Mayhem: November 17th, 2008 (2008)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
Monday; November 17
th, 2008 – #HOW26
The Best Arena; Chicago, Illinois


Steel Opener…

Monday Night Mayhem comes on the air as HOW cameras focus in on the steel cage that is hanging high above the ring. The Best Arena is once again sold out and the fans begin cheering loudly as Welcome to the Jungle begins playing over the PA system as strobe lights flicker on the cage. 

Joe Hoffman then welcomes the viewing audience in as GNR fades out and the cage begins to lower!

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to another Monday Night Mayhem. I am Joe Hoffman and as always Big Buff Benny Newell is with me…and what is going on Benny??

Big Buff: Looks like we are going to have the cage match now you idiot. Lee announced earlier this week that Silent Witness would be taking on a mystery opponent tonight in a cage match. Why are you fucking surprised?

Joe Hoffman: I thought for sure that Lee would start the ….

Joe is then cut off as Back in Black by AC/DC begins to blast over the PA system and the crowd stands as one as everyone knows that Lee Best is about to make his way  out.

Big Buff: You were saying?

Lee makes his way out from the back, still wearing an eye patch, but other than that it is business as usual Lee Best.

Lee pauses at the top of the ramp and a few moments later he is joined on the entrance ramp by Maximillian Kael, Scottywood,  Triple M and a reluctant Triple P. The men flank Lee and as Lee leads them down to the now enclosed ring, the boos almost drown out Joe.

Joe Hoffman: It has been weeks since we have seen the Best Alliance being led out by Lee and quite frankly I am not sure if this is a good thing.

Big Buff: Are you fucking kidding me?! This is the greatest moment since the day Max won the World Title!

Joe Hoffman: How about when he lost it?

Big Buff: Watch it….

Back in the ring we see the Best Alliance finish climbing thru the steel cage door and into the ring. Lee pulls a microphone out from his pocket as the rest of the Alliance stand behind him, all facing the hard camera as the crowd continues to boo.


The crowd boos even louder after Lee’s declaration.

Lee Best: Ah, the sweet sounds of my hometown. I didn’t realize how much I missed listening to you idiots boo me until just now…it almost brings a tear to my eye.

Joe Hoffman: His good eye?

Benny glares at Joe as in the ring Scottywood feigns wiping a tear from Lee’s eye.

Lee Best: Enough of the love fest lets get down to business. Earlier in the week I announced that several of the HOW superstars that were booked in ICONIC matches by Harris would have to earn the right to keep their spots tonight. Well one of those men was Silent Witness who I stated would have to win a match tonight inside this steel cage against a mystery opponent…..well I misspoke.

Joe Hoffman: I am not sure I like where this is going…

Lee Best: What I meant to say was mystery opponents…plural. Silent Witness will have to defeat the entire Best Alliance or else he loses his LSD Title shot at ICONIC…and that match is NOW!!!!

On cue senior referee Matt Boettcher comes racing down the ramp and climbs into the ring as the alliance turns towards the entrance ramp to await the arrival of the Hall of Fame nominee.

Joe Hoffman: This is just stupid. There is no way in heck that Silent Witness, a 2008 Hall of Fame nominee, is going to be able to defeat the men in the ring!

Big Buff: God I have missed Lee!

Back inside the ring Lee demands Boettcher to begin the match and he does indeed signal for the bell and as the crowd boos, Boettcher reluctantly begins the ten count as Lee and the Best Alliance keep their focus on the entrance ramp.

Big Buff: Ten seconds and we will have one less idiot at ICONIC to bring down the buyrate!

Joe Hoffman: C’mon Witness…where are you?!

Boettcher hits the 9 mark and suddenly the HOTv comes to life and the former LSD Champion and Commissioner of HOW’s video begins to play and the crowd erupts as Witness is about to make his way out.

Joe Hoffman: YES!!!

But inside the ring Boettcher is pleading with Lee to allow the match to go on but Lee is demanding Boettcher to make the final count to count out Witness.

Just then a man appears on the ramp way and the crowd goes ballistic as Lee and the Best Alliance snap their heads away from Boettcher and towards the ramp way where the current Commissioner of HOW is out!

Joe Hoffman: A.F.T!!!

Big Buff: What is he doing here? Doesn’t he have a family member missing??

Joe Hoffman: Yes Benny last week Mayhem ended with the video apparently showing the abduction of one Shawn Harris, the son of Jeff. One has to wonder if it’s the same person that has abducted Bobbinette Carey’s sister?

Back to the action and the crowd has died down enough for Harris to raise his own microphone to his mouth and stares directly at Lee Best as he begins..

A.F.T: First off I would like to say that Silent Witness WILL NOT be here tonight so you can go ahead and have Boettcher ring the damn bell and award all your brave Best Alliance members a glorious Count out victory.

Inside the ring Lee does just that and as Boettcher signals for the bell the crowd begins booing loudly but they settle down as the Commish raises his hands.

A.F.T: You see Lee I knew full well that tonight you would try to regain any sense of power by coming here and throwing your gimpy ass weight around. The fact that I had my SON ABDUCTED last week only made me realize even more that I needed to be here and I needed to come out here and made sure I did something before you ruined the entire ICONIC card.

