, I’ve been needing that for…hey, wait, what is this? It doesn’t taste like normal…

Paul Paras: It’s water, you ignoramus. Now stop obsessing over your asinine habits and get back to your job. If the HOW fans wanted drug addicts on their televisions, they’d change the channel and watch Mad Men. These people want to see Brian Bare, Mayhem interviewer, getting the Perfect word from the Perfect One, “Perfect” Paul Paras!

The crowd goes wild at this idea, causing Brian to look upward at the emanating cheers. Triple P reaches back into the locker and takes out two objects—an HOW microphone, which he hands over to Brian, and his mirrored sunglasses, which he places coolly in front of his eyes, the lights in the room reflecting heavily off their lenses. Bare resolutely nods his head and prepares for his first sober interview in months, nervously gripping the microphone.

Brian Bare: Okay…you’re right… maybe this will get Faze back on my good side. So, Triple P, the Minnesota Messiah, what are you going to do in response to the actions of the Maurako Family toward Chastity Gold earlier tonight?

Triple P glares at Bare with a “are you serious?” look, then regains his composure, speaking in a less errant, more serious tone than before.

Paul Paras: Look, Brian, I know you’ve probably been passed out for the better part of three months, but anyone who has met Mario Maurako knows that the meathead has a short fuse. Now, the Perfect One may have gone along with and even enabled Mario’s temper in the past, but when he tries to compromise the safety and honor of someone like Chastity Gold—someone who embodies the spirit of cheering for her heroes and enjoying every moment of this crazy wrestling world we live in—that is when Paul Paras stops supporting. That is when I stop enabling. That is when I make sure my “papa” Matteo, “nephew” Mose, and my “brothers” Marty and Mario are treated as they treat others…

Paul turns toward the camera and smirks.

Paul Paras: Mario, you think we’re going to do this on “your time”? Too bad. “Your time” ran up a long time ago.

While the New York crowd cheers loudly, there is a moment of silence in the room, causing Paul and the camera view to slowly pan back to Brian, who we find downing more water out of the bottle. As soon as he notices his being discovered, Bare rapidly tosses the bottle behind him and swallows the water, nearly choking himself in the process. Once Brian regains his breath, he raises the microphone back to his mouth.

Brian Bare: Sorry…addictive personality. So, where were we? Oh yeah! I know you want to tear the Maurakos apart, but you have other important matters to deal with first! Last week, we saw as Aceldama suffered what appeared to be a serious ankle injury while preparing for his steel cage match against you. He managed to overcome that and even up the series against you. What do you have to do tonight to regain the edge and get one step closer to the HOW World Title?

Triple P’s perturbed expression from Bare’s “unique” interviewing seems to fade away at the mention of HOW’s greatest prize.

Paul Paras: The HOW WORLD CHAMPION, “Perfect” Paul Paras…

Paras lifts his head, gazing up into the lights as the crowd in the arena fills the air with a raucous “TRIPLE P, TRIPLE P” chant. He slowly returns his attention to the camera, his face showing a forceful mix of determination, pride, and a hint of joy at the prospect of winning the belt.

Paul Paras: …Never in my life have I heard a sweeter sound, Brian. To be recognized as the greatest athlete in the wrestling world is nothing new to the Perfect One… but to be recognized as the standard bearer in High Octane Wrestling is a goal that echoes in the psyche of every single man and woman who laces up the boots. HOW’s World Champions are an elite class…they include such amazing talents as Shane Reynolds, Max Kael, Bobbinette Carey, Issac Slade, and Aceldama himself. Of course, every individual on that list has another distinction on their career resume—every one of them has been defeated by the Minnesota Messiah.

The crowd explodes into cheers at this fact, while Paras keeps his poise.

Paul Paras: If I am to become champion, I must outlast Aceldama yet again. Aceldama has proven many times in his career, including just last week, that no amount of physical distress can deter his dreams of keeping that belt…

Triple P’s smirk turns into a scowl as he delivers a quick side fist to the locker door, causing it to slam shut and leaving an indentation of the side of Paul’s hand in its metal surface. Brian Bare’s eyes widen in surprise while Paras’s glare doesn’t move a millimeter.

Paul Paras: So, Aceldama…it looks like I’ll just have to take you to levels of distress you’ve never dreamed before. It was a sight to behold watching you escape the cage last week on a sprained ankle; this week, I will sprain, sever, and dislocate every limb on your body if it means achieving my dreams. Tonight, we compete in wrestling’s ultimate endurance match— 30 minutes of blood, sweat, and tears—and no escape from the Perfect Athlete. Big Ace, you and I have been drawing comparisons to one another ever since I became #1 Contender and you began changing your life…

Paras’s smirk returns as he pulls his Singapore cane up from its spot leaning against the row of lockers. He moves it up to his shoulder and stares back into the camera with an aura of extreme confidence, the crowd going wild for his every move.

Paul Paras: Tonight, and for the rest of this series, the Perfect One shatters those comparisons to pieces. I am the greatest wrestler HOW has ever seen. I will take your title, and I will change your life for good.

Triple P turns back to Brian Bare and extends a hand, which Bare quickly shakes. Paras heads off the side of the camera view as we return to Chastity and Rick at ringside.


Shane Reynolds vs. Tim Shipley
Singles Match

Chastity Gold: My hero!

Rick Fantastic: Barf!

Chastity Gold: ::dreamy sigh::

Rick Fantastic: ANYWAYS… folks, it’s about that time for our first Main Event match of the evening! Here’s Kimber Marshall with the introductions…

The camera cuts to the ring, where the long-legged Kimber Marshall is ready, standing in her low-cut, black dress.

Kimber Marshall: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Roxie Sykes, from Milton-Keynes, England, weighing in at 225 pounds… TIM SHIPLEY!!!

Tim Shipley’s entrance music hits the speakers and he makes his appearance on the stage alongside Roxie Sykes. The crowd is on their feet for Shipley after his big win over David Black that earned him a chance at the LSD Title. With only two matches on the card tonight, the fans seem hyped for the first of the two matches. They’re overly animated as they attempt to get their time on TV as Shipley hits the ring and begins stretching and psyching himself up for the match with the aid of Roxie.

Chastity Gold: Shippers looks poised for an upset tonight as his goals here in HOW have seemingly changed only a week after earning himself an LSD title shot.

Suddenly, Shane Reynolds appears at the top of the ramp to the tune of “Sin With A Grin” by Shinedown.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachussets, weighing in at 225 pounds… SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

The crowd turns to boos for the oft-hated superstar as he proceeds down the ramp and into the ring, where he and his opponent face off until Referee Romeo Ward calls for the bell to start the match.


Shane charges Shipley right off the bat and starts throwing punches to his head and mid-section. He follows up the assault with a dropkick that takes Shipley off his feet. Shane’s quick to push the advantage he’s gained by laying the boots to the fallen Shipley before finally backing off and allowing him to rise. But Shipley isn’t able to rise completely to his feet before Shane is on him again, this time catching him with a running neckbreaker!

Shane goes to pull Shipley up but gets a headbutt into the chest that staggers him back for his trouble. Shipley takes the opportunity to fire off a few quick kicks and punches to keep Shane dazed before hitting a side Russian leg sweep.

With Shane down, Shipley capitalizes by spring-boarding off the ropes into a moonsault and follows that up with a quick elbow drop. Pulling Shane up, Shipley fires him off into the ropes and goes to dropkick him but Shane holds on. Before Shipley can recover from the missed dropkick, Shane delivers a standing moonsault onto Shipley and then goes to lock on a Boston crab.

Rick Fantastic: Reynolds is looking to put this one away early!

Shipley thrashes in the hold as he struggles to get to the ropes. Roxie slams the apron and gets right in his face from outside the ring and Shipley manages to fight his way to the ropes to force Shane to break the hold. Shane does so with only a single count from Ward and begins shouting at the referee heatedly. Gesturing wildly, it’s clear that Shane is saying that Roxie pushed the ropes so Shipley could get to them. Roxie is incensed at the accusation and begins arguing with Shane over the issue. Ward intervenes and gives a warning to Roxie and does his best to navigate Shane back into the match.

Given a moment to recover from the submission hold, Shipley brings Shane back into the match by catching him with a dropkick to the knee. He follows it up with a dropkick to the face of the now kneeling Shane Reynolds. Shipley goes to the top turnbuckle and checks to see if Shane is rousing, after he’s satisfied the man is staying down he flips off the top turnbuckle into a falling splash. After hitting the splash, Shipley is quick to go for a cover.

Shane gets a shoulder up after only a one count and Shipley drags him up to his feet and goes for a DDT on the former ICON champion. Shipley presses the advantage he’s gained for himself and drags Shane back up to his feet again. But Shane fights back and hits a snap suplex and follows it up with a somersault leg drop. Once more, Shane looks for the Boston Crab, but Shipley manages to prevent him from locking it in and instead ties Shane up and attempts his own Newton’s Paradox submission!

