Mayhem: November 23rd, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
November 23rd, 2009 – #HOW94
Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, RI


The HOTv feed becomes LIVE with a shot of downtown Providence, Rhode Island; where 13,000 die-hard HOW fans have crammed the Dunkin’ Donuts Center to capacity for another edition of Monday Night Mayhem.

Instead of the usual pyrotechnics display, flashing lights, and introductions we typically see from Chastity Gold and Rick Fantastic, the cameras remain outside where we slowly zoom into the courtyard of the arena. A bright sign bearing the Dunkin’ Donuts Center logo illuminates the immediate area as packs of fans gather in the courtyard for the much-anticipated Match 5 of the Best-of-Seven World title series; a Providence Street Fight, the outcome of which will be determined by a Mystery Referee.

Rumors have been flowing all week as to who this Mystery Ref might be, so with speculation and anticipation abound, the live microphones of the esteemed Mayhem announce team kick in with the voice of Chastity Gold.

Chastity Gold: Thank you for joining us here on Monday Night Mayhem! I’m Chastity Gold joined, as always, by my partner-in-crime, Rick Fantastic… and there you see a live shot of where it will all go down! The Best-of-Seven Street Fight between World Champion, Aceldama and his challenger, Perfect Paul Paras!

Rick Fantastic: Hey, you think we could score some donuts? I’m starving…

Chastity Gold: Well folks, as Rick just alluded to, we’re LIVE here in the Dunkin’ Donuts Center and literally MOMENTS away from the kickoff of tonight’s program. In fact, I just received word that the World Champion, Aceldama, left his locker room and is already on his way to the parking lot.

Rick Fantastic: That’s fantastic. What I want to know is who this Mystery Referee is going to be! It could be anybody!

Chastity Gold: Rumors are running rampant literally as we speak…

Just then, the cameras cut to the backstage area of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, where Aceldama has the World Title belt slung over his shoulder as he proceeds through a corridor. He pauses briefly upon reaching a door labeled “Exit” and walks out of the building, fully alert and aware of his surroundings.

Aceldama slowly proceeds to an open area of the parking lot, trying to avoid walking between the lines of car that surround him. Unfortunately, that really seems to be his only option as he dashes quickly through a row of cars, as if he can sense that his opponent Triple P is nearby. Paranoia sets in for the World champion while he scans the parking lot until he backs into something… someone, rather.

On his defense, Aceldama spins around with his fist cocked, ready to fire.

Chris CK: Whoa, whoa, whoa champ!

Aceldama: CK… what are you doing here?

Aceldama carefully lowers his fist, still on his-guard, but somewhat relieved that he wasn’t the victim of a sneak attack moments before his crucial match.

Chris CK: Why else would I be here? To prove that at ICONIC, yours truly will be an impartial referee when the legendary, Jatt Starr takes on the giant, Trent in a Hardcore Submission match.

Aceldama: Two men that you’ve recently defeated, I might add, but enough about the pay-per-view. I’m more worried about tonight.

Chris CK: Don’t you worry, Ace. I may have earned a title shot of my choosing after the pay-per-view… and I’m not gonna lie, that World title of yours would look mighty fine around my waist… but I’m not here to play favorites. I’m gonna call your match as I see it… whether that means you leave Rhode Island in victory… or walk out of here in defeat, destined to put it all on the line next week.

Aceldama doesn’t take too kindly to Chris CK poking his index finger into the gold plate of his World title, but nods regardless; his unspoken response enough to satisfy the Mystery Referee that everyone’s been speculating about all week.

Chastity Gold: Ladies and Gentlemen, you just heard it here first! Chris CK, of all people, will be the Mystery Referee for tonight’s match that’s about to… well, kick off any second!

Rick Fantastic: And here I thought it was going to be Mario Maurako the whole time…


Match 5 in Best of 7 for the HOW World Title
Triple P vs. Aceldama
Rhode Island Street Fight

 Well, it makes sense that Chr- whoa, lookout!!

Perhaps out of desperation for that fact that he’s taken a 3-1 series deficit; enduring 3 straight losses after what was nearly 3 undefeated months in HOW, Triple P blindsides Aceldama with his trademark Singapore Cane; a fitting start to the Rhode Island Street Fight that will determine if Aceldama retains the World Title, or Paras lives to fight another day.

Rick Fantastic: Perfect Paul Paras out of nowhere! Did he just… appear randomly out of thin air?

Rick’s soon finds his answer as the HOV switches to dual-screen; the left side of the screen sticking with the LIVE feed of the Street Fight and the right side of the screen revealing what just went down in replay; Paras sliding out from the back seat of a car and behind Aceldama with the cane shot.

Chris CK nervously gestures to the fans, announcers, and timekeeper alike that the match is officially underway, as nearly a hundred HOW fans have flocked from the courtyard in a wild frenzy to the parking lot to catch up with the action.

Aceldama reels in pain as Perfect Paul Paras follows through with successive cane shots. A fourth Singapore cane shot follows, breaking the weapon in half as it connects with the face of the World champion. Aceldama crumples to the pavement and Chris CK retrieves the World title that had fallen off of Ace’s shoulder.

The desperation is obvious as Triple P doesn’t miss a beat, literally and figuratively, as he lays the boots into his opponent. He grabs the hair of Aceldama and drags him to his feet, only to shoot him into a street post with an Irish whip. His shoulder now tender, Aceldama grunts in pain as Triple P lands a hard Knife-edge Chop, then another, until the champ gets in his first lick of the match, a powerful fist into the forehead of Triple P.

Aceldama tries his best to swing the momentum, but Paul simply doesn’t let up. With Chris CK watching their every move, Paras sends Aceldama into a metal garbage can branded with the Dunkin’ Donuts logo. Trash from the can spills everywhere as Triple P remains in-pursuit of his opponent, who is unsuccessful in his bid to catch a breather. Paras lifts the garbage can and dumps the remains of the trash inside on the World champion before heaving the can itself at his opponent.

Chastity Gold: This is a much different Triple P than we saw last week, Rick. And rightfully so, considering what’s at stake!

Rick Fantastic: The old saying certainly applies… “you lose, you go home,” and Triple P does not appear ready to go back to Minnesota just yet… at least not without the HOW World title.

With Aceldama struggling to fight back, the action leads to the front of the arena as Chris CK and the horde of fans outside capture every move. Aceldama stumbles up a small flight of steps with Triple P in hot pursuit and this is the opening Paul needs to try and end this match early.

About half-way up the flight of steps, Triple P catches Aceldama in a waist lock from behind and uses his tremendous strength to execute a German Suplex, falling backwards directly into the concrete below them!

Chastity Gold: Oh my God! German Suplex! Right onto the pavement! Did you see Aceldama’s neck snap forward?!?

Chris CK kneels down to check on both men as they lie there motionless for several seconds until Triple P drapes his arm for the bout’s first pin fall attempt.




A pool of blood forms near the back of Aceldama’s head as he tries to sit up, but fails thanks to the impact of the German Suplex. A frustrated Perfect Paul Paras takes a moment to recover as well until he pops to his feet, dragging a weakened Aceldama along for the ride as he proceeds back up the steps.

Being led up the steps, Aceldama fights back with weak right hands, but Paul counters each blow with a punch of his own. Paras heaves the World champion forward as they reach the top of the steps; with another flight of steps to go on their way to what appears to be the arena’s entrance.

Chastity Gold: It appears to me that Triple P is dead set on leading this match inside the arena!

Rick Fantastic: I wouldn’t be surprised, Chaz. Paras has a level of comfort inside the squared circle that is unrivaled by many. The only problem is, so does Aceldama and it ultimately may not be that much of an advantage for him to do so.

Chastity Gold: So much for that Street Fight, eh?

Onlookers from the Renaissance Hotel across the street catch the action from their hotel windows as Triple P and Aceldama engage in a war of right hands on the first-tiered platform of the arena steps. Fortunately for Triple P, his strength has not worn thus far in the match and his punches are more effective than Aceldama’s and they reach the top of the second platform; right in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center’s main entrance.

Armed security guards are reluctant to let anyone past without proof of paid admission, but Triple P gives the guard all the clearance he needs by whipping Aceldama head-first into a glass door!

The glass shatters upon impact, causing hundreds of shards to scatter across the scene.

Rick Fantastic: Street fight or not, this match has been all Paras and things are looking good for the challenger as Aceldama’s been busted open yet again.

Girl-ish screams are heard in the background as the security guards attempt to clear the area; the bustling hallways of the concessions now diverted to the action as Chris CK even steps in to assist in clearing the area.

Triple P is successful in his goal to lead Aceldama inside of the building. Now comes the task of getting him back to the ring. As the announcers have so eloquently pointed out, this match has been all Triple P who has dictated the pace and action of this match with a sneak attack early on. Fortunately for the World champion, his desire and determination are proven by his evasion of Triple P’s spear; one that sends Paul into a rolling popcorn concession, thus breaking it and scattering it’s contents across the hallway.

Chastity Gold: There’s popcorn everywhere!

Breathing heavily, Aceldama stalks his now-fallen opponent and leads him through a curtain and into the stands; where a lucky group of HOW fans can watch the action LIVE, only a few feet in front of them as opposed to watching the match on the HOV.

Aceldama turns the tables by smashing Paul’s head into the concrete wall, then shooting him down a long flight of steps in the lower bowl of the arena. Upon reaching the bottom of the steps, Triple P receives a thunderous chair shot from Aceldama that echoes throughout the arena. Aceldama sneers into the camera, sending a distinct, unspoken message to any and all challengers that wish to attempt to take the World title off his hands.

Lifting Triple P to his feet, Aceldama positions his opponent in such a manner against the guard rail that his Clothesline attempt flips Paras backwards onto the canvas near the ring. Aceldama follows closely, as does Chris CK as the referee while Triple P is getting to his knees. Almost tauntingly, Aceldama wipes fresh blood from the back of his head and slaps Triple P hard across the face; an imprint of his hand plastered on the face of the challenger. He follows through with a Double-handed lift, hoisting Paras high into the air by his throat until he realizes he’s too weak at the moment for such a maneuver.

