Mayhem: November 16th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
November 16th, 2009 – #HOW92
Agganis Arena, Boston, MA


Rot In Hell


*The static remains for several seconds until we finally get visual footage in black and white, what looks like CCTV security footage. It shows a police officer, dressed in full attire, walking down a corridor and rapping on a door hard with his truncheon. He peers through the door and mutters something as the audio feed is finally found. We do not know what he has said.

The footage comes out of the black and white format and moves slowly, like a creeping motion, into the room in question where, sitting on a bed facing a small window is none other than Lee Best, dressed in prison attire, his balding head catching what little sun was coming into his small cell. He at first ignores the officers words, then he repeats them for Lee (and the watching crowd) to hear again*

Officer- Best, you have a visitor.

*Lee turns around slowly. We see on his cheek a small bruise and a cut above his left eye. This news seems to have been coming to him for a while now and he manages a small smile.*

Lee Best- Finally, that god damned lawyer is here, I have been calling him for weeks.

Officer- If you are coming, you know the drill.

Lee Best- I guess so.

*Lee stands up and turns towards the wall, with his hands pressed apart against it and his legs spread wide. The officer removes a set of handcuffs from his pocket and slowly approaches Lee who is co-operating. It goes smoothly as he puts the handcuffs on him and leads him out into the hallway where we once again have the CCTV footage in black and white as they walk down the hall and into another room. In the room is a table which is divided in half by wire mesh, as if the room is split in half and it protects whoever is on the other side from the prisoner who in this case, is Lee Best. The officer sets Lee down on the chair and cuffs his legs to it, then proceeds to cuff his hands again, but this time putting them behind the table.*

Lee Best- Is this necessary? It is my own lawyer after all.

Officer- Oh it is very necessary Mr Best.

Lee Best- I don’t understand, why would I want to do harm to my lawyer, sure the little shit hasn’t answered my calls for over a week, but he is my ticket out of here.

Officer- When did I ever say it was your lawyer?

*And with that the officer walks away from Lee*

Lee Best- What do you mean by that? Who is it?

*Lee begins to wriggle in his seat as the sound of the door closing behind the officer can be heard. The handle on the door on the other end begins to move as a foot can be seen. The camera moves to the expression of Lee as the person on the other side makes themselves known, as it is one of sheer anger and frustration as he frantically begins to wriggle more on the seat*

Lee Best- You!!

*Finally we get the first glimpse of the person on the other end as they slowly walk towards the table and pull the chair out from behind it and take a seat and sitting there, with a grin upon his face is none other than the world champion Aceldama*

Aceldama- Well, well, I was in the neighborhood and I thought I would stop by for a little chat, hope you don’t mind.

Lee Best- I got nothing to say to you.

Aceldama- Good, seeing that you are in no position to leave this room and I am in no hurry, you are going to sit there and listen to me then.

Lee Best- And what are you now? The Good Samaritan? Aceldama all high and mighty, one of the good guys, a changed man. You are the same man that walked into my office all those months ago and took that little pay packet, you are the same man who done all those sick and twisted things week in and week out, you are a murderer. One little epiphany doesn’t change who you truly are, I know that and sadly Ace….you know that too.

Aceldama- The day I take morality lessons from a man in prison awaiting trial for his atrocities is the day I die. Yes I done sick and perverted things, I done them all the while suffering from manic schizophrenia and overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction, what was your excuse?

Lee Best- My excuse? What do I have to be sorry for? For building a federation from the ground, for taking it to the levels that I done, never saying no, making people like you into what you became. I have nothing to be sorry for. But you on the other hand…..

Aceldama- My actions were done in the name of one man….Lee Best.

Lee Best- So I was the puppet master pulling all the strings for you then? I never once heard you disagree, as a matter of fact, some of your most sickest, most gruesome atrocities, I never ordered. The stabbing of the pen into Miss Giovanni’s hand? Majestic. And throwing poor little Sabina’s ashes into Issac Slade’s face? It epitomized what you truly are, a monster. You should be in here with me Ace, you would be right at home.

Aceldama- I done my time, and now I seek redemption for what I have done, when will you seek your redemption?


*Lee begins to shake from side to side in sheer frustration*

Lee Best- Look at you for example, no other federation would have taken an ex-con, not to mention a rapist and murderer with a drug problem, but I did, and look at you now. World champion, a millionaire, known throughout this country. If I never took you under my wing all those months ago you would have crashed and burned, I made you and what do you to repay my kindness, you walk away from it all.

Aceldama- I walked away before that self-destruct button on you exploded, and it finally did. It is about time your eyes get opened to the atrocities you have caused in your dictatorship.

*Lee begins to laugh uncontrollably*

Lee Best- A dictatorship you say? Funny, coming from a German.

Aceldama- Never had you playing the race card Lee. Hitler’s biggest crime was being too cowardly to face the world for the crimes he done to humanity, you will not be the lucky one, you WILL go to trial and you WILL go down.

Lee Best- That is what you think. I have the best lawyers in the world working on my case, I will be back in the Best Arena in no time and when I do, I will assure you that your life will become a living hell.

Aceldama- A living hell? I thought that is what you tried already, freezing my assets, burning down my apartment…

Lee Best- I know nothing about that….

*It is now Aceldama’s turn to get angry, but he stands up and bangs his fist of the table, the next words that come from his mouth are assisted by saliva*

Aceldama- Don’t fuck with me, I know it was you!!

Lee Best- Fine, seeing I am getting the blame for everything else that was not my fault recently.

Aceldama- But even though you froze my assets, burnt my only home to the ground, tried to literally kill me at Rumble at the Rock, I am still standing, standing in front of you, you, in your prison clothing, your battered face….your unclean demeanor. So how can you make my life any more of a living hell? I took everything you could throw at me, and here I am, laughing at you through a cage, like a wounded dog!

Lee Best- You strike a good point Ace, but tell me, just answer me this….how is your friend? Hans is it? Next time you see him, tell him no hard feelings, these things happen I guess.

*Aceldama charges for the mesh and tries to grab at Lee, who sits back in his chair and casually laughs*

Lee Best- You see Wolfgang, Aceldama, Ace, whatever the hell you are calling yourself these days, I always win. Why? Because I know how to play this game, these….convictions that my brother is trying to put me to trial for, they won’t stick. Why will they not stick? Because they were all done in the search for entertainment! Sure some people got hurt, some even killed…..but hey, that is business I guess. Come January 21st I walk into that courtroom, and come January 22nd I walk back into the Best Arena, an even more pissed individual, and there is nothing anybody can do to stop it.

*Aceldama sits back down again, with a smug look upon his face*

Aceldama- Oh Lee, you always seem to live in this warped little world of yours where you think you are indestructible. But you are human, you are no god. You will go down, you will spend the rest of your life within these walls, and how do I know that? Because come January 21st Lee I will be in that courtroom with you, and I will be testifying AGAINST you.

Lee Best- Bullshit, you would never do that, I made you!

Aceldama- And now the person you made, will be the person who will destroy you. You got away for too much for too long Lee, and I will personally make sure, with your brother, that the next time you see the light of day, is when they are wheeling you to the hospital to spend your last dying days as an old man on a life support.

Lee Best- You have nothing on me, not enough to take me down.

Aceldama- Oh, do I not? How about discrimination, unfair pay? Three hundred dollars a week for a man who makes millions for the company? I don’t think so. How about unlawful seizure of someone’s personal possessions? Arson? Attempted murder? The list could go on Lee, but… should be nothing for you to worry about, after all, I have nothing on you…..

*And with that Aceldama stands up and walks out of the room leaving a very livid Lee Best shaking menacingly in his chair, the veins on his head protruding mercifully*

Lee Best- Who do you think you are? Coming in here and talking to me that way! You were an ex-con junkie when I found you, now look at you, I made you!! I MADE YOU!! You have nothing on me, you and all the rest of those ungrateful bastards out there; I gave them years of my blood and for what, for this?! I am Lee Best god dammit… LEE BEST!!!!!!


~Footage taken from CCTV Security Cameras~

Cook County Jail – Chicago, Illinois

Friday, November 13th 2009


The World Title Championship Series is brought to you by these three hot ass chicks….and Budweiser.


Setting the night up..


Three successive explosions of blue pyro blast above the ring as the camera scans an electric Boston crowd. Raising their posters high into the air, the Boston fans show their love for Mayhem with a tremendous roar; their wild behavior fueled by the possibility to be seen on live television.

Chastity Gold: LIVE on the campus of Boston University, a capacity crowd of 7,200 HOW faithful have jam-packed the Agganis Arena!

Rick Fantastic: Well, at least these Bostonians have hope with the Celtics and Patriots because they’re certainly not cheering because the Yankees won the World Series…

Chastity Gold: AHEM! Ix-nay on the Ankees-ya, Rick. Folks, you just heard Rick Fantastic and as always, I’m Chastity Gold and am PROUD to welcome Mayhem back to HOTv programming after a short, 2-week absence. How ya holdin’ up, Rick?

Rick Fantastic: Well Chaz, aside from my wallet feeling like it’s been through its own 30-minute Iron Man match, I’m doing great!

Chastity Gold: Good to hear! Let’s get right down to business after we all saw that intense opener to the show, where the World Champion Aceldama, looking fresh and healthy from his recent stint in a local Rehabilitation Clinic, paid a visit to none other than Lee Best… making it clear to the self-proclaimed “God of HOW” that he’s in prison for a reason; to PAY.

Rick Fantastic: Trust me on this Chaz… Lee Best can not and will not be held down for long. Come January 21st, upon his release from Cook County Prison, I assure you he will make life hell for anyone and everyone that opposes him.

Chastity Gold: Well, his release is no guarantee as he must ultimately sustain a trial for his crimes, but let’s turn our focus back to tonight… and let me be the first to declare my excitement for this show as we’ve got a jam-packed card in store for you here on HOTv.

Rick Fantastic: That’s right, Chaz! 5 matches and a number of appearances; including one in particular that I’m really looking forward to. Chaz… Jatt Starr will be on Mayhem!!! TONIGHT!!!

Chastity Gold: You’re right about that Rick as the Hall of Famer requested airtime earlier this week from General Manager Faze. Um… Rick? What are those?

Rick Fantastic: Oh, these? Just a little something that’ll help Jatt in his quest to rid HOW of any and all potential Zombie attacks.

From under the announcer’s table, Rick carefully pulls out a pair of nunchucks and proudly places them on the table for Chastity to see.

Chastity Gold: Nunchucks, Rick???


A confident nod from Rick quickly forces Chastity to change the subject as she gives us a quick run-down of the rest of the night’s festivities.

Chastity Gold: Ooo-kay. Anyways, the Best-of-Seven World title Series resumes tonight as the “Perfect One”, Paul Paras, looks to even the score in Match 4 after 2 consecutive victories by the World Champion.

Rick Fantastic: Everyone’s been talking all week and it’s hard not to pick Paras as the favorite in what’s set to be a Submission match in tonight’s Main Event, especially if Paul’s at 100% health.

Chastity Gold: Is this a must-win for Triple P?

Rick Fantastic: I’d say it is, Chaz. We’re talking about the difference between a brand new series with the score evened up or climbing out of a deep hole where you MUST win 3 matches in a row. Should be exciting to see who comes out of this match as the winner.

Chastity Gold: Indeed it will! But let’s not forget about our HUGE mixed tag match that pairs the unlikely duo of Shane Reynolds and Erites Kallisten against the former Best Alliance teammates, Graystone and Kirsta Lewis.

Rick Fantastic: Graystone and Shane Reynolds have never shied away from striking members of the opposite sex, but neither has the “Hellcat” or Erites Kallisten. I’m expecting a brutal encounter for the respective pay-per-view opponents.

Chastity Gold: Speaking of brutal… Scottywood and Doozer will square off for the first time in singles competition…

Rick Fantastic: …as will two men that have met before, Jason Midnight and Mario Maurako.

Chastity Gold: We’ve got a big night of matches here on Mayhem, so let’s get right to the action!


Johnny Otaku vs. Black Mamba
Singles Match

Romeo Ward’s presence in the ring is a clear indication that Mayhem is now ready to air its first match of the evening. Moments after the camera focuses in on the top of the stage, Johnny Otaku’s music kicks in and the fans in Boston offer mild applause for the energetic up-and-comer as he appears with a pose at the top of the entrance ramp.

Chastity Gold: Been a while since we’ve heard from Otaku, eh Rick?

Rick Fantastic: Johnny’s always been the quiet type and has yet to even catch a glimpse of his full potential here in HOW.

Kimber Marshall: This first match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing 227 pounds… JOHNNY OTAKU!!!

About half-way down the entrance ramp, the man they call the “Taco” sprints his way to the ring, diving under the bottom rope with a quick pop to his feet as he readies himself for the match.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, from London, England, weighing in at 200 pounds… JAMES “BLACK MAMBA” RANGER!!!

Fresh off of his appearance in the Lethal Lottery Gauntlet match and quirky encounter with ICON champion Max Kael, Black Mamba emerges from backstage accompanied by Mia Long to a fair amount of cheers from the crowd.

Rick Fantastic: And the lovely Mia Long!

Chastity Gold: Will you calm down? I swear you’re just as bad as Benny sometimes.