Chastity Gold: What a reversal by Tim Shipley!

But Shane fights out before he can lock it on. Both men come to their feet and stare each other down for a moment before Shane goes for a clothesline, but Shipley catches the arm and counters the clothesline into another DDT and covers for his second attempt at a pin.



Rick Fantastic: KICKOUT!

Shane kicks out after two and Shipley goes to pull him up before Shane nails him with a boot to the gut and follows it up by kneeing him in the side of the head. Shipley staggers and Shane rushes at him, catching him by his head and carrying himself over the top rope to hang Shipley there. Shipley holds his throat as he stumbles back from the ropes while Shane slides back into the ring, ignoring the admonishments of the ref. Still hurting over being hung out on the top rope, Shipley stumbles right into the double-knee facebreaker by Shane that leads to his first cover of the night. But as Ward goes to make the count he is distracted by Roxie who hops up onto the ring apron to get Ward’s attention. Roxie tries to point out to Ward that one of Shipley’s feet is under the bottom rope but Ward is clearly aggravated by Roxie’s distraction and ejects her from ringside!

Chastity Gold: Wow! Roxie Sykes has been ordered to the back by Romeo Ward!

Roxie is furious and states her claim as Ward makes sure that she leaves from ringside. During this, Shane takes the opportunity to pull Shipley away from the ropes and hook the legs for the cover. With Roxie now backstage, Ward turns and immediately drops for the count.




Shipley kicks out of the cover and Shane shows his frustration as he hammers his fists into Shipley’s body. Shane covers again but only receives a 1-count before Shipley kicks out again!

Still frustrated, Shane pulls Shipley to his feet and hits a neckbreaker before pulling him back up for a snap suplex. Shipley fires off a few shots in an attempt to fight out, but Shane hits a knee and delivers the suplex. Shane goes to make another cover, but Shipley catches him and drills him with a forearm smash to the face that rocks Shane back. Shipley quickly captures the dazed Shane Reynolds with the Chaos Theory.

Chastity Gold: Cradle Suplex!

But before Shipley can capitalize on the cradle suplex, Shane rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Ward attempts to get him back into the ring, but Shane doesn’t seem to be in any hurry. Romeo starts a ten count, but Shipley doesn’t want to win by a count out and goes for a suicide dive onto Shane. But Shane sees it coming and is there to meet him and counters with a devastating dropkick!

Rick Fantastic: Second suicide dive in as many weeks this time BACKFIRES on Shippers!

Chastity Gold: Well, what worked on David Black doesn’t work here against Shane Reynolds, as the former ICON and World champion was ready for Tim’s aerial attack!

The referee starts the ten count again as Shane goes to work, putting the boots to Shipley to keep him down before pulling him to his feet and catches him with a hard elbow that rocks Shipley on his feet.





Shane rushes Shipley, perhaps thinking a clothesline, but whatever it was that Shane had planned was negated as Shipley catches him with a Drop Toe Hold that sends Shane face first into the steel steps!

Rick Fantastic: OH! Tremendous impact there as Shane’s face meets the steel!



Hearing the referee’s count, Shipley is quick to roll Shane into the ring and follow him in by the count of 8. Shane struggles to his feet now donning the proverbial crimson mask, busted open thanks to his run-in with the steel steps and he goes to work with a hard fist. The two men in the ring begin exchanging blows before Shane takes a hold of Shipley’s head to pull him out of the referee’s line of sight. Using his own body to block the referee’s view, Shane spits a mouthful of his own blood right into the eyes of Shipley!

Shipley goes to wipe the blood out of his eyes, but doesn’t want to give Shane a chance to capitalize on his actions and goes for a bleary-eyed clothesline. The clothesline hits but not the intended target whose ducked the blow, but instead it connects with Romeo Ward and sends him over the top rope and lays him out on the outside of the ring.

Chastity Gold: Shipley inadvertently laid out the referee!

Thinking he’s bought himself a few moments, Shipley wipes the rest of the blood out of his eyes only to see Romeo Ward laid out. He turns to find a Shane with a blood-stained grin waiting for him and is laid out by a clothesline of his own. Eager to take advantage of the fallen referee, Shane slips out of the ring and forces the timekeeper up and takes the chair he’s sitting on and brings it to the ring. Shipley is just getting to his feet when Shane throws the chair at him. Shipley catches it before he even realizes what’s going on and Shane follows behind with a dropkick that sends the chair crashing back into Shipley’s skull! A baseball slide from Shane sends Shipley crashing to the floor outside beside Ward.

Right beside Shipley, Ward begins coming to as Shipley attempts to bring himself up. But Shane leaves his feet and comes out of the ring with a desperation suicide dive onto Shipley that brings him crashing into Ward and Shipley together. Both men are sent into the guardrail right in front of the fans, who are frenzied due to the action thus far.

Shane pulls himself to his feet and realizes that he just took out the referee and his opponent. He blinks for a moment as if not sure how to proceed. After a moment’s hesitation, Shane goes under the ring and pulls out a table that he’s quick to set up and maneuver Shipley on top of. Shane looks like he’s going to going to climb the turnbuckle but thinks better of it and grabs the steel chair and lays it across Shipley before climbing the turnbuckle, and after a quick glance to make sure that Romeo Ward is still out, and leaps off the turnbuckle…

Rick Fantastic: DIABLO’S INFERNO!!!

The maneuver lays out both competitors and its several moments before Shane is able to will himself to his feet and roll Shipley into the ring. After he gets Shipley into the ring, Shane attempts to rouse Romeo Ward. Several more moments pass before Shane is finally able to get Ward to his feet and guide him to the ring. Shane follows behind him and hooks Shipley’s leg for the cover!




Chastity Gold: NO!

Somehow Shipley is able to get the shoulder up with Ward’s hand mere millimeters from the mat and the crowd is electric in their support. Shane doesn’t waste anytime in frustration and instead drags Shipley to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner. He follows behind Shipley and after nailing a few quick punches, goes to climb to the top turnbuckle. Shipley comes to sudden life and hammers a few blows into the stomach of Shane. Tim jumps onto the middle turnbuckle and catches Shane by the head, leaps back up and plants Shane with a DDT off the top rope! Both men are laid out in the ring with Shipley just able to get an arm across Shane for the cover.




Rick Fantastic: Shane got his foot on the rope!

Both men struggle to their feet and tie up in the middle of the ring. A hip toss from Shipley gives him the advantage and as Shane rises to his feet Shipley follows the move up with a spear.

Chastity Gold: SPEAR FROM SHIPLEY!!!

Rick Fantastic: Out of desperation! These guys have put each other through hell and Shipley caught Shane with the unexpected!

Shipley lands two quick elbow drops and drags Shane to his feet, looking for a side backbreaker, but Shane ducks behind him and catches him with the half-nelson bulldog. Shane pulls Shipley to his feet, only to be caught up by a roll up!



Chastity Gold: KICKOUT BY SHANE!

After slight hesitation by both men, they find their way to their feet and Shane misses a drop kick. Tim follows it up with a dropkick attempt of his own that is, in turn, avoided by Shane. Thinking the same thing, both men come roaring at each other with a clothesline only for both men to duck the blows! They run the ropes and come back at each other and both men showing a similar mind pattern again meet each other with a double crossbody!

Rick Fantastic: WOW! Shipley and Shane had the same agenda there as they literally went move-for-move in that encounter!

The referee waits to see signs of life, but both men are out cold in the middle of the ring. He’s forced to start a count!








Both men start pulling themselves up using the ropes to pull themselves to their feet But it’s clear they’re struggling as the referee continues the ten count.


The two men struggle as best they can to get to a vertical base, but they slip down and are forced to start struggling up again.



Tim and Shane manage to their feet before they are counted out by using the top rope to get to a vertical base. They lumber around awkwardly as they try to collect themselves before going at each other again. It’s Shane who comes out with the first move with a snapmare. He follows it up with a quick dropkick and goes for a standing moonsault, but Shipley rolls out of the way.

Chastity Gold: He missed!

The crowd booms as Shipley comes to his feet. He tries to pull Shane up from the mat, but Reynolds catches his arm with his own and begins to wrench it as he navigates himself up. Shipley tries to get his free arm to the ropes and is able to reach them, Ward soon demanding that Shane release his hold. Shane refuses though and knees Shipley in the gut to force him to release his hold on the ropes. Ward reprimands Shane for his actions, but Shane ignores him and calls for the “Original Sin” finisher.

Rick Fantastic: Lookout Tim!

Reynolds swiftly executes the swinging Unprettier-like maneuver and immediately covers his opponent once again.





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 16:54… SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

Shane quickly rolls out of the ring in victory as the fans erupt in a mix of boos for the victor and cheers for the efforts of the defeated. Long overdue for a series of commercials, the cameras quickly cut away as Ward tends to Tim Shipley.


