Mayhem: November 24th, 2008 (2008)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
Monday; November 24
th, 2008 – #HOW27
The Best Arena; Chicago, Illinois

Solomon aint got shit on HOW

Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors and scissors beat paper.”


You sure you want to decide this with this idiotic game?”

All my big decisions are based off this….you ready?”

1 …2…shoot? Or 1…2…3…shoot?”


Ok let’s do this..”

The 25th Mayhem since the restart kicks off as the HOTv is airing live footage of the backstage area where Lee Best and Jeff Harris can be seen standing toe to toe with arms outstretched preparing for a very important game of Paper, Rock, and Scissors.

Lee Best: Ok and to make it official the winner gets to name the World Title Match for ICONIC and the loser gets the ICON match?

Jeff Harris: Yep. No matter what I would just fuck up any match you book and I know you would do the same to a match I booked. This is the best way to settle it other than in the ring and I know your Cyclops ass wouldn’t do that.

Lee adjusts his eye patch and stares a hole thru All F’n That with his good eye.

Lee Best: Let’s do this shit. One and done. No two outta three bullshit.

Jeff Harris: Agreed…wait…one second…

Harris motions off camera and in a few seconds Mark Toner appears already dressed in his referee gear.

Lee Best: What the hell is this shit.

Jeff Harris: Gotta make it official so I brought a referee.

Lee just rolls his one good eye and focuses in on Harris.

Lee Best: 1….2…

Jeff Harris: Wait! Wait!! That is why Toner is here…he starts the count…

Lee Best: You know what, because I want to get this shit over with I’ll play along. You just remember your ass works for me. I don’t care what your contract says.

This time Harris rolls his eyes as Toner motions towards both men, asking if they are ready.

Lee nods yes.

Harris nods his approval to start as well.

Mark Toner: 1…

Both Lee and Harris pound their closed right hands into their open palmed left hands…

Mark Toner: 2…

Again Lee and Harris pound their hands down in unison

Mark Toner: SHOOT!

The crowd inside the Best Arena all stare intently at the HOTv screen as they watch Lee and Harris bring their hands down and as Lee and Harris look at each other its obvious who the winner is….


Mark Toner: Winner with Paper over Rock….Jeff Harris!

Lee Best: NOOOOOO!!

Mark Toner: Sorry Mr. Best…you are the loser and Commissioner Harris is granted the right to book the World Title Match for ICONIC and will have to do so by the end of Mayhem tonight.

Harris quickly walks off screen smiling as Lee grabs Toner by the shirt and pulls him close.

Lee Best: So you think you are hot shit right now huh Toner? Well guess what….YOUR NOT!!!

In a flash Lee reaches into his coat pocket and brings his arm down hard into the face of Toner. Blood begins to spill everywhere as Toner falls to the ground, holding his eye in pain.

The camera then pans back to Lee where everyone can see the object that inflicted the damage to the eye of Toner….

Lee’s Bottomline Pen.

Lee Best: From now on it’s an eye for a fucking eye.

Lee raises his eye patch to reveal a blood filled eye that has clearly been altered forever at the hands of Chris Kostoff.

As Mayhem cuts to its first commercial break we see HOW medics rushing to the aid of Mark Toner as Lee can be seen putting his Bottomline pen back in his pocket, adjust his suit jacket, and walk out of view.


David Black vs. Anguish
Singles Match

Back live and we are now joined by the announce team of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell. The crowd is still buzzing about what they just witnessed.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome back to Monday Night Mayhem and quite frankly I am not sure what to say.

Big Buff: Not sure what to say? Are you kidding me? Lee got robbed in that damn competition but to see the Bottomline…..FINALLY……I mean we are on our 25th show and this is the first Bottomline since ….2005…06? Are you kidding me….THIS IS THE GREATEST NIGHT EVER….even if Lee lost.

Joe Hoffman: I dunno. Where do we go from that? I mean a man just lost his eye!!

Big Buff: We call the matches you fuckstick. Do our fucking jobs. This isn’t a fisher price fed where everything is predictable and status quo. This is fucking High Octane Wrestling ……DEAL WITH IT!!

Joe just shakes his head as Anguish makes his way out from the back signaling that it is time for our first match of the evening.

Anguish doesn’t receive much fanfare as he makes his way into the ring as a very nervous looking Matt Boettcher stands inside the ring, waiting to call the action.

Joe Hoffman: Everyone in the back has to be on high alert tonight. I mean Lee literally lost it on Toner and you just know the investors are going to have something to say about what just went down on live TV.

Big Buff: Ratings. That is all they care about and I guarantee that the rating for tonight’s show will only get stronger as the night continues. You just know everyone is texting, calling, or Myspacing all their friends letting them know that LEE BEST IS BACK!!