Rick Fantastic: Oh? Jealous much, Chaz?

Chastity Gold: Pfft! Jealous? Please. Maybe in 1995.

Rick Fantastic: So we’re taking shots at my age now?

Chastity Gold: Maybe.

Rick Fantastic: Well you know what they say: 40 is the new 20. Seriously. Look it up.

Chastity Gold: Says the thinning, fading hair and the bags beginning to form under your eyes?

Rick Fantastic: I had a long night, ok!! And stop kidding yourself… you know damn well how much you want me. All that Triple P talk? It’s just your real affection towards the “Fantastic One”.

Chastity Gold: The Fantastic One?

Rick smiles with a look of innocence. As the announcers continue their banter, Black Mamba has already made his way to the ring and Romeo Ward calls for the bell as Otaku and Ranger appear ready to lock up.


Black Mamba lunges forward for the lock up but Otaku has other ideas in mind and quickly spins around his opponent, catching him off-guard. A trio of German Suplexes follows as Otaku quickly gains control of the match.

Mamba is quick to turn the tables though after a missed Rolling Thunder Splash from Otaku leads him into the receiving end of a Super Kick from Ranger. The anticipation rises quickly after a 2 count from Romeo Ward sees Otaku get his shoulder up.

Black Mamba continues his assault on Otaku with Snap Suplex and an Elbow across his sternum which directly leads into another pin attempt, which again, Otaku kicks out after 2. Frustration begins to set in for James Ranger as he points to the top rope, looking for a response from the fans. He looks to both sides of the arena and gets the reaction he anticipated before swiftly climbing his way to the top rope.

Chastity Gold: Black Mamba going high-risk here!

Mamba leaps off the top rope with tremendous elevation, but his Frog Splash was telegraphed and Otaku easily moves out of the way.

Rick Fantastic: The Taco saw that one coming from a MILE away…

Johnny Otaku stalks Black Mamba as he staggers to his feet and impresses the capacity crowd with a Diamondcutter that plants Mamba’s head into the canvas. Wasting no time at all, Johnny shoots to the top rope, projects the distance between himself and his opponent, then executes a fantastic Shooting Star Leg Drop that connects onto Ranger’s chest!

Chastity Gold: Limelight Drop!

Anticipating the cover, Ward is quick to the count as Otaku hooks the leg.

Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 3:03… JOHNNY OTAKU!!!

Otaku has his arm raised high into the air by Romeo Ward after a quick victory and some needed momentum as he looks to earn a spot on the ICONIC card in the closing weeks before the pay-per-view.

Chastity Gold: What a nice win for Johnny as he continues to look to cement his status here in HOW. Folks, we’ve only gotten started here on Monday Night Mayhem! Don’t you dare change that cha-

Rick Fantastic: Hold the phone, Chaz!

Instead of the expected commercial break, a quick cut of the camera leads us backstage, for which the corridors are currently a beehive of activity and conversation.


For the Children…

The men and woman of the High Octane backstage crew and Agganis Arena staff members alike were currently engaging in various excited discussions about their families and life in general, about what had already ensued on this edition of Mayhem, and making predictions and small wagers on what was yet to come.

Whatever the subject matter, however, it was immediately reduced to silence as a figure dressed, quite strangely given his recent choices of varying costumes, was dressed in a smart black suit with a dark-purple shirt and a coordinated, matching tie, although he maintained wearing his usual unlaced, heavy black boots.

It was these the camera in the vicinity focused on before panning up to reveal the painted face of Shane Reynolds, his long, straggly hair hanging freely over and around it. In one hand was a black, unlabelled duffel bag and in the other, what appeared to be a pipe. None of this was what drew the open mouth expression of those who witnessed his arrival into their midst, though, but instead the fact that he had a parade on about ten children – five boys and five girls – keeping pace with the shadow trailing out behind him. Each of their heads bowed somberly.

Shane turned to them, slipping the bag fully onto his shoulder and holding the pipe up with both hands to his lips. He blew into it, but produced no sound but that of his breath passing through the hollow tubes and, at the end, an inadvertent imitation farting sound.

Shane Reynolds: Come now, Children. Time is wasting and we don’t have all evening!

The gathering of children stepped a little more lively, as did Shane as he blew soundlessly again on the pipe and turned back again to the way ahead, leading them along the corridor, past the group of baffled on-lookers, and to the curtain which lead out onto the stage of the ringside area.

Chastity Gold: Well, in case you’re just joining us, ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to be joined by former ICON and World Champion, Shane Reynolds!

Rick Fantastic: And company!

The sound of ‘Dead Man Walking’ by Bloodsimple echoes suddenly from the public address system, further marking this very arrival, as Shane Reynolds indeed steps out into proper, in-person view, of the arena audience. Blowing on the pipe again, producing a hissing sound in time with the song, he quickly heads down the ramp, moving somewhat rhythmically.

The kids meanwhile, in the glare of the lights and the eyes of all those watching people, pause and huddle together, before Shane turns, yells that everything will be okay and summons them to follow with a swing from one of his arms. Reaching the ring first, Shane ambles up the steps, across the apron, and then sits on the second rope. He remains there, waiting for the children and then indicating for them to enter as, one by one, they catch up with him.

Shane Reynolds: Don’t be afraid!

He is heard as saying as the children enter and he follows immediately after them. Shane takes a moment, to glance around at the vast gathering of fellow Bostonians, before raising the pipe to his lips, before realizing it’s a microphone he wants and throwing it away in favor of one half located in his jacket pocket. As he raises this now to his mouth, he lets the bag slip from his shoulder and passes it to a nearby blonde boy.

Shane Reynolds: I told you all recently that you should remember the fifth of November. Well, forget that, because nothing it was supposed to be came to pass. I told you not long before that to remember December 14th, but you can forget that for now as well, because it’s not important!

A murmur of curiosity and confusion ripples through the crowd and is vocalized and broadcasted from the announcer’s own mouths.

Rick Fantastic: Did he just tell everyone that the night he finally faces Graystone and Maximillian Kael for the ICON championship and revenge for everything they did over the last year and a half, in a huge Buried Alive match mirroring the one from just before the last ICONIC, is not important?

Chastity Gold: I believe he did!

The utter disbelief felt by both of them and heard in their voices as well as seen in their curious glance towards each other, as Shane breaks from his brief pause in the ring and continues.

Shane Reynolds: I say this, because the date you all need to remember is November 16th… Tonight!

On this word, his usual pacing back and forth across the ring ensues, moving swiftly back and forth between the ropes as the children stand in a line a little way away.

Shane Reynolds: You see, when it comes to Graystone, I have wanted to break and crush him–

His free hand extends as he says this word and clenches tightly, driving all out all blood and turning his knuckles white.

Shane Reynolds: –I’ve wanted to destroy him. But every attempt I have made has been met with failure. During his match with the Crow all those months ago, he allowed himself to be burnt and lose the match in order to escape my wrath. In the recent weeks, Mike Best and the EPU have halted my attacks against him before my vengeance could be fully realized. And at the hospital where he was recovering, hospital security went against my medical expertise and prevented me from removing his arm!

He stops suddenly and, bowing his head, a slight smirk is born upon his lips as he dwells upon what he is about to talk of.

Shane Reynolds: But tonight, it’s an official match and when that bell rings, not only will I defeat him, but everything I have waited for and dreamed of, shall be realized. After tonight, ICONIC will not matter to him, because he will not be making it there! And I offer this gift of good riddance to you, not for anything personal – although, that is a bonus – or to ease my chances of regaining the ICON championship. No, I do it for one reason and one reason only.

With a quick spin on his heels, Shane spontaneously turned and glared towards the children, his arm swinging widely towards them, startling them and making them take a step back.

Shane Reynolds: I do it for the children.

In turn he begins pointing at them emphatically as he talks ever onwards, reciting each of their names–

Shane Reynolds: I do it for Christopher, and Lucy, and James, and Annabelle, and Mark. I do it for Simone, and Simon, and Richard, and Megan, and Summer.

–even though they are in fact, not their names.

Shane Reynolds: They have all felt the indecent touch of Graystone–

Although they have never so much as even met Graystone

Shane Reynolds: –and so tonight, I rid High Octane Wrestling of him for them and everyone else who has suffered a similar fate. I do it for them and I do it for–

He suddenly waves his hand at the child holding the back, who immediately drops it and from within pulls out two collapsible photo stands and two slightly enlarged photos: One of his niece, Michelle, dressed in a school uniform for a yearly photo. And the one Max sent him of a young boy.

Shane Reynolds: –I do it for the innocence which cannot be saved and for the one whom, although unknown to me, still had a chance to not be tarnished.

Moving swiftly through the children and over to the photos, Shane gently caresses the enlarged school photo of Michelle, and from the corner of his eye looks momentarily towards the picture of the boy Max sent him a while ago.

Shane Reynolds: People call me all kinds of things. But for everything that I am, Maximillian Kael and Graystone are a thousand things more – a thousand worse things! I hear Max on Turmoil talk of the love I am supposedly capable of, but because of him I feel nothing but empty….I feel nothing but contempt and hatred and while he may be able to survive unmanned boat rides and drops from cliffs, at ICONIC, I shall bury him….and from that there will be no coming back.

Shane manages to drag himself away and take a step back from the photo, although unable to take his eyes off of them.

Shane Reynolds: I also hear rumors that Graystone has his own plans in store, his own ‘surprises’, but frankly I had enough of them when he appeared two weeks ago and attacked me after my match with Kirsta Lewis.

Rick Fantastic: It seems we have further company.

The announcer exclaims as a group of security guards emerge from backstage, followed by another group – one of hysterical moms and dads who cry and point and yell for the children in the ring to be given back to them. Shane turns immediately, and, upon seeing them himself, addresses the children.

Shane: Go now, Children!

They take that cue before he can say even another word, sliding out of the ring and running into the waiting throng of the elite security team and arms of their respective parents.

Shane Reynolds: Go now into loving arms and know you shall be saved. Each and every member of this audience, know that your children shall be made safe as Michelle was unable to be. Know that everything will be okay, because the destiny of Maximillian Kael and Graystone has been written and, tonight, and at ICONIC, I shall be the one who helps fulfill them. It matters not whatever mind games they have in store, because abuse they think they can bestow upon me, because I have nothing left for them to take….and I have nothing left within me for them to break.

Suddenly, laughter erupts from his lips, as he turns his face towards the rafters. It stretches onwards for at least a minute before Shane wraps up everything he has been saying.

Shane Reynolds: Tonight the end finally begins… and all the Original Sins shall be paid for in full. With a hiss and a crackle, the microphone falls from his hand and crashes to the canvas of the ring….as everyone continues to stare silently towards Shane, and Mayhem cuts swiftly away to commercial


Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael©

Tim Shipley vs. David Black©

HOFC Tournament Winner vs. Michael DeNucci©

Brothers of the Beast vs. The Egg Bandits vs. The Maurako Family vs. Twisted Reality©

Trent vs. Jatt Starr

Erites Kallisten vs. Kirsta Lewis


Dooz and a Dude

Chastity Gold: Welcome back everybody, and Rick, the mind games continue between Shane Reynolds and his pay-per-view counterparts, Graystone and Max Kael.

Rick Fantastic: Shane’s just lucky he wasn’t escorted out of this arena by police after leading a slew of innocent children to the ring. We’re talking about kids who are probably attending their first-ever wrestling event that will always remember that moment with Shane Reynolds. They may have gone unharmed, but Shane is truly a sick and twisted individual.

Chastity Gold: That’s becoming a common phrase here on Mayhem… anyways, it appears we have some activity backstage.

We jump to the back to find Doozer, one half of the Egg Bandits group, being accompanied by The Dude. Doozer sits anxiously on the edge of his metal chair. He’s wearing his Egg Bandit T shirt, faded jeans, and a pair of Doc Marten shoes. With both elbows resting on his knees, his hands are together moving nervously over each other as he resembles someone awaiting test results after a crazy rager with a twisted end. His manage stands a few feet away over an old school sink, dressed like a mad scientist while pouring some mysterious concoction.

Doozer: Do you really think all that AMP gives him a competitive advantage?

The Dude: Well… if not, the steroids sure do. I mean, have you seen Scottywood from years ago? His body change was like Barry Bonds meets A-Roid meets the Incredible Hulk. Last I checked, AMP didn’t do that for a person.

Doozer: So did you think that juicing me up for the match literally meant making me some type of weird drink mix?

The Dude: Umm… well in Space Jam, Michael Jordan just used water and that worked out fine… I figured I was doing you one better with what I had in mind… two better, really.

Doozer: I’d love to Space Jam your head straight up Scottywood’s ass right about now…

The Dude: Then drink up and you might just find the strength, kind sir.

With that comment said, The Dude spins about to face his friend with a long grin stretching across his bright face. The maniacal manager extends his right hand, holding a blue water bottle, out to the Dooze who begrudgingly takes it. Doozer twists off the top to the bottle and stares down into its contents.

Doozer: Looks like an energy drink…

He repositions the bottle to his face so now his nose is above the opening.

Doozer: Smells like Red Bull…

The Dude: Always the party pooper, Doozy. Just have some faith and take a swig. Drink it whole before your match against Scottywood and there won’t be any amount of AMP in the world that he could drink to defeat you!

