Mayhem: November 10th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
Monday; November 10
th, 2008 – #HOW25
The Best Arena; Chicago, Illinois

A very long week off…

Monday Night Mayhem returns to the airwaves here on the HOTv network, live in HD, as cameras pan around the brand new 7,500 seat Best Arena as Welcome to the Jungle blasts thru the PA system and the crowd is red hot as HOW finally returns after a one week absence.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem! I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by the self proclaimed Indy Legend himself…Big Buff Benny Newell!

Cameras zoom in on the face of Newell as he tips his official HOW flask towards the camera as Joe continues with the introduction.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we are back after a one week absence and quite frankly it seemed like a darn month. I didn’t know how much I missed coming to work until I was sitting at home last Monday watching Everybody Loves Raymond reruns.

Benny Newell: That is because you have no fucking life Joe. I, on the other hand, went to Vegas and blew my wad on the roulette table and then later on when I ran into this overpriced whore named Denise….or was it Dennis? I don’t know but all I know is that a mouth is a mouth and if you black out it don’t count…write that down kids!

Joe Hoffman: Moving on…..tonight folks we usher in a new era here in High Octane Wrestling as this is our first event held in the brand new Best Arena and quite frankly I am actually looking forward to the rumored appearance of Lee Best tonight. It just wouldn’t be right without him here.

Benny Newell: It is no rumor Joe. I have it on good authority that Lee will make his long awaited return to Mayhem and our new Commissioner Jeff Harris better be ready to kiss some ass for all the shit he has pulled the last few weeks.

On cue the HOTv comes alive and a video begins playing showcasing the recent antics of the new Commish.

The highlights include Harris booking several matches pitting the Best Alliance members in compromising matches and they end with the video replay of Harris making his way out on the last Mayhem with Lee’s personal secretary Mindy Smith and proceeding to book the Best Alliance against each other for tonight’s show.

As the video ends the crowd is cheering loudly as no one has lost any hate for the owner of HOW.

Joe Hoffman: Some have called the action of Harris almost Best Alliance like, but you gotta give him credit, cause for once it is the Best Alliance that has been on the short stick of the power game here in HOW and quite frankly it is refreshing…

Benny Newell: That shit ends tonight…trust me.

Joe Hoffman: That may be true but before we go to our first match I have been informed that voting for the Hall of Fame Class will begin on Wednesday and that voting will end on December 4th….

Benny Newell: Lee Best’s Birthday!!!

Joe Hoffman: Yes…it is. But that is not all. I have also been informed that High Octane Television site is 90% complete and will be up and running this week and all new and original programming will begin airing later this week!!

Benny Newell: That is something I am actually looking forward to.

Joe Hoffman: So folks we might have had the week off, but the men and women that work behind the scenes have been working day and night to make sure this company is the gold standard here in professional wrestling. It is an exciting time to be a part of HOW and enough talk…lets get the show on the road!!

Benny Newell: Right after a quick commercial and word from!


Best Laid Plans…

Scene opens backstage, Best Alliance members Scottywood, Marvelous Mario Maurako, and Perfect Paul Paras are all walking through the hall toward the ring.

Scottywood: All right you two, I’m not happy about this match and neither are you, but we’ve gotta do this to keep the Alliance together and running strong for me…I mean, Lee…for Lee. You both know the plan… now don’t mess it up like last week!

Paras: We won’t be jerking curtains around here for long, Scotty. Trust me.

Maurako: We’ll do what’s best for the Alliance… now let’s go out there and get this over with.

The three men continue walking.

Joe Hoffman: The plan?


Action cuts away from the announcers as the HOTv again comes to life again showing Commissioner Harris booking this Best Alliance match and the crowd cheers loudly as the part where Harris calls the BA members JOBBERS, is re aired.


The cheers turn to boo’s however as Triple M and Triple P make their way down to the ring as the HOTv goes black and the Perfectly Marvelous make their way towards the ring.

Mario Maurako vs. Paul Paras vs. Scottywood
Triple Threat Match

Joe Hoffman: I’m so glad I get to see this.

Benny Newell: Your going to indulge in this despicable act made by the ego trip Harris?

Joe Hoffman: Absolutely!

Scottywood climbs in the ring and begins psyching himself up, getting ready, Triple P and M standing the other side of the ring looking less enthusiastic. The fans begin getting behind Scotty as the bell rings, Triple P and M looking at one another, slightly confused, like this is actually about to happen. Scotty crouches and begins moving forward, as if he’s ready to attack either man, Triple M and P have no choice but pull guard and stand side by side ready for Scottywood.

Benny Newell: TRAITOR!

Joe Hoffman: What?

Benny Newell: We have a traitor in the Best Alliance, he’s actually going to turn his back on the team.

Joe Hoffman: Good!