A second hard slap appears to awaken Triple P to the extent that he fends off the incoming right fist and counters it into a Crossface submission, locking it firmly on World champion outside of the ring!

Rick Fantastic: Huge reversal by Paras and now he’s got him where he wants him!

Chris CK positions himself in front of Aceldama as the World champion struggles to break free from the Crossface. Paras screams with the hold firmly locked, feeding off the anticipation from the fans to force Ace to submit.

The pain in Aceldama’s face says it all though, as was the case last week when he did the same to Triple P with his Dreamcatcher submission.

Chastity Gold: Well, it might not be the Messianic Complex, but that Crossface sure is proving to be effective as… YES!

Rick Fantastic: DID HE TAP?!?

A brief meeting between Referee Chris CK and Kimber Marshall occurs before Kimber steps forth with the decision.

Kimber Marshall: The winner of this match by way of SUBMISSION in 10:00… PERFECT PAUL PARAS!!!

Rick Fantastic: Wow! Just like the start of the match, Triple P comes out of nowhere to steal one away from Aceldama and makes this a series again…

Replays are shown on the HOV of what appears to be Aceldama nodding to Chris CK’s asking of whether or not he wants to submit.

Chastity Gold: He may still be down in the series, Rick, but Triple P just re-captured a load full of momentum with a convincing Street Fight-turned-Submission match here on Mayhem!

Rick Fantastic: Aceldama didn’t even attempt a pin fall in the match!

Triple P retreats to the back with a confident expression while Chris CK attends to a shocked and confused Aceldama, who struggles to comprehend what the hell just happened.

Chastity Gold: Wow! What a way to get started here on Mayhem! Stay tuned! We’ll be right back after this commercial break!




It’s a lie! I’ll prove it!

Upon returning from commercial break, we’re led directly into an HOV replay of what happened post-match between Chris CK and Aceldama.

Rick Fantastic: Welcome back to the show, folks. If you’re just joining us, you missed a crucial and much-needed victory by one, Perfect Paul Paras, as he bested the World Champion, Aceldama in Match 5 of their Best-of-Seven World Title Series.

Chastity Gold: Even with the score still in champion’s favor, 3 matches to 2, the World champion didn’t take kindly to the Mystery Referee of the match, Chris CK, who was merely trying to help him to the back after the match.

Rick Fantastic: Aceldama was clearly frustrated after not being able to amount really any type of offense in the match… and after letting Match 5 slip away, he let Chris CK know just how much this Series is getting to him.

Chris CK’s persistence to help the World champion to the back set a fuse in the World champion as the replay shows Aceldama shoving Chris CK forcefully to the ground and down the entrance ramp, shouting unheard comments towards him before disappearing behind the curtain.

Chastity Gold: The Series is taking its toll on BOTH men and we’ll see what’s in store for them NEXT WEEK as the Series continues with Match number 6 on the Go-Home show of Mayhem! But right now…

With the howling of wind and the relentless lashing of persistent rain against the earth, the HOV diverts the immediate and surprised attention of the in-house crowd with different footage.

Rick Fantastic: What’s that?

Chastity Gold: Where is that?

The former question is directed at something black, which can just barely be seen in the distance moving swiftly forward through the wall of rain. The further it manages to move, the clearer it becomes that it’s a man and that the black is the color of every item of worn clothing – from the boots to the pants to the plain top. Strangely, however, the person doesn’t appear to be wearing a coat, and as they move closer still, he become even clearer to the viewers, revealing him as…

Chastity Gold: It’s Shane Reynolds!

Her statement is immediately followed by an answer to her earlier question as, shivering, he fights his way through the rain with a dogged and manic expression etched upon his face, passing numerous headstones.

Shane Reynolds: It’s not her! It’s not…It’s not!

His head shakes wildly as he proclaims these words, his long hair lashing like multiple whips through the air, spraying water in all directions. Heard even over the wind as it cuts through the branches of some nearby trees and rocks them from side to side, a group of workers already on the very of downing their tools finally relent in their labor in order to turn towards the source.

Shane Reynolds: It’s a lie! I’ll prove it!

As the men, and everyone still at the arena continue to watch, Shane slips and slides on the wet grass. Keeping his balance only barely for a few more feet, before he allows himself to tumble forward onto his hands and knees. Furiously, the former begin scurrying at the earth, tearing away blades of grass and pulling up wet clumps of dirt.

Shane Reynolds: Everyone’ll see that he’s a liar, that it’s not true! She’s a fraud!

Faster and faster he dug as the drops continued to pelt him in the face and the wind continued to swirl around him and chill his drenched body to its core. Suddenly, having watched for a few moments through squinted eyes, the men digging nearby grip Shane by an arm or a leg each and begin dragging him away.

Worker: I don’t think you’re allowed to do that, pal!

He immediately wishes he could swallow his words as soon as they leave his mouth, as Shane thrashes and struggles on the ground, turning to glare up at him with a wrathful expression moments before breaking free and scurrying away. Grabbing a shovel from one of their hands as he goes, he charges back to the grave – the headstone of which clearly now reads Michelle Reynolds-Creedy – and ploughs it into the earth.

Shane Reynolds: You don’t understand, it’s a lie and I need to expose it!!

But the other three workers, having not seen the look on Shane’s face, charge back and pull Shane away whilst the other continues to stand a good distance back.

Worker #2: Well, you’re not doing that here!

Shane thrashes as they slide him across the grass by his arms, the heels of his boots dragging after them and leaving two muddy tracks in their wake.

Worker #2: You think someone’s lying, then take it up with them, not that poor girl – leave her in peace!

The sudden surge of anger flowing through Shane is enough to give him strength to break one of his arms free. It swings around instantly and grabs the cemetery worker by the throat. Dropping him to the ground, Shane falls on top of him with a wet slapping sound emanating from beneath them.

Shane Reynolds: You don’t understand!

Shane yells, tears now appearing on his cheeks and mingling with the rain water. The man looks up at him with wide, almost fearful eyes as he sees the pain and turmoil in Shane’s own.

Shane Reynolds: I’m supposed to be unbreakable now, but still they are trying to destroy me. I need to prove that its lies……but you’re right.

Offering a sincere and apologetic expression, Shane releases the man and slowly stands back to his feet.

Shane Reynolds: I need to take it up with him!

With his expression turning back to its previous one of sheer determination, he glances back over his shoulder, as everyone around him looks on.

Workers (in unison): No, no, no!

They all shout, even the fallen man who promptly struggles back to his feet, as they all sense where Shane’s gaze is focused, even before they see it for themselves. Too late, however, Shane charges towards the vacant and completely empty hearse, parked outside of the church, within with a funeral director is making arrangements with a priest.

Shane Reynolds: You’ll tell me the truth, even if I get fined millions making you!

Shane mutters breathlessly to himself as he pulls open the door and leaps into the driver’s side. Luckily and conveniently, the keys are still in the ignition. Shane turns them immediately and the engine jumps to life as he sees the group of would-be pursuers charging forward.

Worker #3: Ya can’t take that!

The front runner yells as he comes within a few steps of the car, just for it to pull swiftly backwards across the gravel and spin around in a 180-degree turning. Rolling the window down with one hand and switching the gear with the other, refusing to stop the car even for a second, Shane glances out.

Shane Reynolds: If you want it back or to seek rightfully lawful consequences, you can find us both at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center!

The window immediately rolls back up as the car bursts forward, in search of the nearest exit and shooting up stones and dust in its wake. All four men gather together and exchange confused and baffled, as they, along with those in the arena, watch the vehicle disappear from view.

Chastity Gold: Shane Reynolds is coming here!?

Rick Fantastic: Well, depending on when that took place, he may already be here. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be in Graystone’s shoes…

Chastity Gold: I’m not sure I’d even want to be in Shane’s own shoes at the moment, but right now, let’s get in a quick word from our sponsors as we’re still heating up here on Mayhem!




Strike While the Iron is Hot

As a wrestling show happens all around him, Tim Shipley sits, consciously oblivious, in a white t-shirt and acid-wash jeans, on a folding chair set in the middle of the busiest backstage corridor of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. People bustle past, cursing, wondering aloud why exactly he has to sit RIGHT HERE and what exactly is wrong with his locker room. Some people inquire as to why he isn’t in his ring gear or at least preparing for his main event match later this evening. But Shipley, white iPod earphones firmly in place, ignores them all.

To tell the truth, he’s enjoying his little show of resistance far more than he expected. Typically as a Mayhem begins, Shipley is pacing back and forth in the locker room, fretting and sweating, calmed down only by the acerbic interventions of his manager Roxie Sykes. But Roxie isn’t here; Roxie is recovering from the Maurako Family’s despicable attack on Turmoil at Chicago’s city hospital, and that in fact is precisely why Tim Shipley is so actively sitting down doing nothing, calmly nodding his head to the new album by The XX.

But track three is rudely interrupted by a tap on his shoulder. Shipley swivels quizzically, his eyes meeting the inquisitive face of a woman he has not seen before, radio mic around her head and jaw, awkwardly balancing a clipboard and pen with reams of hastily scribbled notes.

“Blah blah blah blah blah,” Shipley hears, and he resentfully whips out his earphones to listen.

Woman: Er, I’ll repeat that. My name is Liz and I am here from HOTv. “HOW’s insider stories, FIRST!”

Liz beams for a moment, but Shipley gives her no truck and is ready to listen to the second half of “Crystalized”. She places a hand on his arm.

Liz: Wait! Tim Shipley, I just wondered if I could get your perspective on… what you’re actually doing here?

Tim Shipley: Well Liz, it’s very good of you to ask. I’m protesting.

Liz: You’re protesting?

Tim Shipley: In fact, I’m on strike.

Liz: You’re on STRIKE?

Tim Shipley: That’s what I said Liz. I’m taking a stand on behalf of everybody here. Against a promotion that fails to protect its employees, even those who aren’t employed to fight.

Liz: Is this about Roxie?

Tim Shipley: Yes it is. Roxie should have a right to visit her workplace without violence being used against her. Sanctions should have been taken to protect her from those ANIMALS who preyed mercilessly on a girl who didn’t even do anything to provoke them.