Again Joe is speechless as  “Worlds Greatest” by R Kelly hits the arena and David Black walks out onto the stage from the backstage area, closely followed by Jade. They proceed to walk towards the ring, with David smiling and laughing all the way, occasionally stopping to pose or exchange words with the fans.

David makes his way up the steel steps and enters the ring, before sitting on the ropes, as Jade enters the ring after him. David and Jade then walks to the center of the ring and pose together, before walking to the corner as the music fades out.

Joe Hoffman: Well another rookie here in HOW and it’s apparent that there is no shortage of talent out there that wants in HOW.

Big Buff: Wanting in and staying in is two different things. Too many of these assholes come from Fisher Price Feds where they were Fisher Price Champions and they cant make it in HOW so they opt out of their contracts or end  up just being another name on the list of never has beens in the history of HOW.

Joe Hoffman: Well there is nothing more I can add on to that statement.

Big Buff: Good…cause Boettcher just signaled for the bell and its time for some in ring action..

Inside the ring Boettcher points at both men and the match quickly starts as the crowd is still getting settled and still buzzing after the opening of Mayhem.

Black, obviously out to prove himself, quickly gets on the offensive and with his valet Jade cheering him on it doesn’t take long before Black catches Anguish with his superkick finisher called The Blackout.

Joe Hoffman: Wow…….

Big Buff: What the fuck? I didn’t get to even pour my first drink!

Black covers and there is a solid reaction from the crowd for the quick and impressive debut as Boettcher counts the three and Black gets his first HOW victory.


Post match we see Jade climb into the ring with David and they continue to pose and wave to the fans as Anguish is helped to the back.

The action then cuts backstage.

Rollover Minutes

HOW cameras are inside the office of Commissioner Harris who can be seen sitting behind his desk staring intently down at the HOW roster.

There are really only one or two people that deserve a SHOT at the World Title….and that is stretching it. Shit I might as well just book myself into the match.”

Harris is cut off when the phone rings and he shoos the cameramen away as he turns his back towards them and answers…

Ya..I am here…..ya I won that stupid contest….you are damn right I am booking that match…you want it that way right? Do you have what we talked about? Good……..yep………”

Harris looks back and sees the camera crew still in the room. He quickly shuts his phone and physically pushes the crew out of the room.

He then reopens his phone and after a moment he is on the phone with someone else.

Bring the car. I am getting the fuck out of here. I have a feeling shit is going to get a little hot and I have some new information about my son….yes NOW”

With that Harris again closes his cell and quickly exits his office and as Mayhem cuts to another commercial we see Harris jump into his waiting car and it speeds away as Joe and Benny talk about who could be behind the kidnapping.

Is Lee behind it?


The Crow?


So many people…..and so few answers.


Best Turnover..

Back live and we see Benny finally making his first drink.

Benny Newell: Ah…..finally I get to pour this sweet ever loving Jack Daniels from my official HOW flask into my waiting…

Suddenly Benny is interrupted as everyone in The Best Arena turns towards the rampway where screaming can be heard.

Benny quickly stands to his feet, spilling his drink all over himself and the table.

Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe only can shake his head as he strains to see what is going on as the monitors Joe and Benny use at their desk go out as the alcohol shorts out their circuits.

Joe Hoffman: I think that…..ya that’s…….Lee and the Alliance!

There is no music as this was clearly not planned and as the HOTv finally comes on and cameramen get into position everyone in The Best Arena sees exactly what is going on.

Scottywood and Maximillian Kael have literally dragged a man out from the back. The man is lying on his back and Lee, Scotty and Max are standing over him. Lee then kneels down and taps the man on the forehead and whispers something into his ear. Lee then motions for Scotty and Max to pick the man up and it is at this point that everyone in the crowd gasps as they see that it isn’t a man at all but a very beautiful lady dressed in a business suit.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my gosh…that’s Mindy Smith.

Benny Newell: What….!!??

Benny forgets bout his spilled drink and stands up on the announcers table so he can see what is going on.

Scotty and Max drag the knocked out personal secretary for Lee towards the center of the entrance ramp and turn her towards the crowd so everyone can see her face.

Joe Hoffman: That is just sick…..

Mindy’s eye is closed shut and there is blood flowing from her forehead, causing her hair to be matted down from the amount of blood she has lost. Max is smiling while Scottywood doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as Max.

Lee walks up to Mindy and pushes the hair out of her face and then gives her a very passionate kiss on the lips before stepping back and in a flash drives his Bottomline pen into her eye.

Max and Scotty drop Mindy as she falls to the ground and many people in the audience turn their heads while some literally get up out of their seats and head towards the exits.

Lee can be seen bending down and stroking the cheek of Mindy as HOW medics rush by Scotty and Max and wait for Lee to move away before helping Mindy.

Lee whispers something else into the ear of Mindy and rubs his hand down the length of her body before standing and looking down at the woman that has been with him the longest.