Lee and the Alliance begin throwing barbs at Harris but he continues…

A.F.T: You knew just as well as I did that Silent Witness would not be here tonight but there is nothing I can do about your ruling. Witness is out of the LSD Title match officially but that doesn’t mean that I cannot name someone to take his place…….someone that matches his credentials….former champion…Commissioner….

Harris pauses as the fans pick up on what he is about to say and they start cheering..

Lee Best: Don’t even think about it Harris…

A.F.T: Too late Lee……at ICONIC I WILL take the place of Silent Witness and I will square off against Chris Kostoff and the winner of the Davison, Scottywood match later in the evening and…

Lee Best: Fine take his fucking spot I don’t give a damn….but guess what not only is the LSD Title up for grabs but so is your spot…..the winner of the match will not only be the LSD Champion but they will be the new Commissioner!!


Before Harris can reply Chris Kostoff appears from the back and the Best Arena’s foundation shakes as he receives a thunderous ovation.

Inside the ring Lee can be seen hiding behind the rest of the Alliance as Kostoff asks for and receives the microphone from Harris and smiles down at Lee as the crowd chants KOSTOFF….KOSTOFF….KOSTOFF.

Kostoff: Lee I could literally take up the entire show talking shit to you but I came out here after I heard what was going on. I wanted to throw my own two cents in considering I am THE LSD CHAMPION!!

Kostoff holds the belt up high in the air as the crowd again goes apeshit as Harris applauds Kostoff.

Kostoff: Harris threw himself into the match and Lee you just added your stipulation…by the way can you imagine me being the new Commish and working alongside you Lee?

That realization hits Lee hard and he falls backwards and is saved from falling on his ass by Max and Scottywood who catch the owner of HOW.

Kostoff: Didn’t piss yourself did ya Lee? Hope not because you will when I offer this stipulation for the title match……how about a good old House of Pain match?

Lee Best: Are you fucking serious? That match is so…

A.F.T: Done! I have no freaking clue what this match is but because Lee hates it…..its official!!

Lee just smirks as realizes there is nothing he can do about it.

Lee Best: Fine have your little House of Pain match on December 22nd at ICONIC…but tonight this cage is going to get used and Jeff….Commish….EVERY MATCH TONIGHT IS A CAGE MATCH!!

Harris and Kostoff smile at Lee as they head towards the back as Lee can be seen stomping inside the ring in anger as the rest of the Alliance tries to console him as we  go to our first commercial break.




Best Departure

We are back live and inside the Best Alliance locker room where Lee has rallied the troops.

Lee Best: Look tonight is a big tonight. Scotty you gotta win that match against Davison, Triple P I want you to take out Kostoff…fuck I DEMAND you take out Kostoff…and well…we know Max is going to win the ICON Gold tonight and move on to face Shane Reynolds at ICONIC for the World.

Triple P starts to talk but Triple M grabs him by the arm and gets him to hush as Lee continues.

Lee Best: Every match is going to be a cage match and because of Kostoff’s ass being here I do not think it is wise that I stick around. So….I am getting the fuck outta here…..good luck guys!

Lee grabs his briefcase and heads out the door as the rest of the Alliance looks on and Perfectly Marvelous can be seen shaking their heads as Max and Scotty head off in different directions to prepare for their matches.

HOW cameras then follow Lee as he makes his way to the parking lot and to his waiting limo where the driver gets out and rushes to the back door and opens it up as Lee starts to get in but quickly stops as he stumbles backwards in shock.

What’s the matter Lee….didn’t get my messages from Mindy?”

Before Lee can answer the owner of the voice steps out of the limo and holds the door open and motions for Lee to get in….

Lee Best: Graystone???

Lee slowly gets into the limo and the former World and ICON Champion enters quickly after Lee and the HOW cameras watch as the limo speeds away as the action returns to ringside to a very shocked audience.


Marvelous Mario Maurako vs. Chris Black
Steel Cage Match

Joe Hoffman: Graystone?! Last time we seen him he was getting embarrassed by Kostoff at Rumble at the Rock!

Big Buff: Graystone is one of the most talented men we have ever seen in HOW. Whether or not he is coming back to wrestle it doesn’t matter…what matters is what is being said in that limo right now!

Joe Hoffman: Great point Benny and wow what a night already. It is time for our first match and the steel cage is still in place and it is time to see if the Best Alliance steps up tonight as Triple M will take on Chris Black and that match is right now!!

Ain’t going down” by Garth Brooks begins playing as Cowboy Chris Black makes his way down to the ring to no reaction whatsoever from the Chicago crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Black is a very talented wrestler and a win here would sure go a long way in proving that he belongs here in HOW.

Big Buff: This fucking cowboy is going to get bent on the steel just like Heath Ledger got bent in Brokeback Mountain….

Joe Hoffman: Did you really have to go there?

Benny answers with a tip of his official HOW flask as Joe can only shake his head.