Sadly, Doozer caves into the ridiculousness of his so-called management with a shoulder shrug followed by a deep, heavy sigh. With the nalgene lifted up to his mouth, the wrestling star shoots one last glance toward The Dude…

Doozer: You’re an asshole.

At least he got a shot in. The Dooze, with one last surge of confidence… or stupidity… brings the bottle to his lips and lifts the bottom. He chugs at least half of the contents down before lowering the nalgene down to the floor and shaking like a wet dog. Oddly enough… instead of the expected, immediate lash out for merely pouring a random energy drink into his bottle and hyping it to be more… Doozer slowly starts to nod his head and then smiles.

Doozer: She’s got a little bite, but this ain’t all that bad Dude-a-baker. I can almost feel the boost already.

The Dude: Yes, as you should my Doozy. See, I mixed together two parts of an ingredient that is supposed to deliver a quick boost almost immediately after ingestion to one part of another meant to provide you with a sustained, heightened level of awareness.

Thoroughly impressed with his manager for once, Doozre reaches back down for the nalgene and finishes off the drink. Then… after a drawn out sigh of relief and a belch that shook the little locker room, one can almost see the reasoning going on inside the wrestler’s head as that confident smile fades away.

Doozer: Wait… you just mixed Red Bull with 5 Hour Energy, didn’t you? Quick boost and a sustainable, higher level of awareness? Dude?!?!

The Dude: Well, I… but… there’s no crash…

Doozer: I hate you. I’m probably gonna have to take the biggest piss while I’m in the ring now. Thanks a lot!

The Dude: Hey, look at the bright side Doozy… got ya fired up, right?

Doozer: You’re lucky I don’t know where you hide all our eggs, man. I’m gonna go take a walk or something… can’t sit down for some reason…

As Doozer storms out of the room, not failing to shoot Dude an evil glare on his way out, the manager is left by his lonesome to clean up tiny room. The camera fades, but not before The Dude is recorded murmuring to himself…

The Dude: He’s gonna thank you within the hour, Dude… or maybe after 5, but don’t you worry… He’ll thank you.


Lead In..

Chastity Gold: I feel like I have wings after watching that segment… Well, we’re back and ready for the first of two matches that will give us a preview into the Fatal Four-way, Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team title match at ICONIC. Starting first with Scottywood taking on the “juiced-up” Doozer in singles competition.

Rick Fantastic: It is certainly going to be interesting to see how these men work outside the tag team dynamic. Scottywood has a proven singles track record here in HOW, while for Doozer, this may very well be his first singles match here in HOW.

Chastity Gold: Well Doozer has had tremendous singles competition success in Dream Wrestling… so we’ll see how well that translates here in HOW.


Stricken” by Disturbed plays throughout the Agganis Arena as boos erupt as we see Scottywood emerge from the back, hockey stick in hand and wearing a New York Rangers jersey which earns him even more boos.

Kimber Marshall: The following match is scheduled for one fall! First making his way to the ring from New York City, NY. Weighing in at 265 pounds, he is one half of the HOW Tag Team champions…. “The Hardcore Artist”…. SCOTTYWOOD!!!

The boos continue as Scotty just walks by the fans with a smirk on his face and slides into the ring. He makes his way over to Kimber and takes the microphone from her as his music fades out, leaving us with just the noise of the fans.

Scottywood: Damn, how quickly can I ship out of Boston? I mean shit, when was the last time the Bruins won the Cup?

Even more boos are heard as bits of garbage start to fly at the ring as the smile on Scotty’s face grows even bigger, as if he is legitimately enjoying this.

Scottywood: Now as you all know, this past Thursday on Turmoil… Johnny and myself announced that we would be searching for a new member of Twisted Reality. Well I am glad to announce that after sifting through hundreds of DVDs…and one VHS, we have found our newest member!

Chastity Gold: It has been a mystery for several days now, Rick. Any guesses on who this could be?!?

Rick shrugs, innocently.

Scottywood: Unfortunately, that person couldn’t get on a flight in time to come to Boston, which was a blessing in disguise for him. I mean I feel bad for anyone who has to visit this city… but I will promise that next week on Mayhem, he will be in attendance and he will be revealed to all of HOW.

More boos chime in as the fans wanted to find out who the mystery man was, despite their hatred towards Scotty.

Chastity Gold: That is a shame, well have to wait a whole extra week to find out who Scottywood and Johnny Stevens have selected.

Rick Fantastic: Sorry Chastity, I just wasn’t ready for them to reveal myself as the new member.

Chastity Gold: Oh, I’m sure.

Scottywood: And now that I have taken care of business, I am ready for the Fraggle himself to come out here and receive his reality check beating. HOW is no charity and Doozer is about to see that HOW has no sympathy for those in need! Now get your ass out here fucker before I come back there and drag you out!

Chastity Gold: Well I guess the Salvation Army Santa’s won’t be getting a donation from Scottywood this Christmas season.

Rick Fantastic: Can you blame him? They are so annoying with that damn bell ringing. All I want to do is walk in and out of the store in peace…

Chastity Gold: Don’t go away… Doozer and Scottywood are up next after this quick word from our sponsors!


Up next Scottywood takes on Doozer!!


Doozer vs. Scottywood
Singles Match

When you walked through the door, it was clear to me (clear to me). You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see).

As “We Made You” by Eminem hits the sound system, Doozer steps out under the big screen with his friend and manager, The Dude, by his side. The faded booing directed toward Scottywood, who’s already in the ring, transforms into a decently sized pop for two of High Octane’s four Egg Bandits. The pair marches down to the ring with caution… Doozer, breaking from his traditional dress, is sporting the Egg Bandit t-shirt and jeans. The Dude, despite the carton of eggs in his right hand, looks just like one of the Men in Black… both are keeping their eyes on the unpredictable “Hardcore Artist”.

Kimber Marshall: Now making his way down to the ring, standing at 6 feet and 3 inches tall… weighing at 278 pounds… DOOOOZEERR!


Rick Fantastic: Listen to that! First time I’ve heard a Doozer chant here in High Octane. Not a real loud one, but still.

Chastity Gold: I have to say, Rick… I think a match like this is a treat so early in the night. I am really looking forward to seeing one of the infamous Egg Bandits face off against the leader of Twisted Reality, the Tag Team Champions!

Rick Fantastic: To be honest, I’m not quite sure what to expect as both of those teams are world ranked on EWTorch. You never know what you’re going to get with Scottywood, for one. Secondly, this is Doozer’s debut singles match here in HOW. I don’t care what he’s ranked in the world, that’s representing a different federation. He’s got to prove his worth here to win over Rick Fantastic!

Chastity Gold: Alright then… looks like we’re ready to get this one started.


Scottywood and Doozer circle around the ring, sizing each other up. Almost simultaneously, they charge in to the middle of the ring and lock hands in a test of strength.

Rick Fantastic: Two powerhouse wrestlers who want to see which one’s stronger.

Chastity Gold: Scottywood has the slight size advantage. He stands a couple inches taller than the Dooze and weighs almost 10 pounds heavier. Looks like he’s giving some weight to my statement right now…

Towering over his opponent, Scotty starts to grin while pushing Doozer down while bent over backwards. Suddenly his grin straightens, his eyes dart from one hand to the other… both now facing toward him instead of his opponent.

Chastity Gold: Doozer’s pushing Scottywood back! That’s quite impressive from the position he was in just then.

Before Doozer can attempt to flip the test of strength over the top, Scotty swiftly kicks his opponent in the right shin that breaks the test and sends Doozer down to one knee.


Scottywood, showing a dash of agility, connects with a mini-dropkick knocking the Dooze down to the mat.

Rick Fantastic: The fans didn’t like that and Scotty didn’t care. What a quick dropkick to the face! A rare move for the Hardcore Artist, but that really had to hurt. It’s not looking good for Doozer in the early goings. I think the crowd might’ve rallied ol’ Scottywood.

Scotty paces in the ring, watching his opponent slowly stand up. The Hardcore Artist runs at the Dooze as soon as he’s up, looking for a clothesline… ducked! Scottywood turns around immediately and BAM!

Chastity Gold: Short arm clothesline from Scottywood right after missing his first attempt.

Rick Fantastic: Doozer failed to capitalize on that one and Scotty made him pay for it. Now it really looks like he’s going to pay for it!

After picking a dazed Dooze up, Scottywood delivers a sharp toe to the midsection. Doozer doubles over and the Hardcore Artist gets his opponent positioned for his spike piledriver. He tries to pull the Dooze up, but the Egg Bandit resists. Scotty tries again, but nothing. Doozer sends a couple blind shots into Scottywood’s side and, with his head still clinched and setup for a piledriver, he starts to push his back straight up.

Rick Fantastic: Wow! Now that took some power! Doozer just lifted Scottywood up and sent him flying head over heels down behind him. What a crucial counter in his singles debut.

While turning around to face his downed opponent, Doozer is surprised to see Scotty already up and rushing him.

Chastity Gold: Another brutal clothesline for Scottywood sends Doozer down just as soon as he thought he had an advantage. He’s going for the pin!




Rick Fantastic: Not a real close count, but that’s exactly what Scotty had to do to make sure The Dooze didn’t gain any momentum from the countered attack.

Chastity Gold: Wait is that Mr. Cool?!?!

Big ­_POP_ from the crowd!

Doozer’s tag team partner, Cancer Jiles, runs out from backstage and down to the ring. Scottywood turns quickly to the movement drawing attention from the crowd and points at Mr. Cool menacingly. CJ stops before the ring and looks over toward Doozer’s manager, The Dude. Scottywood shakes his head angrily. Mr. Cool winks toward Dude, and the man in the Men in Black suit tosses one of his eggs toward Doozer’s tag partner. CJ catches the egg with ease.

Rick Fantastic: This could get nasty…

Chastity Gold: I just hope none of that gooey egg makes its way over here!

Doozer starts pushing himself back to his feet and notices his fellow Egg Bandit, an egg in hand, wound up for a throw. Not wanting to get disqualified, the Dooze shouts out from his hands and knees at Mr. Cool and waves a free right hand for him to stop. With a frown followed by a dropped head, CJ lets go of the egg and it breaks on the flooring beneath him. Scottywood, more concerned with his opponent than a guy with an egg outside the ring, switches his attention back to Doozer and boots him hard in the ribs. The blow sends Doozer rolling to his back and holding his side in agony.

Rick Fantastic: Well there’s a good snap-shot of the Egg Bandit’s luck here in High Octane wrestling thus far. They just don’t seem to be clicking as a team here, yet. And I’m sure that didn’t go as planned.

Chastity Gold: I highly doubt that was attached to any sort of plan.

Scottywood approaches Doozer with a swagger in his step. He grabs his opponent by the hair on his head and pulls him up. Scotty throws a right and Doozer blocks! The Hardcore Artist throws a left… blocked! Both wrestlers glare at each other with their arms locked together. Scottywood goes for the headbutt!

Chastity Gold: Doozer just tilts over in the nick of time enough to get it out of the way and Scottywood ends up nailing his own forehead on his opponent’s shoulder! That can’t feel too good.

Rick Fantastic: Heads up counter by Doozer… pun intended! You don’t see that much.

Doozer unlocks his arms from Scotty’s and sends a forceful knee into his opponent’s gut. Scottywood bends over frontwards and the Egg Bandit pulls him in… SIT DOWN POWERBOMB!

Rick Fantastic: Where the hell did that come from?! Another random burst of strength from The Dooze! He’s putting the move into a pin now…




Chastity Gold: Almost thought he had it right there! That was some powerbomb for Scottywood to take.

Rick Fantastic: It’s showing that these competitors know what this match means for their teams.

Doozer rolls out of the pin attempt showing a bit of fatigue. Scottywood turns onto his chest and pushes himself up. Both men get to their feet around the same time and once again, stare each other down. Another mid ring rush sees Doozer swing wildly, but Scotty ducks. Doozer spins around from the miss and gets caught right into Scottywood’s Fireman’s Carry, and before he can say “Eggs”, Scotty drops him with a DDT!




Rick Fantastic: What a HUGE win this would be for Scottywood…


Rick Fantastic: …he did it! Scottywood pinned the Dream Wrestling World & Tag Team champion!

Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 7:44… SCOTTYWOOD!!!

Chastity Gold: Big win for Scotty on the road to ICONIC as he continues to ride the momentum off his Tag Team title win here in HOW.

Rick Fantastic: Well, the Dooze called off his partner, Mr. Cool, and it may have ended up costing him the match. The Egg Bandits will need to rebound and FAST if they want to be seen as legitimate contenders in the Tag Team title match at ICONIC.

The Dude and Cancer Jiles help Doozer out of the ring as Scottywood retreats up the ramp in victory, a devilish smirk on his face after what proved to be a competitive match with one of his rivals.

Chastity Gold: Don’t count them out yet, Rick. They know what it takes to win championships and could very well surprise a few people here in HOW by walking away with the titles at the pay-per-view. Folks, we’ve got more High Octane action for you on the way… including a bout between two men that have squared off before… Mario Maurako and Jason Midnight… the other Tag Team title preview match of the night.