He looks like he is about to say something but instead plants a wicked kick into the ribs of Mindy and the air escaping her lungs can be heard throughout the Best Arena as Lee leads his Alliance back to the back as HOW medics rush to Mindy’s aid as Joe quickly takes Mayhem to another commercial break.


The Empty Arena?

Back live and The Best Arena is now only half full as thousands of fans left during the commercial break.

Joe Hoffman: Folks for the first time ever I have to say that Lee Best has gone too far. Stabbing a referee in the eye because you were mad that you lost a damn game is one thing…..but literally attacking the woman that has been by your side for years…and for no good reason….well Lee should be arrested on the damn spot.

Benny Newell: Slow down Joe. You know there was a reason for why Lee attacked Mindy and that whore probably deserved it. I mean she has been…

Joe Hoffman: DESERVED IT!!! THAT’S IT!!

Joe then rips his headset off and stands up and storms away from the announce table.


The remaining fans in attendance cheer loudly as Joe walks up the entrance ramp and to the back as there is an awkward silence as Benny is clearly lost as he is by himself.

Benny Newell: Um….we will be right back…..its Derek Mobley taking on Ken Davison right after this……I say that right??

Mayhem quickly cuts to a commercial as Benny can be heard screaming for help….and a drink.


Derek Mobley vs. ‘Godly’ Ken Davison
Singles Match

We are back live and Benny is no longer sitting alone at the announce table as he has been joined by none other than Lee Best.

Lee Best: Welcome back to Mayhem folks and it is now time for our first match..

Benny Newell: Um….second….second match Lee.

Lee turns and gives Benny a look that causes the Indy Legend to drop the newly made drink he made during the commercial break.

Benny Newell: FUCK!

Lee Best: First match, second match, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that tonight I will rid HOW of all its trash and we will head to ICONIC and we will get the biggest buyrate in HOW’s history and we will become the biggest company in the wrestling world. Agreed Benny?

Benny Newell: Damn right Lee…

Lee Best: Mr. Best.

Benny Newell: Huh?

Lee Best: You can call me Mr. Best.

Benny, shaking, nods in agreement as Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode hits the PA system and the remaining fans stand and cheer as Godly Ken Davison makes his way down to the ring.

Lee Best: Coming down to the ring is Team Epic member Godly Ken Davison, a man that lost his shot at the LSD Title and Commissioners spot last week when he decided to sacrifice his own career to make sure that little shit Livie was ok. By the way folks, I have made it a point to the people in the truck that if that damn VOICE is played tonight then they will be the next pieces of trash that are taken out tonight…so we shouldn’t hear anything from that fucking voice.

Benny Newell: Thank god for that right Le…Mr. Best.

Inside the ring Davison turns towards the announce table and stares at Lee. Lee, sensing that Davison wants a piece of him, stands up and motions for Davison to bring it. Lee even dangles his Bottomline pen towards Davison but the Team Epic member turns his attention towards the entrance ramp as Derek Mobley makes his way out and Lee sits back down.

Lee Best: And coming down to the ring now is a piece of fucking shit who along with Triple M and Triple P decided that they were better than the Best Alliance last week and they formed their own stable….Argonauts of Awesome….the gayest stable name in history.

Benny Newell: You are damn right about that Mr. Best.

Lee Best: Fucking right I’m right. Just like I was right when I stabbed that fucking traitor cunt in the eye. I guarantee my next secretary won’t be allowing just anyone go thru my fucking files like Mindy did. Can you believe that bitch thought I wouldn’t find out that she was leaking shit to certain people and those people now have me by the balls? Do I look fucking stupid Benny?

Benny shakes his head no quickly as he fully realizes that no matter what Lee says….tonight he is right.

Lee Best: Mark Toner was assigned this match but because he is now getting skull fucked by my German shepherd, Joel Hortega is reffing this match and I expect nothing but fairness when these two cumstains finally lock up…

On cue Hortega signals for the bell and our second match of the night is finally underway.

Mobley and Davison lock up and it is the Godly one that gains the early advantage with some solid right hands but Mobley surprises Davison early with his ability to take a punch and the AoA member quickly is back even with Davison as the two men exchange several right hands before finally Mobley gains the upper hand with a nice implant DDT.

From there Mobley is able to show off some hard impact snap suplexs followed by a few near falls.

Lee Best: Mobley is looking good in his debut. Maybe ill tell the cumguzzler that if he continues to hang out with traitor trash like Triple M, then he will be jobbing for the rest of his life….or maybe send him back to the fisher price fed he came from….right Benny.

Benny just nods and continues to sit there and just watch the action in the ring. He is dying for a drink but he spilled everything he had and he knows there is no way in hell he will be able to sneak over to his jacket to get his spare.

Back in the ring and Mobley brings Davison down with a nice short arm clothesline and appears to be gaining confidence with each passing minute.