Scotty looks ready to pounce and Triple M and P go for a double clothesline on Scotty, he ducks and gambols to the corner of the ring, but as he rises he yells holding his ankle. The Triple Due though turn and stand ready seeing Scotty’s pain, and begin stalking Scotty down trapped in the corner. They get closer, fans chanting for Scotty, but as they dive in Scotty responds with a right to Paras, he falls backwards, but Triple M causes Scotty to fall with several rights and lefts of his own.

Benny Newell: That’s it make him pay for turning!

Paras gets up as Triple M pulls Scotty to his feet, the two grab him and swing him off the ropes but he at first trips holding his ankle.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood finally sees the sense to fight his team and it backfires on him, I think he’s hurt!

Benny Newell: GOOD! Break his neck guys!

Both men grab Scotty again and both take turns in landed a few punches, they try again and whip Scotty off the ropes, its a success this time as Scotty, with a limp goes running. Triple M attempts a clothesline, Scotty ducks and continues running, Paras goes for a clothesline also, but again Scotty ducks it and keeps running. Scotty comes back this time with both men waiting for him with a double clothesline but Scotty reacts quick and double drop-kicks the two sending them flying backwards, Triple M falls out the ring.

Paras gets up fast, Scotty too, but seeming to have ankle issues still, Paras throws a right, Scotty ducks, Paras throws a kick, Scotty steps aside. Paras then tries another right, a kick, an elbow, knee, back fists and back kicks but Scotty manages to duck and dodge every single one.

Triple M climbs back in the ring, he runs at Scotty but Scotty ducks, Triple M takes out Paras instead with a hard right, Triple M stands looking shocked as it was an accident. Paras looks up accusing Triple M but he just claims his innocence, they wave it off though and he helps him up, they turn to Scotty resting against the ropes.

The fans still cheer on Scotty, but all of a sudden he stands and relaxes himself, he walks forward, still with a limp, but as casual as anything and confusing everyone, including Tripe M and P as they stand relaxed.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell, what’s this?

Scotty raises his index finger on each hand, the fans pause in confusion, and suddenly Scotty’s hands shoot out. His left finger poking Triple P and his right finger poking Triple M causing both men to drop to the floor as if they’d been hit with a steel chair. Scottywood smiles as Triple P and M look knocked out, fans begin booing after realising what’s happening.

Joe Hoffman: Can you say rip off by any chance?

Benny Newell: I’ll have you know, this is classic and original at the same time, it’s awesome!

Scottywood, with a smile, limps slowly over and slowly gets down to his knees, he turns his back on them and leans back, covering both men at the same time.

Carl Hortega counts..





Scottywood gets up smiling, both Triple M and P follow, they all stand with all there hands raised feeling victorious, boos just overflow in the new Best Arena as the scene fades.


Unholy Vote?

Cameras return backstage in the Church of the Unholy’s locker room Darth Varga, Wolfen, and the Horny Mathematician are talking about Darth’s upcoming match against Kostoff. Of course they are oblivious to the fact that the camera is there and continue their stupidity.


The Mathematician looks perplexed.

Mathematician: Are you guys IDIOTS?!

Darth shakes his head.

Darth: No.

Mathematician: THEN WHY DID YOU GUYS DO IT?!

Darth: We thought we were voting for Baraka from Mortal Kombat.

The Mathematician looks a bit perplexed after hearing this statement.

Mathematician: Baraka from Mortal Kombat?

Wolfen: *snarl* Yeah. I have his action figure in my room. It has slashing kung-fu action.

Darth: Yes. We thought it would be a president who both kills people and gets things done.

The Mathematician is left shaking his head over this one.

Mathematician: You guys are idiots.

Darth then flips him off and then heads for the door.

Darth: I’ve got a match so who cares? It’s time for Kostoff to die.

Wolfen: *growl* Maybe we should see if President Elect Baraka Obama wants in on this.


Darth shakes his head and heads out of the locker room and to his match as cameras cut to ringside

Darth Varga vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

Kostoff’s music hits and Kostoff makes his way down to the ring, he climbs in and soon after Church’s music hits and also makes his way down to the ring, the two man stand face to face and looking ready for a war.

Benny Newell: Kostoff deserves a beating!

Joe Hoffman: Just because he beat your buddy Lee Best?

Benny Newell: SHUT UP! Lee Best didn’t deserve that and Kostoff will pay!!!

..and just then Darth launches with a right to Kostoff, Kostoff replies, the two launch several rights and lefts at one another and Darth gets the better knocking Kostoff back. He whips him off the ropes, goes for a hard right, Kostoff ducks and stops, Darth turns and turns into a back kick from Kostoff and falls to the mat.