Tree of Woe

Following the conclusion of Doozer and Scottywood’s encounter in the ring, we jump backstage, where Mayhem General Manager, Ryan Faze, looks mildly startled by the intrusion into his office of a flushed Tim Shipley. The Englishman’s straw-blond hair is parted around an angry wound the size of a chicken breast, incurred from David Black’s post-match sledgehammer blow at Turmoil on Thursday.

Without saying a word of greeting, Shipley sighs and pulls out the chair, seating himself with a steely determination. Faze looks as if he’s about to question what exactly is going on when Shipley slams his hands on the desktop and begins, quite calmly:

Tim Shipley: What the fuck, Faze?

Well, what do you say to that?

General Manager Faze: Uh… nice to see you too Tim. What’s up exactly…?

Tim Shipley: What’s up is I’m tired of jumping through hoop after goddamn hoop in this place. I mean, all I wanted in the first place was a bloody LSD title match, right? It’s not asking the world. So I go through the usual procedure and bankroll the shot like everybody’s always been able to—

General Manager Faze: And Lee Best overruled that! Of course he did Tim, what did you expect, you’d just denied him the chance of first draft pick! This was WEEKS ago, what exactly—

Tim Shipley: So then I beat David Black. I go out there and beat the champion; I show everyone exactly what shaky legs that oh-so-special title reign is built on, and nothing much happens. Then Silver bloody Phoenix wins himself the contendership.

General Manager Faze: Golden.


Faze nods slowly, resigning himself to the fact that this might be a long encounter. Shipley goes on, animated, with his narrative.

Tim Shipley: So I pull out. You give me my main event with Shane Reynolds and I move on from David Black. I don’t think about that puny emo little faker for one second longer than I have to. I have grander goals now, right, Faze? Isn’t it pretty obvious that you’re booking me for a push?

Now Faze looks down a little sheepishly, not arguing with Shipley’s assessment of the situation.

Tim Shipley: And then I get a phone call telling me I’ve got to go to Turmoil? To face Phoenix for the contendership? I mean count the occurrences of “epic fail” there. Number one, Phoenix has ALREADY WON A SHOT. Number two, I have ALREADY WON A SHOT. Number three, I have declared myself OUT OF THE RUNNING for the LSD title. Number four, on Mayhem I’m main eventing and suddenly I’m supposed to go and wrestle Silver Phoenix in a no-mark low-card match?

General Manager Faze: (quietly) Golden.

Tim Shipley: (almost yelling) So I put it down to idiosyncrasy between the two shows. I put it down to Mike Best being new, green, not knowing exactly what the hell he’s doing. I’ve been there, I book my own place. I give him the benefit of the doubt, I know he’s not been communicating with you like he should, I figure I’ll come see you after the match and talk it over.

Now Shipley’s eyes are blazing.


Shipley is standing now, almost apoplectic with rage. Faze is incredulous.

General Manager Faze: Tim, sit down. SIT. Don’t you think you’re overreacting just a tad here?

Shipley does as he’s told, sitting sullenly in his seat.

General Manager Faze: Look. It is what it is. You’re not above anyone here. You lost to Shane Reynolds. If you’d beaten him things might be different—

Tim Shipley: You said yourself I’d proven I was on his level! Every person out there saw it!

General Manager Faze: But you lost.

Tim Shipley: He dropkicked a chair into my head. He smashed me through a chair. He spat blood in my eye, for Christ’s sake! It was hardly a level playing field!

General Manager Faze: But… you… LOST.

The words take a moment to sink in, but they’re not pleasant for Tim Shipley. He knows Faze is right. Shane Reynolds took all his momentum and turned it around on him. He has only himself to blame. He lost, pinned for the first time in HOW, and it is something that Tim Shipley does not like to think about too much. So he sits, and he thinks, and he sulks.

General Manager Faze: Why are you here, Tim? What do you want me to do for you? Do you want me to take you out of the LSD title match at ICONIC?!?

Shipley leaps out of his seat.

Tim Shipley: No!

Faze claps his hands, exasperated.

General Manager Faze: Then you’re wasting my time. Listen. I don’t CARE how many hoops you think I’ve made you jump through. I don’t CARE how Lee Best and Mike Best are booking you. I don’t care what you think about David Black and how far your freaking LSD pendulum is going to swing week to week. All I care now is that you stop talking about your position here on my show and start doing something about it. Go to ICONIC and beat Black at his own game, and then maybe you’ll have something worthy of my time to talk to me about. Until then I don’t want to see you.

Tim Shipley: But—

General Manager Faze: I don’t want to see you.

It’s something that, once more, Tim Shipley cannot argue with. And at last he comes round to the idea that for the first time since he’s been here on Mayhem, Ryan Faze is talking more sense than he is, and perhaps he needs to start seeing the goddamn forest for the trees.

Perhaps he needs to start listening to Roxie.


Can Chris CK keep his winning streak alive when he faces ICON Champion Max Kael this week on Turmoil in a non title bout??


Family Matters

Chastity Gold: Welcome back to Mayhem and as we saw before the break, LSD #1 Contender Tim Shipley get a cold dose of reality, courtesy of one, Ryan Faze.

Rick Fantastic: This is not one of his Just Wrestling shows and he’s got to realize that HOW is a completely different landscape than that of which he’s used to. But I have to say; I’m impressed with Ryan Faze. Two months ago, his eyes would have been rolling into the back into his head, but right there? He acted like a true GM who has firm control of his roster.

Chastity Gold: Well let’s put that ‘control’ to the test right now… let’s head backstage where, ::shudder::, those… AHEM… Maurakos are standing by.

The Maurako Family is standing together in front of a locker room door. The family is huddled up and making some last minute strategies.

Matteo: The losing stops tonight. I’ve made it quite clear that it is NOT acceptable and will be dealt with harshly.

The camera pans to still see welt marks on the back of Mosé.

Matteo: There is no longer an EPU to deal with so I expect things to start going our way…. The Maurako Way.

Martino: I think we’ve already shown you that we’re committed to this, Dad.

Matteo: By that? That was child’s play. It’s now up to Mario to finish the job.

Mario: Listen, after that little warm up, I’m going to make Jason Midnight think that he is just another bitch on my Whack-o-Meter.

Matteo: You better… now let’s hit the ring!

Mario: I’ll catch up, just give me a second.

Mario leans back against the wall and takes a deep breath. He is suddenly startled by a loud CRACK that connects with the locker room door directly next to his head. The camera pans over and slowly travels up the Singapore cane held by the #1 Contender to the HOW World Championship, “Perfect” Paul Paras, causing the crowd to erupt with cheers. Mario nervously takes a step back as his newly-rehabbed former partner glares at him through his mirrored shades.

Mario: Oh, hey Paul. Umm… did you catch that great game last week? The Vikings are looking great this year.

Paul: Yeah…Great… We were on bye last week.

Mario: Oh… well Tarvaris Jackson is playing awesome. I told you he would be great!

Paul: Perhaps he would have if we wouldn’t have traded for some guy named Brett Favre. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of him.

Mario: Oh yeah! I thought he was in New York…

His attempt at small talk failing quickly, Maurako sidles slowly in the opposite direction, appearing to want to be anywhere but near the armed Paras. Paul’s signature smirk crosses his face.

Paul: Don’t tell me you don’t get ESPN out there on your island?

Mario: No… but perhaps we can get together sometime and maybe discuss it over lunch or something. It would be fun.

Mario begins to walk away but Paul reaches out and grabs Mario by his shoulder, making the fans cheer loudly. Mario slowly turns around to face Triple P.

Paul: Oh, and Mario… in regards to Chastity two weeks ago…

Mario: Chastity? Chastity…let’s see…. which one was Chastity again?

Paul: Funny. Who knew you had room for humor between those juiced-up traps of yours? You heard what I said last Mayhem-I may have supported your taking out your little “rage” spells on innocent women in the past. In fact, we had a pretty good time with it!

Mario’s face lights up and becomes smug…proud, even. It quickly returns to a scowl as Paras gets right up in his face.

Paul: But that was then…this is now! Trying to force your “kingdom” on people, making them kiss your father’s feet and proclaim the four of you as some superior race? Fine…knock yourself out. But degrading an innocent announcer who is just trying to do her job, treating her like she is somehow less than you? That, my friend, is where the Perfect One draws the line. Now the Perfect One is no one’s keeper, and I’m busy enough tonight with showing this entire arena and the entire world that I the Minnesota Messiah will be the next HOW Champion, but don’t test me, Mario. Stay away from her, or we’re going to have to have a little brother-to-brother talk.

Paras releases his grip on Maurako’s shoulder. Mario stretches out his shoulder muscles, then directs a hand toward the door leading into the locker room.

Mario: Okay, fine. Go beat Aceldama or go back to rehab or whatever it is these idiots cheer you for…

The crowd boos Mario heavily.

Mario: …and don’t worry about the Family business…there won’t be any surprises. The future of your precious Chastity is just beyond that door Paul. Why don’t you take a quick look?

Paras looks at Mario with an air of disdain and slowly reaches for the door. With a quick turn of the handle, the door is pushed open and the camera zooms in on Jacob Morgan and Tyson Ross of the Brothers of the Beast, beaten and bloodied lying on the floor. Paras stares at the two for a moment and laughs slightly to himself before turning back to Maurako.

Paul: Very nice… Looks quite familiar. The unconscious posing… the use of blood… reminds me of a certain Maurako Family portrait.

Mario’s eyes grow wide in anger, but he maintains his composure.

Mario: Oh? And what portrait would that be, Paul?

Paras smirks and snaps his Singapore cane against his hand, startling Mario slightly.

Paul: It hasn’t been taken… yet.

The fans erupt as the former Perfectly Marvelous teammates stare each other down and slowly walk off in opposite directions, leaving the camera focused on the two Brothers of the Beast teammates knocked out cold in the locker room. We cut back to ringside.


Mario Maurako vs. Jason Midnight
Singles Match

Chastity Gold: Ugh. Well it seems the Maurako Family pre-empted us somewhat and took it upon themselves to ensure Midnight won’t be getting any help in his match tonight!

Rick Fantastic: The Maurakos showing their dominance on Mayhem once again.

Chastity Gold: And here is the despised family, in full…

Boos ring out from everywhere as Mario Maurako leads his creed down to the ring. Mosé, Matteo and Martino wear sleazy, self-satisfied grins, knowing that Mario now has a big advantage in this match before it has even begun.

Kimber Marshall: The following is a singles contest schedule for ONE FALL! Approaching the ring, being accompanied by the Maurako Family, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 260 pounds… MARIO MAURAKO!

The Maurakos stand atop all four turnbuckles and mouth off at the unruly crowd. Meanwhile their music is replaced by “Pain” by Three Days Grace.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, from Reno, Nevada, weighing in at 343 pounds… JASON MIDNIGHT!

Chastity Gold: Well he may have a considerable size advantage—

Rick Fantastic mutters something that sounds like “obese”.

Chastity Gold: —but in coming down to the ring alone, he looks suddenly very vulnerable!

Rick Fantastic: Midnight has to keep this in the ring. If he lets the Maurakos on him, they are like a pack of dogs.

The giant Jason Midnight gets things underway with a gut shot and dominates early proceedings using his size and power to his advantage. Although Maurako isn’t small by any means, he finds himself having difficulty with Midnight’s bulk, and on one occasion fails at lifting Midnight into a suplex, his adversary pushing him triumphantly to the mat and shoving a boot in his chest.

Chastity Gold: Maurako can find no avenue of attack here and the Family is getting on his back about it.

Maurako is slung into the ropes and manages to jerk a knee up in time, catching a bent-over Jason Midnight in the face. Midnight had been preparing for a back body drop and staggers back in pain, allowing Maurako to thump a sizzling clothesline that knocks him down. A lumbering Midnight is slow to get up and Maurako takes control of him, firing several shots with the hand before this time sending Midnight into the ropes. When the 343-pounder comes back off them, Maurako is ready with a swinging spinebuster!

Rick Fantastic: That’s beautiful stuff right there as he used Midnight’s momentum! When you’ve got a heavier guy, that’s the only way you’re gonna slam him down.

Maurako gets a solid two-count and takes heart from this sequence, beginning to get in control of the match. Midnight is too slow to deal with Maurako’s clever ring work, and collapses heavily face-first into the turnbuckle after one nimble drop-toe hold. Maurako takes advantage to beat on Midnight’s back and trap him in the turnbuckle, before ducking away and rolling him up from behind for another fall!



Again, Midnight swings a heavy leg up just in time.

Chastity Gold: The two leaders of their respective tag teams are putting on a demonstration of their credentials here as we head into ICONIC where they will of course be part of another four-way Tag Team Championship match.

Jason Midnight senses that the match could be veering away from him, and when Maurako ties up once more he shoves the Italian-American away, snarling at him. Maurako looks surprised and goes low for a takedown but Midnight telegraphs it and stomps at his shoulders and back. Maurako collapses down and Midnight takes control, stepping over Maurako and holding him in a camel clutch!

Rick Fantastic: Don’t see this sort of thing too often from Midnight, but his added weight actually lends power to the clutch.

Maurako gasps for breath and Romeo Ward bends close, checking on the victim. This is all too much for Matteo Maurako who right on cue hops up to the apron and barks questions at the official.