The crowd begins booing loudly as Triple M’s entrance begins. Ego” By Element Eighty hits and three M’s pop up on the giant video screen

You are such an imitation of me.

“Marvelous” Mario Maurako steps out onto the stage and raises his 2×4 into the air. Maurako glares out at the fans who are booing loudly, and then he makes his way down the ramp.

Falling down on you

And still you never knew

This hell I put you through

Should be Nothing new.

Maurako rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises the 2×4 again.

Don’t you know

Who I am

I am the man that you will never be

Maurako hops down from the turnbuckle and heads for the next one with the 2×4 draped over his shoulder

Don’t you know

Who I am

I am the man that you will never be

Maurako slams the 2×4 into the top turnbuckle which sounds off a loud bang, which cuts off the music and sends Red and White streamers into the sky.

Referee Joel Hortega takes the 2×4 from Triple M and hands it to a crewmember on the outside and motions towards Black and Mario and both nod that they are ready and Hortega signals for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Hortega had his own controversy earlier in the week when it was learned that he faked his way into the country using his older brothers information but everything is fine and well as Joel is now a US Citizen and no longer has to go by his older brothers name…Carl.

Big Buff: Blah blah blah. Just another guy that hopped a fence and stole a job from an American. Don’t get me started on that shit…

Joe Hoffman: Ok let’s just focus on the match shall we?

Benny raises his flask to Joe just as inside the ring as Triple M and Black lock up.

Mario quickly gains the upper hand and overpowers Black to the turnbuckle where Hortega signals for the break but Mario tells Hortega he only speaks American and proceeds to hammer Black with some big right hands and the crowd boos unmercifully as he continues.

Mario then just begins to pummel Black with some heavy offensive moves culminating with a powerbomb into the turnbuckle where the back of Black’s head smokes the steel mesh of the cage and the cowboy is bleeding.

Big Buff: Mario calls that the Red Scare and what an appropriate name as it brought the red from Black!!

The crowd is all over Mario as he executes a perfect stalling suplex in the middle of the ring and goes for a cover but after a Dos count he pulls Black up and continues the offense as he paints the canvas with Black’s blood before finally locking in his full nelson finisher.

Big Buff: Marvelosity!!

Black is out cold but the power of Mario keeps the man up and as Hortega lifts the dead arm of Black for the first time and it falls like a brick to his side as Mario walks them up to the ropes and leans forward and begins wiping the face of Black across the steel mesh causing him to begin bleeding from his forehead as the crowd is sickened by the display by Mario.

Joe Hoffman: Just end the damn match already…

Mario is smiling as he backs up to the center of the ring and mercifully allows Hortega to raise and drop the arm of Black two more times and calls for the bell as Triple M drops a bloody Black to the mat and poses as the ring announcer, Amy Smeets, announces his victory.


Post match we see Mario head to the back smiling as HOW medics attend to Chris Black and Joe and Benny wonder about the future of Black in High Octane Wrestling.

Suddenly the feed, crackling black and white static covers the screens. Immediately everyone’s attention is caught, begging to see something exciting or revealing. But this time the static just pops on and off, in and out, revealing nothing, and then the voice, that distorted rough scary voice.

‘It’s Time!’

The voice echoes, crackling and fuzzing.

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for what?

Benny Newell: ..Please say strip poker! ..Please say strip poker! ..Please say strip poker!


A high pitched scream is heard following, but the feed cuts as if the plug was pulled from the wall, returning Mayhem back to live TV where Joe takes it to commercial as everyone wonders what is going on.





Back live and we are inside the office of Commissioner Harris who is seen picking up his bags and starts to leave but suddenly the door flies open and the ICON Champion Crow is seen.

Crow: Where the hell you going?

A.F.T: Who the hell you think you are talking to? My son is fucking missing and you expect me to sit here at a wrestling event?

Harris goes to leave but Crow blocks the door.

Crow: You know I wouldn’t be in this damn match tonight if you would of just booked me against Kostoff like I asked.

A.F.T: Take that shit up with Lee… move or your ass will be wishing Lee booked ALL your matches.

Crow: I want Kostoff and I want him next week.

A.F.T: You know he has Max next week so get in freaking line. Now move or I will strip you of that damn title before you even go to defend it.

Crow slowly moves out of Harris’ way but before the Commish can leave Crow has a final question.

Crow: Hey where in the hell is Shane?

Harris starts to reply but stops and smiles and just heads off as Crow looks on pissed off as the action returns to the announcers.


Chris Kostoff vs. Perfect Paul Paras
Steel Cage Match

Joe Hoffman: Ya, where is our World Champion?

Big Buff: Obviously Harris knows something we don’t. My question is now with Lee gone and Harris about to be…what about the whole deal with Carey and her missing sister…wasn’t she supposed to make Harris bleed tonight?

Joe Hoffman: Um……Benny…..look at the HOTv!

Benny and the 7,500 fans in The Best Arena all look up at the HOTv just as it comes to live showing Harris laid out in a pool of blood. HOW medics have rushed to his aide and you can see Bobbinette Carey looking very emotional in the background as the feed ends.