Liz: But sanctions have been taken, I heard Mike Best imposed a record fine on the entire Maurako Family!

Shipley shakes his head.

Tim Shipley: What is a fine when Roxie is in hospital? I stood there by her bedside, Liz, and I watched her struggle to get some rest. She can’t lie on her back without coughing up blood. She can’t swallow without being in agony. Is that fair, Liz? Is it right for a woman to suffer like that?

Liz purses her lips, considering herself in the same situation.

Liz: No. No it’s not right at all.

Tim Shipley: Exactly. It’s not. So as much as I love the HOW fans, and as much as I want Mayhem to put out another great show, I have to draw a line. Tonight, Liz, I’m taking a stand, and if Ryan Faze thinks he’s got another solid main event lined up… Tim Shipley versus Graystone… he’s going to have to think again. I intend to sit here, listen to some music, maybe read a book; and then at the end of the night I will pack up and go home.

Liz: You aren’t going to wrestle?!

Tim Shipley: Graystone will be alone in that ring later this evening. I need to demonstrate that things have to CHANGE, Liz. What happened this past week is totally unacceptable, and it’s not even a one-off. The treatment of the workers of HOW has been terrible since the beginning, and particularly that of women. With Lee Best in prison, NOW is the time for change. Now is the time to put my foot down and demand a better environment for everyone. It’s the end of the road for thugs like Mario Maurako.

Liz: Did you see that Maurako called you a jobber in an interview this weekend on HOTv?!

Shipley laughs genuinely.

Tim Shipley: Good old “Midcard” Mario said that? Has he forgotten the time that I comprehensively beat him on Mayhem? Does he remember that? Does he remember that even before I finished him, I made him tap out to Newton’s Paradox? Does he remember that? Mario Maurako is a joke, Liz. Unfortunately as of last week’s Turmoil, this joke has gone too far.

Shipley folds his arms.

Tim Shipley: Now you go straight to Faze and you tell him what’s going on. If he wants to save this show… he has some thinking to do.

Liz nods, scribbling some notes on her pad, and scurries off. Shipley looks wearily around him and reaches into his bag, bringing out Tom Wolfe’s “The Bonfire of the Vanities”, and opens it at the first page.

Chastity Gold: As if things can’t get any worse for General Manager Ryan Faze, Tim Shipley, because of the attack on his manager, Roxie Sykes on Turmoil, goes on STRIKE on the night he’s booked in the Main Event!

Rick Fantastic: Is Faze even here tonight?!? We know he’s in Providence but for all we know, he could very well be taking in the show from the comfort of his own hotel suite! Can’t really say I blame him after Mike Best’s announcement that he would not be renewing his contract for the new year. I wouldn’t want to show my face either!

Chastity Gold: Well Faze better do something and FAST if he wants there to be a Main Event for tonight’s show! And speaking of matches, it’s about that time for “That Effing Debut”, Rick!

Rick Fantastic: No effing way! Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s not waste any more effing time, shall we?


Erites Kallisten vs. Effing Holmes
Singles Match

Kimber Marshall: This next match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first from Devil’s River, Texas and weighing in at 335 pounds… EFFING HOLMES!!!

Holmes makes his way to the chorus of boos from fans in the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. The boos soon turns to cheers as he slides into the ring and Erites is introduced, making her way to the ring slapping hands with fans along the way.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, weighing in at 130 pounds from New York, New York… ERITES KALLISTEN!!!

After a weapons check on both participants by Romeo Ward, he signals the start of the match.


Erites is quick to kick off the match with a dropkick to the knee of Holmes. She follows it up with another dropkick to the back of the head. She keeps the bigger man down with a series of fast impact moves but Holmes turns the tide with a hard Belly to Belly suplex. He keeps the pressure on her with heavy fists and boots that grounds her.

Chastity Gold: Holmes really pressing the size advantage here in his debut match in HOW.

Holmes backs away from Erites to allow her to rise, only to lift her and set her up and into the Torture Rack submission hold. Erites thrashes in the hold but manages to rake at Holmes eyes and he drops her to the mat and stumbles away. Not letting the opportunity slip past her, Erites runs the ropes and springs off them and hits the bigger man with all her weight. The boost from the ropes and her weight gives her enough momentum to bring Holmes to the mat and she lands on top of him in a cover. Ward counts a one-count, but Holmes is able to power Erites off him and regain the momentum back to their feet with another Belly to Belly!

Rick Fantastic: Holmes with some powerful suplexes here. You know he once had a chunk of skin from his head ripped off in a match once, Chaz?

Chastity Gold: Ugh! Are you serious? Let’s hope these two keep things clean here tonight.

Holmes stalks Erites as she rises and looks to hit his Osaka Street Cutter finisher, but Erites has it scouted and counters the attempt with a high knee. The blow dazes Holmes but he fires back with a knife-edged chop that stumbles Erites. He keeps the pressure on her with a succession of chops and presses her back towards the corner. Erites fights back and hits a drop toe hold that sends Holmes crashing into the top turnbuckle. Holmes hangs in the corner for a moment and Erites uses her body as a weapon, throwing herself into Holmes while sliding to the apron between the middle ropes.

She springs up to the top turnbuckle and goes to hit a bulldog, but Holmes fights out and drills her in the gut with a stiff punch. Erites fires back with a sharp punch of her own that catches him square in the eye and hits a tornado DDT instead. Another pin fall attempt from Erites leads to a two count before Holmes is able to get the shoulder up. When Holmes gets up, he quickly reaches up to hold at his eye.

Rick Fantastic: Holmes nursing his eye. I can’t tell if it’s a serious injury Chaz, but the ref might have to end this match.

Chastity Gold: I don’t buy it, Rick.

While the referee is busy making sure Holmes eye isn’t seriously injured, that’s just the distraction Kirsta Lewis needs to storm down the ramp and hop onto the apron to get Erites attention.

Chastity Gold: Wait a second! It’s the HELLCAT!

Erites spots her pay-per-view opponent and fires a punch at Kirsta, who ducks it and comes up, pulling a can of mace from her pants. The mace is the same hot pink can that Erites had used in her match with Mario and Kirsta sprays it right into her eyes.

Rick Fantastic: Erites is blinded!

Erites stumbles right into Holmes, whose eye is “miraculously” feeling much better. Holmes capitalizes on the interference from Kirsta with his Osaka Street Cutter finisher and makes the cover.





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 5:04… EFFING HOLMES!!!

Chastity Gold: Well, even if it took a little help from Kirsta Lewis, Holmes will leave here tonight with a debut victory over Kirsta’s nemesis and pay-per-view opponent, Erites Kallisten.

Rick Fantastic: Erites won’t be happy about this one, Chaz! We’ll see what kind of retribution she seeks, if any, as their Hell’s Horror match awaits them at ICONIC.

Chastity Gold: As seen last week, this feud just got a whole lot more personal as it was revealed that it’s been ERITES this whole time, giving care to Kirsta’s daughter. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes come December 14th…

A quick graphic preview of the Hell’s Horror match displays on the HOV before it quickly fades away into a live shot of HOW newcomer, Justin Decent, who appears to be reviewing a checklist of some sort backstage.

Rick Fantastic: When the Hellcat’s angry, neither would I… anyways, up next, THAT man right there, Justin Decent, will introduce himself to the fans of Mayhem! Stay tuned!




Ringside Calamity

Back LIVE on Mayhem…

There couldn’t be a better night for Justin Decent, with the assistance of his friend and manager Santoro, to surprise the thousands of HOW fans in attendance with a ringside parade; a caravan display specifically dedicated to ‘introducing’ Justin to those fans. Santoro, hopeful that this Monday Night Mayhem exposure will ease the burden of Justin’s transition into HOW, makes last minute preparations backstage. We join him as he reviews a checklist with a contracted parade organizer.

Santoro – Alright, so we have all of the exotic animals trained and at the ready?

Parade Organizer – Well… sort of.

Santoro – Sort of?!

Parade Organizer – A lot of the animals you requested weren’t available, so I had to improvise.

Santoro – Did you get the elephants? Falcons?

Parade Organizer – Cows… and roosters. Chickens too.

Santoro – AGGHH!! What about the Giraffe he’s supposed to ride to the ring?

Parade Organizer – Camel.

Santoro – Camel?! One hump or two?

Parade Organizer – One.

Santoro – What about the celebrity reality T.V. cast? “Real World?” “Survivor,” at least?

Parade Organizer – Unfortunately, I was only able to get the cast from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”

Santoro – Oh God… Justin will not like that one bit. The end of the show cast or the… ::gulp:: …beginning of the show cast?

Parade Organizer – Beginning of the show.

Santoro – Lord, have mercy on us all.

Santoro dismisses the parade organizer and walks over to meet Justin, his head hanging down. Things are already not going as planned. Justin, sporting a black tuxedo and fresh high and tight haircut, adjusts his green bow tie. Santoro approaches Justin and attempts to offer words of encouragement.

Santoro – Alright Justin, this is your chance. Turmoil fans already hate you, the ones who even know who you are anyway. We’ve got a fresh crop of friendly faces to impress tonight, so just wave and smile as best you can. And please… for the love of God, don’t talk. We don’t need you inciting anyone’s wrath tonight, so when you get down to the ring, just read what I’ve written on your note card. This is a public relations stunt I don’t need backfiring on us.

Justin Decent – I don’t really see why we need to do this. I’m not here to make friends. This tux is stuffy, the arena smells bad, and I don’t like the idea of riding a giraffe.

Santoro – Heh… well… about that giraffe…

Just then, an animal trainer leads Justin’s one-hump camel to the scene. Draped over both sides of the camel are banners featuring photos of Justin giving a thumbs-up. Justin gives the camel a blank stare, then turns to look at Santoro.

Santoro – Alright buddy! Let’s mount up, we’ve got work to do!

Justin Decent – But…

Santoro pushes Justin toward the camel, at which time two assistants help Justin as he hoists himself up toward the camel’s hump. The lights in the arena begin to dim as Santoro makes his way down to the ring with a microphone. The puzzled crowd silences as they begin to anticipate what kind of surprise they’re in store for. A surprise match? Perhaps a cameo appearance? Santoro begins to hesitantly address the crowd.