Chastity Gold: (bitterly) Here we go…

Romeo Ward flaps his arms angrily behind him, shouting at Matteo to go away. Laughing, Mosé bounds up onto the apron opposite and joins in the yelling. The referee becomes increasingly flustered as Mario Maurako’s face turns increasingly red. Midnight begins to look about him in frustration.

Chastity Gold: The Maurako Family is about to taint yet another match outcome here…

But suddenly there is a commotion in the crowd as we see Jacob Morgan and Reverend Tyson Ross emerge at the top of the ramp!

Rick Fantastic: WHAT?!

Chastity Gold: The Brothers of the Beast are here!

Looking thoroughly battered and bruised, Ross and Morgan nevertheless storm the ring as best they can. Morgan grabs Mosé and tugs him down off the apron, he flails as he falls and his face hits the edge of the ring steps. Ross clashes with Martino, hiptossing him from the apron to the floor. Midnight senses the momentum coming his way and abandons the camel clutch, leaving Mario to massage his throat on the mat while he heads across and lamps Matteo Maurako with a big right hand, sending him flying to ringside!

Chastity Gold: The Brothers of the Beast are clearing house! There are Maurakos flying everywhere!

With all Maurako’s family members incapacitated, Morgan and Ross watch confidently from ringside as Mario Maurako staggers to his feet, Midnight waiting for him, hands on knees. The buzz rises around the arena until finally, excruciatingly, Maurako stumbles into Midnight’s path and is lifted high…

Chastity Gold: FINAL TOLL! FINAL TOLL!!!





Chastity Gold: Jason Midnight takes the win! And the fans out here chant his name because the Brothers of the Beast have taken on the vile Maurakos and shown them up for the cowards they are!

Rick Fantastic: And like Scottywood proved against Doozer earlier, Jason Midnight, again, PROVING that Twisted Reality and the Brothers of the Beast deserve their spot on the pay-per-view.

Romeo Ward raises Jason Midnight’s arm as Morgan and Ross enter the ring to celebrate with him. The Maurakos look on with sour looks.

Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 9:09… JASON MIDNIGHT!

With a backup from his friends, a triumphant giant celebrates a hard-earned victory as the feed cuts to commercial.

Chastity Gold: We’ll be right back!


Head over to EWTORCH.COM to see where all your favorite HOW stars rank!


Making a statement

“Astral Conversations With Toulouse Lautrec” begins to blast out from the speakers, the HOV showing a computerised journey through a futuristic landscape. Please welcome Tim Shipley… error… does not compute… does not compute…

Chastity Gold: Well Tim Shipley is not booked tonight, but after his win against Golden Phoenix at Turmoil he has secured at last the undisputed #1 contendership to the LSD title, and after that little encounter with Faze earlier on it looks like he’s coming out here to address the crowd.

Rick Fantastic: Who are you talking about? Shipley? Oh right. I was just trying to see under Roxie’s skirt…

Shipley and his manager Roxie Sykes emerge from beneath the video screen, both wearing confident smiles. Roxie waves to the fans, pre-empting a scurrying of men to the barricades to get a better glimpse of the fiery diva. Meanwhile Shipley cannot help but survey the crowd for signs bearing his name, and of those there are plenty.

Chastity Gold: Shipley’s really won over these fans lately with some quality in-ring displays, and showed real guts last Mayhem despite Shane Reynolds’ dirty tricks.

Rick Fantastic: Real guts? What does that matter Chaz? The record books say he LOST and that’s all that matters. Shane Reynolds kicked him back to the gutter and Shippers is just the same as any other guy in the Mayhem midcard now.

Chastity Gold: That incidentally was the first time Shipley’s been pinned in HOW, after great wins over Mario Maurako, Ethan Cavanaugh, Kirsta Lewis and David Black. Cut it whichever way you like, Rich, Tim Shipley is going places, and Black will have his work cut out at ICONIC!

Rick Fantastic: Black is picking the stips for ICONIC. You know what that tells me? It tells me Shipley’s FUCKED.

Shipley and Roxie enter the ring and soak up a tremendous ovation, the pair having really captured the hearts of HOW’s fanbase despite the occasional antipathy between the two and Roxie’s heelish leanings. Kimber Marshall gratefully presents Shipley with the microphone, but he meekly passes it on to Roxie, who relishes the chance to draw first blood.

Roxie: It’s time that Tim Shipley and I—

She breaks off, overwhelmed by the volume of fans chanting her name. Granted, most of the noise consists of guttural grunts and pleas for her to remove items of clothing, but it’s certainly something.

Roxie: It’s time that we talked about ICONIC.

There is a roar of agreement, and chants of “BLACK SUCKS!” with the little clap-clap-clap interlude are easily discernible.

Roxie: Because for better or for worse, in sickness and health and yadda yadda yadda… it seems the fates have had their say and it WILL be Tim Shipley and David Black FINALLY in the ring for the LSD championship.

Rick Fantastic: That’s right: it will be FINALLY the time for Shipley to put up, or frankly shut the f—

Chastity Gold: Rick!!

Roxie: Now David Black told me last week that he likes little girls!… Who else out there likes little girls?!

There is a sudden hush. A deathly silence.

Roxie: That’s right. None of you good people out here is a sick fucking freak like David Black. None of you good people out here spends your weekends locked in a windowless room drooling over your laptops. None of you good people out here dresses in black, black and more black because you think it makes you look oh so damn cool when you hang out down at the park watching the girls on the swings in their pretty little dresses. None of you good people out here has twisted, immoral fantasies that would land you behind bars if this country wasn’t such a broken record on “Free Speech”. And that means none of you good people out here is going to object when Tim Shipley rips that sick son of a bitch LIMB… FROM… LIMB live on pay-per-view December 14th!

There is a pop to end Roxie’s risqué speech.

Rick Fantastic: Is that slander? I think that’s slander!

Tim Shipley: There’s something else David Black likes.

The attention turns to Shipley, and a less frenzied atmosphere hushes the arena. The difference with Shipley is that the teen virgins in the audience don’t worship his magazine photoshoots nightly. So instead they listen to what he has to say.

Tim Shipley: He likes assaulting people from behind with an industrial bloody sledgehammer.

Shipley points out the huge welt on his head, turning slowly so the dark mess can be seen from all corners of the arena.

Tim Shipley: Now I know I came out here and told you all that it was over with David Black. That that fire in me was out. That I was going to let the LSD division wallow in the cesspool it’s created with Black at its centre. But as Roxie said… the fates have conspired against me. Someone up there WANTS me to take Black down from his perch. Someone WANTS me to peel away the skin of the onion to show you that there is NOTHING inside. Someone WANTS me to bring some much needed credibility to a part of HOW that lost it a long, long time ago.

Rick Fantastic: Now that’s not right! The LSD division used to be the hottest thing in HOW!

Chastity Gold: Yeah, for superviolent sadists perhaps.

Tim Shipley: So I’ll tell you this right now. There’ll be no more talk. This is it from me. No more games. No more negotiations. David Black is going to pick a stipulation for the match and I am going to spend every waking hour ensuring there is no way he can exploit that stipulation to get one over on me. To get one over on fair competition. To get one over, one more time, on High Octane Wrestling.

Tim Shipley: You know, you don’t need cement to build a wall. All you need are lots and lots of bricks. And if you pile them… JUST right, you can build that wall as high as you can possibly imagine. You can. But what happens when the wind changes? What happens then? David Black has built his reputation and the whole time he’s overlooked a fundamental flaw. He’s got no fucking cement. And at ICONIC, when the wind changes, and when I cause that wall to tumble down before his very eyes? I WON’T NEED A FUCKING SLEDGEHAMMER.

Shipley’s music hits once more, and to a massive ovation he and his valet make their meandering way to the back, signing autographs along the way.

Chastity Gold: Tim Shipley’s made a promise to HOW right here and that is to rid the LSD division of David Black!

Rick Fantastic: No, he hasn’t. He’s just given us a lesson in masonry. Well, you know what. If I wanted to build a wall, I wouldn’t be here announcing a wrestling show. Huh, Chaz? Would I? Would I?

Chastity Gold: Well, talking of fundamentally missing the point, I hear Kirsta Lewis is waiting backstage, fresh off of her big “Hell’s Horror” pay-per-view stipulation announcement for Erites Kallisten this past week.


The Trap is Set

Backstage in the locker room of Kirsta Lewis, we see the Hellcat herself lacing up her boots and getting ready for her match that will take place in just a bit. Sitting on the bench with her is Megan Dela Vega. She isn’t too sure about Kirsta dealing with HOW newcomer Holmes as she knows the Holmes family all too well and knows what they are capable of. Standing alone across the room is Effing Holmes.

Megan: Do you really think this is a wise move?

Kirsta: What do you mean?

Megan: Holmes, having him here. Involved like this. Don’t you remember some of the things he’s done?

Kirsta stops what she’s doing and looks straight at Megan.

Kirsta: I know fully well what he is capable of doing. I know how dangerous he can become. It’s the reason he is the best for the job. Megan, don’t fight me on this. I know what I’m doing. If anyone can get to the bottom of all this it’s that man over there.

Megan: Well, I hope your right.

Megan knows it’s a losing battle when Kirsta is this determined. She gets up and walks over and grabs a pop from the table in the center of the room.

A cheap ringtone of The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” is muffled as it begins, then gets louder and clearer as Holmes pulls an ancient and cheap cell phone out of his pocket. The phone is held together with duct tape. Holmes makes eye contact with Kirsta.

Holmes: It’s Devilyn. I need to take this.

He flips open the phone carefully so that it doesn’t fall apart.

Holmes: What you got for me?

Kirsta looks up at Megan and points over to Holmes as Megan walks back over and sits back down.

Kirsta: See he’s already on it. Results… they’re what I’m after and he can get them.

Holmes: Yeah, I got something to write with…

He begins patting down his pockets and finds nothing but a pocket knife clipped to the top of his pants. He pulls it and flips it open with a quick pop and jabs it into his left index finger. As the blood begins to run, he continues.

Holmes: Go ahead.

Kirsta jabs Megan in the side and nods in Holmes direction.

Kirsta: And you doubted he could do the job… I mean look, he’s already got something.

Holmes: You’s got to be shittin’ me!

Effing Holmes glances towards Kirsta and winks as an evil grin grows like wildfire across his face.

Holmes: Spell that for me one time…

He turns and prints on the wall in his own blood – “KALLISTEN” – “NYC” and then “WRESTLER”.

Holmes: You’re positive? Because if so, I am moving on this immediately.

Kirsta can’t believe that he is writing in his own blood on a wall, much less what he is writing.

Kirsta: What the hell is THAT?

Effing Holmes’ laugh is a great big hearty one that fills the room. He closes the phone, severing his connection with “The Devil” Dorian Devilyn.

Holmes: Her… she’s the one your staff hired as your nanny for Randi. Evelyn Kallisten from New York City… ties to pro wrestling. She has a few aliases too, but none that I will attempt to pronounce.

Kirsta looks at the wall again and then back to Holmes, who still has that smirk on his face. Megan comes walking over and looks at the wall and then to Kirsta.

Kirsta: No… no… this can’t be happening! One of those aliases wouldn’t happen to be Erites would it? Erites Kallisten?

Kirsta’s hands instantly ball into tight fights as she waits for Holmes to answer.

Holmes: Yeah, that’s her. That’s exactly what Devilyn said.

He is still grinning like a fool and trying not to laugh.

Holmes: But that’s not all. It gets better… MUCH better.

Kirsta: I don’t know what the fucking hell your laughing at! This isn’t funny one bit! That fucking gold-digging bitch has been here the whole fucking time! How in the blue hell can this get any better? And get that fucking smirk off your face H!

Holmes puts his hand pretty low on Kirsta’s hip and pulls her a bit closer to him so that he can speak low enough that Megan can’t hear them.

Holmes: Well it seems that Miss Kallisten has hired herself a private investigator. Ask me who it is…

She steps a few paces closer to him with a cocky look on her face

Kirsta: Oh do tell… and what the hell would she need to investigate? How the fuck to get out of dodge? Because I’m going to fucking kill her! Fuck if I wait til Hell’s Horror…

Holmes: Calm down and listen. She thinks she needs this investigator to keep an eye on you and your staff to see if you are getting close to her. So…

He looks at Megan.

Holmes: ..nobody outside of this God dang room needs to know what was said inside of it.

Then his attention comes back to Kirsta.

Holmes: And nobody better not find out that we know that Devilyn is on her payroll now. So what you need to do right now is find a way to chill. Give her your best poker face. We got this shit under control. The trap… is set.

With a mix of rage and confusion spread across her face, Kirsta appears hesitant at first but nods to Holmes and then to Megan before the cameras cut back quickly to ringside.



Chastity Gold: Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kirsta Lewis that intense!

Rick Fantastic: That was big news, Chaz… and I really wouldn’t want to be Erites Kallisten right about now. She might not make it out of Hell’s Horror after Kirsta’s finished with her.

Chastity Gold: Well, with both ladies scheming against each other, it will be interesting to see how things play out as things just got a hell of a lot more personal! Folks, we’ve got to take another commerc… huh, what’s this?