Joe Hoffman: Carey has been pushed over the edge folks…what is going to happen next??

Big Buff: I have no idea but what I do know is that we have an injured owner, and now an injured Commish. Who the hell is going to run the show??

Joe Hoffman: I have no idea but right now the show must go on and it is time for HOW Hall of Famer and current LSD Champion, Chris Kostoff to take on HOW newcomer Triple P!

“Headspace” by Velvet Revolver begins to play throughout the arena as the lights go down, leaving only gold strobe lights flickering to the opening drumbeat.  After the opening stops, five insanely loud blasts of gold pyro shoot from the stage simultaneously, leading out the Singapore cane-wielding Perfect One, Perfect Paul Paras!

Joe Hoffman: Triple P has come into HOW and made quite the impact so far as he has formed the Perfectly Marvelous team with Triple M and those two will go to ICONIC and face The Church of the Unholy in a Hell in a Cell match for the Stable Title and Benny…what a way to make your HOW PPV debut…inside the Cell!

Big Buff: If the things I have heard about Triple P are true then it should be a cake walk for the Best Alliance.

Joe Hoffman: Well remember, Lee stated that Triple P is NOT a member of the Alliance until he beats this man…CHRIS KOSTOFF!!

The lights dim out as “Name of the Game” begins to play across the PA speakers.  The LSD Champion comes out to a heavy chorus of cheers and inside the ring Triple P is bouncing off the ropes and testing the steel mesh as the HOW Hall of Famer makes his way into the ring as Matt Boettcher waits for both men so he can start the match.

Joe Hoffman: This is another match where one man has nothing to prove and one has everything to prove.

Big Buff: Ya Kostoff has a lot of prove that is for damn sure.

Joe Hoffman: I was talking about Paras. Kostoff is a HOW Hall of Famer and the current LSD Champion. He has nothing to prove.

Back inside the ring Boettcher calls for the bell and the match begins as Kostoff and Paras lock up and Kostoff pushes Paras down hard to the canvas and smiles.

Paras nods as he stands to his feet and the two men circle each and lock up again and this time Paras quickly gains the upper hand with a quick eye rake.

The crowd is firmly behind Kostoff as Paras is able to put string some offensive moves together but  is quickly stopped by a powerful clothesline by Kostoff that sends both men down to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: The power of Kostoff could be the deciding factor in this match up. The LSD Champion is one of the most powerful men in HOW’s history and he has proved it time and time again. Just ask Lee who..

Big Buff: Watch it….

Back in the ring and Kostoff has just whipped Paras hard into the steel mesh of the cage and as Paras bounces off Kostoff promptly runs him to the other side of the ring and does it again. He does this until he has nailed Triple P off all four sides of the ring as the crowd is going crazy. Paras collapses in the center of the ring as Kostoff makes a cover…



Joe Hoffman: Kickout by Paras!

Kostoff smiles and lifts Paras to his feet and whips him into the ropes and greets him with a devastating Spinebuster which nets him another two count…this time much closer to a three count.

Joe Hoffman: The LSD Champion is looking very impressive tonight Benny.

Big Buff: Well  you know if history serves me correctly the person who starts out fast usually loses.

Joe Hoffman: Touche.

Back in the ring Kostoff has Paras back to his feet and drives the potential BA member down to the mat with a right hand that draws blood from the forehead of Triple P.

Joe Hoffman: I think we have a good shot to see blood in every match tonight!

Paras, groggy, uses Kostoff’s legs for leverage as he gets back to his feet where Kostoff rears back his right hand but before he can land the punch Paras nails him with a desperation kick to the groin and both men fall down to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Totally legal here inside the cage but c’mon is that all Paras has?

As the crowd cheers on Kostoff both men climb to their feet on opposite sides of the cage  and Kostoff, in better shape, charges Paras but Triple P grabs the top rope and falls to the canvas and Kostoff crashes and burns over the ropes and head first into the steel cage.

Big Buff: What a move by Triple P….Finish him!!

Triple P staggers to his feet and proceeds to work over Kostoff, making sure to use every inch of the cage as a weapon and in a matter of minutes Kostoff is also bleeding as Triple P nails him with his Parasyte flatliner type move. The force of the move bounces Kostoff’s head off the mat, leaving a bloody imprint as Paras makes his first cover but is only able to get a two count on the LSD Champion.

Joe Hoffman: What a match so far and I have to admit that win or lose Triple P has impressed me.

Triple P brings Kostoff to his feet and this time its his turn to send Kostoff down to the mat with a powerful right hand.

Paras continues the offense as he is unable to put away Kostoff and the crowd gets louder with every passing second as they root on the man that sent Lee running from the building.

The finish of the match finally comes as Paras goes for his finisher but Kostoff blocks it and floats over and nails Paras with his No Remorse sit down powerbomb finisher.

Kostoff makes the cover and Boettcher counts..






Joe Hoffman: WHAT!!!!!!!

There is no three count as Boettcher stops his hand just short of the canvas and instead stands up and refuses to make the three count. Furious, Kostoff starts to his feet and is promptly nailed by a loaded right hand from Boettcher.