Kostoff lays the boot, pulls him up and quickly throws him over landing a brain buster, the fans are going crazy but Kostoff quickly whips him up and drops him with a DDT. Kostoff doesn’t make the cover though, and again whips him back up, sets him up, whips him up into the air and drops him hard with the dominator. Kostoff early shows some dominance over Darth and this time makes the cover, the ref counts..



Darth kicks out, Kostoff shakes his head and whips him back to his feet, he throws him over his shoulders and begins walking around the ring, and then running and dives dropping Darth down with a huge Death Valley Driver. He cover again..



Darth again kicks out, Kostoff seems surprised, as if he didn’t believe Darth had this much. Once again he picks him up and drags him across the ring, he rests him against the ropes and lands a few hard fists, he sends him running and clotheslines him on return, he quickly picks him up and lands a boot, Darth bends over and Kostoff quickly sets him up landing a hard pile-driver.

One again Kostoff covers..



Darth, ONE AGAIN, kicks out, Kostoff rises and shakes his head in doubt, he can’t believe it and in frustration throws a flurry of punches, he covers Darth..

1.. 2.. Darth kicks out, Kostoff covers him again.. 1.. 2.. Darth kicks out, Kostoff even more annoyed, once again, the ref constantly counting.. 1.. 2..Darth kicks out, Kostoff slaps the mat and gets up, hands on his hips, thinking, looking down at the heart giving Varga.

Kostoff bends down and grabs Darth but out of nowhere Darth rolls Kostoff up for a shocking cover..




NO!!! Kostoff survives with a mere kick out, he quickly rises in shock, he boots Darth and picks him up but Darth out of nowhere lands a huge hard right. Kostoff stumbles back, Darth lands a kick and whips him off the ropes, he turns and spring boards off the other ropes diving off connecting with a hard drop-kick sending Kostoff to the mat. Darth has a burst of energy, leaping to his feet, pulling Kostoff with him and slams him down into the mat, Darth heads to the turn-buckle climbing up, he quickly leaps off and drops an elbow onto Kostoff.

The crowd are still going crazy and Darth rests for a second, Kostoff begins making a move though getting up, Darth rolls his eyes and meets Kostoff with a few punches. Kostoff though responds with a few of his own, Kostoff now begins to get the better winning the punching war, but Darth lands a kick and follows with a face plant,he gets up and lands a standing leg drop, he gets up again and lands a standing elbow drop.

Darth makes the cover..


Kostoff kicks out powerfully after just a one count, Darth cant believe it, he pulls Kostoff up and lands a knee to the stomach, he goes for a stunner but Kostoff pushes him off and into the ropes. Darth comes running back, Kostoff goes for a big boot, Darth ducks and continues off the ropes, he returns and Kostoff again goes for a big boot, Darth ducks again but this time counters catching Kostoff and pulling him down with a neck breaker and covers.



He manages to get a two this time but Kostoff still kicks out. Darth lies back getting tired, he rests, Kostoff like a machine though begins getting up again, Darth looks shocked, and gets up before him. He meets him with some more punches and runs off the ropes, he comes back only to have Kostoff in his face picking him up high into the air and landing him down hard with a spine buster.

The crowd are still wild, cheering and chanting, Kostoff looks slightly out of breath, showing weakness, but he’s had enough, Kostoff pulls him up leading him to the turn-buckle with elbows and knees. Kostoff climbs the turn-buckle and pulls Darth up with him, he signals its over and places Darth’s head between his legs clearly setting him up for ‘No Remorse’

Kostoff gets him into position, the crowds cheers and chants getting louder as they get ready to see a huge sit down power bomb off the top rope. Kostoff whips him up into the air, but out of nowhere as Kostoff stands on the top turn-buckle Darth lands as many hard rights as he can, Kostoff lets go, they fall, but Darth grabs Kostoff’s head and pulls him down landing hell of a HUGE DDT planting Kostoff’s face hard into the mat.

Darth is hurt from the fall too, but manages to roll over covering Kostoff, Toner counts.





Varga cant believe it as his hands cover his face while he rolls over, the ref pulls him up and raises his hand, his music plays and the crowd go crazy, Varga just celebrates as cameras cut backstage.  

Best Arrival?

The action picks up where we see a black hummer limo pull up and HOW cameras race into position as everyone is ready for the big Lee Best arrival.

The door then opens up and we see who is in the limo…

Benny Newell:

Is it…..NOOOO!!!

A smiling Commissioner Harris exits the limo and straightens his jacket before heading inside the Best Arena and the smirk on his face tells it all..

You were expecting someone else!


Uber Time..

Back live…

“Best damn thing” By Avril Lavign hits. Bobbinette Carey walks out. The crowd bursts into cheers. She walks down to the ring and gets in. There are signs being held up. One sign says “Free Livie” Another sign is in the shape of a milk Carton with a picture of Livie on it saying “have you seen me?”

Benny Newell: What’s that bitch doing here?