But that confidence is quickly shaken as Godly counters a DDT attempt by Mobley with a perfect snap suplex of his own and Davison is now on the offense.

Lee Best: Davison is looking a lot closer to 100% than he did last week. The beating my boy Scotty gave him at RATR was one of the ages. It literally inspired me.

Benny Newell: Me too..

Back in the ring the crowd, what is left of the crowd, cheers as Davison executes his trademark Godplex and gains a near fall as Hortega gets to a dos count.

Davison does not let up though and continues to pound the HOW rookie with several suplex variations and even lands several high flying moves from the top rope…but each move only results in a near fall.

The finish of the match comes as Davison goes to secure his IRON CLAW move but Mobley is able to nail Davison out of nowhere with his Rock Bottom like finisher called The Thriller.

Mobley covers and Hortega counts the Uno, dos, tres.


Post match we see Mobley exit the ring with his arms raised as HOW cameras zoom in on the defeated Ken Davison as Lee once again points out that Davison isn’t 100% yet but is getting closer each and every week.

Lee then takes Mayhem to a commercial by calling Joe Hoffman a douche and everyone in Team Enema blisters on his taint.


Kostoff speaks…

Back live and we are backstage and the people backstage are running around trying to keep everything in order. The camera spins to see a backstage a reporter standing against the wall looking over some notes. Looking up they notice Kostoff making his way down the hallway. Pushing off of the wall they meet Kostoff in the middle of the hallway.

Blair Moise: Kostoff, mind if I get a few words from you?

Looking at the kid he shakes his head. Stopping he grins and places his hand on the shoulder of the kid.

Kostoff: Ok I’ll amuse you, shoot.

Blair Moise: Max had some strong words this week…

Kostoff: You mean smeagle?

Laughing the kid looks at Kostoff.

Blair Moise: Ok

Kostoff: Ok, Max always talks a lot. He’s Lee’s biggest lap dog, hell the guy is so much up Jatt Starr’s ass, you’d think he was banging him. But in all seriousness, Max is a tuff bastard, but he’s a fucking


Kostoff: I think the whole “I’m crazy” gimmick is over with. Yes Max,we all know that you had a clause to get ne in the ring against you, but I think that you and Lee forgot that I don’t duck fucks like you.

Matter of fact I go after assholes like you.

Kostoff: You like to make yourself out to be the victim of how things have turned out. But if I remember right, you guys were sure as hell tooting your horns. All of a sudden you guys aren’t top of the food

chain, and the whole lot of you are crying a river about how things are going.

Blair Moise: Ok so in this weeks match how do you feel going into it?

Kostoff: I feel good. So far since Rumble At The Rock, the Best Alliance has left me alone, which I know won’t last long. But I’m not worried. Lee knows I don’t run, so I’m ready for them to come after me

since I’m taking on their meal ticket.

Blair Moise: Any words before your match? Anything else you want to say?

Looking at the kid he smiles.

Kostoff: Yea, I’m ready for a war tonight. Max I hope you are as ready as you claim. If not it’s going to be a long night for you

He pats the kid on the shoulder and heads off down the hallway as the scene drifts back to the announce team of Lee Best and Benny Newell.

Marvelous Mario Maurako vs. Bobbinette Carey
Singles Match

Lee Best: Oh wow. Now this is going to be classic.

Benny Newell: Uhh… yeah… Triple M of the Argonauts of Awesome going one on one with the leader of Team Epic, Bobbinette Carey.

Lee Best: Wait a minute… what the fuck did you call those numnuts?

Benny Newell: The Argonauts of Awesome?

Lee Best: No… Not the Argonauts of Awesome.

Benny Newell: Right.

Lee Best: There isn’t a damn thing impressive about either of those two dumbfucks, Newell.

Benny Newell: I agree.

Triple M’s music hits as he makes his way out to the top of the ramp and then down to the ring. He stands in the ring, awaiting the entrance of Bobbinette.

Lee Best: And here comes the Captain of Team Enema…

Bobbinette Carey’s music hits and she makes her way out to the top of the ramp, a bit sluggish and stumbling. She points into the air to the crowd and they pop. Carey laughs as she makes her way down to the ring.

Lee Best: What the hell? Is she drunk?

Benny Newell: It looks like it, Mr. Best.

Lee Best: Well I’ll be damned… I think that gutter slut is drunk.

Bobbinette slides into the ring, and Triple M immediately goes to work stomping away at her back as the referee calls for the bell. Triple M picks Bobbinette off the ground and launches her off the ropes executing a clothesline. Triple M picks Bobbinette up again and launches her into the corner, and then runs in and blasts her with a huge clothesline. Bobbinette stumbles out to the middle of the ring, and Triple M goes to execute a DDT. Bobbinette counters and delivers three hard punched to Triple M’s gut. Bobbinette runs off the ropes, only to be caught with a kick to the gut, followed by a devastating pump handle slam. Triple M covers.