Joe Hoffman: Brass Knuckles from the ref???!!!!

Big Buff: YES!!!!

Boettcher helps Triple P crawl over to Kostoff and he quickly makes the three count and signals for the bell.


Post match we see Boettcher help Triple P to his feet as Triple M comes racing down to the ring and joins Boettcher in helping Paul to his feet. The crowd begins throwing trash into the ring as they are livid.

With his off hand Boettcher begins itching at his neck and sure enough he pulls off a mask to reveal his true identity.

Joe Hoffman: Again! We seen this before from the Best Alliance!! GOSH DAMMIT!!!!

HOW cameras focus in on the man and it is Benny who reveals who he is.

Big Buff: That is newly signed Derek Mobley! He was brought in by Triple M and now that Paras beat Kostoff they are all in the Best Alliance….YES!!!

As HOW officials help Kostoff out of the ring Triple M pulls out a mic and announces that they are NOT going to be in the Best Alliance but instead are branching out on their own and the stable of Triple M, Triple M and Derek Mobley will be known as the Argonauts of Awesome from now on!

Big Buff: WHAT??!!

Joe Hoffman: This could either be the best decision of their lives or the worst…..but right now we need to go to a commercial…WHEW.





Back live and the familiar feed from earlier suddenly kicks in, the rough static blitzing, fuzzing, wrecking the screens from live HOW, but once again, like earlier, the feed just continues to fuzz, no pictures, no darkness, no dripping, nothing but, the voice.

‘Congratulations, you succeeded the task, but Carey my dear, Jeff, the games have only just begun, next week, you will coincide together, and together, I want you to give Perfect Paul Paras.. the night off!’

A following of evil laughing echoing through the distorted voice and fuzz.

Joe Hoffman: WHAT?!

Benny Newell: And I was just starting to like this guy!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT?!

Benny Newell: That is bullshit cause you know Lee is going to want the head of the Awesome Asswipes!

‘If I’m disappointed, then…’

Rising from the background a yelling and screaming can be heard together, obviously being Livie and Shawn in some kind of pain.

‘..then I’ll slice open the face of one, or maybe both of these treasured sons and daughters, it’s time to play the game, make your choice!’

Immediately the feed cuts straight back to announcers with an ending crackle.


Church of the Unholy vs. Juvian Ramorez
Steel Cage Match

Joe Hoffman: Whoever is behind that voice is going to have hell to pay at some point and why in the world give Triple P the night off?

Big Buff: I have no idea but that has to be the worst name of a stable ever. I mean you leave the Best Alliance for that? You might as well of committed career suicide. Lee is not going to be happy.

Joe Hoffman: Well it could get worse for Lee. The man he personally brought back, Juvian Ramorez, is set to face The Church of the Unholy next and quite frankly we have no idea who he is facing.

Big Buff: This Church gives me the fucking willies. I mean there are literally over a 100 members of this damn thing and I cannot believe Lee agreed to allow the Church to go into each match without having to name their representative, and from what I have heard today backstage the guy about to come out…well…is straight out of a horror movie.

Joe Hoffman: What?

Big Buff: Watch…

The crowd is still buzzing from the debut of the AoA stable as Juvian Ramorez makes his way down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Juvi bought some air time tonight but from what I have heard it has been cut from the show after everything that has happened to Lee and Harris tonight.

Big Buff: Who made that call?

Joe Hoffman: From what I have got during the commercial is that a representative of the Investment  group that owns half of HOW is running the show and he has called for straight matches for the rest of the shows. No backstage interviews, no interaction from the wrestlers backstage. They want this show to get over with and over fast considering that there is no authority figure from HOW present.

Big Buff: Gotta love the empty suits….fags.

Back in the ring Juvian is talking to referee Mark Toner as he awaits his yet unnamed opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Juvian is slated to face Crow at ICONIC if Crow is able to retain and one has to wonder if he is even mentally wanting to wrestle in this match when he has so much at stake next month.

Big Buff: Lee brought him in…..he is going to destroy whoever the Church brings out.

The arena lights fade to black and the entrance is filled by a dark red light. The entrance aisle is filled with an eerie fog looking fog as Toccata and Fugue begins playing over the loud speakers. The Church of the Unholy comes out to the ring from the back flanked by Ninjas of Doom. They storm to the ring and surround the steel cage as the Ninjas head to the back. The smoke in the aisle dissipates, the music fades out, and The Church member selected to wrestle this week climbs into the ring as the fans look on in awe.

Joe Hoffman: Ok I am receiving word from the back that the mans name is Wolfen…and he’s…..well this can’t be right……um….he’s a werewolf??

Benny spits his drink all over himself as he looks at Joe with an incredulous look.

Big Buff: You gotta be shitting me right? That fucker is a werewolf?

Joe Hoffman: That is what I have been told.

Big Buff: I am just going to have to drink and hope I blackout later and forget you ever mentioned that.

Inside the ring Toner has called for the bell and Wolfen and Juvi begin circling each other.