Santoro – Greetings Mayhem fans one and all! My name is Santoro, and I’m here to introduce you to a friend of mine. The individual you are about to meet is unarguably the next big thing here in High Octane Wrestling. His personal character and moral compass are unparalleled. I have no doubt that he’ll soon endear himself to all of you. So join me ladies and gentlemen as I welcome… JUSTIN DECENT!

The fans give literally no reaction; coughs and sneezes can be heard from the stands. A few fans are even seen sleeping. The audio technician attempts to play Justin’s entrance music, “Fu-gee-la” by the Fugees, but accidentally plays “Barbie Girl” by Aqua instead. As “Barbie Girl” rages throughout the arena on maxed-out speakers, the big screen begins to flash images of Justin smiling and doing cartwheels.

Santoro – …

As the big screen shows images of Justin doing the running man, a caravan of farm animals begins to make its way down the ramp towards the ring. At the front of the parade line is a cluster of mooing dairy cows. In tow are sporadic formations of roosters and chickens, clucking and hopping. One chicken manages to hop over the guardrail and into the audience. Behind the roosters and chickens are approximately 20 goats, who wander down the aisle defecating and chewing on discarded Coke cans. The audience is then treated to a group of belly dancers comprised of senior citizens from a local nursing home. The stunned audience looks on as Justin appears atop his camel under the big screen, which is now flashing pictures of him kissing Somali refugees.

Surrounding Justin and his one humped camel is the ridiculously overweight cast of “The Biggest Loser.” Justin’s camel begins to trot down the aisle toward the ring, where a visibly disturbed Santoro awaits with the microphone. Justin dismounts his camel and crawls into the ring, where he shoots Santoro an icy glare.

Santoro – Here he is folks! Let’s hear it!

The crowd remains silent. Santoro hands Justin the pre-written note card outlining everything Justin is supposed to say, in detail. Unfortunately for Justin, the handwriting on the note card is horrendous. As Justin reads through the card it becomes apparent that Santoro, while relatively well spoken, cannot write the English language down on paper. The outline looks as though it was written by an illiterate 6 year old. Justin takes the mic from Santoro and begins to speak.

Justin Decent (reading from the card) – “Hallo…to averyone. Justin Decent…my name is. Wristle I like to do. You are my favorites peoples. HOW my home… new now… happy I is to be here to… wristle. God bless Amerika and… this… wunderfull organizers… Please ‘except’ me… humbly I…”

Before Justin gets a third of the way through the note card, the crowd begins to boo. Food and drinks begin to litter the ring as all hell breaks lose. The roosters and cows break down the guardrails and begin to invade the stands. The senile belly dancers continue to flirt with security guards, preventing them from regaining control of the ensuing calamity. The cast of “The Biggest Loser” begin chasing the goats and remaining chickens, their hunger getting the better of them.

Justin Decent – Quick Santoro! To the camel!

Justin and Santoro quickly mount the camel and attempt to escape, but they are immediately detected by “The Biggest Loser” cast. Before they can get away, the cast tackles the camel.

Voice of General Manager Faze: Cut! Get this garbage off my television show! Go to commercial… do something!

The HOV flickers as it displays a giant photo of Justin giving a huge smile and a high fiving the Pope, before finally, the feed cuts to STATIC.

Several moments later, the feed becomes LIVE once again with a shot of the announcers, who are visibly shocked and in awe of what just went down.

Chastity Gold: Our apologies for the technical difficulties there, folks… I, uh, Rick?

Rick Fantastic: Don’t look at me! But now we know that General Manager Faze IS in the building, although his whereabouts are currently unknown.


A New Member

Chastity Gold: More on that as that story develops. Well folks, on a more serious note, last week we learned that Johnny Stevens was involved in a car accident in Chicago, which put into question his involvement in the ICONIC Tag Team title match.

Rick Fantastic: But we also learned last week on Mayhem that Scottywood and Johnny found a new member of Twisted Reality that he would reveal tonight. One has to wonder if that new member will take Johnny’s place in the ICONIC match or not.


“Stricken” by Disturbed starts to play inside The Dunkin Donuts Center as the fans start to boo as Scottywood makes his way out onto the stage wearing a New York Rangers jersey which again gets boos in a Bruins fan dominated area. Around his waist is one of the HOW Tag Team titles, while the other rests on his shoulder. In his hand he holds his barbwire hockey stick which he raises up in the air as he starts to make his way down to the ring.

Chastity Gold: Also after Turmoil went off the air this past Thursday we say Scottywood talking to the former boss of HOW, Lee Best, and it seems those two have something cooked up for Mike Best. Hopefully we’ll find out what exactly that is tonight.

Rick Fantastic: Probably something that will land The Hardcore Artist in jail right next too Lee Best, which wouldn’t be one worst things to happen in HOW. This guy can be down right out of control, reckless and dangerous.

Picking up a mic at the steel steps Scotty enters the ring and looks around at the sold out arena as his music fades out and all were left with are the boos as Scotty just smiles.

Scottywood: Mayhem travels from one shit hole city to another, Faze really knows how to pick them. Thank God Mayhem visits Connecticut next week.

More boos fill the arena and a few loose pieces of garbage are hurled at the ring as Scotty shoots that back at the crowd with his hockey stick.

Chastity Gold: Is that really necessary for him to do?

Scottywood: But I am not here tonight to trash your shitty town, besides it does a good enough job by itself. Tonight I am here to give you all an update on the condition of Johnny Stevens and announce the newest member of Twisted Reality. As you all know if you read, Johnny was involved in a pretty serious car accident where he hit a light post exiting the highway in Chicago. He was taken to the hospital in stable condition, but he suffered some bad injuries. The worst was a fracture of his leg, right index finger and right wrist and some minor cuts and scraps.

Chastity Gold: One could say he is lucky that those were the worst of his injuries.

Rick Fantastic: Yes, it could have been a lot worse for the Tag Team champion.

Scottywood: So with those injuries Johnny obviously will not be in any condition to defend the Tag Team titles at ICONIC. And if I were in that car like I was supposed to be, then I likely wouldn’t of been able to either. But whoever was responsible for this, and there is a glaring finger being pointed at someone right now, made one mistake, not making sure they took me out too. Because I am officially replacing Johnny in the Tag Team title match at ICONIC with the newest member of Twisted Reality.

Chastity Gold: Lots of speculation at who this member is, everyone from Black Mamba to Jatt Starr have been tossed around.

Scottywood: Egg Bandits, Maurkos, Beasties….ya, guess Beasties works. If you thought Johnny was a threat before, then you just fucked yourselves over much more by taking him out. Because my replacement is a 2 time NGW World champion, the only two time Battle Dome winner and went undefeated during his entire time in NGW. He has been one of my greatest rivals and someone I have never managed to beat….Ladies and gentlemen….John Hitchin!!

“Backwards” by Apartment 26 starts to play as the big 6’10” and 322 pound John Hitchin emerges from backstage and starts to make his way to the ring, sledgehammer in hand.

Chastity Gold: Look at that man, seems like Scottywood certainly traded up.

Rick Fantastic: If I were any of the other three teams I would be worried about this man.

Hitchin makes his way into the ring here he shakes Scotty hands and takes the mic from The Hardcore Artist.

John Hitchin: You know when Scotty made this offer to me to join Twisted Reality, I wasn’t expecting to be fighting in a title match at ICONIC….Hell I wasn’t even expecting to wrestler at all. But now that I am in this match, there are going to be some sorry people. Scotty informed me it will be falls count anywhere… both my friend and Scotty’s will be completely legal, which is bad news for anyone who thinks they are going to take these belts away from us.

Scottywood: And this coming Thursday on Turmoil, the final Turmoil before ICONIC, John will be making his HOW debut when he teams with myself and Max Kael to face Shane Reynolds and The Brothers of the Beast….in the main event, in case Mid-card Mario Maurako missed that. There HOW will get just a preview of how dominant the new Twisted Reality is.

Passing the HOW Tag Team title that was sitting on his shoulder over to Hitchin who takes the title and stares at it for a second before he places it on his shoulder.

John Hitchin: Now the record books may denote me as ½ of the HOW Tag Team champions, but it won’t be until after we defend and retain these titles at ICONIC that this title will truly be mine. But believe me when I say I will earn this belt come December 14th when I show you all why I dominated NGW.

Scottywood: Now that I have revealed the man that will be battling with me at ICONIC, there is one last important issue to address here tonight. As you all saw at the end of Turmoil last week I had a phone conversation with the GOD of HOW, Lee Best. He offered me a idea to royally fuck over Mike Best. Well I visited Lee in prison yesterday and we finalized that idea.

Chastity Gold: Didn’t he learn anything from when Mike Best had him and Johnny Stevens arrested?

Rick Fantastic: I think his brain is still damaged from all that beer he used to drink.

Scottywood: There is nothing you can do now Mike, and Thursday on Turmoil you will find out just what The Hardcore Artist has in store for you. You thought me clotheslining someone with barbwire was bad? Well then you’re in store for something else come Thursday.

Chastity Gold: No hints? No clues? Come on.

Rick Fantastic: Who cares. I’d love to see him lay a finger on Mike Best. He’ll be right back in prison and this time no high priced lawyer will be able to get him out. And he can kiss those Tag Team titles goodbye, cause it will be tough to defend them from behind bars….unless he has Frankie team up with Hitchin.

Scottywood: Mike Best……I hope your prepared.

“Stricken” by Disturbed plays again as Scotty drops his mic and starts to laugh as Hitchin and Scotty raise their HOW Tag Team titles above their heads as the Providence fans continue to boo the two men.

Chastity Gold: Scottywood can make all the threats he wants, but Mike Best will not allow anyone in HOW to push him around…we’ll be right back after this commercial where we will have Golden Phoenix taking on Black Mamba.