Tune in to HOTv this Thursday night when Budweiser proudly presents The Lethal Lottery; where the entire landscape of HOW can change in just one night!


Shane Reynolds vs. Graystone©

HOFC Tournament Winner vs. Michael DeNucci©

Erites Kallisten vs. Kirsta Lewis


Pick a card, any card…

Fresh from commercial break, Mayhem returns to the backstage area of the Blue Cross Arena, where his heavy boots fall loudly on the solid floor and his feet within ache along with the rest of his body. He walks as though he has gone through the wars – moving slowly and even going so far as to limp – and in some way he has because, for Shane Reynolds, Tim Shipley had proven a far bigger challenge and obstacle than he had forseen. Maybe he had even been – dare he think it – a worthy opponent?

Shane shrugged off such thoughts, as he continued to limp along, and ordered his mind to keep his focus on two, currently more important people. For it was because of these two people that he hadn’t just left the arena after the match… and it was because of these two people that he is…

Shane Reynolds: Off to see the wizard…

The words came out in a long, slow, and sinister drawl, rather than as upbeat and cheerful as they had been in the movie.

Shane Reynolds: …The wonderful wizard of HOW…

He shuffled around a corner, with a smirk starting to emerge on his thin lips as he thought of the next part of the song and the wishes he was going to demand.

Shane Reynolds: …Because, because, because, because….

He thrust himself immediately towards a door on his left as he approached it. Not bothering with such things as knocking, he gripped the door handle, pulled it down and through his weight against the wood. The door burst open and he burst in, attracting a sudden look of surprise from Mayhem General Manager, Ryan Faze.

Shane Reynolds: …of all the wonderful matches he books!

Faze, who had been looking over at Shane above a sheet of paper he was holding, places it back down on the desk before clasping his hands and offers somewhat of a welcoming smile.

Ryan Faze: I do what I can. And, y’know, I’ve been meaning to ask you about that – what’s with all the singing lately?

Shane shakes his head, baffled, before gripping the back of a free chair and pulling it back so he can sit on it.

Shane Reynolds: Singing? I’ve never sung in my life, so I’m afraid I can’t answer that. But what I have done, and you may remember it, is take a beating at the hands of a long-haired, make-up wearing harlot–

A slightly titter of amusement goes up through the crowd at ringside, due to the fact that until he said harlot, he might well have been describing himself.

Shane Reynolds: –and Kirsta Lewis.

Ryan Faze: I do recall.

Shane Reynolds: And I doubt I’ll be forgetting any time soon.

He replies, pointing the index finger of his right hand up to the remnant of the cut on his head left by Kirsta Lewis’ brutal kick.

Shane Reynolds: Maybe if some fools hadn’t have stolen my scalpel back at the hospital, I could have repaired it myself, but alas, the problem is down to you to solve.

Ryan Faze: How so?

Shane smirked, the rest of his face bearing an expression that seemed to imply that the answer Faze seeks should already be blatantly obvious.

Shane Reynolds: By showing how much you meant your little apology last week, granting me the chance at vengeance for myself and Michelle, and letting me do my doctorly duty and dissect them–

He pauses to shake his head and correct his line of thought to something a tad less crazy and more orientated to the show.

Shane Reynolds: –I mean, by letting me do my wrestling duty and destroy them in a match.

Ryan Faze: Wait a minute… you want to face both of them at the same time?

Shane nodded emphatically, his mouth beginning to salivate at the very thought of it.

Shane Reynolds: More than anything.

Faze moves backwards from his desk, sinking further into his chair, as if contemplating. It’s only a moment, however, before he delivers his answer, and prompting not the reaction from Shane he expected.

Ryan Faze: I’m afraid not, Shane. I’m not going to jeopardize your health or fitness in a match like that, especially not before ICONIC.

The aforementioned response is not one anger or annoyance. In fact, it isn’t much of a response at all, as all Shane does is continue to sit there for a few moments, before suddenly reaching down and pulling a pair of cards from his pocket and sliding them onto the table.

Shane Reynolds: I had a feeling you’d say that. So… Trick or Treat?

He asks, repeating the words he knows to be written, hidden, on the underside of the cards.

Ryan Faze: What’s this?

Shane responds now by throwing his arms theatrically into the air, much akin to a ringmaster at the start of a circus act.

Shane Reynolds: Pick a card, any card, to make the choice. Pick the one with treat and my wish for this match shall come true. Pick the trick and… well, maybe then we could settle for best out of three?

Faze shakes his head in low-key disbelief, sighs, and then reaches his hand out toward the cards.

Ryan Faze: Fine. But no best outta’ three, got it? I’m going to pick one card. If its treat, then you get your match, but if it’s trick, then its going to be a match of my choosing: a tag-team match, against Kirsta and Graystone, with a partner to be decided by me.

Shane’s hand suddenly shoots out towards Faze like a torpedo, stopping only a few inches from his face.

Shane Reynolds: Deal!

The handshake is not reciprocated, however, as Faze chooses the left hand card and flips it over, eager to get this bit of business over and done with. With a smile, Faze looks from the card and up to Shane.

Ryan Faze: I guess I’ll be letting you know your partner in due course.

From the face of Ryan Faze, the camera pans down over Shane’s shoulder to show the word “trick” looking back up at them. Pushing the chair back, Shane stands back up. For a moment he merely stands there, seemingly about to speak, but them merely claps his hands together in front of him and bows his head, before suddenly away and sweeping back outwards through the door.

Faze sighs again, his eyes on the now re-closed doorway, before falling back on the cards – particularly the one remaining face down. Out of curiousity, he flips it over alongside the first.

Ryan Faze: Huh?

His expression is one of surprise and confusion to match his single word, as the show cuts away from this scene on the shot that the second card said “trick” also.

As the camera shifts from the office of Ryan Faze, the echo of footsteps are heard from a distance as Black Mamba cuts a path through the rows of stage hands and production crew, his eyes wandering as he’s deep in thought about his opponent from last week, Rush Marconi. He turns down a hallway, bumping into someone who is also in a hurry. He stumbles to the ground, looking pissed off at whoever did it, but his expression changes to one of shock and unknown fear. He quickly stands up as he looks at Max Kael, staring back not with a frown, but with a smile that sends grown men running.

Max Kael: Well hello there. The good Lord put eyes in the front of your face so that you can see where you are going. You might consider using them more frequently so you don’t make any more… embarrassing little mistakes.

The ICON Champion, wearing a solid black suit, leans in toward the man in front of him, taking careful measure of him. Shaking his head, Max leans back and shakes his head tsk, tsking.

Doing his best to return the smile, Mamba dusts off his black wife beater and jeans. He maintains eye contact, but only briefly.

Black Mamba: Uh, sorry about that. I’m afraid I’m thinking a bit too much and forgot to look where I was going. Well… gotta go.

Max watched Mamba closely before he started to laugh loudly, shaking his head. Jabbing a finger into Mamba’s chest, Max sneered.

Max Kael: You’re lying to me, Mamba… you don’t think. We all know that, otherwise, you might be a credible threat in HOW. A threat like… say… Max Kael.

Black Mamba: Look, I wanna be a threat. I think I can stand a chance out there. What makes you think otherwise?

Mamba tries his best to smirk but it seems to falter.

Max Kael: Logistics, my loveable jobber. You’re about as dangerous as a no armed man in a cart wheeling contest. What do you bring to the table? What threat do you offer, huh? I’ve broken men. I’ve had them run over with cars. I’ve defeated World Champions and am a Multi-Time Champion. What do you have?

Black Mamba: I have my father’s legacy and my pride. I simply cannot barter that. There is no logistics in this business. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and I intend to eat them all and spit them out… one way or another. What do YOU have?

ICON Champion laughs in Black Mamba’s face and sneers, shaking his head as he pushes him to the side.

Max Kael: Legacy and pride? You can’t barter it because it’s useless as it starts. Legacy of another man? Pride? HA! It’s about time you get something yourself. Take a piece of advice… HURT someone. Make someone care. Introduce a little hate into the world.

Black Mamba: Make someone care? Hurt someone? What is this… Phantom of the Opera? How desperate of a man do you take me for?

Max turned and waved as he walked away, his head lowered slightly as he glowered down at Black Mamba.

Max Kael: Desperate enough to stand in the hall for a few seconds, discussing it with a man who wore a woman’s face on live TV, to get a point across. Ciao!

Black Mamba simply stands there, shaking his head as we return to ringside, “Singularity” by Doctor Steel firing out over the P.A. system.

As the lights dim, two massive Maxopotamian Banners unravel from both sides of the stage while a bright spotlight falls upon the entrance. Max Kael arrives as cheering is obviously piped in over the crowds boos, only enticing them to boo him further. Holding his arms up in the air, a massive explosion of pyro rocks the arena in celebration of Max Kael’s arrival. In the center of the red, green and blue explosions stands Max Kael relishing the moment until the pyro dies down.