Joe again touches in on how important of a match this is for Juvian but before he can finish his sentence Wolfen runs at and spears Juvian to the ground and begins mauling him with heavy rights and lefts. Juvian is damn near knocked out cold as Wolfen picks him up off the ground and proceeds to Gorilla Press Slam him into the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Well he sure as heck is as strong as a damn wolf.

Big Buff: Been playing in the backyard again?

Joe Hoffman: Huh? Drink Benny…just drink.

Benny obliges while in the ring Wolfen slingshots Juvian back into the steel cage and Juvian is bleeding heavily already as Wolfen literally drags him into the center of the ring and proceeds to pick Ramorez up and delivers a devastating chokeslam and makes the cover and as Toner makes the count drool from Wolfen falls to the face of Juvian as the crowd looks on almost scared.








Post match we see Wolfen head to the back as Joe and Benny wonder if Juvian might of just wrestled himself out of an ICON shot at ICONIC.

Joe takes the viewers to commercial as the big LSD No.1 Contender match is next!




Scottywood vs. ‘Godly’ Ken Davison
Steel Cage Match

Back live and we are back with the announcers where Joe has some big news.

Joe Hoffman: During the break I have learned that Harris suffered a mild concussion and will be back next week but as far as tonight he has been taken to the local hospital and our thoughts and prayers go out to him.

Big Buff: Fuck that bastard. What about Lee? Any word from him??

Joe Hoffman: None. But what I am getting in my ear right now though is that it is time for the next match and quite frankly this is a big match as the winner of this match will go on to face Chris Kostoff and Commissioner Harris at ICONIC for the LSD Championship and the role of Commish. Talk about a power match.

Big Buff: Scottywood is going to win this….and go to ICONIC and win the LSD and Commish spots and all will be right in the world.

Joe Hoffman: Well I know that Scottywood is pretty pissed off right now and HOW security members had to fight him off the newly formed AoA stable backstage. That is only the beginning of that feud I am sure.

Big Buff: Duh.

Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode hits the PA system and Godly Ken Davison makes his way out to a loud ovation as the Team Epic member makes his way down to the steel cage.

Joe Hoffman: Davison has been having a rough go of it ever since the disappearance of Livie.

Big Buff: Cry me a fucking river.

Joel Hortega, taking the place of Mark Toner, checks Davison for any weapons as Scottywood makes his way out to a very loud chorus of boos. Scotty doesn’t waste any time however as he runs down the ramp and slides into the cage and Davison greets him with right hands as Hortega signals for the bell and we are officially under way.

HOW officials barely have the cage locked before both men crash up against the steel as they continue to brawl all over the ring and up against the steel, neither man ever getting a clear cut advantage until Scottywood begins pounding on the still wounded hands of Davison.

Scotty is unloading with punches directly on the holes in the hands of Davison that he inflicted in their crucifixion match at Rumble at the Rock.

Joe Hoffman: This is disturbing! Scotty is literally punching holes into the hands of Davison!

Scotty finally lets up and begins to work on the rest of Davison as the Team Epic member continually looks down at his hands that are on fire in pain.

Davison is finally about to gain the advantage with a floatover DDT. From there he is able to execute his atomic drop to a belly to back suplex combination move called the Bouncing Godplex which gets him a near fall.

Davison is constantly flexing his hands however as it is obvious that he is in pain and the wounds are not entirely healed and the fact that he forgot his protective gloves in the locker room after all the shit that has gone on with Livie and Carey, is not a good thing.

Davison is able to maintain the offense however as Joe points out that Davison needs this win more than Scottywood and one has to wonder what will happen to the loser in this match.

Davison is able to gain several more near falls after several variations of drop kicks and other high risk moves.

The crowd is clearly behind Ken as he signals for his finisher but Scottywood ducks under the mandible claw attempt and nails Davison with an inverted DDT which leads to both men being laid out on the ground.

With the crowd clearly behind Davison both men crawl toward the opposite sides of the cage and begin climbing.

Joe Hoffman: Our first climbers of the night!

HOW cameras pan out to capture the action as both men look back at one another and realize that they are even as they swing their legs over the top of the cage and they are both sitting on the cage as the HOTv comes to life and all we hear is a voice….the same voice from earlier in the show.

Davison if you want to see Livie alive you will make the ultimate sacrifice and allow Scottywood to win……..if you don’t…..well you don’t want to know what a little girl with a missing hand sounds like do you”

Joe Hoffman: What the F???

Davison looks at the HOTv screen as if he is looking at the person behind the voice and then he looks at Scottywood who is starting to make his way down, not caring about what is happening to Ken.

The crowd is screaming for Davison to climb out and win the match…

Don’t be the reason that Bobbinette never sees her sister again…..don’t you love her?”

Davison appears to be a broken man as he lifts his leg over the top of the cage and climbs BACK into the ring as Scottywood scales down the side and jumps down to be proclaimed the winner.


Post match we see a smiling Scottywood heading towards the back as Davison sits slumped inside the ring.

Joe Hoffman: He just sacrificed his spot at ICONIC for Bobbinette and her sister. Folks we have to take our last commercial break and quite frankly we need it cause I think I am sick to my stomach.