Black Mamba vs. Golden Phoenix
Singles Match

Back live, we join the action in the center of the ring as both Golden Phoenix and Black Mamba collide with a collar and elbow tie up; their match having already gotten under way. Black Mamba looks to be the stronger of the two as he shoves Phoenix away from him. As he does, he connects, knocking Phoenix flat with a running clothesline. He runs through the move, hits the ropes and as Phoenix is making it up to his feet, Ranger plants him again with a rising knee. Thinking he has a big advantage, Black Mamba plays to the crowd while Phoenix makes it back up to his feet. When Ranger turns to face him, Phoenix nails him with a spear, knocking him flat on his back! Both men brawl as they rise to their feet, but Phoenix is faster and nails Black Mamba with a Flying dropkick. He pulls Ranger up then connects with a Swinging Neckbreaker and covers him with a lateral press.



Chastity Gold: Kick out by Black Mamba!

Both men are up again and the crowd is on their feet. Golden Phoenix connects with a jumping high kick which only staggers Black Mamba, then connects with a Russian Leg Sweep. GP then steps back and measure James Ranger, who gets up slowly. Golden Phoenix kicks him in the gut with a mule kick, hits the ropes, bounces back and executes a mean axe kick!

Golden Phoenix follows it up with a DDT that plants Black Mamba on the mat. In one swift leap, Golden Phoenix flies to the top rope and calls out to the crowd, who respond favorably for the fan favorite.

Rick Fantastic: Shooting Star Press! One of my favorite maneuvers and Golden Phoenix just executed it to perfection!

Chastity Gold: A hook of the leg…





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 2:59… GOLDEN PHOENIX!!!

Rick Fantastic: Ugh… two weeks, two embarrassing losses by Black Mamba.

Golden Phoenix celebrates his victory by slapping some hands at ringside while Black Mamba gasps for air in defeat after the wind was knocked out of him.

Chastity Gold: We all know that performances like that won’t get you very far in HOW. As for Golden Phoenix, it’s really up to him to prove he can consistently compete at that elite level we know he can compete at.

Rick Fantastic: We’ll see if he can step it up a notch as we look toward the New Year. Don’t go away folks, the Brothers of the Beast are up next!




Taming the Beast

As Monday Night Mayhem returns from commercial break, the fans are greeted by the sight of the Brothers of the Beast standing in the middle of the ring with Jason Midnight standing between his two tag team partners with a microphone. He pauses a moment, taking in the applause they are receiving, then lifts the microphone to his lips.

Midnight: So tonight, Scottywood announced John Hitchin as his new tag team partner. And I… and the fans… have just one favor to ask you Scotty… Please…please… PLEASE ensure that he’s more memorable then Johnny Frankenstein. Honestly, who the heck was that guy anyway?

Midnight turns to look at Jacob Morgan and then Tyson Ross, who both shrug. Jason notices a sign a few row back that reads “Egg Me Doozer” and chuckles before he continues.

Midnight: See Scotty…. no one cares about Joan Creely. Hell, none of us even care that he nearly died in a car accident. Seriously… who cares? The only thing we care about is… why Frankie wasn’t in the car too? Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Seriously… but setting up the Egg Bandits for your crime? That was brilliant. If a bit obvious. Hitchin, if you’re teaming with a guy like Scottywood, be careful or you might find yourself the victim of an… “accident.”

Midnight pauses for a moment to let that accusation sink in before speaking again.

Midnight: But that’s not why I came out here tonight. The Brothers of the Beast have a match at ICONIC but you wouldn’t know it. Everyone’s talking about the Egg Bandits and who Scottywood’s big Mystery Partner was going to be… or even Mario beating another woman. No one has given a second thought to the Brothers of the Beast… but we put together this little film for you to show why you should not underestimate us.

A cue from Midnight causes the HOV to go black and a sudden audio track of the sound of grunting and men’s voices calling out.

Voice 1: Oh… Mario.

Voice 2: Grandpa!

Another gesture from Midnight cuts the feed and he lifts the mic to his lips once more smiling apologetically.

Midnight: Sorry folks. It looks like our video package was apparently mistaken with one of the Maurakos “Home movies.” So I’ll just have to show you myself why the Brothers of the Beast is the most dominant tag team in HOW today and why we will be the future HOW Tag Team Champions in my match against Doozer tonight.

Jason drops the microphone and indicates to Tyson and Jacob that he’s ok on his own. After some initial debate, the two head back to the locker room area.

Chastity Gold: Well, that was rather… disturbing. Anyways, Jason Midnight seems intent on making his point by himself tonight as his match with Doozer is next!


Jason Midnight vs. Doozer
Singles Match

Just as soon as the Brothers of the Beast tag team partners disappear behind the curtain, Doozer’s music hits and he emerges to a loud and favorable reaction from the crowd. He hams it up for the fans a little bit, but wastes little time as he charges down the ramp, slides under the bottom rope, and the match quickly gets under way.


Doozer and Midnight tie up in the middle of the ring and Midnight presses his size and power advantage. He keeps Doozer on the defensive with hard shots before locking in a Bear Hug submission hold. Doozer thrashes in the hold and manages to hit an elbow to the top of the head of Midnight that stuns him but doesn’t cause him to break the hold. Before he can follow it up with another elbow, Midnight whips him around into a belly to belly suplex. Doozer doesn’t stay on the mat for long and charges right at Midnight, not deterred by his size advantage. The smaller man keeps Midnight on the defensive for a moment.

Midnight pushes Doozer away and catches him by the throat before throwing him overhead and sending him across the ring with the overhead choke toss. As Doozer gets up to his feet he’s caught by Midnight who lifts him up into a Fireman’s carry and hits his modified TKO finisher!

Rick Fantastic: FINAL TOLL!





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 2:02… JASON MIDNIGHT!!!

Chastity Gold: Jason making quick work of Doozer from the Egg Bandits. And Rick, this match was truly over before it started!

Rick Fantastic: The Egg Bandits are really losing momentum as we quickly approach ICONIC. That’s two weeks in a row that Doozer has lost in singles competition here on Mayhem!

Chastity Gold: Perhaps the Bandits will prove to be more successful as a unit here in HOW. We’ll find that out at ICONIC as the Tag Team titles are on the line, once again! Don’t go away folks, we’ll be right back after this commercial break.

Midnight celebrates up the entrance ramp while Doozer shakes off the cobwebs in the ring before the feed cuts to commercial.





Backstage, Tim Shipley has not moved; only his page number has. He looks up with interest as HOTv reporter Liz hurries down the corridor towards him.

Tim Shipley: So? What’s Faze going to do about it?

Liz looks apologetic.

Liz: Um… nothing, really.

Tim Shipley: What?

Liz: He said…

She consults some notes.

Liz: He said to remember what he told you last week. That you’ve done… enough talking. That he doesn’t want to see you anymore.

Shipley breathes more harshly now, gritting his teeth.

Tim Shipley: OK. Thanks Liz.

Liz: Can I get your reaction to —

Tim Shipley: No. Not now.

Looking mildly offended, Liz wanders off. Shipley stands suddenly, and kicks his chair against the wall, rage building in his face. It looks like nobody ever told him that strikes don’t work when every employee apart from yourself is a strikebreaker.

And if things couldn’t get any worse…

David Black: Bad news?

Shipley sneers and turns away, but Black grabs his arm.

David Black: Don’t worry. Things have a way of sorting themselves out…

Shipley replies with hostility.

Tim Shipley: What would you know about that?

David Black: Just trust me.

Tim Shipley: Why would I trust you…?

But Black is already gone, and now Tim Shipley is just confused.


Save Us… and Chastity Gold

“Just Like You” by Three Days Grace welcomes us back to ringside as a visibly upset Maurako Family make their way toward the ring with microphones in hand.

Rick Fantastic: Lovely way to welcome you back to the program, isn’t it? As you can see, the disgraceful members of the Maurako Family are here and ready to address this Rhode Island crowd. And Chaz, it was just a few weeks ago The Maurako’s stood on the other side of this desk and tried to make you kiss the feet of King Matteo.

Chastity Gold: If it wasn’t for Perfect Paul Paras, I don’t know what would have happened to me.

The Maurako’s walk past the commentator’s table and Mario glares at Chastity as the Family enters the ring.

Rick Fantastic: Look at Mario just glare at you, as if his mistreatment of women all over the world somehow feeds his pathetic ego.

Chastity Gold: I’m sure it does Rick. Just look at his infamous Whack-o-Meter and the insanely large number of beatings that it represents.

The Maurako’s stand in the ring as Mario produces a microphone and holds it to his mouth. As that happens a slow chant of “Mid-Card” begins that rivals the old chants of Goldberg from back in the day. This only angers Mario as he begins to rip into the Rhode Island crowd.

Mario: Shut up! You obese, Dunkin’ Donut inhaling, pieces of trash have no right to insult a member of the Royal Family like that.

The fans boo, and Mario takes a moral victory as they have stopped chanting.

Mario: It seems as if The Family and I have ruffled a few feathers just a few days ago on HOW’s superior show, Thursday Night Turmoil. We ruffled Mike Bests feathers so much that he went out and fined us every last cent that we had made here in how, which turned out to be over $100,000.

Mike I know that you’re somewhere out there watching me, chuckling to yourself because you and that genetic freak Embosser blew up our Family Hummer, and then you fined us heavily. But what you failed to realize is that now you have nothing left to do to us. You can’t haul us off to jail because we have diplomatic Immunity. You can’t fine us anymore, because you took all of our cash. You have no more options from where you sit Mikey. So what we’re going to do right now is what I wanted to do a few weeks ago, and that’s claim my “Gold”.

Rick Fantastic: Not again! Get out of here Chastity!

Mario drops the microphone and the entire Maurako Family head over to the announcers table and surround it before Chastity can even move a muscle.

Chastity Gold: Rick, I don’t know what to do! I have nowhere to go! Paul, if you can hear me, please come save me!

Mario rips the headset off of Chastity Gold and pulls her out from behind the desk by her hair and then throws her into the ring like a rag doll. Chastity crawls backwards as The Maurako Family enters the ring, stalking her. Chastity continues to crawl backwards until she bumps into the turnbuckle.

Rick Fantastic: I can’t sit here and watch this. I’ve got to stop this!