Fresh from harassing Black Mamba, the ICON Champion has a wide smirk on his face as he lazily paces back and forth while he manifests a custom Maxopotamia microphone from his pocket and lifts it up, tapping on the end of it as a horrible screeching noise is heard throughout the arena. As the people die down thanks to the noise, the piped in cheering slowly fades out. Max lifts the microphone to his lips.

Max Kael: Well hello once again, Mayhem, we meet again! Last time I was here was just over a month ago before heading into Rumble at the Rock. Well as you all know, Rumble at the Rock didn’t go so well for the Prime Minister but that’s ok… because following Rumble at the Rock, this snake in the grass got his title back!

Holding his hands up triumphantly, he is met with another barrage of boos and jeers from the fans which he seems to ignore as he paces back and forth.

Max Kael: Now, once I was given the ability to come back to Mayhem I said to myself, Max it’s time to stop being so selfish. The fans of HOW deserve to have you not just on Turmoil, but they desperately need you on Mayhem! I mean, since I left, this place has gone to pot. Two PPV matches at Rumble at the Rock and one of them included GM Ryan Faze getting involved! How typical is that, huh? And now what do you have? Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds? Triple P vs. Aceldama in a best of seven? SNORE!

Making snoring noises into the mic, Max closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep as the fans showed their appreciation for his lack of respect by chanting “You Suck” in his direction. Max slowly opens his eyes as the whole arena begins to rumble with “You Suck” much to his dismay.

Max Kael: You know, as your ICON Champion, I really do deserve more respect then that! I came here to show you what entertainment was instead of the dribble that has been flowing through these halls! What? Once David Black left, did Mayhem lose its way? You’ve got a World Champion over here, but…

Max takes a moment to sniff the air loudly before he lifts the mic back up to his lips.

Max Kael: …this show still stinks.

Chastity Gold: Oh, come on now! Max Kael may be the ICON champion, but how dare he come here to disrespect Monday Night Mayhem!

Max Kael: Thank GOD for Max Kael, the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia and your ICON Champion! A champion you can be proud of, a Champion you can invest in, a Champion who is more important then the title he carries! That is what a true champion does ladies and gentlemen and that is why I am due all the respect you can possibly muster plus more! I am the RICHEST active wrestler in HOW, which makes me the most powerful man who is not a staff member.

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wad of twenties which he holds up in the air as if to show off his new found wealth to the recession-hit city of Rochester. All he is met with is boos and random flying pieces of garbage.

Max Kael: I run my own Nation you filthy little poorlings. You idiots couldn’t run a convenience store. I am the ICON Champion that makes the title mean something. You stink-twits couldn’t even grasp the title of a Book! I am a HOW Hall of Famer, the only Hall of Fame any of you fat asses might grace is a Hot Dog Eating Hall of Fame. You will respect me just as every… EVERY member of the HOW Roster respects me because I’m smarter, more cunning, and wealthier and by all stretches a greater wrestler then any other non-Champion!

The boos of the arena become deafening as Max Kael looks confused as to why no one seems to be cheering. Shrugging, he lifts the mic back up to his lips.

Max Kael: Fine. Be that way, you’re not worth my time anyway. After Turmoil’s Lottery, when I defend and retain my title, you will see. You will all see that I am a man to be feared and respected as the greatest ICON Champion of all time! Imagine that!

Singularity” cues back up as Max Kael cuts off his mic and the cheers of adoring fans are piped back in much to the irritation of the fans of Rochester. Max waves before he turns around and heads backstage again, just as we are set to take our final commercial break.


Max Kael defends the ICON title at the Lethal Lottery, but against WHO?!?
Don’t ask, because I can’t even tell you!


The True Iron Man

Chastity Gold: Welcome back folks, and what a night it’s been so far on Mayhem!

Rick Fantastic: My heart’s still racing from our first Main Event match of the night! Shippers almost had him, eh Chaz?

Chastity Gold: A valiant effort by Tim Shipley indeed, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Shane Reynolds. But right now, it’s time for our second Main Event match of the night… and more notably, Match 3 between the World Champion, Aceldama and the challenger, Perfect Paul Paras!

*The HOV comes to life yet again revealing Aceldama, walking down a corridor with the World title belt strapped to his waist. He is being led by two doctors in white coats into a small room. Inside is only a set of scales and a bench. One of the doctors closes the door and they both look at Aceldama rather strangely.*

Doctor- You should know the drill by now, Mr Bruggemann.

*Aceldama is in a world of his own and it takes him a minute to respond.*

Aceldama- I am sorry, I was elsewhere. You were saying?

Doctor- I was saying, Mr Bruggemann sir, if you could remove your pads, your boots and your belt and then step onto the scales please.

*Aceldama proceeds to remove his boots, sitting on the bench as he does, taking off his knee and elbow pads, then the World title belt and sets them in a neat pile on the wooden bench. He walks over to the scales as the two doctors check their notes.*

Doctor- At the beginning of this Best-of-Seven series, wrestler Aceldama weighed in at 275lbs. Aceldama now weighs… wait a minute, something must be wrong with these scales John.

John (other Doctor)- They were working fine for me about ten minutes ago when I weighed Paras.

*The two move away for a conference with each other; whispering softly to one another but stopping to take a moments glance at Aceldama, they then return, baffled by what they are finding out.*

Doctor- Mr Bruggemann, I don’t quite know how to say this, but the scales are telling us that you now weigh 252lbs. You have lost 23lbs in less than three weeks.

Aceldama- That was the weight of failure upon me, I left that all behind me on the first week, now tonight I am about to go out there and make my problems that little bit lighter by going into the lead. Are we done here?

Doctor- I suppose so, just add that to the record…

*The doctors look at one another, jot something down on their pads then leave the room. Aceldama gets off the scales and goes over to the bench and proceeds to put his boots back on when there is a knock at the door and a man is standing by it sporting a rather fetching and well trimmed goatee, he is smiling at Aceldama as if Aceldama is meant to know who he is, but he doesn’t. Everybody else in the arena does as the footage is shown on the HOV screen, and one person in particular is very happy to see this person’s face*

Chastity Gold- That’s, that’s, that’s……oh my gosh! It is! Here? In this building, the same one I am in?

Rick Fantastic- Who is that?

Chastity Gold- Who is that, you say?!? The Iron Man himself… its Robert Downey Jr!!!

*Robert Downey Jr makes his way into the room and offers out his hand, but Aceldama is still confused as to who he is and what he wants with him*

Robert Downey Jr- Aceldama… I came here tonight with my son Indio to come personally see you and wish you luck in your Iron Man match tonight. I know its very cliché me, playing the Iron Man, wishing you luck in an Iron Man match and all… but you and I share a lot in common.

Aceldama- What do you mean?

Robert Downey Jr- Like you, I have had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. It wrecked my relationships, tore any family I had away, and even brought me to jail. I needed to change, or else the life I was going to live afterwards would have been a very bleak or even short one. I needed to focus on something I was good at, and that something was acting. Since I got more work… Tropic Thunder, Iron Man… I have been clean because I have been busy.

Aceldama- Good for you. But what has all this got to do with me?

Robert Downey Jr- Because you have chosen the clean life for yourself, trying to right all your wrongs, come out on the other side on the straight and narrow. And the way you done that was focusing on what you are good at… wrestling. Never lose that, keep to your wrestling as long as the blood flows through you, because without it, you may return down that dark path.

Aceldama- Thanks for the advice Tony Stark…

Robert Downey Jr- Its Robert…

Aceldama- …Robert Tony Stark… but right now, I have bigger fish to fry. Thirty minutes of hell for Paras, thirty minutes of glory for me. Nice to meet you Iron Man, but tonight there is only one Iron Man in the building… and that is me.

*Aceldama, all laced and booted up, stands and stares at Downey Jr in the eyes before grabbing the title and leaving the room leaving a rather perplexed Downey Jr on his own.*

Robert Downey Jr- Nice guy…

Rick Fantastic- Iron Man match… thirty minutes with the top 2 wrestlers this business has to offer! What more could a guy ask for?

Chastity Gold- To stick with this footage of Robert Downey Jr. a bit longer?

Rick Fantastic- Sorry Chaz, but these fans here in Rochester came to see the matches… and the second of our Double Main Event is up next. Oh, I cannot wait!


Match 3 in Best of 7 for the HOW World Title
Aceldama vs. “Perfect” Paul Paras
30 Minute Iron Man Match



The above graphic displays on the HOV as the action returns to ringside, where Kimber Marshall is prepared for the introductions.

Kimber Marshall: This next match is a 30-minute IRON MAN match and is Match 3 of the Best-of-Seven series for the HOW World Championship! Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 255 pounds… PERFECT PAUL PARAS!!!