ICONIC Matches Set

Back live and again Joe welcomes the viewers back with some news.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks we have learned tonight that it is Commissioner Harris vs. Scottywood vs. LSD Champion Chris Kostoff in a House of Pain match at ICONIC with the winner not only becoming the LSD Champion but also the new Commissioner.

Big Buff: I want to know what the fuck is going to happen with the Stable Title Match that’s taking place in a Hell in a Cell.

Joe Hoffman: Well if you would let me finish I would let you know that Lee Best phoned into the Investors representative and after seeing what happened earlier with the new AoA stable, he has decided that it will be two members of the AoA stable taking on two members of the Church of the Unholy and Team Epic has gotten their two members in…..Silent Witness and a mystery partner!!!

Big Buff: What? Lee allowed that shit?

Joe Hoffman: Well from what I can gather Bobbinette went to the Investors personally and submitted her team.

Big Buff: That is fucking bullshit and what the hell is Silent Witness doing with Carey!!!!

Joe Hoffman: I have no clue but I am sure we will find out. Lee agreed to allow Triple M to keep the Stable Title if the one remaining member of AoA not in the Hell in a Cell match at ICONIC would face a man of his choosing and obviously Triple M agreed to that quickly so officially Triple M keeps the Stable Title it just now belongs in the AoA stable…..whew!

Big Buff: Bullshit. Fucking bullshit. You know Lee has something special for that lone AoA member….you know that shit.

Joe Hoffman: There is no doubt in my mind he does. But the ICONIC picture is getting clearer as two of our title matches are set and after this upcoming Main Event the other two will be made clear as well.

Big Buff: Lets get this show on the road then.

Joe Hoffman: Agreed.


ICON Title Match
Crow vs. Max Kael vs. Bobbinette Carey

Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

Best Damn Thing by Avril Lavigne hits the PA system and the crowd cheers loudly as a very emotionally drained Bobbinette Carey makes her way out towards the steel cage.

Joe Hoffman: This match is no longer a ladder match obviously as Lee mandated earlier tonight that every match is now a steel cage match and I have to wonder how Carey will perform with everything going on in her personal life right now.

Big Buff: Cry me a fucking river. I am tired of Team Epic just being a bad after school special. It is time for them to grow a fucking sack or just disband. I mean it is only two of them now.

Joe Hoffman: Well the Best Alliance consists of only Scottywood and Max right now?

Big Buff: Don’t forget about Lee dammit!

Back inside the ring Carey waves to her adoring fans as Maximillian Kael’s entrance begins.


“Count down to exterminate the human race.

4, 3, 2, 1..”

*”Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir roar’s over the speaker system as the house lights cut out as the stage comes alive with red and green flashing lights. The flashing lights seem to focus to the beat of the music before the whole stage goes dark with a single, powerful white light appears in the center of the stage making it difficult to see the entrance.*

Max Kael steps out in front of the white light in his Minister wrestling gear. A black fedora, black sun glasses, black leather belt looped around his black slacks with basic black wrestling boots. White medical wrapping goes from his elbows to the base of his fingers to give him limited protection. He pauses in front of the stage, slowly rotating his wrists as he sneers out at the crowd before making his way down toward the ring.

As he proceeds he does his best to avoid touching or getting touched by the crowd, taking his time as he goes. He moves with confidence and arrogance, not even looking at the fans and keeping his attention on the ring. One he reaches ring side he hops up on the ring apron, wiping off his feet before stepping between the top and middle rope, making sure to keep his hand on his hat so it does not fall of.

Joe Hoffman: Max hasn’t been seen much the last few weeks nor has Shane Reynolds or even Bobbinette Carey. With Lee being in the hospital it was obvious that Harris would finally get some of these superstars a rest.

Big Buff: Hey Max made it back fine and dandy last week when he destroyed Shane with a chair.

Joe Hoffman: True enough.

Max enters the steel cage and stares down Carey as Come with Me by Piddy blasts thru the PA system and the ICON Champion makes his way out from the back to a very mixed reaction.

Joe Hoffman: Well this match will decide where these three end up at ICONIC. This is a loaded match as we have a ICON Champion and two HOF nominees. One could argue that Crow has better credentials than the two nominees but one thing you cannot argue is that he is the current ICON Champion and he has looked tough as nails since winning the Gold in his first match back in HOW at Rumble at the Rock.

Big Buff: Max wins, faces Shane at ICONIC, wins World, and destiny will be fulfilled.

Joe Hoffman: Time to find out….hey is that Boettcher….or another fake?

Benny just shrugs as Boettcher signals for the bell and HOW officials close the cage door and Boettcher lifts the ICON title high in the air one last time before rushing the title to a HOW crewmen who quickly opens and closes the door.

The bell rings and we are under way and all three superstars stare each other down as the crowd is standing and screaming.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go Benny….Benny?

Joe turns to his left to see Benny completely passed out from with his empty official HOW flask next to him.

Joe Hoffman: Typical. Biggest match since Rumble at the Rock and he passes out!