Rick Fantastic leaves the commentators booth, but before he can get in the ring the entire arena goes dark.

Deep, distorted voice: I AM UPON YOU NOW!!!






SAVEUS 21 19 1


The HOV goes dark for but a moment, but then lights up again as it proudly displays a waving American Flag. The American National Anthem begins to echo throughout the areana before giving way to Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name.”

The crowd goes berserk as Christopher America steps out from behind the curtain and on to the entrance stage. He taunts the crowd before standing in the center and raising his arms above his head as red, white, and blue pyros rain down from the rafters.

The Maurako Family can’t believe it, standing in the center of the ring with pissed off expressions on their faces. With the Family distracted, Rick Fantastic pulls Chastity Gold from the ring and back to “safety.” As this is happening, Mario moves to the edge of the ring and begins to point and shout at Christopher America. As America makes his way down the entrance ramp, microphone in hand, Mario brings his microphone to his mouth and begins to shout over America’s music.

Mario: No… no… no… no… NO!!!

America and his music stop. America looks around at the crowd.

The crowd chants “USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!” as commentators Chastity Gold and Rick Fantastic return to the booth.

Mario: SHUT UP!

Rick Fantastic: You ok to continue Chastity?

Chastity Gold: Yes, I won’t let a chauvinistic prick like Maurako scare me from doing my job.

Rick Fantastic: Very well then.

Christopher America smirks arrogantly and folds his arms. He engages in a long stare down with Mario before motioning with his hand, allowing Mario to speak.

Mario: How dare you show your face around here! Remember, buddy, I still own your ass! That contract is iron clad. I am going to sue your ass for breach of contract! NOW GET OUT OF MY ARENA!

Christopher America: Mario. Aren’t you wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve done during my long absence from HOW?

Rick Fantastic: I think we’ve all been wondering where Christopher America has been! He just shocked to world by returning to HOW, right here on Mayhem!!!

Mario: Judging by those horrible return promos, I’d say ripping off other wrestlers.

Christopher America chuckles and then motions to Mario to quit speaking.

Christopher America: Wow, Mario. That was really clever. But, I’ve got something even better. You see, when you screwed me over…

Mario nods and smiles to the rest of the Family.

Christopher America: Yeah, real cute. When you screwed me over, Mario, and banished me to godforsaken places other than America, I had my American lawyers look over that contract of ours. And do you know what they found?

Mario: No shred of your dignity?

Christopher America: Nope! They found a loophole! And believe me, no one is surprised that wherever Triple M goes, someone is bound to find an open hole of some kind. But, it turns out that the people who I am bound to by this contract have to be members of the Maurako family.

Mario: That’s right. But, look around you, Chris. The members of the Maurako Family are loyal to me.

Christopher America: I’m sure they are. Unfortunately for you and fortunately for me, I am not speaking about any of the gross, oily, sweaty, man meat that you feel that you need to surround yourself with every week. No, you see, I decided that if I wanted to get back at Mario Maurako, I had to come up with something so shocking to him, that he would never see it coming.

Mario: That’s all well and good Chris but people saw your return coming a mile away.

Christopher America: I’m not talking about me, Mario. I’m talking about the member of the Maurako Family that brought me back. Ladies, gentlemen, members of the Maurako Family…

I give you the person who brought me back to HOW….

Another member of the Maurako Family….


Rick Fantastic: Amanda Maurako?! But I thought she was dead!

Chastity Gold: Amanda isn’t dead and she appears to be doing rather well.

Rick Fantastic: Ladies and Gentlemen the last time we saw Amanda Maurako she was being dangled off a bridge in Chicago by Crow. Mario refused to retire to save his wife’s life and Crow ended up dropping her to what everyone believed to be her certain death.

The crowd goes wild as Amanda Maurako, Mario’s wife, makes her way to Christopher America’s side. She holds out her hand and Christopher hands her the microphone.

Amanda: Hello, Mario and thank you, Christopher.

Amanda pulls out the contract between America and The Maurako Family.

Amanda: Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I, Amanda Maurako, a legal representative of the Maurako Family, hereby declare this contract null and void.

Amanda rips up the contract and lets the tiny pieces float to her feet.

Amanda: Welcome back to HOW, Christopher America!

The fans go absolutely nuts as The Maurako Family scream obscenities from the ring. Amanda Maurako hands the microphone back to America.

Christopher America: And Mario, while I’d love nothing else then to come down there right now and beat you and the rest of the family within an inch of your lives, I know that I can’t do it alone.

Mario: You’re damn right you can’t do it alone. Nobody can take down this machine.

Christopher America: Well that’s why I brought reinforcements.

Rick Fantastic: Reinforcements? What is he talking about?

Chastity Gold: Oh my God Rick! Look in the ring!

The camera pans back into the ring to see the Three Members of the Brothers of The Beast standing behind the Maurako Family.

Mario: What reinforcements could you possibly get?

Christopher America: The ones standing behind you right now.

The Family quickly turns around and Martino is hoisted up into the air and Jason Midnight delivers a devastating Final Toll.

Rick Fantastic: FINAL TOLL on Martino!

Mosé goes to run but is grabbed by Tyson Ross who pulls him into the middle of the ring and sets him up and nails a vertabreaker.

Rick Fantastic: Mosé just experienced Heaven’s Fall!

Chastity Gold: Yeah, but look! Mario is going to get away!!

Mario shoves Matteo into Jacob Morgan and slides out of the ring. Morgan kicks Matteo in the gut and nails his double under-hook power bomb.

Rick Fantastic: And there is The Ripper for King Matteo. Ha ha! Look at the old man convulse!

Chastity Gold: And look at Mario hop the railing like a little pansy.

Christopher America, and Amanda Maurako join the Brothers of The Beast in the ring as the crowd goes crazy, the Dunkin’ Donuts Center as electric as ever as we cut to a series of commercials.




“I just did what had to be done.”

Back LIVE, we see a fire extinguisher filling the screen, and as we pan slowly out from it a pair of hands wrenches it roughly from the wall. An alarm begins to sound, a frenetic beeping that is ignored by our protagonist, whose legs we now see storming purposefully down the corridor. Finally we can identify the man as Tim Shipley, just as he gets close to a door marked “MAURAKO FAMILY”.

He raises the fire extinguisher, meaning to knock the door open, but before he can swing, he notices something. A small brown stain just at the bottom of the door. He bends down to examine it, then cautiously tests the door with his finger. It creeps open, barely still on its hinges.

A frown creases Shipley’s forehead. Setting down his weapon, he straightens up and knocks cautiously on the door, which now hangs a few inches open. There is no response, and he uses his hand to push it open a little further. The floor is covered in a dark, sticky liquid. It’s unmistakeably a pool of blood.

Shipley looks around him. There is no one else in the corridor. Grabbing the extinguisher once more just in case he is walking into a trap, the LSD title contender opens the door fully and steps into the room.

The sight is sickening.

Mario Maurako, fresh from escaping the wrath of the returning Christopher America and the Brothers of the Beast, lies unconscious, covered in blood, deep cuts down his body, his face barely recognizable. His hand is thrown out to one side, and he appears to be clutching a piece of paper. Shipley bends down and gingerly turns Maurako’s hand around. A note is stapled through his hand, angry purple bruising surrounding the embedded industrial-size staple. “For Roxie”, it reads.

Shipley looks around in horror, his first thought that he is being framed. There is a familiar figure in the doorway. Black shoes. Black pants. Black shirt. It’s David Black.

David Black: You know what’s funny?

Shipley spins around at the sound of Black’s voice, giving him a confused look.

David Black: They never see it coming. People think they do whatever the hell they want, treat the little people of society, the outcasts, any way they want. They think they can mock them, spit on them and ridicule them. They think it is their right because they are “superior”

He scoffs.

David Black: They think that their station in society gives them the right to do as they please to those they consider beneath them. It doesn’t!

The anger is clear in his voice as he glances at Mario Maurako lying unconscious on the floor. He then looks back at Shipley.

David Black: As I told you; these things have a way of working themselves out. Nobody is above punishment for their crimes.

Black and Shipley exchange looks as Shipley has obviously put two and two together, despite having a hard time believing it.

David Black: Now go fight Graystone.

Black starts to turn away.

Tim Shipley: Wait–

Black turns back and looks at Shipley again. Shipley, still struggling to take everything in, takes a few steps towards back and extends his hand towards him.

Tim Shipley: Thank you.

Black glances at Shipley’s hand and then looks him in the eyes again.

David Black: This wasn’t about you. It was never about you. I just did what had to be done.”

Shipley retracts his hand again, still shocked at what went down during the latest commercial break.

David Black: And make no mistake about it, as soon as I leave this building we are enemies again. So go face Graystone, hell go beat Graystone! I want people to think as highly of you as possible when I destroy you at ICONIC.

Black turns and leaves the room as Shipley takes another look at Mario Maurako on the floor. He raises his head again and the look of confusion that has been on his face from the moment he entered the locker room has now changed into a look of determination as he storms out of the room and heads towards the ring as the cameras cut away.

Rick Fantastic: Wow… you could barely recognize him.

Chasity Gold: Well, it looks like Mario Maurako still got what was coming to him, courtesy of David Black of all people!


Jatt’s Dirty Secret

Rick Fantastic: Never mind that meathead and his family of goons. What’s important is that I’ve got my zombie killing nun chucks out because for the second week in a row… Jatt Starr is back on Mayhem!!!

Chastity Gold: Right you are, Rick. And tonight we will find out what Jatt Starr’s dirty secret is, who is blackmailing him, and most importantly, how it will impact ICONIC!

Ringside. The lights the dim. Yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the entranceway to the ring as “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena. Emerging from the curtain wearing a black three button suit, a gold dress shirt, and solid red tie is Jatt Starr. As he makes his way down the aisle, he is accompanied by Randy the Intern, who is carrying one of the packages that was delivered to Jatt on a previous Turmoil. Jatt Starr has more serious look about him as he approaches the ring, only occasionally slapping the hand of a fan he passes.