Lee Best: Oh wow a pump handle slam. I haven’t seen that one before.

Benny Newell: As always, Bobbinette is on her back…

Lee Best: A position she is most comfortable with…

Triple M picks Bobbinette up and slams her down with a body slam. Bobbinette holds her back in pain. Triple M continues to work over on Bobbinette, executing a full nelson suplex, followed by an arm bar. Finally, Bobbinette is able to counter Triple M’s attempt to launch her into the ropes, and reverses it. Triple M comes back, and Bobbinette executes a Lou Thesz Press followed by a series of right hands that pumps the crowd up. Bobbinette covers.




Bobbinette manages to get Triple M off the campus and execute a running bulldog. Triple M’s face blasts off the canvas. Bobbinette covers.




Bobbinette sets Triple M up and goes to execute a superkick, but Triple M ducks, then grabs Bobbinette’s leg. Bobbinette hops up and down, and then hits Triple M with an enziguri to the side of the head! Triple M is down and Bobbinette makes the cover.





Bobbinette, frustrated, goes up to the top rope, but is very wobbly.

Benny Newell: I think she is drunk. I really think she is, Lee.


Benny Newell: Sorry.

Lee Best: They both suck balls anyways.

Triple M manages to get up in enough time to stop Bobbinette by running into the ropes and Bobbinette falls, and then flips onto the mat. Bobbinette holds her back as she gets up, and Triple M is able to lock in the Marvelosity. Bobbinette tries to break free, but Triple M holds the lock on tight, and eventually the referee calls the bell, declaring Triple M the victor.


Post match we see Triple M head to the back with arms raised high as a very frustrated Carey sits in the ring pounding on the match.

Action then cuts to a commercial.




We are back live and Bobbinette Carey is standing inside the ring.

Bobbinette: You know the past couple weeks people continue to mess with me. My family everything I care about. I get the odds set against me in stupid matches that Lee books….

Lee stands up from the announce table as he hears this and within seconds Lee is standing inside the ring with Bobbinette. The few remaining fans are standing and on edge as Lee and Carey square off.

Lee Best: Go ahead..finish what you were saying.

Before Carey can answer, Godly Ken Davison comes running down and slides into the ring and stands between Lee and Carey.

Lee smiles as he pulls out his Bottomline pen and points it at Davison as he continues.

Lee Best: Right now I am staring at two losers. Two Team Enema members that lost to two AoA members tonight. What in the hell could you possibly say right now that would make me take either of you two serious?

Ken looks back at Carey, and becomes frustrated as he can obviously smell liquor on her breath. It is at this point that Davison backs away from Carey and slowly slides out of the ring and heads towards the back as Carey brushes him off and focuses…as much as she can….on Lee.

Bobbinette Carey: Livie is gone and I have nothing……but I want my damn one on one rematch with Crow at ICONIC and I want you to book that now….NOW LEE!!

Carey stumbles backwards as she yells. Lee smiles and laughs.

Lee Best: You lose to a fucking piece of shit like Triple M but yet you stay here in the ring and demand a fucking shot at the ICON title….you must be fucking high.

Carey looks at Lee and almost starts crying but instead walks right up to Lee and smacks him hard across the face and everyone in the Arena goes into shock.

Lee rubs his face and instead of going apeshit, he smiles at Carey.

Lee Best: Little feisty huh? That hard shit do that to ya? You know what, I already stabbed one bitch in the eye tonight and I am not above going for two…..but the fact remains that you make me money and since it is in your contract I will grant your rematch clause….but under one condition.

Carey leans her head forward and motions towards Lee that she is waiting…

Lee Best: Suck my dick.

Benny Newell, having just snuck to his jacket and gotten his spare, drops the bottle on the concrete floor as he hears Best tell Carey to suck his dick.

Benny looks down at the broken glass and sits down defeated at the announce table.

Back in the ring Carey has gone all ghetto on Lee and is pulling her ear rings out and is ready to fight.

Lee Best: Before you get all stupid on my ass just remember….Harris cannot help you out. You want that ICON title shot you have to go thru me….so…… going to join the SUCK LEE’S DICK club or not?

The crowd is booing loudly and they get even louder as Carey slowly walks towards Lee and drops down to one knee.

Lee Best: That’s it….it will only last a few seconds trust me…..

Lee starts to undo his pants as Carey looks towards the crowd for help but there is no one being sympathetic.

Lee Best: No fucking biting either or your ass will get stabbed in the fucking eye and I will shove my fucking dick down your eye socket and cum down your spinal cord…you got me??

With a tear in her eye Carey nods…..and asks Lee if she has her shot at Crow….

Lee Best: You are damn right you got your shot at Crow…just as….