“Headspace” kicks in for the second time tonight as Triple P appears to his typical huge ovation. A blast of blue pyro shoots out from the ring posts as Triple P removes his mirrored shades and sets forth to the ring, slapping hands along his way. He slides under the bottom rope looking ready and poised to reclaim the lead in this series after his opponent evened up the score last week.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, from Berlin, Germany weighing 252 pounds… the HOW World Champion… ACELDAMA!!!

Tool’s “Vicarious” blasts throughout the arena as the World Champion steps out onto the stage looking battered and bruised. The crowd greets him with a HUGE ovation; an ovation we fully expected after Aceldama showcased his determination and heart in battling through injury last week to emerge victorious from the steel cage.

Chastity Gold: Let’s not forget, folks, that earlier tonight, General Manager Faze ordered Paras and Aceldama to rest following this match, fully expecting that they’re going to tear each other apart here tonight!

Rick Fantastic- If the previous two matches are anything to go by we are about to witness a match for the ages here. Aceldama is coming to the ring right now and looking at him he looks like he should be exiting the ring, he looks as if he has already fought!

Chastity Gold- Aceldama has lost a staggering 23 pounds since the first official weigh in going into this match, he looks a former shadow of himself and the bruising on his body signs that he is not recovering fast enough as yet another match with the perfect one looms moments away.

Rick Fantastic- Just word from backstage, after being so happy with how last week went with no interferences, Mayhem GM Ryan Faze is making added assurance by insuring no interference this week by locking ALL doors into the main arena. That is right, the entrance to the ring has been cordoned off and even the doors to the fans have been closed. Hope they don’t need toilet breaks because they have a long wait on their hands.

Chastity Gold- I don’t think anybody would want to leave there seats once this one starts.

*The two men are instructed to walk over to the middle of the ring by referee Frank Tsonga. As the two walk over to one another, they do not revert their gazes from one another, both fixated on one another and refusing to flinch as Tsonga lays out the rules for this thirty minute Iron Man match*

Frank Tsonga- This is the third match in this best of seven series. It is a thirty minute Iron Man match, the timer will begin once the bell has rung and will continue until the thirty minutes is up. Pinfalls and submissions apply but I will warn you that so do count-outs and disqualifications, so let’s not be doing anything funny. If you are still tied after the thirty minutes is over we will go into sudden death, the match will simply continue until one of you can win a fall over the other. Have we got an understanding guys?

*Both men still starting down one another nod in agreement to the rules of the match. Tsonga asks for Aceldama to hand over his world title belt, which he hands to him and again goes back to the mind games he and Paras are having.*

Frank Tsonga- If we are in agreement then can I have the timer started and let’s get this underway.

*Tsonga moves to the corner turnbuckle and hands the world title to Kimber Marshall before we hear the bell rung as on the HOV screen a giant timer signifies the thirty minutes has begun*



Rick Fantastic- Here we go folks, put all toilet breaks on hold, disable all bells and get ready for thirty minutes of the best action in sports entertainment today.

*Both men stand face to face with one another, very aware that the clock is ticking down in their match but not one of them is flinching, one is waiting on the other to make the first move. You could cut the tension with a knife, but then all of a sudden both men make their first moves as the fists begin to fly. Each man is getting the same amount of hits on the other but neither of them seem to be gaining the upper hand. They stop their flurry of punches and grapple up, Aceldama tries to go for a supplex, but Paras sticks his foot behind Aceldama’s to block it, then Paras tries exactly the same maneuver and Aceldama counters with exactly the same ploy. They grapple for a moment longer, but then give up and separate as neither has gotten the upper hand. They stand and stare at one another, wondering what the other is going to try next, but in almost perfect unison they both go towards the ropes, Paras comes towards Aceldama who falls flat to the canvas and Paras jumps over him and onto the opposite rope as Aceldama does the same. Aceldama comes at him and Paras leaps over him. The final time they both come off the rope they both go for the clothesline and both connect knocking each other onto the canvas. But like the beginning of the match has already shown, both men are quickly to their feet and ready with fists in the air, panting heavily. Aceldama however is almost hopping on one foot as he still feels the strain of his right ankle. Paras smiles at him*

Chastity Gold- I know many people say this is an even match when it is far from it, but this is as even as any match is going to get!

Rick Fantastic- Each wrestler seems to be in the mind of the other, they are mirroring everything the other one is doing, minus the limp from Aceldama.

Chastity Gold- I think Paras has picked up on this.

*Paras instructs Aceldama that it is his move as Aceldama comes charging towards Paras and they hook up once more in a grapple. Paras rakes the eyes of Aceldama then quickly turns his attention on the right ankle, grinding down his foot upon it. Paras quickly moves behind Aceldama and takes him down by grabbing both feet from underneath Aceldama and sending him face first to the canvas. With Aceldama on the ground Paras walks OVER the ankle of Aceldama as he screams in pain. Trying to keep his opponent on the ground Paras continues the onslaught of Aceldama as he tries to get to his feet he simply swipes away his feet from him, sending him back down to the ground. Paras springs off the ropes and plants Aceldama with a diving elbow to the sternum, then up and repeats the same manoeuvre. Paras is simply trying to wear down Aceldama. He grabs Aceldama by the left leg and proceeds to drag him to the far turnbuckle where he drapes his legs to the outside of the ring. He rolls outside and grabs Aceldama’s right leg and using the post he smashes it off the metal, Aceldama screams in agony, recoiling back into the ring holding his right ankle. Paras turns and smiles to the crowd, climbing the steps he mouths the words ‘Perfection personified’ as he begins to climb to the top of the turnbuckle.

Aceldama is now to his feet but limping badly, he has not seen Paras making his way to the top turnbuckle. Paras comes down on Aceldama with a flying axe handle but with an enormous feat of strength Aceldama catches Paras mid air and pulls him into his body and lands a perfect belly to belly suplex. Both wrestlers are now back on the canvas.*

Rick Fantastic- Awesome feat of strength from Aceldama there!

*Aceldama is sitting upright looking at Paras, staring menacingly at him, he gets up rather awkwardly then gives a cut throat sign as he moves towards him and in front of him he seems to try and attempt his own version of Paras’ anaconda vice, but Paras quickly squirms out of the way and onto the ropes*

Chastity Gold- Did Aceldama just go for the Messianic Complex?

Rick Fantastic- Paras knows his move well enough to even stay clear from it himself!


*Over eight minutes into this match and we have yet to see a pinfall as Aceldama goes over to Paras by the ropes and grabs him by his hair and pulls him to the centre of the ring, sticking his head between his thighs and grabbing his stomach region. He is about to try for a powerbomb, but he cannot lift him up. He tries again and gets midway but Paras’ flailing feet stop the move. Aceldama knees Paras in the midriff and then tries again, he gets him up full way but something gives and he falls backwards and onto the canvas, Paras simply lands on top of him and leaning backwards grabs both of Aceldama’s legs, his body pressed against the shoulders of the champion. Tsonga goes for the pin*



*No! Aceldama uses brute force to throw Paras of him as we have the first near fall of the match. Paras now has the upper hand as he grabs Aceldama and throws him violently across to the turnbuckle then charges at him both feet in front of him hitting Aceldama in the sternum. Aceldama comes stumbling towards Paras looking rather groggy as Paras quickly goes in for the kill with a flatliner straight to the canvas. Paras once again goes for the pin.*


*Not even a 2! Aceldama quickly springs back to action and up to his feet as his waves his index finger to signify a no as he defiantly stands there with his fists at the ready. Paras simply stands there stunned.*

Rick Fantastic- What on earth? Aceldama kicked out of the Parasite and it only took to the count of ONE!!

*Both men go back to their flurry of punches but this time it is Aceldama who gets the upper hand early, sending Paras reeling backwards. Aceldama sees his opportunity knocks and goes for the kill, charging at Paras with a gore which lifts him up and he continues the momentum straight to the turnbuckle. Aceldama places Paras on the top turnbuckle as he uses the ropes to climb himself, getting Paras under his right arm, he lifts upwards and sends Paras flying upwards and back down to the canvas with a supplex. Paras is flat out cold in the middle of the ring. Aceldama goes back to the top turnbuckle and stands on top of it, in preparation for the Blitzkrieg*

Chastity Gold- I think we are about to see the first fall of the night.

Rick Fantastic- Paras is coming to though.

Chastity Gold- Come on Paul, your my hero, I know you can get up!

Rick Fantastic- Oh come on! Enough already!

*Aceldama comes down with his diving elbow but at the last second Paras rolls to one side as Aceldama falls to the canvas hitting nothing, but Paras just like a lion stalking his pray strikes on the vulnerable Aceldama as he immediately grabs his right ankle and puts on a painful ankle lock, the look of intensity in his eyes showing how much force he is putting on, whilst the look of severe pain in Aceldama’s eyes shows that he may be close to quitting.