Jatt walks up the ring steps and is followed by Randy the Intern. He steps up to the second turnbuckle, lifts his arm up, as the fans cheer even more for him. Jatt hops off the second turnbuckle, walks towards the ropes nearest to Rick and Chastity where Kimber Marshall hands him two microphones. Starr, in turn, hands one to Randy the Intern as the house lights come back up and the music fades out.

Jatt Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, it feels so good to back in Rhode Island!!!!

The crowd cheers.

Jatt Starr: I wish my return to “The Ocean State” could have been on better terms but what are you going to do? I’m not here to promote my Hardcore Submission match at ICONIC. What could I say that I haven’t said before? Trent’s a drunk and a pothead? Been there, done that. It might get redundant if I constantly remind people what Trent is. But I can tell you this much… at ICONIC he will be tapping faster than Gregory Hines on crack!

No, this is not about ICONIC. I’m here because I made a mistake in my past. One that could very well end the legacy of Jatt Starr. Now, before we get to this, even after I confront my blackmailer and he says what he has to say, regardless of people’s feelings on the subject, what their perceptions of myself and what I may have accomplished in the HOW might be, and if I am forced to leave the HOW because of what I did, a deal has been struck with Mike Best that whatever the outcome tonight… TRENT versus JATT STARR WILL happen at ICONIC!!!

The crowd cheers for Jatt Starr. Starr brings his hand up and down in an effort to silent the applause.

Jatt Starr: I’m not one to prolong the inevitable, I was promised you’d show your face on Mayhem… so, if you have the guts to come down to ring, and you know who you are… the former owner of the now defunct Masters of Wrestling’s Original Nationwide Syndicate… COME ON DOWN!!!

Jatt Starr, Randy the Intern, and the crowd in attendance have fixed their gazes on the entrance-way leading to the ring, waiting for the blackmailer to appear. The suspense is building as ten seconds pass, then twenty seconds, and just before the twenty-five second mark, a man emerges from the curtain.

The Man is in his mid-forties and is of a rather short stature of about 5’3″. He is wearing a white dress shirt tucked into his jeans. He wears brown work boots. He is bald, has a goatee, and is about forty pounds overweight. Jailhouse tattoos cover his left arm. The Man walks up the ring steps and enters the ring. It is clear he is no stranger to the squared circle. Randy the Intern hands The Man his microphone.

The Man: Well, well, well… quite the following you’ve amassed here usin’ somethin’ that ain’t even yours.

Jatt Starr: So… here we are. Ten years later. I have become the Ruler of Jattlantis and you have become what? The Mayor of Munchkinland?

The Man: Always with that mouth of yours. Puttin’ people down. By the way, you wearin’ that diaper?

Jatt Starr: We’ll get to that in just a minute. It’s time to reveal the truth, isn’t it?

The Man: You ain’t foolin’ me. I’m callin’ your bluff. There ain’t no way you’re goin’ to humiliate yourself of national television. I know that about you. So, this is your last chance. Pay up or I’ll tell the world right now about—

Jatt Starr: How I testified against you and sent you to jail for six years? About how you stole money from the people you employed, myself included? Or how about the time you placed all of the blame on “Ice Cream Scoop” Ian Bridges’ career ending injury on HIM, paying off everyone involved in the investigation leaving him and his family destitute? Or were you going to omit all of that? The way I see it, give people the full story. You went to jail thanks to myself and several others. You were paroled. And now instead of harping on them, you’ve decided to single me out.

The Man: Because you stole somethin’ from me and you are profitin’ on it! It’s MY name! Not yours!!! You stole my life!!!

Rick Fantastic: Wait! What is he saying?

Jatt Starr nods his head and smiles as the crowd looks on, a little confused.

Jatt Starr: What was it you said to me when I first started out? There’s no way I will make it in this business with a name like mine… was that it? So, yes, I took your name.

Rick Fantastic: I’m confused! What’s going on?

Chastity Gold: I think—

Jatt Starr immediately turns towards the crowd.

Jatt Starr: It’s true! My name is NOT Jatt Starr! Ladies and gentlemen, the REAL Jatt Starr is right here! This short, fat, bald specimen in the ring next to me… he is the REAL Jatt Starr!

Rick Fantastic: Wha-Wha-WHAT????

Chastity Gold: Jatt Starr’s name isn’t Jatt Starr!

Jatt Starr: Yes, this degenerate ex-con next to me and would-be blackmailer, the man who left off the “W” in the Masters of Wrestling’s Original Nationwide Syndicate… which spelled out M.O.R.O.N.S.! This man right here, he is the REAL Jatt Starr. That’s right! This man here has been trying to blackmail me by sending me a package with my old tights in it. Tights that I defecated in, by the way.

Jatt Starr turns back to The Man, the “Real” Jatt Starr, the former owner of M.O.R.O.N.S..

Jatt Starr: What kind of sick, twisted, pervert keeps dirty poop ridden tights for ten years? Huh? What kind of sick freak are you? Perv! So there you go, Jatt! The cat is out of the bag!!!!

Randy the Intern grabs the microphone from Jatt Starr, much to Starr’s surprise.

Randy the Intern: You crapped your tights?!?!?!?!

Jatt Starr snatched the microphone back from Randy the Intern.

Jatt Starr: I had food poisoning from a Wendy’s. I was forced to have a match, it couldn’t be helped. And why are you interrogating me?! HE’S THE BLACKMAILER!!!

The Man: Not anymore! By admittin’ to stealin’ my name on national TV, you just instituted my plan B! Copyright infringement! I’m goin’ to sue your ass off!!!

The “Real” Jatt Starr/The Man looks at Jatt Starr with smug smile on his face.

Jatt Starr: Except for one little detail that Randy here has brought up. You’re on parole, Fat Jatt. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t blackmail illegal, and thus a violation of your parole?

The smile is quickly wiped off The “Real” Jatt Starr’s/The Man’s face.

The Man: What?

Jatt Starr: You don’t think I had this planned out? Guess who’s going back to the big house?

As if on cue, four police officers emerge from the curtain.

Jatt Starr: Some of Rhode Island’s finest, coming for you!

The Man: You son of a bitch!!!

Jatt Starr: There’s no need for name—

Jatt Starr immediately sucker punches “The Real” Jatt Starr/The Man with the microphone knocking him down on the mat. As he clutches his head, the police officers subdue him, and Randy the Intern picks up the microphone.

Jatt Starr: Don’t be afraid to mace him or use your billy clubs.

Randy the Intern: I think they’re called batons.

Jatt Starr: Whatever! Ladies and gentlemen, I am hereby officially announcing that the Hardcore Submission match against Trent at ICONIC will be Jatt Starr’s last match!!!

The crowd resounds with boos.

Jatt Starr: Don’t worry! I’m not retiring… I am just addressing the fact that after ICONIC, I will go by my REAL name, my birth name… SIMON SPARROW!!!

Randy the Intern: That’s a stupid name.

Jatt Starr: That’s why I changed it, Randy!!! Consider this the last time you will see JATT STARR on Mayhem!!!

“Everybody Wants You” blares across the arena as Jatt Starr drops the microphone and exits the ring followed by Randy the Intern.

Rick Fantastic: That’s just shocking! Jatt Starr’s real name is Simon Sparrow.

Chastity Gold: I’m at a loss for words. Still… it beats Cosmo Kramer.

Rick Fantastic: Right you are, Chaz… and as much as I’d like for Jatt Starr… err, Simon Sparrow, err whatever the hell his name is to continue to entertain us, it’s about that time again.

Chastity Gold: That time?

Rick Fantastic: Time for our MAIN EVENT! The ring has been cleared…


Graystone vs. Tim Shipley
Singles Match

Chastity Gold: …but the question is, will Tim Shipley even show up.

Rick Fantastic: I’d be surprised if he didn’t… especially after his pay-per-view opponent’s urging to come out here and BEAT Graystone.

Cue the former ICON and World champion’s music for which Graystone appears at the top of the stage to a thunderous ovation of boos from the crowd.

After Graystone hits the ring, his opponent’s music cues in and several tense moments pass with no Tim Shipley, the fans and announcers alike debating on whether or not he’s going to show up. His music stops and starts back up again, and this time, a determined Tim Shipley emerges from the back with his sights set on Graystone. He flies toward the ring and tackles a rather surprised Graystone, who seems rather content to brawl with Tim Shipley as the match has gotten under way before the bell even sounds.


The two roll around in the ring, trading and exchanging blows to the face until Shipley takes the upper hand and mounts his opponent, forcing his head into his blazing right fist. The referee is forced to back Shipley down as the successive punches to Graystone’s face are enough for him to intervene. But Graystone merely smiles at the assault and provokes Shipley to continue, which Tim does by lunging at Graystone maniacally.

Chastity Gold: Tim Shipley is a man possessed!

Graystone fires in a few counter-punches and lifts a knee to Shipley’s groin to shift the momentum of the match. A snap DDT plants Shipley and Graystone covers with a lateral press for a one count.

Graystone proceeds to drop an eblow, but misses as Shipley rolls out of the way and stands up, holding his privates. He winces in pain, but digs deep and levels his opponent with a Superkick as he comes to his feet. Tim takes a moment to nurse the “family jewels” and allows Graystone to come to his feet. Shipley bounces off the ropes and attempts a Clothesline, which Graystone ducks under. Graystone flies off the opposite ropes and connects with Shipley as he returns, the impact of the collision taking its toll on both men as they crumple to the mat in the center of the ring.

Rick Fantastic: Both men are struggling to their feet!

The momentum returns to Shipley’s favor as he’s first to his feet and keep Graystone off his with a few hip throws before Graystone’s able to reverse a swinging neckbreaker attempt into one of his own. After hitting the neckbreaker, Graystone falls on top of Tim and begins hammering him with blows and then choking him. He breaks the choke after being admonished by the referee and then dropping elbows straight across Shipley’s chest.

Shipley finally manages to roll out of the way of the elbow drops and gets back to his feet and catches Graystone with a DDT and a moonsault. A pin attempt from Shipley yields only a one count before Graystone kicks out. The two men both get back to their feet and trade blows before Graystone gets the upperhand with a succession of knife-edged chops that rock Tim before taking him off his feet with a hard clothesline. Graystone looks to hit the Curse finisher and end the match early but Shipley manages to get his knees up. Shipley takes advantage of this and locks in his Newton’s Paradox submission hold.