Bobbinette Carey: YOU HEARD HIM…I GOT MY SHOT!!

Lee opens his eye back up just in time to see a fist coming at him. Lee is knocked out of the ring by the blow and falls down to the concrete floor in a heap.

HOW cameras pan back up to the ring where an unknown man is now standing next to Carey.

Bobbinette Carey: The world heard you say I have my rematch with Crow at ICONIC… without any further ado I would like you to meet the newest member of Team Epic…DYLAN NITRO!!

Mayhem goes to a commercial as we see Scotty and Max come racing down to ringside but Nitro and Carey escape thru the crowd as a very pissed off Lee Best rebuttons his pants.


Max Kael vs. Chris Kostoff
Special Guest Referee Scottywood

Back live and Scotty and Max are inside the ring now and Lee is back at the announce table with Benny.

Lee Best: Give me a drink Benny…

Benny Newell: Um….I haven’t even had one yet Mr. Best.

Lee Best: Quit lying to me Benny…..give me a fucking drink. Didn’t you see what that cunt did to me?

Benny Newell: I would LOVE to give you a drink cause that would mean I had some but I have dropped two bottles already and spilled several times…I am tapped out!

Lee Best: So you have been sober this whole time?

Benny Newell: Yep…worst fucking thing ever.

Lee Best: Agreed. Whats next then?

Benny Newell: Um….fuck where is joe…..oh ya…..Max vs. Kostoff and Scotty is the ref and they are already in the ring.

Lee Best: Good…and ya I will deal with that fucking Joe Hoffman tomorrow. Lets get fucking Kostoff out here so I can get my dick sucked.

On cue, Kostoff entrance begins and the Best Alliance turns towards the ramp and waits for his arrival but it doesn’t come from the back as HOW cameras barely capture Kostoff climbing over the guard rail right behind the announce table and he stands behind Lee smiling.

Lee Best: That better be Carey coming back to apolo….


Kostoff nails Lee from behind. The force of the blow knocks the headset off of Lee’s head and Benny scrambles as Kostoff picks up Lee and proceeds to powerbomb him  on the cold concrete floor of the arena as Scotty and Max race out of the ring.

The crowd cheers madly as Lee lays prone on the concrete floor as Kostoff stands over him.

But he isn’t standing for long as Max nails Kostoff hard across the head with a steel chair as Scotty helps pull Lee out of danger.

Max continues to pummel Kostoff with the steel chair until the HOW Hall of Famer is not moving. But Max doesn’t stop as the rage inside him has taken over and soon enough Kostoff is bleeding all over and its apparent that Max is wanting payback for Lee for what Kostoff did to Lee at Rumble at the Rock.

Finally, Scotty is able to wrestle the chair away from Max and he motions Max to get Kostoff into the ring.

The two Best Alliance members carry the unconscious Kostoff into the ring and as Scotty signals for the bell, Max makes the cover….










Post match we see Max and Scotty carry Lee to the back as Benny is stuck all by himself at the announce table.

Inside the ring Kostoff is attended to by HOW medics as the last image we see is of the bent steel chair covered in Kostoff’s blood.


World Title Match
Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds
Buried Alive Match

Back live from our last commercial break and the few remaining fans erupt as Joe Hoffman makes his way back down the ramp and towards the announce table.

In his hand he has a brown paper back and upon taking his seat he hands the bottle to Benny who looks like he is almost ready to cry.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t get all emotional Benny. I seen what went down here and I was not going to leave you alone for the Main Event, cause quite frankly you are right….we are pros and this is our job and I’ll be damned if I missed a World Title Match.

Benny doesn’t say a word and instead opens up the bottle of Jack and takes a big swig as the match is set to start.

Shane Reynold’s music hits as he makes his way out to the top of the ramp to a mixed reaction with the HOW World Championship around his waist. Shane makes his way down to the ring, focused.

Joe Hoffman: Well, Benny… The time has come. Graystone Vs. Shane Reynolds for the HOW World Championship. These two men couldn’t hate each other more.

Benny Newell: Are you kidding me? Graystone is fucking nuts! He’s a pedophile pervert who goes around chanting about “nothingness” and abusing small children.

Joe Hoffman: Well, I’m not saying that he’s not crazy… but you have to wonder about Shane’s chances against Graystone. He’s unstable. As you know, Graystone kidnapped Shane’s niece, Michelle several months ago and tormented her up until the Rumble at The Rock Pay Per View. Shane gave Graystone many chances, and Graystone would not give Michelle back.

Benny Newell: Yeah, and then he lost to Shane Reynolds. Afterwards, Shane beat Graystone’s ass… and sent him packing for a month.

Joe Hoffman: Then last week, Graystone shows up in Lee Best’s limo and for some unknown reason Lee Best grants Graystone a buried alive World Title match for tonight’s Mayhem? I don’t know what’s going on but word is that Graystone knows something about Lee Best that Lee doesn’t want going public, and Lee had to give in and grant him the match.