The lights dim. Yellow spotlights flash illuminating the ramp towards the ring. “Everybody Wants You” blares across the arena as the Bostonian crowd erupts in cheers as Jatt Starr emerges from the curtain. Jatt Starr, wearing a tan three button suit with a black dress shirt with the top button undone, begins making his way down the aisle slapping the occasional HOW fan’s hand as he passes them by. Jatt Starr is handed a microphone as he walks up the ring steps and enters the ring. The house lights return to their normal state of illumination as Jatt stands in the middle of the ring.

Jatt Starr: Sorry Chaz, doll… but there’s always room for the Jattster when he’s in town. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking…“Wait! Is it Thursday? Are we in Chicago?” Oh, believe what your eyes are telling you! Jatt Starr is here on Monday Night Mayhem… LIVE in Boston, Massachussets!!!

A cheap pop ensues as Jatt Starr smiles at his adorning fans.

Jatt Starr: You might be asking yourselves “Why?” The simple answer is this: Mayhem’s ratings have been suffering! Yes! It’s true! In polls that I have conducted, did you know that no one over the age of fifty watches Mayhem except for Kostoff? It’s a fact. Mayhem, for the longest time, has been afflicted with a FEVER. And the only prescription is—

The crowd immediately chants “MORE COWBELL!!!” as Jatt Starr just shakes his head.

Jatt Starr: NO!!! It’s JATTICILLEN!!! Why does everyone say that??? A cowbell has nothing to do with Mayhem’s ratings! But an appearance by yours truly, the Ratings Juggernaut himself, will surely spike the ratings as everyone in the world is a “Starr-Gazer”! And it is because of you, the people, my “Starr-gazers” that I have come here tonight.

The crowd cheers and chants Jatt Starr’s name.

Jatt Starr: Last Thursday night, I made a mistake. As your GAZA or Guardian Against Zombie Attacks… I accidentally set fire to a locker room. But let’s be honest, one little locker room and one little guitar is insignificant to the safety and well being of not just the fans in attendance that night, but to every living human being on the face of this earth! VIVE LE RESISTANCE!!! The outbreak has been successfully eliminated and what thanks do I get? A lecture from Mike Best about fire safety. Not even a thank you! Not even a thank you!! This is the second time I stuck my neck out for someone and was not properly thanked!

And to make matters worse, that the Jolly Weed Giant, Trent, is once again taking every thing I do very personally to the point where rumor has it, he wants end my career. Well, Trent, all I can say is… bring it on. At ICONIC, it will be you and me in the ring. A Hardcore Submission match. That means I can beat you with a chair. Choke you with a chain. Slap you with a smelly fish. And then lock in the Jattaclysm and make you tap out!

Another pop for Jatt as it’s clear who the favorite is in his return to pay-per-view.

Jatt Starr: Speaking of our match at ICONIC, last Thursday night, Chris CK has decided to offer the winner an opportunity to face him for the Championship Contract he won at the Lethal Lottery. Do you want to know my response to that offer? NO! Chris CK, you beat me fair and square and by a hair. I could sit here and whine and moan and complain and demand that opportunity… in other words, pull a Trent… but I’m not playing that game. You can put the contract on the line if you like… but YOU earned it.

The crowd cheers yet another Jatt Starr act of kindness.

Jatt Starr: YOU earned it Chris, especially after defeating Trent on Thursday on your own without help… something the HOW Champion, Walrus McPoopypants, failed to accomplish at Rumble at the Rock 2! Chris, you shouldn’t feel the need to make that stipulation to appease the tantrums of a drunken pothead, whose goal it was to raise Paco from the dead for the sole purpose of turning me into a zombie went up in smoke… quite literally. As far as I’m concerned, the title shot is yours.

As the crowd applauds the respect Jatt Starr is showing towards Chris CK, Randy the Intern comes running down the aisle with a note in his hand. Jatt Starr looks annoyed as he sees Randy the Intern entering the ring.


Randy the Intern: Sorry, but another package arrived for you.

Jatt Starr looks hesitant and subconsciously takes a few steps backwards as Randy the Intern attempts to hand him the package, which has a note attached.

Jatt Starr: What is it?

Randy the Intern: It looks like a box with a note on it.

Jatt Starr: I can SEE that! What’s IN the box?

Randy the Intern: It’s a federal offense to open another person’s mail.

Jatt Starr: Fine. This couldn’t wait until AFTER I went backstage?

Randy the Intern: It says “Open Immediately”. So…I thought….

Jatt Starr: You’re an intern! You’re not supposed to think! Just give me the thing!!!

Randy the Intern: I’ll have you know, I graduated with law degree from—

Jatt Starr: I don’t care!

Jatt Starr snatches the package from Randy the Intern. Jatt Starr proceeds to read the note.

Jatt Starr: “Quite the name you’ve made for yourself. Your dirty little secret will be exposed unless you give me what I am entitled to. I can prove what you did” — Well, at least the spelling improved on this note.

Jatt Starr opens the package and looks inside. The crowd and the cameras cannot see what is in the package but Jatt Starr’s face goes white and he drops the package which closes on impact. Jatt looks down a moment at the package and then looks straight into the camera.

Jatt Starr: You know what? I’m tired of the games. You think blackmailing me is going to change things? It’s not. I’ll still be here in the HOW while you will still be the degenerate loser you were ten years ago. Don’t sit there in whatever hole your hiding in and play the victim here! You’re going to expose me? Fine! I guess you’ll have to!!! I WILL NOT PAY!!!! And if you want to denounce me as a fraud… then have the guts to do it to my face… IN THIS VERY RING… NEXT WEEK ON MAYHEM!!!!

The crowd cheers at Jatt’s challenge but its clear Starr has other things on his mind. He goes to leave the ring as Randy the Intern tries to peek in the box. Jatt immediately turns and snatches the box away from Randy the Intern before he can catch a glimpse of what’s inside. “Everybody Wants You” kicks in once more and Jatt makes a heated dart backstage with Randy the Intern close behind. Meanwhile, Rick swings his nunchucks in admiration of the King of Grapple from the Big Apple as we head to yet another commercial break.



Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael©

Tim Shipley vs. David Black©

HOFC Tournament Winner vs. Michael DeNucci©

Brothers of the Beast vs. The Egg Bandits vs. The Maurako Family vs. Twisted Reality©

Trent vs. Jatt Starr

Erites Kallisten vs. Kirsta Lewis

Shane Reynolds & Erites Kallisten vs. Graystone & Kirsta Lewis
Tag Team Match

Back LIVE, Kimber Marshall is in the ring and set to make introductions for the anticipated mixed tag match about to begin.

Kimber Marshall: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 355 pounds, GRAYSTONE and KIRSTA LEWIS!!!

The duo make their appearance at the entrance ramp and make their way towards the ring for their match. The pair ignore the booing and the chanting and even the throwing of trash. That is until one fan lobs a half empty drink cup at Kirsta who gets splattered right across her chest. The crowd cheers at the bulls-eye shot as the man celebrates slapping high fives with the fans around him. Kirsta looks like she wants to murder him but merely flips him off with both fingers and stalks the rest of the way to the ring with Graystone.

Kimber Marshall: And their opponents… at a combined weight of 355 pounds, SHANE REYNOLDS and ERITES KALLISTEN!!!

Shane makes his appearance at the entrance first to a chorus of boos and it’s a few moments before Erites joins him on the stage. The pink-haired vixen seems to be flushed and doing everything she can to suppress a big grin that keeps findings it’s way to her lips, despite her attempts to look intense. Shane stalks towards the ring with his focus completely on Graystone as Erites takes a moment to pause and slap a high five with the fan that nailed Kirsta earlier.

As Shane and Erites hit the ring, Kirsta gestures to Graystone, making it clear she wants to get her hands on Erites. Expressionless, Graystone backs out of the ring while Erites slips out under the bottom ropes leaving Shane blinking as he realizes he’s defunctly been selected as the starting man of his team. With that settled, Frank Tsonga gestures and calls for the bell to start the match.


Kirsta charges Shane and begins hammering him with wild fists and forcing back and it’s clear she’s not interested in the match at this point. She’s all fire and rage as she lays into her opponent and forces him to the ropes where he leans for a moment to catch his breath as Kirsta back off for a minute. The respite doesn’t last as Kirsta fires off a Superkick that sends Shane tumbling over the top rope to the outside. Kirsta is quick to follow him out and returnsto working him over with fists. Tsonga calls for her to bring Shane back into the ring but she merely flips him off as she pulls Shane by his hair and begins to drag and beat him back up the entrance ramp as the referee begins the ten count



Kirsta had clear intentions as she’s dragged Shane right up to the fan that had thrown the drink. She flips him off again and then whips Shane right into the guardrail in front of him. The man winces at the impact as she follows the Irish Whip up with laying her boots in hard stomps across Shane before grinding his face into the guardrail with her foot.




With Shane laid out against the guard rail, Erites flies out of her corner to help her tag team partner. But even the spunky Erites sudden involvement can’t deter the rage of Kirsta who fires back with shots of her own before grabbing her by the head and slamming her into the guardrail.



As Kirsta slams Erites into the guardrail once more Shane squirms from the brawl only to get to his feet and dash into the ring. Kirsta slams Erites head into the rail for a final time and opens a small cut above the eye of her victim. She lifts the head of Erites so the fan that had provoked her could see. But he fires back a smile at her and raises his hands flashing eight fingers and Kirsta suddenly turns to see the ref calling for the eight count and shoves Erites to the side and makes a mad dash to the ring.


Kirsta just slips into the ring before the final ten count but she doesn’t have a chance to celebrate her escape from defeat. As soon as Kirsta slides into the ring she is greeted with a hard boot from Shane Reynolds who falls on top of her and begins putting the fists to her with a fury. He works her over until the referee begins a count and he backs off for a moment. He returns to the assault however as he begins to choke her with the bottom rope. The referee is quick to shout at Shane and begin a count. Shane lets him get to a four count and breaks the choke just before the five. Tsonga goes to check on Kirsta as she holds her throat and struggles for breath only for Shane to push him out of the way and pull Kirsta up to deliver a swinging neckbreaker and go for a pinfall.



Graystone comes out of his corner to break up the pinfall and as Shane rises to deal with him he is met with a sudden DDT. With Shane laid out on the mat, Graystone half-helps, half-drags, Kirsta to their corner so he can make an official tag into the match. Once the tag is made Gray goes right on the attack. Stalking Shane and as soon as the former ICON and WORLD Champion rises he is met by Graystone with a German suplex!

Graystone pulls Shane to his feet and delivers a swinging neckbreaker of his own. Then he goes for a cover but only gets a two count.Graystone goes to deliver some hard punches but gets a rake to the eyes and Shane breaks away to make a tag to Erites who stands with an outstretched hand despite the blood that runs down the side of her face. As soon as the tag is made, Erites springs up to the top turnbuckle and fires off into a missile dropkick to the recovering Graystone. As Graystone rises he’s met by a clothesline from Erites as she buzzes with energy in the ring. Another clothesline follows another attempted rise from Gray only to be followed up with a moonsault off the middle rope. She follows this up with a twin moonsault off the opposing rope and the crowd is on their feet for the bundle of energy as she takes down the bigger man.

But her momentum doesn’t last as Kirsta makes a swipe at her and she ducks the attempt. The distraction however is enough for Graystone to get to his feet and Erites turns around right into a superkick. As Graystone looks to capitalize on the advantage he gets a shot to the gut that doubles him over and Erites follows it up with a sudden DDT that lays the two of them out in the ring. Both struggle to their corners and go for a tag. A tag to Kirsta but Shane pulls his hand away and leaves Erites to crash into the turnbuckle!

Chastity Gold: Shane refused to tag!

As Erites twists in shock to look at her tag team partner he’s there and she’s met with his tongue as it laps across the blood running down the side of her face!

Chastity Gold: That’s disgusting!

Rick Fantastic: The question is, is it a tag?!

Chastity Gold: I don’t know Rick, but it’s certainly not hygienic!

Tsonga signals the contact does indeed count as a tag and Shane slips into the ring and lays a chop into Kirsta who was as shocked and confused as the fans had been.

Rick Fantastic: Wait a second… ORIGINAL SIN!!

Shane goes to tie her up for his finisher, but Kirsta reaches low out of the sight of the referee and gives Shane a very painful squeeze. He pushes her away and she stumbles right into a tag from Graystone. As Graystone enters the ring ,he rushes the still doubled over Shane and hits a swinging neckbreaker to lay out his opponent. With Shane laid out on the mat, eyes the ropes and projects the distance to his opponent for his split legged corkscrew moonsault finisher!

However, before Graystone can execute The Curse, Erites stops him cold by bouncing herself up onto the top rope and springing off of it, right into a flying clothesline that connects into Graystone! The crowd roars at the sight only to turn to boos as Kirsta spears Erites right out of the ring. As the two women brawl out on the outside, Shane pulls himself to his feet as Graystone begins to rise. Graystone gets to his feet before Shane rocks him with a kick to the side of his head. Shane quickly ties up the dazed Graystone and lands his swinging Unprettier finisher!

Chastity Gold: ORIGINAL SIN!!!





With his eyes intently focused on the defeated, Shane quickly snatches his hand away from Frank Tsonga while the brawl between Kirsta Lewis and Erites Kallisten has since made its way up the ramp and behind the curtains.