Joe Hoffman: She’s grieving and going through a lot.

Benny Newell: Good! She deserves it!

Bobbinette looks around the crowd as she takes a mic from the ring announcer. She looks around the anger still in her face. The crowd goes silent as she raises the mic to her mouth.

Bobbinette: Last week someone crossed a line. They took Livie… I had the week off… A week with no calls no one asked for random or anything. The kidnapper said that I had to play by their rules…

The crowd starts booing. She nods her head agreeing with the hate of what this person has done to her family. She starts pacing back and forth.

Bobbinette: My sister needs to be with her family. I spent the week going through the list of who could do this. It’s a big list but I came to he conclusion, that whoever did this… you can return my sister to me Now, and I won’t come after you.

Bobbinette stops tapping her foot. She look around waiting for someone to come out of the locker room from the back. She looks nervous awaiting her sister to be returned to her. There’s a spot light on the ramp. A “free Livie” chant starts. No one comes out.

Bobbinette: Okay, I though this may happen… I will go through every on this list if I have to. I will beat my way through till I get my sister back. You don’t mess with my family, you don’t try and play games not with a queen. Because when I get a hold of you, and believe me I will GOD help your sorry ass.

She drops the mic and gets out of the ring as her music hits. She starts heading up the ramp as we go back to the announcement team.

Benny Newell: Stuck up bitch. She actually thinks threatening is going to help her?

Joe Hoffman: You don’t mess with family. It’s been said she can be emotional but when she’s emotional,… look at what we saw with her and Arc Angel.

Benny Newell: Bitch got lucky.

Joe and Benny look up at the entrance as the next match is about to begin.

Chris Black vs. Mathew Williams
Singles Match

Mark Toner stands ready in the ring, and then hits Mathew Williams music. The fans cheer and go wild as out he comes, he makes his way down to the ring tagging the fans hands and enters the ring. He stands waiting, psyching up, and following, Chris Blacks music hits, the fans also go wild and he does the same staring down at Williams. Black enters the ring, and circles Mathew who stands mid-centre, the ref backs him off and the two stand opposite sides, he signals for the bell, the crowd go crazy as things get under way.

The two head into the centre of the ring, Chris Black is the first to make action going for Mathew’s legs, he dodges to the side, the two continue to circle one another. Mathew’s then signals for tough-man contest offering to lock up with an arm wrestle, Chris slowly agrees as he carefully locks right hands with Mathew’s, and then the left hand, the two immediately charge at one another seeing who has more strength.

Body against body, arms against arms the two battle for the advantage, Chris is first as Mathew’s begins to lower, being pushed to the mat. But Mathew’s doesn’t give in, he fights back and pushes back to his feet, Black tries his best to keep him down but Mathew’s gives it his all and begins pushing Black down forcing Blacks arms to bend. But quickly Black breaks it with a head butt to the stomach, he rises with an uppercut and Mathew’s falls to the mat hard.

Benny Newell: Come on, beat each other senseless!

Joe Hoffman: I’m all for competition but senseless? We do want them back next week!

Benny Newell: You do maybe..

Black pulls Mathew’s up, he lands a few rights and lefts, swings him off the ropes and hits a back body drop. The fans are cheering for both men, Black climbs on Mathew’s and locks in a sitting full nelson pressing away and Mark Toner gets in his face to keep check on the submission.

Mathew’s gets weaker and weaker until the fans chant for him, he uses the chant to gain some adrenalin, he pulls himself to his feet, Black still holding in the submission. Mathew’s runs forward and tries reversing it but Black uses it and instead locks in a rear naked choke. Mathew’s panics and tries fighting it off, wriggling and panicking as the fans continue to chant.

He seems to be getting nowhere, he shows another sign of fading as his knees get wobble, Black tugs and wrenches, trying to tighten the hold. Mathew’s face his getting red, but he bursts out the spot and runs at the ropes dragging Black with him, he leaps up and kicks off the turn-buckle to push Black off. But Black keeps a hold of it, Mathew’s then hits a few elbows to Blacks chest, Black lets go, and more elbows, again and again.

Mathew’s follows with an elbow to the back of Blacks head, Black weakens and Mathew’s locks in his own choke with a chicken-wing choke hold. Out of nowhere though Black bursts out the spot doing exactly what Mathew’s done kicking off the turn-buckle, Mathew’s loses his balance though and falls backwards, but still holding Black, only to his downfall though as Black lands on top of Mathew’s. Black back rolls using the move to his advantage and locks Mathew’s shoulders to the mat, Mathew’s struggles as he cant escape, his arms locked up in Blacks gambol position.

Mark Toner counts it..





The bells rings and Black rolls off him releasing the hold, Black rises with his arms raised and Mathew’s rises confused, looking to the referee for answers. Mathew’s cant believe he got out tricked as Chris Black celebrates on the turn-buckle to a roar of cheers from the fans.