Benny Newell: Are you kidding me Hoffman? You think Lee is that soft to roll over and give Graystone a match on some blackmail? Lee is a cold calculating man, Joe. He’s got a plan.

Joe Hoffman: I’d be afraid to see the skeletons in Lee’s closet….

Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out and the fans go nuts. The lights come back to full and Graystone is standing at the top of the ramp. Graystone makes his way down to the ring slowly, no music, keeping his eyes locked on to Shane. Graystone makes it to the very bottom of the ramp and stands. Shane slides out of the ring, and rushes forward and the two lock up in a brawl of punches.

Graystone gains the upper hand and attempts to launch Shane Reynolds into the ring post, but Shane reverses it, and Graystone’s face smacks hard into the ring post and Graystone crumples to the floor. Shane picks Graystone up and blasts his face on the ramp, the announce table, and then on the steel steps over and over and over again. The fans are pumped up as Shane grabs the World Championship from the timekeeper and waits for Graystone to get up. Graystone sees Shane charging him, and Graystone ducks the title. Shane turns around and Graystone kicks him in the gut, hits an uppercut, then charges in with a huge clothesline. Shane smacks off the floor.

Joe Hoffman: My God, these two are going to kill each other.

Benny Newell: No! One of them is going to have to bury the other alive!

Graystone picks Shane up off the ground and attempts to roll him into the ring, but Shane blocks and hits Graystone with a hard right hand to the side of the head. Graystone falls down, and Shane kneels down and begins punching Graystone with a flurry of right hands. Shane stands back up and reaches under the ring. He pulls out a steel chair, and the fans go nuts.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no. This doesn’t look good.

Graystone is on all fours, and Shane lifts his leg up and slams it down hard on Graystone’s hand. Graystone screams in pain and rolls over to his back. Shane swings the chair, but Graystone rolls out of the way. The chair smacks off the floor. Shane swings again, and misses. Graystone gets to his knees and lunges in with a low blow. Shane drops the chair, and then drops to his knees and the floor. Graystone holds his hand in pain, and kicks Shane in the stomach. After some more right hands, Graystone picks Shane up and rolls him into the ring. Shane holds himself, laying on the mat as Graystone grabs the steel chair and rolls in the ring.

Benny Newell: This is about to get ugly.

Graystone lifts the chair high in the air, and Shane kicks Graystone in the shin. Graystone drops the chair and stumbles backwards and falls on his ass. Shane gets up and begins taking shots at Graystone over and over again, pummeling Graystone’s face until it’s clear that Graystone is busted wide open with a huge bloody gash. The crowd is on their feet with the excitement of it all and Shane Reynolds stands up. Then all of the sudden, a loud boo echoes throughout the arena as Max Kael is seen sprinting down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is this?

Benny Newell: Aha! Lee’s got a plan! What did I tell you Hoffman?

Joe Hoffman: This is ridiculous.

Max makes it to the ring, and Shane runs and jumps over the top rope with a somersault plancha, taking himself and Max out. The fans go nuts.

Joe Hoffman: What a move!

Benny Newell: No!!!!

Shane slowly gets up off the ground and rolls into the ring. Graystone is up, bleeding profusely with a sinister look on his face. Graystone grabs the chair, and Shane turns around and is blasted upside the head! The crack sends Shane falling down to the canvas, out cold. The fans boo loudly as Graystone holds up the steel chair into the air. Max Kael is getting up on the outside, dazed. He makes it to his feet and rolls into the ring, too.

Joe Hoffman: What is this? A handicap match!?

Max kneels by Shane’s head and grabs a hold. Max bangs Shane’s head against the canvas over and over again, and then begins punching Shane’s head over and over with a flurry of right hands. Max stands up and picks Shane up off the canvas and holds him up in the air. Graystone walks up to Shane, but Shane counters with a kick to Graystone’s gut. Shane manages to wiggle free from Max, and turn around and blast Max with a huge right hand. Max battles back with a right hand, then Shane hits a right hand. Before you know it the two are brawling and the fans are going nuts!

Benny Newell: It’s on! It’s on! Finally!

Joe Hoffman: They’re going to kill each other!

Shane manages to get the upper hand and sends Max over the top rope. Shane turns around to be met by Graystone, and Graystone and Shane battle it out back and forth. Finally, Shane gets the upper hand and gets a snap DDT on Graystone. The crowd goes nuts, as Shane stands in the middle of the ring.

Benny Newell: Nooo! Get up Graystone!

Suddenly the lights go out, and the HOTv comes on just outside the arena in a makeshift graveyard lit by ominous flood lights.

Voice: Help! Help! Uncle Shane Help me!