Graystone is able to pull himself to the ropes and force Shipley to break the hold. Eager not to lose his momentum, Shipley goes for a boot but Graystone catches the foot and slams his elbow down on the knee and then follows it up with a dropkick to the knee. Shipley goes down hard and Graystone runs the ropes and comes back at the kneeling Shipley with a knee to the face. A cover by Graystone gets a one-count and the fans cheer for Shipley.

Encouraged by the fans Shipley fights back from a barrage of fists from Graystone and get back to his feet. This time he gains the upperhand with a sudden boot to the gut and a dropkick. Deciding to go high risk, Shipley goes to the top rope and comes off with a shooting star press into another pin attempt. A two-count gets the crowd on their feet as Shipley pulls Graystone up and Irish Whips him into the corner. A missed splash attempt from Shipley allows Graystone a chance to recover and hit a DDT. Graystone hits a series of DDTs and then covers for another pin but only gets a two count for his trouble.

Shipley gets back to his feet and catches Graystone with his Chaos Theory cradle suplex and proceeds to stalk him. Sensing the end is near the crowd begins to chant for Shipley and as Graystone rises Shipley uses him as a springboard to the top rope and backflips over him into a DDT!

Eternal Hope!





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 7:55… TIM SHIPLEY!!!

Chastity Gold: HUGE win for Shippers heading into the Go-Home show of Mayhem! Wow!

Shipley escapes the ring and takes in the applause from the fans before Graystone comes to and disappears behind the curtain, satisfied with his efforts over the former World and ICON champion.

Rick Fantastic: I’m impressed Chaz! Shippers won the arguably the biggest match of his career in HOW tonight and will carry that momentum undoubtedly into ICONIC!



After the match, with the theme music blaring in the background, Graystone rolls out of the ring and grabs the microphone.

Graystone: Stop… stop the music…

The crowd boos as Graystone, breathless, pants into the microphone.

Chastity Gold: Oh no. Not again this week…

Rick Fantastic: What could he possible have to say…

Voice: Woah… woah… woah…

Graystone squints in confusion as the cameras cut up to the top of the ramp where General Manager Ryan Faze is standing with a microphone in hand.

Rick Fantastic: Faze IS here!

General Manager Faze: Graystone… There will be no microphone time for you here tonight. In fact you’re lucky you were even allowed to wrestle your match here on Mayhem at all. You see, last week you had Shane Reynolds taken into custody for absolutely no reason at all, and the HOW officials are disgusted that you’ve chosen to bring Michelle Reynolds-Creedy back into HOW to re-enact your sick fantasies with her. I’ve been instructed by the officials of HOW, with the support of the men and women of the Rhode Island police department, to recover Michelle and place her back into custody with her closest relative… Shane Reynolds.

The crowd pops at this announcement. The camera cuts to Graystone who looks scared.

Chastity Gold: Custody to Shane Reynolds? Are they nuts? That girl needs to be in the care of child protective services. She shouldn’t be being used as a bargaining chip in these sickos fantasy world.

Rick Fantastic: What else can they do? He’s the closest relative?

General Manager Faze: Graystone… I am ordering you to give the whereabouts of Michelle Reynolds-Creedy to the authorities so that they can rectify this situation swiftly and promptly.

Suddenly, a smile stretches wide across Graystone’s face.

Graystone: Ryan… Faze… You… just don’t get it do you?

General Manager Faze: Graystone… I don’t have time…

Graystone: I should have ripped your fucking leg off when I had the chance!

Faze shakes his head in disappointment.

Graystone: Faze… You shouldn’t be sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong… and right here… that’s exactly what you’re doing. You see… Michelle isn’t going anywhere. Oh no. Michelle isn’t going back into custody with Shane Reynolds.

General Manager Faze: If you do not turn Michelle over to the authorities, we will have no other choice but to detain you.

Graystone: Ah…ah…ah… Not so fast Ryan… Do you remember when I had said that I had a secret and that Michelle was alive and well?

Faze looks unimpressed.

Graystone: Well… I lied… The fact is I have TWO SECRETS!

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction as Faze cocks his head in confusion.

Graystone: You see… The fact of the matter is Ryan… There is someone else that is still alive that is closer to Michelle in blood than Shane Reynolds. Giving her back to Shane would be a huge mistake, given that this blood relative has the rights to custody.

General Manager Faze: What proof do you have?

Graystone: Well… Taking a skip down memory lane… Do you remember when Michelle’s father died?… Well, guess what?… He too is ALIVE AND WELL!

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction. Faze looks skeptical.

Chastity Gold: Her father is dead… there is no way he can be alive.

General Manager Faze: If he is alive, where is he?

Graystone: Well, hold on a second… let’s just say that Michelle’s father is… not necessarily who you think he is. You see, Shane’s sister was in fact married to a man that met his unfortunate end… But that man was NOT the actual father of Michelle Reynolds-Creedy.

General Manager Faze: Oh really? And who is the father of Michelle Reynolds-Creedy?

Graystone: Funny you should ask, Ryan… he’s in this very arena, TONIGHT!

General Manager Faze: Oh is he?

Graystone: Let’s bring him out now… shall we? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… THE FATHER OF MICHELLE REYNOLDS-CREEDY!….

The cameras cut to the stage, where Ryan steps out of the way and looks at the entrance way. The camera cuts back to Graystone as he slowly brings his hand up and points to his own head.

Graystone: ME!

The crowd lets out a huge pop. Faze shakes his head in disbelief.

Rick Fantastic: What the!?

Chastity Gold: There’s absolutely no way!

Graystone: OH IT’S TRUE… And I have the papers to prove it. Our blood matches 99.9%… There is no doubt about it…

Faze stands on the stage speechless.

Graystone: And I’m sure everyone’s wondering exactly how this is possible… Well let’s just say Shane’s sister was a slut!

The crowd lets out a huge chorus of boos.

Graystone: I couldn’t even tell you when Michelle was conceived… there were just too many times to count.

Graystone smiles, pleased with himself, and holds the microphone high up in the air. Then, he puts his hands on his hips and begins delivering pelvic thrusts towards Ryan Faze’s direction. The crowd lets out another mixed reaction as Faze begins storming his way down to the ring.

General Manager Faze: Damnit, Graystone! That’s enough! This is Monday Night Mayhem… and you will not make a mockery of this show!

Graystone: I believe, dearest Faze… that I already have!

Faze stands at the end of the ramp, when suddenly Max Kael’s music hits as the fans turn their attention back to the stage as Faze spins back up to the stage. Maxopotamian flags unravel on the stage as Max Kael steps out with a black suit and his custom Maxopotamian microphone. Graystone and Faze both lock eyes with the Prime Minister as he raises the mic to his lips.

Max Kael: My name is Maximillian Kael and I am your ICON Champion! I am owed the respect of my peers and the envy of you pathetic fans. As you all know I continue to prove my superiority over Jatt Starr however tonight I have something else I would like to talk to you heathens about. Now.. Graystone, apparently you are Michelle’s father.. this is barely believable but knowing how fucked up you are, I am not surprised.

The Prime Minister starts to wander down to the ring as Graystone looks on with a scowl on his face. Faze, though, steps in Max’s way with his hands out.

General Manager Faze: Max, now you just hold on right there. You need to be reaaally careful about what you decide to say next..

Max Kael: Or what? You’ll ban the ICON Champion from your failing show? I could only be so lucky. But I am not here to ruin your precious little show today Faze, I am here to make it better for you see I have my own little reveal to deal with. One that I have been working on for some time..

As he speaks Max makes his way down to the ring as a furious Ryan Faze stands to the side, giving Max a rather sour expression. Max simply ignores it and makes his way into the ring as Graystone backs away, though he is clearly ready to attack Max. Smirking, Max rolls into the ring and stands up with a smirk on his face.

Max Kael: A few months ago I realized that Shane Reynolds had a son. A son he had never shown an interest in, a son that he never reached out to. This boy, this.. spawn has lived out the first part of his life in various orphanages as he tried to understand why no loved him, why no one wanted him. Well..

A cocky smile crossed over Max’s face as he swaggered through the ring while Graystone kept his eyes on him.

Max Kael: Well.. I wanted him! And now..

Pulling a piece of paper out of his suit he holds up the legal document and lets out a loud laugh.

Max Kael: Now I’ve adopted Shane’s son into my family. If Shane refuses to become a Kael then his son will have no choice! Of course this is also my chance to prove to Jatt Starr that I am also a superior father then he is but most importantly I will be suing HOW for Defamation of Character and an abuse of power resulting in fines that amounted to 500K which effects my capacity to provide for my new son.

As Max rapid fires his breaking news as the fans boo loudly. He waves the paper in the air as if it were a weapon as Graystone continues to stare at him. Faze begins toward the ring. Max turns and holds the papers in his hand toward Faze.

Max Kael: Stop right there, Faze, you may still run Mayhem until the end of the year but I swear to god if you try and stop me I will destroy this show completely and utterly. I have the power, I have the lawyers and I have the influence. Speak to the ICON Champion as you should be on your knees begging f-

Graystone spins Max around and lifts the mic to his lips with a sneer on his face. The two of them look at each other for a moment, obviously bitter rivals. Suddenly Gray shakes Max’s hand as they both smile.

Graystone: Welcome to fatherhood…

Suddenly the crowd breaks out into a roar of applause as Graystone and Max look around confused. Shane Reynolds bursts into the ring from somewhere in the crowd sporting a steel chair. Max turns just in time to see him jump in and ducks immediately as the chair smashes into Graystone’s head.

The crowd chants “Holy Shit” as Graystone rolls out of the ring holding his face. Max drops his mic and tries to use his title to smash in Shane’s face. Shane ducks and back body drops Max over the top rope where he smashes into the floor in a heap. The crowd continues to encourage Shane as he stands in the middle of the ring while Graystone and Max recollect themselves on the outside, neither man willing to test another run in with Shane.


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