Kimber Marshall: Here are your winners in 11:04… SHANE REYNOLDS… and ERITES KALLISTEN!!!

Rick Fantastic: Shane Reynolds with another HUGE victory here on Mayhem. He’s really been on a roll as of late and will carry some additional momentum into ICONIC after earning a pin fall over one of his two pay-per-view opponents.

Chastity Gold: And folks, unfortunately, we were unable to capture any footage of the brawl between Kirsta Lewis and Erites Kallisten, but I’m being told that they have been separated by Agganis Arena Security guards, per the order of General Manager, Ryan Faze.

Rick Fantastic: There’s going to be enough hell to be raised on December 14th when the two meet in Kirsta’s own “Hell’s Horror” match…

Promise Fulfilled

After taking a few moments to recover, Graystone slides out of the ring in defeat and snatches the microphone from Kimber Marshall.

Chastity Gold: Oh no, what is he doing now?

Graystone presses his mouth up against the microphone, his labored breathing echoing throughout the arena.

Graystone: For the children, Shane?

Graystone smiles wide.

Graystone: Since when have you ever been about the children?… Now, I… I am about the children. I am all about protecting the children’s safety and well-being. If they would let me, I would be a schoolteacher so that I could spread my love to all children and teach them the right way to grow up and behave.

Graystone drops the microphone to his chest, sticks out his tongue and begins scrubbing his cheek with the palm of his hand. The crowd let’s out a small mixed reaction. The camera cuts to Shane standing in the middle of the ring, staring at Graystone with an angered scowl.

Rick Fantastic: I would say Graystone’s lost his mind… but… I honestly don’t know what to say.

Graystone: And you, Shane. You have the poorest sense to believe that nothing I nor Max Kael could do to you could phase you. You think you’re protected? Well, I’m about to shatter your entire world.

Chastity Gold: Shatter his world? What?

Graystone: I guaranteed each and every one of you that I was going to reveal a secret right here on Monday Night Mayhem… and when Graystone makes a guarantee, he sticks to his word…

Rick Fantastic: Uh-oh. This can’t be good.

Graystone: You see, Shane… We both have interest in a little girl… A little girl that you selfishly corrupted and put to rest.

Graystone walks around the ring, towards the ramp. He pauses, and stares Shane deep in the eyes.

Graystone: That girl is Michelle Reynolds-Creedy.

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction as the camera focuses in on Shane, who takes a few steps towards Graystone.

Graystone: And… What horrendous things you did to her… What monstrous, deplorable acts you engaged in… You, Shane, are a murderer. You killed Michelle Reynolds-Creedy, and then buried her. Whether these people decide to cheer or boo you, you are a murderer… YOU’RE ONE SICK SON OF A BITCH!

The crowd boos, as Shane lowers his head to look at the canvas.

Rick Fantastic: This is not looking good.

Graystone: YOU MURDERED AN INNOCENT CHILD! What on earth would ever possess a man like you to corrupt and murder such a beautiful creature?… You’re sick, Shane. A sick man! And quite frankly… you need serious help…

Graystone falls down to his knees and begins banging the microphone on the ground. The microphone makes loud crackling noises. Graystone stops and grabs a hold of his hair, and yanks a huge clump from his scalp. Then he watches as he releases it and the bloodied glob whisks to the ground.

Chastity Gold: Oh my god…

Graystone: Shane… My dearest… There is something I have to tell you…

Graystone begins retreating up the ramp.

Graystone: You’re not going to appreciate what I’m about to do…

Rick Fantastic: Where is he going?

Graystone: Shane… I have a confession to make… That little girl that you corrupted and killed…

Graystone closes his eyes. The camera focuses in on Shane Reynolds, who is staring intently at Graystone.

Graystone: That little girl… was NOT Michelle Reynolds-Creedy!

Chastity Gold: WHAT!?

Rick Fantastic: What does that mean?

The crowd lets out a huge mixed reaction as Graystone smiles. Shane squints, concerned and confused, as Graystone begins retreating up the ramp again.

Graystone: In fact, that poor little girl truly was an innocent bystander. For, you see, even though you thought that was Michelle, really it was just a little girl who liked nothing more than to play hopscotch, eat cookies and drink milk. But the real Michelle Reynolds-Creedy… IS ALIVE AND WELL!

The crowd let’s out a huge pop.

Graystone: Minions of the dark, come hither! We gather here tonight to bring our leader out from the shadows… to hold her up in the air once again to rule over all the world!

Graystone laughs maniacally as the camera cuts to Shane Reynolds shaking his head in disbelief.

Suddenly, the lights go out. A sound of thunder. The graveyard of Michelle Reynolds-Creedy is shown up on the HOV. An eerie fog sweeps across, as a brisk wind picks up. A light rain begins to patter down as the camera moves in closer, and closer on the graveyard. Suddenly, the shot cuts to Michelle Reynolds-Creedy’s tombstone. The camera slowly pans backwards to reveal that her grave has been dug up, and a hole is now present where dirt used to cover Michelle’s casket. Graystone can be heard laughing in the background.

Young Girl’s Voice: Uncle Shane… Uncle Shane… Uncle Shane…

Graystone’s laughter is more pronounced now as the HOV suddenly shuts off. The lights in the arena come back on. The crowd goes nuts as Graystone is kneeling, bowed down to the ground. In front of him, in a white bridal gown is none other than the young Michelle Reynold’s-Creedy!

Rick Fantastic: OH MY GOD!

Chastity Gold: NO WAY!

Michelle is holding a microphone, staring towards the ring at her uncle Shane, who is standing in the ring, practically melted in heartbroken disbelief.

Michelle Reynolds-Creedy: Uncle Shane…

The camera focuses in on Shane, who now has his head tilted to the side, a blank stare towards Michelle.

Michelle Reynolds-Creedy: You’re dead to me!

The crowd lets out a huge pop, as Michelle drops the microphone. Graystone slowly rises off the ground. Michelle turns and stares up into Graystone’s eyes. Then Michelle holds her arms out, and Graystone lifts her up into the air, and holds her in close to him.

Rick Fantastic: I can’t believe this… I… I…

Michelle leans in, and slowly kisses Graystone on the lips. Graystone turns and looks back at the ring, smiling at Shane. Graystone stands Michelle back up on her own, and then Graystone kneels, and waves goodbye to Shane. Graystone stands, takes Michelle’s hand and begins walking her to the back.

Chastity Gold: I’m speechless…

The camera focuses in on Shane’s face, which is mixture of rage, sadness, and indifference.

Rick Fantastic: This is not good…

Fade to commercial.


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*Back LIVE in the backstage area of the Agganis Arena, Brian B.A.R.E roams the corridors looking rather suspicious. He is equipped with his HOW microphone and he seems a little nervy, a little on edge, even more so than usual. He can be heard talking to himself by those that are present backstage*

Brian B.A.R.E- Got to find an interview… got to get back in the game Brian. Come on, there has got to be someone out there to interview!

*He musters up enough courage and tries to open the locker room door of Shane Reynolds for a word after the shocking revelation concerning his niece, Michelle Reynolds-Creedy, but it is locked. He moves along, trying to open doors to each of the stars locker rooms, but coincidentally, they are all locked. He is about to knock on the final door when the person inside comes out, much to the delight of Brian.

Dressed in his prison jumpsuit and with the World title by his waist, Aceldama exits the room, ready for the fourth of his Best of Seven match against Paul Paras. Except Brian does something stupid. He steps in Aceldama’s path, making him disgruntled as he refuses to shift*

Aceldama- What do you want?

Brian B.A.R.E- Just five minutes of your time please, I am desperate.

Aceldama- You get one. Shoot.

Brian B.A.R.E- So, uh, right… you recently spent some time in a rehabilitation clinic, how did that go?

Aceldama- Obviously, it went well or I would not be standing here tonight. You should try rehab sometime… you look a mess.

Brian B.A.R.E- Er, uh, noted… um, next question! You said in a written statement last week that if Paras was to win the World title, you would refuse to invoke your rematch clause against him, why so?

Aceldama- Because it will never come to that situation. Tonight, I go up three-one, beat Paras at his own game and the finish line will be that much closer. But in the case that it does happen? Then he has beaten me outright, and therefore is the better competitor. I will back down from anyone who truly shows themselves to be worthy adversaries. There are always big fish to fry in HOW. But as I said before Brian, it will not come to that.

Brian B.A.R.E- You can’t honestly think that you can beat Paul Paras in a SUBMISSION match? Paul Paras is all about submission technique! Hell, he has made you tap out on three separate occasions so far in this series, what makes you think you can overcome that?

Aceldama- Oh my Brian, your minute is up. But to be fair, I will answer your final question… this!!!

*Aceldama removes the World title belt from his waist and smashes it across the face of Brian B.A.R.E, sending him packing to the ground below. Aceldama throws him onto his belly and pulls Brian’s arms behind his back, Aceldama then sits down upon them. Then with both his hands, pulls back Brian’s head and takes two fingers on each hand and pushes it into the side of his mouth, pulling at the tendons as Brian exerts a primal scream. He then tilts backwards, sending Brian into an awkward arch as Aceldama himself lets out a scream*

Aceldama- What do you think Brian? Huh?!?! Good enough to beat him?!?! ANSWER ME!!

*Brian is unable to make an audible answer with Aceldama’s fingers pulling back at the side of his mouth*

Aceldama- What’s that?!? No answer?!? That is very rude of you, but I suppose I will have to teach you a little thing we call respect! Ever hear of that?

*Aceldama continues to arch backwards, pulling more and more at the mouth, tears streaming down Brian’s eyes, the pain unbearable. Some backstage crew members notice what’s happening and try to pry Aceldama off Brian, but he is not budging, refusing to let go. Some wrestlers, hearing the commotion even come out of their locker rooms to see what is happening. Johnny Otaku tries his luck to pry Aceldama from B.A.R.E., but he is refusing to budge, the hold is locked in, a look of sheer rage in his eyes. There is now about five men trying to get Aceldama off Brian, but they cannot move him. Suddenly, there is a voice in the distance for which the crew the wrestlers disperse*

Voice- Wolfgang!!! Let him go! For Christ’s sake, you have a match to get ready for!

*The source of the voice moves forward as we see it’s Ryan Faze, who looks at Aceldama to find the intensity in his eyes worrisome.

Ryan Faze- I said let him go! Save it for the ring!

*Aceldama finally lets go of B.A.R.E who falls in a heap to the floor. Brian screams in pain as Aceldama stands up, lifts his World title and puts it back across his waist. He walks past Faze and lets a smile come onto his face as he passes*

Aceldama- Let’s do this then.

*As Aceldama leaves the scene to head forth to the ring, the crew and wrestlers standing by show some concern for Brian, who is writhing on the floor in pain. Faze scowls in the direction of the World champion before kneeling down to attend to Brian B.A.R.E.

Crew worker- I think he tore the tendons in his mouth. And it sounded like something snapped… doesn’t look good.

Ryan Faze- Nice try, Brian. But you won’t be getting your hands on any drugs that easy.

Crew worker- No seriously. I think he may actually be hurt!

Ryan Faze- Fine then. The doctors will be here momentarily.

*Faze looks more concerned, not for Brian, as he could care less for him, but for the safety of his wrestlers as he saw the intensity and determination in the eyes of Aceldama. That perhaps what’s to come in this next match should be more worrisome than he originally thought*

Rick Fantastic- Did you just see that? I think Aceldama literally tore the tendons in the mouth of Brian B.A.R.E with that new move of his!

Chastity Gold- He calls it the “Dreamcatcher”… and if Paul is lucky enough to avoid that submission, this series could be tied up at 2 by the end of the night.

Rick Fantastic- Submission match. Match 4. It starts… RIGHT NOW!


Match 4 in Best of 7 for the HOW World Title
“Perfect” Paul Paras vs. Aceldama
Submission Match

Kimber Marshall: This next match is a SUBMISSION MATCH and is Match 4 of the Best-of-Seven Series for the HOW World Championship! Introducing first, from Berlin, Germany, weighing in at 252 pounds… he is the HOW World CHAMPION… ACELDAMA!!!

Aceldama emerges from a curtain of flames as Tool’s “Vicarious” blasts throughout the arena. The fans cheer for their World champion but his look of intensity from moments ago never escapes his face as he climbs into the ring without hesitation.

Chastity Gold: Aceldama looks as ready as ever after a week’s worth of rest and proper diet was forced upon him by Ryan Faze.

Rick Fantastic: And how ‘bout that new finisher, eh? The “Dreamcatcher”… truly, Aceldama is looking to forbid Perfect Paul Paras from achieving his dreams.

Aceldama paces back and forth in the center of the ring as he locks in a dead stare towards the center of the stage. His music comes to a halt and is soon replaced by the upbeat chorus of “Headspace” by Velvet Revolver. The fans, already on their feet from cheering the World champion, erupt into a thunderous ovation of cheers for the “Minnesota Messiah”, Perfect Paul Paras, as he appears from the back.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in tonight at 255 pounds… the Minnesota Messiah… PERFECT PAUL PARAS!!!

Rick Fantastic: Look Chaz! It’s your boy…

Chastity Gold: AHEM! Why, uh, right… Triple P showing absolutely no signs of injury or discomfort after dealing with a back issue during his own rehabilitation assignment. This should be one heck of a match!