Mayhem returns from commercial, backstage cameras open up inside Jeff Harris’ locker room, right away the door opens and Crow comes walking in, Jeff don’t look happy about it as he’s immediately approached by Crow.

Crow: What the hell kind of show are you running around here?

Nicely relaxed in his chair he becomes annoyed.

Harris: Care to explain yourself? Not only do you barge in here but your trying to… I don’t know what are you trying here?

Crow: Cut the big guy act, last Mayhem I had Queen Bitch yanking at my clothes accusing me of whatever sick shits going on in her life, when the hell you going to get a hold of things, I thought Best left you in charge? I see nothing but a pony trying to be a horse, failing at every attempt..

Harris puts his hands up for a calm down.

Harris: Ok, Ok, Ok, quit your bitching bird boy, listen I can’t help what people do when I’m not there, she’s gonna go around accusing everyone and beating on them to try find her sister, so be it, I’m not going to baby sit her.

A sarcastic smirk appears from Crow.

Crow: Well fuck you too.. listen, I want something off you..

Harris: Oh how rich, I’m the commissioner, so now you want something!

Crow: Damn right, a while ago Kostoff stepped in, and butted his nose where it didn’t belong, he interfered in my business, and then at Rumble at the Rock, he did it again, next week, me and Kostoff one on one!

Harris stares at Crow for a few seconds.

Harris: Get the hell out of here!

Crow: Well?

Harris: I’ll think about it, get out of here!

Not happy about Harris’ expression Crow turns and marches out of the room slamming the door behind him. Action returns back to ringside

Jeff Harris vs. Shane Reynolds
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: What a night were having already.. Church of the Unholy, Chris Black both pulling out great victories, and action is already picking up backstage.

Benny Newell: Your such a kiss ass!

Joe Hoffman: To who? Who the hell am I kissing up to?

Benny Newell: Who gives a crap, I want to see the next match..

Joe Hoffman: Stop lying!

Benny Newell: I know, I couldn’t care less..

Suddenly Jeff Harris’ music hits, he walks on down to the ring with cheers from the fans, he heads into the ring and stands waiting as he sizes the ring out. Eventually Shane Reynolds music kicks in, a few seconds pass with fans cheering and booing, giving a mixed reaction for the HOW World champion. Eventually Shane appears with the title over his shoulder, he steps forward onto the ramp looking out over the new Best Arena.

Shane makes a move and plans his steps to the ring when suddenly the fans react with even more boos and cheers, out of nowhere Max Kael comes running out and smacks Shane Reynolds in the back of the head. Jeff stands in the ring shocked, not sure how to take it, he steps forward towards the ropes watching.

Shane lies on the floor aisle holding his head, Max just picks up a near steel chair and walks up to Shane, he raises the chair, Shane lifts up and looks up and Max slams to chair into his head.

The crowd go crazy, Jeff immediately leaps from the ring and heads towards the situation, Max sees and quickly pulls Shane towards the steel guard rail, he places his head against it, and once again smashes the steel chair into his head.

Jeff runs up and causes Max to retreat to the backstage area, Shane’s head bust open as he lies in the aisle beaten, Jeff standing by unsure what to do, there referee right there though and calls an end to things before they’ve even begun.


Medics and staff hurry out to help out Shane while things quickly cut backstage.



Backstage we see Max Kael returning to his locker room coming from ringside. Out of nowhere Bobbinette Carey spears him knocking him to the ground. She starts throwing punches at him as she looks at him.

Bobbinette: You made those threats for months and months. You said you’d come after her and you thought to make good on that promise. You think I’d forget Max?

She’s throwing wild punches.

Bobbinette: Did you? You sick bastard?

She continues to throw punches at his face.

Bobbinette: You tell me where she is!

The referees come running and pull Bobbinette off of him. She sees that he looks lost. He doesn’t get it. She stares in disbelief that he wasn’t the one who kidnapped her. She yanks her arms away from the referees and walks down the hall way with a pissed off look on her face.




Main Event Loophole

Returning from commercial, backstage, HOW cameras catch up with Perfectly Marvelous, dressed in street clothes and walking toward the parking garage. Triple M has the Stable Championship belt draped over his shoulder. Paul notices the camera following them out of the corner of his eye, turns, and violently swings his Singapore cane at the cameraman, but stops just short enough to startle him. Paras smirks as Maurako turns to address the camera.

Maurako: I suppose you’re all wondering why we’re leaving the arena when our stable partner, Scottywood, still has a Stable Title match in the main event tonight. Well, simply put, after Jeff Harris threw his weight around last week and booked The Best Alliance in multiple matches, Perfectly Marvelous realized one simple fact—Jeff Harris doesn’t know how to do his own job.