Inside the ring the three HOW superstars are still staring each other down when suddenly Max makes a break for the cage and begins climbing and both Carey and Crow look at each and other and chase after Max and pull him down, each with a hold of one leg. They pull him right on top of the top rope and in the first few moments Max already is filling pain in his groin as Joe notes that Carey and Crow actually look good working together there for a second.

But that ends quickly as Carey nails Crow in the temple with a right hand and jumps on top of the ICON Champion and begins to work him over screaming the whole time..

Bobbinette Carey: DID YOU DO IT?

Crow crawls away from Carey and pulls himself up in the corner where he promptly met with a super kick followed by a bulldog and a near fall from Carey.

During this time Max has made his way towards the door of the cage and HOW officials open it just as Carey sees what is going on and she charges and dives on Max just as his hands reach the steel steps on the outside.

Max screams out in pain as Carey literally pulls him in by the air and begins to kick him in the gut all the way across the ring to the other side of the cage where she mounts Kael and begins blasting him with right hands while screaming the same question at him…

Bobbinette Carey: DID YOU DO IT?

Joe notes that Carey is on fire but she is obviously worn out as her last few punches to Kael barely do any damage and she rolls off Kael and sits down in the corner of the turnbuckle and tries to catch her breath as both Crow and Kael  slowly get to their feet on opposite sides of the cage.

Kael again tries to escape and as Crow makes his way to pull him down, Kael jumps off the cage and nails Crow with a perfect axe handle as Joe notes that he was playing possum and the ICON Champion should of known better.

Max begins to work on Crow as Carey continues to rest in the corner. But she is up soon enough and actually executes a perfect double suplex with Max as they send Crow into the steel cage, and the ICON Champion crumples down to the canvas in between the ropes and the steel mesh.

The crowd is still red hot as now Carey and Max are going toe to toe but a quick eye rake by Max settles that and he follows that up by tossing Carey headfirst into the steel cage and the HOF nominee is busted open as her face literally slides down the side of the cage from the impact.

Max stands in the center of the ring as in front of him Carey is bleeding  and behind him Crow is slowly getting back to his feet.

With a final glance towards Carey, Max charges Crow and nails him with a wicked elbow to the forehead that sends the ICON Champion’s head into the steel.

Max then bounces off the ropes and does the same to Carey  on the other side. With the crowd booing as loud as ever, Max turns around and goes to nail Crow again but this time he misses as Crow ducks thru the second and third ropes and nails Max with a wicked shoulder, using Max’s own momentum against himself.

Crow then slides slowly back into the ring and picks up Max and nails him with Snake Eyes on the far turnbuckle and Max is down as Crow stumbles over to Carey who is now trying to make it out the door.

Crow reaches her just in time however but she turns and nails him with a right hand as Joe notes that Max is slowly climbing to the top turnbuckle.

Crow and Carey continue to exchange rights and lefts until they are back in the center of the ring where Crow goes to whip Carey into Max in the turnbuckle, but Carey reverses it and sends Crow in the opposite direction.

As Max starts to climb the cage, Carey waits for Crow to pop up off the turnbuckle and proceeds to nail him with a superkick which sends him back into the turnbuckle where she charges and goes for her handspring hurricanranna Royalty Check finisher just as Max lifts one leg up over the top of the cage.

Joe Hoffman: This is going to be close she has to execute the move….NO!!!

Instead of flipping Crow over, Carey is instead caught by Crow who grabs a hold of Carey’s legs and quickly turns her and lifts her up and walks her towards the center of the ring as he already has her in position for his tombstone like finisher called Fallen.

Max starts to scale down the cage just as Crow brings Carey’s head down hard to the canvas and makes the cover as Boettcher counts.


Max is almost halfway down…




Max now sees the pinfall attempt….and jumps down


Max lands on the arena floor and looks up at Matt Boettcher and to the HOW officials on the outside.

The crowd is silent as they await for the decision as the HOTv comes to life and shows replays of what just went down and its very close.

Boettcher exits the ring and looks at the monitor and then walks over to ring announcer Amy Smeets who announces the winner.


Post match we see Max going apeshit as he climbs into the seats and begins pushing people off their chairs as he picks up the chairs and throws them in every direction.

Inside the ring Boettcher hands Crow the ICON title as Joe states that Crow will go to ICONIC to face Juvian Ramorez unless because of his loss earlier in the night Lee has something else in store.

Back in the seats HOW security members rush towards Max as he begins blasting fans with the steel chair in his hands as Mayhem fades to black.

The last image we see is of Maximillian Kael covered in the blood of the High Octane Fans.

World Title Match!!

The Mayhem feed ends on the HOTv network and as the live shots fade away those that have stuck around are treated to a special taped segment.

Lee Best is seen holding a piece of paper in his hand and he looks unsure of himself as he begins to read.

Lee Best: Because of some findings earlier tonight courtesy of Graystone, I have decided that next week on Mayhem Shane Reynolds will defend the World Title against Graystone. The winner of that match will go on ICONIC to defend the World Title against an opponent of their choosing, which they will promptly announce after their match.

The taped segment ends as we can clearly hear Graystone laughing in the background.

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Chicago, Illinois

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