Tsonga is straight onto the canvas in front of Aceldama asking him if he wants to quit, Aceldama gives a defiant no followed by a scream of agony as Paras locks it in more.*

Rick Fantastic- I don’t think Aceldama can take any more of this, there are literally TEARS rolling down his eyes.

*Aceldama has his hand reached out and trying desperately to get his hand to the ropes. Sheer grit and determination gets him a few inches closer, but still too far away. The intensity on Paras’ eyes shows how much force he is putting into this hold. Aceldama gains another few inches, then more, he is literally a finger stretch away from the ropes. And with one final push Aceldama can feel the ropes as he gets the tip of his fingers onto the ropes but with that as he is about to grasp at it with a clenched fist, Paras pulls him away and back into the middle of the ring. Tsonga asks Aceldama again if he wants to quit, still defiant he says no, then Paras really turns up the volume and the scream becomes even louder, then the frantic tapping at the canvas. Tsonga calls for the bell as Aceldama quits and the first fall goes in Paras’ favour*


Perfect Paul Paras 1-0 Aceldama


Chastity Gold- I did not think that Aceldama was going to give up there, literally inches from the ropes, he could feel the cloth on his fingertips, but resilient as he is, so is Paras, one nil.

*Paras wastes no time in allowing Aceldama to get a breath as he charges at him with a sliding tackle, the force sending Aceldama to the outside in a heap. Paras rolls to the outside and stalks Aceldama. He picks him up and throws him towards the steel steps and he smashes straight into them. Paras is now goading the champion, who is using the railings to get upright. Paras goes to charge at him and as he does Aceldama sees him coming and flips Paras over his head and into the crowd before falling back to the ground. Paras is laying flat on the concrete with all the fans surrounding him. Aceldama gets back up again and climbs over the railings only to be met by a drop kick to the face from Paras which sends him reeling back over the railings! Paras know comes back into the ringside area as Tsonga instructs that he does not want to have to start a count out but he will, so Paras takes Aceldama by the hair and rolls him back into the ring, following suit behind.

Paras straightens himself up, fixing his hair as he moves towards Aceldama and picks him up once more, flinging him towards the ropes and as he comes back he grabs him in preparation for a belly to belly supplex but Aceldama headbutt’s him breaking the hold, then runs off the ropes himself, Paras ducks and Aceldama comes back towards him and two simply collide, but nobody flinches, Paras makes the first move swiping at Aceldama but Aceldama takes the arm of Paras, holding onto it and with the other free arm swipes a deadly and vicious clothesline which sends Paras spinning in mid-air!*

Rick Fantastic- The fall of the Berlin Wall!!

*Aceldama again goes to the ropes and comes back with a diving two footed tackle straight to the face of Paras before grabbing his legs and going for the pin. Tsonga is down fast*




*No!! Literally at the last second Paras gets a shoulder up and breaks the three count, Aceldama cannot believe it as he kneels in disbelief. Paras is now turns on his stomach trying to get to safety of the ropes, Aceldama looks to the turnbuckle thinking of doing his patented finisher again, but strangely he changes his mind and opts against it. He turns back to Paras who he sees slowly getting to the ropes and pulls his legs back, then taking Paras arms he places them behind his back then seats upon them with great force, then pulling Paras’ face forwards he takes two fingers and places them inside Paras’ mouth at either side and begins to stretch whilst pulling backwards, his body is in an arch shape*

Rick Fantastic- What on earth is this? Aceldama doing a submission move?

Chastity Gold- That MUST be an illegal move, that is literally a fish hook! He is tearing the tendons on Paras’s beautiful mouth apart, stop this now!

Rick Fantastic- It is unorthodox I will give him that, so much so Tsonga is allowing it!

*Tsonga is in front of Paras who cannot tap and cannot speak as the fingers of Aceldama pull away even more. Tears are coming down Para’s cheeks. Tsonga does not know how he is going to make sure Paras has quit, Aceldama lets out a roar as he arches Paras’ body back even further. Tsonga simply says to him to try and nod to the question, ‘Do you want to quit?’ It takes a while, then you see Paras’ fingers protruding from the body of Aceldama violently patting up and down, Tsonga sees this as the sign as he calls for the bell.*


Perfect Paul Paras 1-1 Aceldama


*Tsonga demands Aceldama break the hold, but he at first refuses, then Tsonga begins to count as he gets to four, Aceldama lets go and Paras reels in a ball holding his mouth as Aceldama gets up and is in a fury, he seems to have gotten a second wind. Aceldama begins a flurry of stomps upon Paras. Waiting for Paras to get up he charges at him with a clothesline, then waits for him to get up again as he charges at him this time with a gore as he follows him to the ground and begins a flurry of punches to the face of Paras. A cut is beginning to form on Paras’ forehead as blood begins to slowly drip out of it. Aceldama sees this and rakes at it, trying to open it up more. Picking up Paras he grabs him into a snap DDT. The fans begin to chant his name as he once again decides to go to the top turnbuckle, but when he gets to the top he has to change his move as Paras gets to his feet, the blood now blinding his eyes as he begins to swipe. Aceldama is ready to come down but then, Paras trips and to break his fall grabs the top rope, sending a jolt across the ring and making Aceldama fall to the metal. Paras wipes the blood from his eyes and now sees his opponent sitting limp upon the turnbuckle, he walks over and takes Aceldama on his shoulders then moves him further down as he moves to the centre of the ring and delivers a Celtic Cross. The momentum has taken the breath out of him as he again wipes blood from his eyes, trying to find Aceldama, he puts one hand on his stomach as Tsonga goes for the pin*




*No!! Aceldama raises a hand as Paras’ face is flat on the stomach of Aceldama, leaving a blood stain behind. He has no energy to even move as both wrestlers lay in a heap on one another. Aceldama raises his head as Paras is still on his stomach, face down. Aceldama slowly goes to grab the hair of Paras, but all of a sudden, like a burst of adrenaline, Paras pounces forward and locks in the Messianic Complex, as if his whole looking to be out for the count was a rouge to get Aceldama off guard*

Chastity Gold- The Messianic Complex, this is it! Aceldama cannot escape this hold!

Rick Fantastic- Well I think he is going to try!

*Aceldama tries to fling his legs around Paras, but Paras keeps moving his body away, Aceldama’s arm is in the air, his fist clenched with a defiant no, Tsonga looks down at Aceldama who is going blue in the face, but his eyes are still open, Paras strengthens the hold as Aceldama is beginning to fade. Tsonga raises the hand of Aceldama, it drops, then again, it drops faster than before. Then he goes for a third time, but it seems Aceldama is about to hold it up, but his energy is not there as he can only hold it up for a brief second before it falls down for the third and final time. Tsonga once again, calls for the bell*


Perfect Paul Paras 2-1 Aceldama


*The match continues with Paras looking at a motionless Aceldama and he strikes on the opportunity to further improve his lead as he goes for a quick pin after his submission hold…*



*No!!! Aceldama raises a hand and gets his right shoulder up, there is still something left in him. Paras cannot believe it, he could have sworn Aceldama was out for the count but he still musters to get the shoulder up. The blood is flowing freely now down the face of Paras. He gets himself upright and pulls Aceldama with him, planting a right to his face, but Aceldama equals it with one of his own, then Paras comes back with another. It turns into a real slobberknocker as the two exchange rights and lefts then out of sheer exhaustion the two basically fall onto one another and the two go crashing out of the ring under the top rope and onto the canvas.

Both slowly get to their feet and once again, both stand toe to toe, fists at the ready, the look of determination on their faces as they square up once more. Aceldama strikes first but it is blocked by Paras, who kicks him to the midsection and delivers a swinging neckbreaker, sending Aceldama packing to the matt. Paras is down too. Tsonga has no choice but to start counting*

Rick Fantastic- This has been, no pun intended here, FANTASTIC!! I cannot, no, DARE not call this one, it is simply too close to call.

Chastity Gold- These two men have given their all and I don’t think either of them will come out of this match the same again.




Paras now has his hands on the canvas trying to get up.



But he has no energy and loses his grip and slides back down again


Aceldama is now stirring and trying to get to his feet.


Paras now has literally grabbed a chunk of the outside curtain and forcing himself upright as Aceldama is now to one knee.


Paras is upright, as Aceldama is also.


Both men slowly roll into the ring as the count is broken.

*Both men begin to stir as they both come towards each other, Paras leaps off the canvas and strikes Aceldama with a flying knee strike, but slips and tries to recover whilst Aceldama is on the floor. He leans on the ropes waiting for Aceldama to get upright and as he does he comes towards him but Aceldama throws out a hand and grabs Paras by the throat and lifts him up high above his head, and chokeslam’s him straight back down to the canvas. He literally falls on top of Paras, but with his shoulders down it is good enough for a pin as Tsonga goes for the count.*





Perfect Paul Paras 2-2 Aceldama


Rick Fantastic- And there we have it folks, after the first three falls coming from submission we have our first pinfall of the matchup as Aceldama levels it with the clock ticking down to seven minutes remaining.