Triple P pulls a small book out of his jacket pocket that reads “High Octane Wrestling Guidelines for Professional Competition.”

Paras: Jeff “All That, but never Perfect” Harris… The Perfect One is amused that a man of your position doesn’t have the Kindergarten education necessary to read a little thing called the rule book.

He perfectly opens the book to the page he is looking for on the first try.

Paras: So, about this Stable Title that the Marvelous One currently holds…and I quote—“This title belongs to the most dominant stable in the federation.” Well, obviously… Perfectly Marvelous is in it; it has to be the most dominant by definition. But here’s the fun part—“The title can be defended on whatever terms the Championship Stable deems proper.”

Maurako: Hey, that’s funny, Paul—I didn’t catch the episode of Mayhem when Harris joined the Best Alliance. I guess this must mean that he is NOT a part of the Championship Stable, which means that he can’t decide to have Scottywood defend our title…

Paras: …and you know what that means.

Maurako: Yep. Scottywood, you can beat the hell out of Davison all you want… in fact, Lee would probably love seeing you do something useful after that little incident last week. Bottom line is, I AM the Stable Title holder, and this belt is defended on MY TERMS.

Paras: So enjoy your NON-TITLE main event, flunkies.

Maurako: Learn it, live it, love it.

PM turn back around and leave through the back door of the arena.

Joe Hoffman: Perfectly Marvelous just left the arena and took the Stable Title away from tonight’s main event! How can they do that and let down all these HOW fans who came to see a title match?!

Benny Newell: Nobody cares about what the fans came to see! Perfectly Marvelous are sick of Harris’ bullshit booking and they just gave a big “F you” to the commissioner! I love it!



Anguish vs. Crow
Singles Match

We return to Mayhem and Anguish is making his way down the ramp with his music blaring, fans booing as he yells at them on the way down. Anguish climbs into the ring and waits, as soon after “Come With Me” by Puff Daddy kicks the beat in, the arena darkens with Crow’s cawing, and out comes Crow making his way down to the ramp with his title around his waist, fans cheering and booing with a mixed reaction.

Crow climbs into the ring as he takes off his title, but everything cuts off as Anguish immediately attacks Crow diving at him with a knee to the head. Crow drops and Anguish beats down on him with several rights and lefts, Crow tries covering as much as he can but the punches get through, Crow goes limp and Anguish drags him to the centre of the ring with a cover, the ref counts…



Kick Out!

Crow looks dazed and confused after all those punches, Anguish looks annoyed early and pulls Crow up, he lands knees and elbows, backing Crow into the corner, he works on him a while causing Crow to fall looking beaten early.

Anguish grabs Crow in a suplex position and whips him over, but quickly brings him back up and backs him into the corner again, more punches are throw, Crow doesn’t look there. Anguish grabs Crow in a suplex position again, but this time puts him up onto the turn-buckle, the fans are booing Anguish and trying to chant for Crow.

Anguish lands even more punches and sets Crow up, whipping him up high into the air and lands him down hard and fast into the mat with a super-suplex, Anguish quickly makes the cover.





Crow just about gets a shoulder up causing a shocked expression on Anguish’s face, he looks even more annoyed, he locks Crow in a headlock and presses down. Crow looks hurt already as he suffers, Hortega in his face, checking, but what sense Crow has he refuses to quit.

Seconds and more pass, Crow begins confiding in the crowd to chant for him, they do so on request, the heat in the arena rises and Crow begins making a move, rising up and pulling Anguish with him. Anguish panics, yelling at the crowd to be quiet, he beats down on Crow to try stop him but Crow lands a few elbows, Anguish backs off, but he charges at Crow only to run into a huge super kick.

The two are down, the ref counts for the ten but both get up and break it, Crow lands a hard right, Anguish falls back and Crow drop-kicks Anguish, Anguish merely just falls back into the ropes though. Crow charges at him and Anguish ducks attempting to back drop Crow over the ropes, Crow lands on the apron, Anguish turns only to receive a hard right, Crow grabs him, sets him up, leaps over the ropes and lands a hard DDT, he covers..




Anguish kicks out, Hortega panics as it was a close one, Crow pulls Anguish up, he throws him off the ropes, goes for a clothesline, Anguish ducks, Crow goes for a back drop, Anguish leaps over, Crow then goes a hard right and Anguish slides through Crow’s legs. Crow turns only to walk into another right hand, Anguish grabs Crow and goes to land a neck breaker, but as he turns, Crow turns and pushes him away. Anguish rushes back but Crow hits a kick, he sets him up for a suplex and lifts him up, but holds him there, he hangs for a stalling suplex but Anguish distracts Crow by smacking him in the face a little, Crow lets go and Anguish comes falling down, keeping a hold of Crow and rolls him up for a small package cover.

The ref counts slightly fast in surprise..