The camera spins around and zooms in on Michelle Reynolds-Creedy in a white dressed tied to a large gravestone.

Michelle: Uncle Shane! Help me! Help! Please!

The lights in the arena come back on and Shane jumps through the ropes and to the outside and begins sprinting to the back.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe it! She’s alive! Michelle is alive! That poor little girl is alive!

Benny Newell: No! Where is he going? We have a match going on here.

Joe Hoffman: Shane is going to save his little niece once and for all!

The cameras follow as Shane runs through the backstage area and past several wrestlers and crew members. Shane blasts through large steel gray doors and to the outside. Michelle is crying and screaming, tied up against the large gravestone.

Michelle: Help! Help Uncle Shane!

Shane: I’m coming! I’m coming Michelle!

Shane runs full speed ahead over to Michelle at the Gravestone.

Michelle: Please…. Please… Please help me.

Shane: I’m going to get you untied. It’s going to be alright.

Michelle: Hurry!

Shane begins untying Michelle from the Gravestone when all of the sudden WHAM! Shane is blasted with a hard forearm from behind by Max Kael! Shane stumbles down and almost falls into the big open grave to the right of Michelle. Shane turns around, incensed, foaming at the mouth, and punches Max Kael as hard as he can with a hard right hand to the Jaw. Max stumbles backwards, holding his jaw. Shane falls down and begins untying Michelle again. Suddenly Graystone pops into scene holding a huge cinder block. Graystone falls down to his knees and blast the cinder block off of Shane’s back. Shane screams in pain and rolls over on the ground.

Graystone pulls a knife out of his pocket and cuts the ropes that are binding Michelle. Michelle isn’t crying anymore, and now she looks at Graystone sinisterly.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is this?

Shane rolls around in pain, as Michelle directs Graystone to lift Shane up.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is going on!?

Graystone lifts Shane up to his knees. Michelle looks pissed, as she stares into Shane’s wincing face.

Shane: Michelle… Michelle…

Michelle: You’re dead to me.

With that, Michelle kicks Shane in the side of the face. Shane crumples into the open grave.

Max Kael quickly runs over to a large plow in front of a dirt pile and jumps in. Michelle turns and gives Graystone a huge hug.

Joe Hoffman: No! Not like this! Not like this!

Benny Newell: What in the hell are we seeing?

Graystone gets up from hugging Michelle and picks up a shovel and shovels a big clod of dirt.

Graystone: You’re dead to all of us.

Graystone throws the dirt into the grave. He picks up another shovel full, and tosses it in. Michelle gets down on her knees and picks up big clods of dirt and begins tossing them frantically into the grave. Max Kael slowly drives the plow forward and pushes the rest of the dirt into the grave. A referee calls for the bell. Max hops out of the plow, and Graystone sticks the shovel into the grave. Max Kael, Graystone and Michelle stand over the grave and stare for a moment.

Benny Newell: Feel this moment, Joe! The era of Shane Reynold’s is over! The era of Graystone and The Best Alliance has arrived!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god! I can’t believe it. I honestly can’t believe it. This is one of the biggest tragedies to ever hit the HOW.

Benny Newell: The era of nothingness is ushered in with the death of Shane Reynolds! I love it!

Joe Hoffman: Now you are talking like this creep! Listen your self Newell!

Graystone picks Michelle up and holds her at his hip. She brushes his hair out of Graystone’s bloody face. All three make their way back into the arena and down the hall. Finally they make their way out to the top of the ramp to a chorus of boos. Popcorn and sodas fly from the crowd, littering the three. A steel chair makes its way over the top of the guard rail, and grazes Max Kael’s shoulder. The three make it to the ring, and Graystone helps Michelle in through the ropes. The referee brings in the World Title and hands it to Graystone. A beer bottle flies in and hits the referee’s leg. A fan tries jumping the guardrail, but security hold him back. The crowd begins chanting “You suck balls! You suck balls!” over and over, as Graystone kneels in front of Michelle and presents her with the World Title. Michelle holds it in her arms, and then places it over Graystone’s shoulder. Graystone moves in and lifts Michelle up in the air on his shoulder as the crowd boos uncontrollably.

Benny Newell: Feel this moment, Joe!


Post match Scotty and a banged up Lee Best come running down and they stand together with the new World Champion and holds his arms up high as the crowd boos.

Suddenly the HOTv comes alive and we see none other than Commissioner Harris.

Harris: Graystone for all I know it was you that took my son and quite frankly if it was then your days as champion are numbered. Earlier I won the right to name the World Title Match at ICONIC and after watching the pathetic display I just witnessed I have no choice but to grant a World Title Shot to a man that couldn’t even beat the ICON Champion…MAXIMILLIAN KAEL!!

The HOTv goes black as the Alliance look at each other in shock as it will be Graystone vs. Maximillian Kael at ICONIC for the WORLD TITLE!!


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