Chastity Gold- I don’t even think he knows yet that he has won the fall; he simply fell on top of Paras cold!

*Aceldama begins to come to as Paras still lays out flat on the canvas, he doesn’t seem to know what has happened, but as he turns to the HOV screen, he sees that the score is in fact now level and he rolls away from Paras who begins to flinch. Aceldama gets to his feet, but in sheer exhaustion falls backwards but grabs the ropes to break his fall. Paras is now getting to, still blinded by the blood taking over his face making it a crimson red. Aceldama holding the ropes feeling groggy, finally sees Paras in his sights and like a flash of red mist charges at Paras with a cross body but as if just out of pure inkling Paras catches his opponent, then, unbeknown to everybody in the arena, he too finds his second wind as he lifts Aceldama over his head but then he begins to wobble and move from side to side, he is getting closer to the ropes, so Paras decides to let go as he gets to the ropes sending Aceldama packing to the floor outside as Paras stoops to one knee, weak.

Aceldama is coming to on the outside, trying to get upwards. Paras begins to bang his feet in the ring, urging the fans to cheer him on, and they do in abundance. He wipes the sweat from his eyes as he puts a hand up, then smiles as he points to the outside where Aceldama is now onto his feet but looking rather unstable. Paras then proceeds to run and suicide dive over the top rope but Aceldama sees him coming and moves out of the way and Paras crashes right onto the announcers table, flat out in front of the commentators.*

Chastity Gold- Paul… sweetie… speak to me, are you ok?

Rick Fantastic- I don’t think he can hear you, there is blood getting into his EARS!

*Aceldama now sees his opponent on the announcers table and rather insanely decides to go towards the top turnbuckle; he slowly climbs it and turns around towards Paras, shaking looking rather uncomfortable on the turnbuckle. He points at him, then bashes his hand against his elbow as the flashes of the cameras begin. Tsonga tries to grab him by the jumpsuit to stop him as he is too late as Aceldama sails mid air and lands his elbow directly into the sternum of Paras, whilst Paras gets his knee up into the jugular of Aceldama. The commentators table is now no more as Chastity runs away from the carnage, screaming. Both are out cold.


The timer continues as both men show no signs of movement; they literally have not moved a muscle in over a minute. Chastity begins to show signs of concern for her hero Paul as she removes her headpiece and goes and tries to bring Paras through*

Rick Fantastic- Folks this does not look good. I know sometimes in the rush of battle we would put our bodies through the limits for the world title gold, but this is too much, they have not moved at all. We need some help down here.

*Without further notice a team of paramedics standing by storm to the ring with two stretchers as they make their way towards the carnage. Two teams try to bring both wrestlers to but there are no signs of movement from either as they shout at them and try to get them to come to. Chastity is told to step away as she tries to get Paras to come to, she moves away and goes back to her post putting her headset back on her*

Chastity Gold- Nothing, neither of them have moved, they are going to have to be taken out of here.


*And with that the doors to the main entrance open once again as Mayhem GM Ryan Faze comes running down to the ring with a look of concern on his eyes, he looms over the paramedics as one of them takes him to his side and begins to whisper something to him, constantly pointing at the two. Faze has his hand to his mouth, but then he begins to nod his head then thanks the paramedic as the two stretchers are brought to both wrestlers side.

Ryan Faze looks lost, standing over his two top stars out cold he does not know what to do, then he walks over to the ringmasters table and takes a microphone and proceeds to walk to the ring, climbing the steps, looking at the fans whilst biting his lip. He is now in the centre of the ring.*

Ryan Faze- First off, stop the clock.


Ryan Faze- This was my biggest fear, I knew these two would take their bodies to the limit, but I never expected it to end like this…..

*Aceldama and Paras are now getting neck braces on as they are softly put onto their stretchers as they are slowly wheeled off towards the ramp*

Ryan Faze- I know you all wanted to see this, but I have put the best two wrestlers careers in jeopardy, I never thought it would come to this but I have no choice but to…..

Chastity Gold (shouting at the top of her voice)- NO!! WAIT!!!

*Everybody turns to the ramp to see that BOTH men are fighting with paramedics to get off the stretchers that they are now on their sides as both men get up looking at Ryan Faze in the middle of the ring. They look at one another and as if almost working in unison with one another they stagger slowly to the ring, Aceldama falls as he gets to the canvas but Paras rolls into the ring, looking at Paras as he stoops forward, exhausted, no energy, but a look of disgust, he grabs the microphone in his direction*

Paul Paras- If………stop……this…….match…..then I……..quit!!

*The fans begin to scream at this news as Paras stands defiant as Aceldama comes slowly towards Faze and falls to one knee, but also takes the microphone to his mouth*

Aceldama: That…..goes……for………too!!

*The fans become electric as Faze stands there looking at two very defiant and determined wrestlers looking back at him, he slowly brings the microphone to his mouth*

Ryan Faze- You have held me to ransom, so be it. Let the match continue.

*Tsonga rolls back into the ring and calls for the bell as Faze looks at his two broken down wrestlers as he himself exits the ring, defeated but somewhat glad he has not had to end the match this way*

Rick Fantastic- I do not believe this, the match continues with only two minutes to go, how are these men even standing??

Chastity Gold- Heart. Will and determination to see this through, its so admirable.

Rick Fantastic- It is suicide that is what it is!



The HOR returns this Wednesday night at 7pm CST! Be sure to join the show LIVE as Lee Best and the gang preview the Lethal Lottery and kick things back into gear as we approach ICONIC!


The clock slowly ticks itself under 2 minutes as the capacity Rochester crowd is on their feet in awe for yet another historic match between these two ring warriors.


Aceldama and Paras slowly approach each other, dragging themselves with non-existent energy towards the center of the ring.

Rick Fantastic: By God! They are using EACH OTHER to pull themselves up to their feet!

First Paras, then Aceldama indeed use each other to rise to their feet, although the bigger fight at the moment might be keeping their balance. The silence in the crowd overcomes the arena as the two engage in a picture-perfect stare down moment.


Hundreds of cameras flash about before Aceldama snarls and delivers the first blow, a hard right fist to the forehead of Triple P.

Triple P staggers backwards, but remains on his feet as Aceldama also fights to keep balance after the mighty punch.


Triple P’s grit and desire shows as he too, returns the favor with a punch of his own.

Chastity Gold: You could almost hear his knuckles crunch as his fist met Aceldama’s cheek!!

Aceldama stumbles backwards himself and the momentum of his fall takes him back-first into the ropes. He blindly bounces off and charges forward, only to collapse forward out of exhaustion. Triple P falls to his knee as well and the crowd encourages both men with tremendous support.




Rick Fantastic: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve never witnessed anything like this in my 25+ years in wrestling!

Breathing heavily, Triple P and Aceldama appear lifeless until the crowd’s chant becomes louder and louder, the seconds ticking away almost in slow motion as they fight to continue the match.



On the outside, Faze joins the crowd in their support and begins clapping to the tune of the chant. Soon, the entire Blue Cross Arena is clapping along with him as the emotion captured in this very moment is truly something to remember.






Finally, signs of life are seen from Aceldama, who stirs about on the canvas rolling back and forth from his back to his chest. He musters up enough energy to come to his knees and seeing this, Triple P stands and charges with a running knee!

Fortunately for Aceldama, he evades the attack and trips his opponent, grabbing Paras’s ankle from behind and dragging him into the center of the ring!

Chastity Gold: ANKLE LOCK!

Aceldama’s battle cry is barely audible as his vocal chords can hardly exert even a peep as he secures the submission hold.

Rick Fantastic: He’s got him! He’s got him! Triple P is going to tap out!

Tsonga positions himself directly in front of Paul as he raises his arm to tap out, but instead of submitting, he rolls through, flipping Aceldama over and forcing him to release the ankle lock!

Chastity Gold: HOW THE- ?!?!

The crowd roars at the action and with a renewed sense of vigor, Triple P eyes the clock on the HOV, which now reads: 0:48.

In a swift motion, he pops to his feet and Aceldama does the same, simultaneously.



Rick Fantastic: 45 seconds to go and we’re still tied at 2!!!



With their back to each other, Aceldama and Triple P spin around and charge towards the center of the ring. Instinctively, Paul ducks and catches Ace from behind, halting him in his tracks. Triple P maneuvers his arms under Aceldama’s and places his hands firmly behind his opponent’s head!

Chastity Gold: FULL NELSON!

Rick Fantastic: Wait, NO!

Before he can lock his palms together, Aceldama throws his upper body forward which breaks the hold and flips Triple P over his body.


Aceldama quickly finds himself in an advantageous position with Paras seated before him and comes at him from behind with an Inverted Facelock. Paul flails his body to squirm away, but an elbow to his chest takes the wind out of him and Ace re-applies the Inverted Facelock.