1… 2… Crow kicks out, just about!

Crow rises with a shocked look at the ref, Anguish throws a kick, Crow grabs it, Anguish spins around and tries for an enziguri kick to Crow’s head but he ducks. Crow still has hold of Anguish’s foot, he spins him around lands a kick of his own and picks him up, spinning him into position and WHAM lands his finisher ‘Fallen’ with a quick cover.





Crow rolls off and demands his title, he rises with cheers from the fans and makes a quick exit from the ring leaving a downed, out and beaten Anguish behind.


Cameras quickly cut backstage.

Epic Breakdown

Backstage Bobbinette walks down the hall way’s she’s pissed with an angry look on her face. She walks past a door then walks back. She raises an eyebrow then turns and kicks down the door. The name on the door is “Shane Reynolds.” Bobbinette charges at him, Shane tries to defend himself holding his own as she throws punches he blocks but it is obvious that Shane is a mess after that brutal attack he took earlier in the night at the hands of Max.

Bobbinette: You wanted to mess with me. You betrayed team epic so you figure make me as screwed up as you, WAS That your plain? WAS it?

She asks as she holds back tears and then kicks him in the balls. He shakes his head denying it. He grabs himself and stops blocking as she starts throwing slaps to his face the slaps become more aggressive and throws punches at him.

Bobbinette: Your family gets messed with I was there for you. THIS is how you repay me?

The officials come running in. They grab Bobbinette and escort her down the hall way to the team epic locker room. Her face is sweaty and she looks pissed off as she walks back to the team epic locker room. It’s clear she’s out for blood and looking angry at people. She’s not tempered and ready to go off the officials look nervous at her as they escort her there. She goes into the locker room sitting with Ken Davidson.

Joe Hoffman: Did Reynolds do it?

Benny Newell: He didn’t deny it…and WHERE THE HELL IS LEE!!???

Scottywood vs. Ken Davison
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey is on a mission tonight, she’s going to find out who has taken her sister if it kills her..

Benny Newell: Nobody but you cares you know!

Joe Hoffman: Your just heartless ain’t you, nothing but a black heart.

Benny Newell: Maybe, I mean, the amount of alcohol I drink, who knows what colour my insides are?

Joe Hoffman: Well the colour of this next match is red, red all over, red for danger and red for blood, there’s nothing but bad blood between these two and it should be a war.

Benny Newell: It’s not going to be anything Joe because it’s not going to happen, Paras and Mario have already told you it’s not for the title, and they’ve taken it!

Joe Hoffman: The Best Alliance do a lot of things in attempt to have gold, but this won’t work, if Godly wins, he’ll want that belt.

Benny Newell: He’ll want? Well I want some more whiskey so lets get this thing started.

Davison’s music kicks in and he comes out greeted with a flow of cheers from the fans, hands still wrapped from Rumble at the Rock, he makes his way down to the ring and climbs in. Eventually Scottywood’s music kicks in and he follows, walking out with no title in hand, the fans booing as he limps on down towards the ring, still hurt from earlier.

Scotty gets to the ring, carefully he circles around the outside, arguing with fans as he continues to limp, he seems hesitant on entering the ring and still continues to circle around.

Eventually Scotty stops and begins getting into a serious argument with the fans, but gives them the finger, turns and turns into Davison as Davison leaps off the top turn-buckle to the outside, onto Scotty.

Joe Hoffman: Woah! Scottywood is in for a surprise today!

Benny Newell: Remember…this is a non title affair!

Joe Hoffman: Damn….you are lucky cause Davison is going to win tonight easily!

Benny Newell: Scotty has already had a match tonight and he’s injured!

Joe rolls his eyes at Benny as the fans go crazy, cheering for Davison, Davison gets up, the ref quickly hurrying to the outside telling Davison to get this into the ring so he can ring the bell, Davison though grabs Boettcher and launches him into the ring post. Boettcher is out of it and Davison seems aggressive, and on a mission, he pulls Scotty to his feet and sends him running into the steel rails and falls to the floor, hurt.

Davison walks around the ring, he picks up a chair and lays it down, he grabs Scotty and sets him up for a suplex, he whips him over and lands him hard onto the steel chair.

Benny Newell: STOP IT! ..There’s no referee, match is over!

Joe Hoffman: It hasn’t even begun.

Davison picks Scotty up again and power slams him onto the hard floor, he grabs the steel chair and wraps it over his ankle. He walks aside and begins mooching around through things, he looks under the ring and smiles, he pulls out a sledgehammer and the crowd go crazy as he stands above Scotty.

Benny Newell: NO!

Davison just smiles and shakes his head signalling ‘no’ he drops the hammer and removes the chair from his ankle, Davison rolls Scotty into the ring as fans endure in some booing, hoping he would of done it. Davison looks out at the fans as they boo, he then picks up the steel chair and hammer and places them on the apron, Scotty begins getting up in the ring.