Triple P returns Ace’s glare as he extends his arms to the fans while walking towards the ring, refusing to take his eyes off of his opponent as he does so. He swiftly climbs the ring steps and slides through the ropes, approaching Aceldama nose-to-nose in the center of the ring. Ace, not budging even so much as an inch, snarls at Triple P as the equally-built Romeo Ward forces his way between the two and runs down the ground rules.

Chastity Gold: As a reminder, ladies and gentlemen, the only way to win this match is to make your opponent submit!

Rick Fantastic: Someone is going to tap out tonight! Someone is going to submit! I can’t take it anymore Chaz, let’s get this party started!

You can now tell that nerves are playing a factor for both competitors as they nervously twitch and pace back and forth until Romeo Ward calls for the bell.


Unlike previous matches where they’ve come out firing, Triple P and Aceldama carefully anticipate who is going to strike first. They circle each other, Paul signaling with an extended arm that he wants to lock up, and Ace approaching it with his own, only to pull back at the last second.

Rick Fantastic: A game of cat and mouse early on here as both men perhaps have some ring rust after 2 weeks off.

Chastity Gold: These two are seasoned veterans of the business, Rick. For them, it’s like hopping back on the bicycle after storing it away for the winter.

The circling continues as the fans grow restless, waiting for someone, anyone, to deliver the first blow. At this point, they’d be happy if Romeo Ward got involved and made this a Triple Threat affair. Several intense, yet excruciating moments pass before Aceldama and Paras engage in a strength war, both men trying to back their opponent down into the corner but neither budging much as their power offsets each other.

Ward calls for a clean break, which he receives after a Aceldama violently releases his opponent; a sign of frustration in the early stages of this match. After brief hesitation, Aceldama charges again to lock up but Triple P surprises him with a thumb to the eye, followed by a hip toss into a rear headlock. Paul wrenches the neck of his opponent to the point where Aceldama reaches out towards the ropes, but Paul denies him the opportunity and pummels away at his shoulder with a resounding chop.

Triple P strikes several more times, causing Aceldama to crumple to the mat in pain, holding his shoulder. Paras begins laying the boots into Aceldama until the World champion reaches out, grabbing both of Paul’s legs to trip him. Paul lands hard on his back and winces mildly in pain before scrambling to his feet, soon on the receiving end of a hard Clothesline from Aceldama. Paul shakes off the cob webs from the impact and uses the ropes to get to his knees, but Wolfgang denies him quickly by slashing the knee, forcing his opponent to stay down, thus maintaining his brief leverage.

This time, it’s Aceldama that delivers several hard stomps to the legs and mid-section of Triple P and he takes the wind out of his opponent before applying a front Sleeper hold.

Chastity Gold: And there’s our first submission!

Aceldama fights to keep his grip on the submission hold but Triple P, being the Submission specialist that he is, is able to fight his way out of the hold using his strength and technique. Caught off-guard, Aceldama lunges forward with his fist cocked backward but walks right into a Drop Toe Hold, followed immediately by an STF submission that Triple P quickly applies.

Rick Fantastic: Stepover Toehold Facelock!!

Aceldama extends his free arm toward the ropes, but Triple P wrenches backwards just in time for him to deny Ace and firmly secures in the submission!

Squinting his eyes from the pain of the submission, Aceldama flails his arm in such a manner that Romeo Ward drops in front of him to ensure that he’s not giving up.

Chastity Gold: Aceldama is proving he’s got some fight left inside of him as he’s adamantly calling off Romeo Ward in his refusal to submit!

The fans support both men, more so for Paul at the moment, who, despite being the favorite in this Submission match is the true underdog if you look at the score of the Series. Aceldama exerts a cry of discomfort as Triple P tries his best to keep his hold locked tight.

Unfortunately, Paul begins to wear down due to the amount of strength it takes to keep a man the size of Aceldama down. Fully aware of this fact despite the amount of pain he’s enduring, Aceldama takes advantage of a a slight release in Paul’s grip and is able to extend him arm forward enough to grasp the bottom rope.

Ward counts to 3 before Paul breaks cleanly, taking in deep breaths as he slowly comes to his feet.

Rick Fantastic: Aceldama looks to be in some pain here… and rightfully so after that STF from the “Perfect One.”

Still with a firm grasp on the bottom rope, Aceldama takes several deep breaths himself before Triple P is back to work, using his boot again to land several hard shots to the World champion’s body.

Chastity Gold: It appears that Paul’s game plan is to weaken Aceldama progressively as opposed to going for it all at once. After 3 grueling matches, these men know each other like they know the back of their hands. Triple P knows that it’s going to take a whole lot more than a desperate submission hold to win this match, as does Aceldama.

Triple P towers over his opponent as Aceldama tries mightily to shield himself from Paul’s attacks. Despite Aceldama kicking his legs, Triple P manages to grab hold of both of them and drag him backwards into the center of the ring. He maneuvers his legs between Aceldama’s, the champion still trying to kick and fight his way out of Triple P’s grasp. Finally, Triple P is able to get a firm grip on the champion and tries to maneuver his legs for a Sharpshooter, but Aceldama uses his tremendous leg strength to send Triple P flying across the ring as he was about to turn over.

Surprised, Triple P darts to his feet just as Aceldama is doing the same. Again, they meet in the center of the ring amidst cheers from the Boston crowd who display their approval for Match 4 of the Best of Seven Series.

Another lock up ensues, this time with Triple P quickly breaking it to Irish Whip his opponent into the ropes. Paras telegraphs a Back Body Drop and Aceldama halts in his tracks as he returns to sender, delivering a hard kick to the throat of Triple P. Coughing dramatically, Triple P flies backwards from the impact and clenches his neck in pain as its Aceldama’s turn to capitalize.

On his back, Triple P cannot avoid the ensuing Death Grip that Aceldama applies to the nerve above his throat.

Chastity Gold: Oh come on, Romeo! This is a blatant choke hold!

Rick Fantastic: Ah, ah, ah, Chastity… this submission is perfectly legal as evidenced by Romeo’s allowance of the move. Big difference between squeezing the nerve and choking the wind pipe…

Chastity Gold: Hmm… my apologies! What’s ironic about the move is that had this been a Standard match, Aceldama could have been credited with a pin attempt at the same time of the submission!

Paul fights for air as it continues to escape his lungs from the hard kick from the World champion. The Death Grip doesn’t help matters for Paras as he begins to fade… and fade fast due to the lack of air supply.

Aceldama tightens his grip on the submission as Paul’s eyes flutter, desperately trying to stay open and not fall victim to unconsciousness. Romeo even so much as tests the arm of Triple P, which falls lazily to the mat on his first attempt.


The crowd lends their support for Triple P and Aceldama with resounding encouragement as the Agganis Arena becomes electric, many of the female fans in attendance voicing their concern for their favorite, Triple P.

Ward signals to the timekeeper a one count that will need two successive repetitions for this match to be over. Again, a few moments pass before Romeo grabs the lifeless arm of Perfect Paul Paras and lifts it into the air, releasing it to the concern of the thousands in attendance. A desperate cry echoes out to Triple P as his arm falls again.


The intensity rises as Aceldama can taste the victory, the same look of focus and determination from before written all over his face as he demands that Romeo Ward test the arm again, even so much as to shouting to the referee with a startling hiss.

Ward warns the World champion and gives it another moment before the fans cry in unison to Triple P, desperate to give him the warning that if he doesn’t break the count, this match will be over!

Aceldama’s face turns beet red as he puts all of the strength he has into the Death Grip submission while Paras still appears lifeless.

Chastity Gold: This could be it, Rick! Aceldama is about to go up 3 matches to 1!!!

The noise in the arena forces Chastity to shout these words as Romeo lifts Paul’s arm for the final time; dropping it to the mat with ease.

Rick Fantastic: NO!!! He’s got something left! He’s got something left!

Paras fights the arm test with vigor and proves in his arm that he is not yet ready to submit.

Chastity Gold: Whew! I could have sworn it was over! What a match! What – a – match!

Wolfgang can’t believe his eyes upon seeing Triple P break his Death Grip submission and his look of rage returns as Paras struggles to fight his way out of his grip. Paul tries desperately to remove Aceldama’s hands from his throat, but to no avail as the champion reaches forth with his other arm, lifts Triple P high into the air, then sends him crashing to the mat with a HUGE Double-handed Chokeslam!!!


A brief flash of the old Aceldama is apparent as he stands to his feet and surveys the impact of his Chokeslam.

Rick Fantastic: Wow. Just… wow.

Any wind Triple P had left has escaped him as he lies motionless on his back, the fans still trying their best to support him to try and get up.

Chastity Gold: I don’t even think there’s any getting up from that!

Aceldama stands over his opponent and stares down at him for several second, almost mockingly, until Paul reaches up out of nowhere and secures in a modified Messianic Complex!!!

Chastity Gold: Oh my- Oh my God!

Aceldama struggles initially but all it takes is 3 successive head-butts to force Triple P to break the hold. Ace cocks his arm back and, with all his might, delivers a sucker punch that even the fans in the last row of seats can hear upon impact!

Rick Fantastic: Triple P had him! Triple P had him!

Flipping his opponent onto his belly, Aceldama secures Paul’s arms behind his back into the same position he had Brian B.A.R.E. in prior to the match.

Chastity Gold: DREAMCATCHER!!

Pressing his fingers into the side of Triple P’s mouth, Ace cocks himself backward having secured Paul’s head and tears at the tendons of his mouth, at the same time, applying tremendous pressure on his spine and vertebrae.

The combined effects of the Death Grip, Double-handed Chokeslam, and currently, the Dreamcatcher, is enough for Triple P to cry his last cry and it’s not long before Paras indicates to Romeo Ward that he does, indeed, submit.


Ward calls for the bell and upon hearing it, Aceldama immediately releases Triple P; the man that was full of rage and intensity during the match now gone as he kneels down to check on his Best-of-Seven series opponent.

Kimber Marshall: The winner of this match by way of submission in 13:49… ACELDAMA!!!

Chastity Gold: I’ve got to hand it to him, Rick. He beat Triple P at his own game.

Rick Fantastic: Chaz, Aceldama came out with an edge in intensity and it paid off for him tonight as he now has won THREE straight matches to take a dominating lead in the Best-of-Seven series, three matches to one.

The crowd erupts in a mixed reaction as the HOV displays the updated score of the series; many cheering and showing their support for the World Champion’s hard-earned victory but the Triple P fanatics disappointed in his heart-breaking defeat. Lying still on the mat as he stares into the rafters, Triple P tries to understand what hit him as Aceldama came into this match healthy and focused on maintaining a lead to keep his World title.

Chastity Gold: It’s now going to take 3 straight victories by the “Perfect One” to fulfill his dream of winning the World Title… a dream that is certainly attainable but is one that will require tremendous effort and focus.

Rick Fantastic: One more victory… one victory and Aceldama ends the series. Many predicted Triple P as the favorite in this series given his several month winning streak and domination of one, Shane Reynolds, but Aceldama has proved to the world that when it comes to the World title, he’s willing to put everything aside to keep it.

Chastity Gold: And up until this point, Paras has shown that same intensity and determination in his quest to upstage the champion. But a rare off-night tonight could ultimately prove to be the dagger in Triple P’s heart. We’ll see how he responds next week as we’re waaaaay over time here on Mayhem! Goodnight everybody!

A final image of Triple P attempting to sit up is shown as Mayhem goes off the air, until suddenly, the sound of laughing children fills up the void as the screen goes black.



The scene slowly fades into a playground with children running around laughing and playing on the equipment set out for them. Metal bars and swings mixed with slides and wooden towers in the likeness of a faux fortress assist the children in their relentless daydreams of by-gone eras and imagination-fueled wars.

The camera slowly pans out to a few benches where proud parents watch their children with a careful eye. Like in the wild, each knows that their children are vulnerable to predators but not the type you see in the wild. Sick people, abusers and thieves, people who want to hurt their children for their own profit or desire. These vigilant parents enjoy their children’s joy but at all times are aware of the threats that could appear.

As the camera continues to pan out we seem the outline of a shadow watching this all unfold. The shadow takes the shape of a man as the camera focuses on it, a man in a black suit with a fedora on his head. The man turns and his face comes into the light. The sharp smile of pearl white teeth, a sharp nose and twisted eyes betray Maximillian Kael.

Max Kael: So many children to pick from, but we all know who it is I want. In that bunch of rowdy snot gobblers is the boy. The boy I will finally break Shane with. He says he is empty, but we all, each of us, still have a little of ourselves to hang onto even if we can’t see it. If Shane was truly lost, he would have left HOW and killed himself but no… he holds onto anger, he holds onto revenge. But this boy…

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia turns his head toward the group of children once again as he lets out a sigh.

Max Kael: This… will be Shane’s last failure. His final surrender. His requiem. Max Kael will write the piece and then… oh then I’ll make Shane sing the words of his own downfall. It’s going to be soooo.. fun. Mmm.. Graystone can play too… heh.. heh…

Max lifts his hand to his hat and cants it to the side before he slowly strolls forward and stands behind one of the parents, leaning over to whisper into their ear as we fade away…

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