Aceldama pulls Triple P backwards a bit back towards the center of the ring and quickly wraps his legs around Paras for a body scissors.

Chastity Gold: I’m stumped Rick! I can’t even tell you what this move is called!


Chastity Gold: And he’s got him! He’s got him!

Aceldama uses the leverage to contort and wrench Triple P’s body in such a manner that Frank Tsonga shouts to Paras, asking him if he wants to submit.


No response from Paul gives Tsonga a look of concern as the pain written over Aceldama’s face indicates he can’t keep the hold much longer.


Rick Fantastic: Aceldama’s got nothing left! But all he has to do is keep this hold locked in!

As Tsonga checks on Paras for what looks to be a decision in the champion’s favor, Aceldama’s energy suddenly escapes him and he is forced to release the hold on Triple P!

He crumples backwards with Paul falling next to him and Tsonga is baffled as to what to do. Aceldama and Triple P lie next to each other, each with their eyes closed, unmoving.

Chastity Gold: What an opportunity lost there for the World champion!


With both superstars on the canvas, Tsonga shrugs at Faze on the outside and looks back to Aceldama and Paras in the ring. Before long, Frank begins to administer the 10-count for both men, the crowd in an absolute frenzy, shouting for both men to “get up!”









Rick Fantastic: Oh God Chaz… we’ve got to be looking at sudden death overtime here!

Chastity Gold: The tension is insurmountable!!!



Chastity Gold: WAIT! Signs of life from Triple P!

Rick Fantastic: And Ace too!



Paul extends his arm in the air just as Aceldama flips over to his stomach. Paul does the same and reaches out toward the ropes, having been positioned in the center of the ring. Tsonga checks on both men and continues with the ten-count, confirming that neither superstar has come to their feet yet.



Wolfgang begin crawling toward the ropes, both in need of assistance to rise to their feet as complete exhaustion prevents them both from standing up on their own.

Chastity Gold: It’s a race to the ropes! Who will come to their feet first?!?

Rick Fantastic: Can either man do it in time?!?



Aceldama and Paras both grab the bottom rope, still on their stomachs as the overwhelming sense of desperation overcomes the entire arena.



Rick Fantastic: HOLY SHIT!


Both men place their hand on the middle rope, but Paul’s hand slips as Aceldama firmly grabs it, holding himself up as Paul falls back to the mat.


Chastity Gold: Angels from above… that’s the only explanation I have!


Back on his feet, Aceldama leans against the much-smaller referee before he, himself falls back to the ground, again, falling in place next to his defeated opponent. Tsonga leans out of the ring towards Kimber Marshall, who announces the decision to the fans that await in anticipation.

Rick Fantastic: The question is… DID ACELDAMA make it to his feet in time?!?

Chastity Gold: I think he did Rick! I think he did!

Kimber Marshall: Ladies and Gentlemen… per Referee Frank Tsonga, Aceldama DID NOT come to his feet before the administered ten count…

A roaring buzz comes over the crowd and a look of shock comes across the face of General Manager Ryan Faze!

Kimber Marshall: …as a result, this match will CONTINUE in sudden death overtime!

Rick Fantastic: OH MY GOD!

Chastity Gold: OH MY GOD!

Rick Fantastic: Ace… Paul… they can’t take any more! Just call this a tie for Christ’s sake! End it now!

Chastity Gold: I- I am speechless folks. I could have SWORN Aceldama just won the match right there, but apparently, he was a second too late!

The paramedics stand by on the outside with close watch as Triple P and Aceldama are literally laid out in the ring. Over a minute passes before Tsonga is able to clarify the ruling to the exhausted competitors, who look visibly dejected at having to continue this match.

Rick Fantastic: They could’ve quit and given up 2 minutes ago! But Triple P and Aceldama are putting it ALL… literally… EVERYTHING on the line in Match 3 for that World Title!

Chastity Gold: I don’t even know how they can possibly continue! Just look at them!

Breathing heavily, Ace and Paul stay down, almost as if they refuse to continue, but Triple P quickly dispels those thoughts by sitting straight up. Ace catches this out of the corner of his eye and curls the corner of his lip into a smirk; both men realizing that if they want this match to end… if they want to take the lead in the World title series… they must go on.

Leaning over the ropes to the outside, Frank Tsonga has a brief conference with Faze before turning back to the ring, where Triple P and Aceldama slowly rise to their feet much to the delight and applause from the crowd.

Rick Fantastic: Well despite two matches on the card tonight, these fans are truly getting their money’s worth with our Double Main Event!

Chastity Gold: Rochester, New York is electric right now as these two men… these two superhumans prepare for Sudden Death Overtime!

Rick Fantastic: Chaz, it’s been over 7 minutes since we’ve had our last decision and it could be another 30 minutes before we have another one, at which point Faze is just going to have to throw in the towel for both superstars!

Chastity Gold: Toss out the timer folks… this one is about to get under way once again!

Aceldama and Triple P tower over Frank Tsonga as he stands between them, making sure that both are ready to continue. Ace gives the nod and Triple P does also and Tsonga calls for the bell!


An immediate lock up in the center of the ring forces Tsonga to quickly get out of the way as Ace and Triple P engage in a stand still for several seconds until Paul spins around his opponent. He wraps his arms around the waist of Aceldama for a German Suplex, but he doesn’t have the strength.

Aceldama lands on his feet as Paul drops and releases him before shoving him in the direction of the ropes. The momentum of Paul’s shove sends Aceldama flying into them before he bounces off, flying backwards into the charging Triple P with a roaring elbow!

Paul holds his forehead in pain as Aceldama drapes an arm over his opponent!




Aceldama calls to the crowd looking to end the match and the fans respond back with cheers as Ace slashes his own throat with his thumb.

Again, both men need the ropes to lift themselves up and after doing so, Aceldama rushes at Triple P. Leaning against he ropes, Paul impressively bends forward and catches him, sending Ace flying over the top rope.

Except Ace lands on his feet on the ring apron, and upon discovering this, Triple P swings!

Rick Fantastic: He missed!

Ace ducks the attack and jabs a thumb to Paul’s eye, blinding him into Ace’s grasp. Ace secures Triple P’s head and looks back at the canvas beneath him before signaling to the crowd for the Super-plex over the ropes!

Chastity Gold: No way! No way he has the strength to lift Triple P! Remember he’s lost 23 pounds in a matter of a few weeks!

Rick Fantastic: LOOKOUT!

A desperation heave by Aceldama is largely unsuccessful, but Aceldama refuses to release Triple P!

Chastity Gold: See? He can’t even lift him!!!

A second attempt of the Super-plex fails also, which sends Ace into a fury. A knock-out headbutt from the champion appears to render Paul unconscious as Aceldama goes for a third Super-plex attempt.

Rick Fantastic: Don’t do it Ace!

Aceldama BARELY is able to lift his opponent over the top rope… and in doing so, falls backwards to the unforgiving canvas behind him with Triple P still in his grasp.


The crowd gasps as both men lie motionless on the outside of the ring while Faze rushes over to check on them.

Rick Fantastic: THE IMPACT! It’s too much! Call the match Faze! Call it! You have jeopardized their careers enough already!

Chastity Gold: But they left him no choice but to continue the match! You heard it right from Ace and Paul’s mouth!

Faze calls the paramedics and stretchers over once again, but is surprised to see Aceldama firmly grasp his arm. A look of determination and grit is all Faze needs from the champion to call off the paramedics and stretchers and Ace slowly, but surely rises to his feet. Ace catches his breath on the outside as Tsonga has already begun the 10-count for both superstars.



Rick Fantastic: Triple P is out cold, Chaz… seriously. Your man is battered and broken…

Aceldama leans against the ring apron for several moments before he finally climbs into the ring…



Chastity Gold: Just help him! Someone help him!






Kimber Marshall: The winner of this match 3 decisions to 2… ACELDAMA!!!

The fans explode with cheers and every single person in the Blue Cross Arena rises to their feet for both superstars while Aceldama can barely lift his arm in victory. Tsonga proudly takes the hand of the World Champion and raises it into the air, indicating a much-deserved, but EXTREMELY CLOSE victory as it took Sudden Death Overtime for Ace to defeat Triple P. Paramedics rush the ring to tend to Aceldama as they do the same to Triple P on the outside.



The update on the HOV prompts a thunderous roar of cheers from the fans in Rochester, who may have just witnessed the greatest wrestling match in their city’s history.

Paramedics and Faze tend to Triple P, who jolts to consciousness after a strong odor is swiped under his nose. Both men are carefully loaded onto stretchers and are loaded into an ambulance, side-by-side where they’ll be treated for numerous injuries over the course of the next 2 weeks.

Chastity Gold: Ladies and Gentlemen… catch your breath if you can, but we’re out of time here on Mayhem!

The final image of the ambulance driving away sends us home as the HOTv feed transitions to static.



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