Davison quickly gets in and picks up the weapons, Scotty turns and Davison throws the chair at him, Scotty catches it, Davison then launches the hammer towards him and slams it into the chair as hard as he can, and sends Scotty back to the mat looking unconscious. The fans are wild and Boettcher stars getting up as he climbs into the ring, sluggishly pulling himself across the ring as Davison mounts Scotty and points at his hands, signalling a little payback. Davison then signals for the ring bell, he places it on the apron and rings it himself, he turns and covers Scotty with Boettcher now aware, Boettcher slowly counts.









Post Match we see Davison grab the Stable title and with a big smile on his face he heads to the back as Scottywood can only stare up at the rafters as the crowd cheers wildly for Davison as Joe clamors that we should have new Stable Champions!


Voice takes over…

Suddenly out of nowhere, HOW’s live feed gets taken over, just like last week, the static fuzz battling interference and fighting the feed, eventually it goes black. Fans watch, hands to mouths and gasping, all goes quiet, watching, waiting, expecting maybe something of an explanation of what could of taken place last week.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god is this that sick feed we received last week?

Benny Newell: I.. Uh.. Why the hell you asking me? Wait and see!

But nothing can be seen through the darkness, its clear were seeing somewhere else. The background noise of dripping echoes can be heard, and then footsteps which soon come to a halt, and breaking the silence appears that robotic altered voice.

Voice: Hello Bobbinette Carey.. I hope your well, I can only imagine you’ve spent the past week aching over the thought your no longer in control.. well tonight I prove that!

The rattling of a chain can be heard against glass, and click, the struggling glow of lights battles to the light up the scene, but eventually the bulb flickers on and reveals none other then Livie. Same as last week, tied to a chair, arms and wrists, and a rag wrapped around her face, covering her mouth, she looks tired, dirty, and hungry. But what strikes attention is the large dark figure standing behind her, the dark cloak hovering above her, but everyone’s shocking thoughts pause as they listen on.

Voice: Last week, I told you I don’t have to persuade you I hold the power, and the game is about to begin.. well miss Carey.. it’s time!

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for what?

Benny Newell: Oh, we finally playing strip poker? Wooo!

Joe Hoffman: Benny shut the hell up, what the hell is going on, it’s time for what?

Coming into the light, a hand appears with a remote control, he presses something and the cameras lens widens slowly, revealing an object covered by a large dirty sheet, right next to Livie.

Voice: I want to play a game!

Suddenly interrupting the scene as that’s said, footage fuzzes between each scene as backstage locker rooms can be seen, passing through the HOW hallways and locker rooms. People watching the footage in suspense, Shane Reynolds, kostoff, several superstars from the Best Alliance, Triple P and Triple M, Crow, Chris Black, Jeff Harris, and most importantly Bobbinette Carey seen at her knees at the TV holding Livie’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Oh My God!

The feed cuts back.

Voice: I want to play a game, and here’s the one and only rule.. ‘its my game and its your move’.

Joe Hoffman: It’s sick Benny, it’s just sick!

Benny Newell: I actually find it pretty intriguing.

Voice: Now you ask, what the game is specifically? next week miss Carey, your going to track down mister Jeff Harris, and before the nights out, I want his blood spilled in the ring!

Joe Hoffman: What!!!

Voice: Now I’ve already taken into account mister Jeff Harris wont be willing to play by the rules of his own accord, so you might say, I’ve taken out some insurance..

The dark figure reaches from the background yanking at the sheet next to Livie, only to cause everyone to gasp once again, a boy, also tied up looking hurt, tired, and dirty, gagged as he muffles in confusion.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god! That’s the commissioners son, Shawn Harris!

Voice: Jeff Harris will have to make a choice.

Once again the hand of the dark figure reaches aside and pulls back into the scene, a rather sharp looking, giving off a glinting shine, surgery knife, lowering it to Livie. Livie begins shrieking and panicking, trying to move with no achievement, and then within a swift movement the man makes a slice across Livie’s fingers. She screams clenching her fist as nothing but echoes seem to fade down very dark and long corridors.

Voice: Now, will mister Jeff Harris let his own blood be spilled, or the blood of an innocent? ..the choice is set.. the clock is ticking.. make your choice.. I will judge you..

The figure reaches for the light.

Voice: Let the game begin!

The darkness cloaks the room as he pulls on the chain, feed immediately begins fuzzing again and cuts straight back to live HOW Mayhem with a shocked attendance, nobody knows quite what to think as suddenly the scene fades and Mayhem comes to a close.


But many questions remain…

Where was Lee Best?

Who was the Voice?

Where was Lee Best?

Is Shane Reynolds physically able to continue as World Champion?

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